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wm PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF VANCOUVER COLLEGE The College Crest is being featured in the 1959 COLLEGIAN and perhaps it would be appropriate to trace its history and back- ground briefly. In 1936 Br. Stirling, then principal of Vancouver College, com- missioned Br. Lyons, a one-time student here, then teaching in Halifax, N.S., to design a school crest. Since Vancouver College is taught by the Christian Brothers of Ireland, it is appropriate that the crest should be based on the Gaelic Cross, yet because we are Canadians the central position of honour is occupied by the Maple leaf. After more than a year of work on the crest, it was adopted as the official insignia of the school in 1937. VANCOUVER, CANADA ’t d ' l M ' OaIo) At Henry J. Mackin THIS BOOK IS RESPECTFULLY DEDICATED Henry J. Mackin, industrialist, magnate but above all, a good Christian. Many were his achievements, but the east wing of Van- couver College, which bears his name is un- doubtedly the greatest. For although Mr. Mackin never attended this school, he made possible the fulfillment of the dream of its founders, Bro. Lannon and Mr. McCormack, by providing the funds needed to start con- struction. The finished structure stands as a permanent monument to his benevolence and generosity. In appreciation for all that he has done for us, we respectfully dedicate this, the ' 59 COLLEGIAN, to his memory. 1 V MACKIN HALL BLRSSKD BY . MOST REV V KL DUKE DU NOV. la 195 V 1111 ® ■ - : SENIORS CLASSES AND CURRICULUM ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS GRAMMAR SCHOOL ADVERTISERS IT u; Tfr. ' i " j v f W t mg ? 1 959 COLLE EDITOR Ian Sinkewicz ASSOCIATE EDITOR Don Cretney COPY John Williams, Editor PHOTOGRAPHY Henry Meixner, Editor Roland Burton, Jim Dumont, Pete Patterson, Al Baronas SPORTS Richard Eversbusch, Editor Jim Finch, Bill Fletcher, Tony Perez GIAN STAFF CLASSES Rory Leith, Editor Sanford Clare, Mike Grant, Joe Mock ACTIVITIES Richard Page, Editor Hal McDonald, Alfred Hailey BUSINESS Brian Cook, Editor Barrie Giroday, Don Dixon, Harry McLaughlin, Pat Harkness His Excellency, Most Reverend X) 4ut Archbishop of Vancouver His Excellency, Most Reverend Co-adjutor Archbishop of Vancouver MONSIGNOR T. M. NICHOL, V.G. Pastor of Sts. Peter and Paul FATHER J. SWINKELS Assistant Pastor Monsignor Nichol and Father Swinkels give generously of their time each school year to insure the spiritual welfare of the students. i A group of graduates of the College meets on the front steps. The centre of interest is Father Anthony Verrall who was or- dained on the fourteenth of March, a few days before this picture was taken. Brother Rowland 1953, Brother MacKenzie 1950, Father Varrell 1948, Brother Lyons 1928. BROTHER C. S. McMANUS, M.A. Latin, French BROTHER E. B. WALSH, M.A. Vice-Principal Mathermatics, English BROTHER P. G. BREEN, M.A. Latin, English FACULTY REV. BROTHER J. C. BATES, M.A. Principal 6 FACULTY BROTHER J. C. HUNT, M.A., M.L.S. Bursar BROTHER G. P. LYONS, B.Sc., M.Sc. Mathematics, Science BROTHER P. B. PASTONE, B.A. Grade Eight B BROTHER R. L. MacKENZIE, B.A. Grade Nine B BROTHER H. L. BUCHER, B.B.A. Grade Nine A BROTHER J. A. BROSNAN, B.A. Athletic Director, Mathematics MR. J. E. G. DIXON, M.A. French, English BROTHER A. A. GREYTAK, B.A. History, English 7 FACULTY BROTHER F. J. KELLY, B.A. Grade Eight A MR. G. W. OTEMAN Glee Club Director Brother Cassidy congratulates Lee on his latest batch of goodies as Brothers Eccleston and Collins contentedly munch. 8 BROTHER D. M. FRENETTE, B.A. Grade One BROTHER J. P. ROWLAND, B.A. Grade Six BROTHER D. F. ECCLESTON, B.A. Grade Five BROTHER T. J. COLLINS, B.Sc. Grade Four BROTHER M. B. BYRNE, B.A. Grade Three MRS. M. FRY Registrar REV. BROTHER EDWARD LEO COBB Brother Cobb, a member of Vancouver College Faculty from 1954-57, died in his native city of Chicago on Feb 22nd, 1959, at the age of 34. After leaving Vancouver Brother Cobb was stationed at Cardinal Farley Military Academy, Rhineciff, N.Y., where he first became ill. After being posted to Seattle in 1958, it was discovered that he had cancer. He was sent back to Chicago to await the final call. At Vancouver College Brother Cobb was noted for remarkable organizational ability and zeal for vocations. His finest achievement here was the planning and direction of the 1956 Diocesan Vocation Exhibit, held at the College. Thirty-nine Religious congregations and secular priesthood were represented at the exhibit, attended by thousands. . Brother Cobb entered the Christian Brothers novitiate after graduating from Leo High School in 1943. During his teaching career he was posted to New York, Butte, Mont., Salinas, Cal., Seattle and Vancouver. Brother Cobb held a Bachelor ' s Degree from Fordham University. At the time of his death he was working for Master ' s Degree from Gonzaga University. On the Friday after his death a Requiem High Mass was sung for him in the College gym by the Brothers and students, celebrated by his good friend Monsignor Nichol and attended by the whole student body. Requiescat in pace. I i 9 - ROBERT J. ARNOLD St. Joseph’s. Comes in from Richmond every day. Played Junior Varsity football in first and second year. Favorite period — study. Spends his RICHARD A. AYKROYD A boarder from Edmonton, in his first year at V.C. Bom in Chatham, Ont. Art 4, Intramurals 4. His great ambi- tion is to reach University. Hobby — - cars. PETER J. BROWNE St. Anthony’s. Born in far away In- dia. Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Base- ball 1, 2. In his eight years here has participated in almost every activity. Future lies in business world. JOHN C. BOYLE St. Augustine’s. Originally from Re- gina. Glee Club 1, 2; Intramural foot- ball 3; Bowling 3, 4. Interest — cars. Disinterest — work. ROLAND W. BURTON Alice Arm’s gift to Vancouver College. Roland is the inventor of a wonderful host of electrical equipment. Year- book 4. Hobbies — electronics, photo- graphy. Ambition — Electronics — “What else?” ROY A. CAMERON Roy is the big name in our class. Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basket- ball 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Hockey 4; Art 2, 3, 4. Plans to play pro football. ROBERT F. BRUNELLE Blessed Sacrament. Varsity Football 4; Basketball 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Hobby — sports. “You name it, he plays it.” Geology holds the key to Bob’s future. 11 First Quarter Basketball season commenced and it soon became apparent that our Varsity team, spearheaded by a nuc- leus of Grade 12 stars, had the ability and experience to make it one of the best ever. Senior Vocation Week was held just before Christmas vacation and several guest lecturers described the great variety of workers needed in the Vineyard of the Lord. Christmas and New Year ' s came and went and seniors began preparations for the mid-term exams. On January 9, Bro. McKenzie formed a Sodality of Our Lady among the Grade 1 2 students, which quickly spread to other high school classes. " Blaah! He forgot the salt. " MICHAEL C. CANTWELL St. Anthony’s ( Marpole ). Entered V.C. back in 1949. Art 1, 2, 4; J. V. Basketball 1, ■ 2; J. V. Football 2; Varsity Basketball 3. Mike plays golf at every opportunity. SANFORD T. CLARE A boarder for 3 years; comes to us from Upper Fraser (B.C. ) First class honours; Yearbook 4; Intramurals 2, 3. One of top 3 in province in Chemistry 91. Ambition — Medicine. BRIAN F. COOK St. Francis cle Sales. Brain joined the class in Grade 8; a great promoter; chairman of graduation dance com- mittee. Band 1; Glee Club 2; Colle- gian staff 3, 4. Fancies himself as motel manager. KENNETH D. CLARIDGE Sts. Peter and Paul. In 5 years; box- ing 1, 2, 3; J. V. Football 1, 2; Bowl- ing 4; Assistant boxing coach 4. Ken seems to have a mild aversion to Americans. 12 DONALD F. CRETNEY Sts. Peter and Paul. One of the origin- al class. Art 1, 2, 3; Yearbook 4; Intramural football and basketball 2, 3, 4. Built his own speed boat; enjoys skin diving; future engineer. REGINALD C. CROZIER Mayo, Yukon Territory; first year at at Vancouver College. Bowling 4. Spends spare time hunting, fishing, trapping; dislikes Vancouver’s wet weather. Future electrical engineer. 1959 RICHARD W. CRUCHLEY St. Augustine’s. One of the West End Crowd. In 4 happy years, Varsity Football 1; Intramural basketball 3, 4; Bowling 3, 4. Future lies in Chemical or Geological field. DONALD R. DAVIES Sts. Peter and Paul. A Winnipeg boy. Glee Club 1; Intramural basketball and football 2, 3, 4. Collects records for a hobby. Plans to be a Chartered Accountant. JOHN M. DUMONT Sts. Peter and Paul. 9 years at V. C. Art 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3. Jack is not one of Zorro’s fans. Likes cars and boats (souped up). PAUL J. DEPPIESSE St. Edmund’s. Makes long trek to school every day from North Van- couver. Art 4; an ardent golfer. R.C.M.P. is next in sight for Paul. ROBERT N. DENNY Born in Grand Forks; a boarder here for 7 years. Activities: Art 1, 2; Year- book 2. Enjoys History 91 class. Future Accountant. 13 WILLIAM G. EVANS Immaculate Conception. Born in Cal- gary, Alta. Drama 1, 2; Glee Club 3, 4; J. V. Football 3; Intramural basketball 3, 4. Bill is planning a medical career. RICHARD P. EVERSBUSCH One of our Latin American students. Rich has been with us 4 years. Glee Club 1; Drama 2; Yearbook 4; Varsity Football 3, 4; Intramural basketball 1, 2, 3. Business Administration at Uni- versity of Mexico. JAMES F. FINCH Sts. Peter and Paul. Born in Regina. Jim has been with class for 10 years. J. V. Football 2, 3; Varsity Football 3, 4; Yearbook 3, 4. Photography fiend . . . Future engineer. GRADUATES WILLIAM J. FLETCHER St. Augustine’s. Born in Victoria, join- ed class in Grade 7. }. V. Football 1, 2, 3; Varsity 4; Intramural basket- ball 3, 4. Pet peeve — Homework. Plans on becoming an international diplomat. w DERRICK W. FRY St. Joseph’s. Born across the water in Victoria. Spends Activity period in Drama (I, 2, 4); and spare time collecting stamps. Varsity basketball manager 4. Another Chartered Accountant. 1959 BARRIE R. GIRODAY Sts. Peter and Paul. One of the class veterans. J. V. . Basketball 1, 2; Var- sity 3, 4; J. V. Football 1, 2; Varsity 3, 4; Yearbook 4. Owner of tha t snappy Austin-Healey Sprite. Charter- ed Accountant. ROBERT B. GRAHAM Bob arrived here from Iledley 3 years ago. Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Varsitv Foot- ball 3, 4; Intramural basketball 3, 4. Collects rattle snakes. Ambition — R.C.M.P. officer. ANDREW HEIDRICH Holy Family. Andy, from Rumania, has been with us 3 years. Spent activity periods in art and spare time painting and building models. Dis- likes doing dishes. Forestry engineer. 14 tc c Second Quarter " Aw, come on, Jack, pass it around!” The mid-term exams came and went, giving some seniors a shocking indication of what might happen in the government exams next June. On February 10, Father Lucid, S. J., from Gonzaga University, gave a talk to the Grade 12 class on the subject of dating. The Varsity Basketball team, led by Seniors Dumont, Ohler, Bru- nelle, and Giroday tried and failed in the B.C. high school tournament. Two Seniors, John Williams and Ken Claridge represented V.C. at the sec- ond annual leadership conference at Seattle University March 20-22. A comparatively short third quarter end- ed with exams and then the Easter vacation, last substantial interlude from school work until summer, made its appearance. MICHEL P. HUNI Blessed Sacrament. Born in Bour- arn, France, Mike arrived at V. C. nly this vear. When he overcomes the language barrier, he plans to take up Engineering in university. WILLIAM A. JANSSENS St. Joseph’s (Steveston). At Vancou- ver College for five long years. Bom in St. Boniface, Manitoba. Bill’s hob- by is hunting, and his big ambition at present is to graduate. GARY A. INGRAM Another of our West Van daily trek- kers. Art 1, 2, 3, 4; J. V. Football 1, 2; Varsity Football 3; Track star for 5 years; Freshman basketball in Grade 8. Future electrical engineer. THOMAS E. KENNEDY St. John the Apostle. Birthplace — Cornwall, Ont. Glee Club 1, 2; Art 4; Intramural football 3, 4; Bowling 3, 4. Tom hates to get up in the morning. Plans — Corporation Fawver. 15 Third Quarter Grade Twelve classes commenced on September fifth and old friends Bro. Reilly and Bro. Martin were con- spicious by their absence. A week had gone by when the Papal Delegate to Canada, Archbishop Giovanni Pani- co, visited the school and granted a holiday to all. In October, the Serra Club of Vancouver sponsored a one- day retreat for the seniors at the Augustinian Monastery in Ladner. On Remembrance Day, November 11, fourteen seniors ended their high school football careers with a 28 to 6 triumph over Notre Dame. Three dazed students stumble home after a hard day. DONALD P. KERR Immaculate Conception. A seven year veteran. Art 1, 2, 4; Junior Varsity Football 1. Don’s hobby is copper tooling . . . his ambition — Commercial Aviation. GEORGE J. LAGRANGE Our Lady of Fatima. Born and brought up in New Westminster. George has spent three years at V. C. He is another of our class planning on a future in Chartered Accountancy. STEPHEN F. LEE St. Francis Xavier. Steve has been with us since Grade 9. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2; J. V. Football 1, 2; Varsity 3, 4. Enjoys some relaxing fishing now and then. PATRICK J. LALLY Sts. Peter and Paul. Bom in Dublin, Ireland. Pat has played soccer, Irish football, and hurling. He likes gar- dening and is working to become a school teacher. b. 16 RORY M. M. LEITH Second class honours. Intramural basketball and football 2, 3, 4; Year- book 3, 4. A ten year veteran. Pet peeve — Yearbook. South American Revolutionary. WILLIAM LESAGE St. Augustine’s, joined class in Grade 8. Copper Tooling 2; Intramural basketball 1; Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4. Hobby — Judo. Bill wants to be a wholesaler. DOUGLAS W. LOUGHRAN Immaculate Conception. Doug is an- other 10 year veteran. Played J. V. Football 3. Hobbies are Copper Tool- ing and Photography. Yet another entering the field of Chartered Accountancy. || jl GRADUATES 1959 MICHAEL J. McCLEERY Sts. Peter and Paul. Leatherwork 1; Copper Tooling 2; Art 3, 4; Intramural basketball 3, 4. Mike’s hobbies are swimming, diving, and cars . . . plans on being a lawyer. DENNIS M. McCLOSKEY St. Joseph’s. Boarding for 4 years. Dennis’ pet peeve is boarding. Art 1, 2, 3, 4. Hobby is boating. Com- mercial Aviation is next up after graduation. HENRY M. MEIXNER St. Patrick’s. Born in Croatia. Henry has been with the class 5 years. Glee Club 1; Yearbook photographer 2, 3, 4. Pet peeve — Yearbook editor. Future is Architecture. LANIER G. McSWEYN Lennie has been boarding at V. C. for 4 years. Yearbook 3; Glee Club 2, 4; j. V. Football 2; Varsity 3, 4; Intramural basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track manager 1, 2. Future — R.C.M.P. or Brothers. HAROLD J. MACDONALD Harold comes from High Prairie, Alta. Has been at V. C. for three years. Art 2; Yearbook 4. Enjoys hunting. Plans to be an Engineer. 17 MICHAEL F. MEWS Sts. Peter and Paul. Comes from To- ronto. Art 1, 2, 3; Manager — Varsity Basketball 2, 3; Football 3, 4. Mike has come up with a new ambition — Aviation Law. JOSEPH B. MOCK St. Francis Xavier. Joe has been boarding at V. C. two years. Art 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Intramurals — basketball 3, 4; football 3, 4; Ping pong 4. Hobby — designing models. DENIS F. MORIN Boarder for two years; calls Vernon ‘home’. Intramural football 3, 4; basketball 4; Ping pong 3, 4; Art 3, 4. Denis just loves boarding at Vancouver College. RICHARD J. MORIN Born in Edmonton; two years of board- ing. Copper tooling 3; Art 4. Intra- mural football 3, 4; basketball 4. Richard still thinks Vernon is best. GRADUATES 1959 PETER R. NICHOLS Sts. Peter and Paul. Pete has had seven years with class. Yearbook 2; J. V. Basketball 2; Varsity Football 4; Track 3, 4. After graduation would like to travel around the world. PETER S. OHLER Pete has been one of the class spark plugs for 5 years. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Track 2, 4. Holder of Citizenship Award. RICHARD J. PAGE Corpus Christi. In 5 happy years: J. V. football 2, 3, 4; basketball 2, 3, 4; Art 3; Yearbook 4. Rick spends spare time reading, swimming, or ski- ing . . . structural steel engineer. GIL A. PENARANDA I [oh Rosary. Second class honours. Comes to us from the Philippines. Active in both Intramural football and basketball. Future lies in the field of Engineering. 18 Fourth Quarter Shortly after Easter vacation, repre- sentatives of Seattle, Portland, and Gonzaga Universities visited our school and talked to the Seniors, giv- ing them an indication of how their respective Universities compare. On May 6, the Senior Prom, the high point of the Grade Twelve social life, was held at the Point Grey Golf Club. With this over, Seniors buckled down in earnest study for the government exams. The year ends in a rush with Graduation on June 12 and govern- ment exams from June 15 to 25. Thus passes the Class of ' 59 into his- tory. STEPHEN RINGWOOD A boarder from Williams Lake, Steve enrolled here midway through Grade 12. He is a member of the Glee Club and plans to take up Engineering after graduation. JOHN E. RUDLAND St. Mary’s. Joined up back in Grade 6. Comes in from Burnaby every day. Glee Club 1; Copper tooling 2; Intra- mural football 3, 4. John has planned a career in Chartered Accountancy. GARY A. ROLUFS Gary, from Hope, has been boarding for 3 years, on and off. Intramural football 2, 3, 4; Bowling 2, 3, 4; Year- book 4. Hobby — cars; Ambition — Petroleum engineer. PAUL S. SEALE St. Paul’s. From Richmond. Glee Chib 1, 2, 3, 4; J. V. Football 1; Var- sity Football 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. Sports are Paul’s hob- by. To be a success is his ambition. 