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Van Nuys High School - Crimson and Gray Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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if? .i Fl n E, Q WV? Q3 , ' QW , N A ', xt P ' , V5 jo' 'Q 14 Q S Q If 4 E ' 5 ' 5 "' ' f S E is X S S S 'S QQ 4 Q S S " 5 QN Nwi' ,+' ' f ' S Pf S S S ' ' S Q S F N o S ,gf S ETX, ,tif-' . J 1 f-fx-'-gf .J ' ,. ,rf N . 6, , Q-, 7,2 A, fd, k N k-Jac, ,iffwh 9' v - yy J yn wp' , , 57, ,, , FTQ I- V f X- C: vw A xi 17 4 aff 5, af' ' A .J -,- l CQ? Q a ii' QF 5? I ,. I xi Yr C566 Q52-G 1, C? N qxsfqxfet f X, fl "I, 5.2 Q g fgkjjif' ., f, Ck if ' Q62 s 'IVY' 7' C flax Q Q-I M - fn' f -J -56' a ,,A .,f "gn X Q af 1, ,, 77, , , f f GK 'Xt C? . Q! 1, k . I C L 6 C . ..f' ,v I N, 4, 4,7 1 I xt OF . If K A 'N' Km, 1, 'L 1 V I K . ' 1 X4 ,ff In K L ffl f'Lf f Ct ' f f H MN Q 5 ,- ,7 ' YL G, b X QFQ f 7, Xl 'A 1 ' M-164.1 X. f" .rlf ffl., .f J Zyl XX 'K X A X X ff , XXV '. r IV N? Wg' ' U RQ?" S 'QILW 511' V va 'ld L I -X LSL UA L vt K- ' 'L . .1 1' W, . : LL- f-v ' f Iv 6 Wxfflyu f K 'V if L5 j c L L L 0 lf" lv 1MV'- .. f v ,UL L X x X F 0. 73-,V iq, If jf . , Jw 4, ' " Lf-173 kj L3 - 5 N5 J Aff ,fAwl1"'?fiX L' L4 fri" f f W " L16 I , 4A x ,CX-1 I ff 1 4 fu, f- ff I .' Ivz. Y 1 A-f ff rx ,I :lf A ' ,' . f I ' ' ' I X I Z- 2 if ' TJ' ' ' 4 ., , vf 4 fp 74- C W K . 'fw Qfgf L 9 D ' E MIN" ff. A Q!! if K N 1 ' ai? E 5 , O W J , . ll ' x , af A, N 3 5110! . ' g 'f XM gkffl an ' A . c 4 if Q f 5 .. f Q 4 is-A , i H iii 'Ex V 642' CN I M X x Q0 A - X n x , K1 N-Q q. v L ,u kr ,,,.,.-.....,..-.,,...,.....W,.NN.m.,,...,,.W...hM.,x..,.1..v,,,f,,,M..W, ,..,,,WkM. W ,.q,hm:.,,f V awww, ,, , x 1y.1'f?wf-" T,-. x i! 7 2.5 " - L4-53 ,Ls-' ' " X 1 1 1 . A , ' ' ILMCFJ1 331' JJ' fy, . 1 . I . A' ,Qs . , , 5 5 ..", i Q? - g ' . , XIQX UO S9505 Q EQ P 6 ow ' V ,kjJ'y QBQQP 9 xxx WX H f S3 yfgrfl N EY, li 'vi ' Q Q5UN.'Q QSNSHS f 5 591' QQ? , f 5 K xo 3 ff D 2 A k B J X A M fi ? l , 2 ES J -I v 5 A ,., 53 5? iii, 4 I P f M wig 7 Q99 ' vii? I A I VA ' ElT3'siQxlT??g-siliN? Q im V . Q The CRIMSON and GRAY of 1959 presents WILLY in WONDERLAND ,QL s A S N: N! Q f hx X XS. . Q X K x S 'X ,D .K V J Xizlv ,Nw NS: F fm is 1 gf 4.5 L, SMH V 5 , ,X is S x Q N5 K Q X sl S X I x 15 Xxx f XX ! , ,ff C 4 4 F V t, 1 1 1 w-sim 2 7 , . Q 'V 4 V, I' f f 'ff W 7- ' , V: , in ,V Z ' f ry! 1' f I , Al V V I J ,M I 1 A 0 V ' ' buf' J 2 .AV ' W H , f , J ar J, i Z 'ff , f A P 2 S Q s S. f. ff' I K 3 f w 15 " 'P C . 4 5' o 1370 I -4,11 XIYZX XZXXX A WW 5 1.- Willy fhe Van Nuys Wolf has neifher parfaken of the mysfical pofion nor nibbled af fhe magical mushroom, yef he is rushing headlong info whaf is surely a Wonderland-Van Nuys High School. The weird and wondrous sighfs which awaif him fhere will make his eyes bulge and sef his head a-spinning. Lef us accompany Willy as he makes his way through Wonderland. We can relive our own high school days as we follow our mascofs long, enferfaining land bushyl fale. Lf i- ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY . 6 SENIORS ...... . 32 SPORTS ..... IU CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES . , 98 UNDERCLASSMEN . , 134 INDEX . . . , 167 GR Page Five I Willie Wos Introduced Clossroom 7 Mk in The to... WUI f K 6335 H-X X S MR. WILLIAM C. NOBLE Page Eight Principal "The world is so full of Z1 nmnbcr ol' things. I'm sure wc should all he happy ais kingsf' Robvrt Louis Str-vcnson wrotv tht-sv words amd hccdcd thcm in his own approach to lifv. Conscquvntly lift- for him was a grunt, satisfying advcnturv, in spitv ol' pcrsonail aiclxwwsitics which might hnvc sourcd 11 lessor pt-rson. For tht- studvnt who aidopts gi similair Crcvd Cach school yvair hrings nvw wondvr amd L-xcitvinvnt. This Crimson amd Gray is at record of nn- othm' strvtrh down thc- long maid of Vain Nuys High School's history. It has ht-4-n ll yvarr of clianigc, ol growth. It has hvvii at ycnr of high momunts of siicm-ss. lt is thvsr- momvnts thait mailu' aill thc planning and haird work ol tht- laiculty amd thc- stuclm-nl hotly worth whilv. Most ol' thcsv highlights arm' rt'c'orclt'tl in piftura- or story in this yvarrhoolt. Maiy I congraxtulzru' t-arch stnclvnt who hats c'ont1'ihutt'd to this past yt-1n"s rt-coral ul au'liit-vt-int-ntg mary I tharnk catch tcaclivr who hais had a huncl in it. MRS. EVA M. KIRBY Girls' Vice Principal MR. DONALD B. BROWN Boys' Vice Principal e Nine LISTENING TO AN EXPLANATION OF A TRIGONOMETRY PROB- LEM BY MR. KUBO AND PETER, BARBARA, EVAN, MARIE, LoL'Is AND LOUISE ARE PUZZLED f s s? ses . M54 " ' F5235 3 X K A U I 1f2,fMf . A ' swf . Y v U Zifg . . . The Wonders MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Miss Jean Robb, teaching Mathematical Analysis and Algebra, headed the Mathematics Faculty this year. Other important college pre- paratory courses OFfered were Algebra, Geom- etry, and Trigonometry, which were taught by a large part of the faculty. For students with a non-academic major Basic Math, High School lXTath, and Industrial Math were taught by Mrs. Eugenia Negulic, Mr. Myron Ronne, Mr. Robert L. Sanders, and Mr. George Stuart. Mr. John Doerr and N111 Alden YVillis spon- sored the Math Maniacs for students interested in a club for mathematics. Miss Florence Reese coached the math team for the Occidental Field Day, At this event the team placed first in its division. Mr. W'illis coached the team for the Wfilliam B. Orange Memorial Contest at Los Angeles City College, where both team and 1721 ,. ' ,I 'sa- A 1 2 Q ,., .., -d " 5 individual prizes were given. ,Af MATHEMATICS FACULTY FIRST ROW-Mr. Kubo, Mr. Hamm, Miss Robb, Mr. Sfucri, Mr. Vonesiun, SECOND ROW-Mr, McCaffrey, Mr. Goodman, Mr. Culwick, Mr. Doerr, Miss Reese, Mr. Willis, Mrs. Negulic, Mr. R. I.. Sanders, Mr. Richardson, Mr. Ronnc. Page Tm of the Universe SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Heading the Science Faculty this year was Mr. Harold Young, physics teacher. Mr. Louis Falb, sponsor of the Natural History Club, B111 l'Villia1n Kroot, and lXfIr. George Platner, advisor of the Electrons, taught chemistry classes. Physiology classes were held under Mr. Gordon Locklear, Mr. Darryl Lange, lXfIr. Robert Patton, and lN1r. Kroot. lNIr. Haryey Raskind instructed a new college preparatory science course. Advanced Biol- ogy. B111 John Hallahan. director of the Astronomy Club, taught Modern Science, which is similar to the class of Physical Science taught in the past. Teaching Life Science to tenth graders were Mr. Gerald Bessey. Mrs. Margie Hanzal, Mr. Paul Hy- nianson. Keir. Locklear. Mr. John Lynch, Mr. Lange. Mr. Edward Miller. Mrs. Golda Nloser. Mr. Raskind. and Mr. Myron Ronne, SCIENCE FACULTY FIRST ROW-Mr. Rcskind, Mrs. Hcmzol, Mr. Young, Mrs. Moser, Mr. Lynch, Mr. Patton. SECOND ROW-Mr. Hymonson, Mr. Miller, Mr. Locklecr, Mr. Fclb, Mr. Plotner, Mr. Lange, Mr. Krool, Mr. Loufzenheiser, Mr. Ronne, Mr. Hcillohon, Mr. Bessey. PHYLLIS NICHOLSON EXPLAINS AN ALGEBRA JOHN. PAT AND BILL ARE LEADING A PHYSIOLOGY CLASS IN A EQUATION TO SHARRON, STEVE AND EVELYN DISCUSSION OF NARCOTICS af e Eleven :rl .Q W7 1 ff lifi fn. . '5 J? i -lf - :':"":II.1tf : 5 42 -. Page Tzuflzw' ENGLISH FACULTY FIRST ROW-Mrs. Luschow, Mrs. Geiler, Miss Keough, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Finn, Mr. Frisius. SECOND ROW-Mr. Hall, Mr, Kessler, Mr. Cragoe, Mr. Lefiiz, Mr. Brocki. . . . And H'S ENGLISH DEPARTBIENT The varied and widespread activities of the English Department were coordinated bv Bliss. Annina Price. This vear two new English courses were started: Speed Reading. bv Mrs. Helen Sekelv: lX'orld Literature. bv Mr. Jim Xkhitehead. George llvf1fl1Ii7IQf0II Slept Hur. the plav produced by the drama classes in the winter semester. was under the supervision of Miss Catherine BIcMillan. Llr. Ravmond Kessler. public speaking teacher. sponsored the N.F.I... and coached manv students for speech competitions, Mr. Irwin Porges headed the stall of students that put out manv line editions of the Mirror. and Mrs. Price was the advisor of the Crimson and Gray. rllllk' Pegasus Club. sponsored by Blr. hfilie Foster. produced the Il'ir1.gcd Pun. an anthology of student verse. PAM Bruno ure,-ws l'Oli'1'RY TO MrxR1LvN AND JEFF IN MR. FRlSIl'Sl ENu1.1su l,rrr1R.xTt'Rii CLASS Muyr iufuuws ins sr-rziauir IN Prnuc Srriexxixc, wH1L1i lJo1'o'rmr1s mm .xNn J.-xN T,-xiius NOTES 'TERRY AND TOM GARNELLA LISTEN AS A FELLOXV STU- DENT EXPLAINS THE MEANING OF A SHORT STORY TO MRS. SECAL'S .AMERICAN LITERATURE CLASS anguage f'S If lx X XI SX f S ' VA In X ss X1 , N NWA W 7 ' i if W QQ Q fgg h.,.,vN- X S ENGLISH FACULTY TED-Mrs. Munscher, Mrs. Segal, Miss Molski, Mrs. Sekely, Mrs. Ross. STANDING-Mr. Wesf, Whiieheod Mr Porges , . . MR. FOSTER DESCRIBES THE GRAMMAR OF A PUZ- J7 ZLING SENTENCE TO JIM MCKAY AND IQALPH, MEMBERS OF A SENIOR ENGLISH CLASS Page Thirteen or sun STYDYING THE BILLS BEFORE THE LEGISLATURE ARE GARY FAMILIAN AND LILIKE MCNEILL. To INCREASE THEIR KNOXVLEDGE OF CIVICS, BARBARA. STEVE AND .ALICE LOOK ON ...T Stud SOCIAL STUDIES FACULTY FIRST ROW-Mrs. Schwartz, Mrs. Roffetto, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Elmcn, Mrs. Hegge, Mrs. Smythe. SECOND ROW-Mr. Lund, M'- Wollmcn, Mr. Mayo, Mrs. Moser, Mr. Gunn, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Clemens, Mrs. Stewart, Mr. Lyons, Mr. Friedman, Mr. Lundquist, Mr. Hymcmson. Page Fourteen SOCIAL STUDIES ITEPARTMENT Mr. Sichivy Elmzm, touching BII History, was thc head of thc Social Studios Faculty this your. Two sciiicstvrs of .XITTCYICLHT History wort' taught hy part oI' thv faculty. and AIU History was oifcrcd for those' IITLl'I't'SLt'CI. .Xnotlicr rcqriircd siilwjcct was United Stntcs Gov- vriiiiiviit whicli was taught hy IXUS. Erma I'7citIIOr, XII: Trovic Lyons. Mrs. Fmiirvs RgiII'I'tlo. Mr. Lyh' Robinson. Blrs. Hclcu Smythc. Mrs. IQLILIIVIAYIT Stcwgirt, Mrs. Urn YIIITUIIIPSOII .IIICI XII: Victor XVOIIIIILIIT. Iwo 1-Ivcliw Coursvs in this CIt'LJLll'lIl1L'IlI wort' ECOIIOIIIICS. taught hy Mr. Curl I7I'ivcIIIi1III. and IIllt'l'ITLlLI0llLlI Rclntiolis. by hirs. Stvwurt .Intl Mr. XVQIIIIIIIIII. Iivrziilsv ol' thi' Izirgm' ITIllllIHl'l' of scniors this ycnr. practically all :II thi- Iliviilly taught clzissvs in Svnior PI'0ITIL'l11S. The objectives of this voursm- gm- Ivziriiiiig' to know OITPIS sI'II'. gvttiiigf along with others, :md Ilnving Iill-'S prohlviiis, of thers . . . . I .-ibm LANGUAGE IJEPAR'I'MEN'I' Until this year German has not been taught at Van Nuys. Now, under the able direction of Mrs. Alice Fuerst and Mrs. Mary Gagne, it is being offered. Mr. Jack Mc- Clintock headed the Language Department which also oH'ered Spanish, French and Latin. Members ol the Language Faculty also sponsored sev- eral clubs. Mrs. Berna Romero sponsored the Spanish Club, Los Campanerosg Mrs. Henrietta Holubar, teacher of French, sponsored Les Elites. In addition to the language clubs, Mrs. Gagne started a French Song Club. A German Song Club, sponsored by Mrs. Fuerst, has also just com- pleted its first year. With the recent increase in this country of interest in other lands and their languages, there has been a great amount of participation in the language Held. My I K-W LANGUAGE FACULTY SEATED-Mrs. Brown, Miss Romero, Mr. McClintock, Mrs. Holubar, Mrs. Gagne. STANDING-Mr. DeLeon, Mrs. Shonk, Mrs. Milich, Mr. Loci. KEN TRANSLATES HIS SENTENCES IN SPANISH For: MIKE AND BONNY MUSIC FACULTY Mr Weinstein Mr Alfheuser, Mr. Sayre. Harmon . . . MUSIC AND ART DEPARTMENTS Mr. Seymour Weinstein. leader of the Orchestra. Dance Band, and Band, was the head of the llusic Department. Mr. Robert Altheuser, who came to Yan Nuys this year. successfully directed the Vocal Production groups. the A Cappella Choirs, and the Girls' Glee Club. Rlusic Appre- ciation, Piano. and Organ were taught by B111 John Sayre. and Harmony and Blusic History were subjects instructed by Mr. Wleinstein. Subjects offered in the tield of Art were numerous and varied. Heading the active department was Bfrs. Gladys Roberts. teaching Advertising Art and Art Composition. Art Crafts and Illustration were under the supervision of Mr. Eugene l.aVancil. The classes of Costume Design and liife Drawing were taught by Blrs. -lean Henning. B111 -Iatnes DeMarclii joined the department at mid-term and taught Stage Design, lnterior Decorating, and Art History and Analrsis. 6.1: 'X , ,,e ' X I Wwuu,, it N .. Q.-I ART FACULTY Mr. Lo Vcncil, Mrs. Henning, Mr. DeMorchi. Q '-'fb SN? A Q C Q f C' X K I en Q Q Q I QQ C A,.. IM. ll AZ Q A A Q e F 6163622 ' V-uI1,,wfMAJC,X, J f J kj I DAVE EXAMINES 1iOCHELLE7S LATEST CREATIVE EFFORT ' A 'XXX X WR IN THE SCULPTURE CLASS and Form ANN MCIIELS FOR THE LIFE DRAWING CLASSQ DEAN Q. S RE RRR ' Q R ww f W NANCX' ARE SKETCHING HER Q O I NA, DAN'E AND ,.,,..,,.. Ig v ,. WW I af, W fn, 4' ' 4 " QW? ' I Page Seventeen X Tx X Y I K ' 479749 Gsr SHIRLEX SANDI AND LIXIM TRANSCRIBE IN EHORTHAND Ab NIRB HITCHOCK DICTATES MR. LITTLE 5L'PERx'I5Es LEE. BI.-XRI.-XXNE AND NANCY XVHO ARE XVORKIXG XVITH THE ADDING BIACHINE . . . Future BUSINESS FACULTY FIRST ROW-Mr. Modwin, Mr, Little. SECOND ROW- Mrs. Shipley, Mrs. Heinze, Mr, Miller, Mrs. McKee Miss O'Honlon. THIRD ROW-Mr. Livson, Mr. Hood Mrs. Vinie, Mr. Dietz, Mrs. Hitchcock, Mr. Povligc: Mr. Mu. I Miss RX'AN AND CAROL R. ADMIRE THE DRESS THAT HOME ECONOMICS FACULTY CAROL H. HAS JUST MADE Mrs. Simmons, Miss Ryan, Mrs. Moser. in Home and Business . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Preparation of students for the business world is the objective of the Business Education Faculty of Van Nuys High School. This purpose is successfully carried out under the leadership of Mr. Tip Miller. Some of the courses offered to the students are Transcription, Busi- ness Machines, Bookkeeping, Merchandising, Business Law and Typing. Additional opportunities for experi- ence are oifered to students in Oflice Practice and in the Work Experience program led by Mr. Alfred Stridborg. The Future Business Leaders of America, organized by this department, experienced a busy and exciting year under the leadership of Mrs. Gail Vinje and Mr. Jasper Hood. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Homemaking arts are taught at Van Nuys High School by Miss Kay Ryan, Mrs. Dorothy Simmons, and Mrs. Colda Moser. The classes oilfered are Home Living, Clothing, Foods, Child Care. and Home Nursing. All the courses in the Home Economics Department are of a practical nature and designed to train girls in the skills necessary to run a home. In the iirst semester the Home Economics Faculty sponsored the Betty Crocker Homemaking contest. Linda Ann Smith won the lirst prize. The Future Honiemakers of America, a club organized by this department, was guided through the past year by Miss Ryan. Page Nineteen AGRICULTURE FACULTY Mr. Rollins, Mrs. Nielson, Mr. King, Mr. Swanson. . . . Useful AGRICIULTURE DEPARTMENT For students interested in farming, the :Xg1'lCLllU11'e Department oH'ers many opportunities. Under the leader- ship of Blr. Grant Nielson, department chairman, B111 Charles King and Mr. Dell Rollins, students travel to Fiye Acres for instruction and actual experience. Voca- tional Agriculture is taught by all three teachers, and Nlr. King also taught a course in Floriculture. In this class, students interested in the raising of flowers and in their arrangement are given instruction and then pro- vided with opportunities to create their own floral designs. Mr. Nielson sponsored the Future Farmers of Ameri- ca. one of the largest clubs at our school, through a busy and eventful year. KEN AND RIIKE Rli.-XRRANGE PLANTS IN THF LATHHOVSE XVHILE DICK CLEANS U!llUl"l't' l I , I! di .vp I E f Hl'KTll. JIM AND ljON HARVEST RADISHES T K c X Q F- , N N1 Page Twenty Q!-I rafts . . . do V'Nn, w ls .....l".l Q . ' 7- QR : x sea' - , 4' I I ' ' vq nl Immt., -NNW' xv- mnllllln- U i 5 6 Q A A S INDUSTRIAL ARTS FACULTY FIRST ROW-Mr. Morchese, Mr. Halpern, Mr. March, Mr. Kernodle, Mr. Chambers. SECOND ROW-Mr. Lucksfeczd, Mr. Kopp, Mr. Kirk, Mr. Delp, Mr. Bledsoe. PHIL ADJUSTS THE BRAKE DRUM YVITH THE HELP or DICK, WAYNE AND MR. KERNODLE MR. HALPERN CHECKS THE BOOKCASE WHILE VINCE, PAT AND KEN LOOK ON X, , I 'Y 1 K It R-RL. A .Al INDUSTRIAL ARTS Industrial Arts students worked in the Electric and Radio shop with Mr. Maurice Kopp, depart- ment chairman, and Mr. William Bledsoe. Wood shop was taught by Mr. Ben Halpern, and Mr. George Marek supervised the Machine Shop. Other classes offered were Mechanical Drafting and General Metals. Mr. Robert Marchese di- rected the active Stage Grew. The auto shop was inaugurated under the leadership of Mr. Bledsoe and Mr. Oral Kernodle. This year brought to a close the work of Mr. William Chambers as director of Graphic Arts. He has been responsible for the fine quality of printing done at Van Nuys. Page Twenty-on 8 CAROLYN, DICKIE JUNE, CAROLE, BARBARA AND LEE DEMONSTRATE MODERN DANCE TECHNIQUE PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Miss Bernice Corkhill led the Girls' Physi- cal Education Department again this year. Girls were given the opportunity tO I21kC Nlodern Dance from Bliss lX4arguerite Sen- cliak, Drill Team with Miss Phyllis Taylor, Posture Training from bliss Dorothy Baily, or the standard Physical Education classes. Along with his duties in coaching the Varsity Football and Baseball Teams, Mr. Winston Tucker led the Boys, Physical Edu- cation Department. Mr. Leonard Orteg and Blix Albert Gaber coached the 'SBU Football Team. Basketball was under the leadership of Mr, James Nlercer, who also headed the Track Team. Blr. Blcfjonnaughy coached Cross Country, Sir. Gaber the Swim Team, Mr. BIcCaf'frey the Tennis Team, and Nlr. Mike Foster the Golf Team. . . . Health ., f., Page Tzumzly-Iwo PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY FIRST ROW-Miss Taylor., Mr. Oncg. Mm senchuk, Mr. McConnc:ugI1y, Mm show, Mr. Hubbard. SECOND Row-Mass Mun- son, Mr. Mercer, Mlss Bally, Mr. Tucker, Mr. Gabor, Mrs. France, Mr. Quinn, Miss Corkhill. THIRD ROW-Miss Hirshberg Mrg Bergstrom. . . NEW.. DRIVER EDUCATION FACULTY Mr. Crandall, Mr. Starr, Mr. Quinn, Mr. Stanley. and Safety . . . PADI TESTS HER NERYES XVI-IILE CiHIP. SUE AND LES LOOK ON ,gn-, l l l , 'I ty N iw If --.... ..... . ci ----- DRIVER EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Under the leadership of Mr. Edward Starr, the Driver Education Faculty has instructed students in driving theory and law, and given behind-the- wheel training. Mr. LeRoy Graves. Mr. Barney Quinn. and Mr. H. Crandall taught the theory course: Mr. Starr and Mr. Guy Stanley, the train- ing. In Driver Education the Operation of the motor is explained and laws and correct driving practices are taught. In Driver Training, students are shown the technique of operating a car and are given practice under a qualihed instructor. MR. STANLEY EXPLAINS A FIRE EXTINGUISHER TO IOYCE, ARLENE AND BEVERLY Page Twenty three ....... or - X f V b h -, 'b q ' Q 9 I er C I , HEALTH OFFICE Mrs. Virden, Miss Keough, Mrs. Freeman, D. Kelly, J. Sonnabend. 1111 1114 WWW? 1 sif ,rg C' Page Twmzty-four 'k,? 7 UN 0FFlc'g SVIMMJMJ In rv J ,P ,Q 'w Jf g ATTENDANCE OFFICE FIRST ROW-F. Renshaw, B, Sandler. SECOND ROW-Mr. Mc- Caffrey, Mrs. Wheeler, Mrs. Siegel, G. Smith, B. Stevenson. THIRD ROW-Mr. Means, M. Gonzales. MAIN OFFICE D. Roberts, Mrs. Spivey, H. Danelen, Mrs. Brinn, Mrs. Agren, Mrs. Malhews. I 2, W!!! f Q XIII X If! II 10,1 . . My :NX . , t , .Ili II IAN. aww Kuff"-f'Ig ' ! IIQIIM 9'f2IIIIijf' M III If If "Qs-vw V W , ivy STUDENT STORE FIRST ROW-S. Smead, C. Lollier, Mr. Brown, L, Mobroten, C. Meyerhoff, Mrs. Moior, Mrs. Lyon s. GUIDANCE OFFICE SEATED-Mrs. Galbraith, Miss Reese, Miss Hershberg, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Roy, Mrs. Moser. STANDING-Mr. Brocki, Mr. Deitz, Mr. Whifeheod, Mr. McCoIIisIer, Mr. Kopp. EMPLOYMENT OFFICE R. Perkins, Mrs. Shipley, L. Sireepy. Page Twenty-five 4 if , ,.v:' . NJ. . 4 . ' I' 'K 0 ,J pw 4, , .M , I -gr- f Hy Page Twenty-six nf Tv BUS DRIVERS KNEELING-Messrs. H. Taylor, W. Harris. STANDING-O. Draper, D. Merryman, E. Brooks, D. Jones, C. Weslgale, W. MacNeiI. CAFETERIA STAFF LEFT SIDE-Mmes. M. Elrod, V. James, T. Fonsean, M. Surnham, R, Armintroul, B. Noble, C. Shelley, M. McGinery, M. Kincaid, M. Hcpfer, V. Monell. RIGHT SIDE-V. Arnold, E. Kinsman, J. Nelson, S. Broder, A. Kuehn, C. Whilmer, Mr. Moret. CUSTODIANS FIRST ROW-Mr. H. Hansen, Mr. G. Berry, Mr. J, Fell, My-5, Milchell, Mrs, A Malzenbacher. SECOND ROW-Mr. K, Mgfshell, Mr. T. Byrum, Mr. S. Smilh, Mr. H. Rasmussen, Mrs. Palguqq, 1 ,.-.1-ve- -s .. .. .. .xg-. e .X.. . ,- . f. - , N . Q.. -se .. C .-,ge . --,, -t ...La .. . . .. . ...... - V J-- -nr ..,. . ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,.L M ,...,,...... . . . REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL FIRST ROW-S. Rabinowitz, M. Gonnella, M. Rutman, L. Page, L. Stordahl, S. Achen, J. Furbass, J. Arthur, R. Okin, A. Cuffe, C. Crum, K. Bovee J. Siegler, C. Coles, G. Bogart. SECOND ROW-P. Aires, T. Crowder, G. Shufow, D. Roberts, K. Barger, Y. Hunsaker, D. Roberts, S. Keach, M Haimovitz, B. Nardi, B. Keropian, M. Lockheed, C. Chapnick, R. LeGassick, B. Klee. THIRD ROW-P. Easley, P. Zuber, S. Stettner, J. Ianne, L. Jones M. Josse, J. Begley, M. Klinger, S. Smith, A. Holfbrook, J. Dunn, D. Tschantre. FOURTH ROW-G. Fry, B. English, E. Bybee, D. Smith, C. Mnlntyre G. Patterson, R. Jackson, S. Zimberoff, C. Perry, S. Madison, A. Carhart, C. Luthiger, M. O'Sullivan. FIFTH ROW-P. Zuber, D. Verbanac, S. Wood ard, M. Templeton, D. Wagner, T. Wooley, M. Rosin, D. Harrison, J. Fishkin, J. Jepsen, C. Benjamin, G. Lippert, R. Berman. REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL Representative Council members and their alternates are elected from each second period class to serve for one semester. Presiding over the monthly meetings were the Student Body Presidents. Sheryl King led the winter council with Rich LeGassick following in the spring. Each member of the Board of Control is responsible for 21 table and for guiding the discussion when the group breaks up into smaller units. Some projects of the year were the Clean-Up Cam- paign and a discussion of the qualities needed for leadership. The council serves to unite the students of the school and the faculty. REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL FIRST ROW-L. Drabin, M. Lebowitz, S. Geber, S. Goodman, T. Strozer, M. Sanders, P. R. Hammons, L. Anderson, B. Rogers, J. Getz, J. Meyers J. Ostrode. SECOND ROW-P. Kranz, L. Gullans, M. Brock, P. Story, J. Berrie, T. Thomas, S. Taylor, M. Oeland, D. Hasselbach, J. Cook, L Nicholas, S. Lipney, R. Elyot, S. Jones. THIRD ROW-B. Huber, A. Hanzl, M. Hough, T. Brindle, B. Byron, B. Gibson, R. McDonald, R. Wester- field, C. Smith, J. Taylor, K. Carlson, G. Peterson, J. Anderson. FOURTH ROW-M. Baker, S. Lowe, B. English, B. Gertz, M. Cook, H. Sarkissian J. Burra, G. Martin, T. Kiningham, J. Halpern, J. Walter, G. Ma, H. Maunu, J. Friesen. fb. -lxx fy- J WK T7 N? BOARD OF CONTROL, WINTER '59 SEATED-S. Combs, A. Carhart, B. Mostovoy, S. Wulen, S. King, S. Keach, S. Slattery, S. Coppage. STANDING-C. Cheng, G. Patterson, R. LeGcsslck, B. Lanctot, M. McNeill, L. Sonsini, B. Fields. . . . nd La tl , H'S Wonderlalld BOARD OF CONTROL, WINTER '59 During the fall semester Sheryl King was president of the student body. The position of girls' president was adequately filled by Sharol Walen, and Dudley Campbell was an able boys' president. Keeping accounts of finances was Stacy Keach, the student body treasurer. On the Board of Control were various connnissioners: ol' Clubs, Gary Patterson, of Halls and Grounds, Bob Paul, who was in charge of keeping the campus cleang of Publications, Mike McNeilg of Publicity, Carl Cheng, of Safety, Rich l.eGnssick, who was in charge of fire drills and other safety precautions, ol Seholarsliip, Sarah Combs, of School Service, Suzie Coppage, who kept reeords of all school servicesg of Social Activities, Ann Cfarlizirt, who plzinned all school social activities. Head Yell Leader lloh Fields, who led the yells at sports activities, was an energetic inenilmer. Senior "ll" President Lary Sonsini and Senior "A" President liolm l.nnetot represented their classes. Page Twenty-eight i f . geisetj X? BOARD OF CONTROL. SUMMER ,59 Van Nuys High School was served well by Rich LeGassick as spring student body president. The girls' president was Mary Ann Gonnella. Serving as boy's president was Duke Tschantre. Re- cording the rninutes was Student Body Secretary Ann Carhart. Barry Gertz was student body treasurer. Cn the Board of Control were the comniissioners: of Assemblies, Karen Bovee, who planned all our assemblies: of Clubs, Beverly Englishg of Halls and Grounds, Don Cheng, who was in charge of keeping the halls and grounds Clean: of Publications, Gary lX4arting of Publicity, Barbara Englishg of Safety. lVIarty Lebowitzg of Scholarship, Sparky Smithg of School Service, Chris Ramsey, who kept accurate records of all service pointsg and of Social Activities, Molly O'Sullivan. Leading yells to encourage the Hghting Wfolves was Gary Patterson, who served on the Board. Bob Paul and Stacy Keach represented the Senior "B" and Senior "AU classes. f 5 ,I ywfri .. . ,W f , ,Q .V RICH l.eGASSlCK Summer Student Body President -- an rganized Place . . . BOARD OF CONTROL, SUMMER '59 FIRST ROW-S. Combs, M. Gonnella, R. LeGossick, D. Tschantre, A. Curhart. SECOND ROW-B. English, S. Smith, G. Patterson, B. English, B. Paul. THIRD ROW-G. Martin, M. O'Sullivun, M. Lebowitz, D. Cheng, C. Romsey, S. Kecich. Page Twenty-nine GIRLS' ACTIVITY BOARD, WINTER '59 FIRST ROW-Mrs. Hegge, M. Weaver, J. McKanna, J. John, D. Wagner, S. Walen, B. English, M. Gonnella, S. Smith, S. Helfman. SECOND ROW- M. Ferman, K. Minkoff, M. O'SuIlivan, D. Klann, M. Gander, L. Brinkley, M. Bond, S. Stephens, E. Gullans, B. Feldman. GIRLS' ACTIVITY BOARD. WINTER '59 Leading the Girls' Student Body in the fall semester was Sheryl IValen. Karen McNahoe served as vice-presi- dent. The ofhce of secretary was held by Barbara English, and Deanne IVagner was the treasurer. Representatives of such organizations as Ladies. Lettergirls, and G.A,A., as well as the girls' ofhcers. make up the Girls' Activity Board. Various committees were represented on the board by their chairmen. Featuring the talent of several girls was a Mother- Daughter Dessert. A Girl-of-the-Year was chosen by the good-grooming committee. These were among the activities in which the girls participated. BOYS' ACTIVITY BOARD, WINTER '59 FIRST ROW-M, Haimovitz, R. LeGassick. SECOND ROW-B. Fields, R. Rudman, D. Campbell, J. Randolph, Mr. Vanesian. THIRD ROW-J, Shulman, J. Edwards, D, Duke, S. Goodman, T. Roth. N4 qv 9 Page Thirty . . . aintained 7711 X , X l S auf sl 'I ' I . 