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Never Judge a work of art By zts defects Washzngton Allston The New Dzctwnary of Thoughts g K , X X , ' V , 99 I yea. ' VAN HORN TEXAS 1980 EAGLE VOLUME 41 Q. S E A Q E 5 22 Q 'E cg 1 fi? la 5? , 2 Q 1 O THE 1980 EAGLE PRESENTS . . . 1979-1980 THE WAY IT WAS, THE WAY WE SAW IT. W. I 1 W M ,Je-...ti CANDID AS CANDID Mike McGill takes it easy, as usual in Journalism Class. Mrs. Brownfleld and students of the FHA chapter take a look at a new solar home complex. 1? I 7 . I ,V ,in gl . . s, ' , The crew, Mrs. Hargis, Woody Nunez and Tony Fuentes on a coffee Hx. f 'Ulf cr , ll i 1 ' T7 is 5 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS ACTIVITIES A 5-30 FA VORI TES 31 -38 ORGANIZATIONS 39-60 ATHLETICS 61 -86 ADMINI S TRA TI ON 8 7- 94 SENIORS 95-1 08 JUNIORS 109-112 SCPH OM ORES 113-116 FRESHMEN 11 7-121 JR. HIGH 1 22-1 32 ELEMENTARY 133-160 ADVERTISING 161 -1 76 ACTIVITIES -ibn-has 0-dw Y! -.,, 4. " as 5 1 E""'4's-W. H -. k5!IAv V '7' P L S "uxPV'y Tom Tyrrell in the quarter mile L... QQ L -UI 'fs-,'g,f"Qg,L 'v- 2' A I., i-H1vn '-'N-gat ' Nas, ,Q 'C Y'-'fr .fi 'N be ML! , gg' 'F' A 'W M" -4--1' . V rv ,. I5 uw. 1:- X, ffl' "',:w.Af-Q ,573 www 'AA- , ." " , ,,15V. 1 . .. :..-: Mike McGill starts 440 relay 'semi' V e"' . -'W'-' ' -P67 f-r-Lge, -p-p.,.. , my" PAM MCGILL LONG JUMP nb-- 1 'J FABIAN N UNEZ J ULIAN LOPEZ TOM TYRRELL MIKE McGILL SPRINT RELA Y 3' 4 AM" ,A . Lf' If -4- ,eg r55.ggg,le+.,-an " :TY-' Q'gz? 'wif-ii'f1'F41 .13 if 1? ft . ,-A, M- ..-, -LQ:-,fir 235-. ,.ug. -,T '. ' -Sv 4 X '- v - "ff, " -, ai' ' .. ., , lr yu., ." p , . o A , X "Q 1 - 'lv 8 .' w o,,,-A 1,2 3' vin. 7 lux PAINTING THE V IN '79 Justin Miller leads the way, "Follow me ya'll, l know zz short cut!" Mr. Henson shows the Hsh how to mix paint with a shovel and a drum. Nr H ., -1 .44- ,- ,, rw ,.YQ.., , , I ak' 2- I f , JIU, A ,, ., ,, ,- ',w .. I 'ls !"' ff ".', If sh ,f ..,,,. I I A , 1 1 ' " vi Sip' 1 Y 'I' T? if Nm I Q -- lm 4 ,W I .. 1 - . I 45- qf , 71M-' .,l. 'v. -P' 11 F l ,S ,I 3. x 1 is P is a .V Zvi.: , ' 'Eli' F -H. ,1 1 ,f, U2 "PW . ,',.4r'-V'.'v.Qx2,az7gi1. 5' .iI5'.1,..i-A ,fy LI - ' Lf' I I L ' .gg ,X Adu.. f 135.751, N , P ,gn 'v x,5,, 1-44- 'W lm' , ,1 li l J an 3" ,x ,J ,ia STUDEN S MAKE THE LUNG HAUL The Van Horn High Victory-V lies proudly against the side of Turdle Back. We paint it every year in a symbolic spirit of renewed effort. Mrs. Burt or better yet, Doris Ann BrownHeld and Senior Laura Santa Cruz take a break from their ever trying duties of painting supervisors. I-!f. 42 .ma 9 H O ECOMIN G ' SPECTACULAR Homecoming Queen Lulu Barrera poses with roses and her escort David Onate. Duchess Margie Smith and her escort Dan Sawyer. Duchess Susan Cessnun and her escort Stewart Watley. 10 B ONFI RE LIGHTS THE WA Y Homecoming 79 began a few weeks earlier this year and was a very spectacular event. Van Horn hosted Crane that night and even though we lost the contest, the Eagles spirit wasn't dampened. Halftime activities included naming of the queen and a great performance by the Eagle marching band. After the game students danced at the disco provided by the Student Council. Music was supplied by Don Middleton from Disco El Paso. Spectators got a treat in '79 because the bonfire was one of the biggest ever. The Hre caught quickly and burned for hours. The band played well and the cheerleaders kept spirit high. The b0nHre was a Hne prelude to the other homecoming activities. 11 f f 'X J'-J ' J P?- lg:-' w, 'lv n ea. X ' ir fi, , l .ICN !Axi ' n ' s1"vr' , .H X V Q-A I H' I X ' , V , 0 4 Ln :eg I . f Ls Q' 5 4 M J ' 1"'l' ' r - r M will ' 1 .4 I as .. JH - 55353 U f S L, . E' " N .Q . 1- ,- -. . -1, I . , ' - . ,, KY n --zjy J . ..,, 4 .v. 'L f? If - I Q, -"v"Qa.',-.p-. , 1 . ' - 1 1, . I ..-I , 1 v - ' , !l.' 'YQ' ENE-.u 89,51 . ' 53, V , in 1, I, 4 , . , , ' 5 fy 1' sag " in .- , - . -- .," 'Pr-W-' A A' ., 1 25."w .'t"1-'r v-Q'-.K . ...- ky I u "0" "jj" . --Q 4' X " V. -- .. -I - wi- 4 t '-rf '. '31, "-'jfsg' fu :M I-' W-.ff , 45 .-f ,Ns ., V .,, 'J hx.-. E I' ,,,,. ii- . . 8' . ,Lg . ,..' I -A f-gh - 'ww , 14 v . -Jn " , ' -. ' -w,t, .,,,+,.g., ,u5 'I . ., .fl il 4 .-is lamatiy 'rcs D 1 . ik' vw '-l"'N..-f"- - ', " . 1- 7 v'-r - 'A 'f -fflf' ' " -111,7 1' ' . L Pete Bustamante "Black Gunpowder" .1-.Q-.N ".',-4-.-' 1 - 40 -- A . Mike McGill tries the high bar 13 FRESI-IMAN CHEERLEADERS IN A C TI ON LE VI GARLICK TRINE VASQ UEZ OSCAR ENRIQ UEZ BRAD FRIESEN WEIGHT MEN SHOT AND DISC US EAGLE CHEERLEADERS 1 979-80 7 ,rvffd 'O pi? ,-e 5 wlvx ii, Q" W you at ' WORKING AWAY FROM SCHOOL Ismael Velasquez is one ol' many students at Van Horn High who take advantage of their spare time with a part time job. Here Ismael puts the finishing touch to stocking the produce counter at a local food mart. 17 gl 59 1 I ,M A .Jin cl. .few I 1 ' .. v.4.ql,.,i , , - W: 'uK.,-r I.: IF, E- -I -, , Yfvf F.-,QI , . 1 ' ..l ' 4' U 1 K' .,i gm ,. - , , 1, 1.1 -, .. 1' .iq ,ffip - ' ." ' -5 gq.,a: I ..,-:I .,. . me i v4 ,X 5 4' ,..-l ,. tt' dl. V. PA D! 3 f':7'z"" f 'iv-i123g'.w"'535' li ... . v . x 5, l 'TQ5'-P' 35 t ivxm' Q:-- x"A Qwf 9 ', . ? -. L Vw igwi. "fm: O n f ' 23. L gms! , iv., A y JL it fm., if ,, of : 'I M' J., -i ,wr ' --.,. , - j..p -' '::,2bq, '7-ik. at .lil W if ', q,jjF,WQDf x ,,.. Lil, if 'T 'Wish '92 STUDENTS WORKING IN AND OUT OF SCHOOL Robert Santa Cruz and Ernesto Fuentes spend part of their day as class officers putting up new information on the billborad in front of high school. Corneillo "Naniz" Garibay puts in most of his day working at a local Van Horn service station as a part of the high school work-study program. 18 Y E B CHEERLEADERS STA CK Wi iff' SENIOR L UC Y OR TEGA I fn, V cn? rl sl. vl' xl E-':- 'ftaff-1 " 1-f vm . Iv .s ar IH. rf? q . b, -A lil? ri.. .xl 1 ,ein- - ,M r , ,, K, .-'- z-. ,.' f ,Ar - :ff Av- - '44, 1 un . .ff ivy 1,4 .. .A .,5f'. :. w"L - .i 44-11. -..fL4A'm"uL' C.-H-.D '?u - Qn-no' ' 14' AJ. 1' It ,fri ' .--,A . NIJ" N11 JS' val '37Q.A--A 'A A - ' . -- P - Q " "'+q?-1'xf- ' Lfgqv, J f .-v sw' ,wa s I V-J1i'x . ,v '."' '.'-f Jn. ' " JU IOR PAM WOOD .-- s.L -". :uma ' 15-1 I? .. V',,-1 h 4, ,4 Q- 11-C., 'aff-'ia 11 --V?,'f'rf+--' 'Lf 1' 'L . A,..., 1. Y K f , 5 .ff-J-2.A A- '.'A' h "'-1 ' ,' ' . fffg 7'lr".':r hryf' .A - ' . - nu' ,g H Y . Q ,--1 A x z -5-.8 ,, . 11. ', df' -.a" . f-A N A" . . , ,-.. V.-.A -1-1-E A .e g hw. , , 1 ',-. U ' - -' v -"- , .lr -A tj-It H I .fr ky, 'T' L., 20 --N ,D A! JU IOR ALA A MUNOZ , 4 X"- l Football on and off the Field School superintendent Dr. R. L..McMichael visited with the varsity squad after a very hard fought game. Head Coach Chris Walker gives in-game advice to one of his chargers. 21 The ever present camera of the home ec teacher caught the students on the bus. Mrs. Brownlield wanted oefore and after pictures for the FHA scrapbook. English teachers and journalism advisor Kim and George Massey did what those kind of people usually do on mountain painting trips, move little, watch lots. Drumsticks, what are these people doing here? 22 . , I' . I V. 9 . . J- eff' - V ' nf :, : V' V . J 4 I ,- ' r'9 ' ' t . S ..N l 7' Future Homemakers of America Chapter Officers Area Officer Mage Urias, Advsiors Mrs. B, Mrs. Holtz sew C me .. FHA Level I of Encounter Jimmy DeAnda, Delma Alverado, Angelica Quintana, Mage Urias Level II of Encounter Level III of Encounter-Jimmy DeAnda, Delma Alvarado Mercy Velazquez and Mrs. B. after Area Meeting 4' Lulu Barrera sacks up Fabian j Paul Vasquez "Coony Bird" Track Manager 'ffiilb'-31.-LC' Mfsggg an ., X 'l wi-1-1. . -11 1 Umers Dr. McMichael, Joe Henson, Elias Solis, Terry Robertson, George Massey, Rod Davis 220 Sprinters Pam McGill, Pam Lucas .mag- ir' Quarter Milcrs Vicki V idana, Lulu Barrera H ll. .-axv .' L .55 F S-5 GV 'if '- 'L "h,..,,, 'Q 1 EQ x Girls Track Managers Laura Santa Cruz, Maria Vidana, Fatima Vasquez 29 Betty Fierro and Rosetta Gonzales .-1 "1 .3. ,uk L 8 y'.r -ads - 'Y Jesus Molinar and LLD Teacher, Mrs. Hargis FAVORITES X,-A Mr. and Miss VI-IHS Carlos Urias Yoli Urias 52 Senior Favorites Ruben Mendoza Susan Cessn um R xy, m 5' . 1 1 -' 3. y, H.-Y ' ' iii. Best A11 Around Da ul Carrillo -uLu Barrera Most Likely To Succeed Paul Carrillo Toni Martin i f , 4' x' "' 5 - ' . X3 , I 3 .f S. I L , - I +.' 