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kL_. 11 UM ■m Ten years ago a young Brother just out from New York approached the principal, Brother Penny, with a rather novel idea — that, after a lapse of some five years, a yearbook once again be published by Vancouver College. In this, the tenth edition of the Collegian, we are using a somewhat different mode of identification for each section; that of student participation in the different phases of school life. The first division, titled WE LEARN, covers the class groups and the extensive curriculum offered at V.C. Here, in contrast to the practice of former years, the teacher is identified with his class and courses. Clubs, organizations and other extra-curricular activities that occupy the students ’ free time are found under the heading, WE DO. In chronological order all the aspects of participa- tion in sports are presented in WE PLAY. In addition to picturing the Grade Twelve class, WE GRADUATE gives the reader a look at what occupies the seniors during some of their free moments. WE PREPARE covers the eight years preparation required for High School entrance. Grade Eight Graduates introduce this section, followed by the balance of lower grades and their activities. We must not fail to mention OUR FRIENDS — our Alumni, Mothers’ Club and Advertisers who have given us invaluable help. Ill 1960 COLLEGIAN VOLUME T E N PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF VANCOUVER COLLEGE VANCOUVER, B C CANADA DEDICATION SIX GREAT YEARS! As a tribute to Brother Bates’ term of office, we, the thirtydourth grad ' uating class of Vancouver College, respectfully dedicate the i960 Collegian to him. We do not feel that we can cover adequately his accomplishments in the short paragraph of a Dedication, nor can we fully con ' vey our feelings of gratitude and admiration. Throughout the book will be found references to his work among us students. We cannot begin to indicate his impact on the Catholic life of the city of Vancouver through his numerous speaking engagements and his work as a founder of the Catholic Teachers’ Associa- tion. While acknowledging his contribution to campus expansion — notably the building of Mackin Hall and the reconstruction of the playing field — we do not wish to underestimate his more intangible accomp ' lishments directed to the development of character. These things will be symbolized as you turn the pages of the book. 4 Encouraged by the Hierarchy His Excellency, Most Reverend MARTIN JOHNSON Co-adjutor Archbishop of Vancouver His Excellency, Most Reverend WILLIAM MARK DUKE Archbishop of Vancouver Archbishop Johnson is pictured below, flanked by Brother Bates and Mr. Mackin, during the blessing of Mackin Hall in 1957. This symbolizes the encouragement and aid given to Brother Bates by the hierarchy. Archbishop Duke, whose enthusiasm is illustrated below while exhorting the captains previous to the annual game for the Archbishops ' Trophy, reaches the same peak in all he does for Vancouver College. Supported by the Clergy The College is grateful to all the priests who so willingly associate themselves with us in spiritual activites. Foremost, we thank Msgr. Nichol and Fr. Swinkels, the school chaplains, who are always on call for those priestly services that add so much to the spiritual life of the school. The school confessors, Father J. Swinkels, Father P. Golia, and Father W. Kilty, chat after a long morning in the school confessionals. Father J. Steele also aids the school chaplains who had to be assisted because of the rapid growth of the school. Symbolic of the spiritual life at College is the singing of the Gregorian Chant by the students every First Friday. Msgr. Nichol and Father Swinkels of Sts. Peter and Paul Parish willingly give their time to the College students — hearing the boarders’ con- fessions, celebrating First Friday mass or giving the occasional religion class in the school. Father Mclnerny, Father J. C. Kilty, Father W. J. Kilty, Father H. I. Bader and Father C. Paris receive ' ' instructions” from Brother Bates during the 1960 Vocation Week. Ten diocesan priests gave up an afternoon to co-operate in this fine work. Brother Bates during his term, has been very fortunate with the calibre of his faculty and on this page we wish to express our recog- nition and gratitude to them. The present staff is acknowledged elsewhere but we would like to make further acknowledgement of those who have assisted Brother Bates in his administrative duties but are no longer present at the school: Brother }. C. Hunt Brother H. Heaphy Brother M. G. Reilly Brother E. M. McEnroe Brother E. E. St. Martin Brother J. A. Brosnan Brother E. H. Hickey Brother E. L. Cobb Mrs. M. Fry, the school secretary, at a typical absentees. job — checking Brother Bates and the senior members of the High School Faculty, Brother Walsh, Brother McManus, Brother Breen, Brother Barnes, and Brother Lyons, in conference in the library. Brother Bates returns John Cooke ' s mid-term French exam with several satisfactory remarks. Because Brother Bates’ time in the classroom was limited by his role as a principal, his greatest lesson to us was often taught outside the class through example and advice by which he taught us to be proud of our Catholic beliefs and work hard for them. An active Christian spirit permeated the College as witnessed by the phenomenal growth of the religious societies in the school and the evident devotion at the First Friday Mass. The student body shares in First Friday Mass. 8 LEARN... In order to attain a full education we must center our school days on the lessons WE LEARN in class. In Van- couver College the student elects to do either General Program or University Program. To graduate on either of these programs the student must have three major subjects. Before viewing the following pictorial presen- tation of the courses we will explain the requirements for a major in each subject. Latin and French and Mathe- matics require four years study for a major whereas English needs an extra course in the senior year. A history major in the last year allows an option of economics, history or law. A science major requires chemistry and physics and a commerce major ends up with two years of bookkeeping. So with the courses offered at Van- couver College the graduate is well prepared to enter any field he wishes. RELIGION During his high school years at Vancouver College the student puts in an intensive four years of study on the various aspects of his religion using the series of books written by the Christian Brothers, “Living With Christ.” The Grade Nine student studies the prayers which he has been saying all his life and learns their full meaning. He is taught more about the Sacrifice of the Mass which enables him to have a better under- standing of the greatest means of practicing his re- ligion. For the last few months he studies the three Cardinal Virtues which play an important role in his life. For the first half of the year, the Grade Ten student studies the Seven Sacraments which Christ instituted during his lifetime. He explores their mean- ing and how to use them in order to get the most out of them. The last half of the year is concerned with the laws of God, the Ten Commandments. The third year of high school religion is taken up with the study of the New Testament. He first familiarizes himself with enough of the Old Testament to give him the background necessary for this study. Next he studies Christ from His infancy until His death on the Cross with particular emphasis on His parables and miracles. In his final year the student learns the funda- mentals of apologetics with the purpose in mind of solidifying his faith with the shield of reason. In the second stage of his learning in this year he plunge s into the study of the history of the Church since the time of Christ. For the last part of the year the student learns how to apply morals and ethics to his future. BR. C. S. McMANUS, B.A., M.A. Came here three years ago from California and is originally from Ireland. Teaches second, third and fourth year Latin. Has a Master of Arts degree with a Major in the Classics. Dave Mitton receives a reply to his query on Latin Syntax from Brother McManus. A group from Brother ' s English 91 class familiarize themselves with the sound- track of Shakespeare ' s immortal classic, “Macbeth " . BR. W. H. BARNES, B.A., D.Litt., LL.D. Teaches third and fourth year English. Has Bachelor of Arts de- gree, Doctor of Literature degree, and Doctor of Laws degree. The former president of Iona College, this is Brother Barnes’ first year here. Moderator of the Glee Club and Spiritual Director of the Legion of Mary. FRONT ROW: Al Baronas, Rodney Midgley, Neil Carey, Lome little, John Gordon, Jack Smith, Al Wawryk, Roland Boisvert, Brian McDonald, Karl Ireland. 2nd ROW: Frank Hanano, Henry Jang, Max Ewart, Gordon Brandolini, Jim Kearney, John McBride, Peter Irving, Doug Elding, Armin Dettman. 3rd ROW: Lome McDonald, Gus Macaulay, Tony Collins, Ralph Alexander, Paul Cote, John Weetman, Pat Hughes, Pete McCaffery, Leo Steeves. 4th ROW: Carlos Diligenti, Wayne Reid, Pat Harkness, Gordon Giroday, Bill Barry, Paul Hamelin, John Cooke, Claude Marsden, Bill Gilbert, Denis Beaudoing. ABSENT: Jack Bourdon, Richard Boyer, Michael Geluch, Dennis Gorrick, Joseph Harkley, Paul Lawrence, Joseph Phillips. BR. E. B. WALSH B.A., M.A. Vice - Principal and Treasurer of the College. Has been here for 27 years and is origin ally from Ire- land. Master of Arts degree with Major in English. Teaches History 91, Mathe- matics 30, English 20, and Oil Painting. Moderator of the Hockey Team. Brian McDonald adds a touch of dark green to the trees in his Oil-Painting as Neil Carey works in foreground. Paul Mui points out the location of the First Moroc- can Crisis in History 91 class as Rupert Gibbs, and Brother Walsh look on. FRONT ROW: Alex Kovats, Tim LeGoff, Jim Wright, Bart Babineau, John Dodd, Jean-Paul Huni, Brian Taillefer, Bob Biagioni, Norm Gibbons, Lloyd Johnson. 2nd ROW: Reinhold Hoge, Mike O’Flaherty, Mike Carey, Terry Nicholson, Dick Pearson, Gary Brady, Don Miller, Derek Kulai, Gordon Heys, Roger Getz. 3rd ROW: Bill Neill, Tracy Pratt, Dave McCleery, Mike Wells, Brian Condon, Bob Harvey, Pat Jordan, Mike Chapman, Bob Fraser, John Dixon. BACK ROW: Doug Phelan, Bill Blair, Ron Kennedy, Joe Boskovich, Will Karpes, Richard Surgeson, Gary Durkin, Enrique Alba, Paul Kirby, Jim McCaffery, Dezso Huba. Two of the students in Brother ' s Advertising Art Class demonstrate their artistic ability in design. One of the harder experiments performed in Chemistry Class by Bob Harvey and Enrique Alba. BR. G. P. LYONS, B.Sc., M.Sc. Graduated from V.C. in 1928 and has been here for three years since leav- ing St. Louis College in Victoria, B. C. Teaches Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in addition to being the advisor to the “Collegian”. Has Master of Science degree. In Physics, Bob Hunter and Greg Arduini use the Van de Graaf generator to produce a fluorescent image with a Crookes ' Tube. Brother Bucher collects the account sheets from his Commerce 91 students. BR. H. L. BUCHER, B.B.A. Teaches Commerce, Economics and Business Mathematics. Came origi- nally from Seattle and has been here for four years. Has Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Moderates Emerald Gloves and Senior Boarders. Joe Bauche removes the tarnish from his copper work. FRONT ROW: Terry Marshall, John Hill, Don Jordon, Don Piccolo, Guido Hanak, Robert Ireland, Ron Russell, Charlie Kennedy, Tony Heiberg. 2nd ROW: Lynn Wylie, Darrel Cain, Gerry Miller, Larry Willick, Chris Hicks, Don Rose, Doug Gifford, Mike Walsh, Allan Strickland. 3rd ROW: Tom Bryan, Graham Gold, Dennis Brennan, Vincent Barilla, Wayne Macht, John Crumley, Pat Scoretz, Al Byrne, Sam Whittaker, Les Nolin. BACK ROW: Andy Zalot, Alfredo Julian, Read Gillis, Louis Hamelin, Brian Coughlin, Graham Boyle, Ken Cliff, Karl Nett, Pat Fry, Rolando Leon Gallo. ABSENT: David Girard, David Giroday, Richard Lindy, Francis Lum, David Pearse, Darryle Waite. Neil McDonald breaks up a sentence according to the directions of Brother MacKenzie. In Socials 30 Bob Fraser, Tim LeGoff, and Norm Gibbons hold a debate on Louis Riel. BR. R. L. MACKENZIE, B.A. Working for his Masters de- gree in English. Another graduate from V.C. of the class of ’50. Has been here for three years and teaches Socials 30, French 20, and English 10 and 20. Moderates Intramurals, Senior Boarders, and the Alumni Society. FRONT ROW: Paul Nicholls, James MacKenzie, Willard Buckley, Tom Dixon, Bill Webster, Paul Munsie, John Ainsworth, Don Riggan, Dan Furlong. 2nd ROW: Bob Barker, Neil McDonald, Gordon Ritchie, Bill Carrothers, Nick Stiles, Mike Willman, Con Buckley, Maurice Tremblay, Bryan Cousineau, Brian Giroday. 3rd ROW: David Demidoff, John Cantwell, Gary Loretto, Paul Morris, Don Wright, Joseph Hailey, Arthur Dick, Ron Phelan, Joe Haddock, Bob Hucul, Garry Beaudette. BACK ROW: Roger Currie, Reine Honigman, Ron Wheeldon, Vaughan Philpott, Michael Fry, Jean Brusset, Sourene Shishmanian, David Dyer, Paul Moffatt, Paul Formby, Robert Mugford. ABSENT: Brenton Brady, John Douglas, John Pescitelli, Ed Corcoran. FRONT ROW: Arpad Schneider, Patrick O ' Connell, Rudy Weitemeyer, Terrence Delany, John Falle, Don Paul Baron, Carl Roehl, Jack Lipovski, Patrick Munro. 2nd ROW: Thomas Foreman, Michael O ' Hanlon, Ted Littlewood, Daniel Mullen, David Pollock, Bernard Van Goethem, Charles Lipp, Frank Norris, Fred Picard. THIRD ROW: David Crowe-Swords, Ian Daniel, Warren Longpre, Daniel Tobin, Deiter Kloepper, Richard Dumont, Michael Calderwood, Michael Eivemark, Ian Donald. BACK ROW: Vincent Kong, Kevin Mooney, Andrew Oakes, Philip Fisher, Robert Hague, John Cleveland, Francis Peake, John Forbes, Richard Gallagher, Michael McCabe. MISSING: Michael Hurley, John Tucker, Kenneth Richardson, Peter Barriscale, Oscar Peneranda, Peter Choquette. Brother Kelly checks the homework of John Douglas in his Math 20 class. BR. F. J. KELLY, B.A. Teaches Mathematics and Typing. Has Bachelor of Arts de- gree with a Major in History. Has been here seven years. Coaches J.V. Football, Basketball, and Varsity Track; moderates Varsity Football and Basketball. A group of the Typing students do exercises in order to improve speed and accuracy. FRONT ROW: Peter Van Loon, Horry White, Thomas Wilson, Barry Prime, Ston Dosmon, Brian McGarry, Michael Walters, John Schilling, John Svoboda. 2nd ROW: Fred Hinmueller, Barry Coughlin, Desmond Cobble, Louis Bazin, Brian O’Hagan, Brian Fogarthy, Ken Williams, Victor Kolstee, Paul Taylor. 3rd ROW: Richard Joyner, Melvin Tourand, Ronald Bowlby, Rory Delany, Gerard Dorais, Maurice Godbout, Bertram Owen-Jones, James Hyland, Rodney Reynolds. BACK ROW: Gerald Menard, Michael Kennedy, Adolf Boechler, John Edgar, Harry Sullivan, Ronald Nicholas, Bernard Brewer, Ronald Roberge. ABSENT: John Butters, John Furch, William Hawkins, Peter Hodge, Barry Lapointe, Michael Leahy, Theodor Meynert, Allan Skuce, Ronald Taverna. BR. D. M. FRENETTE, B.A. A group of noisy individuals pay for their talkativeness by pushing brooms after school. Came here two years ago and is originally from Victoria. Has Bachelor of Arts degree with a ma- jor in French. Teaches first and sec- ond year French and Commerce. Moderator of Intermediate Boarders. In charge of work-detail groups. “Here is a mistake,’’ Brother Frenette points out. BR. G. T. BASSETT, B.Sc. Moderator of the “Collegian”. Has Bachelor of Science degree with a Major in Chemistry and Biology. Teaches first and second year Gen- eral Science. Came here this year; originally from Victoria. A typical late afternoon scene in the production of the yearbook. Brother Bassett demonstrates the fluorescence of gases to the Science 10 class. FRONT ROW: Ralph Lanuzel, Dan McDaniel, Howard Sauviat, Denis Therrien, Mike Ricard, Allan Menzies, John Clare, Jorge Rivas, Ron Dougherty, Dan Twan. 2nd ROW: Jim Seed, George Begley, Fred O ' Hagan, Ken Driedger, Paul Robinson, Juan Rivas, Doug Brown, Adrie Van Viersen, John Chamberlain, Peter Baronas. 3rd ROW: Dick Karpes, Mike Sadler, Doug MacKay-Dunn, Bill Martin, John Burbridge, Peter Leest, Maurice Beaulieu, Michael Gillespie, Bryan Reid, Stephen Close. BACK ROW: Thomas Edwards, Jerold Schlosser, Richard Thompson, Roger Bernier, Jack Wilson, William McCann, Peter Thomas, Peter Munsie, Everead Hickey, David Leahy, Tony White. MISSING: Shane Sikes, Michael Hogan, Michael Flynn, Peter Eakins. “Why didn ' t you change the sign when you subtracted? " asks Brother Breen. In the Drama class Mr. Sidone draws information from in- terested students. the subject of the fourth sentence to his mystified classmates. BR. P. G. BREEN. B.A., M.A. Teaches first year Latfn, Eng- lish and Mathematics. Has been here for five years and is another native of Ireland. Has Master of Arts de- gree. Moderator of Drama Club and Vocations Club. FRONT ROW: Patrick Parker, James Conroy, Claude Boisvert, Wayne McClay, Brian Thomsett, David Brennan, John Kalley, Daniel Laporle, Dennis Bibby, Victor Dukoski, Robert Dumont. 2nd ROW: James Campbell, Arthur Tomlinson, Murray Boyle, John Bella, Ian Blake, Graydon Ford, Joseph Bauche, Robert Walsh, Marc McGrath, William Woods, Don Bush. 3rd ROW: Bryan Evans, David Durkin, Myron Claridge, Robert Abernethy, Michael Maze, Daniel Bean, Fred Penland, Leslie Poltak, Akos Szokolzoi, George Payerle, Neil Williscroft. BACK ROW: Robert Lord, Stewart Gray, Stuart Wright, William Stewart, Brian Kerr, John Maurer, Ian MacKenzie, Ron Friedricksen, William Duff, Alexander Bandy, John McLaren, Raymond Bessville. ABSENT: Duane Riordon, Allan Sims, Ronald Tobin. MR. F. J. OWENS, B.ED. Coach of the Varsity Football Team and the Boxing Team. Has Bache- lor of Education degree and his graduate work is in Physical Education. Has been here for five years. Teaches Socials 10 and 20 as well as Physical Educa- tion. r-i Mr. Owens keeps his Socials class up to date in modern affairs by reading a newspaper clipping on the Social Welfare System of Sweden. BR. TIMOTHY A member of the Order of Our Lady of Lourdes who came this year from Holland. Holds Teachers Certificate received in Holl and. Teaches Typing. " Open your mouth wide and say ah,” says the school nurse to Kevin Cassidy. Lee and his kitchen staff wait for the lunch bell to serve the noon meal to boarders and day students. 