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vr. ' f}(. OMftJI @oMeye ' tyeanA ?4- WiouiMfy WHAT IS COLLEGE? IT IS FACULTY IT IS STUDENTS LARGE AND SMALL WHO GRADUATE AND DO THINGS AND PLAY IT IS FRIENDS PAGE 8 PAGE 38 PAGE 96 PAGE 16 PAGE 52 PAGE 74 PAGE 114 A CKNO WLEDGEMENTS A high degree of quality in our photography was attained with the help of Mr. Bill Cunningham and Mr. Manuel Espinoza of Hannay’s. We greatly appreciate their efforts. , 1 COLLEGIAN 1971 VANCOUVER, B.C., CANADA DEDICATION Whereas the British North America Act of 1867 established one Dominion under the name, “Canada” on the first day of July, 1867: And whereas the Colony of British Columbia, on the twentieth day of July, 1871, became a Province of the said Dominion: And whereas the centenary of Our union with Canada is being commemorated with appropriate ceremony throughout this year within Our Province: And whereas it is considered to be and is deemed right and proper that the citizens of British Columbia should be afforded the opportunity humbly to render thanks to Almighty God for the generous gifts of nature .... NOW KNOW YE THAT WE do dedicate this book to the Province of British Columbia on this the Centennial of its joining the Dominion of Canada. 4 PATRONS Most Reverend James F. Carney Archbishop of Vancouver Rt. Reverend T.M. Nichol, V.G. Pastor Sts. Peter and Paul Parish 5 FIRST HONOURS HONOURS IN 1970 DEPAR ROBERT GODFREY 94.5 ROBERT DUNCAN 94 JAMES BOYLE 82.5 IAN STUART 81.5 KEVIN O’NEILL i 80.5 r MENTAL EXAMINATIONS SECOND HONOURS The students of Vancouver College made an enviable record in the 1970 Departmental Examinations. Altogether twenty-eight students achieved honour status. Fifteen of these achieved first class honours (80 o o and over). Garry Mitchel with a 97 average and Richard Bacchus with a 96 were among the top ten students in the province. Special mention goes also to Bob Godfrey (94.5), Bob Duncan (94), and Les Csanyi (90). One student especially deserves our congratulations — Mike Redmond who got the highest mark in History (99) in the province. There is an added incentive to achieving honours in the Departmental Examinations. Those who receive first class honours get three-quarters of their university fees paid and those achieving second class, one half. The Departmental Examinations are a culmination not only of the Grade 12 year but also of twelve years of learning. All in all the students of the Class of 1970 served themselves — and College — very well. LAWRENCE KENNEDY 77.5 ANTHONY BEKENN 78 MARK SCHRETLEN 78.5 BR. H.L. BUCHER Principal ADMINIS 1 BR. W.E. DRAYTON Vice-Principal Biology, Latin Mrs. Neilson, one of the school secretaries, takes a brief moment out from her hectic duties to smile for our camera. 10 TRA TION BR.G.P. LYONS Dean of Studies Head of Chemistry Department MR. M.J. KIM Director of Elementary Department Grade 71 MRS. D.K. LLOYD Treasurer MRS. M. FRY Registrar and Secretary Teacher’s Aid, Mrs. S. Doughty, suggests a book to an inquisitive Alistair Jamieson. 11 BR. W.O. CASSIDY Head of English Department English, Literature BR. L.F. TAYLOR Head of Mathematics Department Math, Physics English Head of French Department French BR. W.R. CARROTHERS Head of Social Studies Department Head of Religion Department MR. J.F. KAVALEC General Science, Biology BR. P.G. BREEN 12 MR. D.J. MULLEN MR. J. BELL English, Social Studies English, Physical Education MR. K.W. HENDRY Drafting, Social Studies mr. f.w. McCracken English, Social Studies Noted educator, Dr. Van Alfen, offers his views on modern education to Brother Cassidy and Brother Carrothers. The Faculty enjoyed a very productive day of In-Service training with the Assistant Head of the Graduate School of Education at Utah State University. BR. E.B. DAWE Athletic Director, Math FR. F. NEILSON Guidance Counselor Vancouver School Board BR. W.G. NOONAN Typing 13 BR. P.C. WALSH Math, Science MRS. D.L. HEYWOOD Director of Senior High School Resource Centre SR. COLLINS, S.S.A. Grammar School French MRS. N. SENDALL Director of Elementary School Resource Centre SR. MARY CARMEN, S.S.A. French 14 BR. A.P. QUIGLEY Grade 6 BR. F.D. DUFF Grade 5 MRS. G.C. KIM Grade 4 A break in action, in a Faculty — J.V. basketball game. MISS M.B. JONES Grade 2 MISS M.J. NEMERSKY Grade 3 MRS. R.F. TONER Grade 1 15 mm GRADUATES TED ASSU Since 1967, Ted has made quite a name for himself in the world of sports. Besides being on the football team at school, he has busied himself with soccer and a very active social life. After some time travelling, Ted plans to continue his education at either U.B.C. or S.F.U. PETER ANTON Peter has been a student at College for six years. He participates in the intramural football and basketball programs and also enjoys tennis. Peter is planning to take Psychology at U.B.C. after graduation. TIMOTHY J. BAKER A Saint Augustine’s parishioner, Tim first appeared at College in Grade Nine. During the past four years he has been a member of the Varsity football and track teams as well as involving himself in Monogram Club activities. Tim is planning to continue his education but he is undecided about what field he will pursue. JAMES EDWARD BARRIE From Haney, Jim has enjoyed five years at College as a resident student. He has been active in Glee Club and Drama as well as being an inspirational member of the football team. Jim intends to continue his education after spending next year travelling through Europe. Nothing goes unnoticed under the watchful eye of Mr. Kavalec and Br. Walsh. CHRIS BARBER Since leaving Holy Name School in Calgary, Chris has spent an active six years at College. He has involved himself in the U.N. Club, Drama and has been an important part of the Collegian darkroom staff. Chris hopes that next year will find him continuing his education at U.B.C. 18 MANRICO BAUMANN Manrico has been a student at the College for five years. During that time he has enjoyed playing Varsity football and has been invaluable as a manager in both football and basketball. Hockey, soccer, and swimming occupy his free time. Manrico’s immediate plans include attending either S.F.U. or U.B.C. TERRANCE JAMES BOGYO In his five years at College, Terry has actively participated in the U.N. Club, Yearbook, Student Council and especially Drama. Outside of school his main interest lies in Theatrics and he spends most of his free time working at the Metro Theatre and with the Delta Players. Not surprisingly, his future lies in the Theatrical field. NICO BEUK Nico came to us five years ago from St. Andrews Parish school. His main interest inside school is Drama. Outside the school he occupies his time with gymnastics, football and mechanics. He plans to continue his education but first a trip to Europe is in order. HARRY BORGET Harry, who has attended College for 10 years, enjoys participating in sports in and out of school. He comes from St. Augustine’s Parish and attended St. Augustine’s school before coming to College. Until he goes on to U.B.C. next year, Harry will undoubtedly have a good time driving his competition orange Camaro. LEO BRENZINGER Although much of Leo’s time is spent with the Royal Canadian Engineers, he has still found time for Drama and U.N. Club in his six years at College. Much encouraged by an interest in cars, Leo intends to continue his education in the Engineering Department at U.B.C. 19 CARLO CAMILLO Carlo has been attending College for four years since coming from Immaculate Conception Parish. Cycling and working after school are included in his daily program. As for the future, Carlo intends to attend U.B.C. and contribute to the engineering department. ANTHONY CHAU Tony is one of the elite group of students who commutes from Sunny Tsawwassen. An active student he occupies himself with intramural baseball and football. Outside of school he spends his time driving his sports car and skating. He plans to continue his education in California and then enter the field of hotel motel management. Group participation during the Senior Religion program MICHAEL ANTHONY CLIFFE From Immaculate Conception Parish, Mike is one of a small group of twelve year men at College. During this time he has been most actively involved in the Musicals for the Drama Club, Community Recreation, and the U.N. Club. He has proved to be an asset to the Collegian Staff. After graduation, Mike hopes to continue his education in the entertainment or theatrical field. RODNEY FRANCIS COX Sir Wilfred Laurier’s loss: the College’s gain. In his five years at College, Rodney has participated in the activities of the U.N. Club, Drama Club and Debate Club and has assumed the position of Editor of the Yearbook. Whether coaching his yearbook staff or arranging stage props, his work is marked with efficiency and thoroughness. Undoubtedly his enthusiasm will guarantee his success at U.B.C. ROBERT CHIANG Robert is a newcomer to College, having arrived from Qualicum College this September. A member of St. Theresa’s Parish, he is active in soccer and horseback riding. Although travel lies ahead, the first thing after graduation is a few years at either U.B.C. or U. Vic. j 20 BRIAN G. CRUISE Brian is one of the elite twelve year men. His favourite school activity is tumbling, while outside the school he occupies himself with water and snow skiing and is an avid curler. After graduation Brian hopes to travel and then attend U.B.C. THOMAS GRAY EAKINS A bit of a wanderer by nature, Tom attended four schools before finally settling at College in Grade Six. In his years here he has played J.V. football and intramural basketball and baseball. Away from school he spends some of his time with the 15th Field Royal Canadian Artillery Militia. Tom is uncertain about his future plans. PETER A. CURLEY Community Recreation and Intramural sports have been Peter’s activities during his six years at College. Away from school, football, basketball and baseball are his favourite pastimes. Peter intends to travel extensively through the U.S. and then continue his education at V.C.C. TIM DELESALLE Tim has been known during his grad year for his participation in English classes. As an avid line artist for the past six years at College, he will be well remembered by all. He enjoys water and snow skiing and especially watching N.G. gun the B-Ball. Commerce and Law at W.W.S.C. are in the near future. MIKE DICKINSON A day student for the past five years, Mike hails from Corpus Christi Parish. His school activities have included J.V. football, Youth Corps, the Letterman’s Club and most notably track. Mike will probably attend University to study Arts. “Now what we need here is a little organization.” 21 Doug Johnstone presents his Monday morning lecture. MIKE FANNING Mike has attended V.C. for twelve years and during his grad year, has contributed to Community Recreation and the Stock Market activity groups. One of the quieter men, he shoots a mean game of pool. After graduation, Mike wishes to undertake Mechanical Engineering at U.B.C. and travel tc Africa. ALLEN JAMES FOLEY Since leaving St. Jude’s school Allen has spent the past six years at College. In his free time he enjoys skiing, skating, tennis and working in his high performance Maverick. Next year should find Allen studying Arts at V.C.C. MICHAEL EDGAR An Immaculate Conception parishioner Mike has spent the past six years at College. In his spare time he enjoys playing football and is a collector of history books. Not surprisingly, after graduation he intends to pursue a History degree at U.B.C. WAYNE FERGUSON Wayne came to College three years ago from Argyle Secondary School. A Saint Mary’s parishioner, his interests include swimming, skiing, football and rugby. After graduation Wayne hopes to continue his education in Law or Commerce at U.B.C. MAXWELL Q. FRASER A St. John the Apostle parishioner, Max has attended College for six years. His active school life has led him to becoming captain of the football team, editor of the Newspaper, President of the Monogram Club, and vice-president of the Student Council. Max’s future lies somewhere in the business world, possibly in journalism. 22 NICHOLAS A. GALLAGHER Nick has attended V.C. for twelve years during which he says he has been a student, student council helper, Youth Corps member, and a fairly well known guard on our Varsity Basketball team. He will take things as they come and may travel in the future. GREG GOULET Greg, who has been a resident student at College for three years, is this year’s President of the Senior Resident Students. His greatest interest outside of school is hitchhiking, and he plans to do just that next year on a tour of Europe. After graduation, Greg has plans of becoming a lawyer. RICK GINNETTI Since coming from Sir Matthew Begbie school five years ago, Rick has been active in football, the Monogram Club, and weight lifting. After school he plays baseball, and studies at the local library. After graduation, business holds great attraction for Rick. JIM GORMICAN In his grad year, Jim has been a member of the musical’s stage crew and an intramural basketball player. During his four years at College, his participation in competitive cycle racing has been a great influence on the current influx of racing cycles. The ’72 Olympics in Munich and Commerce at U.B.C. are in Jim’s future. DAN J. GARAYT Dan, who is from the Blessed Sacrament Parish, has attended V.C. for eight years. He participates in the Stock Market activity and intramural sports. Outside school, he enjoys horses, cars and sports. U.B.C. and the Commerce department are in the near future. DON GORMAN From Chilliwack, Don is in his fourth year at College, and is this year’s Senior Resident Student’s vice-president. He is interested in intramural sports, and is well known for the hockey talent he displays playing for the Richmond Junior “B” team. Next year Don intends to head into the field of Physical Education. 