3 . v vW II"' ,,'wf""f" Inllllllns. BOYS' ALT'l'lYl'l'Y BOARD. IYINTER '59 Ifnder the lendcrslnp of Dudley Cgunphell. presi- dent. the Boys' Student Body in the fall semester adopted QI new constitution. Rick Rudtnan served as vice-president and Klint Randolph was the secre- tnrv-trcnsurer. These otlicers, with the representa- tives OI Iieys' organizations on ciunpus, nude up tlie Boys' Activitv Board. These reprcscnt.1tivcs in- cluded Rich l.cGnssicl4. Bob Fields. ,lint EdwnrdS. Mike lflguniovitz. .loel Seliulnmn. Duke Tsclinntrc. and 'l'errv Roth. Irotn Safety Conunittee. Yell l.cncIers. Knights. Squires, l.etter1ncn. Future Fnrniers ul' Aincricn. and the R,O.'l'.C., respec- tively. Antone thc activities ol' the liovs' Student Bodv wits nn nsseinlmlv showing the rnovic. "Blau in Space," :uid the selection ol' n Boy-0f-the-Year. Iiotli showed the enthusiastic pmifipatitm of every Iwov nt Vain Nuys lligll, Q- GIRLS' ACTIVITY BOARD, WINTER '59 FIRST ROYY-I Cook, A. 5YffI9, C. CYUN1, 5- Lowe, M. Gonnello, C. King, C. Gutmon, C. Scherz, Miss O'HcnIon. SECOND ROW-J. Robinson, M. Alexandre, P. Zuber, P. Nicholson, D. Dietz, K. Clark, L. Silvermcln, S. Smith, C. Lollier, C. Clark. an Services GIRLS' ACTIVITY BOARD. SUMMER '59 As president of the Girls' Student Body. Mary Ann Gonnella led the girls in the spring semester through a successful term. The vice-president was Sandy Lowe, Carole King served as treasurer. and Jan Carlyle was secretary. Bliss O'Hanlan was the new advisor. These oliicersz the head song leader. Sandy Smithg the presidents of Ladies. Lettergirls. and G.A.A.. who were Linda Leavitt, Margo Alexandre. Pamela Zuber. respectivelyg and the heads oi various committees made up the Girls' Activity Board. A Girls' Assembly. Girls, lVeek. and the selection of a 'fGirl of the Yearw were among the activities planned. A May Queen and her princesses were elected and May Day festivities held. BOYS' ACTIVITY BOARD. SUMMER ,59 Leading the Boys, Student Body in the summer semester was Duke Tschantre. president. He was assisted by Bob Stevenson. vice-president. and Frank LeGassick. secretary- treasurer. These. as well as the following representatives from boys' organizations on the campus. made up the Boys' Activity Board: Marty Lebowitz, Gary Patterson, Mike Haimovitz. Eric MCZgL'l', Paul Jacob. Bill Nardi and Terry Roth. Mr. Donald Brown was the advisor and sponsor. Among the outstanding activities planned by the board and carried out by every boy in Van Nuys were a Boys' Assembly featuring Mr. Roy. a tumbler. ventriloquist. and comediang and the selection of a Boy-of-the-Year. BOYS' ACTIVITY BOARD, SUMMER '59 FIRST ROW-M. Lebowitz, E. Mezger, D. Tschontre, B. Stevenson, Mr. Brown. SECOND ROW-L. Roth, B. Nardi, P. Jacob, G. Patterson. 55 He Was lmpressed by the Glory of The Seniors 9 . ,Q Q- WN M4 'T RI.-XRILYN GONDER SVR LAWHEAD BIARSH.-X HENDLER SHERXL IXIING Lows BODNAR EPHEBIAN SOCIETY To become an Ephebian is the highest honor a stu- dent at Van Nuys High School can attain The First Ephebians were a group of Greeks of outstanding leader- ship. scholarship, and character. The present-day Ephe- bian Society is carried on by students with the same distinctive qualities as those of the founders. plus a vital interest in civic affairs. Each year the graduating class, in conjunction with the faculty. selects members to represent them in carry- ing out the aims of the Society. Those who have achieved membership have not only been honored, but have been given opportunity to serve their fellow man and their community. C.S.F. SEALBEARERS Louis Bodnar, Penelope Carr, Suzie Coppage, Julie Dulkin, Alyce Friedman, Marsha Hendler, Sheryl King, Jaan Kirkpatrick, Peter Lowe, Barbara Mezo, Marlene Regal, Myra Rolenberg, Geraldine Snyder, Sandra Stevens. rnv BICRANNA Page Thirty-four Q. L1 NTT? :W .V I v TUNISIAN A-I2 OFFICERS TUNISIAN SPONSORS FIRST ROW-D. McKee, L. Zwerg, B. LuncIoI, S, Lowhecd. Mrs. Heinz, Mr. Mercer. SECOND ROW-A. Levine, S. Hole. BOB AND ANDY DISPLAY THE EMBLEM. , , iN . . . The TUHISIHHS . . . 219 BOB ACHEN DIANE ALESHIRE PHILLIP ALEXANDER ELAINE ALLAN NANCY ANTOLA LINDA ATHERTON Page Thirty-fue JUDIE AULFES ERNEST A. BALACHIO EVAN BARMACHE JACKIE BARNES MARSHA BENSON SUE BERKLAND JACKIE BERNIAN fi- MARJORIE BERRY PAT BISCHOFF LINDA JOAN BLITZ LOUIS BODNAR CARL BONO MARK BRENIZER JOYCE BRICKEY LOIS BROWN MARGARET BROWN MARILYN BURTON RICHARD CAIN DUDLEYCAMPBELL GENE CANNADY KAREN CARLSON PENNY CARR LINDA CARTER PHIL CARTOZIAN DION CHAMBLIN TERRY CHAVIS VINCENT CITRO ROGER COCHRAN ARLENE CODY JIM COHLAN CHARLOTTE COHN LINDA ANN COHN SUZI COPPAGE SUSAN COURTNEY CINDA COUSSENS I JUDY CRADIT CAROLYN CROXTON JUDYE DANIELS NANCY ANN DANIELSON LARRY de CAUSSIN CAROLYN DIAMOND CORINNE DOOSE Pagf' Thirly-.six ATRICIA DUNCAN PHIL EASTLEY JAMES EDWARDS ROBERT FELTON MARLENE FIELD LORETTAJOYCE FOUNTAIN LESLIE FRICKE ALYCE FRIEDMAN BARBARA FRIEDMAN HOWARD FRIEDMAN WANDA FROST DAVE GNBOURY JERRY GARDNER ROCHELLE GARFIELD MARILYN GONDER GARY GRATRIX BYRON GRUOT PAM GUSTAFSON SANDY HALE STUART HAMILTON JEAN HARRIS JEAN HAWLEY MARSHA HENDLER NORMA HENDLER TIM HERLES JUDY HIBBARD MARY ELLEN HILL NONA HOFMAN AUDREY HOLLEY DOUGLAS HONN Page Thirty-:even LINDA JO HUFFINE MARY JO HUFFMAN DARLENE HULLUM DOROTHY HUNTER RALPH IANNALFO CAROLYN JENSEN TOM JINVJ3 KAY JOHNSON JUDY JONES VICKI LYN JONES LINDA JORGENSEN RIITTA JUVONEN ALEX KALENIAN MAURICE KAPLAN RITA ANNE KATZ RICHARD KEMPTON STUART KEOGH CAROLYN KING SHERYL KING TOBY KING CHERYL KININGHAM fQ JOAN KIRKPATRICK DENIESE KLANN MARVIN KLEIN SHARRON KNAPP NIKKI KOENIG DONNA KOOY BARRY KORN JACK KOST GAIL LAMSON BOB LANCTOT BARBARA LASHEVER SUE LAWHEAD SUSAN LENT ANDY LEVINE 'V f' xx Yfjp ,,.,,ff EDWIN LIPPERT PETE LOWE STEPHEN LYDECKER RICHARD LYON JAMES MaCKAY STUART MARKS LEE MARSH PKI-QF Thir!y-wilghl Qin 700 ' v 77W firm TUNISIAN ACTIVITY DAY "Around the World in 60 Minutes," the theme of the Tunisian Activity Day, depicted many different countries. It was under the supervision of the class sponsors, senior co-ordinator, steering committee, and class vice-president. Jerry Gardner acted as Master of Ceremonies. Carolyn Croxton and Marilyn Gonder did a hula in Hawaii. Carole Diamond and Barbara Friedman sang Ujuke Box Saturday Nightl' in America. The g'Old Sick Players" spent some time in merry England. Lynne Zwerg, Denny Klann, John Montoya, and Dusty Diskant went to Russiag and Sharon Tyer and Sandy Morris were in India. The show ended with several students in the land of Tunisia. Page Thirty-nine KENNETH MATOSIAN JUDY MCKANNA DENISE NICKEE FRANK MCLAIN LARRY MEAD CAROLYN MELIM YOLANDA NIESCHWITZ '09 fm- will JUDY METCALFE BARBARA MEZD PATRICIA ELLEN MILLS JEAN MITTENTHAL ANTHONY MOHR TERRY MOHR JOHN MONTOYA NEAL MOODY PATRICIA MORRIS SANDY MORRIS MARIANNE NAYLOR CHRIS NYBY STEPHEN ORDWAY PEGGY PACHECO BARBARA PEARSON KAREN PEARSON SHIRLEY PETZ CAROLYN PEVNA BOB PICKETT FRANK PINCHERLI BETTY ANN PINCKNEY VICKI PORTER JIM POWELL DICK PRICE RICHARD RARIDON MARLENE REGAL MYRA ROTENBERG NANCY ROUNDY if.. -+ CAROL ROWLEY SHIRLEY SACNEU SHIRLEY SAGOIAN MIKE SALVANESCHI mm scon PAT sEELY mmm SIEGMAN Page Forty PATTY SENNEWALD BRAD SMITH EDWIN SMITH LINDA SMITH GERALDINE SNYDER NATALEE SONNE LINDA LEE SPENCE SUSAN STARR LEONARD STERN AUTUMN STEVENS RENEE STEVENS SANDIE STEVENS MARK STOCKER JIMMIE STONE JACK STRATMAN BDBBI SUTTON BARBARA LEE SWINK BRUCE THOMPSON KAREN GAIL TRABISH VINCE TUCCIARONE ROGER TURNER bf 'gy - 'EG' SHARON TYER KAREN TYLER CAROLYN UDELL DOROTHY VANDERPOOL VICKIE VALEZ BUCK WAHNER BOB WALBRIDGE SHAROL WALEN ROBB WALLANDER MICHAEL WATHEN JOAN WATSON MAXINE WEINSTOCK JUDY WELSH CARROLL JEAN WHEELER 0 'ff -E'-df DICKIE JUNE WILLIAMS VALERIE WILSON DONNA WINGER STEVIE WOLFBERG JUDY WOODFORD LARRY ZUCKERMAN DORIS LYNN ZWERG Page Forty-one Q .-11 5 7 1--4 -.Q .M ,- I, Queen Sheryl Wcnlen and King Mike Solvoneschi Z 2 " N I -+ 1 ,.. A w A -' X X Xp e Q xx ' JJ g wr b . 1. 3-Q:--. X' AVI X, Q f - ,ff F V ,fa ,A ' Y . g k .3 I , 5 A 1 v e .n Y X - ' A -- J x . ' . , - J xpx, hu ss it , 4 1 e ffm . AZ' R F , xefffi' l ' fr!" :tis , I ' l TUNISIAN A-I2 STEERING COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-R. Stevens, S, Berklond, V. Wilson, M. E. Hill, B. Lunctot, D. McKee, L. Zwerg, S. Lowheud, C. Jensen. SECOND ROW-J. Green, M. Gonder, M. Solvuneschi, N. Hofmcn, A. Levine, S. Hole, C. Nyby, J. Mittenthol. TUNISIAN ACTIVITY DAY COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-P. Alexander, J. Powell, S. Berklond, V. Wilson. SECOND ROW-S. Lowheod, D. McKee, M. E. Hill. THIRD ROW-C. Nyby, L. Zwerg, C. Jensen, J. Green. FOURTH ROW- M. Gonder, J. Mittenthol, S. Hole, R. Stevens. TUNISIAN CANDLELIGHT SUPPER COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-G. Snyder, B. Mezo, J. Jones, P. Duncan, S. Wolfberg, C. Rowley, L. Brown. SECOND ROW-B. Sutton S. Sogoion, N. Hendler, J. Welsh, G. Lamson, M. Drclchlis N. Drysdole, V. Wilson, S. Petz. THIRD ROW- L. Huffine N. Moody, V. Mozzcrino, C. Diamond, N. Hofmon, J. Hawley, L. Spence. FOURTH ROW- M. E. Hill, M. Burton, J. Stone J. Powell, T. Atherton, H. Fry, C. Gustafson. I 1 1 1 X! el C, Il"' ---JNL '-'files lim af frm ' TUNISIAN PROM 'CA Dream of Tunisian was the theme of the Winter 1959 Senior Prom. The class chose for their king and queen Sharol Walen and Mike Salvaneschi. Reigning as princesses were Karen Carlson, Loretta Fountain, Marilyn Gonder, Nona Hofman, and Sheryl King. Princes were Louis Bodnar, Jim Edwards, Jerry Gardner, Bob Lanctot, and Tom Scott. The setting for the dance was an elaborate sultanls palace in an African desert decorated with palm trees and desert flowers. The Prom was given by the Samurai Class in honor of the graduating Tunisians. Gary Martin co-ordinated the activities of the various sub-committees. Marty Lebowitz and Ann Syfrig headed the sub-committee for decorationsg Bob Hicks, Prom bids: Lucky Suerdieck. Prom king and queeng Pat Cook, refreshments: and Bill Evans, band. Samurai class members worked on the committees to make this truly a night to re- member, with over live hundred students dancing to the music of Lex Golden and his band. Page Forty-three amurai iff? SAMURAI B-I2 OFFICERS FIRST ROW-S. McEIhinney, P. Powers, L. Sonsini, K. Clark, S. Weiss SECOND ROW-S. Brinkman, G. Martin. SAMURAI B-I2 STEERING COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-S. McEIhinney, G. Martin, P. Powers, L. Sonsini, K. Clark S. Brinkman, S. Weiss. SECOND ROW-S. Helfman, E. Bybee, K. McNaboe, N. Whalley, D. Schultz, S. Mazner, B. McRae, S. Schwartz R. Berman. THIRD ROW--P. Pally, S. Keach, E. Harris, E. Mezger, J. Meleo, M. Lebowitz, J. Peskelt, T. Smith, M. Klinger, W. Hazelhurst L. Suerdieck. Page Forty-four MISS REESE . . . aliant .- Warrior lfllflfllfllelf' ,59 MR. DEITZ SPONSOR SAMURAI A-I2 OFFICERS FIRST ROW-C. Cheng, L. Suerdieck. SECOND ROW--P. Powers, S. Keach, S. McElhinney. SAMURAI A-I2 STEERING COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-S. McEIhinney, P. Powers, S. Keoch, L. Suerdieck, C. Cheng. SECOND ROW-N. Kantzer, M. Ciufo, D. Boyer, S. Mazner, J. Temkin, B. McRae, T. Smith, R. Berman. THIRD ROW-J. Welden, S. Sfukey, B. Weissman, D. Silvera, K. Clark, A. Syfrig, B. Mosiovoy, J. Peskeii, B. Holzhauer, E. Bybee, N. Jewell, A. Weiser. FOURTH ROW-B. Heller, L. Lindsay, G, Fomilian, S. Hooper, R. Andersen, D. Sfuman, S. Marpef, L. Barrett. O O O Page Forty-five JUDY AMES ANN CARHART CARL CHENG KAREN CLARK BARRY GERTZ MARY ANN GONELLA STACY KEACH MARTY LEBOWITZ GARY MARTIN E h b ' . . . p e 1 a 11 S . . . ERIC MEZGER BOB MOSTOVOY GARY PATTERSON PINKIE POWERS JOEL SHULMAN SUE SLATTERY DOUG STUMAN LUCKY SUERDIECK DUKE TSCHANTRE LYNNE WRIGHT Page FOIIQY-STX JAMES ABBOTT CHARLES ADAMS RON ADAMS TOM ALBERT ROLENE ALBRIGHT MICHAEL ALCALAY JOHN ALDERMAN MARGO ALEXANDRE JANET ALLEN ALAN ALPERT EMILY ALTER JODY AMES PAUL ANDERSON RICK ANDERSEN JOHN ANNISON SUSAN ARCHER JEFF ARON NANCY ARFS JULIE ARTHUR ROZZIE ASHMAN SUSAN ATCHISON SHEILA ATFEBERY BARBARA AUERBACH JONI AUSLANDER GAIL AXELROD SONYA BADEN BOB BAGGETT MIKE BAKER BONNIE BALKAN BILL BALLOUGH BARBARA BARONE JESS BARRAZA LARRY BARRETT SKIP BARTEL TONE BARTHOLOMEW Q 'RY' PATRICIA BEAN LARAINE BECK JANINE BECKER FRED BELMAN JUDITH BENNETT GWEN BENTLEY DORITA BERG Page Forty-560671 SANDRA BERG JOEL BERK BETTY BERKSHIRE JUDITH BERLIN LARRY BERLINER ROSALIE BERMAN JERRY BERNHEIMER J I JUDY BIEHL BOB BIGGART DEANNA BIGHAM MIKE BILEK DOREEN BINGHAM JOY BLAKEWAY JAMES BLANCHER JOHN BLOWITZ JANET BLUM FRAN BOCKAL JUDY BONDI VICTORIA BOSTICK JUDY BOWMAN DONNA BOYER JOELLEN BRADLEY DAVID BRAIN PAMELA BRAND JIM BRAUN SUE BRECHT GARY BREWER GREG BREWSTER STEVE BRINKMAN RENEE BRITAIN ARLYN BRODY BRUCE BROMBERG ALAN BROOKS CAROLE BROUGH KEN BROWN 152153 STEPHANIE BRUDNEY MARGO BUNN TAMARA BURNHAM DONNA BURTON BRAD BUSH CORBIN BUSHONG ELAINE BYBEE Pagfg lfnrly-fight BONNIE CALKINS KAREN CALLAWAY HELEN CAMPBELL KEN CAMPIONE ANN CARHART SANFORD CARNAHAN BOB CARON W! -5' 'W' I JOAN CARR ROBERT CARRIER LEE CARTER BOB CARTIER BEVERLY CARUSO JUDY CASEY DON CEDEROUIST BOB CHALDU JAMES CHAMBERLIN SANDY CHAVIN CARL CHENG JEFFREY CHRISTIANSEN ANGELA CIRRICIONE MARY CIUFO V-of ALICE CLARK EARL CLARK GEORGE CLARK KAREN CLARK ROSS CLYBORNE GARY COFFIN ALLEN COHEN DONNA COLE TOM COLE VICKI COLE SUSAN COLES SARAH COMBS GERRY CONNOLLY PATTY CONNOLLY PAT COOK PATRICIA COOK DAVID COOMBS FRED COOPER JUDY COTTLE DOROTHY COUGET JOAN COULTER Page Forty-nine DICK COWLISHAW CHUCK CRAIL KAYE CRESTON TERRY CROWDER SANDY CUBBERLY MIKE CUSANOVICH DARI-ENE CUTLER x"'f -i-wi' fx 'W weary' I M BILL DARLINGTON FRED DARVEY RICHARD DAYTON SHARON DAYTON CECELIA DeBLANCO CHARLES DECKER JOHN DECKER HARVEY DILLON LEE DRABIN DAVID DRESSLER BILL DUNN JOSEPH DUNN ROBERT DUNN MICHAEL ELLIOTT A AU elf 1 BARBARA ELLIS KIM ELLIS KAREN EMERY SIMONE ENGE SANDY ENGEBRETSON LINDA ENGLEBRY CLAUDIA ENNIS SUSAN ENNIS ELLEN EPSTEIN AUDREY ERLIECH WILLIAM EROH BILL EVANS TIM FAIRCHILD GARY FAMILIAN LOUIS FARRELL DENNY EEDERIVIAN BARBARA EELDIVIAN IRFDFRICK EEVIRHAKE BRENDA FIELDS KENNETH FIELDS ROBERY FIELDS Paqgn Fifty ALLAN FIERSTEIN DANNY FIERSTEIN LORRAIN FINK RAY FISHER SUSAN FISHER JIM FLEIVIING JOHN FLIEGE 'Z ,air .47 W... -it: BOB FLINT DON FLUKE JANET FORINASH DON FORREST NICHOLAS FOTINE BILL FOX CHARLES FOX LINDA FOX ANNE FRANCE OLIVIA FRANCO STUART FRAKER MARTIN FRANK MYRON FRANK JUDITH FRANZWA SAUL FREEDMAN WAYNE FREIMAN CAROL FRIEDLANDER FREDERICK FRIEDMAN HAROLD FRIEDMAN PHYLLIS FRYZER HELEN FULCHER CAROLE FURTH JANET GALASSO LINDA GARBER LORE GARRETI CHUCK GATES GORDON GEBERT JR. EUGENE GEHRKE Wu. SUE GELBERT HAROLD GELFAND RICHARD GERSTON BARRY GERTZ SALLY GESAS LORRAINE GETCHELL SHARON GIBBS Page Fifty-one Ns Q I 4 -- -E X xxx ,T 4 N X BRIAN GILBERT JERRY GILBERT SAMURAI PROM COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN FIRST ROW-L. Suerdieck, G. Martin, P. Cook, M. LebowiIz. SECOND ROW-B. Evans, D. SIuman. PENNY GILLAND FELLY GIORGIANNI MARK GITTER SHIRLEY GJELSVIK HARLEY GLECKMAN MILT GOLD ARLENE GOLDENBERG JERRY GOLDSTEIN MARY ANN GONNELLA A x Q I I Ii MAURICE GONZALES YOLANDA GONZALES ALAN GOODMAN PAT GOODMAN STEPHEN GOODMAN RICHARD GOVENAR BRUCE GOYN CAROLINE GRAHAM GARY GRAHAM OARYL GREEN JACK GREEN ROBERT GREENE JOHN GREENFIELD SUSAN GREER NIARGIE GRESHAM TOM GRESHKO NORMA GRODY LAWRENCE GROSBERG JIM GROSS BRIAN GROVES KEN GULKO Page Fif I 31-I wr: SUZIE GURIAN LEONARD GUSTAVSON ROSE GUTTILLA RITA HABER HARVEY HACKER STUART HAINES WENDY HALL STEPHEN HALPERN CHUCK HAMMEL JIM HAMSON CAROL HANSEN DIANE HARRIS EVAN HARRIS SANDY HARRIS CAROL HARRISON DALE HARRISON DICK HARRISON BILL HART ANDI HARTLEY DUANE HAWKER GWENYTH HAWLEY TIM HAYES WAYNE HAZELHURST JOHN HEBNER SEVERT HEGLAND SUE HELFMAN GENE HELGESON BRIAN HELLER MADELINE HENKEL JIM HENNESSY KEN HENRY JAMEE HENSON VALLI HERRING DIANE HESS ELAINE HEYN -Q Y I BONNIE HICKERSON BOB HICKS CONNIE HICKSON JIM HIGGINS JOANNE HILJUS PATRICIA HINTON JUDY HOLMES Pagfv Fifty'-three JEAN KAMPF GEORGIA KANDER KAY KANEL NAOMI KANTZER DENNIS KAY STACY KEACH CAROL KELLER 'T-I? LARRY KELLER JANE KELSCH JUDITH KELSCH SHERRY KEMERY DIANNE KEMPER JOHN KENNEDY BARBARA KENTON BILL KERR JOANIE KERSTEIN JUDITH KESSLER DAVID KING RICHARD KINNETI STEVE KINSEY ELIZABETH KIRSANOFF DON KLEIDOSTY MARTY KLEIN VERNE KLINE MICHAEL KLINGER PATRICIA KNOX KATHY KNUDSON JOHN KULEDA ELAINE KOPASKA JANET KOPPENHAFER SAMURAI CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE KNEELING-D. Houstmon, .I. Osirode, G. McMosIer. FIRST ROW--D. Boyer, D. Silveru, J. Welden, R. Maior, N. Jewell, B. Weissman, A. Weiser, B. Wilks. SECOND ROW-G. Helgeson, G. Pafierson, J. Gilberi, R. Govenor, B. Fields, S. Cubberly, C. Ennis. KATHLEEN KRAMARCZYK DENNIS KRAMER I WZ A "M Ishii! 10 W KARL KRAMER SHARON KRAUSE CONNIE Kuu-LLNLANN FRANCES LQGRASSA BILL LAKE CARLA LAND: DREW LANE PHYLLIS LAPERUTO MIKE LaPORTE LINDA LAPP RUTH LARSON GINNY LaRUE BOBBIE LASCKO DON LASDON MICHAEL LAWLER LINDA LEAVITT MARTIN LEBOWITZ PEGGY LEE ROBERT LEE RICHARD LeGASSICK JERRY LEIKWOLD MICHAEL LEMKE BOB LEMMA RICHARD LEON CHUCK LEOPOLD IANICE LERNER ANITA LEVY MICHEL LEVY NEIL LEWIS RON LEWIS LEW LINDEGREN NANCY LINDEGREN LOWELL LINDSAY ROBERT LINGARD KRISTIN LIVESAY HY .df CHAROLENE LOLLIER IOANNE LOVE BILL LUCAS PATRICIA LUSK CHARLOTTE LUTHIGER LINDA LYTLE DANIEL,MacKINNON Pdylflf Fifty-Ifx SAMURAI SONG AND MOTTO COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-J. Couller, S. McEIhinney, B. Hickerson. SECOND ROW-M. Mallaf, R. Inglima. THIRD ROW-R. Soggese, J. Warren, M. Nielson, P. Sappenfield. FOURTH ROW-B. Wilks, L. Sampson. STANDING-J. Peskefl, R. Larson, D. Green, M. Klinger, P. Palmer, T. Burnham, S. Gesas, J. Bradley, D. Silvera. SAM IIRAI FAR IQW l'lLL SONG Sung to Sayonarei Sayonara, farewell Sarrzurail Summer Q59 Class Leaving Van Nuys High. Proud are we to belong To a elass so mighty. Through the years theyill recall Class ofSan1urai. Sayonara, farewell Van Nuys High! Samurai now leave you, Fonclly wave good-bye. Nevermore will we see Many' friends we leave here, But the 'menfries we share Cannot ever die. Sayonara, Sayonara, Good-bye! Our Best Tooloy for Boller Tomorrow SAMURAI SWEATER COMMITTEE L. Suerdieck, T. Smilh, P. Zuber. r i ? ? SAMURAI RECOGNITION DAY COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-P. Powers, S. Weiss. SECOND ROW-D. Smilh, E. Bybee, N. Jewell, N. Jobes, N. Arps, K. Suprenanl, P. Wiley, J. Turner. THIRD ROW-K. Clark, L. Wrighl, P. Zuber, M. Alexandre, J. Kompf, C. Lollier, R. Maior, M. Mother. FOURTH ROW-5. Kinsey, M. Lebowilz, G. Pallerson, T. Smith, K. Weedin, S, Keach, D. Sluman, S. Brinkman, M. McNeill. Page Fifty-seven I SUZANNE MENGEL BOB MERCER DICK METZ DOUG MEYER ERIC MEZGER DOT MILES DEANNA MILLER --...X JOY MILLER LES MISSKELLEY STEPHEN MONSON CHARLES MOORE PAT MORAN BOB MOREY JIM MORGAN EVELINE MORRIS JIM MORRIS LYNN MORRIS ROBERT MORRISON SANDI MORRISON RICHARD MORTON BOB MOSTOVOY MARY MOURITSEN ELIZABETH MUMMEY CAROLE MURRAY JULIA MURRAY RICK MYER BONITA NAGY BARBARA NATELBORG JOAN NELSON DONNA NESSLER JOANNE NEWCOMB MICKI NIELSEN SHEILA NIESEN MIKE NOBLE GINNY NOFZ BRYNA NORDORF TROY NORLANDER DAVE NOVROS NANCY NY CAROL OLSON MILLARD OLSEN JAN ORR Page Fifty-nine RON DRUM LARRY DSBORNE K-9 Fr J- SAMURAI CANDLELIGHT SUPPER COMMITTEE KNEELING I-D. Boyer, A. McClay, G. Hawley, N. Kcmlzer, J. Koleda KNEELING II-M. Ciufo, R. Wasserman, S. Sloecker, D. Ryan, T. Smilh, S. Keach. FIRST ROW-A. Weiser, S. Sfukey, P. LaPeruIo, J. Bowman, E. Heyn P. Powers, S. McEIhinney, S. Archer, B. Dempwolf. SECOND ROW-N, Jewell, B. Fields, G. Kander, B. Heller, J. Temkin, R. Andersen, R. Berman, S. Allebery, M. MacQuoid, B. Tinsman, S. Mozner, D. Sluman, B. Weissman. JILL OSTRQDE DENIS 0'SULl-IVAN JIM OSWALD PAUL OVERLDCK LYLE PACK PATTI PALLY JUDITH PALMATEER PENNY PALMER THOMAS PALMER ALLAN PARA DENNIS PARCELLS MIKE PARKER GARY PATTERSON RICHARD PAVLICK IUDEE PEASE SUSAN PECK HELEN PENN GARY PENNDCK DON PEPIOT CHARLES PERRY PATRICIA PERRY JERRY PESKETT RON PESKIN -5 94- Qu., I A I M x BRUCE PETERIK MARGIE PETERS JANET PEEIEFER HUGH PIERCE RICK PIERCE KEN PLOTIN JUDITH PLUMMER Pfllfff Sfxly DAVE POLLACK MOIRA POWERS MIKE PRAISWATER IUDITH PRANGE DON PRENDERGAST ESTELLE PREVATTE TIM PRIVAL SUSAN RABINOWITZ EMIL RADU DAVID RAMOS EILEEN RANDALL SABINA RANKELL HOWARD RASCH ARLINE REA HAYDEN REECE DOUG REHUREK LONNIE REID VALERIE REID BARBEE REINHOLD RICHARD REIS RON REIS FRANK REVELES ALBERT REYMANN MARILYN RICHEY MICHAEL RICHMAN ANN RINALDO GILDA RIVETTI DAN ROBERTS MIKE ROGERS KATHLEEN ROMINGER FRANCINE RONAN DENISE SUSAN ROSE CAROLE ROSEN PHIL ROSENBERG HARVEY ROSENTHAL V K I MIKE ROSIN TIM ROSLAN ANN ROSS DAVE ROSSI RAY ROSSI ROSEMARIE ROSSIE MARY JANE ROSSITER Page Sixty-one ROBERT ROTH TERRY ROTH DOROTHY RUDRUD SALLY RUSSO : SANDY RYAN LORRAINE RYCHIL DAVID SACKS ROSEIVIARIE SAGGESE TERRY SALE ANDREW SAIVIELSON LOIS SAMPSON DIANE SANDE NANCY SANDERS SHIRLEY SANDQUIST KAREN SANDLIN LOIS SANTELLANO PAT SAPPENFIELD SHARON LEE SCARPA 9. EDWARD SCHACKMAN TOM SCHINDELE DOROTHEA SCHIRO STEVE SCHLOSSER BEVERLY SCHNEIDER SUE SCHNEIDER IRWIN SCHNYDER BOB SCHOENBURG JAMES SCHORI BILL SCHRADER DOROTHY SCHULTZ Page Sixty-two -v-ff- SAMURAI ACTIVITY DAY COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-R. Berman, M. Ciufo, B. Boyer, L. Suerdieck, C. Cheng, B. Weissman, N. Jewell, A. Weiser. SECOND ROW- J. Temkin, J. Meleo, A. Syfrig, S. Svikovsky, P. Powers, S. Mc- Elhinney, R. Govenor, B. Fields, E. Bybee. THIRD ROW-D. Harrison, M. Klinger, T. Smith, R. Andersen, B. Heller, S. Kecch, N. Kanlzer. K. CILARK. MENGLE, N. JENVELLJ S. STEVENS LIVE IT III' TO THE DISGUST OF CARHART. L. BERLINER, B, SCHOENBERS, AND B. BROMBERG MADE UP THE NAIROBI TRIO. P. PALMER, AND AMOS LOOK ADORINGLY AT R. PIERCE AND D. XNASHBROOK. RAE DEAN SCHULTZ DIANE SCHUMER JERRY scHwARTz SALLY SCHWARTZ JACK SCHWELLA GINGER SCIORTINO JUDY SCOGGINS .nwmx ff? YW WW DARCY SCOTT HENRY SCOVIS ANNA SCUDIERI SHIRLEY SEDICK JAY SEIDEMANN RONALD SEIFERT CINDY SEITZ BARBARA ANN SEWALD PHYLLIS SHADROW MYRNA SHAFRAN STUART SHANDLE JUDY SHANE LENNY SHANTZER PAUL SHAPIRO FAE SHAW RONALD SHAW JUDY SHELLEY PETE SHOTWELL MARGIE SHROCK JOEL SHULMAN KENNETH SILBERT DARILYN SILVERA HOWARD SIMON BARBARA SIMONDS DEAN SIRVIN LORRAINE SITZER SUZIE SLATTERY JACKIE SLOCUM any 5 ' 'P ,if ROCHELLE SMALL MIKE SMATHERS SUE SMEAD STAN SMEDBERG DIANE SMITH LAWRENCE SMITH MICHAEL SMITH Page Sixty-four PAMELA SMITH RICHARD SMITH SANDRA SMITH TERRY SMITH ROGER SNYDER JEFF SOBEL MARK SOLLENBERGER LARRY SONSINI BOB SORENSEN RICK SPAMPINATO PAT SPICER GARY SPRADLIN KAREN SPIEGEL JUDITH STAGE JUDY STAINES NANCY STAMPS BRUCE STANLEY LYNN STEGMAIR REVA STEIN SHERRI STEPHENS LYNN STETSON A GARY STEVEN IRIS STEVENS MICHELE STEWARD LOUISE STHILES ARCHIE STICKEL DIANE STIEGLER STEVE STOECKER BILL STONE SANDI STREEPY SHARON STUKEY DOUG STUMAN KARLINE SUERDIECK JACKIE SUESS ROBERT SUMOSKI W-.'i1,,,,.,-.-W ...A WM. KATHRYN SUPRENANT ALICIA SUSMAN EDWARD SUTTON STEVEN SVIKOVSKY NOLA SWAN SYDNEY SWANEY TIMOTHY SWANSON Page Sixty-five BARBARA SWEET ANNE SYFRIG JACOUELINE TABB LEN TARTALIA JOEL TATOR BARRY TAUBKIN ANTHONY TAY'-OR DENNIS TAYLOR JOHN TAYLOR JUDITH TEMKIN HUGH TERRELL NANCY THIELMAN JUDITH THOMBS LOUIS THOMPSON RICK THORNTON BRIAN TIEP CAROLYN TIMMSEN BILL TINSMAN JOANN TIPTON JOHN TONGISH SHARON TOOHEY ROGER TRUEMAN DUKE TSCHANTRE PHYLLIS TUCKER JACOULYN TURNER SUSAN UTT IVAN VANCE DIANNE VAN WINKLE LOUANNA VARIAN DOLORES VINCENT RICHARD WACTLER JERRY WADE BILL WALCH SUE WALLEY ROBERT WALLICHS Xxlw Q X ,AS q. rf MARK WARD JOYCE WARREN ROGER WASSERMAN MARILYN WATKINS ROBERT WEAVER KIRBY WEEOIN DAVE WEIBLE ag n ,S'1'xly- Tix YNNE WEINBERGER RONALD WEINER ARLENE WEISER SUSIE WEISS BARI-ELLEN WEISSMAN IULIE WELDEN SUSAN WELLINGTON wif' KATHLEEN WELLS RANDY WESTERFIELD IUDY WESTRICK NICKI WHALLEY MARILYN WHEELER PATRICIA WHITE BILL WHITEBIRCH FRANK WHITESIDE MICHAEL WHITTEMORE JERRI WICKENHISER VIRGINIA WILCOX PHYLLIS WILEY LINDA WILKINS NANCY WILKINSON BARBARA WILKS SUSAN WILL DIANA WILLIAMS PHYLLIS WILSON RICHARD WILSON LEONARD WINDKUR RON WINGER FRIEDRICH WINTER WILFORD WINTER MARGIE WINTZ NORMAN WISWELL HARRIETT WITI ALLEN WOLF IANICE WOLFE CAROL WOLFF DORIS WOLKOFF SANDY WOODARD JOANNE WOODCOCK PETE WUUDROOF TERRY WUOLEY BILL WUHULN Page Sixty-seven A 8'5'f'Sl f'Y'g'xSNf?'1fY2 ?W ' I lx fx lam. " . V :A 'V K ff N Q12 ' A i fr wrvgwvw wr,geisw..:Av 1 W A ,X qf'EvNS Sf ,Q N, .Q gag i'fsN-51.9 ms:-'s!a'b,sgs,esgA I WY iw Riva? , ' ""' -1 is 9141+ fi iff, :M ' 1 W Q -YW"x?i'3TXw'i1'is?'RSSi f' S3s?l?5L IA TI 'fs -F: F. 4545? -fm. , . . A C ,- - Ng QSM' lx fx .IE SQ gk gt ,igsfg QQ af -Psa -wQW5fS5F's4aSISWf"WEQff?NK X. 'ZF' ' A 'r em .Mi A S N 'W A A N'-A 'EARN A I :ak Aww' 'S Qg' s 'I Fw-3? 1' SER. Yi QPSK 1 rv A' , E: is -Y , S ' A meiuix Abi may ,S ga I N? -I-.RSA sf-?Q9?:F? ?LA 'w ,idly Lpxfhg ia, V . 9' ssl.: .U ww ' WSE I .. xg I-?1q"ii V If-.1 ie Tix . . ,, , f 9. WTF 4- . - . -f E' f PSS R' f . . 7 'QF 'I ?,:XifI,v,x .fi ,rg SP ," ' f I 5, .,,. . I I i n I ' MQ' Y A Zi? ' I ' R2-fr ,g l 1 +1 QQ ff! 'H ft!! v , If ,lqlfgu ,T l. . A X "JTO '9 gp T lung , IAP' 'i nqhs, W gif vs ,fn 'QAQ Q if 'am - ' Fifi I AJ: E552 fgnnf fagigi , 325255 Q 152456 ,,,g,fKAgiw'5 , PWS ' ,ff -, k6e,'3.Q1.fpfg4 aww Ajppxarb M-hm .iy'f9,,?WfP Avy., ' .3 g y .M-.AB ng ' W?6A!L4!!gzf S Mgnf Is I S1599 'V !M"fQ'4"fp. if I af :QA Pi 5,5 ' I ky A 3x83 QS S 5? fa? rf' 'ZNQNQ A 'THA I exif-cy- .445-541145-yu ,f I + T f x jggjir' ' 125338 Calendar of Samurai ACTIVITIES RECOGNITION DAY ,,,A ........ N ovember SAMURAI DANCE .A.A ......,, N ovember SENIOR "B" PROM ..,a,,...... I E..,aaa January DEDICATION OF SENIOR LAWN ..... . .,I. .february ACTIVITY DAY .,,a aYaaa....,..Y, M arch ALL NIGHT PARTY Pagf Sixiy-fz'4gl1l I4 CANDLELIGHT SUPPER 26 CLASS PICTURE .,,.a I7 SENIOR "A" PROM .,,.. . 6 ALOHA DANCE E..,,,, 6 GRADUATION .I I June I7 April ApriI .........May June .,....June 6 9 I5 I2 I7 CHARLES WRIGHT LYNNE WRIGHT MARC YASSKIN DARYL YENTIS RUSSELL YOOER BILL YONKIN i' y... JACKIE YORK NELSON YOUNG ROBERT YOUNG REINA ZACUTO FRED ZBORIL PAIVIELA ZUBER The End and the Beginning 4 if e,vfG:n,AW 34 'Wan-ngx , 'ul ' , WV I M- .j W , f v V , wig? iz, 3 I 'I g 'IK ' jk' - ' f ' 'lyk ' ' ,rf TI 44' I' 4. II' . 'V ' ' All I 'Tai' nn' K, fafff "P 7 A I I H K 54.1 V 'fy , V iw 2 ,nf 5 , V ,' , -I A E' ff 1 " , . 4. 3: ,- lf Y ,af-M da! Ek1 'Zi' M DW I L S " '.3fQ5fW' S f..sEK'f7'3 E Q x,4 :QI X 'Y Qs K Willie Cheerecl . . Afrlllfr..