19 Eckhardt Ferdinandi, President of the Monogram Club, and Brother Bates discuss the problems of the Monogram Club. During the last six years there was no more avid supporter of College activities than Brother Bates. There were really big events during those years — the Gilbert and Sullivan shows, the Vocation Exhibit, three-act plays and great sporting events, all of which depended very largely on his support and encouragement. However, the ordinary day to day activities likewise receive his whole hearted assistance and he is ever ready to confer with the student leaders whenever help is needed. Brother Bates with several prominent supporters discuss the merits of a decision at the 1960 Emerald Gloves. 20 The things WE DO in after-school hours contribute a great deal to v hat we acquire from our years at school. Like other phases of education at Vancouver College, a full range of extra-curricular activities provides a training ground for leadership and group co-operation. From this wide choice of spiritual, social and musical activities each student can find one that suits his inter- est. In this way our education is broadened and we learn the true meaning of fellowship which will enable us to take an active part in the social and religious obligations of this modern world. 21 i ! 1 j I - - 1 ] • - :. f [ i R IL m ' K’ : : . mn i 1 . if 5 ■ ' Bro. Julian conducts the student body of Vancouver College ot the religious highlight of every month, the first Friday Mass. Religion — Formal Msgr. Nichol confers benediction at the annual Rosary Rally ot Capilano Stadium. 22 “Gloria in excelsis, Deo. " The Christmas crib scene set up by the Sodality members. l a H j nil [vpf j rr Jb A i bll Cl j j lJI r. " W M ) Wv Aj n % |k j FRONT ROW: Bob Biogioni, John Gordon, Roger Gelz, Rolph Dunkeld, Bob McGavin, Larry O ' Connor, John Weetman, Norman Gibbons, Paul Kirby. 2nd ROW: Terry Nichols, Carlos Diligenli, Antonio Castro, Tony Perez, Dick Miller, Enrique Alba, Denis Beaudoing. 3rd Row: Lome Little, Lloyd Johnson, Marty Barford, Rich Dodds, Leo Sleeves, Greg Findlay, John Sinkie. BACK ROW: Jim Ryan, Jack Smith, Max Ewart, Greg Arduini, Jim Lillies, Boris Oduber, Rolando Leon, Bob Hunter, Juan Mota. We Live Here — Gr. 11 and 12 Having a bull session in the senior boarders ' locker room are Boris Oduber, Paul Kirby, and Marty Barford. John Douglas enjoys a game of ping pong while Paul Kirby busies himself on the telephone. 24 FRONT ROW: Doug Gifford, Phil Fisher, Mike O’Hanlon, Bob Hague, Mike Willman, Jack Lipovski, Bill Buckley, Chris Hicks, Dan Furlong. SECOND ROW: John Forbes, Roger Currie, Fred Picard, Mike Fry, Don Rose, Ted Littlewood, Gerard Dorais, Terry Marshall. BACK ROW: Paul Munsie, Bill Webster, Carl Roehl, John Douglas, Dennis Brennan, Garry Loretto, Allan Byrne, Don Wright, Garry Beaudette. FRONT ROW: Jack Wilson, Barry Prime, John Clare, Dan Twan, Maurice Godbout, Mike Maze, John Burbridge, Maurice Beaulieu. 2nd ROW: Bill Duff, Stewart Gray, Alfredo Julian, Bernie Brewer, Bill McCann, David Brennan, Jorge Rivas, Desmond Cobble, Everead Hickey, Gerard Menard. BACK ROW: Peter Munsie, Juan Rivas, Jim Conroy. Grade 9 and 10 Boarders prepare their next-day ' s lesson at the five o ' clock study. Mike Willman (middle) and John Burbridge (right) wait as Chris Hicks approves their bed making skill. 26 FRONT ROW: Jim Ryan, Dick Miller, Greg Findlay, Jim Mclnnis, Herb Carey. 2nd ROW: David Begg, Marty Barford, Larry O ' Connor, Boris Oduber, Denis Beaudoing. BACK ROW: Bob Biagioni, Paul Kirby, Dick Surgeson, Al Wawryk, David Durkin, Norm Gibbons. FRONT ROW: Richard Dodds, Alex Macaulay, Bob McGavin, Bill Heffernan, Dave Nichols. 2nd ROW: Mike Beaton, Bruce Richardson, Bob Olson, Ralph Dunkeld, Eckhardt Ferdinandi, Mike McLaughlin. BACK ROW: Henry Delesalle, Gene Filiatrault, Bernie Marini, Mike Melanson, Bernie McCabe, Ed McDonald. Monogram Club FRONT ROW: Pat Munro, Lloyd Johnson, Sam Whittaker, Paul Hamelin. 2nd ROW: Gary Durkin, Bryan Reid, Richard Dumont, Warren Longpre, Arthur Dick. 3rd ROW: Mike Calderwood, Bill Martin, Graham Gold, Bill Carrothers, Joe Haddock. Jim Mclnnis and Greg Findlay lead the conversation about the B.C. Basketball Tournament ticket sales. 27 SPRING CONCERT St. Peter and Paul’s Parish spon- sored a St. Patrick’s Eve Concert with the participation of the Glee Clubs of Vancouver College, Little Flower Academy, and Sacred Heart Convent. The main attractions were concert versions of My Fair Lady and Fini- ans Rainbow, produced by a group of pro- fessional singers. Another feature of this enjoyable evening was the Irish dancing of students of Erin O’Daly Academy. John Emerson presents My Fair Lady. Selections from Finian ' s Rainbow. LIBRARY CLUB The members of the Library Club at work checking out books. The first important meeting of the yearbook staff took place in the beginning of this 59-60 school year. There had been a few preliminary meetings in June, the previous year, when it was announced that Jim Dumont was to be the editor-in-chief, but it was not until September that the staff was settled upon. These meetings were followed by the ad campaign. Little could be done in the way of layout before a budget was worked out; it was late November before all the returns from the ad campaign were in. After a satisfactory campaign, the editorial staff met with the moderator. Brother Bassett and advisor. Brother Lyons, and editors were assigned to the dif- ferent sections. The moderator, Br. Bassett, the advisor, Br. Lyons, and the editor, Jim Dumont, critizing a division page designed by Michael Grant. The yearbook staff hard at work during their 2:30 p.m. period. 29 YEARBOOK (cont.) It was after Christmas before any formal layouts were made. This part of the work was more difficult than in former years due to a style which called for a chronological order. Mixing football with volleyball and the other intramural sports proved more of a task than first imagined. The next sections which went to the printer were the classes and activities. Before the deadlines for these came up, the familiar phrase, “Al, will you take a picture for me?” was heard nearly every day. Next, the ad section was assembled. Mats, cuts and pictures had to be obtained from various advertising agencies. Interspersed with the copy in this part are several sponsored pages, generously donated. The advertising staff spent many hours working on these pages. The Graduates section has a somewhat different arrangement. To show more of the seniors in action, their portraits were lined up giving more room to picture them in an informal manner. Well, somehow all the work was finished. Just what The entire business section in conference, has been done since that first meeting last June can be seen on the pages of this book. Boxing and basektball shots hold the attention of Bruce Richardson, Bernard McCabe, and Michael Melanson. Selecting good negatives for their section, We Graduate, are Juan Mota and Bob Harvey. i ' ltS I® % mm Looking over blue-prints are Alfred Hailey, and Dave Mitton of the We Learn section. Making paste-ups for the We Do section are Richard Seipp and Denis Beaudoing. College fans cheer the Basketball team on to the B.C. Championship. v.c. v.c. Rah! Rah! Rah! Mr. Maury Mulhern stirs up College Students at a Pep Rally. 32 Campus Leaders at Work This statement was amply proven during the B.C. Tournament. Br. Barnes gives some help to a few of the senior members of the Glee Club. Brother Barnes took over the direction of the Glee Club this year, and with much work and patience brought out the singing qualities of the students participating. The Glee Club presented a very interesting selection of songs at the St. Patrick’s Eve concert. ( BAND A smaller band under the direction of Mr. Olson has accomplished great things. Among their achievements is the musical accompaniment of the famous singing cheers of Vancouver College. G. Arduini, F. Croquet, R. Hucul, A. Dick, D. Crowe-Swords, D. Baron. B. Heffernan, B. Lapointe, P. Morris, J. Lipovski. n n i i H jt jj H Of V T " a jp m w • Br. Barnes directs the Glee Club with Tim LeGoff accompanying. FRONT ROW: T. Edwards, E. Hickey, W. Stewart, J. Campbell, F. Hin- mueller, R. Bernier, A. Tomlinson, M. McGrath, B. Woods, D. Brown, B. McGarry, D. McKay-Dunn. MIDDLE ROW: T. LeGoff, R. Granger, C. Mc- Devitt, J. Sinkie, R. Kennedy, D. Durkin, W. Martin, J. Furch, J. Schilling, B. Reid, J. Dodds. BACK ROW: J. Lillies, M. Willman, M. O’Hanlon, W. Gilbert, F. Norris, R. Mugford, R. Currie, D. Therrien, R. Dumont, B. O ' Hagan, B. Oduber, C. Diligenti. This activities group started off as a Drama Club. To this end, two modern plays ‘The Caine Mutiny Court Martial’ and ‘The Male Animal’ were read but both had to be abandoned for want of individuals who could play the central roles. The Christmas examinations and holidays precluded any fur- ther attempt to rehearse the play. So the group adroitly swung over to debate. This was very successful as the group was found to abound in disputatious debators and ambitious orators. So far problems of ‘World Over Population’ and ‘Capital Punishment’ have been solved. A later project was a panel of experts who volunteered to answer all questions on subjects ranging from Jazz to Icthyology. A debating club panel answers questions put before them by the rest of the members. Archbishop Duke and Br. Bales team up for the opening kick- off af the ' 59 Notre Dame game. During Brother Bates’ time in Vancouver the College athletic record has been one to be proud of. In 1954 we participated in the first " live " football T.V. broadcast locally. By 1957 we had built quite a respectable squad, including a junior named Roy Cameron, which compiled a seven win one loss record. Going in for tougher competition in 1958 we managed one loss and one tie for six wins. In basketball, V.C. has been in the B.C. Tournament each year gaining two first places, two thirds, one fifth and one seventh. It hasn ' t been dull, these last six years! Br. Bates is applauded for a few choice words at the ' 56 football dinner. 36 PLAY . . . True to the tradition of Vancouver College when the time comes to play, WE PLAY to the best of our ability. As the months roll by, each sport in turn claims our attention and different groups of athletes try out for teams, practice long hours and proudly carry the purple and gold into the battlefield. Our aim to be Christian gentlemen is never sacrified for victory. Though every- one cannot make a varsity team yet anyone interested can find a niche for himself somewhere in athletics. In the varied program of athletic activities at the College the common factors are determination and good sportsmanship. 37 npp Football Squad Banished from While Grasses SEPTEMBER 1959 found the returning students confronted by a startling change in the old campus — a con- crete-hard mass on dry days and a mud-hole on wet ones. A whole new system of rock tile drains had been installed. These had been topped with Lulu Island peat moss and the field had been seeded with a special grass. About an acre of black top was laid at the back end of the gym and along the side, pro- viding three basketball courts and a couple of volley ball courts plus much parking space. OCTOBER brought the start of the football season. The Irish, showing a strong tint of real green, started slowly against possibly the toughest competition ever faced by a V.C. team. They lost their first five games, but in each case gave their best, regardless of the final score. Unfortunately, serious in- juries to two first-stringers, Mike Beaton, team captain and full- back, and to quarterback Larry O’Connor put these out for the balance of the season. As a result, the offence never got rolling, at least in the early part of the season. FERDINANDI STEEVE5 First string backs: quarterback, Garry Durkin, right halfback, Ed McDonald, fullback. Bob Biagioni and left halfback, Greg Findlay. Outstanding men on defense Jim Ryan, Bill Heffernan. The new playing field, outdoor volleyball court and outdoor basketball court brought real enjoyment to the returning students. Quarterback Larry O’Connor and fullback Mike Beaton. Quarterbacks Mike McLaughlin and Dick Miller. 39 - -jpr - - MtWk ■ 1 - ' ll % ,. „ V T 4 Valiant Squad Shows Steady Improvement as NOVEMBER brought with it a change for the good in College football fortunes. Playing the up-to-then undefeated U.B.C. Junior Varsity, the Fighting Irish ground out a tough 23-20 victory. This game was characterized by fine play all around and some fine runs by Ed McDonald. Encouraged by this first victory, the Irish went on to play the plucky Notre Dame Jugglers, their traditional rivals. They defeated them quite easily by a 27-6 score, winning for the third time in a row the Archibishops’ trophy for this annual inter-Catholic high school game. Voted the most outstanding player on this year’s team was left halfback, Greg Findley. For 61 carries Greg had an excellent average carry of 6.6 yards per carry. Another out- standing player was right half, Ed McDonald. Ed also carried the ball 61 times, averaging 7.1 yards per carry. Although this year’s Fighting Irish didn’t have a sen- sational season, they gained a wealth of experience, and they should be a contender in anyone’s books next year. 40 BOTTOM ROW: Bill Carrothers (Mgr.), Mike McLaughlin, Graham Gold, Sam Whittaker, Larry O ' Connor, Joe Haddock, Pat Jordan, Boris Oduber, Lloyd Johnson. SECOND ROW: Bob McGavin, Warren Longpre, Bryan Reid, Henry Delesalle, Mike Beaton, Al Macaulay, Dave Nichols, Ed McDonald, John Sinkie, Pat Munro (Mgr.), THIRD ROW: Richard Dumont, Rich Dodds, Arthur " Moby ' ' Dick, Eckhardt Ferdinandi, Bill Heffernan, Leo Sleeves, Greg Findlay, Jack Bourdon, Herb Carey, Henry Branson, Mike Calder- wood (Mgr.). FOURTH ROW: Jim Ryan, Jim Mclnnis, Paul Hamlin, Gary Durkin, Bob Biagioni, Bernie McCabe, Dave Durkin, Paul Kirby, Dick Miller. Co-captains of this year ' s Fighting Irish, Al Macaulay and Mike Beaton. Pointing out a key play to Al Macaulay, Bernie McCabe, Mike McLaughlin, and jim Ryan is head-coach Mr. Fred Owens. Coach Reid instructs Bob Biagioni, Mike Beaton, Larry O ' Connor and Gary Durkin on some of the finer points of ball-handling. Season Record BURLINGTON EDISON — 13 COLLEGE — 7 LINCOLN HIGH — 26 COLLEGE — 0 O’DEA HIGH — 13 COLLEGE — 6 FERNDALE — 16 COLLEGE — 7 EVERETT — 46 COLLEGE — 6 BELLINGHAM — 25 COLLEGE — 14 U.B.C. JAYVEES — 20 COLLEGE — 23 NOTRE DAME — 6 COLLEGE — 27 Mike Beaton charges for five yards in the O ' Dea game. Jim Ryan and Bob Biagioni burst through the O ' Dea line Determination And Strong Team Play Season Record G. Durkin Yards 37 Carries 27 Avg. I.4 M. Beaton M 5 2.8 E. McDonald 437 6 1 7-1 L. O’Connor 1 1 13 0.9 G. Findlay 4°5 6 1 6.6 B. Biagioni 1 93 43 4-5 J. Ryan 3i 18 2.8 B. McCabe S3 7 7-5 J. Mclnnis 74 1 0 7-4 P. Hamelin 12 2 6.0 D. Miller I 2 l 9 0.6 M. McLaughlin — IQ 4 —4.7 LOWER LEFT: Grinding out a few more yards is first-string end and co-captain, Al Macaulay. LOWER RIGHT: Right halfback Ed McDonald outruns the O ' Dea defenders in a play good for close to thirty yards. FRONT: Brian Coughlin. BOTTOM ROW: Louis Hamlin, Max Ewart, Peter Barriscale, Ian Donald, Les Poltak, Ron Shuttleworth, Garry low, Lome Little. SECOND ROW: Bill Stuart (mgr.), Danny Thorsen, Gerry Miller, Charlie Lipp, Wayne Macht, Dick McHale, Dan Mullen, Richard Dumont (mgr.). TOP ROW: Dennis Bibby, John Tucker, Bill Barry, Barry Coughlin, Claude Marsden. JayVees Show What ' s in Store The J.V. team got off to a fine start by beating St. Thomas Aquinas i Z ' O. After that they ran into trouble. Of their next four games against Notre Dame, Kitsilano, and Everett, they salvaged but one win against Notre Dame. Then the tide turned. The J.V.’s won their next three straight but dropped a heartbreaker to St. Thomas Aquinas by one point to finish the season. JANUARY started out well for the Varsity Basket- ball Team with three wins the first weekend followed by a fourth the following weekend against Port Moody. Successive losses to Abbotsford and Lynden Christian showed what hap- pens when the team becomes over confident. The Gaels bounced back to defeat Vic High, defending B.C. Champions, and Oak Bay to round out a successful month of basketball. At the same time the Junior Varsity team was piling up an impressive record. They were undefeated in both De- cember games and won four of six games in January. In this period they lost only to Magee and powerful Lynden Christian High School from Washington. Despite the frantic efforts of an opposing player, Joe Boskovitch manages to clear the puck away from his own goal, guarded alertly by Gerald Dorais. This year’s hockey, hampered by lack of a permanent goalie and of a chance to practice together, nevertheless made a gallant attempt. Two of their games, against South Burnaby and Surrey were very close and the other two were by no means a disgrace. Next year given a decent chance, V.C. hockey should attain the same success as in previous years. BOTTOM ROW: Alex ' Kovats, Oscar Erickson, Gerald Dorais, Joe Bosko- vitch, Mike O’Flaherty. TOP ROW: Mr. Pratt (Coach), Bob Hunter, Jim Ryan, Bill Martin, Roland Boisvert, Bob Biagioni, Gary McDevitt, Greg Arduini. BOTTOM ROW: Terry Campbell, Norm Gibbons, Mike Melanson, Brian Adams, Alan Wawryk. TOP ROW: Bernie Marini, Greg Findlay, Bob Fraser, Al Macaulay, Marty Barford, Eckhardt Ferdinandi, Coach Leo Mulhern. