Van Wert High School - Excalibur Yearbook (Van Wert, OH)

 - Class of 1956

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Van Wert High School - Excalibur Yearbook (Van Wert, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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cOl11ITlel1CelTlel1'l' - the seniors say goodbye Although Baccalaureate was held in Lincoln Gym because of rain, the stadium was the site for the 85th annual commencement. Marching to our places in the stadium, we felt happy and expectantg but during the program as the choir sang its last number, the speaker finished, we received our diplomas d , an marched back into the school We were solemn and th h ' , oug tiul, realizing that now we were on our own. As th ' ' ' ' ' ' e WO1d itself signifies, it was truly our Commence- ment. 96 , 35, v-T anti? :fr A-'wi' H ":l'gg,,' 3, r:r""a 1421 'fa pw' Em-'P' 'A Em:-. f 1- 'vS?1:rl"'lu: if' I T 1 1'i?t"','r1'f3:T " 44 .r iii! 0 5' Superintendent Mr. R. an ert Public School S ' ' competence. D. Bennett guides the V W ystem with patience and S. Mrs. Fred E Mr. Bennett man, secretary to School Board P. B. Harrisg Donald S, Whiteg R. D. Bennett, superintendent of schools, Cyril Bechtol, presidentg Walter Wit- teng Hazel Gleason, vice president: F. E. Shaffer, clerk and treasurer, Prmclpal E. '4'A4 b Mr. C. Robert Baker, the genial but firm 2 -rx, -- 4. friend who keeps the affairs of our school 4' " 1, f running smoothly. ' ' . iii 1" .f4" ,f' Mrs. Wilbur Shaw, competent secretary to Mr. Baker. Guidance Director Mr. Ralph Gallapoo, a friend and counselor throughout our high school days. 99 More to us than iust teachers iw i .-4 . , if ..1V .A .A ETHEL ARMSTRONG, A.B. L. -f .A Miami University, Ohio State University Q, QW Mathematics. Algebra 1, World History -IUANITA BAXTER, B.S. Ohio State University. University of Wisconsin Home Economics. Jr. Y-Teens adviser GERALD D. BOWEN. B.A., M.A. Huntington College. Ohio State University, Bowling Green University. Ohio Northern University Miami University, University of Missouri American History, Driver Education, Junior class adviser BERNARD A. BRICKER. BS., M.B.A. Bowling Green University, Toledo University Bookkeeping I, Advanced Shorthand, Business Machines, Office Practice, Typing II Sophomore class adviser JOSEPHINE BURKAM, B.A., M.A. James Millikin University, Middlebury College English I, Excalibur adviser 'YY'-Q 100 sr:-' .l13Zi5IQ,f V. - ,T. X '. ..... .ffjf - V ,Q-.Q .j.,-.v.f'-1-.. . ........ '. '- .' ........-' CLARENCE CLINE. B.S. Miami University. West Virginia University Health, Physical Education. Head Basketball Coach, Head Baseball Coach CLYDE E. COON, B.S,, M.A. Wittenberg, Florida Reserve, Florida State English IV. Speech. Journalism, Scarlet Quill. Play Director, Debate Coach HARRY F. DAVIS, A.B. Fairmont State College, West Virginia University, Ohio State University D.C.T., VIC Club Adviser RICHARD G. DUNN. B.S. Bowling Green University Art DELANA GALBREATH, B.S. Western Kentucky College Librarian RALPH GALLAPOO, B.S,, M.A. Ohio Northern University, Bowling Green University American Government, Guidance Director. Student Council Adviser, Future Teachers Adviser, Senior Class Adviser H. HERBERT JONES Bluffton College. Christiansen Choral School, University of Michigan Band Clinic Band, A Cappella Choir, Freshman Chorus '4 . -:af ff:-Xi??555if1'. , ...,-.,. 5: ,f 95?- lOl I. G. KATTERHEINRICH, B.S., M.A. Bliss College, Kent State University, University of Cincinnati Stenography I, Typewriting I, Faculty Manager of Athletics, Central Treasurer of Student Activities, Director of Student Activity Tickets Fund NICHOLAS KLUTKA, B.A., M.A. University of Florida, University of West Virginia Industrial Arts, Intramurals, Assistant Football Coach GLENN H. LIVINGSTON, A.B., M.A. University of Michigan, Columbia University Biology, American History, V'Club Adviser, Visual Education MARTHA LOWN, B.S., M.A. Bowling Green University, Ohio State University English II, Sr. Y-Teens Adviser GERALD MANKEN, B.S., M.E. Ohio State University Industrial Arts, Hi-Y Club Adviser G. C. MASON, B.S., M.A. Ohio Northern University, Ohio State University Industrial Arts, Freshman Class Adviser JUNE MERTEN, B.S. Wilmington College Physical Education, Health, G.A.A. Adviser, Cheerleader Coach 102 ROSS PRINCIOTTO. B.S. Kent State University Spanish I. II, English III R. P. RAUCH. A.B.. M.A. Miami University, Ohio State University Social Problems, American Government. Citizenship. World Geography. Economics MARY SAWYER, B.S., M.S. Ohio University Home Economics. F.H.A. Adviser GILBERT E. SMITH. A.B.. M.A. Defiance College, Columbia University Algebra I, II, Chemistry. Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Head Football Coach H. B. SPIETH, B.A. Defiance College, Bowling Green University General Science ELEANOR G. WHITE, B.A., M.A. Oberlin College, Wellesley College Latin I, II, English III, Latin Club Adviser. National Honor Society Adviser J. FRED WILLIAMS, B.S., M.S. Ohio Northern University, Ohio State University Plane Geometry, Physics. Book Store Manager, Elementary Supervisor 4-an 17 -I 5 ,Qual 41 1 103 Administration .... Assemblies ...... Awards ...... - Band Concert - - - Band Marching .... Baseball ........ Basketball ..... Bus Drivers ........ Career Day .,....... Cheerleaders-Reserve Cheerleaders-Varsity Choir ...... ........ Commencement - - - DAR Contestants - - - Debate Team a,aav,. Declamation Team -- Dedication ......... Excalibur Staff .... Faculty ..,,c.c, Football ............ Freshmen ............ .... Future Homemakers - Future Teachers C... Girls' Athletic Association --- H1-Y ...... ............. - Homecoming - - - - 98-99 ---- 52 ---- 94 - 66-67 - 12-13 - 64-65 - 44-47 - - - 104 --- 68 --- 46 ---- 49 - 40-43 - 96-97 ---- 69 --- 51 --- 51 ---- 5 - 90-91 100-103 - - 6-11 16-20 ---- 62 --- 37 ---- 32 ---- 22 - 14-15 Janitors Ralph Thomas. Ray Snyder, and Floyd Terry. Bus drivers Robert Jerome and David Van Eman. INDEX 104 Janitors ........ Juniors ..,...r... Junior Rotarians - - - Junior Y-Teens - - - Laeti Latini ..,,,r, ------ 104 26-30 ----- 69 ---- 33 ---- 60 Masque and Gavel ----- ---- 5 0 National Honor Society National Thespians ---.-- - - - Play-Junior ----- Play-Senior ---- Prom ----------------- - - - Rendezvous Committee Scarlet Quill ---------- - - Scholarship Teams - - - School Board ------ Seniors --------- Senior Survey - - - Senior Y-Teens - - - Snowball ------- Sophomores ------ Student Council - - - V-Club -------.-.-.-- Vocational Industries - - -- 71 -- 51 24-25 72-73 --89 --36 - - 63 - - 70 - - 98 74-88 92-93 - - 61 - - 36 53-57 --23 --48 38-39 9 ss Cv . . ... le 1 v .,,. C W . L , QQ9' i U I C ,' 4 I 'iff S1 x i W' - WG P , First Row' Jack White Walt Grunden JimIDilbon J' G'll d . , , e, f im 1 an ,Jess Cooper, Tom Harden, Jim Jones, Bob Young, Art Good, Marvin Mihm, Harold Haight, Paul Sargent, Tom Nelson. Second Row: Coach Smith, Ronnie Dierks, Jerry Nills, Bill Winters, Paul Schwinnen, Larry Feeney, L ' S ' h ' ' arry mit , Daxe Gamble, Jerry Baer, Bob Mohr, John Edwards, Coach Coon, Coach Klutka. Third Row: . . - . ' e y P O'Mara, Terry Oetzel, George White, Danny Butler, Charles Young, Howard Shaw, Jim Imler. Don Black, Chuck Kannev, Onlev Heath Larrv Johnson Roger Gi e, Dick Football fans and players enioy a season of thrills 5 4.4 - . 12 A MSS? .,,,,, vw-1 , W gf, 1.9. :r 13 M w ,M Aw: I . 4 1 .4 Q N UM V v.-if-Q: fi - ax 1 if ,. m ay w1f,,,q. - ,A 2.31, . , 3 , 2 ' ' .iz P 4: f Mqfs. H- Q V, '93 , an-L? . 1. f - fffvy ,4 1 :ek 5 . ' Zi? P Q, f::,"?4fAz, 3 'i a 1 -,yiiwfxk me -, 1. 2 ,.f My-' vm-- S.gQ' f33? . 7 5' ' l,:Tf,,L-: 1 -f f . P f..3-z,,.: 4,91 1, - Qgxzzwf' en .,. Z.?:f 1ff:m, Q . 4 ja -of Mi i N ,Ai F ,- 4 . X 1 v , Q MK I V S 52M ' .W l ff , 12 A 4 'S I x J 5 sf, 55 E? Wie 'M' I ' L U3 , t F a' I f" , we Q5 ff,-gffw-"w '+ f its i Q 'uf " g mxm t, Q ., . ij. ffiixf -VA' 3 . is s: n'-1-Sm?71,171!a!i'7QM7'.D7l?d7'lllli" 5 .,., , . 4 ,. 1 , 4, P. L n , ,1, 4 ,h 4, , . if. ,1, ,, fr. ,, lx, -,A 15, v, ,,, . 'GV M. ., ,, ,D K. D .,, . . w. . r 1 ,Q .,,, 4, :,. .11 gg! ,p ' A E, , ,Qu L' bl E4 , -, P I 1 E a Fi Q1 2, 4, R Q? 1 , -I F ,, H, 5 ,, .,, r, i 5,15 l,' -,"r' -, ., , .. .g '- , ' E V' 5 Q , "' rn ' , ,E . 1. 5 , , ,,. ,, , J ' 9 ,, ,., 5 ' 5 , , , , ,, . , gm L, .., I4 F, L, ,,,4.. ,,,., ,gg , wg, 5, H? "1 If, P, , A .,- ' ', 51' I, W: W.. ,Q R K, .4, B A ,,, Egg 1, ,Lf li L, vi , , ,,. 7' 'A , Q- M, ,, A , , ,,, ,,. I .lx ', ,, ,,,:',, PMR u, ,,, - H ,n i A., , -'? 'l 5, ,, ,-, , , , . , 'I ,.. ,s t. ,, ', ,,, 1, 'I , ,, ' L I . , , ' , ' ' s ' -m , ,' u - u, ,, --H ,w fu-4--1-4, w-,vw '- v'--w -' : ' '-: "w v "vw ,' H ar ' v '-:.-'4'-,.- -'sus-H "-r- '-'x-II 1 rw--, 1 ,-:', - 2,5 ev- Q- ' xl, rf-' 1 ' f' ia ., ' .f3'f1s,' 'f!',,i'v':MQ'99,:,QY',s' ,1:fff'1,' ,.:',+y1EEe-2-'f1':6.H,fQ:fWE,',,'r r-,,p,w-s,,.,'- ,X ,-,,, , ,A ,Y ,4-1, ',,, 'f Q3 ,, if LF ,,, ,i,1:i:,,gsE,f.,7?E,i,gs2fl2,E,,i1,5,f,S,,giigigygi',giiff,,,,'EE,,?f,,:k'2,5SLili,,, ' Yi?-Erik? ifigsiifs Q' ,,,,w,,23p,2,5f'? '35i1fI,il?a1',-?.,x2,'15Z4 E41 f , , 22,,3i'?' ,:' ,,a5'2P"3,,,3,.3g3,, im'.'2gg,,2,g,'Q ,1s,,3g,i1,g,j,qgxi,fg,,fTW:g.g's,'..g11,3,'zgifigtgk,5,5.,,.Eg1i,.i',,Q,,M-,.',.i,iiii,-, ,g,,i,,,,i.EiE , i',f,2i7, X, 5-!i?535?,g541g,f?31'f 'lliywfa 2:'1,23",5g,,F,,,,-,3'gf,,, 'ig ,, F3 Qbi'L?R',,j,,',, i,!iLE,'iJ!23,.,:,5g, ii,-E ff,2,"Eg,,1E5LgPiif f!!li,:,gsN,1a1S,1E,,:Z',U,,3,,'fi,,,fl:,5:i,!",',.,g5 ,QL 5,2g,?,',,4,,,.,'!-,sggtgr-:,,'5 ,Q Q ' "-, 2,"4:2,'! 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This year it was more difficult than ever to 1'emain undefeated because the Cougars were the spe- cial target of every team. During the early part of the season the team, lacking experience. had a rough time, but with each win the boys gained confidence and played real football. Once past Toledo and Wapak, they rolled up the victories and climaxed the season by beating St. Marys and giving Coach Smith his hundredth win for Van Wert High. Besides winning honors as a team, the Cougars received some high individual honors, Named to the Western Buckeye League first offensive team were Larry Feeney, tackleg John Edwards, guardg Jim Jones, centerg Bob Young, fullbackg and Ron Dierks, halfback. Places on the first defensive League t.eam went to line- backers Jim Jones and Jim Dilbone. Dilbone also rated the All-State first team and Jones made the All-State third team. Bob Young was chosen for a position on the Ohio All-Star Team, which saw action in Canton in August. Congratulations to the team and the coaching staff on this record of two years without defeat. If anybody can do it, Smitty can! Schedule September 16 Bryan H 19 0 September 23 Defiance T 12 12 1September 30 Kenton T 21 6 gOctober 7 Lima-Shawnee T 41 14 :':October 14 Bellefontaine H 57 O fOctober 21 Wapakoneta H 18 13 October 27 Toledo-Woodward H 28 27 :':November 4 St. Marys T 28 7 i'November 10 Celina H 41 O E fLeague Fl'eShI'TlCIl1 FOO'l'bGIl- the Iehermen of 'tomorrow 7L Each year the coaching staff of Van Wert High School provides a football class for the younger boys who hope to play varsity football. This is called the freshman football team. This year the beginners played five games and came out with the short end of the score: De- fiance 14-0, Coldwater 8-6, St. Marys 27-0, Delphos 12-0, and Shawnee 17-O. You must not criticize the coach or the players for this record for the simple reason that the boys were out there to learn the fundamentals of football and not necessarily to Win. sWith the basic training and the experience acquired this year, many of these players will be able to win positions on the Varsity come next fall. .A I 1 M332 8 V - 5 , QQ l Drum Major: Sally Coombs. Majorettes: First Row: Rachel Morris, Sue Williman, Beverly Blake. Second Director Jones - NO Comment Row: Lyuncla Le-arey, Linda KirCl'1enbaue1'. 