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- A! ' . ' . ,M if ' Ny! X" I f W ' 'ffl Jigga: 1' CL! " . , I wtx 4- gf' 'fu N J' 'J . fir Z MQ .f 'Q . Aff" ,,,-fiwfw fp: , , ex .ff fu! f, f' 1 A . ft , if if 4 ,. " W,-'Q' ,ff . , ,fi ' , af" ' 5 A,,,,,,,,.4i-V ,iff ,aff N' , 'jv"f7 D . . 1 M! hgftf .Qtr I . if ' ' . ' . 4 DT I E XL,,f Q if 2 ,Y ,ik 1 I J gm K 'iw w . 4, Q5 3 . rw' f, I 1+ 4 'R' ', X ,Nm 'W W5 5-', - in 1 1 'fx f . lg H35 ,L f E5 Q. f ' QQ. 3 X L! xii ff' X , iv gg Qs W' X VFX" .Qi " ky ' I Q I V 3 mx 3 QELQ ,, , i,, ,f 1, -31 f .L ,J Y w ,ge 2: -,E J if YZ? , 4-.342 Q '29 fffjq , .f""w 3, 5 A J"Jg,51'Z.,, f ,FW T' b . ,ini 5 .fax .I may r . , jgv fm fw-, ' ,ing XX ,xp xx If , fra I "-Q. JV ,. M' 6,1 "f"""""'u , . ' P 'ri f 5 My x X 4955?-5 4u.,S1uif-Au . M2133 W Ab V I 2 e.3:if2iAw,,7 f I-N I E15-51 b K 5' - E hs if U 5 'f' X 139 61 'L 19 8 Excalibur CompHed by Marjorie Boyer, Editor-in-Chief Lois Presier, Assistant Editor Robert Baxter, Business Manager And PubHsbed by the graduates of VAN WERT HIGH SCHOOL VAN WERT, OHIO 2 THE EXCALIBUR s EDITORIAL Here is our EXCALIBUR. It,s not just what We wished, but we did our best and We hope you appreciate the sleepless hours, the headaches, and the night oil We burned in our feverish haste to complete our Work. Be charitable, We pray you, in your criticism of this, our brain child, because after all, it is near and dear to us. We've had lots of fun in capturing the atmosphere of an orderly school at Work and at play with its brief inter- ludes of hilarity and excitement. We give it to you in this EXCALIBUR-for memory,s sake. M. B. THE EXCALIBUR 3 T0 DEDICATE We, the Senior Class of 1938, Wish to dedicate this twentieth volume of our EXCALIBUR to our friend and adviser, Mr. C. P. Bowdle. Mr. Bowdle came here in the midst of our Freshman struggles and with kind hut Hrm leadership he guided us to the end of our high school career. His patience is amazing and all students respect him as a champion of fair play. The past has proved him an expert in his chosen field and we Wish him continued greater achievements. A THE EXCALIBUB DATE BOOK WHO'S WHO Administration Graduates Unclerclassmen WHAT'S WHAT Activities Sports Features THE EXCALIBUR 5 FIRST AERIAL VIEW OF VAN WERT HIGH SCHCOL As one Senior to another, and to anyone who might see this picture, here are our Alma Mater, stadium, library, and surrounding territory all rolled into one, taken from an airplane by our staff photographer, Gene Feigert. The small white rectangle with the little black spots in the center and the stripes running up and down is our stadium. That comparatively little square at the right of our pride and joy fthe stadiuml is that institution of learning, at and for which We strove so hard those four years of joy and heartache. Way to the left, and almost obscure, is the library. There is where we slaved for the next day's English lesson or special report. The Winding White tentacles going up and to the left of the picture is the sidewalk to the east of the school and the long walk running along our beautiful river. And so, with a mere HCheerio7' and HToodleoo" the Seniors of Van Wert High School leave for their many and varied careers. BETTY J. FINCH, 738. Dear old Van Wert High School Youpre sure to wifi, we hnow. That is why we love Our Van Wert High School So., 1 my Q, . --' '92 5 y ' - .-Xiu. - f X1 ' fn Q ! 5' L E sq, -K' f ' 1 l 'L-af 'E' , ' , . ' I 3 ' 1 3 45's ., X -'my 3 X 5 Q. '- .. Q a . It L NS: I n:4,,,4 ' 1. Q 'gin' A 5, 1 'f -1 A' K' - f Q uf 1 4 4Qf, 'f.-., 1 '- ' , LIMS ,- ' "'-- -c' .w"'5 5? -f '53, C l . .fe A ' fglgm 'lF1.'vS::',i f,i.,f?iA we .im Liv, : ,gi . 3' ,rw . iff 2" ii- f J . 5 ' Tai lf? W , wif" y i ,fi -fy 1 3 L - my asf? :iff .. f -X 4. 5... Q Vg 5 .11 O i- l . ' 1 ' H , 'K 1 s I si' jf ,, if 1- fs Q -, 5. . 3 . J. 1, . -w,-an Thanks for the memory- Of teachers, glaring looks, Of our pencils and our books, Where We learned that even boys can hope to make good cooks How lovely it was. Thanks for the memory- Of lockers piled with junk, Assemblies which were punk, All these things we're packing in this memory trunk. How lovely it was. Many are the things wc'll rememlaer, Many are the things Weill forget, But We know next September How we'll sigh and how we7ll fre S0 thanks for the memories. Welve had a lot of fun, WC71'C very sad it's clone, L Weill have this hook in which to look, We know itgs Worth a tong So thank you so much. JANE BOWERS, DOROTHY PRICE V l 10 THE EXCALIBUB The old Maestro Notre Maitresse Caught ya that time. A minute's vacation. Now crayfish- Oh, yeahl Howdy, Doc. What do you say, huh? Of whom are you thinking? See ? What'cha lookin' at? Nice, arenlt they? Going someplace? Theylre bitin' swell. just a minute. MORGUE L W,,, ,,,,7 H, Y 7, Y WIIIVS WHO IN THIS MASTER EDITION 12 THE EXCALIBUB EDITOR-IN-CHIEF : ss U h r 'lil his ii vga-3. -f f-4,5 Education is the torch which has increasingly brightened the pathway of men since the dawn of civilization. May your training always be a beacon light along the high road to success and may your education be a continuous process, forever inspiring you to greater achievement. Wishing you Heaven's rich st blessings, Farewell! ' Sincerely, U. E. DIENER. CGPYREADER l Miss ALIENE TERRY Secretary. i gi , mmap THE EXCALIBUR 13 CITY EDITOR flat wr---rv" - Seniors, may you always be faithful to a trust and perform your duties to the best of your ability. To those who do small tasks Well are entrusted greater responsibilities. We congratulate you on your graduation and extend to each of you our sincere best Wishes for a happy and useiul life. C. P. BOWDLE. uf i COPYREADER W MISS FLORENCE BAUER, I Secretary. i U J l l V 1 f l i X F-'Qt Y t 14 THE EXCALIBUB ETHEL ARMSTRONG Miami University. . Ohio State University. English II, Plane Geom- etry, Solid Geometry. Courage, faith,'self-rQS19ffCf, an understanding of beau- ty, the desire to serve 'man- kind are qualities. 'most worthwhile cullruating. GERALD Bow N Huntington ,College. bowl' g Green State 'l'e:3el1erst?College, , Ohio Northern University, University of North Caro- lin Oliioagtate University. English III, Economics. Civics. Direktor of Junior Class Play. An old song says, 'A . . . Good luck tu you, God bl ss you, too, is all that I gan say . . . " ELIZABETH FLANNERY Drury College. Deiiance College. English II, Junior Home Economics. May your graduation be a urorthwhile and lasting foundation for the Izfe 'urhirlz you are to build. DOROTHY CANT Sullins College. Indiana University. English I, World Historv. Asgistant Adviser of G. A. "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost: there is where they should beg now put foundations under the'n1.." HARRIET GLEASON Ohio University. Rollins College, Cornell University. English II, Girls' Physical Education. G. A. A. Adviser, Girls' Coach. May the memories of your high school associations be most pleasant and may your future reap rewards of earnest endeavor. 1 , i RALPH BOLLENBACHER Bliss College. Kent State University. Typewriting II. Stenogra- phy II. Bookkeeping I. Junior Hi-Y Adviser. Seniors: Be reaI,' live ful- 1y,' possess a jme sense of shams and pretensions. CHARLES CAMPBELL Ohio State University, Denison University. American History. Boys' Physical Education, Boys' Intramural Athle- tics, Head Football Couch. "The fortunate circurne stances of our lives are generally found at last to be of our own producing." RALPH GALLAPO0 Ohio Northern Ilniyersity, Bowling Green State Uni- versityky Je f'UIllIllCI'L'l2ll liaw. Com- yinercial Geography. Sa esinanshipq- Journalism. ExmL1uUR'AdvisQ'. Scarlet Quill .Adviser. Student Council Adviser. Senior . Hi-Y Adviser, Senior K'-Cass Adviser. Kqtill lYC1ll61.'li7lg, still pur- ' X suing, with a heart for any xfateli MARJORIE GXUVEY Trinity College. Sorbonne, University of Paris, Institut Catholique Paris, University of Heidelberg, Germany, Ohio State University, Ohio Northern University, Columbia University. English I, French I, II. Be satisfied with nothing but the best-in everything you 'may do-and in ap- proaching that, ZION may find success. GRACE HALL Ohio Wesleyan, University of Chicago, University of Berlin, Ger- manv. Latin I. II, English III, IV. National Honor Society Adviser. Seniors: Don't stop grow- ing after you hare gradu- ated. THE EXCALIBUR 15 .. JAMES H. JONES Ohio Northern University. University of Chicago. Lhoruses. "May life be nzelodions, Your pathwnyklzornionions, The journey in 'tunei U Like a thought in blooni. GLENN LIVINGSTON University of Michigan. Ohio State University- l.o.unibia University. Western State Normal Col- lege. . American History. Biology. Head Basketball Coach. Sophomore Class Advis- er, "V" Club Adviser. "Success is the goal Of Life. U Moy your efforts be crowned with thnt re- ward." R. P. RAUCH Miami University, I Ohio State University. Commercial Arithmetic. General Business. Fresh- man Class Adviser. Jun- ior Hi-Y Adviser. "It is not the road to suc- cess that counts, It is the person who trav- els it." H. B. PI te Universitv. n ra Science, Physics. Green University. Education and f7'E'l'd07llf are the only sources of true greatness and true happiness." DOROTHY WEST Ol1iO Wesleyan, Ohio State University, Western Reserve, Harvard. English III, Public Speaking. Director of Senior Class Play. Student Council Adviser. Each person should de- velop his own sense of the true value of ezrperiences and should have the cour- uge to nzake decisions on this basis. HEADLINERS Jw I. G. KATTERHEINRICH Auglaize County Normal. Bliss College. University of Cincinnati. Bookkeeping II. Stenogra- phy I. Typewriting I. Faculty Manager of Athle- tics, Central 'Treasurer of High School Activity Fund. I don't believe in giving advice. Learn by experi- ence, but never let experi- ence "get" you twice. GEORGE C. MASON Ohio Northern University. Ohio State University. Chemistry, General Science, Algebra I. Junior Class Adviser, Senior Hi-Y Adviser. Determination is a char- acteristic nruch to be de- sired. It is the one factor common to all individuals who are successful. CHARLES ROSS glial ' . iiiversityc VV-, n sa ommer- ' tic. A i' anti' h. Football and-eBasket all. "No defeat can be blown from the bfugle of right." LILLIAN BENSON Bowling Green State Uni- versity, University of Colorado. Ohio State University. Home Economics, World Historv. Boys' Home Liv- ing, Y-Hi Girl Reserve Adviser. Remember-"A man is no bigger than the things which annoy him." LEONARD WOLF College of Music, Indianap- olis, ndiana, Dana's Music College, K Warren. Ohio. Instrumental Music. "The man, that hath no music in himself nm' is not rn.ov'd with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils." ff' MM 1 ,- 4 V w i 16 THE EXCALIBUR MANAG NG DIRECTORS HOLMES STooPs C. W. W1LLllI.AN President, Mr. Williman is thc senior Mr. Stoops is associated Illeltibfbl' Of the firm. with his father in the ululmafl sl SONS, MHP- Stoops Packing Company. kct. E. B. KING JOHN H. KARR Vice-President. Mr. Karr is the President Mr. King owns and operates of the Karr Business Uni- the King's Grocery. versity. HARRY BOWERS Clerkfreasurer. Mr. Bowers Owns and Oper- ates the Bowers Drug Company. F. EARL SHAFFER Pupils' Adjustment Officer l i - X Li I STAR lusvonnzns HE TOP THE EXCALIBUB FOREMEN FRANKLIN M. DIPPERY EUGENE FEIGERT, "Kimi" rffltmiw Four years the President of our class, On the football field he was tops, . We llmt'f want to make him l'07'll'6lll'd, So right here is where this verse stops. Hi-Y, Chorus 1. 2. 4. H. M. S. Pinafore. Student Council 1, 2. 3. rt, National Honor So- ciety. the Govern0r's Daugh- ter, Intcrclass Basketball 3. Football 3. 4. Class President 1, 2, 3, 4. V Club. Class Motto and Color Committee. Invita- tion Connnittee, Senior Class Play Committee. TANLEY Ross, "Goof" A jack of hearts, But a queen has token him. 4. Basketball 1. Secretary It. Class Play As editor of the Scarlet Quill, He cart never be beat. Arid as a Senior class officer. He hfld the Vice-Presidents sea . Hi-Y, Chorus 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3. 4. Prom Committee, Student Council -t. Scarlet Quill Staff 3. 4, EXCALIBUR Staff. Vice- President '38, Cheerleader 2. 3. 4. V Club. Golf. 't'1'he Fan." MARION FEIGERT, "Sol" A would-be admiral by desire Arid a ladies' man by thence, Hc'll be commodore of the U. S. N., If l1e'Il only ditch, romance. Hi-Y. Hi-Y Cabinet. Chorus 1. 2, 3. Band 1. 2, 3, 4, Orches- tra 4, Enchanted Isle, the Mas- querader. Prom Committee, National Honor Society. Scar- let Quill Staff 3, ExcAl.1Ht'k Staff. Interclass Basketball 3. Football 3. 4. Treasurer '38, Senior Class Play Committee. Going once, going twice, going three times, gone! Sold to Father Time. Thus events that are news one minute become history with the addition of more minutes, minutes that make hours, hours that add up to days and days that drop off one by one to be known as years. The History of the Class of '38 is now wrapped and stored away for future use in four of these years. In the fall of '34 the pupils who had been pro- moted from the eighth grade entered Van Wert High School. That day marked the beginning of the Class of '38, which was known then as the ufreshmen class." Maybe we pulled a few boners like getting into the wrong class but after all why should we spoil the traditions built up by genera- tions of green freshmen. For the first time we elected class leaders. The word "elected" may be a little misleading be- cause the so-called election was more like a stab in the dark. Our president was Franklin Dippery who in latter years was called "Hank" during election time by everyone but the leaders of the onuosition. Most of us survived the exams and test to be- come Sophomores, a welcome title after being Freshmen for a year. To almost every organization and activity our class contributed its share of participants. ln our Junior year we won first prize for selling band tickets closely followed by the Seniors who presented some very stiff competition. Six Juniors were elected to the National Honor Society: .lane Bowers, Carol Frericks, Anna Jor- dan, Dennis Kinkle, Lois Presler, and Katherine Young ...... The Junior Class Play called the 'LMasquerade" was acclaimed by all as an outstanding success. As the year drew to a close we entertained the departing Seniors al the annual Junior-Senior Prom, an event looked for- ward to by many since they were Freshmen. The last year got off to a bang-up start with the nominations of candidates for the class offices. lt seemed at first that Franklin Dippery, seeking his fourth consecutive year in the presidential office, would be elected without competition. Then the rising sun of opposition appeared on the political horizon with Robert Baxter as its star candidate. This called for a campaign which soon was under way. Under the guiding genius of Sammy Fitz- simmons was formulated a political machine known as Sammany Hall. Sammany Hall backed up Dippery and his party with printed circulars. colored signs, campaign speeches and ballyboo. The Baxterites, being more conservative, used a campaign which consisted mostly of lobbying. When the votes were tallied it was found that all the Sammany Hall candidates had won and ac- cordingly they were installed in ofhce. The Class of '38 again appropriated the 355 prize for selling the most band tickets. This brought our score up to three out of four. The Senior class play entitled "The Fan" was enjoyed by all. With the arrival of spring every one looked forward to the Junior-Senior Prom which was a very successful affair and deserved the thanks of our class. As the last few days slipped away we prepared for graduation. As the long line of Seniors moved slowly forward receiving their "sheepskins" it was remarked that it looked like a line of cans on a conveyer belt going through a labeling machine. Maybe so. but that label contains one of the best trade marks in the world, the trade mark of Van Wert High School. As the last Senior received his diploma the class of '38, according to its motto, passed "Out of Life's School into the School of Life." MAURICE TOLAN, '38. BIS THE EXCALIBU B 19 ELIZABETH ACHESON ccyvibbyss "Tibby" is the girl with It voice so deep, She could wake the students from a very sound sleep. Y-Hi, G. A. A.. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, H. M. S. Pinafore. CHARLES ATHA, "Chucky This handsome blond so bush- ful is he, We wonder if ever inrlrried he'll be. Interclass Basketball 1. 2. 3. Al. Football 3. STAR REPORTERS N gf X ix, HAROLD ALLQIRE A "' "Turkey'7 "Turkey" is ihis Izoyfs nick- Home, As fi football player he has nequirenl great fume. Chorus 1. Band 1. 2. 3. 1. ln- tereluss Basketball 3, AL. Foote bull 3, 4, V Club. MARCILE BAER, "Ben-yn lfVe iromler if she's fimirl, We wonder if she's shy, We wonrlev' uvlzaf she'll do When she lem-es Von Wert Hi. JEAN BAIRD, ufeaniei' Jeanie is 11. l'flllTI!liIlU loss, With her obilily in fylillly she heads the floss. Chorus 1. 2. 3. 41. Billlii L. RUTH MARGARET BAXTER uRuthie,9 This Senior girl is quiet rnifl 81111, Yoifd nherer knouf I shes 1.11. Van Wert Hi. Y-Hi, Prom Committee. ROBERT E. BAXTER, HBob" In mnkingf speeches Boll does e.1'f'1'l. life ffzmwmfee ci pnrlrled fell. Hi-Y. Ili-Y Cabinet. Chorus 1. 2, 3. If, H. M. S. l'inz1f0l'e, The Mnsquernder. S t u fl LY n t Council L Ring :incl l'in Cum- mittee. National Honor S0- eiety. Scarlet Quill Staff 4-. EX- oalibul' Staff. The Gnvernnr's Daugrlitcr. llamfl Book Com- mittee. The Fun. MARY BEBOUT "Bebuckef' .1IIll'!l'8 lieorl skips 'mmiy Iieufs, IfVI11'11 someone llIUllflll'll8 flu: name Sheels. Y-Hi, G. A. A., Chorus 1. 2. 3. If, l-I. M. S. Pinafore. Prom Committee. lnterclzlss Basket- 1 x fl y ,rx K, gi 20 THE EXCALIBUR STEPHEN BECK, "Steve" Still water runs deep, Youfll never find Steve a "sheep." Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. ISABEL BLAKE, 'clzzyn Cliitter, chatter all day long, This gal is ever busgg She's given many guys the vovny, ZVO amateurs for Izzy. Y-Hi, G. A. A., Chorus 1, 2, 3, Enchanted Isle, Th e Mas- querader, National Honor So- ciety. N ESTHER BLACK, "Beany" In leading cheers she has a knack, When you. hear a war whooph 1 .. U . thats Beany Black. Y-Hi, G. A. A., Chorus 1, , N lnterelrss Basket- bc 1 . Cheerleader 1 2-- Scarlet Quill Staff 4, Excah bur Staff il 'ill , , 3,-L,VC RICHARD BLANKE, ufazzya' As a trumpeter he has gone far. Some day perhaps he'll be a star. Chorus 1. 2, Band 1, 2. 3. 4. Dance Orchestra, Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Senior Class Play C0111- mittee. . fl MARJORIE BOETTGER ,A . ll' my ."MargeH ., V 'X Q -ik V lg" ,,XyNfYn tcommerc'ial work she does '- exrel A l About these tasks she does not yell. Chorus 2, National Honor S0- ciety, Scarlet Quill Staff 4, Excalibur Staff, Senior Class Play Committee. GERALD BOWERS Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. Hi-Y, Chorus 1, 2, 3, En- chanted Isle, Student Council 1, 2, 3, Ring and Pin Com- Enittee, The Governor's Daugh- er. MARJORIE BOYER, "Mike" An able student in her studies, Editor-in-chief of our stay, Always seen helping others, And always ready to laugh. Y-Hi. Y-Hi Cabinet, G. A. A., Chorus 1, 2, The Masquer- arler, Prom Committee, Na- tional Honor Society, Scarlet Quill Stat? 4, Excalibur Staff, D. A. R. Contestant. KENNETH BOLINGER GC 77 Soapy "Soapy's" not lazy- Just in love with rest. M Band 1, 2, 3, 4, DilI1C9',0I'- chestra. ' ' Xi V Q ,I ' gp ' .4 . In H F, I 3 ' JAKE BOWERS, "Jan,ie', Jane can be serious, Jane can be jolly, To write comic strips is her folly. Y4Hi. G. A. A.. G. A. A. Cabi- net, Chorus 1, 2, The Mas- querader, Student Council 4, National Honor Society, Ex- calibur Staif, Interclass Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, "The Fan." ELMER SWARTZ, "Elmer" Quiet and reserved is he, A student of the first degree. THE EXCALIBUR 21 MARY K. COLLINS, "MK,' "Some girl," Bob does say, And we all think the sanie of MK. Y-Hi, Y-Hi Cabinet. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, H. M. S. Pinafore. Scarlet Quill Statt' 4-. Excali- bur Statf, Class Motto and Color Committee. ALICE CONN, "Connie', Of boys Alice is fond. With any special one she has no bond. Y-Hi, Y-Hi Cabinet. G. A. A.. Chorus 1. 2, 3. Prom Commit- tee, Class Motto and Color Committee. LEROY COMER, "Sonny7' JANET BRITTSAN, Hfanv Tall, dark, and lively JAMES BROTHERWOOD Is this rlmwniitg lass, Her smile is the brightest Of all the class. Y-Hi, Y-Hi Cabinet, G. A. A.. G. A. A. Cabinet. Chorus 1. 2. The Masquerailer. National Honor Society. The Governors Daughter. Invitation Commit- tee. RAYMOND BRUBAKER "Kaitlyn A lire nrire is selrloni stepped on. Hi-Y, Hi-Y Cabinet. Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4. H. M. S. Pinafore. Interclass Basketball 3. 4. Football Manager fi., The Fan. G6 99 Duke "Duke" is as quiet as run be. But rr very good sport as you f'II'll SEP. CLAIR BUECHNER, "Beaten Here is Il. chap nrith. n sense of lrzmlrw, quite gay, Of qurilities he hns so many That space crwft do or say. HiAY. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, En- chanted Isle. H. M. S. Pina- fore. Scarlet Quill Statf 4. Football 1. 2. Basketball 1. 2. 3. -L, Vice-President 1, 2, 3. Junior Class Play Committee. Senior Class Play Committee. Class Motto and Color Com- mittee. V Club. JUANITA CHAMBERS EUGENE CARTER, '41 eveesi' ..Nim,, "Jevees" possesses hnpptness, lt's one thing lznrd to fllll. When, he starts in to whistle, You knon: ich.nt's on his mind. Interclass Basketball 1, 2. 3. , 1 Boys are the light in her life. If the light went out It urofuld cause her real strife. Y-Hi. Prom Committee, Ring and Pin Committee. VV 1 f ii P .,-,V Nou: Leroy is a quiet lad. As you all can see. But just give hint a little job And he'lI show his ability. Student Council 1. Scarlet Quill Staff 4, Excalibur Stait. Intern-lass Basketball 1. 