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ks fz3?5f2i.'14-3w1',5f"f.,An.g:,, 55,1 2. sffluffzw: .mei-MJ.?.Qu+ . 5 Q 1: S ii 2 Q 3 :- 5 E! E sf 2 5 5 E 2 E 2 s 5 S 2 ? 5 ii 5 g ' r I , ' g ' ' " 'X' Y' ' ' ni ,wit 4,217-4.1 ,zoQ.z1L5f,.J,g ,.f.- w haxnlrai-4111!-.fiFL,.Qiw A1Q.i1f I5 in Q. +2iQ.P2kmtf321JzNii:+'Q5- 19- Q N ' ri ii fu E ORIES OF 49 VAN WERT HIGH SCHOOL Van Wert, Ohio O TGP Ed' ' -Ch f J h G A ciote Edifo J R I Business Manager.. N I H d Q Ad ...... RIhGI EIbl'1R MEMORIES, MEMORIES mfeallld of CIOUC S0 3110 R THE SEA OF MEMO .gan Ewing EMA .70 you esac sgugugulsuga manga sg: nga 931 nga IEC IECIZCSEIIECIEIIQIDQClgllgllgllgllgllgllgl manga sglugasglasguga Q 9!.19.1.19.o.1 9.1.1921 9.9.1921 9.0.1 921 921 921921 921 9219219219.1.19219.1.1 1 19.1.1 9219.1 19.1.1r.o.19.o.19.1.1 9.1.1921 9.9 1 , - - - - Q gil: 235 U 51:2 mg L 4 ' Q U S E W :Re 3 5 3 ' 51? me CHILD-HOOD DAYS H D 4 Q U - - 9 . . r 1 'lla 981 2 - S a as me 5 4 L ' U Q P 5 blk S32 ILD OOD DAYS 2,6 31:5 gg Egg? '32 E 5 ,xg 335 ME 3 5 3 3 21? ME 5 5 2 1 inf me L 4 5 4 f 1 533 832 L A 7 Q r 1 alla alle g g 2 1 mv me L 4 E 5 P 1 me Su? 2 a mv MKG 2 5 S 1 WF 586 L 4 L A ' 0 ' ' 584 WE 2 4 ' U U 4 5 9 1 Fil? 232 2 s 21:2 aug en: ' 9 O BUS ? all: 2752 L A 7 Q ini ix! L 9. , V :Irs 51:2 235 S z 'ni W S 4 2 5 r 1 gaze S32 ' 9 7 51:2 232 S E ig? g1!g g Q ax: SK: 3 J p Q Fil? 232 2 : P 5 me ax: F E Egg? :Ike 2 4 ' 3 51:2 MKG 1 L 4 ' ' 585 386 2 4 s Q 1 me gig 1 Q 135 B752 ? 5 1 R32 :Rs 5 5 : ' ' 2 9 D W MKG L 4 - g r 1 ine 232 U inf U U me iff! - g r 1 536 lg. Z? ini 5 2 mon? e cr an eed 533 elle 2 4 3 g 585 r - 9 1 D 1 one L1 K4 3 ,71E"21"22"E' 'X015''ZS''E''S''E''SUE''E''E03''Z''22"15"IS"E"Z21"E"2?1"IS''E''Z''22"22"8"Z"Z"Z"Z'QlF 2!!192192192192192u2192192192192192192192192192192192192192192192192192192192192192192192192192192192195.S QQ''22"1i"1S"E"Z''LS''E"2l"22"15''E''SS''22"2Z"?2"2l"E"Li4'2i"25"2l"2?2''LS022''2l"2?l''Z"E"LS"2l''2l"1S"Z?1"E52 Fila .O 19 9.19 0 19.0 99.0.0 9.19 9 Q9 0 Q9 0 Q9 9 O9 0.99 9.19 OAL' Q9 9 !9.9 I9m19.9Al. 9.9.9 9.0.1901 I5 A 4 s 2 if 383 335 31:5 31:5 31:5 31:5 zu: sr: You Left Me Alone, 51:1 335 53:5 2 s a s 232 2"E "" B S ' I I Y M "" ans ut tl our wn. ans B A L A Q I 9 I 31:5 385 335 31:5 31:5 Q I Q U 31:5 51:5 31:5 Su? S32 385 :Ili . :IIE BIKE 335 I U Q 7 2111 31:5 S32 Ex! 31:5 gllg 31:5 31:5 31:5 Q 0 Q U 31:5 31:5 , af xx: L 5. 1 A 51:5 1 U U Y 31:5 31:5 31:5 31:5 31:5 Q V V U 335 :IKE 51:5 51:5 :Jn :lla 3 3 3 3 21:1 kj!! BRS L .1 L A 51:5 39 B - f . FII? 5 2 It y edufl U 80101105 Sf all: ab: Q 7 C U 235 ills 51:5 51:5 ali: all: Q I V 7 2152 235 3 5 P 5 1:1 532 iv A ' "'0'4Yo'0'0'IV01l'o'4l'6'll'6'll'6'Il'0'lU'o'll'0'll'b'll'6'll'6'Il'6'lYOWl'o'lYOWb'6'IYOWl'6'll'6'lb'o'Ilxlt'6'll'o'Il'o'll'o'll'o'Il'o'll'o'Il'o'll'o'll'o, v 33195195135051951351DECDEQIEIDEIOEIOECIECIEQDEC9519519519E19?51lr5i9gl95I95219E19:51950519505195051751912-:ai WITHIN THESE COVERS gaffukg Cl :Med .Spam-la .fgcfiuifz ibeckcafion The Excalibur Staff of i949 takes pleasure in dedicating this annual to Miss Elizabeth O. Rimer. She has been a member of our high school faculty for three years and during that time she worked hard and efficiently in the class room as well as extra curricular activities. She has been a fine ad- viser in the publication of the Scarlet Quill as well as this Excalibur. We take this method of honoring her for a job well done. E i - fi- jf 1 uw 'B lL f k Q ..' 1,6 Q , it ww' Aw A NOTE: Get home early after school and help Dad. 12 Q X , Y Z V Don't forget test today in Civics. Basketball game tonight. Sell another Excalibur. Another Mixer Fri. night. G 1 Ie.. A p N e e in .... xiii on 1: '- - i WW wi SSSBL, uf 1 Z 1 A if' Lessons, notes, class discussions, tests well, that's what we are here for. Along with getting a formal education, however, we participate in the many activ- ities of Van Wert High School - Sports, 1 Clubs, Band, Chorus, etc. l lk N, ,.,--fl' ,g 1 4, ,, "' 7 ww.:-i+5-2-"-ff g Q7 1 --ffrifff-' 1 4nr-- - K, f ,Y -bf, 13310 , JI, W'-n-,,,.... Mlm, Mr. R. D, Bennett has been at the helm of our schools for the past three years. As superintendent, he has steered the course of our education into the channels of modern living as well as basic and essen- tial education. The tasks he has per- formed in the past nfake us look for- ward to the future with conwtlete con- fidence. With recognition of his capable leadership, we extend our ajpreciatfon and regard to him. R. D. BENNETT, Superintendent VAN WERT CITY BOARD OF EDUCATION These men direct the city school system. They spend many hours plan- ninq and working toward the welfare of all of us. F E Shaffer Clerk, Gordon Alspach, President, Dr, M. Forwalter, Walter Tolan, Vice- President James S Hall, Gordon Balyeat, R, D. Bennett, Mr. James A. Wiggins has been the principal of Van Wert High School for the past three years. He has served both the students and the faculty in countless ways. By striking a balance in curricular and extracurricular work, he has devel- oT:ed our sccial as well as our formal edu- cation. We are grateful 'for his expert advice in thc past cn:l wish him well in the years to come. J. A, WlGGlNS, Principal ALlCE ANN BAXTER LOIS KLAUSING JOAN SCHAEPER S cretary to Mr Wiggins Secretary to Mr Shaffer Secretary to Mr. Bennett gdlllhy ETHEL ARMSTRONG History, English Miami University, B.A. Ohio State University WILLIAM BERENDT Industrial Arts Ohio State University, B.S. Ed. GERALD D. BOWEN Social Science Huntington College, B.A. Ohio State University, M.A. MRS. LELA DUPREY Physical Education Ohio University, B.S. Ed. MRS. GENEVIEVE FOLTZ English and Speech Bluffton College, B.A. Northwestern University RALPH GALLAPOO Education and Social Science Ohio Northern University, B.S. Ed. Bowling Green State University, M.A. GRACE HALL Foreign Language, English Ohio Wesleyan University, B.S. I, G. KATTERHEINRICH Commercial Bliss College, B.S. Ed. Kent State University, M.A. ROBERT KELLER Industrial Arts Miami University, B.S. Ed. MICHAEL KISH Physical Education Bowling Green State University, B.S. Ed lndiana University jalfuay WALTER L. LEATHERMAN Electrical Vocational Electrical Vocation Training Ohio Wesleyan University Harvard JOHN H. LEONARD Agricultural Education Ohio State University, B.S. Ed. Ohio State University, M.A. GLENN H. LIVINGSTON Biology, American History University of Michigan, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. MARTHA LOWN English Bowling Green State University, B.S. Ed Ohio State University G. C. MASON Industrial Arts Ohio Northern University, B.S. Ohio State University, M.A. HAROLD MOHR Music Education Miami University, B.S. Ohio State University, M.A. R. D. PENNELL Machine Shop, Vocational Machine Shop, Vocational Training R. P. RAUCH Mathematics, Citizenship Miami University, B.A. Ohio State University, M.A. ELIZABETH O. RIMER Spanish Ohio State University, B.A. ELFREDA RUSHER Business Education Ohio Northern University, B.S. Ed. Ohio State University gaffuhy MARY SAWYER Home Economics Ohio University, B.S. Ed. Ohio University, M.A. GILBERT E. SMITH Physical Education, Chemistry, Mathematics Defiance College, B.A. Columbia University, M.A. H, B. SPIETH Science Defiance College, BA. Bowling Green State University HERBERT TODD Automotive Mechanics, Vocational Automotive Mechanics Training MRS, VIRGINIA WIGGINS English, Fine Arts Ohio State University, B.S. Ed. Ohio State University, M.A. J. FRED WILLIAMS Science Ohio Northern University, B.S. Ed. Ohio State University, M.S. MRS. MARY JO WISE English Bowling Green State University, B.S. Ed. LEONARD WOLF Music Education Dana Musical Institute, B.M, Bw ka E , ,ws aw Q 5 25 N 41 .Y b GQ mm 4 Q ,S www? E 4 iz I , I if 7' Y i NOTE: Don't forget test today in Civics. Get home early after school and relp Dad. N- ED Basketball game tonight. Sell another Excalibur. Another Mixer Fri. night. TBAU. 1 B 3 1. kx XWu"' Ah 6 E K l , k g gr f Y ' ir " 'fi -- , I y A ii , F hy W if Y Avg i - . , or K""'A's" 'er Y x WW 0155 X F at if 5 Lessons, notes, class discussions, tests- well, that's what we are here for. Along with getting a formal education, however, we participate in the many activ ities of Van Wert High School - Sports, Clubs, Band, Chorus, etc. X li X NN 2, if l ..,A'--5' 5 fi - .gli- emoriea of jour earn Possessed of higher ideals and aspirations we leave behind us four years of pleasant memories. One-hundred eighty four of us entered high school in l945 but by I949 only one- hundred eight are left to graduate. To help us through all the trials and tribulations of being "Greenies" we chose Howard Henney, President, Jim Scarpella, Vice President, Gerry Laing, Secretary, Juanita Thatcher, Treasurer. That year passed quickly and before we knew it we were sophomores. Since we were one year older we thought we were wiser and would try not to make the same mistakes again. Our sophomore year we elected Nolan Hudson, President, Bill Kear, Vice President, Gerry Laing, Secretary, Marilyn Kinsey, Treasurer. Our class was very busy these two years with all of our homework and the extracurricular activities. We were upperclassmen as juniors. But, of course, the seniors kept reminding us that they were the real upperclassmen. That year we chose Jim Scarpella, President, Bill Kear, Vice President, Delores Brockert, Secretary, Junior Barrientos, Treasurer. The setting for our prom was a Chinese garden. Burt Schieley's Orchestra furnished the music. That was the year we got our class rings. The ring and pin committee was composed of Nolan Hudson, Gerry Laing, Jim Scarpella, Dick Conrad, Nancy Harris, and Juliann Unter- brink. Then in September l948, after three years of much hard work and fun, we became SENIORS. To help lead our class this year we chose the following officers: John Gunsett, President, Bill Kear, Vice President, Wayne Baxter, Secretary, Dick Edwards, Treasurer. Senior members of the student council are Jeanette Ralston, Bill Stripe, Nolan Hudson, Barbara Ladd, Clarence Agler, Nancy Lea, John Gunsett and Delores Brockert. We are proud to have fourteen members of our class in the National Honor Society. They are: Melva Doxtater, President, Gloria Carlo, Secretary-Treasurer, Juanita Thatcher, Wanda Johns, Mary Anne Hennermann, John Gunsett, Ann Pettijohn, Marcia Crowe, Howard Henney, Byron Foreman, Jeannette Ralston, Joan Graber, Nancy Lea and Gerry Laing. Many of the members of our class are president of the various clubs bnd organizations. Mary Anne Hennermann, Y-Teens, Joan Graber, G. A. A., Jim Mounts, F. F. A., Clarence Agler, Student Council, Melva Doxtater, National Honor Society, Juanita Thatcher, F, T. A., and John Gunsett, Hi-Y, V-Club, and Chorus. The D. A. R. test was given again this year. The girls who took the test are Marcia Crowe, Mary Anne Hennermann, Juanita Thatcher, Gloria Carlo, Melva Doxtater, alternates, Nancy Lea and Ann Pettijohn. The Junior Rotarians this year are John Gunsett, R. B. Humphreys, Jim Mounts, David Alspach, Nolan Hudson, Carl Hattery, Byron Foreman, and Roger Whitcraft. Our class had a large representation in sports. Many of the boys were on the football, basketball, and baseball squads. The girls and boys were also active in intramural sports. The commencement announcements were chosen by Byron Foreman, Gene Matthews, John Gunsett, Jeannette Ralston, and Joan Graber. The Class Motto, colors, and flower committee, John Gunsett, Clarence Agler, Howard Henney, Ann Pettijohn, Beverley Spieth, chose the following: MOTTO: After the battle the reward. FLOWER: Red rose. COLORS: Red and Blue. l8 CLARENCE AGLER "Dope" In football he's our star In life he'lI certainly go far. Hi-Y, V Clubp Student Coun- cil 4, "Nine Lives of Emily." MDAVID A. ALSPACH "Dave" Radio is David's biggest aim We hope it brings him lots of fame. Hi-Yg Boys' State, Boy Ro- tariang Chorus l, 2, 3, Prom Decorating Committee, Stu- dent Director of Visual Edu- cation, Junior Class Play Committee, "The Thomp- sons" KENNETH E. ANDERSEN uAndyu He's our friend from T 81 l You'll never find a better QUY- Band I, 2, 4. JOAN LOUISE ARNOLD "Jo" Since you never see her spirits low, She's a mighty fine gal to know. MARION EUGENE BAKER "Bake" To the Marsh he goes each day To learn a trade that soon will pay. Trades and lndust ries. GEORGE WILLIAM AGLERiI HB I H Snappy dresser, quite a fellow Grab him gals, this man is mellow. Hi-Y, Football l, 2, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA LOUISE ANDERSON "Barb" She never is full of grief A good friend is my belief. Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, "The Thompsonsug "One Foot in Heaven." AICHARD L. ANDRUS HAMIYH Dick is a friend of all He never lets your spirits fall. Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4. THELMA GRACE BAER "Tommie" Whenever she has any spare time You'll find her clerking at the five and dime. Y-Teens 2, G, A. A. 2, 3, 4. HELEN BALYEAT "HB" First name Helen, middle, Marie Quite a friend, we all agree. Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4. HAROLD WAYNE BAXTER Quite a fellow, with a lass Also the secretary of our class. V-Club, Football Ig Football Manager 2, 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Hi-Y Cabinet 3, 4, Class Of- ficer, Secretary 4, Chorus I, 2, 4, Rendezvous Committee 3, 45 "One Foot In Heaven" GEORGE BILLIEU "Popeye" That a friend is George Billieu We all know is nothing new. jcmzoi. Joni neu. Only time can ever tell What's in the future for Carol Bell. Chorus 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. DONNA LOU BUERKLEY "Buerk" Her eyes of deepest brown, Are never known to frown. Band I, 2, 35 Chorus lp G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. Cabinet 4, Lyre Club 35 Girls Intramurals 2, 3, 4. GLORIA JUNE CARLO "Glo" This is a gal we all call "Glo," She's a person you ought to know. Band l, 2, 3, 4, Lyre Club 3, 4, Band Secretary 2, 3, 4, Lyre Club Secretary 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 45 Secretary-Treasurer of Na- tional Honor Society 4, Y- Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens Cabinet 4, "One Foot in Heaven", Scarlet Quill Staff, Excalibur Staff. WANETA FLORENCE BECK Blond hair, kinda' short She's always a good sport. Chorus I, 2, 3, 4. HELEN GRETCHEN BEHYMER "Diggle" Gretchen's quite the star While driving her father's car. G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2. DELORES ANN BROCKERT "DolIie" Voted the best looking in the class, In any situation she will pass. Chorus I, Y-Teens 3, 4, Sec- retary 35 Student Council 45 Scarlet Quill Staff, Excalibur Staff. WI NIFRED P. CAMPBELL uwynu She's always on the go, Never does she ever slow. Girls Sports. PATRICIA LUVENIA COLE MPM.. No relation to the "King," But happy times she does bring. Chorus I, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. GLADENE COPELAND A friend that's staunch and true, We hope she'll never be blue. Chorus l, 2, 3, G. A. A. I, 2, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, "Our Girls", F. H. A. 2. DALE G. DAVIES "Carrot " Many good things does this boy merit, Because he's well known as "Carrot." Sec. Hi-Y 3, Vice-President Hi-Y Sr., "Our Girls," one act plays, "One Foot in Heaven," Baseball 2, 3, 4, Boys Intramurals. AUL DAVIE5 "Pete" He drives his little black car, But his wit will take him just as far. Hi-Y. MARILYN SUE DONER Marilyn's a blond, you know well, Her secret ambition she will not tell. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Class Play Committee. Dnfnno ALVIN :owuzns "Dick" ln the decks of looks, he holds four aces, His friendly smile will take him places. Football I, 3, 4, Hi-Y, V Club, Class Treasurer 4, Stu- dent Council 3, Intramurals I, 2, 4. MARCIA LOUISE CROW Because she's a good friend, On her you can depend. National Honor Society 4, G. A. A. l. JOBYNA JANE DAVIES "Jo" Happy-go-lucky as a lark, She takes an interest in art. Y-Teens I, 4, One Act Plays. 'Kava ossoL1' JR. "name" We agree that we like this guy, Even though he's mighty shy. Trades and Industries. MELVA JOYCE DOXTATER ,,MeI,, Pure in mind and true in heart, Always willing to do her part. Jr. Class Play Committee, "One Foot in Heaven," One Act Plays, Girls' State, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 41 President National Honor Sa- ciety 4, Excalibur Staff, Scarlet Quill Staff, Student Librarian l, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Jr. Town Meeting, Prom Committee. MARTHA EMANS "Mart" A credit to all Van Wert, ls this gal, known as Mert. Chorus l, 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3, 4, "Our Girls", One Act Plays, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, "Betty Lou", "Hollywood Extra", F. H. A. 2. ARTHUR L. FINNEGAN "Art" "Art" is a boy that works all the time, And any work he really does fine. VBYRON FOREMAN "Barney" In chemistry he does excel, In later lite he'll do well. "One Foot in Heaven," Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Bays' Intramur- als, Boy Rotarian, National Honor Society, Hi-Y, V Club. LUCILLE M. FRIEMOTH uLouu A quiet girl in every class, But a credit to our class. One Act Plays, F, H. A. SHIRLEY GOODWIN She may look quiet and sedate, But when you know her, she's just great. JOHN WILLIAM GU NSETT "Gunner" The very best sport this school ever knew, We wish him success his whole lite through. Pres. of Senior Class, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Basketball 2, V Club 3, 4, Pres. V Club 4, Vice Pres. Hi-Y 3, Baseball 2, Hi-Y Club 3, 4, Pres. Hi-Y 4, Boy Rotarian, Class Color, Flower, and Motto Committee, "Hollywood Extra," Scarlet Quill Staff, Excalibur Staff, National Honor Society 4, Eoy's State, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Pres. Chorus 4, Invitation Committee, Prom Commit- tee, Rendezvous Committee 4: Student Council 4. RUTH ELLEN FINKHOUSEN "Stink" We all wish her well, Because this gal is really swell. Chorus 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, G. A. A. I. ROBERT M. FOX "Foxie" Not too tall and not too small, To some fair girl he's sure to fall. Chorus 'l, 2, 3, 4, One Act Plays, Student Council I. MARY ALICE GALLASPIE ln shorthand this girl does excel, There's not one word she can't spell. Y-Teens, F. H. A., National Honor Society 4, Prom Com- mittee. EVELYN JOAN GRABER "Jn" One ot the nicest girls we have known, Kindness to everyone she has shown. G. A. A. Cabinet 4, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, Chorus I, Student Council 2, 3, Girl's State, One Act Pla y s, P r o m Committee, Girls' Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Class Play Committee, ln- vitation Committee, National Honor Society 4, Rendezvous Committee 3, 4, Sr. Class Play Committee. F. WALTER HALLIWELL "Stubby" He's liked by everyone Because he has lots of fun. Baseball l, Intramurals 2. PHYLLIS HARMAN "Phil" In athletics she does excel, In later life she'll do well. G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. Cabinet I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, Girls' Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. .VCARL LEROY HATTERY "Playboy" Full of fun, full of ioy, ls this guy called "Playboy." Hi-Y 3, 4, Chorus, One Act Plays, Jr. Class Play Com- mittee, Prom Committee, Football Manager 3, Boy Ro- Tarian. HOWARD HENNEY "Hurd" This boy is really a handsome lad, We've yet to see the day he's sad. Band I, 2, 3, Pres. Freshman Class, "Our Girls," "One Foot In Heaven", Hi-Y 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, One Act Plays Committee, P r o m Committee, D a n c e Band, Lyre Club, Class Color, Flower, Motto Committee. ELSIE HOFMANN All Elsie's dreams will come To reality, Because she's got plenty of personality. Chorus I, 2. VBXARBARA ANN Hours "sans" "Babs" has ideas of her own, She'Il find success all alone. Y-Teens I, 2, G. A. A. I, 2, 4, One Act Plays, Student Librarian, Sr. Class Play Committee, G i r I s' Intra- murals. "1 TDK I X ...fe ,.....,,...,,. -ww' SHIRLEY HARTING "Buddy" She has a good time wherever she goes, That she's good-natured this really shows. Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Librarian 3, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Music Chairman 4, Pianist 3, "Our Girls", "One Foot in Heaven," One Act Plays, Jr. Class Play Com- mittee, One Act Play Com- mittee, "Hollywood Extra", Rendezvous Committee. ,MARY ANNE HENNERMANN "Mary" A credit to the Hennerman Clan, ls this girl named Mary Anne. Scarlet Quill Staff, Excalibur Staff, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, "One Foot in Heaven", "Hollywood Extra", Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens Cabinet 3, 4, Rendezvous Commit- tee l, 2, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Student Librarian 2, Jr. Class Play Committee, One Act Plays, Prom Com- mittee. DALE R. HOFFMAN A farmer he'll surely be, A successful one he's bound to be. BARBARA HOPKINS "Barb" We know "Barb" is sincere, From everything we hear. G. A. A. NOLAN E. HUDSON "Hoot" All great men are dead or dying, I don't feel so well myself. Sophomore Class President, Rendezvous Committee 2, Chorus l, 2, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Ring and Pin Com- mittee, Boy's Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Excalibur Staff, Scar- let Quill Staff, One Act Plays, Prom Committee, Boy Rotarion: "Betty Lou," Bas- ketball Monager 2, Football l, Sr. Class Play Committee. R. B. HUMPHREYS "Hump" R. B. and his orations, Prove to be quite a sensation. Chorus l, 2, 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, "Our Girls," "Hollywood Ex- tra," Boy Rotarian, One Act Plays, Rendezvous Commit- tee, Prom Committee, Excali- bur Staff, Scarlet Quill Staff. tx wANnA JoHNs wld Quiet and reserved is she, A student of the first degree. National Honor Society 3, 4, Y-Teens, Prom Committee, Scarlet Quill Staff, Excalibur Staff. BILLY GENE KEAR "BiII" This is the boy that has the will, To do the things that gives o thrill. Chorus l, 2, 4, Vice-Presi- dent Chorus 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4, V Club, Student Council l, 4, lntra- murals 2, 3. WILLIAM E. KNITTLE "BiII" We've tip-toed all around to spy, And find he's one fine guy. Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, Boy's Intramurals 3, Basket- ball Manager l. bf BYRON DEAN KRUGH 1, Barney" Phi? Y Byron is a jolly lad, M As a friend, none better can be had. V Club, Baseball 3, 4, Boy's Intramurals l, 2. im' 4-W' DONALD JOHNS "Don" ln class he never has much to say, But when he's with boys he's never that way. Hi-Y 3, 4, "One Foot in Heaven", One Act Plays. ROBERT KAMPF "Bob" Swing it soft and swing it slow, Listen to him and his baritone blow. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, Boy's Intramurals, One Act Plays, Lyre Club. MARILYN JOYCE KINSEY "Marlene" She is little, she is wise, She's o terror for her size. Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer Sophomore Class, Excalibur Staff, Scarlet Quill Staff, Jr. Class Play Committee, One Act Plays, "One Foot in Heaven", Student Librarian 2, 4. NAOMI KNITTLE "Tiny" Always smiling, never blue, Here is a friend that's always true. Y-Teens l, 2, G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Girl's Intramurals 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 2, 3. RUSSELL LOWELL KRUSE "Russ" Quiet, shy, yet a friendly boy, We hope a long life he will enjoy. Chorus l. BARBARA ELLEN LADD "Barb" Charmingly different, exceedingly gay, Girls like "Barb" aren't found every day. Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, Dance Band I, G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. Cabinet 4, Girl's Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Y- 'Teens I, 2. X GERALDINE LAING "Gerry" I. Whenever Gerry's work is done, She's out looking for some fun. Chorus I, Band I, 2, 3, Y- Teens I, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Girl's Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, One Act Plays, Jr. Class Play Committee, "One Foot in Heaven," Na- tional Honor Society 4, Prom Committee, Ring and Pin Committee, Class Secretary I, 2, Student Librarian I, 2. JOHN K. LINSER "Johnny" Neither large or small, short or Tall, He's always ready when- ever you call. Hi-Y. ITAOAN MARIE McNAMAlgA H on She's a lucky girl, Her hair is natural curl. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teen Cabinet 3, Jr. Class Play Committee. PAUL GENE MATTHEWS uchompu He drives his Model A all around, And he's very seldom to be found. Hi-Y, V Club, F. F. A., Foot- ball I, 2, 3, 4. if-H41-is mel .f A THOMAS LADD "Tom" If he follows in the foot- steps of his dad, We'Il buy our jewelry from Thomas Ladd. F. F. A. NANCY ELLEN LEA "Curly" This is a girl who's full of glee, Yes, you know her, she's Nancy Lea. Band I, 2, 3, 4, Band Li- brarian I, 2, 3, 4, Lyre Club, National Honor Society 4, Student Council 2, 4, Prom Committee, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. JEAN McLAUGHLIN "Jeanie" A giggle, a laugh, and then a smile, Is the way that she has been all the while. G. A. A., Y-Teens I, Chorus I. WROBERT EUGENE MARKS uaobu Instead of getting lessons when he should, He had his fun, all he could. Football 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Hi-Y 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM ROY MAY "Bill" Of Bill we say this, He'lI seldom ever miss. SUSAN L. MERICLE "Susie" "Susie" never lets her spirits tall, That's why she's a friend of all. Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, "Holly- wood Extra", "Betty Lou", "Our Girls", Y-Teens, One Act Plays, "One Foot In Heaven", Girls' Intramurals. ANN PETTIJOHN "Anacin" Her disposition is sunny and fair, lt is no lighter than her hair. Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, "Our Girls", Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teen Cabinet 3, 4, Class Color, Flower, and Motto Committee, National Honor Society 4, Prom Committee. D. JEANNETTE RALSTON nsugsn Jeannie's attributes are exceedingly numerous, Above all, she's exceedingly humorous. Chorus l, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teen Cabinet 3, 4, Rendezvous Secretary 2, 3, Prom Committee, Excalibur Staff, Scarlet Quill Staff, Student Council, National Honor Society 4, Invitation Committee, Jr. Class Play Committee. PAUL R. RHODES "Pete" Drum playing is his line, At this he's mighty fine. Chorus l, 2, 4, "Our Girls", One Act Plays, Prom Com- mittee, Student Council. MARGARET ANN SCHAFER Mpeg., Her voice is sweet and so is her smile, Her singing makes one's lite worth while. Chorus 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra I, Y-Teens l. LJIATMES EDWARD MOUNTS 11Jim:: Jim will some day run a farm, Because for his agriculture has been a charm. One Act Plays, President F. F. A, DARRELL J. PHILLIPS "MeafbuII" Mighty in football was :his lad, He was sure to make the other teams mad. Football l, 2, 3, 4, V Club, Hi-Y 3, 4. MARVEL LOUISE RALSTON ukedn A merry smile for everyone, A rippling laugh so full of fun. Y-Teens, Scarlet Quill Staff, Excalibur Staff. JEANETTE SCHAEPER "Jan" Yes, this gal is hard to beat, A finer gal you'Il never meet. G. A. A. JAMES SCARPELLA "Scarpe" He has more pep than words can tell, To say the least, we think he's swell, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- boll I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, V Club 3, 4, "One Foot in Heaven", Prom Committee, Pres. Jr. Class, Vice Pres. Freshman Class, Ring and Pin Committee. . X L' Jo: srizuaon "Joe" He never has a foe, A friendly guy is Joe. Hi-Y. VIVIAN E. SHOWALTER Hwy.. Vivian is a friend to all, She never lets your spirits fall. Y-Teens, Chorus. SYDNEY SMITH She's sure to make a success, And this is not a guess. F. H. A. MFRANK s'r:PHsNsoN "Stink" The work he did was at the Marsh, Ne're a word he said was harsh. JACK STUCKEY "Stook" Jack isn't big, he could squeeze in any seat, He's one that the girls are all longing to meet. Chorus l, Boys Intramurals. LOWELL SHAW "Tiny" Because he's a good friend, On him you can depend. JENNY LEE SHRIVER "Jen" One good kid is she, On that we all agree. Chorus l, 2, 3, 4. BEVERLEY OPAL SPIETH nsevn A nice girl with a winning way, Some girl, we all say. Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Sec, Y- Teens 2, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, One Act Plays, Chorus Cab- inet 3, "One Foot in Heav- en", "Betty Lou", Prom Committee, Class Flower, Color, and Motto Committee, "Hollywood Extra", Student Council 2, 3, Sec. Student Coun:il 2, BILL STRIPE "BilI" "Bill" who is quite tall, Excels in basketball. V Club 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball l, 2, 3, 4. LOIS IRENE TERRY "Loi" A poetess is this Senior miss, And many other talents we can list. Jr. Class Play Committee, Y- Teens I, F. H. A. 2, 3, Ex- calibur Staff, Scarlet Quill Staff, "One Foot in Heaven", Prom Committee, Band l, 2, 3, Student Librarian 2. CHARLES WILLIAM TRUAX ff' uc 1, asu When girls are around, he's very shy, But he'll get over it by and by. Hi-Y. MARGIE JOAN THATCHER "Marge" Her fingers can punch the keys, When she types, take notice please. Chorus I, 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Scarlet Quill Staff, Excalibur Staff, Girls Intramurals l, 2, "Hollywood Extra". CHARLES TOMLINSON "Chuck" Liked by all the girls and boys. He's one of the school's pride and ioys. F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4, One Act Plays, "One Foot in Heaven." DENNIS A. WALTERS "Denny" One thing we hope life never alters, ls the humor of "Denny" Walters. Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, "Our Girls", "Hollywood Ex- tra", "Betty Lou", Scarlet Quill Staff, Excalibur Staff. MARY ANN WHITE "Annie" Always talking, never still is she, The girl who is so carefree. G. A. A. I, 4, Y-Teens I, Chorus. JUANITA THATCHER Juanita is a girl whom we all admire, Of work she seems to never tire. G. A. A. I, Treas. Freshman Class, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Li- brarian of Band 3, 4, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Vice Pres. F. T. A. 3, Pres. F. T. A. 4, Lyre Club, Jr. Class Play Committee, Prom Committee. MILDRED E. THOMPSON UMM., Of all the typists in our class, Mildred can them all surpass. Chorus I, Band 2, 3, 4, Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4, "One Foot in Heaven", G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. JULIANN UNTERBRINK "Julie" At dancing "JuIie's" okay, She does it the right way. G. A. A. 3, Orchestra I. JOHN P. WAYMIRE "Haywire" How the boy does love to pun, When John's there we all have fun. Prom Committee. ROGER M. WHITCRAFT "Buck" He whistles like a bird, The best we've ever heard. Band l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 'l, Boy Rotarian, Lyre Club. VGEORGE DALE WILSON "Junior" He likes to put on a dignified air, But mischief peeks out everywhere. Hi-Y. ERVIN N. YOUNG "Erv" To see him leave the school makes us sad, But we bet he's really glad. TREVA IRENE YOUNG "Shorty" Quite a gal is "Trev", On that we all agree. Chorus lg "One Foot in Heaven." PHILIP EUGENE WOLFORD "Phil" Of not many words is he, But a friendlier fellow you'll never see. ROBERT A. YOUNG "Lungs" When anyone looks at me, they see, That l'm just the fellow I want to be?? One Act Plays, F. F. A. 4, Hi-Y, Boys' Intramurals. JOHN DWIGHT YOUNG "Johnnie" "Johnnie's" quite an anthlete, In sports, he's mighty hard to beat. Football l, 2, 4, V Club, Hi-Y, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. TINY ANN YOUTSEY "Teenie" Happy-go-lucky, fair and free, Nothing there is that bothers me. Orchestra lg Girls Intramur- als l, 2, 3, 45 G, A. A. 3, 4. FOUR YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL HISTORY BEGINS WITH THE CLASS OF '52 jiraf Mar emoriea FRESHMEN CLASS HISTORY With the favorite taunts of the upperclassmen ringing in our ears, l46 of us freshmen entered the halls of Van Wert High School. Remember how we looked on that fateful September morning-self-conscious and wide-eyed? Let's see what happened to us as we became initiated to the mode of high school life. After emerging from the trials and tribulations of the first week of school, we embarked upon the adventure of choosing class officers. With this delicate issue lingering in the air, the politicians of our class were soon dili- gently campaigning for the various candidates. When the great day arrived, we elected James Bagley, president, Dorothy Schaeper, vice-president, Nancy Bennett, secretary, and Paul Wagstaff, treasurer. ln football our class was represented by Bob Skelley, Bob Grubb, and Bill Maize. We contributed to basketball James Bagley, Carl Beck, Harold Murphy, Rolden Heath, Robert Scheidt, Ronnie Miller, John McCleary, and Larry Giessler. Noel Moore, a member of our class, was reserve manager. This year our class selected James Bagley, James Baltzell, Ruby Johns, and Robert Scheidt to represent us on the Student Council. The studious and serious aspects of school were occasionally replaced by the social activities afforded us by the many organizations who sponsored our parties and dances. We have enthusiastically been represented in Junior Y-Teens by Phyllis Clark, vice-president, and Jeanette Chambers, secretary. In G. A. A. we have enjoyed a rare understanding of good sportsmanship. Ruby Johns was elected freshman representative in this organization. The various athletic intramurals have developed our playing skill in many sports and have also been a source of much fun. As freshmen, we have not been slow to participate wholeheartedly in all of these. But now the door closes upon our first year at Van Wert High School. Expertly guided by our efficient teachers, we have managed to struggle through the tribulations of being a freshman. With pleasure we look forward to the next year, confident that it will be as enjoyable and profitable as this one. Mary Lou Dietrich 31 jl"0:fAl'l'l ell Row One-Richard Adams, Peggy Agler, Martha Ainsworth, Cordella Allen, Paul Alvarado, Carolyn Atha, Bill Baer, Fenton Bagley, Jim Bagley. Row Two-Jim Baltzell, Charles Balyeat, Josephine Barrientos, Tom Bates, Audrey Bauer, Mary Lou Baxter, Pat Bebout, Carl Beck, Marcia Becker. Row Three-Nancy Bennett, Virginia Bergstrom, Walter Billieu, Charles Blair, Judy Blue, Lydia Eowersock, Carolyn Brenneman, Joyce Bricker, Donald Burke. Row Four-Patty Butler, Patty Campbell, Jeanette Cham- bers, llo Chivington, Phyllis Clark, Marion Conley, Suzonne Conley, Germaine Conn, Carolyn Cotner. Row Five-Luther Cox, Marcille Crowe, Harold Dangler, Dorothy Darris, Helen Dempsey, Shirley Dias, Mary Lou Dietrich, Francis Dixon, Almeda Dor- man. Row Six-Sue Dustman, Betty Faulkner, Jackie Feeney, Ralph Felger, Carla Rae Fisher, Shirley Foreman, Bob Fowler, Shirley Froker, Mary Lou Frericks. Row Seven-Marilyn Garmyn, Larry Giessler, Pat Gipe, Dick Good, Pat Griffith, Ronnie Grimes, Robert Grubb, Gary Hartman, Rolden Heath. Row Eight-Rosemary Hiller, Robert Hilton, James l-lipsley, Alberta Jenkins, Ruby Johns, Betty Johnson, Paul Johnson, Bill Keirns, Mary Ann King. gfeilhlliell Row One-lretta Kiser, Shirley Knodel, David Kouts, Betty Kruse, Tony Lea, Donna Lee, Harriet Linton, Rea Linton, John Longwell. Row Two-Bill Maize, Marilyn Marks, Maurice Marlatt, John McCleary, Pat McMichael, Betty Mefford, Gary Mefford, Ernie Miller, Frank Miller. Row Three--Jim Miller, Ronnie Miller, Jim Mills, Donald Mohr, Noel Moore, Harold Murphy, Eleanor Oeschle, Marion Parsons, Lowell Poling. Row Four-Mary Ellen Pollock, Janet Pritchard, Marcia Priddy, Carl Prill, Sue Reece, Chris Reichert, John Riley, Crystal Roberts, Dorothy Schaeper. Row Five-Robert Scheiclt, Frank Schoonover, Patty Seikings, James Semer, Alice Schaffner, Billie Simpson, Jackie Simpson, Bob Skelly, Myrna Sowers. Row Six-Nancy Spitler, Shirley Spearman, Allan Stabler, Eileen Stegaman, Phyllis Steinmetz, Carl Stephenson, Joan Stetler, Neil Stuckey, Glenn Thatcher, Row Seven Dorothea Tozzer, Shirley Truax, Ruth Unterbrink, Janice Wagonrod, Paul Wagstaff, Helen Wallace, Maxine Wallace, Marcia Waymire, Karl Wermer. Row Eight-Donna Wilder, Clarabelle Williams, Donald Williams, Betty Wilson, Peggy Winsley, Martha Jo Wiseman, Delores Wisener, Gene Wollenhaupt, Carol Zinsmeister, Delores Lehman, TWO YEARS OF MEMGRIES TWO TO GO .7Le .Nam way marL SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Webster tells us that history is "a systematic written account of events." Then the history of the class of 1951 should rightfully begin when our daddies choked on their coffee as our mothers told them that part of the class of '51 was on the way. We went through the adventures of Mac and Muff in the first grade, and then labored through eight more years of multiplication tables, verbs, and geography until at last we carne into the sophomore class of '49. Then we organized in a democratic self-government and held a spirited election. We chose Stanley Agler, president, Pat McCollum, vice-president, Pat Kinsey, secretary, and Joanne Laipply, treasurer. Members of the student council were Stanley Agler, Bill Balyeat, Randall Giessler, Tom Krick, Jane Pennell, and Colleen Wortman. To our fighting Cougar football team, we sent Stanley Agler, Don Bectol, Bob Black, Jim Buerkley, Jim Grunden, Bob Hickman, Dick Hines, Tom Krick, Dick Prichard, Jim Rolsten, Tony Scarpella, Gene Sunderland, and Bob Thomas. In the manly art of self-defense, we again gave the Golden Gloves Champion, "Rock" Thomas, in the lightweight division. In the more gentle