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Van Wert High School - Excalibur Yearbook (Van Wert, OH) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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F' 'L F6 .5 fifmfgi L :xg 5 if 'Q U21 ,if"x 'S f I! J 'N ww 1 Cy x ,J x ,7 ,, i ' -I xg .RL f'-,X .Q ,qw 'L T' .1 w.W,,,....,... MA- 'X P X: 3 40 f' xx xf QXNW X bx NX FQ -Q, .km igfvfi WN EXC LIB 1942 PUBLISHED BY THE SENl0R CLASS VAN WERT HIGH SCHOOL VAN WERT, OHIO Editor-in-Chief, Betty J. Stevens Associate Editor, Betty Murray Business Manager, Richard Feigert r THRHUGH THE KEY HOLE at VAN WERT HIGH SCHO0L ' 19' " ' "1gg' Xu. .1 ,, , fr? f' 5, A i54ggffJ r A,:L -j "' 1' m ' wi? +'.'..rf x.. ' F . "' 4- 1'- af, A 'P 1 K iw 'KIJY , , JN' If O f 1. 8 Nj ' N f - W ' ' . I U W 5? ' ' ' 2 4 1 .. ff . 5 ' ,141 - 'rw' f "QQ i ? Q - vga X41 5'fjf?f4.lQJ a. ' H ' . b 1 2,-g":f'2"' ' 8 ting? y' 9,5-N .4 - y - - ,.L s. X, Y Q. A .x O ik Y' .givf -MU' K wzffrg,-ff , ,E f MW- . nfl ' 0 Q 4 Si 4 I, ,pr - ' "wifi A Gigi ,sf .'. I r 'f 'iii X fv- ",g .""i' , M' E! vlzyg Q, ? . "J Sf.. ' 'Q' Q As -fa A . --K.-, .wax ' ff ' , A 445 ' . ' f f-S Algff .5 Q ti, gg Q an ff., 6. .M 1 , ' Q A' NZ' 5 . I I' 3' A , 1 N ' nil' K ' H4 F lr - . T . -ua 1349. fr 1' ri M "' . M., ... gg I' 5 f , 1 1 pigxlhish A. vm M- . 1, tl Q -P .5 ,H if .,+f5,N.- ,, - ,Q V A - ' ' h "?""f"?' A- w ' ff' x .1 . 'iv-'v fi f W' :P 5: ' . 'QQ fi wif, " ' , Q1 J. 'Vg-r , X, mv-f 'l""'Nf' fi f, . If I 1 -W 'N , ? - ,, .w X 'fa " .gif ' gmy rift 5. ff ' Y W 755 L lf. 5figk15Ng.g?fV,j:.' ink Y A Y, ,gin fmt M X, 3 - 7 ' -1 'A 'his 7 ,1 --f'f51?iy:" A A' 'f , .N - u l- 2 Ugg. ', A V Q1 1 ft., 1,5 w,i.mA. 1 4 fm .K g .f 'ar -. , ,- ,L - . , 4- - ,vs -. - -.-, x - .' - N - H3422 jg, 1 2 K W 5.9 -ik ,Il fl- A .V ' y ff Y I x . f 1" 'F 1 . ' iff' ,A , .fr'+' " -Y LW-.4 ' . 2 ' f f -- N N W A . 3' f .viii 3 A 'f ' vygirgaki' 'fwflaiff fffwif-"1 -www -, . - 'fi' -1 -w. ..3f, 'ffv 'Y -Ke N H A y . ff A X -' - ' - T , M 1 .Mwwmh L 1 , w, q . - 5 Q.. X wlf?-'13 ' 'U J - 4 933594 mi 9-fm J iw ff fjsw 7' 3 'K . , F I ,T.1gVf-gang .1 .ki .5 gg V - lf Af ff M K, Y K gay X . ea -- 5 faf 355- ff- 1 J f .f -1 , ,. . A, L. ,, . , ,. v - - v.. , E g . .' ,.... ' ..,, ,...:w. .AL aw .. 1,1 " .-.r.w"""' ' DEDICATIO To'oLeonard Wolf, We the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty Two, dedicate this twen- ty-fourth volume of the Excalibur. Mr, Wolf has been a member of the faculty in the Van Wert schools for fourteen years. ln that time instrumental music in Van Wert has had a tremendous growth. We Wish to thank Mr. Wolf for his unceasing labor and unfailing patience that has given to us many splendid bands, orchestras, and concerts that have been the envy of all schools in this section of the country. ' 55,24 ww E Q 5 l 5 E 5 i 1 1 I K E I ff .Q 2 f. mf., X ix fiymisv- " V5:'l ':" ,Mfr A vw. 'S 35 'Rin n-rm .., J- , A 'Y 1 W , -,6?'eQ3 Z, f A A Q K , ff . - 4 K' 3 I Q ' 3 ,-1. I K E 3 " ' g Q, Mi, .W . . .. , m ., ' , f ,. , Li 1- www : 1 -- K x k ,M 1- -- - 1. M55 Q P 1 4 i ' - I A , Q3 'ffl f k V -'w wif 1 4' a ,, ' .' if- V M4- ,m wfgjww ggi in L, 5 mf V 71 -f ,. - 4- , - f . fx fan- x:..v'--V, -.::.--::,,f.1g":.,,:-EE:m,,-:,.--::-mg-.,..:-,,,, '-'- ar jrgzjfe-',f:-1: . -qi A K- A s 7' V A H, 1 3 wx t K In KV gif, ' K , ' W f' Yfffi ' ' 1? rr 4- 'W 1' I -V - xg' ia" - -"fx if A A m,.-:,,.2,g, jf .,.A hw, X'-, ff. eniv CLASS Morro--The past forever gone: the future still our own CLASS FLOWER-The White Carnation. 7 q CLASS CoLoRs-Blue and White. 1 1 4 I 6XCdAAU I' Page 7 f W 1 .y V f 57' Page 3 XCGA Ml' E IOR CLASS HI TORY SENIORSIXI NOT AT LAST,-BUT ALREADY. One eventful day in September, 1938, Freshmen trooped into Van Wert High School, blissfully looking forward to four Cor morej laborious years of study. Here we are-at the end of the trail. It wasn't a long trail but a short pleasant one which ended so abruptly that it has left us scurrying around like so many perplexed ants. Most of us, when we sit down and think about it, wish that we had it to do over againg but that is quite impossible. Our class has always contributed a good share to the football and basketball teams that have won great fame for Van Wert High. Many other sports have been welcomed by both the girls and the boys. The Junior-Senior Prom, presented in honor of the Seniors, was one of the finest in the history of our school. It required a great deal of work and we are justly proud of the results obtained due to the excellent cooperation of our Junior Class. The live Juniors elected to the National Honor Society were Frank Corathers, Joan Eggerss, Jim Lamy, Betty Murray, and Constance Soldner. Elected to the society this year were Betty Stevens, Betty Yocum, Wilson Duprey, John Shoop, Helene Webster, Marilyn Hunstead, Dick Eeigert, Dick Morgan, Jim Monroe, Norma Milligan, Dorothy Eorwalter, Joe Wolf, and Ann Willoughby. Yes-here we are at the end of the trail. As we unpack and put our things away for the last time, we find ourselves in a most peculiar frame of mind. We are unhappy-yet happy: Unhappy, because we are departing from our beloved school for the last time, happy, because we realize that in the Class of '43 we have fellow students capable of upholding the high traditions of Van Wert High School. Carry on, Juniors! JAMES LAMY "Jim" When it comes to Presidents, Lamy's the man, If anybody can do it, He surely can! HifY, National Honor Society 3, 4g Student Council 1, 2. 4g "Cross My Heartng HThe Mikacloug Chorus 3, 41 Prom Committee, Class Motto, Flower and Color Committeeg Class President 2, 43 Junior Class Play Committeeg Boys' Intramuralsg Boy Rotariang American Legion Essay Contest Win' nerg Invitation Committeeg "The Late Christopher Bean". MARTHA GORRELL "Marfe" Marfe doesn't have a foe, Sh ' s n' e is 0 very ice. But don't you go and wink at Jim Or she'll turn right into ice. G.A.A.g G.A.A. Cahinetg Excalibur Staifg Scarlet Quill Stalfg Student Council 4g 'iCross My Heartwg Prom Committee: Class Secretary 43 Girl's Intnamuralsg Invitat.-ion Committeeg Student Librarian 3. HARRY ADAMS "Huck" We know Harry, He's O. K., Thatls what any Student would say, Boys' Intramurals. WALTER FOUTY "Walt" Easy come, easy go, He's always got a girl in tow. HifYg "V" Clubg Ring and Pin Com' mitteeg Class VicefPresident 4: Bas' ketballg Fontballg Boys' Glec Club, NATHAN BAILEY "Bones" When Bones gets on thc football field, You wouldn't know the guy, One can't distinguish Bones from The lightning in the sky. Tre sur HifYg UV" Clubg Class a er 3, 4g Foothallg Boys' Intramurals. JOAN E. ADAMS "JO" You can depend on her, So have no fear, For when you need her, She'll be near. Excalibur Staflg Student Librarian 3: Assistant to Central Treasurer. Jim Monroe. XCGE Ml' Page 9 HAROLD HARVEY AGLER "Harrie" A boy that shuws NVhen put to a test, That's he's the equal Of all the rest. Excalibur StafIg "Old Kentucky Car' den", "King Kokoug Chorus l, 2, 33 Baskctballg Football, Buys' Intraf murals. CHARLES ALBRIGHT "Chucky The time I've lust in weoing, VELORA MAY AGLER Never mad at anyone, Always having lots of fun. G,A.A.g Girl " "1 . . ' inet, Excalihur Stag: 'iCr0ss My Heartug Chorus I, Z, 3, 43 Prom Committee, Home Ee. Club, Girls' Intramurals. JEAN BALTZELL "Jeanie" jean sure knows her basketball, Be it spring, summer, autumn or "Blondie" Reserxes G R Cab In 'atching and pursuing, xl falls Thcwlmht that HCS in wumcns Gym lnrls Intramurals, -PH Club. Has been my heart's undoing, "V" Cluhg Prom Cummittecg Basket' ball, Fuethallg Buys' Intramurals. GORDON J' BAXTEEI hon, ROMAINE BAYLES NRO" i Ro is liked hy all her friends, LHS! Iron is SYUN-ly And to your wishes, she always I'lc's right un the beam, bends, A E00d Wfffd fmm all Prom Committee. I'le's sure to redeem. HELEN BEAMER Quiet and scrcnely sweet A girl like Helen is hard to beat. Chorus 1, Prom Committee. ALICE LUCILLE BECK UBeCky,, Becky is a modest little lass XVe're sure she's liked by all of the class. Orchestra lg Girls' Intramurals. MARY BEVERLY "Beaver" So very sweet is Mary And very quiet, too, She has made a lot of friends In this class of '-12. Chorus 1, Z, 3, 43 I-Ieme Ee, Club, J. JACK BEAVO "Flash' A mighty man is Iieavu Even on his piceulo. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Buys' Intramurals. BETTY J. BELL "Betz' She meant no wrong to any, She sought the good of many. Student Librarian. GRACE BLACK "Gracie Gracie is an all around lass She is a credit to our class. Chorus 1, 2g Girls' Intramurals. Page I0 XCGA ul' JOANNE CARTER "Jo" Joanne is a girl whom we all admire Of work she never seems to tire. Girls' Intramurals. JOAN CONLEY "Jo" Joan's dark hair and flashing eyes. XVill surely some day win her a prize. Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 4. GLORIA JUNE CONRAD Gloria moved here from Lima last year, VJe're sure they hated to see her go, But we in Van Wert were quite full of cheer, To have her come here, you know. 1 KATHLEEN BLAIR "Kathie" She's trim and neat, prim and precise, But notwithstanding, very nice. Excalibur Staffg "The Late Christopher Beanh. CHARLES BRODNIX "Chuck" Chuck comes to us from thc T E5 I, For him. many girls do sigh. BETTY LOUISE BUECHNER "Beale" Betty has proved that she has skill, The position of Secretary for Mr. Bowdle she did fill. She knows her work, that's sure enough, She must be made of very good stufl. Girl Rcservcsg Girls' Intramuralsg As' sistant to Central Treasurerg Student Secretary of Principal. FRANCIS COLE 'iStupid" Stupid doesn't fit this lad. For this his mother should he glad. KENNETH L, CONN "SIops" He doesn't study in the daytime, And he doesn't study in the night But he studies at all other times, With all his main and might. I'IifYg "The MikadoA'g Chorus 35 Bas' ketballg Boys' Intramurals. JOHN WESLEY COON 'fZ1pper" He hath a stern look, but a gentle heart, That's johnny Coon right from the start. "V" Clubg Basketballg Footballg Boys' Intramurals. KENNETH M. BRAKE, JR, Brake is one of these fellows That's quiet but true, just give him a chance And he'll show what he can do. Feotballg Boys' Intramuralsg Boys' Cleo Club. FORREST BRITTSAN HB,-if, Brit was in our junior Class Play. He is a very good actor, they all say. Hi'Y: Student Council 2, 33 "Cross My Heartwg Band 1, 23 Football: Boys' Intramurals. DOROTHY BURLEY "Dolly" Dotty has the nicest eyes They're such a pretty color, We know that she will never change Even when her eyes grow duller. XCGA ul' Page 1 1 ROBERT E. COOPER "Bouncer" We don't see much of this fine chap, But we know he deserves a smart back slap. Boys' Intramurals, -PH Club. DOROTHY COUPLAND "Dot" A womans strength is in her tongue, Especially when she is young. G,A.A., G,A.A. Cabinet, Girl Re' scrvesg Excalibur Staffg Scarlet Quill Staff: Student Council 39 i'Cross My Hcartn: Prom Committecg Girls' Inf tramurals. AUSTIN EDWARD COX ffAut0,, Austin is an artist, true, Hc's good at this And anything else There is to do. HifYq Excalibur Staflg "The Mikadong Chorus 3, 4: Band 3, 4g Prom Com' mittee, Boys' Intramuralsg Boys' Glce Club, FRANK K. CAROTHERS "Zeke" Frank is so handsome and debonair There's something about him that gives him an air, He's witty, he's quick, he has a bright smile. And he studies his head off all the while. National Honor Society 3, 43 Student Council 1, 2, 3, -lg Student Council President 4: Prom Committee, Science Club. DORIS PRANCINE COURTNEY "Courtney" Doris is one of these popular girls, That keeps all the fellows going around in whirls, But the girls like her too and that's a fact, Her beauty is natural, she doesn't need a compact. Girl Reservesg Chorus 3, 4g Band 1, 2g Prom Committeeg Girls' Intramurals. DUANE L. CRYER "Buck" This boy by the name of Buck Deserves all kinds of luck. Boys' Intramurals. JANE DAVIDSON "Davey" There are not many beautiful Girls around the school, But Davey is an exception To this rule. 'iCross My Heartvg Chorusg Band. LAWRANCE J. DUPREY Ullandyw Country life is healthful to the mind, A better, nicer boy is hard to find. F.F.A.g Boys' Intramuralsq 4fH Club, WILSON G. DUPREY "Willie" A mother's pride, a father's joy, Thank Goedness, he was a baby boy. Hi-Y, National Honor Society -4, "Old Kentucky Gardenng "The Mikado"g Chorus 1, 2, 3, -lg Prom Committeez junior Class Play Committceg Boy Rotarian. JOE DETWILER "Dutch" joe is a favorite "boy around this school. The teachers even like him, here For he never breaks a rule. Bn ys' Intramurals. WAYNE L. DUPREY He has a smile that Hts his face, And wears it every day, We know why he wears this smile, To scare Mr. Trouble away. Boys' Intramurals. RUTH DUSTMAN "Dusty" Dusty is a pretty girl NYith hair that has a natural curl. Shc'd make a good model, we might say And maybe she'll be one some bright day. MADLYN EVANS "Midge" RICHARD Page I2 xcah ur She's very tall But listen, all, The higher they are The harder they fall. Girl Reservesg "King Koko"'3 Chorus l, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Intramurals. VIVIAN JEANETTE FISER 'iNetta" XVith a complexion like hers, She never need worry, When she wants a nusbancl She won't have to scurry. DOROTHY J. FORWALTER "Dorf" A gentle mind by gentle deeds is known, If this were a kingdom, she'd bc on the throne. Girl Reservesg National Honor So' ciety 43 Excalibur Statig Scarlet Quill Staffg Chorus 33 Band 13 Prom Com' mitteeg "The Late Christopher Bean". LEONARD EAST "Big Red" As a manager he is a peach. Quite a guy this Leonard East. "V" Club, Prom Committecg Fort ball 2, 3, 43 Boys' Intramurals: Bas' kethall Mzunager 3, 4. JOAN EGGERSS "Jo" ,Io's all right There's no one to argue that, For anyone of us She'd go up to bat. G.A.A,3 G.A.A. Cabinet, National Honor Society 3, 41 Excalibur Staffg Scarlet Quill StaiI3 Student Council 1, 41 "Cross My Heartwg Prom Com- mittee3 Class Mottrig Flower and Color Committce3 Girls' Intramurals. PEGGY R. EASTERLING Mpeg, , Withdrawn ROBERT EDSALL "Blondie Blcndie is a shiek, it's truc, What cares he how others do. PATRICIA ANN ELDER "Pat Pat would like to be a nurse, This one thing we know, XVC hope she has the hcst of luck. As forward she dees go. G.A.A.3 Girl Reservcsg Home E cllllllQ Girlsi Intramurals, ROBERT F. ESCHBACH C "Whitey' This jolly lad is Iull of fun, NVhat he's given to clo, hcls sun to get done! FEIGERT "Dick" Tall, dark, and Dick You know at once that he s no hick. Hi-Y3 Excalibur Staff: Scarlet -Quill Staff, Chorus 43 Band 1, Z, J. 43 Prom Committee3 Class Motto: flower and Color Committeeg Orchestra l, 2, 33 Dance Orchestra 1, 2, -ll l30YS Intramuralsg Boy Rotariang National Honor Society 4. GLORIS FORD "Red" Always ready with help or smile, You'll not find her like in many a mile. G.A.A.3 G.A.A. Cabinet3 Excalibur Stalfg Chorus 13 Girls' Intramurals. EUGENE FRANCIS "Tex" We don't know where Tex gets his name, But we think it fits him iust the same. XCIIE ul' Page 13 JAMES PRAYLICK 'iBilge" .lim is a lover of music, And hc sings it very well, For him an exciting future, Already we can fortell. N HifYg Excalibur Stailg "King KoKo : "Old Kentucky Gardcnug "The Mi' kadong Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Com' mitteeg Invitation Committee. NEIL GEARY Neil is interested in everything, Such as what makes the little hell ring. A Hi-Yg Scarlet Quill Stziilig "V 5 Clubg llandg Boys' Intramurals. CHARLES E. GLANDER "Bud" Bud to the Marsh does go each day To gain a trade that soon will pay. MARY FRISKNEY Mary Friskney to this school is new, But she has more friends than most folks do! Girl Reservcsg Girls' Intramurals. DOROTHY GERMANN "Bubbles" Dot thinks Turtle's a bit O.K., In her heart he's bound to stay. G.A.A.: G.A.A. Cabinetg Girl Re- servesg G. R. President, Band 1, 2, 35 Prom Committeeg Ring and Pin Com' mittee: Girls' Intramurals. MARGIE GLANDER "Fritzi" Fritzi in the Chorus does like to sm E, Maybe some day she can sing for a king. Girl Reservesg Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Intramurals. VIRGINIA GRAHAM HG'-nnyw A quiet unobtrusive lass is she. She'll go far in this world, you'll see. Girl Reservesg Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. THAD HALL "Parker" lVhen Joy and Duty clash, Let Duty go to smash. llifYg "V" Clubg "Cross My Heart"g Ring and Pin Committee: Orchestra I, 2, 3, -43 Football, Boys' Intraf niuralsg Invitation Committee. JACQUELINE HARTLEY "Jackie" ,lackie's hair is pretty and red, She is very popular it has been said. Chorus 1, 2. ROBERT GUINN "Bob' XVe've never seen such a good- natured lad, He must be very like his Dad. Band 1. ESTHER RUTH HARMAN "Bools' This girl is so shy It's hard to say What she enjoys most, From day to day. ROBERT HEATH "Bob' Bob's not lazy. just in love with restg He sleeps in Study Hall Along with the rest. Chorus 4. Page 14 XCGA ul' JANET ELIZABETH JEROME Tian" By the kindness of her ways, She makes sweet the sourest days. "Old Kentucky Garden", "King Koko", Chorus 1, 2. LEO JORDAN JR. "Zeke-'f Quite a gentleman is Zeke, Ile is quite commonly known as a sheik! F,F.A., Boys' Intramuralsg 4-H Club. MARVEL ARLENE KIEHL '4Tiny' Tiny is one of these lovable girls, We like to call our friends, We hate to see her leave us now XVhen this school year ends. Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Intramurals, -PH Club. GERNADEAN JOHNSTON LOIS HOFFMAN "Shorty" Shorty upon her violin plays And leaves us all in a daze. Girl Reserves: Band 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 43 Girls' Intramurals. COLLEEN J. HUMRICKHOUSE "Shrimp" For a little girl, Colleen's name is long, But she will change it some clay, Or we surely are wrong. G.A.A.g G.A.A. Cabinet, Girl Re- serves, Excalibur Staffg Scarlet Quill Staffg Prom Committeeg Girls Intra- murals, "The Late Christopher Bean". DOROTHY JANE HUNT "Dot" Her blonde hair is pretty, Her face like a rose, She might be a movie star, Someday, who knows. Band 2, 3, 4g Prom Committee. "Johnnie" A happy girl of right good will. Her dancing feet are never still. Girls' Intramurals. BETTY MAE KEAR "Bets" Her ways are quiet and friendly Her features sweet and true, YVe're all very fond ef this senior And wish her lots of luck, too. G.A.A.g Excalibur Staff: Scarlet Quill Staff, Chorus l, 2, Eg Prom Com' mittee, Girls' Intramurals. ARTHUR B. KISSEL "Art" For all these years, Art's been in the band, A brilliant future for him is planned. Band I, 2, 3, 4. OSCAR E. I-IOFMANN "Ed" Oscar is big, there's no question of that, -But the bigger, the better for getting a Jap. F F.A,g Bcys' Intramurals, 4fH Club. MARILYN J. HUNSTEAD ffslimy, IVIarilyn is the type of girl, That's summed up by the one word 'pearl', Frr everyone she has a smile She's always your friendfnot once in a while. f1.A.A,g G.A.A. Cabinet: Girl Re' serves: Girl Reserve Cabinetg Na' tional Honor Scciety -lg Excalibur Staff, Scarlet Quill Stallg Student Ccuncil Z, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Maittog Flower and Color Committeeg Orelaestra 43 Science Clubg Girls' In- tramuralsg Student Librarian 3, 'gThe Late Christopher Bean". JOHN KILBURN HUNT "Bud" Nrthing is tco good for Bud, Hc's really grand, yeu see We wish him all the luck in the world, For we know he holds the key! President of HifY3 Student Council 4g Band 1, 25 Boys' Intramurals, Boy Rotarian. XCGA ul' Page 15 MARY ALICE KLINGLER "Kling" Mllsic and laughter are at her call. Lessons trouble her not at all. G.A.A.g Girl Rcservesg "King KoKo"g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Clubg Home lic. Clubg Girls' Intramurals. GAYLORD KREISCHER "Fritz" Fritz is a German You can tell by his name, But all Germans aren't bad, They claim. HifYg Boys' Intramurals. BILL LEFEEL Bill is a member of the "V" Club, And as a friend he is no dubb. "V" Cluhg Football: Boys' Intraf murals: Trades and Industries Safety Council. "Wild Bill" LOIS K. KREIDER "Louie" Louie hasn't much to say, But we all like her anyway. Girls' Intramuralsg -PH Club. JUNE LOUISE KREISCHER "June" NVe've never known anyone like June, She is as wholesome as a new moon She loves to visit all around the town, And you'll never catch June sport- ing a frown. C.A.A., G.A.A. Cabinet: Girl Ref serves, Girl Reserve Gabinetg Prom Committeeg Home Ee. Clubg Girls' Intramurals. FRED LEITER Fred skips around from town to town, Sometimes we wonder if he'll ever settle down. Boys' Intramurals. i I l 4 VELMA LIN TON "Blackie" Calm and steady, full of cheer. Doing good throughout the year. EUGENE MCCOLLUM 1fMaC', Mac is a tall and handsome boy, With his heart girls like to toy. Trades and Industries Safety Council. JAMES MANSHIP "Jim" jim's curly locks are the envy of all girls He wouldn't trade them for a box of pearls. HifY: Science Club. CARL LONGSWORTH uROcky,, Radio is Rnck's biggest aim, We hope it brings him heaps of fame. F.F.A. ARLENE McCONNELL Arlene is new to us this year, But really O.K. from what we hear. HOMER E. MAXSON Homer is on his way To something big some unknown clay. Trades and Industries Safety Council. Page I 6 XCGA HJ' Club. Boy Rotarian. RICHARD MORRIS "Heinie" ROBERT MOSIER "Moe" Strength and manhood from him shine, As he bucks the opposing line. "V" Clubg Band 1, 2, Football, Boys' Intramurals. BETTY MURRAY "Betts" She always knows what shc's talking about, For this we give credit without a doubt, G.A,A.g Girl Reservesg Girl Reserve Cabinetg President of National Honor Seeietyg Excalibur Staff, Scarlet Quill Staflg "Cross My Heartwg "King KoKo"g Chorus Ig Girls' Intramurals: Assistant to Central Treasurerg Stu' dent Secretary of Principalg 4fH Club. RALPH EUGENE PARRISH "Lucky" Lucky is just like his name, NVe're sure some day he'll win some fame. YVhen girls are around he's very shy. But he'll get over it by and by. "V" Club: Prom Committeeg Class Vice President 35 Basketballg Boys Intramurals. IDA MAE MYERS "Ike" Ida has been nicknamed g'Ike" She's not afraid of a radio mike. G,A.A.g Girl Reserves, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Intramurals. TED PAULLUS "Polly" A boy of stature small is he, A mighty man he's likely to be. Boys' Intramurals. VERNON MEDAUGH "Vern" Vernon hasn't much to say But people like him just that way. Chorus lg Boys' Intramurals. RUSSELL MILLER, JR. ffRuSS,, Russ is quite a friendly guy, Heill either do or he- will die. Band lg Boys' lntramuralsg Boys' Glee JAMES RICHARD MONROE nJirn1, .lim plays football and basketball,to0, Tell us something that Jim can't do, l'lifYg National Honor Society 4, "V" Clubg Student Council 3, 49 "Old Kentucky Gardeng "King KoKo"g Chorus 1, Z3 Prom Committeeg Bas' ketball: Footballg Boys' Intramurals: DEAN MILLER "Dean" Dean is our Editor, One of the best. He could put the paper out, XVithout all the rest. HifYg Excalibur Stailg Editor of Scarf let Quillg "V" Club, Class Secretary I, Z: Football, Boys' Intramuralsg Cheerleader 3, 4. NORMA GRACE MILLIGAN She may look quiet and sedate, But when you know her, she's just great. National Honor Society 4g Band 1, 2g Prom Committee: 4fH Club. RICHARD J. MORGAN "Dick" Dick is handsome, as is easily seen, If he were a girl, he's be Peony Queen. HifYg National Honor Society 43 Stu' dent Council 41 Band 1, 25 VicefPresi- dent 23 Treasurer 11 Dance Orchestra 1, 2g Basketballg Boys' Intramuralsg Boy Rotarian. E i I Don't let Ginny kid 'ya. XCGA ul' Page 17 JAMES M. PERRY "Fizz" Fizzer and his little car are always seen together, They will take you any place no matter what the weather. Feotball. Boys' Intrainurals. RICHARD PETTIJOHN "Potjohn" Dick is so very full of pep. That as a cheerleader hc has kept, The student hoely yelling strong, And leads us well in nur school song. l'IifY, "V" Club, "Cross My Heart", Chorus -lg Band 2, Cheerleader, Boy Rotarian, CLARK POLLOCK 'iPoIIy" XA gentleman of manners mild. He is his mamzfs favorite child. Excalibur Staff, Student Council 1, 2, junior Class Play Committee, Science 'Clubg Photo Club 2. RALPH IGNATIUS LOYOLA PETERS "Pete" Pete's future lies within the stars He lives for the night so he can V watch mars. Science Club. GENE POLING "St1'nkin' " Where there are ladies, Glen's right there XVith a most gallant and courteous fllf. HifY, "Cross My Heart", Chorus 3, Blind l. 4, 3, Prom Committee, Class Treasurer 2: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Dance Orchestra 1, 2. 31 Bny's Intramurals 1. STARLEY MAXINE POLLOCK "Star" Starley is a star that's true X-And her smile is twinkling too. I-irl Reserves, Chorus 3, 4, EUGENE REDRUP E. PRESTON Tom" JOAN PUTMAN "Putt" Earnestness and sport go well together, Tom played in the Senior Class Play As an actor he is very O.K. Putt's true blue in spite of the weather. Y: i'Cross My Heart", Junior Class G,A.A., G.A.A. Cabinet, Girl Ref Committee, Boys' Intramurals, Late Christopher Bean". :'Stinker" There never was a Ener fellow, And never will there be one, But we say this just to show How much we like to see one. Hi-Y, Excalibur Staff, Prom Commit- tee, Football, Boys' Intramurals, Boys' Glee Club. MARY DELCENIA RESOR A dimple with every smile, For this anyone would walk a mile. G.A.A., Girl Reserves, "Old Ken' tucky Garden", "The Mikado", "King KoKo": Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4. serves, G. R. Cabinet, Excalibur Staff, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee, Class Secretary 3, Girls' Intramurals, 4fH Cluh. VIRGINIA MAE REED "Ginny" She really can play ball X XVhy, when you get her on a team. The opposing players fall, Girls' Intramurals, 4-H Club. NANCY REYNOLDS "Nancy" Nancy does go down the hall, Making fun with one and all. G.A.A., Girl Reserves, "Old Ken- tucky Gardenn, Chorus 2, 4, Band 2, 3, Home Ee. Club, Girls' Intramurals. Page 18 XCGA ul' RUTH JEANNETTE SMITH "Ruthie" Ruthie's eyes are big and bright, Over her many boys do fight. Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4, Girls' Intramurals. GENE R. SPRINGER "Gene" Gene and janet are two of a kind, They've always got each other on their mind. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, LILLIAN MARIE STEPHENS ..Lill,, Lillian is very blue of eye, But we don't believe she's very shy. Girl Reserves, Excalibur Staff, Chorus, Basketball, Girls' Intramurals. FRED L. SCHLATTER ffBurrU Fred and his truck are two of a kind, No better friends on this earth will you find. lIifY, Band 2. JOHN SHOOP "Johnnie" Johnnie drives a car lVith the greatest of ease. And with the girls He is a tease. Hi-Y, National Honor Society 4, Ex- calibur Stall, Scarlet Quill Stall, i'Old Kentucky Garden", uThe Mikado", i'King Koko", Chorus 1, 2, 3, Class Motto, Flower and Color Committee, Boys' Intramurals, "The Late Chris' topher Bean". NELLETA SIDLE "Nell" Nell is a very quiet, dark eyed girl, Some day with these she'll win an Earl. CONSTANCE ANN SOLDNER "Connie" A sunny disposition And a bright shining smile, Connie tops us all for brains For in her work she takes great pains. G.A.A., Girl Reserves, G. R. Cab' inet, National Honor Society 3, 4, Excalibur Stall, Chorus 1, 2, Science Club. ROGER STEELE HR0dge" Whenever you want to have some un, .lust telephone to Rodge, He is the jolliest guy at school, And has as his model the Golden Rule. HifY, Excalibur Staff, Boys' Intraf murals. BETTY JEANNETTE STEVENS "Stevie" lVhat is worth doing is worth doing well, And in all things does Stevie excell. G.A.A., Girl Reserves, National Honor Society 4, Editor-in-Chief of the Ex' calibur, Scarlet Quill Staff, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Cabinet, Prom Committee, OfChC-SUE 1. 2, 3, 4, Dance Orches' tra 49 Girls' Intramurals. PATRICIA JANE SCOTT "Scottie" Quiet, but not too shy is she, Perhaps in the future somebody great she'll he. Chorus 1, 2, Prom Committee. CHARLES G. SIDERS, JR. '!Little Apple" Little Apple is his name, We bet he will win fame, A small and mighty man is he, A great man in the future sure to be. "V" Club, Football, Boys' Intral murals. DOROTHY JEAN SMITH "Smitty' A regular human being That is instantly known on seeing f XCGA ul' Page I9 MARY JANE STOVER "Stinky" From Marian, Indiana, shc has come to us, And over her our boys have made a fuss. Girl Rcservesg Chorus 45 Girls' Intraf nIlll'iIl5. w WALTER DAVID THOMPSON f'Walt" 4fH is no hobby with Walter I'Ie'll go to the top and never falter. F.F.A., Boys' Intramuralsg 4-H Club. ROBERT EUGENE ' TINDALL "Bob" As a football manager Bob excelled, XVith capital letters his name should he spelled. Footballg Boys' Intramuralsg Football Manager. NORMA LILLIAN SUNDERLAND "Sunny" Sunny has a smile for all She's always at our heck and call. Girl Reservesg Excalibur Statfg Girls Intramurals: Student Librarian 3, 4. JOHN WILLIAM TINDALL "Bill" Bill is an all star of geart renown, We know he wouldn't let us down. Hi-Yg "V" Clubg Basketballg Footballg Boys' Intramurals: "The Late Chris' topher Bean". STANLEY TOLAN "Stan" Leng and lanky, lean and light. No wonder the girls over him do fight. Hi'Y: Excalibur Staff: Scarlet Quill Starfg Student Council 4g Prom Com' mitteeg junior Class Play Committee. Boys' Intramurals, DONALD WILLIAM JIM VADAKIN "Jim" Don That eager look and thoughtful brow. Don is 3 blcnde that We think is Prove him the man that's needed swell, now. H We know him and like him very well' Excalibur Staifg Boys Intramurals. EDDIE VIKUPITZ "Vick" Vick may be mischevious, But he surely is no crank, XVe know that he is going to be As handsome as brother Frank. Footballg Boys' Intramurals. EUGENE WANDELL "Hap" Hap is happy go lucky just like his name. Throughout all of his life, He'll remain the same, "V" Clubg Footballg Boys' Intraf murals. WILLIAM E. WAGONROD NBII!" Bill will never know what a time we've had, To make up a poem that isn't too had. HELENE WEBSTER "Sonia,' A news reporter on the Daily Blat, NVould suit Helene just fine. She would like to cover all the news At a dollar and a half a line, G.A.A.g Girl Reservesg National Honor Society -41 Excalibur Staifg Scarlet Quill Staflg Band 3, -lg Orchestra 23 Science Cluhg Girls' Intramurals. Page 20 XCGA ul' BYRON B. WERMER "Buck" Byron is a farmer boy, But what is wrong with that? I'Ie'll raise lots of cows and chickens, So people like us can grow fat. F.F.A.g Boys' Intramurals. BETTY JEANNE WILLIMAN "Willy" As merry as the clay is long XVhenever you sce her, sheis sing- ing a song. Girl Reservesg Chorus 43 Band l, 2, 3, Prom Committee: Home Ec, Club, HELEN MARIE WISE HPUUH She is tall and dark and has brown eyes, But with all that she's very Wisc. Girl Reserves: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committeeg Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Home JOSEPH WOLF "Jo" As a drum major jo was tops, XVC hope his good work never stops, Hi-Yg National Honor Society 4, Ex' calibur Staff: "Cross My I'Ieart"g Chorus -4: Band l, 2, 3, -tg Band Cabinetg Orchestra l, 2, 34 Dance Orchestra l, 3, 4g President of Lyre Clubg Drum Major. ILO MAE WYANDT "Ike" Ike is right And right is might. Girls' Intramurals. Ee. Club. MINNIE WOODERSON 'fLucky" Quiet and unobtrusive, but she gets there just the same, In this world of wonders, she'll surely make a name, BETTY JANE YOCUM nBetSy,, With an answer always ready. She's a scholar, true and steady. Girl Reservesg National Honor So' ciety 43 Excalibur Stall, Student Counf eil 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 3, 45 Dance Orchestra 4: Lyre Clubg "The Late Christopher Bean". DONALD FERNE YOUNG "Ferdinand" Never a sound from this sly lad, He ought to make some girl's heart glad, WILLIAM WERMER, JR, "Bill" Bill is a farmer But that's all right, lill bet heis the Object of some girl's delight. liiIi.A.g Boys' Intramurals. ANN XVILLOUGHBY "Ann" There never was a truer frfend, A better sport, we all contend, We wish you all the luck there is, Because at your work you are a whiz. National Honor Seciety 4g Excalibur Slaflg Scarlet Quzll Staffg Student Council 2, Chorus 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3. PERRY GEORGE WISE "George" Perry is a guy who's full of the old Nick, But, all in all, I guess you would call him a brick. HifYg Boys' Intramuralsg 'gThe Late Christopher Bean". xcabgur Page 21 LA T WILL A D TE TAIVIENT I, Harry Adams, do hereby will my ability to get along with the girls to any other dope who wants it. I, Joan Adams, do hereby will my ability to get or not to get bookkeeping to Harriet Strother. I. Harvey Agler, do hereby will my ability to shave every morning to Richard David Grandstaff. I, Velora May Agler, do hereby will my desire to study to my brother, Branson Alva, Agler. I, Charles Albright, do hereby will my football shoes to Donn Sells who sure needs them. I, Nathan Bailey, do hereby will every- thing to my girl, Alice Louise Waldron. I, Jean Baltzell, do hereby will my ability to get along with Mr. Bollenbacher to my sister. I, Gordon Baxter, do hereby will my driv- ing ability to any dumb driver who wants it. I, Romaine Bayles, do hereby will my ability to slip by Mr, Mason in second floor hall to Betty Jane Ladd. I, Helen Beamer, do hereby will my front seat in Shorthand Class to Margaret Wade. I, Jack Beavo, do hereby will my paper route to any energetic person. I I, Alice Beck, do hereby will my excess typing power to my sister, Grace. I, Betty Bell, do hereby will my ability not to blush while talking to teachers or friends to Marilyn Shoop. I, Mary Beverly, lo hereby will my ability not to argue with people who are right to Billy Tousey. I, Grace Black. do hereby will my ability to get back to school early at noon lo Louis Knittle. I, Kathleen Blair, do hereby will my lower locker which I have been blessed with for four