Van Nuys High School - Crimson and Gray Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA)

 - Class of 1958

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Van Nuys High School - Crimson and Gray Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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fj Qjkjv f, 22 W , .I Xi?lQ V45-if in hY y44l iQ ,M HLQVHLLJX, 1 SP1 7 - H 2' ,, 'X es m' kg 4 W' 45, X naw 'J' XX! I X g 1 'V - . ,, I Q ff I , l.: N ' hc ., , uh. I , F7 W DQ V ,ulfmw 1 K if 1,,ukga, f , ,u Q 'liiggvmpf' ig f full' X K 4 mi" .wid ---- gn! ' fg ' 2 '-wx.,q XQ4: M1 . X X'4xw. , 2- V 'A , J K ,xi Q2 fy N 'R-. fx Uk 15 f., ff 3 tc I Fl Ck,,f,f1V Kf-aj :LF ----2, : A 11 A --.+G X- vi 1: 1 , b pf 'L g- 0 X' ,X T vw . X W i A , X L 4 M , V ff. 1' A ' , NH-' I PS 24 f X . A kwa! PM HY 14.3-f 6+ , KJUGM 'I r MJ ' Thrffw DAIVTAN ri-in I Xgxwfi X J'fr', fjjdcn JA!!!-'iffy AL: .P fp' avg! T' i" ' ' W' W Q, W' 7 g Q iaullll r -3- M ' I , 1, G f '- l A fer, I " 1' 8 K If bl , ' 'Q Q11 V! ,WM1 4 ic C 00, XXGWLI ' 4, A ,f 4 fir, " cw ' ' AA ' ' 1 1 A .Q A-,Q-,L OA' C. C.-J A A A , ' wwf' ' A"g , Lumbj Lk jgycfv-fy W6 WV-A Rf 4 n' A ' ff' ' ' f x 1 P V ' ix ,Xi--QJKJ , . f f 'J 1 'Q ,' QM x XJi , L 4? WL' LM! 'Ymcvuw Yum- L--- 2 "-'gg , L9 Nw JJ L i O CTV. C uf? D - ' A ' - x 6 ' n q f1'L,y by " ru 'iq ,L Q QW, 1 : 7 -if ' j 4 bb ' "hm C, ' ,' 'Wil ,M ' ' I VA lg ?,L1lf1 " Z filth' I X C- 55 LLITU -X - mi' fue , Miuyfdc ,f LL - ' ,Hub V . - N A f , f' ' "' 5' ' ' 2 X lv LFHLL, Q-K+ Y! YJ IfuL21fC'4' 7V L, twat V W ,, Q Ja ,W . ' , +f M uw f' , f' V ,Vf,,,.J WM QQ away R , If ac 41 . ' f ycickyfx. ' ' HOIVUEHQL 7'V 54421457 Or-'L Ck IL n 11' 00 ffC,.f2-,xl l ' EQJQ Q ,XV . GvQ,k,f0'1v,L li' 1 j ' , Rv' I , gif . 3' A sag F X j SQFLL X6-JWLJQ Q15 wwf vm y ,ffijeisx Vbu-,'f'X'ff ' ? mir,-fr., by fxnj W U Ew",g v f A f W XQX' Lj7W fW'y!Q AT SV Q'- ..f,.hv,-,g4fm-,:,,1wf.f.e1,1..x,.v. pw .2 .X lm. ,KM , ' -I.-N-.J,.qaaummmsxmmnummmmwwzmu m. 1 .6 wi -V f' 'Q Z1 Van lk J' GJ pf '60, , , ' Af S 46 ' ' ' If sm E HA! 0 K L 5 El 7 L g f VN-, '! '- - EQ fi l 4 J ' 'elif -a AV W . fsdvawz EQ, - , ,A 1 9 A r ,.,- of 1958 Q FSSSH S if The CRIMSUN and GRAY 5 9 f , P , I 6 ' ff as rr. 'VY f ! z 5 Q H .Q irate Qirulse 5 , X X XX X, X X A mix' X X 15 SI, X gi , 1 2 ,, r QQ 2 fi ZX ni X 4 R E , ix 4 2 X X XX.-N X 5 X Ak Xmx X X .MEX X XXX xv X- . X. K ff .atv ' X XY X QEXXA XX I I 'P 47. X WU? ...pcs g1.. ' '-4-an-nnLg1 .: r qi -uni ,g1-ni' -ull, Q. A Pirate Qlrniziv Rugged men in ragged trousers climb spidery riggings high above the sea. Land Ho! The treasure is in sight! The end of restless seeking. The joy of possession is theirs. Even today there are treasure seekers, for each person searches for a treasure of his own. Whether the treasure is gold or silver, success or knowledge, it requires the same searching, the same dedication of intent. Each student at Van Nuys High School seeks the treasure of knowledge on which to build his future. Through the three-year voyage on the sea of knowledge in high school, the student searches restlessly for his goal in life. Then he reaches the Land Ho-Graduation! Like pirate's treasure, the diploma he receives is the key to achieving success. Van Nuys High is a ship well manned for the treasure search. Her trusty and skillful Pilots of the Main administer and guide the ship along its course. Skilled though the pilots may be, Old Salts are necessary to help them with the voyage. These old timers, the Seniors, set the example to be followed by the Swabbies, Underclassmen, who propel the ship forward on her quest. Throughout the voyage, there are many Hidden Treasures gained through participation in activities which are provided for the crew. Clubs, sports, and school service organizations are open to everyone who wishes to add happy memories and lasting friendships to his treasure chest. As each pirate ship and its crew were proud of their physical strength, so, too, are the students of Van Nuys proud of their sports prowess. The pirates of today uphold their name, and forever prove their strength to the world in brave and daring Conflicts of Honor. With the color and drama of the Pirates still before us, we go forth to even greater quests. -..A HM . te? Elms PILOTS OF THE MAIN . 6 OLD SALTS . . . BH HIDDEN TREASURES . 6+ CONFLICTS OF HONOR . Ill! SVVABBIES .... . lilly INDEX . . 159 Page Five Pagr' Six l MR. NOBLE Principal Under the outstanding lcaclcrship ol hir. lX'illi1nn LZ, Noblc. Van Nuys High SChool,s nun' principal, Vim Nuys complctcd another very sucicessliul year. W'ith his cupzilwlc guicluncc innny things haw been ziccoinplisliccl which arc ll crvclit to the school. Mr. Nohln-'s vnthusiasin has Cuiutccl 21 spirit ol ilricncllincss and linv sportsrnanship :it Van Nuys. Mi's. Eva M. Kirby, Girls' VlL'l'-l7l'lllR'llD1ll, lvd ilu' Girls' Student Body tl'll'UllQll zinrwtlivi siircvsslliil yviir. Girls' NVn'i'k, ll1Sll'llC'tlX'l' and inspirzilimiul to ull. wus just om- ul tlim' vwnls slim' spmisurvd. 'lllw Lzidivs Urgiinizgilirm looks to livr lor QlllCllllll'l' in ull llwir unclvr- laliings. liuy-ol'-llim--Yi-airy was om- ul' lliv iiiimxuliuiis mgulm- lwy Mr. -Inlm P. fIrnm'rl'm'cl, lluys' Vll'l'-l,l'lIlK'llJlll. lliis yvgir. llis sim'm'ri' lllll'l'K'Sl :incl lllll-lllllllQ rn-mln-1':1l1rmi1 am' gi lu-lp to tlu' srllmml Llrtlxitlvs ul llw SlllCll'lllS. As spuiism' ul tlln' linigllls. lim' inslmirvs thi- lmvs lu lllllill- lzlin liigll slzmclzxrcls nl' K'lllZl'Il'illllJ. xii, MR. JOHN P. COMERFORD Boys' Vice-Principal MRS. EVA KIRBY Girls' Vice-Principal Si 5, , I X 'SX 299 5,44 . .:.:::::.. , X1,, , X E ,, ., ' W 1 - , f ,, ' Q 1 Q. 4, S 9, ' ' f 1 ,.,,, - Page Seven SCIENCE FACULTY FIRST ROW-Mr. M. Ronne, Mrs. R. Hollinger, Mr. H. Young, Miss G. Moser, Mr. P. Hymanson, Mr. C. Cook. SECOND ROW-Mr. L. Falb, Mr. J. Hollahon, Mr. V. Loulzenhuser, Mr. G. Plulner, Mr. B. Kroof, Mr. H. Roskind, Mr. B. McDonald, Mr. R. Patton. THIRD ROW-Mr. M. Newman, Mr. G. Bessey, Mr. J. A. Smith. Zlaere learn e the psteries THE SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Heading the large Science Faculty this year was Mr. Harold Young, physics teacher. Chemistry classes were under the instruc- tion of Mr. Louis Falla, Mr. Maurice Newman. Mr. Bill Kroot and Mr. George Platner. Mrs. Ruth Hollinger, Mr. Wendell Cook, Mr. james Smith and Mr. Kroot all taught physiology. The students who are specializing in the science Held have oppor- tunities to show their knowledge in the American Chemical Society Test and the American Association of Physics Teachers' Test. Assisting the chemistry students in their study during the spring semester was a special series of lectures and demonstrations given by a group of scientists from the Atomics International Division oi North American Aircraft. rllONY, GARY, ANIJ S1111 LOOK ON XN'HILIi lion EXPLAINS 'ro XVAYNIC. RON, ANU IS..xR1a.LxR.Lx L1s'r1iN 1NT1aN'rLY 'rms Pr1x's1OLOox' Crfxss THE FIINCTION OF THE LIVER AS MR. XTHUNG IWIQSGRIIXICS .rx jrer 'l'l'RRlNE T' ' ff,"5 I if" Z I 'Q rdf- . 'uf PUIQI' lfilghl """v, SUE AND BIARK NVATCH .as JEFF ExPL.xINs His ANSWER IN MR. KL'BO,S GEOMETRY II outss n' the Ukiniherse THE MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Under the yeh' capable direction of Miss Jean Robb. the Blathematics Department offered a wide variety of sub- jects. including the important college preparatory courses. A fairly new course is Mathematics Analysis, taught by Bliss Robb. It is a combination of Solid Geometry. Analytic Geometry. and Calculus. Coached by Miss Florence Reese. the Mathematics Team attended the Field Day at Occidental. Mr. Alden XYillis coached the Team for the NYi1liam B. Orange Mathe- matics Competition at Los Angeles City College. I MISS Roms 7 W I ff ' 4 Xa 7.7 2 L ExPI.A1Ns DETERMINANCE TO VVAYNE. PETER, IRENE, DIANE AND ELAINE IN ALGEBRA IV -47, f 'W ,'? .-- 7 ,555- '7 I I 161536 JM . 1 gr 'J y I 1 ,f I ,f Img! If K-J Vai, ,ff eirff F51 JMX, LJ Tp UQ! Gycfpo I A.,-K--the A. V - 5 . MATHEMATICS FACULTY FIRST ROW-Mr. R. Sanders, Mr. A. Willis, Mr. G. Stuart, Mr. F. Culwick, Mr. K. Vanesian, Miss F. Reese. SECOND ROW-Mr. A. Richardson, Mr. J. Doerr, Miss J. Robb, Mr. J. McCaffrey, Mrs. E. Megulie, Mr. R. L. Sanders, Mr. C. E. Ham, Mr. L. Goodman, Mr. ,ww- 17 gf f A6 .W -4 D '39 f"7'.2", 'Mm I H. Kubo, Mr. M. Ronne. mf IM! 1. ig Q. . , st 'em T 17" R' ' sei i R' aww Worx w.....- if K ,M-I . lx. .1 ,- ' ,,..:. . . Q f 53. X ' 2 yn I C S' 1 . ' I xr: E K' A we-. -- X - . .. . X . . "L X ? , ' ' 2.4" A, , Q.. Q I 2-"-:ff-.L fix A - -1' . T.. X sf A ...R .- - .....,.A. I .'.,. . Q, , K ' 2 .. .-.:.-,stem rv . - .. If w. ramad?- ff " if ,X W, 17.7, ' W 1? ffm M I 'nl THE ENGLISH FACULTY Mrs. Annina Pricc again dirr-Ctcd the widely varied progrzun nl the English Dcpartrnc-nt. The drama Classes, undcr thc direction Ol' Rliss Clathcrine Mc'Millan, very succvssfully prnducvd "Our Townf' Mr. Raymond Kessler was the ncw and capuhll- instructor ol thc Radio Spf-4-Ch Classes during the wintur scrnvstvr. 'llhvy wi-i'v taught hy Mi's. Alycc- Luschow during thc- spring. Mr. Ki-sslvr also instructed thx- nc-w Ili-hatv Class. thi- Puhlic' Spm-alaing vliissvs. and thi- succvsslul Spf-4,-c'l1 Clluh. Thr- lVIirr0r Stull' was unclvr thi' guid- zmrc- ol Mr'. Irwin Prirgi-s, and Mr's. Anninqx Prim- uclvisvcl thi' Annual Stull. Irnprmrtzint to thosw- sl-nim' sluclvnls prvpuriiig lor mllvgr- wvrl- thi' Advziriwcl Zlllil Svnim' Cluiupusilimi clarssvs LAILIQLIL hy Mrs. Kay lVIunsc'hr'r, fvlrs. lisllivi' Russ, NIV. lNli-rrill Fuslvr, Mi'. 'lainvs NVl1it1-hvzrcl und Mi'. llunnur l,uucl. Pm-lim' writing wus stirnulatr-d hy Mi'. Fusli-i' tln-uugli his clirvvlimi ul' ilu- IH-gnsus Cllulm :incl thi- pmcliirtiori ul' "'l'hi' VVingm-cl Pr-n." Ciuursi-s in liuglisll I'Il1LllI'C wi-rv c'm'1cliir'tf'cl lay hir. Ausvliu limrlxi, Miss Lilgiiu- l'rl'slm1 :und Miss l,r-4- Ellis. Ri-gulni' ll'lllll :incl m'lm'x'i'ulll grzuli' vlaissvs unu- pli-lvd the- c'urric'uluui ol' thi' cli-p:ii'lun-nl. gr' 7lr'Il ENGLISH FACULTY SEATED-Miss L. Ellis, Mrs. E. Ross, Mrs. K. Munscher, Mrs. A. Price, Miss C. McMillan, Mrs. A. Luschou. STANDING-Mr. G. Bayha, Mr. R. Kessler, Mr. G. Lund, Mr. J. Whitehead, Mr. A. Brocki, Mr. M. Foster, Mr. V. Wollmcin, Mr. J. Genelte, Mr. I. Porges. Speak Mr. L. West, Miss G. Keough, Mrs. M. Finn, Mrs. G. Segal, Mrs. H. Sekely, Mr. D. Hall. 759 if,- :ff fs C331 ,f 2 9 ,, r l--E ld up 'Qlr ' i T fl . 4 A Q, ' 4... Cf,f,4wt, itil? 1' 35 9 J ly S -. 3, 7 ,sz ' s 2 4 2 l ' js-75 li V! le the nglisb u the ing 1:--U nv' n-v mn T? 'IR' xl 'QF - sw K SOCIAL STUDIES FACULTY FIRST ROW-Mrs. G. Thompson, Mrs. H. Smylhe, Mr. S. Elmon, Mrs. F. Rcffe1Io, Mrs. E. Diefher, Mr. G. Drake. SECOND ROW-Mrs. K. Stewart, Mr. M Foster, Mrs. M. Word, Mrs. E. Schwartz, Mrs. T. Roy, Mr. K. Gunn, Mr. C. Lundquisi, Mr. V. Wollmon. THIRD ROW-Mr. P. Hymanson, Mr. C. Friedman Miss M. Feutz, Mr. T. Lyons, Mr. L. Robinson. Gxxx ,Ai 4D ' Tkg, SS I AQ- ipffgg 1 Z I' l IF lnanaonuwamnmx in!" IN MISS M. Frllvfyf' c:i.Ass, LIORIJON Rmns oviak Ros,x1.icif1's SIIUI'LIJIiR AS 'form I'OlN'l'S oi"r 'ro IJICK 'miie I'ROCl'2IJl'RIi ifoiz virziciwu A cmmimmi "' S . H S-f' 9 num the Enrlh J SOCIAL STUDIES I3EPAR'l'MEN'l' LIIICICI' thv supcrvisioii of Blix Sidncy Elmnn. thc Social Studios llcpmtiiiciit has iiiniiituiucd high stnnclgirds this ycnr. 'l'hv llvpnrtiucilt cutvrccl thc Los Angclvs Exniuinvi' History Coutcst and won svcoiicl plgicv among thc Los Augclcs City Schools. Social Studivs studcnts also purticipntccl in tho llnuglitmws ol tht' Golclvu XYvst Lfontvst. Sm-wiuil coiirsvs xwrv taught this your incliicliug thi' nvw and popular suhivcls ol' liconomirs. taught hy Mr. Curl Frivdmnii. and IIIILWIILIIIOIIQII Rola- tioiis. taught hy Mrs. lima I5ivtI101'. L'nitvd SIAIICS lslistory. L'iiit0cI Stgitvs fIOX'k'I'I1lllL'Ilt. and SCITIOI' I'rohlm'ms, siihivcts l'l'LlIIIl'L'LI lioi' QIHCIIILIIIOII. :irc liilwii hy gill olvwntli amd twcllith grade stuclvnts. 'I'h4-y iiiiilw vx'm'ryoiii' nwam' ol' thcir Iivritugv and thvii' i'i-spoiisihilitit-s to thvii' country. XII 0 1Df1WLfI'7IZl'l'l?'I' THE LANGUAG E D E PARTMENT Under the direction of Mr. -lack Mclilintock, the Language Department otlered Spanish, French and Latin. Since two years of a language are an entrance requireinent for Inost colleges, these courses are especially important to students interested in continuing their education. MGl1lb61'S of the Language Faculty also sponsored several clubs. The Optiinates were under the sponsorship of our new Latin teacher, lNIrs. Alice Fuerst. Les Elites were again spon- sored by lXIrs, Henrietta Holubar. and tlIe Los Companeros hy lNIrs. hlaria Louisa Gagne. who taught Spanish. Other teachers of Spanish included lXfIrs. Alicia Dominguez, Mr. Marcos de Leon. hir. Hayden lXIoore and B111 Virgil Paolino. The new teacher of French this year was hlr. Gustave Charlancl, who also taught some classes in Latin. SIIELLEY IS TORN BPLTXYEEN sooo AND EVIL IN A FRENCH PLAY GIVEN IN MRS. HOLUBAR,S CLASS anh Speak its nngues LANGUAGE FACULTY FIRST ROW-Mrs. M. E. Casscrd, Miss L. Ellis, Mrs. M. Gcgne, Mrs. A. K. Fuerst. SECOND ROW-Mr. G. M. Chczrlond, Mrs. H. Holubor, Mr. J. McClintock, Mrs. A. Dominguez, Mr. J. Gennefte, Mr. M. de Leon. ........L.....,..,ma...,,.,.,,..-W,,..W,,,,.,,..,f..,,...., ,, - . .,, ,,,,, I Aa.- ,..,, . ,.,, ,. .N . ...H-A A ggi it-'E cw 'W' "" .WZ , vm TN W7 X S 3 ,, .... ...W S Page Thirteen - sss s- QI I . 1 sys s .X X RICK XVATCHES AS SANDY, PAT. AND FRIENDS TRY THEIR HAND AT BIUSIC XYRITING f ,- gi ,if Q U QQ I TASS ii: ,' X' ' Eg l- qs: em u 'N V I :mn f I E i I, , I '4 A ,1 I' W 1 N i 0 X fl-IQ 1 U :I I S I K I " X: I if ' X I X E f u H n ' - X - 4 5 s MX- X X, l 11--' f..5r usin Ulurnz the apstan MUSIC FACULTY Mr. J. Sayre, Mrs. R. Koutzenbach, Mr. 5.Weins1ein. T? EY ' v vin , ,f I If 1 , ,, ,f ,.,f My . z?,,,, 4, wwe 1 f SV, 'WV if ,MW ' 1 TK' fu, ,1,w,, 1 7. I Ilaygr l"01n!f'f'1l ,,. .5 1.1 if LJ FINE ARTS FACL' LTY Lvudci' tlui supcrvisiou of KI11 Blicluuil Grug- Ory. tlui Art Dcpairtiiivut complvtcd niiotlici' succvssliul ycnix 'lllu' iuiwcst iuciuluii' of tlui Art Faculty. Mr. Gciu' I,L1xvLIlICll. taught Art Apprv- cigitiou and Uiutooiiiiig. 'llilvntvd studcuts could lu' found worlxiiig nt Art Coiupositiou and .Xdvcrtisiug Art uudci' Hhs. Gladys Roluwfs vxccllvnt diicctiou. lXI1'. Gwgory luilpod studcuts in liis cliissvs of Sculpturiiig. .lcxwliy Stage and Intl-riui' Dunviuitioii, mid Costuuu' Ucsigiiiug. 'l'lui Music l7cpg11'tu1cnt was dircrtvd by BIPS. Ruth Kgiiilzciilwgifli, lvndci' of tlui ucw .-X Capella Uluwir quid of tlu' Girls' Glcc Clulws. Blix john Siiyu' tuuglit lNIusic' Apprcciiitioii and Huriiioiiy, wliili- M13 Svyuuwui' YYOiiistviu coudurtcd tlu' Oirlivstm and Band. -Ioiut clliurts of ilu' lXIusiL' l"gu'ulty pmvidvd vxitwlaliiiiiiviit alt nssvmlwlics amd lmuiglil gi most viijoynlwlv uuisicnl YCAII' to llu' studvul lwdy. 5-sul Q...-f-:Q N...Q, QQ- 4-A ,f . i -grddfffff Mr. G. Lu Voncil, Mr. M. Gregory, Mrs. G. Roberis. Hy ,E rrw ff X, XA Y 'I' I f .P J' Lf! EQ UN A IJICTH X N 1 I C . A' H CE' A' ' I f- 1 . x WV-F ,J SVS.-XN Posris XVHILE IN.-XNCY FREDERICKS AND CIARY BREWER ATTEBIPT TO CREATE HER PICTVRE llama wake esigns that 351213932 Ci.-RRY XYORKS DILIGENTLY TO FINISH A XVOOIJ BLOCK, AS HINDA IQAEL PAINTS THE BACKGROUND FOR A CARTOON Page Fiffuvn ffm: l4lnu1a: f neu at neuuie sw... . ,M 1'-Q -ur C230 , W .ani yas SI A X -f N ?""" .X T E 1 t-Qs .N-, 0 - I sg I N X C57 BNI' s,....e BUSINESS FACULTY If xx,, . if L it ' X! b -n 3: X FIRST ROW-Mr. J. Hood, Mr. B. Modwin, Mr. C. Lilfle, Mr. D. Livson. SECOND ROW-Miss M. O'Honlon Mrs. M. Hitchcock, Mrs. F. Heinze, Mrs. W. McKee. THIRD ROW-Mr. G. Bonduh, Mrs. G. Vinie, Miss l.. Foster, Mrs. E. Shipley, Mr. A. Stridborg. FOURTH ROW-Mr. T. Miller, BUSINESS EDUCATION FACULTY INII1 N. T. Miller directed the Business Education Faculty, whose members helped many students on the way to a career. Business Education has four major Fields-general clerical. stenographic, book- keeping, and merchandising. A variety of subjects were made available to all students by this depart- ment. A few of the many subjects taught were Busi- ness Law, Typing, Salesmanship, Shorthand. Book- Mr. J. Deilz. learn THE-'efu LEARNING FOR FI.'TI'RE BVSINESS ARE IROD AND D.AXX'E AS THEY PRACTICE SALI-ZSBIANSHIP BEHIND THE COUNTER keeping, and Business Machines. Practical ofhce expe- rience was given to students planning a career in the business world. MRS. MCKEE SHOXYS HER 'IIYPING I STVIJI-LNTS, SH.-xRoL. ALAN AND PENNY, THE MECHANICS OF THREAIIING ' A TYPI-IXVRITER fc? 1 It Ibii Nm 'Q v x by AV '- ASE X I . x 1' K . . ST - ii I I' 0 'N X X fi' . . - - I. il as N I 1-in-an Y 'JM dl-. AGRICULTURE FACULTY IM' . . - 4' " Mr. D. J. Rollins, Mr. G. E. Nielson, Mr. C. B. Kung. AGRICTULTL'RE FACZL'I,'l'Y lNIr. Grant Nielson was head of the Agriculture Depart- ment for another successful year. Assisting him were M1'. Charles King and Mr. Dell Rollins. Vocational Agriculture was taught hy all three teachers. and in addition to this, N111 King taught Agricultural Science and Floriculture. Vocational Agriculture is taught ut Five Acres, wlicre all the equipment for nn up-to-dutc study of farining tech- niques can he found. Floriculture is L1 course avnilnhle to any student. Besides learning all of the technical and scientihc aspects of plants, the students also learn how to trrrnnge Horal displays and make corsnges. The Yan Nuys Chapter of the Future Farmers of America was sponsored by the Agriculture Faculty. One of the largest school organizations. it had Ray Wilding as president for the spring and fall semesters. ,, Skills' fur :Futures Zgright MR. M. MOBLEX'. A PROFESSIONAL BUTCHER. snows THE BOYS HOXV TO EVISCERATE A STEER IDAVID. LARRY, PAT, BOB AND PAUL ARE PINNING A CHICKENS FOR PACKING ' - E .Az f..-1.-m.l.:aEl"-325112 -1 .. ' -L 'fs-i.2.f.' ,J X ' V 1.5 'gy gg.-...fzgjfz Q. A X t A P Page Seventeen Miss RYAN EXPLAINS THE RIGHT METHOD CUTTING A PATTERN TO FRAN. JOAN, LEE, TOBY AND JOANNE 1915111 fur LORE, JEAN AND JANICE IMPATIENTLY XVAIT FOR THEIR MEAL AS IT IS BEING PREPARED BY SUSIE AND HARRIET -'--v-wmv x HOME ECONOMICS FACULTY SEATED-Miss Kay Ryan. STANDING-Mrs. Dorothy Simmons. Palgr l2vj,Qfllf'f'7L svli 'A e an-hawaii Amr ban W wh ,, A , ' PM 9 ' , . 5 F .. H E' gzgeee . Jw V 1 QE 3' -il ' L ' iam vf' .Y--,-,, v WL? .-, ff, ' 1 v-v'-' '-in w l l'1'L',fv:1,i':v:, El V ' A ' S "is f, ' G I f-fi fe Q- ' P' , fp Qfwfwilf " g, OS-DG, HOME ECONOM ICS FACU LTY Hmnc- Ecmioniics was taught this your by Bliss Ruth Reiter. Miss Kay Rynn and Ll nvw tl'LlL'ilK'li nt Van Nuys, BITS. Dorothy Sinnnons. Cflnssvs in Clothing, Foods, Child Curc. Hoinc Nursing. Ind Hmnv I.ix'ing', proyvd to iw Ol' practical ynlnc' to tha' students. Miss Rviu-1' was hcnd Oli thc' LiCIJLlI'tllll'Ilt for thc full scinvstci' and Miss Ryan livndcd it in ilu' spring. ln pus! Sl'lIll sun-cl tlim' lim-tty fil'0L'iit'l' II0llll'llllliiillg Uontvst. In 1957 thcy did -stvrs thc Hmnc Econoniics UI-pm't11Ic1It has spon- su signin. nncl liincln lrowlwridgv was tin' lucky Ivcipimit Of thc Oni nwnrci. lln' l'llllll'l' llUIlll'lllL xkvrs Oli .'Xnn'i'icn is spunsorvd by Miss Ryan and Mrs Sinnnons. 'lin' flnlw Illl'i'lS I-x'v1'y xwvlx und llclps stndcnts lm urn lnm ln lwcoim- snvrm-sslill ilUllll'l!l1liik' t - ,. f.,I I. A as Zlaumes anti mars S, I INDU STRIAL ARTS FACULTY Industrial Arts were under the excellent supervision of hir. Wlilliam Chambers, in whose classes students work busily at graphic arts. lN1r. Robert lX1archese managed the Stage Crew and taught Industrial Mathematics classes, while Mr. Donald Delp taught General Metals, and Mr. George Marek taught Vocational Machines and Machine Shop. Mechanical Drafting was taught by Mr. Merrill Hampton. Mr. Cecil Gates, and Mr. Wendell Kirk. who also taught Architectural Drafting. The work in the wood shop was under the direction of Mr. Ben Halpern. Electricity and radio were the subjects that drew interest in the room of B111 Niaurice Kopp. All the boys in this depart- ment acquired skills for use in their future lines, MR. M.AREK sL'PERvIsEs JOHN. TERRY. DENNIS AND JOHN AS THEY LEARN THEIR TRADE IN MACHINERY fgsfsg Q -es PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY FIRST ROW-Miss M. Senchclk, Miss D. Bclily. SECOND ROW-Mr. A. Gaber, Mr. J. McConnoughy, Mr. W. Tucker, Mr. N. Michel. THIRD ROW-Mr. R. Anderson, Miss P. Taylor, Mr. L. Orleg, Miss J. Munson, Mr. B. Quinn, Miss B. Corkhill, Mr. J. Mercer, Miss R. Show, Mr. N. Giovinozzo, Mrs. E. iBrartire iz jfnzatz u' Svkill France, Miss B. Edgeff. Physical Education for boys was headed by Mr. Winston Tucker, the head coach of the Varsity Football and Baseball teams. Nlr. James McConnaughy and Mr. Reg Anderson coached the Bee Football teams, while Mr. Nick Giovinazzo was coach of the Track team. Mr. Jim Mercer assisted him, and coached the Varsity and JayVee Basketball teams in the fall. Mr. Barney Quinn coached the Bee and Cee Basketball teams and the Gymnastics Squad. Mr. john McCaffrey led the Tennis Squad, and the Fine Swim Team was headed by lNIr. Anderson, The newest members of the department were ' X OL' HAVE TO BE A FOOTBALL 111-:Ro.,' SAY Boa, JIM ANU DON, AS Tx-Im' TRY TO BREAK THROUGH THAT LINE Mr. Al Gabor and Nlr. Norman Michel. Miss Bernice Gorkhill again headed the Girls' Physical Education Department staff of eight. lNIiss -loyce Munson and Miss Barbara Edgett were new members of the group. Bliss Phyllis Taylor led the Girls' Drill Team through another successful season, while Miss Margarite Senchak taught Mod- ern Dance. Corrective and Posture Training was headed by Miss Sheila Hirshberg, while lXIrs. Evelyn France sponsored the Girls' Athletic Association. Nliss Dorothy Baily. corrective teacher. returned to Van Nuys after a trip to Europe. pal: XfIULLliYING Tllli BALL .mia IJmliTTX', BIYRA. lrmg SVP, l.1Nn.-x ANU .limits W ff ,VT V Tea? R . 