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MACKI N HAU - 1 957 Vancouver College - A Growing Campus Vancouver College, a residential and day school founded in 1922, is con- ducted by the Christian Brothers of Ireland, a world renowned teaching organ- ization. The Brothers, who have dedicated their lives, without remuneration, to the education of the boys, have a tradition of conscientious promotion of this essential work. After more than forty years of progress the College enrollment has now reached nine hundred fifty students, of which one hundred twenty are residential students. The College is situated on a spacious nine acre campus in Shaughnessy Heights, which provides accommodation for all types of outdoor sports. An audi- torium-gymnasium with 10,000 sq. ft. of playing area has a seating capacity for 1200 spectators. McCormack Hall houses the residential students in comfortable, well-kept dormitories. Large and colorful student lounges provide homelike comfort with modern attractive furniture, and are equipped with TV and hi-fi. The main school building, named Lannon Hall, provides classrooms, offices and library. The facilities for the Public Health nurse are also located here. Mackin Hall, which was completed in 1957, provides eight classrooms and a spacious cafeteria with a modern kitchen. Nichol Hall, the most recent addition to the campus, was opened in 1964 and contains seven modern classrooms to accommodate the insistent demand for the type of training offered atVancouver College. In addition, a large laboratory provides complete facilities for 42 students working individually. Adequate and separate storage-workrooms are provided for chemistry, physics and biology. Sports also play an important role in the College training. This tradition of vigorous competition in sports has resulted in a strong athletic interest among the students, who not only support the regular College teams, but also par- ticipate in a wide variety of intramural sports. BROTHERS ' RESIDENCE - 1 925 ALUMNI GYM - 1 950 NEWS HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR, 1965-66 V.C. Ex-Student Consecrated Bishop Most Rev. James F. Carney, who attended Vancouver College before entering the Seminary in 1930, was consecrated Bishop of Vancouver on February 11, 1966, in Holy Rosary Cathedral. Pages 8 and 9 Two Vancouver College Grads Ordained During 1 965, Rev. Leo Sweeney, O.M. I., and Rev. Robert D. Chisholm, C.S.B., were ordained to the priesthood. This ordination brings to forty the number of College Graduates who have chosen the priesthood as their vocation. Page 6 Brother F.R. Finch Retires As 9th Principal This year marks the end of Brother Finch’s very successful six-year tenure as Principal of College. The building of Nichol Hall and the addition to the Gym are but two of the outstanding contributions Brother has made to College. Pages 4 and 5 New Addition to Gym Serves Student Needs The completion of the addition to the Alumni Gym has greatly facilitated the needs of both athletics and various other activities by enlarging facilities for locker rooms and Glee Club practice rooms. Cover and Page 149 25 Years of Service for Lee, College Chef Lee Wai this year completed twenty five years of service to boarders, day students and faculty at Vancouver College. Lee has been toiling as College chef since 1941. Pages 15 and 150 Fighting Irish Capture Cross-Mainland League Title The Irish, led by Captain Kevin Mooney and forward John Beaton, captured the Cross-Mainland League title for the first time. In March they entered the B.C. Tournament and after defeating North Surrey and Prince Rupert, they lost by 7 points to Victoria High, who eventually won the coveted title of B.C. High School Champs. Pages 60-65, 154-5 and 130-1 2 mm 1 E D BY The Students of Vancouver College Vancouver, British Columbia 3 " No, no . . . Can’t you see that . . One of Brother’s trademarks is his willing- ness to help a student in aluebrair distress. 4 Rev . Br. F.R. Finch Whether the classroom is in bustling New York City or in more leisurally Vancouver, Br. F.R. Finch is at home there. His life is surrounded by and centered on boys. His one pursuit in life is the transformation of the students under his guidance into well-rounded young men of high Christian principles. Brother obtained his Bachelor of Science degree at St. Mary’s University in Chicago. After a number of years he was transferred from New York to Leo High School in Chicago, where his excellence as a basketball coach was developed. He served as principal at O’Dea High for six years, then went to Iona Prep for some time. Brother made his first appearance at the College from 1955 to 1957, during which time he served as Senior Boarder Moderator. He then spent three more years at Iona Prep before being appointed principal here in 1960. Since then, Brother Finch has worked incessantly for the welfare of the school. He joined with Sts. Peter and Paul Parish for the building of the new Nichol Hall, of which there had been such a growing need. He is responsible for the addition on the gym, which added immeasurably to the convenience of the Glee Club as well as the athletes. The six years during which Brother Finch has been principal of the College have flown by for most of us. But in this short time we have grown accustomed to his mild-mannered presence and, though he has accom- plished so much materially in this period, it is this amiable personality and warm spirit that we shall long remember. Brother’s patient explanations (often puncuated with his own type of dry humour) of many a physics or math problem are much appreciated by all of his students. It is with a deep feeling of gratitude, respect, and admiration that we dedicate our efforts to Brother F.R. Finch in this, his final year as principal of Vancouver College. Br. Finch coached his 1962 basketball team to second place in the B.C. High School Championships. 5 His Excellency, Most Reverend M.M. JOHNSON, D.D. Archbishop of Vancouver Right Reverend T.M. NICHOL, V.G. Pastor Two Ex-College Students Recently Ordained Fr. Leo Sweeney, O.M.I. Fr. Robert Chisholm, C.S.B. Rev. Robert Chisholm, C.S.B. ordained on Dec. 18, 1965, grew up in Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Parish. Father came to the College as a sophomore and graduated three years later in 1952. After attending U.B.C.for four years, he joined the Basilian order. Father is now continuing his studies at St. Basil’s Seminary in Toronto. Rev. Leo P. Sweeney, O.M.I., a member of the il lust rious Vancouver family, was elevated to the holy priesthood on June 26, 1965. Fr. Sweeney grad- uated in 1950, after four action- packed years at the College. An avid football supporter, la- played for the U.B.C. Thunder- birds anti later fortheB.C.Ijons before joining the Oblate Fathers. 6 On the First Friday of the month we re- arrange our schedule to spend an hour together in prayer and song at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Glee Club, accompanied by Stanley Kazun, leads the student body in song at a first Friday Mass. Father Hartman, this year’s retreat master, leads the high school students in their three days of devotion. The statue of Our Lady, a camp us landmark, is a site of daily devotion formanystudents. It was in September 1929 when James Carney was first registered by Br. P.B. Doyle, principal of Vancouver College, as a student of the school. He was placed in the class known as 9 " A” (There were two Grade Nine classes at the time). Among his classmates were Jim Lipp, present president of the Alumni Association, Captain Bertram Owen-Jones, Jack and Harris Munsie of Princeton, Lloyd Turner, Joe Keys, Maury and Doug Roberts, Ernie Felton, Jack McMillan of Calgary and Joe Kennedy, to name a few, under the guidance of Br. M.C. Murtagh. This promising young student was, however, not destined to enjoy the privilege of a V.C. graduation, for he received a higher calling, his invitation to the holy priesthood. James Carney joined a number of other fellows who were similarly inclined and made the long journey toSt. Joesph’s Seminary in California for a year. In September 1931, Jim returned briefly to V.C. where he joined his old classmates, then in Grade 11. He remained there for approximately four months while awaiting the completion of Vancouver’s first seminary in Ladner. It was eleven years later, in 1942, when Father Carney was ordained. He spent the next nine years as an assistant at Holy Rosary Cathedral. After two and a half years in Aldergrove, Fr. Carney was sent to Corpus Christi parish in 1953. He was appointed pastor the next year. Father Carney’s marvellous work in the development of his parish is well known. Within ten years he had built a whole new parish center — church, school, auditorium, convent, and rectory. Under his leadership almost all the debts thus incurred have been paid. In 1964, Archbishop Johnston appointed Fr. Carney the Vicar General of V ancouver, and bestowed the title of Monsignor on him. Among his new duties was the complete maintenance of the archdiocese while the Archbishop was in Rome for each of the last two sessions of the Vatican Council. Bishop Carney’s consecration on February 11, 1966 in effect made " de jure” what he had been doing " de facto” for the past three years. And so it is with much pride and warmest congratulations that we at V.C. pay due tribute to our new Bishop, Most Reverend James F. Carney " of the class of ’33.” Archbishop Johnson, Bishop Carney, Archbishop Pip;ne- doli and Bishop O’Neill eon- celebrale Holy Mass during the new Bishop’s consecra- tion. Father Mallen is Master of Ceremonies. A portion of the 9 A class of 1929-30 shows in the front row James Carney, Joe Keys, Eddie Horsman, Don Roth- well and Norm Flowerdew. Behind them we see Lloyd Turner, Jim Morgan, Joe Knowland, Maury Roberts, Bill Sutherland and Jack Munsie. SERVARE UNITATEM Father Carney was raised to the dignity of Monsignor in February, 1964. Bishop Carney distributes Holy Communion to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Carney, and his sister, Sister Mary James, during theceremony of his consecration. Archbishop Pignedoli, the Apostolic Delegate of Canada, stands beside Bishop Carney. BROTHER A.C. O’GRADY, B.A. Maths, Science BROTHER L.A. ANGEL, M.A. English, French BROTHER W.E. DRAYTON, M.A. Economics, Science 11 BROTHER FJ. KELLY, M.A. Maths, Socials BROTHER E.B. KING, B.A. French, Maths ' Without me, you didn’t even make the playoffs.” BROTHER J.N. PENDER, B.A. Grade 7 BROTHER V.A. RIVERS, B.Sc. Biology, Science BROTHER G.F. BRENNAN, B.B.A., M.A. Commerce, Maths, Latin BROTHER J.P. ROWLAND, M.A. Socials, English BROTHER J.A. MANNING, B.A. French, Socials BROTHER W.G. NOONAN, B.A. Grade 8 BROTHER M.T. JONES, B.A. French, English BROTHER W.G. MARTIN, B.A. Grade 5 BROTHER G.C. BAMBRICK, B.Sc. Grade 4 BROTHER T.S. FARRELL, B.A. Grade 6 MR. P. OHLER Socials, English MR. G. SCHWERTFEGER, M.A. Socials, English Tony strikes up his 2,191st fire at the College. 14 25 Years of Faithful Service After 25 years of service in the Vancouver College kitchen, Lee, the head cook, is just as well appreciated ± by today’s hungry students as he was when he began ||S|| herein 1939. He was born in Victoria, B.C., from which he and his parents moved to Hong Kong. Lee grew up |gg in the Orient, and in his early twenties, his schooling finished, he decided to move back to Canada. Gaining f ; . competence by cooking in lumber camps and restaurants tv, • around the province, Lee was induced to take over the ■B duty of " chef’ in the old kitchen in the Brother’s 111 residence. He transferred over to Mackin Hall in 1957 ■ and has reigned happily in his new kitchen since then. H In all its history, Vancouver College has had no Egifl employee more faithful and loyal than Lee Wai. Boarders, day students, and faculty, even to the past generation, remember him with affection and gratitude. ‘ Mr. Lee Wai LEONARD C. AESIE A boarder from the Stampede City, Calgary, Leonard plays football and bas- ketball with the boarders. In his spare time, he takes up weightlifting and enjoys motorcycles. Leonard plans to attend uni- versity, possibly U.B.C., and study law. KENNETH AKEY A boarder from Dease Lake, British Columbia, Ken first made an appearance here in Grade Nine. He plays a range of intramural sports, including football, basketball, and volleyball and enjoys hunting, fishing, and skating. Ken will study geology in the future. GRADS ’ 66 RICHARD AINSBURY An outstanding contributor to our wrestling team, Rick, who first made an appearance in this school four years ago, came to us by way of Our Lady of Per- petual Help Parish. He is pondering the possibility of stockbroker as a profession. CHARLES ARTHUR This is Sam’s eighth year with us. Coming from Saint Helen’s Parish in Burnaby, he plays hockey, goes skiing and professes an enthusiasm for cars. Although he has not made definite plans for the future, Sam demonstrates an in- clination towards U.B.C. now lhat’s the standard fine for talk GREGORY ATHERTON Greg, who has been in attendance here for four years, is a member of Immacu- late Conception Parish. Belonging to the Sodality, he competes in intramurals and enjoys skiing on weekends. Greg hopes to enter either U.B.C. or Simon Fraser. PAUL A. ATTERTON Grade Seven was Paul’s first semester with us. He busies himself with swim- ming, in addition to being a life-guard and life-saving instructor. Paul, who is from Saint Andrew’s Parish, would like to take electrical engineering at U.C.L.A., since he is keen on the science of elec- tronics. EDWARD A. BLACK Ted’s years at Vancouver College number nine. Since he first came here, he has contributed vastly to the school both scholastically and athletically. Having played Varsity Football and Basketball for the past three years, he also finds time for swimming, water skiing, and pool. Ted plans to attend university. Some seniors apply themselves in diligence for the up-eoming Easter Exams. KENNETH BAKER Ken, a member of Corpus Christi Par- ish, has spent eight successful years at Vancouver College, always placing on the Honour Roll. He is co-editor of the Year- book, treasurer of the Associated Students’ Club, and has been a class president since Grade Nine. Ken plans to play the role of chemical engineer in the future. ROY E. BOECHLER Attending Saints Peter and Paul Par- ish, Roy has been here for a string of interrupted years totalling six. Belonging to the Glee Club and the Sodality, he spends much leisurely time with cars, records, and skiing. Roy would like to go to university for a course in automotive engineering. JOSEPH M. BELL In the Seventh Grade, Joe, belonging to Saint Edmund’s Parish in North Van- couver, first esteemed us with his pres- ence. As for the sports world, he has dis- tinguished himself with the Varisty Foot- ball and wrestling teams. Joe is also de- voted to the Associated Students’ Club and would like to venture into university to complete his education. JAMES BROWN A transplant from an obscure Ontario hamlet, Toronto, Jim has been frolicking in the College corridors since Grade Eleven. Included in his wide array of interests are skiing, water skiing, and golf. Jim’s future lies in judicial law. " What did you say her phone number is?” PATRICK R. BROWNE-CLAYTON In his second year here, Pat hails from Kelowna. He enjoys w ter and snow ski- ing and lounging on the beach and also boasts of a fine butterfly collection. Upon graduation, Pat will enter that relatively new institution, Simon Fraser. SHAWN D. CHRISTIE Shawn’s years at Vancouver College total four. From Immaculate Conception Parish, he has played intramural sports and has often found himself on the Hon- our Roll. After graduation, Shawn plans to attend that " haven” in Burnaby, Simon Fraser. THOMAS E. CARR Tom came here three years ago from Saint Andrew’s Parish. Since then, hehas been connected with boxing and football on campus; off campus, he likes cars, pool, and parties, in addition to being a president of the C.Y.O. Tom will jour- ney to U.B.C. to become a dentist. PHILIP A. COE Three years ago, much to the frustra- tion of his teachers, Phil became a student of Vancouver College. His favourite sports are tennis, badminton, and skiing, and he is interested in cars and history. From his home in White Rock, he hopes to attend either U.B.C. or Simon Fraser. DAVID .1. CONLEY Four years ago, an energetic Yankee from Wallace, Idaho, hit our campus. Since then, Dave, who attends Saint Anthony’s Parish in West Vancouver, has been consistently impressive in basketball and in football, of which he is team co- captain. Dave will take up engineering at university. 20 I MICHAEL M. COSTELLO Murph first entered the threshold of a College classroom seven years ago. From Saints Peter and Paul Parish, he is a valuable cog in the Varsity Basketball and Football machines, besides sparing time for track in the spring. JOSEPH D’ATTILIO From Saint Patrick’s Parish, Joe started at the College four years ago. He has played a great number of school sports, such as Varsity Football, wrestling, and track and belongs to the Associated Students’ Club. Joe is considering a scientific career. JOHN L. DAY A boarder, John started here in Grade Nine. He takes part in football and basket- ball, occasionally takes charge of the library, and works with the Yearbook as Files’ Edi- tor and Photographer. Hoping someday to be a mechanical engineer, John likes to fol- low the birds to his home in Victoria on weekends. ROBERT L. CUNNINGHAM Bob, belonging to Saint Augustine’s Parish, came to the College in Grade Nine. Having once played Junior Varsity Football, he participates in basketball this year and enjoys dances and driving. Bob will go to U.B.C. next year. An overpowering drive by Blair McCarry foils opposition member John Steele. GRADS ’66 S. GERALD DIAKOW Gerry, who has been active on the campus for four years, comes to us from Saint John the Apostle Parish. He has competed in both football and track and is interested in hunting and fishing. After graduation Gerry hopes to don with dis- tinction that fine jacket, bearing the words, " U.B.C. Engineers.” PAUL F. DINNER One of the tough, aggressive " Dunbar Gang ” from Immaculate Conception Par- ish, Paul started at the College in Grade Seven. He expresses a keen interest in drag-racing and also spends a great deal of time on the fairway. His plans are someday to be a dentist. ROBERT EG LI Rob, who has been with us for a total of nine years, goes to I loly Name Parish. Resides having played intramural foot- hall and basketball, he is a part-time golf- er and car enthusiast. Rob’s future lies in the field of business administration. PHILIP G. DUPUIS A boarder from Nanaimo, Phil started with us in the Eleventh Grade. Since then he has participated in intramural football and basketball and the Glee Club. Phil, who finds hunting and hockey to his en- joyment, has yet to determine his future. GRADS ’66 JAMES A. EHMAN Jim stumbled into his first classroom in Grade Nine. He has played a wide variety of intramurals and is the rugged outdoors type. This year’s Grammar School Editor of the Yearbook, Jim, pro- viding he does not drill a hole through his ' cerebrum,’ plans to be a dentist. J. KELLY DURKIN Kelly, who was first to be seen in the College as a youngster in Grade Three, attends Saint Peter’s Parish in Burnaby. Belonging to the Glee Club and the So- dality, he is best recognized by his first and foremost duty as " proprietor” of the malt shop. To be a teacher is his principal ambition. DENNIS G. FAGAN Dennis, who attends Saints Peter and Paul Parish, came to the College from Calgary four years ago. He has com- peted in a large number of intramurals, among which are football and volleyball. Dennis has not yet decided what his career will be. 22 The masterminds stage a summit meeting. MICHAEL L. FANNING Currently in his fourth year here, Mike attends Our Lady of Perpetual Help Par- ish. Playing numerous intramural sports and belonging to the Sodality, he is a drag racing enthusiast and likes to water ski. Mike intends to venture into the field of electrical engineering. FREDERICO G. FERNANDES Making his first appearance in Grade Eleven, Freddy, who came to us by way of Hong Kong, supports Saint Anthony’s Parish. During the summer, he is busily occupied as a lifeguard. With a deep re- gard for serious thought (?), Freddy would like eventually to become a psy- chologist. TERRENCE W. FITZPATRICK Always popular among his fellow classmates, " Fitz,” from Immaculate Conception Parish, be- gan at the College in Grade Four. He is re- nowned for his feats in the sport of diving, be- sides being president of the Associated Students’ Club and a devoted cheerleader. After graduation Terry will attend university, seeking a degree in business. JOHN FLETCHER Having attended the College since Grade Eight, John belongs, like many others, to Saints Peter and Paul Parish. In his five years, he has played a good deal of intramural football, and he is fond of salmon fishing in local coastal waters. John’s future is thus far undecided. 