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'YF' , N N ., lx V, X W -.Hy -I 11,1 .. , 1 I 's I E X wtf mx' f" X fx :xx X fi 'f VX, ' L XX P f 3 51 ,XJ I I LV -:hm 4 ff. , V S 'x -N. 1 xy xullttlnl-. Y "-L -lem 'V 'gf-K Q V Y fg,,,W'WW fe' A' ka 3. X.1"NV-- f S f'.-g,,,, N 5 X A A- .g,,:ZWI gui, lv 51 VHVI . W N5 0" fbliggpxb cfm ff X ' ,V Q 41:5 kg AQ D -ff' ., N L 6 B K LXXJ - l FV' T 'X -, 'X' A X- ' L-avi . ,EJ 42332 ,QL ' ,xfvqxtw ,fig Kb 2 A- f '-slf F 3 'mul - ' LA: ff? ,, . NX I 4 if 5 rfb' L k 22 Q -W x ' L q ' Q 'V "1.A.Q HQ 1 I U ' , X MLX5 . e WN Q Q 2 . N S f -A "ml 0 ' x Ei f ' A M H U K 2 l7.,7f3,x Sfwfyv QQ f fad , .I 'X ' lf 'Q' ' M I fffy of 4 . ' ':, Pg' X X31 1 I" -ii? 7' X 1" . , X, A .. r V -' N 1 R df 1 7, 1 L Q If In A 116,174 fx N! , ' ,r ,-' , -'-13 "V XA x fllf - Qxf. 5 J - ,, THE EXCIILIBIIH Zlsl EDITIOI'l 1 9 3 9 O Compiled by llolen Stuckey, Jr., Editor-in-Chief Helen llliller, llssislant Editor Robert Todd, Business manager E! Published by the Senior Class ol llllll lll6llT HIGH 5CHll0I. llan lllert, 0hio x. ,fn is 4 w- ,W -ELI.: . Q4 ,l ,Ji 0 Q., -nf ,M- 1 inlaid dinu- . 1 'r fi 2 The Excalibur Edz'toPz'a1 We present to you our Excalibur. This book is the result of several months of concentrated efforts to portray four of the happiest years of our lives into pictures and print. We realize the impossibility of entirely succeeding in such a task, but if at any time in the future, a glance through, this book will bring back memories of days and faces at dear old Van Wert High, our work will not have been entirely in vain. Uffieial Program Q Oflicials Squad Game of Education Cheer Leaders 4 The Excalibur Dedica tion To Mr. l. G. Katterheinrich we, the Senior Class of 1939, sincerely dedicate this twenty-first volume of the Excalibur. It is our greatest desire that this dedication will, in a small way, show a portion of our appreciation of his services to the school throughout his eleven years connection with it. AN ...f- Xx X x ......b......,,AN:x V , A ..,X u AsNXmM""-4.-Ntx. Av .XX F Mira., x 'X f 'L'-.A 1 ,' 'KV .' , v . 4 v 1 .Lv xxkwkxqgx , 'WN xjxnx Xxx -K, Q Qf'.i'J-:'.?7'J'f xx ak, 4,.A X ., .WE ,X . vX,""i . . x, i A H ,S N ' 5 33.1 A pf- - 1 t ' -'ak ' ' , r , "3 i , . ' 5 , 'X,' , is K , v va... . H, 3 f-warg' K! I-' . ' W -'Xu f ' gg r K s . " 4 .' 'Ava ' . A V QM' '31 ' W' ch! ,B Q .-qs,X4,,., ,lk K! .. .1-K, Y Q I J" v Q ' A' 5' 1" H ., . a -W . s .1 ' V, 'Q - 0-,,p" .Jug .ik " Y XX ' fl I, . .. l - js mlm' '.. "H . " V 'YL'-xt' ' A w -Q. -T ' ' 'L Wmfq. 'TJQHC' " 6... vff,-',.' -.-A . . 1 1-1, - .lvl l 'M ffl 'yy 4, ,,s,.. A " 'sid' 1 Wg .yu .-rf A , - ' , g' f 3 'ii - .U '72 ' -sa k,C1,x,5 lag, L K b ., , , , -ffm, N. , . 'tw . ? HJ, ., wiv 'A ,,.1.,5 Q . Q fy, mmf ,. , 1 f. ., . - . ' i -Qfffgg Gift :J R U, N gfiy ", Aalfgqlwf 3 . Q-1,531 if ?:'ifr,, . . V, ,-- , AA A- 4, . ' Q' rw- V' ',fwz15?5ww:f wap- ,. - X f,-,QM-v N y .4 v v , 5.43 A' 155 W' . px, 'g, fr.fg3,'-f,lf55gw-'- ,., .f n W X a'rX2-PA M-rg 1,122 fa pg Q 5 uv , V' ,S If GQ! YH . -w f 7'-j Ag, "Q V, ,Jv oh-i A ,yn Qk 1:,Ikg:5f,t,FFIwW.,, '," 5 1 ff ' YQ 'Q 'ff' Q Q . , f. V, g 4 4 1 1 4' ' off-H , 2 f fm - in . Ez 'AV Lk 4 ,mj4,' -R :Nh VI, .af f K ' ' f '- - , , X , , f 2 vga' ' wif: A .4 XT. ,,,, , . ,YQ if 1 , ' V A 'M --ww QW 5 I -M?fi:,:f5 .. gr Y fl- U, I 'Fw-4 , L.-.X We, today, hold kinship dear With our alumni far and near. And, with them, rejoive to see The dawn of glories yet to be. To our dear school whose praise we sinff We, too, would still new honors For the Svarlet and the Cray, We seek new laurels day by day. ln defeat or victory, We'll stand as one in unity. School we love, on us rely, The loyal youth of Van Wert Hi! luring When our Selmnl days are done, And we are through with fung Then it's time to think of what NVCQYC missing here All our hooks we will leave to you, T1't?LlSll1'C them as we do, Open them oft W'ithUl1lfCill'. -Wyifw .EE iw. 1 -,ig X, 2 It is with deep regretg In fact our cheeks are wet, When we think that this is ending all our school. Please donit ever forget this crowd, Cheer for us long and loud, Stand hy us all the way through. To H10 Tune of Hlleep Purplei. Ng' -EW, "SV-afli . U A '4' xi.. , we '41 41, -+ - M. F5?.if5Y ' Q 's-f 'wi . fi.. 10 The Excalibur Aerial View 0 Van Wert H 1312 School Wle present to you a hirflis-eye view of our high school, stadium, athletic field, eampus, and lihrary. ln the renter is the stadium and alhletie field where many fierce battles have been fought. Of the two huildings on the right, the upper is the institution of learning, whieh is more pleasant to come haek to than to leave, and the other is the Lincoln grade sc-hool and gymnasium. ln the upper left hand corner, almost hy itself. is the library where many hours have heen spent preparing hook reports and next day's lessons. The winding white tenlaeles lmranehing out to the top and to the east from the sehool and the long walk hordering the stream, hring hack memories of leisurely strolls and frenzied last-minute dashes. We have spent many happy hours on the eampus, athletic' field. in the stadium, lihrary, and our high school. And now, as the Seniors of Van Wert High School leave. we leave to you, underelassmen, all of these heautiful things, that you may carry on for your Alma Mater. Muixxixsw aixcm 'IQ The Excalibur AILEEN TERRY Secretary to Mr. Fax Referee Increasingly, modern education seeks to dis- cover the potentialities of every boy and girl, and so shape its efforts that the training it provides will meet the needs. It is my sincere hope that each member of the Class of 1939 has profited eommensurately with his effort. C. D. Fox fi fi- The Excalibur 'I3 Scorekeeper The best in life comes to each one of us hy shar- ing with others those worth-while things in our lives. Achievement of genuine merit is attained through sincere effort and application to the task at hand. Seniors, We congratulate you on your graduation. May the best in life he yours and your achievements he many. We Wish you success. C. P. BOWDLE FLORENCE BAUER Secretary to Mr. Bowdle 14 The Excalibur Coaches and Trainers RALPH GAt.l.APoo Wlurltl lliftury flivivs .lnurnalism Sale-smansltip Svlllttt' Class Atlvisr-1' lf'il'Z:llll?Ilt' Arlvi:-vt' lli-Y Aflvisvr IJOROTHY WEST Pttlwlic Speaking: Pfngzlisli lll and ll' Dll'PClltI' uf Senior Class Play Sttnlent Cmtnvil Adviser CHARLES Ross Busine-ss Aritlnnetiv Assistant Coach, Ftmtliall and Basketball LEONARD WOLF Instrumental Music A NN t l'lANKHAMNIER Art Euz mirrn FLAN N Em' Boy! llonn- Living .luninr llnnlc Ecmlurltics C. A. A. Aclvisf-r 'L The Excalibur 15 i R. P. IIAUCH Cfoininr-rcial Aritlmictic fiPIl9l'ilI Business Frcslunan Illziss Advise-r I. C. KATTERIIEINRICII Hookkccpiiig ll Stciiograpliy I Typing I Faculty illauagxcr of A CuA1iLEs SPITLER Shortliand II Typing: II Commercial Law and Ce RALPH BOLLENBACHER Typing I and II Bookkeeping I Shorthand II GLENN LIVINGSTON American History Biology Head Bas-kvthall CUHIXII tI1I4'IIt':- ogiaphy Sophomore Class Adviser NY" Club Adviser Cl-:oicr:E C. IVIASON Geoinctry Clicin islry Algebra .Iuuior Class Advisor SPIIIHI' Ili-Y Adviser H. B. SPIETII General SCICIICP Physics GERALD BowEN English III Economics Civics IVJIl'f'CIUl' of .Iunior Class Play Director of Opcrctta RUTH FLALER English I and II Faculty Adviser of Hi-Y ETIIEL ARMSTRONG Ifnglisli ll NIAILIORII-I GAuvEv Iiuglisli I I'l1'PIlf'Il ll GRACE HALL Latin I and II Ifnglisli IV National Ilonor Society Advise HI-ITTY BORCHERS Pllysical Ifducation Home Economics I and Il G. A. A. Adviser CHARLES CAMPBELL Amcrican IIislory Boys' Physical Education Boys' Intramural Athlclics Head Football Coach JAiv1Es H. JONES Clioruscs 16 he EiQa1z'bur .lf . I. .. C. Promoters H. limo. Pf'f'Sll!l'll,l F. EARL SuA1f1fEH Clf?1'li-T1'f'2lSU1'01' and Pupils Adjust- ment Ollieer. Mr. King owns and operates the lxingfs Urom-ery. W.WILL1MAN, Vic-e-President MR. C. D. Fox lVlr. Fox is Superintendeiil of Van Wert Public Schools. Mr. Willinian is the senior lNGllllTPl' of the Him Willinlan S Sons, Market. mx H. KARR HOLMES ST0oPs Mr. Stoops is the Junior partner in the Stoops Packing Company. Mr. Karr is l"residenl of Karr Busi- ness llnixersity. HARRY BOWERS lVlr. Bowers owns and operates the Bowers Drug Co. Swvixmg H0219 The Excalibur CO-CAPTAINS BILL STUCKEY "Stinky', This boy is a favorite with one and all Ami never from our grace will fall. National Honor So- ciety 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Excalibur Staff: Hi-Y: Hi-Y Cabinet: Growing Pains: King Ko-Ko: Student Coun- I-il -L: Sr. Class Play Committee: Scarlet Quill Staff: Class Motto: Flower: and Color Committee: Cla ss President 4: Secretary 1: Football 2. 3. 4: V Club, In- vitation Committee. WILLIAM KENNEDY AcBill9: Kennedys our all star Whose prowess in football is known afar. Vice - President, '38 and '39: Senior Class Play Committee: V Club: Boys' Intra- Murals: Football 2, 3. 4: Basketball 3. It-. NOLEN STUCKI-:Y "Turtle" He's right there in athletics His fame spreads in all directions, But to one little Don- jia Mae in particu- or He showers all his affection. Hi-Y: Excalibur Staff: Scarlet Quill Staff: V Club: Band 1. 2. 3: Prom Com- mittee: Secretary '38: '39: Senior Class Play Committee: Footba l 3, 4: Boys' Intra- Murals. Play By Play JOAN COUPLAND ascopeyas My idea of an agree- able person Is one who argues with me. G. A. A.: G. A. A. Cabinet 2. 3, 4: Na- tional Honor Society 3: Excalibur Staff: Student Council 1, 8, 4: Growing Pains: P rfom Committee: Chorus 1: Treasurer '39: Senior Class Play Committee: Girls' ln- tra-Murals. You are invited to sit in on a reading of the diary of the class of "39". SEPTEMBER 1935 Today we made our timit debut. Such excitement! Such enthusiasm! A few of us kept up the reputation of a Freshman by making the usual silly errors. Everything is so diderent and thrill- ing! We have come to broaden our knowledge. but we are also looking forward to many- good times, and to acquiring new friends. SEPTEMBER 1936 Again we are pacing the corridors of Van Wert High School. However, we feel a bit more confi- dent than we did in the fall of '35. The teachers are no longer strangers, and we have become accustomied to the routine. The entire class is to he together this year in the Study Hall. We feel we are going to like this under the able leadership of Mr. Bowen and Mr. Livingston. SEPTEMBER 1937 Now that we have successfully completed half of our high school career we have a different aspect. Many new desires have been created. We have been branded as becoming more proud. but also more ambitious. We are looking forward to two particularly important events, the Junior Class Play, and the Junior-Senior Prom. SEPTEMBER 1938 How long we have waited for the time when we could call ourselves Seniors! Ah! We have more than ever to look forward to. Many new students have joined our class and some old ones have left us. Besides there are other noticeable changes. We are enjoying the advantages of a newly decorated and lighted school. After an interesting campaign the following oflicers were elected: Bill Stuckey, president: Bill Kennedy. vice-president: Nolen Stuckey, secretary: and .loan Coupland, treasurer. We will always enjoy thinking over the part our class played in athletics. Fourteen members of that successful football squad were Seniors. as well as six members of the basketball -squad being from our class. The girls also made a name for themselves by winning the Intra-Mural Basketball Tournament for the third consecutive year. The following students were elected to the National Honor Society as Juniors: Ernestine Gallauoo. Paul Yager. Bill Brown. Alice Rose Hisey, Treva Miller, Eileen Becker, ,loan Coupland, and Richard King. This year Eldon Lambert. Mary Louise Morehead, Francis Landis, Margaret Fox, Esther Shaffer, Helen Miller, Bill Stuckley, Margaret Updegrove. Janet Murphy, Bob Todd, Madalyn Gamble, and Harriet Kenyon were added to the membership. We feel that recognition should be given to Ernestine Gallapoo for being chosen to take the D. A. R. citizenship test. As you will remember our Junior Class Play, "Growing Pains," was a great success, with Phyllis Pond and Bill Stuckey having the leads. This year we changed from a comedy to a world war story, "The Enemy." Bill Snyder and Phyllis Pond had the leading roles. After entertaining the Seniors at Prom last year, it was quite pleasant to he entertained by the class of '40. Thank you, Juniors! ALICE ROSE HISEY. The Excalibur Star Players rrp As un adviser Mr. Hnllnpno winks tire high .1 mi his moral sup- port shouldvft he pnssed by. His jolly lnughfer in- ferfs nll who hear, We Seniors eonsider lnm II friend so dear. Sen ior Class A dwser. EILEEN MAE Bizcxmz "Pee Ween Pntienfly urorking on bookkeeping two Is what this ,fnir Miss likes to do. Y-Hi: Enchanted Isle: Chorus 1. 2. 3: Girls' Intra-Murals: National Honor So- ciety 3, 4. , ,,,,, ,losxvu Acuzn .. ,, Joe .lue's lllotioz Never let sfudies in- ferelere with plen- sure. Chorus 1. 2. 43 Boys' lnlrzi-Murals. lmocmwz BEEMER ulmyu Her frienls are many, Her foes not any. Chorus l, 2. 4. 4: Band 4: Girls' Intra- Murals. YVUNNE BAIRD "Blackie7, Plerfsfmf and smiling, With big lzrauuz eyes. In sfenogrnplzy, She wins fhe prize. Baud 2: Girls' Intru- Murals. Donorum Bl-ICIITOL Ullorxiev llnffie fhinks Harry! is n bit all right. She says nll ofher hops mn gn fly fl kite. G. A. A. 1. 2: Y-Hi I, 2: Scarlet Quill Staff: Excalibur Sta1T: Chorus 1, 2: Girls' Intra-Murals. 'Y an VERNON E. BECK ssBeCkyss Jusi Il good qujef fellow. Chorus 1, 2: Boys' In- tra-Mumls 4. ALICE L. BIGHAM HAZ., .-1 person upon whom you mn depend, Tl1.nt's "Al", n 'very good friend. Y-Hi: Chorus lg Girls' Intra-Murals 1. 2. 3. 4. . -. . QQ-, fi, -. .fl ., i,,fX g., 1 f-I I - . , if'- , V . ,' W 'li-..': ,lifsgh . 1-1 ' 'rr .wil Q0 The Excalibur Curroun BLACK .. eng .vt quiet, lIllIlllf1'llSll'f' lrnl ix hr. Dom BOLLHNBACHER :sDonas .I little' but mighty lml is he With O lot of nliilify ns uw run see. Hi-Y: Chorus 1. 2: tl: Growin,f: Pains: Senior Class Play Committee: Student Council l. 3: Class l'l't-simlent '3ti: Class 'l'reusui'er '37. ROBERT BOWDEN ..Bob,, Holi mid Till get along 'very well. We wormlei' about tlwm! U VVell, Time will tell. Hi-Y: Student Coun- eil 4: Growing Pains: Scarlet Quill Staff: Football 3. 4: Boys' Intra-Murals: V Club. KATHERINE W. BRAKE "Katie', lt's nice to he natural lVhen. one is imturul- lu nice. Y-Hi: Band 1. 2, 3. 4: Band Cabinet: Girls' Intra-Murals. X i -- L .Sy MABEL I. BRESLER A In-ight eyed maiden, with many 11 smile. Per1'lu1iu'v she'lI rlo yrwut things in the ufter while. Chorus 1, 2. CLIFFORD BROOKS "Babe" My school 'work keeps me so busy, I seldom luwe time to study. WlI.LIA3l BROWN HBNF, At first his greatness uvls not kuotltfl, Hut noir his ability he luis shoirn. Hi-Y: Chorus 1. 2: Student Council 1. 3: Ring and Pin Com- mittee: Senior Class Play Comm itt e eg Growing Pains: Na- tional Honor Society 3. 4: V Club: Boys' intra-Murals: Foot- ball: Basketball. MARY Loolsi: BROWN "Brownie" I dmft rare, Nothing bothers me I mu determined to be happy. Y-Hi: King K0-KO: Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4: Girls' lntra-Murals. BETTY CARSTEN "Bettsy" Betty is a very beau- tiful girl, Howdy, too, thinks s h e deserves 100 per. G. A. A.: Y-Hi: Ex- calibur Statf: Prom Committee: S e n io r Class Play Commit- tee: Girls' Intra- Murals. lp ALICEANN C1-UDESTER GCA nn!! Ann is ll quiet and pretty lass, And when it comes to French Sh.e's at the head of the class. The Excalibur Q1 DOROTHY JILAN CLARK "Dottie" She's this y e n r ' s rlwire for pwmy queen. ll. A. A.: G. A. A. Cabinet 2: Y-Hi: Y- lli Cabinet 1. 32 Chorus 1: Excalibur Statf: Student Conn- cil 4: Girls' Intra- Murals. RICHARD COFFELT :aDiCksa Jlny Dirk and his frnmIzmn2 never part Ilwrrf things rome from fm earnest sfnrf. Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Student Council 2: Hand Cabinet: Dance Orchestra 1, 2. 3: l'rI:In Connnittee: Or- vbestra 1, 2. 3: Boys' lntra-Murals. WAYNE H. COMPTON .. ,, Farmer Ensy rome mid easy go W h n f makes h im f ll n 71 y ll? dmft knuw. Hi-Y: Basketball 3: Hnys' lntra-Murals. PATRICIA CRAFT ..l,at,, .lnyous and wryer Shrfs in for I'l'F'l'Il' thing. G. A. A.: llflllll Cum- lllllt001 Girls' Intra- Murals. L. GORDON CRAIG c'Flr1sh', ,I fvmufrrl his first und only lawn Hi-Y: lil X 0 il lib ll r Staff. JILANIZTTIL CRIPPEN .. V - ,, Crzppy VVIIeN fume ns rm nr- fisf she does nffnin We knuu- fhnf Crippy will sfny fha smuv. G. A. A.: G. A. A. C a bin e t: Excali- bur Stalfz Prom Com- mittee: Senior Class Play Committee: Girls' Intra-Murals. GLEN F. CIISTILR "clam The rrorlri delights 'iw sunny people. Y-Club: Boys' Intra- Murals: F Oo t h a l I Manager 3. 1: Basket- ball Manager 2, 3. 4. WY.Al,1'ER DANIRI., JR. .. H Worms Tu-vnfy-nine and ll half rrffer e i y h f rn ' 1' I u 1' k ami hr' thinks he' is early. Banrl I: Orvllestra 1: Football: Boys' Intra- Murals. DONNA DAIn1sON EGDOHIIII Devi, H11 r rlisposifion is sunny and fair, I' is no lighivr Than her hair. Band 1. 2. 3. L: Girls' Intra-INIIIr:Iis. Ml HRAY C. DI:1IIOss ..T0by,, Tohy rrml .llid mnkrf quafw a gulir Wv ser' UIPIII frxgefllm' P' l'l'l'!lIl'll F'T1'. lli-Y: lfuutball 3. 1: V Club: The Enemy. QQ The Excalibur lllxiimw DICKSUN "lJ1'.rie" Small but miyllllu. A MY BEl.LE EMANS saAn1yn Both l"lf17'llIlTllH in her manner, And winning in. her ways. G. A. A.g Y-Hi: Sr. Class Play Commit- tee, Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4: Growing Pains, Girls' Intru.fMurals. llm:al,n lluwian HB0ll.l'fu .fl ffrmrl lugml fffllnll' in ll'Ul'lC or fun H4"ll lwlp until the lrork is rlrnw. lli-Y: Hi-Y Cabinet: l-,xt-aililam' Shltfg Hillltl l. 2. ri. ll: Svnrlcl Quill Stuff: Growing Pains, llziml Vzibilwtg I'l'0lll f40lllIIllltCC2 Jr. Vluss Play Vllllllllll- lcv: Buys' lntrn-Mu- mls. The lllnemy. Envlw FACKLER, Jn. HJ. RY! Fnrkler's main inter- wsl ix lhe YIIICA. Yun. frm see him. there most nny drill. lli-Y: Bzmrl l. 2, 3, lg Buys' IntrzL-Mu- rails. "Marty Tow" Tlnf lwxt things UTI' .l'0llll'llllll'H rlrnuf up in small przrlmyes. Y-Hi: Band 3: Girls' llllfil-Nllll'2llS 3. BUNITA FAwcu'r'r H - ., Bonnie Tlmugh, as c la s s- mules, from you we part, Sweet mernories will lingyw' in eve1'yonP's heart. G. A. A., Chorus 1. D0i:m'u1aA Nlfllllll.-X lnmsii Duwxw DUNIFON Dlll.l. HDlIl1,, ' 'l'l'wrxv gm away und lvl mv sleep." RUHHR1' Fimms ..B0b,, When. he takes his place amony busi- ness men., WWII all sit up and take notice then. Excalibur Staff: Band 1, 2, 4.3 Orchestra l, 2, 3. 4: Growing Pains: Band Cabinet: Dance Orchestra 2, 3, 43 The Enemy. licmzn 'rum HDOF, She' is short and dark and has hroum eyes, Hut with all that slilfs very wise. G. A. A., Y-Hi: Girls' Intra-Murals. JAMES FLEMING afjimnn There are two sides to every question- Mine and the wrong mme. Boys' lntra-Murals. The Excalibur Q3 J ACK Fox "Rosie" He has o way peru- Iiar to himself. Boys' Intra-Murals. M moirigiurs GADDIS "Lam bis" Better fo ge! up lnie and he wide awake Thml to gef up early ond he asleep all day. G. A. A.: G. A. A. Cabinet: Y-Hi: Girls' lntra-Murals. f MARGARH1' Fox "F0xie" Her eyes sparkle like the dew Loyal, gay, frank ond true. G. A. A.g Y-Hi: Y-Hi Cabinet 3, -lg Na- tional Honor Society 4: Chorus l. 25 Prom Committee: Girls' In- tru-Murals. ERNESTINE GALLAPOO 'cErnie" ,-in infwlligenf Io ss though she's 'noi very fall Her nzoin interest is rr boy riomerl Przill. G. A. A.: G. A. A. C a b i n e tg National Honor Society 3, 42 Excalibur Staff: Stu- dent Council 41 Grow- ing Pains: Chorus 1. 