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THIS IS THE 1973 COLLEGIAN FACULTY 8 GRADUATES 16 CLASSES 40 JUNIORS 56 SPORTS 70 ACTIVITIES 92 FRIENDS 114 YEARBOOK STAFF Editor Co-Editor Senior Editor Assistant Classes Editor Assistant Juniors Editor Assistant Sports Editor Assistant Activities Editor Business Director Assistant Artist Photographer Dark Room Staff Assistants Dennis Bosa John Hui Ron Sengara Lino Bosa John Hui George Sanders Felix Chang Mike West Richard Soet Gray Allison Jim Paradis Dominique Massot Bart Tichelman Carl Munana Dave Hancock Bill Gipps Ivor Ladd Peter Campos Andrew Hokhold Andy Krzeminski ADVISOR: BROTHER G.P. LYONS MODERATOR: BROTHER E.B. McCARTHY 0 We thank Mr. Manuel Espinosa of Hannay’s Studio and Mr. Dan Mullen for their photographic services to the Collegian. THE 1973 CO VOL. 23 PUBLISHED BY STUDENTS OF VANCOUVER COLLEGE VANCOUVER, B.C. 2 LLEGIAN Rt. Reverend T.M. Nichol, V.G. Pastor Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Most Reverend James F. Carney, ' 33 Archbishop of Vancouver Father D. Neilson and Father M. Bradley Assistant Pastors Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Mass is celebrated in the Seminar Room twice a week by Father Urban Gillis S.A., a regular member of the faculty. The Final Profession ceremony for Brother Carrothers was held in the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul on September 9, 1972. Father Zsigmund celebrated the mass and Monsignor Niched gave the homily. The Provincial of the Canadian Province of the Brothers, Brother G.G. McHugh, accepted the profession as the representative of the Superior General. BR. CARROTHERS, 62 MAKES HIS FINAL PROFESSION SEPTEMBER 9, 1972 Br. W.R. Carrothers. Br. William R. Carrothers started at College in Grade Two in 1951 and graduated in 1962. During his eleven years stay in College, he was engaged in various activities such as the Sodality and Monogram Club and was also the manager of the 1960 Provincial Basketball Cham- pionship team. After his graduation, he attended St. Martin’s College in Washington for one year and joined the Christian Brothers in 1963. He returned in 1968 to College as a faculty member and in September of 1972 made his perpetual profession as a Brother in the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul, his home parish for the past twenty years. HONOURS IN 1972 DEPAR FIRST HONOURS GERRY VANGAANS 941 2 The graduates of the Jubilee Year made an admirable record in the 1972 Departmental Examinations. Altogether twenty-two students received honours status. Eight of them received first class honours (80% and over), fourteen second class honours (70% and over). All those who received first class honours got three-quarters of their university fees paid and those achieving second class, a half. A special mention must be made of Lawrence Leo. one of the outstanding students in College. He was awarded a four-year scholarship from Stanford University in California. DAVE SMITH 851 2 RON DUMONT 831 2 LAWRENCE LEO SECOND HONOURS JULES WILKINS 77 TMENTAL EXAMINATIONS KEVIN FINNEGAN 761 2 SANDY CAMPBELL 75 PAUL JULL 75 JULIUS PATAKY 75 PETER HILL 73i 2 ROGER MELOCHE 73 BR. J.C. BATES Religion BROTHER H.L. BUCHER Principal MR. J. KAVALEC Vice-Principal General Science, Biology 10 BR. G.P. LYONS Dean of Studies Head of Science Department ADMINISTRATION BR. W.R. CARROTHERS Head of Religion Department MR. C. BEATON Economics, English After 14 years of faithful service to Vancouver Col- lege as engineer, Mr. Anton Vanderzee decided to retire at the age of 77. BR. J.S. DAWSON Head of Mathematics Department Math, Physics MR. E. CRAME Spanish BR. F.D. DUFF French 12 MR. H. LYTH English, Physical Education FR. U. GILLIS, S.A. Latin, Industrial Education BR. F.J. KELLY Math. MR. F.W. McCRACKEN Socials, English BR. J.B. DILLON Math, Accounting MR. K.W. HENDRY Socials, Geography BR. BASIL Math, Science BR. P.G. BREEN MR. D. HUGH Science 13 BR. C.D. HANCOCK Grade 8 The Art Teacher. Mr. C. McLock br. e.b. McCarthy Grade 5 BR. J.A. THORNE Grade 7 MR. J. BELL English, Physical Education BR. W.G. NOONAN Typing 14 BR. B.B. RYAN Grade 6 French, English Literature MRS. M.M. STEFANOV Librarian SR. COLLINS S.S.A. Grammar School French MRS. G.C. KIM Grade 4 MRS. M. CARMACK Grade 1 MISS M.B. JONES Grade 2 15 GRADS Tl LESLIE JOSEPH ADAMOVICH Les joined V.C. five years ago from Im- maculate Conception. In his stay at the College he has participated actively in the Video-taping Activity. Outside of the College electronics and model aircraft building take up a hit of his leisure time. U.B.C. is in his future. JOHN WILLIAM GRAY ALLISON Gray is one of those guy ' s who boasts about attending College for twelve vears(is he crazy?). Outside of school he dabbles in bartending and swimming but he still finds time for the Yearbook and the Bingo Com- mittee. After graduation Gray plans to en- ter accounting at U.B.C. DAVID BAKER Dave has roamed the halls of V.C. for the last six years. An above average athlete, he has tried his hand at nearly every sport at the College. Partygoing and generally having a good time take up most of Dave ' s leisure time. He is undecided about his future. AU-YEUNG CIIIK FUN If you stay late after school beware of Steve. He is always lurking around the Senior Boarders Residence ready to give you a bad time. Steve has attended College for two years and plans to continue his education at university. JOHN ALLAN BEATON TIM BATTLE What would a History class be without Jack echoing Br. Carrothers with, “For sure, for sure.” When Jack isn’t reading Karl Marx he can be found gunning down 340 Dusters in his 1962 Chevy Impala or relaxing at the Fraser Arms Coffee Shop. Travel is in Jack’s plans after graduation. Tim has endured the College life for five long years. When not participating behind the scenes for the musical he can be found skiing down the nearest mountain slope. A frequent honor roll student, he envisions many happy hours of study at U.B.C. BRIAN A. BOLTON Brian hails from Quebec City and has been going to the College for seven years. He spends his time horseback riding and swimming, but still finds time for the U.N. Club. A consistent honor roll student he plans to attend university after graduation. “And furthermore Brother, about your history course...”, ex- plains John Harris to Brother Carrothers, disturbing him from his exciting comic book. PAUL PHILLIP BEKENN Paul is the Cary Grant of the Grads. Nearly all year round he can be found on a stage interpreting some classical role. When not acting he is involved with Varsity Soc- cer and the U.N. Club. After graduation Paul hopes to travel a bit, maybe even back to see England again. ALBERT JOHN BORGET Bart has made the trek up Granville Street to College every day now for 12 years. On the weekends he can be seen hiking up the tallest mountains he can find, only to ski right back down again. In- tramural Basketball takes up his spare time after school, although he still finds time to help out in the musical. Next September Bart will be attending U.B.C. 19 PETER EDWARD CAMPOS DENNIS ANTHONY BOSA The editor of this year’s marvelous publication, Dennis spent most of his grad year piecing together this yearbook. One of the constant honor roll students, in grade twelve Dennis still finds time to race For- mula TC cars. He will attend university af- ter graduation. Gray Allison is ventilating his poor, aching feet as he regains the shelter of the College gym at the end of the wonderfully successful Walkathon. Gray gained notoriety of sorts when, with the help of his father, he cajoled or bludgeoned enough people to sweet-talk his way into $448.75 worth of pledges -- the highest in the school. Fete, in his four years at the College, has left a lasting impression. Managing the var- sity football team and slaving in the year- book darkroom have taken up most of his time. As of yet, Pete has no plans for after graduation although whatever he does we know it will be a success. DECLAN THOMAS MICHAEL BRENNAN “Crash Brennan " has tantalized the girls of Vancouver since his arrival from across the Rockies five vears ago. Vi hen not found skiing or studying he claims to work un- derground for the I.R.A. After attending the University of Alberta. Declan plans to seek his fortune, legally. FELIX CHANG Felix has devoted much of his time and energy to the Yearbook this year. A con- sistent honor roll student, he plays tennis and hockey in his leisure time. It is rumored that he is such a spectacular goalie that he may become the first one to play pro hockey. After graduation he will fur- ther his education at university. 20 MARCUS SCOTT COLLIER One of the more quiet people at V.C., Marcus still left his stamp on the College. Active in the fields of track and tennis Mar- cus was always the one who surprised everyone with his fine performances. After seven years at College, Marcus wishes to follow up his ambition of Medicine at U.B.C. Messrs. Adamovich, Fee, Poulier and Schulhof exchange interesting tales of their weekend. ROGER LESLIE COUSINS Roger is one of the small band of evacuees from Cassiar, B.C. In his free time he studies heavenly bodies (!) and German conversation and he plays at soldiering in the Reserves. The University of Notre Dame in Nelson, B.C. will be his home af- ter graduation. BRIAN ROGER CORNFOOT Unknown to many people at V.C., Roger smashes keyboards for a local boogie woogie band. In his spare time he attended the College working on the musical and dabbling in football and wrestling. He hopes to obtain a piano teacher’s certificate after graduation. ENRIQUE CRAME Enrique has attended the College for the past six years. Always a faithful supporter of the College football and basketball teams, he could be seen at all games. Enrique is undecided about his future upon graduation. 21 JOAQUIN CRAME “Yak” as he is known around the College has mastered the art of selling doughnuts at the 10 minute break. In his six year stay he has constantly tried to make the honor roll, however, it has been to no avail. Outside of school he enjoys a rough game of basketball or a relaxing game of ping-pong. He is un- decided on his future. HERBERT DAUM Another transient from Cassiar, Herb has latched onto the video-taping activity at College. He enjoys billiards, photography, and motorbiking while he isn ' t impressing the boys with tales of Cassiar. Expect to see Herb at the University of Notre Dame, Nelson, B.C., next year. DIARMUID GEORGE JOSEPH DICK Every morning for the past five years Diarmuid has descended from the loft in the North Shore to mix with the proletariate. During his stav he plaved var- sity football and intramural basketball. He has also dabbled in the newspaper not to mention fighting for the “Socialist Horde.” When evening arrived he would rise to whence he came, leaving mere mortals only to gape in wonderment. GARDNER DAY Every day for five long years Gardner has crossed the inlet from the North Shore to attend V.C. An exceptional athlete “O.J. Day” battled at linebacker for the varsity football team. When not dreaming of the day he will return to set up a law practise in his native Kenya, Gardner can he found lounging in the newspaper room, running a variety show, or heating up his Volkswagen. After graduation Gardner will take a Com- merce-Law course at U.B.C. ROBERT COULTAS DODSWORTH Who could f orget the outspoken voice of Rob Dodsworth, Captain - coach of the V.C. senior soccer team. If not complaining about the bus driver. College dances, or Chevys, Rob can be found helping out on The Voice or killing himself skiing. Despite all the complication in Rob ' s life, he still plans to tackle Commerce in U.B.C. in the near future. 22 ROBERT GEORGE ANTHONY DONNELLY Rob claims to be an all around out- doorsman, hunting and fishing when he isn’t at the College. Center on the varsity football team, he played an important part in many of the College’s big victories. Using his outdoors skill, Rob will guide safaris in the darkest jungles of Africa after graduation. “I haven’t got all day!” screams John Lenahan trying to organize the grade twelve pyramid from the bottom tier. ROBERT DOYLE Another member of the varsity football team Bob played split end. A regular on the honor roll Bob helped out on Drama, played some golf, and did some skiing in his spare time. He hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a doctor after graduation. MIKE BRIAN JOE FALCON Mike has dragged his book bag all the way from West Van. to College for the past 3 years. Another one of our many fine humorists he has also displayed talent in the fields of swimming, tennis, and skiing. Mike’s future holds work, travel, and despite his consistent failure to make the honour roll, a career at Harvard as the dean of studies. PAUL A. DUMAS A late arrival from down under (Australia) Paul has developed quickly into an involved member of the College student body. Participating in the U.N. Club and Bingo at the College and rugby after school are among his interests. If all his plans mature we should find Paul at B.C.I.T. next year. 23 CRAIG RONALD FAVREAU Craig has attended this venerable insti- tution for the past five years and has estab- lished himself as a fine all round student. A very likeable person, Craig’s favourite pastimes are making friends and enjoying good jokes. His hobbies are hockey and skiing. Craig looks forward to a thorough education at U.B.C. JOHN FEE John “the professor” has made himself known as an avid student of the sciences in his five years at the College. Originally from Belfast, N. Ireland, his hobbies in- clude photography, skin and scuba diving. The future holds U.B.C. and plenty of promise for John. ANTHONY FONG CHI SING Tony is a two year boarder from Hong Kong. A person of various talents, he has lettered in track and field, made the honour roll consistently, and has established him- self as a fine chess player. Tony plans to at- tend university after graduation and even- tually become the Prince of Peking. Ed Kazun, who has been masterminding the bookstore for vears, tries to con- vince Brother McCarthy that it will really sell at 35 ♦ . JAMES MARK LESLIE GARAYT Originally from Montreal, Jim has spent his last 10 years at the College. He has made his presence felt in such school projects as the raffle, musical, and bingo. In his spare time, Jim has earned the reputation as another Hod Laver on the ten- nis courts. Jim is anxious to become (of all things) a school teacher. 