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2 QQ ! if 1 5 Q S 5 A 3 AX 5 i Q 1 li ! Q 1 A --Q i ' ' s w g in 5' Mk... 'N is N '35 'R -Y. . ,fx ' K, A-gg-'SBSAQ' -- . f - ff wx If PW A ,. Q - x A. W A ' gf??w m "' ' im- A 4 i ' wr-2 V .. AL 1 W W N, N fl . K, ww, wk 'Q Wm f :' QQ. .N -. 3 .Mick A . .,.,,. 3 . ' " - 4' ' I ,IV f ' ,. Aw A 'Hu - -,M . Q' :. - .wx X . ,. JNQ NX 5 m .- -. - 'IX 'fi ,X'S.S32gq,x -v., A V, . ' I 5-gawffw 1. V Zgik' Q9 " ' atw Imqxwoh. 1 Nj mfdtuymw, . Mi?" ' u wsu 1 . Jff Q I- I7 JA! 1V, ' f NW XT' 72- MAJ? , if X 533,31 im F Eggs i .. 3, ua. I' W 1 X11 P Aff . 1 - H ' '1 X -ff n gl 1 ' ...X d K M' NIMH JW N 1 ff ff pk 14011 J":: I - J 5 ,ffl QL ffl gf!! pw ' M J wb 'LM' PM AW' ,fy mf! WW ffwgifzlil Qmad Z WMM Wfwwfff gifs Ji J 'M EX Libris 'XJ 5? M W Mm QW i W f"T M13 ' i4f"f'f" - f a JL QVC, , QL-u ,, fi-Q igjwgywwfi K 3 3 jfijw X-XX? Ni iiifiwy ' Q FREDERICK GAU'rscH1, Editor JAMES KIRKPATRICK, Business Mg Miss MCMILLl.AN, Advisor 195 Crimson 63 Gray GWQ PUBLISHED BY VAN NUYS HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT BODY 0 VAN NUYS, CALIF. VOLUME XVIII UHEWUP1 This year our theme is Campus Life. The 1938 Crimson and Gray is more than ever a student's book. We present it to the Student Body of Van Nuys High School as something representative of themselves. Their hopes and ambitions, the various activities in which they share, the strenuous and ex- citing things they do, are all vividly pictured here. We have used pictures extensively this year for we believe that through these pictures we have been able to present a clearer idea of our High School in all its phases. CRIMSON AND GRAY SAFF 1938 I N APPHECIATHJ We of the Yearbook Staff feel that We owe a debt of gratitude to Miss McMillan, our faculty advisory to Mr. Thomas, who has seen us through the financial side 3 to Mr. Kenneth "Steve" Stevener, of Adcraft Engravingg to Mr. Keith Cordrey, the Premier Printing Co.g to Mr. Axel Fog, our help- ful photographerg to Mrs. Malmstedtl and her typistsg to Mr. George Blake and the stage Crew? to George Healy, for his art workg and to you who have bought the book we have printed. To the above we wish to express a most since "Thank you." N 'T A T F 5 Frederick cillllf5L'hi ............,,........l:'iii1or john Price .,.............,.. ........... I Jiiilzlrlf Eiiilvr lamps Kirkpatrick ,,.,, ,,,..,A I irzsizzwys iwarzayrr' Billy Cnrnitius .,.. Cedric Blake .,.. Dorothy jus' ....,,... fvlnnte Stexldmzm .,,,, Patsy Daugherty .,,, . Margaret Ohegi .,.., Iark Mailrer .,,,,,. Dun U'Sullivan ...... 1551. liu5i111'.v.v .Wgfx ,.....Swnior .Al Edilor ..........SI'l1f0I' B Edilor Bays' Spor15 lfdilor Girlx' Slvorts lidimr ,,,,,,,,,,,,Lil1'rary Editor . .,...., Oryfafzizafinns ,.........,..Snap5l1oI.f N E I Q ! S 'KN I If ix M X2 , N RI L U T E Tb I ACTIVITIES JOURNALISM LEADERSHIP v DRAMA, ML sIC ADMINISTRATION AND ART FACULTY . QOMRADESHIP STUDENT Ronv PREP DANCES ORGANIZATIONS R. 0. T. C. ACHIEVEMENT S PORTSMANSHIP , , S 38 ' W 39 BOYS, SPORTS UNDERCLASSMEN GIRLS, SPORTS 1 - 1 LEADERSHIP . . . principals' bulletins .. . board of control . . 8:00 a.1n .... c. c. b .... assemblies . . . elections . . lectures . . . responsibilities . . . ushers . . . installations WW WW iff MW ,gxfiw , X .3 Q5 s JP? Q3955 4322? digg? J X igiixiiig AEE EW WW ZW s H ,,.. L L.- ' LEADERSHIP , ,,,x , J' 'Fx 'H' ' 1. .- - -W. Q, , , 'S , ,. 1 . ff. g 12 1... - F 1, . . r 541' .L fp 'j',J-.,--- s F4 V5.1-N ., ' .V .V 4-- VL- - 9 3- ? .ffl 13,19 -.J . A af 12 P .4-,af f 1. k 3 4 . X.. .,...,V, , , ,. ., .. J , ,Y HRA P-, 'fi H1 2. ' R" ' .ff 1 - .., W .f - ' , . 1 ,. VI: '- ' fa' ' 1-'K'-,if 'ff .fav , ,4, . . fm- f , lv- - . . .- .::.. ,.. Z aulvffv' ,1. . 115-... . , - 1. ,-,I 5, , 'MQ ' ' .5-1, QQ, 4. Z A f , - ' . ' Y K Q 1.7. X 14,1 4 - . , . -.3 . - ,4.L -, ntl ' "1 ' lx, ., vi la 5 f "Wx 'x 1: " 1 , - l , -ufr gel.: + .L E v74",:. ' '., ' - 71. .L 5' . 'Q f.-:G ,wi-ex' smf.,g.2naP .JaZi.im64....a!: Q.. ..- 'ffQSzi.J 'I'13', -I I .1x,... , ' .. Q, , - ,.-,N -L k. f. .1.- -3. 1 W . X , ..., - 1 1 , ,LP 17.1 ,4, , . .' ' . -L' I .-.5 ,I-,-41.3. -, . . . - w,',,c1,y,., f .. -,Y-'img-: Q-gaffvxfe.-f.. ' ' . , 1 ". :nl r".f. ,". ' X1 ' ,r . , ,, .1 ....:Q..,,, il., ,,. V 1. , V. 1 .?i,,.,4,-4, V v , . ' ' .V ' ' -'11 17.1.1 .-La -- ' ' '- . C ' : . .1-'ww '---.. .2-:aw -1 ,, -' -V 1, ,.,F:r.. .1,1-Lf.,L-..1.-.,.ri!-1fl'4-,.....1 .. :Q Q: -i , ! ,,Qy.L:'.. Q. f- - H . . . - Q f y, ,,.-T-5 - :SU V:-f . .V ' f."'.3" ., U., V A' Qs .W 4, .. 336' 'vw wry Eg, . r .rn . Q2 Ra Q- sv 5333532533 rizzcipafys .Message HE daily activities of busy boys and girls on a high school campus are indicative of the spirit of a school. Every school is a city in miniature. lt contains all the elements of a larger unit of organization. It offers opportunities for education in human relationships that train for adult living and participation in a democracy. The progressive school will make use of campus activities as a laboratory for teaching the art of living together harmoniouslv, constructively, and joyfully. lt is one of the chief aims and objectives of Van Nuys High School to provide varied and wholesome activities whereby students may engage in co-operative experiences of planning, working. and playing together- experiences in which helpful friendships may be formed as well as habits of altruistn, loyalty, and courage-activities in which democratic prac- tices may be fostered and the great objective of thinking with and for others and at the same time thinking for oneself inculcated. Doxx.-x H. HL'iui,xRn. R If I ! I I I I LI' 5 LC6- I"Ll2Cl,,D6L SCHOOL is known by the campus it keepsf, This old adage is somewhat modined, but it is never-the-less true. The personality and the individuality of a school is shown through this medium better than in any other way. Are you expressing yourselves, or are you willing to ape other institutions and organizations? Are you trying to "do things" the way they are done in college and at "Grand Show High Schoolu? Where is your originality and pride in your school? These are the questions which I feel deserve your best thinking and action. Unless you exercise these faculties there is danger of their atrophying and this will become "just another school." Campus life can be moulded by a few who do not represent the student body, or it can be led intelligently in the direction in which you wish it to develop. If you prefer the latter course, each one of you will have to make it your personal responsibilityg it becomes your duty not only to elect the right oflicers, but also to exert your best influence on your friends and classmates. "A school is known by the campus it keeps." It's up to you. BEA XVHITTLESEY. KK IO D27 , JW N A oys ' ice - riizcipa OST of you are spending six of the happiest years of your life on the campus of Van Nuys High School. If you should pick up this annual ten or twenty years from now and refresh your memory on the associations you are now enjoying here, l am sure you will agree with this statement. Long after you have forgotten many of the facts you have learned in your text books you will vividly recall the wide variety of campus experience which have deeply influenced and helped to shape your life. Loyalties are being established. Whether you are serving on a committee, holding a school oflice, or participating in social, musical, athletic, or other school activities, your personality and character traits are being observed by those around you. Every year new student leaders in campus activities step into posts of responsibility. Perhaps your turn will be next. The motto over the stage in our old auditorium was "Striving is Arriving." We all want to preserve the worthy campus traditions of Van Nuys High School. GEORGE W. CLARK. are Il wx I acuffg Blr. Roosc, illatliruizlfiryi Blr. Smith, Shop: Blr. l-lentlrickson, Si'i4'11i'r,' Blr. Quinn, Pliyximl 1'illllt'Ilf!0lI.' Blr. Blake, Shoji: Bl1'. Heard, Shop: Blrs. Yvinlilcr, llome' l'it'lIlI0lIlil'.V,' Bl rs. Ralston, llonif' l'il'fHI0lI1!t'.V,' Bliss Uearclorff, SI'!l'!ll'l',' Blrs. Nicholson, lllll!!ll'lI1I1!!l'A',' Bliss Blorton, Li!n'11ri1111,' Blrs. VVillianison, E1zg!ix!1 .' Bliss Robb, Sofia! S!'lIl1,!l'A',' Bliss llc-lforcst, Sofia! St111!i1'.v,' Bliss BlcNc'al, fi0ll1ll1!'I't'iIl!,' Bliss Yvilkcnson. 4ll!lfhl'lllIlf!tIY.' Blrs. Hull, P!Ij'.Y!4'rl! fl!lI1t'lIf!0l1f Bliss Baily, Pliyxirzi! flllllfllflllllf Blrs. Hainio, Sofia! S!1lz!ii'.v. Blrs. Pre-ll, i1ffI'1ll!fllIl'!',' Bliss Blcvickcr. Sfmni.v!1,' Bliss Snycler, Latin: Blrs. Blinklcr, tlI11.vii',' Bliss lionc, Pllysiro! liI!lIl'flf!0I!,' Blr. Hanson. liomtioiza! f1yl'!t'll!fllI'l',' Bliss Smith, l'f11y!i.v!1,' Blrs. VVzn'tl, Sofia! Sf11r!ir.v,' Bliss Young, llllllfllf'lIlIlfit'.V,' Bliss lieough, l'!1y.vii'r1! l'ill'Il!'lIfi0IIf Blix Rnnmlsvoltlg Blrs. Bartlett, Jrf: Bliss Swartz. .irff Blrs. liornlvn, Sofia! S!l!lI!I'3',' Blrs. Sprague, Holm' I'l!'UlI0lIl!l'5,' Blrs. Hahn, Sofia! Silzflivx. 4:-Q N2 bww K -A fur.- ,cjgzcuffy M ,, .. . , , ,. i'. Hull, br1u1r4',' X111 Hi'm'la-s. .NVIKIIH .' XIV. Lli:1111bL'i's, Mlopf NIV. xwilfli. .Nm nn N111 Klcziiis, Sofia! St111lif'.v,' fXI1'. Sziyrc, .1I11,vir,' XIV. Hcrlwlr, ll '1 lfarf ,' N111 Pcsqliicrzl His. AIIlIlI1Sfl'liI, I,'o111nn'm'i11l,' Kliss Nlcllillzm, 171'ru1111,' Klrs. l'in-wgiisuii, Smif F. SfIIfHl'.!',' Hliss Clark. lli.vfnl',i'.' Blix. Klilnv, .il1Zlfll1llIllli4'.V,' Kliss l'TliIlgIi'l', ,Unlln l!lIifft'3',' Bliss L1i2ll'ki'. l'il1fffi.YlI,' Klrs. Bn-tts. .fonr1mli.ru1. KITS. Swzirtolit, Sofia! Sl111Ii1'.f,' Kliss Svlizipm-i'. llwm l'frfn1rm1iu.v,' Klrs. Shipley, LYUIII ininl: Kliss l,:1m-, f,'01lllllll'l'iIll.' llrs. Sclim-HCI. l'ilJfffiA'lI,' llrs. l'i'in', l'ilIffH.Yll,' Klux lizirtuii, Sorinf Sllzfliimy' llrs. Sclilifclnir. Sofia! Slznlifpw Blix. Q11ll'l'. Snrnil Sfmlifx XIV. S0l'bL'l', Shop: HIV. Huuri. Slmjv: N111 Uzwis. Sm n f'1' .' Xliss Smill, I"irxl plifl Klrs. I.Zll'kL'y, llflllll' l'Jl'Ullllll1i1'.V,' Klrs. Tliizis, lli.vlory,' Klrs. killllkxil, Sofia! Sflnlim Kliss Rubiiismi, IJIIIIH1' SpwlkifzggffnfffisllJ Nliss Spitzer. .'l1l1.vir. 5132 fvr111i.fll,' XII: Xvright, S1'il'l11'f.' Kliss Hutt. Srninl Sllfflifm' Klrs. Illlillbllll 171111111 If HE Senior High School Board of Control is composed of the officers of the Student Body and representatives of all major organizations of the school. The lloard meets once each week at which time matters concerning the welfare of the school are thoroughly discussed and recommendations made to the administration. The Student Body finances are administered through this Board. All school enterprises both small and great must have the approval of the Board of Control before being put into operation in the school. It is really the governing body of the school. 4444 I4 PPD LL " ' Sfudmf .Boar Q Hlllllil HJ m '4 ... f, 1 f 4 : Z rr Louise Vvayne llliriam Taft Bud Gautschi .....-.M SD QB? N N 535 SE, UHHUEI '7 r-4 an fc E 'J CT' fc II Ray lsiilwinski Rosalie Stebbins Bill lVIurphy ...Q- N the fall of 1937 the Citizenship Credit Board was organized for the purpose of assisting the boys and girls of Van Nuys High School to govern themselves. The Citizenship Credit Board is not strictly a discipline board, but rather an advisory board whose duty it is to meet and counsel with those students who have violated some rule of the school, in the hope of arousing within the student a higher regard for law and order and a keener sense of loyalty to Van Nuys High School. A student begins each semester with 100 citizen- ship credits. From these credits various amounts are deducted by the Citizenship Credit Board if the student is found guilty by the board. The board is composed of Seniors and is assisted by lylr. Stewart. C46 IS DDB? elzior oys 7 eaque PUNSORED by lllr. Clark the Senior Boys' League has just completed two successful semesters. This last semester a school handbook was started, under the auspices of the Boys' League. which is to contain the important phases of school life, and will particularly aid students who are new to the school. The Boys' League was also very helpful in putting over the school carnival held on lway 6th, by running refreshment booths, and organizing the show held on the athletic field and the dance that night in the gym. First semester officers were: Prefsidrni, Bud Gautschig Iji!'l'-Pfl'SiIlFl1f, Bob Ry- nearsong Swrfflary-'llre11xurf'r, jack West. Second semester officers were: Prexirlfnl, Hill lllurphyg Virf'-Prrfsizlmzt, Carl Haxterg Srrrfflzzry-Trfffzxzzrw-, Bob Rynearson. Bud Bill 4444 I6 any enior gfiqlz gil' 5' eaque HE Senior High Girls' League has been a long standing organization. Its purpose is to create finer women and better fellowship with one another. Under the capable leadership of Bliss VVhittlesey, the League participated in many activities such as the Thanksgiving Drive, Doll Drive at Christmas, lylother and Daughter Banquet. These were Completed the first semester. The second semester included a Candy Sale, Fashion Show, Carnival Booth, and Girls' Play Day in co-ordination with the G. A. A. Ufheers for the year were: Pwxizlwzis, llliriam Taft, lylarjorie Campbellg Vin'- Prexizlvnix, Betty lwiller, Juanita Basfordg Srfrrelaries, lwarjorie Campbell, Flora -lane Christoffersong Trmsurers, Pat lXIoore, Irene VVillianisg ClUlllll1iA'.Vi0Ill'f of Entertain- ment, Nlargaret Cadenhead, Louise VVayneg Sofia! Clmirmrn, Virginia Wylie, Betty Noyes: lloxfwifrzlity, Louise Way'i1e. Helen Keller: Sofia! Service, Corrine ilue, Thelma Sukeforthg Sfrorrxnzrirzslzifw, Elizabeth Davis, Gene Pageg Przpzw. Betty hlillerg Art, Betty Snyder, lwargaret Smithg Floieer and Thoughi. Irene Williaiiis. lllargaret Ubegig Srlmo! Beautiful, lVIarj0rie Campbell, Eleanor Abbey. hlargie llliriam C444 I7 DDD H466 01' C6 ONSTANT contact with practical business office routine for