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CHRISTIAN BROTHERS 5400 CARTIER STREET DA 1867-1967 CLASSES FACULTY GRADUATES ACTIVITIES SPORTS Yearbook Staff Editor-in-Chief Copy Editor Seniors Editor Sports Editor Business Editor Classes Editor Activities Editor Grammar School Editor Darkroom Chief and Files Editor Photography Editor Adviser Moderator assisted by Tim Seipp Greg Paris Peter Grant Rat Field assisted by Dave Salmon Robert Gormican assisted by Mike O’Brien Tom Kolstee, Dave Gagnon Pat Gibbons Stan Kazun assisted by Don Macaulay Don Ross assisted by Chris Moore Mike Young Craig Boyle Dave Hill Dan Cunningham Brother Lyons Brother Maher JUNIORS FRIENDS THE COLLEGIAN 1967 Published By THE STUDENTS OF VANCOUVER COLLEGE VANCOUVER , BRITISH COLUMBIA DEDICATION The Fathers of Confederation In the history of Canada there have been no men who have influenced our lives as Canadians more than the Fathers of Con- federation, through whose ceaseless efforts Canada was given an identity separate from any other nation. Itwas primarily through their endeavours that the orginal Dominion of Canada of 1867 was finally realized after years filled with bitter opposition and many disheartening delays. The first advance towards any kind of federation came in Sep- tember, 1864 at the Charlottetown Conference where delegates from the Maritime provinces discussed a possible Maritime Fed- eration. Delegates invited from Ontario and Quebec convinced the assembled delegation that a union of all Canada might be more desirable. The conference adjourned to Quebec to further the plans for such a scheme. By October 28th, 1864, the " Fathers of Confederation” had drawn up thefamous seventy-two resolutions which later formed the basis of Canada’s constitution. After ratification of the proposals by the different provincial legisla- tures, which caused many delays, the final plan of federation was submitted to the authority of the British Government. The new constitution was adopted as a statute of the imperial legislature under the name of the British North America Act in March of 1867. On July 1, 1867, a proclamation brought the act into force for the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec, and the Dominion of Canada entered on the first stage of existence. So it is in memory of these noble and domineering men that we dedicate our work in gratitude for their successful efforts to establish Canada as a constituted nation. 4 His Excellency Most Reverend Most Reverend MARTIN M. JOHNSON, D.D. JAMES F. CARNEY Archbishop of Vancouver Auxiliary Bishop of Vancouver Right Reverend T.M. NICHOL, V.G. Pastor 6 On Thursdays the Student Mass was held in the Music Room. Here it is celebrated by Father Bach, the school Chaplain. Acknowledgements In the course of the school year much advice and help has been graciously offered to theyear- book staff by different people not directly con- nected with the staff itself. The yearbook staff, in return, would like to give special recognition to two such individuals, Mr. Bill Cunningham (’26) and Mr. Manuel Espinosa, who have de- voted time and effort to better the appearance of the Collegian. Both of these men have given advice and assistance in the photography end of the Collegian. The chapel in the Brothers’ Residence is available for use by all the students at College. 7 Tv,.,;: 1867 II 1967 Principal REV. BROTHER J.B. CLARKSON, M.A. Religion Vice- Principal REV. BROTHER E.B. WALSH, M.A. Religion, English, Maths, Latin 10 I BROTHER P.B. BREEN, M.A. Latin, English BROTHER L.F. TAYLOR, B.Sc., M.A. Physics, Maths BROTHER L.A. ANGEL, M.A. French, English BROTHER G.P. LYONS, M.Sc. Chemistry, Bursar BROTHER K.B. GARDNER, B.A. English, French BROTHER M.A. MAHER, B.A. French BROTHER J.G. FAIRLEIGH, M.A. English, Socials " Eve beat you to it, Br. Angel.” BROTHER G.F. BRENNAN, B.B.A., M.A. Maths, Commerce BROTH ERJ.R. LYNCH, B.A. Maths, Socials BROTHER D.G. ROSE, B.A. G rade 6 12 MR. E.D. RIZAK, B.A., B.RE. Socials, Science, Athletic Director BROTHER W.A. HOGAN, B.A. Grade 5 BROTHER E.B. DAWE, B.A., Grade 7, Latin BROTHER W.J. NOONAN, M.A. Religion, French, Typing Security is a helping hand from Mrs. Fry. MR. G. SCHWERTFEGER, M.A. Socials, English 13 MR. S. HUNTER, B.A. English, Drafting MR. S.A. WHITTAKER, B.A. Grade 7 mr. j.b. McQuillan, b.a. Business, French MR. A.G. ANDERSON, B.A., B.Ed. Lab Assistant MR. D.J. WRIGHT, B.Com. Science Mr. Anderson waits poised for the ball to be snapped, then — who knows? MRS. D. KERNEY Grade 2 Daylight in the swamps comes early for theboarders. Br. Gardner is extra- persuasive. MRS. N. SENDALL Secretary MRS. M. FRY Registrar MRS. G. KIM Grade 4 1867 II 1967 GRADE 11 ■HBH£ra5tfcuXH99 Ralph Bradley occupies himself with the pursuit of knowledge. HOME ROOM: 111. FIRST ROW: Gregory Paris, David Lyall, Jim Kennedy, Jan Gronlund, Art Hall, Steve Campbell, Timothy Jull, Theodore Hsiung. SECOND ROW: Rob Udell, Harry Howard, Pat Delesalle, Ray Robinson, Bill Fielkowich, Doug Baker, Cort Lynch, Garry MacDonald, Donald Virstuk, Hans Zittier, John Totino. THIRD ROW: Arturo Duran, Mark Schulhof, Ed Desroches, Michel De Cornulier, Peter Robin, Ralph Bradley, Paul Fry, Tim Lavery, Jim Ferris. FOURTH ROW: Jeff Smulders, Jim Williams, Frank Schindelka, Tony Marr, Danny Young, Steve Knight, Paul Turvey, Darrell Matthias, Paul Horne, John Mills. 18 _ 1 fill f 1 § i A » _ a S i jl fir i i 1 1 W f ! TT 1 They’re not going to catch me being late for class. GRADE 11 " Sash! Watch how a Grade Eleven pro does it,” cautions Doug Baker. HOME ROOM: 112. FIRST ROW: Kent Bitz, Steve Miller, Chris Dyakowski, Peter Choate, Don Murray, Rich Gorman, Bob Young, Pat Flynn. SECOND ROW: Bob Fortin, Frank Mamoser, Jon Revane, Dave Hill, Jim Gladwin, Jim Prince, Pat Tritschler, Joe Alvaro. THIRD ROW: Ivan Bulic, Paul Westwell, John Ripley, Ed Forrester, Louis Long, John Stiles, Ray Kosick, Robert Noble. FOURTH ROW: Jim Coverdale, Joe McGarry, Pete Harvey, Mike Munsie, Brad Fritz, John Patterson, Harry O’Brien, Tom Clarke, Mike Battle. ABSENT: Fabian MacDonald. 19 HOME ROOM-. 113. FIRST ROW: Alex O’Brien, Oscar Martinez, Norman Whitmore, Glen Cameron, Stefan Betkowski, Allan Cullen, Peter Beynon, Lindsay Cotterell, Dale Wolfe. SECOND ROW: Ken Chase, Bernard MacDonald, Frank Leahy, Allan Alberts, Dave Gagnon, Ed McGivern, Jim Mason, Allan Jacob, Ted Moore. THIRD ROW: John Lloyd, Paul Meloche, Rick MacKenzie, Mike Gendron, Tom Jaworski, Hector MacKay-Dunn, Larry Atherton, Dwain Wacko, Paul Costello, Pat Finnegan. FOURTH ROW: D’Arcy Kavanagh, Dennis Kelly, Bob McDonald, Tom Pink, John Rogers, Rich Noble, Daryl Fieber, Dave DeCamillis, Steve Meyers, Doug West. GRADE 10 Math, a major problem to most Sophomores, poses no problem to Malcolm Macaulay who attacks it in a unique manner. HOME ROOM-. 101. FIRST ROW: Murray Ross, Dan Cunningham, Peter McLorg, Mark LeBlanc, Michael Meegan, Anthony Pulice, Lou Struve. SECOND ROW: Peter Hill, Harry Brand olini, William Harrison, Martin Finch, Louis Rempel, William Boons, Sean Byrne. THIRD ROW: Steve Gaylie, Bruce Kennedy, Jim Wingham, Cal Ross, Larry Coughlan, Gary Baker, Daryl Campbell. FOURTH ROW: Chuck Hayden, Michael Giuliani, William Kolstee, James Inverarity, David MacKintosh, John McGeragle, Silvano Ranalletta, Michael McCarthy. ABSENT: Mike Njakara. 21 m % §§ % % ip % ' 9 W ; M A k HOME ROOM : 102. FIRST ROW: Skip Groff, Dan Godfrey, Larry Biggar, Mike McCaffery, Mark Ryan, John Cliffe, Doug Gormican, Pat Finnerty, Alex Maclnnes. SECOND ROW: Jim Gorman, Steve Herbert, Charles Laddish, Steve Barker, Werner Maurer, Ken Greba, Davis Garayt, Cameron McLachlan, Richard Hugh. THIRD ROW: Stan Kazun, Phillip Seipp, Peter Orange, Robert Harrington, Kim Waterman, Joe Moyls, John Ives, Mark Leja, Ian McMillan. FOURTH ROW: Mike Hoskinson, Philip Eivemark, Louis Dumont, John Cabana, Steve Yehle, Denis Harvey, John Woods, Hugh Legg, Terry O’Neill, John Nixon. GRADE 10 HOME ROOM: 103. FIRST ROW: Geoffrey Lefeuvre, Steve Patton, Witold Ludwikowski, John Opitz, John Cairns, Marty Byron, Pierre Cote. SECOND ROW: Ken Bell, Bill Mercer, Andy Graham, Larry Battle, John De Marre, John Worgan, Mike Anger. THIRD ROW: Bill Gunn, Gordon Sinclair, Dan Kenny, Bob Sung, Roy Cook, Vic Narduzzi, Mike Watson. FOURTH ROW: Tony Lazzarotto, Don Clutchey, Joe Gyuricska, Nick Mazzone, Paul Giroday, Faustin Chouinard, Jud Taylor, Wayne Bedford. " I’ll give you ten seconds to hand over that notebook,” warns Br. Maher. HOME ROOM-. 104. FIRST ROW-. Peter Petrunia, Robert McMahon, Chris Boucher, Jim Loftus, Brendan Bottomley, John Wilson, Chris Gallagher, Jock Leahy. SECOND ROW: David Whitlock, Kevan Perrins, Don Morrison, Ed Egli, Bennet Kopecki, Craig Evers, Don Bowen, Larry Mamoser, John Daws. THIRD ROW: Richard Ingram, Norman Lambert, Joe Gordon, Robert Danby, Larry Griffiths, Mike Delesalle, Richard Longpre, Carl Dillon, Bill Mitchell. FOURTH ROW: James Harrington, Dennis Giroday, Malcolm Macaulay, Paul Guiguet, Trevor Rowe, Bill Jones, Jim Lattimer, Robert Wylie. ABSENT: Bill Cullen. " O.K. Sung, let’s see how far we get before you break the other one,” snickers Terry O’Neill. GRADE 70 " Quod incepimus, conficiemus” (What we have begun, we shall finish) reflects Kevin Cunningham. 1 m - ■If ' ' PVT % pfg 9k P ■ p Kt ■ jgj , i Jmk V m pi ...A t m gffl Mm P • r ‘ ■ IB - V B jH P li 4 . , f T l 1 ' ' 1 HOME ROOM: 91. FIRST RO W: Juan Valera, Derek Warren, Mike Morton, Lome Teraguchi, Pat Rempel, Danny McCullough, Tony Nardi, Greg Battle, Robert Crowley. SECOND ROW: Geoff English, Andy Jurka, William Byrne, Kevin Cunningham, John Elden, Grant Cameron, Dave Barrett, Louie Pulice, Daniel Baker. THIRD ROW: Winfred Lerf, Louis Malo, Steve Whittaker, Steve Mackenzie, Terry Murphy, Werner Biro, Robert Musgrove, Andy Perry, George Dramalis. FOURTH ROW: Trevor Bowen, Richard Reiter, Tom Harris, Brian Savage, Tom Upton, Richard Richardson, Steve Koughan, Mark Hyder, Jim Boyle, Charles Lariviere. ABSENT: Barry Frasen, Jeff Pink. 24 |i ■ 1 •• if tj j :: 1 1 ill j I 1 | 1 1 | 1 1 j 1 5 L 1 H ri t j iim 1 1 ini j 1; HOME ROOM: 92. FIRST ROW : Barry Friedel, David Leckschas, Robert Godfrey, Paul Kurys, Gary Koss, Garry Mitchel, Blake Morris, Louis Conway, Barry Morgan. SECOND ROW: BryanFortin, Barry Janyk, John Roberts, Tormod Tolpinrud, Paul Hacault, Michael Redmond, Paul Carrothers, Wiesiu Reklinski, Ted Wawryniuk. THIRD ROW: Phillip Legg, Hugh MacKinnon, Jim Marchand, Kevin O’Neill, Ed Flood, Michael Fleming, John Cawker, Terry Raappana, Noel Foley, Chris Bernard. FOURTH ROW: Bill Fraser, Carl Wimmer, Paul Robillard, Stephen Boyle, Pat O’Brien, Bill O’Brien, Chris White, Denis Battrum, Mike Hockley, Leonard Giroday. GRADE 9 HOME ROOM: 93. FIRST ROW: Rick Paris, George Wolfe, Jim Collison, Jim Clarke, Mark Hovan, Mark Atherton, Mark Miller, Chris Lavoie, Allan Mann. SECOND ROW: Pat Drew, Mike White, Richard Murphy, Doug MacKay, Pat Regan, Larry Kennedy, Doug Cullen, Cahl Madden, Mike Kelly. THIRD ROW: Anthony Laing- Meason, Leslie Csanyi, Peter Isman, Paul Fauteux, Bill French, Greg McCaffery, Robert Aird, Greg Smallenberg, Clyde MacLeod. FOURTH ROW: Mike MacKay-Dunn, Mark Schretlen, Dave Breckner, Dave Burns. ABSENT: Brian Johnson. HOME ROOM : 94. FIRST ROW: John Alexander, Wayne Holland, Donald DesRoches, Conrad Schwandner, Steve Rogers, Larry Bartle, Matt Cote, Greg Jaworski, Dwayne Parker, Brendan O’Connell, Kim Wallbaum, Terry O’Neil, Matt McGarry, John Phillips. Steve Woodley, Mike Boreham, Paul Odermatt. SECOND ROW: FOURTH ROW: Tom Kusz, Donald Inverarity, Cas Borowski, Jerry Mike Ryan, Steve Fanning, Mark Faliszewski, Assu Nijdam, Robert Mones, Tal Reader, Tim Dowd, Joe Malo, Bob Cyr. ABSENT: Cardinal, Wayne Diakow, Geoff Storey, Jim Bertrand. THIRD ROW: David Macvey, Murray Wimbles. 26 GRADE 8 Grade Eight Student Bill Lehane finds the reassuring help of the teacher invalu- able in times of uncertainty. HOME ROOM: 81. FIRST ROW: Danny Garayt, Tony Chaw, Brian Cruise, Michael Cliffe, Randy Jang, Paul McGivern, David Nixon, Harry DeMarre, Nick Gallagher, Peter Curley. SECOND ROW: Danny Phillips, Michael Fanning, Tim Delesalle, Randy King, Gary Gibson, Harry Borget, Tom Flynn, Dave Mackenzie, Bob Whalen, John Gawthrop. THIRD ROW: Gary Osborne, Phil Kurys, Peter Anton, Doug Hughes, John McCleery, Danny Murray, Paul Boyle, John Herring, Barry Fleming, Max Fraser. FOURTH ROW: Doug Johnstone, Shawn Kennedy, Ian Sutcliffe, Chris Barber, Paul Culling, Rick Wilander, Murray McGuigan, John Turner, Bob Williston, Leo Brenzinger. 27 GRADE 8 HOME ROOM: 82 . FIRST ROW: Laszlo Molnar, John Smulders, Bill Lehane, Joe Regan, Dave Charlebois, Ted Baker, Richard Lassalle, Neil McPherson, Paul Gruenwald. SECOND ROW: Pedro Re Ganem, Brian MacIntyre, Robert Sitter, David James, Mike Dickinson, Paul Pitre, Stuart Nowacki, Guy Germyn, Don Forberg. THIRD ROW: Mike Murphy, Frank Holmstrom, Juan Urrutia, Mike Humphrey, Harry Hoffelner, Jeff Cooke, Donald Orange, Steve Rooney, Jim Deacon, Manrico Bauman, Paul Conroy. FOURTH ROW: Brad Oliver, Dennis Birch, John Malo, Robert Patterson, Randy Burr, Rene Korst, Doug March, Gerry Bucher, Jim Barrie, Pat Clark. The mouse and the lion. I ■ " Would you believe it’s my brother’s?” " Come on Murphy, you must have some idea.” HOME ROOM: 83. FIRST ROW: Stuart McLeod, Stuart MacNeil, Steve Whitlock, Stephen Schmuck, Jake Muldowan, Brian VanDaal, Nick Beuk, Mike Wilson, Rick Ginnetti. SECOND ROW: Richard Nantel, Louis Valente, Tom Heys, Tim Mylett , Kevin McCarthy, Dan McDowall, Tom Eakins, Allen Foley. THIRD ROW: Richard Kerk-Hecker, Terry Bogyo, Vic Spatgens, Ralph Wimmer, John Mulvaney, Gordon Moss, Dan Clarke, Peter Guichon, Mike Regan. FOURTH ROW:Mike Gallant, Jim Redfern, Joe Patterson, Chris Cooke, Kevin Lyons, Reinhard Pekarek, John King, Tom Gordon, Mike Murphy, Rodney Cox. AB- SENT: Froylan Miranda, Kevin Bragg, Doug Parks. GRADE 8 29 1867 II 1967 GRADUATES ’67 JOHN J. ALTON John first walked through thedoors of Vancouver College while in Grade five. Besides playing Junior Varsity basketball, he has been a part of the College grid- iron squad for tne past three years. John enjoys hitch-hiking and plans to spend his next few years at S.F.U. JACK ANDERSON A new face at College this year, Tack came from the outer reaches of Ladner. He has participated in Intramurals and has been among the few seniors with first class honours. His spare time is spent hunting and boating. Jack wants to go south to complete liis education. | PAUL ANDREWS A member of Sts. Peter and Paul Parish, Paul started his schooling twelve years ago at the College. He has been active in Intramural Football, Basketball and Volleyball and, on the weekends, may be seen on the ski slopes or the golf course. Paul hopes to go into Law at U.B.C. v HARRY J. BARBER Since coming to the College in Grade eleven, Harry has been a loyal supporter of College activities. A resident of Sts. Peter ana Paul Parish, Harry relaxes at a swimming pool or a pool hall. After graduation, Harry will commence higher education. Jack McLaughlin and Brian Longpre dress for adult society. LAN NON M ALI to 32 LEONARD BARTFAI Len, a boarder for the past two years, calls Powell River home. While at V.C., he has been active in weightlifting, intra- mural football and intramural basketball. Hunting, fishing, and skiing use up Len ’s spare time. He has decided to further his education at S.F.U. JOHN A. BARKER Coming from Columbia three years ago, John has brought some South Am- erican ideas to the College. He is a strong influence as Editor of the sch ool newspaper. His enjoyments include read- ing, talking and being around people. John hopes to acquire a B.A. at S.F.U. and continue on to Law School. JOHN BEATON As captain of our Varsity Football team and one of our key basketball players, John has been a great asset to College in the sports field. He has also been an Hon- our Roll student since coming from Immaculate Conception five years ago. John would like to continue his sports- man’s life at university. ROBERT G. BEAUPRE Bob has been active at V.C. since he came here nine years ago. Even while playing J.V. and Varsity Basketball, how- ever, he has kept on the Honour Roll. Besides this Bob was a member of the Associated Students’ Club. After obtain- ing a Masters in Civil Engineering at McGill, he plans to be a big success in life. Hugh Burke and Randy Ranger are active in a popular noontime activity homework. PAUL R. BELL Paul, who hails from Calgary, spent one year at the College. To sit and to meditate, and to drive sports cars are his favourite pastimes. As to his future, Paul has decided to attenf S.F.U. and then McGill for law. 33 MAURICE BOISVERT In the five years he has attended the College, Maurice has been active in Glee Club and Intramural Football. Outside of school, he is an avid sailor, a football player and a tennis player. His greatest fear is a barber shop. Maurice’s next step is into Business Administration at U.B.C. " Hey, you guys — she IS MY girl, after all!!” DANNY BOWEN A four-year College student from Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Danny has been a great asset to intramural football cap- tains. He spends his spare time skiing, swimming, playing hockey, or football and hopes to continue his education at S.F.U. H. CRAIG BOYLE Entering College in Grade nine, Craig has been on the Yearbook staff for two years and in the U.N. Club three years, one of which he was President. Craig enjoys the U.N. Club, dances, sports, work and homework in that order. His future lies in the field of architectural engineering. HUGH BURKE A seven-year College veteran from O.L.P.H. parish, Hugh has kept his Religion classes interesting with his per- sonal philosophy of life, known as Burke’s Law. A consistent Honour Stu- dent, Hugh participated in Boxing and Intramurals. He wants to further guide his fellow men as a sociologist. PETER A. BUSCH In his four years at the College, Peter has been a recurrent Honour Roll student. He played Varsity Football and joined the Track Team. Petealsoenjoyswater skiing, swimming and playing soccer. His career will probably be in the accounting field. 