2 'Wd ' kg ' ' "-3 ,N - D, -f Y' A I I , 1-if' I B NN, S--r : RN MXN X I IX BEV ERLY. TOM AND BETTV LOOK ON AS BILL TESTS HIS FIELD VISION IN DRIVER EDLOATION DRIVER EDUCATION FACULTY FIRST ROW-Mr. T. Starr, Mr. M. Nemiroff. SECOND ROW- Mr. T. Lyons, Mr. L. Orteg, Mr. B. Quinn, Mr. J. Crandall. DRIVER EDUCATION FACULTY The Driver Education Faculty of Van Nuys is under the direction of Mr. Ted Starr. The instruc- tors are Mr. M. Nemiroff, Mr. T. Lyons, Mr. L. Orteg, Mr. B. Quinn and Mr. Crandall. Two courses are contained in this department. Driver's Education is the Hrst one, which is taken in the tenth grade. Its main purpose is to give one a knowledge of the California Vehicle Code. Driver Training. the second course, is open to all those who haVe an instruction permit. This course offers concrete Value in insurance rate reductions. This department is Very useful. MR. TED STARR REYIEXV5 THE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF DRIVING FOR KARPINE. -IIIII AND ROGER Nxt? X l l 1 s P 4 l l Bos RANDOLPH Presidenl uihe well the Svbip BOARD OF CONTROL W'58 Bob Randolph served our student body well as its president. He was ably assisted by Nancy Fairchilds as girls' president, and Ron Porter as boys' president. These people also serve as co-presidents of the student body in case of the presidentas absence. Jill Greenberg kept the student body minutes with great diligence and accuracy. Student Body Treasurer Kathye Jo Barrett kept excellent care of all student body hnances. Serving as commis- sioner of assemblies was Bob Cheng, while Sue Silverman, our commissioner of clubs, presided over the Presidents' Club. Nelson Gary campaigned to keep the halls and grounds of our school clean, while Gary Myers repre- sented all literary publications while serving as commissioner of publications. All our school affairs were given excellent publicity by our Commissioner of Publicity, Bill Berquist. The fire drills and other safety measures were planned by John Myers who was serving as commissioner of safety. The students, service points were ably kept and recorded by the Commissioner of School Service, Karen Wilcox. Deanna Corbin led the schoolls scholars while serving on the board as commissioner of scholarship. Planning all the dances and other school social activities was Sheryl King, commissioner of social activities. Developing school spirit and leading the student body in yells at football and basketball games was Ted Bergman, head yell leader. The Senior "Bees" and the Senior "Ayes" were led by Pat Knox and Zeke Perlo, respectively. W'58 BOARD OF CONTROL FIRST ROW-B. Bergquisl, T. Bergman, R. Porter, B. Randolph, N. Fairchilds, J. Greenberg, K. J. Barrell. SECOND ROW-Z. Perlo, Miss Keough, D Corbin N. Gary, B. Cheng, P. Knox, S. King, S. Silverman, J. Myers, K. Wilcox, G. Myers. f ze nlf run n deb fleurs u' Ignite BOARD OF CONTROL S'58 Pat Knox served as president of the Representative Council and the Board of Control. as well as of the Student Body. He executed his duties with ability and leadership. Kathve -Io Barrett and Gary Myt'1's served the vice-presidents of the student body. and as presidents of their respective groups. Sheryl King recorded the ininutes, and Bill Berquist took care of the school,s inonev. Bob Fields served as connnissioner of assemblies, and Susie Wleiss served on the board as coininissioner of clubs. Doug Stuman helped to induce student pride in keeping the campus clean while he served as coniniissioner of halls and grounds. The school publications were repre- sented bv Stacey Keach. who served as connnissioner of publications. Pat Evans led the various campaigns to publicize the school activities. Serving as commissioner of safety was Bob Mostovoy. and Ann Carhart served as commissioner of scholarship. Susie Slattery recorded the student's service points while serving as conirnissioner of school service. Karen Clark was in charge of the sport nights. dances. and all other school social activities. Gary Martin led the yells at the track meets. rallies and athletic events. Bob Lanc- tot led the Tunisian class. while Toni YVilkinson represented the D'Artagnans. The boardls advisor and sponsor was Miss Geraldine Keough. S'58 BOARD OF CONTROL 7 'W 1 , fl PAT KNOX President FIRST ROW-B. Fields, B. Bergquist, K. J. Burrell, P. Knox, G. Myers, S. King, A, Corhurl. SECOND ROW-Miss Keough, B. Moslovoy, G. Marlin, P. Evans, S. Slattery, K. Clark, S. Weiss, S. Kecch, D. Stumcm, T. Wilkinson, B. Lonctot. s.. ,ik .. , E gr Tzeerzty-three X t W X 'Ii.Lf" ' if W W? 1' W7 U GIRLS' ACTIVITY BOARD W'58 FIRST ROW-L. Weisfeld, M. Honigberg, L. Hawkins, N. Foirchilds, A. Corhorl, P. Tinetii, S. Klonn. SECOND ROW-N. Anlolc, B. Pierson, S. Brown, M. Lloyd, J. Muench, J. Berkshire, K. Carlson, J. Millenlhcl. bathing for the Gush GIRLS' ACTIVITY BOARD Both the fall and the spring semesters were rewarding ones for the Girls' Student Body under the Fine leadership of the Girls, Activity Board. Serving as president during the fall was Nancy Fairchilds. She was ably assisted by Karen Clark, vice- presidentg Pat Tinetti, secretaryg Sarah Combs, treasurer. Barbara Pierson held the oflice of Ladies, presidentg .lean Berkshire held that of Lettergirls' presidentg Mary Lee Lloyd served as G.A.A. president. Kathye jo Barrett led the Girls' Student Body as president in the spring. Muff Beery served as vice-presidentg Nancy Jewell, secretaryg Mary Ann Gonnella, treasurer. Those holding the positions of Ladies', Lettergirlsl and G.A.A. presidents were Maiy Lee Lloyd. Jamar lN'Iuench and Marilyn Gonder, respectively. All worked under the out- standing guidance of their sponsor, Miss Constance Benson. Included also on the Activity Board are the chaiunen in charge of various committees such as Good Grooming. and Flowers and Thought. Tenth. eleventh and twelfth grade representatives are also chosen to serve on the board. Among the many activities were an assembly put on by the board each semester. Girls, XYeek. Good Grooming Con- tests, the Girl of the Year competition. a Mother Daughter Dessert, and a May Day program. GIRLS' ACTIVITY BOARD S'58 FIRST RONV-N. Jewell, M. Beery, K J. Borrell, M. A. Gonnello. SECOND ROW-L. Leovill, S. Wolen, M. Gonder, J. Muench, M. Foskoff, M. L. Lloyd, L Noble. THIRD ROW-P. Powers, J. Becker, J. Dulkin, M. Nielsen, H. Hoffmon, D. Wagner, J. Furboss, J. Scoggins. wi? X. , its 9? l Q BOYS' ACTIVITY BOARD W'58 l 'IL L In Qi fi' -f 133 il ' . nl: G' 5 ..': gp-4 , I Q, ' S A 'Ill Yr 7 ' 1 ff .' .-' ."' I .fw"1'f'l 9" I 1 A I f A 1 .15 , , , - - l:'::P-5iE: r,f,4 .5 , h T s . FIRST ROW-J. Edwards, R. Wildung, K. Olson, R. PorIer, J. Myers, I. Yellin. u' Q11 who Sail BOYS' ACTIVITY BOARD Under the fine leadership of the Boys' Activity Board, the boys of Van Nuys High School had an outstanding year. Ronnie Porter presided as president in the fall. He was assisted by Vice-President Ken Olson and Secretary-Treasurer Larry Sonsini. Leading the Boys, Student Body in the spring semester were Gary Myers. president: Duke Tschantre. vice-presidentg Carl Cheng, secretary-treasurer. Various boys' clubs such as the Knights have representatives who also serve on the board. Mr. K. Vanesian served as advisor and sponsor throughout the entire year. One of the outstanding activities inaugurated in the fall semester was that of choosing the g'Most Representative Boy of Van Nuys High School." Many names were submitted by various groups, and those names were then narrowed down to Finalists. The finalists were then voted on by each boy in the boys' gym classes. A similar program was also carried out in the spring. In the fall an assembly was held which consisted of the introducing of the Activity Board members and the showing of the Rams' football films. The Boys' Student Body was very fortunate in the spring in having for their assembly, Eddie Motter, gymnast. BOYS' ACTIVITY BOARD S'58 FIRST ROW-D. Tschunlre, G. Myers, C. Cheng, SECOND ROW-R. Wildung, W. Huotori, I. Yellin, N. Gary, B. Moslovoy. Page Twmzty-five .TV .. -. Z -me Ti REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL FIRST ROW-K. J. Barrett, D. Skelton, G. Lippert, M. Bunn, C. Melim, C. Crum, S. Toohey, V. Porter, M. Vogt, D. Kourlas. SECOND ROW-M. L. Lloyd, C. Ramsay, S. Robbins, L. Zwerg, M. Bond, S. King, N. Jewell, B. English, P. Polly, I. Yellin, B. Cheng. THIRD ROW-I. Costa, C. Green, L. Suerdieck, C. Karlstad, J. Clements, K. Shatman, A. Carhart, D. Kooy, P. Lorner, D. Weible, C. Cheng, B. Smith. FOURTH ROW-L. Jones, S. Lowe, B. English, J. Esterly, C. Familian, L. Drucker, N. Kaesberg, H. Fry, S. Van Linge, G. Martin, J. Jones, J. Dunn. FIFTH ROW-K. Johnson, S. Slattery, D. Stuman, J. Gardner, M. Anderson, R. Swing, S. Taylor, B. DeLaney, P. Knox, P. Frank. SIXTH ROW-J. Freeman, D. Gruber, H. Beaumont, N. Karsberg, B. Shields, E. Bybee. REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL Representative Council is the congress of Van Nuys High School. Each second period class at Van Nuys elects one rep- resentative and one alternate. It is their duty to see that any problems which come to their attention are reported to the Council, and to see that their second period classes are kept aware of the business of the school. Problems are presented to this Council for discussion. In this way, problems which affect the Student Body as a whole can be discussed in each class, and each student may participate in the government of the school. This year the Council has given special atten- tion to the problems of better sportsmanship and a cleaner campus. The Council was led in the winter semester by Bob Randolph and in the spring semester by Pat Knox. the Stu- dent Body presidents during these semesters. The Council operates under the direct control of Miss Keough. and each meeting is attended by Mr. Noble. lNfIrs. Kirby or Mr. Comerliord. I I REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL FIRST ROW-B. Mostovoy, B. Guidt, J. Getz, V. Caldwell, L. Cutler, R. Roberts, G. Myers, M. Gordon, M. McNeil, S. Keach, R. Anderson. SECOND ROW-D. Grayson, J. Ambro, J. Ames, H. Schuetz, D. Asness, M. Brenizer, L. LeRoy, S. Bidwell, H. Rosenthal, M. A. Gonnella, J. Moore. THIRD ROW- J. Green, S. Rankell, J. Randolph, S. Wapnick, B. Smith, G. Bassett, G. Haselbuseh, W. Kennamer, J. Temkin, S. Smith, S, Field. FOURTH ROW- A. Mango, J. Chamberlain, J. Smith, G. Ruddick, S. Brown, W. Moore, J. Emma, K. Brown, M. Berstein, C. Clork, S. Weiss. FIFTH ROW--J. Johnson, D. Beebe, J. Forinosh, D. Aleshire, B. Bergquist, O. Crow, T. Wilkinson, J.ShuImon, D. Ellsworth, H. Mouvais, G. Helgeson, K. Clark. SIXTH ROW- C. Townend, B. Peterik, J. Edwards, D. Bates, B. Paul. bv 5--Q... I f, who l I I I I I -,Z GUIDANCE OFFICE SEATED-J. Roy, D. McCallisIer, G. Galbrealh, R. Hollinger. STANDING-J. Whilehead, J. Deilz, L. Swanson, M. Kopp, A. C. Brocki, Mr. Kubo, L. Robinson. Q? ,M MAIN OFFICE E. Mathews, J. Woodcock, R. Siegel, S. Emanuel, M. Griffin. ATTENDANCE OFFICE E. Lindholm, J. Press, J. Sharslen, Mr. E. J. Means, Mrs. Wheeler, Mrs. Siegel, S. Robbins, J. Moskal. As, P agv Tzmfrzty-.vezwz STUDENT STORE Mrs. Moior, D. Kourlus, A. Kohan, J. Holmes, A. Jolley, J. Kompf, J. Clemenls, Mr. N. Brown. Z' EMPLOYMENT OFFICE C. Turner, A. Slridborg, R. Soggese, C. Cosindus, C. Lulhiger. Pagw Tzwnly-ci,ghl 4'--I 1 4 usb anh ?arieiJ HEALTH OFFICE M. Lichlenslein, Miss Keough, D. Siberl, E. Lindholm, Mrs. E. Freeman, N. Jinvis, P. Curlock, L. Spooner, S. Chandler, P. Reising, C. Lumke, B. Reese, C. Rispin. GARDENERS I ' L , N 'fl' 'glV:'. I A7 jl:: - . " " u ,, -.::- '5g' .rw V' O K R. J. Baumann, F. G. Hiebenl, E. L. Moreno. Q I ff I .X fx .- xy Q x . , . I I v ',,:, L if , 1 I ..,,.. K ,V ,E,f..' ,Q 77, ww V 7 lr., E, ..f. ' , 5' . I 4, if y , if .. , , ,, ,mv X V .. .4 ml m L Z. . V A fav, "1 ,, C, ' R gxmwwm' 7 I 4 T ' .sl ' CAFETERIA STAFF FIRST ROW-M. Harper, C, Shelley, V. Monell, R. Armintroul. SECOND ROW-C. Whilmer, A. Kuehn, M. Burnham, E. Kinsman, M. Kincord. THIRD ROW-V. James, J. Nelson, V. Arnold, N. McGinley, T. Fouseca, the Work but Q11 u' 71552 BUS DRIVERS CUSTODIANS FIRST ROW-M. E. Murphy, D. W. Winler, H. Taylor, FIRST ROW-G. Schneider, D. Carr, W. H. Osborne, G. Mitchell. D. Desmond. SECOND ROW-G. Durade, W. C. Mankall, SECOND ROW-T. Taylor, L. Prince, L. Maxwell, K. Palgala, M. Tangye, D. G. Sampo, O. K. Draper, E. J. Brooks. R. Gully. Pager Tzverzfy-zziize' fi H I-vi W I , 4 x ..- 35 v B '13 I 25 B, san-3' 'ips --I QR Q i HQ ? 3 Q 1 ,-ggi V of xlyvw' 31 . :N IV of if UMM sf Q5 of x W -f l ol.n sAl.1's p ,r Q -...M 1 it 4 i I 1 Q. t 1 I, iieiellt :Q:..Q' tl., QC . 1 t'xXQl.W. h. fflW'Ef1 1 f QHZQ lg P I MF' Eamattans fl winter 58 Zi 7 phehimw f Deanna Corbin Bob Randolph Nancy Fairchilds c 1'P"'ri fi . 9 John Meyers Barbara Pierson THE EPHEBIAN SOCIETY At Van Nuys High School the greatest honor that can be attained by a senior is to become an Ephebian. Patterned after an organization founded many centuries ago by a few Greek men of outstanding scholarship, leadership. and character. the Ephe- bian Society of today is carried on by a comparably distinguished group of people who must possess those same qualities plus an interest in civic affairs. Each semester at Van Nuys. the faculty and the graduating class select the outstanding members in the class to become associated with this society. Those who have achieved Ephebianship realize that not only have they been honored. but also that they have been given an opportunity to serve their fellow inan and their community. .IAMAICAN CLASS SPONSORS JAMAICAN A-I2 OFFICERS Mrs. Thelma Roy and Mr. lee Hamplon J. Clemons, C. Decker, M. Bates, Z. Perlo, J Goldberg " ' f W' 'W '-n.....irrv-911. ggr- -w-,., , awww: ima M , We build flue ladder by which we rise. SHELLI ALBERT JOAN ALBIN DONNA LEE ALLEN FLAVIA ANDERSON ROGER BACON MIKE BALL MARY BATES KENNY BERGER LESTER BERGQUIST JEAN BERKSHIRE NANCY BIEGEL JEAN BINGHAM JOEL BLACK MARILYN BLOSSER HAZEL BOOTH STEPHEN BORNSTEIN CHUCK BRANDA JUDIE BROWN YQ? DICK BUNN KAREN BURNHAM DON BURR JEAN BURT CHUCK CALAQRO MARIO CALAGNA CAROLYN CAMPBELL CAROLYN CARLISLE GARY CARMICHAEL NEVA CARR VAL CHRISTERSSON TONY CIFARELLI JOAN cLEMoNs I NED -comrvore MARY COOK HAROLD COOPER MARLENE COOPER Pagv Tl11'r'ty-three DEANNA ACORBJN RAYMOND CORTINAS DWAYNE COTTOM I ELAINE COX PAT CRATTY I LORRAINE CURNUTT MERIWYNNE CURTIS PAT DAYHOFF CHARLES DECKER FRED DECKER 1--.. E ROBERT DUNCAN SUSAN DUNCAN RICHARD EARLS GALE EISEBRAUN CAROLE EMEOTT ii JOHN CROUCH ART CUPPLES ' MARTIN DECKER GEORGE DEMARCO FRED EVANS NANCY FAI RCHI LDS .IOANNE FELTON TOM FERGUSON JOHN FERGUSSON KENNETH FIEGE TOBY FINK FRANCES FINKEL JOANNE FLOYD POSANDO rom DICK FREEMAN SHIRLENE FRIEDT STEVEN FRIEZE JUDY GARBLIK Dggwlf, fyynoorl mn r,REENf3ERc3 CONRAD c,R1gENlNcs NANCY CBRESHAM VALIRIE CRIFFITI-I I'fl1jf' 'I .ffl-If yvfrflff ,E . JOAN GILMORE ,IACQUELINE GOLDBERG RUTH GRIMM BETH LEE HAGADONE PAUL HAMILTON JOAN HAMMOND BEVERLEY HANSEN DONNA HART JERRY HASTDNGS FATFUCZA HATCH 9-1,4 fH!AV, fx. D401 HEMPHILL JANET HERTZBERG ANN HDLTON KENN HINDUS LEE HOCKEP JOHNNY HOPVATH ' YELLY HUGTOH PAT HUTCHINSON JUDY IKUTA NAI, f JENSEN MAFZCHETA JOHNSON LYNN JUBERT PENEE YAIN VAL KAY KARENA KAYLOQ JEFFREY- KERWIN SANDY YLANFI PATRCCIA KOVNEP CAROLE LABOVITZ DALE LLNSEEPFW JOHN LAEAUANDEF' BONNIE LAWSON SANDRA Jofm LUACEQ SHAPON LYNCH DONAL MAQADAM RICHARD MAC KINNON sue Mfxoofzm CAROL Mmm JUDY MAGILL TOM MAGUIRE PAULA MAIDA ' GLORIA MARTIN JOHNNY MARZ DENNIS MAY JENYNHE MAYC3 PaVgf'Tl1i1ty-151 Y O -.4 A A -- l WILLIE THE XVOLF LOOKS ON AS JILL. SUE, PAULA AND JACKIE SING IN PERRY COMO STYLE QS RQ ., gi ' T i"?.'3 ii ff? pm -Wx A 'ie nh, It F' fy- I I - Q A A -- -'f A ,-.. 1 .Q D.. -. .- ..A - h - A Ag - -,q. Q,-.A .-- 1 -1- --: 4:5 '-. to 5 1 -' 1 ' DICK, TED AND BOE ACCOMPANY SANDY AND JAN IN THEIR CiALYPSO MELODY AMAICAN ACTIVITY DAY One of the highlights of the Senior Aye semester, llgnnnicaii Activity Day. featured perforinunces hy some of the cluss's talented Inenihers, Nancy Fnirchilds and Linda Ro- Inun, with straw huts and sun glasses, were M.C.'s for this event. The girls. with their Steve Allen and Ed Sullivan qnips, kept the nndicncc in lginghtcr between the acts. The progrgnn hcggin with "The Story of Alice." a ninnhcr P0l'l-0l'lIlt'Ll in monotone with Inatch- ing expressions. Degiinin Corbin. Lynn .Inbert and Ilgirlcnc lXIichaelson sung irlillllllllyfi A sm-ptctte consisting of Nancy Fairchilds. Jackie Golclhcrg, -lill Greeiiberg, Sandy Klnnn, Jan Rankin, liindn Ronmn and Sue Silvcrinnn sung' "My linhy l3on't Phone No Rlorefl Also iiih-rspcrsctl thronghont the prograni were vzirions walk-ons nncl qniclaies. Following thc cntcrtniinncnt. refreslnnents wr-rc sm-rrctl in the ncw gvin. "Wno's I'Nm-:R 'l'lll-IRI-Klum .xslt l.lNn.-x ANI? N.'XNlIX' O .f A ELAINE MC CANN JIM MC GRATH JOHN MC KERNAN RUTH MENG ANNEVTE MERKOW EARLENE MICHAELSON NANCY MILLER DAVID MINKOFF SID MITCHELL JOHN MITTENTHAL MYRNA MOORE PAUL MORGAN ROD MORGAN EUGENE MOULD ED MUSSELMAN JOHN MYERS ROGER NADOW JOHN NORRIS ROBERT NOVIT THOMAS O'LEARY BILL OLSON ASELINA ORBACH LINDEN OVERMYER GARY PEACOCK EZEKIEL PERLO JUDY PESKETT BARBARA PIERSON DONALD PIPES RON PORTER ROSANNE POULTER HINDA RAEL DANNY RAMIREZ ROBERT RANDOLPH JANIS RANKIN CAROLYN REED PAUL RODRIGUEZ LINDA ROMAN ' DENNIS RYZOW WILLIAM SANDERS DONALD SAVILL PII4g'T7w!1f2'f3'-,YFZ 71 Qs wwf' XZ , 7 I Kr 55 Qi W f STEERING COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-L. Hocker, J. Clemons, Z. Perlo, J. Goldberg, M. Tredick. SECOND ROW-C. Swain, C. Lobowilz, P. Tucker, M. Sporr, B. Pierson, S. Huffuker, T. Fink, C. Decker, J. Millenlhol, S. Milchell. leak 2 fwntnarh ACTIVITY DAY COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-C. Decker, P. Kovner, P, Mcido, L. Roman, J. Goldberg. SECOND ROW-Z. Perlo, T. Starr, C. Swain, N, Jensen. THIRD ROW-A. Cupples. 1, f in x.: X, 1' CANDLELIGHT SUPPER COMMITTEE LUNCHEON COMMITTEE SEATED-M. Bales, L. Juber1,J, Mogill, J. Clemons. STANDING- FIRST ROW-J. Millenlhol, L. Roman, V. Sounders, N. Miller J. lkudo, C. Decker, L. Roman, L. Hocker, P. Wilolis, A. Cupples, D. Durkee. SECOND ROW-P. Tucker, C. Scorpo, L. Juberl L. Tomei, z. Perlo, T. Fink, U. Kay. 1- Goldberg, L. Tomei. ' Pllgl? Tliifly-ffiyglll A LIVELY PACE VVAS SET AS EVERYONE DANCED TO iiRAl'PlCHX',, errilp anne Qtnap the ight W' 58 SENIOR PROM "Tropical Night In Jamaica" was the theme for the traditional Senior Prom. Amidst the tropical setting of palm trees, coconuts and orchids. Seniors and guests danced to the dreamy music of Keith Williams. The evening was highlighted by the crowning of King Bob Duncan and Queen Flavia Anderson. Attending their majesties were Princes Chuck Decker, Don Mac- Adam. john Myers. Bob Randolph and Dick Young. Princesses of the Royal Court were joan Clemons. Deanna Corbin. Sandy Klann, Jennie Mayo and Sue Silverman. As the last strains of L'Good Night Sweetheart" were heard. everyone agreed it was truly an occasion to remember. QL'EEN FLAYIA AND KING BOB RVLE OVER THE PROM XVITH THEIR ROYAL ATTEND,-XNTS Paigr' Fm ly . vm Zlrtagnans Summer '58 58 D'ARTAGNAN A-12 OFFICERS FIRST ROW-B. Cheng, A. Schubert. SECOND ROW-K. Wil- cox, D. Few, T. Wilkinson, B. Chambers, P. Tinelti. D'ARTAGNAN B-I2 OFFICERS G. Ruddick, B. Beaufail, B. Mieren, T. Wilkinson, P. Knox L. Hubbard, P. Yates, S. Jensen , Qd"'-'4'- 3 " -:. :uf -of u D'ARTAGNAN SPONSORS 5, Q',"'3". Mr. Reg Anderson and Miss Mariorie O'Hanlon. Q, 5 Q 'F 1 0' htgzgn x R F74 W "We know not what the future holds, but we know who holds the future" is the motto of the D'Artagnans, Summer class of 1958. The motto is one which applies to the class very well,ias they have many members outstanding in scholarship, leader- ship, and character. Under the supervision of Mr. Reg Anderson and Miss Marjorie O'Hanlon. the D'Artagnans enjoyed a complete schedule of activities. Recognition Day, when their beautiful green sweaters were revealed to the school: Activity Day: the Candlelight Supperg and the Senior Prom will all long be remembered by everyone who attended. Presiding over the class in the B-12 semester was Pat Knox. Tom VVilkinson took over the presidency for the A-12 semester. The D'Artagnans bid Van Nuys High School a fond good-bye. Page Forty-one Top Row: KATHYE JO BARRETT RICHARD BATES BARBARA BEAUFAIT BILL BERGQUIST JIM BIRCHFIELD pbehianz Boffom Row: BOB CHENG NELSON GARY LINDA HAWKINS WAYNE HUOTARI JULIE JURRAS PAT KNOX MARY LEE LLOYD .IAMAR MUENCH MYRNA PASKOFF CINDY PEASE KAREN WILCOX TOM WILKINSON IRA YELLIN LEILA ABBOTT DICK ADAMSON ALICE ALBA BARBARA ALLEN ,MAYER ALSON CARLEEN ANDERSON CAROL ANDERSON GARY ANDERSON RETA ANDERSON WALTER ANDERSON JOYCE ANKELE JUDY ANTON BERNARD APPLE TED AQUARO , EDNA ASHLEY DICK ASHTON ' BONNIE ASMIJS BOB AVANTS BETTY BACKLJS KAREN BADGER CARLA BAILEY NANOf BAILEY PAULA BAILEY MARILYN BARNES DAVID BARNETT BEVERLY BARRETT KATHYE JO BARR ETT GORDON BARTON LINDA BARTON BARBARA ANN BASAITES JACKIE BASHOR GINA BASSO RICHARD BATES BOB BAYLER BARBARA BEAUFAIT NICK BEAVER TOM BECK h DARLA BEEBE MUFF BEERY DOUG BELL WILLIAM BEACH BILL BENEKE . Page' Fo1't3'-three DIANE BENNATON MARGARET BENNETT TERRY BENNETT BRUCE BENSON STEPHAN BENSUSSEN ' TED BEROMAN TOM BERGMANN BILL BERGQUIST JUDI BEYER SHERRI BILSKY JAMES BIRCHFIELD LINDA BIRD BILL BIXLER DAVE BLANKENSHIP '34 MARSHA BLUEMEL DEENA BLUM GENE BOGGS RICHARD BOOTH MARK BORA SUE BORNSTEN BARBARA BORSCHER R LINDY BOURNE SHARON BOYD SHIRLEY BOYD ED BRACA AUDREY BRAHM ALLAN BRANDT PENNY BRANNING Q xv-it-'A' ws KATHLEEN BRATTON WENDELL BREWER NANCY BREWSTER ELO BROADHEAD ARLENE BRODY DAVE BROWN KEN BROWN MADEN BROWN RONALD BROWN SALLY BROWN DOLORES BUIE JOHN BURGERT SHARON BURKHOLDER BILLIE BURNICR O Paxgf' Fm ly-four MIKE BUTLER JANICE BYBEE L VIC CALDWELL INLOW CAMPBELL KENNY CARPENIER PHIL CARTOZIAN JIM CASKEY Q.-ar IRENE CASSELL LARRY CAVANAUGH DONNA CI-IADWELL JOYCE CHAIN BONNIE CHAMBERS JUDITH CI-IANCELLOR JUDY CI-IAPNICK ww ANDREW CI-IARACKY ROBERT CHENG GENE CLAUSEN JANET CLEMENTS GEORGE COGER BOB COHEN DEAN COHEN PHILIP COHEN GAIL COLE BARRY COLEMAN DICK COLEMAN JIM COLEMAN ROBERT COLEMAN SUSAN COLEMAN KAY CONRAD DIANA, COOPER ISABEL COSTA WAYNE COTTRELL DEWAYNE CRABTREE WILLIAM CRAGO SI-IARRON CRAIG 5 EVIVIEN CRAMER 5 VIVIEN CRECIAT JUDITH .CRONHEIM 'CAROLYN CROWLEY . GARY CUCCIA ADELE CUDNEY MARVIN CUNNINGHAM Paga Forty-fiz'v I, S. E D'ARTAGNAN B-I2 STEERING COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-T. Mott, A. Kahan, G. Ruddick, B. Beaufait, L. Hubbard, P. Knox, P. Yates, B. Mieron, S. Jensen, T. Wilkinson. SECOND ROW-M. Goldenberg, J. Hammack, M. Bluemel, G. Harris, C. Karlstad, L. Hawkins, J. Fraker, M. Beery, K. Barrett, L. Barton, B. Swan, M. Lopiccolo, J. Burgert. THIRD ROW-B. Levin, M. Gordon, B. Chambers, C. McWatters, L. Taranta, J. Nickerson, C. Pease, R. Durand, B. Barrett, S. Campbell, B. Coleman. D. Weber, M. Immel, 1515111 ating bings anh Great I sf SWEATER COMMITTEE PROM COMMITTEE P. Knox, R. Durand. J. Birchfield, B. Chambers, D. Weber. FIRST ROW-T. Mott, L. Green, B. Barrett, M. Bluemel, B. Pine, B. Beaufait, 1 ago lflnfy-six J. Lay, C. Anderson, W. Pavas, L. Eran. SECOND ROW-E. Sterling, J. Grieve. B. Romm, S. Brown, F. Hanna, R. Anderson, B. Sherlock, L. Barton. THIRD ROW-S. Steffens, K. Barrett, J. Chapnick, D. Schulz, J. Muench, M. Lloyd, L. Hawkins. D'ARTAGNAN RECOGNITION DAY COMMITTEE FIRST ROW- J. Williams, L. Gormley, G. Harris, L. Green, B. Barrett, M. Bluemel, J. Nickerson, B. Chambers, J. Muench M. Wheeler, J. Fraker, M. Beery. SECOND ROW-J. Kolonsky, M. Sapino, M. Bennett, B. Romm, C. Karlstad, R. Anderson T. Storm, M. Paskoff, L. Weisfeld, B. Shafran, M. LeVine, C. Pease, G. Ruddick. THIRD ROW-C. Paloutzian, M. Gordon J. Lay, D. Few, L. Hubbard, H. Teich, D. Rayner. 