19 IAN G. SINKEWICZ St. Andrew’s. Second class honours. Band 1, 2; Yearbook 3, 4; Hockey 4. Semi-pro musician — sax and clarinet type. Enjoys both jazz and classical music. THOMAS H. SKUPA Immaculate Conception. Second class honours; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; J. V. Football 1, 2, 3; Hockey 4. Dislikes early morning workouts . . . hopes to become an aeronautical engineer and sing a little on the side. MILO A. SMITH LEONARD W. SLIVINSK! St. Casimir’s. Here 3 years; Intramur- al football 2, 3; basketball 2, 3; Bowl- ing 3, 4; Art 2, 3, 4. Len spends his spare time on stock cars or guitar. Ambition — undecided. JOHN C. SMITH Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Four fun-packed years. J. V. Football 1, 2, 3; Intramural football 4; Bowling 3, 4; Intramural basketball 4. John’s pet peeve is women drivers. CHRISTOPHER STANFORD Holy Rosary. Arrived here this year from rural Toronto, Ont. Plays the organ for church choir and dabbles in amateur radio. Chris has a notice- able hatred of questionnaires. JOHN R. WILLIAMS Sts. Peter and Paul. Entered back in 1948. Second class honours; J. V. Football 2; Intramural football and basketball 3, 4. Wants to live to be 100 years old. Another 4-year trekker from the North Shore. Milo worked at leathercraft 2; Daily Dope 3; Copper tooling 4. Plans for the future lie in aeronautical engineering. II 20 ROBERT ARNOLD, 535 Steveston Hwy. Richmond. BR 7-8160. DICK AYKROYD, 10613 - 141st St. Edmonton, Alberta. JOHN BOYLE, 2475 W. 16th Ave. RE 3-7754. PETE BROWNE, 6544 Cypress St. AM 6-0054. BOB BRUNELLE, 1345 W. 12th Ave. RE 1-4326. ROLAND BURTON, Alice Arm, B.C. ROY CAMERON, 1715 Fedoruk RD. Richmond. CR 8-5088. MIKE CANTWELL, 1722 W. 59th Ave. AM 1-9623. SANFORD CLARE, Upper Fraser, B.C. KEN CLARIDGE, 5675 Selkirk St. AM 1-5316. I BRIAN COOK, 6250 Marlborough Ave. South Burnaby. HE 3-9998. DON CRETNEY, 1277 W. 40th Ave. AM 1-3603. REGINALD CROIZIER Mayo, Yukon Terr. WAYNE CRUCHLEY, 2412 W. 8th Ave. RE 8-1 191. DONALD DAVIES, 1367 Devonshire Cres. RE 8-4436. ROBERT DENNY, 866 W. 59th Ave. FA 5-2705. PAUL DEPPIESSE, 1 22 Upper Keith Rd. North Vancouver. YU 8-9271. JOHN MICHAEL DUMONT, 6826 Hudson St. AM 1-3464. WILLIAM EVANS, 3895 W 21st Ave. AL 2930-R. RICARDO EVERSBUSCH Galeana No. 54, Mexico 20, D.F. Mexico. Phone 14-74-04. JIM FINCH, 1953 W. 45th Ave. AM 1-3973. BILL FLETCHER, HAROLD MacDONALD, 2819 W. 7th Ave. Hinh Prairi p Alta RE 8-3404 DERRICK FRY, 4407 Perry St. TR 4-0645. MIKE JOHN McCLEERY, 5762 Churchill St. AM 1-1040. BARRIE GIRODAY, 1 927 Hosmer Ave. RE 6-0936. ROBERT GRAHAM, The Colonial Lodge, Hedley, B.C. Phone 1 -P. ANDREW HEIDRICH, 4799 Gladstone St. HE 3-9606. MICHEL HUNI, 1590 W. 34th Ave. GARY INGRAM, 2281 Jefferson Ave. West Vancouver. WA 2-6907. BILL JANSSENS, 1345 Gilbert Rd. Richmond. BR 7-7307. TOM KENNEDY, 56 1 2 T rafalgar St. AM 6-4886. DON KERR, 3995 W. 22nd Ave. AL 3328. GEORGE LaGRANGE, 650 Roderick Ave. New Westminster. LA 1-3841. PAT LALLY, 1957 W. 35th Ave. RORY LEITH, 2034 W. 36th Ave. AM 6-5985. STEVE LEE, 4 1 6 W. 25th Ave. TR 4-2604. BILL LeSAGE, 3109 Point Grey Rd. RE 8-7860. DOUG LOUGHRAN, 3982 W. 33rd Ave. AM 6-2132. HENRY MEIXNER, 606 W. 24th Ave. TR 6-0080. MIKE MEWS, 5687 Heather St. AM 1-5047. DENNIS McCLOSKEY, 868 Alderside Rd. Port Moody, B.C. WE 9-2579. LEN McSWEYN, 314 Blue Mt. Rd. Mallairdville, B.C. LA 2-7429. PETE NICHOLS, 1438 W. 39th Ave. AM 1-4068. RICHARD PAGE, 2389 Fraserview Dr. FA 7-7554. GIL PENERANDA, 784 Thurlow St., Suite 28. MU 5-5688. STEPHEN RINGWOOD, 5th Ave., Williams Lake, B.C. Phone 1 22. GARY ROLUFS, Box 228, Hope, B.C. Phone 368 1 . JOHN RUDLAND, 7362 McKay Ave. South Burnaby. HE 1-9649. PAUL SEALE, 657 Donald Rd. Richmond. BR 7-6177. IAN SINKEWICZ, 451 E. 48th Ave. FA 1-8859. TOM SKUPA, 4049 W. 28th Ave. AL 21 1 6-M. LEONARD SL1VINSKI, 1121 E. 27th Ave. TR 6-9778. JOHN C. SMITH, 3467 W. 10th Ave. RE 8-3796. MILO SMITH, 845 Highland Dr. West Vancouver. WA 2-6525. JOSEPH MOCK, 1270 Nicola St. MU 1-1046. DENIS MORIN, 3404 - 25th Ave. Vernon, B.C. Phone 2138. RICHARD MORIN, Box 843, Vernon, B.C. Phone 28 1 6. CHRIS STANFORD, 1628 Trafalgar. JOHN STANCATO, 1775 Francis St. FRANK VERKERK, Box 554, Powell River, B.C. JOHN WILLIAMS, 64 1 1 Churchill St. AM 1-4578. CLASSES AND CURRICUL Front Row: Mark Nett, Gene Filiatrault, Richard Harold, Dan Julien, Herb Carey, Don Dixon, Larry O ' Connor, Mike Melanson, Henry DeLaSalle. Second Row: Nelson Gray, Dave Begg, Henry Pena, Roddy Mclsaac, Jim Mclnnes, Tony Perez, Dick Miller, Tim Sharpe, Chuck Harrington. Third Row: Gerry Schell, Lance Murphy, Murray Cliff, Jim Ryan, James McMillan, Don Palthorpe, Bob MacGavin, Addy Honigman, Ralph Dunkeld. Fourth Row: Frank Croquet, Henry Branson, Leo Hagel, Bob Potts, Martin Barford, Rick Dodds, Jack Dalpe, Jim Reynolds, Bill Heffernan, Terry Keenan. Absent: Joseph Janssens. GRADE 11 Front Row: Dave Mitton, Boris Oduber, Keven Cassidy, Jim Abernethy, Bill Sims, Terry Campbell, Bruce Arbo, Bob Logue, Ed McDonald, Dave Nichols. Second Row: Juan Mota, Pete Patterson, Bill Gilbert, Paul Mui, Bruce Richardson, Bob Olson, Wayne Reid, Don Kloster, Roger Paille, Brian Adams. Third Row: Harry Mc- Lauglin, Peter Cavanaugh, Joe Peake, Jack McDaniel, Dick Durand, Bob Hunter, Paul Le Vasseur, Mike Grant, Bernie McCabe, Gordon Bader. Fourth Row: Richard Seipp, Wayne Armeneau, Doug Bell, Jim Dumont, Eckhart Ferdinandi, Alex Macauley, Mike Beaton, Greg Findlay, Bernie Marini, Alfred Hailey, Rupert Gibbs. GRADE 10 rl Front Row: Reinhold Hoqe, Robert Flom, Sam McMaster, John Gordon, Brian McDonald, Lome Little, Tim LeGoff, Gary Brady, Mike Wells, Norm Gibbons, Dave McCleery. Second Row: Paul Lawrence, Dezso Huba, Pat Harkness, James McCaffrey, Rodney Midgley, Mike O ' Flaherty, Wilbert Karpes, John Cooke, William Barry, Claude Marsden, Francis Hanano. Third Row: Richard Surqeson, Richard Boyer, Paul Kirby, Gary Durkin, John Wright, Dennis Gorrick, James Kearney, Derek Kulai, Neil Carey, James Wright. Fourth Row: Paul Cote, Michael Horrocks, Jean Paul Huni, Michael Ball, Paul Morris, Joseph Phillips, Algis Baronas, Bob Harvey, Brian Condon, John Daem, John Dixon, Bob Fraser. Absent: Frank Jordon. Upon entering high school at Vancouver College, the student must decide whether he will take the General Programme and thereby conclude his schooling with the completion of Grade 12 or pursue the more difficult University Programme and go on to higher education after graduating. If he chooses the General Programme, he will receive a liberal education and take school examinations throughout high school. But if he decides to embark upon the University Programme, he will study more specialized courses and, in the final two years of high school, he will take the Government examinations. In addition, he takes Religion and Health and Personal De- velopment, which tend to give him a well rounded education. After four years at V.C. he is well prepared for whatever the outside world holds for him. A y COM0 count m ALGEBRA - A Cj ' UtAtt Rellfil04 C W zvb) oa Q % c£ic [m m C The ninth-grade religion student starts his course with an investigation of the Catholic prayers. He delves into the mystery of the Sacrifice of the Mass and becomes familiar with all its parts. He is taught how to apply the virtues of faith, hope, and charity to his everyday life and why the sacraments of Pen- ance and the Blessed Eucharist fit so intimately into a Catholic ' s life. The tenth-grade religion course is devoted to a thorough study of the Seven Sacraments and the Ten Commandments. The student starts the year by analyzing life itself, the different kinds of life, both spiritual and physical, and the aims and purposes he should have to make his life a full and satisfying one. Next, he proceeds to the Sacraments and the Com- mandments, not merely memorizing them but explor- ing their full meaning and how he should use them to gain the most from his life. Progressing into Grade 1 1, the student comes into contact with the life of Christ. He first gains the Old Testament background necessary for the complete understanding of this course. Next, he makes a de- tailed study of the three aspects of the Son of God: the human Christ, the divine Christ, and the eternal Christ. Special emphasis is placed on the learning of Christ ' s miracles and parables so that the student can better appreciate His true personality. Since this may be his last year of concentrated religious instruction, the twelfth-grade student is taught the fundamentals of philosophy and theology. He learns how to prove the existence of God and why religion is necessary. Later on he studies four marks of the Church — unity, holiness, catholicity, and apost- olicity. Finally, he is educated in the morals and ethics which will figure in his everyday life. At the end of these four years, he enters the world prepared to live his life as a good Catholic and a solid citizen. Brother J. C. Bates Grade 1 2 Brother J. A. Brosnan Grade 1 1 Brother C. S. McManus Grade 1 0 Brother L. McKenzie Grade 9 Practical Minded Students Vie in Science Program Bill Gilbert, Brian Adams and Bob Logue take readings during a titration experiment in Chemistry lab. The rising mercury fascinates Don Cretney. Dick Page finds the reading as Don Davies keeps the thermometer steady. Mr. Owens exhibits one of his many talents as he sets up a Grade 10 Science experiment. With the advent of the atomic age, a knowledge of science is becoming more and more necessary for the averaqe person to understand everyday occurences. The Vancouver College student has an excellent chance to gain this knowledge with a full four-year science course at his disposal. In his first two years, he receives a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of general science, including chemistry, biology, phy- sics, astrology, and meteorology. His final two years are spent on specialized courses of chemistry and physics. These open the door to further study in uni- versity and can lead to a degree in science or engineer- ing. Front Row: Roland Boisvert, Mike Hewat, Angus Macau- ley, John Dodd, Carl Ireland, John Fraine, Lome Mc- Donald, Pat Hughes, Tony Collins, John Weetman. Second Row: Denis Beaudoing, Joe Harkley, Tom Camp- bell, Bob Porter, Armin Dettman, Gordon Giroday, Doug Elding, Ron Rolufs, Gerard LaRoque, Mike Geluch. Third Row: Henry Jang, Alex Kovats, Paul Hamelin, Gordon Brandolini, Dick Pearson, Denis Rabbitt, John McBride, Bill Jones, Bob Biagioni, Roger Getz. Fourth Row: Bart Babineau, Brian Taillefer, Lloyd Johnson, Pete McCaffrey, Allan Wawryk, Brent Watson, Mike Chapman, Leo Steeves. Absent: Ralph Alexander, John Bourdon, Peter Irving. [ ’ Seeking personal help from Brother Lyons during Maths 10 are Myron Wood, Pat O ' Connell and Terence Delany. Al Labere explains a knotty Geometry theorem to Harry McLaughlin and Alfred Hailey. beLtfU Ot CAl Sanford Clare dopes out a tough math problem with the aid of a slide rule presented to him by the Engineers Association of B.C. in recog- nition of his having earned the third highest mark in the Province in last June ' s provincial Chemistry exam. Hand in hand with science goes mathematics. This is one of the basic subjects and in order to receive credit for a major in either Science or Commerce the student must also major in Math. At Vancouver College he is well drilled in the fundamentals, alge- bra and geometry. These are the building blocks of higher mathematics and, if the student gains a thorough understanding of them, he will have no trouble with calculus and trigonometry. From Grade 9 through Grade 12 he studies formulae, theorems, and equations, all important to both the future uni- versity graduate and the ordinary citizen. i GRADE 9 Front Row: Robert Hague, Myron Wood, Brian Giroday, William Supina, Anthony Oster, Sieg Stubling, Maurice Tremblay, Kelly Francis, Thomas Foreman, Neil Mc- Donald, Brian McGarry, Frank Gauthier, John Ainsworth. Second Row: Reine Honigman, Paul Formby, Roger Currie, David Demidoff, Kevin Mooney, Jean-Louis Brusset, Paul Moffatt, Philip Fisher, Michael Fry, Vaughan Philpott, David Dyer, Brenton Brady, Ronald Wheeldon, Gordon Ritchie, Robert Mugford. Third Row: Rudolph Weitemeyer, Paul Nicholls, John Cantwell, Thomas Dixon, Patrick O ' Connell, Michael Willman, Giles Bisson, Nicholas Stiles, Joseph Hailey, Terence Delany, David Heavener, Joseph Haddock, John Falle, Gary Beaudette, Arthur Dick. Absent: David Pearse. One of the primary requisites of a good citizen is a knowledge of those living in other parts of the world. The Vancouver College student is able to learn why peoples differ and what common bonds unite them. This entails a detailed study of history. In Grade 9 the student learns how the many civiliza- tions of the world were and still are affected by their geographical positions and climates. Next year he studies the 7,000 years of recorded history. In Grade 1 1 , he does the complete history of Canada from the earliest explorers to her role in the Second World War. In Grade 12, he studies modern history, i.e., from the Rennaissance up until the present, for his Social Studies major. This major may also include Economics, a new course which has proved very popular this year. 28 Intensely studying map of Canada are Bob Logue, Roger Paille and Ed McDonald. Brother Brosnan lists provinces according to popu- lation during Social Studies 10. Brother Greytak digresses from the Congress of Vienna to hand out a work detail to a loquatious History student. It Tough B. C. English Program Demands Special Effort " Hark, what light through yonder window breaks? " Dick Eversbusch and Brian Cook give Romeo and Juliet serious treatment as the rest of the class hangs on every word. Since most educators today are under the impression that English is the most im- portant subject, the Vancouver College student enjoys a mandatory four year course with an extra course in Grade 12 optional for a major. English is generally divided into two parts, literature and gram- mar, with emphasis on the latter in grades 9 and 10 and on the former in grades 1 1 and 12. In addition, each year the stu- dent is assigned a story or play by the world ' s greatest authors for thorough study. In Grade 9, it is " Kidnapped " by Robert Louis Stevenson; in Grade 10, the life of Abraham Lincoln. In grades 11 and 12, Shakespeare ' s plays, " Julius Caesar " and " Romeo and Juliet, " are done. After four years of English the student has acquired a measure of culture and is ready to take his place among the world ' s intellectuals. English 91 students listen attentively to a sound track of " Macbeth " . Re il QhMa Cc With the advent of the jet age and the progressive shrinking of the earth, knowledge of an extra language is becoming almost a necessity, especially in bilingual Canada. Here at Vancouver College, both French and Latin are offered to the student and he may take either one for four years. In the earlier stages of these courses, he learns the noun and verb inflections, basic grammar and vo- cabulary. Later on, the Latin student reads from the original text the story of Rome and Caesar ' s Gallic Wars, penned by that great Roman statesman himself. Finally, at the end of this course, he reads and translates the poetry of Virgil, Rome ' s most illustrious poet. Those electing to do French have the added problem of learning to strive for pro- per pronunciation — a disturbing procedure for beginners. In their advanced work they sample the works of the great French authors. Brother Breen cheerfully explains the use of the preposition to novice Latin students. 30 Monsieur Huni, recent arrival from Paris, " parle francais " with Grade 12 French students. In his discussion of Virgil ' s poetry, Brother McManus pauses to let an important point sink in. GRADE 9 Front Row: Charles Lipp, John Tucker, David Pollock, Ken Richardson, Bernard Van Goethem, James Mac- Kenzie, Frank Norris, Ian Daniel, Bryan Cousineau, Peter Olinger, Arpad Schneider. Second Row: Larry Campbell, Richard Gallagher, Randy Patterson, Mike McCabe, John Wingert, John Forbes, Vincent Kong, Gerrard Bing, Jack Cleveland, Frank Peake, Andrew Oakes, Dieter Klopper. Third Row: Peter Hodge, Donald Riggan, Warren Longpre, Peter Barriscale, Richard Du- mont, John Calvin, Carl Roehl, Mike Eivemark, Ian Donald, Mike Calderwood. Fourth Row: Richard Stowell, Chistopher Hicks, Charles Kennedy, Don Paul Baron, Dave Crowe-Swords, Arthur Weeks, William Martin, Oscar Peneranda, Barry Stenhouse, Dan Tobin, Dan Furlong. Absent: Michael Hurley, Patrick Munro. Mike Cantwell, Paul Seale and Roger Barrie Giroday study a cash receipts journal. ABOVE RIGHT: Brother Greytak sets the pace for typing students. BELOW: Bob McGavin looks up accounts for Commerce class. l | O) In addition to those courses ordinarily regarded as academic, the Vancouver College student has the option of learning the more practical business course. This consists of two years of typing, one year of busi- ness fundamentals, and two years of bookkeeping. After the first year of typing the student is expected to be able to type at a speed of thirty words per minute and this requirement is doubled for the next year. The course in business fundamentals prepares the student for his first job and will enable him to climb the ladder to success. Bookkeeping is spread out over two years in order to ensure a thorough understanding of it. In order to achieve a major in this subject, an accompanying major in Mathematics is required. The popularity of this course can be seen in the number of students who place their fut- ure hopes in this field. 