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l K6 ,. an xygbw llQ lf ikg? 1 4.Q f 1 b , l iiflJ X' 'W we 1 x . Y af , AVQA - , ' 2 .V ,A . . 1 , :aj if ' I im, H P ' Gap ' A Q . , ,X u V X GN Ox pf' Ok A xk CDDQ' X DD X JJ - . W ' n P, f mwwjfgmgyyy , 1 Q n I 5. g UD, SPX QD RD fillgfw 1 yfwff OW ffrffzffrfmf .A 'QKPIQO4 qfjffyypcf 65 Ayn ' tl + BJ , Wvwimf wwf SQ? 5 55 fwb? 5 ' 3. B . Wwe f , Zwvyfztyp iff L C 3 , A 1. - xiii' :if f ' wi, ey wgqwbl :Ei 21' E ' -fl k ,: ,iff f:fi?qfgt.'k4w Once upon a time. With thc beginning of the new day also came the beginning of the story of VHS - LIVING A LEGEND. L, - QM Mirbarl Srbroedn' NDALITE '86 VAN HIGH SCHOOL BOX 69 V N, TEXAS 75790 OL ME 56 Title Page 1 O C 56'?f'm: A result of the accomplishments made this year in all endeavors s Bart Badguy came into town, there was dead silence. Fer hung in the air like thick fog. One could hear a soft clink, clink, clink of spurs coming closer and closer. Could it be? Was it possible? Suddenly, Greg Good Guy jumped out and rescued the town folks. He was a hero. As the sun began to sink, Greg Good Guy took his leave. He will never be forgotten. He will live on in their memories always. In western books, fairy tales, movies and such, the fantastic ex- ploits of legendary heroes are told. Well, in 1986 a different kind of legend was told. It was a legend of joy and sorrow, good times and had times, ac- complishments and failures, but never defeat. This legend told of the lives of determined in- dividuals who, no matter what, came out on top. Vandals of '86 had many legendary successes beginning with day one when the highest enrollment ever was recorded. Football heroes captured the district title with a 10-0 record. Several were elected on district teams and some even to All-East Texas teams. Sports heroes were not the only legends to he found. Clubs also made history with their achievements. junior Historians placed a historial marker on the jarmen oil well as well as becom- ing part of the Adopt a Highway and the Adopt a Building pro- grams. Student Council will be remembered for its adoption of a highway, but more significant than that, was its efforts in pro- moting school dances. Keeping in tune with everyone else, the band and choir made their mark. The band made straight first divisions at l..T Sing merrily. The beginning choir at VHS makes their introduc- tory debut at a fall concert where the advanced choir also performed. Y A N " '19 z',.,, . .ts ' in i' Q iw- wp, Van Banner Q iwf fa? "WM -'f,, 9 " if ff' ' A ,1 ,ii gi f ,f ze ,,,, ,V , ,,' "The Senior l Class had an exceptional year and made history in EVERY- THING they did," Senior Chad Krisher said. "I will always remember Homecoming, when we twirled halftime in the pouring rain and the lights went out at the stadium," junior Laura Robichaux said. Six pOl1'ltS. Kim Moore C337 car- ries the ball to hopefully add another six points to the score oar int e amon ame. M b d h C M 9 y ,Q g i r s f w X I . uni ik , t ns! 9 ah t Qi 4 Q Q marching contest while two in- dividual band members par- ticipated in the All-State band and the All-State Orchestra. df recognition through organiza- tions, but also through their par- ticipation in UIL literary com- petition. Starting the year off by TEAMS tests were mastered, in the math objectives by 92 percent and in the language arts, 96 per- cent mastered. Choir sharpened their image by attending prep meets, UIL par- Throughout the year, legene .......-------' getting new l1I1if0fmS and 21 new ticipants won numerous honors in dary progress was made no mat- synthesizer to aid the pop groups. school hosted meets at Com- ter what the endeavor. Whether Making strides in the area of merce, Tyler Junior College, john it was sports, clubs, UIL or agriculture was FFA, whose Tyler, Pine Tree and also the academics, achievements were Chapter Farmer Chapter Conduc- district meet. In addition to high made to always be remembered. ting team won second place at school, junior high andelemen- As one looks back on the 1985-, district and advanced to area. tary students added to these UIL 86 school year, one sees that Sherri Davidson, FFA president literary achievements. because of all these ac- and Sweetheart, was elected as Academic standards were also complishrnents and many more, , the Mineola District Sweetheart. high as students strived for their we were truly' . . . LIVING A Also winning awards was the best. Honor rolls were long every LEGEND. FCA who received recognition for six weeks, In high school an julie Griffin , the best attendance to Game Day average of 28 percent made the I I Witness. Another organization honor roll. In junior high 27 per- which received recognition was cent was the average and in the publications' staff. The staff elementary for the fourth and pride 'plus two. The Vammi won the Award of Distinguished fifth grade was 32 percent. On Band proudly pe,-forms their drip Merit for the Vandalite'85. another front of academic ex- at UIL Marching Contest in Not only did students receive cellence, the state required Mesquite. at . , 'F i gg .' 4 I ,, L y gg " 5 1 . H e 'J . , 4 ' I nt' . 4 if do ' ". M ci y p - 4, ' f in 3 .g iyyy. ... H . t y . , A y I. .. It 2 I ' . I 1 'E A- 'H A .' ' t 5' I " 1 4 . 43. 316' , . , - . M - ,. ' I - "1 7 su A , ,i-1,r if f HL . -.fil iir , i,5VtV.y!rfgj:yA. . ",' MXH -I J KA . X . I. .I 'M " " rw' v. M - 5' - .41 4 . f.: I 'trti ,r,f . f F 'A'l' fw I 7 ' . A H .ar gy lm gy t juneBalie X- julie Gnfil Hard day's work. Junior Brad Cooke and Senior jay Anderson d iscuss a case. Teammares Lee Frey and Hunter Wilder placed third, here, at the john Tyler tournament. "We had a good time at marching con- test," Soph- omore T ony S u m m e rl i n said. "We were proud that we came back with ones." "It was my Hrst year in the play and we had a really great performance," Freshman Scott Thomas said. Dance the night away. Senior Reisor Picker: dances with Senior Kim Nichols at the Homecoming Luau '85 dance after the Vandals turned the stadium lights out on Mineola in a very rainy game. Penny Irwin xg 6 is fm K J, Summer N asia M Cww k QQ SH ww , K Fun wg P fs fm Q c rjmhg 5 WCIESS fficeks we 192 Wflass Fav mes W, Q! 2 Q :wh S 0 Sing Theatre Weekwads Graf ii Off fs K 2 Su Q erfatlves UH. Achwvers Pames ro X 3 Q N R, 1 ,ma fs WSI R2 11 Ssemb X Q fm 2 X e R, an Sensor Da 3 R1 raduau a n M U66 QQ 3 W' ,Q Em 1116 we l , l 1 'YAL fifigfa 5 'f -ifiiiff S- ' K 1- 'I 1: f A-ws:'15-,f'1s1,ifffw,,'f af-,w sifsfm -ffzizilsiisiwif rs ' .A Student Life Divider Penny Irwin And we danced . . . Students enjoy danc- ing to the popular tunes provided by a guest Dj at the Homecoming Dance. Events that made the students' lives more worthwhile ong sandy beaches. The sun warm- ing your back as you lie there dreaming of that special someone or maybe just catching up on some Z's. This is the blissful scene of which many students were a part until that first day of this legendary year. Summer activities were just the begin- ning of that story of heroes. Students made not only the regular school activities legen- dary but also the extra-curricular and out- side activities. One special event which held many legend-making thrills was Homecoming '86, Not only did the Vandals live up to the winning tradition, but there was also the usual crowning of a Homecoming Queen. This year she was Senior Lisa Powell who was crowned in the pouring rain, Along with the traditional activities was the Luau dance sponsored by the Stu- dent Council. "This year's parties beat the heck out of all the parties in the past," junior Kelleah Gossett said. Not only was the Luau a success, but all dances sponsored by the Student Council this year were unmatched by any school dances before. Living up to past legends was the spring production of "Dark of the Moon," which also went to UIL One-Act Play competition. Actors and actresses were not the only ones in the spotlight, UIL literary achievers provided their chapter in this legendary year. They were very successful at every meet they attended. Students made history wherever they went, whether they met new people on a fun outing to Tyler or just learned to ap- preciate their friends by a campfire. "My friends and I go to Tyler and have fun," Freshman April Geddie said. "We like to go to Mazzio's to eat pizza and then go see a movie." As the year drew to a close, friends spent more and more time together, especially as seniors spent senior day together sharing the joyful friendships which had been theirs for so long. As the end of the year came, graduation was the final chapter in the legend, but the memories will remain as one remembers that the students at VHS were always LIV- ING A LEGEND. Julie Griffin Student Life Divider Sack che Y dem body gets the spirit ing :he Yellowjaekers by havirig a pic- nic Homecoming week. During the picnic the varsity cheerleaders threw a stands in front of the blazing bonfire. The crowd cheers along with the cheerleaders to root on the Van Van- dal football team. short peprally. , ,, 1-1. at 4 xssyimwn- . i V W 4 WT' . .ra-w7""i ek - rg, N Q f ' . ,A - -fwiainffginmrfr UK A , "ik 'M' 1 We C the performed. 1 Ocrober +17 wasxan extra special day. There was 'a parade down Main,Srreec.5vich the Homecoming nominees, cheerleaders and che bOf15re cheer- 'Poweii was crowned i ll' r 1985186 Vandgl showed th "stuff r by the Mineola Yellowjackers 21114. This made the Vandais have a 710 record. During half-time Senior Lisa Homecoming Queen. AH rhis made Homecoming '85' e a memorable Homecoming. i Barbie Lanier i J... TY9 v Trim: ,Supp-f i .. . i ,gen i I 5 Rilu-as 42 iff 5 , ig 1 . :Ei ' fel I 1 1'W,,, s1"ff1f,,ghf,w Rock the Yellowjackets! Mrs. Linda Shoup shows her spirit by dress- ing up for Punk day. Mrs. Shoup proves students are not the only ones who get involved in the spirit of Homecoming. Vandal 55 EX, Mr. Dan Howell, art teacher, answers Mr. Waters' question "What will the Yellowjackets be say- ing Friday night?" by singing "Born to Lose." 3 af: ' ' 'uv Tnnya W'illir1gbam f H2 N A yky V , 11 it ,sz it is 1 an 4, it li' 3 'E sf' ' 7 ff khan julie any Mash the Yellowjackets! The seniors won the best Homecoming hall with this theme. Here seniors Martha Hynes, Kelli Rice and Terri Tillison do their bit in helping in Homecoming preparations. Seniors have Spirit! The senior class of '86' shows their enthusiasm by winning the spirit stick at the Homecoming pep rally. The Seniors also won best hall. Homecoming 9 ti W, .Q 4 , nw 9 Eat Itl "Not the cafeteria food again, Mrs. Lewisf' exclaims julie Griffin, as she prepares for lunch break at the I.L.P.C. Journalism workshop at UT Austin. . Mfr! A-w ,A r V 1 'IW ."f . W' ' VT ,W I ,i ., Wf- fi at '1 ""' 'Q fi ,Y ,, ,,, M'-: W, ood ole Summertime . . . full of sunshine, tan bodies and summer loves. It is a time for splashing in lakes and pic- nicing on beaches, but for some students summer is a time for hard work and little pay. Some students had summer jobs. Others had camps and summer workouts to help them prepare for the new school year. "Summer workouts were some- times a pain, but in the long run they were worth it," Senior Cheerleader Tauna Blevins said. Student Life 1?1WQif?B5i:4f' fr-we . El if T' Sf Grelrben Smith During summer two-a-days, j.V. and Varsity players worked hard and long. "It was hard work, but it was fun." Sophomore john Pickett said. Between all the jobs and workouts, there were always those summer nights on the weekends. Kelleah Gossett Dress You Up. Posing as a manne- quin is only one job Ni'C0le Freeman performs on the Dilliards Teen Board. pt t-i sw, 1M-W C eril F reemau N7 . .....i if I Marjjurdnn Clowning around. While mending SFA cheerleader Camp, these clowns par- ticipated in Crazy Day. Soaking up the rays. Sunbathing is just one activity that Seniors Tonia Thed- ford and Angela Wilkerson enjoyed while vacationing in Aruba. Summer Activities 1 1 0 0 hether the ideas were obtained from Vogue or were original, fashion conscious observers donned the latest styles for the school wardrobes, "Fashion is the way you express yourself," Senior Cedrick Manley said. "Fads come and go, but fashion is a reflection upon the per- son, not just the time." Girls could be seen in everything from stirrup pants and long sweaters to mermaid skirts and paisley print shirts. "This year's styles are things our parents wore," junior jill Meyer said. "I like the clothes everyone wears this year because they're dif- ferent and add a new touch." Melina Battenfield Pretty as a picture. Freshman Becky Goode flaunts her stirrup pants as she gets involved in the fashion scene for 85-86. You look good to me. junior Kelly Oxford sports his winter dress- up attire for the "preppy look." Student Life jewelry took a new twist with lots of silver beads and Swatch and Guess watches. The guys stuck mostly to the ever popular jeans, many of which were Levi's Buttonfly 501's. Lots of large sweaters were seen as well as pleated pants on some of the more "stylish" men. As the styles and fads trip the light's fantastic, all eyes are now on the '86 fall preview to see what the fashion-minded will be wearing this school year. Tonia Thedford Soft and Pretty. Senior Christie Stanford models the pastel look of the 80's which was seen on many of the girls at VHS. GNMHUSQMQ if is Q 4 gi ,mai r wht .m " Hein- - fir wi A f P 'il Mme "Ji F E' - I 'fm Z 1 .ff-'Y' .jgfig S e b 29 3 F X W dw 1 'O Q 'Safe rw A I 'YP'-. f V Y.-----111 Melina Battmfield WWW -1 x J- Q Mia ,I AW ., if Melina Bailmjield Out of the ordinary. Senior Mechele Hollowell shows off her black rider's pants and wildly primed sweatshirt. ? E 5 my P all .gl l Mi' if S ' ta' ff . -p - E " 1 Melina Batienfield Eye catcher. Senior Paige Giles prisses to show-off her yellow mer- maid skirt and brightly colored sweater. Straight from "Seventeen," junior Ronna Rhodes takes time out to pose her paisley sweater together with other bright clothes. Fashion 1 - ,,L, .r ,..,..f ma. ,fi ff.g.5.,g,:-Q f-kk" s ,.,, .mv .. ,.., ..,. , . .,,A eg, ,.gr.L.,1g,,vgi5ggg.,, Q f K , .,-.m,- -lr as 'Q r xii Y' Qf2,9iQfs11e1 1155? sm 1 f H.,-ismwfM: .f faegfvff- -is f222igf-i:2"seQsQ1ssii -WE?-1 if 'fix 'lf ggi... , Q, Q fray nd the Vandal player breaks through the line! He's to the ten, the five, TOUCH-DOWN! The fans are going wild over this spectacular play which puts the Vandals in the lead . . . As always, the fans were there in full force showing their spirit and pride. The usual spectators in at- tendance consisted of proud parents, fellow classmates, suppor- tive faculty members, and Ex- Vandals. It did not matter where the game was located, the Vandals were always well-represented. Through hot gymnasiums, cold, wet bleachers, and blackouts, many devout fans never missed a game. An example of this devotion is Mrs. Cleo Bourland. "I feel an interest in the students," said Mrs. Bourland. "I want them to know that they are more than just a person in my roll book." Q f fa se Qs S55 Q a ,Va a Sometimes, the support cannot only come from the crowd, but from the sidelines also. "When my teammates cheer for me, it makes me feel good," said Senior Kim Wfillingham. "The more people in attendance and the louder the noise, the better the game. I love it!" Along with basketball players, the same holds true for football players. "When the crowd is yelling, stomping their feet, and cheering, you get a good feeling," junior Matt Fincher said. "You put forth more effort when the crowd is more supportive." Crowds, whether they know it or not, have a direct affect on the outcome of the game. All of those cold nights and packed gym- nasiums are worth the effort. Tina Libhart Af 17? 3 2 Student Life N. Trina Sliekr Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Students bring out all the pep they can muster at one of the morning pep rallies. . Rirbard Pirkeil "Stand Up for the Vandalsll' The crowd is on their feet supporting the Vandals, who defeated the Brownsboro Bears, 6-0. Peppin' Llp. Fans watch the basket- ball game against Rusk. ,NX I' ,-was-s Sbrrryjobnmn D.D.-Isl! , , 9 stroma Parent Pride. Parents of Vandal Band members talk about the perfor- mance after they watched the band's drill. They earned straight ones. In the air torlight. Vanclal spirit comes through as numerous fans gather at the Bi-district pep rally held Thursday night before the game. Sberrjyjnbruan Crowd Supporters Proud "Princess Lisa" poses for a quick snap shot as she stands all crowned in glory and adorned in red Vandal roses. Smiles of happiness. Senior jay Helms proudly poses with 1985 Homecoming Queen Nominee, Tam- my Huffines. G i X13 .rf Kay Huffinex ' W , MRM s,f.W ,.,r .,,s . .. i ' " ' 'fi . L kk n al Ha rife 2. . -'-lf- - ....- 5 E ffm Student Life QA!! 3 X I' f' an , If I! ,.-' , 'Al' Pal Dafidyon The crowd applauds as Homecoming Queen Nominee, Sherri Davidson, is escorted by Senior Chris Hendricks at the Homecoming Pep Rally. Picture perfect Christie Sian- ford smiles at the news of being named a nominee for Homecom- ing Queen in 1985. Grelrben Smith I 1 ' .,,L . if" W- .2 gm "' "" X -"' 1 -- gg?-mfs - 2 I HW. ' aa """ ag mmm? omecoming 1985 went down in most scrapbooks as the first blackout game in the rain, but to five Senior girls it was a very memorable night. In- spire of the rain soaked field and a power outage, the mighty Vandals still captured a victory and Lisa Powell was crowned Homecoming Queen. The glamour and beauty of being crowned Homecoming Queen was dampened ever so slightly as the torrential downpour continued to flood the field causing the nominees to concentrate even more on their poised motions. "The whole thing was ironic. Daddy and I were cracking jokes because it was supposed to be so glamorous and we were all soaked," recalled Julie Griffin. The entire week was more of a fairy tale to some of the girls, from the moment Mr. Homer Terry an- nounced their names as nominees to the very second Missy Beaird, ex-Queen, crowned Lisa. "I couldn't believe it. I felt like it was a dream and I was the princess," remembered Lisa Powell. Martha Hynes t H"'1i.f :gg . . ' ,, -xslt s 5, g -at Van Progren' Van Progrex: Dream COH16 true! Homecoming nominees were Queen Lisa Powell, Sherry Davidson, julie Griffin, Christie Stanford, and Tammy Huf- fines. The five enjoyed a week of rain and fun. Rain soaked yet happy, Homecom- ing Queen Nominee, julie Griffin, is escorted by her father across the foot- ball field during halftime ceremonies. Homecoming Queen 1 5- ,,,g:., 1 . -. we t ., we . ..:.. . ... ,EQ I N I 1 li .. .. ,,., .. . .JJ . . 2 . ni.. i.-,,,, . . ui W,- , , t .tm fi, t 'ff' .