34 WAYNE CAMPBELL A student of six years at the College, Wayne is noted for his casual clothes and up-to-date dress. Anything for kicks, Wayne is a " nighthawk ' ’who enjoys danc- es and parties. After attending Dentistry School, Wayne will dedicate his life to re- pairing cavities. ELMER T. CARROTHERS Distinguished as one of the ten who have gone the full route at the College, Elmer enjoys water skiing and the young life. His weekends are spent either at Gassy Jack’s or The Spot. Elmer hopes to satisfy his ambitions at U.B.C.’s School of Medicine. MICHAEL J. CAVANAUGH An old-timer at the College, Mike has brightened the Brothers’ lives for ten years. He can be seen in the winter in the chalet or on the slopes, demonstrating his talents to girls. In the summer, he is similarly occupied at Kits Beach where he enjoys playing or listening to Rhythm and Blues. Mike will enter U.B.C. aftergrad- uation. V GORDON CAWKER Another of our " twelve-year” men, Gordy has volunteered his " beautiful voice” to the Glee Club for three years. His spare timeis employed playing hockey or football or swimming. Hehas decided to spend the money he makes as a lawyer on a ranch. ROBERT COTTER One of our students from the foggy marshlands of Tsawwassen, Bob has been here since Grade eight He has lent his brain to the U.N. Club and his speed to the track team. He ranks History 12 among his greatest dislikes. Bob dreams of the day he can leave his horn ehickt own for Nelson to attend University of Notre Dame. BRIAN M. DEACON Brian, an eight year College student, gets hisoutdoorpleasurefrom swimming and skiing. His chief interests, asidefrom parties, are tropical fish. His love of ani- mals will be fulfilled when he settles down with a large family as a veterinarian. MARTIN B. DESHAW Marty came to the College two years ago by way of O.L.P.H. and has partici- pated in intramural football and basket- ball. He burns up excess energy by golf- ing, swimming and water skiing. Martin wants to build up his future in a Law career. PHILIP J. DESMAZES From the beautiful secluded town of Westbridge, B.C., Phil entered the Col- lege in Grade eleven. Phil has shown his aggressiveness in football and wrestling and occupies his time with hockey or sleep. Phil, a " down to earth” student, hopes to go into geology at S.F.U. DOUGLAS P. ELMORE Doug, a representative of the West End, has kept the Brothers working for five years. Besides chasing girls, Doug has used his speed on the College track team. He spends his spare time on his friend’s sailboat and skiing. Though Doug’s immediate future will be spent at univer- sity, he hopes eventually to become a Japanese gardner. DEAN D. DWIGHT Another student from the " sticks”, Dean came to the College out of the Tsawwassen fog fiveyears ago. He is often seen driving ahronze Falcon in the area between the North Shore and Birch Bay. His pet peeve is daily commuting from the " outer limits”. After graduation, Dean will attend U.B.C. The word of Chairman Mao explains evils of " revisionism ” to Malcolm Porter, Tom Kolstee and Robert O’Neill. 36 TERRY FARMER A native of the typical B.C. town of Enderby, Terry has boarded at Collegefor three years. In his country habitant, he enj oys hunting, fishing and water skiing. After a break from the academic life, Terry would like to enter S.F.U. in Jan- uary, 1968. JIM FETHERSTONAUGH Jim came to the Brothers sixyears ago from Immaculate Conception. He has played football and basketball and has been a class officer, a member of the Assoc- iated Students’ Club and President of the Drama Club. Jim enjoys working with electronic equipment and hopes to contin- ue into the audio-technical field at University. PATRICK J. FIELD Pat has been one of the College’s daily commuters from West Vancouver since Grade nine. He has kept on the Honour Roll constantly and was both a track and a drama " star”. He has toiled as Editor of the Yearbook. On the weekends, Pat enjoys golf, skating, and pool. He will enter the Science Faculty at U.B.C. DANIEL FOSLIEN In his five years at the College, Danny’s main activity has beenfightingforthe Pur- ple and Gold in the boxing ring. A great lover of water, Dan competes in water skiing and is on the YMCA swim team. After a few years of fun at S.F.U. , he wants to follow Snoopy into the clouds as an airline pilot. MICHAEL P. FLOOD 1958 was the " year of Flood” when Mike first appeared at the College. Mike, a Holy Name Parishioner, relaxes from homework at tennis courts and swimming pools. He is looking forward to a success- ful business career after finishing Bus- iness Administration at U.B.C. RUSSELL FUOCO Russ is one of the new students who came to the College this year. He loves to ski on both the mountains and the sea. Russ added his muscle to the Fight- ing Irish in his senior year. He is look- ing forward to a University education after receiving his diploma. 37 JOSEPH L. GAGNON In Grade eleven, Joe came to the Col- lege from the seminary at Mission. One of the Honour Roll elite, he spends his spare time reading, bowling, and listen- ing to music. A faithful follower of Br. Lyons, Joe wishes to specialize in Chem- istry or Physics at U.B.C. RAYMOND J. GAYLIE Ray has brightened the brothers’ lives since Grade one, has played in intramu- rals and has sung in the Glee Club. He was also a " popular”basketballmanager. To relieve the tension of school, Ray waterskis and plays hockey. U.B.C. will decide Ray’s career. PATRICK S. GIBBONS A nine-year College student, Pat has belonged to the Glee Club and the U.N. Club. As Business Editor of the Year- book, he has helped Br. Lyons collect money for the past two years. Pat’s fa- vourite pastime is work, especially with female assistants. After graduation, he wants to go east to McMasters University. ROBERT GIRODAY A local Saints Peter and Paul Parish- oner, Robert has run a five-year stretch at the College. He enjoys making weird chemicals in the lab. His diversions from long study hours include swim- ming, reading, girl chasing and playing ticktacktoe. Bod hopes to dig into zoolo- gy at university. Janet Lee and Eva Adamovitch pioneered female equality at the College. 38 STEPHEN A. GRAHAM A liberal Conservative who is de- E ressed with the modern world, Steve as spoken out for social justice since he came to the College six years ago. An active student, he has been in football, U.N. Club, Bowling and Intramurals, as well as being on the school executive. He enjoys studying people and, after entering a law or psychiatric career, hopes, as Prime Minister, to lead Canada to higher goals. PETER A. GRANT Since descending on the College six years ago from O.L.P.H., Pete has been a regular honour student. He has been a U.N. supporter since Grade ten and has been the industrious Senior Editor. Pete enjoys dancing, skiing and swim- ming. Planning to enter Law School, he eventually hopes to see the world. Brian Longpre campaigns for the school Presidency — or was that the Vice-Presidency? MICHAEL R. GRAY Four years ago Mike came to the Col- lege from Immaculate Conception. He partakes in the peace and relaxation of fishing. An Air Cadet, Mike will receive a university education through the Regu- lar Officer Training Program. GERALD M. GREBA Gerry came from the realm of Saint Andrew’s Parish in Grade nine. Outside the academic field, he plays poolandgoes to dances and parties. His cultural inter- ests include the Beach Boys and Jazz. A medic at heart, Gerry will enter orthodon- tistry or dentistry after a relaxing trip to Hawaii. 39 JAMES V. HAMLIN In his four years at the College, Jim has actively participated in " lunch.” After homework, Jim works on his stamp col- lection and, on cold weekends, goes skiing. Though hedreams ofbecoming a professional skier, Jim’s immediatefuture will be spent in the civil service. CHARLES HANCOCK Charlie came to the College in the vin- tage year of ' 55 and took top honours for many years. He has enjoyed wielding a whip as Senior Basketball and Senior Track manager. He takes out his frustra- tions on animals through hunting. He will wait until the added maturity of a university education allows him a broader choice of career. MICHAEL D. HARVEY For four years Mike has commuted from the southern outpost of White Rock to the College. He has taken a good share of honours and is one of the revolutionary few who has backed the U.N. Club for three years. Mike does not know what a- waits nim beyond university. WILLIAM C. HARDY In Grade eleven, Bill migrated south from Prince Rupert to board at the Col- lege. He has helped V.C.’s Varsity Foot- ball and Track teams and has also relieved the tension of students who sit near him with his harmonious singing. Bill’s car- eer will be teaching. DAVID G. HISLOP Since hecameherenineyears ago, Dave has shown his worth as a basketball player and track star. He has played Varsity Basketball for three years and was on the track team for two. He is also in the Associated Students’ Club. Dave has not committed himself to a particular field but wants to attend University. 40 WILLIAM T. HUNSCHE This exuberant boy has spent six years at the College and has been active in bowl- ing and volleyball. His outside interests include cars, bunting and golf. Bill enjoys Economics and plans a future in Business Administration. DENNIS A. HUGH Ever since coming from Saint Francis Xavier four years ago, De nnis has played College football. He has also been a star honour student and, in his senior year, has served as school treasurer. Dennis’ other school activities have been track and sodality. Outside of school, he enjoys football, swimming and track. EDWARD HYDER Ted’s complete academic education since Grade one has been at the College. Since Grade nine he has been active in Intramurals. He swims, fishes, and plays football in his leisure hours. After gradu- ation, he will channel his abilities into the biology field. 1 ROBERT JANYK In the past four years, " Big Bob” has enjoyed the College life, though some- times to the brothers’ dismay. Bob has three loves: cars, money, ana the " pur- suit of happiness”. In the future Bob wishes to utilize all his energies in fur- thering his " pursuit of happiness”. EDWARD G. KAROLYI Ed came to the College in Grade seven from Saint Louis College in Victoria. Be- sides being an honour student, he has been active in the U.N. Club. Full of vitality, Ed plays cards, pool, tennis, and f olf and bowls. He will satisfy his mor- id desires by entering medicine. DANIEL P. KENNEDY In his four years at the College, Dan has greatly impressed his teachers and fellow students. He was an intramural football captain in his senior year. When not on his motorcycle, Dan likes to stroll in parks and converse with " birds”. Be- fore entering the U.B.C. School of Archi- tecture, Dan wants to visit San Francisco, Toronto and New York. BRIAN D. KENNELLY Two years ago Brian came out of the wilderness around Princeton to attend College. In his senior year, he has been active in intramural football and basket- ball and also has added his voice to the Glee Club. Brian’s free time is spent on the ski slopes, in swimming pools, at parties or in the hunter’s paradise around Princeton. Brian’s ambition is to enter Law. ROBERT KENT Bob is among the students initiated into the College by Brother Breen four years ago. He was on the Fighting Irish line ana kept in shape with intramurals. His athletic abilities extend into the box- ing ring, golf course and tennis courts. His future lies in the business field. ANTON F. KOLSTEE Tom can be recognized as the lead guitarist for the United Empire Loyalists who have often played at College dances. Though the band keeps him busy, he has found time to manage football, sing in the Glee Club and work on theY earhook’s Sports section. For the next few years Tom will devote himself to university and the band. JACOB D. KUBIK A native of Lethbridge, Alberta, Jack has resided at the College for " two long years.” He has played Intramurals and has been on the track team. His spare time activities vary from swimming and tennis to tournament bridge. After grad- uation, Jack is looking forward to re- turning to the prairies for a career in the agricultural field. Ed Karolyi wreaks vengeance on Steve Graham with fatal consequences. 42 Seniors are not exempt from the tough College discipline. RODGER D. LECLAIR Rodger came here via Richmond in Grade seven and has partaken in J. V. Foot- ball and Basketball. He enjoys the cold weather when he can play hockey. Rodger will advance to U.B.C. to prepare for an architectural engine ering career. JOHN LAY Since coming from Bangkok, Thai- land, to the College in Grade eleven, John has helped lead the boarders as their Vice- President. His athletic interests include football, basketball, badminton, swim- ming and judo. John’s plans are to fol- low business administration at U.B.C. DAVID J. LOW A member of the track team and Glee Club, Dave’s more interesting activities lie off the campus and include skating, sailing, fishing and hunting. A top stu- dent in Brother Lyon s Chemistry class, Dave’s future will he in medicine. REGINALD S. LETOURNEAU A native of New Westminster, " Big Reg” entered the College in Grade ten. He joined the football fracas on our Var- sity team this year and has been a " regu- lar” on the honour roll. For the next few years, Reg will study engineering. BRIAN G. LONGPRE For a West Vancouverite, Brian has shown great potential as a class leader in his ten years at the College. An active honour student, he was football captain and Vice-President of the Associated Stu- dents’Club. He enjoys philosophizing and getting his picture taken. Before retiring, he plans to become a great and famous personality. 