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4 1 x Y 1 k xhasmlbG'z'mi0!a-t.v ww- -Gmmummmilhlmrmmmsininmwsg ' ' 6. XCAIJI3 VULUME XVI VAN WEIQT HIGH ICHDUL Dublisherl bq Sue Welch, Ediloc-in-Chief Ljiillfl VUUIHI, EBIISUWQSS MIlI1GI'lQP STAFF Editor-in-Chief ,,,,,,,,, , Sue XVelch Bnsinpm Man':Iger,,,,.. John Young Assistant Editor Agnes Pennell Advertising Photography Dave Evans ..John E. Agler Circulation .,,,,,,,,,,,,, Jerry Collette Calendar ,,,, Faculty. Sports , . Snaps . . Personal--- Art . Jokes ......... Organization Typing Rutl Prfnccss Dippery ,. . Faith Miller . Charles Shick Phyllis Dougal, Gordon Dasher - - - - Esther Thomas Lillian Sheeran . , Eileen Clifton Dick Heydingcr Frances Horn Carl McCoy 1 Smith, Lavon Baxter, Ralph Halliwill Foreword ln a century whose progress has been char- acterized by speed'-streamlined cars, auto- gyros. the new deal-on land, water, and in the air. we still have time for reminiscing. ln spite of our fast-moving age we still en- joy remembering old friends, past pleasures and, most of all, our school days. Our class, which is about to leave Van ll'ert High School. brought with it a number of things that will endure long after we have gone. Our foremost contribution is the Stu- dent Council. Ylle have also introduced the Honor Study Hall to our school. VVe brought with us,-too, a number of our most respected faculty members. lt will give us pleasure, when we are out in the work-a-day world to remember our lasting contributions to our .ilnia mater. We will take many worthwhile things away with us as well as leaving a few valuable things behind. Une valuable thing which we take with us is the memory of the pleasant and profitable companionship of both the students and the faculty members. Wle have learned a lesson in honor which will be a benefit to us always. VVe have learned to be persevering which should be a valuable aid to us throughout our entire lives. To this school we owe the development of our char- acter. If we have learned the lessons whicll it has tried to teach us we have an unlimited gain-if we have failed to learn these lessons our loss is incalculable. Our last contribution to our school is this Excalibur which we present to you as a memory book. This book will keep your high school activities forever in your memories. To you, this senior class, we wish all the success which the world has to offer. May your lives bc always profitable and success- ful. I 'Q n. . N 11-5 1315 'h s ,Wh - 0 rm 5 . . Q kfiifga J! I A r-Mg!-. yn' ' If' , 'Q -I M, . f-32,5-2, xr a L fu, K' . -I , ,fs A Q , 1 , fe .3 'KL if! . R, ...- .rx 5 .A ?ff,,,. jfwgf f ...ff W? ."5+ m,: M...-rf W is , , . I 13' i Y 3 w '-A Q , N 1- f W an-w"""' K , ff' WP A w - to N va M' nv .,k J www Q". An.,,,4 - W .LO GW LK 1' -M mx W X Maw ff Q, , .W :hwy X my 1 ,A 'WV 27 -f .sf s.,A syn s ,l 3 ,ix"QV3ffA.2 wks ff' ' 4 rf 8 X , :ii in X-.fk2i??'w' A 'JR' , gf+ffjQ'42iE'+ .. 9 f " Q, 91155 I f" 'Q ,544-4" :,,,v.. l if-F-2-.' A 1 A' -, ,,..-K 4514, . fn. ' ,?"1g?'f5' vp- ? K, 'v,.f2.v-,,, 3 A , fr. J,"V"',.4'1 ft, 121. . J, wg,-u 2 ,iv 1 A 6-lb..f W Q Jw- 4 . 1, ,fy . , W , A if, ,. Vx! -Y Lg Lf A 2 M, ' 1 A at X Q51 AMX' I . , ' C sn g K wr, 'J gfuuunzv my-,W A 4 Y f f V I, s 4 '-S if F' 5,43 ,, 'W Aria rkffrugwi . 4 Q 1 y'wt1:'1 ,F 'ijt' I xg any dp 3 43: . 'iv qv , 'DL-'1' J., RW 3? W' ff- 1 L' za. wwfQy.giz', Q-W my th 44'-M H sg My kg, Q up ,f 1 , 'Z wa- fiflwv - 0 I , ,Z , 1- mm as fi' MI Xiu 2 fy! if ? 3 Q f 1 5 .Mx . 3' X if ,- fy fn .545 ,sag 1 .441 5 Q 5 1 ggi? H X W! Q f .S f r ' f L4 X n'7Q fi Q -nr ami if lu! ' ' f"'N-W.,,..,. ,,,N x X X . -xww Q xx , X - 9 MM xxx XX N. X .5- fgk KW!! .J jug m x 1 eclication To Coach Glenn H. Livingston who has worthily deserved our esteem and gratitude, we gratefully dedi- cate this Excalibur of 193-1-. Coach Livingston has achieved a greater prominence for Van lVert High School by his outstanding work in the athletic depart- ment. In this age of specialization when surgeons know little but surgery, when chemists know little but chem- istry, and most men are highly specialized in a particular field, we have on our faculty a man who is a specialist, and a good one too, in two major professions, coaching and teaching. Coach Livingston has fostered a spirit of sportsmanship and good fellowship not only among the members of his respective teams, but likewise among the whole student body. Our dedication, we think, has been appropriately made to this man to whom we owe so much. ETHEL ARMSTRONG RALPH Boi.i.i2NBAcHizR ORRIN D. BOWILAND Miami University, Ohio Stall' B1ig5Qk-lllqgg Ohio Northern University Univcrsily f'Ornnu,rCl'al De Univvrsity of Chicligo , . ,, partment , English and Mathematics History DOROTHY ELLSWORTH MARGARET ANN EVANS Nlnrion Lollcgc, Indiana Uniur ily of Chiclkn H s . Y ImliAn.i Smtc Normal DePauw University NViQconsin University . XVilli.un and Mary Latin French and English XVimstcr Collvgc URBAN E. DIENER Miami University, Ohio State University RALPH GALLAPOO Superintendent DOROTHY CANT Ohio Northern Univcrsiry gumns History and Excalibur Indimu Univursity Adviser English GRACE HALL I . Ohio XVcsluyan 1 , , I-IAF2QEi"1L!nE3kIixSON Univcrwily of Berlin, Gcrnnmy IZLIZABETH PRIDDY " S - - , . Rollins Collcgcy English' Eacully Advfwf N?1li'0Sg'le fiurnvll Unimmy of National Honor 'mn Hg E . Physirul Education Society Home conomlcs Jmiias H. JONES JOHN KARR 1. G, KA'i"i'iiiziiisiNizic:ii Uhiu Nofghcm Univggsiiy Bliss College Aughizc Ciouniy Normal Muywgiiv Ohio Uiiivvrwity Bliw CR-lli-gc Uniwrbiiy of fjhimgu Y.inor Vollvgc of Prnnmiiwliip C'On7n7el-cial Chqruggg Commercial O, A. KI,liNDWOR'I'H HIZNRY W. l.i2iiNiNc1 Vvhlliilvll UI1iV0fSilV llnlilwin XV.ill.1cc Michigan Univcrsiiy Ohio Univvrnily Puriluc Univvrwily Ohio Suu' University 1,f7ySlftIl EdL1C!l!f0f1 and Mginiigl 'liruilning Mathematics i WALTIEIQ J. KRICK Purdue Univcrsity, Columbia University GLENN LIVINGSTON , , . lVl1XRSHAl.l. OSBORN'.-my .if iviaciiagin Principal and Sociology A Normal Ulm' SUN Ul'lVVl"'llY Ohio Slate University Sfliynfp Science and History , l i DOROTH Y WI EST Ohio Wcslcynn LEONARD WOLl:lf H. B. SPIETH Ohio sim Uiiiv.-fsiiy miiw uf rxiiiqic.,iai, DFEIIHCS' XVcsicri1 Rrsvrvc lnd., l7nnn's Music Cfollcgi' Ohio Slnic Univvmity ll.irv.ird XV.irri-n. Ohio Sclcncv and Mufhcnwlics Dramalic and English Band and Orchestra Q fs -5 G1'r11l1l I". .'1Ck077l'1fIld Igllll f'lIIl pun! ll fllllfllllll 1l11u'11 ll11' fi1'l1l, .I llllNlfI'llJllll, foo, 'lu' 1'1111, 11'i1fl1l. Ilasketlmll l, 2, 25, Al-g Foot- lmll I, 2, 3, -Lg Jr. and Sr. Hi-Yg Clmrusg V Uluhg Student C'1n1nc'iI. 1101111 lf. .'Igl1'r-.l11l111ni1' .l11l11111i1' is f11111l of ll 1'1'rf11i11 lull lass, lliyh 1l111fs Ill' .vl11111l i11 llll' 'Ji 1'l11s.v. Sr. Ili-Y Pre-s.g Jr. Hi-Yg Fnotlmll Ii, 'Lg Ring and Pin c'0llllllitt6't'L Bandg ""l'Crstwl1ile SIISILIINQ V Cluhg EX4'ZllilHll' Stuffg "l.1':1v4' it to PSIIlitll.Y. 1,!lIll 1fl1'ZC'!lI'lI ,1lll11111 .lx f1111fl111ll !'l'Ilf!'l' l11' 1111i111f1l f111111', ll1f 1111'w 111l1ls V f'l11l1 I,I'I'Sl:- 1l1'11f to hi.-1 11111111'. Hi-Yg V Clulmg Footheillg "l.e11ve it to Psu1ith"g "Night in un Illliug Chor- us I. K1'fl111 If. .lllman .ll'1l'll.IlS timid, yr111'i1111.v 111111 xlly lx fl1i.v 11i1'l so l1l111f of I'.ljI'. H1'if11 l'1111li111' .'1r11l1'1's11r1 lflfifll 7L'1lS i11 our -lllllllfl' f'l11s.v play SI11' is ll 'l'l'I'.lf 11111111 111't1'1'.wx fllI'.I1 11ll .H'I1.lI. Y-Hig "E rstwhi lv Susan." lVI11ry Iflizalnffflz Baer I llflll' fl1i.v lilll1f girl 1111-1111111 .VIlI'.l1 lflllfl' lx 1luil1' .jnlly 11l11111.vl 1"z'1fr.11- 7c'l111r1', Latin Uluhg Y-Hig G. A. A4 Chorus: 'KIIRIIISUI and Grvtzilng "l.1-nvv it to PSlllifh.N II11r11l1l If. IJ'11il1"y 1V!'Z'f'l' II Nlfllllfl from fllix .why l111l Il1f 111111l1f I11 11111111 Jlisx Il11ll'.v llI'lH'l fllllll. 1W!lI'.jfIl'lF Hrllyrrlt- .Warlcif .llllI'ln'l1' is 1111 11ll lll'0lllI1l lrrsx Sl11f'x If 111f7L'1'111111'r I11 11111' f'lIl.S'.v. I5z1slic-tlmll l, 2g Ilanfl lg G. A. A.g Y-Hi: S1-nior Flush I llay 1'11111111itt1'1'. lflllll 1'fliz11l11ftl1 IgI1J'll'I' Ruth is II z'1'1'.11 1l11i1ff, 1l11rl1'- 1f'111'1l girl, S111111' llllllf 'with flmsw sl11"ll win 1111 1'11rl. Y-Hig Invitzntiun C'11111111it- tc-1-4 G. A. A. 111111011 If11.rt1fr-I"11n nic .lx fl fypisf llllll 1411111111- FIIIJIIPI' lm is ll star, S11 i11 Il11f !'IllllIIII"l'!'ifll w11rl1l l11f'lI fr11z'1fl f11r. Nzitiunul llunor Societyg Latin Clulvg Excalilmllr Stuffg 'LIAWIVK' it to PHlIlitll.u .llfr1'1l U. Heam-.'1l .ily ix Il l111l 'wlm f11k1'.-1 man- lllll !r11i11i11y, l'VlIll'lI 11.-1 we Irnuw ix fllllflhf by Pop Llfllllillfl. Se-niur Class Play CUIII- lIlittK'l'. lflClIlIl'll William Ifl"IIOIlf -Dick .I 1111111111 wax Dirk in 11111' .lu11i11r lillly This l111l is Ill'lL'1ly8 .vmiliuy 11111l 1111-11. Senior Hi-Yg Fuotlmll 1, 2, i'h111'11sg Sl'lliOI' Class 1,1215 l'11111111ittt't'g lffiliik. 3, 11g "Erstwhile SIISEUIVQL IN X. N ,W flvralll 1A'1l,fI'lf Iivclllol ---liwclr ,l lall who 1ll'll1'l'l'S pallrr.v is lll' llr"ll fly llix way ln flllllf, Illtlll .wflu Svniur liamlg llllllllll' and Svniur lli-Y: Svnim' Ulass Play Unlllillitil-4'. 1l,UlH'l'l S. lflflulrl'-fflioll Ill fnallrall Iinll lllflrl full .vnvly ,lllll ill lln.l'illy llix lllfl llllllll lflllmw ilx way. .lllnillr and Svnior lli-Yg Y Vlulmg Flnlllmll 53, iQ. Illlrllll' K. flIll'1H'lIll'l' --W Spill .lx llll arr'lllf.vlra lwalllfl' lllix lall fllllllfll l'I'll1ITll'll lllf'.w llll' lflllfl of .jazz ill Ulll' lliy l4lTE'lI. f'lllll'lIS. Flnyrl Imlfuy f'lll'lI'l'f llailllr' .iIl'. limvlallll rallwl on Var- lm' I"l'l'l'.Il :lay lilll l'arlor Ilxllllllff llllll lil- fll' lu xay. .lllniur lli-Y: Clnwn lic-vin-g Nivlll'lSilll2lS Carol." JI. l'.'ill'l'll flllfllflll- - Sally 'IllII'l'l' ix fll'llillS ill lllfr arf, ffary SI'I'llIN la llazwf lllfl' lll'lll'l. liaslu-tlball l, ZZ, Zi, ll-:Y-llig l'al1im'i 2, Zig G. A. A. l'allim-ig Stuclvni illlllllfil SS, -ig "Hausa-I and iirvt- c-l"g flllUl'llS l, 24 Excali- lvui' Staffg Prom Commil- iw: Svniul' Class Play l'mlnniih'1'. lll'l'l"l1 JI. f'0lll'lll'f 1,lll lcy .larry IIIIX llfll Illllllll a lliyll .vrlllllll llffll, l"ar lllix illfllll' .wlllf is lx'llll'll'H quill' rvlfll. National lltlllill' Souix-fy: Ci. A. A.: Y-lli QB:-fab: Pri-5.4 lflxcalilnlr Staffg fllN'l'l'll'2lill'l' 25. -Ill Junior Class Play fllllIlllllll1'l'. ,Uarr II 1' rill' Fon ll- .l Fllnllll' f'lllIllil' is ll yirl 'wllllxl' full of llll' alll .Virl-', lflll, ill all, I ylllfxs lljtlll walllll l'all llffr ll llrivlf. llaskc-ihallg Y-Hi f'illllllK't: G. A. A. l'ahim'tg Prmn l'ul1ll1lii'h'c'. ll. l'lillf' flflllkfllllflkli' Vllalfil' 1'all "ll1ll'll'l-'l'0llN" llllifl' -zulfll, Fur a .vlllllll ylrl lla' Illllfl' llllfll fllll. S1-ninr lli-Y4 Intl-rc-lash liaskvillall -lg Assisiani IVI:-mags-r -i-4 "A Night ai an Inn," l"l'al1ces AllIlll'l0ll flllll ll' .v rl I 1' l'-I"1l I1 II y .llwayx 'll'0l'lu'llI!l, always Nlllll. lin.-r lllllxl ln' Illrf rwaxoll 'lUll.ll. Band I, 2, ti, li-g Clmrus I, 2: Y-Ilig History Vlulug Prom Cnnnnittc-0. lflllllllllll l'llxl+'l'fTf'1l T041 zlzvflll nlll far l'la.v.v Irax- Irelllall, TIIPFI' lla".