2. 3: King and Pin Committee: C la s s Secretary - Treasurer 'twig '37: Sr. Cla ss Play C 0 lu In i t t e C: Girls' Intra-Murals. Mi:i.viN Fiui:Mo'1'u "Si1enr'e is yolde'ri", so thinks Melvin. DoNAi,n 0. GAMm.i: A mini of unfiririg Irr- Louise FnoNEFIELn "Fronien Trlue fmorfli. is ijn. be- Hill, not seemzom. Chorus l: Ilancl 2. 3, -1-. K. JANE GAMBLE --Dong ajanivn .I friemllgf, lively, lif- fle loss, hors -nf fimes. Chorus 1. 2: Prom Committee. Her fore is o sunny spot in floss. G. A. A.: Svarlet Quill Staff: Band 3, 1 J onN Gfxnms "Iceman," Out for basketball he did yo. He shot ihem. high. mid he shot them low. Hi-Y: Prom Commit- tee: Sr. Class Play Conunittee: ll a s k e t- hallg Football: Boys' Intramurals. MAnA1.YN E. CAMBLE ujwaddyn Her iioire is sweet mul so is her smile, He r singing makes one's life ll' o r t h- zrhile. Y-Hi: Y-Hi Cabinet: Nntionnl Honor S0- ciety 4: Chorus 1: Sr. Class Play Commit- tee. I' Q4 The Excalibur BETTY JANE GRAHAM HBBUSU She's the girl with a winning way, Her smile sticks with us through all the day. Excalibur Staff: Growing Pains: ClI0r- us 1, 2: Prom Com- mittee: Jr. Class Play Committee: Sr. Class Play Committee. ROBERT HAMMOND "Boom" A man of few words, But one of quick action. Hi-Y: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Sr. Class Play Com- mittee: Football. D0 NALD E. GRIBLER nD0nss Good in sports, full of glee, A popular lad he'll always be. Hi-Y: Basket- ball: Football 2, 3, 4: V Club: Boys' In- tru-Murals. HAROLD HIPSLEY iKHip5! He's with his ear very fast, So ure have seen in the past. Chorus 1: Sr. Class Play Committee: Boys' Intra-Murals. VIRGINIA L. GUNN "Spud" Good lurk, old pal with the sparkling eyes, Your friends all frea- sure you as ll prize. Chorus l. 2. ALICE ROSE HISEY cspobyn To this one thing we must all agree A bright rongenial girl is she. G. A. A.: G. A. A. Cabinet: Y-Hi: Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4: Class Motto, Flower, and Color Committee: Ring and Pin Committee: Stu- dent Council 2. 3: Prom Committee: Chorus 1: Excalibur Staff: Growing Pains: Girls' Intra- Murals. IIIENE HALE "Rosie" Irene, you know, is o true brunette, She's o friend we'll ne'er forget. G. A. A.: Y-Hi: EX- ealibur Staff: Scarlet Quill Staif: H. M. S. l'iIIafOre: 4--H Club: Chorus 1, 3: The Enelny. RUBY HOLLAND 4sRu,bss How she does like to take dictation, Some day it will be her nreupntion. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Or- chestra 4: Girls' In- trn-Murals 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES HALL "Chuck" Why has not some fnir maiden. won his affection? Doms IMLER "Dodie" A sense of humor and auburn hair A nd ri complexion ever so fair, A person. 'upon whom you can depend, That's Doris, o very good friend. Chorus 3, 4. The Excalibur Q5 elie if f X I -4 ELEANOR INGLEDUE My tongue is given to expressing my thoughts. G. A. A.: Y-Hi: Y-Hi Cabinet: Girls' Intra- Murals: Chorus 1: Prom Queen: The En- emy. LEONARD J. KIEHL sccurlyvs He heads books and m a k e s "baskets" too, He's just a good sport t II. r o u g h a n d through. Basketball 3. 4: Boys' Intra-Murals. WANDA JOHNSON "Ronnie" H er disposition L9 sunny and fair, It Ls no lighter than her hair. Girls' lntra-Murals. RICHARD M. KING ..Dick,, Eager to help in all that is done, Popular with all and partial to none. Hi-Y: Excalibur Staifg National Honor Society 3. 4: Grow- ing Pains: Student Council 2. 3. 4: King Ko-Ko: Prom Com- mittee: Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4: Ring and Pin Committee: C la. s s President '37, '38g Jr. Class Play Commit- tee. Sr. Class Play Committee. KENNETH LERUY KEAR :aKennyva I despise a manlthal has a poor opinmn of himself. Boys' lntrn-Murals. VIoI.A F. KING nskippyv Is she bored or is she shy 2' Cun't she talk or won 't she try? Il AIIRIETT KENYON "Hamel, A niee disposition and a reddy smile, Always your friend, not just onee in rmfhile. G. A. A.: G. A. A. Cabinet: Y-Hi: 4-H Club: National Honor Society 4: Chorus 1: Band 1. 2, 3. 42 Band Cabinet: Or- chestra l, 2, 3, 41 Girls' lntrn-Murals. JACK KLENDWORTH "A twoodu Jdrlc mid his saxa- phone together lfnn he seen in almost any ufenther. Chorus 1: Band l. 2. 3. 4: Orchestra 1. 2, 3. 4: Dance Orches- tra l. 2. 3: Boys' llll'l'll-lWlll'21lS. M my Lomsr: KIQSLER ssKeSys A blonde Miss with friendly blue eyes In this world she's sure to rise. Y-Hi. MARGIWERITE I. KLEWER "Pets', Illun delights me not. Girls' Intra-Murals. sa I 54 Q7 B. .Q -4 ,Q xx. I- If Q6 The Excalibur IILLLI-:N L. KHEISCHER Her 'value is 'much more than we elm tell, We r'ouIdu't get along without her 1'e'ry well. Y-Hi: Chorus 1. 2. Lois MARY LAMB Su modest and retir- ing You would srarcely know she's there. Chorus 1. 2. x I ICl.noN F. LAMBERT "Peanut" Unussumiily and quiet is he, A seeond Lineoln he may be. National Honor S0- riety ll-1 Scarlet Quill Staff: V Club: Stu- mlent Council 3: Grow- ing Pains: Class Trea- surer '38: Football: Boys' lntra-Murals: The Enemy. FRANCES LANms "Fran" Frfmees is an nitrart- ive girl Her many boy friends she keeps in a whirl. G. A. A.: G. A. A. Cabinet: Y-Hi: Na- tional Honor Society 4: Excalibur Staff: Growing Pains: Chor- us 1, 2: Orchestra 1. 2: Girls' lntra-Mu- mls: Invitation Com- mittee. Ar.vc1A Lu: Her ways are quiet hut friendly. G. A. A. 1, 2: Band 1. 2. 3, 4: -L-H Club. MARC Aiurr Lizlm' "Emmy" fienerous and kind- hearted is she, Alimlys as busy as ll bee. G. A. A.: Y-Hi: Jr. Class Play Commit- tee: The Enemy. OTIS'r, JR. "Esquire', Uttegfs fashion mines from u. book, If you rlon't believe us just take a look. Hi-Y: Growing Pains: Band 1, 2: Or- chestra 1, 2: Boys' Intra-Murals. VX v OPAL FERN LEITER l.0,Pal,, The world delights in sunny people. Girls' Intra-Murals. VIRGINIA Lewis "Cinger', Virginia now, Virginia forever Lewis nowgbut how long! Y-Hi: King Ko-Ko: Chorus 1. 2. 3, 4. ,IULIAN LINDSAY "Julie" Quite a seientist is this lad. VVhen busy mussiug he's quite ylad. Jr. Class Play Com- mittee: Chorus 1: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Or- chestra 3, 4: Dance Orchestra 1. 2, 8. RICHARD LININGER "Richard Harold" And lltlll' ifs "Caine on grmg, Lr't's luke rz ride" When er' Ilir'k's ford is spied. x The Excalibur Q7 EVER ETT LONGWELL "Peck" A great lllllfll, lie ad- mits if himself. Sr. Class Play Com- mittee. JOIIN CALVIN Lucn He drives rx Plym' oulh all urmmd Ami he's ivery seldom to be found. CATHERINE MCCLEARY uKaten In public speaking she's quite content, Toward serious things her mimi is bent. G. A. A.: Y-Hi: Chor- us 1, 2: Girls' Intra- Murals. X HARRY H. MCKEDDIE "Stupid" fHar1'y's philosophyj Let us ploy while we may Arid get our lessons some other day. King Ko-Ko: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Football: Boys' Intra-Murals: V Club: H. M. S. Pinafore. J' ff!-J ,R ff' OWN ROBERT MANSHIP 1.Bob,, As a High School sheik he Ls knoum to some, ' Surely luck in love to him will come. Hi-Y: King Ko-Ko: Sr. Class Play Com- mittee. VIRGINIA L. MIHM "Gir1.nie,' As merry os the day is long. lv BARBARA MILLER "Bobbie" She's small, she's quick, she's full ol fun, If smiles were bricks she'd weigh o. ton. Y-Hi: Exe alihur Staff: H. M. S. Pina- fore: Chorus 1, 2: Volleyball. HELEN L. MILLER allucyas A smiling carefree girl is she, More like her we would like to be. G. A. A. 1: Y-Hi 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Hi Cabinet 1, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Class Play Committee: Na- tional Honor Societty 4: Excalibur Sta . Scarlet Quill Staff: Student Council 1: Growing Pains: Prom Committee: Chorus 1, 2: Class Treasurer 'B7. .i, TRI-IVA L. MILLER i6TreU!! Always laughing, full of fun, She is liked by everyone. Y-Hi: National Hon- or Society 3, 4: Ex- calibur Statf: Orches- tra 2. 3: Chorus 1, 2. 3: Growing P a in s: Student Council 3. 4: Scarlet Quill Staif: Prom Committee. Q8 The Excalibur' Pr' IVIARY L. iwlllil-LHEAD ..Mmy,, .llnrg is tlir' girl with .llusiwnl fingers, In, our Senior Class SIIYQS sure ri lIl'l'l!l ringer. G. A. A.: Y-Hi: Y- Hi Fabinet 2: Nation' al llonor Society 4: Growing l'ains2 Chorus I. 2: Rand 1.3 Girls' lntra-Mu- rals. RUTH OLIVER Her 'i'irtiws on len fingers I ffllllf roirnf, They fnfnl surh fl large uniounl. U. A. A.: Y-Hi: Chow us 1. 4: Girls' Intra- Murals. . llo Y Am Ml NTZINCEK scllonu Nilwnr-i', H'llPll nufhing nrferls fo iw said, Is ilu' z'loq1lvnf'f' of flisrwlirni. llizys' lntra-Murals. RoisER1' Owl-:Ns "Bram", Hlllfl' is rifrg lmnrl- suinc as gon ran sw, .llurw Iirrndsmnw fliun uwfll erm' Iw. Exo alih ur Staff: l'horus l. 2. il. l-Z S1-arlvt Quill Staff: Class Molto. Flower, anrl Color Cllllllllli- Kev: Boys' Intra-Mir rals. .iANIi'l' NIIVRPHN HMurph" Hllllf'Sf and pnfiffnf, loyal unrl frnv, Slufs surely Il girl uw' run will irue hlnv. YAlli: Y-lli Cahinei 1: National Honor So:-ic-Ty L: GI'0VVlllQZ ll a i n s . Kxralibur Niall: Chorus l. 21 l'rom Committee. FAY LICROY PALMER upinkyu ll'l1r'n rrngmu' looks at me Ilwg see Tliuf I'm just flle fel- lnn' I nvrnf fo lie. Basketball I Foothallg lloys' lnh'a-Murals. KI-INNI-1'l'H NIYERS i'Ken,ny,' .-Ill his fimc in sleep he spffnt Wliilrf nzwr his books his lwuri is hfni. Jr. Class Play Com- iniktec-: Football. KENT W. PRICE "Speed,' .l lifflr' nonsense now ond fhen Is relished by fhe lwsf of men. llaml 1: Marsh Social f'Ulllllliit0f'l M :L r s ll Dramatic Club. ROBERT C. MYERS ..B0b,, Tlwrq is no fairer nm- lnliun flznn fo excel in falk. PHYLLIS PoNn "Puddle" An ru'f1'ess is fhis Srfniur girl In Cunnnerrial work HM' brain does whirl. U. A. A.: Y-Hi: Y-Hi Cabinet: Prom Com- mittee. G row i ngg Pains: E X ca lib u r Staff: Svarlet Quill Statfq C l a s s Motto. Flower. and Color Committee: G i r l s ' Intra-Mural: The En- emy. , BHCKY PITTMAN nl-,Ulu Tlw 1l'flfl! to tell her fl'U7ll1 hm' i11'i11--- You IIPUPT' see Betty 1'1111 1iro11n1I urith Jim. G. A. A.: Y-Hi: Ex- calibur Staff: .Iunior Class Play Commit- tee: 4-H Club: Girls' lntra-Murals. PAUL L. REPLOCLE His heart is -in hix work. His insk he'II never shirk. x X . x X Cx wa Q ,IIX The Excalibur S29 Bi:'r1'Y Pifrm A N "Put" HMI!! Pnl. is 11111 ofhvr fufin, S1111 has pleufy of 111111, vigor mul vim. G, A. A.3 Y-Hi: Ex- calibur Staffg Junior Class Play Commit- tee: PH Club: Girls' Iutru-liluruls. ARNH1' Rizson "Skud,' Nut t1f11si11g H111 girls .-lx mom' boys 1111, This Ind 111'tx like 1111 uughi lu rio. BICTYIC E. RAEDER 66Snaz!S .1 1111711111 rlispusifiml shz' 1I111fs possexs, .-I111l 1v Cllffllillfl giggle 1111 must rrnifrlss. G. A. A.: Y-Ili: Y-Iii C a b i n et : Excali- bur Staifg Chorus l. 2: Girls' Intra-Mu- rals. Do NALD Ruomzs ",' ffflllfliill of our foul- l111lI !1'1r111 We I111I1l him high in UNT PSfl'l'lll. l"x1'nlibur Staff: Scar- let Quill Staff: King and Pin Cnnunitteel lf'ootball: Boys' Intra- Murals: Student Council I-1 V Club! The Enemy. 'W 71. A is f i lli11.i:N Lolusn R111-:D ffI'llfIl"IH'SS, Irufh mid 1"I'1'7'!l 111111-11, lx rvnrl liiSfi7ll'fI!l in l111r fIlI'1'. J' u n i or Class Play Cmninittee-: 4-H Club. Li'1:Y ROBINSON "Boots" Snlzer, guy ns fhe 1112- 1'11sio1'1 1111111 hp, Shrfs 11112 kind you r11r11Iy sw. Chorus 1. 2. ll Band 1. 2. il. 11-. LAVINA REICIIARD nVliC1f'i,, H fl 111111-g11-I lII'kfIl fair llilfi five, Nuihiiig flwrf' is ilmf Imfl1e1's me. G. A. A.: Y-Hi: Y-Hi Cabinet: 4-H Club: Growing Pains: Girls' intra - Murals: 'I' h e Enemy. Rosh: A. Rocmzmxizmvsn "Rosie', This yirl needs 'no 1'1ll11g!y, Hwr 111-fimis s p 11 ri lc I1i111i111' 1111111 words. G. A. A.: Y-Hi: Y-Hi Cabinet: King Ko- Koz Chorus l. 2, 3, -i-3 J ll n in r Class Play Committee: S c n i 0 r Class Play Commit- tee: Girls' Intra-Mu- rals. ,,3A1'rS I 30 The Excalibur Donrun L. ROOF uD0tw Quiet and unobstru- sire, hut she gets there just the some. Chorus I. 2: .lunior Class Play Commit- tee. GRACE Emvm SCHNEPP "Gracie" .YPl'!'l' mud ut anyone, .liuvrys having gohs of fun. Encllunted Isle: 4-H Cluh: Girls' lntrn-Mu, rnls: Chorus 3. 4. X 1 CHRISTINA E. Ross "Christy" Christimz is n pretty 11117119 And for Une girl we run say the same. G. A. A.: Y-Hi: Y-Hi Cabinet: Girls' Intra- Muruls: 4-H Club: Chorus 1. 2: llanfl 3. L KATui,m:N Scorr "Scotty" Hou' Iurly-like n 71 ri eulm she uluviys rlppeors. Chorus 2. 3. 4. CLARENCE Rovsn, J R. "Clancy" I never trouble trou- ble till trouble trou- bles me. llnnd 4: Boys' Intra- Murals. Esrnizn L. SHAFFEH ulleotyn In rimeert halls her rniee she'Il raise, H I ri fi I ill then wP'II sing for praise. G. A. A.: Y-Hi: Y-Hi Cabinet: H. M. S. Pinafore: National Honor Society: Ex- :-nlihur Staff: Scarlet Quill Stzllfz King K0- Ko: Student Council 1: Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4: Senior Class Play Cumlnittee. ALICE MAE RUNNION UMR!! In athletics shi-'s n star lVe hope in -other things she imll go fur. G. A. A.: Y-Hi: En- chanted lsle: Chorus 1. 2: 4-H Club: Girls' Intru-Murals. MAn.Io1uE SHAFFER "Margie" This Senior girl is quiet and shy, Yoifri never kn our she's in Van VVert Hi. Chorus Il. L Annum' M. SAAM "Audie,' She laughs, she f r 011:11 s, there's nothing iu it, Hermoorls, they elmnge most ei-ery minute. G. A. A.: Y-Hi: King Ko-Ko: 1-ll Club: Chorus 1, 2. 4: Girls' Intm-Murals. Roniznr E. SIIAFFICR "Shag" O l'Vork.' You hnre no charm for me, I only rure 'with girls in ZIP. Band 1, 2. 3, 1: Stu- dent Council 2: Class Vice President 'Mir Senior Class Play Comlnitfeez Dance Orc-llostru 1. 2. 3: Or- cliestrn 3: Boys' ln- tru-Murals. The Excalibur 31 ,. 1. W W THEO SHARP "Sl1arpie" His ways are quiet but friendly. H. M. S. I'in'afore: Chorus 1, 2. 3: Bas- ketball: Boys' Intra- Murals 4. Roni Lois SPAYD Sincere in purpose, Faithful to each duly. Girls' Intra-Murals. , X Momos Smuzcx uc-ockyu As the part of the professor -In the Junior Class Play Hr' 'mode his debut, Some Ind u:e'Il say. Hi-Y: Growing Pains: Class Motto. Flower. and C 0 l o r Committee: Boys' In- tra-Murals l. 4: Sen- ior Class Play Com- mittee: Basketball 3. Football 3, 4. ELEANUR T. STEINMIGTZ "Blacky" Eleanor is one of the few girls W h o s e hair always lays in natural curls. G. A. A.: Y-Hi. Q .'. iff!! Rlzru L. Su-:sl-:L A kindly spirit- A friendly manner. Evriu-:L NIAY SMITH "speeds .Ile thinks sometimes I how' no more wit than an orrlinary person. li. A, A.: Y-Hi: En- clmntefl Isle: King Ko-Ko: Chorus 1. 2. 4. The Enemy. Mmnnsn Mmm. STEVENS STISPHI-LNSON 6 D 'Steve 6-Mlrd,, I HP ro ulbri hold his Fair hair and fl smile l'mll"e m Sflfell that Counts. I"7'9'm9eS- Y-Hi: Chorus 1, 2. Football 2. 3. 4. WILLIAM SNYDI-ll! "Snark" I may look like a Indies' num Bur give me rm foot- lmll and I'll show you if I mn. Hi-Y: Scarlet Quill Stuff: Growing l':1insg Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4: Prom Committee: Football. Boys' Intra- Murnls: The Enemy. WILLIANI STEWART "Bill" He says little but fines much. Hi-Yg Football 2, 3. 13 Boys' Intra-Murals 2. 3, 4. '5 lf V. 5 A K1 ,. 2 P2 fn I 2 .Lim ' 1 f ix! f 1 I-till 25555 - ya er-1' . it . Fil u-R' ill Qian L is - in A, 4 l .. if. ,Q.2.,,:1 lf? ' Q- Tj 1 V." I e-1.. l me fs' fl j ffl l ., TCE 'ins L, u:.' 3 iw lux. qt. fire? ' lf' L 43 I bl ' r-U, .twdlf f I-.ll 5' A 'llll' , l : I W. owl .vi I L,.,i.. no, . eff.'fx97"' 'EEF' 'W flsfiffll Y' f, 3 f iv ,- . 9" if will 32 The Excalibur joins S'l'lT'l'SWtlRTH '6S1izrs" .slillsu-orII:'s time is spent in skirting! Thui'x zrhy we very .wlflum see him flai- ing. Boys' Intrn-Murals l. 2. 3. -l-. ll.-tltltll4I'I' E. S'rRn'i: "Hattie" Shu' 4-nn stiff-ll and SIl'!'t'1J mul hrrke. If1'hui u lltlllSFll'lfP she lrmllal make. tl. A. A.1l-H1. PA: ii. STRIPE assadeas .fl jolly - youd -fellow with mmiy II pun .Ilwuys on hand when thercfs any frm. Hi-Y: Exvalibur Staff: Sr. Class Play Committee. LLLROY TERRY "Scrap Irorf' A boy that shows, when put to ri test, Thnf he's equal and nbore the rest. Football 2. 3. 42 V Club. MARGUERITE THATCHER cspegn Bright blue eyes and golden hair Wh e 1' e 'er there's Meri Peg's right there. King Ko-Ko: Chorus 4. JEAN TnoMsoN HTIIIIIHIIVU Your r-Imery smile, that 'IHIIICUS you 01111, I-Ins f'l1z'1'1'erl us rlll, in every Hwy. h. A. A.: Y-Ill: Jr. Class Play Commit- tee: Sr. Class Play Com m ittee. ' RUBl'1ltT EARL Toon "Bohn Robert Tnrlri is this buffs nnnze llffs not only smart, he'x 'rery sane. Nzntioul Honor So- ciety: li X C :I l i b ll r Stuff: Url'0WlIlLI Pains: Chorus l, 2: Scarlet Quill Stuff: I' r om Committee: The En- emy: Boys' Intra-Mu- mls. Louis l,IN'rRRBR1NK "Louie,' .lien of few morals are the best men. Bnnzl 1. 2. 3: Senior Class Play Commit- tee: Invitation Com- mittee. i MARGARET Uvmscnoviz s4Maggieo1 Here's to this girl with heart and smile, Who makes the bub- ble of life worth- while. G. A. A.: Y-Hi: S en i 0 r Class Play Committee: National Honor Society: Prom Committee: Growing P a i n s : Excalibur Staff: Girls' Intra- Murals. " ' suv xx xc xv' V FRANK VIKUPITZ scyickv Vick was an emi on the football team About which we like to dream. S e n i o r Class Play Committee : Football g V Club: Boys' Intra- Murals. The Excalibur 33 EI.oIsE MARIE WALTZ "Tinker,' For men may come and 'men may go Hut I go on forever. 4-H Club. JANE WEBSTER With the answer nl- ufays ready Shes srholnr true and steady. Y-Hi: Chorus 3. 1: 1- H Club. 1' I I DORIS WHERRY "Darien A hnppll disposition she' does possess .flnrl I1 l'fIfl'Ilfl7lg giggle we must confess. Y-Hi: Girls' Intra- Murals. RosELI,A WILLIAMS DoN WIl.LS "Rum" With rt smiling coun tenanre he greets G. A. A.: Y-Hi: Clmr- W 'IH- ns 1. 