students in this group is the aim of Nlr. Thomas, Student Body Manager. This routine embraces sales of store merchandise, tickets to all athletic events and assemblies, class collections for sweaters, pins, etc., candy sales, cash make-up, bookkeeping. typing. stenography, time keeping, and filing. Taken mostly from Office Practice Classes, these students get practical experience which helps them in obtaining positions in business offices after they graduate. llfembers of this year's Office Force: E. Abbey, NI. Heaman, A. Brash. B. Browning, E. Clark, L. Dean, F. DeArmand, H. Erickson, A. Halfen, T. Haley, A. Hofman, G. Kari, NI. Klebenstein. D. Kohloff, R. lVIcDullie, V. hlartinez, sl. Blaurer, R. Kilwinski, S. lylerrill, B. Noyes, P. Penman. D. O'Sullivan, R. Rynear- son, li. Stahl, R. Stebbins, A. Thomas, Student Body fl'I!llI!lgf'l',' H. Van Usdol, G. Varney, lkfr. NI. L. Weil, and l. Zellers. lXIr. Thomas Q 44 I8 X PP ritfibff Luzior gfiqlz Gouzzci HE Presidents' Council consists of the -Iunior High president and other Student-body officers and the presidents of the junior High Social Living classes. junior High problems are discussed at the meeting held every two weeks at rotated periods. Through the Council's efforts the students have acquired a feeling of re- sponsibility in self-government. They have organized the Cafeteria Cadets, have encouraged conduct in the auditorium, and are now working on a system to improve the order in the halls. They actively support projects of the Boys' and Girls' Leagues. and sponsor a booth at the school carnival. With the aid of lVIrs. Barton, the sponsor, the Council is ever striving to make junior High students feel that they have a very definite share in the privileges and responsibilities of Van Nuys High School. Officers of the year were: Prexiflrnt, Arthur james, Billy Hubbardg l'i4'r-Pre'yi- dents, Dorothy Dixon, Elmer Olson, Ruth Taft, Hob -Ionesg Program Clmirmen. Helen Roche, Jean Prescottg Secretary-Treasurers, Ruth Taft, -Ianie Sander: Ser- gemzlx, Carolyn Cornitius, .lanie Sanders, .lack Clark, Yukio Hino, john Boswell, Esther Arnold, and john Boswell, Arthur -lames BNIB' Hllbblml me I9 my I Luzior gfiqk girfs, Eeaque HE junior High Girls' League includes all the girls of the junior High School. Its purpose is the fostering of friendliness among the girls and the encouraging of a spirit of unselfish service within the school and towards those outside that need our help. A representative from each social living class is elected by her group to the central cabinet. She is the hostess for her group and assists the guidance ofhce in making new girls feel happily at home in this school. The cabinet meets with the executive board when important items of business need to be discussed. The executive board is composed of a president, vice-president, Secretary-treasurer, historian, commissioner of entertainment, and five committee heads. This board looks after the details of the League duties. Officers for this year were: Fall term, Dorothy Dixon, pre.videnf,' Kathryn Wal- bridge, joanne Loventhal, Ruth Shafer, Martha Kehl, Lorraine Romero, Emily Clarke, Pauline Shepard, Betty jane Dibley, Virginia Sanders. Officers for the spring term Were: Ruth Taft, jrresizlenh Betty Langelow, lylary Louise Gautschi, Carolyn Cornitius, Nlartha Kehl, Emily Clark. Barbara lrland, jackie Graham, joanne Loventhal, Claudia Bishop. Ruth Taft Dorothy Dixon 44 41 D52 snunnqg Luzior oys 7 eaque HE Boys' League is an organization to which all the -lunior'High boys belong. There are representatives elected or appointed from each social living class in the junior High School. They meet before school every other Thursday morning to discuss different problems. The Boys' Vice-President when elected by the junior High boys automatically becomes President of the Boys' League and Captain of the Junior High ushers. The Executive Board is elected by the representatives from the social living classes. The League is now working on the problem of trying to send a representative to San Francisco to the Red Cross Convention Nlay 2nd to May Sth. Present officers are: President, Bob -lonesg Vive-President, Charles Nafieg Sevre- tary, Bob Slaterg Treasurer, William lvlillerg Program Chairnum, Vergil Stultsg Faeulty Sponsor, Mr. Roose. There are 33 representatives from the social living classes. Bob JODCS Elmer Olson nare- , 3 4444 21 DPP if We Gfclzievenzeizf . . . 'class oH'icers . . . ephebians . . . seal bearers . . . homework . . . caps and gowns . . . cards . . . diplomas . . . a new semester . new friendships . . . 6 ,f .ig is ss 9 . ,sylig R. x x ,v xszasf :N .W I D x ' ff l s :ip X A WN 9 S ' I in AJ? I 'QS Q5 - Xu. X "IP X X 'X '?f' 6"'33+:T':" .. Ns sfssfofqni E x sx.g':q':,e X ' ,,f'.-'mat' X 59:1 , 9 Qs, 555009 - " ' Q Q 5 Qi ' 1 E Q synssf P , , 1 . ,Iss sQ f .:' !0x0f '39, rf gli- M, I ' sol I1 , , Q 3 1, V' . x 1, ' f If ,- S ' , 'M,..TT E I I Y ii ' " 4 X if 0 ' I iffy . 0 f' uf ff: . Q X 1 X ' 1 ' "I J yu 5 sl I K ' H' 9 , . 1 ,Q f 0 9 ' 51,0 'PT 6gf'Qf'P H3 W ew! ACIIIEVEMENT , ' 'Hi'-' -yu N , 1 1. A ugv, ., ..-. f.,. ,,.,, 4.1.-uf: .,l:,. ui., if ...f.. , ,mm-.:w-3.51 if 1 . . ., '-'Q ".,', 55 :I , ., .. 41-,.. .-f .- ' 4 ,- ,-1. ,X 1 . x ,.f':-x 4:4 'il,," . ' rg' ,135 .I .5,,fj,:4..f. ,. 'ff 'n 39.55-' ,JJ-2-gg ': '-5 if 1:5544 JU' - I ' I. "Ai-1 'Wjf lz7""17ff,?z' , x 2' -1g1.f'r'IQ--Sf" . I V. Y- 25 l, ',A,f'-f sf'-ff ' ,',g- ' 'vf ,,, W .M . L 'xr ' -"5 ' -5.1 ,JZ . ,u ., . J. fu , '-11.-,ig " .-vw ' X . ,-JJQL' . r,-.Viv 1-.YA ' 'fx m ,,..,,N -, ,Y- U U 1 A,-"' L' aw, fd 'li Q . 1 L ,, , I .,.X' ..A, 1 A 'l'1'4"5'-' -,nl rw. f .'- .i,"3i-fxfw--.. 'f,, J- J, ' ,'1 fl :WH 1,34-"fu-N I ' ' f - -1. Af? , 'C ,- ' " "Z .Uv .X - -':':'-g:""5'w-kg'-131 L' '- ' ?7f2:""3'. fffi-L' Ev: 1' ""' ffm, ,tavf ' ' "V- f . Aff ' ' "4 13" v LE. - sl. filcus :JK ,, : Fl -' - fx -. f -, Q ., , 11' .nf-' ' Q " X ' I ' " kb,-,. L, - f. A ,- ' ',,1f'5 ,-: .. 1?-'f"H'ffw' EL- X , J - ' Ng .,., gf 4 W '..'l ' 1. 1 H 'Lv' "-1f41iw'je'5.a p.?2v5e':.:f W ' ' L gf"'L1.Z' ,. Y --If 1:zf"qjjf5:M1',j ' r 4. -1. 'Q-:wi 1- ff"g'l Y 3 ' 1551 -'?,,': I-.fig Q- ' ' 'j'A'jx.5l1iL h . L ' , R 'lit' Q.. ,, v 9.-. 1 Q Q ' Gian gfisfory E are the largest graduating class to pass through the portals of Van Nuys High School. Having successfully nego- tiated the first six years of our scholastic careers, we enrolled as scrubs in Van Nuys High School in 1932. The next six years were filled with happiness and sadness, which were in turn surmounted by the elation of accomplishment. We saw the death of the old Administration building and the Fine Arts building. and in their places rose the new Administration building and the Donna H. Hubbard Auditorium, dedicated to our be- loved principal, Nliss Donna Hubbard. Then came the Classroom building, the Girls' Gym, and the splendid bleachers on Smith Field. As Senior A's we enjoyed a breakfast, a beach party, and a dance, as class activities. Vesper was given by the Glee Club on Sun- day before graduation. Our commencement exercises were held on Smith Field on the afternoon of june 23. Our sweaters were in beige with chocolate brown buttons and em- blems. Four people were accorded the honor of Ephebians, Monte Steadman, Kay Stahl, Frederick Gautschi, and Cedric Blake. Class officers were: Pr1'xia'enf, -lay Dewireg Vire- Presidfnt, Pat lVIooreg Secretary, Bette Lumley: Treasurer, Cedric Blake. Pat lkloore Bette Lumley Cedric Blake 6155 0 LLYIZYIZZV I 3 Cgplzedicuzs We, the Summer '38 Class, are proud to announce that ke have the largest num- ber of Ephebians ever to be chosen from a graduating class. The class chose Frederick Gautschi, Kay Stahl, Monte Steadman, Cedric Blake, James Kirkpatrick, Robert Rynearson, John Wardlaw, and Scott Brandon as their candidates from the 2011 of the class highest in scholarship. The faculty upheld the judgement of the class by selecting the Ephebians from the eight candidates selected by the class. The four chosen were Frederick Gautschi, Kay Stahl, Monte Steadman, and Cedric Blake. The choice was based upon' outstanding scholarship and outstanding leadership. Each one has left behind marks at which others may aim. Qfass' Gfdvisors Seniors at Van Nuys High School have been this year, as in years previous, most fortunate' to have as their class advisors such capable, patient, and kind-hearted teachers as Miss Hazel Young, Miss Annis Smith, Miss Alle Robinson, and Miss Ethel Clark. The former two acted as advisors to the Summer class while the latter two did likewise for the winter class. Miss Young during the year was a member of the mathematics department, was co-sponsor of the Senior Scholarship Society and senior guidance director. Miss Smith is of the English department and the other sponsor of the Senior Scholarship Society. Miss Robinson teaches and trains public speakers, while Miss Clarke is the head of the English department. ' Q6 24 DPP Du lux lifllflrvrl A'lJ11lfgv" Mun .'xl.IL'li Sul-yxlfm "lf11l1'l1" XV11r.lxx1 tix.:-:lm11.l "Hill" Axwrz Mxxua K1 uv new "IJ11l!5 XVII I Lux l'1cux+m "Bill" Bl-1 IN ,lux NIHKIUI' "lI11f1py" IQIDXMXRID INIARKI-ix' "lil" Rl'Ill P.xRKlck Scnrl' liluxnnx "Sli1'L'1'r"' IXIXRIIC Klylucxsl IYI-i ".1,tlj'l'1'1" .Xl mx llfnmnis "l'1'l1"' Vllklsllv-3 Ku-1ul.lfR "Tina" Wm um N1l'l,lIUl,l .un "Hill" KAIIIRYY QIIIIJCSIH "Kay" KI-jvwl-ilu BVRR Iillll-11, lfnxxu "Fn.vi1"' C'.uu.1'ox Rum-1 l'A'HucI.x Mxxxlxcr "Pai" iifmknrw Srnk'1'1mMr: Ul"ltl.YfIH N4.XRj0RIl-I :XM-IRRIl.I. RM' Kll,Vk'IXSKI ".N'!1nrly" I-I , ., . ... -V z ,llfklilzlll lmxslm 1.1111 Pull, N1L'KIYI.l-IY l7l.0k.x Cifmrcsclil, XVARRI-'x Ku-Nw:-im' "Spi.I1'r" IMDKIS BINIURIP "Iii11nir" Au:L's'1 VK,XNl1L'I'1I.IN,AlR. "D11k1"' Run' I3RL'lx.xmak 'ARlllIl"' Sa'm"1' 'llmwxsliwn "Top-Iwo!" SIIIRIJ-il-I Rlsslal. l,l'l.XXD DAVIS Hlil I-ix l'rc1+1xsux "I'1'Ir' XVll.I.l.XM Rxom. "Hill IN1.xkJ01uH CAMl'llIiI,l. Ikxlx XV1r.l,1.'xMs -v IN1,uu.xx xx Dn'1'1'oru-1 Dowxrzk Rrru Bmlck "R11f11.v" RIIIIIQRT Mx HRS "Bob" I3lc1'l'x' ilfm'ri1.I, , - . .1 H 8. 2 5 'vm 41 , F, 5 Ll L. 1 Q 'Q' 5 S- 14 A Q in 1 i s J' IXHIXII. S1l1.xlm.xx, jk. l'1'1lrn 9 lil-.1 lr. I,1x1l.n-.x 1.lllll KVM xrs lhcX'rmkr1 "Dip" lim H-31.1-irc Mm me XV:-151.111 XV!-tus "ll'i111Iy" , 'bs 2 ,11z1,,1 if: fit 's-Q, J rs ..b '6- '21 .. 'Wk' 911 M' ' Q X. A' -if Qu 1-535 1 1 X , . N X . .3 -sf" , . 5' ,W , f 2 4 F3 , 31 X 1 an x Mrvkmx Hkrvwxsox BK'I"I'lH A!NIl'NS47N "l,owy" Bu1mY jrmxl-15 H.,IllI.Y4'j'n M.a1:.1ok11s H1112xN1a Il.x1:01- .'xl.IiX.XXI.'XX "Goof" 1.11v1i1:1'.x DMN "I'w1'uw" 51,11 IMXV1111: "' ,I 1-pw 'l'110ksoN H.Il'1llIlIi1'U B111 F1x11xs'1'1wM "Jakr" A1.1c1: Rfxwsmvl C'1,m'11 Rum Ni.'XRCI.'X Bu.1n1.xx Iiuu. CLARK 1,015 01111115 Rom-:k'1' Co1'f:11'1'k1-11-1 "Half" l51i'1"1'Y 131411.12 I',x1'1. KNHLR A1'111u' Rlnmoxn "S1moks" ,Lxsox Fk1:L'1m1r:1ck "Jay" FRAYUES D11 Axmoxn H1'wl'IIlIlIil' ,IAQK IlH5s1w1:"lin'f" Mun' Dli1N10N'I'li "l1111nn'11u"' Noxubxx KPRUIYI' "Slim" I'1R.'XYL'liS '1'w1'1'c111z1.1. Frmrzu' 8.1111-'1-', jk. N1-"1'1'.x L1v1xc:s'1'rmx "Simi" RICIIARIT Sn1"1'111f111,.11N1v "IJi4'k" PM Momma "Tap" f'iVS'El.I. Ro11Hk'1's H1:1.12N Fklcusrw OkX'II.l.lC S:x11'1'11 "Tiny" M xkmx P1xx1a1.1. "Gi11f1rr" I,nw1z1,1, I.,x1'1as1cx "1,ylal1" N1.KRCARli'l' KAY "Kay" BILI, f1l!.CRli.'XSIi "Goonir" ll111.1sN 1.011511 lI.xM11,'1'ow "II'fwxir XV11.1.1.1:x1 f1l5N'l'IiR "Hill" B1a'1"11i l31umN1x4: A1c'1'11L'k PI,.fX'I'Il ".lrt" Mun' VI.XN!i VVll.l.I'lS "I?1f111.!if XVILI. li. I..x:s11111k'1' "I'anrlm" HH'1"1'1z1.1i1a HUSSEY UIIIIATH Irmx Y. S'1'A111. ".lo!n1i1"' Axrm flRliEN "1'1n1l.'-in" l31a11v.111z1m S'I1lI.I,li lixnamx C1l.xl-MAX "liq'iw" lI,uun.n I'ku-1nL'kc: "l"r-rrdlmltg .11 xv Ilxkuls "l,rf" ,lux M.-xrkrzx IQIURIX Yrwn-x "lIlur" N-v BlIl,N1l Rvm K1X'IIl,ID.X "Tillir" Dux O'SL'l.l.lVAx "Sully" Ii:-max K!-QI,I.FR "lImJ" K'-vu I,r-'xnxx "lm-u-y" Qllnxxlxx li,xs1'mm "Ana fl-iIlRlC BIAKH "Ru.vIif" ll,-X'lRIL'I.X XVAN1 "Pal" VV,-xxmax Src.-ues, JR. Mumu-111 IALRFR ".Uil!if" D.-xxu-'1. M,xR'1'lxl-iz "D1111ny" li,-xrumzw RMU: lmrw XV,-uum1..m', AIR. H.N'f5fll1fI'!'H F !ir.lf.xxrnu-1 VVEISICXI-'RliL'XIl uxllllff Rfmwcl' XV.-xuuak "IMI," 1-,l.r-Qxwnug Annum' "Judy" Alfmux MuL"l'ris Ax-xnm, IIAIJ-'raw -lm Fl.m1M1xc: "lJf1q'r" l,m'xsr: Mmmx IHIIX lI.u.1.x' I-inrlu Scnmck "l:.l I.I-KRUY BALI. "1,rr" Ifmm JANE CHRISI'fll-'I-'I-IRSICN .l.J K1-'HH Kmuc llmu laxsla XVlillS'l'l5R Ylxrlsvl' CII.-KRlil,I.l "l.'!1iff" VIRGINIA XVYLIE "II'alio" Xv.'U.'l'liR 'l'Il.l-'ORD "Tilliw" A x X S'l'R.-KCIIAX liMx1r'l'1' llwklsk Illk:s1lx,x NlsL'nL'Rn:l-:R Hlfllllllil lil ul-ixla VVlIl'l'l'I "ll'l1ifiw" All-:xx Cvssox Rlvuman NV:Xl.KliR "IJifk" -v IlR:XI.Il GR,-xxra1,1, "Jwrry" lil Ilklll-.'lglI D.'xx'Is "Liz" .lmw lIL'x'l' Muuzuf lN1ovrs1v:ER ",lInrj" Tnrm X5 lIUYIiYL'L"l'l 'IE' .1 5 i W-. 1 Fw. . ,A m V' Xe 4 5 is K , A 5 Q 5 N-... , .:. N , as 1 ' ' vi, . if 1 as .9 N S A s f' 0 V fd! S Q -2' ,!' -Q. , ..- 'ic P' Na W 'K x 0- I -IIMMIIQ Hl'I'1'liRS Hliullfr-l1wa1zs" ILO N1liI.I.l'llN "Rui" Urfmuza YILXGISR "Yfg1gf" -Im Z.xsl'kr1 "l'i11!1ru.l" Ifmvk lI.xx1P'1fw "llmuf1" 'l'm-:rw llfxlu' "7'rigfgfm-" Mmunx C.x'r.xl,nla Kfuml, SHAL21-'mc MERCEDES Prwxcl-, ".1Ian'y" XX ll.I.I.XN1 SHA!-,l Lx liz!! .ALICIE f:lI.I.lIi "l,iltIr-nm" ALI .xx R.x'1"1+:kx' ".Il" Sus HL'5s"S11,vif O" XVAYYL1 SEw.uzn C'.fx'1'1Hik1xH Cox XI-QI.I,HfKVIlll1 .AI.lZER'I' IQOFLER "All" N1.XR'l'H.X D0wL1xf: 'hllm-ly" Ronrzlu' Rvxmksnx "Ryniw" Ivolflklfs SMITH "IJrm.I.v" XVILLIS BIi.fYll'l'Y ulgllflllu K.x'1'H+:RINE STAHI. "Kay" ,JAMES KIRKP1X'l'RICK "Kirk" f'.XMII.l.ES GAXNLY "Sm'w:y" Fkmuzklcx fl.XL"ISL'HI "limi" lllflfl, Vox l,5D.XI, "Trx" T um.MA IIALLY "l.'