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4,4.L?.fdu..,z..W::, W7 ,J 1 , 62153 Af. r, 3 XX- l 1 V1 45897 I l x I 4 X : ,f"'2 .: 1 ,fy K ., E5 x Q X fx w L, A f A ff-NSI ix I 3 K, xx . Ki, T-. , I ,K 1- fp. 1 .ef- si . Q 'X .XXV I 1 k 4 F K X X K ','!4. f 1 Y.: ,, -.13 ' ' ,dK:,. ,i N.,.,. . D f zz-94", .3 -4' ' A l N, . , H f-2. r ff,':1v1i'if'sF??"'Q 31. Y3 ' L r J Q f x?f" 1. 's-..'i ' -' .1 ,, , - Fi, 1 'ww' 1 f xr : Q3-iflq t V , f 1,4 ,..,. Y -t -ag If L 1 s .X 1 K A ' .-Y Q,-,ggi . .V .yt , y W . . Q .fm 131-1,-,,g . ,w A R a s N. A . Q'-e .-- fy N ' M , Q M - F-f'.iftf'1, , - "' ' . ,. ' uk 4' . ye 4" T Q . ' 3 N- - ,. . 'A Qiiiyf ,ng vxjmy A A V, 'x-.?"9'u'A Wt, ' KL 'V ,-: 5-v.. fi '3v1x55,-1' .. . L , S 'la N -. .. : :YF 'x ' , ixw.. , -. . gps., ,v w-..!,-- . . flf?f25 W-Q1 'ix , 'jf V fm 1 jx -N ,V F ff' . . " 131, 'QLQLPT fx A , ' , - .bi-Q ' 'J-5T""'f '35 F R. fad . ' 'V 1, , ,Q f ,XJ , .. A- .,., V , ' ., JJ? if " ' f A- '., .W 3 N fri , 1 1.r1:.,-lf, , N , 5, ' A 25, "V,-fi:-5 HfL,..L ,Vi 'TQ-f' ,,L ,. . - . . ' - ,-1l'..'1':f'3e'7'9'E, :,f,1fV-'31 ., - 4' gz?i1f2i'-ifsgwsg f 4 'f : ' w v .- I .wusw ' . - ' , ' f .f 'fir f,.'+-'OT jf ,-5,1 i- -3 1, QW- .,.,.,5'-, ' - 1 ' , . 1:1 .s 1 - - A. 4 ,Lx-fx., 'Q'1.,.-,-, Cf? ' , .1 x , ff ' N Nr: f. ' . -4 .. f. . ' fo:-',f', f ifzlf 14 ': ,QV ' 7 A E ' ' T 1-F k ' 6- ' :-' '.'5'f1f1L.+ "-195'-. '- 1 V M if ' -f 'tf':".,-1 xfa9Ff',' ZW 1- L ' W y , - ' -f I .1 u .sg f,.v'f-154'-531-',' I . v 11.5.3 . . 6, , ,K,Y,,E:, 'V .,. , L. ,KI 'J gf f 3. ' . gtfivil.-,,':'-'-f2555? . ' . x -:Q K' K. ' -"'i..f .1 " ' N 3 . 3- 7 ' T2 ga':5f'5?'f5ll'Ef.', . I ' Q . . . ff f ' ' f ' 'il' if? ' - , "- ' .JF " H f,uQ'..- - L J f I 'j - L ltwg.,-1fg,1, Q vm,,.fggQ'r"' 3' ' X if,-l'l1 ?Ag:3i:, . . Q. wig gy .P . "f'!Z"f5fff?lE1:Z3""A 4 gf, ,,5'..,fm'v':'iv5 ' ' . Q 'J 4-JI' . '-fi ' 5 r . Q 17-'--I?1'Ch+1459f5ii?-E'E5e2!.- i7H'i:."z"'!'1' A' ' 'TQ ' " '- ' - SY- ' ' " ., L s fm ' ' 2 ' uw . ,--V ,, , . ,v ,Wg . - gh... . . . ,q..,,.. V. 1-. 55, ,, fy Ai ,1 ,. wg'-1 -. , A ,. . -snr' 1',71'fQ,'.'l"':.T ::. W ' xr- ' fqlffq , V -nxgb fm. ff ,. :V v rf 'i3Uk I X3-2, .4 ,fum , Y J ,W 'UQ 'FQQQCQQV i 'Wg ' ' , ," X 'L"":fg'QF-5'?:'fa,-.?5 , 'V X , H iw., 'gy f I-r,"SVy31 -' '1 U "Ri .154 , 5"'C?F?m 'X ' 'fi XT Q, . 5,-Qga jam 1 uw 5,1 A .:,52,- - - k V . 'A 4- - A "'L x .,,...5i . .X ' -fi Nev ...W ,,,,v . I 2 5 E 3 i! 5 Fi 4 ii 3 I ,L ma li 3 5 5: if 5 E 5 E 3 EXCALIBUR A65 1, 93 6 A COMPILED BY CATHARINE KING, Editor in Chief RALPH SMITH, Business Manager Immwifmfai fw, voI.. XVIII Published by The Class of Nineteen' Hundred Thirty-Six Van Wert High School DEDICATIQN W We, the Senior Class of 1936, dedicate this the eighteenth volume of Excalibur to a person whom we all appreciate and re- spect. Her willingness to participate in school activities and her unfailing humor and patience have endeared her to all Van Wert High School students. Her person- ality has enriched the school for which she has worked so long and faithfully. By her praiseworthy qualities Miss Armstrong has Well deserved this small token of our esteem. l. lQ6lDQf3o "cxQQf0A 24 ,. l A ff Should gy it Acquoinlonce Q fl '59 ly , 5 Fovqoiiyi Lb , i 5 on Q ll Never shall this be true, we hope, as long as you are able to read and look at the pic- tures in this eighteenth volume of the Excalibur. VVe, the Seniors of 1936, wish to express our desire that, in the years to come, you may always find happiness in these pages. No one knows what his fate will be in the future, but whether your path in life will be easy or whether it will be rough- going, unlimited pleasure in recalling many memories of your happiest days spent in Van VVert High School will be recalled by looking through this book. D di he Van Wert l-ligh School Building, although twenty-live years old, still appears peautilul to its students and graduates. We are happy to l4novv that alter We have graduated there will always be a welcome ready when We come paclc to visit the school, where so many pleasant days were spent. M is sf we 'L LL L N ' L VL. M-3 J t L L L ,Q 4 ,um X , ,. .A - ,N Q 5 ' Q L. -- 1 K K Q V 5 K , . G .i , -- H fig, .s V . K V V ', Z-4.3 5. ' W . t . V ' 3: W ,wg ,gg RES- gi l . F A .' 1 y 'Z ', X t t ' . s ' L , , 'gs":Qf , ' i f psf ' 4. - ' S -n tliis building, tl'we Lincoln assemblies and baslcetball games. Commencement, Baccalaureate, D in tlie auditorium ol tlwis building. -1 ff . r 4- "4-L 35, Sclwool, We lwaye enjoyed many All important events suclw as rom, and tlie class iolays are lweld vs aqe S f""-wx" 'r -v ,lf : s:"" L O .99 - P -,u ,,bJ.":Q, T. ,,x V : Y A I , gin., maj. Y X45 . V, Lt . -v .N - . . f 1. I x F, Pt A 'li n .V I A sg". . :1dv..l"4 4 , .. F- ' 'far .5-wif f sq?- , K A . all . Jm'? . 'g.2rJ Qc! 1 W x . Q Q . 0" .fv- I qw ah 'gl ' 'fi' A R41 JN ' -. v ,M-Q, 4. w ,g,. Q3 GK " .,Q,. ' ALM' - ,tl -J' KV., .142 Wa it ' 'lf43f5'f af" : 1, WML . a f.:p 3 ' -- 'Wi' -3, A -xy A 'f?523fx3u .vt - 4: , ,Rx -'Q -:FT - A jpg. . .. . Hi, Avg" 'f'. ,W , VN, G -' -w ' W zsgf-fb v . . I' o Q , O 5,1 f f r vi f M-QV, h A, 5"fQ 1 . JLQ:g,.x f'- E . -.sw .d 4 N, ' -. .url ' ' ri sl ,A -QA, D .4 -' A1 ,, , 42 ...Q I ""fif,-.ibn - ' W ' ' ' F T' - v ' . V If mf." 'f x , 'f i A f?i.',a ,, f Q " ,gi ,rf JN wx- V , vw 1 ,L .rx w " "f 1' Ama . - W - , 'A-f"',. A' A W H, ,:.U m ' ff'-Q'zvv ,w:..gx-, ,r -Y ik" .QA.:j,',r- R 4 nfl Q.. ',f+ iv ' ' ' 5-' 22:3 . , ' .' ' ri' ,-.,1'-ray' n fr- "' ' 1' ii- ,qffffl rw 4' " ,zlW,,.gLA 1- .V A V V an 'ui , , I "'ag,'f-X. 51 x. z. I R. ' ,-1-M-.Q f I - , Q A,,wg1.4 .r j, ' . Kira- 2 3 1 ' L- Tix! Q fl . vm., SAY. f ff .M:,Mw:,T' Q .Wk-Wi.'.. . . , , . L. M . S' fm. ut' -,g . " 'A J- , 91 ' fo?35c'?'t3Ql4 1 ea - .':'J. 1 'lEi?'fL'?:'? " ' lg " K "'f'-' , . Q ' ,. bf -A X Lg-me ' Kgftg-Affx 1 +1-5 - . , , . - 35 5' Q .' ' , ' I A 1521- -'wg - 7" A 7 'Y-1 - 'J Q X- . 2-..E 'A ' . Q 4' 5 ',l.3L 4. Y ,k,,f' ' -, ' '12, 'h .1 N .-- "" . 6 , M ' H i V Q J .N M , 1 F , - Lgwgm.. A Qh 9 W i. 5154 Qyfi Q1 ., y - gg .ig - . M. ' K . ' . Agp' 5' E1 , YP--F' . - . .4 AP' X3 M if M ' 1 . " N- Q' i x wx A gg' 1 - M 2. .. , P"'.1. NRM Vx., . Q . rf. 4 if ,'-ff. - K gg' s- iw M -. W X K . . ma., .. .2 -, . . . ., , , Q , ..... -... M , . K . I My IA A , w i . , .., , r , I -4-... -Q 7 J .SA qx Ni. W - . he V. 1 ,,. JF, +A K :Q Y .. Q" A - -ff?-r'Y:v,g.A -vm ,aww .WW A rv' Q .7 -x S' ,gr Y ' .+R , -' , ' 5if1','4 W ' M -W ' jak i K A' t " R ' . 4 1- NZ., 'Q f Q .. f .. .K M so 4 1.4,-' 01? .LO , Q 4 . G W LK , 332-Kr 1 ' . 'lg 42,4 1 ' s J . 35 4 2 x., 0 lu . "-1 o . -f K 1' . ' . N n . , , . . lv ,K Q .:- - -, f - Q' v Q Q12 -.'- Q - '-9,-A 37--. fy ' 8' x .QQ gil K ' N Q -.Q 5 . .' - N' ' W ' '1 . .f - 1.,- a . A' I .iv , -. , ei 5 , ,Q 2 A ' ffm- - 'W '45' -- i 55 1, K -F-'Vw ' , ,b 'S ., F 4 K ,K g- I, A- M, ff- -Q , J K, K gs - L' , ., 'Kg H , 5 I 7 K - - - -: 4 Q if -' ' ,K - fi E K L. K .. 1- v , f L ' , 5 ' Q'-QQ 1.1 fi, " 4 f 1 3 1 K f f - pf 1K ' A K - v , x ' I Q, 51,14 .gl xo- , ig, ' x f 1 . . - '- yy -1, '35 Z Dlafhf.-5 -wwf-" "A---X, E K 9 Q 4 xt f , K,K,,QZ.-1, ,K SK , -7 I A ' ,. , .,f X f m gf , 1 ""'-.1 P ' H f ' Nu L4 ,Lf A: 'Z K ' :ggi - 'x Jq R14 -- . . ! 2 ,Q VL. K5 ,xy , - K' Q' nf, gi .K ,.,K 5 K. K 1,75 I R K ,XV , Q. Q' ii , i , , :Wm lk K ,I UQ. ' gf' -.., X -, . f , "1 Y. , . , -Kr-5. , .-A. TQ. J- .. - . rr- .91 ,- , ,, . in V . bl? R 8 K 54 lr ,JY K, L Af - X' . r-K , 1 . A . f gf 1 xr - , Q 4K -f ,Ky X ' . -K'- K. .1 gffk 1' , K ' "' arp Zigi! K, . ,sift 'U' A K' W' , .,,' "Q" K P -,V 'Q ,Z 3 Q 'Q' -cw. --m f g , K , - .QL -- x M K ln, 2 X 1 ff' - fl. -- fa" ' x ui' r ' xx .x 5 k 3 in :I 'H ' , f , - yi ' ' fu:':t'?'-3, "I ' 'W ,sf -'wi sk I . K-'iff'-ig., ' my ' - '.'qg4 , s . K A .-.fK.f X-' - K ,H+- -' 3 A 1, 4,1 - -. ..., Q .55 ij., 1 - .. ,. - ' 'f - - ' 4, fx' al xv g 1 4 K H -- f 2, t Y ' 6 f-4: r 6-5 Q - - N .' , 1 P Q , K , 5 ., -5, 6' K ., 2 8 A X -x ' ' -5 '- 5, K ig 1 : Z Qi: I . 54 Q 25,3 v . L1 , 3. f- 4 .J - 5,1 , -. 531- :,a A ' -- -1 - Q-.f1"fw" ,mmf , 1 , ,,,,.Ag,,v,. A . , ,f 3 .ual ,,,r,-3 X M ., '- 'L --.K v 1.' , yy:- xv f- ,4-r V' ,- fav -N -X' , ' -151 wif. DX Q K. ff- . Ny, Q Q 4, U ' 1 'V mf . 'Y 4 Q f -gi' " f.?I , QQ I f"Y ,,' 2. A " gf X - :F v . ,ZgAd!.s3.::vx3k,wg ,I 'sk' K ,a s X yd .I A Jm1u.'L 'K ' 'kffiff' xg' s Viv J f , ' J Q, 5 f if K +: H, ',,QK, K g K W, Q, Q .. K. Sus-y -Ngwfii 3 ff- Q N K ,law 11 K M 4 nf -- . Q x K In wid? --figw--gi Q W gm .f"'f:-iw 5 X K' X Q X Q 9 H' 5 if-nv H505 Q kwa? 'I X 1 . A . H+- -W' 9 we 4 Q-, W MSA-siK,Q' Qsvfft-i.. - f'X:,yXT',.,-wf'Fr'1iv-i Sf 'www-E --f sw- .Q 11- -1 ,Q f J., .fx . -- ' - x A ,nf .K K K if LK Q , K .KK - . -2- 'K. YK, ' - - - f-Q N 'sm -5 - X ni K - -. xp 4' . ,. z fs -1 4 ,K fi . wil xl 'RY it W n f , W.. Q ff f' "'iM1+' rw-4-Vw . ml ,- k,,.,w.fq.f-Xfm W bm " iw'-A Q Q 131.0 gg. .W W . , W! 5: , le, J' ' 7' ' 3 ' W ,,f....,,. .., . NN. Q.. i gy' B47 gg , il ' f ,ww-ww' A , V W "' K - K 'K ff-7 K N X W9 g .,.-A,,,,.MQff-,.f,',,,Q.V,. f , A 5 , Y...-f 5 3 A . W .,,.. ,.,..M.,A, , .4 w .- K 4. ' Z BR MBA LIBRAR , ...M 1 . Q w ur A - w-V--',-rv wwNqwfMwwfr::m.m:nur.w+.v-Munn- an.-mmmx f ,M ,- - -11.61 :As-f-.,:fm+.v www-vw -.-ul-mmm QQ W ---::-:lg1--een--rr-1:mww.m.um1m-.unix-u':wu.:w.::.,,A-anmmamw-.bmmmffu ::.a..f..fg.m.QWmmf,,mam.-eaxwzJ, 1.-Ku. Qwauvmqvfqvnfman-can-.-wi-1-:mamma-1-rwwww,-m.w-11:-.nn-A-2-1 11 1- 1 mm -vf-.-.Y-.-,QQ Q wg My , , Q 5 A E .Yu uw. .h..,.-MMM.: .-mvm,-m.x,,,.. ,.,.,4.wfnwfm-mu x H., 1 ww usawhwnf me-mannunuuwuu EXCALIBUR 1936 l The Corporatiorfs Directors JOSICPII 01 .nmunso f'lf'r'k-T'rf'11.v1u'e1' This is Mr. Olberding's third year on the Sehool Board. He is connected with the Van Yvert Motor Supply Co. E.B.K1NG Pr1'si11f'nf , Mr. King has served on the School Board for one year. He owns and Op- erates King's Groeery. U. E. Ihicxiaic Mr. lliener has been Superintendent of the Van YVert Public Sehools for eight years. ska Jonx H. IQARR This is Mr. Karr's first year on the Board. He is the President of the Van YVert Business College. IIOLMES S'1'ooPs IYiCf'-l,I'l'8idf'Ilt Mr. Stoops has been a member of the Board for one year. He is associated with his father in the Stoo is l'.14-kilw 2' Company. Ielixiuu' Bowlms This is the first year that Mr. Bowers has served on the Board. He owns and operates the Bowers Drug Company. EXCALIBUR 1936 Farewell, Seniors ! Undoubtedly when you entered High School. graduation seemed afar otfg but now we are saying farewell and for many of you this hour has arrived too soon. Farewell is a painful word if we mean good-hye forever. Yve are not saying good- bye: we are wishing you well and are ex- tending to you our highest hopes for a prosperous future. Really, you are gfililllfltillgl at a very opportune time. New and greater possaihili- ties are daily heing presented. You should be adequately prepared to meet tomorrow! prehhns. VR' expeet this class to do great things. Go forth, then. in a eouragreons spirit to meet the challenge of your dav and may lift-'S richest hlessing he yours. U. IC. I311cN1-zu, Sup1'rinhfnflf-nf. I ..I I I I Seniors, I assure you that it has been 1 pleasure to have heen with you during: the latter part of your journey through Yan XVI-rt High School. I eongrzitulate you as individuals and as a elass. Ili ehzirting your way through life, I trust that eaeh one will follow the four guide- posts which are well summed up in Howard Walters Creed: would he true. for there are those who trust meg would he pure, for there are those - who eareg would he strong. for there is to sutferg mueh would be brave, for there is much to daref' C. P. Bownuz, Principal. L Who's Who andr- ,M 4990. 7 A EXCALIBUR 1936 iii, E'1'Hi:1. Alulswuoxo llnglish, Mathematics Ln.1.1AN BENSON lflnglish, Social Scicnce Home Plcononiics 1lRA1,1'H Bo1,1.1aN1sAcH1cR Commercial ff VKAL11 H G'A1.I.APOO Social Science IJOROTHY c:AN'1' English, Social Science BIARJORIE QQAUVEY English, French HiXRliIE'1' G1,EAsoN English, Physical Education fRAcE HAI.I. English J. H. JoNEs fx -S A Music . A , ' 2' A- 'lv '- 1 . G. ILxT'r14:RHE1NR1cH Commercial X1 EXCALIBUR 1936 Nl' - What They Teach . ol" U. A. K1,EN1m'oR'rH Physical Education, Mathematics H. XV. LEHMNG Vocational lfQ4ll.ENN L1v1Nos'1'oN Social Science, Science lnouon C.. Mixsox ic Q ' atics s , ' - E1.1zA1xE'1'H IJRIDDY Latin, Home Economics LYKP. Rixucu Commercial ' I. B. SP1i:'1'u Scicncc A 1.11+:N1: '1'1f11nzY Secretary to Mr. lliener Do1:o'1'HY XVEST 1'lllgllSll, Pnlmlic Spoakillg JI.14:oNA1m XVo1.r' Music EXCALIBUR 1936 We've Come Far 1 ,,. In the early part of September in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and thirty-two, there came to Van Wert High School from the four corners of the city, a group of bashful and bewildered freshmen. Boys and girls alike wandered about the corridors for days hunting their classrooms and living under the nerve-racking fear of "initiations" inspired by the gruesome stories and threats of the upperclassmen. It was a bold, bold freslunan who ventured forth those first few weeks after nine o'cloek in the evening. Some idea of the inexperience of those small mortals may be gained from the fact that they actually ran when Mr. l,ehning's big voice boomed "Hurry! Hurry !'l through the early morning corridors, As the year wore on the freshmen became bolder and since the expected fatalities from initiations failed to develop, an occasional freshman was seen to timidly appear at a mixer. Came the fall of '33 and in a like manner came the Sophomore Class, a one hundred per cent representation of the former freshmen. But lo! there was a change. No longer did they search blankly for their rooms and no longer did they run like scared sheep at Mr. I.ehning's clarion call. They had experience and an air of confidence that awed the freshmen who were haunted as never before by the tales and threats of "initiation" inspired chiefly by the Sophomores. During the year they were well represented in the various school activities. At the beginning of the Junior-Senior year Alva Brown, the Freshlnan-Sophomore presi- dent, was replaced by Dave Heydinger who soon moved to Bellefontaine leaving the task to George Marsh to carry on during the Junior and Senior years. On April 5, 1935, a play "The Little Clown" was presented by the Junior Class that estab- lished a new high in such plays. The leading roles were taken by Helen Stuck and Bob King. In the fall of '35 the class came back to finish in a blaze of glory, Kay Edwards was elected president of Y-Hi and Dick Dippery, president of Hi-Y. Both organizations presented splendid programs during the year. The High School paper, enlarged and improved, was renamed the Scarlet Quill, and had a very successful year under Robert Comer's guidance. The Senior Class play 'Hammer Gurton's Needle" was a tremendous success played before a packed house. The Seniors were represented at the Prom of '36. Finally the Senior Class of '36 presents an Excalibur heretofore unequaled due to the cooperation of Catherine King and her loyal staf. GEORGE Mmzsn, 36 EXCALIBUR 1936 We Came We Saw We Conquered Luvlsl-: ix'l'llAiHfi0ll1lf'D Blond hair, lnluv wgnx mul a laughing xmilf. Fur lhul xonw paoplv wnulrl walk rr milw. G.A.A,, Prom Connniltcv, lntcrclelss Bas- ketball 4, Junior Class Play Cmnmittev. Roni-:wr ATKINS-nIf0lf, Hal: is ll lafl lmlh IIIIIIIINIIIIII' unrl lull, For him and his voirv' many girls do fall. Band l, 2, 4-, Orchestra 1, 2, Dance Orches- tra, Chorus 1, 2, 3, fl-, Football 1, 2, "Chon- it " il. PAUL ATKINSON .AQOBERT BAII.l'IY-u1l,0lI,, .Vol zwfrg .-rmall, no! zwrg lull, But his favorilv sport is lm.-rkvllrrlll. Ili-Y, Intvrclass Baskvtlmll 1, 2, 3, 4. I,1,oYu BARSIIN--rK1,lIC,, Through high srlmol in fhrcw grfars ha has gone with ai lmng, Lozully fha lmll.-r of high .-rr-lmlarxhip rang. Hi-Y, Scarlet Quill Staff, National Honor Sovicty, "Mother Curl-y's ClllCk0llS,N Vice' President of Soph. Class, Surh n quicl ffllozc' ix Paul .Aix hp gow xilrfntlg flown thr' hall. Jai ' 9 if ' ,XD 5 EXCALIBUR 1936 IIUCILLE BAUER-"Lucy,' Quiet but happy is this las.-r, And she has always a smile when you pass. G. A. A., Excalibur Staff, Interclass Basket- ball 2, 3. AIILDRED BAXTER-"Mid', Always a smile and sometimes a yiyyle, Out of nothing will 911:11 try to wiyyle. Hi-Spots StaH, Chorus l, 2, "Gypsy Rover", Y-Hi, G. A. A., Basketball 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM BEAM-"Bill, Billy isn't what youlll fall a handsome boy But, oh, yee! His happy smile is such a joy. Prom Committee. EDITH BEBOUT-uladdifu Pretty, shy, has hair of brown Never does work "yet her rlownf' Y-Hi, "Gammer Gurton's Needle." KATHERINE BLACK-"Sh0rty'HA G1J',:,'S-EU" She is gentle, she is shy, But there's always mischief in her eye. Y-Hi, Y-Hi Secretary, G.A.A., G,A.A. Presi- dent, Ring and Pin Comimttee, Band 1, 2, ln- terclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, "Little Clown", Junior Class Play Committee, Cheer Leader 2. HELEN BoLLENBAcHI:R Little, petite! Thatis the word for this lass In spite of her stature she heads the class. Y-Hi, Y-Hi Treasurer, National Honor So- ciety President, Invitation Committee, Prom Comimttee, Chorus 3, "Little Clown", "Gam- mer Gurton's Needle". RICHARD BOWERS-r'DiClf,, Where there's a woman yo1l're sure to find Dick, Ask him, he knows every trick. Hi-Y, Prom Committee, Excalibur Staif, Chorus 4-, Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, "Little Clown", "Governor's Daughter", Junior Class A Play Committee. ALVA BRowN-"Reno" lt seems no yirl his heart has struck So come all and try your lurk. Football 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Student Coun- cil 1, 2, Class President 1, 2. IJEVVITT BROWN-"rSUSi8,, Liyht, curly hair and eyes of blue Helen thought Dewitt would certainly be trite, Hi-4Y, National Honor Society, Ring and Pin Committee, Invitation Committee, Prom Com- mittee, Excalibur Stud, Student Council "Gammer Gurton's Needle", Junior Class Play Committee, Vice-President of Senior Class. 