Van Nuys High School - Crimson and Gray Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA)

 - Class of 1942

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Van Nuys High School - Crimson and Gray Yearbook (Van Nuys, CA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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Fw Qi 355533 c ,E MUST' DSS US 'W-. 5.9500 ff' Q.-Q ' 5 .F I " 3353? S UF' ,ZLL Pj? A . 94 X mes Qgycnw 5 . Kx i-N f H W QS? M4 I, Q. -g ' ,, 0 ' A A , lk' dup K X ju, 1 A I 4 Xu- KC , , - if K A 5 4 Q o ' M . - Y X 1 , - Q- Q . , . 3, x .. -Q V 3 L -Q -V..-,I+ ' ' lk 1 X X, 'E U 12 - V- . r X . A' 5 ' 354.:"ln J' A r' ,fif ' 5 ' I I . , , - P - W3 5 , 4' f 31 Nxt, -.X , ,. I jgzah ,,. , 1 , A V Q hx ixilxfghabg, -,bu , film' X ww ,f N J Neg, 'Q Rx Lu - 2 Q WM 5 ff J rig X f siQ . ff 'Q ' ' ' f'4 E .T . , 2 ' f X ' Flu . Wx? Q' fa 3. 1 ' . if ' 'SP- fj I - U M n Ii! Ni N rl-u 1 x" . BS ' if X! IG TDP P ' f 35512 9533? iv gifs 57 ills f A ff ' f XA 5 i j 55 WW U k a P ADV? 5? f If gif? Sw, f' P Q .fflfig 55!7'Qf ' wf,ggUfve,5fgfiQ54vff Sz? Pfam, 4349 E ,5 gy Yixiyw jx E be? Q Kgxwwp My QQ . K, A 9 f f,l,pVU2.0? viz.:-Z O 'fb " U YU A x-" J . ' W W w 4 A QW MW? .N NS td fwQiffMjQf? wmgy QW Q X wi? Q34 EX E ,,,gWfL+f"'Q A lTXLo',79 "K t N , I pf - AMW WM EWLW7 7 EMM' ' J If nf M' M. I K! I 1 .! ' I ff' A - P ' .f 411.111, , . Q MAJ 4 f., -W ,if . f W-.7 if 1 X LU' ' 'fjil xxx? X ' -Q i - 51 r JA lf' ,Af V 1 ' x V Nav.- , .4 Q .ZX L R 5- X .S f 7 1 .,v , . V wx- '., - L x ?'N P , N f 1 v It 1"-Je.. A l fv ifblly V ag' hh 'Ig-Qi' 5 A 1 I ' - - , U v I'-W O, vi ,i . Ji-gl , ffi' fn5L5'Xv 'Q PiPs4A X , ' I , - " r N425 T1-D-.gN - x v iv 1 5 F N, 'U' ' ' 'f j 1 ' Q4 X 2 X-S5 y X 'f 1- A R 'M X, .J I !1 E 'I -in-'V J if ' ' , X 4, X, J , , J gp-0--v. R- , ,f , Fr? I I 'Q -: 2 A 'Q ,f J 'ig , . , s , A A 1 I U A h, Y ll V-1 .Z 1 5, ' - f 1 ,Y ls. K - .A AI :-v 1?-,V ' X J ,, ' I " X 1 in I 'I ' I 'f u V . .y q ' 4, ,, . 'N ' ' kj ,- gf , 4. 3 Q I T' 'Q . .. Qi ' X I ,,,,, M11 -" ' - ' 'lg 5 .. 1, , ' - t :Q 'x 5 - 1 1 , , 'z 5 4- I gk V f-gg.. 1 -a-!, 3 1, ,f 1 ff, H ' gif EH ' X' fe' -' J' J" fifxfif' Xe . 4' ' . f X 1 ..,--fy. . Es A 1 if r ,fn I V, P' I- i f-uf' if ' , X911 . - V- 4, , , ' 'gas Q ,alia fl. 09,4 V i,,,4 . 9 V L E67 ,x W.. jY 4 , M ,.,,',1 ,,,n.,, , A 4 IJ , . V , X r,- ,Y ' tb-F" f d? A Q tix 'V ' X 3 'Xml -A it H mu JA ' , , l m- 4 . X , CX X IX . ,s A N39 H .fu I r . ,X V, A , QM XR r , -,--, XX xl. ig? "ff X 4 1 A -'Q i ,f3f?' ' 1- X X ,. ' .n 5, .-51,5 5 4 L? ', ' gil- , gf J 1 F., V. , yd?-,"' , I ,xr il ll -.Q-4' i t A ' N n,pm6isj:rrafpr,n'f'3' A ' LQWEIQIJ My V Q E ig 'vfff-1-ff-4,w:.v:rfr.v'1s1v-mf" V- V ff ' - fi . 2: v 1 W J' zuiupb- -fl H.-'.y.f 11-,v,fMv.,,7 if Q x - - v A "JIRA . " h 1 V . 'A .54 X N .V W4-'igfgxny "Ir Ah.: 1 U ' ,.-.,Q.n.,--- ml' . . .fg.1wf""Mw 44 "K " Q' . f ,X M.-,f-1" P w'H'f .-1-""'m fi, ' I f -'-jj, - ff 'si ' L A 'V K 'fail 53' - I 'Q A 3'-"'l3""':" v wh' V t. f33,,u1fJ,,,xQ?- A- - P 4-'Vi :!,:.r,,,g. 'A Q, 4, ,V LN E25 1 -I All . w J! . W" , ,. if- 4 - .: ,-1.-.fa -ifjg ,gf Q.-1.2 .1 ri? ' I, ' A . , fy., 5 h 7, V vwyfig- 3 , A 1. ,?" .51 FQ' -ig g . , -if "I V : .5 ' f",,. -"Q -- -Dk-Q' ,f 4 -- lm. ' - -ff -3 - ,.. -- ul.. - ' .9 -A ' . f'ql,.. 7- .N A - J I z 1351: H,','rf5 'V K I-V I .rf h- A W l I 4 . ,cygwi 'xiv:g+si:if 1 ' ,ws - ' xv f A ,fe ,M 'WF' ' 'figs uf-f""""'M ' ' 1' - " kg 3 hm R 'I T A -'f-r,,fi"ggffN ,ff P4--r'.,"""" ii J. ,, 1 N. ' ' -- Nz, , A,.,W"2'.,.f-H"' """ h , C V1 'xr -M '- ,, . ' " , . X , . M Q I 3- I V A . rf, 'wil ' , - - 14 ev' .ff-f" ,,,.-.."'f ,t-ag wt -R tl I , f , Y 'Q -. gf -'JQIJ C' vfzcih ,-4-J INN. , " sf '-' - " A44 ' uw -' , -' f , x l ! ' ,, l g..,m,, Vigo - b '- 5 , Q-,X x - Q - 'w 1 ,- , ' . 1' . " 1 'f .ZX ,I 3, 1 V. 1 fl , Al l .f if . . . 'af f f , K, ., Rank vi F' X 'ht fg 9315 if JJ Q '2 .." 1:2 , J - f "xl " ' N ' ' , fx fi - fi? K? " :XJ-q F 1 ,",TN3R , 'gif 1 ' 'M 'f 'asv . f ffl Li ,S M- -,M Y A Q P - , Q,-Lg ' 1 ., V -fi v V V: 'u - .7 'ug 5 T . " . 1. si? fa "' J 'Q v .. 4 4. X ,, S - J 5 J ? , -Q AX K -E X x. A ,V ,OW Qs Ja .f Q - 'nf ,fi I A f M ' M f',uVw,W J , L I 3.1, 4,A! Q ff y WJ V INTT , i . wg Te, - I f i SFT' Jw-W ' "The Big Top" is a TenTed ciTy, The home oT a Thousand and one individuais, miTTionaires. F ' . Tramps, Taborers, bound TogeTher b The unwriTTen Taw ThaT The "Show MusT Go On." TT is a . . Ap.. . , Y , . 5-" ciTy ThaT-Traveis by nighT, changing an empTy ToT inTo a Tairyiand oT sawdusT and spangies. '- sf .A Thenq whiTe The popuiace sieeps, This wonderiand beTTows To The earTh and wiTh The coming f M- oT3 The gray dawn we see again The same empTy ToT. .f"3fl " fy -. 4 WhaT miracie happens whiTe we sTee '? From whence does This new worid rise and TaTT so .3 , uw P rlw wgy-fly zyguiciciy? TT seems aTmosT aTiveT TT is aTiveT Yes, and iT is TcepT aTive by a sense oT ToyaTTy, a " 'f 'i,Lii,gf 'c- ' '-Teeiing ThaT despiTe The aTmosT unsurmounTabTe odds The musT roduce The greaTesT show on . . W Y P .. l . t .fn ear . I TT you are Tucky enough To sTand on a sTreeT corner near The ToT aTTer The big show is ' over, ou wiTT gaze on The huge whiTe gianT g'owing Trom The TighTs on The inside during The l Y A .r'9':f,.. TaTe summer nighT. BuT quiciciy iT Toses iTs shape. FirsT The Tiers oT seaTs are removed, The perTormance rigging Taken down, side poies and quarTer poTes puTTed, Then The TighTs go ouT. Teaving The screen iTTuminaTed by The dusTy yeTTow TanTerns oT The wagons. 'ilu By now, our big Top hangs Timp and guieT, supporTed onTy by The enormous cenTer poies. 'fi TT is Then ThaT The Toud ThroaTy voice oT The boss canvas-man cuTs The nighT wiTh, "TeT 'er goT" OuieTT The Tons oT canvas seTTTe To The earTh Tike an expiring gra ghosT. Tired brawny Y , , v rousTabouTs roTT and Toad acres oT canvas inTo TighTTy packed wagons. Then you hear The cTaTTer d oT hooTs, The deep 'rumbie oT The overioaded wagons, and The sieepy TeamsTers The sTreeT corners. guiding Them To The raiiroad runs. once said, "You know, T Think The circus oT hundre s ToTTow The TTaming beacons on PxTTer viewing a scene Tiice This, a Tamous auThor ' The onTy reaTTy mysTerious Thing TeTT in civiTi1aTion.". " ' The hearT oT The circus. ' is , The "Big Top, is rf' 'fr - 'O FT 4 T" 9' '1 -4 3 X1 iv A' U 'U gg lf' 3 3 X0 "1 W' ff! 3 X QW T ogeaclerslzfp Leaders - sTrong leaders - leaders wiTh courage and vision - This is The greaT need oT Today's world. lnTelligence. imaginaTion, honesTy, iniTiaTive. sinceriTy, unsel- Tishness, sympaThy. undersTanding, paTience, loyalTy, Tairness and iusTice - These are a Tew oT The qualiTies which a dynamic leader musT possess. There are Tew achievemenTs ThaT are noT possible, provided sTrong and able leaders are available To show The way: To arouse in men's hearTs The dynamic response which leads To vicTory. ln every real leader lies The divine spark which lcindles The imagina- Tion. sTirs To acTion. inspires courage and surmounTs obsTacles. WhaT seems To be impossible oT achievemenT becomes a realiTy when The masTer leader Tinds a way. "God give us men wiTh hearTs ablaze, All TruTh To love: all wrong To haTe. These are The paTrioTs naTions need. These are The bulwarlc oT The STaTe." Donna l-l. Hubbard. Principal RINGMASTER UF T E BIG SIIUW ' l 's ,Www-w,f..fMm MQW KM" xhxz M ,,A gg...,.,5N.,,.,,,,,...6.,N M, h,.,. M . Q, , ,X K ' V , , A::.,., , M.,,LMWW A-ww-W 'MA' "AQ 4' 'MWWW 'WMM ' ,,,,m- ,x,X , W. .W-W M-N-LMWM-f -X . -.! ., - Vw ,. . """-X Syn--v-..........,. DONNA H. HUBBARD Principal 1 .u, Page 5 Jiiki' Sin THB START Presidenl - - Jnlfcf SCl"llCVIlU1I X Girls' Leaque Presideni - Mnrimirg Hririfiing Boys' Leaque Presidenr f Bill Loub Secrerary - - Luri'lry Brown i Treasurer - - Vlryliis Colin- Presidenf of Gv.A.A. Kay Karmli,' Junior l-lion Presidenl B-lb Wrwrnfwr Mirror Ediior - Libby Slewall Girls C.C.B, Belly Sliixolrwr h w Boys C,C.B. Ray Faullcnrrr Yell Leader - I - l-lonry Jolwnson Commissioner ol Clubs - Bill Wfilliirwi, i Commissioner ol Enlerlainmenl Vera Oliman N i ii Commissioner of Milifary Allairs - Jr-an Gmnbenux lmllllq Emle lmbach Commissioner of Boys Ailwlelics - Russell Hmwaicl Commissioner of Halls 81 Grounds - Bob Lucas STUDENT BODY PRESHDENTS Commissioner of Salely - Sherman Ol-lalloron Commissioner of Pulizlicily - Clmrlf,-Q Ferris BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS-FALL SEMESTER Paoe 6 Onman. Watkins, Karmly, Gref-rihmiu, Miss Gary, Howard. Scninrlinq, Shffalof, Brown, Slcwnrf, Lurns Huggins, O'Hailoran, Coific. UP T E BIG PARADE Presiclonf - - Ernie lmlaacli Commissioner of Clubs - Girls' Lcaouo Presidonl Marilyn Vosburq Commissioner of Enierlainmenf Boys' Leaoue Prosidenl Russoli Howard Commissioner of Mililary Affairs Secrefary - - Bob Lucas Commissioner ol Boys Aflwlefics Treasurer - Pliyllis Colilie Commissioner ol Halls Si Grounds Prosidenl ol G,A.f'x. Kay Kanaiy Commissioner ol Sale-iy Junior Hiolw Prosidc-nl Roy Gall Commissioner of Publicily Mirror Editor - - Paul Lauby Commissioner of Eliqibilily Girls CCB. Mary Louise Gaulsclwi Boys C.C.B. Slioiman O'Halloi'an Yell Loader - Henry Johnson f Lorella Crolf Don Hawley - Bill Bouey Gordon McGuire Shannon Gilmer Bill Wailrins Gcorqe Slern Lucille Brown BOARD OF ouoy, Wnlkinsl Howlox, Crnll, Brown, Jolinson, Grill, Howari liiibacli, Collie, Voslourg Lucas Si-rn, Laurw. Gilmer, Gaufszni, Oi-lalloranl Kcinoly, McGuire. SEMESTER . f ' X, orgy I C L fs i I ,ie 'SB IL, FB JUNIOR HIGH PRESIDENTS gf Ha n , .. fra: ii i f 5 Qs all i ' SV, LKB? 9 Roy Gall 5,5 W ,,, Page 7 L,....,i..4.-,.. .W . , -.- ... .-. -A Margaref Gary Girls' Vice-Principal SENIOR GIRLS' LEAGUE Presidenl - Marilyn Vosburg Vice-presidenl lvlarian Rynearson Secrelary - Shirley Slewarl Treasurer - f lvlarlha lvlollell Chairmen: Enlerlainmenl Kalhleen McCoy Defense - - Priscilla Cox Publicily A - Belly Bowen Decoralions lvlarlha Harding Relreshmenls - Carolyn Kehl G.A.A. - Joann Lovenlhal Dress - - Alice Milchell Flowers - - Evelyn Moore Girls' Day - Dorolhy Nellc l-lospilalify Sally Slurlevanl Welfare - - Beverly Oakes Slanding: Vosburq, Moore, Nclk, Bowen, Sweel. Sealed: Oakes, McCo, Hardin , Kehl, Cox, Sfewarl, Siurlevanl, V Q Miss Gary, Lovenlhal, Milchell. Page 8 The sludenls of Van Nuys l-ligh School may well be proud of lheir record ol accomplishmenl during 'rhe school year ol l94l-42. ln addilion lo meeling successfully every challenge ol lhe nalional emergency, subslanlial gains have been macle in lhe fields ol school spiril and sludenl governmenl. The sludenl execulive boards, wilh lhe cooperalion of reorganized Junior and Sen- ior Councils, were able 'ro plan and execule a lull program of sludenl aclivilies. Sludenl sup- porl of all welfare drives-Communily Chesl, Chrislmas, Red Cross, U.S.O. - was especially oulslanding. Congralularions To lhe sludenl leaders and lo lhe sluclenl body lor lhis line record ol achievemenl. Margarel Gary, Vice-principal ,ii l UF 'HIE BIG TUP The Girls' League, comprising all of lhe girls of lhe Senior High School, has 'rhree main lhoughfsp lo increase lhe spiril of friendship among lhe girls of 'rhe sludenf body, lo raise lhe slandards of conducl, bolh on lhe campus and a+ home, and lo provide a medium 'rhrough which all lhe girls may engage in worfh-while school aclivilies. The aclivilies of lhe league included assemblies, bolh educalional and enler- laining, an annual Molhers' and Daughfers' luncheon, a girls' day program in lhe spring which uniled lenlh, elevenlh, and fwelffh grade girls in a gianl play day, and wel- fare worlc al' Chrislmas lime and Easler. The organizalion is governed by a board consisling of 'rhe execulive officers and lhe commillee chairman. Through lhe com- millee many girls are given an opporlunily lo parficipale in Jrhe worlc of The League. This year, under lhe leadership of Marjorie Huggins, and Marilyn Vosburg greal slrides had been made in carrying oul all lhe ideals of lhe league. V... '95 s Q 5 Mariorie Huggins and Marilyn Vosburg, Girls' Leagu Presidenls JUNIOR GIRLS' LEAGUE Presidenl - - l Vice-presidenl Sec rela ry - - E Hislorian - - Program Chairman Flower 81 Thoughl Hospilalily - Publicily - - Welfare - - School Aclivilies Evelyn Jean Moore Jaclyn Sprague Lila Lee Phillips Yvonne Trollinger Rulh Simpson Janel Slewarl Joyce Good Ellen Silverman Dorolhy Lucas Rulh Simpson Velva Milchell Sally Dullon Mary Ellen Byers Joanne Sylres Levonne Ludwiclc Belly Schaul Barbara Cooper Peggy Woods Helen Base Jonnie Mae Draper Sealed: Sykes, Moore, Mrs. Ruenifz, Wood, Lucas Dulfon, Silverman, Slewarl, Simpson. Slanding: Milchell Trollinger, Sprague, Phillips, Draper, Ludwig, Base, LEADING The work of seTTing up The "Big TenT" in a circus requires careTul planning, coordinaTion and The willing supporT OT everyone concerned. This, The TirsT year of The war, has necessi- TaTed many changes in our organizaTion To meeT emergencies. The developmenT oT air raid squads, The Training in Red Cross work, Tire conTrol groups, modiTicaTion in our aThleTic and social program, all have been enThusiasTically received and supporTed by The sTudenT body. The planTing oT gardens and raising oT TruiT and animals in The drive oT Tood Tor Treedom has meanT hard worlc. Again, The splendid spiriT and cooperaTion of Van Nuys High School sTu- denTs has been in evidence. The added worlc in The shops in making sTreTchers and model planes has received your supporT. We are proud oT The work you have accomplished and par- Ticularly The Tine aTTiTude displayed. Wi+h This spiriT we are bound To emerge vicTorious. BesT wishes To our graduaTing seniors and good luclc To Those enTering The service. John P. ComerTord, Vice-principal Walla Rohrscheib, lmbach, Mr. Lynch, Huggins, Terry, Morienson. SENIOR BOYS' LEAGUE Fall Semesler Presidenl - - - Bill Laub Vice-presiclenl - - Ernie lmbach Secrelary - - - - Lee Brendle l2+h grade Represenralive - Philip lvlaxey I Ilh grade Represenlalive - Lyman Splan Spring Semesler Presidenl - - Russell Howard Vice-presidenl - - Charles Morlenson Secrelary ----- Diclc Terry l2+h grade Represenlafive - Vincenl Wallace F . I llh grade Represenlalive l Kiseni glgggrenner lO+h grade Represenlalive - John Huggins L... ---.... - , ,MA A ............... -..d--.-..-.E-a---s--4 Bill Laub and Russell Howard Boys' League Presidenls JUNIOR BOYS' LEAGUE Fall Semesler Presidenl - Vice-presiden+ Secrela ry - Social Chairman Alhlelic Chairman Red Cross - Spring Semesler Presidenl - Vice-presidenl Secrelary - Social Chairman - - Afhlelic Chairman Red Cross - Firsl Row: Snyder, Wise, Black. Second Row: Bull, Hawthorne M H ll L b a, auy. - Larry Fidler - - Horace Kelley - David Davis - Bob Slevens - A - Waller Bull Arlhur Lipscomb - Kennefh Bloclc - - - David Davis - - Richard Hawlhorne - James Wise - Phillip Lauby Donald Highbie JUNIOR BOYS' LEAGUE Page I I Merrill l-lalch Jimmy Rohrschieb Joel Tucker - Bobby Meade Don Schilling Mr. B. Ward Clifford Russell John Cooper Kennelh Sweelman Charles l-lonaker Bob Rice - Mr. Epinelle SllPP0ll'l'llllG 'l'llllllPES - Presidenl Vice-presidenl - Secrelary - Treasurer Sergeanl-al-arms - Sponsor Presidenl Vice-presidenl Treasurer Sponsor LANCERS 81 CARDINALS Shannon Gilmer - - - Presidenl Dick Terry - Vice-presidenl Gordon McGuire Secrelary John Huggins Treasurer Mr. Means Sponsor RANGERS JR. l-ll-Y Arlhur Cox - Presidenl Jack Fuller Vice-presidenl Charles Olson - Secrelary Jack Sandell Treasurer Mr. Noble Sponsor O'l-lalloran. Second Row: McCombs, Firsl Row: Fuiihara, Meade, Cleary, lrnbach, Walkins, Alexander, Rohrschieb, Maxey, Brendle, Tucker. Third Row: Delseq, Bouey, Fourlh Row: Hawley, Anderson, Schilling, .' 