2 l J' " Mi l fl! E 1 A' 1 11" if I I ly ,li l ,. it d 1, K, C, 1 , , tx if 1 . " .-' f ' . If rf ,' net, .ff f ,K ' , If I, V 1 g N, ' I.. -f-1-1 - . al n up f .35-5-are . . iv . s .Jzx-...I . ,-.L 'gi . T' ' - ' ' ' W , ' fsyi-f ' ' ' - W. vo F X ,- . 5. H 'i' " ' s Vfjf Tifwm, .- ' X ' , f, ' :.a3.9'a, ' - . .rf 1 H E , I. l J ., ,. A V V, .!':4,y ' , ..,.,,.,q-..,e--- ,. ' 5 ' M ' 54, he .5-'P i FJ li ' 'Q ' fl - - - ' A, ' A , ' 'Q . lj, ff' ' sv- f if i F . v r I, 7 E' , 1 - L' .3 Q 3 I - jg' ,O l T 9 ' " ff F 4 5 ' H Y.., ......'- ., j.,f K3 I ' iff - V F -a fi1sN'5.3fiQffg . f F f ' i ,f.f.4+. elif - " u -. 33:8-. f"" V ' A ...Q trnfgr. .JA db A gT1,'Q'f ' ' ra?" -r u w fue.. .s ',' "ff, ' fi F " ' -f --.D ,. .sf Di-.. . , Marching Band The Marching Band, dir- ected by Mr. Herbert Jones. averages one hundred stu- dents. This year the hand looked really sharp at the football games in their new uniforms of red and gray with white Cross belts. spats, and gloves. The hand participates in Memorial Day. Peony Fes- tival, and Fall Festival pa- rades. It also adds Color and zest to the Van Wert County Fair. Buenos noches, seniors Forward, ho! Ten-shun! Homecomin Q Queen Linda Kirchenbauer 14 QUBSI1 Linda and her court reign over the festivities sv 5 2 i I Linda Kirchenbauer was crowned Homecoming Queen during the impressive half-time ceremony at the Bellfontaine football game. After the game, Queen Linda reigned over the Homecoming dance. JD r 1 5 "' gif' g . yi 'L' 'QS 1 I " I s Q, X A xxx' 'P' - ' .e 0 s- a K ' ' , x . 4 y .Q '. v ' Q 'N' Qf' 5 I V I Q H - . 1 ' x 4 ,aid 3 U- L N' .t if Qfudx 90,0 -Y N g ,bps . s 1 A Q rw I 'Y x s 21,9 'fl ff! ' ' g'w H"N'I 4 4 ' f. I -. I 'Q 4' I f J X is Q , V , xi A , 'ba if y , My I xl . I . x 1 5- YL , t - ix X I Q f 4 N 5 X 1 'pb' s 3, -- XR . h is I 'H -' . ' . RaM""2-N--.w A Y' Y V Vx 21 J-AW,,,,f gf . .X Y. M Qs KUUIU fwxhv' Tasha LM., w . sr -- 4' sum--.4 QQ? , Fl'eSh l'l1el1,innoc First Row: Sara Lee Ag- ler, Nancy Andrews, Sandra Arnold, Rachael Balliet. Carol Baxter. Second Row: Brad Be- bout, Jim Bebout, Rodger Bechtol, Don- ald Beck, Joan Beck. enf and unwary, have their first glimpse of high school life ' 1,. . 'A f, Q uf f .. .w -1- ' , l,e, , 'H nh ::'e -r l., J E-if! aff F First Row: Jim Bell, Larry Betts, Suzy Binkley, Dorcas Black- more, Marsha Blake. Second Row: Terry Jo Blue, Lewis Bowen, Nancee Brown, Bonnie Caldwell, Judy Ches- bro. Third Row: Rosalyn Cof- felt, Louis Crow, Janet Davis, Joyce Davis, Louise DeCamp. i ccci V 4' L l-,. 1, .L 'T' i ' I it by! " X' 5 f ' 'ii' ' "1' i J 'A -Q, T . 1' . :- '15, - Y T 3 , 314,35 A . k .. I . , ." ' , -5- V' .,, T A '4 , ":f'l ,i T '1-' X I 4g Q .- v us A K4 Mn. 14133535 ' 1 I ' ' '-i1 A Y First Row: Margaret De- f,,i G , g ,gm Moss, Nellie Dempsey, T7 'V' Dorothy Doner, Sara 1 'Q 4 e - Drury, Pat Dunlap. Second Row: Dick Dun- no, Barbara Ellerbrock, Barbara Ellis, David Elzey, Gloria Evans. Third Row: Pamela Fos- ter, Bryce Fauble, Da- vid Fell, Patricia Fink- housen, Clyde Ford. .sf,l 16 'NIJ ,, ff- V, L. sf' -- fa- I : n " 1 AXA N., 4 First Row: Roberta Har- den, Gertrude Hard- man, Gail Harley, Ro- berta Hartman, Vir- ginia Harvey. Second Row: Gary Heck- ert, Karen Heffner, Terry Hipsley, Jean Hirn, Elsie Hoeken. Third Row: Larry Hol- den, Philip Holtkamp, Connie Hosford, David Hoverman, Dick Hov- erman. if Ei pl First Row: Jack Fraker, Marjorie Gallaway, Judith Geary, Karen Geisman, James Gil- bert. Second Row: Carolyn Gil- land, Jerry Goins, Kay Goins, Ann Good, Lon- nie Gray. Third Rowz Claudia Green, Ann Gribler, Susan Gribler, Sherry Hall, Patrick Hallam. -rf .-Q s , ., x s N. is Q W 3' , sl First Row: Clarence Huf- fine, Janice Huffine, Charles lngman, Har- vey Ireton, Trina Jack- son. Second Row: Larry John- son, Rod Johnson, Tim Jones, Paul Kaduk, Corrine Katterheinrich. Third Row: Mary Ellen Keith, Helen Keirns, Carol Jean Kinsey, Larry Klausing, Gor- don Knittle. First Row: Dick Knodel, Linda Kreischer, Max Kreischer, Jack Krick, Linda Krick. Second Row: Shirley Lane, Dan Lewis, Tom Lewis, Nancy Louth, Linda McCarty. Third Row: Judy McCol- lum, Ray McCollum, David Malinowski, Bob Matthias, Barbara Mil- ler. .,.., Xiu' .... I' v ': lb a I., My ,, L, 2:1 1 -Af we ,j'f,, -. , .4 . 93 - 1. N Huh A f 4. U Y his v, .. " 'Cf F J W1 5 K X A AL 9 I y 'fd 'f 5. i S' ..,.., eff fm - 1 I i mt, ,: . , - - U . fi zyf' A , . ' . ,,.. i, 'M ly " 1 . l 'Z f',I 5 in : ' , I . . ' I N, H" My ' l :QE iff- V 'Q f Q-1 - , 1 T lil First Row: Glenn Pon- tius, David Price, Ben Reidenbach, Tom Reynolds, Sharon Ries. Second Row: Alan Rin- ard, Robert Rowland, Michael Ruskaup, Bob Scaer, Roger Schaffer. Third Row: Larry Schoonover, Sandra Schumm, Charlotte Sherman, Roger Shimp, Judith Showal- ter. N - X I 5 if 1 ,J T First Row: Bill Miller, Max Miller, Oscar Mil- ler, Robert Miller, San- dra Miller. Second Row: Tim Miller, Richard Milner, Caro- lyn Mosier, Jim Mur- phy, Mary Murphy. Third Row: Sherry Mur- phy, Nancy Myers, Lois Parsons, Peggy Parsons, Gary Patter- son. UL., L 18 Agf- ,. Q I ., er Ronnie Thttcher Diane Thomas Tony Todd, Peggy Tomlin- son. zN...3 First Row: Jerry Thatch- i X' 5 U v J A ga ' 1 1 V L. 3- Second Row: Marjorie Wade, Linda Waldron, Richard Waldron, Con- nie Wallace, Robert Walls. Third Row.: David Wal- ters, Jim Watkins, Doug Welker, Kathy Wells, Donna Whit- craft. 'H First Row: David Shupe. Nancy Sidle, Fred Sim- mons, Joy Sink, Ray Skinner. Second Row: Sharon Slane, Don Smitley. Doug Snyder, Peg Stenger, Bob Stevens. Third Row: Sally Stew- art, Janice Stoller, Jul- ius Strick, Larry Sum- mersett, Linda Terry. :A xg' .::-fv 1 r ' -r 1 -f '- A ERR , A 5 g ' tt' af Qiw . f , I. QXJ 1 if .I ff 5 'wx in . X Q , l. V.,- ' A ,Q D . - .a " Ez- I, .gn J 4, ,fi ,EN as W W 4 l f I First Row: Jerry Wil- helm, Janelle Wise, Nedra Wise, Rebecca Wisener, Carl Withe- row. Second Row: Dave Wit- ten, LeRoy Wolford, Charles Young, Sandra Young, Florence Zins- meister. By mid-year they know their way around Fres li ITIGI1, now seasoned veterans, look forward to another year On September 12, 1955, one hundred seventy-five "greenies" proudly entered the doors of high school, only to find ourselves com- pletely lost in the confusion of beginning activities. After a few weeks of forgetting locker combinations and room numbers, we settled down to the routine business of school and elected class officers and repre- sentatives to the Student Council. On the reserve basketball team we proudly cheered Jim Bell, Charles Young, Bob Matthias, Rodger Bechtol, Don Beck, Tom Reyn- olds, Larry Holden, Charles Ingman, Gary Patterson, and Carl With- erow. Several of our classmates carried the pigskin for the freshman team and occasionally for the varsity. We chose Sara Drury as our attendant to the Homecoming Queen. We were proud of the many freshmen who were active members of the high school band, and of our three reserve cheerleaders. With all this to our credit, We feel we have taken our first big step on the stairway of higher education, and we are very happy to turn over our job as "greenies" to the incoming freshman l ' ney on to the sophomore step of V ' c ass as we Jour- an Wert High School. . QE K gl TSODKBQQH , AV' Officers Linda McCarty, vice president Janet Davis, treasurer Suzy Binkley, secretary Mr. Mason, adviser J udy McCollum, president 20 I I :AT A J B Lx H . , x .fa . , 1 ,fi X V A . 4 3' +4 N f' s 1 .4 - x x.. X . 1 Ag., YQN uk'- L -Q-. wsu-L K., V . - i Q il 'VB First Rm, " ': I . A Lffhm ,Hon Brink . an, ' "Gr, . .. , gn Tom Hind Jess C00 .!... X ' v Q pe., vb' 4 B del' 190118 Ge V. en Flank Gill, I lem Lau ob Exl V 319, LII.. AI' Y and. Blu F W 1.2, I,a,.I,y U Jones, fIf2EfdBg7 Jin?'gK5?.rSec'r11ic1High?-l"4liri1i1iie Giessler' Roger - on. .hm Iidlld, Mk 3113 LH. 'th Row- R . Marfln I4 Lane, Dick Shoi-if Ijhelyegw' 'mn' fast, John Edxonrgie Dierks, Bm gil Leonard, Bill K 1 - -im Djlbone Hri-ny Smith Ikar s, Paul K0uf 0wler,Phj1JarV- eley. Hi-Y profnofes Chris 1-iq n living Gamble, Ji y SFU Baer' Ji S3 Sian Smith. F'1S'ATHeIl and Servi 1,1 1' Ce 22 m Sm m O M Ifth R ith, Jim Benfield, J?,:,a'u9afY Cobb, D332 ISE-man' ' The Hi-Y began its year with the induc- tion of members at St. Marks Lutheran Church. During the year the club assumed the responsibility for the Y.M.C.A. school membership, sponsored the Thanksgiving assembly, was host to the District Seven spring meeting, entertained the Senior Y- teens, and assisted in the City Cleanup Drive. Club representatives to the Youth and Government meeting in Columbus were Larry Smith, delegateg Dave Gamble, alter- nateg Frank Gilland, reporterg and Tom Harden, nominee for Speaker of the House from Northwestern Ohio, and appointed Majority Leader of the House. Mr. Manken was club adviser. Officers Devon Bricker, treasurer, Tom Harden, secretary, Vern Laing, president, Larry Lehman, vice president, Jess Cooper, chaplain, Frank Gilland, reporter. The Student Council, our student gov- erning body, plays a vital role in school activity. Its members are the four class presidents and representatives from home- rooms. The object of the council is to pro- mote greater school unity, better co-opera- tion between students and faculty. and better school spirit and conduct. To reach these goals, five squads are appointed: so- cial squad. headed by Judy lVlcCollumg courtesy, Mary Ellen Keith: finance. Sheila Hallamg conduct, Opal Clouseg and assem- bly. Ronnie Dierks. Activities include the Student Loan Plan, a worthwhile program initiated this year: hall monitors stationed in the upper and lower hallsg a dance: and financing the telephone for student use. Mr. Gallapoo and Mr. Baker are the ad- lf' mu oou 1 'xl' Tg li .DQQIUII visers. i Officers Nlillf' Blake. si-v1'et:1l'y3 Jim Jones. presiclontg Larry Smith. vice president. Sfu denf Council 'ence i n dem0Crqf' - . - 'C llVln FIFSI ROW' L 9 1912 SECT ' a1'1'A"Sn1jth . . " . - JI Him Cjind Ron: jtfl. B H1 Jones M - rol G .i ' aker, L' gf ary B1 f . ROW: Mr. Galjggliahfg Judy lljlIgi1fiJ16xljI'f'lie-nbailxl Im- Hue Wim , on Dierks V m, Joy- Quik 1 Ja,-a KE. man, 01,31 , ern L - ' . T113 Uh. Sh '14 Claus 0 A , -H I Q 5, amg. Sue Fa,-I ng Baer, Dave: .1 Hallami 10019. fdu Jane. Rr Q. A Ou' lanl P SGHIYHJIQ C ' U th Row. T 155- ilfiiry FH - 3ll158I',Q6'Ilf' If' 'afk' Cobb. ROL, 'om Hardfan' 14 an f 2 in 5591.911 J, sez Alarm A ' - erry ESQ! 1m Hfipmut. Il. Ia! Hal- lug O' Q ,Q v T 'E 633, i gi' li x 1 ", r -4: 'Z' - , . v 3, 5, V gt, 1 nu 4. .1 . .ti e 3- ' " . SV' 1' 0 lr ' 5' .vm xr ,ein First Row: Marie Lewis, Caroline Scott, Sally Coombs, Judy Harden, Carol Grindahl, Roger Martin, Jean Ben- nett. Second Row: LaRita Whitcraft, Diane Hardin, Bar- bara Ditto, John Smith, Miriam Price, Janice Prior, Mike Pheneger, Douglas Geary, Dorothy Week. 5 Q I saw-N B JUl1iOl'S fake "Time Out for Ginger" The junior class presented "Time Out for Ginger", a recent Broadway hit by Ronald Alexander.lDhected by Clyde Coon,speech instructor of the high school,the cast ably performed this hilarious comedy in three acts winch centers around a bankefs unnboy daughter who wants to play football - and does. Presented November 15 and 16, the play was thoroughly enjoyed by the audiences. CAST Lizzie, the maid ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Barbara Ditto Dorothy Weck Agnes Carol ,,,.. .... J udy Harden Sally Coombs Howard Carol ,,............... Douglas Geary Joan, their daughter, age 18 ...... Diane Harden Janice Prior Jeannie. their daughter, age 16 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. LaRita Whitcraft Carol Grindahl Ginger, their daughter, age 14 ,.,,,, Marie Lewis Caroline Scott Eddie Davis, an athlete. Joan's boy friend ,,,.,........,.... Mike Pheneger Tommy Green, Ginger's boy friend ,,,,,,........,..... Roger Martin Miss Wilson, the high school principal .,1,,.,1,,,,,,.,,,,vv Miriam Price Jean Bennett Ed Hoffman, bank president, Howard Carol's boss ,,,,,,,,.,,1 John Smith .tg ' 1ll 'lf ii W mg, W x . Qi 1wwwmwwwivmmwwmwww f MM 'N I1' .'! 1956 ! . y--w5f'X Yf! , fy .1 , . ata 'Vx' .1 Qs 2. P ' Q' :.vs'! . 5 'J I u..-' o..., W , aw F - -Ng-fi, -A: W4 vie,-. 'K , MEX Q ' xbn N., ,if , s!.Q l, x:ff if ' j .f wi' rc , 4 , ,L 4 x M .' ' '65 'bo- ' ,fg QQ . vim: .lUl1iOl'S order class rings, plan prom, and move a step closer to graduation Nd xv! Vflaxrfvigi T1 42 First Row: James Agler, Joe Agler, Larry Agler. Second Row: Dave Allen, Joe Allen, Jim Anderson. Third Row: Mauve-tte August, Jerry Baer, Laurinda Bate. -ev - 2-. fx,' .' 'D 0 5 .ar N., W5 ' , e Fourth Row: Judith Beall, Jean Bennett, Barbara Blanke. Fifth Row: Frank Boroff, Frank Brown, Peg Brown, Dick Caldwell, Judy Coffelt. Sixth Row: Judy Conn, Sally Coombs, Nan Cowan, Eddie DeCamp, Richard DeCamp. Seventh Row: Terry Devine, Ronnie Dierks, Barbara Ditto, Joyce Donahue, Larry Du- Cheney. . 26 First Row: John Edwards, Donald Elzey, Janet Fauble. Second Row: Ann Feeney, Bill Fowler, Dave Gamble. Third Row: Doug Geary, Mary Lou Ger- mann, Martha Gingrich. Fourth Row: Jim Goins, Don Good, Neil Good. Fifth Row: Carol Grindahl, Earl Hainline, Judy Harden. Sixth Row: Dianne Hardin, Carolyn Hartge, Cathy Hilton, Barbara Hirn, Ella Jean Hoffman. Seventh Row: Jacqueline Hoghe, Pat Holt- schult, Jane Johnson, Jean Johnson, Larry Kreischer. Eighth Row: Ronald Krick, Ralph Laut- zenheiser, Marie Lewis, Ervan Lintermoot, Rita Lippi. A-I iv V '5 WT 'f 1" J ---'I 'f-J 7 Vi-I ' f"3:'-x .fc'?.x. .. M Ja ,s X :E R is 6 1 w of 4 .4 wr' ' .--, a iz. Q 5 R' V' 3 r l MQ, jk' A ' x X ps... ,V . . 0 V ., . S2 JJ!tJM,1 .E " . fair.. ' , . , ::,:. , " Q: , 1- 3 ,X 'B ,Y f 1 J if X Q ,ft . 'w t. we , ,aa Q . 4 his we First Row: Barbara McDonald, Alice Mc- Michael, Janet McNeal. Second Row: Sandra Makuh, Roger Mar- tin, Marilyn Matthias. Third Row: Don May, Barbara Merkle, Betty Miller. Fourth Row: Jerry Miracle, Janet Monce, Janet Morris. Fifth Row: David Myers, Jane Ann Myers, Torn Nott. Sixth Row: Arla Oechsle, Rita Osenbaugh, Mike Pheneger, Linda Poling, Sandra Pontius. Seventh Row: Jim Presler, Miriam Price, Donna Prichard, Janice Prior, Lester Raker. Eighth Row: Sue Ralston, Sandi Ramsey, Joyce Rawlings, Carolyn Rhodenbaugh, Diane Roth. EWR P a -.. -.2 9 First Row: Jan Runnion, John Saylor, Andrea Searpelli. Second Row: Don Schnepp, Paul Schwin- nen, Caroline Scott. Third Row: Larry Sidle, Jim Smith, John Smith. Fourth Row: Larry Smith. Stanley Smith. Brenda Smitley. -J -"Y Fifth Row: Karen Sowers, Ronny Spray, Joan Sterrett. Sixth Row: Orville Stetler, David Stitts- worth, Louis Thomas, Shirley Tickle, Norma Tinker. Seventh Row: Dorothy Vetter, Barbara Wampler, Dolores Week, Dorothy Weck, LaRita Whitcraft. Eighth Row: Sandra Willett, Carol Wil- more, Bill Winters, Sandra Wise, John S I 'S' Wisener. C g. ,. N . , v5 :L , t i I In Memoriam Glenn Hudson JUl1l0l'S say farewell to a happy, carefree year nv"""' This year as the juniors walked in the doors of Van Wert High School, we had a different feeling because we were upper classmen. One of the first things we did was to elect the officers named below. Placed on the undefeated football team were Jerry Baer, John Edwards, Ron Dierks, Larry Smith, Larry Feeney, Dave Gamble, Paul Schwinnen, Bill Winters, and Joe Agler, who unfortunately suf- fered a broken ankle at the start of the season. For the third year, the junior class chose Nan Cowan as Home- coming attendant. "Time Out for Gingerl' was a popular choice for the class play. Eight juniors played basketball: Larry Ducheney, Dave Gamble, Jerry Baer, Don Good, Paul Schwinnen, Jim Smith, Ron Dierks, and Lar1'y Smith. Juniors playing baseball were Larry Smith, Louis Thomas, Larry Kreischer, Dave Gamble, and Ron Dierks. That winds up the year for us as juniors, but we have one more year. We hope it will bring as many happy times and leave as many pleasant memories as the past years. Mr. Bowen, adviser Jean Bennett, vice president Ron Dierks, president Caroline Scott, treasurer Dorothy Weck, secretary 30 - 6 - U, 4' A '- . 14 Q ' x 5 -fx. A T' Q ' ,, , -Jg1'f:m -- 'vf:f,f:'w ,Li M L, 5- I jWMQ'2,J'i5'Q ' ..:45+.2-:Q6kfQx'u'e?sk: KS an 4 1 T1 I X 'fv ,iff ,. Q f' I 7' x N .Ji V' First Row: K. Heffner, A. Hartge, J. Beck, K. Katterheinrich, D. Roth, E. Mericle, V. Miller, L. Bagley, B. Blake, C. Hartge, M. Germann, K. Sowers, J. Hoghe. Second Row: Miss Merten, J. McCollum, S. Miller, S. Arnold, P. Finkhousen, B. Germann, L. Feasby, J. Prior, J. Rawlings, M. Brooks, M. Marquis, P. Roesner, P. Tomlinson, F. Zinsmeister, L. Waldron, V. Harvey, B. Sheets, N. Myers, C. Kinsey. Third Row: S. Agler, C. Wallace, K. Wells. J. Beck. S. Sheldon, C. Hesher, P. Stenger C. Baxter, L. Kreischer, J. Sink, C. Sherman, S. Slane, M. Blake, S. Ries S. Ralston, L. McCarty, T. Jackson. Fourth Row: J. Davis, M. Lewis M. Matthias, P. Williamson, B. Caldwell, S. Sehumm, J. Myers, J. John: son. S, Binkley, B. Miller, C. Katterheinrich, K. Goins, L. Parsons M. Galloway, J. Geary, G. Harley, G. Hardman. Fifth Row: P. Brown S. Wiseman, M. Kohn, O. Clouse, S. Thompson. S. Stewart, H. Keirns H. Heath, S. Malinowski. G.A.A. SPEEDBALL CHAMPS-First Row: L. Feasby, S. Sheldon, C. Hesher, O Clouse, A. Hartge. Second Row: B. Germann, S. Thompson, M. Kohn, B. Sheets, Miss Merten. BASKETBALL CHAMPS-First Row: P. Roesner, P. Williamson, P. Boroff L. Bagley, B. Blake, K. Katterheinrich. Second Row: M. Brooks, H Heath, S. Malinowski, M. Marquis, Miss Me1'ten. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS-First Row: D. Roth, C. Hartge, S. Ralston. Second Row: M. Germann, K. Sowers, M. Lewis, J. Prior. Third Row: P. Brown, J. Johnson, J. Hoghe, J. Johnson, M. Matthias, J. Myers. Elaine Mericle, treasurer: Karen Katterheinrich, president, Janet Beck, vice president, Diane Roth, secretary. 32 1 v v n 'Tl First Row: L. Hoffman. S. Thompson. A. Hituheoek. O. Clouse. C. Hesher. L. Allen. J. Feasby. J. Beall, D. Ashliaugh. B. Huffine. M. Blake. M. J. Ross. M. E. Keith. Miss Baxter. Second Row: N. Demp- sey. M. Galloway. A. Hartge. S. Miller. S. Arnold. P. Finkhousen. B. Germann. L. Feasby. S Binkley. L. Kreischer. S. Agler. M. Blake, S. Ries. Y. Harvey, M. DeMoss. J. Davis. D. Blackmore. J. Sink. Third Row: R. Balliet. C. Green. J. Davis. C. Wallace. K Wells. S. Sheldon. S. XViseman. K. Heffner. C. Baxter. C. Katterheini'it'h. C. Sherman, S. Slane. B. Sheets. J. Bell. J. Anderson. K. Waymire. E. Stevens. A. Gribler. Fourth Row: A. Good. R. Harden. E. Hoeken. J. Stoller. P. Dunlap. D. Thomas, M. Ainsworth. B. Baker. J, Runnion. M. Kohn. P. Stenger, C. Williams. J. Tope. N. Andrews. D. Whitt-raft. D Duner. J. Huffine. R. Wisener. Fifth Row: N. Louth. K. Geisman. S. Drury. J. Hirn, L. Stemen. L. Rogers. C. Steele. N. Williman. D. Laing. S. Stewart. H. Keirns. S Lane. R. Lane. J. Chesliro. B. A. Weeks. M. Merkle. N. Raabe. N. Kohn. S. Feasby. Junior Y-Teens More than ninety freshmen and sophomore girls joined the Junior Y-Teens this year. The meetings were held twice a month. once during activity period and once at the Y.W.C.A. In addition to arranging and conducting interesting and informative meetings. the girls helped in many service projects To raise money for expenses. the members held bake sales and sold Christmas cards. They worked with the Senior Y- Teens to present the Easter Assembly and to make the Kupid's Kami- val Dance a success. The officers tat right! are Joyce Feasby. presi- dent: Joyce Beall, secretary: Lora Verne Allen. treasurer: Carol Hesher. vice president. We P XISV ' A ' npcs cords vo of Nl X00CXW65ncxwx5 I G 1005, dances Q69 69951 06,991 1139 v-0' 455009 Qofbeoo 9 4,, A 1 X ff X ?7.Z, f X M R X F X-I ', VE 1 5 IQ X -1? A - v 'Q-' X 1 g X 1 X 3.f'-A R X -.x Tgffw- . - fm, Z1 4- V 2 A -ft 'yy 45" X X Y Y Q JH ' x K i H U I 03, , dY valenfmessqre I sfea - 9 oln lsfg rsa eo he yer-to be for gorf D eh 6 qhhehibgs A X, Nami M , "Max" i. ll' gp Q W L ., TY ff. 5 ,- --,w.E...f ,, , 1 fi' lr 'is ' in , d,,v"' Q' XS f Sl'lOWbCIll, a glamorous greeting to the New Year The Rendezvous Fommittee is Com- posed of sixteen members, four from each class. Their big project is the an- nual Snowball. held during the Christ- mas holiday season. While planning for this social event, the committee meets once a week. Rendezvous Committee First Row: Roh Young, Sue Farlow, Elise Hoeken. Second How: Nancy Williman, Ann Good. Sue Willi- man. Dorothy Week. -Ioyve Feashy, Nan Cowan. Third How: John Saylor, Larry Holden. Charles Young. Jim lmler. Fourth How: Jerry Nills, Larry Smith, Tom Harden, Ronnie Dierks, ,F w f 1'1 ,ff NN Q V i . - 1 . ,,,,.' en xx Nl 1 N 'E E -X 1 t l r 3 i 5 2 i . fi ff if 9 A l " iff- Y- .'1v ' i Y , ' ,:.