24 ADONIS GARCIA “Garce” has been an avid fan of basket- ball, tennis, and himself during his four year stay at the College. A great believer in positive thinking he lets absolutely nothing faze him. Hailing from the Philippines, Adonis plans to further his education at U.B.C. MIKE FRANK GLEESON To any one of you who didn’t know that great sounding voice behind the loud speaker at all the football games this season was none other than the one and only M.F. Gleeson. Equally as talented in his school- work and in making friends, Mike has en- joyed his last three years at the College. He is contemplating a degree in Agriculture upon graduation. FREDERICK MICHAEL GERRY Fred has wandered through the halls of College for five years now. He says his favourite pastime is sleeping but in reality Fred is quite an active guy, contributing significantly to the musicals and the sound- room. Fred wishes to further his education at some university and acquire plenty of sleep. PATRICK JOSEPH GLEESON Pat is a member of the fabulous quarter- way club, reserved exclusively for students who have completed a full three years of their education at the College. One of the clubs more active members, Pat has coached grammar school football, was in- volved in the leadership program, and tutored in the elementary grades. Politics fascinate Pat and he hopes to eventually become a politician after attending univer- sity. FLOYD LOYOLA GILLIS Floyd is a heralded member of the basketball-at-lunch crowd. After six years at College he has shown himself to be an oc- casional athlete and a fine scholar. His fav- ourite pastimes are sailing and observing his goldfish. Floyd’s plans after graduation are to attend U.B.C. and become a teacher. GERARD JOSEPH GROUT During his four year stay at the College, Gerry’s most outstanding feat was making the honor roll a total of sixteen times. In fact, it is widely rumoured that he has been on it so many times that he thinks he owns it. Despite this outstanding scholastic record, he has also found time for the Dance Committee, U.N. Club, and the in- tramurals. Off campus he likes to camp and relax, playing his guitar. U.B.C. can look forward to Gerry’s arrival next year. 25 GILBERT JOSEPH GUTFREUND Known as “Gibby” to his friends Gilbert has spent his past six years at the College. During his stay he has taken an active part in school life and has established himself as the honorable president of the Junior Achievement organization. Gilbert plans to study commerce at one of the local univer- sities and hopefully do some travelling. DAVID LLOYD HANCOCK Dave ' " the Rave” has expressed himself as a man of varied talents during his 12 years at the College. While gaining con- siderable notoriety for his “Lettermen” ex- ploits he has also contributed significantly to the sports programs. His many hobbies include singing in the locker room and car- toon drawing. Dave plans to attend U.B.C. and possibly further his athletic career. • JOHN BOBBY HARRIS Our student body Co-President this year has a unique combination of Bill Coshy. Bobby Orr, and George Carlin. On the ice he demonstrates the finesse of Orr when playing for the Grandview Steelers. Off the ice he constantly displays the great humor of both Coshy and Carlin which has made him one of the most popular seniors. When not found studying and trying to make the honor roll, John spends his spare time skiing and skating. His plans in the future include graduation. ..after that who knows? CARLO LUCAS HERNANDEZ Hailing from Manila, in the Philippines, Carlo now calls V ancouver his home. One of the stars of our soccer team he also has shown some prowess on the golf course. Carlo is one of the few members of the Wednesday afternoon activity who can hit the ball off the tee. He hopes to continue his studies at S.F.U. after graduation. PETER ANTHONY PAUL HARRISON Pete has spent his last ten years attend- ing V.C. Regarded by almost everyone as a character, he has learned to compose good jokes and relax in almost every situation. In his spare time he likes to play Bingo and ski. The future is undecided for Pete but he is sure to enjov himself in whatever he does. 26 PETER GE R - A RB- ftATfM Y T . HOPKINS In his five years at the College Pete has established himself as one of the school’s finest athletes. Besides starting at forward on the basketball team he has also taken an active part in the Monogram Club and the Leadership Program. Hailing from the North Shore, which he often describes as the “land of milk and honey”, he can be found playing the guitar in his spare time. LORNE J. HUGH Often mistaken for his look alike, Dick Butkus, Lome has established himself as an outstanding athlete during his five years at the College. He involved himself in almost every sport imaginable and has won a total of five varsity letters and numerous trophies in doing so. Lome will likely at- tend university. GREGORY MICHAEL JARVIS Nicknamed “Jigs”, Greg has established himself as an excellent student in his four years at the College. Despite being a fine athlete in various fields, his first love is chess, where opponents swear he is another Boris Fischer. Running a close second to chess is making sure the girls are properly treated-a very interesting hobby. The future holds university for Greg with ambitions of becoming a doctor. EDWARD JOHN KAZUN Ed has enjoyed a productive nine years at the College. While being one of the school’s real heavyweights he has put him- self to good use in the basketball and track programs. He has sold 2157 pencils as head boy in the school’s little book shop and earns real money every weekend playing the drums. He’ll go on to University, of course. JOHN HUI Hailing from Yung Ping Rd. in Hong Kong, “Jivin’ ” John has involved himself in almost every facet of school life during his four year stay. A consistent honor roll student, he has also found time to be the Senior Boarder President and the Number Two man on the Yearbook staff. Off cam- pus, he can be found either dancing, viewing the latest movies, or reading. John wishes to attend S.F.U. for a degree in Business Administration. GERALD JAMES KIRK Gerald came to the College from St. An- thony’s, West Van. in grade eight and en- joyed two years here before leaving for a two year stay in Saskatchewan. Fortun- ately, (for both himself and us) he decided to return for his senior year. Despite being undecided on his future Gerald is sure to go a long way in life. 27 OTTO E. KLIMENT Originally from Graz, Austria, Otto now makes his home in Cassiar. During his two year stay at the College, he has shown him- self to be a real daredevil participating in such antics as hockey, skidoo and motor- cycle racing. Otto looks forward to B.C.I.T. and a possible career on the lucrative, inter- national skidoo racing circuit. TADEUSZ MARIAN KRZEMINSKI More than an adequate deterent to all those Polish jokes, Ted has proven himself to he a fine student during his five year stay at the College. Off campus, he can be found roaming the mountains in search of wild grizzlies to shoot with both his camera and his gun. Ted ' s future after graduation in- cludes university and travel. ANTHONY RAYMOND KOCH “Boney” Tony came to the College mid- way through Grade 8 and has made his presence well felt ever since. A native of Kamloops, Tony is a fine artist and has shown this talent in some of his colourful posterwork for games and dances. He is also blessed with a witty sense of humor which has made his very popular among his class- mates. The future holds plenty of rest and possibly attendance at commercial art school for Tony. IVOR LADD Hong Kong ' s loss was College ' s gain in Ivor, who in his five years at College, has led his class academically throughout. When he wasn ' t achieving outstanding grades, he was involved with the yearbook. Electronics, photography, mechanics, etc. also gain his attention, as well as skiing and tennis. If Ivor finds time to graduate he will attend U.B.C., and possibly postgrad in the U.S. LEONARD ALLEN LAKOWSKI Len is made up of a good mix; he’s a good athlete, and he ain ' t too low on smarts either. He played football during his two years at College but an injury early this season forced him to the sidelines. A con- stant honour roll student Len plans to at- tend U.B.C. 28 JOSEPH LEAHY Holy Name Parish has shared Joe with College for twelve long years. Joe has kept active during his senior year by being a member in the Grad and Dance Committee, along with swimming at Percy Norman on Wednesdays. Upon completing Grade 12 Joe will further his education at an institute of higher learning. GARY LAWRENCE “Swish” could best describe Gary’s two short years at College. A starting guard in Grade 11 and this years scoring hope, he has proved to be an outstanding shooter. Basketball doesn’t leave him much time but he engages in boarder activities, helps to tutor the kiddies in elementary, and prac- tices the old golf swing once in a while. An unknown university is in Gary’s future. JOHN JOSEPH LENAHAN NORMAND LECLAIRE Norm, a parishioner from Immaculate Conception, completes his twelfth year at College this year. His activities during the senior year included Community Rec., while outside of school he played Meraloma football. Upon graduating Norm will work for a year, and then mix study with pleasure at the University of Hawaii. KEVIN THOMAS LEWIS Despite being born in Newfoundland, John still managed an active school life in his six years here. When not ripping down rebounds for the varsity basketball team, John busies himself with Student Council, Vice-Presidency of the Monogram Club, and the Walkathon. A constant honor roll student, he plans to attend U.B.C. in the field of Science. Five years at College haven’t changed him a bit, much to the relief of Kev. His sense of humor was enjoyed by all his class- mates, and even the odd teacher. And to Kev some were pretty odd. Wednesday af- ternoons would find Kev in the swimming activity, while outside school he played soc- cer. In fact, after graduation Kev plans to play soccer in the Beer League. ANGEL LOSTALE Angel has spent the last five years (this year as a boarder) at College participating in the sports programs. He played varsity soccer this year as well as playing junior varsity and one year of varsity football. To clear things, his name “the Angel” does not coincide with his reputation for extra- curricular activities. He hopes to attend a Canadian university. PETER HANK LUYTEN Though he comes from Holland, land of tulips and daffodils, you ' d never mistake Hank for either. Old “Blood and Guts” Luyten never failed to thrill us with his escapades behind German lines in the Second World War, and after ten years you start to believe him. Hank’s other main in- terests were U.N., and photography, which included working the video-taper. After Grade Twelve Hank plans to attack Scien- ces at U.B.C. MARTIN THOMAS MacDONALD “Listen Letterman about those shorts...” whispers John Harris to Dave Hancock. NELSON MA Nelson came to us from Johannesburg, South Africa. He has been boarding at the College for two years now, taking advantage of the study periods to keep himself on the honor roll. Nelson also took part in the yearbook activity for a time. He will fur- ther his education at university. DAVID PETER FRANK McGIVERN Dave has shown himself to be a very talented athlete in his stay at College. Besides being one of the Magnificent Seven (the seven twelve year men) he has lettered in both basketball and track and parti- cipated in the Leadership Institute. During the summer he devoted himself to social work, helping the mentally handicapped children. His favorite Wednesday afternoon activity was going home for lunch. After graduation Dave hopes to enter the field of medicine at U.B.C. and eventually become a Dr. Welby. In exchange for Margaret Trudeau. Ot- tawa has sent us Martin MacDonald, who has attended College for ten years now. Martin played varsity football this year but an unfortunate wrist injury kept him out of late season action. Outside school his spor- ting interests shift to playing and watching hockey. Martin will let things ride after graduation before deciding anything definite. KEVIN MICHAEL PHILIP MacKENZIE Coming from Liverpool three and a half years ago, Kevin has made his mark in Canada as one of our chief donut salesmen, even though he eats more than he sells. Another specialty he brought from England is his soccer ability, which Kev puts into use for the Senior Soccer team. After his stint at College he plans to return home and become an accountant. TED ALBERT ANTHONY MAHLER DOMINIQUE ANTOINE MASSOT During his five year stay at College, Dominique was a friend to many failing French students who needed help. Besides tutoring lost causes he was a member of the Collegian staff and was involved in intra- murals. His plans after graduation are pretty complicated, including U.B.C. for one year, then to California to study in the nursery (no, not that type of nursery) and then off to tour France. Ted’s been crossing the inlet to College for five years, yet he still has enough energy to play for the senior soccer team. When not making like “Pele” he gives his time to the Youville elderly citizen home, enter- taining the folks. After graduation, for reasons known only to himself and God, he will attend the University of Saskatchewan. ROLF MAURER Ralph has tread through the hallowed halls of College for eight and one-half years now. Although he claims his favourite Wed- nesday afternoon activity was going home, he was usually seen helping out on the “Voice.” In his spare time Ralph enjoys reading the works of great authors and wondering, “Why didn’t I write that?” His plans for the future include Oxford or Cam- bridge-if they’ll take him. JOE MAZZONE Six years at Vancouver College has molded “Mazoo” into a fine foot- ball player, playing defensive halfback as well as running back, not to mention “Cap- tain”. As if football wasn’t tough enough, Joe also gets his kicks rubber-rafting down rivers. Joe would like to go to university and possibly Law school. FREDRICK STEVEN MITCHELL Fred’s seen both sides of College life; a day student in grades six and seven, a boar- der in eleven and twelve. And to the amaze- ment of Fred, he’s survived both! Squash and hockey occupy his attention every Wednesday, and outside of school, Fred en- joys nothing more than riding up trees in his snowmobile. Fred’s aim after College is university and Europe. RICK MOLDOWAN Rick’s been tearing up opposing linemen for three years now at College, playing defensive and offensive tackle with the var- sity gridders. After the season he kept him- self in shape running the Christmas Ham- per for the Monogram Club. Travelling to faraway places or the hard reality of uni- versity hold a place in Rick’s future. TY MORRIS He came to College in Grade Nine, left us in Grade Ten, but in Grade Twelve Ty came back, and we’re glad he did. In his short time here he has made his mark as an excellent quarterback, not to mention his announcing at home basketball games, which could put Howard Cosell to shame. After graduation Ty would like to take his arm down south and seek his fortune. PATRICK MICHAEL MURPHY An Immaculate Conception parishioner. Murph makes the long journey every day from Surrey. Despite this being Pat’s first year, he quickly got into the swing of things, earning a letter in Y ' arsity football and achieving Honour Roll status. After graduation Pat plans to take a year off to find himself, or find a job. and then go to university. MICHAEL GEORGE MYLETT Let’s make one thing perfectly clear, Mike is the Co-President. “George” has also shown his versatility on the basketball court, high jump pit, and the Leadership Institute. However, Mike can put a l’il shake in yore shaker as he gets it on with the Temptin’ Temptations. In his leisure time he enjoys a fast game of handball at the Jewish Community Center. He plans to continue his education after graduation. TIMOTHY EDWARD NIXON His 12 years at College have been busy ones for Tim. especially in his Senior Year. Basketball, track, grade 8 football; Tim’s played them all. He also enjoys a high level of authority being Monogram Club presi- dent plus a seat on the Student Council. He has a great love for the outdoors, being an experienced camper and water-skier. Frolicking in the field of Science seems to be Tim’s aims at U.B.C. 32 Pat Gleeson and Peter Campos are two of the many seniors who help tutor the grammar school youngsters. DONAL PATRICK O’CALLAGHAN Don’s been coming to College since Grade Six, except for a brief interim in Grade 9 when he went to Trail. A variety of sports have held Don’s interest, from J.V. football to playing soccer, and even a little skiing on the side. Donal has also figured largely in the U.N. club. Born in the Emerald Isles, Don hopes to visit the Old Country after graduation. JAMES RICHARD PARADIS Jim’s cheerful personality has been seen in the halls of Colleg e for five years. Besides his endeavors in Intramural Basketball, U.N. Club, and the Collegian, Jim is a constant honor roll student. A lover of all sports, his Wednesday afternoon activity is golf. Although uncertain about his future plans, he will likely attend U.B.C. PAUL MARTIN MARK POULIER Paul has enjoyed a five year stay at the College since his arrival from Columbo, Ceylon. From Immaculate Conception, he enjoys everything to do with aviation. Air cadets, gliding and flying take up much of Paul’s spare time. After finishing school he hopes to do some travelling. GORDON R. RUFER For three years Gordon has waded through the glorious marsh of Richmond to the College campus. Gordon enjoys skiing down the snowy mountains and sailing across the open ocean. Originally from the flat plains of Alberta he plans to relax by skiing after graduation. 