43 michael McCullough Six years ago, Mike first opened the College doors. He has played J.V. foot- ball and enj oys most sports. He is also an avid fan of rock and roll. One of the few individualists of his class, Mike sets his own style in clothes and has resisted the attacks of conformists. He wants to continue on to U.B.C. BRIAN M. McDANIEL Since coming to the College from Holy Trinity Parish five years ago, Brian has played intramural football and basketball. A year-round sports enth usiast, Brian skis, skates, swims and waterskis. After graduation he will add to his " treasure trove” of knowledge through university. DENNIS J. MacDONALD In his ten years at the College, Dennis has been very active in sports. He joined the football and basketball teams, besides being on the honour roll. His leisure world is dominated by books. Simon Fraser University will extend his educa- tion further. john f. McDonald Five years ago, John came to us from Saint Andrew’s Parish and, since then, he has played freshman football and has been very active in YCS. For recreation, he likes the wilds where hecan hunt and fish. His immediate designs are to strengthen his education at university. JOHN W. MacDONALD Our second John MacDonald isafour- year College student from Saints Peter and Paul Parish. He enjoys football, hockey and basketball, and is a loyal supporter of College dances. John, a consistent hon- our student, will augment his education at university. J No john m. McLaughlin Jorth Van inhabitant who has been popular ever since entering the College in Grade nine, Jack ruled as School President in his senior year. He has also been captain of Varsity Basketball and plays soccer in his free time. Jack has held top honours at College which were culminated by the recent award of a $3,000 scholarship from Harvard Uni- versity. 44 J. ERIC McMAHON Eric’s strong English accent was first heard at the College in Grade eleven. He has since utilized it in the Glee Club. Eric has found Canada better suited than the Isles for his favourite pastimes ofhunting, fishing and camping. His next adventure is to travel around Europe for a year and then attend university. There is a great variety of programs to help seniors move out into the world. DONALD P. MACAULAY As Steveston ’s sole representative in the Senior class, Don has been an honour student since coming here in Grade nine. His arduous labour as Classes Editor was over in October and for the rest of the year, he condescended to help other Edi- tors in dire need. Don was also accepted into the U.N. Club. His future— further education. PATRICK M. MAGUIRE One of the " Immaculate Conception gang”, Pat’s physique has beenseenatthe College for seven years. He was a welcome sight on the " Fighting Irish” and also played intramurals. As a Letterman, he has been in the Associated Students ’Club. Pat loathes detentions. He hopes to be admit- ted to the bar after university. LOTAR MAURER In his six years at the College, Lotar has sacrificed much for his school. In Grade ten and eleven he was an honour student and also managed basketball for a year. He spends weekends sailing, skiing, hunting, and fishing. After a year in the wilderness, Lotar will enter civil engineer- ing. 45 Bob Beaupre takes advantage of his Senior status, WILLIAM MILOGLAV Since coming out of the Richmond Swamplands three years ago, Bill has been on the College football squad. Outside school, Bill’s energies are absorbed by swimming and wrestling. After receiving his diploma, Bill wants to embark on a world tour. ELSON M. MORGAN Elson is especially noted for his wild parts in the drama skits and for assist- ing Br. Angel in French. His athletic interests included Varsity Football and Intramurals. His after-school hours are spent with war novels, cars or electrical equipment. He spends his weekends under water (skin diving! or atthedrags. Elson ’s next plunge will be into law. ANDREW S. NAGY In the five vears Andy has graced the College halls, ne has been on the honour roll often. He fought with the Fighting Irish and edited the infamous Blue Sheet. His two favouriteextracurricularactivities water polo and girls. Andy’s next step will be in the direction of thesciences at U.B.C. CHRISTOPHER H. MOORE Chris’ life at the College began seven years ago. Besides being in the Glee Club and Intramurals, he has been Vice- President of the U.N. Club and Activities Editor of the Yearbook. Unbelievably, he still finds time for skiing, chess and snooker. Though he eventually wants to become a famous novelist, next year Chris will help swell the ranks of our Armed Forces. JAMES K. NYBO Jim’s senior year was filled with school activities. He was on the football and track teams, besides belonging to the Mono- gram Club and the Associated Students’ Club. He has reported for the school newspaper and was a cheerleader. After graduation, Jim plans to stay in the west tor a U.B.C. education. 46 MICHAEL T. O’BRIEN For eight years, the brothers and Col- lege students have been kept laughing at Mike’s humour. A consistent nonour student, he also has the privilege ofbeing a College cheerleader a very dis- tinctive position, Mike will move east to McGill where he will enter engineering. ROBERT F. O’NEILL Bob has less trouble commuting than most North Shore boys, as his ' 66 Olds keeps him dry on his way to school. Since breaking into the College fivey ears ago, he has been active in intramurals and the Glee Club. His main diversions are boating, water skiing and fishing. Bob will head into Business Administration at U.B.C. WILLIAM B. PHILLIPS Another student who lives under the West Van storm clouds, Bill has escaped them daily for the past nine years. He has played Freshman and J.V. Football and has teased the honour roll constantly. His greatest enjoyment is sleep and his ambition is to satisfy a hunger for more education. MALCOLM PORTER Since coming here from Saint Augus- tine’s Parish four years ago, Malcolm’s main school activity has been to sit quietly at the back of the class and, aside from life, he enjoys nothing in particular. Mal- colm’s future is to graduateand then cross the next bridge when he comes to it. Mike Cavanaugh gets a " College Cut” in the Purge of Longhairs. 47 PETER J. SADLER Eight years ago, this active student came to the Collegefrom Saint John the Apostle Parish. He has been a cheerleader and a boon to intramurals. When not working at Oak ridge, Pete enjoys skiing. Upon graduation, he will commence the study of law at U.B.C. CESAR REYES Cesar came north from the warmth of Mexico to complete his high school at the College. In his one year here, he has been active in basketball and boar- ders’ activities. After graduating, he will prepare for a career in Civil Engineering at Menteney, Mexico. DAVID W. SALMON Since coming to the College five years ago from Saint Judes Parish, Dave has appeared on the honour roll regularly. His senior year has been spent as the Collegian Sports Editor and a U.N. Club supporter. The more important aspects of Dave’s life concern girls, cars and money (which he earns Dy working on trucks). Dave will follow through his interest in science as an engineer. DONALD G. ROSS Don has managed the full twelve year stretch at the College. Though he has been President of the U.N. Club, editor of the U.N. paper and Assistant Classes Editor of the Yearbook in hissenioryear, Don has still managed tokeep up honour marks. In the little free time he has, he enjoys a sail on his twenty foot sloop or darkroom photography. After U.B.C., Don envisages a dentistry career. TIMOTHY T. SEIPP After four years here, Tim finally got an outlet for nis problems as yearbook editor. In his senior year he also joined Dave Salmon in the U.N. Club and on the honour roll. His main activities are girl- chasing, bowling, skating, dancing, tennis and swimming. While attending U.B.C., he wants to hold a survey on university girls. RANDALL I. RANGER Randy came to the College in Grades ten and twelve from Our Lady of Good Counsel. Besides intramurals, he enjoys squeezing pennies out of his row for the missions. His interests center around girls and everything that goes with them. He will etch out a career for himself with the advantage of a higher education atS.F.U. MICHAEL J. SHAW In his three years at the College, Mike has not been satisfied in second place and has held one of the highest honour re- cords. His principle school activities have centered around the U.N. Club. His leisure hours are spent in reading or in driving the " red beast” (Volvo) seen a- round the College. STUART K. SUNG Stuart is one of the few who started their College education in Grade one. In his high school years, he has played football, wrestled and has been a cheer- leader and member of the newspaper staff. Stu enjoys a refreshing nap in class and " Rhythm and Blues”. After graduation, he will attend university. GEORGE E. SIUDUT A resident of Saint Casmir’s Parish, George can look back on a decade of College education. He has been very advantageous to our football and wrest- ling teams. Outside school he is active in many sports. George’s future is still in the clouds. The enthusiasm for Economics which hit so many Seniors last Septemberdwindled to a select few by J une. ARNOLD W. THURGOOD The opening of Canada’s centennial year brought Arnold to the College from Winston Churchill. He keeps in good shape through many sports, though foot- ball is his favourite. After finishing his last six months of Grade twelve at the College, Arnold will go to U.B.C. RALPH E. STEFANI A four-year College supporter of foot- ball, Ralph himself has played on the grid- iron three years. He has also been in track for two years. To release his ex- cess energy, Ralph enjoys swimming, ten- nis, roller and ice skating, baseball, pool, water skiing and fishing. He wants to direct his talents into dentistry at U.B.C. FRANK M. TOTINO In the first of his two years at the Col- lege, Frank played J.V. football. He en- joys boating, fishing and developing a talent at woodwork. Frank is looking forward to visiting " down-under” New Zealand. As for a career, he is investigating the field of metallurgy. 49 WILLIAM WARD After one year as a boarder in Grade eleven, Willy preferred commuting daily from White Rock in his senior year. In both years, he was vital to Varsity Foot- ball. He also belonged to the Associated Students’ Club and the newspaper staff. He loves sports and girls (all kinds of both). Bill wishes to etch out a career in Law. JOHN P. VAYDA For the past five years, John has com- peted for top spot on the honour roll. He has been active in intramural basket- ball and the U.N. Club. When not study- ing, John skis, horseback ridesandplays tennis. To prepare for an architectural career, he wants to move south to U.C.L.A. S. JAMES WILLIAMS Jim ran the full course from one to twelve at the College. A star basketball player since Grade nine, Jim has also been a cheerleader and a member of the Associated Students’ Club. He releases his tensions through basketball, football, scuba diving, and water skiing. Jim has not yet decided on his futur umre. Our illustrious Collegian yearbook edi- tor, Tim Seipp, gets some original ideas from other publications. KEN WOLFE Ken came to the College from Seattle Prep for his senior year. He enjoys play- ing the guitar, making up hisownsongs, skiing and making excursions to nis home town Seattle. After graduat- ing, Ken wants to return to Wasnington for university. MICHAEL T. YOUNG A lively student from Holy Name Par- ish, Mike has participated in intramurals and has been on the Collegian staff, be- sides being a consistent honours student. He releases his energy in football, basket- ball, swimming and water skiing. Mike’s future lies in either Law or Business Ad- ministration. 50 Senior Directory John Alton 7626 Gladstone Street 325-7603 Jack Anderson 4980 Westminster Avenue Ladner 946-2626 Paul Andrews 4164 Pine Crescent 738-0200 Harry Barber 4963 Marguerite St. 263-5884 John Barker 6111 Fremlin St. 266-9713 Len Bartfai 5554 Park Ave. Powell River, B.C. John Beaton 3949 West 32nd Ave. 228-8750 Bob Beaupre 3637 Pine Crescent 731-7151 Paul Beil 350 St. James Crescent West Vancouver 922-5644 Maurice Boisvert 1896 W. 36th Ave. 261-0057 Danny Bowen Box 577 Jasper, Alberta Craig Boyle 2475 W. 16th Ave. 733-7754 Hugh Burke 3768 Dunbar St. 733-5173 Peter Busch 6916 Lanark St. 327-3063 Wayne Campbell 842 East 20th North Vancouver 988-1575 Elmer Carrothers 5625 Osier St. 261-2415 Michael Cavanagh 1175 Pacific 688-2077 Gordon Cawker 2462 Edgar Cres. 733-1961 Robert Cotter 5646 10th Ave. Tsawwassen 943-2403 Brian Deacon 538 West 63rd 325 491 Martin Deshaw 3932 W. 18th Ave. 224-7841 Phil DesMazes Westbridge, B.C. 446-2218 Dean Dwight 5540-14 ,f B” Ave. Ladner, B.C. 943-2010 Douglas Elmore 1119 Broughton St. 684-0765 Terry Farmer Enderby, B.C. 838-7590 Jim Fetherstonhaugh 3794 W. 30th 224-1975 Patrick Field 1328 Gordon Ave. West Vancouver 922-0889 Mike Flood 67 West 4 1st Ave. 321-8884 Dan Foslien 3975 Southwood St. South Burnaby 433- 1334 Russel Fuoco 4861 Angus Dr. 736-7144 Joseph Gagnon 301-8820 Cartier St. 261-7957 Ray Gaylie 4888 Marguerite St. 738-8422 Patrick Gibbons 1735 W. 38th Ave. 261-7455 Robert Giroday 1275 Tecumsen St. 738-8642 Bob Gormican 3585 W. 31st Ave. 261-6952 Steve Graham 3950 Laurel St. 872-7283 Peter Grant 4064 W. 15 th Ave. 224-1989 Michael Gray 3728 W. 24th 224-3025 Gerald Greba 127 E. Woodstock Ave. 325-2013 Jim Hamlin 6611 Marguerite St. 261-8839 Charlie Hancock 5896 Ontario St. 321-0865 William Hardy 2150 Atlin Ave. Prince Rupert, B.C. Michael Harvey 1751 3-4th Ave. R.R. 2 White Rock, 531-5018 David Hislop 4506 John St. 879-2726 Dennis Hugh 4561 Fleming St. 876-0883 Bill Hunsche 3342 Wellington 434- 6054 Ted Hyder 2317 W. 10th Ave. 733-6226 Robert Janyk 1030 West King Edward 736-9551 Edward Karolyi 2590 Blanca 224-6420 Daniel Kennedy 2640 W. 14th 731-7603 Brian Kennedy 133 Sunset Ave. Princeton, B.C. Bob Kent 663 W. 51st 321-6334 Tom Kolstee 3317 W. 8th Ave. 733-5646 Jack Kubik 2012-6th Ave. Lethbridge, Alberta John Lay P.O. Box 2528 Bangkok, Thailand Rodger LeClair 883 My hill Rd. Richmond, B.C. 277-6659 Reg Letourneau 317 4th Ave. New Westminister, 521-2327 Brian Longpre 585 Southborough Dr. West Vancouver 922-3105 David Low 1357 Winton Ave. North Vancouver 985-7091 Mike McCullough 4580 Slocan St. 434-5836 Brian McDaniel 3348 Mahon Ave. North Vancouver 988-1319 Dennis Macdonald 25 Worthington PI. 434-6020 John F. MacDonald 6768 Ross St. 327-3301 John W. MacDonald 45 37 Haggart St. 738-3301 Jack McLaughlin 3487 Wellington Cres. North Vancouver 988-7061 Eric McMahon 975 Steveston Hgh. Richmond 277-5547 Don Macaulay 460 Garry St. Steveston 277-7555 Pat Maguire 4028 W. 29th Ave. 224-0844 Lotar Maurer 766 W. 39th Ave. 266-5489 Bill Miloglav 556 Woodwards Rd. Richmond 277-7741 Chris Moore 6808 Marguerite St. 261-5388 Elson Morgan 2196 East 41st. 327-7044 Andrew Nagy 5250 Willow St. 263-6446 Jim Nybo 3678 W. 21st Ave. 224-6895 Michael O’Brian 3126 West 34th Ave. Am-6-8806 Rob O’Neill 236 Onslow Place West Vancouver 922-655 3 Bill Phillips 4185 Burkehill Place West Vancouver 922-8417 Malcolm Porter 2742 W. 19th Ave. 738-7695 Randy Ranger 13937 108th Ave. North Surrey, 581-2159 Cesar Reyes 1 o ll De Mavo 3004 Chihuahua, Chih. Mexico Donald Ross 2837 W. 22nd Ave. 731-6088 Peter Sadler 2135 W. 45th Ave. 266-7550 Dave Salmon 2869 E. 14th Ave. 434-1428 Tim Seipp 7677 French St. 261-2004 Michael Shaw 1175 W. 71st Ave. 266-6190 George Siudut 955 W. 33 rd Ave. 731-6679 Ralph Stefani 433 Prior St. 254-3395 Stuart Sung 5142 Pitcairn Place 921- 7592 Arnold Thurgood 6826 Adera St. 261-8306 Frank M. Totino 5769 Cartier St. 266-8884 John Vayda 850 King George Way West Vancouver 922- 1029 Bill Ward 15767 Roper Ave. White Rock 351-3751 Jim Williams 395 English Bluff Rd. Tsawwassen, B.C. 943-2148 Ken Wolfe 558 Saint Andrew Rd. West Vancouver 922-2956 Michael Young 55 77 Columbia St. 321-3988 51 1867 II 1967 L i r Activities Moderator Br. Maher, Editor Tim Seipp, and Advisor Br. Lyons hold a summit conference. Darkroom Editor Craig Boyle and his assistant, Dave Hill, find negatives for Activities Editor Chris Moore. Photographer Dan Cunningham looks on. Sports Co-Editors Bob Gormican and Dave Salmon plan their section with Sports staff Mike O’Brien, Tom Kolstee, and Dave Gagnon. ttSfiHM The COLLEGIAN Business staff member Stan Kazun and his Editor, Pat Gibbons, give their orders to Copy Editor Greg Paris. The various Classes staffs get together. Mike Young, Juniors Editor; Pat Field, Seniors; Peter Grant, Seniors Editor; Don Ross, Classes; and Don Macaulay, Classes Editor. ■Kj. a 9A1 ■ Jga . M B ! f - - 2 c:’y 1 ■HI,.... Wf FRONT ROW John F. MacDonald, John Barker, Dennis Hugh, Paul Costello, Tim Seipp, Rich Gorman, Harry Howard. SECOND ROW: Paul Horne, John Mills, Denis Kelly, Terry Farmer, Daryl Fieber, Ed Forrester, Chris Moore, Don Ross. THIRD ROW: Brian Longpre, Robert Noble, Jim Nybo, Andy Nagy, Jack McLaughlin, Stuart Sung, Doug Elmore, Steve Graham. FOURTH ROW: Den- nis MacDonald, Bob Beaupre, John Beaton, Phil Desmazes, Jim Williams, Dave Hislop, Darrel Matthias, Ralph Stefani, Mike O’Brien. ASSOCIATED STUDENTS’ CLUB Another A.S.C. job is performed by Jack McLaughlin and Bob Beaupre — promoting football games. The Associated Students’ Club, the unified student government, underwent some changes this year and came out more efficient and representing more grades. Its membership now comprises varsity Lettermen, class officers of the high school, and the executives of all school orga nizations. Head of the A.S.C. this year was Student Body Presi- dent Jack McLaughlin, aided by Brian Longpre, John Beaton, Stefan Graham, Dennis Hugh, and Stuart Sung. Brother Rowland moderated. Among the duties of the Club and its committees are the planning of the very successful school dances, the graduation ceremonies and festivities, and the pep rallies. Giving their time to decorate the cafeteria for one of the dances are Jack McLaughlin, Bob O’Neill, Stuart Sung, and Brian Longpre. FRONT ROW: Mike Murphy, Paul Culling, Don Orange, Bryan McIntyre, Randy Jang, Harry Brandolini, Jacques Leahy, Jacob Moldowan, David Mackenzie. SECOND ROW: Terry Bogyo, Andy Perry, Greg Smallenberg, John Phillips, Wayne Diakow, Mike Fleming, Assu Nijdam, Peter Isman. THIRD ROW: Dan Kenny, Clyde Macleod, Richard Long- pre, Richard Hugh, Louis Struve, Bill O’Brien, Denis Battrum, Jim Redfern, Richard Richardson, Ed Flood. FOURTH ROW: Faustin Chouinard, Paul Giroday, Mike Giuliani, Bill Kolstee, Jim Harrington, John Woods, Stan Kazun, Mark Schretlen, Hugh Legg, Harry DeMarre. " The Shockers,” who played at one of the school dances, were rated a big success. 