3,5 ,s- f rss -X Msffi' 5 . i Elwess. Russell, Willse, Anderson, Wise, Claylon, Riccelilli, Cooper. Fiflh Row: Allix, Bremer, CARDINALS AND RANGERS Firsl Row: Richler, Fox, Farr, Gilmer, Gales, Lucas, Clodfeller, Cox, Bull. Second Row: Willer, Schrader, Uhrig, Harris, Young, Huggins, Feidler, Fuller, Mulkins, Kempley, Neville. Third Row: Mr, Means, Carpenler, Thayer, McGuire, Terry, Olsen, Slrawn, Felber, Sandell, Mr. Noble. Page I2 2 , W A if UF PERFURMERS ws. .S .T 1-- If J f J if I -L TRI-Y : .,'-.i,'-:- I nin- scnoifuasnip l sociETY , is TRI-Y Firsl Row: Beach, LeRoy, Clurle, Crofl, Miss Rolvlv, Flowers, Rule, 'vVinqhe-ll, Dm?"-, Shfirv'-l Row: Jfilnsin, Hoagland, Mollnii, Berger, Williariis, Madsen, Caulsrhi, Wills, Cori-iliiis, Binioril, Saimur-rs, Rossi, Brown Third Row: House, Twifchell, Scnnavino, Wail'lCll, Morris, Harding, Vosbufq, Hayden, Dnuqherly, Lfvfinn Slnwarl, Johnson, Warrerfi, Heynian, Lansdale Pircl, G-irldle, Lehnmn, Ruiz, McBride, Thfisiisiin, Knfnlv. Fziurll- Rnw: Moules, Cox, Mitchell, Love-nfha' Seifert, Hafelhursf, Bryanl, Fallon, Fallon, Braun, Slnvmrl, Vase'-y, Fiizhuqh, Dailey, Rosaucr, Pirvl, Rosenfeld. SCHOLARSHW SOClETY First Row: Kognr, Leveon, Maucr, Berger, Choi, Hino, Miss Svnilh, Rhodes, Hr-rlifirl, Graves Eckr-rl, McV.1y Second Row: Hilynian, Arnold, Cornilius, Vosburg, Williams, Flowers, Hills Dculrvvieiian, Hr-hi-rl, Brnsfan Neale, Polly. Thirii Row: Milninn, Aldrich lnibach H i' 1 ' ' Leveen, Sis-rnans, Cash. Fourth Rnw: Wills, lviorlenson, Beaily, Woodlanl. Fillh Row Cornpion, lvlacculloi SENIOR SCHGLARSHIP SQCIETY Mary Belly Zarn P V Daniel Syrela resldeni Phyllis Leveen V. b . Lucia HMS ice presiclenl 523225 ISSQGH Secrelary-Treasurer lvliss Smiih Sponsor , ay,1Pn, Cox, lv1cFarldn.n, Fraiilz, Milrnan, Wnllafv, Tliaxer, Harris, Velasco, Slewari, Heirnan, Russell, McGuire, Snznlliiy, Syrel, ' Wiidflcll, McGillivr.Jc, McGilliymc, Underwood, Farm, Bzinsun, ch, Johnsnn, Niyfis, Duncan, Lerniqh, Base. Lorella Croh' Veda Flowers lvlarfha Harding Jeanne Hazelhursr Palricia Thompson Priscilla Cox Lucille Brown Kalhleen Johnson Miss Robb - TRI-Y Presideni Vice-presidenl Secrelary Treasurer Sponsor Page I3 1942 GMMSUN David Brunner 81 GRA Vera Ohrnan Ecliror - - - David Brunner Assisranr Edilor - - - Vera Ohman Organizalrions - Girls' Sporls - Boys' Sporls - Senior "A" Senior "B" Arlisl - - - Business Manager Assisranl Manager Typisl - - - 1 Y Q g H' v Q: flaviiislkii fbi Q o'i'q',',' , 433,13 5.1 Janie Sanders Ma rga rel Moules l l l Joann Lovenlhal l Claudia Bishop l Bill Waflcins l Joel Tuclcer l l Ernie lmbach Marcia Beach - Fern Winchell - Biorn Olson Vincenl Wallace Charles Honalcer - Belly Olsen r.,.,. , . Busy Afnual Olliqrl: Mcrules, Oh:-van, Sanders, Winrhell, and Boys' Sporls Edilor Bill Watkins, Girls' Girls Sporls Claudia l in rhe back lrubach. Sporls Edilor Joann Loventhal. 5 I Orgariigalion Edilor Jann Senior B, Edilor Fern Winchell Page I4 is The I942 "Crimson and Gray" combined Circus and ExTravaganza had a grand preview early in The spring oT i942 in The Torm oT a circus assembly wiTh a number oT honesT-To- goodness circus acTs and The TradiTional circus band. This perTormance wiTh The aid oT The advance press agenTs sTepped up sales conf siderably and was iusT a hinT oT The Tinal big show. The Tinal "GreaTesT Show on EarTh" was perTormed in The lasT Two weelcs OT June and a hecTic Time was had by all The Trainers, collecTing and whipping TogeTher all oT The .-.J Senior "A" EdiTor lmbach Taking personalify shots. i I l I l F l l i , SeaTed: Tucker, Honaker. Kneeling: Brunner, Sfanding: Mrs, Finne, LovenTha Olson, Wallace. Winchell, Wafkins, Beach, lmb ch amazing acTs. Special crediT should be given To our ediTor who was The producer oT The show. Wifh The original idea oT The ediTor, David Brunner, a circus Theme was adopTed. IT was due To Dave's Three year experience wiTh a carnival and his TamiliariTy wiTh circuses ThaT The sTaTT accepTed The idea and wenT To work on iT. ATTer much discussion lasT June, The sTaTT oT The year book were able, in The opening days oT SepTember To geT OTT To a guiclc sTarT. And now ThaT The work is com- pleTed and all is said and done, whaT would beTTer suiT The occasion Than To say "ON WTTH THE SHOW!" Ei . INTMDUGBS THE SHIIW Page I5 TIG ET WAGUN The Srudenr Body Office oifers The pracrical experience fhai is so vi+al +o lhe business-minded sludenls. The office force is made up largely of sludenrs raking a business course. Some of lheir varied dulies are: fyping, bookkeeping, filing, Time-keeping, faking dic'ra+ion, selling slore merchandise, working in lhe Wolves Den, and handling +icke'rs for 'rhe assemblies and afhleric evenfs. They also make up a deposil for The bank every day which averages S260 daily. The office force is made up of Mr. Thomas, Sfudenr Body Manager: Mr. M. L. Weil, Audi- forg and rhe following sludenls: Arlhur Elliol' Janice Rosenfeld Phyllis Coffie Carl Makanura Charles Chamberlain Barbara Evans Clifford Russell Margarel Werner Yvelle Pirel' Philip Maxey Bob Schwarfzman Lucille Spurlock Miriam Aikins Carol Durfee June Berry Harrier Sfallings John Smirh Nan Cunningham Esfelle Rickerf Belly Fifzhugh Alice Gibson Helen Barnes Fern Bumcrol Mary Weese 7. P Mn ,e-- ,. 'fl Q i"',ff -llri' 'ilk fi! lil ,lax iljage llpf Firs A srupsnr sroke STAFF A g I M M. L. Weil, Audiior. Second Row. Aikms, Parr, Fiizhu vans, Elliofl, Schwarfzrnan. Third Row: Slarr, Wilso am R'cker? Chamberlain, Rosenfeld, Weese. 9 n h, Gibson, Barnes, , Werner, Durfee, MIRROR STAFF Firsf Row: Ambrose, Kinsey, deBorba, Lauby, Ferris. Second Row: Goss, Slern, Koupal, Evans, Phipps. Third Row: Sfewarf, McFadden, Priesf, Drake, Silverman, Bealfy, Bowen, Mrs. Belfs. ADIIANSS PRESS AGENTS "VAN NUYS MIRROR" Under The edilorshi of Libb Sfewari ihe P Y - ' 2 Mirror Slaff published eighieen issues during- Ihe fall semesrer. Subscriprion 'roIaIs sei a new record. The spring semesrer saw rhe Mirror in 'rhe capable hands of Paul Lauby and Charles Ferris, co-ediiors. Mrs. Be-'Hs was Ihe faculfy advisor. Fall Semesrer Sraff: Libby SI'ewarI', Charles Ferris, Paul Lauby, Berry Jean Bowen, Joe Sil- verman, Nafhalie Beaffy, Pai' McFadden, Virginia Paramore, Jean Grenbeaux, Madge Smirh, Vir- ginia McDanieIs, Bob Mason, Yvonne Buller, Jean Barrow, Dorofhy Koupal, Ernesf Soder' slrom. Emily Clark, Florine Burris, and Shirley Wood. Spring Semesfer Slaffz Charles Ferris, Paul Lauby, Belly Jean Bowen, Joe Tucker, Bealrice Priest Joe Goss, Narhalie BeaHy, Dororhy Koupal, Libby Sfewari, Barbara Drake, George Srern, Marcella Phipps, Barbara Evans, Dorofhy de Borba, Dororhy Kinsey, and Bob Ambrose. I. :gg Edilor Slewarf Icenferl gives poinfers lo her successors, co-ediiors Lauby an Ferris. Page I7 X ' , , 227 . - 'P wr NN f " ,, Q' . 5. if "T I' 2. xl v 'W I' Kiwi--, A A' X! . R ' u fwr I xi -. It. Y Y - kink! ,tv '62 ,lx 'gg Q U-1 5 Wf jl elf' I N ,'- - 1 3 t l g , " ' ,F h ,-, V4 iii 1 f 1' - 45, "I ' "' 1 H a j-jg X In X JJ, f i. - X N Q 1 -I! gig: I X- fax". i" "f 'fr ' I l XXL ,lvl 'K , 'N " Z U A H y . I N ,W A g 1 W , tgglff 3' v i.g'Hl? r J g, " fin' 53' vmffgfi -"' A W 'V' 'X I I ig! . gQi.:'f ,Q 4 A 1, U X 4 I ., : i f f yqfog g SA ,',Qf.Nl ' A ij, -Lfv4 A 0 , A x A 9 y C,4?w ,X X J a tg' J J x N Mfr? X, 'P' , ff ,f if ,N W ix A f'hf!6!Zy I KI f 1 ' K V 1 J' I fl lj V' xxx K X KN' jx Jr' . Vx ' V W1 I' ! R4 6' k UXMJ . I Y 'X ,f y k N F L gf? R, ff Q: , '11"I,ff R QV J L LadRes and Gennemenz rhe beeg show Rs aboui 'fo begRn. We presen'r some of 'che grearesr ads ever gaihered under one canopy. Presenhng NRuhRpRe Troupes, FarnRRy groups, RrRos, duos, and RndRvRduaRs who Hauni Rear, dare dRsas'fer, and deRy danger Rn exhRbRRRons of acrobahc and gymnashc accornphshrnenrs Rhak esrabhsh new RRmRrs of human possRbRRR'fRes, perpeiuahng pR- rouerkes wRrh adrnRrabRe courage and sRcRRR, the prRceRess herR+age of proud QGOGYBRROHS. You wRRR gasp wRRh RhrRRR upon RhrRRR, rnarveR ahker marveh and RnnumerabRe surprRses and sensahons Rn brearh-1aRcRng successRon. They are experi Rn execuhon, coRossaR Rn concep'rRon, and rernarkabRe Rn FGBRRIBRROU, ihe ulfmosi Rn sRcRRR and darRng. Perforr-nRng for your pReasure and enrer+aRnmenR wRRR be masrers of baRance, beauhes or The bRg Rop whose charm and grace are n'RarveRousRy marched by daunhess courage. They wRRR creaie vRsRons of respRendenR represeniahons and reaR revRvaRs of 'fhe races of regaR Rome by racers who race for reward: Rhe combais and conkesrs of Rhe ceRebraRed courrs and courses of crowned Caeser's Cohseump spRendRd, specRacuRar scenes showRng superb sRruggRes for suprem- acy Rn skrengih, sRcRRR, and speed: a coRossaR cohechon and consiehahon of charnpRons and ceReb- " RR counrrRes and chrnes: an asRoundRng aggregahon of ah the arrRsrRc aerRaR ads rxhes from a and agRRe achons ah ages. 31,4-d4,, 65 ,,,- LJLRR MIL A-'fir' 1'-'f .f ' R rp t, yfhd aw Ni 'V In . ,.. .4 . .2 flea 2,1 ftgjkjb. .6421 fy " JU -R, ff, I, .Z ",. ..,-.fwilknws f.I.,4,4,,'v'I.,Jt,4 J. xv , I. t-,A yo--1 I' -, I - Rx . uxf,Q,,,11' ffm' . gij, ' J x' kgqgi-a UNEIUALLED llll LM-.- c , Kneeling: Eisenhauer, Johnson. STanding: Schwarhman, Tucker, Boswell. Page 20 Each year ouT of The ranlcs oT The aThleTes who have given Their services To The various Teams, The mosT inspiring perTormer in The Senior A class is chosen by The LeTTerman's Club. This boy's name is Then inscribed upon a special plaque along wiTh The names oT Tormer aThleTic "greaTs" oT The school. This award is The high- esT honor any aThleTe in Van Nuys High can receive. OuTsTanding choice oT The Tall semesTer was Jalce Schierling, who was also presidenT oT The sTudenT body. There was no doubT buT ThaT Jalce was one oT The mosT inspiring aThleTes ever To wear The Crimson and Gray. l-le played boTh in The line and baclcfield on The TooTball Team, being named All-Valley bloclcing baclc. ln addi- Tion, he was The second place winner in The Valley shoTpuT. Phillip Maxey was The recipienT oT The honor in The spring Term on The basis oT his all-around abiliTy and spiriT oT Teamworlc. Maxey was lcing oT all The Valley shoTpuTTers in l942, and was a TixTure in The bacl4Tield oT The WolT grid machine. E The yell leaders were elecTed in a diTTerenT manner This year Than in previous years. ln- sTead OT being elecTed individually as had previously been The case, a head yell lcing was elecTed and he chose his Two assisTanTs. ln The Tall semesTer l-lenry Johnson was The choice oT The sTudenT body To be The head leader. l'lis assisTanTs were Bob SchwarTz- man and Joel Tuclcer. This Team held TorTh aT all The TooTball games, drumming up en- Thusiasm and moral supporT Tor The boys ouT on' The gridiron, and aT The basl1eTball games held aT home. For The spring semesTer Johnny Boswell won The elecTion and selecTed Henry Johnson and ArTie Eisenhauer as his assisTanTs. This Trio was in charge oT oTTicial enThusiasm and school spiriT Tor all The Traclc meeTs, in which our mighTy Wolves were The champions Tor The second consecuTive year. All The Tellows puT a loT OT worlc and energy inTo The iob buT TelT doubly repaid in The spiriT The Tans showed. Jake Schierling, Afhlefic Award Fall Semesfer STRENGTH The Lel'rermen's Club ol Van Nuys l-ligh is composed of all The boys in lhe school who have won varsily leliers in any sporl. This year The emblem bearers reorgan- ized Themselves under lheir newl eleclecl officers, Jimmie Rohrschieb, pr i e l, and f ' fl n I Bill wsmns, v'ce EW ln addilion lo 'rheir service as ushers al all assemblies, in lhe spring semesler, 'rhey loolc over 'rhe dulies connecled wilh palrolling lhe school boundaries, checking oil-grounds per- mils, elc. Under lheir able sponsor, Mr. Epinelle, lhe lellermen performed lheir du- lies in lhe failhlul lradilion of lheir organ- hahon. KL fl , rllff x, Philip Maxey, Alhlelic Award Spring Sernesler Top Row: Ayres, Alexander, Murphy, Schwarfzman, G-ranl, Edringlon Rogers, Williams. Fiflh Row: Welch, Cooper, Uhrig, Alkins, Wise, Slark Morfensen. Fourfh Row: Riccalelli, Sweelmari, 'Uoldl, Kouyarn aion, Jenning, Hillon. Third Row: Gilmore, ohrschie , Fales, G-uiufirez Smelzer, Wrighf, Boswell. Second Row: Neely, Curland, Brendle, lmbach Meade, O'l-lalloran. Firsf Row: Nieumier, Warner, Russell, Tucker, Gall Page 2l THE STRUNGEST MEN I This year, considering The TacT ThaT There were only Three reTurning leTTermen, The Van Nuys VarsiTy accomplished a mosT remarkable TeaT. The Team was supposed To Tinish no higher Than TourTh in The Valley League. However, They Turned on The sTeam and Tinished in a Tie Tor second place. The sguad was composed mosTly oT lasT year's Bee Team, buT The nucleus oT The Team was The Trio oT leTTermen, Jimmie Riddle, and Co-cap- Tains Jake Schierling, and Shay Gilmore. The Team goT oTT To a Tlying sTarT by beaTing The Burbank eleven by The closesT OT margins, 7-6. ln The Valley league opener wiTh San Fernando, The Wolves losT a hearTbreaker by The Treakish score oT 2-O. ATTer This dishearTening seTback The squad knocked over Eagle Rock, Verdugo Hills, and NorTh Hollywood in succes- sion, improving each game as a resulT oT The experience They gained. The Tinal game wiTh Canoga Park was a Thriller wiTh The Wolves Tall- ing To The Valley Champions I5-7. r.. 9. Dick Fales, Richard Sanders, Jim Riddle Dori Schilling, Clyde Wise, Jim Rohrschieb, Clarence ATTix Page 22 IIE WURLD Individual honors for lhe year wenf io Jalce Schierling, all-Valley and all-Cify baclc: Jimmy Riddle, all-Valley loaclci Shay Gilmore, end, and Jim Rohrschieb, all-Valley guard. Nexf year +he Wolves should be lhe +error of lhe league wifh such men relurning as linemen Ed Spring, Clyde Wise, Fred Urrig, Clarence Affix, and John Cooper 'ro lead The way for such bacldield men as Richie Sanders, and lhis year's "find", Don Hawley. ,N -Qw- Conih Er-i-if-f' Phillip Maxey, Jake Schierling, Bill 3 I I I I Watkins Fred Uhrig, Jirn Granaf, Shay Gilmore Page 23 7-6-Burbank O- I 3-Hollywood The highlighTs oT This year's season were many in number and varieTy. They were: Burbank-Jim Riddle's 70 yard Touchdown run along The sidelines Tor a Touchdown aT The beginning oT The second halT. Hollywood-The injuries oT The WolT squad. Nine oT The TirsT sTring players had an iniury oT some sorT. T ,Wm U- l . 