33 STEFAN PETER SCHULHOF Stefan drifted into the College five years ago. He cherishes scuba-diving and cycling. He also enjoys photography and painting in his spare time. The future sees Stefan fur- thering his education to become a marine biologist. RONNIE R. SENGARA You probably won ' t believe this, but Ron is the editor of the section of the year- book you’re reading right now. Not only that, but if you’re in the U.N. Club, he’s your president! And if you get off on par- ties, skiing, tennis, and " The Temptations”, you’ll get off on Ron. Honor roll students don’t feel left out. Ron’s one too. But if you’re planning to take a year off after graduation, too bad. Ron’s going into com- merce and law at U.B.C. AMANTE M. da SILVA Andy has established himself as a fin e student since his arrival from Brazil three years ago. As an enthusiastic College sup- porter he has involved himself with the musical, senior soccer team,’ and as an acti- vity, German conversation. Playing in a rock band takes up much of his spare time. He is undecided about his future. DOUG SLOMAN One year ago Doug wandered out of the woods of Tofino to V.C. A happy-go-lucky person Doug utilizes his spare time with golf and beachcombing. After graduation he plans to work to earn some money for a long vacation. 34 The re-creation of the soulful Temptations was a great hit at the Spirit Week show. Ron Sengara, Dave Stewart, Pete Hopkins and Mike Mylett really “got it all together.” LORNE PATRICK SMITH Every morning Lome races in his red Duster from the barren plains of Langley to College. A V.C. student for ten years Lome contributes his time to the U.N. Club and Leadership Institute as well as being a con- stant honor roll student. In his spare time he bowls, plays tennis and a new water sport called Rucuby. Lome hopes to make his fortune in the field of architecture at U.B.C. RICHARD JOSEPH SOET Rich has been a colorful character around the College for five years. His time is actively spent slaving on the Yearbook, working with the giant bingo and roughing it up on the intramural basketball program. When not mountain climbing Rich is usually doing something different like rock climbing. The future sees him at B.C.I.T. followed by a relaxing holiday to “every- where.” DAVID JOHN STEWART Dave has made himself a familiar face during his two year stay at the College. Besides being one of the original “Temp- tations”, Dave is active with track, skiing and the Monogram Club. Originally from Toronto, Dave enjoys sailing and playing the drums, not simultaneously of course. After graduation Dave will attend univer- sity. VERNON GERARD SPETIFORE Coming from the “promised land” of Delta Vern has enjoyed a two year stay at the College. His claim to fame is his Olds Cutlass in which he rolls up to school each morning. A Sacred Heart parishioner Vern spends his leisure time horseback riding and painting. He hopes to continue his edu- cation in commerce at U.B.C. 35 STEVEN CHARLES SWEENEY During his six year stay Steve has devoted much of his time and energy to the College. Besides playing varsity football, working on the musical, and helping with grad, he still finds time to terrorize the nearest ski slopes. After a relaxing vacation he will continue his studies at university. BART CHARLES TICHELMAN Due to a hip injury Bart has divided his senior year between the College and the hospital. During his ten years here he has donated his talents to such activities as the Collegian. Soundroom, and the Musical. He enjoys reading and hopes to put it to use in the field of Medicine at U.B.C. DANIEL PATRICK JOHN SULLIVAN Dan, affectionately known by his friends as “THE MAN”, has singled himself out as an exceptional athlete. In his six years at College he has starred in football and basketball at every level. Dan. a member of the monogram club, is famous for his rather peculiar poetry. His extracurricular activi- ties include boogying on the piano and V.I.P. membership in the tasters club. He plans to pursue his education down south. HENRICO GINO LEO STADIOTTI Gino ' s hard work on the varsity football team has earned him the reputation as being one of the finest linemen. He has at- tended the College for five years and has in- dulged himself in the Monogram Club and swimming activity on Wednesday after- noons. He spends his spare time working on the “mighty Fraser " on one of his father ' s tugs. Gino is sure to be successful in any field he choses to pursue at U.B.C. ROBERT ARTHUR STEWART After five years at V.C. Bob has come into his own this year. Grad Committee Chairman, Bingo Committee Organizer and soccer forward have kept him a busy person around the College. Every Wednesday af- ternoon Bob splashes around with “the Men” at Percy Norman Pool. He plans to travel around the States and Canada while he makes up his mind about the future. 36 JOHN WILLIAM WAGNER Although John “Boots” Wagner was born in Toronto, the College knows him to be a true product of Cassiar, B.C. When not studying he can be found either serving a tennis ball, driving a golf ball, or riding the range on his trusty steed. The College knows that B.C.’s national parks will be protected when John’s dream as a game warden is fulfilled. The donut salesmen patiently sell their donuts at the break, even though utter chaos surrounds them. TOM WYLIE PETER WINTERNITZ “Johann” has been a happy boarder for three years at the College. Hailing from the jungle of the Philippines where he learned to play soccer, he is a valuable asset on the varsity soccer team. Being an avid tennis player he is often found hard at work on the tennis courts. Upon graduation he hopes to further his education at university, possibly Simon Fraser. “Trigger” Tom is a product of the giant town of Masset, B.C. For the past three years he has been known around the College as a quiet guy. However, he has a completely different personality as a key member of the varsity basketball squad. He also contributes his leisure time to com- munity recreation. Tom is undecided on his future after his exciting College life as a boarder has ended. 37 MAGNIFICENT SEVEN These are the students who started in Grade One in 1961 and have been here continuously since. BACK ROW: Joe Leahy, Bart Borget. Mike Mylett, Dave McGivern. FRONT ROW: Gray Allison, Dave Hancock, Tim Nixon. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the Twelve Year Men, is that four out of the seven are members of the varsity basketball squad. This emphasizes the fact that College home-grows their athletes, rather than recruiting them. However, these twelve year men not only play basketball, they have got involved in other things such as the Leadership Institute, Grad Committee, Student Council and Track and Field. The twelve year men, though they are but seven Have made it through College, we thank God in heaven Their journey has ended, we’re all very glad That twelve years here has not driven them mad. Very cute they were in grade one but such pests Now in grade twelve they act tough and flunk tests In grade one they counted all things big and small As seniors they wonder if they count at all. When they came they were tiny and ran all about And now as seniors “let it all hang out”. They’ll remember hearing “my son, my son” On those too frequent days with their homework not done. The two and ten years have been worth it maybe To hear Brother Bucher “Oh, well. It ' s your baby.” The Brothers can marvel that they’ve grown so tall But marvel still more that their brains stayed so small. They heard Buddy Holly when he was alive But now in grade twelve dig the cool Jackson Five. In grade one, remember, they could grin ear to ear But now ears have gone and the shag look is here. 38 SENIOR DIRECTORY Leslie Adamovich 3927 W. 34th Ave. 261-9742 Gray Allison 5474 Trafalagar 266-8640 Au Yeung Chik Fun Hong Kong Island Dave Baker 2525 W. 16th Ave. 731-1493 Tim Battle 2525 W. 14th Ave. 733-5515 Jack Beaton 74 E. 37th Ave. 325-6641 Paul Bekenn 4650 W. 13th Ave. 224-5941 Brian Bolton 1668 Nanton Ave. 733-0305 Bart Borget 1542 W. 16th Ave. 733-4919 Dennis Bosa 4767 Brentlawn Drive, 298-0288 Declan Brennan Box 348 Mundare, Alberta Peter Campos 328 W. 22nd Ave. 874-0329 Felix Chang 7856 Granville St. 266-9448 Marcus Collier 758 W. 23rd 876-8585 Roger Cornfoot 1611 W. 62nd Ave. 261-2396 Roger Cousins Box 136 Cassiar, B.C. Enrique Crame 5709 Montgomery St. 263-4529 Joaquin Crame 5709 Montgomery St. 263-4529 Herbert A. Daum P.O. Box 5 Cassiar, B.C. Gardner Day 2650 Cactus Court, N. 929-2976 Diarmuid Dick 1202 Wellington Dr., I 987- 6598 Robert Dodsworth 1237 Greenbriar Way, 988- 2427 Rob DonneHy 4725 Connaught Dr. 733-5550 Bob Doyle 2050 W. 28th 263-7031 Otto Kliment 604 South Carmax Cassiar, B.C. Mike Mylett 1415 W. 41st Ave. 261-9144 Paul A. Dumas 3489 Osier St. 732-3183 Tony Koch 1467 W. 57th Ave. 266-8179 Tim Nixon 5515 Laburnum St 261-0959 Mike Falcon 3810 Westridge Ave., W. Van. 922-3652 Tadeusz Krzeminski 1206 E. 22nd Ave. 879-4400 Donal O ' Callaghan 1343 Devonshi re Cres. 731-0348 Craig Favreau 5630 Main St. 325-1151 Ivor Ladd 2795 W. 37th Ave. 261-9201 Jim Paradis 701 - 2033 Comox St. 683-0940 John Fee 6460 Ontario St. 321-3500 Len Lakowski 3791 W. 24th Ave. . 224-3018 Paul Poulier 3505 W. 31st Ave. 261-1191 J Anthony Fong Chi Sing 228A Prince Edward Rd. 10 FI Kowloon, Hong Kong Gary Lawrence P.O. Box 2 Sage Mesa Penticton, B.C. Gordon Rufer 558 Walton Rd.. Rmd. 277-4184 James Garayt 1216 W. 27th Ave. 731-4576 Joe Leahy 624 W. 30th Ave. 874-2429 Stefan P. Schulof 3589 W. 20th Ave. 738-5421 Adonis Garcia 855 W. 15th Ave. 874-3851 Norm Leclaire 3675 W. 38th Ave. 261-7539 Ron R. Sengara 469 W. 59th Ave. 321-8559 Fred M. Gerry 1107 E. 33rd Ave. 876-1988 John Lenahan 6525 Vine St. 266-4333 Andy Silva 102- 4800 Arbutus St. 261-4973 Bby. Floyd Gillis 3649 Cambridge St. 681-7886 Kevin Lewis 3442 Price St. 435-0941 Doug Sloman P.O. Box 5 ToFino, B.C. Mike Gleeson 6285 Prince Albert St. 327-1604 Pat Gleeson 6285 Prince Albert St. 327-1604 Angel Lostale Avenida de los Castros 43 Santander, Spain Hank Luyten 342 Fairbrook Cres., Rmd. 626-3247 Lome Smith 23916- 36A Ave., Langley 534-3366 Richard Soet 4135 E. Pender St., Bby. 298-1497 Gerry Grout 3771 W. 23rd 228-9379 Gilbert Gutfreund 2769 E. 54th Ave. 434-0697 Martin MacDonald 5929 Cartier St. 263-4063 Dave McGivern 5756 Angus Drive 266-6056 Vernon Spetifore 260-55 St. Delta 943-3107 Dave Stewart 4725 W. 4th Ave. 228-0078 Van. Dave Hancock 5896 Ontario St. 321-0865 Kevin MacKenzie 8635 Heather St. $201 327-0387 Bob Stewart 4690 Boundary Rd., Bby 435-4541 John Harris 14 Tamath Crescent 266-6855 Nelson Ma 12 Norse Rd., Overport, Durban Natal, Republic of South Africa Gino H. Stradiotti 2580 S.E. Marine Dr. 325-1826 Peter Harrison 1691 W. 41st Ave. 261-5955 Ted Mahler 530 E. 29th Ave., N. Van. 987-5523 Dan Sullivan 3218 Yukon St. 876-5962 Carlo Hernandez 4584 Valenzuela Sta. Mesa Manila, Philippines Dominique Massot 1616 Westminister Hwy., Rmd. 278-5012 Steve Sweeney 4484 Townley St. 738-6473 Peter Hopkins 466 E. Kings Rd., N. Van. 988-9278 Ralph Maurer 766 W. 39th Ave. 266-5489 Bart Tichelman 6137 Adera St. 263-7779 Lome Hugh 309- 5979 Wilson St., Bby. 435-5786 Joe Mazzone 307 W. 42 Ave. 321-8381 John Wagner 287 Carmacks St. Cassiar, B.C. John Hui 18, Yun Ping Rd. 2 F Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Fred Mitchell 1817- 108th Ave. Dawson Creek, B.C. Peter Winternitz 4572 Valenzuela Sta. Mesa Manila, Philippines Greg Jarvis 1350 W. 37th Ave. 263-9660 Rick Moldowan 2175 W. 32nd Ave. 263-3635 Tom Wylie Box 98 Masset, B.C. Ed Kazun 5472 Manson St. 266-8676 Ty Morris 25 Georgia Wynd., Delta 943-2181 Gerald Kirk 855 Margaree PL, W. Van. 922-5988 Pat Murphy 14097-77A Ave., Surrey 596-6119 ' nm ) ) ) ; ) Tmt u t i u ) 1 1 7 ✓ v. ' ' ? " } F7TT , f 7 r s ' r ' ‘ GRADE 11 HOME ROOM 111. Tearhcr: li r . W.R. Carrothers. HACK ROW : Greg Mah. Sean Reillv, Tyrone McClay, Russell Smoler, Mike Gaylie, Ian Ross, Dave Vallee. Bill Gipps. THIRD ROW : Torn Bruinmet, Jeff Watt. Trevor Wyman, Norm Dumont, Vine San Severino, Steve Toporowski, Tom Koehler, Mike West. SECOND ROW : Brad Philley. John Gojevic, Raymond Kwong. Jim Callaghan. Oscar Glover. Richard Needham. Robert Goulet, Geoff Groff. FIRST ROW : Steve Andrews. Asher Ben- jamin. Tom Callahan. Tom Cream, Tom Faliszewski. ABSENT: Rich Negrin. Mel Brown. Steve Leahy. It is obvious that Brother Carrothers has the simple and undivided attention of Wolfgang Ehebald. 42 HOME ROOM 112. Teacher: Br. Lyons. BACK ROW: Ralph Giuriato, Bill Seres, David Lee, Duane Mitchell, Mike Kingston, Dan Giroday, Paul Clegg. THIRD ROW: Gary Shotton, Andy MacKinnon, Paul Moni z, Dean Bathgate, Paul Ridley, Shane Dyson, Doug Ware, Chris Stradiotti. SECOND ROW: Andy Hokhold, Robert Yeates, Tony Van Gaans, Bruno Odorico, Bob Bell, Mark Bitz, Tom Wong, Roy Changfoot. FIRST ROW: Chris Young, Peter Skorstengard, Carl Munana, Francis Chu, Gerry Tellier. ABSENT: Jim Fleming. n - wt ml -r-jm ' ' ■Bh ' 9 L |L L.v Bi ; ■ gl ■■ C ¥ ■ H imBSim T " ” i ■M 2 l ;V-- e| HMk 1 A 9K . HOME ROOM 113. Teacher: Br. L.A. Angel. BACK ROW: Benjamin Kam, Dave McLelland, Gabriel Horvath, Charles Rally, Charles Wood, Lino Bosa. THIRD ROW: Ken Olson, Stefan Stencel, James Anthony, Ian Taggart, Peter Dwan, Dave Matzele, Matt Coady, Doug Gallagher. SECOND ROW : Eric Thorsteinson. Grant Owen. Lorcan O ' Melinn. Mel Zajac, Wolfgang Ehebald. Mike Bernath. Robert Stefani. Bill Gleeson. EIRST ROW: George Sanders, Andy Penelhum, Bobby Lew. Phil Savard, Tom Tsang, Andy Krzeminski. GRADE 10 It looks like George Csoti has just been assigned a thousand whibbles by Mr. Hendry as a penalty, and he’s using his charm to talk his way out of it. Not getting much support from Rick Lauzon apparently. HOME ROOM 102. Teacher: Br. F.D. Duff. BACK ROW: Peppy Arena, Laurie Watters, John Lanskail, Martin Clarke, Doug Jones. FOURTH ROW: Tim Findlay, Raymond Moon, Pierre Brown, Peter Golinsky, Mark McGowan, Joseph Rogers, Terry Drever. THIRD ROW: Amin Barwani, Joseph Goncalves, Mark Needham, Nazir Juma, Grant Mon- tgomery, Craig Ross, Richard Lauzon. SECOND ROW: Conley Milner, Michael O’Reilly, Ken Kowey, Jo Winternitz, Albert Botteselle, John OprC. FIRST ROW: Dave Foley, Len Clarke, Glenn Spencer, Dan Falcon. ABSENT: Bill Stewart. 45 HOME ROOM 103. Teacher: Mr. J. Kavalec. BACK ROW ' : Chris Macken, Brian Pink. Mark Wimmer, Jim Mc ' Minn, Tom Sigurdson. FOURTH ROW ' : Carson Tipper. Gary Stuart, Peter Owen- Jones, Robert Peever. Larry O’Brien, Steve Bourke. THIRD ROIF: Chris Holt. John Kingston, George Csoti. Robert Jordan. Walter Garcia. Peter O ' Brien. SECOND ROW : Rick Willis. Robert Munson. Dave Chisholm. Peter Marquardt. Mike Favero, Brian Murdock. Gabriel Csanyi. FIRST ROW : Ken Kingwell, Dan Zimmer, George Dunn, Tom Clarke. The 3:30 bell doesn’t mean that school is over for Brian Murdock and John Kingston. 46 Ray Moon is a steady customer for the student council daily doughnut sales during the morning break. Really, Ray, Three...? What would your mother say. HOME ROOM 104. Teacher: Mr. F. McCracken. BACK ROW: Nick Biello, Brian Dick, Stan Carter, Tim Pugh, Marco Ciccone, Bill Fisher. FOURTH ROW: Kurt Bernemann, Paul Smulders, Dan Cully, Gary West, Harvey Morris, Cameron Shorey. THIRD ROW: Bruce Jackson, Tino Varelas, Tony Butschler, John Gleeson, Bernie Manuel, Eric Massot, Steve O’Neill. SECOND ROW: Mark Quilty, Larry Lapointe, Kevin Spetifore, Mark Fan- son, Tim Waldburger, Steve Kostyal. FIRST ROW: Bernie Moellinger, Walt McElroy, Mike Racich, Don Lewis. 