2: Volley-ball. . I f fn- ' 1" RICHARD WAGONROD lGHappy5, When there's women in the case All other things give place. Prom Committee. ... b, ,,14,' JUAN KAY WOLFI: ujou Jo is really a, talented lass Her voice just can't be surpassed. Y-Hi: Y-Hi Cabinet: Growing Pains: Sen- ior Class Play Com- mittee: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: H. M. S. Pina- foreg King KoKo. PRINCESS M. WOODS ::Rtedsx She talks and types with all her might, In the business world sh.e'Il do all right. G. A. A.g Y-Hi. PAUL YAGER Pmil's mind is like a great huge book That holds the key to ri brilliant future. Hi-Y: Hi-Y Cabinetg National Honor S0- ciety 3, 45 Excalibur Stuifz Student Coun- cil 1, 4-1 V Club: Growing Pains: Boys' Intra-Murals: Senior Class Play Comrnit- tee: Basketball: Prom Committee. FREDIA M. YOUNG "Fredie" A ready smile for all G. A. A. The Excalibur 4 emnrram Then shall the dust return to the earth as tt was Cgnrhnn 4 gler Born September 19 1920 Dled October 10 1936 C' Q an And the spirit shall return to the God who gave it P' 9 The Excalibur 35 Last Will and Testament We, the Senior Class of 1939, being of ul- tra-sound body and mind, do hereby bequeath the following individual traits, abilities and characteristics to our followers: To the Van Wert High School, we leave the honor of graduating a perfect class. To Mr. Gallapoo, our able class adviser, we leave a box of Dr. Killmore's aspirin to re- lieve the many headaches caused by advising said perfect class. To the underclassmen . . . I, Joe Agler, do hereby will my p0p-gut to Burt Louth. I, Yvonne Baird, do hereby will my lovely soprano voice to Betsy Ross. Clf she needs im I, Vernon Beck, do hereby will my roller- skating ability to Junior Thomas. I, Eileen Becker, do hereby will one of my nicknames fCharliel to Joan Putman. I, Imogene Beemer, do hereby will my in- somnia, which was willed to me, to Margaret Stevens. I, Dorotha Bechtol, do hereby will my crav- ing for airplanes to any high-minded person such as myself. I, Alice Bigham. do hereby will my short- ness to Dora Lea Holland. I I, Clifford Black, do hereby will my curly hair to Mr. Livingston who is so bald. I, Donald Bollenbacher, do hereby will my English book to anyone who will read it. I, Robert Bowden, do hereby will my abil- ity to get along without sleep to anyone the faculty recommends. I. Katherine Brake, do hereby will my ability to lose my pencils to Junior Brake. I, Mabel Bresler, do hereby will my lack of enthusiasm for gym tn Martha Gorrell. I. Clifford Brooks, do hereby will my locker full of junk to Slim and the Freshmen. I, Billy Brown, do hereby will my extra credits to my brother Jack. I. Mary Louise Brown. do hereby will my ability to get along with Mr. Spitler fwithout shoutingl to Alice Carey. I, Betty Carsten, do hereby will my extra six pounds to Jeanne McMillen. I, Aliceann Chidester, do hereby will my schoolbooks to any under-classman who will have tbem. I, Dorothy Jean Clark, do hereby will my willingness to will my will to any willing one who is willing to have the will I will. I, Richard Coifelt, do hereby will my loye of music and ambition to be connected with that field in some way or another, to Bill Wilkie. I, Wayne Compton, do hereby will my big feet to James Fox. I, ,Ioan Coupland, do hereby will my new shoes which are too tight, to Babs Yager in the hope that she can stretch them. I, Patty Craft, do hereby will my avoirclu- pois to Jeanette Inwood. I, Gordon Craig, do hereby will my ability to get to school in three minutes to Betty Lininger. I, Jeanette Crippen, do hereby will my nerve in Public Speaking to Louise Wistner. I, Glen Custer, do hereby will my pleasant smile to Ann Danford. I, Walter Daniel Jr., do hereby will my ability to cook to Tom Showalter. I, Donna Davidson, do hereby will my abil- ity to play clarinet to Bob Yarger. I, Murray DeMoss, do hereby will my curly hair to Jack Hyre. I, Harlan Dickson, can't will anything be- cause I didn't turn in a will. I, Gerald Doner, do hereby will my in- ability to get along with Joan Coupland to any other fellow in a similar fix. I, Martha Dull, do hereby will my blonde curly hair to Coach Campbell. I, Donald Dunifon, do hereby will my driv- ing ability fif anyl to Gene Francis. I, Dorothea Eckenstein, do hereby will my ability to get along with Coach Campbell to my sister, Kaye Eckenstein. I, Amy Belle Emans, do hereby will my ability to do bookkeeping to Betty Murray. I, Junior Fackler, do hereby will my ability to not get hit more than once in boxing to the next sucker who can't find a good excuse for getting out of gym. I, Bonita Fawcett, do hereby will my ability to blush to Marjorie Black. I, Robert Ferris, do hereby will my ability to saw the dog-house QString Bassl to any poor sucker with a strong arm and a weak mind. I, James Fleming, do hereby will my ability to always have my assignments to Bob Ander- son. I, Jack Fox, do hereby will my ability to miss shots in basketball to Bob Anderson. I. Margaret Fox, do hereby will my name of "Short Stuff" to Margaret Stevens. I. Melvin Friemoth, do hereby will my ability to get along with a certain Marsh teacher, who chews tobacco, to Jack Marsh. I, Louise Fronefield. do hereby will my col- lection of sour notes in band to Jayne Jones. I, John Gaddis, do hereby will my seat on the bench either in football or basketball to anybody who wants it. I, Marguerite Gaddis, do hereby will my ability to get sick and stay home when the Biology 'class dissects iishworms to any Biology student next year. I, Ernestine Gallapoo, do hereby will my swinging gait to Dorothy Germann. I. Donald Gamble, do hereby will my ability to know that any Chrysler product will show up Mr. Bowen's Ford to Mr. Bowen. I, Jane Gamble, do hereby will the nick- name of "Sweatuea" to Coach Ross. I. Madalyn Gamble, do hereby will my ability to sing to Mlle. Gauvey. I, Betty Graham, do hereby will my twink- ling toes to Mr. Bowen. I, Donald Gribler, do hereby will my harem, that was willed to me, to Tom Showalter. Y X FA - t .1 r" -, Q 36 The Excalibur I, Virginia Gunn, do hereby will my giggles to Mr. Bollenbacher. I, Irene Hale, do hereby will my natural rosy cheeks to Nell Rose Rucklos. I, Charles Hall, do hereby will my ability to skip school to Joe Routt. I, Robert Hammond, do hereby will my two good knees and curly hair to Jack Hyre. I, Harold Hipsley, do hereby will my blonde wavy hair to Mr. Mason. I, Alice Rose Hisey, do hereby will my nickname "Pudgy" Qgiven to me by Mr. Bol- lenbacheri , to my sister, Katy. I, Ruby Holland, do hereby will my ability to blush to Margaret Imler, I, Doris Imler, do hereby will my apprecia- tion for 8:40 assemblies to Dora Lea Holland. I, Eleanor Ingledue, do hereby will my ability to be escorted to home room to an- other loafer. l, Wanda Johnson, do hereby will my silli- ness to Lucile Williams. I, Kenneth Kear, do hereby will my height to Bob McCollum. l, William Kennedy, do hereby will my beard to David McCandlish. I, Harriett Kenyon, do hereby will my tall stature to my short sister, Barbara. I, Mary Louise Kesler, do hereby will my ability to chew gum unmolested to Bill Miller. I, Leonard Kiehl, do hereby will my ability to play on the Reserves to Bob Mager. I, Richard King, do hereby will my speed in typing to C. S. Spitler. I, Viola King, do hereby will my cold to Betty ,lane Severns. I, Jack Klendworth, do hereby will my beautiful, black, curly, and uncombable tresses to "Tub" Kuckein. I, Marguerite Klewer, do hereby will my ability to chew gum without being caught to Dorothy Burley. I, Helen Kreischer, do hereby will my dark hair to Bernice Bell. I, Lois Lamb, do hereby will my timidness to Patty Steinmetz. I, Eldon Franklin Lambert, do hereby will my telescopic eye and Atlas phsique to "Bat- tom and Blinkom" Baker. I, Frances Landis, do hereby will my warts on my eye to my sister, Grace Landis. I, Alycia Lee, do hereby will my ability to keep my locker neat to the on-coming Freshies. I, Margaret Alice Leidy, do hereby will my ability to work all summer at the swimming pool to anybody who wants it. I, Otis Leist Jr., do hereby will my title, "Campus Beau Brummel" to Bob Stetler. I, Opal Leiter, do hereby will my love of Van Wert High School to Fred Leiter. I, Virginia Lewis, do hereby will my auburn locks and blue eyes to June Cipe. ' . I, Julian Lindsay, do hereby will my ability as a cornet player to Wendell Burnett. He needs it. A I, Richard Harold Lininger, do hereby will' my first and second names and my car "Dipsy Doodle" to anyone with a job and sucker en-' ' ough to spend all his money on a Model' T. ' I Everett Lon well do hereb will m"'2 , E , Y 2' ability to get along with Miss Armstrong to anyone that wants it. 1 A' i I, John Luce, do hereby will my ability in Mechanics to Gordon Thomas. I, Catherine McCleary, do hereby will my extreme bashfulness to anyone in the same condition. I, Robert McCoy, do hereby will my bash- fulness to Quentin Reed. I, Harry McKeddie, do hereby will my abil- ity to be seen in Mr. Shaffer's oilice iwilled to me by Katy Marshi to Jack Hyre. I, Robert Manship, do hereby will my rub- ber tire waist-line to Tubby Kuckein. I, Virginia Mihm, do hereby will my love for Defiance to Helen Felger. I, Barbara Miller, do hereby will my freckles Eevery one of themi to my kid sister, Martha ean. I, Helen Miller, do hereby will my kid bro- ltlher, Bill, to anyone who can put up with im. I, Treva Miller, do hereby will my love for Chicago to any other long distance lover. I, Mary Louise Morehead, do hereby will the memory of 100 per cent in a French test to Mlle. Gauvey, who may need it. I, Donald Muntzinger, do hereby will my softball pitching ability to Bob Mager. I, Janet Murphy, do hereby will my absence during the school year to Earl Shaffer. I, Kenneth Myers, do hereby will my ability to cook to Dick Counsellor. I, Robert Myers, do hereby will my ability to be quiet when asked a question to Bob Scott. I, Ruth Oliver, do hereby will my "public" to ,lean Roggenkemper. I, Robert Owens, do hereby will my job as Editor of the Scarlet Quill to Carl Lower. I, Fay Palmer, do hereby will my ability to get along with Coach Ross to David McCand- lish. I, Kent Price, do hereby will my ability to sleep to Dick Counsellor. I, Phyllis Pond, do hereby will my ability to keep my mouth shut. to anyone who can. We, Betty and Becky Putman, do hereby will our unlikeness to the DeKeyser twins. I, Betye Raeder, do hereby will my ability to heckle Bob .Owens in Civics Class to Anna Mae Pond. I, Helen Reed, do hereby will my ability to not get my typing in on time to my sister Virginia when she takes Typing 2. I, LeVina Reichard, do hereby will my "gift of gab" to Bonnie Hale. I, Paul Replogle, do hereby will my ability to sleep during class period to Schuyler Myers. ,V I, Arnet Resor, do hereby will my days of skippedqschonl to Karl, Siders. I, Donald'Rhodes,,do hereby will my lost raior to ,Iacoh .lack'Hyre. 1,,,Lu,gy-Rtbjnsmvjdo hereby will my ability mths-,time.keeper'3p' all my classes to anyone who ,is so unfortunate as to ,sit near anyone who 'hasift a watch. I,-,Roseann Roggenkernperhdo hereby will my"oHices of Treasurer of the-,Y-Hi Club to my sister, Jean-. a -. . 1 I, Dorthe Rpop, Qdo herebyqwill my bashful- ness in classrooms, to Norma Hillery. The Excalibur 37 I, Christina Ross, do hereby will my ability as chairman of the Serving Committee of the Y-Hi Club to my sister Betty. I, Clarence Royce, do hereby will my cornet to Wendy Burnett. I, Alice Mae Runnion, do hereby will my gym shoes and strings to Mildred Bebout. I, Audrey Saam, do hereby will my ability to fix my own hair to my sister Emmie Marie. I, Grace Erma Schnepp, do hereby will my old gym suit fwhat's left of it! to ,Ioan Putman. I, Kathleen Scott, do hereby will my old eversharp pencil to ,lean Blake. I, Esther Leota Shaffer, do hereby will my home room seat beside the answer to every maiden's prayer to Martha Lou Morgan. I, Marjorie Shaffer, do hereby will my spectacles to Margaret Dunifon. I, Robert Shaffer, do hereby will my bull- headedness and stubborness to myself because I don't want to part with it. I, Theo Sharp, do hereby will my seat on the bench in basketball to anyone who will take it. I, Morris Shreck, do hereby will my French ability to anyone, only please take it. I, Ruth Siegel, do hereby will my one dim- ple to Virginia Reed. I, Eythel May Smith, do hereby will un- usal ability to hold on to one fellow to my sister. Marjorie Smith. I. William Snyder, do hereby will my blonde curly hair to Thomas Grindle. I, Ruth Lois Spayd, do hereby will my abil- ity to scream to Ruth Young. I, Eleanor Steinmetz, do hereby will my slimness and shortness to my sister Pat. I, Mildred Stephenson, do hereby will my abilitv to hold my silence to Irene Conwell. I, Merl Stevens. do hereby will my curly hair to Andy Stegmier. I, William Stewart, do hereby will my abil- ity not to skip school to Nathan Bailey. I, .Iohn Stittsworth, do hereby will my abil- ity to get up every morning and mv skates to my brother Larry so he can be 100 per cent in attendance next year. I, Harriett Stripe, do hereby will my ability to keep my mouth shut to my brother, Dale. I, Paul Stripe, do hereby will the hole in the heel of my left sock to Bill. Good. I, Nolen Stuckey, do hereby will my modesty and speed to Jack Tester. CI hope you use them as well as I did.l I, William Stuckey, do hereby will my abil- ity to play left tackle to Thomas Showalter. I, Leroy Terry, do hereby will my curly hair to Bill Maxson. I, Marguerite Thatcher, do hereby will my ability to chew gum in class to .Ioan Conley. I, .lean Thomson, do hereby will my f?J ability to get through high school to anyone who needs it. I, Robert Todd, do hereby will my National Honor Society pin to any member of the In- ternational Dishonor Society. I, Louis Unterbrink, do hereby will my thin figure to Ben Beemer. I, Margaret Updegrove, do hereby will my gym socks to Martha Baer. I, Frank Vikupitz, do hereby will my abil- ity to play "My Reverie" on a trumpet to "Hot Lips" Baker. I, Eloise Waltz, do hereby will my ability to get chased out of the halls to Virginia Reed. I, .lane Webster, do hereby will my ability to get by talking all the time in classes to my sister, Helene Webster. I, Doris Wherry, do hereby will my ability to be a jitterbug to Jayne Jones. I, Rosella Williams, do hereby will my short- ness and thinness to Madalyn Evans. I, Don Wills, do hereby will my hangovers of the night before to Maurice Williman. I. Richard Wagonrod, do hereby will my ability to steer clear of girls to Bill Wagonrod. I, .Ioan Wolfe, do hereby will my "Barges" size f?l anyway they're big, to Jayne Jones. I, Princess Woods, do hereby will mv abil- ity to stay home nights to Marcile Zeigler. I, Paul Yager. do hereby will my tiny No. 12's to David McCandlish. I, Fredia Young, do hereby will my ability to graduate to Ruth Young. Senior Survey Vote for not more than one for each question. I. Best looking Senior girl--Dorothy Jean Clark. 2. Best looking Senior boy-Don Rhodes. 3. Best dressed Senior girl-Betty Carsten. 4. Best dressed Senior boy-Otis Leist, .Ir. 5. Hardest working Senior girl-Treva Miller. 6. Hardest working Senior boy-Paul Yager. 7. Most popular Senior girl-Dorothy Jean Clark. . Most popular Senior boy-Don Rhodes. . Senior girl most likely to succeed-Treva Miller. . Senior boy most likely to succeed-Paul Yager. . Senior girl most likely to be wed first-Bonieta Fawcett. . Senior boy most likely to wed first-Walter Daniels, Jr. . Most friendly Senior girl-Alice Rose Hisey. . Senior girl who is the biggest sheba-Phyllis Pond. . Senior boy who is the biggest sheikf0tis Leist, Jr. . Senior girl who is the best athlete-.Ioan Coupland. . Senior boy who is the best athlete-Bill Kennedy. . Girl who is most likely to get rich first-Helen Miller. 8 9 10 ll I2 13 14. Most friendly Senior boy-Bill Stuckey. 15 16 17 18 19 20 . Boy who is most likely to get rich first-Paul Yager. 21. Senior girl with the best figure-Helen Miller. 22. Senior boy with the best physique-Frank Vikupitz. Ll 3 x 9 -U.,-5 as . The Excalibur The Excalibur 39 Next Years Team In our scant reminiscence of the past we note a jumbled mass of people. From the murmuring group we see approaching the director and his assistants. They prove to be President Maynard Jerome, Vice-President Raymond Yuercher, Secretary David Allen, and Treasurer Jeanne Longwell. The director was on the varsity basketball squad his freshman year. The mass fades away and a distinct formation of a talented group comes forward their sophomore year. Once again history repeats itself. The class is headed by Maynard Jerome. This time his assistants are: Vice-President, Tom Grindleg Secre- tary, Mary Polingg and Treasurer, Wilma DeWeese. Via basketball and football Maynard Jerome and Tom Showalter captured varsity letters. Special formations begin to take shape as the Junior year passes. Again Di- rector Jerome takes command, followed by: Vice-President, Robert Crosbyg Secre- tary, Mary Polingg and Treasurer, Jack Denig. Five members of our band distin- guished themselves as majors by gaining positions in The National Honou Society. They are Maynard Jerome, Julia Jones, Robert Milligan, Ruth Presler and Mary Margaret Shaffer. Solo's for this year's contest were played by student council mem- bers, Robert Crosby, Stanley Coifelt, Maynard Jerome, Robert Milligan, Mary Shaffer, Jack Tester and Mary Poling. Accurate and ready steps were marked by members of the football squad, namely, Stanley Coffelt, Robert Lindeman, Tom Showalter, and Jack Tester, who were letter men. Stepping high and keeping in pace were Ben Beemer, Maynard Jerome,-Robert Pfium and Jack Tester, basketball letter men. The fairer sex was represented in this activity by Martha Morgan, Ruth Presler, Betty Urton and Mary Poling, all stars. i Acting well their parts in the chosen production "Anybodyls Came" were Mar- cile Zeigler and Arthur Kuckein, supported by Robert Allen, Betty Bennett, Jack Denig, Lloyd Grillis, John Hardin, Chalice Jerome, Julia Jones, Robert Keysor, Robert Mager, Martha Morgan, Joan Olberding, Ruth Presler, Robert Stetler, McGuire Weaver and Mary Poling. These live wires were also active in the operetta, G. A. A., Band, Y-Hi, and Hi-Y. We will close our annual session with the glorious Promg but judging from past records we know full well that bigger and better things will be given our Alma Mater by this class. Mary Poling, "4f0" 40 The Excalibur 3rd How: Carl Siders. lxIZ1llI'iCl' Williman, ,lolm Walls, Ben Beetner, Charles Baker, Howard Prill, Rieltard Timlall, i.iiWl'f'Ill'6' Stittswortlt, Bolm Sllell, Gordon Tlmomas, Harold Hunnion. .lack Raecler, and Rolmert ClliiIllll0I'S. 2nd How: Carl Lower. David Allen, Clarence Anderson, Robert Keyser, Leo llainea lawrence Tindall, Warrr-n Sirnmons, William Allen. Marvin johnson, Ellen Boyden, Helen Folger.. and Betty Sew-rns. lst How: Gloria King. Margaret Uipe, Betty Craig. Valrea Winters. Mary Stratton, llonivievt- llc-lvout, lxdilflllil Baer, Killllt'l'lll0 Eclxetlstein, Jeanne l,ongwell, Marjorie Sllarp, Cuynetli Davis, and llt-len Yvootlrufl. 3rd Row: Tiblllllly Showalter, Robert Germann, Thomas Crindle, Wendell Burnett, Arthur Kuvkein. Howard Wise, Bolm Milligan, Harold Prill. Robert Scott, Doyt Stegmeir. Andy Anderson. and Rollert Stetler. 2nd How: Robert Pflum, ,lack Tester, Robert Mager. Joe Routt, Lloyd Griflis, Don Wilson. Victoria Unterlmring. Jeanne Heaton, Dorothy Starkey, Phoebe McCandlish. Alice Schaadt, and 'Nlarjorie Hoverman. lst Row: Martha Morgan, ,loan Olbercling, Erma jean Blake, Donna Mae Carsten, Irene Conwell. Jeanne McMillen, Anne Danford, Julia Jones. Betty Bennett, Mary Poling, Betty Ann Kiggins. and Marcile Zeigler. The Excalibur 41 3rd Row: ,lack Denig, Stanley Galloway. Kr-ith Millleiin. Adelliert lfox. Chalice Jerome. Nlvllriirf- Weaver. llicliard King, McClelland Leiter. Robert Dash:-r. ,Iolin Hardin. Robert Yarger, Dale Lallue. 2nd How: Clrarlvs Woodruff. Norman Kt'1'lSCll9l', Dale 'IR-rry. Ric-hard Conley. Cerald Boi-off. Edgar Galloway. Betty Parks. Catln-rine Potter. Lena Lippi. Marie Linton. Hr-tty Worthington, Dorotliy Stewart. lst Row: Lois Stuvk, Rosemary Riegc-I. llatlrerinm- Stripe, l,aY:-ra Young. Betty 'l'ruax. Ruth Young. Virginia Cninn. Patrivia Steinnietz, Eileen Zotz. Margaret Willrrllglilmy. Betsy Ross. Wilma llelveese. 3rd liow: lidward King. Maynard Jerome. lrloyd Kllodenliaugll. Edward lNlt'C2-llltllltlll. ,lack illHl'Fll. Robert Allen, Dale Crawford. William lltrnuwitvkliorrse. Forest Vernon. Richard Clifton. Stanley Coffelt. Dale Barnes. 