-414"H' 'I W ' F ,sag af , fe i a is K J J s f 315 as ,- s af at f we Q me 1 W , as 1 Figilaefftf i ii , t. 4 egg T if R K ., 2 ,, f , W is H' ,ts i'-hr e d '14 1 Q ag? " 353 it ft wins me F444 Wi: sis -. t ff W t, is L. L .4 Q nf amass was ani? K af etailed plans for a special party or a very special prom is the result of many hours of planning. Class officers lend a hand to make each and every activity a big success. But when the party's over, there is work to be done. The class officers are now called the clean-up crew, a job which they "thoroughly" enjoy. Fortunately for them, most of the kids were too busy dancing to think about making a mess. After a quick clean-up and a speedy goodbye, they go their separate ways until the following, dreaded Monday. . V, i- . .... , .,s..,Mu.,,,,,.,t.... Q in Monday dawns bright and early. Sleepy eyes pop open. Tired bodies struggle to get out of bed before they miss their ride to school. Before the tardy bell rings, everyone tries to hear all the juicy gossip. Those who could not finish their stories are restlessly waiting till their first class is over. The announcements are made and a special thanks is extended to all in- volved with making that "special night" a night to remember. Lisa Batie 1 Student Life David Hamilton Tennis anyone? junior Class Of- ficers are Student Council Represen- tative Rex Cicero, Vice-President Rheatia Stephenson, Student Council Representative Wendy Crone, Secretary-Treasurer Ni'Cole Freeman, and President jeff Anderson. 'Y' Kids At Heart! Sophomore Class Officers are Student Council Representatives Michelle Hughes and Chris Frey, Vice-President Matt Neill, Secretary-Treasurer Courtenay Anders and President Scott Schiewe. ,Time Living up to the legend Freshman Class Officers are Student Council Representatives jeff Dearick and Tony Bogue, President Clint Walker, Secretary-Treasurer Susan Cole, Vice-President Becky Goode and Student Council Representative LaDana Huff. They call this mature? Senior Class Officers are Student Council Representative Reisor Pickett, Presi- dent Kim Moore, Secretary-Treasurer Tammy Huffines, Student Council Representative Lisa Powell, and Vice- President jay Anderson. 4 s 1 The Old Oak Tree. Sophomore favorites Chris Frey and Courtenay Anders "monkey around" during lunch break. Row, row, row your boar. Senior favorites Tammy Huffines and Kim Moore enjoy a spring aftemoon on the lake. Sberryjolmxon 4, me fi iiii 'f -we ues, mm, www Student Life ,w"'x """'N" SS. M .Q-Q me ws It X. Sherry-Iobnrorl Diane Taylor 'mms Going some place? Freshman favorites Clint Walker and Becky Goode take a break from school activities. ft. s g., . . ' 5-', '- is-f 41- time 1 . E "W 4' .A . " f ,,-2" Ready t0 ride. Easy rider jeff Anderson picks up his favorite, Ni'Cole Freeman. These two were voted junior class favorites. .. ,N .,,..g., ss... .f. .. ft., . as ' A ar Qgqmvvwsffsww 2 me 5 Q K I ti Q f A f. Pa K + v Q it 1 e . M' I '9 2f'iIk5'SSf5? . wi. tlI41lf.LziiSg A - P2 r P' r 3 i IN Q theatre--M Q 'Er 5 he ballots have been cast. The count is in. Many receive nominations, but only two are elected by popular vote to represent each class as class favorites. Since class time could not be us- ed for meetings, a new election system was initiated this year. Class sponsors set up tables in the snack bar during A and B lunch for students to cast their votes for their favorite classmates. These votes were collected and counted reveal- ing the winners. "When I think of a class favorite I think of what type per- sonality they have and the friendliness that they show toward others," Senior Mechele I-Iollowell said. . H, ,, L Senior favorites for 1985-86 were Kim Moore and Tammy Huffines. "I cast my votes for Kim and Tammy because they seem to get along with everyone including teachers," Senior Victor Larsen said. At the top of the junior list were favorites Jeff Anderson and Ni'Cole Freeman. "I was really happy to be chosen for junior class favorite," Ni'Cole Freeman said. With two down and two to go, Sophomore favorites were Chris Frey and Courtenay Anders. At the bottom of the totem pole were freshman favorites Clint Walker and Becky Goode. Kelli Wiggins Trina Stkfer -ew Class Favorites 2 1 LX ' QE Q: iii X. ee.. .. .-.ti-t AST Q C it ain't easy being human." The spring produc- tion of "Dark of the Moon" began when john, the Witch Boy, asked to become a human because he was in love with the beautiful Barbara Allen. The townfolk, however, resented their happiness, and their meddl- ing ended in tragedy. "I enjoyed the play a lot. There was just enough comedy and drama to make the play a tremen- Up 011 Old Baldy. The Witch Boy CShafer Toonej asks the Conjur people KNiCole Freeman and Billy Careyl if he can be human while the witches CPen- ny Irwin and Paige Giles! only laugh. How deep is your love? John fShafer Toonel and Barbara Allen Uulie Griffinl tenderly kiss. Paby lzwix Student Life dous success," Senior Lee Frey said. "Dark of the Moon" was one of the outstanding efforts by drama students in Van High School in my 24 years here to direct plays," Director james L. Golden said. The cast members seemed to en- joy the play, too. "I really had fun with the play this year, and I know that everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did," Senior jay Anderson said. Penny Irwin ras Q Pabyh V. 1. K 1 I S X' , L ' ' ' " 3 - 2 N 5 41:- i0,Q ,ps 4 N 1 Y AD 'sr sa r e .V J ff' 4 Pony L .ne""'N..,.,,l' Mountain Dew. Preacher Haggler The Spirit done took hold. Mai-- Qay Andersonb takes a nip while talk- vin Hudgens and Preacher Haggler ing to Mrs. Allen CBarbie Stappj and help Barbara Allen to rid the valley of Floyd Allen 1Scott Thomasl. a witch. Pan:-y Izwu Pahy lzwix 1 Parry Izwix "Hit hard t0 say." Miss Metcalf fStaCy Murphyl asks for the advice of Preacher Haggler Gay Andersonl on some calico. Having barrels of fun. Marvin Hudgens 1Randy Knightb shows off his strength at the general store. One-Act Play 23 o 'WW N '15 W Q 5 s .av-ijfeeits 4 5 PS Q .5 if if , ' ff Q 4 Q 'Q Q Q imwixfszz A..J7:2'f' 7 zf fi 1.7 s i tr Q Q et away, be free, and en- joy oneself. Weekentls are the perfect time to relax and get back into the swing of life with himily and friends. "My friends and I mainly like to go hunting on the weekends," Seniorjay Helms said. Couples can spend time together going out to eat, going to the movies, or just swinging on the porch. Pfnnylruin L6t,S Patty. Sophomore johnny Wilkerson and Freshman Becky Goode dance at a party held at the community center on a Saturday night. Shopping Spree. Senior Tammy Huffines and ex-student Roy Hukill use their weekend time to shop for Christmas. Student Life i'Coui'tenay and I just like to stay at her house and watch TV, but sometimes we'll go to Tyler and watch a movie or go out to eat," junior Bret Harrison said. There are many ways to make good use of weekends. And with the busy weeks that the year holds, every minute should not be wasted. "I try to keep my weekends packed with things I like to do, not .f 9 j at t-I fit things I have to do," Sophomore johnny Wilkerson said. Since school days are Hlled with various activities, it is a good thing weekends are just around the cor- ner to break the monotony. Penny Irwin Cruisin' TOWII. Senior Rodney Nicholas and Sophomore Stacy Burch cruise Van. J .iw WMV I Pr-mf, In --Q1--gl . i ..,....,,. W... -W .-,z z - - Q Q-i f , A 1' "I 2, ,,... .,., ..,. , I . t ' 1, ,,1,.., ,M.a:: 7 wt --fy-gi. 2 .... - .-4 .. -- - oofin' off. What does this term mean? It no longer has the meaning it once had in the 50's and 6O's. No more skipping classes, booby trapping the teacher's desk or throwing paper airplanes at guest speakers. "I like to goof off because it is part of my personality. Who likes to be serious all the time anyway?" Senior Paige Giles said. With all the rules and regula- tions of the 80's, students do not have much of an opportunity to goof off. Goofin' off can range from playing hacky sack during lunch to acting crazy in the jour- nalism room. "I like to be mischievous and I try not to get caught. Being daring adds excitement to live." Senior Martha Hynes said. Barbie Lanier uid a 5. ,ww 2 1 Student Life if-zu, , e I . ,ty - ,,., ,qw juli: Gnfin I Can l12lCli itl A few boys play hacky Please, I10ll junior Wendy Crone sack during their lunch period, but goofs around by trying to do a strip should these boys be over playing tease act, but everyone urges her to hacky sack on the grass. stop. V Y Sie. Q.. Trina Stiefzr .st Q N Wd BH ClOW1'1lI1g a1'OL11'1Cl. Seniors Penny Irwin and Kelli Wiggins model the latest. These glasses were made for "out shine the jackets" day. Caught in the Act! Seniors Sam Bass and Kim Moore are caught goofin' off. Being seniors they feel they have the right to mess around every once in a while. X ,P ri! .... 5 .3 ,,gQ5:5.....- p ..:.,,1. vi . 1 i 3' .2 M: i ':v'M . 9 A x N A, A n .., P x . Tonya Willingham Goofin' Off Hu, rf, ILQQQQQM -A so it f-ff Y i:fFgg55gwf12,, fl K ew 15 wi , gigs, We Q ff iz in ,,g-f' fs.. K fL-f -v'ff, 1 -,,: , - 6, - ,, - -f 15 fi - ' 'A 'L Q ,r rd, aw me .T t,,,,rW., f overnrnent is a class where the unexpected will hap- pen. In each class, the seniors vote on people who we shall call "over achieversn to be our Super Superlatives. Lisa Batie My! Aren't we calm today? Trevor Markgraf and Mechele Hollowell were voted Wittiest. It's in the genes! Voted Most Talented are Alecia Griffin and Randy Wiggins. Trina Stiefer Pretty as a picture. Craig Parrish and Sherri Davidson were voted Most Handsome and Most Beautiful. Good manners is the best policy. Brent Hill and Tammy Huf- fines were voted Most Courteous. 28 Student Life l Trina Sri:-fer In ills ,,i sf ,. 1 I Y 5...-.av tl - Sbeny johnson 2 , X , Q f f . M-'w.....,.,,,,.M-o X .Yberryjabnvun Trina Stkfer Being nice makes a person. Success at its best! Julie Griffin and Chad Krisher and Tammy Huffines Jay Anderson were voted as Most Likely to were voted Friendliest. succeed' Trina Stiefer -4 Hang Onl Kim Moore and Tammy Huffines were voted Most Popular. Dr6SS6Cl t0 kill! Bryan Wright and Paige Giles were voted Best Dressed. Senior Superlatives Diane Taylor 29 District winners. Regional qualifiers are left to right, Shafer Toone, Jay Akin, Julie Griffin, Hunter Wilder, jay Anderson, Penny Irwin, Lee Frey, Tammy Huffines, and Laana Greenawalt. Those not pictured are Brad Cooke, NiCole Freeman, and Lisa Spillman. Nervous anticipation. Awaiting the results of the state Informative Speaking contest, Julie Griffin atten- tively listens for her name to be called. Julie ranked in the top six in the state of Texas. Topics of her speeches ranged from T.V. evangelism to limiting liability lawsuits. g Rachelle Ganioti .... , .... ni , .. .. .-.- .. . ....- ':'f I M a 'Sega' it .--.- "1r QW' .ee eee' weary palms and shakey knees are what many UIL literary con- testants go through before they enter each competition. These characteristics combined with sheer fear helped to make UIL contestants into regional qualifiers. Those who advanced to regionals after placing in district were: debate, Shafer Toone and Brad Cooke, first place, julie Griffin and jay Anderson, second place, and Hunter Wilder and Lee Frey, third place. In Lincoln- Douglas debate, Penny Irwin, first placeg and NiCole Freeman, second place. julie Griffin placed first in In- formative Speaking. Penny Irwin Student Life placed second in Persuasive Speaking. In Newswriting, julie Griffin placed first. Laana Greenawalt placed fourth at district in headline writing but was able to advance to regionals due to a forfeit. In spelling, Lisa Spillman placed third. Tammy Huffines placed first in accounting. jay Akin placed third in science. At regionals, julie Griffin placed third in Informative Speaking. Penny Irwin placed fourth in Lincoln-Douglas debate and was an alternate to state competition. Tammy Huffines placed fifth in accounting. After placing third in Informative Speaking at regionals, julie Griffin went on to compete against the best at the state competition held in Austin. "I was very excited and happy to be in the state meet, but I was also very nervous because of the competition. I knew I would be competing against the best in the state," Senior Julie Griffin said. After three days in Austin, and two days of competition, julie placed in the top six in Texas for Informative Speaking. Penny Irwin -hi UP' P" A52 ? Coaching strategies. Mr. james L. Golden coaches his debate students, ssssQ 3 g Ura, 5, V- Rorbellz Gauioll Senior Lee Frey and junior Hunter Wilder before a big debate. www ,. . Mix X. r -4 ,... juli: Griffin unwonxxmi PAGESA 'i S ' ' .H all ' x 'ii -un 5 'ii li 'ul- s"""'-'-... ., Q. V4 K A, julie Gr-:fin V. L44 ,Muwm M,-Ml USE THE Practice makes perfect. Senior Lisa Batie diligently practices her shorthand. She placed eighth at the district UIL meet after previously plac- ing in several other UIL prep meets earlier this year. A heated discussion. junior Brad Cooke and Senior Jay Anderson discuss their case with one another before the debate tournament at john Tyler High School. They placed third in this competition. Q E . f Trina Stieftr UIL Participants 31 14 40" Party Hearty!! jim Hill, Michael I-Ialmark, Penny Irwin, john Bourland, Pam jocoy, Trevor Markgraf, and Stewart Irwin celebrate at the Homecoming Luau. Bill Giln 'f-iisslzgy . -4 'r J aeafwsnii Pg it ,Q m.i:-amz is black leather jacket is too small and the right knee of his form-fitting jeans is torn away. The faded jeans end well above his bright blue socks and carefully polished white tennis sneakers. His hair is long and spikeyg standing straight up. She's attired in a plaid skirt, polka-dot blouse, purple hose, and combat boots. With a slightly shaved head and swirled colored lace, she sports the traditional 1,001 bracelets. One could say that these products of a shopping mall culture are dressed up for a party. The Rappin' Duke. Seniors Mechelle Hollowell and Paige Giles rap with the DJ. Mike Newsome at the Band Banquet. gwfisizsss t 'vie Y a f vzfifsifsffo 'SS fee, 51. Q 5, ,Q Q ar For these who attended the ban- quets ancl parties, they saw the gold and platinum in our smiles when we shared a dance, whether it was the Prep, the Bird, or just plain moving it! "The night slips by and every song takes me closer to the moment when I'll be gone," Senior Stacy Ripley said. Pushing shoulder to shoulder in the snack bar to songs like "A Love Bizarre," "Oh, Sheila," and f'Let's Go All The Way," provided those special moments with friends. "I enjoy these events because I happen to love the person I am with," juniorjill Meyer said. Whether it is the damp Homecoming dance or the Sweet Heart dance, the party goers are "Loving Every Minute of It." Victor Larsen "Ahh, my sweet!" Seniors Reisor Pickett, Karen Stroud, and Tammy Huffines test the party foods at the Valentine Dance. Bon Appetite! At the Band Ban- quet, Senior Gretchen Smith and Sophomore johnny Blevins enjoy a delicious strawberry shortcake. Merbele Hnllawell BanquetsfParties B Mr. Cool. Seniors Chris Hendricks and Penny Irwin enjoy the atmosphere of the prom. i '14 7' x fp' X422 la I 'T 24 I Q- , ,,. A 1 Q J-11. Gnfia Wmfeim I I onight It's You" captured the feelings of more than 250 juniors and seniors on Prom night, April 26. Special care was taken with the decorations and planning of the prom which was appreciated hy all. "I liked the bridge where we had our pictures made," Senior Penny Irwin said, "It was evident a lot of hard work went into it." Fun, friends, and food all played Student Life "' I1 NW ' a part in the enchanted evening for many prom goers. "I especially enjoyed eating beforehand at Koto's," Senior Karen Stroud said. "All of us seniors eating together and having a good time." Both planning and participation turned into a success as many students enjoyed the glamorous event. julie Griffin 1 N A ye, , 3- i 1 1" ,W 1.,avi3'4 gaffafqv-A H 1 , M , .. . ..., -- . ..,. f a v ., , , wwf: -rwzi, ,,,,,,,,,,. M" M' ' "' .WWW 5 ' , 1 ..if 1 ,,Q,,' .:i,:" .r2'I7':i:i2:..:. "',,2::. W- ,, we We A , WWW... - '--- - -4 " ww ne highlight of the Sports Banquet each year is the an- nouncement of the MVP's award. Ten different awards were presented to students who showed outstanding performance in various sports. Receiving Best All-Around girl athlete was Tammy Huffines, and receiving Best All-Around boys athlete was Reisor Pickett, Tammy was a four year letterman in track where she qualified for regional her freshman, junior and senior years. Her senior year she was a finalist in the hurdles in the regional meet. Tammy also participated in volleyball four years, where two of those years she was a letterman. She served as captain of the team her senior year. Tammy received All-District honorable mention and was also named to the first team All-District. Reisor who received the boys All- Around Athlete Award participated in tennis and was a four year letterman. His freshman and sophomore years he placed third in the district tennis match. He also participated in basket- ball. His senior year he was chosen first team All-District and was a two year letterman and was also a two year let- terman in football. The recipient of the jack Kellam scholarship was senior Lee Frey. He participated in football, basketball and track. Also receiving MVP Awards were Seniors Chris Hendricks in football Tammy Huffines in volleyball and girls track and Stacy Saxon in boys track. In basketball seniors Brent Hill and Tameko Friend were awarded MVPs. juniors Ronna Rhodes, David Slayton and jeff Anderson all received the MVP award in tennis. The baseball MVP award went to Senior Thomas McClanahan. Each student received their award for their outstanding ability and their leadership role to their team. Trecia Young - -M- W X X Student Life VAN Balmer Most valuable players for this year are back row: Brent Hill, basket- ball, Thomas McClanahan, baseball, Stacy Saxon, track, Chris Hendricks, footballg David Slayton, tennis, and jeff Anderson, tennis. Front Row: Tameko Friend, basketballg Tammy Huffines, volleyball and trackg and Ronna Rhodes, tennis. few 3 g. W N15- s -Q gg Qi?- 5 ' 5. . t Ti. NF NN Million dollar smile. Tammy u Huffines is ready to attend the A11- Showing some unathletic talents, Reisor Sports Banquet. Pickett gets a good grip of a tree. Kay Hujinn Trina Sliefn- 5- Trina flickr Scholarship recipient Lee Frey, the winner of the jack Kellam Award, thinks about how he will spend his money. Best Athletes, MVPs I fam-E m! W H fter what seemed like an eter- nity, 135 students were recognized for outstanding achievement in various departments at Van High School. Receiving "V" awards were Valedictorian Alecia Griffin and Salutatorian julie Griffin. Alecia edged out julie with a 96.84 average to 96.73. Sixteen seniors received the honor of being chosen Who's Who in various departments. In music David Nichols, band, Randy Wiggins, choir, in speech julie Griffin, Shafer Toone, drama, jay Anderson, debate. In other areas, Oma Foutz and Angela Wilkerson, art, Lola Coldiron and Tammy Huffines, business, Z it Sherri Davidson, Vocational Agriculture, Jay Anderson and Shafer Toone, Spanish, Angela Wilkerson, homemakingg Julie Griffin, journalism and Social Studies, Alecia Griffin, science, math, and English. One of the top honors awarded at the assembly was the honor of being named Mr. and Miss VHS, Thomas McClanahan and Tammy Huffines. Other awards went to 75 scholastic achievers, 16 perfect attenders, state qualifiers, Best All-around Athletes, Most Valuable Players and various scholarship recipients. Tina Libhart 9 , Student Life Trina Stiefer MVPS. These students stand after be- ing recognized as this year's most valuable players. Golden Veterans. Four-year speech students julie Griffin and jay Anderson receive their individual Who's Who awards from Mr. james Golden. P-e-r-f-e-c-tl When exemptions were disallowed by House Bill 72, everyone felt attendance would drop drastically. However, these 16 students maintained perfect attendance this year. Q - 5 4 i 5 A X72 tr. -t.