2, Basketball 3. 4, V Club. RUTH CORATHERS CCSpud77 To one boy she is 'willing to remain true. Eren when she's very lzliie. Y-Hi. G. A. A.. Chorus 1. 2. 3. + l 4 22 THE EXCALIBUAR CALVIN Cox, i'Silent Cal" "Sile'nf Cal" is a noisy lad, ,-lsirlrf from lhis l1e's rrfallyl wal hurl. Lols CRYER, 'iL0i" "Oh.' Dirl you say Lois ffryvr Wlllli shrfs nur Baslcclllnall xlarf' Wlwn sllffs ll70Tkl7l!j up fo par, l.lm'rP1'orrl :rv 4-annul mar. Chorus. Intorc-lass llaskuthall l. 2. Ii. l-. x .X MARY DEXVEESE, "Madieii To be n jourzlallsl is her amlnifirm, RICHARD DALLY, HDiCh'H .-I Imp of almul sim fffel fIl'1l. .-Inrl yolfre Very lurk!! If hw falls for you. J, X ', RW. f . V, PAILDRED CROWE, 'iMifl" A quiwf lzlrmfl rrilh 7Ilfl7llll'T surezfl, JIi1l's lyme ls rrfally harrl in lM'!Il. Y-Ili, G. :X.A..BRllfl1.2,3.-li. BENJAMIN DALLY, "Ben" Bmfs a qulfff surf of lad, Tlmugfll on a foolhall jlivlrl hzfs Wally noi lual. Football 3. I-. Tu some volleye she will be paying Tlliflun. Y-Ili. Ki. A. A.. Chorus 1, 2, 3. L l'1'om Committee. Scar- let Quill Stall' -L Excalibur 'Y Staff. lnterclass Basketball 2. 3. Senior Class Play Coin- mittee. I X RICHARD DEWEESE 6CDiCk97 Tall, dark mul llmldsome, For him smnef girl Jxgill pay a ransom. Hi-Y. Senior Class Play Com- mittee. ROBERT DUPREY, "Bob" Upriylzf, yfrmirl and square- Awd 'nal a pimm eifher. lnterclass Basketball 3. 4.. Foot- ball I.. 4-ll Club. If If x - f DOROTHY Donors, "Dorn There's rr. certain boy so fall and dark, IVl1en she passes him, In her henrf fhere burns n spark. Y-Hi. CARL EASTERLING, J R. G6 99 Buster Carl is Ll jolly lad, .-is fl friend, mme beller roulfl be had. Hi-Y, Chorus 2, 3. 4. THE EXCALIBUR 23 I Y B1-:TTY FINGH, "Fi hyi' Her greatest ambit -is avia- tion To kee - l yo from na- .w'n, . tion. i, Y i Cabinet, Chorus 1, 3, 4, H. M. S. Pinafore. om Committee, Scarlet Quill Staff 3. 4, Excalibur Staff. Senior Class Play Committee. DONALD FOOTE, uFooteH Sweel is youth, but yoyih is U 7'U'lJ??'. And so's my heart. Hi-Y, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Enchanted Isle, H. M. S. Pina- fore, Prom Committee, Scarlet Quill Staff' 3, The Governor's Daughter, lnterclass Basket- ball 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Dance Orchestra, V Club. Vi His Hin' His Hi-Y, Band 1. 2. Scarlet Quill Staff 4, Excalibur Staff. GILFORD FORD, '6Gil" Gilly stars in basketball. He also stars in looks. Bui he can amuse us all, Tho' he doesrfl read his Football 2, 3, 4. Basketball 2. 3, 4, V Club, Senior Class Play. Committee, X SAMUEL M. FITZSIMMONS "Shadow" Samuel M. is known for his boldness and audacity. . if if were not for teachers iroulrl noi be perr-ociiy. HUGH EATON, '4Hugo" The mime of our hero is Eaffm, As a salesman he cailnof be beafen. Hi-Y. Chorus 1, 2, 3, En- chanted Isle. Scarlet Quill Staff 4, Interclass Basketball I. 2. Football 1. 2. Golf. f VIOLETTE EDSALL "ValeLte7' Violeife is a pretiy name. And for ihe girl we rom say ihe same. Y-Hi. Chorus 1, 2. Orches- tra 1. RALPH EISTER, 'gEis" Ralph. came here in his Junior year. ' .-Ind in many lwiirifies his name does appear. Hi-Y, Hi-Y Cabinet, Band 3, 4-, Interclass Basketball 4, Bas- ketball 3, The Fan. X ELDINE EDMINSTON "Damien Happy mn, I, from rare Tm free ,' Why areriff ihey all contented like me. Chorus 3. Band 1. 2, 3. 4, En- chanted Isle, Interclass Bas- ketball 3. 4. ELOINE EICHAR, "Ike,' A firie little lady is Elolrle Eichar, Arid P'L76TfIlOTl0 in school says There's no one like her. Y-Hi. G, A. A., Junior Class Play Committee. WILLIAM D. FELL, "Billy I'1n on ihe brink of success, VVZIZ somebody push me over? Hi-Y, Hi-Y Cabinet, Chorus 3. it, Band 1, 2, H. M. S. Pina- fore, Prom Committee, Stu- dent Council 1, Scarlet Quill Staff 4, Excalibur Staff, Foot- ball 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Golf. Q . F1 , -F nm -u 7 l l . J v l i l 24 VETHA FORD, HBesl1,ie:' Vellla is a girl, 1 Wim keeps yO1n"mmrl In fl C'0llSflHlf ufllirl. Q xl N THE EXCAQIQIBUR . -,xx ELEANOR FOX, G'FoxLex 1 Slm has rr smile irlml Hts llebxll j'r1r'z' mul lI'I'1II'S If ezwry rluy. ---I fa F4 1 Xfk i f - - V . . . 5-lil. fr. A. A.. Bzlnfl 1, 2. 3. 2'1"1E,ig,,gf'Cf,l,',g,,QllfQg'tI1tCf3 flu. 01'i-lisstm 2. 3. lf. Inter:-lass Bngkctbull 1 .,' 3 ll llnskellmll 23. I. I-ll Club. The Cl1eerle:1fler'2. 'I--Hlfilnh. l l Fm" V L CA OL FRERICKS "Ta ln 4' ' -- m NJA' R 2 ' EVALYN FUGATE, 'Ewen i XS! 351,51 11,271ui?-Z1smli2',! Hvr jlllgigelllrrierl ,I Qlliese two HTC.ffl6,f'1l7USll7ll?4M, some du!! 8110.11 ,W H Iwrm- ! llzrrl vmrke Lmul Iinflz II 112141. WMC tlplnrl i Y-ni, O. A. A.. cm-lien-.1 1. Y f . , , , 2. :i. 4, The NI2lSCIll9l'RlllZl', Nei- 2fIl1'.fZ:L'lj flgfmfimih tiunzil llonin' Society. Senior 'Umm 'JM' 'll 'm' C ' Class Play Connnittce. l EVERETT GALLAWQY6 U ,, LEs'rEz: GLNNDER, ':Les" ll 1' . ' His drlys in lyllll l'Vc7'l have l This Iml is fl f!l7'7ll!'I' buy, Irwin slmrl. l ' And Us U f!I7'lIlKl' he jimls Bill l1r'S l1l1'f'Irfl?! 7U'01'f'H 1108 l ffrenl joy, rf will spurl. l 4-H Club, l'll'Ulll lleiislnvv. 1 i l l l MARCUEIRITE GOOD 1 '5GrelclzenH l "fiTC'fl'llf'llu llrrs ideas of her i is 011771, 1 .Ind slzrfll rlimlz to 'iszlrress 1 11lO21c'." l Y-Hi. Chorus 1, 2. 3. L. Prom l Cnnnnittce, lllxcznlibur Staff. RAYMOND GIIEENEXVALD K c'Ray1nev lux Qi- l Ifllillflll urns HI?!IQl7'llf'U 1. ' Till "DOI" Flllllt' along. f . Now hull: nw mnilefltefl, 7 7 .-11111 lift' is Il sung. I VZ Hi-Y. Chorus l. 2. 3. 4. En- clnmtoil Isle, National Honor Society. 'l'l1eGOve1'i1n1"s Daugh- tor. lnterclziss Baiskethnll 1, 2. 3. Invitation Connnittee. Golf. I 1 I 1 I - 1 l 1 - - 1 - - Q Q gi., JOAN GRANT, 'Clow D8Sl'7'l17fl01l of Jo-fby any urlmlrioig fellow, Sli' delirious fIl.'L'If07'S7jllSf like jello. Y-Hi, Y-Hi Cabinet. G. A. A., G. A. A. Cabinet. Prom Coni- niittee. Student Council 3. 4. Ring and Pin Committee, EX- calibur Steiff. Interclass Bas- ketball 1. 2. MARY E. GRUNEWALD ccMurry99 Jlcnqf Izeliervs in life after school, And also sim-erely belieres -in fhe Golden Rule. Y-Hi. Chorus 1. THE EXCALIBUP1 25 F I LA INWOOD, "Ia" Noflliozg fo sfudy buf Home EC. To be Il good wife, so P11741 ?l'U21'f A'pe1'k." Y-Hi. Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4. The Governofs Daughter. Volley- h:Ill. Fnchanted Isle. H. M. S. I2iHElf'0l'6. VELMA JENKINS, ':Peggy" It seems she possesses A greuf S1111 11111. Her face is so happy, Her spirit so gay. G. A. A.. lntercluss Basketball 1. 2. L Y, f ALLEN JACKSON, JR. .llmior is 1111 wok" U'e'1'e foiriirl Ollf sup. Prom Committee, Junior Clos.: Play Committee. ROMAINE JOHNSON Her par! iii the rlass play Ii'11s jilsf fo 1'l1ez1: gum. She did if so '1lIf'1l, Tlmf if 111111111 X-HI. 0. A. A.. LIIOIUS 1. 2. 41. The NI?lSI1I19l'2ldCl'. V mittee, Excalibur Staff. The Y' Fan. OUIS E. HAINES, HLooie" A uford from his lips is seldom spoken, His slogmz 77IllSf lm, "SiIem'e is fl0lf1E'7l.'y if " ff. 'DX X g-,,, CHARLOTTE HALVERSON EC ' 97 Cllassze "Ult!lSSfP" is 11 peach, I'111 sure 11fe all agree. There is no Iieffer sport. A1111 popular! Yes-siree! Y-Hi, Chorus 4, Ilaurl 1. 2. 3. 1. 1 f ' '- - J 1 2 HELYNfH,AMIvIfOND S JCL., 'aHelyn Jo" CHARLOTTE MAE HARMAN V ., cc as E'oc:1'11Il1.i11g woffzesl he her who F111 It 1'L1Ie tlmfas .slickl I'If'7"'l'gZfH is fhfs' girlls mg E'e'1-?- 1 K 'H 'g ,. , Ulf qzgxhgv, qNf,,.,JUy,l ya C Ifllf Sifmliloiif ulivnys bc the gy get 'f SU mum 'aufflker' Yliili. G. A. A.. Chorus 1. 2. 3. Y-H'iL'f!?1ga21s. I. 2, :1. 4. AI-- l'Ol'diOIl 1 df A, Y Vx.. VIRGINIA HARTING 'Tlinnieg' lf's Hire io be 1111fz11'11I, A When 0716.8 11c1f11ralIy mee. Y-Hi, Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4. H. BI. S. Piimfore, Prom Committee. Senior Class Play Committee. Glade" Fflllp. fhnf hzfs no DENNIS HOLBROOK 66 ' 37 Dennze A f11sci1111ii11yfeIIow is Dezipic. As for his faults, he just l111s11'f lllljl. f gf? .-C 66 ' 77 Rosie was fun. Prom Com- - FERN LOUISE KREISCHER 26 THE EXCALIBUR ELIZABETH JONES, "Eliza" Her rare persmmlilyf will jimi real fnme. .vllflmuyh she has silrh Il vom- mon mime. Y-Hi. G. A. A.. Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4. DENNIS KINKLE, "Dennie,: A finer fellow Newer lived. A better spur! is nerer fomid, But we musfiff flmllc flblllll if. VVIIPQ1 Dennie is nruuizrl. Hi-Y. The Masquerazler. Prom Committee. Student Council 3. 4, National Honor Society. Interclass Basketball 1, 2. 3. I.. Football 1. 2. 3. Class Serr- retary 'XL '35. '3Ii. V Club. i HNIILDRED KNOLL, 4'lVlid" She's lhe Se1iiur's jinesf guard, In all sporfs she rarrels, Her sclmlarsllip is lmrd to bent, All in ull she's pretty smell. Y-Hi, Y-Hi Cabinet, G. A. A.. G. A. A. Cabinet. Banrl 1. 2. 3, 4, Orchestra 2. -L. Prom Committee, Student Council 1, 2. 3. National Honor Society. Excalibur Staff. lntervlass Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4. .7 Q2 ANNA JORDAN, 4'Ann,' Lore of music has ropiurerl this girl, Ami also as rr ser'i'efm'y sh6'll lie ll "pearl," Y-Hi, Y-Hi Cabinet. G. A. A.. Band 3. 4. Chorus 1. 2. Or- chestra l, 2. 3, 4, Student Council 21. National Honor So- ciety. Excalibur Staff. Inter- class Basketball 2. I--H Club. CHARLES KNOLL, 'cRed'7 "Rell" is Us lmshfill ns Iheyf 1-rnne. To get him any girl will llrrfrv' fu gm SIIIIIG. ROBERT KORN, HFodder" l2on'l you think he's llfllld- some, Full of pep mul rim? If you are incliiied In fhink so, Jusf ask him. Hi-Y. Junior Band 1. Inter- elass Basketball 3, 4. Football 3. 71. Golf. . .-7 - A ,M I' I ELOISE KOUTS 'Todiei' 9 "T11rlie" cerlrliiilgf has Her liezzrf owl of selmol. IVe're also ufilliny fu lzef She's ilrzlwrlgfs fool. Y-Hi, G. A. A., Chorus 1. Sen- ior Class Play Committee. GERTRUDE KREISCIIER 66 ' 95 Certze A uice girl, A winning u'fr1f.' Some girl-- lfVe'll say. Y-Hi, G. A. A., Chorus 1. 2. 3. Scarlet Quill Staff -l, Excali- bur Staff. Senior Class Play Committee. '6Fernie" Short in SffllIlTE', Always so shy. She has rr smile but 110 irorrls, ll'e all urznzder ilfhy. Y-Hi. Senior Class Play Com- mittee. fl.-H Club. IRENE LINTON, "Renie" In sfeimyraplly, Irene will shine. Some day she eerfniiily TfVill Flimli. Chorus 1. Scarlet Quill Staff il.. Excalibur Staff. THE EXCALIBUR 27 CLIFFORD MEDAUGH' MARY ELIZABETH MILLER ccclign In uri we lcnrauv he will gn fur. In this world he has II star. Chorus 1, 2. Scarlet Quill Staff. Interc-lass Basketball The Fun. Senior Class Play Coni- mittee. PAUL MILLER, "Ducky" lt's tough I nm, I is, I nrw, If yml get in my fwny, You 11'on't yn fm: Chorus 1. 2. 3. Scarlet Quill Stall? -I-. Excalibur Staff, Inter- clnss Basketball 3. 4. Hrfre is rr girl of u'u1'tl1lrlIi.'e sort, - ' All uw mn say is Ahe's It yimrl Y-Hi. Y-lli Fnbinet. Clnirus. Senior Class l'i:Iy Crnniniliev. RICHARD iWILLER, '6Dich'f Quiet and flignifirml is lhis fel- Slirlc In him mul ymfll fiml Hi-Y. Chorus 1. 2. 3. L ll. M. S. l'in:it'0re. lllt0l'l'l?lSS Basket- h'1llI 'P 'S L Senior Class lVlARY MCCLURE HELYN MARIE MCCONA- GC 75 G6 D! Granny I-1 mon' plwismn' girl The irurlfl wummt finrl. Tlwrr' tlI'E'll'l wry many Girls nj her kinrl. Bzlncl 2. 3. L The Mzxsqueracl- er. Scarlet Quill Stnfl' t. Ex- Ukllllllll' Stuff. HAY, Rekie A fini' steiiograplwi' she'll bv swim' llny. In 1'i.I1i1's she always drew th? only Y-Hi. flhorus 1. 2. L. ll. M. S. Pimifore. MARGARET MCCANDLISII 7 cc as Willa'-ge" IIICIIARD MCCOY, Dick Ilir-k if lmslifnl, Wm'rls.' He just hfrsn't any. But' !'l'!'lI in silmzmf, His frivnrls rfrrf mriny. .1In1'ym'rt mme from Arlrimi, Xen' this wry Inst year. Her hrrii' is rerl as all rm: see. ,-Intl nw Imp? she likes it livrff. Senior Class Play Connnittee. KATHHYN MINRSTI, HKay,' HELEN MAXSON7 ..Wiggy,, Lnnyhs, 1l!II'fll'S und lmys that dross neat, .llrlke the Iiff' of Kay rum- plate. Y-Hi, G. A. A.. Svzlrlel Quill Stuff I. l'lXL'?llllDlll' Sin ' .K .XX NF' X lx . XJ ccLiZ:9s ,.,4,gf! gf' Mrrny fl Imy has stolen hm' heart. By thc' looks of the fuii.rr', this is only ll slnrt. Y-lli. YAlli Cabinet. 28 THE EXCALIBUR FREDERICK MITCHENER BETTY ANNE MOONEY :'Fred', Of n girl Fred wever fliiiiks. They ure, in him, flie jiI1.r. Interclass Basketball 1. RUTH MORRIS, "Boi-if She's wwf a flourer, slie's im! 'cSpunky,' 01150 Cifgf is her 1-lmice, If you spank nguinsf if, Slie'II raise Iver 'wi'ire. Y-Ili, Band 1. 2. ERVIN H. MORRISON czporkyn He1'e's 10 HPm'ky" so yrmlfl mid 11111. V f'19U'7'1i TVlir'n if ermies fo lmriii' lie .Sl17eIs7j1IsfIm1 fill-rrroimri reg- 1,l,,,fs fhem UH. 11' fm' . , , Chorus 1. 2. 3, 1. H. M. S. 5'H1-Ch01'US3- , l'im1fOI'e, Prom Committee. . Student Council President -L. I Xp Interclnss llzlsketlmll 1. 2. 3. V 4. ,A X 4 X Y ' 'I I XX l x . ' 4 X3 cc ea RALPH MOSURE, Mase Ralph is fhe boy Irifh eyes of VELMA MULLEN, 'cSis7' broufn. Wheel he IS Hem' fl1ere's ne'ei' 4 fm-dr sliz slie's never seen - .I 1 - - r I U f7'U1lPN- For mi lime uf srliuul sl1e's Interclass Bzxskethnll 3. -L. rilzrnifs been. ALBERT MYERS, "Blondiev A'BlOiidie," "Allie," say 'Irlmf you may, He'Il be a yrenf, yreuf mm: some day. Chorus I, 2. 3. -L. Elll'llilIltCCl Isle. The GOvernOr'S Daughter. PAUL MYERS, uPaul', Paul of music is especially fond. Perlmps he will play imdei' Sfokowskfs lljfllld. OrclIeSt1'zI 1. 2. 3. 4. JOSEPH MYERS, ujoeu Joe Iljllllld lie u liigli school Homeo, A If irifli girls hell eml1les1'eI'irl fo go. Hi-Y. I S., VIRLSINIA NEWBERRY Some will liar "Ginnie," Oiliers rnll her "GMA" I'Vl1ere Brilfs iimne is 711671- flowed, Tlmfs ufliere she comes in. Y-Hi. G. A. A.. Chorus 1. 2. 3, -1, Enchzluterl Isle, H. M. S. l'iIIzIf'0rc. The Goverxmfs D:1ug.rhteI', Interchlss Basket- ball 1. THE EXCALIBUR 29 RICHARD PRESTON, HDick" A ymrf in the vlriss play put him in line To lm fl gwrri rlrrrnlrrlisf in some fillllfl' tim:-. Hi-Y. Chorus l. 2. 3. ll. H. M. S. Pinafore. The hlilSflllCl'2lll"!'. Prom Committee. Intervlass Basketball 3. I. Football 4. Senior Class Play Committcc. LELAND RAYER, '5Lily:, A Hliftlc' nonsvzzw nun: mul Iwi, Is r1'lisl1f'fl by lhc lies! of mvli. lnterclass Basketball 3. 4. DONALD OECHSLE, "Donn "Speak," Miss Wwsl said. A "I l'fl7l'f,U said Dow, us his fore gui reri. N I I .L I I ',.I.,x W I - .J MYRON VPIERSON X usefully" A Iwzrerfiil singer is fhis 'tlaudcling Crooks," ' Talent like his is noi folmfl 111 books. Hi-Y, Hi-Y Cabinet. Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4, El1L'll?lI1t9ll Isle, H. M. S. Pinafore. Prom Commit'ee, Student Council 2, :L 4, Na- tional Honor Society, The GOveI'nor's Daughter, Excali- bur Staff, lnterclass Basket- ball 3, Invitation Committee. WILLIAM POLINO, '4Bill" Horses mul lmskellmll are his line, As ll miliirrlurv sporfsnzmr he really flows fine. Hi-Y, Chorus 3. RL, Intern-lass Basketball 1. 2. Basketball 4, V Club, -LH Club. DOROTHY PRICE, '4Dof' Doi luis lcfliwicrl har lesson 11:L'll,'A Q Fw' ilzls, hmim' will hw' Mania swell. Y-Hi. Y-Ili Cabinet. G. A. A.. Chorus 1. National Honor So- ciety. The Fan, lnterulass Basketball. FERN REDLINOER, :'Fe1-nf: Very snlrzll mid rrjry llfllf. . .ind somelmu: quite cliscreet. Y-Ili, Chorus 1, 2. 4. ' LOUISE OECIISLE, 'fPeocy" A smile so sweet fha! none r-an campfire. Some fine fellow had better lwwrlre. GEORGE POE, "Posy" George is ri lad who is hard fn please, But full of misvhief and ready io lease. v Hi-Y, Chorus 1. 2, 3,'fts.lsl,. M. S. Pinafore. National Honor Society, The gfibvernor s Daughter, The Fillgk' if LOIS PRESLl3R, MP1-eztzelsu lVifh falenf Tore, nom' can z'cml1m1'f. H1'T gifts ure surely z'liu7'n1- ing. Y-Hi, Y-Hi Cabinet, G. A. A., G. A. A. Cabinet, Band 1, 2. 33. I-. 'l'he Masquemcler. Prom Committee, National Honor Sofiety. Scarlet Quill StaE 2. 3. 4. Excalibur Staff. Inter- oass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Jun- ior Play Committee. D. A. R. Alternate, The Fan. M ti Ii liru. 4 X 1 X ' ,X K, 30 T H E E X O A LII IW 'l A 14.9" NORMAN SCHAADT5 :cDiC!i,, Quief buf :mf fun sh!! is lm. l'erl1aps some day an 07'ILfU7' he'Il be. Intern-lass Basketball 1, 2. HELEN SHERBURN 66 il Lenn Helen may Inf quief, In class rn' in file lmll. PAUL SCOTT, UScoLLy" Su e'nyayin11 ll smilz' flmt mme ru n z'o'n:1mw. l"Vif'1l!1S like him nw Iaemm- ing quifc 1'm'r'. Intern-lass Basketball 1. 2. Basketball 3, VL. ROBERT SHERMAN, '4BobU 3,11 S119 is 11,1 k1,,11 ,,1 1,111 Bglfs rl-f1'im1rl nf ffnrll mul ull. Wl,1, 1,115 11. 57,1111 fm- 1111, I1fYl4,e1'4' If s ser'1'u'es we ask for, lfl 11 kllllll' on lrlmm fu full. Y-Hi. Y-Hi Cabi ft, G. A. A.. Chorus 1. 2. Banlltal. Orchestra 1IIt6IQl'YPlSS Baskctball 1. 2. Son- 4. National Honor Society. IUVUHSS 1'1P1B'CU1lll1llll0e. Prom Conunittee. Excalibllr Staff. Interclass Basketball 1. 2. 3, vl-. ' 7 . .7 .' f ff, . , , . .-, .f-" lf' if f vlffff , -!,, , f f ' ' ac 11-' an f MAX SHTMP, Sll'WP RUTHELA SHRIDER I Hgler, skelfer, he fears 'rorlnfl HRLIJIUCH L9 corners. Srmqe day his friends will be Qllief, su'r'r'f, uriflmzlf 1-mwvif. Ins mournw-s. Q Y-Hi. Senior Class Play Cmn- I Lhorus 1. mittee. 1 If K 4 J K x 5 y V HICBARD SIMPSON BERNICE J. SMITH, "B. ff, C6 ' 77 X Sunp l1'l1en flzv zluy gefs drc'ury, JllSf frying fu he ll grvuf num, g!,1',Qirf1j"Q,"jeff""'e Umm' 1 Hllf he is firm! ulreufly. Shevs H dang.. W Hi-Y. Band 1. 2. 3. L. Pl'Ulll Y- - - , , - . , . f'1lEll1lltECt3.. Intirclalis uljasket- ?,1.E?l'etl'Qf5il AS1afilH'g'uh4' LE? 1.1 . -. .i. 1, OO a 1. calibur Stuff. x I ' . BERNICE L, SMITH HELEN SMITH, HS1nithy,' uSmill 'g - y Hag smxzles are mfmy, ' , or fTUllFHS are fvzr. l "HI, l1l'UZ5l"l f'!lf'S Sllffll rio mos! rlnyfflzing 1 l u 'rf some nys slyg T 1 11 I Id I . S Iiuf ilmgfll be buck urrzzuzfl by U H 17 me ml you WW by- Y-Hi, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Prom C' 'tt . Y-Hi, Chorus 1. 2, 3. 4. H mmm ee M. S, Pinaforc. P3 J L THE EXCALIBUR 31 D ' FLRMA V. SPRING P ,ellfltouyh she possesses no ,fY real ni1'kmnnf'. 9 "Lefl11" fits mul if 1111111 bring 3 - her fume. " Y-ni. o. A. A.. Intel-Class bliaskethall 1, 2. 3, 4. DENTON STETLER, "Bud" .-l p1'ru'firfaI joker is this Ind. But some of his jokes ll1'67l'l so bull. Hi-Y. Chorus 1. Prom Come mittee. D-mm X., . X r. 4' x Q a . - JAMES TERRY, Minn" his shy lad is so very frrll, e really Sllfl'N!'H in basketball. Interclass Basketball. MAURICH TOLANM , M BERNIECE WALLICK Maurze - ffgeev Plenfgnxzfsft "Hd U UWNI per- ,lt lx1'fgg1fw1'ile1' her hem't's Very hashflrl as you know. lVhen lhe girls talk fo him, Maurie says, "I lmeliewf I'll go." Ili-Y, Prom Committee, Stu- dent Council -IA. Interclass Basketball 1. 2. Senior Class Play Committee. Class Motto and Color Committee. CARLOS WALTZ, 'cC.W.W Big bllu' eyes, A 1-llflrminy S'lIIllC,' These fwo fI'flflH'!'8 mrlkaf Knowing him ll7U7'lLllllllllIC. Chorus 1, 4-H Club. I She newer' uflers 61 sound, Not like her mrmy 'neig1l1bors, Whose mouflls ufork as hm-d ns fhey pound. Y-Hi, Chorus 1. 2. 41. H. M. S. Pinafore. The Masquerad- cr. Prom Committee. Junior Class Comlnittec. ELIZABETH WERMER Cllgetty-99 ll's 'nof the size of a Qlnrlcuyr' thu! 7il!5ll8llTl'S N The qualify of ifs vonfenl. Y-Hi. 'L-H club. - - 1 J .Sa ' ' NJ MARJ GRY STARKEY G6 99 , Marge A one-Irrmk mind for Ken- fllfkll has she, For down lhere with Ray, she would like to be. Y-Hi. Prom Committee. Inter- class Basketball. JACK STETLER, "Ostrich" Wlzeh joy um! duly flush, x Let duly go lo smash, Hi-Y. Chorus 1. 2. 3. -L Stu- dent Council 2. Scarlet Quill Staff L. Excalibur Staff. Inter- clztss Basketball 3, Class Sec- relary 2. 3. Handbook C0111- mittee. SARA LOUISE TINDALL 66Sally93 A bnslceiball player wifhoul any doubt, She's ll real sport in nJI,' You'I1 never see her pouf. Y-Hi, G. A. A.. Chorus 1, 2. All. H. M. S. Pinafore. Prom Committee. The Governor's Daughter. Interclass Basket- ball 1. 2. 3. 4. 4-H Club. Y-Hi. Band 1. 2. 3. The Mas- 32 THE EXCALIBUBA EMANUEL WESTENIIAVER :'ClLubl9yD A famous comedian he'Il be some day, He has the url of making peo- ple gay. Chorus 1. 2. 3. L, H. M. S. Pinafore, National Honor SO- ciety, The Fan. JOAN VVHITTINGTON 66T0ddy77 She's not quiel and she's wo! mlm, But she dOr'sn'f frel or fuss, And she is A-No.-1 To all of us. Chorus 1, 3. -1, Enchanted Isle, H. M. S. Pinafore. MIRIAM WlLLOUGI'lBY a "Willie" --wuzw ig. um. Jgicesl Um I 'e'pfXsee11 foil, quitc3,som1' V nys, And we are 1'c'1f'y proud of AVL' N , lwr, Y. I .Jud hvr many pleasing zvvgls. querafler. Interclass Basket- ,. ballxfi. -1. The Fun. xg ' -R .1 "' MAXINE WIIERRY Gfjwackyi! Clulrm clings to "ill11cky" Like sweetness fo ll rose, A1111 simple splendor follows her E1'erywl1rfra she goes. Y-Hi, Y-Hi Cabinet. G. A. A.. G. A. A. Cabinet. Band 1. 2. 3. L. Orcliestra 2. 3, -L, The Masquerarler, Prom C0lIllllli' tee. Interclass Basketball 3. -1. Invitation Committee. LAURA WILKINSON C-'Lollyp' Lolljf is Us ruff as vufe cfm lie, If you rlwff lmlierv il, Ask any Ulla". Y-lli. G. A. A.. Intern-lass Bas- ketball 1. 2. 3. 4. Penny Queen Canrlirlate. THELMA WINTERS if 1 97 Wemers .l lmrrler' uforkcr ihe u'orld ufon'I jiurl. Hvv' job is ulwnys first in hw' minrl. Y-Hi. G. A. A., Prom Cmn- niittcc, Interclass Basketlull Bl'I'l'TY AVITTEN, c'Bclly', Duinfy mul quivl in rlrrss, ls fhzs UFIIILKIIIIQ' mid plrusiny f , luss. X-Ill. O. A. A. L 5 KATIIEHINE YOUNG C5KaLy77 .1 reul student is lhis flnrk lass. In s1'holm'ship shr leuzls lhe class. Y-Hi. Y-Ili Cabinet. G. A. A.. G. A. A. Cabinet, Chorus 1. 2. Orchestra 1. 2, 3. The Mas! querader. National Honor S0- ciety. Scarlet Quill Staff. In- terclass Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4-, The Fan. f ev f ,J . f A ,4 Zlfffffgoil MAURICE WOODRUFF HWo0zly" Smurf full him "JIo1'ry," Uflzvrs full him "I'VoorIy," No mullcr zztliwn you full him Hc's rvudy for duty. MARJORIE ZOTZ, "Margy', Sha isu'l 'very slzorl, she ish' very lull, But she is liked hy us ull. YfHi, Band 1. 2. 3, 4. Orches t1'a 1. 