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'iE1-A.,fXSx-k,Qm V f ? , 1 e Q s, I ,., X , I f . J L if . E . Sf" r "F J fi XX! ,Q ' 1 3 - P Mx ' x ,J ,A xfym A 9 5 K X iq A FD . xx -. ' x .xl 1' 'ij SN IB , qu In A in X 1 1 1 H R4 .V iq lg, L, i , JMB fi WWW!" " 5 5' Li' V , .. K 55933 JL W U is ff? W Aw, my IW fu H +2 W Y W Q M W QW' EWR WWWBL6 3 W 31924523 E yy 3+ 2 ww' wg Eff g WMS THE Van Wert High School Van Wert, Ohio Volume XXXV EXCALIBUR 1953 PUBLICATION STAFF Editor-In-Chief . . . Associate Editor . . Sports Editor ..... Art Editor ....... Business Managers Circulation Managers Student'Pl1otograpl1er Literary Adviser . . Business Adviser . . . . . Larry Gilliland . . . . Sally Jarvis . . . . Jim Young . . . Donna Hallam . . Sylvia Thomas Bill Miller . . . Carolyn Kissel Jim Gribler . SteveMoyer Miss Elizabeth 0. Rimer . . . Mr. Ralph Gallapoo TIME MARCHES ON! Time Marches On! What has passed is beyond reach. We can neither live over a moment of Glory nor return to correct an error. Once Graduation Day is past, high school is hut a memory. This Excalibur is a memory hook to help recall four years of our life. Cur tour years were lc-ut an hour of eternity, a fleeting second of ioy, sorrow, and adventure. "The moving Finger writes, and, having writ, Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it hack to cancel halt a Line, Nor all your Tears washout a Word of it." The Rulaaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Stanza 7l TABLE Ol: CONTENTS Dedication . . . ...... ........... . . . 3 Administration . . . . . 6 Faculty ..... . . 9 Seniors ......... .... l 3 Senior Activities .... .... 2 2 Senior Class History . . . . . . .25 Calendar ............ .... 2 6 Unclerclassrnen .......... .... 2 9 Organizations and Activities . . .... 37 Recognition ............. .... 4 3 Senior Survey ......... . . . 62 Athletics .... . . . 63 Sponsors .... . . . 74 Editor's page . . .... 76 fb '-X -4U!"'-S Miss Martha Ann Lown To Miss Lown, our staunch and loyal friend, we the class of l953 dedicate our Excalibur. It is our hope that she will do as much for succeeding classes as she has done for us. Our sincere thanks, Miss Lown, for all the help you have so unselfishly given us. V.W.H.S. FACULTY- They are not serious all the time. l. Miss Hall takes a 'Holiday'. K' 2. Mr. Mason in his own homeroom. 1 3. He doesn't play, he iust makes it possible. 4. Mr. Warye makes Christmas mean something besides mistletoe. 5- Substitute teachers deserve credit. 6. Why weren't we invited? 7, Mr. Bricker and his Mighty Mimeograph Machine. 8 That is a leaf, not his ear. 9- Our very friendly helper. 10. Are your accounts balanced, Mr. Katterheinrich? II. Mr. Speith and his machines recall a very in- teresting class. 12. What's cooking? 13- How much pressure? 14. Hi-Y's handy adviser 15. Prof., our maestro? 'l6. A moment's relaxation. 1' Q l7. Buttons and bows. ' .Q Q3 YN Pxvfs IN Z5 'QGQES J' Q5 'NWS ERN! E3 C X, 6 The governing body elected to direct the school system is the Board of Education. Its members for the school year 1953 are President, Mr. Cyril Bechtol, Vice President, Miss Hazel Gleason, Clerk, Mr. F. Earl Shaffer, Mr. Walter Tolan, Mr. Henry C. Prior, Mr. Donald S- White, and Mr. R. D. Bennett. I s s l l Mr. Robert Jerome Mr. F. Earl Shaffer Anendance office, Clerk- Treasurer ofthe Board of Education Building Superintendent WX Mr. Bennett B.A., M.A. Mr. R. D. Bennett has served as Superintendent of Van Wert City Schools since l946. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Wittenberg College and his Master of Arts in School Administration from Ohio State University. Van Wert City School System is indebted to Mr. Bennett for the fine building program which he has inaugurated in the city schools. Mrs. Mary Ehman is Secretary to Mr. R. D. Bennetg Mrs. Alice Ann Shaw to Mr. Robert Bakery and Miss Helen Rhoem to Mr. F. Earl Shaffer. A MR. BAKER B.A.: M.A. Mr Robert Baker has been P . rincipal ot Van Wert High School since l949. He attended Ohio Northern University where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Education. At the University of Toled h o e received his Masters degree. Mr. Baker has ably guided Van Wert High School students in choosing their life work. MR. GALLAPO0, B.A-I M.A. For past thirty ears M . R l h y , r a p Gallapoo has been a member ofthe Van Wert High School faculty. Mr. Gallapoo has been Guidance Counsellor here since the founding of the Guidance Department in I944. His influence has been important in the la p ns many students have made for their lives. tiff ETH EL ARMSTRONG, B.A. Miami University Sophomore Class Adviser "Semi-colon' X X A BERNARD BRICKER, M.B.A. Toledo Univ., Bowling Green Jr. Hi-Y Adviser JUANITA BAXTER, B. S. Ohio State University Home Economics Co-adviser of F.H.A. JOSPHINE BURKAM, B.A., M. James Millikin College Middlebury College Junior Y-Teens Adviser CALVIN COTRELL, B.S. Ohio State University D.C.T. Club Adviser LELA DUPREY, B.S. Ohio University Girls Physical Ed. Dir. G.A.A. Adviser GERALD BOWEN, A.B., M.A. Huntington College, Ohio State Junior Class Adviser 'Of course' CLYDE COON, B.S., M.A. Wittenberg College Western Reserve Speech Director GORDON EARHART, B.S. Miami University Intramural Basketball GRACE HALL, B.A. H. HERBERT JONES, B,S, I. G. KATTERHEINRICH, B.S., M.A Ohio Wesleyan University BIUHTOH College Bliss College, Kent State Univ, National Honor Society Adv. SUPSYVISOI' of VOCGI Music Faculty Mgr. of Athletics "YI"nI"'Y Yickefsln Central Treasurer L N h i ,mx ,--. 4 K 'W i c. A A ieyi f V gff f - ' I er A GLENN H. LIVINGSTON, B.A., M.A. MARTHA LOWN. B-5-. M-A. GERALD MANKEN, B-5- University ofMich., Columbia Univ. Bowling Green, Ohio State Ohio State University Freshman Class and V-Club Adviser Senior Y-Teens Adviser Industrial Arts "Undertone, students' Hi-Y ACIVISBI' G. c. MASON, B.S., M.A. R. P. RAUCH, B.A., M.A. JAMES B- REEDER, B-S-. M-A. Ohio Northern, Ohio State Miami U"'IVe"5IfY' OI'li0 S7579 Ohio State, Indiana Univ. Industrial Arts and Drawing Basketball and Baseball Couch 'Let's get going, here" 'Knock it off' ELIZABETH O. RIMER, B.A. Ohio State University Scarlet Quill, Excalibur Adv. "At this stage ofthe game. . . GILBERT E. SMITH, B.A., M.A. Defiance College, Columbia Univ. Athletic Director, Football Coach l n u-.auunsooo img , H1 WI . .ii I 1 MARY SAWYER, Ohio University F.H.A. Adviser 'Now, girls' hi' SWIGHT E. SMITH, B.S. Ohio State University F.F.A. Adviser .', , iw. I I 1 ? I W " A. g , ., t ,V 5- y f SI' f'- 'it N Lia. Efffix 431 , 9f?fi'P 5221 ggi, - ,KN X H. B. SPIETH, B.A. ROBERT WARYE, B.S. Defiance College Ohio State University General Science Teacher Art Director 'Quiet' QW' E FRED WILLIAMS, B.S., MS. LEONARD WOLF, B.M. Ohio Northern, Ohio State Danals Musical lnsnhne Slnence Club Advise' Band and Dance Band Dir. ff' A if i i -.i- i Spotlight on Seniors - Way back when . Roger and Jim go to Church. After Homecoming at Shirley'S- They're ready to go ice skating. Trim the mains'l, ye hearties! Alyce's barnyard. Betty's birthday party, 1945 Ah, the good old days. What cute little girl s. Jeannine's at Lakeside. Frankenstein's imiators. Mother's little helper. Will they ever go to sleep? P-Kay plays hostess to Larry and Jerry. Cclnp Nelson Dodd provides adventure X Xllliffff 5 Y N N Tzme qoss by +urns, and chances Chnnqe by course From Foul to fnsr, from baffer hnp to worse. Tamzs Go by Turns Roberf Sowrhwail Morrell G. Allen Janice Sue Anderson James Logan Baer Ricky E. Bailey Shirley Jean Benford Donald Leroy Bisel John Lawrence Blake Margaret Frances Blanke Betty Lou Balinger Wilbur Eugen Clymer Colletta Ann Collette Jack Neil Conley Jayne Elizabeth Boroff Shirl ee Sue Boroff Paul Edward Brunni me gl? 1 R X w l M K sf. ,S gy, X X 4 25S3'5?4islN 1 1 hs gk ix L gay., 4. ' I x' li 7' SN 1 gg? ., fl J , -x . 4 . - v Q Y I 44 CW Dix 'ig Et' .C -, x . . y A 1, , Aw. W J ilk R v 1 x.k ' , X, , ,M J .Z X X 4 fl lf 97: ill 1 fm., , My . lr X 2 wr.. kifihwg 5eQ's YMHQ if v Jrff Wlwgfyh llqf J Q :sl ,,, 'W kg-""' V' Wiifkfel V V- :fi Q .. ik' ' M Y ' WFS . - A 5 t. lm- :g-5 gr ::t 2 .,,, I 1, 'JW 31 M be. sf' . "T w ' .. . A I' M, 4 4 i wig Ahh' Nu?- 'F-.e.'?' Q- p1 rf' Fay Ann Cooper Nancy Louise Davis Gary Duane Doxfafer Jeannine Frances Driscoll Suzanne Carolyn Eggerss James William Exline Terry Joe Farlow Mariorie Joan Frey Jerry Fugazzi Elaine Annette Gamble Betty Jean Geisman Lawrence A. Gilliland Russell Eugene Gipe Laura Mae Gold Byron Clifford Good James Dent Gribler Juanita G. Munfsinger Frank H. Hall, Jr. Donna Kathryn Hallam Patricia Ann Harden Carolyn Sue Harting Willie M. Hernandez Mary Hillery RO'-lgef Eugene Holtsberry Pafricia Jean Houts Sara Edna Jarvis Lowell Dean Jenkins Gerald Eugene Jeromd Marilyn Kay Jerome Shirley Anne Johns , 9 is '35 S3 'NK Q6 qy ' . - -.1 Q , .. . Q. A N fn-. i - -. -X ,TQ-L., S Q 1 " -w R ,. . M, - Wi? ' of 5,-f Q 2 ..-., -X 1 8' L L' X wi lw 55 v. X l i on . gf ,L 5 'Q SHR' "row 'W wi- 4 .l Y... we 'I , "'15 rf.- Michael Lynn Kennedy Reber? Joseph Kibler Carolyn Suzanne Kissel Fredrick Arthur Klausing Shirley Jean Klinger Audrey Mae Krei sch er Jane? Rose Kreischer Roxanne Kreischer Lloyd H. Lee Ned Leiter Edward W. Linser Shirley H. Linser Robert L. McClure Norman W. McDaniel Wilma Dee McNeal Russell W Mace iii, A A Q Ralph E. Mathew 1 , Nancy Lou Mayer ig ' gy g ff .iijil 'qu-0-ri' 'Sofa f X . K .f gg. ,mv f - Meredith Meng eri nk Donald Eugene Miller James R. Miller Wm. Lawrence Miller Mary M. Myers Elizabeth Jane Osborn Richard Eugene Packer Shirley Mae Painter Robert Gene Pangl e 'R ff' x x Aff: K 'N W . . f 1 1 , 5 l f i v KK g x g L .. .3.. ,Q .- 'Q' , 5, E f , 1 v""' X Lf X-yVf Q bg 4 L lf kiw, wg Qifgiiii-L W : V ia. ' N1-1 . g 1 1- M 3723? f , ,gn we 4 , Am 49, if ' -X .1'5'7f35' p f, ,. 5. v Ef:4,1:,5:j7' Fri,- - L-M 'X F-iiiiipg-.'L,, 5' -"" Q' . -"3'?"" 'i ,fx K 'FWS W l Jefln Ellen Purdy Doris J. Rhodenbaugh Sharon Rider Shirley Roth Richard Scaer Patricia Ann Schaeper William D. Schaffner Marilyn S. Schilb Franklin D. Scott, Jr. E-Nr' A Jean Marilyn Sherburn vi'-151 f Hx 1 'M W K .F fb' 2 1 X v L ,,,.:.l .AM ia "'-2'-QQ 79291 LTFZZ-fLj"3, 'I --,ETA ln.-gr," F. Roger Sherman Margie Louise Shock Nancy Sue Shoup Frederick Wi Smith Max F. Smith Richard J. Smith Charles L. Spurlack Ronald Ray Staley Robert Louis Stemen Joyce E. Strick Margaret Ellen Stripe C. David Stuber Gerald Thatcher Sylvia Ann Thomas lull wisely 4.-X rl iv' M .. 1, ' ' 1 .Q jg, ki W Qi 1 Ji i A -A . A 'Q 3.3. Q X hun A r-mlllm Rosalee M. Thursion James Tomlinson Alyce S. Weclc Janice Jo Wells Cynthia White Haydn Williams Joyce Ann Williman Robert C. Wisenborn Erma Jeanne Wollet? Betty Wydallis James C. Young S. H... VIORRELL G. ALLEN-- 'Chum" F. F. A. member 2-3 -4, Chorus I, A Cappella, Choir 4. JANICE ANDERSON D.C.T. Usherette member I, Chorus I. JIM BAER-- 'Teddy' Class Vice President 4, Hi-Y 4, Basketball 3-4, Student Council 4, lntrarrurals I-2. RICKEY BAILEY 'Rick" SHIRLEY JEAN BENFORD Y-Teens.member I-2-3-4, G.A.A. member I-2, F.T.A. I, Band I-2-3-4, Lyre Club member I-2-3-4, Quill Reporter, Excalibur Reporter. DONALD LEROY BlSEL-- 'Donn D..C..T. member 4. JOHN LAWRENCE BLAK -- 'Johnny' MARGARET BLANK E-- 'Maggie' F.