31 Fronf Row: Richard Lindy, David Girard, Reid Gillis, Lynn Wylie, Donald Piccolo, Brian Coughlin, Louis Hamelin, Donald Rose, Michael Walsh. Second Row: Patrick Fry, Alfredo Julian, Karl Nett, Andrew Zalot, Graham Boyle, Henry Rojas, David Fairleigh, Terry Marshall, Kenneth Cliff. Third Row: Darryl Waite, Dennis Brennan, Patrick Scoretz, Graham Gold, Allan Byrne, Lome Christy, Samuel Whittaker, Robert Hucul, Lesie Nolin, David Giroday. Fourth Row: Robert Ireland, John Hill, Guido Hanak, Ronald Russell, Francis Lum, William Carrothers, Donald Jordan, Gary Powell, Larry Willick. Absent: Anton Heiberg, Gerald Miller. J P A % C jp 6%C x fa P(La 4£ cl Pwt£ " M The Vancouver College student, while receiving an extremely solid basic education, becomes a well-round- ed citizen by way of the arts courses offered. Poetry courses are liberally sprinkled throughout the entire high school peri od. The less academic student can indulge in music, repre- sented at the College by Band and Glee Club. Those feeling an inclina- tion towards art in its specific sense can elect leather work, copper tooling or poster painting in their early years. For the more talented art students there is in the senior year an excel- lent oil painting class under the direc- tion of Br. Walsh. uan Mota aoplies the finishing touches to his copper tooling. $ Specialized instruction is received by Barry Stenhouse from the V.C. band master, Mr. Gordon Olson. Choir director, Mr. G. Oteman, points out a difficult passage to Christopher Hicks, Tim LeGoff and Gil Peneranda. John Ainsworth, 2285 W. 16th Ave. RE 8-9763. Don Paul Baron, 2509 W. 33rd Ave. AM 6-6020. Peter Barriscale, 939 Glenora, North Vancouver. YU 8-0630. Garry Beaudette, Malahat P.O. Vancouver Island. Gerrard Bing, Box 167, R.C.A.F. Station, Comox, B.C. Phone 960-L-l. Giles Bisson, 824 Robinson Rd., Richmond. BR 7-2683. Graham Boyle, 2475 W. 16th Ave. RE 3-7754. Brenton Brady, 2535 Alberta St. TR 4-8543. Dennis Brennan, Box 401, Yucca Valley, Calif. Jean-Louis Brusset, 3404-8A St. S.W., Calgary, Alberta. CHestnut 3-2414. Allen Byrne, Box 1539, Kimberley, B.C. Phone: LU 2-2628. Michael Calderwood, 13520 Nordsun Ave., Whalley, B.C. LA 2-8963. John Calvin, Box 311, College, Alaska. Phone 7484. Larry Campbell, 1025 Odlin Rd., Lulu Island. CR 8-8329. John Cantwell, 1722 W. 59th Ave. AM 1-9623. Billy Carrothers, 5625 Osier St. AM 1-2415. Lome Christy, Box 335, Terrace, B.C. Phone: 1 95-R-2. Jack Cleveland, 81 W. 15th Ave. TR 4-3149. Ken Cliff, 1260 W. 45th Ave. AM 1-0868. Brian Coughlin, 549-1 6th Ave., Burnaby, 3. LA 1-5837. Brian Cousineau, 1329 Robson St. MU 1-2685. David Crowe-Swords, 1321 W. 33rd Ave. RE 8-5484. Roger Currie, Box 637, 14664 Bellevue Cres., White Rock, B.C. Wl 8-0050. Ian Daniel, 4 E. 44th Ave. FA 7-1995. Terence Delany, 1377 Blundell Rd., Richmond. CR 8-8831. David Demidoff, 4096 W. 32nd Ave. AL 3957-L. Arthur Dick, 2225 Turner St. HA 7494-Y. Tommy Dixon, 1 1 09 London St., New Westminster. LA 1-9586. Ian Donald, 47 Albert Cres., New Westminster. LA 2-021 1. Richard Dumont, 6826 Hudson St. AM 1-3464. David Dyer, 4275 Valley Dr. RE 8-2684. Q ' lAjU, f }U+C T)- ltctcAM Michael Eivemark, 2155 E. 61st Ave. FA 5-3933. David Fairleigh, 1925 Nelson St. MU 1-4788. John Falle, 1034 Denman St. MU 1-7684 Philip Fisher, Box 44, Lumby, B.C. Phone 2341. John Forbes, Cassiar, B.C. Tom Foreman, 6728 Dumfries St. FR 7-4546. Paul Formby, 4928 Chancellor Blvd. AL 3569-L. Kelly Francis, 217 E. Keith Rd., North Vancouver. YU 8-8493. Michael Fry, 234 2 Kings Ave., West Vancouver. WA 2-7428. Patrick Fry, 4407 Perry St. TR 4-0645. Dan Furlong, 1827 S.W. 1 12th St., Seattle 66, Wash. Richard Gallagher, 2076 E. 61st Ave. FA 5-3577. Frank Gauthier, 7976 Stratham Ave., South Burnaby. HE 3-7482. Reid Gillis, 1275 W. 10th Ave. RE 1-8668. Dave Girard, 1 4 1 2-8th Ave., New Westminster. LA 1-4668. Brian Giroday, 2405 W. 13th Ave. RE 8-8642. Dave Giroday, 2405 W. 13th Ave. RE 8-8642. Graham Gold, 5212 McKenzie St. AM 6-8962. Joe Haddock, 5542 Dundee St. HE 4-1043. Joseph Hailey, 3606 W. 14th Ave. AL 2194-M. Robert Hague, 2161 W. 38th Ave. AM 1-7953. Louis Hamelin, 1112 Sayward St., Fraser Mills. LA 6-4059. Guido Hanak, 4950 Joyce Rd. HE 1-6048. David Heavener, Richmond, B.C. BR 7-2607. Toni Heiberg, 1 068 Burnaby St. MU 4-0792. Christopher Hicks, Box 7, Westholme, B.C. Phone: Chemainus 455 -M. John Hill, 1892 Esquimalt Ave., West Vancouver. WA 2-5027. Peter Hodge, 1070 Jefferson Ave., West Vancouver. WA 2-1890. Reine Honigman, 1 1 83 Woodhead Rd. CR 8-6693. Robert Hucul, 1 1 1 Agnes St., New Westminster. LA 2-7855. Mike Hurley, 4258 W. 1 0th Ave. AL 1391. Robert Ireland, 1 9 1 2-7th Ave., New Westminster. LA 2-6701. Don Jordan, 876 W. 62nd Ave. FA 5-8048. Alfredo Julian, 1245 Nicola St., Suite 106. MU 1-5069. Charlie Kennedy, 1395 Ridgewood Dr., North Vancouver. YU 8-9842. Dieter Kloepper 3969 W. 31st Ave. AL 4239. Vincent Kong, 1 1 89 Balfour Ave. RE 8-0493. Richard Lindy, 60 W. Broadway. TR 4-3191. Charles Lipp, 806 W. King Edward. TR 6-3071. Warren Longpre, 6572 Wiltshire. AM 1-5855. Francis Lum, 522 Keefer St. MU 4-9005. Michael McCabe, 4492 Crown St. Alma 4174. Neil McDonald, 4420 Dumfries St. TR 4-2961. Brian McGarry, 4289 Osier. RE 8-0755. William Mackenzie, 4561 Angus Dr. RE 3-0207. Terry Marshall, 818 Alexandra, Lulu Island. CR 8-1449. Bill Martin, 4658 Elm St. AM 6-2712. Gerry Miller, 2057 Cypress St. RE 3-8543. Paul Moffatt, 880 Pigott Rd., Richmond. BR 7-3037. Kevin Mooney, 1387 W. 70th. AM 1-6401. Robert Mugford, 1 823 W. 60th Ave. AM 1-7872. Pat Munro, 36 1 7 W. 35th Ave. AM 1-5530. Karl Nett, 4028 W. 28th. AL 2102-R. Paul Nicholls, 3260 W. 28th Ave. RE 8-0163. Les Nolin, 574 E. 51st. FA 5-2185. Frank Norris, 3030 Victoria Drive. HA-1 977-M. Andrew Oakes, 2950 W. 5th Ave. RE 3-31 18. Patrick K. O ' Connell, 1135 W. 10th Ave. RE 3-6570. Peter Olinger, Box 1512, Kelowna, B.C. Kelowna-7535. Tony Oster, 6375 Beatrice. FA 5-0442. Randy Patterson, 5829-45th Ave., Red Deer, Alta. Phone 2864. Frank Peake, 257 E. 17th. TR 6-6566. David Pearse, 1983 Bayswater St. RE 8-8554. Oscar G. Penaranda, 1 135 Haro St. MU 5-5688. John Pescatelli, 2 1 95 W. 1 6th Ave. RE 3-3600. Vaughan Philpott, 47 Catalina Crescent, Richmond. CR 8-0798. Don Piccolo, 63 1 Prior. MU 4-9096. David Pollock, 1836 W. 1 1th. RE 1-8859. Ken Richardson, 107 Avercrombie, Richmond. CR 8-1803. Don Riggan, 1 0966-1 29A St., North Surrey. LA 6-4095. Gordon Ritchie, 1875 W. 43rd Ave. AM 1-1249. Carl F. Roehl, 2815 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, Washington. RE 4-6686. Don Rose, 1 679 Ayleslynn Dr. North Vancouver. YU 8-1798. Henry Rojas, Indianapolis No. 1 9, Colonia Napoles, Mexico 1 8. D.F. Ron Russell, 5768 Selkirk St. AM 1-9694. Arpad Schnieder, 2065 E. 46th. FA 5-4970. Pat Scoretz, 4571 Marine View Crescent. YU 8-9336. Nick Stiles, 2586 Lawson Ave., West Vancouver. WA 2-2953. Barry Stenhouse, 1136 W. 49th Ave. AM 1-6715. Siegfried Stubling, 3145 Granville St. No Phone. William Supina, Box 344, Red Deer, Alberta. Phone 2291. Richard Stowell, 3635 W. 31st Ave. AL 2785-M. Danny Tobin, 1615 E. 21st Ave. TR 4-5723. Maurice Tremblay, 1765 E. 28th Ave. TR 4-3844. John Tucker, 1408 W. 45th. AM 1-0464. Bernard Van Goethem, 1220 Comox St. MU 5-7671. Darryl Waite, 975 Bridgeport Rr. CR 8-6863. Michael Walsh, 1365 W. 12th. RE 3-3273. Arthur Weeks, 2660 W. 50th Ave. AM 6-2171. Rudy Weitemeyer, 10357 George St., North Surrey, B.C. LA 1-5351. Ronald Wheeldon, 1041 Comox. MU 1-7979. Sam Whittaker, 1332 W. 47th St. AM 1-4985. Lawrence Willick, 635 Roderick Ave., Malardville, B.C. LA 6-7361. Mike Willman, 1416 Wesbrook. AL 2828. John H. Wingert, 1 43 1 Woodland Dr. HA 31 10-L. Myron Wood, 173 W. 18th Ave. TR 4-4369. Lynn Wylie, 1546 E. 3rd Ave. HA 3301-L. Andy Zalot, 946 E. 16th Ave. TR 4-5363. Jo St dc t J) nctoAy Ralph Alexander, 646 E. 59th Ave. FA 7-4621. Bart Babineau, 3019 W. 4th Ave. RE 3-2097. Michael Ball, 1565 Harwood St. MU 4-4697. Al Baronas, 3578 W. 33rd Ave. AM 6-2936. Bill Barry, 6935 Dumfries St. FA 7-2660. Denis Beaudoing, 910 Rochester St., New Westminster, B.C. LA 2-6150. Bob Biagioni, 962 Churchill Ave., Penticton, B.C. Phone 5025. Roland Boisvert, 1896 W. 36th Ave. AM 1-0057. Jack Bourdon, 350 Aylmer, Sea Island. CR 8-0474. Rich Boyer, 8696 Oak St. FA 1-1143. Gary Brady, 1524 W. 58th Ave. AM 1-2890. Gordon Brandolini, 333-1 1th St., New Westminster, B.C. LA 1-1485. Tom Campbell, 5637 Larch St. AM 6-4916. Michael Carey, 6725 Cypress St. AM 1-8079. Neil Carey, 761 McCailan Rd., Richmond, B.C. BR 7-7463. Mike Chapman, 4005 W. 30th Ave. AL 0705-L. Anthony Collins, 6965 Bryant St., LA 6-2336. South Burnaby. Brian Condon, 1350 W. 6th Ave. RE 3-4847. John Cooke, 5551 Balsm St. AM 1-6698. Paul Cote, 925 W. 57th Ave. AM 1-6575. John Daem, 3669 Main St. TR 6-9641. Richard Dettman, 6061 Quebec St. FA 7-6952. John Dixon, 157 King Edward Ave., New Westminster, B.C. LA 1-5356. John Dodd, 3806 W. 9th Ave. AL 1936-L. Gary Durkin, 2804 W. 12th Ave. RE 8-5887. Doug Elding, 1325 W. 12th Ave. RE 6-0836. John Fraine, 1549 W. 34th Ave. AM 1-7837 Robert Fraser, 1170 Bute St. MU 4-9091. Michael Geluch, 3275 W. 13th Ave. RE 8-1654. Roger Getz, Box 692, Williams Lake, B.C. Phone 332. Norm Gibbons, 4658 W. 10th Ave. AL 0996-Y. Gordon Giroday, 2405 W. 13th Ave. RE 8-8642. John Gordon, Box 123, Sechelt,B.C. Phone: Sechelt 115. Dennis Gorrick, 3754 Clydesdale, North Burnaby. HE 3-1435. Paul Hamelin, 1112 Sayward St., Fraser Mills. LA 6-4059. Francis Y. Hanano, 4025 McDonald St. RE 1-4813. Joseph Harkley, 2036 Cypress St. RE 8-9141. Patrick Harkness, 3891 Trinity St., North Burnaby. Bob Harvey, 3391 W. 34th Ave. AM 6-7001. Michael Hewat, Malaheight Subdivision, Cobbleh i 1 1 , B.C. Reinhold Hoge, 8549 Selkirk St. AM 1-2402. Michael Horrocks, 1274-1 2th Ave., South Burnaby. LA 6-4327. Dezso Huba, 2142 Yew St. RE 1-7843. Pat Hughes, 3539 W. 26th Ave. RE 1-2566. Jean Paul Huni, 1590 W. 34th Ave. Karl Ireland, 1 9 1 2-7th Ave., New Westminster, B.C. LA 2-6701. Peter Irving, 1957 S.W. Marine. AM 6-6456. Henry Jang, 6 1 9 Heatley Ave. MU 1-9896. Lloyd Johnson, Box 462, Oliver, B.C. HYacinth 8-3747. Bill Jones, Box 5 1 5, Greenwood, B.C. Phone 40B. Pat Jordan, 676 W. 62nd Ave. FA 5-8048. Jim Kearney, 3340 W. Broadway. RE 3-1489. Wilbert Karpes, 2132 Blenheim Ave. RE 8-7864. Paul Kirby, 1 290 The Crescent. RE 1-4747. Alexander Kovats, 3413 W. 20th Ave. RE 1-7655. Derek Kulai, 385 N. Boundary Rd. CY 8-0991. Gerard LaRocque, 1830 McNichol Ave. RE 3-8636. Paul Lawrence, 143 E. 4th St., North Vancouver. YU 8-0084. Timothy LeGoff, 3994 W. 10th Ave. AL 0887-R. Lome Little, Box 868, Terrace, B.C. Phone 38. John McBride, 1160 W. Keith Rd., North Vancouver. YU 8-8675. Jim McCaffrey, 311 W. 14th St., North Vancouver. YU 8-1651. Pete McCaffrey, 5938 Wiltshire St. AM 1-0400. Dave McCleery, 5762 Churchill St. AM 1-1040. Brian MacDonald, 1067 W. 70th Ave. AM 1-7002. Lome MacDonald, 6150 Chester St. FA 7-1203. Sam McMaster, 4027 W. 31st Ave. AL 3906. Angus Macaulay, 3889 W. 31st Ave. AL 2682-L. Claude Marsden, 392 E. 49th Ave. FA 7-2475. Rodney Midgeley, 3513 W. 40th Ave. AM 6-6591. Paul Morris, 456 W. Keith Rd., North Vancouver. YU 8-3277. Bill Neil, 6925 Angus Dr. AM 6-61 12. Michael O ' Flaherty, 2930 W. 42nd Ave. AM 1-8627. George Olah, 1457 Moody Ave., North Vancouver. YU 7-7871. Richard Pearson, 620 Beatty St. MU 4-6981. Joe Phillips, 370 Hidhurst Place, West Vancouver. WA 2-7568. Robert Porter, 2971 W. 37th Ave. AM 6-6427. Tracy Pratt, 22 - 7th Ave., New Westminster. LA 2-5983. Dennis Rabbitt, Box 490, Hope, B.C. Phone 5096. Ron Rolufs, Box 228, Hope, B.C. Leo Steeves, Box 3 000, Vancouver. TR 4-4162. Richard Surgeson, 1265 W. 46th Ave., Vancouver. Brian Taillefer, 554 Foster Ave., New Westminster. WE 9-2614. Brent Watson, 6149 Elm St. AM 6-2413. Allan Wawryk, 1227 W. King Edward. RE 3-8547. John Weetman, Box 422, Williams Lake, B.C. Phone: Springhouse 2-Q. Michael Wells, 920 Bakerview Dr., Richmond. BR 7-6240. Jim Wright, 3137 W. 42nd Ave. AM 6-5878. John Wright, 1513 Marine Dr., North Vancouver. YU 7-7661. 34 Q aA Slev h- $U AobX T} tcXoAM James Abernethy, 6211 Adera St. AM 1-6446. Brian Adams, 5430 Oak St. AM 1-5346. Bruce Arbo, 3030 W. 43rd Ave. AM 6-8269. Wayne Armeneau, 1318 E. 17th Ave. TR 6-9508. Gordon Bader, 1440 E. 20th Ave. TR 4-0425. Martin Barford, 726 Suffolk St., Victoria, B.C. EV 3-8287. Mike Beaton, 3537 W. 43rd Ave. AM 6-8290. David Beqg, 1200 W ' 57th Ave. AM 1-6833. Doug Bell, 757 McCallan Rd. BR 7-7419. Henry Branson, Calle 36 No. 60, Carmen Camp, Mexico. 376. Terry Campbell, 386 Hidhurst PI.. West Vancouver. WA 2-4340. Herb Carey, 761 McCallan Rd„ Richmond, B.C. BR 7-7463. Kevin Cassidy, 2054 W. 48th Ave. AM 1-3877. Pete Cavanaugh, 1557 W. 12th Ave. RE 8-0603. Murray Cliff, 1260 W. 45th Ave. AM 1-0868. Frank Croquet, 3701 St. Catherine St. TR 6-6653, TR 6-4531. Jacques Dalpe, 1 36 Young St. S., Chilliwack, B.C. Henry Delasalle, 3775 Edinburgh St. CY 9-2803. Donald Dixon, 1 1 09 London St., New Westminster. LA 1-9586. Richard Dodds, 2274 Dalhousie St., Victoria, B.C. EV 2-6971. Jim Dumont, 6826 Hudson St. AM 1-3464. Robert Dunkeld, General Delivery, Alberta, B.C. Richard Durand, Keremoes, B.C. Eckhardt Ferdinandi, 3044 W. 7th Ave. RE 3-3761. Gene Filiatrault, 940 Quadling Ave., New Westminster. LA 2-5513. Greg Findlay, 198 Garner Cres., Nanaimo, B.C. Nanaimo 3592-R. Rupert A. Gibbs, 1849 W. 30th Ave. RE 3-3181. Bill Gilbert, Apt. 202, 143 E. 17th St., North Vancouver. YU 7-6873. Bob Granger, 2006 Quilchena Cres. AM 6-4772. Mike Grant, 4064 W. 15th Ave. AL 0742-R. Nelson Gray, 2892 W. 28th Ave. RE 8-6067. Alfred Hailey, 3606 W. 14th Ave. AL 2194-M. Charles Harrington, Box 85, Boston Bar, B.C. Phone 151. Richard Harold, 947 Wavetree Rd., North Vancouver. YU 8-7580. Bill Heffernan, 3768 Quesnelle Dr. RE 3-1202. Addy Honigman, 728 Westminster Highway. CR 8-8034. Bob Hunter, 916 -.107th Ave., Dawson Creek, B.C. Phone: Sterling 2-3532. Joe Janssens, 1345 Gilbert Rd., Richmond. BR 7-7307. Dan Julien, 2066 E. 37th Ave. FA 5-4973. f Don Kloster, 8564 Montcalm, AM 1-4893. Paul LeVasseur, 2035 W. 3rd Ave. RE 1-4426. Bob Logue, 6574 Vine St. AM 6-7493. Alex Macaulay, 3889 W. 31st Ave. AL 2682-L. Bernard McCabe, 4492 Crown St. AL 4174. Jack McDaniel, 3348 Mahon Ave., North Vancouver. YU 8-1319. Ed McDonald, 4420 Dumfries St. TR 4-2961. Bob McGavin, 59 1 1 Adera St. AM 1-5340. Jim Mclnnis, 3531 W. 11th Ave. RE 8-6350. Rod Mclsaac, 2446 W. 4th Ave. RE 3-1290. Harry McLaughlin, 2129 W. 49th Ave. AM 6-0761. Bernie Marini, 254 Willow St., North Kamloops, B.C. Phone 177-L-4. Michael Melanson, 4070 W. 13th Ave. AL 1492. Dick Miller, 2690 Roseberry St., West Vancouver. WA 2-4904. Dave Mitton, 1 850 Greer Ave. RE 8-8518. Juan Jose Mota, Ave - Mari - Perez, Samar Apt. 42, Caracas, Venezuela. Paul Mui, 1 806 Adanac St. HA 5448-Y. Lance Murphy, Irvings Landing, Pender Harbour, B.C. Phone 584. Mark Nett, 4028 W. 28th Ave. AL 2102-R. Dave Nichols, 3563 Puget Dr. RE 3-5654. Lauren O ' Connor, 243 Scarboro Ave., Calgary, Alta. CH 4-4568. Boris I. Oduber, Apartad No. 346, Panama, R. de’Panama. Phone 2-4634. Bob Olson, 1978 W. 11th Ave. RE 8-6394. Roger Pail le, 8668 Montcalm, Suite 2. AM 1-8759. Don Palethorpe, 555 Knockmaroon Rd., West Vancouver. WA 2-4531. Pete Patterson, 5829 - 45th Ave., Red Deer, Alta. Phone 2864. Joe Peake, 257 E. 17th Ave. TR 6-6566. Tony Perez, P. de la Reforma No. 133, Edificio “Cine Roble, " Mexico 4, D.F. Mexico. Phone 46-67-05. Robert Potts, 2008 Quilchena PI. — . AM 6-2741. Wayne Reid, 987 W. 21st Ave. RE 1-4795. Bruce Richardson, 1 07 Abercrombie Dr., R.R. 1, Richmond. CR 8-1803. Jim Ryan, 3906 Antwerp Lane. AL 4775-R. Gerald Schell, 143 E. 17th St., North Vancouver. . " YU 7-8593. Richard Seipp, 7677 French St. AM 1-2004. Tim Sharpe, 2408 Simpson Ave., Aberdeen, Washington. Bill Sims, 4834 Boundary Rd. HE 1-0308. ACTIVITIES Ak ORGANIZATIOI Early in September the College was honoured by a visit by the Apostolic Delegate to Canada. The student body paid tribute to the distinguished visitors seen above on the stage: Msgr. P. C. Marcinkus, Msgr. Nichol, Brother Bates, His Excellency Archbishop G. Panico, His Excellency Archbishop Johnson, Msgr. Clinton and Father Swinkels. Fr. A. Zsigmond delivers a dramatic lec- ture during Student Retreat at Sts. Peter and Paul Church. Requiem High Mass, attended by student body, is offered in Holy Rosary Cathedral for our late Holy Father, Pope Pius XII. The Living Rosary was part of the Rosary Sunday celebrations held at Callister Park, in which all Catholic schools DarticiDated 1 Brother Lyons, moderator, and Mr. Hermann Myers, technical adviser, discuss the cover for the Collegian. Collegian Editorial Staff: Seated, Associate Editor Don Cretney, Editor Ian Sinkewicz, John Williams (Copy), Richard Eversbusch (Sports). Standing, Richard Page (Activities), Rory Leith (Classes) and Brian Cook (Business). SAaking short work of business at hand are Tom Harkness and Tony Perez at :he back. Bill Fletcher (lunch?), San- ford Clare and Harry McLaughlin (getting warm?). The issuing of this, the ' 59 COLLEGIAN, cul- minates a full year of worry, frustration, and just plain work. Ever since last June, when a group of Juniors met with Bro. Lyons to make plans for the book, the wheels of progress have been turning until at last we can say that our job is finished. It is your book now, and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed pro- ducing it. Photography Editor, Henry Meixner, and darkroom chief, Roland Burton, decide which proofs are acceptable for printing. Darkroom staff Pete Patterson, Jim Dumont and Al Baronas get some pro- fessional tips from an experienced camera bug, Brother Collins, to whom thanks must go for help in darkroom procedures. Centre of activity: Joe Mock, Don Dixon, Hal MacDonald and Al Hailey up to their elbows in prints and paper work. Typical of the mild madhouse to be seen when yearbook is really operating: Barrie GirQday calmly proof-reading copy, Editors Page, Eversbusch and Sinkewicz battling over a controversial caption, Mike Grant, Jim Finch and Don Cretney nattering away as they ostensibly paste up blues. Mwlc 7 Vancouver College presented a band to its audi- ences this year of which the school was proud. The boys have progressed under the direction of Mr. Gordon C. Olson, who has supervised band activities for many years. Music plays an important role at Vancouver College and its attractions are increasing. Apprecia- tion for music, and ability to play it, is something students in the band will treasure and derive much pleasure from throughout their lives. Youngsters Show Great Annual Front Row: Peter Lane, Fred Buder, Jim Williams, George Mac- Farlin, Lynn Wylie, Frank Croquet, Pat Harkness, Paul Morris. Middle Row: Hal Marsden, Don Baron, Bob Ireland, Don Rose, Julian Grey, Gene Kendall, Barry Stenhouse, Bill Buckley, Dave Gobeil, Randy Patterson, Jerry Bing, Ray Bessuille, Terry Robinson. Back Row: Mr. G. Olson, Mike Lloyd, Bill Supina, Bill Heffernan, Allan Byrne, Philip Stiegerwald, James Brown, Gordon Cawker, Dennis Brennan, Arthur Dick, Bob Hucul, Dave Crowe-Swords. Talent in Elocution Tourney On March 20th this year, the Sec- ond Annual Brother Rice Elocution Contest took place. John