-,V ' GIRLS' DRILL TEAM FIRST ROW-M. Gonder, S. Knapp. SECOND ROW- S. Baird, P. Spicer, L. Dassin, T. Sindoni, J. Lincoln, J. Furbass, J. Cook, J. Moskal P. Myers, J. Shane, N. Wilkinson. THIRD ROW-S. Toohey, J. Kerslein, S. Brecht, C. Chapnick, C. Rowley, M. Oeland, C. King, D. Friaglia B. Mezo, L. Garson, B. Bell, A. Jones. FOURTH ROW-L. Stetson, B. Wire, M. Lockheed, J. Johns, M. Brock, H. Ehrlich, J. Kampf, S. Will, J Biehl, J. Bradley, D. Smith, M. Davison, E. Kronmal. FIFTH ROW-A. Freedman, A. Mango, M. Templeton, P. Nicholson, M. O'Sullivan, J. Jean plong, P. Pintarell, M. Lichtenstein, P. Cook, S. Young, J. Chamberlain, N. Winneguth, M. Ferman, D. VanWinkle, B. Coulter, J. Anderson SIXTH ROW- K. Jensen, D. Funk, A. Weiser, M. White, B. Taft, J. Colin, R. Stollmeyer, J. Ennis, D. Roberts, S. Nolte, J. Welden, C. Kiningham M. Rickey, D. Roberts, A. Shelford. SEVENTH ROW-N. Svikhart, D. Hess, S. Wapnick, M. Hendler, C. Jones, S. Marchetti, J. Slocum, N. Thiel man, M. Mather, L. Noble, C. Bailey, B. Bush, H. Hoffman, C. Jones, K. Jones, T. Brindle. LETTERMEN FIRST ROW-M. Oaley, J. Hamson, B. Walch, J. Knapp, T. Dawson, N. DeFronzo, B. Nardi, B. Stone, M. Lawler, M. Haimovitz, S. Halpern, J Weill, R. Roberts, A. Fridley, T. Thomas, S. Keach, D. Rawson, D. Cheng. SECOND ROW-N. Luslig, D. Harrison, B. Hicks, T. Ely, R. Reis, B Lively, M. Lebowitz, J. Bloom, L. Medall, G. Newbauer, D. Agins, M. Going, J. Mercer, J. Kanter, R. Andersen, G. Patterson, C. Cheng, A. Fier- stein. THIRD ROW-D. Jones, S. Geber, M. MacQuoid, J. Kennedy, M. Mahr, B. Evans, B. Groves, M. Klinger, T. Dahle, J. Lawhead, J. Chandler, D. Horowitz, J. Mawer, R. Young, S, Klann, R. Govenar, B. Gilbert, S. Haimovitz, T. Smith, R. Roberts. FOURTH ROW-L. Kreueger, M. Huston, J. Meleo, D. Meyer, R. Westerfield, J. Shulman, M. Richman, L. Drabin, D. Stuman, E. Mezger, S. Hooper, J. Anderson, J. Gilbert, 5. Pots, L. Farrell, A. Cushnie, L. Graham, C. Doll, P. Janssen, D. O'Halloran, A. Shapiro, B. Nownes, G. Dugar, T. Crowder, B. Heller, B. Mostovoy. Pr 'ff S'r'z,'r'11ly-lnw ax SUE GELBYRT ox Ch QARLTON SI 12 MALNFR MARX ANN GONELLA CAROLXN CROXTON MICRI NIELSFN SANDS SMITH Q I ff Q YN Mk Y f -W 4 Pa Q Smmy thief 17 u Z! STEVENSON GARNER ff l LEGASSICK CDRDXVAY DEFRONZO ll ,....4.....4-1 ,V .s .. ,Lf ,..,,. . .rl ..r,,4 VARSITY FOOTBALL ROW ONE-C. Johnson, D. Hill, J. Helfer, J. Ambro, B. Winton, D. Kemp, T. Garner, L. Sonsini, S. Ordowoy, B. Luke, N. De Fronzo, E. Houstmon. ROW TWO R LeGossick, S. Shondle, J. Honberger, R. Hudok, D. MocKinziel, D. Perkins, D. Norvos, S. Hooper, E. Coleman, J. Honberger, C. Eastman, M. Cook. ROW THREE-J. Carr, M. McNeill, S. Brinkman, D. Stumon, M. Pcrder, A. Polocios, G. Lantz, J. Sullivan, A. Appleton, P. Murphy, B. Mostovoy. ROW FOUR--T. Jones J Eike, J. Ed Vere, G. Worthington, E. Johnson, M. Mitchell, F. Roberts, B. Satterfield, J. Wolf, R. Roberts, C. Anderson, L. Meredith, G. Williams, ROW FIVE B Stone, B. Holly, E. Rubono, W. Gilpin, J. Bloom, B. Choldu, D. Aglns. IM gdawifdfg nu, . . . f ' r 9 1 .wi ff'f1'1i- iRs ff- W f 17!Li,A.rly'f'y,:g,- .,, :I gn, 1 IJ, .1 . . . In the Face of Heavy dd . . . VAN NUYS 6-NORTH HOLLYWOOD -ll Opening the Valley League season on Smith Field the potentially powerful Van Nuys eleven was rudely dumped by North Hollywood. Husky runners broke through the Van Nuys defenses for several long runs good for touchdowns. The North Hollywood fullback, Nick McLean, piled up an amazing 246 yards rushing as the Huskies stole the show. Despite the uneven score Van Nuys' offense piled up a lot of yardage but just couldn't seem to make it into the end zone. Rocky Hudak, an eleventh grader, scored the only touchdown for Van Nuys, and Glen Randall seemed to be picking up where he left off at the end of last year by gain- ing 91 yards on the ground. VAN NUYS 7 - CANOGA 13 Entering the Canoga Park game looking for their first win Van Nuys appeared to be on the way when the game slowed down to good defensive play with the score 7-6. Canoga Park scored the winning touchdown after a rough- ing-the-kicker penalty against Van Nuys gave the Hunters a first down. Mike McNeill scored the only touchdown for Van Nuys after a long pass play to Rich LeGassick moved the ball close to the Hunter goal line. The Wolf defense was considerably improved especially along the forward wall, where guard Nick DeFronzo played a great game of ball, and in the backfield where McNeill and Bob Stevenson played a fine game. A VVOLF Moves IN FoR THE TACKLE MCNEILL vsias THE oLD STRAIGHT-ARM in s U"""' VAN NUYS 511 5 MONROE 18 After losing their first three games. the Van Nuys Var- sity took theiriwrath out on an inexperienced but fighting lklonroe High School eleven in the first meeting between the two schools. The YVolves met little defense from the Vik- ings and racked up eight touchdowns in the rout. Bob Chaldu kicked six straight conversions before missing the last two. and YVolf quarterback Larry Sonsini passed for 170 yards. The Vikings scored their last touchdown in the waning moments of the game. They displayed a pretty fair offense for a first year school and have a fine athletic future. VAN NUYS 25 f SAN FERNANDO 25 Following their lopsided victory over Monroe. Van Nuys travelled to San Fernando where they found the Tigers ready and waiting for them. By half-time Van Nuys found themselves on the short end of an 18-7 score. Fighting hard, the Wolves came back to knot the final score at 25 to 25. Van Nuys quarterback Jolly Carr threw for 255 yards, most of which came in the second half of the game. Jim Knapp, tenth grade end, picked off three passes for 155 yards and two touchdowns-one of which covered eighty yards. Mike McNeill scored two touchdowns. and Don Gil- pin played a good defensive game. VAN NUYS 7 -RESEDA 26 When the Wolves hosted Reseda at Smith Field they found the Regents rugged company. and dropped the hard- est fought game of the year. The Regents looked every bit the league champions that they were as they completely contained the Van Nuys offense throughout the game. Dur- ing the first half, the Wlolves. though unable to score. held Reseda to just one touchdown. but after the half Reseda began to pull away. The Regents threw Yan Nuys for a minus 21 yards rushing for the game while allowing the W'olves 87 yards through the air. VAN NUYS 41 f POLY 13 After their rugged ganie with Reseda. the Violves inet Polytechnic at Smith Field. for the two-year-old school's first gaine. The lYolyes had little trouble with the Parrots as they ground out yardage that led to the lopsided score. Duke Tschantre w as the leading ground gainer for Yan Nuys. and his total of 115 yards running was high for the year. Bob Cfhaldu again saw plenty of action kicking extra points. Nick lie Fronzo. llill l.ake and Hill Stone played a good ganie along the line. The entire teain deserved credit for the vic- ttn'Y. VAN NUYS tt lilRMlNtlll.XNl 11 linteiiug the gauie tleteruiiuetl to keep liirininghain Iiolu heating theiu lor the Iirst tune in their four years of eoinpelition the lN'olf pieskinuers nent down to defeat It . g . . was a hitter, hard fought gauie with lots of desire shown by liollt teaius, hut Yan Nuys was unalmle to inateh Birniing- h.uu's two touehtlowus. Duke 'l'sehantre was again the Nolte s leading ground gautier. llespile the line play of the Wolves, including liuenien Nick Ile Frouzo, Bill l.ake..and liaeks Mike McNeill and llolm Stevenson. the llraves sue- ceetletl in defeating Van Nuys for the first tinie. BEE FOOTBALL ROW ONE-J. Webster, B. Anlis, E. Cooper, T. Everls, S. Kovner, R. Thornton, D. Calabria, S. Felman, L. Culler, A. Stickle, G. Woodall, J. Mark' man. ROW TWO-D. Slemp, C. Barton, S. Leo, J. Donalani, W. Jensen, L. Medall, G. Parsley, A. Fridley, M. Ley, D. Skelton, N. Lustig. ROW THREE- K. Evanoff, L. Cass, G. Harkey, D. Schumacker, T. Alexander, D. Fierslein, B. Groves, J. Wagner, D. Kralofil, F. Bullock, A. Hand, J. Bihary, G. Cowell. ROW FOUR-J. Cuifo, S. Lawrence, A. Martin, D. Keasby, B. Burns, J. Kennedy, D. Berg, G. Liddle, J. Cusanovich, T. Cwyana, B. Dribben, G. Rein, J. Hamson, R. Slroh. ROW FIVE-M. Miller, F. LeGassick, A. Bugg, J. Sl. John, M. Bond, E. Ratowitz, D. McComb, L. Prettyman. ROW SIX- M. Miller, R. Raridon, M. Shanl, J. Winter, J. Kcnler. . . . nsung Heroism . . . BEE FOOTBALL Coaches Len Crteg and Al Gaber did a commendable job in their first outings as football coaches at Van Nuys. Their fine handling of the Wolfpups carried them to fourth place in a league populated by powerful Bee teams. Competition for starting spots in the line-up was very tough. As the season got under way, the boys who landed start- ing positions on the line were Art Hand, center, Tom Ely and Myron Miller, offensive guards: Les Cutler, defensive guardg Steve Knight and Lonnie Cass, offensive tacklesg Gil Parsley and Alan Fridley, defensive tacklesg Charles Barton and Rick Thornton, offensive ends, Don Phillips and Les Medall, de- fensive endsg and Stu Felman and Gene Harkey, defensive linebackers. At the beginning of the season, thc starting back- field combination consisted of Archie Stickle at quarterback, Gil Woodall and Mike Miller, halfbacks, and Art Bugg, at the fullback spot. However, as the season progressed, Stickle was switched to halfback, and Steve Kovner came in at quarter- back. Due to the enlargement of the league, only one practice game could be scheduled. In this contest, the Wolfpups showed a hint of things to come as they launched a ground attack that beat South Gate, 13-6. In the league opener with North Hollywood the team continued their devastating ground at- tack as they drubbed the arch-rival squad, '20-6. A week later the squad bowed to Canoga Park. 0-6. The VVolfpups bounced back as Stickle, hitting paydirt three times. led the team to a 20-6 victory over Monroe. In a close and hard fought game, the Bees ended up on the strong side of a 6-0 score against San Fernando, as quarterback Kovner sneaked across for the only score of the game. The squad then faced the league champs, and although the YVolfpups won the statistics battle, the powerful Regents managed to come out with a 1-L-0 victory. Seeking revenge, the Bees stomped Poly, ll-0. In the finale, the team bowed to a strong Birmingham squad, 0-6, ending a successful season with a record of five wins and three losses. Once again, the Annual Football Banquet was held at the McKinley Home for Boys. Receiving the award for the Most Valuable Player on the team was Archie Stickle, who. because he racked up a total of over 1000 yards on offense, was also named the Most Valuable Back. The Most Valuable Line- man trophy went to Les Cutler. Gil Wfoodall received the Most Inspirational Player award, and Bob Dribben was named the Most Improved Player. Recipient of the R.O.T.C. award for scholarship. leadership, and athletic ability, was Art Hand. Further honors were bestowed upon Stickle and Cutler when they were named to the All-Valley First Team. Page Seve rzty-560611. Z Mb Vw. Ng A Y 2 X. my 33 V, 4 ' 1 ,N Q 1, if 1 ww ix f' N I.. I N X -Ni X . . X ,gig , an . ,JF we Qi U 4 f ff - 2 ' r 'ffl f 2 . .4 -.J . - ' ... L 'k -ft, H, 2-uh . A , al'-1 ,A -+0 Q- 1 .1 'e ., ,Q , .am J" 'T 4 1 , f ' . Fi .I Y .L 4. 1 - 'Z f . , , X , QM Q if X- -K 13574 v 555 f! 5 ' -- rx , gy-. , W s H X 3 ' 'Exif ,gf ' ,3-ig ,f ki Efi -im , 595545 if X X X fx A C VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY KNEELING-M. MacQuoid, F. Winters, I. Markman, K. Motosion. STANDING- B. Nardi, B. Korn, S. Monson, J. MacKay, J. Powell, T. Roslan. . . . Determination JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Paced by the brilliant running of Jimmy Weill, Van Nuys junior Varsity leather-lungers rolled to a first place finish in Valley League dual meet competition. Under the guidance of Coach Jim McConnaughy, the squad started the season off by whipping rival North Hollywood, 2-1-35. After beating Canoga Park by a score of 2-1-31, they suffered their only defeat of the season, when they lost by one point to Monroe, 28- 27. Victory returned, as the squad won their last four meets in a row. First to fall was San Fernando, losing 24-31. Then came Reseda, 26-29, followed by Poly, 18-11-2, and finally Birmingham, 15-68. Post season competition was highlighted by the performance of Weill, whose first place finish led the team to a first place victory in the League hnals. Weill also placed second in the City Finals. SEATED-JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY KNEELING-J. Weill, R. Roberts, R. Peter, M. Hoimovitz, S. Trout- man, G. Newbauer. STANDING-B. Gordon, R. Crawford, S. Bodner, J Lawhead, S. Geber, J. Bennaton, H. Levitt. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Varsity Cross Country competition in the Valley League was extremely keen this year. Although full of determination, the team could not keep up with the pace set by some of the other squads. Workouts began early. as Coach Jim McConnaughy prepared the runners for the grueling 1.8 mile event. The first meet of the season was held with North Hollywood, and the arch-rival squad came out the victor, 23-40. The team's next opponent, Canoga Park, won by a close score, 26-29. Monroe, next on the schedule, for- feited. This was followed by losses to San Fernando, 38-20, Reseda, 63-16, and Poly, -12-43. The last meet of the season was the most heartbreaking, as the squad lost by only one point to Birmingham, 29-28. and Spee . . . 10TH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY Fine running by tenth graders Brad Troutman and Jon Lawhead brought the Tenth Grade Team no higher than fifth place in the League standings. Run- ning in the meets gave the boys valuable experience, and it would be wise to watch these boys carry the Crimson and Cray through two more seasons of cross country competition. The season,s meets started off on a happy note, as the squad soundly drubbed North Hollywood, 20- 48. The shoe was reversed as the team absorbed four beatings in a row, as follows: Van Nuys 63, Canoga Park 15, Van Nuys 37, Monroe 18, Van Nuys 77, San Fernando 15, and Van Nuys 53, Reseda 15. Poly pro- vided the next victory, with the tenth graders coming out on,the.winning end of a 26-29 score. The season ended with the squad bowing to Birmingham, 32-23. TENTH GRADE CROSS-COUNTRY SEATED-M. Terry, L. Silver, M. Ootey, J. Merchant, B. Stewart STANDING-S. Frank, R. Ramsey, J. Sheridan, A. Strausser, P Sump son, R. Dilley, R. lefko. QQ 'L 'MM M 'uf - G onxsox MARPET G. GR,-XH.ABI LEOPOLD .l' MELE0 HIRSCH P. ALEXAJDER FARREL . . . Accuracy on VARSITY BASKETBALL Boasting the highest scoring teain in the league. the Van Nuys Varsity cageinen canie through in fine form, as they placed second in Valley League play and went on to the City Playoffs. Their fine playing was indicatiye of the instruction they received from Coach jiin Mercer. who is in his fourth year as Yarsity Bas- ketball coach at Yan Nuys. Top flight players led the teain at eyeiy position. The forwards were Gail Johnson. Jack Bleleo. and Phil Alexander, The two fine centers were Jack Hirsch and Louis Farrel. At the guard spots were Gary Grahain. Steye Marpet. and Chuck Leopold. ln their first game, the Lobos lost to the charnpion- ship North Hollywood teain. After winning two. they lost to a strong squad fronr San Fernando. The teain then went on to win ten in a row in league play. ln the City Playoffs they slaughtered a tearn frorn Blar- shall hefore being stopped hy the Frernont teani which went on to take the Gity Championship. lYhen the All-Valley 'lleani was announced at the end of the season. -lack Hirsch. the leaeue's leading scorer with a 20.2 average. was named Player of the Year. With hirn on the First Teanr was Gail Johnson. while Gary' Graham was nanred to the Second Teain. At the Annual llaskethall Banquet. Hirsch re- reiyetl the trophy for the hlost Xvllllldlilt' Player. Jollll- son was nanred the Most lnspirational Player. and ,lack Meleo. the Most lrnproyed Player. Gary Gra- harn was awarded the Lfaptairfs Tropliy. filllIlLlXlllQj, the post-season awards was the naming of the All-City 'l'earn. When llirseh was nained Go- Player of the Year. it was the first tirne any player Iironr the Valley League had lween so honored. For his line play. llolrnson reeeixed a herth on the third ltxlllll. 4. All-K aty. CHALK UP Two MORE FoR HIRSCH ' . . P. ALEXANDER DUNKS ANOTHER VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Van Nuys 50, 50 ..............,. North Hollywood 52 Van Nuys 64, 77 .,.... ............ C anoga Park 58 Van Nuys 72, 79 ..... ................. M onroe 33 MWIQ5 f , Van Nuys 46, 73 ..... ..... S an Fernando 47 ,,,,, .m1""' qw O- h 7 van Nuys 62, 70 ...., .......,,., R eseda 53 5135 - zirii fl , -f"" Q, van Nuys 78, 77 ,.,, A.........,,,., P Oly 45 4 1 Van Nuys 72, 70 ..... ..... B irrningham 38 I f 4 0 5 7: Van Nuys 82 .. ..... Marshall 53 Q 5 ku.. y Van Nuys 60 ...... Fremont 66 KJ W H? Z rlIllllmA B VARSITY BASKETBALL KNEELING-S. Marpel, D. Harrison, J. Meleo, G. Graham, E. Harris, D. Rawson, C. Leopold. STANDING-Coach Mercer, B. Nownes, J. Hirsch, P. A der, L. Farrell, G. Johnson, D. O'HaIIoran, G. Steven. '4W!l.,.r IKE W Tl SHAPTRO XVATCHES ANDERSON GET SET TO SINK ONE JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Again this year Coach Jim Mercer came up with a fine Junior Varsity Basketball team. For the second straight year the Wolx'es took the Champion- ship. The fine play Of all the boys, including the reserves. and the invaluable coaching of Mr. MC1'CCf were responsible for this very successful season. The lNOlves ran up against some very rugged competition but came through with a record of thirteen wins and one loss, which came from the first game with Canoga Park. The Junior Varsity games were always exciting. Some of the games were pulled out of the fire at the last moment, as was the Reseda tussle in the second round of play. At the Annual Basketball Awards Banquet held at McKinley Home for Boys, the fellows got their just rewards. Recognition in the form of letters and trophies was awarded to the hard-working boys. Cary Doll received the Most Valuable Player Award, Alan Cushnie was awarded the Captain's Trophy, and the Most Improved Player was Bill Mead. Cary Doll and Steve Haimovitz were selected for the First Team All-Valley. JUNIOR vARslrY BASKETBALL THE HtfNTERs GANG rv ON -XWIDERbOL KNEELING-Coach Mercer, D. Swartz, B. Mead, S. Rosen. STANDING--T. Title, A. Cushnie, C. D. Nelson 1 ? lla X I N935 WT l v - O O I ,.. 1 . lu K Doll, P. Janssen, B. Selleck, A. Shapiro, D. Howard, G. Anderson, S. Haimovitz, J. Monat, I-IOV'-ARD DRIVES FOR A I-'H I-P V 1 11154913 5 l4l'1li ffl 7 8 ', X . or , f-- 'I K u Q Q Page liig h ly-lzun - lf BEE BASKETBALL Coach Barney Quinn and his Bee Basketball Team found the Valley League rugged this year. and had to fight hard and long to come out at the end of the season with a record ol' seven wins and seven losses. Playing first-rate ball for the Lobo smallmen this year were Steve Ader, Steve Hart- sook, Larry Kreueger and Mike Huston. Steve Ader was selected for a position on the Second Team All-Valley by the Bee Basketball couches ol' the valley teams. HL'S'FON srtoors ovER OU'l'S'I'RIiTCHliIJ HANDS TYIERCER XVATCI-IES AS KLANN suoors BEE BASKETBALL FIRST ROW-M. Busche, L. Kreueger, M. Lebowitz, I. Medall, R. Pavlick SECOND ROW-S. Hartsook, B. Whyle, S. Acler, W. Lewis, M. Huston M. Murrell. CEE BASKETBALL This year's edition of the Cee Basketball team from Van Nuys was truly a fine one. The team, under Coach Barney Quinn, progressed rapidly and turned in a fine record, Sparked by Steve Klann, Ben Graham, Jim Mercer, Todd Morgan, Mel Williams and Jack Mawer, the mighty mites mowed down all competition in both rounds of the league, except for one loss to Reseda. This was the only blemish on their fine thirteen wins and one loss record, which netted them the League Cham- pionship. For their fine efforts, Ben Graham and Steve Klann were placed on the First Team of the All Valley Cee players and Ben was selected flee Player of the Year. CEE BASKETBALL FIRST ROW-J. Henriksen, R. Leydsman, D. Boyles, C. Quinn, B. Keroplan D. Skersick, R. del Moral. SECOND ROW-S. Klann, C. Pacheco M Williams, J. Mower, T. Morgan, T. Thomas, J. Mercer, B. Graham. ...V- -f:2':...f.fu,.t2 if' V . if "" it VARSITY TRACK 1315! SEATED-J. Schwella, K. Weedin, M. Haimovilz, D. Agins, J. Ambro, J. Gulh, R. Hudak, G. Newbauer, B. Nardi, R. Bates. KNEELlNG-T. Janes, W. Winter, M. Busch, V. Kline, D. Perkins, M. Rosin, J. Honberger, S. Bodner, F. Bullock, B. Mead, B. Kingsbury, D. Harrison. STANDING- M. Cook, S. Monson, D. Rawson, E. Mezger, A. Cushnie, J. Honberger, J. Adams, B. Lake, D. Jones, J. Hebner, D, Kemp, L. LeRoy, T. Dahle. . . . Strength and gilit VARSITY Coach Jim Mercer looked -forward to another successful year with the Varsity Track Team. Being a member school of the largest league in the city meant that Van Nuys would face a lot of fine competition. Mr. Mercer felt that he had a group of boys capable of topping all comers. In the running events, Mike Haimovitz sprinted the 440, Bill Nardi the 880, Eric Mezger and Dale Harrison puffed the mile, Gail Johnson ran the high hurdles, John Ambro the lows, and eleventh grade flash Joe Guth handled the century and 220. In the field events John Hebner put the shot, Jim Honberger broad jumped, Jack Schwella and Kirby Wcedin were two fine pole vaulters, and Lou Farrell and Weedin took :are of the high jumping. With Reseda's Fine track team from last year returning almost intact, they were a pretty sure bet to take the Valley League championship, but a real battle royal was waged for second place between Van Nuys and North Hollywood. HEBNER HEAVES TI-Ili HEAVY IRON Y l I -, "Nurs NX, Xl, xx ' 1 . , ' . 1 1 . 4 l""" f',t ,. " , ' 4 Q F '-W 'Ti ' 'W ' 'U' TRACK Due to the large size of the league. the Canoga Park relays were dropped this year. Wfith the addition of Poly. Cleveland and Monroe. the Valley League swelled to eight teams. This meant the boys went into league competition without any experience, because there were no practice meets either. To get all the meets into the allotted time Van Nuys had triangular meets this year. Another innovation was the night track meet under the lights at Los Angeles Valley Junior College. IHCST IHEET Winding up the season in second place. from their scores the Wolves climaxed a successful season. Their scores were: Van Nuys 55. North Hollywood 49: Yan Nuys 55, Canoga Park 491 Van Nuys 205. Reseda 8326: Van Nuys 86. Birmingham 18: Van Nuys 6631. Poly 3714: Van Nuys 10-l, Cleveland 01 Van Nuys 83. Monroe 21: and Van Nuys 63. San Fernando ll. 1 At the Valley League Finals held on Smith Field. the Wfolyes nailed down third place. F.-XRRELL TOPS THE HIGH FMP BAR ff Q lg., N -- Nm 4 4 :J 6 I I 4 A 1 I W f it tw E J X VVEEDIN GOES I'P AND OVER IN THE POLE VAULT. W ,J 6 if the Track in EW M W f' I I lg HUDAK, LAKE. AND GIITH COME OFF THE BLOCKS FAST. .. . ,..f f 4 f...Z,-wf H, ' Y " ,4- ,,,, I, ,I , , ff, 1 .,z. 4. , ' N Map, vw 'A V -az, ' ' YOUNG STRETCHES FOR THAT EXTRA INCH IN THE BROAD J U MP. JOHNSON AND AMBRO SKIM OVER THE HIGHS. jk- n'glIr' 'W K C .alIU.Il1p::: -mu1uDII7J1fl'II , ., , l I .J Q23 DIP X Page Eighty-five :tw ,. RISK .X N R X X N Ski ...R X ...X xv W wx A gf Q N S S THE BROAD JUMP PIT IS THE SCENE OF ACTION AS DENNY GELFAND sTRETcHEs FOR MAXIMUM DISTANCE BLAZING IN TO TAKE THE 100 IS RON REIS REIS HANDS THE BATON TO FEUERHAKE IN THE BEE RELAY BEE TRACK SCORES Van Nuys 77 ...... N. Hollywood 18 Van Nuys -18-5X6 ..Canoga Park 46-1f6 Van Nuys 50 Van Nuys 465 Van Nuys 48M Van Nuys 63 Van Nuys 76 Van Nuys 48 M, San Fernando 48VQ U v Q W, N, Ve- , - am "A R ' ' A .W AMA. BEE TRACK With top performers returning from last year's team and others coming up from the Cee squad, Coaches Jim Mercer and Len Orteg prepared the squad for league action. Sparking a top field of sprinters was Ron Reis, who occasionally turned in better times than his varsity counterparts. Aiding him in racking up points were Jasper Bryant, Fred Feuerhake and Norm Lustig. Top 660 men were Larry Suerdieck and Chris Cooper: Skip Troutman and Jon Lawhead led the 1320 held. Running the hurdles were Greg Liddle, Niel Lewis and Deke Keasbey. Pole vaulting above 11 feet were Don Kratolil. Denny Gelfand and Kolman Hudosh. Putting the shot were Les Cutler aIId Jim Markman, while Gelfand and Bill Lively stretched for extra inches in the broad jump. High jumpers Greg Liddle, Rick Malin and Robert Greene were consistently leaping heights on a par with their varsity teammates. With a great record of seven wins and one loss, the Bees took second place in the league standings. BEE TRACK SEATED: J. Kremer, B. Lively, D. Gelfand, J. Bryant, R. Reis, D. Skelton, R. Margules, K. Hudosh, D. Kratofil, M. Bond. KNEELING-C. Pacheco, M. Blonsky, L Silver, M. Levine, N. Lustig, F. Feuerhake, T. Argall, S. Geber, R. Greene, N. Lewis, L. Cutler, H. Levitt. STANDING-Coach Mercer, C. Cooper, R Waswell, P. Liberman, B. Graham, J. Markman, G. Parsley, J. Cusanovich, G. Liddle, D. Berg, E. Sander, J. Lawhead, D. Keasbey, H. Berg, L. Suerdleck, J. Bradley, S, Alcalay, J. Mercer, D. Wollman, R. Stewart. ? ' i TLIXI-I KI .Q ,, , A hge.. f O S 'P ' s x 5 s .J .g CEE TRACK SCORES Van Nuys.+l9ff3 .,.... N. Hollywood 3695 Van Nuys 51 M ........ Canoga Park 3-IM Van Nuys 57 .,,,,.,......... Monroe 29 Van Nuys 41 'Mr ...... San Fernando 44 yg Van Nuys 51 .....,,..... Reseda 35 Van Nuys 4711 ...........1.......... Poly 38M Van Nuys 63 ........ Birmingham 23 Van Nuys 74 ....., Cleveland 12 CEE TRACK FIRST ROW-G. Abrams, B. Keropian, B. Burns, G. Goettelmann, S. Halpern, S. Gold, L. Mallach, R. del Moral, H. Kay. SECOND ROW-S. Klann, P. Simpson, D. Dilley, T. Thomas, B. Taris, M. Terry, M. Oatey, D. Christensen, J. Merchant, Coach Orteg. THIRD ROW-K. Buhrer, J. Webster, R. Anderson, A. Fridley, D. Archer, D. Feirstein, D. Korb, J. Weil, R. Roberts. CEE TRACK Inspired by their fine instructors, Coaches Jim Mercer and Len Orteg, the Cee tracksters turned in fine performances in their league outings. Squad members spent long hours practicing in order to develop their skills to the utmost. Two fine sprinters on the team were Stan Gold and Larry Mallach. Running the 660 were Tom Thomas and Gary Goettelmann. Breaking records in the 1320 was Jimmy Weil, a great competitor. Leaping the hurdles were Bill Burns and Don Cheng. In the field events, Alan Fridley and Dave Archer put the shot, while Dave Korb and Dennis Firestone led a line field of performers in the pole vault. Bill Burns and Roger del Moral excelled in the broad jump, and Steve Klann and Don Cheng were the top high jumpers. In league competition the Cees tied with North Hollywood for first place with a record of seven wins and one loss. At the All-Valley Meet, the team placed second. if 2 r r W ' H ,W CIHENG LEADS THE PACK OVER A FLIGHT OF HURDLES THE CEE 1320 RECORD rs SMASHED BY JIMMY WEIL G. FRIDLEY SETS TO HEAVE THE SHOT .eat .A - gp W wg! WW rw 'M . 'W r H , r it i it VARSITY BASEBALL FIRST ROW--Mgr. K. Bigman, J. Kennedy, M. Miller, B. Mosfovoy, S. Felman, J. Barraza, B. Acella, Coach McConnaughy. SECOND ROW-J. Schultz, D. Fluke, P. Shofwell, E. Harris, J. Handley, G. Graham, L. Vallario, T. Garner, G. Robinson, J. Shulman, M. Shofwell. Van Nuys 2 Van Nuys 5 Van Nuys 1 Van Nuys 8 Van Nuys 1 Van Nuys 5 Van Nuys 4, Van Nuys 2 I I O 3 Diamond Supremacy . . . San Fernando 3, Birmingham 5, Reseda 3, Cleveland O, Monroe O, Canoga Park 2, Poly 1, No. Hollywood O, 6 21 VARSITY BASEBALL Spurred on by the strong hand of Coach Jim lVIcConnaughy, the Varsity horsehiders set out to burn up the league. Star of the pitching staff was Gary Graham, All-City pitcher last year. The other pitchers were Evan Harris and Jim Schultz. Handling the hurlers were catchers John Kennedy. Pete Shotwell, and Tom Garner. Playing first base were Graham and Harris. The keystone combination consisted of Joel Shulman at shortstop and Jack Handley at second base. Third sacker was Jess Barraza. Other infielders were Mike Miller, Stu Felman, and Bob Acetta. Left and center fields were handled by two-year veterans Don Fluke and Larry Vallario, respectively. The right field position was handled by Mike Ley. Bolstering the outfield were Gary Robinson and Mike Shotwell. The league race was a tight one. and thc squad's record of ll wins. 4 losses and 1 tie earned them a high place in thc standings. Sc IIULTZ, CTYRAHAM, AND HfXRRlS NVIND Ill' TO FIRE SHULMAN FLlI'S THE BALL TO I'IANDLEY TO START A DOUBLE PLAY " "H . . "L",-V 'A "L'f"fI!ElJf-IL lba'1'lllVTTTW1'lBAi"l5.J'UF1'1? 421'V'4inii JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL JUNIOR VARSITY Coach Winston Tucker was responsible for the training and develop- BASEBALL SUORE5 ment of the Junior Varsity Baseball Team. Once again he did a superb job of molding the boys into the traditionally line squad for which Van Nuys is noted. With over seventy-Eve boys trying to make the team, Coach Tucker found it necessary to form platoons so that everybody would get a chance to play. Batterymen included Jim Knapp, Don Calabria and Dennis McComb, pitchersg and George Worthington, Mike Cohen and Robert Christenson, catchers, Top flight first baseinen were Bob Spivak. Charles Barton and Steve Kovner. At second were Bob Dribben, -IelI Miller and Charles Leo. and at third base, the hot corner, were Iohn DeVere and Van Van Van Van Van Van Nuys l5, 7 ...... San Fernando l2, 6 Nuys 1. l .. Birmingham 6, O Nuys 3. I .r..... Reseda 4, U Nuys 9, 9 4,,,,, ,,,,,, C Ileveland 3, 8 Nuys 2, 8 ,,,,, c,,,,,., M onroe 0, 0 Nuys 2, l ..,..... Canoga Park l, 0 Mike Yeakey. Handling the shortstop position were Bob Stevens and Mel Van Nuys 10, 7 ........................ Poly 2, 0 Williams Outlielders included Ron Lozoya Bill Bloodgood and Iohn . .' , . ' . ' - . . ., th H ll d 3 1 Bihary in left field: Barry Stone and Phil Blazer in center field, and Joel Van Nuys 2' 3 Nor O YWOO A Kaufman and Barry Antis in right field. In League competition, the squad had to play every team twice. The final showing of 13 wins and li losses earned them a top place in the league standings. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL FlRST ROW-C. Barton, R. Lozoya, J. DeVere, B. Christenson, B. Antis, M. Cohen, S. Leo, B. Stone. SECOND ROW- S. Kovner, J. Knapp, B. Dribben, B. Spivak, J. Bihary, J. Miller, G. Worthington, D. McComb, L. Medall, M. Williams, R. Stevens. THIRD ROW-D. Calabria, B. Bloodgood, B. Wall, B. Leo, H. Ross, B. Keeler, B. Pierce, M. Manning, B. Whyte, S. Taylor, D. Lyons, M. Yeakey, J. Kaufman, W. Otchis. FOURTH ROW-B. Selleck, A. Christiansen, J. Berger. fsteqs ' 5 . A.