-l Illlf IIIIIVI In fillll al all. llltl'I'l'lilFh Ilaskvilvall l, 2 .s, l. IJ. f:0l'llUll llflxllrl'-v-w Lulcf' llllllfll Alllllll' Nffll 'wllllll lnllrlfx llfllllllfl, Ur yufur Nlllllh ill flllf lf.l'l'llll- Ilul' will Iw flrullll. Senior Ula:-as Play Cuimuit- fc-vg Excalibur Staff: Basketball I, 2, Zi, li-g .lu- nior and S1-nior lli-Y: V flllllli S. li. A. M. Pnllyrlllllrl 1Ilclcf'n.v0ll-H Polly I lllflwfl' .'Hl'lU a yirl illliflf .wi jolly .lx Illi.-l yirl lllal 'ww wall Polly. Y-Hig G. A. A. Callilwig Senior Flass Play Umu- nliticvg "Erstwllile- Su- sana: "l Iansvl and Urd- cl " l'l11r:' l.or:'::c' 1Jipp:':'y fllip Dip is Trfrqlf lull, ns you 1'n:: 7'l'i'lIf rvvll swf, .I frm' frirfnrl slw will ul- Tvlllljs l:r'. Cliorusg "Hansel and Grot- 1-l"g Y-Hi: "l.cav0 it to Pslnitlif' IJoroll:'y .fl::::a Ilippvry fllof lrol is jjlfllll :rf l'1'I'l'.ljflIlllfl, l:0lllll.lf l:1'r j':1::::' uv' will sing. fliorusg G. A. A.g liaskvt- lvall Si, 'Lg Y-lli Valxinc-tg National I lonor Socic-tyg History fllilllg l.atin Cllllmg lnvitation C0lllIIlltti'l'. 1,I'llIC!'S.Y ilI11l'g!1TPlf6 Ilippwy-P:'i::vP l,l'lll!'I' is II girl zvlrou: IU? ull ll rl ::: irw Of work slzw Nl'l'IlI.V llI'Z'I'I' lo firw. Y-lliq U. A. A.g S. lt. A. Nl. Clulrg l.atin Clullg Na- tional Honor Sorivtyg Ju- nior and Senior Class Play Com:nitte1-g Ring and Pin ft0llllIlltt0l"Q lflx- calilmr Staff. Pliyllis .'U11:'i1' Ilougal --Plzil Iilllllfl is fl:is girl: l'l:il is lufr ::u::::' lmurl unrl long Tvlf will sl:ouI l::':' j':l:::1f. Stuck-nt l'ounc'ilg Junior Class Play Connnittvvg Junior Pl'Ulll f'onnnittv0g l,I'1'Flfll'llt Y-llig Excali- inn' Staff. .l:'11:::::' l'o:f'ff:', Ilorvns ---f J:'1:::::i:' .llr. lx'ri:'lr's offivrf yirl is .I IWIIIIII' Will: l::f:' liolz is rllrcwys s:f:f::. Y-Ili l'alminA'tg G. A. A.g S. li. A. M. Clulmg "First- whilm- Susanng Baskc-tlmall l, -ig l,atin Clnhf' Leave it to Psinithug sc-c'r0ta:'y to tlw l'rinc'ipal. Tl: om as L. 1Cflu'1::':1.v- Tommy ln fooflmll To:::n:.:f yui:::':l f::n:1'. .ls limi: Hl'llIIlllll'l l::"ll rlo llw srzmrf. lfootlmall l, 2, 'ig "l.vavc it to l,SlIlltllu1 Junior and Se-- nior Hi-Y. 1:-wh: Louisr' 1fll1f'I'-- lilly .al l'0IlHlIl'l'f'IiIll rourse ll:is yirl is hiking llrfr own living soon sl:1"ll ln: :::ulfi::y. National Honor Society: CllUI'llS1 Basketball 4: Ju- nior Banclg Invitation Connnittes-. lk,01Il'I'l S. Iflzffy-Holm Will: flu: lufliws Holi has a nvvy liuf will: our lu: lmlzls full .N'1UIllIl. FI'0lll Tiffin Clilllllllililll High Svhoolg from South Bs-nfl Central High School Ilarriffife Iflizalwlli If::glisl:AHefiie "Jr I:'ai:::1"' just s1'm::s fo fi! ll:is lass, This girl who lullfx in vzvfry rluss. Y-llig G. A. A.g Latin Clulng Junior Ulass Play f'0lllllllttf'l"Q liasketlvallg Girl's Ulm' Cluhg Chorus: "Paul Revereug "Leave it to Ps:nith." 1,llZ'lll lV.y:::::' 1f'UIlIIS Dnvzf, For l:i:::.w'If' ln' :mulw ll :mnuf in foollmll Ill' is ulzcvays rvruly ul lIll.Il- o::r"s wall. Cliorns l, 24 l'rc'side'nt Ju- nior lli-Yg Se-ere-tary Sm'- nior Hi-Yg Vice-l'resi- rlvnt Junior Classg Prom Conniiittec-4 Ring and Pin Coinniittcc-g V C l u lag Football l, 2, 3, Al-4 liancl l, 2, 33, -ig National Honor Sovictyg Excalibur Staff. I1Ill'I"If lfzfaiis llnrrjl is our' of flu' polilr' lri:::l Tlml, to us, is imlrfrfcl ll fiml. Sam Iflranor 1'lPlgPTf-' Bill Iflflllllll' offm: sf::l:s for l. fl. So lwr shorflzunfl shw lrrinzvs, you sw. X-H: Calunc-tg Ci. A. A.g National Honor Socic-ty: "Erstwhile SIISZUINQ Inter- class Basketlvall 1, 25 Sv- nior Ulass Play Connnit- tri: Uorolhy Jam' Fry-M Hourly .I yiyylrf, a lauyh, anrl than a smilrf Is Ihr' 'way Ihal .-:lwls Imrfn all thrf mllilrf. Y-llig G. A. A.g Vhorus l, 2g "Hansel anzl Grvtclug Proln Connnittc-0. llorvarrl J. Fuyafr'--W I1 orcdy Ilauvlrrl in l"rwn1'h surf' is a whiz, In all his l'lll.N'Nl'N hz' minrls his own hil. Band 2, 3, 4. lwvlzfin 0. ff!l7'f1lIf'l"'J1l'l .llwl has always SI'l'HlI'll so rrfry shy, lfzwn if his rank in foolhall has lwvn hiyh. Junior and Senior Hi-Yq "Paul lic'vvrv"g "Gypsy lim'er"g Student Council Zi, AL fx'lC'0-l,I'C'Sl4li'IltJQ Junior Prom fl0lIlllllttf'l'.Z Football l, 2, 3, 4-g V Clulig Junior and Senior Class Play Connnittvg S. li. A. lVl.g f'll0I'llS: Banilg Urvlwstra. .Vary Patricia Claim:-y -Puffy .I srlmlar of firsf raliny is Pal, lliyh srhool in Ihrw' yrfars prorrfs lhaf. Y-llig G. A, A.g llaskvtliall JS, 4: National Honor So- vis-ty. .lolm IJ. fil'IIl'lII1l'li .Al laham Ill' jus! ranu' lo as lhis yrar Hull :c'w'rr' wry ylarl fha! hrfs lnfrv. FYOIII ltolwrtstlale High Svhool, Rolwrtsdalv, Ala- llilllliii lli-Yg Debating 'l'l-aln. .Wa ry .llrz oriv G !'1I1N' rt -lllarj Vrfry murh yoml ran hw sairl .llmul lhis yirl wifi: hair of rwl. liandg Y-l l i. lValll'ic1' Dali' firilnlwr "'1,Pll' .-Ill Ilail flu' l'r4'si1l4'nf.' lmuy may hr prafsirlr For fhrffrf lony yrlars hr' has llI'l'lI our yuirlr' ll lntc-rclass Basketball 25, -L: Intc-'rclass Track 24 Band l, 2, 25, -tg Junior and Sv- nior Hi-Yg Pre-side-nt of National Honor Society: "l4lrz-atwllilc Susann: Stu- clc-nt Vouncilq Pre-siclcnt of Class 2, Ci, -Lg "la-avs' it to l,SlIlltlI.N .llarvin K. Griffis- -- Griff' l"rum flu' 1'ountry flriff :lows hail Pop Imhniny Ihis lafl will not fail. Kathryn J. Gunn-- Kaiir' .llways hzlsy, quirfl, aml shy ls Ihis small yirl so hlucf of wyrf. Y-llig U. A. A.g Latin Club. lfalph IV. Ilrllliwill-f--f Koay .lvl in our Junior I'lay flirl lhis fall hal, .lnfl in lhaf hw 7l'1l.s'll,l half hurl. Chorus I, 2, lg Basketball Zig Football 3, 'Lg National llonor Socic-tyg "Emi- whilc' Susanng Stutlvnt Counvil, Flxvalilmr Staff. I'll1lf'n L. Hrzwhvglflflif' So lizvf fha! wlwn your hiyh srhool flays llfl' lllllll' Lila' this hay you will Izazve harl soma fun. llaslwtliall 1, 2, 3, Al-. lficharrl H. Ilffyrlirzyrr -Hydif' llyrliff is zwry muvh infar- eslwl in Surf flrzfally, also in I"ran1'l: Il. Ss-nior Ulass Play Connnit- tee: Senior lli-Yg l,l'lllll fl0llllllltl'0l'2 liaskvthall 25. ,Lg Nlirstwhilv Susan"g l'lxcaliliur Staffg S. lt. A. M.g Orch:-stra. -. P5 .- S Ha rulrl Ilerlwrf lloglze -Hffefy lllffllll' lil-'vs fn play flliilllllll ra lol, .ll.-in is funal of Lmlixff, rfll Ivliulf Fnutlmll 2, 3, -I-g V Clulmg Junior and Senior Hi-Yg Band l, 2, 3, 4-g Student Cuuncilg Paul lievvrvg Intl-rclnss liaskctliall 23 ll1ts'1'c'luss Busvlmll 2. lfulmrf Joxffplz Ilolfx- lN'7'I'.Ij'-15011 liol: is ll .vwlfll uflilwlo .ls u frirfnrl lirfx lmral In lufrll. Fl'Ulll Linm C-vntr:ll-Dun- kirkg Fontlmll 1, 44 Travk 1, -1-g liaselmll 1, 4. 1"rance.v flluriw Horn- Fran I"run plrays- mu' of lllrf lflllltllh' !'lfll'llIl'lN Jlso, xlw is llllillfjlll una' of our lwsf lnftx. Band 1, 2, 23, 4-g fll'Cllf'Sll'il2 Y-Hi Culvinetg G. A. A.g S. li. A. M.g National Honor Socivtyg "First- while Susunug Ring and Pin Connnittveg Inter- class Bzisketball 1, 2, 3, 45 "l,euve it to PSlIllth.u I 'irgin in pl II Izvlfv Juli 11- .mn-Ginnie' llinnir' is NOIIIl'llIlIl'N rom- purwl will: .llaw ll'rsl, Iful in Ihr' vluss .elm ix anwny flw lwxf. llunsvl and Ure-tclg Gypsy liovvr, Y-lli Calrinvtg G. A. A.g Ring and Pin Cmn- inittvvg Senior Class Play Clllllllllttef. fIll77ll'8 .llarvin .1 on cfs .lIurz'in will .vmmf :lay run ll farm liI'l'lI'll.W' for llim 1lfll'l1'Illllll'1' lmx a rlmrm. Chorus. fllary Dnroflzy .lones- Jon asirf .llury will follow in flu' fool- xfrfpx uf llI'l' rlarl, ll'lrr'i'r'Z'1'1' llivrrf ix any sing- ing lu iw hurl. G. A. A.g Y-llig f'll0l'llSQ Hunsvl untl Gretvlq Gyp- sy lim'0r. Leola lilac Keltner fll'll!'llHl8 wrwr in IIIFIIDIIPT unrl wurrl lx lllix yirl wlufn .vim can lm limrfl. Y-Hi: llzmsel and Grctvlq G. A. A.g liasketlmll 3g Gii-l's Glee Club. Tluflmn l'filf'r'n Klein. Slll' lms yrwul llllillll-If In play, liaxkrfllmll nnfl Ihr' piunu, tlwy say. Y-Hig G. A, A.g Cuhinl-t 3: Clmrusg "Land of Cot- ton"q "Gypsy Iioverug "Paul Revc-re"g Orvliestrag l'rmn flUlIllIlltt?l"1 Basket- null 2, 3, 4-g Junior Class Play Connnittve. Norvnn L. Kinds- Koutsirf In lmsvlmll, Z'0ll!4.ljlIllll, lum- lrrfllmll unrl .wof'1'r'r, foo, lllfr aim is ul'wuyx .i'fl'lli'!llIf mul true. Basketball 1, 2, 3, -1-4 Junior Class Play Counnitteeg Y- Hi Culiinetg Prom Coln- lnittveg G. A. A. Cabinet cs, 1. Pwr rl l'!'7'lI Kfllglli Vrfru ix un ufhlvlrf In .w1'r'rfr .vll4"s lmrfl la lwut. li. A. A.g Y-Hig "Red and His Christmas VVhop- persug Chorusg "Leave it to PHlllltll.u ,-Irmanflo J. Lippi- Zllonclie .I 'wrifffr fhix boy will lm snnuf fluy, .Il lffasl llml ix what Hwy all Nily. Iflsiff gl. Louclc .-lluvayx 'willz 11001111 xlm run lu' fnunfl In flu' lmllx mulfiny ilu' roumlx. Y-Hi. .lamrnv Rolnfrt Lllllill-W Archie' Iiriyhl, willy, aml wry r'lr"l'r'r lx Ihix lmy noisy! IC'1'1'1'f,'f Junior Ili-Y Ilxh-rvlass Bas- kvthull 2, 35' -L Dan if'l H. I,01c'nfD11n Towural Sriefrirw Ihix l:uy'.v miml ix lwnf, Iiul with lf'l'll muvh Iimw is xprfnl. Svnim' Hi-Yg Football 4-g V Cluhg Ints-rcluss Buskvi- lmll 1-g Uandg Urvhestrzlg Invitation chUIIlIllittl'l'. Stanley 41. LyIlf'fHu.v .I Il6"ll'l'0IIII'l' In our xrlmul is Iiux llul mvlr him Ihr yirlx all fnxx. Frmn Lilllzl U4'lltI'ZlI1 lnivr- class liuxc-lmll -I-. Vliffrnvl fWcl'lure- Barney This lful has rfylzv nf lrluwxl lrlluf, So In l"runr'r'.v hrfll rfrr In' iI'lll'. Urvlu-stl'z1g Bunclg Senior Hi-Yg Prum v0llllllitti'l'.1 Sfllilll' flaws Play Cunn- lIlittl'i'. Norma .-1. .Wcf'0llu1n-A iwichif' Jlir-I-'iw flow yo flown Ihr' hall .llalriny fun will: una mul ull. U. A. A.g Y-Ilig Ring and Pin l'ull1llliftc'0. .lnhn Ilflll' fWcl'0nnlmy 'J0l17Il1'If Wlirfn .lohnny plays 'upon his horn, WI' fwl Ihal lu' for Ihix :aww lI1lI'Il. UIIOTIIHQ Paul li 0 v 4- 1' rg lhlntlg c,l'K'll6'HtI'il: Senior Ulzlss Play Cmrllllxlittm-1-. Furl l'. .W1'f'nyff'nr'h'y I'url from his 'wnrlr ll4'Z'l'I' .w1vr'1'z'r'.v Nu on thai lf.l'l'IIlilllll' .whiff lu' x4'r'l'4'.v. NXCJIHIPIII' Stuff. John Kf'lIlIl'llI JIl'Ifl'IlI1ll' 'JIICL' .lurlr is yum! ul slrippiny .w'lm0l, Jlr. lt'l'il'lf, I ylufsx, In him was fruwl. Fnntlmll 2, 3, lg Junior and Sn-ninr Ili-Yg Illtvlwlass Base-lmll I, 2, JS, -Lg l'rmn l'0Illlllittl'1'Q Junior flaws l'l:ly l'mnllliH0v. Conlon .I. .wchlillrnl--i 13011 ,Iluwayx Iuffafllwr :Irv linhhy uml Ifwl 'l'huI l !IN1'.YN ix wnuuyh xuial. 7'rum11n l'. Marlin-Y liuich .I rmniul frllfm' is Truman .llurfin Ill' run play Ihr .wr.r, Ihr1I'x Marlin. Dali' .Willvr-l'r'1lcl1y Inln Ihuf, uml inlu Ihix, I'wrvl.y ww will nluwyx miss. Donal!! lf. .Vlillrr .llny his xl:yn1fs.v nwzvfr rliw, HW lilfff him Iilw Ilml, ix llw rwu.-:un why. QYIIUFIISQ lioy's Glu' Clllll. X f7N ,.,1 .- 1,071 na F. lllillvr Ilrfr llufnwx url' rrfurl hy .llixx llull Thu! is .N'Il7Ill'flllHjj not hrfnl- vn lxy all. Uhorus, 1' :lg Y-Hig llzlnsel and Greta-lg l.z1tin Club. Faiih L. lllillffrf Ivllllllff .I llllllpli' with wrrfry smilrf, For Ihis unymw woulrl walk ll milrf. Y-llig l'lXi'4llllNIl' S t n f fg Uliorus. Ilelffn Louise Miller' Rulafr, ruler, un Ihr' wall Is shr' lllr' fullrfsf of lhwm l!ll.' Y-llig U. A. A.g Cliorusg Junior Class Play Coin- lllltt1'1'Q Latin Club. Liorzel Douglas fllillrr This lmy fhul uw lrrfrrf pm'- rvizw ls miyhly lmrrl lo lwnl, iw' lrrflifflvf. Louise fllberfa Alyers lmuixr' him ul'way.v lawn u pal fll ll'IlSf, so I"L'4f llwlrfl, lu .ll. Sow:-l'g liuslcvtlmllg clllUl'lIS. Ilersclzrfl V. Nffml .-llwnyx rluifff, .wriuux nnrl hu.-:y Ifrmu' XIIIIIPIIIII' like limi! 