23 WILLIAM P. FRIEDEL With us for four years. Bill is co-editor of the Yearbook. He belongs to the As- sociated Students’ Club and is an avid motorcycling enthusiast. Bill, who attends Saint Andrew’s Parish, will go to uni- versity and study architectural engineer- ing. Ken Akey refills the coke machine in the boarders’ ree room. ROBERT A. FRITZ This is Bob’s first year at the College, and he is an asset to both the football and track teams. Being a boarder, he likes to pass some time on the tennis courts. After graduation, Bob has hopes of becoming an electrical engineer. DANIEL FRITZ A boarder in his second year here, Dan has proven his athletic agility by making important contributions in the sports of Varsity Football, wrestling and track. Including travel, girls, and jazz as extracurricular interests, Dan will seek a higher education at university. ANTHONY A. GALLAGHER Tony’s years at the College date far back to Grade One. A member of Corpus Christi Parish, he belongs to the Glee Club and has the important role of assisting with the Blue Sheet. Tony, who takes an interest in golf, has plans for university. JOHN M. GALLAGHER John, who became a member of the student body four years ago, hails from Saint Augustine’s Parish. An avid B.C. Lions supporter, he enjoys all aspects of football, . in addition to dances and parties. Concerning his future, John has not yet committed himself. ALAN P. GALLOWAY " Fred,” from Saint Augustine’s Par- ish, spent his first day here in Grade Nine. He has made a large contribution to the Varsity Football and wrestling teams, besides being secretary of the As- sociated Students’ Club and a class offi- cer. Fred will decide his future upon enter- ing university. MALCOLM GILLIS Nine years ago, Malcolm appeared in the College. He is a senior boarder, plays basketball and intramural football, and on weekends, spends many a leisurely hour golfing and skiing. Malcolm has plans to become a Chartered Accountant after graduation. P. JAMES GOLINSKY Coming originally from petroleum country near Edmonton, Jim has been here since Grade Eight. A standout with this year’s Varsity Football team, he also is a member of the Glee Club, besides playing some hockey. Jim will to go uni- versity to round out his education. GRADS ’66 ALFONSO GOMEZ-PORTUGAL " Poncho,” who comes to us via Mex- ico, has been a boarder since Grade Seven. He has competed in boxing, en- joys swimming, and holds the distinction of being president of the Senior Boarders. Poncho plans to attend university in Cali- fornia and take mechanical engineering. The climax of twelve years’ work. PETER W. GRAHAM Pete, a pupil whose years of attendance extend back to Grade One, attends Saints Peter and Paul Parish. His interests range from skiing and water skiing to intra- murals and guitars. He has not planned his future. 25 WAYNE HARTSHORNE Wayne, from Saint Joseph’s Parish, began at Vancouver College in Grade Nine. He has been in a number of intra- mural sports, including football, and bas- ketball. In addition, he finds roller skat- ing, boxing, and automobiles to his en- joyment. Wayne will attend U.B.C. GERALD J. HEYS A member of Immaculate Conception Parish, Gerry has gone to the College since Grade Eight. Co-captain of the Var- sity Football team, he also enjoys skiing, swimming, sailing, and fishing. With re- gard to the future, Gerry plans to take Physical Education at university. ROBERT HOGG The very foundations for the school began to crumble when Bob started at the College in Grade Three. Making an occasional Sunday visit to Saint Anthony’s Parish in Marpole, he plays intramural basketball and football and especially enjoys Friday night skating at Kerrisdale Arena. Bob plans to pursue relentlessly a higher educa- tion. BRUCE IRVING A regular here since Grade Five, Bruce now attends Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish. He indulges in a sweeping variety of intramural sports, ranging from football to volleyball, and takes up golf on weekends and holidays. Bruce is thus far remaining wisely uncommitted about the future. 26 MARK R. JAMIESON During his five years at the College, Mark has taken part in Junior Varsity football, and intramural football and bas- ketball. He is also interested in hockey, golf, automobiles, and sailing. A member of Saints Peter and Paul, he plans to at- tend university. KORNELUUS KAULIUS " Corky,” in his fourth year here, is from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Par- ish. Expressing an interest for automo- biles, he plays Varsity Football and intra- mural basketball. With regard to the fu- ture, Corky will enter the Faculty of Applied Science at a university. BRIAN D. KEIR Having been in Vancouver College classrooms for five years, Brian attends Blessed Sacrament Parish. He belongs to the Glee Club and enjoys sailing and golf- ing in his spare time. Brian will make up his mind concerning the future after he graduates. GRADS’66 Murph Costello and Tony Gallagher go over last-minute preparations for yet another issue of the Blue Sheet. JOSEPH A. KRIPACZ Now a permanent resident of Van- couver, Joe came to Canada from Ven- ezuela. During his four years at Van- couver College, he has been an enthusi- astic competitor in intramurals, besides finding time to go skiing and play soccer. Joe , who is a member of Saints Peter and Paul Parish, plans to be an engineer. DAVID J. LAM Dave, a boarder and outstanding stu- dent from Hong Kong, is this year the Business Editor of the Yearbook. He be- longs to the Sodality, the Glee Club, com- petes in intramurals, and is a member of the Associated Students’ Club. After graduation, Dave is inclined towards law as a future profession. GORDON LANGSTON A boarder from the foothill city of Calgary, Gord has been here for three years. He is a member of the Glee Club and finds Honda riding, drag races, and girls to his liking. Gord plans to attend university either at Simon Fraser or in Calgary. PETER LAY Peter, in his first year at the College, hails from the far-away metropolis of Bangkok, Thailand. He enjoys as extra- curricular activities badminton, soccer, fishing, and hunting. Peter has as yet to decide his future. JOHN D. LAZZAROTTO A Vancouver College student of some three years, John belongs to Precious Blood Parish in Cloverdale. In those three years with us, he has partaken in several intramural sports. John’s future will lie in what he decides to do at uni- versity. ROBERT LEAHY A member of Saint Andrew’s Parish, Bob was first seen at the College four years ago. He enjoys swimming, indicat- ing an interest towards lifeguarding. Also fascinated by the science of electronics, he has hopes of becoming an electronics engineer. GRADS ’66 RONALD LeCLAIR A devoted member of the " Collegian,” staff, Ron belongs to Saint Paul’s Parish in Richmond. During his six years, he has played Varsity and Junior Varsity footba ll and also finds time for skating. Ron plans to be a teacher and has a secret ambition to journey to Rome. ROGER K. LEVASSEUR Roger, who calls Corpus C.hristi his parish, first appeared in the College corri- dors in Grade Nine. Many a lunch period he has been occupied with intramurals. I lis interests include cars and electricity, justifying his plans to attend the British Columbia Institute of Technology for courses in electronics. MARTIN LEWIS Martin has been with us for a series of interrupted years totalling five. A boarder this year, he plays football and golf, and belongs to the track team and the Associated Students’ Club. Martin indicates that he would like a profession in the field of sociology. 28 RONALD LYTTLE It was in Grade Eleven that Ron, from Holy Trinity Parish, began at the Col- lege. Originally coming from Alberta, he plays basketball and football and finds cars and scuba diving enjoyable. Ron has plans to attend university and secure a position on the Vancouver Pobce Force. THOMAS MacKINNON Tom first appeared at Vancouver Col- lege in the Seventh Grade. He has played some intramural sports, competes in cross-country running, and enjoys spend- ing an evening at discotheques. Tom has plans of becoming a psychiatrist. BLAIR McCARRY Blair began his days at the College in Grade Three. Belonging to Holy Name Parish, he is an asset to the Varsity Foot- ball and wrestling teams, and he is an active member of the Associated Students’ Club. Blair is especially interested in cars and will attend U.B.C. after graduation. " Sorry, guys. The place is not for sale.” ANDREW MACKENZIE Andy, a Saints’ Peter and Paul Parish member, has spent twelve years with us. He plays Varsity Football and intramurals. Expressing an interest in motorcycles and electronics, he operates the sound and lighting system in the gymnasium. Andy has plans of becoming an electronics engineer in telecommunications. 29 EDWARD McCLORG Ted, from Saint Joseph’s Parish in Steveston, started with us in Grade Seven. He has played many intramural sports in high school, and when not occupied with studies, he is fishing, hunting, camp- ing, or swinging a club on the fairway. For the future, Ted would like to be a meteorologist. JOHN T. McNAMARA John, a seasoned world traveller, goes to Saints Peter and Paul Parish and is in his second year of studies here. He enjoys the ' Big Three’ of sports — foot- ball, basketball, and baseball — and is an ardent swimmer. John will enter uni- versity when he graduates. J DAVID MACTAVISH Another old-timer, Dave has managed to spend a large part of his twelve years keeping occupied with music. He has also played for both the Junior Varsity and Intermediate basketball teams. Dave has not yet made up his mind about any future plans. GORDON L. MANTLE A boarder from Ruskin, British Col- umbia, Gord started here three years ago. Hockey and baseball are his favorite sports, and he is taken also with horse riding and show horses. Gord plans to study philosophy and psychology at Simon Fraser University. ROBERT MACKIN An original from the good old days of Grade One, Bob is also a parishioner from Saints Peter and Paul. Much of his time during his high school years has been filled out by Varsity Football. In the future, Bob would like to attend university and thence enter the lumbering business. A frustrated senior wilts in the face of a devastating report card. GRADS ’66 HAROLD K. MARSDEN Hal came to us in the Fourth Grade via Saint Anthony’s Parish in Marpole. An outstanding student since then, he also finds time for management of the Varsity Football team, intramural basketball, the Sodality, and the Associated Students’ Club. Hal has not yet any future plans. WAYNE D. MILLER In his twelve years with us, Wayne has established a fine reputation by play- ing basketball, besides competing in golf and baseball in his spare time. A mem- ber of the Sodality, he belongs to Saint Joseph’s Parish and aspires to be a den- tist in the future. 30 KEVIN MOONEY Another of the originals, Kevin belongs to Immaculate Conception Parish. He is active with the Associated Students’ Club and bears the distinction of being the captain of this year’s Varsity Basketball team. Kevin has not yet committed him- self as regards to the future. Br. Rowland appears ready to adopt his own version of the ' Big Stick’ policy. JAMES A. MORING Jim who goes to Corpus Christi Par- ish, has attended the College for six years. He has played intramural sports and at one time was a member of the band. In addition, he enjoys tobogganning and Sundays at Westwood. Jim would like to tour North America before entering uni- versity. DOUGLAS W. MOORE A member of Saints Peter and Paul Parish, Doug has been here for six years. Intramural sports have occupied much of his time in school, while off-campus ac- tivities include golf and skating. So far, Doug has not made up his mind about the future. DANIEL O’LEARY Dan, a veteran since Grade Nine, at- tends Saint Anthony’s Parish in Marpole. He avidly participates in intramurals, the Associated Students’ Club, and the Yearbook, of which he is Activities Editor. Dan, who plans to be an electronics engi- neer, has the special job of managing the sound equipment in the gym. DAVID NORMAN For four years we have been gifted with Dave’s friendly, warm disposition. He is an avid hockey enthusiast and also takes a liking to water skiing, baseball, and tennis. Kept active as Classes Editor of the Yearbook and as a member of the Sodality, he plans a career in teaching. 31 GRADS ’66 PATRICK D. O’SHEA Pat, a fine Irishman, came to the Col- lege f rom Corpus Christi Parish in Grade Nine. He has played Junior Varsity and intramural football and amuses himself with tobogganning and rallies at West- wood. Before beginning university, Pat would like to make a thorough tour of North America. DEREK POLLOCK Another arrival in Grade Nine, Derek is a member of Saint Augustine’s Parish. He busies himself during school hours with buskclbull, bad- minton, intrumurals, and the Associated Students’ Club and enjoys bowling, skiing, and golf during weekends and holidays. Derek would like to be- eome a Chartered Accountant. STEPHEN OWEN-JONES Steve, from Immaculate Conception Parish, commenced studies here in Grade One. With a vigourous enthusiasm for the outdoors, he especially enjoys a round of hunting. Steve would like someday to enter the field of teaching. JOHN D. REDMOND John, from Saint John the Apostle Par- ish, started at the College in Grade Eleven. In his leisure time, he devotes himself to army cadets, a rifle club, and model railroading. John intends to ac- quire a history major at Saint Jean Mili- tary College in Quebec. SEAN C. PALMER Sean, a member of Saint Augustine’s Parish, commenced his academic life here four years ago. Contributing to the Var- sity Football and the wrestling teams, he has also mastered the fine art of being late for school. Sean’s future lies in the field of law. Br. Angel lives up to a sound reputation. mKM 32 A laboratory class watches attentively as a principle of applied physics is demonstrated. STEPHEN J. RUSHFORD Steve, who has weathered twelve long and successful years at Vancouver Col- lege, is the Graduates Editor and Copy Editor of the Yearbook. He is interested in motorcycles and belongs to the As- sociated Students’ Club. For the future, Steve’s ambition is to be a chemical engi- neer. KAES SCOUTEN A veteran of five years, Kaes comes to us by way of Immaculate Conception Parish. He spends a sizable amount of leisure time skiing, water skiing, and playing the clarinet. Kaes’ future lies in medicine at U.B.C. DANIEL A. REYNOLDS An original, Dan has spent many of his twelve years with a passing interest in tennis and bowling. He is also an avid coin and stamp collector. Another of the many graduates from Saints Peter and Paul Parish, he chooses to remain non-committal about the future. WILLIAM J. REYNOLDS For three years, Bill has been a pupil here. A boarder from Duncan, on the Island, he professes an interest in basket- ball and an extra-special interest in hock- ey. Bill, therefore, has hopes of becoming a professional hockey player, specifically with Montreal. One of the originals, here since Grade One, Joe attends Saints Peter and Paul Parish. Whenever not occupied with studies, Joe may always be found shoot- ing a round of golf. He has not decided on his future yet. LAWRENCE SHARP Another of the stalwarts from Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Larry started here in Grade Nine. During his four years with us, most of his extracurricular time has been spent with football. Larry would like to be a history teacher. Bookroom attendant Terry Fitzpatrick reluctantly extends credit to a pleading boarder. GARY A. ST. CYR This is Gary’s first year with us, and he arrives by way of Corpus Christi Par- ish. Having established himself as a good student, he also takes an interest in box- ing, bowling, and electronics. Gary has not made up his mind as yet concerning his future. JOHN A. STEELE A graduate with four year s experi- ence to the College ways, John goes to Saint Anthony’s Parish. Besides being a class officer, he is a football stalwart and also contributes to the wrestling and track teams. His future lies in dentistry. GRADS ’66 MICHAEL L. STEPHENS Mike, from Saint Anthony’s Parish (West Vancouver), has stayed with us for eleven long years. He is occupied with football, basketball, wrestling, and skiing, and also is a member of the Associated Students’ Club, the Glee Club, and the Sodality. Mike will become asocialwork- er. TIMOTHY STILES An old-timer dating back to Grade Three, Tim belongs to Saint Anthony’s Parish in West Vancouver. An enthusi- astic canoeist, skier, and guitar player, he is this year’s Sports Editor of the Collegian. Tim has not yet decided what is in store for him in the future. 