years to Eleanor Jean Wild f'46l. I, Junior Brake, do hereby will my old, torn, and worn left sweat sock to Branson Agler. I, Charles Brodnix, do hereby will my ability to get along with girls to anybody. I, Forest Brittson, do hereby will some laughter and a little quietness to Graydon Jerome. I, Betty Buechner, do hereby will my sunny disposition to any underclassman needing it. I, Dorothy Burley, do hereby will my tallness to my sister, Rose, I, Frank Carothers, do hereby will my ability to talk in class to Graydon Jerome. I, Joanne Carter, do hereby will my tony Hngernails to Barbara Hennerman. I, Frances Cole, do hereby will my worn out excuse slip to my brother. I, Joan Conley, do hereby will my ability to chew gum in class to the students in Miss Armstrong's Home Room. I, Kenny Conn, do hereby will my bash- fulness to Jim Stoops. I, Gloria Conrad, do hereby will my abil- ity to slide through the Senior year to any- body who needs it. I, John Coon, do hereby will my ability to get along with my teachers to Ray Winters, I, Robert Cooper, do hereby will my love for the machine shop to anyone who wants ir. I, Dorothy Coupland, do hereby will my red hair to my sister. I, Doris Courtney, do hereby will my left gym shoe to Patty Baxter. I, Austin Cox, do hereby will my left religiously holy gym sock to Randall Black. I, Duane Cryer, do hereby will my gym basket to Chet Hunter. I, Jane Davidson, do hereby will my gym socks which were taken at the beginning of the year to whoever has them. I, Joe Detwiler, do hereby will my ability to be the Hrst one to school and the last one to study to anyone who Wants to try it. I, Laurence Duprey, do hereby will my bashfulness to anyone interested. I, Ruth Dustman, do hereby will one lock of my hair and two inches of my height to Alice Weber. I, Wilson Duprey, do hereby will my steady patience' to Miss Armstrong. I, Wayne Duprey, do hereby will my ability to keep quiet at the right time to anyone who needs it. Page 2 2 XCGA ul' I, Leonard East, do hereby will the splinters in the seat of my football pants to Pat Maher. I, Robert Edsall, do hereby will my golden locks to Miss Hall. I, Joan Eggerss, do hereby will my upper locker which is in the most congested part of the school to- anyone who is unlucky enough to get it. I, Patricia Elder, do hereby will my will- ingness to will my will to anyone who is willing to have the will I will. I, Peggy Easterling, do hereby will my long curly hair to Mr. Livingston. I, Robert Eschbach, do hereby will my ability to grind gears to anyone who would want it. I, Madlyn Evans, do hereby will my happy smile in home room to Miss Hallj I, Richard Feigert, do hereby will my facial expressions to Gene Miller of the fresh- man class. I, Jeanette Fiser, do hereby will my inno- cence to my sister, Babe. I, Gloris Ford, do hereby will my long red tresses to Mr. Livingston. I, Dorothy Forwalter, do hereby will my ability to break laboratory equipment in chem- istry to my brother, Jim. I, Walter Fouty, do hereby will one pair of red wool pants which are to be used throughout the basketball season to Clyde Ford. I, Eugene Frances, do hereby will my love for the machine shop to anyone who would like it. I, James Eraylick, do hereby will my big feet to Elinora Gallent. I, Mary Friskney, do hereby will the first seat in the first row in the first period study hall to any unlucky person. I, Neil Geary, do hereby to get along with the girls wants it. I, Dorothy Germann, do hall that was so purposely will my ability to anyone who hereby will the used by me to Joanna Beemer. I, Charles Glander, do hereby will my ability to take apart machinery to anyone who wants it. I, Margiebell Glander, do hereby will my top locker which I have had for my four years of high school to any on-coming fresh- man. I, Martha Gorrell, do hereby will my big mouth to anyone who has the time and energy to devote to all the work the thing makes for me. I, Virginia Graham, do hereby will my ability to receive class rings to my sister, Patricia. I, Robert Guinn, do hereby will my en- thusiasm for arguing to David Linser. I, Thad Hall, do hereby will my ability to receive passes to Johnny Stuckey. I, Easter Harman, do hereby will my ability to play soft ball to Bertha Dunno. I, Jacqueline Hartley, do hereby will all my good times to my friends. I, Robert Heath, do hereby will my love for solving things to Dick Armstrong. I, Lois Hoffman, do hereby will my ability to "love and leave 'em" to Lois Sink. I, Oscar Hoffman, do hereby will my height to Richard Babcock. I, Colleen Humrickhouse, do hereby will the ability to bear the different ways my last name has been pronounced and spelled to my brother, Roger. I, Marilyn Hunstead, do hereby will my ability to play the clarinet to Doyt Spridgeon. I, Dorothy Hunt, do hereby will my lin- gernails to Margaret Ellen Greenewald. I. John Kilburn Hunt, do hereby will my stuttering to any sap that Wants it. I, Janet Jerome, do hereby will my bash- fulness to anyone who wants it. I. Gernadean Johnston, do hereby will my ability to Betty Hartmier. I, Junior Jordan, because I am stubborn and bull-headed will not will. I, Betty Kear, do hereby will my ability to chew gum and get away With it in Mr. Bollenbacher's class to whoever deserves it. I, Marvel Kiehl, do hereby will my one hand shots in basketball to Lizzie Imler. I, Arthur Kissel, do hereby will my love of reading Shakespeare to anyone who wants it. I, Mary Alice Klingler, do hereby will my sunny disposition to Mr. Bowdle. I, Lois Kreider, do hereby will my love for typing to anyone who may need it. I. Gaylord Kreischer, do hereby will my bashfulness to Dan Morris. gxcagdur Page 23 I, June Kreischer, do hereby will my'gym sox, which I don't have, to Patsy Hamilton. I, James Lamy, do hereby will my pro- voking dimple to Ciraydon Jerome. I, Bill Leffel, do hereby will all my pic- tures of beautiful women to my roommate, Harlan Taylor. I, Fred Leiter, do hereby will my bull- headedness to any dope who needs it. I, Velma Linton, do hereby will my good times to all my friends at Van Wert High. I, Carl James Longsworth, do hereby will my presidency of the Future Farmers of America to Cloyd Waltz. I, Gene McCollum, do hereby will my ability to get to school late to John Truax. I, Arlene McConnell, do hereby will my immense dislike for oral reports to Joseph Jenkins. I, James Manship, do hereby will any- thing I have to anybody who wants it. I, Homer Maxon, do hereby will my straight razor to my brother Virgil, Cif he can use it without cutting his throatj I, Vernon Medaugh, do hereby will my quietness in civics to anyone Mr. Bowen thinks might need it next year. I, Dean Miller, do hereby will my ability to attend every football game for four years to anyone having a good set of tires. I, Russel Miller, do hereby will my good sportsmanship to Bob Ziegler. I, Norma Milligan, do hereby will my ability to read my shorthand Cmost of the timej to my brother Arthur. I, Jim Monroe, do hereby will my ability to understand girls to my brother Bud. I, Dick Morgan, do hereby will all my school books to the U.S.O. I, Richard Morris, do hereby will my Ray- mond Scott Cbest swing band in the Worldj phonograph record collection to my brother Dan. I, Bob Mosier, do hereby will my beard and short haircut to Paul Bodkins, I, Betty Murray, do hereby will my love for my school and all the good times I've had in it to my kid brother Bob. I, Ida Myers, do hereby will my old decrepit gym shoes to any freshman who can make them wear longer. I, Ralph Parrish, do hereby will my fond- ness for blondes to Junior Baker. I. Ted Paullus, do hereby will my quiet- ness to Ray Winters. I, James Perry, do hereby will the hair on my chest to Mr. Livingstone who needs it more than I. I, Ralph Peters, do hereby will my scien- tific ability to Donald Huhn. I. Dick Pettijohn, do hereby will my flex- ible, super dooper, tipped up magephone to Bud Bricker. I, Glen Poling, do hereby will my weak- ness for little women to Richard Anderson. I, Clark Pollock, do hereby will to the janitors, fifty feet of extension cord which will be needed next year if Oscar Alspach runs the projector. I, Starley Pollock, do hereby will my studious nature to Sara Cook, who needs it. I, Thomas Preston, do hereby will my dimple to Clark Terry, who needs it. I. Joan Putman, do hereby will my blue gym suit to whoever swiped the belt to it. I, Eugene Redrup, do hereby will my ability to tell the truth to Babe Fiser, I, Virginia Reed, do hereby will my luck of having an upper locker all four years to my brother Paul. I, Mary Resor, do hereby will my shoes, size four, to anyone who Wears over an eight. I, Nancy Reynolds, do hereby will my sense of humor to any incoming Freshman who needs it. I. Fred Schlatter, do hereby will my ability to keep away from the police to Bud Monroe. I, Patty Scott. do hereby will my ability in shorthand to Mary Davis. I. John Shoop, do hereby will my position as secretary in the Hi-Y to any dumb sucker who has' shoulders broad enough to bear the grief. I, Charles Siders, do hereby will my ability for getting into lights with teachers and students to Raymond Williams. I, Nelleta Sidle, do hereby will my tech- nique for being independent to Betty Belle Davis. I, Dorothy Smith, do hereby will my curly hair to Barbara Jones. I, Ruth Smith, do hereby will my flirta- tious moods to Mr. Bowen. Page 24 gxcaggur I, Constance Soldner, do hereby will my appendix to Eleanor Hall, who is so un- fortunate in having had hers removed. I, Gene Springer, do hereby will my study hall seat, to whoever likes to talk, I, Roger Steele, do hereby will my beard to Junior Knoll. I, Lillian Stephens, do hereby will my typ- ing ability to any Sophomore who deserves it. I, Betty Stevens, do hereby will my job as Editor-in-Chief of the year book to any deserving Junior. I, Jane Stover, do hereby will to Virginia Olberding my auburn CU locks fbut not keysj plus all my freckles. I, Norman Sunderland, do hereby will my ability to get along with Miss Gauvey to my brother Wilbur. I, Walter Thompson, do hereby will my ability to be a bachelor to Howard Hoffman. I, Bill Tindall, do hereby will all my school books to Bob Smith. I, Robert Tindall, do hereby will my height to any short Freshman boy. I, Stan Tolan, do hereby will my appe- tite to Dave Balyeat. I, Don Unterbrink, do hereby will my cooking ability to anyone who doesn't have any. I, Jim Vadakin, do hereby will my ability to sleep anytime and anywhere to Ervin Place, who would do O.K, without it. I, Eddie Vikupitz, do hereby will my well developed legs to Jack Shoemaker, my be- loved roommate who surely needs them. I, Bill Wagonrod, do hereby will my broken tooth to John Truax. I, Hap Wandell, do hereby will my ability to cut gears to Pat Maher. I, Helene Webster, do hereby will my ability to keep my locker in general con- fusion, to my sister Phyllis. I, Byron Wermer, do hereby will my ability to work agriculture plow problems to Kenneth Holland. I. Bill Wermer, do hereby will my ability to keep away from the girls to Russ Buech- ner. who will soon need it. I, Betty Williman, do hereby will my school girl figure to Peg McKeddie. I, Ann Willoughby, do hereby will my height, which was willed to me by Donna Bebout, to Betty Jane Ladd. I, Helen Marie Wise, do hereby will my good times as a Senior to all the Junior girls. I, Perry Wise, do hereby will my ability to get through high school Without doing any work to Helen Joan Gunsett, who needs it. I, Jo Wolf, do hereby will all my old drum beats to Jack "Krupa" Clifton. I, Minnie Wooderson, do hereby will my sleepy disposition to Alice Moore who insists on keeping me awake. I, Ila Mae Wyandt, do hereby will my holy gym suit to Bernita Ray. I, Betty Jane Yocum, do hereby will my ability to play the wrong notes at the wrong time to Nora Presler. I, Ferne Young, do hereby will my young appearance to anyone younger than I. 1 X .Sz im: 5 . 5? Q I r ! ,R P? I a I Van Wert High School students lead the Way For We love the scarlet and the gray: We shall proudly always highest tribute pay To Van Wert High. We shall ever do the best We can, Make our school the first one in the land, And our truest moral objects always stand Above them all. .fdvfmini dim fi 0 fl SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL STUDENTS' ADJUSTMENT OFFICER BOARD OP EDUCATION FACULTY 1 W 4' . if , .x g'XCaALll,l' x , V , f ff, -xx A 33? Qg,-,Q Q ' Vg r. 5121, v- A A ' ' 1 U .3kL ?' .jlf l ' X -dmv + Q in 77AWf'41 AK ax X5 77' , V 4 555 1 F012 , a :J-.fd 'I Q 5'57f ix im w r 1 W L1 M1 Mr MW? 'uiqllff Y , 2 ' x ' u , , 1 . 3 5 ' Q' ' A 1 U , 1 u ,A ki, I v f,2 "fL.u W1 IM M WJ 8 Page 28 gxcaggur MR. C. D. Fox Superintendent of Schools The class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Two has a close kinship to Mr. Fox, inasmuch as we started in high school at the same time he started in his new position here, We are indebted to him for much of the new equipment that has been added to the various de- partments in the high school. We like his cheery smile and friendly disposition. He is easy to approach and we carry away with us happy recollections of the chief. HELEN MILLER Secretary to Mr. Fox 6XCaALuf Page 2 3 For quite a number of years now a gentleman, in every sense of the word, has presided over the destinies of Van Wert High School. His earnest loyalty and evident fairness impress all who come in Contact with him. Mr. Bowdle Works long hours at his job and we are sure that records of our graduates reflect some of the results of his unfailing interest. ' BETTY BUECHNER .AND BETTY MURRAY Student Secretaries to Mr. Bowdle MR, C. P, BOWDLE Principal of Van We t High Sch F QW at Page 30 gxcaggur MR. P. EARL SHAFPER To Mr. F. Earl Shaffer the class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Two feels that it owes a debt of gratitude. His duties are many and varied-ranging in many directions. He is clerk of the Board of Education, attendance officer, juvenile oflicer, purchasing agent for building and janitorial supplies, custo- dian of the DePuy fund Cwhat might be called a pupils relations oflicerj, and has even been acting Principal in the absence of Mr. Bowdle. MARY KESLER Secretary to Mr. Shaffer gxcaggur Page 31 OWERS WILLIMAN KING FORWALTER STOOPS The original responsibility for the Van Wert City School system is vested in the group of men pictured above. They are elected to the position of Board of Education members by the voters of the school district. These men serve their community in this arduous task without compensation and we wish to take this opportunity to tender our appreciation for their efforts. The present Board is made up of the following: Harry F. Bowers, presi- dent. He owns and operates Bowers Drug Store. A. Holmes Stoops, vice-presi- dent. He is the General Manager of the Stoops Packing Company. E. B. King owns and operates King's Grocery. C. W. Williman, senior member of Williman and Sons Market. Dr. Maurice Forwalter, dentist. Page 3 2 gxcaggur Fil'Sl ROLU- Second Row- ETHEL ARMSTRONG: RUTH FLALER: Plain Geometry, World History. English I. Miami University, Ohio State. Bowling Green, Ohio State. RALPH BOLLENBACHER: RALPH GALLAPOO: Shorthand II, Typewriting Il, Bookkeeping I, Ollice Civics, Geography, Commercial Law, Salesmanship, Procedure. Journalism. Bliss College, Kent State University, Denver Uni- Ohio Northern, Bowling Green versity. MARJORIE GAUVEY: GENEVIEVE BORDEN: French II, English III, English I. Shorthand l, Typewriting I, English II, Junior Trinity College. High Home Economics. Bluffton, Ohio Northern, Bowling Green, Colorado FLOYD GEHRES: University. Industrial Arts. Bowling Green, Ohio State. GERALD BOWEN: Vw7o1'ld History, American History, Civics, Economics, GRACE HALL: Bowling Green, Ohio State. Latin I, II, English IV. University of Berlin, Germany, Ohio Wesleyan, Uni- JAMES L. BROWN: versity of Chicago. Instructor of Welding and its related subjects. I. G. KATTERHEINRICH: H. S- DARING: Stenography I, Bookkeeping II, Typewriting I. Instructor of Auto Mechanics and its related subjects. Bllss College' Kent Slate College' Auglalze County ' Normal. KATHERINE EDWARDS: English H JOHN LEONARD: ' Vocational, Agricultural. Olllo Wesleyan' Wlsconsln Manchester College, Ohio State. I ff. gxcagdur Page 33 First Row- I I GLENN LIVINGS ON: Biology, American History. University of Michigan, Ohio Wesleyan. University of Chicago. GEORGE MASON: Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing. Ohio Northern, Ohio State. HAROLD MILLER: Coordinator of Trades and Industries, American and Industrial History, Related Mathematics, Blue Print Reading and Sketching. Ohio Northern, Ashland College, University of Toledo. HAROLD MOHR: Vocal Music. Miami University, Ohio State. GENEIVEVE PAIS: American History, Girl's Physical Education. Ohio State, Oberlin. Bennington College, Vermont. R. D. PENNELL: Instructor of Machine shop and its related subjects, RONALD PETERS: General Science, Boy's Physical Education, Ohio Stare. Second Row- R. P. RAUCH: Commercial Arithmetic, General Business. Miami University, Ohio State. MARY SAWYER: Home Economics I, II, Boy's Home Living, Art. Bowling Green. GILBERT SMITH: Algebra. Advanced Algebra and Solid Geometry, Chemistry. Defiance, Columbia University, Illinois University. H. B. SPEITH: Physics, General Science. Defiance, Ohio State, Bowling Green, XVAYNE STETLER: Spanish I. Huntington College, Giflin College, Bowling Green, DOROTHY WEST: English IV, Speech, English III. Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio State. Western Reserve. Harvard. LEONARD WOLF: Instrumental Music. College of Music, Indianapolis, Indiana, Dana's Music College, Warren, Ohio. BURT WYANDT: Instructor of Electric Shop and its related subjects. Ohio Northern, Ohio State. . 4 I x x ,,a,,i jg. ww fx gmw : ' 'EL 5731 6 , 11w:,:,, . X x. 55 , ,. ,g l 1 V ' .h . X, 5 1 7f N X . .K .ml n -' wa if :Sh 1 X P . ' .L 7851 K J af- ,UM 'ff iffl ' 2' A .A V 3 I, A.., L, 23? fvfff'?igaQy 1- .: f ,wisf?m, M .1..l i .. H A . - Wg-sw K A Q ' A I ., V 5 ' , M25 V' VESE5. -'55YEiSQ?'??f?'E, E L , -W.. " V- f iw .,, fa, ,. - .U , + T 7, A J' My .,,.. ,Q W A A' Q f ' 3: -Hz? ' " A f.':."'.'2: 'r5:'?: ' .ara E' '- A 1, W ,Vw ,.., A:,,.,,. H 71. .sskxy , . f jfgki-'fam' nw.: we .gX 5 - . 1: ..,, wi -7122 I M 5 7 xi fi, ' .,,, A X. 11 . A 4 my 1 wk -..-:1 . - , , ,f wagf ' 1, ',:'l:zi'd.... wiki mil my W . 1-. W W ' :gs ' 'QE .La M i.. , 2 - - JW ., . 5, -L.,.fz55f.a5F 3, ,. E,J,g,i. , , 2:Qm:.:. .:: ' , . ..,, , ,, 4.55 . fi ? , ' - ":' 1. Eff. E.. .- ' V , M., . .. . wM,G..w,-wf?,fK , , w ww , 0 .. ., A., , . L, y .- .:?'2f-F' - 55' f,1'..,'f22551,.',,3. Aggies-2' '- , 'Q ' -Elf". W, V Q -2- -0"--:-wa:--:: ': .:5::x- -:fm 1 N nf' f in T lg Q , , N? S My W f S is 6 5-3 5 , V , Q sw i 1 QQ 8, E if A GLA NF KL xx 135 w. , 1 CAM ea ' My ,JL A , .lumons SOPHOMORES n FRESHMEN l gxcahgur Page 35 1 1' 3 ,Aff-f Q , ,f7 N Wwvf ' H' M- f ' Q ,v,f n 4' 'X 9 Q4 my rv,-,x !!.l!r' . '.,'v "k W- V' V X1 '."31'fQ1A-vi'-1-'4" 5,26-X Xp XXX 4 AL 4 L - w A ., ? ' 2 A l UM L 4 'A f iw 24 A 1 Q4 u. ,361 Mull! X Iff ifwf f 'I-A 4 M-vWWV fir' HI! Nl , 'f 1,f" 1 'K 1: 1 f JUNIOR CLASS Fourth row: Zinsmas ter, Monroe, Oswalt Terry. Cobb, Spridgeon Stoops. Stuckey, Bodkins Zeigler. Third row: Smith Smith. Gamble, Hart mier. Fox. Salisbury, Fur rel, Keil, Baer, Agler. Second row: Bebout Stripe, Sites, Shoop, Kin- der, McKeddie, Davis Ross, Thomas. First row: Bell, Dull Bates, Graham, Leiter, Ni- hiser, Sink, Hisey, Bell. Fourth row: Young Haines. Spring, McCoy McConahey. Tossey, Gar- ve r, Dixon, Waldron. Third row: Dunno XVade, Pace, Knitlle Busch, Bates, Tait, Ditto Second row: Weber Foreste. Thomas, John- son. Anderson. Zinsmas- ter, Collins. Winhover Bresler. First row: Hamman Wilkie, Strother, Brake Huhn, Vaske, Davis Hoghe, Tangeman. Fourth row: Unter- brink. Painter. Morris Sells, Hunter, Cox, Fre- ricks, Ford, Brown. Third row: Klewer Place, Griflis, Collins Weigle. Shoemaker, Cur- tis, Holland. Second row: Kreischer Longsworth, Waltz, Al- spach. VValters. Shaw Balyeat. Beemer. First row. Cook, VVin- ters, Dickson, Crowe Hiles, Ladd, Clark Greenewald, Mason Allen. Fourth row: Baker Barrientos, Pritchard, Ma her, Wyandt. Green. Bar rientos. Walls, Third row: Harr Keith, Balliet, Grandstaff Anderson. Baer, Sharp Mullen, Williams, Wil- liamson, Second row: Gabriel Imler, Kenyon, Elder Collier, Heckert, Rhoads Feigert, Evans. Stewart, First row: Moore Cook, Ditto, Click, Raye Remmy. Presler, Raabe Roggenkemper, Wherry. EXCGAAUF Page 37 JU 1011 CL SS HI TORY As Freshmen, we entered Van Wert High School in a big way, 198 strong. After some vigorous campaigning, we elected as class officers Charles Zinsmaster for president, Elizabeth lmler for vice-president, Bernard Haines for secretary, and Jean Corathers for treasurer. Besides contributing many boys to the football and basketball squads, we were represented among the cheerleaders by Bobbie Lou Allen. Many Freshmen boys went out for football and received their numerals. Donn Sells was the only Freshman member of the "V" Club. Six Freshmen received their numerals for basketball. ln the intramurals we, as Freshmen, were quite obscure both in the boys' and girls' leagues. But what we lacked in scores we made up in spirit. The American Legion Essay Contest winners were Elizabeth lmler and Herbert Klewer. When we came back as Sophomores, our class had dwindled in some mysterious way to 163 pupils. Nevertheless we got off to a flying start by electing Charles Zinsmaster president, Jim Stoops for vice-president, Bobbie Lou Allen for secretary, and Donn Sells for treasurer. Bobbie Lou Allen again represented us among the cheerleaders and received her Of the large num- ber of boys from our class who played football, Richard Cirandstaff, Chester Hunter, Donn Sells, and John Stuckey, received their "V's". After basketball season Paul Bodkins, Donn Sells, Jim Stoops, and John Stuckey received A'V's". Our Sophomore year we still were unable to become outstanding in intramurals. Neverthe- less many boys took part in the basketball and softball leagues. The girls were active in soccor. badminton, basketball, volleyball, and softball. Among those girls who received G.A.A. "Vs: were Bobbie Lou Allen, Marcia Balyeat, Bobbie Clark, Margaret Ellen Cireenewald, Barbara Kenyon, Jo Ann Mason, Martha Remmy, and Jean Roggenkemper. Not the least of our accom- plishments, was the hilarious Sophomore Assembly. The American Legion Essay Contest win- ners were Alice Weber and Rex Griflis. When we entered school this year, we were upperclassmen-all 157 of us. What a con- trast to those green Freshmen back in '39l We elected as president Charles Zinsmaster for a third term. For vice-president we chose Paul Bodkins, for secretary, Jo Ann Mason, and for treasurer, Don Shaw. Bobbie Lou Allen and Joanna Beemer were cheerleaders this year. After our very successful football year, Bob Barrfentos, Richard Grandstalf, Art Green, Chet Hunter, Pat Maher, Dan Morris, Donn Sells, Jim Stoops, John Stuckey, and Charles Zins- master, received their letters, and gold footballs. Our Junior Class Play, 'AOne Wild Night", was presented to a large audience. The cast included Branson Agler, Rodger Alspach, Bobbie Clark, Howard Cobb, Myrtle Collins, Doyt Cox, Edward Frericks, Helen Joan Gunsett, Betty Hartmeir, Barbara Kenyon, Jo Ann Mason, Dan Morris, Nora Presler, Edith Raabe, Martha Remmy, Don Shaw, and Charles Zinsmaster. The Junior members of the National Honor Society are lrene Bell, Patricia Dull, Helen Joan Gunsett, Jo Ann Mason, Edith Raabe, Jack Weigle, Marjorie Wilkie, and Charles Zins- master. This year in boys' intramurals we made up for our rather unimportant previous record. The Junior "B" team won the HB" league championship. The Junior "A" team won the ln- tramural Basketball Tournament. The class rings and pins were chosen by a committee of Rodger Alspach, Betty Hisey, Edith Raabe, Jack Weigle, and Charles Zinsmaster. The Lyre Club. which was organized this year for the special recognition of those Band members who had earned their Lyre pins, included three Juniors, Nora Presler, John Oswalt, and Don Wolf. , Having survived our nrst three years, we are looking forward to a successful Senior year when we will take the place of this year's illustrious Seniors. ' Edith Raabe. SOPHOMORE CLASS , Fourth row: Forman Linninger, Williamson Milligan, Davis, Shaw Maxon, Miller, Bebout. Third row: William- son, Collins, Beck, Whit craft, Routt, Winters Wallace. Young, Ford, Second row: Miller Williams, Rogers, Poling Owens, Mahan, Hall Preston. First row: Grant, Wait- man, Wherry, Fiser, Ol- berding, Gamble, Leiter Goodwin, Eschbach. Fourth row: Brum- back, Coon. Showalter Taylor, Kreider, Miller Hart. Third row: Poling Lillick, Galloway, Pal- mer, Pierce, Klewer Muntzinger. Second row: Johns Long, Pierce, Allen, Da- vidson, Cryer, Asbbaugh Fox. First row: Schreiner Lea herman, Robinson, Wise, Jenkins, Grubb Truax, Vifalters. Fourth row: Morgan Felger, Barber, Humerick- house, Scott, Resor Davis, Balyeat, Bayles. Third row: Bricker. Brubaker, Miller, John- son, Boroff, Burley, Stet- ler, Starkey. Second row: Gallapoo, Beard, Conley, Fleming, Baltzell, Rise, Albright, Gocke. First row: Sigler, Shin- gledtcker. Smith, Canny Dunifon, Good, wiikief Baxter, Green, Webster. Fourth row: Clifton, Blue, Lintemoot, Siders. Stover, Kline, Stuck, Sla.n, Barson. Third row: M:Grew, Green, Cotterman, Phil- lips, Moore, Pearson, Stahl, Hoffman, Richie. Second row: Severns, Black, Wilmert, Zinsmas- ter, Cole, Towsey, Tow- sey, Klewer, Jones, First row: Kimmel. Bernheisel, Waugaman, Manship, Haller, Harr, Keihl, Busch. gxcadgur Page 3 9 0PH0lVl0RE CLASS HI TORY The class of '44 comprised of girls and boys assembled in the Study Hall of the Van Wert High School in September, l94O, all unaware of the hard work, good times, and adventur9S that they were to find in high school. We passed from this state of blissful ignorance in time to elect a competent group of class officers. These were Jack Clifton, president, George Johnson, vice-president: Margaret Stetler, secretary: and June Conley, treasurer. Soon after this our representatives to the Student Coun- cil, Ralph Rasbe, Clyde Coon, Patty Baxter, and Eleanor Hall were chosen. In the two major sports, football and basketball, we were well represented for Freshmen. Those boys who went out for football were David Balyeat, Gene Bebout, Clyde Coon, Clyde Ford, George Johnson, and Charles Kline. ln basketball only two of our members made the Reserves: Harlan Taylor and George Johnson. Both our boys and our girls had a good spirit but an unremarkable record in intramurals as Freshmen usually do. There were many Freshmen in orchestra, band, and chorus, while a good percentage of our girls attended Girl Reserves and G.A.A. Dorcas Owens was elected Freshman representative to G.A.A. In looking back over our first year in high school we have decided that he had many good times and rather enjoyed the kidding that goes with being Freshmen. We realize that we had learned much, in studies and other lines, and looked forward to the next year. With superior smiles and manner the class of '44 again entered Van Wert High School in the fall of '4l. But now the 79 girls and 70 boys were Sophomores and occupied five home rooms instead of the study hall. A completely diferent set of officers was chosen this year with Clyde Coon, president: Vir- ginia Olberding, vice-president: Yvonne Leatherman, secretary: and Bonnie Preston, treasurer. Returns from the Student Council election showed that Jack Clifton, Yvonne Gallapoo, Elea- nor Hall, Dorcas Owens, and June Waitman were our representatives. Dorcas was elected secre- tary of the Student Council. This'year David Balyeat, Gene Bebout, Clyde Coon, Clyde Ford, Charles Kline, "Rusty" Pierce, Dick Showalter, and Dick Whitcraft were out for football. Several of these boys saw some action. Many of our boys made the Reserve basketball team, and two of them, Tommy Galloway, and Harlan Taylor, proved themselves worthy of the varsity. Harlan Taylor re- ceived his letter for basketball. U Again this year many Sophomores contributed to the music of the band and orchestra while a greater number than usual took part in chorus and the Choral Concert. Our girls were very active this year in the G. R. and in the G.A.A. Peg Bernheisel, Elea- nor Hall, Virginia Olberding, and Dorcas Owens were on the cabinet. Several girls received their red V's, and may got their numerals and small letters for participating in intramurals and individual sports. Our boys and girls fared somewhat better in their intramurals this year, and both dis- played the same excellent spirit. One 'member of our cass Ralph Raabe, has distinguished himself by being appointed to Culver Military Academy on a scholarship. Although he is there now, we consider him as one of our classmates and are proud of his achievements. Members of our class have been very active in assemblies, in attending football and bas- ketball games, in their radio broadcast, and in various other activities. We are proud to be the first Sophomore Class to win the first prize in the Activities' Ticket Drive. This was due mainly to the eHforts of Clyde Coon, our president. Now as our days as underclassmen are drawing to a close, we stop to consider our experi- ences, accomplishments and mistakes. Although we have some regrets we feel that when we return next year as upperclassmen we'll really know our way around. If our next two years are as worthwhile as these first two, we'll be satisfied. Virginia Olberding. FRESHMAN CLASS - Fourth row 1 Knoll Putman, Duprey, Hoff- man, Miller, Bates, Sold- ner, Hisey, Miller, Sun- derland, Unterbrink. Third row: Dickson Trim, Halloway, Horther Monroe, Forwalter, Fox Matzinger, Brubaker Stripe, Barson. Second row: Beverly Saam, Boyer, Blue, Rus- sel, Finch, Winters, Fer- guson, Smith, Stratton. First row: Knittle Davis, Williams, Mey- ette, Siders, Eschbach Keipper. Muhn, Tindall Dilworth. Fourth row: Clay Manters, Davis. Merris Schum, Byers, Taylor Allen, Burley. Third row: Vaske Reed, Rheidenbaugh Metzger, Grandstaff, Mil- ler, Dunno, Sites. Second row: Fryer Babcock. Kreischer. Bar- rientos, Easlerling, Hen- derman, Finkhousen Stratton, Routt. First row: Anderson Strpe, Wilson, McClure Fisher, Potter, Semer, An- derson. Morgan. Fourth row: Todd Shreck, Sherman, Lamb Frericks, Rhodenbaugh Carter, Summersett Maher. Third row: Jerome Mefford, Linninger, Fa- tum, Hughes, Jerome Ruhlin. Johnson. Linser Second row: Graven Dunham, Hertel, Gallo- way, Sigler, Rise, Grill Shaffer, Leist, Coupland Becker, Campbell. First row: Dannecker Wyatt, Hamilton, Wil- liamson, Pfeiffer. Pennell Frick, Schaadt, Ross, Toz- zer, Ross. Hartman. Four h row: Scarpelii VJable, Flanfgan. Walters Buechner, Pollock. Jone: Shook, Murray. Hughes Winhover. Third row: Schaadt Reprogle, Williams, Bres- ler, Ashburn, Purk. Bor off, Gekler, DeBolt, Bor- off, Gallant, Second row: Down- ing, Sites, Meeks, Hines Adams, Langdon, Bru- baker, Harper, Rise. First row: Fleece Ladd, Wescoe, Phillipy Agler, Williman, Burley Eichar, Garrison, Partin Raye. gXCdALUf Page 41 FRE ltllVlAN CLASS H1 TORY On the eighth of September, 1941, one hundred seventy-eight excited but more or less con- fident of their intelligence as Freshmen paraded up and down the corridors searching for their class rooms. Although we have dwindled we have also welcomed new members and now have an enrollment of one hundred seventy-four. We will admit we were green as "emerald", as all Freshmen are. However, we are proud of the fact that we have improved considerably. A few days later members of the Freshmen class started their campaigning for class leader- ship. Those successful were-Jack Linninger, presidentg Junior Hisey, vice-president: Jack Fa- tum, secretaryg Guy Boyer, treasurer. Under their capable leadership we managed to make our first year a successful one. To represent the Freshman class in the Student Council we elected Patsy Hamilton, Mary Dannecker, Graydon Jerome and Bill Shreck. We cannot boast of a large number of boys that went out for football, but we do have two outstanding players. These two are Jack Linninger and Gene Miller. To make up for our shortage of football players we have a good representation of players on the reserve basketball team. Those that played the entire season with that "good old Fresh- man spirit" are the following: Bob Grandstaff, Angel Barrientos, Junior I-lisey, Gene Miller, Dale Taylor, Bill Shreck, and Jack Monroe. Dillon Rhodenbaugh was an eflicient manager of the reserve team. The Freshmen boys have their teams for boys' intramurals. ln the tournament as well as in the games they came through with a fair record. Likewise, the girls have their intramural teams. Even though they cannot boast of a good record, they fought on with that Freshman spirit of determination. Other sports which the Freshmen like are soccer, baseball, bowling, badminton, and ping-pong. The girls have two worthwhile organizations. Many are members of the G.A.A. and are working for their numerals. Also some are members of the Girl Reserves. The Freshman class has talent and is interested in music as is shown by the large number that participate in the chorus, band, and orchestra. The choral concert was an activity in which many took part. Also a number took part in the Band Concert, The Freshmen have tried to do their part in supporting school activities. We have had a good representation at the mixers. The Freshman doesn't let every opportunity slip by. Some of them took advantage of it and entered into the American Legion Essay Contest. They had a privilege to express their ideas concerning a Democracy and how it e1Tects every individual. The Freshman class gave their class assembly on February tenth. The President of our class, with the help of Mr. Bowen, selected a committee to get together the program. Those on the committee were the following: Joan Ross, Billie Jeanne Brubaker, Marcia Morgan, Winni- fred Schaadt, Dick Barson, Bill Fox, Jack Fatum, Graydon Jerome, and Jack Linninger. With the cooperation of the Freshman class, we produced a skit portraying the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Freshman class, as their part in the defense program, contributed a twenty- Eve dollar defense bond to the school. We are trudging up a long, hard, narrow path. We have gone but a short distance but as we look back and recapitulate the past we know that all of it has not been in vain. We have had disappointments and temptations to overcome. But memories of this year will linger with us as we look forward to what next year has to offer us. Winnifred Schaadt. .14 f e has FO0TBALL BASKETBALL INTRAMURALS T9 l zf MJ u Hfvljlgafr 6XCa6AMP P 43 F . fl! 4,1 f- -,X 'Kg' fi..