Maurer, last year ' s winner took the senior championship with his recital of the Highwayman; Andrew Gcuntley was runner-up in the senior division. Charles Hancock and Frankie Legg took first and second in the junior division. Bro. Roland conducted the contest in which there were sixteen entrants. Winners Charles Hancock, John Maur- er, Andrew Gauntley and Frankie Legg. 40 Qtul. Q AAa 40 - Jli hCOAj OAMuL. Under direction of Mr. G. Oteman — Glee Club has interesting year. Back Row: Mike Fry, Ian Donald, Nick Stiles, Chris Hicks, Anton Heiberg, Pat Munroe, Ken Richardson, Lloyd Johnson, Brian McGarry. Middle Row: Anthony Oster, Maurice Tremblay, Jerry Miller, Frank Peake, John Pescatelli, Jean Louis Brusset, Richard Dumont, John Calvin, Andy Zalot. Front Row: Michael Willman, Tom Foreman, Francis Norris, Philip Fisher, Mike Eivemark, Louis Hamelin, Tom Dixon, Don Jordan, Armin Dettman. Back Row: Bob Graham, Alex Macauley, Paul Seale, Bruce Arbo, John Falle, Pat O ' Conner, Gary Powell, Kevin Mooney, Henry Delasalle. Middle Row: Pete Ohler, Murray Cliff, Herb Carey, Dick Miller, Jim Mclnnes, Boris Oduber, John Stancato, Gil Peneranda, Bernie Mc- Cabe. Front Row: Mike Beaton, Oscar Peneranda, Tom Skupa, Bill Evans, Mark Nett, Steve Lee, Jacques Dalpe, Rick Dodds, Tim Sharpe, Norm Gibbons. Top Row: Billy Brumpton, John Sullivan, Bob Semple, Mike Kenny, Bill Gaylie, Tom Deschner, Philip Lacerte, Chris Allan, Peter Percheson, Robert Duff, Greg Rahn. Middle Row: Philip Busch, Jim Smallenberg, Roger Bernier, Gary Patterson, John Foley, Terry Mooney, Dave Mac- Gregor, James Juby, Keith Hutchinson, James Dew, Andrew Gauntley. Front Row: Billy Bakk, Warren Reid, Mark McGrath, Arthur Tom- linson, Mike McLaren, Briar. Burke, John Ewonas, George Ewonas, Ivan Beller, Judson Slaght, John Campbell, Charles Anstie. Br. Holmquist checking the work of Vincent Kong, Paul Nichols and Kelly Francis in Poster Class. Modern Rembrandts Bob Brunelle, John Boyle, and Joe Mock proving a little dab will do it. 42 M 6 4 216 4 4 QvlLctt f After an absence of one year the Drama Group was revived under the direction of Mr. Roy Brinson, with Brother Breen as the genial moderator. Mr. Brinson and his dozen " Oliviers " staged two pro- grams this year, " The Abduction of Santa Claus " at Christmas, and two other one-act plays on April 24th, " Rory Aforesaid " and " The House with the Twisted Windows. " Both presentations were well received and since the whole group will be returning next year great things may be anticipated in the dramatic field. Br. Breen and Mr. Brinson taking a breather. Dan Tobin, Michael Ball and John Forbes try to get the feel of their lines in the one-act play, " Rory Aforesaid " . Cast of the " Abduction of Santa Claus " : Paul Lawrence, John Forbes, Richard Stowell, Mr. R. Brinson (dramatic coach), Terry Campbell, Peter Cavanaugh, Dan Tobin, Rudolph Weitemeyer, Mike Ball, Karl Nett, John Wingert, and Joe Hailey. ■ u , gsgyaay 8 beh|»|« IpB mmss ■ i f I i I i . 1 l j ■ |M l - ! A 1 ! 1 | i 1 1 i | - -, v il $CyhioA CJaJjA4 f j A C)6 d StA . Back Row: Sanford Clare, Dennis McCloskey, Bernard Marini, Martin Barford, Greg Findlay, Richard Dodds, Robert Graham, Leo Steeves. Middle Row: Peter Patterson, Dennis Rabbitt, Boris Oduber, Robert Biagoni, Stephen Ringwood, Richard Surgeson, Robert Dunkeld, Lloyd Johnson. Front Row: Juan Mota, Robert Hunter, Roger Getz, John Gordon, Roland Burton, Brian Taillefer, Denis Beaudoing, Timothy Sharpe. Back Row: John Weetman, Lauren O ' Connor, Frank Verkerk, William Jones, Henry Branson, Norman Gibbons, Jacques Dalpe, Robert Graham. Middle Row: Lome Little, Robert Flom, George Olah, Joseph Mock, Gary Rolufs, Jack McDaniel, Richard Durand, Denis Morin. Front Row: Richard Aykroyd, Richard Morin, James McMillan, Richard Eversbusch, Tony Perez, Paul Kirby, Henry Pena, Ronald Rolufs. After-dinner amusement means play- ing cards for boarders Steve Ringwood, Mike Hewitt, Roger Getz, and Jack McDaniels, while Lloyd Johnson looks, on. Senior Boarder Officers: Dick Eversbusch, Bob Graham, and Len McSweyn. Out for the weekend are these happy Senior Boarders: Bob Graham, Reg Crozier, Norm Gibbons, and Larry O ' Connor. 45 ! l T)ult foA, Jwi CAA. Back Row: James Brown, David Boyer, Miguel Velasquez, Augusto Fortuny, Martin Iseppi, Fred Sloan, Alan Neilson, Warren Reid, Mark Boyer. Middle Row: Michael Pelletier, Ted Boake, Robert Calles, Luis Rojas, Edmundo Garza, Malcolm Gillis, Bryan Poulin, Thomas McIntosh. Front Row: Brian Bach, Stefan Comerford, Anselmo Gasteasoro, James Juby, Joseph Adams, Raymond Poulin. hh- 1 - ' i : f I G v — w ■ V - ' a ' 4 r r M Overtime on studies being put Joe Adams, Augusto Fortuny, Lutrelle, and Malcolm Gilli Professional help from Br. Estrada aids Martin Iseppi in doing his home- work. in by Mark Jazz combo limbers up! James Juby on the fiddle and Mike Pelletier on the guitar serenade a seemingly unimpressed Jim Brown. Highlight of week finds Intermediate Boarders led by Carl Roehl, lining up for weekly allow- ance from Br. Pastone. Back Row: Peter Leest, Allen Byrne, Dennis Brennan, Gary Beau- dette, Claude Verdier, Lome Christy, Carl Roehl, John Calvin. Third Row: Henry Roj-as, Jack McIntosh, Mike Clare, Maurice Beaulieu, James Chong, Chris Hicks, Peter Olinger, Lynn Wylie. Second Row: Alfredo Julian, Randy Patterson, Mike Wilson, Bill Duff, John Forbes, Stuart Gray, Jerry Bing, Mike Maze. Front Row: Bob Hague, Bill Supina, Phil Fisher, Mike de Repentigny, Don Rose, Larry Wi I lick, Dan Twan, Mike Fry, Chris McKeown, John Burbridge. Qld Back Row: Allen Neelson, Stan Ciok, Peter Leest. Second Row: Brother Rowland, Peter Perche- son, Frank Jang, Brian McClay, Merv Killoran. Front Row: Bobby Bazin, Pasquale Audino, Bob Calles, Larry Gunn, Tommy Gray. Front Row: Richard Everbusch, Kenneth Claridge, Thomas Skupa, Donald Davies. Second Row: Steve Lee, Jim Finch, Pete Nichols, Mike Cantwell, Frank Verkerk. Third Row: Mike Mews, Pete Brown, Robert Brunelle, Len Mc- Sweyn, Bob Graham. Fourth Row: Roy Cameron, Paul Seale, Jack Dumont. CAMPUS LEADERS Back Row: Herb Carey, Rich Dodds, Greg Find- lay, Leo Steeves. Third Row: Larry O ' Connor, Henry Branson, Mike Beaton, Bruce Arbo, Eckhart Ferdinandi. Second Row: Boris Oduber, Norm Gibbons, Ed MacDonald, Alan Warwick, Jim Ryan, Bernie McCabe. Front Row: Bruce Richardson, Gary Durkin, Bob Biagoni, Jim Mclnnes, Dick Surgeson. 48 ' i Executive Officers of Mothers ' Auxiliary: Mrs. J. Enright, Mrs. H. P. Killoran, Mrs. R. G. Nichols, Mrs. J. Ewonus, Mrs. I. Martinoff. THIS PAGE DONATED BY MOTHERS ' AUXILIARY The Mothers take care of many chores around the school, large and small, in addition to the big bazaar they promote every April. Below may be seen Mrs. Claridge, Mrs. Fitzpatrick and Mrs. Murison putting on a little party in the cafeteria for the con- Raffle prizes of sewing table are displayed at Fall Coffee Party. Ladies in charge are Mrs. S. R. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. W. Foster, Mrs. G. K. Claridge, and Mrs. W. O ' Flaherty. testants in the Emerald Gloves. Collect 4 CfSlld PeM Cr Ioa J aA C 4«ACC Jm £ St A When at last the much anticipated day rolled around, the candidates for the Fighting Irish football team forgot the bliss of the lazy summer, kissed the girls goodbye, and pre- pared to buckle down for a tough two weeks of practice Drior to the Everett game, their first and toughest. The players knew the importance of this game and the coach made sure they didn ' t forget it. Opening a very successful season was the encounter with Everett. The team charged into Everett and keot riaht on rolling down the gridiron and over an astonished and competent Everett club. Everett was behind one touchdown at the half but fought back in the second half to take a nine point lead which was a little more than Colleae ' s valiant squad could overcome. The final score was 40-38. The O ' Dea game got off to a slow start but the Irish came through with a 25-12 win. The game against Bellingham showed a fine second half effort which put College in front 25-19. As usual, Como Lake provided no obstacle and was soundly beaten, 33-0. The U.B.C. Javvees were not as tough as was expected and the team walked all over them scoring 40 points and allowing only 7 points to be scored against V.C. Mud and heavy rain slowed the College men down when they met up with Notre Dame and the game ended 28-6. Seattle Prep was knocked all over the football field but fought back to a 26-26 tie. Roy Cameron, Peter Ohler, and Paul Seale were the outstanding players on the team. Rov, the hard-hittinq, fast, and elusive right halfback, was voted the team ' s most valu- able player and has a very bright future in football ahead of him. Peter Ohler quarterbacked the team masterfully with the aid of his accurate passing eye and fast, nimble legs. Paul Seale was invaluable to the team and showed it by his ability to hang on to tough passes in crucial moments of the game. The whole 1958 squad will qo down in V.C. football history as great competitors who knew their busi- ness, had lots of spark and drive, and loved the game. FIGHTING IRISH, 1958 FRED OWENS Head Coach DOUG REID Assistant Coach Bottom Row — Nelson Gray (Mgr.), Boris Oduber, Mike Beaton, Larry O ' Connor, Norm Gibbons, Roy Cameron, Henry Branson, Ed Mc- Donald, Richard Surgeson (Mgr.). Second Row — Bruce Arbo, Bob Graham, Greg Findlay, Doug Reid (Asst. Coach), Pete Ohler (Co- captain), Paul Seale (Captain), Fred Owens (Coach), Leo Steeves, Jack Dumont, Len McSweyn. Third Row — Dr. C. W. Donnelly, Rich Dodds, Alex Macauley, Eckhart Ferdinandi, Robert Brunelle, Pete Nichols, Pete Browne, Barrie Giroday, Jack Bourdon, Herb Carey, Bro. Brosnan. Top Row — Rich Eversbusch, Frank Verkerk, Jim Mclnnes, Bob Biagioni, Bill Fletcher, Gary Durkin, Steve Lee, Bernie McCabe, Jim Finch, Mike Mews (Mgr.) Opponent vainly tries to -stop Roy Cameron as he heads for another touchdown. V.C. players display new uniforms while awaiting the signal to enter the game. VARSITY FOOTBALL STATISTICS Player T.D. ' s Pts. Player Yardage Carries Average R. Cameron 21 134 R. Cameron 1067 124 8.6 G. Findlay 2 12 G. Findlay 294 47 6.3 P. Seale 1 9 P. Ohler 326 58 5.6 P. Ohler 5 31 M. Beaton 45 16 2.8 M. Beaton 2 12 G. Durkin 1.0 B. Biagioni 1 6 3 3 1 6 B. Brunelle W. Fletcher 16 5 3.2 J. Ryan 1 6 R. Biagioni 7 3 2.3 L. O ' Connor — 2 R. Brunelle 54 14 4.0 P. Nichols — 1 R. Dodds 29 3 9.6 H. Branson — 2 Team practice during Thursday ' s light workout in preparation for next day ' s game. i Line opens up for ball carrier Pete Ohler in Seattle Prep game. Dr. Donnelly examines Eckhart Ferdinandi for possible injuries. Dick Surgeson, Nelson Gray, and Mike Mews managers, and Bro. Brosnan, athletic director, admire new V.C. parkas. Paul Seale swerves to avoid Notre Dame tackier. Heads or tails? College co-captains Ohler and Seale await outcome of toss of coin at start of Notre Dame game. I Co-captain Peter Ohler played four years on Varsity — for the past two years he was first string quarterback. Roy Cameron, holder of the Canadian high school touchdown record and Most Valuable Player award for 1958. The number 8, which he wore for his three years at V.C., was retired in his honour. It will not be used on future football squads. Paul Seale who played Varsity for three years merited the position of Captain for the 1958 football team and also the Inspirational Award. Captains Paul Seale and Pete Ohler with Archbishops ' Trophy won at Notre Dame game for second consecutive year. Mr. Fred Yehle, gives a speech at the annual football banquet while Coach Owens, Monsignor Nichol and others listen. The hard days of practice are far from the mind of Pete Ohler as he happily receives his varsity letter from the Coach. 55 Bottom Row: Paul Moffatt, Ian Donald, Bob Logue, John McBride, Paul Kirby, Brian Reid, Tony Collins. 2nd Row: Mgr. Brian Cousineau, Warren Longpre, Dennis Gorrick, Mike Hurley, Ernesto Angulo, David Durkin, Paul Hamelin, Mgr. Richie Dumont. Top Row: Br. Eccleston, Dave Nichols, Jack Dalpe, Brent Watson, Al War- wick, Pat Jordan, Joe Haddock, Lloyd Johnson, Br. Holmquist. Greatest Season Ever For Junior “Irish” The Junior Varsity went into inter High School competition this year after two years in the Juvenile League. Amazing success was the result. No big- ger than in past seasons, the team was the best in years and made up in " hunger " what they lacked in size. Expert coaching and conditioning by Brother Eccleston and Brother Holmquist knitted the team into a strong unit and resulted in a lot of very good football. The J.V. ' s scored a total of 217 points, won all their games, and allowed only 7 points to be scored against them. Many of the boys show fine promise as future Varsity players and are eager to make the step up next season. Watch that line, Hamelin! V.C. ball carrier outflanks opposing line for first down. Allan Wawryk intercepts a pass to end op- ponent ' s threat. Longpre brought down by two John Oliver players. SEASON ' S RECORD V.C. 41 Notre Dame 7 V.C. 14 Notre Dame 0 V.C. 47 Churchill 0 V.C. 26 Rotary 0 V.C. 47 King Edward 0 V.C. 42 John Oliver 0 Paul Hamelin fights off King Edward tackier as he races for a touchdown. 57 ■ VARSITY JACK DUMONT PAUL SEALE The tension of this all important tournament game shows in the faces of College Warriors Barrie Giroday, Pete Ohler, and Jack Dumont. GREG FINDLAY PETE OHLER ECKHART FERDINANDI MARTIN BARFORD PAUL HAMELIN SEASON RECORD Alumni King Edward Abbotsford North Surrey Lord Byng South Burnaby _ West Vancouver Faculty John Oliver Lord Byng Lester Pearson . St. Louis Notre Dame South Burnaby _ BRUNELLE LEO MULHERN BARRIE GIRODAY MIKE MELANSON EUGENE FILIATRAULT BERNIE MARINI ALEX MACAULEY SEASON RECORD John Oliver Lynden Christian West Vancouver . North Surrey Notre Dame O ' Dea Lynden Christian U.B.C. Braves Gladstone Lester Pearson Lord Byng Port Moody Victoria High Abbotsford Giroday and Findlay give an O ' Dea player a hard time under the back- boards. Pete Ohler gives the coach the scoop during a time out at the West Van. rout. Qe n lle 2 The V.C. Varsity Basketball team this year compiled the best season ' s record of any team in College ' s history. After an opening loss to the Alumni on Homecoming night, the Gaels swept past fifteen teams witho ut incurring a de- feat, although they were tied by Lord Byng 49 all. How- ever their string finally came to an end down in Seattle when, despite the vocal support of two busloads of loyal fans, they were defeated by a strong O ' Dea squad. Although they lost one more game, a squeaker to Lynden Christian, still College put together a record of 20 wins, one tie, and only four losses, an achievement unequaled in College basket- ball ar Mere hustle isn ' t enough to stop Brunelle as he breezes by a couple of willing Willies from Glad- stone. inals. Where do we go from here? — says Victoria ' s Delparte as he faces a determined Paul Seale. 4 RccoaA LOWER MAINLAND PLAYOFFS Despite valiant efforts and a great sea- son record College failed to take the Lower Mainland Trophy this year. The team de- feated Gladstone and Lester Pearson which left only Byng between them and the trophy. In that decisive game, Byng, playing their best game of the year, rolled up an early lead and held it. The Irish came back fighting in the fourth quarter but lost 49-45. Surrounded by Byng play- ers, Ohler sets his eye on two quick points. Right: Ohler accepts Lower Mainland runner- up trophy. Below: Students gang up on faculty, five to one, to try to snag a rebound. Hopes for another B.C. Championship this year were quickly lost as College could not seem to hit their stride and met with fairly tough competition. The Irish defeated Port Moody and seemed to. be headed for the top. However, Victoria High, the eventual B.C. Champions, beat us by one point in a tournament thriller. A second loss to a fired-up Abbotsford team in overtime eliminated College from the tournament. Jack Dumont wards off opposing players in an effort to free Pete Ohler. Left: A leap for the ball by Barrie Giroday is to no avail — Abbotsford gets there first. Right: This time its Greg Findlay in the middle surrounded by Pete Ohler, Barrie Giroday and assorted opponents. • C lewhty Al Warwyk fights to get the ball to Warren Longpre in the midst of a scramble. Norm Gibbons oufjumps his opponent for a shot at the backboard. . j . 1 4 T The Jun ior Varsity Basketball team this year provided V.C. with a most successful athletic squad. Not only did they go through the season with a re- cord of twelve wins and just two losses, but they climaxed their efforts by capturing first place in the provincial tournament. All year long they displayed the form which made them perhaps the finest J.V. team in College ' s history. Good coaching, strong first team, and solid depth — these were the characteristics which en- abled the Jayvees to go all the way. Bro. Eccleston, a former prep star himself, molded these individual standouts into a first rate operating unit. He was assisted in his coaching chores by Bro. Cassidy. The starting five, Al Wawryk, Norm Gibbons, Brent Wat- son, Brian Adams, and Jim Ryan, combined ability with experience to gain their assignment but were constantly kept on their toes by younger teammates seeking first string positions. The immediate future of basketball at V.C. ap- pears bright indeed. It seems reasonable to expect that this year ' s provincial champion junior team will in two years time turn out to be the best senior team in B.C. PROVINCIAL CHAMPS Bottom Row: Charlie Lipp, Brian Adams, Bill Barry, Peter Barriscale, Jim Ryan, Mike Hurley. Top Row: Mgr. Richie Dumont, Warren Longpre, Ian Donald, Br. Eccleston, Brent Watson, Al Warwyk, Norm Gibbons, Mgr. Bill Carrothers. Al Warwyk drives in for a lay-up past a Lester Pearson forward. Brian Adams puts a little " body English " on the ball. SEASON ' S RECORD v.c. 39 King Edward ..... 16 v.c. 45 Abbotsford ____ 33 v.c. 39 North Surrey .... 34 v.c. 64 Burnaby South .... 24 v.c. 56 West Vancouver ... 22 v.c. 47 Kerrisdale Kerries . ..... 34 v.c. 32 King George .... 42 v.c. 63 John Oliver _ .... 27 v.c. 39 Gladstone .... 28 v.c. 40 King George .... 29 v.c. 27 Gladstone ..... 30 v.c. 34 Notre Dame .... 