!1ulfl1y" .ALEX C.XMI'BEI,I, PIIMMIE JOHNSON "Jim" Fm'1'rI Sl-IVV,-XRD "hd" M.xkvxx Kf3lII.IiR "limi" NANCY IXXVIES "I'nfwyw" Dokonn' ROSENBI.L'M ",Il:lzif" IJOXALD S'rEwAR'r "Ilan" VIRGINIA MILLS "Gi1zni1"' MARY JANE D,xx'ls "IJafL'y" RlL'!l.XRIl YOLNG S I f 'v 'f ' ELEANOR ABBEY, girls' league cabinet, G. A. A., drama, sports, HAGOP ALEXANIAN, Hi-Y, letterman's club, A B C track, glee club, BETTY AMUNSON, drama, girls' league, badminton, archery, LEROY BALL, safety commission, letterman's club, football, track, JUANITA BAS- FORD, vice-president of girls' league, science club, G. A. A., world friendship, BETTY BEALE, G. A. A., MARCIA BEAMAN, G. A. A., program chairman of Tri-Y, WILLIS BEATTY, board of control, boys' league, B C track, B football, DORIS BINFORD, president of freshman class at former school, a capella choir, sports, CEDRIC BLAKE, ephebian, president and vice- president of Hi-Y, vice-president and treasurer of glee club, class treasurer, senior A editor of annual, RUTH BOLICK, spanish club, G. A. A., Tri-Y, glee club, SCOTT BRANDON, president of student body, yell leader, Hi-Y, gym team, letterman's club, BETTY BROWNING, Tri-Y, girls' league, MORTON BROWNSON, lieutenant of R. O. T. C., oflicers club, RUBY BRUBAKER, G. A. A., Tri-Y, drama, archery, KENNETH BURR, gym team, band, JIMMIE BUTTERS, student talent, spring play, tennis team, ALEX CAMPBELL, MARJORIE CAMP- BELL, president of girls' league, G. A. A., Tri-Y, Spanish club, MARION CATALDE, G. A. A., Tri-Y, EVELYN CHAPMAN, glee club, art club, allied youth, drama, FLORA JANE CHRISTOFFERSON, girls' league secretary, G. A. A. board, treasurer and social chairman of Tri-Y, spanish club, VINCENT CIFARELLI, letterman's club, B football, track, EARL CLARK, R. O. T. C., projection crew, officers' club, CATHERINE CONNELL, president of masquer's club, allied youth, glee club, girls' league, ROBERT COUGHTREE, letterman's club, A and B football, track, VIRGINIA COUGHTRIE, girls' league, JEAN CUSSON, president of girls' glee club, G. A. A. board, science club, French club, NANCY DAVIES, debate club, allied youth, sports, ELIZABETH DAVIS, president of a cappella choir, girls' league board, LELAND DAVIS, scholarship, MARY JANE DAVIS, LAVERTA DEAN, girls' league representative, G. A. A., junior board of control, student store, FRANCES DE ARMOND, G. A. A., girls' league, student body store, MATILDA DEICEG, spanish club, drama, MARY DE MONTE, WAYNE DE VORE, olficers club, latin club, prejection crew, a cappella choir, JAY DE WIRE, president of senior class, A basketball, boys' league, Hi-Y, MARIANNA DOTTORE, MARTHA DOWLING, debate club, junior girls' league cabinet, a cappella choir, glee club, HELEN ERICKSON, G. A. A. board, Tri-Y, girls' league cabinet, girls' sports, MARJORIE ETIENNE, science club, literature chairman of allied youth, scholarship society, world friend- ship, BILL FAHNSTROM, R. O. T. C., oflicers club, projection crew, JIM FLEMMING, B football, A B C track, spanish club, ETHEL FOXALL, girls' league, G. A. A., Tri-Y, AU- GUST FRANQUELL, radio, stage crew, JASON FREUDIGER, future farmers, HAROLD FRIEBURG, boys' league cabinet, basketball, Hi-Y, president of junior high student body, CAMILLES GAINEY, glee club, scholarship society, world friendship, G. A. A., FREDERICK GAUTSCHI, ephebian, editor and associate editor of the annual, president and secretary of boys' league, Hi-Y, president of debate club, letterman's club, world friendship, WILLIAM GENTER, officers' club, football, track, BILL GILCREASE, senior play, spanish club, advanced drama, scholarship, KATHRYN GILLESBY, drama, ALICE GILLIE, FLORA GOESCHL, a cappella choir, art club, G. A. A., sports, JERALD GRANNELL, A football, tennis, baseball, Hi-Y, ANNA GREEN, president of art club, puppet club, NORMAN GRUDT, Menomie High two years, THELMA HALEY, THEO HALEY, A B basketball, A track, let'terman's club, member of southern conference basketball team, ANABEL HALFEN, glee club, allied youth, spanish club, drama club, senior and spring plays, HELEN LOUISE HAMILTON, G. A. A. secretary, Tri-Y, FRANK HAMPTON, Hi-Y, track, football, golf, JUNE HARRIS, vice-president of Tri-Y, vice-president of art club, world friendship, allied youth, JACK HESSING, A football, baseball, glee club, letterman, ALLAN HOLMES, A B basketball, KENNETH HOMER, BETTY HOWELL, orchestra, SUE HUSS, puppet club, BETTYLEE HUSSEY, glee club, spanish club, G. A. A., Tri-Y, JIMMIE JOHNSON, Hi-Y, debate club, world friendship, spring play, BOBBY JONES, A track, gym club, public speaking, CHRISTINE KAEHLER, world friendship, allied youth, EARLENE KARR, girls' league, MARGARET KAY, lettergirl, glee club, girls' league, latin club, HELEN KELLER, C. C. B., girls' league cabinet, secretary- treasurer of debate club, treasurer of allied youth, VVARREN KENNEDY, A B football, captain of A golf, Hi-Y, A B track, KEITH KERR, R. O. T. C., band, RAY KILWINSKI, board of control, student body treasurer, R. O. T. C., PAUL KINZER, treasurer of future farmers, A B football, art club, A B track, JIM KIRKPATRICK, Hi-Y, captain of the R. 0. T. C., scholar- ship, business manager of annual, MARIE KLEBENSTINE, G. A. A. board, girls' sports editor, world friendship, Spanish club, WILLIAM KNOLL, scholarship society, allied youth, R. O. T. C., track, MARVIN KOHLER, Denmark high, DAYTON KOHLHOFF, A B C track, B C KK 29 XD basketball, glee club, tennis, ANNA MARIE KUHMLEIN, art club, KEITH KERR, R. O. T. C., band, VVILL E. LAMBERT, basketball, captain golf team, letterman's club, stage crew manager, MILDRED LAUER, spanish club, G. A. A., Tri-Y, CLIFTON LE BARON, CARL LE WAN, safety committee, gym team, glee club, boys' league cabinet, ELIZABETH LEWIS, G. A. A., Tri-Y, girls' league, press club, LOWELL LAUESEN, president allied youth, glee club, science club, "The Good Egg" senior play, BETTER LUMLEY, divisional vice-president Los Angeles Press Assn., lettergirl, song leader, vice-president G. A. A., PATRICIA MANNING, president science club, G. A. A., latin club, girls' league cabinet, ED MARKEY, R. O. T. C., DANIEL MARTINEZ, A B track, B football, art, drama, JACK MAURER, Hi-Y, treasurer world friendship, letterman's club, glee club, LEO S. MELLEIN, track, MARJORIE MERRILL, a cappella choir, scholarship society, spanish club, puppet club, SAMUEL MERRILL, VIR- GINIA MILLS, ,Hamilton high school Tri-YJ, badminton, LOUISE FLOY MODLIN, girls' league, BETTY MONIOT, secretary french club, badminton, G. A. A., MARGIE MONT- SINGER, art club, latin club, girls' league, PAT MOORE, vice-president senior A class, G. A. A. board, lettergirl, girls' advisory council, JOHN MOUTES, A B track, A B football, lettermen's club, C track, board of control, WILLIAM B. MULHOLLAND, latin club, ROBERT MERLE MYERS, B track and B football at Manual Arts High, HERMINA NEU- BURGER, G. A. A., Tri-Y, girls' league, DON O'SULLIVAN, editor of Mirror, lieutenant of R. O. T. C., snapshot editor of annual, secretary of glee club, EMMET PARKER, A football, drama, future farmers, RUTH PARKER, a cappella choir, girls' league, G. A. A., Tri-Y, HELEN PETERSON, girls' league, art club, a cappella choir, WILLIAM PICARD, baseball, french club, collectors' club, MARION PINNELL, ARTHUR PLATH, R. O. T. C., a cappella choir, art club, scholarship society, MERCEDES PONCE, girls' league, GEORGE RAD- MACHER, future farmers, ALLAN RATTERY, tennis, latin club, AUDREY RAYMOND, president Tri-Y, G. A. A., captain senior basketball, glee club, CARLTON RHOE, R. O. T. C., future farmers, CLOYD RHOE, R. O. T. C., future farmers, DOROTHY ROSENBLUM, art club, Tri-Y, french club, puppet club, ARTHUR ROBERTS, B basketball, letterman's club, SHIRLEE RUSSEL, Tri-Y, senior orchestra, FOREST SARFF, Jr., senior high guards KE. R. H. SJ, EDITH SCHOCK, G. A. A., latin club, scholarship society, spanish club, ROY RY- NEARSON, vice-president and secretary boys' league cabinet, vice-president Hi-Y, science club, A B C basketball and track, WARREN SEARS, Jr., boys' league, Hi-Y, gym team, vice-president world friendship club, EDITH SEWARD, G. A. A., Tri-Y, baseball, basketball, WAYNE SEWVARD, spanish club, WILLIAM SHAFER, CAROL SHAEFER, girls' league, MARY ALICE SHEAFOR, G. A. A., latin club, DAVID SMITH, John Marshall High, R. O. T. C., class A track, glee club, DOLORES SMITH, prep dance committee, world friendship, glee club, science club, ORVILLE D. SMITH, A B C track, lettermen's club, glee club, senior play, GORDON SORTOMME, A track, captain R. O. T. C. at Tucson, Arizona, glee club, a cappella choir, JOHN STAHL, world friendship, basketball, stage crew, art club, KATHERINE STAHL, ephebian, president G. A. A., secretary student body, treasurer girls' league, lettergirl, MONTE GREGG STEADMAN, Jr., ephebian, A B football, A C track, gym club, president Hi-Y, president world friendship, president latin club, DONALD STEWART, ANNE STRACHAN, BERNARD STOLLE, RICHARD SUTHERLAN, EVANS TALIAFERRO, officers' club, glee club, JEAN THORSEN, glee club, Tri-Y, WALTER TILFORD, gym team, R. O. T. C., glee club, letterman's club, JESS SCOTT TOWNSEND, gym team, safety department, letterman's club, french club, FRANCES TWICHELL, ring chairman of Tri-Y, HAZEL NADINE VAN OSDAL, representative speaker for N. S. G. VV. contest, GLORIA VOYDA, president world friendship, head prep dance committee, lettergirl, science club, DICK WALKER, ROBERT WALKER, tennis, basketball, PATRICIA WARD, president world friendship, vice-president junior girls' league, vice-president allied youth, lettergirl, JOHN RICHARDSON WARDLAW, Jr., C. C. B., prep dance committee, scholarship society, world friendship, WILLIAM WARREN WATTS, HORTENSE WEBSTER, science club, debate club, ELEANORE WEISENFREUND, drama club, senior play, G. A. A., spring play, VVESLEY WELLS, president glee club, safety commission, debate club, EUGENE WHITE, senior and spring play, glee club, masquers club, MARY JANE WILLITS, girls' league, FAIN WILLIAMS, A track, letterman's club, debate club, B football, GEORGE WILLIAM YEAGER, A B track, officers' club, letterman's club, wrestling, VIRGINA WYLIE, G. A. A., girls' league, Spanish club, JIM ZASTRA, A basket- ball, A track, A golf, letterman's club. 44 44 30 P7 an ,Ulu as .1 ,+ ,www- gm gf 1 ., 'Xa ' Mmm m Bl! '1 fu 1 L2 Q7 5 , ,. W .'f . 9 S Q' ' jx R XF A X4 M fan!! 1,"11m,10U5 , f7f"!t1-naon je! fnjffhcf- .. 'FS Xi 2 Wffhy ,9e'oHf7vrrJffn7 ? ' x flrmyk +a,P'A'fck gk sa lf. Yes wr lrnva na bgngnqg ' 3 B' 5 Umm ,s ? 1 . v . 6-.gbffk fntaafwurk Q x , Y ,L 7 ffymj fyfyf, Q gg 'S s Am- V I Y 2 Qfftclzon Jay wi ' ' I0 Ready ,,f41m.f Fire P L 1 ll knee deep? 9 5A - 12. Why Pmlfe f ,K f 31. I3 Irrm man N' s !4fN1d'-Ja forma! , 9 x 'yd 15 Fnacf Czlvh lathe! . M V Q l 1600! lrunlmy grrfs? Nil: Q. If fwvrl Cul-arg, ,hflnfyyf . 3 E A X K W N fgfhqnnr, ghamr ,mfs -X is I " . ea uf 1 . ' 2g,14n1mn! -famw-5 K .71 Nr, Brwncfan 04f5 . Q wf -fffffffff ff! J, f 4.3K kv A U .'i . . 4 I1 E W.,-. 1 af " '-4 v S Glass 0 Cmnfer 39 an gfisfory '39'ers entered these walls of knowledge three years ago. Participating in school activities, and indulging most deeply in studies, we mighty Seniors are ever-nearing the climax of our High School career. After this golden height of achievement under the care- ful and understanding guidance of lvliss Hub- bard and the faculty of Van Nuys High School, we will follow the crusade of youth forward. The momentous day of our recog- nition in the auditorium when we fall in step to receive our diplomas will be witnessed by all. We had our first class meeting in Jan- uary, 1938, to discuss class pictures for our Annual and Senior sweaters. With much argument and enthusiasm the Class at the end of their Senior B year blossomed out in a sensational array of flashing royal blue sweat- ers with white buttons and emblems. Class officers are: Presizlcnf, Alby Thomas, Vire- Prmizlwzl, Jean lierggreng SI't'!'l'fIIfj', Gordon Fislcg Trrzzsunfr, Dorothy glue. Dorothy Jue Gordon Fisk Jean Berggren 11114 5111111111 XXIK H111'1 IN 1.1 41111111411 KK111: "'I'11l1l1y" 151111111 ll,11 15111 .1L11l1r R111:1-'1z'1 SKI4ICHl.l-'1 ".1'A'1l1l1" K11111 1 FXI4' l-111 "Kay" A1 S111-11 l.11x1:s1111141i ".l11.1y" ,'xI1II.l4 H111-11,11 19111111111 V.111x1i1' N111 I'11s1' "l'rlj',1Iu,v1" 111 R1 1151-11 "11'i.1l1" li11111,114.1 1111111141-' "li11l1l1i1" H1-11111-1111 IA.-XSSIAIY 51.1141 S11 1111f1s "1l'in1Iy" V1 Rl IQ XVIIIIIIYII-'"f.vI1l'lj'H H1 111 XVII I,l.1NlS '--"b'., 5 .. !'1 1.1 XI II. XY11 KLR "I'11111!111" ' V',. 1- l'111z11'11 M. P1-111111 "l'111111-" P R111:1-141 I-'. U11 1-' "li11l1" if ., 'K A H1111 31.11411 l"141c11111x1g I-ljlljlbl' .Hmm ,. 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L ' - I 1 "' 1,11 141-1 ll. l'lIII'I'S 1 " 1 7 . 111111 KI-'X1l'I 1f1' V H1xs111111:1 N1I4Il.I 1 X A ,, " 4 ' ,.lif ..i.-f -,Z 1 . 5:1 my Q :- x mf iw 121-iwkul-3 Ifrmlrf "I2 illtflfin lifnmnlx Tl kv-Lk "Hur" KIQYXI-llkll Pfm'l.r3sl..xxn "l'n.w ' JV I-ww:-is IH-:max l I1-15115 lhxl n:l1l.1x Ul.Il0lIii'Y M.xxr:,uu-in Sum: "Smil!m1v" -Mrk C'1.1x mx Aknlxlf lim Knox ".lIf" I:I.UYlD Pxrzczl "l'affyfir" PM I IYIC NIM S "l'anla" lfruxx Sum: Bm In-I Nm us ".N'uiyy" ,'xRI'lIL'R I'1-:Haus 'l'mc1.xl.x SKK!-QIfDRl'II "S11k1w" Iinxmkn M.xu.m-is "lull" Inlfx if xKYII.I.I.XMS "llu!4!1" 'l'mm,x5 XVRHIH1'"U'l'IHl1lH Blil rx' Sm11'1'u "Smitf',y" Lilcmuzri R. lirwwx In Swiss Roz.1.u Rrtlxl-:ck "l,ill!f Ifnlhf' Arn:-' -luv Umx 1' "l1.uum'y" I lloxun FIXASKIER "lJf11ml.! Dm' Nr-gn-:A .'X'l'l'IX ".Yfu11Iiw" Rmzmu' ffK.XXIiI.I. "limb" I,I1L'ISl-I XV,wxr-2 "ll'wa:wr" l1.xkm.n Ilus IXlL'f'l.L'Rl-I "Mar" .ll-:Ax Bmuzrzkrix FIPXYIX 'INN-:R "Ty" D:rR:r1Ilx lll-3"l,'il:" 1,r.r:.x1.n lx. RASNILSSEY "lm-ry" NI.XL'RlL'E tirnanrmx "Fluff," Nmuw jxmrsnx XV11.l.I.xx1 RlcH.xk'l' "Hill" Bun DL'r:f:.xK "Iiir.I.m'.I" Cx " " ,RL li. Hxxll-iz: lx1.l Dick Mmuufm l.Lc11,1.r: IWHRIII Sl-n-zwclsk flL'.XRNSIIU51I KI-YYY!-f'l'll Ilrml-:R I,.XL'l. S'I IYI41 "f'r111ff1'11r" IW.