57 Various emotions, as expressed by John Barker, Steve Graham, Charles Laddish, and Chris Moore at an assembly. The United Nations’ Club, one of the school’s larger clubs, aims to give its members an interest in world affairs, some practice in debate and public speaking, and a chance to meet members of other U.N. Clubs. Toward these ends, the club holds weekly meetings and attends model General As- semblies in the region. This year the club has had over thirty members, led by President Don Ross, Vice-President Chris Moore, and Secretary-Treasurer Bob Gormican, and moderated by Brother Rowland. Membership is limited to grades ten, eleven, and twelve. One member, Peter Grant, served as president of the Vancouver Council, which co-ordinates the activities of all lower mainland U.N. Clubs, and another, Craig Boyle, was the head of the Catholic Inter- national Club, a similar organization. Some of the year’s highlights were the week- long seminar held at U.B.C. in August, the Shore- line Assembly in Seattle, and the Vancouver Council Assembly, held at Burnaby Central High School in February. An important Club project was the raising of funds for the " United Nations’ Club Plaque” which the club donated to the school for use as a yearly prize. The Club also spent much time planning for the Vancouver College Assembly to be held at Easter. Club President Don Ross addressing a meeting. The Jordani delegation, Bob Gormican, Jim Hamlin, and Don Macaulay, at the Burnaby Central Assembly. In a fervent speech, Bob Cotter makes his point before five hundred delegates. Club members caught by the camera during a meeting of the club. FRONT ROW: Patrick Gibbons, Mike Shaw, Tim Seipp, Peter Choate, Norm Whitmore, Craig Boyle, Peter McLorg, John Cliffe, Jim Loftus, Rich Gorman. SECOND ROW: Mike Watson, Hugh Legg, John Nixon, Bob Gormican, Dave Salmon, John Vayda, Charles Laddish, Bob Cotter, Ed Karolyi, Chris Dyakowski. THIRD ROW: Chuck Hayden, Mike Harvey, Chris Moore, Don Ross, Stefan Graham, Ivan Bulic, Peter Grant, James Hamlin, John Barker. U.N. CLUB 59 K j FRONT ROW: Jim Kennedy, Brian Deacon, Gary MacDonald, Greg Paris. SECOND ROW: Bob O’Neill, Pat Gibbons, Arturo Duran, Pat Delasalle, Norm Whitmore, Steve Campbell, Ralph Bradley. THIRD ROW: Don Macaulay, Bill Ward, Maurice Bois- vert, Dan Bowen, Dave Lowe, Mike Gendron, Frank Leahy. FOURTH ROW: Paul Horne, Chris Moore, Eric MacMahon, Ray Gaylie, Tom Kolstee, Hector MacKay-Dunn, Bob Kent, Brian Kennedy . GLEE CLUB Music hath charms, to soothe, not only the savage beast but also the student. This is the task of the Glee Club. Directed by Mr. Dean and moderated this year by Brother Drayton, the Club is divided into two parts the senior group, students from grades eleven and twelve, and the junior group, fromgrades eight through ten. These groups perform both independently and as one. The Club performed in two concerts. In the first, held at Christmas, both popular songs and Christmas carols were presented. For the second concert, a Canadian theme was used in salute to the Centennial. At the Christmas Concert, Bob O’Neill introduces the next song by the combined Glee Clubs. The unsung hero of every Glee Club concert, Mr. Dean, directs the group at the Christmas concert. FRONT ROW: Tormod Tulpinrod, Bill Gunn, Chris Bernard, Barry Morgan, John Herring, Gary Gibson, Bob Godfrey, Ted Baker. SECOND ROW: Terry Bogyo, Paul Kurys, Geoff Cooke, Harald Hoffelner, Danny Murray, Greg Jaworski, Dave James, Jim Deacon, Mike Cliffe, Mike Meegan. THIRD ROW: Jim Loftus, Assu Nijdam, Doug March, Bill Mitchell, Dan Godfrey, Terry O’Neil, Shawn Kennedy, Murray McGuigan, Pat Clark, Jim Barrie. FOURTH ROW: Stan Kazun, Murray Ross, John Nixon, John Daws, Jim Lattimer, John Malo, Chris Cooke, Mike MacKay-Dunn, Denis Battrum, Bennet Kopecki. FRONT ROW: Wiltod Ludwikowski, Kim Waterman, Danny Godfrey, John Opitz. SECOND ROW: Don Bowen, Norman Lambert, Steve Patton, Alex O’Brien, Ken Bell, Oscar Martinez . THIRD ROW: Pat Finnerty, Don Clutchey, Bill Fielkowich, John Worgan, John Lay, Peter Petrunia, Mike Delasalle. FOURTH ROW: Rob Udell, Pat Delasalle, Dan Bowen, Stefan Betkowski, John DeMarre, Ted Moore, Allen Alberts, Glen Cameron, Richard Ingram. SENIOR BOARDERS During school hours, the boarder is indistinguish- able from the day student. After hours, however, his life is slightly different. To keep their marks up, they have study classes every evening. For relaxation, there is pool, cards, TV, hi-fi, movies and many other diversions. The boarders run their own intramural sports league. There’s work, too. Everybody has chores to do, such as keeping the dorms tidy. The religious side is not neglected, either. And lastly, there’s all that food that they are famous for eating. Under Moderator Brother Fairleigh and President Terry Farmer, the boarders do all the day students do and then some. Norm Lambert and Rick Ingram soak up the sunshine. 62 Cards are a popular diversion for the boarders. Don Bowen thinks Doug West has a good hand here. Dwain Wacko comes back from another long weekend. FRONT ROW: Tim Campbell, Robert Wylie, Ken Chase, Jim Mason, Dwain Wacko, Pat Delasalle. SECOND ROW: Wayne Bedford, Pete Orange, Bill Jones, Cesar Reyes, Ralph Bradley, Mike Gendron. THIRD ROW: Jack Kubik, Ed Forrester, Louis Long, Rick MacKenzie, Phil Desmazes, Brad Fritz, Trevor Rowe. FOURTH ROW: Doug West, Reg Letourneau, Paul Horne, Len Bartfai, Terry Farmer, Joe Gyuricsa, Mike Munsie. f . I jfgf Jpflj f i ■ ■ JH mM. Jmm WL I T i yf ■ft z m ?j nap ft . M FRONT ROW : Mike Morton, Harry DeMarre, Pedro Re, John Turner, Juan Urrutia, David Leck- shas. SECOND ROW: Danny Murray, Doug March, Jim Barrie, Harry He, Paul Conroy, Dwayne Parker, Kevin Cunningham. THIRD ROW: Bob Cyr, Richard Richardson, Conrad Schwandner, Tom Upton, Larry Ozero, Brad Oliver, Michael Murphy. FOURTH ROW: Bill Fraser, Tom Kusz, Tom Harris, Steve Koughan, John Strong, Dennis Birch, Trevor Bowen, Charles Lariviere. JUNIOR BOARDERS Brother Lynch and two of his charges review the Junior Boarders’ busy schedule. Tom Kusz makes music and dreams of turn- ing pro. 64 FRONT ROW : John Marx, Mark Klotz, Dan Phillips, Paul Odermatt, Guy Germyn. SECOND ROW: Bernard Weber, Donald Hathuton, Jim Hegarty, Mike Duff, Tim Gendron, Dan Bayko. THIRD ROW: Bob Godfrey, Barry Morgan, Darcey Collison, Joe Regan, John Gawthrop, Tim Delasalle, Randy King. FOURTH ROW: Tony Laing-Meason, Don Orange, Derek Warren, Randy Desaulnier, Ron Desaulnier, Dave Charlebois, Don Forberg. Companionship is the special quality held by the Junior Boarders. On the third floor of McCormack Hall, the fifty-four of them form a tightly knit, cohesive group. Together they enjoy many activities: intra- mural sports according to the season, and a host of indoor occupations for relaxation. In between, there’s time to eat, time to sleep, and time for the most important job of all, studying. Behind it all, helping to create the friendly atmosphere which pre- vails are the moderators, Brothers Kelly, Dawe, and Lynch, who keep order and discipline with a minimum of friction. The game of kings holds the attention of Paul Conroy and Derek Warren. 65 FRONT ROW : Mike O’Brien, Jack McLaughlin, Brian Longpre, Bob Beaupre, Ralph Stefani, Bob Noble. SECOND ROW: Jim Nybo, David Hislop, John Beaton, John Alton, Andy Nagy, Rich Noble. THIRD ROW: Dennis MacDonald, Stuart Sung, Phil DesMazes, Darrell Matthias, Doug Elmore. Though now a part of the Associated Students’ Club, the Monogram Club re- tains its identity as the athletic elite of the school. Only those who play Varsity Sports may wear the purple sweater and the big gold " V” of the Monogram Club. The Club is an important part of the school’s student organizations. Members help to organize pep rallies, act as cheer- leaders, and put on " publicity stunts” to arouse school spirit. Perhaps the most memorable of these occurred when Mike O’Brien and John Beaton were placed in stocks and used as targets for hundreds of old tomat6es thrown by students. MONOGRAM CLUB John Beaton wipes " ketchup” out of his eyes after his ordeal. Mike O ' Brien grits his teeth in anticipation of another tomato. Rich Longpre sorts cans to go with the Christmas turkey hampers. John Woods, John MacDonald, and Steve Graham at a Y.C.S. meeting. YOUNG CATHOLIC STUDENTS The Young Catholic Students is the Vancouver College chapter of a recently formed international religious club. The College club was formed this y ear, com- bining the old Legion of Mary and the Sodality. One of its more important pro- jects this year was running the hamper drive which provided turkey dinners for many needy families at Christmas. Mike Watson seems to suspect food poisoning in this can. 67 LIBRARY The library, run by Brother Angel, provides a quiet retreat for teachers and stu- dents alike. Here Mr. Rizak finds a moment to correct assignments. DRAMA The Drama Club was revived this year after an absence of some years. It per- formed a valuable service by presenting frequent skits for the pep rallies, but had little chance to do any serious acting. All the skits which were presented were very well received. Even with the slight act- ing time they got, Elson Morgan and John MacDonal d were stand-outs. Brother Rowland moderates the Drama Club. Jim Featherstonhaugh, Frank Totino, and Bob Janyk make up the executive. The Drama Club is known for the high cultural tone and the excellent costuming of its productions. 68 PEP RALLIES Cheerleaders Pat Maguire and Jim Nybo at a pep rally. GUARDSMAN The " Guardsman” is a new arrival on the College scene. It came into being in November, replacing the old " Blue Sheet.” Its large and enthusiastic staff under Editor John Barker and Moderators Brother Gardner and Brother Maher aims to present a professional-style paper to help shape school opinion. The first issue, a mimeographed intro- ductory sheet, appeared in December. In February the staff presented its next effort, costing five cents a copy. The entire pro- duction issue sold out at the first lunch hour. " First edition” copies became ex- tremely rare. The appearance of the " Guardsman” fills a gap in the activities of the school. It is hoped that this year sees the start of a long line of great " Guardsmen.” Mike Delasalle and Dan Bowen buy their " Guardsmen” from John Woods. 1867 U 1967 mmmmwA Photo Credit — Bill Cunningham ’28 72 Jim Nybo finds the handle for another completed pass. John Beaton prepares to make his own hole in the Notre Dame defence. IRISH HAVE SPIRIT BUT NOT THE PROOF Dennis Hugh bites the dirt after another long gainer around right end. 1966 saw the Irish lose their first game to a Canadian team. Both the Centennial Centaurs and the Notre Damejugglers shut out the College offence, 14-0 and 1 2-0 respectively. There were bright spots this season. The Irish overpowered Abbotsford, 46-7 and downed the St. Thomas Knights 12-7. As usual the teams from the south proved strong. The Irish showed good spirit, while hampered with injuries, and, although they played well, they failed to record a victory. Bellingham and Woodrow Wilson held the Irish 33-13, inagame far closer than the score might indicate. Intheir last American game this season the Irish battled Bellarmine to a scoreless tie in ankle-deep mud at Capilaino Stadium. Thus, the Irish compiled a season’s record of 2-1-9, wins, ties, and losses. On offence Brian Longpre and Denis Kelly called this sea- son’s plays at quarterback and found good support in the back- field from half-backs John Beaton, Dennis Hugh, Bill Ward, and Pat Delesalle; and fullbacks Mike O’Brien, and Jim Harrington. The line found its strength in Stu Sung, George Siudut, Andy Nagy, Ralph Stefani, John Alton, Reg Letourneau, and Jim Nybo. Coaches Bob Dejulius and Gary Schwertfeger also produced a hard-hitting defence with such stand-outs on the line, as line- backers, John Alton and Pat Maguire; ends, Jim Nybo and Ralph Stefani; and tackle, Stu Sung; and in thebackfield Dennis Hugh, Bill Ward, John Beaton, and Brian Longpre. SEASON’S RECORD V.C. 20 0 0 0 0 12 0 Queen Elizabeth 0 Bellingham 28 Port Angeles 33 Abbotsford 7 Woodrow Wilson 33 Bellarmine 0 Centennial 14 St. Thomas More 7 Notre Dame 12 The Irish always play clean football. FIRST ROW: Bill Hardy, Pat Delesalle, Mike O’Brien, Jim Prince, George Siudut, Russ Fuoco, Dennis Hugh, Jamie Gladwi n,Mr. Dejulius(coach). SECOND ROW: John Lloyd, Jim Williams, Andy Nagy, Stuart Sung, Steve Myers, Bob Harrington, Bob Kent, Frank Mamoser, Jan Gronlund, Pete Busch, Elson Morgan. THIRD ROW: Mike Munsie( manager), Jim Ny bo, Bill Ward, Jim Inverarity, Mike Giuliani, Paul Giroday, Faustin Chouinard, Tom Jaworski, MikeBattle, Brad Fritz, Ralph Stefani, B a r ry Janyk( manager). FOURTH ROW: John Beaton, Reg Letourneau, Paul Horne, Denis Kelly, Pat Maguire, John Mills, John Alton, Darrell Matthias, Fabian MacDonald, Bill Miloglav, Jim Harrington, Brian Longpre. Coach Bob Dejulius and quarterback Brian Longpre plot game strategy between plays. Pitch-out to half-back John Beaton looks good for more fine yardage against Notre Dame. A unique point of view. Photo Credit Bill Cunningham ' 26. Ignoring the Centennial defenders John Beaton plays itcool and puts the squeeze on another first down. Coaches Bob Dejulius and Gary Schwertfeger look over game plans for an up-coming scrimmage. FIRST ROW: Rich Hugh, Conrad Schwandner,TonyPulice, John Malo, Len Giroday, Tom Gordon, Wayne Diakow, Mike Fleming, Harry Brandolini. SECOND ROW: G reg Jaworski, (Manager), Pete Orange, Jim Wingham, Clyde McLeod, Norm Lambert, Mike MacKay-Dunn, Hugh MacKinnon, Joe Gordon, Rich Longpre, Cal Ross. THIRD ROW: Mr. Hunter (Coach), John Woods, Trev Rowe, Tony Lazzarotto, Dennis Gir oday, Steve Yehle, Silvano Rawalletta, Terry O’Neill, Mark Schretlen, Br. Fairleigh. ABSENT: Rich Ingram, Tim Campbell, Bob Cyr. JUNIOR VARSITY A sample of Junior Varsity determination. UNDEFEATED Scoreboard v.c. Centennial 7 13 Notre Dame 0 6 St. Thomas More 0 13 Centennial 6 13 Notre Dame 12 13 Killarney 0 6 St. Thomas More 14 34 The College ball-carrier charges after his hard-hitting line. Led by the coaching of Br. Fairleigh and Mr. Hunter, the Junior Varsity were a true College team. They were undefeated this year in seven games. Possessing great spirit, they tackled viciously and executed great blocks. The Junior Irish certainly continued the College tradition. Richard Longpre rolls out for a pass. Fumble and College recovers. INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL Jim Williams has been catching footballs at V.C. for twelve years. Under Br. Taylor’s moderation, this year’s intramural football proved highly successful. The Steelers led by captain Dan Kennedy were the top afternoon team with Marty Deshaw’s Colts a close second. Paul And rews leads an- other spirited noon hour rush. 80 Bill Hunsche soaks up energy from the sun’s rays as he turns around the end. Martin Deshaw shows fine form as he spearheads another attack. Danny Foslien escapes the wrath of a defensive charge. Long hours of practice show in John Beaton’s perfect style. 