arts, we were represented by officers in G. A. A., Joyce Walters and Mary Bagley, F. H. A., Janet Williams, F. T. A., Jane Pennell, Donna Clymer, and Colleen Wortman, Y-Teens, Joyce Walters and Molly Ferguson, and many members of the chorus, band, dance band, V-Club, F. F. A., and the Rendezvous Committee. To Coach Kish, we sent forth these Cougar Kittens: Stanley Agler, Gene Bagley, Don Bectol, Bob Black, Calvin Jacobs, David Livingston, Dick Prich- lard, Jim Rolsten, Tony Scarpella, and Jim Stabler. We turned out Don Baer, Forest Crow, and Richard Knittle for student managers of our hero Kittens. Our cheerleader, Joanne Edwards, represented us in all the athletic events. We hope that as Juniors we may have further opportunity to advance and add glory to our Alma Mater-Van Wert High School. Ann Weaver 35 0l'l'l OPQJ Row One-Janet Agler, Sfanley Agler, John Alspach, Belly Anderson, Virgie Anderson, Don Baer, Dorothy Baer, Gene Bagley, Mary Bagley, Bill Balyeaf. Row TwotDeIores Bauer, Barbara Baxfer, Joan Beboul, Don Bechlol, Jim Black, Bob Black, Bud Bradford, Barbara Brennan, George Brooks, John Brown. Row Three--Jim Buerkley, Olga Burgoon, Dick Busch, Janrose Cam- burn, Donna Cassel, Bernard Clark, Donna Clymer, Jim Cramer, Forresf Crow, Lucille Crowe. Row Four-Bob Davies, Jeanne Davis, Joan Denig, Clifford Ditto, Alice Dunno, Joan Edwards, Bob Ellerbrock, Roger Elsfon, Richard Felger, Molly Ferguson. Row Five-Barbara Finkhousen, Don Fox, Barbara Friedly, Don Friemofh, Gordon Gardner, Roger Geisman, Randall Giessler, Joyce Griggs, Dick Glosset, Ruth Grindahl, Row Six-Jim Grunden, Gloria Halliwell, Jerry Halliwell, Barbara Harman, Dave Herming- huysen, Bob Hickman, Dick Hines, Jim Houls, Jim Jarvis, Calvin Jacobs, Row Seven-Kenneth Jenkins, Carolyn Johnson, Odella Johnson, Jean Keipper, Polly Kinsey, Dick Knilfle, Gerald Kriesher, Harold Kriesher, Bob Krcisher, Nedra Krick. 36 ored Row One-Tom Krick, Joan Loipply, Edna Lamb, David Livingston, Betty Mace, Charlotte Matthews, Dick Matthews, Carl Maxon, Peggy May, Jim McCleary. Row Two-Pat McCollum, Dick McConahay, Bob McGee, Dorothy Mengerink, Pat Mercer, Dean Miller, Don Miller, George Miller, Juanita Miller, Pat Miller. Row Three-Gilbert Miracle, Doris Mohler, Frances Moore, Wayne Moore, Harvey Meyers, John Meyers, Mary Olberding, Don Parsons, Jane Pennell, Patty Phillips. Row Four-Roger Pol- ing, Phillip Price, Dick Pritchard, Princess Pritchard, Janet Rhoades, Martha Rison, Jim Rolsten, Marilyn Schaadt, Tony Scar- pellc, Paul Semer. Row Five-Glenn Sharp, Lowell Sherburn, Nanette Shreck, Gene Smith, Frank Smith, Jim Spieth, Jim Stabler, Norma Stegaman, Carol Stevens, Wanda Stoller. Row Six-Gene Sunderland, Dorothy Tangeman, Ruby Thatcher, Bob Thomas, George Walters, Joyce Walters, Frances Wasson, Ann Weaver, Harold Webster, Irene Welch. Row Seven-Janet Williams, Ned Williman, Duane Wolford, Colleen Wortman, Nancy Zinsmeister. 37 THREE YEARS GCDNE THE BIG ONE COMING UP 34-fee Mdftf al? .MIMOIV JUNIOR CLASS H I STORY Blue skies really seemed to be smiling on us as we, the class of 1950, took up our role as Juniors in Van Wert High School. We had looked forward eagerly to the time when we would be "upper classmen", and we anticipated the greater opportunity to contribute our talents and energy for the benefit of our class, our school, and our community. Realizing that our responsibilities were growing as we stepped up to this higher position, we began almost at once to elect capable class officers. After an extremely rigerous and rousing campaign, colored with catchy slogans, clever posters, and traditional campaign promises, the following people were elected to office: Jack Kintz, President, Pete Ray, Vice-President, Pat Skelley, Secretary, and Bernice Beck, Treasurer. Our representatives to the Student Council were: Regina Barry, Bill Fellers, Duane Jerome, Jack Kintz, Bob Tucker, and John Wells. We were justly proud of the following Junior members on the basketball and football teams because of their fine playing and sportsmanship: Jack Anspach, Bill Fellers, Frank Hoffman, Jack Kintz, Bill Kreider, Pete Ray, Bob Stemen, and Bob Tucker. We cheered these boys on, with the help of our five vivacious cheerleaders: Connie Bricker, Anita Brockert, Marie Lesher, Lou Stabler, and Marvin Brubaker, who received his letter for his second year of cheering. Many of our class contributed their time and talents to the band and chorus. The ma- neuvers of Joe Geissler as drum major, and the four maiorettes, three of whom are Juniors, Bernice Beck, Carolyn Drury, and Suzanne Heath, added to the attraction of the band at the football intermission and numerous parades. The following songbirds of the class, Hugh Bebout, Duane Jerome, Pat Skelley, Julia Spieker, and Joyce Woten sang in the sextettes, and Carol Wortman and Anita Brockert served as accompanists for the chorus. The dance band, under the leadership of Joe Geissler and with these Juniors: Marcia Hickman, Marilyn Mayer, and Kernan Wright, has greatly added to the gaiety of the school mixers. The Juniors participate in club activities, also. Of the Juniors on club cabinets, there are: G. A. A.: Connie Bricker, Carolyn Drury, Marcia Hickman, Donna Mosier, Virginia Scott, Lou Stabler, Rea Williamson, and Martha Zinn. F. H. A.: Viola Cotterman, Marie Lesher, Cleo Shaw, lmogene Thomas, and Sue Truax. F. F. A.: Bill Fellers and Bill Kreider. Y-Teens: Carolyn Drury, Marcia Hickman, Donna Sells, Julia Spieker, Lau Stabler, and Carol Wortman. Many of our class are active in Future Teachers and the Hi-Y. Mary Tood and Bob Tucker were the Junior winners of the American Legion Essay Con- test, "The American Way-What ls It?" and Pat Skelley was the first prize winner of the Fire Prevention Contest sponsored by the JC's, thus demonstrating the writing talent in our class. "Boy Wanted," a hilariously complicated comedy was solved in three acts by the follow- ing members of the Junior class: Carol Wortman, Marcia Hickman, Carolyn Drury, Julia Spieker, Roger Stuckey, Kernan Wright, Jack Priddy, Joyce Woten. Marilyn Mayer, Sue Truax, Duane Jerome, Phil Cully, Maxine Wilder, Jim Fawcett, Bob Tucker, Ruth Sherburn, and Cleo Shaw. Lou Stabler represented the Juniors as attendant in the annual Homecoming celebrations. Six members of our class were elected to the National Honor Society. They are Carolyn Drury. Marcia Hickman, Virginia Scott, Julia Spieker, Mary Todd and Joyce Woten. Our Junior year has drawn to a close, and although we do not know what the coming year will bring, we hope to achieve ever greater and higher goals! Carolyn Drury 39 uniord Row One-Mary Lou Agler, Dana Anderson, Helen Baer, Richard Bagley, Regina Barry, Hugh Bebout, Bernice Beck, Kathryn Becker. Row Two-Charles Blanke, Margaret Block, Connie Bricker, Anita Brockert, Charles Brown, Marvin Brubaker, Esther Byers, John Cole. Row Three--Beatrice Collins, Janette Cooper, Viola Cotterman, Junior Conley, Sharon Cryer, Phil Cully, Imogene Doner, Carolyn Drury. Row Four-Kenneth Edwards, Marguerite Etzler, Don Evans, Jim Fawcett, Bill Fellers, Ted Garmyn, Doris Geisman, Joe Giessler. Row Five--Pat Gorman, Frank Hall, Suzanne Heath, Elizabeth Hiatt, Marcia Hickman, David Hiller, Frank Hoffman, David Hudson. Row Six-Duane Jerome, Paul Johnson, Jack Keller, Jack Kintz, Bill Knoll, Marcille Kreisher, Bill Krie- der, Pat Kuckein. uniom Row One-Marie Lesher, Joan Manley, James Markle, Bob Mason, Marilyn Mayer, Doyle McCoy, Madeline Mihm, Donna Mosier. Row Two-Arlene Palmer, Jack Priddy, Gordon Prilchard, Pefe Ray, Dick Riley, Roger Ralslon, Rolland Runyon, Carl Saom. Row Three-Virginia Scoff, Donna Sells, Marcia Severns, Cleo Shaw, Ruth Sherburn, Roger Siders, Joan Sifes, Pal Skelly. Row Four--Barbara Smith, Julia Speiker, Paul Spindler, Lou Sfobler, Barbara Sfeman, Roger Sfuckey, Pal Taylor, Imogene Thomas. Row Five-Mory Todd, Sue Truax, Bob Tucker, Don Wade, Corliss Welker, Dick Welker, John Wells, Maxine Wilder, Rea Wil- liomson. Row Six-Marie Winters, Tom Wise, Dale Wisener, Carol Wortman, Joyce Woten, Kernan Wright, Fred Wyondt, Gloria Young, Martha Zinn. W J ' il fa l I l Zqxix I 'iz W i f if , J X if NOTE: Don t forget test today in Civics. Get home early after school and help Dad. A Basketball game tonight. Sell another Excalibur. Another Mixer Fri. night. . , H i L l tw was i on I Lessons, notes, class discussions, tests- well, that's what we are here for. Along with getting a formal education, P however, we participate in the many activ- ities of Van Wert High School - Sports, Clubs, Band, Chorus, etc. 11 z"" ,ff X K f . N ff, X I -f4 4 fy at - eefe I ll ., dl i l l, it ki Zoofdaff Scoring in all but the first period, the Van Wert Cougars launched their 1948 campaign with an I8-O victory over the Golden Bears of Bryan. The Cougars' second and third quarter touchdown were followed by long marches while their final TD was practically a "gift" from the home team. Fellers and his "slippery hip" accounted for all I8 points. if 'k 'k 'k 'k The next Friday, Van Wert clashed with Defiance in one of the wildest and most thrill-packed ball games in many years. The Bulldogs triumphed 25-20. The first nine minutes of the opening quarter all but gave both sides a nightmare, each team grinding out two touchdowns and an extra point. The Bulldogs were on the march again when the first period ended and it took them just five plays in the second to score, making the score l9-l3. A thirty-five yard run by Agler in the third quarter and an extra point put Van Wert ahead 20-l9. But in the final quarter Defiance unleashed a drive for 7l yards that paid off in victory. -k 'k 'ic 'k 'k Kenton High's Wildcats, staging a second half rally, clawed the Cougars 2l-l3, in a Western Buckeye League battle. A pass from Kear to Agler accounted for the first TD of the Came but the attempt for the extra point failed. Three minutes later the Cats tied the score. The Cougars' second quarter touchdown that put them ahead came with three minutes left to play. A Kenton pass interception by Agler and a 20 yard run gave us the second six-pointer. Kintz hit right end for the extra point to put Van Wert ahead, l3-6. Kenton then cut loose with a fury of plays that left our boys completely bewildered. Scoring in the third and fourth quarters, Kenton put the game on "ice" and went away with a 2l-l3 victory. 'k 'k 'k 'k 'k The Scarlet and Gray snapped a two-game losing streak by administer- ing a convincina 32-7 defeat to the Bluffton Pirates in a Western Buckeye League qame. The Cougars no more than got possession of the ball when Fellers "hit" Agler on the 25 and he easily out-distanced the safety man for 6 points. Krick then booted the extra point. On the sixth play of the second quarter Fellers scored from the one yard marker. The extra coint failed. The Cougars then hammered out a pair of TD's in the third period. The fourth period was four minutes gone when Agler raced 2l yards to score again. The Pirates tallied their lone touchdown in the last quarter. 'k 'k 'k 'k 'k Raiding the hunting grounds of the Bellefontaine Chieftains, the Scarlet and Gray routed the red men 27-O. ln registering their third win of the cam- paign and their second in league play, the Cougars scored in all but the second period. Fellers "hit" Agler for 27 yards and the first 6 points. Seven minutes later Agler skipped around left end for 35 yards and the second TD. ln the third quarter, Young split center from the six and brought the score to 20-O. Scarpella collected Van Wert's final TD in the last quarter on a quarterback sneak. 44 First Row, Left to Right-Jim Grunden, Bob Thomas, Pete Ray, Bill Maize, Roger Stuckey, Jim Buerkley, Bob Skelly, Jim Rolsten, Bob Grubb, Dick Pritchard. Second Row-Frank Hoffman, Gene Matthews, John Gunsett, Jack Kintz, Clarence Agler, Tom Krick, Bill kear, John Young. Third Row-Coach Smith, Jim gcari:i1elIa,hDick Edwards, Bob Tucker, Jack Anspach, Gene Sunderland, Bill Fellers, Darrell Phillips, and oac Kis . The Cougarmen were pretty much bumped around by an underdog Wapak eleven but came out on top l9-l2. Young scored from the lO but Krick's boot was wide. The Redskins bounced back to tie it up before the end of the first quarter. Van Wert then scored in the second quarter with runs by Fellers and Agler. Krick's kick was good. Again the Wapak team came back and added another 6 points to the tally. ln the next two minutes the Cougars looked like "champs", slipping Fellers around right end to score. Again Krick's kick was wide. 