2. 3. AL. I 1111 Hiemnriam THE COMMUNITY - - - and VAN WERT HIGH SCHOOL - - - HAVE LOST - - - ANOTHER WORLD CAINED - - - TWO FINE CITIZENS. .101-IN GAIVIBLE ROBERT SHEEKS March 31, 1920 August 10, 1919 I u 1 y 21, 1937 IVI a y 22, 1936 No farther seek his merits to disclose, Or draw his frailties from their dread abode, fThere they alike in ZVGIILIJIIZILQ' hope reposej The bosom of his Father and his Cori. wffhomas Gray. 34 THE EXCALIBUR COURT NEWS I Since the time has come for us to leave our Alma Mater, we, the Class of 738 tgenerous as everl. leave to those behind some of the things which we feel they would appreciate. We do make, publish, and declare our will in manner and form as follows: ARTICLE I To our adviser, Mr. Gallapoo, we give the Junior Class in hopes that they will be an ideal ARTICLE II To the Junior Class, we donate our lockers fminus present contents and combination Iocksl. ARTICLE III class, such as we. I, Elizabeth Acheson, hereby will my high, baby voice to Betsy Ross. I, Harold Allgire, hereby will my supreme in- tellectual knowledge to some poor, deserving freshman. tPreferably Jack Hyert. I, Charles Atha, hereby will my love of the daily sixth period gym class to anyone who loves the wide open spaces. I, Marcile Baer, hereby will my ability to argue with Mr. Bollenbacher to Martha Baer. 1, Jean Baird, hereby will my ability to get along with Mr. Bollenbacher to my sister, Yvonne. I, Robert Baxter, hereby will my faithfulness to one girl to Bob Owens. I, Ruth Baxter, hereby will my love for chem- istry to Jane Webster. I, Mary Bebout, hereby will my ability to get along with Carl Sheets to Alice Mae Runnion. I, Stephen Beck, hereby will my history book to Coach Campbell. I, Esther Black, hereby will my camera shy- ness to Merl Stetler. I, Isabel Blake, hereby will my ability to get a man and keep him to my sister, Jean. I, Richard Blanke, hereby will my curly hair to the next sucker without a comb. I, Marjorie Boettger, hereby will my forgetful- ness to some one who wants to forget their spurned love. ' I, Kenny Bolinger, hereby will my ability to sleep through English IV to Robert Earl Shaffer. I, Gerald Bowers, hereby will my leaky foun- tain pen to the janitors. We, Jane Bowers and Dorothy Price, hereby will our over-abundant supply of fondness for Henry Fonda falso our bottles of flame, ruby and robin red nail polish? to one who appre- ciates the finer things in life, Harriet Gleason. I, Marjorie Boyer, hereby reserve my doll dishes to Mr. Mason for future chemistry ex- periments. We, Janet Brittsan and I-Ielen Sherburn, here- by will our everlasting friendship to Helen Mil- ler and Phyllis Pond. I, James Brotherwood, hereby will my play- boy personality to Bob Shingledecker. I, Raymond Brubaker, hereby will my ability to get along with "Benny" Spieth to Dick Lin- mger. I, Clair Buechner, hereby will my ability to argue with any basketball referee to Jack Tester. I, Eugene Carter, hereby will my golf clubs to Jimmy Potter. fIf he thinks he can get them? . -l I, Juanita Chambers, hereby will my ability to keep my gym clothes looking neat to Joan Coupland. l, Mary K. Collins, hereby will my ability to keep my boy friends to Martha Lou Morgan. I, Leroy Comer, hereby will my No. I6 jersey to any member of next year's varsity basketball squad. I, Alice Conn, hereby will my ability to have a good time with all the boys to Harriet Kenyon. I, Ruth Corathers, hereby will my ability to get along with the Johnson family to Jean Blake. I, Calvin Cox, hereby will my fishing ability to Gerald Boroff. I, Mildred Crowe, hereby will my ability to be chased into home room to Margaret Crippen. I, Lois Cryer, hereby will my red hair to Coach Livingston. I, Ben Dally, hereby will my memory to "Tiny Tom', Showalter, so he can remember his foot- ball plays. I, Richard Dally, hereby will my six-foot-plus to Bob McCollum fan up-and-coming freshman it . I, Mary DeWeese, hereby will my soft voice to my sister, Wilma, and also my ability to say forty-four. I, Dick DeWeese, hereby will my feather fa laugh producerl , to anyone in Mr. Bowen's civics class next year. I, Franklin Dippery, hereby will my position as president for four years, to any sucker who will take it. I, Dorothy Dodge, hereby will my apprecia- tion of a good joke to all and sundry. I, Robert Duprey, hereby will my ability to get my chemistry in on time to Bob Shaffer. I, Carl Easterling, hereby will my ability to cook to oncoming freshmen boys. I, Hugh Eaton, hereby will my superb intel- ligence to Bill Brown. I, Eldine Edmiston, hereby will my dark com- plexion to Donna Carsten. I, Violet Edsall, hereby will my ability to "get along" with Bob Manship to my sister. I, Eloine Eichar, hereby will my tattered shorthand book to Barbara Miller. I, Ralph Eister, hereby will my ability to bust milk bottles to Bob Stetler. I, Eugene Feigert, hereby will my job as editor-in-chief of the Scarlet Quill to Bob Owens. I, Marion Feigert, hereby will my ability to get along with Dorothy West to Bill Stuckey. I, Bill Fell, hereby will my serious outlook on life to "Turtle" Stuckey. THE EXCALIBUB 35 I, Betty Finch, hereby will my seat between Bill Fell and Sammy Fitzsimmons in home room period, which I have endured for four long years, to any one who is stupid enough to take i.. I, Sammy Fitzsimmons, hereby will my a.:ility to get along with Miss West to Jillian Lindsay. I, Don Foote, hereby will my low arches to Bill Kennedy. I, Gilford Ford, hereby will my basketball ability to Bob Wagonrod. I, Vetha Ford, hereby will my long fingernails to Martha Jean Miller. I, Eleanor Fox, hereby will my ability to ride a bicycle through red lights and gc. away with it to anyone who can't do it. I, Carol Frericks, hereby will my dark hair to Mr. Wolf. I, Evalyn Fugate, hereby will my little black dog to Miss Flannery and her big black dog. I, Everett Gallaway, hereby will my happy school years to Glen Custer. I, Lester Glander, hereby will my chemistry apron to Don Dunifon. I, Marguerite Good, hereby will my hatred of boys to Betty Lou Lininger. I, Joan Grant, hereby will my good old nature studies to Jean McMillen, because of her inabil- ity to get along in high heels. I, Raymond Greenewald, hereby will my in- ability to Dodge that 'gOld Feeling" my Senior year to all Junior women haters. I, Mary Grunewald, hereby will my love for dancing to Leland Rayer. I, Louis Haines, hereby will dignified posture in study hall to anyone who can't sleep in its premises. I, Charlotte Halverson, hereby will my insom- nia, which Mary Tate willed to me, to Imogene Beemer. I, Helen Hammond, hereby will my ability to get along with Miss Benson to Jeannette Crip- pen. I, Charlotte Harmon, hereby will my ability to play volleyball to Betty Harmon. I, Virginia Harting, hereby will my sympathy to second year typing students to any Junior that wants it. I, Dennis Holbrook, hereby will my locker fNo. 5327 and all my pencils, notebooks, etc., to Charles Hall, providing he agrees to use them next year. I, Ila Inwood, hereby will my one and only dimple to my sister, Jeanette Inwood. I, Junior Jackson, hereby will my ability to cook to Jane Webster. I, Velma Jenkins, hereby will my ability to understand Mr. Bowen's jokes to Betty Jean Urton. I, Romaine Johnson, hereby will my ability to keep my curls in place to Mary Shingledecker. I, Elizabeth Jones, hereby will my little feet to .Jeanne McMillen. I, Anna Jordan, hereby will my red dress to Mr. Shaffer and my three freckles to my sister, Doris. to add to her collection. I. Dennie Kinkle, because I am stubborn and bull-headed hereby will not will. I, Charles Knoll, hereby will my red hair to any blonde underclassman. I, Mildred Knoll, hereby will my ability io get along with Mr. Bollenbacher, which was willed to me, to Wilma DeWeese. I, Robert Korn, hereby will my ability to skip school to Tom Showalter and Bonnie Rhodes. I, Eloise Kouts, hereby will my ability to get the required credits for graduation to Ernestine Gallapoo. l, Fern Kreischer, hereby will my ability to be heard to Glen Custer. l, Gertrude Kreiseher. hereby will my middle name, Genevieve, to Robert Earl Shaffer. l, Irene Linton, hereby will my love for Typing II to Virginia Lewis. I, Margaret McCandlish, hereby will airy good marks l may have gotten to my brother, Edward. I, Mary McClure, hereby will my appreciation of poetry and my understanding of new poets, to one who needs it, Imogene Beemer. I, Helen McConahay, hereby will my ability to write shorthand to Virginia Lewis. I, Dick McCoy, hereby will my ability to tell a good joke to Bob Shaffer. l, Kathryn Marsh, hereby will my sessions and friendship with Mr. Shaffer, willed to me by Gene Runnion, to Harry McKeddie. I, Helen Maxson, hereby will my gym suit belt to Dottie Jean Clark. Be careful with it, Dottie, I am an Indian giver. I, Cliff Medaugh, hereby will my ability to make a fool out of myself in public speaking to the next "dumb cluckf, I, Mary Elizabeth Miller, hereby will my lock to Betty Buechner. I, Paul Miller, hereby will my pencil stub, without an eraser, plus the 'gCougar Lair" to any energetic soul. I, Richard Miller, hereby will my ability to keep quiet and tell iokes which never receive any laughs to Dick King. I, Frederick Mitchner, hereby will about two feet of my height to John Barga. l, Betty Ann Mooney, hereby will my ability to go steady to Betty Putman. I, Ruth Evelyn Morris, hereby will my ability to heckle to anyone who lives to heckle too. l, Irvin Morrison, hereby will my ability to get along with Mr. Spieth to Bob Owens. I. Ralph Mosure. hereby will my will to any- body who wants my will willed to them. I. Velma Mullen, hereby will my ability to heckle Miss Gleason to Barbara Yager. I, Albert Myers, hereby will my school ability to Bob Scott. I, .Joseph Myers, hereby will my ability to get along with Mr. Gallapoo to Paul Stripe. I, Paul Myers, hereby will my place in the High School Orchestra to Bill Wise. I, Virginia Newberry, hereby will my fond- ness for red hair to Francis Gentry. I. Don Oechsle, hereby will my ability to judge beef cattle to Leonard Kiehl. I, Louise Oechsle, hereby will my ability to get in the second year typing requirements to Imogene Beemer. I, Myron Pierson, hereby will my ability to comprehend and appreciate French to any suck- er who will take it. I, George Poe. hereby will my French accent, given to me by Miss Gauyey. to Mr. Bowen. I, Bill Poling, hereby will my curly hair to Maynard Jerome. I, Lois Presler, hereby will my trumpet to my sister. I know she would rather toot a trum- pet than peck a French horn. - i if tg l. .4 36 THE EXCALIBUB I, Richard Preston, hereby will my knowledge of the art of cooking to Miss Benson. I, Leland Rayer, hereby will to the members of Van Wert High School, one another to cheer each other along through the years in V. W. H. S. I, Fern Redlinger, hereby will my natural cur- ly hair to Eileen Becker. I, Stan Ross, hereby will my harem, which was willed to me last year, to Donnie Cribler. I, Norman Schaadt, hereby will my typing book to anyone who wants it. I, Paul Scott, hereby will my ability to get a kick out of basketball to "Luke" Dasher. I, Bob Sherman, hereby will my speech mak- ing technique to Donnie Gribler. I, Max Shimp, hereby while sane and half asleep will my Chevrolet to Miss Benson, pro- viding she will love, cherish and put gas in it. I, Ruthela Shrider, hereby will my six-toed, four-legged cat to Alice Ann Chidester. I, Richard Simpson, hereby will my ability to play on Championship Interclass Basketball teams to Junior Fackler. I, Bernice J. Smith, hereby will my middle name, Justina, to Gerald Des Moines Bowen. I, Berniece L. Smith, hereby will my ability to get along with Mr. Bollenbacher to Donna V. Bebout. I, Helen Smith, hereby will my fondness for out-of-town boys to Treva Miller. I, Irma Spring, hereby will my slimness to Lois Stuck. I, Marjory Starkey, hereby will my humerous disposition to LaVera Young. I, Denton Stetler, hereby will my three pipes, a package of Blue Boar pipe tobacco, and an Ontario license plate to Don Need. I, ,lack Stetler, hereby will my Craftsmanship to my brother, Bob. I, Elmer Swartz, hereby will my forwardness to any ambitious Freshman. I, .Iames Terry, hereby will my basketball abil- ity to Maynard Jerome. I, Sara Louise Tindall, hereby will my ability to make the first team in basketball to Alice Bigham. I, Maurice Tolan, hereby will my ability to write plays to Miss West. I, Berniece Wallick, hereby will my stubborn locks and green shoes to Rose Ann Boggen- kemper. I, Carlos Waltz, hereby will my ability to shoot at the wrong basket to next year's Freshman class team. I, Betty Wermer, hereby will the dimple in my chin to Doris Jordan. I, Emanuel Westenhaver, hereby will my fal- len chest and other excess avoirdupois to .Iohn Barga. ' I, Maxine Wherry, hereby will my tattered gym shoes to Ernie Gallapoo, who so faithfully loaned me hers this year. I, Joan Whittington, hereby will twenty pounds of my weight to Rosella Williams. I, Laura Wilkinson, hereby will my ability to draw to Betty Anne Carsten. , I, Miriam Willoughby, hereby will my tallness to Donna Mae Carsten. I, Thelma Winters, hereby will my grub throw- ing ability to Bob Bowden. I, Betty Witten, hereby will my dimples to Miss Benson. I, Maurice Woodruff, hereby will my ability to roller skate to Patty Todd. I, Katy Young, hereby will my gym suit, minus one belt, minus four buttons, plus six rips in the wrong place to Sally Rand. fShe's gone conser- vativel. I, Marjorie Zotz, hereby will my faintest dim- ple to my sister, Eileen. THE CLASS. Power of Attorney LC:A.l. 3' 'Ni' 3 it .ll V f 22 lf -Law 5-1: if 3-ir? .ll Sli. L. I - fl '- Q53 C' t THE EXCALIBUB 37 IN APPRECIATION A FRIEND IN NEED Is A FRIEND INDEED A handshake, a pat on the back, and a hip, hip, hooray should be given to the man who gave his time, effort, and experience to make this EXCALIBUR an outstanding success-our adviser, Mr. Ralph Gallapoo. Mr. Gallapoo has been the able EXCALIBUR adviser for nine years. We appreciate his service and are deeply grateful. I U 38 THE EXCALIBUR MORE MORGUE Big Mans---Totem Pole-In the Face of Time-Horsey-Salesman Stan-Puttin on the High Hat-Mike on Her Bike-Three Little Words-Just Friends-Trees- buf Llhoice-Snow Waite and Dopey Cread right to leftj-True Pals-HC. A. A Cabinet-Slug-Truck on DownhSonny Boy-Mother's Little Helper? l.. 9 CUB REPIIRTERS to THE EXCALIBUR Front row, sealed, left to right:-Betty Balyeat, Esther Shaffer, Eleanor Steinmetz, Madlyn Gamble, Alice Chidester, Alice Hisey, Margaret Fox, Yvonne Baird, Helen Miller, Phyllis Pond, Janet Murphy, Mary Morehead, Treva Miller, Mary Kesler, Marguerite Caddis. Second row:-Leonard Keihl, Harold Hipsley, Cecil Partin, Bill Stuart, Robert Ferris, Eleanor Engledue, Joan Wolf, Dorothy Clark, Frank Vikupitz, Don Gribler, Jeanette Crippen, Betty Cars- len, Patty Craft, Junior Daniels, Robert Owens, Louis Underbrink, Eldon Lambert. Third row:-Burton Louth, Paul Stripe, Melvon Friemoth, Gerald Doner, Richard King, Julian Lindsay, Kenneth Myers, Robert Shaffer, Robert Shingledecker, Donald Munlzinger, Gordon Thomas, Bill Sluckcy, Richard Wagonrod, Billy Brown, John Luce. ONE MORE FIELD TO PLOW As the farmer, hoping for an abundant harvest, prepares his ground and plants the seed, we, the present Junior Class, spent the first two years of our High School life in adjusting ourselves and becoming firmly rooted in the activities, work, and friend- ships of Van We1't High School. This year we have been ucultivatingw our character, plowing out the weeds, and thereby strengthening the good traits. We have tried to help carry out the work of the high school better than any Junior Class before us. Our class members are active in sports, organizations, music, and scholarship. ' The people who were chosen as leaders of our class are Dick King, president, Bill Kennedy, vice-president, Nolan Stuckey, secretary, and Eldon Lambert, treas- urer. ls it any wonder welve been accomplishing things? Football was the first sport about which, not only the High School students, but the people of Van Wert were enthusiastic. Quite a few of our boys uwent outw for football. Those players who proved to be outstanding were Don Gribler, Don Rhodes, Eldon Lambert, Bill Kennedy, and Robert Shingledecker. The next sport that held our interest was basketball. The Junior boys who were on the Varsity and Reserve teams were Theo Sharp, Bill Kennedy, Don Gribler, Bill Brown, Leonard Kiehl, John Gaddis, and Morris Shreck. THE EXCALIBUP1 41 Front row, seated, left to right:--Joan Coupland, Ernestine Gallapoo, Francis Landis, Becky Putman, Betty Putman, Alice Runnion, Grace Schnepp, Mary Brown, Margaret Updegrove, Lavina Reichard, Amy Bell Emans, Bonita Fawcett, Louise Fronefield, Imogene Beemer, Marguerite Mc- Clure, Katherine Brake. Second row:4Bill Kennedy, Robert Bowden, Harry McKeddie, Donald Rhodes, Bill Snyder. Nolan Stuckey, Leroy Terry, Opal Leiter, Virginia Guinn, Mable Bresler, Doris Wherry, Betty Graham, Ruth Spayd, Helen Glander. Third row:-Vernon Beck, Robert Manship, Glenn Custer, Edward McCandlish, Kenneth Kear, Jack Fox, Junior Fackler, Richard Colfelt, John Stittsworth, Paul Yager, James Fleming, Robert Todd, Junior Leist, Robert Myers, John Gaddis, Paul Replogle, Robert McCoy. Our boys took part in the intra-Mural Tournaments A and B. They didn't ubring home the bacon," but thatis quite all right, we will the next time. The Junior girls went out for basketball, too. The first team won the champion- ship for the second consecutive year. We think theyire pretty good! The girls' second team is waiting for next year. There are other sports in which we take part. Soccer, volley ball and indoor baseball. Y-Hi, Hi-Y, G. A. A. and the V Club are heartily supported by the Juniors. Along with the other organizations we donlt want to forget the Hlxlational Honor Societyfl Eight Juniors were chosen for their Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. They were: Eileen Becker, Bill Brown, Joan Coupland, Ernstine Gallapoo, Alice Rose Hisey, Dick King, Treva Miller, and Paul Yager. We congratulate Alice Rose Hisey and Donald Bollenbacher whose essays on uMy Responsibilities as a Citizenv were among the winners selected from this American Legion District,iNo. ll. Members of our class have gone out for music in a big way, being well repre- sented in the Senior Band, Orchestra, and Dance Band, not to forget the Chorus. On January 26th, of this year, the student body was entertained by a Junior Class Assembly. Those of us who are talented in singing, tap dancing, and uclowningw took part. An orchestra furnished the accompaniment. 42 THE EXCALIBUR Front row, seated, left to right:-Margaret Leidy, Kathleen Scott, Rose Roggenkemper, Jean Thomson, Jane Gamble, Christina Ross, Dorothy Roop, Wanda Johnson, Alycia Lee, Lois Stuck, Ruth Oliver, Virginia Mihm, Marie Brown, Freda Young, Marguerite Thatcher, Alice Bigham. Marjorie Shaffer, Rubby Holland. Eileen Becker. Second row:iMildred SICVCHSOH, Jane Webster, Virginia Gunn, Audrey Saam, Princess Woods, Virginia Lewis, Harriet Stripe, Harriett Kenyon, Ethyl M. Smith, llelen Reed, Ruth Siegel, Helen Kreischer, Martha Dull, Catherine McCleary, Eloise Waltz, Barbara Miller, Doris lmler, Rosella Williams. Third row:-Dick Lininger, Don Bollenbacher, Don Wills, Edwin Pierce, Arnet Resor, Kent Price, Morris Shreck, Wayne Compton. Meri Stevens, Clifford Brooks, Don Gamble, Theo Sharp. Charles Hall, Harlan Dickson. Another event of great importance is the Junior Class Play. We presented '4Grow- ing Painsl' on April 22. Phyllis Pond and Bill Stuckey were the leading characters. Other players were: Betty Balyeat, Joan Coupland, Gerald Doner, Robert Ferris, Ernestine Gallapoo, Dick King, Otis Leist, Barbara Miller, Helen Miller, Mary More- head, Janet Murphy, Lavina Reichard, Morris Shreck, Robert Todd, Margaret Upde- grove, and Paul Yager. The last and crowning event of this year was the Junior Prom, and, of course, we think it was one of the very best ever presented. As a member of the Junior Class, l hope that we have been successful in plowing out all the weeds and cultivating character through our work and recreation with each other, so that next year we can reap an abundant harvest of knowledge and character that will Ht us for our life work. EILIEEN BECKER, '39. BJS. b g L f., THE EXCALIBUR 43 Front row, seated, left to right:fLaVera Young, Mauvetle Hamilton, Alice Sehaadt, Guyneth Davis, Doris Jordan, Patricia Steinmetz, Martha Baer, Eileen Zotz, YVilma DeWeese, Joan Olberd- ing, Mzircile Zeigler, Betty A. Kiggins, Martha Morgan, Jean McMillen, Belly Liningcr, Juanita Walters, Dorothy Edsall, Thelma Elzey, Dorothy Sherlmuru. Second row:JBetty WorthingLon, lN'larjorie Towsey, Dorothy Stewart, Ann Daniord, Julia Jones, Lena Lippi, Nell Ruclilos, Betty Bennett, Jean Longwell, Betty Parks, Mary Poling, Ruth Presler, Irene Conwell, Donna Carslcn, Victoria Underbrinli, Gloria King, Louise- Wislner, Betty J. Urton. Third row:--Don Wilson, Carl Siders, Harold Prill, Robert Allen, Jack Davis, Harold Bunnion, Tom Showalter, Robert Stetler, Dale Barnes, Junior Anderson, Robert Pfhun, Tom Grindle, Dale Terry. TWO DOWNS-TWO TO GO The Class of l91lU made its entrance into high school at the usual time, but not in the usual Way. We thought we were an exceptional class. This group of one hundred sixty-two students tumbled into high school with a great amount of pep and enthus- iasm, expecting to accomplish line things in our high school career. Like all modest Freshmen we entered trembling, endued with the ideas that the faculty and upper classmen were ferocious monsters, awaiting their chance to catch us unaware. ln our Freshman year We hegan our class organization by electing the following ofhcers to guide us through our first year: President, Maynard Jerome, vice-president, Ray- mond Zuercherg secretary, David Allen, and treasurer, Jeanne Longwell. We started with faint hearts and faltering steps, but as we progressed, our steps became Hrmer and our hearts steadier. The Hrst year of our journey passed nicely, and We found We were very tired and were in need of a vacation. 