47 “80-0, might as well quit!” says John Doughty to the exhausted Jaime Desequera. HOME ROOM 91. Teacher: Mr. H. Lyth. RACK ROW : Ron Wartie, Mike Crean, Mike Galambos, Tim Topping, Steve Wright, Kevin Nor- man, Karl Thomas, Dennis Marmaras, Shawn I h i 1 ley, Dan Wald- burger. THIRD ROW ' : Brian Petrini, Ralph Myhill- Jones, Ben Cavallin, Steve Ortner, Neil Russell, Matt Collins, Husan Pak. Ken Wallis, F rank Rittemann, Tom Body. SECOND ROW : Jim Ellickson. Ted Swan. Rob Petty. Rob Tellier. Vine Miecznik. Terry Cox. Robert ilson. infred Vandersande, Ted Randall. Brad Shorey. FIRST ROW: Joe Peters, Peter Sauve, Doug O ' Neill, Harry Fleming. Eddie Auersperg. HOME ROOM 92. Teacher: Mr. K Hendry. BACK ROW: Jaime Desequera, John Doughty, Jeff Heather, Peter Faliszewski, Bernard Ganguin, Dave Dube, Greg Belgardt, John Benetti. THIRD ROW: Drew Cowan, Robert Estey, Sean Cassidy, Rob Campbell, Rob Schretlen, Mike Kay, Chris Chiasson. SECOND ROW: Joe McCaffrey, Paul Jeakins, David Giers, Mike Coady, Mark Lapointe, Rob Shipman, Allen Hayden, Gino Cayer. FIRST ROW: Eric McKay, Bob Cher- nochan, John Dyball, Mike Butschler, Paul Clarke. ABSENT: Dennis Dion. 49 HOME ROOM 93. Teacher: Mr. D. Hugh. BACK ROW: Dennis Maion, Andre Gutfreund, Jeff Harris, Brian Konst, David Jaeklin, Charles Wong. FOURTH ROW: Greg Luengen, Kevin Konar, Bruee Clegg, Mike Fuoco, Victor Voina, Eric Wieczoreic. THIRD ROW : Hewitt Woolner, Rob MeKav, Mike Gojevic, Peter Hancock, Charles Kavanagh. Bill Macdonald, Tim Koss, Prank Gabiniewicz. SECOND ROW: Pat Kennedy. Tony Kim. Brendan McGivern. George Eeonomou. Sean Brennan. Pat Lewis. Jerry Eberts. Bill Giuriato. FIRST ROW: Ewald Gaudes, Ronald Gipps, Greg LeClair. Larrv Falcon, Kip Kenny. ABSENT: Stephen Dotto, Paul Lakowski, Con McQuade. 50 Wd. y A PPCr I M !|t — Jb, H mmm ■JP f ' W m i HOME ROOM 94. Teacher: Br. Basil. BACK ROW: Karl Unger, Shane Novak, Paul McNamara, Perry Mazzone, Rory Moss, Mike Hille, Philippe Moreau, Alex Lee. FOURTH ROW: Rick Smitas, Steve McClure, Jonathan Hobbs, Chuck Jamieson, Armando Sandoval, Joe March, Tom Williams. THIRD ROW: Doug McConnell, Rob Randall, David Tepoorten, Mike Varelas, Ed Mulhern. SECOND ROW: Mark Kozlowski, John Verhoeve, David Negrin, Doug Graham, Allan Fischer, Henry Mah, David Tyson, Edwin Lu. FIRST ROW: Rick Thibault, Mike Luz, Rob Heenan, Dan McLaughlin, Andy Stashuk, Dave Longpre. ABSENT: Kent Wills. 51 Jamie O ' Bryan 1959-1972 The students of Gr. 8 were saddened last November to hear of the death of one of their classmates, Jamie O ' Bryan, after a courageous battle against a blood ailment. He had been a member of their class since Gr. 7 and was well- liked and admired. May he rest in peace. The Camera Dodgers. BACK ROW: Steve Leahy, Dennis Dion, Kevin Diakiw. FRONT ROW: Jim Fleming, Bill Stewart, Keith Cyr, Phil Acker- man. GRADE 8 l M « " 7l w al HOME ROOM 81. Teacher: Sister Carmen. BACK ROW: Horst Maurer. Miguel Teodoro, Jean-Paul Sweeney, Bill Cawker, Matt O ' Brien, Dan Lavery, Neil Colquhoun, Vernon Bennington, Mark Luciak, Rick Patassini. THIRD ROW: Larry Olson, John Slater, Greg Richards, Gary Catt, Lawrence Hille, Mike Fahey, Mark MacKay, Drew Beveridge, Ed- die McCaffery, Calvin Jang. SECOND ROW: George Grover. Mark Melville-Roberts. Brian Mulhern. Joe Southam. Alfonso Gotuaco. Tonv Montgomery, Jerry Klimek, Jim Dunn. Brvan Anderson. Bob Tichelman. FIRST RO If : Jerry Brabander, Doug Maltbv. Sean McCabe, Pablo De Sobrino. Mark Abraham. Eddie Whitlock. Chris Barker. ' •wr w jjP u M iL K f fa r- ■ Hk ' W XiaaB 1 m i ' dStNKk ML m . w SB ' J ? mm-m :m •. K ig m ■ Sean Shipley anticipates trouble from Mr. Bell as Steve McCabe is hesitant. fig. 2 1 9 - gfl 9 IN|k Ci Jjfj HOME ROOM 82. Teacher: Br. C.D. Hancock. BACK ROW: Conrad Cameron, George Borchert, Guy Thomas, Jim Reed. FOURTH ROW: Ford Mittlestead, Gary Oleskiw, Tony Moniz, Bill Rogers, Pat Smith, Rob Culos, John Goodlake. THIRD ROW: Jamie Muir, Jim Konst, Henry Budai, Andrew Schulhof, Leigh Tunstall, Rob Porter, Calvin Fox, Maurey Olsten, Art Morris, Joe Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Rob Aramini, Andrew Wilkins, Randy MacDonald, Steve Ganguin, Ted Kenny, Sean Hanberry, John McLeod, Roger Beaudoing, Dominic Staniscia. FIRST ROW: Larry Chernoff, Ed Montague, Bruce Hyder, Mike Dunne, Chuck Lawson, Rory Mulhern. ABSENT: Phil Ackerman, Kevin Diakiw, Greg Lakowski. 53 Harry Karass and Paul Johnson have some words of wisdom not yet seen by Br. Condon. X 1 . m Tui r J HOME ROOM 83. Teacher: Mr. J. Bell . RACK ROW: Wayne Howrie, Miklos Lelkes, Alan Hardy, Peter Peller, Bill Hymers, Pete Smith, Mike White, Sean Shipley. FOURTH ROW: Zoltan Benko, Rudee Gessie, Ken Stefanieh, Chuck Panet, Jim Green, Shawn Utigard. THIRD ROW: Don Andrews, Tom Colovos, Kevin Atherton, Stan Kr- zeminski, Ray Britch. Jim Boucher. Gordon Campbell. John Geary. SECOND ROW: Steve McCabe. Terry Moons. Jerry Cullen. Fred Nardi, Allan Rudin. Tony Schultz. Peter O ' Callaghan. FIRST ROW: Mike Aleksenko, Brad McElrov, Brendan Dick. John Ware, John Pulchnv, Nigel Clark. ABSENT: Keith Cvr. 54 HOME ROOM 84. Teacher: Br. Condon. BACK ROW: Terry Johnson, John Stubbs, Michael Martens, Nicholas Revill, Harry Karass, Kenneth Williams, Shawn Williams, Brent Thomas, Patrick Reilly, John Geraghty. THIRD ROW: Gordon Bettiol, Endy Nemeth, Barry Collins, John Dobrzanski, Peter Van Baarsen, Paul Gaylie, Brent Stuart, Paul Tough little Roger Beaudoing tries to persuade the shocked Gary Oleskiw to buy a football ticket. Johnson, Owen Davis, Robert St. Germain. SECOND ROW: David Pasin, Ian MacKinnon, Tony Alves, Justin Campell, Kenneth Favero, Gary Baanders, Robert Sengara, Nicholas Gellen, Brian Cox, John Boyle. FIRST ROW: Bill Watson, Gerry Baker, Leo Smythe, Duane Sillery, Joseph Zsold, Joseph Lemmens, Martin Zajac, Mark McIntosh. GRADE 7 Jorge Romay and Juan Valerio pay close at- tention to Mrs. Sendall who spends a little extra time to help them with their English. v ■ H ■ HOME ROOM 71. Teacher: Mr. Kim. BACK ROW: Steve Roy, Scott Brunton, John West, Andy Pataky, Michael Robillard, George Luptak, Steven Csahai, Dale Brozer, Sean Dekker. THIRD ROW: Paul Costello, Shawn Mulhern, Aaron Macdonald, Peter Ridley, Michael Boskovich, Chris Lapointe, Mark McLaren, Gordon Lemire. SECOND ROW: Lome Durand, John Jeakins, Vincent Milton, Manuel Espinosa. Peter Ellickson. Paul Young, Edward Ferdinandi, Jim Agostino. FRONT ROW: Roland Haebler, Thomas Velke, Stephen Godkin. Chris Morit- zer, Carl Surowiec, Pat Dunne. ABSENT: Joseph Vallee. Michael Hoche. Mark Tripp. 58 HOME ROOM 72. Teacher: Br. Thorne. BACK ROW: George Murray, Kevin Donaghy, Richard Lutman, Brian O’Connell, Ar- nim Roeske, Matthew MacNeil, John Hardy, Gordon Carter, Rudolfo Rullan. FOURTH ROW: Paul Kershaw, James Grady, Thomas Freeman, Dennis Madsen, Albano Carreira, Luis Morrett, Pierre Pittet, Dennis Bittel. THIRD ROW: Stephane Brown, Chris Cavelti, Richard Zakrzewski, Marc Lafortune, Justino Pac e, Juan Valerio, John Nicholson. SECOND ROW: David Willison,Peter Galambos, Larry Grando, Frank Fleming, Vincent Johnston, Gwyn Shipman, Alex Fedyk, Michael Jull. FIRST ROW: Jorge Escalera, Nick Ellickson, Dale O’Sullivan, Mark Bachmann, Peter Bielefeld. 59 GRADE 6 “Okay, wise guys,” snarls Brother Ryan as he tries to convince the class how- tough he can be. GR.4DE 6. Teacher: Br. Ryan. HACK RO W: Mark McGovern. Glen Petty, Jim Favero, Eddie Sweeney, Michael Kenney, John Pelletreau, Michael Fahrmann, Rupert Duffy, Chris Perrin, Vin- cent Dawes. THIRD ROIC: Robert Coulson, Michael O ' Bryan, Chris Ho, Randy Tichelman, Noel Mulhern, Alistair Jamieson. Simon Bachmann, Brian Milne, Mike Lapionowski, Ivan Revelant, Hugh McCaffrey. SECOND ROW : Stephen Ravertv. Chris Welman, Kerwin Jarvis, Richard Mverscough, Philip Carhoun, Greg Lynch, Ted Herb. Tenney Wilkins, Garry Regan. Joseph Milton, Tom Militech. Richard Foley. FIRST ROW: Chris Kavanagh. Michael Reilly, Tom Mulhern. Roy Schellekens. Howard DeLacruz. Robert Tourand. GRADE 5. Teacher: Br. McCarthy. BACK ROfV: Piotr Czaykowski, Alex Lobozar, Paul Lucas, Matthew Fahey, Daniel Small, Luca Merler, Andrew Yurechko, Thomas Rossmann, Bruce Shipley, Olav Anderson. THIRD RO W: Br. McCarthy, Bobby Kosick, Steve Tobias, Paul Wightman, Allan Calkins, Benjamin Tice, Michael O’Brien, Robert Johnstone, Andrew Taczala. SECOND RO W: Kenneth Smith, Stewart Muir, Richard Leader, Stephen Minchuk, John O’Neill, Richard Bazin, Chris Goldie, Geordie Jones. FIRST RO W: Mark Harfield, David Konst, Timothy Koch, Chris Kleyn, Anthony Martin, Garry Norman. Caught in the act, Chris Kleyn tries to conceal the evidence from Brother McCarthy. 61 GRADE 4 “Look, it’s right there,” explains Mrs. Kim as she shows Karel Carhoun the answer. GRsiDE 4. Teacher: Mrs. Kim. BACK ROW: Richard Coll, Shehan Wickrama, Ricky Wagner, Joe Doyle, Chris Connor, Karel Carhoun, Andrew Mackay, Gordon Urquhart. THIRD ROW : Michael Whitty, Roger Grover, Tony Roberts, Mark Wilson, Simon Mackenzie, Mark Fidgett, Jeff Charpentier, Michael Graham. David Green. SECOND ROW: Peter Eng, Mark Feeney, Victor Guerin, Dean Pears, Sean Doughty, Michael Bentz, Conor Murphy, John Lenec. FIRST ROW: Angus Macdonald, William Jeakins, George Dudas, Paul Pelletreau. Charles Balint, Conal Finnegan. Mark Welman. Leo Schwartz. ABSENT: Michael Fleming. Randy Regush. 62 GRADE 3: Teacher: Br. Furey. BACK ROW: Christian Schaf- meister, Stanley Suroweic, Michael Jorgensen, Michael Lee, Stephen Ho, David Gray, Todd Lucas, Br. Furey. THIRD ROW: Thomas Zavadil, Michael McGregor, Adam Harfield, Jonathon Gregory, Davi d Rally, Michael Johnston, Albert Budai. SECOND ROW: Francis Kovacs, Christopher Went, Christopher Smart, Matt Casey, Gerald Fahey, David Christie. FIRST ROW: Michael Green, David Hardy, Joel Dumarsque, Michael Stack, Jamey Koch, Eric Pasquier. ABSENT: Paul Brown, Jonathan Tice, Sean Flanagan. Two heads are better than one as shown here by Christopher Smart and Jonathan Tice. GRADE 2 GR.4DE 2: Teacher: Miss Jones. BACK ROW : Andy Eng. Paul Utigard. Michael Hancock. Fraser Lawrence. SECOND ROW : Bobbv Cornejo, Markus Wagner, Michael Guzman, David Johnston, David Parry, Anthony Moser. FIRST ROW : Marcel Bittel. Bernie Coulson, Ernest Siemens, John Nelson. Kevin Reilly, Brian Renix, David Fahey. ABSENT: Roddy Levasseur. Andre Bleim. m tl La 64 GRADE 1. Teacher: Mrs. Carmack. BACK ROW: Michael Le Gallais, Shawn Khalon, Raymond Reitsma, Carlos Amoranto, Christopher Lawrence, Guy Farrell, Troy Lucas. SECOND ROW: Rodney Lobozar, Timothy Fox, Sean Murphy, Edward Surowiec, Ronald Mascotto, Don Levasseur. FIRST ROW: Christopher Gray, Dominic Farrell, David Welters, Mario Felicella, Marty Gates, Marc du Rrule. GRADE 1 65 TEAM: Trojans. Coach: Br. Furey. BACK ROW ' : Joe Milton. Vince Johnston, Rov Schellikens, George Luptac, Sean Decker. Tom Militich, Mark Bachmann. Br. Furey. MIDDLE ROW: Stewart Muir, Aaron Mac- donald. Matt Fahey, Mike Boskovich. Chris Ho. FRONT ROW: Noel Mulhern, Angus Mac don aid. Sim on Bachmann. Shawn Mulhern. TEAM: Vikings. Coach: Br. Thorne. BACK ROW ' : Frank Fleming, Paul Young. Gordon Carter, Mike Robiliard, Matt MacNeil, Tom Mulhern. Nino Pace. MIDDLE ROW ’: Brian Milne, John Pelletreau, Mike O ' Brien. Greg Lynch, Randy Tichelman. FRONT ROW : Paul Pelletreau, Ricky Bazin, Paul Costello, Joe Doyle. TEAM: Jets. Coach: Br. McCarthy. BACK ROW ' : John Lenahan. Asst. Coach. Jim Agostino, Stephen Raverty, Albano Carreira, Steve Csabai. Vincent Milton. Br. McCarthy. MIDDLE ROW: Ed kazun. Asst. Coach; Bobby kosick. Ed Sweeney. Dave Willison, Jorge Escalera. FRONT ROW : Stephane Brown. Lucas Merler. Ted Herb. Can one man take on the whole Trojans Team? Once again this year the Jets, Trojans and Vikings kept the College field well trampled on and made a very ex- citing evening air in the Fall. This year’s season was a prolonged one with the Vikings, coached by Br. Thorne, coming out on top. Br. McCarthy’s Jets and Br. Furey’s Trojans tried their best to crush the hard defensive line of the Vikings. On the rare occasion, Jorge Escalera and Jim Agostino were able to outwit the strong offence of the Vikings, led by Tom Mulhern. Mark Bachmann led the Trojans to a few victories at the beginning of the season but suffered heavy defeat towards the end. GRAMMAR SCHOOL Brother Furey gets his team ready for the big game. 67 Displaying his talent for the high jump, one of the contestants feels the ground below him. Noel Mulhern getting a friendly escort to his event. JUNIOR SPOR TS DAY Compliments of CHARTERED INVESTMENTS Grades one to seven get a day off school each spring for the Grammer School Sports Dav. There are parades and contests, races and com- petitions and lots to eat. The teachers and parents seem to enjoy it almost as much as the children. Miss Jones smiles as she watches her students passing bv. 68 BACK ROW: Br. Thorne, Joe Vallee, George Luptack, Jim Agostino, Matt MacNeil, Mike Ferdinandi. FRONT ROW: Pierre Pittet, Mark Bachmann, George Shipman, Shawn Mulhern, Nick Ellickson, Vincent Milton. GRADE College never ceases to produce a good Midget team. Under the direction of Br. Thorne, this year’s team is as good as any. A combination of skill and drive will no doubt create a good selection of talent for future use against opponents. BACK ROW: Ed Sweeney, Kerwin Jarvis, Tom Mulhern, Philip Carhoun, Peter Ellickson. FRONT ROW: Mike Reilly, Greg Lynch, Joe Milton, Randy Tichelman. COACH: Br. Furey. GRADE PROVINCIAL CHAMPS OF THE BIDDY DIVISION Under the guidance of Br. Furey the grade six team has again established itself as a contender to keep up the Irish tra- dition. Hard work along with good talent has provided us with a winner. In the B.C. Biddy Tournament at Dun- can they beat Nanaimo 48-2, Victoria 32- 25 and St. Anthony’s, West Van., 19-13. STANDING: Brother Cassidy, Coach. ,£)an Sullivan, j om Wylie, Gary Shotton, hn Lenehan, Steve Toporowski, Andy MacKinnon. Russ Smoler and Tyrone MeClay. Managers. SEATED: ter Hopkins ,J0 ave Hancock. jflfarv Lawrence, im Nixon, J ave McGivern, yfike Mvlett. WINNERS OF THE INDEPENDENT LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP THE CROSS MAINLAND LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP THE PENNSYLVANIA TROPHY emblematic of the Lower Mainland Championship rp M Am fgkvMj il if jjffl The “God squad " of the Fighting Irish. Brothers Kelly. Cassidy and Dawson, planned strategy and made adjustments at every game for a very res- pectable 29-7 record. Nor noise, nor fouls, nor wooden back- boards, shall keep Gary Lawrence from making this shot. Compliments of the PARADIS AND DONNELLY FAMILIES. 73 V. C. SCORE BOARD v.c. Opponent 65 Sir Charles Tupper 50 50 O’Dea 44 54 Sentinal 30 61 Calgary 68 79 Belmont 63 62 Killarney 31 50 North Delta 51 63 Queen Elizabeth 48 69 Centennial 46 56 North Surrey 58 60 Hillside 40 52 Hansworth 34 56 M.E.I. 39 52 Abbotsford 59 64 Saint Thomas More 42 75 Centennial 53 63 Queen Elizabeth 48 63 John Oliver 33 43 Abbotsford 36 62 M.E.I. 51 72 O’Dea 67 48 Notre Dame 49 58 St. Pats 35 66 St. Thomas More 36 52 Notre Dame 38 50 North Surrey 39 57 Notre Dame 41 77 North Surrey 48 45 Richmond 40 51 John Oliver 34 55 Lord Byng 47 39 Mt. Douglas 41 81 Prince Rupert 49 48 Hope 59 Hip block by Tom Wylie. eavv Dan Sullivan leaves Lord Byng ' s “Grey Ghosts” in low spirits. 74 Dave Hancock demonstrates his peculiar passing tech nique. “One good foul deserves another” remarks John Lenehan. A little Irish playmaking results in a clear shot under the basket for Dan Sullivan. 75 Compliments of NORTHWOOD MILLS, LTD. Penticton, B.C. The game against Hope was the clincher in the 1973 Tournament. Hope kept up their season shooting average and the Irish couldn ' t match them, though Dan Sullivan and his team mates really tried. V.C. was on the short end of the Tourney’s major upset when, rated the favorite, they lost bv two points to the Island Num- ber three. Mt. Douglas. The guards kept boring in. Gary Lawrence, left; fires a high feeder pass and. right; drives around his check. Dave Hancock has his man off his feet ... so guess what he does now. 76 Cutting through the enemy defence, Brian Dick goes up for a shot in his own unique style. Bowing before the College attack, O’Dea watches helplessly as Joe Rogers scores again. BACK ROW: Br. Dawson, Coach; Raymond Moon, Steve Dick, Dave Negrin, Kevin Konar, John Doughty, Laurie Wat- Bourke, Larry O’Brien, Rick Smitas, Joe Rogers, Albert Bot- ters. Manager. ABSENT: Tom Clarke. The team’s season record teselle. FRONT ROW: Mark Quilty, Manager; Don Lewis, Brian was 31 wins and 7 losses. BACK ROIC: Br. Hancock, Coach; Bruce Clegg, Ben Cavallin, Greg Luengen, Robert Schretlen, Dan McLaughlin, Con McQuade. FRONT ROIC: Mike Gojevic, Manager; Terry Cox, Shawn Philley. Dennis Maion, Alex Lee. Bill Giuriato. Kevin Norman, Manager. GRADE 9 Rick Smitas captures the ball for the Irish. A difficult angle to shoot from? Compliments of the STRADIOTTI FAMILY and GEORGE SPARLING LTD. Pat Smith reaches high over the outstretched arms of his opponent. Compliments of MR. THOMAS O’BRYAN THE “B” TEAM, BACK ROW: Jim Dunn, Chuck Panet, Pat Smith, Ed Montague. FRONT ROW: Brian Cox, Chuck Lawson, Robert Aramini. " UNDEFEATED B.C. CHAMPIONS ” GRADE 8 THE “ A ” TEAM, BACK ROW: Bill Rogers, Gary Oleskiw, Ford Mittlestead, Shawn Utigard, Dennis Madsen, Rudee Gessie. FRONT ROW: Nick Gellen, Ian MacKinnon, Brendan Dick. Coached by Brothers Kelly and Duff the 1973 Grade 8 squad has had an undefeated season - many of their victories being over Grade 9 teams. 