34 JOHN TOMPKINS Jack, belonging to Saints Peter and Paul Parish, is an original at the school from Grade One. In his four years of high school, he has participated in several intramural sports and finds time on week- ends for skiing. Jack would like someday to travel to Europe but will attend U.B.C. in the immediate future. JAMES E. WARSHAWSKI Jim, who hails from Saint Anthony’s Parish (Marpole), began his first year of studies at the College in Grade Seven. Interested in football, he also spends a great deal of time improving his golf game in the summer and skiing during the opposite season. Jim will seek a career of law. ROBERT ST. LOUIS Bob, who has spent five satisfying years at Vancouver College, is a member of Saints Peter and Paul Parish. He plays football, squash, and tennis and has a special interest in Ferraris. Bob plans to enter university and study forestry. GREGORY A. TAMKIN Greg, belonging to Immaculate Con- ception Parish, first appeared on the Col- lege Campus in Grade Nine. He is a valu- able member of the track team, besides placing with wrestling and participating in intramurals. When he graduates, Greg will further his education at U.B.C. JOHN WALMESLEY Jack first came to us in the Seventh Grade from Saint Paul’s Parish in Rich- mond. During his high school years, he has participated in intramural and Var- sity football, and takes a keen interest in golf. Jack has still to decide his future. KING Y. TANG Another boarder from Hong Kong, King is only in his first year at the Col- lege. His favourite subjects are Mathe- matics 91 and Physics 11. When he graduates, King would like to enter some faculty at a university. The originals of the Class of ’54 (Grade One): FRONT ROW: Joe Scully, Steve Owen- Jones, Steve Rushford, Jack Tomkins, Bob Mackin, Kevin Mooney. BACK ROW: Tony Gallagher, Andy Makenzie, Dan Reynolds, Dave Mactavish, Peter Graham, Wayne Miller. CHRISTOPHER WELSH Chris has attended the college for four years and, at the same time, has belonged to Saint Andrew’s Parish. As activities, he has both the United Nations’ Club and the Sodality, and has developed more than just a casual interest in automobiles. Chris will go to Notre Dame University, in Nelson, B.C. EDWARD WITTICK Ed, a natural-born comedian, has been here since Grade Seven. In his high school years, he has taken part in Junior Varsity football, the Glee Club, and the Associated Students’ Club. Having served time as a cheerleader, Ed lists skiing and sailing as two of his favourite hobbies. He plans a career in medicine. GRADS ’66 GARY YOUNG Gary, who first made an appearance in the College in Grade Seven, hails from Saint Augustine’s Parish. Since then he has been an active participant in intra- murals and the Glee Club. He leisurely enjoys skiing, cricket, golf, and swim- ming, but has not made any plans for the future. JOHN ZADIEKS John first attended here in Grade Nine, and since then, has taken part in track and a wide variety of intramural sports. Attending Saint Joseph’s Parish, he in- cludes as his interests a list ranging from writing letters to ice skating. TERRENCE S.ZWENG Terry began calling the College his school in Grade Nine. In those four years, he has been one of our leading athletes, competing in such sports as foot- ball, basketball, and track. Belonging to the Associated Students’ Club and attend- ing Saint Mary’s Parish, he will enter university. Senior Directory Leonard Aesie 3904 1st Ave. Calgary, Alta. Rick Ainsbury 3107 Crown St. CA 4-5203 Ken Akey Watson Lake, Yukon Sam Arthur 301 North Hythe Burnaby CY 8-5152 Greg Atherton 3877 West 38th Ave. AM 64854 Paul Atterton 696 East 45th Ave. 3214679 Ken Baker 6637 Lanark St. 325-1570 Joe Bell 432 East 14th St. North Vancouver YU 74282 Ted Black 3591 Wellington Ave. HE 1-2481 Roy Boechler 4012 East Blvd. 731-2934 Jimmy Brown 1080 West 45th Ave. 266-8844 Pat Browne-Clayton R.R. No. 4 Kelowna, B.C. Tom Carr 666 East 63rd Ave. FA 5-2180 Shawn Christie 3535 West 29th Ave. RE 8-3012 Philip Coe 5543 Ridge Crescent R.R. No. 1 Cloverdale 596-6529 Dave Conley 2999 Palmerston Ave. West Vancouver 922-6433 Murphy Costello 4850 Selkirk St. RE 1-2979 Bob Cunningham 2581 West 4th Ave. RE 3-8688 Joe D ’Attilio 502 East 7th Ave. 874-3555 John Day 2295 Lincoln Rd. Victoria, B.C. Gerry Diakow 2878 West 38th Ave. AM 6-5036 Paul Dinner 3959 West 35th Ave. AM 14714 Philip Dupuis 180 Dawes St. Nanaimo, B.C. Kelly Durkin 406 - 855 McBride Blvd. 521-0510 Bob Egli 4430 Granville St. RE 1-2867 James Ehman 736 No. 2 Rd. Richmond 277-2803 Denis Fagan 5969 Hudson St. 2614644 Michael Fanning 4027 West 13 th Ave. 224-7958 -Fred Fernaftdes 1367 West 70th Ave. AM 1-4360 Terry Fitzpatrick 3749 West 39th Ave. AM 1-3528 v John Fletcher 5290 Angus Drive AM 3-3149 William Friedel 7316 Culloden St. 325-6192 Dan F ritz 13441 -56th R.R. No. 1, Cloverdale 5944053 Bob F ritz 13441 -56th Ave. R.R. No. 1, Cloverdale 594-4053 Tony Gallagher 7663 Elliot St. 325-3577 John Gallagher 2217 West 6th Ave. RE 8-7916 Fred Galloway 2915 Waterloo St. RE 8-7374 Malcolm Gillis 5441 Kingsway Ramona Court 433-8995 Jim Golinsky 116 Talisman Ave. TR 6-1282 Alphonso Gomez Calle 28 No. 116 C. del Carmen Campeche, Mexico -• Peter Graham 1710 West 38th Ave. 2614113 W ayne Hartshorne 3084 Clark Drive TR 64525 Gerry Heys 4004 West 20th Ave. 224-7071 Robert Hogg 821 West 68th Ave. 321-1702 Bruce Irving 4620 West 13th Ave. CA 44128 Mark J amieson 5910 Hudson St. AM 1-7959 Corky Kaulius 3256 West 3rd Ave. RE 3-5962 Brian Keir 1089 Richelieu Ave. RE 6-0609 Joe Kripacz 2227 S.W. Marine Drive 266-8007 Dave Lam 1 Babington Path Hong Kong Gord Langton 1622 Scotland St. Calgary, Alberta Peter Lay Bangkok, Thailand ' John Lazzarotto 13019 -58th Ave. R.R. No. 1, North Surrey Robert Leahy 6930 Inverness St. FA 74587 Ronald Leclair 883 Myhill Rd. Richmond BR 7-6659 Martin Lewis 12875 - 54A Ave. R.R. No. 1, Surrey 596-6843 Roger Levasseur 5624 Lanark St. FA 7-7817 Ron Lyttle 3640 Emerald Drive North Vancouver 9874161 Blair McCarry 5329 Heather St. AM 6-0022 A John McNamara 1227 Laurier Ave. Andy Mackenzie 4050 Cartier St. 733-0207 Bob Mack in 4575 Alexandra St. RE 3-3011 Tom MacKinnon 4309 Osier St. RE 8-1245 Dave Mactavish 2127 West 22nd Ave. RE 34747 Ted McLorg 280 River Rd. Richmond CR 8-0326 Gordon Mantle R.R. No. 1 Huskin, B.C. Harold Marsden 1891 West 63rd Ave. AM 1-1584 Wayne Miller 1562 East 35th Ave. FA 1-6462 Kevin Mooney 5940 Crown St. AM 1-9707 Douglas Moore 6808 Marguerite St. AM 1-5388 Jim Moring 1787 East St. 325-84% Dave Norman 3749 Quesnelle Drive RE l-3%9 Dan O’Leary 80 McDonald Rd. Richmond 278-0179 Pat O’Shea 1797 East 56th St. 321-8329 Stephen Owen-Jones 3349 West 27 th Ave. RE 8-5667 Sean Palmer 2535 York Ave. RE 3-7469 Derek Pollock 1883 West 3rd Ave. RE 1-8859 John Redman 2467 Edgar Cres. Bill Reynolds 2232 Birch Rd. Duncan, B.C. .Dan Reynolds 1411 Connought Drive 738-7700 Steve Rushford 2849 West 42nd Ave. 266-6693 Garry St. Cyr 6328 Elgin St. FA 74200 Bob St. Louis 1 150 West 32nd Ave. RE 8-1107 Kaes Scouten 3590 West 20th Ave. 733-5800 Joseph Scully 1437 West38lh Ave. AM 6-0702 Larry Sharp 4104 West 12th Ave. 224-6925 John Steele 2057 West 63rd Ave. AM 14346 Michael Stephens 1640 Esquimalt Ave. West V ancouver 922-1315 Tim Stiles 2586 Lawson Ave. West Vancouver 922-2953 Greg Tamkin 4626 West 12th Ave. 228-8475 King Tang 120 Connaught Rd. Hong Kong John Tompkins 5888 laurel St. AM 1-8989 Jack Walmesley 895 Cooper Rd. Richmond BR 7-7103 Ja mes Warshawski 1958 West 60th Ave. AM 64258 Chris Welsh 895 East 38th Ave. 321-9523 Ed Whittick 1412 Devonshire Cres. RE 3-6306 Gary Young 1720 West 13th Ave. RE 3-6138 John Zadieks 1809 East 15th Ave. TR 2-1577 Terry Zweng 3259 Euclid Ave. HE 4-6274 The Pause that refreshes. HOME ROOM TEACHER 1 Br. Lyons. CLASS OFFICERS : Jack Mc- Laughlin, Brian Longpre, Tim Seipp, John Alton. FIRST ROW: Richard Foote, Tim Seipp, Craig Boyle, Lolar Maurer, Dan Bowen, Mike Mc- Cullough, Pat Gibbons, Rodger LeClair, Brian Deacon. SECOND ROW: Don Macaulay, Gordon Arnold, Dan Kennedy, Tom Kolstee, Maurice Bois- vert, Ernest Gaudet, Jim Hamlin, Charles Hancock. THIRD ROW: Terry Farmer, Frank Totino, Bob Kent, Mike Gray , Allan McDonald, Ralph Stefani, Jack McLaughlin, Andrew Nagy. BACK ROW: John W. McDonald, John Gay lie, Julius Kiss, Reg Letourneau, Dave Hislop, Brian Longpre, John Alton, John Kubik. ABSENT: Jim Williams. HOME ROOM TEACHER : Br. Lyons. CLASS OFFICERS: John Beaton, Mike O’Brien, Dennis Hugh, Peter Grant. FIRST ROW: Edward Karolyi, Bill Hardy, Peter Busch, Doug Elmore, Henry Abgrall, Mike Young, Bob Cotter, Elmer Carrothers. SECOND ROW: Bill Ward, Dennis Hugh, Brian McDaniel, Deane Dwight, Mike Flood, Bob Gormican, Donald Ross. THIRD ROW: Peter Grant, Chris Moore, Pat Field, Philip Des Mazes, Rick Mills, Gerald Greba, Wayne Campbell, Ted Biro, Dave Salmon. BACK ROW: Jim Parry, John Beaton, Hugh Burke, Dan Foslein, Ted Hyder, Mike Cavanaugh, John Vayda, Mike Harvey, Pat Maguire. AB- SENT: Mike Cowhig, Mike O’Brien. i | W ; L ; 1 1 f I Jb - ] III II A I 4 JH • ■ft - - Bhf ■L • ■ T - Hb .. ... am K M HOME ROOM TEACHER : Brother Walsh. CLASS OFFICERS : Stuart Sung, Elson Morgan, Paul Andrews. FRONT ROW: Bob O’Neill, Rich Benedetti, Paul Andrews, Rich Whalen, Michael Shaw, MattWilson, Drago Skender, Jim Fetherstonhaugh. SECOND ROW : Jim Reynolds, Elson Morgan, Ixtrry Koller, Dale Michaud, Rick Sargent, Jose Del Moral, Ray Gaylie, Marty Deshaw, Bob Janyk. THIRD ROW: John MacDonald, Rick Butterfield, Stephen Tohill, David Low, George Suidut, John Barker, Malcolm Porter, Jim Nybo, Pat Melanson. BACK ROW: Michael McVay, Bill Phillips, Dennis MacDonald, Pete Sadler, Len Bartfai, Stuart Sung, Robert Giroday, Wayne Giroday, Stephen Graham. ABSENT: Frank Greenall, Bill Hunsche, John Lay, Bill Miloglav, Frank Rice. What do you think of Biology, Reynolds? GRADE 11 42 X am HOME ROOM TEACHER: Brother King. CLASS OFFICERS: Jim Prince, Joe Alvaro, Bob Udell. FROPTT ROW: Allen Alberts, Bob Udell, Rick Gor- man, Dave Lyall, Steve Campbell, Chris Dyakowski. SECOND ROW: Pete Beynon, Jim Mason, Glen Pearson, Dwain Wacko, Paul Fry, Art Hall, Frank Leahy. THIRD ROW: Tom Jaworski, Bernie MacDonald, Allen Jacob, Fidel Cuba, Garry Macdonald, Bob Fortin, Danny Young, Ray Sasseville. BACK ROW: Joe Alvaro, Steve Myers, Jim Prince, Ed Wiektorowitz, John Ripley, Harry O’Brien, Robert Noble, Tom Clarke, Richard Noble. Class officers, Bob Udell, Jim Prince and Joe Alvaro, force Rick Gorman into debt. GRADE 10 HOME ROOM TEACHER : Brother Angel. CLASS OFFICERS : Harry Howard, Joe McGarry, Peter Harvey. FIRST ROW: John Ursich, Ed McGivern, Arturo Duran, Jim Kennedy, Kent Bitz, Kort Lynch, Steve Miller, Don Murray. SECOND ROW: Jim Williams, Malcolm MacTavish, Mark Schulhof, Mike Stefanov, Francis David, Bob Geis, Peter Choate, Ivan Bulic. THIRD ROW: Mike Munsie, Ralph Bradley, Pat White, Hector MacKay-Dunn, Richard Cadieux, Pat Tritschler, Harry Howard, John Lloyd, Ray Kosick. RACK ROW: Rajan Gill, Joe McGarry, Peter Harvey, Fabian McDonald, Harvey Arcand, Dennis Cole, Paul Westwell. Paul Turvey, Steve Knight. j J| ' -- ' ft Mm JiMMl _ k f ’ Bl . M ■ ; , 4 4 M ' - I JSL j | ' J 1 L j Fi GRADE JO HOME ROOM TEACHER: Br. Drayton. CLASS OFFICERS: Doug Baker, Greg Paris, Bob McDonald, Paul Costello. FIRST ROW: Timothy Jull, Paul Patmore, Allen Cullen, Greg Paris, Pat Flynn, Bob Young, Jim O’Leary. SECOND ROW: Doug Baker, Frank Mamoser, Dave Hill, Dave Gagnon, MikeZunti, Paul Costello, Stefan Betkowski, Jean Chalifoux, Tom Whitmore. THIRD ROW: Ross Lonergan, Larry Schmidt, Paul Meloche, Pat Finnegan, Jim Ferris, Larry Atherton, Greg Rooney, Jeff Smulders. BACK ROW: Bill Cunningham, Frank Schindelka, Daryl Fieber, Dave De Camillis, Bob McDonald, Jim Coverdale, Tom Pink, Denis Kelly, John Mills. HOMEROOM TEACHER: Brother Manning. CLASS OFFICERS: Ch arles Stauffer, Pat Delesalle, John Doyle. FRONT ROW: Pat Delesalle, James Gladwin, Don Virstuk, Steve Paris, Ray Robinson, Craig Wright, James Bell, Bill Fielkowich, Norman Smith. SECOND ROW: Ernest La Bossiere, John Doyle, Gregg Henderson, Jon Revane, Ted Moore, Ed Des Roches, Hans Zittier, Mike Watson. THIRD ROW: Brock O’Byrne, Edward Forrester, Ricky MacKenzie, Dan TohilL Serge Bellini, Jonny Stiles, Brian Gaylie, Greg Pittam, Mike Clarke. BACK ROW: Louis Long, Mike Battle, Charles Stauffer, John Stauffer, Mike Gendron, Bob Williams, Darrell Matthias, Shane Brown-Clayton, Doug West, John Totino. Quid me anxius sum? HOME ROOM TEACHER: Br. Rivers. CLASS OFFICERS : Dan Kenny, Tom Conway, Bill McNamara, Cal Ross. FRONT ROW: Chris Boucher, John Cliffe, Jim Loftus, Ed Egli, Louis Rempel, Bill Boons, Mike McCaffrey, Bill Harrison, Dan Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Mark Leja, Bill Cullen, Tony McDonald, Mike Dela Salle, Louis Struve, Richard Hugh, Don Bowen, Sean Byrne, Don Doody, Martin Finch. THIRD ROW: Malcom Macaulay, Richard Ingram, Norman Lambert, Tom Conway, Pierre Cote, Peter Orange, Joe Moyles, Cal Ross, Henry Szefer. BACK ROW: Mark Spellicy, Dan Kenny, Nicholas Mazzone, Paul Hughes, Mark Brannan,SteveGaylie, Mike McCarthy, William Kolstee, Bill Jones, Bill McNamara. HOME ROOM TEACHER : Brother Breen. CLASS OFFICERS : Hugh Legg, John Woods, Stanley Kazun, Steve O’Neill. FIRST ROW: Larry Mamoser, Chris Gallagher, Cameron McLaehlan, Larry Biggar, Kim Waterman, Steve Barker, Werner Maurer, Mark Ryan, Gary Baker, John Wilson. SECOIVD ROW: Chris Giles, Skip Groff, Steve Herbert, John Ives, Ken Greba, Craig Evers, Bill Mitchell, Charles Laddish, Joe Gordon, Ian McMillan, Jim Gorman. THIRD ROW: Denis Harvey, Steve Yehle, Jim Lattimer, Doug Gormican, Jim Cam pbell, Pat Finnerty, Hugh Legg, John Nixon, Tony Jefferies. BACK ROW: Terry O’Neill, John Woods, Stanley Kazun, John Cabana, Allen Schink, Michael Hoskinson, Louis DuMont, Phil Seipp, Phil Eivemark. HOME ROOM TEACHER: Mr. Ohler. CLASS OFFICERS: Paul Giroday, Richard Barazzuol, Larry Coughlan, Alex Maclnnis. FIRST ROW: Peter McLorg, Sam Minichiello, Mike Njakara, Alex Maclnnis, Dan Godfrey, Geoff Lefeuvre, John Strachan, Bill Gunn. SECOND ROW: Scott McPherson, Murray Rose, Roberta Gavidia, Gary Pearson, Mike Anger, Larry Coughlan, Bruce Kennedy, John Daws, Ken Bell. THIRD ROW: Larry Griffiths, Keith Materi, Larry Battle, Mike Hill, Jud Taylor, David Whitlock, Vic Kaulius, Richard Barazzuol. BACK ROW: Chuck Hayden, Tony Lazzarotto, Trevor Rowe, Mike Bousono, Roy Cook, Jim Harrington, Paul Giroday, Dave MacKintosh, Vic Narduzzi. GRADE 9 Grade Nines pray for Divine In- spiration. Really, Pete, is school all that bad? Generosity is the spirit of College. GRADE 9 HOME ROOM TEACHER: Br. Brennan. CLASS OFFICERS : Edward Gillette, Richard Longpre, Anthony Pulice. FIRST ROW: Martin Byron, Witold Ludwikowski, Dan Morrison, Brenden Bottomly, Andy Graham, Harry Brandolini, Peter Hill, Eddie Gillette, Jack Leahy. SECOND ROW: Charles Furney, Anthony Pulice, Roberto Nanne, Richard Longpre, Peter Petrunia, Kevin Perrins, Richard Buchanan, Mark LeBlanc,BennetKopecki, Cliff Faucher. THIRD ROW: ArtKrusel,GordonSinclair,John McGeragle, Robert Wylie, Paul Guiguet, Louis Boda, Darcy Enright, John DeMarre, Robert Danby. BACK ROW: John Aspett, Denis De La Giroday, Silvano Ronalletta, Robert Harrington, Jim Inverarity, Joe Gyurieska, Mike Guiliani, Faustin Chouinard, Bob Sung, Russell McDonald. Whittaker, Bill O’Brien, Pat Drew, Len Giroday, Steve Mackenzie, Matt McGarry, Wayne Holland, Kevin Anderson, Kim LaBelle, Tim Dowd. BACK ROW: Jeff Pink, Don Des Roches, Mark Hyder, Pat O’Brien, Gabe Gedak, A1 Rossi, Dennis Battrum, Grant Donnelly, Mark Schretlen, Cas Borowski. HOME ROOM TEACHER: Brother Kelly. CLASS OFFICERS: Bill O’Brien, Jeff Pink, Chris Bernard, Dennis Battrum. FRONT ROW: Greg Jaworski, Jim Clarke, Bob Widdess, Gary Mitchel, Juan Valera, Rich Paris, Bob Adams, Jim Collison, George Dramalis. SECOND ROW:G reg Small- enberg, Paul Carrothers, John Phillips, Chris While, Brian Johnson, Chris Bernard, John Roberts, Paul Hacault, Mike Redmond. THIRD ROW: Steve 49 HOME ROOM TEACHER: Brother Jones. CLASS OFFICERS: Geoff Story, Ed Flood, Primo Villanueva. FRONT ROW: Mark Hovan, Doug Mackay, Wieslan Reklinski, Chris Burrows, Brendan O’Connell, Bob Godfrey, Pat Remple, borne Teraguchi, Louis Conway, Steve Woodley. SECOND ROW: Mike White, Barry Fraser, Brent Clackson, Terry Raap- pana, Kevin O’Neill, Larry Kennedy, Assue Nijdam, Chris Morrill, Dave Leekschas, Doug Cullen. THIRD ROW: Rich Richardson, Primo Villanueva, Larry Bartle, Mark Faliszewski, Jan Wouterloot, Ed Flood, Geoff Storey, Chris Lavoie, Andy Jurka, Bob Bonar. BACK ROW: Tom Kusz, Gus Rebora, Joe Malo, Bill Fraser, Tom Harris, Mike Hockley, Larry Ozero, Dave Burns, Tal Reader, Jim Dwight. GRADE 8 Mike Hockley debates French grammar with Brother Jones. HOME ROOM TEACHER : Mr. Rizak. CLASS OFFICERS: Phillip Legg, Hugh MacKinnon, Tom Upton, Mike MacKay-Dunn. FROIVT ROW: Bryan Fortin, Richard Murphy, Matt Cote, Gary Koss, William Morris, Paul Kurys, Danny McCullough, Barry Janyk, David MacV ' ey. SECOND ROW: Steve Daniel, Allan Mann, Mark Miller, Mike Kelly, Grant Cameron, Ted Wawryniuk, Tormod Tolpinrud, Noel Foley, John Eldon, Paul Curtis. THIRD ROW: Mike MacKay-Dunn, .1 ames Marehand, Kim Walbaum,Tom Upton, David Barrett, Bill Rebora, Conrad Schwander, Robert Musgrove, Mike Fleming, Greg Clackson. BACK ROW: Don Inverarity, Clyde MacLeod, John Morgan, Andre Baptista, Richard Reiter, John Blake, Paul Robillard, Lloyd Dowd, Hugh MacKinnon, Phillip Legg, Carl Wimmer. College shows fancy running as Como Lake prepares to eat dirt. VARSITY FOOTBALL ’65 Dave Conley runs round the end under the protection of big Blair McCarry. This year’s Irish again had a busy, tough schedule, but, as usual, swept powerfully over all Canadian opposition. Headed by Coach Bob Dejulius, the team proved that College spirit is as strong as ever, again bringing back the Skyline League Trophy, this time with a deficit of only 2 points. Aldergrove fell 31-0, and Como Lake was crushed to the tune of 43-0. Como Lake had a strong team this year, but Queen Elizabeth proved tougher and stronger, although they were downed 7-0. St. Thomas More was swept over 27-0, and then came the Notre Dame game. Last year’s contest for the Archbishops Trophy was a battle from start to finish, ending in our favor by only one point. This year it was rumoured that we would lose. The Irish did not think so, and the game was ours 26-2. The American games, however, were a different matter; but the team never gave up and out of the four exhibition games, Bellarmine fell 14-13. Through the accurate kicking of John Steele, the fine quarterback displays by Murph Costello and Brian Longpre, the fancy running of Joe Bell, Joe D’Attilio and Dave Conley, supplemented by such battle veterans as Jerry I leys, Jim Golinsky, Dan Fritz, Fred Galloway and Ted Black (who was injured early in the season) the other American Teams found us tough and worthy opposition. Overall it was a good season. 