2nd How: Max Kt'llgll, Clifford Keilil, Everett Surnnifrrsett, ll:-rlwert Boroff. Mary Slattery, Janet. Halverson, Mary Evelyn Carter. Thelma Elzy, Betty Urton. Bernice- llall. Marjorie Kreisclier, Dorothy Slierburn. lst Row: Holtfrrt Crosby. Dorothy Edsall. Nell Rose- Rucklos, Mary Margaret Shaffer, Alberta Salsburey. Louise Wistner. Betty Lou Lininger, ,launita Waltf-r's. Ruth Pressler, Doris Jordan. Jeanette Sinn, John Barga. i D I I tif Xia if 'x.k,XVI,, 42 The Excalibur Two Down ana' Two to Go j Last year the class of H4-li' entered Van Wert High School as all Freshmen enter, meek, timid, and afraid that those terrible Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors were just waiting for them to stumble on the steps or get in the wrong room so they could remind them they were Freshmen. But we got through all right with such' capable leaders as Junior Kear, President, Donald Uhl, Vice-President, Bill Maxon, Secre- tary, and Junior Zinsmaster, Treasurer. This year we started out strong and feeling very sure of ourselves. We were still underclassmen but that didnit make much difference to us because we were Sopho- mores and that was a great deal more than Freshmen. Did you ever stop to analyze the word "Sophomore',? Well, if you haven't it is derived from the Greek word "sophos" meaning wise and "moros', meaning fool. Now if you put those two words together you have Hwise fool." I donit know abouit the fool part, but we thought we were pretty wise and so we started out to make our class the greatest Sophomore class in the history of Van Wert High School. We got started off on the right foot by electing as our class oliicers Junior Kear, President, Junior Gribler, Vice-President, Vernon Hoverman, Secretary, and Junior Zinsmaster, Treasurer. Our representatives to the Student Council were Catherine Hisey, who was chosen to be Secretary of it, Bill Wilke, Betty Ross, Junior Kear, Bob Runnion, and Junior Gribler. The boys who carried the Sophomore colors on the football field were Otis Coon, Jack Davis, Bill Good, Charles Henry, Vernon Hoverman, Jack Hire, Gene Longs- worth, Bob Runnion, Alva Salisbury, Quentine Reed, and Warren Simmons. We also had our capable representatives on the basketball squad such as Bill Good, Otis Coon, and Donald Scott. Along the music line we had Mildred Bebout as one of the bandis able drum majors. Many of our class played in the band or orchestra among whom was Bill Wilke who went to the district music contest and from there to the state contest. Miriam Gillespie, one of our outstanding Sophomores, went to the finals in the state Prince of Peace contest. We had three of our classmen out of the four as cheer leaders who did a very fine job of leading cheers at football and basketball games, and pep meetings. They were Grace Landis, Marjorie Black, and Neil Geary. In the boys' intra-mural basketball our A team did not have a winning team, but they made it up in fight and spirit. If you are looking for a winning team you+ don't have to look farther than our B team who lost only two games the whole season and took first place in the B league which is a very good record for a Sophomore team. In the girls' intra-mural basketball our team lost three games but came through nobly by taking second place-next only to the strong Senior team who has been champion for three years. In the foul shooting contest, the highest place attained by any Sophomore was fifth. The honors go to Dick Stump for doing so well for the Sophomore class. One reason why I think the Sophomore class got along so well in their sports and other activities is because "ye ole study halli' was our home room. We were in there where we were together and we knew practically everyone of our classmates, while the other classes were broken up in different home rooms and a person only knows about half of his classmates. As a whole I think we have rather enjoyed our Sophomore year, even if we have sometimes wished that we didnit have to go to school. The old clock ticks away the minutes, hours, and days, although we have a lot to look forward to in our Junior and Senior years, we rather hate to see our Sopho- more year end, but as the old saying goes, "Time and tide wait for no man." I said when we started this year we were going to try and make our class the best Sophomore class in the history of Van Wert High School. I don't know if we have accomplished that or not, but I do know we tried our hardest, and next year, and the year after next, we'll be in there trying just as hard in hopes that we'll: be on the top of the heap. Bob Rmmion ,,41m,, The Excalibur 43 3rd Row: Orville Thomas, William Wise, Lawrence Vaske. George Walls. Dale Long. Edward Nlifsler. Charles Baxter. Donald Nead. George Week. Bill Maxon, Leo Pollock, Junior Zinsrnasler. 2nd Row: Elmer Fl'lClll0Ill. Richard Stump, Maxine Sherman. ,lenealle Inwood. Dorothy McCleary. Edith Sharp, ,lanive Mr-rriss. .lean Blanke. Billy Wilkl-, Philip Ackerrnan. Dick jones. Paul Keipper. lst Row: Lola Svhaadt. Annahelle MeNew, Bonnie llale. Amy Mae Cranslaff. Marlha Miller. Margarel Coffman. Rose Mary McCoy, llc-len Myers, Rosahelle Coats. Miriam Mvllonnell. Belly Shrerk. Virginia Zolz. 3rd Row: Don llhl, Waldo Baker. Jack Davis. James Potter. Otis Coon. Roherl Anderson, lfxan Newberry. Javk llyre. Bill Good. Bill Harmon, Quentin Heed, Dick Counseller. Vernon llowrnian. 2nd Row: Alva Salsburey. Dick Sleinrnelz, llugh Elder, Forrest Crihler, ,lnne Cipe, Calh- erine Bowden. Belly Nlcllrf-w. Patty Kennedy. ,lack Brown, Boh Rnnnion, Craydon Lee, Ueroy Hoyve. Isl Row: Belly Jones, Anna Mae Pond. Katherine Gentry, .Ioyce Downs, Dora Lea Holland. Belly Gipe, Alice Carey, Martha Craig. Patty Todd, Mildred Behonl, Norma ,lean Deal. ,lane Jones. Patty Crouse. 44 The Excalibur 3rd Row: Myrl Stetler, Kenneth Murray, Charles Williams, Robert McCollum, James Linser. Cecil Marcum. Donald Scott, ,lack Beavo, Doyl Taylor, Robert Reichard, Alva Cooper, Gordon Kline. Zntl Row: Dick Kreischer, Deo Haines, Neal Geary, Doris 'l'inclall, jeanfette Kline, Helen DeBolt. Marjorie Smith, Maxine Gorsuvh. Jean Parks, Paul Klausing, Harry Phillipy. Walter LeValley. lst Row: Donna Gamble, Carol Willmert, Virginia I'iSlTllll3t'll, Betty Ross, Mary Louise Sum- tnersett. Rosalie Warner, Ernestine Lake, Anna Margaret Cook, Armiliue Click, Clara Mc'Clure, Donna Beck. Margaret Stevens. 3rd Row: Gene Longsworth, Roger Leatherman, Bill Miller, Pat Shrider, Carl Winters, Glenn Dustman, Richard Siders, Eugene Conwell, Delmore Clouse, Doyl Rogers, Fred Witten, Miles llarner. 2nd Row: Grace Landis, Barbara llunt, James Fox. Junior Kear. Leonard Klewer, Donald Kreisvllcr, Dale Stripe, Charles Henry, Margaret lmler. Barbara Yagrer, Evelyn English, Anna Simmons. lst Row: Robert McCullom. Dorothy Uhl, ,Ioan Dixon, Emma Marie Saam, Luella Walls, Marjorie Severns, Miriam Gillespie, Helen Brown, Geraldine Woods, Catherine Hisey, Marjorie Acheson, Robert Bell. The Excalibur 45 Freshman Squad When the school year started a brand new, somewhat timid, but nevertheless ambitious freshman class arrived. This was the Class of 194-2. Although in the be- ginning we were green ffreshman classes usually arel by now most of the greenness has worn off. Throughout the year we have tried to support and enter into the school's activities. Early in the school year our class held its first election. The class officers we elected are among the best to be found. They are: President, David McCandishg Vice-President, Dawes Holmesg Secretary, Dean Millerg and Treasurer, Dick Morgan. A few days later we elected ,loan Eggerss, James Lamy, Clark Pollock, and Frank Carothers as the representatives of the Freshman Class in the Student Council. Throughout the year they have ably represented us in that body. Our class is proud of the following boys who were members of the 1938 football squad: Charles Albright, Nathan Bailey, John Coon, and Bill Tindall. Nathan Bailey was also a member of the reserve basketball squad. We expect to have some varsity players from this group in a year or two. The freshman boys had an A and a B team in intra-mural basketball. The A team began improving in the last round and won three out of their last four games. We hope to see big things from both teams next year. The freshman girls also had both A and B teams in intra-mural basketball. It is the B team of which we are especially proud. They finished the season with a record of five wins and but two defeats. Keep it up, girls. Basketball was not the only sport in which members of our class took part. Many freshman boys played touch football, and softball, while freshman girls par- ticipated in soccor, volleyball, and indoor baseball. Y-Hi Girl Reserves and G. A. A. are supported by many freshman girls. The two from our class who wrote outstanding compositions in the American Legion Essay Contest this year were: Constance Soldner and Iames Lamy. The Fresh- man Class is proud of them. That many of the Class of '4-2 are musically inclined is shown by the large num- bers of freshman students who are members of the Senior Band, Junior Band, Dance Band, Orchestra, and Chorus. From this group will undoubtedly come some very ,mt talented musicians. I So as we near the end of our Freshman year we look back over some of its hap- penings and hope that in at least a small measure we have helped to carry on the tra- ditions of Van Wert High School. Frank Carothers, "4-2" 46 The Excalibur 4th Row: Helen Marie Wise. Dorothy Forwalter. Constance Soldner. Patty Elder. Ruth Smith, ,Ioan Conley. Betty Williarrl. Rohert Johnson. junior Jordan. 3rd Row: .lean Baltzell. Madge llieken, Norma Hillery. Mary Beverly. Crace Black, Rosemary Wehster. Bc-rniee Book. Mildred Stripe. Lillian Lintemoot. 2nd Row: Useur lloftnun. Waller Thompson, Dirk Davis. Wayno lluprey, Patty Rivhey. Donna Kinder. Marvel Keil. Virginia Reed, Bill Wermer. Byron Wermer. Ist Row: Bud Clander. Eugene Francis, Ralph Parrish, Virgil Beamer. Bill Wagonrod, junior Robeson. Boh Eiil'llllHCll. Carl Miller, Homer Maxon, Lawrence Duprey, Don Arnold. flth Row: ,loan Carter. Minnie Wooderson. Nt-lela Sidle. Mary Resor. Dorothy Smith. Norma fiuuderland. l,ois Boyd. fird Row: Betty Kr-ar. Yiolet Sites. Marjorie johnson. Betty lfair. Naney Reynolda, Betty Yovum. Betty Stevens. Mary Klinger, Marjorie Glander. 2nd Row: Roger Steele. Dorothy Hunt. Perry George Wise. Glen Poling. Eugene Redrup, llean Miller. Diek Morgan. James Lamy. Kilhurn Hunt. Helen Beanfer, Richard Feigert. lst Row: Ted Paullus. Donald llnterhrink. Thomas Preston. Arthur Kissel, James Fraylick. Boh Riehey. David lVlCCandlish. Rohert Mosier. Fred Leiter. Gaylord Kreischer. Russel Miller. The Excalibur 47 3rd Row: Charles Albright. Ferne Young. Vernon Meclaugli. Dwan Cryer. James Manship, John Maney. Richard Morris. Nathan Bailey. Harvey Agler. ,lim ltlonrow. Austin Cox. 2nd Row: ,lim Vadikin. Junior Brake. Walter Fouty. Norma Milligan. Ht-lly Murray. .lunc- Kreiseher. ,Ioan Eggerss. Dorothy Coupland. ,Ioan Putman, Martha Ann Gorrell. llorolliy German. lst Row: Betty Buecliner. Jeanne Cauvey. Colleen llinnerivklionst-, Katlilei-n Blair. Peggy Easterling. Gloria Fowl. Velora Aglf-r. Dorothy Goodwin. Virginia Graham. Hlurlt-3 Pollot-lt. Partly Scott. 4-th Row: Eugene Haller. Jacqueline Hartley. Janet .lt-ronn-. llo Wyanl. l'alIy Rivliey. Alive Beek, Ida Mae Myers. Avis Reichard, Robert Tinflall. 3rd Row: Mary Felger. Madalyn Evans. Ruth Duslman. Nlarylan HHllFlt"i1lfl, l'lf'lv-nf- W1-lwtrig Joan Sahi, Irene DeKeyser. Madelin De-Keyser. Margaret Dimifon. 2nd Row: Patty Sheeter. Eugene Murphy, Bob Wagonrod, jack llaminoinl. Stanley Tolan. Gordan Baxter, Leonard East, Harry Adams, Betty Bell, Joan Aflams. lst Row: Robert Heath, Bob Cuinn, Vernon Taylor. Gene Springer. Clark Pollock. Frank Corothiers, Francis Cole, Bob Etzel, Charles Grubaugh, ,lohnny Shoop, Dawes Holmes. The Excalibur N MXXWWL S State Champs lla ll 7711.5 Way MllllllICli8I".gIl0lLV, Mud-Keruzedy Slips Tskf T.sA'f Al-Ilvf 11 Xlwful? The Starting Eleven lfffler St. fVlary,s Canwj Fflllllf Gels All'lIwY""T0lll7lIll0ll'll.' Another Touchrlown . . . Almost in Action fnpile Boys, 1 Tlzinlr He,s llmrn Nice Punt. Coaclzy Myllzzbal Stale Cl1ampionsl11'p Squad Le! Co of His Leg fl-li, Peanul! TlIf'l'6',S VI-,ll'lllll.fZ Wald: 0111 from Bl?lIl.lllf-K8llIlf'!!-V Scorvs MEA W snikix . 3 a 5 in I B011 HAMMOND Tum Dawmss JACK TESTER FRANK VIKUPITZ 1 Guard Ha lfbzzck GIWWZ L '16 Senior Sf-Him Junior Senior IA-H4-I-man Letterman Lettermall BILL SNYDER All League All League V 1 ' All Slate qjlllll ter baeA Senior I,ener,nan PI1.noN l,AMm:u'r B013 LINDAMAN DON GRIBLER Quarterback , End Fullbacl BILL Bnowtv Em! 5l.,,i..,1 j,,,,i,,r Senior Senior l,f-ltermau Letterman Letterman Letterman All League All League All League L WK' " A A 2 V f 'tt t aw 1ER0Y TERRY HARRY MCKEDDIE NOLEN STUCKEY End Guard Quarterback Senior Senior Seninr Letterman Letterman Letterman lrun Man BILL KENNEDY STANLEY COFI-'EIII' TOMMY SIIOWALTER f1,,1f1,,,t-A Guurrl Tackle 5,-,lim junior junior l.0ll1'IAIl18Il Letterman Letterman All League All League All League All State BILL STUCK EY Fullback Seniur l,CH9l'lIlHIl BOB BOWDEN Tackle Senior ll'Ull Man Letterman All League DON RHODES Center Seniur Captain Letterman All League Iron Man All State I . I 5 P I 1 1 ' I , Rv-ft H K. 11 if ji? aw 7 AL, Ei. di 54 The Excalibur Mythz'caI State Champions This year marked the Cougars' best season on the gridiron. To top their winning season the Cougars scored a total of 216 points to the opponents 7. In the opener the Cougars downed Adrian with a score of 20 to 0. The Wol- verines failed to threaten our teamis goal while the Scarlet, and Gray were in scoring position many times but didn't complete their drives. Kennedy and Cribler made touchdowns while Terry Scored the extra point. After being held scoreless in the first half the Cougars came back in the second half to win from Perrysburg, 13 to 0. Lambert scored the first tally on a lateral tossed by Lindeman. With 30 seconds to play Kennedy intercepted a pass and ran 30 yards for a touchdown. The try for the extra point was good. The third victory was won by defeating Bluffton 19 to 0. The first score came in the second quarter by a line buck by Bill Stuckey. Gribler made the extra point. On the first play in the second half, on a reverse, Lambert carried the ball 25' yards then lateraled to Gribler who scurried the remaining distance for the score. On a sustained drive Lambert went over for the final touchdown. The fourth straight victory came by defeating Bellefontaine 6 to 0. The 'only tally was made late in the second period. Two touchdowns were lost via the penalty route. Kennedy scored the only touchdown on an end sweep. The Cougars continued their victory march by downing Wapakoneta 13 to 0. Van Wert chalked up the first score late in the second quarter on a tackle smash by Kennedy. The final score came in the third quarter on a pass from Kennedy to Vikupitz. 7 1-I The Scarlet and Cray sank the Dragons from Lima Central to the tune of 26 to 0. Kennedy scored on the first play in which the Cougars had the ball. One more touchdown was added in the second quarter. Lambert made a touchdown on a lateral pass in the third quarter. Another score was added in the same quarter by Kennedy. The Cougars drew blood earlyw in the first quarter and scored again in the same quarter to defeat the St. Mary's Roughriders 13 to 0. Kennedy made both scores on line plays and added the extra point. This game was played in a steady rain. The crushing 53 to 7 victory over Celina enabled the Cougars to have sole possession of the league title. Lambert scored first, followed by Kennedy withl three touchdowns, Gribler and Snyder two each, and Bill Stuckey one. Celina was the only team to score on the Cougars. In a sea of mud the Cougars drove hard to defeat the Wildcats from Kenton 32 to 0. Two touchdowns were scored in the first period, one more in the second and two other scores were added in the final period. Kennedy made three touchdowns, Lambert one, Gribler one. The Cougars won their final victory of the football season when they subdued Montpelier 21 to 0. This game was played in a field of slush and mud. The Excalibur 55 Un the Hardwood The Cougars had a fairly successful season with six victories and seven defeats. The fact that many underclassmen were on the squad is a promise of a better team next year for they acquired valuable playing experience which will be very helpful to them in the future. In the initial clash the Cougars downed Greenville 28 to 12. Decatur defeated our boys 39 to 22. The Cougars came back strong to defeat St. Marys 29 to 18. The Golden Bears from Bryan outscored Van Wert 36 to 26. With a tall, rangyt squad, Bellefontaine cagers subdued the Cougars 29 to 18. The fourth defeat of the season came when Lima Central beat Van Wert 30 to 19. The fans witnessed a thriller in the Celina game with the Cougars downing the Bulldogs 29 to 27. Another close game came with the 31 to 29 victory over Wapakoneta. Our fifth victory occurred when the fighting Cougars beat the Kenton Wildcats 35 to 29. Bryan again defeated Van Wert by a margin of ten points. The final score was 46 to 36. De'iance subdued the Cougars by the decisive score of 43 to 23. We dropped the next game to Bluffton 4-3 to 32. The Cougars finished the season in great form by over-powering the Ada quintette 41 to 21. In the first tilt of the tournament, Bryan came from behind to defeat the Cougars 4-7 to 29. J J is eb 's .fs QQ , in ,J 1 Z Y 4- am. . s, Q -uf S? gil Wig? S 'pb Q Y 32 " ' - af' -L Q w Q gif-we V wx if iff? ,ma K wife N , w. Q ' ' :E 5. 1 Q X, Wm' Swv u,,,,,W- ,WM M vm iw WW" hw ww Www ww fx 3 ,W - -W W am im M Wx W W L.,, M Q -f Q M A W Q ,W WW . ' 1 ff Jw' ffl 'gig ,g. ,:' h' W :W ww .V z -1, gig W 5 ' 1 ff . r we X' xg, fs-M ff M M ,V fx N , Xa. 'W if , W X, is Q W 3,3 x ' I' SWT ". Q- ' 'gwkg .- :e:1f':" ' W' W 1 Q TU, , g ' ' X E. 3, .X jg , V- ':.."g:2 ZA., 1 ------ 'ES Q A f y . .,,. Q V A gif 2 ' A I N 'N "fl ' " ' ww Eff A W ,- .,.,. ' 1171 A bf' Na' 5 '1 ' Q- , ' M, A J .M lf- f, i :.fEIff:ff? f . ' X 1 5 . ' ' , 6 ylfgb I ,I , N - X f 2, f ' - i 5 .Q A ,Q 'C-fb -1' is ': -, 9 ,V 5- . - : , ' . ,sr , - :I -Q ,,:.5,,. . GQQ .:E ,. ::::- IE-.2 " , A Q ,.,5:g- ,:s:5.e:a:g. , H -1 ' 'zrff' "5:5:z-. W 5- ? 77 W is 'Z " T7ze Excalibur 57 Reserves-NLivyU, Good, Brown, Coon, Maney, Gaddis, Bailey, Thomas and Ross The Excalibur Trophy lflfinners The nremhtrs of the Senior setond team are Ernestiue Gallapoo. Bt-tty Putt artha Dull ifr ie t earv Ruth lrois Spayd. Rose Ann Roggenkeruper, re optnrng game of the season was played hetween the Seniors and the We hitched our wagon to a star and hnally reached our goal- Champions for the third year. Soon our high school days will he only memories hut it will always hring a thrill of pride to think of the "good old days" when Mary Brown, ,Ioan Coupland, Alice Rose Hisey, Ruhy Holland, Jeanette Crippen. Alice Mae Runnion. Doris Wherry. Harriet Kenyon, and Grace Erma Schnepp were on the same team. ln our opening game this season we played the .luniors and we smashed them with a score of 28 to 15. Our next victims were the Sophomores and again we came out on top-the score heing 51 to 11. Continuing our triumphant march for the '6Championship" we took the Freshmen -s 145-ll t. Juniors- I 45-4 l. Sophomores -- l 38-10 I. Freslirnerr--127-8I. and last hut not least. our heartiest rivals. the "All Stars"-- 123-113. For ottr first two years We owe our success to Harriet Gleason. Betty Borchers filled Miss Cleasonis place very well and helped us through our third year. Now the cup, awarded hy the G. A. A.. is ours-for keeps. "Lives of great athletes shall re- mind use-we have kept our record line, and in departing left hehind us foot-prints on the sands of timef' nan. Becky Putman. Audrey Saarn, Eileen Becker and Margaret Ann Juniors. lt proved an easy victory n t e setont game tre Seniors again hrought home a victory over the Sophomores with a score of 18-5. llre Seniors defeated tht Freshmen in the third game hy a score of 28-17. ' te r ramps again were victorious over the Juniors in their fourth game. Phe tallics were 29-6. Thr sixth game against the Freshmen proved to he a temporary setback in the Senior parade of victories. They were defeated after an exciting and hard-fought game hy a score of 13-ll. Thr Freshmen and Nenrors played the tie off in the last game of the season. The Seniors suctetded rn defeating their opponents hy a score of 18-13. This determined the championship. earliest congratulations Seniors! You fought hard for that title and you deserve it. The Excalibur 59 Champs Top-Eldon Lambert, Bill Sny- Bottom - Junior Kear, Charles der, Wayne Compton, ,lack Fox, Henry. James Potter, Eugene Con- ,lunior Fackler. well, Dick Stump, Walter Le Valley. A LEAGUE The Seniors were victors in the A league basketball tournament by winning every game. Al- though pushed in a few games, the Seniors were never severely threatened, and they far out-classed their opponents. The leading scorers were Lambert and Snyder who played good ball throughout the tourney. B LEAGUE In a neck and neck race for the first place position, the Sophomores edged the Seniors in the play-off game. Both teams showed fine spirit and good sportsmanship through the tournament. 