'Z' xr J Q JUDY CWAYNA TONI DALLINGER MARLENE DALTON DALE DAVENPORT MICHAEL DAVENPORT DOUG DAVID ANDREA DAVIDSON GERRY DAVIDSON 1 MIKE DAVIS SUSAN DEAN JIM DECKER 6' JACK DEKAY BOB DELANEY PAUL DELAPLAIN KARL DEMPWOLF RONNIE DEOVLEI' ELIZABETH DESMOND RONNIE DETERMAN CARLYLE DEVOE JIM DOBLER GEORGE DONALDSON RAY DOONE LOUIS DORNY LUCY LEE DOWNEY ANDIE DRASIN DAVID DUNCAN I RENEE DURAND BILL DUXLER MARION DYER GEORGE DZIUBA BRUCE EACRETI' PI-IYLLIS EARLE DON EASTMAN KEN EASTMAN LINDA EDDY CAROL EDMOND ROBERT EISENBERG comms ELDER -PAM ELKINS ELAINE ELLIOTT LORETTA ELLIOTT DAVE ELLSWORTI-I Pug! F0I'z'y-Ian CAROL EIHRNUEL JEAN ENGELBERG HAZEL ENSLIE ARLENE ERAN PAUL ERLICI-I ANITA ESSELSON JUDY ETTINGER I PAT EVANS JACK FAETI-I MAX FAETI-I CAROL FAUCEIT MELVIN FEITELSON STAN FELDMAN DIXIE FEW N I Y I , SUSAN FIELD NEIL FINZELBERG MAUREEN FLACK RONALD FLOYD CHARLES FLYNN JAMES FORGETTE BIRGITTA FORSMAN HANS FORSMAN DAVE FOURNIER JULIE FRAKER NORMAN FRANTZMAN JIM FRATELLO HARRY FRIEND BARBARA FRY MIRIAM FUNK MICHAEL FURGO LANCE GALLETCH LYNN GARDNER MALIRICE GARDNER NELSON GARY LISA GENSON ,MA SANDRA GETZ GARY GIBSON ROD GIETZAN GAYLE GIETZEN SALLY GILBERT KATHY GILLIGAN JEFF GILLMANJ . g'FnflY1'-rig!!! MARILYN GILMORE LARRY GINSBURG JOHN GLENNON JIM GOETZ CORRINE GOGGIN SHELDON GOLD M YROIJ GOLDENEERG MARLENE GOLDWATER PETER GOLITZEN JANICE GOMBERG BARBARA GORDON DAN GORDON DAVE GORDON MIKE GORDON LISA GORMLEY EVA GOSS BOB GOULD PETER GRADE DAVE GRAHAM DAVE GRAINGER LARRY GRANT LAWRENCE GRATT DICK GRAYSON I CAROLYN GREEN LINDA GREEN HEATHER GREENBLATT HOWARD GREENE PINKY GREGER I' GARY HALL me HALL JIM HAMMACK GEORGE HAMMER JIM HAMPTON CAROL HANE FLORIAN HANNA Page Forty-nine MIKE HERNANDEZ JENS HEXBERG ELSA HIDALGO BARBARA I-IEFFER DAYLENE HELMER MARVEL HELMS SUSIE HENSEL yn- ,vi RON HILL JERRY HILLIARD STEVE HIRSCH if CHARLES HOFFMAN KATHY HGGAN WILLIAM HOLDEN MARTIN HOLLMANN' I N .f"IJfJT",4, S ON IiI'LIIAI.F rn-' 'rm-, lJ'A1z'muNANs WSH, PAT KNKJX Ar:c:r,v'1's 'l'Illi f1lIAI.l.l'2NHI'1 IZIYICN rn' IA avgr Fifly MAICAN PRI',SlIJl'LN'l' Zlilili l'mu,4m '----- Yu.. .. -N4 l,mxx1, lJ'.'XR'Ip-xI:N,xNs IXI.xR11,x'N. Sl'lf, .I1'N1f .mu Iilfx' DlSI'l,.XY 'l'Ill'1lR CLASS lf.Ml1l.lfM JUDITH HOLMES KATHY HONKANEN MYRA HONIGBERG JACK HOSKINS BILL HOVEY LOIS HUBBARD EDWARD HUBENTHAL WAYNE HUOTARI DOUGLAS ICKES MARILYN IMMEL IRIS ISLER LYNDA JACKSON MARILYN JACOBS CAROL JENKINS JUDI JENSEN NEIL JENSEN SHARON JENSEN DOROTHY JOHNSON JANET JOHNSON KAY JOHNSON LARRY JOHNSON. PAT JOHNSON RICHARD JOHNSON STEVE JOHNSON JACK JONES JUDY JONES SID JIJRMAN JULIE JURRAS 4-A-'WZ ALAN KAHAN GLORIA KAPTOWSKY CAROLYN KARLSTAD SANDRA KAROL SI-IERIE KASP LINDA KATZ MARTY KATZ ARNOLD KAUFMAN CHARLES KAYE LYNN KAYE ' BOB KELLY CAROLYN KELSEY WILLIAM KENNAMER CAROL KERSTEIN Page Fifty-our TAD KETCHUM SUE KING STEVE KLAIN DAROLD KLAUK ELNIER KLAUK BUNNY KLEIN GARY KLEIN .Lug rx' wk? KEN KNIGHT LARRY KRUM PAT KNOX IRENE KOLAITIS JEAN KOLONSKY DAVID KOURLA5 JON KRAINOCK JANET KRIEGER 'YL 'Q ED KRUSE JOY LA BATE DONNA LACKNER CAROL LADON GUY LA GIOIA HOPE LARSEN KEITH LAVERTY f KEN LAVOIE JAN LAURITZ MARY ELLEN LAWRENCE JUDY LAY HARRIS LAZARLIS ROSANNE LEIBEL 'S-.. PONALD LEIBSOHN JAMES LEIGHTY BARBARA LEISER BILL LEVIN MARLYN LEVINE JUDY LIES MARSHALL LIISHNI HA RVEY LIPPERT ljflgl' Ffflj'-llwn LARRY LIPTON DIANE LITTLE CLIFF LITTLEFIELD JAMES LIVINGSTONE MORRELL LLOYD MARY LEE LLOYD lm. J -M2 CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-T. Zeihen, J. BurgerI, R. Brown. SECOND ROW- C. Karlstad, M. Lloyd, J. Clemenis, P. Earle, B. Chambers. CANDLELIGHT SUPPER COMMITTEE J. Thomas, S. Vreeland, B. Pine, B. Fry, B. Romm, J. Muench. D'ARTAGNAN A-I2 STEERING COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-P. Tineffi, B. Chambers, B. Cheng, T. Wilkinson K. Wilcox, D. Few, A. Schuberi. SECOND ROW-L. Dorney S. Sieger, B. Smith, G. Ruddick, N. Gary, J. Hammack, E. Shulte KM., ,qhvvw-4-Q' x G H'K?w.wz3iE!?! WN X' Q SJ 'mx 12 zzz:-at WILLIAM LLOYD MIKE MARY LOULOMBARDO JOE LONGO MOLLY LOPICCOLO PATRICIA LORNER HARRIET LOSH MILT LUBIN MARILYNN LUKE GARY LUND JUDI LUTZHOFF .IUDITH LYCETT SUE MACMILLIAN GARY MACQUARIE MICHAEL MAIN MARY MANNELL GALE MARCUS NORM MARDEN ROBERT MAROTIA MARILYN MARSH KUART MARTINE ,mg GARY MAIQTINO MEL MASON RICHARD MASON BILL MATHEWS JOY MADISON HAMPTON MALIVAIS ETHEL MAYER .,,, MARILYN MCDONALD MICHAEL McDOWELL JOHN MCELRAVEY RALPH McKAY ELIZABETH MESWEENEY CARL MCWATIERS I HMSO Pug 1' Fifty-fu UI .. TAMMY MERTENS RICHARD MERTZ JUDITH MERTZEL GEORGE MESSING THADDEUS MICI-IALSKI BILL MICKELSON BARBARA MIEREN LOIS MILLEN ' .IOANN MILLER ROBERT MEYER SUE MEZEROVV ELEANOR MICHAEL I I W4 BARBARA MILLER BOB MILLER CARROL MILLER MIKE MILLER RICHARD MILLS CAROL ANN MILNE CAROLE MINTER STEWART MINTZER ALAN MISSMAN NORMAN MONTGOMERY LONNA MONTROSE SHARRON MOORE I WANDA MOORE PAT MORRIS RICHARD MOSS TEDDY MOTT JAMES MOYNAGH JAMAR MUENCH DON MYERS GARY MYERS PENNY NATHANS ROBERT NAUGLER CAROLE NEEDMAN NELSQN EDDIE NERLOVE JOAN NEUBURGER - EDWIN NEWMAN LINDA NEWMAN JAN! NICKERSON A BARBARA NIELDS Page Fifty-five JIM NORBERG ROSS NORVELL LEE ODDO MIKE O'DEA CI-IRISLYN OETTING LOUIS OKIN KENNETH OLSON GWENN OPPENBERG ANN OSBURN MARILYNN OSCHIN IVIYRA OZAR ANNE PACHECO LINNEA PACK CRIS PALOUTZIAN DON PARENTS SHARON PARKER ROBERTA PASKIN MYRNA PASKOFF ESMERALDA PASOS VALERIE PAYNE RICHARD PEARSON CINIQY PEASE MARLENE RELIER CAIL PERKINS ' CLYDE PERLEE MICHAEL PERLMAN .IQEIN PETERSEN EIQLICLAS PETERSON PICHARD PETERSON KERRY PI-IELPS JEFF PHEMISTER RODNEY PICKUP BEVERLY PINE LOUIS PIPPO LARRY PIREK OAIL PLEZE MICHAEL PLOTKIN LARRY Por FlI7ABETH POPE RICHARD RosELL NOWLAND PRATER PETER PRESNELL I KIQI' l'Il-rff1'-Nfl' CQNNIE PULEO PENNY QUILLAN -S wi, MARILYNN RATINOEF PETE RAUGH ,CTX A JIM REID - BILL REIDDER GLEN RILEY RONALD RINGO CARON ROONEY CAROLE ROSENBERG VIRGINIA RUDDICK A MARGARET RUUD GARY RAFFAELLI DAVID RAKSIN GARY RAMAGE MARY ELLEN RAIEDA PADDI RAYMOND DUDLEY RAYNOR JOHN REARDON FRANK REGALADO JUDY REINHCILD JOYCE RESTANI SANFORD RICE TOBY RICHARDS ALICE RIPLEY LYNDA RODERT JANICE ROGERS LINDA ROMEY PAULETTE ROSENBERRY SANDIE ROSS DONALD ROSS! CARY ROWDEN PETER RUX A GLENDA SACK I HARRY SAMLIELS GORDON SAI-ILO HENRY PAPPAFCEIT GERRY RECNIAI! MAVOUREEN R IGGIO , BARBARA RCIMM , W7 ,,,, W -1. EIRLICE RLIBEIIJSTEIN STEVE SANTA PZIQH Flffj'-.ifL'51L -5 fn GOURBIETS NIIKE, MARY, TED, ELSA MYRON AND JOYCE XVAIT FOR FRIED SNAILS YVHILE THEY AND THEIR FRIENDS WATCH THE SINGING XV.-XITERS I as ,A M fvx 1 If ROYN- 'NKX E NAVY Q- f P F E., gg bw 4 5 -PV' W ' f if Iffx K ! ' g -, , vi A ,LQ g' CW My C at 'I 'SAf'?'v-5 Puqr' lfiftyf-r'i,gfzt MLTSIQETEERS DEL AND BILL DUEL TO THE FINISH DICK, MIKE AND NORM PROVIDE BACKGROUND Music FOR TI-IE DANCERS igbtp 091185 D'ARTAGNAN ACTIVITY DAY "Cafe D'Artagnan" was the theme of the traditional Activity Day program honoring the Senior Aye class. Through the combined efforts of Bob Cheng, Karen lVilcox, and all the IUGI'11bSl'S of the cast, an hilarious event was presented. Guests of the "Cafe D'Artagnan,', lNfIike Furgo. Mary NVheeler, John Schulps. Elsa Hidalgo. Joyce Ankele, Jack Faeth. Ted Aquaro, Gene Clausan. Marvel Helms and Adele Cudney were served by singing waiters Paul Nelson, Don Gullans and Randy McCaslin. Dick Weber announced the entertainment and kept the audience in laughter between acts. Jim Birchfield, Nelson Gary and Pat Knox were hill-billies from Kentucky, while Toby Richards. Dick Posell, John Reardon and Max Faeth presented a melodrama of the "Roaring 2O,s." Judy Lay sang "Song from the Moulin Rougef' and Carolyn Smith sang "Under Paris Skies." An exciting duel between Musketeers Del Schultz and Bill Thomas inter- rupted the program. Joe Tucker and his friends asked, gWVho Wrote the Book of Love?" The singing of the class song climaxed the program. Refreshments were then served in the cafeteria, and a perfect day was ended. SONGBIRDS JUDY AND CAROLYN TAKE TIME oUT TO SIT XVITH JACK AND MIKE "WHO XYROTE THAT I-3ooK?,, ASK ROGUES RoN, GARY, JOE AND CHUCK JOAN SANTANDREA JERRY SANTAVASCI MARY LOU SAPINO LORI SARNO JULIANN SARVER LYNDA SAUNDERS ALICE SCI-IAFFER JUDY SCHATAN IRENE SCI-IIPPER CAROL SCI-IMIDT .IOI-IN SCI-IMIDT KARL SCI-IOEN DAYLE SCI-IOLER RONALD SCI-IRODECK AL SCHUBERT JOHN SCHULPS KENNETH SCHULTZ DEL SCI-IULZ CINDY SCI-IWARTZ 'CAROL SCOTT ARTHUR SCOVIS JIM SCULATI JOHN SELSON MAPY ANN SENFJEWALD JEAN SEWALD SI-IEILA SHADOWEN5 BARBARA SI-IAFRAN RON SHAMOON ,M 1 ELJIIIQE SHAPIRO IIQQA LEE SHAW BQNNI SHERLOCK BILL sfusos JANNE SHREVES ELLEN SI-IULTE SHARI SIMMONS STEPHEN LLEDCE ll gf' IS'I'xl I' 44" '37 ,vga ALICE SMIIH BLIIY ELMITII I1AIIIwLYN SMITII JLIIIITI-I ANN SMITH STAN SMITH GARY SNELSON JEFF SNIDER LEWIS SOIQOLOFF LOIS SOKOLOFF BARBARA SOMMERS 1YEe BOB SPANE GARY SFELLMAN MARILYN SPRIINIGER RICHARD SPRINGER 'Qw- PETE STARR SHARI STEFEENS ARNOLD STEIN RICHARD STEIPIMFTZ STARR STONE GUDRUN STRAUB JOAN STROI-I KATHY STRUEVER DENNIS SWANEY DAVID SWENDSON PEGGY SZANYI NORMA TACKETT NORM TATCH PEARL TAUBER MIKE TAYLOR ' TERRY TEAGUE DICK SORENSOF-'I JOHN SOTH PON SCJWTEP NANCY SPIJRGEON JANICE STAPBIRD ROBERT STARK ENID STERLING BILL STEVIE SHEILA STOCKMAN CAROL STUICEY MARIANNE SVIILCIVSICY BETTIT-IA SWAN MARTHA TANKENSON JO TARAINITINO LINDA TAPANTO HOWARD TEICH JUDY TELLJOI-IN JAY TENNEN Page Sixty-on,P .I and DUXRTAGNAN FAREWELL XN'e're sorry to say D'Artagnans are leaving. The tinie's drawing near And soon we must part. D,Artagnans will be ff A class to renieniber. Our days at Van Nuys TVill live in our hearts. lt's a sad thing' to realize 5 That graduation time is near, All the fun that we leave behind ' And good times of our senior year. XR 'Qi Although we must part A It's not all in sorrow. For on we will go sf ' ' To a brighter tomorrow. D'ARTAGNAN SONG COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-S, Vreelund, H. Tompson, J. Thomas, B. Pine. SECOND ROW-B. Asmus, G. Boggs, N. Tockeft. MARY ANN TERRITO JUDY TEXEIRA BILL THOMAS JUNE THOMAS I-IILDY THOMPSON PAT TINETTI MIKE TITLE LARRY TOMLIN MARLYN TONEY BARBAPA TOURTELOT REGINALD TREECE TERRY TROESTER JUDY TUCHMAN JOE TUCKER PETER TURNER RON TUTOI? AIDA URCIS VINCE VACCARO ROBERT VAILES GERALDINE VAN WINKLE JACQUELINE VAN WINKLE l Tom vesev umrm vurmmt MARY vom '--IIII-'III vw:.nA SLISIT vnmxxmn SHERRY WACHTER RICHARD WAITE I agr .S'ixI1'-Iwo .IUDITH WALGREN DON WALLACE ELAINE WALSH LAURENCE WALTON TAMERA WARREN JUDEE WATSON IRENE WEBB RICHARD WEBER SANDRA WEIGHT LYNN WEISFELD L PAMELA WELLS LYNNE WENZELL LYNN WERNER PHILL WESSON ' CATHI WEST ROY WEYMOUTH MARY WHEELER GREG WHITE TOM WHITE KAREN WILCOX RAY WILDUNG TOM WILKINSON JEANIE VIfI-LLIAMS- ' ' JOY WILLIAMS SHARON WILLIAMS ANNETTE WILLIS ROBERT WINANS LYDIA WINTER LEE ANNE WISLER SHEILA WOLFE STERLING WOLFE BARBARA WOODS JIM WOODS VALERIE WORD MAL WORTI-IINGTON., I PATTY WYNNE PHILIP YASSKIN PAMELA YATES ' LAEL YAVITZ IRA YELLIN THOMAS ZEIBEN SANDRA ZIEGER 'li Page Sixty-three IDDEN TREASURE fex I A1,. X, 5 fl X 'ff K me X f V jf? K fAx-, X . 71 x v' N- Vx.. ' -.Q T i?" I Q X Y ' v - ' 'E I 4 K W 1 N xo ' 'I 1 an I 'C Y ' Q ' v v , 'M V 1' " V Q :it T Y is y' xy v W' T VH' ' Q an 2 v-- 'F' X Q- 1 W -1- ' 1 4 4 01 11' 'vgq 'Wx '1 ,Q X -Aim ilu Tiaunur base re Y Xin N . is 'Q 5'S LADIES FIRST ROW-M. lmmel, J. Shreves, J. Anton, M. Svikovsky, M. Lloyd, J. Muench, M. Honigberg, B. Romm, J. Thomas, B. Fry. SECOND ROW-J. Krieger, M. Paskoff, J. Jurras, E. Shulte, A. Friedman, B. Beoulait, F. Hanna, K. Barrett, L. Barton, l. Kolaitis. THIRD ROW-L. Hawkins, L. Weis- feld, C. Karlstad, M. Bennett, J. Chapnick, S. Brown, P. Greger, J. Lauritz, S. Jenson. FOURTH ROW-J. Ettinger, P. Yates, C. Pease, E. Mayer, L. Pack, J. Telliohn, B. Sommers, B. Pine, C. Ladon. SERVING A sPAGHE'1"r1 DINNI-LR FOR A GIRLSI VICE-PRINCIPALIS ME:-LTINQ ARI-1 -Il'lJY. IRENE. ELLEN ANU IXIARILARI11' LADIES IxIL'IIII'7t'l'SlIiIJ in thc I.ndics is one of the highest honors any girl git Yun Nuys High School can achieve. To bc 3 nicnihci' ol' this socicty LI girl innst cxccl in school activities. nncl linw good scliolgirship. citizcnship. and nttcnclancc rec- ords. 'Illnongh thc I.g1clics Organizgitioxi cnch IIICIHLTCI' con- tinncs to contrihntc in cxcry possiblc way to activities which hclp to incct thc I.g1CIics' plctlgc of loyalty to thc school. Each SCIIICSIUI' LI spccizll projcct is nnclcrtnlxcn. In thc fall scincstci' thc I.ncIics chosc to l'Cll10dt'l thc A Cappella Choir rohcs, which wcrc worn nt thc Clnistnins progrnin. In thc lnttci' pinot ol cnch scnicstcr thcrc is an Installation at which thc ncw Inulics gnc prcscntccl. Thc Fircsidc Inn was thc sitc ol' onc ol' thcsc lIIl'IIIUl'lIlTlC occasions. '43 'l'hc l.41clics llonoi' Organization is unclci' thc tinc spon- sorsliip ol Mrs. limi Kirhy. 'l'hosc lcnding thc club in thc lull wcrc IIni'Imi':1 Picrson, prcsidcntg Enrlcnc IXIichncIson. vicc-prcsiclcntg Ix"IYl'lILl Moorc, rccording scci'ctm'y: Bcvcrly I'inc, corrcsponcling sccrctgiryg -Iningn' Mucnch. fl'C1ISIII't'I'I :ind Sully llrown, Iiistorinn. lNI1n'y l.loyd scrxcd ns prcsi- clcnt in thc spring with -ILIIIILII' Ivlucnch as xicc-prcsiclcntl Myrna Iloniglu-rg, rccorcling' scc1'ct1n'v: Iunc Thomas. cor- rcsponcling sccrcturyg Malrinnnc Svikovsky. ti'cnsurei'1 and Ilzirlmrn Runnin. Inslimgin. n , 7 wurking her jurmarh KNIGHTS FIRST ROW-L. Grott, S. Mintzer, B. Spane, K. Olson, N. Gary, C. Littlefield, W. Huotari, I. Yellin, R. Stark, C. McWatters, T. Mohr. SECOND ROW-M. Goldenberg, M. Gordon, L. Grant, S. Rice, B. Winans, B. Cheng, S. Bensussen, L. Okin, T. White. THIRD ROW-H. Lazarus, T. Herles, J. Hammock, G. Myers, B. Bergquist, J. Reardon, P. Erlich, G. McCool. FOURTH ROW-T. Wilkinson, D. Bates, J. Soth, D. Gordon, J. Edwards, C. Flynn, B. Duxler, P. Rux, J. Montoya. FIFTH ROW-P. Nelson, E. Mason, L. Bodner, D. Cohen, J. Goetz, K. Eastman, D. Gruber, D. Grayson. SIXTH ROW-B. Lanctot, M. Salvaneschi, B. Levin, J. Birchfield, D. Eastman, P. Knox, R. Turner. KNIGHTS To become a member of the Knights is a high honor at Van Nuys High School. To be chosen. a NELSON GARY TALKS OVER THE KNIGHTS, INITIATION XVITH boy must meet high standards of conduct, of schol- BOB, VVAYNE. CLIFF AND KEN arship, and of loyalty to the school. Wfhen a boy becomes a member of the Knights, he must con- tinue. as a school leader. to endeavor to help his fellow students and school in every way possible. During the past year the Knights strove to help the Squires maintain a clean campus. They, also. helped to promote the "Big Brothern program. A very memorable occasion was the installation of the neophytes, who are pledged Knights, held at the home of Bill Bergquist. Those leading the Knights in the fall semester were Tom 0,L63l'y'. president: Ira Yellin, vice- presidentg Dick Bates, secretaryg and Wayne Huo- tari, treasurer. Nelson Gary. president: Cliff Little- field, vice-presidentg Wfayne Huotari. secretaryg and Bob Spane, treasurer, led the Knights in the sum- mer semester activities. Mr. john P. Comerford served as advisor and sponsor of the group. ,-,. Page Sixty-sez'en 1 1 C.S.F. A-G FIRST ROW-J. Arthur, J. Clements, C. Cooper, L. Genson, D. Dietz, M. Gonnella, S. Combs A Carhart P Greger K Bovee S Chandler C Bailey P Carr, J. Carlton. SECOND ROW-L. Brinkley, A. Friedman, L. Dassin, A. Eder, T. Burnham K Ellis B Fry J Franzwa J Chamberlain S Dayton M Bennett, D. Gumpertz, B. Basaites, J. Ames, C. Chopnick, THIRD ROW-E. Gullans, T. Brindle R Burns C Fryllng L Downey L Barton P Bravel J Austin, D. Cheng, L. Berliner, Y. Caligaris, C. Crum, M. Frank. FOURTH ROW-D. Gruber J Chapnick K Adler B Bell K Barron L Bencivenga G Anderson, D. Dressler, B. Gertz, F. Friedman, C. Flynn, D. Bates. FIFTH ROW-B. Cheng, B Chacon L Krenger L Gratt N Beaver C.S.F. PTO foster a higher standard of scholarship and broader ideals of servicel' is the purpose of the California Scholarship Federation at Van Nuys High School. During the year there were various meetings, but the most memorable was the one at which Miss Robb showed slides of her European trip. The special activities the C.S.F. members most enjoyed were the fall party and the summer barbecue. Under the direction of Mrs. Frances Rarletto, Commissioners of Scholarship Deanna Corbin in the fall semester and Ann Carhart during the spring term patterned the program by which the C.S.F members worked toward the fulfillment of their goals. C.S.F. H-N FIRST ROW-L. Leavitt, J. Jurras, J. Kolonsky, S. Jackson, M. lmmel, S. Halpern, M Hollander J Kaneso J Horowitz C Leo SECOND ROW J Horowitz M. Haley, G. McCool, I. Medall, J. Miller, K. Horowitz, K. Hamburger, J. Karlton, J Dulkun S Mmtzer THIRD ROW L Kreueger M Lackhud S Mindlm J. lanne, P. Harris, C. Heckler, A. Mango, M. Nielsen, L. Noble, H. Hoffman, D. Martin I Kolautns S Karol FOURTH ROW H Hacker S Klpperman J. Kahan, S. Geber, D. Noble, M. Lebowitz, M. Hyman, P. Kranz, R. Lingard, K. King M Main B Levin S Jensen FIFTH ROW J Nofz M Hamontree C. Karlstad, W. Huotari. U, ,WK C.S.F. O-Z FIRST ROW-B. Pine, M. Regal, K. Wilcox, B. Romm, S. Vreeland, J. Thomas, B. Sherman, C. Zupp, S. Stevens, E. Shulte. SECOND ROW-L. Sitzer, L. Rodert S. Utt, R. Small, M. Paskoff, L. Weisfeld, D. Roberts, L. Steinberg, M. Rotenberg, R. Stollmeyer. THIRD ROW-I. Yellin, J. Woodcock, J. Scoggins, J. Gorsuch S. Ryan, L. Stegmair, A. Weiser, D. Roberts, P. Powers, K. Warner, N. Struble, J. Schor, J. Telliohn, B. Shafran. FOURTH ROW-H. Rasch, L. Okin, T. Sindoni J. Scolney, J. Press, A. Susman, S. Slattery, L. Wright, J. Cattle, S. McElhinney, B. Surrey, N. Wal, J. Spector. FIFTH ROW-R. Wasserman, B. Paul, M. Reagan, J. Shulman, J. Rubinstein, J. Tator, J. Welden, J. Jensen, M. Templeton, S. Smith, J. Dulkin, F. Zbovil, J. Weil, A. Tucker. PHILOMATHEANS Many of the new B-10's at Van Nuys High School were members of a scholarship society in their A-9 semester at their respective schools. Philomatheans is an organization which gives recognition to these outstanding students. At tn B the same time it provides for them information, inspiration, and a connecting link with C.S.F. Presidents Don Cheng, in the fall and Mike Goldstein in the spring, under the supervision of Mrs. Stewart, planned monthly meetings, social activities and school service projects which made the year an interesting and profitable one. PHILOMATEANS FIRST ROW-C. Smith, M. Menges, S. Kahn, M. Weaver, C. Clark, L. Berman, J. Johnson, R. Karp, J. Bradley. SECOND ROW-P. Meyer, D. McComb, M. Davison, S. Chrystie, S. Grace, R. Barnett, D. Olstein, R. Mrohs, C. Blumenfeld, M. Goldstein. THIRD ROW-A. Hands, J. Markman, P. Liberman, M. Austin, T. Clay, S. Van Linge, J. Drell, J. Franzus, B. Saxon, C. Lauer, V. Cerp. W ev, 4 4 l Y Page Sixty-nine Vw' Q f .338 ' ,fel .3591 5, A f X t I S' xi bi es? WHITECAPS FIRST ROW-W. Myerhoff, V. Porter, S. Chandler, S. Winogrod, A. Mascolo, E. Lindholm. SECOND ROW-E. Shulte, J. Cook, B. Taft, M. Bennett. F.B.L.A. W'ith the aim of strengthening the confidence of young men and women in themselves and their work. the Future Business Leaders of America Club was organized. Activities for the year have included the decoration of the Business Department hall for different seasons. attendance at Business Education Career Day. and at a State Conference at the L'niversity of Southern California to elect state officials. The F.B.L.A. was led in the fall by President jerry Hilliard. Vice-Presidents Sandy Ryan and Sharon Lynch. and by the sponsor. Mr. James Deitz. Linda Eddy, president, Chris Cosendais and Claudia Kalp. co-vice-presidents, led the group in the spring. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA WHITE CAPS Girls have an opportunity to receive help in preparation for entering the nursing profession by joining the VVhite Caps Club under the spon- sorship of Mrs. Esther Freeman. our school nurse. With the assistance of Nancy Biegel, president for XV'58, and Bonnie Sherlock, vice- president, the members of White Caps were kept busy assisting the doctors that gave TB shots to students in our school, viewing films, listening to interesting guest speakers, and participating in a Christmas project of collecting books to send to various hospitals. Activities in S'58, headed by Sue Chandler. president, and Vicki Porter. vice-president. were highlighted by visits to open houses at different hospitals. Qu jnrtb tu FIRST ROW-P. Story, D. Cutler, R. Streigold, J. Grieve, B. Gottlieb, M. Funk, L. Sitzer. SECOND ROW-Mr. Hood, D. Buie, P. Yale, S. Gautschl, J. Johnson, S. Jackson, L. Marsh, Mr. Deitz. THIRD ROW-L. Eddy, R. Inglimu, R. Sogese, C. Cosindas, L. Chovis, C. Kalp, M. Shofran. 1 mf ff I i il '-twdbyu I'r1gr .S'rz'f'f1l3' Af' v USHERS fetus u' wunhruus worthiness USHERS Under the leadership of NIL John Hallahan. sponsor: Arnold Stein. president for the fall. and Leo Mellinger. head usher for the spring semester. the members of the Ushers Club have served their school well at assemblies and special performances in the auditorium. The importance of the Ushers Club has increased along with the population of our school. The boys in this group have an opportunity to SAFETY COMMITTEE Supervision and control of safety procedures on campus and around the school are the objects of the Safety Com- mittee. The boys on this committee are responsible pupils who check and report on the results of all fire, earthquake. and alert drills that are held. A film and demonstration put on by the Fire department was one of the activities sponsored by this group and its develop leadership while helping to maintain a high stand- ard of conduct at all times. Only boys that are Squires are eligible to become Ufhers. very capable leaders, Commissioners of Safety' John Myers. in the fall, and Doug Stuman in the spring. l'vIr. Merrill Hampton. the sponsor. led the members of the committee. SAFETY COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-M. Taylor, M. Lebowifz, D. Bales, L. Mellinger, G. Myers, B. Mostovoy, J. Edwards, J. Hommack, T. Mohr, E. Mezger, VXI. Huotari. SECOND ROW-S. Mintzer, P. Ehrlich, B. Bergquisl, G. Newbauer, B. Winans, C. Litllefield, K. Olson, N. Frantzman, M. Main, l. Yellin, S. Lawrence. THIRD ROW L. Graff, P. Nelson, B, Hicks, N. Gary, L. Okin, R. Pickup, P. Alexander, R. Monson, C. Perlee, B. Duxler, R. Stark, D. Arnold. FOURTH ROW-M. McNeil, D. Weible, J. Shulman. S We "Mai ,yn SPORTS FISHING CLUB FIRST ROW-J. Meleo, B. Morey, N. Sounders, D. Wickstrom. SECOND ROW-F. Zorbil, H. Levitt, C. Pedder, J. Kane, M. Mother, C. Fryling, C. Bower. THIRD ROW-Mr. Roskind, F. Whiteside, P. Adams, M. Bocccs, B. Chivelier, K. Tyer, J. Steinberg, M. Mokeide, Mr. Plctner. MAKE-UP CREW FIRST ROW-H. Mott. SECOND ROW-J. Jurros, L. Weisfeld, S. Coleman. THIRD ROW-J. Brobcrt, D. Cutler, M. Poskoff, S. Gelbert. V tt ION- x . y, li ..i. if ' UL' " ' Page ,S'rf1'f'f1ly-lien SPORTS FISHING CLUB Sports Fishing. a club for tishing enthusiasts. has taken several deep-sea trips during the year. in search of albacore and other denizens of the ocean depths. Their trips proved most enjoyable, and the iish brought home have been plentiful. Saturdays spent in such excursions have been delightful to everyone. At their noon meetings. the members of this club discuss fishing skills and techniques. During the winter semester the club was led by President Margo Bunn. in the summer semester by President Bob Blorrey. Their sponsors have been lXIr. Harvey Raskind and B111 Georee Platner. MAKE-UP CREW Helping their school in a unique and ditiicult way was the Make-Up CTrew's duty during the past year. L'nder the skilled supervision ol' hir. tlaines Gennette and through the work ol' this line crew. the theatrical performances presented during the year took on reality. Giving much time and thought to the ellects desired for each performance. the Make-Llp Crew worked together. so that each person was convincingly made up. As they worked. they gained new skills lor themselves. and benelited the stttdbm body pro- ductions with their iniaginative cralit. ltithout the etliorts ol' this crew, the Senior Play, among other functions. would not have been such a success. ,if , ,M , A-444 h '.,,,,.,,5 CAMPUS CONTROL FIRST ROW-A. Weeser, S. Stevens, B. Swink, J. Blum, J. Newcomb, H. Rasch, M. Mather. SECOND ROW-B. Dempwolf, S. Jackson, L. Chavis, Y. Caligaris, K. Bovee, P. Yale, S. Ryan, R. Johnson. THIRD ROW-S. Meline, B. Bell, G. Newbauer, M. Regal, R. Monson, A. Friedman, M. Mokede, J. Bullard, D. Lyon. FOURTH ROW-J. Scalati, D. Delp, W. Taylor, J. Peterson. CAMPUS CONTROL Campus Control, which functions during Brunch and Lunch, is a service organization with a fine record. Although comparatively new to Van Nuys High, with only two years of service to its credit, it has distinguished itself