-.'Q.".Q'M-f- lb Trina Stiefer Pany lzwi: .4 Was it really that funny? Seniors Reisor Pickett and Thomas Mc- Clanahan cut up during the awards assembly. Don't stand so close to me! says Alecia Griffin to Randy Wiggins while standing in line with the rest of the choir state qualifiers. Awards Assembly rbi: Ianier Stick-um Up! Senior Lee Frey plays around by shooting Senior Melissa Barrenfield with his warergun. Spinning round and round! Seniors Gretchen Smith and Martha Hynes pre- pare rhemselves for the whirl and twirl of the Roto Disco. Barbie Lanier Time Out! Seniors Darren Mc- Cawley, David Hamilton, Bryan Wdght and David McCoy take time to rest from the day's busy activities in front of the Sourhem Palace. Senior 86 are 0 student Life Xu Anila Delmer Kwai X? eff' Martha H ymu Go Red Devils! Seniors Lisa Powell and Donnie Hubbard are cheered on by their teammates while they par- ticipate in the lifesaver relay. O 'wwvffets ga gfg:ss15,,,.5sa,::,5 . , 'P S 1 ' sw ees. as- new 2. - is: ,Q fr' ,m ass ggqt,,,sw ggg z. f .Q -ex .w ars -:: : .:a' : we F' - ::1L3w-ta".::f'::.- 'L " : .1 X new grew . ttati, .s ,t.i...t illy games, catered barbecue and Six Flags were all a part of senior "special" day. The day began with five teams com- peting in such games as the egg toss, lifesaver relay and orange race. The winners were awarded blue ribbons. After the games, the school had barbecue catered and ice cold Cokes, The seniors were then given two hours to go home and freshen up for Six Flags. Barbie Lanier Thank goodness it's over! This seems to be the reaction of seniors Barbie Lanier and Trecia Young after getting off the Spinnaker. st 6 Barbie Lurier We Want in! Patiently awaiting the opening of Six Flags are seniors Reisor Pickett, Jay Anderson, Doug Crow, Alecia Griffin, Randy Wiggins and David Nichols. the Champions. 2 21 Us W , evil ' . " fy 5 Q., , J' 'mfg' ,,:, ,"" ' , f " g ,V Q A ,, ., ,, a l . vw ,W "" l fy ' f , V r ,:.f ',f:y'Z , i, Parry ' 4 , M ,:6:K,,, R , N . s that magical day june 6 came, the graduating seniors had many different feelings. Some of them couldn't wait to get across the stage. They were more than ready because senioritis had taken a firm hold. Others were sorry graduation had crept up so fast. They weren't sure if they were ready for the world. Still, others had a little of both. Student Life They were ready in some ways yet hesitant in others. Whether ready or not, happy or sad, the 1986 seniors did take their final steps across the stage. Tauna Blevins A final salute. Salutatorian julie Griffin gives the Senior Class of' 1986 her final statements at the graduation ceremony. Pondering moments. Senior Trecia Young sits in the assembly room before commencement and remembers the events of her school days. Wise WOI'dS. Mrs. Bourlancl ex- presses her appreciation for the senior class and gives a last few words of wisdom. Pany Lzwix in Pat:-y Levi.: 119' Parry Lawh No COW? Dr. Kay Leining addreaaea the senior class at graduation to plant some thoughts even though ahe didn's Be' ' COW- Graduation g- A fi A Q ,a ,V X , ,, ,M , ni J, M5 x an ,AE , Q me aff aaa 1 2 m A aa giiagzgw if ik ' ar at H, a, ga aagw We if ia? af aa, agwariaaaiatagaagagg ,iaggaier . W . K , ,,,.,,g WM , ww W ,M ,, , , sage ,,,igg,, W, ,,,, , A at 'if aaaaaa ,angina Haw wet, as f f is ' as YH aw 'T wiigffis r'fs.raf1f,ag,,gwgs1 a UL was gear? Hwaggaat ,fawwia xsxnmgyiiai 'efamaawiaggiiia 'tgefsrsfesaia GEEQQSSEQSV Aaflfhsasnr . ,M 'rwffiia-We hen the senior class graduated, they were the beginning of a legend - they were the first class of the Van School District to at- tend for twelve and one half years. Being in this select group of students has created a sentimental meaning which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Those native Van students are Tonia Thedford, Thomas Mc- Clanahan, Tameko Friend, Dana Crawford, Paula Brey, Belinda Wilson, Cathy Hughes, Lisa Powell, Keith Clifton, Trecia Young, Diane Taylor, Doug Crow, Rodney Nicholas, Brent Hill, Paul Gossman, Dan Wilkerson, jane Gable, Cedrick Manley, Sherri Davidson, Paige Giles, Denise johns Bartmess, Lola Coldiron, Lisa Batie, Lewis S. Toone, Kelly Hendrix, David McCoy, David Nichols, Bryan Walker, Aubrey Hay, Tommy Chapman, Tammy Huffines, Terri Tillison, Cindy Mewbourn, and Dean Dike. Tauna Blevins 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 A few seniors count down the last seconds before gradua- tion begins as they stand outside waiting to proceed into the gym. Student Life Patsy Last minute adjustments. Senior students dress in the assembly room and make last minute changes to make sure everything is perfect. faux rt . Vw, If , f ww "1 ' 'ff ffm 1 x 'Y x 1. M, . Ls' Ai- ! t 1 x WK ti ix A x Pony hwi: BCSI fI'leI1dS. Seniors Tracy Martin and Melissa Battenfield hug each other at the reception after graduating. TOgCtl'16I'l'16SS. Seniors Chad Krisher and Julie Griffin enjoy hugging at the reception held at the Assembly of God Church. T W i A - ' -9 Final preparations. Seniors prac- tice proceeding in at graduation rehearsal. iw.. Sliefer Graduation A, X Pauy Igwix 45 You asked for it li Student Life Y :QI ,Q v R 3. -f ' 1 its ? is ay is 1 I 'SL X E .1 f Q 1 E4 4 You got it!!! aff K! V' 48 f 5 2 New 'H Vll, r . Q l 'nfflw 642 ' Q i fffi'-w. if dl If .f"9f ya 3 f, Student Life Q I i' Who's Where in You asked for it . . . You got it? Page 46 l3 Senior Dan Vlilkerson harasses Freshman jeff Nations. 23-junior Mart Fincher and Sophomore Mirkey Al-tm down around during 11 break in choir. 33 Mrs, Mary Stephenson gets in the Halloween spirit, 43 Sophomore Amy Nlpp gets ready before a Friday night ball game. 53 Adding spice to Spanish, Mt. james Mays has a litrle fun, 63 Assistant Pnncipaljeff Tumer gets ready for his next victim. 73 juniors Matt Fincher ihinchman3 and Troy Fields iArab3 display their costume at the Band Hallo- ween Parry. 83 Senior Sam Bass goofs around. 93 juniors Kim Allen, Troy Fields, Hunter Wilder, Matt Fincher, and Ted Mitchell enjoy pizra for perfect attendance. l03 Coach jim Armstrong and Senior Reisor Pirkert at odds once again during government. l l3 Sophomore Scott Schiewc enyoys his iournalism assignments. Page 47 l3 Seniors Kim Moore and Darrell Bailey spend time in between rlasses together. 23 junior Melanie Preston shows off her new shades. 53 Senior Doug Crow is caught sneaking a peek ar someones drafting board, 43 Sophomore Stacie Sportsman makes a few adlusrments, 53 The cast of"Dark ofthe Moon" performs the church scene. 63 junior Kelleah Gossett and Senior Paige Giles deboatd the bus after the rain stops at the Homecoming parade, 73juniors Wendy Crone and Ronna Rhodes display their Tom War. 83 Mr. Ronald "Big Daddy" Bogus relaxes after a hard days work 93 Senior Stacy Anderson is overgoyed by the tennis shoes she receives in the white elephant game at thejt, Historians Chnstmas patty, 103 Couch Brady Pennington talks with Senior Craig Parrish at a football game. Page 48 13 Tearhet Patsy Lewis instructs students on type styles. 23junior Diane Roberts and Sophomore Rosalyn Veasey work rogerher during Homemaking 53 NHS Seniors pose after the spring indumon reremonies. 43 Senior Christa Henry receives het diploma from Superintendent W. O. Erhols,jr 53 Freshman Pam Percitield rries to dunk someone ar the FCA drinking booth at the Sesquitentennial Celebration. 63 junior Gary White and his date at the prom, 73 Senior Billy Carey dances with teacher Mary Stephenson at the prom. 83 Seniors Trevor Marltgraf and Craig Parrish and Sophomore Mart Neill display war paint at a basketball game. 93 The Class of '86 listens to the hand during graduation. 103 Senior Darren Breeland thinks about graduation only minutes away Page 49 l3 Sophomore Frankie Baker rontcntrares on pmhing. 23 Senior Paige Giles, Sophomore Whitney Walker, and junior Kelleah Gossett perform a routine during a pep rally. 53 Choir members perform at a Christmas roncert. i 43 Senior Sherri Davidson gets into the Brownshoro game. 53 Senior Christie Stanford and ex-student Darren Tumer take a break in the lohhy at the prom. 63 junior Kelleah Gossett, Senior Staey Anderson, junior NiCoIe Freeman and Senior Penny ltwin nervously await their performance at State. You got it! -" 25 -+'- 3' 'V x-" .gz :: V L2 5 grime wifggam swffwwf : J, yur, XP' ' 7: I',:f ' : :1...1::Q-'25 . ,, -:':z4L:E::jM H Hy: 2 '5 4 'Y 3 3 ef fm 1 fs Q fa, ai m, we b 5.3: ir Jia P5 ,V Hx, Z a 535 L X :gs-Q' fl , K as QL 35' Q f 'J LL 5 5 'D+ 4552 4 E5 36 5 4 FHS M ' ww -Q H? fe 1 13' mp, .,f E. .: H1 8 , Wim . sv me A A ' by ' fwfgggjlkvfxfxxgwm Fw W Vmkjg M ,gm 4 w ng H QQ, s , 3' X Qkff? S Q NL. F Hrmwv 5 Sw f Wx 1 R4 M 'wmg uf J 9 2 K L HW, ' -nyggh V Sw , ,,..... . np, .- : 2 , H, gg - :1:::,,:.:q 5 Fm -- - : .aff 'H 1 rc, :z.,5iff:a":FFE5z' ,EW 195 rex! 5 Ei gi! 3 g E 1 E s S 5 sg S if' ' ig 1 523 45 if Si L55 'H Wi? -,E Qi E gg ,Hg 'gi gtggiagj ,fi :J ,4 NV iigjggig giigggi, ' if is Asif 3 5112555535121 3 5 z 'B'?2gm2Qg 5 5253! .Aim K? ESE! ' r f i 5 1 fix? Egg HH, . 3 gr 3- s3Egg?!gggggg1s3 gag ,ml-:: :-fur was 1 E' QH 5 5-'Q is ,..:-'df 111' 'Q' 5,5 if xi ,i 5g22??i ?ggi52 'Q ng 1 E Mfg 512 52155 , as N f., mi? Vs iggsii 5 x 1 5 N E? EE 'fn .2 if 2 g ,E EI 1 1 525 2553 s S z f I H E1 ig E ' N 3 3 'Q' 5 if g 552 ,S S 3 U-E 5 ser B Q is . , 55 gag? A. E xt X px I 255 i ' :-' :.. 0 Academic Divider 55714 2 5 355.2 s. igggg ff - sd: J' X W iss 5 S is 5552! 5 5 iii xiii ie.. ki i I Now girls . . .Business teacher Beth Praytor explains some office procedures to Senior Stacy Ripley and junior Carla Guinn. w"""-c Education became fun for students because of school s one walks down the sidewalk of VHS, suddenly, from out of the blue, a container whizzes by and crashes to the ground. With extreme cau- tion, one approaches the object to ex- amine it doser. Then, a voice is heard from above, "Excuse me: I was just con- ducting an experiment." Experiments were common in the many academic classes throughout the year. Some were to help students obtain winning positions in competition. Others were to aid in the everyday education program. "Experiments reinforce what you are to learn in theory," Science teacher jim Kroculick said. In academic competition, the 'brains' faired well. Several contests were entered including the Physics Olympics at East Texas State University. Academics achieved legendary stan- dards as students filled the honor rolls to the brim every six weeks on every grade level. "This year as far as academics, we have probably been about average or probably above," High school principal, Homer Terry said. Not only were honor rolls filled, but minds were filled with knowledge. This knowledge was not always acquired by means of textbooks. Sometimes students enjoyed leaming from experienced in- dividuals who spoke as guests. "It's like experience is a better teacher," Senior Thomas McClanahan said. "Guest speakers give you a more realistic view than the textbook." Other times students took short field trips to focus on a concept being studied in the classroom. "I like field trips because it gives a break to the regular boredom of classroom activities," Sophomore john Pickett said. Academics were not only a success as far as grade points, but also as far as cap- turing the interest of studentsi In academics this year, both students and faculty were truly - LIVING A LEGEND julie Griffin Academic Divider Mg.. , ,ff. .aw we . .... ig w 1 si ki Xe W at 5 rings, everyone doesn't just go to his own houseg there are a number of activities to keep everyone busy around Van. Many people ride the bus home and watch television for the rest of the evening and make time to do their homework. "Usually I go home and complete my homework and then I sleep and prepare for the next day," junior Ti- juana Veasey said. Others visit people that they don't see at school. Still, there are those that work after school. There are several groups of people who stay at school for different ac- tivities. Tutorials, which start at 3:45 and end at 4:30, help people who are having difficulty in a subject. Band keeps some busy practicing and perfec- fter the 3:35 pm bell and practice for whatever audition may be coming up, but most of the time I ride the bus home and do homework," Sophomore Celeste Lunceford said. Quite a few boys and girls are kept busy with sports. Football, basketball, baseball, and track practices run from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. almost every day of the week. "Football practice is hard work. So after, I go home and eat a big dinner," Sophomore john Pickett said. Let us not forget the dreaded Deten- tion Hall. This begins at 3:40 and is over at 4:15. Even though this is a form of punishment, it has a bright side. It gives students a chance to finish their homework before going home so that they are able to spend an evening ofleisure around the house do- ing the thing they enjoy most. ting their musical talents. Stacy Murphy "Sometimes I sta in the band hall Y if . 1 . r.- . X . K f I 7 '-e. . I 'fx-"'i ,r, - ' M. .1 .kgs ir .V :tgp N jx.Q,w. A . - . L- ,. 4 , .-., j e . fy 'aj p w- -..,.-' ' 1 I .sf gf' ae ,Jig Student Life D0ggIIl, itl Senior David Hamilton tries to get his jeep unstuck after at- tempting to cross a creek. Darren Mzfawlq Knee lifts. Elementary teacher Michelle Read and Seniors Paige Giles and Julie Griffin work out during jane Cambre's aerobic classes, which are held at the Methodist Church. Stomp the jackets! Seniors Thomas McClanahan and julie Tobin watch as fellow classmates Gretchen Smith, Sherri Davidson, and Tammy Huffines sign the sheet to be placed in the senior hall at homecoming. Lay it Llp. Senior Reisor Pickett pcrfects his skills in basketball prac- tice which was held everyday of the week except for game days, Tuesday and Friday. fiiillllll I from everyday routineness given by special speakers here are a few ways f to break up the monotony of a bor- ing class. One could sleep, write notes, play practical jokes on the teacher, or maybe start a fire in the trash can. There is, however, the old stand by of having a guest speaker during a class. "I think a guest speaker makes the subject more in- teresting because they relate first hand experiences," Sophomore Shana McKee said. Guest speakers lend a hand in keeping students in- terested by adding extra in- put to the lesson. "So much can be learned by having a guest speaker and the kids enjoy the ex- perience because they don't have to look at the same old face and listen to the same old voice," teacher Mary Stephenson said. Of course there are those who look at guest speakers at a different angle. "I enjoy guest speakers especially when you get out of class work," freshman Gina Holder said. "But I do like to hear them because sometimes what they have to say might help what we are studying." Most people know that doing the same old thing in class can put a person to sleep Cand it usually doesb, but guest speakers bring a much welcomed break in the daily routine of class. Tina Libhart Employment Advice. Bud Praytor explains to the govern- ment classes the Texas Employ- ment Commission. Academics juli: Gum The ups and downs of stock. Stockbroker Charles Harrell speaks to one of the Free Enterprise classes about the stock market. ' gs. iz, v E E julie Griffin is l Neither rain, nor sleet, DOI' SHOW, could keep KLTV weatherman, john Adams, from speaking to elementary students about weather forecasting. This is how it's done. Mr. Frank Allen talks to the government classes about being successful in a career. Tolly: Willingham t julu Gr-:fin The Whole Truth. Policeman Charlie Swope gives his testimony to Marshall McGrady during a government mock trial. Tonya Willingham Guest Speakers FIELD leaders take Who's Who r ixteen seniors received the V honor of being chosen Who's Who in various areas. David Nichols received the award for band and industrial art, Randy Wiggins, choirg in speech Julie Griffin, Shafer Toone, dramag and jay Anderson, debate. Other areas included art, Oma Foutz and Angela Wilkerson, Lola Coldiron and Tammy Huffines, business, Sherri Davidson, Vocational Agriculture, jay Anderson and Shafer Toone, Spanishg Angela Wilkerson, homemakingg julie Griffin, journalism, and social studies, and Alecia Griffin received science, math, and English. Tonia Thedford Bugle ECh0. Laying the notes on the line, David Nichols was named Who's Who in band as well as hi-tech in- dustrial arts. Pat Davidxon She's a sweetheart! Receiving Who's Who in agriculture was Sherri Davidson. Stal' Oboist Alecia Griffin not only received the coveted John Philip Sousa award along with Diane Taylor, she also was Who's Who in English, science, and math. Academic Melina Batterrfizld Future Picassos Oma Foutz and Angela Wilkerson received Who's Who in art. Angela was also the top homemaking student. N Diane Taj Risky Business. Tammy Huffines and Lola Coldiron were Who's Who in Business. 4-Q Trina Sriefer With a song in his heart, Randy Wiggins was Who's Who in choir. Top Performers. Who's Who reci- pients at the awards assembly were David Nichols, Thomas McClanahan, Randy Wiggins, Tammy Huffines, Alecia Griffin, Angela Wilkerson, jay Anderson, Lola Coldiron, julie Griffin, Sherri Davidson, Oma Foutz, and not pictured Shafer Toone. V X . A. at V s.. ' 'fl' ,R 5 I ' ' Q w , 1.6 X , 2 X 5- N ' V ' 5 1 , fa 4 ' v u I Fairy Lzwi: Proof of Excellence. Editor julie Griffin was Who's Who in journalism, speech, and history. Amigos forever. Shafer Toone and jay Anderson were Who's Who in Spanish. They also were tops in drama and debate respectively. Who's Who 'G - iii ?F'F:'I'-eww - ' . - W-w Tr-inafticfer A sign of success. Alecia Griffin was chosen as Valedictorian with a 96.84 grade point average. At the top of the class. Alecia Griffin and Julie Griffin were chosen as the year's Valedictorian and Salutatorian. . :WM 4.4 EXCELLENCE shown in all areas of activities, academics b foursome throughout years at VH eing named valedictorian, salutatorian and Mr. and Miss VHS are distinct honors reserved for only special students who assert more effort in class work and school activities than others. To achieve the titles of valedictorian and salutatorian, a student must excel in all of their scholastic endeavors. Alecia Griffin was named Valedic- torian with a 96.84 average followed by Salutatorian Julie Griffin with a 96.73 average. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Griffin, this year's valedictorian par- ticipated in many activities. These in- clude: Vandal band, two years drum major, all-state band, a.ll-state or- chestra, state soloist competition gold medal, state ensemble competition gold medalist, UT Honors wind ensemble competition - outstanding woodwind, Who's Who in music, and Who's Who Among American High School Students. She was a member of the varsity Academics tennis team, FCA, Choir, JETS, Stu- dent Council, Junior Historians, and National Honor Society. Alecia was 1983 Van Oil Queen, and an active member of the Van United Methodist Youth. Julie Griffin is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Gassiott. She was ac- tive in speech, dinner theatre, UIL One-Act Play, debate, UIL newswriting, and UIL informative speaking. She served on the'Vanda1 Voice and Vandalite. She par- ticipated in band, three years ma- jorette, UIL twirling, FCA, Junior Historians, FFA, NHS, JETS, PASF, Spanish Club, and Who's Who Among American High School students, Texas Excellence Award finalist, Homecoming Queen nominee, and FFA Greenhand sweetheart. In addition, each year two students are selected by the faculty to serve as Mr. and Miss VHS. The students are judged on their scholastic abilities, school participation, and leadership honorees are and Tammy qualities. These two Thomas McClanahan Huffines. Miss VHS, Tammy, participated in FCA, National Honor Society, JETS, and Student Council. She was a class favorite three years, UIL typing and ac- counting participant and all around girl in sports. Tammy was MVP in varsity volleyball and varsity track. Thomas was chosen as Mr. VHS. He received scholastic achievement awards four years and Who's Who in Citizenship. He was in FFA, NHS, Junior Historians, JETS, Debate, One Act Play, Student Council three years and president one year, dinner theatre, and speech. He participated in baseball, basketball, and football. Thomas was MVP in baseball' his senior year having lettered four years. Katrina Griffin K ,. ,L R. '5 Hx 1 x N 5 i 8 l e 1 'inns an. Trirla Stiefir their best. Mr. VHS, Thomas McClanahan, and ss VHS, Tammy Huffines, were chosen for their nolastic abilities, school participation, and leadership alities. Y0lJ'1'C SpCCi2ll. Alecia Griffin, Tammy Huffines, julie Griffin, and Thomas Mc- Clanahan were the four students picked this year because of their special efforts in class work and school related activities. Second in command.ju1ie Griffin with a 96,75 grade point average was chosen as Salutatorian. S N xv za. .1 , . Q ' 7 11 i ' an Q L' L- :ti A K 1 S Trina Stizfzr Trina Stiefer Us :si Trina Stirfer Trina Sliepr She is 3 lady. Miss VHS, Tammy Huffines, was active in both athletics and clubs while maintaining an "A" average. Well-rounded man. Mr. VHS, Thomas McClanahan, participated in many events such as wearing the Tex- adillo costume during the Van Ses- quicentennial Parade. ValfSa1, Mr., Miss MOCk trial. Seniors listen attentively to Attorney Dan Anderson's questions during the mock trial that was a part of their government contract. Mask. Showing her artistic ability, Anita Detmer carefully works on her paper mache project during art class. Melism Battenfield A novel idea. Mis. Gloria Phillips' English III classes read The Scarlet Let- ter and created tiny scaffolds and doll characters that depict scenes from the story. Y 5 l in 7 s yr 3' D k 9 Q .. A 'A Trina suffer Government project. Seniors Christie Stanford and Kari Jackson work diligently on government con- tracts while Coach jim Armstrong ex- plains to Senior Aubrey Hay that his hall pass is not valid in the parking lot. rlJJ1lJJ,Ujf,j-jj H ARD GRK put forth by students while working to make the grade on class projects - sually Mondays find us f . .X falling into the same old daily grind. Some people satisfy their need to sleep - in class, while others do what is need- ed to get the day over and done. Then the teacher springs a surprise on the class by notifying them that they have a project due and it is for a major grade. Some students cheer while others moan and groan. Class projects sometimes make class time pass more rapidly and most everyone is at ease - until the deadline arrives. "Projects are sometimes very 'Nu-,..,.,, hard, but you can do it if you're willing to work hard to make a good grade," Sophomore Alanna Davidson said. Projects range from art caricatures, government contracts, home made garments to professional-looking wood cabinets and a The Scarlet Letter scaffold. Following the initial shock of the assignment comes the constant complaints, and then the work finally begins, Some students find it easy to get started, while others procrastinate. "Unlike Mr. Howell's aft caricature that made me want to work, Mr. Armstrong's govern- ment contract forced me to work," Senior Victor Larsen said. In spite of the hectic week for weeksb of work on the project, along with the regular class load, students find that they can survive long enough to turn the project in on time and breath a sigh of relief. "Projects involve a lot of time and work, but the finished results should make you proud of what you've accomplished," junior jill Meyer said. Victor Larsen INN g. flats If .lows U 1 Web wt . if Melina Batlenfield Projects 61 :: - Xi:-1 ff 255--ff--wif-QXQQQQFH--,..eX1QQ: -' X-XXM XgX XX1a1fw'.m:XwXQ,. ., X ,,X,X,5gSWX, :vm . :- 'Xs.:-'Q-:eXX"'X, 'Sig' wil? -wfi1fQ5wfa1A5Lif'?'.F'i ---1:55155 f241ffm'm?5z-ff ffm 5023-ggmwigey -X ---X aging Q Sw W ,X XX, XX X eng QW HXQg,Xt:zgM- gf X XX-XX 'XM W --,,X,f2f-.55 ' g 2Xm,?g,..,X,E.XXX , 'H-,..,.:X!--.. XX::- . 1 13-Q7 X4 .a -wa rn' 7 -ffl'-X512-M .mAX Y , , 1V -' 552' iiwgefex wa W 'W 4-11,3 5+ -XX if ff' f -1 X . .Xi X , .. ., . XX sm.. ,. X . .. XX f X " -- Q X Ef f X., W- .X A... X. XXXJXXXE Xp,fgX.,QX:,f Xc.XX-11 A . .. .. .X , M. .X W? :gy --:.. c.XX. X--XXX EXQXXXX XX,,X-:PX -, . -fm a KX ww View , ., x,.XQRg5g,,Q9XvXX,,i1xXXR5 ,gy A L XX? I3 ' ,X .. X. X5 X at XX, . g g. x Q, X, X, XX X 2 5 ba fi ,i FP X M V 1 if XX kv XMEEX XXX, W , Xe' 5-X my A :wiv r ,fx -sfm, sm Qi W Bi W N?" N '53 we " YET 1319 A Q' il in ' - -if-si : .W , K Q g gl X FR +R AX XX- ,gm if Y . X .. 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MEX 3 eggs, 1 X- ,X Q XXX ., QQ W 3' 2553885 KH iw 'SNES 'G W X2 X1 -Www H 21 .A , k I MY iI:5i"'E 11815 X ii"-l5ifiVL.Zi'f gi? 7 A 9'+5-Fei''f5'3f?M'f5i'F'75?i'5gl7'5X1' 'ifiiiifxffi -2553? 225, P M A:..y.,ff 'ffiiif -:FEW feiiifgiif ATL X455 Xi- ffi5?i1i.l-Qgiilfaz' Y1f5Si.?25s4..'5, MsXsz--,-71.3 :.52Xg,,gXm,?1?xi.iS ' ii' ff mm HX X 1 X73 am X Km Q asa 252- ,XXXXXXN 1:2 V? X P H5 XQSXXQM ?i--wi j ew Xgffwgsg-XM Lf-?555,'5,gEsz QQ Begg, Ai- --X25-25551124--.Xe-Xxx wX5zHW?:5QF -img 4 . ' 'uf 7,X?55h- AfX'i'mf ifgiiwf 7M1'5fir:3V Z lM'233,. "x35if?,ff2,-wi 71Qf'2f5?5l'1E7A?ZiX N Wigifxy YR? 3-Q fkilifl, A7ZfPiilJird5fvif'V' X X, r X 3 . Xw-A Q.. X, WX X..X,..,.,, Xm,.,..XX ,XM 1 L XX - 57 M-i w g.-X H iXX,X-, fi R,,--w w -XXXX fXmX?XX7Qs :mmm XXX QXXXQX,-X,HX 62 Organizations Divider Conquest came from teamwork - the only Way to Win eam effort is vital to the success of any club or organization as demonstrated throughout this year by groups who made legendary strides in - LIVING A LEGEND!! Leading off the year was the FFA who competed and placed second in Chapter Farmer Chapter Conducting at District competition. FCA was also successful, They made legends by starting a junior high huddle. Another major step in LIVING A LEGEND this year was the parties given by the Student Council. Student Council and junior Historians supported the Adopt-a- highway program, but they made even greater strides in History competition where they advanced to state. Because Texas is celebrating its 150th birthday, junior Historians were active in the placement of a Special Sesquicentennial marker on the ad- ministration building. The speech department received new video equipment which was very useful. They were also very successful with their spring production and in the District UIL meet. The band also received a sweepstakes trophy for its performances throughout the year. Also, members placed in All-State. Solo and ensemble contestants qualified for state on musical instruments and in twirl- ing. Choir also had several members ad- vance to state competition with solo and ensemble entries. Hard work also brought cheerleaders rewards in camp. They received six ribbons including the Super Squad award and a spirit stick. The NHS raised money for charities and visited the nursing homes. Not to be left out are the publications staffs. The staffs of the Vandalite '85' and Vandal Voice won the ILPC Distin- guished Merit Award. The yearbook was also named Tops in Division with students winning 12 individual medals for superior photography and layout design. No matter what the endeavor, the clubs and organizations succeeded in - LIVING A LEGEND!!! El Julie Griffin Organizations Divider Arriba!!! Senior Randy Wiggins assist Mr. james Mays in preparing the pinata for the breaking asjeff Gore watches in amusement. First Division. Vandal Band Director Kenneth Griffin and the senior band members proudly display the trophy received for a superior rating at the U.l.L. Marching Contest. Fa la la. Choir members Kim Allen, Alecia Griffin, Mickey Akin, Matt Fincher, Brian Davis, jay Akin, jennifer Browning, I1 Dana Huff, Misty Taylor, and Sherry johnson sing a happy tune as they practice during a daily rehearsal. Organizations W err J-uf Grifiu ig is juli: Griffin We confess. Freshman Laura Horton Gid- nal and junior Ted Mitchell KI-Iankj confess their shame to Senior jay Anderson 1Preacher Hagglerl in the play production, 'Dark of the Moon.' Melina Battevlfield United efforts Set 'DY members of students in organizations, provides break achieve goals iii iiiiiii iiiiviiiii nited we stand" . . . This seems to be an appropriate motto for the team efforts put forth among ious clubs and organizations. The Spanish Club added an extra touch Christmas festivities by breaking a pifiata the Spanish tradition. The National inor Society made Halloween special for :sing home residents as they dressed in tumes and distributed Halloween treats veryone. Efhe junior Historians got really involved the Sesquicentennial celebration. They re involved in the "adopt a building" program in which they presented a program about the faculty building. This program won top honors in Texas. Also, five members advanced to state with a perfor- mance about the changing roles of women. They also, along with the Student Coun- cil, adopted a highway to help control litter in the Van city limits. The Speech Depart- ment entertained everyone by once again performing a successful play, The Vandal band once again stayed busy going to mar- ching and concert and sightreading contests along with solo and ensemble contest to receive their 8th consecutive Sweepstakes honor. ln addition, the choir got involved in many activities including contest, solo and ensemble, and performing concerts. The FFA pleased many by holding a hotdog supper and a fish fry in the spirit of the Ses- quicentennial celebration. The journalism staff certainly kept a tight schedule all year as deadlines for the Vandal Voice and Vandalite were met with sweaty brows and tired kminds. Though it takes a lot of effort to be involv- ed in all of the activities, most team members find it worthwhile and a lot of fun! Tonia Thedford United Efforts --"""" -.-u-v 1 '- Sl xii? w .sg-5. n Q, t t ' i QT 'Q 5 e .A i w: YQ .. K i. El i K in 'W'- : ' ya, n ' .ev N N Trina .Wider NHS 0ffiCC1'S are Vice-president and Student Council representative Jay Anderson, President Thomas McClanahan, Secretary Tammy Huffines, Historian Penny Irwin, Treasurer Tauna Blevins, and Parliamentarian Alecia Griffin. 'Wx L--f if wg-4 jobn Picket! Spanish Club officers are Treasurer jeff Anderson, Vice- President Ted Mitchell, Historian Reporter and State First Vice-President Troy Fields, President Jay Anderson, Student Council Representative Chad Krisher and Secretary julie Griffin. KAN 3 I tl' Griffin in NHS, Spanish fund raisers help students hether raising money to help charity or selling to aid the club, both the National Honor Society and the Spanish Club have proved to be hardworking for their own in- dividual purposes. One ofthe ways the NHS raised money was by holding a successful bake sale. This money was used to buy fruit and candy for the people at Villa Siesta nursing home and Knot pI'Obl6ITlS. Spanish sponsor james Mays, Sophomore John Pickett and Senior Randy Wiggins prepare pinata fun. to achieve goals, to aid charities, attend conventions throughout year delivered by members, Also included in the NHS's year was the annual induction ceremony of new members held in May. The Spanish Club also had a successful year by selling carnations for Valentines Day and by selling Vandal pens and candy, Those who sold the most received the privilege of attending the P.A.S.F. Conven- tion in San Antonio. The convention was held March 14-16. Twenty students were able to attend. At the PASF Convention Troy Fields was elected as State lst Vice- President. He will help in the planning of next year's convention. Tauna Blevins l Mixed C0l'l'lpaI1y. Freshman Scott Thomas, Senior Brian Wright, junior Matt Fincher, and Freshman jeff Hutchins play the "get acquainted game" during the mixer at the PASF convention in San Antonio. Kandall Lal: Very interesting. Junior NHS members Troy Fields and Jeff Anderson listen atten- tively as plans are made for the spring induc- tion ceremonies. Organizations Clubs learn that projects aid students hether it be a history project, building a coffee table or learning how many molecules are in an atom, each club insists on hard work and dedication. The junior Historians QSociety, the Industrial Arts club and JETS are all organizations that participate jin numerous activities. The junior Historian Club is joining in the celebration of Texas' Sesquicenten- nial. Gne major project is a historiacal marker that was placed on the Jarman I oil well in May. Another project is the adoption ofthe administration building. "The junior Historians are striving to accomplish a lot in this the Sesquicenten- nial year," Senior Paige Giles said. Although the Industrial Arts club is a Clr0Baurland ABC Sl'106S. Vice-president Stacy Anderson models her newly won, yer exotic tennis shoes for julie Griffin and Gretchen Smith at the junior Historian Christmas Party, CI'aftSI'I'18I'lSl1lp. Industrial Arts President David Nichols, works diligently on his wood shop project, a display case, in hopes of winning an up- coming award. to gain knowledge While providing fun and enjoyment at the same time newly formed organization, it is already preparing for UIL competition. The divi- sion designs coffee tables, water skis, and display cases. Industrial Arts goes to Kilgore for regional competition in April. "Industrial Arts club is a small organization of students that enjoy com- peting in the many areas of drafting, metal and wood shop," Senior President David Nichols said. Stacy Anderson Pigging Out! Randall Cole, Carla Guinn and Ni Cole Freeman indulge in the refreshments pro- vided by Mrs. Bourland ar the junior Historian Christmas party. al'-Gulf . Ng, Q 5 K I 1 Q ' . wg Q Q ' -.Q ii i if - E 3- 4- W, 1 Rift V 6 . Sbenyjvbvlxnn junior Historian Officers for the 1985-86 term are ifrom left to right, back rowb: President julie Griffin, Sec- ond Vice-President Penny Irwin, Reporter Thomas Mc- Clanahan, Secretary Ni Cole Freeman, Vice-President Stacy Anderson, Treasurer Gretchen Smith, and Student Council Representative Kelleah Gossett. ' , fl it . t 15 Slrerryjobru JETS Officers for the 1985-86 term are ifrom' left to right, back rowl Treasurer Lee Frey, President Thomas McClanahan, Student Council Representative james Mullins, Historian Randy Knight, Vice-President Alecia Griffin, and Secretary Brent Hill. Industrial Arts Club Officers are Vice-President Matt Wright, President David Nichols, Treasurer Clint Mc- Caffree, Secretary Stephen Kidd, Reporter Donnie Hub- bard, lNot Picturedj Sergeant at Arms Chris Reed. 0 Michael Srbroeder SPCCCII Officers are Vice-President Craig Representative NiCole Freeman, President jay Secretary Penny Irwin, and Treasurer Paige Giles. Gretrben Smitb Student COLlI'1Cll 0ffiCe1'S Secretary jay Helms and Presi- denr Thomas McClanahan. 3' .5 fn OH Golden Pond! Speech and Student Council members enjoy the food and fun at the annual Speech and Student Council cook-out. if , 55,5 r ' A in 5" olqv.,v X " 6 K . .b X x f . N' F. ,X - if C F... 5-ic ixkf' ' 4, v' Q . 'iw . , . U iff H' I Q , S Melina Baltenfiz Would you change me ti human? Shafer Toone Uohnj Ni'Cole Freeman lConjur Wom to change him so he can be vs his love. orking together ensures midst all the books, classes and homework, we all somehow manage to find the time for the fun and fellowship of club activities. Despite not being able to take time out of class to attend meetings, the Speech Club and Student Coun- cil planned many activities and parties to escape the everyday routine of school. The memories of the Student Council dances will remain etched in our minds for years to come. Celebrating our football victory over Mineola, the Student Council ended the perfect Homecoming week with a Hawaiian Patty ClOWI1l These Senior girls enjoy the music and fun of the Valentine's Dance which was semi-formal. .fsff SC parties, speech play successes during year. Luau. Couples snuggled in corners and stole "secret" kisses as they danced in the soft lights to the romantic beat of the music at the Valentines dance. A Broadway hit, Dark of the Moon was presented by the Speech department. The cast of twenty-one performed Dark of the Moon at the UIL contest at TJC where Randy Knight was chosen for the All-Star Cast and Tracy Martin and Scott Thomas received Honorable Mention. Eating hamburgers and swimming "On Golden Pond" ended the year's activities at the annual Speech and Student Council cook-out, Tracy Martin N X' "- .X Future jobs enhanced by activities hat do FFA and FHA mean to you? To most students in- volved in the Future Farmers of America and the Future Homemakers of America, it means hands-on experience in the area of life they plan to pursue or just plain every- day knowledge. "FHA is a fun way to get to meet people that are interested in the same things you are and you learn different things from them," Senior Kim Nichols said. The FFA participates in Livestock shows, here locally and in Ft. Worth and Houston, they are also involved in fund raisers and leadership contests. The in homemaking, agriculture that deal with skills to be used later Chapter Farmer Chapter Conducting Team placed second in District and advanced to Area where they placed third this year. The Future Homemakers of America are equally involved in activities. The FHA sold Bluebonnet seeds as one of their fun- draisers of the year. At the same time the FFA was sponsoring their annual Livestock Show in conjunction with a wrestling match between Kerry VonErich and others. Martha Hynes Workin' Hard FFA members Tim Mc- Clanahan and Chris Berry work on a trailer to prepare for welding. aw Organizations G David Hamilton Daydreaming. FHA member Stacy Ashford thinks of faraway places during an Italian style dinner. Dining in Italian atmosphere, Sophomore Mark McClendon takes a few seconds away from his dinner to smile for the camera. arg Melina Batfcufcld Q Michael Srbroeder FFA Officers are Historian Curtis Odom, Sentinel Aaron Daniels, Student Council Representative james Mullins, Secretary Paula Brey, Treasurer Thomas McClanahan, Ad- visor Harry Sump, President Sherri Davidson, Vice- President Kim Willingham, and Reporter Mary Savage. 