60 The Excalibur Stupidn HBob,' 'LPeanut', "Toby "PracHce', Wfommyn "Stinky', "Tess" "Scrap Ironn 4'Lindy" uBrownie" 'Sweden "Turtle,' 'fleromen '6C0ffee,' 'LBen" 6'Bloomer', MP. Yf, "Snork,, GCR-yanw GGKidney97 c4Denig77 XWL WAN Q20 'N QS was 69 he Excalibur Si-alt-il left lo right liarhara Nliller, Janet Murphy. Betye Raeder, Phyllis Pond. S4-eonml Row Margaret llpih-grove, Ba-tty Putnian, Becky Putman. Dorothy Beehtol. Franris l,an4lis. 'l'hiril Row' lrm-ne llale. ,ln-anelle ffrippen, llelen Miller. Dottie Clark, Alice Hose llisey. Slumljng NUI,-H Sim-kt-y, lfjqlm- Slmfft-r, ,loan tloupland, Paul Stripe. Boh Ferris, Dick King. Boll Todd, Gerald lloner. Nlr. tlallapoo, Paul Yagi-r, lloli Uwens. Don Hliomles. Ernesline Callapoo, Treva Miller. and Bill Stllekey, Excalibur' Staff This twenty-first edition ol the lfxealihur of Van Wert High School was Compiled and edited hy the Senior Class of IUESU under the supervision of our faculty adviser, Mr. Gallapoo. When we undertook the task ol puhlishing this year hook, we had no idea of the work involved. The experi- enee in this partivular line has heen worth a great deal to all of us, and we've all enjoyed being on the Stall. Our sales campaign was he-gun with a play, 'gl'll lXever Tell" or g'0h Love of My Life" written hy Phyllis Pond. and enam-lm-fl hy nn-nihers of the Staff. It was an amusing story having to do with the exe-hange ol' valnahle gifts in return for a lllZlltltJlI7S hand. The most precious gift of all, and the one that won the prize. was our l'lxealihur. The ineinlwrs of our Stall' are as follows: lfditor-infChief ....,, Assistant Editor ,,,,, Business Manager ..,r Assistant Business lVlanager Advertising lVlanager Assistant Advertising Cirvulation Manager Assistant tiireulation Sports lfditor ,,,,,.,, . Personals ..,.., Photography Snaps ,,,,,.,..r,, Organizations ,, Alt ,,..,,,,,,,,., Jokes .,,,..,..... lmookkeeper Calendar ,,,,., lfeatures . r w . Nolen Starkey Helen Miller Boh Todd Paul Yager Boh Owens lvliillililtl ,,,, Alice llisey Gerald Doner lVlanagei ,,,, ,,,,,,,r,,,,.,, ......,.,.,.,,,,,,r, l Q sther Shaffer Donald Rhodes 4 Francis Landis Ernestine Gallapoo 4 Treva Miller ., Betty Carsten H ,, ,,,,rrr,,,,rr,,,,r,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,..,,,,.,...,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,,.,.,.. Dick King mnlietyt- Raeder 4 Joan Coupland 4 Phyllis Pond 4 Bill Stuckey Jeannette Crippen Betty Graham 4 Paul Stripe Bob Ferris Dorotha Hechtol lVlargaret Updcgrove 4 Janet Murphy 4 Dorothy Clark Irene Hale -4 Barbara Miller 4 Becky Putman 4 Betty Putman lylJlStS ,,..,t,.,,,,..,r.,,...... ,...,,,t,...,,,, XVe hope that you will treasure this hook and hold it as near and dear to your hearts as we shall. d The Excalibur 63 Seated-,lane Gamble, Martha Baer. Dorollia Bl-vluol. Irons- llale. Nolen Stnckey, Robert Owens, llelen Miller. Esther Shaffer, Phyllis Pond. Treva Nliller. Standing--Eldon Li1Illllt'l'l. Bob Todd, Bill Snyder. Bill Slllekey. Ueraltl Doner, Mr. Callapoo, Don Rlimles. Bob Bowden. Scarlet Quill Staff The staff of the Searlet Quill has had ll lot of work, headaches, and fun, composing the paper for you twice a month. We feel that our efforts have not been in vain and hope that our paper will be remembered after we have left your midst. Our paper was a four-page issue. with a speeial six-page edition on February l7. We hope that you have had as much pleasure reading it as we have had producing it. The stall of the Scarlet Quill is as follows: Editor-in-Chief .,,. ,.......,.. B ob Owens Associate Editor ........ ..,.. N olen Stuckey Business Manager YY.,... .,...........,.Y,,,.,.....,..,.i.e P hyllis Pond Circulation Manager ,...., ....,,.,.,,,.......,.,,.,,,,....... G erald Doner Sports Editors ..,.,........ ..... l lobert Bowden, Donald Rhodes Exchange .................. .......,,,s..s....,....,,.s D orotha Bechtol Advertising ......,............ ....... J ane Gamble, Martha Baer Society ......,..,.........,.,v..... ...,....,.,......,..,l............,..............,.,,,..............,...... T reva Miller Features and Columns ..... ..........,..,l...........,.,..............,.,...........,. I rene Hale, Bill Stuckey . Bob Todd, Helen Miller, Eldon Lambert, Esther Shaffer Adviser ......................,.. ..,....,...,,,.................................,..,,.,.,.............,.. R alph Gallapoo 64 y .A The Excalibur I l Standing-Ruth Pressler. Margaret Fox, Julia Jones, Mary Margaret Shaffer, Eldon Lambert, Maynard ,leronn-. Robert Milligan. Bill Stuckey, Paul Yager, Robert Todd, Bill Brown, Dick King, Miss Hall. 3rd Row--Esther Shatter. Helen Miller, Frances Landis, Alice Hisey. 2nd Bow-Harriet Kenyon. Margaret llpdr-grove. Ernestine Callapoo, Janet Murphy. lst Bow-Mary Morehead. ,loan Coupland, Treva Miller. Madaline Gamble. Natz'onaI Honor Society Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service are the four principles of the National Honor Society. Upon these principles lNational Honor Societies are founded all over the United States in secondary schools. The membership of the societies is made up of students chosen by the faculty who are believed to possess the four qualities mentioned above. The annual induction services for the organization were held before the student body on March 2. The newly elected members were: Seniors-Margaret Fox, Madalyn Gamble, Harriet Kenyon, Frances Landis, Helen Miller, Mary Louise Morehead, Janet Murphy, Esther Shaffer, William Stuck- ey, Robert Todd, and Margaret Updegroveg Juniors-Maynard Jerome, Julia Jones, Robert Milli- gan, ltuth Pressler, and Mary Margaret Shaffer. The very impressive ceremonies were conducted by the old members of the organization who are: William Brown, presidentg Paul Yager, vice-president: Treva Miller. sccretaryg ,Ioan Coupland, Eileen Becker, Ernestine Callapoo, Alice Rose Hisey, and Bicbard King. The emblem of the society is the keystone and the flaming torch. The keystone bears at its base the letters S, C, L, and S which stand for the four cardinal principles of the organization. As the key- stone is placed by the builder to hold the perfect arch in perpetual stability, so the structure of our edu- cation must be held firm and true by the virtues represented by this symbol. The flaming torch is sym- bolical of our purpose to bear forward the searching light or truth, to lead that others may follow in the light, to keep burning in our school a high ambition for the enduring values of life, and to serve the unseltish loyalty to truth and honor. The colors, blue and gold, stand for truth and tolerance. Miss Hall has been a most competent adviser throughout the year. The Excalibur 65 Standing--Catherine Hisey. ,loan Eggress, ,lnnior Kear, Bill Wilkie. Bob Bowden. .lack Tester, Bill Sluckey. Robert Crosby. Stanley Colle-ll, Robert Knnnion. ,lnnior Crililer. Dottie Clark. Betty Ross. Miss West, Mr. Callapoo, Mr. Bowdle. 3rd Row'--Don Rliorles. ftlaynard Jerome. Robert Milligan, Dick King. Paul Yager. 2nd How-Mary Margaret Shaffer. 'llreva Miller, ,loan Coupland, lfrnesline Callapoo. Mary Poling. Ist Row---,larnes l.amy. Clark Pollock. llaviml lNlcCandlisli, Frank Corotliers. Student Council Membership of the Student Council is made up ofthe following ratio among classes: Four fresh- men, five sophomores. six juniors. eight seniors. and the presidents of the respective classes. At first meeting. which was held in early November, they unanimously accepted the slate formed by class presidents under the supervision of Miss West and Mr. Callapoo. Richard King was ele president: Stanley Coffelt. rice-president, and Catherine Hisey. secretary. The Student Council promotes and supervises a majority of the mixers. and also operates concessions. The profits from these activities are divided among the various organizations the school. The council meets on an average of once every two weeks at which time it discusses, under rules of parlimentary procedure, the problems common to both the faculty and student body. K. the the ted all of the The Council presented the school with eight chairs and a large oak table to be used in the study hall as a reference table on which the dictionaries and encyclopedias are placed. The functions of the council are divided among five separate organizations, called squads. The names of the squads and their membership are as follows: Firumce Squa1z', Paul Yager, Chairman. Bill Stuckey. James Lanny. ,lunior Gribler. Social Squad, Treva Miller, Chairman, Betty Ross. Ernestine Callapoo, ,loan Coupland. Dottie Clark, Jack Tester. Robert Crosby Don Rhodes. Bowden, Stanley Coffelt. Clark Pollock, Frank Carothors. Comluct Squad, Maynard Jerome, Chairman Dave McCandlish, Junior Kear, Bill Vlfilkie n Assembly Squad, Mary Margaret Shaffer, Chair- man. Bob Runnion, Bob Milligan, Bob , Discipline Squad, Mary Poling, Chairman. 66 The Excalibur U unzor Class Play 4'AlYYBODY7S CAME" Un lVlarch 21 the Junior Class presented uAnybody's Game". The setting was the Delany Adver- tising Agency where Peggy, lhflarcile Zieglerl, a switchboard operator, finds romance with Jimmy. lArlhur Kuckeinl, a salesman for Aviation Hosiery. He happens to come into the ofhee just after Tyler. tjohn Harden! has been fired, and Peggy has received word that Allison Simmons, a famous space buyer, is not able to accept the job. She persuades Jimmy to try the job under the name of Simmons. Just then Lulu. thllary Polingj, the office Vamp, enters. After she and Jimmy become friends liulu persuades him to join a dance contest which they win. Peggy is surprised to learn that Jimmy and Lulu are engaged. Peggy tells all heir troubles to Helen Martin, tlVlartha Lou Morganl, a fellow worker who is in love with Dennis Briggs, tBob Stetlerl, a refrigerator salesman. ln several scenes Miss Perkins. tlluth Presslerl. an old maid, Eddie, tlsloyd Griflisl, the office boy, and Laura Hale, tjoanne Olberding I , a space seller, are helpful to everyone. Meanwhile there are many problems for Jimmy to solve, and Delaney tlVIcGuire Weave1'l con- siders him a genius. lVlr. Klinghopper, llack Denigl, the owner of Aviation Hosiery appears, is sold advertising space, and another situation is saved. Other clients who have their problems are Palukus. tllob lVlageriI. who finally gets Greta Swinburne, tBetty Bennettl, a Swedish dancer, to endorse his cigarettes: lVlr. Cassidy. lllob Keyserl. whose Wife makes him withdraw his ad, and lVlr. Sid- ney Lewis. ltlhalice Jeroniel. whose business Jimmy saves. The real Mrs. Simmons, ljulia Jonesl, comes to the olhce to see her g'husband". As a result of this visit Lulu renounces the unsuspecting Jimmy. Before she learns that ,Iimmy isrfl lVlr. Simmons after all. Peggy and Jimmy have become engaged. The excellent acting of the cast in solving the problems and misunderstandings made HAny- hodyfs Camel' a play that will he well remembered. Irene Conwell, 740. The Excalibur 67 Senior Class Play "THE ENEMYU 'I he play "The Enemy", possibly the most dramatic production ever attempted by a class of Van Wert High School, was presented May 5, 1939, in the Lincoln Auditorium. The setting of the play is Vienna in early 1914. It is the story of an Austrian family which be- comes entangled in the throes of the World War. Carl Behrend, the young son of the family, is the writer of many unpublished plays. He marries Pauli Arndt before being called to the Front. Fritz Winckleman, the husband of lVlizzi, and ,lan are called to arms along with Carl. Bruce Cordon, an Englishman, who is a very dear friend of the Arndt family, is called to the colors for the Allies. As the war spreads its devastating tentacles of carnage, the living standards of the Arndt family are lowered to a very meager existence. Professor Arndt, the head of the family, bravely keeps his little family going. August Behrend, who is Carlis father, becomes very wealthy from his ill-earned profits of war. Carl is killed and Jan and Fritz return home shell shocked. The play ends with Bruce ar- ranging for the production of Carlis play, "The Enemyf, The cast of the play is as follows: fNames in parenthesis are understudiesfl Carl Behrend ..... Bill Snyder lBob Toddl Pauli Arndt ......... Phyllis Pond tlVlargaret Leidyl August Behrend Don Rhodes Professor Arndt ........ .......... ........................ M u rray DelVloss Bruce Cordon ....... .. ..........................................iY...... Bob Ferris Mizzi Winckleman .. ......... LaVina Reiehard lEleanor Engledueil Fritz Winckleman .... ........................,....i...........,i E ldon Lambert Jan ......................... .....................................i.... C erald Doner Baruska .............. .......... E ythel May Smith tlrene Halefb 68 The Excalibur YYH 1' The Y-Hi Girl Reserves met with two new advisers this year, Miss Ruth Flaler, a new-comer on the faculty, and Mrs. Glen Livingston. The club has been under the leadership of the following officers: President ...................................................................................................... ..... B etty Lou Lininger ViC6-President ,.,.. ,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, M argaret Fox Secretary .......... .,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,.,,, P hyllis Pond Treasurer ...........,...........................................................................,..............,.,..... Rose Ann Roggenkemper The girls have had many interesting programs this year, the St. Patrickls Day Pot-luck, a Style Show, and a devotional program during the Lenten period. The first big event for the girls was the "Touchdown Supperw, given for the football players. At Christmas, Y-Hi girls filled sacks with candy for the Salvation Army and gave two Christmas baskets to needy families. On January 25 the Club helped to sponsor the County Spring Festival, with our girls presenting a symbolic interpretation of the Girl Reserve emblem. The finance committee sponsored a Mexican Chili Supper on March 22, at the Y. W. C. A. to raise money. Two events for the girls in the spring were the county conference at the Y. W. C. A., and the Motheris Day Tea held in honor of the members' mothers. The last program was a lovely farewell to the senior members. This was a perfect ending to 2 perfect year. G. A. A. Anticipating a brilliant and prosperous future, the G. A. A. carried out successfully the plans and activities of another school year under the conscientious leadership of a new faculty member, Miss Betty Borchers-assisted by Miss Betty Flannery. The Girls' Athletic Association resolved that new members would be secured and they succeeded in finding twenty-six new members, in addition to the sixty or sixty-five old members. Programs, pot-luck suppers, guest speakers, business and social meetings, skits, group singing, round table discussions, musical numbers, and contests comprised the activities of the Association. The organization sponsored several penny lunches and dances that proved real successes. G. A. A. also presented a Christmas Assembly December 22, for the student body. The sports the girls participated in this year were soccer, badminton, basketball, volleyball, and shuffleboard, with interclass tournaments in each. Lighter exercises such as biking, ping pong, skat- ing, hiking, tennis, and swimming were also a part of the yearis program. The largest and most successful undertaking this year was the Ninth Annual Basketball Ban- quet. At this time the girls, awards were made by Miss Borchers, and the boys' awards by Coach Livingston. The cabinet this year included the following girls: Alice Rose Hisey, president, Ernestine Gallapoo, vice-president, Mary Poling, secretary-trea- surerg and Dorothy Coupland, Freshman representative. So another successful year of the Girls' Athletic Association has been completed. Here's to more power and success for the club in future years. The Excalibur 69 H z'- Y Under the leadership of the officers who were elected last May, the Hi-Y has completed another successful year. The officers elected at that time were Paul Yager, president, Bill Stuckey, vice-presi- dentg and Gerald Doner, secretary-treasurer. Our club was well represented at the Hi-Y training camps. ln June Bill Stuckey was sent to Berea, Kentucky, to the National Hi-Y Congress. ln August, Gerald Doner and Paul Yager went to Camp Nelson Dodd, the State Hi-Y training camp, for ten days of enjoyable vacation and intensive study of Hi-Y methods. At one of the early meetings the members voted to request Mr. Lamy to act as the spiritual ad- viser of the club. After accepting the duty Mr. Lamy acted in that capacity for the remainder of the year. ln the early fall and again on April ll, we were hosts to the members of the Hi-Y clubs from our eighth district at a district council meeting and banquet. There were nearly one hundred boys at each of these meetings so you can see that the Hi-Y is no little affair. For the theme of our programs this year we had Vocational Guidance, in the hope that this would be beneficial to those of our members who were still undecided as to their life work. Accordingly, we prepared to present our programs for the year. We were fortunate in obtaining as speakers outstand- ing members of each of the professions and vocations. These representatives presented to us the ad- vantages, disadvantages, and the training necessary for his life-work. After each of the talks a round table discussion was held and the speakers answered questions put by the interested members. Some of the subjects and their respective representatives were: Education, Superintendent C. D. Fox, Law, Attorney S. S. Beard, Medicine, Dr. W. C. Smithg Salesmanship, Mr. J. K. Pettijohng Labor, Paul Wyandtg Department Store Retailing, Mr. Ralph Rawlings, and Retail Grocer, E. B. King. At the close of the year the members agreed that the theme was a profitable as Well as an interest- mg one. Following the traditional custom the club presented the Easter Assembly to the High School on April 5. On the program, Murray D'eMoss acted as chairman, Bob Bowden told of the history of Hi-Y, and Dick King told of the activities of our club this year. Murray then introduced Hal V. Hunt who presented an exceptionally interesting and worth-while talk. Much of the success and progress of our club can be attributed directly to the unselfish and tire- less leadership of our faculty advisers, Mr. Gallapoo and Mr. Mason. May We take this opportunity to assure them that we are truly grateful for their help during the past year. This closes another year of the Hi-Y. We Seniors feel proud and a little bit better, as a result of having been associated with an organization of such high ideals as Hi-Y, in our last year at Van Wert V3CIub The veteran members of the MVN Club, consisting of Murray DeMoss, Don Gribler, Maynard Jerome, Bill Kennedy, Eldon Lambert, Don Rhodes, and Tom Showalter, met at the beginning of the school year and elected Bill Kennedy as president. The lnduction for the new members who made their letters in football was held December 12 at the Lutheran Church. The new members were Robert Bowden, Bill Brown, Stanley Coffelt, Robert Lindemann, Harry McKeddie, Bill Snyder, Bill Stuckey, Nolen Stuckey, Leroy Terry, and Jack Tester. fSee page 60.1 The initiation ceremony consisted of an induction address by Dr. E. E. Snyder followed by the showing of motion pictures by Coach C. D. Campbell. The guests were C. D. Fox, C. P. Bowdle, Charles Ross, and Charles Campbell. The ceremony was also attended by Coach Glen H. Livingston, the Clubis adviser. The social calendar included a theater party and a farewell party given at the Betty Ann for Bob Lindemann who moved to Chicago. The Club also attended all the home basketball games in a body wearing their "VN sweaters. This provided the members with good reserved seats and the team with about fifteen of the loudest and most constantly cheering rooters. At the close of the basketball season the following boys, who earned their letters in basketball, were admitted to the V-Club: Ben Beemer, Bob PH um, and Paul Yager. Glen Custer and Jack Denig, managers for basketball and football respectively, were also admitted. High. 70 T he Excalibur 3rd Row: Mr. Jones. Robert Manship. Howard Prill. Vernon Medaugh. Patty Richey. Janet Jerome, Lois Boyd. Bill llartnon. Hit-liurd King. Bill Stnckey, Bob Owens. 