by the quality of its work. The students who compose this group must give up either their Brunch or Lunch every day in order to patrol the grounds outside the campus. Their duty is to check passes and to prevent loitering. In order to become a member of this organization, one must have satis- factory citizenship and grades. It is possible to obtain many service points for this activity. The organization's sponsors during the past year have been Mrs. Ellen Schwartz. Mr. Karl Gunn, Mr. Don Delp and Mr. Fred Culwick. An activ- ity of some kind is planned at the end of the year in honor of the group's work. This activity is usually a barbecue. ELECTRON CLUB Affiliated with the Future Engineers of America, the Electron Club has been divided into different groups ac- cording to the interests of the members. Chemistry, physics, electronics, and rocket technology groups meet in special study sectionsg the whole club meets for trips and talks of general interest. Mike Davenport and Manfred Michaelson, presidentsg Lee Hocker and Brian Tiep. vice-presidents, and Bonnie Asmus and Phil Rosenberg, secretary-treasurers for the fall and spring semesters, respectively, led the mem- bers of the Electron Club in a variety of activities that included participating in the Moon Watch program, a satellite tracking station, and contributing projects to the Science Fair. Mr. M. Newman was the very capable spon- sor of the Electron Club. ELECTRON CLUB FIRST ROW-M. Glick, B. Tiep, l. Gale, M. Michelson, L. Stern, D. Angle, J. Kahan, F. Zboril. SECOND ROW-J. Koleda, L. Winckur, J. Ulrich, B. Apple, J. McElravey, M. Stevens, Mr. Newman. THIRD ROW-R. Govenor, B. Yonkin, H. Lenitt, C. Goldberg, L. Mellinger, J. Laboritz, J. Katz, B. Hodges. tc. ...L 1 sf, Sv Page Seventy-thu e 1' at iii ms I ss FIRST ROW-A. Kahan, P. Rux, D. Cohen, B. Benson, M. Taylor, S. Svikovsky. SECOND ROW-M. Cusanovich, B. Tiep, B. Hicks, S. Keach, J. Higgins, H. Rasch, H. Rosenthal. THIRD ROW-D. Weible, W. Wasserman, M. Lebawitz, M. Mokede, J. Kane, K. Matosian, S. Mark, M. Goldenberg. FOURTH ROW-M. Banduh, D. Meeker, C. Pedder, D. Rnynor, L. Bodnar, G. Martin, J. Shulman. KEY CLUB To associate prominent boys of the community with the business and professional leaders of their district is the goal of the Key Club. The purpose is to develop leadership and character that will be advantageous for the school and community as well as the individual. .Tim Ulmer, presidentg Steve Bornstein. vice-president for T'V'58g Bruce Benson, presidentg and Mike Taylor, vice-president for S,58, along with the sponsor, Mr. George Banduh, have led the mem- bers in activities that included running concession stands at games and sponsoring vocational Guidance Day. SQUIRES School service has been the aim of the members of the Squires, an honor club for tenth and eleventh grade bovs. These pupils usher in the auditorium when needed. and assist in the campaign for a clean campus. jim Edwards was president, and Joel Schulman. vice- president, in the fall, with Bruce Peterick. treasurer: Doug Stuman, secretaryg and Eric Mezger. sergeant-at-arms. Eric Mezger presided in the spring with Joel Schulman. vice- presidentg Marty Lebowitz. treasurer: Rich LeGassick. sec- retary, and Stacy Keach. sergeant-at-arms. Blr. McCallister was the sponsor of the Squires. FIRST ROW-H. Rosenthal, K. Horowitz, J, Horowitz, D. Cheng, S. Halpern, M. Lebowitz, J. Shulman, E. Mezger, S. Keach, M. Lawler, B. Groves, M. I-laimovitz, J. Kane, C. Leo, R. Monson. SECOND ROW-J. Higgins, H. Stone, M. Friedman, K. Barrow, R. Roberts, R. Lee, D. Stuman, L. Kreueger, M. McNeill, L. Sonsini, C. Pedder, H. Levitt, K. Silbert, A. Tucker. THIRD ROW-J. Miller, T. Smith, S. Kinsey, G. Patterson, D. Wilson, I. Medall, B. Gertz, J. Bean, D. Cox, J. Austin, C. Ashworth, M. Anderson, J. Kennedy, H. Rasch, D. Pollack. FOURTH ROW-B. Fields, R. Wasserman, L. Mellinger, S. Geber, B. Nardi, D. Novros, T. Swanson, B. Peterik, B. Gilbert, D. Weible, C. Cheng, S. Lawrence, D. Brain, B. Hicks. FIFTH ROW-G. Familian, D. Meyer, M. Alcalay, J. Tincher, M. Klein, D. Meyer, I. Markman, M. Simons, D. Horowitz, R. Westertielding, L. Drucker, Gary Martin, B. Evans, S. Ma 'k. SIXTH ROW-J. Burra, M. Cusanovich, J. Klein, M. Hyman, D. Holt, R. Marlin, R. Rudman, B. Moslovoy, K. Matosian, B. Chacon, B. Paul, T. Dahle, R. Margules, M. Huston, D. Yentis. Pagf' .S'f'z,'r'11ly-frzuf SPEECH CLUB This year saw the dawn of a very line and inter- esting club. Under the direction of Coach Rav- mond Kessler. the Van Nuvs chapter of the Na- tional Forensic League, a speech honor organiza- tion. and the former Debate Club merged to form the new Speech Club. It is designed to introduce promising students to the many and varied forensic activities. Led in the winter bv President Arnold Stein and Vice-President Bob Hicks. and in the spring by Judy Horowitz and Bob Hicks, the members have participated suceessfullv in several Southern California Debate and National Forensic League tournaments. Prominent winners of medals and certilicates in these speaking competitions are judv Horowitz. who took second place at the state qualifying con- test at U.S.C.. Penny Nathans. Stacy Keaeh. Arnold Stein. Mike lNIelton and Mardi Haley. SPEECH CLUB FIRST ROV!-M. Dyer, R. Roberts, R. Berman, B. Hicks, J. Horowitz, A Susman, S. Attebery, J. Arthur. SECOND ROW-B. Benson, L. Downey M. Haley, G. McCool, S. Keach, M. Wintz, S. Harris, N. McCawn, J. Benya THIRD ROW-B. Fields, M. Lebowitz, M. Taylor, I. Markman, D. Horowitz S. Combs, B. Gertz, N. Meltzer, M. Hyman, Mr. Kessler. with wares anti Zlrtiuns Guitar: the Ship FIRST ROW-M. Taylor, R. Berman, B. Hicks, J. Horowitz, M. Haley, B. Gertz. SECOND ROW-M. Dyer, B. Benson, G. McCool, I. Markman, N. Meltzer, S. Keach, R. Roberts, L. Downey. THIRD ROW-Mr. Kessler. 1 st eb' fiffltiimi -liter Page Sez'e1zt3'-five -...W awe... ex e..c....., v ... ...,,-...c..,...,,,,,,.- Y ww, - -:Q F W. ..,....x,, .wx H ,W ...,,...5..,,.e...-......, ,..... .. . . . Y.x' . """!!f:rr " "1 'P P' 1" " -I----.M -A fm- . ..., ,. ,.......4..........-- -M -My----. -4-W'-e'e-7? be : F.F.A. PERIODS I AND II FIRST ROW-V. Vaccaro, R. Ringo, B. Thompson, D. Lucas, J. Jardine, B. Camron, P. Presnell, P. Wesson, D. Davenport, D. Coleman, C. Johnson, G. Beck, G. Bidwell, J. Nicholas, B. Kolodzi. SECOND ROW-G. McCooI, R. Black, R. Hill, G. Halterman, J. Wade, P. Chapman, R. Nisocia, G. Miller, J. Orbom, B. Pickett, M. Parker, R. Christensen, R. Dihirstein, C. Farrester, R. Wilding. THIRD ROW-P Deil, L. Galletch, L. Tomlin, J. Tennen, P. Turner, J. Sohagian, M. Scott, E. Charles, G. Jonsson, S. Pabert, M. Warren, M. Bilek, R. Dills, D. Thompson. be wnrlh lies Qepen Before One of the largest groups at Van Nuys High is the Future Farmers of America. Each of the one hundred and twenty- eight members is enrolled in Vocational Agriculture. This Fine club took part in many local, state and national activities. Among the many events were the Loan Analysis Contest. a Co-opEQuiz, Citrus Practice judging. Los Angeles Beautiful Contest, Public Speaking Contest, Regional and State Con- ventions, State Final Judging. and Held days at Mount San Antonio, Kellogg. and Pierce. In the early part of the year delegates Ray VVildung and Dave Duke were privileged to attend a National F.F.A. Convention in Kansas City. Missouri. Other activities included a deep-sea lishing trip. a snow trip. and a Parent-Son Banquet held at lNIcKinIev Home. So that the various activities can be given the fullest atten- tion everything in the F.F.A. is carried out on an annual basis. Student leadership of the group was capablv carried on by Rav Wlildung. president: Duke Tschantre. vice-president: Erik Ebert. secretary: Dave Duke. treasurer: Bob Lemma. reporter: and Ron Early, sentinel. The club was under the time sponsor- ship of Mr. Grant Nielson. F.F.A. PERIODS III AND IV FIRST ROW4D. Tschantre, R. Quinn, R. Valencia, B. Vesey, G. Jenks, M. Paarker, W. Carpenter, J, Kaplan, D. Dross, P. DeMonte, J. Jurado, B. Schiff- bauer, P. Yuhas, A. Shorey. SECOND ROW-C. King, B. Coleman, E. Finazzo, L. Davenport, L. Zuckerman, B. Aney, M, Baker, H. Fry, A. Appleton, B. Spencer, C. Hammel, J. Honberger, A. Palacios, J. Barrazza, D. Fluke, P. Ja:ob, THIRD ROW-F. Greenbalgh, J. Moyer, D. Setxer, A. Para, G. Daven- port, J. Green, B. Lemma, D. Luke, R. Early, B. Grult, V. Citro, P. Dwyer, D. Lampkin, M. Praiswater, M. LaPorte, J. Schwella. FOURTH ROW-D. Parcells, J. Shrader, P. Perkins, D. Coleman, H. Terrell, A. Roy, R. Cochran, E. Ebert, T. Morris, B. Wahner, G. Osborne, D. Strange, H. Springer, I. Follingstad I I wry- -I --v-w':1u:4, .Q-W:-.-A-1, ef -J-.-1 vpn... .-. .,,.-....-. . ,,,. , .,,,,',... ...-F-.-.,...f M-- . ,.-.....,..-,. Priya' .S'f'r'1'11!y-six 'S Q -..,, ,ff Of' -e"""" ,WM in--""' F.F.A. OFFICERS FIRST ROW-D. Tschantre, R. Wilding, E. Eberf. SECOND ROW--D. Duke, R. Early. THIRD ROW-B. Simma. MR. ROLLINS LOOKS ON AS MIKE LA PORTE MIKE PRAISEXVATER AND DENNIS PARCELLS YVEIGH TXVO FINE RABBITS Y df Fi A ww if-f J. GREEN AND A. Rox' DO THE HAND XIVORK OF PLLTCKING CHICKENS WHILE H. SPRINGER OPERATES THE MACHINE R. EARLY, R. WILDI,'NG AND B. LEMMA TRAIN THEIR CALVES FOR SHOWING I If . "Hi, . cg - ,W F431 ' waz ff ll ,mm 'wan- LIFE SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW-S. Van Linge, J. Grobart, J. Kane, J. Rubinstein, E. Mayer, C. Pedder, M. Hyman, P. Carr, N. Sanders, M. Smith, L. Borad, J. Spector, M. Gold- stein. SECOND ROW-D. Christenson, A. Cohen, F. Zboril, G. Newbauer, H. Levitt, R. Karp, K. Plotin, B. Swink, J. Rinaldo, C. Smith, B. Feldman, S. Ryan, S. Starr. THIRD ROW-T. Clay, L. Berman, J. Markman, D. Honigberg, A. Jeffery, H. Fulcher, K. Heideman, S. Utt, J. Scoggins, M. Menges, C. Clerk, C. Bower, C. Fryling, J. Woodcock, D. McComb. FOURTH ROW-B. Surrey, M. Mather, A. Meussdarffer, R. Plotin, P. Meyer, J. Drell, Mr. Raskind. LIFE SCIENCE CLUB To promote an interest in science, especially the biological aspects. is the aim of the members of the Life Science Organization. The pupils that belong to this club took part in the Science Fair. visited the tide pools. and attended lectures on scientific subjects. With the guidance of Ethel Mayer, president: Penelope Carr, vice- president, and Margo Alexander, secretary, in the fall, and of Millie Hyman, president: Curt Pedder. vice-president, and Penelope Carr, secre- tary, in the spring semester, the members of the Life Science Club were able to acquire a clearer understanding of the world around them. The students in this group were assisted by their fine sponsors. Mr. Harvey Raskind and Mr. Robert Stuart. two of the Science Department instructors. ASTRONOMY CLUB KNEELING-B. Apple. FIRST ROW--Mr. Hallahan, B. Tiep, A. Samclson. SECOND ROW-D. Yentis, J. Kahen, M. Michelson, J. Katz. Pagr .S'1'1'r'n ly-nigh! Qebulh . ivuwzss ASTRONOMY Field trips to Grillith Park and Mount Wil- son. demonstrations ol' mirror grinding. and tele- scope making have been gnnong the activities ot the Astronotnv Club, an organization established to foster an interest in astrophysics. Lee I-locker was the presiding olhcer in the fall semester with john 'lhenltgius in the position of vice-president. llriun 'l'iep. president in the spring. and Andrew Sannelson. secretary and vice-president. led the Illl'llllTl'l'S ol' the group through it bust' and inter- esting semester with the guidance ol Mr. john llztllgthun. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA SEATED-J. Blum, L. Noble, H. Hoffman, B. Ross. STANDING-S. Helfman, E. Epstein, S. Thorne, M. Benson, M. Funk. F.T.A. Learning about the opportunities that teaching has to offer, and the qualities that are essential to make a success of that pro- fession, the members of the F.T.A. Qrgani- zation are trying to prepare themselves for their careers in education. With the guid- ance of Mz'. Fred Culwick. the sponsor. and the oflicers, Adrian Mango, president: Hilliary Hoffman, vice-president, Kathy Mayo and Linda Newman. co-secretaries: Linda Noble, treasurer, the Future Teach- ers of America had a busy year. Highlights of their activities included viewing films about the teaching profession, having guest speakers, studying the lives of some of the great teachers, and meeting students from other schools while attending the F.'l'.A. Conference at U.CI.L.A. if T' Q -fe Md ffl will some Q Q , Q 1 vreaf-we - lllll F' "f N ,L J 5 Rx F.H.A. To promote good family relationships by learning to take an active part in home respon- sibilities is the goal of the Future Homemakers of America Organization. The officers, Julie Ann Raimondi, president, Nicky Westrick, vice- presidentg Sherry Roder, recording secretary: Janie Siegler, song leader, Judie Randolph. re- porter, Marsha Sellinger, historian, along with the sponsor, Miss Kay Ryan, led the girls in activities that included serving at luncheons, sponsoring a cookie sale, and visiting a fashion show at the University of Southern California. if .-'Aj FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA KNEELING--P. McMullen, J. Siegler, B. Sherman, S. Rader, J. Raimondi, .l. Moore, J Randolph, B. Bell. SEATED-J. Kennamer, .l. Rinaldo, C. Zupp, J. Spector, C. Rowley C. Maxey, L. Weinberger, C. Bower, C. Fryling. STANDING-K. Jones, S. Winograd, M Eisenberg, L. Steinberg, A. Durel, N. Wheeler, C. Wilcox, Miss Ryan, M. Davis, S. Cation Page Severity-nirie I t Q CAFETEERS FIRST ROW-B. Tinsman, S. Toohey, A. Goldenberg, M. Benson, L. Kirsonoff, D, Flum, K. Nibley, A. Rosen, J. Hilton. SECOND ROW-S. Helfmon, 5- Mcrokos, J. Harris, J. Kelsch. THIRD ROW-C. E. Hom, J. Oswald, B. Mouch, J. Moie, J. Bloom, D. Schlotzhouer, T. Lopez, J. Kelsch, J. McDermott. CAFETEERS "Service" is the key word of the Cafeteers, a worthwhile and useful organization. By working in the Hash Lines. Cafeteria, and IVolves' Den, students gain valuable experi- ence through business and personal contacts, as well as the satisfaction derived from work well done. IVith the guid- ance of Mr. Hall. their sponsor. members of the Cafeteers give their school a great service. Heading the organization during the past year were Jeanne Hilton and Bill Tinsman. president and vice-president. respectively. A new class was recently developed to help guide the Cafeteers. X x X -Q I N ks-1' E FRENCH CLUB FIRST ROW-J. Shone, D. Schultz. SECOND ROW-B. Surrey, C. Fryling, 'G V' M. Wintz, Mrs. Holubcr. p 5.5 ' . '-assi' K -.1-4 - Ili' Q7 0 'J - Q7 1:7 ft Z 'f? LES ELITES Mt-nilwers I5l'IUIlg'lll1Q' to Elites seels to learn more .ilmont the customs and culture ol' France. Carrying out the Frenelt tradition ol eoniradeship. meetings are always surrounded by the spirit ol Iriendliness and helpfulness. Ilieliliglitinu' the winter semester in tlie best of Parisian atlnospliere were a luncheon at the Cafe de Paris and a lNlarcIi Gras party. Uilieers during this Iiusv year were Dorothy Schultz and -Indy Shane. president and vice- presidenl. respeetively. Sponsoring the organization was Mrs. Ilolulmar. mlm. g sg- 'X-as LATIN CLUB FIRST ROW-B. Feldman, S. Mark, D. Meyer, I. Markman, E. Morris D Taylor M Lebowulz S Chaum T. Sindoni, J. Moskal, Mrs. Fuerst. SECOND ROW-H. Stone, P. Smilh C Brennan J Slavkin A Susman J. Lerner, B. Tiep, D. Wollman, M. Hollander, P. Meyer. OPTIMATES Students wishing to serve their school. to participate in worthy activities. and to encourage cultural enrichment will End a perfect outlet in the Optimates. Club programs during the year included presentations of popular and classical music and discussions and reports on Greek and Roman culture. civilization, literature and art. A Christmas party and a Roman Banquet highlighted the Opti- matesl activities. Leaders during the winter were co-consuls Evelyn lXIo1'ris and lNIartin Lebowitz. Spring consuls were Dennis Taylor and Evelyn Rlorris. Bliss. Alice Fuerst sponsored the organization. p heir languages LOS CIOMPANEROS Stimulating and satisfying interest in Spanish travel and cul- ture has been the main function of Los Clampaneros. To accom- plish this goal. as well as provide enjoyable club meetings. Spanish movies were shown which gave information about the customs and civilization of Spain. Leading the activities for the winter semester were President Milton Hyman and Vice-President Dottie Miles. Summer leaders were Joanne 'Woodcoclm president. and Judy Furbass, vice-presi- dent. lNIrs. Maria Gagne. sponsor. provided assistance and advice. SPANISH CLUB FIRST ROW-M. Funk, L. Sfegmair, J. Woodcock, J. Scoggins, A. Susman. SEC- OND ROW-F. Zboril, R. Mills, S. Gelberf, S. McElhinney, B. Flower, L. Bern- stein, J. Lerner, M. Hyman, A. Cohen. THIRD ROW-Mrs. Gagne, K. Rosen, B. Ross, R. Stein, D. Miles, J. Pfeiffer, S. Allebery, S, Harris, P. Lincoln. -f.ww:a,-v+M K X k "L k-'tU1:p.Mf1!7.f."-f- v"0'b"' 'ww-'Oily X-gg-41r.'.,'i:,i,'?g:'5L . ,,.,, -W 'Ou g in x ' - FFF' K L. L X h KNIT WITS FIRST ROW-G. Nofz, S. Slattery, L. Leavitt, S. Weiss, K. Clark, M. Leavitt, J. Lochridge. SECOND ROW- J. Cook, C. Goldberg, N. Wilkinson, J. Welden, 5. McEIhinney, L. Reingold, P. Smith, E. LeTourneau. THIRD ROW-P. Harris, L. Steinberg, C. Brennan, B. Sherman, P. Pintarell, D. Portoghise. PHILHARMONIC CLUB Everything concerning music proved of interest to mem- bers of the Philharmonic Club. Developing potential musi- cians by sponsoring student talent programs and inspiring an appreciation of concert music were among the aims of the club during the past year. Under the leadership of YV58 officers, President Bar- bara Feldman and Vice-President Paul Frank. students ushered at civic concerts. In the spring semester. under the direction of Paul Frank and Nola Swan the Southern Cali- fornia Vloodwind Quintet gave a concert for members of the Philharmonic Club. None of these beneficial and enjoy- able activities could have been accomplished without the expert guidance of Mr. John Sayre. sponsor of the group. PHILHARMONIC CLUB FIRST ROW-R. Kinnett, Mr. Sayre, W. Moore, P. Frank, S. Kemery. l , l a its xi I1 l f Q Q ibn.. ' I KNIT WITS XN'orthwhile projects of the Knit Wits have brought much happiness to the many needy children who have received their gaily colored toys during the past year. The winter project consisted of a patchwork quilt to be given to a charity organization. In the spring. members made octopuses from brightly colored yarn to be sold at the Mardi Gras. The proceeds from the sales went to charity. Officers leading the club in the winter were Toni Dallinger. presi- dent. and Judy McKanna. vice-president. Spring leaders were Carol Cwens. president. and Nancy Jewel. vice-presi- dent. Sponsor Mrs. Ruth Kautzenbach was ever ready to give instruction and advice on knitting techniques. lin ilaarmunp 5 C .mm 0' K .Sa -1 L-wi, fi . ' 1' A ZX Sf f f f H? ' kk 5 ' MASQUERS Striving to honor outstanding students in the held of drama, the Masquers Club admits about ten students who have shown themselves worthy. Several of the members of the organization partici- pated in the Senior Play. During the spring semes- ter the Masquers produced a one-act play for an enjoyable student body assembly. During the year Stacy Keach and .Iudie Palme- teer, major performers in the Senior production. "Our Townf, led the club as president and vice- presidcnt. respectively. Miss Catherine McMillan. sponsor of the group. was always on hand when instructions were needed. STAGE CREW FIRST ROW-V. Zaslov, J. Annison, G. Helsley. SECOND ROW-J. Hathaway, R. Dayton, B. Wallichs. . fa Gu e jurmarh -tl, fs. - ART CLUB FIRST ROW-J. Woodcock, W. Moore, D. Brain, R. Small, J. Tipton, S. Schwartz. SECOND ROW-C. Goldberg, J. Cook, B. Coleman, D, Flam, M. Feldman, J. Jahn, G. Newbauer, M. Benson, B. Auerback, A. Mascolo. D I , ww' ,www- MASQU ERS FIRST ROW-D. Posell, B, Asmus, J. Palmoteer, J. Metcalfe. SECOND ROW-Miss McMillan, S. Keach, J. Reardon. STAGE CREW Under the guidance of Mr. Robert Marchese, the Stage Crew completed another year of fine performances. Many hours of hard work and much thought go into the making and the lighting of the sets. It is the Stage Crewls duty to maintain all of the equipment. and to assume full responsi- bility for all of the stage assignments. Valuable knowledge was gained in stage craft through everyday experiences back stage. These enjoyable experiences provide a good background for work after school. The Stage Crewis work on the sets provided backgrounds for all of Van Nuys Assemblies. This work was appreciated by all those who attended assemblies this year. ART CLUB Members of the Art Club dedicate their services to the art needs of the school. Many of the meetings were devoted to a contest which was planned for students interested in sculpture, still life, landscape. Figure and portrait drawing. To cultivate interest in and appreciation of the various forms of art, members attended exhibits and informative lectures. Officers during the winter were President Rochelle Small and Vice-President Sue Coleman. Summer oflicers were Rochelle Small and David Brain. Mr. Gene La Vancil was the sponsor. ul- ,123 RACQUET SQUAD FIRST ROW-G. Nofz, B. Natelborg, L. Brinkley, L. Noble. SECOND ROW-K. Heidemcn, H Fulcher, S. McElhinney, L. Huffaker, C. Fryling, B. Wilks, C. Chcpnick. CAMERA CLUB To promote an interest in the pictorial art of photog- raphy was the aim of the Camera Club during the past year. To accomplish their goal, the members, under the direction of their sponsor. Mr. Wlilliam Kroot, entered and sponsored photo contests. In addition the students learned about the preparation of photographs. including their com- position, exposure, developing and printing. Serving as leaders during the winter were President Stu Mintzer and Vice-President Larry Gratt. Taking charge of the activities in the summer were Larry Gratt and Lee Stout. 7 4-In W-r CHESS CLUB Interested new students eager to learn the game as well as ardent and experienced players. coin- posed the rnernbership ol' the Chess Club. These eritliusiastie students devoted their lunch hours to this thought provoking game. Those wishing lo improve their technique or to develop greater skill also found the meetings Iixrseinuting. l,1-ailing llie brain-racked rnernbeis through the yennr were Ilzlrry Friend and .lim liolmlei, president :incl xiee-presi- dent, respectively. 'lllie t'llIlJiS sponsor glml gnlmle zidvisor was Mr, floocllnxnn. X X Skill an 351211 RACQUET SQUAD During the past year, casual and pleasure-loving students formed the Racquet Squad. a popular organization. This group has a reputation of being the most relaxing and enjoyable of the clubs. Oyer sixty members attended the noon meetings, which were planned for the enjoyment of all by winter oflicers Ginny Nofz and Judy Cottle. president and yice-president, respectively. and spring leaders Linda Huffaker and Carol Rubenstein. Badminton games were played to improve skill and to provide friendly competition. Director of the matches and able advisor in all activities was Mr. Kubo. sponsor. I ns r,inLi:s ARE TVRNED ox iii-:Atkins or T1i1aCZ.uiieR.x Clin. S. Mixrziiiz. L. GR.x'r'r. H. l..-xx.-xRi's. K. Hrsrox .xxn .px FEXY or TIIEIR FRIENDS irxxr TI-Il-IIR 1-ierrni-1 'iixiu-ix ixsriamw or 'r.x1i1Nu 'rnia eie'ri'Rri MR. Goonmfm LOOKS ON .xs B. Soxixiens. M. Beam AND FRIEND SIIOXY THE OTHER MEMBERS OF THE LIIIIQSS LILVH SOME OF THE FINE POINTS OF THE GAME -.............--J --u-ual Pleasure uggetber 5 .C .,.