1 It0BERT BROWN-"Bob" I Tall, dark and full of fun ' lVhen you want a friend he's on the run. :MARY IJITTO EXCALIBUR 1936 l,r:s'r1-zu IZURNETT-"Les" llc .wwfrnx lo lw forrrvr 1lr1'nn1-ing Wa 'wolulrr if lu"x glad lu"x ll'll'l'lIl!1. Prom f'UlIIllllttC'K'. lli':uN1c1-1 BUSCII'--uIfl'f',, To lwr I'1'l'f-lllllljlljl is juxl ll .vong Hu! vvitlzouf .1 lm lifc zvoulrl lm all wrong. ltolmwr CoM1-in-"Bolf' liolfx llm l'IlI:f1H'-lil-!'lIlPf of flu' Scnrlwl Quill IIw'x lrounrl lo niakn good of hi.-r own frcc will. Ili-Y, Prom UUlllllllttPO?, Scurlct Quill Stuff, lntcrcluss llaskctlmll 3, -L, Studcnt Council 2, 3,-l-, Latin Club. ll EuN lcl-: CoUNsEI,I,Icu-"l3f'r"' "lVhaf morr' do I want out of liff'."' .-:lm nxlrx, "l'm gvlliug In .wclmol on linu' ul luxf."' Chorus I, 2, 3, -l-, "Govcrnor's I,illlglItl'I',u "Cl1onitu", "Gypsy Rover". llovr Cll'S'I'lCR l"oolloo.s'1' null fancy frrc .v1'm11.v In lu' his xong, Ilr'cuu.w' lu".-r morr than lmppg all Ihr' dug lung. lli-Y, lntcrcluss liuskctlmll l, 2, ii, -L. Gr:uA1.1nNi: lil-:AL-f'.l1'rrg" Ilrzppg-go-luclrg in czvfrg ZCVI.l1 .lm-1 .s-f-ullcrs xunxhim' ull ilu' flag, Y-lli, G.A.A., G.A.A. Cabinet 2, 3, Excalibur Stuff, Intcrcluss liaskctbull 1, 2, 3, -l-, Junior Class Play Connnittee. l'llNl.l-XY DivxuNsoN-"I"inm'g" Iluanv "l"inmfgU knrrzc' tlwre is 11 rule? ll4".-r ilu' famou.-r lwclrlrfr of our school. lli-Y, l"ootb:1ll 1, 2, 3, AL, V Club 3, AL, Secre- tary of Ili-Y. H ic 1, ICN Ihr-:Nun-"A-1ur1rcg" S1111 lugs lwr fll!lI'7'S upon flu? lwgs, Tlufn lwar fhoxrl glrul, gag nwloalivx. Y-lli, Y-lli Vice-Presidmmt, G,A,A., G.A.A. Cabinet 3, 4-. National Honor Society Scarc- tzury, Invitation Connnittcc, Student Council 3, "Littlc Clown", "Govt-rnor's Dzluglltc-r", "Clionit:1", "Gznlnncr Gurton's Needle", Chorus l, 2, 3, 4-, Prom C0llllIllttf'E', lli-Spots Stuff, Excalibur Stuff. ltlc ll Ann lhvvmn'-"IJick,' Ili!-lt".-r rr 'worlrvr in Ili- Y llc' n11'1'r'r lhlnlfs of 'Qiuxl gvfling lug". lli-Y Prcsidcnt, National Honor Socicty, Prom Connnittcc, Scurlct Quill Staff, lntcr- class lluskctlmll 3, Student Council 4-, "Little Clown", Latin Club. .-I nmirlrfrz xlw ix, xo gvnllrl unrl xwrwf Who nlzcwagx thinks while alherx .vpwrln EXCALIBUR 1936 lIlLIIlS IJIYCAT-'HIJIIICPU .fllfllllllfjjll his Polo ix :always "nay" .lnnolw holds his lwurl full sway. Orvhestra 1. Minn' CATHERINE lrlnwmfms-"Kay" No xpafrial frfllrrzv has hor lworf IVF lhlnk hwr flufory lx riyhl xmurf. Y-lli, Y-Hi Prvsiclent, G.A.A., National llonor Socivty, Prom Conunittcv, lli-Spots Staff, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4-, "Little Clown", "Gauuner filll't0ll'S Noodle," l'in1.r:Ni-1 l'iMANs--"ICrni1"' Prvlly and su'rfr'l hux u voirwf like a lark Nh1"x won o 'warm xpof in many ll lwrlrt. Y-lli, G.A.A., National Honor Society, llflilll Couunittc-c-, Hi-Spots Staff, Exvali- hur Staff, Chorus, lute-rclass Basketball I, 2, 3, -L, "Little Clown", "Gov0rnor's Daughter", "Chonita", "Gypsy Rover". MARVEL l"Ac'KI.I-:iz True us u liwrllw to flu' polo Nlufll prolmlrly ploy flu' lll7ll.X'I"ZAl'lfI' rollf. Yi-Hi, Svarlrt Quill Staff, lli-Spots StaH, Band l, 2, 3, -L, Orchestra 2, Junior Class Play Committc-0. RONALD l"I,EMINo-"Rf'rl" .limi !llI0lhl'T boy fryiny lo yr! olworl Who! H1llffl'T.N' ll if his hair is roll! Orrin-stra, Intvrclass liaskc-thall 3, 4. BONNA JEANNE l"oo'x'E-"Honnivl' Allhouyh xlmlv quirlt, NIHCN sinrrfrff, l'Vlmn flwrvfs work, xlm'.s- always nwlr. Y-Hi, Prom Committee, Hi-Spots Staff, Excalibur Staff, Chorus 1, 2, Junior Class Play Couuuittve, "Gypsy Rover", "Paul licvcrvu. BIARGARET F0W'LER1Hl,I'f1,, WWII wzixs your f"L'1'rla.s'liny smile Your always clmrfrful 'way W0 know llm man will happy lm Who mnkvs you his, xornwloy. Y-Hi, G.A.A., Prom Committee-, Excalibur Staif, Chorus l,2, Junior Class Play Com- mittee, "Gypsy Rover", "Paul ltevc-rv", Latin Club. YVILLIAM l"RAYL1c'Kf"l1'ill" Lifffs 14 jrfsf and all lhinyx 3111170 il, I ihouyhl .vo onrf unrl now I know il. lli-Y, Chorus 2, 3, 4, lntcrclass Baskc-thall 1, 2, 3, "Little Clown." PATRICIA GOWANS-"Pai" .lo.vephin1' l'ufrir'ia fI07C'IlIlS is quill' ll nomo, But will: lwr looks slufll 'win hrfr frnnff. Y-Hi, Chorus 2, 4-, Junior Class Play Com- mittee, Cheerleader 2, "Paul Revs-re." KA'FI'IEItlNPT GREEN-"I,Pf!',, lVo know hpr by lzvr niclfnmrw "l'0t1"', Anrl lwr happy grin is hard to Iwat, G.A.A., G-.A.A. Cabinet -L, lnterclass Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4-. EVA CSRIIBLER Down lwnrlrffl mul broken ix mf'L'r'r hm' pliyhl, For .vlnfx always a-xinyiny from morn lo niyhf. Chorus 2, 3, -L, "Govt-rnor's DZll1g'llil'l"', "Chou- ita", "Paul Rvvvrcf' JouN CPIYNN--HIIIWI Gunnv John is omf of our 'vary yoorl .w'lmlurs 1111 iolfrlx Ihr' 1IS8i!1lIml'll'.V unrl llI"l'I'I' l1ollr'r.w Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Prom Coun- luittvv, Scarlet Quill Staff, Latin Club, .losEl'ulNE HALL-"Jo" .lo ix l'I'flll.1j a lowly lass Bill won lwr hwlrt, I fl'llI'.S'N, nl luxl. Y-Hi, G.A.A., lntvrclass Basketball l ,2, J, 4-. BIAXINE HAr.vEnsoN-"I"renchiff' .-I yirl lo lrriyllffn up Ihr' 'way .Vol ton .-rolr'mn, not too yay. Y-Hi, National Honor Society, Excalibur Staff, Band 4. Bl-:uYL HAlilJEN1"Igif1d.I1,, Quint anal prrffy, 'ww lilrl' lwr Il lol, Fpou flu' rloxx rafrorfl .-rhe's a 'briyht Sllilllllfl spol. Y-Hi, G.A.A,, National Honor Society, Hi- Spots StaH, Basketball 1-, Student Council '3, I- .losm-ll I'IAMM0ND-HJOCH I'opfuiu of our fooflulll Imam 'wax luf, On! On for cllnnzpionslzip and z'ir'lory. ,Xlosm-11 HAuMoN-"Joe" .lov is surh 11 quizff lmy, 'wr' III"UI'I' klzou' lm's lwrr' Iiul if w1"rl rfzvfr lH'1'll hrllp, hzfcl lw tlwrv, no fmr. Kimi, HIRN Karl jus! Pllllll' lwra' lhis yvur liul zw"ll wry fhi.-r, "lVl',7'l4 ylml hf'.v I1l'I'I'.U IQICHARD HQJLMFIS-r'1elClI,, Quilv' Il hif 'with fhrf yirlw i.v lm, Wllom flows he rhoosw? We .s-lmll sw. Football 4-, Basketball 3, 4, V Club 3, -1-. BILL I-Iou'roN-"Frosty" Shy and lmxlzful ix his llllllll' lVifh lmxlrldllull for hix rurlv. Football, basketball, V Club, Interclass Bas- ketball l. EXCALIBUR EXCALIBUR 1936 f JOHN HUEENER-"Jack" W'h0n Jnrk plays on his snmoplzono WV' know it was marie for him alorw, Hi-Y, Prom Committee, Excalibur Staff, Band 1, 2, 3, 4-, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Play Committee. AIAXINE HUMERIf'KHCJIYS-'fMiCl6ll',, Mizvlfirf.-r Il lrlonrl, you lmozc her 'wfll Her .srfervl passion slw will noi toll. Y-Hi, Prom Committee, Excalibur Staff, Chorus l, 2, 3, 41, "Little Clown", "Gammer Gurton's Needle", 'Gypsy Rover". RONALD HUNTER Ilrmflimps must rnmn nolhiny In him lVhafr:z1m' lm wnnls, he .-mffm.inyIy wins. Hi-Y, Prom Connnittee. IflAMEs IREToNf"Jimmif"' With his lifflrf "flllI"l'Wl4U hw nmlfrfs u hit Shows all the girls that h1"s yo! il. Hi-Y, Prom Committee, lland 1, Basketball, .lunior Class Play Committee. CATHERINE .lEROMPI-ftKHf'1f,, So quiet unrl pleasant we all nyrva Sfl7III'1i!l.I1 tl, yrmzfl nursv she will lm. Y-Hi, Chorus 2, 3, -l-, "Governor's Daughter", "Chonita." DoN JEROME V The very host sport this srhool wzwfr lfmew We wish him swurnls.-r his 'LLYIIUII' life tlirouglz. Football 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, ll, Interelass Basketball l, V Club 3, ,lg Invitation Com- mittee. FAYE KEITH lfayre is quirfi and 'very slzy With a .-rwzwt smile and ri l'1S1'i7lh'lili1l eye. Y-Hi, Chorus 2. CATHARINE KING-"Katy" Kaly rmrl llriorgrf 1lon'f fare so 'well Whrifs the nrnrt mo'1'f' only Grforyv ran fwll. Y-Hi, Y-Hi Cabinet, Secretary National Honor Society, Prom Committee, Excalibur Staff, Band 1, 2, 3, -l-, G.A.A., "Little Clown." ROBERT KING-"fI30lJ,, Robert is good in ull of his 'work We know thaf his flutirfs he n1"Lv'r will shirlf. Hi-Y, Prom Committee, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-, Interelass Basketball 3, 41, "Little Clown", "Governors Daughter", "Gammer Gurton's Needle." ELMER KLAUSING Elm-or 'wants a farm wilh lots of r-ows and z'l1ir'kens X Anrl if he :wer gels if, hffll 'lm happy ns ihrf "lll:l'h'!'I'l.N'H, EIXCALIBUR 1936 AIILDRED KLEIN-"Mid" For 7ll1'lI may vnnw mul mm: may yo, lful' I yo on furmvlr. , . . - 1 . 1 1 X -Ill, H-lll lulnnct 2, h,A.A., Cl.A.A. Cabinet 2. Ring and Pin Committee, Prom Committee, Scarlet Quill Staff, llaskvtlmll l, 2, -S, -ll. Mun' I". KNOLL-"M. F." .lf'Ii1'1' in .w'l:onl 'zvorlf and also oulxirlrf, IV1' lllinlr sluf will lm, for Krfnny, ll lnrialv. Y-Ili. Y-Ili Czllvinvt 1, 2, 3, G.A.,-X., G.A.A. Cabinet 2, 3, AL, National llonnr Socially, Prom C0llllIllttl'f', Ili-Spots Staff, Excali- bur Stuff, Band l, 2, 25, ll-, Illtl'I'K'lZlHS Bus- kvtlmll l 2, 3. 4. Junior Cluss Play Com- lIlltti'l'. RUTH KNOI,I, You may .vw lmr in flu' lmll, You may .-we hwr on Ilw xfrrvt, But 'wlml l',l'l' flu' raw, you swf, Slufx busy ax 11 lwv. Bum! l, 2. SX, AL. lh'l'l1t'Stl'Zl 3, At, "Rm-cl und llis Chrishnzig VVlioppc-rs", ALlc'1-: Kowrs .llirv lilrlfs youll fim4'.v uml lifr' will lm sunny If xhr' finds ll man will: llI'1lIl.N' of nmnrfy. Y-lli, G.A.A., Chorus 1, Intvrcluss Bas- ketluull l, 2, 3, -L "Paul Revs-rv". Luo Knmsc-mm .lly ronrlrwl in .vrlmul ix flu' ll'IIl'lH'l'N rlwliylll, I .vlwfp all rlny so l van play all niyhl. Ili-Y, Scurlvt Quill Stuff, Chorus 2, "Paul Hl'Vl'l'P.u LUN' E L L LAM B ERT Luzvrfll of r-oursv has u minrl of liix own Ifuf lm ulzvay.-r w.1'prwxxvx il in u sufl, low Iunv, Band, Chorus, "Gzunlm'r Gurton's N4-wllvf' KA'l'IlllY'N JANE l,AIilw:+"Kaly .lnm"' lfuly unfl Jllllllllllf, llwy xurr' mul-'1' Il pair, Wlwrv zfwr you swf Kuly, .lulmniffs .-rurw In br' llwrff. Y-Ili, Y-Ili Culminvt 4, National Honor So- ciety, Prom Connnittcv, Ili-Spots Staff, Excalibur Stuff, Chorus 2, 3, Al, "Governor's I72l,llg'lltl'f'N, "Cl1onitu", Junior Class Play Conunittuv. CZERALD I,1f:I'rnR Ilrrulrl is wry rrf.-:zfrwrl unrl shy Illlf flwrrf'.w always ra lwinlrlrf in his vyw. IXLISEIVI' IAIPPI Will: IIIZN Iluliun 'ways mul .-runny xmilv, III' 'wins hw' lwrrrl in ll lillla 'zvliilvn Ronmvr l.on-"Holi" llix Inf.-fl yirl friwnrl ww ull prwxunw lx llml young lm-.vi4', lflu Srllumm. Urvlwstrn l, 2, 3, 4-, Dance Urclu-siren. EXCALIBUR 1936 KENNETH I.oUTH-J'Ke11ny', Ile has rurly hair anrl twinkling eyes With these he's sure to fly quite high. Ili-Y, Iuterclass Basketball l, 2, 3. fiARL IXIOCABE .llc-Calw is a fellow of e.rr'ellent pith, llis latest girl is one namefl "Smilh". lntcrclass Basketball l, 2, 3, 4-. Annum' Mc-Coy-"Alle" Iierllicr' seems Io have his heart GEORGE NIARSH-K6GF0TglP Porgiei' Georgie, Porgie, Puddin' 'an' pie, Kissefl the girls and made them cry. It wasnft the kisses that made them sore They cried because they wanted more. Hi-Y, Vice-President of National Honor Society, Ring and Pin Committee, Invita- tion Committee, Prom Committee, Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 4, Basketball 3, 4-, Student Council 2, 3, 4-, "Little Clown", Junior Class Play Committee, Latin Club, Junior and Senior Class President, .loHN RIARSHALL For having a girl in the country and a stulrlnorn lock of hair John11y's the most patient fellow we Keep il up, .-llze, lhat's a right good lfyww anywllm-0, slart, Prom Committee, Orchestra l ,2, 3, Inter- class liaskethall 2, 3, 4-. R,AY M oNn Mc-N 1-iw-"Raym" Raymoml's hair is real as flame So surely he will win. his fame. Prom Committee, lntcrclass Basketball l, 2, 3. BE'r'rY NIACKIN Always helping, always gay, Making the liest of every clay. Y-Hi, U.A.A., Chorus 2, ZS, -I-, luterclass Basketball l, 2, 4, "Chonita." .l UN1011 BIARTZ All great men are dead or dying, I 1lon't feel so well myself! Scarlet Quill Staff. IDONALD lhrIAY?"D07L,, To he an army ofirfer seems to he his ambition With this attitude he will win a position. Hi-Y, Band 1, 2, 3, 4-, Orchestra 2, 3, 41, Dance Orchestra, Chorus 2, 3, Interclass Basketball 1, "Chonita." I,Av0N BIXLHEIM A little bashful, a trifle shy, Hut always smiling, we 'wonder why. Y-Hi, Excalibur StaH, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, "Chonita", "Gauuner Gurton's Needle." EXCALIBUR 1936 IJAVID xllLI.l'lll+HIIllSfl!',, .ln imilafor of follrx I'I'ln'lI01E.'lI For 7c'i.w' f'ru1'lf.v and jol-'ws hf"s lhrf lallr of Ihr' lawn. lli-Y, Prom Committee, Scarlet Quill StaH', Chorus l, 2, Football 2, 3, -1-, Student Coun- vil l. V. Club 4-, "Ga1n1ner Gurton's Needle". Lois BIILLER Luis is so 'wry .-:wwf Wr"r0 .'Hll'l' fill' 'world is al hrfr f1'f'l. Y-lli, Prom Connnittce, Orchestra 3, .lAL'NET'r1 NORTON llfllllfjl, prffifrf nnrl .vuvwf is shz' ll'ilh rm .-:wifi xmilr for ull slw nwrflx, v . w X -Ill, Chorus 2. .ll-zum: f,I.SON "SfIIlll'l'l'l'Ilu is fha' Ill!'kIIlIHll' 'lil'-If gazvf In .llvrllf lful hafll .vlmw lhrfm .WllIN'flll.lj lay lIllll'l'-Ljllljf ll girl. lli-Y. Lois RI"l'lI PAnKm1 Shiny rwrl filzyfrlrnuils, lnrozvn curly hair, Whvn .vhrf yds lhrougl: priminy, .-rh1"Il Im Ilwrrf. G.,-LA., Chorus 1, 2, lntcrclass Basketball ll, 2, 3, Al-, Junior Class Play C0lIlllllttl'l'. I.Es'rEn PATTERSON-uI4I'8,, W0 YEVIIIIIFI' who 'wmllrl lmwf his hmrf If hw with .-llirw should :fwfr purl. Prom C0lllllllttE'f', Football 2, 3, liaskvtball 2, 3, l,l'k'SidC'llt Student Council, V Club 3, ll-, Int:-rclass Basketball -I-, VIRGINIA l'l4:RR1NE-"Gim1.y" .I friendly way, I1 winning smile .llalrcs lhis girl quiiu 'worth your while. Y-Ili, G.A.A., Prom Committee, Chorus 1, 2, Junior Class Play Conunittf-e, "Gypsy Rover". xVALLAl'E P1-:'rl-:us-"FVall'y" Til-flllillqll frwl und a xmilr' fh1ll'.v jolly Pu! flwm. fuyvflmr and 'wr' hr1'l'11 Wally. "Little Clown", Junior Class Play vlllllllllttvh KFTNNPITII Plf'LlTM'-HIff"717Iyu Full of youll humor mul wil, nn! nzwflf .-I IIIIHIHS' man and lhe high xr-hoo! xhrfik. lli-Y, Excalibur Staff, lntvrclass Basketball l, 2, "l.ittls- Clown", 'l'rcasurur of S1-nior Class, AlARGARE'l' PoI.INo-"1'f'ggy" lVifh Zwiy she is flllifl' rr rlalv, H0 fllilllfb' shrfll malfz' ll rlurn good nmlrz Y-Hi, G.A.A., G.A.A., Sec.-'l'l'vas. 3, Ili-Spots Staff. Chorus 1, 2, 3, Interclass Basketball 1. 2, 3, AL, Studa-nt Council 2, "Cbonita", Junior Class Play Committee, Secretary Se-nio r Class. EXCALIBUR 1936 VELMA PONTIUS She eanl stitch and sweep and bake What a lzousewife she would makel G,A,A. JANE PUGH .Iane's walk is seldom mated Clause her walk rannot be duplieated. G.A.A., Prom Committee, Junior Class Play Committee. VIRGINIA PUTMAN-uf1i7lf1lflllU Her actions are fa.-rt, her thoughts sulzlime Her 'words are long, her marks are fine. Y-Hi, G.A.A., Prom Committee, Hi-Spots Staff, Band 2, 3, Interelass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 41, Junior Class Play Connnittee. HELEN RAMSDAIL Cattell, rt mighty guy is he, At least that's might he ought to lm, For Helen likes hilll we all know And 'now he is her only beau, Y-Hi, Prom Committee, Student Council 1, 11101-iN RAUCH-"Johnnie" "All thinys I thought I knew, but now ron- fess The more I know, I know the less." Hi-Y, Band 4-, Dance Orchestra, Chorus 4, "Govt-rnor's Daughter". XAJQROTHY ELLEN REID-"Dot,' Shels full of pep, 'vigor and 'vim lt must be "Wheuties" that keep her so trim. Y-Hi, Y-Hi Cabinet 3, 4-, G.A.A,, G.A.A. Cabi- net 3, 4, Hi-Spots Staff, Excalibur Staff, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-, Interelass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, "Chonita", Cheerleader 3, 41, "Governor's Daughter," BARBARA R.ES0RiUIflIbIJif'v,v Therels a strength in her will There's a sparkle in her eye If .lliek tries to boss her You see the sparks fly. Y-Hi, Y-Hi Cabinet 3, 4, Excalibur Staff, Chorus 4, "Little Clown", Junior Class Play Committee, Latin Club. LEE ROEBKE Handsome of face and keen of ntind Such, like him are hard to find. President National Honor Society, Ring and Pin Committee, Prom Committee, Student Council 4, "Little Clown", "Gannner Gurton's Needle." ROBERT ROUTT-"Babu Another lad is my degree, And few there be that bother me. Interelass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4-. EUGENE RUNNION-"Gene" He likes to put on a dignified air Hut mischief peeks out everywhere. Hi-Y, Football 2, 3, Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, "Chonita", "Gypsy Rover", President L Jr. Hi-Y, Student Council. EXCALIBUR 1936 DIIN RUssEI.Le"IJoc,' GoRIIoN SLUSSER-"Sa1nmie" Iluppg am I: from care I'm free lfvzc things there are that worrg me. Ili-Y. l,1-:oNARD ScoTT Ile hos a grin, from ear fo for Bu! lw'.v very .why wlwri- girls are near. lli-Y. lnterelnss Basketlmll l, 2, 3, 4. AlARGARET SCOTT .-lla.-r an-ll alack! She types all flag Who will win her heart away! Chorus 2, -l, "Governor's Daughter." IIIA SMIUMM ller .w'm'rf pa.v.s-ion, we all know ls for ll bog uanzefl Robert Low. SARA JANE SIIowAI,TER-"Sallg,' lVlm1wz'wr we hear fhe click of hor lwel.-I We seen: lo know just how she feel.-r. Y-Hi, Y-lli Cabinet 1, 3, 4-, G.A.A., Pl'0lll C0lllllllft00, Chorus l, 2, Junior Class Play Comnxittee, "Paul Revere", "Gypsy Rover," II1' work.-I enough lo grff him, through ,lx much as any boy will llo. Hi-Y, Vice President Hi-Y, Scarlet Quill StaH, "Little Clown", Junior Class Play Committee. BIAURICE SMITH To lm a doctor is his highvxl umhilion VV? know he 'will .-rurwlg reaclz tha! position. Excalibur Staff, "Little Clown", "Gaun- lllt'I' GIIrton'5 Needle". IIALPH SMITII As llll3iIH'K.'4 manager llI".S' lol.-I of fun fVe'v1fr 1,008 he l1'a'v14 lhingx half done. National Honor Society, Exculilmr Stuff, Student Council 2, "Little Clown", ncllllll- IIICI' Gurtou's Needle". l'hLDON SNYDER .lleclzlllzics xemrulrl Io be in hi.-r line .IH xomelhiug like Ihix h1"lI ulwogx ln' fine. Student Council l. RICIIARD SPRINGER-u1,lClCu Tall, goorl looking, ,HCS frm' IIA' lho ln'1'1'.C'w Hut lm 'won't hw long if lu' lwerlx Ihr' girls' plea.