'M-:ng Pk f - .ev V -Aft" , ,, , "f N M ost Friendly Israel Corrales LuLu Barrera L' ,, 'lx .355 . 5 , V '- P A' 5 . , f, ,l,,1:,r'.. , fi , y5.,,, J!I . g5 1f,"""'K ,iz A fl eil" fi-F. .En-f.'Y+.if 1: 71 A H 'Hp I V X ' ,' . . ' V- 34 A ,, U' ul g 64.3 UQ, Paul Carrillo Priscilla Barrende y Best Dressed Most Athletic Tom Tyrrell Angie Perez ' v 7' x 464 'I .4 .nv I X 1. .. 1' '9i 'ii A .A L, 1 -0 f 7' in I 6' e r D' 1' L Efrain Gonzales M argic Smith Most Handsome Most Beautiful Most Humorous David Ona te Macela Ortega 36 X X . K, AW1. Fernie Leyva Pam Wood Junior Favorites Tony Jacquez Pam McGill Sophomore Favorites Freshman Favorites Wayne Martin Cynthia Cessnum L55 ,gf nv. Th 'la Mr. Rhythm James Goatcher Escorts Band Sweetheart Pam Flores Football Sweetheart Toni Martin Escort Mike McGill 38 M "--r.- , X '.'5'C' N ' , N' . -t ORGAN IZATIGN S One-Act Play Cast Entertains With Bald Soprano Cast members Darla Hill, Wood Hargis, Hu Hunger, Tom Tyrrell, and Margie Smith seem to be in somewhat of a disagreeing state as to who has been ringing the door bell and who hasn't. Was the Fire Chief there or wasn't he. Oh well, you never count the third ring anyway. So, forget it and let us all tell a story. What did we laugh at, we did laugh a lot. Was it life-laughs? Theater of The Absurd Frances Curry, Director Rod Davis, Advisor 40 ll iv, e pla y was performed once lor the general public and ce for the high school and junior high. Here, the eman told his story, the maid, Robbie Floyd, recited r "Ure" poem. The gentleman with bowler hat and 5 wife Hnally met each other, and in fact life trudges its absurd little way. '9 tis in 1' A A .x ,grim .NM 'A tv, M: ' eq 4 1 Q JA '3 ,Enix 'L fi if-ie' J f' 5 My Q! 'M fwiavxla V -. ,, A .. ue AE ,wwe . I -A ws 1, W ,., .ali ,x .L ,Ny 'J -'. sh 3' 9 n .- ?14'!f ' fx IQ' . 2 X Af .N -X 1 Y . ' Q2Q7f,"" fi Q' :I I' 1 2 lr I I 4 I Mg if SL fif' I 1 ff! it --- In K Future Farmers of America-OfHcers 99' 'Nix , 5 "' 5 5 an Alig- 62' Aboveg "We're going to make a Izeifer out of this one. " ' mf M x 11 I F, . Q v 1 I 1.91. . 35' . 1. 32, wr. U, 1. L T'-F eg. 43 25, ,. UIL Regional QualiHers F Row-Robbie Floyd, .Io Dee Kite, Susan Cessnun, Toni Martin, Bobbi Martin, Rosa Abreo, Wayne Martin, Justin Miller B Row-Darla Hill, Hu Hunger, Wood Hargis, Ismael Velasquez, Brad Friesen, Jimmy DeAnda, James Goatcher I,-fa' -U X xxx! '-.' -5, 511,43 , i P f-4 fgazfg. - ,aff eu- 1 Y- M qfffifx ' -:P Fj., f ,. - 5,3 - .. 4-.N .I-I 1 V :Mai ,"'r' ,'f1,,,"9 " . 'v"" Y ' f ' g fii:3.,fA": 5 , i VJ' ' I' 1 QV" '- ' -,-fri' , bfhfg iam .NP WI ., - ., Q. - - , r I - H . I 7 - ef' fs " ! V' J ., - , ,""I1. N ' ' v -1 'W ff-73 pr C r sggglalfzvi i ' as-:EAA-I 'H no U i S i , -1 H fi- za Vi' a , ,H .1 ,V ' 1 M 3-Mfg " f .- pm -"-,idx , , ' 'Amy ,, , . it ' ' -f ' ' f - 11- nl.- ...- 44 I-lv i - . in 2 ,. 5 Lf "1 ,I itfliflgly Q 4 Q '-' ' 4 .. bovcg "For my next trick, I '11 try to pull a rabbit out of this potato hip bag". bove Righty "Who loves ya baby?" ight: "Woody Churchill?" it 3? ,f' yt X X1-fy v:---- ,wh J ?4""'g"7' Jimmy Justin Roberto Fernie Angelica DeAnda "Gallo " "A ce " Leyva Quintana Miller Santa Cruz JOURNALISM G. R. MASSEY-ADVISQR CLASS R uben Brent Mendoza Daugherty i .Xxx f M, ' Sylvia M aria . Mendoza Ofcda Teri Stewart James Mike Tom Evans Watley Billingsley McGill Tyrrell X, A ll 9. Q 5, Above-"Thar she bIows". Bvlvw-"Was Ula! 21 B Har?" Below-"Somebody point me in the right direction." .Lil ,guqt-Q: W ,'v M.- X43 47 wg. , 1. Sprinters Tony Jacquez, Fabian Nunez, Julian Lopez, Tom Tyrrell .,Z X2 High Jumpers Fabian Nunez, Mike McGill, Tom Tyrrell 48 I00 Yard Dash Pam McGill State QuaIiI7er High Jump Vicky Vidana r ,,,,1 x ah!-, ll . 1 5. ...lA . 49 LONG J UMPERS J ULIAN LOPEZ FABIAN N UNEZ VICTOR OORRALES POLE VA UL TERS MIKE MCGILL JAMES GOA TOHER .l ...s ,A ike McGill struggles to make up ground on teammate Stewart Watley close to the Hnish of the intermediate hurdles. runners line up for a quick take, Larry Morse, Victor Corrales, Pete Bustamante, and Ramon Sanchez ., . 4 92 :uf- In "V: k. ' 11 F ie: Advisor G R Massey shows journalrsm chargers Rrcky Watson and Lupe Escajeda how to put prctures on a yearbook page 52 ,M PROPHECY FOR THE CLASS OF 1980 DELMA ALVARADO will become the first Hve-star general of the Marine Corps made to resign due to the pitter-patter of little feet. ESABEL BALCAZAR in ten years will be shorter than she is today. She and her "midget,' husband will have seven children named Snuffy, Happy, Doc, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, and Dopey. MARIO BALCAZAR will one day own a new cotton gin, but because of the lack of fuel for his cotton stripper, we will find him in the Held using his "cotton-picking" hands. RAUL BALCAZAR in the near future will become a father and will spend his leisure time with his son or daughter learning the basics of "how to walk." PRISCILLA BARRANDE Y will get her name in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the world's largest living hamburger buns. LOURDES BARRERA will become the first woman to win the Boston Marathon, after having been followed 27 miles to be sure she didn 't cheat. DEBRA BORREGO after having gone for so many years "unheard,' will give up her soft voice and replace Gordon Soli as the World 's loudest commentator in Atlanta, Georgia. LAURIE BEARD LANGE will weigh 250 lbs, at the age of 25, because her 10 children will have left her shapeless. ROLAN BRE WSTER will clean up his leisure activities and begin an automotive partnership with Jeff PETER BUSTAMANTE will open a computerized track and Held health spa, for which he will use all female attendants. PAUL CARRILLO after training for body building, will win the Mr. Bill award. SUSAN CESSNUN will make millions with her nose, doing Dristan commercials. BETH CONOLY will be the next starlit to grace Studio 54. She will shake the floor with her new rock dancing techniques. So now you know why she is called "one dance. " MARY CONOLY can be found where the boys are, and she will be able to wrap them around her little Unger. ISRAEL CORRALEZ will make his mark in the movie industry as a stand-in for Frankenstein, after having been hit on the head so many times. ROSALINDA CORRALEZ will become the new Farrah Fawcett after having taken lessons from Marcella Ortega. NOLA DA VIS will sacrifice boys and dancing to devote more time for her scientiHe endeavors to invent a drug for no-calorie snuff JIMMY DEANDA will run for President of the United States. After losing, he will count the votes and still say "I should have won." NORMA ENRIQUEZ SERRANO'S eyelashes will Hnally fall out under the weight of 25 years worth of mascara. Unfortunately, Eddie won 't allow her to use false ones. SILISAN EUBANKS will be the next Loretta Lynn, except that Susan will dye her hair blonde and will be toot ess. BETTY FIERRO will become a world heavy-weight miniature boxer. PAM FLORES will grow up to be 5 '5 " tall and to weigh 150 pounds. KA TH Y FUENTES will be hired by the Dallas Cowboys as the tirst woman wide receiver. Her success will be due to all the practice she had tackling Weaver. 