-fx' I, 2' i.,'. ' J Xi 9 ' A nw rf 1 -W 5 m ,. 'WW 4 I ,W A I !!" ' fl I A A' M px! Wm qhp fi ., Q , ,HW I! 1 I4l ff Page 44 gXCaALuf COACH GILBERT SMITH Head Football and Assistant Basketball Coach. Coach Smith came to us from Deliance High School where he served as head football and basketball coach. He has enjoyed many successes: and We hope he con- tinues to have success now that he is with us. Letf to Right--Fourth row: Maher, Easterling, Pierce, Palmer, Ford, Miller, Tindall, Morris, Showalter, Byers, Barrientos, Dunno, Summersett. Third row: Coach Smith, Maher, Stoops, Burley, Morris, Albright. Sells, Hunter, Monroe, Weigle, Zinsmaster, Mullen, Coach Peters. Second row: Siders, Tindall, Barrientos, Cobb, Kline, Fouty, Hall, Grandstaff, Green, East, Stuckey. First row: Williamson, Bebout, NVhitcraft, Balyeat, Coon, Shaw, Redrup, Ford, Linninger, Leffel. EYCKIALUI' Page 45 NATIO At the last echo of the gun resounded, ending the final game, the boys of the Scarlet and Grey rang down the curtain on anothsr succ:ssful football season. With a thrilling memory of a 31 to 0 victory over their opponents from Celina, twelve seniors trotted off the field, their last official time for Van Wert. Those seniors were Nathan Bailey, Leonard East, Walt Eouty, Dick Grandstaff, Thad Hall, Bill Leffel, Jim Monroe, Dick Morris, Gene Redrup, Bill Tindal, and Co-Captains Charlie Albright and John Coon. This year under the new guidance of Coaches Smith and Peters, Van XVert had another undefeated season winning seven games and tying two. NVe also captured another undisputed League Title by winning four and tying one league game. Van Wert has won or shared this championship for six out of the last seven ye-airs. We members of the A"42" team hope that next year's squad will be equally successful. 'ww CHEERLEADERS Dean Miller Dick Pettijohn Bobbie Lou Allen Joanna Beemer CO-CAPTAINS Johnnie Coon and Charlie Albright 60 JOHN COON 66 THAD HALL 44 JIM MONROE End End Ouurlerback Senior Letterman Senior Letterman Senior Letterman C0'C3PfHiH 71 BILL TINDALL 40 NATHAN BAILEY Glfafd fullback Senior Letterman Senior Letterman Awstate -H ART GREEN 56 BOB BARRIIINTOS 6-I DAN MORRIS Center Guard Tackle Junior Letterman Junior Letterman Junior Letiernian 41 JIM STOOPS 55 JOIIN STUCKEY Halfback Halfbuch Junior Letterman Junior Let erman . ,L .,.. -. ,.,.. ,,,.-. ., .,., ,7,,f..,,,,..,.-...e,.- l E , -It +7 CHESTER HUNTER 48 CHARLES ALBRIGHT '39 GENE REDRUP 46 DONN SELLS Tackle Fulllmck Halfback Halfback Junior Letterman Senior Letterman S - J r L , emor unior etterman All-State Co-Captain 63 DICK MORRIS 50 WALT EOUTY Tackle Center Senior Letterman Senior Letterman 54 CHARLES 65 BILL LEEEEL 49 PAT MAHER ZINSMASTER Guard Guard Tackle .Iunior Letterman Senior Letterman Junior Letterman 68 DICK GRANDSTAEF 73 LEONARD EAST Hulfback Tackle Senior Letterman Senior Page 48 gixcaggur S MM RY OF 6641" FO0TB LL SEASO A somewhat inexperienced Van Wert football squad took the field, for the first game of the season against a rather green Bryan team, to eke out a 6 to O decision. Albright plunged his way over for the score. The Cougars showed much improvement the following week when we rolled up a 39 to O count against the Kenton Wildcats, in our first out-of-town game of the season. Albright started the ball rolling and scored the first touchdown in the first minutes of the game. Stoops and Monroe then continued the scoring with long runs and Sells' long passes to Weigle, Cobb, and Ford were good for touchdowns. Hunter added two points and Grandstaff one via the extra point route. Van Wert then donned mud cleats and traveled away from home to defeat a strong De- fiance eleven I9 to 6. Albright bulled his way over for the initial score and also the point. Sells' pass into the flat to Monroe scored and a few minutes later Monroe went over again on a quarter-back sneak to end the scoring for the night. XVe then journeyed to Bluffton for our first league game, and only managed to bring home a 7 to 7 tie. Sells' touchdown pass to Stuckey and I-lunter's extra point ended the Cougar scor- ing threat. We came back the following week to overpower a tough Bellefontaine team 21 to O in an- other league game on our home field. Stoops scored around his own right end and Grandstaff and Stuckey cashed in on reserve plays for tallies. Monroe passed to Coon and l-lunter's and Bailey's kicks clicked for extra points. Van Wert still in stride sent the Wapak Indians back to their camp to the tune of l4 to 7, in our third straight league game. Stuckey went over twice, standing up, on two beautifully executed reverse plays while Hunter and Albright added the other two points to the record. The Green Dragons of Lima then invaded our borders seeking revenge, but they returned home from a rain-soaked gridiron with only a 6 to 6 tie. Albright romped 36 yards in the early part of the game for our only score. Van Vv'ert then went to St. Marys where we found the weather similar to that of the pre- ceeding week. This time, however, we managed to outride the Roughriders by the score of 20 to O for another league win. Sells plowed his way through the center of the line for two touch- downs and two extra points and Linninger ended the scoring by going over from the 3-yard stripe. The Cougar gridders were held to 3l points by our traditional rivals from Celina to clinch the league title in the closing encounter of the season. The game was hardly underway when Bailey intercepted a wild Bulldog pass and galloped 30 yards for the first tally, The Cougar machine then began to roll when Stoops, Cougar halfback, cut loose with a beautiful 75 yard jaunt through a broken field for another touchdown. Albright smashed his way through Celina's line to add another score and with a minute left to play Redrup bucked his way into the end-zone from the 7 for the last score of the season. gxcahgur Page 49 S MM RY 0F 1941-42 B KETBALL SEASO Due to a shaky first quarter the Van Wert Cagers dropped the opening game of the season to a rangy Cincinnati quintet by a 43 to 33 count. The following week Van Wert took a 34 to 21 Hwhippinn from Greenville. The Cougars lost their third game of the season to Dayton Co-Op by a score of 41 to 32. Van Wert broke into the win column by completely outclassing a slow and inexperienced Nlontpelier five by the score of 33 to 15. Taylor, new starter in the Cougar lineup, made his debut by scoring 12 points. Van Wert then traveled to Piqua only to return home on the short end of a 36 to 30 score, Bellefontaine still remained a jinx team for the Cougars as we were defeated by the Chief- tains 38 to 33 on their home floor. Van Wert then returned home to win a thriller from a very hot Paulding team 50 to 46. Taylor, Monroe, and Fouty led the Cougar scoring attack with 13, 12, and 10 points respec- tively. The Cougars then completely swamped the St. Mary's Club the following Friday by the score of 52 to 22. Every player on the Cougar roster saw action in the game. On the night of January 23, 1942, Van Wert received a stinging defeat at the hands of our interscholastic rivals, Celina. They went on to win by the score of 34 to 26. The Cougars lost their next game to a scrappy Wapakoneta quintet by a 33 to 31 score. Van Wert lost another nip and tuck battle the next week to a strong Lima South five by a 40 to 37 count. The Cougars played inspired basketball as they nosed out the Bluffton Pirates 41 to 40 in a thrill-packed ball game on our home court. Van Wert was then defeated by Defiance in a hard-fought game in our Lincoln Gym. Van Wert surged to a 39 to 33 lead in the third quarter but could not keep up the face as the fast- moving Defiance club came back sizzling in the fourth canto to win 50 to 44. The Cougars then journeyed to Kenton where we defeated the Wildcats 40 to 37. Napoleon then fell at the hands of the Cougar cagers by the score of 50 to 43. This victory was our sixth of the season and our third out of our last four starts. Van Wert then chalked up a 49 to 38 victory against Bryan in the last scheduled game of the season. The Van XVert cagers hung up their Riddels as they were defeated in their first game of the District Class "A" tournament at Defiance by Bowling Green. The Cougars lost by one last minute point in a hard-fought encounter by the score of 34 to 33. After this victory Bowl- ing Green went on to win the tourney. COACH RONALD PETERS Head Basketball and Assistant Foot- ball Coach. Coach Peters came to Van Wert from Dover High School where he was head basketball and baseball coach. "Good luck for many successful sea- sons." 88 JIM STOOPS ll HARLAN TAYLOR 44 BUD MONROE Guard Forward Guard Junior Letterman Sophomore Letterman Junior 99 WALT FOUTY 66 DICK MORGAN 33 CHARLES ALBRIGHT Center Forward Center Senior Letterman Senior Letterman Senior Letterman XCGALUI' Page 51 77 JIM MONROE O0 BOB MOSIER 55 PAUL BODKINS Forward Guard Guard Senior Letterman Senior Letterman Junior Leitermnn 22 TOM GALLOVJAY 18 BILL TOWSEY Forward Guard Sophomore .I unior Wm Page 5 2 grcaggur BA KETBALL GIRLSU This year's basketball season ended successfully for the Seniors, the Senior A team having defeated each of their opponents. An All-Star' team, composed of representatives from each of the underclasses, played the Senior A. The All- Stars won by a score of 9 to 5. GIRL ' l TRAM RAL Under the instruction of the new physical education teacher, Miss Pais, the girls showed an outstanding interest in sports this year. They started out with a successful round of soccer, an out-of-doors game, with each class well represented. The favorite sport of most of the girls seems to be basketball. As usual the season was a suc- cess with many girl taking a great interest in the games. Each class had at least three teams, some of them four. The winner, the Senior A, was challenged by an All-Star team composed of girls from the losing teams. The girls on the Senior Championship team were Velora Agler, Jean Baltzell, Dorothy Coupland, Madlyn Evans, Gloris Ford, Marvel Kiehl, June Kreischer, Joan Putman, Virginia Reed, and Lillian Stephens. The All-Stars were Bobbie Al- len, Ruth Baltzell, Joanna Beemer, Margaret Furrell, Elizabeth Imler, Thelma Keihl, Phyllis Keil, Gloria Langdon, Virginia Olberding, Dor- cas Owens, Betty Schaffer, and Permilla Wherry. Bowling was added to our list of sports this year. It was very well accepted. A tournament was set up among the classes which made it even more interesting and exciting. Badminton and Ping Pong tournaments were arranged for the benefit of girls interested in those games. The Volleyball tournament was played in- doors. There were at least ten teams made up of girls from each class. Softball is the one remaining sport to be played out-of-doors. Each team is out to win, each providing stiff competition, which makes games exciting as well as interesting, win or lose. X 'fn Page KTXCHALMI' Hnrvcy Aglcr Bill Tindall Richard licigcrl' Dick Morris Russel Miller Clmrlcs Sidcrs XVaync Duprcy Bill lcffcl PM Nlahcr Robert Cooper Richard Grandstaff Robert Barricntos Donald Shaw Doyt Cox Howard Cobb Ned XValters Branson Agler BOY ' I TR!-IIVIURAL This year under the direction of Coach Peters the boys' intramurals program was greatly en- larged and much more interest was taken. Bowl- ing, volleyball, and ping-pong were added to the basketball and softball program and thus intramurals gained many new participants. In basketball the Senior UA" team won their second consecutive league championship by go- ing undefeated. This brought their two-year record to I8 wins out of I9 games. In the HB" league the Juniors were champions, winning six games and losing none. In the organization league, the T S5 I were the champs for this team. A handicap tournament was then held and the Junior "A" team was victorious: defeating the Senior "A" 39 to 26. After this an interclass tourney was held in which the boys on the var- sity basketball squad were allowed to participate. In the championship game of the school the Seniors nosed out the Juniors 46 to 45 with Monroe and Fouty each scoring I6 points for the Seniors and Bodkins and Sells both collect- ing II points for the losers. Bowling was then introduced into the pro- gram. The boys were divided into class HA" and "B" leagues on the basis of qualifying scorzs. In the class UA" league the Pin Boys were first, having nine wins and four loses to their credit. They defeated the Cougar Specials, who were tied for first place, two out of three games for the championship. In the "B" league the team consisting of Ed Vikupitz, Bob Zeigler, Pat Maher, Junior Winters, and Richard Kreischer, won the championship by winning seven and losing three games. Tournaments were then held in volleyball, and ping-pong: both newly added this year. All of the classes were well represented in these sports and much interest was taken in them. The intramural program was brought to a close with the softball tournament, All of the classes looked forward to these games and were all out to win the softball crown. X aa'-.. 'Q iq Page 56 gxcahgur V CLUB Donn" A'Ba1dy" "I-Ially "Stooper" 'ATin" "Chuck" "Walt" A'Turt1e" "Heinie" "Petty" "Granny" "Buster" "Red" "Art" "Barry" "Dan" 'AI-Iarlann 'ASparkey" "Tony" "Bones" "Apple" "Ziny" "Moe" "Dean" A4Patyr .tfripn 6XCaALUf Page 57 'w GIRL ' ATHLETIC ASSQDCIATIO The initiation and induction of new members into the club was held in the High School Gymnasium on October 9, 1941. A potluck supper preceded the initiation. Then a most impressive induction service was held entirely by candlelight. Members of the Cab- inet and club formed a V with the president standing at the point of the V. The pro- cessional of new members was led by Dorothy Germann and Virginia Olberding. Marilyn Hunstead accompanied with the "V Girl Song", After being inducted the new members took their places among the old members. The Hrst club meeting was held October 30, l94l in the Study Hall with its newly elected ofhcers presiding. They were as follows: President, Joan Putman: vice-president, Joan Eggerss: secretary, Colleen Humerickhouse. The meetings are held in the Study Hall every other Wednesday with cabinet meet- ings on the intervening Wednesday. In the early fall the club members went on a hike which ended with a picnic. It was enjoyed by all the girls and was a perfect opportunity to become acquainted with one another. The G.A.A. put on an assembly in the Study Hall for the student body and later a Spring Dance for the club members. Q. , f Va wir' 41 ' . glxcagguri P329 5 9 '--X .,i.f..: EX X . xx. . 'I if xx N. . . , . K . M ff , X ,X -X X I , lx if ,Q IX! 05? M X. 