25 v.c. 57 Burnaby South .... 30 v.c. 54 Lynden Christian __ . .... 43 v.c. 40 King G eorge .... 29 v.c. 41 North Surrey .... 16 v.c. 53 Notre Dame . .... 30 v.c. 63 Prince of Wales .... 33 v.c. 41 Lynden Christian .... 51 v.c. 59 Notre Dame .... 43 v.c. 42 Kerrisdale Kerries .... .... 45 v.c. 49 John Oliver .... 33 v.c. 34 O ' Dea Freshmen .... 28 v.c. 48 Abbotsford .... 34 v.c. 43 Lester Pearson .... 32 J 65 ‘3 - •“ " ‘rSB e, VES 958 V.C. EMERALD GLOVES TEAM Front Row: Harry Howard, Richie Duggan, Terry Fitz- patrick, Gerry Van Loon. Second Row: Kevin Mooney, Paul Claridge, Brian Bach, Danny O ' Leary, Philip Lecerte. Back Row: Myron Claridge, Patrick Fry, Andy Zalot, Brian Coughlin, Br. Frenette (Moderator), Gary Durkin, Terry McKernan, Terry Marshall, and Michael Fry. Dennis Beaudoing receives Emerald Boy Trophy and congratula- tions from Br. Bates. t 66 Andy Zalot closes in for a knockout punch. Bell brings breather to Pat Fry as Coach Owens and Archie McDonald offer words of advice. Once again Vancouver College ' s well- trained hard-hitting boxing club romped through a highly successful season. The boys showed the spirit and eagerness to win which was evident even in the few bouts that they lost. Mr. Fred Owens and Archie McDonald provided the same expert coaching that they have given College Boxers for many years. Ken Claridge who fought with the team last year also assisted in the job of coaching. The season opened officially with the Bronze Gloves in which eleven out of twelve College entrants won awards. The grand climax of the season came at the Emerald Gloves which hosted fighters from all parts of British Columbia. The College Club again took the best team trophy as it has done for the past six years. Dennis Beaudoing, a grade ten stu- dent from Vancouver College, received the Emerald Boy Trophy for his brilliant pugilis- tic prowess. 67 Gary Durkin drives opponent into ropes with a mighty blow. (Above) Brian McGarry receives a punch in the nose but seeks revenge with an " Uppercut " . (Below) Paul Claridge staggers opponent with a solid left to the jaw. Jerry Miller and Pat Jordan in the Junior Mile. 68 THE HIGH SCHOOL TRACK SQUAD. Top: Brother Brosnan, coach. Allan Wawryk — 1st 440, 1st 880, 1st Relay. Ed McDonald — 2nd 100, 2nd 220, 2nd Broad Jump, 2nd Relay. Graham Gold — 1st Shot Put. Pete Nichols. Bernie Marini — 1st High Jump. Jack Dalpe. Eckhardt Ferdinandi — 3rd Shot Put. Roy Cameron. Mike Calderwood. Herb Carey — 2nd Relay. Gary Ingram, as- sistant coach. Middle: Guido Hanak. Bob Biagioni — 2nd Pole Vault. Brian Coughlin — 2nd Relay. Rudy Wedemeyer. Eugene Loughran. Pat Jordan — 3rd Mile. Jim Ryan — 1st 100, 1st 220, 1st Broad Jump, 1st High Jump. Wayne Reid — 2nd 880, 2nd Relay. Bottom: John McBride — 2nd 100, 2nd 220, 1st Relay. Jerry Miller — 2nd Mile, 3rd 880. Bob Dunkeld — 1st Mile, 1st 880. Nelson Grey. Richard Surgeson — 3rd 100, 1st Relay. Absent from picture: Greg Findlay — 1st Shot Put, 2nd High Jump. Tom Skupa — 3rd Mile. Norm Gibbons. Above: Greg Findlay shows perfect form, clearing the bar with the great- est of ease. Left: The starting gun of the Columbian Mile at the K. of C. Track Meet, held at U.B.C. Stadium on May 6th. Right: Bob Dunkeld and Tom Skupa took first and third in the mile and received presentations from Monsignor Clinton. The Triumph of the Little Man . . . The 1959 K. of C. Track will go into history as a real team effort. Seriously handicapped by the loss of their two top runners, Pete Nichols and Roy Cameron, the squad faced a difficult task. The boys ' trophy had been won by College the year before and it was only through the determined efforts of the lesser known members of the team that the trophy was retained. Bob Dunkeld stepped into the shoes of the best miler in the hstory of the College, Pete Nichols, and turned in his finest per- formance of the year in capturing the Columbian mile and the 880-yard run. The outstanding Junior was Jim Ryan who garnered four firsts while setting the record in the 220 and equalling the record in the 100. The Junior 100-yard dash was a straight V.C. show. On the left is ;h, then the prizes — first place to Jim Ryan, second to John and third to Richard Surgeson. J “3p--o «gjg Where The Amateur Quarterback Joe Mock coolly holds his ground in the face of a tremendous rush by John Williams and Bob Olson. INTRAMURAL BOARDERS LEAGUE: Dick Durand, Jack McDaniel, Rick Morin, Bill Jones, Joe Mock. For those students lacking the time or talent necessary to participate on the Varsity and J.V. teams, intramural leagues are pro- vided for the exercise and competition neces- sary for the full development of the student. This year there were two touch football lea- gues, one for the day students and one for the boarders. The day league was closely con- tested, with Don Cretney ' s team on top at the end of the season boasting a record of eight wins and two losses. But in the playoffs, Mike Cantwell ' s team, showing the form which made them mid-season leaders, beat Cretney 39 to 0 and copped the champion- ship. The boarders ' league turned out to be a different story with Rick Morin ' s squad walking away from its opposition although Bernie Marini ' s boys pressed them at the be- ginning of the season. Win or lose, all par- ticipants enjoyed themselves immensely and emerged as healthy, though not skilful, athletes. " You missed, " cries Bernie Marini as John Williams lunges. INTRAMURAL DAY LEAGUE CHAMPS: Rod Midgley, John Williams, Ken Cliff, Mike Cantwell, Bob Ireland, Mike Grant. am - t _ 4 70 Intramural Boarders Champs: Steve Ringwood, Bob Gra- ham (Capt.), Mike Hewat, Rick Dodds. kiles Supreme Intramural Boarders Runners-Up: Bill Jones, Dennis Rabitt, Henry Branson, Boris Oduber, Rich Evers- busch (Capt.) No sooner had football season ended than the call went out for intramural basket- ball. The ranks of intramural football play- ers were swelled by the addition of Varsity and J.V. gridders, and from the confusion emerged a strong ten-team league. It was soon evident that Don Cretney ' s team was determined to walk away with the champion- ship and this proved to be the case as these boys went through their ten game schedule undefeated. But fate dealt them a severe blow in the semi-finals of the playoffs as they lost to Herb Carey ' s team while playing with only four men. Carey went on to win the championship by beating Jim Mclnnes ' team in the final. Much credit is due to Br. Mac- Kenzie for devoting his time and energy to the operation of both the football and basket- ball leagues. Puck $(h 4V fcA4i A new sport made its debut at V.C. this year. Through the efforts of Bro. Walsh and Tom Skupa, an ice-hockey team was formed and entered in the Lower Mainland High School Hockey League. The team was fortunate in being able to acquire the services of former N.H.L. star, Walter " Babe " Pratt, as coach and using the Kerrisdale Arena as their practice grounds the newest " Fighting Irish " were ready to go. In their first few games College looked anything but impressive due to lack of practice and urifamilarity between team-mates. But when the regular season started the boys were in fighting trim and were working together as a team. Led by Jack Bourdon and Warren Longpre, they compiled a record of two wins and four losses. By defeating South Burn- aby 5 to 2, they advanced into the finals against Lester Pear- son. Although they lost this game 7 to 6 the hockey team deserves much credit for faring so well in their first year of existence. Warren Longpre expertly manoeuvers past cautious opponent. Jacques Dalpe swipes puck from sur- prised Lester Pearson player. Front Row: Warren Longpre, Jack Dalpe, Len McSweyn, Tom Skupa, Alex Kovats. 2nd Row: Roland Boisvert, Bill Sims, John Fraine, Bill Martin, Bob B iagioni, Tracy Pratt, Coach " Babe " Pratt. Back Row; Dan Kolesnik, Roy Cameron, Bob Graham, Jack Bourdon, Ian Sinkewicz. fU £ fd M- One of the favourite indoor sports at College during the Winter season is bowl- ing. A choice of two leagues is provided, one on Wednesday and a mixed league on Thursday. The boys seem to be very serious about the v sport since most of them bowl on Wednesdays. The games were held at Chap- man ' s with Brother Collins as the able moderator of the group. The standard of playing did not merit the boys a spot in an international tournament but it was evident that they all enjoyed it. Bob Graham and Norm Gibbons discuss strategy while Don Dixon looks on intently. Wednesday Bowlers: Front Row: Dezso Huba, Robert Fraser, Peter Cavanaugh, Paul Nicholls, Frank Hanano, James Wright, Mike Carey. Second Row: Reinhold Hoge, Derek Kulai, Ronald Russell, Pat Harkness, Michael Walsh, Gerald Miller, Rick Morin, Ronald Rolufs, Graham Boyle. Back Row: Roger Paille, Pete Browne, Frank Ver- kerk, Dick Durand, Gary Rolufs. 73 Front Row: John Bella, Alex Bandy, Ian Blake, Roger Bernier, John Butters, Douglas Brown. Second Row: Louis Bazin, Claude Boisvert, Maurice Beaulieu, Daniel Bean, John Burbridge, Robert Abernethy, Joseph Bauche, Raymond Bessuille. Front Row: Michael DeRepentigny, . Rory Delaney, Michael Clare, Victor Dukoski, Richard Dumont, Peter Eakins. Second Row: James Campbell, William Duff, Douglas Mackey Dunn, Dave Durkin, Stephen Close, Myron Claridge, James Dew, David Fisk. Grade 8 Grade 8 Front Row: Terry McKernan, William McCallum, Daniel McDaniel, Wayne McClay, Marc McGrath, Ian Mac- kenzie. Second Row: David Nicholas, Terence Mooney, John McIntosh, Allan Menzies, Michael Maze, Peter Leest, Christopher McKeown, John Maurer, Michael McLaren. I Front Row: Jack Wilson, Peter Thomas, Arthur Tomlinson, Robert Walsh, Brian Thomsett, Stuart Wright. Second Row: Shane Sikes, William Stewart, Leo Vlake, Akos Szakolczai, Claude Verdier, Daniel Twan, James Smallenberg, Harry White. 76 Camera Dodgers: Desmond Cobble, Leslie Poltak, Neil Williscroft, Craig Minaker. Front Row: Graydon Ford, William Hawkins, John Kalley, Daniel La Porte, Michael Leahy. Ralph Lanuzel, Stuart Gray. Second Row: Brian Kerr, Thomas Edwards, Richard Karpes, Gary Low, Michael Gillespie, James Hyland, John Furch, Robert Lord, Andrew Gauntley. Front Row: Duane Riordan, William O ' Neill, James Seed, Michael Ricard, Howard Sauviat Bertram Owen-Jones, Paul Robinson. Second Row: Brian O Hagan, John Phillipson, John Schilling, Rodney Reynolds, Brian O ' Hearn, Bryan Reid, Douglas Sims, Fred O ' Hagan. 77 11 t Front Row: Pete Fox, Mike Bodden, Ted Boake, Bryan Paulin, Dave Boyer, Tom Green, Brian Mc- Clay, Paul Loranger, Miquel Velasquez, Dave MacGregor. Second Row: Dennis Deacon, Philip Lacerte, John Ewonus, Anselmd Gasteasoro, Paul Howard, Greg Rahn, Gordon Davies, Chris Cairns, Robyn Read, Brian Bach, Chris Allen, Larry Holland. Third Row: Vince Barry, Frank Jang, John Jaye, Ron Warner, Gordy Dyer, Bob Duff, Mike Reilly, James Chong, Allen Neilson, Fred Sloan, Ron Shuttleworth. Absent: John Campbell, Thomas Leahy, Caniel Thorsen. John Burbridge designs his " dream home " in Grammar School Architec- ture class. An impromptu concert in the varsity locker room is given by James Brown, Julian Gray, David Gobeil, Fred Buder and Peter Lane. FRONT ROW: Edmundo Garza, Richard Swarbrick, David Gobeil, Christopher Wingham, Michael Driskill, Phillip Harrison, James Sadler, John Sadler, Alexander Domaszewicz, William Foster. SECOND ROW: James Brown, James Juby, Brent Bitz, Michael Martinoff, Manfred Buder, Daniel O ' Leary, Thomas McIntosh, Gordon Rooney, Peter Brown, Charles Anstie, Edward Kennedy, Frank Schmidt. THIRD ROW: William Bakk, Michael Wisnicki, Mark Glinski, Phillip Busch, David Smyth, Timothy McConnell, Daniel Emanuel, David Wallbaum, Peter Lane, Martin Iseppi. BACK ROW: Brian McCarry, John Arthur, Keith McDougall, Luiz Rojas, Terry Pearse, George Balaban, Brian Burke, Augusto Fortuny, Alan O ' Grady, Bruce Jamieson, Lawrence Goulet, David Murison. Absent: David Fournier, Julian Gray, Mark Lutterell. Paul MacDonald, Ralph Arnott and Ken Kempter await service during the grammar school library period. A difficult tumbling manoeuvre is accomplished by Mervyn Killoran, Robert Rankin and Bobby Bazin. GRADE 6 Front Row: Bobby Bazin, Stefan Comerford, Richard Duggan, Mike Bray, Richard Sanderson, Judson Slaght, Steve Zuccolini. Second Row: Henry Mackin, Terry Walman, Gary Patterson, Tommy Gray, Bob Rankin, Kenny Campbell, Kenny Kempter, Terry Ryan. Third Row: Billie Brumpton, Mike Paris, Peter Purdy, George Ewonus, Mike Murison, Mike Kenny, John Sullivan, Bob Semple. Front Row: Michael John, Ivan Beller, Joe Adams, John Trace, John Foley, Keith Hutchison, Peter Percheson, Pasquale Audino. Second Row: Larry Gunn, Giles Gibbs, Warren Reid, Gary Smalienberg, Mervyn Killoran, Spencer Close, Mike Pelletier, Robert Fitz- patrick. Third Row: Larry DeTemple., Denis Gans, Mike Desforges, Paul MacDonald, William Dumont, Stanley Cook. Fourth Row: Cornel Dukoski, Bob Calles, Billy Gaylie, Tom Deschner, Jan- uez Zawadzki, Eddie Morris, Ralph Arnott, Steve Gilder- sleeve. s Front Row: Gerry Van Loon, Howard Smith, Michael Irving, Robert Hogg, Douglas Leung, George McFarlane, Timothy Gauntley, Pat Clarke. Second Row: Robert Mackin, Wayne Miller, Roger Lord, Stephen Rushford, Brian O ' Kelly, Charles Arthur, Ken Baker, Kevin Kavanaugh, Raymond Poulin. Third Row: Terry Fitzpatrick, Peter Graham, Joe Scully, Kevin Mooney, Harold Marsden, Paul Claridge, Robert Oldham, Frank Legg, Kelly Durkin. Absent: John Gillis, Denis Mac- Donald, John Tompkins. Grade 5 Front Row: Glen Reiners, Anthony Gallagher, Peter Watts, Andrew MacKenzie, Gregory Johnson, David Broadbent, Danny Reynolds. Second Row: Ted Black, David MacTavish, Stephen Owen-Jones, Joe Hortie, Michael Trites, Blair McCarry, Michael Stephens. Third Row: Peter Gallagher, Denis Delaney, Bruce Durmresq, Malcolm Gillis, David Field, Terry Boyd, Kevin MacDonald, Tim Stiles. Picture Brother Eccleston heaving a sigh of relief as fifth graders settle down to serious reading during activity period. 80 Grade 4 Front Row: John Grossmith, Elmer Carrothers, Brian Deacon, Brent Gould, Steven Gigler, Paul Andrews, Clark Andrews, Patrick Gibbons, Edward Hyder, George Suidut. Second Row: Gordon Cawker, Stephen Knight, Raymond Gaylie, Warren Walsh, Ronald Hori, Myles Walman, Victor Tutte, Michael Lloyd, Stuart Clark, Michael Murphy. Third Row: Michael Kurzynski, Philip Stieger- wald, David Braseth, William Phillips, Roger McClay, Robert Beaupre, Allan Dukart, David Hislop, Bruce Eburne, John Carveth, Brian Longpre. Third Row: Charles Hancock, Donald Ross, Thomas Struve, Jack Tall, Patrick Jones, Stuart Sung, Michael Flood, Fabian MacDonald, James Williams, Marc Boyer, Gene Kendall. Absent: Richard Larson. Pat Gibbons receives a welcome assist from Brother Cassidy as other Grade 4 tumblers look on. " See, Michael, it comes apart! " Gorden Cawker, Philip Stiegerwald, James Williams, Michael Lloyd and Gene Kendall are unimpressed as Mr. Olson demonstrates how to dis- assemble the clarinet. Front Row: Gregory Paris, Gregory Rooney, Robert Whyte, Michael Hill, Ronald Campbell, Peter Beynon, Edward McGivern. Second Row: Stephen Paris, Paul Patmore, William Cote, Bruce Barriscale, Harry Howard, Richard Van Duram, Francis Leahy, Robert Fortin, Peter Choate, Joseph Alvaro. Third Row: Brenton Rosso, William Mc- Namara, John Day, Hans Kloepfer, John Mills, Terrence Jordan, James William, Arthur Patterson, David Eburne, Kent Bitz. Fourth Row: Gerald Conti, Patrick Tri- tschler, Francis David, Jonathan Stiles, Patrick Finnegan, Christopher Irwin, John Ripley, Joseph McGarry, Thomas Pink, Malcolm MacTavish. Absent: James Conerdale, Robert MacKay-Dunn. 3 Grade The enjoyment of these smiling Grade 3 students is evident as they spend another day at their favorite activity, singing. Playing their basketball outdoor style during recess period are Thomas Pink and Francis Leahy. 82 t ft Grade 2 Front Row: Peter Hill, Edward Gillette, Kenneth Groff, John Resner, Richard Longpre, Stephen Gaylie, James Wingham, William Finch, Christopher Gauntley. Second Row: Robert Leung, Christopher Gallagher, James Leahy, Danial Cumming, William Gunn, Marc Murtough, Brian Walman, John Cliff, John Percheson, William Harrison, Harry Brandolini. Third Row: Anthony Pulice, Brian McAdams, Gary Trossel, Joseph Malo, Paul Giroday, John Nixon, Robert Sung, Bruce Patterson, Marc Foley, D ' Arcy Enright, Stephen Yehle, Stephen Forsberg. Absent: John Bessuille. At activity period these serious minded Grade 2 students apply their hand at plasticine modeling. Grade 1 Front Row: William Dick, Paul Carrothers, Nicholas Gal- lagher, Brendon O ' Connell, Bryan Fortin, Ian MacLean, Eugene O ' Neil, Gregory Smallenburg, James Deacon, John Fox. Second Row: Matthew McGarry, Paul Han- cock, Christopher White, John Cawker, Richard Paris, Matthew Cote, William Lehane, Louis Malo, Keith Wall- baum, Kevin McClay, Brian Hill. Third Row: Christopher Bernard, Michael MacKay-Dunn, Stephen Whittaker, Michael White, Gerald Daem, Denis Battrum, Ian Jordan, John Pink, Joseph Romano, John Phillips, John Malo, Mark Hyder, Ian Sutcliffe. Absent: Kim LaBelle, Stephen Mackenzie. 83 i! B The Noon Rosary in the Brothers ' Chapel is popu- lar during Lent and the month of May. Compliments of Oppenheimer Bros. Company Catholic Action groups such as the Apostleship of Prayer and the Legion of Mary provide oppor- tunity for religious activity. For the youngest — Confirmation and Holy Communion. 