-,H.A. member I-2-3-4, F. H. A. President 4. BETTY BOLlNGER-- 'Lou Lou' Y-Teens member I-2-3-4, Y-Teens Treasurer 3, Devotions Chr. 4. F.T.A. I-2-3-4, Vice President 3, President 4. Chorus I, A Cappella Choir 2-3-4, Band I-23-4, Lyre Club member 3-4, Junior Prom Committee, Student Council I-3-4, Class Play, "Home Sweet Homicide". JAYNE ELIZABETH BOROFF-- "Liz' Y-Teens member2-3-4, G. A.A. member I-2-3-4, F.H.A.. member 2-3, F.H. A. cabinet 2, Usherette member I-2-3-4, Usherette Cabinet 3, Chorus I-2 SHIRLEE SUE BOROFF-- 'Susie' G.A.A.. I-2-3-4, F.H.A.. member I, Usherette member I, Chorus I-2, Intramurals I-2-3-4. PAUL EDWARD BRUNNl-- 'Louie' F.F.A. I-2-3-4, Reporter 4, County Vice President 4. WILBUR CLYMER Hi-Y member 4, Intramurals 2, Class Play, 'Home Sweet Homicide." COLLETTA COLL ETTE Y-Teens member I-2-3-4, Y-Teens cabinet 2, G.A.A. member I-2-3-4, G.A..A. cabinet 2.3, Chorus I-2, A Cappella Choir 3-4, Cheerleader I-2-3-4, Junior Prom Committee, Quill Reporter, Excalibur Reporter, lnstramura s I-2-3-4. JACK CONLEY Hi-Y member I-2-3-4, Chorus I, A Cappella 3-4, Football I-2, Ring and Pin Committee, Y Leader's Club 3-4, Intramurals I-2, Junior Rotarian. FAY ANN COOPER-- 'Fie' Y-Teens member I-2-3-4, Y-Teens cabinet 3, F.. T. A. I-2-3-4, F.T.A. cabinet 3, Chorus I-2, A Cappella Choir 3-4 Junior Prom Committee. NANCY DAVlS-- D.C.T. member 4, Chorus 2-3, A Cappella Choir 3. GARY DOXTATER-- 'Cork' Hi-Y member I-2-3-4, Hi-Y Vice-President 2-4, A Cappella Choir I-2-3-4, Basketball I-2, Ring and Pin Committee, Y-Leader's Club I-2-3-4. JEANNINE DRISCOLL-- Y-Teens member I-2-3-4, Y-Teens Freshman rep., Chorus I, A Cappella 2-3-4. SUZANNE EGGERSSH 'Sue' Y-Teens member I-2-3-4, Y-Teens Cabinet 2-3, G.A.A. member I-2-3-4, G.A.A. Cabinet 3, Chorus I, A Cappella 2-3-4, Junior Prom Committee, Quill Reporter, Homecoming Attend- ant 4, Student Council 2, Excalibur Reporter, Intramurals I-2-3-4, Class Play, 'Home Sweet Homicide' JAMES EXLlNE-- 'Jim' Hi-Y member 3, D.C.T. member 4, Chorus 2-3, Band I. TERRY JOE FARLOW-- 'Tee Jay' Hi-Y member I-2-3-4, Cabinet 4, Junior Prom Committee, Class Play 'Home Sweet Homicide' National Honor Society 3-4, President 4, Junior Rotarian. MARJORIE JOAN FREY-- 'Jo-Jo' Y-Teens member 4, G.A.A. member 4, F.T.A. member 4, Intramurals 4. gEIRlgn FUGAZZl-- "Fugie" Hi-Y member 3-4, V-Club member 3-4, Football 3-4, Basketball 3-4, Base- a - . ELAINE GAMBLE-- 'Aine" Y-Teens member I-2, Y-Teens Cabinet I, Chorus I-2, A Cappella 3-4, Band I-2-3-4, Lyre Club member 2-3-4, Junior Prom Committee. BETTY GIESMAN-- G.A.A. member I, Chorus I-2-3, A Cappella 4. LAWRENCE ARTHUR GILLILAND, JR.-- 'Larry' Hi-Y member I-2-3-4, Hi-Y Cabinet 2-4, F.T.A. I-2-3-4, F.T. A. Cabinet 4, Football I-2, Junior Prom Committee, Excalibur Staff Officer, Quill Officer 3-4, Y-Leaders's Club I-2-3-4, Y-Leader's Cabinet I-2, Intramurals I-2, Manager Class Play 'Home Sweet Homicide' Boy's State, National Honor Society 3-4, Junior Rotarian. RUSSELL EUGENE GlPE-- 'Russ' Hi-Y member I-2-3-4, A Cappella Choir I-2-3-4, Band I-2-3-4, Dance Band I-2-3, Lyre Club 2-3-4, Junior Prom Committee, Intramurals I-2-3. LAURA MAE GOLD-- 'Laurie' Y-Teens member I-2-3-4, Y-Teens cabinet 2-3, Chorus I, A Cappella Choir 2-3-4, Junior Prom Committee, Class Play 'Home Sweet Homicide", GirI's State, National Honor Society 3-4, D. A. R. Pilgram Contestant. BYRON GOO D-- 'Tex' Hi-Y member 4, Intramurals 4. JAMES K. GRIBLERH 'Grilz-" Hi-Y member I-2-3-4, Basketball I-2-3, Junior Prom Committee, Excalibur Staff Officer, Quill Officer, Y-Leader's Club Intramurals 4, Class Play, "Home Sweet Homicide'. JUANITA KGRUNDENI MUNTZINGERH "Grunt" Class Treasurer 2, Y-Teens member I-2-3, Y-Teens cabinet 3 D.C.T. member 4, D.C.T. Treasurer 4, Chorus I, A Cappella Choir 2-3, Band I-2, Dance Band I, Junior Prom Committee. FRANK HALL-- 'Bud' Chorus I, A capella Choir2--3-4, Rendezvous Committee 2, 3, Intramurals 2 DONNA KATHRYN HALLAM-- 'Donie" Y-Teens I, Chorus I, A Cappella 2-3-4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Scholarship 'lest, Quill Reporter, Excalibur Reporter, 'Home Sweet Homicide", D. A. R. Pilgrim Contestant PATRICIA ANN HARDEN-- 'Pat' Y-Teens I, 2 D.C.T. 4, Chorus I,2, Band I,2,3, Lyre Club Member I,2,3, Ring and Pin Committee. , ffm- - r 5 ' rqdllarllievi CAROLYN SUE HARTlNG-- 'Carol' Y-Teens Vice-Pres 3, Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Y-Teens Pres. 4, Y-Teens Cabinet I,2,3, Junior Prom Committee, Orchestra Committee, Vocal Varities 3-4, H.M.S. Pinafore 2- WILLIE HERNANDEZ-- 'Wil' V-Club 3-4, V-Club Vice-Pres. 4, Football 2-3-4, Basketball I-2-3-4, Baseball I-2-3-4, Y- Leader's Club 3 MARY HlLLERY-- 'Hickory' Y-Teens I, Band 4, Lyre Club Member 3, Intramurals 3 RODGER HOLTSBERRYH 'Rag' Hi-Y member 3-4, D..C.T. member 4, Intramurals 4, Football I, Basket- ball I-2-3, Baseball I-23-4. PATRICIA JOAN HOUTS-- "Pat" Y-Teens I-2, D.C.T. member 4. SARA EDNA JARVlS-- 'Sally' Y-Teens I-2-3-4, Y-Teens Representative I, Y-Teens Cabinet I,2,3, G. A.A. l-2-3-4, G.A.A. Cabinet 3-4, Basketball Manager 3, G.A.A. Pres. 4, Band I-2, Junior Prom Committee Senior Scholarship Test, Excalibur Staff Officer, Quill Officer, "Home Sweet Homicide', National Honor Society 3-4, D.A.R. Pilgram Contestant, Junior Town Meeting 3, Scholarship Tests, I-2-3, Secretary I-3-4. DEAN JENKINS-- Hi-Y member 3-4 GERALD JEROME-- 'Gerald' Hi-Y member 23-4, D.C..T. member 4, D.C.T. Pres. 4, A Capella l,2,3,4, Chimes ofNormandy I, H. M.S.. Pinafore 2, Vocal Varieties 3-4, Junior Prom Committee, Ring and Pin Com- mittee, Class President 3, Invitation Committee, Intramurals I-2-14, Student Council I-3-4. MARILYN K. JEROME-- "Bone Jerome' Y-Teens 1-2 G.A.A. member I-2-3-4 G..A.A. Cabinet 3-4, Speedball Manager, Program Chairman, A Capella 2-3, Band, I-2-3, Lyre Club member 2,3, Intramurals I-2'3-4- SHIRLEY ANNE JOHNS-- "Suzy" Y-Teens member I-2, G.A.A. I-2-3-4, Junior Prom Committee, Chorus I, A Capella Choir 2-3, Band l,2.3,4, Dance Band I-2-3, Lyre Club Member 2-3-4, Maiorette I-2-3-4, Intramurals I-2-3-4, 'Home Sweet Homicide' MICHAEL LYNN KENNEDY-- 'Crash' Hi-Y member I-4, Hi-Y Treasurer 2, A Capella Choir I-2-3-4, Football 2-3-4, Intramurals I-23, 'Home Sweet Homicide' Boys' State Alternate. ROBERT JOSEPH KIBLER-- "Kib' Hi-Y member I-2-3, Hi-Y Pres. 2, V-Club 4, F.F.A. member I-2-3-4, F. F.A. Cabinet 3, Dance Band I-2, Football 3-4, Junior Prom Committee, Rendezvous Committee 2-3-4, Rendezvous Committee Chairman 3-4, Intramurals I-2-3-4, Class President 2, Vice-Pres, 2 CAROLYN SUZANNE KlSSEL-- 'Suzie' Y-Teens I-2-3-4, Y-Teens Publicity Chairman 3, Y-Teens cabinet 3-4, F.T.A. member 3-4, F.T.A. Treasurer 4, Senior Scholarship Test, Excalibur Staff Officer, Quill Officer, Quill Reporter, Excalibur Reporter, D.A.R. Pilgrim Contestant, Student Librarian 4, Scholarship Team, I-2-3, Camera Club 3-4. FREDRICK ARTHUR KLAUSING-- 'Ace' Chorus 2, A Cappella Choir 3-4, Junior Prom Committee. SHIRLEY JEAN KLlNGER-- 'Jeannie' Intramurals 1-2-3, G.A..A. I-2-3. AUDREY KREISCHER0 'Audrey' Y-Teens 3-4, G.A.A. member I-2-3-4, D.C.T. 4, D.C.T. Secretary 4, Chorus, I-2, A Cappella Choir 3, Cheerleader 2-3 Intramurals I-2-3-4. JANET ROSE KREISCHER-- 'Jannie Rose' Chorus I, A Cappella 2-3-4, Cheerleader 'I-2-3-4, Scarlet Quill Editor 4, Excalibur Reporter, H. M. S. Pinafore, Vocal Varieties. ROXANNA KRElSCHER-- 'Roxie' Y-Teens I-2-3-4, G.A.A. member I-2-3-4, F.T.A. I-3-4, F.T.A. Secretary 2. LLOYD LEE-- Class President 2, Hi-Y member I-2, V-Club member 2-3-4, V-Club Sec.-Treas. 3, F. F.A. member I-2, A Cap ella Choir I-2-3-4, Football 2-3-4, Junior Prom Committee, Homecoming Attendant 3, Student Council L21 NED LElTER-- 'Sie' D.C.T. member 4. EDWARD Wm LINSER JR.-- 'Ed" Hi-Y member I-2-3-4, D..C.T. Local Vice-Pres. 4, State Vice-Pres. 4, Football I-2-34, Basketball 2, Junior Prom Committee, Student Council 3, Y-Leader's Club 2-34. ROBERT I.. MCCLUREH 'Bob' NORMON McDANIEL-- 'Mick' D.C.T. 4, V-Club 3-4, Basketball Mgr. 3-4. WILMA L. MCNEAL-- G.A.A. I, Chorus I-2-3. RUSSELL MACE-- 'Rusty' D.C.T. 4, Intramurals I. RALPH MATTHEWS-- 'Mat' D.C.T. 4, V-C.ub 4, Intramurals 'I-2-3-4, Basketball Mgr. 2-3. NANCY MAYER-- 'Nan' Y-Teens I-2-3-4, Cabinet I-2, Class Secretary 2, G.A.A. I, Chorus 1, A Cappella Choir 2-3-4, Junior Prom Committee, Quill Officer, Student Council I-2-4, Excalibur Reporter. MEREDITH MENGERINK -- 'Tiny' DONALD MlLLER-- 'Hose' D.C.T. 4, Sargent at Arms 4, Chorus I-2, A Cappella Choir 3, Basketball 2, Intramurals I-3-4. JAMES MlLLER-- 'Harry' Hi-Y 4, D.C.T. 4, Student Council 4, Intramursls 4. WILLIAM LAWRENCE MILLER -- 'Wild Bill' Hi-Y 3,4, Camera Club 3,4, Business Manager Excalibur, Business Manager Scarlet Quill, 'Home Sweet Homicide". MARY MYERS-- Y-Teens I, Band I-2-3-, Lyre Club 3. ELIZABETH JANE OSBORN-- "Liz" Y-Teens 'I-2-3-4, G.A.A. I-2-3-4, Intramurals I-2-3-4. RICHARD EUGENE PACKER-- 'Spacks' Senior Class President, V-Club 3-4, President 4, A Cappella Choir I-2-3-4, Football 3-4, Baseball I-2-3-4, Student Council 3-4, lntramurlas l,2-4, 'Home Sweet Homicide". SHIRLEY PAINTER-- 'Shirl' Band I-2-3-4, Lyre Club 2-3-4. 5.A... ROBERT PANGLE -- 'Bob' F..F.A. I-2-3-4, D.C.T. 4. JEAN PURDY-- 'Gertie' Class oOfficer, Treasurer 3, Y-Teens I-2-3-4, Secretary 24, Chours I, A Cappella Choir 2-3-4, "H.M.S. Pinafore', 'Vocal Varieties", Junior Prom Committee, Ring and Pin Committee, Quill Reporter, Excalibur Reporter, Rendezvous Committee. SHARON RlDER-- Chorus I, Band I SHIRLEY ROTH-- "Shirl" Chorus I DORIS RHODENBAUGH-- 'Red' Y-Teens l-2-3-4, Chorus I, A Cappella 2, Bond I-2-3-4, Lyre Club 3-4, Maiarette 2-3-4, 'H.M.S. Pinafore', Librarian of Band 2-3. RICHARD O. SCAER-- "Dick" Hi-Y 4, Chorus I-2, A Cappelle Choir 3-4. PATTICIA ANN SCHAEPERH 'Pat' G.A..A. I-2-3, Intramurals I-2-3, D.C.T. 4. WILLIAM SCHAFFNER-- 'BiIl" F. F.A. I-2-3, Sentinel 3, Hi-Y 4, Intramurals l,2,3, D.C.T. 4. MARILYN SUE SCHILB7- 'Whitei' Y-Teens I-2-3, G.A.A. I-2-3-4, F.T..A. 2-3, D.C.T. 4, Chorus I-2, Reserve Cheerleader 2, 'Home Sweet Homicide". FRANKLIN D SCOTT, JR.,-- 'Scottie' Hi-Y l,2, V-Club 2-3-4, Football I-2-3-4, Basketball I-2-3, Baseball 3-4. ' JEAN MARILIN SH ERBURN-- Y-Teens 2-3-4, Chorus I, 'Home Sweet Homicide". FRANCIS ROGER SHE RMAN-- 'Rag' V-Club 3-4, Intramurals I-2, Junior Prom Committee, Chorus I, A Cappella 2-3-4, 'H.M.S. Pinafore', Vocal Varieties. MARGIE LOUISE SHOCK-- 'Marg' Y-Teens I-2-3-4, Chorus I,2. NANCY SUE SHOUP-- "Susie" Y-Teens 3, G.A.A.. 3, D.C.T. 4, Chorus 2-3. FREDERICK W. SMlTH-- 'Smitty' MAX F. SMITH-- Hi-Y I-2-3-4, Chorus I-2, A Cappella Choir 4, Junior Prom Committee, "Home Sweat Homicide'. RICHARD J. SMlTH-- "Dick" F..F.A. I-23, Vi ce-President 3, V-Club, 2-3-4, Football 3-4, Basketball 3, Baseball 2-3-4, Senior Scholarship Test, 'Home Sweet Homicide', A Cappella Choir I-3-4. CHARLES L. SPURLOCK-- 'Chuck' Basketball 4. RONALD RAY STALEY-- 'Ronnie' Hi-Y 3-4, Treasurer 4, V-Club 4, Basketball Manager 3-4. ROBERT LOUIS STEMEN-- "Bob" Student Council 3, Football 2, Basketball I-2-3-4, Hi-Y I-2. MARGARET ELL EN STRIP E-- 'Marge' Y-Teens I-2-3-4, G.A.A. I-2-3-4, Intramurals I-2-3-4. JOYCE E. STRlCK-- F..H..A. I-2. C. DAVID STUBER-- 'Albert Einstein' F. F.A. I, Band I-2-374, National l'lonor Society 3.. GERALD D. THATCHER-- 'Thatch' Hi-Y 3-4, Intramurals I, Band I-2-3-4, Dance Band 1.2-3, Lyre Club 2-3-4, Boys' State Alternate, National Honor Society 3-4. SYL VIA ANN THOMAS-- 'Tommy' Y-Teens I-2-3-4, Treasurer 2, G.A..A. I-23-4, F.T.A. 3-4, Junior Prom Corwnittee, Student Librarian 3-4, Senior Scholarship Test, Homecoming Attendant 2, Excaliber Staff, Qui Sta . ROSALEE MARIE