'Gb SQ' W rw-Y g , 'ek f 4 U, 'x 'If 'ff' " I xg' 1-X7 MTE. K VVV, If x..Xmyiq R7 7 ,A -' 'rl V- X," ' 1 fi' ' , f iat X ' " xx XX A ,XD-a 1' A X 'D K f l X4 J,-4,5 f-' 1" ,, V 1' fn Q "Nh f " , ,Il .X stxxxsg--...K x X X ' .. I xx 'F if ',-L"lYA-Vlzif ,Ap-I Hx X w Q fill", XT M YW wk vxyx fu w, xv , 1 V :,X ,L x If a f Kf x xA'. A X, , 'V ' M Wee 60 gxcagdur NATIONAL IIONOR SOCIETY On March 20, l942, twenty-one new members were inducted into our chapter of the National Honor Society. The old members were in charge of the induction. They were Betty Murray, president: Joan Eggerss, vice-president: Constance Soldner, secretary: James Lamy and Prank Carothers. The Juniors who were elected are Irene Bell, Patty Dull, Helen Joan Cunsett, Jo Ann Mason, Edith Raabe, Jack Weigle, Marjorie Wilkie, and Charles Zinsmaster. The Seniors who were elected are Wilson Duprey, Richard Feigert, Dorothy Forwalter, Marilyn Hunstead, Norma Milligan, James Monroe, Richard Morgan, John Shoop, Betty Stevens, Helene Webster, Ann Willoughby, Joe Wolf, and Betty Yocum. The emblems of our society are the flaming torch and the keystone. From the earliest times the lighted torch has been a symbol of knowledge. All men who seek truth must light the torch of knowledge. The keystone bears at its base the letters C. S. L. S. which stand for the four cardinal principles of our organization: scholarship, leadership, character, and service. As the keystone is placed by the builder to hold the perfect arch in stability, so the structure of our education must be held firm and true by the virtues represented in this symbol. ' E si 5 gxcaggur Page 61 TUBE T COUNCIL Membership of the Student Council is made up in the following ratio: Freshmen, four, Sophomores, five: Juniors, six: Seniors, eight and the presidents of all four classes. This organization met on the average of every two weeks and discussed problems of the school, common to both teachers and pupils. The officers for the year 1941-42 were elected at the first meeting held Wediiesday, October 29. The results showed Frank Carothers to be president, Howard Cobb, vice-president: and Dorcas Owens, secretary. The council has charge of all the mixers and sponsors the popcorn and candy concessions at the athletic events. With some of the profits derived from these sources, this organization purchased a S100 Defense Bond and contributed two Christmas Baskets for needy families. The Student Council sponsors many activities for the year: Assemblies, Eighth Grade Visi- tation Day, and the Activities Ticket Drive. Besides all these things. the Council. this year, found time to sponsor a Clean-up and Non-cheating Campaign. The functions of the council are divided up among four different groups called squads. The duties of the squads are as follows: The Social Squad, whose chairman is Dick Morgan, has charge of the social activities of the school, mixers being the chief item. The Assembly Squad, with Joan Eggerss as chairman, takes charge of assemblies. The Conduct Squad, whose chairman is Howard Cobb, has supervision over all school activities. The members of this committee make up the Student Court. The Hnance squad, whose chairman is Martha Gorrell, supervises the money earned by the Student Council, The chairmen of these squads with the advisors to the Council, Miss West and Mr. Ciallapoo, and the oflicers of the Council make up the inner council. Membership, according to classes, in the Student Council, is as follows: Seniors, Frank Carothers, Joan Eggerss, Martha Gorrell, Kilburn Hunt, James Lamy, James Monroe, Dick Morgan, Joan Putman, Stanley Tolan. Juniors: Howard Cobb, Patty Dull, Margaret Greenewalcl. Jo Ann Mason, Don Sells, Jack Weigle, Charles Zinsmaster, Sophomores: Jack Clifton, Clyde Coon, Yvonne Gallapoo, Eleanor Hall, Dorcas Owens, June Waitman. Freshmen: Mary Dannecker, Patsy Hamilton, Graydon Jerome, Jack Lininger, Bill Shreck. tm i , WMWIAM 5 rib, rf , M 'fffw , 1, 'L 95 5 ve A -JM 1 A E I 'f 4 , Xi ,L finfggv. , ff fl., 1-11:-.rr 16" MM ? fi -nr Lu , xi SQTEQS4' ,gg U H , x 5 f Y 1 rv' 4 in 413 JMU, W-W....S: 523 im gp If fig it xi w 2 QM' IWW V ., Q ,, ggfagglll' Page 63 AND The 1941-42 High School Senior Band opened the season by appearing on the gridiron at all the home games and out of town. Many unique formations were displayed by the band. The most outstanding performance was put on during the Ohio Football for Defense Week sponsored by the Standard Oil Company, in which our band won second prize of 575,00 in Defense Bonds. ln winning this prize they also won state recognition and acclaim. After the football season came to an end the band had waiting for them a new partially accoustically treated band room. The new band room has an elevated platform and at one end are shelves for the instruments and cabinet drawers for the music. A small pep band, consisting of about fifteen members, represented the band at all of the basketball games played at home. Their snappy marches added much to the color and enthusiasm of the games. On the nights of March 23 and 24, Mr. Wolf presented his Annual Band Concert in the Lincoln Auditorium to the largest appreciative audience ever attending. Over 2,000 tickets were sold. When the curtain opened a large spotlight revealed the Goddess of Liberty, with a huge American flag waving on either side of her. Large glittering notes of silver on a black background made a beautiful and effective setting. To make it more impressive the band was softly playing the '4White Cliffs of Dover" as lights gradually came up. Following this dramatic scene came a varied program well rendered of stirring marches, favorites, selections and overtures of famous composers, Early on the morning of May l the band traveled to Kenton, Ohio, where they participated in the Annual Northwestern Band Festival, composed of seven other High School Bands. After an afternoon rehearsal a concert of the Massed Bands under the direction of Glen C. Banium, director of music at Northwestern University, was held, After a parade the next morning the band returned home. The band personnel is composed of 66 players, under the competent direction of Mr. Wolf. 0RCHESTR The High School Orchestra, conducted by the baton of their director, Leonard Wolf, are ever ready to serve the school and community with their talents. Students, trained in the grades, enter the High School orchestra with a background and appreciation eager to play selections of Brahms, Beethoven, and Mozart. Through the year the orchestra of small ensembles often present special selections for the Kiwanis, Rotary, Elks, and various church programs. Preceding each of the Annual Class Plays the orchestra is faithful in giving to the audience a half hour of entertainment before the curtain rises, The orchestra is an ideal medium for accompanying soloists: and especially vocal selections. Music is a vital factor in building a state of mind and heart which is essential to American spirit and morale, to worthy pride ingthings which are American. Let us use the power of music to quicken loyalty, and to deepen appreciation of free democracy, To close an interesting year the most outstanding event of the orchestra was the Annual Orchestra and Chorus Festival. This was held in Van Wert May 5, with Kenton, Celina, and St. Marys schools participating: with a program for the public that they too could enjoy their good efforts of the past year. The following students made up the personnel of the orchestra: The Accordion: Betty Fisher and Rachel Williams. The Bassoon: Barbara Garrison. The Clarinet: Ruth Dodge and Sue Gocke. The Drums: Robert Allen and Jack Clifton. The Flute: Marjorie Wilkie and Helen Marie Wise. The French Horn: lrene Bell, Gerald Miller, and Cora Mae Walters. The Oboe: Bette Good and Barbara Wilkie. The Piano: Betty Stevens. The Saxophone: Donald XVolf. The Trombone: Patricia Bagley, Robert Reidinbaugh, and Betty Yocum. The Trumpet: Bill Fox and Eugene Springer. The Violin: Myrtle Collins, Thad Hall, Donna Marie Johnson. Allen XVillmert. and Lois Hoffmann. Page 64 axcaggur SENIOR CLASS PL Y "THE LATE CHRISTOPHER BEAN" The Senior Class gave as their play this year Sidney Howards comedy, "The Late Christo- pher Bean". It was presented in the Lincoln Auditorium on the night of April 24, 1942. A painter named Christopher Bean had died in a New England village leaving only a few, dirty canvases to pay the doctor for his efforts to heal him. It was a mild surprise to Doctor Haggett QThomas Prcstonl and his family, consisting of his wife Hannah QDorothy ForwalterD, and two daughters, Ada fBetty Yocuml a girl of twenty-six, who fancies her baby prettiness and baby-like manner, and Susan fColleen Humerickhousej a pretty girl of nineteen, when an old friend of Bean's dropped in and paid Bean's old bill. This friend was Tallant CPerry Wiseb a forger of paintings, who takes two of Bean's canvases as mementos. A bigger surprise came when another old friend of Bean's, Rosen fNVilliam Tindallj by name, turned up on a similar errand, but the biggest surprise of all comes when a great New York art critic Uames Lamyj arrives to pay his respects to the memory of the dead artist. When the Haggetts learn that Bean's paintings are worth a fortune, they are amazed. There is then a mad scramble for Bean's paintings which involves the servant girl Abby CMarilyn Hunsteadb who has permitted Bean to paint a life size portrait of her. During the course of events Susan elopes with her lover, Warren Creamer Uohn Shoopj. After the struggle to acquire Bean's paintings dies down and Dr. Haggett is about to sell the canvases, the last hope of the Haggets for getting rich is shattered by their finding out that Abby, the servant girl, is really Mrs, Christopher Bean. The theme of the play is a study of greed, with Dr. Haggett expressing his hatred for greed until his chance comes to gain riches. Abby's only real friends are Susan, Warren, and Mr. Davenport, the New York art critic. The play ends with Abby receiving the rightful ownership of Bean's paintings. XCGE ul' JUNl0ll CLASS lfL Y On November Z8 the class of '43 presented the farce "One Vv'ild Night." The story takes place in the home of Rodney Dodd, a healthy young man who, because most of his ancestors were invalids, believes he is one. He spends his time in a wheel chair and lakes codliver oil. His house must be kept quiet at all times, but when Aunt Myra Opal Dodd comes to visit it must be quieter. lt is not only Aunt Myra's health to be considered but her pocketbook as well: for Rodney is flat broke and Jodwillow, the butler, and Henrietta, the maid, must look to Aunt Myra for their salaries, Prepared for utter quiet, Rodney is surprised to find Aunt Myra accompanied by Charlotte Allen, young and attractive. Charlotte overwhelms Rodney, who because of the way he feels calls for a doctor's examination, and then overhearing Doctor Bell talking on, the telephone about one of his rare plants which was dying, believes that he is dying. Charlotte admires real men, so as JodwilloW's suggestion Rodney decides to spend his remaining hours in doing the things which he has been afraid to do before. He sends to the newspapers evidence that he has on a gangster, he gives his house to a girls' school, and then, after doing all these things he lies down d. to ie, Rodney wakes the next morning to find himself feeling better than he has ever felt. Then thinks really begin to happen. Henrietta faints upon seeing what she thinks is Rodney's ghost. Ned Steerwell comes banging in searching for Doris Winthrope, whom he believes Rodney had kidnapped and Jodwillow is forced to drop several vases on his head to keep peace and quiet. Rodney is amazed to learn that Doris and her friend, Maribelle, have spent the night in their new dormitory Chis housej. Moreover, Maribelle has a bugle on which she threatens to blow a blast now and then. Scorpio sends Rodney some bombs. Then Rodney has to explain to Charlotte the presence of Jane Darnelli, a night club singer, with whom he got mixed up the night before. Rodney gets cold feet and tried to call off the whole thing but it has gone too far, Meanwhile, Aunt Myra is horrified by the uproar and is reduced to a state of collapse. Jodwillow brings out his Vv'illow Chlorophide, invented with his chemical set and the play ends with everyone going to sleep. The story ends happily. Rodney and Charlotte find they are in love: Scorpio is captured, and Aunt Myra agrees to help Rodney with her money. Rodney, Charles Zinsmaster: Henrietta, Nora Pressler: Jodwillow, Howard Cobb: Aunt Myra Opal Dodd, Martha Remmy: Charlotte Allen, Barbara Kenyon: Dr. Bell, Edward Frericks: Nurse Trent, Helen Joan Cuunsette: Ned Steerwell, Donald Shaw: Doris Winthrope, Joan Mason: Hawkins, Branson Agler: Dickens, Doyt Cox: Maribelle, Myrtle Collins: Mrs. Rooly, Barbara Clark: Mrs. Batsom, Betty Hartmier: Jade Darnelli, Edith Raabe: James Scorpio, Roger Alspachi Officer Brayder, Daniel Rodney Morris. By Ziny "'43". Page 65 V ,, , 5 A 71 'W vp , 'iff '5 Q56 . ..'.. .:"' 1 N1 ,. if ' E E H ,:', 4, ,I E ':v:' ! 11:1 A i? ggi ,Y E. 4 Q ,bvl lzt K V 1? zl. 1 W K , 2 L aw Q ., 2 , '-Ev , ., ,.,,.,.5,5.: 32' F I , :--:-V : gl? Q4 I gh 1 .I 4 I , f z zi, 1 f f V ..:v-- i Q? . I ig x Sex? Q3 I if ' :IP ,.', f A. g A ily Emi gg aqa , M ,ii . A M6 I' ning , ig 1, 4 5 y 259 , is A 'fs if 3 7 if 55 Ass v V af Q ,ji 2 ,read ur Page 67 CHORUS The Van 'NVert High School Chorus began the year under the leadership of the new vocal director, Mr. Harold Mohr. Different groups of voices have rendered choral selections for both Rotary and Kiwanis programs, as well as at the Elks' Family night parties, The usual operetta presented in previous years was replaced this year by a vocal concert with a very enjoyable program consisting of many a cappella numbers by the Girls' Chorus, the Boys' Chorus, and the Mixed Chorus. Three different boys' quartettes were featured on the program and three girls' ensembles. The audience received the a cappella numbers with much appreciation, and many expressed pleasure in hearing so many voices blended in song without accompaniment. The program in general consisted of some of the finest negro spirituals and religious anthems. One of the numbers sung by the Mixed Chorus was in eight part harmony. For several years the Van Wert High School Chorus has joined for a day the choral societies of Kenton, Celina, St. Marys and the Marsh Foundation Schools in a Spring Festival of song. This year on May 5, these schools met in Van Wert with a program of varied selections, and through their songs brought to the public a greater appreciation of choral music. In the crisis of the coming year the chorus will be a means of proving how essential music is in proclaiming unity and fellowship, as well as affording an opportunity of creating a more patriotic morale in the public schools through song. ego are ! it ,jffgx Q 6' E I, 1 25? GIRL ' GLEE CL B Through the untiring efforts of Mr. Mohr, our new chorus instructor this year, Van Wert High School has a new organization, the Girls' Glee Club. Perhaps we should call it the Glee Clubs because there are really two. One club for Sophomore girls and one for the Freshmen girls. Both clubs include approximately forty voices in each. Because of the successful season completed by the girls this year. we are glad to know that this will be a permanent organization. The girls' voices do not have as wide a range as the boys', therefore the choral work done by the group is always in three parts: soprano, second soprano, and alto. The selections sung by this group in the choral concert include: "The Linden Tree" by Schubert, "Moonlit Lake of the Isles" by Lieurance sung by the Sophomore group, "A Prayer of Consecrationn by Protheroe, and "Music XVhen Soft Voices Die" by Kramer. Page 68 gxcaglur EXCALIBUR STAFF Now that this twenty-fourth volume of the Excalibur is completed, we sigh with relief and hope that in these pages the reader may find mirrored the true spirit of Van Wert High School. This year, with a highly cooperative staff, We have striven to edit a bigger and better book than ever before. ' Behind the pages of this book are the unseen faces of the staff, including: Betty Stevens, editor-in-chief: Betty Murray, associate editor: Dick Feigert, business manager: Jim Praylick, assistant business manager: Joan Eggerss, ad- vertising manager: Stanley Tolan, assistant advertising manager: Betty Yocum, circulation manager: Ann Willoughby, calendar: Martha Gorrell, Dean Miller, Roger Steele, and Jo Wolf, organizations: Dorothy Forwalter, Colleen Hum- erickhouse, John Shoop, and Jim Vadakin, features: Joan Putman and Eugene Redrup, sports: Velora Agler, faculty: Dorothy Coupland and Constance Soldner, alumni: Austin Cox, art: Marilyn Hunstead and Helene Webster, per- sonals: Clark Pollock and Harvey Agler, photography: Joan Adams, Kathleen Blair, Gloris Ford, Betty Kear, Lillian Stephens, and Norma Sunderland, typists. ,mag ur Page 6 9 THE SCARLET Q ILL STAFF The Scarlet Quill staff this year had a very easy way of putting the right person in the right place. The first of the year if a person were interested in doing one certain thing, he tried that to see if that was what he wanted to do. 