- - ' Vg .5t+.:1iwf-- Y Q G -' 14 'li pgiaff-? walk? we .7 , . Av, f qw N ,W 1.3 WORTHINGTON WATCHES CALABRIA AND DEVERPL NAB LOZOYA IN A RUNDOWN. JY 124' b STEVENS MAKES THE TAG AS DRIBBEN SLIDES INTO THIRD VARSITY SWIMMING FIRST ROW D Meyer K Silber? B Gilbert M Noble B Biegel, J. Benson. SECOND ROW-S. Olesiuk, B. Kerr, R. Westerfield, B. Brazy, J. Peskefl. . . . The Powerful VARSITY SWIMMING Under the guidance of their new coach, Al Gaber. the Van Nuys mermen donned their trunks and braved the wind. weather and water at the Northridge Swim School. Carrying a small team because of the limited swimming facilities, Coach Gaber counted on real come-through performances. At the early time trials these IVolx'es showed promisez Randy Westerfield and Bob Brazy in freestyle sprints. Ken Silbert in the butterfly, Wfesterfield in the medley. Rich Govenar in the distances. Mike Lawler in the backstrolie, and Doug lNIeyer and John Benson in the breaststroke. WVith eight teams, the Valley League was the largest in the city. The League-as size made practice meets impossible, and the schools jumped into their First competition with no previous experience. During the season Van Nuys turned in the following scores: Van Nuys 43, Polytechnic +31 Van Nuys 26, Birininghnin 60: Yan Nuys 26. Reseda 60: Van Nuys 711. Canoga Park 133 Yan Nuys 71. San Fernando 15: Yan Nuys 63, Cleveland 22. At the Valley Finals Yan Nuys placed well. SILBICRT AND XYESTIQRFIELD SHOM INOHLIL DIiMONSTR.'X'l'li5 IIIS FORM TVIVIR RVTTFRFLY FURWI wwf BENNATON, Pu'1x1MER, NORRI.AN ANU SIILTAN TAKE OFF FOR .Lx SPRINT NORhI.AN AND BENNATON STROKE ANVAY Stroke . . . BEE SWIMMING lVith high hopes for a good season, Coach Gaber started working with his Bee Swimming Team. Showing good promise were Tom Ely and Bill Lively, freestyleg Mickey Sultan, backstrokeg and John Bennaton in the medley and backstroke. With the following scores the Wolves turned in a fine season: Van Nuys 58, Polytechnic 283 Van Nuys 18, Birmingham 673 Van Nuys 50, Cleveland 343 Van Nuys 39, Reseda 543 Van Nuys 55, San Fernando 29: Van Nuys 51. Canoga Park 25. Van Nuys placed high at the Valley Finals. CEE SWIMMING Nestled in the small Cee team are several boys Coach Gaber hopes to develop into real talent. Early in the season these boys looked good: Larry Raffelli, Alan Williams. freestyle3 Al Baker. backstrokeg Stan Jackson in the butterfly. The Wolves Finished well up in the standings in the Valley League. They piled up the following scores: Van Nuys 45, Canoga Park 103 Van Nuys 48, San Fernando lOQ Van Nuys 17, Reseda 483 Van Nuys 19, Birmingham 403 Van Nuys 43, Polytechnic 63 Van Nuys 36, Cleveland 23. BEE SWIMMING M4 0.1 1' ' 1.,..,. U, , 4 K , I , YM VW .3 I ., . -we v ' .5 W kg, U w E af X -3 wax .44 'll' . . Q ' f 'df' vi . .3 L ,597 i. 1495? Za. BREEZING THROUGH THE BACKSTROKE MAZZARINO, WILLIAMS, and BAKER REALLY CHURN UP A STORM CEE SWIMMING FIRST ROW-J. Bennaton, B. Norman, M. Sulian, B. Groves. SECOND ROW-L. FIRST ROW-D. Jackson, D. Pyle, A. Baker, C. Loomis. Ligier, T. Plummer, M. Carr. SECOND ROW-R. Williams, E. Mazzarino, B. Barton, L. Raffaelli. A 1 E " s x Q H l 5 I lift M TENNIS KNEELING-G. Sugarman, M. Lebowitz, G. Bertrand, L. Grosberg, T. Smith, J. Simon, A. Tucker, M. Savko. STANDING-H. Rubin, J. Friedman, K. Kramer, C. Cheng, J. Sidemann, P. Navros, P. Woodruff, L. Lenox, G. Patterson, R. Kaufman. TENNIS Once again the Van Nuys Tennis Team was led by its capable instructor, Coach Jack McCaffrey. With a strong chance to depose North Hollywood from its throne as Valley League Champion, the squad members worked hard to bring their skills to the peak of performance. Leading the team were Terry Smith and Karl Kramer. Other singles competitors included Marty Lebowitz, Pete Woodruff, and Larry Grosberg. The first doubles team con- sisted of Alan Tucker and John Simon, and the second team players were Mike Savko and Rich Kaufman. Scores for the seasonls matches were Van Nuys 3-3, San Fernando -1-45 Van Nuys 3-6, Birmingham 4-lg Van Nuys 4-5, Reseda 3-2g Van Nuys 6-6, Cleveland 1-lx Van Nuys 7-7, Monroe O-O5 Van Nuys 6-5, Canoga Park 1-2: Van Nuys 6-6, Poly 1-lg Van Nuys l-3, North Hollywood 6-4. Their record of 11 wins and 5 losses earned them third place in the Valley League standings. GOLF GOLF The Van Nuys Golf squad started the season off with high hopes of winning another Valley League Golf Cham- pionship. Seven members of last year's first place team were returning. Expected to lead the squad to victory were Lee Drabin, Captain Dave Horowitz. Jim Kanter and Mike Richman. Members of the team worked on and improved the skills which they already possessed. Once again. Coach Mike Foster led the team through a successful season. As the season progressed, the players showed what a fine team they really were. Scores for the tournaments were as follows: Van Nuys 24. Poly O: Van Nuys 24. Cleveland Og Van Nuys 15. North Hollywood 9: Van Nuys 9. Canoga Park 15g Van Nuys 15, San Fernando 9: Van Nuys 22. Birmingham 23 Van Nuys ll. Reseda lU1 Yan Nuys 2-L. Monroe 0. With a record of seven wins and one loss. the squad took the Valley League crown. KNEELING-Coach Foster, A. Goda, L. Graham, J. Schlucker, B. Schneid, R. Weingardner, C. Asmus, A. Dokka, D. Stuman, T. Garnella, B. Borrud, J. Garfein, G. Noble, R. Uniian. STANDING- S. Roabins, D. Horowitz, L. Berliner, S. Zimberoff, G. Mohilner, S. Kanter, M. Going, L. Drabin, R. Malone, A. Cohn, M. Oman, S. Karo. tx ALZIEIHLER SHOVVS PROPER FORM ON THE RINGS GYMNASTICS Inspired by Coach Barney Quinn, the Gymnastics Team worked on the routines which they would perform during competition. Mainstays of the squad were all-around performers Gary Alziebler and Bob Fields. Other competitors included Wayne Hazelhurst on the parallels, Kirby Weedin on the rings, and Norm Wiswell and Jack Scott on the high bar. Rick Pierce and Ken Lotz competed on the side horse, and Bob Diamond and Richard Pavlick performed on the long horse. Al Fierstein carried the load in the rope climb, and Steve Schlosser handled the free exercise, The team finished the season with the following scores: Van Nuys 44, North Hollywood 763 Van Nuys 61, Canoga Park 58961 Van Nuys 84, Cleveland 363 Van Nuys 932, Monroe 26VQ1 Van Nuys 73VQ, San Fernando 46VQ5 Van Nuys 56, Reseda 64: Van Nuys 35, Poly 82: Van Nuys 47, Birmingham 73. Precision in omp tition . . . GYMNASTICS FIRST ROW D Smllh T Crowder W Hozelhursl B Hacks A Sklar E Radu, N. Koesberg, S. Schlosser, D. Kennomer, N. Wiswell, R. Pierce. SECOND ROW-B Fields S Smith J Gourloy T Norlander R Povllck K Lotz K Weedin, R. Vogel, B. Diamond, B. Reynolds, D. Riback, A. Fierstein, M. Mouch THIRD ROW-B Lnnson P Kay J Scott M Gentry L Farber W Freumon M Timko, B. Pickett, G. Miller, J. Orbom, S. Gross, S. Schaefer. FOURTH ROW -I-uf .r 'Q ,', '1""T"Y'T' . 'K A? .m. . Al V'I4 . fr 2, . , GAA BOARD WINTI:R '59 Y fr S y I ' All M I e A 1 FIRST Row-B. English, C. Ramsay, L. zwefg, D. Klann, M. Temple- , 'f ton, J. Conkey. SECOND ROW-Mrs. France, P. Harris, S. Lowe, J. If ",V I H ff . Buchanan, K. Carlson, S. Stephens, Mrs. Bergstrom. ,. ? LAN-. H . ' f ,, ' X L ,O f V gr, 2 4 Z I lx 1 .93 G.A.A. CHEERLEADERS WINTI:R '59 S. Achen, P. Zuber, C. King G.A.A. SPONSORS Mrs. France, Mrs. Bergslrom. . . . nd Feminine GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION YVinter '59 About a thousand girls came out for the Girls' Ath- letic Association this year. The G.A.A. provides organ- ized sport activities after school CYBIA' day except Fri- day. It was headed this seniester by President Denny Klann. The lenders of the various sports were Patsy Harris. howlingg Karen Boyce. lIl'CllCl'f'l Chris Ramsay and jane Biicliniinii, hgidniintong Jill Conkey. yolley- hall: Ginny Noll, speedhnll. The tennis competed in round-rohin tonrnrnnentsg the winners competed at the end of the semester lor 3 grand prize trophy. LYNN .xN1w P.-yrsy xyrrii GAA. no.-xnn 1'1iRFoRM AT THE RALLY L- Al I ' mlWx 2 G.A.A. BOARD SUMMER '59 KNEELING-P. Zuber, J. lonne, P. Zuber, J. Conkey. FIRST ROW P. McKinley, M. Brock, J. Anderson, D. Funk, M. lonne, S. Kuhn SECOND ROW-E. Kronmcl, A. Shelford, M. Alexandre, S. Stephens D. Roberts. Contenders . . . GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Summer '59 Last semester was very busy for the G.A.A. Two Play Days were held. one at Van Nuys and one at Birmingham. with about seventy-five girls from Van Nuys present at each. Swimming was added to the G.A.A. sports list. The organization was under the leadership of Mrs. France and Mrs. Bergstrom with Pam Zuber as president and Jill Conkey as vice-presi- dent. The heads of sports were Pat McKinley, archeryg Marilyn Brock, badmintong Pat Zuber, basketballg Donna Funk, swimmingg Diane Roberts. softballg and Moonyan Ianne, bowling, SHERI STEPHENS AND MADDX' FERMAN PERFORM VN ITH G A A BOARD AT RALLX IIN THI C-XFFTERIA PM 1. PATSY HARRIS BowLs LETTERGIRLS Helping G.A.A. and the Gym Department, taking charge of the G.A.A. spread, ushering at playdays and promoting the "clean campus" campaign were some of the services rendered by the Lettergirls, a service organization open to any qualined girl. The qualifications include six night participation creditsg two gym service credits, earned by membership in the referees club or by gym office practiceg and the writing of a song and yell for G.A.A. At the beginning of each semester new members are taken in. After a girl is in Lettergirls, she may work for stars. Each star stands for two extra participa- tion nights. The highest honor possible is to have earned three stars. I O O LETTERGIRLS lhf.-XRILYN AND SANDY WATCH AS -IIJDY AND SHERRY SET POSITION AND TAKE AIM ELAINE HITS TI-IE BALL OVER THE NET FOR NANCY TO RECEIVE n the Field of FIRST ROW-J. AHCJEYSOTI, B- BGFKSIIIYGI M- Alexflfldfe, M- Mflthef, M. Seelinger, S. Cook. SECOND ROW-K. Jones, B. Coulter, C. Brennan, A. Mascolo, M. Wintz, D. Green, J. Newcomb, P. Spicer, P. Tucker, B. Green, J. Beniamin, S. Young, C. C hapnick. THIRD ROW-S. Nolte, L. Larson, D. Ziser, C. Goldberg, S. Gelbert, L. Borad, P. Cook, J. Hilton, J. Blum, R. Major, I.. Cole, E, Morris. FOURTH ROW-S. Schwartz, G. Kungel, P. McDonnell, C. Heck- ler, D. Dietz, A. Susman, C. Lamke, E. Kronmal, N. Wheeler, S. Settner, J. Hare, S. Smith. FIFTH ROW- B. Sherman, L. Dassin, M. Whitehouse, A. Eder, J. Cottle, D. Martin, K. Moore, J. Conkey, S. Chandler, N. Sanders, l. Hernandez, B. Schiefer. Hastings, J. Ennis, C. Bower, L. Chavis, S. Harris, G. Bogart. -o al F47 L .J lmiwwarw. SIXTH ROW-L. Reingold, D. Flam, A. Meussdorffer, S. 9 M f I 5 , ,J isis Q. li ex . Q A fi , P ,, JULIE RETURNS THE BIRDIE AS MICKI YVATCHES Glor . . . IEANNIE PLAYS CATCHER WHILE DEBISY is HBATTER UPU THE TEAM TENSES AS A BASKET STAR LETTERGIRLS FIRST ROW-B. Berkshire, M. Alexandre, M. Mather, SECOND ROW-C. Bailey. R. Hamos, S. Attebery, P. Tucker, J. Newcomb, J. Blum, J. Hilton, M. Nielsen, B. Natelborg, A. Mango, S. Combs. THIRD ROW-K. Knudson, D. Roberts, C. Raben- stein, H. Hoffman, L. Noble, J. Jeanplong, S. Kemery, J. Franzwa, J. Holmes, J. Coulter. FOURTH ROW-J. Komph, E. Bybee, D. Smith, S. Wapnick, J. Welden, K. Clark, S. Slattery, L. Wright, P, Powers, C. Lollier, H. Fulcher. LETTERGIRLS Leading Lettergirls through two wonderful semesters were Sherri Stephens. winter semester president: and Margo Alexandre. summer semester president. Pinkie Powers and Betty Berkshire were winter and summer vice-presidents respectively. Miss Shaw supervised the many activities. Highlighting the ac- tivities of the year was a week-end trip to Clear Creek. It featured a hike to Table Mountain for skiing and tobogganing. New Lettergirls are initiated each semester by the traditional trip to Hollywood which includes a show and dinner. Lettergirls were also seen in Griffith Park this spring on a bicycle riding party. The year was finished with a gala nhappy summern beach party. IS ATTEMPTED 5 -9 j L 5 I l FQ: S I 1 K XQ Q ' X X If 0 A XJX f ' by b F?" W-I X I Y I u Ml 155 . . Willie Was Given the Opportunity to -I 01 2 O? .wwf 5 FIRST ROW P Rosenberg S Goodman T Smith S Kinsey M Lebowltz B Fields, J. Edwards, B. Gilbert, B. Korn, R. Turner, C. Nyby, K. Maloslan SECOND ROW G Famlhan R Wllsaw R Govenar J Kennedy C Cheng, D. Campbell, T. Herles, D. Weible, K. Weedin, R. Le- Gassnck R McNeill THIRD ROW S Monson H Rasch P Frank D Brain J Aron, R. Lee, R. Weslerfleld, D. Sluman, D. Novros, L. Sonsini. FOURTH ROW S Keach B Hicks I Morkman G Martin L Bodnar M Salvaneschi, B. Lanclol, T. Mohr. B. Mostovoy. FIFTH ROW-M. Alcalay B Gerfz J Shulman A Samelson E Mezger S Carnahan F Cooper D. Horowitz, J. Montoya. D0 Service for KNIGHTS Knights is nn honor OYQLIITTZLILLOII for scnioi' boys who liuvc vxccllvnt Citizenship rccorcls. ability for lvnclvrsliip, rt-giilgii' nttviidniicc, and high standards of umcluct :intl scliolinsliip. Sclwicv to thc school in pl?- cvcling Sl'lllK'SU'l'S is n iicccssnry qunlilicntion lm' bc- vmning Ll Knight. ln vxclinligm' lm' thc hclp thvy cxtvnd to thc Bllls during tht- wt-4-lt ol Oriciitntioii. thi' Knights of Yan Nuys lligh Scliool nrc nwairdccl thc spccinl privilogc ul' lu-ing pn'-m'1il'ollt-tl in nll lllk'll' vlnssvs. llurinig tht' llill :ind spring svliivstnws this boys in thc Knights haul aivllvitivs including tht- Knights' and lnnlivs' Spurls Night, tht- installation ul' new nivlnbcrs :incl nl'l'it'm-rs, nncl spnnsorslmip ul' tht' noon liinvivs. Spuiism' nntl nclvism' ol' tht- chili is hir. Xvlllllllll Kmul. -lim liclwnrmls ns prvsitlm-nt and Miki' Snlvun- 1-sflii ns x'in'v-pi'vsiclm'iit lvcl lllt'lll in their lull smncslvi' .incl livin' Ml'ZQltl' ns plvsiclviil, -locl Sl1llllllLlIT L15 vim'- Iwvsitlw-nl in thx- spring sviiivstw. LADIES FIRST ROW-S. Wapnick, N. Antola, L. Noble, P. Carr, M. Benson, S. Utt, P. Powers, M. Gander, J. Hibbard, L. Leavitt, J. McKanna, S. Gelbert, A. Mango, J. Ames, N. Ny, D. Miller. SECOND ROW- N. Sanders, B. Natelborg, M. Gonnella, D. Cutler, S. Brecht, J. Kerstein, N. Jewell, N. Arps, D. Green, C. Chap- nick, M. Regal,-'M. Nielsen, P. Spicer, A. Friedman. THIRD ROW-S. Schwartz, M. Berry, S. Combs, A. Susman, S. Smith, A. Carhart, S. Coppage, D. Kooy, S. Stephens, S. Weiss, S. Ryan, S. McElhinney, S. Stevens. FOURTH ROW- K. McNaboe, J. Suess, S. Walen, L. Zwerg, L. Fricke, J. Carlton, J. Dulkin, J. Scoggins, M. Rotenberg, M. Alexandre, C. Rabenstein, H. Hoffman, P. Cook, J. Coulter, S. Gesas, S. King. FIFTH ROW-B. Berkshire, K. Carlson, M. Bond, M. Matlof, J. Welden, M. Mather, L. Brinkley, Cl k, S. Slattery, J. Newcomb, L Wright, J. Cottle, T. King, Y. Meschwitz, R. Maior, S. Helfman, L. Suerdieck. - . V. . . f c . , Wir? iifsifixiyyri i rii?d"i F f , My ri' vljyigu fr 'J 1' ,UM fl l. Y ' ., . r , J Jeff 'MMWMN ' jmjaiif fy: S' X the School . . ." ' X S - FIRST ROW-L Leovityt, P.' Powers, M. Gonder. SECOND ROW- J. Hibbord. gy' LADIES To be a member of Ladies at Van Nuys High School, a girl must participate in school activities, maintain good scholarship, and have regular attend- ance. Membership in this organization is one of the highest honors a senior girl can attain. The girls who are in Ladies strive to help the school in every way possible. The club is open to any girl who qualifies. Each semester a girl is chosen for her unselfish service to the school to receive the title of '4Honor Ladyw. In the fall semester Pat Sennewald was se- 'N lected. During the past year the Ladies' activities con- sisted of a Knights' and Ladies' Social, selection of new members, and planning for their installation. The Ladies, in return for their help in planning the B10 programs, are pre-enrolled in all their classes. Some , other projects were checking the girls' rest rooms and approving the Ladies' emblem for their sweater. Sponsor of the Ladies honor organization is Mrs. Eva Kirby. Helping her as president was Marilyn Gonder, as vice-president Judy Hibbard, for the fall semester 5 spring officers were Linda Leavitt and Suzie Slattery. Page One Hundred One Q i SQUIRES FIRST ROW-S. Bodner, B. Nardi, J. Weil. SECOND ROW-S. Frank, A. Sklar, S. Campbell, S, Choum, T. Thomas, D. McComb, R. Roberts, L. Suerdieck, T. Dahle, M. Blonsky, S. Haimovitz. THIRD ROW-L. Kotf, K. Horowitz, D. Halkides, E. Ruben, J. Goldstein, R. Kaufman, E. Felman, B. Schroeder, A. Tucker, D. Rawson. FOURTH ROW-S. Kipperman, C. Cooper, B. Duxler, J. Rubinstein, K. Barron, D. Nelson, P. Janssen, D. Holt, G. Mitock. sQU1REs Outstanding boys in the tenth and eleventh grades are honored by membership in the school service club, Squires. Last year the club had nearly sixty members, all helping to make our campus a better one. The Squires painted the slogans on the trash cans, helped with the clean-up cam- paign, and ushered at assemblies. President and vice-presi- dent during the winter were Mike Haimovitz and Bill Nar- di, and during the summer, Bill Nardi and George New- bauer. Mr. Gunnar Lund was sponsor. Some of the high- lights of the year were the installation banquet, a snow trip to Mt. Waterman, and a beach party. . . . And for the KEY CLUB Key Club is an honor organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. Its purpose is to serve the school. the com- munity and the individual. The boys in the Key Club run the concession stands at sports events. This year, besides holding their annual vocational guidance day. they collected books for a hospital at Christmas. Leading the Key Club were Steve Goodman in the winter and lNIike Alcalay in the summer. In collaboration with lX4r. TVest. the Key Clubls forty-five members did a fine job serving the school. KEY CLUB FIRST ROW-T. Garnella, H. Rubin, S. Svikovsky, D. Yentis, M. Alcalay, B. Gertz, S, Frank, R. Wasserman, H. Gelfand, B. Gibson. SECOND ROW-B. Fox, E. Ruben, J. Edwards, A. Manheim, B. Nardi, J. Mercer, F. Friedman, J. Higgins, S. Madison, H. Rosenthal, R. Margules, S. Goodman, THIRD ROW-S. Alcalay, S. Rosen, J. Tincher, S, Kippermqn, S, Friedman, L, Burns, T. Kiningham, G. Magid, J. Geibelson, K. Barron, M. LeVine, R. Morton, J. Tramel, B. Burns. E 5 l Palgrr Um' lelunrlfrrl rlililn CAMPUS CONTROL FIRST ROW-Mr. Delp, B. Molinor, M. Barber, A. Cuffe, D. Smilh, P. Laperufo, B. Ross, L. Borod, C. Schultz, E. Bybee, B. Bell, A. Susman, J. Muench, Mr. Culwick. SECOND ROW-E. Eberl, B. Morrison, J. Schor, J. Ennis, A. Eder, B. Keim, B. Bennell, K. Kofford, S. Dennis, D, Smith, S. Osborne, H. Ehrlich, N. Zwekerman, G. Willard, l.. Drassin, M. Lockheed. THIRD ROW-G. Jenks, B. Homer, N. Car- slairs, K. Budge, W. Taylor, M. Piano, R. Mayor, B. lucas, J. Eckerd, S. Chaum, T. Brand, G. Newbauer. tudent Bod . . . CAMPUS CONTROL One of the outstanding service organizations at Van Nuys is the Campus Control. At brunch and during both lunch periods the members are stationed at various gates and doors around the campus. They maintain the discipline of the students and keep general order. The sixty members were checked and roll was taken by Elaine Bybee and Sparkie Smith, winter semesterg Elaine Bybee and Carolyn Schultz, summer semester. Mr. Donal Delp sponsored the Campus Control and organized its duties. The organization usually closes the year with a movie or picnic. SAFETY COMMITTEE Safety is of primary importance on any school campus. At Van Nuys the Safety Committee was in charge of keep- ing the campus safe. The committee was headed by the Commissioners of Safety Richard LeGassick during the winter semester and Marty Lebowitz during the summer semester. Besides promoting general rules and good prac- tices, the Committee conducts fire drillsg at which time they check the buildings and fire boxes. The forty members of this organization were led by Mr. Ben Halpern. SAFETY COMMITTEE KNEELING-H. Hacker, S. Haberfeld. FIRST ROW-Mr. Halpern, B. Nardi, M. Haimovitz, B. Paul, J. Higgins, A. Manheim. SECOND ROW- B. Chacon, J. Greene, B. Morey, J. Meleo, M. Lebowitz, D. Harrison, R. Lee, T. Thomas, G. Willard. Page One Hundred Three we CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION FIRST ROW-C. Chapnick, J. Ames, C. Brennan, S. Gelbert, D. Green, C. Crum, M. Glick, B. Feldman, S. Dayton, V. Cotton, S. Dennis, S. Amdur. SEC- OND ROW-R. Elyot, N. Christensen, A. Cirricione, L. Dassin, A. Eder, J. Gorsuch, J. Anderson, J. Arthur, S. Combs, S. Arthur, S. Bleterman, B. Bennett, H. Ehrlich. THIRD ROW-C. Bailey, M. Alcalay, C. Cheng, S. Crocker, C. Graham, C. Clark, J. Codlfer, J. Cottle, G. Braunstein. FOURTH ROW-Y. Cali- garis, F. Friedman, K. Adler, K. Barron, S. Blumsack, V. Bradley, G. Brooks, C. Church, J. Fishkin, Y. Angel. FIFTH ROW-A. Goodman, J. Goldstein, H. Gelfand, D. Dressler, I. Gale, D. Angle, 5. Chaum, J. Klein, J. Edwards, D. Asness. SCHOLARSHIP CLU BS Students with high grades compose the Van Nuys chapter of the . . . E X C 6 California Scholarship Federation. Members enjoyed the C.S.F. play, MA Day of Broadcasting," in the fall semester and a picnic in the spring. In the fall the president was Commissioner of Scholarship Sarah Combsg succeeding her in both offices was Sparky Smith in the spring semester. Vice presidents were Joel Shulman and Jody Ames. Incoming B-10,5 with scholarship grades were invited to join Philomatheans. The semester presidents of the organization were Margaret Lesser and Daryl Jones. C.S.F. was sponsored by Mrs. Frances Raffetto, and Philomatheans hy Mrs. Kay Stewart. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION FIRST ROW-C. Jones, D. Magner, S. McElhinney, N. Ny, M. Nielsen, Y. Hunsaker, S. Kahn, J. lanne, C. King, N. Kantzer, M. Lockheed, E. Morris. SECOND ROW-N. Nardi, J. Horvitz, P. Kranz, A. Mango, M. Matlof, J. Needman, M. Menges, K. Minkoft, K. Johnson, K. Hewitt, J. Mascolo, D. Halkides, G. Hunter. THIRD ROW-K. Kofford, D. McComb, A. Holbrook, L. Noble, C. Heckler, J. Lulow, S. Hastings, N. Basaites, R. Maior, C. Leo, R. Norman. FOURTH ROW-G. Liddle, R. Kaufman, S. Keach, G. Martin, J. Kahan, S. Kipperman, M. Lebowitz, E. Mezger, Y. Morris, D. Holt, M. Hollander. FIFTH ROW- I. Medall, H. Hacker, H. Hoffman, M. Blonsky, G. Newbauer. .f x PHILOMATHEANS FIRST ROW-M. Girard, M. Lesser, L. Page. SECOND ROW--R. Friedlander, B. Mendelsohn, R. Bennett, R. Okin, J. Lachman, J. Slezak, J. Hewitt, K. Oswald, M. Porloghese, D. Sappenlield, L. Clifl, S. Oplatka. THIRD ROW-A. Rippeon, S. Porth, B. Golub, J. Elliott, S. Ferle, C. Chapman, M. Cohen, H. Malkin, S. Molinari, E. Goldenberg, B. Kain, B. Gibson. FOURTH ROW-L. Main, H. Kay, S. Friedman, S. Weir, G. Dunn, R. Sklarel. Scholasticall . . . S fr? CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION FIRST ROW-M. Weaver, J. Roth, C. Smith, L. Sitzer, M. Sanders, G. Rivetti, E. Roski, S. Rabinowitz, J. Scoggins, T. Sindoni, B. Wire. SECOND ROW-S. Taylor, T. Thomas, D. Silvera, D. Olstein, A. Irmon, M. Shafron, D. Roberts, A. Weiser, M. Sheon, K. Horowitz. THIRD ROW-M. Silverman, C. Perry, K. Phillips, D. Sklar, B. Schumacher, G. Paul, R. Romines, M. Lebowitz, J. Stern, J. Schor, D. Yentis, B. Paul. FOURTH ROW-L. Kreueger, S. Opfer, L. Woodroof, H. Walker, P. Robertson, T. Oman, S. Smith, M. Templeton, L. Wright, M. O'S ullivan, S. Slattery, A. Susman, J. Shulman, R. Westerfield, E. Mezger, J. Tatar, L. Stegmair. Page One Hundred Five A14 FIRST ROW .I Schumkola R Ross: B Whntesude R Naqunn SECOND ROW J Nicholas E Gonzales D Rusnak R. Burke, K. Wrlghi D NelS0r1 H Parsley THIRD ROW G Phllllps .I Morgan II B Taylor J Kayne D Neumark U Slfzer T Beane FOURTH ROW-G. Perez R Green C Exhibit Skill in the Militar AY + II I K.- R.O,T.C. OFFICERS T ROW LI Col J. Taylor, I T Roih Ma E SU gn OND ROW II LI. R. Yoder Cap! B Geriz II an IsI W E h THIRD ROW Ist J Ogwqld W Keene MSQI D Pepioi, SFCJ Wilson RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS COMPANY A FIRST ROW-J. Shirey, L. Lindsay, M. Sollenberger, J. Morris, J. Kinkead, J. Lannefeld. SECOND ROW-B. Dunn, J. Morgan, D. Gin- draux, D. Saber, R. Myers, R. Rocco, W. Scemons, J. Ulrich, D. Wickstrom, B. Romero, C. Allen, J. Vogel, M. Frank. THIRD ROW-K. Pipiot, M. Passei, K. Taylor, C. Robbins, D. Morris, S. Rankin, J. Katz, V. Cerf, V. McDaniel, G. Smith, N. Zelinsky, E. Gonzales. FOURTH ROW-R. Weare, J. Hampton, L. Carson, D. Nelson, B. Gibson, R. Kraemer, J. Nicholas, R. Burke, R. Shaw, T. Bearie, J. Koppelman, S. Lowe. FIFTH ROW- D. Rusnak, J. Bloom, R. Trueman, R. Duccini, R. Biscoito, T. Barker, B. Weaver, B. Stork, J. Dyer, J. Sutton, M. Hiss. RESERVE OFFICER TRAINING CORPS Van Nuys is justifiably proud of its Reserve Officer Train- ing Corps. This organization prepares boys for their part in military life. The Corps began at Van Nuys in 1924 and has since proven itself worthy in everything it does. The unit con- tends with all other Los Angeles high schools in yearly corn- ....,,14m petitions. There are rifle team matches, platoon and squad ' N drills, manual of arms for both privates and non-commissioned R ' officers, batallion parade and inspections, and they are judged X on over-all unit proficiency. Trophies in the forms of cups, j plaques, and medals are awarded to the winning schools and to 21 the individual boys. 'lr l .9 Van Nuys competed in two national rifle matches- and seven inter-school competitions, the platoon placed first in 'i Regiment and second in Squad Drills. The unit has captured Q IANA the permanent Blue Devils' Award twice. In May the Federal I H, Inspection was held. -.I ,... Continuing a twenty-four year tradition, the R.O.T.C. had J FX X its semi-annual Military Ball and award ceremony again this To I year. Many boys were awarded plaques and medals, and ISC' squads were commended for their efficiency. X 'ei N One of the many reasons Van Nuys High School did so I well this year was the thorough training given by its compe- tent instructors, Master Sergeant Robert D. Erwel, Sergeant Carl W. Kellstrom, and Captain Lowell Aitken. Credit is also due to the R.0.T.C. cadet officers: Colonel Terry Roth, brigade commander, Lieutenant Colonel john Taylor, battle group commander, Major Barry Gertz, executive officer, Cap- tain Ray Rossi, drill team commanderg and Second Lieutenant John Schimkola, commander of the color guard. RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS COMPANY B FIRST ROW-J. Kinkead, J. Tongish, J. Schimkola, R. Rossi. SECOND ROW-M. Stevens, R. Campise, J. Pobuda, S. Altman, P. Spoecker, W. Yates, W. Coleman, R. Green, K. Wright, J. Kayne, G. Perez, J. Lopiccolo. THIRD ROW-D. Mobraten, K. McCants, D. Woolacott, L. Gray, K. Campione, M. Kaplan, B. Riding, L. Kopel, B. Hitchcock. D. Schlotzhauer, B. Iveson. FOURTH ROW-B. Whiteside, B. Goett- Iing, B. Higt, R. Alexander, G. Phillips, J. Brochu, R. Somes, R. Ayees, S. Bridgers, M. Silver, H. Parsley. FIFTH ROW-N. Leibel, M. Rob- bins, C. Warr, B. Taylor, J. Trimble, D. Neumark, J. Silzer, J. Nelson, T. Henley, M. McHugh, R. Naquin. - J' N L ' FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA, PERIODS I 8. Il FIRST ROW-K. Haddon, W. Protzel, B. White, T. Gunter, T. Lelond, E. Tanker, S. Bidwell, D. Fluke, A. Polacios, G. Miller, B. Holley, B. Lem- ma, M. Baker, J. Jurado, A. Aragon, W. Smith, P. Sloane. SECOND ROW-A. Finkel, D. Sugarman, B. Huba, D. Parcells, R. Quinn, D. Roberts, T. Hayes, M. Kuitt, W. Carpenter, J. Rudder, G. Pistole, J. Scheff, J. Orefice, J. Smith. G. Noble, D. Morris. THIRD ROW-R. Hill, J. Nicholas, K. Taylor, K. Bigmon, J. Orbom, B. Pickett, L. Smith, J. Wade, S. Johnson, L. Peterson, L. Davenport, L. Prival, T. Prival, D. Morrison, B. Byron, J. Applen. DAVF LOOKS ON AS PAL L Cox Muxr AND Mun PRoLraLx DISPLAX 'IHPIR HEALFI-IX LIVFSTOCR CJARYANl1S'l'l'lVl'L :umm AN 1:1 . Page Una llundrffd lfiglll HM 'l'lll'1lIlIlf2lil'LN RUUS'I'S L. -2231,-"'5"L--Q.. F. , nd the 7? FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA, PERIODS III 8- IV FIRST ROW-D. Tschantre, R. Black, P. Jacob, R. Early. SECOND ROW-P. Koscielny, B. Brazy, P. Easley, T. Chapman, A. Willmore, D. Cole- man, K. Connor, M. Scoll, B. Kander, R. Madsen, B. Koladzi, P. Chapman, R. l.lamas, M. Tashman, R. Silverslein. THIRD ROW-P. De Monte, D. Strange, J. Perlsweig, B. Burns, J. Honberger, R. Beeman, S. Holmes, S. Bridges, D. Gardner, M. Mauch, S. Hensley, J. Kaplan, P. Halterman. FOURTH ROW-B. Englund, J. Shield, P. Dwyer, B. Vesey, D. lucas, D. Lampkin, C. King, D. Setzer, J. Vogel, W. Scemons, R. Varenchik, T. Mattson, D. Howe, B. Daniel, D. McCourt. Productive Art . . . FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA One club at Van Nuys that deserves recognition for its participation in many state and local activities is the Future Farmers of America. This club with its one hundred and twen- ty members is known throughout California for its interest in agricultural activities. All of the members are enrolled in Vo- cational Agriculture, which teaches boys interested in farming the latest techniques of raising crops and livestock. Under the capable leadership of its untiring sponsor, Mr. Grant Nielson. the F.F.A. is able to serve in many ways. It trains the boys to become agricultural leaders. Among the events held this past year were five F.F.A. meetings and five field trips. In the Fifty-First District Fair, the Los Angeles -- "vet '- County Fair, and the Great Western Livestock Show the club had exhibits and entries. In the latter part of the year the participated in two Held days, one at Cal Poly and the other at Pierce Junior College. Some of the members entered the F.F.A. Public Speaking Contest and the F.F.A. State Judg- ing Contests. For enjoyment the boys put on a Parent-Son Ban- quet, went on a fishing trip, and held an open house at the school farm. The winter semester was led by Dave Duke, president, and Ron Early, vice-president. In the spring semester the capable president was Paul Jacobg assisting him was Vice-President Ron Early. These officers did a notable job serving the club. Z I u, Z Q 1 X . ' . ' .......