2nd How: Br-rniee Book. Mildred Stripe. Betty Murray, Ruth Smith. Doris Jordon. Mary Klinger. .Ianit-e Merriss, Mary Hesor. Ida Myers. Annahell McNew, Amy Mae Grandstafl. Bonny Hale. Mary Beverly. lst How: RmI10liver.Virginia Graham. Grace Black, Dorothy Goodwin. Marjorie Glander. Madeline Evans, Gloris Ford. Betty K1-ar, Peggy Easterling. Catherine Hisey. Irene Gonwell. Helen Beemer. Patty Scott. T he Van Wert Hzgh School Chorus Under the ahle direction of Professor James H. Jones, the Van Wert High Sehool Chorus made at successful how to the public- hy giving the operetta '4King KoKo,'. The setting of k'King Koko" was the South Sea Islands with Bill Stuckey as the Cannibal King. The plot ventered around a young school teacher from San Francisco. Sally Harrison tEsther Shafferj g a pilot. ,lohnny Darell tllivk King!! L a salesman for the Nlainmoth Electrical Supply Company, j. Fin- ston Whizzle tHarry lVlcKeddietg Gissie and Bruz Van der Fish, spoiled children of rich parents lHoxanna Eaton, Evan Newherryl: the governess of the two Children tlrene Conwelllg La Goona, King Koko's daughter llVliriam Gillespietg and King Koko's favorite warrior. Ono tBob Stetlert. The white people make a forced landing on King Kokois island and when Ono attempts to make love to Sally, Johnny knocks him down. After this, the King decides to make them the renter of at- traction at a eannihal feast. J. lfinston Whizzle saves his friends from their fate by marrying La Goona and feeding the King ice cream, tsomething he had never before eatenl. Sally and Johnny find that they love each other and everyone decides to remain on the cannibal isle after they have finished modernizing: it. The leading characters were supported by an able cast. Mr. Gerald Bowen was in eharge of the production. 6 .T 6 T Qi-5 Q-a t The Excalibur 71 -hh Row: James Eraylick, Bill Snyder, Junior Zinsmaster. 3rd Row: Mr. Jones, Everett Summersett, McGuire Weaver, Joe Agler, Robert Keyser, Robert Stetler, Dick King, Evan Newberry. James Monroe, Keith Milheim. John Shoop, Maynard Jerome, Harold Agler. 2nd Row: Ethyl Mae Smith, Alice Carey, Jean Blanke, Jacqueline Hartley, Mary Brown, Virginia Lewis, Au- drey Saam. Margaret Miller, Margaret Cotlman, Marjorie Hoverman, Dorothy Starkey, Miriam Cillispie, Esther Shaffer. lst How: Joyce Downs. Marguerite Thatcher, Amy Bell Emails, Katherine Gentry, Dorothy Uhl, Constance Sold- ner. Velora Agler. Margaret Dunifon, Doris lmler. Kathleen Scott. Rose Ann Roggenkemper, Mary Margaret Shaffer. During the Music Week in April, the Chorus gave a recital of the numbers they planned to sing at the May Festival to be held at the Marsh Foundation May 9. The eight schools participating in this festival were Delphos, Kenton, St. Maryls, Celina, Ohio City, Willshire, Van We1't, and the Marsh Foundation. Both the orchestra and choruses attended. There were three sessions, the first of which was a rehearsal held in the morning. The second was held in the afternoon when each school gave in- dividual numbers. ln the evening, a massed orchestra played and the audience enjoyed a massed chorus of four hundred voices. A group from the chorus, including Seniors, sang class songs at the graduation exercises, adding much to the ceremony. All in all, the Chorus has aided in bettering our school and in making it more widely known. Mary Margaret Shaffer. izzzl.-.,,E,. I K-my . ts I 3555" 'J Q '- - ' s QSQ i""f sq ' t-rs19'1K 79 The Excalibur Band Another year has just passed in which the music-minded citizens of Van Wert and student body of Van Wert High School can be proud of the band organization. Sixty-five musicians clad in their scarlet and grey uniforms produced many gay and colorful per- formances at the football games on our own gridiron and the Helds of opponents. At the Van Wert- Celina Armistice Day Game, the band presented a new formation in the form of a bow and arrow, the arrow composed of band members being shot to the middle of the field, breaking up the "C" forma- tion, which had been formed by the Van Wert Junior Band. For these activities alone the band and Mr. Wolfe deserve hearty hearty congratulations. On October 31, 1938, the band journeyed to the Paulding Fall Festival to capture the first prize. The band competed against the Hicksville, Oakwood, Paulding and Payne bands. Franklin Wyandt, the bandls high-stepping drum major, won first prize for being the best drum major at the festival. On March 6 and 7 the Annual Band Concert was presented in the Lincoln Auditorium. A colonial mansion furnished the setting for the concert. An added feature of this year's concert was the broadcast of the Senior Band over WOWO. This broadcast, which lasted a half an hour, was sponsored by the Band Boosters Association. 'gOur hearty thanks to themf, On March 13 the district music contest of the North Western Ohio Band Association was held at Springfield, Ohio. Those participating in this event were ,lack Klendworth, C-flat saxaphone solo, Julian Lindsay, trumpet solo, and Howard Wise, sousaphone solo. They received the rating of very good. Billie Wilkie, baritone solo, and Dale Larue, tenor saxaphone solo, received excellent ratings, thus entitling them to enter the state contest at Oberlin. Julian Lindsay, Clarence Royce, and Wendall Burnett entered in a trumpet ensemble. They received the rating of very good. Eileen Zotz and Har- riet Kenyon accompanied them as pianists. On May 18 and 19 the band attended the Annual Band Festival at Lima. Ohio City, Crestline, Bucyrus, Lima Central, Coldwater, Paulding and Shelby were the other bands which participated in the festival. Mr. Cliffe Bainum from Northwestern University was the guest conductor at the mass concert. To the bands to come we offer this year's band as a challenge to achieve higher goals in this musical department of Van Wert High School. Mary Louise Morehead. The Excalibur 73 L Qrchestra Our orchestra, under the professional leadership of Mr. Leonard Wolfe, is proud of its accomp- lishments and the opportunities with which it has served its school and community. It is the general purpose of our high school orchestra to he effeciently prepared and willing to present concerts when requested. As an organization and individually, We have endeavored to present our appreciation of the value of music in the educational curriculum of our high school. Our orchestra is a symhol of highest musical development and with the enlargement of our repertoire we have made noteworthy improve- ment in this yearis orchestra. We are always happy and thrilled to perform in public and it gives us a feeling of great pride to he permitted to serve our school, city churches, civic eluhs, and other puhlie gatherings. We had the pleasure of presenting concerts for the Kiwanis and Rotary Cluhs. Selections hy the orchestra were introductory to the high school plays and operettas. The l939 orchestra participated in the High School Chorus and Orchestra Festival at the Marsh School auditorium. A striking feature of this yearis orchestra accomplislnnents was the puhlic concert given in connection with National Music Week. This gave the orchestra an opportunity to present its best class of music to an appreciative audience. The following students made up the personnel of this year's thirty-piece orchestra. Violins: Bernice Bell. Alice Beck, Thad Hall, ,lack Klendworth, Glen Poling, Betty Ross, Rich- ard Steimnetz, Betty ,lean Urton, Carol Willmert, Virginia Zotz, Eileen Zotz, Firnestine Lake, Clarinets: Ruhy Holland, Patty Ann Crouseg Alto Saxaphone: Dale Lalilueg Alto Clarinet: Richard Feigert, Ohoe: Harriett Kenyon, Flutes: Helen Marie Wise, Betty Stevens, Trumpets: Julian Lindsay, Wen- dell Burnettg Tromhone: Rohert Milligan, String Bass: Rohert Ferris, Bass: Howard Wiseg Drums: Andy Anderson, joe Wolf, Timpani: Craydon Lee, Piano: Catherine Hisey. We hope the high school orchestra may continue to further the musical education of many stu- dents. We' look forward confidently to a higger and lietter orchestra in coming years. 5239 , I Harriett Kenyon. ,iff fi. aw? t e 79? 74 The Excalibur Victory Dance Under a forest canopy, to the soft melodic strains of Frankie Schenkas orchestra, Snow Wliite and the Seven Dwarfs, on lxehalf of the Class of l939, welcomed as their guests, the Seniors, to an eve- ning in the land of make-helieve. ln the depths of the wishing well, reflections of happy faces and danc- ing eyes rippled softly. The squirrels and rabbits peered cautiously from the underhrush watching the dancers whose gaiety not even the wicked witch-queen could dampen. The grand march was led hy our Junior Class president, Richard King, and his guest Miss Ern- estine Callapoo. At the end of the grand march, our president welcomed the Seniors, to which wel- come the Senior president, Franklin Dippery, responded. And the dance was on. After several dances Miss Eleanor lngledue was Chosen as reigning Queen Snow Vtfhite of the evening. To complete the picture, four ,Iunior High girls, Betsy Brumhack, Dorothy Grace Coupland. Barbara Lou Allen. and Barbara Clark, costumed as Snow Whites, assisted with the refreshments. Our talented artist, Jeanette Crippen, aided hy Betty Carsten, had created life size figures of Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs and the wicked witch to serve as screens for the orchestra. The merriment of the evening continued until the magic hour when with a sly nod to the or- chestra, the wicked witch caused them to slip into the strains of 'gCood Night Ladiesi' and our Prom of i938 was history. G-aw as in 76 The Excalibur Baccalaureate Prog ram May 28, 1939 - 6:30 P. M. Processional, "March of the Braves" ......,..........................,,.. ..,... J . S. Zamecnili Van Wert High School Band Invocation .....................,................................,....................... ....... R ev. F. I. Wilmert Anthem, '6Lift Up Your Heads" ...........,......w..................v. ....... ................. E m ersou High School Chorus Scripture Lesson .........,..,............................,.................. ...,.,.. R ev. Paul M. Niswandel' Baccalaureate Sermon, "Wider Horizons .............. Dr. E. E. Snyder Anthem, "My Task" ..................,...............................,....... ............... A Shf0rd High School Chorus Benedlction .......................,,... ................,.......................... ......... R e v. J. O. Rhodes Recessional, "March Noblen .,..............r..,.................,,..,......... ...... C hristian Bach Van Wert High School Band Commencemen t Prog ram June 2, 1939 - 6:30 P. M. Processional, "Pomp and Circumstancew .............................. ...,... E dward Elgar Van Wert High School Band Invocation .............................................................................. ......... R ev. John H. Lamy Cornet Duet, "Ida and Dottie Polka" .,..........,....................... ............... F . H. Losey Julian Lindsay - Clarence Royce 6'Class Songn ...... .........................................,............... ....... P a ul Bliss Senior Group Class Address . .....,..................................,............................. "What Is Impossible?', Dr. E. E. Lewis, Professor of Education, Ohio Statez University Presentation of Class ...... ....................,........ ............,. ......... M r . C. P. Bowdle Presentation of Diplomas ...........................,.................,...... ,,,., M r. E. B. King President, Board of Education Benediction .......................................................................................... Dr. J. W. Danford Recessional, Grand March "University" ....................,........... Edwin Franko Goldman Van Wert High School Band The Excalibur viv- J 5 ' 5 -s x- Q X ' say. I-' .v .-, 78 The Excalzbur Class Calendar 18-C. A. A. Cabinet meeting. SEPTEMBER First Hi-Y meeting and elec- Mon. 12-School begins. Assembly. tion of officers. Monster Introduction of new faculty football rally at Schineis. members. Welcome, Fresh- 19-Sophomores taking Psycho- men! logical test. Don't you envy 13-Had a swell assembly today. them? 14-Getting into the swing of 20-Boys are playing touch things. football. 15-Class advisers announced. 21-Assembly in study hall. 16-Assembly this m 0 rn i n g. Freshmen C. A. A. meeting. Cheer leaders elected. We beat Wapakoneta 13-0 Mon. 19-Y-Hi meeting. Girls begin to take Traveling Trophy. soccer games. Mon. 24?G. R. Cabinet meeting at Y. 20-Election of officers. G. A. A. 25-G. A. A. meeting. Hi-Y Cabinet meeting. meeting. 21-Back to the same old grind. 26-Shh! We receive our grade 22-Students from Marsh attend cards. Ohio State-Chicago football 27-Student Council meeting. game. 28-Pep meeting. Scarlet Quill. 23-Pep session this morning. We play Lima Central to- Play Adrian, Michigan to- night. We won 26-0. night. CWe won 20-01. 29-Cougar Reserves play Lima Mon. 26-Assembly today. Y-Hi Cab- Central Reserves at Lima. inet meeting. Band Mothers We won 6-0. Halloween party. Mon. 31-Halloween. The band went 27-G. A. A. Meeting tonight. to Paulding- Won 2 first More school: So what? prizes. 29 Esghfootball game tomorrow NOVEMBER I 30-PCP assembll' this morning- 1--C. A. A. Cabinet meeting. Beat PCffY5bU1'g 130- Hi-Y hosts at disgrict ban- quet at Y. M. C. . OCTOBER 2-Student Council meeting. Mon. 3-G. R. Club at Y. W. C. A. 3-Assembly in study hall. No 4'-G. A. A. Cabinet meeting. school tomorrow. 5-G. A. A. had six mile bike 4-Teachers meeting in Toledo. hike. Dad's day game. Beat St. 6-Class election campaigning Marys 13-0. running hot and wild. C. A. 5-Band and football team at- A. girls still hiking. tend Ohio State - Purdue 7-Election of class oiiicers. football game. Pep assembly this morning. Mon. 7-Girls start badminton tour- G. R. Cabinet meeting. Beat nament. Bluffton19-0. 8-Hi-Y meeting. Meeting of Mon. 10-Class officers announced. Ju- the G. A. A. nior Ring and Pin Commit- 9-Still playing badminton. tee meeting. G. M. meeting. 10-Scarlet Quill. C. A. A. Cabinet meeting. 11-Had an assembly and held 11-Juniors selected class rings. an Armistice celebration. We 12-First issue of Scarlet Quill. beat Celina in football 53-7. Fire drill. Mon. 14--G. R. Cabinet meeting. Foot- 13-School still here. ball pictures taken. 14-We had a wow of an assem- 15-Hi-Y meeting. bly. Play at Bellefontaine 16-Time stands still! tonight. CWe won 6-03. 17--C. A. A. Cabinet meeting. Mon. 17--G. R. meeting at the Y. 18-Pep assembly. G. A. A. The Excalibur 79 Mon. Mon. Penny lunch. Play Kenton tonight. fWe won 32-OJ. 19-"Chuck,' Taylor headed Bas- ketball Clinic. 21--Varsity basketball starts. G. R. meeting. 22-Hi-Y meeting. 23-Assembly this m o r n i n g. Scarlet Quill. 24-Vacation. Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. Snow! B o y s clean field. 25-Thanksgiving Day. We play Montpelier. We won 20-0. Team undefeated, and State champs. 28-G. R. meeting. V Club meet- mg. 29-Football squad meeting. Hi- Y meeting. 30-Football banquet. 17 letter men. DECEMBER 2-New dance orchestra plays for first mixer. Jitterbug contest. 2-3-4--Hi-Y boys attend Ohio Con- Mon. Mon. Mon. ference at Massillon. 5-Y-Hi Girl Reserves. Juniors are wearing their new rings. 6-Hi-Y meeting. G. A. A. girls had a meeting after school. 7-Student Council meeting. As- sembly this morning. Grade cards. 8-V Club meeting. Chamber of Commerce Football Ban- quet. Coach Lynn Waldorf guest speaker. Lord Elgin watches presented to coaches. 9-Scarlet Quill. Operetta King Koko. 12-G. R. Cabinet meeting. V Club induction and banquet. 13-Boy's inter-mural basketball starts. Hi-Y Ladies' Night and pot-luck. Band Mothers Xmas party. 14-V Club meeting. 15--G. A. A. play practice. 16-Assembly this morning. Beat Greenville 28-12. 19-G. R. will go carolling to- night. 20-Banking today. V a r s i t y played Decatur. 21-Shh! We lost last night. 22-G. A. A. girls present skit in Assembly. Wheel Christ- Mon. Mon. Mon. Mon. mas vacation begins. 27-Snow Ball. 30-Y. W. Christmas Party. JANUARY 1-New Year's. 2-Masonic Dance. 3-Banking today. G. A. A. Cabinet meeting. Hi-Y meet- ing. 4--National Honor S 0 c i e t y meeting. 5-G. A. A. meeting. 6-Assembly this morning. Stu- dent Council meeting. V Club meeting. Mixer. We play St. Marys tonight. Won 29-18. 7-We play Bryan tonight. Lost 36-26. 9-G. R. Cabinet meeting. 10-Excalibur Staff meeting. Hi- Y Club tonight. G. A. A. meeting. 11-Boys are playing basketball. 12-No news today. Sorry! 13-Friday the 13th. Pep session this morning. V Club meet- ing. We play Bellefontaine tonight. Lost T r a v el in g Trophy by 29-18 score. 16-G. R. meeting. 17-Hi-Y meeting. G. A. A. Cab- inet meeting. 18-V Club meeting. 19-Weive got a new crop of jitterbugs. 20-Assembly this morning. We play Lima Central tonight. Lost. 23-First day of the second sem- ester. G. R. Cabinet meet- ing. 24--Banking today. G. A. A. meeting. Hi-Y meeting to- night. 25-Grade cards today. Y-Hi County "Spring Festival." 26-Hangover from yesterday. 27--Assembly. Scarlet Quill. We play Celina tonight. Won. 28-V Club theater party. 29-V Club Farewell Party for Bob Lindemann. 30-President's Birthday Ball. FEBRUARY 1-Student Council meeting. 2-G. A. A. Cabinet meeting. 99691 -, 6 Juv' t . 