'l he jobs were shifted around until everyone had found the thing he enjoyed doing most. Fourteen issues of the paper were printed. each a little better than the last one. The Hrst one was dedicated to the new teachers, and the last issue was dedicated to the Seniors, The circulation of the Quill is about 600 copies. There are approximately 500 copies distributed in the school and the rest are exchanged with other szhools or sold outside. The staff members took assignments on the Monday af,er the Friday when the paper was issued. They worked on these assignments that week, and then the copy was taken up to the Times-Bulletin where it was printed. to be typed up. A proof of the copy was brought back and checked before it went to press. The exchange of our paper with other schools was taken care of by Dorothy lforwalter and Colleen Humerickhouse, They mailed a copy of each issue to the schools that sent us their papers during the year. With the exception of the special editorial column written each time by Stanley Tolan editorials of the paper were Written by any student who cared to write one. The headline writers were mainly Martha Gorrell, Dorothy Forwalter, and Marilyn Hun- stead. Some headlines were written by other members of the staff. The advertising in the paper was taken care of by .loan Eggerss and Stanley Tolan. They had some thirty advertisers every issue. The boys' sports were reported by John Shoop, while Dorothy Coupland took care of the girls' sports. The special columns were: Society, Line O' Tripe, Meet the Seniors. and Long, Long Ago. The first was edited by Ann Willoughby, the second by Dorothy Coupland and Martha Gorrell, the third by Marilyn Hunstead, and the last by Dick Feigert. Finances were trusted to Betty Murray and Betty Stevens. Betty Kear reported most of the school assemblies during the year. The make-up of the paper was done by the Editor, Dean Miller, with the help of the advisor, Mr. Gallapoo. i r E E 2 1 P E f I E E E E I E i ,Yeah ur Page 71 GIRL RESERVES A very successful season was completed by the Girl Reserves this year. This was-due largely to the efforts of the officers who were: Dorothy Germann, president: Marjorie Wilkie, vice-president: Edith Raabe, secretary: Velora Agler, treasurer: and Miss Flaler, advisor, Many profitable and enjoyable evenings were spent by approximately ninety girls who were members this year. The programs have been varied. One evening, the girls invited their mothers as guests, On another, an amateur program provided entertainment. On still another, appropriately called 'fthe Sweater Hop," the girls invited guests for an evening of dancing. The last program of the season was a farewell to the Seniors. This was impressive to all who attended, but it was most impressive to the Seniors themselves. These girls feel proud, and a little bit better, as a result of their association with a club whose ideals are as high as those HI-Y This year the Hi-Y was presided over by Kilburn fBudj Hunt, President, James Monroe, Vice-President: and John Shoop, Secretary-Treasurer. These officers were all very loyal to the organization and did a fine job in executing their duties. All three of them attended Camp Nelson Dodd last summer in order to obtain training for their work this year. Soon after the first meeting a program for the whole year was devised by a committee. This plan enabled the club to carry on throughout the year with definite objectives and was followed with very few changes. The club accomplished a great deal this year. A few of the highlights of its active year were: Giving a Christmas basket, putting on a Halloween party, sponsoring Ladies Night, hav- ing a devotional program before each meeting, and the club attending in a body once a month one of the churches of the city. Another project to help their finances along was collecting old paper, hailing it, and selling it. From this enough money was received for the club to carry on its duties throughout the year. A boy cannot become a member until he is a Junior. This year the enrollment reached about sixty. The Hi-Y stands for clean speech, clean scholarship, clean sportsmanship and clean living and does its best to follow these ideals. of the Girl Reserves. E. E. . The F. F. A. is an organization of thirty-seven members with Carl Longsworth as presi- dent: Junior Jordon, vice-president: Vernon Palmer, secretary: Bill Wermer, reporter: John Curtis. "watch dog" Csergeant at armsj 3 and John H. Leonard, advisor. In this organization a boy may achieve four ranks during his high school career. They are as follows: Greenhand, Future Farmer. State Farmer, and American Farmer. During the year the group enjoys many activities. Last summer they took a trip through the South. The group has purchased a S100 defense bond. They won the District Parlimentary Procedure contest. and took part in the State Judging contest. To qualify for membership you must be enrolled in the Vocational Agriculture class and to remain a member you must attend at least 75 per cent of the meetings and work on some project. This organization is valuable to the Na'ional Emergency for it trains students to produce food in a scientific, efflcient manner. HOME E 0 0lVllC CL R The Home Economics Club of Van XVert High School meets the second Vvfednesday of every month. This club is afiiliated with the American Home Economics Association with head- quarters at Washington, D. C. This club, under the direction of Miss Mary Sawyer, elected the following officers: Presi- dent, Velora Agler: vice-president, Beth Ann Feigert: secretary, Marilyn Shoop: and treasurer, Martha Remmy. The club project for this year was knitting for the Red Cross, The members completed eighteen sweaters and two pairs of pants for children two, four, and six years old. The club's purpose is: to give an opportunity for choices in problems and activities of the girl as accompanies Home Economics: to reach goals that cannot be obtained unless other experiences accompany classroom work: to broaden girls' viewpoints in Home Economics. Page 72 gxcadgur THE JUNl0R-SENIOR PR0lVl The Junior-Senior Prom was held on May 23 of last year, in the Lincoln Auditorium of the Third Ward Building. lt was a formal affair. The festivities began at 8:30 with a speech by John Coon the Junior Class President, in which he welcomed the Seniors. Then Jack Hyer, on behalf of the Seniors, thanked the Juniors for their fine decorations. Next came a grand march, led by John Coon and Colleen Humrickhouse. The rest of the evening was then spent in dancing to the music of the Ohio Northern University Collegeteers. The decorations, which were done by a committee from the Junior Class, were the most elaborate and beautiful in many years. They were done in Roof Garden style. The ceiling was decorated so as to give the appearance of a deep blue sky, blanketed with stars. Around three of the walls were silhouettes of a typical New York sky line. Miniature sky-scrapers, from whose windows emitted a crazy-quilt of light, gave the appearance of a busy Nocturnal Metrop- olis. On the stage, adjacent to a refreshment table, sat the orchestra. The dance ended at l2:30, at which time the attendance was greatly diminished, due to unavoidable attractions elsewhere. On the Whole, the prom was very well attended, and was enjoyed to the utmost by all. gxcaggur Page 73 BACCALAUREATE May 24, 1942 7:30 P.M. H. A. Eggerss Stadium Processional ..,...., , , ,"Symphonic March" fOp. l8D, Silvio Mancini Invocation .,.........,..i..........,.i.,...,... Rev. E. I. Wilmert 'AOnward Christian Soldiers" by the audience, directed by Harold E. Mohr "Lo, A Voice to Heaven Sounding", Bortniansky, by Van Wert H. S. Choir Scripture Lesson .,,,........... .......... .,... R e v. V. I. Sullivan Baccalaureate Sermon .,.,,..,,,,...,...., .,.... D r. E. E. Snyder "The Lord Bless You and Keep You", Lutkins ......,, Van Wert H. S. Choir Recessional-'AAmericana'' .,......,,....,.....,..,.. Eorrest L. Buchtel Van Wert High School Band COMMENCEMENT PROGRAlVl May 28, l942 7:30 P.M. H. A. Eggerss Stadium Processional-"Pomp and Circumstanceu ......,,. Edgard Elgar COp. 395 Van Wert High School Band Invocation ,.,....,...,.,....,...,..,,....,,... Dr. John H. Lamy The National Anthem ...,,.....,.,,................ By the Audience Directed by Harold E. Mohr and accompanied by the Van Wert H. S. Band Trombone Solo ...,.,,.,,.,.........,............,.,. Betty Yocum Accompanied by Van Wert High School Band Quartet-A'Class Song" .............,.....,,..,.,,......,... . , . . . . . . . . . . .James Eraylick, Wilson Duprey, Richard Eeigert, and James Lamy Class Address ...,....,,.....,.........,......,, William Hessler Presentation of Class .,.. ..............,,............ C . P. Bowdle Presentation of Diplomas. . . Harry Bowers, President of Board of Education, assisted by Dr. Eorwalter and Mr. Milligan HAmerica" ....,.....,....,....,....,,......,,,,., By the Audience Directed by Harold E. Mohr and accompanied by the Van Wert H. S. Band Benediction ..,......,...,.................. Dr. Robert Burch Foster Recessional-A'University" Grand March ...... . . .Edwin Eranko Goldman Van Wert High School Band Page 74 gxcagdur CHO0L CALENDAR SEPTEMBER First day of School-Welcome Fresh- man to Van Wert High School. -Second day of School-Gee, one sure misses the old kids. -Cheer leaders had tryouts. -Just another school day. -We have been Seniors for one week. It sure is great. -Saturday . . . rest? Wonder what that new girl's name is? -Church. 'cause this is Sunday. ' -Up early again today because we have school as usual. -First football game is not far off! -Just a dreary day. -Home Ec. meeting. -Assembly for Bryan Game-We won. 6-O. -Raw throat-shouldn't have yelled so much! -Church, because it is again Sunday. -Just another dreary Monday. -"Rain is Raining all around." -Sweet day. so cool, so calm and sweet." -Tomorrow we play Kenton. -We beat Kenton 39-0. Voted for Class oflicers. -Three weeks of school over. -Sunday. -"Know thyself-also thy lessons." -The same old grind. OCTOBER -Assembly-Scotch Kilties. -Rain! Rain! RainI -We beat Denance I9-6. -Vacation-today is Saturday. -Church. -First Girl Reserve meeting. -Scarlet Quills will be out soon. -Leaves are pretty this year. -G.A.A. initiation of new members. -First Scarlet Quill. XVe tied Bluffton 7-7. -Saturday-Raked leaves. -Sunday-Church. -School again. -Y.M.C.A. had annual founder's day. -Home Ec. club meeting. -Play Bellefontaine tomorrow. -Beat Bellefontaine 21-O. -Saturday-High School day at Ohio State-A lot of Van Wert students went. -Pictures of Van Wert High School in the Columbus Citizen. -G. R. meeting, -Leaves are really pretty this year. -Report cards today-no more need be saidl -Scarlet Quill toda Wa akoneta was Y' P beat by Van Wert 14-7. -Teacher's meeting today and we didn't have school. 25- 1 wish that the teachers had meetings more oftenl Sunday-Church. There is going to be a broadcasting station at the Marsh Foundation. -Hi-Y had Hallow'een party. Broadcast at the Marsh. Football rally-Student Council had its first meeting. -G.A.I-X. meeting. Halloween! We beat Lima Central 6-6. NOVEMBER -Saturday-nothing happened. -First Junior Class play rehearsal. G. R. Recognition assembly. --Ohio State test given to the Sopho- ITIOIES. -First mixer! I I I -Tomorrow our band is going to per- form for the Standard Oil Contest. First snow! Football game with St. Mary's-We won 20-0. The band was good. --Still snowing! I I I -Sunday-Church. --School today-Will it never end? -Armistice day assembly. Home Ec. Club meeting. --National Education assembly. --Celina game-score-31-O in our favor. Victory dance at Y.W.C.A. -Only 40 days until Christmas! I I I -Sunday-Church. -Don't think I can be good until Christ- mas-too long-3 8 days. -Father and Son party during Hi-Y meeting. -Scarlet Quill. Student Council meeting, -Thanksgiving. -Too much turkey. -Thanksgiving is all over-so are the after effects! -Only 32 days until Christmas. -G. R. meeting. -Nothing today. -Wrote letter to Santa Claus. -Nothing ever happens here. -One Wild Night-Junior Class play- It was really entertaining, Juniorsl Saturday, no school. -Church because today is Sunday. DECEMBER Our band won S75 in defense stamps in that band contest. -Only 23 more days. Report cards! -G.A.A. meeting. -Recognition assembly for football players. -First basketball game - Cincinnatti Withrow 43-Van Wert 33. -Japan attacked Pearl HarborI I I I I I -Had assembly and heard broadcast from Washington and heard Congress declare gxcagdur Page 75 war on .Iapan. -I-Ii-Y entertained the Girl Reserves. -Home Ec. Club had installation of ncw members. -Greenville 34, Van Wert 2l. -That game was really exciting. -Only 10 more days. -Sunday-Church. -Time is really going slow. -District I-Ii-Y meeting. -Student Council meeting. -Thursday is the dead day around here. -Scarlet Quills-Dayton Co-op 41, Van Wert 32. -Saturday. Nothing happens. -Church. -G. R. meeting. -Christmas vacation begins today. Mont- pelier l5, Van Wert 32. -Last minute shoppers are really hurry- ' v ing. -MERRY CHRISTMAS! -Everyone is happy-except those who were in army camps away from home. -WE -WISH -EVERYONE -A -VERY JANUARY -HAPPY NEW YEAR! -Resolutions are all set up. Piqua 36. Van Wert 3 O. -Still vacation. I-Ii-Y attended the Presbyterian Church toda y. -School today-it is really nice to be back again. -Broke resolutions. -We have been at war for a month. -Another Thursday. -Bellefontaine 38-Van Wert 33. -Wish basketball team had made resolu- tion! -Sunday. -Student Council and G. R. meetings. -Paulding 47-Van Wert 50. -Home Ec. club started knitting for Red Cross. -Intramurals begin today. Freshman A vs. Sophomore A. -St. Mary's 22-Van Wert 52. -This is Saturday and no news. -Church. -Monday, the same unexciting day. -Assembly-Ex-Governor Dickenson of Michigan spoke on Cleanliness of the lives of high school students. -Snow again. -Senior A vs. Sophomore A. -Celina 34-Van Wert 26. End of the first semester. -Saturday. -Sunday-Church. -G. R. had party for their mothers. Change in some of the classes. -Student Council meeting. Freshman A vs. Junior A. -Report cards! ! I l I Got by this time. 24- -Thursday and no real news. Wapakoneta 33-Van Wert 31. Scar- let Quills today. -Pay day! I l I FEBRUARY I-Ii-Y attended the Methodist Church. This is just another Monday. Junior A vs. Senior A. the seniors are the champions of Van Wert. Assembly-Rev. Snyder talked about Liberian people. G.A.A. meeting. -Girls are looking shyly at the boys- object? Valentines day is near. -Lima South 40-Van Wert 37. -Another Saturday and no news. -Sunday-Church. -Today is the day that the time changes to War Time. School begins at 9:00 and we get out at 4:15. -Freshman assembly-very good Fresh- ies. Hi-Y has Mother and Son potluck. -Home Ec. club had a potluck for its prospective members. -Today is Lincoln's birthday. -G.A.A. had Penny luncheon today. It was a success. Bluffton 40-Van Wert 41. -Valentine day. Did you get any sweet little verses? --That candy yesterday was good but I shouldn't have eaten all of it. -This is Monday again-it sure gets here fast. -Defiance 50-Van Wert 44. G.A.A. meeting. Really should have read that essay for English! I I Y ! -Kenton 37-Van Vxfert 40. -Saturday-Tomorrow is Washington's birthday-it really should be Monday so that we could get out of school. -"I cannot tell a lie"-this is Washing- ton's birthday. -Sophomore assembly - told about Washington. We had our first air-raid drill today. Napoleon 43-Van Wert 50. Bryan 38-Van Wert 49. -Scarlet Quills today. I-Ii-Y had hobby night. -Girl Reserves had a sweater hop at the Y.W.C.A. -Gregor Ziemer is going to speak at our Commencement. -Did I fool you???? This is not leap year. MARCH -Hi-Y attended the Evangelical Church. -Monday is here again. -Senior Broadcast. -Our first Tournament game vs. Bowl- ing Green-they won 34-33. Our team deserves a lot of credit for this game. -Today it is very windy-I guess it is traditional. -Still windy, and I do mean windylll Page 76 gxcag ur -Today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday and the day after that is Mon- day-Did you know that????? Church. -The Chorus didn't have an operetta this year, instead they had a choral con- cert and it was very well done-Con- gratulations to Mr. Mohr, one of the newer teachers. You did a good job. -Junior Broadcast tonight. -Report cards. Not many more to go. -Home Ec. club meeting. -This is Friday the 13th-We had a mixer and got our Scarlet Quill. -Beware the Ides of March-That is tomorrow. -This is the Ides of March-I hope you know what that refers to. -Athletic Banquet at the Armory. I -We had another air-raid today-this went better than the other. -F. F. A. Banquet at the Marsh Foun- dation. -Practice for the National Honor Society assembly. -Assembly today for the induction of the new members into the National Honor Society. -This is the first day of spring. -Ins rin ever