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Hurley, Dan Mullen, Dennis Bibby, Charlie Lipp, Gary Brady. SECOND ROW: Bill Duff (Mgr.), Les Poltak, Peter Barriscale, Warren Longpre, Dan Thorsen, Chris Hicks (Mgr.). TOP ROW: Bill Webster, Paul Munsie, Ian Donald, Neil Williscroft, Michael Eivemark. Ferdinandi outhustles two Port Moody players as Findlay and Barford look on. J. V. Mike Hurley finishes a fast break with a driving lay-up. A determined Andy Zalot catches South Hill ' s Rodger Touchet with a left jab, at the same time warding off an incoming right. BOTTOM ROW: Kevin McClay, James Leahy, Matt McGarry, Michael MacKay-Dunn. SECOND ROW: Harry Howard, Gerry Van Loon, Paul Giroday, Terry Fitzpatrick, Bob Hogg, Howard Smith, Richard Longpre. THIRD ROW: Reine Honigman, Terry Marshal, Paul Taylor, Bill Blair, Andy Zalot, Louis Bazin. FOURTH ROW: Maurice Trembley, Don Riggan, Dan Tobin, Brian McGarry, Dave Durkin, Dennis Gorrick. Boxing coaches Fred Owens and Archie McDonald show heavies Dave Durkin and Gary Loretto some of the finer points. The College’s hardhitting “Fighting Irish”, coached again by Fred Owens and Archie McDonald with Brother Muldoon as moderator, was top team in the Bronze Gloves and in the Emerald Gloves tournaments for the second straight year. The tenth annual Emerald Gloves was held on January 22 and 23 and was, as always, a tremendous success before a huge crowd. The College fighters won five championships and had six runners-up out of sixteen bouts on the final night. They also won their share of special awards. Whether winning or losing the “College Men” showed sportsmanship throughout the tournaments. Boxing? Wrestling? At any rate it shows some excellent action at the 1960 Emerald Gloves as Dave Durkin and Mike Nicks grapple on the canvas in the tournament’s best bout. Matt McGarry charges a game James Leahy as two of the younger “College Men” battle for Emerald Gloves honors. Terry Fitzpatrick and Keith Scott slug it out in the 75 pound final. Brian McGarry tries to stop a lunging Harry Reynolds in the 112 pound final. College Boxers Dominate Junior Boxing Scene Greg Findlay goes for two Mike Melanson drives around a Victoria despite the efforts of a guard for two points. Moody defender. Adams drives through the West Van defense as Ferdinandi breaks free for a pass. Findlay hooks the ball against Pearson as Ferdinandi and Wawryk move in for the rebound. Gaels Show Hov Future Champs Get Into Shape FEBRUARY saw the varsity Gaels lose to Lynden Christian at the College gym. This was the first loss suffered at home in two years. The next night College avenged this defeat by soundly defeating Lester Pearson. The Gaels kept the winning spirit taking their next six games and ending the month by trouncing the highly-rated Magee five. February got off to a bad start as the J.V. team dropped three of their first four games to Lynden Christian, Lester Pearson and O’Dea. However, as the month progressed they picked up steam, defeating King George 45-19, West Vancouver 52-17 and Kerrisdale 57-16. In their last six games they went without a loss winding up the season with a win against a tough Chilliwack team. J. V. Charlie Lipp puts up a jump shot as a Lester Pearson defender bowls him over. Despite the efforts of a defending Lester Pearson player, Brian Adams gets away his shot. i I Spectacular splits were all part of the act when the Fighting Irish played the Harlem Stars. COACH LEO MULHERN Leo has been the coach of the Varsity squad for three years. In his first year as Varsity coach he guided the team to third place position in the prov- ince. Last year his team produced the best won-lost record ever for a V.C. team. Leo is also well-known in local basketball circles playing Senior “A” ball in the city league. He was on the 1949 V.C. team which won the provincial tourna- ment and his great ambition is to win it again as a coach. Co-captains of the 1960 Fighting Irish Mike Melan- son and Greg Findlay. 50 ' Coaching Varsity managers Rich Dumont and Bill Carrothers lock up after the day ' s practice. REVEREND BROTHER E. B. WALSH Brother Walsh along with Mr. “Babe” Pratt have worked together to bring hockey to a high status since it was reactivated two years ago. The team is fortunate to have Brother Walsh as its enthusiastic moderator and “Babe” Pratt of NHL fame as its coach. Bob Hunter tries in vain to prevent shot as Bob Biagioni and Jim Ryan watch the puck. ■ V Tennis coach Mr. Sidone shows Peter Leest, Doug Gifford, Carl Ireland, Alex Kovats, Mark Galinski, Bob Duff, and Robert MacDonald the backhand stroke. INTRAMUII SPARK OF Tennis was introduced to the College this year, thanks to Mr. P. Sidone. His expert guidance and an eager turnout of candidates got tennis off to an excellent start as an organized sport in this school. Before school closed for Easter, the team had played three times, not having a great deal of success but introducing the players, most of them novices, to match play. Closely guarded, Dave Nichols gets away an unsuccessful shot in the intramural championship game. First place intramural basektball team five minutes after their final victory. FIRST ROW: Rod Mclsaac, John Dodd, SECOND ROW: Mike Beaton, Bob Harvey, Henry Delasalle. V LS PROVIDE COMPETITION This year’s intramural basketball league was under the supervision of Brother MacKenzie for the second year. There were seven teams in the grade nine and ten league and five in the league for grades eleven and twelve. Each team played about fifteen games. After a determined struggle for top honours on the part of all, Dan Furlong’s team topped the junior league and Mike Beaton’s was the senior champion. As always, intramural bowling was very pop- ular. There were ten teams, each playing fifteen games. The games took place on Wednesday afternoons at Kerrisdale. The Stooges, captained by Derek Kulai were top team. A group of intramural bowlers containing the top team, the Stooges. FIRST ROW: Dick Surgeson, Richard Pearson, Bob Harvey, Roger Getz, Derek Kulai (capt.) at the end. TOP ROW: Don Miller (second from the right end), Doug Phelan (absent). Pat Harkness (left) follows his ball while Shane Sikes approaches the line to bowl his. 1 53 Varsity Starters VARSITY BASKETBALL SEASON RECORD A— A , Greg Findlay — Forward Mike Melanson — Guard Eckhardt Ferdinandi — Forward v.c. 48 v.c. 42 v.c. 42 v.c. 42 v.c. 40 v.c. 53 v.c. 51 v.c. 62 v.c. 40 v.c. 49 v.c. 35 v.c. 46 v.c. 47 v.c 45 v.c. 59 v.c. 74 v.c. 63 v.c. 60 v.c. 68 v.c. 45 v.c. 58 v.c. 46 v.c. 43 v.c. 59 Brian Adams — Guard Alumni 40 Lord Byng 46 Abbotsford 25 Notre Dame 37 West Vancouver 23 Notre Dame 42 Lord Byng 45 King Edward 57 Port Moody 36 Lynden Christian 56 Abbotsford 37 Oak Bay 33 Victoria High 36 Lynden Christian 52 Lester Pearson 38 Port Moody 40 King Edward 54 Notre Dame 48 Chilliwack 44 Winston Churchill 42 Marpole Junior Men 44 Magee 34 Magee 46 Winston Churchill 39 Al Wawryk — Forward 54 FINISH STRONG MARCH saw the Varsity and J.V. teams finish their exhibition seasons with 19-5 and 13-5 wondost records respectively. Both teams then began preparations in earnest for their upcoming Lower Mainland and Provincial Tournaments. The fans also did their part as pep rallies were held for approaching play-off games. JUNIOR VARSITY SEASON RECORD v.c 30 Abbotsford 25 v.c. 42 Templeton 25 v.c. 37 Notre Dame 14 v.c. 57 Lord Byng 19 v.c. 43 Magee 37 v.c. 47 Port Moody 21 v.c. 70 Bellingham 57 v.c. 47 Magee 49 v.c. 46 Lynden Christian 55 v.c. 30 Abbotsford 19 v.c. 34 Lynden Christian 56 v.c. 38 Lester Pearson 41 v.c. 28 Port Moody 18 v.c. 41 O’Dea 55 v.c. 34 Chilliwack 31 v.c. 45 King George 19 v.c. 52 West Vancouver 17 v.c. 42 Killarney 25 Al Macaulay — Forward In spite ot the efforts of two Moody Players, J. V. Warren longpre manages to get away his jump shot. 55 COLLEGE DOES IT AGAIN PROVINCIAL CHAMPS The LOWER MAINLAND TOURNAMENT saw the i960 Gaels come up with their best game as they walloped Notre Dame 82-36. In the next game, the most thrilling of this year. College defeated the Gladstone Gladiators 62-55. Trailing by five points with less than three minutes to go. Coach Mulhern called for a full-court press which resulted in twelve unanswered points for a win and a berth in the Provincial Tournament. It also gave us a shot at the Lower Mainland title. In this final game, against Magee, it was, for the second straight night, necessary to resort to the full-court press. Although the team played a weak offensive game, their tireless defense enabled them to defeat Magee 39-37 and emerge the lower mainland champions. PROVINCIAL TOURNAMENT action began the following Wednesday against Oak Bay. Victories in this and the next game are credited to a strong defensive effort. In Centre Greg Findley outclasses Penticton centre at jump. the opener an underrated Oak Bay team, playing almost error- less offense, almost upset the Irish, but could not beat our defense and lost 38-36. The next night College ended Pen- ticton’s twenty-six game winning streak by holding them to nine points in the second half and eventually beating them 36-28. In the semi-finals against Gladstone Friday night College’s offense came alive. They ran up a half-time total of 38 points and went on to win 63-50. On Saturday night the final saw the Fighting Irish battling Prince Rupert, a team that had pulled two major upsets to make it to the finals. College started out red hot to lead 18-12 at the end of the first quarter. From then on the Gaels never looked back as they led 36-24 at the half, 54-38 at the third quarter and went on to win it 69-52 going away. The four-day tournament came to a fine close as co-captains Greg Findlay and Mike Melanson were chosen for the first all-star team. Penticton player runs into impenetrable College defence. Woe to those who battle College men under the basket. First game action shows Eckhardt Ferdinandi outjumping an Oak Bay defender. Greg Findlay, Coach Leo Mulhern, and Mike Melanson proudly display George Sparling Trophy, symbol of B.C. High School basketball supremacy. SPRING SUN BRINGS OUT TRACK TEAM SENIOR TRACK TEAM BOTTOM ROW: Nelson Gray, Dave Nichols, Ralph Dunkeld, Max Ewart, TOP ROW: Herb Carey, Jim Ryan, Al Wawryk, Jim Mclnnis, Eckhardt Ferdinandi, Ed Mc- Donald. JUNIOR TRACK TEAMS BOTTOM ROW: Guido Hanak, Jerry Miller, TOP ROW: Peter leest, Dave Durkin, Maurice Godbout, Denis Chris Hicks. TOP ROW: Mike Calderwood, Rudy Weitemeyer, Joe Therrien. BOTTOM ROW: Victor Dukoski, Paul Taylor, Phil Fisher. Haddock, Bryan Reid. Wawryk, Ralph Dunkeld, Jim Ryan and Nelson Gray get off to a fast start under the watchful eye of Cooch Owens. All round track man Jim Ryan takes a professional-looking leap during after-school practice. V 1 k W |L m wpW A II Wr% Tmk mm On the eleventh of May the Vancouver College Track Team Track Meet. Not only did the College come home with the trophy. From the records below you can see how this feat FRONT, KNEELING: Bryan Reid, Maurice Godbout, Paul Taylor, Dave Durkin (1st 100, 200, relay), Ed McDonald (1st 220, relay, 2nd 100, 3rd broad jump); SITTING: Peter Leest (2nd broad jump), Rudy Weitemeyer (1st mile, 880, relay), Chris Hicks (2nd mile), Guido Hanak (1st relay, 2nd 880, 3rd mile), Jerry Miller (3rd 440); SECOND ROW: Coach F. Owens, Victor Dukoski (2nd 100), Denis Therrien (1st 440, 1st relay), Claude Marsden (Mgr.), Joe Haddock, Mike Calderwood (3rd broad jump), became victors in the Knights of Columbus Inter-High School boys ' aggregate trophy but also with the school aggregate was accomplished. Eckhardt Ferdinandi (2nd shot put), Ralph Dunkeld (2nd mile, 880); BACK ROW: Mike Geluch (Mgr.), Max Ewart (2nd relay). Bob Biagioni (1st pole vault, 2nd relay), Al Warwyck (3rd 440), Jim Ryan (1st 100, 440, relay, broad jump, 3rd high jump), Jim Mdnnis (1st relay). Nelson Gray (3rd pole vault), Greg Findlay (1st shot put, relay, 2nd high jump), Dave Nichols (3rd mile), Herb Carey (2nd relay, 3rd shot put), Berni Marini (1st high jump, 2nd relay). The shot-putters Herb Carey, Eckhardt Ferdinandi and Greg Findlay. The milers Ralph Dunkeld, Al Wawryk and Nelson Gray. 59 Two seniors discuss their future progrom with Br. Bates. To the senior, Brother Bates is the answer to the difficult problem of choosing a career. The fact that he has a degree in Guidance and has had much experience in this field has provided a wonderful opportunity for pros- pective graduates. Each year has seen an increasing number in the gradu- ating class, a certain proportion of whom have chosen to follow priestly or religious vocation, an evidence of God ' s blessing on the work being done at Vancouver College. Each year sees the return of one or more graduates who have recently been ordained. In 1955 Father Paul Foran visited the College to bring a blessing and inspiration to the students and was photographed with Brother Bales, his brother, Don Foran (right) and with Archie McDonald, the president of the Student Council. V GRADUATE . . . When reminded that this is the last year — the year that WE GRADUATE — the seniors’ minds slip back through the past twelve years. We remember that first day when we were led into school, those friendly, fuzzy years of grammar school when we thought we had the teacher fooled, that lost first year of high school and then, after the gradually accelerated pace of the next two years, the arrival of the hectic graduating year. Now that we have conquered a fraction of the world we can proudly step out into places of higher learning or even directly into a seminary or the business world. As these pleasant memories are gradually erased by time we hope the following pages will serve as a reminder of many good friends and happy incidents. Gordon Bader, Wayne Armen- eau, Douglas Bell, and Kevin Cassidy leaving the school after a hard day ' s work. JAMES G. ABERNETHY The usual discussion on world politics after lunch. BRIAN W. ADAMS WAYNE D. ARMENEAU GREGORY J. ARDUINI GRADUATES 1960 JAMES G. ABERNETHY. Sts. Peter and Paul Parish. Jim has been at Vancouver College since 1950. Intramural Bowling 1, 2. Yearbook 1, 2, 4. He will study for a career in corporation law. BRIAN W. ADAMS. Sts. Peter and Paul Parish. Another nine year student. J.V. Basketball 2, 3. Varsity Basketball 4. Intramurals 1, 2, 3. Glee Club 1. Sodality 3, 4. Brian is interested in small boats and plans to enter the teaching field. GREGORY J. ARDUINI. Sacred Heart Parish, Kamloops, B.C. This is Greg’s first year at Vancouver College. Varsity Hockey 4. Intramural Volleyball 4. Band 4. A’future businessman, he dislikes having to be in too early on Saturday night. WAYNE D. ARMENEAU. Saint Joseph’s Parish. A five-year student, Wayne’s interest is motorcycles. Intramural Basketball 1, 2. Art 1, 2, 3. Typing 4. A French 92 scholar. A future Mountie. GORDON C. BADER. Saint Joseph’s Parish. Gordon entered V.C. in 1955. Intramural Basketball 1, 2. Art 1, 2, 4. Typing 3. Old men drivers seem to bother him. Interested in guns, he will be a policeman. MARTIN J. BARFORD. Queen of Peace Parish, Victoria, B.C. Martin entered V.C. as a Senior Boarder three years ago. Varsity Basketball 3, 4. Intramural Volley Ball 4. Typing 3, 4. A future Naval Supply Officer. MICHAEL BEATON. Immaculate Conception Parish. Mike entered as a freshman, was co-captain of the 1959 football team. Varisty Football 2, 3, 4. Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Legion of Mary 2. Will continue his education at U.B.C. in Engineering. DAVID S. BEGG. Sts. Peter and Paul Parish. A member of the original class, Dave has been here eleven years. Intramural Football 2. Basketball 3, 4. Bowling 1. Volleyball 4. Glee Club 1, 2. Sodality 3, 4. He dislikes “Keenan’s Pipes” and will enter the commercial field. DOUGLAS BELL. One of our quieter students, Doug has been here since sixth grade. Intramural Bowling 3. Glee Club 1. Drama 1. Art 4. Interested in military history, he will enter the Army after graduation. TERRANCE R. CAMPBELL. A member of the original class, Terry is active in most school activities. Varisty Basketball 4. J.V. Football 1, 2. Basket- ball 1, 2, 3. Intramural Football 3. Yearbook 4. Drama 1, 2, 3. Interested in golf, he will study psychology at an American University. HERBERT CAREY. St. Paul Parish, Richmond, B.C. Herb has commuted between Lulu Island and Vancouver College each day for five years. Football 2, 3, 4. Track 2, 3. Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 4. Art 4. Christopher Leadership Course. Sodality 3, 4. KEVIN F. CASSIDY. Sts. Peter and Paul Parish. Kevin was born in Scotland and joined the class as a sophomore. Typing 4. Art 3. Interested in chess, skating and swimming, he will enter pre-Medicine at U.B.C. DOUGLAS BELL TERRANCE CAMPBELL HERBERT CAREY KEVIN F. CASSIDY 63 FRANK R. CROQUET HENRY J. DELESALLE DONALD A. DIXON Jim Dumont, editor, and Don Dixon, officer on the business staff, have a discussion before going into Chem. Lab, headquarters of the yearbook. FRANK R. CROQUET. St. Joseph’s Parish. Frank arrived here in the fall of 1953. Intramural Rasketball 2, 3. Bowling 2, 3. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. A future accountant. HENRY J. DELESALLE. St. Helen’s Parish, Burnaby. Henry is an eight-year veteran. Varsity Football 4. Boxing 2. Intramural Basketball 3, 4. Bowling 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Plans to be a grade school teacher. DONALD A. DIXON. Our Lady of Mercy Parish, New Westminster, B.C. A member of the class since fifth grade, Don’s black V.W. is becoming a school tradition. Intramural Football 1, 2. Basketball 1. Yearbook 1, 2, 3, 4. Retail lumber business is his future. RICHARD DODDS. Richard joined the class in Sept. 1958 as a Senior Boarder from Victoria. Varsity Fotball 3, 4. Glee Club 3, 4. Interested in sports. Will enter Commercial field or become a Lawyer. JAMES H. DUMONT. Sts. Peter and Paul Parish. A member of the original class, Jim is Editor of the 1960 Collegian. Intramural Football 1. Basketball 1, 2. Bowling 2, 3. Glee Club 1. Art 2. Yearbook 3, 4. Legion of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4. Sodality 4. Honour Roll 1, 2, 3. Likes Broadway musicals; a future teacher. RALPH R. DUNKELD. St. Andrew’s Parish, Victoria, B.C. Ralph entered V.C. three years ago as a Senior Boarder. Track 2, 3, 4. Intramural Football 2, 3. Basketball 2, 3, 4. Volleyball 4. Art 2, 4. Plans to go to Florida to study Baseball Administration. RALPH R. DUNKELD ECKHARDT FERDINANDI. St. Augustine’s Parish. Entered in Sept. 1955. Varsity Football 3, 4. Basketball 3, 4. Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Intramural Football 1, 2. Sodality 4. Art 1, 2, 4. Eckhardt will continue his educa- tion towards a position in Chemical Research. EUGENE G. FILIA- TRAULT. Our Lady of Fatima, Maillardville, B.C. Gene has been with us since Grade 7. Basketball 2. 3. Baseball 1. Art 1, 2, 3, 4. Baseball administration is his future. MacGREGOR D. FINDLAY. Nanaimo’s gift to V.C., Greg joined the class as a sophomore. Varsity Football 2, 3, 4. Basketball 2, 3, 4. Track 2, 3, 4. Art 2, 3, 4. Sees future in Electrical Engineering. RUPERT A. GIBBS. Rupert came from Stamford, Eng- land four years ago. Glee Club 1. Art 2, 3. Typing 4, Likes skiing. Diplo- matic Corps in future. ROBIN V. GRANGER. Sts. Peter and Paul Parish. Rob’s ambition is to get C.A. after his name. Intramural Foot- ball 1, 4. Bowling 1. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Christopher Leadership Course. MICHAEL L. GRANT. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish. Mike entered as a Freshman and is chairman of the Apostolic Committee or the Sodality. Intramural Football 1, 2, 3. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Vollev- ball 4. Yearbook 3, 4. Sodality 3, 4. Christopher Leadership Course. Likes skin-diving and skiing. NELSON E. GRAY. St. John the Apostle Parish. Nelson has been with the class since Grade 8. Track 3, 4. Boxing 1, 2, 3. Intramural Basketball 3, 4. Bowling 1, 2, 4. Glee Club 1, 2. Sodality 3, 4. Another Chartered Accountant, he has difficulty getting up Monday morning. ALFRED J. HAILEY. Immaculate Conception Parish. Alf arrived here as a Freshman. Intramural Footb all 3. Bowling 2, 4. Yearbook 3, 4. Art 1, 2. Interested in hunting; will try for Mechanical Engineering. E. WILLIAM HEFFERNAN. St. Augustine’s Parish. One of our real old-timers. Varsity Football 4. Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. Sodality 3, 4. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Christopher Leadership Course. Bill has an aversion to ties; will take up Business Administration. ROBERT C. HUNTER. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Dawson Creek, B.C. The far north’s gift to the class. Bob entered September 1957 as a Senior Boarder. Intramural Football 2, 3. Basketball 2, 3, 4. Volleyball 4. Glee Club 2. Oil Painting 4. A future Barrister and Solicitor. JOSEPH A. JANS- SENS. St. Joseph ' s Parish; Steveston, B.C. Joined the class in eighth grade. Art 1, 2, 3. Joe likes cars and hunting and plans to retire at 25. DANIEL JULIEN. Sacred Heart Parish. Dan entered in 1956 as a freshman. Intramural Bowling 1. Volley Ball 4. Sees future in clerical work. GRADUATES 1960 TERRANCE KEENAN. Came from Ham- ilton, Ontario three years ago. Intramural Football 2, 3. Basketball 3. Bowling 2. Sodal- ity 3, 4. Christopher Leadership Course. Terry is interested in cars, will go into the accounting field. DONALD P. KLOSTER. St. Anthony’s Parish. Don joined the class in 1955. Intramural Football 1. Bowling 1. Glee Club 1. Typing 3, 4. Fishing and golf are his avocations. Hopes to enter Law Field. PAUL LE VASSEUR. St. Augustine’s Par- ish. Paul comes from Lac du Bonnet, Mani- toba. Glee Club 2. Art 3. Fancies himself as an Aeronautical Engineer. Hobby is swim- ming. JAMES C. LILLIES. Jim came here from Abbotsford for his Senior year. Intra- mural Basketball 4. Volleyball 4. Glee Club 4. At present, hopes to finish his education. ROBERT W. LOGUE. St Anthony’s Par- ish. Bob came here from St. Anthony’s Gram- mar School in 1955. J.V. Football 1, 3. Intra- mural Bowling 4. Art 3. Likes cars, but dis- likes those with white doors. A future mountie. ROD MACISAAC. St. Augustine’s Parish. Rod has spent four years at V.C. Intramural Basketball 2, 3. Bowling 2. Glee Club 1, 2. Another Senior interested in cars. PAUL LE VASSEUR JAMES C. LILLIES ROD MacISAAC ROBERT W. LOGUE BERNARD J. McCABE. Immaculate Conception Parish. Varsity Foot- ball 3, 4. Intramural Football 1. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Bowling 2, 3. Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Yearbook 4. Sodality 3, 4. Honour Roll 1, 2. Christopher Leadership Course. An eight-year veteran and future research chemist. JOHN W. McDANIEL. Holy Trinity Parish. North Vancouver’s gift to the class of ’60. Track 4. Intramural Football 2, 3. Basketball 2. Bowl- ing 3. Glee Club 1. Art 2. Typing 3, 4. Honour Roll 1. Has been with the class 6 years, sees future in Electronics. GARY McDEVITT. Entered last September as a senior boarder from Richmond. Hockey 4. Volley Ball 4. Glee Club 4. Another gradaute wanting to get C.A. after his name. EDWARD McDONALD. St. Joseph’s Parish. Ed has been with the class 4 years. Varsity Football 3, 4. Intramural Football 1. Basket- ball 2. Sodality 3, 4. Likes all sports, will enter teaching field. ROBERT McGAVIN. Bob entered V.C. in ninth grade and ran the weekly paper this year. Varsity Football 4. J.V. Football 1. Intramural Bowling 1, 2. Volleyball 4. Drama 1, 4. Typing 3. Christopher Leadership Course. Future is in Commercial Field. harry p. McLaughlin michael j. McLaughlin james a. McMillan JAMES A. McINNIS. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish; Arrived here in September, 1957. Varsity Football 3, 4. J.V. Football 2. Intra- mural Basketball 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Sodality 3, 4. Christopher Leadership Course. Upon graduation will go into R.C.M.P. HARRY P. McLAUGHLIN. Sts. Peter and Paul Parish. Harry, a member of the original class, was this year’s Business Editor. Intramural Football 1, 2, 3. Basketball 1, 2, 3. Bowling 1, 2, 3. Glee Club 1. Year book 3, 4. Honour Roll 1, 2, 3. Likes golfing and swimming. Wants to be a Corpo- ration Lawyer. MICHAEL J. McLAUGHLIN. St. Anthony’s Parish, North Vancouver. Seven years at V.C. Varsity Football 2, 4. Intramural Basketball 2, 3. Art 1, 2, 3, 4. Mike likes skiing and football. JAMES A. McMILLAN. St. Anne’s Parish; Lytton, B.C. Jim entered V.C. two years ago. Volleyball 4. Interested in hunting and fishing, will go on for Forestry. ALEXANDER MACAULAY. Immaculate Conception Parish. Alex was the co-captain of the 1959 football team. Football 3, 4. Basketball 3, 4. Intramural Basketball 2. Glee Club 1, 2. 3. Interested in all sports, will go into Engineering Field. BERNARD J. MARINI. St. Augustine’s Parish. A four year track man from Kamloops. Varsity Basketball 3, 4. Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Intramural Volleyball 4, Typing 4. Will go in for Pharmacy. Some of the boarders taking it easy in the senior boarders’ rec room. Bernie McCabe points out the schedule for the approaching car wash. 69 MICHAEL J. MELANSON JUAN J. MOTA GRADUATES 1960 MICHAEL J. MELANSON. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish. Mike entered in Grade 10. Basketball 3, 4. Track 2. Intramural Football 2. Yearbook 4. Another Chartered Accountant. RICHARD F. MILLER. St. Anthony’s Parish, West Vancouver; Seattle’s gift to the class five years ago. Varsity Football 4. Intramural Football 3. Basketball 3, 4. Bowling 3. Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Plans to enter into the Law Field. DAVID MITTON. St. Augustine’s Parish. Dave entered V.C. as a Freshman from St. Augustine’s school. Born in England. Glee Club 1. Yearbook 4. Legion of Mary 3. Art 2, 3. Likes fishing; a future Geological Engineer. JUAN J. MOTA. Spain’s gift to the class two years ago. Intramural Basketball 3, 4. Volleyball 4. Yearbook 4. Art 3. Christopher Leadership Course. A skin-diver, will go in for Nuclear Engineering. PAUL K. MUI. Chinese Catholic Centre. Born in China, came to V.C. five years ago. Paul likes photography and classical music. Hopes to enter Uni- versity of B.C. MARK J. NETT. Immaculate Conception Parish. Mark has been here for four years. J.V. Football 2. Intramural Bowling 1. Volleyball 4. Wants to get the most out of life. Mike Melanson introduces Varsity basketball players to the school at one of the frequent pep rallies. DAVID W. NICHOLS. Dave is the artist of the class. Varsity Foot- ball 4. Track 4. Intramural Football 1, 2, 3. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Bowling 2, 3. Oil Painting 1, 2, 3, 4. A future architect. D. LAUREN O’CON- NOR. Sacred Heart Parish; Calgary, Alberta. Larry entered as a Senior Boarder two years ago. Varsity Football 3, 4. Track 4. Intramural Bowling 3,4. Basketball 3, 4. Glee Club 3. Likes ranching, will enter business field. BORIS I. ODUBER. Entered V.C. five years ago as boarder from Colegio Javier, Panama. Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Intra- mural Basketball 4. Glee Club 1, 3, 4. Wants to be a business man. ROBERT S. OLMA. St. Andrew’s Parish. Bob arrived here two years ago from David Thompson School. Art 3. Typing 4. Interested in elec- tronics, hopes to be a Research Technician. ROBERT A. OLSON. Another old-timer, Bob’s boxing career has brought fame to the school. Intramural Football 2, 3. Volleyball 4. Basketball 2, 3, 4. Drama 1, 2, 3, 4. Will go in for Law. ROGER C. PAILLE. St. Anthony’s Parish. Roger arrived here three years ago from O.L.P.H. Intramural Football 3. Rowling 2, 3. Yearbook 4. Sodality 3, 4. Christopher Leadership Course. A future Engineer. ROGER C. PAILLE JOSEPH T. PEAKE ANTONIO I. PEREZ JAMES P. RYAN JAMES C. REYNOLDS G. BRUCE RICHARDSON JOSEPH T. PEAKE. St. Patrick’s Parish. Joe has been with us since eighth grade. Intramural Football 1, 2, 3. Basketball 2, 3, 4. Bowling 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2. Hopes to be an Electrical Engineer. ANTONIO I. PEREZ. Tony entered three years ago as a Boarder from Mexico. Intramural Football 2, 3. Basketball 2, 3, 4. Bowling 2, 4. Volleyball 4. Christopher Leadership Course. Yearbook 3, 4. Likes water-sports and will be a Travel Agent. JAMES C. REYNOLDS. Immaculate Concep- tion Parish. Jim joined the class 5 years ago. J.V. Football 1. Intramural Bowling I, 3. Volleyball 4. Art 1, 2. Commercial Field or Lawyer. G. BRUCE RICHARDSON. St. Anthony’s Parish. Arrived here in 1955 from St. Anthony’s Grammar School. Varsity Boxing 1, 2. Intra- mural Football 1, 2. Basketball 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2. Sodality 3. 4. Honour Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Sees Engineering in Future. JAMES P. RYAN. Our Lady of Fatima; Ottawa, Ontari o. Studied here for four years, a boarder for two. Varsity Football 3, 4. Track 3, 4. Intramural Football 1. Basket- ball 1, 4. Glee Club 1. Typing 3, 4. Army Officer. GRADUATES 1960 Old timers, Harry McLaughlin, Bill Heffernan, Dave Begg and James Abernethy talk over the eleven years they have spent at V.C. Bruce Richardson dictates write- ups to Tony Perez, the year- book ' s fastest typist. GERALD J. SCHELL. Holy Trinity Parish; North Vancouver. Entered back in 1952 from Vernon. Intramural Basketball 2. Bowling 1, 2, 3. Art 1, 2, 3. Glee Club 4. Legion of Mary 3. Gerry wants B.B.A. after his name. ROBERT B. SCHUETT. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish. Robert arrived in his Senior year from St. Patrick’s College, Ottawa. Typing 4. His hobby and future are the same — Electronics. RICHARD F. SEIPP. St. Anthony’s Parish. Dick likes skin diving. Intramural Bowling 1. Yearbook 4. Honour Roll 1, 2. Has a noticeable dislike for English cars. WILLIAM D. SIMS. St. Mary’s Parish; Burnaby. Another oldtimer, Bill has been here 7 years. Hockey 3, 4. Intramural Football 1, 2, 3. Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Bowling 1. Volleyball 4. Glee Club 1. Yearbook 4. Sodality 3, 4. A future Naval Officer. FRANK VERKERK. St. Joseph’s Parish. Resides in Powell River, B.C. Varsity Football 3. Intramural Bowling 3, 4. Volleyball 4. Sodality 3. Art 4. A soccer Fan, sees future in the R.C.M.P. i FRANK VERKERK Looking at the other person’s work seems to be the order of the day for Mike Beaton and Jim Reynolds. 73 SIX GREAT YEARS emeu: c s LITERATURE IACCNTLV NEEDED « T..t FOfiEiW MISSION - Br. Bales pauses to share jokes with several grammar school students. A source of never-ending wonder to the outsider is the ability of Brother Bates to address any of his eight-hundred fifty students by name. Every day he can be seen in the lower corridor surrounded by junior members of his rather large " family " carrying on easy conversations ... a word of encouragement here, a fatherly pat on the head there. Due to the rapid growth of the school Mr. Houston has been called in to share the Grammar School duties and these conversations are now about the only contact Brother has with his younger students. Mr. Houston, grammar school supervisor and Br. Bates look over the campus. 74 PREPARE... In our eight years as residents of the bottom floor of Vancouver College WE PREPARE to join the ranks of those exalted creatures known as high school students — so huge in size, so mighty in sports, so good in school. We surely hope that when the time comes we will be able to carry on the traditions of the College. In the meantime we strive to prepare ourselves through atten- tion to studies for the tough times ahead. We enjoy a full program of sports and activities, dreaming of the day when we will be able to do all these things as high school students. 75 BACK ROW: Peter Fox, Anselmo Gasteasoro. MIDDLE ROW: Augusto Fortuny, Oscar Erickson. FRONT ROW: John Jaye, Paul Dore. CHRISTOPHER EDWARD ALLEN CHARLES KINGDON ANSTIE BRENT WILLIAM BITZ ROBERT LOUIE BLAIR DAVID ROSS BOYER CHRIS PETER CAIRNS JOHN TAILOR CAMPBELL DENNIS GERALD DEACON PAUL JOSEPH DORE ROBERT IAN DUFF JOSEPH OSCAR ERICKSON JOHN STEVENSON EWONUS AUGUSTO FORTUNY WILLIAM WAYNE FOSTER DAVID ANTHONY FOURNIER PETER LENNIS FOX ANSELMO RAFAEL GASTEASORO LAWRENCE WILLIAM GOULET PHILLIP BEDE HARRISON HENRY LAWRENCE HOLLAND JOHN RICHARD JAYE PAUL WALKER LORANGER BRIAN ANTHONY McCLAY ROBERT BRIAN MACDONALD thomas McIntosh KEITH DAVID McDOUGALL PETER ALLEN NEILSON ALLEN WILLMOUNT O’GRADY DANIEL ROBERT O ' LEARY BRYAN JOSEPH POULIN GREGORY GEORGE RAHN BONNER HOYT REINKING FRANK SCHMIDT RONALD SHUTTLEWORTH FRED SLOAN RANDALL GREGORY SPARKS RICHARD WILLIAM SWARBRICK DANIEL JOSEPH THORSEN RONALD ARTHUR WARNER RODRIGUEZ FERNANDO ZORRILLA BACK ROW: Robert Macdonald, Christopher Allen, Brian McClay, Allen O ' Grady, Bonner Reinking, Frank Schmidt. FRONT ROW: Randall Sparks, Robert Blair, Keith McDougall, Brian Poulin, Paul Loranger. BR. P. B. PASTONE, B.A. Moderator of Inter- mediate Boarders. Perhaps the only Eighth Grade teacher to see his own pu- pils graduate from V.C. Originally from Sidney, Nova Scotia; previously taught at Kent, Washing- ton. BACK ROW: John Campbell, David Boyer, Dennis Deacon, Robert Duff. FRONT ROW: Chris Cairns. BACK ROW: Fred Sloan, Fernando Zorrilla, Richard Swarbrick. MIDDLE ROW: Ronald Shuttleworth, Thomas McIntosh, Daniel Thorsen. FRONT ROW: Allen Neilson, Ronald Warner. BACK ROW: Michael Martinoff, Terry Pearse, Gordon Ronney, Brian McCorry, David Murison. FRONT ROW: Louis Rojas, James Sadler, Gregory Rahn. MR. P. SIDONE, B.A. Joined the faculty last September as Eighth Grade teacher. Holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Jordan Hill Col- lege of Glasgow Uni- versity. BACK ROW: Michael Driskill, Harold Clair, Phillip Busch. FRONT ROW: Peter Brown, Brian Burke, Fred Buder. JOHN SCOTT ARTHUR WILLIAM PETER BAKK GEORGE JOHN BALABAN TED MAXWELL BOAKE MICHAEL STEWART BODDEN PETER ROBERT BROWN MANFRED HENRY BUDER BRIAN DESMOND BURKE PHILLIP JOHN BUSCH HAROLD JAMES CLAIR ALEX JOSEPH DOMASZEWICZ MICHAEL SCHARTEL DRISKILL PAUL DANIEL EMANUELE CHRISTOPHER MARK GLINSKI THOMAS MICHAEL GREEN PAUL JOHN HOWARD BRUCE FRANCIS JAMIESON FRANKLIN ARTHUR JANG JOHN WOUTER KARPES EDWARD JOHN KENNEDY PHILIP JOHN LACERTE PETER HAMILTON LANE THOMAS JOSEPH LEAHY PETER LIRONI MARK SHORTLEY LUTTRELL BRIAN EDWARD McCARRY TIMOTHY DONALD McCONNELL DAVID GORDON McGREGOR JAMES RICHARD McHALE MICHAED JOHN MARTINOFF DAVID PATRICK MURISON TERRY DONALD PEARSE GORDON WAYNE ROONEY JAMES DOUGLAS SADLER JOHN SELKIRK SADLER ARTHUR THOMPSON DAVID IAN SMYTH DAVID CAMPBELL WALLBAUM CHRISTOPHER KELLY WINGHAM MICHAEL IAN WISNICKI BACK ROW: Arthur Thompson, David Smyth, Peter Lironi, Michael Wisnicki, James McHale. FRONT ROW: John Sadler, Daniel Emanuele, David Wallbaum, Christopher Wingham, Alex Domaszewicz. BACK ROW: Tom Green, Phillip Lacerte, Mark Glinski, John Karpes. FRONT ROW: Paul Howard, Thomas Leahy. BACK ROW: Edward Kennedy. MIDDLE ROW: Bruce Jamieson, Peter Lane, Mark Luttrell. FRONT ROW: David McGregor, Timothy McConnell, Franklin Jang. GOLDEN WARRIORS BACK ROW: P. Andrews, R. Mackin, G. Blair, M. Stevens, F. Sloan, R. Rankin, T. Grey, B. Dumaresque, B. Eburne. MIDDLE ROW: W. Miller, D. Eburne, M. Kenny, R. McDonald, D. Wallbaum, L. Blair, A. White, P. Graham, M. Paris. FRONT ROW: M. W isnicki, C. Wingham, Jack Sadler, J. Carueth, T. Pearse, R. Fitzpatrick, James Sadler, S. Close, R. Beaupre. Br. Julian points out his home country to Bill Dumont and Richard Spilker while Fernando Correa and Robert Bazin look on. FINAL RECORDS WINS GOLDEN WARRIORS Coach— Br. Dornbos 4 RED ROVERS Coach— Br. Muldoon 3 BLUE JETS Coach — Br. Rowland 0 LOSSES 1 2 4 BACK ROW: D. Murison, F. Schmidt, D. McClay, P. MacDonald, T. Green, A. O ' Grady. MIDDLE ROW: T. Black, F. Buder, J. Foreman, C. Anstie, T. Fitzpatrick, M. Costello, J. Scully, J. Mullen, H. Mackin. FRONT ROW: C. Dukowski, T. Boyd, C. Arthur, T. Kennedy, B. Longpre, F. Correa, D. MacTavish, J. Tompkins. BACK ROW: M. MacLachlon, P. Claridge, P. Lacerte, M. Killoran, R. Mackin, D. Fournier, P. Costello. MIDDLE ROW: R. Hogg, B. Irving, K. Dirkin, M. Bodin, D. MacDonald, C. Allen, R. Swarbrick, T. Boake, R. Warner. FRONT ROW: G. Rooney, S. Ciok, D. O ' Leary, W. Dumont, R. Arnott, M. Velasquez, W. Gaylie, P. Lane. Golden Warriors beat the Red Rovers at Empire Stadium, during the halftime of the Catholic City Championship (Score 15-0). Outstanding players for the Warriors were Fred Sloan, Terry Pearse, Terry Fitzpatrick, and Spencer Close, while for the Rovers, Dave Murison and Frank Schmidt led the attack. Throughout the season Ralph Arnott led the Blue Jets with his brilliant pass catching. RED ROVERS BLUE JETS BR. JULIAN Order of Our Lady of Lourdes. Grade Seven. Teach- ing here this year to learn the language better and will go on to the Order’s school in Alberta. Conducts First Friday Singing. ) GRADE 8 BOARDERS FRONT ROW: Bonner Reinking, Robert MacDonald, Ted Boake, Augusto Fortuny, Fernando Zorrilla, Fred Sloan, Anselmo Gasteasoro, Oscar Erickson. TOP ROW: Harold Clare, Alan Neilson, Mark Luttrell, Arthur Thompson. FRONT ROW: Judson Slaght, Stephen Zuccolini, Gordy Ridout, Dennis Tomlin, Michael John, Brian McCarron, Fred Mossing, Fernando Correa, Alexandro Rojas, John Cowhig. SECOND ROW: Bill Dumont, Dennis Lacerte, Michael Mannion, John Punt, John Trace, Richard Sanderson, Mario Lopez, THIRD ROW: Larry Root, Anthony Hubbard, Spencer Close, Larry DeTemple, Eddy Hucal, John Sullivan, Raul Zolezzi, Eddy Morris, David Durupt, Robert McFadden. TOP ROW: Robert Bazin, Larry Gunn, Robert Calles, Joe Perran, Donald Trombley, Bob Lonergan, Peter Hare, Gary LeBlanc, John Foley, Michael Reilly. ABSENT: Richard Spilker, Ken Campbell, Gary Paterson. 5 One of the works of the Junior Praesidium of the Legion is leading rosary in the chapel during lunch period. Boys from Grades One and Two seem busy with Br. Bates and Mr. Houston at this moment. JUNIOR LEGION The Queen of Peace is composed of students in the Grammar School. Since its inception early last year, it has adopted as a mode of Catholic Action the bringing of the Catholic press to the hospitals of Vancouver. Each week the boys go to St. Paul’s and St. Vincent’s Hospital with a supply of the B.C. Catholic. Although their work is somewhat limited, they are getting a solid grounding in the important work of the Legion. These are the future Seniors who will one day be active throughout Vancouver assisting the clergy and bringing converts to the faith. BR. J. P. ROWLAND, B.A. Moderator of Junior Board- ers. Spirit ual Di- rector of the Jun- ior Praesidium of the Legion of Mary. Seventh Grade. Came here two years ago from a teaching post in St. John’s, Newfoundland. FRONT ROW: Peter Purdy, David Macgillivray, Eric Legge, Thomas Gray, Michael Bray, David Sinkwicz, Michael Maclachlon, Michael Paris, Ivan Beller, Peter Percheson. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Kempter, Joseph Adams, Robert Whitehead, Janusz Zawadski, Pasquele Audino, John Gray, Warren Reid, Jonathan O ' Grady, Julian Gray, William Brumpton, Paul MacDonald. THIRD ROW: George Ewonus, Terrance Walman, Robert Fitzpatrick, Cornel Dukoski, Michael Kenney, William Gaylie, Robert Rankin, Richard Duggan, g Stephen Gildersleeve, Stanley Ciok, Ken Anderson. TOP ROW: Brian Kenedy, § Robert Semple, Mervyn Killoran, Ralph Arnott, Giles Gibbs, James Mullen, , Thomas Deschner, Denis Gans, Ian Goldie, Gary Smallenberg. ABSENT: Michael Murison, Keith Hutchinson. MIDGET BASKETBALL Midget Basketball at Vancouver College not only helps the boys to become proficient in the sport by learning the fun- damentals of the game while they are young but also enables them to mature by physical development, bringing about co-ordination of body and mind, and character development resulting in good sportsmanship and team- work. Once again the Midgets have had a very successful year with a record of 1 2 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie. The team has al- ready won the Lower Mainland Champion- ship and will represent Vancouver in the British Columbia Provincial Championship. In the C.Y.A. League the Midgets have a record of 9 wins and 1 loss. With the season nearing completion College should take top spot in the League. Spending profitable time in the library are Paul MacDonald, Tom Gray, John Sullivan, and Ken Kempter. Again, the books hold fascination for Br. Rowland ' s class. TOP ROW: P. Lane, R. Dumont, D. Murison, A. O ' Grady. 2nd ROW: J. Mullen, B. Longpre, M. Murison. FRONT ROW: R. Rankin, G. Smallenberg. JUNIOR BOARDERS FRONT ROW: Joseph Adams, Daniel Murphy, John Corveth. SECOND ROW: Robert McFadden, Raul Zollezzi, Alexandro Rojas, Mario Lopez, Michael Mannion, Fernando Correa, Warren Reid. THIRD ROW: Ronald Sam, Nicholas Olah, Dennis Tomlin, John Davis, Santiago Correa, Edward Whittick. TOP ROW: Jonathan O ' Grady, Donald Trombley, David Durupt, Malcolm Gillis, Michael Killeen. C0 A f OLLSC : a Michael Kenny tries desperately to stop Dave Murison from getting the ball over to Brian Longpre. Mervyn Killoren and Michael Stevens try to team up on the ball without success as it heads in the direction of Gary Smallenberg. " Bottoms up " are the words of Gerry Van Loon, and Murphy Costello as the white rats Pixsy and Dixsy get their daily meal. Bruce Dumaresq holds one of the undernourished rats in the combined Grade 5 and 6 science experiment. " Like this” demonstrates Gerry Van Loon as members of the tumbling group try an experiment. BR. F. L. DALTON, B.A. History major. Moderator of Junior Boarders. Grade Six. Gives Grammar School students lessons in Mass serving. Originally from California. Mr. Olson goes over a few fine points of saxo- phone playing with Stewart Sung and Robert McFadden. BIDDY ALL-STARS The Biddy League of Van- couver College consists of four teams in both Senior and Junior division. The teams are composed of gram- mar school boys of 1 2 years and under and are coached by several high school students. The Biddy All-Stars, picked from this league, and coached by Brother Dornbos, play outside teams. This year they played a num- ber of games in the Midget League, an age division above them. As might be expected, they didn’t win them all, but they showed fair bas- ketball potential. Biddy competition is cul- minated with the Biddy Champion- ship Night in the College Gym. Parents and students are invited and the players compete for divi- sion championships and individual awards. BIDDY ALL-STARS FRONT ROW: Paul Claridge, Wayne Miller, Richard Duggan, James Williams. 2nd ROW: Robert Beaupre, Michael Kenny, Joseph Adams, Stephen Gildersleeve. TOP ROW: Cornel Dukoski, Michael Stephens, Stanley Ciok, William Gaylie, Mervyn Killoran. FRONT ROW: Jack Tompkins, Murphy Costello, Jack Davis, Patrick Clarke, George MacFarland, Joseph Scully, Edward Whittick, Terry Fitzpatrick, Glen Reiners, Frank Legg, Robert Hogg, Dennis Delany, Douglas Leung. SECOND ROW: Kelly Durkin, Mike Trites, Blair McGarry, Stephen Rush- ford, Paul Claridge, Sammy Arthur, Joe Hortie, Gerry Van Loon, Wayne Miller, Raymond Poulin, Kevin Mooney, Ken Baker, Anthony Gallagher. THIRD ROW: Bruce Irving, Malcolm Gillis, Dennis MacDonald, Michael Stephens, Bruce Dumaresq, Terry Boyd, Peter Graham, Kevin Kavanagh, Stephen Owen-Jones, Kevin MacDonald, Andrew MacKenzie, Danny Reynolds. TOP ROW: Ronald Sam, Ted Black, David MacTavish, Brian O ' Kelly, Peter Gallagher, Nick Olah, David Field, Richard Mills, Howard Smith, Timothy Stiles, Peter Watts, Harold Marsden. Disappointed St. Pat ' s players watch Robert McDonald as he scores for V.C. FRONT ROW: Elmer Carrothers, Fabian MacDonald, Myles Walman, Brian Deacon, Richard Cain, Brian Longpre, Paul Andrews, Lawrence Mason, Brent Gould, John Grossmith, Daniel Murphy, George Siudut. SECOND ROW: Raymond Gaylie, Philip Steigerwald, Michael Flood, Ronald Hori, Charles Hancock, Edward Hyder, Stewart Sung, Gordon Cawker, Gerald Blair, Gene Kendall, Allan Dukart, Stuart Clark, Clarke Andrews. THIRD ROW: Michael Foreman, Thomas Struve, John Carveth, James Williams, John Alton, John Hunsche, James Baker, Stephen Knight, Michael O ' Brien, Michael Cowhig, Marc Boyer, David Bratseth, Robert Beaupre. TOP ROW: Patrick Gibbons, Warren Walsh, William Phillips, Roger McClay, Michael Killeen, Stephen Gigler, Santiago Correa, David Hislop, Bruce Eburne, Peter Sadler, Michael Murphy. ABSENT: Donald Ross, Michael Kurzynski. Alex Domasewicz of V.C. delivers The St. Pat ' s catcher reaches for the ball but sees it sent for a long ride by a College slugger, underhand fast ball as shortstop Dave Murison waits anxiously. CINDER STARS OF THE GRAMMAR Major in Math, and Physics. Fifth Grade. Coached Grammar School Football, Biddy Basketball, and Softball. Originally from Butte, Montana. Michael Wysnicki, Frank Jang get in School Track Meet. Gary Smallenburg gets in practice on the side as he leaps over Frank Jang and Dan Thorsen. Santiago Correa and Roger McClay display their work in the Grade 5 art show. Various other works can be seen in the background. There ' s one in every group. BR. A. D. BLESCH, B.A. Grade Four. Spends his after- noons instructing tumbling, Midget Basketball and in Fall, J.V. Foot- ball. Also coaches hockey with Br. Walsh. FRONT ROW: Peter Cowhig, Thomas Gyimesi, Michael Hill, Harry Howard, William Harris, Hector MacKay-Dunn, Robert Fortin, Gregory Paris, William Cote, Brenton Rosso, Richard Gorman, Edward McGivern. SECOND ROW: John Ripley, James Williams, William MacNamara, David Eburne, Arthur Patterson, Francis Leahy, Edward Thornton, Gregory Rooney, Peter Choate, Joseph Alvaro, Peter Beynon, Paul Costello. THIRD ROW: John Mills, Joseph McGarry, Christopher Irwin, Larry Hamilton, Kent Bitz, James Mason, Robert Whyte, Stephen Paris, John Day, Terrance Jordan, Jonathan Stiles, Paul Patmore. TOP ROW: Hans Kloepfer, Malcolm Mactavish, Patrick Finnegan, Ross Lonergan, James Coverdale, Gerald Conti, Michael Lloyd, Richard Poole, Denis Kelly, Thomas Pink, Patrick Tritschler, Francis David. The week of March 21st finds Br. Muldoon pointing out the Pennsylvania Lower Mainland Basketball Trophy to three of his students. Some grade six students exer- cise their vocal cords accom- panied by Mrs. Watts. wmm7 n mmiM BR. E. A. MULDOON, B.A. Third Grade. Boxing moderator and coach of Grammar School football team. Or- iginally from the Bronx, New York. FRONT ROW: Anthony Pulice, Stephen G aylie, Gary Trosell, D ' Arcy Enright, Joel Gonzalez, Stephen Yehle, Martin Finch, Brian Walman, Louis Struve. SECOND ROW: William Gunn, John Bessville, Richard Longpre, Harry Brandolini, John Resner, James Leahy, Cameron Beck, Brian, McAdams, John Cliffe. THIRD ROW: Peter Hill, Robert Sung, John Nixon, Stephen Forsberg, Bruce Patterson, Peter Hunsche, Paul Giroday. TOP ROW: Kenneth Groff, William Harrison, Daniel Cumming, Robert Leung, Joseph Malo, James Wingham, Edward Gillette, Christopher Gallagher, James Loftus, Louis Rempel. ABSENT: John Percheson. It ' s Friday night and a rest for this group of brothers as they watch the Gaels roll to another victory. Grade 1 and 2 students fervently watch as Br. Cronin sings “Do, Re, Me. ' ' BR. W. P. O’NEILL, B.A. H is tory Major. Second Grade. During activities instructs Mass servers. Also has class in religious handicrafts. Hails from Cinncinatti. FRONT ROW: Chris White, John Phillips, Ian Jordan, Steve Daniel, Matthew McGarry, Michael MacKay-Dunn, Richard Shaker, Bryan Fortin, Matthew Cote, Grant Cameron, Ian MacLean. SECOND ROW: Charles Locke, Nick Gallagher, Paul Hancock, John Fox, David MacVey, Carl Wimmer, Ian Sutcliffe, Paul Carrothers, Kim Wallbaum, Brian Hill. THIRD ROW: Kim La Belle, Denis Battrum, Chris Kielesinaki, Mark Hyder, Steve Mackenzie, Michael White, Mark Foley, John Malo, James Deacon, Joseph Romano. TOP ROW: Stephen Whittaker, Kevin McClay, John Cawker, Pat Rempel, Richard Paris, Chris Bernard, Brendan O ' Connell, Louis Malo, William Dick. ' The sight of money along with the generosity of Br. Postone soon draws a throng of intermediate boarders who find they have empty pockets. BR. W. D. CRONIN, B.A. Instructs Grade One and then goes to High School in the afternoon for French 10. From New York, his first year here. It’s 2:30 and school ' s out for these Grade 1 youngsters. FRONT ROW: Michael Fanning, David Nixon, Timothy Mylett, Bruce Waite, William Lehane, Warren Whyte, Robert Williston, Paul Hewison, William DeTemple, David Mackenzie. SECOND ROW: Gerard Cumming, Duane Gould, Barrie Baldock, Jorge Guri Puigbo, Byron Kong, Brian Cruise, Joseph McMillan, Ralph Wimmer, John McCleery, David Hancock, Michael O ' Leary. TOP ROW: Shawn John, Michael Cliffe, Michael Gillette, Bryan Vandaal, Gerald Bonar, Pal McGivern, Michael Cassidy, Stephen Schmuck. ABSENT: Douglas Johnstone. Br. Bates and Lou Murphy discuss the Emerald Gloves program. Br. Bates said at the 1960 Graduate Dinner that at his slightest request the school ' s friends would immediately supply him with his needs. Thus he unknowingly revealed the respect and support he had gained in his six years at V.C. The following section shows the respect of many local merchants for the type of education that Br. Bates has come to symbolize. Br. Bates has given the 1960 graduates several things we will never lose. Among these the most treasured is his friendship which we hope to retain forever. Many thanks, Br. Bates, from the 1960 grads. Mrs. B. McCabe, Mrs. J. Ewanus, Mrs. J. Walsh, Mrs. R. Fortin, Mrs. D. Cliff e discuss the Spring Carnival plans with Br. Bates. FRIENDS... Since the success of Vancouver College is due to OUR FRIENDS, we wish to salute and thank them in this sec- tion. The Alumni who co-sponsored the Emerald Gloves and the Mothers’ Auxiliary are among these friends. PATRONS Compliments of A Friend Drs. C. W. Donnelly J. C. MacKenzie Dr. H. Dumont Dr. M. Dumont Mr. L. J. Dukowski Dr. C. A. Carter Manuel Gonzales Dr. J. A. Irving Dr. R. S. McDonald Mr. Jack Mills The Mitton Family Mr. and Mrs. A. Willman SPONSORS Dr. C. A. Cawker Mr. F. W. Duggan Dr. K. P. Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Hughs The Mothers’ Club Executive: Mrs. David Cliffe, Recording Secretory; Mrs. Raoul Fortin, Correspondence Secretary; Mrs. J. Ewonus, First Vice-President; Mrs. J. Walsh, Second Vice-President; Mrs. B. McCabe, Treasurer. RIGHT: Mrs. M. Martinofl, President. Mrs. H. Whittaker repairs a football cape The Amazing Mothers ' Club Whenever any club or organization needs a hand in planning a dinner or a concert, they feel free to call on the Mothers’ Club. In addition to organizing and running the Spring Carnival, they have a rummage sale and a party for the participants in the Emerald Gloves. Each month a Tea is held, where the activities of the Auxiliary are planned. This year the club boasts the largest membership in its long history of service to Vancouver College. After the Emerald Gloves the Mothers host the contestants. Mrs. R. Carrothers, Mrs. H. Whittaker, Mrs. G. K. Claridge and Mrs. B. McCabe making preparations for a monthly tea. . UlLj . A New Club— The Alumni Society Organized in the spring of 1959, the Vancouver College Alumni has spon- sored two important events at the school. In early December, seventeen Grads put on Basketball unifo rms and challenged the Varsity. Although it was a close game, the Varsity came through with a win. In late January, the Grads organized the Emerald Gloves, which are covered in another section of this book. At the smoker held after the Grad basketball game, there were representa- tives from nearly every class which has graduated in the school’s thirty-odd year The Alumni Executive: Barry McNeil ’51 .treasurer; Jim Durkin, secretary; Lou Murphy ' 51, president; Bernard Carter ' 47, vice- president; Br. Mackenzie, moderator. Bob Pickel ' 47 , Senior A League ace, gives Mike Melanson a few pointers on shooting. Angus Currie, Manager. FRONT ROW: Jack Dumont ’59; Rick Walsh ' 58; Barry Giroday ' 59; Bob Lasko ' 58; Maury Mulhern ' 47; Leon Brandolini ' 53; Jim MacDonald ' 51; Archie Currie ' 50. BACK ROW: Bob Brewer ' 47; Brian Mulhern ' 48; John Brown ' 50; Dave Dumaresq ' 55; Terry Crane ' 50; Bob Pickel ' 47; Cal Murphy ' 50; Fr. Charles Paris ' 48; Tom Butler ' 51. WlMMER AND STILL CHAMPION ! Bank of Montreal ula. 4 ' JinAt TO 2 Million CAMADlin rap Kerrisdale Branch: JOHN E. P. HENNIKER. Manager WORKING WITH CANADIANS IN EVERY WALK OF LIFE SINCE 1 8 7 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS LAWSON OATES MOTORS LTD. 5799 W. Boulevard VANCOUVER 13, B.C. AMherst 1-8131 MARSHALL PONTIAC BUICK LTD. “Where service follows the Sale " Cambie at 1 8th Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. TRinity 4-3434 ZEPHYR MOTORS 130 West Broadway VANCOUVER, B.C. TRinity 6-2191 BANKS THE BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA Granville 41st VANCOUVER 13, B.C. AMherst 1-3141 BARBERS AIRPORT BARBERSHOP West Passenger Terminal VANCOUVER AIRPORT E. L. Heffernan BARRELS “Good Luck and Best Wishes From " SWEENEY COOPERAGE LTD. 49 Smythe St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 5-9264 BEAUTY SALONS KENDALL’S HOUSE OF BEAUTY 3644 West 16th Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. CAstle 4-9515 JULIUS BEAUTY SALON 1 1 86 Granville St. VANCOUVER 2, B.C. MUtual 4-6915 BOOKS KERRISDALE BOOK NOOK 2135 West 41st Avenue VANCOUVER 13, B.C. AMherst 1-1959 BUILDING SUPPLIES LOCHDALE TRANSFER BUILDING SUPPLIES 4223 E. Hastings St. VANCOUVER, B.C. REgent 3-5654 RIVERDALE LUMBER “Everything for the Builder” RICHMOND — 143 5 Road — FA 5-1206 MAILLARDVILLE — 1504 Brunette St. — LA 2-9831 SURREY — 8092 120th St. — LA 2-9828 CAFE BAMBOO TERRACE 155 E. Pender VANCOUVER 4, B.C. MUtual 3-1935 96 Our warm congratulations to the GRADU- ATING CLASS of 1960 and, to each one, an abundance of God’s blessings in his chosen vocation. To the CHRISTIAN BROTHERS OF IRE- LAND, also, we wish to extend our sin- cere congratulations upon their outstand- ing achievements not only among the Graduating Class, but in the field of edu- cation generally. May Almighty God con- tinue to shower His blessings upon your endeavours. Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (The Oblate Fathers ' Annual Vocation Workshop, designed to help any young man interested in the priesthood or religious life, will be held from June 26 to July 1 this year. Any V.C. students interested in attending should apply to the Oblate Fathers at St. Augustine ' s Rectory, 2015 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver.) HERE ' S THE WAY TO BUY POTATOES BUY THE BEST BUY HI-TEST THE BRAND NAME TO REMEMBER WHEN BUYING VEGETABLES Grown, tested, packed and guaranteed by local B.C. Growers B.C. COAST VEGETABLE CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Richmond, B.C. ii W, hen I was your age, a dollar would buy...” Born twenty years too late? You might get that impression, listening to your elders reminisce about prices in “the good old days”. Clothes, cars or candy bars : according to the legend, everything was better and cheaper in the golden age before you were born. So it may console you to know that at least one important commodity has gone up in value and down in price during your lifetime. That’s right - electricity. Up in value, because right now, electricity is performing tasks that were undreamed of two decades ago. Washing dishes and drying clothes. Bringing you hi-fi music and TV shows. And doing them all automatically. Down in price, because while the average family served by B.C. Electric now uses more than four times as much electricity as they did in 1940 - they actually pay less per kilowatt hour. Electricity is probably the biggest bargain you can buy today; will undoubtedly be even more so when you ' re an old-timer with reminiscences of your own. B.C. ELECTRIC 98 VahccuiJer ' j JiheAt tfeAtaurahtA 1049 W. GEORGIA MU 2-2234 MU 2-9385 THE STEAK HOUSE CHARCOAL BROILER RESTAURANT 639 HOWE MU 1-1022 o« MU 3-9551 99 GROUND Witt Ifcur Civilian WinyA volunteer in the OBSERVER CORPS The Civilian Arm of the RCAF To: Officer Commanding 10 Ground Observer Corps Detachment 1363 Howe Street, Vancouver 1, B.C. Please send me further details on the Ground Observer Corps Name Every day all over the country thousands of patriotic Canadians are serving as civilian plane spotters — guarding against a surprise attack from above. This is a vital service to give warning of hostile aircraft trying to sneak through our radar. The men and women who wear the Gold Wings of the Ground Observer Corps are doing a job that calls for twice their number. They need more help— your help for just a few hours a week. Address — - Be a part of Canada’s Air Defence Team. Telephone Join tlx Grou tul Observer Corps right away. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS COLLINS COLLINS 501 - 470 Granville St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 5-0564 CHEESE — Wholesale TOWER SALES LTD. ‘‘A Cheese to Please” 391 0 Grant St. NORTH BURNABY, B.C. CYpress 9-3471 -2 -3 CLEANERS BRITEWAY CLEANERS LTD. Quality - Courtesy - Service 5890 Victoria Drive VANCOUVER, B.C. FAirfax 5-371 1 SPARKLE CLEANERS 3213 Cambie at 16th Ave. •2 Hour Dry Cleaning Service Cash and Carry For Pick-up Delivery — TRinity 4-2421 CLOTHES FINN’S OF KERRISDALE 2159 W. 41st Ave. VANCOUVER 13, B.C. AMherst 1 -4420 HAMILTON HARVEY SON LTD. 2015 Main St. VANCOUVER 8, B.C. TRinity 4-9121 E. A. LEE FORMAL WEAR RENTALS LTD. 623 Howe St. VANCOUVER 1, B.C. MUtual 3-2457 COLLISION REPAIRS DEAN BROS. REPAIRS LTD. 1 1 1 1 W. 73rd Ave. VANCOUVER 14, B.C. AMherst 6-4151 CONFECTIONERY — Wholesale SCOTT BATHGATE LTD. 1 050 Hamilton St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 5-0371 CONTRACTORS JOE ARCHAMBAULT LTD. 160 East 4th Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. TRinity 4-8131 S. GAYLIE CONSTRUCTION LTD. 4888 Marguerite St. VANCOUVER, B.C. REgent 8-8422 W. R. LEGG CONSTRUCTION 5972 East Boulevard VANCOUVER 13, B.C. AMherst 1 -3250 STRADIOTTI BROTHERS LTD. 2582 Kent St. VANCOUVER, B.C. FAirfax 1-9171 100 Mnsgr. Nichol officiated at the blessing of the new shrine to Our Lady on the first of May. YELLOW - STAR - CHECKER CABS THE Taxi Company that the " Collegian " recommends CITY-WIDE SERVICE 85 Owner-Operated Cabs — Union Service - MU 1-3311 MU 3-2121 101 A SOUND INVESTMENT OFFERING SUBSTANTIAL RETURNS Collectively shareholders in various companies un- derwritten by us offering “group-ownership” of selected real estate now own properties valued at over $8 million comprising ( 1 ) over 750 apartment units and (2) commercial buildings fully leased. For descriptive folder call, write or phone. B.C. ESTATES LIMITED B.C. Estates Bldg., 1075 Melville St. — MU 1-7248 Branch Offices at Victoria, Vernon and Calgary Register and Transfer Agents: Montreal Trust Company DOORS B.C. DOOR CO. LTD. 1206 W. 75th Ave. VANCOUVER 14, B.C. AMherst 5-9161 B.C. SASH DOOR CO. LTD. 538 West 8th Avenue VANCOUVER 9, B.C. TRinity 6-2288 DRIVE-IN LIONS DRIVE-IN 3475 E. Hastings St. 3080 W. Broadway 5869 Victoria Drive VANCOUVER, B.C. ENGRAVERS — Photo TRI-GRAPHIC ENGRAVERS LTD. 770 - 367 Water St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 4-4267 EQUIPMENT TOOLS HAMMOND EQUIPMENT LTD. Hote l, Hospital Restaurant Equipment 2178 W. 4th Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. REgent 3-2612 TOOLS EQUIPMENT (VANCOUVER) LTD. Exclusive Distributors 1910 Main St. VANCOUVER 10, B.C. TRinity 4-7393 FLOORING FLOORCRAFT LTD. 1964 W. Broadway VANCOUVER 9, B.C. REgent 1-4628 FLORISTS STRATHCONA FLORAL CO. LTD. 2151 West 39th Ave. VANCOUVER 13, B.C. AMherst 1-7271 FOOD GROCERS A C GROCERY 3025 Granville St., VANCOUVER 5679 Granville St., VANCOUVER 1469 Marine Dr., WEST VANCOUVER REgent 3-1 141 FOODS KRAFT FOODS LTD. 3003 Grandview Highway BURNABY, B.C. HEmlock 1 -561 1 SLADE STEWART LTD. 454 Prior St. VANCOUVER 4, B.C. MUtual 3-3151 STAFFORD FOODS LTD. “Leaders in Fine Foods” 1 1 34 Homer St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 3-9338 102 Quality Biscuits for all Occasions SHORTBREAD COCONUT CRUNCH FAMILY PACK PARTY PACK RAISIN SANDWICHES Dutch Bakeries Limited Compliments of BEGG MOTOR COMPANY LTD. Exclusive B.C. Dealer for CHRYSLER Industrial and Remanufactured Engines Vancouver ' s Largest and Best Equipped Body Shop and Paint Department 1426 Begg Street Vancouver 4, B.C. MUtual 2-461 1 THE PIONEER NAME IN B.C. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY 103 GIANT JET-PROP BRITANNIAS SPEED YOU OVER T WO ROUTES Have fun in Europe this year. See famous landmarks. Inhale the magic atmosphere of European culture and thought. Jet-prop Britannias speed you there two ways — Polar Route ( Vancouver-Amsterdam) or Transcon- tinental-Southern Route ( Vancouver-Montreal-Lisbon- Rome). A trip to Europe is the perfect graduation present. Pay as low as $67.00 down on the “Fly Now — Pay Later Plan”. See your Travel Agent or Canadian Pacific. Phone MUtual 2-1411. Return Economy CaMadiaH (pacific AIRLINES WINGS OF THE WORLD’S GREATEST TRAVEL SYSTEM Jim Abernethy, 6 211 Adera St., AM 1-6446 Brian Adams, 5430 Oak St., AM 1-5346 Greg Arduini, Old Nicola Rd., Kamloops, B.C. Phone 729-L Wayne Armeneau, 1381 E. 17th Ave., TR 6-9508 Gordon Bader, 1440 E. 20th Ave., TR 4-0425 Martin Barford, 726 Suffolk St., Victoria, B.C. EV 3-8287 Mike Beaton, 3537 W. 43rd Ave., AM 6-8290 David Begg, 1200 W. 57th Ave., AM 1-6833 Doug Bell, 757 McCallan Rd., Richmond, B.C., BR 7-7419 Terry Campbell, 386 Hidhurst Place, West Vancouver, B.C. WA 2-9810 Herb Carey, 761 McCallan Rd., Richmond, B.C. BR 7-7463 Kevin Cassidy, 2054 W. 48th Ave., AM 1-3877 Frank Croquet, 3507 St. Catherine ' s TR 6-6653 Henry Delesalle 3775 Edinburgh St., North Burnaby, B.C. CY 9-2803 Don Dixon, 1 109 London St., New Westminster, B.C. LA 1-9586 Richard Dodds, 2274 Dalhousie St., Victoria, B.C. EV 2-6971 (jratfe 12 hirectwn Jim Dumont 6826 Hudson St., AM 1-4518 Ralph Dunkeld, 1162 W. 26th Ave., RE 8-2347 Eckhardt Ferdinandi, 3044 W. 7th Ave., RE 3-3761 Eugene Filiatrault, 940 Guadling Ave., Maillardville, B.C. LA 2-5513 Greg Findlay, 198 Garnar Cres., Nanaimo, B.C. Nanaimo 3592-R Rupert Gibbs, 1 849 W. 30th Ave., RE 3-3181 Robert Granger, 2006 Quilchena Cres., AM 6-4772 Mike Grant, 4064 W. 15th Ave., CA 4-1989 Nelson Gray, 2892 W. 28th Ave., RE 8-6067 Alfred Hailey, 3606 W. 14th Ave., CA 4-5104 Bill Heffernan, 3768 Quesnelle Dr., RE 3-1202 Robert Hunter, 916 - 107th Ave., Dawson Creek, B.C. ST 2-3532 Joseph Janssens, 1 345 Gilbert Rd., Richmond, B.C. BR 7-7307 Dan Julien, 2066 E. 37th Ave., FA 5-4973 Terry Keenan, 2574 W. 37th Ave., AM 6-9917 Don Kloster, 8564 Montcalm St., AM 1-4893 Paul LeVasseur, 1 886 W. Broadway, Ste. 6, RE 1-4426 Jim Lillies, 2225 Lobban Rd., Abbotsford, B.C. UL 4-4351 Bob Logue, 6574 Vine St., AM 6-7493 Bernie McCabe, 4492 Crown St., CA 4-7456 Jack McDaniel, 3348 Mahon Ave., North Vancouver, B.C. YU 8-1319 Gary McDevitt, 826 No. 3 Rd., Richmond, B.C. BR 7-4330 Ed McDonald, 4420 Dumfries St., TR 4-2961 Bob McGavin, 6151 Granville St., AM 1-3693 Jim Mdnnis, 3531 W. 1 1th Ave., RE 8-6350 Rod Madsaac, 2446 W. 4th Ave., RE 3-1290 Harry McLaughlin, 2129 W. 49th Ave., AM 6-0761 Mike McLaughlin, 2478 Lawson Ave., West Vancouver, B.C. WA 2-2491 James McMillan, Lytton, B.C. Phone 33-Q Alex Macaulay, 3889 W. 31st Ave., CA 8-8106 Bernard Marini, 1905 W. 14th Ave., RE 1-3892 Mike Melanson, 4070 W. 13th Ave., CA 4-7475 Dick Miller, 982 Braeside, West Vancouver, B.C. WA 2-4904 David Mitton, 1 850 Greer Ave., RE 8-8518 Juan Jose Mota, Ed ificio Polar Plaza Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela Paul Mui, 1 806 Adanac St., HA 5448-Y Mark Nett, 4028 W. 28th Ave., CA 4-5404 Dave Nichols, 3563 Puget Dr., RE 3-5654 Lauren O ' Connor, 243 Scarboro Ave., Calgary, Alberta Boris Oduber, Apartado, No. 346, Panama R. de Panama, 2-0469 Bob Olma, 1190 E. 6 1 st Ave., FA 7-1900 Robert Olson, 1978 W. 1 1th Ave., RE 8-6394 Roger Paille, 8668 Montcalm St., Apt. AM 1-8759 Joe Peake, 257 E. 17th Ave., TR 6-6566 Tony Perez, Jr., Ave. Reforma No. 133, Mexico 4, D.F. 46-98-92 Jim Reynolds, 3874 W. 22nd Ave., CA 4-0437 Bruce Richardson, 107 Abercrombie Dr., R.R. 1, Richmond, B.C. CR 8-1803 Rolando-Leon Sallo, Grav No. 874, Sullana, Peru 25821 Jim Ryan, 974 Byron, Apt. 5, Ottawa, Ont. PA 2-7764 Gerry Schell, 143 E. 17th St., North Vancouver, B.C. YU 7-8593 Robert Schuett, 4013 W. 12th Ave., CA 4-6553 Richard Seipp, 7677 French St., AM 1-2004 Bill Sims, 4834 Boundary Rd., HE 1-0308 Frank Verkerk, Box 554, Powell River, B.C. We are growing with British Columbia and ready to serve you at our new, modern location. Members of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society Service through Knowledge WE SELL THE BEST AND SERVICE THE REST Frank Seipp Friedrich Refrigerators and Super Market Equipment. Bob Millar Restaurant and Hotel Refrigerators and Equipment. Walk-in Coolers and Freezers Built to Order. Florist Refrigerators and Coolers. Ice Makers — All Sizes, 100 lbs. to 20 tons. Soda Fountains ( Bastian-Blessing Ever- frost ) . Air Conditioners — All sizes. Specialized Refrigeration Application. Electric Motor Repairing. Sales Service Contracting BROADWAY REFRIGERATION AIR CONDITIONING CO. LTD. Emergency Calls: Frank — AM 1-2004, Bob — YU 8-7795 TRinity 4-6474 133 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver 10, B.C. FUEL SUPPLIES ROCKGAS PROPANE LTD. 1 272 Granville St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 4-3277 FUNERAL DIRECTORS KEARNEY FUNERAL DIRECTORS 1096 W. Broadway VANCOUVER, B.C. REgent 3-6722 SIMMONS McBRIDE LTD. 1 995 West Broadway VANCOUVER, B.C. REgent 1-4151 GARDENING LULU ISLAND WATER GARDENS (Everything for the Garden Pool) Begonias - Bedding Plants - Imported Bulbs 748 Heather St. RICHMOND, B.C. CRestwood 8-2040 HARDWARE E. B. GIBBONS CO. LTD. 2168 Kingsway VANCOUVER 16, B.C. HEmlock 4-2474 GIBBS TOOL STAMPING WORKS LTD. 290 West 3rd Ave. VANCOUVER 10, B.C. TRinity 6- 1 848 KERRISDALE HARDWARE LTD. 2118 West 4 1 st Ave. VANCOUVER 13, B.C. AMherst 1- 1750 VANCOUVER ELECTRIC BOXES LTD. 2060 West Broadway VANCOUVER, B.C. REgent 1-8204 HEATING, ROOFING SHEET METAL JACKSON SHEET METAL ROOFING CO. LTD. 7087 McPherson Ave. SOUTH BURNABY, B.C. HEmlock 3-1284 HOTELS THE COLONIAL HOUSE Deluxe Accommodations - Air Conditioned Rooms - Dining Room William Margaret Graham, Prop. Box 63, HEDLEY, B.C. 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Go-Kart parts and accessories are also available at Cal-Van. more speed, more traction, more safety DROP KARTS $139.50 Only $10 down Easy Terms GO-KART TODAY •• Kart 400t AND SEE THE IN Kart Everybody ' W NflS To 500 KINGSWAY 2 STORES 660 DENMAN (Kingsway 15th) (Cor. Georgia Denman) 107 (Lonc ratufationA to tlie 1960 Graduates for flowers that please 738 WEST HASTINGS ST. MUtual 5-7449 Harold Chisholm Hotels (Con’t.) KAMLO MOTOR HOTEL 1 1 50 Denman St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 4-7474 KOOTENAY HOTEL “A home away from Home " Box 1163 CRESTON, B.C. EL 6-2055 SUNNYSIDE HOTEL AUTO COURT " Fully modern rooms and cabins " Gas — Heating and Cooking Phone Williams Lake 76, Box 429 WILLIAMS LAKE, B.C. Prop. J. C. Buckley YALE HOTEL 1300 Granville St. V ANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 1-6839 IMPORTERS " Fine Imported Fabrics” ARTHUR SANDERSON SONS (CANADA) LTD. 1610 West 6th Ave. VANCOUVER 9, B.C. REgent 8-3219 INSULATION INSULATOR INDUSTRIES (B.C.) LTD. 476 Industrial Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 4-2267 INSURANCE HUGH McKINNON LTD. Insurance Specialists 4 1 8 Rogers Building VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 1-5261 CLOVERDALE OFFICE— LAkeview 6-3030 MOORE KEATING INSURANCE 1 15 - 744 W. Hastings VANCOUVER 1, B.C. MUtual 3-4594 ROYAL TRUST CO. 626 W. Pender St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 5-841 1 INVESTMENTS BURLEIGH PARTNERS, LIMITED Investment Dealers 221 - 789 West Pender St. VANCOUVER 1, B.C. MUtual 1-7574 READ BROS. CO. LTD. 602 Hastings St. West VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 1-8030 THOMAS B. READ COMPANY LTD. 602 W. Hastings St. VANCOUVER 2, B.C. MUtual 3-7751 JEWELLERS O. B. ALLAN LTD. 480 Granville St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 1-1151 108 ijotuuj man cjoinq places COLLEGE CLOTHES FROM CLINTON ' S ARE BEST Clintcn’s rriEns ulieor j or advance d shj (incj 742 Granville St. MUtual 1-5625 The Home of The Ford Family of Fine Cars BROWN BROS. MOTORS LTD. AM 6-7111 41st GRANVILLE AM 6-6446 VANCOUVER, B.C. 109 Greg Findlay carries both ball and opponent for another first down. t i y0r i A decisive victory over Notre Dame gave V.C. possession of the Archbishops ' Trophy, presented here to team Captains Macaulay and Beaton. 5w defensive skill in Lincoln High School, Sponsored by Dr. O. C. Kirby, Alec Macaulay, and Fred Tehle. A determined Al Macaulay plows headlong into a wall of opponents. Jeweller’s (Con ' t.) HENRY BIRKS SONS (B.C.) LTD. 710 Granville VANCOUVER 1, B.C. MUtual 5-621 1 ROSSO JEWELLERS “Guaranteed Watch Jewellery Repairs " 2539 Main St. VANCOUVER, B.C. TRinity 6-1151 LADIES’ WEAR AGNES’ DRESSMAKING SHOP Agnes Hanano Dressmaking, Ladies ' Tailoring, and Alteration 4025 McDonald St. REgent 1-4813 MORAY HOSIERY LINGERIE 4573 W. 10th Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. CAstle 4-3620 SABA BROS. LTD. 622 - 628 Granville St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 4-1221 LUMBER PRODUCTS A B BUILDERS’ SUPPLIES LTD. Paint - Plywood - Insulation Building Hardware - Lumber 1 43 E. 2nd Ave. VANCOUVER 10, B.C. TRinity 4-1322 ANGLO-CANADIAN TIMBER PRODUCTS LTD. 369 East Esplanade NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. YUkon 8-1138 L. C. HARRIS CEDAR LTD. Shakes, Shingles, Grapestake Fencing Box 725; ABBOTSFORD, B.C. Phone: Abbotsford: ULysses 3-5221 HODGSON-WALSH WOOD PRODUCTS B.C. LTD. 908 West 6th Ave. VANCOUVER 9, B.C. REgent 8-7177 KERRISDALE LUMBER CO. LTD. 6191 West Boulevard at 46th VANCOUVER 13, B.C. AMherst 1-4274 SOUTH CARIBOO LUMBER SALES LTD. 3256 Cambie St. VANCOUVER, B.C. TRinity 4-4248 MACHINERY DIETRICH-COLLINS EQUIPMENT LTD. Construction, Logging Mining Machinery VANCOUVER - PRINCE GEORGE - REVELSTOKE GALBRAITH SULLEY LIMITED 1331 West 6th Ave. VANCOUVER 9, B.C. REgent 8-5 1 2 1 112 Compliments of Collingwood Drug Stores Ltd. Five Stores to Serve You 3377 Kingsway, Vancouver HEmlock 4-1010 6698 Fraser, Vancouver FAirfax 1-8522 5104 Joyce, Vancouver HEmlock 3-721 2 4865 Kingsway, South Burnaby HEmlock 4-3108 7555 Cambie — FAirfax 1-1288 J. M. SMITH President ROY TUCHBREITER Chairman of the Board C ompfi unen WILLARD N. BOYDEN Vice-President and Secretary f !:ti : l J etu.n? » ion 5ioi feM ». .ftivith - jum 1 HEAD OFFICE FOR CANADA — TORONTO SPECIAL RISKS AND AVIATION DIVISIONS 502 - 640 WEST HASTINGS STREET, VANCOUVER 2, B.C. PHONE: MUtual 4-6381 ROSS D. HEINS Canadian General Manager K. O. ARMSTRONG Provincial Manager 113 Also manufacturers of Hires Root Beer, Kik Cola, and Gurds Ginger Ale. The ONLY soft drink recommended by MEAT GEORGE JACKSON LTD. " Vancouver’s Finest Butcher " 2226 West 4th Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. REgent 3-91 65 OWEN’S MEAT MARKET LTD. 5693 Victoria Drive VANCOUVER, B.C. AMherst 1 -3949 PACIFIC MEATS LTD. 8950 Shaughnessy St. VANCOUVER, B.C. FAirfax 1-3266 SAVE-ON MEAT MARKET LTD. 43 West Hastings St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 3-7761 MINING NATURAL RESOURCES SYNDICATE LTD. (N.P.L.) 511 Credit Foncier Bldg. 850 West Hastings St. VANCOUVER 1, B.C. MUtual 4-6851 OIL BURNERS YOUR OIL BURNER SERVICE 1443 West Broadway VANCOUVER 9, B.C. REgent 1-6101 ORNAMENTAL BRONZE ORNAMENTAL BRONZE CO. LTD. 1 1 25 Vernon Dr. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 5-8505 PAINT MONSANTO CANADA LTD. 1550 Rand Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. AMherst 1-1321 PAPER PRODUCTS BARBER-ELUS OF VANCOUVER LTD. 950 Howe St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 3-4344 BELKIN PAPER BOX LTD. 1 1 48 River Road RICHMOND, B.C. CRestwood 8-5 1 8 1 PHARMACISTS BIGGIN PRESCRIPTIONS 1706 W. Broadway VANCOUVER, B.C. REgent 3-7532 KENNEDY BROS. DRUG STORES LTD. New Westminster - Burnaby - North Surrey " Four Stores to Serve You” OWL DRUG COMPANY LTD. 41 st Granville VANCOUVER 13, B.C. AMherst 6-4101 or AMherst 6-4102 114 Enrique Guintero, Alba, Avd Fuerzas Armadas Edf Salon de Bellga, Caracas, Venezuela Ralph Alexander, 646 E. 59th Ave., FA 7-4621 Edward Appleby, 15369 New McLellan Rd., Cloverdale, R.R. 1, B.C. YE 7-9532 Barf Babineau, 3019 W. 4th Ave., RE 3-2097 Al Baronas, 3578 W. 33rd Ave., AM 6-2936 Bill Barry, 4366 Portland St., South Burnaby, B.C. HE 1-5947 Denis Beaudoing, 9 1 0 Rochester St., Coquitlam, B.C. WE 8-3500 Bob Blagloni, 962 Churchill Ave., Penticton, B.C., HY 2-5025 Bill Blair, 7068 Waverly Ave., South Burnaby, B.C., HE 4-3867 Roland Boisvert, 1896 W. 36th Ave., AM 1-0057 Joe Boskovich, 5405 Heather St., AM 6-4517 Rich Boyer, 8696 Oak St., FA 1-1143 Gary Brady, 1524 W. 58th Ave., AM 1-2890 Gordon Brandolini 333-1 1th St., New Westminster, B.C., LA 1-1485 Michael Carey, 6725 Cypress St., AM 1-8079 Neil Carey, 761 McCallan Rd., Richmond, B.C., BR 7-7463 Mike Chapman, 4005 W. 30th Ave., CA 4-5682 Tony Collins, 6965 Bryant Court, South Burna by, B.C., LA 6-2336 Brian Condon, 578 W. 18th Ave., TR 9-3710 John Cooke, 5551 Balsam St., AM 1-6698 Paul Cote, 1086 W. 54th Ave., Carlos Diligenti, Pampa 3520 Belgrano R., Buenos Aires, Argentina fyade II kirectcHj Richard Dettman, Dezso Kosa-Huba, 9352-1 14th St., 2142 § 2 Yew St., Delta, B.C. LA 4-3370 RE 1-7893 Pat Hughes, John Dixon, 3539 W. 26th Ave., 843 Foster Ave., RE 1-2566 Coquitlam, B.C., Jean-Paul Huni, WE 9-2114 793 W. 50th Ave., John Dodd, FA 5-4292 3806 W. 9th Ave., Karl Ireland, CA 4-1559 1912 7th Ave., Gary Durkin, New Westminster, B.C. 2804 W. 12th Ave., LA 2-6701 RE 1-2655 Peter Irving, Doug Elding, 1957 S.W. Marine Dr. 1325 W. 12th Ave., Apt. 1, AM 6-6436 RE 6-0836 Henry Jang, Max Ewart, 12-619 Heatley Ave., 1681 - 6th Ave., MU 1-9896 Prince George, B.C., LO 4-7095 Lloyd Johnson, Box 462, Oliver, B.C., Bob Fraser, 1170 Bute St., HY 8-3747 MU 4-9091 Pat Jordan, 876 W. 62nd Ave., Mike Geluch, 1 869-1 95th St., FA 5-8048 Cloverdale, B.C., Bill Karpes, Wl 8-7084 Roger Getz, 3251 W. 7th Ave., RE 8-7864 Box 692, Jim Kearney, Williams Lake, B.C., 3340 W. Broadway, Phone 332 RE 3-1489 Norman Gibbons, Ron Kennedy, 4658 W. 10th Ave., 1924 W. 3rd Ave., CA 4-7182 Gordon Giroday, Seattle 99, Wash. AT 3-6287 2405 W. 13th Ave., Paul Kirby, RE 8-8642 Bill Gilbert, 1 290 The Crescent, RE 1-4747 202-143 E. 17th Ave., Alex Kovats, North Vancouver, 3413 W. 20th Ave., YU 7-6873 RE 1-7655 John Gordon, Box 123, Sechelt, B.C., Sechelf 1 1 5 Dennis Gorrick, 3754 Clydesdale St., North Burnaby, B.C., HE 3-1435 Paul Hamelin, 1 1 30 Brenton St., Fraser Mills, B.C., LA 6-4059 Frank Hanano, 4025 MacDonald St., RE 1-4813 Joe Harkley, 2063 Cypress St., RE 8-0141 Patrick Harkness, 389 1 Trinity St., Burnaby 2, B.C., CY 8-6691 Bob Harvey, 3391 W. 34th Ave., AM 6-7001 Derek Kulai, 385 N. Boundary Rd., CY 8-0991 Paul Lawrence, 109 W. Balmoral Ave., North Vancouver, YU 8-0084 Tim LeGoff, 3743 W. 7th Ave., CA 4-1457 Lome Little, Box 868, Terrace, B.C. Phone 38 Angus Macaulay, 3889 W. 31st Ave., CA 8-8106 John McBride, 1160 W. Keith, North Vancouver, YU 8-8675 Jim McCaffery, 31 1 W. 14th, North Vancouver, YU 8-1651 Gordon Heys, 456 E. 47fh Ave., FA 7-5744 Peter McCaffrey, 5938 Wiltshire St., AM 1-5960 Brian MacDonald, 665 Cooney Rd., Richmond, B.C., CR 8-5751 Lome MacDonald, 6 1 50 Chester St., FA 7-1203 Claude