23 JAMES RICHARD HARRIS III Jim came from Holy Redeemer College two years ago and has been known for his great weekend activities. During these times he enjoys snow skiing, badminton, golf, swimming, tennis, and still has time for girls! The field of Arts at U.B.C. and travel in Europe are in the near future. SIGURD G. HALLSTAN Sigurd is a first year man coming to us from San Rafael in California. He loves motorcycles and plans on spending part of next year travelling throughout American on one. After that, he plans on settling down to a Civil or Structural Engineering Course at U.B.C. THOMAS H. HARRIS II Tom has attended V.C. for six years since coming from Our Lady of Sorrows. In school he contributes to the Art activity and Student Council. To his fellow students, Tom’s military police activity is well known, since he always talks about army maneuvers and tactics. Tom will enlist in the R.C.M.P. after graduation. JOSE LUIS HERNANDEZ Jose, who has been a resident student for the past year, hails from Manila, Phillipines. His school activities include the Psychology group instructed by Father Neilson. He intends to further his education in the U.S. or Canada in the Arts field. JOHN W. HERRING In his grad year, John has participated in Student Council, Youth Corps, Psychology, Community Recreation and the Yearbook. During his nine years at College, friends have known of his avid interest in hockey and great golf game. John’s future education will be completed at U.B.C. in the department of Commerce. L 24 BRUCE HUNTER Bruce, a future law student at U.B.C., has been at College for four years. Besides participating in the Youth Corps, Community Recreation and the Monogram Club, Bruce finds time for track, football and skiing. at the October retreat. FRANK J. HYNES With the exception of a brief stay at Kitsilano High School, Frank has spent the last four years at College. One of the founders of the ski club, he has also involved himself in football, intramural sports and Student Council. Frank is undecided where he will continue his education. DAVID W. JAMES During David’s six years at College, he has been active in the Youth Corps and the U.N. Club. In his spare time he enjoys the lighter side of life but plans on continuing his education, hopefully, somewhere in England. RANDALL JANG Randall has been at College for the last eleven years. He has been a member of the Collegian staff and the Student Council while occupying his free time with photography and piloting sailplanes. After travelling to Germany, Randall plans to further his education at S.F.U. orU.B.C. RORY JARVIS Rory came to College two years ago from Campian College in Regina. Now a resident of St. Peter and Paul’s Parish, his interests include baseball and golf, and he spends much of his weekend time working at the Travel Lodge. Next year should find Rory in the Commerce Department at U.B.C. 25 RENOVATIONS 1970 A view of the new library now familiar to all students. In the summer of 1970, the Grade 12 classrooms and corridor have been renovated to assist the students and teachers of Vancouver College. Both the corridor and classrooms received new carpets, curtains, and colours in a tasteful blend of shades. The highlight of the renovations is the library seminar rooms which consist of three ex-classrooms. Under the able direction of Mrs. Haywood, this area supplies expanded study facilities and audio-visual equipment for student use. The overall effect has contributed to the advance in the educational field. Mrs. Hey wood, our able librarian and audio-visual co-ordinator. A small selection of resource materials available to all students. 27 SHAWN KENNEDY Shawn has journeyed to College for six long years from White Rock. In this time he has acquired a “ ’61 Jag” which occupies much of his time. Shawn intends to continue his education in the field of computer programming. He claims Mr. K. doesn’t expect him to graduate until 1984 — well, looks like he missed it by 18 years. DOUG JOHNSTONE A Saint Peter and Paul parishioner, Doug belongs to the select group of twelve men at College. He has been active in drama and a member of both soundroom staff and the U.N. Club. Doug intends to study law at U.B.C. after graduation. JAMES R. KING Six years ago Randy came to College from Whitehorse. Besides the debating club, he enjoys swimming, fishing and baseball. He will probably continue his education at U.B.C. in Commerce and Law. DAVID KOSICK For four years Dave has journeyed to College. He plays Varsity football, intramural basketball and football and enjoys skiing in his free time. Dave intends to further his education at U.B.C. in Business Administration. RENE KORST Rene came to V.C. in Grade Three. He spends his lunch break by playing basketball and football. Out of school he enjoys skating and hockey. Rene hopes to continue his education as an Aero Engine technician. He also hopes to travel to Europe. 28 ANDREW LUKE LAI Four years ago Andrew first appeared at College after leaving St. David’s College in Johannesburg, South Africa. During this time he has been active in the Youth Corps and is a member of the Collegian staff. Andrew hopes next year to return to South Africa and continue his education at Witwatersrand University. TERRY JOHN LECLERC In his first year at College, Terry is a resident student from far off Phoenix, Arizona. His main interests lie in baseball and football and informs us the hunting down south is pretty good. If all goes well, next year will find Terry in the faculty of Medicine at U.B.C. II Jim Redfern and Max Fraser announce the winner of the Fall Raffle. MARC LAVERTU An outstanding Victoria citizen from St. Louis College, Marc has been a resident student for three years at V.C. In school, he adds his talents to the Varsity Basketball team, while out of school, he enjoys the Youth Corps and motorcycle riding. Marc will attend the Commerce department at U.B.C. after graduation. RICHARD J. LASSALLE Richard first came to College in Grade Eight. His favourite pastimes are skating, strumming his guitar and listening to music. He intends to continue his education in Arts and also plans to travel. 29 KEVIN G. LYONS Kevin has been a student at V.C. for five years and is an active member of the Glee Club. He also plays intramural basketball and football. Painting and record collecting are some of his interests. He intends to travel after graduation. PAUL McGIVERN A twelve year man from St. Peter and Paul parish. Paul’s school activities include basketball. Extracurricular activities include swimming, girls, and following pro sports. Paul intends to study medicine at U.B.C. in the future. BARRY MORGAN Barry came to College this year as a resident student from Saskatoon. He takes an active part in the yearbook and spends his extra time in photography and track. After graduation he intends to study Law at U.B.C. JOHN MUNSIE John, a resident student from Princeton, has become a familiar face in various activities over his four years at College. This year he is involved in track and field and the Monogram Club. John will be entering the Law department at U.B.C. after he completes Grade 12, but not before he gets a bit of travelling in. RICK MURPHY Rick came to College six years ago from Holy Trinity parish. He is active in Youth Corps and also enjoys boating and fishing. Rick hopes to continue his education in the Accounting department at U.B.C. 30 DANIEL MURRAY Dan comes from Fort St. John and out of five of the six years that he has been at College he has been a resident student. Besides being the assistant newspaper editor, Dan enjoys cycling and meeting people. He plans to do Commerce at U.B.C. TIM MYLETT As one of the “elite” twelve year men, Tim has virtually grown up at the College. He has proved invaluable as a starter for the Varsity basketball team, and being secretary of the Monogram Club hasn’t shown to be any hindrance. Listening to jazz relieves Tim in his spare time. A trip to Ireland, Land of “Guinness Stout”, lies in Tim’s future. RICHARD KEITH MYHILL- JONES Rich is an ex-O.L.P.H. student who came to College two years ago. His spare time is taken up by interests in tennis, jogging, hiking and fishing. A future education in Biology or Commerce at U.B.C. will precede travel. Those who have gone the limit ... 12 years ... at College. FRONT ROW, From Left: David Nixon, Mike Cliffe, Michael Fanning, Tim Mylett, Doug Johnstone. BACK ROW: Ralph Wimmer, Brian Cruise, Nick Gallagher, Paul McGivern. RICH NANTEL A Corpus Christi parishioner, Rich has attended College for the past five years. He is a member of the Varsity football team and in his free time enjoys hiking and meeting real people. Rich is undecided about his immediate future but hopes to eventually settle on some beach front property on Vancouver Island. 31 DAVID NIXON One of those guys who is always involved in something, Dave happens to be another of the select few who have “gone the route” at the College. His membership in the Drama and Debate Clubs keeps him active, but President of the U.N. Club and Classes editor for the Yearbook has kept him at last speed most of the time. U.B.C. is Dave’s aim. RON NORMAN A member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Ron has been a student at College since Grade Nine. As well as being active in intramural sports, he has done a fine job as Sports Editor of this year’s Collegian. After graduation, Ron plans to continue his education but is undecided about what field he will pursue. Rick Wilander’s white shoes are the highlight of the psychology class. LARRY D. OLESKIW Larry, who is one of our best track men, came to College four years ago from Saskatchewan. He can often be seen going down to the Fraser River with John Munsie in his well-known Firebird 400. The Education department at U.B.C. may include our proud letterman next year. BRAD OLIVER Brad is the type of guy who makes the everyday College life quite bearable and often humourous. Besides his interests in golf and flying, Brad was elected head of the Grad Committee. Brad survived four years as a resident student from Victoria. A future hope for Brad is to go into Corporate Law at the University of Hawaii. MARTIN OLSON A. St. Augistine’s parishioner, Martin has been attending College for two years since coming from King George High School. Extracurricular activities consist of being a part-time organist at the Cathedral and piano accompanist. He intends to further his talents in the field of Music at U.B.C. 32 GARY B. OSBORNE A transfer from St. Augustine’s, Gary has enlightened the College with his presence for seven years. Gary’s activity in the Drama and U.N. Clubs, as well as the yearbook, keep him busy. His interest in the sound room and electronics has led to his hopes of entering U.B.C. in the field of Medical Electronics. CODY ROD PANT AGES Cody is recognized as one of the finest athletes to come out of College. He has shown his athletic ability on both the football field and in the fighting Irish’s backcourt. Handball and an active social life seems to leave him with very little spare time. Cody’s future plans include continuing his education at an American university. DOUG JAMES PARKS A. St. Augustine’s parishioner, Doug came to the College five years ago from Lord Roberts School. As a day student, he divides his time between studies and community recreation. His spare time is spent collecting records and riding motorcycles. JOE PATTERSON Joe is a five year College man from St. Anthony’s in West Van. As a dedicated artist, he contributes his works to the poster and art departments of the school. He lists his extracurricular activities as: water-skiing, snow skiing, motorcycle riding and flying. After graduation, Joe plans to enter the field of commercial photography and travel to Turkey. Mr. Beaton closes in for the kill. 33 JOHN PRATT A day student for the past six years, John came to College from Kensington School. Besides contributing to the gymnastics and track department of the school, he uses his cheerful personality to brighten a routine day. U.B.C. and an Arts program are in his future. Right Ron? Ron? ? Ron! DOUG RAHN Hailing from Immaculate Conception Parish, Doug has attended V.C. for the last eight years. School activities include Intramural sports and Glee Club while extracurricular activities are listed as: playing tennis, drumming, football and basketball. Next year will see Doug at S.F.U. or B.C.I.T. or perhaps Europe! JIM REDFERN RICHARD E.A. RICHARDSON Rich has attended College for the last five years and has been involved in one school activity; to improve relations between V.C. and girl schools. His extracurricular activities include mushroom picking, gourmet cooking, sky diving and scuba diving. He plans to enter Law or Business Administration at a stateside university. This year’s Student Council President, Jim has journeyed from West Vancouver for the past five years. Besides the Student Council he is active in Varsity Basketball, the Pep Club and his pastimes include scuba diving and motorcycles. After attending U.B.C. , Jim plans to tour North America on a motorcycle, Europe in a van and maybe Asia on a horse or camel. STEPHEN G. ROONEY Steve, who originally came from St. Paul’s Parish, has come from St. Anthony’s in Marpole since Grade Eight. His extracurricular activities are driving his car and smoking. B.C.I.T. and Architectural Design are in his future. 