-.. H: , Future Teachers of A Th FTA, an organization designed for e students who plan to become teachers. is open to all four classes. The members ob- served and taught elementary classes, spent at least one day on the campus of a teacher- training institution, and were visited by the Ohio Education Association supervisor. Mr. Gallapoo is the adviser. S ll Coombs Sheila Hallam, Sue Farlow. First Row: .a y , Lynne Eikenbary, Mr. Gallapoo. Second Row: Dorothy Weck, Karen Katterheinrich, Linda Kirchenbauer. Sally ' ' Barbara Gilli- Stewart, Charlotte Sherman, Peggy Stengel. "d R w: Patty Holtschult. Judy Har- land, Sarah Agler. Thu 0 ' ' ' 'h ldon, Beth Ann Weeks, den, Joyce Williams, Susan S e ' ' Margaret De- Linda Feasby. Janet Davis, Ann Gribler. ' d ' Willett, Barbara I-lirn, Miriam Moss. Fourth Row. San y Price, Caroline Scott, Larry Ley. Officers Joyce Williams, program chairman: Sheila Hallam. presi- C ombs, secretary: dent: Sue Farlow, treasurer: Sally -0 Lynne Eikenbary. vice president. 1 i E E "J 'S-Y .np . qllllsh 'lllll . , A -,,g-'I "LL" In ,-:: fx, 1 15,7 www U fc , ga yd X W . ,M I .ff-W. Isigfsigi A X'--r 4 2 N V' 7 0 'fir 1 lflfyll 0,9 ' f "ffl: X 4 WM, .2-X is XX A T 11 y, '61 ,-rf 5- 1 3 f :figf Q, A A A 4,xfr5,,-::??.g?,' I I I ,fs fl ' u Qi qi J' . r A f, 1PL',1l77' ff D ,J 3 f'--X Vocational Industrial Club puts theory info practice 1 -' fig, ...i - 1- 1: il ,N J H ess ? . Qi . Fi' i A - 6 I Q Q 4 ' A 1 ' 1 Li N. D l tb ' -ff! x ' " 'ei 1' , i - X, X A T 5 .N is .at 5 is Shiv? 2 lj W ,. I 1 2 """'3' '- md 1 is 5 vocmwa IBNQUSTH First Row: Charlene Halliwill, Curtis Proffitt. Larry Wills, Bill Einricli. Jim Geismann, Bob Holmes. Second Row: Jim Agler, Rav Tinnel, Larrv Ducheney, Mr. Davis. Third Row: Kenny Seibe-rt, Larri' Johns, David Allen, Frank Boroff. Richard McCoy. In the five years of its existence, this club has won five gold awards tor outstanding service to the community. In addition to state activities, the club holds an annual employer-employee banquet. Ray Tinnel re- ceived the gold award as the outstanding student in the local prograin. members have the opportunity to learn on the iob First Row: M. Lewis, D. Laing, D. Ashbaugh, B. A. Weeks, M.L.GA C.. f ' A eimann. I. GIlI1d8hl.i5. Tickle, J. Ruunion. C. Scott. L. Kirchenbauer. L. Whitcraft, S. Dustman, R. Mor- ris, S. Ramsev, S. Willett, J Feasbv, C Rhodenbau h J 4 . V . g , Prior, M. Jerome, D. Roth, D. Week. Second Row' A. Oechsle, E.Stevens, H. Mericle. B. Merkle D. Week C Williams, E. Mericle, L, Learev, P. Gribler,iK. Sowers. steels, s. Wmiman, L. siemeh, L. v. Allen, A. Scarpelli J. H - ' ' ' aiden, M. Brooks, J. Williams, M. Price. Third Rowi A. Hitchcock, A, Tanner, L. Bagley, D. Mason, N. Tinker, v H E , . l l , All 5 il 3 l l P1 it l 1 5 ' ' .5 , . lf -, " ' -' . 'J 'J '39, 'V' nu 53. 59 S. Coombs, M. Marquis, J. Johnson, L. Longwell. K. Kat terheinrich. B. Bl k , J. B l a e ea l, J. Donahue, J. Johnson P. Wable, L. Eikenbary, N. Cowan, S. Wiseman, M Matthias M. J. Ross, S. Thompson, S. Hallam. Fourth Roiav: T. Giesi sler, J. Miracle. D. Mazock, R. Krick. N. Good, D. Mason D. S ' ' .t1ttswo1th, A. Good, D. Black, L. Pennell H Shaw J. White, J. Cooper, R. Dierks, V. Laing. Fifth Row: Li Ley. J. Wiseman, B. Ainsworth, A. Fast, R. Martin, S. Smith, D. F ' ' ' ord. J. Smith, G. Cobb, F. Gilland, P. Jarvis, J. Gribler, R. Sherer, C. Griffiths, R. Williams, J. Lane. Xi.. 1 E if-fl .l .ill -n 1 i , Qi l 3 l li 5 f a 1 . l - I J 1 gf 5 L W 5 1 Q i , 1 -N i f , if p 5 vi an i P I nr I K 'lilly - ' .fi . l 'Q , ', I ' s - " I fi. 'B 0. our ,Q . ' , a E9 4 l i ll' 2 z . Q z 1 i . iw' f y , , 1. JK 'i'x.. . 'sf .Y C r, J' A CCIPPGIICI chOiI' members gain appreciation through performance The Van Wert a cappella choir consists of nearly one hun- dred sophomores juniors, and seniors During the year the choir has sung at school assemblies and for graduation ceremonies. given concerts for various community clubs. and presented "Vo- cal Varietiesf' It is a coveted honor to be a member of this or- ganization, one of the finest choirs in the state. This is the sev- enth year in which the choir has received a superior rating in the state contest, as well as in the district competition. Several mem- bers of the choir also have won superior and excellent ratings in district and state contests. Mr Herbert Jones. the director, has given much time and effort to make the choir one of our school's outstanding organizations. Director Mr. H Herbert Jones 41 5,-if Girls' Ensemble Arla Oechsle, Linda Kirchenhauer, Sue Vlfilliman. Lynne l'llK9IllU2l1'j'. Boys' Ensemble Vern Laing. -lim Lane, Ronnie XVilliamS. Jess Cooper. Lzirry Lehman, Jerry Grihler. Phil Jarvis, Gary Cobh. I"rzmk Gilland. Larry Ley. Toni Giessler. Freshman Chorus First Rvnx F Zrnsnn-ister, L Rugm-s,G Hardman L. DeCamp, C. Sherman, S Slum-. ID 'l'htvxn.ts K' Wallare, K Wells. P Finkhousenml Davis. P Dunlap S tlrihler. .I Ilnltine. B Ellerbruck. M Galloway Second Row' J' F-toller. N Kuhn. C Gr:-rn. l' Stenger. S Ries. M Blake. N Dempsey. M lVade. S Mil- lvi, S .-Xrnuld. L Nltfarty. 'l' Jackson, It Bnlhet. N Andrews, A, Hartge, D l'llm'ltlnut'e. P, Wole-ry. Mr. Jones Third Row: O. Clouse, R. VViSenPr. C. Kat tn-rlit-nu'iuh. S Lune. N Sidle. if Kinsey. -l Hirn, E Hut-ken. K Geisman. D Whit- rzatt. C Baxter. A Grihler. N Nlve-rs. D Done-r Fourth Row' L Krick 1' Nlwsivr. -I Sink B Mille-r, H Kelrns. N Louth. A Good, Rl-larden, T. Blue 'I' llipsley. Il Snyder, B Bt-lmut. C, Forrl. G Kn1ttle,J Davis. C. Ht-Sher. M li Ki-ith. S Stewart Fifth Row' J Fral-ter. T Oetzel. L. Holden. R Shiinp. L Suntlm-i'se-tt. l' Hallam. H Hurhml. D, Beck. T Reynolds, C XVitherow, B Xlillt-r. J Helmut, lt Hnvermnn. P Kafluk. U Hoverrnan, B Scaer. C Huftine H St'1iei'.B Nlzaulims. L l'i-mt, B Stevens, IJ Witte-n liireifln iii grill Z . . 5 , , . r Q Q r1?'7f Vocal Varieties The Vocal Varieties this year con- sisted of a candlelight processional. a short formal concert. and excerpts from Student Prince and Desert Song Vern Laing and Anita Hitch- cock were featured in Student Prince: and Lynne Plikenhary, Larry Lehman, Jerry Grihler. and Gary Cohh, in Desert Song. gill' 'rp BCISke'l'bCII is winter's exciting sport The basketball season of 1955-56 was a success in many ways. Van Wert won a good share of First How: Devon Bricker, Charles Heath. Bob Young. Jim Dilbone. Jerry Baer, Dave Gamble. Sec- ond Row: Jim Smith. Tom Nott. Larry Smith. Don Good, Larry Winhover. Ron Dierks. Larry Ducheney. games and best of all, there was renewed interest on the part of the student body. The Cougar cagers were honored to have as a member of their team the high scorer of the league, Don Good. This in itself marks a good team. The best part of the sea- son was tournament time. lt seemed to put the whole high school on their toes, The Cougars had a few bad breaks and lost their second game by a very slim margin. We are very proud of this team and its record. Manager Louis Thomas Coach Clarence Cline r 'J 1 1' V Y LARRY .HQ SNHTH Q- , . X 5 5 5 J. f x V' f'P 1 .J 1 9 ' I . " l f ' n N, ir. I , 1 . In , Q. Y' 1 Q Q' K . . . ff . 'L ' 5 , 5 are lz' -Vi N fi I JIM DILBONE i, RON if : UIERKS 1 R 1 . . iv. ' 2 Q M , . -bV BOB ' N X h sk. YOUNG ' f ' "" " A --'- - ..,. ,, ll A . V N Y we : ,L I - i z. Dec. Dec. Dec Dec Dec Jan Jan Jan Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. XX -s Schdeule 2 Willshire 9 Ada 13 Delphos St. Johns 16 Lima Shawnee 20 Bryan 6 Bellfontaine 13 St. Marys 14 Paulding 20 Celina 27 Wapakonela 3 Defiance 4 Coldwater 10 Bluffton 17 Kenton OPP 101 76 59 42 73 58 89 57 69 51 67 54 72 80 1? l .3 ., vw :1 .f gg: , ' . X. 0 ,km A , ff 1 , Don 'I 15 LARnv sooo 1 wmuovsn 1 I lf .b E, Qu - -, nf fl ,,,f p. v 'fi X xxx.. ,il . Q-1 3-r ., 1 , - 5 ' s 1 fl KN' F I I, l X X 1 DEVON BRKLKER I -- I Nmeiwm -I-lmwlxeob I-'AHB S7420 X Reserve Basketball Cheedeaders Carol Grindahl, Ann Hartge, Sandra Arnold, Marie Lewis, Sandra Miller, Judy McCollum. Coach Otis Coon Reserves First Row: Charles Kanney, Howard Shaw, Bill Winters. Don Black. Jim Iniler. Second Row: Larry Ducheney, Jerry Baer. Dave Gamble, Jim Smith, Paul Schwinnen. Bob Mohr. 1 as --.- A--use -Ayn-Q ,, " ' I F' fu. , ,-in GN E Q , 9 D " K ,ei 'V fm! if: U . ..,, '4 3, 1 g I R 1 r ft, 'iiiu , O I ,D Q ' 3 ' x g I Q16 "7w'l!l fWff infn ul o ub member s wear the symbol of sportsmanship The V-Club differs from other organiza- tions in that it is an honor club rather than an activity club. To accept membership in o accept responsibility this organization is t in upholding the high ideals of sportsman- ship and clean living. Boys who have earned their varsity "V" for successful participa- tion in athletics are eligible for membership. Officers Jim Gilliland, vice presidentg Tom Harden 'd 7 presi entg Devon Bricker, secretary-treas- urer. First Row: Jess Cooper, Bob Young, Tom Harden, Charlie Parsons, Harold Haight, Marvin Mihm, Mr. Livingston. Second Row: Art Good, Jim Jones, Larry Feeney, Jim Gilliland, Jim Dilbone. Third Row: John Edwards, Don Good, Walter Grunden, Dave Gamble, Paul Schwinnen. Fourth Row: Larry Smith, Devon Bricker, Bill Fowler, Ronnie Miller, Ronnie Dierks. , I H Qtr. X: ,J - ,gig-z...'7:,a1 . 't's'1,, Aw'0' ,A ...r flY'.'l- , 1 , ,- e':,,4fg'1 " -r1,,,,.' 41 -,' .' ,,x- .q. ,gLn, 7-.. -15'-rv 'AL ivfpfrnx L',3,g,5'---,-I' .K- ,h1l- . .l 1 .ww"'4' '-,x ' yi' --5 xx ,o,,v..g4 41,."f4 .j4..,,.f -all f. .,:3:s::',: .:, A rlqxr "'.p1Qk ll, 'Q 'x 1 vq"'..4 .'-fZ'.l,wu . 'Qt 'ai Q. 1 .,1nj,'ffz':-..,c'Ji -,."'- 1 m . . ly -WJ, 5 QL Rf,-.'-jf, 1 ,sl-sg-'--Qgfm 1-1,-. .A.:!'aM ,.,,...,.s- ,,s. x'O.:lzg'i .4:,,.. 4 ,...4 flv' MI' . v jf' if 9' ' .og 5 -V -X v ff' -,ff 14,1191 1.. ' ' 4 V Jil - I-' f I wg," 5275 JA! 5:0 'co' 'L s - 4- .3-ff . 1-nr. Swan .I S V--. .143 UA 'Q 79 . Ag., . 5-.4 7 1 A .fix . ms. .5 v-Y nz, -QQ x x .-- 41-41 kng, - ,xxyz X,,,:,x,. rs,l ,- 'tlvnlfqf' s -gr Rf' 3 N- -kY"'5l" x yi 57. -5.,a.- --f N I ,es-44 1 s gs - -1' 1? .. . a,. 1,-Mm.fM f Q 12252, AN :J- L .-,J -,n4. 1?- K I.' ,fx '.-- - - . ..-.sL- A ir- ',.. xv- 'Ms' -,QQ-.rt-,lyd 'Q - lg 7 ' 4 Sv - ,nn .', - .F I ,v-. V, , 1 F. ,.n-- A -'- v.,n.., ,, P If-n . A-1- -w., .',.., -, !-. s ', -'Q' -. , - ,.A 5..L.4 .- -. . l,..f.',.-. ' ",'1 ,- First Row: B. Gilliland. B. Germann. J. Runnion, J. Prior J. Harden. B. Hirn. Mr. Coon. Second Row: A. Tanner L. Eikenbary. P. Wable. L. Kirchenbauer. L. Bagley, V. Miller, M. Brooks. J. Williams. J. Bennett, S. Thompson. Third Row: S. Willett. L. Whitcraft. M. Price, C. Scott, B. Ditto. J. Fauble, D. Weck, L. Bate. J. Monce, S. Coombs. L. Feasby, N. Tinker. Fourth Row: L. Lehman, J. Jones, J. Leonard. T. Giessler, F. Gilland, R. Milner, D. Elzey. C. Griffiths, L. Pennell. Masque and GCIVBI develops dramatic talent The Masque and Gavel Society is an organization open to stu- dents interested in any phase of speech, such as dramatics, declarna- tion, and debate. Although it is a new organization this year, it has an unusually large membership of thirty-seven members. This year's officers were Jim Jones, president, Miriam Price, vice president, and Linda Bagley, secretary-treasurer. These people also held these same offices for the National Thespian group which was organized just this year. Mr. Coon, the speech teacher, is the adviser for both organi- zations. 