17 7:5135 A Melina Bakersfield FHA Officers are Secretary Tracy Martin, Student Coun- cil Representative Tammy Riley, Historian Kim Nichols, President Angela Wilkenson, CNot Pictured? Vice-President Renee Chandler Brey. 73 Pany lzwir Editors-in-Chief Editor for the 1985-86 VANDAL VOICE is Tauna Blevins and editor for the 1986 VANDALITE is Julie Griffin. i a Pauy Lcwi.r A Helping Hand. Assistant editors are back row: feature editor Tonia Thedford, co-ad manager Paige Giles, front row: photography editor, Gretchen Smith, co-ad manager Stacy Anderson, feature editor Martha Hynes and circulation manager Barbie Lanier. ,ww Trina snfpf ,,,,.,..--f-"W Long hours, hard work, headaches ith a sigh of relief the Vandal Voice and Vandalite staff finish- ed the year with another volume of the Vandalite completed and seven issues of the Vandal Voice compiled and distributed. Though the stress and strain of the hor- rid deadlines kept all staffers in a frenzy, all deadlines were met with the help of everyone involved. MaStCI' at W01'li. Sophomore photographer Mickey Akin searches his negatives as Tonya Willingham observes. part of the job for staff members meeting deadlines for publications "Selling and designing ads is a lot of hard work but worthwhile and an educa- tional experiencef' Senior ad manager Stacy Anderson said. The journalism department was also kept busy with three prep meets and the district meet in which students competed in various events including feature writing, headline writing, editorial writing, and news. On March 23 and 24, selected students traveled to Austin for the Interscholastic League Press Conference where they attend- ed seminars to better their knowledge of different techniques for yearbook, newspaper, and photography. Tonia Thedford , Dreaded Deadlines. Senior Paige Giles hurriedly designs ads for the Vandal Voice in order to meet the deadlines. faa t WM-,,,,,,..,, .,,, , Trina Stieff Diligently W0rkll'lg. Senior Penny Irwin completes her "weekend" yearbook pages as senior Kelli Wiggins lends a helping hand. Organizations Load 'em Llp! Mrs. Percifield instructs jay Anderson, Ted Mitchell, and Matt Fincher on the proper way to load a van for home, after a weekend of fun at state convention. A New Found Friend. Matt Neill is in- trigued by his new found friend at state convention. Hr -V -ev ' xx 1 Christian athletes strive to glorify God by examples hrough the Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes, athletes were able to come together and share with others their personal relationship with God. There were home meetings held throughout the year which enables players to become more acquainted with their own teammates. - "I really enjoyed home meetings, because it was when we were all relaxed," Senior julie Griffin said. "We felt closer to each other and felt like a family." Even though home meetings were a major part of FCA, athletes were able to participate in other activities outside of our area. They participated in Game Day Witness held at Texas Stadium and FCA Organizations juie Grimn night with the Mavericks. Athletes also traveled to Arlington Stadium to watch the Texas Rangers. Although they were able to see some of their favorite athletes they also heard personal testimonies of both pro and college athletes. "It was great to hear professional athletes tell how God was a part of their lives," Freshman Scott Thomas said. In order to send members and officers to state convention and National Con ference, FCA sold Vandal jackets and MSLM candy for their annual fundraisers. "This year's fundraiser, the Vandal jackets, were a good money maker and I think they were very useful to those who bought them," President Chad Krisher L- of word, deed and attitude on the court and field, in life and special activities held throughout the school year. said. The group also had a banquet ai cookout in order to maintain the me goal of FCA to help athletes strive become closer to God as well as thi fellow teammates. Trecia Youi What all OVati0I1i Janice Bennett happ gives a standing ovation for the best Christi athlete in the state at state convention. T Van girls FCA huddle won an award at sta convention for being the first huddle Texas to register. julie Grnfin J-lf, Gr-:fin jmalbanjarbmv Gl1'l'S Officers are left to right, Front row: President Wendy Crone, Secretary Kim Willingham, Senior Representative Terri Tillison, Student Council Representative Trecia Young, Freshman Representative Kim Beggs, junior Representative Viry Martinez, Treasurer julie Griffin, Sophomore Represen- tative Heidi Fugate and Vice-President janice Bennett. J jonatbnnjacbrw FCA Boy's Officers From left to right, Front Row: Vice President Jay Anderson, Senior Representative Randy Wiggins, and junior Representative Ted Mitchell. Back Row: President Chad Krisher, Student Council Representative Chris Hen- dricks, and SecretaryfTreasui-er Craig Parrish. Not shown are Sophomore Representative Greg Moore and Freshman Representative Scott Thomas. Cool Cll.ldCSll Jay Akin, tenor, Matt Fincher, baritone, Randy Wiggins, lead, and Mickey Akin, bass, "work hard" on Van High's Barbershop Quartet. Motley Crue? Choir members enjoy the relaxed environment of their daily rehearsals. s . -'---sf . -V M-f-a , -A .51 "ee4' ,z mlm. mmm: X A Q Eixw . i r , F i Jigs: K,-2 1 new XX, tw- V K if m ' w f ' f - I fl - ,.Muli.f:4,Bdf1fG'1ffFl!f ,V Leadeli of the patik. Choir oflieersiare' from lefttcr i"i right, back row: Diane Taylor, Vice-President, Rosalyn '--' Veasey, Student Council Representative, Randy, Wig-r- girls, President, and Alecia Griffin, Secretary. Front Row: Brian Davis, Student Council iRepresentatiye,' Heather Burleson,Accompanist. ' r ' - - Organizations S. e X peg? is 2 f R X1 11 .fa 3 S 1 of spirited students ineteen go d medals display who enjoy fun, learning involved perseverance in choir class , rom classics to comtemporary pop, our choir does it all and does it well, and reaching the highest standards. 1 a rap of a pencil and a BUM-BUM- , Choir President Randy Wiggins charge as beautiful sounds come pour- ut of sincere female vocalists. The male n excitedly blends in at the signal. enly laughter breaks the melody. "So- e is off! Try it again," cking up again. Starting over. All this ice, though discouraging at times, is a sary element of the perfection desired "Choir is really fun even though it is a lot of work. It's not just a blow-off course," said Brian Davis. All this time and effort have paid off for the choral groups. The Solo Ensemble and Madrigal Quartet brought in l9 gold medals this year, and in the winning tradi- tion the choir achieved the Sweepstakes trophy. jay Akin and Randy Wiggins made the SA Regional Choir. The Christmas and May concerts were great successes as well. No one could ever forget the thrill of "DOO-RUN-RUN" or "Book of Love" as the frills of the choreography matched the humor of the lyrics. The girls also enjoyed their pieces, star- ting out slowly and climaxing with beautiful harmony. They sing their feelings about love, romance, and heartbreak. Their faces reveal their sincerity as they pour themselves into "My Love" and "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do." A real high point is the vivid memory of Rosalyn Veasey's song, "B-O," With a gut- sy sound and a pep in her step, she struts on stage revealing part of the heart and spirit of the choir. Laana Greenawalt 4' minute preparation. mlm. sannfifla Last minute jitters. As solo and Open mouth, insert foot. ensenibie Competition nPPi'onCne5: Senioi' Freshman Pat Kniffin and Sophomores baritone Randy Wiggins makes 135' johnny Blevins and Mickey Akin prac- tice for concert and sightreading. All Anticipation runs high as members wear gathers in the palm of our hands. The moment has now ar- rived. Single file we march to the stadium. The last notes from the previous band are now fading. Nervous jitters are star- ting and legs begin to shake. We walk slowly to our entry formation getting the feel of the turf. As each member passes by, a smile of good luck is passed on to all. The show begins, concentration is a must. Halfway through the show, the drum major gives a salute. The last half of the show proceeds to the final halt on the sidelines, with each and every member standing tall to show their pride. Leaving the stadium single file, everyone sighs with relief. The hard part Diamonds or circles? The Vandal Band competes at Mesquite Memorial Stadium at marching contest, rating straight ones. juleliarie All eyes on you! David Nichols, band president, gives Tonia Thedford a bouquet of roses as she is announced Band Sweetheart. Go fOr the Gold! The Vandal Band competes in Concert and Sightreading held in Allen. Organizations await ratings that determine sweepstakes for eighth year is over, the wait begins. Uniforms are anxiously hung up. The buses are filled with mixed emotions of uncertainty and confidence. A shy freshman asks, "How do you think we did?" A shrug of the shoulders is his reply. Trails of two's and three's lead back to the stadium. The group gathers together for the ratings, During the wait other bands perform, as we relax and catch our breaths. The final band in our division is finished. The time is now at hand. The announcer says, "In class Triple A . . .Van . . . l!" Lisa Batie Sweepstakes, Eighth Consecutive Year! The Vandal Band cries with joy after receiving straight ones from all three judges in both Con- cert and Sightreading held in Allen. .... f . 3 , S 5 fa -if Q j- . , Q ,sv Xi 'Xi fi I T an s we fir. - , x 1, . f i W' . QJJIQL-T .... Zia .:::ff., ..f-writ., wx, vsm,fw'v:f f,fff.Jfy,., , g,,g,,. ,x.:f:g,:, .sw f mfg sawn:-"'W "f',3f ..m'esff"' i 'L x, , 2 if ' fwgw 'I N X L' X i U , . 1 We The Vandal Band Officers for 1985-86 are clockwise: , jeff Anderson, S.C. Rep., Alecia Griffin, drum major, Diane Taylor, Vice-President, Tonia Thedford, Secretary, Gret- chen Smith, S.C. Rep.g Heather Burleson, Librariang and David Nichols, President. Q-AL ...w........ ICQ? 9 S jun Baie -r .f ', . ' , ..- . f s. 1' ' 45,2 'Q .Uri fffs' h - .4 , .'x' Melina Bakersfield jsJuGngEu ir time will come. The V1-B-ww' ' ' d rf d Illllilrltdxlnlihglixmgan Pe Orme Keeping Stride! Alecia Griffin, drum major leads the Y ga ' 1985 Vandal Marching Band. E Melina Baneujilflzl Working their way to the top are the junior high cheerleaders, top to bottom Kathy Newport, Becky Mewbourn, Latisha Murray, Pam Nicholas, Shelly Hilliard, Joni Armstrong, Brandy Wilder and jamie Knight. Tfk if 'U 'K 2 Diane Taylor ii I ' f ?',yj A-s hazy K 1 rflq 5 Q ,:. xx . k x v Y 1 . qs L+ . I Still climbing are the junior varsity cheerleaders, Kerrye Gossett, Stacie Sportsman, Cathy Allen and Becky Goode, Var! Banner Sitting on the t0p are the varsity cheerleaders, D'Lee English, Courtenay Anders, Sherri Davidson iheadb, Heidi Fugate, Lisa Powell and Tauna Blevins. M.-mm Butteryield Strutting their stuff are the Vandal majorettes from topto bottom, Stacy Anderson, Laura Robichaux, Whitney Walker, Pam Lanier ialtj, Paige Giles, jill Meyer, julie Grif- fin Qheadj, Kelleah Gossett and Christy Austin. rim nl Pi 1-ken S 0 1. e tired for cheerleaders, twirlers who work In .g?1n as spirit boosters 1'CCOgf11l110f1 on the field and Off litter, Glamour and Glory don't always come easy. These are the rewards of months of sweat, hard work and pressed nerves for the twirlers and cheerleaders. Twirlers endured eight hours a day for a week of aerobics and learning five routines during summer camp, which was under the direction of Mrs. Susie Crim. For the rest ofthe summer, Mon- days, Tuesdays and Thursdays were reserved for two hour workouts. EV6l'y'bOdy'S Here! Van's jr. High, jr. Varsity and Varsity cheerleaders build spirit at a. downtown pep-rally. "It was hard work and sometimes bor- ing, but it was all worth it when football season came," Sophomore Christy Austin said. The varsity cheerleaders attended SFA Cheerleader camp during june. There they learned the newest cheers and dance routines, which were polished during summer practices. "lt was work. We got up early every morning, worked all day in the heat and got to bed late every night," junior D'Lee English said. Between all the grunts and groans from sore, tired muscles, it was all worth it to be in the spotlight on Friday nights. Kelleah Gossett 1 l l l Cheese! Paige Giles, Christy Austin, Kelleah Gossett and Jill Meyer smile for the camera. BlaCk0L1tl Cheerleaders cheer as twirlers perform in the dark of the night. Bill Gila Spirit Boosters , ,, ,, ,, ,, , ,,XX,, HW X,,ff,H,X,XW2X f' X, ,N sf Q, ,,,, 4 W 2 1 N HMXX,-w Xiu ww 3,2 fXg52X,, wsgm Mia,-L ,W Q wg X ,L ,mwsg Q-, 1 Q W K Q, X,5,,,,G, ?f,,:X,,22sX,X,se,,w,X, az, ,SMX We f X, XR ,mn XM , My X, aQ4Q,,,,X,v,X.3 ,,X,,,s, W W amiga N gf QM T7 X' K ,Xx SQ X ,YQ X1 gg ' WRX, H 'SX WX H Q wr Jr A, X, ge., gX,,XK,,zM si Msn, M 6,3 H Eva 5 X, X Q 25 NX ,X 81325 235 fi- K SIM, 55,g?1QiXYY Pdf? H12 iA,,2X1,fXg,,Z 'XXX , ,Q aigaimi EBSQ X XSWXXK w,,,,,,,5 WW, XXL wx ,L ,KVI WX B X, z: a,XXX X121 we ,J X, XWKQXXSXB Karem,-a'f9f':ex95 'iz f 5, ' 9 .Q Mr ,, Q , P51 ' Qi5laf3W2,wg,X, me ,JS ,Q X, ,QWXXH , :X X, X, V, wa, Xp, ,-,R ,R " 'S Q1 Xe K9 'vii a!5'X,33FakQi? RXX2 WX, MX , vm, -3 5 Q ,, Q iff 5? 'kg Rikyydgwf W ,wwe-X M 2 rr Q J fs "2 Hsfifw we wg W, M me HX fig, 2?2i3w,,,f1XX ,a,,,,3gX1X?, Qwfii, ,, ,iw fx X. X, NX, Q X2 ,Q M, 8, fs, 'Q X KQQX, 'QM ,X wavy L aa fa,X?'XJ XX XX,gwM,'Q,,, ,XX , , X, ,r , X. , , EM 'AKEQEW 2552. Wig? Q' X' X ,M E 2 ,k,1,X,,,,f2i X XX ,gg ,, ,, X, XX M33 psf ,FK be A T' A y wk X 1 W 2' if X, xg -EXX ,fx 2 WX? f Km WX- 4 1 Km 'MM ,X-fa W Q S555 if SEQ? Qitiwfm Q , ,W ,Sm X Q?'Xe,ara" ,fi KEN XXVKQXXXXSN qw ,, W X, , ,Lu X .X, X ,mf , X, Q gtgjisxwp ty,-Vex 433 Q65 wh ,wane we 2' .. . .. W V ..LL, ,, M1 1, Lm.,3X.,X.v:,,13v,,,, ,Q w,,. ,3- ,, adage, y ww , 5X QM, ,gy "X, X 3, R, X K,, ,M HS? Xa, 95 KX 33292 ,ig X, my www, QX if We ,, 'XLXF' 3 ad ,, :eel SEX? L K X, XS ,XS ,ff 2 ,X XX, H, fw Rfk, Q M3959 , QA-M55 1 5,53 :gFgsj3:,,faaXg1w,ey,:,,,,.,X ,w ,Xi fag f,-g,:,:s,,, , , ,.., - fig, f5,b93,R:a .,--A , .W 1.1, .X X Q , W gbwii-S1fez:6j?12?sf9Q,11--.5--,T . W, ,X , , X, . ,wX,Sd,. ,.,,.. XX,.,.. 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Senior Craig Parrish 1477 can feel the ball in his hand as he tries to make an interception in the game against Lin- dale, which we won 14-7. john Par-riilz in Whether win or lose, they always came out on top. inning! That's what all athletes strive for every second. And as the seconds tick away in the scoreboard, the athlete's final fate is determined. The final buzzer echos in his head. An ever-present reminder of the outcome. A clear victory . . . or maybe one more win in the loss column. Gritting teeth as they do just one more sprint, the air rushing to their lungs burning their nose and throat, or maybe lifting weights until they begin to think maybe the imaginary ten story building on their chest is realg athletes obtained remarkable achievements in their athletic events. "We had a lO-0 district record," Senior Chris Hendricks said. "We kicked everybody around. " Achievements didn't always come in the form of a win or a first place, but some came from deep inside . . . from personal satisfaction. From knowing "I did my best." "We may not have won many games, but we learned a lot from Coach Terry, and we knew we did our best," Freshmanjeff Nations said. The lockeroom walls whisper of all the things it has heard and learned over the past year. As they are slammed for the last time, the lockers shout the final salute of triumph, pain, agony and ecstasy of the legends who have now gone. They tell a tale from the days when they were cham- pions. For the days they were the heroes with the cries of the crowds pushing them to unthinkable heights. A time when the roar of the crowd pulsed through the team and became its heartbeat. But now its over. The crowds have gone home and the moments of glory have faded into memories. But the memories live on - because we were the champions . . . the legends in our own time. julie Griffin Sports Divider ins dominate season ith a perfect 113-13 district mark behind them, Van faced Gladewater in the Bi-district playoff game, but Gladewater shocked the Van- dals 34- 19. 13-0 record. Van came through over Lindale 14-6. Then the Vandal offense capitalized on Mabank 44-8. Canton snuck up on Van and gave them a harder game than was expected, but again Van's offense scored to win 313-28. As Homecoming excitement built, Van put another game under their belts with an im- pressive 21-14 victory. The "Big Red machine" rolled over Q5tVi5,,g,,,ii,,,,gi.2iZwQg,,,,W,,,3M,5E,,,,,?igiB?,,,,, ,.... ,, ,,,,.,,, M... . , ,A ,, , ,, ci.. "'3?.L?Sfassxez,r 'diifff ' -"fmf1'r2T "ezI3Nf'. -, 155,422 fee-awe ae-safeanwwiwffi ,Wie Q, 1--H ag,-Wrwi'-wrsgiae,aw M aa -,1 f -fi Whitehouse. Rusk being as quick as they are, the defense held them down and the game ended 21-14. Anticipating a tough gme, Van prepared for Brownsboro in the first district game. Mak- ing a mean stand on the goal line, the all impressive defense shut them down allowing a 6-13 victory. Scott Schiewe VV3.tCl'lll'1g Out Kim Moore 1333 rounds the corner looking for a downfield block against the White Oak Roughnecks. 2 rr it -f P1 M ww H 11 ff ' ef--H -ai -i,r.,.i,,,:--f:sm.f-1,isaekm-fa,wwf:1isaei.'tigswfQieam,,,:.v-W '-'rzsamigxlsGriffey'zarifsszs ..,. i ,.,..,. ,,,,,.,t.. M ,Ni r wifeifxis igiigggggx sxhegwz 222 1?5rv1f wif Emifgifedg Jewel? S 1 X all '93 , -- - fm g i if ' it ff iaVazs?2'r:eZ5Ki?ive'fgiiiarlgyis af- ,avfefssgieiifiefffigievef,gf?ieffHf5F44warez zgyawgg,:isiaag,,5a9g,,ae5a4,ugg3a:' 53325 igifvm X '559li5i3Vf9lF3'2'1 MX fbi' 3- 'kffmi-G5 L' H5221 lfglfii 1 IE' -l5fazA?415s'f'35l 9"s:iil3":F9!-i ' 'L giilfmsrtiytxirw' 1i5Vxi!SV'rrez1?45' sonar rfwgelavsiimaazsff4EZ?Za,:fff,g:f4f2Le:1ie1e1 -vfi1irfr"eaWfff 2?e?fffwm's:P':frfYa2sf area? 86 7 '85 Football Wrap-up Grand Saline 7 9 White Oak 7 34 Wills Point 14 213 Brownsboro 13 6 Rusk 14 21 Whitehouse 14 34 Mineola 14 21 Canton 28 30 Mabank 8 44 Lindale 6 14 Gladewater 34 19 Choosing the right plays. Coach Mal Fowler discusses the plays with Coach David Goff. W,,?a.,, i.,i. Q, ,i.. i,.. R, as,,.i,,,,cw.,.,,g9r W, wc., ,r i .Mt ,-A ,..oa.,,, ,. grief Re? ,L Vun Banner fifwewwweffir fwezawre-essgzlweece fre l 1 J '-11117 .