54 LAST ROW: Dave Conley, Murphy Costello, Gerry Heys, John Alton, Brian Longpre, Ted Black, Pat McGuire. THIRD ROW: Managers - Tom Kolstee, Harold Marsden , Andrew Nagy, Jim Nybo, Phil DesMazes, Mike O’Brien, Bob Mackin, Andrew McKenzie, Coach Dejulius. SECOND ROW: Tom Jaworski, Martin Lewis, John Steele, Bob F rancis, Jim Golinsky, Blair Mc- Carry, Michael Stephens, Jim Nybo. FRONT ROW: Darrel Matthias, Dennis Hugh, Bill Ward, Bob Fritz, Stewart Sung, Joe Bell, Dan Fritz, Terry Zweng. EXHIBITIONS: V.C. 0 Woodrow Wilson 20 14 Bellarmine 13 12 Port Angelus 32 13 Mt. Vernon 26 " Hail Mary, full of grace MORE IRISH POWER Longpre surveys ihe situation behind a solid College offensive line. cwvrn V 3LWB " Help is on the way Dave,” say Terry Zweng and Ralph Stefani. Mi es cost less with 1130 Brian Longpre sets up to " thread the needle.” SKYLINE LEAGUE v.c. 31 Aldergrove 0 43 Como Lake 0 7 Queen Elizabeth 0 27 St. Thomas More 0 26 Notre Dame 2 Jim Larny, Fred Galloway, John Beaton, Jim Golin- sky, and Stewart Sung never show mercy. 57 J.V. FOOTBALL LAST ROW: Jim Harrington, Ed Forrester (Captain), Jack Kubie, Allan Chink, Mike Juliani, Mike Battle, Fabian Macdonald, Frank Leahy (Manager). THIRD ROW: Mr. Rizak (Coach), Mike Munsie, Bob Sung, Stephen Myers, Dennis Giroday, John Woods, Dan Tohill, Robert Harrington, Francis Totino. SECOND ROW: Paul Giroday, Pat DeLesalle, Jim Williams, Greg Hen- derson, Robert Udell, Jamie Gladwin, John DeMarre, John Ingram. FIRST ROW: John Ursick, Peter Orange, Hector Mackay- Dunn, Cal Ross, Richard Barrazoul, Luis Struve, Richard Hugh, Richard Longpre. Gladwin comes within one yard of touchdown for second string. The mighty Irish hold this Notre Dame ball-carrier to a small gain. the toughest Schedules ever. Under the leader- ship of their new coach, Mr. Rizak, they played seven teams, much bigger than them- selves, and still attained a record of two wins and five losses. College runner chalks up another score for Irish. VARSITY BASKETBALL Br. Finch has successfully coached the Varsity team for the last six years. The ’66 season turned out to be very successful for the Irish basketball squad, and a grand finale for Br. Finch’s final year of coaching at V.C. With a tremendous record of22 wins and 4 losses, it was not suprising that College walked off with two firsts and two seconds out of four tournaments, and became a leading contender for the B.C. Tournament Championship. Leading the way in team spirit and fiery determination were team captain Kevin Mooney with an average of 10 points per game and our highest scorer John Beaton with 15 points per game. Dave Hislop and Bob Beaupre hauled down the all-important rebounds and put in 9.6 and 9.8 points per game respectively. Aided by the Spirit of the second team, the first stringers un- ceasingly improved themselves as the season progressed. This marks Br. Finch’s sixth and last year of coaching the Varsity. Since he has been here, the Irish have been in the B.C. Tournament three out of six times. All we can say is, " Congrat- During half-time Br. Finch talks over strategy. illations, Br. Finch!” BACK ROW: Raymond Gaylie(Manager), Mr. Bob Dejulius( Assistant coach), Murphy Costello, Derek Pollock, Ted Black, Robert Noble, Jack McLaughlin, Richard Noble, Rev. Br.F.R. Finch (Coach). FRONT ROW: Charles Hancock(Manager), John Beaton, David Hislop, Kevin Mooney, Bob Beaupre, Jim Williams. A . ; in 1 SjH ■ pi i® ! v M m i ) | |v Season’s Record VC 49 39 West Vancouver 53 50 North Surrey 63 39 Notre Dame 47 60 Queen Elizabeth 70 47 Abbotsford 53 38 Magee 49 48 North Surrey 53 37 M.E.I. 47 32 Windermere 69 50 Notre Dame 64 30 Queen Elizabeth 56 33 M.E.I. 66 29 Lester Pearson 50 38 John Oliver 51 49 David Thompson 40 48 Burnaby Central 36 29 David Thompson First: Vernon Invitational Tournament First: 2nd Annual Emerald Tournament Second: U.B.C. Invitational Tournament Second: Annual Snowball Tournament " Lei’s play Follow the Irish ' .” LOWER MAINLAND FINALS VC 48 40 Burnaby Central 36 29 David Thompson B.C. TOURNAMENT VC 50 40 North Surrey 40 30 Prince Rupert 35 42 Victoria High 34 47 North Vancouver Jack McLaughlin breaks through David Thompsonfor two points. B.C. TOURNEY ’66 1 Ml ™ V -M VI 1 1 M i w «■ mk A skillful maneuver by Bob Beaupre adds two more points for the College in the vital second game of the Tournament against a highly rated Prince Rupert squad. Photo credit Bill Cunningham ’26 Rebounding made the difference as College took the measure of North Surrey in the first game. John Beaton shows how it was done. Photo credit Dennis Gans ’65 John Beaton, coralled by a North Surrey guard, waits for the aid of Ted Black. A little man with a big job. Jack McLaughlin is surrounded in the Victoria game. College cheerleaders rouse the crowd to a tu- multuous support. The V.C. cheering was a stand- out in the tourney and contributed greatly to the success of the team. §§ 63 More VARSITY BASKETBALL 64 " It’s mine,” says Dave Hislop, as Bob Beaupre looks on for the rebound. It’s up and in, as Kevin Mooney dem- onstrates a perfect lay-up. 65 J.V . BASKETBALL ’ 66 BACK ROW: Richard Cadieux, Mike Munsie, Phil Eivemark, Paul Girody, Tom Pink, John Mills, Dennis Kelly. FRONT ROW: Cal Ross, Jean Chalifoux, Rick Ingram, Paul Meloche, Hugh Legg, Hector Mackay-Dunn, Mike McCarthy. This year’s J.V. team, moderated by Br. Martin and with the expert coaching of ex -UBC star, Mr. Rizak, had a fine record of 15-5. Their most rewarding victories came in the Cross Mainland League when they defeated the Intermediate teams of North Surrey and Queen Elizabeth. Although a fine team effort was given in each game, the sharp-shooting of Dennis Kelly and the fierce rebounding of Darrel Matthias might be singled out as high points. Tom Pink evades his Abbotsford opponent to breeze the net. n Dennis Kelly sinks the globe for another two points. Abbotsford tries in vain to stop the J.V.’s. Darrell Matthias goes high for another two points. 67 MIDGETS WIN PROVINCIAL TITLE Br. Pender gives words of advice during half-time. This year’s midgets, coached by Br. Pender, were CYA champs with an impressive 13-0 record. Overall their record stands at 38-9, with losses tojuvenileand Bantam teams, whom they played for greater game experience, their only setbacks. The team was well-balanced and all five starters, paced by Greg Smallen- berg’s 14 point a game average, scored consistently. The provincial play-offs were held in Cumberland this year. For the first time since 1963 the Fighting Irish Midgets won the champion- ship. Mike McKay-Dunn and Hugh McKinnon were named to the All- Star Team. Tony Pulice got honour- able mention. The Midgets beat Kelowna 28-12, Duncan Kinsmen 24-15 and Alberni 28-21 in the round-robin tourna- ment. BACK ROW: Mike McKay-Dunn, Jeff Pink, Mark Schretlen, Hugh McKinnon, Bill O’Brien. FBOIVT ROW: Mike Kelly, Tony Pulice, Philip Legg, Ed Flood, Kevin McCarthy. 68 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL " And the ball soars through the air John Zadeiks strains hard as he winds up for the discus throw. The year 1965 was a fairly successful one for the Irish track team, although we lost the meet itself by half a point over a dispute. The V.C. team completely dominated the distance running obtaining first, second, and third in the senior mile and also the 880, and the first two berths in the 440. The firsts went respectively to Terry Geluch, Murph Costello, and Brent Gilker. At the end of the day, when the points were totalled. College had walked off with the boys’ team trophy. TRACK ' 65 71 INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL " Where’s the ball?” shouts Sean Palmer as Derek Pollock, Bob St. Louis, and fellow stalwarts surround him. Oh well, everybody looks interested. Ed Whittick fouls up Wayne Miller. 73 WRESTLING Dan Fritz tries to roll his opponent. " Watch it!” says Mike Stephens, " I bile.” TOP TO BOTTOM: James Harrington, Fred Galloway, Joe B ell, John Steele (co-capt), Blair McCarry, Faustin Choui- nard, Charlie Stauffer. Although the wrestling team has been in operation for only two years, it has proved itself as a worthy sport for Vancouver College. This year’s team, was chiefly composed of seniors. In the three tournaments the Irish entered (Burnaby South, B.C. Novice, and East Bremerton), they placed first, second and third. The coaches, Mr. Schwertfeger and Mr. Ohler, were much pleased with the team, and pointed out the five most continuous winners: John Steele, Rick Ainsbury, Joe Bell, Blair McCarry, and Dan Fritz. Rick Ainsbury shows his determination. TOP TO BOTTOM: Mike Stephens, Sean Palmer, Kelly Durkin, JoeD’Attilio, AlGomez, Rick Ainsbury (eo-capt), Pat Flynn. " F delta t=m delta V!” Hence . . . . RADE I 78 TEACHER: Mrs. Letcher. FIRST ROW: Calvin Jang, PeterCarter, Eddie McCaffrey, Henry Bndai, Tyler Mulhern, Adrian Jacob, John Curran. SECOND ROW: John McCullough, Arthur Morris, Horst Maurer, Danny Haber, Paul Humphrey, Mills West, Ian Mackinnon. THIRD ROW: Bobby Tichelman, Peter Irving, Kevin Haberl, Billy Cawker, Rory Mulhern, Donald Andrews, Doug Rankin, Jose Font. BACK ROW: PaulGaylie, Kevin Adair, Allan Hardy, John Goodlake, Ford Mittlestead, Neal McGarry, Robert Sengara, Bruce Hyder. RADE 2 TEACHER: Mrs. Karney. FRONT ROW: Peter Hancock, Tom Orr, Jerry Eberts, Michael Denike, Jimmy Haberl, Brendan McGivern, Kenny Favero, Patrick Fleming. SECOND ROW: Pat Kennedy, Perry Mazzone, Eddy Mulhern, Brendan McCullough, David Tepoorton, Winfred Van derSande, Brian Mulhern, Grant Smallenberg. THIRD ROW: Tom Body, Jake Woods, Dan Murphy, Murray McCracken, Dennis Maion, Robert Petty, Paul McNamara, Joseph McAffrey. BACK ROW: John Locke, David Cooke, Sean Gallagher, D avid Domi, Gregory McNaughton, Rory Moss, Robert Estey, Pauljeakins. Peter Hancock contemplates the frustration of English Composition. 79 1 ▼ ml i y nv k 9 HVIv w u 1 ' It if jfw ' m 1 If ; i jjf " 1 f • MB H ■ r ' —mm TEACHER: Mrs. McCann. FIRST ROW: Michael Sardone, Alan Adair, Jerry Malo, Robert Van Amerongen, David Haber, Gerald Chow, David Chisholm. SECOND ROW: Billie Wilkinson, Mark Wimmer, Paul Smulders, Frank Moran, Michael Favero, David Foley, John McKendy. THIRD ROW: Jordan Wesley, BrianPink, Stephen Hardy, Stanley Carter, Alistair Jappy, Peter Re, Gary West, Peter Owen-Jones. RADE 3 Grammar school is noted for its great de- votion to prayer. Grade 4 Trick or Treat.” TEACHER : Br. Bambrick. PRESIDENT : Steven Ho. FRONT ROW: Lome Labelle, Mark Bitz, Geoff Donnelly, Stephen Andrews, Geoff Groff, Bill Curran, Steven Ho, Herb Haberl. SECOND ROW: Wolfgang Ehebald, Jerry Rzepka, Jeffrey Graham, Gene Goreski, Bert Van Der Sande, Michael Gaylie, Lex Van Amorongen, Chuck Olma. THIRD ROW: Brian Rask, Michael Anderson, Don Malo, Kevin Giles, Michael West, Andrew MacKinnon, Stephen Gyabronka, Robert Ripley, Vincent San Severino, Stephen Leahy, Chris Young, Fernando Cotta-Preta. FOURTH ROW: Costa Zapantis, Norman Dumont, Mark Brenzinger, Danny Osborne, John Humprey, Andrew Hokhold, Wayne Ridgeway, Jeffrey Gibson, Chris Wallbaum, Kenneth Olson, Randy Coulter. m 1 Kb Brf 81 . RADE 5 Gray Allison is the subject of a practical joke. Jeff Anderson is helped over a rough spot by Brother Martin. TEACHER : Brother Martin. CLASS OFFICERS: Martin MacDonald, Bart Boget, David Hancock, Jeff Anderson. FIRST ROW: Warren Ripley, Peter Harrison, Ralph Maurer, Brian Bolten, Joseph Leahy, Mike O’Connor, Venico Cunningham, James Garayt. SECOND ROW: Pat Murphy, Jeff Anderson, Tim Nixon, Brian Travers, Bart Borget, Bart Tichelman, Gray Allison, Dave Hancock, Greg Girard, Paul Percheson. THIRD ROW: Hank Luyten, Vince Alvaro, Joe Ruffin, Bradley Rogers, Mike Mylett, Tony Totino, Robert Victor, Howard Quinn, Bobby Bouguerra, David McGivern. RACK ROW: Lome Smith, Joseph Mazzone, Walker Fanning, James Joyce, Robert Donnelly, Edward Kazun, Martin MacDonald, Frank Soltysiak, Robert Ho, Grant Wawryk, Bruce McCracken. TEACHER: Brother Farrell. FROIVT ROW: Paul Cowhig, Ed Page, Helmuth Wagner, Paul Lair, David Bell, Joe Campbell, Barry Leclair, Mike Kenny, Dave Goldie. SECOND ROW: Mike Bader, Pat Bowie, David Smith, George Onufreychuk, Ford Estey, Stephen Haber, Paul Jull, Mike O’Leary, Gordon Ashlee, Norman Leclaire, John Redekop. THIRD ROW: Jim McCreight, CarlScout- en, Frank Hokhold, Allan Dukowski, Joe Oeser, Mark McNair, Arden Coldicutt, John Nagy, Graham Gillis, Greg Andrews. BACK ROW: Ron Dumont, Brian Hill, Rick Laddish, John Stewart, Kevin Finnegan, Marc Maisonville, Roger Robillard, Brian McNaughton, Duncan Chisholm, David Mills, Leo Auer. ABSENT: Terry Conner, Greg Scully, Bill Gordon. 83 Grade 7 Tom Flynn answers question poised by Brother Lynch. TEACHER: Brother Lynch. CLASS OFFICERS: Paul Culling, Tim Delesalle, Mike Cassidy. FIRST ROW: Randall Jang, Dave Mac- kenzie, Max Fraser, Stephen Sehmuck, Brian an Dual, Tom Flynn, Guy Germyn, Tony Chau. SECOND ROW: Brian Cruise, John Herring, Allen Foley, Mike Cliffe, Danny Garayt. Dave Nixon, Randy king, Tim Delesalle, Don Forberg, PaulMcGivern. THIRD ROW: John MeCleery, Shawn kennedy, Jim Deacon, John king, I’hil kurys, Mike Major, Gerry Wozniak, Mike Gillette, Mike Cassidy. RACK ROW: Mike Murphy, John Turner, David Janies, Doug Halm, John Main, Leo Brenzinger. Paul Culling, Harry DeMarre, Gerry Bonar, Chris Cooke. John Turner surveys the situation. mm f X ■ V k t. | 7 ] wt HI I ' m TEACHER: Brother Pender. CLASS OFFICERS: Barry Fleming, Tim Mylett, Neil McPherson, Dong Johnstone. FIRST ROW: Jake Moldowan, JohnGawth- rop, Mike Fanning, John Deming, Ted Baker, Neil McPherson. SECOND ROW: John Smulders, Garry Gibson, Geoff Cooke, Tom Eakins, Barry Fleming, Juan Moller, Gary Osborne, Bob Whalen, Bill IMiane, Peter Curley, THIRD ROW: Tim Mylett, Stewart Mc- Leod, Ralph Wimmer, Froi Miranda, Xavier Gastea- soro, Doug March, Peter Anton, Dan Murray, Nick Gallagher. BACK ROW: Dougjohnstone, Randy Buhr, Bob Williston, Ian Sutcliffe, Tom Heys, Kevin Mc- Carthy, Harry Borget, Ricky Wilander, Gordon Moss, Paid Boyle. GRADE 7 JUNIOR FOOTBALL BLUE JETS (A) - BACK ROW: Tom Harris, Jeff Pink, Hugh MacKinnon, Kim Wallbaum, Joe Malo, Grant Donnelly. MIDDLE ROW: Richard Richardson, Conrad Schwandner, Larry Bartle, Andrew Jurka, Primo Villanueva. FROIVT ROW: George Dra- malis, Chris Burrows, Steve MacKenzie, Matt McGarry. BLUE JETS (B) - BACK ROW: Ricky Wilander, Harry De Marre, Philip Kurys, John Nagy, Paul Culling, John McCleery, Bob Williston. MIDDLE ROW: Robert Donnelly, Jerry Connor, Nick Gallagher, David Mills, Mike Major, John Smulders. FRONT ROW: Kevin McCarty, Guy Germyn, Joe Leahy, Bruce McCrocken, Greg Andrews. " Mike Kelly applies the deek to two would-be tacklers.” GOLDEN WARRIORS (A) - BACK ROW: Clyde McLeod, Mike MacKay-Dunn, Geoff Storey, Louis Malo, Richard Reiter. MID- DLE ROW: Grant Cameron, Greg Clarkson, Tormod Tolpinrud, Mike White. FROIVT ROW: Danny McCullough, Jim Collison. GOLDEN WARRIORS (B) - BACK ROW: Bill Ichane, Bill Gordon, David James, John Stewart, lan Sutcliff, Mike Murphy. MIDDLE ROW: Paul Cowhig, James King, Garry Gibson, Barry Fleming, Albin Dukowski, Jerry Wazniak. FRONT ROW: Brian Van Daal, Tim Delsalle, Barry LeClair, John Redelap, Jeff Ander- son. SOCCE RED RAIDERS (A) — BACK ROW: Brent Clockson, Bill O’Brien, Greg Smallenberg, Bill Jielkowich, Leonard Giroday, Doug March. MIDDLE ROW: Barry Janyk, Tom Gordon, Bill Fraser, Bryan Fortin, Pat Drew. FRONT ROW: Mike Kelly. RED RAIDERS (B) - BACK ROW: Roger Robillard, Tom Heys, Tim Mylett, Tom Eakins, Harry Borget, Brian McNaughton. MIDDLE ROW: Ron Dumont, Pat Bowie, Max Fraser, Dexter Deming, Greg Scully, Doug Johnstone. FRONT ROW: Bart Borget, Mike Mylett, Dan Phillipps, David Bell, BartTickleman. " 128 power sweep on 2” TIGERS - BACK ROW: Helmuth Wagner, Michael Kenny, Tony Lonino, JimMcCreight,RobertVictor. MIDDLE ROW: Mel Zajac, Warren Ripley .Jeffery Graham, Fernando Cotta-Pretta, Paul Loir. FIRST ROW: Wayne Ridgeway, Stephen Gyabronka, Michael Anderson, Lex Van Amorongen. MISS- ING: Bradley Rodgers. TROJANS — BACK ROW: ChrisWallbaum, James Joyce, Joseph Mazone, Mark Maisonville, Rick Laddish, Costa Zapantis. MIDDLE ROW: Martin MacDonald, David McGivern, Stephen Leahy, Charlie Rally, Vincent San Severino. FLRST ROW: Tim Nixon, Mark Bitz, Stephen Andrews, James Garayt. SHARKS - BACK ROW: Michael Boder, Ken Olson, Ford Estey, Norman Dumont, Joseph Boyer, Michael West. MIDDLE ROW: Pat Murphy, Andrew Mackinnon, Kevin Giles, Chris Young, Bert Vander Sande. FRONT ROW: Brian Travers, David Weil, Brian Rask, Michael Gaylie. FIRST ROW: Herbert Haberl, Michael Mylette, Greg Girard, Peter Harrison, David McGivern, Norman Leclair, Vineco Cunningham, Andrew Hokhold. SECOND ROW: Brian Rask, Bart Borget, Martin McDonald, Barry LeClair, George Onufrechuk, James Deacon, Michael Cliffe.THIRD ROW: Danny Gorayt, Pat Murphy, Jeff Anderson, Jeff Gibson, Joseph Ruffin, Chris Wallbaum, Randy Coulter, Shawn Kennedy. FOURTH ROW: Rick Laddish, Mark McNair, Jim McCreight, Mark Maisonville, John Herring, Harry DeMarre, James Joyce, Bruce McCracken, Michael Murphy. JUNIOR GLEE CLUB ■« m iuH v ’ ' h ' v i wj SiEfa ; Sfewk JHT V -A ■ Mr. Dean leads the Junior Glee Club in another number during the Christmas Concert. 88 The Grade ones were ihe angels, the Grade twos were the Indians. In the interests of Christmas peace there were no Cowboys. CHRISTMAS CONCERT " By the shores of Gitehi-Goomi 89 FRONT ROW, PRE-MIDGET BASKETBALL: Dave Hancock, Joe Leahy, Greg Scully, Billy Gordon, Albin Dukowski, Kevin Finnegan, Dave Mills, Pat Bowie, Bart Borget, Jeff Anderson, Pat Murphy, Tim Nixon. SECOND ROW, P RE- MID GET: Mark Fleming, Nick Gallagher, Rich Orlander, Mike Murphy, Harry Borget, Tim Mylette, John McCleery. THIRD ROW, BIDDY BASKETBALL: Brother Farrell, Jerome Malo, Mark Bitz, Michael West, Stanley Carter, Stephen Leahy, Bert Van Der Sande, Steven Ho, Kevin Giles, Gene Goreski, Larry O’Brien, Bill Curan, Paul Smulders, Michael Anderson, James Garayt, Alan Adair, Brother Bambrick. FOURTH ROW: Michael Gaylie, David Niel, Gary West, Jeffery Gidson, Don Gordon, Brian Travers, Warren Ripley, John McClarron, Billy Wilkinson, Bradley Rodgers, Gary Allison, Bart Tichelman, Andrew McKinnon, Chris Young, Vincent San Severino. FIFTH ROW: Walker Fanning, Tony Totino, Bill Lehane, Carl Scouten, Kosta Zapantia, Peter Anton, Gerry Bonar, Doug Johnstone, Ian Sutcliffe, Philip Kurys, Duncan Chisholm, John Smulders, Norman Dumont, John Nagy. GRAMMAR SCHOOL BASKETBALL Brian Cruise dives over members of the tumbling team. TUMBL NG Bob Bowie demonstrates a perfect flying somersault. TUMBLING, FRONTROW: Brian Bolton, Jeff Roff, Wolfgang Ehebald, David Weil, Wayne Ridgeway, Bart Tichleman, Kosta Zapantis, Greg Andrews, Paul Cowhig. SECOND ROW: Brian Cruise, Robert Bowie, Walker Fanning, Barry Fleming, Carl Scouten, David Mills, John McCleery, Albin Dukowski, Doug Johnstone, Br. Walsh (coach). Rick Ainsbury, Mike Stephens, Bruce Irving, GregTamkin,Fred Fernandez, Mike Fanning, Greg Atherton, Hal Marsden, Dave Lam. OUR LADY’S SODALITY Our Sodality this year consisted of two groups, both under the direction of moderator Br. Rowland. One group is composed of seniors and has, as its prefect, Kelly Durkin. The other group, those from Grade 11, do not have a prefect. One strong feature of the Sodality is that the boys are taught the value of the corporal works of mercy. At Thanksgiving, a hamper drive was staged throughout the school and due to avid response from the student body, several needy families were provided with turkeys and canned goods, a luxury that otherwise would not be enjoyed by these families. At Christmas a similar drive was held and produced similar results. To make for a successful operation, the Sodality has weekly meetings. The senior group meets before class on Thursdays, while the Grade 11 group gets together after school on Fridays. Both of the groups, during the school retreat on January 19, 20, and 21, made a closed retreat at the Augustinian Monastery in I dner, under the supervision of Br. Rowland. Br. Rowland and Dave Salmon go over the procedure for a future meeting. 