--" : wxmmumv ' V. ,I T . - - 1 4 t 1 N--,mx I N0 , lyk I 4 ' X n ' E . ...U 1111111, FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS FIRST ROW-P. Jacob, R. Early. SECOND ROW-R. Black, D. Tschantre, C. Johnson, D. Lucas Page One Hundred Nine 'N 9 VANETTES AND LOBUS FIRST ROW-R. Wilson, D. Rudrud, C. Ennis. SECOND ROW-D. Vlalgren, S. McEll1inney, Mr. Allheuser, J. Collle. THIRD ROW-G. Spradlin, D. Taylor, E. Bybee, J. Getz, J. Buchanan. FOURTH ROW-P. Palmer, C. Timmsen, B. Levely, W. Freiman, S. Marpet, R, Schloss, G. Purcell. VANNETTES AND LOBOS Van Nuys' versatile small singing groups, under tlie direction of Nh. Altheuser, spent an active year entertaining in the Valley. In addition to singing at P.T.A. meetings and in zissenilvlies lor the students of Robert Fulton, 'lanres Madison, and Van Nuys -lunior Iligli Schools, they were featured at the fall and spring Girls' I.4-neue nssernlwlies, the Spring Concert, and the .Iune Pops Concert. At tlie nreinorxilwle llliristinns Assembly, they sang, "Rise Up, Shepherd, und Follow," "'l'lie First Noel," and "fjloria in Excelsisn. 'llieir otlrer l1f'llYllll'S were pzirlieipgrtion in tlie music organizations' spring :ind lull invitzitionzrl zrsseinlmlies, wllieli were presented to chosen guests, and 21 prourznn lor Youtli lor lilirisl. Senior Vannettes and Lobos provided enterttrininent git tlu- senior qrelivity :incl recognition days. Page One Hunrherl 'lee VAN NUYS HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA ...Pla and Sin ORCHESTRA Mr. Seymour Vfeinstein again led the Van Nuys High School Orchestra this year. Highlighting the year was thc Orchestra's Eighth Annual YVinter Concert, at which the featured senior soloist was Pamela Brand. The Orchestra provided background and intermission music for the senior plays at their night performances. It played at the Spring Concert and competed in the Band and Orchestra Festivals later in the spring. Individual members of the Orchestra were winners of chamber music competitions and appeared as soloists at various festivals. In addition, four of the mem- bers were chosen for the All-City Orchestra. and two for the All-California Orchestra. BAND Fall and spring saw different aspects of Van Nuys' Band. In the fall semester, it was a uniformed marching band that played at sports rallies and the Wolves' football games. A group of its members formed the Pep Band, for basketball games and track meets. In the following semester it became a concert band and took part in the Band and Orchestra Festivals and performed at the Spring Concert and all outdoor assemblies. As a result of Mr. Seymour lVeinstein's excellent direction, it was selected as one of the two Los Angeles City high school bands to participate in the U.C,L.A. High School Band Day. VAN NUYS HIGH SCHOOL BAND 4822" Page One Hundred Eleven XY N qw ur - x 1 X A Q s , i Q K Y -a K U -g R is-1 X i 1 s S S 5 x J . 2 i ft ' 5 i , H GIRLS' GLEE CLUB For tud nt nt rtainment GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Last ycar the Girls' Glcc- Club pcrfornicd at thc following activities: thc Mayday programg the Pops Concn-rt, which was ht-ld in uluncg tht' llluistinns asscrnblyg and two invitational assi-inblics, full and spring. Lilac thc otlicr singing groups, tht: Girls' Glu' Club was Clii'0Ctm'cl by Mr. Robert Altliciiscr. Many girls in thc A Clzlppvllzi Choir and tht' Mixvd Uhorus ivcrc nt soma' timr- mvmbcfrs of thi- Girls' Ulm: 'llbc girls' rt-pi-i'toii'i' mxigvd from ulilijgili Rock" to two l.ivlwsli0Ll0i' Waltzc-s by 'lohzinnvs lirziluns, :incl iiifllirlvcl "Qlh:u'lotlown", "l.ct 'l'liy Holy Pr1'sc'ncm- Cloinx- Upon Us", :uid "Soon-41 l'Vill lit- lJonm"'. At tht- Uliristiufis assvmbly tln' girls sung "lVliitm' flllI'lSllIl1lSH, "l WK3Illlt'l' As l VV1lllCll'l'H amd 'kflzirol of thi- Angi-ls". 'llivii' pguit ol' thi- Pops lloiicvrl prograun includccl 'Tlx-'s Cont- Away" :incl 'Ll Know Wlivrt' l'in Going", :intl tht' iiivitzitioiinl assi-inbliz-s fm-:tliiivcl "Climb Up, Yi- Uliillun, Climb", :ind "l3rotlivi' -Imnvs' Ah". 'l'hi- girls we-rv zirvoiiipgiiiivcl on thi' piauio by Nancy llottauu and llizine' Conway. Page Une Hunflrrrrl 7lZUl'll!l.' MIXED CHORUS A CAPPELLA CHOIR AND MIXED CHORUS Two choral groups that filled the air with song in past months were the A Cappella Choir and the Mixed Chorus. Both sang at the Spring Concert, the music organizations, invitational assemblies, and the fall and spring Girls' League assemblies. The A Cappella Choir also entertained at P,T.A. meetings and the Christmas as- sembly. The two groups are similar but distinct. The A Cappella Choir specializes in choral music without accompaniment. In some of their numbers they were accompanied by Sandra Sadlo. The Chorus leans towards lighter music, such as show tunes. Its aecompanists were Diane Strong and Sherri Stephens. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Si: ff ,,.....Wfx4"?fs' "" Ss .vuilfsted 1, MAKE-UP CREW FIRST ROW-H. Ehrlich, R, Golden, M. McWatlers. SECOND ROW M. Nielsen, D. Green, D. Flam. MAKE-UP CREW Mr. jim Gennette assisted the winter semester and Miss Barbara Baum the summer semester Make-up Crews. Under their guidance the students learned the techniques of theatrical make-up. Be- sides classroom study, the make-up crew is responsi- ble for the make-up at the dramatic performances of the school. They did wonders with the senior play, a number of Girls, Student Body events. and various other functions during the past year. . I ni' mi 1l1" ' . . . Please th udience . . . .,-X STAGE CREW Important for a good performance is the work of the Van Nuys Stage Crew. Its members are responsible for the background of the stage pro- ductions which are presented during the vear. The crew builds the sets. provides the proper lighting. and is responsible for various equipment. YYith the guidance of Mr. Robert Marchese the crew gained valuable practical experience in this field of thea- trical production. STAGE CREW KNEELING-D. Mordecai, H. Weinstein, G. Clark, T. Delkuth, FIRST ROW-V. Zaslav, R. Wallichs, A. Newman, G. Bassett, .l. Annison. SECOND ROW-C. Timmsen, G. Helsley, D. Jackson, D. Jacobs, B. Biegel, Mr. Marchese. THIRD ROW-T. Everts, B. Clemens, P. Comandini. t vt" I .1 K , .se NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE FIRST ROW-S. Helfman, K. Ellis, T. Oman, B. Hicks, R. Berman, F. LaGrassa. SECOND ROW-N. Mellzer, L. Kreueger, C. Zupp, J. Freeman, F. Fererhake, I. Gale, M. Simons. THIRD ROW--M. Hyman, C. Decker, R. Seifert, L. Murphy, I. Markman,J. Tutor, L. Drabin, S. Keach, Mr. Kessler. ORATORS FIRST ROW-R. Seifert, C. Zupp, S. Helfman, K. Ellis, B. Hicks, T. Oman, F. Feuerhake, R. Berman, R. Golden. SECOND ROW-H. Levitl, D. Strong, B. Rollman, M. Silverman, S. Kinsey, S. Calion, F. LaGrassa P. Zugsmilh, M. West, K. Callaway. THIRD ROW-N. Moss, L. Drabin L. Kreueger, N. Mellzer, I. Markman, J. Kelly, J. Freeman, J. Fishkin I. Gale, S. Fischler. FOURTH ROW-M. Hyman, M. Simons, N. Luslig C. Decker, L. Murphy, J. Talor, J. Randolph, S. Keach, Mr. Kessler, W Hazelhursl, R. Gerden, K. King. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Speech is an important part of life. Students striving to improve or perfect their speaking techniques make up the fifty members of N.F.L. and Orators. The Forensic League is a national organization designed to encourage interest in speech and forensic activities, and to sponsor participation in inter-school competition. The Van Nuys chapter did exceptionally well this year, for they won second sweepstakes in the Southern California Debating League Tourna- ment in individual events and first sweepstakes in the Novice Debate Tournament at Notre Dame. Leading the activities, with the help of Mr. Raymond Kessler, sponsor, was Bob Hicks, two semester president, Gordon Gebert, winter vice-president, and Tanii Oman, summer vice- president. Van Nuys High can certainly be proud of the successful and rewarding year which was had by this organization. MASQUERS Outstanding drama students are given recog- nition by membership in the Masquers, the high school drama organization. This year ten stu- dents were honored by being elected to the or- ganization. Under the leadership of Kim Ellis, winter president, Judy Palmateer, summer presi- dent, and the sponsor, Miss Catherine McMil- lan, the Masquers had great fun with their thea- ter party and the presentation to the student body of a one act play, The Ugly Duckling. Z 4 5 Z ewan MASQUERS FIRST ROW-T. Albert, B. Mercer, D. Washbrook. SECOND ROW- Miss McMillan, S. Keach, K. Ellis, J. Palmateer, J. Arthur, L. Bencivenga, M. Richman. Page One Hundred Fifteen ART CLUB SEATED-A MGSCOIQ, 5. SCHWGYTZ, J. Hobbs, STANDING-G. Patterson, D. Brain, L. Seegar, B Auerbach, L. Reingold, J. Ewing, S. Adams, L. Johnston. ART CLUB Creating decorative Christmas placecards for the Childrens, Hospital and making a field trip to the Los Angeles County Museum and the Choui- nard Art Institute high-lighted the year for the Art Club. The group competed in the annual All- School Art Competition and in the Fashion and Car Design Contest. The former featured many art fields, such as sculpture. still life, landscaping, figure and portrait drawing. Wfith the help of Mr. Eugene La Vancil, sponsor, and the two-semester president, Sally Schwartz, the students furthered their interest in the arts. PEGASUS CLUB Membership in the Pegasus Cluh is open to any Van Nuys High School student. The organiza- tion is designed to encourage student interest in poetry. W'ith the leadership of Mr. Mike Foster. the activities of the last year included study and discussion of poetry written hy students and recog- nized poets, and the production of the Wingc-d Pen, an outstanding annual school publication. The winter officers were Patty Sennewald. president: Lesley Fricke. vice president: and the sumrnvr, .jean Amos, president: and David llressler. vice- president. I aygw Um: fllmrlrwfl .S'Ltlr1'r1 C PEGASU5 CLUB FIRST ROW-P. Palmer, S. Farber. SECOND ROW-B. Gottlieb S. Marks, J. Amos, N. Swan. THIRD ROW-Mr. Foster, D Dresster, C. Perry. POETRY CL vw- ,X . . . Find in the 6 if s njo ment rt 'EE m' PHILHARMONIC CLUB B- Feldm0fl, B. Bennett, I. Gale, B. Tiep, P. Telzlaff, R. Kinnell, J. Tincher, Mr. Sayre, S. Kemery, M. Sharfan. PHILHARMONIC CLUB Members of the Philharmonic Club had great fun this last year exploring the different fields of music. They attended musical activities and con- certs, and were themselves given a chance to per- form for the rest of the club. Leading the twenty-six members of the Philharmonic club last year were Barbara Feldman, president and Rochelle Small, vice-president. Sponsoring the club and participa- ting in the activities was Mr. John Sayre. MODERN JAZZ CLUB rmsr Row-s. Brecht, B. sewuid, J. oeiz, J. Grobart, D. Horowitz, H. Roselhal. SECOND ROW-F. Asman, 1. Mcuvis, J. Warren, J. Collane, J. Skarslen, S. Tro- nick, C. Sheafox. THIRD ROW-C. Moore, M. Meloche, iw J. Lime, B. Morey, J. Murray, c. Wolff, N. Chrislen- sen, L. Lanier, Y. Angel, B. Wire. FOURTH ROW- C. Lamke, R. Kinnell, J. Meleo, D. Harrison, J. Bullard, V P. Adams, S. Shugarman, J. Simmons, J. Gorsuch. ll V b Q' fy wi' il 5. fp I lla ni A iv! ml! ,LS I E' XM' I I 62 MODERN JAZZ CLUB Devoting itself to the understanding and ap- preciation of contemporary jazz and the best in modern music, the Modern Jazz club had a "swing- in, " year. Over forty-five members attended the brunch meetings which were planned with Mr. Irwin Porges by Jeff Grobart, president and Janie Getz, vice-president. One of the many activities of the Modern Jazz Club, in addition to the weekly concerts by Janie Getz, was a visit to a jazz concert at the Jazz Cabaret in Hollywood. Page One Hundred Seventeen NATURAL HISTORY CLUB FIRST ROW-L. Garth, J. Rinaldo, S. Jones, P. Tetz- Iaff. SECOND ROW-D. Honegberg, G. Paul, B. Green, J. Beniamin. dv NATURAL HISTORY CLUB To maintain and study natural surroundings is the pur- pose and objective of the Natural History Club. The activi- ties of the club included hiking at Tapia Park and Lake Elizabeth Canyon, exploring tide pools at La llolla and Point Dunne, visiting the Science Fair, Marineland and the Scientific Institution, and going camping. During the winter semester the cluh was led by Steve ilones, president, and Penny Carr, vice-president, and in the spring sernester by Steve jones, president. and 'I'iiu Clay, vice-president. Mr. l,ouis Fall: sparked the club as sponsor. Originally an offspring ol' the Iiilie Science Club, the National llistory Club has become an active association on its own. Pagf: Unr'H11r1flrnd lfT,LfhfI'I'll . . . Explore ASTRONOMY CLUB FIRST ROW-C. Jones, R. Stewart, J. Katz, H. Schwab, R. Chaldu. SECOND ROW-D. Benedict, C. Goldberg, J. Kahan, J. Labovitz. ASTRONO MY GLU B Stars and their constellations are the main interest of the Astronomy cluh. To share and increase their knowledge. the club iuet tor discussions and lectures. The talks were given hy student astronomers. Excursions to Mount Wilson and Crililiitli Park Observatory were part of the clubis activities. Many ol the iueinhers worked on projects which they enter- ed in the Science Fair. One project was a star projector. .lelili Iiahowitz led the cluh as president during the fall semester and was assisted hy Chuck jones, vice-president. ln the sununer semester Chuck Jones presided with Bob Stuart as the x'ice-president. Wfith the help of hir. John Ilallahan, their sponsor, the cluh has spent an active and busy year. U the Realms of lVIan's Knowledg . . . THE ELECTRONS As a branch of the Future Engineers of America. the Electrons was organized to stimulate interest in science and engineering. For members who have research projects, the club provided materials and laboratory facilities. The Club's activities included seeing films, hearing speakers, and working individually on projects for Science Center. In the winter semester Brian Tiep was president and Steve Kippurman, vice-president. The summer semester officers were Brian Tiep and Bob Stuart. Mr. Platner was sponsor. MATH TEAM At the Occidental Math Field Day Van Nuys was honored by having its Math Team take first place in the division for large schools. There were a hundred and two Southern California schools competing. Coached by Miss Reese, the team consisted of Charles Goldberg, who corn- peted in the Mad Hatter Marathon, Steve Crocker in the Mad Hatter Marathon B for tenth graders, Dick Morton in the Chalk Talk Derby, and Jody Ames and Marty Lebowitz in the Leap Frog Relay. MATH TEAM SEATED-J. Ames, S. Crocker. STANDING-R. Morton, C. Gold- berg, Miss Reese, M. Lebowitz. ELECTRONS FIRST ROW-D. Fink, H. Liltmon, I. Gale, S. Kippermon, T Christianson, B. Tiep, D. Holt, J. Lobovitz. SECOND ROW-T Townsend, J. Jacoby, L. Irwin, C. Goldberg, D. Peterson, A Jeffery, M. Click, P. Rein, R. Kaufman, F. Barron, D. Yentis, D Firestone, Mr. Platner. THIRD ROW-D. Morrison, A. Samelson H. Schwab, B:'Stewart, J. Kohon, J. McGuinnism, J. Krause, E Ruben, R. Getze, L. Berkier, H. Levitt. 3, Page One Hundred Nineteen i......l,.m+.s...t . Y. . 'T' 3' "-5 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW-M. McMilIen, C, Wilcox, S. Winogrod. SECOND ROW-P. McDonnell, G. Kungel, K. Hewitt, J. Kennomer, M. Atterbury, S. Sodlo. THIRD ROW-T. Weinslock, M. Tuttle, M. Rowley, L. Groves, K. Blake, V. Nicholson, R. Bowlus, J. Spector, A. Leidig, R. Wrlsonf . . . Prepare for ari d Futures . . . FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Future Business Leaders of America Club, established to develop competent business leadership, was privileged last year to have a guest speaker from Valley Federal Savings and Loan, a business machine demonstration from the Friden Corporation, and a Business Education Day. F.B.L.A. was sponsored by Mr. Jasper Hood and Mrs. Gail Vinje. It was led by President Claudia Kalp and Vice- President Rosemarie Saggese in the fall and by Claudia Bailey as president and Myrna Schaffer as vice-president in the spring semester. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Future Homemakers of America Club was organized to teach homemaking skills and to give the girls the opportunity to practice and to help serve at school functions. Carolyn Wilcox was president and Nancy Sanders was vice-president throughout the year. Sponsor and advisor to the FHA. was Miss Kay Ryan. The club decorated a Christmas tree for a re- tarded childrenls school and planned the Senior Homeinaking Tea. Two members attended the State and District F.H..-X. Conventions. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW-S. Cautschi, M. Shcfrcn, C, Bailey, Y. Caligaris, P. Yale. SECOND ROW-S. Jackson, K. Murphy, C. Moore, C. Kolp, B. Demp' wolf, L. Chcvis. Page Uni! H1I7lfl1I'lj 'l'Il'll'7lfy FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA SEATED-D. Flam, C. Withers, S. Thorne, A. Raffa, M, Porto- ghese, M. Allerbury, L. Spooner. SECOND ROW--Mr. Bessey B. Benneff, S. Dennis, K. Kofford, V. Colton, C. Kenyon, A. Levin, D. Bonway, M. Shean. THIRD ROW-A. Meussdorffer, S. Haslings, J. Zabel, J. Joyce, A. Nownes, T. Biederman. WHITE CAPS l'Vhite Caps, organized to promote interest in the field of nursing, visited the Valley Presby- terian Hospital, heard speakers frorn the General Hospital and the new U.C.L.A. Medical Center, and collected toys at Christmas for children in the General Hospital. Sponsoring the club was Mrs. Esther Free- man, school nurse, assisted by Vicki Porter and Nancy Jinvis in the fall semester. Pat Reising and Donna Sibert in the spring. CAFETEERS Cafeteers gave students practical vocational experience working for and dealing with the public. The club also aided students earning their way in school. The students in the Cafe- teers work in the W'olves' Den, the Cafeteria, and the Hash Lines. Sponsoring the Cafeteers was Mr. Donoho Hall. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMEIXIC A Future Teachers of America Club was sponsoifd by 'VII Gerald Bessey, with .lane Cooke as president and lcd Biedci man as vice-president during the fall semestcr and Rath! Kofford as president, and Carol Withers vicc president dui ing the spring semester. The F.T.A. was organized to serve the school and to advise students about oppoitunities in the teaching profession. The activities of the club th1s year consis ted of the stucly of psychology, lectures about scholarship op portunities, and attendance at the F.T.A. convention WHITE CAPS FIRST ROW-D. Siberl, K. Lowe, P. Reising, M. McMilIen, Graves. SECOND ROW-N. Frederick, B. Bennell, E. Lewis, S Winograd, E. Freeman. THIRD ROW-J. Tiplan, A. Mascolo, S Chandler, R. Swan, V. Colton, J. Suess. FOURTH ROW-B Flower, M. Hamman, P. Weber, D. Dernberger, S. Thorne, D Verbanac. FIFTH ROW-N. Jinvis, A. Teff, L. Page, B. Pe K. Barich, J. Conkey, R. Suvnders. CAFETERIA CASHIERS FIRST ROW-S- T00heY, K. Oswald, S. Ccmeron, C. Brennan, E. Kirscnoff. SECOND ROW-M. Kaplan, D. Scholtzhauer, R. Peler, B Golub B. Duxler, O. Kurlz, D. Thomas, J. Oswald. af 'f Il K ite. vel? i SPORT FISHING CLUB FIRST ROW-J, Shluker, M. Portoghese, C. Cooper, J. Austin, B. Duxler, N. Kantzer. SECOND ROW-D. Neumark, T. Calombo, B. Sewald, J. Conkey, J. Goldstein, K. Horowitz, C. Brennan, B. Alpert, Mr. Platner, BOAT CLUB Mr. Myron Ronne sponsored the Boat Club. It was led by Judy Furbass, president, and Gary Spradlin, vice-presi- dent, during the fall semester, and by Judy Furbass, presi- dent, and Rusty Nields, vice-president in the spring semes- ter. The club was established for the promotion of interest in boating and navigation. Members received information about skin diving and water skiing. The activities consisted of a cruise in San Pedro Harbor, a sail on a Chinese Junk in Santa Monica Harbor, and in- struction about sea safety. BOAT CLUB ngage in Pleasurabl SPORT FISHING CLUB Many activities were engaged in by the Sport Fishing Club this year. Members enjoyed the frequent deep-sea and freshwater fishing trips, and the many movies about fishing. The group was sponsored bv Mr. George Platner. The fall semester officers were President Jordan Austin and Vice-President Diane Honigberg. The officers during the spring semester were President Dave Honigberg and Vice- President Jerry Goldstein. The purpose of the club is to stimulate interest and participation in various types of fishing. FIRST ROW-G. Spradlin, J. Furbass. SECOND ROW-H. Rubin, L. Raffaelli, R. Romines, R. Bowlus, V. Nicholson, T. Walley. THIRD ROW-R. Peter, J. Church, S. Svikovsky, F. Zboril, E. Ruben, L. Reingold, C. Brennan. FOURTH ROW-A. Cohen, L. Sampson, J. Jacoby, R. Shaw, B. Biegel, R. Carr, J. Tabb, S. Kreimendahl, R. Trueman, Mr. Ronne. Page One Hundred' Twenty-two Q N, 7, .y 5 FIRST ROW-A. Roffo, N. Jewell, L. Spooner. SECOND ROW-M. Hough, L. Srordahl, P. Pinlcrel, S. Coles, N. Ryder, C. King, M. Weaver, L. Silverman. THIRD ROW-M. Davison, J. Berger, L. Gullons, J. Lochridge, C. Porloghese. I O I Actl V ltlCS . . . KNIT WITS Knit Wits was organized to help other people with knitting activities. The project the girls planned for both semesters was an afghan for two elderly women. In the Knit Wits the girls also learn to make things for themselves. Mrs. Dorothy Sim- mons sponsored the club. She was assisted by Nancy Jewell as president and Chris Ramsey as vice-president for the fall se- mester, and Joan Anderson as president and Pat Tinterally as vice-president in the spring semester. RACQUET SQUAD Having fun batting the birdie back and forth across the net in friendly competition, the ten members of the Racquet Squad were trying to improve their skill in badminton during the past year. Their activities also included sending a CARE package to Europe. Leading the Racquet Squad during the year were Penny Gilland as president, and Barbara Natelborg as vice-president. Mr. Henry Kubo was sponsor and advisor to the Racquet Squad. CHESS CLUB Members of the Chess Club are students interested in im- proving their technique and developing greater skill in the game. If one were to walk in on one of their meetings at brunch, he would find them concentrating diligently, trying new openings and attacks to capture the opponent's men and finally put his King in check-mate. Mr. Leopold Goodman was sponsor and advisor to the members of the Chess Club. Help- ing him was Dennis Holt, president, who served throughout the year. RACQUET SQUAD SEATED-M. Mollof, B. Nolelborg, S. McElhinney. STANDING- J. Couller, J. Collle, J. Slocum, Mr. Kubo. CHESS CLUB S. Bodner, D. Noble, J. Weil. 'f 7-I vw --5, were . 3, ' . I levi' .C ' S 1. .Mike . 77722122 is f ' L Y' s ss ,fm 'Sesv',fg,-1. ' .. SPANISH CLUB FIRST ROW-B. Niesen, B. Corbin, J. Murray, T. Brindle, S. Madison, Y. Morris, E. Gullans. SECOND ROW-J. Laswell, T. Garnella, C. Bushnell, K. Minkoff, M. Menges, W. Eriksson, G. Benlley, J. Pierce, J. Cerny, B. Hall, K. Ehleri. THIRD ROW-B. Kain, J. Avery. SPANISH CLUB Traveling to Padua Hills, singing popular Span- ish songs, attending Spanish movies and learning Spanish dances are all a part of the activities of the Spanish Club. Sponsored by Mrs. Loa and Miss Romero, the club acquainted students with the life and culture of the Spanish-speaking coun- tries and promoted understanding of the Spanish people. . . . Pursue the GERMAN SONG CLUB Small and informal is the description of the German Song Club. At weekly meetings members heard records by popular German singers render- ing festive folk songs, Thev also participated in singing German songs. The members found that through their meetings and study of German songs they increased their pronunciation and vocabulary. The club was sponsored by lXIrs. Alice Fuerst. GERMAN SONG CLUB X FIRST ROW-G. Peterson, K. Ingram, K. Carlson, L. Koppelman Mrs Fuersl SECOND nl' ' ' - ' ' ' , li g:.?:lE- - MJFRW X X Juris S555 .. ,ts 5. s , X 1 4 gs J. Malkin, H. Cohen, K Alan Mrs Holubor S Hcberfcld M Cohen R Ncymon LES ELITES Les Elites started anew with the coming of the spring semester. Its purpose is to fos- ter appreciation and study of the customs and language of France. lX1rs. Holubar sponsored the group with Steve Haberfeld, presidentg Linda Kundell, vice presidentg and Roger Newman, treasurer. Some of the events of the semester were a dinner at Le Chapeau Rouge, a French restaurant, and a Mardi Gras party. The club also corresponded with students in France. ubtl ties of 2ll1gl12l 6 . . . FRENCH SONG CLUB Margo Bunn and Donna Seibert, winter and summer presidents respectively, led French chamons last year. The twenty-five members of the French Song Club learned to enjoy French singing. The club promotes good French pronunciation and increase of Vocabulary. The weekly meetings were high- lighted by French records and popular Ameri- can music translated into French. Sponsor of the club was Mrs. Mary Gagne. FRENCH SONG CLUB FIRST ROW-Mrs. Gagne, A. Dirks, D. Sibert, R. Larson, J. Geiz. SECOND ROW-J. Roth, J. Frclic, J. Murray, V. Bosiick, S. BOFGI1. lX1IKE THREATENS TO THROXV LES OFF His PROPERTY DON. JUDY AND BARBARA EXAMINE BOE's CARD DRAMA DEPARTMENT Under the experienced direction of Miss Catherine McMillan, the drama depart- ment completed another successful two- semester run. During the year the class put on two productions, "George JNash- ington Slept Here" and 4'GoOd-Bye My Fancyu. The cast was taken from Advan- ced Drama classes. Each advanced drama student had a project to work on during the semester. These included such things as performing scenes from a play or doing research on some phase of drama. Begin- ning drama classes study voice, pantomine, and diction. They also work on scenes from plays, which are presented to selected classes. GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT Mr. Kimber Anabelle Neuton Fuller Madge Fuller Uncle Stanley Mr. Prescott Steve Raymond lN1rs. Douglas Rena Clayton Evans . . . Have STEVE ALERTS THE FULLER FAMILY TO APPROACHING STORM HERE Bob Mercer Steve Granat Barbara Swink Judy Bletcalf Don Wlashbrook Tammy Burnhan Ronnie Golden Bill Stocker Mike Richman Louis Benciyenga Les Bledall Kim Ellis Julie Arthur Sharon Gibbs Judy Palmateer Tom Albert 3 0IIlCl1t TVTD' T FCTVRFS ROR .