-.i V fr y ' t-r-. 3 g .4 :U . X ' '. 5 H .1 1 g yn glg si rs! ,. . ,- x A fr f . Re i it 3? fgpfi 3 C if 17 ,, 31 i' E T im Z Q 'Le i 3 -t , s sr N 'J - 2 Y 3 1 if .. 1 r i . 2 1 1 P ' . 3 ' - ., . 3 . 1. V, , V K: V, X A N og!-S X VS , . F eg, 3 A Eg 5 ,Si I g K ,.': k X h K, waz 1 as ,. 5 V .ic V vi., .. 1 ' 475 at 1 . . ' ' f T5 ' 3 ' . ,qi--1 ":' '. , . 1' . , , 1 , t . t . . 1' f S ' . . 122' . ii i W5 an My R F ,AN rg, vga 1 ht ,,., . ip, figs A 5 59 126- -9 1. 1.-wr is cal X. ".ff. 525 ian, idk ' 1.2- nas! Vai C Varsity Vandals Were! Top Row, Coach Scott Cluiss, Lee Frey 1843, Chris Hendricks 1613, Kim Moore 1533, jay Helms 1253, Keith Clifton 1523, Troy Johnston 1153, Chad Krisher 1733, Coach Brady Pennington. Next row, Coach Mal Fowler, jamie Sanders 1663, Kevin Cotton 1623, Paul Peepers 1773, Troy Fields 1853, Hunter Wilder 71803, Darren Crawford 1753, Craig Parrish 1473, Reisor Pickett 1813, Coach jimmy Parish. Next row,,David White Vu 11 Balmer 1503, Doug Crow 1323, Oscar Martinez 1243, Sam Bass 1453, Stat Saxon 1823, Bret Harrison 1l43,jay Anderson 1463,johnny Wilke: son 1603, Greg Moore 1233, Chris Frey 1103, Coach David Gof Bottom row, Matt Fincher 1673, Randy Knight 1173, Shafer Toon 1553, Randy Wiggins 1683, Dan Wilkerson 1883, Darin Shelto 1343, Adam Currey 1833, john Pickett 1223. ' A -' 0' iffy ""-I5 m e, p, E rf " Q A+ ef' , f wig, KF., . ' ef w v I-ff w V ws Www 'W :Q Ag mafia fu, .,,' 2 ,., .. ff ' 'A M. "" fl 1 9 o 'W- 1' lf, at W sf my Qi wvafwff 4 W V, Mm? jgwwgi ck w:f2?f"?'wfW M, X' 1'- ,fi ,L,, , A , . W ' , I ., 4 ' ,,, 'ML N Mxnf .,V., , . ..,V My K ww, . I , , Q1 ,. wail 7 M , V f.', 4. ' f ff , Q ' fs "" ,,, ' 52 v',, 1fm5ggzT2, , e ' , 2 " : V, W ,"f " ,, 1 ' ' "', ,f ,I i f-ww , , ' If 4, ' ff " -", W ,, if-f fi' , Q' M Id ff , tr ' W 3 ,, M A , , K ,T 5 MW? ,,., , 'Q - .fri f W u, 4, .wa mwanlw if nderlings enhance skills pholding the Vandal tradi- tion the eighth graders captured the District Championship with an 8-1 district record. "Strong team play characterized this group as everyone contributed to the success of the season," Coach jerry Percifield said. For the freshman team, Dewayne Bennett and Clint Walker earned offensive and defensive player of the year. The freshman district record was 3-4 on the yer. "The year as a whole was good from a learning stand- point, and disappointing as far as the won loss record," Coach Mike Terry said. Playing football for the first time as a Vandal was a great experience and a lot of fun for seventh graders with a district record of 2-3- 1. everyone some experience. If we win, that's great," Coach Ted Mitchell said. With a 1-4-1 record this was an "educational year" for the JV Vandals said Coach jimmy Parish. Offensive standouts were Greg Moore and Darin Shelton and defensive stan- douts were Moore and Chris Frey. t, ,, , "We're playing to give Scott Schiewe 411 1 Q31 ' it 1 '85 Football Wrap-up - 1 431512 Wag,--5 v 9th 'k8th 7th Brownsboro 12-26 8-12 22-26 6-6 Rusk 0-27 20-34 32-6 Whitehouse 0-24 20-12 16-12 0-12 14-6 . Mineola 0-0 0-27 28-24 30-6 Canton 14-8 24-0 8-24 12,1215 Mabank 0-24 8-18 8-0 28-12 Lindale 12-0 14-6 0-20 - 511185 Records 1-4-1 3-4 +6-1 2-3-1 5--my . . . gggffiif 'kDenotes district champions 1 Q '95 , . it -Q" f 2 ii gl., lu ,Z Vp . , 633 N89 Eli '. 1-115' 1 'I i 4 vi Q 1 1 :... 1 4 -2 M I 1 ., i,,i.,i ' . , - - f -' - 1 ' Hub Coleman JV Vandars are Top Row: David Gable 1671, Bobby Cotton 1701, Troy Fields 1891, Buddy VanNote 1271, Greg Moore 1451, Brad Vanderbilt 1211. Nextpkow: Coach jimmy Parish, Tim Spencer 1721, Pat Riley 1811, Bret Harrison 1221, Shannon Warner 1761, Freddie Alben 1621, Chris Frey 1171, Tommy Lewisf1751,'CoaCh Scott Cluiss. Bottom Row: Scott Schievve 1201, David White 1501, Darin Shelton 1331, jamie Sanders 1611, Adam Currey1871, Matt Neil 1681. 7 1 ' Sports t e'1' aaa sa zz - 79 H 2 1' B f A ' ' .5 13'-113:35 gg gg 65 4 " 34 4 . Q ' :Lu ' A A gl 551, 'Q 2 ff. 2 ,Q '-'fi were 8 -1 A 10 ss so 91 21 .9 b f 1' J ' " ,V 1 I If 1 5- 24 791.33 P84 7111- 41- 37 1 V5 V25 . 57 two, 1. f A . . g .,... 1 - - Hub Chltmdbl Freshman' Vandals are Top Row: Michael Friend 1241, Biuy newer' 1781, Shane Day 1831, Clint Walker 1841, Greg Pool 1771, Mike Moore 1641. Next Row: Coach Brady Pennington, Robert Hubbard 1201, Jim Hill 1371, Brad' Preston 1861, Vincent Shirm 1651, jeff Nations 1571, Tony Bogue 1251, Teddy Tobin 1341, Coach Mike Terry. Next Row: Alex Blackman 1551, Trey Shaid '- 1231, Loyd Moseley 1531, Todd Howell 1221, David Lindsey 1791, Chris Stewart 1171.,Bottom Row: David.Baker 1811, Victor Cole 1671, jeff Derrick 1211,jared 'V Rumho 1801, Dewayne Bennett 1101, Scott Thomas 1681, Troy Blackmon 1601. Van Banner e Eighth Grade Vandals are: Top Row: Todd Thedford1755, I Hahn 1435, jeff Wonhen 1375, john Cole 1745, Cecil Freeman 1725, Travis vford 1325, Cedric jones 1275, Darwin Smith 1545, jesse Wilson 1895, id Ferguson 1815, and Coach jerry Percifield, Middle Row: Shane Lindsey Brad Winters 1845, Todd Bogue 1255, Ricky Herrington 1705, Brad lace 1775, Scott Wells 1205, jeffrey Hopson 1125, Scott Moseley 1175, jesse iams 1875, Toby Stanberry 1655, and Steve Cordova 1mgr.5. Bottom Row: Silva 1635, Hector Ochoa 1615, Brad Pate 1525, jerimy Schiewe 1555, Tim- Burkett 1405, Bill Pyle 1365, Adrian Smith 1305, Roger Pierce 1865, Chris mls 1805, Danny Butts 1355, and Ricky Roach 1355. Finding the opening 1315 hits it hard. Z0l'l8. Van Banner Vg, 54,53 1 Lgal are 1-3 Van Banner The Seventh Grade V3I1ClalS are: Top Row, Matt Florence 1645, Clinr Chambers 1545, Danny Sowell 1835, Ben Roberts 1745, Stephen Sanders 1455, Steve Percifield 1345, Clay Rumbo1755,jamie Brewster1305, Keith Stanford 1845, Brian Swain 1735, Scooter Hallman 1425, Sean Terry 1865, and Coach Ted Mitchell. Second Row: Keith Crawford 1200, Chris Chandler 1525, Chuck Wilson 1715, Russell Reddie 1225, Brent Rumbo 1805, Robby Parish 1105, Toby Mitchell 1405, Troy Jarman 1705, jody Bolin 1815, Douglas White 1535, Stephen McClendon 1855, and Tommy Crow 1235. Bottom Row: Michael Piercefield 1325, Ricky Parker 1625, Daniel Nipp 1650, Buckley O'Day 1415, jeffrey Blackmon 1605, Brian Ashley 1725, jeffrey Hughes 1145, Michael johnson 1315, Kevin Dodds 1215, jason Blackmon 1505, and joey Nichols 1615. Football Seventh grader jamie Brewster Escaping a tackler Brad Preston 1865 heads for the end nd of a streak venthough they were State ranked at the opening of the season, the Lady Vandals failed to make playoffs for the first time in five years. They posted a 4-15 overall record and a 3-7 district record, finishing fourth in district. Lindale followed by Whitehouse represented the Tammy Huffines, the on- ly returning letterman and co-captain said, "Although we didn't have a winning season we had alot of fun and made lasting friendships. " Miss Kay Flint, head volleyball coach, said, "We had many young inexperi- enced players. Our main weakness was height." According to Coach Flint such as teamwork and play- ing with positive attitudes. She said, "I felt that we had bad luck, but we never gave up. It was a year of ex- perience and learning. " Miss Flint felt that Lin- dale was the toughest team in the district, "Lindale had the toughest spikers, but were equal in their skills." Miss Flint also felt that serv- ing and spiking became bet- ter as the season progressed. "We got alot better because we had a lot of rebuilding :Ii xi district. many lessons were lear 5 d t '85 Volleyball Wrap-up ' Whitehouse 13-15, 13-15 Springhill 7-15, 15-8, 5-15 ' M E Lindale 5-15, 15-10, 12-15 .,,. ,Ii Mineola 15-12, 12-15, 15-11 3 Rusk 9-15, 15-9, 7-15 1 gzf 5 Mebsoh 15-8, 14-16, 10-15 f 5' if Whitehouse 11-15, 16-14, 6-15 Q .sg Lindale 5-15, 12-15 4 ,t Q Mineola 11-15, 14-16 1- 115 Rusk 15-12,12-15,15-11 , Mabank 6-15, 13-15 X , gp' Attack! Setter Wendy Crone backsets as ,Q - or gs 3 ' Tammy Huffines approaches for a kill. 1 iil' David Hamiltnn Q ef Ready to Scrap. The Lady Vandals take a warm up lap as the junior Varsity give support. The Lady Vandals fell to Lin- dale, 5-15, and 12-15. 90 Sports David Hamilton Get it up! Dana Shivers returns serve against Whitehouse. Lady Vandals were defeated 13-15, 13-15. and experience to gain. ' should be a very good because Lindale will l lost most of its power. will be most experien Our setting throws a lo teams off because they not used to the jump , back sets, and japs." This year the Lady X dal Finish Force will be by returning, Dana Shiv Diane Roberts, We Crone, and Rhea Stephenson. Wendy Cn 4 1' in Scoring Points. Serving to the Rusk Eagles, Rheatia Stephenson places an ace. Rusk defeated Lady Vandals in three sets, 9-15,15-9 and 7-15. s 1 ,1 5'1 il r 4 ,X ly' David Hamilton Up With the Victory. Senior Tammy Huffines attacks as setter Rheatia Stephenson looks on. Van defeated Mineola 5-11, 16-14. Peppin' Up. Before the game the Lady Vandals huddle to discuss strategies and have a brief pep talk. Lady Vandals ripped Rusk 9-15, 15-9, 7-15. 4, dw 241 Da 1 irl Hamilluu Huh C If Lady Vandals Standing left to right Tam Stroud Rheatia Stephenson and Janice Ben my Huffines Wendy Crone Paula Brey nett Kneeling left to right Mary Savage San Belinda Wilson Diane Roberts Christie dy Smith Demse Cranford and middle Viken Dana Shivers Tameko Friend Karen Coach Kay Flint o fu n n x ' 9 ' 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 Q , . Volleyball l ff Q 92 ooperation pays off for oungsters as they capture second in district l i n c h i n g second place in district, the JV Lady Vandals ended the season with an 8-3 record. The JV consisted of 3 juniors, 4 sophomores, and 8 freshmen. "We had many young players, but they were much XMN...-f W ..-W. .. .1 Q .sms 2-sr ,ffl-,.fsf,s:'.f:s1 ,ms-sf swwessfw .vm ra Q 1 .1 5 P 9 ff more experienced than I had expected," Miss Kerry Pen- nington said. Last year the JV and Freshmen were combined due to the lack of JV players. "This year we were more experienced because our younger players were exposed to a high level of aw.--1 ..f- -f-.1,,,..a-W.....,,,.,., ,k.. W. W as 1.1-2- 4 mar . qi.--1 L11 N-tirmyfsxifsrsi-12tlaxzliffglf'-a1sisi9lpSiE5-M 'gihlfix Qi, -2,ag:,2j?q.,?42is5Q1 1515g:?gg,.afr,f.aigfsf'sg fegmzr- Weil. .Slim A P P ,A. ,.....p., .... . ,... ., ...... . . .a ,..,.,.. . ...V ,,.. , ,... . ,,.. ,..V .r,. '85 IV Volleyball Wrap-up ' Whitehouse 6-15, 13-15 Springhill 15-7, 15-12 H-Q Mineola 15-5, 15-1 Lindale 15-10, 15-0 'M iil' le! Rusk 15-9, 15-11 Mabank 3-15, 15-8, 14-6 Whitehouse 16-14, 9-15, 15-15 5 Lindale 15-9, 15-10 mt. fai if Mineola 15-6, 15-5 'Q Rusk 15-4, 15-7 Mabarik 15-9, 15-12 '85 7th, 8th Volleyball Wrap-up 7th 8th Q Whitehouse 15-9, 10-15, 15-5, 5-15,15-3, 15-1 Lindale 11-15,15-5, 8-15, 3-15,15-7, 8-15 Minetrla 15-8,13-15, 15-7, 13-15, 15-7, 15-10 Rusk 15-5, 10-15, 15-12, 15-6,15-11 Brownsboro 15-0, 15-4, 10-15, 15-11, 15-10 Maballk 5-15, 16-14, 15-5, 7-15, 5-15 t Q F play," team captain Tambi Powell said. Whitehouse proved to be highly competitive defeating Van twice in district play. Whitehouse was tough, but they didn't gain a win easily. "1 was pleased with last year's performance. This year's Red Machine predicted another succe: season also, " M Pennington said. Wendy Crt Strawberry Crush! Ta Powell waits for a good ball to while Cindy Nipp prepares to cr Van captures second place defeating Mabank 15-9, 15-12. ,.,. 5 sae' 1 1 ct -M, .. 'i" Da vid Hum: l l l l Hub Cuferrmrr The 1985 JV Lady Vandals are standing, from left to Fowler. Kneeling, left to right: Cindy Nipp, Laura Horton, right: Coach Kerry Pennington, Dionne Thompson, Pam Percifield, Tambi Powell, Melissa Preston, Rhonda Melanie Preston, Debbie Johns, Tina Parker, Lee Hartline, Stephenson, Karen Kieselbach. l Kim Beggs, Teresa Tabraham, Assistant Coach johnny lTlWOI'k 4961! Amy Tyner s to spike as Latisha Murray the ball up. The Mabank thers posted only one loss ' ' ' ihe Lady Vandals, 7-15, 5-15. eeplng tfad1t1On as eCPin8 fhaf The ffighfh grade ripped - -1. U V a n d a I through district leaving Trina Stiefzr w i n n i n g tradition, the seventh grade volleyball team fin-ished with a 5-0 district record stealing the surrounding districts' sense of pride. Lindale, Whitehouse, and Mabank were the toughest teams competing for the crown according to seventh grade coach Teresa Huffman, Their only loss, is credited to a lack of teamwork Miss Huffman commented. "We had 95? plus teamwork, which showed how togetherness is used as an advantage," said Miss Huffman. behind only 2 losses making a 4-2 dent of their record. Lindale and Mabank again showed to be challenges to the Lady Vandals record. "I was very pleased with the outcome of our season because of the winning attitudes and great pride which we possessed," seventh grade coach Miss Williams said. Wendy Crone Trina .flickr Van Banner The 1985 seventh grade volleyball team is lstand-- ingl, left to right Coach Teresa Huffman, Traci Bryant, Yisidra Den- nis, Pam Nicholas, Christy jordan, Erica Holt, Shelly Hilliard,'Lisa Chappell, Tammy McCallum, Kari Youfig, ikneelingl, 'iff' 'O flshfl Marisa Organ, Susan Morkel, Brandy Wilder, Wendy Gibson, Elyse Bourland, Cynthia Clark, Cristi Crone, jochell Calhoun. Sitting, left to right are Shaunia Lindsey, Tammy Valentine, Liz Carey, Trishla Giles, Kim johnson, Susie Brawner, julie Horton, and Rhonda Page. 080 V6 Van Banner 1985 8th grade volleyball team are Coach- Cynthia Williams, Amy White, Lisa Riley, Trilina Batson, Christi Hulsey, Amy Sukcr, Amy Tyner, Ginger Bailiff, -Rebecca Grace. Kneeling right to left, Deanna Betterton, jennifer AdamS, Ami' Herrington, julie Drown, Latisha Murray, Yolanda Crawford, Holli Douglas, Paula Hester. Sitting from left to right, Wendy Henderson, Joni Armstrong, Tracie Morris, Shelly Hill, jamie Knight, Kim Stribling, manager. if . 'S , Y' Nui 1,- N-.....,..d' fuk r an I ,ann-4' VAN Bafuur are seen in players o a c h J i m m y Parish and the Vandal basketball team had an experimental and trying year. "The season was disappointing as far as won- loss record, but I enjoyed coaching such a great group of kids," Coach Parish said. Reisor Pickett was named All-District first team, and will be one of three seniors leaving. "Next year there will be a young and exciting team with a bright future," Coach Brady Pennington said. With a district record of 4-10, senior Lee Frey said, "We didn't play as well as we should have. We had a good time, but we did not win quite enough." Scott Schiewe Driving to the hoop, Struggling to get the re- Reisor Pickett lofts the ball bound, Ted Mitchell jumps toward the basket for two. against a worthy opponent to reach the ball. Boys Basketball 95 ictorious 7th leads teams andal basketball season came to a disappointing end for young Vandal teams. The JV had a district record of 2-7. "We learned that we had to come together and work as a team to do our bestf' Chris Frey said. The Freshman team had a District record of 0-5. "We had lots of talent but didn't bring it all together to win," Coach Mike Terry said. The eighth grade's district record was l-3. And the seventh grade's district record was 5-l. "Winning isn't all there is to this sport," Coach Ted Mitchell said, "We play everybody, but when we win that is great. ' ' Scott Schiewe at A. fm W ,,. ,N .sh 7, ...W W we , ,iw M, it ,W . ,M ,l ...iw A, ,.:.,-W as-,f W.,-at-,,. .,,. cr, we ,Ni . A L, ' , Qt , ,lg w,m-Ear 51235 fqfimaggge. -mig53f1:--fisffi fairy, ,few-eaffs W-3. eg w5Q1fesg1f?ifaW :rsgsifeg -K gfgs--azlfgygaffmii--1.2111---'wer faaszwg: ,ya-Piet::Sify:awaws:seein52512flier?-fwwlfasssf'f:x115fef:s1Qg,gJf .- ,1- QSQQQ, Wadi. ra ,- '2 Eyfsmaglsrsgififgg-igffesiieflfiiwgfay "SSWwaflfhigggQ,Q,1555155fS53fi--Zirewftai?f?fieTff:fffaw'55?fflfrffEf52!M55fs-',2szsms?m2rlz,:-amiga,?fs:,,w2,e.-tangle:1fz,g4epiSfs5:-awry: - Y. if vgxwiggiiig '5QqwYff12'3i35?Si. fu-:fa -f' 3YF1 52f5liff C"l3"Sif545'r.rfZEh,QfiTit+.fiSS"f.55SJ5ii.iffEsfiiiiwififf-E1 ?'if5ff1ri'Yf5.2?5'5f.Q3?Yff::f3f5FiF1:iii3751:'Ylkiifie ."ili?QS 5 if ' 'K 'T - M A if r Vi 2-we X17-QE' 4 A , :- I-- ' . . ' ' V' l FI 4121-1 f-Wig?-EJ-9 ffSVIPi1f-5341123--Phil ,Ag1Afs:,g,:g,2"41sf-wx-335g5?f':e,??3f':wg3,2wr- . - : ras, . A rg,-fa557j1::ggfgg' :rfQ,,fgxgM,,-fgylfgrfk K :gi 353135 frifaaggatimrwgiaiagt 3,533-3, ms ,gtg Kxggaw-3 'ffreiffa ieltmma,ls-sig,vfww,arte--aag,.w,M-ragsfs Q ,r K Z 1 - 1 ' , Y ' ,as'.. 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'P if' fgyw 'fm' 9' -fi Sli 2 P5 3 L 2 ss: is ihiifeks,1'ss4ea2m-2:5 ifiiifmi H216 Coleman JV VANDALS -are'Top Row: Coach ,Brady Pennington, Brian Stribliug, john Pickett, Brad Vanderbilt, Clint McCaffree, Chris Can-ell, joel Featherstone, Greg Moore, 'Chris FreyQ Bottom Row: Todd Clower, Kevin Fowler, Matt Neill, Aaron Daniels, Keith Jones, john.Hobbs, Scott Schiewe. 96 Sports ff 'K gpm. L-rims -,wmgfi--zafsfgr.Q5-4.1fa1a1ess2.z.iris-fwkww-2 L' M , P, Y Wwreigorisem X in .Q 2 ..,,.. . , , . ftfiervtf-:Sai-fif,,gyfs f-flw-WQ21 HWfw:w,fTf'fr21.gg5if2?efX. .gr ' , . , 'U sat.mszgsfelgefzap- f,q.1maz ' a .V fzg.:.sf: ff2 ff'z-fmfrsz'-1 4QffafEw'sfffeaffr H , - Sfisfxwrf . -- fsffsi Mez.-eil: 5-5.43525'Swiff-fi'-f5v??ii'f:. 'iif22.zrftm22:f? i 1 '12 K 225122422-fi JAf1fiffg'252wi, A 11-rzff-aveffe?fQaffaf:ff?sfasa 5562 s:m5fefws . -K -ima:-re 45 Qmgrg--,555'Img maze- "M-f E t " rf 'wif-1 1.i93fe1s.J'-if-fvw 11 A .ex , 2 we P .. . sf'1f',:,fw?:t.s:f ,y":trsff' 1zl5EE5n,,--'1::?:,, 1 , ....,,. .,... , . X a 2 X21 -at W W mia . .. ..,.. ..r... , i.Q.,K.. .. 5 I 7: -11 la.. mae... - .surf , WE?-rr - wet- . Wil' ' ' i FRESHMAN VANDALS are Top, Row: Coach Mike Ter Shane Day, Greg Pool, Clint Walker, Clay McCaffree, jeff Natio Bottom Ro5w: Brian Gaylor, Chris Stewart, jim Hill, jeff Hutchi Troy Blackmon. - QQ? we Van Balmer Van Banner ghth grade Vandals are Top Row: Coach jerry Percifield, vid Fer fuson Brad Wallace Qcott Wells Travis Crawford L n 1 - , 1 :lric Jones. Next Row: Danny Butts, Brad Waters, Toby nberry, jesse Williams, Darwin Smith. Bottom Row: jerimy iiewe, Adrian Smith, jeff Stiefer, Steve Cordova. Getting the ball up, Chris Frey shoots the ball over the Canton defender. Going over the top, Cedric jones gets well over his sur- rounding opponents to get an easy shot. ,an , stss 1 I ,,., rj, T ' f X, 'A T 't'i ... Q A.: Q ' ... .- I 5 . , ff. iff, ff' 1 ,,t. ., N -V N: , - ., , ' f Y 1? tt i ' 'E ' VanBarmer Seventh grade Vandals are Top Row: Manager Troy Jarman, Brent Rumbo, Steve Percifield, Sean Terry, Brian Swain, Clay " Rumbo, Coach Ted Mitchell. Next Row: jamie Brewster, Toby Mitchell, Russell Reddic, Robby Parish. Bottom Row: Michael Piercefield, Daniel Nipp, Keith Crawford, Michael Johnson, Jody Bolin. ' Boys Basketball Van Banner 97 dmirable efforts put forth b all fter completion of l 1-13 seasonal record, the varsity Van Dolls had three players named to the All-District team and three named to the All-Van Zandt County team. These players were Senior Tameko Friend who was named to both teams, Kristen Bourland and Viry Martinez who received honorable men- tion to the All-District and All-Van Zandt County teams. Junior Patsy Gilchrist was named to the All-Van Zandt County team. Senior Tameko Friend was outstanding player for the Dolls. Friend scored 33 points against Mineola. Sophomore Kristen Bour- ges : I. as t'li iiii Q -'t', S1., .,,. . ' "'- "-t i .... . k:,, -". i2,3 35 iQi'?'351?QfiQ .fi '52 'i'1' se.. 1 s f it Q49 F lf fl 35 it tett .et if tiea ..... si.. ..... .rti 't., if -'f. .'r':-1. c'-' ir 1'.V:' .Ie -.r'..1a' :Iii ".1'. i .2"',' 1 zett :'.1 2 .,-a' i .11' .