-r. lli-Y, Prom Coinimttec, Junior Class Play CUlllllllttl'?, Student Mgr, 3 years. EXCALIBUR 1936 IQENNETH STEGMEIER-"Kenny" Kenny plays n sa.1' anrl plays it well His tone in a juz: band is as clear as u bell. Band 4, Dance Orchestra, Football 3, 4, Student Council 4-, V Club 3, 4-. NIAE ST1TTswoa'rH If iI's 'jokes you 'want in Civics Class Look for Mae, for she's the lass. Y-lli, Chorus 2, -1-, Interelass Basketball 2, L1-, "Paul Revere". lsAmcL S'mo'r1-mu-"Izzie,' Stir-Irs ami stones may break bones lint as for her heart leave that to Jones. Y-Hi, Y-Hi Cabinet 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, Chorus 1, "Little Clown", Latin Club, Secretary Y-Hi 2. 4fHm.EN STUCK-"Stucky" Skfiuzfffc A, Not the type 'wlzrfrl bashful be, lfVilhout the fear to tee, hee, hee. Y-Hi, G.A.A,, National Honor Society, In- vitation Committee, Prom Committee, Scarlet Quill Staff, Band 1, 2, 3, 4-, Or- chestra 1, 3, 4-, Chorus 1, "Little Clown", Class Secretary-Treasurer 1, 2. GENE 'FERRY Gene with rr yirl is 'never seen For towards business he seems to lean. Prom Committee, Scarlet Quill Staff, Foot- ball 2 ,At, Basketball 3, Interelass Basket- ball -1-. I,owAvNE THOMAS He is tall with rlarlf eyes anrl hair Towards no girl has he II flair. Interc-lass Basketball 1, 2. CQLADYS T1NDAI.L-"Thing" Gladys goes lauglzing on her Yvfly, Always lmppy, bright and gay. G.A.A,, Interclass Basketball 2, 3, 4-. IQICHARD TRIPPY-"Dick" 1Jick's a dillur, a dollar, What you'd cull a ten olclock scholar. Hi-Y, Band 1, Interclass Basketball 2. lhIlRIAM VVEUK-"Mi1n" Very sweet, quiet and shy Slnfll get to the lop by and by. Scarlet Quill Staff. . ,v Lame CLARSENQJE VVERMER xx 1 Cofunfry life is healthful to the mind, A better, brighter boy we seldom find. Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4-, "Gov nor's Daughter". CI' EXCALIBUR 1936 NonMAN XKVPIRMPIIK-r:NfI7'm,, .VOFIIIIIII ami PIII gvl along quill' wrfll, lint .vhrf r'an'f hr' his .vlzrfx foo mur-h of n liwllv. lllll'l'L'lilS5 llusketlmll 1, 2, 3, 4, uflilllllllf'l' Gurton's Needle." owAIIIJ VVII.KINsoN-"IIo1c'1Ig" IIo'w1lg,' Ilowrlyl Lolx of pep! .-Ind wifh the girls hr' hux u rep, lli-Y, Basketball -l, lIIterelzIss llusketbull l, 2, 3, uGZ1llllllt'I' Gurton's Needle". l'lI,IzAnI4:'I'II lVII.I.1AMs-"BettyU Tha' genial rruiirlllrrf of her fare, Wlmn .vlw i.-r near, Iighfx up Ihr? pInr'r'. Y-Hi, Chorus 1, 3, A1-, ucllllllltiln. blILDRl'llJ NVILLIMAN-J'Mid" Brown, rfgv.-r, brown hair mul l"l'0lI features lVilh her huppg snzilf' .-1110's ll Iozvflg creature. Y-lli, National Honor Soviety, Band 1, 2, 3, Al-. f,Sl'AR hh'II.LS-"OS-9i0,, Ilr' is iilflw, hw is wise, Ilffs u fwrror for his size. Ili-Y, Band 1, 2, Intercluss Basketball 1, 2, 3, -l-. IIOIS VVII,soN llwr smilrf ix nlzcvlgx wry .wzwwf lt'iIllllIl'.X'.x' from her ix no rnrf' frvrll, Cll0l'llS 1, 2, 3, -L. HENRlFIT'FA XVOOIJLHIIIITI ic" Quiwf rum' W.-rrlriwcl is .vhs .-I xlurlwnf of high rlegrwv. Y-Hi, CLA., Chorus, Interelnss llasketbull 1, 2, 3, Junior Class Play Connnittee. FLORENCE lvoonnUn'-VVitlIdrawn. RICIIARIJ ZEIGLER-"Dick" lli-Y Treasurer, Prom C0llllIllttl'f', Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Interelass llusketbznll 1, 2, Ji, President V Club, NflZllIllll0l' Gurtun's Needle". IJEAN ZINSMASTER-"Zinnin,' And when u lcul-y's in Ihr' mmf, You know ull other Ihings giw plru-rf. Hi-Y, Chorus 2, 3, fl-, Football 2, 3, Inter- cluss Basketball 1, 2, 3, "ClIoIIita", Junior Class Play Connnittee, "Paul Revere". CLIFFORD BAILEY A rnuntrg lurl you xwf' in me .lust ax shy as xhg frm he. Interclass Basketball 1, 3, -l-. MELVILI: BROWVN Quiet, shy, mul 'warg r0.wr'Iv'4l He is .wflrlom .wwfn rmzl nwzwr Iwarfl. JANET IJAVIS Slufx so full 11.-I shrf walks down the hall, ,llnrl shfs mr nirrf as she is tall. EXCALIBUR 1936 Baccalaureate Services nQ.:f'45 lisa May 31, 1936-8:00 P. M. LINCOLN SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Piano Processional, "Land of Hope and Glory" ...... Sir Edward Elgar Hymn, "How Firm a Foundation "... ................................................................................... . CONGREGATION Invocation ................................................................................................ Rev. John H. Lamy Chorus fab Tribute to the Soldiers ....... . .... .................................. I 7 on Weber fbj O ship of state ...................................................... ............ B eethoven HIGH ScHooL CHORUS Scripture Lesson ........................................................................ Rev. John W. Danford Chorus-On the Wings of Song ................................................................................. Hahn HIGH ScHooL CHORUS Baccalaureate Sermon ........................................................................... Dr. E. E. Snyder Hymn, "Battle Hymn of the Republic "....... ........... J ulia Ward Howe CONGREGATION Benediction .......................................... .............. R ev. F. I . Wilmfert Recessional Helen Diener, Accompanist James H. J ones, Director EXCALIBUR 1936 Commencement Program nQ.?fcDt65Y:.9l June 3, 1936-8:00 P. lllf. A LINCOLN SCHOOL AUDITORIUINI Processional Invocation ............... ........... R ev. Paul Sharp Baritone Solo .......... .......................................................... ............................................... ROBERT ATKINS Soprano Solo .......... ............................................,............ EVA GRIBI.ER Clarinet Duet ..........................................................,.........,............................... .............,....... HELEN STUCK and MARY KNOLL Class Address .....................................................................,.................,....... ............,. S kylines PAUL V. BARRETT Class Song .................................................................................................... ......................................... SENIOR CLASS GLEE CLUB Presentation of Honor Awards ....................................... Principal C. P. Bowdle Presentation of Diplomas ............. ............ S uperintendent U. E. Diener Benediction Recessional EXCALIBUR 1936 Almost There I have been asked to write the history of the Junior Class, consequently I shall write the history of the best class, our class of nineteen thirty-seven. lVe are small in number but what we lack in quantity is made up in quality. lVe are good naturcd and take the many unjust slams thrown our way without flinching. lVe were "green" as freshmen, of course, but that fatal color wore off as we adjusted ourselves to the bustle of high school life. Our Sophomore Class oflicers were: President, Charles Kennedyg Vice-President, Lloyd Barsong Secretary and Treasurer, Annalee Murphy. Parts in various chorus operettas were filled by Junior musicians. VVe as Juniors received a reward of live dollars given to the class buying the highest percentage of student tickets for the Annual Band Concert. VVe also gave our support to events sponsored to raise money for the band's trip to VVashington this spring. VVe chose as our president this year, Harry Gunsett, who kept us cheerful and ready for service. Subordinate oflicers were: Vice-President, Owen Harrowg Secre- tary, Marguerite Pondg Treasurer, Betty Shaffer. Delegates elected to Student Council were as follows: Henry Clarke, Harry Gunsett, Owen Harrow, Don Meyette, James Shock, Fred Fox, and Margaret Allen. In keeping with a very recent precedent our class jewelry was chosen this year EXCALIBUR 1936 by a committee elected by the class membership. lt consisted of Harry Gunsett, Henry Clarke, Don Rowell, Mary Tate, Marguerite Pond. and Margaret Allen. The varsity football and basketball teams were supported in a great measure hy Junior boys and we are proud of their good work. The girls' interclass basketball championship was won by the Junior girls and the high point players were Florence Bauer. Marjorie Edwards and Margaret Shively. Our class play was a success in every way. VVe presented "Mother Carey's Chick- ens" with Jill King and Henry Clarke in the leading roles and the "l'ophams", played by Sam Davis, Enid Cress and Meta Louise Dudley, furnished the comedy. In spite of an unfortunate epidemic of mumps, which afflicted several members of the cast. and with the cooperation of uuderstudies and the patience of our instructors. Miss Lillian Benson and Miss Dorothy VVest, it was hailed by hearty congratulations. Prom is an occasion in high school life which is looked forward to with great expectation from freshmanhood. This event is almost here and we are hoping to make our farewell to the Seniors something they will long remember. Committees were chosen as follows: Invitation: Henry Clarke. Don Russell, Enid Cress. and Lois Uhrich. Refreshment: Geraldine Brubaker, Juanita Bowden and Robert Mc- Cray. Orchestra: Don Meyette. Paul Pieroni, Mary Tate. Elinor Chambers, and Thelma Gardner. Decoration: Louise Ann Gauvey, Margaret Kear, Richard Kear, Mary Horther, Jill King, Owne Harrow, Don Russell, Jim Shock and Annalee Murphy. lf these members do their part and with the support of the rest of the Junior Class it cannot help but be a success. 1 EXCALIBUR 1936 Honors were also won in the scholastic field. Lloyd Barson, Harry Gunsett, Louise A11n Gauvey, Betty Shaffer and Margaret Allen were elected to the National Honor Society. In behalf of the Junior Class I wish to extend to Robert Atkins, Lloyd Barson, and Don Russell a most reluctant farewell upon their leaving us to graduate with the class of 1936. lVe are looking forward to as full and fine a Senior year as the one we have just completed. May Van XVcrt High School always be proud of her class of ..37,,. LIARGARET ALLEN V 9 'lx 141 'CQVJ jfv. -'AS' W :q'. Qelgmhiglidnelg? 1,2Q2394wa3"4Q?52eve 4 44 Qkflia -9 DA4fQa49l,l7oJ I E EXCALIBUR 1936 Still Going ' he "Vl'here, ol1 where are the growing Sophomores F" "They're all safe in the Junior Class." This is a sample of the song which thc present Sophomores hope to be singing by the time these words appear in print. The Class of 1938 emerged from their verdant condition as Freshmen with a few fatalities due to the necessary but cruel exposures which students must suffer through the media of teachers and exams. One hundred and forty-four of us survived to become one of the largest Sophomore classes our High School has known. The foun- dation for our educational building had been laid and we were ready to build thereon. All good organizations need bosses. and since the Class of 1938 is a good organiza- tion, we proceeded at once to elect our class officers. They are Franklin Dippery, Presidcntg Clair Buechner, Yicc-President: Dennis Kinkle, Secretaryg .lack Stettler, Treasurer. Superintendent Diener continues as our chief architect but we were too strenuous for contractor Krick. He looked us ovcr and departed for richer pastures in Decatur, Indiana, and contractor Bowdle was called in from Bowling Green to complete the work begun by Mr. Krick. lVe believe in being in things and every school activity has had generous support EXCALIBUR 1936 from our class. Dennis Kinklc, Lewis Kaduk, Clair Buechuer, and Gilford Ford rep- resented ns on the football field and contributed a good share to our winning team. On the basketball fioor it was Clair Buechner, Bill Fell, Gilford Ford, and Stanley Ross who carried our colors. In girls' sports the honor of the class was upheld by such stalwarts as .loan Grant, Mildred Knoll, Sara Louise Tindall, Anna Jordan, Laura VVilkinson, Kathryn Young, Mary Bebont, Vetha Ford, Doris Houser, and Betty Snyder. Our share in the work of the Student Council was performed 'by Mildred Knoll, .lack Stettler, Gerald Bowers, Franklin Dippery, and Betty Snyder. During our Freshman year Dennis Kinkle made the UV" Club. Last year we doubled that number by adding the name of Gilford Ford. During the next two years, we expect to multiply our present number several times. The Junior Hi-Y is under the guid- ance of the following Sophomores: President, Bill Fellg Vice President, Bob Baxterg Secretary, Marion Feigertg Treasurer, Eugene Feigert. The Y-Hi is directed by Joan Grant and a capable group of Sophomore and Freshman assistants. For the now famous Socco Tournament, we provided the champions. The Sophomore duet composed of Knoll and Young proved invincible to all outsiders. The Band, the Chorus, the G.A.A. and other student organizations have felt the beneficient influ- ence of scores of Sophomore members. The motto of the Class of 1938 in school activities is "YVe do our partf' Through fun and frolic, toil and tribulation, we approach the half-way mark in our high school course. The educational building which we so bravely began as Freshmen moves toward its completion. YVe have not as yet attained but we have had a lot of pleasure in attaining. VVhen we come together again, the care-free Sophomore will EXCALIBUR 1936 have disappeared. ln his place you will find a sedate Junior who is already bcginning to fccl the dignity of high school responsibility and age. VVC move forward with pleasant anticipation. The retrospect is beautifulg the prospect is glorious. A great warrior once spurred his hesitant soldiers by the words, 'iltaly lies beyond the Alps." They could know no rest until they had conquered the Alps and entered Italy. The Italy of graduation lies just beyond the Alps of our Junior and Senior years in schools. VVC move ahead. "Come, grow old along with mel The best of High School is yet to be." BETTY SNYDER, '38 ' 'nf 1 v"n'.-'1 if opigsl Nw r -mm 51"-el le, v 5- ,I fwggh 41 454:-x ,sri -f'fI-N39 z -53Qgr"?lLj'4?L9t?54-f' -wb 'Paid L 5-Y-01' cf..- ' - 495- vox ?7'f.f'493s law - W fi' E? L"a'.J5r L. E24 z35,.S5x2n,g53.4j,3 . f' ,Q A S -n. 'A EXCALIBUR 1936 Started 532 One day in the fall of 1935, two hundred forty freshmen began their careers as Van Yl'ert High School students. This class was unusually large, and, with our mem- bership, we hoped to accomplish a great deal during the next three years of our school life. A few moved away during the school term and entered other schools. Russell Holmes suffered the misfortune of a fall and was forced to leave school for the remainder of the year. lve hope to have him with us next year. lVe were like most green "l"reshies". After walking about the sehool several times trying to appear dignified. we finally found the class room which we were expected to occupy that period. But it was very amusing to the upper-classmen to find three or four freshmen proudly trying to recite in a third year English or Chemistry class. In spite of all these blunders we soon gained the respect of the upper classmen, by taking an active part in many of the school activities. The class mct with Mr. Rauch and Miss Armstrong as sponsors. They elected Donald Bollenbacher, presidentg Bob Shaffer. viee-presidentg Ernestine Gallapoo, treasurerg Bill Stuekey, secretary. The freshmen were well represented in the Hi-Y Club. The older members of this organization soon found that the freshmen boys were an active bunch when they attempted to initiate them at a pot-luck supper. EXCALIBUR 1936 -eng 1 .. . , . .. .,,.,, . .,.,,,.., .. I liarly ing the fall the girls of our class were entertained by the Y-Hi club at a "kid" party. Later many joined the Y-Hi group and gained much pleasure and inspiration during the years' activities. The freshmen who desired musical training entered the chorus. Others continued instrumental training in the band and orchestra under the capable leadership of Mr. lVolf. The freshman chorus under Mr. Jones. assisted the senior chorus in giving several concerts. Our class did their part in assisting the High School band to go to lVashington by buying and selling tickets and also by taking an active part in the entertainment put on by the Band Fathers' and Mothers' Associations in an effort to raise the :necessary funds. At the Box Social especially it seemed as if the freshmen boys walked off with the lmiggest share of the boxes and the girls. NVQ' also did our bit in the writing of the school paper. listhcr Shaffer. Joan Coupland. Paul Yager, Billy Brown, and Donald llollenbachcr represented the class in the Student Council. ln the field of athletics the freshmen were very well represented. Many girls earned points toward their letters in G. A. A.. by taking part in certain sports. ln the inter- elass basketball tournament much interest was shown in our girls' team which tied the seniors for second place. The boys team also did well. Many members of the class were out for thc high school interelass sports. but all did not receive suits. Those who held positions on the reserve basketball team were: Joe liox and Theo Sharp. Bill Kennedy was on the football squad. .lane Gamble. .lack Klendworth were on the cheering squad. ' EXCALIBUR 1936 This year has been a SllCf'CSSflll one in every way because of our teacllers and the way in which the freshmen cooperated. Oh that first day last fall, lVhen we looked wonderingly, All our f cmrl d hopes decreased, Trembling so fearfully, Laughed at by Seniors, Crushed by the Juniors, lVhile all the school wondered How long we would last here. Not so now we Stand, But are well on our way Nor upper vlassmen Can iight our spirits, Spurred on by Latin, Strengtlutned by English, Soon we will reawh our goal, And shall be on the top. IDONALD BOLLENBACHER, '39 annum-nuwurm :Imam-mmv:www4'.mu.1m.wwuru xuffmmmn-1 muunnwnnwmnvm...wwnnns-::.v:. KF ,A guy 1, l.-l ---slunnuu:--A' "1 ,Yi ' EXCALIBUR 1936 A Forthcoming Masterpiece As it is the custom for the Senior Class to edit a year book each year. the class '36 undertook this task under the leadership of Mr. Gallapoo. our faculty adviser. XVe owe much of thc crcdit to him for his efforts toward making this hook such a huge success. The staff has worked hard all year to make this the lmiggest and thc lxest Bxealilnlr ever published. XYe started our sales campaign by an assembly which was an original murder niystcry written hy Helen lliener and presented after the style of Spencer lk-an's radio programs. 