- X- ei .rrggvfxsx "flf1:i'.."' all ' 131 ,.p-f f f 4 2 t 'si SKI CLUB FIRST ROW-S. Kecch, J. Sperling. SECOND ROW-J. Hlbbard, S. Coppcge, N. Hofmon, G. Myers, K. Carlson, S. Vreelond, A. C. Gcber. THIRD ROW-D. Silvero, C. Lollier, P. Carr, A. Carhort, N. Drysdole, M. LeVine. SKI CLL'B Fun in the snow was the aim of the Ski Club members this year. At the noon meetings they learned new techniques and exchanged information about their ski experiences. Through dry land ski- . ing. they practiced and improved their ski skills, Their many trips were planned by winter Officers T Gary Blyers and Karen Carlson. president and vice- president. respectively. Continued line leadership was provided in the spring by President Gary Blyers. Vice-President Karen Carlson. and Secre- tary Nona Hofman. Mr. Gaber was their able advisor and sponsor. J. EpwARD. G. GTLLBERT. B. XVINANS ANIJ M. GOLDENBERG HELP DEMONSTRATE THE LIGHT XVEIGHT or A SPORTS CAR TO R. BATES. K. OLsON. S. RICE. L. CTR,-XTT. L. CTR,-XNT. M. GORDON. S. :VIINTZER AND HAMMACK SPORTS CAR CLUB FIRST ROW-K Eastman, D. Greiner, S. Zimberoff, M. MocQuoid. SECOND ROW-S. Archer, B. Benson, R. Pickup, C. Perlee, Miss Reese. THIRD ROW-J. Hilius, M. O'Dec, J. Phemisier, G. McCooI. N SPORTS CAR CLUB Although the Sports Car Club is fairly new, stu- dents support it enthusiastically. Nlembers strive to increase interest in sports cars and sports driving skills by instructive lectures and discussions at noon meetings. Interested members could also attend races at Paramount and Riverside roads. The high- light oli the winter semester was a trip to the Shrine Auto Show. Ofhcers for the year were President Uavid Greiner and Vice-President Ken Eastman. Sponsoring the club was Miss Florence Reese. R.O.T.C. "B" COMPANY FIRST ROW-Cdt. Ist Lt. Roth, Cdt. Capt. Lavoie, Cdt. Ist I.t. Rossi, Cdt. Ist Lt. Regalado. SECOND ROW--G. McCool, M. McHugh, D. Thompson, R. Husk, R. Shaw, J. Morris, J. Leighty, P. Haney, M. Josse, B. Dunn, T. Lindsay. THIRD ROW-D. Pipiot, D. Mertzel, J. Shinez, D. Littleton, R. Rygg, N. Olsen, G. Mathews, D. Hill, W. Millen, P. Linsky, D. Johnson. FOURTH ROW-A. Brooks, A. Maylis, V. McDaniel, B. Freelove, R. Burke, J. Kinkead, J, Katz, B. Hitchcock, G. Davenport, J. Oswald. FIFTH ROW-J. Tayler, G. Apt, D. Ryan. -yy.,-r R.O.T.C. INSTRUCTOR5 Capt. Chester H. Lapo Mfsge. Robert Erwell Ee well , isriplineh RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS Van Nuys is justifiably proud of its Reserve Officers Training Corps. The Corps. organized shortly after 1919. now consists ot a battalion divided into three companies. of two platoons each. In addition to the drill and theory classes. the ROTC has nianv activities. The Drill Team. which has won wide recognition through- out the county. participates in parades and stage perforniances. The Rifle Team lires in regular matches throughout the citv. The Fort IXIacArthur Training Trip and the Seini-Annual ROTC Ball are anticipated events. The Corp's instructors are KI Sgt. Robert D. Erwel. Sgt. Carl IV. Kellstrom and Capt. Chester H. Lapo. The unit was led this year by Cadet Lt. Col. Ira Yellin, assisted bv Cadet Rlaior Richard Booth. battalion executive olliccr. I I R.O.T.C. "C" COMPANY FIRST ROW-M. Sollenberger, R. Stark, B. Marotto. SECOND ROW-J. Wilson, E. Gonzales, B. Whiteside, D. Mordecai, J. Forgette, S. Svikorsky, B. Yates, D. Williams, R. Trueman, M. KI ' , THIRD ROW-C. S t J. H ' ' ern era a, artenberger, M. Stevens, R. Romero, J. Ulrich, D. Wlchstrom, J. Tongish I P. Spoecker. FOURTH ROW-R. Myers, J. Swech, J. Schimkola, D. Arnold, J. Stone, M. Morle , M. Silv J. N' h I FIFTH ROW-T. Barker. y er, IC aas, J. Sutton, B. Tiep, L. Stoudt. Jr lfigfzly-tix AA 4 V Z 2 I I , A W5 ' - K," .1 1 x xf V ' ' Q' I x X ,wr ' K I i rtwxgv ,Z, E 'll' N-XE 4 lr- 'JMX' I-,.,W".N E , K lv 4 tv I R 1 ""' 1' + 'wi ' ""' hmmm W Elf' mi K gf' 9 ! wif T-1 ,kg A L 2 H , 1 5. f f A G 2 U ,, Q 5' p Q U f 7 1 9 Q I i , f Q ' Q W Eg 5 . ,, ,, . U 7 gp , , , - Q A :Y .XMI 14! Z f 4 7 f ? M ,gM.-,s.s ..XA C .. xxxx X K ,sa .. VAN NUYS HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA VAN NUYS HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Taking part in many activities. the Van Nuys High School Orchestra had an exceptionally good year. The high- light was the Seventh Annual Winter Concert which fea- tured serious and classical music. The soloists were John LaSalandra. Sandra Karol and Judy Telljohn. Dick Gray- son conducted an original composition called "Danse lN1odale." Other high points of the year were the concerts of All City and All California High School Orchestras in which talented members were privileged to participate. Christmas assemblies. music assemblies. music festivals and the Spring Senior Play completed the season. The grateful appreciation of all go to lNfIr. S. Wleinstein for his excellent direction and guidance. jtlilusital asterpietts VAN NUYS HIGH SCHOOL BAND Serving the school in many ways during the school year and participating in many school activities. the Yan Nuys High School Band was particularly active during the fall season. when it marched with the Girls' Drill Team at the half-time of every football game and rendered appropriate music between plays. The Band also played at all sports rallies and many school events. Some of the events the Band performed in were: The Star of Bethlehem Parade on Yan Nuys Boulevard. all patriotic assemblies. festivals. and Finally. the -Iune graduation exercises. Blix S. XYeinstein directed the Band. john l-aSalandra was president during the fall. and hlyron Goldenberg served in the spring. VAN NUYS HIGH SCHOOL BAND A CAPPELLA CZHOI R ln September the A Cappella Choir was reestablished lor the pleasure and enjoyment of the student body of Van Nuys High School. ln the past. the Choir had been quite successful. and it was reorganized again by popular demand. The Choir is usually accompanied by one or more ol the other musical groups. but has also shown its ability to perliorm without instru- mental accompaniment. During the past year. the group appeared at many school functions. Among the various activities in which it participated are the Christmas program with the Girls' Glee Club. the patriotic assembly with the band. the Nlusic Festival at Reseda. the radio program Yozznxg :1I7Zt'1'll'!l Sinxgi with the Vannettes and Lobos, and the Van Nuys Music Department Concert in early June. Yan Nuys High School may indeed be grateful for the line entertainment this group has given. The sincere appreciation of the student body is extended to Blrs. Kautzenbach whose expert guidance of this talented group has contributed so much to the success ol this project. Qtrike the at A CAPELLA CHOIR N! ' fl-TH: Kg xJ'Q, Xl may ,tt ,N 9 Cv h I 5 i ' W X LP ,I -Kc5v,X 6 . A U ll 'Y F7 '27 age Eiglzty-Him VANNETTES FIRST ROW-M. Lopiccolo, B. Leiser, B. Bclrretl, S. Boyd, M. lmmel, D. Williams, .l. Lutzhoff, J. Shreves, S. Wclen. AT PIANO--J. Gelz. jlllanp Baines iglenhing iris tu Talented girls of all grade levels who like to sing and entertain formed the Girls' Glee Club. which appeared at many school assemblies and represented Van Nuys High School at various functions. The highlight of the year was the Music Education National Conference in Los Angeles, known as the Bach Festival. in which a selected group of outstanding members represented the school. This was a great deal of fun and an interesting experience. Some other events in which the Glee Club participated were the Yan Nuys High School Nlusic Festival and Blav Day Prograin. Members of the club enjoyed themselves and at the same time were of great service to the school. The presi- dents were lXfIary Lee Lloyd and Bluff Bee-rv, Xlrs. R. Kaut- zenbach. as director, contributed a great deal to the success of the Girls' Glee Club. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-PERIOD Vl ' . ' . fd WM., , avg . r A .. .u p if wg- 5272: A a M ui Q Q p .1 Us 2... N , . x gs 5,3 .., l .' , 'MQ' X .. A M rw R-3.3: 4 Q: il W 'il' ii ,f Q , ' , . -Q , X 3 , fx -, f , V e- s , M427 M2356 ,W I QS A S V ,M 4 - I s ' ., at fs :sr fr S' . K i. YE. ' :rf K A 9 My A V V: Z r K, .3 jc: -Q K 1 1 ' R . A ,N QQ Qr3,.,, yi' ii 1 x in Q i I xi X riirr J . K 1 l . rj i 1 A tr. N .faq , ix l if , , , Zh W K ,fr , ' ' H 3, ' 3. ww. e ' Q .5 1 r s l aff, Ninwly THE LOBOS FIRST ROW-R. Cowlishow, D. Gulluns, J. Birchfield, S. Morpet, R. McCusIin, P. Nelson, D. Cox, T. Smilh. AT PIANO-J. Getz. the Skies l A gg: "-A r y e i 253 L I K , .W.rf,g. - - - . - 1 i VANNETTES AND LOBOS Entertaining at many school events and assemblies were a group of girls with harmonious voices and a group of boys who sing in the style of the old-time barbershop quartet. These relatively small organizations are the Vannettes and Lobos. Singing together and as separate groups, the Van- nettes and Lobos have performed for the student body on many occasions and have made numerous appearances representing Van Nuys High School. They have appeared on Spotlight On Youth on television, Young America Singv with the A Cappella Choir on radio. the fall senior play Our Town, the patriotic assembly, the Spring Concert. and a program at Madison Junior High School. The Lobos also performed at the football banquet during the fall. Organized under the direction of Blrs. R. Kautzenbach. the Vannettes and Lobos enjoyed themselves and gained valuable experience. Paul Nelson was president. and the group was accompanied by Janie Getz on the piano and Nlilie Hernandez on the guitar. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-PERIOD V Wa Q F' i M if 22 -5 fe Q avg! g I- 7, V te V ' L """' Z 73:5 2 A 4 K y .il , 3 y a V ,, ,,, S X , Q N E .W Z A 3 BK V1 5 is A Q ,M N Pg? A-1-y my N In i iv 69 0 ,A K vc' gg . w V f s it x I V .. . , 'V M 2 V I M. N i , L, if - . - Page Nizzcty'-om A 1 Q:-r Y .fx ,-IT I J' I i 3 sf, L1 EIIIILY,S FATHER IJOHN RE.ARDOIJl INQUIRES A5 TO GEORGE,S IRICHARD POSELLJ ABILITY TO TAKE CARE OF EMILY IJKDY PALMATEERJ AFTER BIARRIAGE NIOTHER, PLAYED BY CAROLYN SMITH, SCOLDS LITTLE XTALLY FOR READING BOOKS AT THE BREAKFAST TABLE AND EMILY lXJL'DY METCALFEH DAXQDREAMS ABOUT SCHOOL mvnff' If jf I STACY KEACH XVHIPS YP A COUPLE OF SODAS AS JUDY AND RALPH DISCOVER THEY XVERE MADE FOR EACH OTHER , My Reg Y S' Ht I.. .-I. K bet :Worth 1'BIut "OUR TOWN" Life in a small town during the early l9lflO'S was pre- sented in Thornton lvYilder's drama. Our Tozt 11. Judy Palrnateer starred as Emily Webb. Z1 Young girl who falls in love. marries. dies. and is then given the opportunity to relive one day of her life. She realizes then that life is not appreciated until it is too late. Dick Posell played EInil3"s husband. Stacy Keach was the real Star in the role of Staqe manager. Qthers in the Cast included T. YYilkinSon. R. Mayer. C. Smith. M. Cook. H. Blauvois. Y, Saunders. H. Leisel, Metcalfe. J. Birchiield. S. Frieze. J. Reardon. P. Tinetti. T. PriYal. R. XICKLTX. B. .XSIHUR D. lYflSl1lJ1'OOl'i. li. Stocker and C. TX'IL'XVLltfL'1'S. The play was under the direction of lvliss C, lXIclNIillnII. R.ALI'I-I NICKYY ANU B,-XRll.XR.X l.IaISI-:R LISTEN AS TOM WILKINSON AND XVALERIE S.-XVNIWI-1RS CIYE SOUND ADYICE ON IIIARRIIQD LIEI4: lN "WILD HOIIIIY T'lORSlCS,N IIRODUCIQD IIY TIIE XT.-XSQVERS. BONNIE. JOIIN. IIVDY M.. NORNIA. ,TVDY P.. AND TWICK XY.-XTCII AS ST.-XCY NIUSIQS OVER FAMOUS NIURDERS xii M fi! A -at ff L70 5. X. Q' ' " W CW W4 , 4 IT LOoKs BAD FOR T. EVERHEEL QSTACY KEACHJ IN THE CLUTCHES OF THE HOSTILE BERRYS. ln Q11 ilts Glory "GREEN VALLEY" For a hundred years the Berry family has owned tiny, picturesque Green Valley, nestled away in the hills of California. The Original claim was staked out back in the gold rush days by rough, tough, straight-shooting Old Grampaw Berry. a real pioneer. Now, Green Valley be- longs to young Eldon Berry, the last of the line. Eldon seems to have a green thumb, for the valley has become a paradise of nature. Everything becomes a tremendous size and is of excellent quality. Bright yellox i,f' sunflowers and bean stalks become taller than houses. and straw- berries, larger than fists. Minnie, Eldon's cow, is the most unusual of all, for she produces rare, golden milk that gives people who drink it the power to hear weird music and see people who died many years ago. The unscrupu- lous, greedy Tobias Eyerheel presents a Haw in the happy scheme of things by attempting to take possession of Green Valley through legal maneuvers. This threat brings Eldon's ancestors from the past on the scene to protect family tradition. Frank Wattronls comedy-fantasy of a simple farmer boy fassisted by his ghostly ancestorsj pitted against a modern promoter presents many delightful, amusing situations and is charming and fun to watch all the way through. The success of the play was largely due to the able direction of Miss C. McMillan, who was assisted by student directors Julie Arthur and Carolyn Graham. Eldon Berry was played by Don Washbrook and John Reardon. Prim Stokes, his girl friend, was played by Judy Metcalfe and Judy Palmateer. Stacy Keach played the land-grabbing sharpster, Everheel. Other members of the cast were M. Taylor, D. Parslow, B. Asmus, P. Duncan, D. Posell, T. Albert, G. Smith, Lauritz, R. Golden, T. Wilkinson, and G. McWatters. ELDON QDON WASHBROOKD AND PRIM QJUDY PALMATEERJ APPEAR AMUSED AT TINKERSS KTOM ALBERTJ ATTRACTION TO MARTHA QJAN LAURITZJ. AN ANORY EVERHEEL CS. KEACHJ ORDERS POOR TINKER QDICK POSELLJ TO MOVE TI-IE STOLEN BOUNDARY ROCK BACK TO ITS PLACE, AS ELDON QJOHN REARDONJ AND PRIM fJUDY METCALFEJ LOOK ON. M f X vfg f , ff! f, 4 M' Z ff W Z' f , f 7, ff! W , ff ,ff I wff. ,!, ff ff Zfw. W, , Page Ninety-three ASSEMBLIES Enjoyed by each student of Van Nuys High School were the various assemblies staged in the Donna H. Hubbard Auditorium and on Smith Field. Each semester there were Boys' and Girls' Activity Board Assemblies for the respective student bodies. The programs served to intro- duce the members of the activity boards to the student body. There was an annual Exchange Assembly at which representatives of the Valley League schools entertained. These representa- tives included both student leaders and talented performers. Creating spirit for the respective sport seasons were the fall and spring Sports Rallies held on Smith Field. Sports demonstra- tions were given. songs were sung, yells were practiced, and team members were introduced. A Christmas program consisting of music and tableaux set the holiday season off to a good start. One of the few events given at night was the Jazz Concert, which featured the Bud Shank Quartet. the Andre Previn Trio, and Buddy Collette. jun anh Bon HICKS GR.-XSPS THE FEET or His IDOL. Srixcv REACH. NVHILE .IorL TAroR LOOKS ox rx woxmiiz V.xR1oL's SCHOOL LEADERS .xxu T.-XLENTED vrznromirtns wma REPRESENTED ev THE xv.-XLLEY Lnwovra HIGH SCHOOLS IN oi'R ANNUAL EXCHANGE .ASSEMBLY ..L,.4nlnm:i1:i-' ......-.-z,.,,.i.- THREE IYISE INIEN, V. IVIAZZARINO, B. SHIELDS AND SCHULPS BRING GIFTS TO THE VIRGIN MARY, F. ANDERSON, AS ANGEL. ILXLFUS LOOKS ON. A. CLYDNEY, ALEUS AND P. MILLS, AS ANGELS. LOOK UP TO F. ANDERSON PORTRAYING THE VIRGIN MARY IN THE CHRISTMAS PLAY iBu1fpu5e Iam nmhine In order to acquaint students with the candidates running for various student body offices each semester an assembly was held to introduce them. After elections the new oflicers were presented at an Installation Assembly. One of the most outstanding pro- grams was the Radio Speech Broadcast of "Inside A Kidls Head." The assemblies were excellently coordinated by Mr. john Hallahan. ONE OF THE MANY TALENTED INSTRUMENTALISTS HEARD AT THE JAZZ CONCERT XNAS BUD SHANK, PLAYING Hrs SAXOPHONE A PRETTY STAGE XVAS SET BY THE GIRLS, .ACTIVITY BOARD INIODELING BEAUTIFUL FASHIONS IN THE GIRLS, ASSENIBLX' Page Nzilzety-fir fa . . if . ex DANCE COMMITTEE 'fx :vs . E' ' 'a .' I 1.7, !r sri if - lx N Z 'R l fl' I." A' .arm ii FIRST ROW-P. Carr, J. Anton, S. Bensussen, E. Mayer, J. Chapnick, B. Nclelborg. SECOND ROW-C. McWoHers, D. Meeua, R. Moynogh, L. Wright, N. Sanders, M. Alexander. THIRD ROW-R. Stark, N. Bailey, S. Stevens, Mr. Ruskin. jar jun anh jrulit uma 192 lasts DANCE COMMITTEE Under the supervision of hir. Harvey Raskind. the Dance Committee plans and decorates for the school dances. After the of thirty hours of approved members are graduated to the for XV58 included Stephen Nfike Taylor. vice-presidenti and Glenda Nlayer. president: Penny Carr. vice-president: Barbara Natel- borg. secretary: Judy Chapniclt, corresponding secretary: and work. the Sub-Dance Dance Committee. completion Committee Bensussen. president: Sack. secretary. Ethel Officers THE BEGINNING OF A NEW SEMESTER IS I-IAILED BY SHERRY. DAX'N'NINE AND THEIR EscoRTs AT THE TRADITIONAL i'HELLO DANCE" L'--...B-SN'X-, a xl F 'iii ' - -- " -ex SN .NMI UYUUNB Q pv- IJKIQI' Nillrly-tix Sandie Stevens. treasurer. composed the executive board of 558. Some of the gay affairs planned by this group were the Hello Dance. the Christmas Dance. the Activity Day Dance. the Recog- nition Day Dance. and the Aloha Dance. The Dance Committee also plans for noon dances. These dances provide entertainment for the students during their lunch hour. The noon dances are usually held once or twice a month. honoring some special occa- sion or holiday. such as St. Yalcntinc's Day. LINDA. BIRGITTA. MAX. K.'X'l'l'lX' AND CT.-XLE ENJOY 'I'HliMSELYl'IS .avr THE ANNIAL Lil-IRISTM.-XS DANCE tHklSTNAg Nl sf .f Vi' Au CE FRIEDNI AW up HXRRIS LAZARL s PL-XX CHECRERS xr DPORTS 'N1t,HT is HILE BIARLENE REG.kL Looks ox BOB AND PAKLETTE PLAY CAREM AN :XL SHFBERT KIBITZES SPORTS NIGHT COMMITTEE Details of such events at Yan Nuys High School as the Sports Nights. Jazz Concert. and the annual blardi Gras are planned and carried out by the Sports Night Committee under the sponsorship of Nlr. Haney Raskind. Presiding over the executive board of Mike Davenport. Ellen Shulte. Betty Berkshire and Joyce Chamberlain was Lucky Suer- dieck, the president for the vear. ANN Cl,-XRHART KEEPS scoRE Pon THE PING PONG MATCH PLAYED BY BILL AND JEAN SPORTS NIGHT COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-D. Eastman, M. Davenport, J. Grobart. SECOND ROW-M. Paskoff, J. Jurras, M. Bennett, E. Shulte, K. Carlson, Mr. Roskind. THIRD ROW-E. Engebretson, P. Berkshire, P. Sennewald, L. Fricke. I., I7 EW pl Lf" N, 'IW Q XXX -Q- Pagv Nin Pty-seven :ii i I .XX THE GIRLS, GYBI IS STARTED ON ITS RIDE ACROSS THE FIELD TO PROVIDE SPACE FOR NEYV CLASS ROOMS aka WORKBIEN RI' Progress while E ap SH TO COMPLETE THE NEW. LARGER BOOKROOM TO CARE FOR XYAN NI'YS HlGH'S EVER INCREASING NEEDS i A - I ,5-,AR I f .nhl im - -I MAY DAY PRINCESSES STANDING-Mary Lee Lloyd, Ginny Ruddick, Muff Berry, Toni Dallinger, Sharol Walen, Paula Bailey. SEATED-Judy Lay, Pinky Greger, Kathye Jo latte Eeautp signs Barrett. Following the tradition set by many preceding classes. the girls of Van Nuys High School again chose their May Day Queen and her court of eighteen Princesses. The candidates are nominated in their Physical Education classes. and once the ballots are printed the entire Girls, Student Body votes in period two classes for their choice. The honor of becoming Queen or a member of her court is limited to girls in their senior year. After the Princesses are chosen, a Queen is picked from among them. In May an assembly is held. which the entire Girls, Student Body is invited to attend. At this assembly the Queen is crowned and her court is introduced. with each girl attired in her loveliest ball length formal. . As an additional part of the pageantiy, each grade level is asked to participate by wearing pastel colors. Tenth grade girls wear pink. the eleventh grade wears blue, the Senior girls wear yellow. This year the May Day ceremonies were headed by Queen Mud' Beery. and her court of Kathy Jo Barrett, Paula Baily, Barbara Beaufait, Bonnie Chambers, Susan Coppage. Toni Dallinger. Pat Evans. Pinky Greger, Kathy Honkanen, Sheryl King, Toby King, Judy Lay, Mary Lee Lloyd, Myrna Paskoff. Cindy Pease. Virginia Ruddick, Sharol Wlalen, Karen YfN'ilcox. MAY DAY PRINCESSES STANDING-Sheryl King, Toby King, Karen Wilcox, Kathy Honkanen, Barbara Beaufait, Sue Coppage, Bonnie Chambers. SEATED-Pat Evans, Cindy Pease, Myrna Paskoff. Page Ninety-uma' gmpnvanawlrlllni .tv :PX Q w. FIRST ROW B Duxler K Wilcox J Thomas SECOND ROW-P. Nolhans, B. Sommers, I. Koloitis, J. Muench. THIRD ROW-P. Sennewald, L. Smith, link anh nil nmhine K Vixsvg E -sv? i V its' s-'X . ,ef ANNUAL STAFF School activities. events and festivities are brought to mind through articles and pictures of familiar scenes in the 1958 Crimson and Gray. This treasure chest of memories was created bv members of the Annual Staff working together under the experienced leadership and direction of Bfrs. Annina Price. Editor- in-Chief Carolyn Karlstad worked with Co-Editors Pennv Nathans. the first semester. and Blargaret Ben- nett, the second semester. June Thomas ablv directed the senior section. while Linda Smith managed the advertisements and underclass section. The capable editor of organizations and clubs was Irene Kolaitis. Duane Gruber. editor of sports. was assisted bv Bill Duxler. The other Stat? members were ll. Muench. B. Shafran. B. Sommers. S. Jensen. E. Shulte. P. Sen- newald. L. Fricke and P. Erlich. The art work was handled bv hir. Gregory and his stalli of D. Novros. S. Coleman and G. Lund. PONDERINC. oven rrzzrns or THE :XNNLIXL iivxixtv IS THE 12mToR or THE 1958 ANXLK-XL. C.xRoLvN IQARLST.-XD Ax 4 ...Q I-. X . .rxRoN -IICNSICN .mn lX-'I,-xRuAR1a'1' lllCNNli'I'T FIND TH.-xr .- :Rim-vi' limi. or w jf ,small W'58 MIRROR STAFF FIRST ROW--S. Bornslein, E. Maier, P. Greger, J. Dulkin, J. Goldberg. SECOND ROW-L. Zwerg, M. Rolenberg, J. Sholon, S. Marks, M. Pas- koff L Weisfeld J Jurros M Doven or! H Mouvuis L Sarno S wan, I . I - , . P , . , . , .S M. Bates, D. Eastman, D. Sorenson. tu truth 1-Blemuries THE WV58 MIRROR EDITOR, EVELYN MAJER, LOOKS I'P FROM HER VVORK MIRROR STAFF Keeping the Van Nuys High School student body informed and up-to-date on school activities. the Mirror Staff succeeded as usual in putting out exceptionally well written and satis- fying weekly publications. The Staff was led in the fall semes- ter by Evelyn Nlajer as editor-in-chief. Lynn Zwerg as busi- ness manager. and Steve Bornstein as managing editor. They were assisted by Feature Editors Mike Davenport and Laraine Sarno. Sports Editors Don Eastman and Larry Grant. Adver- tising Blanager Linda Eddy. and a Fine staff of reporters. Editor-in-chief during the spring semester was Pinky Greger. and the managing editor was Lori Sarno. Feature Editors Julie Jurras and Myrna Paskoff added interest and Mg if mf ,, 141- ,mm KET C0 W um W, humor with their column, "Double Trouble." "Letters to the Editor," a new column, was added so that students could express their opinions. Dick Sorenson, photographer, and Gary Patterson, who helped the students see the lighter side of things with his weekly cartoon. made the Mirror more enjoyable. Aiding and advising the Staff both semesters, Mr. Irwin Porges paved the way for the success of the paper. PINRY GREGER DISCUSSES A HUMoRoIIs ARTICLE WITH MR. PORGES S'58 MIRROR STAFF SEATED-P. Greger, M. Rolenberg, J. Dulkin, L. Zwerg, B. Swan, M. Poskoff, J. Jurros, L. Grant, L. Scrno. STANDING-D. Eastman, H. Mcuvcls, D. Sorenson. ws-m.,,,, .y Ovimvvugggw . 