0-2-San Fernando 6-O-Eagle Rock 7-O-Verdugo Hills 7-O-NorTh Hollywood 7-I 5-Canoga Park i l i San Fernando-Phil Maxey's blocked punT be- hind our goal line. This gave Fernando a 2-O vicTory. ln The closing seconds Van Nuys ThreaTened To score in a hideouT play. Un- luclcily, The crowd seeped onTo The Tield, and The reTeree called Time ouT, lcilling all chances Tor The success oT The play. Eagle Rock-The Team came back in grand sTyle To really worlc TogeTher, and clip The Eagles 6-O. HOSTS OF WOLF GRIDDERS baTTle Hollvwood Sheiks for Verdugo Hills-This game was wide open all The way Through. The Wolves gained Three Times as rnuch as The Dons, buT Tumbled noT seven or eighT, buT TourTeen Times! NorTh Hollywood-Jake Schierling's loonecrush- ing eTTorTs were The only highlighT oT This slow, bruising game. Canoga Park-This game was Tor The champion- ship oT The Valley. The halT Time score was 8-7. The Tinal score I5-7. This, in iTselT, Tells The sTory OT The TerriTic baTTle on The Canoga Tield. poss ssion of fumbled ball. Page 25 ' .Kim - MN, olves Fales, Schierlinq, Walkins, and Riddle sweep around end behind fine line work. BEE FOOTBALL This year's lighTweighT TooTball Team was po- TenTially one oT The besT in The sc:hool's hisTory. On paper They had everyThing necessary Tor a championship ouTTiT, buT somewhere They missed The boaT and The championship. Coach MargadanT, The silver Tox, inTroduced s SSW TN, N a new sysTem This year, when he used a variaTion OT The Tamous TormaTion used by Gus Henderson. Bacldield sTandouTs were Bob Murphy and Bill l-lahn, boTh Triple ThreaTers who should play some greaT ball Tor The varsiTy nexT year. OThers in The bacldield who showed promises were Merle Miller, Bob Johnson, and Eddie Long. , I. X i Top Row:January, Saunders, Alexander, Hawley, Woodland, Kolb, Curland, Riccalelli, Wrighl, Willse, Pogue, . ' O'Halloran, Naiie, Callan, Uiez, McClelland, Thompson, Guirierreir, Miller, Cahill, Ferguson, Hawley, Welles, 1 Mares, Morgan, WaTkins, Ball, Anderson, Sewards, Cooper, Edringfon, Miller, Hawkins, Chapman. EoTTor-n Row: ik' Gall, Richardson, Mqrs,, Schilling, Wise, Fales, Rohrschieb, Saunders, Riddle, A1Tix, Uhrig, GranaT, Schierling, Mr. EpinETTC, Gilmore, Person, C3Tuna Tibbs, Young, Mgr. 4 4 ii I ,is :- 'il wa V 4-una XA: T Y l 'NX 'I M IQ.. i w, . 4 SX : X f -Twig ,X 4e,,,Jq..f'b!,,,1!j MCA ":!:Vg,f1,1! r I ,ll .ff ,nd ,.ft,Kivw.'!-Av. 1 'A Q Www F. UV ,Q JAX E ' Ti3fh,!"K.f Th 'T'fqw,j'v ' ' ' ' 4" "W is 'r ,. -Af, X ,J ... . K, W fo W M I Sharpesf of The linemen were Verrin al cenler, fix Hopkins and Welborne a+ end, and McGuire, 9 V fackle and Woodhouse, guard. if , . . R The Jream s record in league play was 'rwo wins, lwo losses and one lie for a .SOO average. The Wolfels bowled over Norlh Hollywood, San Fernando, while bowing ro Eagle Rock, and Canoga Park. The dual wifh Verdugo Hills , B " -'Al i, , T M 'r Jr T ' X X , , 5' H -1 ,H y M A, lj!! . Y 1 i "4 'wff.1 H rl N. -' X 5. NS' 2 YW' 1 . Warm -- ' . ' A .i" 1 'N , n. 3 T, ' ,f , P1 bf ,, T' ," X Az, A , 9 igiw fl ,f f Y ,,4.f"y:,-,.,,rl P. -. ' T N, fi. T ' -M '- Tw" . X V ' l lm, - N il' , ' lst. 4. 'Q . -, ,,..i, - , , , , , 1 N we is 1 , in I - ,G 5 , T ii, , E ff 1 ra, - i Y: J. ' ,ir , ,a ww , Ti 1. iegrf-,gurl ,, ' uhm., r T 6' J'l?nq,- '-,- .qhzkfq-. ' hir.. T r , ' ,- HL' 5,1 , '43 7.1 vi1,-4-17."f51',l:59,."':N,. , ,- ' , QQ , , i I fl. fw2531?,Q3w'1ii'1i'.?llwi'155 - Q, , Ii ' M iiilizlfimlli .,l:i'llii1l,5,2'i,ilf?PW' T T 4 1 . " 4 Tk 'T iw gs .uf -f ended in a I3-I3 deadlock. Cgagh M,,,gf,dm BEE TEAM Top Row: Lopez, Boulanger, Foresyrh, Brendle, McGuire, Granr, Rushing, Welbourrie, Raikes, Srneizer, Howard, Woodhouse, McChesney, Bradley. Middle Row: Huggs fmginj, Henderson, Ayres Snow Crow Lipscomb Burris Olsen, Murphev, Ni1sch, Davis, Mclnlyre, Miller, Keller, Rodgers, Baader, Siiringz Campbell, Carr Clark T 1 r 9'VYi Chrsum, Verren, Johnson, Reese-rf Familia, Spring, William, Hahn. MIGHT LITTLE MEN Page 27 Wolf Caqers: Earl Reeser, Fo rwa rd Bob SchwarTzman, Ben Bolf, Forward Fo rwa rd Paul Cooper, CenTer Paul James, Guard Fred Wa rner, Guard Allen ATkins, Gua Page 28 rd Coach Quinn TIRE VARSITY BASKETBALL This year's ediTion oT Van Nuys' baslceTball Team was probably The hardesT TighTing squad in The hisTory oT The school. ln order To gain Three way Tie Tor The Valley League Champion- ship wiTh San Fernando and NorTh Hollywood, The Wolves had To baTTle every second oT play, and come Through under The mosT Trying cir- cumsTances. The Wolves' cagey menTor, Barney Quinn, Taced The Taslc oT building a sTrong quinTeT To recapTure The league crown wiTh buT Two re- Turning leTTermen, "Long Paul" Cooper, cenTer, and The speedy, clever Carlos Wyche, a promis- ing guard. Quinn Then promoTed Earl Reeser, aggressive li++le shoTmalcer, and Bob SchwarTzman, a smooThie on The Tloor, Trom The "Bee" Team oT The previous year, and puT Them aT Torward. To round ouT The Team he alTerna+ed Allen ATlcins, and Ben BoldT, boTh newcomers, aT The remaining guard posiTion. Thus organized, The Wolves opened Their league compeTiTion againsT The San Fernando Tigers, sTrong pre-season TavoriTes, Tor The championship. Mainly due To inexperience Van ,, sew .ws-an. A A . -1- ' PAMERS UF THE BIG SAGE Nuys dropped The conTesT 36-24, buT bounced back The nexT weelc To nip Eagle Rock 47-44. ATTer Tripping The Verdugo Dons 43-4l, The Crimson and Gray rose To The heighTs by Trounc- ing NorTh Hollywood 47-25 in an exciTing game. ATTer This hard luclc dogged Van Nuys Tail, and They dropped a hearTbreal4er To The HunTers oT Canoga Park 27-26, and in The same weelc losT The use oT Their gym To The Army. ln spiTe oT This, however, The Wolves ToughT doggedly on, and deTeaTed Verdugo Hills, Can- oga Parlc, and Eagle Rock, while being beaTen by NorTh Hollywood in The second round oT play. This seT The sTage Tor The mosT sensaTional game oT The season, when The Wolves meT The San Fernando Tigers Tor The second Time. WiTh a Thrilling lasT minuTe rally, The Wolves showed whaT They were made oT and upseT The Tigers, giving Them a Tie Tor The Championship. They received added honors when Carlos Wyche was chosen TirsT sTring all-valley guard. BEE BASKETBALL The WolTleTs This year had The makings oT one oT The besT Teams To wear The Crimson and Gray, buT didn'T Tind Themselves unTil The sea- son was under way and nearly half over. Every one oT The Team had previous experi- ence The year beTore and seemed desTined Tor a greaT year. Holdovers were Johnny Boswell, Gary Erase, Wallace Hull, Charlie Nakamura, Diclc Cleary, Charlie Moore, and Hino. ln The TirsT round oT league play, The plighT oT The lighTweighTs was sorry indeed. They dropped The iniTial encounTer wiTh The San Eer- nando Tigers, won Their TirsT game OT The sea- son againsT The Verdugo Dons. aTTer dropping a conTesT To Eagle Rock. They Tinished The TirsT round bowing To Canoga Park. The second round play was sIigh+ly beTTer, in which They lcnoclced over San Fernando, Verdugo Hills, and NorTh Hollywood, while losing To Eagle Roclc and Canoga Parlc. BEE BASKETBALL Kneeling: Swee-Tman, Fraze, Cleary, McTosh, Mclnnis, HarTer, Sfandmg: Boswell, Hall, Moore, Anderson, Willis, Nakamura, Wilcox, Wallace. Page 29 V. .cpxl .. Top Row: Banning, Brash, Saunders, Young, Pierce, Wixon, WHT, McCombs. d Row: Briggs, Clark, Jennings, Long, Rurner, FooTe, ChrisTenson, s ll, Sigimori. Second Row: Mr. Anderson, Schrader, Clark, Safes, h, BasseTT, Varney, Clark. BoTTom Row: Sorlemme, Giroux, Bergr Loflus, Wixon. GYM TEAM Led by Eddie "Curly" Long and Tommy Jen- nings, This year's musclemen Trom The Wolves' hangouT, Tinished in TourTh place in The Valley sTandings. The Tellows as a whole were Trom The ninTh Through elevenTh grades. There were only a Tew seniors on The Team, consequenTly al- mosT The enTire squad is reTurning Tor TuTure compeTiTion. The Team was coached by a new- comer To The campus, Mr. Reg. Anderson. Coach Anderson has TiTTTed in perTecTly and is ex- pecTed To produce championship Teams in The nexT Tew years. STandouTs on The Team were Long on The sidehorse, longhorse, and Tumbling: Jennings on The sidehorse and long horse: Wixon, highbar and parallellsg and Brash on The rope. TENNIS TEAM The Racl4eTeers oT Van Nuys, wiTh Their new coach, Mr. Noble, had The mosT successTul sea- son in years. They lcnoclced over everyone in The Valley, excepT NorTh Hollywood, perennial champs. The Wolves beaT Canoga Park 7-O, Verdugo Hills 5-2, Eagle Roclc 5-2, San Fernando 4-3, and dropped Their only maTch To The Huslcies 6-l. Bob SchwarTzman, a TixTure Tor Tour years on The Team, was The guiding lighT, leading The Wolves To Their conguesTs. Helping him were Charles MorTenson, Clarence ATTix, Bill Edring- Ton, Bob Broclcop, and Bob SlaTer, and Don lvlclnness. s-.....f Coach Noble Top Row: MorTensen, Borkop, SlaTTer, Oland, Young, Myers, Mr. Noble. Middle Row: Mclnness, Siemens, Barih, McCulloch, Norris, Kuliian, Raehrs, SchwarTzman, EdringTon. Sirlingz Baker, Sfern, Byers, WIIRWS BEST JUGGLERS Page 30 BASEBALL This years Team was really all righT considering The Tad ThaT Coach EpineTTe is 'lBuilding". l-lis Team This year was made oT pracfrically noThing buT IOTh and I ITh graders. This means oT course ThaT Van Nuys will have a seasoned Team on The Tield Tor The nexT Couple oT years. The boys were one oT The TasTesT Tielding Teams in The valley circuiT. Their hiTTing came in sTrealcs, buT This was due To inexperience. The Team was led by Murphy, piTcherg Sanders, ouTTield3 Abundes, piTcherp Davis, ouTTield3 Ayers, inTieldg Numier, inTieldg Evans, inTieldq ForsyThe, caTcher3 and Parlcer, inTield. Top Row' R Anwerson C A 4 W's h s h , cf- ' if 1' , Q. ,- 1 ww . V, I if .vb 'TV 6' f 'F I ' -Q i j, -rrwlfgiii' GOLF Mr. l'lall Toolc over The golT siTuaTion aT Van Nuys This year. l-le did very well considering The number oT boys ThaT came ouT Tor The sporT and The number oT maTches played. The Team played valienTly if noT Too suCcessTully. Top man was Paul STarlc. Second man was Bill CarpenTer. These Two were ably baclced by KenneTh MaTz, Don Ball, Bob Meade, and Bob Mccombs. . , . , . rirerson, ie, S uTe, Rohrsc ieb, Neely Wrighl, Lucas, Wilhrow, Boswell, Lopez, Enriquez. Third Row: EpineTTe, Johnson, Lauby, ForsyThe, Frase, Smaller, --, Kennessy, Atuundes, Uhrig, Gram, - . Second Row: Evans, Howard, Walker, Gall, Russell GranaT Garcia Jackson Spring Picard B TT ' , , T, ,I , , o om Row: Richardson, Hahn, Ayres, Murphy, Saunders, Nleumier, Davis, Woodhouse, Davidson. Murphy aT The PlaTTer ...ff Slariilingr Bob McCor'ibs, Bill Car' penlcr, Paul Slanl, Don Ball, Kennclh Malx. Kneeling' Bobby Meade, Mr. Hall. Sigfflvf . ,N 1, op Lefl: Tucker finishing relay. Top Right Maxey showing perTecT form ' The B Tfo Sfa 880 Page 32 THE STARR xv VARSITY TRACK Fo The second successive year, The mighTy Crimson and Gray Track Team swepT Through iTs schedule wiThouT a single deTeaT To mar iTs record, and win The San Fernando Valley League Championship. The I942 ediTion oT The Wolves was The greaTesT all around Team ever To wear The colors oT Van Nuys High. They noT only had ouTsTanding sTars, buT had depTh in every evenT, proven by The sTaggering scores The Wolves ran up againsT all cornpeTiTion, and were considered one oT The mosT powerTul squads in The ciTy. ln spiTe oT all This, aT The beginning oT The season iT seemed doul3TTul iT The Wolves would ever geT To open Their defense oT The Valley TiTle. Old JupiTer Pluvius was playing on The side oT our opponenTs, and rained us ouT Tor Two weeks running, saving BelmonT Trom deTeaT aT The hands oT The Wolves and shol. o rn: rT of The Top Row: Delguidice, Welbourne, Hipkins, Rohrschieb, Riccifelli, Schilling, Brunner, Rice, McGuire, CaTalano. Middle Row: Mr. Slarr, Reeser, Cooper, O'HalIoran, Saunders, Walkins, Boldf, Cooper, Silverman. Bottom Row: Cahill, Dermody, Callan, Atkins, Maxey, Meade, UTez, Murphy, Alexander. ' , l ..a,..,Y,,, V ., W ....., , f .- l PBITPUITMERS posTponing The shellacking San Fernando re- ceived. The Wolves Tinally opened againsT Eagle Rock and lived up To advance predicTions by scoring an overwhelming vicTory. NexT on The lisT were The hapless Verdugo Dons who were ground under The powerful Van Nuys squad 96-8. SimulTaneously The Crimson and Gray downed Loyola The same aTTernoon. Then came The big meeT oT The year when The Tigers oT San Fernando meT us Tor The undispuTed championship oT The league. ln This meeT The Wolves erased all doubT ThaT They weren'T The champions by clawing The Tigers 62-42. The Van Nuys Team Then Tin- ished The season wiTh easy vicTories over NorTh Hollywood and Canoga Park. ln analyzing This greaT Track and Tield machine iT is impossible To menTion only The ouTsTanding individual sTars, because iT would be unfair To The oTher members who were iusT as imporTanT in winning. So, in order To do iusTice, we will go Through each evenT and acquainT you wiTh our Team. IOO yd. dash - Don Schilling, Pinky WaTkins, Joe Silverman. 220 yd. dash-Don Schilling, Pinky WaTkins, Boxie O'Halloran. '4- 440 yd. dash-Carlo RicciTelli, Dave Brunner, Bob UTez. 880 yd. dash-Ben BoldT, Jimmy Rohrscheib, Ned Alexander. Mile-John Woodland, Roy Cahill. Low Hurdles-Bobby Meade. Dale Hopkins, Don Hawley. High Hurdles-Bobby Meade, Dale Hopkins. Don Hawley. - Broad Jump- Pinky WaTkins, Paul Cooper, Bob Murphy. High Jump-ArT DelGuidice, Bobby Meade, Phillip Maxey. ShoT PuT-Phillip Maxey, Earl Reeser, Allen ATkins, Francis Callan. Pole VaulTeJohnny Cooper, Russell, STan Welbourne. Relay-Pinky WaTlrins, Carlo RicciTelli, Boxie O'Hal- loran, and Don Schilling. . K ' Top: Speedy Wolf quarfef. BoTTom Leff: Murphy in The .broad lump. BoT Tom RighT: Murphy sfrefching 'em ouT for dlsTance. Coach Sfarr l Page 33 Top: Bafon assinq de D "Rickey" fo "Boxie" Boffom: Schilling finishing relay Page 34 luxe- SIJPREMB IN BEE TRACK This year's Bee 'ream suffered somewhaf fhe same fafe which has befallen fhe lighfweighf squads of fhe pasf, fhaf of hard luclc and injuries fo lcey men. ln spife of fhis, however, The "Bees" man- aged fo go fhrough fheir regular dual meef season wifh only one defeaf and fhaf was fo fhe feam fhaf won fhe Valley fifle - San Fernando. The squad was made up of mosfly men from lasf year's Cee 'ream and a few hold- overs, wifh a few newcomers added. Mosf consisfenf winners on 'rhe feam were Dick Cleary in fhe hurdles: Wixson, broad iump: and l-lonalcer, also a hurdler. Cleary wenf fhrough The year wifhouf a defeaf fo mar his record in The l2O low hurdlesg and l-lonalcer had as good a record unfil illness caughf up wifh him and forced him ouf of 'rhe Valley Meef. Wixson was fhe only ofher Wolflef fo falce a firsf in fhe Valley. Ofher poinf winners were Olsen, Lipscomb, Miller, Sweefman, and Rogers. The relay feam won every race excepf fhe Valley Finals when fhey were nipped by inches in a fhrilling race wifh San Fernando. BEE TRACK Top Row: Romero, Cooper, Baxfer, Miller, Drake, Lipscomb, Olsen, Carroll. ' w- E ix l ck ri i o radle Wri hf Middle Ro . Foxx, mgr., sse , Ba , W ghf, l-l lf n, B y, g , Parsons, Mgr. Bofforn Row: Honalyer, Heflin, Rodgers, Tucker, Cleary, S 1 P f wee rnan, e er, Honeywell. STRENGTH 81 SPEED Q 1 J CEE TRACK F sf Row: Werner, Farr, Frazier, Horfon, Perkins, Reeser, Bl LaPraik, Jerfs, Fuller, VonEchen ins shoving lhe pill for distance CEE TRACK The lighfweighf speedsfers of Van Nuys again broughf home The Valley Champion- ship. Lilce Their bigger brofhers in fhe "A" Division, lhey swepf all fheir dual meels. However, when fhe Valley rneef rolled around, fhey falfered a lrifle and 'rhe San Fernando Tiger slepped in fo