'l'Iu- following are thc dcpcmlalmle and ahle staff: lrlditor-in-Chief .... .... - ,-- Catharine King Assistant l'lditor ,... .... .... l J ewitt Brown Business Manager .... ........ ....... I i alph Smith Advertising A.....e, ....,......... l iarlmara Ann Resor Photography--- ............ Helen Diener Circulation--- ........ ...... N Iaurice Smith Calendar .... ......e........ l ionna Jean Foote Faculty .......-.A. ............... B Iaxine Halverson Sports ......,....... ...,. K enneth l'Hum. Richard Bowers Snaps ,...... ..... l lorothy Ellen Reid. .lack Huefner Personal ...... .... IN lary Francis Knoll. l.avon Milheim Organizations .....,...................,...... lirlene limans Jokes ....,..-........................ Maxine Humrickhous Typists ........ Geraldine Deal, Lucille Bauer. Margaret Fowler. and Kathrvn .lane LaRue. Faculty Adviser Y............e..A......, Mr. Ralph Gallapoo lVe hope you appreciate this hook. lt is yours. Kccp it as your memory book for the year 1935-36. EXCALIBUR 1936 A Scoop This year the administration deeided that the students should have a sehool paper managed by a staff ehosen from the student body. A name for the paper was pieked from about one hundred suggestions handed in by members of the student body. "The Scarlet Quill". suggested by Robert Ferris was the name given our paper. The pur- pose of this paper was to bring to the students of Van XVert High Sehool news of their sehool. Through the efforts of a hard working staff and a eo-operative student body. the "Searlet Quill" was published every three weeks and sold for three eents a eopy. X There is really more work in putting out a sehool paper than one might think. Here is the sehedule whieh is gone through for every issue: Two or three days after a previous issue a meeting of the staff is ealled. At this meeting the good and bad points of the preeeding issue are diseussed. assignments for the next issue are made. and the date at which time the material is due is set. When the material is brought in it must be eorreeted by the proof readers, typed. and then reeheelied by the proof readers. ln the meantime our hustling manager has sold the business men in our town advertising spaee in the paper. YVhen all this material has been eolleeted. it is arranged in a logieal order and steneils are eut. The pages are then mimeographed and elipped together. ready to go on sale. The staff of the "Searlet Quill" was composed of the following: l'lditor-in-Chief. Robert Comer: Assistant liditor. Betty Shaffer: Business Manager, Lloyd liarsoug Advisers. Mr. Mason. Miss Armstrong. Miss Hall, Miss Gauvey: Proof Readers. Miss Hall. Miss Gauvey. Miss Armstrong: Typists. Gene Terry. Helen Stuek, Miriam YVeek: Soeiety liditor. Mid Klein: lfeature Editor. Margaret Allen: Organization. Marguerite Pond: Cartoonist. Dave Miller: Humorist. Don Russell. Sam Slusser: lixehange Editor. Diek Dippery: Alumni. Paul Chidester: Sports Editor. Paul Pie- roni: General Reporters, Bob Owens. Paul Yager, .lill King. Annalee Murphy, Marvel l"aekler. Paul Ross, and Louise Ann Gauvey. A great deal of credit for the success of this yearis paper is due to Mr. Mason. MUIIC IN THE AID EDCCALIBUR 1936 Music in the Air 529 gy F' a L as The High School Chorus is exceptionally large this year and it has many good voices for solos, duets and other special work. The first big event of the year for the chorus was the presentation of their operetta, on November 22. It was entitled "The Governor's Daughter." The cast included: Governor Goodspeed .................................. ........ P aul Pieroni Mrs. Goodspeed ..... .... C atherine Jerome Jean Goodspeed .... ---Erlene Emans John Summer .... ..... J ohn Rauch Senator Snow ............................................... Myron Pierson Jane's Friends .... Janet Brittsan, Margaret Scott, Virginia Newberry, K. J. La Rue, Sara Louise Tindall, Eva Gribbler. Reporters .... Hugh Eaton, Richard Bowers, Don Foote, Robert King, Robert Baxter, Tom Sullivan. Mr. Octavo ........... ..... D ean Zinsmaster Aunt Mary ..... .... E linor Chambers Butler ........................................................ George Poe Throughout. the year various programs were given by the chorus for the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs. The Senior Chorus and Orchestra gave a program for the Rotarians on December 16. It included Advent and Christmas music. A group of girls from the chorus gave a program for the Kiwanis Club one evening and a double quartet presented a program at another time. The chorus aided the band in their Music and Magic concert on March 14-. This concert was held to help finance the band trip to Washington. Again at our Easter program the chorus offered their services. The entire group sang several lovely numbers and special music was rendered by the double quartet. The chorus is not taking part in an Eisteddfod this year but the band and chorus is entering in a May festival to be held at the Marsh Foundation. This may not sound like so much but the chorus did some worth while things and we really had a very busy year. EXCALIBUR 1936 Honor To Whom Honor is Due The four cardinal principles of the National Honor Society are: Character, Schol- arship, Leadership, and Service. The members of the society at the beginning of the year were the following Seniors: President, Lee Roebkeg Vice-President, George Marshg Secretary, Helen Dienerg Isabel Strothersg Ralph Smithg John Gunn. The faculty adviser throughout the year was Miss Hall. W'ith such a small membership it was hard for the society to accomplish much. but they took over the cleaning of the Study Hall books and did a good job of it. The new members were chosen the second semester and induction serviccs were held in Lincoln Auditorium in the form of an assembly on February 20. The follow- ing members were taken into the society: Seniors-Helen Bollenbacher, Dewitt Brown, Richard Dippery, Catherine Edwards, Erlene Emans, Maxine Halverson, Beryl Harden, Mary Francis Knoll, Catharine King, Kathryn Jane Laltue, Helen Stuck, and Mildred VVilliman. Juniors-Margaret Allen, Lloyd Barson, Louise Ann Gauvey, Harry Gunsett, and Betty Shaffer. lVith such a large membership we had some very interesting and successful meetings. NVe elected otlicers for the second semester as follows: Helen Bollenbacher, Presi- dentg John Gunn, Vice-President. and Catharine King, Secretary. The Society took over the work of a Student Handbook for the High School. It will contain all the needed information about our school and will be very helpful to all students, particularly Freshmen and new students. lVe prepared the material for the book and it is to be printed or mimeographed for use at the beginning oi' next year. YVe held our meetings every two weeks on Thursday afternoon at 3:45. VVe had very good attendance at our meetings and this helped make our work more successful. Miss Hall helped us very much on our handbook and much of the credit should go to her. EXCALIBUR 1936 Representative Assembly The Student Couneil met Oetober 21. 1935. with all twentysseven members present. lhe hfllltll' representatives were Dewitt Brown. llobert Comer. lliek llipperv Catherine lidwards. Beryl Harden. Lester Patterson. l,ee ltoebke. Kenneth Steg- meier and George Marsh. Junior representatives were Margaret Allen. Henry Clarke. l"red l"ox. Harry Gunsett. Owen Harrow. llon Xleyette. and James Shoek. Sophomore representatives were Gerald Bowers. lfrank llippery, Mildred Knoll. Myron Pierson. Betty Snyder. and Jaek Stettler. Freslnnen representatives were Donald Bollenbaeher. Billy Brown. .loan Coupland. listher Shatter. and l'aul Yager. The ottieers for the year were l.ester Patterson. President: Henry Clarke. Viee- Presidentg Betty Snyder, Seeretaryg Beryl Harden. 'l'reasurer. The Couneil immediately took up the question of the sidewalk on the east side of the building. Plans for it were finished and the walk was eompleted by January. 'l'his year the squads were eombined with the result that there were only three squads. Conduet. Assembly. and Soeial. The membership of eaeh squad was redueed to a member from each of the four elasses and a ehairman. The Soeial Squad's main duty was to plan mixers and many after sehool and evening mixers were enjoyed. The Assembly squad arranged assembly programs whieh were given tl fl the year. g 1 IFUIIQ, lout The Conduet squad worked hard the entire year trying to rid our eorridors of their usual eonfusion. During the basketball season the C'ouneil sold pop eorn at the games giving the returns to the athletie assoeiation to help pay its defieit. 'l'he Student fonneil last year talked about a Handbook but did not get anyhing done. so the Student Council aided by the National Honor Soeiety eompleted plans and obtained material for the Handbook to be published next year. lYe feel that the Student Couneil has aeeomplished some very helpful things this year and that it will keep on doing so. EXCALIBUR 1936 Stupendous! Colossal! Tremendous! The Class of '36 attempted something new this year in the way of class plays. They successfully presented the sixteenth century comedy "Gammer Gurton's Needle" on May 22, at 8:00 P. M. in Lincoln Auditorium. This play was one of the first English comedics and was written in 1566 by lVilliam Stevenson. It is a farce comedy concerning the loss of a needle. QA needle in those days was a rare luxury and it was a calamity to lose it.Q Gammer Gurton QHelen Dienerj lost her needle while trying to sew some patches on the hrecches of her grandson, Hodge Qltalph Srnithj. The villain, Diccon, fllavid Millerj loves devilment and drops a hint to Gammer that her neighbor, Dame Chat QHelen ltainsdailj has picked it up from in front of the house. lVhen Gammer, Hodge. Cock QHow:1rd Wl'ilkinsonj, her errand boy, and Tib fCatherine Edwardsj, Gammer's maid, are unable to find the needle anywhere, Gammer fully believes that Dame Chat has her needle. VVhen she accuses her of this, the result is a tussle in which Gammer is defeated. She decided to send for Dr. Rat Qhlaurice Smithj, the curate. VVhen Dr. ltat arrives, Diccon tells him that he has seen Dame Chat with the needle. He shows Dr. Rat a place where he may slip in and surprise her and get the needle. Diccon had told Dame Chat that Hodge meant to steal her chickens and so she was prepared to welcome anyone. Dr. Rat is the vietim of her preparations and he leaves vowing to make the Bailey QRiehard Zieglerj give great punishment to his offenders. A trial ensues and a most amazing conclusion brings the play to a happy ending. Others who helped very much in the preparation and added to the play wefre: Maxine Humrickhous, who played the part of Doll, Dame Chat's maid, Robert King, Norman lVermer, Lee ltocbke, Dewitt Brown, Lowell Lambert, Helen Bollen- bacher, Edith Bebout, Lavon Milheim. EXCALIBUR 1936 Successful Dr-amatists Mother Carey's Chickens turned out to be the best class play in recent years. The story takes place in Beulah. New Hampshire. Mother Carey Qltosalyn Hat- tryj and her children, Nancy C.lill Kingj, Gilbert Clired lioxj Kathleen, Qhlargaret Allenj and Peter Qfiene Sharpj have all staked their fortunes with the Yellow House in Beulah. Ossian Popham QSam Davisj and Maria Popham, Osh's nagging wife fEnid CressQ, with their daughter, l.allie Joy QMeta I.. Dudleyj give them no little aid and enjoyment. Nancy and Gilerbt. always curious as are all young people. wish to know what is in the brick oven by the Hreplace. In the oven they find a portrait of an old lady. Around the portrait was wrapped a blue paper with a will written on it, leaving the Yellow House to Tom Hamilton. Nancy decides to write to Mr. I.em Hamilton to find out if the house really belongs to Tom Hamilton fHenry Clarkej who is in China. The "yellow peril" as Nancy terms Tom. is found to be on his way to America. Nancy and Gilbert think he is coming to take away the house. He unexpectedly arrives when Nancy is on the table, trying desperately to reach the chandelier. Tom helps her and then his identity is revealed. Nancy is taken aback but recovers herself quickly and invites Tom to the party that night. Tom is eager to see his present but Julia QAnalee Murphyj, a snobbish cousin, while looking at the portrait is startled by Tom's voice upstairs. She drops the blue paper. tells Tom that Nancy is in love with Ralph Thurston, Qllon Meyettej a school teacher. She also tells him of the will. Tom, very much disappointed. absent-mindedly throws the blue paper in the fire, then takes an abrupt leave of Nancy. Dr. l,ord Cllon Rauchj, an austere, proud man. who thinks nothing of his son Cyril's Ql.loyd Barsonj painting ability is convinced by Mrs. Carey that he has talent. Dr. l.ord and his son leave as real pals. Tom Hamilton arrives in town meanwhile. Nancy is afraid that he has come to take the Yellow House. lVhen he arrives Julia repents her actions and clears up the situation. Nancy and Tom then come to an understanding and it finally ends in love and kisses. HENRY CLARKE, '37 EXCALIBUR 1936 Martial Music Everywhere The High School Band is composed of sixty members this year and is, as usual, under! the leadership of Leonard YVolf. Tl1is has been an outstanding year for the band as it has taken part in most of the High School activities. including football, basketball, etc. It also presented two concerts on March Alf, and April 24-, which included novelty numbers, marches, and concert numbers. Two organizations were formed this year to help the band. They are the Band Mothers' Association and the Band Fathers' Association. Both sponsored many ac- tivities in order to secure money to give the band a trip to YVashington, D. C. The business organizations and the general public cooperated splendidly. The band left Thursday, April 30, and returned Sunday, May 3. During the trip many places of interest were visited among which were VVashington's monument, ltfount Vernon, the VVhite House, Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial, Bureau of Printing and En- graving, the United States Capitol Building and many others. The greatest event was, however, when the band broadcasted on the Farm and Home Hour over a national hook-up. Next came the Annual Northwestern Band Festival, which was held at Shelby, May 8th and 9th, in which our band took part. VVe believe that this has been one of the most successful years for the band, and we hope the good fortune will continue. Each year the band loses many valuable players when the seniors leave but it takes only a short time for the newcomers to fill these places just as those now leaving filled the vacancies left by the seniors before them. EXCALIBUR 1936 Jazz Band The Jazz Band was started soon after the school year opened and after a few changes has developed into a first rate dance band. The members of the orchestra are as follows: Jim Shock and Dick Blanke, Trumpetsg Owen Harrow, Trombone, Don May, Bass, Kenneth Stegmeier, Don Foote and Jack Klendworth, Saxophonesg Bob Loe, Piano, Bob Shaffer, Drums, Johnnie Rauch, Leader. The Jazz Band played for all school dances and also filled a few outside engage- ments. In their first public appearance, an amateur contest, held at Schine's Theatre, the orchestra won second prize. They were asked to return during the followfing ten weeks to play for several acts. They have also taken a job playing for the United Commercial Travelers Convention in June during the Peony Festival. The orchestra has the regulation dance orchestra fronts which add a lot to their appearance. They have adopted the name "Cougar Melodiersu and we all hope they continue as they have started, successfully. JoHN RAUCH, '36 Jr. Hi-Y The Junior Hi-Y closed the school year of 1935-36 upon one of the best years of its history. An election was held at the first meeting which resulted in the election of the following officers: Bill Fell, president, Bob Baxter, vice-presidentg Marion Fei- gert, Secretary, and Eugene Feigert, treasurer. Our advisers were: Mr. Rauch, Mr. Bollenbacher, and Rev. Lamy. All of the club members benefited in some way from our programs: Religiously, by the discussions led by Rev. Lamyg intellectually, by the talks of outside speakers, socially, by suppers, banquets, swims, and other forms of entertainment. Some of the highlights of the year were the Older Boys Conference at Tiffin, which our president, Bill Fell, attended, and a potluck supper to which we invited the Celina Jr. Hi-Y. Our purpose is, "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and com- munity high standards of Christian character," and our platform, clean speech, clean scholarship, clean living, and clean athletics. By this method we have attempted to make our members an asset to the community and better citizens of the United States of America. FRANKLIN DIPPERY, '38 Orchestra The orchestra, composed of 25 musicians and under the direction of Leonard Wolf, is an organization not often heard of but quite an asset to our High School. It has played on several occasions this year-namely, the operetta presented by the chorus, the Junior and Senior class plays, and before different organizations. In addition to these, several of the members appeared as individuals before the Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs. Although the orchestra is not often called upon to furnish music-it is always on hand when needed. EXCALIBUR 1936 Y-Hi Clubs The Y-Hi Club is a chapter of the international Girl Reserve organization which has as its purpose: "To find and give the best." Its emblem is a blue triangle whose three sides symbolize Mental, Spiritual, and Physical strength. The Y-Hi club of Van Wert High School is divided into the Alpha group and the Beta group, composed of the girls from the two lower and two upper classes, with Joan Grant, president: Harriet Kenyon, vice-president, Mary Elizabeth Miller, secretary and treasurer, as officers of the Beta Club and Catherine Edwards, presidentg Annalee Murphy, vice- president, Betty Shaffer, secretary, Helen Bollenbacher, treasurer, as officers of the Alpha group. At the beginning of the year the cabinet of the Beta group held an all-day Setting Up Conference at the Y. W. C. A. to make its plans for the coming year. The cabinet of the Alpha group held its Setting Up Conference as a camping trip at Put-In-Bay. At the beginning of the year the Y-Hi club gave a "Kid Party" for all the High School girls and a little later, a football banquet for the championship team of 1935-36. At Christmas time we presented as a special Christmas program a Christmas play. We have had as our projects of service this year the Hlling of Christmas stockings for Van Wert children and the donation of S25 Qmoneyj for relief in the flood stricken areas. Early in the spring our club cooperated in an all-county Hi-school G. R. conference held at the Y. W. C. A. We have especially endeavored this year to have the program of our club so planned as to promote fellowship among the members of the club and to further the ideals of our organization. CATHERINE EDWARDS, '36 Senior Hi-Y To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high stand- ards of Christian character. This is the motto of the Senior Hi-Y Club. This year the club lived up to its motto in every way. The club constantly strives to increase and better itself. About twenty members were taken into the club at the induction cere- mony held at the beginning of the year. Preceding the ceremony a supper was held with the parents of the members as guests. This year we helped the Convoy club get started by performing the induction ceremony for them. The club was well repre- sented at the Annual Older Boys Conference held at Tiffin, Ohio, and took an active part in all discussions. The West Central Council was entertained at a potluck supper given by the Van Wert Club. The annual Ladies Night was much improved over the preceding years, being in the form of a dinner dance. The program of the club was varied, and in all, was very interesting. Several social events were sponsored by the club. The officers of the club this year were: Dick Dippery, president, Gordon Slus- ser, vice-president, Finley Dickinson, secretary, Dick Ziegler, treasurer. Mr. Galla- poo and Mr. Mason were the faculty advisers, while Rev. Paul Sharp acted as spiri- tual adviser and Hal V. Hunt represented the Y. M. C. A. DICK DIPPERY, '36 EXCALIBUR 1936 , G. A. A. The G. A. A. pledge is: I solemnly swear that I shall, to the best of my ability, live up to the ideals of true sportsmanship, that quality of honor which desires always to be courteous, fair and respectful, and to discourage any unsportsmanlike attitude or action, and to keep myself mentally, morally and physically clean. . G. A. A. initiation was held October 18. I think it was enjoyed by everyone fespe- cially new membersj. The evening was spent with a potluck, an informal and a formal initiation. Many new members were taken in. Our chief concern during the year was to earn some money. VVe had a bake sale on October 12 which was very successful. We sold tickets for the A. A. U. W. Marion- nette Show, which was done in the form of a contest with a "Chili Supper" for the two winning teams, to be given by the two losing teams. We also sponsored a Chili Lunch at the noon hour on February 28. We ate, danced and were merry. The G. A. A. tried something new by having an April Fool's Mixer after school April 1. The High School Jazz Orchestra played for the dancing. Our biggest event of the year was the basketball banquet given for the girls' and Varsity basketball teams. At this time nine girls received "V's" for earning 1,000 or more points. The cabinet this year included the following girls: Katherine Black, president, Mary Frances Knoll, vice-president, Marguerite Pond, secretary-treasurer. Together with the following managers: Soccer, Dorothy DeMossg Basketball, Thelma Gardner, Volleyball, Lois Urichg Baseball, Katherine Green, Swimming and Tennis, Mildred Knoll, Skating and Hiking, Maxine Wherry, Program Chairman, Helen Diener, Pep, Dorothy Ellen Reid, Pianist, Mary F. Knoll, Freshman representative, Harriet Kenyon. The V Club The V Club is one of the busy organizations of the High School. All of its members with the exception of Patterson and Springer served on the championship football squad of 1935. The club raised quite a bit of money from the services rendered by its members. They ushered, sold refreshments and took care of the check room during the hard wood court sessions this year. Dick Zeigler, the V Club president, brought the annual initiation exercises around in good order. The initiation of members consisted of contests and the answering of questions to which the new members objected very much. The old members who remembered their suffering from the year before, did not ease up on the paddles, although they were outnumbered. Old members: Stegmeier, Dickinson, Zeigler, Kinkle, Patterson, Hammond, and Harrow. New members: Springer, Kennedy, Kaduk, Miller, Horton, Holmes, Ford, Jerome, Rauch, Pieroni, and Trapp. Officers: President-Dick Zeigler, Treasurer, Kenneth Stegmeier. DoN JEROME, '36 ' EXCALIBUR 1936 i Champs For the first time since football was introduced at this school, Van lVert has pro- duced a Mid-NVQ-st League Championship team. Not having a field of our own to play on wc were handicapped by having to meet all of our opponents upon visitors grid- irons. The Cougars started out the season with a lack of experience and were de- feated by Rawson, 6-0. The team thcn traveled to Fort lVayne South where they held the Hoosiers 0-0 at the half but were finally defeated by a score of 26-0. Van VVert then met its old rival. Rockford. Playing in a field of mud, Van YVert could pile up only 1-14 points to Roc-kford's 0. The first league game was played at St. Marys and with little difiiculty Van YVert defeated them by a 33-0 score. VVapakoneta was doped to win the mid-wcst championship but Van YVert trimmed them by the score 7-6. The next game, ending in a tie, was played with Kenton. Bluffton, who has beaten Van VVert for many years, suffered a 31-6 defeat. Van iVert topped Ada by the score of 33-2 and cinched the Mid-VVest Championship. Paulding could not stand up under the onslaught of such a team and were victims of a 56-0 defeat. Quite a misfortune occurred in this game when Gene Terry broke his collar bone. The last game of the season was played with our neighbor, Celina. Although a hard fought game, we came out into the short end of il 6-2 score. At the annual football banquet, O. A. Klendworth presented to the following boys letters and certificates of' awards. 'il"inney" Dickinson 27 quarters. Yan Ellsworth was unable to finish the season here but in appreciation of his services he was sent a certificate, "Gilf" Ford 3-L quarters, Joe Hammond 38. Owen Harrow ILO, Bill Horton 31, Dick Holmes 30, Don Jerome 341, Bud Kennedy 37, Dennie Kinkle 32, Lewis Kaduk 29, Dave Miller 25. Paul Pieroni 21. Don Rauch 28, Kenny Stegmeier 244, Dick Trapp 29, Dick Zeigler 36. Eight lettermen will be back next Fall. EXCALIBUR 1936 Courting Our fighting Cougars entered this year's basketball season handicapped by lack of height but they were always in there fighting to the last. The season ended with the team winning nine out of nineteen games played and tied for second place in the Mid-lVest League. Accurate shooting, good passing and fine floor work did much to overcome the lack of height. The following boys received letters for playing on the Varsity: Don Jerome, who acted as captain of the squad and was always pepping up the team. Don also was high point man for the year. Dick Holmes was fast and always scrapping for the ball. Dick's shoes will he hard to till next year. Stan Ross will he with us two more years and we expect to see big things from him. "Frosty" Horton froze his ears the middle of the season but tllat did not keep him from starring. Dick Trapp has one more year with the squad, with his quick thinking and accurate shooting the team ought to go places next year. The scores for the games were as follows: Van YVert Delphos ...... 35 Van YV:-rt Bluffton ..... Van lllert Union .... ---19 Van Yl'ert l,ima Central - Van lVert Rockford ----- 32 Van Wert Ada -.-.---. Van illert Middle Point --22 Van Vl'ert Bluffton ---- - Van Yvert Ohio City ----- 23 Van illert St. Marys --- Yan lVert Ada ------.--- 36 Van Vl'ert VVapakoneta -- Van lVert Wapakoneta ---28 Yau VVcrt Paulding ---- Van lllert Celina -------- 30 Yan illert Greenville --- Van lVcrt St. Marys ---- 19 Van lVcrt Bowling Green Van lVert Defiance ---.-. 37 I l 5 N x R EXCALIBUR 1936 ' T . LXJ Survival of - On the sixth day of December Began the Girls' Interelass Basketball The Juniors met the Senior members And the Seniors were the first to fall. The next in line were the Sophomores To meet the on-Coming Juniors They fought long and hard upon the fioor But the Juniors were the victors. Again the Juniors tried their skill Upon the class of "38" The game proved to he a mighty thrill With the Sophomores just the bait, The Juniors needed some one else to tame So the Freshmen were the next And at the finish of the game 'l'hey'd been beaten like the rest. The Juniors met the Freshmen onee more They said, "We'll win it like the other on lint in despair they left the lloor Beeause the Freshmen had won. The Juniors had just one more game to play Before their work was done They beat the mighty Seniors that day And the championship was won. And so we leave them where they are At the top, in this game of play, Hats off to the Junior Girls The ehampions of ehampions I'd say. 8 EXCALIBUR 1936 - The F ittest The Seniors played their first gaine VVith the Sophoniores as their foe 'l'here and then they won their fame As "hard to heat, to rivals-woe I" 'l'he l"arlner's game was the next event 'l'hat took plaee on the eourt 'l'he Seniors won hy fifteen points And the farmers lost like sports. The Seniors, uiulefeatecl, grave 'l'he Juniors quite a spill 'l'hey hall eaten their spinaeh ere they ealne So they were victors still. The Seniors swore they'cl heat the Frosh And with this vow in lnincl They piled up a seore ot' thirty-one NYith the Frosh nineteen hehincl. 'l'lle greatest thrill eanie in a lvigr night game VVhen the Seniors played the lteserves 'l'he Seniors won, we knew they would So we wish theln the glory eaeh player ileserves The lteserves were hlue hut they weren't clown Onee again they triecl their luek llistory repeats itself, 'tis saicl The Seniors won, though their foes had pluek, VVe admire our Senior teain this year They had everything it takes to win Aeeuracy, alertness and sportsmanship Yes! A team of champions this has been. EXCALIBUR 1936 Time Marches On Sept. 9 Monday-The end of a perfect vacation. 10 Tuesday-Regular classes start and we submit to the daily routine. 11 Wednesday-Y-Hi cabinet gets together. 12 Thursday-Everyone fills out schedule cards. 13 Friday-Notice the day! Did you have your fingers crossed? One out of thirty-siy weeks done. So what? 144 Saturday-Van Wert loses to Rawson, 6-0. 15 Sunday-Date night. Did you have one? 16 Monday-Just another blue Monday with green Freshmen. 17 Tuesday-No banking 'til next Tuesday. Be prepared! 18 Wednesday-Y-Hi cabinet meets. 19 Thursday-National Honor Society meets. 20 Friday-Sr. Hi-Y meets at Y. M. Big pep session- fled by Mr. Rauchj and snake dance. Let's go, gang! 21 Saturday-Van Wert loses to Fort Wayne South 26-0. 22 Sunday--Slept. 23 Monday-Faculty meets. Unusual, isn't it? 24 Tuesday-Bank Day. Make your bank account count! G. A. A. cabinet meets at 3:45. 25 Wednesday-Fr.-Soph. girls have weiner roast. Hot dawg! 26 Thursday-Just another day. Strange, isn't it? 27 Friday-Van Wert wins from Rockford 14-0. School dismissed at 2:00. We faint! 28 Saturday-Still suffering from shock of yesterday. 29 Sunday-Went to church like good boys and girls should. 30 Monday-Class officers nominated and campaign begins. Mickey Mouse for President! Oct. 1 Tuesday-Bank Day and first assembly at 12:50. Surprise! 2 Wednesday-Y-Hi cabinet meets. 3 Thursday-G. A. A. has weiner roast. Don't forget the mustard! 4 Friday-Van Wert beats St. Marys 31-0. Horton makes spectacular run of 55 yds. for touchdown. School out at 2:00. We faint again! 5 Saturday-Watched the birdies fly south. 6 Sunday-Sorority Tea at Y. W. for Senior girls. 7 Monday-Jr. Hi-Y meeting at Y.M. at 7:00. 8 Tuesday-Bank Day. Save your pennies, people! 9 Wednesday-Just doing nothing. Am I bored? 10 Thursday-Fresh, vs. Seniors Soccer game. 11 Friday-Assembly in Study Hall at 8:40. 12 Saturday-Van Wert beats Wapak 7-6. Hooray for the gang! 13 Sunday-Nothing doing. She was out of town. 14 Monday-First meeting of Y-Hi club at Y. W. Pep session celebrating victory at Wapak. 15 Tuesday-G. A. A. meetings. Mr. Livingston told the girls about football so they could watch the game intelligently. Imagine! 16 Wednesday-Fr.-Soph. Y-Hi meets. Mr. Karr talks. 17 Thursday-First Lyceum Assembly at 12:50. "The Menely Duo." Na- tional Honor Society meeting. 18 Friday-Van Wert ties with Kenton, 6-6. G. A. A. initiation. Are you sore, Freshmen? 19 Saturday-Unimportant. 20 Sunday-Went to the movie. 21 Monday-Student Council meets. 22 Tuesday-G. A. A. cabinet meets. Sr. Hi-Y meeting at 7:30. Nov. Dec. EXCALIBUR 1936 Wednesday-Y-Hi meets. Excalibur Staff meets. GRADE CARDS! Thursday-Van Wert beats Bluffton 27-6. F riday--Teachers go to Toledo and we recuperate! Saturday-Snoozed ! Sunday-Read the funnies! Monday-Alpha and Beta Y-Hi meetings tonight at 7:30. Tuesday--Sr. Hi-Y meets. G. A. A. meets, too. Wednesday-Assembly. Mr. Bowdle tells us there will be no annual Turkey Hop or Christmas dances. Thursday-Band wins first place at Delphos. Congratulations, gang. G. A. A. Chili Lunch. National Honor Society meets. Friday-Van Wert beats Ada 33-2. Harrow makes run of 60 yards for touchdown. Keep it up, Sparkie. Saturday-Nothing special. Sunday-Had a date. Did you? Monday-Y-Hi meets at 3 1445. Plans for football banquet made. Tuesday-Couldn't bank today. Spent all I had on last date. Wednesday-Second Lyceum Assembly. Channing Beebe, explorer. Ele- phants on the wall. Whoops! Thursday--V-Club meets during home room period. Friday-First issue of Scarlet Quill out. Nice work ,staH'. Beat Paulding 56-O. G. A. A. meetings at 3:4-5. Saturday-Didn't do nothing! Sunday-Had fun. Ssh! Monday-Assembly at 8:40. Van Wert 2, Celina 6. Oh, woe! Tuesday-G. A. A. meeting. Scarlet Quill staff met. Wednesday-Busy, very busy doing nothing. Thursday-Public Speaking Classes gave assembly. It was all right, all- right. National Honor Society meets. Friday-Beeg Football Banquet for the CHAMPS! Here's to you, boys! Mixer afterwards. Sunday-Had the blues. Monday--Varsity Basketball practice starts. Good luck, boys! Tuesday--Bank Day. Aren't you surprised? Wednesday-O. S. U. Psychological test today. H'ow do we rate? Thursday-Yi-Hi meetings at 3:4-5. Dress rehearsal for operetta. F riday-Operetta, "The Governor's Daughter" presented. Was excellent, people. Our first snow! Saturday-Listened to the radio for no good reason! Sunday--Saw the object of my affections! Monday-Y-Hi candle light Recognition Service. Student Council meeting. Tuesday-G. A. A. meeting. Miss Gauvey talked on France. Ah, Paris in the spring! Hi-Y meeting tonight. Wednesday-Issuing of Scarlet Quill. Mixed today. Beginning of Thanks- giving vacation. Don't eat too much, gang! Thursday-Thanksgiving Day ! Friday-Sick ! Saturday--Still sick! Sunday-Eating left-overs! Monday-Y-Hi and Hi-Y meetings during home room period. Tuesday-Bank Day. Student Council meeting. Wednesday-GRADE CARDS! We swoon! Thursday-Assembly in Study Hall. We learn the rest of our High School Song. Friday--Lost our first baketball game to Delphos Jeiferson, 26-35. Lick 'em, gang, next year! all. EXCALIBUR 1936 Saturday-Same as last Saturday! Sunday-Recovering ! Monday-Jr. Hi-Y meeting. Y-Hi girls gave Christmas play tonight at Y. W. Tuesday-G. A. A. meets. Also Sr. Hi-Y meeting. Wednesday-Van Wert 22, Union 19. Beginning of Magazine Campaign put on by Band Mothers Assoc. Talk in the air of sending our band to Washington, D. C. Thursday-Sr. Hi-Y meets again. How those boys must love to meet! F riday-Faculty meets. What, again! Saturday-We lose to Rockford 32-37. Sunday-Had a good time! Monday-Jr. Hi-Y meeting. Mr. Karr speaks. Chorus and Orchestra give program at Rotary. Tuesday-Student Council meets. Wednesday-We lost to Middle Point 22-19. Thursday-Scarlet Quill out today. See the gossip? Friday-Christmas Assembly by G. A. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to youse all! Saturday-Why didn't I do my Christmas shopping earlier? Sunday-Went to church. Monday-Still shopping. Oh, my feet! Tuesday-" 'Twas the night before Christmas, etc." Wednesday-Merry Christmas. Thursday-Did you get some nice presents? Friday-We Saturday-Believe Sunday-That Monday-The Tuesday-Vacation Wednesday-Was Thursday-Enj oyed! Friday-Big High School Party at Y. W. Saturday-Slept again. Am catching up on sleep lost during vacation. Sunday-Had a swell date! Monday-Glad to see you back, gang! Tuesday-Meeting of Sr. Hi-Y. Mr. Rauch talked to G. A. A. Wednesday-Faculty meets. We're getting worse, gang! Thursday-Student Council Meeting. Assembly at 8:4-0. Friday-Van Wert loses to Ada 24--36. Saturday-Van Wert beats Wapak 32-28. Hooray! Sunday-Messed around! Monday-Student Council meets. Tuesday-Sr. Hi-Y meets at 7:30 at Y. M. Wednesday-School! How we love it! Thursday-Mixer after school tonight. Friday-Another week gone. How time flies! Saturday-Nothing happened ! Sunday-Did - - Nothing! Monday-Assembly. National Honor Society meeting. Tuesday-Sr. Hi-Y meets at 7:30. Mr. Shaffer speaks. Wednesday-G. A. A. meeting at 3145. Thursday-Too cold to go to school. Isn't that too bad? Friday-Still too cold. My, how we suffer! Saturday--Lima Central defeats us 25-24-. Sunday--Went to Sunday School. EXCALIBUR 1936 27 Monday-Second semester starts today. Only 18 more weeks of school. How pixillating! 