THURSTON-- Y-Teens I-2-3-4, Music Chairman 3, D.C.T.. 4, Reporter 4, Chorus I, A Cappella Choir 2-3-4, "H.M..S. Pinafore", Vocal Varieties, Junior Prom Committee, "Home Sweet Homicide". JAMES TOMLlNSON-- 'Chic' Intramurals I-2-3-4, D.C.T. 4, Senior Scholarship Test. ALYCE SUE WECK-- 'Adolph' Y-Teens 3-4, Finance Committee Chairman 4, G.A.A. I-2-3-4, Assistant Program Chairman 4, Intramurals I-2-3-4, Junior Prom Committee, Girls' State Alternate, Quill Exchange Editor, Quill Reporter, Excalibur Reporter, Scholarship Team I-2-3, Senior Scholarship Test. JANICE JO WELLS-- 'Janny Jo' Y-Teens I-2-3-, G. A.A. I-2-3-4 Chorus I-2, Cheerleader I-2-3-4. CYNTHIA A WHITE-- Y-Teens I-2-3-4, SocialChairrnan 2-4, G.A.A. 2-3-4, Vice-President 4, Chorus I-2, A Cappella Choir 3-4, Junior Prom Committee, Quill Editor-in-Chief, Quill Reporter, Excalibur Reporter, Student Council 4, National Honor Society 3-4, D.A.R. Pilgram Contestant. HAYDEN L. WILLIAMS, 'Alfey' F.F.A. l-2-3-4, Historian 3-4, Intramurals 3-4, A Cappella Choir 3-4, Vocal Varieties, 'Home Sweet Homicide". JOYCE ANN WILLIMAN-- "Queenie" Y-Teens I-23-4, G.A.A. I, Chorus I, A Cappella Choir 2-34, Band I-2-3-4, Dance Band 3, Lyre Club 3-4, Rendezvous Committee I-2-3-4, Student Council 2-3, Homecoming Attendant I-3, Homecoming Queen. ROBERT CLEVELAND WISEBORN-- "Ace" V-Club 3-4, Basketball I-2-3-4. ERMA JEANNE WOLLET-- "Jeanne" Y-Teens 2-3, Pianist 3, Chorus I, A Cappella Choir 2-3-4, D.C.T. 4. ELIZABETH ANN WYDAI-LIS-' 'Betty' F.T.A. 2-3-4, Science Club, Quill Reporter, Excalibur Reporter, Scholarship Team 2,3, Senior Scholarship Test. JAMES C. YOUNG-- 'Brigham' Hi-Y I-2, Vice-President 2, V-Club I-2-3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball I'2'3"I. Baseball I-2-3-4, Junior Prom Committee, Student Council I, Boys's State, Junior Rotarian, Excalibur Sports Editor, Quill Sports Editor, Quill Reporter, Excalibur Reporter, Senior Scholarship Test. S'C'la44J!1L1Zaa.q On the opening day of school, 1949, Van Wert High School's dignity and aplomb was considerably affronted by the surge of Freshmen, proclaming their ignorance with every loud giggle and guffaw. After a few days of bedlam, a semblance of order was maintained and under the sustaining hand of the faculty the 144 individuals comprising the class began to function as a unit. We chose as class officials Harold Fellers, President, Bob Kibler, Vice-President, Sally Jarvis, Secretary, and Barbara Burgoon, Treasurer. These officers competently maneuvered us through our initial year of high school. As Sophomores we were quite suave and worldly, and were somewhat prone to believe that we were the smartest people in the building. Selected as the bulwarks of the class that year were Lloyd Lee, President, Bob Kibler, Vice-President, Nancy Mayer, Secretary, and Juanita Grunden, Treasurer. We were now beginning to become more a part of things. Many Sophomores were to be found on the athletic teams, cheerleading squads, and on the cabinets of the various organizations. But, basking in the comfortable glow of self esteem, we were unaware of the prestige that would be ours when we became Juniors and upperclassmen. With the advent of that momentous occasion we assumed the robes of dignity and ousterity worn by all upperclassmen. The stalwarts ofthe class were Gerald Jerome, President: Frank Scott, Vice-President: Sally Jarvis, Secretary and Jean Purdy, Treasurer. We found ourselves confronted by many responsibilities, among them the staging of a class play and the sponsoring of the Junior-Senior Prom. However, these duties were alleviated by the knowledge that when next we began a new year of school it would be as Seniors. This year as we trekked up the long walk, it was with the feeling that we had reached our ultimate goal. Somewhat subdued by this knowledge, we selected our class officers with the gravity befitting those of our station. Serving as leaders on the last lap of our iourney were Richard Packer, President, Jim Baer, Vice- Presidentp Sally Jarvis, Secretary, and Betty Bollinger, Treasurer. Our class took its position as the mainstay ofthe school, with many of our members distinguishing themselves. Many Seniors utilized their executive prowess to good advantage, acting as presidents of the many school organizations. Among these were Carolyn Harting, Senior Y-Teens: Sally Jarvis, G.A.A.i Gerald Jerome, D.C.T., Margaret Blanke, F.H.A.p Richard Smith, Student Council, Betty Bollinger, F.T.A., Terry Farlow, National l'bnor Society and Senior Hi-Y, and Richard Packer, V Club. As proof of the versatility of our class were Colletta Collette, Janet Kresicher, Audrey Kreischer, and Janice Wells, who cheered the athletic teams to victory. Shirley Johns and Doris Heath lent color to the band as they pranced down the field, bedecked in their maiorette uniforms. The 1952 Cougarmen proved themselves masters ofthe gridiron as they emerged from the season's com- petition undefeated and untied. Seniors contributing to the team's success were Dick Smith, Frank Scott, Mike Kennedy, Bob Kibler, Dick Packer, Jerry Fugazzi, Ed Linser, Lloyd Lee, Jim Young, and Willie Hernandez, with the latter trio being singled out to receive honors for their spectacular feats with the pigskin. lndi cati ve of the feminine pulchritude contained withing the ranks of our class were Joyce Williman and Sue Eggerss, who were chosen Queen and Senior Attendant respectively of the 1952 homecoming festivities. When basketball season rolled around, we sent Jerry Fugazzi, Bob Wisenborn, Charles Spurlock, Bob Stemen, Jim Young, Jim Baer, and Willie Hernandez to the hardwood. Sally Jarvis, Donna Hallam, Cynthia White, Laurie Gal d, and Carolyn Kissel represented the local chapter in the DAR test. Laurie Gold, Cynthia White, Sally Jarvis, Gerald Thatcher, Terry Farlow, and Larry Gilliland were elected to National Honor Society in their Junior year and this year Carolyn Kissel, Danna Hallam, Richard Smith, Jean Purdy, and Alyce Weck were inducted into the society. Jack Conley, Terry Farlow, Larry Gilliland, Jim Young, Gerald Jerome, Richard Packer, Gerald Thatcher, Norman McDaniel, Richard Smith, Willie Hemandez, Frank Scott, and Haydn Williams were designated as Junior Rotarians. The Senior Class Play, 'Take Care of My Little Girl ', employed many of our number in its cast. All in all, our Senior year was a happy one, as were the other three years spent withing the portals of Van Wert High. lt is our fervent hal e that our next few years will be as fruitful as the last four have beenl Thank you, Van Wert High School, for all you have done for us. May we ever be a credit to you! SEPTEMBER 8 - Back to the salt mines! V. W.H.S. welcomes 4 new faculty members and 18 new students. 12 - Football--We trim Bryan 33- 19. 19 - Football--at Defiance. We beat' em 34-20. 23 - S.R.A. test--what's your l.Q? 26 - Election of class officers. We slaughter Kenton for our first league win 52-6. OCTOBER 3 - We make Homecoming complete by beating Bluffton 44-0. 9 - School pictures for Excalbur taken. 10 - Football--We slide by Bellefontaine 7-P. 17 - End of first six weeks. V. W. crushes Wapokoneta 34-0. 21 - Assembly--lecture on India. 24 - Wheel! No school. A cappella choir sang at N.W.O.T.A. meeting. 27 - Musical assembly. 31 - :ligotballu Dad's Night. We trample St. Marys -7. NOVEMBER 7 - Football--We capture WBL Championship as we triumph over Celina 12-0. I0 - Assembly--Lady M. D'Arcy from England. 11 - No school--Armistice Day. 14 - We finish the season UNDEFEATED AND UNTIED as we crumple Lima Central 26-0 18,-19- Junior Class Play--'Beauty and the Beef'. Nice going, kids. 21- Basketball at Paulding. We win our first game 70-49. 27,28 - Thanksgiving Vacation. 29 - Basketball at Lima Central. DECEMBER 4,5,6- Every Pupil Tests, heh, heh. S- 6 Football Banquet. - Basketball--Defiance, Here. We lost, 79-61. 3,12 - National Photographic Awards Exhibit. 12 - 16 17 19 - 24 - 26 - Basketball--Ada, here. WE WON, 75-64. - Y-Teens sing for convelescents. - G.A.A. Christmas party. Basketball at Lima Shawnee. We lost, 71-67. Christmas vacation begins. Yippie! Celina Tournament. We beat Wapakoneta, 67-47. 27 - We win Celina Tournament, beating Shawnee, 73-59. 30 - Srowball. JANUARY 2 - Basketball--Bellefontaine, here. We lost, 86-6 5 - Christmas Vacation ends. . . 9 - Basketball at St. Marys. We lost, 74-65. l3,14- Vocal Varieties. 15 - Varieties iven for Polio Benefit. 16 - Basketbala-Celina. here. We lost, 70-68. 23 - End of FIRST SEMESTER -- Whoopeeeeel Basketball at Wapakoneta. We lost, 65-61. 28 - G.A.A. Penny Lunch. 30 - Basketball--Lima South, here. We lost, 67-65. 31- Senior Scholarship Test. flj Mr. Mather speaks at football banquet. 123 The Snowball. 131 Vocal Varieties Benefit. l4J The G.A.A. Penny Lunch. 9 -. FEBRUARY 6 - Basketball at ammo... w. won, eb-56. 13 - Basketball--Kenton, here. We won 70-63. 14 - Basketball--Xenis Central, here. We won, 59-54. 20 - Basketball--Napoleon. We lost. 23 - Basketball tournament, vs. Bryan. We lost 87'57. MARCH 6 - End ot4t11 Six weeks. 10 - Junior Math Test. 16 - Assembly--Hedley Hepwortlw--'Immortal Characters of Dickens' 20 ' G.A.A. Mixer 24,25 - Senior Class Play 27 - National Honor Society Induction 31 - Every Pupil Tests. APRIL 1,2 - Every Pupil Tests. Didn't 'cram' did'ia? 2 - Y-Teen Easter Assembly. 3-6 - No School 'hip hipl' Easter Vacation. 11 - State Solo and Ensemble Contest. 17 - End of 5th Six weeks lthoughts of flunking grow nearerj 18 - State Choral Contest. 20 - Assembly--Kurt Singer--'The World is Your Problem' 21,22- Band Concert. 24 - Ha-Y Ladies' Night. MAY 8 - Band Festival at Wapakoneta. 15 - Junior-Senior Prom. 22- LAST DAY FOR SENIORSI Elks Dance. 24 - Baccalaureate. 28 - Commencement. 29 - Last day of school! JUNE 2- END OF SECOND SEMESTER! Good luck, grads of '53l Mpeg. - A ui' r l N-I Our alma mater in wintertime is a maiestic edifice rising from the snow. The reserve cheerleaders in action. Betty Lou, Donna, and Janet are admiring Alyce's "new look". Nothing like a cold bottle of pop on a hot summer's day. Jim Young 1381, Don Doner 13U, and Jim Jordan 1301 start a Cougar scoring play. 6. The QuiII's co-editors, Cyn and Janet. 7. Brigham and Willie 1361 gain on an end around play. 8. Steve Moyer seems to be quite comfortable -- a typical VWHS student. 9. We seniors like to smile. 10. Lloyd Lee md Janice Brown are domesticat- ing some wild animals. il. Like the scoreboard and automatic clock, th4 study hall clock is symbolic of the many phases of high school life. SENIOR I-'RESHMEN ! I Qu A W K e ik , X '. dx :gin N I "X N X M' 1 z ,X I!! X 151:71 GQ f X 75 X K f Y: L - j k 1 X 36 ...-- x ff XI, SOPHOMORES , ,, 'ffl W, JUNIOR LE was Our- doubts are traitors, And make us lose, the qood we o-F-6 miqht win By 'Fearing 'bo attempt. Measure For Measure-Act I-Line 78 William Shakespeare :rum Hrvllnrn he Q s, 55' 1 L 'V . L 4, was if 5 f X s lggw X , in x E ir, 5 2E 8 ,1 ' 2 . 5 F ,iz-is ga: mi, ,:, 'A :Q -1, . , l l . E ' 1 ll 1,.f,pi. i - .Q - 1, k .. . i . .-my Roger Agler, Maxine Arnold, Jack Aurand, Kay Bagley, Colleen Baird. Evangeline Barrienfos, Rick Barrientos, John Blake, Elaine Bollenbacher, Jim Bowersock. Carolyn Bradford, Karen Brockerf, Kay Brown, Martha Brown, Gail Burgetf. Richard Carter, Beverly Case, Shirley Collins, Dale Conley, Yvonne Copelan Ronald Crowe, Maurice Dempsey, Gary Dierks, Carol Doner, Louis Dusfman Marianne Edwards, Perry Kay Edwards, Rhea Elston, Jan Farlow, Elaine Fast. Clara Furrell, Dick Giessler, Fred Giessler, Gale Gilliland, Bill Gingrich. Bill Gipe, Jane Good, Ed Grimes, Jim Hull, Kay Halliwell, Shirley Height. 