34 CHRIS SHEPARD Chris has spent two years as a boarder at College from Ontario. He enjoys fishing and water-skiing out of school, but spends his time as a member of the Biology Club during the week as he intends to enter the field of Biological Sciences at U.B.C. next year. ANTHONY STEFANOV Tony has attended College for the last five years, and is a St. Monica’s parishioner. He has been active in the Musicals, Finian’s Rainbow and Oliver, and spends long hours in the Collegian darkroom. His other activities include auto mechanics, electronics and photography. After graduation Tony plans to study hotel management in Vienna, Austria. LEO SOUTH A. St. Augustine’s parishioner and former St. Augustine’s student, Leo has been attending V.C. for the past four years. He keeps himself well occupied at school in the newspaper staff of VOICE and as an ardent member of our Intellectual Committee, while extracurricular activities include motorcycles and music. Next year, Leo will enroll at B.C.I.T. in the Broadcasting School. PAUL M. SPELLISCY Paul came to College two years ago when O.L.P.H. closed. Since then, he has contributed his talents to the Varsity football and basketball teams. He spends most of his spare time skiing, travelling, and with his friends. Next year, Paul will study at U.B.C. NICHOLAS JOHN SMULDERS Belonging to St. Jude’s Parish, John came to College from St. Jude’s School six years ago. In school, he is involved in Intramural football and basketball, while out of school he enjoys hockey, football, and the simple pleasures of life. U.B.C., but an undecided field are in John’s future. TERRY TERNAN Terry is a resident student with two years of education at College. During this time he has participated in our Chess Club and boarders’ volleyball games. Science seems to be his chief goal as he intends to study Chemical Engineering at U.B.C. 35 WILFRED VACHERESSE Wilf came to V.C. from O.L.P.H. two years ago. After school he says he enjoys tennis, archery, swimming, and girl watching. In the future Wilf wishes to get a private pilot’s license and to study Arts at U.B.C. or V.C.C. Basketball? ? ? BOB WHALEN Bob came to College eight years ago from St. Mary’s Parish. He has been active in the Yearbook, Art Club and intramural baseball. He spends his spare time skiing, playing golf and collecting coins and stamps. After graduation Bob plans to travel to Europe and then study medicine at U.B.C. RICHARD DAVID WILANDER Rick first made his appearance on the College campus ten years ago. During this time he has been active in intramural sports, the Art Club, and has gained a reputation for his skill on the basketball court. Away from school and the rigors of basketball season, he enjoys playing hardball and racketball. After graduation Rick plans to study Dentistry at U.B.C. RALPH WIMMER Ralph is one of the twelve year men at College. He is active on the yearbook staff as Activities Editor, and is in the U.N. Club. In his spare time he collects stamps and coins, skis, swims and plays tennis. After graduation Ralph plans to travel and then study Commerce at U.B.C. JERRY WOZNIAK A senior boarder from Wanham, Alberta, Jerry has attended College for three years. Presently he is involved with the Stock Market Activity in school. Hockey and golf occupy extracurricular time. Higher education will be in Jerry’s future. 36 GRADE 12 DIRECTORY Peter Anton 3956 Dunbar St. 738-4815 Michael Fanning 3319 W. 22 Ave. 732-5546 Randy King 6 - 5585 Oak St. 266-8291 Gary Osborne 1 149 Connaught Dr, 733-3216 TedAssu Wayne Ferguson Rene Korst 8905 Watson Dr., N. Delta 4109 Mountain Highway, N. Van. 1170 E. 18th Ave. 588-5226 988-5083 984-1824 Cody Pantages 3695 Bluebonnet Rd., N. Van. 987-3930 Tim Baker 2525 W. 16th Ave. 731-1493 Chris Barber 4963 Marguerite St. 263-5884 James Barrie 12208 229th Ave. Maple Ridge, B.C. Manrico Baumann 1900 MacKay Ave., N. Van. 987-0013 Nico Beuk 6207 Prince Albert 325-6768 Terrance Bogyo 1665 58A. St., Delta 943-2634 Harry Borget 1542 W. 16th Ave. 733-4919 Leo Brenzinger 3552 W. 49th Ave. 261-2782 Carlo Camillo 3656 W. Broadway 733-9066 Anthony Chau 5395 2nd Ave. Tsawwassen, B.C. Robert Chiang 3737 W. 51st Ave. 266-0978 Michael Cliffe 4021 W. 29 th Ave. 224-4070 Rodney Cox 763 W. 61st Ave. 325-3705 Brian Cruise 1362 W. 33rd Ave. 266-9575 Peter Curley 2475 W. 10th Ave. 731-1938 Tim Delesalle 3789 Yale St., Bby. 298-8437 Mike Dickinson 3572 E. 48th Ave. 434-7344 Tom Eakins 3003 Pt. Grey Rd. 733-2438 Mike Edgar 3556 W. 34th Ave. 266-9364 Allen Foley 7087 Fielding Court 299-2355 Max Fraser 5929 Trafalgar St. 266-5877 Nick Gallagher 7663 Elliott St. 325-3577 Dan Garayt 1216 W. 27th Ave. 731-4576 Rick Ginnetti 3075 Grant St. 255-6885 Don Gorman 249 Magnolia St. Chilliwack, B.C. Jim Gormican 3585 W. 31st Ave. 261-6952 Greg Goulet 14034 Marine Dr. White Rock, B.C. Sigurd Hallstan 232 Woodland San Rafael, Calif. James Harris 14 Tamath Crescent 266-6855 Tom Harris 3867 S.W. Marine Dr. 263-3026 Jose Hernandez 4584 Valenzuela St. Manila, Philippines John Herring 6921 McKinnon St. 435-3933 Bruce Hunter 4405 W. 9th Ave. 224-3933 Frank Hynes 3110 W. 11th Ave. 733-8243 David James 5025 Granville St. 261-0431 Randall Jang 1178 Laurier Ave. 738-2831 Rory Jarvis 1275 49th Ave. 263-9660 Doug Johnstone 1135 W. 38th Ave. 261-4349 Shawn Kennedy 1322 Martin St. White Rock, B.C. Dave Kosick 3586 W. 34th Ave. 266-0301 Andrew Lai 4250 Salish Dr. 263-9786 Rick Lassalle 54 E. 60th Ave. 321-8750 Marc Lavertu 1365 Rockland Ave. Victoria, B.C. Terry Leclerc 7311 E. Cypress Scottsdale, Arizona Kevin Lyons 7316 Rupert St. 433-6966 Paul McGivern 5756 Angus Dr. 266-6056 Barry Morgan 1044 East Centre Saskatoon, Sask. John Munsie General Delivery Princeton, B.C. Richard Murphy 196 1 Mahon Ave., N. Van. 988-7639 Dan Murray Box 2252 Fort St. John, B.C. Richard Myhill-Jones 2612 Waterloo St. 738-7668 Tim Mylett 1415 W. 41st Ave. 261-9144 Rich Nan tel 7857 Nanaimo St. 325-0184 David Nixon 5515 Laburnum 261-0959 Ron Norman 3749 Quesnel Dr. 731- 3969 Larry Oleskiw 4875 Kingsway, Bby. 433-8288 Brad Oliver 3235 Beach Dr. Victoria, B.C. Martin Olson 2676 W. 5th Ave. 732- 5862 Doug Parks 1475 Laburnum St. 201 733-9619 Joe Patterson 2015 Mathers Ave., W. Van. 922-7156 John Pratt 680 W. 48th Ave. 263-8330 Doug Rahn 3759 W. 24th Ave. 224-5120 Jim Redfern 810 Keith Rd., W. Van. 926-3489 Rich Richardson 3795 Linwood St., Bby. 433-1645 Steve Rooney 877 Westminster Hwy., Rmd. 278-8303 Chris Shepard 1118 Agincourt Rd. Ottawa, Ontario John Smulders 3058 Garden Dr. 872-2889 Leo South 3870 Cambie 872-5398 Paul Spelliscy 2548 Wallace Crescent 224-4883 Anthony Stefanov 1143 Cambie Rd., Rmd. 273-3573 Terry Ternan Ste. 1604 — 810 St. Andrews, St., New Westminster 526-5465 Wilfred Vacheresse 3306 W. 14th Ave. 733-9577 Bob Whalen 7911 Joffre Ave., S. Bby. 435-0507 Rick Wilander 102 5350 Vine St. 263-4873 Ralph Wimmer 1475 W. King Edward Ave. 733-8449 Jerry Wozniak Box 1 Wanham, Alberta 37 HOME ROOM 111. FIRST ROW: George Bernemann, John Johansen, Leo Auer, Albin Dukowski, Sandy Campbell. SECOND ROW: Carl Kumpera, Mike MacLeod, Demetrios Nicolas, Mike Kenny, Tony Gojevic, Mark Shore, Greg Heenan. THIRD ROW: Andrew Lo, Tom Susanto, Tim O’Reilly, Peter Lostale, Greg Scully, Paul Mahler, Mr. Beaton. FOURTH ROW: Brian Roels, Doug Field, Roger Robillard, Ted Blenkers, Randy Murray, Brett Haughian. FIFTH ROW: Horatio Leung, Alfredo Luz, Denis Dupas, Martin Stannus, Julius Pataky, Paul Levasseur. ABSENT: Joe Campbell, Jim Dalton. Denis Dupas, Paul Cowhig, Ed Leahy, and Pete Hill unlock the chains of knowledge in the new resource centre. 40 “Nobody gets by me” is clearly indicated on the face of Ron Dumont at the door of the Football Dance. “This is a portion of the plasmodium of the slime mold Physarium, " explains Br. Drayton. HOME ROOM 112. FIRST ROW: Dan Gourley, Jose de Sequera, Paul Jull, Kerry Philley, Frank Hokhold, Bert Zethof, Jim McCreight. SECOND ROW: Gary Cheung, Mike McLaughlin, David Wong, Tony Van Gaans, Dave Chernochan, Seamus O’Mielinn, Brother Lyons. THIRD ROW: Roger Meloche, Paul Lawson, Barry Leclair, Greg Andrews, Tom Toole, Pat Doyle, Lawrie O ' Neill. FOURTH ROW: Duncan Chisholm, Brian McNaughton, Leonard Soet, Pat Finnegan, Bill Lazzarotto, Shayne Konar, John Schretlen. FIFTH ROW: Terry Conner, Jeff Tyson, Ed Leahy, Pat Hayden, David Smith, Dave Mills, Ken Charpentier, Jim Cavin. ABSENT : Ron Dumont. HOME ROOM 113. FIRST ROW: Paul Lloyd, Mark Simpson, Don Kyle, Guy Ethier, Doug Harrington, Brian Oleskiw. SECOND ROW: James McCue, Norm Gallagher, Gary Page, John Cullen, Paul Cowhig, Jim Deacon, Pete Giroday. THIRD ROW: Brian Caron, Norm Baker, Steve Costello, Eugene Farley, Franco Pastro, Drew Warriner, Brother Angel. FOURTH ROW: Lawrie Rogers, Louis Stefani, Joe Oeser, Jules Wilkins, Brent Lynch, Pete Hill, Jim Patterson. FIFTH ROW: Neil Turner, Mark McNair, Greg Koch, John Kay, Chris O’Toole, John Needham. “First period is Religion, Lawrence Leo. hope,” says 42 John Lenahan smiles as he wonders where the fifth ace came from. (Dear parents: We suspect this picture was posed.) GRADE 10 HOME ROOM 101. FIRST ROW: William McGrogan, Carlo Hernandez, Enrique Crame, Lome Hugh, Gino Stradiotti, Gilbert Gutfreund, Hank Luyten. SECOND ROW: Angel Lostale, Ivor Ladd, Mike Gleeson, Bart Tichelman, Rolf Maurer, Marc Gawthrop, Jim Paradis, Gordon Rufer, David Lee, Jack Beaton. THIRD ROW: Lome Smith, Peter Hopkins, Tom Wylie, Jim Vacheresse, Edward Kazun, Tom Murphy, Tom Nornan, Cameron Hoyle, Mike Mylett, Declan Brennan. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Bosa, Joseph Cheng, John Fraser, Robert Dodsworth, Leslie Adamovich, Fred Gerry, Diarmuid Dick, Murray Campbell, Patrick Sager. ABSENT: Jim Joyce. HOME ROOM 102. FIRST ROW: Richard Soet, Tim Battle, Stefan Schulhof, John Hui, Roger Cornfoot, David Hancock, Paul Docking. SECOND ROW: Jim Garayt, Tony Ciccozzi, Dominique Massot, Gary Gronchey, Joe Antonelli, Chris Lynch, Steve Sinclair, Joe Leahy, Peter Campos, Robert Nelson. THIRD ROW: Dan Sullivan, Joe Mazzone, John McClarnon, Paul Bekenn, Paul Brodie, Frank Boyle, John Harris, Mike Falcon, Noah Fok, Brother Carrothers. FOURTH ROW: Dominic Boni, Dan Vassey, Dale Janson, Dan Filiatrault, Paul Tompkins, Dave McGivern, Peter Winternitz, Tony Koch, Mike O’Connor, Winson Lee. ABSENT: Joequin Crame, Robert Donnelly. Portrait of a studious young man. 44 HOME ROOM 103. FIRST ROW: John Busswood, Donal O’Callaghan, Grant Wawryk, Kevin Lewis, Ed Przywara, Jerry Macken. SECOND ROW: Bob Doyle, Greg Jarvis, Adonis Garcia, Greg Allison, Paul Poulier, Ron Sengara, Norm LeClaire, John Fee. THIRD ROW: Bob Stewart, Pat Gleeson, Peter Harrison, Bill Minns, Brian Bolton, Dave Baker, Ted Krzeminski, Brother Dawe. FOURTH ROW: Rick Moldowan, Clem Jaworsky, John Lenahan, Ted Mahler, Steve Sweeney, Gardner Day, Tim Nixon. FIFTH ROW: Bart Borget, Gerard Grout, Chris Curley, Trevor Sidney, Marcus Collier, Martin MacDonald, Craig Favreau, Bob Carpenter. ABSENT: Floyd Gillis, Dale Lore. GRADE 9 HOME ROOM 91. FIRST ROW: Pat Hynes, Wolfgang Ehebald, Yue, John Colpo, George Sanders, Mark Bitz, Gabriel Horvath. Robert Stefani, Bob Goulet, Charles Rally, Don Culos, Giovanni FOURTH ROW: Norman Dumont, Andrew MacKinnon, Mark Boso. SECOND ROW: Geoff Groff, Steve Leahy, Gary Halak, Mike Brenzinger, Dave Matzele, Andrew Hokhold, Pat Boyle. FIFTH ROW: Bauer, Ralph Giuriato, Russel Smoler, Lorcan O’Melinn, Carl Munana, Carlos Denegri, Gene Goreski, Dean Bathgate, Alex Radionow, Ig Andy Silva. THIRD ROW: Brad Philley, Andrew Krzeminski, Kevin Gotuaco, David Vallee, Tom Faliszewski. ABSENT: Jim Fleming. HOME ROOM 92. FIRST ROW: Cyril Barry, Lino Bosa, Dan McLaughlin, Paul Ridley, Mark Davie, Mike Kubossek, Louis Koo. SECOND ROW: Lawrence Gallagher, Tyrone McClay, Tim Williams, Mike Gaylie, Peter Skorstengard, Oscar Glover, Rick Needham, Trevor Wyman. THIRD ROW: Joe Greene, Phil Savard, Tom Callaghan, Steve Andrews, Bobby Lew, Jerry Tellier, Leo Lavigne. FOURTH ROW: Gary Shotton, Jamie Henderson, Jeff Watt, Peter Dobrijevich, Jim Tsung, Mike Poloway, Danny Osbourne. FIFTH ROW: Danny Giroday, Marsh McLeod, Joe Strain, Tony Van Gaans, Bob Stevenson, Greg Mah. ABSENT: Larry Jaworski. il Some scepticism seems evident in the background as Neil Croft is apparently intent on exploring the literary world. HOME ROOM 93 FIRST ROW: Hugh Gillis, Chris Young, Vincent San Severino, John Penland, Spencer Sprague, Mel Brown. SECOND ROW: James Anthony, Carl Allen, Billy Gipps, Dave McLelland, Bruno Odorico, Jurgen Lutter, Mel Zajac, Dave McKenzie. THIRD ROW: Bradley Emeny, John Gojevic, Bert Van Der Sande, Brian Fraser, Jim Callaghan, Kent Dale. FOURTH ROW: Michael Lindsay, Chris Stradiotti, Hari Gupta, Paul Clegg, Steve Stencel, Doug Ware, Kim Measor. FIFTH ROW: Mike Filiatrault, Richard Negrin, Gary Lasko, Bruce Mitchell, John Przywara, Stuart Iruine. ABSENT: Tom Koelher, Michael West. 48 GRADE 8 HOME ROOM 81. FIRST ROW: Jim O’Rourke, Mark Lynch, Gerald Chow, Mike Racich, Doug Willis, Lawrie Watters. SECOND ROW: Pat Macaulay, Daniel Falcon, Steve O’Neill, Marc Chenoll, Ken Kowey, Brian MacNeil, Kerry Cousins, Steve Kostyal. THIRD ROW: Marco Ciccone, Richard Nelson, Jose Martinez, Paul Gemino, Peter Kiraly, George Csoti, Nick Biello. FOURTH ROW: Gordon Hoyle, Neil Croft, Peter Owen-Jones, Martin Clarke, Peter Golinsky, Mark McGowan, Terry Kosick. FIFTH ROW: Bernie Moellinger, Bill Myers, Chris Macken, Tom Williams, Allan Notte, Bradley Shaw, Glenn Spencer. ABSENT: Mark Quilty, Steve Roberts, Carson Tipper. LpC ■ £ L d§s8 Bk m HL-r m IT ' lu w ML - W HOME ROOM 82. FIRST ROW: Clifford Stevenson, Timothy Pugh, Lenard Clarke, Brian Dick, Albert Botteselle, Thomas Sigurdson, George Chow. SECOND ROW: Walter Garcia, Mark Fanson, Gregory James, Reginald Pallard, Christopher Kenny, Javier Serrano, Johann Winternitz, Craig Ross, David Foley. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Kingswell, John Gleeson, Conley Milner, Douglas Force, Eric Massot, John Cheng, Mark Notte. FOURTH ROW: Mark Wimmer, Barrie Stevenson, Joseph Rogers, Larry O’Brien, Stephen Hardy, Peppy Arena, Peter Burton. FIFTH ROW: Michael Favero, Daniel Zimmer, Donald Lewis, Harvey DesRoches, Lawrence LaPointe, Stanley Carter, Michael Morrissette. 50 “Why are all the desks in this school always broken? ” asks Mr. McCracken. HOME ROOM 83. FIRST ROW: Bill Fisher, Tom Clarke, Paul Smulders, Denis Burroughs, Doug Jones, Gary West. SECOND ROW: Shane Gourley, Rick Lauzon, John Hegedus, David Chisholm, Andy Archibald, Peter Marquardt, Peter O’Brien. THIRD ROW: Steve Gormican, Phil Miller, Mike Vossen, John Smith, Tino Varelas, Robert Ciccozzi, Bill Stewart. FOURTH ROW: Mike Hoyt, Craig Harrigan, Brian Pink, Jeff Wilander, Charles Macintosh, Mike Poole, Mike Sinclair. FIFTH ROW: Charles Farina, Mike O’Reilly, Jim McMinn, Mark Barteski, Chris Eland, Emile Beaudoin. ACTIVITIES Within the following three pages are pictured most of the Collegian staff who are responsible for the book you are now reading. There are six main sections of the Yearbook — Seniors, Sports, Business, Classes, Activities and Elementary School. Each of these six sections has an editor and at least one assistant. It is up to each editor to make sure that his section meets its deadline. They each have to aim to have the pictures on their pages show the right contrast and the proper focus. There has been many a night or weekend when editors have had to wait around while their pictures were done to perfection, the copy was corrected and typed, and everything laid out correctly. On top of the six section staffs, there are the photographers, darkroom staff, copy editor, files editor and, last but not least, the editor-in-chief. Editor-in-Chief Assistant Rodney Cox Ron Dumont Seniors Editor Assistant John Herring Randy Jang Copy Editor Michael Cliffe Sports Editor Assistants Ron Norman Barry Morgan Ed Leahy Brent Lynch Business Editor Assistants John Herring Paul Jull Frank Hokhold Classes Editor David Nixon Activities Co-Editors Assistant Ralph Wimmer Terry Bogyo Greg Andrews Elementary School Editor Assistants Andrew Lai Bob Whalen Roger Meloche Darkroom Chris Barber Tony Stefanov Dave Ellis Photography Gary Osborne Randy Jang Files Brian Caron THE COLLEGIAN David Nixon, Bob Whalen, and Mike Cliffe kick up their feet after a hard day in the Yearbook office. 54 Randy Jang lends a helping hand to John Herring’s plight, Ralph Wimmer helps Rodney Cox choose a picture while Terry Bogyo looks on approvingly. “Dog is spelled D— O— G and not D— A— W— G! ” explains Br. Walsh to Michael Cliffe. 55 Brother Lyons and Gary Osborne ponder over the lens adjustments of the Mamiyaflex which they are holding. Ron Norman scrutinizes Greg Andrews’ layout before it goes before Br. Lyons’ eagle eye. 56 THE VoiCE I ( SEATED, From Left to Right: Mr. D.J. Mullen, Moderator; Dave Mills, Reporter; Kerry Philley, Reporter; Dave McGivern, Reporter; Max Fraser, Editor; Pat Gleeson, Reporter; Dan Murray, Associate Editor. STANDING: John Lenehan, Reporter; John Schretlen, Reporter; Chief Dixie, Lovelorn Editor; Tim Nixon, Reporter. ABSENT: Dave Ellis, Typist; and Kevin Finnegan, Reporter. The VoiCe is College’s student newspaper. It appears approximately three times every two months, with news, interviews, sports and cartoons of interest to students and faculty. One popular feature is a sham advice-to-the-lovelorn column. The paper operates out of a Lannon Hall cubbyhole that makes up in atmosphere what it lacks in amenities. Staff is drawn mainly from Grades 10, 11 and 12. Besides a regular crew of editors and writers, the VoiCe has a number of contributors who take part in other activities but lend their talents to the newspaper. Most noteworthy contributor is busy artist Brent Lynch. Frank Hynes (reporter) and Leo South (columnist) look on as Greg Koch (typist) proves that it is more or less possible to type with one finger. ■ y- jj yjji W A % H %i 91 aMnn : JUNIOR RESIDENT STUDENTS There are about sixty junior boarders in residence here this year. They come from all over and their interests are as varied as the towns they come from. The task of keeping such an active lot in line falls to Brothers Kelly and Rose. With their guidance, the boarders learn to apply themselves diligently to both their recreation and their studies. " You mean you want to wear THAT tie? ” 58 FIRST ROW: Hugh Gillis, Bobby Lew, Johann Winternitz, Craig Ross, Brian Fraser, Emille Beaudoin, Leo Lavigne, Oscar Glover. SECOND ROW: David McLelland, Glen Spencer, Steve Kostyal, Chris Eland, Tim Williams, Doug Gallagher, Doug Willis, Gerry Tellier, Barry Stevenson, Mark Barteski. THIRD ROW: Nick Biello, John Smith, Joe Greene, Jose Martinez, Doug Force, Greg James. FOURTH ROW: Jamie Henderson, Mike Lindsey, Stefan Stencil, Kim Measor, Mike Filiatra ult, Gordon Hoyle, Bruce Mitchell, Craig Harrigan. FIFTH ROW: Bill Gipps, Mike Sinclair, Dan McLoughlin, Bruno Adorico, Bernie Moellinger, David McKenzie, Rich Needham, Mike Hoyt. ABSENT: Dave Ball, Chris Appleby, Steve Roberts, Jim O’Rourke. Compliments of RAY’S REPAIRS and MEDISCRIP CREDIT CORPORATION : ‘What do you mean KBP2 to KB5? ” BACK: Manuel Glover, Sean Brennan, Mike Paauw, Carlos Denegri, Bernie James, Javier Serrano, Alex Lee. MIDDLE: Marc Savoie, George Beaudoin, Steve Burger, Mark Quilty, Robert Gourley, Russell Smoler. FRONT: Dennis Beaudoin, Kevin Yue, Tommy Body, Bob Brennan, Shane Smith, Andy Silva. 59 Chris Shepard takes audio course in higher education. SENIOR BOARDERS Sharp eye Shore marks the seven for a triple carom to the far side pocket. 60 FIRST ROW: Donald Gorman, Trevor Sidney, Dan Filiatrault, Carlo Hernandez, John Hui, David Lee, Tom Toole, Paul Docking, Marc Lavertu. SECOND ROW: Br. W.O. Cassidy, John Busswood, Declan Brennan, Norm Gallagher, Jose Hernandez, Jerry Wozniak, Gary Page, Jim McCue, David Wong, Mike Poloway, Barry Morgan, Br. W.R. Carrothers. THIRD ROW: Steve Sinclair, Winson Lee, Bill Lore, Bill Minns, Andrew Lo, Iwan Susanto, Mark Gawthrop, Norm Baker, Brian Caron. FOURTH ROW: Tom Wylie, John Munsie, Terry Leclerc, Sigurd Hallstan, Bert Zethof, Mark Simpson, Cam Hoyle, Jim Barrie, George Bernemann, Pete Winternitz. FIFTH ROW: Mark Shore, John Kay, Chris Shepard, Greg Goulet, Terry Ternan, Neil Turner, John Harris, Jack Needham, Noah Fok, Horatio Leung. Compliments of DR. O.E. KIRBY and RICHARD M. HAUGHIAN The Senior Resident Students make up a major segment of Vancouver College. Under the watchful eyes of Br. Cassidy, Br. Carrothers, and Br. Angel, the Resident students lead a life subtly different from that of the day students. The main difference is that they are supplied with a substantial amount of supervised study with the library at their disposal. While not in study they are on free time in which they may play pool, cards, read, watch T.V. and listen to the stereo. But all is not pleasure, as they are obliged to keep their dorm neat and tidy. The Resident Students also receive a modest amount of exercise in bi-weekly basketball and floor hockey games. Father Neilson is also available for Mass. This program successfully rounds them out mentally, physically, and spiritually. Norm Gallagher and Don Gorman relax with a couple of good books. 61 The “Old Devil Moon” draws Woody (Brian Bergstrom) to Sharon’s (Debbie Culos) side. VC and LFA Present Finian (Larry Ozero) gets a stern lecture from leprechaun Og (Anthony Bekenn). FIN I AN’S RAINBOW Last year, Vancouver College and Little Flower Academy Drama Clubs combined forces to put on a full scale Broadway musical - FINIAN’S RAINBOW. Under the general direction of Brother P.P. McNiven, and with Brother Taylor as music director the cast rehearsed for several months. Two days before the opening night, cast and crew, numbering over 120, took over the Metro Theatre. The net result was a four-night sellout run in front of a combined audience of over 1600. 62 Og tells the children of Rainbow Valley about “Something Sort of Grandish.” Compliments of FINNING TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT and BOWTEK ELECTRIC CO. Finale: Entire Cast. 63 THE 1971 STUDENT COUNCIL Compliments of BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA and MR. AND MRS. D.F. STACK The Vancouver College Student Council is composed of first and second representatives from each of the high school classes. This organization, and committees appointed by it, are responsible for such activities as school masses, dances and social events. This year’s council, headed by president Jim Redfern and vice-president Max Fraser, began its term of office by raising some capital with which to work. The main sources of revenue were a highly successful raffle and a newly initiated student council assessment. The raffle funds were John Herring and Jim Redfern, who ran this year’s Student Council raffle, with Bob Whalen, the winner of the draw for those who sold more than two books of raffle tickets. directed towards improvement of athletic and physical educational facilities while the assessment money was reserved for the financing of social activities. FIRST ROW: Tom Harris, John Herring, Frank Hynes, Max Fraser, Jim Redfern, Greg Goulet, Terry Bogyo. SECOND ROW: Steven O’Neill, Larry O’Brien, Paul Cowhig, Tim Nixon, Shane Dyson, Doug Harrington, Gary Shotton, Denis Dupas, Frank Boyle, Mike McLaughlin, Lome Hugh, Rick Lauzon. ABSENT: Ron Dumont, Andrew MacKinnon. 64 The first dance of the school year. The weekly luncheon meetings help to keep the council active. 65 The function of the United Nations Club is to promote better understanding of world affairs. They achieve this by holding a model United Nations Assembly every year. To this model Assembly come delegates from schools not only in Canada but also from the United States. This year the Assembly was honoured to have as its guest speaker the Right Honourable Mitchell Sharp, Minister of External Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. After a very interesting and informative address, Mr. Sharp opened the floor to questions. Under the leadership of the U.N. Club’s president, David Nixon, and his executive, this year’s Assembly went extremely well. The Honourable Mitchell Sharp ponders on a question from a delegate. U.N. CLUB The General Assembly, presented at the left, was held in the gym. Compliments of CORNAT INDUSTRIES and CLANCEY ADVERTISING FIRST ROW: Chris Barber, Doug Johnstone, Peter Hill, Rodney Cox, Tim Mylett, Gary Osborne. SECOND ROW: Paul Jull, Denis Dupas, Greg Koch, Jim Cavin, Mark McNair, David James, Eugene Farley, David Nixon. THIRD ROW: Lawrence Leo, Bill Minns, Greg Heenan, Jim McCue, Steve Rooney, Michael Cliffe, Bill Lazzarotto. ABSENT: Ralph Wimmer, Greg Scully, Andrew Lai, Nick Gallagher, Terry Bogyo. Gerry Redmond entertains a motion in the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee. Compliments of KERRISDALE TRAVEL SERVICE and A FRIEND j{ 67 This year the Art Class was lucky enough to get the helping hand of seven experienced artists from the Vancouver School of Art. They are Drew Burnham, Arnold Shives, Chris Dahl, John Perkins, Mr. M. Simmons, Robert Urquhart and Donita Beckman. Under the supervision of these talented teachers, the Art Class was enlarged from oil paintinq and sketching to include pottery and silk screening. Congratulations for a job well done. “O.K. Hynes, I give up. What is it? ” ART CLUB “Don’t worry Shawn, I won’t tell Drew Burnham,” assures Tom Harris. 68 “Duh! Which number do I fill in next? ” wonders Pat Hynes. Even the teacher can’t figure this one out. Allen Foley can’t turn the cap to the right or to the left. 69 Seamus O’Melinn: Yes, Yes, Yes! ! ! Winson Lee: No, No, No! ! ! The Debating Society was one of the most active groups at College this year. They started the year with their own invitational debate in October, followed by the Parliamentary Workshop in November, the Newman Cup debates in February, the Provincial Championships in March, and an all out effort in the National Debating Championships in Port Hope, Ontario, in April. The society’s officers are: President, Kevin Finnegan; Vice-President, Seamus O’Melinn; and Secretary, Ron Dumont. Mr. Kavalec acted ably as moderator. The Society’s aims are to instill in its members a spirit of public speaking that will carry over into their future. Compliments of J.A. CHARPENTIER and HENRY BIRKS AND SONS DEBATING SOCIETY Seamus O’Melinn, Kevin Finnegan, Steve Rooney, Bill Minns and Dave Nixon debate the topic “Resolved that school be abolished.” The negative fortunately, won. 70 Members of the Pep and Monogram Clubs wait patiently for their debut. MONOGRAM A PEP CLUBS The match that lights the fuse on the College spirit — Br. Dawe. The Monogram and Pep Clubs, under the direction of Coach Beaton and with the “spiritual” guidance of Br. Dawe, have recently expanded and become a large influence on the school spirit. They are responsible for cheerleading at College games and organize buses to away games. Compliments of A unified cheer from the unified force. BELKIN PACKAGING LTD. and BELIZE FOREST PRODUCTS 71 COPPER TOOLING At least he tries. CHESS CLUB " How long did you say you’ve been playing this game, Bob? ’’ asks Martin Macdonald. 