53 JAMES GOATCHER will take pole-vaulting lessons from Mike McGill, so he can learn to gripe and vault the same time. CORNELIO GARIBE Y will go into military service and bring honor to the metropolis of Van Horn. EFRAIN GONZALES will be hired by Fruit of the Loom to model their products. WOOD HARGIS will go to Hollywood to become an actor, but will go broke before hes offered parts commercials for tall men 's underwear with quick-drop seats. SCOTT HARRIS AND FREDDIE LUJAN will replace Mrs. B. and Mrs. Holtz as Home Ec. teachers at V Horn High School. MILE MCGILL will make-it to the Olympics in 1904, only to End they won 't have port-a-pits. TONI MAR TIN will be the only Doctor of Philosophy chopping cotton down on the farm-with her golf swin what else could she do? MARGARITE MENDEZ will become the strong, silent type, who will get things done-done slowly. HAR VE Y MENDOZA will be changing diapers, and Maria will be asking for a day off HARVEY MENDOZA will join the coaching staff of the Globe Trotters and teach ball hogging. VICTOR MENDOZA will become the live entertainment at the Van Horn Dairy Queen, giving Mel Tillis sti competitions. JUSTIN IGALLOI MILLER will open the Hrst radio station in Van Horn, Station Korn. CHESTER MORRIS will become the world's greatest bunny hop dancer. FLOYD MULLENS will be the first cowboy to win a can of Crisco and red shorts at a rodeo and say, " sure makes riding easier." FABIAN NUNEX will become the fastest selliservice gas station attendant in Texas. VICTOR NUNEZ will invent a new detergent especially designed to remove stains from certain unmentionab athletic apparel-his expertise in this Held he owes to his years as manager at VH.H.S, SYLVIA OJEDA, the "Original Munchie," will still be at Van Horn High School 25 years from now pourin quarters into the vending machine. The future will Hnd DA VID back in Hawaii operating a brown grass skirt factory, but one of his sewing machin will be reserved for Mrs. B's warm-up suit, unless he's late to graduation, too. LUCINDA OR TEGA will travel to Hollywood to enter Dolly Parton look-alike contest and unexpectedly wi With her million-dollar prize, she and Mercy will live happily ever after, nourishing their kids. MARCELA ORTEGA will become a famous comedian in El Paso night clubs. JUAN RI VERA, after 20 years of cruising around town trying to catch one dog, will become famous for h novel entitled THE HOUND OF HOUSTON STREET RICHARD ROSE will leave his high-paying job a HJZH and travel on his motorcycle to Needles, Californi to challenge Charles Atlas as the World's Champion Muscle Man. LAURA SANTA CRUZ will travel to the town of Iraan, Texas to rescue the hostages. DAN SA WYER will eventually plan for his future-but Michelle's future be in it? 54 MARGIE SMITH will go mentally insane when she learns that someone stuffed the ballot box in high school and she really never won Most Beautiful. MAL THOMAS will be the first student out of the class of '80' to become bald, since he failed in his attempts to invent a cream to prevent baldness for teenagers. RAYMOND TORRES will make a fortune from his new disposable diapers called "Twinkies". TOM TYRRELL will make it to Broadway, only to find no speaking parts. CARLOS URIAS will open a new meat market in Van Horn called Urias and Daughter, located at Green Lakes. YOLI URIAS will be cashier, custodian, stocker, diaper-changer, bookkeeper, butcher's assistant, chief cook and bottle washer for Urias and Daughter's Meat Market. After mourning Steve Martin 's death, GEORGE VALDEZ will easily take his place on the Saturday Night Live Show. STEWART WA TLEY'S receding hairline will capture for him the lead in the Broadway hit "The Bald Soprano" at the age of 20. His brother, ALAN will serve as the young star's manager and body-guard. ANNETTE WRIGHT will be the tirst pediatric nurse to have half of the pediatric ward for her own children. Last Will and Testament of the Senior Class 1980 I, Linda Corralez, being of sound mind and body, will Linda Aumiller the ability to keep her mind off her boyfriend and also the ability to keep from staring at one thing for the remarkable record of half a second. I, James Earl "Chivo" Goatcher, the lst, being of no mind, and less body, do hereby bequeath to Tim lHuj Hunger my marvelous ability to ruin ski poles, drum heads, and peoples' nerves. I also will him one more year in high school, my purple carpet, and all the knowledge I have accumulated during the last fifteen minutes. I, Priscilla Barrandey, being of sound mind and so-called deformed body, leave to Alana Fay Munoz a life time supply of black felt-tip pens and plain white stationary, and the common decency not to use them. But if you must, then remember, it's box 152. I, Sylvia Ojeda, being of sound mind and body, leave Sandra Brown the ability to spend a weekend in Kent, and also, the ability to slip through doors like I do, with no problems. L Victor Nunez, being of sound mind and body, will to Javier Morales my basketball shoes and basketball, so he can practice on his game for next year. We, Israel Corrales and Ramon Torres, being of sound minds and bodies, leave Cass Luna the ability to crash into crow bars and survive, even when Ramon Torres is the pilot and George Valdez is the co-pilot. We also leave him a year's supply of Visine for his "tomato" eyes, and a bottle of Windex for his glasses. 55 I, Paul Carrillo, being of sound mind and light body, will to Fernie Leyva my BUILDING ENGLISH SKILL GRAMMAR Book so that he can learn other Interrogative pronouns besides "whuuuuut?" I also leave Fernie pair of ear plugs so that when Coach Curry tells jokes in Civics, Fernie can just smile, Believe me, Fernie, it worke for me. I, Delma Alvarado, being of brilliant mind and fair body, do leave Carmen Rodarte my inner, self-develope talent of playing hookey, and knowing when to come back. I, Toni Martin, being of decayed mind and squatty body, do hereby bequeath JoDella Dorthea Ruth Kite, m brand new set of World Book Encyclopedias to replace her over-used ones. I also leave her an application and six- yea scholarship to Harvard University. While anticipating attending Harvard JoDee will receive a E50 gift certi17cat to Dr. Thom McAn's "Lessons in shoe typing. " I, Harvey Mendoza, being of superior body and mind will to Joel Sanchez the ability to make up better lie in class, so people won 't have to listen to the same ones all the time, and some new shoes so he won't have t wear his tennis shoes with his dress clothes. I, Efrain Gonzales, being of sound mind and body leave Duane "Toto" Corrales a ticket down the yellow bric road to End the Wizard of Oz and see if he can give Duane a new nose. I, Dan Sawyer leave Duane Lomax my bent golf clubs so the trophy he wins next will be called "the best loser' trophy". Duane can also have my holey jeans which got that way while I was filling a battery with acid at Loma Shell Station. Finally, I leave Duane my Datsun Pickup so that someday he may open a Datsun dealership in Lobo Texas. I, Justin, "Gallo" Miller, being of perverted mind and no-so-sound body, hereby bequeath to Roberto "Ace" Sant Cruz all the knowledge I have acquired in skipping classes, molesting girls, and general rabble-rousing. I also wil him all my charm, to insure he will never have another date as long as he's in high school. I, Mary Conoly, will Nikki Evans a new pair of boots to wear in place of the ones she stomped out at the wester dances. I, David Onate, hereby leave Levi Garlick the ability to be with the girl of his dreams, the ability to speak clearly, and not mumble, the knack of cheating and passing instead of studying and failing, and finally, I leave Levi m jokes, which he must give to Coach Curry, because without him, Coach Curry can 't make it through the year. I, David Onate, being of sound mind and beautiful body, leave Regino Nunez the ability to stop dancing al the time-not that dancing is wrong-dancing is beautiful, but with no music? L Scott Harris, bequeath to Kerry Lewis the ability to look people in their faces, even though he only comes to their knee. I also leave a hammer behind for all of Kerry's teacher so they can knock some sense into his head. I, Peter Bustamante, being of superior mind and short body will my brother Javier Bustamante my Track abilities so he can go around the track four times wihout getting dizzy. I also leave him my ability I never showed-to fool the teachers. Finally, I leave you my best ability to do nothing. 