44- THE EXCALIBUR Front row, seated, left to right:--Betty Severns, Marcille Bisel, Dorothy Starkey, Helen Brown Marie Linton, Catherine Potter, Berniece Bell, Marjorie Kreischer, Phoebe McCandlish, Jeanette Sinn, .Martha Diener, Jean Blake, Betsy Ross, Mary M. Shaffer, Janet Halverson, Donivieve Behout Margaret Crippen. Second row:-Lawrence Stittsworth, Helen Woodruff, Marjorie Sharp, Mary Evalyn Carter, Mary Slattery, Evelyn English, Mable Vernon, Lauritte Walcutt, Betty Craig, Valrea Winters, Margaret Gipe, Mary Stratton, Ruth Young, Catherine Stripe, Lloyd Grifiis. Third rowzw-John Barga, Edgar Galloway, Adelbert Fox, Dick Jones, Dale Crawford, Paul Keipper, Bill Humerickhouse, Jack Denig, Robert Dasher, Robert Lindimann, Ben Beemer, Charles Woodruff, John Hardin, Jack Tester, Robert Germman, Everett Summersett, Clarence Anderson Carl Lower. At the close of a three-month vacation, we assembled for the beginning of our second year of high school life, and how much bigger we felt as Sophomoresl We now found ourselves in the second lap of our journey and the following able officers were chosen: President, Maynard Jerome, vice-president, Tom Grindleg secretary, Mary Polingg and treasurer, Wilma DeWeese. We also thought our home room, study hall, too large to keep in order without some one to oversee it, so we decided to elect a home room president, elected every six weeks. Our class is very well represented in the Student Council with the following rep- resentatives: Maynard Jerome, Martha Diener, Mary Poling, Jack Denig, Stanley Coffelt, and Robert Crosby. . Q THE EXCALIBUB 45 4 Front row, seated, left to right:-Richard Counsellor, Richard Tindall, Forest Vernon, Robert Shell, Max Crew, Keith Milheim, Arthur Kuckeim, David Allen, Robert Mager, McGuire Weaver, McCulland Leiter, Robert Scott, Robert Milligan, Richard King, Wendell Burnett, Don Dunifon, Doyt Stegmeier, Bill Allen. Second row:-Warren Simmons, Charles Thomas, Gerald Boroff, Albert Price, Gordon Craig, Murray DeMoss, Fay Palmer, Franklin Wyandt, Edward King, Robert McCullum, Clifford Black, Bernard Counsellor. Rear row:-Schyler Myers, Walter Boyd, Richard Conley, Richard Clifton, Joe Agler, Herbert Boroff, Dale LaRue, Richard McCullum, Robert Keyser, Everett Longwell, Norman Kreischer, Howard Prill, Maynard Jerome, Kennethl Brown, Maurice Williman, Chalice Jerome, Leo Haines. We are justly proud of the following members on the football and basketball squads, because of their fine playing and sportsmanship: Tom Showalter, John Barga, Maurice Williman, Quentin Reed, Tom Grindle, Bob Stetler, Doyt Stegmeir, Warren Simmons, Don Gribler, Ben Beemer, Bob PHum, Bob Dasher, Jack Tester, and May- nard Jerome. JULIA B. JONES. BJS. 46 THE EXCALIBUR Front row, seated, left to right:--Virginia Eschbach, Patty Kennedy, Rosalie Warner, Ernestine Lake, Marjorie Smith, Mary Louise Summersett, Helen Deholt, Donna Beck, Virginia Stuck, Jeanette lnwood, Doris Tindall, Jeanette Kline, Patty Todd, Anna Simmons, Martha Craig, Jane Jones. Second row:--Don Kreischer, Lawrence Vaske, Donald Nead, Rosemary McCoy, Mariam Mc- Connell, Virginia Zotz, Emma M. Saam, Donna Gamble, Betty Ross, Amy Grandstaff, Marjorie Acheson, Joyce Downs, Grace Landis, Neil Geary, Jack Beavo. Third row:--Walter LeValley, Bill Good, Gordon Kline, Robert Anderson, Donald Uhl, Leo Pollock, Bill Maxson, Junior Zinsmaster, Donald Scott, Roger Leatherman, Billy Miller, Leonard Klewer, Robert Runnion, Jack Brown, Richard Steinmetz. GREEN BUT GETTING BRIGHTER With a happy smile we open the Freshman portfolio of pictures of the Class of 19411. How well We rememher when each of these pictures was taken. Herels the first one-September 13, 1938--timid boys and girls approach the east door of our halls of learning. Of course those Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors do look more sure of themselves, but they were only Freshmen too, once. Did their faces gleam with the same light of energy, determination, and eagerness that the photographer has caught on 7411's faces? The next picture is that of our class officers: President, Junior Kearg vice-presi- dent, Donald Uhl, secretary, Bill Maxsong and treasurer, Junior Zinsmaster. We respect this splendid group of cxecutives. You have seen the Student Council group picture, hut here we have a photograph of the Freshmen memhers of that council: Barbara Hunt, Jack Brown, Junior Gribler, Junior Kear, and Bob Runnion, who fully and conscientiously represented us, our opinions and our Wishes in student government. THE EXCALIBUR 47 Front row, seated, left to right:-Maxine Sherman, Marjorie Severns, Luella Walls, Anna Bell MeNew, Maxine Corsueh, Mary Ellen Stevenson, Anna Cook, Barbara Yager, Marie Wil- loughby, Lillian Lintemoot, Armiline Click, Dorothy McCleary, Betty Cipe, June Gipe, Betty Harmon. Second row:-Graydon Lee, Dale Stripe, Charles Henry, Betty Shreck, Dora Holland, Margaret lmler, Dorothy Uhl, Katherine Gentry, Katherine Hisey, Boxanna Eaton, Anna Pond, Barbara Hunt, Carol Wilmert, Elmer Friemoth, Bill Wilkie, Junior Kear, Bill Wise. Third row:-Robert McCollum, Junior Thomas, Robert Bell, Paul Klausing, Robert Wagon- rod, Bill Lintemoot, Delmore Clouse, Charles Baxter, Jack Marsh, Harry Phillipy, Evan Newberry, Junior Cribler, Waldo Baker, Junior Fair, Vernon lloverman, Carl Winters, Dick Stump. Late in the fall, after the football banquet, this next snap shot was made one sunny afternoon-Billy Coed, Charles Henry, James Potter, and Bob Wagonrod wearing their numerals for the first time. ln neXt year's portfolio perhaps theyill display their first Vis. We hope. Here, in a formation of their own, a giant 41, are the Freshmen members of the Band. What is better to see than a group of Freshmen displaying musical talent and genuine interest in the Band? We turn the page of our portfolio and see a good picture of the Freshmen members of the Orchestra. We are justly proud of them, because at all times they did their part in keeping up the reputation of the Orchestra. Here is a good shot of some boys on a basketball floor. They seem to be going through a play. These boys are the Freshman boys' team in lntra-Mural Basketball. They may not have won many games but they did the best they could and that's the most any team can do. ln a few years we can look for some of them on the Reserves or Varsity squads. Close to this pictureuis a snap of a group of girls. These are the girls who made up the Freshman girls' team in lntra-Mural Basketball. We are proud of them and .148 THE EXCALIBUR Front row, seated, left to right:-Virginia Strawser, Norma Jean Deal, Alice Carey, Marjorie Black, Mildred Bebout, Catherine Bowden, Edith Sharp, Martha Miller, Janice Merris, Kathryn Shaffer, Louise Sherman, Edna Balliet, Jean Blanke, Patty Crouse, Bonnie Hale, Helen Myers, Vera Sites, Lucielle Williams, Lola Schaadt. Second row :-Norma Hillery, Betty Truax, Mary Shingledecker, Jean Parks, Joe Tyler, Myrl Stetler, Eugene Haller, John Maney, Dale Long, Jim Linser, Rubin Taylor, Cecil Marcom, Eugene Conwell, Harold Lintemoot, Deo Haines. Third row:-Dick Kreischer, James Fox, Fred Miller, Clifford Keihl, Robert Reichard, Doyt Rogers, George Walls, Charles Williams, Fred Wittcn, Kenneth Murry, Jack Hammond, James Potter, Hugh Elder, Philip Akerman, Alva Cooper, Richard Siders. hope that next yearls portfolio will portray them as a team that has won many games. Here is still another picture of a group of girls. These girls are Freshmen who were in G. A. A. As Freshmen they didn't get to do so much, but in next year's portfolio they will be outstanding. Again, we're hoping. The next picture is of a group of boys who are the Freshmen members of the Junior Hi-Y with their advisers, Mr. Bollenbacher and Mr. Rauch. These boys make up a promising looking group. Here is a group picture of the Freshman assembly castf-taken .April 8, l938. On the last pages of our portfolio we have shots of some of the cast. Our first one, Junior Kear, class president, addressing the school. There is also a shot of Anna Mae Pond singing 4'Sophisticated Swingfl Also there is a good shot of Marjorie Black going into her dance. Here is a funny shot of Grace Landis singing and dancing. Hold it -got it! There we have a very good snap of her giving Bill Maxson a big kiss. We close the portfolio with a sigh, just a little sad until we remember that next year our portfolio will be even brighter, gayer and bigger. BILLY WILKIE, 742. IL. WlIAT'S WHAT 50 THE EXCALIBUR Front row, seated, left to rightz- Mildred Knoll, Mary K. Collins, Dorothy Price, Lois Presler, Marjorie Boyer. Second row, seated:-Betty Finch, Anna Jordan, Mary DeWeese, Berniece J. Smith, Kathryn Marsh. Third row, seated:fMarjorie Boettger, Jane Bowers, lrene Linton, Esther Black, ,loan Grant. Standing, left to right:-Clifford Medaugh, Myron Pierson, Richard Blanke, Robert Baxter, Bill Fell, Marion Feigert, Leroy Comer, Paul Miller, Eugene Feigert, Samuel Fitzsimmons, Gertrude Kreischer, Romaine Johnson, Marguerite Good, Helen Sherburn, Mary McClure. IT'S BEEN LOTS CF FUN PUTTING OUT AN EXCALIBUR You are probably all wondering who was responsible for this EXCALIBUR of l938. You have noticed us in the halls since we were those tired, worried pre-occupied look- ing souls who were carrying piles and piles of bulky books, messy papers, and dull pencils. We were also the high-pressure salesmen for the Year Book of 738. Our EXCALIBUR Staff was directed by a skillful Editor-in-Chief, Marjorie Boyer, who proved herself very capable of the position. Lois Presler was her dependable and efficient Assistant Editor. The Business Manager was Robert Baxter and his assistant ,lack Stetlerg Advertising Manager, Myron Pierson and his assistant Esther Black, Circulation Manager, Samuel Fitzsimmons and his assistant Helen Sherburn, Book- keeper, Marjorie Boettger, Photography, Eugene Feigertg Calendar, Mary Katherine Collins, Faculty, Mary McClure, Sports, Bill Fell and Marion Feigertg Snaps, Kath- ryn Marsh and Jane Bowers, Personals, Betty Finch and Mary DeWeeseg Art, Clifford Medaughg Organizations, Gertrude Kreischer, Romaine Johnson, Richard Blanke and Marguerite Good, Features, Leroy Comer, Dorothy Price and Joan Grant, Jokes, Paul Miller and Mildred Knoll, Typing, Irene Linton, Anna Jordan and Berniece J. Smith. The members of the EXCALIBUR Staff presented, on March 14, a skit, entitled nsully Chan at the Housepartyw or uThe Case of Cat with the Nine Wives.7, This skit, written by ,lane Bowers and Dorothy Price, started the campaign to sell EXCAL1- BURS and proved a successful means of advertisement. Much credit should be given this hard working staff for the effort and work put forth to make this book a success. They have labored many months on this EXCALIBUR of 1938 and are very proud of this, their masterpiece. Much credit is also due to the entire Senior Class, who co-operated to make this EXCALIBUR a shining star among the achievements of the Class of 733. DP:B.lS. THE EXCALIBUR 51 Front row. left to right, seated:-Mary McClure, Mary K. Collins, Lois Presler, Sammy Fitz- simmons, Gene Feigert. Second row, left to right, seated:-Betty Finch, Gertrude Kreischer, Mary DeWeese, Berniece J. Smith, Kathryn Marsh. Third row, left to right, seated:-Marjorie Boettger, Hugh Eaton, Irene Linton, Marjorie Boyer, Esther Black. Standing, left to right :-Robert Baxter, Clair Buechner, Bill Fell, Leroy Comer, Paul Miller, Clifford Dedaugh. Salesmen:-Bill Snyder, Donald Rhodes, Bill Maxson, Helen Maxson, Maxine Whe1'ry, Ernes- tine Gallapoo, Christina Ross, Marjory Black, Mary Summersett, Amy Belle Emans, Wilma De- Weese, Dorothy Dodge, Irene Conwell, ,loan Olberding, Neil Geary, Dale Terry. JOURNALISM CLASS PROVIDES SCARLET QUILL STAFF Progress has entered our school in the form of a printed newspaper which took the place of a mimeographed one. This year the school newspaper was compiled by the Journalism class with the aid of a few outside members. Under the supervision of Mr. Gallapoo, the staff has been able to bring to you a four-page printed paper, selling for five cents. The name, Scarlet Quill, which was the name of the preceding paper, was adopted again this year. The purpose of this paper was to bring to the students of Van WC1'l High School news of their school. Through the efforts of the hard working staff and co-operative student body the Scarlet Quill has proved successful. The members of the staff are as follows: Editor-in-Chief .,.,.......,..,.............,.,,.....,......,.,.........,. EUGENE FEIGERT Make-up-Editor ..,,............ .,.,.,...... S AMMY FITZSIMMONS Business Manager ........ ...,....,,..,.... M ARJORIE BOETTGI-:R Sports Editors ..,........ ,....,. L EROY COMER, BILL FELL AND CLAIR BUECHNER Circulation .,...... ..........,..................... M ARY DEWEESE Exchange ..,.,... L.,.... R OBERT BAXTER, JACK STETLER Society ......,..... ,....V.......L.......,.....L..........., L 015 PRESLER Advertising ....,e..,.,,,t.........,....,...........e.Y.L..,.....,...,............ HUGH EATON Features ...........L,............e,......... MARJORIE BOYER, MARY K. COLLINS, BETTY FINCH, GERTRUDE KREISCHER, KAY MARSH, PAUL MILLER, MARY MCCLURE, TRENE LINToN, CLIF- FoRD MEDAUCH, ESTHER BLACK, BERNIECE J. SMITH Adviser ,.,,,,,..,,,.,,.,,..........,,.,..............,,,.,...,......,....,. RALPH GALLAP00 GK :BJ S. 52 THE EXCALIBUR Front row, seated, left to right:-Katherine Young, Mildred Knoll, Treva Miller, Ernestine Gallapoo, Isabel Blake. P Fecond row, seated:-Janet Brittsan, Helen Sherbnrn, Marjorie Boyer, Dorothy Price, Lois res er. Third row, seated:-Carol Frericks, Anna Jordan, ,lane Bowers, Alice Hisey, Marjorie Boettger. Standing, left to right:iRichard King, Myron Pierson. George Poe, Billy Brown, Patil Yager, Raymond Greenewald, Franklin Dippery, Robert Baxter, Marion Fcigert, Dennis Kinkle, Emanuel WCSl6Hll3N'C1', ,loan Coupland, Eileen Becker. Miss Hall tadyiserr. ACT WELL YOUR PART, THERE THE HONOR LIES The school year l93T-'38 was begun with the following old members in the Na- tional Honor Society: President, Dennis Kinkleg vice-president, ,lane Bowers, secre- tary, Lois Preslerg Carol Frericks, Anna Jordan and Katherine Young. On lVlarch ll, at a very impressive service, we were pleased to induct into the National Honor Society the following Seniors: Hobert Baxter, lsabel Blake, Marjorie Boettger, Marjorie Boyer, janet Brittsan, Franklin Dippery, Marion Feigert, Raymond Greenewald, Mildred Knoll, Myron Pierson, George Poe, Dorothy Price, Helen Sher- burn, Emanuel WCSLCHl13VCfQ and the following Juniors: Eileen Becker, Williain Brown, Joan Coupland, Ernestine Callapoo, Alice Hose Hisey, Richard King, Treva Miller and Paul Yager. We congratulate these fellow classmates upon whom this honor has been bestowed. With the honor also goes responsibility, since the same qualifications necessary for election to this society: character, scholarship, service and leadership, are required for continued membership in the organization. The emblem of the National Honor Society is the keystone and flaming torch. Good character and thorough scholarship form a strong keystone from which normally springs a flaming torch of leadership and service, a guiding light inspiring all to live honestly, and unselfishly. It aids us in being loyal to our school and the high ideals for which it stands. As We go out in the World, may the colors, blue and gold, remind us that we must be true, brave, tolerant, that We must be good citizens, the better to serve our country and mankind. On the evening of April 6, l938, the members spent a pleasant evening at a Na- tional Honor Society party. Games and contests were enjoyed. lnteresting and edu- cational movies were shown by several members of the society. Delicious refresh- ments were then served by Miss Hall. Almost the entire membership was present. Miss Hall is our faculty adviser, and a very fine one. She has proved invaluable in helping and encouraging us. We wish to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to her for her fine spirit of co-operation. The following members were elected as officers for the remainder of the year: President, Marion Feigertg vice-president, Helen Sherburng secretary, Mildred Knoll. JB:BJS. THE EXCALIBUR 53 Front row, seated, left to right:--Mary Poling, Martha Diener, Barbara Hunt, Junior Kear, Jack Brown. Second row, seated:--,lane Bowers, Joan Grant, Alice Hisey, ,loan Coupland, Treva Miller. Third row, seated:-Ervin Morrison, Franklin Dippery, Robert Baxter, Dennis Kinkle, Richard King. Standing, left to right:-Myron Pierson, ,lack Dennig, Billy Brown, Donald Bollenbacher, Eugene Feigert, Eldon Lambert, Forest Crihart, Robert Runnion, Maurice Tolan, Maynard Jerome, C. P. Bowdle lprincipall, Mr. Gallapoo Cadviserl. KIDS ARE COPS AND CONGRESSMEN Once every two weeks, while the majority of the student body is working in the class room, a group of twenty-eight students met to discuss and urge action on current problems of the high school. That body, the student council, was not a society for the atop notchesn, but rather an organization of students representing the sentiment of their fellow students. The council accomplished many things. Many entertaining assemblies and mixers were sponsored by the group. Council members on the 'cconduct squadn did much to better the conjested condition in our halls. During the u0pen Housei' the entire council formed what proved to be a very efficient group of guides. Money was raised by the council as operating funds for the organizations of the high school that had no other means of financial support. The council also accomplished many other material things too numerous to mention in this space. Several things on which the student council spent much of its time during the past school year have not yet materialized. Two outstanding items which have not yet been completed are the student activity ticket and the high school handbook. lt is very probable that these two projects will be completed early in the neXt school term. Activity for the council throughout the year was not conhned entirely to work. Previous to the Christmas vacation period an informal party was given for all mem- bers and advisers. The officers, Ervin Morrison, president, Bill Brown, vice-president, Martha Diener, secretary, and Myron Pierson, treasurer, as well as the advisers, Miss West and Mr. Gallapoo, were valuable assets to the council's successful year. EFC :DIL. 54 THE EXCALIBUR PANES, PAINS - - AND "GROWING PAINS" On April 22, the Class of 1939 presented uGrowing Painsf' a comedy of adoles- cence. The story is based upon the every-day life of the Mclntyre family. Professor Mclntyre tlVlorris Shreckj believes his children should be run by statistics, but lets his wife lBetty Balyeatl follow her own beliefs. Terry Mclntyre LPhyllis Pondj is in love with Brian lBob Toddj, a friend of her brother, George lBill Stuckeyj. George's sole interest is a car, owned by stuttering Omar lPaul Yagerl. Patty ljanet lVlurphyi, ,lane tlirnestine Gallapooj, and Miriam fLavina Reich- ardil, bring Prudence Darling llVlary lVlo1'eheadl, a new girl, to meet Terry. It soon appears she is a decided vamp. Brian has fallen for Prudence, as have Hal lGerald Doneri, Pete fDick Kingl, and Dutch tOtis Leistl. George is really the hardest struck. The lVIcIntyres give a party for their children and Terry becomes a new person. When the invitations are sent out, it seems that Elsie Patterson's tMargaret Updegrovej name was not on the list. lVlrs. Patterson tHelen Millerj rushes over with Elsie. When peace is again restored, lVlrs. Patterson has secured an invitation for her mother- ridden daughter. The guests lBetty Graham, Alice Hisey, Frances Landis, Treva Miller, Amy Bell Emans, Bob Bowden, Bill Brown, Don Bollenbacher, Eldon Lambert and Bill Snyderl arrive and the party begins. Prudence takes over Dutch who has been going steady with Patty, who isnit at the party because of a cold. George, in his rush to get back to the party after securing some ice cream for Sophie ljoan Wolfej, the maid, has an oflicer on his trail. After several humorous situations are settled, the traffic oihcer fBob Ferrisl arrests George. Terry finds Brian likes a girl to be a pal rather than a clinging vine. George hnds a new interest in Vivian ljoan Couplandj, who has just moved into the neigh- borhood. The true-to-life situations and youthful misunderstandings made this play an ex- ceedingly humorous one. HELEN MILLER, ,39. BIS. THE EXCALTBUR 55 ACTORS HAPPEN EVEN IN THE BEST OF FAMILIES On May 20, the Class of 1938 presented HThe Fan" by Goldoni. lt is an Italian comedy of the middle Eighteenth Century, translated into English by Fuller. The story opens with Candida, a young woman of good birth, dropping and break- ing her fan. Evaristo, a young nobleman in love with her, gallantly blames himself for the damage done and buys another one from Susanna, a nosey old shop-keeper. He asks Giannina, a saucy little peasant wench, to give the fan to Candida for him. Giannina loves Crespino, a shoemaker, and since Signorina Celtrude, aunt of Candida, is arranging their marriage, she agrees to do it. When Candida learns from Susanna that Evaristo gave a fan to Ciannina, she believes that he is faithless. ' The empty-pocketed but lordly old count furthers the suit Of the baron, EvaristO's rival, for the hand of Candida. Despairing her Own love, she promises to Wed him. Giannina is in the care of Moracchio, her brother, who insists that she marry Coronato, the innkeeper. The two rivals become jealous when they see Evaristo with Giannina and both demand that she give up the fan. She willingly gives it to Crespino, because Candida fbelieving the peasant girl the cause of EvaristO's faithlessnessj had insulted her when she attempted to deliver it and the message. Evaristo and Candida become reconciled and as a proof of the trueness of his love Candida requests the fan. THE CAST Giannina ................ ...................... Crespino ................... Signorina Candida Evaristo ................ . ..... DOROTHY PRICE STANLEY Ross Lois PRESLER RALPH EISTER The Count .......... ..... C LIFFORD MEDAUGH The Baron ................. ...,.............. E UGENE FEIGERT Signora Geltrude ..... ............ M IRIAM WILLOUGHBY Susanna .................. .............................. J ANE BOWERS Coronato ............. EMMANUEL WESTENHAVER Moracchio ....... .............. R AYMOND BRUBAKER Timoteo ....... .............. G EORGE POE Limoncina ............ ELEANOR FOX Scavezzo ............ ROBERT BAXTER Tognina ,,..,,.. ......... K ATHERINE YOUNG Lisabetta ,,,... ....... R OMAINE JOHNSON KATHERINE YO BTS. UNC 56 THE EXCALIBUR SWING YOUR LADY! As we hear them swing into their beautiful theme song, we know that we have an evening of enjoyable dancing ahead of us. Bones begin to rattle, shoulders begin to sway, and feet are tapping as the sophisticated rhythm of our own High School Dance Band lures dancing couples on to the shining floor. This band has been playing together for three years, and each year has witnessed a greater improvement until we now have a really swell band. They have played for all the school dances and activities requiring a dance band. The band has also fulfilled many other outside engagements under the name of the ulmperial Buckeyes." The barid consists of two of the "swingiest" saxophone players in town, Donald Foote and Jack Klendworth, and two of the hottest trumpet players around Mthese hyar parts," Richard Blanke and Julian Lindsay. Then the rhythm section, which we think is the best this side of New York f?l, is heartily supported by Dick Coffelt at trombone, Kenneth Bolingner at bass, Dale fDizzy Fingers! Terry at piano, and Bob Shaffer, the smash rhythm hitter, at drums. RB:B.lS. UP AND COMING The Junior Hi-Y began the school year of 1937-'38 by electing officers. For president, they elected Bob Pflum, vice-president, Dale Terry, secretary, David Allen, and treasurer, ,lack Denig. The faculty advisers are Mr. Rauch and Mr. Bollenbacher. The Sophomores invited the Freshmen to come to Junior Hi-Y and a potluck was planned for them. The Sophomores then made the Freshmen full-fledged members. The members meet every Monday night and get to swim in the Y. M. C. A. pool the first Monday in every month. Another potluck was planned later and the election of new officers was made. For president, they elected Jack Marsh, vice-president, Arthur Kuckein, secretary, Dale Terry, treasurer, Dick Steinmetz. After this, the Junior Hi-Y was disbanded, because all the members had "come down with spring fever." DALE TERRY, ,4-0. BJS. HI-Y FELLOWS ARE TOPS The Senior Hi-Y, for the school year 1937-,38, has had a very successful season, getting under- way earlier than in previous years. The total membership was between thirty-five and forty boys. Officers were as follows: President, Myron Pierson, vice-president, Raymond Brubaker, secre- tary-treasurer, Ralph Fister. Our program has had much variety this year. We tried a new method of appointing a program chairman every two weeks and it proved to be very successful. Our activities have greatly surpassed those of previous years. Some of them were: A District Conference held here, two- induction ceremonies, one for the Convoy Hi-Y, a mixer, the first ever sponsored by Hi-Y, a joint meeting with the Defiance club, and two ladies' night banquets fone formal and one informall. Both of the banquets proved to be very successful, having approximately twenty-five couples attending each. The club financed its president's trip to Camp Nelson Dodd last summer and it plans to send this year's president there, too. We are also sending Bill Stuckey to the National Hi-Y Congress to be held in Berea, Kentucky, this June. Our financial efficiency in the club even surpassed that of last year, due to the untiring efforts of Ralph Eister, our secretary and treasurer. Our faculty advisers were Mr. Gallapoo and Mr. Mason who guided the club very efficiently. The Reverend Mr. John W. Danford acted as our spiritual adviser and Mr. Ray Munsee, being the Y. M. C. A. secretary, was our Y. M. C. A. adviser. MP:BJS. THE EXCALIBUR 57 THEY WHISTLE WHILE THEY WORK The Y-Hi Girl Reserve Club, with Miss Hilda Feinerer as adviser, were under the leadership of the following Y-Hi members: President, Janet Brittsan, vice-president, Dorothy ,lean Clark, secretary, Helen Sherburn, treasurer, Eleanor Ingledue, com- mittees chairmen, program chairman, Helen Miller, publicity chairman, Marjorie Boyer, social service chairman, Margaret Fox, serving chairman, Betty Finch, finance chairman, Eleanor Ingledue, entertainment chairman, Marcile Ziegler, devotional chairman, Mary Katherine Collins, membership chairman, Dorothy ,lean Clark, club pianist, Martha Diener, song leader, ,loan Wolfe. To be eligible for membership this year, the girls had to commit to memory the Girl Reserve Code and pay a semesterls dues. The purpose of the Girl Reserves is, uTo find and give the bestf, The meetings which were held every two weeks began this current year on Sep- tember 20, I937, and continued throughout the school year with a group of interest- ing and varied programs. Group singing proved to be a favorite diversion of the club members. Added to this was the Guest Night, held October 4, l937, a talk on '6Psychology of Personal Charm" by Mr. W. R. Wood, recreational evenings, candle- light service, a talk on "The Art of Make-Upf, given by Mrs. Jean Hardy, from Kansas City, Missouri, talks on nVocations" by four members of the Business and Professional Womenis Club, a talk by Miss Bertha Schiedt, a missionary to Honduras, on "The Trail of the Lonesome Pinef' These are just a few of the programs that were held this year. Besides weekly programs, the club sponsored the Annual Football Banquet, at the Y. W. C. A. We held a Folk Festival at the Y. W. C. A. on March II, 1938. Thef cast consisted of more than two hundred Girl Reserves of Van Wert High School and the County High Schools. The play, HThe Sad Princessf' was written by Elizabeth Acheson and Miss Feinerer. It was the story of a little girl lMarjorie Kreischerl listening to a fairy tale told by her grandmother fMarguerite Goodj . The Princess fBetty Lou Liningerj , who was always sad, was given a party by the King, her father tluanita Waltersl , on her eighteenth birthday. Natives of surrounding countries try to make the Princess happy by singing and dancing. The Princess falls in love with the young Russian Prince fAntonia Vargasj and becomes engaged to marry him. Irene Conwell played the part of Court Jester and Dorothy Price played the part of the page. The countries and the school who portrayed the parts are: Holland, York School, Ireland, Union School, Japan, Van Wert Eighth Grade, France, Convoy School, Russia, Hoaglin- Jackson School, Sweden, Van Wert Seventh Grade, American Indian, Francis Landis, Switzerland, Wren School, Italy, Middle Point School, China, Ohio City School, Mexico, Ridge School. The Festival was sponsored by the Arts Committee of the Y. W. C. A. An Easter assembly program was given by the Y-Hi Girls. Thus the Y-Hi Club finishes another successful and profitable year. 755 QW . U 58 THE EXCALIBUR Front row, seated, left to right:-Mary Summersett, Mary K. Collins, Joan Wolfe, Betty Finch, Esther Shaffer, La Vera Young, Mary E. Shingledecker, Thelma Elzey, Marjorie Sharp, Elizabeth Acheson, Virginia Newberry, Jeanette Sinn, Irene Conwell, Betsy Ross, Mary Shaffer, Margaret Willoughby, Ernestine Gallapoo, Kathleen Scott, Sara Louise Tindall, Bonnie Hale. Second row:-Theo Sharp, Carl Esterling, Jack Stetler, Marjorie Smith, Virginia Stuck, Maxine Sherman, Martha J. Miller, Anna Bell McNew, Helen Myers, Doris lmler, Barbara Miller, Dorothy Uhl, Marjorie Acheson, Katherine Gentry, Mary Poling, Margaret lmler, Evan Newberry, Harry McKeddie, Mr. Jones fdirectorj. Third row:-John Barga, Keith Milheim, Donald Uhl, Emmanuel Westenhaver, Raymond Bru- baker, Everett Summersett, Dick Preston, Robert Dasher, Robert Stetler, Bill Fell, Donald Foote, Myron Pierson, Ervin Morrison, Robert Baxter, Robert Owens, George Poe, Maynard Jerome. AND THEY CALL IT HARMONY! The Van Wert High School Chorus has just completed another successful school year with one hundred thirty-six high-school members under the direction of Mr. James H. Jones. The annual presentation of an operetta, which marked the beginning of the Chorus activities, was given on November 19, 1937. The operetta, Gilbert and Sullivan's "H. M. S. Pinaforef' was a simplified version by W. Norman Grayson. The music was under the direction of Mr. Jones, dancing under the direction of Miss Harriett Gleason, and acting was under the direction of Mr. Gerald Bowen. The cast of char- acters, consisting of thirty-four students, was assisted by a chorus of one hundred two students. Members of the cast were: Myron Pierson-Sir Joseph Porter, the Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath, Donald Foote-Captain Corcoran, captain by an accident at birth, Robert Baxter-A sailor in love with the captain's daughter, Berniece Wallick-Josephine, the captain's daughter who is engaged to marry Sir Joseph, George Poe-Dick Deadeye, the villain who postpones an elopement, Em- manuel Westenhaver-Hebe, Sir Josephfs huxom love, Raymond BrubakerfA boat- swain aboard the Pinafore, Esther Shaffer-Buttercup, the beauty and pride of the sailors, Sir Josephls sisters, cousins, and auntsw-Elizabeth Acheson, Mary Bebout, Marie Brown, Mary Katherine Collins, Betty Finch, Virginia Harting, Irene Hale, I . g THE EXCALIBUR 59 Front row, seated, left to right:-Amy Grandstali, Helen Hammond, Doris Jordan, Mary Strat- ton, Marguerite Good, Evalyn Fugate, Joan Whittington, Elizabeth Jones, Janice Merris, Marjorie Starkey, Eileen Becker, Amy Bell Emans, Berniece Wallick, Rose Ann Roggenkemper, Audrey Saam, Virginia Lewis, Jean Blake, Mary DeWeese, Romaine Johnson, Vetha Ford, Mr. Jones fdirectort. Second row:-Rosemary McCoy, Anna Pond, Roxana Eaton, Catherine Hisey, Marie Brown, Rebecca Painter, lla Inwood, Donna Beck, Jean Blanke, Betty Schreck, Mary Brown, Betty Ross, Esther Black, Mary Bebout, Berniece L. Smith, Virginia Harting, Helen McConahay, Fern Red- linger, Norma Hillery, Ernestine Lake. Third row:-Robert McCullem, David Allen, Walter LeValley, Don Bollenbacher, Robert Mager, Robert Manship, Richard Clifton, Bill Poling, Robert Pflum, Dick King, Raymond Greene- wald, Bill Snyder, Franklin Dippery, Bill Stuckey, Roger Leatherman, Norman Kreischer, McGuire Weaver, Richard Jones, Joe Agler, Bill Good, McClelland Leiter. V Rear row:-Richard Miller, Clair Buechner, Robert Keyser, Junior Zinsmaster. lla Inwood, Helen McConahay, Barbara Miller, Virginia Newberry, Betsy Ross, Jeanette Sinn, Berniece L. Smith, Sara Louise Tindall, Joan Whittington, Margaret Willoughby, Joan Wolfe, Captain Corcoranls sailors, who dance the hornpipe dance expertly, were: Clair Buechner, Lowell Diener, Franklin Dippery, Bill Fell, Maynard Jerome, Richard Miller, Ervin Morrison, Evan Newberry. With the completion of the operetta, the Chorus began to work on several programs which were to be presented throughout the year. Several times, a selected group sang at the school assemblies. On Sunday, April 2, 1933, a Music Concert was given at the Marsh Foundation School with the High School Chorus and Orchestra participat- ing. Favorite melodies, vocal solos, and instrumental solos were the features of the program. The May Festival, also held at the Marsh Foundation, occurred on May 3, 1938, with the program starting in the afternoon and another one given in the evening. Those participating in the Festival were the Van Wert High School Chorus, Van Wert High School Orchestra, Van Wert County School Choruses and Bands, and a few others from surrounding towns. With such an interesting program, the Van Wert High School Chorus should feel proud of the fact that it has contributed to the activities of our school during the school year of 1937-338. MG:BJS. 60 THE EXCALIBUR V ...... - v- - V I N V, VV Q A 1: A f 'eff .,, if 1' " 9 ' f -V - ---- 2' -V . -fa-V V it a Viva-weaa-wgapqaaa-aifafstaaff 4W,6fQ2 'h,g5'46'ea's .... -. we-Q s ' 'aizf as w.'?'JV'--'V't?: X' ' -- ii t' 2 4 V .V - V ' V Va .a..,V: ..... ' -V -' 4 --: A -: V V VV . - ..,.. , -V.: " . 1112" 1- , Mc- 1' '. 5 V' -lV',M.,,V1V-.Va ' ' " -:1' A-1 QW, - F V . x fit' ' 2.V:s...E:sf5,..f5f,.5:5::sV3:.5t..V..v.,5T,ZV...-,Vu YE-EE, X 4-' Vg: V 'V .Vu ggjsw A -'-rj , A i: - -15, . F W , 'L Ve U . V I V,35,.-3, V' Q. ,,, V r i ,f 'Q ' 'V ,, . 'V ' 6 - V. 52 1 V,:,.,-,VV,...,-,,..5-::5.,5::.5a5- . V we ss ' X , MV -V1 A V - A . , V , . - :VI , , , V .. . ,,. , , .VM ,. . . VI: VVV Q W. V- V-.Q V, if 3 . . - ,, . tt V: Vg. , VM : tt .. H '- - -45' Z, 1. - 'X V ,a , . V - , . ,V V H 5 t U :V SV V ,V 1 -VV ' Y "-"" - I V V. 6 " V ' ' Vsqawew . 'V'-ff 'V : ::- rms V' .2 ' Va. " rt, - ' ' ,., V2 - V V :V , V . V ..,.,, , " " V he ' 4- , ' , V: ':'g,. ,f--V., ' - A A' -:- V .. H .. . - 'V :V-aff, , ... ' ' . - .Vg "gs- . -V.,.., we V-Q' .. , - 5, V., VV: - V V- V tw: ' ' .' t.. ia' ' az, . AV '- , ' . V::- ', --.. A , ., ,g:-- V V.: - -,,V,g.VV::' -V 3 L, 5 fg V: .1 .V ' , ' .,,-Q , ,. F, V- 52, ,:V.Va.'V . . """N" "' V- .... 9 ..,, . V' . V ' . ' V . - -V V...- 4V.V - - ,. ,VV-. . V .... , ,V.V. . - . - - , - . V ,.,.. . . . . . V. V V " - 'U I , .X ..:v ., . .. .. .. X . " if Vs,I..VV:. .Vg . We it ' " ,. ft Q V V .. .. 1 ' ' .1- V - . . ' - t . Va' ' -' V' .. V- - ""I"4 1 .... V. " ' "" ' ' -V "Z ' ' ' .35-tm' V ' X '-'-- ,. Vat' 1- ag . V3 1 N 51, Q- , -VV. V- 1, -1.-V jj" . ,,,g ., - 5 V.: 2. V "Wi . .. .. "PE Q, V V " V H V. " V irztfi.. V. ' 'Www-A f: " F ""f- ' ' . -' ,. , 5-'Q ., . :- ' 'IPM' f- va- SQ. 3. 'fe-F: ' - - ' ' - alt, " .V :' ' 'M i . ' . ...S . Vt! - w 2 V A .V.:.-44.1. .-s - .:.-g- A ,V : .A .. V' 1 Q V " H . ' ' '1' . .V,... H ':- .2 ,, - V V, - . .gV:I:I:-' .- . 3 "-. V Vase - . fg - ,ss..a: .'sS.VV,. 7-Vf V! -5 fV:V - ' ,V Q V V - 3 gag 5, - .gas V- Va- : --'M ""'E1i rs, --Vt. V, M, .. . . V V a.. I V' ' - - V . , - ,. " 2' V -M' M 'W K, ""' 'V . " " " 'Q ' f F 3-Wm , ' ' '- ' .. 152: - 'Y Yfiiff ' V 5,gV,3,,,5 W3?.V. V 9 . Q MM, A , M I ,, V, V :A p j V, ASM, 9 S V 5- 1 , 233- ., A -. V-,,'V5, V,:V:,-,si V, , M. - i,.g"fjEjZ V,., ax '33, - W "LV, V -V .W ' avi, W ' . MQV mg ,ew ,QV fam V g ,X ,,, we, , V 1 . .:...V...,-::: any . , V V ,XV-V Q V+ 'PV ga A 4, V, A2 V:V V f. N . W ap , M, V ,V , i r?-?'237SZ2. if-'ft-'fz,?f?w1f-,ff-??lV':.,g. - - .9252-r'?'f V L VV ' VV ,aa N391 c. ,- V 5vV'.vJZt A ' 1 V- , .'..,,s.. .'3 wtf' 'lf ei :A V f R, rx M "' V+ V 5 if '- -- ' ,QVVV 2 of ' . an V43'V-- mr, ,, 1 1 ' - VM VV ata' Va V- 1 '- 4 ' Vaff-525?1 Vsr,e'6 4'2C'?Q1,L were ', Q. V -V j ., f v- . - V W , e 2,:.zAf'?fft?'lif1f..r'2 f' 'X 1 A 1' V- 2 '-'-'V A ' A V ' ""if:"V:sII S ..-E1:I:V-El: V :ff ,Q V. - .. ' - H I ' ,, 22:-: N ' . , I DRUMS, ROLL OFF! "Van Wert's pride and joy," its band, has completed another successful year. Its countless triumphant undertakings have proved that this organization ranks first among all the entire school system. I Sixty-eight people faithfully and successfully supplied the colorful and exc organizalions of iting atmosphere to the football season with their startling formations and rousing music. For this activity alone the band and Mr. Wolf deserve hearty congratulations. Few bands in the state of Ohio of similar organization even compare with Van Wertls group and many college bands have to step high and fast to keep a status with or above this organization. Among the many formations created by the when the band brought home all the Dads and spelled the word on the field. band this season, the most popular were the connected VW, the revolving V, HELLO, and capital letters spelling the names of opposing teams and alumni. The climax of the season was reached As a side line, the band journeyed to Defiance to capture the first prize of seventy dollars, and Franklin Wyandt also distinguished himself by winning a five-dollar prize as drum major. Early this spring a band clinic was held at Bowling Green for the purpose of creating an A and a B band to play state and nationally required contest numbers. Van Wert made twelve applications which were unanimously accepted. This proved another stepping stone in the band triumph. Those who were accepted are: Donald Foote, Jillian Lindsay, Dick Blanke, Dick Coffelt, Bob Ferris, Mildred Knoll, Charlotte Halverson, Maxine Wherry, Harriet Kenyon, Eugene Feigert, Donald Wolf, and Marjorie Zotz. The largest ticket sale of any school activity in the history of Van Wert was completed by the band at its annual concert on March 8. The total number of tickets sold was eighteen hundred. With a net receipt of three hundred live dollars, the band is rapidly paying for i ts new uniforms. Next in line on the band schedule was its band festival. Eight bands participated in this event. Bands from Bucyrus, Lima Central, Ohio City, Coldwater, Paulding, Crestline, Shelby and Van Wert made the event a commendable one in Van Wert's history. Mr. Ralph Hickernell was guest conductor at the mass concert held in the stadium. A dance was held that Friday night with all band members as guests. Senior girl members of the local high school band acted as hostesses. Banquets were held at the Methodist and Presbyterian churches. A The curtain of the bands activities never falls for the work is carried on through summer and winter, but for those who will not return to service next year the underclassmen gave a party. The party was a hilarious success and the underclassmen showed that their social skill of being hosts and hostesses was equal to that of their musical talents. Here's to bands to come, HFORWARD, MARCH 'ro THE GOAL SET FOR You Acnnava Succassf, AND You WILL LP:A.l. as THE EXCALIBUR 61 THE MELODY LINGERS ON Front row, seated, left to right:-Martha Diener, Paul Myers, Berniece Bell, Virginia Zotz, Betty Jean Urton, Eileen Zotz, Marjorie Zotz, Anna Jordan, Carol Frericks, Carol Wilmert, ,lack Klendworth, Dick Steinmetz, Helen Sherburn. Second row, standing:fCraydon Lee, ,luuior Cribler, Harriet Kenyon, Helen Wise, Eleanor Fox, Mildred Knoll, Maxine Wherry, Robert Runnion, Marion Feigert, Julian Lindsay, Robert Milligan, Richard Coffelt, Donald Foote, Dale LaRue. Back row. standing:-Mr. Wolf tdirectorft. Robert Ferris, Howard Wise, Treva Miller. A special effort was made this year to build up the Van Wert High School Orchestra--to let the community as well as the high school know what a line organization they have behind them ready to perform for their pleasure at any time. The Orchestra was a welcome sight at the operetta, ull. M. Pinaforef, at the ,lunior Class Play, "Growing Pains," and at the Senior Class Play, l'The Fanf' Since the business men of the community desired to hear the High School Orchestra play, the Orchestra gave a concert, both for the Kiwanis Club and the Rotary Club at one of their regular meetings. The Orchestra was honored when asked to play at a high school assembly. tlt was its first appearance in front of the high school student bodyt. A lecture based on infantile paralysis was preceded by a well-given concert by the High School Orchestra at the Y. W. C. A. on Friday evening, January 28. ln February, the Orchestra falmost entirely Dernocratict gave a concert at a Lincoln Day Republican Banquet, held at the Y. W. C. A. However, the Orchestra was highly complimented upon its well-presented program. Again the Orchestra's talent was displayed at a "family night" affair at the First Methodist Episcopal Church. The annual concert presented by the Orchestra and High School Chorus was held in the Marsh Auditorium on Sunday afternoon, April 3, 1938, and proved to be a big success. For several years the Marsh Foundation School has been sponsoring a Band and Chorus Festival but this year, due to the influence of Mr. Leonard Wolf., the Orchestrais able director, the Festival was changed to an Orchestra and Chorus Festival. The Festival was held on Tuesday, May 3, and our Orchestra and Chorus, along with orchestras and choruses from neighboring com- munities, participated. The following students report for rehearsal during an hour period every Tuesday and Thurs- day: Violins, Marjorie Zotz, Eileen Zotz, Betty ,lean lirton, Virginia Zotz, Jack Klendworth. Anna Jordan, Richard Steinmetz, Carol Frericks, Paul Myers, Carol Willmert, and Berniece Bellg lcello, Martha Dienerg string bass, Robert Ferrisg clarinets. Mildred Knoll and Eleanor Foxg oboe. Harriet Kenyong flute, Helen Marie Wise, saxophones, Donald Foote and Dale LaRue, horns, Maxine Wherry and Robert Runniong trumpets, Julian Lindsay and Marion Feigertg trombones, Richard Coffelt and Robert Milligang bass. Howard Wliseg tympani drums, Craydon Leeg drums, Forrest Cribler, Jr., Xylophone, Helen Sherburng and piano, Treva Miller. The thirty