Van Hornesville High School - Otsquagan Yearbook (Van Hornesville, NY)

 - Class of 1934

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Van Hornesville High School - Otsquagan Yearbook (Van Hornesville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Cover

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E ' ' . 5 L I ' . A v - W ,f ' . , X f . , , , , I S ,. . ., J, . , . 1 ' P -1 L, ,4 I -Q 1 ' 1 . -f , , 4- N .- , J ' 'ZS' 1 ,4 ax N11 Jnei, ' v' 'M' " ' ' ' ' f , Q . - 3 , , , W . .- ,. .X F, 1 N 1 w ., H515 -5 0 , "'-li ,. :E :ifmf - "" lf -Kg im. 2 A X . f 5 . , H , - , ' if?-f . ., . -V ., -. - sw 4, x . , Y H 6 "-7" .N me ,Q I ,1 YH-. ' w Auf? .' ,n ., x ,.V. '92 g'-,. wg-Hs..-f,1,f.,'.': ,- '-mf .A ,- - -. -.,,f X 1: , . ., X . 'f4f'-f..'- . 47 f . K ' x f' - 3 Y- AL ,J mi' -. , T 44 - X ,,,,,,,.. --f -pc Tfix' ',-an - , . E .gl A i X qi .1 life? YK . "12:':fgQ -A ' Ami 241, .,,,,ov' ix 4 ,KF J, ' Fw f vi' f . ' . Y wif? ' ff f by Liv? 'I .4 5 b . ug, V . , Q 1 Q ii ff 5 'Dt-X. ,y ra, 1 K X 3 11221 f ggi' "1 igeftgf B' wiki' "gi 'ip' - ' .A -3 0. THE- QTSQUD-GQ-D l95l Volume Xml Published by lhe Shldenln of VANHORNESVILLE CENTRAL SCHOOL Vanliornesville, New York l ----v - f 'K N 'NX ff if VN? I'X Q "f -5.-, 1 : X 11" fxlwll' 'q"l.I ' ?1 W- -.-mn" '-mm-mm .i--1 1 -Spa: wvmil an li 'T-,H n o :E iff " UU 5 lm- UD Y ' f' ' ' ' f' X x Wm x How far Hui' lime candle XX Q5 Thgqms his loeinisa ' 0 s nes a 1 M A slaughfiormorlg. n Shakespeare work! The sc Noon at C ers! r 1ife's ad- empty phrase! -- Ffa.,-1847? I MEMORIAM REDERICK B.Price. . .a mischievous twinkle in his eye . .a smile to make anyone forget his worries. . .a hearty, jovial laugh. . .a contagious sense of humor. . .an outstand- ing personality. . .Student Council advisor. . .Editor of Cit- izenship Journal. . .member of Rural Community Develop- ment Program. . .Van Hornesville's representative to House of Delegates. . .the force behind Van Hornesvi1le's community "ambassador" program. . .a loyal friend. . . a willing and able leader. . .a teacher devoted to his work, his school, his "kids". . .always ready to lend a helping hand. . .everyone's friend. . .everyone's loss. . . 3 MARJORIE KINNAN RAWLINGS HAT has rnost impressed me about the Van Hornesville School is neither its rare beauty nor the financial value of its gift, but the confidence expressed by Owen D. Young, one of the greatest men of our times, in you, the younger generation of your particular section of these United States, as potential idealists and responsible, thinking citizens. I share his con- fidence, and am happy as well to have a small share in your community life." Ea f .llilx .7 I ll LOVE the young folks. 1 admire the charm of youth. The juvenile age has its own great advantages characteristic of young people only, such as their purity and their eagerness for knowledge, truth, honesty and high ideals. If you are able to preserve these precious qualities given to you by nature, by God Him- self, and keep them intact through out your whole life, you will be a great person." NICHOLAS ALEXANDER 4 HAT are the things most familiar to you which others less familiar with them envy most? I suggest that we each individually make our own list and then analyze and appraise each item to see whether, because of familiarity, we have undervalued or the envious, with less familiar- ity, have overva1ued." A Owen D. Young ...--v-""" .Qin 1 1 Q ii us :rf P? i .J 4 K' 1 ii ful I Hold onl, Our Queen and Runner-up, There offl, "Ma" and her gals, Oh! Those Socks! Who cal1ed?, "Pinky" and his Dutch and American friends, "Hail, Hail the gangs all here", Jack, First Prize winner, Here we come, Birdie. 5 Wg-4 5 , E ROBERT B. WOODRUFF Principal T is only natural that at times appreciation of family, school and community is not as evident as it might be because we take things for granted when we are with them each day. But when ties are broken as seniors graduate and leave, appreciation deepens as they miss for the first time the scenes, supports and comforts which were so familiar. I One of the most rewarding experience of the principal's position is the evidence of this appreci- ation constantly received from alumni and old friends." Board Cf Education LEFT TO RIGHT--EARL. OSTRANDER, EDNA ANEY. HAROLD HAUSNER. HOWARD LENEKER, FRANK HEMENWAY, PRESIDENT: THOMAS ROBERTSON, GORIXJN FILKINS, E. ELLIS ELWOOD. 8 H N the Van Hornesville school a cheerful spirit of cooperation exists in a much greater degree than in any other school system that I have observed. This is very much in evidence in the relationship of the pupils, the teachers, the Principal, the Business Manager, and the Board of Education-as well as all other employees of the Van Hornesville Central School This most important factor in the successful op- eration of a school has existed so long here that there is great danger that we all may take 'too much for granted,' and overlook this important familiar condition." HAROLD HAUSNER Di strict Superintendent Ma inten ance FRONT ROI--GERTRUDE SANDVOLD, EMORY TENNANT. HOWARD LENEKER, HARVEY SHAUL, MARION MILLER. SECOND ROW--CARLTON BLANCHOE, HENRY HEMENIAY, MARTIN MAYTAN, OLIVER SMITH, ED CHAFFERS. 9 FRONT ROW--FLORENCE NIELSEN, AGNES MC INTYRE, MARION ALLEN, ELIZABETH STANTON, MARIAN WOOD, MARY RUTH, AGNES PRICE, HELEN LEWIS, MARION CASPARES. SECOND ROW--BERTHA WOOD, PRINCIPAL ROBERT WOODRUFF, HAROLD BELLINGER, LEONARD WORKMAN, ARTHUR SCHNELL, GEORGE ENDRIES, WALDEMAR ROMELING, WILLIAM ROTH, FRANCES KITTLE. THIRD ROW--GLEN SALSBURG, JOSEPH KILLIAN, CHARLES SCHALK. ABSENT--CATHERINE KILLIAN, MILDRED HUBIACK, MARY YOUNG, AND JOSEPH WORTHINGTON. Robe rt B. Woodruff Principal Mildred Hubiak Kindergarten Agnes Price First Grade Catherine Killian Sec ond Grade Marion Wood Third Grade Ma ry Roth Fourth Grade Joseph Killian Fifth Grade Frances Kittle Sixth Grade Marian Allen Seventh Grade George Endries Eighth Grade The Facult Glen Salsburg Science and Math Lenard Workman Social Studie s Florence Nielsen English Helen Lewis Business Agnes Mc Intyre Library and Latin Elizabeth Stanton Homemaking i 0 7.f"1 w I0 2' qs 543 75 J 10 Waldemar Romeling Art Charles Schalk Physical Education Lois Katovitch Nurse Marion Caspares Primary Jordanville Bertha Wood Intermediate Jordanville Dr. Potter School Physician Mary F. Young Secretary Harold Bellinger Substitute Agriculture , William Roth Agric ultu re Arthur Schnell Music C' Vf' ' ,,-4157 f,,.ee"'Vf ' ' X u f +- A . Lu-M ' .- V . H,,,f?5"f ,JJ , 1 W I, In M' ww-' fQr,.,.g-A-,H W - A - ' tmvf gffwr-fiyyiiflnufxf, N' A .-21. L -A ' .wh Q ,,.-:J-ff'-1" '..a:'9f-"' ,. ' ' v' .X.xw-'.- -N' 11-ffff' V N , , g.,g,gag1f-1'-f'j,,:-:f,i"7, .f -Ng-, , . - Y , -?l6LfJ'5' 1'-."f.'J"' , . ,qw '-.QvAw.1.g,.-,. N , . .. 5f'.9,,n.-,.H1 -' -, f 1 ,- v..L.. wx. -. ,-xi' fax.-. . - , , 4.- -'-1-..-L.fv1:.f , 5?-y'3,5sf,,-.f-new .51,,-1:g.,+.'r',.-' H ,gm , " " . +L, f' 1 -. '- .,-'- ,p,2f. ' .U-,jf1'i'.1,4 .,' -,,I:' N' ,nn 1,.1,:-, ' N ., , H wf , 4 .g.4,,4,,-,-M' 5 -. 