94 Br. Rowland sets out a topic to be discussed by Senior Sodalists at a Thursday morning meeting. Pete Grant, Ralph Stefani, Paul MacDonald, Craig Boyle, Dennis Hugh. 95 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS’ FRONT ROW: Dave Lam, Dan Bowen, Richard Foote, Mike Shaw, Craig Boyle, Roy Boechler, Greg Tamkin, Harold Marsden, Bob Hogg, Chris deWirth, Rick Ainsbury, A1 Gomez, Elson Morgan, Paul Andrews. SECOND ROW: Dan O’Leary, Don Macaulay, Derek Pollock, Tim Seipp, Denis Hugh, Bill Friedel, Dave Salmon, Steve Rushford, John Vayda, Charlie Hancock, Jack McLaughlin, Dan Fritz, Terry Fitzpatrick, Terry Zweng, Gerry Heys. THIRD ROW: Ken Baker, Bob Mackin, Kevin Mooney, Joe Bell, Fred Galloway, Ted Black, Andy McKenzie, Chris Moore, Bob Gormican, Don Ross, Allan McDonald, Mike Grant, Joe D’Attilio, Stuart Sung, Dave Conley, Ralph Stefani. BACK ROW: Mike Stevens, Reg Letourneau, Paul Atterton, Sean Palmer, John Beaton, John Alton, Jim Golinsky, Brian Longpre, Mike Harvey, John Steele, Dave Hislop, Blair McCarry, Martin Lewis, Bob St. Louis. Have you ever wondered where the multitude of unsung hereos, the cheer- leaders, ushers, game promoters, ticket sellers, and danceorganizers,comefrom? Well, the simple answer is the Associated Students’ Club. This organization is prin- cipally composed of the lettermen, honor students, and class officers from Grades Eleven and Twelve. Supervised wisely by moderator Br. Rowland, they meet once a month during lunch hour. The Club’s executive consists of president Terry Fitzpatrick, vice pres- ident Ted Black, secretary Fred Galloway, and treasurer Ken Baker. Their functions include the discussing and planning of upcoming dances, taking into consideration the date, time, band, and decorations for the dance. Another purpose of the Club is to lure, bribe, and muscle students into attending the various sports events of the school. Once they succeed in attracting the students to the games, the ushers herd them into the stands where the cheerleaders arouse their spirit into one of ecstatic frenzy. Finally, the Club’s senior members work on the Grad Committee to help organize the Grad formal and certain other activities associated with graduation. To swing is to dance to the music of the Black Beats. Bill Friedel, Co-editor; Br. Lyons, Advisor; Ken Baker, Co-editor; Br. King, Moderator. ABSENT: Dave Norman, Classes Editor. COLLEGIAN ’66 Elmer Carrothers, assistant Grammar School Editor; Jim Ehman, Grammar School Editor; Tim Seipp, assistant Ac- tivities Editor; Dan O’Leary, Activities Editor. Pete Grant, assistant Business Editor; Pat Gibbons, assistant Business Editor; Dave Lam, Business Editor; Craig Boyle, Darkroom; Dave Salmon, Darkroom; JohnDay, Photographer, Files Editor, assistant Classes Editor. FRONT ROW: Pal Gibbons, Brian Deacon, Dave Lam, Kelly Durkin, Rick Sargent, Ken Akey. SECOND ROW: Bill Hardy, Don Macaulay, Maurice Boisvert, Dan Bowen, Matt Wilson, Greg Tamkin, Philip Dupuis, Bob O’Neill. THIRD ROW: Doug Elmore, Roy Boechler, Andy MacKenzie, Bob Kent, Ray Gaylie, Gordon Cawker, Tom Kolslee, Dave Norman. BACK ROW: Tim Stiles, Gordon Mantle, Allan McDonald, Mike Stevens, Tony Gallagher, Jim Golinsky, Jerry Heys, Gary Young, Fred Fernandez. For Vancouver College, the GleeClub, as always, proved to be u valuable and entertaining activity. The senior glee club climbed in numbers from sixty last year to eighty this year with the con- struction of u practice room in the gymnasium, including space for storage of music and cabinet for the concert blazers. Under the direction of Mr. Dean and moderated by Br. Lyons, the hoys practise three periods a week and culminate their labour in concerts at Christmas and in the spring. For the second consecutive year, the quartet was a successful undertaking. It is compost ' d entirely of seniors: vocalists Cord Mantle, Tony Gallagher, and Fred Fernandez anti guitarist J im Stiles. 100 Tim Stiles, Tony Gallagher, Fred Fernandez, and Gordon Mantle let loose with another of the well practised folksongs which fascinated the audiences at the Christmas Entertainment. " All the practising paid off,” thinks Mr. Dean while conducting the Glee Club. Miss Genevieve Carey is the accompanist. FRONT ROW: Dan Godfrey, Alex Maclnnis, Mike McCaffrey, Richard Longpre, Cameron McLachlan, Bill Mitchell, Tormod Tolpinrud, Richard Buchanan, Grant Cameron, Greg Paris, Steve Campbell, Jim Loftus. SECOND ROW: Ken Bell, Mike Njakara, Norm Whitmore, John Daws, Jim Bell, Denis Battrum, Mike Hockley, John Cawker, Gary Mitchel, Gregg Henderson, Jim Gladwin, Louis Long. THIRD ROW: Bennett Kopecki,Norm Lambert, Keith Materi, James Mason, Mike Hill, Murray Ross, Mark Spelliey, John Ives, Dave MacKintosh, Frank Leahy, Ray Robinson, Joe McGarry, Bill Cunningham. BACK ROW: Rick MacKenzie, Stan Kazun, Fabian MacDonald, Peter Beynon, Hector MacKay-Dunn, Arturo Duran, John Nixon, Henry Szefer, Dan Tohill, Mike Gendron, Brock O’Byrne, Ralph Bradley. 101 Pat Gibbons, Dan Reynolds, Richard Foote, Peter Lay. LEGION OF MARY Legion members take a moment loengage in spiritual reading or say a quiet rosary during a Wednesday evening meeting. 102 A group which meets at College every Wednesday evening at 7:00 P.M. is the Legion of Mary. Moderated by Br. Barnes, the Legion has its executive, Ken Murphy, president; Dan Reynolds, vice-president; Richard Foote, secretary; and Pat Gibbons, treasurer. Their meetings consist of spiritual reading, discus- sions on current Church problems, saying the rosary and planning works of Catholic Action. The Legion’s objective is to honour the Blessed Virgin through prayer and good works. In fulfilment of this they have per- formed such various acts as saying a daily rosary in the chapel during October, and visiting invalids and elderly people in hospitals and rest homes. I FRONT ROW: Michael Harvey, Steve Graham, John Rarker, Craig Boyle, Peter Grant, John Vayda, Michael Shaw. BACK ROW: Michael Stefanov, Bob Gormican, Chris Moore, Don Ross, Pat Field, Bob Cotter, Chris Dyakowski. Treasurer Don Ross reports to the membership on the state of the club’s finances. U.N. CLUB For those with a greater than normal interest in events and economic situations throughout the world, the Vancouver College United Nations’ Club, composed of seventeen active participants from the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelvth Grades, is a worthwhile activity. The members have as their executive Craig Boyle, president; John Baker, vice-president; and Don Ross, secretary-treasurer, and they meet bi-weekly at lunch time on Tuesdays and Fridays. During the course of the year, they attended such events as the model U.N. Assembly in Seatle, the model Assembly at Simon Fraser, in which Craig Boyle, representing Canada in the debate, was named the outstanding speaker, the Vancouver Inter-High United Nations’ Council, and various meetings and seminars at U.B.C. Pat Field, Mike Stefanov, and Mike Shaw, representing Malta at the model U.N. Assem- bly at S.F.U. in February. . SENIOR BOARDERS The Senior Boarders are an integral part of this school. Under the helpful supervision of moderators Br. Drayton, Br. Rowland, and Br. Jones, they lead a daily life which differs slightly from that of the day students. However, in many aspects, they perform essentially the same activities as their " extern” counterparts. First of all, they are provided with regular study periods in the afternoons and evenings, so that their marks will not suffer. In their residence on the second floor of McCormack Hall, the boarders may indulge in a variety of activities, including pool, cards, checkers, television and hi-fi. A well-rounded intra- mural sports programme is also an essential part of their recreation facilities. All is not fun and games, though, as their duties include helping at chores, such as helping to keep the dorm in order. No single group in the school consumes food in such huge quantities as the Senior Boarders, but then, even our head chef Lee, along with members of the faculty, admits that growing teenagers must stay healthy. To ensure that they suffer no " oppression” from such tyrants as their moderators, the boarders elected Alphonso Gomez as their president. " Easy shol,” thinks Dave Lam, while A1 Gomez says a silent prayer. 104 i FRONT ROW: Bob Udell, Bill Hardy, John Ursich, Stephan Betkowski, Matt Wilson, Roberto Gavidia, A1 Gomez, Chris DeWirlh, Charlie Stauffer, Craig Wright, Don Murray, Greg Henderson, Jamie Gladwin, Allen Alberts. SECOND ROW: Bill Ward, Peter Lay, Gordon Langston, Ray Sasseville, Ken Akey, Dave Lam, Pat White, Harvey Arcand, Drago Skender, Rick Sargent, Ralph Bradley, Dan Bowen, Pat Delesalle, Phil Des Mazes, King Tang. THIRD ROW: J ohnny Stauffer, Dwain Wacko, Bill Cunningham, Len Aesie, Bill Reynolds, Bob Fritz, Shane Browne-Clayton, Louis Long, Rick McKenzie, Brian Kennedy, Ted Moore, Mike Munsie, Phil Dupuis, Mike Clarke, Mark Wells. BACK ROW:JohnDay, Reg Letourneau, A1 McDonald, Gordon Mantle, Dan Fritz, James Lornie, Martin Lewis, Malcolm Gillis, Doug West, Julius Kiss, Terry Farmer, Patrick Browne-Clayton, Ed Forrester, Jack Kubic, Len Bartfai, Brock O’Byrne. ABSENT: John Lay. " It’s mine.” " No. It’s mine!” " No. I’ve got it . . . .” 105 JUNIOR BOARDERS " If I miss this . . . Guy Germyn concentrates on returning the serve just right. FRONT ROW: Chris Morrill, David Lecksehas, John Turner, Harry DeMarre, Don Forberg, Gerald Wozniak, Jim King, Tim Delesalle, Guy Germyn, Bill Fielkowich, Conrad Schwander, Jim Colliso n. SECOND ROW: Peter Petrunia, Witold Ludwikowski, Don Bowen, Tony McDonald, Richard Richardson, Kim Waterman, Primo Villanueva, Andy Jurka, Brent Clackson, Chris Burrows, Larry Ozero, John Morgan. THIRD ROW: Norman Lambert, Keith Materi, Pat Finnerty, Gus Rebora, Mike Delesalle, Larry Griffiths, Scott Maepherson, Bill Jones, Roberto Nanne, Tom Harris, Tim Campbell. BACK ROW: Bill Fraser, John Aspell, Tom Kusz, Trevor Rowe, Mike Bousono, Jud Taylor, Peter Orange, John DeMarre, Robert Wylie, Luis Boda, Richard Ingram, Andres Baptista. ABSENT : Ken Bell, Xavier Gasteasoro, Juan Moller, Pierimo Re, Tom Upton, Dexter Deming, John Gawthrop, Dan Murray, Dan Phillips, Dick Wilander. They come from every corner of B.C., from Alberta and the Yukon, even from Mexico and Costa Rica. They are gathered together as the Junior Boarders of V.C., mischievous and mercurial as is proper to their ages of twelve to fourteen years. Plenty of activity is provided to absorb their abundant supply of energy — sports of the vigourous variety according to the season — relaxing occupations for the quieter times of the day. But behind it all is the no-nonsense business of serious study — the real purpose of their being where they are. Kindly but firmly, Brother Kelly attains a quiet atmosphere of discipline without making it too apparent. Assisted by Brother Manning and Brother Lynch he schedules activities to take care of all the needs and many of the interests of his young charges. Parents who have struggled to cope with the vagaries of but one single boy of this age may often wonder how the Brothers manage to survive with sixty of them. That’s a good question. " What. . . . ! Who cleaned out my locker?” exclaims Don Bowen. 107 A typical group of Tuesday afternoon bowlers reluctantly pose for a picture. INTRAMURAL BOWLING WEIGHT LIFTING Blair McCarry concentrates on that 50th (and last) bench press. Curling 125 lbs. is no easy task, as Fred Galloway’s face shows. With a mighty heave, Dan Fritz presses 245 lbs. 109 PATRONS Mr. Frank J. Bitz Mr. R. Fortin Mr. and Mrs. Golinsky Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Hyder Mr. Stefanos P. Karadontis Mr. C.H. Myers Mr. C. " Tip” Robertson Mr. R.G. Spelliscy SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. David O. Cliffe Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Edgar Mrs. Joan Gunn Mr. H.H. Huestis Mr. M. Lodge Dr. C. MacKenzie Mr. Dan Magnusson Dr. R.J. Warshawski Dr. K.G. West Anonymous MOTHERS’ CLUB Lee Wai accepts a token ofthanksfromMrs. Whittick, President of Mothers’ Club,forhis 25 years of service as chef at College. Executive of Mothers’ Club, 1965-66: STANDING: Mrs. D. Cliffe, Membership Convenor; Mrs. A. Whitlock, Publicity Convenor. SEATED: Mrs. I. O’Connell, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. J.A. Beaton, Recording Secretary; Mrs. F. R. Whittick, President; Mrs. J. San Severino, first Vice-President; Mrs. K. Groff, second Vice-President. The members of the Mothers’ Club provide an excellent example for their sons by their consistant and devoted efforts on behalf of College. Under the guidance of their pres- ident, Mrs. Whittick, they labored diligently on the Membership Tea, the Rummage Sale and the Spring Carnival — all highly successful. Proceeds will help defray the ex- penses of equipping the laboratory for the recently expanded science program. Convenors: (sruird) Mrs. D. McKinnon, Mrs. P. Mylclt (standing), Mrs. J. Sun Severino, Mrs. 1 . Maguire, Mrs. A. A. MacDonald. 112 Executive of the Alumni Association, 1965-66: Brother G.P. Lyons, Secretary; Leo Mulhern, Treasurer; James Lipp, President; Bill Lynch, Director; Bob Johnstone, Vice-President. An organization that gives graduates of the school an opportunity to keep in touch with their alma mater is the Alumni Association. To keep active, the Association stages such annual events as the Alumni Basketball Game and post-game " Smoker,” a golf tournament, and a banquet, which had as guest speaker Br. Darcy, the Vice-Provincial of the Canadian province. The executive this year is composed of president Jim Lipp, vice-president Bob Johnstone, secretary Br. Lyons, and treasurer Leo Mulhern. The presentation of the Dr. David Steele Memorial Scholarship, awarded every year to the outstanding scholar of the previous graduating class went to Jonathan O’Grady. Jim Lipp, President of the Alumni Association, presents the Dr. David Steele Memorial Scholarship to Jonathan O’Grady, ' while Br. Lyons looks on approvingly. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Gord MacKenzie and Jack Dumont battle for possession of that elusive basketball. 113 GIVE THE WORLD A WHIRL WITH CANADIAN PACIFIC AIRLINES Pick a spot, any dot on the map. Canadian Pacific Airlines is Canada ' s gateway to all the world. On your way, you ' ll dine on famous Canadian Pacific specialties. Bask in our thought- ful Empress Service. And when you get where you ' re going, we can showyouaround. Canadian Pacific tours are value-rated, offering the best bargains for your money. Just a small down payment gets you off the ground. AskyourTravel Agent or at any Canadian Pacific Office. 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WIRE ROPE AND LOGGING MACHINERY 8310 MANITOBA ST. FA 1-2301 VANCOUVER. B.C. Frank Seipp We are growing with British Columbia and ready to serve you at our new, modern location. Members of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society Service through Knowledge WE SELL THE BEST AND SERVICE THE REST Tyler Refrigerators and Super Market Equipment. Restaurant and Hotel Refrigerators and Equipment. Bob Millar Walk-in Coolers and Freezers Built to Order. Florist Refrigerators and Coolers. Ice Makers — All Sizes, 50 lbs. to 20 tons. Soda Fountains (Bastian-Blessing and Ever- frost). BROADWAY REFRIGERATION Air Conditioners — All sizes. Specialized Refrigeration Application Electric Motor Repairing. Sales Service Contracting AIR CONDITIONING CO. LTD. 24 Hour Service 133 West2nd Avenue Vancouver 10, B.C. TRinity 4-6474 117 THE FOREMOST SELLER OF HOMES IN THE COLLEGE AREA KERRISDALE REALTY LTD. REAL ESTATE MORTGAGES INSURANCE 5980 East Blvd. AM 6-5377 AM 1-3528 S.M. FITZPATRICK, President There’s room at the top at the Commerce You enjoy many varied career opportunities with the Commerce because of its dynamic growth pattern. As the bank moves ahead, you move ahead too. Ask for the free booklet " Be a Banker " at your nearest branch or write to our Personnel Division, 25 King Street West, Toronto. CANADIAN AL BANK OF COMMERCE Over 1300 branches to serve you DAY’S HIPSTER SLACKS at our JW (Eoaclj l|Op0 for YOUNG MEN Arnold Quigley Ltd. 540 — Granville St. Vancouver — Richmond — Langley 119 FOOTBALL ’65 Our ferocious kick-off team complements another booming boot by veteran John Steele. Compliments of ELDORADO MOTOR HOTEL FRED YEHLE Jrf l,ook at the form, manVsuys Terry Zweng. Nice Try,” thinks Brian Longpre, as he runs around the end. Compliments of FINNING TRACTOR EQUIPMENT Dave Conley, flanked by Dan Fritz, John Beaton, and Jerry Heys, tiptoes through the mud in the Notre Dame game. ' oTlfc (Sag Plate ljop FOR YOUNG MEN There is much fashion to be seen within the portals of this establishment. The selection of which has been influenced by the preferences of gentlemen at- tending Universities east and west. The best of tradition will be found at prices that are in keeping with the Gay Blades ' sense of fair play for the college allowance — drop in soon and often. ' THw Gcuj ' Btcuk Shop 550 Granville Street MU 1-7814 122 KENNEDY BROS. DRUG STORES LTD. NEW WESTMINISTER 950 12th St. Phone 522-3545 BURNABY 8697 10th Ave. Phone 522-8050 59 8th Ave. Phone 521-7212 NORTH SURREY 10289 128th St. Phone 581-6633 PROMPT - FREE DELIVERY Compliments of HALE OPTICAL ASSOCIATES LTD. Dispensing Opticians VANCOUVER, BURNABY, NEW WESTMINSTER, CALGARY, LETHBRIDGE 123 Patron Directory ACCOUNTANTS CHURCH SUPPLIES COLLINS COLLINS Chartered Accountants, 1030 West Georgia St. Mu. 5-0564 PATRICK V. MYLETT Chartered Accountant 510 W. Hastings St. 683-6568 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS BRENTWOOD DODGE LTD. Dodge, Valiant and Chrysler cars; Chryco Parts. B.C.’s Largest Dodge Truck Dealer Opposite Brentwood Shopping Centre PACIFIC CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH LTD. 898 Burrard St. Imperial - Chrysler - Plymouth Valiant - Fargo Trucks TERRY’S BRITISH CAR REPAIRS “Have it done by an expert” Free Estimates on Complete Auto Service 472 W. 15th St. Tr. 9-1223 BAKERIES FAMILY BAKING LTD. 5675 Beresford St. South Burnaby BUSINESS FORMS KEYSTONE BUSINESS FORMS LTD. 1 230 Adanac St. Al. 4-1677 CANDIES COPPER KETTLE CANDIES 754 Robson St. CARTAGE WESTERN CARTAGE LTD. 803 Keefer St. CATERERS MT. SEYMOUR CATERERS 745 W. Broadway CEMENT DEEKS - McBRIDE LTD. 1051 Main St. Mu. 5-9155 ABBEY CHURCH SUPPLIES LTD. 242 1 Granville St. CONCRETE PRODUCTS TARGET CONCRETE PRODUCTS 7550 Conrad St., Burnaby 2, B.C. CONSTRUCTION S. GAYLIE CONSTRUCTION LTD. 4888 Marguerite St. CLOT HIERS CARROTHERS LADIES’ WEAR LTD. 2776 Granville St. CREDIT UNIONS ST. PATRICK’S CREDIT UNION 2922 Main St. Phone: 876-9011 Office Hrs. Tuesday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Closed Monday DRUG STORES CASPER’S PHARMACY LTD. 3160 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver OWL DRUG CO. LTD. 1524 West 41st Ave. Am. 6-4101 REID’S MEDICAL PRESCRIPTIONS LTD. 1541 West Broadway UNIVERSITY PHARMACY LTD. 5754 University Blvd. 224-3202 FOOD GROCERS A C GROCERY CO. LTD. FREE DELIVERY 3025 Granville St. Re. 3-1141 MAGEE GROCERY LTD. 