garner fop honors. Top man for 'rhe Cee's fhis year was Billy S3-5' lim is ,, wx , ' s J' ' 'ff ' . ' fgf ww s- ..., . criven. Second Row: Henderson, Loflus, , Wills, Richier. Meade beats Fernando "Flash" Farr. Farr won 'the "cen+ury" and anchored 'rhe relay 'ream +o viclory 'rhrough 'rhe enlire season. Ofher s+andou+s were LaPraik, who was a ferrific 660-man: Werner, a hurdler and IOO man: and Frazier, a 50-yard dash man. Nex+ year Van Nuys should be qui+e sfrong in Class A and B as all These fellows will be baclc for more poinls, A! ., V f I 1 ,WW Page 35 Kaye Kanaly was The ringmasTer of The G.A.A. This year. Kaye did a grand iob and, wiTh The help oT her eTTicienT board, much was accomp- lished. The membership ToTaled 220, having grown Trom an organizaTion oT 25 members. The sporTs oTTered To girls This pasT year in- cluded volleyball, baskeTball, baseball, hockey, Tennis, archery, badminTon, and hiking. The obiecT oT The Girls' AThleTic AssociaTion is To inTeresT girls in aThleTics and To TosTer a spiriT oT cooperaTion and loyalTy. GLURIUUS GALAXY No sporT secTion would be compleTe wiThouT a brieT review oT The girls' gym Teachers and The 6.A.A. sporTs They supervised. Miss Bailey was head OT The Girls' Physical EducaTion De- parTmenT and Tound Time To coach baseball. Mrs. Hall, G.A.A. sponsor, insTrucTed volleyball and Tennis. Mrs. Hooker, LeTTergirl sponsor, Told us all abouT hockey and badminTon. Mrs. Marks coached baskeTball and The Tall semesTer of archery, while Miss SweeTser coached The spring semesTer of archery. Miss Keough Took Time ouT Trom her regular work To sponsor hiking. FirsT Row: Brighfwell, Moore, Killam, Phillips, A-lcock, Waddell, Harp,-A. Williams, DaugherTy, l.. Williams, 6auTscl1i, Corriilius, Binfard. Second Row: Kimble, MaThews, Morris, G-amm Hoagland, Wills, LeRoy, Clark, Flowers, STewarT. Third Row: CrofT, Rambeau, H. Bewick, Dahlslrom, Janda, Braun, Dailey, Nelson, Leveen. Fourlh Row: Giddle, brack, Fox, Farmer, D. Kellie, Eckert, E. M. Fallon, Faubion, Wolfe, P. Kellie F'TTh Row: Sampo, Yaya, B. Taylor, Mohler, B. Williams, Lee, Finley, Heyden ill, Crum, Mauer, BryanT, Werner, Shufe, Crunpfon, Widler, Bowdeen, Korden- , Keyman, E. allen, Taylor. , CarlTon, Lovelace, Hardy, ' P. Oakes, Kehl, Lehman, Harding, Jerlberg. Page 36 l' GIRLS The G. A. A. sponsored lhe annual Winler and Sum- mer Spreads. The Board, as well as many comrnillees, worked hard lo rnake lhenw bolh a success The Winler Spread was somelhing new, a loreakfasl whkh sladed al P45 and conhnued unhl 930. The MNavyH lheme was carned oul wHh gunvdrop sadboah and colorful programs. As usual, The Seniors won The Hpoodb"lorlhe beslsong. The Sunwner Spread, a HVVeslern Round-Upxw waslols ol Tun. The gids ardved al hve o'dock alhred in Levk, bools, and gay plaid shirls. The menu was in lrue Weslern slyle. The highlighl ol The Spread was The an- nouncemenl and indahahon of The new preddent her board, new lellergirls, and new G. A. A. rnemloers. ,-an .N ll ., is L Kaye Kanaly, popular G.A.A. Prexy. ."' Firsl Row: Walker, Cox, Mifchell, Scanavlno, Corley, Splain, Kanaly, Jones Slevens Moules Srnelzer Mrs Hall W'll l R l es, ynearson, Taylor. Second Row: Weisenfreund, Whelan, Willse, llioupal,iArnold,lGoodrurh, Pelerson, Shank, Menzies, B. Filzugh, A. Filzugh, Daily, Rynearson Mollell Third Row' Murfon Harmon Chase Gibson, Bowen, Beally, Savage, l-louse, Lonsdale, Warren, McCoy, Priesf, Swcel, Hellrnulh, Farrell, Oaks, McPherson Spindle. Fourlh Row: Slarr, Anker, O'Srady, Wendi, Evans, Brown, Thompson, Slern, Slurfevanf, Nelk, Dahl slrorn. Fifth Row: Cornplon, Keller, Farran, Graves, Thompson, Ennen, Heberl, Oorns, Hills, Deukrneiian Kehl, Ernery, Taylor, Ackerman, Brown, Greene, Johnson, Albert, l-leloerl, Bewick. Page 37 Seated: Miss Bailey, Mrs. Marks. Sfanding: Mrs. Hall, Miss Sweelser, Mrs. Hooker. PEITPURMING LETTERGIRLS This pasT year The LeTTergirls have been guiTe acTive. In aTTernpTing To see ThaT The caTeTeria is kepT Tidy during The lunch period, They have been doing Their share oT school service. Thank- less iob as iT may be, The G.A.A. poinT winners have made noTiceable headway and deserve much crediT. The LeTTergirls have noT only ushered aT Girls' League assemblies, buT have also done Their parT in aid raid drills. A gala luncheon was held To end The sernesTer wiTh a bang. The oTTicers Tor The pasT year have been: PresidenT, BeTTy Pruess: SecreTary, Erminie HasT- ings: PresidenT, Claudia Bishop, SecreTary, BeTTy BinTord. They have been capably backed and guided by Mrs. Hooker, whose Tireless eTTorTs were indeed a godsend. LETTERGIRLS e JerTbcrq and Georgean Harding V V e GAA, Song and Yell Leaders This FirsT Row: CrofT, Rynearson, Cox, Mlichell, BeaTfy, Bowen, MouTes. Second Row: Bishop, Ha nwon S d r Gibson Binford, Kanaly. Third Row: Lovenfhal, GauTschi, CorniTius, Evans. year. Y i GU SS. . Page 38 .....i'-5' E WMTQ U Fir PULGHRITUDE GAA. BOARD The G.A.A. Board was made up ol I6 mem- bers. They were: Presidenl, Kaye Kanalyg Vice- presidenl, Joann Lovenlhalp Secrelary, Lucia Hills: Treasurer, Rulh l-leskell and Evelyn Fal- liony Playday chairman, Janie Sanders. The heads ol sporls were: baseball, Vada Flowers: volleyball, Barbara Evans: baskelball, Lorraine Jones: hockey, Priscilla Cox: lennis, Royce Simp- son and Evelyn Rynearson: hiking, Nal Beally: badminlon, Phyllis Leveeng archery, Janel Smel- zer. Publicily was headed by Belly Bowen and Bealrice Priesly Lellergirls' Presidenls were Belly Pruess and Claudia Bishop. Jeanne l-lazlehursl was our Arl head. Mrs. Hall worked hard as our sponsor. This group mel every Tuesday noon lo discuss and plan special aclivilies such as lhe annual Girls' Day and lhe sumpluous semi-annual Spreads. N xl l. ' ,sf . n c X My Hal' lime in hockej Jane! makes a u '-eyei ri ci n A I Y b II s P s lla a Kalhvrine doing a bullvj hockey sophornoresp qalherinq befo lhe qafrw. GAA. BOARD sl Row: Mrs. Hall, Kannly, Lovenlhal, Hazlehursl, Evans, Jones, E. Fallion. Second Row: Bcally, Cox, Bowen, Flowers, Rynearnon, Hills. 'KQQ T '- Page 39 SPORTS REVIEW Those girls who were oul lor l'lockey lhis year were amply rewarded lor lheir slrenuous ellorls by lhe lun lhey had. The Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores had one leam each, Pal Thompson's Seniors walking oll wilh lhe laurels. Making up lor lhe lale slarl, lhe Badminlon enlhusiasls knocked lhe birdie around wilh zeal. Doubles were played lhis semesler. Copping lhe cup in Volleyball, Phyliss Leveen's Junior leam lriumphed over all comers. One ol lhe largesl lurnouls in hislory helped lo make a good lime lor all, and lhe wealher-man kepl his promise ol clear skies. Tennis had bolh a beginners and an advanced ladder lhis year. Doubles were played in lhe fall and singles in lhe spring. The mighly Seniors, led by Belly Bowen emerged viclorious in Baseball lhis Year. Even Though Jupiler Pluvius did his besl lo break up lhe game, lhe ardenl lans oullasled him and over one hundred girls had a keen lime. The highesl scores in Archery were made by Grace Sweel and Sally Slurlevanl. Everyone The champs finish up a rally. Top: Ready lo slarl lhe game al Norlh Hollywood Play- day. Bollom: G. A. A, nel slars. else's scores soared, due lo sleady nerves and good living. Wilh lvliss Keough as lrail-breaker, lhe l-likers had many diversilied iaunls. Even accounling lor sore muscles and slill ioinls, a good lime was had by all. Baskelball gol under way wilh a bang, every- one hilling lhe baskel ol lun galore. They had lhe same lrouble wilh lhe wealher as baseball, bul sunny smiles soon swepl lhe rains away. Now lhe season is over and lhe game is done. Everyone played lhe game well. s, Chai GIRLS' DAY On April 30, lhe annual Girls' Day celebra- fion was held. Founded by Miss Geraldine Keough in l93I, 'rhis day of games and enfer- lainmenl is loolced forward +o by every Senior l-ligh girl. This year Girls' Day was as merry and gay as ever, sfarfing off wilh an assembly which was followed by games, enlerlainmenl, and relreshmenls. All sporls were played, and every girl on each color leam had an exciling and joyous day. wM-,,i, f iv' Tgtifsifgf' if fa- v .W-'i35.., Z2 4' xg , ,ff 1 sl I A ,ff - .4 r a Shir-ley's up af bai. e lh o A snappy game of badminlon. Q QQ VV ,.' --zffiw, ' Q, . -'i ' 'ffl L'--f'V L ' I ,Q ., , ' Q K '-xx . QQQQ QQQQQQ QirQ Q . fx , X,jf'i' f . V 'X .. ,ff 5 f - M5 ,, ,Q f' ,Q 1' 3' .1 QQ Q Q Q1 Ji , "1x,f::Q:QQQ5:':QQ.QQQQ QQ . - QQ ' , 545 . ' pw- A ' 4-VV, 'Em' J fav ' ' , V ,Iv ' 'X- .V f i f ' A, - QV 'V , ., . V V 'Ll sir' 4 'lf' Q- ,- - . - ' 'Z . Q QQ . QQ QEQQQQ 1 .V Q Q Q.71x QQ. ,. .f-' Q QQQ Q, Q,QQ QQQ Q- Q,- ' 1 u ' "'! V -.rg " EA -. S .. - f 1 " 'V A QQ QQ ,, Q Q , Q g Q f-nw Q Q Q QQ QQ.Q QQ.., Q' Q ,Q Q Q Q QQT QQQZQQQ Q , .V QQQ Q .Q Q ., Q.i Q Q ,, r Q Q -TY' Q ' Q QQ , ' .' fr- It 'L Q 'A .TT1 4, V " , , 4' " Q 1- I ,,' f? -"1 ' 'G lp - 'mg V i Vg ' "., 1 VV , -' f V' u ,V V V . A u - ' V QQ. 1QQ .,' V. - QQ, QQ QQ QV., ,Q . Q Q. Q. QQQ QQ. Q ul QQv -V V QQ Q i x QQIL Q j Q 'Q ' if 1 QQ - .Q gl Q QQ X Q QQ Q- Q Q. Q55 . ,. - Q - 5 Q 'V - " , f+ , , r V ' ' - " Hwy -qfd ff! Y .2 ' p . ,A ,, 17 QP QQ lv l 'hav W' -s3" f fi' fag K S""J N .aff ii 0 N... 5' .41 , ff Az,- YL. 'Aff' 1 is I jk 4 4 5 LJ, Q ' S I t 4 I ' 4 1' ' X 'Ml bfi ' Jeux N X5 ' ,ff 1 , Q V Q, ,,,,f V , V V 1 V M , Hg- f r' r " H V - 'm - . f ,J g 1 K4 I Nm. Q ff' nxt QQ mg? 5 QQ "' gl," Q fQ E1 4. ' ,QQ A Q 1 ' Qs-Y w Q 4 A 1 Q Q 1 Q. Q Q 3 QQQ V. QQ V2 Q ,, QQQNJ5 ti if FV- Q ZQ -u,Q Q M1 V 'Q Vx -.VH V ' MVW1 V v 'V 1' 1' E It 11 I ' WR f, H -.J-fx, V " 'se-' X ., 'S 9" S' +V lv b v lg: il' ' M'k' ,xxx fufxs , f , 3 x1,,,.A.sf f X, P - A - - Q - X V-fe, f f . V . VV V gin QQ,f J! 'ml QQQK N f, -1 gg Q Q 6,1 ,H firm 'SQ w V+ 'V mf r f V uf 4 VB. -111 V , ' N Q QQ QQ: 1161 K wit L EQ T, Y Q. K QP lk .- 1 .V Vim Q Q ' - , 'H 'ff X 1 X f f we V e x L , . Q, 233: Q ' iff -Q , ,Q Qi Q QJ KQ + 1 , , ' v .' , ' ' A milf K, Yi ,K K F fa' 5' I 1145 7 ,I V X 1 . 'V lm, if ff U9 ,V -M V3 V ' 'f ' ' 4 ' b f .A . . , H X 'S' ' V 'Q 'A L "f','l i ,L ' l -.R V ': Q, "1 , I ' , V :- 4-'f "3 'Q V I 'Q "x, ' i 41' ' .. 'I L Qu ' f' ,iw '1 Q. ,I J Q-,I A - V 1. Q 5 ': - IQQQ QQQ Q Q . -' ka 5 Q3 Q F, VQ QQ Q53 V 5 Q X: Q? Q, x Q'-, Q,,:- , A'EQfwQQ Q QQ 'J . Q 1 " ii ' - ' V I ' 1' 'lf I f .' '-' ' 'X' xi. :',Q'7,-in - 4 f ' V. . M... .N . - QV, - . ,. . a - 1 . 'iw' ' '. :A , Q" ,. .. V . . ,ta '. gy. " E Q ' 'JF '1,. QQ V QQ Q m A. . ',Q - Q Q ..QQQA,w.Q-y 1. EQ f :ax E l V? , :ff-4 .ff ' 9 ' iff' A s . ..QI 5 . U 'Xe,A' ?i ' 6 Q QQ Q Q, Q. ,, V , q:Q:V,Q yiti QQ Q Q .,,-- Q Q , QQJQQLQVQW , Q ,V Q Q-- 'Q fQ Q Q ' , ' ' 'fits ' 'L 'pw V V p, V. M L 'af , 1 1.1, 1 ,,,g. 3 w A 4315 ' V' , N .V '- Q A N JVQQ 2 'V Q 385 Q RQ Q ,QW Q Q QQ QAQ. Q Q ,, QQ .QQ MQ f V . new -4 "X V ,. , 452' 1 A , V 'V .Q I , .:, Q 'ff :Q if 1 X Q . , Q , ' p ,V1x'.w Vf 1 E 5 , f FQ X ,J Q, ..w4Qj,QQ't' xl 5' 'Q " , 7 4. up V V A -. V , M . .- -X4 ,.,g,V.,.- Ia A 47 vb.: ,j L.,v. I, y ' 'Vo 1. , N 'Q ,, If-L.: "' mf , Q 4, F 'Q I ,Q Q , .,,, ,L 5, QQQQQQ ,. A .,. , K 1? ,f ff r P, Q. A -'QL - if F' :Lb F Ulf- 33 1 I, . ml S!! f x, VG Us' 7551 I' 'n v I 'T' ff f f F413 5 LEAD ELEPIIANTS UI' TIIE BIG IIEIIII Il I X, xxx IXH N X . 'T' SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION PIN WINNERS SENIOR "A" CL S OFFICERS Firsl Row: Lucia I-lllls, Ellzabefh Deukmelian, Carolyn Rollin Wrighl, Keill-I Chrlsl , Nafhalle Bealfy, Cornltlus, Charles Morlenson, Jean Ann McGlllivrae, Jeanne l-lazelhursl. Absenf: Bob Owens. Paul Lauby. Page 44 EPHEBIANS i CTX Carolyn Cornifus Claudia Bishop Lucia Hills, Lore1Ta Croil. The Ephebian SocieTy is a civic beTTermenT organizaTion composed oT graduaTes oT The L. A. CiTy high schools, selecTed on The basis oT civic inTeresT, leadership, characTer, and schol- arship. These young ciTizens subscribe To The Tollowing ideals wriTTen more Than 2000 years ago by Solon oT AThens. "We will never bring disgrace To This our ciTy, by any acT oT dishonesTy or cowardice, nor ever deserT our suTTering comrades in The ranlcs. We will TighT Tor The ideals and sacred Things oT The ciTy, boTh alone and wiTh many. We will revere and obey The ciTy's laws and do our besT To inciTe a lilce respecT in Those above us who are prone To annul or seT Them aT naughT. We will sTrive unceasingly To quicken The public sense Charles Morfenson, Paul Lauby, oT civic duTy. Thus, in all These ways, we will TransmiT This ciTy noT only noT less, buT Tar greaTer and more beauTiTul Than iT was Trans- miTTed To us." Paul Lauby, Carolyn CorniTius, Lucia l-lills, Claudia Bishop, LoreTTa CroTT and Charles MorTensen were piclced by The TaculTy members and Their classmaTes To' represenT The Summer class oT l942 as Ephebians. The honor oT announcing Their names Tor The TirsT Time wenT To Miss l-lubbard who made This presenTaTion on May I8, aT The Senior Class Candle-LighT Supper. The sexTeTTe were admiTTed To The Ephebian SocieTy wiTh liTe memberships, and received Their Epheban rings aT graduaTion f 4505, if N-fn. N An. ' ,..f"N- wi ,,,. ,W U, Plwyv Munir-vwsyr Ku N'-Nw H Qi M rv AN K l v 1 vw muff, - JACK KASSEL LORETTA CROP! 4 Q JEAN roxml ramczs CALLAN V new JE sown: Jam GRANM uf l A , L z CHARLES FERRIS MARY NKZHOLS J 5' .,,,. ,U 4 ECB OWENS JEAN BUTTER EUGENE RUSSELL JAMES PECK an , BERRY 71883 HAFZRIET SIALLINGS HENRY YOUNG CAROLYN CORNITIUS RUSSELL HOWARD uma rum! onuunmu ELLOISE BOX CHARLES GOMEZ PAT SAVAGE BESSIE MURTON I 3 cLAY1oN rumen.: l ORRAINE JONES BOB BONNAXG 52 Jgtvx , 1 w . I "3 IZAHUH COWDRY B ,,,xf'kf!'L'cv ' Y ' 2,1 s NIHIA aRowNsoN vm cuzrea W I WIN JOHNSON PATRFCIA THOMPSON VAQN OUNNE uAnJT5x Hz W S'42 ERMA JEAN BAKER Fl WALLACE HULL JOANN LOVENTHAL BOBBY MEADL RPCHARD GWLMORE SHIRIH HARMON I - , ,.,,. 1'5,,: vY'AC1q.z2r.-'5'N'I' Nl, LQLHSE DARLING VINCENT WALLACE CHARLES BRASH KATHI EEN KANALY ALICE GIBSON JAMES GUTIERREZ mm CHRISTENSEN HELEN wmes JOHN SAMENHGU JEAN CHASE sau. ROHM euzuaem DEUKMEJIAN DOROTHY KOLTERMAN 1.1 I SCHILLING LORRMNE FACKRELL ERNEST IMBACH 'MCE JOHN WOODLAND SALLY BROWN ROLF PHYS VIWAN MHZ S'42 Qt 4 Bill WATKINS RCS? ORAC-ON GUS EREMPP 'Han '- if ff 'ln ni A,.A V. L .. MARUN CHURCHWL ,u 1 1 1 f' y 8 fu, zz, ,.:q -K BEAYRNCE LYNCH GEORGE ACKERMAN MAE CAMPBELL 1 K ' Y Dv.N DAVID CAMPBELL CONCETTA EUCCI BML PROVAN HOPE MORTENSEN KENNEFH MATZ CONQHA WXLDER 1 .,, f-urn M ,.m,.,..,A.. 1 ...M ,nm KENNETH JOHNSO .A ,Q DON W!LHEl,M WOLE1 DO5A -QS? .AARCIA BEACH 1 1 ROCCO CATALANO DORIS GREENE ILLIAM DERMODY VADA FLQWERS u XT N A 'LEEN KOEBFR ' ROLAND WRIGHT Q- , S is 2 CHARLES LEEDS NAN CUNNINGHAM PAUL - AUBY WN f DELORES SUMERVILLE ,' BEN HAWKINS I 2, Y , f 5 C-SEORGINA LEWIS ROBERT KUHNS LEE GAYNOR .HM CLARKE ANNA TULANQAN 2 sms Hem T EARL Reesen yr' -" ., ..., E HAZELHURST :fr . 'lZ5"'?? 'AK ff ' , THELMA LOKEN BERNARD FLAM NicmGib5om, Joann Lovemhal Plwmp Maxrky, Bi!! Wafklns, Kaye Karmfy 25 'E n 5 A x ay wi , S was-Q ww. E Nglw RuSsf'H Howard, Bobby Mcmic' y O'H11! ww mn Fwd Briggs! Bow x J, A JANIE SANDERS IOMMY JENNINGS MARY ELLEN HALL JACK KANDIE , .,.. ggi -',,-' Q X X W .P M . X My 4, .V S1 S ' Z. xx Ng ex 5 nr' S .rf BLOSSOM HO!