1,4-, pw , F? :flfvzw fx 2-r1 -11-ww -Q W-:yliler-I-ngawizirMfg" .. f ' ,ss-4--'Nr 'vis'-W1-.' X ff' -- fi '- , . ids w-:,--"fxy'f'- TH- ,5:'l'?'i,,3..,-+31 'flxinx :A 5 -5-jAn4X2"'L'5 JW-f1"",-'g,-,ff fr. .:' 50' Q' - , K. "x'N'Mf'-+2Qi- VL , .fifi -:',fQ:f5f?:3f'2AaWH"6:PfffiP"ffvvviifff'ww-lfnffv',n:1':1 Cv,1uf-zfwf ,Z -'-"- "funn, A... 1 zfw- , . ,Q . - 4 ,. 1'-"fm-4 t "f,-Ha, 5' 54,3- M , , 'G , . . . 1- .W ,- '11"5'WN'I'w.f1i-nlwfvq53W,q . ' - - ..-'wh'M'H--Lnawoiwv'-w1z:,f.'flag i'--'f .Lyn-'-IQ? -' , , 'M' A fvuf -A . 1 Jn" """ ..!.' "l.','v. -13 ' . .--. ,.y.,4y7'-1--x w,g,,LM,, -- , , .4 - f y... I 1' WN1WE-fG'fi2faWZ1":'Q-9.3.FQ5Z14- 'f ., , , X ff . fr, 1' ,,'lf"PHE-!4,..?':,.,r4.45+,.::'q.4.'gm - I , - - . iff- "M 'J-5f",12i" ',':w"3 -3""n1Pgz-,.,.,Q,,,, ' 1 ' ' 1 ,N 'V -1 ,b..,V, , , --it ,T -,-K, ,yy nw- 5 X-.1 Q 1' H". '11 g'.pw':,, , I ks A A mg ,,,.:'-,:q,,g,'g,',f- ,-':-A.,-",, ., f., .A x ' - fi'-""f:f"fve--:fP'-wg-'rf4rL',1gwiwge+Tg.,g:-A .iff 4' Q 1'!f'f 'ff-QTyGfnxn23.'-:,:.':4v21,1,f-:-,.,5Q' ..,- 34 wf4l'2l,1Jf'ejf'qf:', R+-paw. . , oi! K 't .' in , 1' 1947-'48 1948-'49 1949-'50 1950-'51 M,-,.. r 3 tw yf , - 8' -iff IPS .150 W" 4, . 1' lf. -521 , , A n'5"N's- .: Q-F, A ' J ,gl A .U Y . "iff 11 ax, ' "Q, .5 " . M -, M' - ' 'sen-4 .'v 114 -VAT. X ' . 'CM " 1. HP, 1, .1- -: . . 11, F . :ln . 3. X All ' , ' 5. X . if ff Y, f 'Vw W f "' f . fre fel.. .vw 1 .QR 3 .Q WWE 55 A . of 'l"m,,i gb. , 2 1: f:fe"h, ..,,,,!mt L .,L4.: :.H , ,L X i. .1 w, .Zig A5, .o R' '-ff, fix-walfyi-r'i ' w NNN, ' ljdfz M . 2-'Win L 1 1 " 14 - . '. ' """'M""lms.-is-nm?-Krxwg.aiv.m ' ' , . ,.4m-,- .-,.4:w-,-- .gyggfmt - yrs, il 5 X , We're Frosh! Marian Jouben - our president Frederick Price - our advisor We lease' the social studies room for four years. Apple Blossom Lane "-Really beautiful dance ll We're Sophs! Bob Parr - our president Frederick Price - our advisor "Ice Fo11ies"-our Christmas dance We're Juniors! Bob Parr - our president Frederick Price - our advisor Junior Prom - "Fairyland" ball Audrey Nevins - our queen Our Junior trip to western New York State Mort, we told you not to throw that water!" We're Seniors! Bob Parr - our president Leonard Workman - our advisor Our Jamboree Our Amateur night Our trip to New York Graduation! Good bye! Good luck! God bless you! .r .t i:,.w 1, Hi-iQ'6:fmfk,w.,,L ' 1 , 1" jf-:WA ill' -. 'ggi 9, uf"-it 'f..'p':.':Fa5'i-'flea' 3. flifl., I 17 1 ,311 ,PIL 4, lg jgl- '.,,1?fQ!,1f',. 4'-gg iq 1.1-X. -.xi A Q49 '11-. 1-n'f".v.1,'r1fg1,Ca-55351-2' 6. '1"-1-iw-J,-. ' -'lf-2u'-N'-- 1, , --"gk '.j1 Mr' ',"-.-r.n,-- 2 ' ,Z i.L-"1 "qFv1'f'.'-' .A " -"',-.L,i',.I'u:-N-"f'Sf1r,- '-lg' 'gr -1 2 J +4 pfayn'.rag?35,fff ,,n, K N gan ' 1 ",ii..,.c.,1: .c' ,QV gp-5 x. - f ig- ' 'Qt 'L' . , .9,..l"1Q,g-5, C AU. 11 - '. ef, 'Vg Lilliy-3.rJ1, . - MJ? , i . fl?-'JT-,'.' ' .1'3'v'K3'gvK.,l':,1i Sf? fQQi1L UV' , 1 1 "DEQ t " R- :ff Lf. r-,yb L .if ff-'H' -r f my-.p,,1L., 9 1--7 -' or .- , Q- Q --'io -' i,-.,'.:-,J H 5 '1 4- -:-'. -:,g-'Q v' . ,X 'H ' i'551-ix: si ,, ' 119359:-X: 5. 1. ,j-,-Jail. '1f,'2ff:?i?13 'Yg r' N"fRNX3i.. 71 -K: .L:12'. fbx . .' .jd Jv.jk,Q.X3,i-f Q 4 .KK ' ' '--'i1:".V,:5lH4 Shy, if ' - ik'-4QrByg4 .gfga-:-, if -, , -A J A: " i "'7T:f5f' ' Z ef .. 'f,,A1yx,.,+ Y uf: "8 : seigf' 1 if-I ff' ,n . 'Jiv- fb ...JG- .NJN 'W 0-:vi G -n . Cf, me my WAULETTA BENNETT Academic "Wally" Sports l-2-33 Highlights 1-Z-3-43 Editor 43 Otsquagan 1-2-4: Chorus 1-2-3-43 Student Council 2-3-43 Secretary Z-33 Vice-president 43 Cheerleading 1-3-43 Captain 43 CVMF 1-2-3- 43 Dramatics 1-2-33 ESSPA 3-43 All State Chorus 13 All State Sectional Chorus Z-43 All State Music Contest 3-43 Library Club 3. MARY ARLENE ELTHORP Homemaking "Shorty" Otsquagan 43 FHA 43 President 43 Photography 33 Cafeteria Assistant 3-43 Crafts 2. 3 .nav I ROBERT G. DOUGLAS Agriculture "Doug" Wrestling 2-33 Baseball 1-2-3-43 Football 1-2-3- 43 FFAI-2-3-43 Otsquaganl-2-43 High- lights 1-2-3-43 Managing Editor 3-4. WALLACE ETHERTON Vocational "Wally" Wrestling Captain 43 Wrestling 1-Z-3-43 Baseball 1-2-3-43 FFA 1-3-4: Otsquagan 43 Highlights 2-33 Art 1-Z-3-4. 13 NANCY COGAN Homemaking Highlights 1-2-3-43 Business Manager 3-43 Otsquagan 1-2-3-43 Editor 43 Photography l-2-43 FHA Z-33 Soft- ball 13 ESSPA 3-43 Crafts 1. SPENCER HARDY Vocational "Spence" FFA 1-3-43 Tennis 2-3- 4 Baseball 2-43 Football 43 Student Council 43 Otsquagan Z-3-43 High- lights 2-3: FFA Softball 1-Z-3-43 Boy Scouts 1-23 Skiing 1-Z3 Chorus 1 ei, MARTHA HOKE Academic Sports 1-2-3-43 Captain 4g Class Secretary lg Class Vice-president 2-33 Chorus 1-2-3-43 Band 1-2-3-43 President 43 Cheerleading 1-23 Dramat- ics 1-2-45 Library Club 23 All State Sectionals 2-4 Music Contest 1-2-3-4: Sextet 1-23 Girls Chorus 45 CVMF 2-3-45 Otsquagan 4. PHYLLIS EMMA MITCHELL Homemaking "Phil" Sports 1-2-3-4: Dramatics 1-2-3-41 FHA 1-2-4: Highlights 1-Z3 Crafts 1-Z5 Cafeteria assistant 4. ffl "Ni 1 f ' 1 X' . ,. '77 MARIAN JOUBEN Academic Sports 1-2-3-45 Class President lg Class Secretary 2-3-4g Class Treasurer 2: Chorus 1-2- 3-43 CVMF 2-3-43 Girls Chorus 3-43 Dramatics 1-2-3-45 Secretary 4g Highlights I-2-3-45 ESSPA 4g Runner-up Junior Prom Oueen 35 Otsquagan 4. if :I ELIZABETH KUCERAK Business "Betty" Sports 1-2-3-43 Dramat- ics 1-2-3-45 Otsquagan 43 Highlights 1-2-3-43 Correspondent 43 Chorus 1-2-3g FHA l-2. 14 EDITH JORDAN Homemaking "Edie" Chorus 1-2-33 Band 3-43 Highlights 1-2-3-4: Assistant Editor 43 FHA I-2-3-43 President 3: Dramatics 1-2-3-45 President 43 Otsquagna 2-4g Business Manager 4: Sports 1-3- 41 ESSPA 4: CVMF2-3-43 All State Sectionals 23 Cafeteria Assistant 3-4. AUDREY NEVINS Academic "Aud' Dramatics 1-2-3-45 Sports 1-2-3-43 Band 2-3-4: Chorus l-2-3-4: Highlights 1: Otsquagan 4 Cheerleading 3-4: Photog raphy 2g Junior Prom Queen 33 CVMF 1-2-3-43 All State Sectionals 2-43 Music Contest 35 DAR Representative 4. QE,-fir,-1 1 ' ' .xr . ROBERT PARR Academic "Bob" Wrestling 1-2.-3-43 Foot- ball l-2-3-43 Class Vice- president 13 Class President 2-3-43 Student Council 2-3-43 Vice- president Z-33 President 43 Dramatics 1-23 Otsquagan 43 Band 1-2-3- 43 Chorus 1-2-3-43 Pres- ident 43 All State Chorus 43 All State Sectionals Z- 43 CVMF 1-2-3-43 FFA State Chorus 1-3. HELEN SAGATIS Business Otsquagan 43 Chorus 1-2- 3-4: Band 1-2-3-43 Class Treasurer 1-4: Cheer- leader 13 FHA 13 Photog- raphy3 33 Softball 13 Soccer 13 CVMF 2-3-43 All State Sectionals 2-4: Girls Chorus 3-42 3 Sextet Z. R I Marian Jouben, prophetess, is one of world's MORTIMER ROBERTSON Agriculture "Mort" Baseball 23 Wrestling 1-2- 3-43 Football 2-33 Otsquagan 43 FFA l-2-3. GERALDINE SMITH Business "Jerry" fTransferred from Herkimer High School in Junior Year, Sports 1-2-3-43 Dramatics 3-43 Photography 33 Otsquagan 43 Homemaking 43 FHA 4. richest Texan ranchers and a world traveler As we "close up shop" our minds wander to the uncertainty of the future. We find ourselves in the year 1961 with many unexpected events. Let's take a look! Mrs. Robert Collins the former Miss Helen Sagatis is residing on a farm on the Chyle. She is the mother of two children, Robert Jr.. and Roberta Ann. Mrs. David Howe, the former Edith Jordan, is employed at the GLF in Fort Plain, while her hus- band is serving in the Armed Forces. Mr. and Mrs. Austin Nevins announced 'the engage- ment of their daughter Audrey to Walter Loring. She is now employed in a dentist's office in Canajoharie. Miss Nancy Cogan, former editor of the "Otsquagan" now has her own photography studio in Hollywood, California. Miss Geraldine Smith is now employed as a secretary in Herkimer. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Douglas announce the birth of their fifth child. Mrs. Douglas is the former Florence Bullock. Mary Elthorpe now has a job at the Automat in New York. Robert Parr, senior "Romeo" is still "on the loose." He is the music teacher at Van Hornesville Central School. Betty Kucerak is now employed at the home of Mrs. Robert Collins as nurse maid. A rumor has been heard that Betty plans to elope with their oldest son. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Krunholtz, noted world travelers, have just made a recent visit at the Van Hornesville Central School. They were accompanied by their three children. Mrs. Krumholtz is the former Wauletta Bennett. Mrs. Darwin Bronner, the former Martha Hoke has recently moved from Jordanville and is living. . . . . . Wallace Etherton, alia's "Wally the Walloper" is now the world's greatest wrestler. Phyllis Mitchell is happily married and is living in a quiet secluded section in the heart of New York City. Mortimer Robertson now has his own radio and television show "Life With Father" on CBS. Spencer Hardy has recently opened his own garage in Jordanville. P., Clam WY! E, The Senior Class of 1951 of the Van Hornesville Central School, being undoubtedly sound in mind and body, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. Phyllis Mitchell leaves her quietness to Don Krumholtz. Mary Elthrop wills her dish rag and messy tables in the cafeteria to Shirley Van Brink. Nancy Cogan bequeaths the use of the school camera and blown flash bulbs to Betty Gar- rison. Betty Kucerak wills her giggle and "Jerseys" to Nellie Mead and her pretty clothes to Joan Yaworski. Marian Jouben--alias "Spike Jones"--leaves her version of the "Tennessee Waltz" to Doris Aney and her musical cud of "gum" in Chorus to Dorinne Whipple. Helen Sagatis leaves all her study halls for writing to Bob Collins to Joan Yaworski. Edith Jordan wills her chemistry mark and her ability to stop clocks to Doris Aney. Audrey Nevins bequeaths all her "nice looking" sweaters to Dorothy Dillenbeck, and her friendly personality to Nellie Mead. Martha Hoke leaves her position as the only senior girl "engaged"- to Nellie Mead. Wauletta Bennett gives "al1 her love. . .aye, aye. . ." to Don Krumholtz. Robert Parr--alias "Senior Romeo" bequeaths all his presidential offices to Robert Fahey. - Spencer Hardy leaves all his women and "twitterpations" to Gerald Bleaking. Wally Etherton wills his muscles and wrestling ability to Duane Aney. Robert Douglas bequeaths his ability to make eyes and wills the air in the tires of his Plymouth to Robert Fahey. Mortimer Robertson leaves his "baseball" mustache Qnine on each sidej and his spicy jokes to Fred Bresmon. Geraldine Smith wills her love for dancing and her singing on the bus to Gerald Bleaking. Mr. Workman gives the remaining half pound of rice to Miss McIntyre for the carburetor of her car ....... can anyone lend Miss McIntyre 5125? We will to the entire Junior Class the broken pieces of chalk in our room, the missing erasers, the "weatherized" window stick, the "stray" ping-pong balls, our many "crackpot" ideas and our noisy noon-hour "jazz" sessions. We hereby testify that this was NOT signed by any Senior suffering from "Schitsophronia. Signed, sealed and delivered this day of June of the year, 1951. 16 II Kline Illanb family" THE MAN ,ZZMMQWWZMX THE FAN!!-V-"' ,fl 'pw -is " "Quia in aww' fQ.,fasm"' H' "sf 5? " " 04,4-f 7' 3 77 dual 7 AA? 7 ff., J 1 aw 1 r JAM, 17 JUNIOR CLASS FRONT ROW--SHIRLEY VAN BRINK, DOROTHY DILLENBECK, JOAN YAWORSKI, DORIS ANEY, MRS. LEWIS. SECOND ROW"DON KRUMHOLTZ, ROBERT FAHEY, DORINNE WHIPPLE, NELLIE MEAD, BETTY GARRISON, DUANE ANEY, ALLEN MITCHELL. THIRD ROWN FRED BRESMAN, GERALD BLEAKING OFFICERS'-NELLIE MEAD, PRESIDENTI ALLEN MITCHELL, VICE'PRESIDENT1 SHIRLEY VAN BRINK, SECRETARY TREASURER. ' . ll nf'- K N 4 Q "1 Q cgggqak 1. 'AK Rl n 1, FIRST ROW--JOAN MITCHELL, MARLENE WHIPPLE. SHIRLEY GARRISON, SUE COGAN, JOYCE FRANCISCO. MARION SMITH. SHARLENE BENNETT, JANICE JOUBEN, CECELIA COLLINS, FAY MADISON. SECOND ROW"RUTH ANGELL, ROSE ANN WARD, MARY LOU SICKLER, EMMA JEAN WALRATH, SOPHEY SYWETZ, BEVERLY MEAD, LAURA SMITH, MRS. NIELSEN. THIRD ROW"JOHN KUCERAK, ADAM GUZIK, GEORGE ANEY, LOWELL EUTERMARKS, LARRY WAGNER, VINCENT WYCKOFF, BOB TANSLEY, FRANK GIFFORD, JAMES MARTIN. FOURTH ROW"STEVE DZULA, ALSON ANEY, GORDON HOKE, CHARLES MARTIN. OFFICERS'-LEO WICHOWSKY, PRESIDENT. ADAM GUZIK, VICE-PRESIDENT! CECELIA COLLINS, SECRETARY! SOPHEY SYWETZ, TREASURER SOPHOMORE CLASS I 8 'N 'WS .gym E: K RNC Sv Freshmen FIRST ROW-'RICHARD CAVIL, FLORENCE BULLOCK, STEFFIE MUSCYNSKI, VIRGINIA JANCZUK, RUTH RISEDORPH, GERTRUDE SANDVOLD, SHIRLEY TANSLEY, DORIS GRANN, RALPH KENNERKNECHT. SECOND ROWUEUGENE ANEY, BERNARD NAGLER, JAMES SEAMAN, JOE MEAD, JAMES NABINGER, RUSSELL NEVINS, BERNARD FAHEY, HERMAN GRANN, WILLIAM BARNS. THIRD ROW'-HERMAN SANTMYER, TOMMY LITVINCHYK, VAUGHN TENNANT, WAYNE MUMFORD, MR. SALSBURG. vs. FIRST ROW-'CAROLE ROYCE, TESSIE DZULA, HELEN DEHRBERG, RUTH WARD, DOHJTHY SNYDER. SECOND ROW"MR. ENDRES, URUVISR Eighth Grade DOLORES CASTELDA, PETER GIFFORD, RICHARD BRANE, TRACY BOND. 19 x r Seventh Grade FIRST ROW"GAIL COTTON, MARION PLEVER, BEVERLY BOND, HAZEL MEAD, NANCY SMITH, PRIEDA NABINGER, DIANE MASI, JEANETTE CALMAN, CLARA MOYER, ROWENA SMITH. SECOND ROWUBARBARA BOND, BARBARA ROBERTSON, ALBERT JORDAN, LARRY PABIS, DONALD FEHEY, WILLIAM MADINN, NELAS DAVIES, STEVIE SYWETZ, LYLE ANEY, JOAN TANSLEY, SHIRLEY LANDERS. THIRD ROW"MRS. ALLEN, JOHN YITKOWSKI, RONALD ANGELL, GORDON BARRETT, DERSON MONK, JACK FORD. Q f uz:15f'mws:"X -A Fmsr ROW--MARION MADISON, BARBARA MOYEB, JANE BARNES, s'rAEE1E WITKOWSKI, SYLVIA JONES, MABELINE SMITH, DONNA LEONARD, THELMA TANSLEY, PAY FLYNN, SARAH ANGELL. SECOND Bow--ANNA MAYTON, MARCIA ALLEN, MILFORD MADISON, VERNON DEHRURG, SPENCER BENNETT, JOYCE vAN BRINK, NANCY YAWORSCI. THIRD Bow--BEucE HYNEY, STEVE KUCEEAK, DONALD ETHERTON, Mn. WORTHINGNN. Sixth Grade Z0 Fifth Grade FIRST ROW-'ALGA KUCERAK, ROSE MARY MASI, ROSALIE PRESTI, MARY LOU BARNS, BARBARA TENNANT, CAROLINE SHOEMAKER., CAROLING DIHRBERG, NANCY MC ARTHER, ALICE PIERCE, MARGARET ANGELL, ANITA CAVIL, SHIRLEY DOLHUN. SECOND ROW'- JAMES DOWNS, PAUL FREEMAN, RAYMOND SMITH, JAMES CXJLLINS, DAVID LANDERS, ROBERT SMITH, LARRY SICKLER, BRYANT AUSTIN, FLOYD PLEVER, LARRY