74 , A 6 J, 5, il, 1 1 fr. 5' W yi , reg- Q V ' J' A ,iz 1 C 0 0 y R' . K Y 7 ' Es -1 ii' - A knn Helman, Mary Lou Herminghuysen, - , VLKVVV 0 . 6. Q, L eh Dave Herfel, Berry Hines, Dale Hire. . -- 4' 9 , , ,- J . .J V J y -' , -oretta Huffine, Nancy lmler, Inez .N 'K i V Q- , ' v-. lenkins, Mary Jerome, Dean Johns , -W 'X ' 14 4: l . Ioan Johnson, Alice Jones, Ollen Jones, --A A Beverly Kelpper, Dale Keirns - f 0 ww- . . an - . 'Aile Keith, Beverly Kessler, Eva Kay , f 'qv or E3 V I Kessler, Tom Kiggens, Kenny Kniitle. X l as N 1 W is A J A- J Karl Knodel, Travis Kours, Barbara . A . , W LaLonde, Don Lamb, Bob Lippi kg J 9 3 S Ronnie Lowe, Sharon McCollum, Danny f ' S! I lAcConahay, Larry McDanieIs, Helen Aace mn I 1- W I Delores Marrin,Jerry Mar'fz,Grace Meffercl A ' J 'Iancy Mericle, Carol Miller , ' 5 Singer Miller, Marcia Miller, Stanley Miller, Kathleen Moore, Sieve Moyer ' Jan Murphy 5 I ll! Q , M 'il I K A ,b P' -x 3 gf, , ,W ,T , ..,,,,,,..,,,N,,: V wwf ' 5, 5 li V, , ,J sf " "' -' ,, J 0 - ff X - P J f ' 235 J . , , aw lrir K J s . X 1 n Gs Kyfi F553 in ,, ev, ..1gg?gf:ggrf ' K 5? ' K, ite? ' K 'i i i ln. H- l 51- ' ' rm, 1. , .ff QW- V. -- -ew--rw I is , Wu' A We EW Q5' L Q Y ,2 W Q . ' 551.1 "em,-. 'M , -,af lr . K A E e ye! ,M w. I 1.5551- 5 I .K , , l . ' .ggizmg ' ' . .0 , ,: 5: 1, .ewan . 1.. f ,- ez ,U Ng! ,I A. F x -. ' f fit , wg it .J 1 1-.1 W . v. " f - 4- 7 S B iff, . i 'Ani NIM!" ,- Jggjw- .11-3 , ,:Q:,,g.-... ' 'L ' 2, V WH: K' V -. ,, fr-w.g,flw ,' f V W isf1Qff,.33 ?'fi-gt, - - ' s. .Ag M. , . - - . aiffiefgi s . V 1' K :Ki K ' Wi 55,329 ' fx, - . fy y My 'in Nr wwf -grfwgfzmr: ' " " , ., .- - ff ,. .-ww. ..-YH f ' , ' , -5' - I .. ' Ll K' ' ififif-5.5m V fif- :"'fl.-again. -gs, , Q - A :ff r Mn " :-, v wk M ' 4, hh , ,. , .fx 1 to sae, 5 -W . 1, li" ,, 'R X - if? W ,.,, ,M .nw Aw ., .K .... 11 7. I GE, Q 2 v if 5' . N 1:2 , . ywyglwf 42015, Q -, K V -,'. 'K -Y K ' ',.. - ,. Y K' . -t Wil ' , , I V? fiom -f: ,S .., mM.. K? Q., SL K-w , f mi so 11,-QZZRQ K9 f f Wifi 2 we w- S l Judy Nash, Donna Parsons, Roger Poling, Joy Preston, Kay Preston Pat Pritchard, Joe Raabe, Sue Roger, Charles Richey, Dan Riggenbach Larry Roesnor, Tatiana Rouse, Nathan Schaadt, Stanley Scott, Pat Semer Janet Shaffer, Joan Shaw, Joan Shook, Bob Shupe, Roxanna Smitley Shirley Speakman, Benny Spearman, Benny Spieth, Mike Spray, John Stucka Sandra Sullivan, Phil Tanner, Shirley Thomlinson, Arlene Torres, Carol Unterbrink Bill Waldron, Jack Waldron, Joan Well Martha Wermer, Mary Wermer. Bill Werts, Jim Wilson, Lester Wisene Sally Worthington, Jim Yahn, Margaret Young, Shirly Zinsmeister. Starley Agler, Hugh Ackerman, John Alvarado, David Ashbaugh,Ronald August Betty Baker, Ronald Bagley, Francis Balliet Dianne Barlet, Judy Beal Nancy Beams, Margaret Bell, Mary Bell, .lack Blackmore, Dorothy Block Dan Borclon, David Boroff,lona Brenneman Janice Brown, Gary Brunni Jerry Busch, Larry Butler, Peggy Butler, Rose Campbell, Carolyn Chivington Allen Clause, Donna Copeland, Shirley Iorathers, Janet Cowgill, Emily Crowe Aarcia Denig, Ronald Dilbone, Judy Driscoll, Don Dunifon, Bob Dunn Aartha Dunno, Nancy Dustman, Sandra Dysert, Lloyd Early, Phil Edsall XT 5 yy' 'kill x' ' 'LM 2' fmwrbf 'l' 41 . X 2' 1 .J' ' N- .E .,.. l"'l',a TF Q X. mu! Carol Eggerss, Carol Evans, Howard Fellers, Don Finkhousen, Carol Fon? Julia Ford, Bill Galloway, Jackie Geismc Marcia Geisman, Alice Germann Carl Gingrich, Dan Gorman, Edgar Grimes Ed Grunden, Duane Hainline Jean Hipsley, Don Hire, Marcia lreton Helen Jacks, Bill Johns Dorothy Johnson, Shirley Johnson, Jim Jordan, Peggy Kear, Bob Keith Barbara Kesler, Jerry Klick, Harry Kouts, Bill Kreischer, Lawrence Krick Raymond LaLonde, Richard LaLonde, Denny Linser, Joyce McCammon, Jim Mager Leah May, John Merkle, Barbara Miller, Bob Mills, Berthaiane Myers. Luello Phillips, Bill Pontius, Ester Price, Jay Prichard, Ester Prishey. Jay Reed, Shirley Renner, Pat Rex Don Rhodenbaugh, Danna Rider. Shirley Riley, Bob Schaffner, Barbara Schisler, l..aDoyt Schweikle, Larry Sharp. Bob Sherman, Gerald Sl one, Barbara Smith Sharon Smith, Linda Spitler. Marilyn Spridgeon, Connie Stahl, Dole Steele, Gary Stoller, Bonnie Stripe. Ginger Taylor, Colleen Thatcher, Don Tomlinson, Ann Turner, Jack Uncapher Ralph Unterbrink, Peggy Waldron, Nancy Waymire, Marilyn Weck, Joan Welker Bob Werts, Linda White, Gene Wilson, Gene Wi therow 8 sr ' li 053 R fit' ' ' g f. ' N , 'Q or .- 1 'W ' 1, x 4' f H N-.. VL 'l , f 3 l l , at Al f, -'ES Q . iv" is . f 12" si . . 1 , , J :J-in y .,'t. 75: A g 'f A :nx A I l If .K ' ' gi ,t,t N ' ., 4 'iff Ak gs 54,3 gif K S' P, I he ll il K ss .v f -Z 1 ---Q-.-.- i x A V X "' " - T no v . T T ii M S. Q , , F- s Nl X s. R ,,t t F' is jk K1 E " S I 55 -22,1 x fi" t A e ,Lge L i .T S 5' 'ii of " A , Q. 'W l i, W llyl ff- 1:5 42. ...B l": if ! Tig if K ati? v' Q.. - G- 5 V P' 1 " . I wi 6 ' lik. 1 i C xi l 6. - , xy ,-, . Q J J iii ,ff kv"hwig 3 bfi is ,nf 5. QE- g t ,. '65 EE, 1 f " 1 , ,W -:Ein 1 i SS Y , 5 kk N- 1 ag: k Ak.. D I.: :,.-:- - ' ii ." - rf 3 I 'i-,we fs 5 ,' A E J' I I g 1:4 . ivmmufio' i 1 4 Marcia Agler, Jerry Baer, Linda Bagley, Janet Beck, Jim Benfield. David Billings, Beverly Blake, Paul Bohner, Shirley Bohner, Pat Boroff Roger Boroff, Devon Bricker, Mary Brooks, Harold Brown, Rita Brown Margie Buecker, Delores Burk, Dixie Butler, Gary Cobb, Jesse Cooper Mickael DeMoss, Beverly Dempsey, Dennis Dersham, Jim Dilbone, Harry Du Shirley Dustrrun, Lynn Eikenberry, Bill Emrick, Bob Exline, Sue Farlow Arnell Fast, Bill Feasby, Roger Felger, Delores Fisher, Jim Fowler Ronald Frey, Janet Gallaspie, Terry Gamble, Jim Geisman, Tom Giessler Barbara Gilliland, Bill Gilland, Frank Gilland, Jim Gilliland, Janet Ginzel Arthur Good, Jerry Gribler, Ramona Grimes, Max Grimm, Walter Grunden ,Aw K- - ,-'f' 8 A ' Q . I P 3 . 'sa- v -nf - if -. ' ff: i 4 A , iii 9-7' 6.-v s N 1 u--1. - , 1 'J' 1 ir ' fr H , ,u af.. V 4 - A .el .4 35-was M . .,,M,,N, W . K ,,, 8 5 rg, , s ' 5 2 -PA on 1 'fr '- Q "i 8 , F L i " f if I S 1' 7. ' if ip... lf- in F, 1 mfr 5 my 5 IZ Skf I G Q jg 'P 'c 1 1 M 5- 5 'ni' ' .L il at Q .1 , y IAQ, .2 K, .4 ,SO 4 Virginia Miller, Ruthell Miracle, Mary Mohler, Harold Mohr, Rachel Morris Ann Mottinger, Jim O'Mara, Russell Pangle, Charles Parsons, Max Pritchard Curtiss Proffitt, Marcia Putman, Roger Ralesback, Pat Rodman, Phyllis Raesne Binalee Runser, Ned Runyon, Dale Saam Paul Sargent, Gloria Schaonover Terry Schwinnen, Ken Seibert, Hellen Shaw, Dick Schick, Kenneth Sites Alice Smith, Ronald Spealxman, Justus Speelman, Yvonne Sterrett, Anita Tanner Wilma Taylor, Robert Urton, Peggy Wabll Mary Wells, Joyce Williams Ronald Williams, Pat Williamson, Sue Williman, Larry Wills, Larry Winover Jim Wiseman, Robert Witherow, Jack Worthington, Ray Yahn, Bob Yound Roger Yautsey, Judy Zinsmaster 'sGZa44Jl1J1iofuf As we, the class of 1954, entered the doors of Van Wert High School this year, we had an air of pride and maiesty about us. We were now upper classmen. No longer were we to be humble and obeying in the presence of our elders. Our first duty was to go to the polls. With the aid of much electioneering we choose the following: President, Danny Murphy, Vice-President, Kathleen Moore, Secretary, Ann Helman, and Treasurer, Kay Preston. Our representatives to the Student Council were John Blake, Kay Brown, Richard Giessler, Danny Murphy, Benny Spieth, Sally Worthington, and Charles Richey. John Blake was elected Vice-President of the Council. Several athletically inclined fellows contributed to Van Wert's undefeated, untied foot- ball champions. Among these were Roger Agler, Bill Dias, Travis Kouts, Ron Doner, Danny McConahy, Gale Gilliland, Nathan Schaadt, Phil Tanner, Gerry Dierks, Jack Waldron, Lester Wisener, and Charles Richey. Ronnie Lowe was the team manager. Ron Doner was placed on theall WBL first team with Phil Tanner receiving honorable mention.. As soon as we finished football, we iumped into basketball. We have a very good representation there ol so in Bill Gipe, Stan Miller, Dave Hertel, Danny Murphy, and Charles Richey. Kenny Knittle was a very good manager. Cheering our teams on to victory were Evangeline Barrientos, Joanne Johnson, and Carolyn Bradford. We were proud to have Phil Tanner, Bill Dias, Travis Kouts, Gale Gilliland, Nathan Schaadt, Bill Gipe, Danny Murphy, Ron Doner, Dan McConahay, Ronnie Lowe, and Charles Richey in the V-Club. 'Beauty and the Beef", a hilarious three-act play was presented by the members ofthe Junior Class. , Kay Brown was our Homecoming attendant. Cabinet members of different organizations are Senior Y- Teens, Joan Well, Ann Helman, Joy Preston, Kathleen Moore, Karen Brockert, Marianne Edwards, Shirley Speakman, Jane Good, Reha Elston, and Sharon McCollum, F.F.A., Bill Dias, Ed Grimes, and Travis Kauts, G-A.A-, Kay Brown, Evangeline Barrientos, Maxine Arnold, Joan Show, and Nancy Mericle, and F.H.A., Eva Kay Kesler, Pat Prichard, and Joan Shaw. Ring and Pin Committee members are Sharon McCollum, Loretta Huffine, John Blake, Joe Raabe, Richard Giessler, and Danny Murphy. National Honor Society members are Kay Brown, Perry Kay Edwards, Ann Helman, Kathleen Moore, and Charles Richey. As we enter our final year of high school we will look back upon these happenings with a smile of satisfaction and try to improve ourselves to the full expectations of our friends. Charles Richey S 61644 Jlwiofuf Freshmen yesterday, Sophomores today, as time travels by so fast. We had a very pleasant Freshman year and now find the new one iust as pleasant. We opened the year by electing Jim Jordon President, Don Tomlinson Vice-President, Phyllis Heffner Secretary, and Marilyn Weck Treasurer.. Ronny Bagley was made Secretary of the Student Council while many others were members Representing us in football were John Alvarado, Jerry Busch, Larry Butler, Ron Dilbone, Howard Fellers, Don Gorman,Walter Grunden, Jim Jordon, Bob Keith, Jim Mager, and Gene Witherow. Leading us on to victory were Carol Eggerss on the Varsity Cheerleading Squad and Nancy Waymire on the Reserve. Janice Brown as Drum Maiorette led the High School Band, and Dorothy Johnson was chosen or Homecoming Attendant. We were represented in F.H.A. by Joan Welker, Treasurer and Marcia lreton, Historian. ln Jr. Hi-Y we had -Gary Stoller President, Bob Mills Vice President, Gene Wilson Treasurer, and David Ashbaugh Secretary. Jr. Y-Teens had in its cabinet: Judy Driscoll President, Janice Brown Vice President, Carol Eggerss Secretary, and Marilyn Weck Treasurer. Our boys on the basketball squad were David Ashbough, Jerry Busch, Ron Dilbone, Don Finkhousen, Jim Jordon, Harry Kouts, Bob Mills, Gary Stoller, Don Tomlinson, and Bob Werts. We had twenty-six boys and girls in the A Capella Choir. We as futere Juniors, hope the lost two years of high school will be iust as pleasant as the first two.. Marilyn Spridgeon 4 Glau "Whew! Here we are at lastl', smiled 146 Freshmen as we walked up to Van Wert High School an the morning of September 8, i952 for the first time. But when we opened the door, cries of 'greenie' assailed us and our happy thoughts turned to "Here we go again." After a few weeks of settling down, we had gained sufficient equilibrium to elect class officers amid campaign promises of 'dates for all Freshmen girls and a committee to do your homewark." These officers were Bob Young, President, Jim Jones, Vice-President, Anita Tanner, Secretary, and Mary Marquis, tight fisted Treasurer. Lynne Eikenbarry, Delores Burke, Sue Williman, Bill Emrick, and Bob Young represented us on the Student Council.. The Rendezvous Committee consisted ofa few Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Sue Farlow, Tom Harden, Sue Williman, and Bob Young. The Freshman representative to the G.A.A. cabinet was Peggy Wable. Delores Burke was our attendant ta the Homecoming Queen. Bob Young, Jim Jones, Walt Grunded, Max Grimm, Tom Harden, Bill Emrick, Kenny Seibert, Dan Mengerink, Dick Mason, David Billings, Art Good, Marvin Mihm, Jim Fowler, Charles Heath, Bob Mager, Jim Gilliland, Harold Brown, Harold Haight, Jim Geisman, Bob Holmes, and Terry Gamble carried the pigskin for Van Wert. Bob Young, Bill Emrick, Tom Harden, Sam Haller, and Larry Winover played basketball under Coach Coon. As reserve cheerleaders, Elaine Mericle, Sue Farlow, and Linda Bagley cheered our team on to victory. As we look back an this, our first year at Van Wert High, we realize that it has been hard work, but that it has been fun, too. With this in mind, we can look forward to our Sophomore year and the ability to look down upon the coming "greenies.' Anita Tanner N? 1 Q7 0 A .X "The time has c.orne,,"thc wmlrus said, 0 H To 'talk o-F many things: OF shoes-and .ships-and sealing wa!