-MAN ROBERT THORSON BETTY WITHROW MMMY RIDOLE BETTY MELBERG NORMAN KOGAN HORENCE LEVIS KENNETH HALL HORTENSE PEDRAZA FAT DREW WARREN F-AULKNER if 5 3 Os' Q' ,I 1. S X N KATHRYN SEXTON W . 'E-TN " , Q 3, 1 , Miw V f . 'fd fa LEONARD FISH ' U .-U' 'f ,Nj 1 J Q. KENNETH NORIS .,. . -nmv u ML PH RGURKOUEZ EVELYN EARTEK X MARKUARH NUWO X X N A FW ARI Mu HU ANU EN LfI'if.X GORDON COOK Y Q A crmwmwt ,www LJEVTPGS- QHMUNA PHYLLIS NEWMAN BOB SCHWARTZMAN RUTH KELWIN 2 BETTY LAKEY DICK MAKER MILTON MISETTCH GRACE BRRNEGAR S '42 WUTL PIRU FRANCTS ZTMMERMAN COLEEN DELYEA ERNEST HENDERSON JEAN McKAY WARREN CRITCHLOW Q A 5 RT MESSENGER MLA VIGTL JOE SKVERMAN GLORIA NYLIN BOB WILLERFORD JEAN FIELD S . 44 WILUAM BOUEY GRACE NYGAARD 42 4 Page 52 sem ssmrono JACK owews Mace STARR ROY CAHM RICHARD BEUKEMA CAROUNE BAEZA QUENTIN CO A L. Ap V14 -X N xfzx, ,K 4 fxV GEORGE CUSSON ANN ROWELL fm- Q if Q JIMMY POHHSLHEIB , ,. as 'S if R . S X X xx W. -4. it V lmxx. Q Nt NL f N rx PAY if- X 5-1 . . NULY -gk -X , .4 FFMAN MARY WEESE N- fr. X X KK Q W Xkxx Q K g. -m fy 5 K swmll Bburv rlk LUOLLE SRGWN ,1E,. ZI, SX .--... X N N N--6 'vi . QWJES' HOMHHWOM X JK S- in S 'S MARGARET MOUTES BOB MQCOMBS 1 ',,1MJY f F A U "'V3'?N"ON MARK ULN r4ARr.4E f 4 NNN Al LVAMINQD v K ali' .4 1: F, ,K PENN CWST N1AW'l'VN VUSBLJRG Bill EURINGTFJN S X 3 x Q Y 'ULU A AIAP ii? N v A f A ff -. -my X 3 W 1. "fi 'bg y in Y, , kf , gf NWA IUNN E s 1 Q. 9 , , M r.Aw:A mmm mm WAN KOWS HOLUM JACK woouwouse Loss femmes: CARLO R,CC,mU DAVID aauwmn MARYHA HARDONG RONALD OELSEY -svfx S Q inl- wx XS Q X x 5 A XX www suemwsn PAUL RYALS vmslwm mmm 'WU BR1f5GfS BARBARA DRAKE xewnem ssAno Sf? ' v 'T ' 5, In .,. . A 1 Aj .I D' ' mi' NE H TCI' Y HHH WXLSON BARBARA EVANS JOEL TUCKER Jw" F-ww-' CHN- RwwVf'lM Vwrvrvwr W1Y'Lxf EWMH Bulivm 1 I 1 A X. Bill Wafkins David Brunner, Francis Callan I .,fJ I,' 1 DILLARD JONES BETTIE DELONS I ' BILL FAILOR I DORIS PETERSON Bmy OLSON TADASI-41 FUGIHARA HELEN FRENCH uzuo srnsemor . I , . 4 , 1 , I , I IX! L ! fl K SIDNEY WILLIAMS ALICE MILLS WILLIE AQUNDQES " I J lf, r I ,UI ' nf fjtfq , fy 1 SIGNATURES A M J ff A.--If ff! JI , 374 , Q., Q IJ M ,I if 1 I ,, if It I ? X I 'fr f . fl I I 4 LX ', V ,177 f Page 54 SENIOR "A" PERSONALITIES Beffy Binford Philip MGXEY , Mary Louise Gaufschi Eloice Collins Carolyn Corn: us Jim Rohrscheib Selecling fhe mosf compefenf members from each Senior Problems class, fhe Summer class made up fhe sfeering commiffee fhaf selecfed locafions and dafes for fhe Senior A clay, candle lighf supper, class brealcfasf, and defails for ofher acfivifies in preparafion for graduafion. The officers were: Presidenl, Rollin Wright Vice-presidenfs, Nafhalie Beaffy and Bob Owens: Secrefary, Jeanne Hazelhursf: Treasurer, Keifh Chrisfianson. The commiffee members were: Evelyn Barfelc, Sherman O'l'lalloran, Vincenf Wallace, Phillip Maxey, Fred Briggs, Bill Waflcins, Kaye Kanaly, and Merril Hafch. Rollin Wright ln choosing samples for Senior sweafers, choos- ing gradua're's announcemenfs, seffing dafes for acfivifies, fhe Senior B sfeering commiffee of fhe Summer class proved ifs worfh many fold. The officers were chosen al' large from fhe whole class while fhe commiffee was chosen one mem- ber from each Senior Problems class. Officers: Presidenf, Charles lvlorfensen: Vice-presiclenfs. Ernie lmbach and Beffy Bowen: Treasurer, Rol- lin Wrighfp Secrefary, Loreffa Croff. Commiffee members: Bill Bouey, Paul Lauby, Jess Fleming. Joel Tuclcer, Carolyn Cornifius, Bob Schwarfz- man, Kaye Kanaly, and Marilyn Vosburg. Page 55 . . wLA 4.-m. E . . ..-. ,. .. . , SENIOR PROBLEMS TEACHERS Miss SuTherland, Mr. STewarT Miss SrniTh Mr. Means, Mrs. Borden, Miss Hollinger, Mrs. RalsTon CLASS HISTORY Van Nuys High School was as conTusing as a Three ring circus To The new liTTle B7's on The TirsT day of school in SepTember, I936. The liTTle newcomers were dubbed "scrubs" by The older classes. A loT happened beTween Then and June, l942. New bleachers, a new gym- nasium,a new audiTorium were builT . . . eleven classes graduaTed . . . six years passed . . . and Two hundred and ThirTy classmaTes grew up. Then suddenly high school was behind Them . . . They were Senior Ns on SmiTh Field receiv- ing Their diplomas . . . iT was all over . . . The liTTle B7's blinked in surprise . . . Took a lasT, long look . . . Then. Turned and wallced away Trom Van Nuys High School . . . graduaTes! Again They were "scrubs", buT This Time iT was noT To Van Nuys High. IT was To The world. During Their lasT year in high school, The class oT Summer I942 celebraTed several evenTs. One Page 56 was Senior A day. One day early in spring all The Senior A's were excused from Their classes. ln The morning They aTTended an assembly pro- duced by Senior A's. ln The aTTernoon They divided inTo groups Tor diTFerenT games. ATTer lunch They gaThered in The gym Tor a dance. The annual Candle LighT Supper in May Tea- Tured The presenTaTion of The Ephebians by Miss Hubbard, and The reading of The class prophesy as wriTTen by Jack Owen and assisTed by Charles Ferris, Charles MorTensen. and Claudia Bishop. The meal was served by The moThers of The mem- bers oT The class. ln June The BrealcTasT was held aT school. TvioThers, here also, served: as sTudenTs meT as a class Tor The lasT Time. Finally came graduaTion on The TwenTy-TourTh oT June and The ending oT The high school career. FEARLESS, PERUUIUIIS LIUNS .C.B. BOARD' Fifa? Row: Rowe-H4 Gauisrhi, Corniilus. Second Row: Mr. rovlvs, MFQS Hnllivvqvrx Shnvvk Third Row: Wflhwrfo O'HJHor.w. rd, Maxev. Wcalhce, W m ,,F' SENIOR "B" CLASS OFFICERS: Lnf' BVPDIIIE' Bf-Hy FHM-Aqh, Johnny Beswi- Absenf Dub WIWVSC, Jlrwvv Vgu Vwuvhr-vs Page 57 .. is NX W gh fi wks Q'-I ,n.Sf'5' .'.!l . . 4, ' KAYHRYN WALKER - .. , Q ' aff, ,si K I JAQK CLARK Bfww S1-Xbrvvns, Bnfm fm! Iiqwxw, Bmw FM.-rmqh 5 RODNEY ROCHE BETTY BALTUSH Q 1 L BETTY FOTZHUGH ROBERT WILLIAMS X . .. t ii-uimgi A ' by -X . iii L - Xi-'eh ZW! ,,... 1, x x Qi , M?--, H JOHN BOSWELL HARRSET GINSBURG Bill BROMSTEAD DOWEJO FORD CECHIA wow cwxmes CHAMBERLMN M595 STEBBINS BILLY SHANNON , J 1. 1:55'f:"' ' I CHARLOTTE DICKHUT nos as 'WY LAWRENCE cossrzove MARILYN CORLEY cwmueg CURLAND MARGIE EVERROAD BETTY FARMER ROBERT CRIPPS DOROTHY VASEY CONSUELA ORC' X a X SN 'N Q wr X Q x xx x S K X N s Q JANCY DAHLSTROM ., xx xx X We X , +-- : QNX 1 R X 55, x pmlll HQNWLH JANL STEVENS HAR! L5 LXOMPYON ..,, LEE BRENDLE 'STN g . N E -A 3' VL. HAZEI KEMPLEY QS N Y ks 5 S. 5 i . emma e-mmn M UCL MITCHELL 1 . '43 LAVERN PEYERSON DUKE WILTSE FERN WINCHELL g E! " f g . k ..,' ra , '- 1 KAY KUTER MARCELLA PHIPPS DON HAWLEY ' RUTH SILVERMAN MIRIAM AKINS TED MILLER ,UNE may one norms emma Perens MINE GOODRUM moan M.-nw DON mmm Conmws VAN ENDEN JOHN KM PATRICIA McFAO0EN .X M- , , Q F 5 , 4 S ' 1:36, X , M , .fr 13 1 SHIRLE Y GILMORF 4 5 Q l , Wx' ..,, :fx-:V 5 - ' ' ' ' . a sa wwmm Kmusnv was wuwmom www Mm A MMI AW WERN . Q1 P 'P ,xlf HAROLD VANGORDER GRACE Rooravouez RUSSELL ANDERS EDWARD LONG CAROL MYERS 1-I vnr Af-.Au BERNARD SMETZER QW! gurl ROGERS ZPDA MENZIES Qs' wx .., ON THEODQRA ESYRADA BM TENNEY MMMN RYNEARSON V :L jx 2 2' . -:-ff if fb ' : - :Q S Q7 ql gag 5255 1 ESTHER ARNOLD X CHARLIE LEQPHART MAR' ELLEN WOLF Jsmw rmcxumc-5 am ouesfm CAROL DURFEE DARRELL SMITH 9 F ,af QQ! xg ..',' l , J A I I A X DON BALI MIII A KC'-XNAVINO CATHERINE FARRELL 3 JOE 6058 EVELYN RYNiRSON CLIFFORD RUSSELL ga f WAN Mscsonswex MARY JO SANDS? :IM Humsn I .,., 15- gn f ,-f ! " 549 IIE ,Q 5 ii: 'S 'Q J fad HARLAN PEAK DOROTHY SCHOCK eeunome smear ARTHUR ELUQTT BOB AMBROSE 1 A. Pruscuu cox LUCY PAGGI 3fNf BURION Jem esmow CLARENCE Amx RICHARD YOUNG x 1' 5 f - ffflgm iff 151 K- ix . ,, - tim JBERT BORDON BEVERLY FEDDERSEN JACQUEUNE SHANK .I John Boswell, Jim Van Voorhes. Dulce Willse, Lee Brendle, Beffy Fifzhuqh Don Russell Marian Rynearson Carol Myers Cecilia Wold, Dar- rell Smilh Lucy Paqqi Bessie Slebblns Russell Anderson John Kay Ed Lonq Clarence Arlix, Jacquelyn Shank Fern Winehell Chuck Curland frat: ...--f"" ANR' 0 . as Fern Winchell Dulce Wilfse Lucy Paqqi Lavern Peferson Earlene Goodrum Marilyn Corley 3581 an Ns. ga BY P 1 1 I 4 . Wiiksi l Q' l f lf' Q? Igw , SENICR "B" PERSONALITIES W., John Boswell Jane Slevens AV1dY Anderson Charles Curland Margarel Werner The class ol Winler Forly-lhree is a small class, bul lhe members accomplish iusl as much as lhe enormous classes. On May 27, I942, lhe Senior B's had lheir senior day and donned gorgeous kelly-green swealers. On lhis day, lhey gave an assembly lor lhe school, which was very amusing. Al lhe beginning ol lhe Senior B semesler, lhe class chose Lee Brendle lo lead lhem as presidenl, Belly Filzhugh as vice-presidenl, Johnny Boswell as secrelary, and Jimmy Van Voorhes as lreasurer. Fern Winchell Bob Schuelz The sleering commillee was composed ol lwo members elecled lrom each Senior Problems class. Jaclcie Shank, Dulce Willse, Belly Filz- hugh, Don Hawley, Eslher Arnold, Jooge Allix, Gene O'Brien and Carol Myers were selecled. This commillee chose lhe swealer samples, plan- ned lhe assembly on lhe 27lh, and lcepl lhings in general running smoolhly. As Senior A's lhey will enjoy lhe cuslomary candlelighl supper, senior brealclasl, and Vesper Services. ln January, I943, lhey will leave lheir dear old alma maler lo conquer lhe world. Page 63 5 1 1 . 'Q 'gm Allen, Anderson, Aufen, Ayoub, Ballou Barfleff, Baraza, Bouman, Bell, Beem an, Bergman, Bewick. Bieriq, Biorling, Bradford, Braun, Brokop, Brown, C., Browne, M. Brown, Bumerof, Burke, Cable, Callahan, Car apalis, Cash. Cafferlin, Chang, Choi, Chung, Clark, Clark Cleary. Cook, Coogan, Cooper, Cronon, Dailey Darby, Davenport Davis, Davis, De Barbara, De Bu s, Deqnon, Delano, Delyea. Desert Dicky, Downing, Delgevclic, Dumelle, Dufro, Dyer. Elson, Eiserf, Enqel, Enrique, Elienne, Eville, Finger. Falgn, FGFFIG. Farnsworflw, Fasfenqer, Finicle, Fisher, Fnfzqerald. Foufin, Bryant Wilson, Willcocks, Fifzsim- mons, Foofe, Woodberry. Chung, Sfinson, Tasker, Campbell, Bonome, Jenkins, Bartleft E 1': 1 t . . ,,, -,' . W' k0'I40U ', , ' Q 9 will 4 , if 'af f 2--'2 . i as as 4 . .t , A Q K, fl- Q -was if is fr? as is , 'M ' W A ,,,e ff, S Sk Zi' 6 'i", 2 , s ' M A .Ai s sl ff I ' s - W 6 I ' N N I W- ' gin ' 4 ,. ...H , .M W or Q7 1 ii C 33" my - - 'Sw is - Q1 . Q- ii mimi? ' W , Gif, ' 1-ss 1 ' " A r'lr' '- n' X f,., in J . : View ,spins-A W gg Mx g 'Q ,, , is-wil, V. 5 W SAT , ,kV. V , J, by A l 4 'iw 4, mi I l Ab in -A '43 New E -44's x rf?', W' , fr 6 I gtg, r fl -- , ' '-Vs 'Gif'- W 453 1. g M W ,ity .i13i1i?:T f A' E 3, rv , IA, Al wi' Q - . , 1 f wi sf , , X .gp- if-'ff it Qi V .W eil. 'K Ei, I gf , i :J i -, JA! i .............---rw N, -0 If 163 ,RW 3 -zfr 1 --.. . L 1' A A J 'L r . of ' 4 1' w 'i' A, ' "f' 4, . 5 '- , I , D- ,..' , . Q ' . 5, M . X4 . if I' , ,gn is ri' li -w ir 1 P f K fi ra .ei W Q HT '---'- 26 11' H M ii X 1-fi K , 2 1 , Z3 S - . . y .,... 3 5 , 3 4, qlaq -B . 5 1 Q. X ,li-by 4 , K A , Q . M , -Q i M , 5 ,f ,S - my -M X.. . . ,NYAk . A , if, K3 fi g L ""5'...,-2.2 , - I S -rr': J :N , +A i 1-'Q ' : K ' 1 .:,: Nnxc , ,Q zra 63? I, -Egfbx V 0 I M. A,i:, X . ,. Qc- L - M, aku 'T TW if, 5 W ,x bx .... .... ff f ez.. ' 1331 9" K 5 -1" -ii' 'ps N A 'S 5,.. :.:, an It ,, Q in M , if , Y l ff u ,Q SY ,1 '9 5' Qi, 7' xi fe! Fox, F., Fox, G., Fraser, Freudiger, Freeberq, Griddle. Gindera, Gibson, Gofz, Golding, G-role, Guilbeaulf, Guillou. Hall, Harcus, Hardinq, Hardy, Hafch, Helle mulh, Hendriclrs. Heyden, Heyman, Hiearmsfad, Hiqley, Hil- min, Holmeo, Honalcer. House, Hunnewell, Irwin, Isbell, lmbach. Ifyanf, Janda. January, Jerfberq, Johnson, B., Johnson, E., Johnson, F., Johnson, F., Johnson, K. Johnson, L., Jones, Juhlin, Kauffman, Kauu- lolc, Kellie, Kerr. Kimble, Kissell, Koqer, Kordenbroclc, Krim- ian, La Gros, Lambarf. Lauer, Lawrence, Layne, Lehmann, Leveen, Lindahl. Linebauqh, Lipscomb, Lopez, Machin, Marle- ham, Malfhews, Maurer. Mayer, B., Mayer, H., McBride, McCar+ney, Mccombs, McCoy, Mellare. Page 65 Mclnlire, Mclnfosli, Miclwels, Miller, Miller, McMullen, Molina. Moore, Morqan, More , Mur l1 , Nalz ar, Y p Y Q Nalenson, Needle. Nellr, Neumier, Newly, Newcomb, Nolan Norfhrop, Oaks. Olwman, Oorns, Owens, Parporf, Parsons Parsons, Peel. Phillips, Pierce, Rambow, Rasmussen, Rees Rice, Riclnerf. Rifclwie. Roqers, Roqnlie, Rosenfeld, Rule Russaclx, Russell, Russell, Sanders, Saunders, Schlafer, Scliwarlz, Sclnwarfz, Slwapro. Sheesley, Shiie, Shipman, Shively, Siemens Silva, Simpson. Smallez, Smefzer, Smifln, B., Smifh, J., Smi+h ers, Sneed, Snow. Spurlock, Sfarlc, Sfein, Sfeinbrenner, Slern Sfewarf, Sfolle. Sfone, Sfurfevanf, Suqlin, Sweef, Sweefman Swift Syrelr. 14 gg, aa . ,Q if . l "TV 43' -w , ff' , Taylor, Taylor, Thompson, Thornlon, Ticlw enor, Tolman, Triplell. Tullord, Uelz, Underwood, Urey, Velasco Verren, Viner. Wallace, Warlcenlin, Warner, Walers, Wel bourn, Welsl1, Werner. Wlwilney, Willils, Wilcox, Wills, Will Wolle, Woods. Wriqlwl, Younq, Young, Zerby, Bll, Anlalcy Anderson, Allix, Ayers, Barron, Basile, Bales Beaudin. Bewiclc, Boe. Brandon, Bruce, Carrole, Chap- man, Cline. Cohn, Cook, Cox, Dalwlen, Daley, Dallas Ennen. Farr, Fox, Franlz, Gammon, Garrell, Gales, Gilmer. Gilmore, Graves, Grien, Greenberq, Harris, Hamm, Hanninqan. Hanson, Harms, Harms, Harlley, Heberl, Held, Hill.. , . I Hillon, Huclcie, James, James, Kaczmarzyk, Q Karabinus, Kehl. Kemp, Kennedy, Kunihiro, Yaye, Kzellrnan Lady, Leefs. Mars, Maynor, Lewellyn, Lawly, Lonsdale Luccas, Macias. Macffulloclc, McGlasson, McGIlliyrae, Mc- Gulre, Midqly, Morarnarco, Milrnan. Maclrnis, Mifchell, Moore, Mosher, Myers, Oakes, Paschall. Pease, Pefers, Pefley, Pills, Plumrnelf, Pol- lack, Parker. Reynolds, Rhodes, Richfer, Riclreffs, Ruiz, Saindon, Saunders. Sassyille, Saunders, Schrader, Shannon, Sher- man, Srnoclr, Sonneman, Slammers, Spraque, Sfarry, Taylor, Timm, Thomson, Uhriq. Wal,in, Warren, Warren, Welbourn, Wernei Will, Wlihrow. Wixson, Wriqhf, Rucker, Werner, Wolllclll, Page 68 Kp K '-haf W as ski -564 if 1 af I x cccs g K vt S , k L . ,I Q SQSSY' - - 1. ar X c if xx '- ,P jx S . if as M ,-Q. X" ' ,Mr ,iaith NN ws Q PW Aclcerman, Ahern, Aloclc. Allree, Anderson Andre, Anlrer. Arbogasl, Arquello, Ashfon, Ayar, Ball, Ball, Barnelf. Barrow, Base, Baxler, Beaudin, Bearnan, Beaa man, Beck. Becica, Bell, Belinq, Benson, Benson, Berqer, Bild. Bohannon, Bolcll, Brace, Bree, Breese, Breif- enbusher, Brown. Brown, Brighfwell, Bryanf, Burris, Cahill. Car- penfer, Carpenler. Carllon, Carlin, Cheney, Chrisiensen Churches, Cilburn, Clarlce. Clark, Clarlr, Clarlce, Clarlr, Cochrane, Cadienlf, Colwell. Conlclin, Complon, Conreace, Crompfon, Crum, Curlis, Dahlsfrorn. Dall, Dass, Daugherly, Davidson, Davis, Davis, Devale. Deyefle, Dralce, Dull, Dunclcil, Eilcins, Emery, Efienne. Page 69 Evans, Fallon, Farmer, Faibion, Ferrill, Floyd, Fox. Frendiqer, Frayier, Gamrnill, Garcia, Gib- loens, Gilberfson, Gille-He. Goodenow, Gould, Green, Guenfher, Gull- inq, Gunfer, Haach. Hahn, Hall, Harl, Harp, Hamlin, Harlford, Haydock. Harlzell, Hellin, Heirnan, Heslcell, Hesla. Hill, Hoaqland. Huqqins, Humphrey, Hunfer, Hyde, lchnalc- enberq, Isbell, Jennings. Johnson, Johnson, Jones, Kaufman, Kelsey, Keep, Keene. Kelby, Kilem, King, Kiorlien, Koch, Kohul, Knaefler. Keller, Laplcin, Larroque, Larraque, Laxaque Lee. Lemich. LeRoy, Leeveen, Lewis, Lind, Lopez, Loflus, Loulhan. Lovelace, Ludwiclc, Lynch, Lynch, Madsen McManus. Mason. Page 70 Q in ., M 7 1 ' .y J y .. ., 4 EY wi, :iw ef 3 Q f , 1', ,W ' 'I 5? 