MEAD, ALAN WOODRUFF, RONALD SMITH, ROBERT GRANN. THIRD ROW"MR. KILLIAN, ADAM SANTMUYER. RICHARD OSTRANDER. EDWARD L NARD. RAYDND YWGERT. GERALD HYNEY. FIRST ROWHALFRED BAILEY, PAUL FORD, CHARLES ANGHJL, FRANCES BARRETT, MARJORIE DYGETT, FAY VAN BRINK, NORA BEN' NETT, NANCY MILLER, BETTY WELLS, JUDY STRONG, DANNY KUCERAK, DICK FORD. SECOND ROW--RICHARD SMITH, RICHARD TANSLEY PHILIP DHRIBERG, JOHN PETKOVSEKI, JOSEPH BLISS, GARY WELL, CHARLES GALLET, KENNETH LANDERS, RANDALL CAVIL, DAVID GRANN, LYLE SMITH, MRS. ROTH. Fourth Grade 9' ,4- Third Grade FIRST ROW"ROGER BISHOP, BERNARD GALUSHA, GLADYS DOWNS, SHEILA GEER, BEVERLY TENNANT, LESSIE MOYER, ELLEN VAN BRINK BEVERLY HYNEY, DIANNE FLYNN, JANETTE WELLS, BARBARA BAYZDN, BEVERLY SMITH, JAMES FORD, TONY CASTELDA. SECOND ROW'- LARRY MADISON, RICHARD SMITH, RICHARD YOUNG, PATRICK AUSTIN, DAVID MASI, JOHN MAYTON, GERALD MITCHELL, EDWARD BROWN LARRY LAWRENCE, LESTER GALLT, ALLEN BUDDLE, MRS. WOOD. FIRST ROW'-SHARON WELLS, JUDY TENNANT, HELEN ANGELL, SANDRA BLANCHARD, IONA BURKS, MARICA GETMAN, ROSEMARY SMITH, VIRGINIA WELDEN, NANCY DARLING, MABEL WARD, BEATRICE BARRETT, FRANCES BENNETT, LOIS BAKER. SECOND ROW"DAVID BLISS, PAUL SANTMYER, 'I'HOMAS FARINO, DICK PETKOVSEX, DAVID SHOEMAKER, WILLIAM BURKS, GARY FLINT, DICK ELTHORPE, WARREN ANGELL, RONALD JORDAN. THIRD ROW-'ROGER BRUCE, ROBERT BLINCOE, PAUL MAYTON, WESTLY BUDDLE, MRS. KILLIAN. Second Grade First Grade FIRST ROWUFAY GARRISON, MARY MUSCYNSKI, PAULINE SNYDER, JEAN FAHEY, MARY CAVIL, BARBARA BLENCOE, CATHERINE DOWNS JOAN GALLT, BETTY BOGARDUS, PHYLLIS DIGRBERG, EVELYN MAYTON, ELAINE GALUSHA, ARLENE HYNEY, JANET VICKERSON, BEAT' RICE BARRETT. SECOND ROWUDAVID SMITH, TIMOTHY FLYNN, JOHN SNYDER, ROBERT SMITH, MACNAIR HYNEY, BARRY HAGGERTY, RICHARD MUSSMACHER, FRANCIS COGAN, THOMAS BLISS, HAROLD COLLINS, LESTER DYGERT, FRANK AUSTIN. THIRD ROW--CHARLES MOYER, IAYNE IILL, OSCAR BURK, JAMES QITH, KENNETH DEGKER, MRS. IANER SUBSTITUTE FOR MRS. PRICE. FIRST ROI--JAMES SNYDER. BARBARA SMITH, VIRGINIA sM1'rR, SHIRLEY SMITH, CRYSTEL Rom!-LING, Joyce: COTTON, BARBARA BUDDLE, CHERYL JORDAN, BEVERLY TANSLEY, DONNA SPERL, MADELINE LANDERS, EVELYN ROOF, JUDY DARLING. SECOND Row-- JAMES VICKERSON, JOHN BAKER, ADRIAN DOWNS, DONALD WANER, JOHN AUSTIN, NEIL WOODRUFF, WAYNE GETMAN, CLARENCE WELLS, DANIEL MAYTON, CHESTER COLLINS, LELAND sM1'rH JR., MRS. HUBIAK. Kindergarten Iordanvi Ile School FIRST ROI-'CHARLES MUIFORD, MICHEAL PEPLINSCI, EDWARD OIENS, JAMES CALMAN, THOMAS HODIAK, DALE FILKINS, KENNETH CALIAN, KEITH MUHPORD, LARRY OWENS, BERNARD PEPLINSKI. JAMES FULLER. SECOND R0l"DAVID KING, DUANE FILKINS, BETTY HODIAK, NANCY CALMAN, LINDA STILWELL, CAROL PEPLINSKI, MARGARET ROSS, SANDRA SMAGALSKI, PAMELA BEELER, KAY ECKLER DIANA KING, CAMILLE SMAGALSKI. THIRD ROIUSTANLEY HARDY, ROBERT ROYCE, JERRY STILWELL, IAGNE IIERRICK, REBECCA LEONARD, BARBARA NAGLER, SHERRILL ROSS, JOYCE MALINOISKI, RONALD OWENS. FOURTH ROWNMRS. MARIAH CASPARES, MRS. BERTHA IOOD. a 1 . . 4042 o :Q , J 1 T ln' l CY I-1. ik Q-AA. 2 J, -- 5- ,, ,,,,,,, Lg Q SS. 2.4 J' 0 I' . .1 A, 1 I F F 1 1 I N! pl? FRONT ROW--GERALD BLEAKING, ROBERT DOUGLAS. LARRY WAGNER. ADAM GUZIK, DON KRUMHOLTZ. SECOND ROI--JOE MEAD. SPENCER HARDY, ROBERT PARR, FRED BRESMON, JAMES NABINGER, DUANE ANEY, COACH SCHALK. Varsit Football 'W Kb A if f FTER a two year break at eleven man football, V. H. S. has gone back to six man ball. The team had all veteran players with the exception of James Nabinger, who promised to be a big help to the team. With last year's men like Butch Guzik, Duane Aney, Leo Wichowsky, Don Krumholtz, Bob Douglas, Bob Parr, Tiny Bresman, Gerald Bleaking Spencer Hardy, and Larry Wagner, the team scored 108 points for the season, with an average of Z7 points per game. Wins were scored over Springfield and Brookfield, giving a total of two out of four games played The starting line-up was: Quarterback, Krumholtzg Halfbacks, Guzik and Wichowskyg Ends, Aney and Nabingerg Center, Wagnerg Substitute- backs, Parr and Bleakingg Linemen, Douglas, Hardy, and Bresman. Captain of the team was Leo Wichowsky and the manager was Joseph Mead. Coach Schalk complimented this year's team for their spirit, their hard work, and their co-operation , and he believed that the change from eleven man football to six built up the boys' spirit and encouraged them to play harder. 26 T is a familiar sight to see the grapplers stream into the auditoruim to wrestle every eighth period. Going through the door, I see Joe Mead, rnanagerg James Martin, 9533 Charles Martin, 10333 Joe Hoke, IIZMQ Wallace Etherton captain, 1203, John Kucerak, and Robert Parr, 12705 Adam Guzik, 13355 Duane Aney, 13895 James Nabinger, 145145 Robert Fahey, 15435 forfeit, 1651943 unlim- ited, Leo Wichowsky. The team has shown the usual school spirit and good sportsmanship. The boys were proud of the fact that, in spite of forfeiting five, some- times ten points, many of the meets were very clo se. Here is a summary of the meets: VHS over Richfield 2.4-16 VHS over Ilion 36-10 Norwich over VHS 29-13 Watertown over VHS Z9-11 VHS over Whitesboro 21-18 Watertown over VHS Z7-9 VHS over Whitesboro Z4-17 Lowville over VHS Z3-14 VHS over Richfield 33-10 V 50561 H ScuNIQ HoLL W O o ' FIRST ROW--JAMES MARTIN, RALPH, KENNERKNECHT, GORDON HOKE, WALLACE ETHERTON, CAPTAIN, ROBERT PARR, ADAM GUZIK, DUANE ANEY. SECOND ROW--JOE MEAD. MANAGER, EUGENE ANEY, ALSON ANEY, JAMES NABINGER, LEO WICHOWSKY, COACH SCHALK. Wrestling unior Varsity Football FIRST ROWUSTEVE SYWETZ, JOHN WITKOWSKI, GROVER BENNETT, LARRY PABIS, DONALD FAHEY, VAUGHN TENNANT, CHARLES RENVER LYLE ANEY. SECOND ROW--JOHN FORD, NELLIS DAVIES, RICHARD CAVIL, HERMAN GRANN, BERNARD FAHEY, EUGENE ANEY, DERSON MONK, TOMMY LITVINCHECK, MR. KILLIAN. If W him? rub-hw K FRONT ROW--RALPH KENNERKNECHT, RICHARD BRAND, JAMES MARTIN, VINCENT WYCOFF, LOVIELL EUTERMARKS. SECOND R0l"LEO Ski Club IICHOWSKI, MR. ROMELING. Tennis mont ROW--RUSSELL Nsvms, Ros:-:RT TANSLEY, v1NcEN'r wycom-', BERNARD NAGLER, RICHARD BRAND. SECOND ROI--SPENCER HARDY, Lao wlcnowsxl, MR. RDIELING, DAYNE IUIFORD. FRONT ROI'-IALLY ETHERTON, LBJ WICHOISKI, DUANE ANEY. LARRY IAGNER, ADA! GUZIK, ROBERT DOUGLAS, JAMES NABINGER, SPENCER HARDY. SECOND ROI--IILLIAI BARNES, GORDON HOKE, LOIELL EUTERHARKS, DON KRUHHOLTZ, ROBERT PARR, RALPH KENNERKNECHT, COACH SCHALK. Baseball FIRST ROW--DORIS GRANN, JOAN MITCHELL, RUTH ANGELL, JANICE JOUBEN, BETTY GARRISON, JOYCE FRANCISCO. SHIRLEY VAN BRINK, GERALDINE SMITH, F'AY MADISON, MARLENE WHIPPLE, ROSEANN IARD, MARION SMITH. SECOND ROI--MR. IOODRUFF, BETTY KUCERAK, EDITH JORDAN, NELLIE MEAD, SHARLENE BENNETT, AUDREY NEVINS, SOPHEY SYVIETZ. DORIS ANEY. SHIRLEY GARRISON, STEFPIE MUSCYNSKI, MARIAN JOUBEN, MARTHA HOKE, CAPTAIN, MR. IORKMAN. Girls, Sports HIS has been the year for upsets. Notre Dame was defeated by Purdueg Okla- homa in the Cotton bowl by Kentuckyg Army by Navyg and the biggest upset of the year--Van Hornesville Soccer Team by Richfield with a score of 4-Z. This was Van Hornesvi11es's first defeat in three years. Score Sheet: Bridgewater O V. H. S. 12. Cherry Valley 4 14 Springfield 0 14 Richfield 4 Z Winfield 0 8 Nellie Mead was high scorer for the season with a total of seventeen points. The "B1ue Jeans" softball team, under the direction of Leonard Workman is boasting the return of several veterans from last year's team, and they've had their eye on the league championship. We have been undefeated for three years and we would like to change the trend toward big upsets by being undefeated this year. W 2 I! 30 Q fS"vf.i':f ,a CNW? 