82 LV ’ f‘ 83 FIGHTING Br. Pender announces as Mr. David Empey presents team captain Jack McLaughlin with his award at the Emerald Tournament. IRISH ARE This year the Fighting Irish basketball team proved beyond a doubt that they had no equals in British Co- lumbia. Their impressive record of 28 wins and 2 losses speaks for itself. Coaches Gene Rizak and Bob Dejulius inherited fine material from last year’s coach, Br. Finch, and molded a strong, well rounded team from them. Team captain Jack McLaughlin called the plays calmly yet out-hustled all comers. Controlling the boards and shooting accurately, forward Dave His- lop proved valuable enough to place on the second all- star team in the B.C. tournament. Also on the second string all-star team was forward John Beaton. John’s deadly jump shot and solid defense were definitely deciding factors. Bob Beaupre’s accurate shots, good ball control, and defensive moves earned him a position on the first all-star team of the tournament. Also de- serving of mention are Brian Longpre and Rob Noble, both of whom stood out on defense. The yearbook staff would like to congratulate both the team, including coaches, managers and ball play- ers, and the fans, who gave their most valuable support, on winning the 1967 B.C. High School Basketball Championship. FRONT ROW: Rich Noble, Jack McLaughlin, Brian Longpre, Denis Charlie Hancock (manager), Mr. Dejulius (coach), Bob Beaupre, Kelly, Jim Williams, Rob Noble, Mr. Rizak (coach). SECOND ROW: John Beaton, Dave Hislop, John Mills, Bob Young (manager). - V y. B ' “ Ml i Bh H o pa | ' jB- A ' ' ' ■ NO. I SEASON’S RECORD Cross Mainland League: v.c. OPPOSITION 70 Abbotsford 56 68 North Surrey 48 50 Queen Elizabeth 38 78 Semiahmoo 29 49 M.E.I. 47 68 Abbotsford 49 58 North Surrey 38 82 Queen Elizabeth 54 65 Semiahmoo 55 55 M.E.I. 41 standing — 1st. Vernon Tournament: V.C. OPPOSITION 72 Penticton 36 58 Prince George 54 67 Kamloops 43 standing — 1st. Emerald Tournament: V.C. OPPOSITION 65 Eric Hamber 37 63 Lord Byng 47 standing — 1 st. Exhibition: V.C. OPPOSITION 55 Prince George 48 74 C.Y.O. 49 59 Notre Dame 50 34 David Thompson 37 84 St. Thomas More 37 69 Notre Dame 43 48 O’Dea 53 52 David Thompson 29 Lower Mainland Finals ( Pennsylvania Tournament): 94 Point Grey 44 70 Burnaby South 54 64 Lord Byng 24 standing — 1st. B.C. Championships: V.C. OPPOSITION 51 Queen Elizabeth 38 51 Alberni 36 38 Oak Bay 23 56 David Thompson 41 standing — 1 st. Jim Williams combines style with accuracy. Victory smiles show as team captain Jack McLaughlin and coach Gene Rizak accept trophies for the B.C. Basketball Championships. B.C. TOURNA Bob Beaupre, over for the first down. Dave Hislop’s under-the-basket antics keep the opposition on their toes. NO. MENT John Beaton takes advantage of Jack McLaughlin’s block to score. Brian Longpre drives for a lay-up. v, John Mills prepares to frustrate another defence. An aggressive defence by Hector MacKay-Dunn keeps the opponents on their toes. INTERMEDIATES This year the V.C. intermediate bas- ketball team placed first in the Cross Mainland League. The fine plays of Rich Noble, League’s high scorer, John Mills, center, and Dennis Kelly, forward, proved effective for a team won, loss, tied record of 10-1-0. The coaches, Mr. Rizak and his assistant Mr. De Julius are also due a great deal of credit for their team’s success. SEASON’S RECORD V.C. OPPONENT Cross Mainland League: 45 Surrey 35 60 Queen Elizabeth 34 50 M.E.I. 45 51 Semiahmoo 28 40 Abbotsford 34 51 Surrey 32 61 Queen Elizabeth 44 46 M.E.I. 47 51 Semiahmoo 25 49 Abbotsford 37 standing — 1st. Exhibition: V.C. OPPONENT 70 Magee 34 FRONT ROW: Ted Moore, Paul Costello, Hector MacKay-Dunn, Rich Mike Munsey, Tom Pink, Dennis Kelly, John Mills, Darrel Matthias, Noble, Oscar Martinez, Bob Young (Manager), Mr. Rizak (Coach), Charlie Hancock (Manager). FRONT ROW: Ed Flood, Danny Baker, Mike Kelly, Harry Brandolini. Mark Schretlen, Bill Fraser, Phil Eivemark, Bill O’Brien, Hugh SECOND RO W: Rich Ingram, Jim Redfern, Mike MacKay-Dunn, Hugh MacKinnon. Legg, Tony Pulice. THIRD RO W: Mr. Hunter (Coach), Pat Finnegan, SEASON’S RECORD v.c. OPPONENT 48 Massey-Pearson 40 52 David Thompson 16 43 David Thompson 9 47 Point Grey 26 43 Hillside 33 52 Magee 39 43 65 Lord Byng North Delta (varsity) 39 54 61 Killarney 36 61 Delbrook 35 43 Killarney 36 52 Delbrook 45 52 M.E.I. 48 64 Winston Churchill 38 42 West Vancouver 35 32 O’Dea (intermediate) 81 66 Magee 38 48 Steveston (varsity) 54 45 Kitsilano 41 48 Notre Dame 20 42 Van. Tech. 27 44 Hillside 43 49 Gladstone 32 63 Van. Tech. 23 35 North Delta (varsity) 52 57 Prince of Wales 28 47 Van. Tech. 48 55 Gladstone 30 J.V. BASKETBALL The J.V. team had a tremendous season this year, losing only one junior game. Their record for the season was 24 wins and 4 losses. They lost to: O’Dea Intermediates, North Delta Varsity, Steveston Varsity, and Vancouver Tech. Juniors. College was knocked out of the B.C. Tournament when they lost to Vancouver Tech by 1 point after beating them a week before by 40. The team was led by Phil Eivemark, Hugh Legg, Paul Giroday (Gr. 10), Mark Schretlin, and Bill Fraser (Gr. 9). Much of the credit for the J.V. ’s successful season is also due to the fine coaching of Mr. Steve Hunter. Bill O’Brien stretches for the rebound. FRONT ROW: David Mills, Nick Gallagher, Pete Anton, John McCleery, Harry Borget. SECOND ROW: Tim Mylett, Paul Culling, Joe Patterson, Rich Wilander, Mike Murphy. MIDGETS This year’s midget team under the skilful coaching of Brother Kelly displayed the same spiritand determination as the senior team. Their overall record stands at 18-1 with the one loss attributed to Seat- tle. They are rated number one in the C.Y.A. league and show much promise as our future varsityteam. Dave Mills completes another successful lay-up. Dave Lyall moves up on Dennis Kelly. TRACK The Irish track team proved itself again in the 1966 track meet. Itwasan all round close meet, with College finishing second, only five points behind first place Notre Dame. Among the winners for College were Darrell Matthias who won the Junior Boys’ discus and shot-put, and Dave Lyall who placed first in both the Junior Boys’ 440 and the Junior Boys’ broad jump. Hugh Legg won the Junior Boys’ 880 and the mile and Jim Nybo placed first in the Senior Boys’ 880 and mile. Dave Lyall receives the 1966JuniorBoys’AggregateTrophy. Gregg Henderson and Bob Cotter finish stride for stride in the 100 yard dash. 91 Rob Harrington tries for a fall. WRESTLING Dave Lyall looks for a good hold. This year’s wrestling team worked hard and showed an admirable fifth place in the highly competitive B.C. Championships. Although a young team, their coach Mr. Schwertfeger worked them hard and produced some very fine results. Among the standouts were Faustin Chouinard, Jim Harrington, Pat Flynn, all two year veterans; Rich Gorman and Bill Miloglov. 92 SEASON’S RECORD v.c. OPPONENT 37 Killarney 15 23 Burnaby South 45 75 Lord Byng 15 46 Killarney 33 33 Steveston McRoberts 21 53 Carson Grayham 19 48 Delbrook 38 13 Burnaby Central 33 Fraserview Boys’ Club — 3rd. B.C. Championships — 5th. " What now?” says Faustin Chouinard. FRONT ROW: Pat Flynn, Mike Meegan, Andy Graham, Rich Gorman. SECOND ROW: Bob Harrington, Frank Leahy, Dave Lyall, Lou Struve, Mr. Schwertfeger. THIRD ROW: Brad Fritz, Paul Horne, Bill Miloglav, Jim Williams, Faustin Chouinard. 93 1867 II 1967 TEACH ER: Mrs. Letcher. FIRST ROW : Shaun Mulhern, Paul Goeujon, Gary O’Bray, Michael Boskovich, Richard Zakrzewski, Mark Humphrey, Patrick Bird, Marc Heyrman. SECOND ROW: Matthew MacNeil, Manuel Espinosa, Dale O’Sullivan, Jimmy Favero, John Clegg, Vincent Milton, Paul Irving, John Hardy, Scott Orr. THIRD ROW: Gordon Carter, Brian O’Connell, John Jeakins, Steven Roy, Miles West, Paul Young, Jimmy Agostino, Michael Robillard, Stephen Csabai. ABSENT: David Purdy, Bruce Romano. GRADE 1 " Am I late?” inquires Paul Young. " Goodness, don’t you read fast!” exclaims Mrs. Letcher. GRADE 2 Mrs. Kerney distributes some art pictures for display. TEACHER : Mrs. Kerney. FIRST ROW : Eddy McCaffrey, Calvin Jang, Adrian Jacob, Tyler Mulhern, Henry Budai, Danny Haber, John Curran, Don Andrews. SECOND ROW: Jose Font, Peter Carter, Bobby Tichelman, Billy Cawker, David Domi, Horst Maurer, Rory Mulhern, Arthur Morris. THIRD ROW: Peter Irving, Paul Gaylie, Kenneth Favero, Martin Zajac, Ian Stead, Douglas Rankin, Robert Sengara, Bruce Hyder, Paul Humphrey. FOURTH ROW: Allan Hardy, Henry Barker, Peter O’Callaghan, John Goodlake, Ford Mittlestead, Neal McGarry, Kevin Adair, Jimmy Green, Peter Peller. ABSENT: Jonathan McCullough. GRADE 3 Mrs. McCann shows Patrick Fleming the route around Africa taken by the explorer De Gama. TEACHER: Mrs. McCann. FIRST ROW: Brendan McGivern, Grant Smallenberg, Tommy Orr, Brian Mulhern, Jerry Eberts, Peter Hancock, Michael Denike. SECOND ROW: Robert Petty, Danny Murphy, Anthony Kim, Brendan McCullough, Perry Mazzone, Rory Moss, Patrick Fleming, David Tepoorten. THIRD ROW: John McNaughton, Jake Wood, Paul Jeakins, Sean Gallagher, Patrick Kennedy, Winfred Van der Sande, Keith Baxter, John Locke. FOURTH ROW: Paul McNamara, Dennis Maion, Michael Halak, Joseph McCaffrey, Tommy Body, Bruce Clegg, Michael Fuoco, Robert Estey. ABSENT: Edward Mulhern, David Cooke. 98 TEACHER-. Mrs. Kim. FIRST ROW-. Robert Van Amerongen, Alan Adair, David Haber, Frank Moran, Gerald Chow, Stephen Ortner. SECOND ROW : Mark Fanson, Harvey DesRoches, David Foley, Jerry Malo, Michael Favero, Stephen Hardy, Paul Smulders. THIRD ROW-. Brian Pink, Mark Wimmer, Stanley Carter, Lawrence O’Brien, Gary West, William Wilkinson, Peter Owen-Jones. ABSENT: David Chisholm, Michael Sandone, Jordan Wesley. GRADE 4 " Just one more word,” says Stanley Carter to Robert Van Amerongen. TEACHER-. Brother Hogan. FIRST ROW-. Lex Van Amerongen, Geoff Groff, Wolfgang Ehebald, Bert Van der Sande, Stephen Andrews, Lome Labelle, Mark Bitz, Stephen Gyabranka, Duane Mitchell, Michael Gaylie, Gary Halak. SECOND ROW: Tim McNaughton, Michael Anderson, Chris Young, Bill Curran, Ty McClay, Charles Olma, Don Malo, Michael West, MelZajac, Charles Rally, Gene Goreski. THIRD ROW: Gordon Stead, Fern Catta Preta, Robert Ripley, John Humphery, Wayne Ridgeway, Jerzy Rzepka, Andy Hokhold, David Weill, Jeff Gibson, Steven Leahy. FOURTH ROW: Brian Rask, Vincent San Severino, Jeff Graham, Andrew MacKinnon, Dan Osborne, Chris Wallbaum, Marcus Brenzinger, Paul Clegg, Randy Coulter, Norman Dumont, Costa Zapantis. GRADE 5 Another week comes to a close for Brother Hogan. 100 Brother Rose leads the class in their music lesson. GRADE 6 TEACHER : Brother Rose. FIRST ROW : Donal O’Callaghan, David Hancock, Joseph Leahy, Tim Nixon, Maurice Bouguerra, Hank Luyten, Peter Harrison, Ralph Maurer, Jeff Anderson, Jim Garayt. SECOND ROW: Paul Percheson, Vicent Alvaro, Jack Beaton, Pat Murphy, Gray Allison, Frank Soltysiak, Fred Mitchell, Bart Borget, Michael O’Connor, Ronnie Sengara. THIRD ROW: Marcus Collier, Martin Macdonald, Bradley Rogers, Robert Victor, Warren Montsion, Bart Tickelman, Venico Guerra, Donald Gordon, David McGivern, Greg Girard. FOURTH ROW: Lome Smith, James Joyce, Walker Fanning, Joseph Mazzone, Robert Donnelly, Edward Kazun, Grant Wawryk, Robert Ross, John McClarnon, Howard Quinn, Michael Mylett. ABSENT: Robert Ripley, Anthony Totino. » 14 if jUr JN H ' u GRADE 71 " Quick, before Mr. Whittaker sees you.” TEACHER: Brother Dawe. FIRST ROW : Mike O’Leary, Don Hatherton, Allen Karapita, Roger Meloche, Jim Hegarty, Gary Van Gaans, Tim Gendron, Paul Jull, Lawrie O’Neill. SECOND ROW: Mike Duff, John Cullen, Ed Page, Mike Bader, John Redekop, Norman LeClair, Greg Riggs, Pat Bowie, Greg Andrews, Dan Bayko. THIRD ROW: Darcey Collison, Jim McCreight, Dan Sullivan, Dave Mills, John Marx, Ford Estey, Ken Keir, CarlKumpera, Greg Riggs, Frank Holkhold. FOURTH ROW: Shayne Konar, Brian Roels, Randy Desaulnier, Rich Laddish, Paul Nicholson, Brian McNaughton, Albin Dukowski, Marcel DesRoches, Guy Ethier, Tom St. Louis, Bill Gordon. ABSENT : Patrick Hayden, Alan MacNeil, Brian Quilty. i i W k U 1 m I I lf r .. H .l r ( f 7 | ni 1 1 1 1 n 1 3 i HII Iff I JW ■ jjnMffl km JPu xl S V Jflv pi- wti -E i| GRADE 72 TEACHER: Mr. Whittaker. FIRST ROW: Jeffery Tyson, Stephen Haber, George Onufreychuk, John Goldsmith, Mark Klotz, Carl Scouten, Joe Campbell, Barry LeClair. SECOND ROW: Terry Conner, Bernard Weber, Kevin Roberts, Eric Kerkhof, Peter Bardach, John Nagy, Gregory Scully, Paul Lair, Michael Kenny. THIRD ROW: Michael Garrison, Leo Auer, Seamus O’Melinn, Thomas Ludescher, Joseph Oeser, Paul Levasseur, Mark McNair, Jules Wilkins, Michael MacLeod, Graham Gillis. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Dumon t, Brian Hill, James Dalton, Duncan Chisholm, Ronald Desaulnier, Kevin Finnegan, Roger Robillard, Marc Maisonville, James Cavin, Michael Oman, John Johansen. ABSENT: Patrick Hayden, Alan MacNeil, Brian Quilty. 103 COACH : Mr. Whittaker. TEAM: Blue Knights. FIRST ROW: Kevin Roberts, Mark Klotz, Dan Murray, John Redokor, Tom St. Louis. SECOND ROW: Barry LeClair, Tom Eakins, Leo Auer, Bill Gordon, Max Fraser, Paul Cowhig, Jules Wilkins. THIRD ROW: Mike Murphy, Brian Roels, Rick Mantel, Randy Desaulnier, Tim Mylett, Doug Hughes, Phil Kurys. This year the Chinese Bandits came out on top with a 6-1-1 won-tied-lost record. The Bandits, coached by Br. Dawe, didn’t lose a game until the end of the season when they lost to the Red Raiders. The Raiders, 5-0-3 came in second to the Blue Knights 0-1-7. Though they didn’t win a game the Blue Knights did salvage one point by tying the Bandits in one game. GRAMMAR FOOl COACH: Br. Hogan. TEAM: Red Raiders. FIRST ROW: TerryConner, Robert Bowie, Greg Andrews, Tim Gendron, Normand LeClair, Roger Meloche. SECOND ROW: Brian McNaughton, Nick G a 1 1 agher , Jim McCreight, Dan Sullivan, Dave Mills, Tim Delesalle, Greg Scully. THIRD ROW: Dougjolmstone, Ron Dumont, Ian Sutcliffe, Albin Dukowski, Terry Bogyo, Rick Kerk-Hccker Roger Robillard. 104 CHAMPIONS COACH : Br. Dawe. TEAM: Chinese Bandits. FIRST ROW: John Smulders, Dan Phillips, Randy King, Brian Cruise, Jim Hegarty. SECOND ROW: Mike Dickinson, Pedro Re, Kevin McCarthy, Rick Ginnetti, Nico Beuk. THIRD ROW: Kevin Lyons, Paul Culling, Harry De Marre, Frank Hoi mstrom, Rick Wilander, Peter Anton. ABSENT: Barry Fleming. t SCHOOL BALL Bill Gordon of the Blue Knights es- capes for another long gain. COACHES ' . Brothers Hogan and Rose. FIRST ROW ' . Stephen Andrews, Jim Garrett, Tim McNaughton, Tyrone McClay, Michael Anderson, Mark Bitz. SECOND ROW: Stephen Leahy, Don Malo, Don O’Callaghan, Chris Young, Mel Zazac. THIRD ROW: Norm Dumont, Randy Coulter, Brother Rose, Kosta Zapantis, Andrew MacKinnon. Michael Anderson and Stephen Leahy fight for possession of the ball. " Who turned out the lights ”, ex- claims Andrew Mac- Kinnon (right) to Chris Young. GRAMMAR SCHOOL BASKETBALL COACH : Br. Dawe. FIRST ROW: David Hancock, David McGivern, Pat Murphy, Bart Borget, Fred Mitchell, Don Gordon. SECOND ROW: Bradley Rogers, Mike Mylett, Tony Totino, Jack Beaton, Ron Sengara. ABSENT: Gerry Van Gaans. MIDGETS " B” BASKETBALL The Midget " B” team, made up of Grade Seven students, became City Cham- pions in the C.Y.A. League this year. Coached by Brother Pender, the Midget " B” team outclassed every team in the league. They are a very promising fu- ture Varsity team. COACH : Br. Pender. FIRST ROW: Lawrie O’Neill, John Cullen, Greg Scully, Pat Bowie, Tim Gendron. SECOND ROW: Danny Sullivan, Jeff Tyson, Kevin Finnegan, Albin Dukowski, Mike MacLeod, Bill Gordon. 