79 BACK ROW ' : Bill Stewart, George Csoti, Nick Biello, Jim Callaghan, Jerry Tellier, Manager; Brian Murdock, Rick Willis, Hank Lyth, Coach; Joe Goncalves, Mike Racich. Grant Owen. Rick Needham, Ben Kam, Doug Gallagher, Manager. MIDDLE ROW ' : Mike Luz, Mike Kozlowski. Ralph Mvhill- Jones. Oscar Glover. Rick Thibault, Henry Mah, John Gojevic, Mark McGowan, Tim Pugh. Rich Lauzon. FIRST ROW : Jeff Harris, Steve Dotto. Eric Massot, Calvin Fox, Rob Tichelman, John Kingston, Craig Ross. WRESTLING Brian Murdock on top, scoring for the Irish. Bill Stewart - maintaining Irish supremacy. . Mr. Bell, the referee, moves closer to hear the foe say, “Uncle”. Sponsored by ELM PARK SERVICE and FINNING TRACTOR and EQUIPMENT Mike Racich tries a half-Nelson. This could be it for Rich Needham 81 Tim Nixon came in a close second at the Independent Schools meet. TRACK ’ 72 Mike Mvlett sails over the bar for a new B.C. record. 82 Albin (Duke) Dukowski sprints toward the finish line in the senior boys 4 x 400. V.C. track is on the rise. Coached by Mr. Joe Bell and Mr. Chris Beaton the team ran its way to a very successful season. They came away with the Boys’ Aggregate Trophy from the Independent Meet, and finished third in B.C. Albin Dukowski, who set national records in the 100 and 200 meter events, is likely the best track man to have ever come out of College. There were others who con- tributed to the team’s success, many of whom returned this season. Triple Jump proves to be a hair- raising event for Anthony Fong. It’s up, up and away for Dave Stewart. 83 Ty Morris hurries his punt as the Lynwood defence endeavours to halt the play. FOOTBALL ’72 Compliments of STS. PETER AND PAUL C.W.L. Varsity Linemen: BACK ROW.- Gino Stradiotti, Rick Moldowan, Mr. Chris Beaton, Head Coach; Norman Dumont, Rob Donnelly. FRONT ROW: Len Lakowski. Lome Hugh. Steve Sweeney, Mike Gavlie. Dan Sullivan gallantly attempts to shun his foe. Compliments of CHARTER TRUCK AND TRAILER RENTALS and KERRISDALE TRAVEL SERVICE, LTD. Rick Negrin eludes his attacker and breaks for the open field. A Langley rusher encounters the Irish bulwark 85 Defensive Backs: BACK BOW: Dave Baker, Joe Mazzone, Captain, Trevor Wyman, Diarmuid Dick, Mr. Hank Lyth, Asst. Coach. FRONT ROW: Boh Doyle, Steve Andrews, Steve Leahy, Fat Murphy. SEASON’S RECORD v.c. OPPONENT 22 Tacoma Fife 6 6 Shelton 32 20 Thomas More 0 0 Maple Ridge 12 8 Lynwood 8 42 Langely 16 30 Centennial 20 6 OT)ea 8 0 Notre Dame 38 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. DONALD STACK and DR. K.G. WEST Rick Negrin moves into position as Tv Morris unleashes the ball. Tiptoe through the linemen... Offensive Backs: STANDING: Mr. Bell, Asst. Coach. FRONT ROW: Dan Sullivan, Ty Morris, Dave Baker, Richard Negrin. Compliments of F. AND F. EQUIPMENT, LTD. and MASSOT NURSERIES Trevor Wyman; half way. Compliments of DR. ALASTAIR JAMIESON Will they, or won’t they? Only Dan Sullivan knows for sure! RACK ROW: Dave Vallee, Head Manager; Tim Findlay, Carson Tipper, Bruce Clegg, Chris Macken, Perry Mazzone, Alan Fischer, Mike Fuoco. Asst. Man ager. THIRD ROW: Dennis Hugh, Head Coach; Terry Drever, Kevin Konar, Harvey Morris, Tom Clarke, Lawrie Watters, Brian Dick, Steve Meyers, Asst. Coach. SECOND ROW: Rav Moon. Rick Smitas, Mark McGowan. Paul Smulders. Joe March. Gary Stuart. FIRST ROW : Rick Lauzon, Jaime de Sequera. Albert Botteselle. Dave Negrin. Mike Luz. JV FOOTBALL Mike Luz strives for the goal line, carrying with him a few N.D. rivals. Bruce Clegg hurdles a Thomas More opponent in an at- tempt to make the first down. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Grade eight and nine had a robust football program this year. It consisted of the Grade eight and the Freshman teams. The latter was made of students from both grade levels. Mr. Pound coached the younger squad, while Brothers Kelly and Duff entered their team in com- petition. The Freshman unit won two, and lost two. Pictured below are some of the par- ticipants of this program. BACK ROW: Paul Gaylie, Alan Rudin, Pete Smith, Rob Culos, Bob Tichelman, Mike Martens, Roger Beaudoing, Harry Fleming, Ken Stefanich, Rudee Gessie, Tom Body, Brian Cox, Shawn Brendan McGivern, Phil Moreau. Utigard, Rob Estey. FRONT ROW: Rob Aramini, Don Andrews, The staff of the 197.3 Collegian, meeting regularly on Monday afternoon, just loved to pose for a picture any time. THE COLLEGIAN The Collegian staff is composed of editors, assistant editors, photographers and darkroom men, each with a specific job. The Editor- in-Chief of this year’s production is Dennis Bosa. Br. Lyons is the advisor and Br. McCarthy is the moderator. The staff is also grateful to Mr. Espinosa who took the group and grad pictures. The Collegian tries to capture the school year in pictures and to present it in an orderly fashion. During exam week Collegian staff members (left to right) Dominique Massot. Jim Paradis. Gray Allison, and Dennis Bosa find the Yearbook Room a great place to study. 94 The Darkroom Staff, Peter Campos sees no evil, Andrew Hokhold hears no evil, and Ivor Ladd speaks for himself. 95 This year’s Newspaper Staff: Greg Richards, Ralph Maurer. Rob Dodsworth, Diarmuid Dick, Gardner Day. Dave Hancock. ABSENT: Carl Munana. 06060000 ©© 00000000000 ooswooooo tooe d “The VoiCe” is the student newspaper now in its fourth year of operation. “The VoiCe” expresses the views and opinions of student life and activities. It also covers important functions which hap- pen at College. This year’s editor is Diar- muid Dick. The VoiCe 96 STANDING: Peter O’Callaghan, Mark Fanson, Dan Lavery, Chris Young, O’Brien, Shawn Philley, Ian MacKinnon. SEATED: Joe Leahy, Greg Jar- Mike West, Lorcan O’Melinn, Peter Golinsky, Robert Campbell, Peter vis, John Harris, Mike Mylett, John Lenahan, John Hui, Tim Nixon. STUD John Harris speaks to the College crowd during a pep rally. The Student Council is made up of elected class representatives who organize school activities. This year’s Student Council, under the co-presidency of John Harris and Mike Mylett, purchased glass back- boards for the gym, gave donations to the different activities and ran a rummage sale to collect school funds. They inaugurated Spirit Week and revived the Variety Show, both very successful ventures. They also devised and operated the great Walkathon which netted an amazing ten thousand dollars for the library and for the school debt reduction-. The Student Council stops to pose for our camera during one of their meetings. .and all he dropped was a quarter. SENIOR RESIDENT STUDENTS The Senior Boarders are a unique part of Vancouver College. They give the College students a chance to talk to people from outside Vancouver. Brs. Angel, Cassidy and Carrothers are in charge of the “dorm " this year. The Boarders have regular study periods after school to keep their marks up. When not working the boarders entertain themselves by watching the colored T.V. and playing records, poker, pool or v arious sports in the gym. BACK ROW: Torn Brummet, Stephen Stencel, Peter Dwan. David Lee. Doug Gallagher. Russ Sinoler, Bruno Odorico, Richard Needham. SECOND ROW : Benjamin Kam, Duane Mitchell, Ian Taggart, Jerry Tellier, Grant Owen. Ian Ross, Sean Reilly. FIRST ROW: Mike Kingston, Robert Goulet, Bill Gipps, Oscar Glover, Andy Penelhum, Tom Tsang, Raymond Kwong. ' it 1 If W 1 S ' A ' ■ Mr h l BACK ROIC: Mark Needham, Brian Murdock, Johann Winternitz, Glen Spencer, Steve Kostyal, Richard Willis, Robert Munson, Grant Montgomery, Craig Ross, Mark Quilty, Robert Jordan. SECOND ROW: Bruce Jackson, Tom Wylie, Herbert Daum, Declan Brennan, John Wagner, Roger Cousins, Otto Kliment, Gary Lawrence, Carlo Hernandez, John Kingston, Nick Biello. FIRST ROW: Andy Silva, Peter Winternitz, Fred Mitchell, Steve Au-Yeung, John Hui, Angel Lostale, Anthony Fong, Nelson Ma. ABSENT: Tim Findlay, Harvey Morris. JUNIOR RESIDENT STUDENTS BACK BOW: Armando Sandoval, Douglas Graham, Rick Parassini, Dennis Marmaras, Ronald Gipps, Steven Wright, Henry Mah, Edwin Lu. THIRD ROW: Lu is Morrett, Larry Granda, Gwyn Shipman, Jorge Escalera, Calvin Fox, George Murray, Roger Beaudoing, Conrad Cameron, Denny Dion. SECOND ROW : Mike Coadv. Rudalfo Roland, Robert Shipman. Alexander Lee, Mike Aleksenko, Shawn Brennan, Pierre Pittet, Vince Miecznik. BOTTOM ROW: Juan Valerio, George Economoy. Nigel Clarke, Paul Johnson. Robert Tellier. The Junior Boarders are a collection of students from all over the world. They blend together to form one united group. They are looked after hy Brs. Ryan and Kelly. During the day they attend classes and after school they have a study session. After that is all over they can relax by watching T.V., playing pool, ping-pong or whatever. The Junior Boar- ders are also very active enjoying the benefits of a varied sports program. Ron Gipps. Steven Wright, and Edw in Lu find something very interesting in a magazine. 100 BACK ROW: Rick Moldowan, Dave Stewart, Gardner Day, Diarmuid Dick, Pete Hopkins. FRONT ROW: Rich Negrin, Gary Lawrence, Oscar Glover, Joe Maz- zone. BACK ROW: Peter Campos, Anthony Fong, John Lenehan, Andy MacKinnon, Pat Murphy. FRONT ROW: D ave Hancock, Dave McGivern, Tim Nixon. The Monogram Club is composed of letter- men from grade ten to twelve. This year with Tim Nixon as president they introduced the Monogram Cup given to the class in the Junior High School which has the most students at any game. The Monogram Club organizes pep rallies and leads the College cheering at football and basketball games. The Lettermen lead the College Locomotive. 101 WEDNESDA Y AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES This is the second year that the Wednesday Afternoon Activities have been in operation. Every Wed- nesday afternoon students are dis- missed from classes to participate in various sports and enrichment pro- grams. They range from Skiing to Chess and from Golf to the News- paper. There are many activities during the year and it is impossible to cover them all. The ones selected here are the more popular ones. Both teachers and students agree that the mid-week activity session was a wonderful invention. It makes easier the casting of large numbers in the musicals and is a great ad- vantage to the school publications. It places responsibility on the shoulders of the students for its suc- cess and so far they have responded well. SEATED ON COUCH: Doug McConnell. Paul Clarke. David LongprC. Geoff Groff. Fred Mitchell. SEATED ON FLOOR: George Grover. Duane Sillery. MODERATOR: Mr. McCracken. SQUASH John Wagner shows off his style as Fred Mit- chell anticipates a smashing return. « n 4 r Father Gillis explains to his students the right technique in using a saw. Tino Varelas, Janies Reed, and Len Clark seem to be building another Lumberman’s Arch. WOODWORK Gabriel Csanyi attempts to deke out Otto Kliment. BACK ROW: Gary Stuart. Rob Goulet, Fred Gerry. Ted Krez- minski. Tom Norman. Ivor Ladd. Floyd Gillis. FRONT ROW: Stanley Krezininski. Otto Kliment. Dominic Staniscia. Br. Dawson tries in vain to out-manoeuvre the goalie. TENNIS Pat Murphy prepares to hit one of his whiz- bang serves. Tty IRISH PHY S ED BACK ROW: Mike Gleeson, Pat Murphy, Lome Smith, David Pasin. SECOND ROW: Gordon Bettiol, Pablo Desobrino, Gerry Baker, Jim Garayt. FRONT ROW: Rob St. Germain, John Boyle, Mark McKay. Mike Gleeson gets ready to serve to Jim Garayt as Lome Smith gets set for some sizzling net play. Lome serves as the playing coach of the squad. 105 The Bowling group meets every Wednesday afternoon at Chapman’s Alleys with Mr. Bell in charge. 106 ir M SWIMMING A grade 12 diver, Angel Lostale, shows good form to an admiring group of younger swimmers: Jerry Baker, Ed Whitlock, Greg LeClair, Chuck Jamieson, John Slater and Jeff Heather. This year the swimming activity was at Percy Norman Pool, a Vancouver Parks Board pool on east 30th Ave. next to Capilano Stadium. It is quite convenient for College students as it is within walking distance. Brother Hancock moderated the first half year and Mr. Kavalec the second half. The students organized swimming races and diving contests which can go on simul- taneously as these happen in different pools. The average attendance was above thirty depending on the season and it is planned to expand the horizon in future years and perhaps use this as the nucleus of a competitive Vancouver College swimming team. ART Robert Schretlen, Doug Ross and Bruce Clegg admire their masterpieces in the once-a-week art activity that gives them an opportunity to try some- thing different ... and answer some questions about themselves without risking too much. 107 DEBATING CLUB This year’s Debating Team was young and lacked experience. They par- ticipated in the Hammarskjold Cup for the Provincial Championships. They are looking forward to a successful year with the know how which they achieved this year. BACK ROW: Moderator Mr. McCracken. Peter O ' Brien. Tino Varelas. David Chisholm, Steve Kostval. FRONT ROW : Carl Munana. Andy MacKinnon, Lorcan O ' Melinn. AB- SENT: Jim Fleming. BLOOD DONORS CLINIC Declan Brennan receives help from the Red Cross nurse as he unselfishly gives his blood. 108 Greg Jarvis introduces the band Applejack at the beginning of one of the dances. DANCES College dances are always well attended. “This bill looks phoney to me”, says Pat Gleeson, Middle; as Peter Dwan stamps hands. 109 DRAMA ’72 The cast of Brigadoon at the grand finale. Last year the combined forces of the Drama Clubs of Vancouver College and Little Flower Academy presented their smash hit ‘■‘BRIGADOON”. Under the direction of Br. Taylor, Grace Macdonald and Jim Johnson, they managed to have a packed house for each of their five performances at the Metro Theatre. Not only was the acting good but also the backstage group did a magnificent job of setting up props and stage lighting. Paul Bekenn explains the mystery of the town of Brigadoon to Pete Hill. Jim McCue and Jenny Lamb. 110 The old minister, Paul Bekenn, commences the ceremony of matrimony between Kathy Kelly and Don Kyle as the bride’s father, Ron Dumont, and the rest of the wedding party look on in approval. Ill BACK ROIC: Greg Mah, Gary Stuart, Terry Drever, Matt Collins. FRONT ROtV : Philip Savard, Normand Leclaire, Dave Yallee. COMMUNITY RECREA TION The Community Recreation Acti- vity is composed of Senior High School students who teach physical education at the certain Catholic elementary schools in the city. With Mr. Hugh as the moderator, the students of these schools are given some physical training from the members of Community Recreation group. “Let ' s see .. uh ... Gee. how do vou stop ' em? " ponders Norm Leclaire in his role as P.E. in- structor. BACK ROW: Gerry Grout, Lome Smith, Moderator Mr. Hendry, Andy MacKin- non, David Vallee, Ralph Maurer. FRONT ROW: Jim Paradis, Greg Jarvis, Ron Sengara, Hank Luyten. ABSENT: Carl Munana. U.N. Under the presidency of Ron Sengara, the United Nations Club got off to a slow start this year but came through mag- nificently by sponsoring the Vancouver College United Nations Model Assembly. Over 100 students from schools all over British Columbia and Washington took part. Students from College billeted out of town students for a weekend. The club also sponsored a highly successful dance. All in all a very satisfying year for the club. Bart Tichelman, representing the coun- try of Laos, expresses his view of a vital issue. The members of the General Assembly vote on an important resolution concerning the destiny of Managua, Nicaragua. 