-'-.'.'-e't i Van Balnler Adding to her outstanding SCOI'lI1g record Tameko Friend scores more points against the 98 Sports Mabank Panthers. land had an outstanding game after pulling down 20 re- bounds for the Dolls. Leadership from senior Kim XVillingham contributed to a successful season. Other team members were Senior Terri Tillison, junior Viry Martinez, and junior Tambi Powell. Also Freshman Kim Beggs was on the var- sity roster. The Dolls are looking ward to a successful sc next with four retui lettermen. Trecia Yo Aiming high Kim ingham rips the net as shoots a jumper. Val B ss - Y7 -Q .- Maize- . 4:1 ees-127: Fff Il- K u . . K l DA G A FMF Hold that Panther. Seventh grader Becky Mewbourn guards against one of the Mabank players. The seventh grade girls beat Mabank 54-7. That's the way the ball b0l1IlCCS. Seventh grader Elyse Bourland dribbles the ball down the court during the Mabankgame. Matt Ninn N 'Slim .gif YR' L SKS? JV Van Dolls are Carmen Fuhlbrigge, Becky Goode, Pam Nicholas, and Mindy Bryant. Coach Kay Flint, manager Deann Percifield, Tawanna Bailey, Rosalyn Veasey, Lanelle Sibley, Ferguson and Coachjerry Slayton. Retina Brewster, jackie Manley, Christy Austin, Tammy Hub Coleman ith hopes of s o m e d a y g being on the varsity team these young ladies worked hard through practices to become better athletes. The freshman team coach- ed by Kay Flint ended their season with a record of 3-1 while the Junior Dolls coach- ed by Jerry Slayton ended with a 3-5 record. Outstanding players for the inning records posted for Fish, 7th freshmen were Terri Calloway and Kim Beggs. Lanelle Sibley was outstanding player for the .IV team. The 7th grade Dolls finish- ed with an impressive 10-2 seasonal record. "This was a very talented group of basketball players," seventh grade coach Teresa Huffman said. "The young ladies always wanted to win and would play hard to the last second." After losing some close games, the 8th grade team finished with a 4-8 record. "This group of young ladies were hard workers. They wanted to win and they gave it all they had to achieve success," eighth grade coach Cynthia WiHiams said. Trecia Young ...f.s-. slsc .--,.. -.-i stssr as sese ssss 5 g 31 isrs 467f7 f 4? 22 .ssi fl 34 i..i. 229 lii.iii -1-if iss as sr. fissi , ....... .-e' .,.L K k.VL. .L .f..,-. it .r,. .-... --k. 30 . LV7: ZZ. 56 s 9 36 .4 U22 5 19. ss.. 54- 31 24s e .... . . . F39 isli be T l T 2S2f???i???i5 fc zo l,,' f - f .,rr ff it S25 - .24 . i is . 35 igtfmk S lgi,-.ESEMV Zl 24 T1 We 525 so Q S is.s sstst f.i.. is..i efis S :WS ilstsi sse. l fiilfii lfsrss S lalhlii Q Q rt T 9 6 VA! I3 VAN VA' V VAN VA! VAN Banner Eighth grade players are front row, left to right Kim Stribling, Amy Herrington, Shelly Hill, Yolonda Crawford, and Holli Douglas. Back row is Latisha Murray, Christy Hulsey, Trilina Batson, Brandie Chandler, jamie Knight, Rebecca Grace and Coach Cynthia Williams. VAN Burner Seventh grade players bottom to top, left to right are Tammy Valentine, Kim johnson, Trecia Giles, Susie Brawner, Cristi Crone, and Heidi Lanier. Second row are Kim Stewart, Tami McCallum, Brandi Wilder, Shannon Cupp, julie Wilker- son, Cynthia Clark, Elizabeth Carey, and third row Coach Teresa Huffman, Susan Morkel, Elyse Bourland, Becky Mcwbourn, Pam Nicholas, Christie Jordan, Erica Holt, Marissa Morgan, Shelly Hilliard, and manager Kari Young. thletes led b Saxon t the district track meet, the varsity boys track team could muster only 27 pointsg however, Senior Stacy Saxon took second place in the pole vault. Saxon's 12-6 vault qualified him for the regional meet where he placed fourth. In other district meet action, Craig Parrish was third in the high jump and fifth in the 100 meter dash. Lee Frey placed fifth in the 110 meter high hurdles and sixth in the 300 meter in- termediate hurdles. Paul Peepers also took fourth in the discus. The Rusk Eagles won the district meet title with 94 points followed by second place Whitehouse with 90 points. Terri Tillison i And They're Offil Senior jay Helms gets a head start out of the blocks as he leads the pack in the hurdles. 512521.12 .5 1 1, lfefiafswisieagi,few121 , . f-fzsviii-ifnwffif 5-iififii.,Aff?3FTiiie2f!'21ff?:5ii'i'QE'3'5f'i:'S15125xiz,5A15Eg?Egg-kfgggeiggnwiggezk.L15 : g1Qi.25'l115Yi,if 'f 35II1'wigfifisfsff'555?iLij?525??fS5f5?51fiif?57'e' ifmifffgili i - M51 -f.' is i'i, ' , 'r-e .-3 f i",- ffesffiiriffli 'R,S'fSlr?:Sis22,'fs2gQv1g:zQag:gggv-1Hi5Hti:1s,,: I , . 1 ,jeg:i,gvggggst5sas1si4fs1g92,L ,. Up And Over is the strategy Senior Craig Parrish takes while practicing the high jump at an after school practice. 102 Sports Airflow GILL gf Gill, 4' so , .' SWA' ' unsung gy f . 1 r we jo,y1ya an M po .M -wr.. W ,,W,f-7 2 ing It Down Senior Lee works on his form to sure he can clear each And The Winner Isl! Q .J ,I ies junior David Williams crosses the finish line to break the 3.4, .D . ,1i. V T - . ' i t .L fill , iq-,K Q 'v l -.W, V ,,.. V , , sv' - . 7 - .,f- if s el t e e ' , 4, Q , f, 5 til ' -ieiii X' fki'-ef' X ' . C uw :SN eg " . , we 3 A -ii-,L .nf fff sq, 'K - 5,1 1 ...' D if fs ffj 5:3 - e l Q 5. K' ' wif: fu W 'L : ,tx if 1+ 3. -5. - if' "lit ff .JF w -X If- W' X L -- Trina Sliefer Varsity traClCSterS are Back Row: Brad Vanderbilt, Bobby Cotton, Stacy Saxon, Kevin Cotton, Paul Peepers, Lee Frey, Hunter Wilder, Darren Crawford, joel Featherstone, Stuart Irwin, Buddy Van Note. Middle Row: Craig Parrish, Mickey Akin, Mike Hudson, johnny Wilkerson, Darren Shelton, Troy Fields, Pat Riley. Front Row: David Williams, Brian Gaylor, Adam Currey, Chad Krisher, Randy Wiggins, Donnie Hubbard, and Tim Spencer. Boys Track ins come ith 137.5 points, the seventh grade Van- dals wrapped up the district track meet title. Eleven different Vandals con- X . tributed to the win. These seventh graders won first place in the 800 meter run, 300 meter hurdles, and the high jump. They also captured sec- ond in the pole vault, high jump, shot put, 200 and 100 meter dashes, the 400 meter relay and the mile relay. With 84.8 points, the eighth grade track team placed second at the district meet behind Brownsboro's 127.5 points. The eighth grade Vandals captured first in the discus and second in the shot put, 100 meter dash, 400 meter relay and the 1600 meter relay. "Brownsboro was the class of the district in track," Coach jerry Percifield said. "We could not overcome their superior speed and depth." Christopher Ross Ahead of the rest. Seventh -Buried Alive? Junior Mike grader Toby Mitchell leads the Hudson falls short of the mark pack at Canton. in the long jump. 1 l g ,fa pew. , ' '- q 4 . 1, wi 's1ff.'i?F35fl,'f4f A""M,Q Av wlylJ"5-7' wlfwv f '12 M "'4ln.+.' ., '- A VaHBuluur ' 3 "" :: 'fiifiilaafs 2.2252 ' "'..-' 2E.iiiFii:1:i:4E .f' su? :': 51 fi ... .cp pv. Vlzq .Q j 'zfi :': "f'.- . i 'T "ii 5 :" il, lig 1. 2 .1119 2 . 2. . 2. , li E! '2" , 5,5 'F ... W? iiii 1 E 2 .,-'f E1 tfe. .. 1 lil l ' Ati' 'il Y .. F dz.. 5 .U ggr 1 2 is 1 .EW 104 Sports D.D. Building up speed is key to Russell Reddic's plan winning the long jump. ,..f ', ,iagsa if fx! Ms. MW' 55 ,N Null' ,svn y V .f , I lifts..- K ' v- f . 1 Iwo t . ., f r, ji , A ,, W- . V ,JI is , X ' Xi ' ri ,, -. .A 'Q m I' ' M 4 ' W , . ,, .'.- 4 ,f X v 1, 1. , ' 5, , ' " ' ' 'Q , -.ut , ,., r, ' f ' ,Kant At .... 'xggsfffel V ..-MQZQK' g . fl 'fy T:-A,k , W H It sa' 1 . ,.,,,,,,,.ti3,,, .y ....s.,,,,.r,g. Q. ,S I "' 'Nu' V' Aa A pf '4',,,-4 K V. 1 T M .W X ga-nf' Ney' .n . x , l E D. D. jen hth grade boys track members are Back Row: Travis lvford, jeff Worthen, Todd Bogue, John Cole, Brad Wallace, pick jones and Ricky Herrington. Middle Row: jesse Wilson, y Stanberry, Darwin Smith, Scott Moseley, Scott Wells and jef- Hopson. Front Row: jesse Williams, Steve Cordova, Chris mols, Brad Waters,jerimy Schiewe and joey Silva. To The Top!!! Is the thought running through seventh grader jeff Hughes' mind as he clears the bar of the high jump. JU' . Denire Cunaui Q. P t ' , 53.35-is V.. . .. X i- Q 1, ..'-EW' , nc 3, gh , .4 ...ogre K l . ' vw Q , " T , SX - k . ..... ..... . W 'mf .W ., ' . Q 1' . . 'C V B , Q .1 f , K 3 v, 5 gl. S-- J - 3: 4 . A. u A as . k :gg H ' ' , L . .-, f :Il .755 qu. ' L A :nude A ,Y ' ' I, - " + his 'lf -tl rl t f - . - i s " S ,.if iii ' F 'K .U 'Q gfw If X, :ff W: - X? .S ' , J t il . Dian Taylor The seventh grade boys track members are: Back Rowe Clay Rumbo, Brian Swain, Scooter Hallman, jamie Brewster, Sean Terry, Coach Ted Mitchell. Middle Row: Brent Rumbo, Steve Per- cifield, Russell Reddic, Toby Mitchell, Jody Bolin, Robby Parish. Front Row: Troy Jarman, Daniel Nipp, Michael Piercetield, Michael johnson, jeff Hughes, Brian Ashby, and Robert Stewart. Boys Track ettermen lead team to third place ed by ni dedicated let- termen, the Varsity tracksters placed third behind Brownsboro and Lin- Shana McKee all placed at the regional meet, but did not continue to state. "A majority of the team was inexperienced and dale at the district meet. young. The Vandals con- Several Vandals continued sisted of five seniors, three their journey to regionals. juniors, nine sophomores, Misty Taylor, Tammy Huf- and seven freshmen, Starting distance events and weak in the field events, they im- proved throughout the season. Receiving third at district was quite an ac- complishment considering the competition," Coach Kerry Pennington said. Mrs. Pennington has high hopes for next year's group after they gained value experience competing 1 year. Wendy Crt Step-KlCkll Tammy Huffi runs the hurdles lwith seem easel at Lindale to steal l place. fines Tan a Graves and out stron in the s tint and 7 7 ii 'FWS , gi' 1 K . 5 2 .. ill EV A :ir ,' :Wi ':E.:S"::- .'55. C- ' 5 : 'iiigff' ',E:?!5E-- : l gi 55?.':::5E::'-E.: -1 .. ei f it '.1:QTi , iii- ..... mi' if 1 K ',as2'fa: in 'Biff' 55.51235 '3- 3 , ,ahjgg 1 106 -ur Van Bauur .ldv ,Varsity track members arefrop Row, Standing from left to right: Paula Brey, Kim Beggs, Debbie johns, Teresa Tabraham, Laura Horton, Dice English, Tarneko Friend, Kari Jackson. Second Row, Standingzjennifer Zerbe, head coach Kerry Pennington, Andrea Hollowich, Courtenay Anders, ' C i ' l ' ' i " V Trim: Sliefei' Rosalyn Veasey, jackie Manley, Misty Taylor, Lisa Dawson, Por- tia Bailey, Robin ReynoIds,'janice Bennett and manager Amy Nipp. Last Row, Kneeling from left to right are: Pam 'Per- cifield, Tanya Graves, Tijuana Bailey, Tracy Snow, Tammy Huf- fines, Shana McKee, and Sherry johnson. V sbmyjmm . he :gg it gg. . Van Banner Miles I0 g0. Robin Reynolds cooly takes the last lap in the 800 meter run. 190 Take ltl Rosalyn Veasey and Courtenay Anders sprint the mile relay on the second hand- off. The Van relayers won third place at district. Putting her best foot for- ward, Freshman Tracy Snow flies over the hurdles during a track meet. qw. '1 4 W .' mi' ff f 1 1 Y 1 f'-'Q Slierryjobruon Sports ctive seventh captures second place s times and distances im- proved, this year's seventh grade tracksters had the edge as they carried a full load of 123.5 points to capture sec- ond place. Although Whitehouse had been dominating the earlier track meets, the eighth graders were victorious in that they came within 10 points - Tuck the Tush! Eighth grader, Mary Anne O'Brien competes in the high jump. tie ? of defeating them at District. "At district, the girls per- formed like I knew they could earlier in the season, I hope they can start as strong this year as they finished last year," Coach Teresa Huffman said. Miss Huffman felt that the seventh grade team learned how important individual vic- tories were to add to team victories. just as the eighth grade team proved to be number one at heart, the seventh grade were large in spirit. Being strong in the field and run- ning events, the seventh grade worked hard, but were not as strong as the other teams in the district according to Coach Cynthia Williams. "My ladies realized winning is fun and excii but it takes dedication hard workouts," Iv Williams said. "They ' fighters and winners ani was my pleasure to work ' such a great group." Wendy Cr :N--, Sri 'tag '-86 was K 1 can . . g an M .- .- -Q... j Am ,s 5 L, , fii"'l:-ii. If ls so W . .1 . , , ., ., ,i , ,. . , ,V I, KV L K. , ,- , V, 5 K .. . xD,D.JelIf Eighth, grade track, members are Brom Row: JoniV,Artn- e Adams, Jamie Kpisbr, Rebgvfa Gr3Ce,,Chgisrie Iiulsey, Amy, strong, Wendy Henderson, Brandi Chandler, Amy Tyner and Heffilflgfonf Laugh' MUFWY, and Y010nd1Cf2Wfvfd- Shelly Hill, Back-Row: 'Coach Cynthia Wfilliamsg jennifer ' Sports 1, 2, 3 Jump!! Joni Arm- strong strives for perfection as A she attempts the triple jump. Alone Again? Seventh grader, Pam Nicholas leads the pack in the 800 yd. dash to steal first place at the district meet. .Sig , t R is X . .ttk O i L S... 'Nm Q 'iff it is K --ag 7th grade tracksters are Standing from left to right: Coach Teresa Huffman, Elyse Bourland, Ysidra Dennis, Brandy Wilder, Pam Nicholas, Christy jordan, Traci Bryant, Shelly Hilliard, Shan- non Cupp, Liz Carrie. Second Row from left to right kneeling are: D. D. jet: Michelle Sash, julie Wilkerson, Lisa Martin, Tricia Giles, Tammy Valentine, Heidi Lanier, Missy Organ, Michelle Owens. Sitting from left to right are: jalinda Brawner, Cindy Clark, Cristi Crone, Kimberly johnson, Kim Henthorne, and Mary Roberson. Girls Track 9 l inning trio advances to state inding up a s u c - cessful season, the Vandal varsi- ty tennis team won two third places at the state UIL tourna- ment in Austin. The boys' doubles team of jeff Anderson and David Slayton defeated Cameron, 6-3, 6-l, before losing to the even tual state championship team of Marble Falls, 6-1, 6-l. This was the first time in several years that Van has had two entries at the state meet. Earlier in the spring, the Vandal netters qualified for the first-ever state team tennis tour- nament for AAA, AA, and A Texas schools. Van finished seventh among the twelve teams that qualified for this tournament. The Vandals ad- vanced to state by placing third at the regional team tennis tour- nament held in Tyler. In the 13-3A district tourna- ment, the girls' doubles team of Wendy Crone and Tina Chambers won fourth place after losing a tough, three-set semi-final match against Can- ton. Overall, the girls won the district competition and the boys placed second. During the season, the Van- dal tennis team participated in ten dual matches, winning seven, losing two and tying one. The team also entered four in- vitational tournaments. In the Kilgore Frosty Tour- nament, David Slayton and Reisor Pickett placed second in boys' doubles, In the next tournament, the Kilgore Get Ready Tourna- ment, Rhodes won girls' singles and Slayton and Anderson ad- vanced to the semi-finals in boys doubles. The Vandal team was awarded the Sportsmanship Award and placed first in the overall tournament. At Gladewater, Rhodes won girls' singles and Slayton and Anderson placed second in boys' doubles. The Vandals placed second in the Van Tournament with Rhodes once again capturing the girls' singles title. "I was pleased that our team was competitive with other schools our size. I was very hap- py that David, jeff, and Ronna went to Regional and State," said Coach jerry Slayton. Coach Slayton noted that Van's district competition was very strong, supplying ten of the twelve qualifiers who went to state. Ronna Rhodes Sports Faster than the speed of light, junior Wendy Crone hits the ball back over the net during tennis practice. What 3 S6I'VCl Junior David Slayton puts all he's got into making an ace. , .. - ,.,.,,..........4..A.a....w.-,Q Up and over. Junior Man Nixon serves the ball over to his opponent. "Take that you little yellow ball" seems to be the thoughts of Senior Mechele Hollowell as she practices her forehand. Two heads are better in if Ni, K 1 than 006. Freshmen Susan N2Q,x"5y K QQ Cole and Kim Smith play a X R doubles game after school. Getting down to it. Freshman Jena Walker prac- tices her backhand for the up- coming district meet. 7 AJ.. ,wtf 'C ix, "1 Trina Sticfer T rl -ot.,,. Q: qi , g 4, ,t,, . 5 Vi ,V ,i V , M V Damn JVVt8I1l'liS members :ire Cback rovrl Coach jerrji Slayton,i free, ff:-ont row! D. DQ jett, Stephzinieifllarlc, Jena Walken :jared Rumbog jim Hillg Greg Pool, Steve-Schmidt, Clint McCaf- Susan-Cole, LaDana-Huff, Kim Smith and Stacie Sportsman. ,A free, jeff Nations, Clint Walker, Shane Day, and Clay McCaf- fs- Tennis anyone? The dynamic duo of Amy Tyner and Game point. Seventh grader Kim Stribling prepare for the Sean Terry concentrates as he oncoming point. hits his winning shot. inr- ,i:.., .P eeli K L H in g ,Q ,. r,,,,is 's """"""- .. ' 1 ...,.aarl"'lj David Hamilton David Hwwilrvw l l A UCCCSS ll SQZSOH closes . o,,i , i. ii,i is . , . 'k"i weat and deter- an opportunity to compete Sean Terry won second place ' ,.-i f - mination paid off as the tennis season ne to a close. Each player participated two dual matches against lphur Springs and Grand ine, and also played in the nton and Van tourna- ents. Coach jerry Slayton was -ased with their attitudes :l willingness to work and achieve more playing experience," said Coach Slayton. Students practiced during third and fourth periods and also had some workouts after school. "I really didn't know what to expect, but the ta- lent is dehnitely there, I thought they did well," stated Slayton. rd. In the district tourney, "We tried to give them ' , 4622 ,f V' ' 'I ' il? 'B .g y - . . g aai,:.a..,W.,-i 7 gl N , , P V ,, Q VL-L',,L..,w Qi? ac, , , ,. V ,, I ,, 1. . V ' A K, , Q, ,fl K fi X wi ki " R ' V " f K' f fs' 2 sf f' si 1 A ' f i ' . 2 T -l v e ' in seventh grade boys singles and Lisa Chappell captured second in the seventh grade girls singles title. Amy Tyner and Kim Stribling combined their strategy losing only in it C ,-k, eise is .55 -e W ja: 'I red 1 . . , .,... , Q . t f. we the finals to win second in irr i girls eighth grade doubles. J ,,rr.. Slayton said that everyone was enthusiastic and that the overall season was a com- plete success. Ronna Rhodes ,, , es ew if sggwbi ee ., he In 323. ,V is N, A fax-.1 -ff-S lfrssfsazrf fkl.-ra' G Q , .. W. we .1ifafas-S: ,,,, ig.,LEmi.v1L,, F-ff-512132.-1. 162 tifiagf., iglgkifkl v'l'I.gx3143k5yqf?S-A, eff' 'W -1, Mi., my swwazg '7 gHsKa5ETt:Wi?a5Ya'?Zit .-Huggy, is fa- ,fri--ffafaiia 1631 2 ' ' se w ew'-lwuazs .W- eiisicr-J -ieaz:s-wright, rv-,ig mf!!