-XROVT HIS LAXNESS ,ff Qi ' :GW 7 I mf I I i if ,fm , ,. .,HA,,,',?o, ilu J' 'W ,"'M?f'Z 1 :my STACY PosEs MARILS'N FOR THE PICTURE FOR Life MIKE DISCOVERS THAT TERRX IS THE , DAUGHTER or THE PRESIDENT RONNIE oFFERs DEANNE SOIWE CANDY WHILE RIM OF THE COLLEGE LOOKS ON IN DISGUST JUDY ACCUSES GAIL OF BEING A PROFITEER Behind the Footlights . . . Agatha Reed ..... Jim Merrill ...... Matt Cole ....... Grace Woods ...... .. GOOD BYE MY .. Judy Palmateer, Deanne Wagoneis . Don Washbrook, Tom Albert Stacy Keach, Mike Richman Kim Ellis, Sharon Gibbs Ellen Griswold .................... Pat McKinley, Claude Griswold Tammy Burnham Gail Johnson FANCY Miss Shackleford Ginny MCI'rill ,.,.,, Ma1'y Nell ...... Dr. Pitt ....,....,..,, julie Arthur, Garlie Zupp Marilyn Mason, Terry Pearlson Diane Hess, Ronnie Golden Louis Bencivenga, Miss Bradshaw .,....., ,. Prof. Dingley ...., Bob Mercer Hope Erlich, Brianne Surrey Mark Sollenberger, Mike Mahi' Page Ol1L'HllIIdIfd TIL anti seven oom' DIRECTS CHUCK, DON, SI-IERRY, KEITH, .IODY AND MICHELE IN THE RADIO SPEECH PLAY DEANNE, SHEROL, LINDA, MARILX'N AND NIOLLY MODEL NEXV PARTY DRESSES . . . Enterta ASSEMBLIES Van Nuys High each year enjoys fine as- semblics in thc Donna H. Hubbard Auditor- ium and on Smith Field. Starting with thc Exchange Asscuibly. the ciitcrtainiiicnt iII- cluclcd thc Radio Speech Play. the Christmas Program. and thc Installation Assembly. XYiII- tcr and spring sports wcrc Icvicwcd at rallies wlicrc thc athlctcs wcrc iiitroduced. The as- scinhlics prcscmccl by thc Girls' and Boys' Activity Boards wcrc highpoiuts of thc ycar. SHERYL COBIPLIMENTS THE PARTICIPANTS IN THE EXCHANGE IASSEINIBLY in l 1 X3 si i Q Z 61 dl MAY PRINCESSES FIRST ROW-Lucky Suerdieck, Karen Bovee, Linda Noble, Chris Ramsay, Jody Ames. SECOND ROW-Karen McNaboe, Elaine Bybee, Susi Weiss, Pal Cook, Sandy Smith, Jan Orr, Marilyn Bond, Debby Dietz. hile Love y Ladies Reign . . . MAY DAY Each year Van Nuys High School celebrates May Day in the traditional manner by selecting a Queen and her Princesses to reign over the festivities. The honor of being a princess is reserved for senior girls. who are nominated in their Physical Education classes and are chosen by a vote of all the girls in the school. From the princesses this year Chris Ramsay was elected Queen. The other girls of the school participate in the celebration by having each grade level wear a diflerent pastel color dress. MAY PRINCESSES FIRST ROW-Karen Clark, Pinkie Powers, Susie Slallery, Mary Ann Gonella, Sue Hudson. SECOND ROW-Judy Temkin, Pam Zuber, Nancy Jewell, Linda Leavitt, Tammy Burnham, Kim Ellis, Adrien Mango, 'Wi A if , '-.. ,, , Nyack... ,, . . xg Page One Hundred Twenty-nine DANCE COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-M. Alexandre, B. Notelborg, B. Iveson. SECOND ROW S Schwartz D Mordecai R Moynagh B Nord: Mr Rcsklnd S Jones DANCE COMMITTEE Dance Committee plans and decorates for the school dances. Those held during the past year were the Hello Dance, the Christmas Dance, the Activity Day Dance, the Recognition Day Dance, and the Aloha Dance. The brunch dances were also planned by the committee. Mr, Harvey Raskind sponsored the Committee and was helped by Penny Carr, president, and Barbara Natelborg. vice-president during the fall semester: and Nancy Sanders as president, and Sally Schwartz at vice-president in the spring semester. SHARON AND AL ENJOY THEMSELYES AT THE ANNUAL CHRISTBIAS DANCE Pflgr' Um' l'l1111rl11'fl 'l'l1i1lVy MR. LUND. NELSON KAYSBERG, DIYANE STRONG AND OTHERS ENJOY THEIR CHESS AND OHEORERS Pleasant Recreation . . . SPORTS NIGHT CUMMIAIIEE FIRST ROW-Mr. Roskind, B. Notelborg, M. O'SuIIivcin, J, Conkey, J. McFadden, B. Berkshire, C. Rubenstein, B. English, N. Nardi. SECOND ROW-B. Corwin, J, Klein, J, Burrc, S. Major, L. Suerdieck. SPORTS NIGHT COMMITTEE Sports Night Committee was composed of President Betty Berkshire, Vice-President Sandy Engebretson, Secretary Leslie Fricke, and Treasurer Barbara Natelborg, for the fall semesterg and President Judy McFadden, Vice-President Joyce Cham- berlain, Secretaly Gladys Ma, and Treasurer Bill Corwin dur- ing the spring semester. Their sponsor was Mr. Harvey S. Raskind. Sports Night Committee planned, decorated and provided refreshments for the Sports Nights. All students who attended spent enjoyable evenings. RACHEL AND BARBARA RECOVER THETR SERVE NADINE, EYAN AND LARRY XVATCH PETE TRY A SHOT ' -4 Page One Hundred Thirty-one PIARVPLY sr'urpIas'I's A RIax'IsION IUf1IIARl.I'.S nga' Urn' Hunrlrrrl 'l'l11'1!I'-fum ANNUAL STAFF SEATED-H. Hacker, J. Slocum, D. Green. STANDING-H. Gelfond, C- PBYVY, A. Mcscoio, J. Press, H. Hoffman, J. Pesketf, T. Judge. HILARY DENIONsTRaTEs THE ART OF CUTTING AND MOUNTING SENIOR PICTURES TO DARLY AND JACKIE . . . Immortalize ANNUAL STAFF Preparing the Annual for publication is no easy task. but this year's Annual Staff. headed by Harvey Hacker. editor-in- chief. found it to be fl Inost rewarding experience. Charles Perry. copy editor, supervised the writing of copy' by the staff. which consisted of Harold Gelfand and jerry Peskett. sports editors: Daryl Green. jackie Slocum. and Hilary' HoffInnn. Senior Editors: .Indy Press, ndxertisirig Inriringerz .Ind Tanga judge and Sue Stehhins, who reported on activities .Ind Organi- zations. The efficient help of Ann Maseolo. seeretrirr. was greatly appreciated by every Illt'I11i7t'l' of the staff. Under the direction of Mr. Eugene Ln Ynneil. Gary Patter- soII illustrgited the 1959 Alllllllli. The Crimson and Gray Stuff was advised by Mrs. Anninn Price who assisted in every way. fiARY IwR.xws AS TANCA XVATCHI-IS ef E.. . , . I MIRROR STAFF WINTER '59 FIRST ROW-S. UH, M. Rotenberg, J. Dulkin, M. Hendler, L. Zwerg. SECOND ROW-Mr. Porges, J. Scoggins, B. Keim, S. Brecht, S, Marks, J, Kergrein, L, Leovilt, T. King, M. Regal, B. Eroh, D. Arnold. THIRD ROW-B. Korn B. Suney, G. Brownstein, J. Wcchs, C. Wolff, J. Shane, A. Rec, J. Meyers, T. Mohr, D. D. McKee, J. Grobort. RTIRROR EDITORS DISCUSS THE NENVS Memories and Dees... MIRROR STAFF SUMMER '59 FIRST ROW-S. UII, S. Brechl, B. Eroh, L. Leavitf, S. Marks. SECOND ROW- B. Keim, J. Shane, G. Brounstein, J. Wochs, J. Kerstein, J. Meyers. THIRD ROW-C. Wolff, J. Scoggins, J. Grobcrt, D. Arnold, A. Rec. MIRROR STAFF FW :fs Up-to-the-minute news and exciting fea- ture articles have helped to make the Van Nuys High Mirror the well-known and res- pected paper that it is. Again this year, the Mirror placed high in the Los Angeles City College newspaper competition. During the winter semester, Julie Dulkin served as editor-in-chief. The managing ed- itor was Marsha Hendler. Page editors were Bill Eroh and Linda Leavitt, page oneg Myra Rotenberg and Susan Utt, page twog and Joan Kerstein and Shelly Marks, page three. Sports editors were Toby King and Marlene Regal. The photographic staff consisted of Barry Korn and Danny Arnold. Linda Leavitt and Bill Eroh shared the editorial honors for the spring semester. The managing editor was Judy Scoggins, Shelly Marks, Gloria Braunstein, Judy Wachs, Carol Wolff, and Joan Kerstein. George Rosenberg was in charge of the popular sports page. Head lensman Danny Arnold made the most of his previous experience with the Mirror, and supplemented its pages with his photo- graphs. I 4" l1,"f'2:' Mgmvlfn , I .W I W' L' I'l'I"IN HQ. H'K!"!Uxh:' N Iyl I Q NHL' I wx I f yxN I W' ww, WA . 'R 0 ,'r UW AWN N I 'u U' gtilly xx. NV' V CTO'2n W' Tux xxx, my I VxxSNyxQ':xxxxxM'Kx xx X , Ns AM Xu s XX xx N Nix I' x QKQXNXQN. My , xx NNXVXXXRXX I 'X XX x ,D I ,v n' . 3 N ' 3 u 9 xx wr s A Ns ss' . ' ! 3 2 6 ,' E X: -5 V 5 E f 'i 5 'Q' rf 1" l , is 'rl-:'Cl1. s Y Willie Relives His Undergraduate Days in the Classes That Follow, such as wav 99:3 599' 'N , v . Will 'hr l l, V Xl Wo' f " H Qsiisllleill lllilly il Mile! l I x .xg l' ax ctlizsx N 'ilu- I v, Y wfsf VALPARAISAN B-I2 OFFICERS AND SPONSORS FIRST ROW-Mrs. Geller, J. Jeanplong, K. Rand, B. Taft, Mr. Whitehead. SECOND ROW-S. Lawrence, M. Bond, B. Paul. VALPARAISANS W'60 "He that would govern others, First should be the master of himselfi' is the motto of the class of W,6O. The name Valparaisans comes from the name of a town in Chile and means valley of paradise. In keeping with the meaning of the name, the design of the emblem is dominated by the dove of peace symbolizing the aim of the class. With the help of their Fine sponsors, Mrs. Margery Geiler and Mr. James Whitehead, the class held its first meeting and elected their Senior B officers. Bob Paul was chosen to serve as president: Steve Law- rence, vice-president, Marilyn Bond, recording secretaryg Barbara Taft, corresponding secretaryg Karen Rand, treasurer, and ,Ioan Jeanplong, historian. As a service to the school, the Valparaisans elected to guard the halls during the lunch periods. With each member working a week, the job was done well and with enthusiasm. As is traditional, the Senior Ii's put on Ll prom for the Senior A,s, With the help ol all the Val- paraisans working on many committees, the prom was held in Carpentefs Hall. As the name Valparaisans goes clown in the reeorrlecl history of Van Nuys, may the memories ol the Val- paraisans be truly ol a valley of paradise. Page Une Hundred Thirty-tix VALPARAISAN A-ll STEERING COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-Mr. Whitehead, J. Austin, P. Saxon, M. Haimovitz, J. Carlton, R. Schloss, S. Smith. SECOND ROW-H. Flemming, S. Robbins, D. Dietz, M. Miller, C. Heckler, B. Spritz, M. White, L. Kreueger, I. Medall. . . . alparaisans, VALPARAISAN FAREWELL SONG Here we are, Looking bark on our high sehool years- The joys and the fears we've shed A re part of our memories. And now as time flies by, Valparaisans will graduate Prepared for our future fare, We bid you farewell. fi71.llfl1f0llglI the years If1f'e'll all remember The many friends we'z'e made .-1 nd the times we have shared. Well see these years With fond devotion For the knowledge gained :illflfllf7glliIlI1I1f'l' well meant. Valparaisans salute you now. ills we elimb on to higher planes, Our hearts you will always hold. Farewell Van Nuys High! gl VALPARAISAN B-I2 STEERING COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-M. Bond, S. Lawrence, B. Paul, J. Jeonplong, B. Taft, K. Rand. SECOND ROW-Mrs. Geller, D. Dietz, S. Ma rokos, R. Hartman, K. Carlson, C. Heckler, J. Carlton, Mr. Whitehead. THIRD ROW-B. Schneid, J. Horowitz, D. Meyer, M. Huimovilz, T. Hall, S. Bates. inter 960 L. Ablon R. Adams S. Adams 1. Adelman D. Agins E. Alba S. Ballesterros S. Barrows G. Bassett S. Bates S. Batson H. Berg K. Bovee R. Bowsman P. Box B. Bradford S. Bradley L. Brinkley Y. Calegaris K. Carlson J. Carlton R. Cleyborne J. Carter R. Chacon N. Christensen R. Clayton D. Coleman D. Coleman P. Comandini J. Cook D. Dayyon N. Defronzo J. Dike S. Dixon E. Downs E. Downs J. Ellsworth T. Ely P. Engel W. Engemann J Ewing P. Faust 1 I 'E dn 'Qi K 'JZ I W7 Q- I ,., , , , 5 5" 4 ttf I 'ly ff K . Q , y , I l Ax' . - , I ., . if in GI I all wi.. IL, I z ,,.... - :,,: T I 4 'I' A 1 ..,, ..-. I . w 1 x 1-K yn-1, 8' ll, V 7, . If ! i .. 11 , W Q , .... , ff ,y 3 5 ' 7-'. , Z , .. ,J , .,., f M4 4: I 4. L. Q .- . ..,. , ..,,. ,,,..,,.., E N 'P I B, wif L A Q .. W W I I I E W4 I Ib. fn, Vt. . ., 3 . X,:.,,,,.. .. . -w ,, yy ' ' 6 A gg? ,S , M VA .... , in G N jx .. ,. . E- 0- ' 1 , Y , I of , I ' e 5: , - 46, , , . A J ' J. f if . ir' 1 l I 79' fi ef WWW Mm.: K. ff 7 W 2 ff f ml 1 try. ' , ..,.-3' I Z f I ,X I. I 4 ai-ra 1 7 1 0 J... 5 QQ... My X V . .r -I . .. mi af' Q 6? Mg. ' f 7 if 'x . ... Y, B. Allen , A. Appleton 2 J. Arthur ' ' D. Asness 1, A L a. Arnold . tl li I I . J. Auston I ' L. Bonn ' ' D. Bolton , 1 - C B. Bond Q , 'Z f M. Bond A W T P. Bonataux 5 .5 A N ' L. Borad . M ,2w?W,...,.,,,W R B , V . ' . rown I? T. Brown . , V, A , ,j J. Buchanon ' I 'Z M ' D. Buick as .. wlff C' Bunn ,, ' ' 3 X ' D. Butow ' s. chandler C. Chapnick tk ..-E .. R. Characky .. Q , E. D. Chevlin . '- ...Q P 'Fr' I. Chriswell X b C. Christensen Nl' P. Corbridge I I X . A. Cowglll . v A .. M. Crago , .YY-, 6 D. Crain fa -,, ff' R. Crawford D ' I A ' J. Davis ff X X B. Driggs A , Q ' R. Duxler , R 1- ,, " 4. K. Earle I Mx 41211, . J. Eckerd so , 3 .,. Q ef' M. may " ' ' ' M Ellis , ...,.V I fe. ' 11- ' I X S. Felman . I T '..."-'- y B. Ferro ' .- Q g ,,,.. 5 J. . . " J. Fitzhenry - j 'z . . C g I h , H. Flemming ., W , - f ' s. mann ., 5 '-'- ..,....,... E ,X In V D. Forrest Page One Hundred Thirty-seven 1 N. Fotine VV 7 V 0. Franco 1 A 3 ,A g V ' ' " A A - R. Frank 5 V :VZ-fVA: '- r tax V 3 ' nf V 1 9' V gn E Q 4 l L. Frederick guy - i X V CL I X ,NA - V V - Vi X - V 1 . . g V V 5 f X g H. Friedman A ' -5- fl-if -V3 K " V f f ,E F73 V. sf M' Fnedman N . .. l A 3 . XX Q '5 F Xxx 35:5 -A Af K st . BJ l . S. Gautschi - ' 3 ,SAWQSE V - N - l 'Q o. Gelfand V -A VV A- . A . L L. Girard A V . . .... X -cs af . .. . s 1- . , V, V .V R. Golden ii Q -..- ,cn S: .A V F V, ra.. F ' . f 2 J. Gonzales V AQ- 'G s ' , 5 1 :F 1 g e . V B. G0l'd0rl V N VV ' lj - ' s V ' I . fb., Y, VV i , 1 V -s Fi R. Gyarmaty q l - is A- - P. Hagan Q f l X ., V - , A. Hagopian 2-Q-. l 131 - ' .L f ' . V f l M. Haimovitz Ai ' JL, .1 5 A 6 gs T. Hall ,QV 1:9 -et-,r V .- yr A - we Vs . . S G A GA Huff Y A . - - -. ...... I - . .ll 1 P. Harwich l ,,b,. VV V VV F C. Hecklir l VV A A V L, .M V V A - 1 A V . . w. Hel l . 4, . A Q -A A 3 F A t ' . G. Helsey S' 1 A -1 4: if QQ 5 g gl ' E F . 3 1- Hemphill 1 V 5 "iw A -A ' P 9755 A . f-:- We ' Q ' l R 5 Rf' B. Henley A ' ""'1:11 1 ' 'f' . X V Vf 1 VV ' X Ai A ' 'MR' F A F if F ' , l l - K. Horowitz ...RA I '-rl ' l I R. lluslr A VV VV - 5 l . A G. lsbaicht P -. : - n . A- wif. no ,F A i ' iv-T F' 1. Jer ene - .Q-V Vr - V .. V -V . Q . , I V. f' l . J. Jeanplong 3:9 , - -Q be -' f- EZ, -- ,A ' I ,, X . X G' Jenks ' En, V , 1 5, .V- X' .i ' .t ' I 3 ...JT f . LX . . ..,. , V V V V ,,,.,. in , VVV CV Keller .tw .V V . ...V TV . 'W 'H V S. Kellner j f Av yf V A ? A I , tf , f l. Kinhead Ag A A. A Q as Q as ,,,. - 1 L V M. Kirkpatrick N -. LA . , ,I IIA- fi. d ' - f -V . f l S. Kitsmiller 'gd V. -' VV 3 I .. w E' V A, 'T I l ' W' Klack K " A ' , . A , . Q' . qi- - .X R V . , A W A W 'A ...- ,V "" 'A r ' "en A A S. Lawrence ' . ' . l A. Leland V V A l 5 R, Leon r V fr Q1 on V 3 , -C. , 1 . ' g C. Lepley .' L V l V -L y, "' f . ,QA l V .li X A ag 'r - V D. Leventhal 'gif '59 1 K . . 2 P' -. I 'A' ' A453 V. V --' R. Lewis V by xl X ' , '--IQXV VQVVVV . V , V' Q V V 1.1 l I ., -V V ' ""'T"A RV. "' A FW' -' lvl. MacDonald .A . A l . L. Madden t A' ,A f' A' A I V r H. Mallut , 1 V "" A , ,V - V -. V V gg , N 'V . r If-' S. Marakas ' ' 'F V , 7- .5 'N' 9 Vg i -V A V - , . .g., Q-'V ' 4V D. Margules ix . " -r ' A 'fe' T' l V .5 5 'A' tjfs l F V 'Y B- Ma't"' . .... ' -. . I. 'ite 4, A -. - , - N - sis, 1 - t- M. McHugh In i .- V ' S I 5 l K. Mcvaean V ' A V l I- Me 3 f. -Sr ' if A .. .At -A . .J -s -. T A 'W F Q ' 1 D. Meyer 1, A' 1 z ' I l el V A. . . - V' J. Miller y 'Aff .fl - Q ft ff -A l. A - NJ V -,A M- Miller r .. A A' 1 V .L .L A . . A l H l A A R. Moynagh I ' V if A E 'A V . V 3 L. Murphy A , V ,,, VV . sh' A F D. Nelson -qv M. - V 'W 'T V F 1 4- ' C. Niederdeppe 1,5 V . Z, 46 5 i V t Q , A 5 5: V5 E. Nigherbon V' V X ':' -' 4 V, .V ,hh l 'A A' 1 - -rg A r L- Noble A me-. , I ' -1- W '. Q-. 3 l K K 1 . la. Paul ' V 1 B. Peets MV A 'j V 7 l ' D. Perkins N3 V I -Q, A . A 1 l H. Pierce ' 4A , r" ' ,Sgr r ' Q l Q. i"'- W S ' A' D. Plan A 'F 'A 'gvzvx if A . P. "Am, . -Q 9 ,Q ,,. Aw A- POW V -l me "ll x A , a ' ' . s. M. Reagan L ' 4 Y ' A S. Robbins 4 , , ' . D. Roberts , l ,M ' ' - ,. A Q V . o. Roberts A f 3 H 0 V J.. V. S 'sq V S' BV Rocca VV .H V. r if V V . tk EQ -lvl V XV Y ,V VN my t .V E' Rose l X ' ' '7. " Q 5' V I . .4 xx. 'Q y I A! R. Saens 1 I - A . H. Sarkission V V' , i' , V 2523235 - r if - ere: Q- A- o A l 2 ll. schllssel tw' A 15' V r if X- " V G. Ev Air, r Q. R. Schloss V . V V V l At. V' V A V VAX . 1 V . l x Q. . D. Smedley A 2 .. f R. Snyder V V, VV a I. S I V I' l Q 'i ' . L l Losgmgg L .wi A ' 1 l '74 if - ' it 9 V . 5 G. Spence A 1' V. ff - A 3 V -lf i 'W X ' xx ' . -sf P. Spoecker V 7 QA ,V A V K V TVR l Q A R. Strange A A'-" . I - W ' ' ' Q - R. Streigold ' A ' . V. l l. . V D. Strong K ,V . - ' ' I , 'Q 1. sulllvan " A w-V c .1 - - - 1+ - t 5 514- . B. Surbeck f V at y V t - E .N WAV- A s l. suuon Q -- - V V I r FQ ' ' A l - E l i L. Uflhfltk W qf ' l i G1 ' X. R. Vaughn A V. I - A B. Vesey W.. gl :V g 2 ' V o. vlao L L V ...V l ,QV I C S 1. VID! fc-f V - Q---' l A' V I ' ' ' fy 19. l r V - RV L. Voorheis V A V- l 1 V 'f' V .. " ' A - S. Wapnlck ' W'mQF""WM 'WW V H ' 'N l K. Weedin -. , 1. Welsel V V . . A - . L. Werdeshelm -Ii . F 6-' 1' 0- V ' D. Wlnneguth V, . , .V V V V x - D. Wolf KW "Q A x is l 1 X Al L V . VA I l y 9 'V V A A V1 L V-V. A 5' Page One Hundred Thirty-figlzl Friedman Fliege Gade Garberich Garner Garner Gordon Gottlieb Graves Greenberg Green Greenstein Hamburger Hammons Hamos Harris Harison Hartman Hernandez Hertzler Hilton Hoffman Holden Horowitz iermain Johnson Johnson Jones Kahn Karlin Kollman Krause Kreueger Lampkin Lane Latha Lewis Liddle Lloyd London Lowell Lucas Martin Martin Martin Mauch May Maguire Mitchell Mobraten Montenegro Monson Moares Mordecai Nownes Oeland O'Neil Orr Owens Palacios Potvin Press Rabenstein Ramsey Rand Rawson Rosenberg Rosenberg Roter Roth Rousseau Roy Schneid Seeger Seide Shock Schorey Simon Spritz Staines Starr Steinberg Stelson Stocker Sweeterman Tabman Taft Tanguay Temple Tyer Wachs Wagg Wagner Wald Wallace Wamben Wood Woodal Wyatt Yale Zax Zimmerman l Abbott Accetta Ackerman Adams Adams Adamson Adler Adler Albee Allen Altmayer Alzubler Amahn Anderson Anderson Anderson Andrews Angle Anselmino Apt Argall Armer Aschenbach Asmus Baehr Baehr Baim Baird Ballinger Baptist Barber Barker Bastanchury Bates Baty Bauer Bell Bell Bencivenga Benefiel Benjamin Bennaton Berry Bertram Bianas Bigman Bingaman Biowell Blunk Bober Bobzien Bodner Bogart Bond Bowlus Brackney Braunstein Brecht Brendon Brennan Brodee Brondell Brown Brown Brown Brown Burnick Burns Burra Burress Busche Butler Xi K I .VV , Q rig,-fif'VZ -0,011 hill AA K.. ' ig WN ? 1 .3131 xr-pL:Z., 5?lL,s I L, , ' , f ' , ' T ,e . A- 'v f Q, I f l if - . l 2 W -Z A ' : --4: : -slffif E . V' 14" ' 1 :E ff f ff? 1 "i5i1e2.,, l I swf f 'Q' B! 5 W si , is r W ' 4, i , ' Q ' .. ' af' I ., . ., . ,, Ht ,, ,, A Q W rrae at , at ' -5 : ' , i 7 5 I . I 1 ., ff ' ts. , ., .. -' lrle i T ' A . ..., , V V VV Z , A ,. .ff Q! I . uw - Q4 me '41, af- f . aaa . MV, f ,561 ' W . . ., N' ' 1' "" ' R. Bearden l 4 " , f Ma. ,V fl 1. Beavers - 4. A , 4, 1 ' , 2 VV, 1 ' W T. Beclger 4 ,N me V "5 if-, l 1 1 'f ff -L 1 ' ' i. . - V J. B e V VV , VN Lg. VVVV V . VV iv , V. V. 11.3, V. kj V .V -1 f V.VVV B' Bell sk, R ' 'A . l 1, I ' ft 'Wi V WZ, .N .V --' B' "" 1 hu I, '- .V 5 7-,Ah 5 , VV -1"' V. B. Bennett ., it 5 .15 , 3 , ., ' 5 ,M ig, ,. J. Benya 1 E V 'Q , .4 ' 'I' :a+ V 5 . 'Z ,s ' H- Befg " Q 'I 'T X 2 .ffl E V ' 1 'U'--1 6 I 65" , , 1 "U C. Bernstein V. f 5, . , 5, 4 f I ,V 1 N. Berntsen , A . , "" I .fr VV , ' L 1- Beffie - W Q -, . ? ., .1I,,QM, ,,, ,,,-. :W, . . .,,, Q ,,,,., ,. , y ,.,,,... E Biss L A 1 WB fe m . D. Bleich F 1 f- 2 1 ' l, l A l ,Q X ' lift! K- Black 6 ' "1 ' 5 ' . vi . 55 -. , 1 ' A " .Q f K. Blake . ef if X 1 f' f . 51 ' A 'ZZ ' v ji Bloom . VV ' V V V V A A ' H ' Lx I, Vu. ,. Vi., G- B'00mbe'g ' tt- . ' m e A' . . l,ll ,, ' -, - .r ' T , 1. Bowman ' t H t " . E it 5 P. Borders , , - ,,,. A VV V ,T ,, ' ' ' B. Borrud ff , , V Q if .. , T M ' Q 4 be 4 1' ff T. Bourland ' "V 'V . .. eq l on Bouey ,V 1 1 I VVVXAVV , V V,VVVVVV,,,. . ,. -'ri V ,,..,, , vvvv ,VV V ,, C. Bower 1 4 VVV V V V V g V VV VV V V UQ . 1 - ,TV V L- Bfennan A , f. a ,... f ,.,. .. . E .. T. Brindle . , ' if ' f 1 ' ' N wr-fit .,..,' - m f f 1 i -Q M. 4 31. Q' S. BfiftS8l'I V ,. F' . . 9 gy V 4 A 'Zi VVVVV ' fb P- Brow 4 it .Q 1 'W tw , " f . 7 p 1. Brochu J 5V ,,,f3 . , , t- 45 ,W " 1. o. Brumett A . , i ,V Vf ' .. , ' 2? l. Bryant 3 if . ' V T fi ,,,. L f 1 A :ie A. BUSB T 77 " "H iw e 4 1 rf N ' : ' " K. Buoge I .'- . I 1 Mi A ,V , .. Pi T 1' - B- BUHEV .5 -1 ,f fill. W 5 ff, '1 1 " 'sf " W., D' L- Burke " ,. 3 at f --- . U ta? ' tu B. Byron . V. ., i1 I D- Calabfa f ' ""i f Q P, Calabria V . V, jj .VVVVVV B. can B' . , 1 ef f if J. Callaway ,, H V M -. 4, V ' .1. we , , x V :VV A. Camarillo 2 V V ' V " H 1. Caraeff A ' .,, J. Cafli 9 W1 if if p , " 'ir 2 P. Carlock ff ,Z 2 ' Qi , .gf I f V. Carpenter """ ,f ' ff WW ' ' f B. Carrier ,f W f 5 s 4. J. Caskey . ' if -VVVV M' jzffgg ,,,. A f 1-- ' s. canon .' , . S- Calffdfg ' 46. D. Call ie . " W r 5 .... f" , C- Cellucci , ' . E 'f 'i'2 "'ii "" 'sisf . Chamber ann ,, , A V. ,. 1- I L. Cnandler ,,,, f an ?,"'1f 12 f ' X f '- . ',,, H ,f P' C apm D V fi af H p t ROCKIN, AND ROLLIN, AT A NOON DANCE Pagf Onf Hundred Thirty-nine' L. Chapnick 1. Characky S. Chaum D. Cheng C. Chierichetti R. Childs A. Cohn L. Coleman W. Coleman G. Collins T. Colombo J. Conkey E. Corcoran R. Correll W. Corwin M. Coultas B. Coulter J. Cowart L. Cubberly A. Cuff J. Culotta S. Cumberworth C. Cunningham A. Cushnie M. Davis S. Davis T. Davis S. Dean J. Deadwiley A. DeFusco B. Desjardins F. Desmond J. Devere S. Deuel D. Dick l. Dickey 1. Donaldson T. Donatoni J. Doolittle K. Douglas S. Downing L. Drabin B. Duddles R. Dunlap 1. Dunn K. Dunn R. Dye K. Dyerly G. Edwards M. Ehlers H. Ehrlich M. Eisenberg P. Elkins B. English D. Estep 1. Esterly C. Evangelista K. Evanoff R. Evans A. Falconer B. Field C. Fields E. Fine B. Finer M. Finger D. Fink P. Firestone T. Firestone M. Fishman B. Fitzpatrick D. Flam T. Flatley L. Flrum P. Flaum B. Flower M. Folsom C. Forrester L. Forschler J. Frallc D. Franz 1. Freeman L. Freeman S. Freeman D. Friaglia D. Fricke L. Friedman M. Friedman J. Friesen G, Fry C. Fryling B. Funk D. Funk J. Furbass Furgol G Gal es Q, 3 ,L 'Y' X e A ,.. . V A sf - I Q I iw A , . , . f. .3 Nur. 5 . . S. 5 ff' f- fr .s -A s. +9 f ' N- R . f . 7 I' N V . S F ' 5 . 1,4 I , I ,l bk 1 QW Q T K . , "Kok fi ' ' Y ---. . I , r' . A A W 5 f x 'K rw., " S 1 S. gf i .. I at x ,. .P D D " y U ...VQ 'W - W' R at s .gs .F F4 . . L Ial 1 f af . s f A - fs Q mm x 1 1 ' . - WW. Q . Z ?WW,f , . ' 1 Q il , Q! .,iq . F f 1 Q 1 yn i .V ..,, H ,.v, 5 .,., ,,, I Z 3 I , ' A 7 f y ' ' . ' MQI. W' 2, f z . L 3 i is ff' I , :Q .:' . . ,L 1 ' H veg Z FM F 'F ,., KX . ,L 'Z , f " ' F K jf Q ,N x ' riff 'jf A -. -..' ,.-'- , i ' Q S - "-" A r . " .,.. ,gi .Q 'A in .- lllgg " ww V v,.. 1 .:. .. Q S j f. , . , I A , A he Q 927' av .9 Q ...... T , . . L, f .WK 1 16? 4v .Xf chu ffqgg Q , my . .X . I as .M .f E 'fl 4.501 s-71 .Zi ' - , 'ex' I if ' ,:. J' ' 'W ,fr 7 If A We , g M, 3 ff ' Z i W rf I mn f ,, X ' ' W V ez' ,ff V . I, u ,,,., y . zu' I f A Y f 3 I fx riff A 'ff V X 2 . '. f is Z ki ,- M l. M , QI .ff - W1 . A l , Vg C. ' R A . S... i . ' - Page Une ll1mrl1wrll"rfili' 1 f na 4 3. . ' ' .' 2 . AM - Xi . 'f . s .- 4 1. iii.: ' If I.: ' ' y l 1 X ff .... C gg 4.. 1 - L ' iv: '. ,. W 5 " j ia' W. Q. di... vi.. 331 'Qi I I vs. : M Z 4! 'Lx ., l if , A. Q- . . I , r x 'Q . , . 1 I .. 1 X . - S i 'ff . 1 'Y .1 2 l - e . ,, 5 1 as if Y .V N ig' ' . K 5 lisa. xl 'Q X ut W il. R. Christensen 1. Church J. Ciufo S. Cleary B. Clugston M. Cohen S. Conrey M. Cook J. Cooke C. Cooper C. Cooper B. Copelof F. Coyle R. Croasdale T. Crocker C. Cross L. Crosthwaite C. Crum L. Cutler M. Daggett T. Dahle P. Dailey H. Danelln L. Dassin P. DeLaplain R. DeLaplain A. Del Zoppo B. Dempwolf M. Denali D. Dernberger B. Dienstag D. Dietz A. Dirks W. Dolan M. Dolin C. Doll M. Dresser R. Dribben M. Driskel L. Drucker S. Drucker R. Duccini A. Eagle P. Easley S. Ebert M. Eddy L. Eden A. Eder B. English J. Ennis M. Epstein K. Erno C. Eshelman C. Esmay D. Falb S. Farley L. Farwell M. Feldman M, Ferman T. Fexer New ,TNX 5 5NX'I'1I'l'l'S i-'im 'I'IIli sw:-xi-rr - AT 'rm-3 NIOTIIICR-IDAUGIYITER DESSERT W. Galvin A. Gano G. Gardner S. Gardner L. Garitee J. Garlock E. Gerber J. Getz C. Ghormley C. Glant J. Glenberg M, Glenn B. Goldman P. Goldman . Goldsmith . Goldsmith M. Gomberg E. Gonzales B. Graham J. Graham S. Granger S. Gralnick S. Granat A. Granby R. Grinel J. Grobart R. Groh J. Grossman B. Groves C. Gruber B. Hagans C. Hallden D. Hamel B. Hancock J. Handley R. Hansen J. Harrison N. Hartmann S. Hartsook G Haselbusch S. Hastings G. Hayes D. Henry H. Hepner H. Herdan M. Herman P. Herman L. Herring J. Hinds M. Hiss B. Hitchcock J. Hobbs B. Hogan D. Holdridge D. Holt E. Holzman G. Hopkins D. Horowitz J. Horowitz C. Horwith J. Huelfer M. Huss J. Ianne M. lanne D. Ingram D. Ingram "': 2 ' 485 if J 1 y .,.,V 55g .W J fl . - x. by , 1. if , 34 .x .N IQ. gf P' a . 'v-, . 1 ull 419 fy Q W. Q me l '. I F f 9 Q ! 'W : at X J 2 rf A 1 J a t - 5 ax ff p - .g We ,qi V I' . " uf, ' HW' '..',, A 'X ll Alvnz 7 l Y . ,J , ,' i f - . 'ff V- v m:-5 I I . V .. 2 QE X! if in ' use j F ' if 'Af . wrcs , N .Sly .. ss T T T - Q - ' i-, in f- 5 .4 .Q G P W, Z ge - fl, 7 V. y X 1 L 'xv' 6 ' X s ,fgpvf "' :Q L: 'I N' ff, av fi gy .Q Q. 4 'L se ing-f cs.. ts- . , .4 L. ' 4, 5 . ' 4 T - . of .es f l .T . c 1 1... gg - in L .5 in EJ ' Q an v f A Nfl A"'-, f er- my Xe .z f 44... V C l 1 ff 1 .. T .K 11 we iz.: 4: ly' . 1, in W 4 z 4. ns. -gui ' few T-,T 3- ' f f f QW ve 1 ,ml ,J IQ' ' Q - ' u .. 1 4 . lf 1C LW A X 1 .. -A Tuma ,W 13 T, T 3, 7-K Q ' - 3. 4 ' C QC i ef in T iw .Y A . ke' . i L 4 A fri . A , J: 'U hx Q Q 27 as-, . f . ,g A . - MQ, :A . 4, J A A gigs, ft' than VAN NUYS STUDENTS FILL THE DONNA H. HUBBARD AUDITORIUM FOR ONE OF THEIR FREQUENT ASSFMBLIEQ Garth Gasparini Gates Geber Geirrine Gentry Glick Godfred Goetling Gold Goldberg Goldberg Goodman Goossen Goracy Gorsuch Gossman Gould Green Green Greenberg Greene Greene Griffey Gucker Guiffreda Gullans Gunlock Guth Hadley Hardy Hare Harriman Harris Harris Harris Hechter Hefel Hegness Henderson Henjum Henley Hewitt Hexberg Hildreth Hill Hill Hill Holland Hollander Hollister Holmes Holmes Holoff Horwitz House Houston Howard Hudak Hudosh lntiso losue lsenberg lsraelson Jackson Jacobius Page Om' Hundred Forty-0116 T. Jacobson I B. Jacobson . J. Jahrl rt . es.. B. Janovici K ' P. Janssen Q H 'ef' Pl Jay K lx LE, c. N. Jinvis R4 M. Jobe X X t D. Johnson D. Johnson .Q . K. Johnson X A X 'W K. Johnson C. Jones ,V e G. Jones fl 'J - I J. Jones ew L. Jones P. Jones R. Jones J. Kahan J. Kahn L. Kalb F J. Kaplan 3154? Ft 55- L. Kassan X 'gif 4 A J. Kaufman I - C. Kine K. King - B. Kingsbury , A. Kinsler S. Kipperman 'ff 5 J. Kirschenstein gg P. Knowles C. Koenig L. Kolourek L. Konner J. Krainock ff' . A. Kramer G. Kronmal R. Kulesh L. Kundell G. Kungel B. Kuppers O, Kurtz L. Larson L. Larson J. Laswell ' P. Lawler D. Lawless J. Layman L. LeRoy E. LeTourneau H. Levitt , E. Lewis . W. Lewis M. Ley T. Lindsay P. Linsky S. Lipman A. Lipton D. Littlejohn B. Lively D. Lucas J. Lutanno J. MacCharles Nl. MacCourt R. Macpherson S. Macy 4" . wx ni, mx l I 4 -e. 