'Tix hr. From St. Henry lligh Svhool. l'la1ulf' Irvin Nichols- Bull .lluxir lllix lmy fllirllfx is miyhly finrf, liuf for .-rr-irfllmf hw'll rllwrfyx pine. From Bryang Boy's Glu' Vlulvg Chorus: f,I'l'lIPStI'fl. C'nrol Louise' Nilziser Ilnwn the hull she 1-an 'whirl Whrfn .vhr ix rm affine girl. G. A. A.g Chorusg Hansel and Urs-tvlg Red and His Uliristiuizis Wlhoppers. .lamps M. Olwnour- fllllf' Iiufrlr anal fhllll' are alzcvlyx loyfffllrfr, In this 'way many fffsfx fhrfy 'Zl'!'llflN'l'. .Innior und Senior Hi-Yg Hlrlrsrtwliilc- Snszur"g Rf-d and his Cliristnlns VVhop- pc-rsg Band l, 2, 3, lg Or- clwstruq Student Council: "IA-zlvv it to l'slnitli." If. lVayn.e Uverma n- Oscar ,llwuys l'Pllll.ll for fun is l'Vayn1' .lluylzrf lhis 'way farm' hw'll yuin. .tlynrs Lorffnf Pennell -flflrlif .lyyif as 11 xrhnlar ix fir.-rl ruff' lVe womlrr 'will lVill'i0 be hffr Illflfff Y-Hi: National llonor So- ciety: S. R. A. M. Cluhg Latin Ululvg Excalibur Stuffg Senior Ulnss Play fl0lllllllttt'i". fv!ll'lf'Sl!I fl. Pflum- Pele. IWW ix uluiuyx rwuly for play lVifh ilw fPllll'ZZ'N .s-hz' holll.-z full sway. Chorus lg G. A. A. Cahinetg Student Councilg Y-Hig Hansel and Gretel. Louixr' Pollock l11llllS1' will uluwyx Jw will: .Il'4llllIl',,I' Un llmf you run uluwcys Iwi. flllUl'llS 2, L Durllvy T. Pom ff roy- 1,1111 Ilml was a yrml llil as .lukv So hrfx un urlor, fllllllbl no llIl.N'IlllfI'. From f'lll4'llllHltlQ Chorus 3, -lg D1-lmtv Al-g l'1'c'si1l0l1t of National Honor Socic-fyg ulflrstwllile SllSillluQ "l.c-nvv it to l'slnilll," V pl flria n Puyll Iiusy always is llaix quiwl ynuny num lloiny 'ZC'lllllPTl'l' rmrl ull llml ln' run. Sm-nior Class Play Uommit- hw. Ilaniwl f'. ljllfjllfljllll lla' .vwznx lo rrfivfl in mur- rirfll lifw liul in svlmnl lu' lms his slrifw. l"rrn If. Rice lVnrlriny nn l,ll.lfNll'N ul'zw1yx is l"rfrn liul I ylll'X.X' tlml is ilu' wuy lo Irfurn, Y-llig llaslu-tlmllg Vol- ll'yll2lll. If-Ylllfl' .lf'al1n1'Hf' Ifilvy 'I'n zvnrlf ul ull in ilu' :lay .vu louy ll'illm'ul l4lllllNl' 'woulzl Nl'l'III .vu wrong. Chorus 2, -L lf. Jam' lfol11'rl.v linsy ull lluf rluy is .lzmv floofl yrrulrfx lllis way .wlw alovs ynin. flll0l'llS l' 124 llunsol :xml U11-tolg G. A. A.: lllvilzl- ton flUlllllllll'l'. .lfmwx lf. Snam .lim .I llunlor ull his own has .lim .I lrumor nom' of llw lwurll- wrs mm rlim. Footlmll 35, -tg Junior lli-Y: liuskn-tlmll 2, 33, 'Lg lnh'r- clzlss lmsvlmll l, 2, Si, I-g Int0rc'luss liuslwtlmll lg Gypsy liovvrg Sk'Ill0l' I Class llzly flUlllllllft1'l'1 ln- Vltiltlilll f'0llIIlllttl'l'. ll'ill1ur IV. Scoll- - Scully lllll'l'l'NfI'll in fonllmll rllnl lrnvlf .Ill lliylr Svllool sporls Inf florx lmrl-'. Lillian IC. Sl1m'r'11r1-gljl Tllix lmnny lass is IPl'l'Silll'lll of ll. .l. .I. ln .l0llIlllll".'f lufnrl .vllrf has u way. il. A. A. l'rcs11l4-ntg N-lllg Prom flUIllIlllttl'i'Q lflxczlli- lull' Stuffg Studvnt Coun- Cilg liuslwtlrzlll l, Ll, 35, -Lg National llonor Sovivfyg Ss-nior Class Play Vom- llllttl'K'. lrzfin Sllaalll .Vo om' luis lllf' luwll Io lwll Tlml in mall: lu' flIlI'N w.n'r'r'l. flllIIl'lI'.Y Drmirl Sllick -f'l111l'li1' llff lilrrx l'f'lrf Il lol flows I'. Hlzirlr liul uyuinxl llml nv' rannol lfiz-lf. lntvrcluss Bnskvtlmll l, 2, Ii, Al-4 lntvrclnss llusvlmll l, Z, Il, -Lg Illtm-wlass 'l'mc'k I, 2, CS, -tg Stuck-nt Mun- uggvr 12, Ii, 'Lg V Ululmg .lu- nior :mil Senior Ili-Yg Prom flUlIlllllttl'l': S. R. A. Nl.g l+lxc'ulilmr Shlffg National Ilonor Socirtyg "lied and llis Clll'lStlllZlS xVll0ppK'l'Sng "A Night :lt Elll Inn"g "l.vuvm- if to llSlllltll.u If SI ,K , 4 -J Q Robert E. Sink-Holi lnffrvsfefl in. l1a.vIretlmlI is Hob In this way youill know 'fix lloln. Baskvtlmll 1, 2, 3, 1. Dalr' PV. Slam' .-llwayx busy is fhix lafl namwl Dale liM' of this hr ran lIl"1'1'l' fail. From Ohio Cityg Intvrvlzxss Buskvtlmll 3, ig inh-'rcluss Baselmll Ii, -L .Allin .War Smilh- Tilliz' llvrw, fliers' and ez'11rywlrm'n lx Ihix yirl so rurly of hair. Y-Hig G. A. A. Leona V. Smith-- Smilfy .-llwayx quiet is Smitly Shzfll lu' a boon fo our rily. Y-Hig "Hansel and Gretelug Chorus. Ruth If. Smiilz-Rutllir' .llwayx falkiny, nrwr .-rfill is .s-haf, Thix yirl who is so rarrfrw. Fronl Convoy: Uhorus 1, 4-g "Hansel an n d Gretel"g "Paul lieverevg Y-Hig G. A. A.g Excalibur Staff. Groryr' I". Spayrl- Shovel .-Is a l'I'1P0l'll'I' hr' 'will haw a mrwr You'll hwar his farm' lzofh far and near. Invitation C0lIlIllitt9t'. Donald F. Sietlrr-Don. .I san' fhis boy NIIVPN 11008 play One yirl haf sum rfwry day. Band 1, 2, 3, -tg Student Founvilg Gypsy liovv1'g Prom Conunittve. iwaryaref G. Stuck- Siuclcie This yirl has hair so 'zvfry white, liuf with hefr lflfll .wwlrm fo he alriyhf. U. A. A. Cullinctg Y-Hi: Prom Conunitteeg Band I, 2, 35, 'ig Bzlsketlmll 3, -tg Invitation c1UlIllIlittl'l'. La Vfrnf' fl. Terry- Bone' .lliyhly is lhis lnoy lhouyl: hw is xmall, llf' alrvayx NPPIIIS fn lu' 'willf- iu fall. fhorusg liuskc-Hmll -li. l'l.vfl1rr M. Th omas-- Tommy I womlrfr why shrf 1-arrim so many lroolfx, For in lhwm I yur.-rx she lIl'Z'l'l' looks. S. R. A. M.g Y-Hig Exrzlli- lun 1' Stuff: Chorus. Uorrlon Karl Tlllillf Gordy llorrly, with Ihr yirlx, ll1N'8 liluf lo iw .llany of his lessons this way hr' yrlx you .win Football l, 2, 35, 413 "Erst- while Susan"g Junior and Senior Ili-Y. fil'l'!lllllllf' Crystal 7vI'll!I.1'fJf'l'I"l1 Q .lvrry in lzomrf-lCr'. is a shark lu t'1'l'I'.IIlllilI!j .vhzfll main' her mark. Y-Hi: G. A. A. Il1'11l11h l.w1l11'l 7llIl'll1'l' -Is I.w11l11fl is 11lw11.11x llllljlllilljl 11111l 111111 ll'1f 70111111111 7071111 11111k1fx l11'1' lh11l Tl'1l'l1. .larh lm 071111111 l'1'1'1111 -WJ11 ch .lln'11.11s I111.v.11 1111 his 111111111' l'IlIlfI' 01' 1111 his .w1.1' l11f lllllfh' 111111. llancl I, 2, 3, -I-g 0rc'l10stra l, 2, 3, -L fllllll' lC'li.2'!Illl'fll ll'11f1'1'1'- .v1111-.l1111i1' 5'l0l',llIllHl for hw' hnlrls 1111 f11111's l'lllI' 11z'1'1"11 'wnrrl .vhw 11lw11.11s Ic'1'il1fs IIA' .vh1f hrfurx. s. la. A. M.: cs. N. A.. Y- lli Valninrt 15, 4g Latin l'lul1g lting anal Pin Cmn- inittwg S1-niur Class Play l'onnnittvc. 1f11l11'1'l G. lf'1'l1s11'1'fH11l1 Hal: is 11l1c'11.11.v fllllllll wifh his 11111111 H11 Ill7l'lI.l1S s1f1f111s fo Inf 1111- i1111 .v111111flhi1111 with ll l1111111. Cliorus 25, 4-g " O'Cot- ton"q "Paul lt:-V911-"g "l.c-aw it to i,Slllltll'lQ S0- nior lli-Y. l1'11l11'1'I11 S111' ll'1'lch- Susiv fllll' 1f1lil111'-i11-1'l1i1ff is this 11i1'l lulo hwr 1v11rlf sh1f'Il 11111111-11s 1u'l1irl. S. lt. A. M.g Prom C0111- lIlllll'l'Q Y-Ili Callinetg National Ilonor Sovivtyg lflclitor-in-t'l1ief of Excali- lxurg i'i'll'StWilil0 Susanug "l.cavc' it to Psn1tl1." l1t'lI'II L. l'l'1'lht1'1'- Sliorfir' lYl'l'.l1 xh111'l nf' .vl11f111'11 ix .vhf l'I'l'.l1 .111'11i11l sh1"ll 11lu'11y.v Im. X-lllgh 'X 1XgSli 'X Nl .1.1.s..1.A. lfII.V.V1'll 1,1r1v1'll ll"1'1'1111'1' -Rus Rus f'1'11111 lh1f l'll'Illlfl'qlf 1I111'x llllii, .I l111.wl111ll forlh h14 61111 sail. Intvrclass llaskvthall 1, 23 Basketball lg Int:-rc-lass Baseball 2, 3, al. I1111'1"11 IJ. ll'is1'+S11111h1"q This I111l l'lIll llllllfl' IIIIllI'l1 ll 111111, S11 ill his l'llI.N'Nl'.N' flll'I'I' ix 111 111'h fun. l'lu-vrlc-adel' l, 33 Intvrclass Basketball 1, 2: lntr-rvlass Baseball l, 2g Paul lie- vers. Ralph Blair I'Vl1it111'y -131111 Burl llllflllf fill' l111liw.v lr11117v.v ll lot, flffrr IIIII' lw has lll1UIl.I1A' .v ll '11 .11 h f . Band 1, 2, 3, Al-g f,I'i'll1'Stl'il. l, 2, Ji, lg Junior and Sc-nior Hi-Yg l,l'0lll CUllllllitl'l't'1 nlflrstwhilc- Susan." Ruth J II II ,Viz-Ylllli Black-y Vary 1111111.11 ix fhix lI,'lll'- wyml 111i.w.s' lfuf sh? ix l1'1111w11 for IIIIIFI4 fllllll lhi.-1. Band 1, 2, 8, ftg Y-llig G. A. A.g flil0l'llS Il: "l.cavv it to PSlllltll.'l .fllicff Ilarrizlt l'l'.ya1111l -,'1l Newr i1ll1f, 111"1'1fr 1lo1fx xhw .-rhirk A .-ri1111l1f hil of hvr 'lUllfh'. Soc'c'erg liaskvtllallg ClIUI'llS. .1 oh II .-I S11 ll0l1. You 1111 -J11h1111i1' 77111111 Ill'Z'I'I' 'ZCVIA' ll fiuwr ffl- low .lnrl 111"1'1'1' will lhrfrw he 111111, lint 701' my this just 111 .-11111111 Huw IlIIIl',l wp like to xw IIIIP. Chorus 2, 34 Junior and SP- nior Hi-Yg S. R. A. M.g History Clulvg Junior PFUIII C0lllllli'ttf'6'1 Dc-- hateg Ring and Pin Coin- xnittevg National Honor Societyg Flxvalilllll' Staff. J EXCALIIBIJIQ Congressional Record of the Term 1931-34 A new senate! According to law, a new group enters the senatorial chamber of higher learning each fall, so that is nothing to be proud of. But !-What has this large group of men and women from the four Congres- sional Districts done, while serving a four-year term on the benches? The first year these new senators, entering upon their careers quite ignorant of their knowledge and quite as knowing of their ignorance QFD, were appointed to their respective committee rooms and projects by Chairman Krick. In order to in- sure efficiency and order in the business meetings Senator Gribler was elected as President of the first-year Senators. This part of our term was filled with work and business, and many outside activities. The next fall the Senate again convened, with a few new faces and some gone, but in general re-election seemed to hold its place. With Mr. Gribler at the chair, we again resumed work and play, some of the politicians being on committees to in- vestigate Plane Geometry, Biology, and such subjects. And so on into the third year, when these politicians and senators began to feel important. In the spring of this term some of our group entertained the fair capital city with their dramatic ability, for the efforts of Jeanne Downs, Lillian Sheeran, Richard Heydinger, Dudley Pomeroy, Miss West, and many others produced the memorable "Erstwhile Susan." Then came the grand Congressional Ball, when our group of senators entertained those whose full term expired in 1933. The auditorium of the Department of Education building was transformed into a cool, green woods, where the men spent a lovely evening dancing with their beautiful ladies. Then the Senior year came! The pounding of the gavel in September found the men and women ready for this year, with its business, both political and social. VVhen a call was issued for a committee to investigate and engage in football, Gerald Ackom, David Evans, Melvin Gardner, John McKeddie, Thomas Edwards, John Agler, Paul Alban, Richard Bebout, Daniel Lown, and Gordon Todd proved very active in this field. Then as able workers in basketball we find Gerald Ackom, Gordon Dasher, and Elden Hawk. Among the women who have engaged in this same sport are Norma Kouts, Frances Horn, Eileen Clifton, Alice VVyandt, Thelma Klein, Carlesta Pflum, Marguerite Conn, Dorothy Dippery, Jeanne Downs, and Patricia Gauvey. Both groups of these athletes showed much ability and sportsmanship. By a vote of the entire Senior assembly the following were chosen for their re- spective offices: Gerald Ackom as the best athlete: Gordon Todd and Harriette English as the biggest flirts, Lionel Miller and Lillian Sheeran as the best dressed in the senate, John E. Agler as the most handsome man, and Ruth Wilson as the most beautiful girl. Our most popular congresswoman is Lillian Sheeran, and Maurice Gribler is the most popular man, the most brilliant person is Agnes Pennell, and the wittiest, Harry YVise. John