13, XL, x if-2 'Pt 'W I Q3 .,l A. ,fs ' mu rl . Gi gg. W l 'srl J" as . f ,, J my ,slr 1-A Q if ff L an ,M , 3 ., MX if Wh M, . W ff 3 M ag, j y. 'a Q fi- B4- '9- .. swf NM, wi , ,fx . .5 , F . - Y . 5 ' J 'if' if . i Q A ' A fm . . .X K! 6 W E ff A Y Q fs. M N I gait? ' "" - -,: 5 ' 2 lie WWF! ' f 5 M f 3 'li' 1 Sw xx: fn? - 1 ,Wi -un ' "' .Fx . 134,355 3' j wax Q r ,4 if-mi Ng 2 N MX, .X . Maxwell, McCauqhna, McCl'1esney, McGuire Miller, Milman, Mclssac. Mifclnefi, McKee, Monroe, McManus, Moser Mohler, Molief. Morris, McChesney, Morray, Murphy, Mc- Vay, Mcpnerson. Murfon. Neve, Neale, Needham, Neison, Newman, Nifsch, Odenfhal. O'Grady, Olson, O'NeiIl, Orfeqa, Osborne, Owens, Parsons. Pafferson, Pafferson, Paulson, Poiier, Paffy, Peck, Peifer. Person, PeHes, Pire+, Recfor, Reed, Reeser, Rice. Ridde, Richards, Riqqs, Robinson, Rornero. Rosauer, Rowieff. Ruiz, Saidon, Severance, Sehierlinq, Scnuefz, Schraner, Scoff. Simon, Smifh, E. Smifh, J. Smirh, J. C. Smi+h, P., Smu+e, Snow, Speck, Splain, Sfaomerson, S+evanovish, Siouadf, S+romon, Sfonehacker. Page 7I Slurfevanl, Sullivan, Swinlc, Taylor, Terry, Thayer, Tolman. Thompson, Thompson, Tracy, Tribble, Twilch- ell, Vanderhursl, Vandine. Varney, Van Thorne, Verhulsll, Van Voorhis, Wallace, Woodward, Wnisler, Waddell, Wallcer, Walch, SH Walch, M., Warner, Walls. Weisinlreund, Wendi, Whelan, Wilber, Wills, Williams, N., Williams, B. Williams, B., Williams, L., Williams, A.. Wilfse, Woodbury, Woodmansee. Yaya. Zimmerman, Anderson, E., Anderson, P., Bochardy, Bailey. I ,jwvp fy Base, Bales, Benlon, Black, Bond, Bonninq, Boulander. Brazie, Brown, P., Brown, l., Bumcrof, Bundy, Burns, Burrell. Dalqlish, Calkins, Caralano, Carler, Ceclc Chrisrenson, Colima. Cooper, B., Cooper, B., Culver, Cusdor Denison, Dennis, Depew. Page 72 Dunn, Dupree, Eclcerf, Eisenhower, Ellis, Elser, Ermine. Fonderle, French, Giroux, E., Giroux, L., Gonzales, Habriman, Handy. Hanson, Harrison, Henderson, Henninq Hillernan, Holcomb, Holrnqren. Horn, Jenkins, Jenninqs, Jeschlce, Johnson A., Johnson, H., Johnson, C, Juarez, Kelley, King, Laprielc, Lausler, Lewan Loyd. MacKechine, Marquis, Maffhews, H., Maf- lhews, V., McBride, Miller, Minqo. Misefich, Milcall, Moore, Naeqle. Nayes, Olsen, Olslad. Ovisr, Parlchursf, Parlcparl, Paflerson, Phelps, Phillips, Piclcerinq. Pierce, Pifney, Reflerly, Reed, Rodriquez, Russie, Ryan. Selesler, Sexron, Shipman, Siqqellco, Sleven- son, Slu lfs, Thom pson. Torberl, Tuclcer, Wade, Waqner, Wallcer, Walporr, Wealcs. Page' 73 V gf. 'NN 1' V Vp, . ' ' , . . 4' :FV fl, . ff' ' S - -- , f fa ai V iyu, V .. VV I Vx J pg x X I .Fx "Q 33. 'N A ,gf N M ...f 3 .' 'V , .V VV 3 ,fi VV 6 P GWR 'I 5 'M Q, I 5 6 ' I K- ,,Av 2,1 . V' X 1 ,' '5,V.S.,", Af . I ff ' .5 VV I -V N V . 'XV . 5 V, frffjbi J J.: ' . 1,11 1, aff," , V r V Vx' If 4 i j g I fm VE VFTTIV A V . VV VV Vg,.V- .5 cf VV- ,V V I ' V VV x fn :fV,4v r ii., ij VV VA 1 , VVV1, ,VL .,, , V V .' A ' VV V .,-. , - S Qt,-NV VV ,rj Kr- 45V uf ' - V ' , , ' ' ' ff' " f' U V , V 5' 'V'1fG-'g at '. Vi' V ,ff V V' A,fV V v V' , .1 VV lx, ,w e , K ,. Vf, VA V-V, . . -5.5.3 V 1 V V I VV! 514 . 'X' -'vm .4 - . ., . . A 1234- , ffidfl ' Q ,f ff ,. f. , I V V VV,':l?VL if ,, 5 VIV jg - My ' ,:VVV'3,F VV .,. I VP ' ,fy V 'f ,.f!yV . V Ji' 'g ?4"2 Vi" ',:,!'pf , . ,g 'R E 43,99 4 1 S. ,.r . J f " ' ' ' . V Vw ' " '- A- -' n ' f "9",w' U 5:5 .- V " ,pf .f 5"Q T' T f -" , A " ,P Af E . -4,1-53 VV, ' " A fr' v- -- ,V - Wy 3 ' Y VI VV-nh ' 5V,,p-fn -H Mr, VVVV XV- NV ,VA V ,.L. Q ,aj VVVV ,, V-.,,wsr,,, , I V If Vqfga-VI VV1'V,aV , U V VV-.wVV?,i,1 . ' gf A ,, ffipgfff ' w . .f ff yi? fi, P ' l ,2.. Q4 " "1 " LL ,f :K-M if ' 1Q' f ' V.Vx ,VA V VV - ,L 5- VV ' V, V V A1 m i , fr fag V Vie' 'V ,. 31 N, ,f' .V', ' -,',f- '. -my ' -Q-. ' 4' ' . -. ' - M. y , VV. Vf 7 ft -V9 Q " if Ag V XM ' gm fy, I 'nfl , 1 ',. J , wg 'gf Q , - fy. 1 frfgf-af ,f A fy: ' ' - "!f "ff .M '- . --i f',f ... af 'ff U .- Wm f f ' ' ff: Zifrg rf fi" 7, .5 - qi M1 ..-". V 41 fm , . .-mf ' ,,Mfxwsf g Y ' f' ef f -L.L.,-- .44-... N 1: 4 ,J , ,J K - 1-, -, f ' h ,f - 25+ X-X ' - U ', "FZ:':gl2Esf?f 1:'u ' H , 'ffr' ff - ' fffc F : I if ffl A 'K .5 Q' 56' ' Q1 5, I I , 4' F' , . VVVV VVV V V . .. , I ,, .V ,- fy .5 I., :VS-:V -V?-,. V JV V. .li V.VVV VV' V . 4 55:5-fti ily! ,, - 4 A 4 . hy,- 2, .1 of K' in V f I of A M' ' ' "fa f in X if " sl," W G7 hai W 1 NF X 'N 'Z Z, 1" I f ,-Na, f e f' xx urr-' urrqfxadres an qenhernen, skep nqhr fr Ks way ana se-5-The' j s7',f,f,' Crrrnson and Gray srde-show. We have brouqhr our a few of ihe per- ' rorrners ro qkve a hrhe hee ouiskde enrerraxnrnenr. ThRs cosrs you norh- Knq, Xaches and qenhernen. Srep rkqhr up dose ro rhe pXaHorrn so rhere wkh be room For the resr or rhe peopXe on The rrudway. Thank you! Laches and Genhernen, RE you have ever been 'ro a drcus skde-show you have undoubrechy qazed Rn arnalernenr ar rhe Xonq hne or p'xcrorKaX paknhnqs srrerchknq from one end of rhe rnkiway ro rhe orher, depkchnq scenes of srranqe and rnysrerrous wonders never before exhlbrred Rn ihrs '5 parr of 'fhe worXd. Ladres and Genhemen, X wanr ro 'rrnpress on your rnrnd rhar every one or 'rhe arnazrnq ads you see parnred on These banners Rs perrorrrunq Eff on rhe Xnsrde. And now X wrh arrernpr ro qrve you an Kdea or 'rhe wonderfuX srqhrs 3' VI you wrh see on rhe Rnsrde. We have Jrhe rarresr woman Rn ihe worXd who A I has rrked every known method Rn arrempfmnq ro reduce her hah 'ron or I ,Q hesh, bur she qers fair-ah and 'rarr-ah every hvknq, brearhknq rnornenr or Za Q ' her hre. Pxnorher headhne ack Ks a cornpNere hrhe rroupe or PGYSOTTTXRUQ mrdqers, each and every one or rhern periecr Rn shape. if 1, Now rhese are rusr a few or rhe qrear brq ads on rhe 'rnsrde and rhe 'lffff 43,L'f'?f bkq Crrmson and Gray skde-show Ks abour ro beqkn. You can qer your :Q 1 hckers rrqhr over here ar onNy one quar-rer, rwenry-hve cenrs. Hurr-y. - ' ' I, A hurr-y, hurr-y. - ' ZW 26 I! in x Q fy, I in 'QDUTT7-ff 140 WW Z. if MIDGET VILLAGE u JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Presidenl: Bob Werner Roy Gall Girls' Vice-president Evelyniean Moore Jaclyn Sprague Boys' Vice-presidenlr Larry Feicller Kenneflw Blaclc Secrelaryz Roy Gall Jacqueline Pasclwall if EJ, I ' Page 76 JUNIOR HIGH DEFENSE COMMITTEE Firsr Row: Draper, Lucas, Cox. -V, --V--- Back Row: Abell, Gall, Werner. JUNIOR HIGH SAFETY DEPARTMENT President Bill Saunders Vice-president Bob Slevens Secrelary: Diclc Bralim .4.N-HQ HALL AND GROUND OFFICERS A061 Ch - Af-xv, l Dorollwy Lucas alrmen Slwanmon Gilmore A 'T l l x.,,. an .I ww,- Doris Slwlpley l'feIll1 Powell June Barnes JUNIOR BAND JUNIOR HIGH SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY A ' . . , l Presrclenf . , . 1 - Carl Croll PleSlden+ Secrelary - - Jack Fuller - - Librarian A Bob Wlweelerr Vlcewpresldenl K Secrelary k e Doris Slocum Grela Wriqlwl Mary Ellen Byers Page 77 RUUSTABUUTS Mr. Larson, Counselor, Miss Keouoh, Guidance, Mrs. Prell, Reqislrarg Miss Young, Guidance: Mrs. Bordon, Guidance. l if .. ss E C C 'sirnnn ol Engi nilnirn 5 F rqli on Enql SAFETY CLUB Presidenl Sherman 0 l-lalloran Bill Walkins Vice-presidenl Bill Walleins Rollin Wrighl Secrelary Johnny Boswell Johnny Cooper S p o n s o r M r. D ra lce 'Q bl , ',,i "' .ili , 'W Page 78 Firsf Row: Rice, Honalcer, Boswell, Spring, Curland, Gilnnore, Cooper, Lucas, Wise, McClelland Gilmore, Wrighf, Neely. Middle Row: Tuflerd, Slaesler, Riccalelli, Rohrschicb, Brendle, Ryle Sweelrnan, Young, O'l-lalloran Enibach. Back Row: Tucker, Saunders, Werner, Powell, Ureq l-lillon, Wilherow, Meade, Gall, Drake. TIGHT-RUPE WAL First Row Ri.1.1'v S'n.':, Hull Bow'-lll Gilbvrlson, Riggs, Doves, Sr-covid Row? Slerr, Ruliinswiix l-lvl" nr- lfineh Wiiqhl Anderson! Goodrui-., Corviilies Cox Mclfaw Brunner. Bafl Row Maiqxsn, Bvallf, Anlvvson, Allivl Clark, Misligix Racine Cash, Kuler, Mr. Sorber. GUILDERS CLUB The Guilders Club is on a par wilh lhe Scholarship Sociely. lls members are sludenls who have won recoqnilion lor oulslanding work in some specific lield: Arl, shop, aqricullure, Cornrnercial, elc, On May QI lhe Guilders enjoyed a hall-day vacalion and Celebraled wilh a barbecue on The Farm. Miss Bcrglff-r, Erijnsh LMS HJ., GUILDERS CLUB Presidenl - - David Brunner Vicefpresidenl - Bob Beally Secrelary - Earlene Goodrum Assislanl Secrelary - a - V Carolyn Cornilius Treasurer - KGy KUJYGV Spgnggr lXAV. Sorber v, Siu ml Slnilivs Page 79 Presidenl - Vice-presidenl Secrelary - Treasurer - "Winged Pen" Sponsors - LITERARY CLUB SPEAKERS CLUB Edilor Page 80 Dan Cahill Earle Pally Earle Pally Adele Arbogasl Adele Arloogasl Mildred Eckerl Adele Arbogasl Daniel Syrek Francelia Underwood Mrs. Williamson Miss Smilh L'bb S+ Presidenl - - l Jge Eosiwari , ,d l Jean Grenbeaux V'Ce'preS' enl ' l Corinne Van Enden l Rulh l-leskell Secrelary ' l Kalherine Walker Sponsor - Miss Robinson LITERARY CLUB Fronl Row: Eckerf, McVay, Williamson, Taylor, Underwood, Srnilh. Back C Fronl Row. Derrnody, Uelz, Walker, Miss Robinson, Bishop, Drake, Savage. Ba k R Sierneus Ra or hek Cliffs Curl nd M Fadden Sfewarf. Arbogasf, Weaks, Eckerf, Cahill, Syrek, Palfy. SPEAKERS CLUB , sg s , , a , C . Slandinq: Bob Beafiy. 81 SPIELERS "WlNGED PEN" """"""" -1-----. This year The "Winged Pen" conlained lorly- five poems. They were all wrillen by our own srudenls and prinred in our prinl shop. The poems were dedicaled 'lo The American heroes. Some of fhese poels won prizes a+ lhe Pasadena Poefry Feslival. They were: Mildred Eckert firsl prize: Dan Cahill, second prize: and Adele Arbogasl, lhird prize. Edilor - - - Francelia Underwood Assislanf Ediror - - Jacqueline Taylor Business Manager - - Daniel Syrelc Ari Edilor - - - Marlha Mollel Assl. Arr Edilor - - Dorolhy Koula Sponsor - - Mrs. Williamson Q X Ls., i i W The Library: a busy place during any period of the day. Mrs. Schufeldl, Social Sludies Mr, Greenwall, Social Sludies LIBRARY Our library is under The super- vision of Miss Morlon and her assislanf, Miss Pruill. There are aboul len Thousand volumes in The library. Some of fhe s+uden+s who as- sisled in lhe library were Belly Farmer, Grace Sweel, Irene Beck, Virginia Russell, Helen Bauman, Janel Smelzer, Bessie Slebbins, Dorolhy Vasey, and Darrell Smilh. Page 8l N T E RING STUU TRAINERS sl Row: Mr, Hansen, Mr. BuTcher. Second Mr. Cleveland, Mr. Ward, Mr, Comerford. FUTURE FARMERS FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The FuTure Farmers is a naTionwide organ- izaTion Tor boys inTeresTed in vocaTional agri- culTure. The obiecT oT The organizaTion is To build ciTizenship, leadership, and scholarship. Their moTTo is "Earning while learning." Some oT The acTiviTies ThaT The TuTure Tarmer boys parTicipaTed in were The public speaking conTesT on "GranTing Loans Tor a Chicken Farm," The Pomona Fair, and The GreaT WesTern Prize SToclc Show. l l l " if 'I-s L , Vitale Verhelsv Rav Morgan and Chester Sherman Ray Morgan GREENHANDS H ,, eligible To ioin The FuTure Farmers. Up unTil ThaT They gave a program on Food For Freedom Mme he is Called a Hgreenhandf- aT The BilTmore Bowl, anoTher Tor The downTown merChanTs. Two Tive-acre ploTs oT ground have been OFFICERS developed during The pasT five years. A visiTor IMiHOn Mismiich To The "Farm" across The sTreeT will Today see PresidenT - ' Norm Clark beauTiTul lawns and Tlowers, a busy Tarmyard oT F k F pens, sTies, chicken runs, rabbiT huTches, worlc Vgcepresgdenf - - l ran OX shops, and an incubaTor cellar. The oTher ploT is locaTed abouT a mile Trom The campus and has been similarly developed wiTh The addiTion of a model "subsisTence" acre. This year There were abouT 500 sTudenTs par- TicipaTing in The worlc OT The AgriculTure DeparT- menT. As soon as a sTudenT has earned S25 he is lJohn Boswell lJaclr Clark Secremry A lBen BoldT lRollin WrighT lKen Woodmansee lJohnsBoswell lFranlc Fox Treasurer - ReporTer - Page 83 SCIENCE CLUB Fronl Row: I-leberl, I-lllls, Flowers, Wendi, Norrls, Davls, Second Row: Rynearson, Gaufchl, Lovenfhal, Cornltlus, Cox. Third Row: Vosburg, Crilch- low, Bouey, Thnrnlon, Fourlh Row: Owen, Lauby, Day, Dendy. Fllfh Row: Clark, Beady, Cornpfon, Duncan. MASTERS I I ' l I A MATHEMATICS CLUB From? Row: Pills, Mclnnis, Tlwornlon, Base, Leveen. Middle Row: Beally, Heberl, Deukmeiian, Hills, Wilkonson, Eckert, Thompson, Syrek, Neale. Back Row: Lernich, Johnson, Siemens, Clark, Duncan, Page 84 Guillou, Willerford, Ball, Daley. UF MAME SCIENCE CLUB Fall Semesferz Presidenr - - Bill Laub Vice-Presidenl - - Kennerh Norris Recording Secrelary - Evelyn Rynearson Corresponding Secreiary - Rufh Halliburlon Treasurer ---- Lucia Hills Hisforian f - Warren Crilchlow Transporralion - - Calvin Harcus Sponsor - - - Jehiel S. Davis Summer Semeslerz Presidenl A - Kennelh Norris Vice-Presidenf - f Calvin Harcus Recording Secrelary - - Lucia Hills Corresponding Secrelary - Carolyn Corniiius Treasurer - - - Warren Crilchlow Hisforian - - Priscilla Cox Transporlalion - - - Jack Owen The Science Club is a combinarion science and scholarship club. Hs membership is lim- ifed lo fwenly-live, and i+s members are se- lecled on 'rhe basis of scholarship and achieve- meni in The Science Deparlmenr. MATH CLUB Fall Semesler: Presidenl - Rulh Heslcelr Vice-Presidenl - Jack Duncan Secre+aryfTreasurer Maynard Kulian Sponsor - - - Miss Willcinson Summer Semeslerc Presidenl f - Jack Duncan Vice-Presidenl - Lucia Hills Secrelary-Treasurer - Bob Bealfy The Malh Club is a scholarship organiza- lfon whose aim is 'ro slimulaie inleresl in mafhemafics. This club was organized in The Tall of I939 under The guidance of Miss Vliflxenson, The sponsor. SCIFNCE 8 MATH FACULTY 7l,, Tort Mrs. H-'llingfr MVS. Nfsury Mf, Davis, M' Hull, M11 Lili Miss VVilL'fnsv", Civ'--v Mi. Bi' Vs, Ms: R lu :S Winn' M R M L ill, Mi. Sv' ill' Miss U' i rj' 1, MW ill li il Mr, Sff-wail. .i f sin, Page 85 .A-5--,. -v-wdig., 1 .J STAGE CREW The sTage crewls TirsT big iob This year was seTTing up The sTage Tor The ChrisTmas play. This pasT semesTer They Tixed The sTage Tor The Jr. Girls league and The Sr. Girls league meeTings. They were lcepT considerably busy on The music TesTival. NexT came The Tremendous iob oT geTTing The scenes seT Tor The Three one-acT plays. This was someThing new Tor The sTage crew as They had To change The sTage quiclcly. Their manager was Ralph Davis and Their di- recTor, Mr. Saunders. PROJECTION CREW The proiecTion crew was organized To Till a need resulTing Trom The growing use oT rnoTion picTures as a visual aid in Teaching. There were eighTeen boys on The crew. The crew accepTed requesTs Tor Tilm Trom The Teachers, placed The orders Tor The Tilm wiTh The Visual EducaTion DeparTmenT, and made a schedule Tor The pro- iecTion daTes and periods Tor The Teachers, in addiTion To handling all The Tilm proiecTion equipmenT and doing all The acTual proiecTing. They also operaTed and mainTained The porTable public address equipmenT and TranscripTion player as well as The public address equipmem' on The aThleTic Tield. 