'I ' .LM-1f"'4""T 'I f we Q 1 I , -PL "fri-pf 5:V++.f.4?9?vf S' "J W- '9' fff'-M ff'f'f41 ' if ' KZf5?'f5l"5v':'::' 2 , .wh .hu V' !.fl.,,:,,. , 4 ,, .., 5 ,S , ' 1' 1fw:4w,,4.-",v,94Q--J ,A -Q A- ,yikf ' V -P' v,fQ. f'5'--1'.-:w-- 1' V 1-.,, u. XX mb- Zvii--T..,, 'f-'Y un. .1 wfw'.h1.-.' ,U 3.5. , 1 .. fd-ww . P - f -.,.,...::wfq':' -' i5:9z!s:.53'n ,f f.g1.1fff. , W ' 0 "Wig, 4 ' !C'2ug ig' gf? . gb rf :V u gi W.. VH S Press The Shu if ,ov 1 3 Cv l-I' I 7 p , as' C-vifgm-Hgh GV .2 N our school, one of the most familiar activities, which rates appreciation and praise for its staff and advisor, is the V.H.S. "Highlights," Each year the "Highlights" is recognized as outstanding by judges in local, state, and national contests. The paper re- ceived an all New York rating from ESSPAg an all American rating, plus a Medalist Award for having the best headlines in its division from the Columbia Press Association. At the annual spring banquet, the staff of the "Highlights" was announced: Wauletta Bennett. Edit01'-in-Chief: Edith Jordan, Assistant Editorg Nancy Cogan, Business Mana- gerg Robert Douglas, Managing Editor: Larry Wagner, Sports Editorg Virginia Janczuk, Cartoonistg Betty Kucerak, Correspondence Editorg Sharlene Bennett, Feature Editor, Marion Jouben, Exchange Editorg Miss Helen D' Aprix, who acquired a new name during the summer-Mrs. Edward Lewis, Faculty Advisor. Five members of the staff and Mrs. Lewis attended the Syracuse Press Conference. Wauletta Bennett entered the news writing contest and all delegates sat in on a variety of panel discussions and clinics. This fall the paper was enlarged to six pages and humor, Alumni, homemaking, and sports columns were published on a rotating basis. The ads were enlarged from the classified ones of last year. With the addition of a feature editor, more feature stories were added. Under the capable guidance of Nancy Cogan, Editorg Edith Jordan, Business Manager, Sharlene Bennett, Secretary, and Mrs. Florence B. Nielsen, Faculty Advisor, the "Ot- squagan" staff selected as its theme "Appreciation for Things Familiar" and published a fifty six page annual. Much credit should be given to Mr. Waldemar Romeling, Art instructor, and his students for illustrating the theme throughout the yearbook , The Junior High "Flash" was headed this year by Shirley Robertson, Editor, and Lorraine Jouben, Assistant Editor. And so, in evaluating things we appreciate, V.H.S. "Highlights," "Otsquagan" and "F1ash" serve Van Hornesville as "The Voice of the Centralized District." 32 THE JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT HIGHLIGHTS STAFF FIRST now--BETTY GARRISON, NELLIE MEAD, JOAN YAWORSKI, EDITH JORDAN, ROBERT DOUGLAS, WAULETTA BENNETT, NANCY COGAN, SHIRLEY VAN BRINK, SHARLENE BENNETT, MRS. LEWIS. SECOND ROW-'DORIS ANEY, DOROTHY DILLENBECK, ALLEN MITCHELL, ROBERT FAHEY, RUSSELL NEVINS. LARRY WAGNER, GEORGE ANEY, SHIRLEY GARRISON, VIRGINIA JANZCUK, MARIAN JOUBEN, MR. ROMELING. Aix FIRST ROW-'HELEN SAGATIS, MARIAN JOUBEN, BETTY GARRISON, NELLIE MEAD, JOAN YAWORSCI, EDITH JORDAN, NANCY COGAN, GERALDINE SMITH, WAULETTA BENNETT, SHARLENE BENNETT, CECELIA COLLINS, AUDREY NEVINS. SECOND ROWUMR. ROMELING, SOPHEY SYWETZ, JANICE JOUBEN, RUTH ANGELL, DORINNE WHIPPLE, DOROTHY DILLENBECK, SHIRLEY GARRISON, MARTHA HOKE, MARY ANN SEAMAN, PHYLLIS MITCHILL, MARY ELTHORPE, MRS. NEILSEN. THIRD ROW--GEORGE ANEY, ROBERT TANSJEY, FRANK GIFFORD, ROBERT FAHEY. ROBERT DOUGLAS, MYRON RIESENDORPH, ROBERT PARR, SPENCER HARDY, ALLEN MITCHELL. OT SQUAGAN STAFF' 3 3 FIRST R0l"ADAM GUZIK, JAMES NABINGER, ROBERT FAHEY GERALD BLEAKING ROBERT DOUGLAS LARRY IAGNER DUANE ANEY LOIELL EUTERMARKS, RUSSELL NEVINS, ALSON ANEY SECOND ROW VAUGHN TENNANT RICHARD CAVIL HERMAN GRANN DON KRUMHOLTZ, JOE MEAD, SPENCER HARDY, ROBERT PARR GORDON HOKE WILLIAM BARNES RALPH KENNERKNECHT THIRD ROI BKRNHARD NAGLER, EUGENE ANEY, BERNARD FAHEY, JOHN KUCERAK ALLAN MITCHELL JAMES SEAMAN MR ROTH FOURTH ROI GIARLES MARTIN, IAYNE MUMFORD, HERIAN SANTMEYEI TOMMY VITVENCHEK DAIRY judging team composed of Bob Col- lins, Leo Wichowski and Larry Wagner entered the Delhi tour. A dairy team also entered the State Fair contests in Syracuse in early Sep- tember, and participated in all contests at Cobleskill and Morrisville. The chapter spon sored a successful school and community fair in September. Mr. Helbig took four Ag pupils on a trip to Farmingdale Technical I1'1StitL111C and a delegation attended Farm and Home Week activities at Cornell in March. The officers: Pres.--Larry Wagner V. Pres.--Leo Wichowsky Sec.--Donald Krumholtz Treas. --John Kucerak Reporter --Alan Mitchell Sential--Spencer Hardy HE Future Homemakers of America have been on their toes this year. Extra class activities started in the late fall when this eager group of F. H. A. girls started right off with an all-school project. Christmas was near at hand, so they sponsored a community "carol sing." The carolers traveled by bus to sing at . . . ,. 4 Jordanville and Van Hornesville, and later enjoyed BUCK dancing and refreshments at school. Like the busy bee, the club buzzed along all year sponsoring: an assembly program, "How are your manners"g making new lun- cheon sets for the departmentg having a world pro- ject of writing pen-pal letters to foreign studentsg preparing a banquet, and enjoying parties of their own. FRONT ROW--JOAN MITCHELL, moms GRANN, FLORENCE suLLocx, Joyce FRANCISCO, SHIRLEY VAN BRINK, BETTY GARRISON, DOREEIN ll-IIPPLE, bolus ANEY, Enrrn JORDAN, MANY ELTHORP. SECOND now--num ANGELL, ROSEANN mm, JOAN YAIORSKI, may LOU SICKLER, sammy TANSLEY, VIRGINIA JANCZUK, NELLIE umm, oonoi-HY DILLENBECK, may ANN sn-:ANAN, NANCY COGAN, GERALDINE nu. 1-umn now--sus coaAN, NANIAN smrru, BEVERLY mmm, sn-:NME MUSCYNSKI. csnrnunsz SANDVOLD, num RIESENDORPH, PHYLLIS MITCHELL. mums ROW--MARLENE WHIPPLE, SHIRLEY GARRISON, Miss s'rAN'roN, EMMA JEAN WALNATH, LAURA snrm. Future Home Makers CLARINETS--MARLENE WHIPPLE. CECELIA COLLINS, JEAN KENNERKNECHT, HELEN SAGATIS, STEFFIE MUscYNsK1, MARCIA LOU ALLEN JANICE JOUBEN, STAFFIE WITKOWSKI, CAROL ROYCE, JEANETTE CALMAN. FLUTE--FREIDA NABINGER. ALTO SAX--JAMES NABINGER SHIRLEY ROBERTSON. HORN'-LEO WICHOWSKI, FRANK GIFPORD. DRUMS--TESSIE DZULA, EDITH JORDAN, AUDREY NEVINS, BOB PARK DIRECTOR'-MR. SCHNELL. TUBA'-LARRY JOUBEN. CORNETS"EDWARD SAGATIS, BILL MADISON, STEVE SYWETZ, DUANE ANEY, RICHARD BRAND. TENOR