E. Agler and Lillian Sheeran are the most de- voted couple, while Lionel Miller and Jane VVatterson are the most dignified . Miss Dorothy West is our favorite instructor. The Seniors who for their scholastic records, service, leadership, and character have attained the National Honor Society, are the following: Maurice Gribler, Frances Horn, Princess Dippery, Sue VVelch, Jerry Collette, Ralph Halliwill, Agnes Pennell, Paul Alban, Lillian Sheeran, Lavon Baxter, Dorothy Dippery, David Evans, Ireta Elder, Eleanor Feigert, Patricia Gauvey, Dudley Pomeroy, Charles Shick, and John Young. "Leave It to Psmith" was the dramatic performance of the Senior class of this capital city in 1934, with Frances Horn, Sue VVelch, Jeanne Downs, and Dudlebf Pomeroy being the main characters. Thus the term of these senators comes to a close in May of 193-11. VVith many thoughts of the times spent in this Senate House, and with much gratitude to all those who have aided us in our work, we, the now former senators, wish each other the best of luck and separate to find success and happiness in the future of our careers, -AGNES PENNELL. I8 EXCALIBUIQ BAN D This has been a highly successful year for the V. W. H. S. Band with its sixty members. The Band played for the following events during the year: Football games, basketball games, spring opening, and World's Fair Train. Two concerts were given February 11 and April 25. The Band participated in the annual Northwestern Ohio Band Festival at Bucyrus on May 18 and 19. Then carrie the Booster trip and broadcast for Peony Festval in June. Mr. Wolf is the conductor. ORCHESTRA The Van Wert High School Orchestra of 1933-34 is composed of twenty-five talented stu- dents under the direction of Leonard Wolf. The Chorus and Orchestra gave a joint concert January 21. The Orchestra played selections for the Junior and Senior Class plays. We gave a concert for both the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs. CHORUS Van Wert High School Chorus, with its one hundred and fifteen members under the direc- tion of Mr. James Jones has completed a busy year. In October, 1933, the Chorus presented an operetta entitled Paul Revere, based on the story of that famous Revolutionary character. The solo parts were taken by Louise King, Mary Clark, Phyllis Rush, Ruth E. Smith, Byron Dannison, Melvin Gardner, Robert Raymond, Robert Marker, Ted Shank, Harold Hoghe and John McConahay. Sixty picked members competed March 18 in the Eisteddfod at Wapakoneta. As addi- tional activities the Chorus has given two Sunday afternoon concerts and has appeared before the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs. THE S. pl R. CLUB In November, 1933, the S. P. Q. R. Club QSapienta, Prudenti Atque, Reverentiaj was or- ganized, with eleven charter members, for the purpose of creating an interest in Latin. An in- duction was held in the Gym, March 22, to initiate the thirty new members. Regular meetings are held on alternate Mondays. The officers are David Heydinger, president, Helen Diener, secretary. Miss Evans is the Club adviser- THE EXCALIBUR STAFF The Excalbur staff this year is very capable especially under the guidance of Mr. Gal- lapoo. Sue Welch is the Editor-in-Chief. Agnes Pennell is the Assistant Editor and John Young is the Business Manager. The other members of the staff are John Agler, Photography, LaVon Baxter, Typist, Eileen Clifton, Art, Jerry Collette, Circulation, Gordon Dasher and Phyllis Dougal, Snapshots, Princess Dippery, Calendar, Dave Evans, Advertising, Ralph Halliwll, Typist, Dick Heydinger, Jokes, Frances Horn and Carl McCoy, Organizations, Faith Miller, Faculty, Esther Thomas and Lillian Sheeran, Personals, Charles Shick, Sports, Ruth Smith, Typist- NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society started the year with only seven members to carry on its four high purposes QScholarship, Leadership, Character, and Servicel. These members were Maurice Gribler, president, Frances Horn, vice president, Princess Dippery, secretary- treasurer, Agnes Pennell, Ralph Halliwill, Jerry Collette and Sue Welch. At the beginning of the second semester new members were admitted and there was a re- election of officers. The new members are: Dudley Pomeroy ,president, Eleanor Feigert, secretary-treasurer, Dave Evans, Dorothy Dippery, Ireta Elder, John Young, Charles Shick, Lillian Sheeran, Paul Alban, LaVon Baxter and Patty Gauvey. Ralph Halliwill is the present vice-president. Miss Hall is the adviser of this society. SENIOR HI-Y The Senior Hi-Y has accomplished many things this year. Harold Hoghe, John Agler QPresidentj, Melvin Gardner, Tom Edwards, Paul Ladd and Jack McKeddie were sent to the Older Boy's Conference at Wooster. The Hi-Y sponsored the County Basketball Banquet at which Coach Meanwell was the guest speaker, and was one of the sponsors of the Y-Hi-Y Christmas Dance. Y-HI Alpha and Beta Y-Hi, under the leadership of Phyllis Dougal and Betty Fell, began their year's work with the Setting Up Conference at Camp Pottowatami. Here the plans for the year were made. A few plans carried out included the Turkey Hop, Football Banquet, Dad and Daughter Banquet, Valentine Dance, the annual Y-Hi-Y Christmas Dance, and the en- tertainment of Hi-Y. We filled Christmas stockings and baskets. Our advisers were Miss Evans, Miss Ellsworth, Miss West, and Mrs. Krick. V CLUB The "V" Club tries to increase the interest in sports in our High School. Any person re- ceiving a "V" is eligible for membership in this club. Through the efforts of the "Vw Club, the debt of the Athletic Association has been greatly decreased. There are seven new members in the club this year. Paul Alban is the club president. G. A. A. G. A. A. was one of the most active organzations in High School this year. A few of the important things accomplished are the Penny Lunch, Hallowe'en Mixer, and a party for charity children at Christmas time. The G. A. A. presented a trophy case to the school this spring. , The members who now have "V's" are Lillian Sheeran fpresidentj, Norma Kouts, Frances Horn, Eileen Clifton, Carlesta Pflum, Margaret Stuck, Helen Miller, Vera Krugh, Helen Baxter, Betty Fell, Marjorie Richards. Vlisses Gleason and Gant are our advisers. I9 EXCALII3 Prom-'33 The Prom that our class gave to the Seniors of was very lovely. The deco- rations gave the effect of a Japanese Garden lighted here and there by Japanese lanterns strung on the trees. The entrances into this garden were wooden archways, very cleverly designed with flowers climbing over them. This garden was enclosed by walls before which grew beautiful bushes and flowers. The dancers were screened from the spectators by a lattice work entvvined with vines. In the center of this garden there was a beautiful fountain artfully lighted. Around this fountain was a grassy plot. The exquisite formals of the girls added to the colorfulness of this gorgeous scene. Vtle must not forget the boys in this praise. They all looked better to the girls than usual Cas if they needed improvementj in their White flannels and dark coats. The grand march was led by our president, Maurice Gribler, and his guest, Ruth lvilson. "l'eteU welcomed the Seniors and his welcome was acknowledged and an- swered by Billy Geary QSenior president of '33j. The dance programs were hand made fdepression you knowj but they were really very clever, thanks to the artists in our elass. By the time every one had daneed all the dances on their programs. l wonder if many of the "little doggiesi' werenit readv to go home? Perhaps l speak from experience. who knows? The orchestra was a very good one and kept you in the land offofJa?oh well, drop it. I doubt if there will ever he another dance that can take the plaec of prom. 20 EXCALIISUD .- Senior Class Play l,1':1y1' it to l,HIl1ltllH was prcscntcd by the Scnior class l"i'iclay. May Il. l"i'vcl1lii' lioslnnn Q'l'oni lidwzxrdsj nc-cds five thousand pounds so hc can innrry l'hvll1s .l:u'l4son C.l1'Illlllt' llownsj. ln ordvr to got this nioncy llc dvvidcs to stzigv :i tht-ft of thc' dizunonds of his Htt'lJfIIl0tllf'l'. l,:1dy Bliddlcwicli tl"l'illlC'l'S Hornj. hut is :itruid that liaxtcfr QI,avon Baxtcrj. his f:1tlicr's sccrctnry, will vatcli him. So in- stt-:id of doing this hinisclf ln- hires Psniith Qlludlcy Ponwroyj to do it. 'l'o :1 houst' party. gxivefn by liudy Nliddlcwiclc at lilundings cl11Stlt', thc ports. ltulston Nh-'l'odd tCllill'lK'S Shit-kj :ind Ailvcn l,lTJlVl5y Qllurrivt l'lng,ylisl1j.:1r1- inyitvd. 'l'ln- day lwforc the party. l,ord Xliddlvwiclc Q.lohn Aglvrj has lunch with Mr. M4-'l'odd :xt thc- Morpheus fluh. whvrc Gladys ltuniblvlow Ql,0l'l'llQ' Dippuryj insults Nlt-'l'odd. l.ord Nliddlvwic-lc is so lll'JlI'SlU'lltt'd without his glnssos. that llsmith d1'1'idvs to imp 2' rrsonntv Nlc"l'odd whvn hc' refuses to go to the party. liddic Coots Ql':xul Allmnj gots thc- sznnc idca so 1-oniplic-ations arise. lfvc llullidziy QSM' lVcflc-lij goes to Blandings to c':xt:ilogu0 tht' lihrnry. llsinith falls in low' with hcfr at first sight. Svvm-1':1l guvsts zxrriyv tln- night of the pzirtyfflhristophvr lV:ild0rwic'k t5l!lllI'll'1' Grililvrj. Agutlia Crofton Qltuth lVilsonj. l'ltl1clhcrt:i ltitzwiggin QVcr:i Krughj. Viscount Chipstcud fhlax Ulu-iioticrj. Aileen llcavcy :ind liddic Cootm-s. who :ira- rvally crooks. stm-:il l,:1dy Nliddlc'wic'k's diamonds. Lady Nliddlcwic-k signs :1 clicck for five thousand pounds for :1 new nm-kl:n-t- lvut l"rvddio givcs it to Phyllis' fzithcr so that he and Phyllis can got inarrim-cl. 