2 STAGE CREW FirsT Row: R. Davis, Carvpbell, Russ:-Il, Fish, anuar. econ ow: ow e, am- er, ir J y S d R T sly L b T GI more, D. Davis, ATTN, GranaT, Wrlghf, Mr. Saunders. On Ladder: Too, Mifchell, boflom, Neely PROJECTION CREW 1 My li' fiJ'l,jf B055 PRUPERT MEN 3 Z J X Page 86 x FirsT Row: DeVall, Mr. Sorber, Racine. S T Row: Gibson, ETTienne, Bouey. Third R Beard, Boocy, Verrin, Foam, EllioTT .ss y ' B l L" , 5--0 xX ,.x... . , MASQ-UEFQ CLUB y ,WI The lylasquers Club is'an orqanizalion com- prised ol lhe besl acfors ol lhe school. Mem- bership is by invilalion only: lhe invilalions are based upon dramalic abilily and exceplional inleresl. Under lhe able sponsorship of Miss Mclvlillan, The Club exisls lo promole qreafer inleresl in drama and dramalic produclion. Officers for lhis year were David Brunner, Presi- 'Y denrf Fern Winchell, Secrelary-Treasurer. Ofher members of 'rhe club were Barbara Faclor, Mari- lyn Vosburg, George Slern, Don l-lawley, Kay Kuler, Don Russell and Barbara Dralce. f ,143 'P' :lp Davii Brunner as Ringiiidslf-v ol lhf- Cri'-ig -- 3, Crm' 1 I , ' X ... . ff . I a , . ' 0 All 9" . 4 '-, ' - 1 - ij r 1 " MASOUERS S1-.1fori:Vusvurg Miss MArMillaiy Brunner, Slnrn, Fader, Drile. Slandinq' Hawley, Russvll, Kulinr, Win-'lwihll cnuwn ALLE , f i if f" 4 f XX ll,l " ' s'1 , e im.. -1 Page 87 sb a "" "'f wa' E. gf A, S ' S4 ,Q QL UTIWIP 'J JH I grllw " figvyfgwli R yl li. ffulflii ,f'E?'lf'l, li I l r " ' ' 4 f, ' LP ,lil if f. Cla Milly., ls DRAMATM PRDVDUCTIONS Fon FALL AND ' SPRING As The winTer sTudenT body producTion, The Drama DeparTmenT presenTed "ArT Tor ArT's Sake," a sophisTicaTed comedy. In realiTy a saTirical slam aT surrealisfic arT circles, The play TeaTured many clever characTer roles. RomanTic leads were handled by David Brunner, Warren Peak, Wanda Jackson and Sally Brown, while Kay KuTer Turned in a splendidly insipid char- acTerizaTion ol arTisT STanley Bindle. Barbara Drake, Beryl Lane, Marilyn Vosburg, RuTh Hali- burTon, George STern, Ermine l-lasTings, and Don Russell capably carried characTer parTs, while sTudenT direcTor EsTok Rosandich and sTage mane ager Bob WillerTord handled deTails, 'll-ler MaiesTy The Kingf' sTarring Marilyn Vose burg and direcTed by Barbara FacTor, served as The seasons only assembly play. An unusual drama oT modern royalTy, This comedy oT man- ners TeaTured Marcia Beach, Kay KuTer, Jean McKay, EsTok Rosandich, Bill WaTkins, Vivian UeTz, Don Russell and Don l-lawley. The spring's big evenT was The May Drama TesTival, dramaTic Tare consisTing oT one acT plays given by The respecTive drama classes and The Masguers. Advanced dramaTisTs prepared "The ValianT,'l a Tragedy which gave sTar, Don l-law- ley, priesT Kay KuTer, warden Don Russell, and sisTer Marilyn Vosburg a chance To display real hisTrionic abiliTy. A beginning drama casT oT Dick Cleary, Audrey WilleTs, PaT STone, Ernie lmbach, Vera Qhman, JaneT SmeTzer, Fred Warner, and Carmen ArThur capered Through "Georgie Porgy," a pleasanT adolescenT oller- ing. Spice oT The program proved To be The Masquers' "Prince and A Pie," someThing ene Tirely diTTerenT Than ThaT usually seen. All The parTs were exaggeraTed comedy characTers give ing Barbara FacTor, David Brunner, Kay KuTer, Don Hawley, Don Russell, Fern Winchell and Barbara Drake an opporTuniTy Tor original inTer- preTaTion as Their individual TalenTs permiTTed. Page 89 wr C.wvv:'1Hff Dm Page 90 'Q- Bawivvirvkfm CUB' Ffrif Raw: Vrovnrv, Svvwifhv-vi. Sf-.1111 Rww k . nhuvw-A FI,-My Hwxiivvcq, HM 4, H.1vvNf-w. Jfirmifwqs, Mclxtws, WW, Ciwrr VN, Jones Yova, MQVKW, Wwwsavvws RPY'Qr. Wifi Row: MM: PI'-Ck! KMIJH, Ymma, Sdworbvr Rl.1bYvw5r,vv MOHCF, Gvv-m'f?, Swmry Dam'-vs: Fr-mf' MVS. Mfaswr :md D.--1 RussfwNN. Gids: 4 R-,''sfm, Ynynx K4-Vlvr KQlNv, EWS, Cn"pf'v1wr Van Euderw, lj MnC.ar9vv1'y, Buys: Chrisivwswrw, Harris. WiWWlLsvvxS, Grlgqmx Peck, Rosqrvfilih, Jmhusrm, Clmk. m w P H Vw 1-H 1 ' x ,V w 1 , 7 fp if J, wfV'A THRILLS, GHILLS, SPILLS SQUARE DANCERS DANCE COMMITTEE ' Jean Field, Anna Held, Don Schilling, Georg- ean Harding, Don Hawley and Mr. Ouinn, Spon- ART CLUB S Ollic rs 'lor Fall and Summer aside-nf ---- Alice Gibson :e Presidenf - Don Russell crefary - Corine Van Enden sor. onsor - Mrs. Moser BADMINTON CLUB ,d lBiII Proven Presidenf - - is' emi Q E lMaC Vice Presidenf :e-Presidenr - -llglliacprovsrgc ll -?eCVel5'Y ' R lLorraine Jones reafllrer A Jelary A lLorraine Jones PUbl'C'lY ' onsor - Mr. Nicholson Sponsor ART CLUB - Marry Owens Bjorn Olson - - Bee Lynch Jean Ann McGillivrae - Dofiie Koupal - Mrs. Roberls Firsf Row: Bonninq, Bmsh, Johnson, Chung, McGillivrae, Jones, Gaulchi, Biniord, Cornirius, Koupal, Pirei, Thompson, Lynch. Second Row: Olson, Slern, Welliams, Scorr, Owens, ., , LeRoy, Moore, Warren, Rossi. WAGUN PAINTERS Mrs. Roberts is ri .... if Q E ' 3 E 'XY if ' X, , -' '. qfffzi fif L7 . If '. ,"'5'f' 4' -.VH , J fa, 8. X. .,e,., .-ggs fggzgr' T, .,y,,f.. fm: f W-1' "fi,-diffs A r Q - cc 21.135 'f ' , , ,,gj,Z -QL MVS. Borllelf Page 9I SPANISH CI-UB WORLD FRIENDSHIP CLUB Presidenl - - Vice Presidenl Recording Secrelary Corresponding Secrelary Treasurer - - - Parlimenlarian Sponzor - lJoel Tucler lCarolyn Cornilius IPau'ine Janda lDon Russell llflfelona Rule Almarine Williams - Dorollwy Wills lBol9 Barker lAda Clarlc Beverly Byranl lvlr. Pesqueira Presidenl Vice Presiclenl Secrelary Treasurer Sponsor is SPANISH CLUB Firsf Row: Fifznuqh, Alberls, Cornilius, Zimmerman, Hyde, Williams Gaufschi. Second Row: Binford, Giddle, C rnplon, Keller, Rule, Goodrurn Myers. Third R w: Dauqherfy, Anderson, Williams, Clark, Harp, Bryanli everance, Mau r, Wills. Fourlh Row: R sell, Haqgens, Wifler, Young 1 Callerlin, War , Olson. I I Page 92 Janie Sanders Nallialie Beally Jean Chase Dorollfwy Koupal Mrs. Ward .,," W 'H f V 1. P K , 1 I h is I Miss Snyder, Lalin Mr. Pesoueira, Spanish Presidenl Vice Presidenl Secrerary Treasurer Publicily lvlemberslwip Sponsor - Al Li.irixlwv'o": ESPERANTO CLUB f - e Jean McKay lVivian Uelz lYveHe Pirel lBea+rice Lyncli 'lWilma Rule lYve++e Pirel lPal Thompson llfmilie Rossi lgeorge Slern lcallwerine Ahern lllave Campbell f lvlr. Davis K Us WORLD FRIENDSHIP CLUB . is elim ,J .v W i Fiisl Rsiw: Blum, l-lnrw., ii, Km linlii. v K sims' Sifiirrl P M Wnil, Euwvi, Cms-,, Sn .'s Mfwmws. ESPERANTO CLLB law' r P Ai i U PM f, iii H, s fm R QWQ, BM., limb Tlvw' i S i". ja- lllflhl' in XXKIWIII XXX! Ylll jf!-x '-' 1. IIIEEIQE f iss Scherer, Domesiic Science and s Sclwwllol, English. Page 93 YS ii fgiiieiiiifgz 52iEiii1fEiii551lf5igE ' 11.ZS-222521I2iE5:?E:E25Ef?lEi: X .2"I1E'E1k1EE2!EifE2555133555 'IEIES i 35533: FRENCH CLUB Firsr Row: Kogen, Llewellyn, Campbell, Beukema, Rohrscheib, Odenfhal, G. Slern, Willerford. Middle Row: E. Rynearson, M. Rynearson, P. Thomp- son, Y. Piref, Holubar, Scanavina, Milchell, Cox, Chang. Back Row: Gilmare, N. Slern, Russack, Caraplis, Benron, Dailey, Silverman, B. Thomp- son, Miller, O. Pirel, Warren, Anker, Mieman, Madsen, Berger, Alcock. LATIN CLUB Firsl Row: Johnson, Cahill, R. Smifhers, Leyeen, Byers, Parry, Kuliian, Powell, Duncan. Second Row: Eckerl, Morris, Graves, Kiehl, Cahill, D., Snyder, Bishop, l-lills, Heberl, J., Flowers, Shank, Deukmeiian. Third Row: Sweer, McCoy, Johnson, Fallon, Fox, Sfurlevanr, Mollell, Finicle, Faubian, McFadden, House, Slevens, Be-ally. Back Row: Johnson. Slewarr, l-leberl, A., Leefe, McVay, Moore, Gilberf, Heyden, Srewarl, Oakes, Lehmann, Harris. A Miss Wherry, English Page 9 Mrs. Couch, Social Sfudies FRENCH CLUB Officers lor Fall and Summer Presidenl - - - Yvelle Pirel Vice Presidenr - Palricia Thompson Secrerary-Treasurer Camilla Scanavino . Al' M'r h ll Commissioner of Enlerlainmenl llgslgia gferg Sponsor Mrs. Holubar ,....--v--1-I 'W' ,gn-mn-vol! , ,, ,, ,.,.,..... , '32 .. ...., m..m...,,...L,.....,.......-...v-Q l u-annul' S ARTISTS UI' 'IIIE MIIIWAY LATIN CLUB ALLIED YOUTH Consuls Secrelarius - Qualsfor - Aedile - - Dominus Cidiriorum - Dornina Veslimenlorum Sponsor - - - I lDaniel Syrelc lClaudia Bishop - Mary House - Dan Cahill Sally Siurlevanl - Roy Cahill Calhleen McCoy - Miss Snyder The Allied Youfh is a nafional organizalion. The members of +he Allied Youlh sland for rhe liberalion lhrough educalion of lhe individual and sociefy from The handicaps of beverage alcohol. Presidenl - - Paul Lauby Vice Presidenl - - Eslolc Rosandich Secrelary - - Eslelle Chang Sponsor - - Miss A. B. Clarlc Mrs. Johnson, ALLIED YOUTH Fronf Row: Drake, Thompson, Chang, Miss Clark, Siem, Rynearson. Back Row: Facior, Kaqen, Durmandy, Rosandich, Lauby, McFadden, Fox, Chase. V Page 95 Maih Mr. Hendricksen, Science Page Mr. Sayre, Mrs. Wells, M Presideni - Vice Presideni Secrerary - Treasurer Librarians Presideni - Vice Presiclenr Secre+ary Treasurer Presiden+ - Vice Presiclenr MAIWEIIUIIS SINGING IIIIIIIIUSES iss Pfeif' Mr. Ham. SENIOR GIRLS GLEE CLUB Vivian Ueiz Uniform Chairman - Lorraine Siarry - Belly Farmer lBe++y Jane Davis Barbara Beeson Soloisrs - - lAnn Rowell - Avee Hilmar' llvlarcia Beach IDOFOHW Dailey Accompanisi - - - Priscilla Cox lPhy.lis Leveen Direclor - - MVS. Wells SENIOR BOYS GLEE CLUB Francis Callan lRUClOlPlW LGVVIICIW librarians ' ' lSammy Cafalano Russell Howard Uniform Chairman - Roger Morey Dick Maier Accompanisr - - Barbara Thompson Don Wilhelm Direcror - - Mrs. Wells SENIOR MIXED CHORUS Charles Saunders Secrefary-Treasurer Lila Vigil Henry Johnson Asst Secrerary - Jean Field Direclor - - - - Mr. Sayre Ouisianding performances were given by rhese groups af ihe Valley Music Fesiival a+ Norrh Hollywood, ai Jrhe Chrisimas program, a+ Vesper Services, and ai rhe Music Fesfival in May. ' 96 SENIOR GIRLS GLEE CLUB Firsl Row: Beach, Cable, McKay, Farmer, Lovelace, Wilrse, Mares, Weisenlrcund, Doll, Uerz, Wendi, McPherson Fafely, Second Row: Melberg, Lakey, Mallhews, R. Hoagland, Nelson, Lce, Slarry, Whelan, Weisenlreund Murlon, Mohler, Walsh, Mason, Harms, Emery. Tlrird Row: Shapro, Brown, Harms, Bewick, Brown, Dailey Durlee, Alberf, Cox, Parsons, Barnes, Wilson, I-larftell, McCarlney, I-lilmin, Malflwews, B. SENIOR BOYS' GLEE CLUB lirsl Row: Frarniling, Saunders, lewis, Cafelano R., Thornpscn, Cahill, Parker, I-low-wrl, Scronj Row: Morey Macliin, Calalano S,, Reesfr, Lerriirlr, Clark, Ticlrcnor, Verron, Cvitfiansen. iliird Ryu: O"r.wnJy, Larroauc Maier Sodrrslrom, Wilhelm, Mrs. WeI.s. SENIOR MIXED CHORUS Virsl Raw: Brasn, Jolrnuon, Breesr- Earrow, Siolle I-Iall, Bradford, Fnrrner, Wfdc, Fwzlcr, Banek, S:'1r'ad3i ' Secoml Pow: Esfiq, Nnwman, Harding Nvqanrd, Boairy Harding, Field, Shadi, Rorerrs, Boulangcr, llolrrrerrrw Dwis, Kim-r. Tlxirxi Row: Barron, Smiih, Sanglarrisr, Drew, Crawiord, Asar, lfr, Sayre, Some, Dalras, Vai, Campbell, Pills, Ne-unneier. 5 I , ,llilwillfl ' IQQIQQ in r, I If ,rg--i r af Nsggmmg Vw 'W' I I A Al Presidenf - Vice Presidenr Secrefa ry-Treasurer Librarians JUNIOR GIRLS GLEE CLUB IMildred PyIan+ fGrayce Ball lMary Ann Kohllfioii iJeanne Flickinqer fJacqueIine Nodon fBarbara Maddox fVivian Wolfskill iNadine Sherrod JUNIOR BOYS G-LEE CLUB Richard I-Iawiborne Presidenf iCy Hodopp . . Roberf Van Benflnur en Vice Presiden+ I .I p IBII McBurney Benn Black Secrefar I Y Y Roberf Van Benfiiurpen T S 9 IWarner Timmons FSC UI' I' - IBIII Felber Roger S+ewar+ l-.b G . fNeiI Benson I I' FGVIS I fBob Baker fDemps'rer Evans . . fBiII McBurney Umform Charmen Richard I-Iawiborne Crmdns Auqusi, ouisiandinq Irumpfzi giIaycr, Mnynixrii Kiiliian, one mi our besi violinisfs. JoSi'pIi Bnsv, orrnvsira rwerriber for JUNIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB ,wmv ymfg, First Row: McCIcIIand, Silba, Bearnan, Brandon, Gesfeland, Kesif-r, CaniniuelI, Toneck, Hamilton, Barber, AI: Pri5fiIIi Cox, nccoriwmisiwcd pianisf, Second Row: Raikers, MeIone, Patterson, Fmkengrfr Maddox- Barbier, Cuiwr, Sherrod, PnscImII, Rf-Icrs, San Lyon, Woodward, Kenion, Ludlaw, Jensen. Third Row: WiIson Hills, Windeiie, MaITocks, Gnriflson, Wi I-Iauke-Imid, Hurlbrzri, Foufin, Sfonel, I-Iugivev, Brown, Haydock, Edna-rf. Fourih Row: Needy, PyInnI, D Warson, BIair, BQII, MurroII, Molleif, I-Iurnranrev, Gosseff, Sfebbins, Cooper, McCrursnf-y, Lirwbnuqh, Bai FifII1 Row: Lapair, Dupree, WurrIv, EIHQTI, Pipes, Cosalv, Toninsi, r Z V ,S , Q : - 5, - iiisi QE-",. -I ,Y I ' N P" . 'G l I 'if X w e E A -I f 3 A li -9 f i si "V JUNIOR AND SENIOR ORCHESTRAS Under Ihe direclion of Mr. I-Iam, The or- cheslrras have been very busy. They played for all Ihe Ioofball games and assemblies and. also, assisled Ihe Glee Clubs and Chorus in mosl of Iheir acfivilies. They had a big pall in Ihe Music Izeslival presenled on May 7, 8 and IO. If you were ever in The bungalows across 'rhe srleel, you will recall hearing Ihem praclice I'Ihe Amer' ican Ode," "Dance ol Ihe Comedians," and many olhers. H. fs 41" 'I R? c-,ov eco' I SENIOR ORCHESTRA Firsr Row: Allen, Drapnf, Hollinqwfidlv, Bivq, Base Avx:,If-rf,m,, Qiy Srlvvvnrfz. iwwni Rav.: Philliris Bush, Snively, Hills, Hivlnn, Pugh Johnson, Lipzwirls, Maunu, Pnrlff-r, Thir-I Rww: Frnyif-r, Crf-nrwlsli Wu nur Irwlli'iqer, D-whlnn, Sv1iIh"'S, Reg'-vs Cullinq, B'-li, Ffvuvvlw Row: Mr Him Cu'-ribi-Il, Hifniriclms, Auqusv, Jin-ns, Hr-nring, Dvviisnvi C.a'nIrn R fs Licvsfouib. JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Firs' Row: D"'Vore, D-iwielirgm, NNJTSQH, Long, Wirsign, Jann C nr Swvngf-, Cnlinnfu, Sworn.: Rww' Pr-vlf Koster, W.iilsf-v Hiww Chas Kino, Bwvison Berry, Sh-avr-ns lNilli1"s, Thiri Rim' Mr, Hur: K ll, Tunrions, S'-Is'-n, Fri-I-mmw, D'ii::w'iin'I, Srhunmrlaf-r Rngg.II, P, yy.