50 v t I 2 1, J National Thespians First Row: La Rita Whitcraft, Carol Grindahl, Janice Prior, Sally Coombs, Caroline Scott, Janet Monce, Miriam Price. Second Row: Linda Bagley, Linda Kirchenbauer, Lynne Eikenbary, Shirley Dust- man. Jean Bennett, Barbara Ditto, Judy Harden, Joyce Williams. Mary Brooks. Third Row: Anita Tanner, Bob Young, Jim Jones. Chris Griffiths, Terry Devine, Jim Leonard, Frank Gilland, John Smith, Vern Laing, Mr. Coon. Officers Miriam Price, vice president: Jim Jones, presidentg Linda Bagley. secretary-treasurer. Adviser Mr. Clyde Coon. Declamafion Lynne Eikenbary lkneelingl. Chris Griffiths, Caroline Scott, Joyce Williams, Judy Harden, Jim Jones, Virginia Miller, Frank Gilland, Anita Tanner. Debate Caroline Scott, Judy Harden, Sally Thompson, Chris Griffiths. Jim Jones, Mary Brooks, Jim Leonard, Anita Tanner. ii Assemblies Friday afternoons during football and basketball seasons, yells and cheers could be heard issuing from the study hall. Al- though pep assemblies made up the bulk of the programs, others were centered around holidays, entertainment, and the giving of awards. Miss Merton's fifty foot speech, Anita Tanner's Easter presentation from the Teirriible Meek, and the launching of the Student Loan Fund are a few of the assemblies which we shall always remember. SOPhOl'l10l'e Class forges ahead in school citizenshi This year when we entered Van Wert High School, we were no longer little "greenies", but we were not yet upper classmen. After getting settled and electing officers, we began to take a definite part in school life. Representing us in athletics were Larry Bowersock, Danny But- ler, Larry Feeney, Roger Gipe, Onley Heath, Larry Johnson, Jim Im- ler, Charles Kanney, Robert Mohr, Jerry Nills, Terry Oetzel, Dick O'Mara, Howard Shaw, George White, Jack White, Don Black, and Bill Winters. At the Homecoming activities, our attendant to the queen was Nancy Williman. We elected Mary Jane Ross, Jim Imler, Ron Sherer, Opal Clouse, Nancy Gipe, and Mary Blake to the Student Council, where Mary Blake was chosen secretary. In other organizations, we were active too. We furnished all the officers and cabinet members for the Junior Y-Teens. Four of our members served on the G. A. A. cabinet and five served on the Ren- dezvous Committee. We contributed twenty-six members to the choir and twenty-five to the band. Sally Thompson and Chris Griffiths won places on the reserve debate team. Cheering the boys on to victory were Diane Folck, varsity cheer- leader, and Ann Hartge, reserve cheerleader. We of the sophomore class have found this year to be a very en- joyable and important one, and we know that the two remaining years in high school will be even better. P -QL, Dorothy Laing.treasurer: Mr. Bricker, adviser: Opal Clouse, president: Charlene Steele. vice presi- 'lentg Linda Stemem, secretary. 53 ek' x I, 0 I .3455 .Q xv 1, If hd -A -..-' vm.. ,fx J X f i First Row: Judy Aichele. Margaret Ellen Ainsworth, Rob- ert Ainsworth. Second Row: Lora Verne Allen, Pat Alvarado, Janet An- derson. Third Row: Diane Ashbaugh, Betty Baker, Lillie Baker. Fourth Row: Robert Baker, Joyce Beall, Jadine Bell. Fifth Row: Don Black, Carolyn Blackmore, Mary Blake, Bob Blank, Larry Bowersock. Sixth Row: Roger Bradford, Reg Burley, Dan Butler, Sharon Case, Opal Clouse. Seventh Row: Peggy Davis, Saundra Dempsey, Charles Ditto, George Dunn, Tonnetta Dustman. Eighth Row: Joyce Feasby, Linda Feasby, Sandra Feasby, Larry Feeney. Harold Felger. -1: .- . ,V .: g:s:3 , 4 w 2 Q . -A, 4 ,,,a fi ss " Y 1 Q Ju? 'v' V 54 ' First Row: Diane Folck, Bill Foley, Don Ford. Second Row: Wayne Friesner, Dick Gallaway, Beverly Germann. Third Row: Bob Gilliland, Nancy Gipe, Roger Gipe. Fourth Row: Barbara Goodwin, Chris Griffiths, Carolyn Grimm. Fifth Row: Jean Hammond, Ann Hartge, Marcia Hartman, Onley Heath, Martha Height. Sixth Row: Carol Hesher, Anita Hitchcock, Carl Hoghe. Lois Hoffman, Barbara Huffine. Seventh Row: Charles Huffine, Jim Imler, Don Johnson, Larry Johnson, Charles Kanney. Eighth Row: Glenn Kelley, Mary Kohn, Nancy Kohn, Dorothy Laing, Rosemary Lane, T' f 'Q 50' if 'ov- -.p .Af 'l 'fi' X' 3 if my 5 f K 5-R "" f ' I A M 9 af , ai: A N ici .,. ,l ii? ci fi ff fx i A E l oo' ,4 691 e Qvxpsl 0 he shmen X 535 ' Ge! 'oo ' 'fxfffixe ' -aw' ow 96' we' 9800 we 9,0 6 f 0 V ff ' f 6 '-1 1 ir. lg if f I rx :tp 'F A Silt' 'Ein Q """"l A 'T' - etwx fC1 fMf:iQj" X 1 X Q 1 X5 rw ,, X X Rixgx . Q X I ' , -ffm 1 -Y-'-, ' x .W 9-G. fig ,x' . , . ,U , ' auf' in-,'D. - 0 . ., . me 4 W... . ' -2'- M- . -L. .,f,,:-gl. 7,--553. , , -.... .,,,.,. gf.. .,.. . 1 , lu. -., lla' K...- 1 '27 AW' k I ,Q ,, ' x ,X ,M :-ff ff 1 -63" ,P 37 B . ug, V T C ss If l 1 SJ First Row: Peggy McClure, Della Mason, Hilda Mericle. Second Row: Marcile Merkle, David Mohler, Robert Mohr. Third Row: Pat Murphy, David Niles, Jerry Nills, Fourth Row: Terry Oetzel, Dick O'Mara, Myles Parsons. Fifth Row: Larry Pennell, Peg Perry, Cary Proffitt, Nancy Raabe, Dorothy Rhodenbaugh. Sixth Row: Hazel Rhodenbaugh, Helen Roberts, Phyllis Rodman, Loella Rogers, Mary Jane Ross. Seventh Row: Larry Roth, Jona Runnion. Don Ruskaup, Herb Scaer, Ronnie Shaffer. Eighth Row: Dennis Schaffner, Carol Schnepp, Bill Scott, Howard Shaw, Barbara Sheets. J ...J r tt? e f ' M25 6 5: 1 R fa f ,f . ,hw by v we 'gn 4 - 3 I A. ,Hggj.z:""..,.z2:g- ' V, Q .. ., ' J V , . f 5-fi" ' '12, 'Vg :W 56 Y: First Row: Susan Sheldon, Ronnie Sherer, Bill Sherman. Second Row: Kenneth Shook, Lyle Smith, Jim Speer. Third Row: Charlene Steele, Linda Stemen, Doyle Stetler Fourth Row: Evelyn Stevens. Robert Taylor, Sally Thomp- SOD. Fifth Row: Gary Tomczak, Joyce Tope, Tom Uncapher Stephen VanKleeck, Meredith Wade. Sixth Row: Karen Waymire, Beth Ann Weeks, Roger Wel ker, Jim West, George White. Seventh Row: Jack White, Carolyn Williams, Nancy Willi man, Bill Winters, Sharon Wise. Eighth Row: Sharleen Wiseman, Jim Wollett, John Young. 4,i7J4 , ti '-7M 57 1 ' 5- w J M 1 I' ' I N 4 4 a if V O l fo f Erggy- -it wp' mf -wt -'-an sax U I . I x tif ew 10 I fever - X09 sf-YHOOX' spnng ' 5' Svxpp 5 QXO1 X QXO5 vgx I 56 O ' 'nv 'ow 9049 of oc, 9K e""'go 0 ox I 1 F K I K I A X n ., ' X- cf ,W , 9' ""1.g5f'v,. .z-if if W 'iff -aw. 1'rg gf:m54u1 'sig-iafczff, 4? F' Ng 3 QWQ 'q 5 .3 "J XG, 1:23-.. ,ar iff'-Wf NS .LL 5:1,A,Lp4,,-Lf?14f.fy.45.,1m?s -- :f:gf1.qi,1,w-:.-...f3f.b.f-v OG? wb, XM ff? S m ,f 'W' ' NX V . I i l , av ' H ' . f N- 7 'N gf! ht rgfmcommencemenf ' an - X . ' -,,, ' s N ,ff 1 1 fi? if f TQ ' Q -. . --...,.,.'- be 1 ,. -Q 'S N, M, I' 5 Ldefl l.CI'l'll1l Quin Junior Classical League First Row: Mrs. White, R Martin, B. McDonald, D Laing, N, Williman. N Cowan, J Prior, M. Blake, J. Im- ler, B. Germann, B. Mohr. Second Row: C. Hoghe, H. Scaer, K. Sowers. D Weck, S. Ramsey, L. Kirchenbauer, S Farlow. L. Bagley. B Hirn, M. Merkle, B. A. Weeks, D. Roth. Third Row: A. Tanner, R. Burley, A, Hitch- cock, B. Smitley, P. I-loltschult. S Coombs, J. Harden. J. Morris, S. Hallam, N. Tinker, S. Thompson, M. J. Ross, N, Raabe. L. V. Allen, N. Kohn, L. Feasby. Fourth Row: J. Nills, D Dershem, J, Gribler, J. Johnson, S. Willett, I.. Whitcraft, M. Price, C. Scott, M. Brooks, J. Williams. M. Marquis, L. Ley. L. Pennell, C. Griffiths. R. Sherer, S. Sheldon, M, Kohn, L. Rogers. Laeti Latini banquet in true Roman fashion. Roger Martin, quaestorg Nan Cowan, consul, Janice l'rio1'.scrilJe1 Jim Imler, consul: Dorothy Laing, censor: Nancy Williman. censor, Mary Blake. quaestor: Boh Mohr, aediles. Senior Y-Teens uphold high ideals of service. 1 .S The Senior Y-Teens, organized in 1946, is sponsored by Van Wert High School and the Y.W.C.A. The purpose of this organization is "to build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. In this endeavor we seek to under- stand Jesus. to share His love for all people, and to grow in the knowledge and love of God." This year the organization contributed time and money to many worthy causes. The girls helped with the tuberculosis envelopes, the Heart Fund, the Polio Fund, and the serving of the business womenis din- ners. Together with the Junior Y-Teens. they sponsored the Kupid's Karnival Dance and the Easter Assembly. Fir Bat 25, 1 rich Q M J -It st Row ll Myers. B Slnltlex., I ltunm n N Willett. D Wt-tk. L Imngucll Y Von in l Ku P B " " ' 'malt ht-mml ltow lx Sowers. 9 R r ' 'che-nlvauer. J Bennett, tl P ' tt 3 HIHNI kl Mlin ainsey. J Fauble. H 'Tickle I' Rh fl n baugh. S, William. P Grlhlcr t' tlrlntla Farluw, E My-rlrle. I. Bagley. Y Nlllln all, L Elks-nliary. Miss I.41n'n Thlrfl R x e. M Putman. P W1llmnison,P Holt 1 "months, J. Harden. B Blake. K Kultur .S Hallam P Walvle-, 17' Hatu. Nl l Q nkuh. N Tinker. A Tainner Fourth xt whnson..I Morice. L Wlmt-mil. M Pri Matthias. t' Scott. ll We-ck. ,I Rats L Pollng.-I Morris.-I Hoghe M ll Will rt lan1s.B Hirn.,I Gall.asp1e.M 'Nlfnwgui Nl Agler. S VVlsr-. J Heck. H ltunsei' Officers Nan Cowan, vice presidentg Linda Kirchenbauer, presidentg Linda Longwell, secretary: Dorothy Weck, treasurer. 5 Q, ' Us ,N -1. 5 g X." 2 I, First Row: Shirley Lane, Rosalyn Coffelt, Beverly Cox, Jan Runnion, Janice Stoller, Barbara Ellis, Judy Showalter, Janet McNeal, Miss Sawyer. Second Row: Carolyn Gilland. Dessie Eddins, Gertrude Hard- man. Phyllis Lane. Carolyn Williams, Joyce Tope, Nedra Wise, Pamela Foster, Linda McCarty, Alice McMichael. Third Row: Jean Ham- monds, Jona Runnion, Florence Zinsmeister, Linda Krick, Mary Moh- ler, Linda Terry. Ann Feeney, Lois Parsons, Rachael Balliet. F. H. A. practice gracious living The theme, Training today makes leaders tomor- row, led the Future Homemakers of America through a good year, beginning with Wiener roasts, continuing with a Halloween party, installation of officers, pro- grams on creative hobbies, and a record hop. The Executive Council included the officersg Mrs. Eugene Runnion, chapter motherg and Miss Mary Sawyer, adviser. Officers Jan Runnion lcenterl, presidentg Dessie Eddins, secretaryg Jona Run- nion, treasurer: Ann Feeney, historian. Ill l A A f 1 SCCIYIG1' - the ears and Headlines tell the story. 1111- sb-ark-I lllll' 7 7 MQ.. - Ull lo Saturnalfm, ,W 7715- D, ,, , 12515041 I A' '4',,,f" fn., N Z- u- Q 0 0, llu. sn-nl""' .vnu 4 QOUGN' "Rl-iiiexgc V n Y 5kA5ON K - A 1-1 qui Bl-SQ I, A f Th.. war- 9 ,F xg ' -u i W0 'U' r-he grain., Klan ACAD,-,Qltavi:::'v aneiie fr .. f 3 -" rn - 'ff' '4' G Bunny Hop rv 1 JQQAPPY EASTER ,I A '1'-f - - fy u. 'svn'-1 Seniors T H 'fum - O Pre... .. 0 t The f r-eefhe' 3 ed oh 1 . , . - V R of' -- P. w The ',,a W2 P i sa cs Dessigxool il 3 Y. V . LOOP Fo U3 . ' ' '1 ' 1o,,.,,..s- . 5 . q,-0 First Row: Virginia Miller. Shirley Dustinan. Phyllis Grililer, Linda Kirchenbauer, Second Row: Mr. Coon. Bill Kesler. Bill Feasby. Bob Young, eyes of Van Wert High Our school newspaper. the Scarlet Quill. was pub- lished by the journalism class. During the school year, nine interesting and informative issues, with new and unusual features, were published to keep students up-to-date on school activities. The Quill staff. together with the Excalibur staff. sponsored the Homecoming activities. Phyllis Gribler and Shirley Dustman served as editors-in-chief this year. and Mr. Clyde Coon, journalism teacher. was the adviser. Shirley Dustman, second semester editor, and Phyllis Gribler, first semester editor. inspect final copy. l Q 3 Ei :fe as '22 4 S es P52 Q 5 Q s .,.,".'j'g.'