'k -k 'k -k 'k Faltering in the last half, the Scarlet and Gray bowed to a strong Lima Central eleven, 26-7. The Cougars trailed by only 7 points at the end of the first half, but soon "blew sky high" in the third and fourth periods, to give the Dragons a "gift" game. Van Wert's lone touchdown came in the final period on a pass from Fellers to Agler in the end zone. Krick's kick was good. 'k 'k 'k 'k 'k On a rain-soaked gridiron, the Van Wert Cougars and the Memorial Roughriders of St. Marys battled to a 6-6 tie. With second place honors at stake in the Western Buckeye League this was a bitterly fought contest. St. Marys scored first early in the second quarter, from the eight yard line. With time running out, Gunsett recovered a fumble and a final drive was on. Agler scored around left end from the l2 yard line. Krick's placement was blocked. uk Bl' 7? 'k HK' Punching over touchdowns in all but the third period, the Cougarmen ended the '48 season in a blaze of glory by defeating Celina Bulldogs, 33-6. 45 3 .wi if .. 'Na- :-' 2 a va X M 'Q ww ,,..9Mw, K Avff f 2 4 fy -V ' 4:44. :J V-1, -'--2' f Q.,, A X 5' fl a S, . sf ' 5 M 9 .- ...-. lll- my f-44 ,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,, ef . , V, 3 , WWW! QW ,W Q W Q 37 A .:. f 11.-:::::g:::, .... : " ' ,. it f Q, 5 1 l I W L 4 M -2:5-2 . ., 'fx ln the opening game of the season, Greenville overpowered the Cougar Club 29 to I9. Bob Tucker was high paint man with six points. The Kittens were edged out to lose by one point 3l to 32. ln the Paulding game the Cougars showed improvement but were edged out to lose 36 to 34. Tucker again led with 8 points. The Kittens scored a win in a close 27 to 25 battle. The Cougars lost to the highly favored Delphos St. John team 54 to 35. The Van Wert quintet put up a real battle with Tucker hitting a high of l2 points. The Kittens again came through to win 32 to 33. The Howe Military School, who played here for the first time, fought their way around the Cougars to win 32 to 23. Jack Kintz sank 8 points. The Kittens lost by a narrow margin of 2l to l7. ln the battle with Ada the Cougars took the lead up to the last minute but were forced out to lose by one point 42 to 4l. The Kittens started hitting after halftime and won 32 to 24. ln the Lima South game the Cougars held the fort up to halftime but were halted as South shot around to win 46 to 38. Bill Stripe led with l6 points. The Kittens lost by one point l8 to l7. The Cougars lost their first WBL contest to Bellefontaine 47 to 36. Again the cougars took the lead but bowed out in the final period. Scarpella and Stripe tied with lO points. Again the Kittens won 22 to l9. ln the second WBL contest the favored St. Marys took the game in a close 43 to 37 battle. The Cougars out-played the Roughriders but lost out at the charity line, Stripe split the net for l4 points. The Kittens lost their contest in a 30 to 22 defeat. The Cougars were edged out again by the Celina Bulldogs. Tucker sank a "sucker shot" to lead 39 to 38. The final score was 42 to 40. Stripe carried the game with 2l points. The Kittens lost 3l to l8. Van Wert scored their first win and their first WBL contest by edging out the Wapakoneta Redskins 44 to 43. Tucker took the game with a "Tucker special." Stripe led with l9 points. The Kittens also scored a one point win 28 to 27. The Cougar lads stopped the strong Defiance Club winning 38 to 32. This game was the surprise of the year. Tucker led with l4 points. The Kittens lost out to the Bullpups 34 to 23. The Bluffton Pirates gave the Cougars the worse beating of the year winning 66 to 39. Stripe was high point man with l4. The Kittens lost the preliminary 37 to 26. The Cougars clipped the Kenton Wildcats 5l to 34 in the final league game. Bill Stripe scored 22 points. The Kittens won their battle in an overtime 32 to 27. The Cougars were upset in the final period by the Bryan Golden Bears 45 to 35. Tucker hit high with l3 points. The Kittens took the game from start to finish winning 3l to 24. 47 TOURNAMENT FINAL LEAGUE STANDINGS For the third consecutive time the Cougars were eliminated in the Sectional Class A Tournament los- ing to the Defiance Bulldogs 50-4l. Although the boys lost, they played their best game that night twice holding a nine point advantage. Bagley and Stripe led with ll and lO points. CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders for the school year of i948-49 were elected at the beginning of school. They were elected by club presidents and class officers, Not only were the "Varsity" cheerleaders elected at this time, but also the "Re- serves" were chosen. Those elected for the "Varsity" are: Marie Lesher, Suzanne Conley, Joanne Edwards, Lou Stabler, Anita Brock- ert, and Marvin Brubaker. Marvin will receive his letter this year for his two years of service. The "Re- serve" cheerleaders are: Shirley Foreman, Connie Bricker, Marcia Becker, Lydia Bowersock, and Mary Lou Frericks. These cheerleaders supported the team at all the games, whether they were at home or out of town. We want to take this oppor- tunity to thank them for their splendid work in promoting school ,...-we spirit the past school year. Bellefontaine Celina ........... . St. Marys ,.., . Kenton .....,.. .... Van Wert .. .. Bluffton ....,..,. . Wapakoneta ....,. Pts. 284 295 313 274 224 256 187 Ops. 240 265 273 278 274 243 282 ,ini ougar olzffer en James Scorpello Bill Stripe Bill Kreider Bob Tucker Gene Bagley Jock Kintz Bill Keor Roger Stuckey 49 rw' l. 1 l i i 1 l I V 1 I f er , ' NOTE: W-N' . n ETBML B 1,5 F 2. , W Don't forget test today in Civics. Get home early after school and help Dad. - Basketball game tonight. Sell another Excalibur. i X Another Mixer Fri. night. I C, gggg i K 7 S 'g, -53X - W ,FV- V I .dl X i 1 EU X Z N ii , was 4' l , Apsglkw x +A- K V i Lessons, notes, class discussions, tests- i well, that's what we are here for. Along with getting a formal education however We participate in the many activ- ities of Van Wert High School - Sports Clubs Band Chorus etc. lg 1 ff" , 7 I 7 7 I 7 ,QQ it X f X' i 04 xx ' FN ,f XX , bf, ,,,,f -55" - X tttt t at - f ,fag ,,.- f - o t atg 7 aeee fgfff "' g ' f 4,'Zf,,,,-f""' Nl: . ' l l i .sjfuollenf ounci The Student Council is an organization through which members of the student body participate in the gov' ernment of the school. Members are composed of the four class presidents and student representatives elected from each class. Seniors have eight representatives, the juniors have six, sophomores five, and the freshmen four. These are nominated by the class presidents and council advisers and elected by members of their respec- tive classes. The main purposes of the Council are to promote greater school unity, to establish better cooperaticn be- tween students and faculty, to create better school spirit, to improve student conduct, and to improve in any way the appearance of the school. Members of the council are divided into squads: Social, Conduct, Courtesy, Assembly, and Finance. These groups see that the various duties of the council are carried out. This year the Council's chief project was to carry out the plan that was begun by the previous Student Council, namely, the election of cheerleaders. Students elected to the council this year by classes are for the Freshmen-Jim Bagley, Ruby Johns, Jim Baltzell, Bill Balyeat, Robert Scheidt, Bob Skelley, Sophomores-Stanley Agler, Tom Krick, Randall Giessler, Col- leen Wortman, Jane Pennall, Juniors-Kenneth Edwards, Bill Fellers, Jack Kintz, Duane Jerome, Bob Tucker, John Wells, Seniors-Clarence Agler, Barbara Ladd, John Gunsett, Nancy Lea, Nolan Hudson, Bill Kear, Do- lores Brockert, Jeannette Ralston, Bill Stripe. The faculty advisers are Miss Armstrong and Mr. Gallapoo. Wafiona! .jvlonor ociefg The National Honor Society, established in V. W. H. S. in l93O, has graduated 3l7 members. Miss Hall and Miss Lown are the faculty advisers to the group. The Society is based upon the four cardinal principles of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The emblems are the flaming torch-a symbol of knowledge, and the keystone-a sign of stability, supporting truth and purpose. An impressive induction service for the new members was held in the Lincoln Auditorium, March 4. The five senior members elected to the Society in their junior year conducted the ceremony. They were: Melva Dox- tater, President, Gloria Carlo, Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Hennermann, Juanita Thatcher, and Wanda Johns. Juniors: Marcia Hickman, Carolyn Drury, Joyce Woten, Julia Spieker, Virginia Scott, and Mary Todd. Seniors: Jeanette Ralston, Nancy Lea, John Gunsett, Howard Henney, Byron Foreman, Ann Pettijohn, Mor- cia Crow, Mary Alice Gallaspie, Joan Graber, and Geraldine Laing. 52 gxmriii swf One of the most eagerly awaited days of the year is that on which the Excaliburs are distributed. We of the Excalibur Staff have tried to make your yearbook one that can preserve for you the events of high school life. Editor-in-Chief ..... ............ J ohn Gunsett Associate Editor ....... .,..... J eannette Ralston Business Manager ......... ...... N olan Hudson Advertising Manager ................... ................ D ennis Walters Associate Advertising Manager .... .... M ary Ann Hennermann Circulation Manager ................. ............ D elores Brockert Faculty Editor, Features ....... ...... .......... G l oria Carlo Organizations ..............,,... ...................... M elva Doxtater Personalities .....r. ....... M arvel Ralston, Lois Terry Calendar ............... .................... M arilyn Kinsey Boys' Sports Editor ...... ........ R . B. Humphreys Girls' Sports Editor ..,i.... ........ M argie Thatcher Photography ..,..,...,.. ............................... J ohn Alspach Advisers ........ Gallapoo and Miss Rimer 53 Senior M-jecna Y-Teens, an organization for school girls, has enjoyed interesting and instruclive meet- ings throughout this yeareits third year under this name. Until l946 the group was known as the Girl Reserves. Like every or- ganization the Y-Teens has a purpose, namely, to build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. lts program is three- fold: first, for spiritual enrichment, second, for social betterment, and third, for infor- mational progress. The members of the club have enjoyed many worthwhile times together, not only amongst themselves, but with many others cutside of the organization. A few of the various activities throughout l948-49 are as follows: a Christmas Des- sert for the members and their mothers, the annual Sadie Hawkins' Dance, an Easter Assembly, a Penny Lunch, a joint meeting with the Hi-Y during which movies on "Boy Meets Girl" and "Boy Dates Girl" were shown through the courtesy of Rev. Driscoll, a Mother-Daughter Panel Discussion on "Home Relations" with Mrs. S. S. Beard, Mrs. C. E. Drury, Nancy Lea and Marcia Hickman serving on the panel, a very in- teresting talk on the subject "Preparation for Marriage" by Judge Raymond Smith, at which the Hi-Y members were also present, and a county Y-Teen Dance at the Y.W.C.A. Through the efforts of the following stu- dents and teachers these activities and meet- ings were made very worthwhile: Mary Ann Hennerman, president, Carol Wortman, vice president: Jeannette Ralston, secretary, Donna Sells, treasurer, Ann Petti- john, program chairman, Gloria Carlo, so- cial chairman, Carolyn Drury, service chair- man, Lou Stabler, devotional chairman, Julia Spieker, publicity chairman, Shirley Harting, music chairman with Marcia Hick- man as pianist, and Miss Elfreda Rusher and Miss Martha Lawn as the advisers. I runior y-jeend The Junior Y-Teens, under the guidance of its adviser Mrs. Wise, had a very success- ful and enjoyable year. Their meetings proved to be very interesting. Some of the topics discussed were: How to Build a Bet- ter Personality, Parlimentary Procedure, Boy Meets Girl and Boy Dates Girl. The club also had a chili supper, helped the Senior Y-Teens with the Saddie Hawkins Dance and Easter assembly, and held a Christmas Dessert for their mothers. The officers of the club were: Joyce Wal- ters, president, Phyllis Clark, vice-president, Jeanette Chambers, secretary, Molly Fergu- son, treasurer, Colleen Wortman, devotional chairman, Jane Pennell, program -chairman, Ann Weaver, social chairman, Eleanor Oschsle, service chairman, Suzanne Conley, song leader, and Mary Olberding, publicity chairman. SKJJJ4. The Future Homemakers of America is the junior organization of the American Home Economics Association. The local chapter is affiliated with the Ohio and the national organization. For the fifth consecutive year tne club has received the "Award of Merit." This award, the highest in the state, is based on the program of work and the activities of the chapter members. The theme of the program of work is "Happier Homes For Better Living." The motto of the club is "Toward New Horizons" and the colors are red for courage and white for purity. The red rose, symbolic of happiness, is the flower of the club. Four degrees are given in this organization. Junior Homemaker's degree is given locally and Chapter Homemaker's degree is given by the district. The State Homemaker's degree is given at Columbus and the American Homemaker's degree is given at Kansas City, Missouri at the National Convention. Van Wert, Allen, Mercer and Auglaize counties form the West ll district. Meetings are held each fall and spring of the school year. Janet Williams has been elected president for 1949-50. This year the club has purchased a record player and a tea service for the department. During this summer the first F. H. A. State camp is to be held at Camp Muskingum. Executives for this year were Janet Williams, president, Cleo Shaw, vice-president, Marie Lesher, secretary, Sue Truax, treasurer, Germaine Conn, historian, Viola Cotterman, parlia- mentarian, Shirley Foreman, news reporter, and Marcia Waymire, music chairman. The club adviser is Miss Mary Sawyer. jufure jeacAer4 of .xdmerica One of the newer organizations in Van Wert High School is the F. T. A.