-xxjrmklr: Iiuzxnnxkx ".1Inm1"' lin lIE1!x1.xN ".S'lizz,l-y" Unix:-tvlravra P.v:r3 "fluff" XVH.!.xRn N1L'KIi!.I I-11' "ll'i!!if c fi vi fi e 5 NEDRA ATTIX, world friendship, allied youth, spanish club, G. A. A., CARL B. BAXTER, Hi-Y, football, board of control, vice-president boys' cabinet, JEAN BERGGREN, Tri-Y, treas- urer senior B, vice-president G. A. A. board, lettergirl, GEORGE R. BROWN, officers' club, sergeant R. O. T. C., ARLINE BURTON, Tri-Y chaplain, lettergirl, spanish club, G. A. A., MILTON CHERRY, gym club, science club historian, Hi-Y, scholarship secretary, JEAN CRAMER, french club, ROBERT F. COLE, B basketball, spanish club, PATRICIA DAUGH- ERTY, lettergirl, annual staff, world friendship, masquer's secretary, GORDON A. FISK, Jr., student body president, officers' club, A-B track, A-B football, GEORGE FOOTE, A football, art club, KATHLEENE FOX, sports, DAISY MARIE FRACHTLING, band, orchestra, span- ish club, a cappella choir, EARL GILLESPIE, french club, CLYDE GOLDNER, R. O. T. C. rifle team, MAURICE GORDON, safety club, treasurer social class, advertising manager, HOWARD PLATT GRANGER, band, orchestra, president's council, spanish club, VIRGINIA GRANGER, spanish club, ROBERT GRANELL, A-B football, A-B-C track, letterman's club, mirror sports editor, ALICE JEAN GRANT, Tri-Y, glee club, world friendship, BERNARD GROVER, president spanish club, B football-basketball, B-C track, Hi-Y, ED HEIMAN, A tennis, A football, A-B track, vice-president science club, TEXAS INWOOD, tennis club, spanish club, DOROTHY JUE, junior girls' league president, Tri-Y, debate president, G. A. A. treas- urere, spanish club secretary-treasurer, VIVIAN KEMPLEY, Tri-Y secretary, G. A. A., CLIF- FORD KRIEG, football, A track, F. F. A., HERBERT LASSEN, gym club, debate club, schol- arship, B track, THOMAS LAUGHLIN, gym club, latin club, scholarship, science club, AI'S- WELL LONGSHORE, boys' cabinet, A-B track, B football, letterman's club, EDVVARD LOOMIS, tennis club, world friendship, scholarship, ED MAILHES, B football, boys junior high cabinet, le'tterman's club, JACK MANI, track, handball, PAULINE MAUS, glee club, G. A. A., Tri-Y, drama, HAROLD HAYS MCCLURE, R. O. T. C., mirror staff, oH'icers' club, RYBY MCDUFFIE, Tri-Y, glee club, G. A. A., mirror staff, WILLARD MCKELLEP, R. O. T. C., A track, football, BARBARA MOORE, sports, HELEN MOYNIHAN, G. A. A., drama, BETTIE NOYES, G. A. A., lettergirl, com, of entertainment-social chairman of girls' league, GENE- VIEVE PAGE, G. A. A. board, girls' league cabinet, G. A. A. yell leader, lettergirl, FLOYD PAGGI, A-Bi football, letterman's club, PATRICIA M. PENMAN, Tri-Y service chairman, allied youth, scholarship, world friendship treasurer, HAROLD BURTON PERKINS, boys' league, A-B football, B basketball, A-B-C track, ARTHUR PETERS, football, handball, LAUREL H. PHIPPS, officers' club, vice-president of junior high student body, scholarship, MAY POST, Tri-Y, world friendship secretary, allied youth, KENNETH POWLESLAND, treasurer scholarship, secretary science club, president latin club, R. O. T. C., officers' club, GERALD K. RASMUSSENN, R. O. T. C., WILLIAM A. REHART, R. O. T. C., officers' club, sergeant R. O. T. C., ROLLIN REINECK, glee club, B-C track, gym club, HOVVARD ROBBINS, science club, Hi-Y, tennis club, gym club, JIM RUMSEY, track, band, french club, EDNA SANDERS, latin club, RAY SCOTT, baseball team, ROBERT SKETCHLEY, F. F. A.. A basketball, A track, BETTY SMITH, G. A. A., asst. editor mirror, spanish club, girls' league cabinet, FRANK SMITH, latin club, B football, spanish club, B-C track, MARGARET SMITH, Tri-Y, mirror staff, spanish club, glee club, ERNIE STEBBINS, glee club, Hi-Y, A-B track, letterman's club, JACK STEINBRENNER, sports editor of mirror, track team, football team, PAUL STINE, french club, 'THELMA SUKEFORTH, G. A. A., spanish club, girls' league cabinet, lettergirl, MARY SWARENS, Tri-Y chaplain, G. A. A. yell leader, spanish club, lettergirl, JO SYKES, allied youth, DONALD TASKER, gym team, latin club, science club, glee club, ALBERT THOMAS, Hi-Y, tennis team, letterman's club, C track, DOROTHY TURNER, lettergirl, science club, G. A. A. board, scholarship, EDWIN TYLER, A-B football, secretary of Hi-Y, A-B-C- track, gym club, LUCILE UI-IRIG, Tri-Y, GORDON VARNEY, Hi-Y, A track, B football, glee club, EUGENE H. WALKER, handball, a cappella choir, LOUISE WAYNE, secretary of student body, Tri-Y secretary, lettergirl, com. of entertainment of girls' league, CURTIS WILHOYTE, french club, gym club, IRENE VVILLIAMS, lettergirl, Tri-Y, band, girls' league treasurer, THOMAS WRIGHT, french club. 4444 35 rw .bk 5 In ff? M. "" 3 I Q. fu Q, ,W l Vx .- lk . 04117, UQMXGHS f'5c'zzp0 ! F ,Q,PL,f,' !o71"O,b7f!'f5 3 i2af7,0zf5 love iprrnme Ilblfv f fporfr QF F an rem? I 611244, Bvsfnvsgfzur 7 Rnujes T' ' if ffffch nmfrrr 4? 7'-he hfrf paafaJe fo. News -hawks ll CfffV1'cl5Cft we Sfenff, '12, Gain? up IZ. 17,4541-ma! Pose JLHYQM-fiaw ,gunner 15' Senfor Bee Swm ef-S I6 Whd I? 17 Mme,-5 or MIUOPS IB The Gro Som? 1'9' I-lands vm! fave lla Tevcrfrrs Frfsl' I Wlalvjrafbrr fv 22- E1-:fin H4 Beaafres a-i JVNIORS Top rofw: Apsan, Burgess, Brunskell, Brunner, Bier- hamer, Borman, Borchard, Barher. Srrond rofw: Boller, Callen, Alexanian, Ayouh, Arthur, Bacon, Brahm, Ba uer. Third rofw: Anderson. 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Q,,QQQ f ,,,,,, 1 Elliot, Evans, Foote, Gihhs, ' ' ,,,,, Q ' Elson, Dean. iff , ,,, " L .. . ,lt e R Q i th S 481 5 N A3 , W ' .fy - SI'7.'!'7If1l rout' Drew, Gihson, Fasterday, Gihhs, Foster, avis, Gainey, D'Astino. lfigllllll rrzlux' Favtor, Festner, Davis, Dell, Foulger, Heflin, Good, Godlilcer. Ninth rofw: Gillette, Graham, Godley, Gemetti, Smith, Har- rison, Halstead, Gillespie. Tfnih rrmc.' Hawk, Hesla, Haskell, Gooding, Hale, Greenberg, Handy, Handy. Elwwlzih rn-zr: Llewellyn, Jones, Qlennings, Kehl, lrwin, Kennedy, Ketchum, Kester' 8011. 0 F : t ":', Q v, Twflflfl rofw: Huhhard, '-v- ' 2 'tl R, -:,' Jones, Kendrick, jackson, ' b EJ Honevcnt, H odge, H nie, if , f ' 'E" luarez. , Q x . .. - X Q . C 4 :Q in , ' '. V , ,H A Tllirfrflztff I'0llL'.' Johnson ig QQ I ' " .,., Son, Irland, QIOIIC' 'elley. Q L ,,.,. ,. 6 Q QQQQ ... QQ .. ., ,x ,, Q QQ . X . ' D l , ', N C ' , N X ' 4,., ,' r V 1 H, Fl1lU'fl'l'Ilffl rofw: Medrano sf 6 Me- me Mdlhfs' H ' 'iii' ' f1"' I'- l'--" Z ' ..,... Kff...,... L'.. ....- l-A T nn., FRFSHMAN Tuff rms: Linder, Martin lxrause. Krause. Ludlow, I.e- fllllff, Markey, Knittle. l ,M!Ma.w .Vw-nzzd roms: Langeloh, Para- more, Moran, Neumeier, Pat- terson, Natie, Murphy, Pat- ICFNOII. v l Tlfirif rome: Paxton, Nedqv, Miller, Mooney, Pacheco Partridge, Moromarco Moniet. aa' H- Q 'Y' :E .. M ..: ,. k K W . ."'s ai X s n ..-Jw up ' or , .P v -nw .5 25525222 ef - A I Fnurlfz roar: Nenherger, N-e-lws, Morris. Neumeier, Peel, San- ders, Rayburn, Rumer. Fifllz rnfuz' Roe, Posey, Pot- toff. Rice, Scholes, Scaife, Reeves, Sapp. Xixlll rum: Schoen, Prescott, Reyhurn. Ratterree, Qualls, Russey, Rahn, Pierce. .Yf'a'n1ll1 rnfuz' Reed. Prichard, Pringle, Schultz, Turk, Van Behher, Van lke, Stump. liiafllh rm:-: Tinker, Slosson, Talhot, Taft, Snodgrass, Shaffer, Scheck, Scott. .Yinfh func: Thompson, Svl- vester, Smith. Sortemme, Schultv, Smith, 'l'l1I'L'U!1C, Van Hehhcr. Trnlfl rnluy' Tripplet. Shen- herd. VVehher. Zander. VVild- ing, NVolf, Vaughn, VVhite. I . Q fflrfzwvllll rofw: Vllolf, Vklatsnn, YVamnler. Vehster. VVnters, Vurick, Young, itherell. -A Tflcflfill rnuy' VVhitt0n. VVhit- man. NVildinQ VViIli:vms. VVightman, YVilliams, VVill- iams, VViley. -fm we uf ,,,,. . e S . 'nge e- . , s qui., 5-k - x e ..,-. A . ' Q WS WSS, K, 9 . 1 'pvujq 5 as ,Q A il E, - P , ' Q Q .2 2-S' v ' B , . . N .. -.., ' li -'-' ' i sf? Na+ . 1 ! , .A ' 'J In " ,:, , E. 3. ' if f 2 " .,., "" e . kc, .Q P ' , ,. .-i- 1 A ..,: ,H W. -. aa 'e - I L I f s H 1 I .,,t - Y- 29.35 it t i .,,, if --. , k ,,, 35 1.5. .. 1 ss, P -fs s .E R - f . , Q 9 Q... .- ili.. , Q' .ax in is f is g. as fe CPM G Q t N I ::'-s if P "' ' -ge M7 1- A . my X ,,., i t":l W i P ' Q , ' . 'fm 9 I - . ,-M Tflirlrrllllz rnfw: VViley, Vis- tenzo, Burris, Anderson. Clarke, Boulnnger, Berry, Croeker. I-'nzzrlmlllh rulux' Burk, Tap- low, follier. Ayouh, Bronson, Brock, Cincca, Bridge-rs. 1' YM iii Q Q I , . . Q , K . K .5,, ,... it i, .1 iw 'la l M. WA .f Q, "" ' Q Y ,A as ig , ., . 1 1 ef -E r . . W f 1 - f -"'2 ':ff- X' 0 . -:-- E 2.5 5 Q if sb , . M 'F' QQ ' . Z , ,.,. . ' D "' X ' A , -::' 53,5 l A I ..,, E AQKQ ,, 3, L l ,, mff.. Z J lf. W. ' Hi 1 ,aft zz... L rs N at We Y Q 1 ,, san. Z., if .X M. ll X , -f-5511 .,,,, , si AAV' H- , , ,.,!.. era .. ' KW A . 1. 'sa A ,Ui :,1. if Q 4. 'Hr 4 J - ,,.,- 1-,1 ' 7 ,ef m s AQ FRESHMAN Top row: Barre, Clarke linrns, Baxter, Farnsworth, Farnsworth, Anning, Burk- head. Sfwxlril I'll1L'.' Bliss, Candelas Foster, Ciarliek, lissilig, Day Harrison, Cline. Tfliril 1'nfLc.' Fillmore, Finluy- son, Godley, Dulwel, Dadkam, llamlin, Gemette, Garner. Fnurlll 7'0fLL'.' Hastings, Foss Faulkner, Fisk, France, Ilallil hnrton, Garvin, Ferguson. Fiflh rnfw.' Ferracone, Leko, Martinez, Mattocks, Huggins, Ilostetler, Leach, Mares. Sixlfl l'0l'LL'.' Kullifay, Hine, Hines, Manning, Hesketr, La nh, Lomas, Kelly. .S'1'1w'11tl1 rofw: Heyman, Mc- Daniel, Hurlhurt, Newman, Puhlman, lN1CcilZl5C0l1, Mock, McPherson. Eighifl rome: MClN1ann, Mitchell, Paramore, Nanney, Moore, Morrison, Moore, Parr. Ninth rome: Moser, Miller, Neely, Nakamura, Molina, Nafie, Schierling, Ronntree. Twill: I'0fLL'.' Monjillo, Russel . Sewa rd, Satragni, Stevens, Pruess, Smith, Rehart. Elrfvrnllz rofw: Schneider Sharp, Seargeant, Seward Simmons, Sheafnr, Potter Spicer. Tfwrlffll rnfw: Rodger, Smith Slater, Smith, Rhoe, VVhited Wagner, VVindette. Tllirfrrn rofw: Tobey, Sund- quist, VVeIls, XVindl1igler Stults, Stout, Towsley, Xveh- HCT. Fourlvfnrll rofw: Vchimura Stewart, Zarn, VVeisenfreund VVatts. v 1 v v IX 'XIENIORILVXI N11 B1l11L11KBll1LX Robert 13rim1gc1's, April 25, 1021 - October 8. 103 1"ss :'- C46 45 PPD -lm ffm .2 U , i Yi? 4 T 4 . ya.. ll X 'Z H lu Tn. egg. .5 .i" m 1 Z .g-QL , . Q if . fin ', E' 1 s 'J-Qt . Y ,QQ 1" 'Q'-1 - f- Qi . 33, a. Jfkx ai' awe.. -.W-f-yf X X r- W www- L M. 123105 l-Annuuncerk Bnntll 2-XVI1u's Caught. 3-Hikers. 4--Pretty soft, ,lolmnie 5-Curnpus snow-rnnn. 6-Those three. 7-Legs. 8-Big-shut. 9-Carnival pfng. 10-Extremes. II--VV. P. A. worker. 12-Campus beauties. 13-Strolling along. Sultlirr mam. l'z'ct lm'ul'pul'a1tcd. lvlllli mam Smith. Uunw :md get Tm. Hlumlcs :mtl Imw. llnllyutmd next? Un tht' steps ot It'1ll'IliIl,, l'hix ix sltggestive. How nivc. X pretty Miss. C'Ismning1 nmuud. fy Oi, 2,-1 , gf ,0- 35 t, 5 -tggawzg p... 'L- ASQ! 1 I . I reafive Gfcfivifies O . . scratching pens . . . fevered thought . . . copy drums . . . crimson coats . . . christmas carolling fnot li hts . . . curtain p0StCl'S . . . QQYCZISC Dilillt . . . I lNil'I'Ol'S . . . VCSPGI' ofwi JO! W, , 19 m ifliiffk ', W QW W w MW Q W J J Q J CREATIVE AC'l'IVI'l'IES BVU GAI7'I'SC'IlI MISS McMILLAN JIMMY KIRKPATRICK rimsoiz cuz my Silaff 00N after school had settled down to its normal swing, the Annual Staff held its first meeting. At this meeting a theme was chosen. Since the candid camera rage was coming in strong, and because the Annual has been criticized in the past for its use of "outsiders" pictures, the Staff decided on "Campus Life" as a theme for this yearls book. Instead of art work, drawing, cartoons, snapshots, and photography were used throughout this book. This year the Annual sales contest was won by -lay Ile- wire, who sold one hundred books. The 1938 Staff includes: our able sponsor, Bliss IN'IcIX'IiIlang Editor-in-Chief, Frederick Gautschig Assistant Editor, johnny Priceg Senior A Editor, Cedric Blakey Senior I3 Editor, Dorothy .Iueg Business llanager, ,Iimmy Kirkpatrickg Assistant Business Rlanager Billy Cornitiusg Sports Editors, Patsy Daugherty and Illonte Steadmang Literary Editor, INIargaret Obegi: Organization hlanager, .lack llaurerg and Snapshot Editor, Don O'SuIIivan. AIOHN PRICE CEIDRIC BLAKE DORUTIIY .IVE MARGARET OBEGI BILLY C'URNI'I'II'S MONTE STIEADMAN PATSY DAI'GHER'1'Y DUN O'SI'I.I.IVAN JACK MAVRIQR A r xt all 1 . r f irror Sfaff 0 spread the news of the school to every student and to promote good fellowship and friendship within the school is the main purpose of the Klirror. The Blirror is selfhsupporting. lr is printed by the Van Nuys News and paid for by sub, scriptions of students. All news and editorials are written hy menibers of the journal- ism classes. we 50 vw W? Stall members are the Editor, Assistant Editor, News, junior High, Feature, Boys' and Girls' Sports Editors, all of whom are selected from the 2lllV2lIlCC'll Jour- nalism Class. The Editors for this year have been Walter' Herbst and Don O'Sullivan. For the first time a -Iunior High journalism Class is oflerecl. News for the Junior High page is written by this Class. Editors are Bob Brandon and lizlrbara VVinilette. lllrs. Betts is the instructor. Q44 SI D757 THE TANTRUM IN MY BLOOD! Vdmd RAMA classes grew in size and number this year, due perhaps to our new auditorium, which makes it possible for students to present their work to larger audience. In the fall a try-out was necessary to limit the junior High Class, and in the spring two classes of junior High and two Advanced Classes were scheduled, in addition to the usual beginning Senior High Class. Each class presented several plays in the oral arts room to invited guests. Advanced classes gave Hve excellent produc- tions for assembly programs. Students in the beginning classes are given foundation work in voice training, diction, and pantomime, and each member of the class takes part in at least one play. Advanced classes work on more finished performances for assemblies andxalso read plays representative of the great periods in the history of drama. The fall Advanced Class presented the one-act comedy "The Tantrum" to both Junior and Senior assemblies. Eugene White starred as Timmy. His' sisters, Bunny and Paula, were played by Nedra Attix and Patsy Daugherty. The part of