'l'hc real Nlc"l'odd and his wife QXl:1ry llzwrj arrivv. llsinith 1-xpluins his prvs- vinw' hy saying that l"rcddiu told him l.:idy Nliddl0wic'li's m'clil:ic'c' was to ln- stolvn :ind that lu' was thvrm' to stop thu rolvlmcry. Thus l"r0ddic' is umdu :i hcro, Psniith is frm- to nmrry lin- :ind l,:1dy Nliddlvwick is saved from living disgrum-cd ln-form' ln-r l':nnily. ltnlph lVhitnt'y in the roll' of thc "Lift Klan" :ind Bolm Vtvclmstvr :is 'Alle-llowsf' tln- lDlltl4'l'. :ldd to thc humor of tht- play. 2l .EXCA LIBUIQ Do You Know Lillian Sheeran's hair is naturally curly? Bud Ackom is Clark Gable's double? Bob Louth wanted to be an attendant to the Peony Queen? Clifford McClure can play a solo with paper stuffed in his trumpet? Sue Welch tore John Young's overcoat? Dudley Pomeroy said the ending to the class play was too abrupt? QNaughty, naughtyj. John Gearhart is from Alabama? Cline Cook patronizes the eighth grade? Frances Horn is bashful, and also likes a certain Irishman? John Young went Dippe fryj? ' Norma Kouts made the most points ln basketball this year? Harold Hoghe is a woman hater f?j Pete Gribler likes jewels fBerylj? Dave Evans has many an admirer? Tom Edwards goes for the blondes? Virginia Johnson is Mae West the second? Paul Alban will be the next Jack Demp- se ? ,Bob Elzey does his courting on the back steps? Phil Dougal never used peroxide? Dick Heydinger is Rubinoff the second? Jeanne Downs always has the mushy parts in the class plays? Jack McKeddie has 23 pipes? Dan Lown has a permanent f?j Carl McCoy has a weakness for Helens? Ruth Wilson is the school's beauty? Charles Shick got several gray hairs wor- rying over a picture taken at camp? Jerry Collette wonders about John Young's funny dance step and came to the conclusion it was because his suspenders were broken? Agnes Pennell often gets the Willies? Gordon Todd's car is seen every night at a candy shop on East Main Street? Don Stetler plays a sax? John Agler has a soft spot for a Grand- mother? Ralph Halliwill is six foot four? Sue Welch likes printer's type? Eileen Clifton likes to go to church with OJ Gordon Dasher can play the piano like Claude Nichols? Mr. Bowland, Mr. Speith, Mr. Lehning, Mr. Klendworth, Mr. Karr, and Mr. Galla- poo were principals in high schools before joining our faculty? Mr. Bollenbacher's ambition is to be a poultry raiser? Mr. Katterheinrich's waist increases four inches in the winter? Mr. Klendworth has been bald since he was a senior in high school? Mr. Karr is writing a book? QThree pages., Mr. Krick wears No. 11 shoes? Mr. Bowland has taught more than half a century? Marshall Osborn lives up to the well known slogan, "Go West, Young Man, Go West"? What Mr. Gallapoo said when he broke the mustard jar during the County Basket- ball Tournament? VVhy Miss Gant wouldn't allow her baby picture to be put in the Excalibur? Miss Hall's middle name is Mulford? VVhy Miss Gleason drinks a lot of milk? Miss Ellsworth seldom loses her temper? Miss Armstrong is a pal to the Freshies? Miss Evans took ten years of Latin? Miss Priddy should make some one a good wife? 99.9W of the success of the class plays are due to Miss West? Why Mr. Livingston didn't go to the Ohio State-Michigan game? Mr. Lehning is a good paddle swinger? Esther Thomas can make up the cutest verses? Who for whatj Miss West calls "Mar- comov? Marguerite Conn's giggling can be easily recognized? Mel Gardner has a Dutchman's hair cut? Patty Gauvey has lost twenty-three pounds? Jane Watterson plays nurse maid to the guinea pigs? Bob Bender likes "Alice in Wonder- landv? Why Truman Martin goes so often to Lima? Why Mickey McCollum patronizes the Bon Ton Shoe Shop? That Dorothy Dippery likes 'em tall? Why Lionel Miller is always standing on street corners all dressed up? Why Bob Webster was one of the charter members of the "Bachelor's Club? That Jim Saarn is one of Miss Ellsworth's biggest pests? Why everyone likes Faith Miller? That Gerald Bechtol has a girl in every town in Ohio? Bill Feigert wants to be a farmer's wife? That Harriet English has only had four birthdays? What Sue Welch made Mr. Gallapoo say before she would let him in the Excalibur room? Jerry Collette can't add correctly yet? John Gearhart took the wrong road and ended up in a barnyard one Sunday night? George Spayd is a newspaper man? Isabel Turner's first name? Why Herschel Nead goes to Greenville so often? That John McConahay has a picture of Greta Garbo on his bedroom wall? Pete Pflum attracts all the underclass men? Why Thelma Klein likes to buy groceries at Kroger's? Who Lorene Dippery's Arthur is? Polly Dickinson can recite all of Macbeth? Dick Bebout is against Communism? Princess Dippery studies f?j three hours every night? That Duane Carpenter wears out the piano stool when he plays jazz? Mary Baer's brother was going to whip Carl McCoy and Ralph Halliwell? fWhy?j That Sue Welch had two Hi-Y pins on the other day? fHeydie be carefulj That Dorothy Dippery had all A's until this year? That we canit think of another thing to say? lm EXCALIIB Junior Class Histor "Ship uluvy !" 'I'lu- lllilliluslli' um-:ull llllt'l' slippvml lull ut' llu' lulvlmr of Silllllllllll'1'Nllll'l'. 'I'lu- willing: was 4-xl will: Nllllllllgj .luniors llUIlll1l fm' :l V1-:nfs K'l'lllN1' un sc-ns, NlUI'lIlY lil' rulm, :ms linu- :llulu Dlllll lm-ll. luplum llulw linyxmnul. l'Il'Nl Huh- liu'l1ur1l Xlllklnsun, :mil lgHlllNXYJllll ltluum- 5pm-1-Ilnun xu-rv Ill c'lmrg1v ut lluh vm-xv, mu- lllIIl1ll't'il zuul lilly-six 5ll'UlllI. llu' l:u'm's-rl mum wluv lK'l'lIllIL'll llu' c'm'1'lm'1l pl:u'm-x :ll llu- KiIIlllllllN lzllwls' KlllI'lllgL' llu uuisn- wvrx- llu' lXVl'llly-lllllll' Juniors wluv :u'l1i1-vm-rl Nl'llUlJl5lll' luummrs :uul wluzsv Ilillll1'A g1r:u'l-cl llu- hm-nu-sh-r llulun' llull. flllt' 4'YL'llllllI :nlumrcl llu- lilu-1' was p:u'lu'ul:urly -.'lllt'l'lillllll1g1', wlu-11 ilum- llI'1llllJlll1'1llll nu'lilu-ml pwsn-lllm'rl flu- nunlrrn lllvm-A--:u't play. "ll Nvwr lizlimf' llulv lflllllllllll :uul lllllll XII K'll playa-ll llu- Ujuvcnilc- lwuls :uul Julu- .Xllillgflxsnln :uul lloll Ilnynunul llu- zulull In-:ul-. llllu nu-mlu-rs ul ilu' mul we-rv: lnvn liuclrly, lilll Ray. lluvul in-ss, lil-lly Lou lu-rn, XIFQIIIIIII Ulu-nmlr, l'l1yllis llvrlnuxln. Nlury xvlllllltj, Kullllvcn llluwuls. Sumluw' Wall:-rs. mul llurrx Xllu-rry. lllllillllih lu Bliss Wvsl, llu- play was :I lnugy- f4lIl'C't'N5. 'l'Iu- vuyaugv. mlvspilv umwwlsilrllzll lu-riucls of SlUl'llly wwullu-r, has lu-vu u llc-liglllful mu: .Ks xu- sta-mn slczulily luwurrl S1-ninr lmrlmr, ilu- port ul' nur suprvuu- sumlviliun. uw- luum' llml mn wars 1'I'lll5L' on llu' .lununr hlnp will llY1' l1lI'l'Y1'l' Ill our nu-nuvru-s. "1ll'NI'l .Xl.l.lNull ul, .H 23 EXCALII3 History of Sophomore Class 11 was wit11 il song XVK' SOI7lI111lll1l'l'h 11f 'ZH stz11't1-11 t111- s1-1'111111 11111 11f 11111' high s1'1111111 1':11'1'. .Ks wo tr11tt1-11 f:1st1-1' 1111w:11'11 111 lllll' goal, ll 11111111 1-11111'11ti1111. w1- 11111111-11 11:11'k 1111 1111- first 11:11't of t111' 1'z11'11, 11111' F1'1'sl11111111 y0Zll'. Ot' i'0lll't4i', we XVl'1't' as 1Il't'i'I1 11s :my 111111-1' l'll'k'S111l1t'1l w1111 w1-1'1- 1111'ky 1-1111111511 t11 sh-11 :11'1'11ss t111- t111'1-s111111l 11f t111- Yam V1'1f1't High S1'1111111. C1-1't:1i111y, w1' 111111 11111' 1l'2ll1t'l'h. A1111 111'171Vll wus 1'1'1'si111-11t, R11111'1't 1'l11g:1is11, Yi1'1--1,1'1-si111-11t, 111111 111-11'11 St111'1c, S1-1'1'1't11ry-'l'1'1-:1s111'1'1'. VV1- 11i11 grvt 1111-11ti1111 1111 thc- 111111111' 1'1111 111' t111- s1'1111111 1111t w1- w1-1'1- "s1-1-11 111111 11111 111-111'11" 111 l'Yt'l'y- thing else-. l,z1st S1-ptv11111111', 11t the s11111111 of t111- st111'ti11g1 gong, wv w1'1'1- off with A1111 l11'1lXVll, 1111111-1'1 1'111g1is11, 111111 111'11'11 Stuvk ilgillll 111 t111- 112111. A1t111111g111 t111's1' t111'1-1- 1'1'ta1i111-11 t111- 11'1111 11111 1'11ti1'1' V1-111' il' 1llllIl11l'1' of us r1'1'1'i1'1-11 1111111ti1111 i11 Si'11l11Zll'S111I1, l11'2l1ll?lf1l'S, 111111 11t11l11ti1's. 1 'l'111- f111111wi11g z1ttz1i11e11 t111- 111111111' 1'111'11 ut t111- 1l2llfW2ly Illil1'1i 111 s1-11111z11's11i11: D1-wit1 131'11w11. 131111 l'111111'1', G1'111'1- C11tt1'r1111111, 111-11-11 17111111-1', l11:11'v1-1 l'1Zli'1ill'1', N1a11'g:11'1-t 1'117W1l'I', .1111111 lilllill, 11l'1'y1 11111'111'11, 17111111 111-y11i11g1-r, A111111 .1111111s1111, f1111xi111- l1?l11'l'1'SlH1' K11t111'y11 .1z1111- 14111111-, c1l'01'gIl' l111l1'S1l, J11111- 1'11g11, Yi1'gi11i11 l'11t1111111, 1,1-1- R111-11111-, 111111111 S111it11, K1'11111-tl1 St1'g11111y1-1', 1s11111-111- St1'11t111'1's, 1V1i1'i:1111 V1'1'1'k. Si111'1' w1'111111 il gre-:lt s11z11'1- in Ili-Y, Y-111, G. A. A., 1,:1ti11 C11l11, C'11111'11s, 11:11111, 111111 Ur- 1'111-st1'11, w1' felt NVQ' 11:1,v1- 111111 11 s1l1'1'1'ssf11l y1-z11'. ,Ks W1- pass 1111111'1' 1111- fi11is11i11gg 1i111- t11131-t111'1' NYC' 1l1'1'1:11'1' 11111's1'11'1's f111' 1111- s1-1'111111 ti1111' i11 this 1':11'1--1110 wi11111'1's. ll11:1.1'1N 1,111'1s11 1J115N1-111. 'Jli 24 XCALIIBI I2 History of Freshmen In S1-plvlnlwl' Xim-ln-vu llumlrs-cl 'l'l1i1'lyA Ulu- IIN llllll' :us Ilml llu- rm-xl lllI'l't' .Xml sm- wlml wc- IDl'UllIIl'1' llu-rv was an ll4'l'YUllN lmml .Xml your fn-:urs :ls tu nur fulurm- Ui l'll'l'hllll'5 hlill'llllQ' :1 lUlIl"5'l'2ll' CUIIVSK' Must c'x'1'l:linly will 1-1-mlllvv. In llu- lu-sl M-lmul in ilu- luml. Wm' knuw mat wlml falls' lmlrls in Morm- Xl firsl wx- Nllllllllllil lun- :lml llwrs- For lll1'lIlllt'l'h uf our lmml rl lu-4':nm- :l ru-Vwnu wr:-vk lllll wq- lmpn- our fulurn- lu lmilcl nn 1-mlx ll IlL'Y1'l' msulc u hllljjll' IIIUYL' .Xml mul un ilu- ll'0iIK'llt'l'0llm Silllll. In fvur nl' c':ll1'l1ing,y "lwc'li." Xvllt'll lllrm' ym-:Arm lu'm'c nur' work is mlm llul finally wv Jll't'llhlUlllt'4l 511-4-xx' Wm' lrusl you 4lam'l grvl sum' lu ull llw upx :xml cluwnx ll' wx- lurn mul :1 ln-lla-r lmm'l1 ll luluw lu gy-l ilu- llllll' 'l'lml1 rliml llu- rluw of lllll'lj"l.4lIII'. ln XVFJII' nur mumps :lml gnwlln, l5l':'l"l'x' SII Xl"l"l'IlI 25 EXCAI-Il3 Football The season opened September 30, with the l,ima South Reserves, after four weeks of hard praetiee and we had a. splendid start of a 52-to-0 vetory. The next week we traveled to St. Marys, who was eonsidered the weak sister of the league, and we lost: the score being 2 to 0. Wapakoneta eame here the following week and we won hy the score of 339 to 0. The winning streak of the previous week continued as we defeated Rockford 'LO to 0 on a dry field instead of the usual sea of mud. Bluffton eame to town with a rather light team but were they fast! They won hy the seore of 26 to 0. With the league ehampionship lost, we traveled to Ada and won 19 to U. On Armistice Day we played Elida, after Delphos had canceled their sehedule and we won 21 to 0 in a rather slow game. On November 17 we played our last game against our oldest enemy, Celina., and in a hard fought hattle, in a sea of mud, we lost hy the seore of 6 to 0. Van Wert had one of the fastest lnackfields and heaviest lines that the school students and followers have witnessed in some years. This was one of the hest seasons tha.t the football team of Van Wert High Sehool has had in a number of years. There were sixteen lettermenq of thse ten had never made a letter in football lvefore. The first eleven are seniorsg six of these seniors are two or three-year men: Mel Gardner, Captain, guardg Maurice Gribler, eenterg Paul Allman, guardg Dave Evans, tackle, Bud Aekom, fulllmaekg Harold Hoghe, endg .lolm Agler, endg .laek lVleKeddie, halflmackg Tommy Edwards, quarterlvaekg Dan I.own, half- haek, and Bob Bender, taekle, received their letters. The remaining five are Juniors and it is their first foothall letterg Harry VVherry, halfhaek and quarterlrackg Ora Tindall, tackle and fullhaekg Harry Munday, taekleq Kenneth Neiferd. tackle, and last hut not least is Paul Gipe, end. Yan YW-rt ........ 52 Lima S. lt. ...... 0 Wert llluffton -- .... 26 Yan VV:-rt St. Marys ...... 