-gs B.1rrf'V, Fwurfh I2-rw' Fahey, Kiifrqnnrii L , Iulmiinrw JUNIOR BOYS' GLEE CLUB Ins? Raw: Ili-"va, Russ, Hlwllmrni-, Van Bun'l'uy5en, McBurnwy, Hoiazwgf FffIm'r Garcia Cav, S1-ji'rv'I R C'v.1u"i" Btu 'r.' Cami, Mwselvi., Bm'1"'S, Moungirr, fINArrnJ"d, CIoi1lzf!'er. Irairri Rvw: iBv'nf"I, Russnf Fql-N, ll.wm.w" ll,-mf' Hivqqqtl Har-"Q Evans, Kovnr. Fnurfh Raw' Bai,-f, Hagan, Wviqnf, Bruce, Effns Jai lson, Mnflvfnsm, Munilell. .vw 3 Cuxbv III-wie, Iqrv -1- S' ily Biw r n I I, , on, Svlvf-sh wir, f W ,,,i ,,,,, r, Rn'--w Minn .W Is: Moore, Anderson, Jones, WiITse, Peak, SIICTZEI. G00 IIIIIISE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club is a new club ThaT has been added To our sTaTT This year. The oTTicers oT This club musT be maioring in home economics, while The members are only required To be inTeresTed in home economics. The members are sTriving To be good man- agers and budgeTers, and, ThereTore, go deep inTo The sTudy OT Toods and sewing. These girls have been very busy This year lcniTTing Tor The Red Cross. Once every Three weeks They had a luncheon in Miss Schaper's room. They also enioyed many social aTTairs. AT ChrisTmas Time They made cookies Tor The children aT The nursery school and served aT Their parTy. They senT Three girls To The annual conven- Tion aT Beverly Hills I-Iigh where They had luncheon and Then wenT swimming. They closed The year by enTerTaining The I-Tome Economics Club Trom Canoga Parlc in The pracTice room. OFFICERS RresidenT ---e Nadine STern Vice PresidenT - DoroThy D. Miller Treasurer - - - Jean Sneed I-IisTorian Jean Ann McGillivrae HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Firsl Row' Meyer BuncroT, Ne-llc, Parsons, STern, UeTz. Second Row: Miss Schaper, Miller, Fox, Mcfvillivia Robinson, Jennings. UPPIIIE IIIAGIIN YOUTH BUSINESS CONFERENCE The second annual "YouTh Loolcs AT Busi- ness" conTerence Tool: place May I aT The Bil+- more I"loTel Tor The beneTiT oT ISOO high school commercial seniors. The TirsT session consisTed oT Two invigoraTing speeches aTTer which The newesT Types oT busi- ness machines were demonsTraTed. ElizabeTh Deulcmeiian, Lorraine Faclcrell, Blossom l'loTman, BeaTrice Lynch and YveTTe PireTT were demon- sTraTors oT The DicTaphone, a Transcriloing Ma- chine, Jean Foxall and Corinne Van Enden were ushers. The second session gave ideas on how To apply Tor a iob. AT The luncheon Carolyn CorniTius and, also, RoberT GalbraiTh oT Dorsey High gave Tallcs. Basil RaThbone, Dennis Day, and Ona Munson were cenTers of aTTracTion. A fashion show-displaying The proper busi- ness dress-and a dramaTic slciT comprised The Third session, aTTer which door prizes were given. KaThleen Kanaly and Carolyn CorniTius rep- resenTed Van Nuys on The execuTive commiTTee. Q ik Cx I X if hifi 4 .' . I . wx 'Iv , , .g,4,, is is .... is is .Y Y . . Q sc T' ,Q I MISS Sulhcrland, Mrs. Malrrisiedl Mrs. Shipley COMMERCIAL SENIORS if 1 Firsl Row: Wocsv, Moulvs, Mortensen, M-urTen. Second Row: Mr. Nicholson, Lynch, Rowell Savage, Cornilius, Woll, Kellerman Binlord, Mrs. Finns. Third Row: Holman, Box, Dragon, Scanavirio, Kanaly, Sanders, Collins, Negro, Kovlwr. Bark Row: Olson, Defuknieiian, Foxall, Faclrrell, Baeza, Balfush, Seiled, Harmon, Greene. Page lOl 43 Mr. Rankrrl .QW METAL SHOP A new elecTric blue prinT machine was a very Tine addiTion To The Shop DeparTmenT. The boys made Tracings oT model airplanes and made Their own blue prinTs. A new draTTing machine was also oT greaT assisTance in Their work. The many new opporTuniTies in The Tield oT draTTing encouraged The boys To do more and beTTer work. They had many new proiecTs in aircraTT sheeT meTal, machine shop, and draTTing. Two graduaTes have gone inTo The engine room aT Lockheed. WOOD SHOP The Wood Shop boys were very busy This pasT semesTer making model airplanes Tor The Navy and Timm AircraTT CorporaTion. Many of Their models were accepTed. The boys also made 500 sTreTcher sTands Tor The Red Cross, and ThirTy new hurdles Tor The Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT. The lasT pro- iecT of The semesTer was The consTrucTion oT coTs Tor The Nursery School. Aside Trom These proiecTs, They made many kinds oT TurniTure: desks, chairs, bookcases, and end Tables. .-...nd Qld M cy, soldering his wafering can. Fred Anderson, cuiing down a can for a funnel. Jack LaPraik, puTTing finishilnq Touches on his rn anrp ane. Page IO2 IIIRIIIIS REPAIR SIIIIPS M S Th explains an imporTanT po T T hs mefal class. -Y vi FirsT Row. Mr. Ingram, Mr. Saunders, Mr. Sorber. Second Row: Mr. Ashdon, Mr. Heard, Mr. SmlTh, Mr, Subiect, DRAFTING The main obiecTive oT The draTTing classes was To learn accuracy in Tool and machine work. Their ulTimaTe goal was To do The Type OT work ThaT would be good enough To recommend Them Tor worlc in airplane TacTories. PRINT SHOP The boys in The PrinT Shop declared ThaT They had more Tun This pasT semesTer Than if They had been aT a circus, even Though They did a greaT deal of diTTiculT worlc. They prinTed many bulleTins, programs, The TirsT ediTion of The MIRROR, and many forms Tor The school offices. I Page IO3 LiouTenonT Dunn Serge-anl Smilh Page 104 lTAllGllN'I'llAlll Under The able guidance oT LieuTenanT Dunn and SergeanT SrniTh, The Van Nuys UniT oT The R. O. T. C. experienced a successTul year. The uniT made an excellenT showing in The NinTh Corps Area inspecTion which Took place on June 15. This could noT have been accomplished ex- cepT Tor The wonderTul cooperaTion on The parT oT every boy. On May I5 The uniT was reviewed by The sTudenT body and honor school banners won The previous year were presenTed. A Tlag oT The UniTed STaTes was also presenTed To The sTudenT body Trom The UniT and The WinTer Class oT FIRST PLATOON, COMPANY "A" Cenleri Isl Lieul. l-lafch, Commanding. Fran? Rank: Beally, Rice, Cooper, Wellborn, Welsh. Tichnor, Beaudine, Saunders, Hannigan, Frieberg, Kauffman, Campbell, Second Rank: Holmes, Tul'Tord, Failor, Holrnes, Dyer, Sprague, Larroque, Milchell, Llewellyn, Wilcox. Rear Rank. Kassal, Honaker, Pierce, Irwin, MiTchell, Hamm, Chrisfensen, l-leskeTT, Lindahl, Goelz. SECOND PLATOON, COMPANY "A" Cenler, 2nd Lieul. Flarn, Co rnanding. From Rank: Guillou, Young, BaTes, Dunvelle, Nolan, McGuire, Wrighr, Pollock, aTTy, Mclnfosh, Linebauqh. Second Rank: Tluornlon, Campbell, Leepnarl, Van Dine Cha 'man, Ayoub, Dunckel, Oualls, Johnson. Rear Rank: Calferlin, I Callahan, Larnberl, Gilrner, Lipkin, Clarke, Cahill, l-larTley, Lemich. , ' x .- 1 '34, MILITARY SPBGTAULE '42, Corporal Young was awarded a cup lor having 'rhe besl squad. The rille leam which consisled of Richard Beukema, Warren Dunn, Richard Young, Rudolph Lemich, and David Campbell made a very sal- islaclory showing when lhey compeled lor lhe Nalional l-learsl Trophy. Richard Beukama, War- ren Dunn, and Francis Callan were presenled medals for lheir excellenl' scores in marksman- ship lor lhe pasl semesler. The officers for 'rhe lirsl semesler were Jean Grenbeaux, Major: Lewis Bliss and James Roe, FIRST PLATOON, COMPANY "B" Caplains: William Hadley and Edward Neely, Isl Lieufenanlsg William Bouey, Charles Clarke, and Roberl Willerlord, 2nd Lieulenanfs: Keilh Chrislensen, Merrill Halch and Arlhur Messen- ger, Isl Sergeanls. For lhe second semesfer 'rhe following officers were appoinled: Maior, Wil- liam Bouey: Caplains, Roberl Willerford and Francis Callan: Isl Lienlenanls, Warren Dunn, Merrill l-lalch and Richard Beukemag 2nd Lieu- lenanls, Roberl McCombs, Bernard Flam and Keilh Chrislensen: Isl Sergeanls, ugene Bui lon, Rudolph Lemich and Jack Henning. . ,X 1, g fs., W Cenler: ls? Lieul. Dunn, Commanding. Fronl Rank: Clark, Slurlevanl, Slrornmerson, Clark, Slrornan, Harris, Millar, Leach, Schwarlz, Anderson, Boe, Kogan. Second Rank: Jones, Parson, Bohannon, Clark, Kennedy, Pills, McManus, Terry, Cox, Filzsirnrnons. Rear Rank: Gibson, Willcocks, Jeschke, Biorling, Woodburry, Schrarner, Brown, Evans, Ludwich, Lemich, Hall. SECOND PLATOON, COMPANY "B" Cenler, 2nd Lieuf. McCombs, Commanding. Fronl Rank: Duncan, Srnelzer, DeValle, Morey, Goss, Miller, Dale, Brown, Mulvaney, Cochran, Benlon, Degnon, Clarke. Second Rank: Alevander, Reed, Vanderhursl, Drake, Pierce, Horrall, Bryanl, Warner, Orlego, Walker, Slevens. Rear Rank: Crcnon, Johnson, Maynor, Pease, McBride, Dennison, Goodenow, Simon, Meedham, Slevenson, Finger. ffff ,fl ,. Af! Q' ff ' c ' z4wP"' - , Page IO5 l PARA!!! The Van Nuys R. O. T. C. is very proud ol lheir newly organized band which won besf marching uni+ award al U. C. L. A. The early parl of December. The band, also, gave a con- cerl al Pershing Square in conneclion wiih lhe sale of War Bonds and Sfamps. Jack Henning served as band maior lhroughoui lhe sernesferg Richard Beulcema, capiain. The band is greally indelojred lo Mr. l-larn who was such a wonder- ful help io The boys during lhe pasl year. Furs? Row Beulcernan Frazier Sorlornnie- M clnnis Base Crofl, Rellig, Fahey, Friclcle. Second Row: Henning, erner Fliege Pollack Fox Osen r wn u er r arn Third Row: Mercer, Handley, Augusl, Felber, Thompson Cook Walerbury Krueger Soderslrorn Ro ers Fourfh Row: Johnson, Lockerbie, Campbell. F , I UUR GULURS V, 1. f x x I 4'1- 'I m if'-,f4" RIFLE TEAM I COMPETITIVE SQUAD Fronf: Ca"'rIb9II, Dunn, Young. 1 Fronf: Young, BaIes, DurneIIe, NoIan, MQG-ulre. Rear: Lcvnidx, Bc-ukerna. Rear: WrignI, PolIack, Pafiy, Mclrnosn. I. R.O.T.C. OFFICERS IA NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Dunn McConvIg5, Hahn Wills-rford, Bouey, Beukfrna, CaIIan, CenIer Ironf: Lernich. Fronft CarnpbeII, Clarke, Clark, BQaIIy CnfISfcnsen,FIarv1. Duncan, GUIIIQU. Cenferz Thornion, KasseII, Jones Rice Srnetzer I I fc f J" :I P NI nf? Cronon. Rear: Kogan, Young, CaHerIIn, Holmes, SILIrIevan'I, Gibson X i Alexander, Ijnebauqh. Y . N .X t Page IO7 'x I P If , 3 J L 0 1 I J -,,..1.. 1 gn.. ..,. 'ff F xi 1 X K X' 3 xx ' ' I1 rg X f ' 2 -D ' LL' -E' Q WY -Q Qgeisi -Q1 2 2 : - 5 gag gli g 3 ' fl XX 4: 5 - .9 ., Qg Q 655115 X I ' 16, X X' '31 'Hifi f yi gg . 5, 5 ,Q my . it -K 1:1 ' 51.6, 5 .X 4,3 'SL T 'E wx is- y ENGRAVING gf, WH fry 's 5' BY 'W ifi uq 2' ' 'W S . 'LS I fx ' Q 2 E-Q Ura 6 if 2 x y 'E X rj' X ES Q Q g lame so. HOPE sr., Los ANGEl.ES 'ff'f, " - x "1 .sum - SX Qiffx ----""' A " , ':a::r:':. ,..-.-- A 111-l' , 4 V, . .. .rx - To the Stag, the Student Body and the Faculty of Van Nuys High School we extend our heartiest congratulations on the 1942 Crimson and Gray We are proud of our part in the production of this fue record of student activities. P R I N T E R S H O L LYW O O D PRINTERS OF THE l94O-4l AND l94I-42 CRIMSON AND GRAY Tobheg Whelher your palh leads lo lhe business world or 'ro college, may 'rhe friendly relalionship we have enjoyed during Ihe prinling of Ihis Annual Printers conlinue . . . and regardless ol: whal your needs Engravers may be al school or in business . . . you will find School Supplies our enlire organizalion happy lo serve you. Los Angeles . . 525 Souih Spring Sfreei . . MU+uaI 234I Hollywood 6369 Hollywood Boulevard GRaniI'e 4I88 San Diego . l040 Sixlh Avenue Franklin I344 if 406 VAN NUYS BOULEVARD A .OOD T SIX COMPLETE FOOD DEPARTMENTS Under one roof. To serve Ihe food requiremenfs of residenfs of The San Fernando Valley. NaI'IonaIIy adverfised producfs ai 'Ihe Iowesi prices. FREE PARKING SPACE IN REAR OF MARKET BEST WISH ES VAN NUYS CAFETERIA SHOE STORE NATIONALLY ADVERTISED MEN'S, WOMEN'S AND CI-IILDREN'S SHOES Sl - 52 - S3 - S4 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS '42 VAN NUYS FLOWER SHOP 14513 SyIvan S+. ST. 5-2053 PINKS APPAREL FOR WOMEN CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS OF '42 Compliments of DR. H. S. BROWN OPTOMETRIST Wifh Van Nuys Jewelry Siore 5362 6352 Van Nuys Blvd. ST 5-93I5 Van Nuys Blvd. 1 MEN'S STORE DRY GOODS 6329-33 Van Nuys BIvd. VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA .,...,f X 552- I Y 3 'W TV fi. C3 Sir-, Congrafulafions, Seniors '42 . from . IXVEY3' Jn c. rzunrr co.. uno. VAN NUYS, CALIF. I+ Pays +o Shop ai Penney's WEAVER '81 CLARK COmP'ime'1fS of ARROW SHIRTS ARNOLD W. LEVEEN DOBBS HATS HARDWARE SUITS sam van Nuys Blvd. 53IIVz V611 NUYS Blvd. Van Nuys Phono Siah 5-2446 Complimenfs of HaIIiI:ur1'on Floral Sfudio WATCHMAKER AND JEWFLER, Gorilgam, Rggexjvani ComdmLIjnI?yISIIve iamon s, afc es an ewe ry CORSAGE5 OUR SPECMUY usa van Nuys and., Van Nuys, Calif. M509 Gilmore ST 5I04I Phono ST. 5-I609 Compliments of UNIVERSAL ATHLETIC SERVICE 59l9 SOUTH BROADWAY LOS ANGELES. CALIF. lferwvating and Rebuilding Athletic Equipment KEEP YOURSELF FIT FOR NATIONAL DEFENSE BY BOWLING Van Nuys Bowling Cenfer l4540 FRIAR SPECIAL WEEK DAY RATES UNTIL 6 P.M. FOR STUDENTS ZIMMERMAN'S ICE CREAM STORE 6374 VAN NUYS BLVD. STATE 5-92I6 MALTS ICE CREAM SODAS SHAKES SANDWICHES SUNDAES ' ' DIGNIFIED CREDIT The Valleyfs Finest Jewelry and Gift Shoppe if INSURED DIAMONDS, RINGS, LOCKETS, CHARMS f ELGIN, HAMILTON, BULOVA WATCHES if DISTINCTIVE GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Watch. and Jewelry Repair 6330 VAN NUYS BLVD. ST, 5-3734 Van Nuys Hardware Co. Pm' ST' M265 PAINTS - OILS - GLASS HUMMA CLEANERS . BUILDERS SUPPLIES 5mff,1',l Sfgealvdi Elmer B. Humma Plant Phono sm. 5II78 A319 van Nuys Blvd. Manager 14520 Erwin S+- Congrafuiafions from MEN'S AND aovs' STORE VALLEY CYCI-ERY THE vALLEY'S LARGEST TOYLAND SPORT CLOTHES Greeting Cards, Gifts, Toys, Games, Dolls Model Aircraff Mofors, Bicycles Badminion 5354 van Nuys Blvd. Phone sm. 5-00Il H519 SYLVAN STATE 542655 WARREN CANDY CO. Di rib of LOCAL AND NATIOSNAIIIOERANDS OF CANDIES 806 EAST 7TH STREET Phones: TUcIrer 7609-Res. PI'ione MO I3622 JOHNSON'S ICE CREAM A VAN NUYS PRODUCT MALTS CANDIES LUNCI-IES SANDWICHES 6328 VAN NUYS BLVD. MANHATTAN SHIRTS STETSON HATS MCKEEHEN - HERTEL STORE FOR MEN HART SCI-IAFFNER s. MARX CLOTHES 6307 VAN NUYS BLVD. VAN NUYS Wllllrlkulrumml WATCHES AMERICAN HARDWOOD JEWELRY 1 HBB1 woo EAST :sm sneer The HMO, sgsgnvarfuxuyeslrd' Dealers in all foreign and domesllc Fund Diamonds STM. g-nm ' Hardwood and Soffwood lumber. EAT NATIONALLY W. A. GOODMAN 8: SONS ADVERWSED '01'PSaffL'ZdZ'Z!oE'EC' for lhe Schools lhaf wan? lhe Bos? and Individuals fha? are parficular. HOME WAY LAUNDRY 2011 Discount Cash and Carry 'A' l440l Calverl Slreel' ST. 5-3l53 A MlLxcz51OR' R EA l F R U l T DOLLAR Beverages . , ? Dmliclous .f in ' 8 . . . l' C Xl QE :if .1 J.'awu18cudda1uJ all of Bi eleirlsl al A 3 uit b er - 'T Ora .G a L " Porno cmrs ' V ' .,.,.. 'Mayflower AAL. ' O O O 1 1 T 1 1,- resen re. 63' 1 Vitamin "C" try l r ' re fr ev axes H. t n e r e. em- 1, Eg E 1 O-Nlg,'I'omalloCock- ll ntl. ,fl ggx- wk . xx ...also FRESH TOASTED NUTS e HOME OF "LANE" HOPE CHESTS and Hvadquartvrs for COMPLETE HOME OUTFITS Hoaglfmrfs l4532 Friar S+. - Van Nuys "Home of Finer Furniturrf' - n 'fb 0 v 57' 9' Q3 if 3 3 Q, ' 97 A H 5 an ,f vs-" y ff' ' wiv 'f 2 4 5 Ply? .4 "' J' 'F' J 3 y v' P X' v 0 W 4 ' 4 f - U 9 511 ,A in 'U v Q 34 5 S Q if M? f' V Q Q H ?'A W W MNQYSMQ 5 N4 WM SM ffw, WMM QQEW W aa f . v'rJ ex Q .W QW f' ff w 'P ,JP X019 Af " 5 Q V ,bf Q1 NJ' x Jo! V . Wwxs v,.J N153 ,F Ng SM jo W D ,V ? 'fic VMWWMM Qikfv MG qzhgw M, by! sv? M52 1 ,ZXok Q JK ,ffff ggi? bgflwjjiz X fly! ia L MW 5' Mjwwfwfm -diijgf - f,22i?.g2ffwffQ mga I IIIEIIIIIIIIAM RICHARD AHERN Oc+ober 2, l922-December 7, l94l BILL GARNER January 24, I927-February 27, I942 PAT MADSEN May 2I, I926-April I9, I942 AUDREY MARIE SCHAFFER December I2, I924-January I2, l942 Xxx tw fi! X QM X! ,ff 1,0 I 5- 2 F- J U. I - .' ,,. 'f ' I Q15 ., W' r ' " -- .I , , I I, 1 I ' , . ' I. HT,-X - - ' ' , ,- -,-IL? Q: 1 1 1 .il I I I I I-I--hi 4-.III QI. ' ,lf . ,X 'xQX',E'1'-3, . ""' v" ' I 'I I . 4 X ' ku I-f --T"-N' ,1, 1,1-T . -f"',' I1 . . . I K , , . M , ., f ' V5-Q? ' - 'M " H r 2" if 5 I .re R- ' -V 'K' A . -"i Jr-'Iii I ' . ' ,fm X 1 N I-:psf ,-- L. ' vt jj ' :' 0- , ' in . ' :M 1511- -j , gi., 1 :fi ' 1 A 75,7 ' fy' f 3 I My 1' Q .fir ,,.if4l' I!! ' I ' I" 'K 'E' -1,1 " -1 - I " " .- " w . 'J' I X:-lfqfai iff- A Eh' - Q. If. ,cr,Q ' I-V ' ix Q 2. A, 5 1' -"V -N, ' If'-'X -55 'fl I UU I I- V -I if SK Q,- A h e ,- ,. 5: , .fl.43v V gh fu , 1 i is ,151 14, r..j, " . Y' 2: xv v, 3 E V I' " 55, V. - '-51. A 3 X hu my . I . ,. - . X IXX fn Z M A mf T00 20 MW www LJN -V... XAzv-r.,vx W1 QN0' W' 5 ,DJ 'iS"'f' , . ff ff' Af' W 2' "yy,Ai'j3v'w'A!, 15: f3"'i,M f"J3f"f W T! yi W QPLMM My 0 f Wjjffwyyw Q -..., ,,.,-f-me ,- ,r- f- Vw M V W 1,1 2 wg 11 ,-454 S Cf-.THE Simi CD7 HDS? fx, USSAL STUFF-wav 33.75 W DP X .5 5 Q39 4-4 fy .4 512 H 91 . X' ,ff V ff Ygffffw P JL W , gffVfffJ sk T.: X ,-.A s' I I 1 f U Miiiky? ' W'f, K X J C Q 9 V J? 'Eff ff-5 . 5 y!.. gggfg Q I "': , 'ws 57? Qs , Ugg? F 55577555-ff H ! QAVIU 557' DW : " ' GP ' ' wx 35579- mf .fra I Qlmffs ibffwig I JV-Qgamvsfvgfvff 5 A qi ASG? ' 'E 0 MQ T 'ffbjijfscp

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