Cousin Geneva was ably carried by Thelma Sukeforth. Jo Raleigh Jennings as Roger and Pauline Maus as great Aunt Linnie completed the leads, and minor parts were played by Bob Goodnough, Arthur Plath, Orville Smith, Violette Martinez, and Kathryn Gillespie. Masquers, an Honor Dramatic group, was originated this year. Membership is invitational and based upon scholarship in drama as well as outstanding work and satisfactory citizenship. This new club allows outstanding students in the field to continue work as a club after they have taken all drama courses offered. Charter members were: Catherine Connell, president, Walteir Tilfordi Anabel Halfeng Eleanor Weisenfreundg Eugene White, Patsy Daugherty, and Jo Raleigh Jennings. ec 52 23: "I'VE GOT TANTRUMS A1w xwulflw Iluxxm BFCIXXINC l7P..x x1,x .IVXIUR I7k.xx1.x O 1 IXIASQVIZRS A GOOD EGG "You must be proud of your boy, Doctor." l'6LI'l'l6l OR the first time in many years the Senior Class presented a three-act play. Their choice Was the side-splitting comedy of adolescence, "A Good Egg." Eddie Blackmon ably portrayed the part of the Good Egg, junior Clayton. Dr. and Mrs. Clayton. his father and mother, were played by Walter Tilford and Eleanor Weisen- freund. Margaret Allen took the part of Vivian, his sister, and Eugene White the roll of Bumps his pal. The cast was supported by Miriam Taft, Anabel Halfen, Agnes Gerrard, Catherine Connell, Scott Brandon, Orville Smith, Daniel Martinez, and Bill Gilcrease. The fall Junior High class showed their outstanding ability in their fine produc- tion of the one-act comedy, "Yes lVIeans No," which they presented on the March Talent Show. The cast was made up of Herant Mehterian, Johnny Sanders, Barbara Wightman, Telma Bolender, and Leonard Rosenberg. "Fish Cure," a one-act farce, was presented in a spring assembly by one of the advanced classes. Margaret Obegi carried off all honors in her amusing roll of Aunt Louisa. Bud Borchand and lVIatilda Delceg quarrelled convincingly throughout the play. May, the cook, was ably portrayed by Araxy Alexanian. "Babbit's Boy," a one-act comedy, was given on this same program by the other advanced class. Lee Campbell was most convincing in his portrayal of the heavy father. His wife, Mrs. Briggs, was done by Beverly Windbigler. Scott Brandon as William, his song Neenah Fish as Jane, his daughter, Jane Russel as the attractive girl friend, and Frances Perez, as the pretty maid, completed the cast. "Big Hearted Herbert," a three-act comedy, was presented as a school play in Nlay. The lead was carried by Jo Raleigh Jennings and jimmy Butters. Eleanor Weisenfreund starred again in the roll of Herbert's Wife. Harry Schultz, Eugene White, and Anabel Halfen completed the family, and june 1VIacWillia111s pleased in her role of the Cockney maid. The cast was supported by Lowell Lauesen, Catherine Connell, James Daugherty, John Lang, Pauline Maus, Ma1'garet Obegi, and Jimmy johnson. X -Nw ,- . 1 xrwxxqvx. v-rf' K , wwwsrwvj K VD -17 Fw! -N11 Q . . , .X .Q... W ..,x N 1 f5XL.X Q W. L, Q . Qt 2 Y - xr SAS-'gig K' ' QI f lil yi!! 'll 5 gg Q x an 5 Q jd- ,, -Kun kk 1 ,Q ' 51. , G 54 ' xxx 'SYS M' 'la A 'gt -" - 5 f. N fs .frfqisgkig A . , x - . - -Q Xi ixmimi Qi fwigma i fl 1 'H A 1 R 1 J x '1 EY: x fy- .X W L A " A Q53 X151 X mix, t .xhgiz 5 ' ,1Q s. 3 . K Qg Q Q i X jx a V 'K X fn' , E. 'fr ' X 7' Y' 'g W .X.X MW -h-- i + 1 W G? I Glmppeffa Gilzoir lN'Ir. Sayre succeeded in developing a group of select voices into a fine A Cappella Choir. llflembers sang at various church and school programs. The choir, composed of both male and female voices, concentrates on classical music written by the great masters. Oflicers were: President, George Harden, Vice-President, lVIildred Taylor: Secretary-Treasurer, Arthur Plath, Librarian, James Daugherty and Eugene Walker. glee om, lyliss Wernlund, the Glee Club director for many years, was unable to be with us this year due to ill health. Mfr. Runsvoldt was the new director, and Mrs. Minkler the new accompanist. The Valley Festival of lN'Iusic was held at Van Nuys and the Glee Clubs acted as hosts. They sang at the World Friendship Symposium on April 7, and at the Vesper Services for the W'38 and S'38 classes. The oflicers were: Fall semester: Presidents, Roy Ferguson, Agnes Gerrardg Vice-Presidents, Cedric Blake, Ray Davis, Secretaries, Don O'Sullivan, Barbara Oltmang Treasurers, Willis Mollet, Helen johnson, Librarians, Wesley Wells, Jean Cusson. Spring semester: Presidents. Wesley Wells, Jean Cussong Vice-Presidents, Bob Kanaly, Camilles Gaineyg Secre- taries, John Price, Mary Jane Brunner, Treasurers, Don Tasker, Margaret Obegig Librarians. Orville Smith. Eleanor Weisenfreund. Orclzes fm Although the Senior Orchestra personnel numbered only eighteen, much pleasure was derived from the daily rehearsals. The repertoire this year included selections from The Showboat, Rose Marie, Irene, The Cat and the Fiddle, and The Chocolate Soldier. Mary Vee Forrer, was concert-mistress the first semester, and Mary Ellen Oltman served the second semester. This year Mr. Runsvoldt has directed both Junior and Senior Orchestras. Exceptionally good progress was made by the Junior Orchestra in the fall semester. An average of twenty-six were enrolled. Both orchestras were heartily received at their several appearances in Hubbard Auditorium. 3602 Appearing in resplendent new uniforms at the football games, Armistice Day parade, Talent Assembly, Open House, Carnival, and Southern California Band and Orchestra Festival, the band gave a good account of itself. A steady improvement in playing ability and marching technique was noticeable. Walter Tilford proved to be a stellar drum major. Officers were: President, LeRoy Ford, Vice-President, Lee Palmer: Secretary, Irene Williamsg Librarians, Harry Foulger and joe Couture. A CAPPELA Cuonz ,num fvlll kiln lim's'tl1r1L'1ux Ukvllz-'s Hxfslw STAGE CREW Slfdqd FEW This year's crew has been a very responsible, busy organization. It would be hard to estimate the value of this group to the Student Body in dollars and cents. The new scenery and platforms speak for themselves. The crew has striven manfully to be a credit to the school and to the new auditorium. Mr. George Blake is the instructor. rg? ecfiolz The Projection Crew is a non-credit school service group sponsored by lN'Ir. Sorber which relieves the teaching staff of the routine handling and projecting of motion pictures for visual education as well as for entertainment of the Student Body in assemblies. Each member must pass an examination in motion picture operation and be licensed by its visual education department. Gflrf The objectives of the Art Club are: to encourage members to work at home in any Held of art in which they are interested, to help in the decorations of buildings, halls and rooms for such occasions as prep dances, school parties, open house, and holidays, and to learn to beautify both themselves and their homes. President for the semester is Anna Green. ebafizzq With the objectives of stimulating clear thinking, inspiring reasoning, promoting unprejudiced argumentations, and of acquiring a better knowledge of current affairs, the Debate Club has carried on an active year under the sponsorship of lVIrs. Thias. Aside from the many debates given by the members of this club, they have visited the Superior Court of Los Angeles, and have enjoyed other such activities. The officers for the year were: Presidents, Walter Herbst and Frederick Gautschig Vice-Presidents, lklell Callan and ,lack Singlaubg Secretaries, Frances James and Helen Keller. giiiure armers The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of high school boys studying vocational agriculture. The aim of the organization is to develop citizenship, leadership, scholarship, and co-operative effort. The purpose of the club is to "Earn while learningf, 44 44 7575 N Q , fn . , 35 i X . v y , , an " .L . 15 ,ll Q ww, Nm S N ,., as ,g V5 Nix A-'xx i Q :yr Q, ,nf N A 3 x , .- kv N :" . . nw , X J A if Q fi A :L - uf . i 1-K4 S,'f5'15f-4 l' fw Q i.. 3.35, x F"-,R Q SYS a .4n fx Xi , 4 :': w VN N x X .S sw. -Ia Q:- SFF A N xx N-X '- M X ,. qw!-'W ' A Q 'K M Q 'M 4+ i Q 1 ll. f N yw I A .- X 4 X KR. x Thr 6 x if A if 4 Q 5 . lx J X ' Fx, , -Q W 2 9? . J n U! , 1 omragskip . . . new clubs . . . old Clubs . . . science trips . . . friend- ship banquets . . . hi-y suppers . . . prep dances . . . thanks for the memories . . . Carnivals . . . marching feet . . . inspections . . . , ,W M'fM uf 0' LJ' ww WW K j L'N1oR Sckofarslzip HAPTER -H, the Senior High School Scholarship Society, this semester has a membership of seventy-five, the largest in the history of the school. This society is composed of students who have for the past semester received four Rs three of which are recommended. The aim of the society is to stimulate interest in individual scholarship and school service. The ofhcers for the semester are: Elouise Boller, Presi- dentg llilton Cherry, Secretaryg Kenneth Powlesland, Treasurer. The junior High Honor Society is made up of those students who receive four or more recommendations in scholarship. activity, attitude, and accomplishment. lt is possible to get on the Honorary llention list by gaining three recommendations. To be on the Honor Roll should be the ambition of everv student in Van Nuys junior High School, for such membership means real leadership. SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP SCI-IOLARSI inf N PREP DANCE COMMITTEE F670 CUZCES HE Dance Committee, headed by Gloria Voyda, had an unusually suc- cessful semester. Meiiibers for the past semester were: John Wardlayv. Virginia jones, Bob Rynearson, Pat Ward, Dolores Smith, Cedric Blake, Betty Steiner, -lay Dewire, Ed Tyler, Louise Wayiie, Bud Gautschi, and Jimmie Butters. The students sup- ported the dances with a high average of about two hundred and twenty at each dance. Shamrocks, clay pipes, clovers, and even the Blarney Stone were represented at the St. Patrick's dance, which started the semester off with a bang. A raflle was held, and as the Annual campaign was in full swing, two free subscriptions were given away to the two lucky winners. The second dance was quite in accord with the theme of the day, April, but instead of the theme being "April Fool," as every one expected, guests were surprised by "April Foo." The "Foo" language was much in vogue, and the names of popular dance tunes were changed to "Foo" titles and were painted on the walls, "It's Foo l'm After," and "In the Foo of the Night." The evening was topped off with everyone dancing the "Big Apple." VValter Tilford and his swing orchestra provided the music for these two dances. Hales of straw and all the barnyard animals greeted the guests at the Cotton and Cord dance. The music was furnished by a girls' group who played square dances as well as swing music for the enioyment of the guests. Judging by the crowd, cotton and cords proved their popularity with the students. The last dance of the semester drew a larger crowd than usual. This dance, being semi-formal and the honoring the Senior Als, was an unusual treat. Everyone was displaying his best "bib and tuckerf' The sponsors for the dances were Coach Quinn and Coach lllargadant. Their interest in Prep Dances was greatly appreciated by the students. CC 62 bb ' 5 X Qi - O S, xx? ,l , -" 1, nw Hi' f - 5543 ' Xa! wi 1 1 ,w ,-A ,ssh Q , . 1 h Q . ' .1 Q 5 :A , , lb' ' ,r. : .,-- SX - X 1? k is . , . Q Rm! Y Y f ,S s,?g: .HS 1 -, ,, ,I Q, -x I Q4 H b- K .. Q N Q X f -X 5 Q Q ,-QS :Y gsm ,. . .5 ff f.: .. s . V .f J ' ff ?. 7 F F rvg, m Ji xg: ix! -Q ,1 Sf? i K f xv ' Q A gg ii V .,,., M, W Q S M P gf' 1 5 3 ,K ,P A .a qi . 1 is VI' if qi 9, QQ, 53, , g R . " W A 1 Qs? M3 'vw 1 R ' isa? ff' ' - K 5 .ISSN ' Q Z, - If-.n gym.. ,gf x 'X - '- N. ., . , ,kin . SQ will . . f ! Q 3 Q g f' Q 6 QV.. 15,5 9 H U X 5 Ki: NX. :L t , 1 . 91 My .,", A x -A f -f. E lly. Q t K Q ff., wx: Mg? ye Y R... 'Q' xi 0-I V U :xx . im, - D 5 r J.. XF? t Y x.