72 LIBRARY CLUB The Illustrious Library Club members, Kerry Cousins, Tino Varelas, and Neil Croft are watched carefully by Mrs. Heywood. | j Br. Cassidy and Brian Cruise help with a difficult maneuver. GYMNASTICS i 73 FOOTBALL Help comes too late for a Maple Ridge back as he suddenly finds himself dropped by Pete Giroday and Lome Hugh. Cody Pantages, protected from further trouble by Len Soet and Roger Robillard, finds enough time to get the ball away. The Maple Ridge quarterback, stymied by the College defense, looks to the bench for help. Paul Spelliscy gets ready to stop another opposition assault. This year Vancouver College was introduced to a new coaching staff. Head coach Chris Beaton, along with his assistants Joe Bell, Rick Sugden, and Rick Dube put together a very capable football team. The Irish began the season meeting some tough opposition at Oak Harbour and were beaten. Back from across the border, and in friendly territory the Irish handed a strong St. Thomas More team a 28-6 defeat. Next the Irish made their second of three trips south of the border to meet longtime rival O’Dea High. The two teams fought it out; ending in a 12-12 draw. The Fighting Irish were looking better and better now and when they met Maple Ridge they were seeking to avenge last year’s defeat by the same Ramblers. They proceeded to annihilate Maple Ridge. The Irish then played two very poor games. The first against a very strong J.F. Kennedy team of Seattle and then against the Centennial Centaurs. They lost both. The Irish then ended their season against the best Notre Dame team ever, and as a result, were defeated by the bigger Juggler team 48-0. There were many great efforts on this year’s team including those of co-captains Frank Hynes and Max Fraser as well as the efforts of Cody Pantages and Dave Kosick. With so many players returning, the Irish are eagerly awaiting next season. John Cullen heads for the outside; his path being cleared by powerful blocking from Rick Ginnetti. 79 SEASON’S RECORD v.c. OPPONENT 0 Oak Harbour 36 28 St. Thomas More 6 12 O’Dea High School 12 42 Maple Ridge 8 0 Kennedy High School 60 7 Centennial 8 0 Notre Dame 48 Terry Conner makes sure he holds onto the ball after an amazing catch. FIRST ROW: Lome Hugh, Steve Costello, Carl Kumpera, John Cullen, Frank Hynes, Co-Captain; Max Fraser, Co-Captain; Tim Baker, Lawrie O’Neill, RickGinnetti.Joe Mazzone. SECOND ROW: Jim Barrie, Marsh Macleod, Terry Conner, John Kay, Kerry Philley, Manrico Baumann, Louie Stefani, Seamus O’Melinn, Rich Nantel, Jeff Tyson. THIRD ROW: Brother Taylor, Moderator; Pat Hayden, Manager; Cody Pantages, Peter Giroday, Roger Robillard, Mike MacLeod, Dave Kosick, Bruce Hunter, Coach Joe Bell, Coach Chris Beaton. FOURTH ROW: Paul Levasseur, Manager; Leo Auer, Brent Lynch, Ted Assu, Rick Moldowan, Paul Spelliscy, Dan Sullivan, Doug Harrington, John Schretlen, Manager. ABSENT: Coach Sugden, Coach Dube. 80 mu i 1 If •1 1 P§ §§ |n ■ V 1 H , j W r ,; .1 FIRST ROW: Mike Poole, Charles Macintosh, Charles Farina, Rick Lauzon, Terry Kosick, Len Clark, Robert Ciccozzi, Peter O’Brien, Mark Fanson . SECOND ROW: Jeff Wilander, Gerald Cliow, Paul Smulders, Gordon Hoyle, Chris Eland, Don Lewis, Mark McGowan, Brian MacNeil, Tom Clarke, Pat Macaulay, Albert Botteselle, Brian Dick. ABSENT: John Hegedus, Mark Lynch. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Mike Munsie directs a Freshman team workout. The Freshman football team combined the coaching of Mike Munsie and Mike Stevens to produce a relatively good year. The Freshman team with a win and a loss against a str ong Montgomery team, and a loss to Notre Dame gained rewarding experience that will be of use in future years. Watching this team in practice must have been very encouraging to the Varsity coaches. The Freshmen worked hard in practice and in a few years, should make a very competitive Varsity team. 81 Down, Set J.V. FOOTBALL The Junior Varsity football team this year had a fine season. Despite tough competition and a few disastrous losses, they came through in fine College fashion to nail down second place in the Junior Varsity Skyline Football Conference. Their season opener this year was less than successful. They suffered a 32-0 defeat at the hands of Sehome, but came off the field with hopes of better things to come. After some hard practices, they started to move up in the league standings, ending the season with a two win, three loss, one tie record. Offensively, the team had a bit of trouble early in the season against some scrappy defensive lines, but came through nicely to defeat Montgomery and St. Thomas More by scores of 14-8 and 8-0 respectively. On the defensive side, the J.V.’s had a very tough line, as witnessed in the Montgomery and St. Thomas More games, as well as the Como Lake scoreless tie. All in all, coaches Dan Mullen and Stan Ciok have molded a very competitive team to pass on to Varsity coaches Mr. Beaton and Mr. Bell. Indications show the Future Irish will be a very strong team. FIRST ROW: Bart Tichelman, Dale Janson, Pat Hynes, Angel Lostale, Jim Fleming, Mike West, Don Culos. SECOND ROW: Coach Dan Mullen, Br. R.S. Marion, Will McGrogan, Pat Boyle, Norm Dumont, David Vallee, Robert Stevenson, Donal O’Callaghan, Gino Stradiotti, Mike Gaylie, Steve Sweeney, David Baker, Rob Donnelly, Coach Stan Ciok. THIRD ROW: Peter Murphy, Paul Clegg, Dan Filiatrautj Richard Negrin, Andrew MacKinnon, Diarmuid Dick, Gardner Day, Dan Vassey, David Matzele, Greg Lasko, Marc Gawthrop, Manager. ABSENT: Lome Smith, Joe Rogers. Under the coaching of a new member of the staff this year, the Fighting Irish proved to be a very strong team. With the aid of Brother Cassidy’s experience, the Varsity team got off to a fine start. They won their first four games, with their first loss coming at the hands of a strong O’Dea team. The loss didn’t get the team down though, for they took the Wildcat Tourney with two easy victories. The Fighting Irish didn’t fare as well in their own tournament, however, being upset by Burnaby Central in the final game. However, the Irish bounced right back with a win over Hillside and Winston Churchill to sweep the Churchill Bulldog Tournament. The Fighting Irish had their troubles against the Cross-Mainland League teams though. With the Cross-Mainland League having the strongest teams in B.C., the Irish could only produce a 2-8 win-loss record. Even with their poor showing against the top teams in B.C., the Varsity team swept through the Independent League beating both Notre Dame and St. Thomas More twice; thus assuring themselves of a spot in the Pennsylvania Tournament. Finally hitting their stride in this tournament, they beat Point Grey, Burnaby South and New Westminster to emerge the undisputed Lower Mainland Number One champs. This gave them excellent seeding in the B.C. Provincial Tourney as may be seen on page 90. At this point tournament madness overcame them and they became invincible - almost, that is - until the last minute of the last game. Standout members of this year’s team were Nick Gallagher, Rick Wilander, and Paul Spelliscy with their strong offensive stability, while Cody Pantages, Tim Mylett, Marc Lavertu and Jim Redfern were the defensive standouts. Paul Spelliscy gets the jump on a determined opponent. FRONT ROW. Moderator Brother Dawe, Mike McLaughlin, Mark Simpson, Wilander, Brett Haughian, aul Spelliscy, Jim Patterson, im Mylett, |im Bert Zethof, Dave Mills, Jick Gallagher, hflarc Lavertu, Coach Brother Redfern, Peter Lostale, Manager. Cassidy. SECOND ROW: Angel Lostale, Manager; SJody Pantages, ick : , Despite a broken nose earlier on in the season, Nick Gallagher was still in on a lot of the Varsity action. VARSITY BASKETBALL to booster Irish offense. 85 Rick Wilander and Paul Spelliscy combine to harass the opposition. 86 JUNIOR VARSITY BACK ROW: Greg Jarvis, Ed Kazun, Peter Hopkins, Tom Dave Hancock, Adonis Garcia, Yak Crame, Marc Gawthrop, Wylie, Mike Lindsay, John ' Lenahan, Mike Mylett. FRONT Manager. ROW: Joe Antonelli, Manager; Dave Baker, Dave McGivern, The Junior Varsity, under the coaching of Mr. Crame, had a successful 28-5 win-loss record. With the fine play of co-captains Dave McGivern and Paul Hopkins, and the accurate shooting of “Yak” Crame, the J.V.’s won the Independent and Commercial League titles. The highlight of the season was the trip to Penticton, where they won the Penticton Tournament. Everything looked assured for the B.C. Tournament, but the favoured Irish lost out early in a 50-49 upset to a strong North Delta team. Coach Crame explains the game strategy just before the jump. MIDGETS B.C. CHAMPS The members of the Midget team are all in Grade 8 and they have probably the finest coach of Midget teams in the history of B.C. - Brother F.J. Kelly. First they won the C.Y.A. Grade 8 title, then they widened the field and won the Lower Mainland Midget trophy, finally taking on the whole province at Cumberland late in March. They beat St. Anthony’s of West Van 39-19, then the Victoria champs 32-29 and the Penticton champs 42-19. They then had to play St. Anthony’s again and repeated the first performance 32-15. Brian Dick and Carson Tipper were standouts in the tournament. BACK ROW: Larry O’Brien, Joe Rogers, Carson Tipper, Chuck McIntyre. FRONT ROW: Tom Clarke, Brian MacNeil and Brian Dick. ABSENT: Brother Kelly, Coach. FOUR ON THE FLOOR: Trophies won in various tournaments and playoffs. Mr. Beaton, first year coach of the Vancouver College Freshman team, is justifiably proud of the team ' s excellent 35-3 win-loss record. The fine record enabled the Irish to claim the Freshman Independent League title, and put them into contention for the Commercial League title. This team is doing a good job of keeping up the Irish tradition of producing high calibre basketball players. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Rich Needham, Andy Hokhold, Andy McKinnon, Chris Stradiotti, Rich Negrin, Marsh McLeod, Rob Stevenson, Coach Chris Beaton. BACK ROW: Joe Greene, Steve Andrews, Mike Bauer, Steve Leahy, Jim Callaghan, Mark Bitz, Manager. 88 INTERMEDIATE BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Coach Br. Cassidy, Mark Simpson, Brett Haughian, Gary Shotton, Jim Patterson, Peter Lostale, Manager. BACK ROW: Tim Nixon, Paul McGivern, Bert Zethof, Dave Mills, Mike McLaughlin. ABSENT: Dan Sullivan. Brother Cassidy, as well as being in charge of the College Varsity squad, was again very successful in coaching the Intermediate to first place in the Cross Mainland League. The team aided by high scoring Bert Zethof and Jim Patterson ended the year with a 7-1 win-loss record. With the talent on this year’s Intermediate squad next year’s Varsity must be great. The J.V.’s get in their pre-game warm-up. 89 IRISH PLACE SECOND IN B.C. OAK BAY REVELSTOKE -• PRINCE RUPERT — . ABBOTSFORD -J OAK BAY ABBOTSFORD CASTLEGAR POINT GREY -J NORTH DELTA NEW WESTMINSTER □ CASTLEGAR NORTH DELTA ABBOTSFORD — NORTH DELTA - 43 NORTH DELTA —I CENTENNIAL — , BELMONT -1 BURNABY SOUTH — . NORTH VANCOUVER -J CENTENNIAL BURNABY SOUTH MOUNT DOUGLAS — i HILLSIDE - 1 V.C. -63 —I DAWSON CREEK - 43 - 1 MOUNT DOUGLAS - 43 V.C. -72 CENTENNIAL - 42 — V.C. -38 V.C.-45 B.C.’s biggest basketball show, the Provincial Tourney, moved to the Pacific Coliseum this year and College went right along to see that it was properly done - for the 21st time in 26 years. The Irish took top honours for the second straight year in the Lower Mainland Tournament giving them a favourable berth in the B.C. Tourney. After easily winning their opening two games, the Irish ran into the Centennial Centaurs, and it took the last frantic five minutes to prove their superiority before a large crowd. The final against North Delta was undecided until the last minute when College had an eleven point deficit whittled down to three points. Nick Gallagher made the first All-Star Team for his consistent, driving type of game. Paul Spelliscy and Rick Wilander were named to the second All-Star Team. Nick Gallagher just gets his shot off over the outstretched arm of a North Delta opponent .... or did he? The nervous expressions on the faces of the fans are completely justified for the situation — the squeaker with Centennial, 45-42. — -y ' » % mm - 90 TOURNEY Marc Lavertu has a problem — Lars Hansen. Brett Haughian’s rebounding improved steadily during the tournament. Paul Spelliscy often found himself up against taller opponents, yet he still managed to get more than his fair share of rebounds. Rick Wilander drives for two more points, as the opposition looks on helplessly. Mark Simpson sets a high mark for College at the Independent Meet. Mike Dickinson waits for his official time. Len Soet gets College’s 4x400 Relay off to a fast start. 92 Under the coaching of Mr. Bell, the Track team is looking forward to a good year. Coming back, this year will be seniors Mike Dickinson, John Munsie, Bruce Hunter, and Larry Oleskiw. Also returning this year are Len Soet, Albin Dukowski and many others. Mr. Bell also hopes to bring in one or two other coaches to help out with the coaching duties. In the few events run so far this year, College has shown to have a strong team. At the Achilles Indoor Track and Field Meet, Mike Dickinson and John Munsie came fourth and fifth respectively in the 800. College also placed high in the High School 4 x 400 relay, coming in third place. Last spring at what is considered the major track meet of our schedule, the Independent Meet, the Fighting Irish track team fared very well. They won the Boys’ aggregate trophy and placed second in the overall competition. Standouts in the Independent Meet were Bruce Hunter, with wins in the 200 and 400, John Munsie, with a second in the Junior 800. There were many others who placed high in their individual heats. This year the track team is working towards the Vancouver Relays and this year’s Independent Meet. TRACK AND FIELD 1970 Len Soet gives it all he has as he comes in a close second. Bruce Hunter is first over the finish line once again. 93 Bert Zethof clears the bar easily at the Independent Schools Meet. Gerry Van Gaans makes an impressive leap in the long jump. Larry Oleskiw setting a stiff pace for the 200. 1 ! 94 Mr. Morrison compares the athletes’ times. John Eldon prepares for his event. 