113 J SPONSORS Stewart Begg L. Bernemann Mr. Dumaresq Ken and Dodi Gogo Mr. Haebler Ron and Mary Hyder James Knight June E. Leader Mr. W. Lynch Charles Munana Joe Nemeth Dr. and Mrs. Nixon John Unger Mr. and Mrs. West Capt. Watters An interesting discussion is carried on between Br. McCarthy and a few members of the Mothers’ Club during one of their meetings. MOTHERS ' CLUB EXECUTIVE FOR 1972 - 73. STANDING: Mrs. J. Lucas, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. L. Goldie, Recording Secretary; Mrs. D. Eberts, President; Mrs. 0. Minchuk, Membership Secretary. SEATED: Mrs. H. Cavelti. Telephone Con- vener; Mrs. B. Konst. 1st. V ice-President; Mrs. L. Merler, 2nd. Vice- President. ABSENT: Mrs. A. West, Publicity Director; Mrs. V. Mulhern, Treasurer. MOTHERS’ CLUB ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS FOR 1971 - ' 73. STANDING: Bob Johnstone, Norm Oddv, Dave Dumaresq, Leo Mulhern, Jack Mills, and Bill O ' Brien. SEATED: Brother Lyons, Dave Steele, George Macvey, Gordon MacKenzie, and Charles Sullivan. Missing from the picture is John Brown who served as president during the hectic hut highly successful Golden Jubilee cele- brations and resigned in May of 1972 when Gordon MacKenzie took over as Acting President. Dave Dumaresq was Vice-President, Bill O ' Brien Secretary and Nelson Gray Treasurer. 116 A.E. Ames and Company, Limited. Purchasers and Distributors of Government, Municipal And Corporation Securities A.E. Ames and Company Members Toronto Stock Exchange Montreal Stock Exchange Canadian Stock Exchange Vancouver Stock Exchange 555 Burrard Street, Vancouver 118 □n VE BUCK GOOD LUCK TO THE OF VANCOUVER COLLEGE r BUY A DAVE BUCK ‘COLLEGE COMMUTER AT B.C.’S LOWEST PRICE 879 Marine Dr., NORTH VAN. 985-3165 THE FORD CENTRE What we mean by " Together weTe both stronger " We feel two heads are better than one. We figure if two people set out to achieve goals, they might come easier. We know you work hard for your money. We know things don’t come easily. And that’s what we mean by, “You and the Commerce. Together we’re both stronger.” i CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE You and the Commerce. Together we’re both stronger. S. 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Jfflartne Bribe at (SranbtUe Cl )e Uelta oom Cl )t flight Hoom je JfraSer glrmsf Congratulations To The Graduates From DUSTBANE PRODUCTS The Canadian Name In Cleaning Supplies and Equipment Macken Agencies Ltd. Jim Macken— Distributor 1220 S.E. Marine Drive 123 NEWCOMBE INSURANCE LTD. AND NEWCOMBE REALTY LTD. FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS 6 FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE REQUIREMENTS 266-9121 5635 Cambie Street GOLDEN EXHAUST SILENCERS for ALL NOISE APPLICATIONS (jolden Potter Product ptd. 1424 BRAMWELL, WEST VANCOUVER, B.C. (OFFICE ONLY) 922-7786 124 Your friends are friends of ours So if someone’s coming into town, put them up at our place. We’ll give them good food, great accommodation, and the same friendly welcome you’d give them yourself. And you’ll be so rested you can spend the rest of the time showing them the town. m Vancouver Airport Inn 1025 St. Edwards St. Richmond, B.C. 278-9611 Compliments of EMPIRE SHIPPING COMPANY LIMITED Steamship Agents and Brokers Chartering Brokers 1780 One Bentall Centre - 505 Burrard Street twx: 610-929-2086 Vancouver 1, British Columbia Telephone: 681-7121 Area Code: 604 Telex: 04-508876 125 GEORGE HODGINS REALTY LTD. Come and Visit us in Sunny Tsawwassen! 1631 - 56th St., Tsawwassen Phone 943-2203 Granville at 14th J.W. Clarke M.J. Clarke A C GROCERY CO. LTD. Grocery and Meat Meat Only 733-1141 733-4164 wm U 1 1 BAND HOBBIES VANCOUVER KERRISDALE 2387 West 41st Avenue Phone: 261-2120 WEST VANCOUVER AMBLESIDE 115 - 1425 Marine Drive Phone: 926-3610 VICTORIA Bank of Commerce Building 6 - 1175 Douglas Street Phone: 388-9433 WE SPECIALIZE IN EUROPEAN TOYS AND HAVE THE LARGEST SELECTION IN THE WEST 127 . .frank kouwenhoven CONSTRUCTION LTD. Specializing In Custom Homes and Commercial Construction Associated Design Services 1122 50BST. Delta, B.C. 943-3506 128 4 ► banana spirt Eat, drink and be merry! 47th Avenue and Fraser Street BE SURE TO SEE THOMSON AND PAGE for STEREO - APPLIANCES - RECORDS T.V. - Colour or Black and White and FINE FURNITURE Since 1929 2914 Granville St. 738-5144 FREE CUSTOMER PARKING - STANDARD STATION - 13th and Granville 129 Clje Hebftml The 50th anniversary of Vancouver College has not only brought about a milestone of College’s achievements but also has brought on a rebirth of the general spirit of the school. This is especially evident in the athletic aspect of College. The Fighting Irish have renewed their vigor in the area of soccer. Soccer in College dated back as far as the 1920’s. Then the Irish were one of the top teams in the province. They also were the first team to win the Provincial Championship in 1924. However, College’s status as a private school led to it’s elimination from the league. Later on, during the 1950’s, soc- cer was resurrected by Br. Kelly. With his Fine coaching, the Irish proved themselves superior to the local talents. However, soccer was discontinued later because of build up of interest in football. The rebirth of soccer this year is the development of three teams. Division one, mainly consisting of seniors, is coached by Mr. McCracken. Division two, consisting mainly of Gr. 9 and 10 students, is coached by Br. Condon. The Gr. 8 students form division four, also coached by Br. Condon. Due to inexperience and strong opponents. College will have a very tough time in their leagues. However, they have tremendous potential. There is no doubt that within the near future, the Irish will bring hack the glorious memories of the past. Soccer Winning only comes with blood, sweat and tears. “CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADS OF ’73” COMPLIMENTS OF CHARTERED INVESTMENTS DIVISION ONE. BACK ROW: Bob Dodsworth, Len Lakowski, Fred Robert Goulet. Paul Bekenn, Angel Lostale. Peter Winternitz. Joe Mitchell. Don O’Callaghan, Ted Mahler, Carlo Hernandez, Mr. F. Goncalves. ABSENT: Tom Norman. McCracken, Coach. FRONT ROW: Kevin McKenzie, Ian Ross, IRISH ,1 V ,,V PKY5 t u DIVISION TWO. STANDING: George Csoti, Perry Mazzone, Mike Racich, Harvey Morris, Tim Findlay, Len Clark, Steve Kostyal, Mike Favero, Tony Alvarez, Keith Cyr. SITTING: Mark Needham, Grant Montgomery, Nick Biello, Harry Karass, Dennis Marmaras, Juan Valerio, Robert Munson. ABSENT: Johann Winternitz, Kurt Ber- nemann, Br. Condon, Coach. jc Jfuture Champs! COMPLIMENTS OF THE STRADIOTTI FAMILY AND THE GREGORY FAMILY. DIVISION FOUR. BACK ROW: Jim Reed, Peter O’Callagan, Drew Beveridge, Mark Roberts, Steven Ganguin, Duane Sillery, Peter Smith. SECOND ROW: Ed Whitlock, Thomas Colovos, Gordon Campbell, John Geraghty, Jim Boucher, Alfonso Gotuaco. FRONT ROW: Tony Shultz, Gordon Sedawie, Mike Gojevic. ABSENT: Sean Shipley, Gary Ban- ders, Neil Colquhoun, Br. Condon, Coach. 131 PANASONIC SONY NORESCO DUAL TOSHIBA GRUNDIG ZENITH 450 Granville St. 685-8035 REMEMBER- Knowledge Is Power! And We at Leader Sound Along With Our Best Wishes to Faculty and Students of the College, Are Pleased to Offer Highest Quality In Service and Sales With SPECIAL TERMS TO COLLEGE PERSONNEL Graduate to the Best in Sound at Leader Sound “ til t e A uc Irish ” RAY NORMAN AND ASSOCIATES LIMITED 641 Buswell RcURichmonc ph. 278-1016 . advertising, films, p. r. l K mCVh?ATV_SKx e 845 Park Royal West Vancouver, B.C. FOR RIGHT ON PEOPLE CHARGEX PH.926-5011 MALE OR FEMALE HIGH STYLE AT A MEDIUM PRICE RANGE COMPLIMENTS OF West Boulevard One Hour Martinizing All Dry-Cleaning Services 5575 W. BOULEVARD VANCOUVER 263-9131 CHAMPS ON THEIR OWN TIME The talents of some of the students of Vancouver College sometimes ex- tend beyond the realm of the school itself. On this page are represented a few College students who have dis- tinguished themselves in activities outside of school in pursuit of hob- bies or sports. In just over four years Dennis Bosa has established himself as one of the top Go- Kart racers in the area. His titles included High Point Sprint Champion 1970, 1971. 1972, High Point Enduro 1972, and 1971 Division 6 Champ. Compliments of SWEENEY COOPERAGE LTD. and HENRY BIRKS AND SONS LTD. Boxing still lives among V.C. students: 1973 B.C. 112 - pound Champion Joe McCaffrey, standing. 1973 B.C. 100 - pound Cham- pion George Sanders, center. 1972 Western Canadian 70 - pound Champion and Best Junior Boxer Eddy McCaffrey. Carl Mufiana. Right; placed 2nd in The 1972 Western Canadian Squash Championship. Charles Rally. Left: is a top tennis player. Firsts in the Richmond. Stanley Park and Kelowna Tournaments, are just a few of his many awards. Geoff Groff is a figure skater. Long hours of practise have paid off with 3 second place trophies, in 1969. ' 70 and ' 71. in the Provincial Bronze Free Skating Competition. Rick Needham, member of the B.C. Junior Water Polo Champions, displays the medal he recieved as a member of the B.C. All-Star Team. This gives him the chance to try out for the Canada Summer Games. 134 Sincerest Best Wishes To All the Graduates of Vancouver College May God Continue to Bless You All The Greenwood Motor Hotel 300 Beaver Creek Road Port Alberni,B.C. You are invited to a new and most modern hotel facility adjacent to fresh water near Port Alberni. Lake swimming, boating, water skiing, lake and stream fishing, hiking, trail riding and camping await you all. For Reservations Contact Carl or John Schretlen 604-723-3516 i to ©iot ®s MOT TO TOE ®1F From All at Associated Tire Centers Ltd. Guaranteed twice as long as any other economy car. Every Volkswagen is guaranteed for 24 months or 24,000 miles. Most other economy cars are guar- anteed only 12 months or 12,000 miles. But don ' t take our word for it. Take our words for it: lf an owner maintains and ser- vices his vehicle in accordance with the Volkswagen maintenance sched- ule any factory part found to be defective in material or workmanship within 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first (except nor- mal wear and tear on service items) will be repaired or replaced by any Canadian or U.S. Volkswagen Dealer. And this will be done free of charge. See your dealer for details. 136 U.N. CLUB Roger Cousins and Bart Tichelman find something more interesting to do than to listen to what’s going on. Ron Sengara, right; and Hank Luyten, middle; discuss the next item on the agenda as John Hui, left; inspects his great typing. Compliments of MR. ROBERT’S SHOP and ARMY AND NAVY Ron Sengara, president of the Vancouver College U.N. Club, puts the finishing touches to this year’s General Assembly. 137 From The Heart of Downtown Vancouver HOTEL VANCOUVER Extends Very Best Wishes To All Vancouver Collegians - 1973 - HOTEL VANCOUVER A CN Hotel Operated By Hilton Of Canada One Year Term Deposits 7 % GREATER VANCOUVER CATHOLIC CREDIT UNION Serving The Greater Vancouver Area Since June 1940 1336 West Broadway 736-3393 Vancouver, B.C. Dave Chisholm and Carson Tipper, The Teen Tones, put on a humorous skit. At least Carson’s laughing. VARIETY SHOW One of the major attractions this year was the Variety Show, sponsored and organized by the Student Council. The Variety Show, the first since 1969 showed a good cross section of talent among the contemporary College students. There were impersonations, comedy routines and several bands but the major attraction was the valiant attempt of the Grade 12 students to do the Nut Cracker Suite ballet. The grace and poise of the dancers attracted and held spell- bound several hundred amazed parents, friends and students — a truly unforgetable experience. Bobo, Doug Ware, the guest on “You Bet Your Life”, listens to Groucho Marx, Eric Thorsteinson, as he explains the rules of the game. Sponsored by PACK LAKE LOGGING CO. LTD. Prince Charming, Tim Nixon, sweeps the young girl, Dave Hancock, off of her (his) feet in the grand finale of the Nut Cracker Suite. DIRECTORY APPLIANCES FAWCETT FURNITURE and APPLIANCES 8490 Granville St. 266-6288 AUTOMOBILES DELTA DATSUN LTD. 1140-56th St., Delta ZEPHYR MERCURY SALES LTD. 300 W. Broadway 872-7411 BUILDING SUPPLIES ROD ' S BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD. 347 Moncton St., Steveston, B.C. 277-1191 CANDIES FOLEY’S CANDIES LTD. 2881 Granview Hwy. 434-4520 McKILLOP CANDY CO. P.O. BOX 5853 255-8151 CAR WASH GRANVILLE SUPER SONIC CAR WASH 5702 Granville St. 266-5331 CLEANERS BUSY BEE CLEANERS 5741 Yew St. 263-541 1 CUSTOM CLEANERS 2932 Main St. 876-6226 U.B.C. ONE HOUR MARTINIZING 2146 Western Parkway 228-9414 CLOTHING BITS’N PIECES 4305 DUNBAR ST. 228-0322 JACK ELSON MEN ' S WEAR 545 Granville St. 681-9831 PRIDE OF THE WEST KNITTING MILLS 81 Robson St. 685-9831 MARTY’S LTD. 4409 W. 10th Ave. 224-5352 SIMPSONS-SEARS Richmond Square 437-2211 DRUG STORES BAKER DRUGS LTD. 888 Granville St. 683- 9191 FISHER WESTERN DRUGS 4355 Dunbar St. 224-3235 OAKRIDGE DRUGS 42nd and Oak St. 261-3181 WATT’S PHARMACY LTD. 4441 Boundary Rd. 437-5342 FINANCE AVIS ACCEPTANCE CORP. 1396 Hillside Ave., Victoria FLOWERS DOGWOOD and ELLIOT FLOWERS LTD. 122 Oakridge 266-7181 FOOD BRITISH COLUMBIA PACKERS LTD. 430 Moncton St. 277-2212 CAN AM DISTRIBUTORS LTD. P.O. Box 86414. No. Van. 684- 9822 DON STEVENS QUALITY MEATS 8435 Granville I.G.A. FOODLINER 1532 W. 41st Ave. SHUTE’S MEAT MARKET 2335 W. 41st Ave. 261-8610 STONG’S MARKETS LTD. 4326 Dunbar St. 736-5333 FUEL ESSO HOME COMFORT CENTRE 8036 Enterprise St., Bby. 291-7221 FURS SPEISER FUR LTD. 2706 Granville St. 731-2829 HAIRSTYLING RIVIERA BEAUTY SALON 1717 Davie St. 684-7035 U.B.C. VIKINGS 2144 Western Parkway 224-5540 ADVERTISEMENTS HARDWARE BURRARO TILE LTD. 8206 Ontario St. 325-1268 DOMINION CHAIN CO. LTD. 190 W. 3rd Ave. 872-2588 F. and F. EQUIPMENT 8310 Manitoba St. 321-2301 INSURANCE CROWN LIFE 1550 W. Georgia St. 682-651 1 JEWELLERS O. B. ALLAN LTD. 480 Granville St. 681-1151 METALS ANDERSON BLOWPIPE LTD. 1213 Mitchell Rd., Rich. 324- 2291 DENISON MINES LTD. 1705-777 Hornby St. WESTERN CANADA STEEL LTD. 450 S.E. Marine Dr. 325- 2271 MISCELLANEOUS B.C. PAPER CONVERTERS LTD. P. O. Box 33888 684- 3274 RICHMOND SQUARE MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION 655 No. 3 Road, Rmd. STEPHEN LODGE REST HOME 2066 W. 13th Ave. MOTELS and HOTELS RUSSELL HOTEL 740 Carnarvon St. New Westminister, B.C. SAND’S MOTOR HOTEL 1755 Davie St. MOVING MILLER CARTAGE and CONTRACTING LTD. 660 Garden City Rd., Rich. 278-6245 MUSIC STORES AND RADIOS MODERN MUSIC LTD. 536 Seymour St. 685- 5285 LEADER BROADCASTING 4346 Ross Cres., West Van. 926-3737 RENTALS CHARTER TRUCK and TRAILER RENTALS LTD. 950 West 6th Ave. 736-6404 REAL ESTATES ALPINE ESTATES LTD. 1715 Capilano Rd., North Van. 987-4477 RESTAURANTS DYNASTY RESTAURANT 3060 Main St. 872-5272 TOKAY HUNGARIAN RESTAURANTS 1106 Davie St. 685-4531 SERVICE STATIONS BEN’S SHELL SERVICE 5695 Granville St. 261-4140 GOUNDRY’S SERVICE LTD. 1008 West 41st Ave. 261-6318 SHOES MAX DEXALL’S SHOES 2617 Granville St. KARDYNAL SHOES 4063 MacDonald St. SPORTING GOODS TAD’S SPORTING GOODS 8570 Granville St. 261 -6540 WESTERN SPORTING GOODS 3715 W. 10th Ave. 224-5040 STATIONARY BUCHANS KERRISDALE STATIONARY 2141 W. 41st Ave. 261-8510 TRAVEL AGENCIES P. LAWSON TRAVEL LTD. 409 Granville St. 682-4555 TRUST COMPANIES CANADA PERMANENT TRUST 2154 W. 41st Ave. 684-0466 c ' c Perco Sales Associates Ltd FOOD SALES SPECIALISTS Sxcluaive Sated rfyentd fan poacC, ' Plan- ?oad, D%ccy a ict ok fiecUottencf Piaductd BRANCHES: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg •41 Experienced Salesmen • Marketing Consultants •Computer Sales Statistics •Complete Warehouse Facilities •Complete Cartage Facilities CONTACT.. .W.W. LYNCH 299-5711 PRESIDENT 142 BASKETBALL HIGHLIGHTS All eyes are on the ball as Tom Wylie puts up the winning shot in the Handsworth tournament. Sponsored by PARK DRUGS and REED SHAW OSLER O’Dea’s number 21 watches in awe as Dave Hancock goes up to score yet another basket. 