-xx . QHX A v Q J: 'f ' at 5 3 k ' 25, 2 5 If 33 1' - k , ' f J . , : m 9 QW 5 5 S X- f Y 'f 'X , ff fx 3 S7165-il! The Hi-Y Club is a group of boys who represent the pick of the school in char- acter, scholarship, and athletics. lflr. VVard is the sponsor. Besides being socially active, it is a service organization. The oHicers for the two semesters were: Presidents, lNIonte Steadman and Cedric Blake, Vice-Presidents, Cedric Blake and Robert Rynear- song Secretaries, .lay Dewire and Ed Tyler, Treasurers, John Wardlaw and Billy Cornitius. Cr! - il! The Tri-Y's purpose is "to find and give the best." Through our activities we discover the joy of creative living and seek to enrich our own lives and to share in the building of our school. We also strive to promote friendship and to develop leadership and character. Officers for the last semester were: President, Audrey Raymond, Vice- President, Margaret Smith: Secretary, Vivian Kempleyg Treasurer, Virginia Moore. Committee heads: Frances Twichell, Anna McCool. Jean Brunskill, and Jean Harris. Sponsors: Mrs. Malmstedt and Mrs. Seward. Oyorfd gifiendsfzip World Friendship's presidents this year were Gloria Voyda and Pat Ward. The club is limited to forty membersg the first to apply are admitted. The aim of the club is to do whatever they can to promote world and school friendship. The activities this year included the Peace Symposium, City Federation meeting, and Italian dinner, and the city-wide Banquet at University of Southern California. dence Under the direction of hir. Davis, the Science Club has just completed a most 'uccessful year. Highlights of the year were the trips to Mt. Wilson and the Desert. The officers of both semesters were as follows: President, Don Smith and Ed Heimang Secretaries Marilyn Hollinger and Kenneth Powleslandg Treasurers, Pat Manning and jack Singlaubg Historians, jack Singlaub and Milton Cherry. Safefy The Van Nuys High School Department of Safety has been in operation for the last two years. Leroy Ball is Chief. There are also eight captains and sixteen assist- ants, This group plays an important role in fire drills and various other school activi- ties which require safety attention. Through its act1v1t1es the students are becoming conscious of the necessity for safety, both at school and in the home. fl l VR:-Y VVnRl.1w 1-'lurivns SCIENCE L'1.L'n Q xr'lirx' 955 4-1 "Yun . .ax . wil 2 ,mg ...Q JU NIOR HI-Y mzior- Z-y lN'Iembers of the junior Hi-Y strive to maintain clean sportsmanship, clean speech, and Christian fellowship. lt is a young organization, and has just begun to function with real work still ahead. The club sponsor is a man who understands boys and is very well liked, Mr. lVIargadant. Club oflicers are: President, -lohnny Sanders, Vice- President, Billy I-lubbardg Secretary, Douglas Sykes. .Eaibz Activities of the Latin Club consist of an annual banquet and programs put on by the students. Only students who have had one year of Latin and are continuing with it are eligible for membership. Officers for the year were: Presidents, Kenneth Powlesland and lklonte Steadmang Vice-Presidents. Gordon Hall and Elouise Bollerg Secretaries. jimmy Butters and Jeanette lVIyers3 Treasurers, Seymour lllonk and Don Stewartg Commissioner of Entertainment, Elouise Boller and jack Singlaub. B65 gfifes Under the sponsorship of lllrs. Holubar, the French Club was reorganized and attractive pins were chosen. Paul Allen was elected president, Floyd Smith vice- president, Ermale Smith secretary, and Fred lhfICclLllI'C treasurer. An ice skating party, a theatre party, and a beach party were among the many interesting diversions enjoyed by the enthusiastic members of Les Elites. 05 6LWL,D6UZ6I'05 Los Companeros, under the sponsorship of lVIr. Pesqueria, was organized in l93l. In 1938 this Spanish Club merged with El Progreso and Barney Grover became its first president. lVIembers must have successfully completed at least two semesters of Spanish and be voted into the club by a majority. Objectives of the club are to give its members an opportunity to meet socially, to develop an interest in Spanish music, literature, theatre, radio, etc., and to come to a better understanding of Spanish speak- iuouflz The Allied Youth was organized this semester. Their purpose is to prove that good times may be had without the use of alcoholic beverages. Their activities were of a social and educational nature, which included dinners, a hike, beach party. trip to the night court, and skating. Officers were: Lowell Lauesen, President, Pat Ward. Vice- Presidentg Helen Keller, Treasurerg Cedric Blake, Secretary 3 Ada Belle Clark, Sponsor. ing people. ' . i. qfcsxzbg? ,-jf' ,f I I K - I . ' . x' .. ' ,L : ww X- 5 , x -L 1'-QQ A an f, -9 - ,fi f I .,-. V XD l . , 1 Q k WC' ' A 435' TT .Ar mxwt. Qi Q., 1- ae, J a f , - A 'rc . 1 - .- M ay.. - N' K Qf ' jg ... ,Asp . Q-,Q ,., 2: gg ,.,- Sr., M fir A 1 yy, ' MX ' x v 1- "" -L -,Y Q ' - 1' H ' -N - , i WM - 'y A , s X M ... A A ,Q ,. N. X ,, f 'C 4' f 1 in . , V., , . , -f W A . . ,U EQ, 3 QW -SA, vqx-aggkw at T X N H Q In .mf xggwwkxalsww MT. fu ,j x. 'I R Q . M 97 -Lfilkh + R X .Q , , gi: rkfw k . . . xi . ,A Q 1112 A f . .' 'Q 1 9 K Q . ' ' -'ff A Nye . I - we ' . ,. mf xg , ff I 'A 'WE X ' ' S sr 1 is A X' . P f - A ' W Z ' x 4 I fi-5 7 kk ' ' . Q 3 Q A Q A a lv R5 M 2, N A 5 ' .. 4 Q ., 'f 1' u Q ' Q ' 2' ,. - 4. X9 . x . , . E . . A- . 4 A .gk 's . 'Q-Fw? v 3 Q .. 5 ' V ' 315 45 j fi 25 9 ' 5: af 12 'Ss.'11qg"0f ',,5,m . v , I X 6 , J mn 3' FQff'f. ?il 3f- d..'s-Q VL , - I K Ki L, f 1 bk E N x sw A x 3 'I ' 2' ' v ? is-3423 ' A A W 5 .1 X Q K X X . ,, Q .-fx. A .. l 'MT I ix - M + ,5? f5 if il fb I 1 Nj ' 31 K H, T f' + Q .ff .,,.', 3: -J", ., 5 N .F kk ' - . V' .A " Q T 5 RQ ' 'Nu m K i . E uulu 4 ' ",. X 3 . 4 4 . ,ix-.x .K X W A K - A ' x .J N NJ., er HS.,,,g4gb5x,,,., , , K ,L ,vp u Q I Q M 1 Q 5 R X tl 54 lay' f ., 'Q' -f ff --wa so- QXA -,-A IRQ. , 5. I Q :ff 13, 15 ke NN. 3 . Q , . f -s PF as ' .1 M1 X , 'MAA Q, -'QQ X, 'J' . X ,QL RQ 73. 0. C G HE R. U. T. C. had a very successful year under the expert guidance of Sergeant Smith with the help of the following ofhcers: First semester, Captain, hlel Callang First Lieutenant, James Kirlcpatrickg Second Lieutenants, Earl Clark, Donald O'Sullivan, and Mortoii Brownson. Second semester, Captain james Kirkpatrickg First Lieutenant, Earl Clarkg Second Lieutenants, Don O'Sullivan, lllorton Brown- son. and Walter Tilford. The great asset of having only one officer graduate in February was offset by twenty-five recruits coming in at that time, which made it necessary for every person in the unit to work his hardest in order to be prepared for the Ninth Corps Area Inspection in the spring. The Army Ball, as usual, was a great success, as the brilliant uniforms and formals swung to the rhythm of Walter Tilford's swing band. The boys acted with great efhciency as guards and ushers for all the sports events and most performances in our new auditorium. The climax of a semester never to be forgotten, was the Annaul Ninth Corps Area Inspection held on April 22, in which the unit was inspected by hlajor Randolf Gordon. Colonel Samuel Dallam and lylajor Duff, both present at the inspection, commended the Van Nuys unit highly on their efficient drill and theoretical knowledge. 9 3 OFFICERS' CLITB I l'1.,x'l'mmN J lll Pl.,x'1'u I I..X'l'UUN N' fi I ll Q. L ,M L 1 - , k , .bw V , , ,f H. , , .W1,is,,,,1..A'f WL f my W Q ' XMSQQSV fav,-5 fmw wi A A Q if ,Q ' gi n A-1':'?1'ws"' ' f W 'r' f EXW feaSzim:w:,.5f .. f' ' 'f . fm w +-kwm?Ef?:'?:- - A Q wh, ...T MS ... 2 Q .Fi 6542! la - .g '-+I: f Ag. - '- Y' .N ' ,5 . W, f Sf A " aim.. Dear Sally: My annual letter is a long one this time. It doesn't seem possible that so many things have happened in two semesters, but at Van Nuys there's always something doing. School started off with a bang on Monday, September 13. lt was good to see everybody again-looking a little darker thanks to days spent at the beach. Thursday, the 16th, we had our first assembly in the brand new auditorium. The following Thursday, September 23, we had our first rally of the season on our new bleachers. It was really keen to be able to start the semester off with an aud. and big bleachers. Friday, October 1, we had a practice football game with University High. The next VVednesday we received Mirrors for the first time that semester. This year the Mirror was under the guidance of Mrs. Betts, a newcomer at Van Nuys. Our first Prep dance was held Friday, October the 8th, in the VVomen's Cjyb House. The following Friday we had a football game with Eagle Rock-score 0-0. The song and yell leaders turned out in white pull over sweaters with red emblems. Tuesday, October 19, we had a dedication ceremony in the aud. It is now the Donna H. Hubbard Auditorium. The 29'th of the same month saw us on the short end of a 13 to 6 score-this time our opponents were the North Holly- wood Huskics. On November Sth we had another disappointing football game with Canoga Park-14-0. Friday, the 12th, it was even worse-a game with San Fernando-score 19-0. However, we put our best foot forward for the Crimson and Gray dance which was held that same evening. Basketball season started a little slowly. VVe lost our first game to .Eagle Rock--31-2-1, on Friday, November 19. VVe made up for that, though, when we defeated Verdugo 63 to 20, December 3rd, By this time, we were on our way to town, beating North Hollywood on the 10th with a score of 29 to 22. On the same day we presented the Senior Play, "A Good Egg," in the aud. It was a clever comedy and amusingly portrayed. The following Friday we beat Canoga Park 50 to 2-1-. That night we had our bi-annual Army Ball. Tuesday, December 21, Van Nuys was again victorious, this time over San Fernando to the tune of -1-2 to 24-. The Senior Bees received their beige sweaters on the same dav. One look at the Becs and the Mighty Senior A's shouted 'tiiunny sacks!" january 7th of the new year saw us lose again to Eagle Rock, 35-33. That night Van Nuys was host for a Glee Club Festival. Tuesday, January 11, we had elections for Prexy. Mtmnte Steadman, Cedric Blake, Scott Brandon, and VValter Tilford were up. The next day we vo-ted again-between Blake and Brandon. Scott got it. YVednesday, January 12, another victory in basketball. Verdugo lost with a score of 34--12. Friday, the 1-I-th, was Alumni Day. VVe lost the basketball game with North Hollywood on 'the 21st. That night we had a Prep dance in the Gym which made us forget our woes. VVednesday, January 26, we won the last basketball game of the season. It was against Canoga Park. The next day the G. A, A. had a Spread in the Cafeteria. Mr. Rankle showed us some motion pictures of ourselves in action on the basketball court. Vllere we disillusionedl The mighty Senior A's graduated Thursday, Fehruary Srd. The lyovs were in roy al blue caps and gowns and the girls wore white. This was the Hrst class to graduate from our auditorium. On Thursday, Fehruary 24, Mr. Vernon llendrx presented his adaption of the Passion Play. The next day saw us win our first gym game-against Eagle Rock. NVednesday, March 9, the Glee Cluh gave its partv for the new memhers. The party was held in the cafeteria. Friday, March 11, we had another gav Prep dance in the Gym. VVednesday, the 16th, we had a gym exhibit in the auditorium. Curtis Townsend and Boh VVaterf:ield, former XVolves, together with several other Vclans, came to Van Nuys to show us how to do it. Our hots proved that they didn't need any showing though. Friday, March 23, we had a Talent Show in the and. Later in the after- noon, we won a gym meet against San Fernando. XVednesday, the 30th, the Seniors and juniors had a track meet. The Senions won-much to the disgust of the under classmen. lfriday, April 1, we had an April Fool Prep dance. Those who attended, did so at their own risk-and had lots of fun. Tuesday, April 5, the lli-Y had a dinner. The next day, the students won in a hasehall game hetween themselves and the facnltv. Un Thursday, the 7th, the Valley Gym Nieet was held at San Fernando, Yan Nuys made a good showing. Friday, the Sth, was the last day of school hefore Easter vacation. VVe had an assemhly at which two plays were given. They were put on hy the Advanced Drama Classes. One class put on a plat ahout a son who considered himself too cultured for his family-it was called "l5ahhitt's Boy." The other play, "Fish Cure"-was ahout an old lady-an optimist to the nth degree-who heeame an unwelcome visitor in her nephew's home when her visit stretched itself over five long weeks. VVe won Il track meet with Fagle Rock on the same dav-a swell heginning for our track season. The Spring play, "Big Hearted llerhert," was presented on Nlav 27. XVe had another Army Ball and a Prep dance too. lilections of othcers next, then we chose Cedric Blake, Kay Stahl, Monte Steadman, and Bud Uautschi lor Fphehians. Lastlwe had graduation! NVasn't that a full year, Sally? It was lots of fun and I'm looking forward to another. 'By now. I.ove, MARGARET. IW Ll will 2 Sporfsmcuzslzip . . . play days . . . spreads . . . relays . . . 220 . . . mile . . . chalk . . . kip . . . giants . . . third base . . . pigskin . . . bruises . . . hoops . . . passes . . . letter girls . . . poison oak . . . Www' ii Sw? V f fifwg,f5r?f W W MQW IP Sll AN SM T IIB SP e':I 's ,J . 1 in if iqbq.-. ' . tv, f. in x N :H 0. V 1. I1 4 if ,Q ,if E f , v 1, , 1.v , gh H. fa .V L V. ,ge fv 91" "fr: ..-"E,,v,, .,,,, ,,, ..i .. V I4-. .- 1- 1,,, I e,., .V Q-jig -A A-,, ..,,Y.,,4'.-V -,1,4,u-,i..-V 4 V, -.,,,-..-l1...L1 AA , ,, , ,, , . A- xv.- '-11-'W .1. ff.--".1'3?" " l ' " 1' 4 . r 1 , -,1 f'1 , .' ' n " 51 .5-J:Q:'l'19'7t .4 V 1 .1 QV, YV, .I AXP I I -1153: .N cr' A ' .1-f . .-2 ' ' .. 1. 'mm 1,5 -, ,I '-' ff - ' ' 'H ,'Q,iU?li3?'f1E'?f 'Pm-1 , Ak - ,L A i , -'-.'2Q'.31U4:,llH" wr'- 'f flu 'WW , z' A - M - . g Q. + Q 1g'f in-'.jfj:"i3 F Lilxj 1, 'ff-" , 'gl '.,'P?: - 4. '53, ,Q gl., 3 ,-5 ,ff-, I' ' , '.f,.u' 'P' ',:"'- 52' :gi-A 5-- I 3' -'Jr ft? git. -ff ff. Q " .. Q-,315 gf 1 H' 1 , 'ji J,q.,1I 5 , 'iggfw .51 ,I V ' -"U 1 - SX ' if 'FW' - X .N , , L, gm-Q. ,Mi p - 1 3 x-1, .- my -. 53,4 fi.: '3- - ' 'V v 'Ji ff .- fv E , -as -Q.3i:r'c:-fwf:12- Q,,aw-51 , . . , . , '5 -1.',,,e.,'7x. l,".1f .. . v 1: -. 5' -. ff ".+.jy5,1,-,fl y- 5,14 14,7 - -: L , in , ', ,, r ,f'-.- waz!! ,vi .