oun man's fanc turns P g V V e I V to love-and other things. -Student Council meeting. Band Con- cert-Congratulations, Mr. Wolf. -Band Concert again tonight. -Most of the pictures for the Excalibur have been taken but there are still a few that have not. -Just two months amd five days .of school left. -Scarlet Quill today. -Today was the State Scholarship test at the High School and s.udents from all over the county came here to take it. -Sunday-Church. -G. R. meeting. Spring football began today. -Eighth grade visitation day was today. APRIL -Today is April Fool's day. Were you fooled? -G. R. assembly for Easter. Easter vaca- tion begins today. -This is Good Friday. Tomorrow is Easter-have you gotten your spring clothes? -This is Easter-I hope you went to Church, I did! -No school today-this is still vacation. -End of vacation-It seems good to see the "Old Familiar Faces." -Home Ec. club elected its new officers for next year. Meeting of the Prom Decorating Com- mittee. -Hi-Y Ladies night, also Scarlet Quill. -Today was the Northwestern district contest for musicians. -Hi-Y attended the Evangelical Church. -Today we conducted the Senior Survey to sie just who is who in the class of M4 Another committee meeting of the dec- orating for Prom. F.F.A. skating party at the Y.W.C.A. W. H. I. O. transcriptions were mad: today of our band and chorus. The students who wanted to take the Civil Service test for typing and shorthand took it today. -Eighth grade tests and the G.A.A. had a party in the gym at High School. --Frank Corathers was rated first in the scholarship test that we took on March 28. Ralph Peters and Dick Morgan also had high honors. -Radio Transcriptions over W. H. I. Q. -Excalibur was supposed to go to press today. Ping-pong tournament begins. Adolph's birthday. -Prom committee meeting. -Grade Cards-only get them once more. Y.W.C.A. membership banquet. -Not much longer to this school year. -Today was the last issue of the Scarlet Quill for this year. Seniors put on a very entertaining class play, "The Late Christopher Bean." -Saturday. Thanks to Scarlet Quill staff for all of this year's Quills. --Sunday-Church. -Vv'onder if everybody has prom dates? -G.A.A. assembly. -Football practice. -Ping-pong. MAY -Band Festival at Kenton. -Band Festival at Kenton. Church. Ping-pong. Music festival here. Hi-Y District Con- ference at Rockford. Still some fluttering around for Prom dates. Ping Pong. -Elks' dance for Seniors. -Saturday-day off-no worry -Sunday-Church. -G. R. Farewell to Seniors. -School board banquet. -Home Ec. last meeting. -Get hair fixed for Prom. Prom-Sure was swell. Sure tired! Prom was a big success. Thanks, Juniors. Sunday-Church. School again. Hi-Y. Only six more days. Recognition assembly. Excalibur. Saturday. Baccaulaureate, Don't have to go back today. Practice for Thursday, -Practice for Commencement. Commencement at 7 13 0. -Report cards. -School is out for good! I I I g,XCd6LllI' Paile 77 SENl0R CLASS 0F 19 0 David Allen, Army. Robert Allen, St. Marys. I William Allen, Kennedy Kit, Van Wert, Ohio. Andy Anderson, Bordens Cheese Factory, Van Wert, Ohio. Jack Anderson, Assistant Manager at the New Equity, Celina, Ohio. l Martha Baer, Lowrey Maid, Van Wert, 01110- Charles Baker, Army. John Barga, Army. Dale Barnes, Railroad. Donivieve Bebout, Married. Ben Beemer, International Harvester, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Berniece Bell, La Charme Beauty Salon, Van Wert, Ohio. Betty Bennett, Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, Ohio. Erma Blake, Hunter's Drug Store, Van Wert, Ohio. Gerald Boroff, United States Navy. Walter Boyd, Webb's Market, Van Wert, Ohio. Ellen Boyden, Married. Wendell Burnett, Texaco Filling Station, Van Wert, Ohio. Mary Evelyn Carter, Spayd-Ohio Office, Van Wert, Ohio. Robert Chambers, California. Richard Clifton, International Harvester. Fort Wayne, Indiana. I Stanley Coffelt, Wittenberg College, Spring- field. Ohio. Richard Conley, Purdy Motor Sales, Van Wert, Ohio. I Irene Conwell, Marsh Hotel. Van Wert. Ohio. Betty Craig, Married. I Robert Crosby, Ohio State, Columbus, Ohio. Robert Dasher, Army. Guyneth Davis, Morris's 5 and l0c Store, Van Wert, Ohio. Jack Davis, Hillsdale, Michigan. Jack Denig, Baltimore, Maryland. XVilma DeWeese, Married. Richard Duprey, Ohio State, Columbus, Ohio. Katherine Eckenstein, Married. Dorothy Edsall, Married. Thelma Elzey, Married. Evelyn English, At Home. Helen Felger, Married. Adelbert Fox, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. Stanley Galloway, California. Edgar Galloway, Baltimore, Maryland. Robert Germann, Container Company, Van Wert. Ohio. Margaret Gipe, Married. Lloyd Griflis, General Electric, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thomas Grindle, California. Leo Haines, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Janet Halverson. Elyria, Ohio. John Harden, Container Company, Van Wert, Ohio. Jeanne Heaton, Married. James Hogue, Lorraine, Ohio. William Humerickhouse, Schines Theater, Van Wert. Ohio. Chalice Jerome, Murphy's 5 and l0c Store, Van Wert, Ohio. Maynard Jerome, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Marvin Johnson, Air Field. Julia Jones, Container Company, Van Wert, Ohio. Richard Jones, Army. Doris Jordan, Central Manufacturing Insur- ance Company, Van Wert, Ohio. Paul Keipper, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. Robert Keyser, Buffalo, New York. Clifford Kiehl, Kennedy Kit, Van Wert, Ohio. Betty Kiggins, Huntington, Indiana. Edward King, Gunsett's Hardware Company, Van Wert, Ohio. Gloria King, Wilkinson Printing Company. Van Wert, Ohio. Richard King, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Marjorie Kreischer, Columbus, Ohio. Norman Kreischer, Hamburger Inn, Van Wert, Ohio. Max Krugh, Van Wert Manufacturing Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Arthur Kuckein, Container Company, Van Wert, Ohio. Dale LaRue, Bordens Cheese Factory, Van Wert, Ohio. McClelland Leiter, Kroger's Grocery. Robert Lindemann, Container Company, Van Wert, Ohio. Betty Lou Linninger, Washington, D. C. Marie Linton, Van Wert Manufacturing Com- pany, Van Wert, Ohio. Lena Lippi, Y.W.C.A,, Van NVert. Ohio. Jeanne Longwell, Married. Carl Lower, Kennedy Kit, Van Wert, Ohio. Robert Mager, Lima, Ohio. Jack Marsh, Railroad. Gaylord Medaugh, Wright's Filling Station. Keith Milheim, Kennedy Kit, Van Wert, Ohio. Robert Milligan, Ohio Power, Van Wert, Ohio. Martha Morgan, Dennison University, Gran- ville, Ohio. Schuyler Myers, Kennedy Kit, Van Wert, Ohio. Joanne Olberding, Dayton, Ohio. Rebecca Painter, Lima, Ohio. Betty Belle Parks, Lima, Ohio. Robert Pllum, Presserette, Van Wert, Ohio, Mary Poling, Clark's Shoe Store, Van Wert. Ohio. Kathryn Potter, Married. Ruth Pressler, Lima Memorial Hospital. Lima, Ohio. Hagld Prill, Container Company, Van Wert, hio. Howard Prill, Kennedy Kit, Van Wert, Ohio, Jack Raeder, Air Corps. Quentine Reed, Army. Lloyd Rhodenbaugh. Army. Rosemary Rigel. Lima, Ohio. Hazel Robinson, Ohio Wesleyan, Delaware. Ohio. Betsy Ross, Bay Village, Ohio. Joe Routt, Army. Page 78 xcaggur Nell Rose Rucklos, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Harold Runnion, Defiance, Ohio. Alberta Salsburey, Detroit Grace Hospital. Detroit, Michigan. Alice Schaadt, Beauty Shoppe, Spencerville, Ohio. Robert Scott, At Home. Betty Severns, Hopkin's Grill, Van Wert, Ohio. Mary Margaret Shaffer, Central Manufactur- ing Company, Van Wert, Ohio. Marjorie Sharp, Van Wert County Hospital, Van Wert, Ohio. Robert Shell, Patterson Field, Dayton, Ohio. Dorothy Sherburn, Married. Thomas Showalter, Container Company, Van Wert, Ohio. Carl Siders, United States Navy. Warren Simmons, Sandusky, Ohio. Jeanette Sinn, Washington, D. C. Mary Slattery, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. Dorothy Starkey, Married. Doyt Stegmier, California. Patricia Steinmetz, Morris 5 Y5 lOc Store, Van Wert, Ohio. Robert Stetler, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Dorothy Stewart, Housekeeper, Van Wert, Ohio. Lawrence Stittsworth, Army. Mary Stratton, Married. Catherine Stripe, Married. Lois Stuck, Van Wert Manufacturing Com- pany, Van Wert, Ohio. Everett Summersett, Florida. Dale Terry, Container Company, Van Wert, Ohio. Jack Tester, Salesman, Van Wert County. Charles Thomas, Van Wert Manufacturing Company, Van Wert, Ohio. Gordon Thomas, Army. Lawrence Tindall, United States Navy. Betty Truax, Marsh Hotel, Van Wert, Ohio. Victoria Unterbrink, Van Wert Manufac- turing Company, Van Wert, Ohio. Betty Jean Urton, Nurses Training, Lima, Ohio. John Walls, Kennedy Kit, Van Wert, Ohio. Juanita Walters, Van Wert Manufacturing Company, Van Wert, Ohio. McGuire Weaver, Sandwich Cafe, Van Wert, Ohio. Richard Weigle, Ohio State University, Co- lumbus, Ohio. Maurice Williman, Williman 8 Son's Mar- ket, Van Wert, Ohio. Margaret Willoughby, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. Donald Wilson, Farming, Van Wert, Ohio. Valrea Winters, D. J. Gunsett Company, Van Wert, Ohio. Howard Wise, Container Company, Van Wert, Ohio. Louise Wistner, Dayton, Ohio. Charles Woodruff, Van Wert Air Port, Van Wert, Ohio. Helen Woodruff, Celina, Ohio. Betty Worthington, Housekeeper, Van Wert, Ohio. Franklin Wyandt, Kennedy Kit, Van Wert, Ohio. Robert Yarger, Cleveland, Ohio. LaVera Young, Housework, Liberty Center, Ohio. Ruth Young, Married. Marcille Zeigler, Married. Eileen Zotz, Married. X ,1 3 GD xcabgur Page 79 SENl0R CLASS 0F 1941 Marjorie Louise Acheson, International, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Waldo Lawrence Baker, Wilkinson's Print- ing Co., Van VJert, Ohio. Charles C. Baxter, At Home. I Mildred Grace Bebout, Office of Container Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Donna Jeanne Beck, Deaconess Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio. Robert Orrin Bell, Miller fd Jones's Shoe Shop, Van Wert, Ohio. Marjorie Louise Black, Montgomery Ward, Van Wert, Ohio. Jeanne Marie Blanke, At Home. Herbert J. Boroff, Container Company, Van Wert, Ohio. Jack Olsen Brown, Spayd-Ohio CO., Vim Wert. Ohio. Alice Bernice Carey, Y.W.C.A., Van Wert. Ohio. Robert Lee Clay, At Home. Armiline Jewels Click, Spayd-Ohio Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Rosabelle G. Coates, Factory in Dayton, Ohio. Anna Margaret Cook, Grace Hospital, De- troit, Michigan. Otis Coon, Jr., Container Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Alva Leroy Cooper, Chidester's Garage, Van Wert, Ohio. Martha H. Craig, Married. Patricia Ann Crouse, Central, Van Wert, Ohio. Normagene Elaine Deal, Office at Coal 'ia' Ice Co., Belleville, Michigan. Helen Louise DeBolt, Central, Van Wert, Ohio. Hugh B. Elder, Jr,, Chevrolet Garage, Van Wert, Ohio. Virginia C. Eschbach, Wright Field, Dayton. Ohio. James L. Fox, At Home. Elmer Friemoth, At Home. Donna Louise Gamble, Office work, Mans- field, Ohio. Jeanne Baden Gauvey, College of St. Teresa. Vkfinona, Minn. Catherine A. Gentry, Office work, Cincin- nati, Ohio. Miriam Lee Gillespie, Cleveland Playhouse, Cleveland, Ohio. Betty Louise Gipe, Kiggon's Restaurant, Van Wert, Ohio. June Violet Gipe, Married. William Gordon Good, Container Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Mary Maxine Gorsuch, Child's Hospital. Dayton, Ohio. Forest Gribler, Jr., Morris 5 53 10, Van Wert, Ohio. Deo Haines, Signal Depot, Fort Wayne, In- diana. Bonnie Arlene Hale, Central, Van Wert, Ohio. Betty J. Harman, Murphy's 5 fri IO, Van Wert. Ohio. James Miles Harner. Baseball School, Florida. Charles E. Henry, Container Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Norma Jane Hillery, Griffin College, Van Wert, Ohio. Catherine Pauline Hisey, Miami University. Oxford, Ohio. Dora Lee Holland, General Electric, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Jane Holmes, Married. Vernon Hoverman, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Barbara Louise Hunt, Miami University, Ox- ford, Ohio. Jack E. Hyer, U. S. Navy. Margaret Louise Imler, Secretary, Overall Mfg, Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Ethel Jeannette Inwood, Balyeat's Restau- rant, Van Wert, Ohio. Betty Jean Jones, At Home. Jayne Jones, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. Louise Jones, Working in Van Wert County Hospital. Patricia Ilene Kennedy, International, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Leonard C. Klewer, Working for Tom Maher, Contractor, Van Wert, Ohioj Jeanette Kline, Married. Donald R. Kreischer, Container Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Ernestine M, Lake, Central, Van Wert, Ohio. Grace Joanne Landis, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Roger L. Leatherman, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Lawrence Graydon Lee, Kennedy Kit, Van KVert, Ohio. Walter W. LeValley, Equity, Celina, Ohio. NVilliam Leroy Lintemoot, Container Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Dale Long, Working at Marsh School, Van Wert, Ohio, Gene W. Longsworth, Central Dairy, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Dorothy Louise McCleary, Overall Mfg. Co., Hopkin Grill, Van Wert, Ohio. Clara Ellen McClure, Office in Bank, Dayton. Ohio. Robert Eugene McCollum, Sandwich Cafe. Van Wert, Ohio. Miriam Marie McConnell, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Rosemary McCoy, Howe Paint Co., Dayton. Ohio. Elizabeth Jean McGrew, Container Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Anna Bell McNew. At Home. John Fox Maney, County Surveyor's Office, Van Wert, Ohio. Robert William Maxson, Container Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Eileen Janice Merriss, Container Co., Van Wert, Ohio. James William Miller, Oiiice of Container Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Martha Jean Miller, Morris 5 YS 10, Van Wert, Ohio. Helen Louise Myers, Married. Jeanne Annette Parks, Married. Page 30 xcah ur Benjamin Leo Pollock, Jr., Container Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Anna Mae Ponds, Oiiice of Border Coal Co., Van Wert, Ohio. James M. Potter, U. S. Navy. Doyt E, Rogers, Container Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Gordon O. Rogers, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Betty Margarete Ross, Central, Van Wert, Ohio. Ervin Leroy Royse, Northwestern School of Commerce, Lima, Ohio. Robert W. Runnion, Equity, Defiance, Ohio. Emma Marie Saam, Central, Van Wert, Ohio. Alva J. Salsburey, Spayd-Ohio, Van Wert, Ohio. William Lindley Saulisberry, Findlay College, Findlay, Ohio, Donald L. Scott, Teddy's Shoe Shining Shop, Van Wert, Ohio. Edith Sharp, Draft Board OHice, Van Wert, Ohio. Mildred Maxine Sherman, Murphy's 5 'KES lO. Van Wert, Ohio. Betty Lorene Shreck, Lima Memorial Hos- pital, Lima, Ohio. Marjorie Smith, Married. Richard Matthys Steinmetz, Container Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Merl Statler, Navy Work in Cleveland, Ohio. Cletus Dale Stripe, Stripe fd Son, Contrac- tors, Van Wert, Ohio. Richard O. Stump, N.Y.A. Camp, Mans- field, Ohio. Doyt Taylor, Container Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Orville Thomas. Jr., Morris 5 '25 10, Van Wert, Ohio. Doris Marie Tindall, Murphy's 5 Y5 10, Van Wert, Ohio. Patricia Todd, Jerrold Co., Van Wert, Ohio. Donald John Uhl, Gunsett's Hardware, Van Wert, Ohio. Dorothy Jean Uhl, International, Port Wayne, Indiana. Lawrence Edwin Vaske, Floor Covering Service, Lima, Ohio. Glendora Rosalie Warner, Central, Van Wert, Ohio. George Frederick Weck, William Zeller Wilkie, Wert, Ohio. Charles Paul Williams, Ohio. Carol Enid Willmert, Cincinnati, Ohio. At Home. Container Co., Van Welding in Dayton, Deaconess Hospital, Jeanne Marie Yyilloughby, Office at Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. Joseph Carl Winters, Container Co., Van Wert, Ohio. William Harold Wise, Wert, Ohio. Container Co., Van Fred P. Witten, At Home. Barbara Yager, Ohio State University, C0- lumbus, Ohio. O. O. Zinsmaster, Jr., Wert, Ohio. Container Co., Van Virginia Louise Zotz, Office in Ohio Power Co., Van Wert, Ohio. fs' S I .il nc gxcagdur P g S1 WILD BROS. nascar A Satisfied Customer is Our Best ADVERTISEMENT EOC? Phone 3004 1 -1 1101411111:ixzcimnlznzmv..-4:1'::1-as Best Wishes from Thomas Jewelry Co. 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C, PENNEY CUMPANY LJXCGAAMI' Congratulations and Best Wishes u6'fX,4f3"'5'1lEQ,fr'au tothe CLASS UF 31942 . 'if' . uevggvgkug-gfau Kennedy Manntaetnaring Cntnpany 6,XCaA6llJ' Greetings and Best Wishes -.L fz- , .f ":r5'mw2i2tT4 fE,' :Q vi- I, , ...., zi, ,,,,,,,-pa, Ax!- To the Members ef the 11942 GRADUATIING CLASS of Van Wert High Sehoell THE CONTAINER COMPANY VAN WERTZ. OHIO 8XCaAAuP Jfufagaaynfud, gXCaALuf Awwqaapha 6IXCG,6Llll' Jiutagfaayafzd, 6XCa6LMf Awogaapha

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