56 l, Floyd Ray Mullens, being of half-sound mind and Z-rated body leave Victor "Shot-gun Butterfly" Corrales my rope collection to tie Laura Santa Cruz down so she'll be less active. I, Stewart Watley, being of sound mine and body hereby leave Kerry Lewis the ability to be tall, A2 to eat more, so he can look like a senior next year. Also, the ability to play football and to pay-off the judges so Kerry can win a showmanship award. I, Snuffy Morris, will Luis Garcia my ability to play volleyball and softball. I, Mike McGill will Larry Morse my ability to pole vault, so he won't have to run the mile next year. I, Laura Santa Cruz, being of sound mind :Q body, leave Mercy Velasquez my Harlequin Romance Library, as well as, the ability to tell "You know who" certain things that she doesn't wish to tell. Finally, I leave her my research paper, which took a lot of time and effort. I, Carlos Urias, being of sound mind IQ body, leave Danny Rivera, the ability to cheat on Mr. Buchhorn's tests without getting caught. I, Margie Mendez, being of sound mind 62 body, leave Maria Mendoza the patience to put up with "Curly", and the ability to strike him whenever possible. I, Jimmy De Anda, will to Ernie Fuentes the prestigeous title of "The Mexican Trumpeteer", and a bottle of nasal spray. Also, I leave Ernie 850.00 to buy a new fender for his motorcycle. I, Margie Smith, being of occasionally sound mind A2 short body hereby will to Carol Massey my Trusty tennis racket Iminus the stringsj and my entire collection of flat, not-so-fuzzy tennis balls for her to train hard on all summer for next year's gruelling season. The will would not be complete without a copy of my latest book, entitled 1001 EXCUSES FOR THE OFFICE, a guide which Carol can use so that she'll have honest-to-goodness reasons for missing class. I, Laurie Lange, will to United States of America Melendez, the ability to be Percussion section leader, and my temper to go along with it, because you canlt have one without the other. I, Annette Wright, will to Teresa Johnston some of Pam Wood's ability to talk and talk and talk. L Wood "Ham-it-up" Hargis, being of questionable mind and unmentionable body, do hereby bequeath to Hu "Cone-Head" Hunger: 596 of my height, for obvious reasons, and 3072 of my well-known modesty so that next year when he Hnally gets on the all-star cast in ULL. One-Act Play Contest, the school won 't have to modify all its door frames for his head. I, Betty Fierro, leave Angelica Espudo a belt sander to sand-down her lipstick. I also lea ve her a book of hairstyles so she won't have to wear her ponytails. I, Susan Eubanks, being of sound mind tk body do hereby bequeath Pam Wood the common sense to know when she should refrain from voicing her opinions. I, Sylvia Ojeda, being of sound mind and body do hereby leave Yolanda DeAnda the ability to put up with Kello during her senior year, and also a book on volleyball so she'll be able to hit the ball where she wants it to O. 57 I, Pam Flores being of great mind and small body leave Gloria Rivera a free ride to the Grand Canyon so th she may study it's depth. I also will her a full year's membership of the Looking for Mr. Goodbar Gang. I, Debra Borrego, being of sound mind ff: body, will to America Melendez my soft voice so that she won 't yi so much. I, Nola Davis will Gina Ivy the ability to "wheedle" her Dad out of a new car. Her clunker has had it. I, Beth Conoly will Tina Ivy a water pik teeth cleaner to help keep her smile bright and shiny, for a who day. L Marcela Ortega being of sound mind and body do here by leave Olivia Montoya my so called Farrah Fawca hair so that the tradition may live on while the original Farrah Fawcett members depart from the halls of VH.H. I also will her a pair of my one and only pin-striped pajamas that Coach Curry so exquisitely designed for m I, Yolanda Urias, being of sound mind 62 body leave Linda Flores my incredible talent for not having a guil conscience if I don 't read a book for one whole day. I, Susan Cessnun, being of semi-retired mind, and skinny body do hereby bequeath Robbi "Chuckles" Floy my great sense of humor and a subscription to TEN EASY STEPS TO BETTER AND MORE MEANINGFL- JOKES. But, in case the jokes don't bring a laugh, I 'll have her picture blown up and hung in the halls. I al will Robbi my Texas ily swatter to fight off all the geese she calls everytime she coughs. I, Lulu Barrera being of sound mind and body, leave Gloria Rivera the ability to be able to hit the volleyb the ordinary way. I also leave her my laugh-at least I DON 'T FAKE it.! I, Tom Tyrrell, being of sound body and no mind, hereby will Ramon Sanchez two, yes two bottles of Tyle extra-strength to take after he hears Coach Curry's jokes on Friday. I also leave Ramon the gas to go to Spence to buy a laughing bag, so he can feel humorous. I, Fabian Nunez being of sound mind JZ body leave Jaime Reyna my number 7 number in order that he m get lucky with the girls, dc go out tv the levy with a girl and be spotted with a spot-light while making ou I, Richard Rose, being of sound mind and miserable body will Larry Morse my ability to run the mile in a desce time. I will also give him the ability to flirt with a girl and not letting them know. I, Lucy Ortega being of sound mind 62 body will Maria ICookiej Vidana the ability to learn to distinguish h own lane while driving down the street especially when its not her own automobile, also, while on the subject automobiles, the ability to make sure that her mind is in gear before her mouth is in motion. I, Norma Serrano, leave to Norma Balcazar the ability to come to school for Hve days in a row, and suf no ill effects. I, Paul Carrillo, being of sound mind and light body leave Joaquin Bustamante an alarm clock so that he c make it to school on time, and his own supply of tardy and absentee admission slips so that he can do his p to cut down on the work load in the ofHce. 58 , , I i T. ,, Jn. NRM ,124 59 "WE DON'T NEED NO EDUCATION . . . THE PHILOSOPHY OF 'TINK FLOYD' QQWQQWWQQ if 5 mjmjhzmwg W W Fq'2f6C W f f QWQW 6 gs ?ffL??m2w"7Wf ai J WWWYQQQQXOWEW OW D F5356 Q43 AECSQMDGQ 'SM Jw Q if Evwwwg M03 my 5Li0i?QLm3QG ZQER QQMWJWE3 Eg QW gfg 50 17 Q WW W WHS Cyvgw gg Qfm BMQLWCAL "5fMQ1rfMf ' ATHLETICS 1979-80 EAGLE VARSITY FOOTB LL Head Coach Chris Walker Assistants James Sprinkle, Dennis Stemsrud, John Curry, Otis Hill, Cruz LcChuga Players: 65 Levi Garlick, guard: 68 Ernesto Fuentes, end: 88 Mike McGill, RB-end: 74 Larry Morse, tackle: 44 Stewart Watley, RB-QB: . . . . . 4 Wood Hargis, center, 75 Brad Frfesen, tackle, 70 Duane Lomax, tackle, 59 Barry Wanslow, center, 34 Tom Tyrrell, RB, 35 Ted Sawyer, 50 Warren Burns, center: 9 Alan Worcl, WB: 64 Trine Vasquez, Guard: 30 Richard Miller, WB: 7 Wayne Martin, WB: 81 Mark Wal end: I8 Scott Beasley, QB: 67 Salvador Mendez, end: 85 Ramon Sanchez, end: 25 Hu Hunger, RB Trainers: Victor Nunez, Leo Carrillo, Phillip Gonzales 62 i -,.,..p--""""' H+...- Tyrrell Back Sep. Sep. Sep. 28 Oct. Oct. 12 Oct. 19 Oct. 26 Nov. Nov. Nov. 16 Fx -m"j,,'.. ' 1:5-ll! , ' IP.. -- L . ,'j 5 1"'3:'j4, 4.13, N '3.'?'lV' 'M A 'Q f'-e?:"- -was ,.. "ff 4--,.'..,:tP, '.f, m 1, V., ,. ,Q-.3 1 'W i 'M ' ,.,.-1.-5 -3 XSFEE 'iii' X g 4 .y,. .A 1 ffr SQA v " X1 Stewart Watley All-District Back Honorable Mention 1979-80 VARSITY FOOTBALL Mzzrfa ........,................... . .......................................... . Eunice, New Mex .....,.. Clint. ......................... . McCamey ............................ Jal, New Mex. .....,................ . Crane . . . Homecoming ...... Sanderson ................................ Fabens . . . District ....... Canutillo . . . District ..... Alpine . . . District ..... We They ......Marfa 6 13 Eunice 12 28 Clint 14 24 Van Horn 7 62 Van Horn 6 29 Van Horn 7 32 ......Sanderson 6 13 ........Fabens 0 76 Van Horn 0 43 Van Horn 0 40 63 , 1, - if A" - f' i 'Q , V A H C521 17, .-uv, J- x----H . ,www-, Varsity Team Captains . . . Mike McGill, Wood Hargis, Stewart Watley, Tom Tyrrell l' xii v.7. . --M-f,.Ma 64 Linemen Ramon Sanchez and Levi Garlick after the Alpine game McGill Tight-End Wing back Richard Miller points out the aspects of a hard game. All-in-all it was a very rough season, but the Eagles never gave up. And most important of all, there were a few good men who learned a great deal about life, not just football. 65 T6 S 4 Wa -- 4 O 1 ' . 1- .Q 'I tn .A af, X 'D . 4' ' 2 '72 tw 5 'S Watley hits lhc open Held and zz hard won Hrst down. I YEA! A 1'9- Levi Garlick All-Dist1'1'ct Guard All that effort and no gain. Back to the old play book. ,avg . Xgijb 51"-'. lx' .4. fi 1 lk'v f .4 67 Q, ' 4 A'-'1 Y s 1? 31 VW rr? . ' . SEV Vai! JR , 2 ' ' ml ' V li - " ,' . s nv ii Q, Q 3 EAGLES XV EAGLES QW gigffw Q Y ff vsg fw 'gb A.lXYEJLI Qg!:sEE e3 gig ZfQgE ?5??.---- , f- H5155 'lusLrs, ' xv Ti 'Q f f gx ,,- X . 22 H mu:s, iam ' l 5 g! Qf??1 f' T' 1 S' 5 I fif45'M'-Q-V js Q , if I 11.9 7 A , - ez- ., in 1 . gg f e: rf, .A 1 Q JV. V :L ., '- H- ..,41'2, -- ' -,gasp ' 70 Alan Munoz Awaits Setup Angie Perez Prepares For Setup IU 'Q BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL v- N , . . Jr' ' - s ,Q 1 ff ,- . U P Q- J""4 'A wx, . J, 'k ,A ,ll NI! J ' ,- f 1 , A, 5 ' 5+ AAA Al gg, . TW.. HA AAA wx 5 U Af " " tu - 51 X- - i 1, ' L Y W i' , ,iff H L A' 10. X L, ' Illlfifi.