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Georgia St. Office 682-6511, Residence 261-3501 GLEN ROSS Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Canada 1281 West Georgia St. Office: Mu. 3-7441; Residence Am. 1-0303 SUN LIFE OF CANADA Harold J. Cowhig Vancouver Central Branch 675 W. Hastings LOGGING CANADIAN WARREN PINK DIVISION DOMINION CHAIN CO. LTD. 215 W. 4th Ave. MACHINE SHOPS GENERAL BEARINGS LTD. 338 W. 6th Ave. METAL INSPECTION INDUSTRIAL NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING LTD. 255 W. 5th Ave. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CANADIAN ACCORDION INSTITUTE 306 South Boundary Road OPTICIANS PITMAN OPTICAL 734 Granville St. PIANOS THE WILLIAMS PIANO HOUSE 809 Seymour St. REAL ESTATE E. B. GIBBONS CO. LTD. 2 1 68 Kingsway He. 4-2474 ORR’S STORES To Rent Throughout Greater Vancouver 1525 W. Broadway 731-8261 RESTAURANTS DELMAR CHICKEN FRY’S Western Fried Chicken 4 Locations To Serve You 861 5 Granville St. Am. 1-4626 SERVICE STATIONS REID HENRICKSON ESSO 1 5th Kinsway SUPPLIES R. ANGUS LTD. 1210 Seymour St. Mu. 4-1545 LABELLE SUPPLY CO. LTD. 1025 Commercial Drive Al. 3-1454 ROD’S BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD. 347 Moncton St. Steveston, B.C. 277-8088 TOOLS EQUIPMENT (VANCOUVER) LTD. Distributors for Western Canada 1910 Main St. 874-7393 SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS KEIR SON LTD. 2066 W. 4th Ave. THEATRES COLONIAL THEATRE 603 Granville St. TRADERS ACTIVE TRADING LTD. 935 E. Cordova St. VALUATORS UNIVERSAL APPRAISAL CO. LTD. 525 Seymour St. Mu. 4-7354 WOOD PRODUCTS - LUMBER HODGSON-WALSHWOOD PRODUCTS LTD. 908 West 6th Ave. Re. 8-7177 GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADS FROM MURRAY McCUISH and JIM ABERNETHY (’60) McCUISH FORMAL WEAR LIMITED RENTALS and SALES of FORMAL WEAR FOR MEN ★ ★ ★ 2046 WEST 41st AVE. PHONE 263-3610 " You can be sure of the fit when you go to McCuish " Australia’s Finest Tropical Fruits • QTF Fancy Sliced Pineapple • QTF Fancy Crushed Pineapple • QTF Fancy Pineapple Tidbits • QTF Tropical Fruit Salad • QTF Papaya Tidbits . . . Available at Your Grocer CwplimeKti MEAT MART and RED STEER MEAT MARKET 2070 W. 41st AVE. AAAI-8755 PERSONAL SERVICE AND FINEST QUALITY Free Delivery Charge Accounts May Be Opened 127 Like the seed of honest advertising, the seed of true learning is never wasted ... It has such an affinity with the soul of man, that however broadcast it will catch somewhere and produce truth hundred fold OBRIEN ADVERTISING LIMITED 1030 West Georgia St. Vancouver, B.C. Compliments of P.B. YATES (WESTERN) LTD. 890 East Hastings St. Vancouver 4, B.C. CANADA ' S LARGEST MANUFACTURERS OF SAWMILL EQUIPMENT 128 BEST WISHES FROM THE SUNKIST FAMILY • LEMON JUICE • ORANGE BASE • PLASTIC LEMONS • FROZEN LEMONADES SUNKIST GROWERS ONTARIO, CALIF. Considering college or university? Are you a candidate for assistance under the CANADA STUDENT LOANS ACT? Under this Act, each qualifying student may present a Certificate of Eligibility to the bank branch of his (or her) choice. Royal Bank, with over 1000 branches across Canada, offers you convenient service combined with practical counsel. Visit your nearest branch as soon as possible. ROYAL BAN K 129 Emerald Tourney Has Fantastic Finish " There’s more than one reason we can’t make the Globetrotters.” Everyone who witnessed the Second Annual Emerald Tournament will remember for many years the thrilling climax of four overtime periods. The first evening saw a strong Lord Byng team start slowly and then catch fire to demolish West Vancouver. In the second game, Charles Tupper played an inspiring game, but their effort fell short, as they lost a. squeaker to Vancouver College. In the consolation game the following night. West Vancouver put up a much better show to startle Tupper. The final, probably the most exciting contest ever to be staged in the College gym, pitted the College against Byng. The two arch-rivals waged a titanic struggle, resulting in an even first half and a Byng- dominated third quarter, but the College poured on awesome pressure to tie the score in the last seconds of regulation time. This situation resulted in the tension- packed overtime periods, but the luck of the Irish pre- vailed, and we were grateful champions. Scores in the Tournament: First Night: Lord Byng 51; West Vancouver 22. Vancouver College 50; Charles Tupper 46. Second Night: West Vancouver 32; Charles Tupper 27. Vancouver College 61; Lord Byng 58 (four overtime peri- ods). This page sponsored by ISLAND TUG AND BARGE JOHNSON MOTORS LTD. Team captain Kevin Mooney accepts the championship trophy from Mr. Leo Mul- hern (top). Murph Costello (middle) and John Beaton (bottom) are presented with individual awards by Br. Bates for placing on the Tournament all-star team. The score board cannot lie! In the series of pictures on the left the scores are shown at the end of the regulation time and at the end of each of the four overtime periods. This was the famous final game of the Emerald Tourney against Byng. COMPLIMENTS OF Pierre Pari A ■ £cttJ £tt(. SHOES tor THE FAMILY National Brands ST. JUDE’S SHRINE 3078 Renfrew St. Vancouver A NOVENA TO ST. JUDE PATRON SAINT of Hopeless and Desperate Cases BRING YOUR PROBLEMS TO ST. JUDE HE WILL HELP YOU. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Rev. Spiritual Director St. Jude ' s Shrine 3078 Renfrew St. Vancouver C ompfiments of CHR. BJELLAND CO. a s Stavanger, Norway l f]unu acturerA ofi King Oscar Sardines King Oscar Kipp ered Snacks ' ' OUTFITTERS OF CHAMPIONS” SPORTING GOODS 929 — Granville St. BRANCH STORES: (1) Park Royal (West Van.) (2) Trail, B.C. (3) Prince George, B.C. sponrmc -coons MU 5-0277 Sparlings have been Serving the Public For 38 Years! We carry such famous lines as: " RIDDELL " - Football shoes and helmets " ADIDAS " - Sport shoes for all sports " VOIT” - Rubber inflated balls for all sports " HEAD " -Skis " CONVERSE " - Basketball and tennis shoes Plus many other name Brands. LET LES BROWN OR BRIAN PHILLEY, BOTH EX-V.C. STUDENTS, LOOK AFTER YOUR NEEDS 133 For Consistent Quality You Can Count On Clearbrook Farm MILK Sold Exclusively by Super-Valu Stores Family students of the Christian Brothers of Ireland for over half a Century. HEAD OFFICE: 1111-1117 Homer Street, Vancouver 3, British Columbia BRANCH OFFICES: P.O. Box 192 Victoria, British Columbia P.O. Box 486 Calgary, Alberta P.O. Box 817 Lethbridge, Alberta - SERVING THE LIGHT AND HEAVY CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY - in British Columbia and Alberta CONGRATULATIONS to all GRADUATES LAURENTIDE FINANCIAL CORPORATION LTD. Head Office: 1030 West Georgia Street Vancouver 5, B.C. 135 DIRECTORY ADVERTISEMENTS AUTO DEALERS OAKRIDGE DRUGS 5791 Oak St. WOLFE CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE LTD. 2860 E. Hasting St. Best of Them All JAY’S PHARMACY BAKERIES ■ in tirr-t n a i rn v Your short sharp pencil Druggist Free Delivery 2267 W. 41st Ave. MILNES BAKERY 5585 Dunbar St. 266-5344 Have us fill your prescriptions RENFREW BAKERY 1 695 Renfrew St. PITMAN PHARMACY 1896 W. 57th Ave. BEAUTY SALONS RENFREW DRUGS 1 776 Renfrew St. LYNNE-DEE BEAUTY SALON 241 9 Nanaimo St. TECH PHARMACY LTD. 2416 Nanaimo St. ENGINEERS CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS ART ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS LTD. JOHN K. HANCOCK CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS 5 1 0 W. Hastings St. Commercial, Industrial Residential Wiring 3631 West Broadway Re. 1-6740 Day or Night CLEANERS FISH RAINBOW CLEANERS LTD. 5864 Cambie St. THE MAIN FISH CO. 2470 Main St. 874-1811 RICHMOND MARTINIZING DRY CLEANERS 622D No. 3 Rd., Richmond FLORISTS CLOTHIERS LULU ISLAND WATER GARDENS 748 Heather St. Richmond B.C. HONEST NAT’S DEPA RTMENT STORE 48th and Fraser STRATHCONA FLORAL 5555 W. Boulevard McKERNAN’S SEWING BASKET Richmond Square - Richmond VOGUE FLOWER SHOP LTD. 2197 W. Broadway St. PAT’S CHILDREN’S WEAR 3061 W. Broadway St. FOODS AND GROCERS DANCE STUDIOS C. S. GEE 2815 Granville St. TWIRLETTE DANCE STUDIO 10707 King George Hwy. GIRARDI ' S ENTERPRISES LTD. Imported Foods - Wholesale 2565 E. Hastings St. Al. 5-4950 DRAFTING SERVICE TRADE PRODUCE LTD. HAROLD’S DRAFTING SERVICE 5763 Oak St. Box 213 FLOOR COVERING DRESSMAKING ERV PARENT CO. LTD. AMIES ' S DRESSMAKING 3336 Dunbar St. 733-9312 1297 E. Hastings St. FURNITURE DRUG STORES BRIGHOUSE UPHOLSTERING MFG. LTD. 809B Park Rd., Richmond BUCKSHON’S PHARMACY 800 E. Hastings St. FAWCETT FURNITURE APPLIANCES LTD. 64th Ave. Granville St. CONRAD’S PHARMACY 2071 W. 41st Ave. FURS CROOKS THE DRUGGIST 2607 W. 16th Ave. Re. 8-7040 SPEISER FUR LTD. 2706 Granville St. GRANVILLE DRUGS 8002 Granville St. Am. 1-0818 HARDWARE SHANNON HARDWARE 1848 W. 57th Ave. MORAN ' S UPTOWN PHARMACY Granville St. at 14th Ave. THOMPSON’S HARDWARE Londesdale NIGHTINGALE DRUGS 41st Ave. Dunbar St. North Vancouver ' s Finest Furniture - Lamps - China - Gifts WHITE SPOT HARDWARE Geo. Al. G. Norris, Proprietor Granville St. at 66th Ave. Am. 1-9737 Everything in Hardware JEWELLERS MILLER ' S JEWELLERS 655 Granville St. KINDERGARTEN BLUEBIRD KINDERGARTEN 2149 West 59th Ave. LIFE INSURANCE CHARLES M. DAY, C.L.U. 702 Fort St., Victoria, B.C. LUMBER SUPPLY INTERCITY BUILDING SUPPLIES 5339 Kingsway St. NORTHERN BUILDING SUPPLIES Ft. Argyle St. South MACHINE SHOPS IDEAL AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE SHOPS 2131 W. 4th Ave. MUSIC STUDIO PARAMOUNT MUSIC STUDIOS LTD. 6554 Victoria Dr. Fa. 5-4912 NOVELTIES EM’S VARIETIES Toys - Novelties - Tobacco Confectionery - Magazines 2603 W. 16th Ave. THE GIFT SHOP 1892 W. 57th Ave. PARK GIFT SHOP 5844 Cambie St. PARTY SHOP THE COOKIE JAR PARTY SHOP 2143 W. 41st Ave. PIANOS VANCOUVER PIANO CO. 3195 E. 5th Ave. PHYSICIANS ED. McAVOY THE J. F. HARTZ CO. LTD. Toronto - Hamilton - Montreal - Halifax Physicians Hospital Supplies 538 W. 8th Ave. 876-9294 PRIVATE NURSING McKAY PRIVATE NURSING HOME LTD. 6335 McKay Ave., So. Burnaby PRODUCTS THE J. R. WATKINS CO. INC. Has Part-Time Positions Available for Students Apply 2145 W. Broadway 733-8196 RADIOS AND RECORDS THOMPSON RADIO RECORD SHOP 4255 Dunbar St. REAL ESTATE MacDONALD EEDY REALTY LTD. 670 No. 3 Road, Richmond SIMS REALTY Ste. 15, 5763 Oak St. RESTAURANTS DING HO DRIVE IN 5 Locations to serve you Free Home Delivery Dining Room Service DUNBAR FISH CHIPS 4245 Dunbar St. Ca. 4-4720 ROOFING SCOTTY’S ROOFING CHIMNEY SWEEPING 4532 Main St. SERVICE STATIONS DEACON’S SERVICE LTD. 1075 S.W. Marine Dr. FANE’S LTD. 1 209 Seymour St. Vancouver 2, B.C. 49th AND OAK HOME SERVICE 6525 Oak St. GOUNDRY’S SERVICE S.S. 4 1 st Oak St. Am. 1-6444 PARKDALE SHELL SERVICE 2480 W. 4 1 st Ave. SKYLINE B.A. SERVICE 323 No. 3 Rd., Richmond 25th CAMBIE SERVICE LTD. 4093 Cambie St. ESSO IMPERIAL HOME HEAT SERVICE 886 W. 48th Ave. 266-871 1 SHOES FOOT HEALTH SHOES 61 9 Dunsmuir St. FREEDMAN SHOES LTD. Shoes for you and your teacher 2867 Granville St. SPORTING GOODS TAD ' S SPORTING GOODS 8570 Granville St. STRUCTURAL STEEL AMERADA BRIDGE STEEL ERECTORS LTD. 2525 Skeena St. THEATRES With Every Good Wish CHABA THEATRE Phone 852-3484 Box 670 Jasper, Alta. UNIFORMS BOWMAN’S UNIFORMS 829 Granville St. DUBBEL-WEAR UNIFORMS 910 Richards St. The Glee Club prepares to begin its next number. Mr. Dean as seen by the Glee Club. ■ CHRISTMAS CONCERT From the students’ viewpoint, an exciting feature of this year’s Christmas conce rt was the guest appearance of the Little Flower Academy singing Sextet. The smaller boys of Grades One and Two, under the diligent direction of Mrs. Letcher and Mrs. Kerny, had a delightful song and dance arrangement, " An Indian Christmas Carol,” where Grade One’s were angels and Grade Two’s played the Indians. The high school (dee Club provided a two-part programme: Canadian folk music and a medley of Christmas songs. Selected from the talented voices of Grade Four to Seven, the members of the junior Glee Club set a Christmas- like tone with a series of traditional carols. The Vancouver College Quartet, consisting of seniors from the Glee Club, remained with the always popular folk songs, of which those of all genera- tions are fond. The girls ' medley and their natural charm projected their appeal to a highly attentive audience. Compliments of I ienry Birks and Sons and Belkin Paper Box , Ud. The Grammar School contribution to the annual Christmas Concert. Pat Cornwall, Mary-Ann Boechler, Mary-Joe Macvey, Arlette Rouleau, Sherry Seed, and Shari Cornwall — members of the Utile Flower Sextet. Compliments of Sts. Peter and Paul CWL The V.C. Quartet, Tim Stiles, Tony Gallagher, Fred Fernandez, and Gord Mantle harmonize on " Acres of Clams.” 139 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATION CLASS From The Home of the Ford Family of Fine Cars BROWN BROS. MOTORS AM 6-7111 41st Granville AM 6-6446 Vancouver, B.C CABLEVISION Seven Channel TV Reception Plus Special Closed Circuit Events and F.M. And Background Music BY CABLE SHARP - CRISP - CLEAR AND COLOUR TOO! 321-2621 Georgian Towers Motor Hotel • CONVENTION ROOMS • RECEPTION AND SALES MEETING FACILITIES • 22 FLOORS OF UNIQUE AND LUXURIOUS ACCOMMODATION Home of the fabulous Colonial House Restaurant FOR RESERVATIONS: PHONE MUtual 1 -4321 CYLINDER GRINDERS LTD. ESTABLISHED 1920 • General Machinists • Engine Rebuilders • Engineers • Compressor Repairs • Automotive and Diesel Engine Parts 1216 Seymour St. - 683 8538 - Vancouver, B.C. 141 BE SMARTER ! GO CHARTER ' With 140 units available. Charter Truck Lease can supply extra equipment when needed. Don ' t turn down those extra loads! SIMPLY CALL CHARTER TRUCK TRAILER RENTALS TRUCKS TRAILERS PICK-UPS ★ Vans ★ Flat Decks ★ 4-Wheel Drive ★ Flat Decks ★ Vans ★ Canopies ★ Winches ★ Tandems ★ Panels ★ Crummies ★ Singles ★ Walk-Ins No need tor surplus equipment to sit idle in slack periods ... no depreciation ... no up-keep. STAY FLEXIBLE WITH CHARTER EQUIPMENT TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU VANCOUVER 950 West 6th Ave. Phone RE 6-6404 Nights: (after 8 p.m.) BR 7-5877 PRINCE GEORGE 795 -3rd Ave. Phone: 564-8036 (Day or Night) (AFFILIATED WITH TEPOORTEN TRUCK EQUIPMENT LTD.) Non Videri, Sed Esse VANCOUVER OFFICE ervice A travel agency is only as good as its staff. City Center 925 W. Georgia St. 684-2448 West End 982 Denman St. 682-7254 Kitsilano 2996 W. Broadway 736-5651 South Vancouver 4841 Victoria Dr. 879-4575 Burnaby 4685 Kingsway 431-6674 New Westminster 407 Columbia St. 526-7878 Mail Orders P.O. Box 4363 Vancouver 9, B.C. B.C SASH S DOOR CO. LTD. " As Near As Your Telephone Phone 876-2288 2315 Cambie — Vancouver 9 " If It Goes Into The Building — We Have It " 143 CAREERS IN: - GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING MINING ENGINEERING METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING To those students who are undecided about a career we would recommend participation in MINING, one of Canada ' s most important resource industries. There is an urgent and continuing need for young men of intelligence and ambition in this industry. The rewards are gratifying both in respect to personal accomplishment and monetary return. Students acceptable to the engineering disciplines of Geology, Mining and Metallurgy should have an aptitude for mathematics and science, an interest in solving new problems and seeking new solutions to old problems, an ability to work with and to lead people and a desire to create. GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING: For those who like the outdoors, who can combine intellectual effort with physical effort and who can learn to think in three dimensions, geology can be a fascinating and absorbing career. The geologist searches for the mineral deposits that constitute much of Canada ' s wealth but his work can take him all over the world. The larger mines have resident geologists to guide the exploration and development of their ore deposits. The geologist is trained in such subjects as the genesis of ore deposits and the effects of the structural deformation of the earth ' s surface. In his search for minerals he may use the developing sciences of geophysics and geochemistry. MINING ENGINEERING: Employment is world-wide. The miner receives a very broad training at university because his work demands a considerable versatility. Primarily he is concerned with the efficient development and mining of orebodies but this presupposes a fair knowledge of geology and metallurgy. As the mining engineer advances in his profession he will benefit from an appreciation of economics, finance and law. His broad training and experience qualify him for senior positions in business and industry. METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING: The metallurgist has a very broad field wherein chemistry and the physical sciences are dominant. The work available to him ranges from the concentration of a simple ore of a mine to the treat- ment of complex ores , the smelting and refining of metals, iron and steel making, the composition of new metals for the space age, and research into the production and use of metals. This is a profession that would be attractive to the young man of an enquiring mind and a flair for experimenting. FALCONBRIDGE NICKEL MINES LIMITED 7 King Street East Toronto 1, Ontario 504-1112 West Pender Street Vancouver 1 , B.C. For the Finest in Complete Home Furnishing r¥T Fi a h fes ) The Home of Fine Furniture 632 Seymour Street, Vancouver 2, B.C. MU 3-8407 Compliments of GEORGE BLACK MOTORS 4388 Lougheed Highway 298-7221 145 Compliments of BOWELL-McLEAN MOTOR CO., LTD. Pontiac Buick Cadillac Vauxhall Acadian 615 Burrard Street MU 2-3333 146 SALMON’S TRANSFER LTD. Local and Long Distance Furniture Moving Same day delivery tvithin 200 miles at Vancouver Overnight delivery tvithin 400 miles Days 433-2421 2884 Grandview Highway Evenings 431-5411 at Renfrew Congratulations to the Graduates DOYLE CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD. 4870 Main St. Vancouver 12, B.C. TR 4-4291 147 Remember your first day at school? New clothes, shiny pencil. Before you knew it primary grades were behind you and you were in secondary school. You learned to rely on Eaton’s for what you needed in those days. Mom and Dad did too, when they attended school. It’s a good habit, shopping at Eaton’s. We look forward to seeing you again and again, in the days to come ; you and Mom and Dad. It’s a family tradition this shopping at EATON ' S A B of M Career spells iallenge vancement esponsibility ixperience iducation Rle wards Looking for an interesting career after high school? Find out now what the Bank of Montreal can offer you if you are willing to work and learn. Our inter- esting booklet " Career Opportunities " outlines the absorbing jobs and better opportunities in a career in banking. Pick up your free copy at any B of M. Or write Personnel Administration Depart- ment, Bank of Montreal, P.O. Box 6002, Montreal. There is no obligation, ex- cept to yourself. TO 3 MIUIOM CANADIANS Gjp Bank of Montreal umuUu i ' pcnti “gcm e Kerrisdale Branch: G. F. COOMBE, Manager 41st Ave. Oak St. Branch: J.A. DAVIES, Manager 148 149 REVIEW 66 Compliments of Rogers Electric Contractors and Thomson and Page Ltd. The beginning of the school yearsaw thecompletion of the new addition to the gym. It consists of two floors built above the main entrance. The second-floor locker rooms (below) have been especially welcomed by our basketball players. On the third floor is a new practice room for the Glee Club (right). The Rosary Rally, which lakes place annually at Capilano Stadium, is always well attended by College students. 