5 1 Qxyqi' 'Pk X 59 3 f ' L fx R CUNFLICTS OF HONOR VAX! ff Y., 1, Q GIRLS' DRILL TEAM FRONT-K. Gilligan, M. Lloyd. FIRST ROW-B. Pine, M. Bluemel, M. Lombardo, P. Spicer, K. Bovee, M. Regal, D. Green, C. Chapnick, J. Cook, S. Brechl, J. Kerslein, P. Kovner, S. Jensen, M. Winlz, S. Slaflery, C. Karlstad. SECOND ROW-S. Coles, B. Barrett, J. Nickerson, V. Kay, B. Mezo, E. Shulte, A. Friedman, C. Elder, K. Conrad, J. Robbins, J. Carlton, S. King, S. Gelberl, J. Collie, K. Clark. THIRD ROW-L. Gormley, N. Noble, J. Biehl. B. Swink, J. Henson, K. Carlson, P. Powers, S. Weiss, L. Green, J. Thomas, D. Bayer, P. Moran, J. Kampf, L. Slelson, B Fry, E. Mayer. FOURTH ROW- H. Hoffman, M. Nielsen, M. Gonder, P. Yates, D. Klann, J Muench, J. Jeanplong, L. Marsh, A. Weiser, S. Smilh, N. Drysdale, J. Coulter, M. Hendler, N. Eriksson, S. Krapp. FIFTH ROW-S. Wachter, G. Ruddick, D. Rudrud, J. Chapnick, C. Edmond, B. Weissman, P. Cook, R. Anderson, L. Brinkley, D. Hess, C. Rooney, S. Wapnick, G. Harris, B. Romm, H. Fulcher, K. Heideman. SIXTH ROW-M. Mather, C. Kiningham, D. Kooy, M. Bond, D. Roberts, H. Thompson, F. Hanna, J. Berkshire, J. Clemons, T. Fink, E. Michaelson, E. Cox, D. Roberts, J. Clements, G. Nofz. Girls, Drill Team Entertainment during the half-time of all the Van Nuys football games was provided by the Van Nuys High School Girls, Drill Team, with the band furnishing the music. One of the most effective drills. displayed at the game with San Fernando, involved the formation of a rocket. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers created a thick. white fog which gave the impression of "blasting off." Another spectacular presentation was at the last game of the season with Canoga Park when the girls formed a Christmas tree while the band played Christmas music. Suddenly the lield lights were turned OIT and the girls held up colored Hashlights which seemed to decorate their "Christmas tree." The girls were led by Mary Lee Lloyd and Kathy Gilligan under the supervision of Miss Phyllis Taylor. Their hard work was shown in their line performances. ClLASSIC FOOTBALL EXPRESSIONS REFLICCT ON THE FACES OF PHIL, KIQNNY AND STEVE HEAD CHEERLEADER TED BERGINIAN POSES XVITH HIS ABLE STAFF, GORDON GEBERT. CARL CHENO. HARRIS LAzARL's AND GARX' MARTIN SANDY KLANN, HEAD SONG LEADER, IS SURROUNDED BY HER Ass1sTANTs LYNN JUBERT, MARX'ANN GONELLA, KATHY HONKANEN, SHERYL WALEN, MUFF BEERY AND JOAN HAMIVIOND LeHermen's Club Formed from the old Varsity Lettermenls Club and Junior Lette1'men's Club by sponsor Nick Giovinazzo and Winter 1958 President John lklyers. the Lettermen's Club found itself very active in its first year of existence. A major activity of the club was the presentation of the monthly Lettermen's Breakfast. for the purpose of promoting a bet- ter relationship between athletes and teachers. Guest speak- ers were often present at the breakfasts. The highlight of each breakfast was the presentation of the "Athlete of the Week" award. The first recipient of the trophy was Quar- terback Bob Spane. In December the club presented a "couples onlyi' movie in the auditorium. Assisting John in running the club in the winter semester were Zeke Perlo, vice-president: Bob Cheng, secretaryg Rick Mahn, treas- urer: and Tom Holbrook, sergeant-at-arms. Elected presi- dent for the summer semester. Wfayne Huotari did a great job in keeping the club and its many committees running smoothly. Vice-President Bob Cheng and Secretary-Treas- urer Bruce Peterik aided Wfayne. LETTERMEN'S CLUB FIRST ROW-M. Haimovitz, R. Legassik, S. Robertson, S. Waodall, M. Cunningham, B. Cheng, W. Huotari, B. Winans, K. Motosian, L. Okin, B. Avants S. Keach, L. Stern, K. Weedin, D. Tschantre. SECOND ROW-L. Kreuger, J. Beach, J. Harrison, R. Zayne, B. Shields, S. Rice, S. Felman, C. Nyby, B Korn, L. Sonsini, S. Brinkman, H. Greene, G. Johnson. THIRD ROW-M. Loveridge, D. Kemp, C. Leopold, J. Kennedy, C. Cheng, M. Mokeude, D Cheng, J, Taylor, R. McKay, G. Graham, S. Hooper, J. Powell, R. Ringo. FOURTH ROW-G. Liddle, R. Mahn, J. Meleo, J. Gilbert, M. Klinger, J Peskett, J. Shulman, R. Westerfield, D. Bates, N. Jensen, J. Hammock, E. Mezger, M. Anderson. FIFTH ROW-D. Gruber, K. Ranier, R. Brown, G. Jenks T. Dahle, J. Soth, J. Huntley, L. Lindegren, J. Edwards, M. Plotkin, R. Norvell, J. Cook, M. Bush, L. Walton, M. Mitler, D. Horowitz, B. Peterik, B. Nownes P0g6Ol1e' Hundred Fzve Barsltp jfunthall is ,W w i i s MacAdam Tom Beck ick Weber Finishing out the season in second place. the Vlolves played spirited and determined football. Sparked on by their able coaches, Winston Tucker and Jack lN1cC:1fTrey, the ever-Fighting Vfolves never gave up. In the first tilt of the season. a practice game with Manual Arts. the surprised WVolx'es dropped the highly-rated Toilers. 21-O. A week later they knocked Jefferson. l-l-6. in the Milk Bowl Game. The main punch behind the Lobos' drive lay in the mighty Wolf wall. Guards Bo MacAdani. Sid Ordway and Jim Birchfieldg Center Tom Beck. Tackles Dick Weber and Tom Maguire: and Ends Dave Duncan. Ken Olson. Ted VVarrick and John Myers. were in the center of the melee as Bob Spane called the signals from the quarterback spot. Glen Randall and Ronnie Ringo Shared the halfback positions and Pat Knox held full- back. Bo MacAdam raked in further honors when he was chosen for the first teams of both the Valley and the City, named Co-All-Valley Player ol' the Year. and placed on the Shrine All-Southern California Team. Holding All-Valley berths with lNlacAdain were Dave Duncan and Glen Randall. Duncan also made the All- City Third Team. Tom Heck got in on the act. too. by being placed on the All-Valley Second Team. Ken Olson Jim Birchfield Tom Maguire Bob Spone Ron Ringo Dove Duncan Chuck Kaye Sid Ordwuy Glen Randall Pct Knox RACING ALONG THE OUTSIDE, RINGO TRIES TO AVOID DISASTER I VAN NUYS 6-NORTH HOLLYWOOD I2 Nine thousand fans filled the bleachers to over- flowing as Van Nuys sought to defend its cham- pionship against powerful North Hollywood. Scor- ing twice and holding the Van Nuys olI'ense powerless, the Huskies dominated the early part of the game. Scapegoat and hero of the game for Van Nuys rooters was Ronnie Ringo, who fumbled two kickoffs in the second quarter and later gave the Wfolves their sole touchdown on a beautiful sixty- tiye yard punt return. Returning the ball to the Huskies' thirteen where it was lost in a drive that began on their own three, Van Nuys men seemed to catch fire in the last six minutes. VAN NUYS 38 -SAN FERNANDO 13 It was an easy game for the Van Nuys Varsity when they met on Smith Field with an inexperi- enced group from San Fernando. Racking up 31+ yards rushing, with only 44 yards gained through passes, the T'Volyes relied mainly on a ground attack throughout the game. Scoring in every quarter, the lVolves ran Over the Tiger defense for a total of six touchdowns. Glen Randall and Mal Worthington each scored twice by bulling the ball over on short running plays. Bob Spane brought in six points in the second quarter with a keeper play. TVith a beautiful 28-yard run into the end zone, Gary Myers took over the ball for the final Y'Volf tally. VAN NUYS 26 - RESEDA 26 In the wildest game of the season. the VVolves and the Regents were at each otherls throats all through the game. Van Nuys gained the first touch- down as Bob Spane powered over the line, but did not score again until the wild fourth quarter. Enter- ing the last twelve minutes of the game, the Wolves were twenty points behind the Regents. Then Glen Randall brought the second tally over in the First forty-one seconds of the quarter. A few plays later Tackle Dick Weber grabbed a fumble and was over for six points. With fifty-three seconds left in the game, Jess Barrazza grabbed a Regent pass, and was gone for a run of 23 yards to tie the game. :Wight wolves tu jams VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST ROW-P. Knox, B, MacAdam, R. Ringo. SECOND ROW-S. Shandle. M. Purker, T. Dahle, G. Myers, S. Brinkman, T. Beck, R. Weber, M. Furgo, T. Maguire, C. Kaye, S. Wolfe, J. Mittenthal, M. Worthington, B. Lake, B. Mostovoy, J. Myers. THIRD ROW-B. Stone, P. Wesson, T. Garner, G. Randall, B. Spane, L. Sonsini, D. Duncan, N. DeFronzo, J. Barrazza, D. Houstman, K. Huston, B. Stevenson, C. Littlefield. FOURTH ROW-J. Snider, H. Teich, M. Vidolis, J. Birch- field, B. Duncan, B. Kerr, V. Voccaro, J. Schulps, G. Spellman, J. Longo, D. Burr, K. Olson, T. Warrick. FIFTH ROW-D. Tschantre, M. McNeill, J. Dike, M. Mahr, G. Cannady, M. Brenizer, D. Kramer, R. Turner, G. Jenks, J. Huelfer, R. Martin, M. Cook, B. Walsh, R. Roberts, P. Smith. SIXTH ROW-M Gonzales R. Hill, D. Kemp, R. Govenar, T. Wooley, R. Mirolla, A. Appleton, G. Taylor, R. Snider, B. Chaldu, A. Palacios, S. Ordway, D. Sluman. SEVENTH ROW-W. Schiller, C. Greening, D. Young, W. Brewer, D. Dunn, D. Metz, F. Decker, S. Smedberg, K. Schoen, S. Mitchell, H. Samuels, J. Auld, P. Starr. 1 "':'r " . A W. Page One Hzuzflred Seven .Ax XVHOLE LINE OF HLINTERS CHALLENGES RANDALL VAN NLYS 13 - BIRMINGHAM 7 7-7 the score stood at the end of the first half as the Wolves battled the Braves at Smith Field. Van Nuys rooters were terrihed as these Hgures remained through the third quarter and almost to the end of the fourth. Then, in a line example of the W'olx'es, last minute spirit and fire. Glen Ran- dall Charged 58 yards along the sideline for the winning points. Barrazza snagged a Birming- ham pass for the first six points in another long run of 51 yards. The Van Nuys line performed its usual fine job with hard-hitting Ho lN4aeAdam, Dick Weheis. Tom Heck and Dave Duncan teaming up to make life miserable for the Braves. VAN NLYS All -CIANOGA PARK 7 In a game that was to prove the last ol' the sen- son, the Wlolves stomped the Hunters to win hy fil points, which put Van Nuys in second place in the Valley League. .Xuain the mighty Wfolli line. led hy Bo lVIaeAdarn. lliek NV:-her :ind Cllniela Kay, pro- l' vided the drive whim-h resulted in 11 win. flfli yards were won on the ground with 87 gained in the .iii - ' r f ' ' lor a total ol lil VLll'ClS. Rolling up tlnw- ol the P six touchdowns, Glen lxandznll led the si-online. llukelsehzintre, l,LlY1'l,l1IlI'2lII1lllIl Pnl Knox ezieh brought one in, Wlith this lnnneliezil l'1'lIlllllll'I' ol the year heliore, the Wfvlx'4-s wound up lhe Iflfill season, whieh heralds greater years nheglcl. RANDALL, CARRYING THE BALL, SEARCHES FOR AN OPENING RINGO FINDS HIINISELF CAVGHT BETXVEEN THE LINE AND SEVERAL TIGERS a inv I 7111 -me - . v y K-v. - vt wa W" yi H, ', WI' ,, W' PWM wg w- -rf -may W 7 I . X. . . 'M W Z ,ky , i , : -Q ,V I V on I . 7 if . 4, If , .. V, I 1 , , 5 , f, I .v . 5 , t ' ,, , . ' - ' ,J I , , 1 5 , A ' 3, 4 0 if V , X ' , 'ffzj " K , . X , , 3, X 1. I, , 1 . 'I ,' , L I . A G gl . I., ' ag 5, A 4 + Q 'Z ,X i i -fe. ' ,T , I' , f 5 . ai., , 9 " ffjf , ,: . ', ' f' - ' ce' , . , A I 1 . - K I., jf , , 1 4 Q 'U Q. 1 . I ' r, " ,rv , Q., Q , X ,Q . 4 i d , K ,I , ,A I yr X V , .1 mg, 4 , . .yy 7 g I Z, , V,,.f,.,, A I P' ' ' ' f W. I f I f Q- ' ,f 1" 1 .1 9 M 1 .,,... it .u, X, . , Y X J Z , 1 , ,. . It A ,. 1 ,-uv ,, ,W ' Y' -f-"-1' .. '-4 eu? I - in r 4' -"V ' . I f- 9' 4' frat ,, . ..,, . x, , cs . , . 1 -' ,. . ., A , . . - f - 'V . . ,,,,, J.. it 'V ' ,, . , 'P . fl , , "B" FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST ROW-A. Stickel, L. Cutler, B. Dribben, A. Stiverson, M. Miller, T. Bennett, J. Montoya, T. Ely, B. Whitebirch, R. Raridon, M. Mokede, B. Bush, D. Brain, D. Calabria, J. Ambro, J. Carr, T. Jones, J. Beach. SECOND ROW-G. Woodall, B. Stine, R. Anderson, B. Gilbert, R. Winger, V. Mazzarino, F. Guernsey, M. Klinger, R. LeGassick, D. Perkins, K. Hall, J. Gardner, J. Kennedy, D. Yido, B. Lively, T. May. THIRD ROW-G. Gebert, B. Paul, M. Taylor, J. Hamson, M. Cusanovich, D. Slemp, B. Chacon, J. Fratello, A. Finkel, S. Felman, R. Black, W. Winter, D. Novros, M. Rosin, R. Lozoya. FOURTH ROW-R. Tutor, J. Gross, D. Fierstein, L. Medall, B. Nardi, R. Hudak, G. Worthington, N. Moody, L. Seeley, J. Schultz, V. Kline, T. Brown, D. Gelfand, B. Groves, N. Kaesberg. FIFTH ROW--D. Johnston, K. Rainer, J. Dungey, B. Wais, M. Linn, T. Donotoni, B. Winans, V. Tucciarone, R. Brown, G. McCumiskey, J. Wolfe, K. Hudosh, B. Albee, R. Novros, L. Cass. SIXTH ROW-P. Calabria, J. Greene, S. Lawrence, J. Wagner, B. Hagans, M. Friedman, R. Thornton, R. Rudman, T. Argall, B. Kribs, F. Allen, P. Cartozian. SEVENTH ROW-D. Arzt, P. Sarff, B. Baggett, J. Burra, J. Begley, J. Miller, B. Siegel, F. Reveles, H. Like, F. Desmond, K. Kitchen, R. Solo- mon, D. Myers, R. Leo, A. Manheim, A. Roy, J. Bennaton, B. Michaelis, N. Frantzman. u, Tiaeahe Ilan, fur a jielh Qual Van Nuys Bee Football Squad will remember 1957 as an unsuccessful season. Winning only one out of eight games, the Wolfpups seemed to lack the vital spark that is necessary for victory. Co-Captains John Beach and Roger Nadow led the Wolfpups as they established a one win, one tie and six loss record. At the beginning of the season, Coaches Jim McCon- naughy and Reg Anderson found themselves with more than two hundred boys out, each vying for a spot on the first team. Linemen who worked their way to the top were Ted Faulkner, center 5 Les Cutler and Lynn Seeley, guards, john Wolf, Mike Cusanovich and Tom Jones, tackles, John Beach, Richard LeGassick and Mike Rosin, ends. In the ball maneu- vering department behind the line were Jolly Carr, quarter- back, Mike Niiller and Roger Nadow, halfbacksg and Jerry Gardner, fullback. Starting the season on an ominous note, the Wolfprips were soundly drubbed by Manual Arts, 21-6. A week later the muddy field seemed to hold back the Wolfpups as Burroughs ran away from them, 21-O. In the last practice game, a power- ful Jefferson eleven walked away with the honors, 26-6. North Hollywood provided the first League action, with the game ending in a O-0 stalemate. A strong, well-rounded team from San Fernando next locked in combat with the I'Volves and triumphed, 19-O. In an extremely unlucky game. the Bees bowed to the Regents. 6-13. With a great show of courage, the Wolfprips nearly took the League champs. Birmingham, but were barely aced out in the last few minutes. 24-20. Fin- ishing the season in commendable form. the Bees stomped Canoga Park, with the score standing at 27-6 when the Final gun sounded. At the end of the season, two line players were honored with positions on All-Valley Teams. Star End John Beach was placed on the All-Valley First Team. and Rich LeGassick received a spot on the Second Team. At the annual Football Banquet. held at the McKinley home, the outstanding players were presented with trophies. Roger Nadow received the trophy for the Most Inspirational Player, and Terry Bennett was named thc Most Improved Player. The coveted award as Most Valuable Player was pre- sented to John Beach. An outstanding guard. Les Cutler, was given the Most Valuable Lineman trophy. The R.O.T.C. award for scholarship, leadership and athletics was given to Ted Bergman. Page One Hundred Nine S x X5 Kw 12 X Wm. if , M x gi hm I gg' r X 5 Ag, Q4 Mr " YQ f . 1 f. 159 2? 3 1 1 u 'f ' I 49 ,, 'F CROSS COUNTRY FIRST ROW-B. Kingsbury, M. loveridge, J. Powell, W. Huolari, W. Bergquisl, B. Cheng, B. Shields, L, Okin. E. Mezger, J. Beach, M. Haimovifz, C. Nellessen. SECOND ROW-L. LeRoy, S. Gold, K. Eckhaus, A. Cohn, S. Crust, T. Lopez, R. Monson, S. Robbins, S. Halpern, D. Cheng, D. Jackson, K. King, S. Bodner, M. Mauch. THIRD ROW-Coach Giovinazzo, B. Evans, B. Korn, S. Gold, I. Markman, M. Miller, J. MacKay, K. Mulozian, J. Schwella, G. Rosenberg. Qpseh aunts' fur Q11 N uw' CROSS COUNTRY W Van Nuys' "leather-lungers" began workouts early in the season to prepare for the grueling 1.8 Inile distance that they run. Coach Nick Cfiovinazzo wrought great improvements with every runner. Four seasoned runners Wayne Huotari, Bill Shields, Bob Cheng f and Bill Bergquist led the Varsity action. At the top of the Junior I I W Varsity pack were Jim MacKay. Fred Winter and Ken Matosian. ' Leading the Tenth Grade Team were Mike Loveridge and Mike ff Haimovitz. ,Q The Varsity scored in a tie for third in Valley League dual - 434g 453- meets, while the Junior Varsity took second. The Tenth Grade ac ' ' '- "S"-' Tf '- Team also won third place. BERGQIQIST, MACKAX', HAInIovITz ClOACH GIox'INAzzo LECTURES RETURNING AND HUOTARI GRoL'GH AT THE VARSITY TEAM SPRINGS FORTH, STARS LGVERIDGE. DTATOSIAN, THE STARTER,S SIGNAL RELEASED BY THE STARTER,S GUN POXVELL AND BQEZGER 1 ' I f . ' ' I f X Page One Hundred Eleven 6574? if J! A7 if ,,'flS I 25 Q Mr ,vi U KK lx if -J VARSITY BASKETBALL Playing a very heavy schedule, the Van Nuys Varsity Basketball Team took to the hardwood Hoors and proved very worthy of the applause given to them by the bleaclierites. Coach Jim lXIercer, in his third year of coaching, was well liked and respected by every member of the team and did a fine job in shaping the team for competition. In a poorer season than usual, the Wfolves won three games Out of ten in League practice to tie with San Fernando for fourth place in final League standings. The team was not short on top quality players. The forward positions were held by Dick Bates and Tom 0,LC3I'j'1 Gail Johnson and Leonard Stern were top-flight centersg and the top guards were Zeke Perlo, Howard Greene, Neil Jensen and Bob Avants. Gail Johnson received the award for the Most Valuable Player, and Neil Jensen was named the lNIost Inspirational Player. Leonard Stern was the Most Improved Player and Neil Jensen received the Captain,s Trophy. For his outstanding playing, Gail Johnson was placed on the All-Valley Second Team. Playing their practice games against very strong opponents, the Wolves lost the first three games to Fairfax, 61-58g Fremont, 57-36g and Manual Arts, 62-51. Against a very tough Hollywood team, the Wfolves, downing the Shieks, 62-59, showed what they could do when they got "hot." Qnnpster Enunh HOWARIJ Hm4gr3NrL, lima AvAN'l's, l.:-pow.-xml Swzuw, Iluzxt Ii.vl'l-zs, tirxu. JUIINSUN, Tom U'l,1-xfxkv, Zuma PERLO, NEIL JENSEN I Pngw Unw flllllfllfll7'II"l'l1'f' 0,LEARY BoosTs IT OVER THE RIM FOR TXVO DENNIS CRAIG THVVARTS A HUSICIE SCORING ATTEMPT VARSITY BASKETBALL When the League play opened. competition became very keen. Start- ing the season with a bad streak of luck, the Wlolves suffered live dis- appointing losses in a row. Meeting their arch-rivals, North Hollywood, in the opener, they lost by the fairly close score of 52-48. San Fernando. winning 60-48, unexpectedly took the play away from the Wolves. In a close, exciting game, Reseda emerged victorious. 58-56, by the narrow margin of two points. Birmingham thoroughly squelched the Wfolves with the soundest defeat of the season. 50-38. Canoga Park also man- aged a win, 64-60. In a reversal of luck. the Wolves, S'hot', again, downed the Huskies, 58-49. San Fernando and Reseda again triumphed. 50-45. and 57-54, respectively. Again proving that they could beat the very best, the Wolves pushed past the Braves for a 48-47 victory. The Final League game ended on a happy note. with Van Nuys stomping Canoga Park, 65-54. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM CRAIG OUTSTRETCHES THE REACHING HLISKIE H. Greene, B. Avonfs, N. Jensen, L. Tomlin, L. Johnson, J. Hersh, Z. Perlo, T. O'Lec1ry, G. Johnson, L. Stern, P. Alexander, D. Bates, C. Dempwolf, M. Hollmcn. X X f.1...l,' Yi 9 'Og wa T JV BASKETBALL FRONT D Harrison CoachJ Mercer E Maleo BACK S Marpet D Fluke J Shulman B Nownes G Graham A C shme B Lando! J Randolph L Farrell A Shapiro P Janssen G Sleven C Doll S Adamson B Borrud G Barrel C Leopold SPRINGING UPXVARD. CTRAHAM ATTEMPTS TO SCORE JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The inspired coaching of Mr. Jim Mercer was evident in the solid style of the J.V. hoopsters as they strode ahead to win three out of four practice games, A large squad Of top players was the secret of success for the Wolves. Gary Graham, forward. led the team in their most successful year. .lack Me-leo and Steve Marpet also played the forward position. while Don Fluke played center. Al Cushnie. Bob Lanctot and Lou Farrell. guards. rounded out the team. The spirits of the Wolyes were always high. and their main punch lay in the fact that they never gaye up. Seven out of the ten League games were won by the NN'olx'es as they shoved aside all other competition to take the Valley championship. Foiward Gary Graham was placed on the All-Valley First Team. He was further honored when he was named Co-All-Yalley Player of the Year. LANCTOT FOLLOWS HIS SHOT THROUGH ARCHING Hum. M.AxRv12'1' liners Tlili n.xLL IN THE WOLYES' H.xNDs L -'1-1 1 r 1 xi 1 1 - B BASKETBALL FIRST ROW--D. Hemphill, T. Swanson, D. O'Holloron, K. Knight, D. Klonk. SECOND ROW-E. Horris, D. Lawless, B. Peterik, J. Doolittle, J. Gilbert, L. Grant, M. Leibowilz. Zlaunur :Wight Tgrahelp KNI FUK IHIL HASKIYL' DESPITE VERY GOOD BLOCKING. GHT PETS THE BALL OVER TO SC ORE BEE AND CEE BASKETBALL Coach Barney Quinn was responsible for the fine Bee Basketball Team that brought home the bacon in League play. Winning the Valley Championship, the Bees, skillful playing won them all but one League game. Dick Hemphill. center, and Darold Klauk, guard, were All-Valley players. Dave O'Halleron made Second String All- Valley. Other top players were Tim Swamson. Jerry Gilbert and Kenny Knight. Under the Fine leadership of Coach Barney Quinn, the Cees improved steadily. The Cee hoopsters, Fighting hard in a strongly contested league. brought home a third place in the Valley. Top quality guards were Gary Robinson and Irv Medall. Carl Cheng and Dave Rosin worked at forward. and Jack Handley won center. To win their place in the league, the Cees won six out of ten games. BASKETBALL FIRST ROW-D. Rowson, I. Medoll, H. Win, D. Wolf, M. Williams, M. Huston, L. Kreuger, L. Drucker. SECOND ROW-W. Lewis, J. Sobel, M. Busche, C. Cheng, G. Robinson, T. Herles, J. Mosilon. Page One HIll1dI'6'd Fifteen 1 I . ii x ii ' C . . . ,N.,Q .....,.. . .,. 2 'Q I . ri. at L. is . ,:q. ,,1 qVA,,, A , Q, K. ,. . S- M -vw X S -- . En .. . 1. .. ",', wF:iX '- C X '2::. 9 q,4 . X ,..4,-- F Z.. -. Q. . . . ,. . . 5 . , Ni Q 1 . .. - I i ily I 1 i 1 i is 1 .T .- - s-." . i ,ri-'ii ' 1 1 sv- , ,f ' L W 'si st I -3 3? X ' . V , .v . Y r s Q f'F.j"" N . ..XX f '1.. .. Ac Q s 500 fi ...IAKJ f A7 0 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM FIRST ROW-Coach Jim McConnoughy, C. Lcndi, J. Bclrrclzu, H. Greene, J. Handley, K. Knight, P. Smith. SECOND ROW-D. Fluke, T. Holbrook, P. Knox, H. Teich, G. Grunt, J. Shulmon, L. Volerio, C. Hoffman. aka ilaarh nur Mums fur VARSITY BASEBALL Wfith high spirits and hopes, the Varsity horsehiders set out to make their impression on league play. Coaching the team with a Fine strong hand and voice, Coach Jim Mc- Connaugh delyed deeply into his lore of baseball know- how. Starting out the season, the team was endowed with three fine pitchers, Gary Graham, Paul Smith and Chuck Hoffman. In the line of fire behind home plate were catchers Howard Teich, Al Shubert and Mike O,Dea. Tom Holbrook handled First base, and Howard Greene was responsible for the safe keeping of second base. The difhcult position of third base was handled by Chuck Hoffman. Joel Shulman was the team's top flight shortstop. Left Held was ably taken care of GREENE RUSHES IN TO TAG SHULMAN GRAHAM XVINIJS UP FOR by Don Fluke, while Larry Valerio watched center field and Pat Knox supervised right field. In the lirst non-league game with Notre Dame. the Lobos were dropped by the Knights. 