-Q' Who has the ball? George Valdez Showing Off His Technique Paul Garrillo, Bcto Urias and Isreal Gorralez Exit From Locker Room '! .552 ,,, A A if V .l,- Y, ' ,rw , f ., A , K E ix b 4 -V N, st r ILAAT I--RTE, I , ug' 1 QV viii' I YK M 1' 'Y N N . 3 -ri .11 X 5- ff my 5 f 1 'T H ' fs - " ,-T' il' --, X, QFFQJVFT f uf?" - v' J' ' L' + 51 ., ' ' f X1 . 1 , 5 5, , Tug gif fu Wi ff- J: Vg 1 E V 'J KA U 112.531 . if Q' in " n , . -' .i'k""'5" -.. nr- -., i' 4 tl - QQ ,v t4 A 1 ., I J Ny 'M 17 3132 '.a v i 9 . 6' X Y. ,,r ' 1 Q. I Gloria Riveria Receives Ball w -J.. .-- l7!w"1--1-4-v-Qsgwli - D I 7 -Li. YL" 4x4 Tom Levi Duane Vonnie Margie Tyrrell Garlic Lomax Gomez Smith Y PZ 1-gf-Q-f f 5.1. ,..-. ,...... s.. .ll Fabian Paul Angie Lulu -7HViCl' N uncz Carrillo Perez Barrera M orra les TT ONLY TAKES A FEW . ...- YYA. , ' ' III, 151 w V q--R 'W- ' Iflx. fi-Q ' . . 114,41 --.LL . ' 'high ' 185 5 1,,., -.-q Above-"And then Goldilocks said Below-Lulu Barrera rests between events. 1 I -5--4-n. cn.. an-all -l. v- .21 .VYI1 TYRRELL FABIAN VHHS B O Y'S TRACK 197.9-80 BOY'S TRACK TEAM N A D MILES TO GO BEFORE WE X 'M -A-1: N75 T i. mg? 'f-.-. I SLEEP . . . PETER B US TAMAN TE TONY JA CQ UEZ MILE RELA Y FABIANQ TOM LARRK 'q BJDAHG rr fv . 2,244 STEWART I , I "Z, . A . 'Y ,WA . .- Aiki' -wh "f -up-:- - wa: 55 .iq 0 mg g n i 5 -Q "S-,Q f 1,,,.-,, ., . :,w, . 4 Q.vgMg,3, Og5fi-i f A A - i A L . ' A A VLTJE1 .3 wi"- fnhf' K JA avg-:QL " '- H Lff ,.:5f3,Lk.:5',r.,,.,. gig - '- Y -4331.311-wr-if 3.3, A if We 'YcJ51!?Qf41Q f. H! ' AQQEL 3, 9' g ' - ' Land . f - ':4?i?+" '3'e"f' ' A A -!f1'Q.- - . Bm' -7- ,vm -- .el 9' ..622'5R'!x4, , In s hv ,,,i U , 1 -,.' - .x ' v-. Y 9 f p iii gn 'ggi --ff L it is Q,,'??'SfWfa2 L -fi 79 -yy ff si Sitting is hard work . . . I got this way from kissing girls. llwlfki B' 9 KERRY LE WIS JA VIER MORALES T E N N I S LEO CARRILLO 81 TINA IVY GIRLS DO UBLES TENNIS ANGIE PEREZ GIRLS DO UBLES 4, I! ' -. -1, ', 44V.L -ln--f. W -.,', ,, I , '--y -.-- v.. ,' ,,,, ,,- W Q , 1, xi X w , - . . . 1. 5 L 4. ' -H . , , V 1. 5 g R. Q , 1, . ' I 1-A -1' I' . . . X 1 Y -I C, av -. ' 1, ' HAR VE Y M ORALES B O YS SINGLES 4 4 N k ' , ,H ...Y-.,.Y. . FELIPE GONZALES B O YS SINGLES waz xA MARGIE SMITH GIRLS SINGLES TENNIS ALAN WORREL GREG PARROTT BOYS DOUBLES GINA IVY CAROL MASSEY REGIONAL QUALIFIERS GIRLS DOUBLES ROBBIE FLOYD MARGIE SMITH BOBBI MARTIN BOYS VARSITY GOLF 1979-80 W 5 GIRLS VARSITY GOLF 1979-80 fi i ADMINISTRATIO 'S' 'fl' , -7- 3 S,-in g'!.n-ibc r"l' uA,Q,,.:,k 'B-H-ln-3.-.. www 2 .-.f W4-..m,. W 4-X'"rx"' 1-f"" gan M P' I A 1 - If gi --V .,,.. 'XX X. . J' I . y . 1 1 Q . . ' 1. , ,,... , if - . , , - - . - ',.-.I EFA -H.--ri-' :fi ,V " ' ,,,x.,.. , - 3 .. .5 "..x 1 . . ' ' ' .. -gn hi ' .' A ,.,,,L:.- ...-- x ' 5- ,.'5-iff? .,..' . 2.3 , 'I.I,"'- - --. -44 -.. , -,r ., ,, , H A . -' ' f 5 .'.. "3 Ti- .73 gf' 'G-.,.q.'.f"r-V 'f-ii 1 'w .. 4, ":Lg,?'H .hz ---'-- x V ' il :T '5':'Z"- --A - N 1 1- waff' thnx ' ffrgl. ' . , f. F ' "ff" . 4. - Q - t ', -g' ' t K- pf' fax .-',-.vpn-1,, ' Un- '-:-- ' - Qs--21. -riff' Q .. . - -' ---+- - 1 - '- h .--... . . -.-y ,,.j. - H- - l - - ,, - L- -'--.- --.-,L--9,23 .. - -...A ' . f 1, ,U Q 1. . . -4-- gf , - . ,- . 'f 4 4. J u......,, - .- . 'YY -in-4 'r " -- . ,-- - - A -1 ""gf"7g'-77:...,,.-L 1 ..5 -. . W : .Kg ... ,-, - I' ' . ' - . -, ' ' ' A . .-. . - I 4.1-fs ' . . - ' . ' X '1 ' :J . ' ' ' NU, .,.,. , ,. Q V .I, .. 'L I , , x I Y I '. - ' , - '-.. . 4'. y . '. . ' . 'fi 'ff' '41-' " ' Ax, LX -br r f HPe"""'--D' CULBERSON COUNTY I. S.D. R. L, McMichae Lupe Escaje a Charlie Bob Lomax C. E. Harlow Dan Collins Ch y Uranga K y Koehn Superintendent Dr. R. L. McMichael 1 ' a SCHOOL BOARD 5' fi Pb- V Q H- -ua.-r-on-.-1... H. O. Haynes BUSINESS MA NA GER SECRETARY TO THE SUPERINTENDENT Mrs. Plant BOOK K EEPER Mrs. Miller M S' -.-J X ff HIGH JR. HIGH SCHOOL I SCHOOL PRINCIPAL PRINCIPAL Terry Robertson Charlie Tale HIGH HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL SECRETAR Y CO Mary Race J f . ' 1 ELEMEN TAR Y PRINCIPAL Rod Da vis . ' " . - ' Rfk ' Q' ' -1 x S' ,gif .f' Q, UL' jefvlif if -v .TU :::,Y.,. I. 1 ' 4 H. I HIGH SCHOOL AID Theresa Walker LIBRARIAN Janette Rutherford LIBRARY AIDE Rossetta Gonzales MA TH TH-COA CH Chris Walker HISTOR Y-00,4 CH gIH?Ej'E'RS ED-00A Cf. James Sprinkle SPEECH CEDXEHISH-COA CH Rosa SeGura BIOLOGY HOME EC Doris Ann BrownHeld OHEMIS TR Y ENGLISH CI VI OS-COA OH MA TH Irene Fleming LLD Nona Garlick ART Sheri Tomlinson 1 it fm LLD Deanna Hargis B USINESS VO AG HOME EC TYPIN G ENGLISH ENGLISH BAND Gilda Morales GIRLS TRACK MEN TORS SEG URA AND STEMSR M' ld ' . ' Y, 'pl 1 '-" I ' . "Elf 1 R , ' V EQ: 'E' ' 1 ,Q ,J ki ,f A M 21' I iiv 9 . by ' 4 .fx . Q F.,,.,a?ff5-3 W , 94 HOME EC TEACHERS WA TCH BASKETBALL? SEN IORS 1 THE 1979-80 EAGLE BAND b -'w ' A - :':- L u 1 - - I g1':-z--- ,qk-VZ -7 .ly k- ' DR UM MAJOR LINDA C ORRALEZ THE EAGLE BAND HOMECOMING FLOAT 5 DELMA ALVARADO Pep Squadg Historian-25 Golf-2, 35 JV Basketball-35 Regional Golf-35 UIL Typing-45 Home Ec,-35 FHA State Meeting-3g ESABEL BALCAZAR FHA-1, 2, 3, 4g Track-2, 35 Christmas Program-2, 35 Beta Club-2, 3g Tennis-lg Volleyball-lg MARIO BALCAZAR RA UL BALCAZAR PRISCILLA BARRENDEY Band-1, 2, 3, 45 Band Secretary-45 Clarinet Quartet-35 State Qua1iHer-Clarinet Choir-25 Clarinet trio-lg Class Reporter-lg Journalism-25 History Contest-35 NHS-3, 45 FHA-3, 45 Stu. Co. Class Repre.-35 UIL Shorthand-45 NHS Secretary-45 Class Secretary-Treasurer-45 LOURDES BARRERA JV Basketball-1, 2g Varsity Basketball-3, 45 FHA-l, 2, 3, 45 All Tourney-4 I VH1 Track-2, 3, 45 Regional Qualitf-35 Homecoming Queen-45 98 H l -gi , l at qi Y' ' f A' Af is I 'xl .T I ,X lf fko 7M Photograph Photograph not available not available LAURIE BEARD FHA Treasurer--45 Home Ec.-lg Track-1, Home and Family Living-35 Band-l, 2, 3, 4, FHA Treasurer-3, NHS-3, 45 Varsity Basketball-3g J V Basketball-Ig State Quilf Basketball, Marimba Solo, FHA Member-2g DEBRA BORREGO Band-I, 2, 3, 4:- ROLAN BRE WSTER FFA-l, 2, 3, 4g FFA Greenhand Reporter-Ig FFA Parliamentarian Procedure-I, 2, 35 FFA Vice President-45 PETER BUSTAMANTE Varsity Football-3, JV Football-2: Varsity Track-I, 3, 4, 3rd in District in Mile, Ig FFA--Ig PAUL CARRILLO NHS-2, 3, 4: NHS President-4g JV Basketball-lg Varsity Basketball-2, 3, 45 JV Football-lg Varsity Football-2, 3, Stu. Co. V Pres.-4g All-Tourney I VH 1-45 UIL Speech-4, Reg. Quillf Newswriting-25 State ILPC 2nd Place Newswriting-21 Annual Staff-2, SUSAN CESSNUN .IV Basketball-lg Varsity B-ball-2, 3, 45 Varsity Golf-I, 2, 3, 4: Regional Golf-3, 45 Most Outstanding Golfer-25 Varsity Track-I, 2, .I V Volleyball-2, 3: FHA-l, 2, 3, 4: FHA officer-3, 4, FHA Area Treasurer-45 FFA Sweetheart-45 NHS-2, 3, 41 NHS Treasurer-4, Stu. Co. Secretary-4, Homecoming Queen candidate-4g UIL Number Sense-2, Jour- nalism Annual Staff-25 99 BETH CONOLY Senior Year, Varsity Volleyball, FHA secretary, Home and Family Living, Spirit Sister, Homecoming escort for Chief cook and Prince Charming, area meeting, Junior Year, FHA Choir, Jr. Duchess, Jr. favorite, Var. Volleyball, UIL ready writing, area meeting, Sophg JV Volleyball, Var. Track, One Act Play Fishy JV Volleyball, FHA MARY CONOLY Senior Year: FFA secretary, FHA Par- liamentarian, NHS, spirit sister, Home and Family Living, One Act Play, FHA State Meeting, Junior, FFA, FHA, One Act Play, FHA Choir. Sophg track mgr. one Act Play, FFA, FHA, area meeting, Fish, FHA, Library aide. ISRAEL CORRALES Varsity Basketball-4, FHA-2, 3, 4, Home Management, Child Development-4, JV Football-35 JV Basketball-l, 2, 3, Fabens JV All Tourneyg Home Furnishing-4. ROSALINDA G. CORRALEZ Varsity Volleyball-4, Varsity Basketball-4, Var. Golf-3, 4, Drum Major-45 Band-l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council Treasurer-4, FHA-2, 4, JV Volleyball-2, 3, lg Outstanding Golf Player-3, Junior Class Secretary- Treasurer, Sta te Qualifier for Flute Quartet-2, 3, State Qualitier for Flute Solo-4, UIL Typing-35 NHA Gold Regional QualiHers-3, 4. LYNN COULTER Student Council Representative-l, Cheer- leader l, Freshman Class Favorite, Fresh. Class Duchess, Outstanding Tennis Player-l, 3, Tennis-I, 2, 35 2nd Place Maria Tourney, 2nd Place District Tennis-35 Regional Tennis Qualifier-3: Band-I, 2, 35 Sweepstakes-l, 2, Drum Major-2, 35 Band Representative-Ig Soph. Class Representative Spelling-2, FHA-2, 3, FHA Secretary-3, FHA Class Representative-2, National Honor Society-2, 3, 45 Football Sweetheart-3, Spirit Sister 4, Outstandirlg FHA Member-3, Prom ommittee Chairman-3. NOLA DAVIS FHA-I, 2, 3, 4, Area Meeting-l, 2, 3, 4, FFA-2 Greenhand Conducting-2, Volleyball-2, FFA-3: Secretary-3, Re- serve Champion Calf-3g FHA Oflicer VP. of Projects-45 FFA-4, Spirit Sister-4, Chapter Conducting-4. 