's 5 S vi as Ni! L A - E - S T J l F1.omr:ir1.'r'rfRi-. S'I'l!lll'.N'l'S LVJVVIQN, llHllI",R'I'A ANI! Clfxluil I l Q IIAVP, FUN Ll',ARNlN12 "ll ARRANIZIC l"l,UNVI'1RH INTO KIURS.M'lfQ Page fjlllf Iillllldlffl Fully-!:i'fl D Jeffers J. Jenkins K. Jensen V. Jensen W. Jensen P. Jeronimus S. Johnson P. Johnson S. Johnson D. Johnson A. Jones C. Jones G. Jonsson G. Joseph M Josse T. Judge C. Kabat N. Kaesberg B. Keim M Kelley D. Kemp D. Kennamer J. Kennamer J. Kicinski K. Kitchen J. Klein L. Klein S. Kleist B. Klevs G. Knepp P. Kranz S. Krantl T. Kravens B. Kreidier J. Kremer B. Kribs J. Labovitz C. Lamke F. Lamson M. Lande M. Landon S. Lane M. Leavitt M. Lechtman P. Ledyard R. Leo C. Lequire B. Lerner A. Lieb S. Lieberman M. Lievens H. Like J. Lincoln E. Lindholm L. Lochridge M. Lockheed M. Lodmer K. Lotz C. Lougheed R. Lozoya G. Magid L. Maher M. Mahr P. Malone J. Maltz A, Manheim S. Manolovich S. Marchetti L. Marks B. Marsh C. Martin H. Martin L. Martin S. Martin S. Martin J. Mascolo J. Masilon M. Mason M Mason G. Mathews V. Mathews A. Matls S. Mattox L. Matzenbacher B. Mauch M Mauch H. Mau R. Mawer A. Maylis B. McAvoy R. McCool B. McCord P. McDonnell P. McDorman J. McFadden P. McGarrahan P. McLarvey J. McGovern B. McGrath M. McHugh L. Mclntyre P. .McKinley B. M. McMillen J. McMindes P. McMullen J. McNeill M. Mcwatters L. Medall D. Meyer C. Meyerhoff K. Meyerick J. Meyers B. Michaelis M. Michelson G. Miller H. Miller J. Miller J. Miller M. Miller M. Miller K. Moore J. More D. Morgan D. Moro L. Morris B. Morse Muehlenkamp K. Murphy P. Murray W. Myernoff A. Myers H. Myers J. Neinstein C. Nellessen C. Nelson C. Nelson D. Nelson G. Nelson V. Nicholson R. Nicosia R. Nields S. Nolte P. Noone V. Nugent S. Opfer J. Orbom J. Orman A. Orr B. Orr S. Osborne R. Paul D. Pawula C. Pedder C. Payne J. Peirce R. Perkins P. Pintarell K. Plummer T. Polesie S. Ponsforel P. Poole M. Portelli B. Rabel K. Radovick L. Rahm J. Raimondi D. Ramirez E. Randell WILLY CLOWNS YVITH HIS LATEST co-ED FRIEND BOE F IELDS REVEALS WI1.I.Y,s TRUE IDENTITY AS PAUL FRANK A K Akf AA AA A A4 AA AA ' AA A A . f , N- g- ' . rm.. ,V I pa 1 bio B We I I H. W. , 4fi1f, ' . .W ff' f-Q A iv- -' 'Q'-+ 1 tw' 4 ss ge Q. ,-f , L' if f, r . F1 In 'swL,A AA 7 " A ' A ,. I Al 2 A V,., AA AW A ., .A . Q , 1 ..,.,.- W., - ' 2 R , A , .. ' , 1: "" ,,, ,g -,. if Am Q A A A A A 'N ., AA? Q A ,, s . AA I A AAA, AA , A A f A AWA ,1 ,A AA AA A AAIA A iA I A ,A , ri eb.. A f .- 2 l - 1- X F I ' Q ' v G s E 1- of rf' - ef . IW M N .,. . 4' ' . V . ig: .1 -ze if . --..:A u I V . 2 J . . ' l ' A, Z.. ' A . 1 A f- . A .Af..AA , ' 4 4 "A -W 'F . . 2 J J iff J 7 J ef- Q is f ' , K ,W f E f 'Q 5' ,A , '.,':"" l AM 1 . lg " , 55 ' M , , R 1 A A 5 V. . .. . .,. s q K . ' .eg :fa ff , ., ..,, ....., I 1 .I ' ll, . .. A 'fi J I ff 1 of I of 5 4. 5 sf. , so .A . ' , A , X + .,.., - A 1 A if ' 'f . . W ...... ,, AAAA, Q 1, .2512 " ,, "" 'f W AA 1' f Arr" ,, - alt. ,. ,. f A . "'e . I f l . 1 ' 1 fi ' f V f 5- 4 '-f f" ' I , 'E' . 'D .all 44 4 :wg Q. rr s"" 6 -- ' .... , . -f fi . ..,. . I f ' ,.. ' I - ' ff Q, .'.. . r ' 5 P, I in - .pegs TX 1"' 'f ' ':V:" Q .sh 'J' 3' AA AA f . 4 -se. ..., . .. , 5 I 1 V -.-.- 4: V Wk l - my . 'E ' Q f N 5' . 45 1, I fr -4 ....,. ' Q " . " "is ' ' . w . Q 4 . , ig, QV' Yffjr? :ff , ,fy gf? ,,. 'T' 57 F X' 4 ' " B R A., A A A 7 4 AA, . ..,. , 1, Ao... , R Q . ,. f 1 ,if I , f Q ' . , 5 ' .,.. . 2 s, W J J . . I .. A1 R .... A ' ' I ff if . 'F ' I ' f 'I' ' ji: AAA A A Am Z W," A Wag-MA A. Af? Q AAQWVAA, sky sg! AAA SN' . . f' A . if . hm fr ,j 3, 2-i , H A. AA! AA .AAAA .... 4 - .... fly EA :.. H. i g A 1 I . . . . " . i 'W s as 1 1 5 x. XA". 3- 1 ,.,.,.. . 0 AA , 1 I, me "' .I I 5 A :A '- -,A I V V f f l Av f R 2 , Af AA AA,A 2 x. an A ' , - 9- A " Y M AA A .AA E ' -"i Wi. l " . ' ii'. X ' 5 . ..... ' I E A A A, .AA A 'A AA A AAA M2 1 A ff A A B ,fx y Q38 ,, 'A . f f .... I .M if f . Q' "N . 'ti' 'N N " A A AA . AA ku, A. .. .,, I . ff 4,1 . A fl , N w as A. Au - , A AA 5 3: Meline Mesirow Metcalfe Metty Metzdorff Meussdorffer Michler Mickilson Mindlin Miles Miller Miller Mitchell Mokede Molidor Montrose Moore Moore Moser Moskal Moss Mott Motter Mower Myers Myers Myers Myntti Nardi 'Needman Newbauer Newman Nibley Nicholas Nichols Nicholson O'Halloran Olesiuk Olin Oliver Olsen Oman 0'Sullivan Painter Palmer Paskin Patterson Patton Perlstein Raymond Peterson Petro Pike Pickett Porter Poston Prewett Previn Ouackenbush Quayle Randall Randolph Randolph Rawlings Rawson Reboh Page One Hundred Forty-three si - x ,.xx Q . x :ws R Nw-an.- S K X 4- sr F S G5 X i l 1 A Rosenthal P Rosenthal T. Roslan B. Ross V. Ross V. Rossi P. Rundell R- RYEE S. Sadlo E. Salenieks A. Samuel B. Sandler D. Schmahl H. Schneider B Schnepple K. Schoen J. Schor F. Schreck J. Scolney B. Scott M. Scott T. Scott M. Seellnger G. Self J. Shield J. Shirey J. Shrader Shugarman F. Sibilid J. Siegel J. Simon T. Sindoni M. Silver J. Skarsten D. Skelton L. Slack D. Smith J. Smith K. Smith M. Smith R. Smith R. Smith . Sorenson J. Spector S. Spiegel L. Spooner C St. Amand N. Stark M. Stevens Stevenson J. St. John . Stocking Stollmeyer H. Stone M. Sultan D, Sutton Suprenant B. Swan J. Sweet Sweetman I we 4' . mx 'B 4 if w N .- ,.4 . is '1 i is. f l 'l i S J 1. 'M . 1 5,3 I ia. ' i 1 5 wwf' , f- x V 5 DON, MR. KERNODLE, RON AND GENE - -fi 'if INSPECT THE NEW MERCURY i -' 6 ' V . .'.i in by . ' f J y A A .7 Gy I 4 . -, Sw I W ,- VJ N ' ' IAII WV W -W M V ' :Q xl.. win.. I, ., ' g , k - V X s :fl f, 5 ' ' 7 ' . ' , 1 . 1... 3 ' Q i ff - M-. , ,J if . -A ' ,A ' , , ' af H i'i' R. 'W 5. I 3 i i fn S. Y A E . S4 1 ,A E fi , if l 5 . -A . . J ,Ji 1 It :gray ,V ' tw I t lags 1... , . j i ' . ' i S- 'J . 1. ei A - S, ..... E. flex A f. A Q. i is Tiff 4 . 1, Y ,N ' Mg -X . X ' N3 X7 W , ' P- f 93" Q... it ' L A 5. fft.. f , 'tk' ' , . A :ft ',, S J J ii i" f.. -Q 1-1 ' bm " W 1 ' l I .km A 3' . 24' G j f 3,6 L' . , ,R p X N 1 ef 'if Q-S - - is .. W Q-if' v NL' ,gag 5 Q . it- f - ,' is .X if " 'X V . . .ii X H 'S ' as f at J . M.- s f me - 1 . UT '-Q J' . Q ' '- - 4 1 fy, 'gy its ii. ,J us A 'Q' . 7' f "- S if "' A h V 'W' 'L , - ' N . V ww '45 I 4 v ai 1 i XII- s 5, L A X X f V A .,, N. N, . J f A ts . 7' F " - C vi 'wir A v N S R , ' i Q A ' A - "' . -. ,, . V! 'ff' Q9 L V ' I i ws- Q as Q cf G A .1 R C K Q 2 X . .S 'A 4-i - . ' 357 i E" '1 1 Q' Q" " . is 'V . . I- . . , S . X. X J . ' .. ' -' rw Wixixx 1: f ." 1 I' . . ' Q' fi . ' . 'T Q i ' 5 1 J ' 5 f: S "'f"'! v I J 5 . ' , . ' 'JI - l "' w 'ij ' .ei-nh i , , I ', h AJ - In ' , - Pave Une Hundred Forty-four . I 2 Rees Reese Refchuk Reingold Reising Reitman Rhaodes Rich Richman Rinaldo Riggs Rine Rintoul Robbins Roberts Roberts Robertson Robinson Robinson Rogers Romer Rodgers Rooney Rosen Rosen Rosen Rosen Rosenquist Rossie Roth Rottman Rubinstein Ruddick Rudman Sauter Saylor Schiefer Schimkola Schipper Schiro Schuetz Schultz Schultz Schultz Schuman Schuman Selling Seltzer Serota Shapiro Shevalier Sherman Siegler Sigars Sigert Siggia Siverstein Silverstein Slemp Sloan Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Solomon Somes Sonnabend Sonnabend Sopet Stein Stein Steinberg Stettner Sheon Stern Story Strange Streepy Stroh Struble Sugarman Swenson Swerdlow Swing Taylor Taylor P.-Taylor R. Taylor . Taylor M Templeton S. Tennln T. Terry P Tetzlaff S Thomson S Thorne L Tierney l Tincher Toppenberg D. Troller J Van Bogaert D. Vance D Varnell F Varenchik Vaszuez Verbano M. Wald Walgren T. Walker B. Wade L. Walsh R Wapnev Wegand J. Weil S. Weiner G. Weir M. Weiss E. West Whitman Wheeler Wheeler Wheelos Whitehouse. Q, 2 we - 1 Whiteley L Williams is .-K.. e Q xc K X. A H Williams 1. Wilson R. Wilson N Winneguth S Winograd Wollman A. Wood S Woodard Woodmansee L. Woolf S Worldie S. Young B. Young P. Yuhas T. Zaharis 'X 4- . E .kv 1 "-,QWJ . S, -Q ,gl . f -fl, A' f ,, M l Q6 N ,qv 7 "E -v ff- N L 4 gx Q' Q' Y 4 'I , ' -..K is cb' R rv . 4 W tu J gf Q: ., 9 K ,fi Y fu. - I 5 I1 ails -' I . f a RX i g Si y I l I , WR Q Sm ,i 5 x Q. Lx l. , 0-. n. . , . -L ,PZ - ,I - N S . . . :S K-A ex K ff' 3 5 4' HM ,ff X ,. Mig ia. -'T 'lj T: ig ri Q ,MV , h . 7 4' ' 31.1, iw- R W- az W I 2 f , 2 , -'A Q 'T 'Kr ,543 fe 3 ig, -1 rj my ,, ' 221 ff ' .. A W2 4 :J , ,, X ,,., ,Z w . sf-- X ii XQA 2. d j V ff as J X ,,,,, 1 ,,,,,,,, , J X , 95 ' X Z' 'Uf Z, ,Q V Y, . L WZ, j ,, 4 33 ' f 'F .. -Z 4- f Z 5 it i. ' ,.V .LQ , 'FK , M A' l AR f . i f , ' f 4 5 ug . 4 , ff 4 f Qt '1""' 44 5, K 4 f , L i , " . ,, ' we , .,, . , . 4 rr ff ' ,, , ,A 5 X .,,, rt.. 3 M, ,Q Q. A , "M :ggi if V wi , . ' , B W 17 'him ' 'S',F'77W W .,:E:2:'ZE2:.:Ek. :IW 1'.:'l:? l A 4 f : 3- is W! 47 V F 5 6 .H Z.. 5 ww' 'T' 1- ' L+ E ix wiv ' Ln.. ' ,, Lf, f , .Ii -ll , at K Q tm Theisen Thiehoff Thomas Thombs Thompson Thompson Troy Tucker Tuttle Ulrich Uram Uslan Vincent Vsotsky Vogel Voll Wagner Wais Warren Wasserman Watson Weaver Weber Weber Westrick Whitaker Whitcomb White White Whiteside Wick Wickstrom Wilkins Wilkinson Williams Williams Winters Wittenberg Witty Wolf Wolfe Wolfe Worthington Wright Yacullo Yates Yoakum York Zaslav Zboril Ziser Zupp THE Lil-IRISTMAS PAGEANT WAS A SUCCESS Page One Hundred Forty-ive x I if 7 7 S M. wrufl' . ,. ' , if ., X aw: K '-... . ,ty b A -. " , ' Alfa: L' :EFI ' ' L uh rf X ffl Q . af f . - N k - f T 9 -. f-.J Qi X 1 ,..- I P x Y wh gy 2 f if wif A Sr' 4 A-1 ,wi x K r .b i Q 1 p 1 H gm ,,.. ,. ,V L i in X wr- 'El X B o X. ., - gi. ,f-., f , If Z Z, A LQ' f it Z A XX Qxj 5 Qu Q? Wim.. ' C Blumenfeld A. Bockal J. Bolyard M. Bond L. Bock B. Bouslog B Budworth L. Busby B. Bush R. Burke J. Buttolph C. Calabro W Car enter D M. Carr B. Carrier H. Carrier E. Casper T. Chapman S. Chrystie F. Citro C. Clark T. Clay R. Clemens J. Cohee . Courtney A. Culp D. Curtis D. Daley L Davenport M. Davison J. Drell R. Drenske C. Eagle D. Easter B. Edmunds J. Emma J Fitzpatrick S Fleischmann S. Foyt S. Frank J. Franklin J. Franzus J. Garfein D. Gertsch V. Getz C Glasspool T. Goff L. Goldfine C. Graubard T. Griffith J. Grise N. Grudt P. Gruwell J Gustavson A. Harllg M. Hart C Haverkampf L. Heenan K. Heist Hengehold Honlgnerg S. Horn J. Horvltz E. Hott A. Houston L. Hovey 4 WN ll Q ig: . , L ,Z A va, W-N I. 1 of 1, ES . A "" WS ' ' 'A 3,1 x ' M' y t , Lf ..,, . " f ' 'L I L - Q! 5 an 5 'll 3. I t '-if , V ....,. ff - R ..-.a.....:'......'.h- 'f L. . . l , " ' W , .115 TU ,a -2 f we 0 so ,, f. of ' - A' uf Q j ,.,,. Q , ' P .1 . X P f A i. -as ' I ' f 1 A ,Q . ., iy, 3 M G' lr I I AA Q A ,lx i A ii: ff A K lx it ng. N X eff . .J A ff f if ' J , ei Q A' . W, p A .... L il, A:.,,L W F A gs 6 ' 4 - I f - ,..r W' W' 'z G. O F ez if - L f 5.1" X . X A l 5 A S s. f ,A , A 4, 1 ,f j ,K 1 Vf l 5 he .R KM C if , Q, L, x K, Q . . t i P ' " -. .X - l-.F Q . ' k e, A L so -9 A 1' 1- s V ta? . X J A 3 f Xt-, C H ZW . Z My A 4 J., i .M X - ,y if ' f ei 'H , Qi T . it L ,, A L 4" ' , .x K x 7 Z Mg it we re A ' in .. - " ff A ., ! A is we- W X .h . J - f J O A . W I ' 4 .. 8 i 5' 7 471' .fu-. Paflf fjllf' flundrffd Fnrly-ii'.1' Wah' e "' M. Abney Abrams Achen Adams Alcalay Allen Alpert Alson Amder Angel Atamian Atkinson M. Austin B Baldwin Balkan Baltzer Ban Barnett Baron Basaites Basso Beaumont Beck Belless Bendall Benner Benson Benton Berg Bergman Berman Bernstein Bertrand Binary Bird Blowitz Bower Bradley Brennan Brinkman Brock Brown Callahan Campbell Campbell Campbell Canepa Carlisle Chase Cherques Chishaim Christenson Christenson Christianson Cohen Cole Coleman Coleman Colin Corrigan Dawson DeMonte Determan Diamondstone Dolliver Doose Farber Fariss Furguson Fiorini Fisher Fite Freed Frieze Fuci Fuller Gaffney Gaisin Goldstein Goodcell Gordon Gould Grace Grant Haas Halkides Hand Handley Haney Harlan Henry Hensley Hill Hill Hogan Holzhauer Hull . Human Hunter lannalfo lbsen Jeffery G. J. Jerlstrom J. Johns J. Johnson R. Johnson J. Jurado S. Kahn W. Kelley A. Kemp P. Kennedy K. Kilbourne C. King J. King K. Kramer P. Krauk D. Kratofil Kuckenbecker B. Kummer L. Lanier F. LeGassick A. Leidig J. Lekas B. Levine G. Levin M. Levine D. Locher T. Lopez l. Lusher N. Lustig G. Ma R. Mapps J. McGuinnis S. McLaughlin D. McPhate J. Mendelson M. Menges J. Merchant G. Mohilner M. Moncibais J. Moody D. Morrill R. Morrison J. Moyer R. Norman D. Norris D. Nowlin M. Oatey M. Deland J. Olson B. Pagel M. Pailing S. Patterson T. Pearlson M. Pehrson L. Perelmuter N. Poiteven M. Pond S. Pratt D. Pruskey D. Pyle R. Ramsey S. Ritchie M. Robbins R. Rubin I. Rosen S. Rosen R. Rubenstein THE JUBILANT SAMURAI DISPLAY THEIR SWEATERS ON RECOGNITION DAY "Q 'M X I S .Q . 4 1 I. I I I, . .0--, -fl ' I' .T , I I .I U I .STS -I I- f A ' "" .gy if I ,auf I A j 'V el' I Q 793- I . I ,LQ I. 'I I I . 5, -"' V. f'-' . 'si' N25 . l I w . ' ' , ' .lf ,Z I W, b 'f . 7 V f' il W 2 aa: .. I , .- :Ee-:I-. I 53 I -3 ,v,,- - A gg , ,Tl AJ, - - vw ,I .. - Q we , :pf 4, , . 3 t 5 Z. : QQ X. , A 2, QQ. ' 57 V ' 3: If .. j Z Z 3 A A K fr AL V 2, A " M in-f 5" 1 split' M A' ' A A . -. I ...J - II .: I H V , I - I A-' .. I :W "" I' W rs, I Ir- n, w I-s,,' . F J. ' .fafxvw TW P' 'P f - 1 ' ' . it "f 'I . -I W , 4-I -I , f I-4' I ," .' ' I we I L. 5 :e 1 V I If 1 f I n fi Q 4,-I I S' I 'V I is I 'gill - gif? f I . . . ' x . . 5.5 I' -. " ..... s f ' in If 2 .... Xa- ' , ii "Ii ' "I I i" 'iii' . ' 5 ' 330. . ' - 1 7 ""' I ' I it 12- - 3 lf. Q. . 4 .. 'F ' Z I I0 ' if' I I ' I ' I l if " l, 1 . ...,. . . I -f"' If we .,...,v,. I- I-:i , Q ' ,, "'. . . . "" 4 f"' ' , ,,,,, , A .A ,, , Q ,Ag , i , ,, K ' ' :QW -. 5 J e . I I "" i' ' cy - 51 I 'f i' 'il .L ' 1 - :I ..... 'rt "" ' I tl- . ' L ' 2 47 KI . 'J ,,- .... fs - Q ,A ,A I I X. ta IJIII . . .zz Qs It , . .. ' ' .2 I ..... ,fm I t. I . i Ng ps" c 'L ' Af , I "?Zl'fIy E "- , . lil .4 I 1 N! I , , . , 2 . ,Q 3 9 'V - - . .MV . ff ! Y, xt E25 'Wffggiy . ir.. N 1 . I ,f A .,, V F s.. qt. . tif., 1 I ' I- i t . ' ' f".V I' .. .L af 4 .g s e . 'e - ., Ix ...f ' ' I.. ' "" 'f " " . 5? I ,. , . . " 5 ,... . 'Z f. if 1. .. .. tw A 'M I ., 'JI fi, . 5' I' " x ' A ' I5 7 65 1' vii.. ,y Ike- W . fi. .3 gf . bn i sf K I ' ' ,, .. ...W I WX ' NWT? NW" Q ' "" , . 'eYE::'-v2::.g.g,:- I f .,, lllr L 'vp x" 1 -., 5, W. any . f :Ii 'I I ,I M 3" we .5 u-. Xa .m Y"'2'f IIII I ' ' """" ofa ' , I ' ' W2 I . - .1 ' If' I -I 1 I L I I 1 ' .fl 'fix J' - 3- , -I . I I I ' . I -' , ,,.,., . ' ,I li '- f VL 9 ,f S 1234 .. fa, 3. xx. :awe . ' silzi III k V .,.. : - ww-ki 4 f Kantz Karp Katz Katz Katz Kellenberger Kishpaugh Kitnick Klee Knapp Koff Kozan Lantz LaPorte Lauer Lavis Lawhead Lefko Lewis Liberman Lichtenstein Liner Linson Liuzzi Margolis Margrave Markman Marsh Mason McComb Meredith Mershon Meyer Miller Minkoff Mitock Mrohs Murphy Naquin Nelson Neuschatz Norberg Olstein 0'Neal Orr Oschin a E. Ot J Padden Perkins Perlsweig Phillips Phillips Plotin Plummer Rader Ramsey Raymond Reinhart Resstrepo Rlggins Rusnak Ryan Ryder Ryder Ryzow Sanenz Page One Hundred Forty-seven D. Safranek F. Saltzman 1, F. Saunders Z.. B. Saxon Ei '- 'L S. Schiffbauer . sei. X ,,5s. el ff . . f--f fee ' ' Y ' f . IQ .S 1 S+ . ' . ' ' K i F Qi RK as t F if rf we " K . r w S. Sawyer Q. kr V ,. I t .it j I it Q X A. I A I 5 Mft 1 S T- 1 . x D. Sheafor , X , - Q J. Sheridan 4 - X , ' f K. Sherlock X , S - -. T 5 ,W . . f - , S. Sherman , S ' j T ' 1 , "' K. x 'K . N ' w. Shields fra." Xa, agp! . 5 5 Q.. i I as Qi S QQ' S lu er . If fl' ,JAX x, ,X X495 K it C L K 1 .SQ a . .,...k .. K M. Silverman l X if 'if j i -s S. Simmons . A S ' ' 5 , A-.Simon . . S ,T 61 4 .- we - 7- J sf- .Q F M Q . f fr '11 24 1' Smith f' S iw 1. Qy S M T . Q t S 42 f uf R- 3DiU9l -' V , . ,-T 2 1 3 A, S' M. Staley - v . i S 1 T , L 1 T T' Y '. i . P. Stark 5 . K' Q Q . vc- fi - A 'yy it Q., 95 . 5 w. Staves ' s -fiiflt 'U f l v l . A T ire, ow , T L J he 1 A nw - -lv . . A . - , 71 -1-iff!-15'-V N L- A W . X W. . .... . W D. Strange N 3 i KV A. Strasser A X f . KS: A , , N. Stratman " Q A 3, i 1 V ,. , fr ' C . Q , ,,, 3 J. Stuart 1 ,T . t i 'Q 9 "Q f ' I - 3, it R. Sugar'-nan .S . ,K la ig .yy K! ,V M My ka 3 XS, ,PRQXV V! C, 1' ,,. S. Sllplln Y ,S X. 4 V' k..- ' , 'K A 5 ' , f . xr K5 V J. Tennen Ai 'X' A . Y, if M V Q T. Thomas A E , . , J. Thornton .J - S -4 1 J ,, Q A L V , PM A K. Tidball - MMR ' "'x Q 41' 'cl 2 A ' it G ,X ,A V .. M. Timke v eff YYY' we f, Q -e :- . f-ff ,:, sw W A C++ 1, L. Troberman ,Q X X , Q -' . f ' Za. - ei , A ' I em 'te - . K 1 Mfrs il . - ' l in ' S V. von Belfort 'ev , 74' l AA ' ' , J. Vozzello -V - f f A ' ix in J. Wade . 'I . nf -.S C' 1 " f , A L f 5- iyfafigg f 4' 1 'tial S 'Z' 1 4, " 2" L ' 'gl P. Walter '- Q5 , 4 XV 2 ' " K or ' it , -A g f , X , x , -L , ,. V W bb ,,, ,, ,A,, , A T, J WS ,. 5 I 9 4 K , V 2 i 5 3 J . J. Weber ' f . ' r f , J: ein W G ,cv , tb ,mn ,J L B 1' , 4 G. Williams vm, - , f ' -T 4 fi Q .X 5 h I sr f' E, 3 , '- R. Williamson "ff f 53 .V f S1 af ' , V 4 A f 'rx C' wdkes G J l , , k -kk -1 I 2 H . ,, W U Xt my K M W If I I Q XZ . o e ., , A J. Yanson , 5 'L ' A 'W 27- W' D. Zeffero ,f Jr ' h Q 3 1 L. 1 Schultz Scorpio Sefton Selleck Setzer . Shaub Shoemaker Shows Shur Shuron Silver Silverman . Smith Snider Snyder Sobel Solomon Sonner Stein . Steinberg Stevens Stone Stone Strange Surface Susskind Taylor Taylor Taylor Teff Tullar Vanderpool Van Linge Vernick Vickter Vickter Walter Walters Warner Wasserman Weaver Weaver Wilson Wire Wirt White Whitney Wiswell Zimberoff Zuber Zugsmith Pavgr: Unk Hundred Ifrarly-r'i4ghl SAMURAI RICLAX ON 'l'lIIi SENIOR LANVN - "' Abbott 1 08 .N , l . ' ' Qgheson 'rl -f c. .Q , ,L ams WN . A ' V Q. Addison . '..,L,r Ader lt . . J L lt. si. not X ,N I I Albrizze J ..,V , N - 9 I A Alexander . f ,.., , I f l Allande 1 V- .. - .5 3. " ' ' . at , 'K Allen L lil . f f.. ,rep if Allen -- ' f Lf Alltounian - , M' " "5 , 1' A AlDert 'I . , f H . if . Alshuler Q' fs ' ' .4 . ffnjfnfe x! ' , D' " A fa?" Amdur ss K A l ""' . K .. f' is Anderson 0 " A . ' 'A Anderson A 1 . M f , A I Anderson X D3 . Q at ' I .QA Anderson A ., I. . 4 it 9. anderson U, ' , Yqf' if ' We Ania " V , A I Archer ' A I D Arthur X at fb 5, l A l lf, 5 ' Asman ., te. , .L ft gl Anno illlillilllllllllllullulll nunlin null" 4 A " Bagge 4fl7M'lllIlJu lu 1- 1 gh K . B2 'ef , A 1 ' Baker .M ,, . ' Banks X A A ffm 29. ff? 1' W Bardelli A' fe' ke , Z, ,f gg, T1 K QQ, Bardin - . ' r Barger f " ', K J , - ,. - Barnes C. Barnett ff ., ,. " C, Barthol A. fini, A .. A A . V slylglngartner L. Bartnol at Q o F ' , 5 , f- 1 J. Bartholomew . w 'J' AA 'J ew 9 A. K' fa. ,t ,L .V gs' " 4 'Wg gf 9 gggmggam B' Bartpn Q is A 'sn A J: " ' i"'l-5' i A - Behn C. B t -' on A -f .. 4- , QF' f- Q ' - ar on 1 n V' t. lx. ttf' aff i Beilharz M. Bendes "F X 1 A ww ' Bercu D. Benedict . - ' 1 I 5 Berger C. Benjamin - - f . ,B Q f , A tt . M Bergmann B. Bennett W . A " Q ... -.. K' I . " 1 'f ' ,- . L 5' Berlin E. Bennett ' -Sw 3, 'ff' We 'wtf 'M ff " L, We -eg? ' f Berlin J. Bennett Q D' ' ii' ' . . W' . Bn 4 9 fj ' Berman - -t . t . ' QL gg, , , ,- if Y M 2 ff" 4. . A, fx R, Berman 'x fX"w'f Q - . . - . B' h P. Bernstein ' A K. -E fltffiwg f ' I A 'X , Blifedtz-zrman . Bertea W 1 , ' ' if A ."' X 3 , Bignall D. Beum - 3 ' . - l Af, W 5' 'fr " ' ' ' Bishop V- Bi3StrE QQ, gg ' Xfesi - 6, 'A ' 'S Blazer K- A. f A it L t ...A . A. . . M. Blonsky N " .,., Bono G- Blvvdgooo l ' l ,, 7 " . ,... Boucher M. Blumenthal , - 7 A , J . 6 nl Q A A X.. ,. Bowen s. Blumenthal Q D A. 2 B 5-7, 'f -2 AC' , 'S ff .,., Boyar E. sooner -1 'D feel A. f B. .4 . -5A , at , Boye C. Boles I I L ' it Mk " " V ' ff i J fr Boyle D. Boyles ' M nw, "" 2... A Bfeault R. Bradley , I t , E Q Brehm VC Bgfgggg :A . , . -- .f .J 5, A5 Ge ' 1- grggggou lvl. Brasselle fl' at 4 4' 5' .. Z' 4153 t Briggs D. Braus P 4 'Q' , if ,. Brinn M. Brockman S. Brodsky 5 7- T. Brody f ' , G. Brooks 51 ' -5 Q' 5, 1 1 2 I A I ,V Bai B. Brown ' B. Brown . 3 C. Brown A A-A -4. Vg 5' C. Brown ' 'T 'H P. Brown if f , 73 R. Brown , ' , A V l.. Brufnett 'W -1, 'JW '- , A at sg M. Brumm ,ga 4 'W ' - E., rn. A -fjfrlw ' K. Buhrer ig F. Bullock wi I Q wr ,J J. Bumbalough 4. ' , , K. Bumbalough V , 5 F l It A B. Burns f 3 M N s B. Burt A I . N . , J. Burtnett 2 . . N. Burton ff Q ' bf ll f ' 'J A A l l D. Busche 5. A ' ' . D. Bush 'M :, ' 'n 'Q ' R. 2:22252 g . 45, 5. MARY ANN GONNELLA AND SANDY SMITH LEAD THE WOLVES ' l i, Q L A AT A NOON PEP RALLY Page One Hundred Forty-nirze if .. AS" .a 1 ' T sw.. 'i we um. . . P. Byrne iv F SF sf is X fx P. Callahan 'si ,X ,, - ,, . i f 'Pi xy B. Canaday is is SR 'S " J ifyt ' S L. C. Cardona Lf x M - Q iw, t vu ifisk sr., .P 7- Se-S1 2 . . Xt . .L ' T Li ,--- P. Cates E- F F "'1 'Z' L ' F 2 . 'P K J. Cerny ,, ,. N .X , Q J. cnailiin s " Q. so '-1-'A 'i . .Ni T 'N' gif' 3? N S. Chais . . as NSW A s ff.. 'sv .5 L X. .. LL' ... V Q - . .ml ML X K N ' . G 21.6 QS " s. Chamblin F N H. Chancellor .., 5 -. .3 4 F X9 ag T Eg M. Chersky "" ,LJ 4 ' I, 6 X 11. -L 3, f ,gg 5, C. ChiDman , ' M C. Cipriano , . K . -. - - r , . A 5 B.Clark MA s ,.,,HA,rr A.. -J " l"y .,: G. Clemons f L fx ' 4. A - it . F' M . .3 . J. Clerc f' ' :A+ 'gf wg- ' ' ' h ' ' "Q- gx .. r- KA ' y ' A-. ' A Ln... f i M , A N ' ' C. Coleman X M' golgnnan .. - 2 -. 'E . as . vs 5 N - 0 95 . . 'Q 1 ' ' V . ,, ' 'Ps ' C. Collins ,, ,gy ff 'gr' Q . 3' 1 ' "X 'V me s . 'M be , .n A . -uv. -sv J .. . I, A W . " N. Coppola .- x EN Q gl Ea 'Q i B. Corbin ,T i ,M Y ' ,, ' ' "1 , V. Cordier ' 'A "' 4- ' ,M i ' B v' '- Q S. Cords X ' h X' il Fl Y 'i p-"' E' fi .fl ,, ZS .. ,, .L 44 51' 1 " ,f S V D. Cowieson J ' . i H-M ' L Cox 'J I. A , -, -' R 1 7 K .J Lf Q . y in , . oyne Q, r ' N , A .LQ A ". g D. Crawford 1: -5' R Y -ff 1 .l.-- . fi .A ' 4 I ' A U ,tx Q l.. ki , . I ,.,. I J, t, J. Cusanovich - V K T. Cwayna f ll " X 5 X, . K 'QR 6 ' ' A QP, 5 -,L s. D hl . A 3 . A A , A . .- ' --"J D. Daiin .1 - "Q" cs., ,gl is L f Waits .... . . V v X Aialmg .. 1 ACK 1 ' Lk J A B. Davies V .. F "" J ' ss A J. is B. Davis i , J fi C' "Ps 1 'X - .1 I -. D. Davis K -:H .A 9 J ? Q A . Q N , - 5 A . S. Davis x ,E-sf ix J, .- U .N X . -1-i " -..A ff . L C' .r R. del Moral A A. Del Zoppo g . ' -L. . S. Dennis ,L . Q X 'X :A kg- I- wk G. De Peugh f W 'fi Q.- . A as ' ' TI' . ' X A' . A . . 'A F .xx V. L F THE ROTC COLOR GUARD, coNsrsT1NG OF E Adofeorhtg gy? T s ,E 'A X. JOHN SCHIMKOLA, GARY PHILLIPS, Rox 'E. Dorroh 4. VL , 15, SM . A tg N T G , S. Drebin "" f - T- s ' NIT 3, AQUIN, JAMES RIINIBLE AND ERRH I n Ax . gx PEREZ, RAISES THE FLAG Q F B. Earls N A J. Edwards . B. Ehlers r ,Q I 8 " 6- - sf K. Ehlert bf' , Q Q- E: L A 5 X J f 'hi 1. A 'A . A ,. R. Elyot H" it A. Engel x -N . R. Ensel ' 55 I - ', ' .. - 6 K ,X U M. Epstein E' K 2 . X " S L ' 0. Ki 3 8 h A S. Erenberg .rf i .S . gi n ge , - W- su W. Ericksson f A EA tl N, X ii" A P. Fanning Mx ' L 'F - T. Feldman . . il X ' E. Felman Zg, 5. nf 4 Q A G -L 2- ,. .N M. Ferguson 5 . 1 X l A " ,N . ' 7 xx 'T -1 C. Ferrara , 'is ' 1 '11 , ,gvl Q..- T- "iii" . ' X' ,S P' Fenton 1 . 'J -L 'I B 1. yn: B h . - A X 1 S. Flinn f 'sf' S A5 'fs . M. Francik V10 I A A . K J. Franklin , 1 f-5, , . A X In Q A J A - Nl. Franklin 7 . i , QR ' " '7 'L . Q 1, ' " 4 R. Franz N, fri! .' 'Zin . - " Y-4 I . ' ,Q-.l J is its B- Fleas . l P . - ' ' 4 . ' 'L A ' XY P. Fulbright ' ' . if J .. B. Fuller D S- - K. Cade L , , vm Q - 2 i , S. Gamba 'S ' f- I , ,, ' ' . E. Garcia -S Q., vskl f ,QL 3' 'Q' ' -2 'b' ye , M. Gardner J ' K 4. 4 5 , X A , .N t 3-A M. Giacco I A ff: R. Giddings i . .: T. Glrdlestone G 5. A. ,. 64 A E.FiI ii L ' Z A 'L s T :us r. Gil er gf is - ' ' ' x as s. Gilfillan X V 'U l Nm. "" s' Page Une Hundred Fifly - . Ls. F. Carranza M. Cary J. Cash J. Casper R. Chaldu S. Chamberlain C. Chambers M. Chambers A. Choate A. Christiansen K. Christiansen C. Church S. Cliff R. Coldwater D Cole M. Cole P Colvin J. Como N Comstock D Conway T. Corrigan R Cosoe N Cottam V. Cotton B Craycroft S Crocker D Cunningham G. Cunningham T. Dance T. Danchik B Daniels M Danziger S. Deal G. DeBiance L. Dela Poza P. Delia S. Deriarl B. Diamond R. Dilley L. Dluehosh S. Dross S. Dunlap M Durlin L. Eagle K. Ehlert S. Elam M Elbaum C. Elder W Eriksson J. Ernst S. Esgro T. Esterly E. Evangelist E. Everingham M Fink M Fischer D. Fish J. Fishkin v. Flagg D. Fleck N. Frederick S. Fremgen A. Fridley B. Frledl D. Friedman J. Friedman K. Gauldln R. Gaynor G. Geiger K. Gelle R. Geneth J. Gerry T. Gillman V. Givre J. Gllck R. Gmuer E. Gnltke T. Gogol J. Golden B. Goldsmith C. Goldstein J. Goldstein B. Golub P. Gorman H. Green W. Greenberg H. Grenrock S. Griffith F. Gross S. Gross W. Hackamack S. Haimovitz B. Hall J. Halpern P. Halterman M. Hamman B. Harris R. Harris S. Harvey D. Hasselbach B. Hatch M. Hawley V. Hill L. Hilton J. Hodges M. Hofmann A. Holbrook J. Holden R. Hoover L. Horenstein M. Hough D. Howard R. Howard D. Howell J. Jacobs R. Jaffray J. Janofsky C. Jarvis M. Jenkins J. Jepsen T. Jones C. Jorgenson L. Kahan B. Kander J. Karno G. Kasden M. Kelley D. Kemery M. Kennamer J. Kennedy C. Kenyon B. Keropian s. W' A f N- 3 "' ' B g , aa ,sry ',g,,uf "' 2 -- ff' f' .- 'J Y' 4 if ' . 1 ,Qs .1. J "ff ' W? i- Q . . . -we I. . ff f .. f Q ' f "line ' , If my . , K . -ff" v V, . , ' l t 'I ix- l X .L , A ,Q .L an V V , if f' L. ws -is x ff. X- --as .. S :,' . 'f ,, g ac , -- 'ff v ' ' ' H ' Q ,.,. . . '. ' If l ? " 5 V ' .L -QA' as 'L' Z: hy -rr' 'v .M , Wg gk C N 'F ' Q. 5, . "" ,. t t - 9- 1 J. P 3 L.. -J "ia ' xx 3 X E: f xl ' I 'Z' l fry- v, af-f..".M ' I '-Kay, . M . 0 ' A . ii J ,. .wt ' is L ' A A ' , 5 lv? Sci D' 5- A I My 't 17" . , ' ,V , ,.fl:'- , f' E ' fl' . . ,,, . f . f fy L.. ,I Q y vw , f, I . Xe J. 4 4 V J ' f 3' ffageln ' . ZZ if ' . R, V h ex X53 N fy ,W D1 , . if .1 yfffff A f :aaa 'gjjf M' N . 1 F v I , Q A 14 ,. , , H? X if 47125 .f 'E I Il 'Z - , ff,. Qi A I I '-if 1 .re E ,,., an T. 3 my E , A dw I Rfb , U ,.,. 5 v., Q slr- gf-, t 'cf i wif' 1 w wf, , a n . 'Wi KZ- '-.. f 'Q x -' in .- ' W, '13 A. ' - ,M V, it 3. V. " 4, he -f , , S .. . . " Db.. .. iw .. M ' 'S 5. J .4 .K J . 'rl' A- ,, . 5, Q..-,f gf TQ. gs Y 1 , WCW Wye' . ' XZQV' T11 H ' ' ' Un Q ' at ee of Q l - --X, a --e-ef . , '--- . .,.. ' K . lat g ' at , - ,.. 3 Vi , 1 r f W, W f l ' . - ,.,,, ' , .. in .. . , VV . E , iffy? . ' - L :f V W ff' f - A Q, -.1 ,ff I in . V uvvu , E 6,594 mi 5 ! ., 1 i V. sz .Q - ,N h X in wr- fg.:-. '- , 3 . fl L7-a , H 5, A ! VV , A V t '- fish ?-if L 'KH' ,g I A, X7 ' ' , l n A tg, ' 3. 4 law., . L A . , .. .A Gottfried Gottlieb Gourlay Gratrix Gray Gray Grosser Grunhut Gullans Gurasich Gutman Haas Hamlett Hanin Hanna Hanen Harkey Harris Hearne Heckman Hellmers Herles Hertz Hill Holdridge Holley Hollmann Holmberg Holmes Hoover Huber Hubley Hunsaker Hunt lmmel Jackson Jickers Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Jones Kass Katz Kauffman Kaufman Kay Keating Kicinski Kightlinger King King King King CONVERSATION WAS BRISK AT THE ANNUAL FOOTBALL BANQUET Page One Hundred Fifty-one Q Q kg.. xv Q. M. Krumpelman ' X' Q N i Q N. Kruse wx. ,OI 5 - fi zzz I - .Q I l. Kummer . , . ' . V. Kundell i. 5? I ' 5. if - ...... Q ' . - M. Kwit I - ,.:: ' ' R. ' L. LaForest QW N . Q S. Lah ,Q "' " .31 "':' " " A. Lardie ,fl Q .Q QQQEQ wk Q4-. Q lnlln Q Q Q - 'wh D. Larson M. Lawless 'QQ al . - f-: X ,QQ Q ,- B. Lawrence Q. 5 5- .Q " M, M. Lawrence , Q I I 1 S xv. A If :QW . I ri. J. Lazear Q . ' I ' L. Lazear Q5 .E " QQ , . R. Lebedinsky ' - ' 4' j 'Q 1' W. B. Leclerc I six, gg f, R. Leclerc ' " Q I S. L sq' . f 5 , A. Levis f Q. .V " ' Ze W' .2 . V'1.1 3 ' 'W E. Levine . I , 4 .1 ,,,,, .1 I G. Levine .-:' :..,.,. I , 5 I M. Levine Q fm. ef 'Q , S. Levine ' 4 ,Z f- I 4 QQ' B. Levor I Q .. Q 1 VZZVV my i e.:.,,. .QQ .. -. Q Q QQQ .. SQ Limber I Q ..... QQ S. Lindon ' 1 We '- L. Lindsay I -'P' W 65 '-VV 'ff' M. Lipsert :Q 1 C. I ' ' I . J. Little ' D. Livengood E. Loebenberg H I , 4 5 I 41 'W' V We J.. I S' Logan V H .. I f- sys, QQ ALTAGER PRODUCTIONS PRESENTED C.S.F.'S SEMI-ANNUAL SHOWN' R. Lord . W ' - '71 .- . . 'V" P K. Lowe ' Q5 Q 7 f 1. Lulow I , W . K . ef. 'f I M. Lund aw ' Q 44 ' ., 1... A-I , A " " 5' Q I W F " M. Lupo - , Q ' Q Q 1, W lg .f f 7 ,Q A, I 'nn . ' Lt B. Luthiger ff I fr 5' ' f 7 Eff' Y W. It QQI f' . , , r Q .,. f F' I I x f S' Major in '-51' .,. , L2 M P' is J. lvlalnneon g i We 5 Q L. Malo I. f , 5. f .. A ' ff-. A f 5. .. -1: EQ Mancuso , L it EQ ,,, W , y,. ,hw ,. ,, .. Q Q QKQ,Q.Q S. Q 4- Q Q Q JQ March It .,,,.jv ,fy Q N-Ltf VN :Af r S M. Marsden 4 e A I I eg. A .M In . "f "" . ' 1 L. +9 N e-A ,s, X .. v. May 2 1 f ef . "N TQ Mayo ,. Q Q , f Qu! I Q, Q s E. Mazzarino " , . QQ Q M 1 "' M. McCabe , 4,5 "4 r ,Q W S Q E. McCau ey . U ' f I 'f 4 , Q. I - ., . X xl ' v D. McCourt I A P' V' HUQ Q4 Q E1 . W. Mead , ' 'ru ' ' nf .. ,Q R. Menoni 7 f Q . f 2 . "" ' L. Melgning .mag ay I Q ,, ' 5. Q , N Q R. Nlelllrlgef AQ Q , we ' ' k .Q M. Meloche ifwzgff va 5 'fl t f ' 3-4 K wg' ,ms .n . '. ef , 1 '- 1- I . 