- A ,JM Ffh. - - A' " "rf 7 " '-'K-'Ei M55 'ifzfldf' - , V- 1, ,: " 1 ' 'f X Lev W5 , fag.. ' ' , 1' f ' 1 . . V, K ' 1 1' ' x . v 1 ,, ' fu. ' 'Q' -5 . , 9 g,1,rg -. ' ,, f -. - , ' . ' 1 . - mail' vf-f , ., 1 V3 . ,V ,- .Q 5 Q K ,.si...,L,,:3i,:,u3-Vif .L 3.51, -a','fg" T-rl'-163 ,il 1-fa-2512" Wafiiya"' 5, ' M 71. . vffiff- 1x1 -,fyzfgw-Q . fsfay,-,rp.1,1afEr- A, RH t - Q45 fe ,. , ,, ,- .. U A H-1-,fn 'J-'IVV ' 'ffr..L.:, ,i:, v 1 F'-hHi'.5-1' fn, 1 - . - . .f J V -, . . :L -ff 12-aww' ' QMS- .fin ' -f i' ' N.. was 1?'f7J-ik, w::m.:1.a1, H - -A -' -,Haw-,-1 7 w"'1'+--'iv Y'4--lww w e-,Q-A . k E f f ,fl 5.1, 1: 1 1 i .lv 'J P 'T X I 1. ' f .5 H 0y5 I G06lCll65 0 sport section would be complete without a brief review of the coaches, their own particular activities, and sports they supervise. Coach Starr is the head of the department at the present time and has been the A and B track coach during his sojourn here. He coached the swimming team during his first semester at Van Nuys and has coached the B football team and given valuable assistance to the A team. ln his spare time Nlr. Starr is a life guard, and he recently won the Amateur Southern California Divisional Badminton Tournament in men's singles. Coach Barney Quinn has been with us for a few years and has turned out several championship A basketball teams. Not only does he coach basketball but he has put out a championship gym team for two successive years. He also has a hand and a foot in the social dancing classes. Une of our recent additions to the coaching staff is hlr. llargadant who coached the B football and basketball team last fall and is now coaching B and C track. The newest of our coaches is lNIr. Epinnette, who came late in last fall to coach the A football team and to coach the newest sport of soft ball. K4 73 rm E -,, i l F V1 4 5 goofbaff ARSITY football this year was handicapped when slim Hudson, who had been our coach for many years in the art of gridiron warfare, suddenly left us to coach at VVashington High School. For the first few weeks our team was stranded without a football coach. At last, however, Coach Epinnette arrived to guide a green squad through the season as best he could. Another reason for a poor season was the un- fortunate occurrence of many injuries to the mainstays of the team. The spirit was there but the polish and steady co-ordinated performance was lacking. Even though we finished in the cellar position, special recognition was given to a few of the outstanding players on the team. Ellsworth Willialxis was given the berth of guard on the All-San Fernando Valley team, and Captain Don Crotser, in spite of his injuries. won the position of half-back on the second All-Valley team. VVillis lylollett and Moiite Steadman also garnered positions on the second All-Valley team, taking tackle and fullback respectively. SCORES VN ERO VN NH13 VN CPI4 VN SFl9 uc 74 ee goofbaffers The V. N. H. S. Bee footballers were more fortunate in their gridiron clashes than the Varsity. With two games won. two tied, and one lost to an undefeated North Hollywood team, the Wolhets battled their way to a second place in the league standing. When I say battled, I mean they actually fought their way from a bad start to the position next to the coveted hrst place. Tying with Eagle Rock, Verdugo Hills, and losing to the unconquered North Hollywood Huskies wasn't exactly an encouraging beginning. Undauted, the valiant Bees defeated Canoga Park and San Fernando in two successive hard fought games to come through in second place. The outstanding players on the team were La Rock and llcliellup, guardsg Allen, centery lllciluire, tackle: Cifferelli and Caraplis, endsg Anderson, fullbackg Powers and Nleyers, halfbacksg Saunders and U'Halloran, quarterbacks. SCORES VN U ER 0 VN 6 VH 6 VN 0 NHIS VNIZ CPO VN20 SFIO 44 C4 D79 askeiba!! For the Hrst time in five years the Van Nuys Basketball Team failed to annex the Valley championship. Eagle Rock nosed the Wolves out in both games, definitely establishing themselves as the superior team. The Crimson and Gray casaba tossers were in there fighting the entire route, but the breaks were against them. The outstanding players were All-Valley guard, Theo Haley, and All-Valley guard, Bob Rynearson. Although they were not chosen for an All-Valley position, of which there are only five, jim Zastro, Bill Lambert, and Jay Dewire were steller performers. SCORES V N 24 E R 31 33 35 V N 62 V H 20 34 12 V N 29 N H 22 39 28 V N 42 S F 24 56 23 V N 50 C P 24 30 31 The Bee quintet ended their season in second place which is much better than average, as it has been the custom to have a championship Varsity and let the Bees get whatever they can. This year, however, the Wolllets were supplied with a conscien- tious instructor in the form of Coach lllargadant, who almost whipped his squad into championship performance. It is the Bee teams that supply the men for future Varsity teams, and since there are no returning lettermen to the A team, the best performers, Kari, Yorosek, Hanna, Reeves, Kanaly, Grissel, Sliester, and Fritzel will in all likelihood be promoted to the Varsity squad. SCORES V N 25 E R 21 21 ll V N V H 43 25 V N 30 N H 23 17 21 V N 20 S F 37 20 I8 V N 36 C P I8 19 effermenis ssociafiozz HE Lettermen's Association consists of all the class A, B, .and C lettermen. ln the past it has been a very active organization, but since a restriction has been put on entertaining by exhibitions of boxing and wrestling, the activities have largely been cut down to such school service as the members are able to render when called upon. The new sponsor of the Asscoiation is Coach Epinnette with whose help the boys have been attempting a reformation of the constitution for the club. The meetings of the l,ettermen a1'e infrequent and are usually called only when the outstanding athlete of the year is to be chosen or when there is some special service or tluty the Association may render the school. -'44 IB 792' Qmeball funn OR the first time in the history of sports in the San Fernando Valley League soft baseball was introduced. Ir has been several years since hard ball has been played and it took the majority of the season for the team to work into shape. The baseball season is on at the same time as the gym season and comes between basketball and track. so for those boys who have not gone out for ,gym team it provides a sport to occupy their time until track season arrives. The team this year was organized by Coach lfpinnette, who managed to carry them through a fairly successful season. Beginning slowly with defeats at first. the VVolf team gradually hit their stride to win the last of their games. VVithout a doubt great improvement will be made in the teams as the years of competition go by. hlem- bers of the year's team were: hlciiuire, Gonzales, Scott, hlurphy, Sluder, l,amhert. llewire. Clrannell, Cirannell, Yorosek, Nacznnura, llann. VVatson, Van Alstine. SCORES Van Nuys 7 Harvard I2 Van Nuys -l North Hollywood lll Van Nuys I7 Haryard 3 Van Nuys 6 Eagle Rock 5 as 79 my gym 66072 For the second time since the gym team competition started four years ago the Van Nuys muscle men annexed the Valley Championship. They not only defeated all the schools in the Valley League, but they defeated all the schools in the Western League in the City Semi-Finals after they had taken second place in the City Semi-Finals the year before. The Lobo Gymnasts began their season by defeating Fairfax in a practice meet to the tune of 74k to 45VK. Following this win the Wolves journied to Eagle Rock to defeat their traditional rivals, and the only other team to win the Valley Champion- ship besides Van Nuys, by the score of 77 to 58. The team led by Edwin Tyler and Walter Tilford defeated North Hollywood, University High, Canoga Park, and San Fernando in succession. The Wolves met with their first defeat when they met the Li. C. L. A. Frosh in an exhibiton meet in the auditorium at Van Nuys by the score of 55 to 64. Preparing for the Valley meet the gym team defeated Beverly Hills by a large margin. In the All Valley meet the Lobos were closely contested by a surpris- ingly strong San Fernando team which took second place. Entering the City Semi- Finals at Dorsey High with eleven men, Van Nuys placed eight to win over twelve other schools. Competing against sixteen schools in City Finals Van Nuys tied for fifth place with Fremont High. The outstanding men of the season were Tyler and Tilford, who garnered a total of 141 and 104W points in eleven meets. Those who placed in the Valley were: Cap- tain Townsend, Tyler, Tilford. Sliester, Robbins, Nafie. Brandon, Steadman, Davis, Cherry, and O'Halloran. ln the City Semi-Finals were: Tyler, Tilford, Davis, Sliester, Cherry, Steadman, Brandon, and O'Halloran. Tyler was the only man to place in the City Finals, tal-ting a second in the all-around and third on the long horse and placing his school fifth. SCORES Van Nuys 7-UG Fairfax -l-5M Van Nuys 77 Eagle Rock 58 Van Nuys 9016 No. Hollywood 44M Van Nuys 83 University 22 Van Nuys lllow Canoga Park 13M Van Nuys 72 San Fernando 63 Van Nuys 55 U. C. L. A. 64 44? 80 27? Q l -we ,, . f:.. e DMM . i f...::x:' f L 'H A ASQ T3 Y- i i m ' We i Q if wx' . Wiiifr fi- xi. .- .f 1 .g ...L,. pf W . i what ,W 4 " . mom 1 , 4 5 A fjfw ,pf . 1 .s ' ' 5 I . 3 x Q, . A fs. W ,..,m.. ..,. . ,MWJK A . K irin glial '-1 X I 1 ff . I ' XX Q ik A 1 . V a gg D .... .i i 5 i N 1 .nf """ ' - J X b, N. x.,.,. 6 .,,,S Q .i x 3: S b X lv G44 Si DDD VVhitey brushes up. Sears does n swan. Friehurg tries Il lever. Burr? Il trvin'. Captain Townsend is really good. Tzlskvr does ll giant. Ilulvnr shows his stuff. '1'hnt's fun isn't it, Monte Those Uvm Team hovs sure have the pep. XVh:it ai main '1'illv! P ass H N an NGN Crack Kearns Van Nuys "B" Track Team did exceptionally well this year in view of the fact that it was composed of only those boys who could not he used on the ".-Ts" or The team took second in the Valley and in the final League standings. Ury. Smith was the star of the team until he was sent up to the yarsity. Don VVright in the 220, was the only first in the Valley. Our "Cs" this year were one of the strongest aggregations in the history of the school. Nlany members of last y'ear's championship team again ran "Cs", along with a good sprinkling of newcomers. U'l-lalloran, was the star all season. ln the Valley. he took the hundred, second in the hurdles, and ran anchor on the relay. Uther first in the Valley were Alby Thomas in the high jump and Frank Doleshall in the pole vault. Coach Hal lllargadant handled their team and did a fine job of it. 4444 82 PDX 167190 If N Q55 602 H I! C0re5 B VixLl,EY I3 C 64 Van Nuys 34- 32 31 Eagle Rock 185, llf' 29M Van Nuys 632 North Hollywood 62 22' 71 Lf Van Nuys 23 Canoga Park and Vertlngo IS 8 47 Van Nuys 47 San lfernantlo 201, 34 golf 6028 Cemzis mms Because Van Nuys golf teams showed such fine ability in their playing they are entered this year to compete against the best schools in the city and by all appearances have a very good chance of coming out on top. Stroking for the VVolx'es are Frank Hampton, Kennedy, Lambert, Zastro, Saunders, and Ambortl. By losing to Canoga Park after having defeated North Hollywood, the YVolf tennis team lost their chance for a tie for the championship with North Hoolywootl and lfagle Rock. hlembers of the team were Heiman. Thomas, Stebbins, rlirler. Bob VVartl, Tex Inwood, Ci. Cirannell, Prness, Ratteree, Loomis, and l,ang. 4444 83 bb 7? 55 N U CVKLCA It looked as if the Varsity Wolves were headed for their sixth annual track cham- pionship until they met up with San Fernando's powerful track and field contingent. Van Nuys defeated all their rivals by good margins and evidenced superiority to every team in the Valley except the undefeated Tigers. After their single defeat in the dual meets the bearers of the Crimson and Gold rallied in an attempt to retain the coveted Valley crown. San Fernando proved too strong and even though Van Nuys took their share of first places they finished second behind the Tigers in the final score. The outstanding men on the team were: jack Roots, who took first in the 880 yard rung -lim Davis, first in the 440 yard dashg Ben Cholakian, first in the 100 yard dash and second in the 220 yard dash: Capt. Motite Steadman, who for the second time in his career broke the Valley record in the pole vault making it 12' S". VARSITY SCORES VALLEY Van Nuys 96 -I-SM Canoga Park and Verdugo Hills 8 HM Van Nuys 60 Eagle Rock 44 24M Van Nuys 71 North Hollywood 31 3521 Van Nuys 87 Canoga Park and Verdugo 17 IM Van Nuys 39 San Fernando 65 68 4444 84 PPD 4-4-0 start. Head Coach Starr. Martinez leading the mile. Benny gets the baton from Ball. Roots leads again. Granell puts the shot. VVhat are you looking at, fellows? Murphy up in the air. Orv wins again. Yeager in the 1320. "Swede" takes it away Murphy is up again. Nice form Steadman. Bill Knolls in front. Q . v v?'A'..,' . Q Way.,-H , 'Q ' .. si f 1 ifsff-" igzggxaqjg .,'QQgL,1A,g,f '1 254: 'l fi' X ...eX 1 '-.. , sm -Q U , fm. If? . . A 5 rn 2 , . P an 5 ' 3 ' 3 Hp' r 1 Q 1 X 5 0' I F QA.-N . ' R A 2 We X . K -, a sv: P XX H 'W ' R vii ,,, we 1 a ' 'Nz XE Qi . ,N . g 'f S Qi. X55 l X 'H 'y . gl wifi 4 'X , .l QS.. A 3- Q S 'Wk Y XQRYQW we RREMQNQ. ,X X SSM ww. Q. like Q r -- ,giiafgim-Q-' -' .-aa..--no C444 85 XX iff , I U' 5 06LC 65 Dear Lord, in Iln' llaillr Ilia! gnrs on llfrouglz life, I ask lzuf a field tlfal is fair. .I rhnnrr Ilia! is fqual 'with all in flu' Jiriff, .1 fouragn' to do and to dare. rlml if I .vlmultl fwin, lf! it lu' lfy Illf todf, lI'iIl1 my failll and my lmnor lzrld lziglzp .Jud if I .cllould lose, lvl mr' stand by Ihr road qlml' rllfrf as Illr' fwinnfr gow: by. HE purposes of the Girls' Athletic Association are to encourage an interest in athletics, to foster a spirit of loyalty and co-operation among the girls toward their school, as well as toward each other, and to promote a higher mental and physical eiliciency. Honesty, courtesy, loyalty. and good sportsmanship are the essential qualities in every person, and some of the principal reasons for the existence ot the G. A, A. It is also of Hrst importance in promoting friendliness among the girls. To become a member of this organization, a girl must be a member of the Senior High School and have made fifty points. She must make application to the Secretary and be accepted by the Board. 