SAX-'SOPHEY SYWETZ. BARITONE'-FAY MADISON. TROMBONE--RALPH KENNERKNECHT, DORIS ANEY. BARITONE SAX-- MARTHA HOKE. Band FIRST ROW'-CAROLE ROYCE, SHIRLEY ROBERTSON, SHARLENE BENNETT, SHIRLEY VAN BRINK, JOAN YARORSKI, TESSIE DZULA, JANICE JOUBEN, RALPH KENNERKNECHT, EDWARD SAGATIS, JAMES NABINGER, GEORGE ANEY. SECOND ROW--DORINNE WHIPPLE, GERTRUDE SAN' VOLD, SOPHEY SYWETZ, FAY MADISON, MARLENE WHIPPLE, STEFFIE MUSCYNSKI, FRANK GIFFORD, JOE MEAD, LARRY WAGNER, LEO WICHOWSKY. THIRD ROW"HELEN SAGATIS, MARIAN JOUBEN, MARTHA HOKE. NELLIE MEAD, AUDREY NEVINS. CECELIA COLLINS, WAU' LETTA BENNETT, BOB PARR, PRESIDENT, MR. ARTHUR SCHNELL. Chorus W7 QQ: at Ki, , hjifwuff 32 y"J 37 www' ' R151 my 195622 Student Council rmsr ROI--CAROL noics, BETTY cfuuuson. WAULETTA BENNETT, aossm PARR. soPHEY sywsrrz, srszrms Muscimsxx, mlzsn. umm. ssconn now--svsucn-:R ummr, nomar mum, Lao vucnowsxv, mn. womcmin, mms ruuuncsn, many .ioumszn N cooperation with the band, the Student Council of 1950-51 pledged their whole hearted support to the raising of money for band uniforms. Throughout this past year our ambassadors' have shown many movies and slides in the surrounding communities depicting their educational trip to Europe last sum- mer. Many enjoyable assembly programs, scheduled by the council, were presented to the students. These assemblies included movies, forums, a magician and several entertainers from the School Assembly Service. Several "Fun Nights" were held to supply entertainment such as, dancing, ping pong, and shuffleboard, for the students when wrestling meets were not scheduled. The annual fall and spring movies were shown at the school on Tuesday nights and included many top-rate selections. This year's council wishes the best of luck, and continued success to the Stu- dent Councils of coming years. A i fm I 1:15 'fx - ,Anil I pf ':1': f' ' 'T 'Os ,VD QB ' " 20. 'lm 38 . I . Photography Club FIRST ROW--RUTH RIESENDORPH, GERTRUDE SANVOLD, NANCY COG SALSBURY. RUSSELL NEVINS, LARRY WAGNER, FRED BRESMAN, GERALD BLEAKING. JAMES SEAMAN. AN, BETTY GARRISON, MARY ANN SEAMAN. SECOND ROW--MR 4:53 A . FIRST ROW'-CECELIA COLLINS, SOPHEY SYWETZ, MISS MC INTYRE, SHARLENE BENNETT, JANICE JOUBEN. 39 LEFT T0 RIGHT--AUDREY NEVINS, NELLIE MEAD, JANICE JOUBEN, CECELIA COLLINS, SHARLENE BENNETT, WAULETTA BENNETT, HDF HEY SY WETZ. HE effervescence of the cheer leading squad draws your attention to the schoo1's fighting spirit. The long echoed cheers and fast action from each cheerleader not only show school spirit but also the warm feeling of loyalty and admiration for Van Hornesville Central School. l v 1 x X ! X .xx x , X txt- 5 ' iH' ' 5 fy wp V 9' X ,f X 'Q fl A ,j ' Juni ' Q gl 4" Z4 - Fi ,QI ll ull! hwk x 5 's A i Sl: U 6 Q, xv FIRST ROW--SHARLENE BENNETT, CECELIA COLLINS, JANICE JOUBEN, JOAN YAWORSKI, NELLIE MEAD, SHIRLEY VAN BRINK, DORIS GRANN, GERALDINE SMITH, FAY MADISON, STEFFIE MYSCYNSKI. SECOND ROW--MISS MCINTYRE, SOPHIE SYWETZ, RUTH ANGELL, MARTHA HOKE, EDITH JORDAN, AUDREY NEVINS, MARIAN JOUBEN, DORIS ANEY, PHYLLIS MITCHELL, MRS. NEILSEN. THIRD ROW-- RDBERT TANSLEY, FRANK GIFFORD, GEORGE ANEY, ROBERT FAHEY, VINCENT VIYCOFF, ALLEN MITCHELL. O HE president of the Dramatics Club of 1950 4 and 1951 was Edith Jordang vice-president, Nel- I lie Meadg secretary, Marian Joubeng treasurer, Sharlene Bennett. 1 H O - WQWQY Spgmf The meetings were held on Monday, Wednes- 1 1 , 1 , , NMI day and Friday, as a winter activity. The Dra- N 2, matics Club had 24 student members, and Miss l TP Agnes McIntyre and Mrs. Florence Nielsen were the faculty advisors. "Aaron Slick from Pumkin Crick" by Beale Cormack, was presented with the cast: Mrs. Rosey Berry--Edith Jordan Aaron Slick ---- ---- G eorge Aney Mr. Wilbur Merridew--Robert Tansley Clarence Green---Frank Gifford Gladys May Merridew--Audrey Nevins The Girl in Red--Wauletta Bennett Little Sis Riggs--Betty Kucerak 41 Qur Ambassadors HROUGH the efforts of the student council of the Van Hornesville Central School, two alum- ni were sent to Europe during the past summer as "student ambassadors" under the direction of the Experiment in International Living, Inc. of Putney Vermont. Jack Hemenway of the class of '44 and a 1950 graduate of Colgate University and William Ho- miack of the class of '49 who is an active farm operator in the school district, spent seven weeks in Norway and Holland respectively. Our "ambassador" project has appeared to be a practical application of ideas of international cooperation, good-will and "one-wor1dness." 42 f a 9575 X, X 5 J fl? f X 49 .5 5 E are constantly confronted by beings called human, and familiar with these beings as we may be, we all too often neglect their very presence, much less appreciate their being. For me to appreciate humanity I must be willing to accept all people, for, little or great as they may be, they have lived and I may learn from the experience of each man, woman and chi1d." Jack Hemenway S56 COULD write of the boat trip to Holland, or of my experiences during my stay in Holland, or of rny tour to Paris and to Luxemburg,-but, in- stead, I wish to pay tribute to the man who was responsible for this experiment in Van Hornes- ville--Fred Price." - William Homiac k 1 1 . 4 1. ,, .t1!.?1-, .1 11:11, X- 4 1 -. .,y,.,-I ,,,, , ,11--f1':.-.. 1-.g.:,'-I - 1.4: ?1.,,1-3,1755 517, 1511- 5 1,., 'if-'X"' ' 'iX'.f J- .. 1 f 1.4 -.,1. 1 1 ' 531' 4: -7 ..,.1"1 1 7-Hx. 1-.-.3 . ,W 1: 4523?--.1' ' . .Jw 1,531 ja Q1 3 farm -' .Al ' fi E Rua. Q 1... 1 2- '- , ,. 3 if I , ' , 1 K, ,,.1- ': WT' ,,'E..'.f. .1 '-1 .'1?fi,f.3Q4:,E'lQ3 , , , .V -,mx lv K . --1:'.-,11fE4,! .11 .U ' U 1 'iw ' lx ,Wx , e...,., .X . -. .11 1 Q ,f -19.11 A .1 5 . 7 . "K, . 49.2. . . 3.1,-', '11 1 ,z ., .su-3s.' -' x 451.1 431, -1,1-,I4 -4, 1 -1r., fi? L mx? .2 1: Lgifv pw' ,121 lffix. 'fi '.: 'vgfjs' T551 ' 1 :pw .Ig 'i..,1l :P, ' 11. "-.WI 111,13 . ,im 'pal-c',.1, ' - . 'F' HK.. , 1 lx ivfvzgx V, wifi., . .-1.1.1. ,. 'I75.H2 '-:. 101 . K.. -J'Li',f-:-I 13' ,-13 12. -411 Qt 15354 1, . ,. ...MXL Q AH 1 ..'1r'1 1 1 1 , . . mv H -'-R-.:. '-,"'1'Lf 1.. 11 1 1 .fd S 4' - .NL if - ' 'jj L 1 .1 ,AJ -A ' . . ' 1, 1 ,N ' 17' . Aw Q:"Q' Sr? . -1 ff'-fl, J ,V Tj V, X L. 1 if ' 1 21 Inf' 1 Lv ' 1 .-115' . - 1 -:eh 1 .- 15, -, - .f Ya. ' 1 M. I ,, 5 1 wg f gag V' 'c 1 ' 41.1 F ,N ,. K5 ,r.1,. -651 1 21.-.1-ff fl 1f"vfL :11 47, 1. ,1 ',4'x, 1 1."' 's1',1, nf g.,.g:'1g ,M ., 1, 1' ' 1" -.auf ,.. -, 0 0 Everyone Benefits my When Farmers Work Together Eff' Hain G L F erwce FEEDS SEEDS FERTILIZERS GAS OH.-GREASE FARM SUPPLIES L P BOTTLED GAS DELIVERY SERVICE Fort Plain, New York GOOD room Q 1-.OCKEYS FYOZEN FOOD ZERO Foot! Sforase Fort Plain 44 661 Cana iohar-ie 10 QQ3 C Pl BUCHANAN HARDWARE FOMPANY mi ld Sp y Drugs Films gg5El."! A Klvrrs Dwnnv mi GIBGSTOHE Bulldlhg RICHFIELD SPRINGS NY Candy Sodas Geo Corrado Milling Co. Manufacturers of Dalrv and Poultry Feed Ferkimer 424 'H-ankfort 1128 8 WFW1 311 en+'i uv e a n t ed' VPU Mm PIPW1' me AQ '05 SNECK ELECTRIC Phone 4 5273 For! Plain New York Complzments 0 Dlrectors The Fort Plum Natuonal Bank Fort Plain, New York O I Q - om imenu 'lf Ric e ringg, Ngw ork 0 0 H ""!'