2 Vl'ert--- ---19 Ada ----- --- 0 Van Wert--- ---. Wapakoneta VVert Elida -- --- 0 Van VVert--- --- lioekford -- -- 0 Wert--- --- 0 Velina -- --- 6 EXCALIIBUIQ Basketball After two weeks of hard practice on December 8 we won our first gilllltf, 3-11 to 17. from Middlepoint. YVe beat Ohio City 31 to 28. NVQ: won from Union 32 to 28. On January 2, we beat the Alumni 33 to 2-11. By 22 to 1-L we won our first league victory over Bluffton. Still going strong we beat Ada 35 to 28. After trailing the first half we beat VVapakoneta 29 to 26. In an overtime we lost to Ottoville 27 to 2-L. Vl'e won from Hicksville 29 to 20, their first defeat. The following night Sidney beat us 25 to 22. YVC won our fourth league victory from Bluffton, 28 to 11. VVe defeated Defiance 33 to 23, making our season's record at ten vic- tories in twelve starts. In our second game with Ada we lost 22 to 20. The next night Defiance won 30 to 28. Our second league defeat came from VVapakoneta, 33 to 28. YVe walloped Paulding 3-L to 12. In our last game Lima South beat us -142 to 28. ln the opening game of the Defiance Tournament we licked Paulding 31 to 25. Next we beat Wauseon 30 to 21, putting us in the semi-finals. In the semi-finals we lost to Bowling Green, 35 to 28. Well, this eliminates us, but wait a minute, Bowling Green has scarlet fever! Van YVert goes to the District Tournament at Findlay. Van YVert beat Montipelier, who replaced Napoleon because of scarlet fever, A145 to 10. Van lVert by winning, went into the finals where they lost to Toledo Central Catholic, 31 to 29. Our season ended with a record of 16 victories and 8 defeats. YVe won the Mid-lVest League Championship for the third time in four years, with six victories and two defeats. The lettermen were two Seniors: Ackom, centerg Dasher. forward: three .lu- niors. Tindall, guardg Neiferd. guardg Williman, forward. The rest of the squad was Ilawk, Seniorg Crycr and Partin, Juniorsg Jerome, Sophomoreg Thomas, Fresh- man. 1 The Seniors wish you the best of luck next season, Coach "Livy.', 27 var Calendar S li l"l'l4lM B li R ll-I5-Alarin eloeks working again. Assembly hy l.t. Walter llinton. lt's been raining eats and dogs. VVish it eould rain a few grades that eould he saved until the end of the six weeks. 18-22-State lnspeetor browsing around and asking: questions, hut not at our invitation. First niixer. 25-29-Yi - lli "G e t Aequainted Party." Pep meeting. Boys of the upper elasses inforlned of a 55200 fine for hazing, and who would like that exeept the judge? Ol"l'Olililt 2-li-Offieers elected. Junior Hi-Y l'otluek supper. No wonder we have hig fellows on the football squad, the way they eat. 9-13-l.ost to St. Marys 2-0. G. A. A. initiation. Vl'hy do the teaehers think we don't know anything unless we get good grades in their tests? lli-20-Van VVert -l-0, ltoekford 0. Miss llall is trying to get at least one Chaueer out of her English IV. elasses. 1223-27-Grade eards. l.ose to Bluff- ton, 252-0. 'l'eaehers go to Toledo. NOYl'IMBlCIi l--51X an VN ert heats Ada lil-0. lll- Y llll'C'llllg'. li-ll?-Junior lli-Y lnenlhers look at the stars through Prof. liarr's tele- seope. Senior meeting: to diseuss Ex- ealihur and rings. l'ep meeting- wonder where Paul Alban got the hlaek flannels. lie should have had red ones-our sehool eolor. ll-17-N. lt. A. evidently doesn't help high sehool kids, from the looks of the proeeeds of the first llank Day. Student Council Asseinlmly. 20-2-L-l'lxealilnu' staff ehosen, ll. A. A. penny luneh. 27-30-"Y" Clulm initiation. Thanks- giving program, and we got out il half hour early, for whieh we all gave thanks. All the turkeys running around like ehiekens-with their heads off. ll l'lCl'lM B H li 41-8---Y-Hi Turkey llop. Senior lting' and l'in Connnittee appointed. Grade eards-an early f'lll'lHtllltlS present. Yan Wert 3-lr, Middle- point 17. ll-I5-Seniors took state tests and about died. Bank Day. With Christ- lnas shopping and the depression, the pennies ean't flow so freely. I?-H32-Wv hm-at l'uiuu. filll'iSllllElN Play. Nlixvr. Yflli pc-um' lunch aucl a ':NX'hitc- l'lll'IlllJllll Suki." Vl'hu do thu-y thiuk has cuougli umm-y to huy a whill- vlvpliaut? .I A N lf A lt Y I5-5-ll:u'k to svhunl aml vv0l'ymu-'s lon sh-cpy tu study. l'c-p uu-4-ting with Mayor Murrisnu as spl-alu-r. SAI!-l'ivi1's sluclvuts go to jail. l"4uuul guilty iu a vast- ut' grruss nug- lwt iu sluxlyiug. llc-at .Mlal livat Alla! .Xml we Llicl it hy gosh. I5-ISD-l'lwi'y'uiiv taking a last unin- utv sprint in stuclyiugr. Ottuvillv lwats I I ' Y. W., L7-Lt in au m'n-rtlun' gauu-. l"l'1liliL'AIi Y I-2 --ltm-pre-s4'utativ0 from Vt'itlvu- ln-rg: talks to thx' Seniors. Stuzlvut f'illlIlK'll ikllXl'l'. 5-Sl-lie-at Us-t'ialu'c, 335-235, hut lust tu Alla, 2x'2'l'. Uuly 4-In-vvu or twc-lvl' In-Imv xvrn. I2-Ili-Miss lflllswurtli i'vr'viy'1-s a l"l'm'm'll Yalvutim' frulu a lwluvvrl pupil-? lib-255-lDig1l1fi4-cl Sa-niurs stll pm'- sist iu llll'lHYll!jI sunwhalls. VVQ' lusm- lu Luna bnuth. .lust auutlu-r hump lu thm- ruacl tu graulualiuu. Zfi-122-4-lmvvly wa-atlwx'-fur Eski- ums. lflvm-l'yol1c has his lcssuus. lluu't tx-ll thx- tc-:wlis-1's. 'l'lu'y iuiglit laugh. 29-Mlllilmlay-'l'lu-rv aiu't un such a llay' this V1-ar, hut w4"ll put om' iu to In-' cliftl-rl-ut. NlAltC'Il l-2 X. W. lwals Paukliug lil-25 in thi- 'l'ouruauu-nt. 5-9-Huwliilg cil't'l'll te-aiu is quar- autiuvcl with svarlvt fm-vcr, su is vliuii- uatrrl fruiu tht- tuuruauu'ut. Juniors pr:-sm-ut "lt Ns-ya-r Rains." Guml wm'k,.ll1iliurs. 112-Ili-All. .X ..X. Haskvthall Bau- quvt. Sturlvut 'l'alvut iXSSt'lllllly. llar- ulal lluglu' like-cl it. lll-Qfifllllilgflllt' Miss llall's amuse-- uwut wlu-u, in A is-st, au Hug. IY. stumla-ut saixl that Klvuclwurth is a nova-I writtcu hy Sir Walter Smit. Sc-uinr Class l'lay try'outs, Mr. Bul- ll'lllHN'llt'l' starts a "Nu lmarfliug. spa-1-cl tvsls t'2llllIl2llQ1ll.-1 1215-2Sl+t'ast fur Svniur l' I a y. "l.c-ave' it tu l'suiith." l'lvvl'yum-'s happy, 'cause wa- gm-t four wlmlm- days ot' vavatnu. .lust lllllljflllli r EXCALIIBIJID APRIL 3-6-Mixer-the first one in ages. G. A. A. meeting. April showers bring May flowers. 9-I3-Seniors getting after Excali- bur promises. Honor Society meet- ing. It's rather discouraging to have the last day of the six weeks come on Friday 13. 16-20-More college representatives to talk to the Seniors. Grade cards MAY 1-41-If I were Walter Winchell, I would give an orchid to the cast of the Senior Play, but since I'm not, the best I can do is say, "We're mighty proud of you." 141-18-There's a song, "Here it is Monday, and I've Still Got a Dol- lar." But it doesn't apply to me. National Honor Society Assembly. 21-25-The Seniors surely do look again. Cheer up, Seniors, youfll only dignified wearing black robes. Dave get thexn once mm-6. Evans is thinking of becoming Chief 23-27-Assembly with pictures S g J'llStlCC 'of the Shlmiiflrriet-Lcrurt so he about Alaska. The speaker surely 61. C4 vlgetuil UBC d e lme' mm' kept "I.ivy" busy. Lillian Sheeran, Mn S' ' umors' Ruth Wilson and Margaret Stuck 27-29-Baccalaureate. Commence- elected as attendants for Peony Fes- ment. And, in the language of a tivdl- if G Frenchman, C'est fini. "Last Will and Testament" VVe, the Senior Class, of the City of Van Wert, County of Van VVert, and State of Ohio, do make, publish, and declare this our last will and testament, that is to say: We give and bequeath to the Junior Class, of Van VVert, County of Van VVert, and State of Ohio, all our ability to pester the teachers. We give and bequeath to the Sophomore Class, of Van Yvert High School, County of Van Wert, and State of Ohio, all our love for French. All the rest of our property, real, personal, and mixed, of which we shall leave, seized or possessed, we give and bequeath to the Freshmen. fAlso our ability to skip school and get away with it.j To whom it may concern: I, Gerald Ackom, hereby will my athletic ability to Harry Tate. I, .Iohn Agler, hereby will my ability to get along with Mr. Juringus. I, Paul Alban, hereby will my left swing to Bob Raymond. I, Ketha Allman, hereby will my quietness to Dotty Ellen Reid. I, Reita Anderson, hereby will my dramatic dutchiness to Katy I, Mary Baer, hereby will my brown eyes to Margaret Allen. I, Harold Bailey, will my bashfullness to Gene Runnion. I, Marjorie Balyeat, hereby will my ability to flirt to Nellie Balyeat. I, Ruth Baxter, hereby will my ability in typing to Evelyn Hardin. I, Lavon Baxter, hereby will my wavy hair to .Ioe Rowell. I, Alfred Beam, hereby will my hammer and saw to my kid brother, Dan. I, Richard Bebout, hereby will my love for airplanes to Rus Mihm. I, Robert Bender, hereby will my ability for making trouble to Skip Linser. I, Duane Carpenter, hereby will my ability to play jazz Con the pianol to Betty Owens. I, Floyd Carter, hereby will my ability to haunt tl1e ladies to Billy lVitten. I, Eileen Clifton, hereby will my art ability to June Allingham. I, Jerry Collette, hereby will megaphone to Isabel Grove. I, Marguerite Conn, hereby will my red hair to Howdy Wilkinson. I, Cline Cook, hereby will my ability to get along with Miss Ellsworth to Dale Runnion. I, Frances Counseller, hereby will my trumpet to Ada Bagley. I, Edmund Custer, hereby will my basketball suit to James Agner. I, Gordon Dasher, hereby will my basketball ability to Bob Willaman. I, Pollyanna Dickenson, hereby will my avoirdupois to Monabelle Steele. I, Lorene Dippery, hereby will my heighth to Margaret Kear. I, Dorothy Dippery, hereby will my A's to Gerald Dally . Krick to Carl Black. Ann 30 EXCALIIBUIQ I, Princess Dippery, hereby will my love for Typing II to Nellie Kouts. I, Phyllis Dougal, hereby will my blushes to Jane Phelps. I, Jeanne Downs, hereby will my freckles to Marjorie Richards. I, Thomas Edwards, hereby will to Sumner Walters six volumes of select tele- phone numbers, three volumes of addresses fthe rest I shall keepj and one pair of second story safety jumpers Qfor third floor use parachutej. I, Robert Elzey, hereby will my alluring smile to Van Ellsworth. I, Harriet English, hereby will my ability as a blues singers to Louise King. I, David Evans, hereby will my football ability to Dave Miller. I, Harry Evans, hereby will my polite manner to all undergraduate who need it. I, Eleanor Feigret, hereby will my ability in stenography to Pauline Steinmetz. I, Dorothy Fry, hereby will my big blue eyes to Katie Black. I, Howard Fugate, hereby will my public speaking speeches to Dick Reidenbach. I, Melvin Gardner, hereby will love for the ladies to Finley Heaton. I, Patricia Gauvey, hereby will my ability to gossip to Mary Whitney. I, Jolm Gearhart, hereby will my Alabam to June Allingham. I, Marjorie Geppert, hereby will my ability to get by in band without practicing at home to Ruth Knoll. I, Maurice Gribler, hereby will my cowlick to Don Jerome. I, Marvin Griffis, hereby will my physics to Paul Ladd. I, Kathryn Gunn, hereby will my "jeune filleu manner to Dorcas Pressler. I, Ralph Halliwill, hereby will my big feet to Bob Pressler. I, Eliden Hawk, hereby will my seat on the bench to Minnie Partin. I, Richard Heydinger, hereby will my ability as Rubinoff to Don John Russell. I, Harold Hoghe, hereby will my pull with the study hall teachers to Dick Zcigler. I, Robert Holtsberry, hereby will my ability to play golf to Glenn Livingston. I, Frances Horn, hereby will my long curly eyelashes to Eva Boddy. QYour responsibility now, Eva.j I, Virginia Jolmson, hereby will my ability to imitate Joseph Peter Patrick fJoej Pcnner to Margaret Longsworth. I, James Marvin Jones, hereby will my hairy chest to Lloyd Barson. I, Mary Jones, hereby will my love for Room 16 to all ambitious underclassmen. I, Leola Keltner, hereby will my shorthand book to Betty Guinn. I, Thelma Klein, hereby will my happy-go-lucky manner to Doris Summersett. I, Norma Kouts, hereby will my athletic ability to Mary Tate. QAdvice: Eat a lot of spinach, Mary.j I, Vera Krugh, hereby will my willowy slenderness to Margaret Kohn. I, Armando Lippi, hereby will my ability to write themes to Isabel