108 FIRST ROW: Venico Guerra, Duane Mitchell, Stephen Ortner, Gerald Chow, Michael Favero, James Garayt, Lome Labelle, Martin MacDonald, Gary West. SECOND ROW : Jeffrey Anderson, Michael Anderson, Barry LeClair, Fred Mitchell, Chris Young, Greg Girard, Paul Percheson, Ronnie Sengara, Gerry Van Gaans, Roger Meloche. THIRD ROW: Mar k McNair, Dave Mills, Graham Gillis, John Marx, Darcy Collison, Ed Kazun, Ken Olson, John Nagy, Dave Weil, Chris Wallbaum. The Junior Glee Club sings for the parents at the Christ- mas Concert. JUNIOR GLEE CLUB 109 1867 U 1967 PATRONS Frank J. Bitz Royal Consulate of Greece SPONSORS Boyle Family Dr. and Mrs. Dumont Mr. and Mrs. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Mr. and Mrs. John Mills Dr. K.G. West Anonymous 1 HE MOTHER ' S CLUB Mrs. Groff helps Mrs. Yehle prepare for publicity pic- tures for the Centennial Carnival. In 1967, the Vancouver College Mothers’ Club continued its energetic work for the College. The proceeds from their Coffee Party last November were used to buy new desks for Grade six. On April 15, the Mothers’ Club held their annual Spring Carnival. From the profits, they assisted in the purchase of new equipment for the Biology Lab. The Mothers’ Club also organized some so- cial affairs for the students’ parents, such as the Theatre Party for " Hawaii” last January. MOTHERS’ CLUB MOTHERS ' CLUB EXECUTIVE, STANDING: Mrs. L. Laddish, Treasurer; Mrs. M. Beaton, Corresponding Sec- retary; Mrs. V. Mulhern, Second Vice-President; Mrs. V. Cameron, Recording Secretary. SEATED: Mrs. J. San Severino, First Vice-President; Mrs. M. Gibbons, President. Executive of the Alumni Association, 1966-67: Brother Fairleigh, Secretary; James Lipp, President; and Leo Mulhern, Treasurer. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION This association is made up of the products of Vancouver College over the last forty-three years. At the annual Alumni Banquet ex-students from every year join their old classmates to celebrate. Each year, different Alumni groups challenge each other and the Varsity team to basketball. The year is ended with a golf tournament in early summer. Leo Mulhern presents the Cross-Mainland Basketball Trophy to Jack McLaughlin, the team captain. 113 GIVE THE WORLD WITH CANADIAN Pick a spot, any dot on the map. Canadian Pacific Airlines is Canada ' s gateway to all the world. On your way, you ' ll dine on famous Canadian Pacific specialties. Bask in our thought- ful Empress Service. And when you get where A WHIRL PACIFIC AIRLINES you ' re going, we can show you around. Canadian Pacific tours are value-rated, offering the best bargains for your money. Just a small down payment gets you off the ground. AskyourTravel Agent or at any Canadian Pacific Office. WE STOP THE WORLD - WHERE YOU WANT TO GET OFF FLy Ca uidia i (Pacific A RL NES CANADIAN PACIFIC - TRAIN S TRUCKS SHI PS PLANES HOTELS TELECOM- MUNICATIONS WORLD ' S MOST COMPLETE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM SELF SERVE BUILDING MATERIALS PLYWOOD, MASONARY, LUMBER, PANELLING, BUILDERS HARDWARE, ESTIMATES, BUILDING RENOVATIONS THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS 255-8221 255-8221 LBION LUMBERLAND HBBOTSFORD 255-8221 490 COMMERCIAL DR. 5650 LOUGHEED HWY. 1985 POWELL ST. Venice Bakery Specialists in French Bread Rye Bread Crusty Rolls 1350 Main Street 985-6166 North Vancouver 115 CYLINDER GRINDERS LTD. ESTABLISHED 1920 • General Machinists • Engine Rebuilders • Engineers • Compressor Repairs • Automotive and Diesel Engine Parts 1216 Seymour St. - 683 8538 - Vancouver, B.C. Compliments etf F. EQUIPMENT LTD. WIRE ROPE AND LOGGING MACHINERY 8310 MANITOBA ST. FA 1-2301 VANCOUVER. B.C. 116 For the Finest in Complete Home Furnishing CV FraiiksO The Home of Fine Furniture 632 Seymour Street, Vancouver 2, B.C. MU 3-8407 117 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Pete Sadler relieves his ten- sions by a driving " dunk.” Compliments of Tide Bay Construction and Mediscrip Health Plan. Stu Sung and Elson Morgan dance together beautifully. Lunch smiles are on as a group of seniors play a quick game before class resumes. 118 daisy -fresh dry deaning WITH CX-3 Protects the fabric as it cleans the garment Phone TR 6-3272 CONGRATULATIONS ' 67 Grads from SANBO’S PANCAKE HOUSE 5550 Kingsway 433-2311 AL SCHRETLEN — Owner, Manager Burnaby ' s largest dining room for all functions Brands of Distinction SNOBOY STANDBY Picked for Flavour SLADE STEWART LTD. Vancouver, B.C. Wholesale Fruits, Vegetables and Groceries Serving British Columbia for over seventy-five years introducing ALL NEW Tg OTH COLOR TV THE HANDCRAFTED COLOR TV “The Quality goes in before the name goes on” featured at Y. FRANKS Appliances Ltd. NOW 2 STORES TO SERVE YOU 626 Seymour St. Phone 683-0401 (Next Door to the B.C. Lions Office) 5973 Fraser St. Phone 325-8254 Vancouver, B.C. 1967! A great year to Graduate. Congratulations! May your future hold the fulfilment of your dreams and aspirations, as you graduate this Centennial year! 1967, holds added significance for Woodward’s! It marks the 75th Anniversary, and 75 years of serv- ice to the people of British Columbia. We look for- ward to the pleasure of serving you! Compliments of CANADA TRUST HURON ERIE J.R. Young, Manager 2198 West41stAve. 261-1301 121 EMBARRASSMENT ' 66 Compliments of Bowtek Electric Co. Ltd. N.D. -12 V.C. -0 Compliments of the Owl Barber Shop and PATRON DIRECTORY ACCOUNTANTS COLLINS AND COLLINS Chartered Accountants 1 030 West Georgia St. 685-0564 JOHN K. HANCOCK, C.A. 510 W. Hastings PATRICK V. 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Broadway Congratulations to the Class of ' 67 UNIVERSITY PHARMACY 5754 University Blvd. In the University District FOOD AND GROCERS A. AND C. GROCERY Free Delivery 3025 Granville St. 733-1141 MAGEE GROCERY LTD. Quality Meats and Groceries Wt. Blvd. and 49th — Free Delivery 266-6241 TUDOR MEATS 3315 Cambie St. FOOTWEAR KERRISDALE BOOTERY Shoes For the Whole Family 2182 W. 41st Ave. 261-7137 FURNITURE BRIGHOUSE UPHOLSTERING AND MFG. LTD. New Custom Furniture 809 B. Park Rd. Richmond FURRIERS ROBERT ' S SHOP New York Furs 797 W. Georgia HOBBY SHOPS HOBBYTOWNE STORES LTD. Downtown Van. 578 Seymour Brentwood, Park Royal North Victoria, Nanaimo 124 MARPOLE CYCLE AND HOBBY SHOP 8014 Granville St. 266-2710 HOTELS Best Wishes ASTORIA HOTEL 796 E. Hastings ALCASAR HOTEL Modern rooms recently remodelled 1 Block from the bus Depot 337 Dunsmuir St. ICE AND FUEL SUPPLIES STOREY ' S NORTH SHORE ICE AND FUEL " Serving the North Shore Since 1 920 " 1 600 McKay Ave. 988-8822 INSURANCE GLEN ROSS, C.LU. Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Canada 1281 W. Georgia Office: 683-7441 - Home: 261-0303 HUGH AND McKINNON ltd. " Your Insurance Centre for 54 years " Vancouver - Cloverdale - North Surrey - White Rock 681-5261 — Fidelity Life Building LOGGING CANADIAN WARREN PINK DIVISION CHAIN 190 W. 3rd Ave. Vancouver 10, B.C. MUSIC STUDIOS CANADIAN ACCORDION INSTITUTE 306 S. Boundry Rd. OPTICIANS PITMAN OPTICAL 734 Granville PRESCRIPTION OPTICAL Estd. 1924 Twelve Offices to Serve You REAL ESTATE ACADIA ACCEPTANCE CO. LTD. 5635 Cambie St. Vancouver 13, B.C. E.B. GIBBONS 2168 Kingsway 434-2474 C. " TIP " ROBERTSON 725 Carnarvon St. N.W. 522-4631 - 522-4633 - 522-4634 ORR’S STORES To Rent Throughout Greater Vancouver 1525 W. Broadway 731-8261 RESTAURANTS DEAN’S RESTAURANT AND DINING ROOM 4544 W. 10th Ave. Delmar Chicken Fry Western Fried Chicken 3 Locations to serve you 8646 Granville 261-4626 HANNAY ' S RECEPTION AND BANQUET HALL Wedding Parties for 25 to 160 2291 W. Broadway 738-2324 MR. MIKES $1 .29 STEAK HOUSE 2 Locations to serve you Granville at Smithe Granville at Seventy SERVICE STATIONS LEN MARCHAND TEXACO STATION 1790 W. 41st Ave. SUPPLIES R. ANGUS LTD. 1210 Seymour St. 684-1545 ROD ' S BUILDING SUPPLIES 347 Moncton St. Steveston, B.C. 277-8088 SPOOLS LUMBER AND BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD. 5569 Victoria Dr. 321-9177 Quality Materials at Competitive Prices TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT 1910 Main St. SURGICAL EQUIPMENT KEIR AND SON LTD. 2066 W. 4th Ave. VALUATORS UNIVERSAL APPRAISAL CO. LTD. 525 Seymour St. 688-7177 WOOD PRODUCTS - LUMBER HODGSON-WALSH WOOD PRODUCTS B.C. LTD. 908 W. 6th Ave. 738-7177 MISCELLANEOUS CATHOLIC SEAMEN ' S CLUB Apostleship of the Sea 373 East Cordova Vancouver NORTH WESTERN RESTAURANT AND HOTEL SUPPUES 1795 W. 41st Ave. 736-0377 WESTERN ADJUSTMENTS CO. LTD. 535 Thurlow St. Compliments of ITiriLLIAMSl 7 VA J PIANO HOUSE One of Canada ' s Oldest and Largest Exclusive Piano and Organ Dealers Two Stores 809 Seymour St. and 1275 Granville St. Vancouver, B.C. 126 For Consistent Quality You Can Count On Clearbrook Farm MILK Sold Exclusively by Super-Valu Stores JAMES McKISSOCK, Director JAMES D. THOMAS, Director Telephone: 681-1286 WEST COAST SECURITIES LTD. 306 - 845 West Pender Street Vancouver 1, B.C. MEMBERS: THE VANCOUVER STOCK EXCHANGE C ompfimentA CHR. BJELLAND CO. a s Stavanger, Norway f]unufacturerA of King Oscar Sardines King Oscar Kippered Snacks Being UNcontroversial Is Sometimes OKay, Too THEN, THERE’S ANOTHER school of thought which holds that it’s not absolutely necessary to be always saying controversial things. You can just be a nice guy who keeps himself well in- formed by reading The Sun every day and beams benignly while others go around being as non- conformist as anything! In any case 129 BARTLE GIBSON CO., LTD. Wholesale Plumbing Heating Industrial Supplies Five B.C. branches to serve you Vancouver Branch 705 E 17th Ave. Phone: 876-331 1 BE SURE TO SEE Thomson and Page for STEREO - APPLIANCES - RECORDS T.V. — Color or Black and White and FINE FURNITURE over 37 years at 291 4 Granville St. 738-5144 FREE CUSTOMER PARKING - STANDARD STATION - 13th and Granville Simpsons - Sears Sports Advisory Council These outstanding athletes are now working with us to help bring you better and safer sporting goods Pierre Pilote NHL Defenseman Dick Townsend Ski Pro Bobby Hull NHL Forward John Barrow CFL Tackle Glen Hall NHL Goalie Johnny Powers Fitness Expert Bill Tinsley Maria and Otto Jelinek Outdoorsman Skating Champions C£RT £ £D BY APMWED SPORTS AOV SORY COUHC L Look for this label on Simpsons-Sears sporting goods. It’s your guarantee of quality. Nobody knows more about sports equipment than the pros who use it regularly and depend on its quality. That’s why we selected the well-known professional athletes pictured above and asked them to join our Sports Advisory Council (SAC) — to help us to develop sporting goods that meet high standards of performance and safety. 131 D. McNaughton and Dr. O.E. Kirby Tom Pink keeps cool under fierce attack. Hold still Dave. BASKETBALL Mixed emotions show under game stress. EMBARRASSMENT ’66 Sacred Heart — 40 V.C. — 38 As in all other games, Bob Beaupre’s effective rebound- ing controls the boards. Fred Yehle and Henry Birks and Sons SALMON’S TRANSFER LTD. Local and Long Distance Furniture Moving Containerized Storage Same day delivery within 200 miles at Vancouver Overnight delivery within 400 miles Days 433-2421 2884 Grandview Highway Evenings 431-4511 at Renfrew " OUTFITTERS OF CHAMPIONS ' ' Sparlings Sporting Goods 929 — Granville St. BRANCH STORES: (1) Park Royal (West Van.) (2) Trail, B.C. (3) Prince George, B.C. (4) Surrey, B.C. 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Broadway St. GRANVILLE DRUGS 8002 Granville St. HOTELS NIGHTINGALE PHARMACY 41 st and Dunbar St. OAKRIDGE DRUGS CO. 5791 Oak St. EAGLE MOTEL 2227 Kingsway PITMAN PHARMACY 1896 W. 57th INSURANCE PORTE ' S UPTOWN PHARMACY Granville at 14th Ave. FIDELITY LIFE INSURANCE 422 • 6th St. N.W. 136 J 136 JEWELLERS MILLERS JEWELLERS 655 Granville St. 47 W. Hastings St. 622 Columbia St. ORIN ' S JEWELERS 60 5 Granville MUSIC STUDIOS DOLCE MUSIC STUDIO 1371 S.W. Marine Dr. MISCELLANEOUS ASSOCIATION OF THE DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING 215 East 18th Ave. PIANOS VANCOUVER PIANO CO. 3195 East 5th Ave. REAL ESTATE MacDONALD AND EEDY REALTY LTD. 670 3rd, Richmond SIMS REALTY LTD. Suite 15, 5763 Oak St. RESTAURANTS DUNBAR FISH AND CHIPS 4245 Dunbar St. SERVICE STATIONS DEACON ' S SERVICE LTD. 1075 S.W. 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Sales Service Contracting Frank Seipp 140 BARBERS Specializing in Razor Cutting Styling • 8 BARBERS • MANICURIST • SHOESHINE 650 SEYMOUR STREET IN THE H.B.C. PARKADE Phone 684-69 1 O Appointment Optional 141 RADIO SERVICE ENGINEERS LTD. Cyril Trott Manager SALES RENTALS REPAIRS PUBLIC ADDRESS EQUIPMENT AND HI-FI INTER COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT SCHOOL SOUND SYSTEMS CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION 1181 Richard Street Vancouver, B.C. Phone MU 1 -3545 Ceffl tlitnentA ctf MEAT MART an. RED STEER MEAT MARKET 2070 W. 41st AVE. AM 1-8755 PERSONAL SERVICE AND FINEST QUALITY Free Delivery Charge Accounts May Be Opened McGavin Good Breads and Fine Cakes %cGm VoutMcutu to., JLd. 601 West 10th Ave. Phone:879-1411 143 Compliments of ACTIVE TRADING LTD. 935 E. Cordova St. 255-3191 Compliments of THE B.C. MONUMENTAL WORKS LTD. Established 1876 1680 East Kent Ave. 327-4436 144 things gO better, witn Loke TRADE MARK REG Both Coca-Cola and Coke are registered trade marks which Identify only the product of Coca-Cola Ltd. WOMETCO (B.C.) LTD. Best Wishes To the Graduates BELKIN PAPER BOX LTD. 1148 River Rd. 278-5181 Br. Pender shoots with skilful accuracy as Hugh Legg (25) and Mike MacKay-Dunn look on during the Fac- ulty vs. Junior Varsity basketball game. Pep rallies ordinarily are wild enough but THIS one got off the ground with an opposition lynching. " Girls aren’teverything,buttheysurehelpatdances,” ponders Bob Beaupre. REVIEW Compliments of Gardiner, Thorton, Gathe, Davidson, Garret, Masson and Associates Arturo Duran, Ed DesRoches, and Don Macaulay combine talents to sketch another of their " orginal” van Gogh’s. 146 A future conductor directs the Grammar School Band during the Christmas Concert. Determination and ability produce good tumbling which, this year, was up to College’s traditional standards. The tumbling team was coached by Terry Fitzpatrick. The school year of 1966-1967 was one of num- erous student activities with participation from the students reaching an unequalled height. The spir- it of the student body was such that, during the course of the year, four dances were held at the school with remarkable turn-outs at them all. With much help and co-operation from Br. Clarkson and other members of the faculty, such activities as the Young Christian Students’ Club and the school paper, the COLLEGE GUARDSMEN, got off the ground. The Christmas entertainment was well organized and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. In March the United Nations Club host- ed a Model U.N. Assembly consisting of over 100 delegates from schools in the Vancouver and Dis- trict area. Participation at football and basketball games was up from last year and as a result the cheering at the games was more impressive than in years past. One might say that the year of Canada’s Centennial, with all its celebrations and projects, was also the year of Vancouver College’s most widespread student spirit. Compliments of Western Cartage Ltd. and Eldorado Motor Hotel 147 Around B.C. Basketball Tournament time, the walls of the cafeteria were adorned with the draws of the tournament along with other bits of propaganda. John Barker and Dan Foslein caught in the process of printing the first edition of the COLLEGE GUARDSMAN in offset printing. Compliments of Sts. Peter and Paul CWL The cheerleaders anxiously await the arrival of the basket- ball team who, upon their entrance, must run