- O-F cabbages-and Kings- And why -the sea. is boiling hot- And suhefhef- pigs have wings. 0 1X--..a 'Ll gn, 'The Walrus and 'che Car-perrter Lewis Carroll NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Q2 Row 1: Sally Jarvis, Larry Gilliland, Gerald Thatcher, Miss Hall, Terry Farlow, Laurie Gold, Cynthia White. Row 2: Perry Kay Edwards, Carolyn Kissel, Alyce Weck, Donna Hallam, Dick Smith, Charles Richey, Kathleen Moore, Jean Purdy, Ann Helman, Kay Brown. The Van Wert chapter of the National Honor Society received its charter in 193 and has been operating under the direction of Miss Grace Hall ever since that time. The high standards set by the Society are character, scholarship, leadership, and service A flaming torch, symbolizing knowledge, set upon a keystone is the symbol ofthe club. At the base of this emblem are the letters C S L S, denoting the qualities for which the ar- ganization stands. Five Juniors and five Seniors were taken into the club at the annual induction service held March 13. They were: Kay Brown, Perry Kay Edwards, Ann Helman, Kathleen Moore, Charles Richey, Donna Hallam, Carolyn Kissel, Jean Purdy, Dick Smith, and Alyce Week. Members selected last year were Terry Farlow, Larry Gilliland, Laurie Gold, Sally Jarvie, Gerald Thatcher, and Cynthia White. The officers for the 1952-53 year were Terry Farlow, President, Gerald Thatcher, Vice- Presldentg and Laurie Gold, Secretary. CONGRATULATIONS, MISS HALL Miss Grace Hall This year the Class of 1953 wish especially to honor an individual who, in a sense, might also be said to be graduating. Many hundreds of Van Wert High School students have known the strenght of the guiding hand of Miss Grace Hall as they have threaded their way through the maze of Latin or English IV. Now she is retiring. She has seen students come to her classes and go and their children come. Her wit, her wisdom, and her ready smile have meant much not only to her students but also to her fellow teachers. We are certain that Miss HaIl's many years of successful teaching have given her a very broad post-graduate education. We, who have known her so well, are happy to say, 'Congratulations, Miss Hall. You are graduating at the head ofthe class". Robert Baker 3 C' ' Row 1-- Mr. Gallapoo, Kay Brown, Bob Young, Gary Stoller, Ben Speith, Lynn Eikenberry, Sue Williman. Row 2-- Jim Baer, John Blake, Jim Jordan, Dan Murphy, Bob Keith, Bill Emrick, Nancy Mayer, Sally Worthington, Dick Giessler. Row 3-- Jerry Busch, Ron Bagley, Dick Packer, Sally Jarvis, Cynthia White, Betty Bolinger, Chuck Richey, Howard Fellers, Dick Smith Student Council, the governing organization of the student body, was very busy this year with their various activities. The Council was in charge ofthe call-out telephone and the pencil case. Surveys were con- ducted to determine the reaction of the student body to various changes in school. Dad's Night at the St. Marys game and a mixer were also sponsored by the organization. Mr. Gallapoo and Mr. Baker were advisers for the Student Council. The following officers were elected for the 1952- 53 year: Dick Smith, President: John Blake, Vice-President, and Ron Bagler, Secretary. FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Future Teachers of America, a national organiza- tion, was established to interest young people in the teaching profession. This year the maior activity of the group was substitute teaching in the first and second grades. This was done twice during the year while the teachers were having conferences with the parents. The club heard several faculty members speak on the subiect 'Why I Chose the Teaching Profession." Officers for the 1952-1953 year were Betty Bolinger, President, Larry Gilliland, Vice-President, Fay Cooper, Secretary, and Carolyn Kissel, Treasurer. s l Row 0093 Fdyv Ann COOPGY. Sylvia Thomas, Joyce Williams, Carolyr Kissel, Joan Frey, Betty Wydallis. Row Two: Judith Nash, Sheila Hallam, Roxanna Kreischer, Larry Gilliland, Betty Golinger, Ester Price, Mr. Gallapoo. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Bottom row left to right: Paul Sargent, Tom Giessler, Bill Galloway, Bob Sherman, Bob Mager, John Merkle. Second row: Gary Brunni, Ralph Unterbrink, Dole Saam, Gerald Slane, Harold Haight, Jess Cooper. Third row: Walt Grunden, Art Good, Jim Wiseman, Bill Kreischer, Jim Mager, Jim Gilliland, Fred Giessler. Fourth row: Edgar Grimes, Dan Gannon, Harry Kouts, Ed Grunden, Howard Fellers, Morrell Allen, Max Grimm, Bob Morrison. The Van Wert-Marsh F. F.A. chapter has finished the year with flying colors. These young farmers received tap county, district, and state awards in many different iudging contests. They were awarded the gold rating for Parliamentary Procedure in county, district, and state contests. The chqter was honored by having Travis Kouts sing as a member ofthe Ohio delegation in the National F.F.A. Chorus at Kansas City, Missouri. Representatives to Kansas City were Bob Kibler, Ed Brunni, Haydn Williams, md Fred Giessler. Bob Kibler and Travis Kouts represented the chapter at Columbus for the Farm Bureau Convention. The activities of the year included a pest hunt, a Parent and Son Banquet, a high school mixer, and an assembly presented in accordance with National F. F.A. week. The officers for the year were Bill Di as, President: Fred Giessler, Vice-President, Travis Kouts, Secretary, Ed Grimes, Treasurer, Ed Brunni, Reporter, Bob Kibler, Sentinel, and Haydn Williams, Historian, Mr. Dwight Smith is their adviser. 4.4.4. Row 1: Left to right: Miss Juanita Baxter, Marcia lreton, Janet Cowgill, Eva Kesler, Margaret Blanke, Pat Prichard, Joan Shaw, Joan Welker, Jean Taylor, Miss Mary Sawyer. Row 2: Nancy Beams, Emily Crow, Barbara Miller, Bonnie Stripe, Barbara Kesler, Georgia Mace, Dixie Butler, Beverly Dempsey, Shirley Bohner, Judith Zinsmeister. Row 3: Berthoime Myers, Janet Gallaspie, Margaret Young, Coleen Thatcher, Marjorie Buecker, Alice Smith, Jeanette Lewis, Rosalie Jutmore, Hilda Heath, Sheila Malinowski, Ruth Ell Miracle, Bina Lee Runser. The Future Homemakers of America, under the able tutelage of Miss Mary Sawyer and Miss Juanita Baxter, are again enjoying a successful club year. This year the local chapter comprised thirty girls, with the following people holding cabinet posi- tions: Margaret Blanke, President, Joan Shaw, Vice-President, Eva Kesler, Secretary, Joan Welker, Treasurer, Marcia lreton, Historian, Pat Prichard, Parliamentarian, Marilyn Weck, Pianist. Mrs. James lreton served the girls as club mother. The future homemakers engaged in many civic proiects. This year the patients of the Van Wert County Hospital were th recipients of the girls' magnanimity. As their proiect for National FHA Week the girls bedecked the tray of each patient in the hospital with a red and a white carnation, carrying out the club's color theme. How- ever, the girls' generosity embraces more territory than the home front, for they sent packages of food and clothing to Korean boys and girls as their service proiect. The FHA maintains a food concession stand at the home football games and there- by obtains a part of the funds that it utilizes to such good advantage. ln November the girls were hostesses to the Bi-County rally, at which the Mercer County FHA girls were their guests. On the docket for the organization are the formal initiation of new members, the annual Mothers' Tea, installation dinner and Senior recognition, and the all important conferrnent of d99"'95' The FHA is one of the most useful and worthwhile organizations in our school. The communities in which these girls reside will benefit from their training as FHA girls. Roses to you, Miss Sawyer and Miss Baxter, for the maintenance of such a fine group! wa, . .. Row One- Peg Butler, Danna Rider, Marilyn Spridgeon, Sally Jarvis, Nancy Mericle, Cynthia White, Barbara LaLande, Joan Shaw, Evangline Barrientoes, Maxine Arnold, Peg Wable, Betty Johnson, Laurie Gold, Alyce Weck. Row Two- Mrs. Lela Duprey, Janet Beck, Shirley Riley, Rose Campbell, Emily Crowe, Janice Wells, Colletta Collette, Sylvia Thomas, Barbara Beretich, Shirley Bener, Ruthell Mericle, Phuliss Roesner, Sue Farlow. Row Three- Barbara Gilliland, Mary Brooks, Nancy Waymire, Jean Taylor, Dixie Butler, Nancy Harrulf, Carol Eggerss, Shirley Collins, Mary Hillery, Sheila Malinowski, Linda Bagley, Mary Lou Herminghuysen, Dorothy Block, Mary Marquis. Row Four- Martha Dunno, Virginia Miller, Alice May Geisman, Jackie Geisman, Donna Copeland, Starley Agler, Joan Frey, Margaret Stripe, Audrey Kreischer, Georgia Mace, Clarabell Furrell, Grace Mefford, Elaine Meri cle, Mary Wells, Karen Katterheinrich. Row Five- Peg Kear, Betty Halliwell, Colleen Thatcher, Connie Stahl, Beverly Case, Jayne Boroff, Roxanna Kreischer. Liz Osborn, Pat Pritchard, Ann Turner, Barbara Smith, Dorothy Johnson, Pat,Boroff, Marcia Putrmn. The G.A.A. activities began this year with the annual hike, which provided the necessary twenty-five points to ioin the club. The girls participate in many sports in order to earn their point. These sports include speedball, basketball volleyball, softball, ping-pong, swimming, hiking, biking, skating, and bowling. Club activities for this year included football and basketball potlucks, an initation dinner, a penny lunch, a dance, a pl ay day for the eighth grade girls, a tea for the mothers, and a banquet held at the end ofthe school year honoring the Seniors and new cabinet members. Sally Jarvis served as President, Cyrihia White, Vice- President, Barbara LaLande, Secretary, Sue Eggerss, Treasurer, Nancy Mericle, Basketball Manager, Maxine Arnold, Assistant Manager, Laurie Gold, Program Chair- man, Alyce Weck, Assistant Chairman, Joanne Johnson, Volleyball Manager, Kay Jerome, Speedball Manager, Joan Shaw, Softball Manager, Danna Rider, Hiking and Biking Manager, Marilyn Spridgeon, Swimming