1 ft L ' vffi i A wonderful tradition in all the Brothers ' schools is the erection of special shrines in the class- rooms during the month of May which are lovingly decorated with flowers and lights as a tribute to the devotion felt by each student to Our Blessed Mother. Compliments Percy A. White The Catholic school represents the combined effort and sacrifice of many — the laity who erect it and support it — the Religious who devote their entire life to operate it. The purpose of this splendid co- operative effort is obviously to provide an environ- ment where secular education, religion and culture exist in proper balance. Religious practices are natural manifestations of the inclination inherent in man to honour and serve God. It is the privilege of every College boy to participate according to his in- clination in a variety of God-centered activities. A little casual browsing at the pamphlet rack. E ALL STAR TEAM. Third Row: J. Tucker, D. Twan, J. Phillipson, R. Dumont, G. Miller, A. Oakes. Second Row: M. Claridge, L. Poltak, G. Low, D. Crowe- Third Row: D. Riordan, M. Reilly, B. O Hagan, D. Me- Swords, D. Piccolo, D. Pearse. First Row: C. Lipp, D. Thorsen, D. Beaudoing, Kay-Dunn, P. Lane, D. McDaniel, M. Killoran. Second j Marshall. Row: B. Mackin, T. McConnell, J. Bauche, F. Schmidt, B. Dumont, B. Bakk, J. Arthur. First Row: M. Paris, R. , Swarbrick, M. MacLachlan, P. Claridge, M. Kenny, B. BLUE J 3 Fitzpatrick. The first step in the production of Var- sity football material is the Grammar School Conference. Here, about eighty young grid- ders, under the direction of Brothers Collins, Cassidy, and Byrne, learn the fundamentals of blocking, tackling, and ball-carrying while competing against each other on three teams, the Red Rovers, Blue Bombers, and Golden Clippers. The best of these boys go on to Bro. Kelly ' s school team, which this year won the city K. of C. championship. The train- ing and experience which these youngsters gain proves an invaluable aid in their quest for future stardom and relieves Varsity coaches of the cumbersome burden of teach- ing fundamentals. GOLDEN CLIPPERS RED ROVERS Third Row: T. Pearse, W. McClay, F. Sloan, D. Emanuele, L. Goulet. Second Row: J. Sadler, V. Dukowski, M. Stephens, J. Sullivan. First Row: R. Sanderson, D. O ' Leary, R. Duggan, T. Gray, T. Fitzpatrick. Third Row: C. Boisvert, M. Iseppi, D. Simms, B. Abernethy, P. Eakins, R. Walsh. Second Row: C. Allen, R. Wheeldon, B. Longpre, R. Warner, S. Ciok, R. Lanuzel, B. Stewart. First Row: R. Rankin, J. Campbell, R. Arnott, B. McClay, P. Robertson, S. Close, R. Semple. UNDEFEATED CHAMPS The real class of the College Basket- ball teams is to be found in the Midget Squad pictured at the right. In the back row are Dave Durkin, Mike Eivemark, John Daem, Neil Williscroft, and Les Poltak. In fro nt we have Dan Thorsen, Bob Dumont, Bill Stewart, Howie Sauviat, and Wayne McClay. These lads showed their heels to the best that B.C. had to offer in the thir- teen-and-under class. During the season they were undefeated in Midget League play. In playoffs for the Lower Mainland title they bested Gladstone, New West- minster, and Lord Byng in a round robin tourney. Travelling to Victoria for the Provincial Tournament they played three games in one day, garnering easy deci- sions over Nanaimo and Lord Byng in the afternoon, yet still retained plenty of steam to defeat Victoria United in the evening 42-29. Neil Williscroft and Les Poltak were selected for the B.C. All- Star Team. Sauviat sinks a jump-shot against Byng in city Cham- D. Thorsen drives for a lay-up D. Thorsen drives for a lay-up M. Eivemark starts the game by getting the ball over to J. Daem. BIDDY ALL-STARS 2nd Row: B. Jamieson, F. Schmidt, A. O ' Grady, B. McClay. 1st Row: T. Ryan, B. Rankin, J. Maurer, M. Stephens. Missing: G. Smallenberg. — Vancouver College has a " farm system " to de- velop basketball talent. The Midgets, thirteen-and- under, find outside competition in the City League and, under the astute coaching of Brother Kelly, put together a spotless season ' s record . . . and by that we mean NO losses. There is no outside league for the Biddy Teams, twelve-and-under, so Brother Byrne with the assis- tance of Brother Cassidy, had to set up his own in- tramural league of ten teams who play vigorously, if not too expertly, on Saturday mornings in Cartier Hall. This culminated in Biddy Night when playoffs were held and prizes awarded. CQILL c oi,Ci QaicIjJUL w v -A..: - .V 7 RcjptjCt l G-V ). Pt y, g ' 5 V.- QUn i f ofe PPPPPPBWW ■Js sf S B W ►A ’ " 4Mfc J -. iV . . ,- -. ' y ' " ' - « " v ' %4(f.. 3%% - i fi ' " 88 iV w - 5 •- ' V$ t$ Vi A i - ;c « VS. few BANTAM BASEBALL TEAM. Back Row: John Kalley, Neil Williscroft, Dave Dur- kin, Les Poltak, Bryan Reid, Gary Low. Front Row: Ralph Lanuzel, Terry Pearse, Brian Thomsett, Ron Nicholas, Bill Ste- wart. The boys have their work cut out for them as they try to retain the cham- pionship won last year in the Grade Eight C.Y.A. League. Gary Low has just cracked one into left field in the season ' s opener against St. Andrew ' s Lll Michael Stephens getting the feel of the high jump. Cu dcn, St vf It 1U Gary Smallenberg really gets up in the air when he ' s broad jumping. Mw R si JUNIOR GRAMMAR SCHOOL TRACK SQUAD. Back Row: Gary Smallenberg, Michael Stephens, Stanley Ciok, Bobby Rankin, Terry Fitzpatrick, Terry Ryan, Ted Black, Terry Boyd. The Juniors, twelve and under, began practicing early this year and were able to make the yearbook deadline. Brother Cassidy is working with them on the fundamentals of the sport. The Senior Grammar School team, under Brother Kelly, has a record to maintain. Last year the V.C. squad took home the trophy from the K. of C. Track Meet in competition with all the Catholic Grammar Schools of the lower mainland. 89 d SPONSORS C. A. CAWKER, M.D. DR. MARK DUMONT DR. MRS. H. DUMONT COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND JOHN STOLBERG A FRIEND IN RICHMOND TONY PEREZ FRED BARDAL DRS. C. W. DONNELLY J. C. MACKENZIE PATRONS J. B. MILLS COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND CHARLIE PHILP LTD. MR. MRS. JULIAN THE BARRISCALES DICK KARPES HOWIE SAUVIAT DR. MRS. G. A. PAILLE AMBROSE HEIDRICH MICHAEL BACH FAMILY MR. MRS. ED COUSINEAU mans best friend TO 2 mu ION CANADIANS nfii Bank of Montreal C uuU’t pin4t Seut Kerrisdale Branch: JOHN E. P. HENNIKER, Manager WORKING WITH CANADIANS IN EVERY WALK OF LIFE SINCE 1817 C. J. ARNOLD SONS Painters and Decorators INTERIOR DECORATING PAINTING CONTRACTORS Specialists in Natural Woods 237 E. 28th Street, North Vancouver YU 7-7360 91 ARCHITECTS LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT 1019 Ridgewood Drive NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. YUkon 8-9955 BARRELS Good luck and best wishes from SWEENY COOPERAGE LTD. 49 Smythe St. VANCOUVER 3, B.C. 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HEmlock 4-3 1 5 1 C-10 Tapkit For Beginners Only $5.25 ACCESSORIES LTD. GOT ah ear to THe s OUf io For the New Auto Body Repair Materials! TAP FIBERGLASS REPAIR KITS FOR - • Dents • Rust Outs • Customizing • Low Cost 480 KINGSWAY, VANCOUVER 10, B.C. TR. 4-9388 95 Your nest egg can he any size Whether you start a Savings Account with One Dollar or Five you’ll be equally welcome at The Canadian Bank of Commerce. Start saving today at our nearest branch — and learn about our other banking services, too. THE CANADIAN BANK OF. COMMERCE MORE THAN 775 BRANCHES ACROSS CANADA READY TO SERVE YOU 96 " have graduated... will travel 7 ' by Canadian Pacific, of course ! It’s time to take flight — travel to Europe! See for yourself the colourful customs, costumes, and his- toric sights that will firm the foundation of your education. This is a most rewarding prize for graduating — interesting, informative — and incident- ly, a terrific amount of fun! Exciting things to do and see in Europe this summer include the Highland Games at Braemar, Scotland, or the International Festival at Lucerne, Switzerland; or you might pre- fer to travel on to Rome to see the magnificence of CcuicuH cm ffiocijlc WINGS OR THE W O Rt L_ D S St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican City; while there, tour the Sistine Chapel and the endless art collections. You can be there — by Canadian Pacific’s fast, direct flight over the top of the world to Europe. All the way you’ll enjoy the thrill of flying, the pleasure of tasty meals high in the sky — plus comfort that makes the complete trip enjoyable. SEE YOUR TRAVEL AGENT OR ANY CANADIAN PACIFIC OFFICE G Rt EE A T EE S T T Rt R l_ SVSTEfVl GEORGIA AND BURRARD, VANCOUVER PHONE MU2-1411 97 ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT GOUGH CO. LTD. 569 Beatty St. VANCOUVER 3, B.C. MUtual 1-5281 vince McBride ltd. 2441 Granville Vancouver 9, B.C. REgent 1-5705. EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS HAMMOND EQUIPMENT LTD. 2178 West 4th Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. REgent 3-261 2 HOMEWOOD MARINE LTD. 943 Main St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 5-5388 DIETRICH-COLLINS EQUIPMENT LTD. 890 South West Marine Drive VANCOUVER 14, B.C. FAirfax 7-6355 C. F. BOGART CO. LTD. 377 East Broadway VANCOUVER 10, B.C. ALma 4479 TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT (Vancouver) LTD. 1910 Main St. VANCOUVER, B.C. TRinity 4-7394 GLASS HOLT GLASS 436 West Second VANCOUVER 10, B.C. REgent 6-9767 WALLIN ' S GLASS CO. LTD. 1069 South West Marine Drive VANCOUVER 14, B.C. AMherst 1-1355 HARDWARE KERRISDALE HARDWARE LTD. 2118 West 41st Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. AMherst 1-1750 DUNBAR HARDWARE PAINTS 4365 Dunbar VANCOUVER 8, B.C. ALma 2651 A B BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES LTD. Paint - Plywoods - Insulation - Builders ' Hardware 143 East Second Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. TRinity 4-1322 ROBERTS HARDWARE 2179 West 41st Ave. VANCOUVER 13, B.C. AMherst 1-5451 Compliments of Collingwood Drug Stores Ltd . James A. Leahy, President and Managing Director Four Stores to Serve You 3377 Kingsway, Vancouver 6698 Fraser, Vancouver Hemlock 4-1010 FAirfax 1-8522 5104 Joyce, Vancouver 5865 Kingsway, South Burnaby Hemlock 3-7212 Hemlock 3-8411 98 CHARLES HOTEL LIMITED BOSTON BAR, B.C., CANADA Tel. 151 HARRINGTON MOTORS LIMITED BOSTON BAR, B.C., CANADA Tel. 131 Operated By: WALTER " COG " HARRINGTON FRANCES HARRINGTON ROBERT BROWN (Secretary-Manager) Travel the Fraser Canyon Route— The short cut to Alaska ONLY FOUR HOURS DRIVE FROM VANCOUVER ■ CRIPPEN WRIGHT ENGINEERING LTD. ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS INVESTIGATIONS - DESIGNS - SUPERVISION HYDRO-ELECTRIC DEVELOPMENTS — INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURES WATER SUPPLY PROJECTS — BRIDGES — DAMS — ELECTRIC POWER 207 West Hastings St. Vancouver, British Columbia D. M. TRACTOR ROLLERS " NEVER REQUIRE GREASING " MADE FOR ALL CRAWLER MODEL TRACTORS Caterpillar " " International " " Allis-Chalmers " D-4 TD-9 HD-5 6 D-6 TD-14 HD-9 1 1 D-7 TD-18 HD-15 16 D-8 TD-24 HD-19 20 21 D-9 Competitively priced and guaranteed to equal or better the performance of any other tractor roller. " TRACTORTECNIC " Track Group Assemblies, Rails and Pads for all Crawler models. Made in Bremen, West Germany. Competitive and fully guaranteed. Utility complete track assemblies, rail assemblies and track shoes, featur- ing the Utility wedge locks and lock nuts. Guaranteed to give 1000 more working hours performance over all original equipment manufacturer ' s product on any job. D. M. Machine Works ol Canada Ltd. 1045 West Pender Street — Vancouver 1, B.C. Phones: MUtual 4-6725 or MUtual 1-3034 100 FOOD GROCERS — (Continued) VANCOUVER ELECTRIC BOXES LTD. 2060 West Broadway VANCOUVER 9, B.C. REgent 1-8204 GIBBS TOOL STAMPING WORKS LTD. 290 West 3rd Ave. VANCOUVER 10, B.C. TRinity 6-1848 FLOORING FLOORCRAFT LTD. 1964 West Broadway VANCOUVER 9, B.C. REgent 1-4628 FLORISTS STRATHCONA FLORAL CO. LTD. 2151 West 39th Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. AMherst 1-7271 FOOD GROCERS MAGEE GROCERY MEATS Your Friendly Service Store 6481 West Boulevard VANCOUVER 13, B.C. AMherst 6-6241 — Free Delivery KRAFT FOODS LTD. 3003 Grandview Highway VANCOUVER 12, B.C. HEmlock 1-561 1 A C GROCERY 3025 Granville St., Vancouver 5679 Granville St., Vancouver 1469 Marine, West Vancouver REgent 3-1 141 FOODS— Wholesale A. O. McCOLL LTD. " Canada ' s Finest Peanut Butter " 1485 Howe St. VANCOUVER 1, B.C. Mutual 3-2922 FUEL SUPPLIES RAT PORTAGE LTD. 1803 Granville Island VANCOUVER, B.C. REgent 1-2141 FUNERAL DIRECTORS KEARNEY FUNERAL DIRECTORS Frank J. Kearney — 2 Chapels 1096 West Broadway; 8835 Hudson St. VANCOUVER 9, B.C. REgent 3-6722 SIMMONS AND McBRIDE LTD. 1995 West Broadway VANCOUVER 8, B.C. REgent 1-4151 ll ijfiej from F. F. EQUIPMENT LTD. Vancouver 10 B.C. 401 East First Avenue ★ ★ ★ 101 SYD HARRISON SONS FEATURING TEEN-AGE CLOTHING DEPTS. AT 834 GRANVILLE STREET (NEXT DOOR TO CAPITOL THEATRE) STORES ALSO AT — 413 WEST HASTINGS STREET and EAST HASTINGS AT CARRALL LARRY HARRISON ' S PERSONAL SUPERVISION FOR ALL TEEN-AGE GARMENTS 102 COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES from Hayes Manufatturing Company limited HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS AND LOGGING EQUIPMENT 225 WEST 2nd TRinity 4-3441 VANCOUVER, B.C. HBC PLAYS SCHOOL RULES WHEN IT COMES TO WHAT BOYS LIKE WEARING HBC ' s second floor Boys ' wear department has casual clothing of unpretentious good taste. Whether its back to school or off to vacation we can comply with your whole schedule of activities. Our courteous staff will be glad to help you choose wisely in selecting your wardrobe. Whatever your taste or budget you ' ll agree that HBC ' s styling is tops. (Liuupmtn INCORPORATED 2?? MAV 1670. 103 HEATING, ROOFING SHEET METAL JACKSON SHEET METAL ROOFING LTD. 7087 McPherson SOUTH BURNABY, B.C. HEmlock 3-1 284 HOTELS INVERMAY HOTEL 828 West Hostings St. VANCOUVER 1, B.C. MUtuol 1-3574 BURRARD HOTEL CO. LTD. 712 Richards VANCOUVER 2, B.C. Mutual 1-0035 THE COLONIAL LODGE Deluxe Accommodations Air Conditioned Rooms - Dining Room William Margaret Graham, Proprietors Box 63, HEDLEY, B.C. Phone: Hedley 1-P YALE HOTEL 1 300 Granville St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 1-6839 INSULATION INSULATION INDUSTRIES (B.C.) LTD. 476 Industrial Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 4-2267 INSURANCE J. C. TURNER LTD. 407 - 980 West Pender St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 1-6177 THE ROYAL TRUST COMPANY Vancouver Branch MUtual 5-841 1 R. L. MOORE A. A. KEATING LTD. 1 15, 744 West Hastings St. VANCOUVER 1, B.C. MUtual 3-4594 INVESTMENTS ELPHICK SECURITIES LTD. 308 - 510 West Hastings St. VANCOUVER 2, B.C. MUtual 1-1361 THOMAS B. READ CO. LTD. 602 West Hastings St. VANCOUVER 2, B.C. MUtual 3-7751 JEWELLERS HENRY BIRKS SONS (B.C.) LTD. 710 Granville St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 5-621 1 KERRISDALE ARENA 104 KNIGHT’S BAKERY FOR BAKERY SERVICE TO CHURCHES, SCHOOLS AND INSTITUTIONS, CALL KNIGHTS BAKERY FOR HOME DELIVERY CALL 3834 MAIN STREET TR 4-1837 LAFARGE Congratulations to the Grads of ’59 at Vancouver College with the compliments of LAFARGE g | CEMENT OF NORTH AMERICA LTD. A COMPLETE CEMENT SERVICE 105 . COMPLIMENTS OF _ Natural Shoulder Clothing E. A. LEE LTD. (Authentic Ivy Apparel) 623 HOWE STREET MUtual 3-2457 COMPLIMENTS OF Me Clay Construction Co. Ltd. General Contractors 1196 - East Pender Street VANCOUVER 6, B. C. Specializing in Rock Work, Highways, Tunnels, Bridges, Pipelines, Quarry Ore Concentrators 106 JEWELLERS — (Continued) O. B. ALLAN LTD. 480 Granville St. VANCOUVER 2, B.C. MUtual 1-1151 ROSSO JEWELLERS Rolex and Bulova Agents Guaranteed Watch and Jewelry Repairs Quality Diamonds 2539 Main St. VANCOUVER, B.C. TRinity 6-1 151 LADIES ' WEAR SABA BROS. LTD. 622 - 623 Granville St. VANCOUVER 2, B.C. MUtual 4-1221 MORAY HOSIERY 4573 West 10th Ave. VANCOUVER 8, B.C. ALma 2807 LUMBER PRODUCTS KERRISDALE LUMBER CO. LTD. 6191 West Boulevard VANCOUVER 13, B.C. AMherst 1-4274 HODSON-WALSH WOOD PRODUCTS LTD. 208 West 6th Ave. VANCOUVER 9, B.C. REgent 8-7177 M. J. FOLEY 1204 Standard Bldg. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 1-2277 ANGLO-CANADIAN TIMBER PRODUCTS LTD. 369 East Esplanade NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C YUkon 8-1138 SOUTH CARIBOO LUMBER SALES LTD. 3256 Cambie St. VANCOUVER 9, B.C. TRinity 4-4248 LAUNDRY FRENCH HAND LAUNDRY 1581 West 4th Ave. VANCOUVER 9, B.C. REgent 3-601 0 MARINE PRODUCTS FREDERICK GOERTZ LTD. 1 328 West Pender St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 4-5377 Mighty men of College show their skill in Emerald Glove. Compliments of Alec Macaulay ' 28 and Fred Yehle ' 31 Associated with Parsons Brown Limited Exclusive Tailoring for Alterations Men and Women THE OAK CUSTOM TAILORS Proprietor MARION L. MOFFATT 3838 OAK ST. VANCOUVER 9, B.C. REgent 1-2454 We Supply Material Fur Work or Make Up Yours Like the seed of honest advertis- ing, the seed of true learning is never wasted ... It has such an affinity with the soul of man, that however broadcast it will catch somewhere and produce truth hundredfold . . . O ' BRIEN ADVERTISING LIMITED 1455 West Georgia Street Vancouver, B. C. 108 OUNGER LUMBER CO. LTD. PLANT AT Carmi, B.C. WE SPECIALIZE IN GREEN AND KILN-DRIED LUMBER ★ OFFICE: BOX 1512, KELOWNA, B.C. PHONE KELOWNA 7535. 