1 . se . - I . R. Miles , II .. c. Miller - S- Miner 4 -1 F - ,- M. Mitchell . 'jf ,Q M I ,Q 1. I ,f , N vf s. Mitchell : 4 W Z . ' :rf Q be ve' , s. Mitchell I Q . ,. fi 4 L Q , I wr f f ., A v 1 C. Moore ." ' , ffgh e, I P T. Morgan I . I 2 f , QQ S. Morris W . r WZ ,eg Z: rn wr f- -- Y. Morris Wi, I ', Q I I X " tl Q3 0 Q 'I J. Muench .gf J if " IQ f gg- I W Q f . ,QNX 5 ' Lf 1 f 4' 'f ' - . -2 - ' J. Murphy Q I QQ pf EQ X Q Q J 1 K QQQQ .1 wx . R. Neyman . L. Nicholson f Q , ' . .V , - M. Nielson 'Q Q Q Q , ZW . Q tx Q . 4... S Q- :. B. Niesen , j ' e., . I f I 2 ... is .. X R. Noble wg' r 1., Q, ,M .7 - Q ff A C. Nolan Q ' Q ' XY 'Q Q I x J. Orefice j - W' ' M. otto , 4 I by M. Ozar ,"Q y ,. f f I -T 4: -- - . C. Pacheco . 4 A- 4. 4 W Ln I g c. Paee we Q Q . 'S' rr .- -N me 0 g P- Page .. .ee f . Q S... . . s. L . . I J. Pauly 72' Q I' ' ' Q55 , M. Pearson 2 Q Q A' B. Peter Q SQ - S as L R. Peters " Q l Q 4 I . . Q S. Peters W G' 'QI' v 'I 'fr' Y 5 P. Peterson 4 M I -- A , QQ Q Q 3 Q Page One Hundred Filly-two Lytle Maass MacLachlan MacLaren Maddrill Madsen Martin Martin Martin Maunu Mauvais Mawer McCuiston McDonald McEntire McGoldrick McMackin McVicar Merrill Merrill Metzger Meyer Meyers Mieren Mitzenmacher Mladineo Mohn Moir Monat Moore Murrell Myers Nelson Nelson Neumann Newell Noren Norvell Nownes 0'Brien Olewiler Opatowsky Paguim Palguta Palmer Parish Parnell Parsley Peterson Petersen Petteys Pfefer Pfeiffer Piazza J. Pierce K. Pierce R. Plerpolnt M. Pine N. Pine R. Pinnere A. Popiel A. Portney J. Postel S, Powell B. Press M. Press l. Pykerman M. Quillin C. Quinn M. Radoumis C. Randa R, Raridon N. Reynolds S. Reznik H. Rhoden A. Richman C. Richmond E. Rivetti A. Robles C. Rodert B. Rogers G. Rogers S. Romine D. Roosman S. Ross J. Roth S. Rowden D. Roy E. Ruben M. Rubenstein D. Sackett S. Saloski L. Sampson E. Sander M. Sanders T. Sannicandra J. Scheffe C. Scherz E. Schiro N. Schneider S. Schor P. Schori C. Sciortino l. Scott J. Scott 0. Scott G. Seder G. Segall T. Shaw l. Shelter G. Sherwood V. Sherwood M. Sills L. Simpson C. Smith J. Smith M. Smith M. Smith K. Smith R. Smith R. Smith R. Smith S. Smith S. Smith B. Snider B. Snyder L. Spangler R. Spotek J. Spiegel B. Spivak J. Sollee R. Sollenberger K. Solon M. Soth G. Stanley C. Starbird A. Stark l. Stark J. Stein T. Stetson R, Stevens S. Stevens .4 i 'i "' ' i h 'Q X . L 'K if ' . . I L ' 4 L e l L r,i . . .f or ,, r . " if if , H l F N . t X i X ll " gi lk Sb' ,,,v , .,,4,:" I ' fi X L' tra ,. ' l 1 . ,- , , fi' H V V L . . L - - . We , V . S I: f v Q , -1 ,.., 3 ,, ff, ff -. . , iiw h L i Nkmig N q . MR X i f X ,V K! X ,Aff ? 1 1 X 5 -4 it Q' V D. YY. F 4 Lp. ' L M L4 1 , ' ' If va" ' .... '- 4 L X , x 21, ' sw il- Q . News ' . U ,L W W h . , i s Q S . Y'-V1 L L . y - f P f-asf P it S 1 - X' L if " . . A Rf . L 1 QLJLLL .... . ur 7 ' I L .. . .k gs r Mn v. L . , ., .. ' I ' -W, ,ZWZ X L is fit' i . cf ' 1 Q, ' , 'Af' A 'uf A fp 4, L' LL . . F , Ui .., , P ' li' . S 1: we 5 "' . , L L "- '-' ' W 'W' 4 ' 4 ---f 3 W , 'az F. L iz. . L. L . ?. ., L L , .E K ws-A.. ,L ,l L 4 Zffi I . Lp' . i " M L' i - - A ...L V If V V h h I li ,ifmil ,I 4 K, I 1 I W X Y L.L f 2' fu W -L V' . x-1. M 1 fa.. 'H f ...Q A A .... f L ,X W 'iam' V " 7 2 X 'R ' 1, ' , fl , ,, . xwx- W v v If jj fl, Mfz, , Y LL 6 4 VW? ' K www.. . ' . ' - W JL' -4 .C iii .f 1 V' 'N -A: , . -' .N I s,!f gg . QL A .A ,. t ,, 'Eff .14 an-,,, f ,J W i yes.-. I w ,, ..!, Q av . , H t ,yah ,IJ f' ' 7 Mi 5 7 V W f M ,Y V ,ny , I gil, ' 'kr' ff 0 3 . ,ff ..,,, ir I 'A A , .Q fi. , I ' gi J Y , ,. ' ,ff . Pisarev Plowman Plummer Poindexter Pointer Poole Preston Prettyman Price Prouly Pugh Purvin Ratinoff Rawlings Rea Reid Rein Renshaw Robbins Roberts Roberts Robertson Robinson Robinson Roppert Rosen Rosenberg Ross Ross Ross Rubin RUE!! Russell Russell Ryan Sabatini Satterfield Savko Savette Schaaf Schaeffer Scheff Schroeder Schultz Schulz Schumacher Schwartz Schwartze Seger Selman Seltezer Serber Shapiro Shaw Skelton Skersick Sklar Slatkow Smerling Smith EERLEAD ERS, SUMMER '59 FIRST ROW-Willy the Wolf. SECOND ROW-I.. Suerdieck, S- Smith, G. Patterson, J. Tempkin. THIRD ROW-G. Sugcrmun, D. Forrest, S. Kinsey, S. Frank. Page One Hundred Fifty-three vl lil? pm-my ini J. Steuert J. Stewart R. Stickel J. Stolpe L. Stordahl D. Stott L Summerfield E. Sussman P. Suiin C. Swanson D. Swartz F. Swartz M. Terry L. Thiehoff A. Thomas J. Tipton T, Title J. Tolchin T. Trevor C. Tribich C. Trindle S. Troutman S. Turan P. Twaits D. Varian D. Verbanac L. Vido L. Wachs P. Waessil B. Wagner B, Ward . Washburn Wasserman G. Watson J. Webster J. Webster B. Whalen M. Whalley K. White F. Whyte B. Wickline P. Widln J. Willaver J. Williams R. Williams J. Wilson J. Wilson P. Wilson G. Woods . Woodward R. Worldie J. Zabel T. Zastrow S' Nasa. Q . W . i x., V X555 ,x gn AQ ,s .wel il-gg 1 L x K my-L ii. 5 L . -J . his . ' J" 43 f L Q: "": .. Y D Q ... 3 .75 f N' sg. ... we ies J I Ria...-J . . .Q Me Q- ' -I A . gli fb i ' " . L X-.1 W S 'Q'-'sh 4 gg' .Af , C 3 'ri' ss T . Ee . . ff. aes Jr: Xxx' - , i V 1-11- ' - 1' IJ , '. ...Lv x 'xxx , 'K .. ' . 3.: A T. X . g L 'WRX 'LAD-7 Z as AA hh hr 1' an 1. Lise lx. 1. N ' - .1 :W ,.. ,gg figs Q 'F K? 5. ,gb K cr .- A "' w A Q : R VX 5 4 . 'i:-i - S ,X S - J S5 A 3 is 1 T 23 Q: f tkik. E f Q 1 jg. :x A - TS F P I ,Lf F - L S C ' i - 3 Q. M 5. ' sf 1-, . - -A s . 1 - " 1 ' . X - I . . ' . if J .V .A x X - ,- at il .L . v 'fx-,f L H 1 5 J N 9 'K ,bl Q Y! . .Lk 5,-Xxx an iqalkv-,V Els 9 I Q :- ' ixfgx vb- Xi iv Qt 5 - I -f-l .- " ' fi. fs... 1' 4. .FL we-1 .J - as ,.: .lf CTN : Lf Q J A 'ts 1 -.,. 3 I sf L -eff : S B K I . at -a ' ' lb - . L , 1- H 'J' ' asf , I - - - ' 2142. .T :rg 1 ., ,gn 'Q - 'K f 'I-Q - fi gn K3 A K if V Q' .fe ve- f .. v- Q 1' ta K, 14. A ' ,W I X 4 n ' F XV - x J x .5 , 'WP' , , .. kb Y' it M ff, . P KX A C. . . 9- ,Q W, E2 Ev gs px " aiu? ,T . : ' 5, 4. 74' 'Q :- Q JL .5 F, A g Mi, ' f A A L 4 ... U, g ef .ew ,... 45, 2: i ' G .,,- few' y cs e lag- M 4 .1- S N.: E S' Stover Stratton Strozer Suchard Suerdieck Sugarman Sweetman Taradash Taris Tashman Tatch Taylor Tolman Torell Townsend Townsend Traw Traw Twomey Tyner Van Camp Vance Vance Varian Wahner Waitsman Wall Wallace Walker Walker Wegner Weiner Weisfeld Weiss Werne Westenino Winger Winner Wildung Willard Willemin Williams Winkler Winston winters Withers Wolner Woodroof Zuckerman Zinger Yeakey Young Yudis -wmv- '15 ... -,.-if ' ,- ,"3..-1 A,,.....-- :VIANY A !+'l'l'lJluN'l' iris IllSfIflYl'.RI'.Il ix V.N.l l.S.'s i.liii:.xiu xx ii.x'i' ilu-'..xsi'iu-'.s mm' I.ll". lil-1'l'XYl-XICN 'l'iiiacox'1-ZRS OF .ex H0014 Ir Um' Hllnflirfl lfffli'-full: B-lO'S RR 406 AND 597 FIRST ROW-H. Cohen, B. Brewsler, T. Chapman, J. Avery, P. Baggell, R. Carlozian, L. Brandelius, A. Corol, D. Aronson, B. Bush, L. Connell, C. Baker. SECOND ROW-C. Clarkson, A. Coleman, D. Cody, S. Baslian, K. Corrigan, M. Cohen, P. Cederslrom, C. Chapman, P. Calleham, L. Clifl, A. Brown, D. Bryan, S. Bonner, C. Campbell. THIRD ROW-W. Boyd, E. Brown, M. Bora, J. Beach, L. Chiswell, S. Polls, B. Byron, C. Chfotny, B. Bellinck, G. Andresen, P. Ayers, M. Clark. FOURTH ROW-A. Baker, M. Campbell, E. Berliner, B. Berman, J. Berger, R. Alex- ander, R. Biscoilo, J. Atkins, B. Cornwell, B. Cassi, L. Burns, C. Benci, R. Bennell. . . . nd the Lates rrivals, the B-10' B-l0'S RR 314 AND 120 FIRST ROW-S. Fuller, Z. Gabor, M. Filzsimons, H. Funk, G. Easl, V. Davenporl, J. Edwards, F. Gansko, L. Graham, L. Giccalti, M. Dale. SECOND ROW-R. Gelze, D. Fireslone, D. Eddy, A. Dickson, J. Dyke, B. Dickerson, J. Gorfein, G. Goellelmann, B. Glove, R. Blair, B. Golden, D, Frederich. THIRD ROW-R. Gibson, R. Byron, A. Godo, E. Goldenberg, D. Davis, M. Erickson, D. Eddy, S. Greenfield, K. Cusick, S. Friedman, B. Gibson, L. Funk. FOURTH ROW-S. Genlry, M. Granby, R. Cunha, D. Culverhouse, B. Dalz, K. Filzmorris, S. Ferle, M. Girard, R. Gerzuk, G. Dunn, R. Dunn, Fowler. Page One Hundred Fifty-five B-lO'5 RR 702 ANU D57 FERST ROW-P. Hulchiris, D. Kincaid, J. Kershaw, J. Jacoby, J. Hewill, S. Haberfelcl, M. Grosher, B. Higl, N. Leibel, L. Kopel. SECOND ROW-P. I-lammons, M. Leland, S. Kleidosly, R. Klein, L. Koppelman, M. Lesser, J. Lachman, S. Kramer, P. Gross, E. Guenther, K. Ingram, l. Kohb. THLRD ROW-S. Larmon, B. Kohn, J. Hegland, N. Hoffer, B. Harris, E. Kaulz, C. Lawrence, B. Lealherbury, L. Hibler, J. Jackson, T. King, T. Katz. FOURTH ROW-B. Kain, J. Lallig, M. Kalz, B. Keeler, H. Kay, H. Gross, T. Kiningham, R. Laird, T. Hazen, T. Hayener, S. Kreimendall, J. Huff, D. Lenharl. B-IO'S RR 705 AND 4I5 FIRST ROW-H. Fried, D. Levy, C. Mclntyre, M. LcVine, M. Passin, L. Main, T. Hughes, M. Ives, G. Liplon, K. Oswald, L. Nicholas, C. Freeman, C. Milchell, D. McCrummen. SECOND ROW-C. Miller, A. Nero, M. Minghini, S. Lowe, T. Maslers, A. Oddo, B. Pelrunich, G. Noble, W. Olchis, S. Oplalka, S. Molinari, D. Morris, R. Manoon. M. Manoon. THIRD ROW- C. Mango, M. Palazzo, S. Nibley, M. Maier, R. Okin, L. Page N. Nicholson, C. Mynlli, K. Naylor, M. Minkoff, S. Morgan, M. Mazzarino, C. Mahr, D. Mason. FOURTH ROW- S. Mark, M. Manning, D MarIin, M. Lewis, M. Levenson, E. Mac Kinnon, W. Lichslcin, S. Lipncy, B. luckerman, M. Lubeznick, E. Nemoy, J. Malkin, M. Marske, J. Mc- Farland, B. Mendelsohn. FIFTH ROW-R. Howard, D. Mabraler, C. Minlon, C. Loomis, T. Luckeli, P. McCuislon, J. McHermoII, D. Mac Quaid H. Lyons, D. Libby. f 1 v Pflvgl' Um- Huzirlzwrl lfifly-iff sy! 0,461 B-l0'S RR 540 AND 562 FIRST ROW-S. Skemp, S. Penfield, S. Porth, E. Lazzray, R. Ehrlich, A. Rippeon, M. Portoghese, C. Plotkin, S. Risberk, R. Saunders, M. Savoie. SECOND ROW-S. Samuelson, D. Russell, L. Siegle, L. Rhea, D. Sappenfield, P. Ponsford, R. Rogers, L. Pestone, S. Prival, J. Podorson, K. Platt, S. Samuels, E. Rotkin. THIRD ROW-M. Mazzarino, G. Roots, S. Scherr, S. Rotenberg, C. Robbins, G. Pflueger, H. Seibert, R. Sklaren, B. Riding, R. Ross, G. Purcell. FOURTH ROW-B. Skinner, T. Rothberg, J. Saxon, S. Saunders, N. Seidman, R. Silver, M. Subeznick, E. Semoy, L. Sogonong, P. Peters. B-lO'S RR 809 AND 311 FIRST ROW-S. Zoelck, G. Snider, J. Slezak, K. Stewart, J. Yudelson, R. Winegardner, S. Weir, F. Wolf, E. Weitzman, G. Smith, N. Zelensky. SECOND ROW-D. Tanner, C. Weyler, C. Sortomme, P. Snow, S. Tobin, M. Trogman, M. Wilkins, G. Waisman, L. Wythe, M. Wasserman, M. Minghini, B. Stone. THIRD ROW-D. Wilkinson, G. Smathers, T. Walley, J. Tramel, S. Thornhill, J. Walen, P. Turner, B. Viertes, D. Weber, S. Tronick, B. Smith. FOURTH ROW- H. Weinstein, T. Yavitz, L. Tagliere, E. Yount, K. Williams, A. Teff, D. Sugarman. Page One Hundred Fifty-seven Z , W Wonderland CLASSES BEGIN ..S,....,........S.........,...,.,S. Sepfember I5 TUNISIAN CANDLELIGHT HELLO DANCE ..L...,,.,.....,..........,...,.,...... Sepiember 26 SUPPER ....................LL..........L............ December FIRST REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL BEETHOVEN'5 BIRTHDAY ......... December MEETING ,A,,lu,A,,,,,,,..,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Sepfember 30 CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLIES I........ December VALLEY LEAGUE EXCHANGE ORCHESTRA CONCERT ............,,.... January ASSEMBLY e-'-'------------'----'--'---------------- Ocfobef I C. S. F. PARTY ....L......,,,....L.................... January FIRST CROSS-COUNTRY MEET RADIO SPEECH ASSEMBLIES ...... January INHI --e--------'-e---'-'-----ae-------ee--E-e--e---------'--e Ocfobef 2 TUNISIAN PROM .............I..I......,......... January FAIL SPORTS RALLY ----r--- ----nnn--n- O ffobef 9 BASKETBALL CITY EINALS .,,u.,....,. January P T A. MOVIE .....,,....u..,.............,. ....,....,. O cfober I3 TUNISIAN ACTIVITY DAY ,u.u,......u,.,.,.... Ocfober I6 r X MILK BOWL FOOTBALL GAME ICPI...OeraBer I7 WIFI BOYS' STUDENT BODY ASSEMBLY...Ocfober 27 X A, X FIRST BASKETBALL GAME INHI ..,..,,.. October 29 X I raw! I GIRLS' LEAGUE ASSEMBLY .,...,,.....,.,.., Ocfober 30 M ' E SAMURAI RECOGNITION DAY November I4 JIX X J W. Q "fi 1 glqx i I R O T. C. BALL .....,..,....,,,,.,....,.....,u........ November I5 I' I EAI ,gh A HI HO PARTY EOR NEW ' .49 A In ' STUDENTS ,....,......,.....,,..,.......,,.... November 20 SENIOR PLAY ..,,.,,.....,.........................,... November 22 G. A. A. SPREAD -QbuEQAIAWbA,bvwQ-q.qq.-q.x.qA,,- January MOTHER-DAUGHTER DESSERT ...... December 4 G. A. B. INSTALLATION NOMINATIONS ASSEMBLY ....u....... December II IUNCHEQN u,.,uu,u,,,,uu,,u,,,,,u ,,,u,,,,u,,, J anuary LOOMIS APPEARS ..............J,.,........,.,,... December II STUDENT BODY STUDENT BODY ELECTIONS .....,.,. December I5 INSTALLATIONS ......... ............ .l cmudry LOOMIS DEFEATED COMMENCEMENT ,...,. ,,....,.,,., J onuory AT THE POLLS --.------ --------..- D 6'C6'fTIb9I' I5 ALL NIGHT PARTY .....L ,,,.,.,,,,u, J anuory IQ WX ,P 0 A gihfdn AA I I ' M LB I QA X IBEET-H '14 I 255-'ff 5 II Fx sf 'Il' l"I"II,h.-"dv T IJ 62 C I Lg. K If I J X 4, I II ee... I I III IIJM If er . M, 'f " A Pa G One Hunrlrfrl Fiffjf-lffllfllf In Retrospect . 2 S A ,r I-I II., 29 ' PM X Z pl - K """" """" Q ,.-' l.""I----"" N if . " . . 1 XX" MSN - Y 'TV R' f I A . ., 3 5' 7 - Sf ' L 'T T g V f O .bs I 'TTTWQ RUN FOR CLASSES S,..,.....,..S....,.............. February SCIENCE FAIR ............,...,................,.,,...,,..,......... April II MIRROR SALES ....I.,...,,..........,..I..........,,,... February VALPARAISAN RECOGNITION DAY ..I... April 17 BEGINNING OF I-IELLO WEEK ........, February MAY DAY ASSEMBLY .......,..I.....I.......,.....,..... April so BASKETBALL BANQUET ,...,,,....,.,,,..,..I.. February O. A. A. PLAYDAY ....,.......,....,....... ...,.,..... M pry is VALENTINE DANCE ..,..IS....... .....,... F ebruary STUDENT BODY ELECTIONS ,......., ..r......I. M ay 14 MASQUERS' ASSEMBLY .......... ......... F ebruclry SAMURAI PROM ............,,.,,I............................,..,, May I5 OPEN HOUSE ...,.,............,....... .......... F ebruclry FAILURE REPORTS ......................I....,.....,.,............ Moy I5 DEBATE TOURNAMENT ..,I...... ...,...... F ebriipry R. O. T. C. FEDERAL INSPECTION ............ May 20 SPRING PLAY ...................................................... May 22 CITY TRACK FINALS ...................... ........... M ay 23 RADIO SPEECH ASSEMBLIES ........ ........... M ay 27 RR, ' ,N Q "POP" MUSIC ASSEMBLY .......... .......... l une 3 I. X II REPORT CARDS ...................... .......... l Une T8 S ggi .,,,. COMMENCEMENT ........... .......... l Une I8 'W ALL NIOI-IT PARTY ........... .......... l Une 18 SPRING SPORTS RALLY .............. ........... M arch FIRST BASEBALL GAME ISFI ..................... March FIRST TENNIS MATCH ISFI ........ ........... M 0rCh FIRST TRACK MEET CNHI .....,.... ........... M arch SAMU RAI ACTIVITY DAY ........................... Mclrch FIRST GOLF MATCH IPoIyI ........................ March FIRST GYMNASTICS MEET INHI ............... April FIRST SWIM MEET ICIevI .............................. April SAMURAI CANDLELIGHT SUPPER ............ April Page One Hundred Fifty-nine The perfect gift may be purchased at MORREY'S JEWELERS, 6463 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys. Judy Press and Phyllis Hector admire the beautiful selection of rings. Other items available include iewelry, rang- ing from stylish costume pieces to diamonds for special occasions. 1'1" Glamour, color, and commercial photog- raphy, wedding pictures, portraits of adults and of children are available from GRANT STUDIO, M1625 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys. Here Cindy Eshelman and Nancy Selling arrange a picture appointment. Mr. Grant Lippert develops negatives into beautiful portraits for reasonable fees. 'Z ,X"" 'A' Established in Van Nuys for over eighteen years, the VAN NUYS GLASS COMPANY, 6225 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys, has pro- duced "glass for all purposes". Pat Kelley inspects an antique wall mirror. Glass shelv' ing, glass doors, and mirrors are included in the wide variety of merchandise. Pa 4 Um HllIldl'l'fltSl1-.Ift' Taking their clothes to be cleaned by the fine facilities used at BUTLER'S CLEANERS, 5905 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys, are Sue Mazner and Tom Dawson. Many students make Butler's their choice for excellent dry cleaning and blocking, and they enioy the twenty-tour hour service. Extro Curricular Extrci Treotl HAIVIBURGER Ann Mascolo and Sally Schwartz discover a new fragrance at COWDREY'S PHARMACY, 6350 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys. Through the years this store has been serving the Valley residents with medicines, cosmetics, and other items. Pre- scriptions are promptly filled, with courteous and careful attention to everyone. 'C' lore you in this picture?l Stylish summer playclothes as well as stunning outfits are found at BISCHOFF'S SPORTSWEAR, 14530 Ventura Blvd., Sher- rnan Oaks. Enchanted by two lovely spring outfits are Connie Hickson and Judy Pease. At Bischoff's the latest in fashion is found at low prices. Nicki is helping Gus select a new shirt at J. C. PENNEY COMPANY, 6463 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys. The store carries a wide variety of men's and women's clothes, ac- cessories, novelties, yardage, and many other items for the homemaker and practical teenager. Daryl Greene and Jackie Slocum take a ride in a new Chevrolet Impala at POLLARD RAVENSCROFT, 6232 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys. For needs in new and used cars, serv- ice, repairs, and accessories, Pollard Ravens- croft is the place to go. is ...., s. 6 2 Hilary Hoffman and Judy Press are de- lighted with the elegant gowns which they find at THE BRIDAL SHOP. Dresses for wed- dings and formal occasions are the specialty of the Van Nuys store, 6471 Van Nuys Blvd., and ofthe Canoga Park store, 21517 Sherman Way. Supplying many Valley schools and clubs with sweaters has been the work of CRITERION MILLS, located at 4507 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks. Al Cushnie helps Tony Daber decide on a letterman's jacket or sweater. I Q George Bruce Models Are in Demand for Beauty Queen Sponsorships, TV, Screen, Stage 8. Photography - BEAUTY CONTESTS ' POISE - PERSONALITY - IVIAKE-UP- HAIR STYLING - FIGURE CONTROL - SOCIAL GRACES - PHOTOGRAPHY - ILLUSTRATIONS ' FASHION gl FASHION SHOPS - VOICE 81 DICTION - TELEVISION 81 SCREEN One OPEN DAILY and EVENINGS 14436 FRIAR STREET THE GEORGE BRUCE M CD D E L S 70' MISS UNIVERSE Z Z M Q Hanan 'c , QT I L If XI f XRIIIN 2 MIISSSO11 T 9830 L Bea I'l of Americcfs Foremost Developers of Provocative Women --- CALL -l STate GEORGE BRUCE Executive Director STate 6-1071 VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA Page One Hundred Sixty-three RYDER'S, 6453 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys, is the favorite apparel shop of many Van Nuys and Valley residents. Here Mr. Ryder shows Marilyn Bond and Gay Cornelius two popular outfits for co-eds. Ryder's has a large selection of styles for every date. Fascinated by the wide selection of the newest styles in materials, patterns, and accessories are Carolyn Heckler and Harriet Flemming. Their choice for quality and reasonable price is HOME FABRICS, 6568 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys. Showing Wendy Hall and Betty Bradtord that "there is a definite difference in dia- monds " is JOE HOUSTON, JEWELER, of 14508 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks. This iewelry store, where business is carried on with the desire to please all customers, caters to the needs of everyone. P Um' Himfliwrl .S'i.xly-fniu Tanga Judge and Mike Horenstein went to "BONES" HAMILTON BUICK, 5745 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys, to test drive the new, powerful Buick Electra. They were amazed at the versatility, easy handling and beauty of this fashionable car. During the baseball season, Mike Miller and Stu Felman were found shopping for their sports equipment at SHERMAN OAKS DEPARTMENT STORE, located at 14564 Ven- tura Blvd., Sherman Oaks. This store has a wide variety of fine products ranging from notions to wearing apparel. At SUTTON'S PHARMACY, 6301 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys, Leslie Ablon and Sandi Yudis decide on an exotic cologne. Everything desired in pharmaceutical sup- plies, cosmetics and toiletries for men and women can be found in this well-established store. Tim Hall and Phil Gregory are prepar- ing for holiday fun at PAY 'N' SAVE HARDWARE AND SPORTING GOODS, 6219 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys. Pay 'N' Save furnishes all outdoor equipmentand everything for "do it yourself" proiects, Springs spell is cast upon Melinda Eddy and Bunnie Kramer as they model the stun- ning dresses of MARLOWE'S DRESS SHOP, located at 8553 Van Nuys Blvd., Panorama City. The girls found the latest styles in play- clothes, skirts and date dresses. Page One Hundred Sixty-five your most decision b mean interesting challenging work, Will your first jo , ' ' u like, llaif if I . X fri Q wa, ix ' Eiga' , 1 working with people yo an opportunity to advance? ff? If! ,i wx I jd . if-fx '! i 0 , 5 'Xu f o i .. E it will at bfi Q , z 1- See your vocational counselor or J ,oj Q I i drop into one of our employment offices. - ' f ' 1. ' My M or ask your Operator for ZEnith 10,000 ' for the employment ofiice nearest your home. A ie I Page One Hundrn I Sixty-six 4 Clubs and Activities Advertisements ,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,, q-qq-,,,,-! Autographs ,,,,.,,,,,,,,. ,-,,,..,-V-v---------.4 n H 160-166 168 Board of Control W'59 and 5'59 ,,,A.,, ,-,-l.. 2 3-29 Boys' Activity Board W'59 and S'59 Bus Drivers ,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Cafeteria Staff ,.,...A.,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Calendar of Events Cee Track .,,,.,... Annual Staff ........ Art Club .....,...., Assemblies .,,,,,,,.4,, Astronomy Club ....... Band ..,.Al.,..,,..., Boat Club .,A...,.,,,,,..,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,. Cafeteers California Scholarsh ip Federation Campus Control ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4.V,,,,,,,,, Chess Club ......,,..,,.,..., ,, Choir ....a,..,,...,,,, Dances .... Electrons ..... F.B.L.A. F.F.A. ......... . F,H.A. ..,......,,.,,,,, , French Club ....,...,.... French Song Club ,,... F.T.A. .....,..........,.,,,, , German Song Club ....,. Girls' Glee Club ....... Key Club ,............. Knights ,,.....,,,,,, Knit Wits ..... Ladies ............ Lobos ................. Ma ke-up Crew ,,,... Masquers ........ Math Team ..,.,. May Day ...........,... Mirror Staff ................ Mixed Vocal Chorus Modern Jazz Club ......... Natural History Club National Forensic League ..,.. Orators .,.......................... Philharmonic Club ,........ Philomatheans .......A. Pegasus Club ........ Racquet Squad ...... R.O.T.C. .,....,.,..... . Safety Committee ..... Senior Plays .........,.. Spanish Club ......,....... Sport Fishing Club ...... Sports Nights .........., Squires ........,.... Stage Crew ......, Vannettes ...... White Caps ....... Custodians ............................ Faculty and Administration Agriculture ,...................,... Business Education ......... Driver Education ..,.. English .............. Fine Arts ............., Home Economics ..... Industrial Arts ...... Language .............. Mathematics ............. Physical Education ...... Principals ................. Science .............. - .....------------------- - Social Studies ......,.......................... ,...,..30-31 26 26 158-159 132 116 128 118 110-111 122 121 104-105 103 123 113 130 119 120 108-109 120 125 125 121 124 112 102 100 123 101 110 114 115 119 129 133 113 117 118 115 115 117 105 116 123 106-107 103 126-127 124 122 131 102 114 110 121 .. 26 .. 20 .. 19 23 2-1 3 16 .. 19 .. 21 .. 15 .. 10 .. 22 8-9 .. 11 14 Girls' Activity Board W'59 and S'59 ......... ...... 3 0-31 NDEX Offices Attendance Employment ,,..,. Guidance ......s Health .................... Main ......,.............a.... Representative Council ...... Seniors Tunisians W'59 24 25 25 24 24 27 Activity Day ..........................,.. Activity Day Committee .............,... Candlelight Supper Committee Emblem ...................................... Ephebians ....s,.... . Officers A-12 .... Prom ................. Sealbearers .................... Sponsors .............................. Steering Committee A-12 .,.,.. Samurai S'59 Activity Day ................... 39 .. 43 43 .. 35 34 35 .,.,,,,42-43 34 .. 35 .. 43 .......62-63 Activity Day Committee ........... ,.... 1 63 68 Calendar of Events ...,........... Candlelight Supper Committee Cap and Gown Committee ...,...... Emblem ...........,..,...........,..... Ephebians ,.,........,.. ........ Officers B12 ....... Officers A-12 ..................... Prom Committee ,,,,.,,.....,.,,.... Recognition Day Committee Song .,...........,.,.................... Song and Motto Committee Sponsors ......................,........ Steering Committee B-12 ........ Steering Committee A-12 .....,.. Sweater Committee ........ Valparaisans W'6O Officers ..............,... Song .,......................,...., Sponsors .........................,.... Steering Committee A-11 ....... Steering Committee A-12 ....., Sports Bee Basketball ...... ee Football ...... Bee Swimming s..... Bee Track ........... Cee Basketball sY,... Cee Swimming ...... .. 60 .. 55 .. 68 .. 46 .. 44 .. 45 .. 52 .. 57 .. 57 .. ........ 57 .......44-45 44 .. 45 .. 57 136 136 136 136 137 83 .......77-78 91 ,. 86 .. 83 .. 91 .. 87 Cross Country ...... G.A.A. ....,.......s... , Girls' Drill Team .,..., Golf ,.....,.............. Gymnastics .,..s.. J.V. Baseball .....s.. J.V. Basketball ..... Lettermen ....,..... Tennis ...,,,,,.....,,,,.,. Varsity Baseball .... Varsity Basketball ...... Varsity Football .,.,.., Varsity Swimming 79 ......,94-97 72 .. 92 .. 93 .. 89 .. 82 ,. 72 92 88 .......80-81 ,,.,...74-76 Varsity Track ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,A.,...., .,,,,,- 8 4-85 Yell and Song Leaders W'59 ...... ...,. 7 3 Yell and Song Leaders S'59 ,..,,, .,,.. 1 53 Student Store .,..,,.,.,,,,.,,.,.,,,..,,, 25 Table of Contents ,,,,,,,,,,...,..,.,, ,,,,,, 5 Underclassmen B-12 .....,... A-11 ...... B-11 ...... A-10 ...... B-10 ...... ,.,,,,136-138 39-1 45 46-1 48 49-1 54 55-1 57 Page One Hundred Sixty-seven I, 'i AU' GR PHS I, f f X1 XXXAIX Pi Jixi if I ' i i ,N i X 1 X' ix! a ' fN , x -X ' X. J V , V Y X fl i i 'X ii fx XD Mi i Q K f I I 1 EWWX aww ,'Q""X i- GN Q5 Q JV'-' GMVY UL VLA? NM, Mac' .2-2B0""' wk Mviiihcrs ol- thc Criiiison amd Gray Stgifi' wish 10 Cxprcqg ' ' NIV Grgmt I,ippp14t of Gram Ihvii' siiicvu' ZIPIJITCIAIIIOII to . Studio, pliotugixiplicit Twfr. Pio Vvnturclli, pi'iiiti-ifgjgfrr uvalkmn Li-ivis oi thi- Wilshirv Ellg'l'ilYlIlg Cnmpamy: Mr. llolm Rimpl ni K. Smith Umiipnny, covm' ll1ZlIll1fllCtlll'ClNS. Nvillluut thiil hvlp, thc' piihlivzition of this hook would hnvc bccu iiiiposgii-,lc 'lb Gary l'1itt4-rsoii, who has worked many cxtrn liom-S to pm dim' lliv lim- cartoons that illustrate thc Crimson :md CIM ' - ' rcss its gratitude. . thc- Stull' also wishvs to exp . 1 N MEN Q". ,, ,N . jj., 3 , f W" -33551 . wfm+-wwmmffwvKf.- ,1 -,V D, ,.,,,-fp .LL ... 1- ., , .,, ., ' 'f 3 f:+Ef?:5fi'1? 1 . . WN 1 ' f'.,f2f'wn95 f l'lg?Q1VH' A ' f L , Jf f l ' A I v,'V -I .S I 6 ' 4 Q X , so-. . , 0 sm- Q, 1 Y' , Z'x"'1 " ' jM? 3L55Q A F5':9f!53'fd' I 'Qu ai Q, Wiayeri ' fr F , ,, L. l ,ix Q- . ,rr"'i'. "1 4 'Mig :f -aff: K A 'LP .-4 ' . vii ,NT 75 1 ff V G .1 f" ' a,s ,' vw?-5 Fi fi 5' ,E .' fg if S. Lr- 1 ,m,gJa , ,xd,, ' Fig Q f . I .E -,, if .ul 'mf .hl . s "C . , -, : 4 W J A ij l ii? Mm , 1.mam........L.M PM.. :A 1 "1-1 -- 'b ' sn M ' ' ' 'a' ,gg P . fig , 'Sf ." J urn f 13 ,gf 'I A 4 F 'Q ?.e.,'5' r ' x 21, 5 AM-L A , 1 lO

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