members of the Van Wert High School Orchestra have sincerely appreciated the kindness shown to them by Mr. Wolf. lt is hoped that the popularity of the Orchestra will continue to rise through the years to come. HS:B.lS. 62 THE EXCALIBUR SOFT LIGHTS AND SWEET MUSIC Soft lights-sweet music-and dancing. Of what does all this remind you? Right the first time-Prom. What a magical and enticing word is Prom! All the hopes and efforts of an entire year were condensed into one night of nights, May 28, 1937, when the Class of 738 entertained the Class of '37 with the annual Junior-Senior Prom. The Juniors worked feverishly for many months to make this Prom the most beautiful and most cherished memory of all who attended. The theme of the decorations was Coronation and Abdication. The two ideas were nicely carried out in the color scheme, which was Royal Purple and Cold and by the discarded Crown and Sceptre upon a throne on the stage. Lincoln gym was beautifully decorated with Royal Purple and Cold crepe paper which formed a canopy over the dancers with a large cluster of balloons in the very center. Sweet music for the evening was produced by Richard Crowell and his orchestra, with the Grand March at 10:00 oiclock, which was led by Junior Class President Franklin Dippery and his guest, ,loan Grant. The speech of welcome, given by President Dippery, was nicely answered by Senior Class President Harry Gunsett. As the lights grew dimmer and the stars brighter, the balloons were released and everyone realized that the Prom of 1937 was over. DP :IL. THE EXCALIBUR 63 HONOR VIA UV" The V Club is an honorary organization of the Van Wert High School, to which boys who have their letters in athletics may belong. The club not only serves to promote good fellowship among the boys, but it also assists in many school projects. Members of the V Club have charge of the check room during the basketball games, and they also sell refreshments. The club was organized by the adviser, Coach Livingston, at the beginning of the year and elected the following oflicers: President, Dennis Kinkleg vice-president, Gilford Ford, secretary-treasurer, Clair Buechner. There were twenty-one V Club members this year, seven of whom were members last year. The seven old members are Clair Buechner, Gilford Ford, Donald Gribler, Bill Kennedy, Dennis Kinkle, Donald Rhodes and Stanley Ross. New members who have earned letters this year are: Harold Allgire, Leroy Comer, Ben Dally, Murray Demoss, Gene Feigert, Don Foote, Maynard Jerome, Eldon Lambert, Bill Poling, Dick Preston, Paul Scott, Bob Sherman, Bob Shingledecker, and Tom Showalter. Dick Preston and Bob Sherman served as managers of the football and basketball teams and were awarded the manager's HV". CLAIR BUECHNER, '38. . BJS. TRAINING BODY AND MIND The G. A. A. began its New Year in the fall with one goal in mind, to have an interesting program, a plan which the girls had constructed at an outing on Plymouth Shore at Sandusky Bay. The meetings were held every two weeks. The initiation was held on Wednesday, November 23. This year the program of the organization was much larger and more important than it has ever been. The members presented many original skits at the meetings. At several meetings the club had guest speakers. Mrs. Robert Hines lectured on sculp- turing. Mrs. Putman, from the library, gave a book review. Mrs. Robert Barnes spoke on '4Recreation with a Purposef, Reverend Lamy talked on attitudes and sports. Several meetings of importance were given in which the members partici- pated. A chili supper, in the form of a meeting, was held. Miss Gleason presented a movie of a trip through the New England States and Canada at one meeting. A meeting was held on styles and manners. Another meeting was held on hobbies. Some of the major school activities were sponsored by this organization. One of these was the football pep session. On October 23, the club sponsored a mixer. A penny lunch was given a short time later. On December 23 the club gave a Christmas assembly. The major event of the year was the annual Basketball Banquet which was given in honor of the basketball squad on March 21 at the Marsh Hotel. As a guest speaker the club had Mr. Harris Lamb, head football coach at Ohio Northern University. The last important activity of the club was the annual Play Day held in the month of May. The guests were from the centralized schools of the county and from nearby cities. The attendance was about seventy. The program consisted of athletic contests and games. A skit was presented by the local organization and luncheon was served in the high school building. The advisers who helped to make this year a very successful one were Miss Gleason and Miss Gant. And so the book of this club closes for another year. Many more successful years to you, G. A. A.I RJ :IL. 64 THE EXCALIBUR MORE MORE MORGUE Sweat-or-Swing . . . Coeflicient of Linear Expansion . . . At the game . . tion . . . Grand March . . . V Club . . . Hard at Worlcflooks fishy . . . . A sleepy hour . . . Journalists . . . Boys will be boys or else cooks I ball . . . And Family. L . Recita- . ,lamin'. . . Snow sP0RT HIGHLIGHTS PIGSKIN LETTERMEN Top to Bottom, Left to Right:--Harold Allgire, Benjamin Dally, Mur- ray Dcmoss, Franklin Dippery Kcaplainr, Gilford Ford, Don Rhoades, Don- ald Gribler, William Kennedy, Eldon Lambert, Stanley Ross, Robert rllxinglecleclzer, Thomas Showalter. Upper Inset:-"Set for the fray." Lower lnseL:-"Ready for the callf' THE EXCALIBUR 67 PASSERS For the third consecutive year the Van Wert High School Cougars have Won the league championship. ln 1935, Coach Livingston piloted the boys to our first cham- pionship. ln 1936, Head Coach Charles D. Campbell and Assistant Coach Charles Ross, very ably coached the Cougars to their second championship. Inspired by the record of the past two years the team of 1937 marched to the third straight league championship. The Cougars pryed off the lid of their 1937 season by subduing Bryan, 6 to 0. Traveling to St. Marys the following week the Cougars opened their league activity by defeating the Blue and Gold, 27 to 0. Bluffton was the next victim of the Cougar steam roller, 20 to 6. To keep the good standing, the Scarlet and Gray dispatched Bellefontaine to the tune of 13 to 9. Wapakoneta was the next team to pit its strength against the Cougars but found themselves plowed under by the Scarlet and Gray grid machine, 25 to 14. c'All Napoleons meet their Waterloofi so Van Wert said as they rocked Napoleon by a 12-to-0 score. Van Wert met its first defeat of the season at the hands of Kenton to the tune of 13 to 6. On Armistice Day the Celina Bulldogs marched down the field six times to whip the Cougars, 27 to 6, this being the Cougars, lone defeat in league play. The season was closed on '4Turkey Dayi' with the Cougars battling Defiance in a defensive game, Defiance emerging victorious, 6 to 0. The Cougars' record for the season was 6 wins and 3 losses. The Cougars scored a total of 115 points to 75 for their opponents. Franklin Dippery was elected Honorary Captain for the season. Other ,Seniors who received their 'SVN were: Stanley Ross, Harold Allgire, Gilford Ford and Ben Dally. Juniors receiving their MV" were: Donald Rhoades, Robert Shingle- decker, Bill Kennedy, Donald Gribler and Eldon Lambert. Only two Sophomores received their MVU, namely, Tom Showalter and Murray Demoss. Freshman numerals were awarded William Good, Charles Henry, James Potter and Robert Wagonrod. Our hats are off to our two line coaches and we wish them luck in years to come. One of the most successful events of the current football year was the spring foot- ball clinic held here Saturday, April 9, 1938. The event was sponsored by the Van Wert High School Athletic Association, which attracted more than five hundred high school and college coaches and players. This clinic was the first high school sponsored clinic in Ohio. Coach A. N. HBO" lVlclVlillen of Indiana University, and his assistants, Clyde Smith, line coach, Ralph Graham, backfield coachg Corby Davis, all-conference fullback, and Johnny Olm- stead, guard, ably directed and conducted the clinic. Most notable part of the clinic was the detailed information given on individual play, which was far better than coverage given it at college coaching schools. College football game movies were shown at a Van Wert theater and a banquet, attended by nearly 175 at which "Bon lVlclVlillen was the main speaker, filled in the evening program. Coach Charles D. Campbell and Van Wert are to be praised and congratulated for their initiative in taking the lead in football and the football clinic. MF:lL. 1 THE EXCALIBUR VVAN WERT ALMA MATER 0 Van Wert Hi, the school we love, Our true devotions we would prove Thy traditions gladly share, Thy noble banner proudly bear. ln our work and in our play lVe'll ever strive to lead the Way. School We love, on us rely, The loyal youth of Van Wert Hi. SCENE OF MANY A CHEER LEADERS THE EXCALIBUR FIERCE ATHLETIC BATTLE We call to mind the years gone bye- lllustrious years for Van Wert Hi. Year by year has brought new fame, To Alma lVlater,s honored name. We, today, hold kinship dear With our alumni far and near. And, with them, rejoice to see The dawn of glories yet to be. To our dear school whose praise we sing, We, too, would still new honors bring. For the Scarlet and the Gray, We seek new laurels day hy day. In defeat or victory, We'll stand as one in unity. School we love, on us rely, The loyal youth of Van Wert Hi! Tune is arranged from Ohio State's Alma Mater song, "Carmen Ohio." ten by Rev. J. H. Lamy. The words were writ- U . gg OUR RO0TIN', TO0TIN', SCORES Findlay fan Wert Delphos St John s Van Wfert ........, ....,., Toledo DeV1lb1 s lan Wert St Marys Van Wert Bellefontaine Van Wert Lima Central Van Wert Celina Van Wert Kenton Van Wert ,....,... ....... Wapakoneta ........ Van Wert Bryan ........... ,....... ' Van Wert Dehance .. ........ ' ' Van Wert Bluff'o:1 .,........................ ' Van Wert Aca ...,.....,,,.....,.....,........ ' Van Wert GJ .1 I Q ,S LETTERMEN Top to bottom, left lo right: Clair Buechner, Leroy Comer, Gilford Ford, Maynard ,le- rome, Bill Kennedy, Bill Pol- ing, Stanley Ross tcaptainl, Paul Scott. Upper inset:-"Victory in the making." Lower inset:-L'Ready, will- ing and ablef, Front row:-Coach Glenn Livingston, Jerome, Poling, Kennedy, Gribler, Ford, Ross, Buechncr, Scott, Comer, Sharp, Coach Charles Ross. Back row:-Mgr. Custer, Mgr. Denig, Brown, Pflum, Caddis, Beemer, Schreck, Tester, Dasher, Keihl, Mgr. Allen. THE EXCALIBUR 71 BASKET-SHOCTIN' TEAM This year Coach Glenn H. Livingston has turned out one of the smallest and speediest teams ever to wear the Scarlet and Gray. Although handicapped by the lack of seasoned material, the Cougar mentor admirably succeeded in creating a co- ordinating aggregation. Two lettermen found regular berths, Ross and Buechner. 'Livyn discovered the remainder of the combination in Comer, Jerome, Poling, Ken- nedy, and Ford, most of whom had very little experience, however, they handled tlIe positions like veterans. Comer and Jerome developed into a pair of fast, cling- ing guards. These boys compensated their lack of stature through sheer lighting. Poling, a relative midget, developed into a high-scoring, slippery forward. Kennedy didnat hit his stride until the latter part of the season, but when he did he was a great asset to the team. Ford also became one of our star forwards. Confronted by the toughest schedule in our history, this squad came through with 10 wins out of 13 starts which gave us a 77 per cent average, of which we may be justly proud. They also reached the semi-ftnals in tlIe District Tournament at Defiance. Eight varsity men were awarded letters: Ross, Poling, Buechner, Comer, Scott, Jerome, Kennedy, and Ford. Only two of these eight, Jerome and Kennedy, will not graduate. Nevertheless there is plenty of up-and-coming talent on the reserve squad, so the outlook for next year's leather tossing quintet is not at all bad. LETTERMEN STANLEY Ross Captain and high scorer of this year's squad, "Goof, completed his successful scholastic bas- ketball career. Earning two letters at forward, he was shifted to the pivot position to snare his third chenille. His accurate shooting and excellent passing will be greatly missed next year. CLAIR BUECHNER A very capable ball player, scrappy, a fine shot and also a good ball handler. "Buech" will be a hard boy to replace on next year's club. LEROY COMER '4Sonny" played his first year on the varsity. In this boy "Livy" found a guard that was mighty hard to shake, adept in speed and ac- curacy. Next year he will be among the miss- Ing. GILFORD F oRD Another man that we'll miss next year. g'Cil,' played good forward, lacking neither speed nor scoring ability. WILLIAM POLING One of the smallest and fastest forwards in the league. A fine dribbler and passer, and a good defensive man. What f'CIIrly" lacked in heighth he more than made up for in fight. He also graduates this spring. PAUL SCOTT f'Scottie7, is another forward tlIat will be lost by graduation. When he started hitting he was a hard man to stop. Everyone remem- bers his scoring rampage in the Wapak game. MAYNARD JEROME A Sophomore with a big future ahead of him. Jerome is an accurate shooter and a good ball handler. He has plenty of speed and, with this year's experience, we should be hearing a lot about him in th next two years. WILLIAM KENNEDY The other Imderclassman that earned his let- ter is this Junior. Bill was always in the midst of the fray, the roIIgher the game the tougher he got. The '38 and ,39 sqIIad will be largely dependent on Bill's help. BF:B.lS. 72 THE EXCALIBUB CLASS A CHAMPS--- Q Seniors it Front Row:-Harold Allgire, Leland Rayer, Dennis Kinkle, Richard Preston. Back Row:-Steven Beck, lrvin Morrison, James Terry, Raymond Greenewald, Ralph Eister. THE WINNAHS! Competition for the championship title of the HAH League was very stiff this season but the Seniors finally came through to claim the honors. The graduating quintet completed the first round of the schedule undefeated. In the second round they were not so fortunate because they were beaten by the Sophomores. The Sophomores were then downed by the Farmers to place the Seniors and the Sophomores in a clinch for the supremacy of the second round. The Sophomores won the play-off thus necessitating a three-game tournament for the school cham- pionship between the Seniors, champs of the first round, and the Sophomores. The upperclass- men captured two out of the three and were awarded the championship. All Five organizations, Freshmen, Sophomores. Farmers, Juniors, and Seniors, had exception- ally good teams this year, utilizing some of the fine material that the Varsity couldn't employ. Interest in intramural basketball is definitely on the increase, as proved by the large turn out of both players and spectators. Coach C. D. Campbell arranged the schedule and also did an excellent job of refereeing all the games. Standing Won Lost Percentages Seniors ........... .... 7 1 .875 Sophomores ......, ,.., 5 3 .625 Farmers ......,,. ..... 4 4 .500 Juniors ...,....... .... 4 4. .500 Freshmen ,...... ..... 0 8 .000 BF :IL. THE EXCALIB-UR 73 CLASS B CHAMPS- 1 Scniorsb Front Row:-Robert Sherman, Raymond Brubaker, Patil Miller, Marion Feigert, Leland Raycr. Back Row:-Donald Foote, Richard Miller, Richard Simpson, Richard Blaiike, Ralph Mosurc. LEATHER TOSSING TERRORS Although the players of the HB" League are not quite as skilled and well versed on the fine points of the game as are the members of the "A" League, their games were greeted hy no less enthusiasm. Following the same schedule as the "A" League the HB7 League ended with the same class as the champions, the Seniors. Ably captained by Paul Miller, the Seniors defeated every one of their opponents in both rounds. High scorer for the Senior NB" team was Richard Blanke, tallying 42. The other competing teams, although not quite as experienced, were very scrappy ball clubs. Especially was this true of the Freshmen. This team showed as much fight as any team in either league. Members of the Senior championship squad were Richard Blanke, Paul Miller, Raymond Brubaker, Richard Simpson, Leland Rayer, Maurice Woodruff, Donald Foote, Marion Feigert, Ralph Mosure, Richard Miller, and Myron Pierson. Standing Won Lost Percentages Seniors , .... 8 0 1.000 Juniors . ..,, 6 2 .750 Farmers ....... .,,. 4 4 .500 Freshmen ........ ,,.. 1 7 .125 Sophomores .,.,.... .,.. 1 7 .125 BF:B.lS. 74 THE EXCALIBUB GIRL CHAMPS-Uuniorst Front Row, Seated:-Doris Wherry, Francis Landis, Becky Putman. Second Row:-Grace Schnepp, Alice Hisey, Catherine McCleary. Third Row:-Ruby Holland, Miss Gleason tcoacht, Joan Coupland, Alice Runnion, Mary HATS OFF TO THE CHAMPS! The Junior First Team consists of the following girls: Mary Brown, Joan Coupland, Alice Rose Hisey, Ruby Holland, Francis Landis, Catherine McC1eary, Becky Putman, Alice May Runnion, Grace Schnepp, and Doris Wherry. The lnterclass Tournamentstarted December 10, 1937. The opening game was played be- tween the Sophomores and Seniors, the Seniors winning by a score of 31 to 9. ln the second game, the Freshmen played the Juniors. The Juniors won by 27 to 14. The Freshmen proved to be a little stiffer competition than the Juniors were expecting. The Juniors beat the Sophomores in their second game by a score of 27 to 7. The Freshmen gave the Sophomores a real battle for the fourth game in losing by only one point. The score was 21 to 20. The Seniors played the Freshmen in their second game of the season and showed a decided victory when the game ended with the scoreboard showing a score of 28 to 8. The Champs ran away with victory in the Freshmen-Junior game. Ther score was 49 to 18. Again the Juniors, in the heighth of the season, showed their prowess by beating the Sopho- mores by a score of 52 to 6. The Juniors' test came in the Junior-Senior game, but they came out with the honors and the score 23 to 18. The Seniors took their revenge out on the Freshmen by beating them 29 to 10. One of the most spectacular games played was between the Freshmen and Sophomores. They both fought hard for the victory but the Freshmen came out on top with the score 23 to 18. The Seniors tried hard to defeat the Juniors in the last game of the season but the Juniors kept their reputation as "unconquerable.,' They won from the Seniors by a score of 31 to 10. This is the second year for the Juniors as champions. If they again win the championship, the cup, awarded by G. A. A., will be theirs 'gfor keeps." So here's to the team! May they be successful in the basketball seasons to come. FRANCES LAIEIEIE. Brown. THE EXCALIBUR 75 GIRLS, SECOND TEAM CHAMPS-fSeniorsl Front Row, Seated :-Anna Jordan, Dorothy Price, Helen Sherburn, Erma Spring. Second Row:-Esther Black, Jane Bowers, Janet Brittsan, Eleanor Fox. Third Row:-Mary Bebout, Miss Gleason Ccoachl, Lois Cryer fmanagerj. THE SEASON BEGINS - Twenty Seniors "go out" for basketball as they did when Juniors, when Sophomores, when Freshmen. They practice diligently from-morn 'till night, The fatal day arrives. Miss Gleason picks the A-1 team. We donit make the team. Having recovered from the crushing disappointment, we decide that all is not lost, we still remember those dear, dead days when we were Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen, and we made the second team. Virtue is its own reward, or something, and so the following girls found them- selves proudly bearing the fluttering banner for the Seniors of Van Wert High School fClass of '387, namely: Esther Black, Jane Bowers, Janet Brittsan, Eleanor Fox, Anna Jordan, Dorothy Price, Helen Sherburn, and Erma Spring. The first class we saw to conquer was the Sophomores and we smashed them with a score of 20 to 1. Looking for new worlds to overwhelm, we cast our eyes about the school and sighted the Freshman class. Again we triumphed to the tune of 410 to 12. Continuing our belligerent march, we put down successively: Juniors-Q8-51, Sophomores- f3O-9l , Freshmen-128-111, and Juniors4f18-173. Alack and alas-Inglorious defeat tarnished our record. Our heartiest rivals, the Juniors, defeated us. CScore-33-235. But, strictly speaking, we're happy about the whole thing. Quote: "Veni, Vidi, Vici," unquote. On February 23, 1938, we were acclaimed, and justly so, the Champs of the Second Teams. JB:BJS. 76 THE EXCALIBUR IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMER TIME GOLF PLAYERS fTop Left! Front Row:-Eugene Carter, Bill Kennedy, Otis Leist, Marion Feigert, Denton Stetler, Eugene Feigert. Second Row:-Mr. Livingston fcoachi, Gerald Doner, Bill Snyder, Lawrence Keipper, Elmer Potter, Bob Sherman. Third Row:-Dennis Kinkle, Fred Fox, Robert Korn, Franklin Dippery, Raymond Greenewald. SWIMMERS C Lower Left! Ralph Runnion, Richard Trapp, Bud Kennedy, Harry Gunsett. FOUL SHOOTING WlNNERS lTop Right? Billy Brown, Charles Kiehl, Raymond Greene- Wald, Donald Muntzinger, Dale LaRue. SOFTBALL CHAMPS fLower Right! Front Row:-Bill Brown, Joe Fox, Robert Bowden, Theo Sharp. Back Row:-John Gaddis, Bill Kennedy, Bob Shingledecker, Bill Snyder, Nolan Stuckey. Inset-MR. CAMPBELL CCoachJ DAY'S END 78 THE EXCALIBUR 7 annalaureate Serhices May 29, 1938-6:30 P. M. STADIUM Processional-'4Pomp and Circumstance ',.. ................. ......... E L GAR Van Wert High School Band Invocation ............................................ ................. ........,... R E V. J. H. LAMY Hymn-'50 Worship the Kingi' ..... ............ C 0ngregatiOn Scripture Lesson ...,......................i . ....... REV. E. E. SNYDER Baccalaureate Sermon ....,....................... ....... R EV. JOHN DANFORD Hymn-"For the Beauty of the Earth" ..... ................... C 0HgI'6gHIi0l1 Benediction ,,,,..,...,.,,..,,,...,....,.,.,,......., .. .......................... REV. F. I. WILLMERT Recessional: Grand March-HSons of Fame" ................................ ZAMECNIK Van Wert High School Band ae-are N rfX .f .Q f' an ' , -:H S9 0 A A l va' 4? ' we V ka' SW fm itll kllglflak.. all s 5? ll a ll Nl , ' THE EXCALIBUR 79 Qlummcilrrmwt lHru5rz11n June 3, l938-6:30 P. M. STADIUM Processional-HPomp and Circumstaneew .................. ....... E LGAR Van Wert High School Band Invocation ........................................... . ........................ REV. PAUL NISWANDER Cornet Trio, Selected ....................,........,..................... I ................................... Lois Presler, Richard Blanke, Marion Feigert Class Song .......... ..... . .....,............................................................. Class Address ....,... ............... L cThe Challenge to Modern Edueationl' E. L. BOWSHER Presentation of Class ........ .................................. P RINCIPAL C. P. BOWDLE Presentation of Diplomas .... ...... S UPERINTENDENT U. E. DIENER Benediction .....,.......................... ....... . .. .................................................. Recessional-'4lVlarch Noble "... ......... , .......................... ......... B A CH Van Wert High School Band ffxlbax X F ..wi:S,,,g, , 1 . VL 11.5. I ,- 'Q' fi'-A X x ,g1le'rf:5.. REX x S .P is-.. Ja U 80 THE EXCALIBUR DON'T TELL ME - LET ME GUESS: H. M. S. Pinafore . . . My, this is hard . . . Home for dinner . . . Now, boys, this is Joan . . . Cheek to Cheek . . . Snap Shot Shooter . . . Not exactly school, hut! Three or more is a crowd . . . Dandruff? . . . Tarred and feathered . . . A right good fellow . . . Quiet, you dopesl . . . Yes, teacher . . . 80 words a minute, huh? Smiles . . . What smells? Hats of to Nick, Assistant Coach! THE EXCALIBUR 81 TIME MARCHES ON SEPTEMBER School begins. Poor Freshies. Oh, well, they will learn. -Getting off to a flying start, let's hope we don't crash. Football practice has begun, with a night practice game tonight. -Y-Hi Cabinet meeting after school. One week of school gone alrealy, how time flies. -More school, it,s getting monoton- ous. OCTOBER -Our first out-of-town game came out in our favorg we 'played St. Marys. -Y-Hi meeting tonight. -C. A. A. meeting. -Class election in full swing. -Still swinging. -Football game at Bluffton. We won again. -Believe it or not-SNOW. -An exciting game with Bellefon- taineg we made two touchdowns in the last quarter. -Test week. -Bank Day and also Hi-Y meeting at the Y. M. C. A. -Football ame with Wapakg the S Cougars won again. -Y-Hi Potluck was held at the Y. W. C. A. -Crade Cards. 'Nuff said. -Play Napoleon. We bring home the bacon. G. A. A. mixer. It proved to be a hilarious affair. -Haloween night. . NOVEMBER -,luniors select class rings. -Ervin Morrison elected head of thc Student Council. -Alma Mater gets a real school song. -First Scarlet Quill is issued. -Teachers, meeting. No school. -Everyone looks sickg we lost our Hrst game to Kenton Friday. First operetta practice. -Amistice Day. Big game with Ce- linag we lost again. -These Saturday night plunges get tiresome. l9-H. M. S. Pinafore is huge success. 22-Y-Hi meeting. Candle light serv- ice. Boys report for basketball. 23-Assembly. 24-National Honor Society meeting. 25-Thanksgiving, um-m-m-m-m those pumpkin pies. We play Defiance. 26-State Hi-Y Conference to be held over the week end. .50-Bank Day againg so what? ?? DECEMBER 1-C. A. A. meeting. 2-Seven new members added to V Club. Committee was picked for the Christmas dance today. 3-Football banquet. 7-Poster making in full swing for the Snow Ball. 10-Basketball game with Findlayg their favor. But the worm does turn. 'B D l3-Dull Monday. l6-Committee meeting for the Snow Ball. 17-Came with Delphos St. John. Hur- rah for Van Wert. 20-G. A. A. girls gave the student-body the Christmas spirit by decorating a tree for the Study Hall. 21-We walloped Toledo De Vilbiss by 2 points. 22-G. A. A. gives Christmas skit. Scar- let Quill prints Christmas issue. 24-'Twas the night before- 25-Christmas. 27-The morning after. 28-Snow Ball Dance. 29-A good time was had by all. 31-Big night tonight. Everyone will be celebrating. JANUARY -High School party at Y. W. C. A. -Back to school again. 7-Basketball game with St. Marys. ll-G. A. A. meeting in Study Hall. Hi-Y meeting tonight. 12--Paul Niswander gave a speech on the "Two Views of Lifeff 144-Our first night mixer. A game with Bellefontaine. We lost. 17-Perfect Senior Class. We were all present for a change. At least, in body if not in spirit. I 3 82 THE EXCALIBUR l8wSenior Hi-Y meeting. Induction on Van Wert and Convoy members. 21-Came with Lima Central. Who said those larger towns were good? 24-Y-Hi meeting, Miss Hardy gave a speech on MThe Art of Make-upfl We need it. 25-Miss Benson gave Hi-Y a talk on Etiquette. They need it, too. 26-Junior Assembly. The play was a xersion of the life of a theatrical producer. 28fGame with Celina. 29+Basketball game with Kenton. FEBRUARY I-Hi-Y to hold Potluck tonight. 2-Seniors held a Detention session for those tardy during the day. Also a Senior meeting. 3-,lust doing nothing. 41Van Wert defeated Wapakoncta, 32- 30. Hurray for you, boys. 7--Y-Hi meeting. The subject for the evening is art. 8fSenior Hi-Y is to be the guest of De'ianee tonight. The Cougars win again. We played Bryan. 9--Open house tonight. We hope it's a success. lf?---Successful all right. lla-National Honor Society induction. 12-Lincolnls Birthday. We play Deli- ance tonight. 14-Did you get a Valentine? 16-Music assembly, directed by Mr. Wlolfe. l7-aMeeting for the pupils taking the State Scholarship test. l8fPep session this morning. We play Bluffton. Zl--Patriotic assembly in honor of Washingtonls Birthday. 22-No school. Friday. 23+Beginning of the Basketball Tour- nament. 24----lilst another day in our young lilc. 25-Assembly on safety. We play Ada. 28gl.ast day this month. Only 12 more weeks of school. MARCH ' 2--Home lloom Programs. Saljistriet Basketball Tournament. Paulding' is another victim. 4---Hi-Y Night Mixer. 8-Band Concert. 9--Grade Cards. 10-Bowling Green defeated us. l.5fScarlet Quill. l6-EXCALIBUR Assembly. 21-Y-Hi meeting. 22-Spring has cub! 23-High School elects Laura YVilkin- son for Peony Queen candidate. "Out to win, Lolly, do your best." 25-Our faculty member, Mr. Bowen, walked down the aisle. Congratu- lations, Mr. and Mrs. Bowen. 28-EXCALIBUR drive in full swing. 29-C. A. A. meeting. Hi-Y meeting, the fellows set the date for Ladies' Night. 30--V Club had pictures taken. APRIL l--Schoolas out for a week. April Fool! l l 5-Van Wert High School Chorus to give concert at the Marsh Founda- tion. 4---Y-Hi meeting at Y. W. C. A. 5-Student Council meeting. 6---Volley ball games after school. 7-Freshman Assembly. EXCALIBUR Staff meeting. 8-Hi-Y Ladies' Night. Thanks, boys, we had a lovely time. ll--Henry Fonda is at the movie this week. 12-Junior Class meeting during Home Room period. Bank Day. T3-Senior Class Play characters an- nounced. 14-Y-Hi Assembly. l5-Good Friday. 17-Every one is showing off their 'Faster Bonnetsf' l3-Just resting. l9--Preview of Junior Class Play. 22-Junior Class presents c'Growing Painsfl Congratulations, Juniors. 29vSpring football game. MAY 3flVlusic Festival at the Marsh Found- ation. 6-Mixer sponsored by Y-Hi. ll-Peony Queen Chosen. 13-Northwestern Ohio High School 14-- Band Festival. 20-Senior Class presents '4The Fanfl Thanks to Miss West and the cast. 25--Elks, Senior Party. THE EXCALIBUR 83 Junior-Senior Prom. Thanks, Jun- 2 iors. Baccalaureate service. 3g Juniors beginning to look impor- tant. Only a matter of hours, now. 4T- JUNE Marsh Foundation gives the Seniors a Hshin digf' Underclassmen still studying. Poor kids. Commencement. That's allg there ainlt no more. The Class of 738 Wishes to bid the school and all the teachers a fond farewell. MKC :IL. U71 Hardin, Beryl .,...,.,....... ..........,,...,,,,., M arried THE EXCALIBUR 84 GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN - 1936 1936 Atha, Louise .......... Van Wert, Ohio ................................, Milffifftl Atkins, Robert ...... Cincinnati, Ohio ....... Conservatory of Music Atkinson, Paul ...... Van Wert, Ohio ........... ............. A t Home Bailey, Robert ...,.... ......... V an Wert, Ohio .... ....,....................,.. B erlle, lllfl- Bailey, Clifford ...... Van Wert, Ohio ....... ................................... A t Home Bareon, Lloyd .,...... ........ A nn Arbor, Mich. .,.. ,....,.... L lniversity of Michigan Bauer, Lucille ...... ........ V an Wert, Ohio .... ................. C entral Mfg. C0- Baxter, Mildred ........ ......... V an Wert, Ohio .... ............. C entral Mfg. Co. Beam, William ...... ....,.... V an Wert, Ohio ....... Bowden Poultry Farm Bebout, Edith .......,..., ......... V an Wert, Ohio A... ............... J . C. PCIUIY C0- Black, Kathrine ...,........ Van Wert, Ohio .... ................... S Chirles Theater Bollenbacher, Helen ,... ..,...... Y fan Wert, Ohio .... .,,.,................ C entral Mfg. Co. Bowers, Richard ,,..,. ......... V an Wert, Ohio ..,. .....,,,,. N eely's Service Station Brown, Alva .......... Michigan .......,........ ..................................... W orlillig Brown, DeWitt ...... ....,l... V an Wert, Ohio A... . County Treasurer's Office Brown, Melville ..., ........i V an Wert, Ohio .................,.i..........i,,.. At Home Brown, Robert ...,.. .....,... V an Wert, Ohio ,...... ...,.,,...,. K arr's School Burnett, Lester ..,,...... ......... V an Wert, Ohio ............. At Home Busch, Berniece .,,...i. Detroit, Mich. ,.,... .......,. ..............,.......,.. . Comer, Robert .,,,...,.,,.., ...,..,i. X fan Wert, Ohio ..,. ,...............,................................ T i1Xi Counsellor, Berniece ....,.... Van Wert, Ohio ,.,......,.,...,....,.....................,.,, Married Custer, Doyt .............. ...,..... X fan Wert, Ohio ,... ..,,,,,.. W estern Ohio Bottling Works Davis, Jane .,.......... ......i.. V an Wert, Ohio ....,...A,............................ At Home Deal, Geraldine ,....... ,.....,.. V an Wert, Ohio ....,..,., ............,.,..... A t Home Dickinson, Finley ..,.... ......... V an Wert, Ohio ........,....,.. Ciilin College Diener, Helen ......,..r...... ...,..... O xford, Ohio ..... ......... it liami University Dippery, Richard ...,.. ..,...,,i W 'an Wert, Ohio ....... ............,....,.. A t Home Ditto, Mary ......,,..,................ ......... V an Wert, Ohio ......,........................,... At Home Ducat, Julius ...,.,,,......,........... .....,,,, X 'an Wert, Ohio ....... Sloop's Canning Factory Edwards, Mary Cathrine ...... .,....... D elaware, Ohio ...., ............,,......,........,... C ollege Emans, Erlene ..........,......,... ,..,,.... X fan Wert, Ohio ....... Peggy's Beauty Parlor Fackler, Marvel .............,. ...,..... V an Wert, Ohio .....,....,,.............,.. Married Fleming, Ronald ...... Foote, Bonna .lean ........ Fowler, Margaret ,....... Fraylick, William ,.,...,. Gowans, Patricia .. Greene, Katherine Gribler, Eva Gunn, John .,.......... Hall, Josephine ........ Halverson, Maxine ..,.. Hammond, Joseph ....... Harmon, Joseph ,.....,, Hirn, Karl .,..,.,..,..., Holmes, Richard .,,,.. Horton, Bill ,.....,.,,,,., H uefner, John .......,...... Humerickhouse, Maxine llunter, Ronald ........ lreton, James ........ Jerome, Cathrine Jerome, Don .,,..,. Keith, Faye .,.,.,,..,.. .........Fort Wayne, Ind. .........Van Wert, Ohio .........Van Wert, Ohio .........Springfield, Ohio .........Van Wert, Ohio , ......,. Van Wert, Ohio .........Van Wert, Ohio .........Fort Wayne, lnd. .........Van Wert, Ohio .....,,..Van Wert, Ohio .........Van Wert, Ohio .........Van Wert, Ohio .........Van Wert, Ohio ............,.BllSlllCES College ....,...Cainpbell Hardware Ohio Power Co. 'mffffff ..,....,,.,.., College ......:lKarr,s School Married ........,,Central Mfg. Co. ..........Business College Home ..........Central Mfg. Co. .,......,..Jockey Club .,....,.,Springfield, Ohio .........Van .........Van .........New .........Van .........Van .........Van .........Van .........Van .........Van Wert, Wert, York, Wert, Wert, Wert, Wert, Wert, Wert, Ohio Ohio N. Y. Ohio Ohio .... Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Home '.1ff'.ffffff1 .... Qfffffitiwiiiiiiill ........Western Ohio Bottling Works ........,...,.Studying Photography House Cab Co. Married Married College .............,,..Montgomery Ward King, Catherine ........ ......... V an Wert, Ohio .................,..,.,. Central Mfg. Co. King. Robert ........ ......... V an Wert, Ohio ......,,., Atlantic 8: Pacific Tea Co. Klausing, Elmer ....... ,.......,......,......,.......,........ ,,..,,.,............ U n ited States Navy Klein, Mildred .............. ,........ F ort Wayne, lnd. ,........,.......,... Nurses' Training Knoll, Mary Francis .... ......... S pringfield, Ohio ........,.... Nurses, Training Knoll, Ruth .............. ......,.. V an Wert, Ohio ,...,................ Montgomery Ward Kouts, Alice .......... ......... V an Wert, Ohio ......,...,.,..,,.,....,...... Gitfin College Kreischer, Leo ......,..,.... ......... V an Wert, Ohio .... ........ V an Wert City Food Market Larrlhert, Lowell ,.............. .....,.., C olumbus, Ohio ........ ,.,.....,........... O hio State University LaRue, Kathryn Jane ......... ........ V an Wert, Ohio ....,...,......,.............,.. Central Mfg. Co. Leiter, Gerald ................... ......... V an Wert, Ohio .... ......... W hitc Mountain Cream Station Lippi, Albert ................ ,........ V an Wert, Ohio ......, .,,.,..,...................,..,..,......,.,... A t Home Loo, Robert ........ Van Wert, Ohio ....... ,.......,.. . .. ..,,........ Loe Mortuary Taxi Home Louth, Kenneth ...,.. McCabe, Garl ..,..,.,., McCoy, Albert ,........, McNew, Raymond ..,, Mackin, Betty ..,Y.,,... Marsh, George .... Marshall, John ,....... Martz, Junior ....., May, Don ,,,.,.,.,,. Milheim, Lavon Miller, David ...... Miller, Lois .....,.,...... Norton, Jaunetti ,,,,.. Olsen, Merle ,.,.,,,,.r,,,, Parker, Lois Ruth ..,, Patterson, Lester .... Perrine, Virginia Peters, Wallace ....., Pflum, Kenneth .,.,., Poling, Margaret ,...,. Pontius, Velma ,,,,.. Pugh, Jane .....,,,,. Putman, Virginia ..., Ramsdail, Helen ..., Rauch, John ,,,,,,,,,,,,Y, Reid, Dorothy Ellen Resor, Barbara ..,,,,.. Roebke, Lee .,...,,. Routt, Robert .,....,,.. Runnion, Eugene ....,. Russell, Don ,,,,,,,,,,,, Scott, Leonard ...,..., Scott, Margaret ..,... Schumm, Ida ,,,,,,,,,,,, Showalter, Sara Jane Slusser, Gordon ,,,,,, Smith, Maurice .,,,.. Smith, Ralph ..,.,.,... Springer, Richard ..,. Stegmeier. Kenneth ,. Stittsworth, Mae ....,, Strother, Isabel ...,., Stuck, Helen ,....... Terry, Gene ,,,,,,,,,,,, Thomas, Lowayne ,,.. Tindall, Gladys ,..,.. Trippy, Richard ,.,,,. Weck, Miriam .,,..... Wermer, Clarence ..... Wermer. Norman ,,,,.. Wilkinson. Howard .. Williams, Elizabeth .. Williman, Mildred ..,. Wills, Oscar ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wilson, Lois ,,......,,., Wood, Henrietta .,,. Zeigler, Richard ,..... Zinmaster, Dean .. ,, Ackom, Billie Louise Allen, Margaret ,,,..... Baer, William ,,,,,,,,,,,, Baker, Mary Francis Baxter, Dorothy ..,... Bauer, Florence ,, Bebout, Edna ..,,,,,,,,., Boettger, Audrey ,.,.,. Bowden. Juanita .,,. Brown, Miriam ........,. Brubaker. Geraldine THE EXCALIBUR 85 Van Wert, Ohio ,..,,...,..,,,,,.,,,,,,..,. ,,,..,,,,,,,,,, A t Home Washington Court House, Ohio ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 'Working Van Wert, Ohio ,.,.,,.,................... ......,..,,,., L ever Bros. Co. Van Wert, Ohio ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, C, L. Epps Van WCl'f, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio ,, vQiii"vi?LQi5i,"oiii1S Van Wert, Ohio Ann Arbor, Mich. .,.. , Chicago. lll.. ,.......,,, , Jackson, Mtch. .,...,. ...............................,.,... lv Iarried Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert Ohio van Weftl ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio vAii'iviikQi5iQ" Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Tennessee ..,..,.... Columbus, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Van Wert Ohio Fort Wayne., lnd. ..,,.. . Convoy, Ohio .....,.,... Van Wert. Ohio .,,., Springheld, Ohio ,,.. Van Wert, Ohio .. Van Wert. Ohio .. Toledo. Ohio ..... Troy, Ohio ...,....,,. , Van Wert, Ohio ..... Van Wert, Ohio ,,,,,, Van Wert, Ohio .,,.. Van Wert, Ohio ......,,, Fort Wayne. lnd. ...., , Van Wert, Ohio ,,,,. Angola. lnd. ,.,..... . Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert otiiilw' Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert. Ohio indianapolis. lnd. ...,, , Columbus, Ohio .,.... Van Wert, Ohio 1937 Lima. Ohio ,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bowling Green. Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Van Vilert, Ohio Van Wert. Ohio Van Wert. Ohio Lima. Ohi 0 ..,.... ,,,,,,.,,, Ohio .,.... .. Fort Wayne, lnd. ,.,,. . ...................Central Mfg. Co. ......,....Ohio State University ,,.,,,,,..,Van Wert Mfg. Co. ......,,..United States Navy Home ,.,..,,.Central Mfg. Co. College .,,,,Filling Station Attendant Married ,....,Filling Station Attendant ...................Central Mfg. Co. .,,,,.,......Teaching Dancing ..........Collins' Grocery ....,...Central Mfg. Co. Home Married .. ,............... Thane Spahr's Office ......Marsh Foundation Oliice ...........,..,Montgomery Ward ....,...............Bonnewitz Co. Married ............Ohio State University ...........Oscar Jackson, Housemover Van Wert City Food Market ............Ohio State University ......,.,...Nurses' Training . ..................., Hatchery ........Central Mfg. Co. College ...,...Van Wert Mfg. .Co. Paints School .......,Arc Welding Co. Home .......Van Wert Mfg. Co. Married ........Postal Telegraph .....,..,Business College ,,,,.,...Tri-State College College .......United States Navy Home ..........GiFfin College Married ,,.....,,..GiHin College Home Home ................Nurses' Training .......,..Ohio State University .,.....,..,........Texaco Station Working .,......Bowling Green College Theater ,.,,,,Runnion Insurance Olhce ., ........ Mr. Bowdle's Office ..,,....Morris 100 Store ,,.........Karr's School Working Working , ......., Nurses' Training - 86 THE E XCALIBUR Burley, Robert ...... ......... V ian Wert, Ohio ....... ...,..,.......,.............. ........... A I HOIUS Chambers, Elinor ,, .,.....,. Van Wert, Ohio Working at Lentz Millinery Chidester, Paul ........ .,....... V an Wert, Ohio .........V..................... Giffin COUCEC Chubb, Mary E. ........ ......,.. V an Wert, Ohio .,.. ........... .................. M H fried Clark, Henry .,.,,.... ........................................... .................Y--.....- C 0 llege Cress, Enid ......,. .......,. O xford, Ohio ......,..,... .........w M iami University Davis, Sam ........ ...,..... V an Wert, Ohio ............... HiI16S' Drug Devine, Peg ......... Bellefontaine, Ohio .A.,. .,............--.... S Cil00i Doring, Leo ........ ..................,............,.,............. .....Y.........-.......,.A,---,---.-- Drake, Helen ....,... ......... V an Wert, Ohio .,........i............. Al HOIHC Dudley, Meta Louise ......... Fort Wayne, Ind. ,... ........... N urses' Training Edwards, Marjorie ,,... ......... V an Wert, Ohio ..................... At HOIIIE Elzey, Edna ..,.........,, ......... V an Wert, Ohio ...,.... Murphy 10c Store Forrest, Esther ............. ......... V an Wert, Ohio ..................... Married Fox, Fred ......,,,,,,...,......... ......... V an Wert, Ohio ...,..... Kroger Grocery Freyermuth, Marcile ..,.... .......i. V an Wert, Ohio ...........,. Ohio Theater Friemoth, Rita .......,..... ......... L ima, Ohio ..,,.....,.. ....... N urses' Training Fuerst, Harold ..,....... Fulmer, Frank ...... Gauvey, Louise .. Cross, Jed ......,... Gunsett, Harry ....,, Coings, Everett ........ llarrow, Owen ...,,,,.,. Hattery, Roselyn ..,... Hisey, Mary .,........ Hoghe, Gayle ........ Hoghe, ivan ,..,.. Horther, Mary ...,.. Houser, Doris ,,...,,. Huston, Betty Joe .,.. Jensen, Edith ........... Jerome, Max ............., Kear, Margaret ........ Kear, Richard .,......,. Keipper, Lawrence .. Kennedy, Charles .... Kennedy, Ruth ...... Kiehl, Arthur .... Kiehl, Charles .. King, Jill .,.............. Kohn, Margaret ........ Koogle, Thomas .... Lamb, Maurice ., Lee, Virginia .....,,. Lower, Charles ....,...,. McCray, Robert .,,,.,. Meyelte, Donald ....., Murphy, Annalee .. Oechsle, Ralph ...... Owens, Betty Ann .... Palmer, Robert ........ Pickerinrf, Helen ...,., Pierce, Esther Flo ,,,. Potter, Elmer ........,,.. Potter, Henrietta ...... Preston, Robert ........ Purk, Ruth .,.,...,.... Putman, Lowayne .... Rauch, Don ..............., Ross, Paul .............. Rowell, Don ,.,....,...... Runnion, Ralph ...,,... Saam, Dorothy ..,...,... Salshurey, George ...,... Shaffer, Betty .....,.,.... Shank, Lillian .,,,.,..,. Shively, Margaret .... Shock, James ............ Snyder, Betty ............ Steele, Mary Katheri Van Wert, Ohio Detroit, Mich. ...,., , Van Wert, Ohio Florida ....,........... Cincinnati, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio IIC Chicago, Ill. ...., . Angola, Ind. ,..,. . ii5yiLlH,"'oii'iLQ".'... Working Working ........,Giiiin College Vacationing ,, .,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,, University ..,..... Miller St Jones Shoe Store .......,.......,,.,.. Miami University ...............,.Mor1'is l0c Store Home Home Home ........,Karr's School .........GiHin College Married ...,....Clark's Shoe Store Home ........,..Court House ...........,.Gitfin College fff.'fff.'