and Skat- ing Manager, Peg Butler, Bowling and Ping-Pong Manager, Evangeline Barrientoes, Historian, and Peg Wable, Freshman Representative. Mrs. Rufus Duprey is the adviser. Row 'I--Lynnda Leary, Linda Kirchenbauer, Karen Katterheinrich, Reha Elston, Doris Heath, Judy Driscoll, Peggy Kear, Loretta Huffine, Shiela Hallum Jo Preston andr , y , S a Sullivan. Row 2--Rachael Morris, Bill Gingrich, Martha Dunno, Carol Miller, Don Bordon, Mary Hillery, Kay Brown, Betty Hines, Anita Tonner, Deloris Fisher, Sue Williman. Row 3--Shirley Zinsmeister, Elaine Fast, David Stuber, Gary Cobb, Elaine Bollenbacher, Shirley Benford, Sharon McCollum, Elaine Gamble, Beverly Blake On the morning of September 8, 1952, approximately eighty-five band members reported to rehearsel at eight o'clock. They wasted no time preparing for the first football game and they performed at the maiority of the games thereafter. Following the football season the band worked on the Christmas pro- gram which was presented to the student body December 23. The high- light of the program was 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' with the maiorettls imitating a reindeer. The Northwest District All Star Band Festival was held January 24 at Bluffton, Ohio, where Von Wert was represented by Shirley Benford and Kay Brown, clarinetistsg Stan Miller, baritone, Kathleen Moore, flute, Stephen Moyer, trombone, and Gerald Thatcher, cornet. The sudden illness of Mr. Leonard Wolf, director of the Van Wert Band for twenty-four consecutive years, resulted in Mr. Herbert Jones directing the band the second semester. The band traveled to the new Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana, February 8, to see the Barnum and Bailey Shrine Circus. The annual band concert was presented April 2'l and 22. This event was one of the most important all year, and much time and effort was expended to make the concert a success. On May 8, the Northwest Ohio Band Festival was held at Kenton, Ohio. This event marked the last time the Seniors marched with the band. Ewa' 15 mu 1 Janice Brown, Nancy Mericle, Shirley Johns, Doris Heath, Sandra Sullivan ""' ' ......... Row 1--Jim Lane, Marilyn Hines, Don Rhodenbaugh, Sue Rager, Gerald Thatcher, Peggy Wable, Larry Ley, Vernon Laing, Shirley Dustrmn, Mary Jerome. Row 2-- Dickie Shock, Patty Boroff, Deloris Martin, Jim Bowersock, Stephen Moyer, Yvonne Copeland, Denny Dersham, Joe Raabe, Ruth Mericle. Row 3--Stanley Miller, Jerry Grihler, Jay Prichard, Bill Gilland, Karl Gingrich, Carl Johnson. Jim Leonard, Phyllis Heffner, Robert Exline, Joyce Williman, Benny Spearman, Pat Rex, Benny Spieth, Kathleen Moore, Devor Bricker, Russell Gipe Esther Price, Sandro Dysert, Betty Bolinger, Jim Yahn, Margaret Jerome Inez Jenkins. 5' P 2 146' EAM. A. 4 5 H l sf it H ,.,,... .,.i by , t M 1: , Q Q swf C em ., .... 3w.w: , C -- wr!-gf ---' "", ' -.1-f.. , 'ff' , , -' ' l"1Q..l1 xi -5 WWW 1 lif immm., 9 Qi- A-ww 5 , 'acura' - l' R' 'iff-". .. ' Rik iframes 1 'N , Row 'I: Marianne Edwards, Kay Brown, Ginger Taylor, Shirley Zinsmeister, Janet Kreischer, Mary Jerome, Nancy Dustman, Peggy Kear, Judy Nash, Starley Agler, Loretta Huffine, Evangeline Barrientos, Sharon McCollum, Marcia Miller, Marcia Ireton, Perry Kay Edwards, Rose Campbell, Janet Baker, Betty Geisman, Joy Preston. Row 2: Jackie Geisman, Elaine Bollenbacher, Janice Brown, Betty Lou Bolinger, Fay Ann Cooper, Joan Wells, Joyce McCammon Judy Driscoll, Marilyn Spridgeon, Sandra Harting, Nancy Mayer, Marcia Deing, Carol Eggerss, Elaine Gamble, Esther Price, Carol Doner, Colletta Collette, Alice' Jones, Delores Martin, Laurie Gold. Row 3: Dianne Bartlett, Margaret Blanke, Donna Hallum, Jane Good, Iona Brennaman, Martha Dunno, Sally Worthington, Emily Crowe, Carolyn Harting, Sue Eggerss, Elaine Fast, Martha Brown, Karen Brockert, Joyce Williman. Row 4: Gerald Jerome, Roger Sherman, Fred Geissler, Morrell Allen, Nathan Schaadt, Gary Stoller, Max Smith, John Blake, Bob Kibler, Jack Conley, Russell Gipe, Fred Klausing, Gene Wilson, Jim Miller, Bill Waldron, Joe Raabe, Kenny Knittle, Benny Spieth, Gail Burgett, Karl Gingrich, Mr. Herbert Jones. Row 5: Dick Smith, Jerry Busch, Jim Hall, Charles Richey, Stephen Moyer, Bill Pontius, Gerry Dierks, Jim Wilson, Mike Kennedy, Frank Hall, Lloyd Lee, Dick Packer, Richard Scaer, Gary Doxtater, Bob Shupe, Bob Lippi, Haydn Williams, Travis Kauts. lt's been a very busy year for A Cappella Choir. They presented a concert at the First Presbyterian Church and went caroling for the Christmas season. After Christmas they begun working on the 'Va cal Varieties", which was presented on January 27 and 28. Since both performances were sell-outs, it was given a third night, with the proceeds going to the Polio Fund. The mixed chorus and the boys' and girls' choruses entered the District Class A2 Contest on March 21 at Ohio Northern University. Several members entered the Solo and Ensemble Contest at Lima, Ohio, on March 28. The Senior Girls' Sextette, members of the choir, sang for various organizations thoughout the city, many times this year. The choir ended up the year by giving a Spring conert. Mr. H. Herbert Jones is the supervisor of all vocal rusic at Van Wert High. mmm I -L o 4' Wacal Wawiefia kv- x 1 Q K I 5 Q, 1? 'i 'v 5 avg 50' + . 'Q it " 2' I e F' Q J' FK 42- -A Qui XJ n- f - .H x Dun '5 "?1?kv ,W N 1 n , W if , 1 gn M 75 A ' ,A .. . le i5 V K Q f' A if Z ilix - -9- - G 4-QGQ. EM M. W, ik In - 59 , 1 f ' ' 7-1 I, Page A j X I . w w . I-1 1 Q- , , "-..., 5 .iw-fit-1 435135, 4 -if we. ' ,, A... 3-M -f,4.. nfs' ,.,, -iwirxg Ll 1 n W 0 0 I 5:44, Row One- Betty Wydallis, Lois McDonald, Collette Collette, Sylvia Thomas, Janet Kreischer, Miss Elizabeth Rimer. Row Two Carolyn Kissel, Sally Jarvis, Alyce Weck, Nancy Mayer, Shirley Benford, Jean Purdy. Row Three- Cynthia White, Sue Eggerss, Bill Miller, Larry Gilliland, Jim Young, Jim Gribler, Donna Hallam. The Scarlet Quill Staff for l952-l953 was Janet Kreischer, Editor-in-Chief during the first semester, Cynthia White, during the second semester, Sylvia Thomas and Bill Miller, Business Managers, Carolyn Kissel and Jim Gribler, Circulation Managers, Sally Jarvis and Nancy Mayer, Girls' Sports Editors, Jim Young and Larry Gilliland, Boys' Sports Editors, Cynthia White and Alyce Weck, Exchange Editors during the first serrester, Janet Kreischer and Alyce Weck, during the second serrester. The reporters were Shirley Benford, Colletta Collette, Sue Eggerss, Donna Hallam, Lois McDonald, Jean Purdy, and Betty Wydallis. The faculty adviser was Miss Elizabeth O. Rimer. The Excalibur Staff for 1952-1953 was Larry Gilliland, Editor-in-Chief, Sally Jarvis, Associate Editor, Donna Hallam, Art Editor, Sylvia Thomas and Bill Miller, Business Managers, Carolyn Kissel and Jim Gribler, Circulation Managers, Steve Mover, Student Photographer. Reporters for the annual were Shirley Benford, Colletta Collette, Sue Eggerss, Janet Kreischer, Nancy Mayer, Jean Purdy, Alyce Weck, Cynthia White, Betty Wydallis, and Jim Young. Miss Elizabeth O. Rimer was the Literary Adviser and Mr. Ralph Gallapoo, the Financial Adviser. HOMECOMING FESTIVITIES This year Joyce Willimon reigned as the Homecoming Queen at the annual Homcoming festivities which were held on October 3. The attendants were Sue Eggerss, Senior, Kay Brown, Junior: Dorothy Johnson, Sophomore, and Delores Burke, Freshman. Following the game a dance was held in Lincoln gym in honor ofthe queen and her court. During the intermission a most interesting program consisting only of student talent was conducted. Those participating were vocalists Carolyn Harting and Frank Hall, the Tupettes who are Shirlee Roth, Sue and Carol Eggerss, and Nancy Mericle, and a ukelele quartette consisting of Lynn Eikenbarry, Rachel Morris, Linda Kirchenbauer, and Larry Lehman. Charlie Parsons picked the numbers from a container to see who were the lucky people to receive door prizes. Truman Martin and his orchestra furnished the music. The iournalism class sponsored this event with Sue Eggerss as the General Chairman, Sally Jarvis as Program Chairman, and the supervision of Miss Elizabeth O. Rimer. 'Xl' -Q1 -'7eeM Row 1, Marianne Edwards, Cynthia White, Alyce Weck, Carolyn Kissel, Kathleen Moore, Jean Purdy, Joan Wells, Ann Helman, Carolyn Harting, Joy Preston, Betty Bolinger, Karen Brockert. Row 2: Reha Elston, Barbara Bereti ch, Joyce Williman, Loretta Huffine, Faye Cooper, Sylvia Thomas, Colletta Collette, Perry Edwards, Kay Brown, Kay Bagley, Shirley Speakman, Yvonne Copeland, Mary Jerome, Delores Martin, Martha Wermer, Ginger Miller. Row 3: Miss Lown, Nancy Mayer, Sally Jarvis, Martha Brown, Elaine Bollenbacher, Carol Doner, Kay Halliwell, Shirley Benford, Joan Frey, Jeannene Driscoll, Margaret Stripe, Mary Werner, Sue Roger, Judith Nash. Row 4: Audrey Kreischer, JGYVW Boroff, Beverly Case, Margie Shock, Sue Eggress, Roxanna Kreischer, Elaine Fast, Elizabeth Osborn, Laurie Gold, Rosalee Thurston, Marilyn Sherburn, Carol Miller, Sharon McCollum. 'We, the younger generation, Are striving now to build a better world. Peace and unity, freedom and brotherhood, These we have set to be our goal." This excerpt from the Y- Teen Song proclaims the destination toward which Y-Teendom is ever striving. During the past year the Senior Y-Teen Club of Van Wert High School has endeavored to do its part in mold- ing fine citizens who will make this a better'world. The club has had many educational topics discussed for its programs. Mr. David Jones gave a talk on "Dating and Mating', and Mrs. Gale Reid on "Fashians". Other features were a discussion on 'What Our Town Needs Most", a ioint meeting with the Senior Hi-Y, a Christmas party with the Junior Y-Teens, and a farewell party for the Seniors. The organization engaged in several praiseworthy activities. Singing Christmas carols to patients at the Castle Convalescent Home, sponsoring the Easter Assembly at Van Wert High 5Cl100l, and providing devotions for the County Y- Teen Banquet are but a few. In order to defray expenses the group sold plastic towels, a proiect which proved to be a prosperous venture. With the competent leadership of the following girls the Senior Y-Teens enioyed a profitable year: Carolyn Harting, President, Ann Helman, Vice-President, Jean Purdy, Secretary, Joan Wells, Treasurer: Cynthia White, Social Chairman, Joy Preston, Service Chairman, Alyce Weck, Ways and Means Chairman, Kathleen Moore, Publicity Chairman, Betty Bolinger, Devotional Chairman, Carolyn Kissel, Program Chairman, Karen Brockert, Music Chairmm, Marianne Edwards, Pianist, Laurie Gold, Delegate to Inter-Club Council, and Miss Martha Lown, Adviser. SENIOR HI-Y CLUB ", rv Row I: Mike Kennedy, Ed Linser, Jerry Fugazzi, Dean Jenkins, Bill Gipe, Russell Gipe, Gail Burgett, Terry Farlow, Richard Scaer, Mr. Mankin, adviser. Row 2: Jim Baer, Bill Miller, Jack Conley, Wilbur Clymer, Lewis Dustman, Joe Raabe, Max Smith, Dick Giessler, John Blake, Jan Farlow, Steven Moyer. Row 3: Stanley Miller, Gerald Thatcher, Ronald Staley, Jim Gribler, Larry Gilliland, Gary Doxtater, David Heftel, Tom Kiggins, Bill Schaffner, Charles Richey, Phil Tanner. The Senior Hi-Y is a Christian organization under the sponsorship of the Y.M.C. A. The purpose of the Senior Hi-Y Club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian living. The Hi-Y, this year as in the past, sold pop at all home football and basketball games. They also sent members to Camp St. Marys and to the District Conference at Celina. The annual Ladies' Night was the last event of the year sponsored by the Hi-Y. The club adviser is Mr. Mankin. Senior Hi-Y officers are: Terry Farlow, President, Gary Doxtater, Vice-President, Larry Gilliland, Secretary, Ronald Staley, Treasurer. af' 5 BEAUTY AND THE BEEF 'The Beauty and the Beef' by William Davidson was presented November 'I8 and 19 by the Junior Class under the direction of Mrs. Howard Foltz. The story centers around the problems of Ginny, a former Quiz Kid, who moved to a new town with her parents. Ginny does't want anyone to know she has brains, especially the boys. When she meets Beef, the football captain, a hilarious romance begins. Ginny Allen, from Chicago . . Laura Allen, her mother .... Lester Allen, her kid brother ...... George Allen, her father ......... Franny Barton, the principal's daughter Beef, captain of the football team . . Molly Woods, a girl with a bass drum . Foggy Ryan, drum maior of the band . . . Professor Barton, the H.S. principal . . Miss Bigby, a teacher .......... Girl with a large horn . Girl with a flute . . . Barbara, a maiorette . . Scaffold .............. Steve, members of the team . . Bubbles ...........