Strother. I, Elsie Louck, hereby will my physics book to Don Wilson. I, Robert Louth, hereby will my pep to Harry Wherry. I, Daniel Lown, hereby will my "savoir faire" to George Borchers. I, Stanley Lytle, hereby will my keen analysis of English poetry to Virginia Kanney. I, Clifford McClure, hereby will my printing ability to Kate Rhoads. I, Norma McCollum, hereby will my excess heighth and avoirdupois to Peggy Fowler. I, John McConahay, hereby will my trombone to Marvel Fackler. I, Carl McCoy, hereby will my rosy cheeks to Helen Stuck. I, Jack McKeddie, hereby will my ability to skip school and get away with it to Peg Longsworth and Betty Lou Kern. I, Gordon McMillan, hereby will my auburn hair to Louise Sites, I, Truman Martin, hereby will my saxophone playing ability to Dick Reidenbach. I, Dale Miller, hereby will my "ithp" to Kate Rhoads. I, Helen Miller, hereby will my six foot, one, to Kathryn Black. I, Donald Miller, hereby will my aloofness to the first bidder. I, Donna Miller, hereby will my ability to tell "Tall stories' to Catherine Jerome. I, Faith Miller, hereby will my dimples to Mary Kampf. I, Lionel Miller, hereby will my dignity to Dante Lippi, 3l EXCALIIBUIQ I, Louise Myers, hereby will my Literature book to Elouise Spellman. I, Herschel Nead, hereby will my wrist watch to Joe Monday, so that he will be on time for his dates. I, Claude Nichols, hereby will my musical ability to Lois Miller. I, Carol Nihiser, hereby will my "petite" stature to Mildred Rose Brittsan. I, Max Obenour, hereby will my speaking ability to Art VVolcutt.' I, VVayne Overman, hereby will my chemical ability to Maurice Smith. I, Agnes Pennell, hereby will my grade card to Fred VVelch. I, Carlesta Pflum, hereby will my operation scar to June Allingham. I, Louise Pollock, and I Jeannette Riley, hereby will our devotion to each other to Sally Showalter and Virginia Perrine. . I, Dudley Pomeroy, hereby will Erlene Emans to my kid brother, Charlie. QKeep her in the family, boysj I, Adrian Pugh, hereby will my ability to get along with "Pop" Lehning to Jack Lockard. I, Daniel Pugh, hereby will my matrimonial bliss to Philip Shick. I, Fern Rice, hereby will my giggle to Dave Cress. I .Iames Saam, hereby will my French ability to Cliff Hammond. v I, Jane Roberts, hereby will my ability in Home Economics to .Iaunita Bowden. I, Ervin Schadt, hereby will my ability to drive a truck to Ivan Hoghe. I, lVilbur Scott, hereby will my interest in athletics to Richard Springer. I, Lillian Sheeran, hereby will mv tonsils to Helen Baxter. I, Charles Shick, hereby will my ability to peer through a physics book with an X-ray to Carl Juringus. I, Dale Slane, hereby will my baseball, glove. and bat to Dick Bowers. I, Alta Mae Smith, hereby will my curly hair to Norma Rhoads. I, Leona Smith, hereby will my attentiveness to Louise Stripe. I, Ruth Smith, hereby will my talkativeness to Lois Ulrich. I, George Spayd, hereby will my ability as Van VVert's VValter lVinchell to Charlie Pomeroy. I, Donald Stetler, hereby will my bass sax to Dave Rucklos. I, Margaret Stuck, hereby will my blond hair to Kenny Pflum. QDon't use too much peroxidej I LaVerne Terry, hereby will my French notebook to Rowena Gekler. I, Esther Thomas, hereby will my poetical thoughts to the next personals editor. I, Gordon Todd, hereby will my harem to King Tindall. I Geraldine Truax, hereby will my wisdom teeth to Frank Fulmer. 5 I, Isabel Turner, hereby will my noisiness to Mid Klein. I, LeGrand Urton, hereby will my paper route to Dave Heydinger. I, Jane lVatterson, hereby will my dignity to Grace Moltz. I, Robert Webster, hereby will my role as butler to Bill Ray. I, Sue Welch, hereby will my ability to tear overcoats to Elise Clark. I, Helen VVelker, hereby will my curiosity to Doris Houser. I Russell VVermer, hereby will my black hair to Thelma Gardner. 1 I, Ralph VVhitney, hereby will my ability to "get around" to Dick VVilkinson. I, Ruth VVilson, hereby will my demureness to Helen Ramsdail. I, Harry VVise, hereby will my shyness to Pete Runnion. I Alice VVvandt, hereby will my ability to play basketball to .Iesse Studebaker. I, .Iohn Ashton Young, hereby will my torn overcoat to Bob T. Raymond. 9 YVe hereby nominate and appoint the faculty of this Van lVert High School to be executors of this will. lVe hereby revoke any and all former wills by us made. In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands this twenty-seventh day of April, in the year of our Lord Nineteen hundred and thirty-four. Signed: THE SENIOR CLASS OF '3-L. 32 EXCALIIBUIQ Gllolces Mrs. Young-Donitlask so many questions, John. Curiosity killed the cat. .lohnnie-lVhat did the cat want to know, mother? -x- as -me -x- -x- A l"reshman's vocabulary: Kick-a verb of the foot. Hop-a verb of the frog. ' Liar-a bad adjective for boy. Flattery-a good kind of curse word. Wig-hypocrite hair. Bullet-son-of-a-gun. VVhiskey-sin water. -me -me -x- ac- -me Dorothy D.-Can you take shorthand? Peg I..-Oh, yes, only it takes me longer. -x- ,-x- ac- -me -ae I understand that yourfson got his B. A. and his M. A.? Ycs. but it is still his P. A. that supports him. -x- -if -x- -x- ac- Dave H.-VVhy do you use such a long cigarette-holder? .lack Mc.-The doctor told me to keep away from tobacco. 41- -x- as -x- -x- Dave Cress Con trainj-VVhat makes this train run so slow? Conductor- lf you don't like it you can get off and walk. Dave-I would, only I'm not expected ,until train time. -x- x- -ne -ne -x- Miss West Qin Public Speaking Classj-1-Insull is still sick in bed in grease QGreecej. -me -x- -x- -x- -x- Miss Ellsworth-VVhat is a concrete noun-? Gene R.-A concrete noun is a noun that is made out of cement. -x--x--x--x--x- ' Mr. Livingston fin biologyj-What is the highest form of animal life? George M.-The giraffe. as as -x- -me ae Marshall O.-VVhat is an egg? ' Red Thomas-An egg is a chicken not yet. -K 'X' 'X' -X' -lt Gordie S.-What is a swimming hole? 3 Bob E.-A body of water entirely surrounded by boys. , -xx-x--was Miss Hall-VVhat is a synonym? Agnes P.-A synonym is the word you use when you can't spell the other-one. 'lf 'X' -if -lf 'lf Freshman-Hey, can you change a dime for me? Skip I..-How do you want it changed? Freshman-Into a quarter, please. 33 iE'X C AI. I'I3fU'I2 A .ludge fin courtj-How old are you? Mr. Bollenbacher-Thirty years. .ludgefYou've given that age in court for the last seven years. Mr. B.-Yes, I'm not one of those who say one thing today and another io- morrow. -x- -x- -me -me -me "Crop failuresu? asked the old timer. Yes, I've seen a few in my day. In 1854+ the corn crop was almost nothing. 'Wm- cooked some for dinner and my father ate lil acres of corn at one meal. --ie -me -me ac- -me Mr. Gallapoo-Say it's down to zero in my room! .lanitor-Down to zero. is it? 'I'hat's nothing. -x- -x- -me -if -me O. A. Kleudworth-If a farmer raises 3,700 bushels of wheat and sells it for ri52.53 per bushel, what will he get? Dave Miller-An automobile. -x- -me -is -x- ac- Cliff McClu1e-Now hereis a picture-one of my best, too-I just finished. When l started out I had no idea what it was going to be. Friend-After you got through, how did you find out what it was? '19 'X' 'X' 'K 'X' Sheeran-Vi'hat's the hardest thing about roller skating when you're learning? Miss Gleason-The floor. 4+ -me -me ee -me Bill Ray-I wish I had moneyg I'd travel. Sumner W.-How much do you need? -x- -x- -me -x- ae Mr. Karr-Now vou have in front of you the north, on your right the east, and on your left the west. What have you behind you? Freshman-A patch in my pants. I told mother youid see it. -x- -x- ae -x- ae Miss Hall-In this stanza, what is meant by the shades of night are falling fast? Bud Ackom-The people were pulling down the blinds. 'IP 'K '16 'X' 'X' Teaeher-If you were getting dinner for six people, and had but five potatoes, how would you divide them to give each one an equal share? Small Child-I'd mash 'em. is -x- ac- -ne -me Teacher-This makes four times I've had to punish you this week. What have you to say to that. Bobbie-I'm glad it's Friday, teacher. ee ar- -me ac- -me Tom H.-+Can a person be punished for something he hasn't done? O. A.--Of course not. Tom-YVell, I haven't done any geometry yet. 'K 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X Teacher'-VVhat happens when a man's temperature goes down as far as it can go? Harry VVise-He has cold feet, Ma'am. 34 EXCALIBIJID .lorry C.-He is the most tender hearted man I have ever seen. Patty G.-Kind to animals? Jerry-I should say so. VVhy, when he found the family cat insisted on sleeping in the coal bin, he immediately ordered a ton of soft coal. -K- -If 'X' 'X' 'X' I rose with great alaerity, To offer her my seatg 'Twas a q iestion whether she or I Should stand upon my feet. 'X' -K- 'X' 'IP -X- Alfrexl B.-I have at last thought of a job I think I would like. Mr. Lehning-VVhat is it? Alfred--Lineinan in a wireless telegraph company. 'lb 46 'X' -JG -K- I"irst Clerk-How many people want in our office? Second Clerk-Oh, I should say, about one-third of them. -X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'll- Civilization is a state of affairs where nothing can be done without first being financed. -x- -x- -x- -x- -x- Freshman-Pop, what is the Board of Education? Father-My son, when I went to school it was a pine shingle. -x- -n- -x- -x- -n- Miss Priddy-I just adore caviar, don't you? Miss Ellsworth-I never heard him except on the phonograph. ai- -x- -x- -x- -x- Boss-No, we have all the men we need. Robert W.-Seems like you could take one more, the little bit of work I'd do. 'X' 'lf 'K' 'X' 'X' ' Dudley P.-Do you know in Serbia, they don't hang a man with a wooden leg. Freshman-VVhy not? Dud-They don't hang them with a wooden leg, because they use a rope. -X- 'K' 'X' -If 'X' Jeanne--So many men marry for money. You wouldn't marry me for money, would you dearest? Bob E.-No, darling: I wouldn't marry you for all the money in the world. 'K' 'X' 'K' 'X' -If Dave Evans-Yes, I learned to play entirely by ear. Cline Cook-Haven't you ever had the ear-ache? -X' -It 'K 'IG -X- Dan Lown-My ancestors came over in the Mayflower. Eva-It's lucky they didg the immigration laws are a little stricter now. 'X' it -X' -X' -X- Mr. Speith-What is it that keeps the moon from falling? June A.-I think it must be the beams. 'X' 'X' -JE 'I' -X- Miss Armstrong-What is the feminine of cowboy? Betty Ann Owen-Milkmaid. -me -x- -x- ai- ac- Can we imagine anything worse than a giraffe with a sore throat? 35 EXCALIIBIJIQ It is easy enough to be happy ' VVhen life is a bright, rosy wreath, But the man worth while Is the man who can smile YVhen the dentist is filling his teeth. -X- 99 'IP 'X' 'K' Mrs. Baxter-Oh, say, who was here to see you last night? Helen40nly Jane, Mother. Mrs. B.4VVell, tell .lane that she left her pipe on the piano. -x- -me -me -me ar- In the parlor there were three, She, the parlor lamp, and heg Two is a company, no doubt, So the little lamp went out! -me -x- -me -me -me Pete G.-I wonder if Mr. Gallapoo meant anything by it? Ora Tindall-By what? Pete-He advertised a lecture on "Fools" and when I bought a ticket it was marked "Admit One." ae -me ae -me ae John Young-The engine seems to be missing, dear. Dorothy D.