.'frfilisii1Q'ioiiiieiiki , ,.... .... lt lanicurist Van Wert, Ohio ....,.,.. Karr's School Van Wert, Ohio .,....... Karr's School Van Wert, Ohio ............. At Home Van Wert, Ohio ...,.....,...,... Married Van Wert, Ohio ..............,...... At Home Van Wert, Ohio ..........,.....,........ City Calm Oxford, Ohio ........ ..,,......... M iami University Van Wert, Ohio ..,..,....... Van Wert Mfg. Co. Lansing, Mich. ...,.. ....,.., lN 'Iichigan State University Van Wert, Ohio .................... E. J. Wholesale Van Wert, Ohio .......,....,..,,.... At Home Van Wert, Ohio' .,.........., Housekeeper Van Wert, Ohio ...,...,.,.............. At Home Van Wert, Ohio .,........,.,............... At Home Van Wert, Ohio .....,.... Van Wert Mfg. Co. Van Wert, Ohio ......,,.. Portrait Studio Van Wert, Ohio .......,...,........ Container Co. Van Wert, Ohio ..,....... Equity Dairy Store Van Wert, Ohio ...,..,,,,,,.. Equity Dairy Store Van Wert, Ohio .,.,......,,......,.. Central Mfg. Co. Van Wert, Ohio ,..,,,................. Working at Horne Van Wert, Ohio ..,,.... Office, Van Wert Mfg. Co. Van Wert, Ohio .. ........,,.......,.,......,................,...... .. Van Wert, Ohio ....... ,........,,...,,..... A t Home Oxford, Ohio ...,,,,,. Springfield, Ohio ,,,,. Van Wert, Ohio ....... ........,.Miami University .........,Wittenberg College ..................Hotel Marsh Walters, Dale ...........w ,,,..,,A. THE EXCALIBUR 87 Studebaker, Paul ,..,..,., .....,.....,,,...,....,,,..,..,.,,,,,,,,,.,.... Thomas, Leanuah ......, ....... Tossey, Junior .......... ....,.... Trapp, Richard ,....... ...,,... Uncapher, Urban ....... ......,.. Uhrich, Lois .......,., Lfncapher, Clarence Updegrove, Robert Wehagre. Herman ...... Williams, Elinor .. Wise, Marian .,,, Minneapolis, Minn. . Tale, Mary ,,.,............ ......... ..Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio ,Van Wert, Ohio ,Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Dhio Van Wert, Ohio Columbus, Ohio .,., ,,...,,,,Van Wert, Ohio .,,,,,,..Van Wert Ohio ....,...,Van Wert Ohio x i4 Cax Q! S if JOKES Whatever trouble Adam had, No man in days of yore, Could say, when Adam cracked a joke, Alive heard that one before." Evelyn F.:-uDiek called up the house four times before I gave him a date.,7 Mary M.:-'4Who did he ask for the first three times." ,.,.,,..United States Navy Working Domestic .........GiHin College Home ...,.,,,,.Central Mfg. Co. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Karr,5 School .....,....,,...,.,...Schine,s Theater Orderly in State Hospital ......Schine's Theater Housekeeper .......,,Savings Bank .lG:lL. Elizabeth A.:-4'What is a pessimist?" Mr. Bowen :-uit used to be defined as a man who wore both suspenders and a beltfi Miss West:--uWhat is an idiom ?H Sam F.:-"That's what Pepsodent tooth paste has in itfi Mr. Bowen, in Economics:-uFree goods are things that Cod gave you-like your relativesf, Cliff Medaugh, on seeing a thief drive off in his Ford:-4'Help, help, pol-ic-e-man." Policeman :-'LWhat,s all the yelling about, what do you want?,' Cliff:-NSomebody just swiped my car, but weill get 'em, because I got his license number." The difference between Nathan Hale and Stan Ross is that Nathan said, uCive me Liberty or give me death," and Stan says, L'Give me Liberty, but if you don't have that l'll take Lifef, Dignified Society Woman:---ui want something nice in oil for a dining roornf, Salesman LGerald Bowersj :-uYes, madam, a landscape or a can of sardines?,' THE EXCALIBUB Greetings and Best Wishes nQ,y"'Q'Eg5'w,9n To the Memhers of the 1938 Graduating Class of Van Wert High School ugffxglvfman The Container Cornpany VAN WJERT, OHIO' - THE EXCALIBUR 89 Emans' Grocery 502 S. Shannon St. scfiijigln We Congratulate the Students and Faculty on the completion of another successful school year. ZANORSS coN1F1EcT1oN1ERY 234 S. Washington For Ice Cream Home-made Candies Phone 3173 CLOYD UIITTO . Compliments -Ewa GROCERIES Of MEATS AND VEGETABLES 'Wa W' 0 C O L L S Phone 2889 634 N. Washington St. VAN WERT, O. ringsnioiuioqnviangninininqpuinxvnq Student Headquarters THE VAN WIERT BOOK STORE 120 West Main Street ininz:1111xznlnizniuzpuininiugngoc The Photography for this E X C A L I B U R was done by the X71 X X Portrait Studio ! Van Wert, Ohio "The Home of Fine Foods" mgnzmx xnioinioqr inxnioi 1 :pn This Excalibur was printed bv 'WdkmSon Printing Co. Gfan 'MQW N Olno 90 THE EXCALIBUR The moon sways the tide and sometimes the untied. ln a penny arcade Otis Leist came across a punching-bag machine with a notice on it to the effect that if one hit the bag hard enough the penny would be returned. Friends found him two hours later, lying under the machine, unconscious, with both arms broken. Mae Runnion returned home from school with her report card for her mother's inspection. ulgut, dear," mother said, uwhatls the trouble? Why have you such poor grades this month?" wlllierels no t1'ouble, lVlom,,7 Was the quick reply, uyou know yourself things are always marked down after the holidays." Girls of the old times dressed like lVlother Hubbard, but girls of today dress like lVloll1er Huhhard's cupboard, it is said. lt's a very sad, sad, sad story-his best friend wouldn't tell him twhat a shamel and so he llunked the exam. uYVell," said the waiter in the shack to Clair Beuchner, who had just had his seventh cup of coffee, Myou must be very fond of coffeefl "Yes, indeedf, answered Clair, Mor l wouldnlt he drinking so much water to get so littlefl Don Foott-:e-uDid you notice how my voice filled the auditorium?w Julian L. zgul certainly did. Several people left to make room for it." ul hope you're not afraid of microbes," apologized the payer-teller as he cashed the young instructorls check with soiled currency. 'cDon't worry," replied the young man, ua lnicrohe couldnlt live on my salaryf' Freshman Lass lname unknownl :-'6Don't you want to kiss me? Don't l appeal to you 'W' Freshman Lad tBob lVloColluml :-:Alt isnlt that-l don't want to throw away this gum yet." lVlr. K.:-ul say, waiter, there's an ant in my soupf, Xvaiterz-nSurely not, sir, maybe itls one of those vitamin bees you hear so much about." Settlement Vlforker:--ul can see good in all thingsf, Gil Ford :4MSay, can you see good in a fog?', Tall Short Stories uDown where l livef, said the Texan, 'awe grow a pumpkin so big, that when we cut it in two my wife used one-half of it for a cradle." c4Well,7' smiled the man from Chicago, uthatls nothing. A few days ago, right here, two full-grown police- men were found asleep or1 one beat tbeetjfl Englishman:-uWe have some very large birds in England. Why, once while l was standing in a Zoological garden l saw a man come in on an eagle." Yankee:-uBrother, that's nothing. Once while l was watching a ball game l saw a player go out on a Hyf' F A woman was entering a movie when an attendant stopped her. Attendant tErvin lVl.j 1-"Please excuse me, madam, but you can't take your dog inside." l Womanzffuldlow absurd! What harm could the picture do to a tiny dog like l that?" l i g f f- -... 1-... L.. THE EXCALIBUR 91 ust drop in And see what You think of our Shebang Cstorej Drugs are our business. A Real asset to our commuity is our aim. Usable merchandise of Good Quality, and Courteous Service at all times. A Y ' DRUG STORE The Friendly Store 1 moxuinzvoiuinmpnqoumr qvumucomu Compliments of The Ahlenins Company 16' Z?g,f5Sl "The Dependable Store' ' You Are Always Welcome at Your Walgreen System Drug Store BOWERS' DRUG CO. On the Corner pmxunpnnpuzuxsnmu zpnxoqpn-nuqnm mpnxiausnn Compliments of The Stoops Paelking Company, lne. n Canners and Preservers of Food Products n Van Wert, Ohio 92 THE EXCALIBUR Congratulations IlCm6J H To the elass of '38 we extend congratulations and as you end your high school days to enter the yarious tlelds of endeavor, we wish you eyery success and happiness, which justly should he yours. UM6 ll The Ohio Power Company O Cornplrments of af Q The Kennedy Manulaeturlng Co. Fine Tool and Fishing Tackle Boxes ,LR , ,,. Oh' an ert, to THE EXCALIBUR 93 No cat has nine tails. A cat has one more tail than no cat. Therefore a cat has ten tails. She:-L'Don,t you think l'm cute in my way?'7 He:aa'Yeah, but you don't weigh enoughf' Rags make paper, Paper makes money, Money makes banks, Banks make loans, Loans make poverty, Poverty makes rags. Bob Sherman:-'cHow come you weren't at work last Saturday afternoon?" Dick Preston :-ul went to a funeral.,7 Bob Sherman:-HHOW was it'?'7 Dick Preston:-uNotre Dame wonfl Two football players were overheard arguing in the hall. The First muscleman shouted at the second, Hvlfhy, for two cents Fd knock your block offfl The horrihed reply to this was, uGet away from me, you dirty professional, you." During one of the recent exams, a well known N. Y. U.-ite signed his paper Mae Wfest. When asked why by an astounded prof, the stude blushingly replied, MI done 7 77 em wrong. Policeman tto trama Slllillff on to of oak tree! :--a'He f, what are you doinff h ,W 1 s P 5 , s up t ere. Tramp :-ul don't know. I must have sat on an acornf' Bob T. :-uSo you used to make whaling trips with your father when you were quite young?,' Gerald D.:-HSure, Out to the woodshedf' Smart Pupil:-mls it easy to tell cowskin from ealfskin?,7 Smarter Pupil:-HNO, it isnit, for the reason that the cow is the c-alf's kin and the calf is the cow's kinf' One of the troubles of this modern age is that too many people are spending money they have not yet earned for things they do not need, to impress people they don't like. The mistress of the house heard the bell ring and saw standing at the open front door a Chinese hawker. Quickly retreating she called out to the maid: uThere's a Chinaman at the door. You go, Ella." The Chinese stuck his head well into the hall and shouted indignantly: uYou go Ella yourself." Hotel Proprietor:-HDO you want the porter to call you?', Fred M.:-'fNo, thanks, l awake every morning at sevenff Hotel Proprietor:-uThen would you mind calling the porterf' A lunatic in the asylum who was pushing a wheel-barrow upside down was stopped by a visitor who asked: uWhat7s the idea?" 'Tm not crazyf' was the retort, uyes-N terday they filled it with bricksf, 94 THE EXCALIBUR Congratulations to the Class of '38 Merit Shoes Q :nes ----1:zc::ofac:.n:u :znznzn W I N E B U R G H 'S rlg'5,1'E.3U Ladies' and Misses' Apparel 053530 Hotel Marsh Building Best Wishes of Da1ke's Cate ' Eddie Dake "Doc" Hopkins 501:01-pug: -:annqnoenoqpnmninmncnoininz Compliments of the Raahe Auto Company main,.umumu Mini..-.u m -1 01010110.1030 -.. unnuunpnngninvn mm:-1 Best Wishes to the Class of 1938 W. G. MeKlI-EDDJUE 'EOE' Electrical Appliances For the Home sagem 1:01010 n-ufvunoqnozpoqpnqnnqnuieau K.8cK. Confectionery n v We Sell CLOVERLEAF ICE CREAM Tested and Approved by Good Housekeeping Bureau puma cinqmoqvn 1.-ninqvoiw-10.101 1 1:1 -- ---1 - 1 - H- --- io- We Wish Success to the Class of '38 Betty Ann 1 The Best Place to Eat Chevrolet, Pontiac Oldsmobile, Buick General Motor Trucks Goodyear Tires Purely Motor Sales VAN WERT, OHIO THE EXCALIBUR 95 KARR Business University Over 50 Firms Now Employ Our Grads Summer School Starts JUNE 15 -n 1 01,11 11111 1: 1 11114115111 ni - u 111 1 n Wilson 8: Girod 1 Lowe Brothers Paints 1 Phone 3392 Best Wishes to the Class of '38 -Ewa Compliments of bl. lE. Crrlbler Dairy QU11111uzu1010qxuiniucusuiozn-10101 Congratulations '38 PEGGYS BEAUTY suorrr, mn1: u1n1oe:o..1:r1:n umuiocmoiniocu 1010 Y 1 1--111,1-1111 -A14-1 1 .1 ,1 .1 1. .1 .1 r:m1u1 WILD BROS. -E030 A Satisfied Customer is Our Best ADVERTISEMENT Phone 3004 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of l93'I-38 1 Wllliman SL Son Central Market Corner of Central Ave. and Market St. un1nqsn1n1n n 1u1n:nr1n1n :1u1u:r 1: 1n1u1n1n ::1u1o:mx1u1u n 10- Compliments of Kesler Bros. oaoerar 123 S. Washington Street Congratulations from Your Favorite Shop RUCKLOS W- The Fashion Center 96 THE EAXCALIBUR Calvin Cox tdescribing a visit of his to a circusl :--uAs I was sitting there watching, a lioness came up and bit the seat out of my trousers." Elmer S. :-"Boy, I bet you were plenty madf' Calvin Cox :-'4Not at all, I always give my seat to the ladiesf, IVIr. Campbell, in American History, was discussing the manufacture of license plates. UI know quite a bit about the manufacture of the Ohio plates, you see I spent a great deal of my time last summer in the penitentiaryf' Mr. Spieth was really quite surprised to see on a test paper that the first inventor of the thermometer was a so-called Mr. Thermometer. Miss West :-uHugh, what is a metaphor?', Hugh E.:-GA metaphor is used as a place where cows can cat grassf' A man wei hin 140 ounds contains enough fat for seven cakes of soa , carbon 5 sz P s 1 P for 9,000 enclls, hos horus to make 2,200 match heads, magnesium for one dose of . P P P . . . . . U . . salts, iron to make one medium-sized nail, sufficient lime to whltewash a chicken coop, enough sulphur to rid one dog of Heas, and water to fill a 10-gallon barrel. Fr.:-wcgwhich is correct, a herd of camels, or a Hock of camels?" Bill F.:-ttWe1l, I really donlt know, but a pack of camels sounds more familiar to mef, I kissed my hrst woman and smoked my first cigarette on the same day. I have never had time for tobacco since. He who does not know and knows that he does not know Is a Freshman! He who does not know and thinks he knows Is a Sophomore!! He who knows and does not know that he knows Is a Junior! I! ' He who knows and knows that he knows Is a Senior! I ll A hard driving taxi driver ignored a red signal, threatened the traffic police- man's knees, missed the safety zone by a hair, and grazed a bus, all in one dash. The policeman hailed him, then started over to the taxi, pulling a big handkerchief from his pocket as he did so, c'Listen, cowboyf, he growled. M011 the way back l'll drop this, and you see if you can pick it up with your tecthf' For- one-armed drivers: You canlt pay attention to your hrakes when your mind is on your clutch. An optimist is a person who thinks he knows a place where he can borrow money. A pessimist is a person who has tried. Livy:-"You should charge me only half price for cutting my hair when I'm mostly baldf, Barber:-"Sorry, sir. We donlt charge for cutting your hair-we charge for the time we spend in hunting itf, Drunk tlooking at the moon's reflection in a pool of watery! :4g'Say, is that the moon'?7, Cop :-Wfhatls right." Drunk:-"Well, it sure is funny how I got way up here." THE EKCALIBUR 97 n Compliments , Of 3 B A lL Y lE A 'll' S Q oommst sHoP U The Wish to G U N S Congratulate the Class of I C 'as I ompany E Q "Quality Foods at --,- -- -5, Popular Prices .Q P ! C nqiyigiau g With a National Reputation W- ---- -nz, ...-....,:,:2 u-..-..:..:::: .,:........ II C L A R K 9 S Please accept our Congratu- : lations on your coming Grad- uatiou, and may Success and Happmess attend you through- H out life. Qt 5 Q The Van Wert Clothing l Since 1848 H Company 9 E i n 98 THE EXCALIBUR H Congratulations H Compliments '38 Q Of !! E - JE, BQ, KING OROOJER 5 l THE 1 BONNEWHZ ,. COMPANY Q " ft Department SftOre ....-u..,...-..-.,.,.,-,,.,,-.,-.,:.....-... jj ------.---,-..-.,-.-..-....,-..-....,... II CORSAGES A SPECIALTY Congratulations II FLOWERS '38 ? W -Liv U FOR The ALL OCCASIONS H A G L IE R ' U g STUDIO Scharff BrOfcherS 5 53 nga- Van Wert's Leading Flgrists 113 West Main Street For Over 38 Years I VAN WERT. OHIO THE EXCALIBUR 99 A Freshman went to the coach of the high school team requesting a chance to prove his worth. He was, of course, refusedg the coach telling him to come back when he was older. Only a week later the same lad turned up at the office with the same request. uBut l told you to try again when you were olderf' said the coach. uYes, sir," was the unexpected reply, abut seeing the Van Wert vs. Celina game last Thursday, put years on me." -Tl Van Wert as defined by Prof. Bowen- HVan Wert is a lovely little town of over eight thousand soulsfnot to mention the heels." -Q Said the raindrop to the particle of dust:-Wllhat settles you, your name is mudfl Mr. Mason lto pharmacistj :4uCive me some of that prepared monacetecacidestes of salicytic acid." Pharmacist :fHDo you mean aspirins. I Mr. Mason :-'6That's right! Ha, l can never think of that Ili-11T1C.i, Q77 Mr. Rauch finvestigating a strange noise in the halll :fHAt last l've caught you, a real burglar, wait will you?'7 Burglar:-"While you call a cop? Nope, nix on thatfl Mr. Rauch:guNot a cop4my wife, she's heard you every night for ten years." An Illinois motorist took the cap off his gasoline tank and struck a match to see if there was any gasoline left. There was and he isn't. Riddle :-Why is a crack in a chair bottom like a policeman? Answer IZBCCHUSC it will pinch you if you donit park right. Socialist Father:-4'What do you mean by playing truant? What makes you stay away from school?', -- - - ' Son :-"Class hatred, father.77 Mary D. :-HSay, you sure gave that check room girl a big tipf, Frank D. :-'6Don't get jealous, it was only because she gave me a good coat." Mr. Spieth:-HNow, at what speed does light travel, Bob?" 'l Bob Korn:-upretty fast, sir, anyways it gets here far too soon in the morning." Marion F.:-ulsong distance? l want to place a call to Damnaricotta, Mainef, Operator:-6'How do you spell it, please?,' Marion F.:-4'Shucks, toots, if I could spell it, l'd writef' Myron Pierson fshouting through box-ollice windowl :-Ml want two good seatsf, Ticket SCll61'Z-ccH3V6H,t got 'emfi Myron P. :-L'Well, what have you gotfw Ticket Seller:--MNothing but standing roomfl Myron P. :-'4All right, give me two standing togetherfl Customer:-'tl say, waiter, call the manager! l can't eat this awful stulif' YVaiter fRay1nond B1'ubakerl:'-f4lt's no use, mang he wouldn't eat it eitherfl Nell Rose Hucklos noticed on a theme paper handed back, that Miss Armstrong had marked out the term 'aa nest of puppiesf, Nell Rose:-flsnat that right,'7 after taking the paper back to the desk! Miss A.:-'tNo, it's positively wrong-unless the dogs you referred to were bird dogsf, Miss Flannery.:-6'What is water?'7 Dennie K.:-HA white liquid that turns black when you put your hands in itfv l l 4 100 THE EXCALIBUR Compliments of Purmort Brothers Insurance Agency 'z '1.:A9g- 'gud-ii" X fl: 'JL-, o. QSince 18765 -. ei- 1: in.-:aa V n u The Members of the Student Body and Faculty of Gi1Hfin College Congratulate the Members of the Class of l938 and Wish Them Happiness and Success 0 lI Compliments of BALYEAT the Clothier ST? ' rlL.'i uJU VAN WERT, OHIO 111111113 -n --A--1 1 is ---105 Compliments of Drs. Himes S Bair Optometrists THE EXCALIBUB 101 ln a shorthand test Mr. Bollenbacher was pronouncing words to be written. WllC1l the word bird was pronounced Mary Grunewald quickly asked if it had to be any particular kind. The reply was, '40h, letis just call it a robin? Joan 0. lstepping on Bob Shingledeckeris loel :-4'Oh, l'm sorry, did I step on your toe?" Shingle:-"Oh, you needn't mindg l'x'e got others." They laughed when he started to make a new kind of dynamite, but when he dropped it they exploded. Customer lnicked by razor il 1-Ml-ley, barber, give mc a glass of waterf, Barber :-L4Wliassa matter, hair in your mouthfw Customer:-L'Naw, 'ust want to see if m ' neck leaksfi l Y Landlady:-"The man who occupied this room was an inventor, he invented an explosivefi Prospective Lodged:iul suppose those spots on the wall are the explosivefi Landlady:-KNO, theyare the inventorfa Leland Bayer ankeled into the library and addressing the librarian said:-'Sl would like the life of Julius Caesarf' "Sorry," came the unexpected reply, A'Brutus beat you to it." Passenger fCoach Rossi! :-uDid you happen to Hnd a roll of bills under my pillow?" Pullman Porter :-NYes, suh. Thank you, suh. 1 w ,lim T. :-Ml wonder why a woman always tells everything she knowsf, Sonny C.:-MYou mean she can't keep a secret?', ,lim T. :-'4Sure.', Sonny C.:-HThat's an easy one. A woman has only two views of a secret-either it's too good to keep, or it isn't worth keeping. Emanuel Wf.:-"Conductor, will you help me oil the train?" Conductor:M4'Sure, but why?" Emanuel W.:f4cYou see, lim stout, and have to get off the train backwards. The porter thinks Iam trying to get on and he gives me a shove on again. lim live stations past my destination nowf' Bill P.:-'cvlfhile we're sitting in the moonlight, I' like to ask you-4- " Lois P. :-uYes, dear." Bill P. :-"Couldn,t we move over? l'm sitting on a nail.'7 uWe have just about everything on the menu today, sirf' said the pretty young waitress. Coach Campbell:-"So I see, how about a clean one?" Amusing answers made by sludents: Bill Brown:-g'Chickorv is a lace where little chickens are ke t." C5 R ' P 37 Nell Bose Ruokloszg The Epistles are the wives of the Apostles. Wilma DeWeeseia6Hannibal-a person who eats human lleshf' John lVlaney:+4'lVloratorium-a large room, generally used for meetingsf, ln the midst of a French test: Betty F.:-"Oh death, where is thy sting?" George P. :a"Oh bell, where is thy ring?'7 PM-lVlK:lL. 102 THE EXCALIBUB Congratulations Class of 1938 n Outstanding Accomplishments High Scholarships Clean Sportsmanship Stellar Achievements All Have Been Yours u May Your Heritage Be One of Great Happiness Success and Confidence in All Our Futures u lla. C, FCQMWPANY f 1 ininin :zz mnqsu:.n:n ::1m:zn1umu1nmuqu :lin 1 :n 4:10 zoanoin 1 :: ni: 1 co M P LE TE A T H L E TIC OUTFITTERS lx U. S. SPORTING Goons Co. VAN WERT, OHIO THE EXCALIBUR AUTQGRAPHS I.. 1 THE EXCALIBFR AUTQGRAPHS

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