-Future Teachers of America. The purpose of the F. T. A. is to acquaint the students with the aspects of teaching. The club feels that those who become acquainted with the trials and tribulations of teachers will know what to expect and will be better prepared to deal with them. They feel that those who prepare for teaching make better teachers than those who just "happen" into it. The club members gain experience in teaching by substituting for the elementary teachers in their absence. The club sponsor is Mr. Gallapoo. The officers are: President .............. ..... J uanita Thatcher Vice President ...... ....... M arcia Hickman Secretary .......,.... ....... C onnie Bricker Treasurer ......... .......... P at Griffis Other members are: Olga Burgoon Odetta Johnson Donna Clymer Joyce Bricker Margaret Block Philip Price Pat Kinsey Colleen Wortman Jane Pennell Carolyn Atha "'l!- " CM The Van Wert High School "V-" Club is open to all boys who have earned a "V" in foot- ball, basketball, or baseball. Cheerleaders and the managers of the teams are also included in this honorary organization. This year the "V-" Club elected: John Gunsett, President, Jim Scarpella, Vice President, and Bill Stripe, Secretary-Treasurer. The club meets monthly at the YMCA. Mr. Livingston is the adviser. The members of the "V-" Club sell ice cream bars at the basketball games to make money for their annual banquet held at the close of each school year. There were twenty-four members in the "V-" Club this year. They were: Clarence Agler, Jack Anspach, Gene Bagley, Dick Edwards, Bill Fellers, Byron Foreman, John Gunsett, Frank Hoffman, Bill Kear, Jack Kintz, Bill Kreider, Tom Krick, Byron Krugh, Bill Lamb, Gene Matthews, Darrell Phillips, Jim Ralston, Jim Scarpella, Bob Stemen, Bill Stripe, Roger Stuckey, Bob Thomas, Bob Tucker, and John Young. 55 GIA Jdfkdfic .xdddociafion As in the past, the G. A. A. started its school year in the same manner. The old members and any new ones who wished to join went on a hike to the fairgrounds. This gave the new members a chance to earn their necessary 25 points for joining the club. The girls in the club participated in a very active program. The new members to the club were inducted on October 5. A Penny Lunch was held on February l6. This proved to be very success- ful as it had in previous years. The G. A. A. sponsored a mixer on April 8. The theme of this dance was "lt Must be Spring." The girls turned out in large numbers tor the major sports. At the beginning ot the year they played speedball. With the coming of winter the girls had to go indoors. Here they began basketball. All-star teams were elected from each class. Again, as in previous years, the seniors were un- defeated, The girls then enjoyed volleyball. VVith the return of warm weather they again returned to the outdoors to play softball. The cabinet for this year was: president, Joan Graber, vice-president, Donna Burkley, secretary, Marcia Hickman, treasurer, Virginia Scott, speed- ball manager, Martha Zinn, basketball managers, Lou Stabler and Phyllis Harmon, volleyball manager, Rea Williamson, softball manager, Barbara Ladd, swimming and skating manager, Mary Bagley, bowling and ping pong manager, Joyce Walters, hiking and biking manager, Connie Bricker, pro- gram chairmen, Regina Berry and Carolyn Drury, historian, Donna Mosier. 56 354,44 The Van Wert-Marsh Chapter of the F. F. A. has again completed an- other very successful year, wlnning a gold rating for parliamentary pro- ceedure in the county cnd a gold rating in the district. The club generously donated Sl5 each to the Community Chest and the March of Dimes and also S20 to the Excalibur Fund. The F. F. A. boys who won their "V's" were Clarence Agler, Bill Fellers, Gene Matthews, Tom Krick, Bill Kreider, Frank Hoffman, Jack Anspach, and Marvin Brubaker. The F. F. A. basketball team won the Intramural Basketball League but were eliminated in the tournament. Some of the activities conducted by the club were a mixer and a high school assembly. There was a high total of 41 members in the F. F. A. club this year. In addition, there are also 34 honorary members, twenty-nine State Farmers and two American Farmers. The officers for the year were: Jim Mounts, President, Bill Fellers, Vice- President, William Kreider, Secretary, Thomas Ladd, Treasurer, Charles Tomlinson, Reporter, and Clarence Agler, Sentinel. Mr. John H. Leonard is the club adviser and through his unsurpassed leadership, the F. F. A. has achieved wide recognition and good standing. 57 Jer szioof remf The band has participated in various activities during the past year, Besides playing for the home football games, the band journeyed to Lima and Celina to cheer the team and entertain the spectators. The band and chorus combined to present a delightful Christmas program to which the high school was invited. Many soloists and ensembles have played for various organizations throughout the year. The band, together with the chorus, arranged for several students from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music to come to entertain the high school. On April 25, the band made a trip to Lima, Ohio, where it attended a concert given by the Ohio State University Band. This journey was made possible by the Kiwanis Club who rewarded the band in this manner for its many services to the community. The Twentieth Annual Band Concert was held on April 4 and 5. Bob Young served as master of ceremonies, and Peggy Schaffer assumed the role of student director. The program was divided into two parts: the first part consisting of classical music, and the second part of lighter, gayer music. Highlights of the evening included a clarinet quartet, composed of Juanita Thatcher, Wanda Stoller, Ann Weaver, and Marv Lou Dietrich, a solo by Suzanne Conley, a novelty number with the drum majorettes providing a "Gay Nineties" dance routine, and a trombone solo ably presented by Bernard Clark with Robert Scheidt as accompanist at the piano. Bernard Clark also won a superior rating at the district contest at Bowling Green State University and from there went to the state contest. Mr. Don Smith gave a brief resume of the band's history and presented a gift in behalf of the people of Van Wert to Mr. Wolf for his outstanding leadership and service to the high school and to the community. The officers for the band were as follows: President, Joe Giessler, Secretary, Gloria Carlo, and Librarians, Nancy Lea, Juanita Thatcher, and Wanda Staller. Some of the band members participated in a County Band Festival which was held May lO. ln the furtherance of music, the band also sponsored the Miami University Band which played a concert in Van Wert. Y--..-1-A . CLI' pfarlfed With a song in their hearts and on their lips, the A Capella Choir under the supervision of Harold Mohr, has sung its way through another enjoyable year. They rehearsed three times a week and their repertoire includes all types of choral music. They have made several public appearances: the Kick-off Dinner for the Community Chest, for the Rotary, for the Kiawanis, and the annual Church Concert during Lent. The one main event and also final performance of the entire group was given March 8-9 when the i949 Choral Concert was presented in the Lincoln Auditorium. The theme chosen for the year's concert was "Far Away Places." The program consisted of spirituals, popular, and religious songs. Marcia Hickman, playing the part of Percy, a Purple Pixie, lent an air of frivolity to the last half of the presentation. On April 2 the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs journeyed to Ada to compete with other B schools of this region. Both clubs received a superior rating. The chorus this year also has a Boys' Double Quartet and two Girls' Sextets. Special mention should be given to both of these groups. The boys' double quartet was composed of Roger Poling, Robert Scheidt, Ned Williman, Gene Bagley, John Gunsett, Duane Jerome, Hugh Bebout and Don Baer. The one girls' sextet had as its members Carol Stephens, Patricia Skelley, Beverly Speith, Ann Pettijohn, Mary Olberding, and Julia Spieker. The other was composed of Peggy Shaffer, Jennie Lee Shriver, Joyce Woten, Shirley Harting and Barbara Anderson. These three groups entered the contest at Bowling Green and the Boys' Double Quartet received a superior rating enabling them to participate in the state contest at Columbus. Through the conscientious efforts of Mr, Mohr the eighty-four members of the chorus have been trained until they can sing effectively and harmoniously. Appreciation in music and performance are indeed taught in this course. Besides the A Capella Choir Mr. Mohr also has a mixed chorus consisting mostly of Fresh- men whose greater ambition is to sing in the A Capella Choir as soon as their voices are more matured. gl . if SENioR CLASS PRESENTS :One goof .gn ajsleauenw On April 26 and 27, the Senior Class presented "One Foot in Heaven" a three act comedyfdrama by Hart zell Spence and dramatized by Anne Martens. An enthusiastic audience enjoyed the play both nights of produc tion. Something different was done this year. Charles Tomlinson did a George Spelvin, one person taking two parts, using George Spelvin for one of the cast names. The action takes place in l9lO and concerns the trials and tribulations ofa minister and his family Mrs. Howard Foltz coached and directed the play. The cast was as follows: William Spence, a minister .,..,.,.......,..,....... Hope Spence, his wife ....,.. Hartzell, their son ........., Eileen, their daughter ..,..... Dr. Romer, a good friend ...... Louise, a pretty miss .......,. Maria a Mexican irl , g ....., Molly, a crusader .......... Ronny, her brother .............,... Letty, a pest ......................,....... Mrs. Sandow, a proud woman ...... Mrs. Digby, a choir singer ......... Georgie, her son .............,............ Mrs. Cambridge, church worker ..... Mrs. Jellison, church worker ........ Major Cooper, a man of sixty ..................... Bishop Sherwood, a just man ........................,.. Rev. Fraser Spence, prologue and narration .,...... The prompter was Marilyn Kinsey. The stage manager was Susan Mericle. 60 .-.Howard Henney ...............Shirley Harting . ................ Jim Scarpella lviary Anne Hennermann . ...............,..... Don Johns ...............Beverley Spieth ......Treva Young .....Gloria Carlo .....Dale Davies . ....... Gerry Laing .............Lois Terry .......Melva Doxtater ......Charles Tomlinson .....Mildred Thompson ......Barbara Anderson .......Wayne Baxter ......George Spelvin ...,.Byron Foreman JUNIOR CLASS PLAY On November l6 and l7, l948, the class of '50 presented "Boy Wanted," a three-act comedy by William Roos, under the direction of Mrs. Howard Foltz. The entire ploy takes place in a sorority room on the second floor of the Dormitory at Ridgeway Academy for girls. Nancy Hill, who has been chosen valedictorian of her class, is trying desperately to finish her speech the day before graduation exercises. Her friends and classmates are quite a bother to her so the housemother, Mrs. Holmes, tells the rest of the girls to go to their rooms so Nancy can finish her speech. But trouble arrives in the form of two boys who have run away from home and find themselves in the Sorority room where Nancy is busy writing. A third boy, Rodney Faulkner, joins the fellows, after his fiance, Adele Carpenter has been confined to her room. This was the result of their being caught by one of the teachers, Miss Frances, in the act of kissing, To add to the dilemma, Miss Frances would like to have the position of housemother. She uses all of her womanly influence to persuade Professor Drake, head ofthe school, against Mrs, Holmes. After the boys are discovered by Professor Drake things begin to happen. But everything turns out all right, including a prom date for Cynthia Moran, whose invitations had been turned down by five boys, MEMBERS OF THE CAST WERE: Cynthia Moran ..., . ,.., .,Marcia Hickman Miss Frances ..,..,..,.......,..,.........,,., ....... S ue Truax Adele Carpenter ....... ., ...... Carolyn Drury Rodney Faulkner, Adele's fiance ...,..,..,...... Jack Priddy Nancy Hill ......,.,.. ...,... C aral Wortman Harold Rollins .......,..,..,.,..........,.. ....... R oger Stuckey Doris .,..,........,.,....., ....... M arilyn Mayer Fred ...............,.. ........... P hil Cully Margaret .,..,..........,,.,....,..,....... ...... J oyce Woten Mr. Hill ,.,.... ...Jim Fawcett Linda, a freshman ......,.....,....,..,...... ........ C leo Shaw Mrs. Hill ,... ., Maxine Wilder Mrs. Holmes, the housemother .,.............. Julia Spieker Mr, Rollins ...,..,. ......, R obert Tucker Professor Drake, head of the school .... Kernan Wright Mrs. Rollins ...,... ......, R uth Sherburn Mr. Flynn, a math teacher ..... ..,..,..,..... . Duane Jerome Prompter ...,..... .... 6 l ......Mary Todd ji., Jwh- y cm The Hi-Y Club is an organization sponsored by the Van Wert YMCA. Its purpose is to promote and maintain throughout the school and community the high principles of Christian character. The officers of this year's club are: John Gunsett, presidentg Wayne Baxter, vice-presidentg and Dale Davies, secretary-treasurer. The club participated in many activities throughout the year. Members sold soft drinks at football and basketball games and also decorated the gym for the Hi-Y mixer. In order to have enough money to send two boys to Camp Nelson-Dodd, the club sponsored a "night of magic and mirth" with .lack Courtney, the Magician. On April 22, the club held its annual Hi-Y Ladies' Night. 62 enior aaa prop ecy Clarence "Dope" Agler and Jim Scarpella have replaced "Doc" Blanchard and Glenn Davis as the star football players at West Point. Bill Agler has been voted one of the "Ten Best Dressed Men in the World" by the New York Fashion Acad- emy for Men. David Alspach is heard every Monday evening as "Digger O'Alspach, the Amicable Mortician." His pro- gram is called "Death Can Be Beautiful." While Wayne Baxter and Marion Baker were journeying in California, they were discovered by Kenney Anderson, the great talent scout for "Warner Sisters." All of their films have been smash hits. Barbara Anderson is the star vocalist on "Your Flop Parade." Dick Andrus is the owner of a prosperous bed-bug farm, located on the east side of the town creek just north of Van Wert. lt is an ideal spot. Joan Arnold has declared her intention of running for mayor of Middle Point. All votes will be appreciated. Martha Jeanne Emans is designing floats for the Rose Parade at Pasadena, California. Harve DeBolt has overcome his bashfulness and is now a high-pressured traveling salesman, selling Dr. Ross' Dog Food for Dogs of Discrimination. Bill Kear has gained fame by posing for Maybelline Ads. He's the "Before." Peg Schafer, a concert pianist, is teaching the President to play the piano. Lois Terry is the World's Champion Bowler. Thelma Baer is the inventor of an excellent new flour for dog biscuits. The Baer Flour Mills is located in Borneo. Helen Balyect is the new dean of Stephens College. Barbara Houts is chief cook and bottle washer at "Hopkins' Hash House" in Barbara Hopkins chain of well- known restaurants. Artie Finnegan is the new janitor at the city building. He recently resigned a similar position in Pandora, Ohio. Waneta Beck, another Pavlova, is the greatest ballet dancer of the Ballet Russe. Gretchen Behymer is now president of the United Mine Workers. She is a good example of a self-made woman because she started out by working for her father. Carol Bell is chambermaid to the Queen of Lower Slobovia. George Billieu is now a rich man. He has inherited millions from his uncle in Van Buren, Arkansas. Dollie Brockert has become a nun and is contemplating the past joys and sorrows of her life. Donna Buerkley has made a fortune designing and selling horse blankets. Her motto is "No well-dressed horse is seen without a Buerkley Blanket." Barney Krugh just developed a new method for reprocessing old gum under the study hall desks. Winnifred Campbell has been accepted as a junior partner in Campbell's Hardware Store. Gloria Carlo has gained the distinction of being the only girl who has ever won a hog-calling contest. Pat Cole has been posing for ads to buy false teeth. You can see her face on all the billboards in the middle west with the caption-"See, they look real." Gladene Copeland is Director of WLW. No, it's not the broadcasting station, it's Women's Lingerie Ware- house. Marcia Crow is the head librarian at the Willshire Lending Library. Dale Davies is the well-known author of the "Davies Dietician's Dictionary." Jobyna is his campaign man- ager and Paul is the publisher of this masterpiece. Joan McNamara is the new leader of McNamara's Band. She took Marilyn Doner to good old ireland so she could carry and play the big base drum. Melva Doxtater and Beverley Spieth are private nurses to Dr. Pepper. Dick Edwards has replaced Charles Atlas. He has written a new book entitled "Do You Want Flabby Muscles?" Ruth Ellen Finkhousen is now the artist for the Dick Tracy comic strip. Shirley Harting and Byron Foreman are now famous for their new radio program. They have replaced George Burns and Gracie Allen. Merle Fox has made use of his ability. He is now a Fuller Brush salesman, and for the last three years has won the first prize for selling the most brushes. Bob Fox is the owner and operator of a skating rink in downtown Middle Point. He is thinking of building a new addition as attendance keeps increasing. Lucille Friemoth has developed the perfect mud-pack and she is certainly capitalizing on it. Howard Henney is a newspaper columnist on the staff of Margie Thatcher's paper, the "San Francisco Daily News," published weekly. Mary Alice Gallaspie is teaching interpretive dancing at our Alma Mater. Shirley Goodwin is head floorlady of the Kalt Kandy Kompany. enior Cfaad ,9rolaLecg Jo Graber owns a chain of dress shops in Van Wert County. All of her dresses are very popular and are being worn by the elite of Van Wert. John Gunsett has made quite a name for himself by taking over his father's hardware store. Ann Pettijohn is a professional ping-pong player in Pinkerton, Pennsylvania. Walter Halliwell has a position as a mechanical engineer in the deep south. Carl Hattery is a laboratory technician with Seal Test. Mary Anne Hennermann is the companion dummy to Charlie McCarthy. Charlie got so lonesome. Dale Hoffman is a tiller of the soil. He has a farm near Oakey Ponoeky Swamps, Florida. Phyllis Harman is playing for the Fort Wayne Daisies. Elsie Hofmann is now a member of the French Foreign Legion. She is working alongside Joe Palooka. Nolan Hudson, who was marooned on a desert isle right after graduation, liked it so well that he re- turned to Van Wert only for the class reunion of l959. Bob Kampf can now be found polishing pool balls in Bill KnittIe's Emporium. R. B. Humphreys has won fame as a great orator. His "Van Wert Address" is known throughout the land and school children are learning it instead of Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address." Donald Johns is one of the greatest of all Shakespearian actors. His "Macbeth" is winning acclaim from all critics. lt has won 78 citations and Don Hopes it will win the greatest citation of all--The Academy Award. Wanda Johns is touring the world hunting for an ice cold bottle of Pepsi Cola. lt hits the spot!!! Marilyn Kinsey is nursing baby chickens as they come out of the incubator. Naomi Knittle is happily married. Russell Kruse, tired of selling popcorn at the Ohio Theater, recently started a popcorn factory. Pete Rhodes is now head bongo man and percussion artist in Nick O'Tine's Cigar Band. Barbara Ladd is the new "Queen of the Jungle." She is very happy playing opposite Tarzan. Tom Ladd is the student ag. teacher at the Marsh. He is a Senior at Ohio State and has to have some knowl- edge of teaching before he can get his degree. Gerry Laing is a famous author of "Gerry's Gems for Jolly Jacks." It is a book of bed-time stories for children. Bob Marks is a bookie for Santa Anita Horse Races. Detective John Linser is hot on his trail. Gene Matthews is the bouncer at Bill May's new night club in downtown Celina. Nancy Lea is the director of an all men flute orchestra in California. They broadcast annually. Jean McLaughlin is a manicurist in Penny's basement. Susie Mericle is modeling Master Mix Feed Sacks. Jim Mounts is a tiller of the soil with his friend Dale Hoffman. Darrel Phillips is "Boo-Boo the Booger Man's" next contender for the Gorgeous George Trophy. Marvel and Jeannie Ralston love dogs just as much as they did when they were in school. They now own a home for orphaned puppies. Jeanette Schaeper is a waitress at Vivian Showalter's chain of famous restaurants. Frank Stephenson and Jack Stuckey have been sailing the seven seas ever since graduation. Bill Stripe is a contractor for his father, Cletus Stripe. Juanita Thatcher is a professor at P. U. iPodunk University.D Juliann Unterbrink is the new manager of the bowling alley, Denny Walters is a South American ambassador of good will. He tells them funny jokes, while he's driving the other ambassadors around in his big, black Packard. John Waymire is the proprietor of Hunter's Drug Store. Dale Wilson is still the owner of Wilson and Paullus Service Station, but he let us in on a secret. He's going to sell it just as soon as a good offer comes along. Mildred Thompson is the new housemother at Senior Hall at the Marsh. She gives the girls special privi- leges every night. Lowell Shaw is head Red-Cap at Grand Central Station. "Tip the porter" is his battle cry. Joe Sheldon is president of the Lonely Heart's Club. Are you lonely? You too can join this club. Jenny Shriver is now living on a Coon Farm and is raising little Coons. Sydney Smith is head tie counter for the B 8. O. CBaltimore and Ohio.l Charlie Tomlinson now has Johnnie's job selling Philip Morris on the radio program. Charlie Truax is now selling axes. They are known as the "Truax True Temper True Ax." Roger Whitcraft is a drummer in the drum and bugle corps of the Foreign Legion. Mary Ann White is now the Physical Education teacher at her Alma Mater. Phil Wolford is making millions printing text-books. Ervin Young, employed by Phil, is o proof-reader. John, Robert, Treva, and Tiny have established the law firm of Young, Young, Young, and Youtsey. Snior Best Looking Senior Girl ...... Best Looking Senior Boy ...... Senior Girl with Best Figure ....... Senior Boy with Best Physique ...... Senior Girl with Best Personality ....... Senior Boy with Best Personality .......... Senior Girl with Best Sense of Humor. Senior Boy with Best Sense of Humor. Best-dressed Senior Girl ......, Best-dressed Senior Boy ........ Most Studious Senior Girl ........ Most Studious Senior Boy ........ Most Popular Senior Girl ....... Most Popular Senior Boy ........ Most Friendly Senior Girl ..,... Most Friendly Senior Boy ........... Senior Girl Who is Best Athlete ....... Senior Boy Who is Best Athlete ........ .guflley .Dollie Brockert ......Dick Edwards Melva Doxtater ......John Young ......Joan Graber ............Bob Fox Jeannie Ralston ........Bob Young ..Helen Balyeat ..........Bill Agler .......Marcia Crow ..Howard Henry ...Susan Mericle ..Nolan Hudson .Shirley Harting ......Dale Davies Phyliss Harman ................Clarence Agler Senior Girl Most Likely to Succeed ...... ....... M ary Anne Hennermann Senior Boy Most Likely to Succeed ...... ................... J ohn Gunsett 65 The Champ Betfer late Than never Seniors --Merle Fox and Ralph Vaske Todd'S experts I5 it ihaf bad? High-sfeppers Vhe pause that refreshes Wherc's your men, Long live the Queen Mystery voice and winner I 32 Q 1 Q 5 nw is i E J '95 9 x 5 Ii I5 E k. I SEPTEMBER 13-Vacation's over. Welcome "Greenies"! I4-Back to the old routine. 15-Freshmen are getting lost, as usual. 16-Did you have a nice vacation??? I7-First football game, Bryan. We won, 18-O. 20-Monday. Need I say more?? 21-Western Buckeye League meeting in Lima. 22-More schoolwork! 23-The class election petitions were issued. 24-We lost, 20-25, Defiance. 27-l'm getting used to school again. 28-Assembly, liquid air. 30-Just another Thursday. OCTOBER I-We played Kenton. They beat us 21-13. 4-Election petitions have to be returned today. 5-Henmon-Nelson test. 6-Safety Demonstration. 7-Election of class officers. 8-We trampled Bluffton, 32-7. 1 1-Just another day. 12-Student council meeting. 13-Homework! 14-School. 15-Mixer sponsored by F. H. A. 18-Cincinnati Conservatory concert. I9-Good music yesterday. 20-Grade cards in one week! 21-Oh! How I hate to get up in the morning. 22-We beat Wapak, 19-12. 25-Monday! 26-Detroit Aptitude test for Seniors. 27-Bad news, grade cards! 28-Lima Central 26, Van Wert 7. 29-No school. N. W. Ohio Teacher's meeting. NOVEMBER 1-Shakespearean plays. 2-Still recovering from last week-end. 3-Just another day. 4-Getting ready for homecoming. 5-We played St. Marys. Score 6-6. 8-No homecoming festivities because it rained. 9hA rainy Tuesday. 10-Y-Teens Penny Lunch. I 1-Armistice Day. 12-Game at Celina. We won 33-6. 15-Dress rehearsal for Junior class play. 16-"Boy Wanted" great success. 17-"Boy Wanted". 18-Dr. Cutshall spoke about temperance. I9-Mixer sponsored by F. F. A. gakllddl' 21-That week went fast! 22-Don't eat too much Thanksgiving. 23-Hi-Y assembly. 24-Thanksgiving vacation, no school. 25-No school. 29-Christmas is just around the corner. 30-Just another Tuesday. DECEMBER 1-Every pupil tests. 2-Jerry McSafety assembly. 3-First basketball game. Score, G. 29-VW 19. 6-No school. Water main broke. Senior Y-Teen Christmas Dessert. 7-We played Paulding. They won 36-34. 8-Junior Town Meeting. Guests from La Grange, Indiana. 9-School! ' IO-Delphos St. John 54, Van Wert 35! 1 1-Howe Military Academy, here. They won 32-23. I3-Assembly, George Campbell, song leader. 14-Chorus sang at Rotary Club. 15-Student Council meeting. I6-Ada 42, Van Wert 41, that was mighty close! 17-Christmas assembly. CHRISTMAS VACATION JANUARY 3-Vacations are so nice. 4-We played Lima South. Score, Lima 46, Van Wert 38. 5-A dull day. 6-More school. 7-Bellefontaine here. They won 47-36. 10-Another blue Monday. I I-Student council meeting. I2-The weather is strange. Spring in January! 13-Lots of homework. 14-St. Marys 43, Van Wert 37. 17-Still recovering from week-end. 18-Isn't it nice to be a senior??? I9-My greatest ambition is to sleep to noon!! 20-Homework and more homework! 21-Celina 42, Van Wert 40. l lost 40 pounds over that game! 24-Working on material for Scarlet Quill. 25-No school, for me. I had a cold. 26-"Sniff, Sniff"!! 28-Wopak 43, VW 44. Nice going, Cougars!! 31-This is "Sadie Hawkins Week." FEBRUARY 1-We beat Defiance 38-32. 3-Recovering from last night's game. 6dAflJdl' -Y-Teen's Sadie Hawkins Mixer. -Scholarship test for seniors. -Dress rehearsal for One Act plays. -One Act play night. 9-Women's club program. IO-More homework! 4 5 7 8 I I-We played Bluffton. They won. I4-County basketball begins. I5-Junior test for Mathematical ability. I6-G. A. A. Penny Lunch. I 7-Another Thursday. I 8-Kenton beat us. 2I-Another Monday! 22-Washington's birthday-no school. 23-We played Bryan. They won. 24-School again. 25-Nothing to do but-homework! 28-Short month wasn't it?? MARCH I-More Homework! 2-Snow in March. The seasons must be changed! 3-Candidates were chosen for National Honor Society. 4-National Honor Society Induction. 6-Concert rehearsal. 8-Choral Concert, Student council, period 6. 9-Choral Concert. IO-Did you buy a ticket for the record pIayer?? II-Hi-Y mixer. Excalibur staff gave away a rec ord player, profit to go for the benefit of the Excalibur. I4-Y-Teens selling hot dogs at the Gold Metal Tournament. -Terrible weather! -Father Son Ban uet' Grade cards ' q I - -Senior Class play chosen. "One Foot in Heaven." -Try-outs for Senior Class play. I5 I6 I7 I8-Sophomore mixer. 21 22-Recovering from grade cards. 23 -Speech students went to Central High, Fort Wayne, for Junior Town Meeting. 24-More school. 25-Homework, Homework, Homework! 26-Solo and ensemble contest at Bowling Green. 28-Why do Mondays come?? 29-Seniors are practicing for the class play. 30-Every Pupil Tests. 3 I-Every Pupil Tests again today. APRIL I-Hi-Y sponsored program, Jack Courtney, magician. 2-Band and chorus at Ada. 4-Band Concert. O 5-Band Concert. 6-Student council meeting, period I. 7-Spring is finally here! I hope! 8 -G. A. A. mixer, Preliminary District-State Schol- arship tests. -The dance Friday night was fun. -More schoolwork. -No school. Are you kidding???? No such luck. I I I2 I3 I4-Y-Teens Easter assembly. I5-Good Friday. I 8-Activities ticket campaign begins today. I 9-Dull Day! 20-J ust another day. 2l-End of the Fifth sixth weeks. 22-Eighth grade test. 25-Dress rehearsal for Senior class play. 26-"One Foot in Heaven." 27-Senior play again. 28-Swell play last night. 29 -Another week closer to Graduation! Y.W.C.A. eighth grade and high school mixer. MAY 2-End of Activity ticket campaign. -Chemistry test today. Oh!!! -More tests and homework. 4 5 6-Grade music festival. 7-Final District-State Scholarship Tests at Defiance. 9-Shorthand aptitude test. IO-I have spring fever! I I-J ust more homework. I2-It rained today. I3-Band festival. I6--Do you have your Prom date? I7-Rain, Rain, go away, and come back some day. I8-Intramural softball games are being played. I9-Tomorrow night is the big night!!! 20-Junior prom. 23-Wanted: Sleep lost over Prom. 24-Recognition assembly. 25-Senior rehearsal for commencement. 26-Final tests. 27-Senior Recognition assembly. 29-Baccalaureate. 30-No more school for the Seniors. 3 I -Commencement. JUNE I-School for Underclassmen. 2-How does it feel to be a groduate???? 3-Have a nice vacation. 7-Grade cards, EXCALIBURS. other gaccafaureafe .szruice VAN WERT HIGH SCHOOL Sunday, May 29, l949 - 6:30 P.M. STADIUM rogram Processional, "The Pilgrim" ................................... ................ M . L. Lake High School Band lnvocation ............................................................ ...... R ev. Ralph C. Tucker "Hail Our Redeemer" .... ............................ .............................. R h ea High School Choir Scripture Lesson ............................................ ........ R ev. C. P. Maas "Almighty God of Our Fathers" ............................................................ James High School Choir Baccalaureate Sermon ...................... "The Beginning and End of Knowledge" Rev. Charles Martz Benediction ...................................................................... Rev. Clark B. Price "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" ................. ........... .... ........ L u t kins High School Choir Recessional, "Festival March of the Olympians" ....... ......... C astro Carazo High School Band BOARD or EDUCATION ' Gordon H. Alspach, President Dr. M. Forwalter, Vice President J. S. Hall Walter Tolan G. A. Balyeat F. Earl Shaffer, Clerk-Treasurer J. A. Wiggins, Principal of High School R. D. Bennett, Superintendent of Schools CLASS OFFICERS John Gunsett, President Bill Kear, Vice President Wayne Baxter, Secretary Dick Edwards, Treasurer CLASS MOTTO After The Battle, The Reward CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER Red and Blue White Rose 70 OIYIWI eI'lCel'n elif pl'09l'al'l'l VAN went HIGH sci-iooi. Moy 31, 1949 - 6:30 PM. STADIUM rogram Processional, "Pomp and Circumstance" ................... ....... E dward Elgar Van Wert High School Band Invocation ....................................... ............. R ev. Walter Marks National Anthem, by the Audience ...................... Directed by Harold E. Mohr Accompanied by Van Wert High School Band Flute and Clarinet Duet, "Gloriana" .......................... ...... G eorge D. Barnard Nancy Lea, Juanita Thatcher Baritone Solo, "Somewhere a Voice is Calling" ....... ....... A rthur F. Tate Robert Kampf Girls Vocal Ensemble- Margaret Schafer Beverley Spieth Barbara Anderson Jenny Lee Shriver Ann Pettijohn Carol Bell Shirley Harting Susan Mericle Patty Cole Waneta Beck Elsie Hofmann Mary Anne Hennerman Class Address ..,... ................................... .... ' ' What Are You Worth" Dr. Gaston Foote Presentation of Class ...................................................... ...., J , A. Wiggins Principal of Van Wert High School Presentation of Diplomas: Gordon H. Alspach, President, Board of Education Dr. M. A. Forwalter, Vice President, Board of Education "America", by the Audience ................................ Directed by Harold E. Mohr Accompanied by Van Wert High School Bond Benediction ....... ................................... ........ R e v. W. C. Davies Recessional, "University Grand March" .................... Edwin Franko Goldman Van Wert High School Band 7l Without the aid of these good friends O U R P A T R O N S this book would not be possible The Bonnewitz Co. The Central Manufacturers' Mutual Insurance Co. First Federal Savings and Loan Co. Herff-Jones Co. Humphrey-Raabe Motor Corp. Thomas Jewelry Co. The Dainty Pastry Shop Jerrolds Clothing Store Book Appliance Sales Kiggins Camera Supply Co. Balyeats Coffee Shop Hopkin's Restaurant Dolly's Dairy Bar Kalamazoo Home Appliances Your Y. M. C. A. Hines and Son Merit Shoes Van Wert' Book Store Pollock Radio Store Hunter's Drug Beaupre Brothers Crescent Laundry and Dry Cleaning Thomas Gift Store Purdy Motor Sales Wilson and Paullus Gulf Service Donald White-Agler Studio Tomczak's Flower Shop Van Wert Motor Sales Authorized Packard Dealer Vore-Knoll Funeral Service The St. Mary's Packing Co. Kesler's Grocery tRock and Charliel Firestone Store Campbell Hardware Don Smith The Presserette The Continental Can Co. Inc. Purmort Bros. The National Seal Co. The Ohio Power Co. Balyeat, the Clothier The Ahlenius Co. The Van Wert Bootery Jack and Jill Kiddie Shop Dustman's McKeddie Jay's Store for Men The Weiker Grain Co. Maurice Holbrook's Paint Store McCoy's Flowers West Bros., Cleaners Gamble 84 Alspach The Finkhousen Co. Goodsell's lnc. The Portrait Studio Clarks Shoe Store lOOth Anniversary Wilson and Girod Emmet Stripe, Realtor Robert Stripe, Salesman The Great Atlantic 8. Pacific Tea Co Paul Brill, Manager U. S. Sporting Goods Harden Music Store Kennedy Manufacturing Co. Balyeat Furniture John Earl lnc. Doc's Swap and Hobby Shop King's Food Center Cowan and Son Underwood's Music House The Gunsett Co. 72 '5ff09f1Qf2.'f2f WMMW Wm ww , . 1. r TNVJ. , fx Q., Y 12'-f -vs : z 1w,:u,1 In . V - wg.. :wg :Q w:. fx-,U V., 4..,. .4..p' .. M R Q "4 . .gk 4 -A-uf :IJ 9:1 '1i1'...1'f.e . .-.1-.5 V .1 F' 5-1 f , . 'xx . V. .. . k..A. , ., , . M. A. V . 1 'T - f. 1 -. -1, an .V ,. :V L... E .4 -" ,,, , .V VV f .if N. 4. .1 . RL-k,.5i.V! . .-,.,, iv.. .. .IJ ,qw , Izifff L. " -1 - xv -5 r W: rf' 5.5 Y WA ,K W- f. . - .Md is J. ., A K wi-12 f' J. 41 Y if ' J., .L 4. 5, "I-1. N, x 1' - 4 e, E 1 -.5 T. fy' .4 7 . , . e ,.. n ,,, . .. , . .W W. .,. A. .,,.., ' ax-mm, 'K Q., , H- A :W ,, . ,EY . ., A. , X. 5. ,M . '1 . 'r . . ...I , . V .,. .,'q -f ,.. ' . 1, ' . W ... '- , " m ,, ,. .17 f .-.- .. -K . ' V' fi - ,wi .,4 5 ' .A ' 1:1 "".- 'rgf Y . ,. - .s- . 'L 'Mr 1 ., 4' ,,' . ., JU. ' .11 Y ' t f 1 . w . Afff . A I' f: .w T-' , , L f. f if , 5 ' ,N , ..N vi -A Q V' 'f J f'-5 K "fn V ,V , 4, .,V "-Lv. .,-ag' ,. rg. L., r.. nl. . - f x . 1. LJ- -vv W 1 4- 'A xl-,4 ' J' 1 , f' . -1 1 W . V, , ,M .,-.. I- . J, 'Z' V,,,'1tv7fq ns' V '- Y! f vw. f , . .M 4.3, , .f , ., I . ,, 4.1. 3. A 1 ' Y ' ly ',.Q x , . , .N . J, . fZ+Q'.' f a..h-ALL' fy 2 9, K. fy.. e ,gm .-- -gm ... '- ...f . XC 5 , f' '.wk'4+'3-:J,i 1, :JQQQZQRESHM-s.. " Pi 1 K . .X 1, 47, r 1 H '-. li.'ii'i:h:!.2Qia'?5xAE ' -QQ' "'2A,:SIG'

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