. ,- . ,L , - .--.. .T .rg nil R A nv ,,Q...,,,, ,. 1 ,g,. ,..,..,.- ff,'W,",':'.','.ff,'-' '- Baseball - Cougars complete 10-5 season The Cougar nine had a good season this spring despite bad weather. Although the boys weren't able to play all their league games, they were beaten in league play only by St. Mary's. Van Wert went to the finals in the sectional tournament at Defiance and was beaten by a team that went to the state tournament at Columbus. Seniors Bob Young on the mound, Jim Dilbone at third base, and Larry Wills in several positions furnished power both on the field and at bat. The Cougars had a well rounded team this year: and since they lost only three men through graduation, the prospects for next year are bright. First Row: Larry Johnson, Dave Shupe, Charles lngman. Rod Johnson, Larry Kreischer, Ronnie Thatcher. Second Row: Bob Young, Don Black, Jim Dilbone, Jim lmler, Coach Cline. Third Row: Louis Thomas, Larry Wills. Larry Smith, Reg Burley. Dave Gamble, Jerry Nills. Coach Clarence Cline l if , hfl!,J,:,444.K4+-.Qf-'-A lv ,,. .f . 31 W ,ff-X in Pffil. 1. Ali' Q A ,isp .1 Arc 49,31 Q4 Lf"' First Row: S. Hullnin, K. Katterlieinriuh, S. Willinian. K. Sowers, H. Hliocleiilmziugli, L. Kirclienlmuer, H. Mor- ris, D. Uoner. B. Miller. S. Grihler. J. Harden. Second Row: IJ. Geary, -I. Sterrett. S. Willet. N. Louth, N. Wil- liinan, V. Katterheinrich, S. Sheldon, K. Geisinan. 0. Ulouse. 'Fhircl Row: J. Morris, L. Y. Allen, N. Anclrews, P. Dunlap. N. Wise. J. Sliowalter. J. Bell. H. Keirns, C. Scott, J. Hoghe. Fourth Rout M, Kohn, B. Sheets, S. Wiseinan, L, Rogers, B. Baker, H. Blake, S. Cooinlis, N. Cowan. S. Drury, C. Griffitlis, H. Marlin, D. Uere sheni. N. Raahe. D. Mason, P. Boroff, M. lNIurpliy, Doug proves clarinet prowess At ease 51 U-1 vi O M. Gingrich, D. Knodel. Fifth Row: R. Burley, J. Lane L, Ley, L, Whitvraft, M. Price. P. Wiahle, S. Dustinan Y. Laing, J. llonahue. D. Fell. R. Sherer. H. Shai'i'er, A Tanner. B. MacD0nalcl, J. Runnion. A. Hitclicock. Mr Jones. Sixth How: L, Pennell, J. XVilhelin, J. Geary, T Toclrl, A. Riinircl, C. Steele. S, Ries. L. Hoffman. R Brown. B. Scaer, J. Speer. J. Gribler. H. Shinip. J Leonnrcl. J. Allen, B. Exline. Not in picture: L, Johnson P. Stenger, IJ. Thonizis, N. Kohn, S, Ve-in Kleeek, C Rhoclenhaugh. A. Scurpelli. Smith. D. Schnepp, D Shock, L. Lezirey. ,. 3' ' 1 l , E I S x I Satisfaction Director Mr. Herbert Jones Concert Band The concert band presents summer con- certs, Christmas vespers with the choir, and a formal spring concert, and takes part in baccalaureate and commencement exercises. This spring, after receiving a superior, or one, rating in the district contest in Lima, the band went to Columbus for the state contest. lt was the first year that Van Wert had participated in the state competition, and we were proud to return home with an excellent, or two, rating. Several band mem- bers also received excellent and superior ratings in district and state solo and ensemble contests. The Band Parents Organization as well as band concerts helped earn money for new uniforms, instruments, and travel expenses. ln the past several years, the band has pur- chased concert and street drums, tympani, chimes, baritone horns, and bass clarinets, giving a new depth to the sound of the band. The Career Day Staff Career Day For the first time in several years Van Wert High School held Career Day, On March 15, no regular classes met, and the stu- dents attended special meetings at the high school. A general ses- sion was held in the morning. Dr. Walter A. Zaugg, professor from Ohio Northern University, gave the keynote speech, "This Is Your Dayf' He listed four points for successfully reaching one's goal. During the remainder of the day, students attended dis- cussion periods covering thirty- one topics. Everyone agreed that Career Day was an informative and valuable experience. Dr. Greer discussing Going to College Miss Imler and Miss H Student Council Guides artman representing nursing 68 DAR Contestants Van Wert High School was represented by Karen Katterheinrich and Mary Brooks Cat rightl. Junior Rotarians Each year a group of senior boys is chosen to attend Rotary meetings. This year eleven boys were so honored. First Row: Tom Harden, Jim Gilliland, Jim Dilbone. Second Row: Bill Gilland, Jim Leonard, Tom Giessler, Frank Gilland. Third Row: Bob Young, Vern Laing, Art Good, Jerry Gribler. , . ,J F' wa, 2, F Eiga? Vin 69 2."':-'FW-QHE H? r' My is 'i . ?ff Yi l sChOICIl'Ship TQCIITIS win district and state honors .R. ,nf i 'ik R Languages and Social Studies First Row: Marcia Agler, Phil Holtkamp, Dorothy Laing, Dorothy Weck. Second Row: Karen Geis- man, Dennis Schaffner, Carl Hoghe, John Young, Sandy Willett. Third Row: Rita Brown, Reg Burley, Jane Johnson, Marcile Merkle, Andrea Scarpelli. Fourth Row: Elaine Mericle, Mike Pheneger, Marge Buecker, Charlene Bate, Phil Jarvis. Not pictured but taking the test, Janet Fauble and Kathy Wells. English First Row: Mary Ellen Keith, Nancy Louth, Corrine Katterheinrich. Second Row: Sally Thompson, Linda Stemen, Lora Verne Allen, Third Row: Sally Coombs, Judy Harden, Barbara Hirn. Fourth Row: Anita Tanner, Joyce Wil- liams, Mary Brooks. Science First Row: Nancy Kohn, Jim Bebout, Barbara McDonald. Second Row: Donald Elzey, Dick O'Mara, Jerry Gribler, David Fell. Third Row: Vern Laing, Tom Harden, Dennis Dersham, Harvey Ireton. Not pictured but taking the test, Larry Pennell. Mathematics and Bookkeeping First Row: Martha Height, Dorothy Doner. Sec- ond Row: Betty Baker, Nan Cowan, Karen Kat- terheinrich. Third Row: Louis Crow, Alan Rinard. Fourth Row: Bob Mohr, Bill Scott, Roger Martin. Not pictured but taking the test, Terry Devine and Jim Speer. 5 i . 19' NC'l'iOl1ClI HOFIOI' SOCie'l'y - scholarship, leadership, character, service lllt m First Row: Marge Buecker. Mary Brooks, Joyce Wil- liams, Linda Bagley, Toni Harden. Rachel Morris, Anita Tanner, Karen Katterheinrich, Jerry Grihler. Sheila Hallam. Second Row: Janice Prior, Judy Harden. Shir- ley Dustman, Sally Coombs. Vern Laing, Roger Martin. Terry Devine. Dennis Dersheni, Charlene Hate. Nan Cowan. Lynne Eikenbary, Barbara McDonald. Dorothy Week. Mrs. White. Van Wert High School received its charter to start a chapter of the National Honor Society in 1930. Since that time there have been four hundred fifty-one members from our school added to the roll. The members are selected for their out- standing character, their willingness to render service, their ability to lead, and their high rank in scholarship. N AT I0 NAL l SgCIET Y : dill! ,Q fQ: 419 is L5 3 Two-Year Members First Row: Sheila Hallam, secretary: Linda Bagley, vice president: Tom Harden, pres- ident: Rachel Morris, treasurer. Second Row: Mary Brooks, J 0 y c e Williams, Margie Buecker, Jerry Gribler, Karen Kat- terheinrich, Anita Tanner, Mrs. White. el1l0l"S present msplrlng performance of THE ROBE "The Robe," a drama adapted from Lloyd Douglass novel of the same title, was presented by the senior class May 4 and 5, and was directed by Mr. Clyde Coon. The play centers around the crucifixion of Christ and the part His robe plays in the lives of several people, especially Diana and Marcellus, who go to their death willingly for their new faith, Christianity. The Lincoln auditorium was filled both nights with an appreciative audi- ence, which witnessed fine performances by all members of the large cast. Cast Marcellus Gallio, Roman Officer Caligula, the Emperors son .... Gallio, Marcellus's father .,.r Tiberius, Roman Emperor , , Pontius Pilate ,,,,,.,,,,, , Melas, Greek slave , , , - Quintus Lucian .,,r,..r Centurion Paulus ,,..,,.. , , Jerry Gribler Demetrius, Marcellus's slave ,,,,,,rr Vern Laing - , , Larry Lehman , . . .. Jim Jones . , . . Jim O'Mara , , . Frank Gilland Walt Grunden Captain Fulvius ,,,, .,., T om Giessler , , , Bob Young , , . , Bob Exline Sarpedon, the physician .... ..,,,, P hil Jarvis Simon Peter ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Frank Gilland Diana Callus ,,,,,,,c,s,,,,,, Lynne Eikenbary Lucia Gallio, Marcellus's sister , , , Virginia Miller Cornelia Gallio, Marcellus's mother. Joyce Williams Phoebe Eupolis ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Anita Tanner Theodosia Eupolis , , ,... Shirley Dustman Salome ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Linda Bagley Helen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,o,,,,,,,, Charlene Bate Women ,..,... Linda Kirchenbauer, Rita Brown, 2 Elaine Mericle, Phyllis Gribler 5 Soldiers , N ,..,,, Jess Cooper, Ray Tinnel i Director , , , ,,,,,,,.. Mr. C. E. COOII i 'Fl'i fi , .g i4 Hil l! First Row: Virginia Miller, Elaine Mericle, Phyllis Grihler, Anita Tanner, Bob Young. Third Row: Ray Tinnel Mr. Rita Brown, Linda Kirchenbauer, Joyce Williams. Second Coon, Phil Jarvis, Vern Laing, Frank Gilland, Jim O'Mara, Row: Tom Giessler, Shirley Dustman, Jerry Gribler, Lynne Walt Grnnden, Bob Exline, Jim Jones, Jess Cooper. Eikenbary, Larry Lehman, Linda Bagley. Charlene Bate. 73 Seniors 1956 Officers Well, it was here at last, our final year in high school. We selected our class officers with the gravity befitting those of our stature. Our class assumed its position of leadership. Acting as presidents of school organiza- tions were Linda Kirchenbauer, Senior Y-Teens, Karen Katterheinrich, GAA, Bill Emerick, VIC, Jim Jones, Student Council, Sheila Hallam, FTA, Vern Laing, Hi-Y, and Tom Har- den, National Honor Society and V-Club. Sue Farlow, Linda Bagley, and Elaine Mericle cheered the athletic teams to victory. Linda Kirchenbauer, Sue Williman, Rachel Morris, Beverly Blake, and Lynnda Learey lent color to the band as they pranced down the field in their majorette uniforms. Seniors contributing to the football team's success were Jess Cooper, Ron Miller, Harold Haight, Marvin Mihm, Walter Grunden, Art Good, Paul Sargent, Jim Gilliland, Tom Harden, Bob Young, Jim Jones, and Jim Dilbone, the latter two being singled out to receive honors for their spectacular feats with the pigskin. Linda Kirchenbauer and Sue Williman were Queen and Senior Attendant respectively for the 1956 homecoming festivities. On the basketball team were Bob Young, Jim Dilbone, Devon Bricker, and Larry Winhoverg on the baseball team were Bob Young, Jim Dilbone, and Larry Wills. Karen Katterheinrich and Mary Brooks were DAR contestants for the local chapter, and Joyce Williams was a state winner of the American Legion essay contest. Anita Tanner, Mary Brooks, Linda Bagley, Margie Buecker, Rachel Morris, Karen Katterheinrich, Sheila Hallam, Joyce Williams, Jerry Gribler, and Tom Harden were elected to the National Honor Society their junior year, and Vern Laing, Lynne Eikenbary, Charlene Bate, Shirley Dust- man, and Dennis Dershem in their senior year. Eleven boys were designated as Junior Ro- tarians. The Senior class play, "The Robe" had many of our number in its cast. Seniors, we have closed the door on one phase of our life and opened it on another. MARCIA ANN AGLER Chorus 1,25 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4g Excali- bur Staff 45 Scholarship Teams: Eng- lish 2, Spanish 4, Devon Bricker, vice president, Tom Harden president, Rita Brown, treasurerg Frank Gllland, secretary: Mr. Gallapoo, adviser JERRY BAER LINDA SUE BAGLEY Chorus 13 Choir 2,3343 Class vice president 33 GAA 1.233343 GAA cabinet 43 Y-Teens 13233343 Y-Teens cabinet 23 National Honor Society 3343 National Honor Society vice president 43 Na- tional Thespians secretary-treasurer 43 Excalibur Staff 43 Masque and Gavel secretary-treasurer 43 Latin Club 43 Reserve cheerleader 13 Varsity cheer- leader 233343 Class play 3,43 Scholar- ship Team3 Biology 23 Prom Committee 33 Commencement announcement com- mittee 43 Girls' State alternate CHARLENE BATE Band 2,33 Choir 1,2333 Y-Teens 43 National Honor Society 43 Class play 3,43 Scholarship team Senior Social Studies 4. JANET BECK Y-Teens 3343 GAA 132,3343 GAA vice president 43 GAA cabinet 23 Excalibur Staff 4. wg-:A 75 JAMES R. BENFIELD Hi-Y 43 Excalibur Staff 43 Boys' In tramurals 2,3 BEVERLY ANN BLAKE Band 2,3343 majorette 43 Chorus 1 Choir 233343 Y-Teens 13233343 GAA 2,334 GAA cabinet 43 Excalibur Staff 4. SHIRLEY ANN BOHNER FHA 1. HILDA D. BOROFF GAA 2,3,43 FHA 13 Excalibur StafT4 ? 