-. Betty ......... Dot, cheerleaders . . Mitzi ................ Miss Spencer, a doctor ...... Wallace Woods, Molly's father .... Men from the Sunnydale Mortuary . . . Delivery boy . . . . . . Western Union boy . . Band Members . . . . Prompter . . . Stage Manager . . U . . . . Kathleen Moore . . Beverly Case . . . John Blake . . . Joe Raabe a U e u 0 Reha EISTOI1 . . Charles Richey . . . Joy Preston . . . David Hertel . . . Stanley Miller ...... AnnHelman . . . Shirley Zinsmeister . . . . . Colleen Baird . . Loretta Huffine l o u u BUYQBT . . . . Stephen Moyer . . . . . . . Phil Tanner . . Perry Kay Edwards ....... JoanWells . . . . . Alice Jones . . Shirley Collins . . . William Gipe . . . James Yahn Gerald Dierks uoueuclsaluenon KQnn8fhKnlfflQ ................... RichardCarter . . . Elaine Bollenbacher, James Bowersock, Sue Ruger, Mary Jerome, Yvonne Copeland, Benny Spieth, Inez Jenkins, Benny Spearman . . . Roxana Smitley . . Fred Giessler "Take Care of My Little Girl", dramatic comedy written by Anne Coulter Martens was presented in Lincoln Auditorium, March 24 and 25, by members of the Senior Class. The setting of the play is a sorority house on the campus of a small college. Liz, the charming girl who wants very much to be accepted by her mother's old sorority, forsakes both her studies and her friends in her intense effort to become a member. Hell-week at the sorority provides much comedy and also serves as the climax when Liz refuses to lower herself to the required degree for the sake of reco ni tion g . Mr. Clyde Coon directed the play. CAST Elizabeth fLizj - the girl . . Becky - her old friend . . . Adelaide a fAdl - her new friend ...... Merry - sorority president . . Marge - rush chairman . . . Dallas - a fashion plate . . . Casey- an 'intellectual' . . Mother Apple - house mother Mrs. Bellows - an influential alumna ............ Joe - an Ag. student . . . Chad - a fraternity man . . Sam - also a frat man . . Sorority pledges: Thelma ...-... Alice . . . Grace. . . Marie . . . Sorority Members: Justine ...... Polly . . Marilyn . . June ........ An Expressman . . . Director ...... . . Laura Gold Joyce Williman Carolyn Harting . . Sally Jarvis . . Betty Bollinger . . . Sue Eggerss . . . Faye Cooper . .Donna H al lam . . . Jean Purdy . . Dick Packer . . Bob Kibler . David Stuber Elizabeth Osborn Colletta Collette . . Shirley Johns Marilyn Sherburn . Roxanna Kreischer . . . . Alyce Weck . . . Mariarie Frey . . . Shirley Benford Haydn Williams . . Mr. Clyde Coon RENDEZVOUS COMMITTEE OF THE YWCA Row l, Left to Right: Mrs. R.D. Gallamore, Sue Farlow, Travis Kouts, Bob Kibler, and Joyce Williman. Row 2: Bob Young, Sue Williman. Mary Jerome, Danny Gorman, Rhea Elston, Laurie Gold, and Tam Hardin. The officers for the Rendezvous Committee during the 1952-53 school year were as follows Co-chairmen, Travis Kouts and Bob Kiblerp Secretary, Sue Farlow, and Treasurer, Joyce Williman. The Rendezvous Committee sponsored the Snowball and many Saturday evening dances again this year. 'The Five Notes' furnished the music for these dances. The committee also sponsored the dances after the football and basketball games and has kept the Rendez- vous Room open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights for the students. Mrs. R.D. Gallamore, of the Y.W.C.A. staff, was the adviser for this group. VOCATIONAL F! INDUSTRIAL CLUB Row l: Jaunita Muntsinger, Audrey Kreischer, Pat Harden, Nancy Shoup, Ernn Wollet, Rosalee Thurston, Nancy Davis, Janice Anderson, Marilyn Schilb, Pat Houts. Row 2: Roger Holsltsberry, Russell Mace, Ed Linser, Gerald Jerome, Norman McDaniels, Jim Tomlinson, Jim Miller, Jim Exline, Ronald Crowe. Row 3: Ollen Jones, Maurice Dempsey, Don Miller,'Ralph Mathews, Bill Schoffner, Jim Wilson, Bob Pangle, Mile Keith, Mr. Calvin Cottrel. W ii Sni- vac wow i mousmii EL B XX r This is the second active year for the Van Wert D.C.T. Chapter ofthe V.l.C. of Ohio. The thirty-one members of the V.l.C. met this year with these officers ta guide them: Gerald Jerome, President, Edward Linser, Vice-President, Audrey Kreischer, Secretary, Juanita Muntzinger, Treasurer, Rosalee Thurston, Reporter, Don Miller, Sergeant at Arms and Mr. C. J. Cotrell, Adviser. The torch, pictured above, symoblizes the democratic way of life, the head represents intellectual faculties. The eye and the handshake denote ability for observation and co- operation while the gear illustrates the wheel of industry and the relationship of individuals for more efficient work. The industrial potential ofthe community, state, and notion is symbolized by the factory, while the city building and the school building represents local government and the educational facilities necessary to attain knowledge, skill, and experi- ence. The shield serves to identify those bound together for a common cause and represents the strength of the individual club members. As a service to the school the chapter set up an Occupational information filing system for all high school students to use. Among their many other club activities were the Employer-Employee Banquet, several outside speakers, a contribution to the polio fund, training and participation in a district parlimentary procedure contest, and the sending of two delegates to visit the state legisla- ture. JUNIOR Y- TEENS The Jr. Y-Teens with their leader, Mrs. Burkham, began their activities by selling Cougar pencils, Christmas cards, and stationery to the students.. Ther social activities ofthe year included a ioint meeting with the Jr. Hi-Y Club on January 7, and a CI'ristn-as party with the Senior Y-Teens. The officers of this club are: Judy Driscoll, President, Janice Brown, Vice-President, Carol Eggerss, Secretary, Marilyn Weck, Treasurer. First row: Rose Campbell, Marcia Geisman, Dorothy Block, Nancy Dustman, Dana Rider, Linda White, Marilyn Weck, Judy Driscoll, Carol Eggerss, Esther Price, Marilyn Spridgeon, Phyllis Heffner, Marcia Agler, Judy Zinsmeister, Delores Burke. Second row: Nancy Waymire, Marcia Ireton, Nancy Beams, Emily Crowe, Janet CowgiII, Carolyn Chivington, Helen Dempsey, Delores Fisher, Phyllis Lane, Margaret Shaw, Pat Boroff, Ramona Grimes, Lynne Eikenberry, Sue Farlow, Janet Gallespie, Mrs. Burkham. Third row: Joan Welker, Linda Spitler, Carol Evans, Mary Brooks, Barbara Miller, Esther Prishey, Barbara Kesler, Linda Bagley, Janice Ginsel, Anita Tanner, Shirley Dustn-an, Linda Kirchenbauer, Elaine Mericle, Phyllis Rosener, Margaret Jerome, Beverley Blake, Mary Wells. Fourth Row: Dixie Butler, Joyce Williams, Gail Himrod, Donna Copeland, Martha Dunno, Virginia Miller, Peggy Waldron, Starley Agler, Mary Bell, Binalee Runser, Mary Marquis, Pat Williamson, Sandra Harting, Joyce MCCammon, Rachel Morris, Sue Williman. Fifth Row: Shirley Riley Carol McCaelic, Sheila Hallam, Pat Butler, Jean Hipsley, Carol Hilton, Dorothy Johnson, Karen Katterheinrich, Anne Turner, Alice Bell, Diane Bartlett, Barbara Smith, Iona Brenne man, Linda Longwell, Peggy Wable, Marcia Putman, Lynnda Learey. JUNIOR HI-Y This group of boys was ably Ied by Mr. Bernard Bricker this year. Their activities included their participation in the Y.M.C.A. League and a co-meeting with the Jr. Y- Teens on January 7. The officers of this organization are Gary StoIIer, President, Dennis Linser, Vi ce-President, David Ashbaugh, Secretary, Gene Wilson, Treasurer. First row: Gene Wilson, Don Finkhousen, Dennis Linser, Robert Mills. Second row: Mr. Bricker, Gary StoIIer, Jack Uncapher, Robert Schaffner, David Ashbaugh. Third row: Don Tomlinson, Don Borden, Gene Witherow, Vernon Lang.. Since its beginning four years ago, the Usherette Club has been an asset to Van Wert High School. The members of the club have ushered at the Junior and Senior class plays, Vocal Varities, Band Concert, and other social functions Also they have maintained a checkroom at the basketball games.. Members are Beverly Kesler, Beverly Dempsey, Rosalie Jetmore, Barbara Kesler, Hilda Heath, Yvonne Copeland, Jean Hipsley, Ruthell Miracle, Pat Rodman, Barbara Miller, Mary Mohler, Gloria Schoonover, Jayne Borotf, and Jeanette Lewis. Jayne Boroff is President of this loyal group. Mr. Gallapoo is the adviser. Row two Jean Hlpsley Pat Rodman Jeanette Lewis Mary Mohler Yvonne Copeland and Row one Beverly Kesler, Barbara Miller Barbara Kesler, Ruthell Miracle, Gloria Schoonover, The V Club is an honor club, whose members have earned a varsity V. Each member must have high ideals of clean living and sportsmanship. Duck Packer served as President Will Hernandez as Vi ce-President, Ed Linser as Secretary Treasurer Once again Mr Livingston served as club adviser. First Row Bill Gipe, Dan Murphy Ed Linser, Willie Hernandez, Second Row Lloyd Lee, Dan McConnahay Frank Scott, Jerry Third Row Dick Smith Ronald Staley Charles Richey, Jim M-new .f 3 li slllixl 4- I aw? SENIOR SURVEY 9 of YNTSYBGB' es! Stlik and lx NYC' Mos? Friendly CQ Colleifa Coll Y ' ' ly Mos e tee and Jim Grvbler ro n Kfs f smdf o Sel and Us GQ,-old r1,,,,ch Gr Milf, Mos, 'n9 uf'-K H"'fr:'l',"1e Look' 'pl F09 Best 92 and MY and Je Dick Packer and Janet Kreischer kfly pu .Won .1,,om Q Mos, Best Figure and Physique Ggilfely r Xa Shirlee Roih and Lloyd Lee ' fflondo Sue I . G0 A LQUIIC C Und Bed C AIXUW on Soil. X 'Z Sf qi I Ex Though the most be players, Some must be spectatovs. Timbemor Discoveries Made Ur,-on Men and Maher Hen Johnson. All League hon All League All State Fullbock fFlrst and Tenl Honorable Mention All State IAPQ All Star Team Co Captain Cougars 33 Bryon Dick Smith End All Lea ue Honorable Mention fFirst and Ten, Co-Captain Phil Tanner Center Honorable Men- tion All League GRIDIRON GIANTS ,JMHM-H1041 Cougars 34 Defiance 20 QC jf C Q .gp 1 K A-2 4 5 Jerry Fugazzl Guard Dan Mcconaliay Hallback Nathan Schaadt End Dick Packer Guard Jim Jordan Quarterback Ed Linser Center Chuck Richey End Bill Dias Halfback Gale Gilliland Guard , rv PM X JT? -. " 41 Mlke Kennedy Bob Keith Bob Young Guard End Fullback Bob Kibler Travis Kouts Halfback Quarterback This year the Cougars we t d f n un e eated for the first time in nine years and the fourth time in their history as they won nine straight games For the opening game the Cougars traveled to Bryan and dropped the Golden Bears 33- 19- Next they handed Defance its only loss of the season, 34-20. Van Wert's high-powered scoring machine rolled along as Kenton and Fluffton went under by scores of 52-6 and 44-0. At Bellefontaine the Cougars had a tough battle, finally winning 7-0. However, they bounced back by taking Wqaakoneta 34-0. Van Wert then knocked off previously undefeated St. Marys 33- 7. The Cougars clinched the Western Buckeye League title by taking Celina 12-0. The Cougars won the big game of the season by smothering Lima Central 26-0- Van Wert was named the ninth best team in the state by the sports writers. Cougars 54 Cougars 33 Cougars 'I2 Cougars 7 Wapakoneta 0 St. Marys 7 Celina 0 Bellefontaino 0 Foo . - " f ,Tag ., Y . 