100 JIMMY DEANDA Band-1, 2, 3, 45 Solo and Ensemble-1, 2, 3, 45 Sweepstakes-l, 2, Journalism-3, 4, Annual Staff-3, 45 Class Pres.--4, Photographer-3, 4, FHA-l, 2, 3, 45 Home and Family Living-4, Stu. Co.-45 District Newswriting-3, Regional Newswriting-45 JV Golf-l, 25 Varsity Golf-3, 4g NORMA SERRANO FHA-l, 2, 3, 45 NHS-3, 4g Varsity Track-l, 2, 35 Basketball JV-1, 2,' Regional Track Qualitler-3, Basketball Mgr.-3: SUSAN EUBANKS FHA-4, Junior Varsity Basketball-l, 35 Jr. Historian Club-lg BETTY FIERRO PAMELA FLORES Band-l, 2, 3, 45 State QualiHer Flute Quartet, Flute solo-State Qualifi, FHA-2, 3, 4,' CYO-25 NHS-3, 4: Band Treasurer-45 NHS Social Committee-45 KA THR YN S. F UEN TES FHA-l, 2, 35 Track-1, 3, Volleyball JV-2, 35 Home and Family Living 101 CORNELIO GARIBAY JAMES GOATCHER Band-1, 2, 3, 4g Track Varsity-l, 2, 3, 4: UIL Sliderule-1, 2, 3, 4: UIL Journalism-2g UIL Speech-25 Stu. Co. Class Rep.-25 UIL Science-45 NHS-45 Mr. Rhythm-4. EFRAIN GONZALES Varsity Track-2, 35 Varsity Basketball-45 NHS-3, 45 Prince Charming-45 FHA-2, 3, 4g J V Football-2, 3g JV Basketball-2, 35 Jr. Favorite Soph. Favorite: Historian-lg WOOD HARGIS JV Football-2, 3g Varsity-45 Track Varsity-3, 45 Basketball .IV-25 One Act Play-2, 3, 4g All-State Cast-2: Honorable Mention-35 Best Actor f 21 All-Star Cast CU Honorable Mention IStateJ State One Act Play-45 UIL Poetry-45 UIL Prose-35 Choir-lg UIL Science-45 History Contest-3: SCOTT HARRIS FFA-I, 2, 3, 4g Greenhand V Pres.-lg FFA Parliamentarian-35 FFA Treasurer-4: Greenhand Chapter Conducting-lg Sr. Chapter Conducting-2, 3, 45 FHA-1, 2, 3, 45 FHA Parliamentarian-3g FHA Pres,-45 High School Rodeo Team-I, 2. STEVE LUCAS 102 4 ff ' . - Q . Lg V QR fm, Nm Aw S A X M Photograph not avadable ,vs- Aung Photograph not available 1 lil FREDDIE LUJAN Varsity Football-3, FHA-2, 3, 45 JV Football-I, 2: MIKE McGlLL Varsity Football-3, 4: JV Football-l, 2, All-District Tight End-4,' Hon. Mention Defensive Safety-4: Varsity Track-2, 3. 4: JV Track-l,' Dist. Champ Pole Vault-J, 4: Reg. QualiHer-3, 4, FFA-2, 35 UIL Journalism-4: Whos Who in Texas Football-4: American High School Athlete-4: Outstanding Names and Faces-'4: Homecoming Escort-4g Football Captain-4, lst in Pole Vault at Jal, Odessa, and Van Horn: Ft. Stockton-45 Pecos-45 El Paso-4: Annual Staff-45 TONI MAR TIN Varsity Basketballgl, 25 JV Basketball--3, Varsity Volleyball-I. 2, 3, 45 Varsity Golf-2, 3, 4: Regional Spelling-2, 3, 45 Band-l, 2, 3, 4: Band Pres.-45 NHS-2, 3, 45 Officer--3,' State Qual. French Horn Quartet-2: Co-Editor School Newspaperg Varsity Track-I,' State Winner in Sports Writingg Hon. Men. Basketball-2, Football Sweetheart-4: El Paso Electric Co. Representative-35 Stu, Co. Rep.-2: MARGIE MENDEZ FFA-l, 2, 3: Home-Ec.-lg Volleyball-35 Track-1: Home and Family Living, HARVEY MENDOZA Basketball JV-1, 2, 3: Varsity-4: Football JV-I. 2: Varsityf3: Golf Varsity-l, 25 Outstanding Golfer-lg FHA-2, 3, 4: RUEBEN MENDOZA Varsity Football-3: JV Football-l, 25 Track Mgr.-I: FHAf-I. 2, 3,' Annual Stal'fY4: 103 ...ili- '1 "fi:.1"" x S YL VIA OJEDA FHA-l, 2, 3g Home and Family Living-35 Journalism-4: DA VID ONA TE FHA-3, 45 Basketball Varsity-M45 Baseball-I, 25 lHonoluluj LUCY OR TEGA Band-l, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader-I, 2, 3, 45 FHA-l, 2, 35 JV Basketball-Ig JV Volleyball-3,' Varsity Volleyball-4: State Solo and Ensemble MARCELA ORTEGA Band-l, 2, 3, 45 Senior Class V Pres., Band V Pres.-45 NHS-45 Clarinet Quartet-4g FHA-2, 3, 45 Historian-4,' Junior Class V Pres., FHA Song Leader-35 History Contest Clarinet Quartet-35 Cheerleader Alternate-31 Class Historian-25 JUAN RIVERIA Varsity Football-35 J V-25 JV Football-1, 25 FHA-l, 2, 35 Home and Family Living-45 RICHARD ROSE FFA-I, 2, 35 FHA-2, 3, 45 Home and Family Living-45 Football JV-lg Varsity Football-2, 3g Track Varsity-I, 2g Regional Qualifier-25 fmilej Golden Gloves Boxing-4g 105 LAURA SANTA CRUZ Varsity Track-I, 3, 45 FHA-l, 2, 3, 4, FHA song leader-lg President of Recreation Leo Club-3g DAN SA WYER Class Vice Pres.-lg Ag,-lp FFA-l, 2, 3, 45 JV Basketball-lg JV Football-lg Varsity Golf-l, 2, 3: Home Ec.-lg MARGIE SMITH NHS-2, 3, 45 NHS V Pres.-45 FHA-I, 2g Varsity Volleyball-I, 2, 3, 45 All District lst team-lg Basketball JV-25 Varsity-l, 2, 3, 4: Stu. Co. Representative-4: One Act Pla y-4, Prose Interpretation-45 Homecom- ing Queen Candidate-4g Annual staff-25 Homecoming Duchess-lg Cheerleader-3g Most Beautiful-2, 3, 45 Best Dressed-3g MAL THOMAS RAYMOND TORRES FHA-l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Football Mgr.-2, 35 Var. Basketball Mgr.-45 JV Basketball Mgr.-25 TOM TYRRELL Varsity Football-2, 3, 4: Football Captain-45 Who's Who in Texas Football-3, 45 American High School Athlete-45 Outstanding Names and Faces-45 All District Running Back-3, 4, JV Football-lp JV Basketball-lg Varsity Track-2, 3, 45 District Champ 440 yd Dash Regional Qualifier 440 yd Dash-45 JV Track-lg Most Athletic-45 NHS-45 One Act Play-3, 4: Honorable Mention All Star Cast-35 District Champs, Area Champs, Regional Champs-4g Annual Staff-45 106 CARLOS URIAS Band 1, 2, 35 State Qualifier Solo Ensemble I, 25 Fresh. Class President.' Football J V-l,' 3: Golf-l, 25 Freshman Class Band Representative: Soph. Class Pres. Band Repre. Soph. Class: Junior Class President. Varsity Football Prom Toastmaster-35 Mr. VHHS Prom King YOLI URIAS FHA-l, 2: Pep Squad-15 NHS-2, 3, 45 JV Volleyball-2, 35 Basketball Mgr.-3: Varsity Volleyball-35 Spirit Sister-45 Social Committee Memb. GEORGE VALDEZ Freshman Class Representative: Freshman Home Ec.g JV Track-I Varsity Track-2, 3: FHA Hero-25 Sul Ross State Historv Contest-3g Home and Family Living-3: Varsity Basketball-4,' ' ALEN WA TLEY STEWART WATLEY Varsity Football-3, 4: JV Football-1, 2,' Hon. Mention Back-45 Football Capt.-45 Who's Who in Texas Football-45 Outstand- ing Names and Faces-45 American High School Athlete-45 Homecoming escort-45 FHA-lg FFA-2, 3, 45 Chapter Conducting-2, 35 FFA Pres.-45 Varsity Track-3, 45 Champion Swine El Paso-3, 4g 2nd and 3rd place lambs-3: Grand Champion Swine County Show Lamb Showmanship-4 IEI Pasol 3rd place Swine Showmanship and All-around Showmanship at El Paso and Van Horn ANNETTE WRIGHT FHA-l, 2, 3, 45 V. Pres. of Programs-4: spirit sister 4,' Home and Family Living 45 FHA state and area meetingg UIL Shorthand-3g UIL Ready Writing-35 FHA Choir-35 Library Aide-Ig 107 VALEDICTORIAN TONI MARTIN SAL UTA TORIAN PA UL CARRILLO JUNIORS THE GI VERS THE TAKERS Linda Aumiller Frances Borrego Sandra Brown Javier Bustamante Joaquin Bustamante Norma Cabezuela Duane Corrales Victor Corrales Yolanda DeAnda Ray Enriquez Lupe Escajeda Orlando Escajeda Alma Espinoza Angelica Espudo Linda Flores Robbie Floyd Ernesto Fuentes Levi Garlick Hu Hunger Maria Ibanez Gina Ivy Tina Ivy Teresa Johnston JoDee Kite Kerry Lewis Fernie Leyva Duane Lomax DeAnna Lucas Cass Luna David Luna 111 Carol Massey America Melendez Anabell Mendoza Olivia Montoya Javier Morales Larlgv Morse Alana Munoz Eddie Quintana Jaime Reyna Danny Rivera Gloria Rivera Carman Rodarte Joel Sanchez Ramon Sanchez Robert Santa Cruz Mercy Velasquez Maria Vidana Ricky Watson Vanessa Welch Pam Wood 112 Photograph Not Available f Ted Pearce ,S SOPHGMORES 2 , Q1 4? . I , - ,- W ' a N ,TQ ,MRP f N! Q . - -n .. AC ,Q ity, -A. ,.p y ll? nv- fav- A a V . sk 'X W A , 0 .,f, 5 gf Pam McGill Bobbi Martin Noemi Martinez Richard Miller Joel Molina Tony Parada Angie Perez Angelica Quintana Ofelia Rivas Pat Rivas Mike Rivera Raul Rodriquez Terry Sanchez Ted Sawyer Eddie Serrano Mike Smith Anna Talavera Javier Tarango Paige Thomas Beto Utias Mage Urias Sylvia Valenzuela Fatima Vasquez Ismael Velasquez Barry Wanslow Mark Watley Terry Wood 16 GET READY FOR THE VOAG SHO W FRESHMEN 1- M iQa JI, It if A ' ' 'F' -fi I x gi Yi Q W 5 5' , Y f 5 I, 1-N Y W5 A Q .'. 