109 MEAT SAVE-ON MEAT MARKET LTD. 43 West Hastings St. Vancouver, B.C. Mutual 3-7761 OWENS MEAT MARKET LTD. 2009 West 49th Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. AMherst 1-3949 MINING CORPORATION NEW SANTIAGO M INES LTD. (Non-Personal Liability) 51 1 - 850 West Hastings St. VANCOUVER 1, B.C. MUtual 4-6851 OFFICE EQUIPMENT N. A. PRUSHAW OFFICE EQUIPMENT LTD. Elliott Addressing Machines Standard Liquid Duplicators 47 Kingsway VANCOUVER 10, B.C. TRinity 6-0827 Norval Prushaw OIL BURNERS YOUR OIL BURNER CENTRE LTD. 1443 West Broadway VANCOUVER 9, B.C. REgent 1-6101 OPTOMETRISTS Compliments of PRESCRIPTION OPTICAL CO. Five Offices to Serve You PITMAN OPTICAL LTD. 734 Granville St. VANCOUVER 2, B.C. MUtual 5-0928 or 3-2948 ORNAMENTAL BRONZE ORNAMENTAL BRONZE CO. LTD. 1125 Vernon St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 5-8505 PAPER PRODUCTS BARBER ELLIS OF VANCOUVER LTD. 950 Homer St. VANCOUVER 3, B.C. MUtual 3-4344 BELKIN PAPER BOX LTD. 1 1 48 River Road RICHMOND, B.C. CRestwood 8-51 8 1 PHARMACIES BIGGIN PRESCRIPTIONS 1706 West Broadway VANCOUVER 9, B.C. REgent 3-7532 STYLE SHOES [or Young Mon PIERRE PARIS SONS LTD. 51 West Hastings Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 3-0514 (Pet ect cAuto Sody Shop AUTO METAL REPAIRS AND SPRAY PAINTING REAR OF 1361 HORNBY STREET VANCOUVER, B.C. REGENT TAILORS SLACKS TAILORED IN 2 DAYS " FOR DAD AND THE LAD " 324 W. Hastings St. Phone Vancouver, B. C. MU. 1-8456 Compliments oi Reliable Washer Paris Service " The House of a Million Parts " We Service All Makes of Washers and Dryers. Established 1935 " SPEED QUEEN " SALES AND SERVICE 925 MAIN STREET MUtual 1-7267 W. G. LOUGHRAN 112 PHARMACIES — (Continued) THE OWL DRUG CO. LTD. 1524 West 41st Ave. VANCOUVER 13, B.C. AMherst 6-4101 or 6-4102 PLUMBING HEATING WARNER PLUMBING HEATING CO. LTD. 5580 S.E. Marine Dr. SOUTH BURNABY, B.C. HEmlock 3-2820 RADIO T.V. COLUMBIA RADIO ELECTRIC LTD. 2028 West 41st Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. AMherst 1-6301 REAL ESTATE Compliments of W. H. BELL REAL ESTATE " Specialists in Shaughnessy, Kerrisdale and S.W. Marine area property " 6258 East Blvd. Amherst 1-81 18 REFRIGERATION- AIR CONDITIONING BROADWAY REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING CO. LTD. Frank Seipp 1 1 East Broadway VANCOUVER 10, B.C. TRinity 4-6474 or 4-6475 ROPES BRITISH ROPES CANADIAN FACTORY LTD. 3185 Grandview Highway VANCOUVER 12, B.C. HEmlock 1-3331 SALVAGE BUREAUS ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SALVAGE BUREAU Salvage needed for the less fortunate 1508 East Hastings St. VANCOUVER, B.C. HAstings 6126 SAWMILLS A M SAWMILLS 1 West 1st Ave. VANCOUVER, B.C. TRinity 4-0255 COMPLIMENTS OF PATRICK M. REYNOLDS, CA. 113 " OUTFITTERS OF CHAMPIONS " GEORGE SPARLING LTD. SPORTING GOODS 929 Granville Street And now another store for your convenience at 574 Howe Street A modern addition featuring all our top " name brands. " ★ ★ ★ YOUR EARLIEST VISIT WILL BE APPRECIATED ★ ★ ★ OUR EMPLOYEES ARE ALL ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS IN SPORTS— WHO KNOW THEIR EQUIPMENT BECAUSE THEY HAVE USED IT SPOOLS LUMBER COMPANY LTD. EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER 5569 Victoria Drive Phone Vancouver, B.C. FAirfax 1-9177 - 78 - 79 COMPLIMENTS OF The Steak House Ltd. CHARCOAL BROILER RESTUARANT YOUR HOSTS Big Frank Ross 639 HOWE STREET Jack Porter VANCOUVER, B.C. SAWMILLS— (Continued) GIRODAY SAWMILLS LTD. 1803 Granville Island VANCOUVER, B.C. REgent 1-2141 SCHOOLS PITMAN BUSINESS COLLEGE LIMITED 1490 West Broadway VANCOUVER 9, B.C. REgent 8-7848 SHOES KERRISDALE BOOTERY One stop-shoe shopping for the entire family Open Wednesday and Friday night until 9 2182 W. 41st Ave. AMherst 1-7137 SKI EQUIPMENT PLETSCH DOKKA Skis by Skiers 336 West Pender St. VANCOUVER 3, B.C. MUtual 1-2004 STATIONERY J. W. DEVITT LTD. 1 028 Granville St. VANCOUVER 2, B.C. MUtual 4-6634 SPRINGER ENGRAVED STATIONERY LTD. Trade Work A Specialty 544 Powell St. VANCOUVER 4, B.C. MUtual 4-9513 STOCK BROKERS BURLEIGH PARTNERS, LTD. Stock Brokers 221 - 789 West Pender St. VANCOUVER 1, B.C. MUtual 1-7574 TAILORS AL WOZNY— Tailor MATZ WOZNY — Custom Tailors Custom Made and Made to Measure Reasonable Rates Bus. MUtual 3-4715; Res. FAirfax 5-2959 TOWING THE GULF OF GEORGIA TOWING CO. LTD. Foot of Hornby St., False Creek VANCOUVER 1, B.C. MUtual 3-8661 TRANSFER LYTTON TRANSFER TAXI Jim McMillan Jim O ' Dwyer Phone 33-L or 33-Q SUPPLY 00. EVERYTHING FOR THE THEATRE OR AUDITORIUM FROM DOOR TO STAGE 2182 W. 12th AVE., VANCOUVER 9, B.C. REgent 8-2421 HARRY I. HOWARD 116 YOU CAN BE SURE OF THE FINEST TELEVISION, RADIO, HI-FI, RECORDS and ELECTRIC APPLIANCES and A COMPLETE LINE OF MODERN FURNITURE Thomson Page Ltd, PARK ROYAL WA 2-1288 " THE STORE THAT SERVICE BUILT " 2914 SO. GRANVILLE REgent 8-5144 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADS OF 1959 " SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS " " QUALITY IS OUR PRODUCT " Vancouver vending machines ltd. 475 HOWE STREET MU 5-6581 117 WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE BEEN ENTRUSTED WITH THE PRINTING OF THE 1959 COLLEGIAN AND TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY OF WISHING THE GRADUATING CLASS A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE S e PRINTERS AND LITHOGRAPHERS 382 WEST BROADWAY VANCOUVER, CANADA LITHOGRAPHED IN CANADA CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF ' 59 JACK WHALES WHALEN INSURANCE LIMITED VANCOUVER — WHITEHORSE — EDMONTON 118 TRUCKS INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. LTD. 1296 Station St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 1-5521 UNIFORMS TYPEWRITERS THE CONSOLIDATED TYPEWRITERS LTD. 534 West Pender St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 5-6271 DUBBEL-WEAR UNIFORMS LTD. 910 Richards St. VANCOUVER, B.C. MUtual 3-6808 Adjustment Bureau Barbers Books VANCOUVER ADJUSTMENT BUREAU 702-850 West Hastings Street Vancouver 1 , B.C. MUtual 4-5174 Artists ' Supplies ALEX FRASER GALLERIES ARTISTS ' SUPPLIES 5669 Granville Street Vancouver 13, B.C. AMherst 6-6010 Automobile Dealers CLARKE SIMPKINS LTD. Mercury-Lincoln-Meteor 1345 West Georgia Street Vancouver 5, B.C. MUtual 4-0383 ROTARY MOTORS LTD. Studebaker Sales Service 2786 West 16th Avenue Vancouver 8, B.C. REgent 3-9101 LYLE ' S BARBER SHOP 3155 Granville Street Vancouver 9, B.C. REgent 1-3726 MINTO BARBER SHOP 3085 Broadway Vancouver 8, B.C. OWL BARBER SHOP 5741 7 2 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C. AMherst 6-5851 PEMBERTON BARBERS J. Moran R. English Joe Biro 744 West Hastings Street Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 5-6657 Beauty Salons THE BEAUTY ISLE 2011 West 41st Avenue Vancouver, B.C. AMherst 1-0021 EVELYN ' S BOOK SHELF 3075 Wes. Broadway Vancouver 8, B.C. REgent 6-8849 Bowling Alleys KERRISDALE BOWLADROME 2021 West 41st Avenue Vancuover, B.C. AMherst 6-6030 CHAPMANS RECREATIONS ' 1312 West Broadway Vancouver, B.C. REgent 3-521 1 Building Supplies MURRAY-BRANTFORD LTD. 3355 Grandview Highway Vancouver 12, B.C. HEmlock 3-1221 BEATY LAMINATED LTD. 824 River Road Richmond., B.C. Cr 8-1293 Cr 8-1294 YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO VISIT THE NEW HOME OF MRS. WIUMANS CAKE SHOP LTV. 4141 LOUGHEED HIGHWAY BURNABY, B.C. PHONE CY 9-3451 119 r Again as Grid Power Hey buddy, you dropped your hankie again COMPLIMENTS OF ACME SHINGLE DUMARESQ BROS (above) Taste good, Bob? (below) Dance anyone? Bringing home the hardware ' 58- ' 59 Trophy winners. Tof row: Br. Frenette (modera- tor), Brian Coughlin, Gap Durkin, Jim Kearny, Lynr coach). Middle row: Ter ' Wylie, Ken Claridge (asst McKernan, Nelson Gray Terry Marshall. Bottom row Harry Howard, Datin ' O ' Leary, Brian Bach, Did Duggan. What ' s going on over there? Vancouver College Rates Consideration For Title B EST WISHES FROM DR. KIRBY AND A FRIEND Who called time out? i Koochy-koo. 9tk a " Snap,” witlt . . . KODAK Black and white pictures, color pictures, and flash pictures, any time — day and night. Have you seen the new BROWNIE STARFLASH CAMERA Built-in Flash $9.95 Let us show you how to take " press " pictures. That ' s all, just press the shutter release and you have your picture. Many Kodaks and Brownies to choose from at $5.90 and up. DEVELOPING PRINTING ENLARGING EASTMAN ' =“ LTD. MUtual 3-4331 610 Granville Street " the glowing future lies unrolled” FRANCIS BRET HARTE January, 1870 Although no one knows what details the future holds, the blueprints of the atomic age and the space age are pretty clear. Journeys to the moon? Without doubt. Atomic energy for many peacetime purposes. There’s every assurance of it. Making these - and much more - possible is a familiar friend : electricity. For without this force, the atom could never have been explored, the rocket would be stock still on its launching pad. While electricity has performed many miracles for man- kind in the past, its greatest roles are yet to be played. In the years ahead, the new conveniences and comforts this man-made servant will create will give even greater mean- ing to : " live better - electrically 99 B. C. ELECTRIC 122 CONGRATULATIONS to GRADUATES, ENTIRE STAFF and ALL STUDENTS Joe Archambault Limited Wholesale Plumbing and Heating Supplies Drive-In Service 160 EAST 4th AVE. VANCOUVER, B.C. PHONE TR. 4-8131 123 Building Supplies — (Continued) Chiropodists Detective Agency DUNBAR LUMBER SUPPLY LTD. 3637 West 16th Avenue Vancouver 8, B.C. ALma 0873 FLETCHER LUMBER LTD. 1615 Main Street at 1st Vancouver 4, B.C. MUtual 5-8174 INTER CITY BUILDING SUPPLY LTD. 5339 Kingsway South Burnaby HEmlock 1-3361 Candies BRUCE GALLIFORD Candy Store 3210 Dunbar Street Vancouver 8, B.C. REgent 1-4443 Carpets DURA CARPETS LTD. 3038 West 9th Vancouver 8, B.C. REgent 8-2352 Cartage MARPOLE TRANSFER CO. LTD. 1216 West 73 Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 1-4242 PEASE VAN STORAGE LTD. 50 Powell Street Vancouver 4, B.C. MUtual 5-9871 S. J. GILLIS D.S.C. Chiropodist Vancouver Medical Bldg. 1541 West Broadway REgent 8-9512 Confectionery McLEOD ' S 1386 Kingsway Vancouver 10, B.C. TRinity 6-1930 Contractors GILLIS CONSTRUCTION 7716 Muirfield Drive Vancouver 16, B.C. FAirfax 5-9571 G. W. LEDINGHAM CO. LTD. 844 South West Marine Drive Vancouver 14, B.C. FAirfax 1-9101 Crafts KERRISDALE HOBBIES 2062 West 41st Avenue Vancouver 13, B.C. AMherst 6-0992 Cycle Shop MARPOLE CYCLE SHOP 1382 South West Marine Drive Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 6-2710 Dairies PALM DAIRIES LTD. 3333 Main Street Vancouver 10, B.C. TRinity 9-1441 METROPOLITAN DETECTIVE AGENCY PATROL AND GUARD SERVICE LTD. 4414 Beresford, Burnaby, B.C. HEmlock 1-4441. Doors B.C. SASH DOOR CO. LTD. 538 West 8th Avenue Vancouver 9, B.C. TRinity 6-2288 VANCOUVER SASH DOOR CO. LTD. 1287 West 77th Avenue Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 1-3111 Do-Nuts HONEY CREAM DO-NUTS LTD. 1 1 72 Kingsway Vancouver 10, B.C. TRinity 6-1545 or 6-2438 McCULLOCH ' S DO-NUT SERVICE 1206 East 8th Avenue Vancouver, B.C. TRinity 6-6543 Drug Stores BOOMER DRUGS 8273 Oak Street at 67th Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 6-9010 DUNBAR PHARMACY W. R. Mawhinney Prescription Druggists Corner Dunbar 17th Avenue ALma 2610 (IMS) LTD. FUEL OIL DIVISION HAstings 4980 COIL CO. Eyes. - CY. 9-2803 Distributors of: FURNACE OIL BUNKER OIL Automatic Keep Full Service By Weather Control Complete Efficient Burner Service MRS. M. T. DELESALLE, President HENRY DELESALLE, Manager 124 FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY AT CANADA ' S FINEST PLAYLAND EXHIBITION PARK EXHIBITION PARK open from May to Labour Day — Operating — CANADA ' S LARGEST ROLLER COASTER RIDES • SHOWS • CONCESSIONS • PICNICS • CAFETERIA BEST WISHES TO THE STUDENTS OF VANCOUVER COLLEGE THEIR PARENTS FROM BROWN BROS. MOTORS 41 ST GRANVILLE E D S E L AMherst 6-7111 MONARCH 125 Drug Stores — (Continued) ELLAMS PHARMACY LTD. 2519 Kingsway at Slocan Burnaby HEmlock 3-8030 FORSYTHE DRUGS 6493 West Boulevard Vancouver 13, B.C. AMherst 1-2822 GRANVILLE DRUGS 8002 Granville Street Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 1-0818 McCUE DRUGS 609 No. 3 Road Lulu Island, B.C. CRestwood 8-04 1 1 O ' GRADY ' S DRUG STORE 1796 West Broadway Vancouver 9, B.C. REgent 3-2828 NIGHTINGALE DRUGS Corner 41st Dunbar Vancouver, B.C. AMherst 1-6633 WEEKS PHARMACY Free Delivery 2071 West 41st Avenue Vancouver, B.C. AMherst 1-7010 Dry Cleaners BURROW CLEANERS LTD. 1314 South West Marine Drive Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 6-8717 MARTIN CLEANERS DYERS Pickup Delivery Service 2313 West 41st Avenue AMherst 1-9131 SOCIETY CLEANERS DYERS J. Green Repairs-Alterations 5739 Granville St. Vancouver, B.C. AMherst 1-5020 PACIFIC CLEANER ' S 1 006 Seymour Street Vancouver 2, B.C. MUtual 5-581 1 Electric Appliances FAWCETT T.V. APPLIANCES 8005 Granville Street Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 6-6288 McLaren electric ltd. 2151 Burrard Street Vancouver 9, B.C. REgent 1-4601 J. W. SIMS CO. 1041 West Broadway Vancouver, B.C. REgent 3-3831 Finance Company BANCO FINANCE LTD. 535 West Georgia Street Vancouver 2, B.C. MUtual 1-5502 Food Lockers KERRISDALE LOCKERS LTD. 2233 West 41st Avenue Vancouver, B.C. AMherst 6-6911 Florists PATTERSON ' S FLORIST 4543 Dunbar Vancouver 8, B.C. ALma 1446 MAYHEW-SHERWOOD FLOWERS LTD. 3691 West Broadway Vancouver 8, B.C. REgent 8-7433 or 8-4137 Foods — Wholesale NALLEY ' S LTD. Potato chips Pickles Salad dressing Furniture DONNER ' S 1127 Granville St. Vancouver 2, B.C. MUtual 5-6815 Furs SPEISER FUR LTD. Own Special Workshop for 1st Class Furrier Work 2706 South Granville Street Vancouver 9, B.C. REgent 1-2829 Gardening BILL GREENING ' S Town Country 3565 West 41st Avenue Toro Mowers Big Boy Barbecues AMherst 6-8028 Manufacturers of " TOTEM” Brand School Supplies Loose Leaf Refills Exercise Books TOTEM TABS Columbia Paper Co. Ltd. 996 Homer St. Vancouver, B.C. Phone MUtual 5-6511 126 WE SPECIALIZE IN CLEANING ! WINDOWS HARDWOOD FLOORS TILE FLOORS WALLS CEILINGS Specialty Floor Sanding and Varnishing Specialty Commercial Janitor Service For Prompt, Reliable Service PHONE etrfc CLEANERS YU 5-1075 CAFETERIAS INDUSTRIAL LOGGING MINING CONSTRUCTION SITES ANYWHERE IN THE WEST YOUNG’S SERVICES LTD. 3607 WEST BROADWAY — VANCOUVER, B.C. TELEPHONE: REgent 6-9757 NEWEST LOCATION: LANSDOWNE PARK DINING ROOM TELEPHONE: CRestwood 8-6014 Catering Services for 127 Georgian Towers Motor Hotel • CONVENTION ROOMS • RECEPTION AND SALES MEETING FACILITIES • 22 FLOORS OF UNIQUE AND LUXURIOUS ACCOMMODATION ome of the fabulous Colonial House Restaurant FOR RESERVATIONS: PHONE MUtual 1-4321 128 ‘DIRECT FACTORY SERVICE” 1179 Richards St. Phone: MU 3-6638 Takes Better Care of everything you wear Royal Automatic Washer . . . • 10 washing cycles to fit every fabric need • Built-in lint filter • Water level selector Royal Automatic Dryer . . . (Electric - Gas) • 8 automatic cycles to fit every drying need • Moisture mind-clothes Never over dried See Them and ask for a Demonstration at your Bnglis Dealer THE BEST OF LUCK TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 59 From • • • VANCOUVER, B.C. 129 r Groceries and Foods CROQUET ' S GROCERY 3701 St. Catherine Street Vancouver 10, B.C. TRinity 6-6653 THE DUNBAR MARKET 4244 Dunbar Street Vancouver 8, B.C. REgent 8-2920 FALK ' S IGA FOODLINER No. 5 Road Thorpe Road Lulu Island C.S. GEE 2815 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C. REgent 8-7138 or REgent 8-7139 J. B. HOY PRODUCE 2171 West 41st Avenue Vancouver, B.C. AMherst 1-3533 Heating, Roofing and Sheet Metal HONEYWELL CONTROLS LTD. First in Controls 1128 Burrard Street Vancouver 1 , B.C. MUtual 3-5821 KERRISDALE HEATING SHEET METAL WORKS LTD. 5445 West Boulevard Vancouver 1 3, B.C. AMherst 6-2720 ROSCO METAL PRODUCTS (B.C.) LTD. 8750 Ash Street Vancouver, B.C. FAirfax 5-3247 House Decorators QUALITY HOUSE DECORATORS 1909 Quilchena Crescent Vancouver 13, B.C. AMherst 6-0133 Importers SHANAHAN ' S LIMITED 1 050 Glen Drive Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 1-3101 MAC ' S MARKET 4950 McKenzie Vancouver 8, B.C. AMherst 1-0840 STONG ' S TOM BOY MARKET 4395 Dunbar Street Vancouver 8, B.C. ALma 1 365 Insurance C. E. (BILL) ALLEN C.L.U. Life Insurance Consultant MUtual 1-8377 or REgent 1-2666 TIP TOP FOODS SPARROW ' S MEATS 3710 Oak Street Vancouver 9, B.C. REgent 8-5316 or 8-5120 Hardware GORDON BROWN CO. LTD. 2871 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C. REgent 3-851 8 BLACK GAVIN CO. LTD. 533 West Pender Street Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 1-3281 THE STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE CO. Canada ' s First Serving Canadians for 126 Years Investments MOUNT BAKER INVESTMENTS LTD. 801-402 West Pender Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 4-2653 VANCOUVER STOCK EXCHANGE 540 Howe Street Vancouver 1 , B.C. MUtual 5-0331 Ladies ' Wear ELL-BEE APPAREL Ladies ' Wear 8409 Granville Street Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 1-4610 PETITE DRESS SHOP LTD. 732 Granville Street Vancouver 2, B.C. MUtual 3-1059 LA VANE LEWIS Dress Salon Ltd. 2288 West 41st Vancouver 13, B.C. Lubrications CRAWFORD CO. LTD. 1 1 85 Seymour Street Vancouver 2, B.C. MUtual 3-2151 130 CONGRATULATIONS 1959 GRADUATES OF VANCOUVER COLLEGE from 2 WAY The Light Modern, Sparkling Clear Beverage and STUBBY BRINKS 7 Flavours STUBBY PRODUCTS LTD., 6329 Beresford St., South Burnaby A CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS and THE CHRISTIAN BROTHERS OF IRELAND from misHtonarti (iblaipo of Harg Jmotanilate “Specialists in difficult missions ” 131 COLLEGE MILIT A IRE ROYAL ' DE SAINT-JEAN £«£SAINT-JEAN, P.O. ROYAL ROADS, VICTORIA, B.C. royal..m mTart college : ' OF CAWKftft ' 88888S - - KINGSTON, ONTARIO 3ra4litwm Strong and honourable traditions provide the foundation of firm training in leadership expressed today in the motto of the three Canadian Services Colleges: Truth-Duty- Valour. Allied to the prestige of the past is advanced education at university level given by these colleges to the officer- cadets of Canada’s armed forces. Carefully selected high school graduates are trained for challenging professional careers as officers in the Navy, Army or Air force, for the responsibility of holding the Queen’s Commission. rit turn Through the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) the Department of Na- tional Defence will sponsor a limited number of qualified High School gra- duates to obtain a university education, either at the Canadian Services Col- leges or at designated Canadian uni- versities. Full details of this financial assistance can be obtained without obligation from your nearest Armed Forces Recruiting Centre, or by mail- ing this coupon now. ROTP Selection Board NDHQ, OTTAWA, Canada Please send to me full information on the Regular Officer Training Plan Name Address City Town. Prov Age Education ‘Closing date for candidates applying for 1959 fall classes is 1 July 1959’. Service Choice Navy □ Army □ Air Force □ 132 Machine MARPOLE EQUIPMENT LTD. 8726 Hudson Street Vancouver, B.C. AMherst 6-4410 Machinery and Supplies ROLLINS MACHINERY LTD. 4 1 5 East 5th Avenue Vancouver 10, B.C. TRinity 4-6404 Marine Equipment SHANER OUTBOARD MOTORS Sales — Service — Repairs 1381 South West Marine Drive Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 1-2727 Manufacturers TUCKETT LTD. 3655 Grandview Hwy. P.O. Box 6590 Vancouver, B.C. HEmlock 1-4407 THE PLASTISOL CORPORATION 2475 Alma Road Vancouver 8, B.C. ALma 3902 Meat Markets BAYVIEW MEAT MARKET 3231 Dunbar Street Vancouver 8, B.C. ALma 2636 PACIFIC MEAT CO. LTD. 8950 Shaughnessy Street Vancouver, B.C. FAirfax 1-3266 OWEN ' S MEAT MARKET LTD. 2009 West 49th Avenue Vancouver 13, B.C. AMherst 1-3949 Men ' s Wear ARNOLD QUIGLEY 540 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 5-8154 WARREN McCUISH 627 Howe