5... Q , ,Fa xx ,S I A - K t .. it L l , 'S ' Q I t . U -.. i it j .W 3' Km fball Mentors: Gilbert Smith, Director of Athletics and Head Football Coa ch: James Reeder, Head Reserve Football Coach and Varsity Basketball and Baseball Coach. Gordon Earheart, Freshman Football and Basketball Coach, and Otis Coon, Football Line Coach and Reserve Basketball Coach. Cougars 26 L imacentral C Above right - the cheerleaders huddle with Mrs. Duprey, Audrey Kreischer, Carol Eggerss, Evangeline Barrientos, Mrs. Duprey, Colletta Collette, Janet Kreischer, Janice Wells. Above left - the cheerleaders in action. Lower left - Mr. Perry Wise cites Lloyd Lee as Outstanding line of 1952. Lower center - Ronnie Lowe and Ron Bagley, those hard working football managers. Jo-Ann Johnson, Elaine Mericle, Carolyn Bradford, Linda Bagley, Sue Farlow, and Nancy Waymire, the Kitten yell-ledders, are on the iob also. CAGE LETTERMEN Willie Hernandez sv' ,,,,2'.1'-3 f , ' J K ! 'b,, W r N if N K Q 'K E 5 E x QE S606 O,-I7 Chg Don Mur h ' i igzzx fles P y lefty F ug fo Wy Jim Jordan Smxev Wuer Jim Baer 6 C' Left to right: Charles Spurlock, Stan Miller, Bob Steman, Ron Bagley, Jim Young, Jerry Busch, Bob Wisenborn, Charles Richey, Willie Hemandez, Dave Hertel, Jim Baer, Bill Gipe, Jim Jordan, Jerry Fugazzi, Dan Murphy, Mike DeMoss, Manager, Ronald Staley, Manager, Kenny Knittle, Manager, and Mr. Reeder, Coach. Van Wert's basketball team ran hot and cold this year as they compiled a record of seven wins and eleven losses, never quite reaching the peak they were capable of reaching. Van Wert opened the season with a 71-49 win over Paulding. ln their next start Lima Central dropped the Cougars 63-60. Defiance had a hot night defeating the Cougars 79-61. Scoring the most points of the year, the Cougars somothered Ada 87-64. ln an upset Lima Shawnee handed Van Wert a setback. Van Wert got revenge the next week by defeating Lima Shawnee in the Holiday Tournament 73-59. In the final game of the Tournament the Cougars tripped Wapak. The Cougars then dropped six consecutive games to Bellefontaine, Bryan, St. Marys, Celina, Lima South, and Wapak. The Cougars broke their losing streak by dropping Bluffton 64-56. The next week Van Wert won its second straight game by knocking off Kenton. Playing their best game of the season the Cougars upset Xenia Central S9-55. ln the final gam of the season Van Wert was beaten byNapoleon7l'55. Van Wert dropped their opening game in the State Tournament to Bryan 87-69. The Basketball season's record: REGULAR SCHEDULED GAMES Opponent Varsity VW OPP Reserve VW OPP Paulding 71 49 25 27 Lima Central 60 63 34 43 Defiance 61 79 41 43 Add 87 64 47 5'l Lima Shawnee' 67 7'l 33 56 Bellefontaine' 69 86 'I8 44 Bryan 73 78 42 45 St. Marys' 65 74 33 46 Celina' 68 70 45 44 Lima South 65 67 36 56 Wapakoneta' 61 65 44 48 Bluffton' 64 56 37 38 Kenton' 70 63 37 35 Xenia Central 59 54 no game Napoleon 55 7l 46 48 DDEI TOURNAMENT AT CELINA Lima Shawnee 73 59 Wapakoneta 67 47 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT AT NAPOLEON Bryan 69 87 Season's record: Varsity won 7, lost 'l'l. Reserve won 2 lost 12. ' x FRESHMEN CAGERS COP CELINA S TOURNAMENT -1 uv' .1 S Top row: Gordon Earheart, coach, Vern Laing, David Holmes, Ned Runyon, Jim Jones Duane Mihm. Bottom Row: Jim Dilbone, Larry Winover, Bob Young, Sam Holler, Tom Hardin, Bill Emrick. The Van Wert Freshmen returned to the Championship of the Celina Freshman Invitational Tournament by down- ing Wapakoneta Blume 50-44 in the final game. The Junior Kittens downed Coldwater in the first round and Sidney in the semi-finals to gain a berth in the final match. Bill Emrick paced the Kittens with 40 point in the three games. Bob Young was second with 38 and Tom Hardin was thin! with 29. The tourney scores: First Round Van Wert 41 Coldwater 28 Semi-Finals Von Wert 46 Sidney 34 Championship Van Wert 50 Wapakoneta 44 10'-yeh Above top, The Reserve Basketball team. Top Row: Sam Holler, Bill Emrick, Larry Winover, Dave Ashbaugh, Don Tomlinson, Mr. Otis Coon, Coach. Bottom Row: Tom Hardin, Bob Young, Ron Dilbone, Bob Keith, Bob Mills, Mike DeMoss, manager. Above, The Reserve Cheerleaders. Jo Ann Johnson, Elaine Mericle, Carolyn Bradford, Linda Bagley, Sue Far- low, and Nancy Waymire. Below, The Hardworking varsity Basketball Managers, Ronald Staley Charlie Parsons, and Kenny Knittle. ' ,iiia T if ' 1 I A :ef Jerry Busch Chqvlgg Spurlgck DGV8 H9l'f9l Gipe Ron BG9l0Y Eukedall 346724 X I f .fm w . ' gm xiii? Smiling Seniors Football Banquet Mr. Kirchenbauer Mr. Otis Coon Our Proiectionist Mr. Baker '...... M... Q. 1 ...Q ww 1 7. 8. 9. I0 Il 12. 13. N . Guess Who? Mr. Manlxen Mr. Earheart Janice Brown Alma Maier Miss Rimer and Quill Editors Mr. Cottrell GOOD CITIZENSHIP TEST CONTESTANTS The Isaac Van Wart Chapter of the D. A. R. sponsors a county wide test in Good Citizen- ship each year. This test, open to Senior girls in accredited public schools, was taken in January by Sara Jarvis, Carolyn Kissel, Laurie Gold, Donna Hallam, and Cynthia White. The girl receiving the highest score in the state receives a S100 bond and is designated as State Good Citi zen. The girl receiving the highest score in the county receives a pin. Sally Jarvis received highscore at VWHS for which she was given Certificate af Award. ln l95l VWHS had the honor of having a student, Pat Kinsey, who made a perfect score on the testi She was Ohio's Pilgrim.. ln l952 Mary Lou Dietrich, having high score in the county was awarded the pin.. All the girls in the county taking the test were guests ofthe local chapter of D.A. R. at the March meeting. JUNIOR ROTARIANS These Junior Rotarians have been chosen by the Faculty to meet with the Van Wert Rotary Club at their luncheon meetings. Meeting with the Rotary Club gives these young men the opportunity of associating with some ofthe business and professional men ofthe community.. They are, from left to right, top row: Frank Scott, Dick Smith, Dick Packer, Jack Conley, Jim Young, Larry Gilliland, bottom row: Willie Hernandez, Haydn Williams, Gerald Jerome, Terry Farlow, Gerald Thatcher, Norman McDaniels. THE STAFF GRATEFULLY ACKNOWLEDGES THE FOLLOWING AS SPONSORS AND ADVERTISERS IN THE 1953 EXCALIBUR. FULL PAGE PATRONS: Continental Can Co., Inc. Kennedy Manufacturing Company The Borden Cheese Company The Central Mutual Manufacturers Insurance HALF PAGE PATRONS: Adolph Weclc The Ohio Power Company First Federal Savings and Loan The Van Wert Manufacturing Co. Herf-Jones Class Jewlry Tomaczalc's Flowers Josz Brothers Ford Sales Van Wert Asphalt Company ONE-FOURTH PAGE PATRONS: A 81 P Tea Company Purmort Brothers Bagley Builders Supply Balyeat Furniture Company Balyeat the Colthier Butler's Bakery DoIIy's Restaurant Gribler Dairy Hines and Son National Seal Company Pollock Radio Purdy Motor, Inc. Showalter Sporting Goods St.Mary's Packing Company The Gunsett Company The Van Wert Times-Bulletin U.S. Sporting Goods Van Wert Monument Company Vore-Knoll Funeral Home West Brothers Cleaners Wortman Brothers Company Ahlenius Company Balyeat'S Coffee Shop Beaupre Brothers Brookside Dairy Bud's Men's Shop Donald White Studio Don Smith Dustman Furniture Fredrick's G. C. Murphy Store Goodsell Brothers, Inc. Gorman Electric Harden's Music St-are Harold Balyeat Hotel Marsh Ireland Sales and Service Jerrold's Mens Shop Jerome Insurance J. C. Penny Company John Earl, lnc. Kiggin's Camera Supply Laudick's Jewelry Clark's Shoes Cowan and Son Hotel Marsh Beauty Salon ON E- EIGHTH PAGE PATRONS: CONTRIBUTERS: Merit Shoes McCoy's Flowers Morris 54-Sl Stores Myer's Grocery Packard Motor Sales Turner's Radio and TV WilIiam's Grocery Walter W. Jones Williman and Sons Wilson Gift Shop Wilson and Girad Wineburg's The Colonial Restaurant The Kroger Company The Presserette Cleaners The Portrait Studio Van Wert Book Store Van Wert lce and Supply Co Y. M. C. A. Y.W. C. A. McKeddie's Underwood Music House Yours and Mine ' i Another school year -- our last at Van Wert High School -- has drawn to a close. With the setting of the sun of high school comes a rainbow of events. Plans for Prom, Baccalaureate, and fommencement were released too late to make your Excalibur, but we hope that we have missed nothing else in this parade of time. Thunderous applause is the first thing in order. Donna Hallam must head the list for her in- spired work as Art Editor. As you look at the divider pages and drawings throughout the book, you will be seeing the work of an artist. Not only was Jim Young an athletic standout on the field and court but also he put his best sports knowledge to work in preparing the Athletic section of the book. Many things are required for a good yearbook, and sponsors are a must. Without Sylvia Thomas and Bill Miller to wheedle and sell advertisements, it might have been impossible to produce an Excalibur at all. We have tried to give you a book of numerous photographs. This was made possible when Steve Moyer stepped forward and offered his time and experience in conjunction with the Camera Club. Later Steve passively responded to the draft and served as Staff Photographer. We are also in debt to Mr. Don White for the many group pictures. Deep bows must be given to the three professional studios --they are The Portrait Studio, The Donald S. White Studio, and the G. K. Todd Studio -- which cooperated so well in taking the Senior and Faculty individual pictures. Many others gave much of the talent and individualism to the yearbook through their backbreak- ing iob of copy-writing, captioning, and typing. They were Sue Eggerss, Shirley Benford, Sally Jarvis, Colletta Collette, Nancy Mayer, Jean Purdy, Jim Gribler, Janet Kreischer, Betty Wydallis, Carolyn Kissel, and Alyce Weck. A bauquet of roses and orchids goes to Miss Rimer for her wonderful advice and exciting ideas The remainder of the faculty was the epitome of cooperation. The big iob of any yearbook is the actual publishing, and we feel that the Paramount Yearbook Service of Portland, lndiana did an excellent iob. Mr. Reedy their field man, gave us many ideas and contributed greatly to the book's accuracy and continuity. Every yearbook has its mistakes and we are no different from all the rest. We humbly apologize to all students whose pictures were omitted from their class pages or put on the wrong page. This happened because the pictures arrived too late. lf your name was misspelled, please accept our apologies. The staff hopes that you will enioy your l953 Excalibur as much as we have enioyed publishing it for you. Larry Gilliland, Editor.

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