95 JUNIORS “Waddya know . . . I’m ticking.” GRADE ONE. FIRST ROW: David Rally, Michael Lee, James Goodlake, David Gray, Sandy Burns. SECOND ROW: Michael Stack, Albert Budai, Christian Schafmeister, Wilfred Hamilton, Francis Kovacs, Todd Lucas. THIRD ROW: Jonathan Gregory, Joel Dumaresq, Chris Went, James Koch, David Hardy, David Christie, Michael Green. ABSENT: Gerald Fahey. 98 GRADE TWO. FIRST ROW: Miquel Rodriguez, Jeffrey Charpentier, Karel Carhoun, Mark Fidgett, Tony Roberts, Michael Bentz. SECOND ROW: Sean Doughty, Quentin Brownlee, Shehan Wickrama, Danny Ross, Mark Wilson, Richard Coll. THIRD ROW: David Green, John Lenec, Michael Fleming, Paul Pelletreau, William Jeakins, Kenneth LeVae. FOURTH ROW: Michael Graham, Leo Schwarz, Gordon Urquhart, Ricky Ould, Conal Finnegan, John Hurmuses, Angus MacDonald. ABSENT: Stephen Chow, Joseph Doyle. GRADE 2 “Now that everyone has gone . . .” 99 GRADE THREE. FIRST ROW: Matthew Fahey, Daniel Small, Alex Lobozar, Garry Norman, Timothy Koch, Richard Bazin. SECOND ROW: Paul Lucas, Stephen Minchuk, Niel Chaffe, Bruce Shipley, John McCann, Roger Nelson. THIRD ROW: James Lenec, Kirk Yatkowsky, Allen Calkins, Christopher Goldie, Luca Merler, Cary Sentell, Christopher Kleyn. GRADE 3 You can play Chinese Checkers anywhere when you’ve got wall-to-wall carpet. Everything is beautiful Mrs. Kim lays down the law to Mike Fahrmann and Pascal Byrne. GRADE 4 GRADE FOUR FIRST ROW: Tenney Wilkins, Vincent Dawes, Joseph Milton, Mark McGovern, Pascal Byrne, Greg Lynch, Noel Mulhern. SECOND ROW: Hugh McCaffrey, Glenn Petty, Michael Kenney, John Pelletreau, Ivan Revelant, Paul Stephenson. THIRD ROW: Alastair Jamieson, Michael Lopianowski, Brian Milne, Simon Bachmann, Randy Tichelman, Chris Ho, Chris Hurmuses. FOURTH ROW: Richard Foley, Roy Schellekens, Tommy Miletich, Pe ter Cook, Richard LeVae, Richard Myerscough. FIFTH ROW: Tim Favero, Peter Locke, Philip Carhoun, Tom Mulhern, Michael Fahrmann, Kerwin Jarvis. The Mod Squad. GRADE 5 GRADE FIVE. FIRST ROW: John West, Patrick Dunne, James Agostino, Dennis Fedell, Michael Robillard, Steven Csoti, Dennis Madsen, Dennis Bittel. SECOND ROW: John Nicholson, Frank Fleming, Rick Zakrzewski, Gordon Lemire, Edward Chaffe, Dale O’Sullivan, Brian O ' Connell, John Hardy, Michael Ferdinandi. THIRD ROW: Jeffrey Chaffe, Peter Galambos, Michael Boskovich, Shaun Mulhern, Paul Costello, Christopher Cavelti, Paul Goeujon, Timothy Fowler, Steven Roy. FOURTH ROW: Robert St. Julian, Gordon Carter, Paul Young, Manuel Espinosa, Mark Bachmann, Matthew MacNeil, John Jeakins, Patrick Bird, David Willison, Vincent Milton, Vincent Johnston. ABSENT: Lee Cleavely. “Fancy jacket, Brother Quigley.” GRADE § GRADE SIX. FIRST ROW: Peter Peller, Allan Rudin, Peter O’Callaghan, William Cawker, Kevin Schinz, Bruce Hyder, Andrew Wilkins, Guy Thomas. SECOND ROW: Mike Fahey, Paul Gaylie, Miquel Heras, John Dawes, Pat Reilly, Marty Zajac, Horst Maurer, Don Andrews. THIRD ROW: Maurey Olsten, Jim Konst, Larry Olson, Arthur Morris, Tyler Mulhern, Henry Budai, Calvin Jang, Edward McCaffrey. FOURTH ROW: Gordon Bettiol, Sean Shipley, Allan Hardy, Neal McGarry, Mike White, John Goodlake, Jim Green, Ford Mittlestead, Brother Quigley. FIFTH ROW: Gerry Cullen, Brian Cox, Ian MacKinnon, Robert Tichelman, Robert Sengara, Mike Dunne, Rory Mulhern, Ken Favero. GRADE 7 ROOM 71. FIRST ROW: Michael Galambos, Mark Larssen, Ken Wallis, Kevin MacPherson, David Tyson, Tommy Body, Bernhard Ganguin, John Doughty. SECOND ROW: Terrence Cox, Brad Brandolini, Sean Gallagher, Philippe Moreau, Robert Wilson, Robert Petty, Sean Brennan, Manuel Glover. THIRD ROW: Gino Cayer, Hewitt Woolner, Brendan McGivern, John Dyball, Harry Fleming, Robbie Chernochan, Ronnie Nelson, Robert Heenan, Peter Hancock. FOURTH ROW: John Verhoeve, Sean Cassidy, Brian Hillhouse, Robert Estey, Brian Petrini, Marc Savoie, Raymond Boisvert. FIFTH ROW: Ray Whittick, Brian Konst, Dennis Maion, Patrick Kennedy, Frank Rittemann, Kevin Norman, Ryan Lynch, Greg Leclair. 104 ROOM 72. FIRST ROW: Winfred Van der Sande, Jeff Harris, Joe McCaffrey, Paul McNamara, David Tepoorten, Stephen Ortner, Jaime de Sequera, Doug Power, Mike Fuoco. SECOND ROW: Paul Jeakins, Brian Mulhern, Rory Moss, Bill Giuriato, Don MacIntyre, George Beaudoin, Bernard James, Mike Paauw. THIRD ROW: Tony Kim, Tim Koss, Mike Varelas, Alex Tec, Dennis Beaudoin, Allen Hayden, Ed Mulhern, Greg Luengen. FOURTH ROW: Neil Russel, Robert Schretlen, Bob Brennan, Alberto Rodriguez, Carlos Heras, Bruce Clegg. FIFTH ROW: Shane Smith, Jerry Eberts, Andre Gutfreund, Dave Longpre, Mike Halak, Karl Thomas, Ewald Gaudes. ABSENT: Douglas O’Neill. Steve Ortner demonstrates his “academic excellence’’. 11 5 “Get one Bic pen 49?, get two Bics Free! ” TEAM: Colts. COACH: Br. Walsh. FIRST ROW: Michael Boskovich, Sean Gallagher, Don Andrews, Ian MacKinnon, Don McIntyre, Maury Olsten, Miles West, Allan Hayden. BACK ROW: Ed Mulhern, Bob Tichelman, Bruce Clegg, Jeff Harris, John Verhoeve, Ryan Lynch, Pete O’Callaghan, Tommy Body. GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM: Jets. COACH: Br. Duff. FIRST ROW: Paul Goeujon, Brendan McGivern, Matthew MacNeil, Harry Fleming, Philip Moreau, Terry Koss, Marty Zajac, Mark Bachmann, Jim Agustino. BACK ROW: Bernard James, Brian Cox, Dennis Madsen, Robert Estey, Ray Boisvert, Pat Kennedy, Paul McNamara, Brad Brandolini. TEAM: Tiger-Cats. COACH: Br. Quigley. FIRST ROW: Greg LeClair, Bob Sengara, Maurey Olsten, Jim Konst, Tyler Mulhern, Hewitt Woolner, Frank Fleming, Brian Mulhern, Joe McCaffrey. BACK ROW: David Willison, Mark Larsen, David Tyson, Terry Cox, Bill Cawker, Dennis Maion, Steve Csabai, Ray Whittick, Paul Gaylie. “Make it look good guys, Brother Bucher is watching.” “All right you can have the ball.” .. STANDING: Mark Wilson, Jeff Charpentier, Chris Goldie, Jim Lenec, Tom Mulhern, Joseph Milton, Mark Bachmann, Matthew MacNeil. SEATED: Peter Peller, Jeff Harris, Donald MacIntyre, Ken Wallace, Robert Estey, Peter O’Callaghan. GRAMMAR SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL 108 GRAMMAR SCHOOL SPORTS DAY m m I m m r “I thought Superman had it rough.” In what is becoming an annual occasion, the Grammar School held its second sports day in the Spring of 1970. The events were both competitive and enjoyable; with the Grade Five class emerging as victors. “Lord, give us strength.” 109 FRONT ROW: Shaun Mulhern, Tyler Mulhern, Sean ROW: Dennis Madsen, Peter O’Callaghan, Brian Cox, Shipley, Martin Zajac, Edward Mackinnon. BACK Robert Sengara, Ford Mittlestead. GRADE 6 BASKETBALL 110 FRONT ROW: Terry Cox, Dennis Maion, Michael Halak, Bill Giuriato. BACK ROW: Coach Mike Munsie, Carlos Heras, John Doughty, Ray Boisvert, Sean Cassidy. GRADE 7 BASKETBALL Advice from Coach Mike Munsie was a great help to the Grade 7 basketball team. Ill FRONT ROW: Simon Bachmann, John Pelletreau, Frank Fleming, Michael Varelas, Michael Reilly, Peter Galambos, Steven Milton. BACK ROW: Gordon Carter, Dennis Fedell, Donald MacIntyre, Karl Thomas, Guy Thomas, Michael Fahey. Biddy Basketball is comprised of four teams from Grades four to seven. League games were played every Saturday and great interest was shown. This year new eight foot basket hoops were acquired. Our future Varsity team. FRONT ROW: Mark Bachmann, Randall Tichelman, Noel Mulhern, Rory Mulhern, James Agostino. BACK ROW: Alberto Rodriquez, Mills West, Paul Jeakins, Allan Hardy, Paul Young, Tyler Mulher, Coach Dave Mills. 112 FRONT ROW: Michael Galambos, Hewitt Woolner, Tenney Wilkins, John Nicholson, Neal McGarry. BACK ROW: Harry Fleming, Peter Moreau, Randall Tichelman, Alexander Lee, Ivan Revelant, Joseph Milton. BIDDY BASKETBALL Every Saturday the careful eye of Coach Dave Mills has watched the Biddy players progress. FRONT ROW: Patrick Reilly, Brian Milne, Michael Boskovich, John Hardy, Winfred Vandersande. BACK ROW: Vincent Johnston, Alberto Rodriquez, Brian Cawker, Michael White, Gordon Bettiol, Allan Rudin. 113 SPONSORS Mr. R.R. MacLeod Dr. J.E. Nixon Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Munana Mr. Frank Bitz Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Gregory and Family STANDING: Mrs. W.E. Harrington, Mrs. P. Gallagher, Mrs. A. Goreski, Mrs. R. McLaughlin, Mrs. W. Donnelly, Mrs. D. Cliffe. SEATED: Mrs. W. Kazun, Mrs. J. Nixon. MOTHERS’ CLUB Mr. L.G. Rice, a 1943 graduate of Vancouver College, and now president of American Motors (Canada) Ltd., spoke to a Mothers’ Auxiliary sponsored meeting of parents and interested students, on today’s business world. i 116 Last year’s winner of the Dr. David Steele Scholarship was Garry Mitchel. Garry achieved a 97 o o average in the government examinations. The Vancouver College Alumni Association had their usual functions during the past year - a golf tournament (won by Ken Baxter) and the Annual Banquet (at the Airport Inn). In addition the Alumni Basketball Night and Smoker was revived quite successfully. The winner of the 150-dollar Doctor David Steele Memorial Scholarship was Garry Mitchel. The Brother Walsh Bursary Fund was carried on for its second year and a presentation of $1200.00 was made to Brother Bucher to help in paying fees for students who needed it. The amount the first year was $750.00. Since 1972 is the 50th anniversity of the College a special Golden Jubilee Committee has been set up under the new president, John Brown, and it hopes to signalize the occasion with something impressive. V.C ALUMNI Executive of the Alumni Club: Neil Smyth, Vice-President; George Macvey, Treasurer; David Steele, President; Brother G.P. Lyons, Faculty Advisor; Gordon MacKenzie, Secretary; Kevin Mulhern, Director. The other five directors, not present for the picture, are Bill Lynch, Glen Ross, D’Arcy Lynch, Marvin Storrow, Leo Mulhern. 117 THE SCORE ? SEE ITINTHESUNJ vy Tm.O»j,U. £. Pot. OH.— All riflhH r«i«rv«d (5 19 ( ft by Unlfc-J hcfjrv Synd.cot , l c. 118 CONGRATULATIONS FROM R.F. OLMA K.J. OLMA G. OLMA OLMA BROS. 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Brother Dawe, assisted by Captain Max Fraser, prepares the student body for a vital encounter with Notre Dame. 131 m V SPARLINGS GEORGE SPARLING LTD. SPORTING GOODS 120 WEST 4th AVENUE — VANCOUVER 10, B. C. Telephone 879-5344 “School Team Division” Headquarters For Athletic Uniforms Team Equipment Compliments of Simmons McBride Ltd. Directors of Funeral Service 1995 W. Broadway 731-4151 A Dignified Service INDUSTRIAL BATTERY £ SUPPLY 1900 MAIN ST. VANCOUVER 10, B.C. 872-5511 874-1414 A Complete Battery Service for All Marine— Industrial 8 Automotive Needs Considering college or university? Are you a candidate for assistance under the CANADA STUDENT LOANS ACT? Under this Act, each qualifying student may present a Certificate of Eligibility to the bank branch of his (or her) choice. Royal Bank, with over 1000 branches across Canada, offers you convenient service combined with practical counsel. Visit your nearest branch as soon as possible. ROYAL BAN K 133 V |MR.MiKE ' S feature! 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Sales Service DATS UN DATSUN 60 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia Phone: 872-7151 CARS $ TRUCKS 4-SPEED S AUTOMATIC BUY PROVEN QUALITY Salami Hams Sausages Ukrainian Sausages Liver Sausage Frankfurters FOR YOUR SELECTED FANCY SAUSAGES ASK YOUR FAVORITE FOOD STORE Distributed in British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba and Ontario Produced Under Full Time Federal Inspection With or Without Truck U DRIVE CAMPERS $ TENT TRAILERS VACATIONS SKIING 261-1046 8870 Selkirk Street Vancouver 14, British Columbia Canada ve nice eaneRv DIRECTORY ADVERTISEMENTS ACCOUNTANTS JOHN K. HANCOCK 510 W. Hastings St. 683- 6931 APPLIANCES BAXTERS APPLIANCES 3190 Edgemont Blvd. North Vancouver 988-6144 FAWCETT FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES 8490 Granville Street 266-6288 MARSHALL TELEVISION AND APPLIANCES 2178 W. 41st Ave. Vancouver, B.C. 266-9141 BOOKSTORES DUTHIE BOOKS LTD. 919 Robson Street 684- 4496 BOWLING ALMA BOWL 3617 W. Broadway 738-4542 Bowl with your Friends CANDY FOLEY ' S CANDIES LTD. 2281 Grandview Highway CAR DEALERS BOWELL-McLEAN MOTOR CO. LTD. 61 5 Burrard St. 682-3333 JOHNSTON MOTOR CO. LTD. B.C. ' s largest Chrysler, Plymouth, Valiant Dealership, 7th and Main 876-9211 CHURCHES ST. ANDREWS 450 East 47th Ave. CLEANERS COURT CLEANERS LTD. 1581 W. 4th Ave. 736-6306 DUNBAR CLEANERS AND DYERS 4479 Dunbar St. 224-3818 MODEL CLEANERS LAUNDERERS LTD. 6560 Main St. 327-2337 CLOTHING DAVID LEE MEN ' S WEAR 5837 Victoria Drive 325-8913 DEEDRA ' S APPAREL LIMITED 304-655 3 Road Richmond Square 278-2212 HILL ' S OF KERRISDALE 2106 W. 41st Ave. 266-9177 TERRI ' S LINGERIE 303 Richmond Square Centre 278-9314 CONSTRUCTION B.W.B. CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD 1 100 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver DRUG STORES ALMA PHARMACY 10th and Alma St. 224-4341 KENNEDY BROS. DRUG STORES LTD. 950 12th St. New Westminster 522-3545 8697 10th Ave. Burnaby 522-8050 10289 128th St. Surrey 581-6633 THE OWL DRUG COMPANY LTD. 41st and Granville St. 266-4101 FUEL NEIL MacNEIL LTD. Esso Furnace Oil Distributor 886 W. 48th Ave. 266-8711 FURNISHINGS JORDAN INTERIORS LTD. Fine Furnishings Draperies 2556 Granville St. 733-1174 FOOD AND GROCERS A. C. GROCERY CO. LTD. 3025 Granville St. 733-1141 I.G.A. FOODLINER 62 1532 W. 41st Ave. Main Office 685-9111 MAGEE GROCERY 6461 West Boulevard 266-6241 MARY ' S CONFECTIONARY 5345 West Boulevard 138 DIRECTORY ADVERTISEMENTS SHOP EASY 815 3493 Cambie St. HARDWARE WHITE SPOT HARDWARE 8289 Granville St. 261-9737 HOBBY SHOPS VARSITY TOYS HOBBIES 4415 W. 10th Ave. 224-4545 INSURANCE W.J. (BILL) O ' BRIEN, C.L.U. Life Insurance, Equities Crown Life, Vancouver JEWELLERS O. B. ALLAN JEWELLERS LTD. 480 Granville St. 681-1151 MISCELLANEOUS B.C. PAPER CONVERTERS LTD. P. O. Box 3888 684- 3274 YIU WAH LTD. 7619 Nanaimo St. MUSIC BERGER MUSIC STUDIO 805A Westminster Hwy. 278-1614 OPTICIANS PITMAN OPTICAL LTD. 734 Granville St. 685- 0928 or 683-294 8 POOLS ADCO POOLS 1401 Charlotte Road 985-5533 REAL ESTATE E.B. GIBBONS CO. LTD. 2168 Kingsway 434-2474 NEWCOMBE REALTY LTD. 5635 Cambie St. 266-9121 RESTAURANTS DING-HO RESTAURANTS 2257 Kingsway 434-7241 FRYING DUTCHMAN RESTAURANT 3451 Cambie St. 874-3831 SERVICE STATIONS GOUNDRY ' S SERVICE STATION 41st and Oak Street Motor Tune-ups — Brakes 261-6444 McLELLAND BIG O TIRE STORES 329 3 Road, Richmond 278-8644 Tires, Chrome and Mag Wheels Front End Alignment SHOE SERVICE MAX DEXALL ' S SHOES LTD. 2609 Granville St. 738-9833 VARSITY SHOE SERVICE 4530 W. 10th Ave. Expert SHOE DYING and REPAIRING SPORTING GOODS NORTHWEST SPORTING GOODS CO. LTD. 3715 W. 10th Ave. 224-5040 TAD ' S SPORTING GOODS 8570 Granville St. 261-6540 Golf — Baseball — Fishing — Hunting SUPPLIES APEX EQUIPMENT CO. LTD. 1784 W. Georgia St. Wholesale Distributors 688-4586 ROD ' S BUILDING SUPPLIES 347 Moncton St. Steveston, B.C. 277-1191 TILES BURRARD TILE LTD. 8206 Ontario St. 325-1268 TIRE STORES MONARCH TIRE LTD. 8860 Hudson St. 266-0818 or 266-4342 Seiberling Tires TRANSPORTERS DOMAN-MARPOLE TRANSPORT LTD. 1216 W 73rd Ave. 261-4242 VENDING MACHINES VEN PAR VENDING EQUIPMENT SALES LTD. 2089 W. 4th Ave. 736-9274 Best Wishes to the Class of 71 Compliments of WOMETCO (B.C.) LTD. your local authorized bottler of Coca-Cola Both Coca-Cola and Coke are registered trademarks which identify only the product of Coca-Cola Ltd. GOOD LUCK, GRADUATES FRANK BARDOCI MASTER EUROPEAN PIANO TECHNICIAN CONCERT TUNING. RENOVATIONS. REPAIRS Telephone: 879-3368 977 East llth Avenue, V ancouver 10. 