80 The Excalzbur 3-Assembly this afternoon. We Council meeting. lnvitations play Wapakoneta tonight. chosen. Won 31-29. Mon. 13-G. R. St. Patrick's pot-luck 4-We play Kenton tonight. tonight. Won 35-29. 14-Banking today. Basketball Mon. 6-C. A. A. Program committee banquet. meeting. 15-Swell affair last night. 7-Banking today. C. A. A. 16-Senior band members given meeting. We play at Bryan banquet. tonight. Lost 46-36. 17-We had an assembly this 8-Assembly this morning. afternoon. Mixer tonight. 9-C. R. meeting. Mon. 20-Assembly this morning. Na- 10-Basketball at Dehance to- tional Honor Society meet- night. Lost 43-23. ing. Y-Hi meeting. Mon. 13-New table and chairs for 21-Banking today. G. A. A. study hall. G. R. meeting. meeting. Sophomores win Father-Daughter Banquet at "Bn League championship. Rotary. 22-Dorothy Jean Clark chosen 14-Banking today. National as candidate for Peony Honor Society meeting. Hi-Y Queen. Chili supper tonight meeting. at Y. W. C. A. Boys Senior 15-Jello again! class play try-outs. 16-Resting up for the game. 23-Assembly this m o r n i n g. 17-Scarlet Quill. Mixer. We Girls Senior class play try- play at Bluffton tonight. De- outs. feated 43-32. 24-Junior assembly this morn- Mon. 20-C. R. Cabinet meeting. Stu- ing. Junior class play "Any- dent Council meeting. As- bodyis Camev. sembly today. Mon. 27-G. R. meeting. 21-Play Ada tonight. Won 41- 28-French assembly. Hi-Y 21. meeting. G. A. A. Cabinet 22-No school, Washington's meeting. birthday. 30-Saving pennies. 23-Vacation? 1Cone with the 31iC. A. A. penny lunch. wind.J 24-Semi-finals of County Tour- APRIL nament. Ohio City and Will- shire won. - - 25-County Tournament finals. Mon' gablgzaiaigleetgliembl, Qhlo City Wins' tliis inoifning. gi l Mon' 27hBlg Week end' 5-Scarlet Quill. Assembly this morning. Student Council MARCH meeting. 6-Senior football team meet- 1-The proverbial lion entered. ing. 2-National Honor Society ln- 7-Vacation for Easter. duction assembly this morn- Mon. 10-Still vacation. ing. Rev. Lamy, speaker. 11-Banking today. Hi-Y Dis- 3-Scarlet Quill. Lost to Bryan trict Banquet tonight. C. R. 47-29 in tournament. style show. Mon. 6-C. R. Cabinet meeting. Band Concert. Broadcasted over WOWO. 7-Banking today. C. A. A. meeting. Band Concert sec- ond night. 8-Crade cards today. 946. A. A. meeting. fBryan wins district tournamentj 10-Excalibur meeting. Student Mon. 12-Activities Ticket Campaign started. 13-Still going strong. 14-Mixer tonight. 17-Wittenberg College Concert Orchestra gave an assembly. 18-Assembly this morning. C. R. meeting. Hi-Y meeting. 19-Grade cards today. 20-Sophomore Assembly. The Excalibur 81 Mon. 21-S c a r l et Quill. Activities ticket contest closes, Sopho- mores victors. 24'-G. R. meeting. 25-Banking today. G. A. A. meeting. Schineis Drum Ma- jor Contest. 26- 27-Student Council meeting. 28-Senior-Varsity Spring foot- ball game. Seniors won 19- O. MAY Mon. 1-G. R. Cabinet meeting. Pro- fessor Hamlin of Columbus spoke at the Assembly. 2-Banking today. Eighth Grade Visitation day. F 0 o t b a l l meeting. Senior Hi-Y meet- ing tonight. 3-G. R. election of officers. Mon. Mon. Preview of the Senior Class play. 4-Underclassmen registration. 5-Last issue of the Scarlet Quill. Senior Class Play. 8-Y-Hi Boy and Girl Party. 9-May Festival at Marsh. 10-Selection of Peony Queen. 11- 12-Hi-Y Ladies' Night. 15- 16-Bandls Booster Banquet at Y. W. C. A. 17-Marsh Party for Seniors. 18- 19-Band Festival at Lima Cen- tral. Mon. 22- Mon. X16-:V'09C'K.6 steer' J . f 1 if N -Q0 23- 24- 25-Good Old Excalibur. 26-Junior and Senior Prom. 29-Elks, Party. 31-- The Excalibur lass of 1937 Ackom, Billie Louise, Lima, Ohio-Married. Allen, Margaret, Bowling Green, Ohio-Bowling Green College. Baer, William, Van Wert, Ohiogflhio Theater. Baker, Mary Frances, Van Wert, Ohio-Morris 5 81 10c Store. Baxter, Dorothy, Ada, Ohio-Ohio Northern University. Bauer, Florence, Van Wert, Ohio-High School Principal's Office Bebout, Edna, Van Wert, Ohio-Morris 5 81 l0c Store. Boettger, Audrey, Van Wert, Ohio-Teaching Music. Bowden, Juanita, Van Wert, Ohio-Kennedy Kit Office. Brown, Miriam, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Brubaker, Geraldine, Dayton, Ohio-Nurses' Training. Burley, Robert, Van Wert, Ohio-N. Y. A. Chambers, Elinor, Van Wert, Ohio. Chidester, Paul, Van Wert, Ohio-Giffin College. Chubb, Mary Elizabeth, Van Wert. Ohio-Married. Clarke, Henry, New Philadelnhia, Ohio. Cress, Enid, Oxford, Ohio-Miami University. Davis, Sam, Cincinnati, Ohio-Working. Devine, Peg, Bellefontaine, Ohio. Doring, Leo, Van Wert, Ohio-Purdy Motor Sales. Drake, Helen, Van Wert, Ohio-Domestic. Dudley, Meta Louise, Fort Wayne, lndiana-wStudying Nursing. Edwards, Mariorie, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home Elzy, Edna, Van Wert, Ohio-Mu1'Dhy's 5 81 l0c Store. Forrest, Esther, Van Wert, Ohio-Married. Fox, Fred, Oxford, Ohio-Miami University. Freyermuth, Marcile, Van Wert, Ohio-N. Y. A. Friemoth, Rita, Lima. Ohio-Nurses, Training. Fuerst, Harold, Van Wert. Ohio--Marsh Foundation. Fulmer, Frank, Detroit, Michigan-fMontgornery Ward. Gauvey, Louise, Winona. Minnesota-College. Gross, Jed, Van Wert, Ohio-Grihler's Dairy. Gunsett, Harry, Columbus, Ohio-Ohio State University. Goings, Everett, Van Wert, OhiohMiller-Jones Shoe Store. Harrow, Owen, Oxford. Ohio-Miami University. Hattery, Roselyn, Van Wert, Ohio-Central Manufacturers, Ins. Hisey, Mary, Van Wert, Ohio-Married. Hoghe, Gayle, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Hoghe, Ivan, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Horther, Mary, Van Wert, Ohio-Simon's Office. Houser, Doris. Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Huston, Betty Joe, Van Wert, Ohio-Morris 5 81 l0c Store. Jensen, Edith. Jerome. Max, Van Wert, Ohio-Clarkis Shoe Store. Kear, Margaret. Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Kear, Richard, Van Wert, Ohio-Sandwich Cafe. Keipper, Lawrence-Navy. Kennedy, Charles, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Kennedy. Ruth, Angola, Indiana--Tri-State College. Kiehl, Arthur, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Kiehl, Charles, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. King, Jill, Dayton. Ohio. Kohn. Margaret, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Koogle. Thomas. Van Wert. Ohio-Karr's Business School. Lamb, Maurice. Van Wert, Ohio-Montgomery Ward. Lee, Virginia, Van Wert, Ohio-Married. Lower, Charles, Van Wert, Ohio-Times Bulletin. McCray, Robert, Van Wert, Ohio-Dorman's Taxi. . The Excalibur Meyette, Donald, Van Wert, Ohio-Penney's. Murphy, Annalee, Van Wert, Ohio-Central Mfgfs Insurance Oechsle, Ralph, Alaska-University of Alaska. Owens, Betty-Ann, Van Wert, Ohio-Times Bulletin. Palmer, Robert, Van Wert, Ohio-E-Jay Evans. Pickering, Helen, Van Wert, Ohio. Pierce, Esther-Flo, Van Wert, Ohio-Domestic. Potter, Elmer-Navy. Potter, Henrietta, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Preston, Robert, Van Wert, Ohio-Kennedy Kit Purk, Ruth, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Putman, Lowayne, Van Wert, Ohio-Kennedy Kit. Rauch, Don, Cleveland, Ohio-Dramatic Art School. Ross, Paul, Van Wert Ohio-Container Company. Rowell, Don, Van Wert, Ohio-Equity Dairy Store. Runnion, Ralph, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Saam, Dorothy, Van Wert, Ohio-Central Mfg: Insurance. Salsburey, George, Van Wert, Ohio-Marsh Foundation. Shaffer, Betty, Van Wert, Ohio-Office Van Wert Mfg. Co. Shank, Lillian. Shiveley, Margaret, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Shock, James, Oxford, Ohio--Miami University. Snyder, Betty, Springfield, Ohio-Wittenberg College. Steel, Mary Kathern, Van Wert, Ohio. Studebaker, Paul, Van Wert, Ohio-Balyeatis Restaurant. Tate, Mary, Milwaukee, Wisconsin-Office. Thomas, Leannah, Van Wert, Ohio-Domestic. Tossey, Junior, Van Wert, Ohio-Giflin College. Trapp, Richard, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Uhrich, Lois, Van Wert, Ohio-Central Mfgfs Insurance. Uncapher, Clarence, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Uncapher, Urban, Van Wert, Ohio-Schine's Theater. Walters, Dale, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Wehage, Herman, Van Wert, Ohio-Brooks Landscape Gardner Williams, Eleanor, Van Wert, Ohio-Domestic. Wise, Marian, Van Wert, Ohio-People's Bank. Class of 1938 Acheson, Elizabeth, Van Wert, Ohio-Bowers' Drug Store. Allgire, Harold, Toledo, Ohio- Atha, Charles, Cincinnati, Ohio- Baer, Marcile, Van Wert, Ohio-P.W.A. Oflice. Baird, Jean, Van Wert, Ohio-Marsh Foundation Ofiice. Baxter, Robert, Van Wert, Ohio-Central Mfg. Co. Baxter, Ruth-Nurses, Training. Bebout, Mary, Van Wert,,Ohio-At Home. Beck, Stephen, Van Wert, Ohio-Container Co. Black, Esther, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Blake, Isabel, Van Wert, Ohio-Thomas Gift Shop. Blanke, Richard, Van Wert, Ohio-Post Graduate. Boettger, Marjorie, Van Wert, Ohio-Secretary. Bolinger, Kenneth, Van Wert, Ohio-Post Graduate. Bowers, Gerald, Van Wert, Ohio-Kennedy Kit. Bowers, Jane, Ada, Ohio-Ohio Northern University. Boyer, Marjorie, Van Wert. Ohio-Karrls Business School Brittsan, Janet, Van Wert, Ohio-Bowers' Drug Store. Brotherwoocl, James, Van Wert, Ohio-Times Bulletin. Brubaker, Raymond, Westerville, Ohio-Otterbein College Buechner, Clair, Van Wert, Ohio-Container Co. I I -ei J The Excalibur Carter, Eugene, Van Wert, Ohio-Kennedy Kit. Chambers, Juanita, Van Wert, Ohio-Schine's Theater. Collins, Mary Katherine, Van Wert, Ohio-Collins' Grocery. Comer, Leroy, Van Wert, Ohio-Grenamier News Agency. Cox, Calvin, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Conn, Alice, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Corathers, Ruth, Cincinnati, Ohio-Working. Crowe, Mildred, Van Wert, Ohio-Balyeat's Coffee Shop. Cryer, Lois, Van Wert, Ohio--At Home. Dally, Benjamin, Bluffton, Ohio-Working. Dally, Richard, Florida. DeWeese, Mary, Van Wert, Ohio-Morris 100 Store. DeWeese, Richard, Van Wert, Ohio-Stoopis Canning Factory. Dippery, Franklin, Granville, Ohio-Dennison University. Dodge, Dorothy, Denver, Colorado-Beauty School. Duprey, Robert, Columbus, Ohio-Ohio State University. Easterling, Carl, Van Wert, Ohio-Kennedy Kit. Eaton, Hugh, Lima, Ohio. Edmiston, Eldyne, Van Wert, Ohio-Post Graduate. Edsall, Violette, Van Wert, Ohio-Karr's Business School. Eichar, Eloine, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Eister, Ralph, Van Wert, Ohio-Gribler's Dairy. Feigert, Eugene, Van Wert, Ohio-Van Wert Clothing Co. F eigert, Marion, Columbus, Ohio-Ohio State University. Fell, William, Van Wert, Ohio-Atlantic 81 Pacific Tea Co. Finch, Betty, Jackson, Mich.-Jackson Junior College. Fitzsimmons, Sam, Van Wert, Ohio-Schine's Theater. Foote, Donald, Columbus, Ohio-Ohio State University. Ford, Gilford, Van Wert, Ohio--Kennedy Kit. Ford, Vetha, Van Wert, Ohio-Montgomery Ward Sz Co. Fox, Eleanor, Van Wert, Ohio-Karr's Business School. F rericks, Carol, Columbus, Ohio-Working in an Office. Fugate, Evalyn, Fort Wayne, Ind.-Beauty Culture School. Gallaway, Everett, Van Wert, Ohio--At Home. Glander, Lester, Van Wert, Ohio--Dake's Cafe. Good, Marguerite, Van Wert, Ohio-Central Mfg. Co. Grant, Joan, Lima, Ohio-State Highway Department. Greenewald, Raymond, Angola, Ind.-Tri-State College. Grunewald, Evelyn, Van Wert, Ohio-Office, Sinclair Station. Haines, Louis, Van Wert, Ohio--Dunson Supply Co. E Halverson, Charlotte, Fort Wayne, Ind.-Business School. Hammond, Helyn, Bowling Green, Ohio-Bowling Green College Harmon, Charlotte, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Harting, Virginia, Van Wert, Ohio-Central Mfg. Co. Holbrook, Dennis, Van Wert, Ohio-Decorator. Inwood, lla, Van Wert, Ohio-Married. Jackson, Junior, Van Wert, Ohio-Jackson Moving Co. Jenkins, Velma, Lima, Ohio-Nurses' Training School. Johnson, Romaine, Van Wert, Ohio-Married. Jones, Elizabeth, Van Wert, Ohio-Home. Jordan, Anna, Detroit, Mich.-Indemnity Life Insurance Co. Kinkle, Dennis, Van Wert, Ohio-Container Co. Knoll, Charles, Van Wert, Ohio. Knoll, Mildred, Springfield, Ohio-Nursesi Training. Korn, Robert, Fort Wayne, Ind.-Atlantic 81 Pacific Tea Co. Kouts, Eloise, Cincinnati, Ohio-Working. Kreischer, Fern, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Kreischer, Gertrude, Van Wert, Ohio-N.Y.A. Office. Linton, Irene, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. McCandlish, Margaret, Van Wert, Ohio-Post Graduate. McClure, Mary Evelyn, Van Wert, Ohio-Mr. Shaffer's Office The Excalibur McConahay, Helyn-Married. McCoy, Richard, Van Wert, Ohio-Container Co. Marsh, Kathryn-Married. Maxson, Helyn, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Medaugh, Clifford, Van Wert, Ohio-Bowers, Drug Store. Miller, Mary Elizabeth, Van Wert, Uhio-Morris 10c Store. Miller, Paul, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Miller, Richard, Van Wert, Ohio-Kennedy Kit. Mitchener, Frederick, Van Wert, Ohio-Coffman Electric Shop. Mooney, Betty Ann, Van Wert, Ohio-Married. Morris, Ruth, Ada, Ohio-Ohio Northern University. Morrison, Ervin, Bowling Green, Ohio-Bowling Green College. Mosure, Ralph, Van Wert, Ohio-Krogers'. Mullen, Velma-Married. - Myers, Albert, Van Wert, Ohio-Kennedy Kit. Myers, Joseph, Van Wert, Ohio-V. W. Shoe Shine Parlor. Myers, Paul, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Newberry, Virginia, Springfield, Ohio-Nurses, Training. Oechsle, Donald, Alaska-University of Alaska. Oechsle, Louise, Van Wert, Ohio-Karr's School. Pierson, Myron, Columbus, Ohio-Ohio State University. Poe, George, Delaware, Ohio-Ohio Weselyan. Poling, Billy, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Presler, Lois, Van Wert, Ohio-J. C. Penney Co. Preston, Richard, Van Wert, Ohio-Kennedy Kit. Price, Dorothy, Van Wert, Ohio-Gifiin College. Rayer, Leland, Van Wert, Ohio--Gifiin College. Redlinger, Fern, Van Wert, Ohio-Bonnewitz Co. Ross, Stanley, Van Wert, Ohio-Betty Anne Cafe. Schaadt, Norman, Ohio City, Ohio-At Home. Scott, Paul, Van Wert, Ohio-Sno-White Bakery. Sherburn, Helen, Fort Wayne, Ind.-Beauty Culture School. Sherman, Robert, Van Wert, Ohio-City Cab Co. Shimp, Max, Van Wert, Ohio-Lawheadls Grocery. Shrider, Ruthela, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Simpson, Richard, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Smith, Bernice J.-Married. Smith, Bernice L., Van Wert, Ohio-Zanor Confectionery. Smith, Helen, Van Wert, Ohio-N.Y.A. Ofiice. Spring, Erma, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Starkey, Marjory, Van Wert, Ohio-Sellls Grocery. Stetler, Denton, Van Wert, Ohio-Giflin College. Stetler, Jack, Van Wert, Ohio-McDonald 81 Stetler Garage. Swartz, Elmer, Fort Wayne, Ind.-Business College. Terry, James, Van Wert, Ohio-Kennedy Kit. Tindall, Sara Louise, Van Wert, Ohio-Married. Tolan, Maurice, Oxford, Ohio-Miami University. Wallick, Bernice, Van Wert, Ohio-Office, Van Wert Mfg. Co. Waltz, Carlos, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Wermer, Elizabeth, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Westenhaver, Emanuel, Angola, Ind.-Tri-State College. Wherry, Maxine, Springfield, Ohio-Nurses' Training. Whittington, Joan, Van Wert, Ohio-At Home. Wilkinson, Laura, Hamilton, New York-Married. Willoughby, Miriam, Cincinnati, Ohio-White Cross Hospital. Winters, Thelma, Van Wert, Ohio-Balyeatis Coffee Shop. Witten, Elizabeth, Van Wert, Ohio-Karr's School. Woodruff, Maurice, Van Wert, Ohio-Y.M.C.A. Young, Katherine, Yellow Springs, Ohio-Antioch College. Zotz, Marjorie, Decatur, Ind.-Shaffer Wholesale Co. .I 9 C. i. g.. r--5 3. fp. K - 96 The Excalibur J olees Mr. Gallapoo, in Civics: "lf the President and all the Cabinet should die, who would ofiiciate?,' Bright Senior: "The Undertaker." Jack Klendworth: "I think you are a perfect lemon." Eileen Zotz: "What is the difference just so you are the squeezer?" l Betty Carsten: "Are my lips on straight?" Bob Owens: "Yes, but the rose on your left cheek! has lost one of its petals." -i1 May I print a kiss upon your lips? She nodded her sweet permission. So they went to press and I rather guess They printed a whole edition. 1,0 MULEOLOGICAL On mules we find two legs behind And two we find before. We stand behind before we find What the two behind before. . i.0.1 i.. Gerald Doner: g'Does your mother object to kissing?" ,Ioan Coupland: "Now just because I allow you to kiss me, you need not think you can kiss the whole familyf, i-i0 The kind of Cigarettes some of us smoke: O mar T wenty Grand ' H elmar E gyptian Straights R aleigh P all Mall E gyptian Deities O ld Gold P hilip Morris L ucky Strikes E nglish Ovals S alomes mio...- Builders, Foreman: "Excuse me, but are you the lady wot's singing?" Esther Shaffer: "Yes, I was singing, why?" Builders' Foreman: "Well, might I ask you not to hang on that top note' so long. The men have knocked off twice already, mistaking it for the dinner whistle." l.0.,.. "Come quick, Mamma, little Oscarls eating all the rasins off the Hy paperf' ,.,0.... Mr. Brown: "'I should like to ask for a small raise in my wages. I have just been married." ' Employer: "Very sorry, my dear man, but I can't help you. We are not responslble for accidents which happen to our workmen outside of the factory." -to-.-. Bob Owens: "What is college bred, pop?" Mr. Owens: "They make college bred, my boy, from the flour of youth and the dough of old age." The Excalibur 87 Another Van Wert High School Graduate Making Good William S. Geary, graduate from the Van Wert High School Class of ,353 and also graduate from the Professional Accountancy and Business Administra- tion Department of the KABR BUSI- NESS UNIVERSITY, is in a Ene position as Cashier with the General Mutual Life Insurance Company of Van Wert. Mr. Geary decided upon a course in Higher Accountancy and Business Ad- ministration at the Karr Business University soon after graduation and has had a great number of advance- ments because of his ability and train- ing. High School Graduates desiring a first class Business Course should investigate the record of the Karr Business University, starting with one room five years ago, it now covers the entire fourth floor of the Evans-Central Building with over 100 graduates now drawing a pay check each Saturday-a distinct contributiion to the civic life of Van Wert and vicinity. INVESTIGATE TODAY NEW CLASSES NOW FORMING FOR June 12th Entrance Get a three month's start by going to our Cool Morning Summer School. Write, Phone or Call at the College for complete Information and Prices. Karr Business University J tl K Best Wishes to the Class of 1939 88 The Excalibur ' WIN EBU RGl'l'S E udjaggdpu W' G' Ladies' and Misses' 'mm' Apparel Electrical Appliances .emma For the Home Horan MARSH BUILDING Q- ............................ .......................... Purdy M0t0T Sales Congratulations Chevrolet to the Pontiac Class of '39 Oldsmobile Buick I 'gmgwfm' You'll Do Better with ' PURDY . Merit Shoes May success and happiness Student Headquarters come to every student in I the 1939 graduating class ' Q THE VAN WERT Emans' Grocery BUUK STURE 502 Snnnnnn Sf- 120 west Main st. Congratulations Compliments 739 of the Raalhe Auto Company PM-aooyfs Boa BEAUTY SHOP Ford - Mercury - Lincon Zephyr - Lincoln The Excalibur 89 WILD BROS. Pratt SL Lambert A Satisfied Customer is "Sl" our Best VARNISHES and PAINTS I ADVERTISEMENT ,,wQK.9ww Q Pho... 3004 wrtsoN sr GIROD 9 - Congratulations Congratulations Seniors to the Class of '39 : 'asm' . S E R R o L D ' S' E I Van Wert's Finest Men's Store S THOMAS zfmosfs Gift and Stationery Shop CONFECTIONERY 234 S. Washington School Supplies i' WM., For Home-made TYPEXVMRIETERS lce Cream - Candies Rentals 8 es Repair Phone 3173 Our Best Wishes Kesler Brgg, to Grocery the Class of '39 Carries a Complete Line lx, wig!! of wk 'migxofw' Birds Eye Frosted Foods E05 GIFFIN CULUEGE 123 S. Washington St. 90 The Excalibur The man with the family budget, after going over his wife's accounts found oc- casion to rebuke her. "Look here, Hesterf, he said, "mustard plasters, 50 cents: three teeth extracted, 32.00. There's 352.50 in one week spent for your own private pleasure. Do you think lim made of money?" Mr. Bowen: '6What's the difference between a drama and a melodrama?" Betty Putman: "ln a drama the heroine merely throws the villian over. In a melo- drama she throws him over a clifff, Andy Anderson: "Anything I say, goesf' Dick Lininger: "Come into the garage and say, 6Dipsy Doodle'.,, 11-.1 Definition of a lorgnette: A dirty look you can hold in your hand. . Toasts were in order. The toastmaster, Mr. Rauch, arose to introduce a prominent, elderly speaker, and said: 'LGentlemen, you have just been giving your attention to' a turkey stuffed with sage. Now you will give your attention to a sage stuffed with turkeyf' Don Bollenbacher: "The roof is 40 feet. Got a ladder?" Fay Palmer: 4'Yes, but it's only a short one. You might use it and then pull it up behind you and use it again." Don Bollenbacher: "Yeah, only it's against the law." Fay Palmer: "Oh really?" Don Bollenbacherz '4Yeah, the law of gravity." T.0.- An old gentleman walking in a London fog heard someone approach him and said, "Pm lost, can you tell me where Pm going." "Into the river," was the reply, f'I've just come out." .T0 Doc: "How did you, happen to take that poison? Didnit you read the sign on the bottle? It reads 'Poison',7' Wayne Compton: "Yes sir. But l didnat believe it because it said right underneath GL e7.7, Y F-Ol Bob Ferris: "You are the sunshine of my lifef' Betty Graham: "Oh, Bob." Bob Ferris: '4You reign alone in my heart.'7 Betty Graham: "Darling.,' Bob Ferris: 4'With you at my side l could weather every storm." Betty Graham: "Bob, is this a proposal or a weather report?', . "My Rose," he murmured as he pressed his cheek to hers. "My Cactus," she sighed as she encountered his two day's growth. ,1110-1. . Mr. Bowen, having run out of gas on a country road, saw a boy coming along carrying a big tin can. "Say boy," he yelled, ul hope that's gasoline you have in that can. ' "Well I hope it ain't," came the answer, "because it would taste like the dickens on Ma's pancakes." 6 0 ,lane Webster: "Barbara's face is her fortune." Treva Miller: "Yes, she has a million." Jane Webster: "Dollars?" Treva Miller: "No, frecklesf' . Mr. Spitler fbachelorl : 6'What does monogamy mean? Old Faithful: "lVIonogamy means having only one jM'1ife." Mr. Spitler: "Then what does monotony mean?" ' Old Faithful: "Monotony means about the same thingf' 37 The Excalibur 91 Congratulations Class of 1939 Outstanding Accomplishments High Scholarships Clean Sportsmanship Stellar Achievements All Have Been Yours mzgqvgcmu May Your Heritage Be One of Great Happiness Success and Confidence in All Our Futures JI. C, PJENNEY COMPANY To the Class of 1939: Sincere Congratulations on Your Gracluation ,X F ': 5 . wa!-1 ' iggh -L May You Have a Class Reunion EVERY DAY in the Betty Anne Cale AY' V if- 5 l :gig ' A ,ff :I - Q jul Nd' 2 Ns:-xv ,-" Je b. ii' ' .ref ,i 92 The Excalibur B A L Y E A T 9 S Compliments Coffee Shop O Extends to JI A Y, S the Class of '39 DRUG STURE Best Wishes and ESQ' '53 .- 1 is Sincere Congratulations nirfmrwa Your Patronage Fried rillicken Igwgjrgrs I i S Appreciated Compliments .Q-mwyg-5. of The Presserette Don t Forget Your Cleaners .awww I Van Wert 93 Boosirlma of the Seniors in the Ticket Excalibur ' were photographed Year! by ' The Agler Studio 2 -A Friend Where Batt er Portraits Are Made Z L. c. BLAKE W ' Every Member of the 1939 Graduating Class . J so ,gg Your Gas Company Welcome at Your Walgreen System Drug Store ll6' 2450 il BOWERS' DRUG CO. On the Corner T he Excalibur 93 Congratulations You Are Always to F? Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '39 E05 May the years ahead be as successful and happy as those gone by E03 31. E. GRIBU-ER DAIRY UQQh Compliments of The Stoops Packing Company ucuzfwtwf Canners and Preservers of Food Products 16.96.-Inna Van Wert, Ohio I 0 3 Q xg, '1'-5 Wx, 94 The Excalibur HOW SHE CAN USE 'EM Miss Hall: "The average woman has a vocabulary of only 500 words." Bill Stuckey: "Well, it's a small stock, but just think of the turnover." -, i0 Amy Belle Emans: "Why the toothbrush in your coat lapel?', Kathleen Scott: Nltls my class pin-I'm going to Colgate." --. Give an athlete an inch and he'll take a foot, but let him take it. Who wants athlete's foot? DAFFYNITIONS Big Executive: A man who was never a cheer leader. Bottle Opener: Fast youngster away at college. Barber College Yell: Cut his lip: rip his jaw: leave his face, raw, raw, raw! Dogwood: Collie-flowers. Old Maids: Gals who know all the answers, but nobody ever asks them. Commencement: Emancipation day for teachers. Umpire: Baseballls game warden. Typographical Revitalization: Lightening the optic task of reading. Wisdom: Knowing what to do. . Skill: Knowing how to do it. Virtue: Not doing it. X "0tey" Leist: "The theater manager said that if I came down there he'd punch me in the nosell' .lane Gamble: "Do you know where that is?,, "0tey,' Leist: "Of course, in the middle of my face." Harry McKeddie: al got a new girl and she loves animals." Dick Lininger: uThat's quite evidentfl -1.0-1 Bob Bowden: 6'My voice is so low they have to squeeze a bull-frog to give me the pitchfl .LOT- Bob Todd: "l'm a great lover. Wvhy, l can remember my first kiss. It seemed like yesterday." "0tey', Leist: 6'When was it?', Bob Todd: "Yesterday" ,-.O Tailor: 4'Doesn't your wife ever help you pick your clothes?', Coach Ross: UNO, she only picks the pocketsf' . Bob Ferris: '4This suit is 20011 Woolf, Junior Fackler: 4'How could it be 200 'Zi wool?"' Bob Ferris: "The sheep it came from led a double life!" Ain't it crazy! He sends so many people to the morgue that he's slab-happy. ,...0..i The examination paper read, "Name 12 animals of the Polar Region." Bob Bow- den wrote, '5Six seals and six polar bearsf, .1-11 Bill Snyder: "Why do you stare at me?', Frances Landis: 6'Father says you are a self-made man." Bill Snyder: "Well, why stare?" Frances Landis: "Pm wondering Why you made yourself like that." Mr. Katterheinrich, a proud father, went to the store to purchase some things for the baby. The druggist said, "That will be fifty cents and two cents for tax. "But" said Mr. Katterheinrich, very much astounded. "my wife doesn't use tacks, she uses safety pins." Ure Excalibur 95 Everything lor Eyery Sport o We Are Proud of Van Wert High School And Van Wert is Proud of Its Sporting Goods Store- Supplying Schools and Colleges Throughout Ohio and Indiana U. S. SPORTING GOODS CO. Compliments of The Kennedy Mannifaetnring Co. Fine Tool and Fishing Tackle Boxes Van Wert, Ohio s x, K D or . .,'.: C , A-sal, ' xg? 96 The Excalibur A11 Kinds of : Congratulations I N S U R AN C E 139 'gig' n Purmort Brothers 'QV 1 N9 Insurance Agency The 'war Bonnewitz fSince 18765 Evans Central Building VAN WERT' CHIC Department Store Telephone 2622 , We Wish CLARK s to Shoes C-fl 1 .4 5. 91 Years in The Class of 1939 Outstanding Achievements J. IE. GADDIS 1 10 S. Washington C - Pure Air- onditioned Artificial Ice Refrigerators The Excalibur 97 Congratulations COMPLIMENTS for having achieved of the the knowledge of how to Th' k- 5 git 5 ALEXANDER l-lere is Success' ' MUSIC to the ones that will QQMPANY Learn How "To get it Done" E THE E. J.-llY7ANS co. : BALYEAT AEEJRNITURE : VAN WERT, oruo COMPANY ................ BEAUTIFUL : Compliments ooasaolss of 'W AT M. The A ll l e n ii n s Popular Prlces Company vefwgefr-af TOMCZAK FIOWQ1' "The Dependable Store" 98 The Excalibur Old Lady: "My, what a crowd! What happened over there?', Cop: "Man fell off a rooff' Old Lady: "Oh, dear! Was he hurt?" Cop: "Donno yet. We only found one leg so farf' 1.-lo.- Miss Armstrong says that about the only thing left in this world that can be shocked is grain. , .+. . If Adam came back to earth the only thing he would recognize would be these okes. --,.-Nl. All some hunters ever bag is their trousers. Ask Mr. Ross. ..-.0-...- Customer: 'fWhich leather makes the best shoes?" Junior Fackler: ul don't know, but banana skins make the best slippers." .11l0il1 Gordon Craig: t'Ah, ha! I see my friend gave you a black eye." Don Bollenbacher: '6Why, you never saw the person who gave me that black eye." Cordon Craig: "Well, heis my friend anyhow? ..T0i... Mr. Speith insisted that the students be more personal in their papers they handed in. This is what he got: "Well, Ben, how are the wife and kiddies? By the way before I forget it, could you lend me five bucks?,, ..l1-01- -- . Wanda Johnson: "How is it that widows generally manage to marry again?" Bob Mager: 'LDead men tell no talesf' -.10-.1 lVlr. Spitleris home room had been unusually unruly and when the bell rang ending home room period, Mr. Spitler snapped: "Please donit flap your ears as you go out.', , .-0, 1- When a western firm received word that its salesman had been found dead in Youngstown, it wired as follows: a'Send samples back by freight and search body for orders." 41.551, Dick Lininger: "They say Harry lVlcKeddie gets all his girls by brute force.'7 Andy Anderson: 'gYes, by throwing the bull and putting on the dog." ..1,0.i- Livy says, "A golf ball is a golf ball no matter how you putt it." .-,wi Francis Landis: 'Tm pretty as a picture." Bill Snyder: uYeah, and lifeless as one." 1-.0.-.. . And then there's the one about the Scotchman that fried his bacon in Lux to keep it from shrinking. ...-O... A student wrote on the end of Miss Hall's examination papers: "If you get this far, teacher, I'll buy you an ice cream sodaf, The paper was returned with this note: f'The treat is on you, but I like sundaes betterf' --0--- The backwoods farmer bragged about his seventeen sons who were all Democrats except one, Elmer, who ran off to the city and learned to read. .-..0..-. The boy bragging about his smart dog said, "He cain't do a single trick, I haf to admit, but when I ask him, are you coming' or hain't you? he either comes or he don't. ---0-- Last Christmas Betty gave Bob Ferris a book called "A perfect Gentleman." This Christmas she is going to give him "Wild Animals I Have Known." .-,O...-.- The appraiser sent his assistant to appraise the contents of a home. The first two entries were: "One bottle of old Scotch whisky-half full." The following entry was: "One revolving Turkish rugf' S The Excalibur Compliments of Er, B0 KING oiaoeee Congratulations SENIORS - ...--.- , l- -qv ROMAINES Wiz' Beauty Shop U-Q-51559-0-04345 ' IQ LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE Select a Beauty School recognized for Kg S, K9 its excellent instructions and thoroughly trained graduates. C Let us prepare you for steady 1 m t d od pay. mp oy emi. go Cloverleaf Ice Cream FREDERICK'S Beauty Academy Tested and Approved by mmonauv Recognized, Good House Keeping Bureau Pubic Square LIMA, OHIO U. UGGU Sincere Congratulations Congratulations to the To the MeII.'lbeI'S of the Class of 1939 Graduating Class ENE, of Van Wert High School . canes: Williman SL Son YOUNG'S , Central Market DRUG STORE f EOE' HMeet Your Friends Heren E Corner of Central Ave. and Market St. ' ooocoosoeoeeooooooooeo ooaeeo The Smartest in Ladies' Wearing Apparel at PlRESSMAN'S QCU Sandwich Cafe sawowiei-ies They're Smackin' Good Our MI LKS HAKES Knock You Cold 215 East Main St. Phone 2030 99 f I lx, I sl vii-"5 nf" 100 The Excalibur The six ages of a woman-the infant, the little girl, the miss, the young woman, the young woman, the young woman." .1. 0-...l Bill Kennedy: "I dreamed I died last night." Frank Vikupitz: 6'What woke you up ?,' Bill Kennedy: uThe heat." .l..lO-...i Mr. Campbell fin drug store on Sunday morningl : "Please give me change for a dime." Druggist: '4Here you are, I hope you enjoy the sermonf' .-l-4-o -1 The beggar stopped Mary Kesler and whined, "I beg your pardon, mam, but you wouldn't want to see a poor man walk the streets all night, would you ?" "Well,,, Mary replied, alt might be interesting to watch, but I have to go home and go to bed." Gerald Doner: "Last night I dreamed that I married the most beautiful girl in the world." ,Ioan Coupland: 4'0h, really? where did we spend our honeymoon?', i-0 -. House-to-House Peddler: "I'm in a heckuva shape, lady. I'm out scratching for a livingf, Eileen Becker: "Well, lim sorry, but I don't itchlw l.0.,.T. fNew Yorker to Mr. Rauchl : 'cYou people have no get up about you at all. Why don't you have photographs of your home town taken like we did? Are you ashamed of it?,' Mr. Rauch: NNO, Mister, that isnit the reason at all. Our town is so busy it won't stand still long enough to be photographed." ,?0,..T Mr. Mason: ulf your wife home?" Mr. Gallapoo: '4No, she is out with a bunch of prize fighters? Mr. Mason: '4Prize Fighters?,' Mr. Gallapoo: "Yes, she went to a bridge party." .m..0,i The old fashioned girl who blushed when she was ashamed, now has a daughter whois ashamed when she blushes. .lifoli-1 Esther Shaffer: '6Your boy friend is said to be very talented in the athletic fieldf, ,loan Wolfe: "Yes, we park there every nightf' lol- ,lunior Fackler: "Here comes Margaret Fox. Sheis a terrible flattererf' ,lack Fox: 4'Oh, did she say you were handsome?" Junior Fackler: UNO, she said you weref' - ?..0,l Louis Unterbrink: "Last night I was completely wrapped in my thoughts? Margaret Uptegrove: g'Poor boy, you must have been cold." .i.0-..- Helen Miller: g'Snoop, have you been prowling through my diary again?,, Frank Vikupitz: '6Sure, live read it from lover to lover." -,i0.i. Bob Shaffer: "Well, honey, I must be going now. I hope I havenit bored you too much." Marguerite Gaddis: "Not at all. I was an undertaker's assistant once and I'm used to sitting up with the dead!" ,l0,i.. Miss West: "VVhat,s a literary aspirant?,, , Nell Bose Bucklos: g'It's a tablet a writer takes when he has a headache." ,.0-.1- Otis Leist: 'cThey say you can tell a girlis character by her clothesf' Bob Todd: "Nonsense! Girls must have more character than thatln The Excalibur 101 Congratulations CORSAGES A SPECIALTY from U BATLYTEAT FLOWERS h FOR t e ALL OCCASIONS Clothier . Seharifif Brothers ne,V"GZg'6NJn 5 . Van Wert's Van Wert, Ohio Lesdijng gtarists QL X 3 J I if A A, fl To the Class of 1939 we extend Congratulations. May your future years be crowned with -success and happiness. -The OHIO POWER can 'MM I I I al '11, ,. 9 I "1 . r -r ',.' A MARIA' 109 The Excalibur If biologists are right in their assertion that there is not a perfect man today on the face of the globe, a lot of personal opinions here and there will have to be altered. .11-iO. . Morris Shreck applied for a job working in a grocery store. The grocer wanted' a serious minded youth so he put him to a little test. He asked him what he would do with a hundred dollars. Morris replied, "Oh, gee, I don't know, I wasn't expecting so much at the startf, Salesman: "I wonder why they don't hang horse thieves anymore at Crimson Gulch?" Cactus Joe: "Wal, there ainit any more." Salesman: MNO more thieves?', Cactus Joe: "No, no more horsesf, Tf -. Miss Borchers: fAt roadside springl : als this cup sanitary?" Native: "Must be, everybody uses it." lo? A Negro about to be hanged was asked if he had anything to say, he replied: 4'Nossuh, boss, 'cepin' dis is sho' gwan to be a lesson to me." "There,7' said the plumber, laying out his tools, "in spite of all the silly jokes about us, we've not forgot a single thing. My mate's here with me, we've not got to go back for anythin', ands-H "You7ve come to the wrong address," said the maid. ' l01 MSO Jack said that I had a skin one loves to touch." "Not exactly, dear, he said you had a skin you love to retouchf' U , Mrs. Bowen: "Have you put the cat out, darling?,' Mr. Bowen: lsleepilyl 6'Naw, I didn't even know it was on fire." ,-01 Campbell: NI tell you it was that long. I never saw such a fish." Bowen: "I believe you.', i..0 Some novelists donlt seem to care what they do with their characters' eyes. For instance: "Her eyes roamed carelessly lround the room." "With her eyes she rivited him to the spotf, "He tore his eyes from her face and they fell on the letter at her feet." "Their eyes met for a long, breathless moment, and swam togetherf, "Marjory would often take her eyes from the deck and cast them out to sea." L'He wrenched his eyes away from her. It was a painful moment for both of them." T.0 Irene Conwell: '4My boy friend, Bob Plium, sent me his picture yesterday." Donna Carsten: "How does it look?" Irene Conwell: MI don't know yet. I haven,t had it developedf' inc., Maynard Jerome: "I got sick last night eating eggs." Junior Kear: "Hmm, too bad." Maynard ,lerome:."No, stupid, only onef, ..? .0 T1- Where there's a will thereis a way. A way is a means. To be mean is to be nasty. Relatives are usually nasty. Where there's a will there are relatives. ., 1l A deaf Scotchwoman carried her ear trumpet to church. A sexton, not up to mod- ern times, leaned over her and whispered, "One toot and you're out.', .- .i- The coach, had a swell scheme to get the dumb athlete to produce during the big game that afternoon. He had a telegram delivered between halves that said, "Counting on you to win. Donlt fail mef, It was signed by his girl. The dumb bruiser shrugged his shoulders. "It ain't from my girl. She can,t run a typewriterf, ' 'N The Excalibur h 103 Greetings and Best Wishes nQ.:f'f9X'G'Q.9a To the Memlbers of the 1939 Graduating Class of Van Wert High Sehnoll aegiiggasu The Container Company VAN WERT, OHIO TUV 104 The Excalibur In Appreciation For their time, advice and special efforts to make this book a success, we sincerely THANK- MR. RALPH GALLAPOO QOur Competent Adviserj THE PORTRAIT STUDIO MR. R. H.. WOOLEVER QOfficial Photographerj COf the Ft. Wayne Engraving Co J T. C. WILKINSON fThe Wilkinson Printing Companyj ' r M x V- V ' V12 - K' V' 'V . -' ", 1 V ' 'V' ' ' ""'-. V ". ' 'V '55 .V a .f , . ann , - ' ' .- . V. , y ,. ku 5... .V YL .. Hy. Q Vfhl. YV: , K--':.f:..I!:N - . .V ' P- -j "e af . -, 1, ' fpiivf' - V -'-- v V '-, 4 -'ar ' -'. I Q- gf V .wil L , -- .!"4TL 'LT A V-If ' 1: ls.: --.,j"" ' V V., .. A - ' V :+L .r Q. '- , " V 'E -,gil 2 5. . :!"1J,.---3' " in "f.?'Qt--gf 'af wi., ,- 43 V ,. ,gg , . 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Q., M li- .JI U! if Q ELK If gmeff.-M' " ' A -f'f X f ff' ,.L 1 .LV 3 fx ' , u , , 11 ' fig 1,1 311 A ki V ' . , 1' ffsf' 1 1 v ' 1 31 If R' If 4 f , J 'L ' 26 ' z . ,:. 1:11 ' '- wr H M Q x 1 U ' f ' ,4AA ,f 5 If f 1 .. fi :Z i . K 1. - ., V A V I5 - Q V1 ,.' elf! 5 Y I .-.1 -V ,h -' U it ' - 'nf-..4,-. .' ,-7'- 'il ' A ' af f I, l x if ,Q M. l . . ,L I ,Zh 'VQA 2 . ' .. r ' x X3 LQ J 4 i Q' xf , 1 pq. r , 0 Xfff N Y 'Fug " f , I V 4 Y . r ,fy ,f 3 . , .. ,Q f f . 1 , arm' f, g v fd N ' x x s x i Kb I I X If 1 ff I' 4 x H -QNX. 5:5 ,ti -1-1, 1 if X 1, ff'--5

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Van Wert High School - Excalibur Yearbook (Van Wert, OH) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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