5-2. Fairfax provided the next competition, as the lYolyes came out ahead. 4 - 2. For the final practice game the YYolyes traveled South to Venice. where they were victors with a score of 5 - 2. In League play. the Wiolyes placed Jfth with the following scores: Yan Nuys O, 1, North Hollywood 5. Ll: Yan Nuys l. -l. Reseda 3. Ll: Yan Nuys 5, 3. Canoga Park Ll. '21 Yan Nuys ll. Ll. San Fernando 3, 21 Van Nuys 7. 2. Birmingliam Ll. 7. THE PITCH LIOFFMAN STRETCHES TO PYT TEICH OIT UIQK A -ww 'vm .r ul f fmn..vw 1 . M e . P jg A y g 'N Et Q X 5 -: -, , X is Utmtitg g Gsm Mgt ojmmmtg, ' N ...f , X2 I I mln ' ful' lui ft- I, A if Q, . f 1 4, J Q ' i I i i iii is Q' , JM! 1 IIIILIYQ .R . ,yr , ., , 1 5 of Y V it Q"1 e , ,N A f, . . X ' : X1 l 7 It 'B Pwimxul-IW 1 Qs it 4 'M -X--x1- -st -Tc. x':' r " Q . .. ' . - "" i ,,,, 1 , 1 X- ,, I y .,, ,, . fs ' t I . s I W5 . as! .1 f e .A L JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM FIRST ROW-T. Garner, M. Ley, S. Felmcn, I. Mendoll, E. Harris, M. Miller, L. Knapp, B. Stevenson, L. Sonsini. SECOND ROW-G. Worthington, J. Robinson, B. Acceftc, J. DeVere, T. O'Hollorun, R. Lozoyo, H. Glickmon, J. Shultz, J. Kennedy, B. MosIovoy. Strength xtels. fight QBI1. J.V. BASEBALL Breaking in an almost entirely new team, Coach Winston Tucker is to be complimented for the fine training he gave the fellows this year. The club gave a good account of itself in its games. and competition was keen among team mem- bers for First-string spots. The effectiveness of the team was increased by the large number of players. Evan Harris and Jim Shultz comprised the pitching roster. and john Kennedy was the top catcher. Bob Steyenson handled first base. and Mike Miller and Lon- nie Cass alternated at second. while Bob Accetta and Larry Sonsini yied for the third base spot. Jack Handley was an -ff '5 7 5 52 U 'TZ-R T I U Io - .1 -'FT EVAN HART outstanding shortstop, and Ron Lozoya and Rock Hudak patrolled left field. Gary Robinson was responsible for cen- ter field, while Mike Ley worked at right held. Notre Dame got the better hand of the Woly'es in the Hrst practice game, 9 - O. Polytechnic was then downed. 6 - 2, in a non-league match. In regular league games. the 'Nolves gathered these scores: Van Nuys -I. Jr. North Hollywood 1. O1 Van Nuys 7. 2. Canoga Park 2, 3: Van Nuys O. 2. Reseda O, 31 Van Nuys 5, lr. San Fernando 6, U3 Van Nuys 1. 2. Birmingham II, 3. Page One Hundred Seztmztee n 1 VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM FIRST ROW-S. Brinkman, G. Hopkins, R. Feldman, M. Austin, D. Gruber, R. Westerfield, J. Solh. SECOND ROW-J. Oswald, B. Gilbert, R. Govenor, J. Doolillle, L. Grail, L. Lindegren, B. Brozey. 331111 fur the VARSITY SXNIIMMING Van Nuys mermen set out this year to win a place for themselves in stiff Valley and City competition. Star-studded Birmingham pro- vided the main threat to Van Nuys' security. while Hollywood and Los Angeles Highs were the other City title contenders. In the freestyle events, the top sprinters were Louis Bodnar. Duane Gruber. Lewis Lindegren, Randy IN'esterHeld and Steve Brinkman. John Soth and newcomer lXIike Austin pulied the 200-yard event. Hard- working Mike McNeill was the team's star backstroker. and up from the Bee team. Larry Gratt topped the breaststroke list. The butterliy boasted several sharp swimmers. including Gordon Hopkins. Blike Austin and Don Gullans. .kg In their two practice meets. with Hollywood and Los Angeles. eff' 'Wir WM the W'olves came out on the short side of the scoring. -I2-IU and -I8-35, respectively. In regular league swimming. the Lobos placed 2nd, with the following scores: Van Nuys 55, North Hollywood 271 f. -.,,,,.,,-- Van Nuys 60, Reseda 221 Van Nuys 39. Birmingham Ili: Yan Nuys , 64, Canoga Park 17. FIRST-STRINGER S SPRING FORWARD ' AT GL'N,S BARK BEE SWIMMING FIRST ROW-J. Stuart, J. Olesiuk, C. Nyby, B. lively, B. Groves, T. Ely, S. Kinsey. SECOND ROW-H. Schlissel, J. Corr, G. Brewer, C. Gates, J. Bennoion, P. Muffler. THIRD ROW-D. Meyer, M. Rogers, G. Diskant, J. Taylor, P. Rux. BEE SWIMMING The Bee swimmers strove mightily this year i to regain their Valley League title. lop Iree- stylers were QIIII-man Chris Nyhy, and sprinters .Iohn Taylor and Gary Familian. Spurkecl Ivy such ahle competitors as Peter Rux and Mike Ltiwler, the team was especially strong in the Imekstroke events. Other stars were Home Meyer in the Iureaststroke and Ken Sillmert in the Imi- terily, IIIIII' team Iziretl well us eyicleiieecl lay tliefve scores: Vim Nuys foil. Nortll Ilollywoocl Il u s m src 1 1 s Ns 2l1 Vu' N yy til, Ile. 'In QIQ VIII N ly, fill, I Iiirininelizim Ili: Van Nuys 72. CILIIIHLQJI I'1uIv II, 5' I 'lilleteL.Illpl:,1c'n'tIiZll1I in llie Valley. ' 4 rr sus Q if I T -an E E, go ef IIg?'.?gQ'U . I , -- L ..,x ,I 1, ..,,?.,.i, Q C. A ,rg 'feiff "" ' . I - , V l I" ai? Q 1 se? X. :i v Y A s I , N .I I CEE SWIMMING FIRST ROW-S. Friedman, J. Benson, M. Sullan, R. Norman, A. Wil- liams. SECOND ROW-J. Solomon, Coach Reg Anderson, E. Anderson. Qual ani: win GOLF El Caballero and joe Kirkwood Golf Courses played host to the Van Nuys golfers for both practice and competition. Under the direc- tion of Coach Mike Foster, the team members worked steadily on the exacting skill and form that the sport demands. Placing second in the Valley last year, and taking the League Championship the year before, the team had a line record to spur them On. Dave Ellsworth. Mike Richmond and Dave Horowitz were the pillars of the team's strength. Lee Drabin, Jim Kanter and Rickie Raridon rounded out the First three teams. In a close race for the championship, the team gained the follow- ing scores: Van Nuys 18. San Fernando 6: Van Nuys 19, Reseda 51 Van Nuys 16, Canoga Park 8: Van Nuys 18, Birmingham 63 Van Nuys 19, North Hollywood 5. Finishing out the season the Wolves placed Hrst. GOLF TEAM FIRST ROW-D. Liebman, J. Kanler, R. Malone, M. Going, L. Drabin, J. Reardon. SECOND ROW-P. Slarr, S. Robbins, T. Wilkinson, M. Mason, L. Graham, S. Minlzer, M, Richman, D. Harowilz, D. Ellsworth. CEE SWIMMING Due to limited swimming facilities, Coach Reg Anderson found it necessary to limit the size Of his squads, with the Cee team being most severely affected. John Benon, Bob Nor- man, Mickey Sultan and Allen Williams paced an undermanned team. League scores suffered as a result of the lack of manpower. The results came out as follows: Van Nuys 11, North Holly- wood 26, Van Nuys 19, Reseda 181 Van Nuys 9, Birmingham 285 Van Nuys 21, Canoga Park 16. At the Valley League Meet in May, the Cee team placed 3rd, GOING STUDIES MELONE,S FORM ELLSWORTH PREPARES TO DRIVE As HOROXNIITZ AND lRICI-IMOND LOOK ON fi 19 Y gl: '-a- Page Ofzc Hzuzdrcd Nineteen VARSITY TRACK FIRST ROW-J. Edwards, J. Powell, J. Gufh, D. Agins, L. Okin, M. Linn, K. Olson, L. Cavanaugh, R. Ringo. SECOND ROW-E. Mezger, R. LeGossick, J. Gross, G. Mantin, M. Cook, P. Mczrtire, D. Holt, D. Schulz, D. Stumon, D. Campbell, J. Beach. THIRD ROW-G. Spellman, B. Kingsbury, A. Cushnie, L. LeRoy, T. While, L. Walton, R. Pickup, J. Hebner, M. Gordon, C. Littlefield, J. Schori, Coach Mercer. FOURTH ROW- Coach Giovinazzo, B. Thomas, M. Mohr, B. Korn, S. Sledge, P. Alexander, M. Davis, L. Morris, J. Woods, J. Schwellc, R. Martin, T. Jones, W. Huotari, W. Brewer. P. ALEXAANDER COMES HOME TO ANOTHER 880 YICTORY GUTH "PoL'Rs IT ON" TO BREAK THE TAPE TBR Swift anti VARSITY TRACK Coaches jim Mercer and Nick Gioyinazzo had good reason for the high hopes they exhibited at the beginning of the season for their cindermen. Several returning lettermen and many top competitors from last year's Bee and Cee squads formed the nucleus for a powerful and well-balanced track squad. The lYolyes were about eyenly balanced in strength between the run- ning and held events. which wr a switch from recent years. Ron Ringo and Doug Bell stomped the llillil and 220 yard sprints. Coach Gioyinazzo's many hours of work with sophomore Joe Guth proved rewarding when the gutty quarter miler showed himself to be a lirst-class competitor. Rod Pickup and Doug Bell accompanied him in the lwlll. The surprise of the season was Phil Alexander. whose 880 times of well under two minutes placed him in the top echelon of half milers, .lim Powell and -lohn Beach also ran the half mile. lVayne Huotari equalled and hettered former times in the mile. while Eric Klezger pressed him for supremacy in every race. Wiendell Brewer and Ron Ringo carried the colors ol' Yan Nuys in the two hurdle races. The held eyents were strong as usual. Seniors Ken Olson and Larry Cayanaugh battled it out in the pole yault and found little competition from other schools. New sensation Lou Farrell and kliin Hoods brought in points from the high jump pits. Versatile Ron Ringo excelled also in the broad jump. Neil -lcnsen and .Xl Cushnie worked with Ringo in the broad jump. Vince Vaccaro put the shot. The spirits ol' the eintlermen were dampened considerably by a seemingly endless clownpom' that cancelled two practice meets and postponed two league meets. .-X practice meet was later arranged with Notre Dame. This was the lirst meet exer held lietween the two schools, Howeyer. the powerful Knights were too much lor the XX'olyes. and they ran away with thc scoring. -RW: - l l' 1. llie lirst league match did nothing to help Yan Nuys morale as R"5t'fl1' Slillucieil the l.olaos. 7ll-lil. This loss was in part atoned for as Van Nuys stomped past llirmingliam. 7934 - 2 ll 4. and San Fernando, 7l lp, -HQ'-1. All was to no ayail, though. as a powerliul lluskie team squeezed oxen the NYolxes with the licartlireakingly close score ol' 55 --lfl. The final competition was proyidecl hy Canoga Park. when the yictorious Violyes carried the Illeet. 7l lffg - ISQLQ. At the end ol' a yery close season, the YN'olyeS placed tliiril in the Valley. , H GRFENE :QTRETCHES FOR THAT EXTRA INCH N ,R 'fw--n,....,. , 'V-Q ... V 33- ,,.. A -" M, 1 X EN" ...J-J. 1' ms. XR' rmghfiz, N N 1 IX 13 f , ':EEEEE5WJ':E 91 '- ' --N 4 we .S -M .. N-FH' A .df V-aw. A CLOSE RACE BETVVEEN B. NARDI J. DECKER STARTS ON HIS AND D. PERKINS LEAVES THE FINISH DOUBTFUL PRELIMINARY RUN 3 BEE TRACK ru I . . Plenty of dust was kicked up this year by the Bee Track Team. , r f j Y, ..,. :sg . . - - - N ' if Coached by Jim Mercer and Nick Giovinazzo, the exceptionally . W qw. . strong team was raring to take the Valley Championship. Strong in the sprints were Al Stiverson and two brothers. Rick and Ron Reis. The 660 was the scene for a large part of the thundering from the Van Nuys camp. Sandy Rice, Bill Nardi and Mike Haimovitz all vied for the school record. Sparking the 1320 with times around 3:30 were Marvin Cunningham and Bob Cheng. Johnny Ambro, Vince Tucciarone and Greg Liddle ran the hurdles. Returning city champion in the pole Vault Jim Decker was the strongest man in the field events. Bob Young and Jess Barrazza stretched in the broad jump pit. while Mike Anderson was high jumping near the Valley record. Les Cutler and Ron Tutor were high-class shot putters. The Bees took Hrst in the Canoga Relays and in the Valley A-H-Vw -W, I League. League scores were as follows: Van Nuys 5214. Reseda -IQVQQ Van Nuys 79. Birmingham 163 Van Nuys 31. San Fernando 641 Van Nuys 5572, North Hollywood 39V5g Yan Nuys 59 Qfli. Canoga 35 lf3. G. LAGIOIA TAKES OVER THE BATON AND CHARGES OFF M. HAIMON'ITZ NVINS AN EASY fd .. H L' NDRED BEE TRACK FIRST ROW-J. Ambro, B. Nclrdi, G. LoGioia, S. Jones, R. Reis, L. Cutler, M. Hcimovilz, B. Shields, S. Bodner, J. Hamson, R. Hudck. SECOND ROW-R. Young, C. Fox, K. Weedin, V. Kline, D. Perkins, G. Newbuuer, S, Rice, M. Cunningham, B. Cheng, J. Kremer, J. Mcsilon, A. Stiverson. THIRD ROW-Couch Giovinazzo, B. Corwin, R. Monson, W. Winter, T. Lopez, R. Tutor, V. Tuccicirone, R. Reis, R. Lewis, R. Greene, G. Klein. FOURTH ROW-F. Allen, R. Romsey, A. Cohn, M. Busche, J. Burro, J. Klein, C. Asmus. D. Rawson, K. Molosion, A. Hond, I. Mcirkmon, A. Bockcil, M. Anderson, G. Liddle, M. Wolfe, N ,W W 1 ' 'M7 yotl qv '. 'Of at W Cn. Q ...- in CEE TRACK Fmsr Row-r, rnarnaa, M. Loveridge, a. Winans, o. Cheng, s. Gold, s. Halpern, D. skanan M Huston A T. Argall. SECOND ROW-S. Geber, B. Stine, D. Berg, H. Berg, N. Lustig, S. Frank, M. Octey C Cooper J. Morkmon, M. Mossman. THIRD ROW-Coach Giovinozzo, D. Wollmon, M. Hollander J Wenl M Levine, G. Rosenberg, D. Krotofil, D. Gelfond, H. Levitt, R. Roberts. CEE TRACK Long hours of practice paid ofil for the Cee tracksters as they exerted themselves to the utmost during competition. Coaches Mercer and Giovin- azzo deserve the credit for developing this group of able competitors. Stan Gold and Norman Lustig sparked the sprints, while Steve Halpern and Don Cheng headed the middle distances. Leading the 1320 were Bill Stine and Blike Loveridge. Stan Gold leaped the hurdles, bringing honor to Van Nuys. Les Argyll and Blilie Lovericlge excelled in the high jump. and Denny Gelford starred in the pole vault and broad jump. The Outstanding star Of the team was Blike Loveridge. who will be pleasing his coaches in the Bee division next year. In league competition the Cee tracksters placed fourth. At the All-Valley Nleet, the team placed fourth. B. BALLOUGH FOLLOWS THROUGH T. ARGALL CLEARS THE BAR BX A HIS PUT CLOSE MARGIN IN THE HIGH JLNIP ,f-1'--"' s Ill 31 cs-I TENNIS TEAM FIRST ROW-G. Patterson, G. Sugarmon, R. Siegel, H. Mouvuis, L. Grosberg, R. Schroedeck, K. Kramer, T. Smith, Coach McCaffrey. SECOND ROW-S. Choum, J. Rubinstein, P. Woodruff, M. Cusonovich, C. Cheng, T. Herles, D. Novros, M. Lebowifz, A. Tucker. Zgring jams ants Ziaunur tu the Eulhes M. CUSANOVICH AWATTS THE SERVE R. SCHROEDECK PREPARES FOR A RETURN in 6 I .-,, rw., " ' r .gf , ,- ' jg ' N 1 5 ,,,, .i , I TENNIS Practice of the Tennis Team took place at the asphalt courts of the Victory- Vanowen Playground. Coach Jack McCaffrey saw to it that his netmen improved under him when he introduced a rigorous training schedule that brought the team into top competition shape. The Wolx'es were often seen practicing their strokes at the playground, where hard serves and quick rebounds were the rule every day. Coach McCaffrey deserves a good deal of praise for the skill and knowl- edge he imparted to these young men. The team boasted a sizeable group of sharp players. In the singles Karl Kramer. Terry Smith, Ron Shroedeck, Marty Lebowitz and Carl Cheng were the mainstays: in the doubles Pete VVoodrufT and hlike Cusanoyich, Gary Patterson and Alan Tucker, and Dave Noyros and Larry Grosberg held the hopes for the Vvolyes. Composed largely of juniors, who still have their big year before them. the team is hoping for Valley League honors next year. Successful practice matches were held with Fairfax, -l - li. and Poly. 7 - 0. ln League play, the team brought in these scores: Van Nuys l. l. North Hollywood 6, 63 Van Nuys 4-. 3, Reseda li, lg Van Nuys 5, Birrningham 2: Van Nuys 7. 6. Canoga Park lil, l 1 Van Nuys fl, 3, San Fernando ll, 4. XYinding up the season. the VVolycs placed 3rd in Valley League competition. M. LEHOXYITZ voisris. T. Sixirrri NVAITS FOR THE A HIGH sHoT CXTCHEN READY FOR T1-Ili HALL Nr-:xr Movie K. TQRAMER PRhPARhD lvl. SALYANESCHI DEMONSTRATES PROPER FORM ON TI-IE SIDE HORSE G. .ALZIEBLER XVORKS ON HIS FREE EXERCISE TECHNIQUE J. CASKEY sHOws How TO WORK oL'T ON THE RINGS GYMNASTICS Coach Barney Quinn was faced this semester with the not un- pleasant task of working a better than average squad into top form. The Vlolves, stronger than usual, worked out with vigor for the league race that was to prove hard fought and exciting. Specializing in free exercise. tumbling, and on the rings, city championship hope- ful Nlike Coleman was the IVolves' prime asset. Joining Coleman in competing on the rings was Bill Cameron. Jim Caskey showed prowess on the parallel bars, while Lynn Seeley labored mightily up the rope climb. Mike Salvaneschi was the Wolves' main power on the side horse. The musclemen placed Oth in the Valley League, with the scores as follows: Van Nuys, Olyg, Birmingham 67245 Van Nuys 29y5, North Hollywood 9916: Van Nuys l5yQ, Reseda BQVQL Van Nuys 0 555, Canoga Park hh: Van Nuys 84, San Fernando 45. GYMNASTICS TEAM FIRST ROW-D. Smith, S. Schlosser, R. Bearden, B. Linson, K. Eckhaus, L. Guthrie, J. Caskey, W. Hazelhurst, B. Hicks, G. Alziebler, E. Radu, K. Loiz, D. Gaboury. SECOND ROW-L. Seeley, E. Doliiver, L. Fiarber, M. Whittemore, K. Weedin, N. Wiswell, M. Salvcneschi, D. Lucas, M. Mauch, H. Fry, A. Friersfen, R, Pierce, T. Norlander, N. Kaesberg, M. Hernandez, B. Fields X iQ2?'fS'S?-sn.: 4+ - - , .- W- N x x WN v A -.ey jwxis k A ,fe we he . sw , been See - - L ' w- XV. 'ft ps .ff k E y A t-as-.E 1' 4 f M W'58 CHEERLEADERS . M. Bluemel, L. Green, B. Pine. is .- 'E A X5 uv! G.A.A. BOARD W'58 E. France, L. Greene, B. Pine, M. Bluemel, M. Lloyd, J. Mayo, S. Coppoge, B. Beoufoil. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION After school. hundreds of girls participate in supervised sports spon- sored by the Girls, Athletic Association. These sports consist of bowling. badminton. basketball and speedball. in the fall semester: and of bowling. badminton, archery, volleyball and softball in the spring semester, The purpose of the Girls, Athletic Association is to further interest in extra curricular physical education activities for all girls. to further a spirit of loyalty and cooperation. and to provide opportunities for all girls to participate in group and individual activities. Girls gain more school spirit and interest in school service by belonging to G.A.A. The winter president was Mary Lee Lloyd: Marilyn Gonder took over the oflice in the summer. The G.A.A. is sponsored by all the gyni teachers. under the direction of Mrs. Evelyn France. G.A.A. SPONSORS W'58 Jain bee in the lIll",Rl-1 wi-:Re l'LliN'l'Y or 'ri-ARS AND smrucus OF QIUY xviiex BIARILYN AND Tue R1-isr or Barbara Edgett, Evelyn France, Sheila Hirshberg, Phyllis Taylor, Joyce Munson, Rulh Show. IIIQR BOARD XYIQRIQ .XNNOVNCED AT THE SPREAD 1 GAA CHEERLEADERS S'58 S Slelson K Rand S. Brechf. WWW 2 sf' ' G A A BOARD S'58 FIRST ROW J Muench N Gonder M Gilmore. SECOND ROW-D. Klann, L. Suerdieck, K Carlson N Spurgeon K Bovee K Mayo THIRD ROW-C. Ramsay, P. Zuber, B. Beau- G.A.A. SPREAD AND PLAYDAY During each semester several playdavs are held by various schools. These schools invite the members of other Girls' Athletic Associations to their fields where all the girls get together to play, sing and eat. In this way the girls have a chance to broaden their circle of friendships. Whetheis they win their games or lose them, they come home with a feeling of victory. At the end of each semester a spread is held where all the girls who have gone out for G.A.A. have a chance to get together. Refresh- ments are served and the winning team or girl from each sport is announced and awarded a trophy. The new Lettergirls and Star Letter- girls are presented with certificates. Finally. amid great excitement, the new ofhcers are announced by the old ones. REMINISCING THROUGH HOLD MOTHER GOOSEH TALES AT THF MARSHA LINDA AND BEx LEAD SONIE PEPPX XELLS G.A.A. SPREAD ARE lVlARSHA, LINDA. BEv. MARv, PAT. AT THE G A A SPREAD JENNY, KATHX'. JEAN. lX'l.-XRILYN, BARBARA, JoAN AND ToBv JUNE MAKES A BEAL'TIFL'L CATCH Qrahe liable: LETTERGIRLS Lettergirls is an organization for those girls who have earned their letter in G.A.A. The Lettergirls assist the Girls' Physical Education Department as much as pos- sible and also render service to the school outside of the , G.A.A. Miss Shaw is the sponsor of Lettergirls. and -Tenn Berkshire and llainar Xluench served as winter and sum- mer presidents. respectively. Elected to the winter hoard were Vice-President Nancy Spurgeon. and Secretaries -Tune Thomas and Susie Yreeland. while serving on the summer hoard were Vice-President .Tune Thomas and NINE GOT IT-t' SHCI,-T5 ANN Secretaries Rzirbnrn Frv and Hildv Thompson. JULIE TRIES FOR A BASKET LETTERGIRLS FlRST ROW-E. Morris, P. Johnson, P. Tucker, J. Franzwa, J. Muench, J. Blum, J. Newcomb, J. Volpe, R. Berman, M. Jeldmon, M. Martinovich. SECOND ROW-S. Toohey, M. Alexandre, A. Friedman, S. Ryan, B. Berkshire, 5, Engebretsen, E. Shulte, K. Barrett, S. Combs, M. Bluemel, S. Utt, C. Wolff, B. Shatran. THIRD ROW-C. Ladon, B. Natelborg, K. Struever, S. Coppoge, D. Kooy, A. Carhart, M. Wintz, G. Ruddick, L. Barton, M. Gilmore, K. Heideman. FOURTH ROW-P. Evans, S. Attebery, M. Mather, S. Hale, M. Nielsen, J. Welden, H. Thompson, B. Fry, P. Wynne, P. Tinetti, H. Fulcher, FlFTH ROW-J. Hibbard, C. Lollier, D. Few, C. Pease, R, Durand, B. Gordon, S. Slattery, K. Clark, L. Wright, J. Coulter, L. Sthiles, l.. Brown, G, Nofz. r .qh 5 le T 0 was Qs-f yg 5 r , . - - lu s v " 'U - fe c ..... . 1 if-r ' ' 'TT ,X . 8 s 6 S f x9 4 , l ., . I .F, 4 JO.-XNNE IS READY FOR 'I'Hli BALL Jfigbt fbntnarh LETTERGIRLS Lettergirls have two main activities each semester. One, at the end of both semesters. was the trip to Holly- wood following the Girls' Athletic Association's Spread. The new and old Lettergirls took the bus to Hollywood and went to a picture selected at a previous meeting. The other activity during the winter semester was the weekend trip to Clear Creek. The girls went skiing. tobogganing and sledding. and had a wonderful time. In the summer semester the Lettergirls got out their bathing suits and caps for a trip to the beach. These activities made the vear an exciting and successful one. SHERRI AND DONNA XVATCH THE PINS AS ANN ATTEMPTS TO KNOCK TI-IEINI DOYNN O av no o r- E ea U1 -1 I rn UU :P 1- in o 4 rn av -4 CC rf: 2 FJ -1 Z C 51 I af :- :- E rn av KD ' Q m 2 o -1 IL' STAR LETTERGIRLS FIRST ROW-J. Anton, K, Wilcox, J. Shreves, M. lmmel, J. Muench, J. Thomas, B. Pine, S. Vreeland, C. Karlslad, S. Stevens, J. Metcalfe. SECOND ROW-M. Regal, L. Werner, M. Gander, M. Lloyd, L. Green, C. Hone, J. Laurilz, S. Boyd, B. Romm, S. Jensen, N. Drysdale. THIRD ROW- B. Sommers, M. Drachlis, D, Klann, K. Carlson, N. Spurgeon, F. Hanna, L. Pack, J. Chapnick, N. Hofman, K. Gilligan. FOURTH ROW-T. King, S. Siarr, B. Beaufait, N. Tackefl, B. Sherlock, L. Zwerg, S. Brown, J. Telliohn, C. Kiningham. f ll rw .ON 'ina 1 mu- n Q . K T f L i W , K . ba ' as ff f ffflmx Q C531 i lr gli. ',,Nv,mN,f,?n -A71 - , I SWABBIES my .QL -Ig 11 7 - -.A ' " . .- , , w59 unisians winter y TUNISIANS TW59 In the annals of Van Nuys High a new class will be recorded. the Tunisians of Hfinter '59 The class held its first meeting in january at which they met their fine spon- sors. M1'. Jim Klercer and lN'Irs. Helen Heinze. To work with them the Tunisians elected an able group of B-12 class officers. Bob Lanctot was elected president: Bruce Thomp- son. vice-president: Nancy Antola, historian: Judy Mc- Kanna. treasurer: and Karen Carlson, secretary. As their B-12 project the class chose to patrol the halls during the lunch period. Each B-12 Government class A-II STEERING COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-C. CroxIon, J. Edwards, B. Friedman, V. Porter. SECOND ROW-F. Diaz, J. Montoya, S. Lawhead, L. Zwerg, C Melim. THIRD ROW-L. Bodnar, B. Thompson, D. Campbell FOURTH ROW-D. Dorko, M. Gonder, P. Alexander. worked two weeks under the supervision of the Halls Committee. Each year it is traditional for the Senior B class to give the Senior A class a prom. In preparation for this event the Tunisian class organized six committees. The class of TVinter ,59 was officially recognized as a senior group in April when they donned their bright sweaters. Although small. the class of IW59 made up in spirit what they lacked in size. Hlelcome Tunisian class! Good luck in your future en- deavors. Niay your year as a senior class become a cherished memory in time to come. I fr? 1 W7 ,l Z?,,.W,f,w' lim., UW' lllmrflwfl 'l'l1i1ly-In-H A-II SWEATER COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-M. Salvaneschi, S. Knapp, V. Tucciarone. SECOND ROW-S. SIarr, L. Zwerg, R. SIevens, M. Field. V4 IO' I l I A' TUNISIAN CLASS SONG TCNISIANS now are leaving you. lYe are the best of all the rest. lX'e,x'e reached our goal so true. As graduation day draws nigh lVe place our aini in gaining fame For quality so high. The fun we'x'e had has been so grand. But knowledge too has carried through To lend a helping hand. Van Nuys. our thanks will always go to The time has corne for us to part. TUNISIAN 5,12 OFFICERS FIRST ROW-N. Anlolo, B. Lanctol, J. McKanno. SECOND ROW-B. Thompson, K. Carlson. JW vm M72 rg,-:v MJ! 