-Never mind darling, it doesn't show. -JE -16 -16 'X' -JP Hello, old top. New car? No. Old car, new top. -me -x- -x- -me -me Louise King-But father, he is a man you can trust. Mr. King-Gracious, girlg what I want is one I can borrow from. -K '16 'X' -16 -16 lVife-Oh, George, do order a rat trap to be sent home today. George-But you bought one last week. Wife-Yes, dear, but thereis a rat in that. -x- -me as ac- -x- Tom Edwards Qat 41 yearsj'Ma, do I have to wash my face? Mrs. li.-Certainly! Tom-Aw, why canit I just powder it like you do yours? -me -x- -me -ie -x- Russell VVermer just arrived in town, was walking across the street and hap- pened to notice a sign on a hardware store: "Cast Iron Sinksf' He stood for a minute and then said: "Any fool knows that." 'X' '39 99 'X' '19 Skip-Do you know there's one advantage in having a wooden leg? Joe lt.-VVhat,s that? Skip7You can hold your socks up with thumb tacks. as -me -me -me -x- Ora Tindall-Miss VVest, what is an actor? Miss VVest-An actor is a person who can walk to the side of the stage, peer into the wings at a group of other actors waiting for their cues, a number of bored stage hands and a body of theatrical odds and ends and exclaim: "VVhat a lovely view there is from this window," ae -is -me -ae ae Bob Louth QEnglish Classj-If you get thirsty while in n desert kill a camel and drain the water from his reservoirs. 36 EXCALIIQUIQ SPONSORS 0 ' is C. ll. Scholler, Jeweler Young's Drug Store Balyeat Furniture Company CoH'elt Brothers, Barhers H. M. Gleason, Tohacconist Hines SL Son, Druggists Thomas slewelry Company The Clearing House Excalibur Photographs hy Agler Studio Excalibur Engravings hy Eort Wayne Engraving Co Excalibur Printing by Wilkinson Printing Co. 37 EXCALIBUIQ Compliments of orClen's Cheese Co., lno. Monroe Division Manufacturers of Lieclerkranz Cheese Mr. Bowland Qto Harry Evans in room following shorthand classj-Harry, erase Mr. Kattenlieinrielfs curves off the board. -x- ai- ae -x- -ze John A. Qover telephoneQ-Operator, I'd like to know where I can get hold of Lillian? Operator-I don't know, sheis awfully ticklish. ae -x- -x- ae -me Mr. Speith-lVhat is a thermometer? Nellie K.-A thermometer is a glass tube in which the temperature runs up and down. -me -me -me ee -x- liig Hen Qboastfullyj-l get thirty cents a dozen for my eggs. How much do you get for yours? Small Hen-I get twenty-five cents a dozen. Big Hen Csc-ornfullyjfYVliy don't you lay hig eggs and get thirty cents a dozen. too. Small Hen-Huh! I should exert myself for a nickel. lllll Clarks Fine Shges E mumll':'w:"lll'lllr:l:lx" 85th Anniversary Year lllmlviwiplilillllelrlllll will ff l' The llames Clark Shes CO' it Q- A i 17 Van Wert, Ohio 38 EXCALIIBIJIQ The Home of Varsity Town Undergrad and Young Men's Clothes Balyeat, The Clothier Oh, drop a tear here For poor Ezra Bean He had halitosis And no listerine. as -x- -x- -me -x- Frances H.--So you and Pete are to he married? flirtation. Beryl H.--So did Pete. -me x- -me -me -me Mr. Krick-State one use of cow-hide. Jimmie S.-It keeps the cow from falling apart. lVhy I thought it was a mere r Pennell's Drug Store r Quality Drugs Phone 3026 Eat at The Old South Cafe East Main Street lireshie--What is a desk? Mr. Bowland-A desk is a place to put a book if you want to -ne -me -x- -x- -ie Mr. Howland-VVhat are the people of Greece called? Harry M.+Greecers. -me as -x- -x- -x- ljaul A.-Luke why are you always scratching yourself? Gordie D.-Cause l'm the only one that knows where I itch. lay it down Compliments of Equity Dairy Store 136 East Main Staeet 39 EXCALIIBUIQ . C. PENNY CO.. Congratulating the Class of 1934 ancl wishing each one success in their life's chosen vocation Carl McCoy-l suppose you are going to raise potatoes in your garden. Charles Shick-I was, but when l read the directions for planting, l found that it would be impossible. They should be planted in hills. and my garden is per- fectly level. -me -x- -x- -me -me G. Todd-I took that pretty girl from the store home the other night, and stole a kiss. Ralph VV.flVhat did she say ' G. T.-WVill that be all? Tl-llE GUNSETT CO., l-larolware, Stoves, Paints Electrical and Plumhing Supplies Gene R.-You've been drinking. I smell it in your breath. .lack MCK.-Not a drop. I've been eating frog's legs. VVhat you smell is the hops. -ze -ue -we -me -ze 'l'rum:1n M.-l'm tired of always being the goat. Bob XV.-Then why don't you stop butting in? Quality Clothing Prices Right Van Wert Clothing Company Styles for Young Men 40 EXCALIIBUIQ Bowers' Drug Store Un the Corner Compliments of Fell's Shoe House VVaiter-How did you find the steak, sir? Mr. Diener-Oh, quite accidentally. I moved that piece of potato and there it was underneath. -x- -x- ac- -me -x- Elden Hawk-I see the Klu Klux are going to admit women members. Don Stetler-lVhy, I thought it was a secret society. -x- -x- -x- -x- -x- 4 Ginny J.-I thought you could keep a secret. Sue W.-Well, I kept it for a week. Do you think I'm a cold-storage plant? Kesler Brothers Staple and Fancy Groceries Phone 2616 I 123 S. Wash. St ll. P. Skinner GL Co. The Home Store Dry Goods, Ready-to-Wear, Millinery, Curtains and Draperies Sound travels at the rate of 4-00 yards per second: Exceptions to this rule: Scandal-1,000 yards. Flattery-500 yards. Truth-22 yards. Alarm clock?--? Loetz Brothers Better Meat Better Prices Compliments of ll. E. Gribler Dairy Company Pasteurized Dairy Products Phone 2150 4l EXCALIIBUIQ ILD BROTHERS Quality Meats Phone 3004 John Neiferd-Mr. Speith, I want to know something? Mr. S.-VVhat is it Johnny? .Iolumy+VVhen a lightning-hug lightnings, why doesn't it thunder? -x- -x- -x- -me -me Kate IC.-I suppose you never thought seriously of marrying? Betty Ann O.+Sure I did. So I didn't. Q Q. BIENDIER S C , The Old Home Store Mernlber of Vanirma Harry Wiset at the box offieej-Will you kindly return me the amount I paid for amusement tax? Clerk-VVhy, sir? Harryal wasn't amused. -x- -x- ae ee -x- Ifresh-lVhat is an optimist? Bright Senior-An optimist is a person who'll go into a restaurant without a cent in his pocket and figure on paying for the meal with the pearl he hopes to find in the oyster. Welcome New Hotel M A S I-I 90 Modern Fire-proof Rooms. Excellent Food Service 3 Private Dining Rooms. Van Wert, O. 42 EXCALIIBIJD K. and K. Confectionery We sell Clover Leaf Ice Cream Tested and approved by Good Housekeeping Bureau Smartest Fashions Compliments of The Rucklos Specialty Shop Thrift Prices Bill Ray-"Pa, what is heredity?" Mr. Ray-"Something a father believes in until his son starts to act like a fool." -x- -x- -x- af- -x- Pat and Mike were being pestered by mosquitoes so they went in the house and crawled under the bed. Pat saw a lightning bug coming through the window. He said, "It's no use, Mike, here comes one with a flashlight." The Sidle Co. Complete Home Furnishers Sheaffer Pen Sets Books For that Graduation Gift, see The Van Wert Book Store 104 West Main Remington Portable Stationery Paul Alban-Because he could then walk outside while the sermon was being preached. 'll' 'X' 'K' -X- 46 Nellie K.-No I will never tie myself down to one man. Gordon D.-Perhaps if I organize a syndicate you will consider our offer. Balyeats Restaurant Don Stub Wilson SL Girod Hardware on the Square 43 EXCALIIBIJIQ Gee, It's Good When it comes from Mrs. Milllerls Pastry Shop 117 N. Washington St, Phone 3119 On mules we find legs behind And two we find before lVe stand behind before we find What the two behind stand for. -me -x- ae -x- -x- .lohn G.kSay Marshall, what keeps us from falling off the earth when we are upside down? Marshall 0.-YVhy, the law of gravity, of course. John G.-VW-ll. how did folks stay on before the law was passed? Compliments of he Betty Ann A Good Place to Eat Dick SpringerfAre you the trained nurse mother said was coming? Nurse-Yes, lim the trained nurse. Dick S.-I,et's see some of your tricks, then. -x- -ie -ie -x- -me Boss-"Und, canit you find something to do? llud lhgfice whizg ani I expected to do the work and find it too? Jewelry, Purses Wholesome Fresh Candies China and Glassware Playing Cards Baby Goods Lamps and Shades Hosiery, Rayon Complimenls of The Morris 5 SL 10 to S10 Stores, line. Van Wert's Most Modern Varieiy Store Hardware, Paints Cosmelics, Notions Men's Goods Paper Goods Brushes, Oil Cloths Mints, Gums, Peanuts Magazines, Dresses 44 EXCALIIBIJIQ 5 E 535 Congratulations, '34 " The Boinnewitz Co., Dry Goods Ready-to-Wear :Jw gJwLg Livy-You say your father was injured in an explosion? How did it happen? Harry M.-lvell, mother says it was to much yeast. llllt father says it was to little sugar. -lf 'X' -It 'X' 'X' Betty Lou Kern-How does Bob make love? Elise Clark-VVell. I should define it as skilled labor. Dalkels Restaurant A Good Place to lEat Here lies my wife, here let her lie Y Now she's at rest, and so am I. 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' Prof.-A fool can ask more questions than a wise man c in answer. Senior-No wonder so many of us flnnk in our exams. -x- -x- as -x- -x- Betty l"ell+And you're sure this bathing suit won't shrink? Salesman-N0 missg it has nowhere to shrink to. -x- -x- -me -x- ac- Mr. Karr-And what was VVashington's farewell address? .lohn Partin-Heaven, sir. U. S. NO. TLS12 OFFICIAL SOFT BALL. Made with Prime Long Fibre Java Kapok, compressed un- der six ton pressure, and securely wound with latex coated yarn under tight tension. Best quality selected Horse-hide Cover, sewed with Triple Lasting Seam of two-ply extra- heavy waxed thread. A big favorite with pitchers, hitters and managers. The added service cuts ball costs substanr tially. Try a few and be convinced. 81.39 each, 315.60 per doz. SPORTING GOODS CO. 116 South Washington Street 45 EXCALIIRUID VANWERT INDEPENDENT RETAIl NERCHANTS' 6,9 ASS'N if -yjf fronqvatfx' r llt'Ilt'll1'l' f-ln what part of the liilrlc' is it taught that :x man Slllillld only llavc om' wife. li nd Kvnmwly-f fl guess it's Hu- part that says no mul c lll warn more than one lllJl?ilt'l'. ' Nl ee ee ee ee ee :xjoriv l5:xly0:1t7llc1'c's Jlll0lllCl' book on "How to Get into the- Movies. llllllyflllllil llicliinson-fflVllj.' on czxrtll docslft somm-lmody write :1 book on llow lo P' lin "'l't il Sl'Jlt NVllCll Vllll dll gift lllf' ' ae-me-x--x--me l Ill ffoing to hxlu' :x c'lmm'm'. 3' 'lf -D6 -36 -If -If Sunday School lllt'iH'llt'l" NYII5' did David say ln- would F?ltllK'l' ln- :x doorkvcpcrr lll ilu' ll0llNt' of tlw Lord? Congratulations, Seniors Q GQ elieololie 121 S. Washington Sr. Radio-fflplmileo, Sfcrornluwerg Carlson Frigidaire Delco Light Complete Sales and Service 46 d Ac-kom Qwlwn :x small lmoyjff-f-I Jlllllt goin' to any my prnym-rs tonight. mother. EXCALIIBIJIQ V' gn ,.., .-.W ,. two reasons why Van Wert High School,s class of 1934 is made up of so many fine young men and women. Best Wishes from A Friend of Van Wert High 7 Autographs u 1 . i X , w m " 'As:1.eTIi1u':.'n51s!v11 ' ,- . E . . , s I i I 5 I f a V 5 s E I i 1 I A I 1 I E , I S i 1 1 P I i I 1 H I E n 1 n I 1 M11 . Illlsmunl. '14 aff-as ..,- --n.g.v+H-'Q I -

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