28 Tuesday-Scarlet Quill issued today. Did you see your name? 29 Wednesday-Third Lyceum Assembly. "The Lombardsf' 30 Thursday-Marionette show. Was very good. 31 Friday-Assembly in Study Hall this morning. So what! Feb. 1 Saturday--Just another day in our young and eventful lives. 2 Sunday-I'll guess with you? 3 Monday-Scarlet Quill staff meeting. Also Y-Hi meeting. 4- Tuesday-Scavenger Hunt at G. A. A. meeting. Did you pick up any- thing, girls? 5 Wednesday-Student Council meets. 6 Thursday-Assembly in Study Hall at 8 AO. 7 Friday--Defeated by Ada 33-25. 8 Saturday-Worked today. Think of it! 9 Sunday-I don't think I studied but I might have. 10 Monday-G. A. A. Cabinet meeting. 11 Tuesday-Box Social sponsored by Band Mothers. Ye goode olde days are backe againe! 12 Wednesday-Lincoln's Birthday. 13 Thursday-Sr. Hi-Y meeting at 3:45. 14' Friday-Pep session. G. A. A. meeting. Excalibur Staff meets too. Did you get a Valentine? 15 Saturday-Van Wert wins by a nose over Bluffton, 27-26. 16 Sunday-Band Fathers organize. Well, good! 17 Monday-National Honor Society meeting. 18 Tuesday-Hi-Y Ladies Night. Dinner-dance. Thanks, boys! 19 Wednesday-Junior Class play cast chosen. Congratulations to all. Do Mar. your best. 20-Thursday-National Honor Society Induction Ceremony at assembly. Scarlet Quill issued today. 21 Friday-Mixer after school. Excalibur Staff meeting. Van Wert beats St. Mary's 32-23. 22 Saturday-Skip it! ' 23 Sunday-Never mind! 24 Monday-Y-Hi at Y. W. 25 Tuesday-Van Wert again meets Paulding. 52-10 final score! 26 Wednesday-G. A. A. meeting. County Tournament starts. Who are you for? I'll bet you don't know who's playing! 27 Thursday-National Honor Society meeting. Varsity B.B. squad had pictures taken. Look pretty now! 28 Friday-G. A. A. Chili Lunch. Hot tamale! 29 Saturday-The extra day this year. What shall we do with is? 1 Sunday-I forget! Did it come in like a lamb? 2 Monday-J r. Hi-Y meeting. 3 Tuesday-Lest we forget! Today is Bank Day! G. A. A. meets. 4 Wednesday-Music and Magic Concert. Grand! 5 Thursday-French Class gave assembly. C'est tres bien, mes enfants. Van Wert at Defiance tournament was defeated by Bowling Green 26-31. 6 Friday-Excalibur Staff meeting. 7 Saturday-? ? P P 8 Sunday-Pass on! 9 Monday-Socco Tournament sponsored by Band Fathers. Tuesday-Day after Monday is Bank Day! Wednesday-National Honor Society Meeting. Thursday-Assembly at 12:55. Talk by Guy Dietrich. 10 11 12 Apr. EXCALIBUR 1936 Friday-Heck to Betsy! Friday, the thirteenth again! Scarlet Quill out. Assembly-talk by Dr. Patterson from India. Also mixer in the evening. Saturday-Just a week 'til spring. Sunday-Ate three meals. Haw! Monday-Excalibur Staff gave play "What have we here?" I often won- dered what we or they had there? Tuesday--Mr. Bollenbacher passes out cigars but not to High School stu- dents. Too bad! G. A. A. meeting. Wednesday-Hi-Y Potluck at 6:30. Who got left in the scramble? Thursday-Two more days 'til spring. Ah, lovely spring. Ah! Katch-ooo! Dovely sprig! Friday-Student Council Meeting. Saturday-All-County Girl Reserve Conference at Y. W. Glad to play hostesses to the county girls. Come again. Sunday--Studied, perhaps ! Monday-Spring is two days on the way. So what, I'm asking? Tuesday-G. A. A. Cabinet meeting. Excalibur meeting. Wednesday-Tried to go Hshing. Lost the bait! Thursday-National Honor Society Meeting. Society is working on Stu- dent Handbook. Well, good! Friday-Get your Excalibur ordered! Saturday-General Scholarship Test given in Study Hall this morning for County High Schools. Good luck! Sunday-Relaxed ! Monday-Seniors picked invitations today. Get us nice ones, committee. Y-Hi meeting. Was a style show. Nice! Tuesday-G. A. A. annual Basketball Banquet. See you next year? Wednesday-April Fool! Mixer sponsored by G. A. A. Thursday-Didya git fooled yestiddy? Friday-Juniors presented marvelous class play "Mother Carey's Chick- ens." Heartiest congratulations! Saturday-Washed my face! Surprise! Sunday-Took a walk. Monday-Underclassmen sign up for subjects for next year. Gee, seems funny doesnit, gang? Tuesday-Boys tryout for Class Play of Seniors. Did your knees clack, bo s? Wedfiesday-Girls tryouts for Senior Class Play. Their knees shook too, boys. Be comforted! Erlene Emans chosen Peony Queen Candidate. Thursday-Easter assembly. Mr. Rauch told us about the Easter bunny and colored eggs. National Honor Society meeting. Friday--Good Friday. No school! Saturday-Got all your Easter baskets hid? Sunday-Happy Easter! Monday-Still vacation. Hooray! Tuesday-Gypsy Festival sponsored by Band Mothers. Very cleverly done. Wednesday-Underclassmen pictures taken, at last! Senior class play cast chosen. Work hard and success will be yours. Thursday-Student Council Meeting. G. A. A. Cabinet are Champs in volleyball. Hip, hip, hooray! Friday-Assembly at 8:40. Starting contests next week to sell most tickets for activities. Let's go, Seniors! Saturday-Slept for a change! Sunday--Was in early! Monday-Second Socco Tournament sponsored by Band Fathers. EXCALIBUR 1936 Tuesday-Seniors take first contest winnings of 37.00. Wednesday-Last Lyceum Assembly number. GRADE CARDS! Will Thursday-National Honor Society meeting. Friday-Annual Band Concert. Excellent. Seniors take 814.00 of the 319.00 given in prizes. Nice going! Sunday-Ah, bliss! About one more month of school. Monday-Seniors working hard on the Class Play. Perseverance wins! Boys, Chorus sings at Kiwanis. Tuesday-Excalibur Staff to Fort Wayne. Leap Year Mixer. Here's your Wednesday-Mrs. Giffin speaks at G. A. A. meeting. Spring showers ! Thursday-Our band departs to Washington to broadcast over National Farm and Home Hour. We know you'll do us proud! Friday-OUR BAND BROADCASTS! It was swellegant! Saturday-Waiting for the band to get back ! My girl's in the band. Haw! Sunday-Band comes home. Welcome back. Saturday-Went skating. Lost control! Tuesday-Senior farewell in G. A. A. Thursday-A big man changed my mind! Friday-Spiffy Elks' Ball for Seniors. You looked beyootiful, gang! Saturday--Looking for a wisecrack! Sunday-Still searching for a wisecrack! Monday-Success. Found my wisecrack! Wednesday-Days are getting shorter. Soon weill be through. Thursday-Senior cast ready for play. Friday-Seniors presented most unusual Class Play "Gammer Gurton's Needle". It was different from the usual run of class plays but they put it over with a bang. Millions of orchids to you all! Saturday-Resting! Had big date after class play. Tuesday-Saw a boy making "sheepseyes" at a girl today. Thursday-Big Music Festival at Marsh Foundation. Chorus and Band Friday-Event of Events--Junior-Senior Prom! Saturday--Almost through, gang. Are you sorry or glad? Monday-Senior Reception at Marsh. Lovely. Thanks! Issuing of Ex- caliburs! Get your autographs early! 21 22 we get out this year? 23 241 25 Saturday-Took a bath! 26 27 28 chance, girls! 20 30 May 1 2 3 4- Monday-Lost my temper! 5 Tuesday-G. A. A. Election Day. 6 Wednesday--Found my temper! 7 Thursday-Y-Hi Assembly. 8 Friday-Band Festival at Shelby. 9 10 Sunday-Recovering slowly ! 11 Monday--Still the same. 12 13 Wednesday-Decided to skip. 141 15 16 17 18 20 21 22 23 24- Sunday-Had bigger date! 25 Monday-Headache! 26 27 Wednesday-Must be love! 28 participated excellently ! 29 30 31 Sunday-Baccalaureate. June 1 2 Tuesday-We'l1 miss you all. Will you miss us? Wednesday-Commencement. 3 Au revoir, gang. Don't forget us. We hope to see you again someday. Until then, v so long . was wmmau-::.w,n.:Q4 .'m,w4..nm.nwraqm,:g.,u:xm.m:m:M. 1 .1.:w.mrmumm,.nLzn. 'U .whmr -vm1av,w-' " - ' ef-119vm'nmaf"' ' V A ' ' , . ' , XIXCIXLIHUR liflit? " Glimpses From - sim:-uxv m4mmxmns1f:fnvaua:v.Q:.1ns-1-..miata A .zz-:svsw:g...,x4mm -.1mwzw:.:. ..fApz.1,n-L A 11, 'wf.Ap,,1.q.i.w- .gq:fA:4awmsa:,xx:nazzs'arf-fr:'fw,x:n::.w:mz.f'mfanw.na2auff-x . -xuuuasunmaa.T..w wws4:n1uL1.unl:a':vLcuw'X:vw::nmmln1wmw , -,mmm wmmvwmmmw kvfnwnvcxlsaxvlh-291e-.1masomf::emnmmmnsaa:anwmws:uen:s::mfa::lQ:... .. . , ,..U.'A ,M 2 9 Q, - , 5 3 M , ,.a..,'.'.L, M., . ,.g.,,.., ....,.....,...,.M 1.,. .um ,,,.. .,...1.,, '.A.,.,.u5.MLx.,..L.g. .L -A,h.m.N.i.M. W, ,Mm ,..,. ,L ..L.n,M-.,.,f.M,,.,N.,. . -W, ,. 12 vw. .m, - Hither and Yon .,,,m...-., . N, J , .,. ,W ., kk..-M -, W ,. - MN . , ..... ,-MWM., ww-. ,.-.1.1,,W.,,, ,nw .fwmmhl man. .zA....mA..:.J..h..mupmpma-xQ..,Lm.inm.m.f:.f.4.m1s..a..n.:M:..x:-Js1a.xf..n4m ..:L1..1fkM.4L.:..A.x.u.,mi:A.a,. .J.1,.A-4.L,,,5...1..1,..fA..vA.,.44.A.x...fA.z,..z1m.n.g.nQuug V m.:..m.aimns1nawa44u-1.-.v bo EXCALIBUR 1936 Last Will and Testament lv' YV., left if Tklg gazffgu "Goldie" to Alice Chidester. I, Louise Atha, hereby will my name I, Robert Atkins, hereby will my big I, Paul Atkinson, hereby will my ability to rattle the words off to Betty Snyder. I, Clifford Bailey, hereby will my ability to play basketball to Dale Crawford. I, Bob Bailey, hereby will my ability to ride to school to Harry McKeddie. I, Lloyd Barson, hereby will my Cedric Wehunt "Yes Mom" to Fred Fox. I, Lucille Bauer, hereby will my typing prayers to Dorothy Baxter. I, Mildred Baxter, hereby will my voice to Jill King. I, Bill Beam, hereby will my happy-go-lucky disposition to the Faculty. I, Edith Bebout, hereby will my name "Tubby" to Jane Gamble. I, Katy Black, hereby will my yearning fill for study to Betty Shaffer. I, Helen Bollenbacher, hereby will my position as treasurer of Y-Hi to okkeeping ability. I, Dick Bowers, hereby will my friendship with Bill Snyder to Betty Raeder. I, Beno Brown, hereby will my speed to Don Bollenbacher. I, Dewitt Brown, hereby will my glass eyes and curly hair to Stan Ross. I, Melville Brown, hereby will my ability to catch the bus to Leonard Keihl. I, Robert Brown, hereby will my good work in manual training to Jack Stetler. I, Lester Burnett, hereby will my Book Reports to Bill Fell to have and to get. I, Bernice Busch hereby will my five B's to the wee-est wee freshman. I, Robert Comer, hereby will my French book to Denton Stetler. I, Bernice Counsellor, hereby will my quietness to Delores Miller, I, Doyt Custer, hereby will my position at the bank to Ira Tossey, Jr. I, Janet Davis, hereby will five inches of my height to Jane Gamble. I, Jerry Deal, hereby will all of my freckles to Mary K. Collins. I, Finley Dickinson, hereby will my svelt figure to Jed Gross. I, Helen Diener, hereby will my ability to heckle Miss Gauvey to Sammy Fitzsimmons. I, Dick Dippery, hereby will my briar pipe to Paul Pieroni. I, Julius Ducat, hereby will my interest in magazine articles to Edith Jensen. I, Kay Edwards, hereby will "Bertie" and "Mehitabel" to Betty Snyder. I, Erlene Emans, hereby will my red hair to Esther Forrest. I, Marvel Fackler, hereby will my ability to go with one boy for four years to Bernice I., feet to the highest bidder. some one with Smith. I, Ronald Fleming, hereby will my red hair to John Gamble. I, Bonnie Foote, hereby will my blue eyes to Eldine Edminston. I, Peggie Fowler, hereby will my desire to be a "big girl" to Margaret Allen. I, William Fraylick, hereby will my short fingers to Bill Snyder. I, Pat Gowans, hereby will my long curlv eye-lashes to Enid Cress. I, Pete Green, hereby will my ability to pitch ball to Erma Spring. I, Eva Gribler, hereby will my sweet voice to Helen Pickering. I, John Gunn, hereby will my German haircut to Fay Palmer. I, Jo Hall, hereby will my ability to quarrel with Mr. Bollenbacher to Mary K, Steele. I, Maxine Halverson, hereby will my shorthand notebooks to Miriam VVilloughby. I, Beryl Harden, hereby will my ability to he the last one out of the dressing room to Jin King. I, Joe Hammond, hereby will my ability to be Miss West's pet, to Dick Trapp. I, Joe Harmon, hereby will my quietness to those hilarious Freshmen. I, Karl Hirn, hereby will my last year's knee pants to Franklin Dippery. I, Dick Holmes, hereby will my forgetfulness to Gilford Ford. I, Bill Horton, hereby will my frozen ears hereafter to "Ears" Tossey. I, Jack Huefner, hereby will my interest in aeronautics to Otis Leist. I, Maxine Humrickhous, hereby will my studiousness to Isabel Blake, I, Ronald Hunter, hereby will my hollow tooth to Leroy Comer. I, James Ireton, hereby will my long legs to Gerald Hertel. I, Katy Jerome, hereby will my hatred towards boys to Miriam Brown. I, Don Jerome, hereby will my eagle-eye to all Freshmen basketball players. I, Faye Keith, hereby will my skill in typing to Peggy Kear. I, Katy King, hereby will my ability to get around Mr. Bollenbacher to Mildred Knoll. I, Bob King, hereby will my "ham-acting" to the future heroes in Junior Class plays. I, Elmer Klausing, hereby will my ability to skip assemblies to the Student Body. I, Mildred Klein, hereby will my originality in coiffures to Elinor Chambers. I, Mary F, Knoll, hereby will my athletic ability to Evelyn Fugate. EXCALIBUR 1936 I, Ruth Knoll, hereby will my ability to get by in band without practice to Dick Colfelt. I, Alice Kouts, hereby will my temper to Dudie Kennedy. I, Leo Kreischer, hereby will my dignity to Bud Kennedy. I, Lowell Lambert, hereby will the brown patch on my gray pants to any Freshman. I, Katy LaRue, hereby will my ability to go "steady" to Eloise Kouts. I, Gerald Leiter, hereby will my ability to chew gum to Bob Hammond. I, Albert Lippi, hereby will my smile to the disheartened Freshmen. I, Bob Loe, hereby will my job as Dance Band Pianist to Bob Manship. I, Kenneth Louth, hereby will my ability to graduate! from High School in four years to Junior Tossey, I, Garl McCabe, hereby will my ability to keep my hair combed to Kenneth Bolinger. I, Albert McCoy, hereby will my ability to get through second year Shorthand to the next fool, I, Raymond McNew, hereby will my book reports to Urban Uncapher. I, Betty Mackin, hereby will my love of sports to Lois Cryer. I, George Marsh, hereby, in right mind, will not! I, John Marshall, hereby will my height and weight to Dick Lininger when he grows up. I, Don May, hereby will my talent of the Sousaplione to Kenneth Bolinger. I, Lavon Milheim, hereby will my ability to emerge from arguments unconquered td Lois Uhrich. I, David Miller, hereby will my golden beard to Clifford Brooks. I, Lois Miller, hereby will my large hands and feet to Jane Gamble. I, Jaunetti Norton, hereby will my last few unmarried days of school life to Barbara Miller. I, Merle Olson, hereby will my bookkeeping skill to Calvin Cox. I, Lois Ruth Parker, will my long fingernails to Lois Pressler. I, Lester Patterson, hereby will my car to some tired junior, VVe, Virginia Perrine and Sally Showalter, hereby will our friendship to Thelma Gardner and Mary Hisey. I, Wally Peters, hereby will my tapping feet to Tibby Atchison. I, Kenneth Ptlum, hereby will 2 credits to Junior Tossey, if he needs them. ' I, Peg Poling, hereby will my shortness to Dottie Jean Clark. I, Velma Pontius, hereby will my tattered English IV book to Virginia Lewis. I, Jane Pugh, hereby will my walk to the Putman twins. I, Virginia Putman, hereby will my ability to skip school UQ to Peg Devine. I, Helen Ramsdail, hereby will my ability UQ to write Shorthand to Edith Jensen. I, John Rauch, hereby will my job as jazz orchestra leader and all misery connected to Paul Pieroni. I, Dottie Reid, hereby will to Betty Snyder my red satin blouse. I, Barbara Resor, hereby will my love for the wee hours to Kathryn Young, I, Lee Roebke, hereby will my scholastic ability to Russell Holmes. I, Robert Routt, hereby will my name Henry to any one who is tired of theirs. I, Gene Runnion, hereby will my friendship with Mr. Shaffer to Katy Marsh. I, Leonard Scott, hereby will my taxi boy job to Dick Lininger. I, Margaret Scott, hereby will my alto voice to Virginia Newberry. I, Ida Schumm, hereby will my Shorthand dictionary to Mr. and Mrs. Bollenbachefs daugh- er, Elaine. I, Gordon Slusser, hereby will my French book to anyone. I, Maurice Smith, hereby will my ambition to be a doctor to any intelligent Freshman, I, Ralph Smith, hereby will my love for Biology to Ray Greenewald. I, Eldon Snyder, hereby will my dictionary to Janet Murphy to help her pronounce imbecile. I, Dick Springer, hereby will my Tarzan yell to Calvin Cox. I, Kenneth Stegmeier, hereby will my personality to Evelyn Fugate. I, Mae Stittsworth, hereby will my ability to tell jokes in Civics Class to Ray Greenewald. I, Isabelle Strother, hereby will my lovely little Ditto-tinted fingernails to my successor. I, Helen Stuck, hereby will my solo clarinet chair to the next person in line. I, Gene Terry, hereby will my typing ability to Urban Uncapher. I, Lowayne Thomas, hereby will my bookkeeping knowledge to Don Rowell. I, Gladys Tindall, hereby will my ability to play basketball to Betty Wermer. I, Dick Trippy, hereby will my curly hair to Bob Ferris, I, Miriam Weck, hereby will my ,shortness to Audrey Boettger. I, C-larence Wermer, hereby will my old dirty shirt which I used in the shop to Jack Stetler. I, Norman Wermer, hereby will my ability to write notes to Dotty J. Clark. I, Howdy Wilkinson, hereby will my incision to Jane Gamble. I, Betty Williams, hereby will my gold tooth to Leona Miller. , Mildred Williman, hereby will my reserved manner to Don Foote. , Oscar Wills, hereby will my love for English IV to Bob Preston. . Lois Wilson, hereby will my love for reading to Jane Gamble. , Henrietta VVood, hereby will my upper locker to Elinor Chambers. I, Dick Zeigler, hereby will my avoirdupois to Bill Poling, I, Dean Zinsmaster, hereby will my beard to Jed Gross. ' I I I I I EXCALIBUR 1936 On Deck To the soft strains of the music of Dick Crowell and his orchestra the Ship S. S. Prom moved smoothly off on its journey of the evening of May twenty-furth. Cap- tained by George Marsh, Junior president, and his First Mate, Lois Miller, the ship carried many happy passengers. VVith a velvety sky above and the soft glow of stars shedding their light, beautiful ladies in gowns the colors of the rainbow and hand- some swains glided across the floor of the ballroom of the ship. High, spots of the evening featured the welcome by Captain and the response by Richard Wilkinson, vice- president of the Senior guests acting in the absence of Harry Tate, president. The Grand March, led by the Captain and the First Mate, played an important role in the starting of the evening celebration. During the dancing, refreshments were served by the stewardesses on board the ship. The scintillating music and the dancing continued until the stars began to fade. The S. S. Prom put slowly into port and, as the stars began to dim, one by one, we came to the realization that our Junior-Senior prom was ended. Berne, Indiana ..... EXCALIBUR 1936 Grads of Yester-year, '34 Ackom, Gerald --- Agler, John ..... Alban, Paul ..... Allman, Ketha --- Anderson, Reita --- Baer, Mary ...... Bailey, Harold ..... Van Wert, Ohio ..... Van Wert, Ohio ..... Columbus, Ohio .... Lima, Ohio ........ ----Van Wert, Ohio----- ----Van Wert, Ohio----- Balyeat, Marjorie .... .... Y 'an Baxter, Ruth ...... Baxter, Lavon --- Beam, Alfred .... yliebout, Richard --- Bechtol, Gerald .... Bender, Robert .... Carpenter, Duane -- yCarter, Floyd .... Clifton, Eileen --- Collette, Jerry ..... Conn, Marguerite .... .... Cook, Cline .......,.. -- ,,,, Van Van ----Van -----Van Fort Van Van Van Van Wert, Ohio--- Wert, Ohio ----- Wert, Ohio--- Wert, Ohio ..... Wert, Ohio ....-.. VVayne, Indiana -..- Wert, Ohio -.-..-. VVert, Ohio ...-. Wert, Ohio --... Wert, Ohio .--.. Oxford, Ohio .--.--. Van Wert, Ohio .--- Detroit, Michigan --.. Counsellor, Frances .-.- ---,, X 'an Wert, Ohio .-... Custer, Edmund --...- .... Dasher, Gordon .--,--,, ,,,, Dickenson Poll anna Van VVQ-rt, Ohio .---- Van Wert, Ohio ----. Athens, Ohio -..-... . , y ..-....- Dippery, Lorene ------- ,,,, T oledo, Ohio -..-. Dippery, Dorothy .-.- ,.,, Athens, Ohio ....... Dippery, Princess .--- ,,,,, V an VVert, Ohio ----- Dougal, Phyllis .--- Downs, Jeanne --... Edwards, Thomas --.. Elder, lreta .....-- Elzey, Robert ..---- English, Harriette --- ---- Evans, David --...- Evans, Harry ---- Feigert, Sara --- Fry, Dorothy .... Fugate, Howard --- Gardner, Melvin --- Gauvey, Patricia --- Gearhart, John ---..- Genpert, Marjorie .--- ,,,- Gribler, Maurice --- Grifiis, Marvin --- Gunn, Kathryn --- Halliwell, Ralph --- Hawk, Elden -,.,,,- --- ---- Van Wert, Ohio ..--- Van VVert, Ohio --.---. Nashville, Tennessee .... Van VVert, Ohio ------- Van Wert, Ohio ..... Van Wert, Ohio ----- ----------A. 8: P. Tea Co. ----Gunsett Hardware Co. ---------------Ohio State --------------- Married ----Miller's Pastry Shop -----Federal Relief Office Farming --..------Central Mfg. Ins. Co. ------------------------At home -----Wassenburg Flower Gardens -------Bowden's Poultry House ----------Coombs Shoe Store Bowser's Machine Shop --Shine's Van Wert Theatre --------------Uptown Grille ---'-Smith Construction Co. ----------Morris' 5 8: 10 ------Miami University ----Van Wert Mfg. Co. Af ---------------- Married v ----------Nehi Bottling VVorks ------------------- Giiiin College -------------------Ohm Unlverslty -----Robinwood School for Nurses Ohio University ---------Central Mfg. Ins. Co. --------------Y. W. C. A. Central Mfg. Ins. Co. ----Vanderbilt University ------J. C, Penney Co. ------------- Giftin College ---------------Van Wert Mfg. Co. University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. Pa.--- .-..----- ---- Van Wert, Ohio ..-..---.- Van Wert, Ohio --.-- Lima, Ohio -.....-.. Van Wert, Ohio .--- Cove, Orezon ----. Winona, Minn. .--.- Auburn, Alabama .... Van Van Van ----Van Wert, Ohio -..-. Wert, Ohio .--.- Wert, Ohio --..- Wert. Ohio ----. Chicago, Ill. ----..- Van Wert, Ohio ..--- Heydimrer, Richard .... .... X Van wen, ohio ..... Hoirhe, Harold .--.--- ,--- Van Wert, Ohio -.-.- Holtsberry, Robert --- ---, Horn, Frances ..... Johnson, Virginia -- Jones, J ames .---- Jones, Mary ..-.- Keltner, Leola --- Klein, Thelma .--- Kouts, Norma -.-- Krugh, Vera -.--- Lippi, Armando -- Louck, Elsie --- Louth, James -- Lown, Daniel -... Lytle, Stanley ...... McClure, Clifford --- McCollum, Norma --- ---- McConahay, John ---- --,- -----Columbus, Ohio---- Utica. Mich. ------- Van Wert, Ohio .---- ::Van Wert, Ohio ----- Van Wert, Ohio ----- ----Van Wert, Ohio----- ----Athens, Ohio------ ----Van Wert, Ohio----- Van Wert, Ohio ----- ----Van Wert, Ohio----- Van Wert, Ohio ----- Lima, Ohio -------- Lima, Ohio -------- Columbus, Ohio .--- Van Wert, Ohio ----. Columbus, Ohio ---- Post Graduate at Marsh Foundation ------------------------- Married Northwestern School of Commerce --I: --------- Van Wert Motor Supply --------------------Grocery Store -----College of St. Teresa ----Auburn State College ---------------At home ----Gribler Dairy Co. -------------At home ---------------At home ----Moody Bible Institute ------------Y. M. C. A. ---- Giiiin College --------At home ------C. C. C. -----------Ohio State ---------------Married -----Van Wert Butter Co. ---------------At home ---------------- Married -----Thane Spayr's Oiiice --------Ohio University -----Van Wert Mfg. Co. -------- Gitiin College -----------At home ------Ben Franklin -----Business College --lfffffffffffffoiliiifiiii ----------------- Married ----Army Band, Ft. Hayes '1 X McCoy, Carl ....... --- EXCALIBUR 1936 -Van Wert, Ohio McKeddie, John ...... .... V an Wert, Ohio ..... McMillan, Gordon --- .... Crossville, 'I'enn.--- artin, Truman .... .... Hiller, Dale ...... .... Miller, Donald --- ---- Mliller, Donna --- Miller, Faith .... Miller, Helen --- Miller, Lionel --- Mvers, Louise --- ---.. Nichols Claude Nihiser: Carol --: Van Wert, Ohio ..... Van Wert, Ohio ..... Van Wert, Ohio ..... ----Van Wert, Ohio ..... Chicago, Illinois ..... - - --Van Wert, Van Wert, Van Wert, Van Wert, Van Wert, Ohio ..... Ohio ..... Ohio ..... Ohio ..... Ohio ..... -----Scharif's Green House ----------- Giilin College -----------Sheep Ranch -----------Betty Ann ----Raudabaugh Bros. ------Country Club -----------At home -----Kesler Ins. Co. ,,,,---------At home ,,,,---,,------At home ----Van Wert Mfg. Co. ,,,,,---,--,-At home 4 ,,,,,....... At home Obenour, James .... .... V an Wert, Ohio ..... ........-------- V all Wert Hatchery Overman, Wayne --- .... ,................ - - ............-.----- ---------- C - C- C- 4fPennell, Agnes --- .... Toledo, Ohio ....... .... S tautzenberger Commercial Colege Pflum, Carlesta -- .... Van Wert, Ohio ..... .....-.---------- ---- B 0 Hllewlfz Co. Pollock, Louise --- .... Van Wert, Ohio ..... ...------- -------------- M ll flied Pomeroy, Dudley -- ,,,, Chicago, Ill, ,,,,,,, ..... M oody Bible Illstltllte Pugh, Adrian ..... .... V an Wert, Ohio .... ------------ P ark Hotel Pugh, Daniel ..... .... C onvoy, Ohio ........ .--- G addis Stone Quarry Rice, Fern ......... .... V an Wert, Ohio ..... ....---.------- A t home Riley, Jeannette --- .... Van Wert, Ohio ..... ---------- P alllffl' C0- Roberts, Jane .... .... Saam, James .... Scott, Wilbur .... .... Sheeran, Lillian .... .... Schaadt, Irvin --- --- Shick, Charles -- sink, Robert --f' -'U Slane, Dale ....... .... Smith, Alta Mae Smith, Leona ..... .... Spayd, George ..... .... Stettler, Donald .... .... Stuck, Margaret .... .... yferry, La Verne Thomas, Esther -In jfbdd, Gordon ..... .... Truax, Geraldine Turner, Isabel ..... .... Urton, Jack ....... .... Watterson, Jane .... .... Webster, Robert Welch, Sue ...... .... Welker, Helen .... .... l2Wermer, Russell Wise, Harry ...... .... Whitney, Ralph .... .... Wilson, Ruth ..... .... Wyandt, Alice .... .... Young, John .... Van Wert, Ohio ..... Van Wert, Ohio ..... Van Wert, Ohio ..... Dayton, Ohio ........ -Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio ..... Van Wert, Ohio ..... Van Wert, Ohio .... Van Wert, Ohio ..... Cincinnati, Ohio .... Van Wert, Ohio .... -------------At home ---------- Giiiin College -----Evans Wholesale Co. ----University of Dayton -------------- Farming -------- Giilin College -------At home ----- Farming -------..At home ----Glass Factory ------------------V. W. Bulletin ,,,----------------------Orchestra Akron, Ohio ..... Toledo, Ohio ,,,,.,. ..... F lower Hospital Nurses School Van Wert, Ohio .... Toledo, Ohio ....... Van Wert, Van Wert, Van Wert, Van Wert, Springfield, Van Wert, Springfield, Van Wert, Van Wert, Van Wert, Ohio ..... Ohio ..... Ohio ..... Ohio ..... Ohio ..... Ohio ..... Ohio ..... Ohio ..... Ohio ..... Ohio ..... Newark, Ohio ....... Van Wert, Van Wert, Ohio ..... Ohio ....... Yellow Springs, Ohio .... fk-nv! 1 Rl Jar V ,M O' ' rr 0. ,-. . - k 8 x A 1 x' ' , g 4 ' ,fills ff -,---------------A. Sz P. Tea Co. ----un-----Iraiilin-College --------At home -----------At home --------V. W. Bulletin -..--Wittenberg College --------A. Sz P. Tea Co. ---Wittenberg College -------------At home ----------- Gitlin College ------------------At home -----Owens Illinois Glass Co. -------------Morris 5 Sr 10 ----------------At home -----Antioch College EXCALIBUR 1936 Grads of Yesteryear, '35 Abbott, Walter .............. Akerman, Emmett --- Agner, James ...... Allen, Ruth ...... Allingham, June --- Bagley, Ada ..... Balyeat, Nellie --- Baxter, Helen .... .fBebout, Helen ..... Beck, Gertrude .... L. Bllan, Ted ......... Boddy, Eva ............ .... Borchers, George ............. Brittsan, Mildred Rose ........ Busch, Ethel ................. ,,Carter, Raymond ...... ..... Clark, Elise ....... Cress, David ..... Croghan, Ruth --- Cryer, Howard ..... Cryer, Raymond --- Dally, Gerald .... Dickey, Evelyn -- English, Robert .... Fell, Elizabeth ..... Gamble, Richard ..-- Gekler, Rowena .... Germann, Phyllis .... Gipe, Paul ......... Green, Lenore ..... Grunewald, Robert --- Van Wert, Van Wert, Van VVert, Van Wert, Ohio ..... - - - Ohio ..... Ohio ..... Ohio ....... Des Moines, Iowa ..... Van Wert, Ohio ..... Van Wert, Ohio ..... - Van Wert, Ohio ..... --- Van Wert, Ohio ....... ..... -- .... .... A t home ----At home --------- Murphy's -------------At home -----Drake University ----------Bagley Coal Co. -------------- Giflin College ---Van Wert National Bank Hisey 81 Bebout Contractors Van Wert, Ohio ...------ --.------...-..-..-.. O ak Cafe Bowling Green, Ohio .--- -- -Van Wert, Ohio-- Wittenberg, Ohio ---- Van Wert, Ohio -...- Van Wert, Ohio ....- Van Wert, Ohio ----- Delaware, Ohio ---- Ada, Ohio ----.---- Van Wert, Ohio ----- Van Wert, Ohio ..-.--- Bloomington, Il.ino1s ----- Bluffton, Ohio ..------- Van Wert, Ohio .---- Columbus, Ohio ---- ........ --Bowling Green University ---------Brumback Library -------Wittenberg College -------------At home -----------At home ----Carter Contractor --- -Ohio Wesleyan ----Ohio Northern --------At home --------At home -----Dairy Farm ------------ Working ---------Post Graduate Ohio State University -------------Marysville College F5Fr"vx75,35SfiI1RII' 11115555W5Q55'islIQL2Q5'sLi1LBi Marysville, Ky. .... Van Wert, Ohio--- Van Wert, Ohio--- Van VVert, Gribler, Margaret ---- ---.- V an Wert, Hammond, Clifford --- Hansell, Lois ...--- Harden, Evelyn .... Heaton, Finley ---- Huysman, Alice --- Hipsley, Paul - --.-. - yFIolbrook, Maurice --- Jackson, Mildred --- Vliaduk, Frank --- Kampf, Mary ..-.-- ,K-anney, Edward --- Kanney, Virginia -.-. Kern, Betty Lou --- Kesler, Alice ---.... King, Louise -----.--- Klausing, Robert -.-- Neiford, Kenneth ...- Knott, Olive ------- Kouts, Nellie ---- Ladd, Paul -----. Lawhead, Aileen --- Leviness, Bertha --- Linser, Ralph --.--.. Linton, Mary Ann ---. Lockard, Jack .,,,,,,,, ,,-, Longsworth, Margaret Marker, Robert ..,,,,,, ,,,,, Mayer, Walter .--.. McBride, Robert --- McCoy, David --- Mihm, Russell --- Miller, Wilson --- lW0ltz, Grace .---. Mohler, Stewart --.. ----------------------At home ---------Van Wert Mfg. Co. Ohio ..... .......-.-.-- A t home V811 Wert, Ohio ----- ....-... C ollin's Grocery Ohio ....... ..... K arr's Bus. College Hillsdale, Michigan -.-- -.-.- H illsdale College -----Berne, lndiana------ --,-,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -----Van Wert, Ohi0----- ------Water Works Co. Van Wert, Ohio ----. .--.. D ake's Restaurant Van Wert, Van Wert, Van Wert, -----Hamilton, -----Van Wert, -----Van Wert, Ohio .--.- Ohio ---.- Ohio ----- Ohio .-.-- Ohio ----- Ohio ----- --,-----Morris 5 8: 10 -----Schine's V. W. ----------At home ------------Married ----Sinclair Station ----------At home Van VVert, Ohio -.-.. .....,.-.,....,,,,,,,,,,,, A t home Van Wert, Ohio ----- ..............,,,,,...,,,,, A t hgme Lynchburg, Va. .-.- ----- R andolph-Macon Woman's College Van Wert, Ohio -.-.- .........,...,,,,,,,,,-,-, A Q home Oberlin, Ohio ...... ..-.- O berlin Conservatory of Music Van Wert, Ohio --.-... .....,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A t home Fort Wayne, Indiana .-..- ,,,, W orking Delphos, Ohio -.-...... -,,., M an-ied Van Wert, Ohio -.... Van Wert, Ohio .---- Van Wert, Ohio .---- Van Wert, Ohio ..... Van Wert, Ohio ..... -Cleveland, Ohio- Ohio City, Ohio ----- ----At home -----------At home --..----------At home ----Atlantic SL Pacific -----------At home - -.----.--- Working --------------Married Wittenbefgs Ohio ---- -.--- W ittenberg College Van Wert, Ohio .--.. ,.,,-,,,,,,,,,,, - ,,At home Van Wert, Ohio ----. ....,,,,,,,,,-, G iiiio College VH-U Wert, 0hi0 ----- ..-- H i-Speed Filling Station Adil, Ohio --------- --........-.. O hio Northern Van Wert, Ohio ..... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,--- A Q home V811 Wert, Ohio ----- -... S chine's Strand Van weft, 0hi0 ----- ..--- V an Wert Times lx, u 4 Munday, Harry --- Myers, Mildred ..... .... EXCALIBUR 1936 Columbus, Ohio .... Van Wert, Ohio .... Obenou r, Virginia .... .... I uma, Ohio ......... Olson, Myrtle ...... Partin, John ...... Phelps, Jane -- Pierce, Alene --- Poling, Alice .... Pontius, Bert ..... Price, Esther ...... --- ----Van Wert, Ohio----- ----Van Wert, Ohia----- ----Van Wert, Ohio----- Cincinnati, Ohio ....... -----------Ohio State -----Van Wert Mfg. Co. --------Lima Business School ---------------'---At home -Gilland Sr Richey Elevator ------------Central Mfg. Co. Bowling Green, Ohio ..... ..... B owling Green State U. Van. Wert, Ohio ....... -Van Wert, Ohio .... Ray, William ........ .... A thens, Ohio ....... Raymond, Robert ...... .... C olumbus, Ohio .... Reidenbach, Richard --- .... Van Wert, Ohio---- Rhoads, Kathleen .... ...- C incinnati, Ohio .... Richards, Marjorie -- ---- Roberts, Hazel --- Rucklos, David --- yRoebke, Rex .... Rose, Everett --- Rowell, Joe ..... Runnion, Dale .... Shank, Ted ..... Shick, Phillip --- Small, Robert --- Small, Ralph .... Jackson, Michigan --- Van Wert, Ohio .... Van Wert, Ohio .... ----Van Wert, Ohio---- Van Wert, Ohio .... Columbus, Ohio ..... Van Wert, Ohio .... Cambridge, Mass ..... Cincinnati, Ohio .... ----Cincinnati, Ohio---- Smith, Leo ........ .... W 'an Wert, Ohio .... Smith, Marion ...... .... N 'an Wert, Ohio .... Summersett, Dean --- .... Van Wert, Ohio---- Summersett, Doris --- .... Van Wert, Ohio---- Speelman, Eloise --- Wesson, M1SS----- Staley, Leon ......... ...- N 'an Wert, Ohio .... Steinmetz, Pauline --- ...- Van Wert, Ohio---- Stratton, Helen ..... .... Van Stripe, Louise ........ .... X 'an Stittsworth, Chester Van Lima, Ohio ............ North Baltimore Uncapher, Carl ..... ........ Urton, Veneodia .... .... V an Varnfield, Doris ..... -... V an Studebaker, Jessie .... .... Tate, Harry ...... Wallace, Vivian --- Wallick, John --- Walls, Dorothy --- Walters, Marcile ..-- ---- ----Van ----Van ----Van Walters, Sumner .... .... A da Waltz, Ursula .... Wherry, Harry --- Whitney, Mary --- Witten, Billy ....... --- Wilkinson, Richard --- --- ----Van Vlert, Ohio .... Wert, Ohio ..... Wert, Ohio-- Wert, Wert, Ohio--- Ohio .... Ohio .... Wert, Ohio .... Wert, Ohio .... Wert, Ohio .... Van Wert, Ohio .... , Ohio ......... Wert, Ohio .... Wert, Ohio .... ---..Van ----Van -Van Williman, Robert --- .... Van Wyant, Esther .... Young, Maurice --- Wert, Wert, Ohio .... Ohio .... -Van Wert, Ohio .... Wert, Ohio .... ----Van Wert, Ohio---- ----Van Wert, Ohio---- 'N-.Ill 1 ,-yg ,Wu Vl?!!l'lwll!iZ"UIllMl1 W if ,Q it fe 4, . , -25 7-1iu.luF l iv- R I V X L5 l , ---------Working at home ---Ben Franklin Store ------Ohio University -----------Ohio State ----Kennedy Mfg. Co. ----Christ Hospital ----Electric Shoe Shop ----Times Reporter ---------At home ---------- Navy --------Oak Cate ---------Ohio State -------Schine's V. W. - --- Harvard University - - - -Cincinnati Seminary - ---Cincinnati Seminary -- - Balyeat's Coal Yard --------------At home --------Williman's Market --------------Morris' 5 Sz 10 Copiah-Lincoln, Jr. College ------------------At home ------------Schine's V. W. --------------At home ----Van Wert Mfg. Co. -------------At home ----Salvation Army ------ Deceased ----At home -------At home -- .-.-..- At home ---------..-At home ----Murphy's 5 8: 10 ---------At home -----Ohio Northern ---------------At home ------------Giilin College At home -----Miiller's Filling Station ----Wilkinson Printing Co. ------Williman's Market ---------------At home ---- -Kennedy Kit EXCALIBUR 1936 Jokes Zeigler: "I'm going to ask you a riddle. 