'L-'Vi B-I2 STEERING COMMITTEE FIRST ROW-M. Salvaneschi, R. Turner, J. Cohlan. SECOND ROW-D. Campbell, L. Zwerg K Carlson B. Lonclot, B. Thompson, J. McKanna, N. Anfola. THIRD ROW-C. Udell, L. Fountain, N Hofmon 'W' :Z-'2:s:S:fa::5l'.:' .-.'. ..f V f -'lfill " WW f .,.. 157418 . is '. ------ fQ3"M-4 p L.r.,f, gl al.. In v 1-lr:-cwgm N- ALA F lvl-.-lu 'iwflf ' gif ' WT' . I W ..... KZ QW? re I I W- I L ' " . 'T 1 5.3 . My li' J ,.:g:.u. l , -riff! , 'I 'i X' f ' fa . A Amr, 5 A-.s,l.,, L ml,-.-f., gallon-ms If v A ,,,,, X 2 I V 5 xi 1 4 si ff. I I M I I I I -Q I I wi I .I an M M - I '-. I Po'rn9s M Bm'-lv" T Dc-cl F Beebl' I. Elell V .,,, , 4 'A J , . ar.-A Q i""r ff. -Z if M W X ,". l . ' ' 'X ,Q ,Sgr ' C- f 2 A N I Z Psa y P Bsflfsll L Bl-lr L bcilnar C Bono . s C l . V X ' 'il J ' . - f r e..a,,,l.,.., .'.'. Era-rwzcv 1 erm, A ered, L sm-.ln Ll 1 . . is an L 1 - ' 1 S f r 3? i C -, P., A 3 C Campbell D. Campbell F L dy K Corlsrn P Carr TUNISIAN CLASS SPONSORS Mr. Jim Mercer and Mrs. Helen Heinze X Y, fs.. fl- s 'Z.-vj i ' . X .. X M As. ea 4 what Words say fx they should beg deeds say what they are. w -v ,A X? , . A A., QA .:g..A, ,A I , A A 'if - - A era X ez 53 .-- N. . " I W A I I' . I 5 QQ. .y Q., 5- QI, .Q N . L X x 'N - - , + , .I L Q. ' - Q X , 5 .1 L T gm.: E QII,I..,..,. -. I:-I: I, Ig.,-Im -3 LM, Q Ig3I.,.InI c dew S, -wwe - .I www., c eww-L Q gm. H I U-JM, I: new L- awe M o-mn.. X Q. I W we A ' '- X ' X. -at . -a. I I x se- X I ' '1 . '- I . ' I .pf X Q f r . N "' 'U X . I , - 'I 3. 3 G .. Q I II I X Iwi L fs? - ' I f ,H 'H " 4 '-I I Ie . 14.5 f . .AA,-A. .QA by AA AAA ,SAF , WA A. I A . . W- in-I, A 5 wavy? 1 . Q1 E R X... - ' X X A I 5 - A .gi - I 1 In A X A I X . N :I-,Iam D we J new f LI fm 5 swf 2 EI3I1,,. L any JAEMUI1 EI egg rI EIIL A QGI CI ru--Q.-. 5, refer. L 1..I.-UI L -r rw-. If 2 N f' ' i .. - I X sf. I ' -I A gg m, -- .. N . QA A , ' .., Q ' . 2 2, AI- A , Q A-Av , AK . E--X ' b if .245 , Ii. fd . " II I X 4Lk.,j A ' 4. .. 4 , 4 ' . ' W ' ,I x S . fx ' fx V' I' X" X I 'Y A Q5 ' .... - 2' .A N .4 Af A -5 I - I ' - . A Q A A A 4 H , A .A-, A Q A 'N ll H " QQMIX .. I I A I Bin 3511 X , N. I' w- I N . 1 X A 1. K Jr If A FI AI-of p ,I Q-1-New H F' zzwmv W F-us: H FII, J f3nIjII.,I M GQ.-Ifjgf L gy 1.313 r QQ,-WI E T?-2" I 2 f'IIg,Lfr E G fi- I 3,-.3--ff 3 ..:, e. L ' ..... ' L I xi . I I I - I -. .mf RS' , i A. f . Q . A K X Q ' I t g x ' . 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X-if 2 ' -n " 9 .1 E, ,ff -iw -,f , , 3 I Q -. 615 x M k P L Whda J V.Vu'n J V-111 L ,'x4v'1- f'.' ,'.mX H1 ', E fy' J ' ,, A , K I , N 1 'I N L Nu ' , 4 W ., .2 K Q W -QE , . - - .. 3 f" -V W ' " ' -Q N A M . , , jf 2 , - xx 1 . x J .,. ,t,.. ,.,. , ,I E , C xvmfofs C Wlm C vfm L x'.':'of w ,:v,- 5 X.-.-1-,uf - 7 F , , Q S v 1 , ' ' X, T ' , ,,,, K - y X I 'V ' X 5. Young P, vmmg 9. ww? 1 Znhzvw 5 ,x .ww-vm 9, Lf' Y: :Ln Page Om' Hznzdrvd Forty-rzirzc s Q B 10-R R 318, 543 AND 544 FIRST ROW-B. Baldwin, C. Baron, E. Amder, R. Barnett, N. Basaites, J. Angel, D. Baltyier, L. Diamondstone, C. Clark, S. Chrystie, J. Coleman, E. Berman, L. Cole, L. Bower, C. Bertrand, J. Christiansen. SECOND ROW-J. Bradley, J. Bihary, L. Campbell, B. Budworth, D. Basso, C. Alson, L. Doose, R. Christenson, D. Canepa, P. Blowitz, J. Benson, S. Achen, M. Allen, E. Casper, A. Belles, B. Carrier, M. Carrier, D. Bud, O. Corrigan. THIRD ROW-V. Cerfboard, C. Blumenfeld, G. Abrams, F. Citro, D. Chase, D Christenson, T. Clay, M. Austin, H. Berg, M. Bond, R. Davis, B. Alpert, N. Beck, C. Carlson, D. Adams, E. Atamian, R. Cherques. lasts Zgegin Ee 5 api THE B-1O'S Entering Van Nuys High School in February of 1958 were over two-hundred B-lO's. who will be the graduating class of Wlinter 1961. These students. merging to form a new class. came from several neighboring junior high schools. namely Van Nuys. Robert Fulton. lyiadison, North Hollywood and Sun Valley. They were. no doubt. a bit dubious about what was to become of them in unfamiliar surround- ings. Probably they were overwhelmed by the many changes which they encountered at high school. but they soon adjusted to the new ways and customs. They experi- enced new freedoms, new advantages. new activities and new responsibilities. Realizing the line standards of Van Nuys High. they quickly began to uphold the traditions and maintain the good reputation of the school. On each new class rests the responsi- bility of preserving the standards of scholarship. leadership and citizenship which have been established at Van Nuys. Surely. as they support their school and partici- pate in its allairs, they will gather memories which will last through their lifetime. B 10-R R 502 AND 572 FIRST ROW-J. Stuart, J. Stein, M. Staley, A. Simon, N. Shatman, S. Suplin, A. Teff, L. Troberman, C. Wilkes, R. Todd, V. vonBelfort, C. Warner, W. Taylor. SECOND ROW-A. Strasser, J. Waller, R. Taylor, S. Taylor, T. Thomas, S. Simmons, C. Smith, L. Silverman, P. Walter, K. Tidball, P. Zuber, J. Handley, M. Weaver, P. Simpson. THIRD ROW-D. Strange, J. Surface, L. Silver, J. Sonner, W. Smith, S. Vickter, S. Vanlinge, J. Thornton, W. Taylor, M. Wolfe, J, Wein, H. Spike, M. Timko, C. Swenson. ty. ur 2 B IO-R.R. 542, 569, 594 FIRST ROW-K. Minkoff, I. Lusher, G. Lipperl, M. Menges, S. Kahn, L. Lanier, M. Tichlenslein, R. Human, K, Kramer, J. Jerlstrom, P. Krauly, L. lbsen, C. Lauer, C. King, P. Margolis. SECOND ROW--A. Jeffery, F. LeGassick, R. Karp, J. Merchant, B. Kummer, M. Levine, B. Kilnick, J. Knapp, R. Kazan, R. Lefko, P. Liberman, F, Kalz, J Lawhead, D. Kralofil, J. Markman, B. Klee. THIRD ROW-L. Koff, D. McPhade, J. King, J. Malhles, G. Molnhier, R. Meredilh, G. Johnson, D. McComb, P. Meyer, G. Milock, P. Kennedy, A. Leidig, S. McLaughlin, E. Mason. n' jfun ants Glory i,.Eiwi f f' B IO-R.R. 597 AND 604 FIRST ROW-B. Edmunds, J. Franklin, L. Heenan, S. Horn, C. Kugler, D. Henry, M. Harl, A. Houslon, M. Hill, J. Guslavson. SECOND ROW-J. Drell, M. Freed, D. Honigberg, S. Grace, C. Glasspool, P. Faris, S. Hovey, J. Horvilz, K. Heist, V. Hill. THIRD ROW-J. Ferguson, J. Callahan, A. Hand, A. Harlig, R. Gibbs, L. Dock, S. Frank, M. Goldslein, L. Fuller. B IO-R.R. 402, 404 FIRST ROW-R. Oschin, N. Ryder, D. Ryan, K. Phillips, S. Reinharl, J. Rives, S. Rarick, D. Olsrein, T. Pearlson, C. Shour, T. Perry. SECOND ROW-R. Siegel, B- RUIJGDSIBIH, M- PUIIINQ, T- RULJIHSYQIF1, G- Rein, G- RIQQIUS, M- Off, -I- PU'-ilden, N. Shoemaker, F. Sallzman, B. Saxon, K. Paloulzian. THIRD ROW-S. Rosen, J. Perlsweig, D. Rusnak, M. Shauk, J. Sheridan, B. Plummer, B. Selleck, J. Shluker, D. Pyle, M. Pond, L. Ryzow. 2,0 3 X fig WW if 5 9 X 1 wg. -4 Qt my" 4 1 .gs fi ,, f ,454 nn., The two .ludys inspect and admire the fine qual- ity of work done by BUTLER'S CLEANERS, located at 5905 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys. Twenty- four hour service and fine facilities at their conven- ient location provide their customers with excellent dry cleaning and blocking services. '-s 4 v , Mary Lou Stivers tries her hand at steering a boat as she looks over the array of sporting goods on hand at the "PAY 'N SAVE" sporting goods store located at 6218 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys. "PAY 'N SAVE" is ready to help Valleyites prepare for holiday fun. Margaret and Carolyn are shown the large selection of fine jewelry to be found at MORREY'S JEWELERS, 6463 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys, MORREY'S features a variety of iewelry ranging from stylish costume pieces to diamonds. The store has been serving Valley residents for many years. fl f nr Hllllrlfwff lflfli'-l1i'f1 Stylish summer play clothes, as well as outfits for all occasions, are to be found at LE VlNE'S, located at 6506 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys. Jamar Muench and Karen Wilcox are choosing play clothes to add to their summer fun. LE VlNE'S, also, has a fine line of dressy accessories and bags for beach and pool-side fun. Quality is assured in the merchandise found at VAN NUYS HARDWARE. Conveniently located in the heart of Van Nuys, at 6510 Van Nuys Boule- vard, it is the "One Stop" store for all Valley hardware needs. This fine store also carries a com- plete stock of well known makes of china, knick- knacks, and kitchen accessories. Besides dealing in name brand cooking ware, the VAN NUYS HARD- WARE STORE supplies residents of the Valley with complete garden equipment. When homemakers plan to redecorate their homes or need a gift for a new home owner, they go to this versatile establishment. Barbara Romm and Sharon Jensen see the per- spective from behind the wheel of a new Buick convertible at BONES HAMILTON BUICK, 5747 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys. They find all of the modern conveniences in this car which aid safety and ease of driving. All models in the Buick line are available in any color or color combination. I ,O ,sw W HOME FABRICS has served the Valley well for many years. Looking at some material for their new summer outfits are Phyllis Fryzer and Elizabeth Jacobs. Helping them in the selection is Mr. Gee, manager of the store, which is located at 6508 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys. With the aid of one of the many courteous sales persons at SHERMAN OAKS DEPARTMENT STORE, Sandy Shows chooses an outfit for a mountain trip. Located at H1564 Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, where it serves the area efficiently, this store has a wide variety of all types of apparel and notions. WWI' 'Y -W if ' fx 51-. ,W , --ff' 1' C ,NQNM , Pagf' Or1f'Hur1dr6d Fifti thru CON GRATUIATICIN5 VAN NLIYSGRADS O wg-1 ,mi fr mgjour-FriencI5 at the PACIFIC TELEPHONE CU -Z S I , 7, Q, h an A pa Q- , A '.- 5 ss,- vs, 5 '21 1 Q-- I -1 ns - Q S 'L Pat Moran leads the group at the bar at SAL- VANESCHI SCHOOL OF DANCE, which specializes in teaching ballet dancing, grace of movement and poise. This fine school, which is located at l3727 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, also, teaches such ballroom favorites as the Waltz and Mambo. WRAY BROS. FORD has been serving the Valley for over thirty years with courteous consideration for their customers' needs. Mr. Dan Wray, owner of this fine dealership, helps a future owner select from the new styles and color combinations in the Ford line. Heading the Service Department is Mr. Peter Inglis, whose staff gives expert care to all cars. Other services offered by WRAY BROS. FORD include the Body Shop under the direction of Mr. Fred Sennewald and the Paint Shop supervised by Mr. Glen Wells. The Sales Staff is under Mr. Lou Grande. Located at 6115 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys, WRAY BROS. FORD serves the public on week days from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and on Saturdays until l:OO p.m. Linda Smith and Lesley Fricke look at some of At PANORAMA FABRICS, 8430 Van Nuys Boule vard, Van Nuys, June Thomas and Barbara Shafran are being shown material for lovely new dresses Here the ambitious seamstress may find everything she needs for her sewing endeavors. The finest fab rics are available. The price range is such that even the budget-minded girl will be able to find suitable material. 'fin the fine stock of sweaters available at SHAYNE S SPORTSWEAR FOR HER 6558 Van Nuys Boulevard Van Nuys They are seen here modeling two of the many clever sun hats at SHAYNE S. Along with the latest fashons for spring and summer outings SHAYNE'S carries collegiate sportswear and clothes appropriate for more dressy occasions. R Serving the Valley for over thirty years, POL- Getting supplies for the semester from BUSH'S STATIONERY, 6314 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys, are Margaret Bennett and Carolyn Karlstad. BUSH'S has been a by-word with Valley families for many years. Jack Mahoney, manager of the Van Nuys store, runs it with efficiency and friendliness. Inspecting a stack of newly made sweaters are Judy Higginbotham and Judy Franzwa. Located at 4507 Van Nuys Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CRITE- RION MILLS has supplied Valley schools with their sweater needs for many years. Barbara Shafran models a "new-look" chemise as June Thomas voices her opinion. MARLOWE'S has a complete selection of all types of clothes, which are appropriate for any occasion. Located at 8538 Van Nuys Boulevard, Panorama City, MAR- LOWE'S serves the whole Valley. 75'- .. . LARD RAVENSCROFT CHEVROLET, 5232 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys, has always accorded its cus- tomers with the finest service. Penny Palmer and Ira Yellin are amazed by the versatility and easy handling of the new Chevrolet. . WWW i XX ,,, , sz., -S . ' x Illust- I'f4,,. .. ..A,., , , , M . ,..,A. ' wr- 1 , . zfr. fix: .-e.-4'-:if-'i' l :"'::: i izi i llffiiflfigififififi2i1E::1p,:-2: -.-, ., . A I gf,:53555555553Erffi5:s1,'1ff?32f5E5EiEiigJf.Q55.-5 .. ,, H' v ,I 'Y' - , : F 5EfF5555f5f525l5rif'f ' ...:.E:fs2":q'Q5.i1f.,Z ,-,-. ' '.:' -3'2.ii:.3IgafsgiE5E5?35.I2:n " Q U " N 55 '1.-' ,' " -. " NX Xx"'isx"'X -A 1, 'iff-2eig5.9ii.5 gI. 'A -Q-:l:::f"EEl"l " li 3:75537-'5.:li-:fit5-f?'i?::.::II:E5i:i:ifgEfEf7'i ' 1 ,,. . ' 11 .. ' - Q ., '+1:5f5:3:-:i:-g : - 4 . .. . ' ' ,-.'--.-xl.-:IIIEIE-I-Z.J "2:-:f!r::::sE:j- .. ' I.-31:-:---' .- .I:-' pg., 'Inma- '- -V .-' . - I. . . me . I. . , ,K ,,,, .. ..... - . -- .f.. -. . ...,...,. '-241'-Er -rf'-.5:5:5:,:I.I 4: .FEL-.'EI-'f'ifEfQ2Ef'2E251if1 ' ' ifckkfgtili-EI?2E2E2E1E'f ?'E2fff5S5E5255553522254 ESP- if ' ' V"3'3'Y:f" ':-:- - "f'i'5'3:':-:3:3:7. -?:i:5:3'I-L-2f'5:i:3 "7'f'7'N'ft7:7:f'7'f:f:Pfa: : : :-:-: I :-:-i:7:f7iIiA. :fi!5"' ' i .III.:.g.g.3.g.- NIE., .- .I . --.Ns , dx ax. r fw , N. N B ' "sa W N- ' W fs N fl' v si- " .. 0 Qi w KI: W xx -. ,I fiwi -1+ vii Q s, 4 .N 'SX is it H3 1 5 Ph .an s. ., V W' s xxxi., L + S, K 'Q ON X ye W ,Q 0 M w-xx N r ' ,uf . x- . XNIINXI N X wh ,gs at , 5 5, 1,3 Q N, 3, 5,0 A, L is Q, I Q, E at W Wx "' ,K Mx w X M.. X NN AGN " I W Qs ss 0 xxct X X-Q, -.-. , 4'- x V. N Nw X xg s M Sli if 42' Hs. X X I4 A' ,vw X 'xxx wN x ""' A ' N if ev X I YP .J Q o 0 I, L' ,,,.,, ,,,,,. ...... Q . gn-'. ' ' -' 1 A X 4, 1 I , ,X ' A S Q AI 7 5 ., .1 V 1 4 1' I ' 'U ' . p- f f 1' " 1 E r If . 2. -' -- ' .- v I ' ' 1 v I. sa .. . 1 '.,- 3 1: : HI 414? I .3 'ii ,' T f sfo . Qi Im," nik GLENDALE 0 B RBANK EAGLE ROCK ' TOLUCA LAKE VAN NUYS 0 PASADENA L1-ft W In 575, . fi -'lr .' - ' PHOENIX A tradition in the Valley for many years has been BOB'S, HOME OF THE BIG BOY HAMBURGER, located at 5355 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys. For a quick snack in the afternoon or a complete dinner in the evening, BOB'S is the place to go. JOE HOUSTON, jeweler of l4508 Ven- tura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, shows Linda Leavitt and Maxine Weinstock some of his fine stock of iewelry. Easily accessible from any section ot the Valley, this iewelry store caters to the needs of everyone. Barbara Sommers and Irene Kolaitis in- spect one of the many wedding albums to be tound at GRANTS STUDIOS, l4625 Victory Boulevard, Van Nuys. Known Valley-wide for their fine photography, GRANTS does all types of commercial and portrait photography. Page One Hundrfd Fifty-.veven ' t :Q ii i L -If? ' if - ' ii .S ' um ' A - I if B I rr Dis x 4 if - F iw. ' Sc -AGN'-1-Y i"t t .. . 1 ti - , as as r . .338 c, .... . ITU iLlllfll RW Stephanie Brudney and Patti Pally take a dem- onstration ride in the new Plymouth. With its sleek new lines and double headlights, the Plymouth leads the new car field in styling. Having the Dodge- Plymouth dealership for the Valley, HOLT MOTOR CO., 5230 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys, has complete sales and service departments. Cliff Littlefield and Richard LeGassick inspect the vast array of sporting goods available at VAL- LEY SPORT AND GAME, 47ll Van Nuys Boulevard, Sherman Oaks. Dealing in all types of sporting equipment, the VALLEY SPORT AND GAME furnishes everything needed for outdoor fun in the mountains, at the Seashore, or in the backyard. RYDER'S, apparel shop, owned and operated by Mr. Ryder, serves the young women of the Valley with clothes for their every need. The shop, a favor- ite of Van Nuys co-eds, can help you choose a dress for that special date or attire for a vacation at the beach or in the mountains. A fine selection of sweaters, wool skirts, Bermuda shorts, blouses, and swim wear is available at prices within the range of every young girl's budget. For that formal for the Senior Prom, RYDER'S, 6453 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys, is the place to go. At the VAN NUYS GLASS COMPANY, Mr. Nels Herbranson points to the craftsmanship of a large wall mirror. The finest in mirrors, glass doors, glass shelving and plate glass can be found here. The VAN NUYS GLASS COMPANY, 6225 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys, has served the Valley by supplying their customers with all glass needs for many years. PagrUrn'lllmfllrrlFifty-1'1'gl1l Ads ..,..,..,,A,,,,,.,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,',,,,,,,, Autographs ..,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,A,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, INDEX 152-159 162 Board of Control W'58 and S'58 ,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,, 2 2-23 Boys' Activity Board W'58 and S'58 Bus Drivers .......,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,, -.,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Cafeteria Staff ....... Campus Changes ,...... Clubs and Activities Annual Staff .......... Art Club ..,,.......,. Assemblies ............ Astronomy Club ...... Band ..........,.,,.,.,. Cafeteers ........... Camera Club .,.,.... Campus Control .,.. Chess Club ......... Choir ..,..... Dances ...... Electrons .....,. F.B.L.A. ..... . F.F.A. .....,....... . F.H.A. ................ . Forensic League .... French Club ......, F.T.A. ,...,,.....,,,,,,,. . Girls' Glee Clubs ..., Key Club ...,......,.. Knights ...... Knit Wits .... Ladies ......., Latin Club ........,. Lettergirls ............,.... Life Science Club .,... Lobos ....,.........,,,,.. Make-up Crew ,,,... Masquers ........ May Day ..,,.,.. Mirror Staff ......, Orchestra ............, Philharmonic Club ..,. Philomatheans ..,..... Racquet Squad ...... R.O.T.C. .......,...,... . 25 29 29 98 100 83 ......94-95 78 88 80 84 73 84 89 96 73 70 ......76-77 79 75 80 79 ......90-91 74 67 82 66 81 128-129 78 72 72 83 99 101 88 82 69 84 ......86-87 Safety Committee ,.,..,. ,,,.,,,, 7 1 Scholarship Society ...... ...... 6 8-69 Senior Plays ............. ,,,,,, 9 2-93 Ski Club ............... .,,., 8 1 Spanish Club ..... Speech Club ..,,i,,,. Sports Car Club .,.... Sports Fishing Club Sports Nights ....... Squires ............ Stage Crew ..,. Ushers ......... Vannettes ..... White Caps .... Custodians ....A.. Faculty Agriculture ,........ Business .................. Driver Education ....... .. English ..............,... ...... 1 0- Fme Arts .1 ........... Industrial Arts ..... Language .............. Mathematics ...,......... Physical Education Practical Arts .,......... Science ........,......... Social Studies ..... Gardeners ....... 81 75 85 72 97 74 88 71 90 70 29 17 16 21 11 15 19 13 .. 9 20 18 8 12 29 Girls' Activity Board W'58 and S'58 Offices Attendance .....,,.......,,..... ...... Employment ..., Guidance ...., Health ..sV.. Main ...........,...,....,, Principals .................Y...... Representative Council ,... Seniors D'Artagnans S'58 Activity Day .........................., 24 27 28 27 28 27 6-7 26 58-59 Activity Day Committee ,..,.......... ........ Candlelight Supper Committee Cap and Gown Committee ..,..... Emblem Committee .....,........... Ephebians ,..................,,,,,. Officers B-12 and A-12 ...,.. Prom Committee ...................,. Recognition Day Committee ...... Song ..,...............,..........,....... Song Committee .,............. Sponsors .........,.................... Steering Committee B-12 .s..,, Steering Committee A-12 .... Sweater Committee ......., Jamaicans W'58 Activity Day .,...,.,.....,............. Activity Day Committee .,.,.,..... Candlelight Supper Committee Ephebians ........,,..................... Luncheon Committee ............... Motto ......................... Officers Prom ................,.. Sponsors ,,..............., Steering Committee ..... Tunisians W'59 Motto .....,....,.. Officers B-12 .... Song ....,........... ,........ Sponsors .............................. Steering Committee A-11 ,,,, Steering Committee B-12 ' ...... Sports "B" Basketball ...... "B" Football .....,. ii n B Track .........., Cross Country ......,. "C" Basketball ...,,. in ru C Track ........,.s G.A.A. Girls' Drill Team ,... Golf ...,.,,,.,.,,.,,,,. Gymnastics ...... J.V. Baseball ,,..Y..,.. J.V. Basketball ....,, Swimming .....,..,.. Tennis Varsity Varsity Varsity Varsity Varsity Baseball .,..,.. Basketball ....s Football .... Lettermen .. Track .........., Yell and Song Leaders Student Store ,,,.,,,.,,,,,,, Table of Contents Underclassmen B-12 .,....,..,,,, A-11 ..., B-11 ,..i.,. A-10 ....... B-10 ,...,.. ""'i'65- "Niig- 118 T63 156 132 135 141 144- 53 53 53 50 42 41 46 46 56 56 41 46 53 46 36 38 38 32 38 33 32 40 32 38 134 133 133 133 132 133 115 110 122 111 115 123 129 104 119 125 117 114 119 124 116 112 108 105 121 105 28 5 134 140 143 149 150-151 AUTOGRAPHS fc 'LAW gpg JMC iw' f5NfifW ziiff lim l'1V'7w ffv I 4 . wwf 5 X . , v X if if wxxu? ,700 L, IQ ! L17 G X X . UL AA ' 14 16 Q0 xv if ff 7 7 1 , Q X ' ,,, vxw .XJ XX , 'Y , Q 7 X1u3T,xf:JV N K? 2711! Q7 C, if - f fw f A!f wwg 'I 1 pq 5 " xx A - V,--,iv-F' 74 X! J" Ax 'w N 1 c- X.. 1 , - U fl f'.' cQ.'ff'r!l X n-I r'.-L ' 5 , 1 ,JC K , Q L .ff-X31 9 1075 Ziff? L04 M42 yiwfzs T 51707 cl, J- Q F I M Qofw 4,J'C""7 u1Q14l S5'ck -r I U. mb L lxfb if ,Lift - IN ' LLL lp O' ' ff 55 jf HU L jp! W ,l QI' l 'V 'rx' I , V V :fu fw M ,WJ 2 ' , QV K 41' , wk -a Lf Q ,N L K , KFXV iv!-LM fi wx - 4-QL L, J I LIL in-L X' lkiklfrw fx I 2 ly, -s- :A N ' X v i Ik., l 'V . mLo'!Lf fd Az Q ' ncbi ,V ,M , ' ,,1 ,nf l W cw, "+G ff! 'V " f""' If IA! 't' 'Q 'Q-1-1-5-5 i' xl "Uma R 4- If I' x H ff., . 1, K r In nj' s , u , yu. ' ,X Dil? fx ,HV vi I' 4,-film if P-.2 , fxfk U7 N47 If 4, my Y X , . Y 'lx , 'K n 'f'!f7f'ff ul! j . , . N! 1 , Ffa L1 4 G:-2-K W? C422 ,152 4X

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