. LS l Grinding and Mixing Done While You 'ffait ' f , mg "'1. . oi' - Buf ,' Tj ale? Ai Qrw 'A iso, "X . 'Y' , , .fa , -.,. V-a . 9 44 L G Balfour Company Atlleboro Massachusetts ERNITURE 'STORE cuss mNcs AND rms r ort Plain, New Yo:-lf COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS PERSONAL CARDS CLUB INSICNIA Msmonnl. PLAQUES ReP,,,,,,,,,d 5, """"' M OIIIIIIUI1 l111dC A M HODGKINS airmen s LEADING Plunllrnnl Sm!! P 0 Box 9 267 Nome Mm: Srltn HERKIMER N V Schenectady N Y yy NUT 5944, sages-4 Nur 45 UF :mm YW BEECH NUT PACKING COMPANY CA1vAJonA1uE,NY STANDARD NO Munn WWM4 IS AT YOUR DOOR HARRY W SMITH A I. ssnvlc CARB 'rnucxs TR crows N CHFIEL SPRI 'Every Thing For The Form Sales and Serv1ce for the ff' Case, New Holland, Cater-p111ar DeLeva1 D R SPRINGER 8: SONS Telephone R1ch.t'1e1d Sprlnps 331 Complunenll of STANDARD INSULATING C0 GEORGEW GLENN 428 Main Street Phone: 4-8080 Optometrwt UTICA N Y ' ' Fort P1a.1n New York 3 4 1-I ' Q U "A"A'A'A"'AH .liiofiiii A'f'A'A"'A 'A'A' K' . I LWHM 8 8. .. I , . . Q . of' , 0 Nu nl x' 'sa.u.s.m.of" Q- 0 Ogg ! . IICOIFOIAYED llii o o . - -I A A s wlvr Gs. N.v. , I h 0 O ' D Q 1 n 0 - . . , , 3 KJ t D U ' . . 45' ., xl 4 CARL J. DINGMAN " LUMBER , lf , I I .v,-, 7 5. - N 9! I 2 I ws? SGW' AND BUILDING MATERIALS Sherwin Williams Paints WHOLESALE CROCER ' H. E. SCI-IOOLEY 81 COMPANY Telephone 257 Cherry Valley, New York Richfield springs, New York Phone: 5511 NATIONAL GRANGE , Mutunl Fire Lmbxlxty insurance Company Company S 0 ' lull. l. Jovan 0 Sou lil PAIR AVIIUI nlmuull. naw vonx ,A 0 get QLOIHDMM I ff HERKIMER, NEW YORK Y V Y J ll , : . DeSota - Plymouth Dealer lxff' vEl,-. R! J Hnwxms AUTO SALES Q, Q Y f, Telephone 127 South Main Street phone: 46-595 Nelliston, New York X K I If Compliment S 1 Z of STEWART AND BERGEN CO. 5 Cgmplimenll v . 6 0, 1 5 "'v2:, , - If Mqron A lor-Aan N 'gn A mm I ARCHITECT Phone 43-171 7 Y ff mcnnnn 5n'NGs1 NEW YORK 33 Main Street Fort Plain, N. Y. 2? C. CENTRAL CITY 0-uw BUSINESS INSTITUTE V Q, O X New York State Approved X "'4 FALL TERM - SEPTEJBER 4, 1951 CHERRY VALLEY, N.Y. William J. Veigel, Director ARREN STREET t Member of Federal Deposi 428 SOUTH W sYRAcusE 2, NEW YORK Insurance Gorporat ion 46 ,Q scozucns LAWN PRoDUcTs x Kp, 'lx V I IIIGIIFIELII SPRINGS LIIMBEII GDMPMIY Everything for the Builder Cor BRONNER and DIVISION STS Telephone 461 R C FASSETT Manager E R LENEKER INC Phone 44231 Fm Pm" N Our Quantlty Buying gives you Quality at Reasonable Prices LET US ESTIMATE YOUR JOB Large or Small --I COMPLETE LINES .EANITARY pR0DUC-L3 Dupont Paints and Varnlshes Wall Panehngs All Types JANITOR DUPPLIES Lumber M111 Work Masonery Supplles Blocks Cement EXTERMINATION SERVICE Plaster Bucks Flue Liners Etc Combmatlon Doors Picture Wmdows PARK CHEMICAL cf: SUPPLY CO Phone 4 65150 Make Rxchlield sprung, Y ur Shopping Cente 400 408 Pork Ave Ullcc New York GUABAN1? RECAPPING LOANEB SERVICE BCYD GENERAL TIRE. INC G TIRE 217 ORISKANY ST F. BATHERIES ACCLS N gh? HI 1 .447 Mi WW ron PLAIN PHARMACY VERNON J A SCHRADER Prop ol Sl FORT PLAIN N Y ' 88 Phone 45 255 H E MILLER GARAGE Vanllornesulle N Y C P' I COMPLETIL GARAGE SERVICE THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK OF COOPERSTOWN N Y ESSO GAS AND OIL EXIDE BATTERIES GOODYEAR TIRE.: MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Phone Ri' Milf- SPPIWSS 576 J 2 FEDFRAI DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP 0 J sn - v . . , . ,,T,-:.L.i. . 4 , .Y. - - 1 F1 O ' ' O ' 1 -. l '1 . T1 . I ' .-. .- J . i- . - . , ' . . . - - . U 0 . ll ' -L " SORIES Mmm 2-:lov L z-:loo UTICL N- Y- I om: - B . , 3oCUll reel: I I , , J fig . . fn W 0 . 'A V I , ' l -f Q f- om illlelll Q L 1 Q 'ZX 0, 1 -1 NJ , , . . sh.. . 4 ' ' -L - IA I x A L 47 I 12' , if The First National Bank Richfield Springs, N. Y. Lember Federal Reserve Bank Q N MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION WWW W E SHIPWAY UPE 7-N CHEVROLE wwf' 8: SON ternati onal Harve ster Tractors Warm Nachln Jefrlrerator CHERRY Tnone 57f1 er 11k Coolers s and Freezers VALLEY N Y 1 1 X YT E . v IVQX 62 I I 9 If T1 12 EQ VZIXQII, . 6 J Chevrolet Cars and Trucks, In- I , - ' I Y: V. 1 , O .. , . , . . . , 5 Davs ---- 653 N'Mhts 48 5 fone af Meehan C3 Qnc SOI-'IEONSJ has s al d 'Most automobi e accidents ar'en't accidents at all--- they'r'e foregone concluslons The truth of' the matter' is One accident in twenty is due to mechanical failure ---- nlneteen accidents in twenty are due to nlman f'a1'1ur'es Phone hicafield borlngs 36 Vanl-Iornesville 3314.514 PROIX PT .JE RVI LJ FOR FUEL AND RANGE OIL Eddlson Kretser Tort Plam 45501 Ianajoharle 36565 Metered Filtered JAMES BANTHAM BI1 ARMA MIMEOGIIAPIII :JCIYYLIAEMQ 3 gJE.cJC1'5.l0 with the SIILES an SERVICE UTICA OFFICE SUPPLY 4 5 6 1 l2l4 DEVEREUX STREE UTICA N Y Compliments NICHOLS DAIRY 55 Re 1d 'Ireet 4-5 611 Fort Plain New York MOYER S SERVICE STATION Phon F tPIal 43527 Stark vllle New York If SINLLAIR GAS AND OIL FIRESTONE HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES o I 1 - , ' 1 . 0 II 3 - . X Y Q X A - . ' ' d F5 Xin , Q fi I 125 O O C 0 - h 4 QLI.. I.. ' d TMI ' 1 DIP , E COMPANY. INC. - 1 . T , . . 9 of e or 'n - 1 I ' , C 33,7 fs eh A D z W 7.1! . rv 'ul X . , 4 . 49 Blue moon N EQ X M va r 1- f Z1 ' 5 ll , ' " 'Y N 1 al ' Q ' P' 1 DINE -v DANCE I - 5- r- iff Route 28 Richfield Springs . - Telephone 532154 ..l- QUEENSBOR0 FARM PRODUCTS, INC. Pearl and Nick Tynda gh JLIN ,midi JL I , W, ' 6,4 'P' 4 ,ir1'g, lLA,S BEAUTY SHOPPE Vanllornesville, New York -, Phone 2 ' H Richfield springs 14F13 Vanllornesville, New York Phone Richfield 6F21 pwmq RAYMUND G. EHRIMNII llln A'1gN W.l.Y. ey """ , . N t3 smith cu-one me Royal Sh ' fl rex-mn, ry,.n-ner. 5 COMKERCIAL PRINTING wcurvs soox sronr Y' " , ' A i fi Canajoharie, New York Cooperstown, ll. Ye PMI' 133 X, ', General Ice Cream ' K Cecil C, Hqrrad .X f - X is V. , Corporahon Vanllorneeville, New York 395, x N 5 , ,,- SEALTEST 1cE CREAM f ling' x J X I J E New Idea - DeLeva1 23 Mohawk Strwt Ferguson Sales and Service Fort Plain, New York Hardware - Farm Suppligg Phone: 4-3301 Telephone 392J2 50 Ln1He a I I, wall paper' I S' N and Pam? ,, , S companj ' I Brockway Motor plimenu O 4 ol - F N5 Company, Inc. 0 o 13 N rth S cond Street LI1'lLE FALLS NEW YORK Phone 1642 Steph Q ,X gag' : NNW? at -E Z S 1 ff S Q0 X66 WMWS PENNEY5 DEPT STORE. CLOTHING bl-IOES AND HOME FURNISHINGS Littl F llS N Y rl: ' BROLKWAY Ph 2-1 84 65 N G THE STALKER SUPPLY SC 00 413414. B6+E Fmfvl -ffm Amuwcef ,,,, g,,,n WMU! fefwcsl BAUDER GAS AND ELECTRIC Ca 1 ll W Fu-af Nahonal .Ban of A Cancgoharne T lephone 5 5245 O 6 F1 1 , v en F. Adasek, Prop. . S -Q Sales and Service of X xg X , Y o one 1 Trucks and Buses e a 9 ew O . enesee S eet Uli , N Y. . I '- Compliments ol ' " ' COMPANY X f - HAPPY Cooknue- Mrrens D GAS ggfzvgeg cr: . .. H L. ..m-:sr RANT Fon Plain 'mio nie Q PMENT AND SUPPLI C 1 :IL - Q I . 