the gaunt- let of cheering fans. 148 Compliments of BOWELL-McLEAN CO., LTD. Pontiac Cadillac Vauxhall 615 Burrard Street MU 2-3333 MOTOR Buick Acadian 149 COMPLIMENTS OF Pierre ) °arU Lr itd. SHOES for THE FAMILY National Brands Compliments of -QWCAW . ,( to CKAfV wBs s P.B. YATES (WESTERN) LTD. 890 East Hastings St. Vancouver 4, B.C. CANADA ' S LARGEST MANUFACTURERS OF SAWMILL EQUIPMENT CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR FUTURE SUCCESS Let our representative Arthur Lee Help you in planning for the future The Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd. 890 West Pender Street Vancouver 1 , B.C. Office: 685-3232 Home: 277-7065 Vancouver Fancy Sausage Co. Ltd. EUROPEAN STYLE SAUSAGES At all Food Stores throughout B.C. you ' ll find a wide selection of the 48 varieties of European Style Sausages made in Vancouver by master sausage makers. Look and ask for them by name. %i aMP.AIIl e r European smoked meat and sausage products produced under FEDERAL INSPECTION 151 charter — the policy and the people FOUNDED five years ago, Charter Truck Trailer Rentals Ltd. today operates Western Canada ' s largest and most diversified com- mercial rental fleet. Available through five service outlets are upwards of 200 trucks and over 100 semi- trailers — a million dollars ' worth of equip- ment for transporters in a tight spot. Charter ' s wide range of emergency equip- ment for busy periods when they have more freight than their fleets can carry does away with the problem of depreciation and upkeep costs on surplus units when business is slack. Charter keeps its rental plans flexible and its costs low. Current models are always avail- able at short notice. Diversification of rentai terms enables Charter to offer units for a job lasting an hour or a year. Diversification of fleet units in keeping with current customer requirements enables Charter to answer calls from heavy haulers, scheduled carriers, local delivery firms, reefer operators and off-high- way users. Associated with the Charter operation is Tepoorten Truck Equipment Ltd., founded two years earlier. This affiliated organization has for sale a wide inventory of trucks, trailers and specialized equipment. For the further convenience of its rental and lease customers, Charter also operates a modern, fully-equipped service centre immedi- ately adjacent to its downtown Vancouver mileage market, on the corner of Oak and Sixth Avenue. CHARTER TRUCK AND TRAILER RENTALS LTD. VANCOUVER: 950 West 6th Avenue. Phones 736-6404 (day) and 277-5877 (night). PRINCE GEORGE: 1155 -1st Avenue. Phone 564-8036. WILLIAMS LAKE: Broadway Street. Phone 392-4212. CALGARY: 919 -46th Avenue S.E. Phone 243-6532. EDMONTON: 7350 - 125A Avenue. Phone 474-431 1 . JIM TEPOORTEN President JOHN LINEKER Manager, Vancouver RON BIGGS Manager, Calgary BERT DUDFIELD Manager, Prince George BOB BRUCE Sales Manager, Tepoorten Truck Equipment WAYNE MILNE Sales and Service Vancouver the west ' s largest mileage merchants 152 B.C. SASH S DOOR CO. LTD. " As Near As Your Telephone Phone 876-2288 2315Cambie — Vancouver 9 " If It Goes Into The Building — We Have It” KENNEDY BROS. DRUG STORES LTD. 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Ave. 325-4491 Tim Delelsalle 3789 Yale St. Burnaby, B.C. 298-8437 Harry DcMarre 7940 Seward Pk. Ave. South Seattle, Wash. Michael Dickinson 6986 Raleigh St. 156 434-7344 Tom Eakins 7690 Cambie St. 325-7187 Mike Fanning 4064 W. 16th Ave. 224-6903 Barry Fleming 5870 Hudson St. 266-2583 Thomas Flynn 2717 Hoskins Ave. North Vancouver 987-3771 Allen Foley 2838 E. 18th Ave. 434- 45 20 Don Forberg R.R. 1 Campbell River Max Fraser 5929 Trafalgar St. 266-5877 Nick Gahlager 7663 Elliot St. 325-3577 Michael Gallant 7735 Prince Albert St. 325-7550 Dan Garrayt 1216 W. 27th Ave. 731-4576 John Gawthrop 2345 Departure Bay Rd. Nanaimo, B.C.. Guy Germyn 2253 W. 6th Ave. 731-8476 Gary Gibson 2830 E. 4th Ave. 255-6858 Rick Ginnetti 3075 Grant St. 255-6885 Tom Gordon 1494 W. 39th Ave. 263-4227 Paul Gruenwald 4911 Collingwood St. 261-2088 Peter Guichon 3044-41 B. St. Ladner, B.C. John Herring 6931 McKinnon St. 435- 9046 Tom Heys 4004 W. 20th Ave. 224-7071 Harald Hoffelner 515 English Bluff Rd. Tsawwassen, B.C. 943-2017 Frank Holstrom 10226 125th A St. North Surrey 584-465 3 Mike Humphrey 1276 Sutherland North Vancouver 987-5987 Dave James 5025 Granville St. 261-0431 Randall Jang 1178 Laurier Ave. 738-2831 Doug Johnstone 1135 W. 38th Ave. 261-4 349 Shawn Kennedy 276 Smith St. Richmond 273-3337 Rick Kerk-Hecker 3271 W. 48th Ave. 266-9213 John King 3005 W. 11th Ave. 738-1742 Randy King Box 2989 Whitehorse Yukon Territory Rene Korst 1170 E. 18th Ave. 764-1824 Phillip Kurys 3090 E. 4th Ave. 25 3-7807 Richard Lassalle 54 E. 60th Ave. 321-8750 Bill Lehane 7111 W. Blvd. 261-5734 Kevin Lyons 7316 Rupert St. 433-6966 David Mackenzie 4050 Cartier St. 733-5154 Stuart MacNeil 6625 Prince Edward St. 321-9202 John Malo 1350 Devonshire St. 738-7777 Doug March 12170 100th Ave. North Surrey 584-5328 Kevin McCarthy 1903 W.37th 263-5032 John McCleery 5762 Churchill St. 261-1040 Dan McDowell 335 E. 59th Ave. 327-2085 Paul McGivern 5576 Angus Dr. 266-4841 Murray McGuigan 2857 E. Broadway 255-8607 Bryan MacIntyre 3641 W. 36th Ave. 266-5206 Neil MacPherson 1162 W. 26th Ave. 7334315 James McQuillan 1970 W. 4 1st Ave. 263-7497 Jake Moldowan 4769 Taggart St. 266-2633 Lazio Molnar 3768 Heather St. 764-0601 Gordon Moss 1491 W. 26th Ave. 733-3723 John Mulvaney 3284 Calder Ave. 987-9915 Mike Murphy 3391 W. 7th Ave. 7314570 Dan Murray Box 2252 Fort St. John Tim Mylette 1415 W. 41st Ave. 261-9144 Richard Nantel 7857 Nanaimo St. 325-0184 Dave Nixon 5515 Laburnam 261-0959 Stewart Mowacki 6333 Boundry Rd. 433-8083 Brad Oliver 33235 Beach Dr. Victoria, B.C. Don Orange 3433 N.E. Davis St. Portland, Oregon Gary Osborne 1 149 Connaught Dr. 733-2870 Doug Parks 1257 Barclay St. 683-6129 Joe Patterson 2015 Mathers St. 922-7165 Robert Patterson 5425 Cambie St. 263-8321 Reinhardt Pekarek 591 E. 30th Ave. 879-3861 Dan Phillips 2609 E. 6th Ave. Paul Pitre 826 Leslie Rd. Richmond 278-0505 Doug Rahn 3759 W. 24th Ave. 224-5120 Peter Re. calle 24 54 C. del Carmen Campeche Joe Regan Box 2460 Campbell River Michael Regan 3792 W. 34th Ave. 266-0568 Jim Redfern 810 Keith Rd. West Vancouver 922-6874 Stephen Rooney 877 Westminster Highway Richmond 278-8303 Steve Schmuck 1060 E. 49th Ave. 321-8873 Robert Sitter 654 Comstock Rd. Richmond 277- 7331 John Smulders 3058 Garden Dr. 762-2889 Vic Spaetgens 6963 Fremlin St. 263-5939 Antony Stefanov 1143 Cambie Rd. Richmond 278- 0935 Ian Sutcliffe 1136 W. 37th Ave. 261-8756 John Turner 6212 31st Ave. Seattle, Wash. Juan Manuel Urrutia Rincon del Bosque 15 Mexico 5, D.F. Louis Valente 2526 Pandora St. 254-2428 Bryan VanDaal 643 Mara Cres. Richmond 277-8436 Bob Whalen 7911 Joffre Ave. South Burnaby 431-0507 Stephen Whitlock 7 35 W. 63rd Ave. 325-1589 Rick Wilander 2545 E. 24th Ave. 433-8387 Rob Williston 4670 W. 10th Ave. 228-8100 Michael Wilson 2241 E. 46th Ave. 325-2622 Ralph Wimmer 1475 W. King Edward 733-8449 Congratulations to 1957 Graduates BOGORE RANCH Millarville, Alberta HOME OF FINE HORSES CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES To each of the graduates of Vancouver College the Bay extends a sincere wish for your future happiness We trust you will enjoy success and satisfaction in your chosen fields the ay Georgia at Granville 157 Grade 9 Directory Robert Aird 106 West 43rd Ave. 327-7961 John Alexander 778 Moffatt Rd. Richmond, B.C. 278-1952 Mark Atherton 3877 W. 38th Ave. 266-4854 Dan Baker 2525 W. 16th Ave. 731-1493 David Barrett 2120 E. 39th Ave. 327-2488 Larry Bartle 2591 Nemarket Dr. North Vancouver 988-9812 Greg Battle 2525 W. 14th 733-5115 Denis Battrum 1441 W. 26th Ave. 736-5000 Chris Bernard 405 1 Selkirk St. 738-4202 Jim Bertrand 2122 Cassiar St. 255-6426 Werner Biro 1171 Cambie Rd. Richmond, B.C. 278-2581 John Blake 1148 Thurlow St. 681-0772 Mike Boreham 854 W. 19th Ave. North Vancouver 987-7282 Cas Borowski 832 W. 19th Ave. 874-8467 Jim Boyle 4791 Puget Drive 266-2819 Stephen Boyle 3794 W. 23rd Ave. 228-8502 Trevor Bowen Lejac, B.C. Dave Brecknez 923 Granville Ave. Richmond 278-2502 Dave Burns 4819 Collingwood St. 226-9459 William Byrne 344 1 W. 8th Ave. 731-8395 Grant Cameron 855 W. 49th Ave. 263-4806 Robert Cardinal 4972 Main St. 325-0820 Paul Carrothers 5625 Osier St. 261-2415 John Cawker 2462 Edgar Cres. 733-1961 Jim Clarke 6963 Laurel St. 261-9501 Jim Collison 6116 Malvern Ave. Burnaby 522-4937 Louis Conway 1004 Dennis Cres. Richmond 277-7548 Matt Cote 1086 W. 54th Ave. 261-6575 Robert Crowley 2812 Eton St. 2 4-1237 Leslie Csanyi 3064 W . 10th Ave. 733-5240 Doug Cullen 660 Kenwood Rd. West Vancouver 922-1418 Kevin Cunningham 7147 Huntingdon St. Powell River Bob Cyr Nimpkish Beaver Cove, B.C. Donald DesRoches 3250 W. 26th Ave. 738-1584 Wayne Diakow 2878 W. 38th Ave. 266-5036 Lloyd Dowd 65 3 Comstock Rd. Richmond, B.C. 277-8333 Tim Dowd 1 15 W. 44th Ave. 327-6974 Pat Drew 1950 Cedar Cres. 738-9574 George Dramalis 6761 Selkirk St. 266-6702 Jim Dwight 5540 14B Ave. Ladner 943-2010 John Eldon 857 Seafair Dr. Richmond, B.C. 277-6842 Geoff English 3265 W. 37th Ave. 266-9278 Mark Faliszewski 6010 Blenheim St. 266-2165 Steve Fanning 4027 W. 13th Ave. 224-7958 Paul Fauteux 2871 W. 38th Ave. 266-4284 Mike Fleming 5870 Hudson St. 266-2583 Ed Flood 67 W. 41st Ave. 321-8884 Noel Foley 2838 E. 18th Ave. 434-4520 Bryan Fortin 725 W. 39th Ave. 266-2514 Barry Fraser 5929 Trafalgar St. 266-5877 Bill Fraser P.O. Box 54 Honeymoon Bay Bill French Holberg, B.C. Barry Friedel 5 349 Prince Edward 325-6192 Leonard Girody 1275 Tecumsen St. 738-8642 Robert Godfrey Tasu I Street Paul Hacault 729 E. 58th Ave. 327-2177 Tom Harris 2834 McGill St. 25 3-0826 Mike Hockley 1714 W. 68th Ave. 261-7115 Wayne Holland 77 1 1 French St. 261-5565 Mark Hovan 120 E. 26th Ave. 987-0247 Mark Hydcr 2317 W. 10th Ave. 736-6226 Donald Inverarity 1974 W. 18th Ave. 731-7319 Peter Isman 3890 Edinburgh St. Burnaby, B.C. 298-8935 Barry Janyk 1030 West King Edward Ave. 736-9551 Greg Jaworski 1322 West King Edward Ave 731-9619 Brian Johnson 4015 Sunnycrest Drive North Vancouver, B.C. 987- 9746 Andrew Jurka 2381 W. Broadway St. 733-7187 Mike Kelly 3250 West 33rd 266-9884 Larry Kennedy 1318 London St. New Westminster, B.C. 522-7506 Gary Koss 857 Ash St. Richmond, B.C. 277-8615 Stephen Koughan 551 4th Ave. East Prince Rupert, B.C. Paul Kurys 3090 East 4th Ave. 25 3-7808 Tom Kusz 1264 W. 11th Ave. 738-6954 Anthony-Laing Meason 21 Calle Poniente 14 29- Salvador, El Salvador Charles Lariviere Box 484 Jasper, Alberta Chris Lavoie 1652 East 36th St. 325-9555 David Leckschas Box 370 Invermere, B.C. Phillip Legg 1826 Blanca St. 224-1612 Winfred Lerf 1063 Barclay St. 681-0084 Doug MacKay 1250 W. 71st Ave. 263-3569 Mike MacKay-Dunn 3937 Granville St. 738-3720 Hugh MacKinnon 4309 Osier St. 738-1245 Steve Mackenzie 4050 Cartier St. 733-0207 Clyde MacLeod 2426 East 29th Ave. 431-8018 David MacVey 2845 West 30th 266-8916 Joe Malo 1350 Devonshire Cres. 738-7777 Louis Malo 1350 Devonshire Cres. 738-7777 Alan Mann 35 24 West 31st Ave. 261-5988 Jim Marchand 626 Azure Rd. N. Richmond, B.C. 277-4328 Gregory McCaffcry 311 West 14th St. North Vancouver, B.C. 988- 165 1 Dan McCullough 4580 Slocan St. 434-5836 Matt McGarry 6162 Wiltshire 266-5841 Mark Miller 2576 Wallace Cres. 224-5851 Garry Mitchell 3295 E. 46th Ave. 433-4580 Jerry Mones 857 Seafair Dr. Richmond 277-6842 Barry Morgan 1044 E. Centre Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Mark Morissette 433 W. 24th Ave. 987- 1668 Blake Morris 2596 E. 41st Ave. 433-8029 Mike Morton 420 Byng St. Coquitlam, B.C. 936-4144 Rick Murphy 800 Grand Blvd. North Vancouver 988- 7639 Terry Murphy 2255 W. 20th Ave. 736-5288 Robert Musgrove 4836 Ross St. 874-7136 Antonio Nardi 3099 W. 6th Ave. 733-1271 Assu Nijdam 5012 Granville St. 263-7234 Bill O’Brien 4448 Magnolia St. 261-3501 Pat O’Brien 1089 Dunlop Ave. 299-2741 Brendan O’Connell 1178 W. 37th Ave. 261-8512 Paul Odermatt Box 728 Fort St. John, B.C. Terry O’Niel 1522 Martin St. White Rock, B.C. 531-3878 Kevin O’Niell 236 Onslow PI. West Vancouver 922-655 3 Larry Cteero Box 497 Lake Cowichan B.C. Rick Paris 1150 W. 42nd Ave. 261-3946 Dwayne Parker Tofino, B.C. Vancouver Island Andy Perry 968 Deagle Rd. Richmond, B.C. 277-6208 John Phillips 4185 Burkehill PI. West Vancouver 922-8417 Jeff Pink 5930 Athlone St. 261-6705 Louie Pulice 2516 W. 5th Ave. 738-2309 Terry Rauppana 4566 W. 6th Ave. 224-6441 Pat Reagan 3792 W. 34th Ave. 266-0568 Talbot Reader 114 2350 W. 39th Ave. 261-9097 Mike Redmond 2647 Edgar Cres. 733-3700 Richard Rieter 1736 Williams 255-1496 Wiesiu Reklinski 4506 Inverness St. 879-1032 Pat Remple 8131 Hudson St. 261-8643 Richard Richardson 3795 Linwood St. South Burnaby 433-1645 John Roberts 889 Minler Rd. Richmond, B.C. 277-9355 Paul Robillard 6785 Laurel St. 261-7085 Stephen Rogers 3894 West 14th Ave. 224-7101 Mike Ryan 795 Anderson Cres. West Vancouver 922-2304 Brian Savage 6780 Lanark St. 321-0142 Mark Schretlen 2948 W. 39th Ave. 266-6092 Conrad Schwander 1344 Appin Rd. North Vancouver 985-5021 Greg Smallenberg 1044 W 46th Ave. 261-4195 Geon Storey 1357 Moody Ave. North Vancouver 988-3548 John Strong 10933 77th Ave. Edmonton, Alta. Loren Teraguchi 605 Azure Rd. Richmond, B.C. 277-3760 Tormod Tolpinud 739 Bates Rd. 277-1780 Tom Upton 510 Crestwood Ave. North Vancouver 987-6072 Juan Valera 2356 W. Broadway 731-1091 Derek Warren Box 145 Tofino, B.C. Ted Wawryniuk 273 E. 21st Ave. 876-9064 Chris White 6316 Wiltshire St. 261-5888 Mike White 1198 W. 70th Ave. 261-8577 Steve Whittaker 1010 Leyland Dr. West Vancouver 922-0274 Murray Wimbles 5 39 E. Windsor North Vancouver 985-1582 Carl Wimmer 1475 West King Edward Ave. 733-5586 George Wolfe 558 ht. Andrews Rd. West Vancouver 922-2956 2287 West Broadway Vancouver 9, B.C. Phone: REgent 8-5926 Full Wedding Coverage Home Portraiture Studio Portraiture Commercial Picture Framing Mr. Manuel Espinosa OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS TO 1965 COLLEGIAN A B of M Career spells (Challenge vancement esponsibility xperience ducation .Rsewards Looking for an interesting career after high school? Find out now what the Bank of Montreal can offer you if you are willing to work and learn. Our inter- esting booklet " Career Opportunities " outlines the absorbing jobs and better opportunities in a career in banking. Pick up your free copy at any B of M. Or write Personnel Administration Depart- ment, Bank of Montreal, P.O. Box 6002, Montreal. There is no obligation, ex- cept to yourself. IP Bank of Montreal ScuuuCeu ‘Jout Sank Kerrisdale Branch: G. F. COOMBE, Manager 41st Ave. Oak St. Branch: J.A. DAVIES, Manager 159 Grade 10 Directory Mike Anger 885 Minler Ave. Richmond 277-6581 Gary Baker 2257 E. 48th Ave. 325-1547 Steve Barker 6111 Fremlin St. 266-9713 Larry Battle 25 25 W. 14th Ave. 733-5115 Wayne Bedford 2021 Stirling PI. Kelowna, B.C. Ken Bell 5592 Wales St. 435-8509 Larry Biggar 639 Williams Rd. Richmond 277-6552 Bill Boons 2385 W. 13th Ave. 733-7726 Brendan Bottomley 487 E. 46th Ave. 325-6008 Chris Boucher 8290 Montcalm St. 261-8405 Don Bower- Box 577 Jasper, Alta. Harry B rand ol ini 6749 Granville St. 266-0549 Sean Byrne 344 1 W. 8th Ave. 731-8395 Martin Byron 5555 Knight St. 322-6552 John Cabana 3983 W. 24th Ave. 224-6088 John Cairns 3967 W. 4th Ave. 224-4438 Daryl Campbell 4875 Valley Dr. 263-4228 Tim Campbell 3819 10th St. S.W. Calgary, Alta. Faustin Chouinard 5043 Shirly Ave. North Vancouver 988-4688 John Cliffe 4021 W. 29th Ave. 224-4070 Don Clutchey Box 153 RCAF Station San Josef, B.C. Roy Cook 3035 W. 12th Ave. 733-8803 Pierre Cote 955 West View North Vancouver 985-5788 Larry Coughlin 3195 W. 15th Ave. 733-9574 Dan Cunningham 870 Elveden Row West Vancouver 922-2428 Robert Danby 4121 Crown Cres. 224-6836 John Daws 2835 W. 42nd Ave. 266-8969 John DeMarre 7940 Seward Park Ave. S. Seattle, Wash. Carl Dillon 6037 Adera St. 263-5157 Mike Delesalle 3789 Yale St. Burnaby, B.C. 298- 8437 Louis Dumont 3903 W. 23rd Ave. 224-3386 Ed Egli 4430 Granville St. 731-2867 Phil Eivemark 2155 E. 61st Ave. 325-3933 Craig Evers 218 2350 W. 39th Ave. 263-5825 Martin Finch 1010 Seacote