150 Our annual high school retreat, held in January, had as Retreat Master Father Hartman of the Augustinian Order. Compliments of Tide Bay Construction and Venice Bakery School president, Terry Fitzpatrick, encourages student support at the Notre Dame game. " I wandered lonely as a cloud” through the halls of Vancouver College. Brother Bates, ex-principal of Vancouver College re- turned here for a three month stay as regional director of the Brothers’ National Fund Drive. The goal of this drive is one million dollars, and it is planned to use the money to build a Novitiate for the Brothers in Ontario. The chairmen of the Drive werejames P. O’Hagan and John Davidson. James Lipp was in charge of the Alumni section, and Jack Mills ran the parents’ section. Compliments of Gardner, Thornton, Gathe Assoc. The consecration of a former College student as Bishop took place for the first time when, in February of this year. Rev. James F. Carney of the Class of ’33 became Bishop of the Vancouver Archdiocese. 152 Vancouver Fancy Sausage Co. Ltd. EUROPEAN STYLE SAUSAGES At all Food Stores throughout B.C. you’ll find a wide selection of the 48 varieties of European Style Sausages made in Vancouver by master sausage makers. Look and ask for them by name. 4 jfkNC0UVf)5 iJl SAGE COA w Congratulations to the Graduates from WORLDBOOK CHILDCRAFT OF CANADA LTD. 4345 Lougheed Highway Telephone 299-4556 153 V.C. VARSITY ’66 Kevin Mooney skilfully evades the opposition. Compliments of McGavin Toastmaster Ltd. and Bogore Ranch " Now, if my sighting is right . . .” Jack McLaughlin sweeps in for another two points against West Van. Dave Hislop stretches for another rebound. Jumping Jack McLaughlin scores again. Compliments of Normandy Restaurant and P.M. Reynolds 155 Caterer 974 WEST BROADWAY VANCOUVER 9, B. C. Telephone REgent 1-8141 DISTINCTIVE FOOD PREPARATION Subsidiary of TODDS REDDI HOT FOOD Mr. M. P. Lapointe, President daisy -fresh dry deaning WITH CX-3 Protects the fabric as it cleans the garment Phone TR 6-3272 156 Grade 8 Directory Bob Adams 4620 Clinton Street South Burnaby 435-0485 Kev Anderson 8127 French St. David Barret 2120 East 39th FA 7-2488 Larry Bartle 3893 Norwood Ave. North Vancouver YU 8-9812 .Dennis Battrum 1441 West 26th Ave. 736-5000 Chris Bernard 4051 Selkirk St. RE 14202 John Blake 1148 Thurlow Apt. 30 681-0772 Bob Bonar 4493 Brakenridge St. RE 1-2063 Cas Borowski 832 West 19th Ave. 874-8467 Dave Burns 4819 Collingwood St. AM 6-9459 Chris Burrows 1209 - 37 th East Seattle, Washington Grant Cameron 855 West 49th 263-4806 Paul Carrothers 5625 Osier St. AM 1-2415 John Cawker 2462 Edgar Cr. RE 3-1961 Brent Clackson 5780 Alderlea Duncan, B.C. Greg Clackson 5780 Alderlea Duncan, B.C. Jim Clarke 6963 Laurel St. 261-9501 Jim Collison 6116 Malvern Ave. Burnaby LA 24937 Louis Conway 1004 Dennis Cres. E. 277-7548 ✓ Matt Cote 1086 West 54th Ave. AM 1-6575 Doug Cullen 660 Kenwood Rd. West Vancouver 922-1418 Steve Daniel 1432 West 57th AM 1-6157 Don Des Roches 3250 West 26th Ave. RE 8-1584 Grant Donnelly 2495 East 39th Ave. HE 1-9335 George Dramalis 6761 Selkirk St. 266-6702 Pat Drew 1950 Cedar Crescent RE 8-9574 Tim Dowd 115 West 44th Ave. FA 7-6974 Lloyd Dowd 653 Comstock Rd. Richmond 277-8333 Jim Dwight 5540 - 14 " B” Ave. R.R. 4, Ladner, B.C. 943-2010 John Elden 857 Seafair Drive Richmond, B.C. 277-6842 Mark F aliszewski 6010 Blenheim St. AM 6-2 165 Mike Fleming 5870 Hudson St. AM 6-2583 Ed Flood 67 West 41st Ave. FA 1-8884 ✓■Bryan Fortin 725 West 39th 266-2514 Noel Foley 2838 East 18th Ave. HE 4-9616 Barry Fraser 5929 Trafalgar St. AM 6-5877 Bill Fraser Box 54 Honeymoon Bay, B.C. Gabriel Gedak 5359 Commercial St. FA 5-9195 Len Giroday 1275 Tecumseh St. RE 8-8642 Robert Godfrey 5409 Cambie St. 266-5725 Paul Hacault 729 East 58th Ave. 327-2177 Tom Harris 2834 McGill St. AL 3-0826 Mike Hockley 17 14 West 68th Ave. AM 1-7115 Wayne Holland 7711 French St. AM 1-5565 Carlos Barros Horcasitas Sacramento 410 Mexico City Mark Hovan 120 East 26th St. North V ancouver 987-0247 Mark Hyder 2314 West 10th Ave. RE 3-6226 Donald Inverarity 1974 West 18 Ave. RE 1-7319 ✓ Barry J anyk 1030 West King Edward Ave. 736-9551 ✓ Greg Jaworski 1322 West King Edward Ave. 731-6628 Brian Johnson 4015 Sunnycrest Drive North Vancouver 987-9746 Andrew Jurka 2381 West Broadway RE 3-7187 Mike Kelly 3250 West 33rd Ave. AM 6-9884 Larry Kennedy 1418 London St. New Westminster Gary Koss 857 Ash St. Richmond 277-8615 Paul Kurys 3090 East 4th Ave. AL 3-7808 Tom Kusz 1264 West 11th Ave. RE 8-6954 Kim LaBelle 3008 West 32nd Ave. 266-8240 Chris Lavoie 1652 East 36th Ave. 325-9555 David Leckschas Box 370, Invermere, B.C. Phillip Legg 1826 Blanca St. CA 4-1612 Clyde MacLeod 2426 East 39th Ave. HE 1-8018 Doug MacKay 1250 West 71st Ave. AM 3-3569 Steve Mackenzie 4050 Cartier St. 733-0207 x Hugh Mackinnon 4309 Osier St. RE 8-1245 David MacVey 2845 West 30th Ave. AM 6-8916 s Joe Malo 1350 Devonshire Cr. RE 8-7777 y Louis Malo 1350 Devonshire Cr. RE 8-7777 Allan Mann 3524 West 3 1st Ave. AM 1-5988 ✓ Kevin McClay 1192 West 37th Ave. AM 1-7857 Dan McCullough 4580 Slocan St. HE 4-5836 ✓ Matt McGarry 6162 Wiltshire AM 6-5841 ✓ Mike McKay Dunn 3937 Granville St. RE 8-3720 Garry Mitchel 3295 East 46th Ave. 4334580 Richard Murphy 800 Grand Blvd. North Vancouver YU 8-7639 Bill Musgrove 4836 Ross St. TR 4-7136 John Morgan 2316 McKay 987-3408 Mark Miller 2576 Wallace Cr. CA 4-5851 Chris Morrill 1140 Sutton Place West Vancouver 922-8786 William Morris 2596 East 41st Ave. 433-8029 Assu Nijdam 1450 West Georgia St. -■Bill O’Brien 4448 Magnolia 261-3501 Patrick O’Brien 1089 Dunlop Ave. Burnaby 299-2741 ✓ Brendan O’Connell 1178 West 37 th Ave. AM 1-8512 Kevin O’Neill 236 Onslow Place West Vancouver 922-6553 Terry O’Neil 1572 Martin St. White Rock 531-3878 Larry Ozero Box 497 Lake Cowichan, B.C. ✓ Rick Paris 1150 West 42nd Ave. AM 1-3946 Stephen Patton 446 Pedregal De San Angel Glesia, Mexico Andy Perry 968 Deagle Rd. Richmond 277-6208 John Phillips 4185 Burkehill Place 922-8417 „ Jeff Pink 5930 Athlone St. AM 1-6705 Terry Raappana 4566 West 6th Ave. 224-6441 T al Reader ' 118-2350 West 39th Ave. 261-9097 Mike Redmond 2647 Edgar Cr. 733-3700 Richard Reiter 1736 William 255-1496 Wieslan Reklinski 4506 Inverness St. TR 9-1032 Pat Remple 8131 Hudson St. AM 1-8643 Richard Richardson 3795 Linwood St. South Burnaby HE 3-1645 John Roberts 889 Minler Rd. Richmond BR 7-9355 Paul Robillard 6785 Laurel St. AM 1-7053 Alfonso Rossi 2802 East 21st Ave. HE 5-5133 Mark Schretlen 2948 West 39th Ave. AM 6-6092 Conrad Schwandner 1344 Appin Rd. North Vancouver YU 5-5021 ✓ Greg Sma lien berg 1044 West 46th Ave. AM 14195 Geoff Storey 1357 Moody Ave. North Vancouver YU 8-3548 Lome Teraguchi 605 Azure Rd. North Richmond 277-3760 Tormad Tolpinrud 739 Bates Rd. 277-1780 Tom Upton 510 Crestwood North Vancouver 987-6072 J uan V alera 2356 West 9th Ave. RE 1-1091 Primo Villanueva 726 Baycrest Dr. Dollarton, North Vancouver 929-1787 Keith Wallbaum 1632 West 54th Ave. AM 1-3812 Ted W awryniuk. 273 East 21st Ave. 876-9064 ✓ Chris White 6316 Wiltshire St. AM 1-5888 Mike White 1198 West 70th Ave. AM 1-8577 Robert Widdess 1519 Beach Ave. MU 1-7080 ✓ Carl Wimmer, Jr. 1475 West King Edward Ave. RE 3-5586 Steve Woodley 1261 Barclay St. 684-0595 Jan Wouterloot 12211- 11th Ave. North Haney 463-3637 Steve Whittaker 1010 Leyland West Vancouver 922-0274 157 BEST WISHES FROM ALA SELF-SERVE BUILDING MATERIAL COMPANIES OPERATING LUMBERLAND - CANADA ' S LARGEST BUILDING CENTRE Ami Mlbion 1 490 COMMERCIAL DR. ■UMBERLAND J 5650 LOUGHEED HWY. Abbotsford 1985 POWELL ST. " ALL VARIETIES IN SEASON " • FRESH • CURED • CANNED • FROZEN Labour $$$ saved are dollar in your pocket. That ' s what our " Quality Control " system aim to doll N- ' i ' iuins A r • CANADA Expert Suppliers INSPECTED J ' UafcJi Telephone: 255 5755 Seaport (rown Fish C°l td - kJ wholesale shippers ■ SINCE I 9 I s 3 Ft Campbell Avonuo Vancouver 4, B.C R. G. WIDDESS, Prei. B. E. CUNNINGHAM, Stc ' ty. 158 Grade 9 Directory Michael Anger 885 Minler Rd. Richmond BR 7-6581 John Aspell 9435 - 162 ' A’ St. North Surrey 581-3086 Gary Baker 2257 East 48th Ave. FA 5-1547 Richard Barazzuol 1530 Graveley St. AL 3-8725 Stephen Barker 6111 Fremlin St. 266-9713 Larry Battle 2525 West 14th Ave. 733-5115 Ken Bell 5592 Wales 435-8509 Larry Biggar 639 Williams Rd. Richmond 277-6552 Louis Boda 1250 Comox St. 6814056 Bill Boons 2385 West 13th Ave. 733-7726 Brendan Bottomley 487 East 46 th Ave. FA 5-6008 Christopher Boucher 8290 Montcalm 261-8405 Michael Bousono Apactado Postal 11 Gutierrez Fomora Ver, Mexico Donald Bowen Box 577 Jasper, Alberta ✓Harry Brandolini 6749 Granville St. AM 64)549 Mark Brannan Rumble Beach, B.C. yZ Richard Buchanan 7038 Angus Dr. 2634078 Sean Byrne 3441 West 8th Ave. 731-8395 Martin Byron 5555 Knight St. 327-6552 John Cabana 3983 West 24th Ave. CA 4-6088 Tim Campbell 3819 - 10 Street South West Calgary, Alberta Faustin Chouinard 5116 Joyce Rd. 433-9189 John Cliffe 4021 West 29th Ave. CA 44070 Tom Conway 2879 West 4th Ave. 733-5517 Roy Cook 3035 West 12th Ave. RE 3-8803 Pierre Cote 881 Farmliegh Rd. West Vancouver 922-5194 Larry Coughlan 3195 West 15th Ave. RE 3-9574 Bill Cullen 660 Kenwood Rd. West Vancouver 922-1418 Danny Cuningham 870 Elueden Row West Vancouver 922-2428 Robert Danby 3967 West 4th Ave. CA 4-6836 John Daws 2835 West 42nd Ave. AM 6-8969 Michael Delesalle 3789 Yale St. Burnaby CY 8-8437 John De Marre 7940 Seward Park Ave. South Seattle, Washington Don Doody 2696 West 14th Ave. RE 1-8428 Louis DuMont 3903 West 23rd Ave. CA 4-3386 ✓Ed Egli 4430 Granville St. 731-2867 Phil Eivemark 2155 East 61st Ave. FA 5-3933 D’Arey Enright 215 Normanby Cres. West Vancouver 922-9868 Craig Evers Apt. 217, 2350 West 39lh Ave. 263-5825 Cliff F aucher 6105 South Burnaby Rd. HE 3-7970 Martin Finch 1010 Seacote Rd. Richmond BR 7-4035 Pat Finnerty 798 Latimer St. Penticton Charles F urney 3791 West 19th Ave. 224-6883 Chris GaUager 7663 Elliot St. FA 5-3577 ✓ Steve Gaylie 4888 Marguerite St. RE 8-8422 ✓ Chris Giles 1438 West 39th Ave. AM 1-0908 ,, Dennis Girody 1275 Tecumseh St. RE 8-8642 Paul Girody 6309 Yukon St. FA 7-5022 Mike Giuliani 910 Beckwith Rd. Richmond CR 8-2698 Danny Godfrey 5409 Cambie St. 266-5725 Joe Gordon 1494 West 39th Ave. 2634227 Jim Gorman 4207 Cambridge St. North Burnaby 299-6315 Doug Gormican 3585 West 31st Ave. AM 1-6952 Andy Graham 556i Lancaster St. 434-5026 Ken Greba 127 East Woodstock Rd. FA 5-2013 Larry Griffths 11342 - 83rd Ave. North Surrey 596-8200 Skip G roff 869 West 33rd Ave. RE 1-2357 Jules Guiguet 4539 West 7th Ave. 224-1505 Bill Gunn 852 West 67th Ave. FA 1-8254 Joseph Gyuricska Apt. 307, 1350 Madison Ave. North Burnaby 299-7395 James Harrington 7250 Killarney St. 434-0861 ✓ Bill Harrison 1691 West 41st Ave. 261-5955 Dennis Harvey 17513 -4th Ave. R.R. 2 White Rock 531-5018 Charles Hayden 3084 East 16th Ave. 431-2477 Nick Healy 1118 20th St. East Seattle, Washington Stephen Herbert 2425 West 8th Ave. RE 3-3787 Mike Hill 2115 West 51st AM 64962 Pete Hill 2115 West 51st AM 6-4962 Robert Horringlon 7250 Killarney 434-0861 Mike Hoskinson 3889 West 26th 288-8483 Richard Hugh 4561 Fleming St. 876-0883 Paul Hughes 914 Boundary Rd. North Vancouver YU 8-9437 Richard Ingram Box 217 Hazelton, B.C. Jim Inverarily 1974 West 18th RE 1-7319 John Ives 3566 West 18th Ave. 733-9882 Tony Jefferies 249 East 63rd Ave. FA 1-8045 Bill Jones 56 Klamath Place, South West Calgary, Alberta Victor Kaulius 3256 West 3rd Ave. RE 3-5962 Stan Kazun 5472 Manson St. 266-8676 Bruce Kennedy 2032 West 1st Ave. RE 3-1838 ✓ Dan Kenny 1492 West 45th AM 1-3604 William Kolstee 3317 West 8th Ave. RE 3-5646 Bennet Kopeeki 2170 East 27th Ave. TR 6-9841 Arthur Krusel 3744 Dundas St. North Burnaby, B.C. CY 8-6586 Charles Laddish 3846 West 37th Ave. AM 1-0503 Norman Lambert Box 38 Invermere, B.C. Jim Lattimer 4005 West 35th AM 6-5508 Robert Lazzarotto 13019 -58th Ave. R.R. 1 North Surrey 596-3480 Jock Leahy 624 West 30th Ave. 874-2429 Mark Ije Blanc 6275 Yukon St. 321-3651 Geoffrey Lefevvre 2065 West 1st Ave., Apt. 307 733-0715 Hugh Legg 1826 Blanca St. CA 4-1612 Mark Leja 5192 Dunbar St. 2664329 Jim Loftus 748 Heather St. Richmond 278-2040 Richard Longpre 585 Southbobough Dr. West Vancouver WA 2-3105 Witold Lodwikowski Box 744 Ocean Falls, B.C. Mike McCaffery 311 West 14th St. North Vancouver YU 8-1651 .xMike McCarthy 1903 West 37th 263-5032 Russ Macdonald 3814 Cambridge St. Burnaby, North CY 9-5152 Tony Macdonald P.O. Box 43 Quesnel, B.C. John McGeragle 3549 Prince Albert St. 876-2059 Alex Maclnnes 878 Railway Ave. Richmond BR 7-6603 Dave MacKintosh 5721 Murchison Rd. Richmond CR 8-6582 Cameron Mclachlan 4056 West 8th Ave. 224-7938 Peter McLorg 280 River Rd. Richmond CR 8-0326 Ian McMillan 2849 West 18th Ave. RE 3-9681 Bill McNamara 61 Oriole Wk. FA 54767 Scott MacPherson 2165 Gisby St. West Vancouver Wa 2-8872 Malcolm Macaulay 460 Garry St. BR 7-7555 Larry Mamoser 5173 Joyce Rd. 433-0798 Keith Materi 541 Sutherland Ave. Kelowna, B.C. Werner Maurer 766 West 39th Ave. 266-5489 Nick Mazzone 307 West 42nd Ave. 321-8381 Joe Moyls 4126 Highbury St. 224-3420 Bill Mercer 5656 - 146th St. R.R. T4 North Surrey Sam Minichiello 2606 Oxford St. AL 3-3245 Bill Mitchell 2975 West 37th Ave. 263-5838 Chris Molley 2216 East 41st Ave. 325-9929 Donald Morrison 1 15 East Woodstock Ave. 327-7110 Mike Njakara 456 West 28th Ave. 875-8267 Vic Narduzzi 2691 East 49th Ave. 327-8635 X John Nixon 5515 Laburnam AM 1-0959 Terry O’Neill 236 Onslow Place West Vancouver 922-6553 Pete Orange 3433 North East Davis St. Portland, Oregan Gary Pearson 1006 Seacote Rd. Richmond Peter Petrunia 286 Yale Rd. East Chilliwack Kevan Perrins 827 Leslie Rd. Richmond Anthony Pulice 5616 Oak St. AM 1-8968 Silvano Ranalleha 817 Semlin Dr. AL5-1096 Louis Rempel 8131 Hudson St. 261-8643 Calvin Ross 6069 Granville St. AM 1-7419 Murray Ross 4650 West 6th Ave. CA 4-3152 Trevor Rowe Zacateros No. 10 San Miguel, Allende, GTO., Mexico Mark Ryan 1146 East 59th Ave. FA 5-0140 Allen Sell ink 4283 Eton St. Burnaby 2984309 Phil Seipp 7677 French St. AM 1-2004 Gordon Sinclair 2925 West 42nd Ave. 266-0041 Mark Spell iscy 2548 Wallace Cres. 2244883 John Strachan 3930 West 11th Ave. 224-6584 Louis Struve 434 West 18th Ave. 876-2588 Bob Sung 5142 Pitcairn Place West Vancouver 921-7592 Henry Szefer 1632 East 21st Ave. TR 6-5921 Jud Taylor Apt. 22 San Jose, Costa Rica Roberto Viceni Aniceto Ortega 1006 Colonia Del Valle, Mexico, D.F. Kim Waterman 1501 High St. White Rock David Whitlock 735 West 63rd Ave. FA 5-1589 John Wilson 2241 East 46th Ave. FA 5-2612 John Woods 1215 West 26th Ave. 738-1201 Robert Wylie Masset, B.C. x Steve Yehle 4676 Selkirk St. RE 1-1436 159 We extend to the 1965-66 Graduating Class our Congratulations on their Achievements NEWCOMBE REALTY LTD. 5635 Cambie St. RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL REALTORS INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE FINANCING MORTGAGE CORRESPONDENTS FOR THE NORWICH UNION LIFE INSURANCE SOCIETY ■ FOR A COMPLETE SERVICE FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE REQUIREMENTS RAY M. OLMA 266-6944 ROBT. S. OLMA 255-5244 OFFICE -266-9121 MEMBERS V.R.E.B. 160 Allen Alberts 34182 Fraser St. Box 220, Abbotsford 853-1840 Byron Alke 4537 Mackenzie St. AM 6-4039 Joe Alvaro 5588 Heather St. AM 1-8835 Harvey Arcand 11786 - 96 A Ave. North Surrey 581-5852 Larry Atherton 3877 West 38 th Ave. 2664854 Doug Baker 6637 Lanark St. FA 5-1570 Michael Battle 2525 West 14th RE 3-5115 Stefan Betkowski Box 790 Jasper, Alberta UL 23208 Peter Beynon 6970 Willingdon Ave. South Burnaby HE 4-6396 • ' Kent Bitz 6361 Granville AM 3-3677 Ralph Bradley Flores 480 Mexico 20, D.F. Mexico 48 - 22 - 09 Shane Browne-Clayton R.R. 4 Paret Rd. Kelowna 764-4244 Ivan Bulic 2773 Manitoba St. 874-7093 Richard Cadieux 1550 Eastern Ave. 302 North Vancouver 9884709 ✓ Steve Campbell 1032 West 45 th AM 1-2547 Peter Choate 8449 Wintshire Ave. 263-6308 Michael Clarke Box 68 Princeton Tom Clarke 6963 Laurel St. AM 1-9501 s Paul Costello 4850 Selkirk St. RE 1-2979 Jim Cotterell 4763 Osier St. RE 8-8396 Jim Coverdale 1263 West 41st 261-7435 Allan Cullen 660 Kenwood Rd. West Vancouver WA 2-1418 Bill Cunningham 1010 Carbonate St. Nelson 352-3301 Francis David 3290 Maple St. RE 3-5148 Pat Delesalle 3789 Yale St. North Burnaby CY 8-8437 Ed DesRoches 3250 West 26th RE 8-1584 Grade 10 Directory John Doyle 196 West 20th TR 6-1602 Arturo Duran 1557 West 12th RE 1-50% Chris Dyakowski 4190 Balaclava St. 736-5008 Jim Ferris 6212 Ash St. 225-9322 Daryl Fieber 18% East 49th FA 1-0553 Bill Fielkowich Box 180 Blubber Bay 486-7656 Pat Finnegan 46% West 33 rd C A 4-3511 Pat Flynn 2717 Hoskins Rd. North Vancouver 987-3771 Ed Forrester Box 100 Savona 373-2506 «-• Bob Fortin 725 West 39lh 266-2514 Paul Fry 4368 Rumble St. Burnaby 431-4946 David Gagnon 1208 West 59th 261-7957 Brian Gaylie 3635 West 31st CA 4-4932 Mike Gendron 4275 Prospect Rd. North Vancouver YU 7-4800 Raj an Gill 1291 West 41st AM 6-7317 Jamie Gladwin 2335 Laurier Cres. Prince George 564-5933 Richard Gorman 3776 West 36th AM 64596 Art Hall 4071 Rupert St. 433-2207 Peter Harvey 589 - 176th St. While Rock 531-5018 