1 , J§ L : ; :: i After going in for the knockout Tim Nixon puts two more points on the board for College. 143 M. ESPINOSA ( zcativc “P ataynetfcAtf T5T . 4 SB The Best of Luck To the Graduating Class of 73 m. espinosa of 2287 West Broadway, Vancouver 9, B.C. Phone 738-5926 CANADA PERMANENT TRUST CO. REAL ESTATE DIVISION 2001 W. 41 ST AVE. 266-4155 The sign that represents service. Over 200 experienced sales people. Expert appraisers available. Guaranteed sales plan. Mortgage funds a vailable 1st or 2nd mortgages arranged. Canada’s largest Real Estate And ' Mortgage Complex. Service at your convenience. Call Allan McDonald, Manager, 266-4155 ROTARY MOTORS ltd DATSUN Sales Service DATSUN 60 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia Phone: 872-7151 CARS TRUCKS 4-SPEED AUTOMOBILE g 510 S 610 SAINT JUDE’S SHRINE 3078 Renfrew St. 434-6700 145 Cctnplimenti etf MEAT MART «» RED STEER MEAT MARKET 2070 W. 41st AVE. AMI-8755 PERSONAL SERVICE AND FINEST QUALITY Free Delivery Charge Accounts May Be Opened Tomorrow is right Now at Eaton’s iiiiiii ■min EATON ' S CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS BOSA CONSTRUCTION 3853 EAST HASTINGS STREET 299-4947 His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Juan Carlos, sends his sin- cere wishes to the students and teachers of Vancouver College. Our appreciation to Gray Allison and his father for arranging for the above message. 148 wheats happeni cable ten Cable Ten is amateur sports the big stations don ' t cover. Cable Ten is hobby programs. Like, " How to Make Your Own Wine " . Cable Ten is educational TV. Cable Ten is fashion shows, and how-to-manage-your-money shows, and public affairs shows. Cable Ten is a whole lot of things you haven ' t seen on any other station, and a whole lot of things we haven ' t even thought of yet. But most of all Cable Ten is community involvement, a television station that works two ways. From us to you, and from you to us. Got something you ' d like to air on the air? Just give us a call. Cable Ten is the community service television station of the Vancouver Cablevision system, a wholly owned subsidiary of Premier Cablevision Limited. For more information call 321-2621. TELEVISION 149 EM 0 With or Without Truck U- DRIVE CAMPERS % TENT TRAILERS VACATIONS SKIING 26M046 8870 Selkirk Street Vancouver 14, British Columbia Canada HARDI- GARDEN SHOP A COMPLETE LINE OF PET GARDEN SUPPLIES Mgr. George Grant 8377 South Granville, Vancouver 266-5308 A great place to get growing . Quite a city Vancouver. Splendid mix of people. A climate to encourage thought and action. Beautifully located. The humming centre of British Columbia’s commercial activity. We started here twelve years ago, and Ray Torresan Associates grew. From public relations, to advertising and sales promotion. To total marketing communication — a concept unique in Canada. From Vancouver, to offices nationally. To Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax. Then London, England, to serve an international market — with sixty- five great people in the organization to make it all work. Serving airlines, hotels, a distillery, a tobacco company, manufactu re rs , sports organizations, people as groups, people as individuals . And it started in Vancouver. For the full story on total Torr esan marketing communication — call us, and get growing. RAY TORRESAN ASSOCIATES (INTERNATIONAL) LTD. 920-1055 West Hastings Street, Vancouver 1, B.C. 685-1271 Dune Holmes, Western Manager COMPLIMENTS OF Pierre PariJ £r itd. SHOES for THE FAMILY National Brands Congratulations And Our Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1973 From LUYTEN’S PAPER PRODUCTS LTD. PRINTERS AND LITHOGRAPHERS 8857 Selkirk Street Vancouver 14, B.C. Phone 266-7357 Peter C. Clegg Ltd. Insurance Consultants 1177 W. Broadway Vancouver 9, B.C. Telephone 736-7741 LIFE, AUTO, HOME, COMMERCIAL, BONDS, ANNUITIES THE FIDELITY TRUST COMPANY since 1909 B.C. Regional Office 1101 West Georgia chequing, Savings trust services throughout Western Canada BEST WISHES TO THE GRADS OF 73 FROM THE MULHERN BROS. OF ELl—aL MOTOR HOTEL (Fully Air-Conditioned) 2330 Kingsway at Nanaimo Street, Vancouver 16, B.C. Dining-room, and Complete Hotel facilities. American Express; Hilton; Diners. For reservations — Telephone HEmlock 4-1341 155 “Sure thing,” says Monica Westwell to Greg Jarvis and John Wagner. “I will meet you at the Coliseum any time.” SPIRIT WEEK One of the new and unusual ideas in- troduced at College this year was Spirit Week. It took place during the week prior to the N.D.V.C. football game and was designed to get the school in the right frame of mind for the game. Under the direction of John Harris and his forces. Spirit Week took form of fun and games, all of which pulled the school together. The week’s activities climaxed with an all af- ternoon assembly, including a pyramid building contest, a pie eating contest and a skit by each class. All in all, it proved to be one of the best weeks of the school year. | “Who did that?” questions Brother Hancock. Compliments of THE GREGORY FAMILY and FRANCIS J. KEARNEY And now we present the Vancouver College Marching Kazoo Band. 156 Compliments of Merrill Lynch, Royal Securities Limited United Kingdom Building 409 Granville Street, Vancouver 2, B.C. (604) 682-3311 I.L. Moldowan Account Executive TUPPERWARE (604)325-8271 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES FROM PROSPERITY SALES 1250 S.E. Marine Drive Vancouver 15, B.C. 157 MACAULEY NICOLLS MAITLAND AND CO. LTD. REAL ESTATE Servuiy ‘Vcutcouvex 20 ' tyeand tk i l attc Mven @aCleye — cuteC cu-ct t e Mime dediMtCo-K Compliments of Lawson Oates On Broadway Ltd . 1235 West Broadway Vancouver 9, B. C. Colt Dart Coronet Dodge Charger Challenger Chrysler Phone:736-5521 VARSITY SHOE SERVICE 4530 W, 10th Ave. 224-6622 HAIRSTYLING AT IT’S BEST We love long hair Upper Tenth Barber 4574 W. 10th Ave. opposite Safeway Time out for lunch in Stanley Park - only half way. It was a beautiful day so Bill Gipps, Jeff Harris, Joe March and Con McQuade shucked their shoes and refreshed their tender feet. 1973-THE YEAR OF THE GREAT WALKATHON The Brothers walked too. Brothers Angel, Dawson and Duff look in tremendous form as they make their way along Marine Drive on the last leg of the Walkathon, ac- companied by Steve Csabai and Roland Habler. Down Cambie Street — the first leg of a long, long journey. Grade Twelves, Tens, Sevens and Fours -- they were all in it together. One Year Term Deposits GREATER VANCOUVER CATHOLIC CREDIT UNION Serving the Greater Vancouver Area Since June 1940 1336 West Broadway 736-3393 Vancouver, B.C. 160 Mark Abraham 3955 W. 23rd Ave. 224-1888 Phil Ackerman 819 Delestre Ave., Coq. 936-2851 Bryan Anderson 2264 W. 34th Ave. 266-2891 Don Andrews 7142 Neal St. 327-1794 Robert Aramini 2618 W. 15th Ave. 732-0298 Kevin Atherton 3877 W. 38th Ave. 266-4854 Gary Baanders 752 Bridge St., Rich. 273-3398 Peter Van Baarsen 4470 Hutcherson Lane, Ladner, B.C. Gerry Baker 6637 Lanark St. 325-1570 Chris Barker 1951 E. 38th Ave. 321-8685 Roger Beaudoing 5780 Malvern Ave., Bby. 1, 939-9251 Zoltan Benko 2905 W. 15th Ave. 731-4827 Vernon Bennington 219 E. 26th St., No. Van. 987-5537 Gordon Bettiol 2735 E. 22nd Ave. 434-6193 Drew Beveridge 6788 East Boulevard 266-7398 George Borchert 1122 Harwood St. 685-7584 Jim Boucher 8290 Montcalm St. 261-8405 John Boyle 4791 Puget Dr. 266-2819 Jerry Brabander 876 Westminster Hwy., Rich. 278-9290 Raymond Britch 708 Petts Rd., Rich. 277-6593 Henry Budai 5525 Willow St. 263-4652 Conrad Cameron 1028 Seacote, Rich. 277-9706 Gordon Campbell 376 W. 21st Ave. 879-4422 Justin Campbell 3907 Trenton PL, No. Van. 987-1958 Gary Catt 3205 W. 13th Ave. 731-1382 Bill Cawker 2462 Edgar Cres. 733-1961 Lorry Chernoff 5284 Sarita, N. Van. 980-2605 Nigel Clark 207 De Guyenne, Apt. 101 St. Lambert, Quebec Barry Collins 1050 Ainsworth Cr., West, Rich. 277-6932 GRADE 8 DIRECTORY Neil Colquhoun 1950 W. 17th Ave. 732- 3474 Thomas Colovos 2971 E. 56th Ave. 433-6676 Brian Cox 2323 Mtn. Hwy., No. Van. 988-4748 Gerry Cullen 1424 Bramwell Rd., W. Van. 922-1418 Rob Culos 6544 E. Georgia St., Bby. 298-4683 Keith Cyr 2620 Glenayr Dr., Nanaimo Owen Davis 2828 Waterloo St. 733- 3130 Brendan Dick 1202 Wellington Dr., No. Van . 987- 6598 John Dobrzanski 1031 E. 21st Ave. 876-0230 Jim Dunn 3453 E. 49th Ave. 437-7124 Tony Elves 3696 Pt. Grey Rd. 731- 3885 Michael Fahey 911 W. 21st Ave. 732- 5074 Kenny Favero 3345 Quebec St. 876-1276 Calvin Fox 3749 Burke St., Bby. 433-7804 Stephen Ganguin 2225 E. 50th Ave. 321-6475 Paul Gaylie 4888 Marguerite St. 738-8422 John Geary 430 Somerset St., No. Van. 988- 3206 Nick Gellen 974 Keith Rd., W. Van. 922-3135 John Geraghty 3849 W. 31st Ave. 224-3640 Robert St. Germain 8475 Cambie St. 325-2962 Rudee Gessie No. 106-2030 Barclay St. 683-7088 John Goodlake 1336 W. King Edward Ave. 731-1423 Alfonso Gotuaco Jr. 6730 Tisdall St. 324-2124 Jim Green 2181 W. 22 nd. Ave. 731-8834 George Grover 850 Fairhurst Rd., Rich. 277-9141 Sean Hanberry 474 Brand St., No. Van. 987-5795 Allan Hardy 3535 Puget Dr. 731-1257 Lawrence Hille 122 W. 18th Ave. 874-2557 Wayne Howrie 621 Camsell Cres., Rich 277-1056 Bruce Hyder 2205 Balaclava St. 733-6226 Bill Hymers 915 W. 33rd Ave. 738-4168 Calvin Jang 1178 Laurier Ave. 738-2831 Terance Johnson 1772 Comox St. No. 104 681-1594 Harrys Karass 2971 E. 56th Ave. 433-6676 Ted Kenny 3155 W. 13th Ave. 738-9239 Jerry Klimek 1010 Caithcart Rd. Rich. 278-0810 Jim Konst 1649 W. 29th Ave. 733-3485 Stan Krzeminski 1206 E. 22nd Ave. 879-4400 Greg Lakowski 3791 W. 24th Ave. 224-3018 Dan Lavery 2822 W. 31st. Ave. 266-5531 Charles Lawson 2130 W. 3rd Ave. 733-0449 Miklos Lelkes 194 W. 43rd Ave. 324-2127 Mark Luciak 948 W. 20th Ave. 738-8970 Randy MacDonald 7949 Selkirk 261-2096 Ian MacKinnon 1437 W. 40th 266-7283 Douglas Maltby 1246 53A St., Delta 943-4682 Mike Martens 3205 W. 30th Ave. 261-5766 Horst Maurer 766 W. 39th Ave. 266-5489 Sean McCabe 8479 Shaughnessy 321-2107 Stephen McCabe 6018 Trafaulger 266-5995 Edward McCaffrey 368 Royalmore Ave., Rich. 277-9208 Bradley McElroy 1361 Minto Cres. 733-5802 Mark McIntosh 2225 W. 43rd Ave. 261-7916 Mark McKay 646 W. 13th Ave. 876-7203 John McLeod 1691 W. 28th St. 733-6897 Ford Mittlestead 4370 Arbutus St. 266-9991 Tony Moniz 1304 E. 27th Ave. 872-1912 Ed Montague 2647 W. 14th Ave. 736-4836 Anthony Montgomery 1435 Haro St. 682-4155 Terry Moons 4670 Rutland Rd., W. Van. 922-0584 Arthur Morris 2886 E. 49th Ave. 434-9045 James Muir 3739 W. 14th Ave. 228-9162 Brian Mulhern 6050 Cartier St. 263-9619 Rory Mulhern 6050 Cartier St. 263-9619 Fred Nardi 2145 W. 15th Ave. 733-1271 Endy Nemeth 843 W. 20th Ave. 876-7473 Matthew O’Brien 1474 Mathers Ave., W. Van. 926-3864 Peter O’Callaghan 1343 Devonshire Cres. 731- 0348 Gary Oleskiw 4875 Kingsway, Bby. 433- 8288 Larry Olson 169 W. 44th Ave. 327-1707 Maurey Olsten 3015 E. 59th Ave. 434- 2105 Chuck Panet 621 Barnham Rd., W. Van. 922-4021 David Pasin 5059 Boundary Rd. 433-2745 Rick Patasini 974 W. 18th Ave. 732- 0041 Peter Peller 1122 Gilford St. No. 1902 682-3442 Robert Porter 2936 W. 21st Ave. 733- 2008 John Pulchny 1156 Connaught Dr. 738-3653 Jim Reed 2796 E. 1st Ave. 253-3239 Patrick Reilly 5926 Angus Dr. 261-5328 Nick Revill 5554 Gallagher PL, W. Van. 921-7398 Greg Richards 2918 W. 32nd Ave. 263-5864 Mark Roberts 1946 W. 44th Ave. 263-0542 Bill Rogers 3894 W. 14th Ave. 224-7101 Allan Rudin 6229 Tisdall 266-8050 Pablo de Sabrino 1976 W. 14th Ave. 738-6255 Andrew Schulhof 3589 W. 20th Ave. 738-5421 Tony Schultz 764 W. 46th Ave. 261-9658 Gordon Sedawie 633 E. 53rd Ave. 325-4654 Rob Sengara 469 West 59th Ave. 321-8559 Sean Shipley 970 W. 22nd Ave. 731-3686 Duane Sillery 318 E. 21st St. N.Van. 987-5397 John Slater 1796 E. 64th Ave. 325-4037 Patrick Smith 3912 W. 20th Ave. 228-9871 Peter Smith 675 W. 33rd Ave. 874-1797 Leo Smyth 3663 W. 31st Ave. 224-7319 Joey Sotham 1141 Fell Ave., Bby. 298-4444 Ken Stefani ch 8470 Sullivan PL No. Delta 594-7076 Brent Stuart 4640 Piccadilly North, W. Van. 926-4148 John Stubbs 640 Greenwood Rd., W. Van. 922-9534 John Sweeney 3692 W. 27th Ave. 224-9247 Miguel Teodoro 6644 Marguerite St. 263-5673 Brent Thomas 4139 Crown Cres. 224-0501 Guy Thomas 1043 W. 47th Ave. 266-7626 Robert Tichelman Adera St. 13th Ave. 263-7779 Leigh Tunstall 1069 Eden Cres., Delta 943-1223 Shawn Utigard 847 Fairfax Cres., Rich. 277-2451 John Ware 1010 Eyremount Dr. W. Van. 922-4388 Bill Watson 3439 Franklin St. 298-9704 Andrew Wilkins 4825 Skyline Dr., No. Van. 985-3666 Ken Williams 849 W. 66th Ave. 325-5670 Shawn Williams 6288 Angus Dr. 266-5539 Mike White 6316 Wiltshire St. 261-5888 Eddy Whitlock 735 W. 63rd Ave. 325-1589 Marty Zajac 6000 MacDonald St. 266-0813 Joe Zsold 5690 Columbia St. 327-2932 ’mmm ' mmml ... a 600D place to eat I IJ r. WW Mv Cto oiW»« $1- 89 .. iAKED POTATO v _ Ssessa W » sw 0i«« «-w 1e»tato» 8e«k ®»»«» ‘ )«i»bo ShriiiP 0.. M $1- 89 Oof»9«d M ! ■«« $1-29 TU MAtburyt “ T CERTIFICATION MAW OWNED IN CANADA BY EAST FOOD FRANCHISES UD. FRANCHISEE IS A UCENSEE OF THE CERTIFICATION MARS. MAKE NO " MISTEAK " " MEAT AT MR. MIKE ' S " VANCOUVER 91 1 Granville Street 861 5 Granville Street 4489 West 10th Avenue NORTH VANCOUVER 937 Marine Drive VICTORIA 1740 Douglas Street NANAIMO 7 Commercial Street CAMPBELL RIVER Tyee Plaza LANGLEY Highland Shopping Plaza CHILLIWACK 1 12 Kipp Avenue KAMLOOPS Fortune Shopping Plaza PENTICTON 180 Main Street KELOWNA 539 Lawrence Avenue VERNON 31 15 - 31st Avenue NELSON 409 Kootenay Street CRANBROOK Cranbrook Mall YORKTON, Saskatchewan Broadway Park Shopping Plaza Eddie Auersperg 3937 Osier St. 736-4758 Guy Belgardt 4673 Beatrice St. 876-7360 John Benetti 2573 E. Broadway 255-8866 Tom Body 5400 Cartier St. 261-2414 Sean Brennan 10547 - 125th St. Edmonton Mike Butschler 386 Ljainond Ave., Rich. 277- 7584 Robert Campbell 366A Williams Rd., Rich. 274-1992 Sean Cassidy 5535 Marine Dr., W. Van. 921- 7589 Ben Cavallin 3462 Euclid Ave. 433-6994 Gino Cayer 764 W. 46th Ave. 261-9658 Bob Chernochan 4425 Maple St. 263-6225 Chris Chiasson 770 Keith Road, W.Van. 926-1168 Paul Clarke 4122 Crown Crescent 224-3497 Bruce Clegg 6369 Angus Dr. 263-8849 Mike Coady 8889 10th Ave., Bby. 522-0243 Matt Collins 4730 Ruthand Rd., W.Van. 922- 3473 Drew Cowan 1365 Lawson Ave., W.Van. 922-7837 Terry Cox 2323 Mountain Hwy. 988-4788 Mike Crean 1419 Dogwood St. 261-4134 Dinny Dion Box 2099 Rutland, B.C. Stephen Dotto 6717 Wales St. 325-5712 John Doughty 768 Garden City Rd. Rich. 278- 1652 Dave Dube 287 E. 19th Ave. 876-1569 John Dyball 1345 E. 17th Ave. 876-9745 Jerry Eberts 1557 W. 28th Ave. 738-3546 George Economoy 1246 Broughton St. 687-6406 Jim Ellickson 5551 Kings Rd. 224-5345 Bob Estey 4854 Trafalgar St. 263-6148 Larry Falcon 3810 Westridge Ave., W.Van. 922-3852 GRADE 9 DIRECTORY Peter Faliszewski 6010 Blenheim St. 266-2165 Allan Fisher 446 Mcgill Road Port Moody Harry Fleming 4726 Belmont Ave. 228-8307 Mike Fuoco 4861 Angus Dr. 736-7144 Frank Gabiniewicz 944 W. 8th Ave. 731-8867 Mike Gojevic 4250 Carleton Ave., Bby. 435-1003 Michael Galambos 1449 W. 38th Ave. 261-4439 Bernhard Ganguin 2225 E. 50th Ave. 321-6475 Ewald Gaudes 2182 Mannering Ave. 433- 4834 David Giers 5114 Killarney St. 434- 5144 Ronald Gipps Box 158 Kemano Bill Giuriato 7311 Sussex Ave. Bby 434-2032 Doug Graham 762 Thulin St. Campbell River Andie Gutfreund 5882 Knight Rd. Peter Hancock 6090 Granville St. 261-6108 Jeff Harris 14 Tamath Cresent 266-6855 Alan Hayden 3084 E.16 Ave. 435-2477 Jeff Heather 65 E. 60th Ave. 327-1676 Rob Heenan 4930 Marguerite St. 266-4311 Michael Hille 122 W. 18th Ave. 874-2557 Jonathan Hobbs 1915 Beach Ave. No. 301 687-7090 Dave Jacklin 2936 Dollarton Hwy., No. Van. 929-2229 Chuck Jamieson 10086 Semiahmoo Trail Surrey Paul Jeakins 1192 Devonshire Cres. 731-2470 Charles Kavanaugh 1086 Springwood Court, Rich. 277-4319 Mike Kay 4705 Lanark St. 876-1002 Patrick Kennedy 1418 London St., N.W. 522-7506 Chris Kenny 1492 W. 45th Ave. 261-3604 Tony Kim 2355 W. 20th Ave. 733-6383 Kevin Konar 3596 W. 9th Ave. 738-9172 Brian Konst 1649 W. 29th Ave. 263-8683 Tim Koss 857 Ash St., Rich. 277- 8615 Mark Kozlowski 757 No. 4 Rd., Rich. 278- 1046 Paul Lakowski 3791 West 24th Ave. 224-3018 Mark Lapointe 