140 CANADA PERMANENT TRUST REAL ESTATE ESTATE DIVISION 2001 W. 4IST AVENUE PHONE 266-4155 1 The sign that represents service. A 2 nr 150 experienced salespeople. i Expert appraisers available. 7 j II jf i Guarantee sales plan. jj|| Mortgage funds available, mi refinancing or sales. Canada s Largest Real Estate, Trust | and Mortgage complex. CHAPMAN INDUSTRIES LTD. 1670 West 5th Ave., Vancouver 9, B.C., Canada. Telephone: (604) 736-6761 Telex 04-54386 CHAPMAN " DRILMOBILE " - ENGINEERS AND MANUFACTURERS SERVING BRITISH COLUMBIA INDUSTRY IN MANY IMPORTANT AREAS, INCLUDING LOGGING - CONSTRUCTION - MINING - MATERIALS HANDLING ETC. CHAPMAN FACILITIES: -COMPLETE ENGINEERING - STEEL FABRICATORS - MACHINE SHOP - PARTS AND SERVICE - ASSEMBLY AND TESTING EQUIPMENT - DISTRIBUTORS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA - ALBERTA - YUKON LORAIN - CRANES - SHOVELS - Telex: 04-54386 141 1871-1971 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1971 GRADS ON THE CENTENARY OF THE PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA Compliments of MACLAREN ADVERTISING 142 Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent Genius will not Unsuccessful genius is almost a proverb. Education will not The world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent The slogan “press on” has solved, and always will solve, the problems of the human race. CABLEVISION COMPLIMENTS OF MASSOT NURSERIES LTD. WHOLESALE ONLY 1606 WESTMINSTER HWY -RICHMOND B.C. “IT PAYS TO CONTINUE SCHOOLING” MGM RESTAURANTS LTD. Operating laoius DRIVE IN RESTAURANTS 1 132 East Hastings Street, Vancouver 6, British Columbia 4 Locations to serve you: 3475 East Hastings (1 2 Block East of Empire Stadium) 3080 West Broadway (at Balaclava Street) 5869 Victoria Drive (at 42 Vernon Drive) 1 132 East Hastings (at Vernon Drive) Vancouver ' s Home Owned Drive in Restaurants 144 Bank of Montreal The First Canadian Bank Find out what it ' s all about. Visit one of our branches. They ' ll be glad to discuss employment opportunities in Canada ' s first bank. 145 Chris White willingly receives the Senior Boys 1500 meter trophy. Dave McGivern puts on a final burst for the finish line. Compliments of C.W.L. Concentration seems to be the road to success for Chris White. In a photo finish Bruce Hunter edges out his opponent. TRACK 70 146 NEWCOMBE INSURANCE LTD. AND NEWCOMBE REALTY LTD. FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS 6 FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE REQUIREMENTS 266-9121 5635 Cambie Street 147 t (wwt Siettt ' Hotedoofo (?MKfcCu te tt cnactae ScumutUd Hi GENERAL DISTRIBUTORS LTD. SONY TC-110 — The latest SONY compact cassette-co rder featuring Sony ' s revolutionary built-in Electret Condensor Microphone. (It can ' t be seen, yet it picks up voices with astonishing clarity from anywhere in the room.) For remote control the dynamic F-25S microphone with start stop switch is included. Completely equipped with built-in extended range speaker, pop-up ejector button, built-in adapter for instant switching from battery to household current, auxiliary input for recording from radio or television, end alarm (indicated end of tape), battery indicator, leather carrying case batteries and earphone. 149 95 CUSTOMCOLOR laboratories (1967) ltd. Fast Kodacolor Service Custom Colour B. W. Finishing Complete Selection of Photographic Equipment Supplies Phone For 681 . 4164 Free Mailer Darkroom Supplies Assistance Camera, Projector Screen Rentals Audio Visual Rentals — Screens to 12 ' Complete Repair Service Mail Address P.O. Box 2180 Vancouver 3, British Columbia Downtown Vancouver — 819 Thurlow at Robson We take great pride in our long association with the students of Vancouver College and wish them every success in the years to come Crash GRAY BEVERAGE COMPANY LTD. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THEIR BIG MAN? CHARTER TRUCK AND TRAILER RENTALS and F AND F EQUIPMENT LTD. 151 Creative Photography SALMON’S TRANSFER LTD. Local and Long Distance Furniture Moving Containerized Storage Sa» me day delivery within J 200 » m ile s of ' Vancouver Overnight delivery within 400 miles Days 433-2421 2884 Grandview Highway Evenings 431-4511 at Renfrew 152 GRADE 8 DIRECTORY Andy Archibald Mark F anson Don Lewis 2268 Burquitlam Dr. 61 Abercrombie Rd., Rich. 1320 Hunter Rd. 325-5448 CR 8-1595 Delta, B.C. Peppy Arena Chuck F arina Mark Lynch 4342 Victory St., Burn. 1060 W. King Edward 1493 53rd St., Delta 435-24 2 738-5632 943-2054 Mark Barteski Mike F avero Pat Macaulay 22267 122 Ave. 3345 Quebec St. 460 Garry St., Rich. Haney, B.C. 876-1276 277-7555 Emile Beaudoin Bill Fisher Chris Macken 105 Elliott St., Box 1054 1765 W. 11th Ave. 3863 W. 11 Ave. Whitehorse, Yukon Ter. 731-6404 224-7874 Nick Biello Dave Foley Chuck Macintosh Cottonwood St. 7087 Fielding Court 809 Lucerne Rd., Rich. Lake Cowichan 299-2355 277-6044 Albert Botteselle Doug Force Brian MacNeil 696 E. St. James Rd., N. Van. Box 34 Mt. Seymour Park Way, N. Van. 2226 E. 46 Ave. 987-6676 929-2578 321-8826 Dennis Burroughs Gil Walter Garcia Mark McGowan 3355 W. 28th 855 W. 15th Ave. 3481 W. 8th Ave. 736-7830 874-3851 731-7033 Peter Burton Paul Gemino Jim McMinn 863 Hamilton St. 234 W. otn St., N. Van. 5726 Lancaster St. 684-3562 986-1567 435-3608 Tony Butschler John Gleeson Peter Ma rquardt 386 Lamond Ave., Rich. 6286 Prince Albert St. 1046 Richelieu Ave. 277-7584 327-1604 736-7080 Star Carter Peter Golinsky Jose Martinez 5592 Granville St. 1 16 Talisman Ave. Rio Escondido 22 263-5788 876-1282 Collomas Hipo Dromo, Mexico John Cheng Steve Gormican Eric Massot 204 8740 Selkirk St. 3585 W. 31st 1616 Westminster Hwy., Rich. 266-7923 261-6952 278-5012 Marc Chenoll Shane Gourley Philip Miller 644 W. 20th Ave. 1319 W. 49th Ave. 2576 Wallace Crescent 872-1146 261-3097 224-5851 Dave Chisholm Steve Hardy Conley Milner 7249 Angus Drive 3535 Puget Dr. 3379 Queen’s Ave . 266-0338 731-1257 435-8372 George Chow Craig Harrigan Bernie Moellinger 1070 40th Ave. 1852 Center 745 Southborough Dr., W. Van. 325-3875 WallaWalla, Washington 922-7524 Gerald Chow John Hegedus Mike Morissette 5962 Kitchener, N. Burn. 340 E. 18th Ave. 433 W. 24th St., N. Van. 291-1957 876-3456 987-1668 Marco Ciccone Gordon Hoyle Bill Myers 4506 W. 6th Ave. 3078 Spencer Place, W. Van. 1728 E. 14 Ave. 224-4280 922-3744 872-2495 Robert Ciccozzi Michael Hoyt Rick Nelson 2436 E. 48th 518 S. 14th St. 675 Greenwood Rd., W. Van. 325-7167 Lethbridge, Alberta 922-9433 Len Clarke Greg James Alan Notte 2939 Jones Ave., N. Van. Route 3, Box 3674 2375 Ottawa, W. Van. 987-9094 Issaquah, Washington 922-5383 Martin Clarke Doug Jones Mark Notte 3425 W. 33 644 Lowry Lane, N. Van. 2375 Ottawa, W. Van. 266-9058 929-2308 922-5383 Tom Clarke Chris Kenny Peter O’Brien 2540 Wallace Cres. 1492 W. 45th 787 Sunnymede Cres., Rich. 228-8768 261-3604 277-3992 Kerry Cousins Ken Kingswell Larry O’Brien 1249 Nepal Cres., W. Van. 2862 W. 41st 4448 Magnolia St. 926-1062 263-7383 261-3501 Neil Croft Peter Kiraly Stephen O’Neill 2344 Ottawa, W. Van . 555 W. 20th Ave. 236 Onslow Place, W. Van. 922-2059 879-2207 922-6553 George Csoti Terry Kosick Mike O’Reilly 2789 W. 1st Ave. 3586 W. 34th Ave. 3896 W. 29th 733-7325 266-0301 228-8441 Harvey Des Roches Steve Kostyal Jim O’Rourke 3250 W. 26th Ave. 1475 Albatross Ave. 5156 Smith Ave., Burn. 738-1584 Kitimat, B.C. 437-6470 Brian Dick Kenny Kowey Peter Owen-Jones Wellington Dr., N. Van. 4085 Crown Cres. 3349 W. 27 Ave. 987-6598 224-4134 RE 8-5667 Chris Eland Larry Lapointe Mark Quilty 94 Bonny Muir Dr., W. Van. 2795 W. 12 Ave. Box 191 922-9761 738-6928 Gibsons, B.C. Danny Falcon Rich Lauzon Reg Pallard 3810 Westridge Ave., W. Van. 764 W. 46th Ave. 5327 Oak St. 922-3652 261-9658 266-2541 Brian Pink 5930 Athlone St. 261-6705 Michael Poole 856 Kelmore Rd., Rich. 277- 3994 Timothy Pugh 1050 Gilmore Cres., Rich. 278- 2683 Michael Racich 3667 Trinity St. 298-1813 Steven Roberts 222 E. 37th 321-6918 Joe Rogers 3894 W. 14th Ave. 224-7101 Craig Ross 23 Eagle Ridge PI. S.W. Calgary, Alta. Javier Serrano Sierra Fria 725 Mexico City Bradley Shaw 2675 W. 92nd 266-8966 Tom Sigurdson 1242 Lackwood Dr. 255-3946 John Smith Vankleek Ave. Armstrong, B.C. Paul Smulders 3058 Garden Drive 872-2889 Glenn Spencer 11501 River Wynd Haney, B.C. Barrie Stevenson 3128 48th St. S.W. Calgary Cliff Stevenson 3932 Ortona Cres. 224-1922 Bill Stewart 4690 Boundary Rd., Burn. 435-4541 Carson Tipper 2256 W. 40th 5 261-8414 Tino Varelas 491 Gordon Ave., W. Van. 922-6634 Michael Vossen 4078 W. 17th Ave. 224-1544 Lawrie Watters 6749 Raleigh St. 433- 1844 Gary West 1575 W. 49th 261-9227 Jeff Wilander 5808 Neville St., Burn. 434- 9266 Tommy Williams 3495 Willington Cres., N. Van. 987-2594 Doug Willis Box 99 Princeton, B.C. Marc Wimmer 1475 W. King Edward 733-5586 Johann Winternitz 4572 Valenzela St., Sta. Mesa Manila, Philippines Dan Zimmer 6615 Elliott St. 327-3796 SAINT JUDE’S SHRINE 3078 Renfrew St. 434-6700 MORTON CLARKE S CO. LTD. LIONS GATE TOBACCO CO. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS TOBACCO -CONFECTIONERY -SUNDRIES 1811 Pandora St. Vancouver, B.C. 253-1166 GRADE 9 DIRECTORY Steve Andrews 4164 Pine Cres. 738-1104 James Anthony 7949 Cambie St. 325-1783 Cyril Barry 910 Davies St. Nelson, B.C. Mike Bauer 450 E. 22 Ave. 874-8700 Asher Benjamin 1225 Shawnees PI. 434-9575 Mark Bitz 6361 Granville 263-3077 Lino Bosa 4767 Brentlawn Dr., Burn. 298-0288 Giovanni Boso 1605 W. King Edward 731-3803 Patrick Boyle 3794 W. 23 Ave. 228-8502 Mark Brenzinger 3552 W. 49 Ave. 261-2782 Mel Brown 959 Patterson, Rich. 278-5457 Steve Burger 2423 Sandhurst Ave. Calgary 4, Alta. Jim Callaghan 5337 Willow St. 263-7795 Tom Callaghan 5337 Willow St. 263-7795 Paul Clegg 6369 Angus Dr. 263-8849 John Colpo 3468 Triumph St. 291-1709 Don Culos 1035 Groveland Rd., W. Van. 922-0512 Kent Dale 2173 W. 16th 733-8945 Mark Davie 635 Granville Cres., Pollution Island Carlos Denegri 109 Colonio Flisio Mexico City D.F. Peter Dobrijevich 590 W. 12 879-8145 Norman Dumont 6826 Hudson 261-4518 Shane Dyson 412 Garry St. Steveston, B.C. Wolfgang Ehebald 419 E. 38 325-2664 Bradley Emery 6550 Nelson Ave., Burn. 434-1849 Tom Faliszewski 6010 Blenheim St. 266-2165 Michael Filiatrault 818 Poirier St. Coquitlam Jim Fleming 4726 Belmont Ave. 228-8307 Brian Fraser 3492 Aintree 985-1336 Douglas Gallagher 1606 Cedar St. Prince George, B.C. Hugh Gillis 2535 Upper Terrace Victoria, B.C. Bill Gipps Box 158 Kemano Danny Giroday 1275 Tecumseh RE 8-8642 Ralph Giuriato 2870 Nanaimo St. AL 3-2276 Oscar Glover Box 144 Onion Bay, B.C. John Gojevic 4250 Carleton, Bum. 435-1003 Gene Goreski 2710 W. 22 Ave. 738-4595 Robert Goulet 14034 Marine Drive White Rock Mike Gay lie 4888 Marguerite St. RE 8-8422 Joe Greene 328 Sherbrooke Ave. Prince Rupert Geoff Groff 869 W. 33rd 731-2357 Hari Gupta 7777 Stanley St., Burn. 5222-2188 Stephen Gyabronka 260 E. 12th St., N. Van. 987-9453 Gary Halak 2010 W. 28th 263-6540 Jamie Henderson Kyuquot, B.C. Andrew Nicholas Hokhold 3808 W. 16 224-5041 Gabriel Horvath 4320 Ross St. TR 4-7784 Pat Hynes 311 -W. 11th 733-8243 Abdula Allais Stewart Irving 3485 Fairmont, N. Van. Laurent Jaworsky 336 2 St., N. West 521-2241 Thomas Koehler 835 Andoner Cres., W. Van. 922-5787 Louis Koo 757 W. 69 Ave. 327-8774 Andreus Krzminski 1206 E. 22 Ave. 879-4400 Mike Kubossek 1 190 Waverly St. 321-3027 Gary Lasko 2075 W. 43 Ave. 263-8831 Leo Lavigne Vancouver College Bobby Lew 506 W. 63 Ave. 327-7492 Michael Lindsay 638 E. 4th Prince Rupert Kurt Lutter 4309 Sophia St. 874-3677 Marsh MacLeod 1022 Groveland PL, W. Van. 926-4167 Tyrone McClay 1192 W 7 Ave. 261-7857 Dave McKenzie 2285 Steelhead Rd. Campbell River, B.C. Dave McLelland 941 Saunders Rd. 277-3225 Dan McLaughlin 96 Dunvegan Rd. Toronto 7 Greg Mah 1728 E. 14th 872-2495 David Matzele 1 15 E. 54th Ave. 321-9430 Kim Measor Box 82 Kemano, B.C. Bruce Mitchell 14669 Marine Dr. White Rock Rick Needham 1958 Pandosy Ave. Kelowna, B.C. Richard Negrin 1655 Ottawa Ave., W. Van. 922-1423 Bruno Odorico P.O. Box 22 