Street Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 4-7484 Motels MANITOU MOTEL 2408 Simpson Avenue Aberdeen, Washington Music PARAMOUNT MUSIC STUDIOS LTD. 3109 West Broadway Vancouver 8, B.C. REgent 1-1314 Opticians IRVINE BLYTH, O.D. Vision Specialist 825 Granville Street MUtual 3-4631 Photography CAMERAMA 23 1 5 West 4 1 st Vancouver 13, B.C. AMherst 6-6838 CRYSTAL PHOTO SERVICE LTD. 137 West Broadway Vancouver 1 0, B.C. TRinity 4-5241 KRASS PORTRAITS 569 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 1-9840 Radio CANADIAN MARCONI CO. 3594 Main Street Vancouver 1 0, B.C. TRinity 6-4174 MORTON GALE RADIO LTD, 4464 Dunbar Street Vancouver 8, B.C. REgent 3-7447 PETERS RADIO ELECTRIC Sales Service 6543 Main Street Vancouver 15, B.C. FAirfax 7-1882 VICK ' S T.V. RADIO 513 West Pender Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 5-8622 Real Estate BELL MITCHELL LTD. 641 Richards Street Vancouver 2, B.C. MUtual 5-6441 Distributors: Distributors: LINO-TILE SOAP • MISTO EASY GLOSS WAXES JOHNSON ' S WAX PRODUCTS EASY GLOSS CLEANER WYANDOTTE PRODUCTS CLANO FLOOR SOAP TILE-TEX WAX TREWAX COLORED PASTE V7 am LIQUID WAXES Phones MU iTimaiT it in 4 - 5851 - 5852 iiiki ifin t run 11 ITEM litTIOlUL .11 ' CHEMICALS ilTUliS SI — SHIP SUPPLIES 1PPLIES LTD. LINCOLN LALONDE FLOOR POLISHING MACHINES BLACK DECKER VACUUMS 573 Beatty Street Vancouver 3, B.C, 133 HEINTZIHI Canada s Finest Piano Since 1851 AGENTS FOR BRITISH COLUMBIA WILLIAMS PIANO HOUSE 2 LOCATIONS 809 SEYMOUR STREET 1275 GRANVILLE STREET Established 1907 OWEN ' S SUPER VALU SERVING RICHMOND AT TWO LOCATIONS ★ Brighouse and Steveston 134 Now Open . . . PRINCIPE BROS. Welcome Your Patronage at OAK RIDGE BARBER SHOP 41st AND CAMBIE STREET PHONE AM 6-9444 At Woodward ' s New Centre Personality Haircuts for Discriminating Customers by Barbers of Distinction for Three Generations • CREWCUTS • BOOGIES • WAVE CUTS • IVY LEAGUE • BLOCKS Phone for Appointment RON PRINCIPE AL PRINCIPE If your hair is not Becoming to You, then you should becoming fro us. A Canadian Sales Finance Company SERVING THE NATION FROM COAST TO COAST HEAD OFFICE: BURRARD BUILDING, VANCOUVER, B.C. MUfrual 1-5264 135 Real Estate — (Continued) BOULTBEE, SWEET CO. LTD. 1007 West King Edward Vancouver 9, B.C. REgent 3-4184 COTE HUNTER REALTY LTD. 1 665 West Broadway Vancouver, B.C. REgent 8-5444 FRASER VALLEY LAND LTD. 640 No. 3 Road Richmond, B.C. CRestwood 8-1207 FINNS OF KERRISDALE LTD. 2159 West 41st Avenue Vancouver 13, B.C. AMherst 1-4420 McCarthy realty ltd. 3066 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C. REgent 3-9148 hugh McKinnon 418 Rogers Building 740 Columbia Street New Westminster, B.C. LAkeview 2-6871 or 2-6872 RIVERS REALTY LTD. Mr. S. Walsh 4488 Main Street Vancouver 10, B.C. TRinity 6-71 1 1 E. B. GIBBONS CO. LTD. 2168 Kingsway Vancouver 16, B.C. HEmlock 4-2474 V. A. WILLIAMSON LTD 1354 Marine Drive West Vancouver WAInut 2-4105 Schools IRENE CARTER L.J.C.L. Speech Drama Elocution Academy of the Arts REgent 3-4022 GRACE MacDONALD SCHOOL OF DANCING 2182 West 12th Avenue Vancouver, B.C. REgent 1-5518 Service Stations ALAMEIN B-A SERVICE 25th Avenue Macdonald Vancouver, B.C. REgent 3-2215 BOUNDARY ESSO SERVICE 3684 Lougheed Highway Vancouver 12, B.C. CASSIAR IMPERIAL STATION Frank T. Lee Cassiar Hastings Vancouver, B.C. CYpress 8-7944 DEACON ' S ESSO SERVICE 1075 South West Marine Drive Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 6-9144 ELM PARK SERVICE Leo Smyth 2408 West 41st Avenue Vancouver 13, B.C. AMherst 1-6919 GLEN VERNON TIRE SERVICE LTD. 1884 Main Street at 3rd Avenue Vancouver 10, B.C TRinity 9-2977 GLENWOOD SERVICE LTD. 5894 Marine Drive South Burnaby, B.C. HEmlock 3-9550 GRANVILLE royalite service station 8606 Granville Street Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 6-9031 JOHNNY ' S SHELL SERVICE 1785 Main Street Vancouver 1 0, B.C. TRinity 6-0212 LULU ISLAND MOTORS Corner Westminster Hwy. No. 3 Road Lulu Island, B.C. CRestwood 8-2332 MCDONALD ' S HOME SERVICE LTD. 41st Granville Street Vancouver 13, B.C. AMherst 1-3222 RICHMOND MOTORS LTD. Hugh D. Hudson — Stan Mather 605A No. 3 Road Richmond, B.C. CRestwood 8-1919 TEXACO SERVICE CENTRE Oak and 23rd Avenue Vancouver, B.C. REgent 1-7333 12th GRANVILLE SERVICE LTD. 2790 Granville Street Vancouver 9, B.C. REgent 3-3530 MUtual 1-5261. K K. REID REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE What’s everybody talking about today? ONE THING YOU CAN BE SURE OF: it will be some- thing fully reported in The Vancouver Sun whether it happened at the ends of the earth or right here in Van- couver. To know about whatever ' s talked about or thought about . . . SEE IT IN THE 136 He wants a portable Sh e wants a table model dualette by SYLVANIA is both — and more ! Why settle for “just” a portable— | or “just” a table model, when you can now have all-purpose TV? “dualette” by Sylvania ( was created for the house-proud and practical people who demand a portable that performs as well— and looks as gracious — as a big set. A great companion: Slender proportions, balanced handle, make “dualette” wonderfully easy to carry. Finished all around— has the living-room poise smart women want, even in compact TV. “dualette” is as meticulously designed as a fine accessory for your home. No humps, no protruding picture tube, mars its slender cabinet. “dualette” doesn’t have to hug a wall. Exciting in action— has features found in no other TV of its size. Sylvania’s powerful, performance-proved S-110 Chassis and Silver Screen 85 Picture Tube give you a big, crisp, steady picture with vivid detail (17 " diagonal; 150 sq. in. viewing area). A joy to hear: Two heavy-duty Alnico front speakers deliver tone remarkable as the picture. See this new kind of compact TV— this week! ' — - « — - ' ' • tx?” » " jm. ■: Lovely to look at: Choose “dualette” in beige l ‘ " and antique white; - turquoise and antique white; S.. or coral with white. by SYLVANIA 137 Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not: it is the first lesson that ought to be learned: and however early a man ' s training begins, it is prob- ably the last lesson that he learns thoroughly. THOMAS HENRY HUXLEY 1825 - 1895 DOMINION BRIDGE COMPANY, LIMITED Canada ' s leading steel fabricators and erectors 138 Shoes DUNBAR SHOE STORE LTD. 4344 Dunbar Street Vancouver 8, B.C. REgent 8-7715 MAX ' S SHOES LTD. 840 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 4-9725 RON ' S KINGSWAY SHOE STORE Specializing in Savage Shoes for Children 1 364 Kingsway at Knight Road Vancouver 10, B.C. TRinity 4-5510 GORDON SHOES 2176 West 4 1 st Vancouver, B.C. AMherst 1-0515 Sporting Goods TAD ' S SPORTING GOODS 1353 South West Marine Drive Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 1-6540 WESTERN SPORTING GOODS Everything for Sports 3715 West 10th Avenue Vancouver 8, B.C. ALma 3336 WALLACE STATIONERY 2985 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C. REgent 1-2131 Stevedoring CANADIAN STEVEDORING CO. LTD. 1285 Franklin Street Vancouver 8, B.C. HAstings 6700 Theotres HOLLYWOOD THEATRE 3125 West Broadway Vancouver, B.C. REgent 8-321 1 Trophies PERCY TUTTE ENGRAVING SYSTEMS Trophies For Every Sport 319 West Pender Street Vancouver 3, B.C. MUtual 5-9614 Trucks MAINLAND TRUCK LEASING 94 West Pender Street Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 1-1311 Stationery KERRISDALE STATIONERY 2141 West 41st Avenue Vancouver 13, B.C. AMherst 1-8510 Upholstery SLOBERG ' S UPHOLSTERY 3590 West 41st Avenue Vancouver, B.C. AMherst 6-4750 Variety Stores HILLCREST 5 100 STORE 6521 Main Street Vancouver 15, B.C. MARPOLE 5-1 0-25c STORE LTD. 1335 South West Marine Drive Vancouver 14, B.C. AMherst 1-0533 Watchmakers and Metalsmiths ANDOR BISITZ 2446 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C. REgent 8- 1 220 Wholesale Fish SEAPORT CROWN FISH CO. LTD. Foot of Campbell Avenue Vancouver, B.C. MUtual 4-4171 The man who ' s too busy to read his business paper is like the logger who ' s too busy to sharpen his axe. Business papers published by WesTrade Publications are DIESEL POWER AND EQUIPMENT MOTOR CARRIER THE WESTRADE TRAFFIC DIRECTORY 1200 WEST PENDER STREET, VANCOUVER 1, CANADA 139 BEST WISHES for the future . . . You never outgrow your need for milk popular pair at parties . . . You won’t find a more popular pair or more festive fare at parties anywhere. Paramount ™ “Fresh from the sea to you " 140 YELLOW - STAR - CHECKER CABS THE Taxi Company that the " Collegian " recommends CITY-WIDE SERVICE 85 Owner-Operated Cabs — Union Service - MU 1-3311 MU 3-2121 CANADA ' S FINEST TELEVISION RECEIVER antX GRUNDIG THE NEWEST SENSATION IN STEREOPHONIC SOUND 141 Congratulation d to the GRADUATING CLASS OF ’59 on this important milestone in your lives. May the future be bright ; and may it fid- fill your fondest hopes for every Success! YOUR FAMILY SHOPPING CENTRE JACK MILLS Special Agent Jack Mills . . . and four other graduates of the college work with — The Crown Life Insurance Company You arc invited to consult us concerning your life insurance needs and over-all financial planning. Provincial Manager RALPH McL. BROWN Assistant’ Managers COLIN B. WALKER, C.L.U. KENNETH R. GOWAN, C.L.U. 142 1148 WEST GEORGIA STREET MU 3-6565 Regular bus and limousine service between downtown Vancouver and City airport. 24-hour Service Busses for charter. Private limousines for special occasions " V.C. ATHLETIC TEAMS USE OUR BUS CHARTER SERVICE EXCLUSIVELY " HERTZ U-DRIVE MUlual 3-8478 DAN UacLURE’S TAXI LTD. Vancouver ' s only bonded taxi company. MU 3-7511 143 ADVERTISERS INDEX A. B. Building Supplies Ltd 98 A. C. Grocery 101 A. M. Sawmills 113 Abbey Church Supplies Ltd. _ 95 Abbotsford Wood Coal Co. Ltd 124 Acme Shingle Lumber Co. Ltd. ...... 120 Airport Barber Shop 92 Alamein B-A Service 136 Alexander Murray-Brantford Ltd. 124 0. B. Allan Ltd 107 C. E. Allen C.L.U. 130 Anglo-Canadian Timber Products Ltd. . 107 Joe Archambault Limited 123 Arnold Quigley — 133 C. J. Arnold Sons 91 Arrow Von Storage Ltd. 92 B C. Electric Co. Ltd. 122 B. C. Estates Ltd. 93 B. C. Sash Door Co. Ltd 124 Baders ' Dutch Bakeries Ltd. 93 Banco Finance Ltd 126 Bank of Montreal, Kerrisdale Branch 91 The Bank of Nova Scotia 92 Barber Ellis of Vancouver Ltd 110 Bayview Meat Market 133 Beaty Laminated Ltd 119 The Beauty Isle 119 Begg Motor Co. Ltd 94 Belkin Paper Box Ltd 110 Bell Mitchell Ltd 133 W H. Bell Real Estate 113 Biggin Prescriptions 110 Andor Bisitz - 139 Black Gavin Co. Ltd 130 C. F. Bogart Co. Ltd. 98 Boomer Drugs 124 Boultbee Sweet Co. Ltd. 136 Boundary Esso Service 136 Angelo E. Branca 94 Briteway Cleaners 95 British Columbia Door Co. Ltd. .. 95 British Ropes Canadian Factory Ltd. 113 Broadway Refrigeration Air Conditioning Co. Ltd 113 Brown Bros. Motors 125 Gordon Brown Co Ltd. 130 Burleigh Partners, Ltd — 116 Burrard Amusements Ltd 125 Burrard Hotel 104 Burrow Cleaners Ltd. — 126 Cal-Van Accessories Ltd. 95 Camerama 133 The Canadian Bank of Commerce 96 Canadian Marconi Co. 133 Canadian Pacific Air Lines 97 Canadian Stevedoring Co. Ltd. .. 139 Irena Carter 136 Cassiar Imperial Station 136 Chapman ' s Recreations 119 Charles Hotel Ltd. 99 Chis holm ' s Florists 128 Clarke Simpkins Ltd 119 Coca-Cola Ltd. 96 Collingwood Drug Stores Ltd. _ 98 Collins Collins 95 The Colonial Lodge 104 Columbia Paper Co. Ltd. 127 Columbia Radio Electric Ltd. .. 113 The Consolidated Typewriters Ltd - — 119 Cote Hunter Realty Ltd. 136 Crawford Co. Ltd. 130 Creamland Crescent Dairy Ltd. 95 Crippen Wright Engineering Ltd. 100 Croquets Grocery 130 Crystal Photo Service Ltd. 133 D. M. Machine Works of ' Canada Ltd 100 Dairyland — - 140 Deacon ' s Esso Service 136 Dean Bros. 95 J. W. Devi.t Ltd. 116 Dietrich-Collins Equipment Ltd. 98 Dominion Bridge Co. Ltd 138 Donner ' s - - — 126 Dubble-Wear Uniforms Ltd. 119 Dumaresq Bros. Ltd. 120 Dunbar Hardware Paints 98 Dunbar Lumber Supply Ltd. 124 The Dunbar Market 130 Dunbar Pharmacy - 124 Dunbar Shoe Store Ltd 139 Dura Carpets Ltd. 124 Eastman Photographic Materials Ltd- — 122 Eaton ' s of Canada — 130 Ellam ' s Pharmacy Ltd 126 Ell-Bee Apparel Ltd 130 Elm Park Service 136 Elphick Securities Ltd. - 104 Evelyn ' s Book Shelf 119 F. F. Equipment Ltd — 101 Folk ' s IGA Foodliner — 130 Fawcett T.V. 6 Appliances 126 Finning Tractor — — 102 Finns of Kerrisdale Ltd 136 Fleetwood Sales Ltd 141 Fletcher Lumber Ltd 124 Floorcraft Ltd. M. J. Foley Forsythe Drugs Alex Fraser Golleries 101 107 126 119 Fraser Valley Land Ltd 136 French Hand Laundry 107 Bruce Galliford Candy Store 124 C. S. Gee 130 Georgian Towers Hotel 128 E. B. Gibbons Co. Ltd. 136 Gibbs Tool Stamping Works Ltd. 101 Gillis Construction 124 S. J. Gillis D.S.C. 124 Giroday Sawmills Ltd 116 Glenwood Service Ltd 136 Frederick Goertz Ltd 107 Gordon Shoes 139 Gough Or Co. Ltd 98 Granville Drugs 126 Granville Royalite Service Station ... 136 Gulf of Georgia Towing 116 Hammond Equipment Ltd. 98 Syd Harrison Sons 102 Harvey ' s Stores Ltd. 95 Hayes Manufacturing Co. Ltd. . 103 Henry Birks Sons (B.C.) Ltd . 104 Hillcrest 5-10 Store 139 Hodgson-Walsh Wood Products B.C. Ltd. 107 Hollywood Theatre 139 Holt Glass 98 Homewood Marine Ltd. 98 Honey Cream Do-Nuts Ltd 124 Honeywell Controls 130 J. B. Hoy Produce 130 Hudson ' s Bay Co 103 Hugh McKinnon Ltd 130 Imperial Investment Corporation Ltd. 135 John Inglis Co. Ltd. 129 Insulation Industries (B.C ) Ltd. .. 104 Inter-City Building Supplies Ltd 124 International Harvester Co. Ltd. .. 119 International Janitors ' Supplies Ltd 133 Invermay Hotel 104 Irvine Blyth, O.D 133 Jackson Sheet Metal Roofing Ltd. 104 Johnny ' s Shell Service 136 Kearney Funeral Directors 101 Kendall ' s House of Beauty 92 Kerrisdale Arena 104 Kerrisdale Book Nook 92 Kerrisdale Bootery 116 Kerrisdale Bowladrome 119 Kerrisdale Hardware Ltd. 98 Kerrisdale Heating Sheet Metal Works Ltd 130 Kerrisdale Hobbies 124 Kerrisdale Lockers Ltd. 126 Kerrisdale Lumber Co. Ltd 107 Kerrisdale Stationery 139 Kingsway Shoe Store 139 Knight ' s Bakery 105 Kraft Foods Ltd 101 Krass Portraits 133 La Forge Cement 105 Landscape Architect 92 La Vane Lewis Dress Salon Ltd. .. 130 Lawson Oates Motors Ltd 92 G. W. Ledingham Co. Ltd. 124 E. A. Lee Ltd 106 E. A. Lee Formal Wear Rentals Ltd 95 Lions Drive-in 95 Lochdale Transfer Building Supplies 92 Lulu Island Motors 136 Lyle ' s Barber Shop 119 Lytton Transfer Or Taxi 116 Vince McBride Ltd — 98 McCarthy Realty Ltd. 136 McClay Construction Co. Ltd 106 A. 0 McColl Ltd. 101 McCue Drugs _ 126 Warren McCuish 133 McCulloch ' s Donut Service 124 McDonald ' s Home Service Ltd. .. 136 Macdonalds Prescriptions Ltd 113 Grace MacDonald School of Dancing 136 McLaren Electric Ltd 126 McLeod ' s : 127 Dan MacLures Taxi Ltd 143 Mac ' s Market 130 Magee Grocery O Meat Stores Ltd — 101 Mainland Truck Leasing 139 The W. H. Malkin Co. Ltd 129 Manitou Motel 133 Marpole Cycle Shop 124 Marpole Equipment Ltd. 133 Marpole 5-10-25c Store Ltd. 139 Marpole Transfer Co. Ltd 124 Martin Cleaners Dyers 126 Max ' s Shoes Ltd. 139 Mayhew-Sherwood Flowers Ltd. 126 Metropolitan Detective Agency 124 Minto Barber Shop 119 R. L. Moore A. A. Keating Ltd - 104 Moray Hosiery - 107 Morton Gale Radio Ltd. 133 Mount Baker Investments Ltd. 130 Nallcys Ltd. 126 Nelson Bros. Fisheries 140 New Santiago Mines Ltd 110 Nightingale Drugs 126 Oak Ladies Custom Tailors 108 Oblate Fathers 131 O ' Brien Advertising Ltd 108 O ' Grady ' s Drug Store 126 Olinger LBR. Co. Ltd 109 Orange Crush Ltd 110 Orient Tea Co. Ltd. 92 Ornamental Bronze Co. Ltd. 110 Owens Bros. Ltd. 134 Owen ' s Meat Market 110-133 Owl Barber Shop 119 The Owl Drug Co. Ltd 113 Pacific Cleaners 126 Pacific Meat 133 Palm Dairies Ltd. 124 Paramount Music Studio Ltd. .. 133 Parsons Brown 107 Patterson ' s Florist 126 Pease Van Storage Ltd. 124 Pemberton Barbers 119 Perfect Auto Body Shop 111 Peters Radio T.V. 133 Petite Dress Shop Ltd 130 Pierre Paris Sons Ltd Ill Pitman Buisiness College Ltd 116 Pitman Optical Ltd 110 Plastisol Corporation 133 Pletsch Dokka 116 Prescription Optical Co. 110 N. A. Prushaw Office Equipment Ltd. 110 Quality House Decorators 130 Rat Portage Ltd. 101 Thomas B. Read Co. Ltd 104 Regent Tailors Ltd 112 K. K. Reid 136 Reliable Washer 112 Reynolds, Milne Co 113 Richmond Motors Ltd. 136 Rivers Realty Ltd 136 Roberts Hardware 98 Rollins Machinery Ltd 133 Rosco Metal Products (B.C.) Ltd. 130 Rosso Jewelers 107 Rotary Motors Ltd 119 R.O.T P. 132 The Royal Trust Co 104 St. Vincent De Paul 113 Saba Bros. Ltd. 107 Save-On Meat Markets Ltd 110 Shanahan ' s Ltd. — 130 Shaner Outboard Motors 133 Simmons McBride Ltd 101 J W Sims Co. - 126 Society Cleaners and Dyers 126 Solberg ' s Upholstery 139 South Cariboo Lumber Sales Ltd. 107 George Sparlings Ltd. 114 Speiser Fur Ltd — 126 Spools Lumber Building Supplies Ltd 115 Springer Engraved Stationery Ltd. Standard Life Assurance Co Steak House Ltd. 115 Stongs Tom-Boy 130 Stradiotti Bros. Ltd. 95 Strathcona Floral Co. Ltd 101 Stubby Products 131 Sweeney Cooperage Ltd 92 Sylvania Electric (Can.) Ltd. — 137 Tad ' s Sporting Goods - 139 Texaco Service Centre 136 Theatre Equipment Supply Co. .. 116 Thomson Page Ltd. 117 Tip Top Foods Sparrow ' s Meats — - 130 Tools Equipment (Vancouver) Ltd. - - 98 Town Cj Country 126 Tuckett Ltd. - 133 J. C. Turner Ltd — 104 Percy Tutte Engroving Systems 139 12th Granville Service Ltd. 136 United Service Cleaners 126 Vancouver Adjustment Bureau 119 Vancouver Electric Boxes Ltd 101 Vancouver Sash Door Co. Ltd - - 124 Vancouver Stock Exchange 130 The Vancouver Sun 136 Vancouver Vending Machines Ltd. . Glen Vernon Tire Service Ltd. 136 Vick ' s T.V. Radio — 133 Wallace Stationery 139 Wallin Glass Co. Ltd. 98 Ward Phillips Ltd 118 Warner Plumbing Heating Co. Ltd 113 Weeks Pharmacy 126 Western Sporting Goods 139 Wes Trade Publications 139 Whalen Insurance Ltd- 118 Williams Piano House Ltd. . 134 V. A Williamson Ltd. 136 Mrs. Wiltman Cake Shop Woodwards Al Wozny Yale Hotel — Yellow Cab Co. Ltd. 141 Yorkshire Barber Shop 135 Young ' s Service Ltd - 126 Your Oil Burner Centre Ltd 110 Zephyr Motors 92 116 130 119 142 116 104 144 . - . . 5: BHHH

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Vancouver College - Collegian Yearbook (Vancouver, British Columbia Canada) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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