0,-,mx 5. ,.AJ..38s V 1 Q , X 2. 5 W I Af . 4 'Q ,.1,,.,,- 1 x-'42 .' .4 . r,-zulu...-, 1 ..4 mm ' '3'aT"'!!' K O4 .-Ov :A -v..-.. A 1, .. A ,x,,,, f-f Vx ' ' 'A at . . ' Q M . an 'S 1 N. www Dfli . A Syd 0 Van Wert H 4 igh, the s chool we love! . aft " v A W 'Draw MARGIE LOU BUECKER Chorus 15 National Honor Society 3,45 FHA 15 Scholarship teams, World History 2, American government 4. ALLEN R. CLOUSE Basketball 1. GARY R. COBB Band 1,25 Chorus 15 Choir 2,3,45 Boys ensemble 3,45 Basketball 15 Hi-Y 3,45 Student Council 45 Excalibur Staff 45 Class Play 3. JESSE L. COOPER Chorus 1,25 Choir 3,45 Boys ensemble 3,45 Football varsity 1,2,3,45 Hi-Y 3,45 Hi-Y chaplain 45 Hi-Y cabinet 35 V- club 3,45 Excalibur Staff 45 FFA 2,35 Class play 45 Prom Committee 3. PATRICIA ANN BOROFF Band 1.2,3,45 Chorus 25 Y-Teens 45 'M GAA 45 Excalibur Staff 4. DEVON BRICKER Basketball 2,3,45 varsity 3,45 Class vice president 45 Hi-Y 3,45 HiaY secre- tary 45 V-club secretary-treasurer 45 Student Council 35 Excalibur Staff 45 Class Play 35 Prom Committee 3. MARY PRISCILLA BROOKS Chorus 15 Choir 2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2, 3,45 Y-Teens cabinet 2,35 GAA 1,2,3,45 GAA cabinet 25 National Honor Society 3,45 National Thespians 45 Masque and Gavel 45 Excalibur Staff 45 Latin Club 45 DAR Contestant 4: Debate Team 45 Class Play 35 Shcolarship Teams, Latin 1,25 English 3,4. RITA JOAN BROWN Band 2,3,45 Class treasurer 3,45 Ex- calibur Stati' 45 Class plays 3,45 Scholar- ship teams, Plane Geometry 2, Spanish II 4. BEVERLY M. COX L "W" FHA 4. MIKE DeMOSS Freshman Football 1. DENNIS EUGENE DERSHEM Band l,2,3,4Q National Honor So ciety 43 Excalibur 43 Latin Club 4 Scholarship Teams 1,2,3,43 General Sci I ence, Plane Geometry, Chemistry, Physics. . ,. . all -' fi JIM LEE DILBONE Football 1,2,3,4Q Varsity 2,3343 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4Q Varsity 3,42 Baseball 1, 5' x 233,43 Varsity 2,3,43 V Club 2,3,4Q Hi-Y, ' ,Q W' 'fog T, 3,4. - i ' 'A t . 4 xx f f". ' ' fx. .3 f i .. 5 ia' x 1 55, 77 'N 3.4 -4 SHIRLEY ANN DUSTMAN Band 1.2.3,-13 Chorus 13 Choir 2,3,43 Y-Teens 1,Z2,3,4g National Hono1'So- ciety 43 National Thespians 43 Masque and Gavel 43 FTA 2,3,43 Excalibur Staff 43 Scarlet Quill Staff Editor 4: Latin Club 43 Declamation Team 43 Class Play 3,43 Prom Committee 3. DESSIE B. EDDINS Y-Teens 1,2,33 GAA 1,2,33 FHA 43 Excalibur 43 Re-Echo Quill Staff tDel' phos JeffersonJ3 Junior Class Play tDel- phos Jeffersonl. M. LYNNE EIKENBARY Chorus 1: Choir 2,3,4: Y-Teens 1,2, 3,43 Y-Teens cabinet 2,33 National Honor Society 43 National Thespians 43 Masque and Gavel 41 FTA 3,43 FTA vice president 43 Student Council 1,21 Excalibur Staff 43 Declamation Team original oratory 33 humorous 43 Class play 3,43 Prom Committee 33 One-act plays 33 Girls' ensemble 2,3,4. WILLIAM B. EMRICK Chorus 13 V-Club 3,41 VIC 3.43 VIC president 43 Student Council 23 Foot- ball 13 Basketball 2,33 Varsity 3. ' ggi.:-2' ' ' 'X . Q 'VI 'V .2 Cf? x V I 1? I v- X' 6 jf---f-' X Q 5' , ' .Ai-A-+4-A V 1, 4. -lr cz..-t.o,.+.,,-Xb5 -X 3. , rf' +- 'v-r-Q fee-+-..'Mf.t, .1 L 're--Q-.a.,,f'e ca if -. 'r .1-wi--sf +R- 'K' ,. , - 4' el-LN. l' ' x . X JANET IRIS GALLASPIE Y-Teens 45 Excalibur Staff 4. TERRY JOE GAMBLE Chorus 15 Choir 2: Football 1. JAMES L. GEISMAN Football 1,23 VIC 3,45 VIC treas- urer 3. TOM GIESSLER Chorus Ig Choir 2.3.45 Class vice president 23 Hi-Y 3,43 National Thes- pians 43 Excalibur Staff 45 FFA 1,2,3g Class play 3,45 Junior Rotarian 4. gs' . 'ik 'rw 'S' A ROBERT EXLINE Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,g Hi-Y 3,43 Excalibur Staff 4g Class play 3,4. KAREN SUE FARLOW Chorus 13 Y-Teens 1,243.43 vice pres- ident 23 Cabinet 43 GAA 1,2g FTA 3,43 treasurer 4: Student Council 4g Excali- bur Staff 43 Rendezvous Committee 1, 2,3,4: secretary 1,2,g vice president 4g Latin Club 4g Cheerleader 1,2,3,4g Re- serve 1g Varsity 2,3,4. ARNELL FAST Chorus 25 Choir 3,4g Footballg Hi- Y 4. WILLIAM FEASBY Hi-Y 3,4g Scarlet Quill Staff 4g Quill Business Manager 4. 78 FRANK LYNN GILLAND Chorus 13 Choir 233.43 Boys Ensemble 3,43 Hi-Y 3,43 Hi-Y reporter 43 National Thespians 43 Masque and Gavel 4: Excalibur Staff' -13 Class secretary 43 Declamation Team original oratory 43 Class play 3,43 One-act plays 33 One- act play director3 Junior Rotarian 4. WILLIAM GILLAND Hi-Y 3,41 Junior Rotarian -1. BARBARA GILLILAND Chorus 1,23 Choir 33 GAA 1,23 Masque and Gavel 43 FTA 2,3343 Ex- calibur Staff 4. JAMES E. GILLILAND Chorus 1.2: Choir 3.43 Boys Ensemble 33 Football 1.2.3,-1: Varsity 2.3.43 Bas- ketball 1: Baseball i23 V-club3,-13 V- club vice president 43 Hi-Y 3,43 FFA 1, 2,3343 FFA vice president 3, president 43 Jn-nior Rotarian 4. i X ARTHUR LEWIS GOOD Chorus 1,21 Choir 3.4: Football 13233. 43 Varsity 233,43 One-act plays 33 Junior Rotarian 43 National Thespians 4. .JERRY L. GRIBLER Band 13233343 Chorus 13 Choir 233,42 Boys ensemble 3,42 National Thespians 43 National Honor Society 3.4: Excali- bur Staff 43 Excalibur business man- ager: Latin Club 43 Class Play 3,43 Scholarship Teams science 1, biology 2, history 3, physics 43 Junior Rotarian 43 Boys' State Delegate 3. PHYLLIS DIANE GRIBLER Chorus 1.23 Choir 3,43 Y-Teens 1.2, 3,43 Quill Staff 43 Quill Editor and Business M3H3gETQ Senior Class Play3 Excalibur Staff 43 GAA 2. WALTER T. GRUNDEN Football 1,113.41 Varsity 23334: FFA 132,33 FFA vice president 3: Senior Class Play3 V-Club 3-4. .4-flu., .pew CHARLENE HALLIWILL GAA 12,33 VIC secretary 4. LEWIS DeWAYNE HAMMONS THOMAS CHARLES HARDEN Football 1,2,3,4g Varsity 2,3,4: Fresh- man 1: Basketball 1.2.35 Varsity 1.2.33 Baseball Varsity 1.2.33 Class President 3.43 Hi-Y 3,45 Hi-Y Reporter 33 Hi-Y Secretary 43 V-Club 3.43 V-Club Presia dent 4: National Honor Society 3,43 National Honor Society President 45 Student Council 1,2,3.4g Rendezvous Committee 1,2,3,4: Junior Rotarian 4g One-act Plays 31 Scholarship Teams 4, physicsg Committees, Prom 3, Ring and Pin 3, Commencement Announce- ments 4. CHARLES HEATH Football 1. ,,.. tr 8-M.. 26 X I . .- ' s ,st ti 4 .3 'iz A, ' " r HAROLD GORDON HAIGHT Chorus 1.23 Choir 3.41 Intramurals 1.2: Football 12.3.41 Varsity 2.3.43 V- Club 3,41 Student Council 31 FFA 1.2, 31 FFA Sentinel 2. SHEILA V. HALL Chorus 1.2: Y-Teens 1,23 GAA 1.2, 3.4: FHA I: Excalibur Staff 4. SHEILA MARIE HALLAM Band 1,2,3.4g Chorus lg Choir 2.3.43 Y-Teens 1,2.3.4g Y-Teens cabinet 3,45 National Honor Society 3.4: Honor So- ciety secretary 43 FTA 12.3.43 FTA treasurer 33 FTA president 4: Student Council 43 Excalibur Staff 43 Latin Club 4: Junior Class Play. SAM HALLER Basketball 1.2.33 Varsityg VIC sec- retary 3. 80 I 4-L25 ROBERT J. HOLMES Chorus 13 Basketball 1,31 Freshman 13 Varsity 33 Freshman Football 13 Baseball 1,2Q VIC 3,43 VIC Reporter 4. LARRY R. HOUSTON PHILIP JARVIS Choir 2,3,43 Chorus 13 Hi-Y 4: Excal- iber Staff 43 Boys' Ensemble 3,42 Class Play 4g Scholarship Teams 1,3,4: sci- ence, American history, social science. MARGARET JEROME Band 13 Chorus 13 Choir 2.3,-13 Y- Teens 1,2,33 Y-Teens secretary 2. ...av .va 'Pr X., 2,991 d""E T .1 'Pix .us IQ . T I f 71.42. pqum be 'Z' 'X 'Q Y. . I 1 K ., 3 XX ,, , We li gr 81 LARRY L. JOHNS VIC 4. JAMES BRUCE JONES Chorus 1: Choir 12.3.43 Football 1.2,3, 43 Freshman basketball 13 Class vice president 1. Class president 2: V-Club 3,43National Thespians president 43 Masque and Gavel 4: Debate Team 4: Declamation Team 4, Debate: Class Play 43 One-act Plays 3: Commence- ment Announcement Committee 43 In- tramurals 2, Student Council 2.3,-13 Student Council President 4. TREVA KAREN KATTERHEINRICH Band 1,2,3,43 Chorus 13 Choir 13,43 Y-Teens 1,12,3,4: Y-Teens treasurer 3: GAA 1.2.3,4: GAA secretary 3: GAA president 43 Excalibur Staff 4, typistg DAR contestant 4: Class Play 33 FTA 4: Scholarship Teams 1,2,3. algebra, bookkeeping, English: National Honor Society 3,-1. WILLIAM McKINLEY KELLEY Hi-Y 3,43 Excalibur Staff 43 Junior Class Play: Intramurals 2. JAMES HOWARD LANE Band l,2,3,4Q Chorus 13 Choir 233,43 Boys' Ensemble 3.43 Intramurals 1,2,3, 43 Excalibur Staff 43 Hi-Y 3,4. PHYLLIS LOUISE LANE Y-Teens 1,23 FHA 4g Excalibur Staff 4. LYNNDA KAY LEAREY Band l,2,3,4Q Majorette 2,3,43 Chorus 13 Choir 2,3,43 Y-Teens Cabinet 43 Masque and Gavel 43 FTA lg Latin Club 43 Junior Class Play. LAWRENCE J. LEHMAN Band 1,2, Chorus lg Choir 2,3,43 Boys' Ensemble 3,41 Hi-Y 3,43 Hi-Y vice president 43 National Thespians 43 Masque and Gavel 4g Excalibur Staff 43 Class Play 3,43 Prom Committee 33 Football 1,4. WILLIAM KESLER Chorus lg Choir 2,33 Scarlet Quill 4. LINDA SUE KIRCHENBAUER Band 1,2,3,43 Majorette 3,43 Chorus I3 Choir 2,3,43 Girl's Ensemble 43 Y- Teens 1,2.3,43 Y-Teens cabinet 2, presi- dent 43 National Thespians 43 Masque and Gavel 43 FTA 43 Student Council 2,3,43 Student Council secretary 23 Ex- calibur Staff 43 Scarlet Quill Staff 43 Scarlet Quill assistant editor: Latin Club 43 Homecoming Queen 43 Class play 3,41 Committees, Prom 3, Ring and Pin 3, Commencement Announce- ment 4. PAUL LEUEN KOUTS Chorus 1,23 Hi-Y 3,41 Excalibur Staff 4. VERNON ODEAN LAING Band l,2,3,41 Chorus 13 Choir 253,43 Boys' Ensemble 3,41 Hi-Y 43 Hi-Y pres- ident 43 National Honor Society 43 Stu- dent Council 2,3,4: Excalibur Staff as- sistant editor 43 Class play 3,41 Schol- arship Teams 2,34 Latin, American History, Cl'1EI'I1lSIl'y1 Prom Committee 3: Ring and Pin Committee 3: Junior Rotarian 43 Basketball 1. JAMES E. LEONARD Band 132,33-13 Hi-Y 4: National Thes- pians 43 Masque and Gavel 43 Excali- bur Staff 43 Debate Team 4: Declama- tion Team 43 Class Play 41 Scholarship Team, World History 23 Junior Rotar- ian 43 One Act Plays 3. LARRY T. LEY Band 1,2,3,43 Chorus 13 Choir 2,3343 Boys' Ensemble 43 I-Ii-Y 3,43 National Thespians 43 Masque and Gavel 43 Latin Club 4. LINDA SUE LONGWELL Chorus 13 Choir 2,3343 Y-Teens 1.1Z,3, 43 Y-Teens Cabinet 2. Secretary 4: Ex- calibur Staff 4, Art Editor: Junior Class Playg Prom Committee 3: Ring and Pin Committee 3. RICHARD E. MCCOY VIC 4. -"sv 'Q' Sz: n-4' 83 amps AI 'i-av '4r'I"Z' C3 1 . 