'What makes my life so miserable P' Peg: "You got me." Zeigler: "That's right. n Helen fafter a spatj: "You should have picked some stupid, credulous girl to go with." Dewitt: "Well, my dear, I did the best I could." -i... i.. "Is that Venus P" asked Eloise Kouts. "No, that's Jupiter," said Rich Holmes. "How cleverf' said Eloise, "to be able to distinguish the sex at this great distance." .l..l, Katy: "Now what are you stopping for?" George: "I've lost my bearings." Katy: "Well, at least you are original. Most fellows run out of gas." - Mr. Spieth, after sawing away fruitlessly at the chicken pot-pie, laid down his weapons. "Waiter," he asked confidentially, "it is wrong, is it not, to speak disrespectfully of the aged P" g "Why-er-yes, sir." Q "Very well," responded the diner, firmly. "Then we will say nothing-absolutely nothing-about the chicken in this pot-pie." George: "And what did Dudy say when you kissed her P" Dick S.: "She told me to come up on Friday night, as that's amateur night." .l.T..i Mr. Rauch Cin the middle of a jokej : "Have I ever told the class this one before?" Class Qin a chorusj: "Yes," Mr. Rauch fproceedingj : "Good! You will probably understand it this time." ..l Gene Runnion: "My greatest sin is vanity. Only this morning I looked into? the mirror and thought, 'How handsome I am.' " Saint Peter: "Go in peace. To be mistaken is not a sin." l .i Paul Pieroni "When I sat down to play the piano they laughed." Pat Gowans: "Why P" Paul P.: "There was no piano stool there." A census taker asked Mrs. Bollenbacher at the door: "How many in your family ?" "Five," snapped the answer, "me, the old man, kid, cow, and cat." "And the politics of your family ?" "Mixed. I'm a Republican, the old man's a Democrat, the kid's wet, the cow's dry and the cat's a Populistf, EXCALIBUR 1936 613: ' ::, NM 'L jf-it : '15-F , 'yfwikx BELIEVE in working, not weepingg in L: as . boosting, not knockingg and in the pleasure of my 1ife's work. Ibelieve that a man gets what he goes after, ,,. and that one deed done today is worth two done to- 'C 37 8111 morrow, and that no man is down and out until he 2 has lost faith in himself. Ibelieve in today and the success- ' ' It .1 ful work I am doing: in tomorrow ,- and the work I hope to do, and in F' the sure reward which the future g- J holds. 5 X9 I believe in courtesy, in kindness, gn: in generosity, in good cheer, in U1 friendship and in honest compe- X tition. I believe there is something Q:-A doing, some where, for every boy -- or girl ready to grasp the opportu- 11 f nity. Ibelieve that happiness comes to those who prepare themselves for 5: 2 3 .:fj::: the service in life which will give vent to the inner-self. Young men and women desiring a life of active 103 service in the business world p should enroll with .... -is ' .JOHN H. KARR K L ..., , 3 1 4 7 P as if gp, n II . arr f g . 1 .3 V I K Ll ,fix jf ' - I 55 ., ' I f bl I ir, jx L Q ' f' f f f QI If :ii ly ,, A . ,- 5 s , 5 -t Pi f f Ban mari, Qghtu College in the Evans Central Building, corner Main and Jefferson I EXCALIBUR 1936 Jokes A jolly young chemistry tough, While mixing some chemistry stuff, Dropped a match in the vial, , And after a while They found his front teeth and a cuff. Harriet Kenyon: "I wonder how old Miss Priddy is ?" Alice Ann Chidester: "Quite old, I imagine. They say she used to teach Caesar." Bill Kennedy: "Let's sit this one outg no one will be the wiser." Mid Baxter: "Oh, yes, you will." Bob Comer: "Johnny Rauch thinks he can sing like Caruso." Custer: "Well, they do say Caruso had a beautiful voice but how could they know with him stranded on that island with nobody but Friday to hear him ?" Mr. Clark: "Were you entertaining a man in your room last evening?" Helen R.: "That's for him to say." Bud Kennedy: "What will your father say when he knows we're engaged ?" Kouts: "Oh, he'll be delighted. He always is." Howdy Wilkinson wandered into a tennis tournament the other day and sat down on the bench. "Whose game ?" he asked. A shy young thing fKay Edwardsj sitting next to him looked up hopefully. "I am," she replied. Dippery: "Dottie was sure a scrapper. She slapped me twice." Ronald Hunter: "Did you finally kiss her ?" Dick: "Yeah, I saw that I would have to or she'd beat me to death. An imaginary conversation five years from now with Meriam Brown playing the leading role: "I had a date with a millionaire last night and I charged him a thousand dollars a kiss." "Why don't you date him up again this evening?" "Nothing doing. I'm not dating up any ex-millionaires." .l,1,,... "What are the two genders?" The teacher asked Sam Davis. Slightly confused, he answered, "Masculine and feminine. The masculines are divided into temperate and intemperate and the feminines into frigid and torrid." EXCALIBUR 1936 -... xg! I ' ' M W 5 E .... x JR UZ fue-- 4 . QQQQQQQQ 2 S 51665 5 5 B N 55121 ,.m,,,,,,..,,,,,,,.,.,,,-,H A ,au A Y V -w-W ww., M g AMA4u--TA-.-MA.-A-- NV V -A47 ggi!! s N2 two reasons why Van Wert High School's V3 Class of 1936 is made up of so many Fine young men and women. 4 fu ex .... i iMQgM Q Best Wishes For Your Success is JE and Happiness from :xii-3 .... M A Friend of Van Wert High Q E EXCALIBUR 1936 . ' Jokes George: "I've just been reading some statistics here-every time I breathe a man dies." Springer: 'Gosh, man! Why don't you use Listerinef' "But, my dearf' bleated the poor henpecked husband, "you've been talking for half an hour, and I haven't said a word." "No," snapped Mrs. Bowdle, "you haven't said anything, but you've been listen- ing in a most aggravating manner, and I'm not going to stand for it." Sally Jane: "My little brother ruined my last date by sitting in back of my boy- friend and me and laughing at our kissing." Ginny Perrine: "Why didn't you send him to a movie P" Sally: "Say, we were in a movie." Miss West: "How do you sweep under stationary objects, Dean ?" Dean Zinsmaster: "Oh ! you move them, I guess." Drunk No. 1 : "Thish match won' light." Drunk No. 2: "Washa madda with it?" Drunk No. 1 : "I dunno-it lit all right a minute ago." Mary Knoll: "When my sweetie calls on me, we sit around and discuss the weather." Helen Bollenbacher: "Doesn,t that grow awfully tiresome?" Mary: "Yes, but it's the only way to get mother and dad out of the room." Old and haggard, pale and worn, Wrinkled, shriveled, tattered and torn, Bedraggled and creased like an ancient mummer- Your white linen suit at the end of summer. Kenny Plum: "Say, waiterg there's a splinter in this cottage cheese." Waiter: "What do you want for a dime-the whole cottage P" Ida Shumm: "I'll bet you a hundred dollars that I'll never marry." Bob Loe: "I'll take you." Ida: "Will you really? Then I won't bet after all." Eleanor Chambers: "I'm selling kisses for charity at the bazaar, Tuesday, just fifteen cents a kiss-how's that for a bargain?" Joe Hammond: "Oh, that's all right-everybody expects to be cheated at these charity affairs anyway." i EXCALIBUR 1936 Compliments THE GUNSETT co. of Hardware, House Furnishings Stoves, Ranges fm , Sh in Willi m P in s :ig The Clothler ewand Var:isl:esa t Plumbing 8: Electrical Supplies We wish success , to the Class of 1936 CLARK S SHOES f XC? DAlKlE'S CAFE for I mx E3 The Good Place 87 YEARS to Eat PURDY MOTOR K. 8: K. Jf SALES Confectionery ' 226 S. Washington Street 1 Van Wert, Ohio g We Sell Cloverleaf Ice Cream T t d and A ro d KC Open Day and Night by Godd Plousekeeigngvgureau 5 WINEBURG'S C 1. t f I: 0 , O , omp imen s o gm Ladles and M1sses fn. n Montgomery Ward gl Apparel d C gf Hotel Marsh Building an ompany ' 53 I EXCALIBUR 1936 Jokes James Shock: "Ah! So you have a new room-mate! Kenny Stegmeier: "No-I bought this tie myself." as Mrs. Livingston: "Baby, dear, you mustn't play with daddy's razor! Mother has a can of peaches to open." Helen Stuck: "I hear that Mary keeps a diary of all her quarrels with Kenny." Steve Y.: "Oh, I see, a sort of scrap book, eh?" Sammy Slusser: "What happened after you were thrown out of the back entrance?" Don Russell: "I told the fellow I belonged to a very important family." Sammy: "So what?" Don: "He begged my pardon, asked me in again, and threw me out of the front door." They stood at the garden gate. Hustle coughed nervously. "Evelyn, dear," he whispered huskily, "we've been walking out together for years now, you and I." "We have, darling." "Well," he gulped, "will you-will you lend me my taxi fare home-I'm broke." Miss West: "What would help a secretary keep accurate minutes ofeach meeting P" Dick Trapp: "A watch." WE WONDER If Bernice Smith were lost, would Ronald Hunter? If the Pearly Gates were closed, could Leo Kreicher? If Steve should leave her, would Helen be Stuck? In a game of cards, would Jerry Deal? When a girl appears, does Gene Terry? If Pete would propose, would Beryl Harden? If Dudy were in jail, would Dick Springer? If a fellow tries to kiss a woman and gets away with it he's a man, if he tries and doesn't get away wit he's a brute, if he doesn't try but would get away with it if he tried he's a coward, but if he doesn't try and wouldn't have gotten away with it if he had tried he's wise. They walked along together, The sky was covered with stars, They reached the gate in silence The lifted the iron barg She raised her dark eyes to him There was nothing between them nowg For he was only a hired man, And she, a Guernsey cow. EXCALIBUR 1936 .3 0 . The Pr-esserette -- Compliments of -N CLEANERS I 1. : 3 .1 ' E. B. KING :,, QX Ji KD X! 1C GROCER f 5 to ga: , , Q30-Q gogiv The difference in cost Q? ,Ea is slightg f' it '1 W WSW The difference in work is great V 112 S. Washington. Phone 2323 EQ' van Wert, ohio Compliments Student Headquarters of EC? v vv f C1 th' The an er 0 mg Van Wert Book Store Company 120 West Main Street , gf WILD BROS. mg Wilson at G11-od -: A Satisfied Customer I . is Our Best Advertisement! Lowe Bros' Palnts .. ICE g phone 3004 Van Wert, Ohio EXCALIBUR 1936 Jokes THE STENOGRAPHER fDedicated to Aliene Terryj She knows the very latest style, No dance she'll ever miss. She talks of movies all the while- Hir tipeing lokks lyk thiss"'j At writing shorthand she's a wow, The fastest I've seen yet. She speeds the typewriter, and how. Hir sppelling iz all wettf Each day she talks to "Sweetie Joe" For hours on the phone. At last I had to let her go Sz" nou i Typ mie ouwnQQ35ZL Mr. Bowdle: "You are twenty minutes late again. Don't you know what time we start work at this school? Albert Lippi: "No, sir! They're always at it when I get here." Helen Diener: "I caught my fellow flirting." Isabel Strother: "That's how I got mine, too." Livy: "Junior, answer my question." Junior Martz: "I did, I nodded my head." Livy: "I heard it rattle, but I didn't see whether it was up and down or sideways Y" Bob Baxter: "I rever clash with my boss." Bill Fell: "No?" Bob: "No, he goes his way and I go his." Livy: "Now describe what you know of the spine." After a minute's thought the young student wrote: "The spine is a bundle of bones which runs up and down the back. The skull sits on one end and I sit on the other." Two teachers were discussing men: "Which would you desire most in your husband-brains, wealth, or appearance F" asked Miss Priddy. "Appearance," snapped Miss Benson, "and the sooner the better." Katty: "I want a corselette for my wife." Blase Clerk: "What bust ?" Katty: "Er-nothing at all. It just wore out." '1 EXCALIBUR 1936 gg COMPLIMENTS or ' lc? KESLER BROS. H. LEONARD SIDLE 5 GROCERY FURNITURE 123 S. Washington St. IL COMPLIMENTS or when gut to dine M , V' The S. an S. Please find our sign Ben Franklin Store The Hungry Man f .6 B. A. sfeuer o. E. shurueff Quality Eats is .. xg Member of Vanirma 109 S. Washington Q, I if COMPLIMENTS Op Congratulations 2 fa 53' ' PEOPLES GROCERY To the Class of 1936 ! STORES J. P. Skinner 8: Co. van Wert, ohio Dry Goods 752 Ready-to-Wear w... , Hats Cleaned and Blocked E tAt a Van Wert 3 THE OLD SOUTH shoe shining Parlor 143 East Main L TEDDY MISTRAKES 3 EXCALIBUR 1936 Jokes THAT MYSTERIOUS X X is the Roman notation for ten, X is the mark of illiterate men: X is the ruler removed from this throne: X is the quality wholly unknowng X may mean xenum, a furious gasg X is a ray of a similar class: X-mas is Christmas, a season of bliss, X in a letter is good for one kiss, X is for Xerxes, that monarch renownedg X marks the spot where the body was found. T,..1.,..l, Mason: "Who can tell me where dew comes from P" Marguerite Thatcher: "The earth rotates so rapidly that it perspiresf' , Finny: 'I locked the car up before we left it, and now, confound it, I've lost the key!" Gracie Owens: "Never mind, dear! It's a fine night-we can ride home in the rumble seatf, An essay on geese by Sammy Fitzsimmons: "A geese is a low, heavy set boid which is mostly meet and feathers. His head sits on one side and he sits on the other. A geese can't sing much on account of dampness of the moisture. He ain't got no between-his-toes and he's got a little balloon on his stomach to keep him from sinking. Some gooses when they gits big has curls on their tails and is called ganders. Ganders don't hail' to sit and hatch, but just eat and loaf, and go swimmin'. If I was a goose, I'd rather be a gander." . There's a meter in music, Thereis a meter in tone, But the best of all meters, Is to meet her alone. i.i ...T RULES OF THE VAN BROOMSTICK HOTEL 1. In case you are thirsty there is a spring in the bed. 2. If you leave your watch upstairs do not let it run down. 3. If your watch stops listen to the bed-tick. 41. If your room is cold get hot about it. 5. In case of fire rush to the window and see the fire escape. 6. Roomers with no arms will find a dresser in the rooms. 7. If the bed is short, do not sleep long. 8. To avoid trouble get in before night falls. Miss Priddy is accustomed to measuring a yard of cloth by holding it to her nose and then holding it out at arm's length. One day a Freshman came to her with a piece of goods and said: "Here, Miss Priddy, smell this and see how long it is." EXCALIBUR 1936 'I' ll E B E S Q LA A Il E A n gat ,C-3 YF ga XV f it --. ..-" 1 ". XG if For the Woman Who Uses Gas. Compliments of YOUR GAS COMPANY g "Your Favorite Specialty Store" I Extends Best Wishes V ?y RUCKLOS sttotv, tm. EXCALIBUR 1936 A Jokes "All right there?" called the conductor from the front of he car. "Hold on," came a feminine voice. "Wait 'till I get my clothes on." The entire carful turned and craned their necks expectantly. A girl got on with a basket of laundry. .6 ,l,,, -Dick Bowers: "Gee, there's an awful lot of girls stuck on me." Jim Ireton: "Yeah. They must be an awful lotf' . fl Lee: "If I suddenly kissed you, would you scream for your mother ?" Helen Diener: "Certainly, she bet me a dollar you wouldn't have the nerve to try it." Charged with wife-beating, a Los Angeles husband was ordered to kiss his wife every day for six months. The woman always pays. Jr. Tossey: "That driver ahead must be Miss Gleason, my old school teacher." Dick Trapp: "Why ?" Jr. Tossey: "She seems to be so reluctant about letting me pass." The ladies of the Helping Hand Society enjoyed a swap social on Friday evening. Everybody brought something they didn't need. Many of the ladies were accom- panied by their husbands. Maxine H: "Aren't you driving rather fast, dad ?" Dad: "You don't want to be late to school, do you?" Maxine H.: Cthoughtfullyj-"No-o-0, but I'd much rather be late than absent." Miss Hall: "Don, please define space." Don Jerome: "Well, er-er, space is a-place where there is nothing aa- Msis Hall: "Yes, go on." - Don: "Well, I can't exactly tell you what it is but I have it in my head." Dick Trippy applied for a job at Williman's Meat Market. "How much will you give me ?" "Three dollars a week: but what can you do to make yourself useful around a butcher shop?" "Anything" "Well, be specific. Can you dress a chicken?" "Not on S3 a week," said Dick. Elevator Man: "Here you are, sonny. This is your floor." Henry Clarke: "How dare you call me 'sonny'l You are not my father." Elevator Man: "Well, I brought you up, didn't I?" EXCALIBUR 1936 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF J. s l I l I ". 1936 gf From the Store O Friendship 1 1 May your futures hold in store much happiness for all of you. 'U J. C. PENNEY CO. Q oRADUAT1oN DAY if fm- the CLASS OF '36. QDZSQSYZQ 'TJ 5 You are leaving your school days to start new days ---new ways---to make your place in the world. We are proud of the opportunity to congratulate IL you on your achievement and to wish gg you success and happiness. :Tas THE OHIO POWER COMPANY EXCALIBUR 1936 an , -1, "fm EXCALIBUR 1936 Congratulations High School Special 936 Bat 'I9c. Large size Oil Treated Fieniers Glove 81.98. Bat and Glove, 'V both marked with the Six: Van Wert Pennant. ms? THE u. s. svonnns snous cnmmw BONNTEWITZ EXCALIBUR COMPANY Q2 -... ..-' -as Department Store PHOTOGRAPHS BY Q1 CORSAGES A SPECIALTY. THE AGLER STUDIO EI 13 3, N VAN wI:R'r, or-no FLOWERS ,QQ 65339 ENGRAVINGS BY Fort Wayne Engraving Co. FORT WAYNE, IND. W UN ALL OCCASIONS ICI PRINTING Scharff Brothers BY 5 van Werfs WILKINSON PRINTING I Leading Florists COMPANY SE for over 36 years VAN WERT- UHTO EXCALIBUR 1936 Autographs ' EXCALIBUR 1936 Autographs -Y c f X QLLLML f K fv1-,4z-fc:,aff-mf:aw.ff-,-Awam-5' ue?-Nine Hffiwffwewf., vmmifffqfmff - , 11 1, QL.. -,r'1s:14f--.- ' , ima ..f, vf iff: mv?-1-1iv?,: ffm ff:-2.1 ff' 1 M15-f":i,':fW ' ' 14. ,Hx 4 ' , 1 'af - , :fi " Rl: 4 'ev 'fx' '51, 'nr'-' V .4?15'-'51-.Img-1. g..:::' ,L 9-'-'W . b 'f H", 'z 1-rf, '. ,' f ' Aa"-M " gif - - 4' 1 x 1 A v - ' 'ff-mv - 4,r1.f:,g:f-'Yet : -: I - Tv :Tam 'Q 1: f ' af, ..,, 1 fm - .,:Tg'?F'?-fmiif ,4iwf15'?i,--.u5Mi'fTf..u- -1 1334-9:""' 1-1 ' 32 wf"?- '-5455515-142-'g' ,i1t1 921' miwh- -f wi- .w .1.'SQfm?zf-ffx, f " , A f ,, , K. ,Q ,,.,4 qs., ef f,w,n:, +L . -qu, 1. ,f .W -- -ga-N.-', T.,,,?g,-,f,r,. U ,ww ' fi,-'M fr' , - w ,R M .4 pg'G,nvY-. .VL C- , , , f , wi-X , ,fffwfff-. 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Suggestions in the Van Wert High School - Excalibur Yearbook (Van Wert, OH) collection:

Van Wert High School - Excalibur Yearbook (Van Wert, OH) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


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