Marsden, 392 E. 49th Ave., FA 7-2475 Rodney Midgley, 3513 W. 40th Ave., AM 6-6591 Don Miller, 1527 Dublin St., New Westminster, B.C., LA 2-6969 William Neill, 6925 Angus Dr., AM 6-6112 Terry Nicholson, Box 760, Williams Lake, Williams Lake, B.C., Phone 1 83 Mike O ' Flaherty, 2930 W. 42nd Ave., AM 1-8527 Francisco Pascual, Av. Avila Camacho 49, Gutz. Zamora, Veracrus, Mexico Dick Pearson, 2350 W. 39th Ave., AM 1-4064 Charles Phelan, 1 509-6th Ave., New Westminster, B.C., LA 6-6086 Joe Phillips, 370 Hidhurst Place, West Vancouver, WA 2-7568 Tracy Pratt, 22-7th Ave., New Westminster, B.C., LA 2-5983 Wayne Reid, 987 W. 21st Ave., RE 1-4795 Jack Smith, Box 85, Kemano, B.C. Leo Sleeves, 3951 W. 18th Ave., TR 4-4162 Richard Surgeson, 1265 W. 46th Ave., AM 1-6457 Brian Taillefer, 554 Foster Ave., Coquitlam, B.C., WE 9-2614 Allan Wawryk, 1227 W. King Edward, RE 3-8547 John Weetman, Box 422, Williams Lake, B.C., Springhouse 2Q Mike Wells, 920 Bakerview Dr., Richmond, B.C., BR 7-6240 Reinhold Hoge, 8549 Selkirk St., AM 1-2402 Dave McCleery, 5762 Churchill, AM 1-1040 Jim. Wright, 3137 W. 42nd Ave., AM 6-5878 115 a ur Sincere concur a tu iati ions an cl lest wishes to the graduates and students of U ancouver Cod e r from THOMAS D. CURLEY successors to THE KAUFER CO., LTD. CHURCH GOODS AND SUPPLIES RELIGIOUS ARTICLES AND BOOKS 563 Hamilton St., Vancouver 3, B.C. MU 1-4421 BEST WISH E S GRADS from 116 COMPLIMENTS OF hihcf He DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT " Eos Meets West " ENJOY THE FINEST OF CHINESE FOOD IN YOUR CAR THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU 2208 West 4ist AN hersi 6-5388 30 East Pender NU lual 3-3920 2257 Kingsway HE Kllock 4-7241 Free Home Delivery PROFILE DOMINION ROYAL MASTER The greatest tire advance in more than 10 years Low Profile is a new engineering concept introduced to tire construction for the purpose of attaining greater safety, stability and stamina in unlimited service at maximum speed. LOW PROFILE MEANS: • Greater Stability • More Positive Response To Steering • Low Flexing Action • Less Heat Build-Up • Greater Safety On Thruways Longer Nylon Cord gives 81 % greater tire strength. ADDITIONAL SAFETY WITH: Puts a touch of pride on any car. X-Tendable Tread with 360° TRACTION TOES that The narrow band of white set off in a finely resist skids from every direction and give full fluted sidewall design gives every car a dynamic traction in all weather. " action” look. See your nearest Dominion dealer today ACCENT STYLING 117 Congratulations to the Graduates frown PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES CUSTOMCOLOR LABORATORIES LTD. 8 1 9 Thurlow St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 1-4164 PIANOS THE WILLIAMS PIANO HOUSE LTD. 809 Seymour St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 3-4736 POULTRY PROCESSING WILLIAM SCOTT COMPANY 1426 Cottrell St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 3-8441 REAL ESTATE W. H. BELL 6258 East Boulevard VANCOUVER 13, B.C. AMherst 1-8118 ALFRED W. McLEOD LTD. " The Home of Complete Property Service " 71 3 Columbia St. NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. LAkeview 2-0731 ROOFING MACK KIRK ROOFING COMPANY LIMITED " Commercial and Residential” Est. 1908 1372 West Broadway VANCOUVER, B.C. TRinity 8-7174 SAWMILLS A M SAWMILLS 1 269 W. 6th Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. REgent 1-2542 CANADIAN WARREN PINK LTD. " SOOLINE” Logging Tools 215 W. 4th Ave. VANCOUVER 10, B.C. TRinity 6-2535 GIRODAY SAWMILLS LTD. 1803 Granville Island VANCOUVER, B.C. REgent 1-2141 SCHOOLS PITMAN BUSINESS COLLEGE LTD. 1490 West Broadway VANCOUVER, B.C. REgent 8-7848 SERVICE STATIONS DEACON’S SERVICE LTD. 1075 S.W. Marine Dr. VANCOUVER 14, B.C. AMherst 6-91 44 SHOES KERRISDALE BOOTERY One-stop shoe shopping for the entire fa Open Wednsday and Friday night until 2182 W. 41st Avenue AMherst 1 -71 37 118 E o a " Snap " with . . . KODAK Black and white pictures, color pictures, and flash pictures, any time — day and night. Have you seen the new BROWNIE STARFLASH CAMERA Built-in Flash $9.95 Let us show you how to take " press " pictures. That ' s all, just press the shutter release and you have your picture. Many Kodaks and Brownies to choose from at $5.90 and up. DEVELOPING PRINTING ENLARGING EASTMAN " =r LTD. MUtual 3-4331 610 Granville Street 119 Seventh grader, C. Dukoski (No. 11), rebounds over M. Stephens in the Biddy All-Star Game won by Grade Seven. Sponsored by Tony Perez Travel Service and ✓T EATON C° ■ • CANADA LIMITED Santiago Correa proudly accepts the trophy bearing his name as most valuable player in the Junior Biddy League. Biddy Basketball Fred Sloan, who coached his team to second place, receives the Most Valuable Coach award from Br. Bates. Robert Beaupre snares a rebound as arms of defenders wave. The Huskies — Senior Biddy Champs. TOP ROW: Kevin Mooney, Stan Ciok, Bill Dumont, Bob Whitehead. BOTTOM ROW: Wayne Miller, Ted Black, Paul Claridge. Joe Adams and Paul Claridge share the honors for most valu- able player in the Senior League. Best wishes from Drs. Longpre, McCaffery, Paille, and Howard Smith. 121 FRENCH HAND LAUNDRY CLEANERS Quality Cleaning at Competitive Prices SHIRT SERVICE DELIVERY North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Vancouver RE 3-6010 1581 West 4th Ave. (Under Granville Bridge) SPORTING GOODS BLUELINE SPORTING GOODS LTD. Specializing in Hockey, Skiing and Football Equipment 1 62 West Hastings VANCOUVER 3, B.C. MUtual 3-5312 STATIONERY J. W. DEVITT LTD. 1028 Granville St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 4-6634 KEYSTONE BUSINESS FORMS LTD. B.C. Owned and Operated 1 230 Adanac St. VANCOUVER 6, B.C. HAstings 9393 THEATRES COLONIAL THEATRE ‘‘A Family house with family prices” Dunsmuir Granville VANCOUVER 2, B.C. MUtual 5-7023 TROPHIES BARRY’S TROPHIES LTD. Trophies for every Sport Special School Discounts 3273 W. Broadway VANCOUVER 8, B.C. REgent 1-5522 TRUCKS G.M.C. BEDFORD TRUCKS Parts - Service - Sales 2410 E. Broadway at Nanaimo VANCOUVER, B.C. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. LTD. 1 296 Station St. VANCOUVER 4, B.C. MUtual 1-5521 “Truck Specialists " TYPEWRITERS BYRNES TYPEWRITERS LTD. Vancouver Distributor of Olympia Typewriters 6 44 Seymour St. VANCOUVER 2, B.C. MUtual 1-7942 THE CONSOLIDATED TYPEWRITERS LTD. 534 West Pender St. VANCOUVER 1, B.C. MUtual 5-6271 VARIETY STORES McKERNAN’S 5c to $1.00 “Richmond’s newest variety store” in the heart of Brighouse 658 3 Road CRestwood 8-9323 RICHMOND, B.C. 122 WASHINGTON® LINE T TTT WASHINGTON w ' ashington DISTINCTIVE BUILDING PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED BY WASHINGTON STEEL PRODUCTS, INC. 1940 EAST 11th STREET, TACOMA 1, WASHINGTON For more information, write to Canadian Representative: LARRY O ' DONNELL (GENERAL SALES SYNDICATE) 202-470 GRANVILLE STREET VANCOUVER, B.C., CANADA 123 Compliments of F. F. EQUIPMENT L TD. 401 East 1st WIRE ROPE AND LOGGING MACHINERY TR 4-7308 Adjustment Bureau VANCOUVER ADJUSTMENT BUREAU 702 - 850 West Hastings Street Vancouver 1, B.C. MUtual 4-5174 Aluminum Products JO-BEE ALUMINUM PRODUCTS 5820-24-28 S.E. Marine Drive Vancouver, B.C. HEmlock 4-5035 Artists ' Supplies ALEX FRAZER GALLERIES ARTISTS ' SUPPLIES 5569 Granville Street Vancouver 1 3, B.C. AMherst 6-6010 Automobile Dealers WHITE SPOT SERVICE LTD. Studebaker - Austin Dealer 8091 Granville Street Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 6-91 8 1 Banks THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE Lonsdale and 17th Avenue Branch North Vancouver, B.C. YUkon 7-2244 Barbers HYCROFT BARBER SHOP 3155 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C. REgent 1-3726 OWL BARBER SHOP 5741 y 2 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C. AMherst 6-5851 PEMBERTON BARBERS J. Moran — R. English — Joe Brio 744 West Hastings Street Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 5-6657 Beauty Salons THE BEAUTY ISLE 201 1 West 41st Avenue Vancouver 1 3, B.C. AMherst 1-0021 Bowling Alleys KERRISDALE BOWLADROME 2021 West 41st Avenue Vancouver 13, B.C. AMherst 6-6030 Building Supplies DUNBAR LUMBER SUPPLY LTD. 3637 West 16th Avenue Vancouver 8, B.C. CAstle 4-5811 FLETCHER LUMBER LTD. 1615 Main Street Vancouver 4, B.C. MUtual 5-8174 INTER-CITY BUILDING SUPPLIES 5339 Kingsway Burnaby 1, B.C. HEmlock 1-3361 M. G. BUILDERS LTD. 395 West Kings Road North Vancouver, B.C. YUkon 8-8367 ROD ' S BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD. 347 Moncton Street Steveston, B.C. BRowning 7-8088 Cafe CRESCENT CAFE 789 Kingsway Vancouver, B.C. TRinity 2-1444 Cartage MARPOLE TRANSFER 1216 West 73rd Avenue Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 1-4242 PEASE VAN STORAGE CO. LTD. 50 Powell Street Vancouver 4, B.C. Agents of North American Van Lines MUtual 5-9871 Commercial Specialists ROSS A. FRASER AGENCIES ‘‘Commercial Specialists” 640 West Broadway TRinity 6-3031 Crafts KERRISDALE HOBBIES 2062 West 41st Avenue Vancouver 13, B.C. AMherst 6-0992 Credit Union EDELWEISS CREDIT UNION 4837 Victoria Drive Vancouver, B.C. TRinity 9-5410 124 Georgian Towers Motor Hotel • CONVENTION ROOMS • RECEPTION AND SALES MEETING FACILITIES • 22 FLOORS OF UNIQUE AND LUXURIOUS ACCOMMODATION ome of the fabuL ous oloma ouse . estaurant FOR RESERVATIONS: PHONE MUtual 1-4321 CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF ’60 HOLLYBURN BAKERY LTD. (JOHN SCHELL) 1673 Marine Dr. West Vancouver, B.C. WA 2- 5531 1655 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver, B.C. YU 7-1133 125 HANKIN STRUCK FURNITURE LTD. Manufacturers of the finest in UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE MATTRESSES BOX SPRINGS PILLOWS CHROME KITCHEN AND DINING ROOM SETS CONGRATULATIONS TO VANCOUVER COLLEGE ' N A N C IMPERIAL INVESTMENT CORPORATION LTD. A Canadian Sales Finance Company SERVING THE NATION FROM COAST TO COAST HEAD OFFICE: BURRARD BUILDING, VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtuol 1-5264 126 KNIGHT ' S BAKERY FOR BAKERY SERVICE TO CHURCHES, SCHOOLS AND INSTITUTIONS, CALL KNIGHTS BAKERY FOR HOME DELIVERY CALL 3834 MAIN STREET TR 4-1837 127 BOXING In one of the best bouts of the 1960 Emerald Gloves, College ' s Andy Zalot (right) lands a crushing left to the jaw of Rodger Touchet. ABOVE: Terry Marshall, a 118-pounder representing V.C. in the Emerald Gloves, seems oblivious to Dick Huber’s disgusted expression. BELOW: Don Riggan, in true College fashion, slashes his way to victory in the Bronze Gloves. Matt McGarry, College ' s 50 pound stal- wart, is sent reeling to the canvass in this year ' s Bronze Gloves. This page has been spon- sored by Harold S. and M. J. Foley. Mike MacKay-Dunn, one of the youngest " Fighting Irish " pugilists, prepares for a right hook. 11 Hi-Lites " — 1960 tjiue Vwr, I iff ’’ wVBMDje Best wishes from Western Wire Products Ltd. 1 60 !S§ : S£ x ' ' SKas? rt OUGHT to Be ” Yr rJ WE X0N7Tt£ £ wfts Kv S? 6 1 even thp 5 Tia? KTe © C(DTTr W vSL iatf s Ev.-usgz- It ®Wnu.EK 7 . Qp Tlf4l Y g 129 LAFARGE Ov ' A ' ★ ytfv; Congratulations to the Grads of 60 at Vancouver College with the compliments of LAFARGE , CEMENT OF NORTH AMERICA LTD. A COMPLETE CEMENT SERVICE Do-Nuts HONEY CREAM DONUTS LTD. TRinity 6-1545 Drug Stores BOOMER DRUGS 8273 Oak Street Vancouver 1 3, B.C. AMherst 6-9010 DUNBAR PHARMACY W. R. Mawhinney Prescription Druggists Corner Dunbar and 17th Avenue ELDRIDGE DRUGS 1398 Kingsway Vancouver, B.C. TRinity 4-9331 ELLAMS PHARMACY LTD. 2519 Kingsway at Slocan South Burnaby, B.C. HEmlock 3-8030 FORSYTHE DRUGS 6493 West Boulevard Vancouver 13, B.C. AMherst 1-2822 GLEESON ' S DRUG STORE 49th and Main Street Vancouver, B.C. FAirfax 5-3241 MacKENZIE DRUGS 1396 E. 49th Ave. at Knight Street Vancouver 15, B.C. FAirfax 1-8241 NIGHTINGALE PHARMACY 4 1 st and Dunbar Vancouver, B.C. AMherst 1-6633 O’GRADY ' S DRUG STORE 1796 West Broadway Vancouver 9, B.C. REgent 3-2828 Get all your school supplies at: OWL DRUG CO. LTD. 13th Avenue and Granville Street Vancouver 9, B.C. REgent 3-8030 REgent 3-9711 QUINN’S KERRISDALE DRUG STORE LTD. 2134 West 41st Avenue Vancouver 13, B.C. AMherst 1-3144 TECH PHARMACY LTD. 2416 Nanaimo Street Vancouver 1 2, B.C. HAstings 3647 Dry Cleaners BURROWS CLEANERS LTD. 1314 S.W. Marine Drive Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 6-871 7 PACIFIC CLEANERS 1006 Seymour Street Vancouver 2, B.C. MUtuol 5-5811 Dry Goods ALPINE SPORTSWEAR 319 West Pender Street Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 3-3017 OSBORNE ' S DRY GOODS 2106 West 41st Avenue Vancouver, B.C. AMherst 1-1512 Electric Appliances COLUMBIA RADIO ELECTRIC 2028 West 41st Avenue Vancouver 1 3, B.C. AMherst 1-6301 FAWCETT T.V. APPLIANCES 8005 Granville Street Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 6-6288 McLaren electric 2151 Burrard Street Vancouver 9, B.C. REgent 1-4601 J. 4 W. SIMS CO. 1041 West Broadway Vancouver, B.C. REgent 3-3831 Equipment Tools HOMEWOOD MARINE LTD. 943 Main Street Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 5-5388 Finance Company BANCO FINANCE CO. LTD. 535 West Georgia Street Vancouver 2, B.C. MUtual 1-5502 Florists MAYHEW-SHERWOOD FLOWERS LTD. 3191 West Broadway Vancouver 8, B.C. REgent 8-7433 or 8-4137 130 VANCOUVER AIRLINE LIMOUSINES LTD. 1148 WEST GEORGIA STREET. VANCOUVER, B.C. MU 3-6565 Regular bus and limousine service between downtown Vancouver and City airport. 24-hour Service Busses for charter. Private limousines for special occasions " V.C. ATHLETIC TEAMS USE OUR BUS CHARTER SERVICE EXCLUSIVELY " KERRISDALE TAXI SAFE-WAY TAXI LTD. DAN MacLURE ' S TAXI LTD. Vancouver ' s only bonded taxi company. MU3-7511 131 HmH k " look for the coffee in the gold foil pack! . . Be a Rooster Booster! wm COMPLIMENTS OF GRANITE CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD. GENERAL CONTRACTORS 1 1 96 East Pender Street Vancouver 6, B.C. Specializing in Rock Work, Highways, Tunnels, Bridges, Pipelines, Quarry and Ore Concentrators 133 John Ainsworth, 2285 W. 16th Ave., RE 8-9763 Vincent Barilla, 1975 Trutch St., RE 1-1974 Robert Barker, 2356 W. 14th Ave., RE 3-3159 Don Paul Baron, 6215 McCleery St., AM 6-6020 Peter Barriscale, 4 - 66A St., Boundary Bay, B.C. Garry Beaudette, Malahat P.O., Vancouver Island, B.C. Graham Boyle, 2475 W. 16th Ave., RE 3-7754 Brenton Brady, 2535 Alberta St., TR 4-8543 Dennis Brennan, 1 842 Charmeran Ave., San Jose 24, Calif., AN 9-5283 Jean L. Brusset, 3404 - 8 A St., S.W., Calgary, Alberta, CH 3-2414 Tom Bryan, 1918 Haro St., MU 1-6905 Cornelius Buckley, Box 314, Haney, B.C. IN 5-0331 Willard Buckley Jr., 1 408 Burwell, Bremerton, Wash., ES 3-4831 Allen Byrne, Box 1539, Kimberley, B.C., LU 2-2628 Darrel Cain, 1912 - 40th Ave., S.W., Calgary, Alberta, CH 3-1731 Mike Calderwood, 13520 Nordsun Ave., Whalley, B.C., LA 2-8963 John Cantwell, 1722 W. 59th Ave., AM 1-9623 William Carrothers, 5625 Osier St., AM 1-2415 Jack Cleveland, 81 W. 15th Ave., TR 4-3149 Ken Cliff, 3539 W. 37th Ave., AM 1-0868 Edward Corcoran, 595 King George’s Way, West Vancouver, B.C. WA 2-2321 Brian Coughlin, 549 - 1 6th Ave., Burnaby. LA 1-5837 Bryan Cousineau, 1 329 Robson St., MU 1-2685 Dave Crowe-Swords, 1321 W. 33rd Ave., RE 8-5484 John Crumley, 108 Dunlop St., Richmond. Roger Currie, 14664 Bellevue Cres., P.O. 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C. 135 (1943) LTD. FUEL OIL DIVISION HAstings 4980 Eves. - CY. 9-2803 Distributors of: FURNACE OIL BUNKER OIL Automatic Keep Full Service By Complete Efficient Burner Weather Service Control MRS. M. T. DELESALLE, President HENRY DELESALLE, Manager Florist (Con ' t.) PATTERSON ' S FLORIST 4543 Dunbar Street Vancouver 8, B.C. CAstle 4-7737 VOGUE FLOWER SHOP Corsages our Specialty 10% off to all students 2180 West Broadway REgent 3-6322 or REgent 3-3021 WOOD’S FLOWER SHOP 1 889 West Broadway Vancouver, B.C. REgent 6-9286 Food Lockers KERRISDALE LOCKERS LTD. 2233 West 41st Avenue Vancouver, B.C. AMherst 6-69 1 1 Furniture CIRCLE FURNITURE APPLIANCES 1331 Kingsway Vancouver, B.C. TRinity 6-9433 DONNER’S 1 1 27 Granville Street Vancouver 2, B.C. MUtual 5-6815 Furs SPEISER FUR LTD. Own Special Workshop for 1st Class Furrier Work 2706 South Granville Street Vancouver 9, B.C. 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Best wishes from Joe Archambault Ltd. and (Lompanij INCORPORATED 2’ MAY l«70. 138 A few students taking advantage of the new outdoor basketball court. Compliments of Dumaresq Brothers Ltd., and Hayes Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Yearbook-staffers spending their lunch time discussing the COLLEGIAN ' S progression. Time has advanced and as the bell rings at 12:55, students march back to the school for afternoon classes. 139 MU 3-0514 PERFECT AUTO BODY SHOP AUTO METAL REPAIRS AND SPRAY PAINTING REAR OF 1361 HORNBY STREET VANCOUVER, B.C. Importers SHANAHAN ' S LIMITED 1 050 Glen Drive Vancouver, B.C. MUluol 1-3101 Insurance L. S. INSURANCE AGENCIES LTD. 1079 No. 3 Road Richmond, B.C. BRowning 7-7151 Investments GENERAL MUTUAL FUNDS LTD. 744 West Hastings Street Vancouver 1, B.C. MUtual 3-4932 VANCOUVER STOCK EXCHANGE 540 Howe Street, Vancouver 1, B.C. MUtual 5-0331 Jewellers ANDY ' S JEWELLER 2446 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C. 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Phone: MUtual 1-3545 REINHOLD LEEST the finest continental CHINA - CRYSTAL - TABLEWARE This set was awarded a Gold Medal at the Xlth Triennial in Milan. ARTS and CRAFTS exclusive gifts 865 HOWE STREET VANCOUVER, B.C. Bob Abernethy, 621 1 Adera St., AM 1-6446 Alexander Bandy, 7886 Cartier St., Peter Baronas, 3578 W. 33rd Ave., AM 6-2936 Joseph Bauche, 1015 W. 54fh Ave., AM 1-2651 Louis Bazin, 834 W. 61st Ave., FA 1-9371 Danny Bean, 885 Jefferson Ave., West Vancouver. WA 2-1579 Maurice Beaulieu, Box 333, Williams Lake, B.C. Adolf Bechler, 628 - 1 2th St., New Westminster. LA 6-3133 George Begley, 248 4 Rd., Richmond, B.C. CR 8-0278 John Bella, 5333 Yew St., AM 1-0385 Roger Bernier, 1 649 Evelyn St., North Vancouver. YU 7-7003 Raymond Bessuille, 1 620 Nanton Ave., RE 3-1863 Dennis Bibby, 309 - 8th St., New Westminster. LA 6-5680 Ian M. Blake, 2592 McBain Ave., RE 3-4031 Claude Boisvert, 1 896 W. 36th Ave., AM 1-0057 Ron Bowlby, 5050 Dominion, Burnaby. 