Greg Henderson 915 Burley Drive West Vancouver WA 2-7970 David Hill 3492 West 36lh AM 1-5442 Harry Howard 3881 West 39 th AM 6-5118 Allan .1 acob 3213 Cambie St. TR 4-2421 -o ' l orn Jaworski 1322 West 25th 731-6628 Timothy Jull 3524 West 24th 733-7107 Denis Kelly 3250 West 33th AM 6-9884 James Kennedy 1418 London St. New Westminster LA 2-7506 Ray Kosick 3586 West 34th AM 6-0301 Stephen Knight 6350 Beatrice St. FA 7-2466 Enrie LaBossiere 824 West 19th TR 6-9769 Tim Lavery 874 West 17 th TR 44444 Frank Leahy 624 West 30th 874-2429 John Lloyd 3205 West 29th RE 1-1891 Ross Lonergan 4033 Delbrook North Vancouver YU 5-2956 Louis Long 6879 Jasper St. Powell River HU 54740 Dave Lyall 4576 - 66th Ladner 946-6552 Cort Lynch 4804 West 44th Ladner 9464230 Bernie MacDonald 515 West 63th FA 7-2720 Bob McDonald 4537 Haggart St. RE 8-3301 Fabian McDonald 25 Worthingdon Place HE 4-6020 _,Garry MacDonald 1379 West 41st 263-6873 Joe McGarry 6162 Wiltshire AM 6-5841 ✓ E4 McGivern 5756 Angus Dr. AM 64841 Hector MacKay-Dunn 3937 Grandville RE 8-3720 Ricky Mackenzie 850 East 15th North Vancouver YU 5-5242 Frank Mamoser 5173 Joyce 433-0798 James Mason 3880 West 18th CA 4-6781 Darrel Mathias 1819 Dunbar St. RE 1-6740 Paul Meloche 4286 West 8th 224-7585 Steve Miller 2576 Wallace Cres. CA 4-5851 ✓ John Mills 4183 Pine Cres. 7314222 Ted Moore 1700A - 6th Ave. East Prince Rupert 624-4635 Mike Munsie Box 670 Princeton 295-3941 Steve Myers 2626 West 2nd RE 8-7853 Richard Noble 4746 W. 2nd 224-9505 Robert Noble 4746 West 2nd 224-9505 Alex O’Brien I,as Flores 315 San Angel, Mexico D.F., Mexico 48-07-53 Harry O’Brien 1089 Dunlop Ave. North Burnaby 299-2741 Brock O’Byrne 13804 Buena Vista Rd. Edmonton, Alberta 488-8651 Jim O’Leary 80 McDonald Rd. Richmond CR 8-0179 Greg Paris 1150 West 42nd AM 1-3946 Steve Paris 1703 Cedar Cres. RE 8-5059 Glen Pearson 1006 Seacote Rd. Richmond BR 7-3060 Tom Pink 5930 Athlone AM 1-6705 Greg Pittam 1600 Beach Ave. 684-8008 Jim Prince 356 Duncan St. Coquitlam WE 8-4365 Jon Revane 2443 East 34th 434-8249 John Ripley 4746 West 4th 228-8185 Ray Robinson 5909 Fremlin St. 2614302 John Rogers 3894 West 14th 224-7101 Ray Sasseville 1115 Hillcrest St. Kelowna 762-2835 Frank Schindelka 2475 West 8th 733-0241 Larry Schmidt 220 West 29th North Vancouver 988-3000 Mark Schullof 3589 West 20th RE 8-5421 Norman Smith 2956 West 2nd 731-3240 Jeff Smulders 3058 Garden Dr. 872-2889 Charlie Stauffer 10133 - 99th St. Edmonton, Alberta 599-6279 John Stauffer 10133 - 99th St. Exlmonton, Alberta 599-6279 Michael Stefanov 1143 Cambie Road Richmond 278-0935 Jon Stiles 2586 Lawson Ave. West Vancouver WA 2-2453 Dan Tohill 1436 Hard St. 682-3579 — John Totino 5769 Cartier St. 266-8884 Pat T ritschler 6544 Maple St. AM 6-4514 Paul Turvey 3372 Knight St. TR 6-6114 Bob Udell 1073 Groveland Rd. West Vancouver 9224759 John Ursick R.C.A.F. Station Whitehorse, Y.T. 668-2641 Don Virstuk 2366 West 14th RE 3-9251 Dwain Wacko Box 670 J asper, Alberta 852- 3203 Mike Watson 5364 Cambie St. FA 7-1737 Mark Wells Box 901, Zip Code 99-801 Juneau, Alaska 6-2733 Doug West 210 - 9th Ave. North Port Alberni 723-5872 Paul Westwell 3160 Royal Ave. North Vancouver YU 8-1494 Pat White 421 -3rd St. West Revelstoke TE 7-3324 Norm Whitmore 1876 Charles St. 255-1450 Ed Wicktorowicz 4539 Fleming St. TR 9-1928 Bob Williams 3895 West 30th CA 8-8946 Jim Williams 406 West 40th 327-5620 Craig Wright Box 519 Abbotsford 853- 2026 Bob Young 5577 Columbia St. FA 1-3988 Danny Young 311 East 61st FA 7-6190 Hans Zitlier 678 Eckersley St. Richmond CR 8-5624 161 Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Steinmann of TINY’S COFFEE SHOP LTD. " The businessman ' s lunch and coffee meeting place " at 740 West Hastings MU 4-1 037 Offer Their Best Wishes To The Grads Bill Phillips takes a few buddies for a spin in his merry Oldsmobile from WESTMINSTER MOTOR PRODUCTS LTD. 1115 Auckland St., New Westminster, B.C. (a few 1966 Chevrolets and Oldsmobiles still available too) 162 Grade II Directory Henry Abgrall 729 West 20th Ave. 8764775 John Alton 7626 Gladstone St. 325-3921 Paul Andrews 4164 Pine Crescent RE 8-0200 Gordon Arnold 4138 Virginia Cr. North Vancouver 988-0154 • Harry Barber 4963 Marguerite St. John Barker 6111 Fremlin St. 266-9713 Len Bartfai 5554 Park Ave. Powell River, B.C. ✓ Bob Beaupre 3637 Pine Cr. RE 1-7151 John Beaton 3949 West 32nd Ave. CA 8-8750 Rich Benedetti 3811 West 27th Ave. CA 4-1464 Ted Biro 789 West 18th Ave. TR 4-3307 • ' Maurice Boisvert 1896 West 36th Ave. AM 1-0057 Danny Bowen Box 577 Jasper, Alta. Craig Boyle 2475 West 16th Ave. RE 3-7754 Hugh Burke 3768 Dunbar St. 733-5173 Peter Busch 6916 Lanark St. 327-3063 Rick Butterfield 1931 West 49th Ave. AM 1-0660 Wayne Campbell 842 Boundary Rd. North Vancouver 988-1575 Elmer Carrothers 5625 Osier St. AM 1-2415 Mike Cavan agh 2223 West 5th Ave. 731-5939 Gordon Cawker 2462 Edgar Cr. RE 3-1961 Bob Cotter 5646 - 10th Ave. R.R. 2 Tsawwassen 943-2403 Tim Cotterell 4763 Osier St. RE 8-8396 Mike Cowhig 6922 Oak St. 236-5362 Brian Deacon 538 West 63rd Ave. 325-4491 Jose Del Moral 2222 Cornwall RE 8-1352 Philip Des Mazes West Bridge, B.C. Martin Deshaw 3932 West 18th Ave. 224-7841 Dean Dwight 5540 - 14 " B” St. R.R. 4 Ladner, B.C. 943-2010 Douglas Elmore 1119 Broughton St. MU 4-0765 Terry Farmer Enderby, B.C. Jim Fetherstonaugh 3794 West 30th Ave. 224-1975 Patrick Field 1328 Gordon Ave. West Vancouver WA 2-0889 Mike Flood 67 West 41st Ave. 321-8884 .y Richard Foote 5094 Marguerite St. 263-3358 Danny Foslien 3975 Southwood St. South Burnaby HE 3-1334 Ernie Gaudet 6294 Windsor St. 327-7850 John Gaylie 3635 West 31st Ave. Ray Gaylie 4888 Marguerite St. RE 8-8422 Patrick Gibbons 1735 West 38th Ave. AM 1-7455 Wayne Giroday 1275 Tecumseh Ave. RE 8-8642 Robert Giroday 1275 Tecumseh Ave. RE 8-8642 Bob Gormican 3585 West 31st Ave. 261-6952 Stefan Graham 2654 East Kitchener St. 255-7597 Peter Grant 4064 West 15th Ave. 224-1989 Michael Gray 3728 West 24th Ave. 224-3025 Gerald Greba 127 East Woodstock Ave. 325-2013 Frank Greenall 14144 - 55th Ave. 596-5776 Jim Hamlin 6611 Marguerite St. 261-8839 Charlie Hancock 5896 Ontario St. 321-0865 Bill Hardy 1 1 1 - 9th Ave. East Prince Rupert, B.C. Mike Harvey 17513 -4th Ave. R.R. 2, White Rock 531-5018 David Hislop 4506 John St. 879-2726 Dennis Hugh 4561 Fleming St. TR 6-0883 Bill Hunsche 3342 Wellington St. HE 4-6054 Ted Hyder 2317 West 10th Ave. RE 3-6226 Bob Janyk 1030 West King Edward Ave. 736-9551 Ed Karolyi 2590 West Blanca Ave. 224-6420 Dan Kennedy 2032 West 1st Ave. RE 1-7603 Brian Kennelly 133 Sunset Ave. Princeton, B.C. Bob Kent 663 West 51st Ave. 321-6334 Julius Kiss P.O. Box 114 Kemano, B.C. Larry Koller 3735 Triumph St. North Burnaby CY 9-5197 Tom Kolstee 3317 West 8th Ave. RE 3-5646 Jack Kubik 2012 - 6th Ave. South Lethbridge, Alta. John Lay P.O. Box 2301 Bangkok, Thailand Rodger LeClair 883 Myhill Road Richmond 277-6659 Reg Letourneau 317 -4th Ave. New Westminster LA 3-9139 Brian Longpre 585 South Borough Drive West Vancouver WA 2-3105 David Low 1887 West 14th Ave. 738-7904 Mike McCullough 4580 Slocan St. HE 4-5836 Brian McDaniel 3348 Mahon Ave. North Vancouver 988-1319 Allan McDonald Box 43 Quesnel, B.C. Dennis McDonald 25 Worthington Place HE 4-6020 John F. MacDonald 6768 Ross St. 327-3301 John W. McDonald 4537 Haggart St. RE 8-3301 Jack McLaughlin 3487 Wellington Cr. North Vancouver 988-7061 Mike McVay 4014 West 30th Ave. CA 4-5949 Donald Macaulay 460 Garry St. Richmond BR 7-7555 Pat Maguire 4028 West 29th Ave. CA 4-0844 Lotar Maurer 766 West 39th Ave. 266-5489 Pat Melanson 4070 West 13th Ave. CA 4-7475 Dale Michaud 3371 Church St. 434-7383 Bill Miloglav 556 Woodwards Rd. Richmond BR 7-7741 ■Chris Moore 6808 Marguerite St. AM 1-5388 Elson Morgan 2196 East 41st Ave. 327-7044 Andrew Nagy 5250 Willow St. 263-6446 Jim Nybo 3678 West 2 1 st Ave. CA 4-6895 Mike O’Brien 3126 West 34th Ave. AM 6-8806 Bob O’Neill 236 Onslow Place West Vancouver 922-6553 Bill Phillips 4185 Barkehill Place West Vancouver WA 2-8417 Malcolm Porter 2742 West 19th Ave. RE 8-7695 Jim Reynolds 20 East 59th Ave. 325-0935 Frank Rice 1416 Haro St. MU 3-2409 Don Ross 2837 West 22nd Ave. 731-6088 Peter Sadler 2135 West 45th Ave. 266-7550 Dave Salmon 2869 East 14th Ave. 344-1428 Tim Seipp 7677 French St. 261-2004 Mike Shaw 909 West 19th Ave. 738-0943 George Siudut 995 West 33rd Ave. RE 1-6679 Drago Skender Box 157 Kemano, B.C. Ralph Stefani 433 Prior St. 254-3395 Stuart Sung 5142 Pitcairn Place 921-7592 Stephen Tohill 1436 Haro St. MU 2-3579 Frank Totino 5769 Cartier St. 266-8884 John Vayda 850 King George Way West V ancouver WA 2-1029 Bill Ward 23765 - 16th Ave. Haney, B.C. Jim Williams 395 English Bluff Rd. Tsawwassen, B.C. 943-2148 Mike Young 5577 Columbia St. 321-3988 163 If You Miss a Day You ' re Away Behind HISTORY just whizzes by these days, a good deal of it fraught with portent and significance. Anyone who aims to keep up with it and to maintain any sort of coherence in his view of world affairs simply can’t do without a daily survey of what has happened when he wasn’t looking. It goes without saying that the best way to keep track is to follow events in a comprehen- sive daily newspaper. Like The Sun, if we do say so ourselves. Compliments of GREEK LINE For the SUN of your life . . . the FUN of your life Sail the GREEK LINE " GOLDEN ROUTE” to the MEDITERRANEAN . . . PORTUGAL ITALY SICILY GREECE CYPRUS ISRAEL FULLY AIR CONDITIONED ' FULLY STABILIZED 23,000-TON T.S.S.OLYMPIA 26,300-TON T.S.S. QUEEN ANNA MARIA GENERAL PASSENGER AGENTS TRANS OCEANIC SHIPPING CO. LTD. 230 - 470 Granville Street, Vancouver 2, B.C. Phone: 681-8439 164 165 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1966 DR. O.E. KIRBY RADIO SERVICE ENGINEERS LTD. Cyril Trott Manager SALES RENTALS REPAIRS PUBLIC ADDRESS EQUIPMENT AND HI-FI INTER COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT SCHOOL SOUND SYSTEMS CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION 1181 Richard Street Vancouver, B.C. Phone MU 1 -3545 166 INDEX A C Grocery Co. Ltd. Page 124 Abbey Church Supplies Page 124 Active Trading Ltd. Page 124 Ala Building Supplies Page 158 Alcazar Hotel Page 136 Alumni Association Page 1 13 Amie ' s Dressmaking Page 124 Amereda Bridge Steel Erectors Page 136 Anderson Miskin Ltd. Page 136 R. Angus Ltd. Page 136 Arnold Quigley Page 1 19 Art Electrical Engineers Page 136 Bank of Montreal Page 148 Bartle Gibsons Page 130 B.C. Sash Door Page 143 George Beatty Insurance Agency Page 124 Belkin Paper Box Ltd. Page 1 24 Henry Birks Sons Page 138 George Black Motors Page 145 Bluebird Kindergarten Page 136 Bogorre Ranch Page 154 Bowman ' s Uniforms Page 136 Bowell-McLean Motors Page 146 Brentwood Dodge Page 124 Brighouse Upholstering Mfg. Page 136 Broadway Refrigeration Air Conditioning Page 1 17 Brown Bros. Motors Page 140 Buckshon ' s Pharmacy Page 136 Cambie Plumbing Heating Ltd. Page 124 Canadian Accordion Institute Page 124 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Page 1 18 Canadian Pacific Airlines Page 114 Canadian Warren Pink Ltd. Page 124 Canadian Wi revision Ltd. Page 140 Carrother ' s Ladies Wear Page 124 Casper ' s Pharmacy Page 124 Chaba Theatre Page 136 Charter Truck Trailer Rentals Page 142 Collins Collins Page 124 Colonial Theatre Page 124 Conrad ' s Pharmacy Page 136 The Cookie Jar Party Shop Page 136 Copper Kettle Candies Page 124 Crooks the Druggist Page 136 Crown Life Insurance Co. Page 124 Charles M. Day, C.L.U. Page 136 Cylinder Grinders Ltd. Page 141 Deacon Service Station Page 136 Deeks-McBride Ltd. Page 124 Delmar Chicken Fry Page 124 Doyle Construction Page 147 Dubbel-Wear Uniforms Page 136 Dunbar Fish Chips Page 136 T. Eaton Co. Ltd. Page 148 Eldorado Motor Hotel Page 120 Em ' s Varieties Page 136 Esso Imperial Home Heat Service Page 136 F F Equipment Page 1 17 Falconbridge Nickel Mines Page 144 Family Baking Co. Ltd. Page 124 Fanes Ltd. Page 136 Fawcett Furniture Appliances Ltd. Page 136 Finning Tractor Equipment Co. Ltd. Page 121 Food Health Shoes Page 136 Y. Franks Furniture Page 145 Fraser Valley Milk Producers ' Association Page 134 Freedman Shoes Co. Ltd. Page 136 French Hand Laundry Page 122 Gardiner, Thornton, Gathe Associates Page 152 Gay Blade Shop Page 122 S. Gaylie Construction Page 124 C.S. Gee Page 124 General Bearing ' s Ltd. Page 124 Georgian Towers Page 141 E.B. Gibbons Co. Ltd. Page 124 The Gift Shop Page 136 Girardi ' s Enterprises Page 136 Goundry ' s Service Page 136 Granville Drugs Page 136 Hagen ' s Travel Service Ltd. Page 143 Hale Optical Associates Ltd. Page 123 Harold ' s Drafting Service Page 136 J.R. Hancock Chartered Accountants Page 136 Hodgson-Walsh Wood Products Page 124 49th Oak Home Service Page 136 Honest Nats Department Store Page 136 Hudson ' s Bay Co. Ltd. Page 1 15 Hugh McKinnon Ltd. Page 124 Ideal Automotive Machine Shop Page 136 Industrial Nondestructive Testing Co. Ltd. Page 124 Inter City Building Supplies Page 136 Island Tug Barge Page 131 Jay ' s Pharmacy Page 135 Jersey Farms Ltd. Page 1 16 Johnson Motors Ltd. Page 131 Keir Son Ltd. Page 124 Kennedy Bros. Drug Stores Ltd. Page 123 Kerrisdale Realty Page 1 16 Keystone Business Forms Page 124 King Oscar Sardines Page 113 LaBelle Supply Co. Ltd. Page 124 LaFarge Cement of North America Ltd. Page 124 Laurentide Financial Corporation Page 135 Linna Investments Page 136 Lion ' s Den Page 1 16 Walter M. Lowney Page 126 Lulu Island Water Gardens Page 135 Lynne-Dee Beauty Salon Page 136 Magee Grocery Ltd. Page 124 Main Fish Co. Page 136 Marpole Cycle Hobby Shop Page 124 McCuish Formal Wear Ltd. Page 126 MacDonald Eedy Realty Ltd. Page 136 McGavin Toastmaster Ltd. Page 154 McKay Private Nursing Home Ltd. Page 136 McKernan ' s Sewing Basket Page 136 Meat Mart Red Steer Meat Market Page 1 27 Milky Way Page 136 Miller ' s Jewellers Page 136 Milne ' s Bakery Page 136 Moran ' s Uptown Pharmacy Page 136 Mothers ' Auxiliary to Vancouver College Page 1 12 Mount Seymour Caterers Page 124 Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Canada Page 124 Nelson ' s Launderers Dry Cleaners Page 156 Newcombe Realty Ltd. Page 160 Nightingale Drugs Page 136 Normandy Restaurant Page 155 Northern Building Supplies Page 136 Oakridge Drugs Page 136 O ' Brien Advertising Ltd. Page 128 Orr ' s Stores Page 124 Owl Barber Shop Page 130 Owl Drug Co. Ltd. Page 124 Pacific Chrysler Products Page 124 Paramount Music Studios Page 136 Erv Parent Co. Ltd. Page 136 Parkdale Shell Service Page 136 Pat ' s Children ' s Wear Page 136 Park Gift Shop Page 136 Pierre Paris Sons Ltd. Page 132 Pitman Pharmacy Page 136 Pitman Optical Co. Ltd. Page 124 Queensland Tropical Fruit Co. Page 127 Rainbow Cleaners Page 136 Regency Caterers Page 156 Renfrew Bakery Page 136 Renfrew Drugs Page 136 P.M. Reynolds Page 155 Richmond Dry Cleaners Page 136 Reid Hendrickson Esso Service Page 124 Reid ' s Medical Prescription Ltd. Page 136 Rivers Realty Page 124 Rod ' s Building Supplies Page 124 Roger ' s Electric Contracting Page 149 Ross Bridge Page 124 Royal Bank of Canada Page 129 St. Jude ' s Shrine Page 132 St. Patrick ' s Credit Union Page 124 Sts. Peter Paul Catholic Women ' s League Page 139 Salmon ' s Transfer Page 147 Scotty ' s Roofing Chimney Sweeping Page 136 Seaport Crown Fish Page 158 Shannon Hardware Page 136 Sim ' s Realty Page 136 Skyline Service B.A. Service Station Page 136 Slade Stewart Page 1 15 George Sparling Ltd. Page 133 Speiser Fur Page 136 Storey ' s North Shore lce Fuel Supply Page 124 Strathcona Floral Co. Ltd. Page 124 Sunkist Growers Inc. Page 129 Sun Life of Canada Page 124 Sweeney Cooperage Page 165 T.G. Products Page 124 Tad ' s Sporting Goods Page 136 Target Concrete Products Page 124 Tech Pharmacy Ltd. Page 136 Terry ' s British Car Repairs Page 124 Thompson ' s Hardware Page 136 Thompson ' s Radio Record Shop Page 136 Thompson Page Page 149 Tide Bay Construction Ltd. Page 150 Tiny ' s Coffee Shop Ltd. Page 164 Trade Products Page 136 Trans-Oceanic Shipping Page 162 Tools Equipment (Van) Ltd. Page 124 Tudor Meat Market Page 124 Twenty-fifth Cambie Service Ltd. Page 136 Twirlette Dance Studio Page 136 Universal Appraisal Co. Ltd. Page 124 University Pharmacy Page 124 Vancouver Fancy Sausage Page 153 Vancouver Piano Page 136 Vancouver Shell Fish Fish Co. Ltd. Page 165 Vancouver Sun Page 148 Venice Bakery Page 150 Vogue Flower Shop Page 136 J.R. Watkins Ltd. Page 136 Western Cartage Page 124 Western Pacific Projects Page 155 Westminister Motor Products Page 164 White Spot Hardware Page 136 Whittick ' s Mechanical Contractors Page 135 Williams Piano House Page 124 Wolfe Chevrolet Oldsmobile Page 136 Woodwards Stores Ltd. Page 155 Worldbook ChildCraft of Canada Ltd. Page 153 Yale Holdings Page 124 P.B. Yates (Western) Ltd. Page 128 Fred Yehle Page 120 167 • j INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS, LTD. Publishers — Manufacturers Yearbooks — Yearbook Covers Diplomas — Graduation Announcements Inkster Boulevard at Bunting Street Winnipeg, Manitoba MACKINHALL- 1957 Vancouver College - A Growing Campus Vancouver College, a residential and day school founded in 1922, is con- ducted by the Christian Brothers of Ireland, a world renowned teaching organ- ization. The Brothers, who have dedicated their lives, without remuneration, to the education of the boys, have a tradition of conscientious promotion of this essential work. After more than forty years of progress the College enrollment has now reached nine hundred fifty students, of which one hundred twenty are residential students. The College is situated on a spacious nine acre campus in Shaughnessy Heights, which provides accommodation for all types of outdoor sports. An audi- torium-gymnasium with 10,000 sq. ft. of playing area has a seating capacity for 1200 spectators. McCormack Hall houses the residential students in comfortable, well-kept dormitories. Large and colorful student lounges provide homelike comfort with modern attractive furniture, and are equipped with TV and hi-fi. The main school building, named Lannon Hall, provides classrooms, offices and library. The facilities for the Public Health nurse are also located here. Mackin Hall, which was completed in 1957, provides eight classrooms and a spacious cafeteria with a modern kitchen. Nichol Hall, the most recent addition to the campus, was opened in 1964 and contains seven modern classrooms to accommodate the insistent demand for the type of training offered atVancouver College. In addition, a large laboratory provides complete facilities for 42 students working individually. Adequate and separate storage-workrooms are provided for chemistry, physics and biology. Sports also play an important role in the College training. This tradition of vigorous competition in sports has resulted in a strong athletic interest among the students, who not only support the regular College teams, but also par- ticipate in a wide variety of intramural sports. BROTHERS ' RESIDENCE- 1925 ALUMNI GYM - 1950 VANCOUVER COLLEGE, VANCOUVER, B.C.

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