5 3 l 'X gs MARY LOUISE MARQUIS Chorus 13 Choir 2,3343 Class treasurer 13 Y-Teens 1.2.3,-1: Y-Teens Cabinet 3: GAA 1,2,3,4: GAA Cabinet 43 Excali- bur Staff-1: Latin Club 4. CHARLES RICHARD MASON Chorus 1,23 Choir 3,45 Football 13 Excalibur Staff 4. RICHARD E. MAZOCK Chorus 13 Choir 2.3.43 Junior Class Play: One-act Plays. ELAINE MERICLE Chorus 13 Choir 2,3343 Y-Teens 1,2,3, 43 Y-Teens Cabinet 2: GAA 1,2,3,43 GAA Treasurer 43 Cheerleader Reserve 1,23 Varsity 3,43 Senior Class Play: Scholarship Teams 3,4 Spanish. QQ , ,J 2 S Qt 4 I ' . Y J2'!'s 13:13 I S PO: fi 1 . J RONALD BRENT MILLER Freshman Football: Varsity Football 253,43 V-Club 4, VIC 33 Excalibur Staff 4: Intramurals 2. VIRGINIA MARIE MILLER Y-Teens l,2,3,4: GAA 1,2,3,4: Cabi- net 233,41 National Thespians 41 Masque and Gavel 43 FTA 4: Excalibur Staff 43 Quill Staff business manager, assistant editor 43 Declamation Team Dramatics 4, Class Play 3,41 Committees: Prom 3, Ring and Pin 3, Commencement An- nouncement 4. MARY MOI-ILER Chorus 2: FHA 43 VIC 41 Excalibur Staff 4: Usherettes 12,33 Class Play 3. RACHEL ANN MORRIS Band 1,2,3,4: Majorette 3,43 Chorus 11 Choir 2,3,4g Y-Teens l,2,3,-13 GAA 15 National Honor Society 3,43 Masque and Gavel 4, FTA 2,3,4g Excalibur Staff Business Manager 41 Latin Club 45 Class Play 3: Scholarship Team 2, English. S Ik 9,2 TOM METZGER MARLENE SUE MIHM MARVIN MIHM Football, freshman 1, varsity 2,3,4 Basketball 2: V-Club 3,43 VIC 3. LARRY KAY MILLER 84 TQFSZ .JAMES E. O'MARA Football 33: Hi-Y 4: Excalibur Staff 4: Class Play 41 One Act Plays JS. CHARLES G. PARSONS Basketball and Baseball Manager lg Y4CIub 1.2,fl.4. CURT PROFFITT Basketball lg VIC 3.4: President 4. MARCIA LOU PUTMAN Chorus 1,21 Y-Teens 1,253.41 GAA 1, 23 Excalibur Staff 4: Reserve Cheer- leader 2, in 'C' 15:7 Q i I 4.-hx Navi i s7T'9' , 8 5 'Qty ' 1 23' J , Y tx. N Ps t YQ, 1 5 S K Q X ,V ' ll PHYLLIS ROESNER Cl'mrus 2: GAA l.1Z,3.4, BINALEE RUNSEH Chorus 1.12: Y-Teens 1.13.43 G,-XA 1 2,33 FHA 1: Excalibur Staff-1. DALE E. SAAM FFA 1,2,3. PAUL SARGENT Chorus 11221 Choir 3,41 Student Coun Cil 41 FFA 1,2531 FFA Reporter ZZ, DEDICATION .--1 ,- ,310-'ll "4"k" M , "Hp if -i ! MR. HERBERT JONES The Class of 1956 has chosen you, Mr. Jones, to receive the highest tribute we can pay. Your untiring effort and excellent musicianship have given all of us at Van Wert High an appreciation for really good music. The interest you have shown in us, both in musical organizations and in our individual problems, has meant more than we can say. To you, therefore, we dedicate this thirty-seventh volume of the E.rcaIz'bur. 5 4693 ALICE MAY SMITH GAA 1,21 FHA 1,2. .IUSTUS SPEELMAN YVONNE STERRETT Senior Class Play. ANITA LUCILLE TANNER Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus 15 Choir 2,3,45 Class secretary 15 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4g Y- Teens Cabinet 2, vice president 35 Na- tional Honoi' Society 3,4g National Thespians 45 Masque and Gavel 45 FTA 2,3545 FTA vice president 2, presi- dent 35 Excalibur Staff Editor 45 Latin Club 45 Declamation Team 3,45 Origi- nal Oratory and Extemporaneous: Class Play 3,45 Scholarship Teams 1,2,3,4, Englishg Committees, Prom 3, Ring and Pin 3, Commencement Announcement 45 One Act Plays 3g One Act Play Di- rector. GLORIA IRENE SCHOONOVER Usherettes 1,2,3. KENNY SEIBERT Basketball 1,21 Football 15 VIC 4 Prom Committee 3. HELEN LOUISE SHAW Band 35 Chorus 1,25 Choir 3,4. RICHARD SHOCK Band 1,2,3,4g Hi-Y 3,4. WILMA JEAN TAYLOR Chorus 2: GAA 1.2: FHA 1,2..3. PATRICIA L. THATCHER Chorus 1.2. RAY TINNEL VIC -ll Class Plays 51.4. PEGGY JO WABLE Band 1.2.3.-1: Chorus 13 Choir 13.43 Class treasurer 21 Class secretary 33 Y-Teens I,2,iI.-Il Y-Teens treasurer 23 GAA 1,23 GAA Cabinet 13 Masque and Gavel -11 FTA 4: Excalibur Staff 41 funior Class Play. Q3-I MITZI JANE WALDRON Band 1,21 lConvoyJ Choir 1,23 tCon- voy1GAA3 FHA 1,2333 4Convoy1. MARY LUCILLE WELLS Y-Teens 1,253.43 GAA 1,23 Excalibur Staff 43 Scholarship team 2, bookkeep- ing. JOYCE WILLIAMS Chorus 1,23 Choir 3,43 Y-Teens 1,2,3, 43 Y-Teens Cabinet 43 National Honor Society 3,43 National Thespians 43 Masque and Gavel 43 FTA 1,2,3,43 FTA Cabinet 43 Excalibur Staff 43 Latin Club 43 Declamation Team 4, Original Oratoryg Class Play 3.41 Schol- arship Teams 2,4, biology and English3 Prom Committee 3. RONALD E. WILLIAMS Chorus 13 Choir 2,3,4Q Boys' Ensem- ble 3,43 Excalibur Staff 43 Intramurals 1.2.3,-4. vigrx , 5 U J 4 ' ., . ROBERT L. WITHEROW Basketball 1. RAY A. YAHN Excalibur Staff Photographer 4. ROBERT YOUNG Chorus 1, Football Varsity 1,2,3,43 Basketball Varsity 253,43 Baseball Var- sity 12.3.41 Class President 13 V-Club 1,2,3,4: National Thespians 4g Student Council 1,23 Excalibur Staff 4, Sports Editorg Quill Staff 41 Rendezvous Com- mittee 1,2,3,4: Senior Class Play: Com- mittees, Prom 3. Ring and Pin 3, Com- mencement Announcement 4. JUDITH MAE Z1 NSMEISTER Chorus 1,25 FHA 1. Seniors not pictured: RICHARD EUGENE ANDERSON JACK SAM WORTHINGTON LARRY WILLS Chorus 13 Baseball 12,43 Basketball 13 VIC Cabinet 4. HQ'-s PATTY LOU WILLIAMSON Chorus 1,23 Y-Teens 1,2,3,43 GAA 2, 3,43 GAA cabinet 35 Excalibur Staff 4. CAROLYN SUE WILLIMAN Band 1,2,3,4g Majorette 2,3,4g Cho- rus 1g Choir 2,3,4g Y-Teens 1,2,3,4g Y-Teens president 2: Y-Teens cabinet 43 Student Council 1,2,3,4, Excalibur Staff 43 Rendezvous Committee 1,2,3,4g Junior Class Playg Homecoming At- tendant 2,3,4g Prom Committeeg Peony Queen Attendant 4: Girls' Ensemble 4. LARRY WINHOVER Basketball 253,43 Freshman Basket- ball 11 Baseball 1,2g V-Club 4. JAMES WISEMAN Chorus 1g Choir 2,3,4g Hi-T 45 FFA 1.2.3. 'ITN fir' 88 xx I A1111 11: '1- I-1' 11 I':XH,'l111i' '1v1!c 'QLx,wa1t'1v "H V V111 'W' "1 1911122-11131-1 V1 11111 X -111111 .F 5 " ' 111111211 "Vl4Tl1f' 711111 L. 1 'xvtivn 11 1 .mf 1'e-p1'1esvf.x11.., - 11- 11 1 - Pa 'ia !"1 1 .illliflll 111111 214 -11 1,1 A ,1.rl.:, xiii' if1':11111 March lcd iw iimxzmie i3ik'1'L.lLlI11 Carol Grl'iI'lCi2i1'l1, and the .music of -111111113 Sfier ax d his orchestra made this a prom to remember. X 125 t 1 Ns" " Xa xww Q9 5 ffillx ANITA TANNER editor-in-chief and VERN LAING associate editor l :ggi- Z' if ' 'siv- fzarif' ' -'s?f:. lb ,iii -ii-1 "fi!ixy:F:. R Excalibur Hours, 'gyea-on" hours of proofin' an' spoofin' an' goofin' and here it is-the 1956 E.1'crlI1'b1n'. This E.l'l'UfZ.IlZll', Van Wert High School's thirty-seventh yearbook, is more than just an annual to those of us who Worked toward its completiong it is our if senior year in words and pictures. -y "'r ,,V. .A A This E.rct1I2'h2n' is the result of the work .gf i V - ' f of many persons. The memorable dance at Homecoming and the barbecue before the - - -. Toledo football game were masterminded by Rachel Morris and Vern Laing. Rachel and Jerry Gribler, our excellent business managers, planned penny lunches, headed E , ,aggfnf . ., ,af 1 fi L t . ' .211 , K ' Q' 'li' ff? Til! Q lin' i ii 5' 1 3 rj! li' ri' L 4 X l it . 1-'E .Y E., :3 . . . iii 5, livin., other money-making projects, and sold and distributed yearbooks. Phyllis Gribler egfiglfgtigflr g 1 Iiix iifgsxggz :vit stayed after school. every night to make 'igifffi ' selling candy a profitable enterprise. Ron- nie Miller, Tom Giessler, and Jess Cooper UF A ' gzkgh spent more hours counting tax stamps than e74g0i ' ' they care to recall. The art work through- cfi 28533,-351, W out the book is that of Linda Longwell, and Ai":53lfffff1'iif1T1i.1ff'-'f"iil?i'lil35'lH'll the Sports Pages are Bob Youl1g'S work. 1 Frank Gilland's original announcements over the P.A. system were most effective. Mary Brooks and her aids penned and col- lected Writeups, and Karen Katterheinrich, along with her helpers, typed and typed and typed. The Wonderful cooperation of the ad- ministration. especially Mr. Baker, the help of Mr. White, Mr. Broom. and the merchants and townspeople have all meant much to us in creating this yearbook. Many persons have not been men- tioned, but everyone on the staff has contributed something to help produce and finance this book. This is your E.l'C'fIf2'b1l7', and we sincerely hope you like it. Penny lunches, tax stamps, and selling candy earn money to produce your yearbook. u record in words and pictures of a happy year First Row: J. Grihler. Business Manager, R. Morris. Business Manager. Second Row: V. Laing, Assistant Editor: Anita Tanner, Editor- in-Chief. Third Row: B. Young, Sports Editor: M. Brooks, Organization Editor: L. Longwell, Art Editor. First Row: S. Hall, M. Brooks, L. Longwell, V. Laing, A. Tanner, J. Grihler. G. Miller, S. Hal- lam, J. Williams. Second How: Mrs. Burkam, H. Boroff, J. Beck, D. Eddins, P. Lane, E. Mer- icle, L. Eikenbary, L. Bagley, K. Katterhein- rich, B. Blake. J. Gallaspie. P. Boroff, B. Gilli- land. Third Row: M. Wells, M. Agler, P. Grib- ler, L. Kirchenbauer. S. Williman, S. Farlow, P. Wable, M. Putman, P. Williamson. Fourth Row: R. Brown, M. Marquis. B. Runser, T. Giessler, F. Gilland, B. Young, J. Lane, R. Mil- ler, B. Kelley. R. Yahn. Fifth Row: P. Jarvis, L. Lehman. D. Dershem, D. Bricker, J. Ben- field, J. O'Mara, G. Cobb, J. Cooper. P. Kouts, R. Williams, J. Leonard, B. Exline. Y . 1 ' ig O . V l i az 'H U fi? .-x Q ,'4q. 9'J .gy 5. E e' V T ,vw 1 . .,,. bvi. D , , ,A , ... ami gqlk We 53 Q . , ..1.z'e- sf-H -'iix , xy .M . - f' 31'-w ,fs .fe- ,. ---nuuu-- A A lin!! UM! 5532351 .. tx 5 ,..-- -'WT' Most friendly, Vem Laing and Linda Kirchenbauer. Best dressed, Gary Cobb and Rachel Morris. Most athletic, Phyllis Roesner and Bob Young. Senior Survey Best looking, Sue Williman and Tom Harden. Biggest tlirts, Art Good and Shirley llustman fl -----wa..v' Awards Tom Harden receives the Kemper Foundation scholarship from Mr. Charles F. Ross. American Legion Award winners Joyce Williams and Vern Laing with legionnaire Don Smith. Mr. Livingston presents the Dannecker trophy to the out- standing senior athlete, Bob Young. Co-valedictorians Anita Tanner and Mary Brooks receive the Black, Inc., awards from Mr. Ross. Joyce Williams is named a state winner in the American Legion essay contest and is entitled to go to Washington, D,C. Elaine Mericle, recipient of the Black, Inc., award for the outstanding senior in secretarial work, with Miss Eirich and Sheila Hallam. Soroptimist scholarship winner. The top students scholastically areg First Row: Rachel Morris, Joyce Williams, Sheila Hallam, Shirley Dustman, Lynne Eikenbary, Mary Brooks, Linda Bagley. Second Row: Anita Tanner, Karen Katterheinrich, Charlene Bate, Tom Harden. Jerry Gribler, Dennis Dershem.

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