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King Edward, CA 4-9564 Ken Driedger, 3286 W. 38th Ave., AM 6-7497 William Duff, Box 177, Smithers, B.C. Phone 342 Victor Dukoski, 2227 Kingsway, HE 1-8844 Robert Dumont, 6826 Hudson St., AM 1-4518 Dave Durkin, 2804 W. 1 2th Ave., RE 1-2655 Peter Eakins, 2941 W. 42nd Ave., AM 1-0104 John Edgar, 3556 W. 34th Ave., AM 6-9364 Thomas Edwards, 2201 E. 7th Ave., HA 2042-L Bryan Evans, 210 E. 8th Ave., New Westminster. LA 1-7277 Michael Flynn, 3005 Maddams St., TR 4-8652 Brian Fogarty, 4166 W. 10th Ave., CA 4-6072 Graydon Ford, 6187 Adera St., AM 1-1613 Ron Friedricksen, 380 E. 15th Ave., TR 4-9053 John Furch, 3584 Gladstone St., TR 2-2276 Michael Gillespie, 3363 E. 3rd Ave., HA 8312-M Maurice Godbout, Jeune Landing, Quarry, B.C. 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LA 1-7034 Wayne McClay, 5725 Angus Dr., AM 1-7857 Daniel McDaniel, 3348 Mahon Ave., North Vancouver, B.C. YU 8-1319 Brian McGarry, 6162 Wiltshire St., AM 6-5841 Marc McGrath, 3609 W. 15th Ave., CA 4-9432 Terry McKernan, 618 Granville Ave., Richmond. BR 7-8374 John McLaren, 8335 Shaughnessy St., FA 1-8874 Ian MacKenzie, 1390 W. 33rd Ave., AM 1-2124 Bill Martin, 4658 Elm St., AM 6-2712 Michael Maze, 9807 - 1 10th St., Edmonton, Alberta GA 2-6447 Gerry Menard, Box 63, Alberni, B.C. Allan Menzies, 2172 W. 16th Ave., RE 3-2543 Ted Meynert, 2088 E. 1 2th Ave. Peter Munsie, Box 670, Princeton, B.C. Jack Murdock, 2242 W. 7th Ave., RE 1-1425 Ron Nicholas, 1 226 W. 13th Ave., RE 3-3014 Brian O’Hagan, 4547 W. 2nd Ave., CA 4-9136 Fred O ' Hagan, 4547 W. 2nd Ave., CA 4-9136 Bertram Owen-Jones, 3349 W. 27th Ave., RE 8-5667 Patrick Parker, 5762 Fleming St., FA 5-2741 George Payerle, 455 E. 51st Ave., FA 7-1621 Fred Penland, 5003 Westminster Ave., Ladner, B.C. 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LA 2-1401 John Svoboda, Toflno, B.C. Phone 36 1 Akos Szakolczai, 3554 W. 38th Ave., AM 1-5498 Ron Taverna, Box 1 86, Haney, B.C. Paul Taylor, 4907 Delta St., Ladner, B.C. WH 6-2661 Denis Therrien, 1719 Trutch St., RE 3-1648 Peter Thomas, 413 E. 7th St., North Vancouver, B.C. YU 8-2577 Richard Thompson, 5040 Ontario St., FA 5-6528 Brian Thomsett, 5595 Alberta St., FA 5-0584 Ron Tobin, 1615 E. 21st Ave., TR 4-5723 Arthur Tomlinson, 640 4 Rd., CR 8-0329 Melvin Tourand, 1312 E. 26th Ave., TR 6-6907 John Twan, Alkali Lake Ranch, B.C. Alkali Lake 2Y Peter Van Loon, 852 Lansdowne kd., Richmond. CR 8-1782 Adrie van Viersen, 93 1 S.E. Marine Dr., FA 5-9045 Robert Walsh, 6528 Angus Dr., AM 6-9891 Michael Walters, 2536 E. 29th Ave., HE 3-4381 Harry White, 7250 Wiltshire St., AM 1-4390 Tony White, 3825 W. 26th Ave., CA 8-8184 Kenneth Williams, 4034 W. 31st Ave., CA 8-8555 Neil Williscroft, 325 W. 1 1th Ave., TR 6-6216 Jack Wilson, 861-1 06 Ave., Dawson Creek, B.C., ST 2-3630 Tom Wilson, 4021 W. 12th Ave. William Woods, 6875 Burlington Ave., S. Burnaby, B.C. HE 1-8673 Stuart Wright, 6187 Churchill St., AM 1-9419 143 This is how Vancouver College appeared early in the decade. A scene from the Diocesan Vocation Exhibit, held at the College in 1956, at which thirty-nine religious congregations were represented. In his final address to the student body. Brother W. C. Penny, principal of Van- couver College from 1948-54, extends his thanks for their farewell gift to him — a set of luggage. This page has been sponsored by Mr. W. A. H. Duff. I As we near the end of the i960 COLLEGIAN it might be appropriate to make a quick review of some memorable highlights of the last decade — spanning the terms of office of Brother Penny and Brother Bates. Among the few sad events of the last ten years were the passings of Brothers E. L. Cobb and J. M. Dougherty in 1959. Brother Cobb (above) was a member of the Vancouver College faculty from 1954 to 1957; Brother Dougherty taught at Vancouver Col- lege in the thirties. Leo Petty, captain of the " Fighting Irish " , proudly displays the trophy representing the championship of the province won by his team in the 1957 B.C. Invitational Basketball Tourna- ment. In March, 1957, construction of a new addition to the school was started Just six months later Mackin Hall, as the building is called, was completed; eight splendid classrooms and a modern cafeteria were provided. ■ in !!!! " ' Hi I i . M i ii L i I [: as ■ ■1 4 ll 1 it Mg lgSij Compliments of a friend. l CARS LOVE SHELL Compliments of SHELL OIL COMPANY OF CANADA LIMITED Radio CANADIAN MARCONI CO. 3594 Main Street Vancouver 10, B.C. TRinity 6-4 174 HI FI SALES LTD. The best in records, stereo, hi-fi and T.V. 2714 West 9th Avenue Vancouver, B.C. MORTON GALE RADIO LTD. Radio, Television, HI-FI Sales and Service 4464 Dunbar Street REgent 3-7447 Vancouver 8, B.C. Real Estate C. t. (BILL) ALLEN C.L.V. ESTATE PLANNING MUtual 1,8377 REgent 1-2666 BELL MITCHELL LTD. 641 Richards Street Vancouver 2, B.C. MUtual 5-6441 BOULTBEE, SWEET CO. LTD. 555 Howe Street Vancouver 1, B.C. MUtual 1-7221 School IRENE CARTER L.J.C.L. Speech, Drama, Elocution Academy of the Arts REgent 3-4022 Service Stations ELM PARK SERVICE 4 1st and Balsam Vancouver 1 3, B.C. AMherst 1-6919 GLENWOOD SERVICE LTD. 5894 Marine Drive South Burnaby, B.C. HEmlock 3-9550 GOUNDRY’S SERVICE — S.S. 1151 41st and Ook Vancouver 1 3, B.C. AMherst 1-6444 JOHNNY’S SHELL SERVICE 2nd and Main Street Vancouver, B.C. TRinity 6-0212 or 9-4311 LULU ISLAND MOTORS Cor. Westminster Hwy. and No. 3 Road Richmond, B.C. CRestwood 8-2332 Shoes CLOVERDALE SHOE STORE Shoes for all the family Reasonable prices Cloverdale, B.C. DALE’S SHOE STORE Shoes for the whole family 927 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 1-5712 DUNBAR SHOE STORE LTD. 4305 Dunbar Street Vancouver 8, B.C. CAstle 8-8558 MAX’S SHOES LTD. 840 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 4-9725 TOBAN’S QUALITY SHOE STORES 1 20 West Hastings Street Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 5-5756 JOHN’S SHOE RE-NU 6545 Main Street Vancouver, B.C. Ski Equipment PLETSCH DOKKA 336 West Pender Street Vancouver 3, B.C. MUtual 1-2004 Sporting Goods TAD ' S SPORTING GOODS LTD. 1353 South West Marine Drive Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 1-6540 WESTERN SPORTING GOODS 10th and Alma Vancouver, B.C. CAstle 4-5040 Stationery KERRISDALE STATIONERY 2141 West 41st Avenue Vancouver 1 3, B.C. AMherst 1-8510 Stevedoring CANADIAN STEVEDORING CO. I 285 Franklin Street Vancouver 8, B.C. HAstings 6700 Trucks MAINLAND TRANSFER 94 West Pender Street Vancouver 4, B.C. MUtual 1-1311 Variety Stores HANEY 5c TO $1.00 STORE 8th Avenue Haney, B.C. Wholesale Fish SEAPORT CROWN FISH CO. LTD. Foot of Campbell Avenue Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 4-4171 146 " OUTFITTERS OF CHAMPIONS " GEORGE SPARLING LTD. SPORTING GOODS 929 Granville Street And now another store for your convenience at PARK ROYAL-WEST VANCOUVER A modern addition featuring all our top " name brands. " ★ ★ ★ YOUR EARLIEST VISIT WILL BE APPRECIATED ★ ★ ★ OUR EMPLOYEES ARE ALL ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS IN SPORTS— WHO KNOW THEIR EQUIPMENT BECAUSE THEY HAVE USED IT Spools Lumber and Building Supplies Ltd. EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER 5569 Victoria Drive Phone Vancouver, B.C. FAirfax 1-9177 - 78 - 79 THEATRE EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO. AUDITORIUM SEATING AND STAGE EQUIPMENT SCHOOL DESKS - LABORATORY EQUIPMENT REgent 8-2421 2182 W. 12th Ave., Vancouver 9, B.C. Harry 1. Howard 148 YOU CAN BE SURE OF THE FINEST TELEVISION, RADIO, HI-FI, RECORDS and ELECTRIC APPLIANCES and A COMPLETE LINE OF MODERN FURNITURE Thomson Page Ltd. 2914 SOUTH GRANVILLE REgent 8-5144 " THE STORE THAT SERVICE BUILT " What’s everybody talking about today? ONE THING YOU CAN BE SURE OF: it will be some- thing fully reported in The Vancouver Sun whether it happened at the ends of the earth or right here in Van- couver. To know about whatever ' s talked about or thought about . . . SEE IT IN THE 149 VANCOUVER VENDING SERVICES LTD. AND PETER GRAHAM OFFER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF 1960 475 Howe St. MUtual 5-6581 COMPLIMENTS OF VINCE McBRIDE LIMITED 2441 Granville at Broadway FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES R.C.A. VICTOR HI FI AND TELEVISION 150 Compliments of WARNER PLUMBING HEATING CO. LTD. 5580 S.E. MARINE DRIVE, S. BURNABY HEmlock 3-2820 The man who ' s too busy to read his business paper is like the logger who ' s too busy to sharpen his axe. Business papers published by WesTrade Publications are DIESEL POWER AND EQUIPMENT MOTOR CARRIER THE WESTRADE TRAFFIC DIRECTORY 1200 WEST PENDER STREET, VANCOUVER 1, CANADA 151 REVIEW - A late afternoon view of the Brothers ' Residence and School token from the entrance drivewoy. Father D. Daly, S.J. with some members of the Sodality of Our Lady The photographer catches the Sodalists during their banquet last November. 152 The St. Martin’s Glee Club entertained us with a fine program last November. Compliments of Blaine Myers and Company Limited and Woodward Stores Limited. Dove McCormick, local radio personality, was master of cere- monies at two successful social evenings. a u This striking sign confronted the students last March during Tournament Week. An accordionist, Jackie Bourne, entertains the guests at the Basketball Victory Banquet. Camera Dodgers: FIRST ROW: John Percheson, Timothy Mylett, Gregory Smallenberg. SECOND ROW: David Broadbent, Richard Spilker, Bobby Mackin, Roger Lord. THIRD ROW: Michael Murison, Keith Hutchinson, Bill Lewis, Henry Mackin, Ken Campbell. Compliments of the Holy Name Society and the Catholic Women’s league of Sts. Peter and Paul Parish. Perhaps one of the reasons why V.C. won the tournament — our mid-season contest with fhe top-notch Harlem Aces. Mr. Ken Wright, former coach at V.C., made a few remarks at the banquet after letters had been presented. CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF ’60 JACK WHALEN WHALEN INSURANCE LIMITED VANCOUVER WHITE HORSE EDMONTON MAKERS OF THE FINEST CAKES FOR OVER 25 YEARS MRS. WIUMANS CAKE SHOP LTD. 4141 LOUGHEED HIGHWAY BURNABY, B.C. PHONE CY 9-3451 154 Jradttkms Strong and honourable traditions provide the foundation of firm training in leadership expressed today in the motto of the three Canadian Services Colleges: Truth-Duty-Valour. Allied to the prestige of the past is a university degree education given by these colleges to the officer- cadets of Canada s armed forces. Carefully selected high school graduates are trained for challenging professional careers as officers in the Navy, Army or Air force, for the responsibility of holding the Queen’s Commission. Tktum Through the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) the Department of Na- tional Defence will sponsor a limited number of qualified high school gradu- ates to obtain a university degree edu- cation, either at the Canadian Services Colleges or at designated Canadian universities. Full details of this spon- sored education can be obtained with- out obligation from your nearest Armed Forces Recruiting Centre, or by mail- ing this coupon now. Director ROTP TS-60-3HSA NDHQ, OTTAWA. Canada Please send to me full information on the Regular Officer Training Plan Name Address City Town p rov ‘Closing date for candidates applying for 1960 fall classes is 1 July I960’. Age Education Service Choice Navy □ Army □ Air Force □ 155 ADVERTISERS INDEX A B Building Supplies 112 A C Grocery Co. Ltd 102 A M Sawmill Ltd 118 Abbotsford Wood Coal Co. Ltd 136 Admiral Hotel 136 Agnes ' Dressmaking Shop 112 Airline Limousines Ltd. 131 Airport Barbershop 96 O. B. Allan Ltd. 108 C. E. (Bill) Allen, C.L.V 146 Alpine Sportswear 130 Andy’s Jeweller ... 140 Anglo-Canadian Timber Products 112 Joe Archambault Ltd. 100 B.C. Coast Vegetable Co-Op 98 B.C. Door Co. Ltd. 102 B.C. Electric Co. Ltd 98 B.C. Estates Ltd 102 B.C. Sash Door Co. Ltd. 102 Bader ' s Dutch Bakeries 103 Bamboo Terrace 96 Banco Finance Co. Ltd. 130 Bank of Montreal (Kerr.) 96 Bank of Nova Scotia 96 Barber-Ellis of Vancouver 114 Barry’s Trophies 122 Bayview Meat Market 140 The Beachcomber Steak House 99 The Beauty Isle 124 Begg Motor Co. Ltd. 103 Belkin Paper Box ltd. 114 W. H. Bell Real Estate ... 118 Bell 8 Mitchell Ltd. . 146 Biggin Prescriptions 114 Henry Birks 8. Sons (B.C.) Ltd. 122 Blue Line Sporting Goods Ltd. 122 Boomer Drugs Ltd. 130 Boultbee, Sweet Co. Ltd. 146 Briteway Cleaners Ltd. 100 Broadway Refrigeration 106 Brown Bros. Motors 109 Burleigh Partners, Ltd. 108 Burrows Cleaners 130 Byrnes Typewriters, Ltd. 122 Cal-Van Accessories, Ltd. 107 The Canada Paint Co. Ltd. 140 Canadian Bank of Commerce 124 Canadian Bank of Commerce (Regional Office) 107 Canadian Marconi Company 146 Canadian Pacific Airlines 104 Canadian Stevedoring Co. Ltd. 146 Canadian Warren Pink Ltd. 118 Edith A. Carrothers 140 Irene Carter 146 Circle Furniture Appliances 136 Clinton’s Men ' s Wear Ltd 109, 140 Cloverdale Shoe Store 146 Coca-Cola Ltd. 112 Collingwood Drug Stores Ltd. 113 Collins Collins 100 Colonial House 106 Colonial Theatre 122 Columbia Radio Electric Ltd. 130 Consolidated Typewriters Ltd. 122 Continental Casualty Company 113 Continental Hotel Ltd. 106 Crawford Co. Ltd. 140 Crescent Cafe 124 Croquet ' s Grocery 136 Thomas D. Curley Co. 116 Customcolor 114 Dairyland 116 Dale ' s Shoe Store 146 Davidson Everett 140 Deacon ' s Service 118 Dean Bros. Collision Repairs Ltd 100 J. W. Devitt Ltd. 122 Dietrich-Collins Equipment Ltd. 112 Ding Ho Drive In 117 Dominion Rubber Company Ltd 117 Donner ' s 136 Dunbar Lumber Supply Ltd.. 124 Dunbar Pharmacy 130 Dunbar Shoe Store Ltd. ... 146 Eastman Photographic Materials Ltd. 119 Edelweiss Credit Union 124 Eldridge Drugs 130 Ellams Pharmacy Ltd. 130 Elm Park Service 146 Falk ' s I.G.A. Foodliner 136 The Fathers of Mercy 119 Fawcett Appliances 130 F F Equipment Ltd. 124 Fletcher Lumber Ltd 124 Finn ' s of Kerrisdale 100 ' Floorcraft Limited 102 Forsythe Drugs 1 30 Alex Fraser Galleries 1 24 Ross A. Fraser Agencies Ltd 1 24 French Hand Laundry 122 Galbraith and Sulley Ltd. 112 S. Gaylie Construction Ltd. 100 C. S. Gee 136 General Mutual Fund Ltd. 140 General Sales Syndicate 123 Georgian Towers Hotel Ltd. 125 E. B. Gibbons Co. Ltd. 106 Gibbs Tool and Stamping Works Ltd. 106 Giroday Sawmills Ltd. 118 Gleeson ' s Drug Store 130 Genwood Service Ltd. 146 G.M.C. and Bedford Trucks 122 Goundry ' s Service 146 Ground Observer Corps 100 Hamilton Harvey and Sons Ltd. 100 Hammond Equipment Ltd. 102 Haney 5c to $1.00 Store Ltd. 146 Hankin and Struch Furniture Ltd. 126 L. C. Harris Cedar Ltd. 112 Heather Jewellers 140 Hi Fi Sales Ltd. 146 Hodgson-Walsh Wood Products B.C. 112 Hollyburn Bakery Ltd. 125 Homewood Marine Ltd. 130 Honey Cream Donuts Ltd. 130 J. B. Hoy Produce 136 Hugh and McKinnon Ltd. 108 Hycroft Barber Shop 1 24 I.G.A. Super Market 136 Imperial Investment Corp. Ltd. 126 Ingram Bell Ltd. 140 Insulation Industries (B.C.) Ltd. 108 Inter-City Building Supplies Ltd. 124 International Harvester Co. Ltd. 122 Invermay Hotel 106 George Jackson Ltd. 112 Jackson Sheet Metal Roofing Co. Ltd. 106 Jo-Bee Aluminum Products 124 Johnny ' s Shell Service 146 John ' s Shoe-Re-Nu 146 Jordene ' s Dress Shop 140 Julius Beauty Salon 96 Kamlo Motor Hotel 108 Kearney Funeral Directors 106 Kendall ' s House of Beauty 96 Kennedy Bros. Drug Stores Ltd. 114 Kerrisdale Book Nook 96 Kerrisdale Boolery 1 1 8 Kerrisdale Bowladrome 1 24 Kerrisdale Hardware Ltd. 106 Kerrisdale Heating Sheet Metal Works Ltd. 136 Kerrisdale Hobbies 1 24 Kerrisdale Lockers Ltd. 136 Kerrisdale lumber Co. ltd. 112 Kerrisdale Stationery 146 Keystone Business Forms Ltd. 122 Mack Kirk Roofing Co. ltd. 118 Knight ' s Bakery 127 Kootenay Hotel 108 Kraft Foods Ltd. 102 L S Insurance Agencies 140 Lafarge Cement 130 Lawson Oates Motors Ltd. 96 E. A. Lee 100, 1 27 Reinhold Leest 142 W. R. Legg Construction 100 Lochdale Transfer Building Supplies 96 Lulu Island Motors 146 Lulu Island Water Gardens 106 Vince McBride Ltd. 150 Warren McCuish 140 MacDonald ' s Prescriptions Ltd. 114 MacKenzie Drugs 130 McKernan ' s 5c - $1.00 Variety 122 McLaren Electric Ltd 130 Alfred W. McLeod Ltd 118 M. G. Builders Ltd. 124 M.G.M. Restaurants 102 Mac ' s Market 136 Magee Grocery Ltd 136 The W. H. Malkin Co. ltd 132 Mainland Transfer 146 Marpole Equipment Ltd. 140 Marpole Transfer 124 Marshall Pontiac Buick Ltd 96 Max ' s Shoes Ltd 146 Mayfair Hat Shoppe 136 Mayhew Sherwood Flowers Ltd 130 Mercedes-Benz Distributors 134 Monsanto Canada Ltd. 114 R. L. Moore Keating Moray Hosiery 8. Lingerie Morton 8. Gale Radio Ltd. Mt. Seymour Caterers Natural Resources Syndicate Ltd. Nelson Bros. Fisheries Ltd Nightingale Pharmacy Oblates of Mary Immaculate O ' Brien Advertising Ltd. O ' Grady Drug Store O ' Hanlon Paving Ltd. Orange Crush Limited Ornamental Bronze Co. Ltd. Osborne’s Dry Goods Owen ' s Meat Market 114, Owl Drug Co. Ltd. 114, Pacific Cable Vision Pacific Cleaners Pacific Meats Patterson ' s Florist Pease Van 8. Storage Co. Ltd. Pemberton Barbers Perfect Auto Body Shop Pierre Paris 8. Sons Ltd. Pitman Business College Ltd. Pletsch 81 Dokka Prescription Optical Quinn ' s Kerrisdale Drug Store Ltd. Radio Service Engineers Raoul Robillard, Landscape Architect Read Bros. 8. Co. Ltd. Reliable Plumbing Repairs Riverdale Lumber Rockgas Propane Ltd. Rod ' s Building Supplies Ltd. Roma ' s Ladies ' Wear Rosco Metal Products (B.C.) Ltd. Rosso Jewellers Royal Trust Co. Saba Bros. Ltd. Arthur Sanderson 8. Sons Ltd. Save-On Meat Market Scott-Bathgate Ltd William Scott 8. Company Seaport Crown Fish Co. Ltd. Shanahan ' s Ltd. Shell Oil Co. of Canada Ltd. Simmonds Canada Saw Co. Ltd. Simmons 8, McBride Ltd. The J W Sims Co. Slade 8. Stewart Ltd. South Cariboo Sales Ltd. Sparkle Cleaners George Sparling Ltd. Speiser Fur Ltd. Spools Lumber 8, Building Supply Ltd. Stafford Foods Ltd. Stevenson Heating Ltd. Stradiotti Brothers Ltd. Strathcona Floral Co. Ltd. Stubby Products Ltd. Sunnyside Hotel Sweeney Cooperage Ltd. Tad ' s Sporting Goods Tech Pharmacy Ltd. Theatre Equipment Supply Co. Thomson 8. Page Ltd. Toban ' s Quality Shoe Stores Tools 8. Equipment Tower Sales Ltd. Town Country . Tri-Graphic Engravers Ltd. Tri-Service True Value Market Tudor English Shop Vancouver Adjustment Bureau Ltd. Vancouver Electric Boxes Ltd. Vancouver Stock Exchange The Vancouver Sun Vancouver Vending Services Ltd. V an Hobbies Vogue Flower Shop Wallin’s Glass Co. Ltd Warner Plumbing Heating Co. Ltd. Western Music Co. Ltd Western Sporting Goods Westrade Publications Whalen Insurance Ltd White Spot Service Ltd. The Williams Piano House Ltd. Mrs. Willman ' s Cake Shop Wood ' s Flower Shop Yale Hotel Yellow Cab Co. Ltd Your Oil Burner Service Zephyr Motors — 146 134 114 135 130 97 135 130 137 114 114 130 140 130 137 130 114 136 124 1 24 140 141 118 146 141 130 142 140 108 140 96 106 1 24 140 136 1 12 108 112 108 114 100 1 18 146 140 146 140 106 130 102 112 100 147 136 148 102 136 100 102 1 18 108 p

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