Kemano, B.C. Lorcan O’Melinn 3378 W. 37th Ave. 261-9043 John Penland 5003 Westminster Ave. Delta Brad Philley 5175 Kersland Dr. 325-2319 Mike Poloway 1243 2 Ave. Prince Rupert, B.C. John Przywara 396 E. 43 321-9524 Alex Radionow 2665 W. 42 Ave. 263-6428 Charles Rally 4987 Connaught Dr. 261-1277 Paul Ridley 994 Beckwith Rd. 273-3461 George Sanders 1940 Limerick PL, N. Van. 985-3310 Philip Savard 3768 W. 3rd 224-6716 Bert Van Der Sande 272 E. 32 Ave. 874-6553 Vince San Severino 3837 Angus RE 3-0249 Gary Shotton 618 First St., N. Van. 988-0194 Andy Siva 102-4800 Arbutus St. 261-4973 Peter Skorstengard 364 Pacemore Ave., Rich. 277-2805 Russel Smoler 411 Cook St. Whitehorse, Y.T. Spencer Sprague 849 Hendry St., N. Van. 985-1410 Robert Stefani 2624 E. 1st Ave. 253-2718 Stephan Stencel 411 Southbourn Dr., W. Van. 922-2232 Robert Stevenson 3932 Ortona Cres., 224-1922 Chris Stradiotti 2560 S.E. Marine Dr. 325-4265 Joe Strain 5228 Fraser St. 327-9735 Jerry Tellier 3632 Doncaster Dr. Victoria, B.C. Jim Tsung 7575 Borden St. 325-9240 Dave Vallee 3827 W. 9th Ave. 224-5970 Tony Van Gaans 4576 Ross St. 879-3148 Doug Ware 1010 Eyremount Dr., W. Van. 922-4388 Jeff Watt 7011 Marguerite 261-3924 Michael West 6412 Marguerite 261-4812 Tim Williams 1547 Kings Ave., W. Van. 922-9585 Trevor Wyman 2755 Palmerston, W. Van. 922-4709 Chris Y oung 5577 Columbia St. 321-3988 Kevin Y ue Balaclava St. 263-5548 Mel Zajac 600 MacDonald 266-0813 155 Congratulations Grads of 71 SAMBO ' S PANCAKE HOUSE BREAKFAST ANYTIME 5550 Kingsway ROBCO CONSTRUCTION LTD. 1350 EAST GEORGIA STREET LEASE HOLD DEVELOPERS AND GENERAL CONTRACTORS 254-1515 156 GRADE 10 DIRECTORY Leslie Adamovich 3927 W. 34th 261-9742 Gray Allison 5474 Traplgar 266-8640 Joe Antonelli 4854 Brentlawn Dr., Burn. CY 9-3831 Dave Baker 2525 W. 16th 731-1493 Tim Battle 2525 W. 14th Ave. 733-5115 Jack Beaton 74 E. 37th Ave. 325-6641 Paul Bekenn 4650 W. 13th Ave. 224-5941 Brian Bolton 1668 Nanton Ave. 733-0305 Nick Boni 275 E. 64th Ave. 321-0403 Bart Borget 1542 W. 16th Ave. 733-4919 Denis Bosa 4767 Brentlawn Dr., Burn. 298-0288 Frank Boyle 566 W. 24th 872-2869 Declan Brennan Box 158 Fort Vermilion, Alta. Paul Brodie 3919 W. 19th Ave. 224-4881 John Busswood P.O. Box 38 Tofino, B.C. Peter Campos 328 W. 22nd Ave. 874-0329 Robert Carpenter 5008 Saint Catherines St. 327-2543 Joseph Cheng 204, 8740 Selkirk St. 266-7923 Tony Ciccozzi 2436 E. 48th 325-7167 Richard Cichon 1348 Barclay St. 681-6653 Marcus Collier 758 W. 23rd 876-8585 Roger Cornfoot 1611 W. 62nd Ave. 261-2396 Enrique Crame 1620 Burnaby St. 684-5787 Joaquin Crame 1620 Burnaby St. 684-5787 Chris Curley 2475 W. 10th 731-1938 Gardner Day 2650 Cactus Court, N. Van. 929-2976 Diarmuid Dick 1202 Wellington Dr., N. Van. 987-6598 Paul Docking General Delivery Kemano, B.C. Rob Dodsworth 1237 Green Briar Way, N. Van. 988-2427 Rob Donnelly 4725 Connaught Dr. 733-5550 Bob Doyle 2050 W. 28th 263-7031 Mike F alcon 3810 Westridge Ave., W. Van. 922-3652 Craig F avreau 5630 Main St. 325-1151 John Fee 6460 Ontario St. 321-3500 Dan Filiatrault 943 Harris Ave. Coquitlam, B.C. John Fraser 980 W. 32nd Ave. 733-7003 Jim Garay t 1216 W. 27th Ave. 731-4576 Adonis Garcia 855 W. 15th Ave. 874-3851 Marc Gawthrop 2345 Departure Bay Rd. Nanaimo, B.C. Fred Gerry 1107 E. 33rd Ave. 876-1988 Floyd L.J. Gillis 1032 Pacific St. 681-7886 Michael Gleeson 6285 Prince Albert St. 327-1604 Pat Gleeson 6285 Prince Albert St. 327-1604 Arfon Gonowich 177 Hastings 876-4392 Gary Grouchey 6116 Inverness St. 321-3075 Gerry Grout 3771 W. 23rd 228-9379 Gilbert Gutfreund 2769 E. 54th Ave. 434- 0697 Dave Hancock 5896 Ontario St. 321-0865 John Harris 14 Tamath Crescent 266-6855 Peter Harrison 1691 W. 41st Ave. 261-5955 Carlo Hernandez 4584 Valenzuela St. Sta. Mesa Manila, Philippines Pete Hopkins 466 E. Kings Rd., N. Van. 988-9278 Cameron Hoyle 3078 Spencer PI., W. Van. 922-3744 Lome Hugh 3637 E. 48th 435- 5786 John Hui 18 Yun Ping Road 2 F. Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Greg Jarvis 1275 W. 49th 263-9660 Clem Jaworsky 336 2nd St., New West 521-2241 Jim Joyce 5062 Arbutus 266-2948 Ed Kazun 5472 Manson St. 266-8676 Tony Koch 1467 W. 57th 266-8179 Tadeusz Krzeminski I ' ZUb E. 22nd Hve. 879-4400 Ivor Ladd 2795 W. 37th Ave. 261-9201 Joe Leahy 624 W. 30th Ave. 874-2429 Normand Leclaire 3675 W. 38th 261-7539 David Lee Vancouver College 261-9822 Winson Lee Vancouver College John Lenahan 6525 Vine St. 266-4333 Kevin Lewis 3442 Price St. 435-0941 Dale Lore Box 276 Tahsis, B.C. Angel Lostale 1936 W. 8th Ave. Hank Luyten 342 F airbrook Crescent, Rich. 277- 1334 Chris Lynch 3631 Dunbar St. 228-9839 Martin MacDonald 5929 Cartier St. 263-9063 Gerry Macken 3863 W. 11th Ave. 224-7874 John McClarnon 3566 W. 11th Ave. 731-4502 Dave McGivern 5756 Angus Dr. 266-6056 Will McGrogan 1870 E. 34th Ave. 324-3462 Ted Mahler 530 E. 29th, N. Van. 987-5523 Dominique Massot 1616 Westminster Hwy., Rich. 278- 5012 Ralph Maurer 766 W. 39th 266-5489 Joe Mazzone 307 W. 42nd 321-8381 Rick Moldowan 2175 W. 32nd 263-3635 T. Peter Murphy 1554 W. 6th Ave. 731-1492 Michael G. Mylett 1415 W. 41st Ave. 261-9144 Bob Nelson 675 Greenwood Rd., W. Van. 922-9433 Tim Nixon 5515 Laburnum St. 261-0959 Tom Norman 37492 Vesnel Dr. 731-3969 Donal O’Callaghan 1343 Devonshire Crescent 731-0348 Michael O’Connor 1363 Nanton Ave. RE 3-5326 Jim Paradis 2033 Comox St. 701 683-0940 Paul Poulier 3505 W. 31st Ave. 261-1191 Edward Przywara 396 E. 43rd Ave. 321-9524 Gordon Rufer 558 Walton Rd., Rich. 277- 4184 Patrick Sager 928 Blundell Rd., Rich. 278- 2835 Stefan Schulhof 3589 W. 20th 738-5421 Ron Sengara 469 W. 59th Ave. 321-8559 Trevor Sidney R.R. 2 Armstrong, B.C. Lome Smith 23916 36A Ave. Langley, B.C. Richard Soet 4135 E. Pender, Burn. 298-1497 Bob Stewart 4690 Boundary Rd., Burn. 435-4541 Gino Stradiotti 2580 S.E. Marine Dr. 325-1826 Dan Sullivan 3128 Yukon 876-9503 Stephen Sweeney 4484 Townley St. 738-6473 Bart Tichelman 6137 Adera St. 263-7779 Paul Tompkins 2627 Waverley Ave. 433-5301 Jim Vacheresse 4431 W. 11th 733-9977 Dan Vassey 730 Andover Cres., W. Van. 922-1851 James Watt 7011 Marguerite St. 261-3824 Grant Wawryk 6574 Ladner Trunk Rd. Ladner, B.C. Peter Winternitz 4572 Valenzuela Sta. Mesa Manila, Philippines Tom Wylie Box 98 Masset, B.C. COMPLIMENTS OF Pierre parti £chJ £tc(. SHOES for THE FAMILY National Brands WALLACE Wallace Neon lid. 717 E. Hastings St Vancouver, B.C. Macey Neon Signs Ltd. 976 Middlegate Rd. Cooksville Ont. GRADE 11 DIRECTORY Greg Andrews 4164 Pine Cres. 738-0200 Leo Auer 4803 Slocan St. 434- 7364 Norman Baker 714 King St. Smithers, B.C. George Bernemann 2886 - 140 St. White Rock, B.C. Ted Blenkers 5964 Olive St., Bby. 437-8042 Joseph Campbell 5637 Larch St. 266-4916 Sandy Campbell 1122 Crestline Rd., W. Van. 926-5154 Brian Caron Colonel Drive Cassiar, B.C. Mike Cassidy 5535 Marine Dr., W. Van. 921- 4589 Jim Cavin 1030 West Dennis Cres., Rmd. 277-6119 Ken Charpentier 6026 Holland St. 261-2489 Dave Chernochan 4425 Maple St. 263-6229 Gary Cheung 4527 W. 10th Ave. 224-7764 Duncan Chisholm 7249 Angus Dr. 266-0338 Terry Conner 4462 Marguerite St. 733-1402 Stephen Costello 3637 Pine Cres. 733-8377 Paul Cowhig 6922 Oak St. 261-1682 John Cullen 660 Kenwood Rd., W. Van. 922- 1418 Jim Dalton 3914 W. 23rd Ave. 224-0242 Jim Deacon 538 W. 63rd Ave. 325-4491 Pat Doyle 2050 W. 28th Ave. 263-7031 A1 Dukowski 2227 Kingsway 435- 8844 Ron Dumont 6826 Hudson St. 261-4518 Denis Dupas 481 W. 18th Ave. 876-6159 Dave Ellis 5530 Rugby St., Bby. 521-1384 Guy Ethier 4643 John St. 879-4054 Eugene Farley 592 E. 28th Ave. 876-4625 Douglas Field 1975 S.W. Marine Dr. 266-8048 Kevin Finnegan 4696 W. 3rd Ave. 224-3511 Norman Gallagher 1606 Cedar Street — Prince George, B.C. Pete Giroday 6309 Yukon St. 327-5022 Tony Gojevic 4250 Carleton Ave., Bby. 435-1003 Dan Gourley 1319 W. 49th Ave. 261-3097 Doug Harrington 7250 Killarney St. 434-0861 Brett Haughian 845 Eyremount Dr., W. Van. 922-3707 Greg Heenan 4930 Marguerite St. 266-4311 Peter Hill 3492 W. 36th Ave. 261-5442 Frank Hokhold 3808 W. 16th Ave. 224-5041 John Johansen 1717 Stephens St. 733-7400 Paul Jull 3524 W. 24th Ave. 733-7107 John Kay 4705 Lanark St. 876-1002 Mike Kenny 1492 W. 45th Ave. 261-3604 Greg Koch 1467 W. 57th Ave. 266-8179 Shayne Konar 3596 W. 9th Ave. 738-9172 Carl Kumpera 1263 Hornby St. 684-0050 Don Kyle 5856 Alma Road 266-7795 Paul Lawson 4338 Cambie St. 879-7962 Bill Lazzarotto 13019 - 58th Ave., Surrey, B.C. 596-3480 Ed Leahy 6930 Inverness St. 327-4587 Barry LeClair 883 Myhill Rd., Rmd. 277-6659 Lawrence Leo 2069 W. 48th 263-4374 Horatio Leung 1705 W. 16th Ave. 732-7927 Paul Levasseur 5624 Lanark St. 327-7817 Paul Lloyd 3205 W. 29th Ave. 731- 1891 Andrew Lo 345 W. 28th St., N. Van. 985-7385 Peter Lostale 1936 W. 8th Ave. 738-4506 Alfredo Luz 3885 Selkirk St. 732- 8208 Brent Lynch 1493 53rd St., Delta 943-2054 Michael MacLeod 1022 Groveland PL, W. Van. 926-4167 Jim McCreight 3521 Puget Drive 731-7265 James McCue 950 Marine Terrace Port Alice, B.C. Mike McLaughlin 3487 Wellington Cres., N. Van. 988-7061 Mark McNair 5874 Marguerite St. 261-1144 Brian McNaughton 4735 W. 6th Ave. 224-5128 Paul Mahler 530 E. 29th St. 987-5523 Roger Meloche 4286 W. 8th Ave. 224-7585 Dave Mills 4183 Pine Cres. 731-4222 Jack Needham 29 Tutshi Road Whitehorse, Yukon Joe Oeser 1182 No. 2 Road, Rmd. 277-8490 Brian Oleskiw 4875 Kingsway, Bby. 433-8288 Seamus O’Melinn 3378 W. 37th Ave. 261-9043 Lawrie O’Neill 236 Onslow PL, W. Van. 922-6553 Tim O’Reilly 3896 W. 29th Ave. 228-8441 Chris O’Toole 235 E. 17th Ave. 874-6128 Gary Page Box 816 Creston, B.C. Frank P astro 3352 E. 6th Ave. 254-3960 Julius Pataky 545 E. 22nd Ave. 876-4869 Jim Patterson 3951 W. 20th Ave. 224-7105 Kerry Philley 5175 Kersland Dr. 325-2319 Roger Robillard 6785 Laurel St. 261-7053 Brian Roels 7557 Elliott St. 321-6031 Lawrie Rogers 3894 W. 14th Ave. 224-7101 John Schretlen 3954 W. 30th Ave. 228-8295 Greg Scully 1437 W. 38th Ave. 266-0202 Jose de Sequera 1343 W. 33rd Ave. 733-2806 Mark Shore 12592 - 102nd Ave., Surrey, B.C. 581-2904 Mark Simpson Box 100 Masset, B.C. David Smith 1314 E. 15th St., N. Van. 987-2177 Len Soet 4135 E. Pender, Bby. 298-1497 Louie Stefani 433 Prior St. 254-3395 Iwan Susanto 2755 W. 12th Ave. 733-0968 Tom Toole 4415 Coronation Dr. Calgary, Alberta Neil Turner 541 W. Crescent Rd. Qualicum Beach, B.C. Jeff Tyson 623 E. 10th St., N. Van. 987-9974 Gerry Van Gaans 4576 Ross St. 879-3148 Drew Warriner 6138 Churchill 261-1244 David Wong 877 Williams Rd., Rmd. 274-1891 Bert Zethof 1270 Vista Heights Victoria, B.C. 159 INDEX A. and C. Grocery - 138-9 Adco Pools - 138-9 Air Canada - 128 0. B. Allan - 138-9 Alma Bowl - 138-9 Alma Pharmacy - 138-9 Alumni Assn. - 1 17 St. Andrews - 138-9 Apex Equipment - 138-9 Frank Bardoci - 140 Baxter Appliances - 138-9 B. C. Paper Converters - 138-9 B.C. Tel - 127 Belize Forest Products - 71 Belkin Packaging - 71 Berger Music Studio - 138-9 Henry Birks and Sons - 70 Frank Bitz - 138-9 Bowell-MacLean - 138-9 Bowtek Electric - 63 Burrard Tile - 138-9 Cablevision - 143 Canadian Imperial Bank - 126 Canada Trust - 125 Canada Permanent Trust - 141 Cassiar Asbestos Corp. - 126 Catholic Women ' s League - 146 Chapman Industries - 141 J.A. Charpentier - 70 Charter Truck and Trailer - 151 Clancey Advertising - 67 B.W.B. Construction - 138-9 Cornat Industries - 67 Court Cleaners - 138-9 Cunningham Drugs - 129 Custom Colour - 149 Dairyland - 135 Dexall ' s Shoes - 138-9 Deedra ' s Apparel - 138-9 Ding-Ho - 138-9 Doman-Marpole - 138-9 Dunbar Cleaners and Dyers - 138-9 Duthie Books - 138-9 Eaton ' s - 145 Edgewater Hotel - 130 Eldorado Hotel - 121 Fawcett Furniture - 138-9 F. and F. Equipment - 151 Finning Tractor and Equipment - 63 Foley ' s Candies - 1 38-9 Fraser Arms Hotel - 120 Frying Dutchman Restaurant - 138-9 General Distributors - 149 E.B. Gibbons - 138-9 Giroday Sawmills - 148 Golden Power Products - 128 Goundry Service - 138-9 Gray Beverage. (7up) - 150 P.J. Gregory and family - 1 1 5 J.K. Hancock - 115 Hannay ' s - 1 52 R.M. Haughian - 61 Hill ' s of Kerrisdale - 1 38-9 1. G.A. - 138-9 Industrial Battery and Supply - 133 Dr. A. Jamieson - 131 Johnston Motors - 138-9 Jordan ' s Interiors - 138-9 St. Jude ' s Shrine - 154 Kennedy Drugs - 138-9 Kerrisdale Travel - 71 Dr. O.E . Kirby - 61 David Lee Men ' s Wear - 138-9 Lion ' s Drive-In - 144 Luyten ' s Paper Products - 123 McGavin Toastmaster - 122 McKee ' s U-Drive Campers - 137 McLelland Tire - 138-9 Macken Agencies - 130 MacLaren Advertising - 142 R.R. MacLeod - 115 N. MacNeil - 115 Magee Grocery - 138-9 Marshall T.V. and Appliances - 1 15 Mary ' s Confectionery - 138 Massot Nurseries - 144 Mediscrip Credit Corporation - 59 Mr. Mike ' s - 134 Model Cleaners - 138-9 Modern Building Cleaners - 122 Monarch Tire - 138-9 Bank of Montreal - 145 Morton Clarke - 154 Mothers ' Auxiliary - 1 16 C. A. Munana - 1 15 Newcombe Realty and Insurance - 147 J.E. Nixon - 115 Northwest Sporting Goods - 138-9 Bank of Nova Scotia - 64 W.J. O ' Brien - 138-9 O ' Brien Advertising - 120 Olma Bros. - 1 19 Owl Drugs - 1 1 5 Pierre Paris Sons - 158 Pitman Optical - 138-9 Ray ' s Repairs - 59 Red Steer - 123 Robco Construction - 156 Rod ' s Building Supplies - 138-9 Rotary Motors - 135 Royal Bank of Canada - 133 Salmon Transfer - 152 Sambo ' s Pancakes - 156 Shop Easy - 138-9 Simmons-McBride - 132 Sparling Sporting Goods - 1 32 D. F. Stack - 64 The Sun - 1 18 Sweeney Cooperage - 125 Tad ' s Sporting Goods - 138-9 Terri ' s Lingerie - 138-9 Vancouver Fancy Sausage - 137 Vancouver Driving School - 147 Varsity Shoe Service - 138-9 Varsity Hobbies - 138-9 Venice Bakery - 137 Ven Par Vending Equipment - 1 15 Wallace Neon - 158 White Spot Hardware - 138-9 Wometco - 140 Woodwards - 1 18 Yui Wah - 115 160 ' l cutc uv 4 Cleye ecvi i- tixatv-uty PUBLISHED BY STUDENTS OF

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