55 Gnov: STREET Telephone 308 Cooperstown, N. Y. Canaj oharie , New York e - 51 afxw Q.. Qgxx fargo A ,6Q5.,-V! JonDANvlu.r:. NEW mme v . rlxone Richfield Springs 389.12 U? - John so n's Starkville, New York Service mm., CANAJOHARIE NURSING HOME St tion Fon Plain 45521 Regisfered Nurses in Affendonce Day and Nighi' C Privcfe, Semi Privaie Rooms and Wards Cheerful! Aimosphere - Excellenf Food Ccnfrel fly. Sanifurg Vfodurfs and Vaper Compaq! Division of' the Hiller Paper Co., Inc. OTSEGO STREET Call CANAJOHARIE 3-3 1 1 8 CANAJOHARIE. N. Y. Sanitary Supplies - Paper Products Janitorial Equi p'we11+ DYGERT'S DRUG SHOP Leo C. Diver! Ph. C. PAINTS DIAL Prescriptions A Specialty T N V 47723 5 CANAL sr. . Four vuml N.Y. Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK A o er umer, ew Yor . ' fH k' N k Q H- in See Our 6' ' "' ' We offer a complete bank- WEDDING INVITATION AND H Z ing service and would be ' ANNOUNCEMENT SETS pleased to have you call I 'bo talk with us concern- T Tx ing any of your banking -ig' needs. - v ' I T H E B A R T 0 N E S S Fort Plain, N. Y. ' THE BANK WITH THE CRIMES -fsvsnyrurzvc nv PRINTING" Telephone 46-821 sz 5- ,.f PLUMBING AND HEATING 2 TRLLKINI. AND 3- Movmm. SERVICE-xx ,.J" WARD VANDEUSEN Phone 45526 Starkville, New York xi nw, "FOR THE UNUSUAL' ROSIE S IFLOVVERS AT THE TOP O THE HILL Y D ROSARIO GIRMONDH Charles T Wllluams NN Phone 51 is C R N 137 W Lttle Falls N Y Richfield bpnugs, N Y Q19 PHONE 128 L F COOPERATIVE FEEDb SEEDS FERTILIZER an FARM SUPPLIES Llttle Falle, New York Box 635 Phone 468 Thousands of F1P1S are neeoec 1n buslness a d Foxernment of f1CSS NOV The salarles are h1rh and the oooortunutues for advancement are UH11W1f6d Prepare bv tak1nr a course at Ml ed Elley Secretarna ,School for Gnrls 227 QUAIL STQEET CC H dso A el ALB Y 3 NEW YORK Register Now Registered by the N Y S Ecard of negents SUMMER SESSION starts July FALT bEbSION starts September 4 E D CONKLIN 81: SON Main Street Richfield Springs, New York Coal Lumber ason Supplies Phone 53 A or re f-'fl 55 ,. . ef Z Q Q X f "' fi? 1 ,Z s! ' ' , x I ,W ' .xi G I 9 X I 5 -' ' .V ' -5 . s A ,F N-'Q X i . . . . . an f 4 A A Q2 lx Cf XT S 1 x A '35 I 'T K 0 i f Q M 1 . ofnel' ll ll V I V 5' I' .U f U ,V .I J Il 2 Q , 53 at Compliments of Adlero Creamery M GENERAL MERCHANDISE Harold L. Collins, Jr Vanllornesville., New York X X X Fort Plain, New York! x If smnnnnn nuvucnnns mncmnfs nsfncv iq il cg 406 5. FRANKLIN STREET, SYRACUSE, N. Y. "1 rx" " Phone 2-9:5-75 Hamilton and Elgin watches Diamonds and Sterling Silver A.H.LUins1'on and Son , Phone Richfield 5'76J4 Phone: 999-M Herkimer, N. Y. Y 2 099 ESE 2 ? SOPI10 Van ' .Y ' C I TO THE CLASS OF '51 5 more CONGRATULATIONS Q85 VAN HORNESVILLE CENTRAL SCHOOL from Munger's Herkimer "It's Always Fun To Shop At Munger's" 54 Diff' ,Farm FPDYW Friend ET out of here with that "Boom, Boom, Boom" . . . The Thing that remains fore- most in the minds of the Juniors is the receiving of their class rings. In the fall we had a dance called, "Pumpkin Parade"g at Christmas time we had a dinner party--delicious spaghetti made by the girls. We'1l always remember our Junior trip and Junior Prom! --sleepy-eyed sophomores could hear the babbling brook, the clang of merries, the shouting of happy children on the playground, in each English Class. We presented the first forum of the year, had a Christmas Dance, had a banquet for members of King Arthur's Court, took a trip to the Jordanville Monastery, pre- sented "Seeing the Elephant" and Paul Jamba, the amateur magician, at a school assembly and had a "heart-smashing" Valentine's party. I was in the Freshmen Class at the Christmas party, we had a wonderful time. We sure planned a celebration! We had lots to eat and games to play, we were eating about twelve o'c1ock, when all of a sudden the trouble started like a flash! Tommy Litvinchyk was eating a dish of jello and drinking a bottle of soda. He got angry at one of the kids, so up he threw the bottle, but it missed the kid and guess what? Yes, it hit Mr. Salsburg right smack in the face! Things really began to fly! Doesn't that sound like Freshmen? That was the end of the party! Continued next year! 55 nshould Quld Qccjuainfance Be far of? gB?, Esfiiigs ' Q ' Barn JUNE 24, 1950 . kgLLE THIS YEARBOOK PRINTED VELVATONEfEXCLUSIVE KELLER REFINEMENT OF PHOTO-OFFSET QQ BUFFA i1'4fQf: x gt .Q wif' f,,5'i,m, J gh. , ,, ,gag av, ,, ,. .rv-, K .xg ' 'w 5' wr If 6 J" 4, .fyl t, i Q . ,V ,A uf-A .f , Q 1- ' w.. ' Aer f .W J , V. ., , N. , 5, ., . z 4 .,, 'W w 5 w A Q W, . V, 3:-, ,A ' K .M 1 , ww., . J 'U Q- ,N - ..-- ' '. f , , J' M" ,.'. "" Y EY' ' 'nz 3' 1 225, . 7 Y . xxiv, L , .,.. , V, ,-, 1 - ,M ,,,' ' 2 Q ' mf., ,W .. .' H.. ' ml. Keg. i . 77- L ,Qu-5 rr .. x "xiii, Q. ' -.1 h 1. ' M1351-,Li ....,,Lapf!!f .aft 1 , x w-.HV , 1 it dl, 'Q - ,.:.i,'f , ' ., fiat , . -, I: , -Q, A Y a V. .,', ,- ,Q- , I Q., f mix 'x-NK 4,1 ,X .x , w W5 ,.,,, 4 -. L K A bf' . J I fa. ,Ya I , -Q ,,.J' ', ' j, Q-v . x Y' 1 .KV ' N 1 V A -, 1 v,- we-Lx r . f K 1- .- 1 x ' .- f ' ,N 'X A ,f 4' .g Y -. .- - I , ,, - f 1 - 7' S., ,Q J s , , w . .. W ' " .- - , Nu I' I1 x .-. ,, .A, I, 4 7 .,-..-N , 1' Ng I -.I 4 , , v, V . . 1 I .5 X A-', ' - fav' . ' , ' .- -as-gg ' A . X 'Q aff' 2 ' V ff P' .F all , mn "', Pf J .2 -,- , ' .. - - ,.,Q. xl f 'f - ' f ' fff: E , . ff-'fx ' A " 3 A-. If V XL If ,:,,N my , . :r'N:.jv "' YQ hp, ' 4, r Q. - f -' - ' ,I .. ff r K! J JN i ! Y 4 V V., - -A , lu,-x -.- .- ,jf-V 7 - - fr , ' 'v i ' -- A X '- ' '--fl M , X. -.. .f , " , ' ' '- . 4- - -. -'- A Y' ,Q lr ' -1- 1 4 - A , . , f,AY4'f:- - by . i I ,.A 1 , ' ,XX ,- f ' V ..m- .. ,g- E "' ' :ff ,, N 1 A , f 'I 1 ,- 'M-Q...p 1,1 ' i X 1 V ' jx -1'-v. , , V 1' iv Q, H -5 ' ff ff .K K,-,f ' ' 1' -,"'1V '. Y, 1' ' E -. --'-A . -nr .- Y f ,K g"'H-:Sf f - Af ff - . -. 'Y '12 S ' - . , , -' . ,A . ,.-! X ' ' U ,--'Sp I , W x ' - 5 J,"-I - , Z' fv. A f A--vw' -- - b 4- 'il'-' f , I - 5 .1 'gg ' f - , ' ,V ,SfrX.f' 5 - Q ,'-,jg .5 1 l1x4fe'A I fr XV ', -. I T - ff-if 55" - ' , 'Z 1 ' ' :-. -pi " ' P 1. ' - , , " 'tvf X K M J , 'J V V ,T H . YL, A A 'mg Jar! 5, fjj ,ff .f .. ff - , , Q- fy- 4-f,,,,.,f - , , -.V V 'f sg- -. ' If K ' 1 . F. r, ,. .- ,fi-i, , - , , V qv -V - ff! I if f .1 4 - , n xxwtbtx :LI I Q f ' A, rv?-six "' , . . " 3- f , , , , . . 5- f.t JM' k , .1 J, " TN N ' gb-, f - -I U. .X A, A- Q- x kv H, x A . Atv.. r H Y dj H . M, i r 6: 1 , ,X V: , ,I ,T xi -Jn: v' , ,xv --- f H- .V,,-ff ' ,' ff' jx L ct., 'W rr' f 'Y g bi N. -.df le, .I 'X -7, -wr-' '-"- -1:14- - X f f. .., '- gl gf, . , Q ' K4 X xx. J- J . J' , a , ' .gj a , - f ' A' V-3 iff- -Y' ' .SJY -' 1 13' 5 Af?-3' rg. f V -' . 1 2,1 A "' -" .1 ' , - ,5 x Q .'A :fax R -1, ,. ---x. , A I J 5' , ,'.:,A,,-1' ,. ' 'N g . ' 'N-vi - " I X, fa ,.,: V -Y .,, . ,4. , ,faxxf Q94 1' 'fn 5. N, N 4. fp X 'f--.114 ' 35" ...ff 'fix ..,

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