Rd. Richmond 277- 4035 Pat Finerty 798 Latimer St. Penticton, B.C. Chris Gallagher 7663 Elliott St. 325-3577 Dave Garayt 1216 W. 27th Ave. 731-4576 Steve Gaylie 4888 Marguerite St. 738-8422 Dennis Giroday 1275 Tecumsen St. 738-8642 Paul Giroday 6309 Yukon St. 327-5022 Mike Guiliani 910 Beckwith Rd. Richmond 278- 2698 Danny Godfrey Tasu Queen Charlotte Islands, B.C Joe Gordon 1494 W. 39th Ave. 263-4227 Jim Gorman 4207 Cambridge St. North Burnaby 299- 6315 Doug Gormican 3585 W. 31st Ave. 261-6952 Andy Graham 5561 Lancaster St. 434-5026 Ken Greba 127 E. Woodstock 325-2013 Larry Griffiths 1350 W. 70th Ave. 263-7937 Skip Groff 869 W. 33 rd Ave. 731-2357 Paul Guiget 45 39 W. 7th Ave. 224-1505 Bill Gunn 852 W. 67th Ave. 321-8254 Bill Harrison 1691 W. 41st Ave. 261-5955 James Walter Harrington 7250 Killarney St. 434-0861 Robert Harrington 7250 Killarney St. 434-0861 Richard Hugh 4561 Fleming St. 876-0883 Denis Harvey 17513 4th Ave. R.R. 2, White Rock 531-5018 Chuck Hayden 3084 E. 16th Ave. 431-2477 Stephen Herbert 2425 W. 8th Ave. 733-3787 Peter Hill 2115 W. 51st Ave. 266-4962 Mike Hoskinson 3889 W. 26th Ave. 228-8483 Richard Ingram Box 217 Hazelton, B.C. Jim Inverarity 1974 W. 18th Ave. 731-7319 John Ives 3566 W. 18th Ave. 733-9882 Bill Jones 2313 4th St. Calgary, Alta. Stan Kazun 5472 Manson St. 266-8676 Bruce Kennedy 2640 W. 14th Ave. 731-7603 Dan Kenny 1492 W. 45th Ave. 261-3604 Wiliam Kolstee 3317 W. 8th Ave. 733-5646 Bennet Kopecki 2170 E. 27th Ave. 876-9841 Charles Laddish 3846 W. 37th Ave. 261-0503 Norman Lambert Box 38 Invermere, B.C. 342-9983 Jim Lattimer 4005 W. 35 th Ave. 266-5508 Tony Lazzaratto 13019 58th Ave. R.R. 1, North Surrey, B. 596-3480 Jacques Leahy 624 W. 30th Ave. 874-2429 Mark LeBlanc 6930 Granville St. 263-6562 Jim Loftus 748 Heather St. Richmond, B.C. 278-2040 Hugh Legg 1826 Blanca St. 224-1612 Geoffrey LeFevre 2065 W. 1st Ave. 733-0715 Mark Leja 4547 W. 7th Ave. 224-1446 Richard Longpre 585 Southborough 922-3105 Witold Ludwikowski Box 744 Ocean Falls, B.C. 289-3680 Malcolm Macaulay 460 Garry St. Steveston 277-7555 Alex Maclnnes 878 Railway Ave. Richmond 277- 6603 Dave Mackintosh 574 Murchison Rd. Richmond 278- 6582 Cahl Madden 7042 Beresford St. Burnaby 1, B.C. 521-2927 Larry Mamoser 517 3 Joyce Rd. 433-0798 Werner Maurer 766 W. 39th Ave. 266-5489 Nick Mazzone 307 W. 42nd Ave. 321-8381 Mike McCaffery 3 1 1 W. 14th Ave. North Vancouver 988-1651 Mike McCarthy 1903 W. 37th Ave. 263-5032 John McGeragle 3549 Prince Albert St. 876-2059 Cameron McLachlan 4656 W. 8th Ave. 224-7938 Peter McLorg 280 River Ra. Richmond 278-0326 Robert McMahon 975 Steveston Highway Richmond 277-5547 Ian McMillan 2849 W. 18th Ave. 733-9681 Mike Meegan Box 1012 Ocean Falls, B.C. Bill Mercer 5656-146th R.R. 14 North Surrey 596-6341 Bill Mitchell 2975 W. 37th Ave. 263-5838 Don Morrison 115 Woodstock 327-7110 Joe Moyls 4126 Fiighbury St. 224-3420 Vic Narduzzi 8636 Oak St. 327-8635 John Nixon 5515 Laburnam St. 261-0959 Michael Njakara 456 W. 28th Ave. 874-8267 Terry O’Niell 236 Onslow PI. West Vancouver 922-6553 John Optiz 10953-123rd St. Edmonton, Alta. Pete Orange 3433 N.E. Davis St. Portland, Oregon Steve Paton Iglesia 446 Mexico 20, D.F. Kevan Perrins 827 Leslie Rd. Richmond 278-9462 Peter Peturnia 48952 Yale Rd. East Chilliwack Anthony Pulice 5616 Oak St. 261-8968 Silvano Ranalletta 3095 E. 8th Ave. 255-1096 Louis Remple 8131 Hudson St. 261-8643 Cal Ross 6069 Granville St. 261-8446 Murray Ross 4650 W. 6th Ave. 224-3152 T revor Rowe Apartado Postal 167 San Miguel Allende Guanaj uato Mark Ryan 116 E. 59th Ave. 325-0140 Phil Seipp 7677 French St. 261-2004 Gordon Sinclair 644 Nanika Sale Richmond 277-3049 Lou Struve 434 W. 18th Ave. 876-2588 Bob Sung 5 142 Pitcairn PI. West Vancouver 921-7592 Kim Waterman 1501 High St. White Rock 531-4456 Mike Watson 5364 Cambie St. 327-1737 Dave Whitlock 735 W. 63rd Ave. 325-1589 John Wilson 2241 E. 46th Ave. 325-2612 Jim Wingham 6338 Granville St. 261-5650 John Woods 1215 W. 26th Ave. 738-1201 John W organ Airport Sandspit, B.C. Robert Wylie Masset, B.C. 626-3247 Steve Yehle 4676 Selkirk St. 731-1436 160 Todds Reddi-Hot 1 176 W. 7th Ave. 731-9822 after high school, what lies ahead? You’ll find a wide variety of opportunities if you join the Commerce. Our branch managers of tomorrow will be developed from our junior officers of today — and we already have more than 1260 branches in Canada and abroad. CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE THE BANK THAT BUILDS OVER 1260 BRANCHES TO SERVE YOU 161 Grade 11 Directory Allen Alberts 34182 Glenwill Ave. Abbotsford Joe Alvaro 1058 W. 37th Ave. 261-8835 Larry Atherton 3877 W. 38th Ave. 266-4854 Doug Baker 6637 Lanark St. 325-1570 Mike Battle 2525 W. 14th Ave. 733-5115 Stefan Betkowski Box 790 Jasper, Alta. Peter Beynon 6970 Willingdon Ave. South Burnaty 434-6396 Kent Bitz 6361 Granville St. 263-3677 Ivan Bulic 277 3 Manitoba St. 874-7093 Glen Cameron 151 Patricia Blvd. Prince George Steve Campbell 1032 W. 45th Ave. 261-3024 Ken Chase Box 33 Fort St. John Peter Choate 8449 Wiltshire St. 263-6308 Tom Clarke 6963 Laurel St. 261-9501 Paul Costello 4850 Selkirk St. 731-2979 Jim Coverdale 1263 W. 4 1 st Ave. 261-7435 Allan Cullen 660 Kenwood Rd. West Vancouver 922-1418 Dave DeCamillis 1793 Inglewood Ave. West Vancouver 922-3697 Michel de Cornulier 1876 W. 36th Ave. 266-0629 Pat Delesalle 3789 Yale St. 298-8437 Ed Des Roches 3250 W. 26th Ave. 738-1584 Arturo Duran 1557 W. 12th Ave. 731-5096 Chris Dyakowski 4 1 90 Balaclava St. 736-5008 Jim Ferris 6212 Ash St. 325-9322 Daryl Fieber 1896 E. 49th Ave. 321-0553 Bill Fielkowich Box 1 80 Blubber Bay, B.C. Pat Finnegan 4696 W. 3rd Ave. 224-3511 Pat Flynn 271 7 Hoskins Rd. North Vancouver 987-3771 Ed Forrester Boss 100 Savona, B.C. Bob Fortin 725 W. 39th Ave. 266-2514 Brad Fritz 1 344 1-5 6th Ave. R.R. 1 Cloverdale Paul Fry 4368 Rumble St. 431-4946 Dave Gagnon 301 8820 Cartier St. 261-7957 Mike Gendron 4275 Prospect Rd. North Vancouver 987-4800 Jamie Gladwin 1557 W. King Edward 733-3857 Rich Gorman 3776 W. 36th Ave. 266-4546 Jan Gronlund 185 W. 19th Ave. 874-7893 Art Hall 4071 Rupert St. 433-2207 Peter Harvey 589-176th Ave. White Rock 531-5018 Dave Hill 3492 W. 36th Ave. 261-5442 Paul Horne 6431 168th St. Cloverdale Harry Howard 3881 W. 39th Ave. 266-5118 Theodore Hsiung 8120 Lord St. 321-9914 Allan Jacob 3213 Cambie St. 874-2421 Tom Jaworski 1322 W. King Edward 731-9619 Gordon H. Jeffrey P.O. Box 94 Jasper, Alta. Tim Jull 3524 W. 24th Ave. 733-7107 D’Arcy Kavanagh 5614 Balsam 703 263-8186 Denis Kelly 3250 W. 33rd. Ave. 266-9884 Jim Kennedy 1418 London St. New Westminster 522-7506 Ray Kosick 3586 W. 34th Ave. 266-0301 Steve Knight 6350 Beatrice St. 527-2466 Tim Lavery 874 W. 17th Ave. 8744444 Frank Leahy 624 W. 30th Ave. 874-2429 John Lloyd 3205 W. 29th Ave. 731-1891 Louis Long 6879 Jasper St. Powell River, B.C. Dave Lyall 4576 66th St. R.R. 3 Ladner, B.C. Cort Lynch 4804 W. 44th Ave. Ladner, B.C. Bernie MacDonald 5 15 W. 63rd Ave. 327-2730 Fabian MacDonald 25 Worthington PL 344-6020 Garry MacDonald C.F.S. Ladner, B.C. Hector MacKay-Dunn 3937 Granville St. 738-3720 Rick MacKenzie 250 E. 15th St. North Vancouver 985-5 242 Frank Mamoser 5173 Joyce Rd. 433-0798 Tony Marr 2856 W. 3rd Ave. 738-9909 Oscar Martinez 29 Cable Poniente 104 San Salvador El Salvador Darrel Matthias 1819 Dunbar St. 221-6740 Bob McDonald 5437 Haggart St. 738-3301 Joe McGarry 6162 Wiltshire St. 266-5841 Ed McGivern 7556 Angus Dr. 2664841 Paul Meloche 4286 W. 8th Ave. 224-7585 Steve Miller 2576 Wallsace Cres. 224-5851 John Mills 4138 Pine Cres. 7314222 Steve Meyers 2626 W. 2nd Ave. 738-8353 Ted Moore 1700A-6th Ave. East Prince Rupert Mike Munsie Box 670 Princeton, B.C. Don Murray 1638 W. 4lst Ave. 263-5222 Richard Noble 4746 W. 2nd Ave. 224-0818 Robert Noble 4746 W. 2nd Ave. 224-0818 Alex O’Brien Las Flores 315 San Angel Mexico City, Mexico Harry O’Brien 1089 Dunlop Ave. North Burnaby 299-2741 Greg Paris 1 1 50 W. 42nd Ave. 261-3946 John Patterson 5425 Cambie St. 263-8321 Tom Pink 5930 Athlone St. 261-6705 Jim Prince 356 Duncan St. Coquitlam 9364365 Jon Revane 2284 W. 38th Ave. 327-9126 John Ripley 4746 W. 4th Ave. 228-8185 Peter Robin Fort St. James British Columbia Ray Robinson 5909 Fremlin St. 261-4302 John Rogers 3894 W. 14th Ave. 224-7101 Frank Schindelka 2475 W. 8 th Ave. 733-0241 Mark Schulhof 3589 W. 20th Ave. 738-5421 Jeff Smulders 3058 Garden Dr. 872-2889 Olaf-Michael Stefanov 1143 Cambie Rd. Richmond 278-0935 John Totino 5769 Cartier St. 266-8884 Pat Tritschler 5544 Maple St. 2264514 Paul Turvey 2603 124B Box 43 Crescent Beach Rob Udell 1073 Grov eland Rd. West Vancouver 9224759 Don Virstuk 2366 W. 14th Ave. 733-925 6 Dwain Wacko Box 670 Jasper, Alta. Doug West 210 9th Ave. North Port Albemi Paul Westwell 3160 Royal Ave. North Vancouver 988-1494 Pat White 421-3rd St. West Revelstoke Norm Whitmore 1536 Robson St. 685-2657 Jim Williams 401 W. 40th Ave. 327-5620 Dale Wolfe 558 St. Andrews Rd. West Vancouver 922-2956 Craig Wright Box 519 Abbotsford 85 3-2026 Bob Young 5577 Columbia St. 321-2988 Dan Young 311 E. 6 1 st Ave. 327-6190 Hans Zittier 678 Eckersley Rd. Richmond 278-5624 162 DATSUN 1300 Quality built 67 hp motor with a 50,000 mile warranty 4 speed syncro transmission or B.W. automatic with 96 hp motor. Datsun 2000 with 6 cylinder motor. Buy with confidence at ROTARY MOTORS LIMITED 60 West Broadway 872-7151 Factory parts depot at 873 Beatty St. Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Steinmann of TINY’S COFFEE SHOP LTD. " The businessman ' s lunch and coffee meeting place” at 740 West Hastings MU 4-1 037 Offer Their Best Wishes To The Grads 163 SAINT JUDE’S SHRINE 3078 Renfrew St. 434-6700 Compliments of ANDY’S TIRE SHOP LTD. 324 Vernon St. Nelson, B.C. 527-2729 INDEX Abbey Church Supplies Page 124 A and C Grocery Co. Ltd. Page 124 Acadia Acceptance Page 1 24 Active Training Ltd. Page 144 Ala Building Supplies Page 1 15 Alcazar Hotel Ltd. Page 1 24 Alma Pharmacy Page 131 Amerada Bridge and Steel Erectors Ltd. Page 136 Ardmona Fruit Products Page 154 Andy ' s Tire Shop Ltd. Page 163 R. Angus Ltd. Page 124 The Argyle Shop Page 136 Art Electrical Engineers Ltd. Page 136 Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Page 136 Astoria Hotel Page 124 B.C. Sash and Door Co. Ltd. Page 153 B.C. Monumental Works Ltd. Page 144 Bank of Montreal, Kerrisdale Page 159 Bartle and Gibson Co. Ltd. Page 1 30 Belkin Paper Box Ltd. Page 1 45 Chr. Bjelland Page 128 Henry Birks and Sons Page 132 Blue Bell Beauty Shoppe Page 136 Bogore Ranch Page 157 Bowell McLean Motors Co. Ltd. Page 149 Bowtek Electric Co. Ltd. Page 122 Brighouse Upholstering Page 124 Broadway Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Page 140 Buckshon ' s Pharmacy Page 136 Canadian Accordion Institute Page 124 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Page 161 Canadian Pacific Airlines Page 1 14 Canadian Warren Pink Division Dominion Chain Page 124 Canadian Wirevision Ltd. Page 139 Canadian Trust Company Page 121 Carter Pontiac Buick Page 155 Catholic Seamen ' s Club Page 124 Catholic Women ' s League Sts. Peter and Paul Page 148 Chaba Theatre Page 136 Charter Truck and Trailer Rentals Page 152 Collins and Collins Chartered Accountants Page 124 Conrad ' s Pharmacy Page 136 Crook ' s The Druggist Page 136 Cylinders Grinders Page 116 Deacon ' s Service Ltd. Page 136 Dean ' s Restaurant and Dining Room Page 124 Deeks-McBride Ltd. Page 124 Delmar Chicken Fry Page 136 Dolce Music Studio Page 136 Dunbar Cleaners and Dyers Page 124 Dunbar Fish and Chips Page 136 Dunbar Pharmacy Page 136 Eagle Motel Page 136 T. Eaton ' s of Canada Page 155 Eldorado Motor Hotel Page 147 Esso Imperial Home Heat Service Page 136 Family Pharmacy Page 136 Fane ' s Limited Page 136 Farina Laundry Page 136 Fawcett ' s Furniture and Appliances Ltd. Page 136 Fidelity Life Insurance Page 136 I.G.A. Foodliner Page 136 41st Shoe Repair Page 136 Fraser Valley Milk Page 127 F. and F. Equipment Page 1 16 Y. Franks Furniture Page 1 17 Y. Franks Appliances Page 120 Freedman ' s Shoes Ltd. Page 136 The French Hand Laundry Page 126 Gardiner, Thorton, Gathe, Davidson, Garrett, Masson and Associates Page 146 E.B. Gibbons Page 124 Goundry ' s Service Station Page 136 Granville Drugs Page 136 Great Western Life Insurance Page 136 Grand Prix Raceways Page 136 John K. Hancock Chartered Accountant Page 124 Hannay ' s Reception and Banquet Hall Page 124 Hannay ' s Photo Studio Page 159 Hobby Towne Stores Ltd. Page 124 Hodgson-Walsh Wood Products B.C. Ltd. Page 124 The Hudson Bay Company Page 157 Hugh and McKinnon Insurance Page 124 Island Tug and Barge Page 123 Jay ' s Pharmacy Page 124 Jersey Farms Page 124 Keir and Son Ltd. Page 124 Kennedy Brothers Drugs Ltd. Page 153 Kerrisdale Bootery Page 124 Dr. O.E. Kirby Page 133 Ladyfair Hairstyles Page 124 Mr. Nat Laitermo Page 136 Bob Lee Men ' s Wear Ltd. Page 136 Lloyd Stationery Page 130 London Drugs Ltd. Page 1 17 Louis Service Ltd. Page 136 Walter M. Lowney Page 1 42 Lulu Island Water Gardens Page 136 MacDonald and Eedy Realty Ltd. Page 136 Magee Grocery Page 124 The Main Fish Company Page 136 Marpole Cycle and Hobby Shop Page 124 Len Marchand Page 124 McCuish Formal Wear Page 124 McGavin-Toastmaster Ltd. Page 143 D. McNaughton Page 133 Mediscrip Health Plan Ltd. Page 1 18 Mr. Mike ' s Steak House Page 124 Miller ' s Jewelers Page 136 Milne ' s Bakery Page 136 Morely Smith Motors Ltd. Page 136 V.C. Mothers ' Auxiliary Page 1 12 Nelson ' s Laundries Page 1 19 Newcombe Realty Page 135 Nightingale Pharmacy Page 136 North Western Restaurant and Hotel Supplies Page 1 24 North Western Sporting Goods Page 138 Oakridge Drugs Co. Page 136 O ' Brien Advertising Page 139 O ' Grady Prescription Ltd. Page 140 Ohler ' s Bookshop Page 124 Orin ' s Jewelers Page 136 Orr ' s Stores Page 124 Owl Barber Shop Page 123 The Owl Drug Co. Ltd. Page 1 24 Pacific Chrysler Plymouth Ltd. Page 124 Palm Dairies Ltd. Page 124 Pierre Paris and Sons Page 150 Pitman Optical Page 124 Pitman Pharmacy Page 136 Porte ' s Uptown Pharmacy Page 136 Prescription Optical Co. Page 124 The Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd. Page 150 Queensland Tropical Fruit Page 154 Radio Service Engineers Ltd. Page 142 Red Steer Meat Market and Meat Market Page 143 Richmond Auto Body Shop Page 136 Reid ' s Medical Prescriptions Ltd. Page 124 Rivera Barbers Ltd. Page 141 C. " Tip " Robertson Page 136 Robert ' s Shop — New York Furs Page 1 24 Rod ' s Building Supplies Page 124 Glen Ross Mutual Life Co. Page 124 Rotary Motors Ltd. Page 164 The Royal Bank of Canada Page 138 St. Jude ' s Shrine Page 163 Sambo ' s Pancake House Page 1 19 Salmon ' s Transfer Page 134 Seaport Crown and Fish Page 137 Scotty ' s and Chimney Sweeping Page 136 Shannon Hardware Page 136 Simpsons Sears Page 131 Sims Realty Ltd. Page 136 Slade and Stewart Ltd. Page 120 George Sparling Ltd. Page 134 Spools Lumber and Building Supply Page 124 Storey ' s Ice and Fuel Page 1 24 Sweeney Cooperage Ltd. Page 129 Szasz Delicatessen Restaurant Ltd. Page 136 Tad ' s Sporting Goods Page 136 Terry ' s British Car Repair Page 124 Thomson and Page Ltd. Page 130 Tide Bay Construction Ltd. Page 1 18 Tiny ' s Coffee Shop Page 164 Todd ' s Reddi Hot Foods Page 161 Tools and Equipment (Vancouver) Ltd. Page 124 Tremblay and Sons Motors Page 124 Tudor Meat Market Page 124 Twenty-fifth and Cambie Service Ltd. Page 136 Universal Appraisal Co. Ltd. Page 124 University Pharmacy Page 124 Van and Van Masonry Page 136 Vancouver College Alumni Assoc. Page 1 13 Vancouver Fancy Sausage Page 151 Vancouver Piano Co. Page 136 The Vancouver Sun Page 129 Venice Bakery Page 1 15 West Coast Securities Ltd. Page 1 28 Western Adjustments Co. Ltd. Page 1 24 Western Cartage Page 147 Whitespot Hardware Page 136 The Williams Piano House Page 126 Wometco B.C. Ltd. Page 145 Woodward ' s Stores Ltd. Page 121 P.B. Yates Machine Co. Ltd. Page 150 Fred Yehle Page 132 165 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS, LTD. Publishers — Manufacturers Yearbooks — Yearbook Covers Diplomas — Graduation Announcements Inkster Boulevard at Bunting Street Winnipeg, Manitoba 1 DA 1867-1967 IWlilJluliUMii’ iiiit ■ ' ' . ui

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