44 44 86 77 wr lf W f-0-......, e g. ef. 041. ofa... If you were to watch the girls as they play their various games, you would see that the G. A. A. gives them an air of friendliness and sportsmanship as well as the fun of the games. This is not just a happenstanceg it is through much guidance, thought, and training given the girls by lVIiss Keough, the G. A. A. sponsor. Our Annual Girls' Day went over big this year. Games were well played. Then came dancing, skits, and hot dogs in the gym. The spirit of the G. A. A. is symbolized in the pledge: I will endeavor at all times to conduct myself in a sportsmanlike manner, in order that I may know: The thrill of the game. The comradeship of my teammates, The respect of my opponentsg and I will try to sponsor and be an example of sportsmanship and courtesy in all other school activities. At the present time we have 125 members in the G. A. A. It has grown from an organization of 25. Good luck to a growing G. A. A. 4444 87 XD Q. .Boar .Eeffer girls The G. A. A. Board is made up of an eflicient group of girls. They decide eligibility for membership, appoint committees and take charge of special activities. The ollicers this year were: President, Kay Stahlg Vice-President, Bette Lnmley. Secretaries, Helen Louise Hamilton, Nlarv jane Brunnerg Treasurer, Dorothy -lue. Heads of sports were: Pat llloore, Volleyballg Lois Bodwell, Basketballg Pat Hewitt. Hockey: Gene Page, Baseballg .lean Berggren, Tennis, .lean Cusson, Archery: Flora hlane Christofferson, Hiking, Helen Erickson, Individual Sportsg Dorothy Turner. Play Day. The Letter Girls is a service organization. It is their task to set good examples of sportsmanship. A letter is the highest award a girl can earn and this year we have twenty-one letter girls, three of whom have earned their stars. They are Kay Stahl, Lois Bodwell, and Bette Lumley. Letter girls are: Jean Berggren, Lois Bodwell, Arline Burton, Ruth Bolick, Nlarjorie Campbell, Flora ,lane Christofferson, Pat Daugherty, Margie Honeycutt, Dorothy glue, Margaret Kay, Alice Kubler, Bette Lumley, Pat lwoore, Betty Smith, Lora Lee Smith, Kay Stahl,. Dorothy Turner. hlarion Walton. Pat Ward. Gloria Voyda, and Irene Williams. 4444 88 7775 'Z' girls Sporfs Snap jfofes All dressed up for the Hollywood Playday are Kay Stahl, Miss Keough, Miss Bone and V. Mitchell. Release! The form of those archers! Miss Keough's ready -- glasses and keys. The vitality in the resting hikers. VVhat a serve, Irene, says Dorothy. Hiking, on bicycles? Miss Bone-roll call-l-2-3-1-. Serve itl Betty Smith, snappy Senior B. Pass it, Jessie Jo. Guard it, Thelma. Virginia Jones, archery form. Batter up, Pauline. VVhat a tennis team! Bull's eye for Marie. Side out, service over here. Rotate. s wa " C4 44 89 bb sw askefbaff .. .. Kvoffey Basketball started November 23. with forty-eight turning out. Nlanagers were: Audrey Raymond, Seniors, Beverlee Windbigler, Juniors, Annette Kellie. Sophomores. There was one Senior team with Audrey Raymond captain. Three junior teams played with Eleanor Hewit, jean Harris, and Mary Swarens as captains. The Sophomore team was headed by Annette Kellie. In the playoff, Mary Swarens' junior team won the championship. Lois Bodwell, head of Basketball, graduated last February. Mary Swarens was appointed by the G. A. A. Board to take her place. On September 20, a G. A. A. Fun Frolic started volleyball off with a shout. Side out-Rotate-were some of the calls heard. Pat Moore got things under Way with a few practices, then the big championship games started. Class Managers were: Betty Lee l-lussy, Seniorsg Betty Noyes, Junior, and Marjorie Cox, Sophomore. At hrst it looked as though the Seniors were going to walk away with the championship but the junior team with Dorothy jue as captain decided to take for themselves, and so the Juniors, winning every game, won the championship. N 4444 90 bb? .BQSELQH . . I . gfockey Baseball practice began April 19th. Swishl Watch out there! Hard hitting! Hard working! Gene Page is up to bat to show us all how it's done. Gene has duties other than just hitting the baseball this yearg she's head. It wonlt all be work, how- ever, with help like lylary Swarens. She is Senior hlanagerg lllarjorie Iinback. junior lllanager, and Ada Ball, Sophomore Blanager. Hockey started February 15th with about seventy-five out. Dorothy Turner was chosen Senior llianager and Captaing -lean Brunskikll, junior Llanager. with hlary -lane Brunner and Nadine Malcoliii as class Captains, and .Iessie .Io Brunner was the Sophomore's choice as Manager and Captain. After practicing technique and playing practice games, the championship games started out with a bang. The Brunner junior team came out on top with the Seniors and llalcolm junior team putting up a good fight, trying for Erst place. The spunky Sophomores were right there too. It was grand to see so many new girls out this year and to see their rapid improvement. 4444 7555 G?l'Cll6Vy Archery is a year round sport. The second semester there were twenty-two girls out, fifteen beginners, five intermediates, and two advanced. ln archery the be- ginners must make a score of W8 out of 5-l arrows which are shot at a distance of 25 feet. The intermediate must make a score of 192 out of 5-l arrows shot at 25 feet, for honors which entitle them to 50 points. The advanced pupil shoots a .lunior Columbia round with another advanced pupil of four points an arrow to receive honors and the total of 75 points. L CLIZQ HH ' Our first semester of hiking was grand. VVe hiked far and wide. to the hills, washes, and parks, and had weiner bakes and marshmallow roasts. The second semester was somewhat slowed up because of the rainy weather, and several hikes had to he postponed. The1'e was an average of fifty girls on each hike. VVe hiked six or seven miles at a time and altogether. twenty-five miles a semester. Each girl received one point for each mile. Our hiking season was quite a success. Every girl seemed to have a grand time. 6144 Q2 zw J-A emzls Plenty of exercise was had this year hy the girls out for Tennis, headed hy -lean lierggren. VVith the new courts to play on nothing has held them hack except a few weeks of had weather. The first season started early in the fall with douhles, followed in the spring hy singles. There are two ladders, advanced and heginning. Audrey Raymond and Alice Ransom were first on the advanced ladder, with Evelyn Rohinson and Anna lXIcCool first on the heginning ladder. Rach girl receives five points for every game she plays. .gzzdivlduaf Sporfs Swish! Zipl NVatch out! lt's those liadininton enthusiasts out for a gzune. 'lihafs what you would see on a Klonday afternoon in the gym. If you were to go out to the girls' turf you would find ping-pong and volleyhall douhles in progress. These are under the head of individual sports. which were new this year. and have heen a big success. The first semester liadniinton winne1's were ,lean lirunskill and Rlinmi Thornton. Klary Swarens, Ping-pong winner, was fast and skilled. W4 Q3 7575 Eugene VV.-"Do you serve shrimps here ?" Yvaitress-"Yes, we serve everybody. Sit down." Don 15.-"Will your folks he surprised when you graduate 7' hlorton 13.-"No, thc-y's been expecting it for years." H111 Davis-"Are you learning anything hack there?" Tillie-"No, 'ust listeninv to you." , J 2- . R111 Pesquiera-"Do you think you are a nieinher of the faculty?U Charles F.-A'No." llr. Pesquiera--"Then why are you acting like an idiot?" Dick ll.-"VVhat do you expect to he when you get out of high school?" Bob H.-"An old man!" Bud B.-"Did you hear iny last song?" Obegi-'Al hope sol" Bob G.-"Have you ever been pinched for going too fast ?" Pete-"No, but I'ye heen slapped." hliss Smith-"VVhat is 21 hypocrite ?" Ed T.-"Someone who walks into hlrs. Pre-ll's othce with a grin on his face." fl. K N VAN NUYS F.'T'AL. Lg-.ME.AC ' 'WAN NUYS HIGH SCHGDL RACE TRACT" 'Q weyi Og 'N CEQA-os ogg!-if! --k ff" 1 X f fx q 0 i 1 yy , 1 fU e. i 4 l - fx -- ' ff O45 ,, 1 -' V Q I W 4, ' ,Q Li ',, x ISO -'te-Q' V -" , X ty xii" Q- -H G, 1v1MARJe up e umm N , SLR ' JH-wvvi . ,W are ef, 1-1' Se-new 9 a at G M31 owe ,ea 5 as I ff fffwfew " 55zaqg'.::::3 I3 615 api. MK , gi'-K 'X f , 3vT,, M04 f6lS,9.y,o,? , X -S'-,im I Q Azu ra: 1 - Y p X if f 'HS-Q I 6,, lVIr. Sayre-"She certainly has music in her, hasn't she ?" lNIrs. lllinkler--"She must havel Lip to date, she's never let any of it out." Nlr. Hall-"Who can name one important thing we have now that we did not have one hundred years ago ?" johnny S.-"Brief" Here's to Miss Young! Long may she live. Even as long as the lessons she gives! Floyd P.-"The dentist told me I had a large cavity that needed filling." Nluriel D.-"Did he recommend any special course of study?" Nlr. Larson-"How many subjects are you carrying?" Windy-"I'm carrying one and dragging four." August F.-"I'm a self-made manf' Carl L.-"You should have hollered for help." lVIiss Robinson-"Where do you have the most diffi- culty in making a speech ?" Albert A.-"In my knees." lN'Iilton C.-"Never put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today." Ed H.--"That's ri h V ' da h ' g t. I did that once and the next y t ey took down the mistletoe." CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO S'38 CLASS I , A X E L F. F 0 G OFFICIAL SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER I 6410 VAN NUYS BLVD. PHONE VAN Nuys 0343 N VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA I I IZPLQL-1 I1l2.53f1II?:5!" H'5TEi,iy1f?fL'f3 n xg A I I X RSX ,VIII NS 5 ' I . ' All group pictures in this Annual may be had at this Studio in large 8x10 photos. GK 96 X57 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SLNINIBR Q8 LLASS . . . FRONI WELL SERVE You WELL DEPARTMENT STORE' u , n VAN Nuvs, CALH1 PHONE 181 Conzplizmvzls of . . . PRAISEWATER FUNERAL HOME 'flllllllfllllff' Swr-zvirf' - Lruly lfffiiffllll UF 6135 Van Nuys Boulevard Van Nuys, California Telephone 0132 KK The llrisfofvfzt of IW Crmms ' - . Conzplimenls of . . . BEVERLY GLASER BROS Instant Frozen ICE CREAM LPI "Beverly" be your Buy-zrorzl Hoeffigl-5 Ljandy Bal-S for Ire Cream. and v Hoefllers Summer Pack BEVERLY DAIRIES, Inc. 1 lb- BOX Candy Los Angeles Phone : PRospect 2061 230 West Jefferson llll So. Brand Blvd. Glendale AFTER GRADUATION. Youlll be thinking of a Home of your own! BUY NATIUNALLY ADW'ERTISElJ AND ACCEPTEIJ MERCHANDISE WCSflllgll0LlSC, Zenith. Simmons, Hoover, Wedgewvood. Armstrong. Bendix, Magic Chef, Mohawk Rugs and Carpets, Gold Seal Congoleum, Sealy Mattresses. 0 o Simpson F urmture Co. 6455 Van Nuys Boulevard at Gilmore Street Van Nuys, California 4444 98 bn: SPORT WEAR - F 0 r M E N I lf you are looking for I Smart Sport VVear for Beach or Out Doors- ' You will find Wliat you want here. WEAVEITS ME N'S S O P IiA5lI SYLVAN STREET - VAN NUVS, CAL Gunmen .!'.!'1'E! TU Patronize your candy eouuterf' Buy Los Angeles made candy. .Q Use OVEN DANDY BREAD ln your home V is BAKING co. Los Angeles OL. 1131 1801 Blake Ave. Collzplirlzmts of . . . ALLINCTON BROS. AUTOMOBILES o-177-79 Van Nuys Boulevard Van Nuys. California Phone Van Nuys 0173 PACIFIC WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. Wholesale Grocers 7 761-763 Terminal Street Phone TRinity 3626 Los Angeles, Calif. 4444 P575 lv . ',' fL'., .4 'gpm . , 11.411, f 151, l - l 1 I P C O U R S E . You'll find the latest OF stvles for men and young men in the Valley's TWO largest lWen's Wear Stores 1 O I rw N5-S1-1012 In Van Nuys and North Hollywood JOHNSON,S ICE CREAM A VAN NUYS PRODUCT CLUB PINS CLASS RINGS CUPS - MEDALS - BUCKLES GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS Made by T. V. ALLEN, INC. School Jewelers and Stationers I 812-16 Maple Ave. Los Angeles I Complillzentr of . . . CHRISTOPHER CANDY COMPANY n 4020 Avalon Blvd. I Los Angeles, Calif. VAN NUYS HARDWARE CO., Inc. CANDIES - LITNCHES Paims, - Oils - 91355 Builders' Supplies Phone V. N. 1876 6328 Van Nuys Blvd. phone 0214 6379 Van Nuys Blvd. A LEIKWOLD RALPH 11.FEUE11B0BN Elgin-Hamilton-VValtham-Bulova EE 2 Watches ws nu:-r P x 'Sill u m: nov Phone V. N. 1171 6463 Van Nuys Blvd. R A PRODUCTS .I A C K ' S B A R B E R S H O P Phone V. N. 0421 6266 Van Nuys Blvd. BOULANGER BROS. Oldest Estahlished Grocery, Meat and Vegetable Market in the San Fernando Valley. 6275 Van Nuys Blvd. Van Nuys, Calif. - "IF YOU VVANT THE BEST" - .'..try... Neitharfs Meat Market 'Wholesale and Retail Meats EBV 1833053-W 6271 Van Nuys Blvd. S. Q . PACIFIC BATTERY CO. 'Tires - Batteries - Motor Tuning Phone 0555 14550 Sylvan St. Van Nuys, California 44 44 I OO Db D5 - - I I I I B E A C H E ' S DR. F. H. GAUTSCHI NIUSIC - ART - BQQKS 1-I--H0 Hamlin Street 0 Everything Nlusical Van Nuys' Calif' I 0 Artists Supplies 0 Latest Books 0 Pictures - Framing I ' Cyreeting Lards Service Station 1-1527 Sylvan St. - Opp. Postomce 6454 Van Nuys lxoulevurd Klauber Wangenlieim Co. I'lmHPh"mnt'1 xxvh0lESlllE Distributors of 301 E. Fourth St. - Los Angeles, Calif. N. A. GOODMAN 81 SONS ' SPORTING GOODS Compliments of I 917 West Sth St. - Los Angeles 0, LINGERIE -1- HOSIERY 'J N "NZ avid' N"""3 hifi CQMPLIMENTS or J.T.kfFLb.fr1 H 4, S. S wr l O o I Icyc au' Corporation IVIANUFACTURERS OF ICE CREAINI AND FROZEN BARS OL-1108 3410 GLENDALE BLVD., LOS ANGELES QAAAJN-yy? U if I'-Lvulpojll l7'fU-- UM' I 4 .A-Arno ' 1 .... U'M:f'93 U2- 444410122 M hl- i'f5.G? u 51g Auf' M V. .- Y 'Q . 'x 401 PJ3-fx' M- NN vf"W,'f,'fV bard I Mfilizy S3 W MQMM if ' 3 jM W 5333 Ma WX, 7-17 WWZZ, - " Gfufoqrapk W 5 WW Y Q . . w . ,I . 7 ...L ' ,Q , any " " I '-a '-1 fig 2,22 if Si 52,301 wars?- 1 af iff R 4 '-- 4 I THE I958 IYHI SU and HIT Y gurlz: Huq 1411 gbremie r Qgrizz Hzzq onzpcnzy TIT 5l0 WEST IZH1 STREET LOS ANGELES Rlchmond 62lI Tin' fvfmln al lln' riyflfl S!I0'LL'.f Il lilzofyfu' nf5rl'alnr ul q1:url' .wllillyf lfn' rnfvy fm' lln' IUJJS "IfICl.'lISO.Y .IND llR.lY" in our Maul. T 4. 'T C x Q J I Vlzolo nz T V fc,uqrr1v1r1qs L11 G?JCl'6lfll 3440 SO. HOPE STREET LOS ANGELES Rlchmond ZIIZ l,Iil"'I' TU RIKEIITZ Kt'llll6ITl ll Steven:-r, .Wynn Srlmnf .lnnuul Divi- sion, .IIJ!.'R,ll"T,' Miw ETRIYTICFTITL' IN1CMill:1n, Fafully .IJ-z'i5fr',' Mx' 'lxhfmrnnx Srlmnl Ii11.fi11r.v5 ,TllllI1l1ll'f,' Johnnie Prive, lzliilrnz Bud ETLILIYNCTIT, lzllilnr. " " " """" x"f P- + f--f M f- --AQ- ---- ---- -Y -- 7 f W - - A.--W Yk BML-jif-WW Qimwmw f?f M 92,422 1.3.5093 in WWW W 1 Qu N OCT et l?+2,ww0fMfL"'x my fi llA-1,9 .i, vi' vi M 4' h Lt V, e bf- Q. if-A X .gk 'gag f : .Vx 'dmv 9 4

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