1-N-.ff'56"'iw ' ' 25hq,l" :fl I", 1 in 251 Maria Gon:ales Tony Guerrero Sant Hargis Hanna!! Helton Jeannette Hernancle Ruben Hinofos Manuel Ibane: Alvaro Jimenez T011-1' K ennard Mia Kinzlnel lflra Lira Ralpll Lopez Pamela Lucas Mark McClain Denise Mallee C arol Mark R Hlpll Mark Wayne Martin Norma Martinez Salvador Mendez Rene Mendoza R obert Mendoza Totnasa Melzdosa Jesus Molinar Patricia Munoz Robby Newton Juanita Nunez Linda Ojeda Pedro Ojeda R ence Ortega Greg Parrott Cindy Pearce Carina Quintana Raymond Rivera Lupe Rocha Marylou Rodriquez Michele Rougeux Gilbert Sanchez Lupe Sanchez Sylvia Sanchez Terry Sanchez Carlos Santiago Tony Santiago Sondra Simpson Susan Strasser Soledad Talavera Amparo Tarango Linda Tarango Eloy Tarin Sharon Tyrrell Terry Urias Linda Vasquez Paul Vasquez Trine Vasquez Victoria Vidana Victor Villalobos Alan Worel Matilda Mendoza Johnny Montoya 120 JUNIOR HIGH BOYS TRACK AH f JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS TRACK .IUNIGR HIGH SV-E: 1 ZA at Al I is ' Y 3 ' I . 4. . lk SEVENTH GRADE BOYS TRACK ST. 880 RELAY JR. HIGH GIRLS MILE RELA Y lin If I .. I ' 'S I . I lf M I mix A. I x - I ' -. I I 1 - "' :sw A -1:5 . .. "A an K ' g ' ' ' ' 11' u., Q ' I ,- -. .J fv- I I ' . pl " fs I "I, , , I ' Q N I 'r f. -: I ix I 25 J- I 4 xxx 0 f 1, X ,gi K, K II ' 1 .. il., V X ' I vii. V J , B Na If- 5 XxI4wHM5 I .',,f4' , ' ' " ' " 1 ' ' -' i Thi Ei" " I 1 . - X V , x J ' X. Ir- . . I -,.,,. 5.515 I I Y iz' , I I I I I I I - 'fix - X Q PN? .4 492 I ,V f -X f? , u 4:4 . ,fzgd g .i -Qf:'1fii: g Ii, 'If'QQ In KI i ' Eigh th Grade Oscar Alvarado Sesario Alvarado Wanda Armstrong Wanlis Armstrong Jerry Aumiller Qi Margie Balcazar Kelly Barnett Tracy Bauer Sara Beasley Delma Benavidez Andrew Beauchamp Patsy Carrillo Sonja Carrillo Betty Clayton Javier Corrales Pat Corrales Dana Coulter Karen Crow Brazos Davis Paul DeAnda Henry Enriquez Lorena Espudo Frank Fierro Alma Flores Amador Flores David Garcia Manuel Garcia Nacho Garcia Francisco Gomez Gracie Gomez 125 Jaime Gomez Julie Gomez Pete Gomez Mary Belle Gonzales Mike Gonzales Kirby Harris Karina Hernandez Josepha Hinojos Marcy Hinojos Robert Lawrence Alicia Lerma Joel Lira Lorena Lopez David Lujan Jorge Martinez Onesimo Martinez Sandra McCutcheon Pat Melendez Wally Melendez Robert Mendoza Mark Morse Randy Nix Roy Nunez Ignacio Olague Frank Ontiveros Pam Pecs Enrique Rivas John Rivera Nati Rivera Gloria Rodarte 126 If f' cr' if l , 4 k- 'T M5 e- .Qk U 'X wi-fha N 7L Photograph not available F , fha ., t lv at-1. . I r f Y. ll' N 7 l . J-5 EI GH TH GRADE ., f ,al 1 , , N , , 7-33,7 I l ,-Q an-. .. fl ll ' It 7 . l 'll fl la C' f-Q af kill Photograph not available A l, leaf? ,F A2 - ' 4 Wa if Photograph Not Avcnlczble W ,,,.-' -J"l,.Q-sal 5 A- vi P E1 x 11,5 . 1 Q XA K' X L1 ,X IU' Eighth Grade 1 .1 ,Z 1:37 - ,1 L I 'f ' V 1 4 is Ruben Vargas Mary Ann Vasquez Victor Velasquez Toni Loyd Anita Rodriquez Susie Rodriquez Alicia Rubio Jay Sanchez Jesse Sanchez Mary Lou Sanchez Sally Sanchez Bonnie Santiago Alvin Serrano Kathy Smallwood Teresa Tarrango Jeannean Taylor Leslie Topliss Leticia Torres Rafael Torres Dawn Tyrrell Paul Uranga Ismael Urias Maria Urias Socorro Urias 127 Rene Abreo Isabelle Alvarado Roberto Alvarado Willis Armstrong Roger Baca Beatriz Baeza Virginia Baeza Dan Beard Abel Becerra Marina Bravo Pam Brown Lourdes Bustamante Yvonne Campos Imelda Carrasco Roberto Carrasco James Clayton Manuel Corrales Refugio Corrales Alma DeLaO Edward DeLaO John Elder Ismael Espudo Charlie Fabela Juanito Flores Ruben Florez Eva Franco Corina Garcia Ramon Garcia Marti Jo Garlick Audias Gomez 128 Seventh Grade ,.0 'F 3 . 1 . 1 I I N , i I ,I iff ff 1 F I .4 'f .12 32 vw.. . ,lf WM-, - ff:-Q. ,, .fl -1 l TF ,fi I. I Photograph Not Available AV: . ,,y ."" .egg I nv 1 - W . 1' I J M I I A n 1. ,. 39351 Y TIN,-, x .ful X " . it GN -vw Photograph ot Available 17114 . 2,1513 I' 'lfiwhf-Qi , Q ,. L.: , N VMI NX A -. If , 'IO , i Q x .,l if -- Christy Gomez Ricky Gonzales Dale Hardy Rudy Hinojos Blanca Leyva Lupe Lopez Ricky Lopez Danielle McGee Larry McGill Enedina Martinez Chuy Melendez Rafael Melendez Urbano Melendez Hector Mendoza Melba Mendoza Jay Mullens Gilbert Muro Amy Nunez Patricia Nunez Joe Ojeda Josie Olague Mercedes Olague Maria Ontiveros Omar Ortega Nora Quintana Julie Reyna Ester Rocha Ruben Rodarte Gabriela Sanchez Gracie Sanchez 129 Gilbert Sanchez Julie Sanchez Norma Sanchez Sandra Segura Lisa Simpson Joe Smith Paul Smith Maribel Tarrango Raul Tarrango Donna Trant Anabel Urias Ricky Vasquez Ami Worel SIXTH GRADE Arnold Acosta Altagracia Alvarado Veronica Alvarado Vicki Armstrong Jesse Baca Gracie Baeza Arturo Baeza Veronica Borrcgo Eddie Bravo Alma Bustamante Christina Campos Noel Carmona Hilda Carrasco Norma Carrasco Ramon Carrasco Sammy Carrasco Tammy Choate 130 ,Iv 'fre-ii 5 , 'Q' 11,7 , T4..,t9ir.., Karen Collins Benito Corrales Maria Corral Debra Corrales Jesus Corrales Irma DeLaO Sandra Jo Dees Neria Franco Jolene Friesen Becky Garcia Rosario Gomez Yvonne Gomez Rosa Gonzales Gracie Guillen Joe Neil Henderson Artemio Hernandez Nancy Hernandez Robert Herrera Johnny Hinojos Laurel Hopper Steve Kovanda Keith Long Joe Lopez Lorena Lopez Sabra Lucas Jaime Lujan Ruben Martinez Israel Melendez Lulu Melendez Michelle McCasland 131 Hector Mendez America Mendoza Nestor Mendoza Eddie Montoya Alma Munoz Raymundo Pena Patricia Perez Manuel Quintana Jesus Ramirez Rachel Rivera Josephina Rocha Cecilia Rodriquez Yvette Romero Sandra Rosa Jaime Sanchez Ceasar Santa Cruz Minerva Santiago Ismael Segura Arnulfo Serna Jack Stanford Orlando Talavera Ray Tarango Rudy Tarango Avie Tarin Heradio Torres Shannon Turner Lupe Urias Sandra Valdez Charlotte Vega Olga Velez 132 gi 3' Mug? X r x ll rl Xghv l an L Sixth Grade A 'A 5 X -AJP We y 'L . K. Photograph Not Available 'T' . IT , - -, , , .s, 'z w arm - .f . v u 4 1.5, r. , A- MVK . N -'.p- . 1 1 Q f- f ,f HQ. ,qi N. R' 90,7 ,f Ni, , ,f Q t img .1 ' if li f 'R ' 4' . A M l . ' . ,. V t 5 A 1 i ,dwg -1 . . M j f tv l ff -1 X 1, f A it 4 ' fin .- I-'F - H 1 Y lu 5. , -, V. ff 1 li Q A' 5' Q X g Y ,S I W ab' "' ff , t r . ,Ag ' l ' 6' A ,fa , J X ,..,gnl , X 'pun . ,,,4, Q. jpranx Q -Y... i , ,2 R-N , lt- r. pc "'W I 74 J.. 91 ffl N. ... 1 -k Na .F l' F I -li . v V . ', ' 'i-- me -Z ELEMENTARY 3 'I X 1 JR. HIGH Monroe Elms Cheryl Robertson Mrs. Green Sue Hill Beatrice Buehler Cruz LeChuga Otis Hill Connie Hensley ELEMENTARY Jimmy George Snyder Nell Haynes Paulette Lui Carolyn Rutledge Rebbeca Watley 134 FACULTY 'ix X N- FACULTY if Y? A- ,rr 't .--H ' ' - I FIFTH GRADE Burl Brownfield James Smith 1 f , 'X ' ," .A K .- FOURTH GRADE Eduardo Silvas Judy Henson Donna Stillers KINDERGAR TEN Ka thy Da vis Mrs. Fierro Betty Rose Va uda Carson X.. .f- I! THIRD GRADE Charla Slemsrud Marilyn Champagne Mrs. Kite John Anna Tate FIRST GRADE Susan Dees Lucy Ortega Mary Parrott Miss Gomez SECOND GRADE Mrs. Posey Miss Snyder Kathy Sprinkle Marjorie Bristow Mrs. Silvas 135 JUNIOR HIGH EAGLES 440 RELAY TEAM 440 DASH J SANCHEZ 120 H URDLES R. LA WRENCE W nga Y .AS Rs' -2 H W Y " ..n. " Refi H , Mx WUM XT' .ml ,Q Yi' 5' .Q 'F I W J - 1 ' N i , yu- , j. ' ' x wg 'T ..,. , lNKQf,1sf' . 'pw i5Q!1!2!f9Qf'f 2.14 ,Q.f1sarFeL b 4 . . Q 'Ju Kg Q gm. 5. r? L '. fi E "J R I J L. AL? . b - qui ,u V ' .. , -I , ,.,., 5 - 1 , -,am I L ry ix - - ,. gk P A y , if 3- 'V -V rr' f, ifwlcjf b ylux 'N f 9' ' ' x X 16. . JP - , , 2 .if wx X 1 4-.1 Q? Y 7577, I 5 . GJ' , J" a. K 1691- f . -fi. V" V it , ,H ,. - 6 ' M911 'E I' 1 1 "J 3121 - . . ' ' '- if W' L n X rwji' us. i x rw S , qx ,. ' If, "GZ 1 Farrill Armstrong Fermin, Baeza Maria Baeza Rogelio Baeza Ruben Baeza Robert Behrenda Priti Bhakta Priscilla Blanco Robert Buchhorn John lll Buck Harvey Cabezuela Norma Campos LeAndra Carmona Ricardo Carrasco Marta Castillo Charolotte Choate Thomas Choate Lynn Cornelison Diana Corrales Traci Daughterty George DcLaO Olga DeLaO Rosie Flores Belinda Franco Ismael Franco Sharilyn Friensen Elisa Garcia Angelica Gomez Mandy Gomez Eloy Gonzales 40 X f 41 '1 x Q yy 1. , 1 sf - V x lf: 1 'N 'L A 'C 15 ' V.. lf., ' na' l ,srl SKFK.: rf si ,e 1:49 f SE' ,il iff, Y. fm Jr ' a . 