2795 W. 12th Ave. 738-6928 Greg LeClair 883 Myhill Rd., Rich. 277-6659 Alex Lee 8120 Lord St. 321-9914 Patrick Lewis 3442 Price St. 435-0941 Dave Longpre 585 Southborough W., Van. 922-3105 Edwin Lu 6355 Ross St. 321-3674 Greg Luengen 5144 Victoria Dr. 321-9292 Mike Luz 3885 Selkirk St. 732-8208 Bill Macdonald 770 Greenwood Rd., W. Van. 922-7648 Robert MacKay 2258 Mathers Ave., W. Van. 926-3159 Henry Mah 1113 E. Pender St. 254-2682 Dennis Maion 5950 E. Blvd. 263-3847 Joe March 906 Massey St., N.West 526-6143 Dennis Marmaras 1111 Thurlow St. 681-0652 Perry Mazzone 307 W. 42nd Ave. 321-8381 Joe McCaffrey 368 Royalmore Ave. 277-9208 Steve McClure 3565 W. 40th Ave. 261-8978 Doug McConnell 4454 W. 5th Ave. 224-0734 Brendan McGivern 5756 Angus Dr. 266-6056 Eric McKay 2915 E. 56th Ave. 437-1686 Danny McLaughlin 3487 Wellington Cres. N.V. 988-7061 Paul McNamara 1177 Connaught Dr. 738-4685 Con McQuade 3511 E. 48th Ave. 435-9002 Vincent Miecznik 2928 W. 43rd Ave. 266-5189 Philippe Moreau 590 W. 21st Ave. 874-5075 Rory Moss 5637 Wallace St. 261-7108 Ed Mulhern 1249 W. 40th Ave. 261-0054 Ralph Myhill-Jones 2612 Waterloo St. 738-7668 Dave Negrin 1655 Ottawa Ave. W.Van. 922-1423 Kevin Norman 4778 Trafalgar St. 263-6450 Shane Novak No. 306-1110 Cardero St. 683-1594 Doug O’Neill 236 Onslow PI. W.Van. 922-6553 Stephen Ortner 2066 West 13th. 738-8409 Husan Pak 305-2352 W. Broadway 736-0559 Joe Peters 2729 Yale St. 254-6408 Brian Petrini 763 Lombard Rd. Richmond 277-8422 Robert Petty 4643 Blenhiem St. 263-5819 Shawn Philley 5175 Kersland Pt. 325-2319 Rob Randall 1419 W. 59th. Ave. 266-8163 Ted Randall 1419 W. 59th. Ave. 266-8163 Frank Rittemann 536 Lancing Rd. Rich. 271-1920 Douglas Ross 82 Glengarry Cres. W.Van 926-5235 Neil Russell 3691 W. 37th Ave. 266-7895 Meghji Saiaad 1205 - 1355 Pendrell St. 685-6691 Winfred van der Sande 272 E. 32nd. Ave. 874-6553 Armando Sandorezu Calle 34 No. 142 C Del Carmen Campeche, Mexico Peter Sauve 3646 W. 5th Ave. 733-2563 Robert Schretlen 3954 W. 30th. Ave. 228-8295 Jaime De Sequera 1343 W. 33rd. Ave. 733-2806 Brad Shorey 926 General Currie, Rich. 273-6562 Robert Shipman 4331 Blenheim St. 733-5731 Rick Smitas 2436 York Ave. 738-9746 Andy Stashuk 531 W. 28th. Ave. 872-5071 Ted Swan 1164 Seahaven Place, Rich. 277- 4761 Robert Tellier 3732 Doncaster Drive, Viet. 385-4165 Richard Thibault 2705 W. 22nd Ave. 738- 6710 Karl Thomas 1043 W. 47th St. 266-7626 Tim Topping 1425 9th St., W.Van. 922-7888 David Tyson 623 E. 10th St., N.Van. 984-9974 Karl Unger 4526 Lions Ave. 988-6875 Michael A. Varelas 491 Gordon Ave. 922-6634 John Verhoeve 739- W. 62nd. Ave. 325-9266 Victor Voina 4440 W. 7th Ave. 224-5416 Daniel Waldburger 838 W. 42nd Ave. 266-9228 Ken Wallis 1240 Gilbert Rd. Rich. 278- 8140 Ronald Wartie 2642 E. 45th 433-7108 Eric Wieczorek 180 E. 26th Ave. 879-8059 Tim Williams 3495 Wellington Cres., No. Van. 987-2594 Kent Wills 3312 Westmount Rd., W.Van. 922-4991 Robert Wilson 1507 Jefferson Ave., W.Van. 926-6281 Charles Wong 4041 41st Ave. 263-5651 Hewitt Woolner 4417 W. 10th 224-9354 N “Congratulations to the Graduating IRISH of 1972-1973” SPECIALIZING IN MODERN AND CLASSIC, INTERIORS • HOTELS • STORES • OFFICES • HOMES OFFICE: 255-4685 J. PROCTOR ONSTRUCTION LTD. LTD. 1661 FRANKLIN STREET VANCOUVER 6, B.C. m | McDonald ' s Get change back from your nugget 164 GRADE 10 DIRECTORY Peppy Arena Tim Findlay Walter McElroy Michael Racich 4342 Victory St., S. Bby. 198 Garner Cres. 1361 Minto Cres. 3667 Trinity St. 435-2472 Nanaimo, B.C. 733-5802 298-1813 Kurt Bernemann Bill Fisher Mark McGowan Joe Rogers 2886 140th St. No. 301, 4305 Maywood, 3481 W. 8th Ave. 3894 W. 14th Ave. White Rock, B.C. Burnaby 1. 435-3196 731-7033 224-7101 Amin Bharwani Bernie Manuel Craig Ross 1095 Bute St. No. 403 Dave Foley 3696 Point Grey Rd. 23 Eagle Ridge PL 687-6287 7087 Fielding Court, Bby. 299-2355 731-3885 Calgary, Alberta Nick Biello Peter Marquardt Cameron Shorey Box 498 Gil Walter Garcia 1046 Richelieu Ave. 926 General Currie Rd. Lake Cowichan, B.C. 855 W. 15th Ave. 874-3851 733-6105 Richmond Albert Botteselle Eric Massot Tom Sigurdson 696 E. St. James Rd., N.Van. John Gleeson 1616 Westminster Hwy., Rmd. 1242 Lakewood Dr. 987-6676 6285 Prince Albert St. 327-1604 278-5012 255-3946 Steven Bourke Conley Milner Paul Smulders 3929 Westbridge Ave., W. Van. Joe Goncalves 3379 Queen’s Ave. 3058 Garden Dr. 922-1409 1542 E. 33rd Ave. 321-1906 435-2354 872-2889 Tony Butschler Bernie Moellinger Glenn Spencer 386 Lamond Ave., Rmd. Peter Golinsky 745 Southborough Dr., W. Van. 11501 River Wynd, Haney 277-7584 611 Malisnam Ave. 876-1282 922-7524 467-4357 Stan Carter Grant Montgomery Kevin J. Spetifore 5592 Granville St. Chris Holt P.O. Box 173 260 55th St., Tsawwassen 263-5788 760 No. 4 Rd., Rmd. 273-3379 Kemano, B.C. 943-3107 Dave Chisholm Harvey Morris Bill Stewart 7429 Angus Dr. Bruce Jackson No. 108 3055 North Rd., Bby. 4690 Boundary Rd., Bby. 266-0338 6035 Wood Dr. Oakland, California 939-4815 435-4541 Marco Ciccone Raymond Moon Gary Stuart 4506 W. 6th Ave. Doug Jones 3029 W. 16th Ave. 4648 Picadilly North, W. Van. 224-4280 644 Lowry Lane, N. Van. 929-2308 738-0702 926-4148 Len Clarke Rob Munson Carson Tipper 2939 Jones Ave., N. Van. Robert Jordan 4721 Tuck 8675 Laurel St. 987-9094 Box 15 Kemano, B.C. Terrace B.C. 324-6458 Martin Clarke Brian Murdock Tino Varelas 3425 W. 33rd Ave. Nazir Juma Boundary Rd. 491 Gordon Ave., W. Van. 266-9058 No. 2 1280 Haro St. 687-8247 Clinton Creek, Yukon 922-6634 Tom Clarke John Kingston Mark Needham Tim Waldburger 2540 Wallace Crescent 3 Donjek Rd. 838 W. 42nd Ave. 228-8768 510 Boundary Rd. Clinton Creek, Yukon Whitehorse, Yukon 266-9228 Gabriel Csanyi Ken Kingwell 2864 W. 41st 263-7383 Larry O’Brien Lawrie Watters 3064 W. 10th Ave. 4448 Magnolia St. 6749 Raleigh St. 733-5240 261-3501 433-1844 George Csoti 2789 W. 1st. Ave. 733-7325 Terry Kosick 2586 W. 34th Ave. 266-0301 Peter O’Brien 787 Sunnymede Cres., Rmd. 277-3992 Gary West 1575 W. 49th Ave. 261-9227 Dan Cully Steve Kostyal 1475 Albatross Ave. Steven O’Neill Jeff Wilander 1137 Pendrell St. 236 Onslow PL, W. Van. 5808 Neville St., Bby. 681-4990 Kitimat, B.C. 922-6553 434-9266 Brian Dick Ken Kowey John Opre Tom Williams 1202 Wellington Dr., N. Van. 4085 Crown Cres. 4390 Lions Ave., N. Van. 3495 Wellington Cres., N. Van. 987-6598 224-4134 987-4116 987-2594 Terry Drever John Lanskail Mike O’Reilly Richard Willis 4685 Willow Creek Rd. W. Van. 2465 Rosebery Ave. W.Van. 3896 W. 29th Ave. Box 5504 926-2891 922-8293 228-8441 Clinton Creek, Yukon George Dunn Larry Lapointe Peter Owen- Jones Mark Wimmer 3453 E. 49th No. 107 2795 W. 12th Ave. 3349 W. 27th Ave. 1475 W. King Edward Ave. 437-7124 738-6928 738-5667 733-5586 Dan Falcon Rick Lauzon Brian Pink Johann Winternitz 3810 Westridge Ave., W. Van. 5400 Cartier St. 5930 Athlone St. 4572 Valenzuela Sta. Mesa. 922-3652 261-5286 261-6705 Manila, Philippines Mark Fanson Don Lewis Tim Pugh Dan Zimmer 61 Abercrombie Dr., Rmd. 1320 Hunter Rd., Delta 1050 Gilmore Cres., Rmd. 6615 Elliott St. 278-1595 943-2789 327-3796 Michael Favero Chris Macken Mark Quilty 3345 Quebec St. 3863 W. 11th Ave. Box 191 876-1276 224-7874 Gibsons, B.C. Salami Hams Sausages Ukrainian Sausages Liver Sausage Frankfurters FOR YOUR SELECTED FANCY SAUSAGES ASK YOUR FAVORITE FOOD STORE Distributed in British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba and Ontario Produced Under Full Time Federal Inspection 166 GRADE 11 DIRECTORY Steve Andrews 7142 Neal St. 327-1794 Douglas Gallagher 1606 Cedar St. Prince George, B.C. Dave McLelland 956 Francis Rd., Rich. 277-3225 Russel Smoler 406 Hoge St. Whitehorse, Yukon James Anthony 7949 Cambie St. 325-1783 Mike Gaylie 4888 Marguerite St. 736-4719 Greg Mah 1728 E. 14th Ave. 872-2495 Robert Stefani 2624 E. 1st Ave. 253-2718 Dean Bathgate 7250 Elmhurst St. 433- 8104 Asher Benjamin 7225 Shawnees PI. 434- 9575 Michael Bernath 2866 W. 13th Ave. 733-3342 Mark Bitz 6361 Granville St. 263-3677 Lino Bosa 4767 Brentlawn Dr., Bby. 298-0288 Mel Brown 601 Williams St., Rich. 274-6039 Jim Callaghan 8599 Oak St. No. 6 263-7795 Tom Callaghan 8599 Oak St. No. 6 263-7795 Roy Changfoot No. 2- 1345 W. 14th Ave. 738-2773 Francis Chu 1530 Adanac St. 253-3876 Paul Clegg 6369 Angus Dr. 263-8849 Matt J. Coady 640 Taseko Cres., Rich 277-0588 Tom Crean 1419 Dogwood St. 261-4134 Paul Docking Kemano, B.C. Norman Dumont 6826 Hudson St. 261-4518 Peter Dwan 103 Waterloo Dr. Calgary 5, Alberta Shane Dyson 410 Garry St. Steveston, B.C. Wolfgang Ehebald 419 E. 38th Ave. 325-2664 Tom Faliszewski 6010 Blenheim St. 266-2165 Bill Gipps Kemano, B.C. Danny Giroday 1275 Tecumseh St. 738-8642 Ralph Giuriato 7311 Sussex Ave. 434-2032 Bill Gleeson 6285 Prince Albert St. 327-1604 Oscar Glover Box 174 Union Bay, B.C. John Gojevic 4250 Carlton Ave., B’by. 321-3988 Robert Goulet 14034 Marine Dr. White Rock, B.C. Geoff Groff 869 W. 33rd Ave. 731-2357 Andrew N. Hokhold 3808 W. 16th Ave. 224-5041 Gabriel Horvath 4320 Ross St. 874-7784 Benjamin Kam Kowloon, Hong Kong Michael Kingston Clinton Creek, Yukon Tom Koehler 835 Andoner Cres. W. Van. 922-5787 Andrew J. Krzeminski 1206 E. 22nd Ave. 879-4400 Raymond Kwong 18 Hennessy Rd. Hong Kong Steve Leahy 1108 W. 37th Ave. 261-4955 David Lee Swiss Towers Tai Hang Rd. Hong Kong Bobby Lew 322 E. 62nd Ave. 327-8261 Andrew MacKinnon 1437 W. 40th Ave. 266-7283 Dave Matzele 115 E. 54th Ave. 321-9430 Paul Moniz No. 216, 345 Springfield Dr., Rmd. 274-2354 Carl Fredric Munana 1441 W. 26th Ave. 732- 6194 Rich Needham 388 Poplar Pt. Drive Kelowna, B.C. Rich Negrin 1655 Ottawa Ave., W. Van. 922-1423 Bruno Odorico Box 22 Kemano, B.C. Ken Olson 169 W. 44th Ave. 327-1707 Lorcan O’Melinn 3378 W. 37th Ave. 261-9043 Grant Owen Box 5502 Clinton Creek, Yukon Brad Philley 5175 Kersland Dr. 325-2319 Charles Rally 4987 Connaught Dr. 261-1277 Sean Reilly 1296 Duncan Ave. Penticton, B.C. Paul Ridley 954 Beckwith Rd., Rmd. 273-3461 Ian Ross 47 Kanyanta Livingstone, Zambia George Sanders 1940 Limerick Pl„ N.Van. 985-3316 Vince San Severino 3837 Angus Dr. 733- 0249 Phil Savard 3768 W. 3rd Ave. 224-6716 Bill Seres 7041 Willingdon Ave., Dby. Gary Shotton 618 E. 1st Ave., N. Van. 988-0194 Steve Stencel 441 Southborough Dr., W.Van. 922-2232 Chris Stradiotti 2560 S.E. Marine Dr. 325-4265 Ian Taggart 7 Kluhini Cres. Whitehorse, Yukon Jerry Tellier 3632 Doncaster Dr. Victoria, B.C. Eric Thorsteinson 911 Dayton Rd., Rmd. 277-2435 Victor Tong 248 Prince Edward Rd. 6 No. 7 FI. Kowloon, Hong Kong Steve Toporowski 812 Seafair Dr., Rmd. 274-1640 Mor Ping Tsang Tin Hau Temple Rd. Hong Kong Dave Vallee 3827 W. 9th Ave. 224-5970 D. C. Ware 1010 Eyremount Dr. W. Van. 922-4388 Jeff Watt 7011 Marguerite St. 266-5733 Mike West 6412 Marguerite St. 261-4812 Chris Wong 46 Yun Ping Rd. Hong Kong Thomas Wong 4041 W. 41st. 263-5651 Charles Wood 1444 W. 47th Ave. 266-9634 Trevor Wyman 560 St. Giles, W.Van. 922-4709 Robert Yeates 617 Camsell Cres., Rmd. 277-9798 Chris Young 5577 Columbia St. 321-3988 Mel Zajac 6000 MacDonald St. 266-0813 Jim Fleming 4726 Belmont Ave. 228-8307 Tyrone McClay 5350 Balsam St. No. 103 263-7723 Peter Skorstengard 364 Pacemore Ave., Rmd. 277-2805 ADVERTISER’S INDEX A and C Grocery Co. Ltd. - 127 A. E. Ames and Co. - 118 O.B. Allan, Ltd. 140-1 Alpine Estates Ltd. - 140-1 Anderson Blowpipe Ltd. - 140-1 Army and Navy Department Stores - 137 Associated Tire Centres Ltd. - 135 Avis Acceptance Corp. Ltd. - 140-1 Baker Drugs Ltd. - 140-1 B. C. Car Leasing - 115 B.C. Paper Converters Ltd. - 140-1 B. C. Tel - 117 Belkin Packaging Ltd. - 76 Ben ' s Shell Service - 140-1 Henry Birks and Sons Ltd. - 134 Bits’n Pieces - 140-1 Bon Ton Pastry-Confectionary Ltd. - 140-1 Bosa Construction Co. Ltd. - 147 Bowtek Electric Co. Ltd. - 88 British Columbia Packers Ltd. - 140-1 Buchans Kerrisdale Stationary - 140-1 Burrard Tile Ltd. - 140-1 Busy Bee Cleaners - 140-1 Cablevision - 149 Toni Cavelti Ltd. - 122 Canada Permanent Trust Commercial (Real Estate Dept.) - 144 Canada Permanent Trust (Real Estate Div.) - 140-1 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - 120 Canadian Park and Tilford Distilleries Ltd. - 88 Can. Am. Distributors Ltd. - 140-1 Chartered Investments Ltd. - 68 Charter Truck and Trailer Rentals Ltd. - 140-1 Peter C. Clegg Ltd. - 154 Crown Life Insurance Ltd. - 140-1 Custom Cleaner - 140-1 C. W.L., Sts Peter and Paul Parish - 84 Dairy Queen - 129 Dave Buck Ford Sales Ltd. - 119 Delta Datsun Ltd. - 140-1 Denison Mines Ltd. - 140-1 Dogwood and Elliot Flowers Ltd. - 140-1 Dominion Chain Co. Ltd. - 140-1 Don Stevens Quality Meats - 140-1 Douglas Trading Post - 121 Dustbane Products - 123 Dynasty Restaurant 140-1 T. Eaton Co. Ltd. - 146 Edco Construction Ltd. - 76 Eldorado Motor Hotel - 155 Elm Park Service - 81 Empire Shipping Company Ltd. - 125 Esso Home Comfort Centre - 140-1 Fawcett Furniture and Appliances - 140-1 F and F Equipment - 140-1 The Fidelity Trust Company - 154 Finning Tractor and Equipment Co. Ltd. - 81 Fisher Western Drugs - 140-1 Foley’s Candies Ltd. - 140-1 " Frank” Kouwenhoven Construction Ltd. - 128 Fraser Arms Hotel - 123 S. Gaylie Construction Ltd. - 120 George Hodgins Realty - 126 Golden Fingers - 140-1 Golden Power Products Ltd. - 124 Goundry’s Service Ltd. - 140-1 Granville Super Sonic Car Wash - 140-1 Greater Vancouver Catholic Credit Union - 138 The Greenwood Motor Hotel - 135 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Gregory and Family - 156 Hannay’s Portrait Studio - 144 Hardy Gardens - 150 Hill ' s of Kerrisdale - 146 Hotel Vancouver - 138 I.G.A. Foodliner - 140-1 Jack Elson Men-s Wear Ltd. - 140-1 Dr. A. Jamieson - 89 Kardynal Shoes - 140-1 The Kerrisdale Bootery Ltd. - 140-1 Kerrisdale Travel Agency - 85 Kings Auto Mart - 140-1 Lawson Oates on Broadway Ltd. - 158 P. Lawson Travel Ltd. - 140-1 Leader Broadcasting - 140-1 Leader Sound Ltd. - 132 Macoulay Nicolls Maitland and Co. Ltd. - 158 Marty’s Ltd. - 140-1 Massot Nurseries Ltd. - 87 Max Dexall’s Shoes - 140-1 McDonalds Restaurants of Western Canada Ltd. - 164 McKees U-Drive - 150 McKillop Candy Co. - 140-1 Merrill Lynch, Royal Securities Ltd. - 157 Mr. Mikes Franchises - 162 Miller Cartage and Contracting Ltd. - 140-1 Modern Music Ltd. - 140-1 Mr. Robert’s Shop - 137 Newcombe Realty and Insurance - 124 Ray Norman and Associates, Ltd. - 133 Oakridge Drugs - 140-1 Pack Lake Logging Co. Ltd. - 139 Pierre Paris - 152 Park Drugs - 143 Perlo Sales and Associates - 142 Pfaff Sewing Centre - 118 Pride of the West Knitting Mills - 140-1 C.J. Procter Construction Ltd. - 164 Prosperity Sales Ltd. - 157 Red Steer Meats - 160 Reed Shaw Osier - 143 Richmond Square Merchants Association - 140-1 Riviera Beauty Salon - 140-1 Rod’s Building Supplies Ltd. - 140-1 Rotary Motors Ltd. - 145 Russell Hotel - 140-1 " Sand’s " Motor Hotel - 140-1 Sen Western Wholesale Lumber Ltd. - 75 Shute’s Meat Market - 140-1 Simpsons-Sears - 140-1 George Sparling Ltd. - 78 Speiser Furs - 140-1 S. Spetifore and Sons Ltd. - 74 St. Judes Shrine - 145 Stephen Lodge Rest Home - 140-1 Strong ' s Markets - 140-1 Mr. and Mrs. R. Stradiotti - 78 Sweeney Cooperage. Ltd. - 134 Tad’s Sporting Goods - 140-1 Thomson and Page - 129 “Tokay " Hungarian Restaurant - 140-1 Ray Torresan and Associates, Ltd. - 151 U.B.C. One-Hour Martinizing 140-1 U.B.C. Vikings - 140-1 Upper Tenth Barber - 159 Vancouver Airport Inn - 125 Vancouver Fancy Sausage Co. Ltd. - 166 Varsity Shoe Service - 159 Varsity Toys and Hobbies - 159 Volkswagen Canada Ltd. - 136 Watt’s Pharmacy Ltd. - 140-1 West Boulevard One-Hour Martinizing - 133 Dr. K. G. West - 86 Western Canada Steel Ltd. - 140-1 North Western Sporting Goods - 140-1 Windmill Toys and Gifts Ltd. - 127 Wometco B.C. Ltd. - 121 Woodward Stores Ltd. - 152 Zephyr Mercury Sales Ltd. - 140-1 168

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Vancouver College - Collegian Yearbook (Vancouver, British Columbia Canada) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Vancouver College - Collegian Yearbook (Vancouver, British Columbia Canada) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Vancouver College - Collegian Yearbook (Vancouver, British Columbia Canada) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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