3 ' x I' fuga- K "'i:,m 4 my .I -4' I FO R TH GRADE Elizabeth Guerrero Chello Guillen Amy Hale Jill Henson Ida Hernandez Marisol Hinojos Darlene Jones Ward Kimmel Sylvia Leyva Kevin Long Romelia Lujan Pam McCutchen Ruben Martinez Stephenie Martinez Aurora Melendez Edwardo Melendez Lionel Melendez Omar Melendez Alfredo Mendez Bibiano Mendoza Gonzalo Muro Chuy Navarette Lazara Ontiveros Rojelio Ontiveros Alfonso Ornelas Jaime Ortiz Sylvia Quintana Judy Race Gilbert Ramirez Benardo Rivera 141 FO UR TH GRADE Concha Rocha Alvaro Rocha Jacques Rouguex Rollie Rummel Yolanda Ruiz Stan Smocsyk Q Yvonne Solis Allen Stemsrud Velma Stanford Moises Torres Jon Taylor Hector Tarango Lee Highsmith Andra Morse Rosa Velez THIRD GRADE Frank Aquilar Becky Alvarado R, .4- Velma Alvarado Lf' 7 Q4 Rafael Alvarado Mark Aquilar Rene Armendariz Yolanda Armendariz -v Clay Barnett Veronica Baca Desi Benavidez GQ' Rachel Benavidez Charul Bhakta Robert Brown Martin Bustamante Jose Carmona 1 .X 'I' 142 rf- 'Tr' - 1, --5 n 1 1 fl " 5' 4 ?-9. 'I-"ll Y ,,v ,X 5 , j l W' 3 ' 'ji lilly' 4 '.! x 1 iff e sal W - W -1 ' I I --ff. A-ga. .h A- . l ,N I I, I :A M ' " ,- .fl ' W" X w,. avi W , 1 Q 19g Alicia Carrasco Felix Carrillo Alvaro Corrales Jeremy Crow Shannon Curry Belle Davis Frankie DeLaO Aleta Downing Candy Ervin Fabian Espudo aff! Q ' ' , s'5'1:"i 7' ,. I, 5, XQ' 7 iv 1 ' 1 p' :f xx ' . 4' . ' . Y .fr -fy 4 gfknxxw 4 ,"' 'V H 1 R 5 Q- ' nj A a ."5' kg 'A' X! N x My 0 ix ' A B! x, ,L .. ' i 1 - I K. Pl Lu '1 IA ,li " 4. 3 ,QU 1"" 9-A 1 N g ,, ' fa' 1, V -W wig. x Q ' ' - E., ' J. v ' ' 7. , -.jx-. ' ' ' -1.44 " , I 1 Q If . 'i 4 r Ji fl YQ".'ff?" rigs V L ya A f 1 H ll ?.5fQ1.ff.H,..7mfY , ,W . V' Ri, '3 'Mmm-A H QE .AQ nl' lr 4, 9- J ' ' ' 1 'A - 1' ' . .J " ' ' N le' V -...f A ' -fl ff! , .wi .. -4 f X 'W' H5 l.ia H , a .lf gf Q ' Le. 'l-' 1 wel X . is QQ P A I My QI' 5? 'Y r fx-, H Angie Flores Brenda Garcia f Ismael Garcia Ruben Garcia Rosemary Gomez Yesenia Gomez Rolando Gonzales Lisa Guerrero Karen Henderson Margaret Hopkins Vlelanie Harris iary Helton . Richard Koehn Nicloe Lomax Missy McClain 6512 A -N l '- l .1 ' 1 '1 . a. y N I .. ,' il. Q-'7 QC . N' Sally Mendoza Eddie Mendoza Gayla Owen f Joe Parada Julian Quintana 4' , 1 J' THIRD GRADE 21" I ' L.-, ggi' w g lz.,-,. 1 qu.. zz 'f .A 4 .gui '4 i A 'Tfiill ', l- g' -1 ,' T 1-fb ix fl 'sw i. ' m- Al ign. K Ysiylfx-1.-,V 4.- -151.5-1 EQ if in l .12-,HI U x U Y fi, - V- L4 .N vagal I i. 'W +214 143 Jesus Rivera Ludivina Rocha Annette Rodriquez Betty Rodriquez Roberto Rodriquez Rafael Rodriquez Jean Rogcux Lorenza Rosa Javier Rosa Arturo Sanchez Harvey Sanchez Ramon Sanchez Senaida Sanchez Cindy Santiago Eddie Silvas Paula Solis Rigoberto Solis Rene Torres Wayne Taubman Justin Taylor Lourdes Torres Jesse Urias Mitzi Valdez Jose Vcjar Olivia Vejar Lorina Velez Josue Villa Ivonne Venegas 144 THIRD GRAD I , L, r Y 1 , N r, fv- gm f"5. ,, . Y -.,Y..- .,-.., ., IU 1 . KK I V -.A I l , N f" xi 1- 'Q ". ', , -5 . 4' ' l say 'Q M i ' , 1 'A . " N :,. ,.. aw A 1 ' ' . A . X - ,I ' N W .. ,J . ' x. , . .F I ,A , V, ,V .. I , k , X R X x NA 1-, xx -va ,f . wiv' ,J IU' N ,-, 4- x l X "7 r fs' -'viilg Mig- , 1 'A , -u . . ' - S Tl f 5 r., in , Q, , " A, X w .V , ,-71,4 1 lpn, My 4 .1 9 A ' : A -fa 1 n - ' ,- 759 Q' sim! ffilgfd , , . yi -1. xr .,.r-xvl F' 'hifi gnu-in X . N . X 1? J .' vt If- "Dian , , ,-, . 1 1 rl 'v' 1 - - - Y 4 ' ,lg w lx 2 if' -1 .... .. 1,4 ny I' ,g , . l N-,-u , . . , V ' - . X. 1 'max fi Ns W 1 W A , S 2' 'ff uflwwnw. gf -' ,RN ' L3-.. -p Blanca Alvarado Charles Argumaniz Homer Armstrong Alicia Baeza Elida Baeza Michael Baeza Sandra Baeza Gina Baird Jorge Balcazar Jorge Barrera Veronica Barrera Rey Carrasco Elisandra Carrasco Carlos Carrillo Rene Carrillo Lorenzo Castillo Wanda Cornelison Sonia Corrales William Dees Rafael DeLa0 Skippy Desjardins Carl Elders Imelda Franco Jose Franco Andrew Finch Andrea Flores Jessica Flores Mary Garcia Ralph Garcia Roberto Garcia 145 Beta Gonzales Lori, Gonzales Roger Gonzales Samuel Guerrero Ja y Henson Gabriel Hernandez Trina Highsmith Gracie Hinojos Lasaro Hinojos Zack Knight Jaime Leyva Domingo Martinez Javier Martinez Becky McCutchen Amanda McMichael Ana Mendoza Elvis Molena Ramon Montoya Alonzo Munoz Yo Nguyen Maria Parra Ernesto Pacheco Patricia Pernell Abel Quintana Andress Quintana Jesus Ramirez Raquel Ramirez Antonio Rocha Ernesto Rocha Senia Sanchez 146 Lorina Gomez Elisandra Carrasco Chip Fabela Jody Zemlicka Eddie Ward Arlene Valdez Telma Venegas Vanessa Villalobos Carlos Vclez Rocio Urias Antonio Urias Elizabeth Torres Ronda Tara Rosa Tarango Benito Tarango Rich Torres Jeff Snyder Laura Smith Samuel SeUas Ymelda Solis Kim Stemsrud First Grade Julie Zemlieka Gabriel Zamarippa Esther Villalobos Enrique Villa 147 Beatriz Arzate Manuel Baeza Maribel Bacza Rodolfo Balcazar Joe Barragan Julio Benavidez Jesus Bravo Angelica Carrasco Elaine Carrasco Tony Carrillo Debra Carrillo Jose Carrillo Manuel Carrillo Claudia Castillo Hector Castillo Julio Castillo Josie Cornclison Nancy Corralez Jose Duarte Rodrigo Durbin Melba Escajeda Marcos Esparza William Finch Alonso Flores Jennifer Flores Melinda Flores Jose Franco Jesse Gomez Ray Gomez Eddie Gonzales 148 'Z' ,gk ,ig N gp , sv ,v . . 2 M .I 'N Yvn ! . 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SHOTWELL Sanliagos Service Sfahon 1:34 EXON PHONE ATLASTIRES BATTERIB ACCESSORIES FUNERAL HOME """"""""""""""""m"""" 1603 W. Broadway Van Horn, Texas Ray Shotwell 915-283-2797 Q' F 3 11- -" '-.'- ""Y,'. J L 'X 'N- -4--.: . 'f 'QFQ5' .P-'I 5 if 'lf-Y Q. f' wr 1 frm,-f ,,,,'t".3.-I 164 EL PAISANO DRIVE-IN Phone 283-2751 1406 West Broadway Open Monday Through Saturday 10:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. - S ' th b tM ' ' ' UIIVNH ervmg C es Soifxgstfood m the me ' nmnnez cHevRoN ssnvrcscsmsn OWNED AND OPERATED BY MR. AND MRS. RICHARD CARRILLO P.o. Box an a vAN HORN, TExAs mass Phone 19151 283 - 2046 19151 zas - 2909 qwagmsy MANUEL RAMIREZ OWNER WREC KER SERVIC E Go Get 'em Eagles Congratulations Seniors of 1980 TON Y'S PLACE - :blggs ,sig 'ff if ' 0 0: 1 SANCHEZ MUSIC SHOPPE 8t APPLIANCE Admiral ZENITH TV'S G STEREO'S PHILCO TV Si STEFIEOS MAYTAG GIBSON wiusiir - Ain - con nmouzns FURNITURE FOR ALL ROOMS ELECTROPHONIC CAR STEREO'S ALL KINDS OF STEREO TAPES cow'rowN soors 283-2472 C-ARLSBAD HWY 54 VAN HORN MORSE EXXON SAYS. ,. 413 hernia .1055 0 F AQPAUNNG PM llvlfl Us nfl Next BLOWOUT? Q ' -to voun G Congratulations Seniors of 1980 Forever Eagles CUMMINS FULLER Ax Caterpillar - My Detroit Spicer Highway Truck Repair Box 595-Van Horn--Hwy. 80 24 Hour Service Electrical Systems 915-283-2564 Used Cars 81 Trucks ESPUDO GARAGE 24-hour Tow Service Box 1244 Van Horn Phone 283-2851 I, I 'iii 4 ' 'TV ' f A - I S. 'NG X i W 55 ': A-x ' GO EAGLES VAN HORN R ROCK SHOP AARON Sc ORA LEE SANDERSINSURANCE AGENCY gf 1' A , . 1. 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VAN HORN ,, Corner of Cedar 8. Bdwy On Biz BO YOUR 'NDEPENDEALT 'NSURANCE AGENT -gg, ..,' E3 .1 , A: ' Q ,:. 4' W I .... .,.,,. LII., .,,. Q. A , K! FORD MOTOR CO 4 KEITIE 0Il COMPAIIY gomwfele gamwez ,Waqyvkbd SALES 8: SERVICE HARDWARE SUPPLIES ' TOOLS LAWN CARE - AUTO SUPPLIES BULK DELIVERY BOTTLE GAS MOTOR FUEL D TANKS Cars Pickups Thunderbird .Wfzvchy 'Van .ffofafn W .gjuzzolcndbzy -931710110 24 HOUR SERVICE Ford Has A Better Idea 283-2240 70 WALLIS Jewelry 8: Gifts Class Ring Headquarters Trophies AMERICAN AUTO PARTS WISHES THE 1980 SENIORS Phone: 283-2585 HEALTH 8a GOOD LUCK James 8a Jerry Wallis fhEVl'0l'l 'I Chevron QL' Truck Stop MATHIS TEXACO and Restaurant Don Collins I-10 At Victoria Van Horn, TX 79855 we swf REAL SERVICE I-10 AT HWY. 90 "SUPPORT THE EAGLES VALLEY ELECTRICAL SERVICE AND CONSTRUCTIGN ELECTRICAL - PLUMBING HEATING - REFRIGERATION "RESIDENTIAL Sc COMMERCIAL" CALL ANYTIME 1 mv v ..:. ,... Wa.. A IR TA A -L L .,t 1 4- 4 KETTIE 0II. 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Suggestions in the Van Horn High School - Eagle Yearbook (Van Horn, TX) collection:

Van Horn High School - Eagle Yearbook (Van Horn, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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Van Horn High School - Eagle Yearbook (Van Horn, TX) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 187

1980, pg 187

Van Horn High School - Eagle Yearbook (Van Horn, TX) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 149

1980, pg 149

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