-A: , sera" S ' Diane Taylor he eighth grade netrers are: Back Row: Coach jerry ayton, Danny Butts, Amy Sukor, julie Drown, Bill Pyle, Adrian nith. Front Row: Amy Tyner, Kim Stribling, Holli Douglas, Traci orris, and Ginger Bailiff. Dian: Taylor The seventh grade netters are: Back Row: Coach jerry Slayron, Tommy Crow, Steve Stuart, Kari Young, Erica Holt, Lisa Chappell, Sean Terry, Chuck Wilson, julie Baggs, Jody Bolin, Joni Birch, Carla Sash. Middle Row: Mary Black, Renee Blankenship, Wendy Gibson, Cristi Crone, Susan Morkel, Clint Chambers, Matt Florence, Tammy McCallum, Shanna Casen. Front Row: Jeffery Blackmon, Andra Akin, Rhonda Page, jason Blackmon, and Kevin Dodds. Showing his skill, Sophomore Scott Schiewe smashes a homerun for the Vandals against Grand Saline. Randall Cd: T 'Q Q. Q. ...tag iw fi Kaffe Q grit egexjgag emma 'wr E353 wa Ea, as . M X QW Qffigggssssfgsesxgsa 1.ieigiieawaggfsiaaggfaLaftitgfnmnitlaiswiatf sys YK -we .st Wg.. wwe.. . Q sara QW .az ma ga1,1ERifgWm?mS,ia m,,g,. ies? .a?f,mgei,Mmgfi1 gt. .. . 4 get , sm NW . I2 ::' X 1351 X 57 V1 t 'nf- Zh: V. "1 5 'S la X :ifiii-C ' .' PE ,f'5IZ5I: 5:::,::. mia ffgaissgkf, Q52 -313 39 7' MQ- Wg 5 im t. Et 3. . .asia ,. .. .. fx.. , is QQEES5 I M f b , EQ f X5 neg , : -,sm -'-i 7 5111- 'ax 1 ink ew gf 5 ':-fu : :': 2 . -2:.,f' : E" i 'ii-::f?'2 : - : ?:f53f:' ,F-,::': " ef-1- iss-3. saszajfa Vwmfari-ameiieaiasras if ts. sa is-A m a e- we -- . fa -iii H ' 'iw Vasa?-'f2m . we R2 f 1 j . eg R at "a we - If w if . ikfgktsf m..i,Q as ,i,Qlg..Agft A .. -san s.. ,9- - 5 , , ge- -.amass .. . Wan a Q .gi mp . w ifi K J ilg fze-,ff .ifiagiatwff f i we Ya- -. is ,ggw W 'ii-':""I':' :-' Z "::.:.'::::"7:' : lil .: f EE-L 1-"7-. E .' H: 'I 1. 'fi ' xxx ' ':,:::":E-. '::s:E. 3 sw it Q Bias fggiyissmd S' +- f Z .1 W :ms-f'K,,aK s K rsaigwgfizf BEE W as t Q iii 5? Nagy? N li, is sa Q2 ?Efw,fi-ss-was-eau eu K 2215! V+ ba Q was ai my .2 me .L .X sfwsggwgigs vm 5293! pi- at E5 .J E . fe maggie af m is fn L Q 9' await? wsgikagi sie 'iii Q .. .. Q.. . . sf... . ........,. . .. is ,, ,, gm! 5 .. . 'H Al ai Q4 gg 'li' A ii x x 'www U -55 Q.. ir? as Q Q str s, ta 2 ,i " at W x X as mg si 93 f zz. s igyxgg All ag 3-r Q9 Mtqgfqk .1 Qgglhh gi wi 5 EW QQ Ziff ex I , . i 1 .. 3 . . Q .ts W , :W ,fda T Ri 'gf F Q 2 :-, ,it ua - a shes -W mia. we :r .. f as-is., -: - ,. Y ., as an 5312 ., -. is S J fs, 3 31,3 ,Q xg, 5 K 4: Q ' - sa A K '-5 ,, , -st., -xv J 2 ...., ,. .... .5 3f .M.1x. . x g .. ,, . .,,. - ia, tfqagwfiil-. twig W ma if " 'i:f'E? XEw-it ,Qi-Fmt k M' can lfhdf' TQW 155 P 55. at if .. as 1 2-95 mpressive ending n spite of winning nine of the last 10 games, the baseball team fell short of repeating as' playoff contenders. The season record ended 14- 8 and district record was 8-5. The season started off well with pre-season scheduled games. The first district games were with Brownsboro, which Van lost 4-2. They went on to lose the next three district ball games. Then, the Vandals broke the streak to beat Mabank. The heartbreak game 1 Sports of the season was the 6-5 loss to Mineola that put the club out of the playoff race. "Beating Brownsboro this year was about the sweetest vic- tory," said Sophomore Scott Schiewe. Scott Schiewe 1, 2, 3, Win. Vandal baseball team yells their chant to begin the Van vs. Canton game. ja, yay ff Mg 45, 1 I W tm. -.V I J, A Q . K , M i f. ,. awe, af' ' W . . my ff f, 'H-" Inky? I I f fe.-, g ,: W VW L .mi ...M Vandals. Esmalvw ii inf. Q, .4 ' . ,J aww... . ' ' flew. w f ' ' W ll -M f,,, an iv " 4' ,Mk 7 V ,W I Q Yi fn W i 'IS -ai 4 U sig ,f X 1, .. ,, l i i 1 N P Randall C ole One more time. Senior Thomas McClanahan sneaks by Grand Saline catcher, jimmy johnson, to score a run for the Fast ball! Sophomore Greg Moore pitches in the Van vs. Canton game at home. 'UP QQM .. , t , 'U' ' Aa, 4 . , gt ' i . i ' e ' sf Nw.. rx M v QW ,J 3. , Q , T "Sap .MQW ' 'ff Ai, tif- i is K- A fifvff-e W 4-. -g - S3 .X -t . . J K VM ,M ,ts A .... Rx iw ti. 3. ii sl, li . .V R f , sn '-5 'fefip if f .agkge r . Six . .- ' R., -' 'sv' e - X1 ski- Q my 5 . A ' ,, 5 x Van Banner Randall Cole X 'W 5, I 1-,,. ry M, W I VarsitIyaBaseball Players are fback rowy Coach vid Goff, Randy Knight, Rex Cicero, john Pickett, Chris Frey, Kevin White, Qt-eg Moore, Frankie Baker, Thomas McClanahan, WX li I H f wt, ,Lil Hub Colemqn Tim Haugh, Qbottom row! jeff Hutchins, Chris Stewart, Matt Neill, Robbie Hubbard, Dan Wilkerson, Scott Schiewe, Tony Bogue, Dwayne Bennett, Rodney Nicholas. Baseball 1 15 94' S2itiSfaCtl0I1. Managers Jody Bolin and Adrian Smith look upon the players faces with Coach Mal Fowler after a well- played game, The extra p0lI1t. Manager Jody Bolin and Adrian Smith are standing by ready to assist at any time. l l Sports ble managers assets s the sweat drips down the players' faces, there's always someone available to get them water, carry the balls, and give moral sup- port whether ir is basketball, football, or volleyball managers make their own contribution to the teams. "We rely greatly on them," Senior Kim Moore said. -1 You Want anything? Manager Jody Bolin asks players Craig Parrish 1473 and Chad Krisher U37 if there is anything he can do. The manager is also "the right hand man" for the coaches. The manager takes care of all the minor details before, during and after a game. "I rely on my managers to get everything ready before the games. They take care of us," Coach Flint said. "I enjoy assisting for our teams and coaches even though I don'r play basket- ball. Our coaches make an effort to say "Thank you," that is what makes it all worth while," Senior Kari jackson said. Tijuana Veasey 14- rwm Managers l l Y www ,.-iw, wa. H z ww , . 'W . 5 -1 fa wwf K i , wg:-Qwiw ,fefwz iw-1,,iz.' mei' wal K 5 ab... 35W??F5 iif ?W????Egggi ll ?99U1 ImQuh f?vvPggg ligiigiiiii M . -,L M.-f 'ff 1, ,.-f :gf 5, iw-- - n,-'p julia GMM: Clownin' Around. Senior Victor Larsen happily smiles after receiving "Best Costume" at the costume party held by the band. Through it all they persevere to produce a legend s the lights of the school go on about 7:00 a.m., silence fills the air. Then, suddenly, as the 8 o'clock bell rings, laughter fills the air along with all the idle chatter about what one did last night or who's seeing who. These people were the pulse, the heartbeat of VHS. Through thick or thin, these heroes have made this year one filled with legendary ac- complishments. These people made up the teams - they were the clubs - they were the accomplishments. Not only were they accomplishments in standards outside of VHS, they were legends in everyones heart. Their generosity was in- stilled upon everyone who entered the doors. "I think all the people are pretty nice," Freshman jack Seay said. "I moved in from a different school and they made adjusting easier." Students did their part to aid in the suc- cesses of this year. They participated in clubs, carried the burden of responsiblity many times in order to get the job done, and had fun while doing it. Students made legendary steps towards enjoying work while reaching goals. "School is a lot of work, but we find time to have fun," Freshman Kevin Fowler said. Faculty will also be remembered for their legendary generosity. Many teachers gave of their time, not only in school hours, but in outside time. "There are many teachers who do more than their fair share of work," Senior Penny Irwin said. Teachers also helped students enjoy school, Some worked in one period field trips while others decorated or dressed up to illustrate culture. These imaginative efforts will cast teachers into a heroic aura for all time. "I think it really makes class interesting when teachers do something different," junior Michelle DuBose said. "l really enjoy when Mrs. Bourland dresses up to portray different cultures." As the doors shut for this last time, and the laughter fades into only a memory, one thing will always remain -- the strides made in making the legend -- the legend lived by heroes. Julie Griffin People Divider 1 1 Double trouble. Sophmores Christy Austin and Courtenay Anders are obvious- ly lifetime friends. Amigos. Friends help each other out on a Spanish project. 4 ' f I -4, an "gym fs. .y,n , .M . f. x Ji? ' hum 5 wifi " 1 4 iii, W. Uma "Fm All "tl C a juli. Gum, nf: C ka- EW? 'FX fm Pc-any Irwin ,.,.-no-4 .ff 'UM' C, W People Too Close For Comfort. Kelleah Gossett, Whitney Walker and julie Griffin enjoy a New Year's Eve night on the town. ,Lrg V, Bosom Buddies. Se jay Helms and Chris Hend take a breather at Homecoming dance. ,...,.,.......f- ,,,....Q.o,... .,,.,.......-mmf L .. if-f Lifelong friends Seniors Three's Company Seniors ln, ,,,,l...,.-MW Barbie Lanier and Gretchen Kelli Wiggins, Karen Stroud l Smith paint on a Homecoming and Penny Irwin hold their dai- fl VK banner. ly gossip session during lunch. g K .s., gm-9, ,,MW,,,,.,.,,.,.. L... . L.- . x 1 . r J.-la. 614,99- 9 V' sff fit .,f"' I T Stufer is onds begin earl , late for bosom DDIES C C rowing up" has for some of us, summers are always been a difncult process for all of us. But having " grown up together" in a small school environment helps up to cope. Most of us began kindergarten together. Together we have skinned knees, failed rests, won and lost sports activities, hated homework, attended Homecoming dances, lost steadies, and wished the school term would end. Even spent working, skiing at the lake, dating, or just "hanging out." "I just enjoy being with my friends and having a good time," said Senior Lisa Batie. For some, lifelong friend- ships have been established that will remain in touch through-out the years, The hugs, tears, and pats on the back will never be forgotten. Kelli Wiggins and Penny Irwin Friendships 12 1 ' 'ts ellow classmates, learn together, build long-lasting, IRM FRIENDSHIPS s we, the Seniors of 1986, gathered together last August for registration, we all breathed sighs of relief that it would be our last VHS registration. We were now Seniors and we didn't care if we ever saw Van High School again, if we could just get this last year done with. As the year progressed though, we have become closer. The small trigonometry class has become as small family in so many words, as well as all the other groups of Seniors. The band in their many ac- complishments, the cast of 'Dark of the Mo0n,' and so on have all become extremely close. "I have become closer to my Jay Anderson Stacy Anderson Van Baggs Sam Bass W Lisa Batie Melissa Battenfield t' Janice Bennett Tauna Blevins Eileen Boyd y Durenda Brawner Paula Brey y Billy Carey y People friends through all my activities because I spend extra time with them and we went through a lot together," Senior Chad Ktisher said." Events all through the year keep adding to a particular closeness of the Senior dass of 1986. We have all come to act as family. There are quarrels and disputes, but they all last for a couple of days at most. I mean what is a family without arguments and the Senior Class of 1986 is no exception. "Sometimes we argue and we have our disagreements, but we always remain friends in the end," jay Anderson said. But now as this year comes to an end, many of us have mixed x feelings. We are all ready to get out of Van High School, but not so ready to split up from our friends. Granted we'll all keep in touch for a while, but we will eventually go on our ways and develop new "families" elsewhere. But nobody can argue that the Family of Seniors of l986 will always hold a special bond bet- ween each other. Martha Hynes I can't believe this! Seniors Kim Moore and Chris Hen- dricks share a few good laughs over a friendly note during a break between classes. 'Qu' .K wx , . vt-fr ' Ag Y I K Friends forever. Seniors Karen Stroud and Sherri Davidson are proof that friend- ships make life a little bit better. 1, fd " ,'k".' N - K t. , i "" e Q. ln 'X "' M 'ro ...ff t' t r M' 1-rf ---Q' X ..,. ,.,,..,, t. Tommy Chapman Keith Clifton ' i S, 1 nfs uv. . up Lola Coldiron - Denise Cranford 1 Dana Crawford Doug Crow Sherri Davidson Anita Detmer .1 Penny Dutton Trims Stizfn Vernon Fearherston - fl Oma Foutz , O , 'f 0 L p Lee Frey 'i I EE- Z., "S S if G ff- ,f L i Twelfth Grade 12 julie Griffin David Hamilton Kevin Haugh Chris Hendricks Kelly Hendrix 1. Susan Hester Mechele Hollowell Donnie Hubbard Tammy Huffines Cathy Hughes Seniority reigns supreme Seniors Thomas McClanahan Randy Wiggins, julie Griffin, Shafer Toone, and jay Ander- son played a large pan in mak- ing "Dark of the Moon" a suc- cessful play. Tameko Friend as gy, Jane Gable 5 ssaye V g y i Paige Giles " "V M ' Philip Goldwater nl f '1Yi'e"' Paul Gossman Ag ffl erhs 5. Alecia Griffin Aubrey Hay it X X ,xi Q 4 Q , Martha Hynes 124 People S M fi Melina Batten TJ .4 Q L. A ctive Seniors MBITIOUS very time a team took to the field or to the court, they 'e led by an unusually h number of seniors. At last home football game, n the senior players and d members were Jgnized, only a handful of rple were left. J 'C""' Record numbers of seniors participated in the various club activities throughout the year, including the NHS with eleven seniors. No one can say that this senior class was apathetic. They were involved! Martha Hynes -fl, .1 , 5 Penny Irwin ' - Donna jack if r , x wu- it w r , x Kari Jackson Debra Jameson 'ai any Denise johns Bartmess Stephen Kidd Todd Kivett Randy Knight Senior Index jay Anderson Debate 1-4, Informative Speaking 5-4, One Aa Play l-4, Dinner Theatre 4, Speech Club l-4, Pfesiclrmt 5'4, Spanish Club l-fl, President 4, FCA l-4, Treasurer 3, Vice- president 4, National Honor Z-4, Vice-president 4, jr. Historians 3-4, President 5, Stu- dent Council 4, Most Lil-cely to Succeed, U.I.I.. Debate l-4, 3rd - 2, lst - 3, 2nd - 4, U.I.L, One Act Play I-4, U.I.L. Informative Speaking 3-4, U.I.L. Accounting 4, Whos Who Among American High School Students 3, Who's Who in De-hate 4, Who's Who in Spanish 4, Choir Z-3, Scholastic Achievement Awards i-4, Office Assistant 4. Basketball 1, Football l-4, Let- tered 3-4, Academic All-District 4, Track 2-4, Letteretl 2-5, Tennis l. Stacy Anderson Band l'4, Sweepstakes l-4, District Band 2-3, U.l,L. Twrrling Solo 2-5, U.I.L. Twitling Ensemble 3-4. Mayor:-ite 9-4. FCA 2-3.12. Historians 2-3, lst Vice-president 4, Spanish Club 4, JETS 3, Speech Club l-5, Yearbook Z-4. Newspaper 3-4, Entertainment Editor 4. Ad Manager 4, U.l.L. Debate 3, District 5rd, Regional, U.l.L. Typing l, District Zml, Regional, U.l,I., Headline Writing 4, District 4th, U,l.L. Editorial Writing, Scholastic Achieve- ment Awards 5-4, Tennis I, Whos Who Among American High School Students 3-4. Van Biggs Band I-4, District 3rd Chair Tenor Saxophone, Darrell Bailey Basketball l-4,Ti-ack I. Sam Bass Football I-4, Lettered 5-4, Track I- 5, Lettrted 3. Lisa Basie Band l-4, jr. Historians 4, Olhce Assistant 4, Scholastic Achievement Awards 4, U.l,L. Typing 2. U.l,L, Shorthand 4, Prep Meet 2nd, Yearbook 3-4, Newspaper 3-4. Melissa Battenfield Band l-4, 4A All Region 5, First Chair 4, FHA 4, Teacher Assistant 4, U.I.L. Twirling 3, Medalist, State Qualifier, and Outstanding Achievement Award, Yearbook Photographer 2-4, Newspaper Photographer Z-4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. Janice Bennett FCA l-4, Sophomore Representative 2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4, Model Office Assistant 5. Schomstic Achievement Awards I and 4, Track Z and 4, lettered 2 and 4, U.l.L. Shorthand 4, District Sth, Volleybd l-5. Tauna Blevins Cheerleader 4, FHA l-2, National Honor Society 2-4, Treasurer 3-4, Model Office Assistant 4, Scholastic Achievement Awards l-4, U.l,L journalism 1-3, Yearbook 2-4, Newspaper 2-4, Editor 4-4. Eileen Boyd Cheese and Macaroni Club member 4. Dui-ends Bi-awner Choir l-4. Lrttte-red 4, FHA l-3, FFA 5-4. Darren Breeland Attended Van Schools 6 years. Partiupatcd in Senior Day Olympics. Paula Brey Band l. Band Honors l. Basketball l-Z, Choir I, Choir Honors l, .FFA 2-4, Secretary 4. Scholastic Achievement Awards 4, Track I-4. Lertered l-4. U,l.L. Math 5. Volleyball I-4, Lettefetl 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3-4, Attended Saudi Arabia I Billy Carey Speech Club I-4, Dinner Theatre 2-4, Library Assistant 4, One-act Play 2-4, U ll. Ont-act Play Z, Advanced to Regional, U.l.L. Informative Speaking 3, District 4th Tommy Chapman Spanish Club 5, Scholastic Achievement Awards I. Keith Clifton FCA l-4, Football 2-4, lettered 3-4, Track l-2. Lola Coldimn Spanish Ooh I-Z, FHA I-3, National Honor Society 2, Library Assistant 2, Model Oliict: Assistant 5-4, Olllite Assistant 4, Scholastic Achievement Awards l-4, U.l.L. Shorthand 3, Regional Sth, Yearbook 4, Newspaper 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 5, Whos Who in Business 4. Denise Cranford Band I, Choir 2-4, All-Regional Solo and Ensemble lst 3, Altemare to Region 4, National Honor Society 5-4, Model Office Assistant 4, Scholastic Achievement Awards -1, U.l,L. Literary 4, U.l.L. Accounting 4, District 4th, Volleyball 5-4, 2nd Team All- District 3, Two All-Tournaments 3, Attended Little Cypress High School l-5, Attended Wichita Falls Hugh School 5. Dana Crawford Choir 5-4, Model Omer Assistant 5, Oflite Assistant 4. Doug Crow FCA I-4, Spanish Club 4, Football 3-4, Lertered 5-4, Honorable Mention Texas ABM Draltmg Contest Z, Track 2, Sherri Davidson Cheerleader l-4, Student Council l and 5, FFA l-4, Greenhand Student Council 1, Sweetheart 1-4, Reporter 5, President 4, Speech Club l-Z, FHA 3, Most Beautiful 4, Treasurer l, Student Council Representative 5, Homecoming Queen Nominee 4, Giles Assis- tant 3-4, U,l.L. FFA 3-4, District and Area Chapter Farmer Chapter Conducting 5, Mineola District Secretary 4, District Sweetheart 3-4, Area Sweetheart 3-4. Advancing. to State Sweetheart Contest 4, Whos Who Among American High School Students 4, Who s XY'ho ln Agriculture 4. Anita Detmer Band l-2, District Band I-2. Choir 5, FHA I-3. Dean Dilte Listing not submitted, Penny Dutton FCA I-2, Library Assistant l, Track l-3, Volleyball I-Z. Robbie Evans Band I-4, Flag Corp thptain Z, junior Best Flag Corp Captain 3. Dfum Malin 4, Quinlan Homecoming Queen Nominee 4, Library Assistant 4. U.I.L, Solo and Trio Z-5, At- tended Quinlan High School l-4, Attended Van High 4 Vernon Fearherston Listing not submitted. Oma Foutz Basketball l, Choir Acapclla Lyt I, ll in Suki, Spanish Club 5-4, PASF 5-4, js. Historians 5-4, Historian 5. Speech Club 4. U.l,l.. Science Z-3, Yearbook Reporter 3, Newspaper Reporter 3, Whos Who in An 4. ' Lee Frey Band I-4, District Band 4, Basketball 3-fl, Leltctetl 3-4. Speech Club 2-4, FCA 3'4t Spanish Club 3,jETS Club 3-4, Treasurer 4, Dinner Theatre 5, Football l-4, Lett:-ted 34. Zflil Team All-District 4, J. C. Kellam Award Scholastic Achievement Award l-4. Track 3-4, Let- tercd 4, U,l.L. Debate 2-4, Regionals Z and 4. Tameko T. Friend Band l-3, Basketball 2-4, Choir 4, FCA l-4, Library Assistant 4, Basket- ball Most Valuable Player l and 4, Track 4, Volleyball 4. jane G-able FHA l, ECA 2-4, Olhce Assistant l-5. Track l-Z, Volleyball l-3. Paige Giles Band I-4, Sweepstakes l-4, Cheetlmder l, FCA I-4, Spanish Club l-4, Speech Club 2-4, Treasurer 4,jr. Historians 3-4. FHA 3. Bef' DYCSSH-l 4. Dinner Theatre 3-4, MH' jorette 2-4, State Qualifier 5-4, One-Aa Play 4, Scholastic Achievement Awards l-4, Tennis l, U.l.L. Twirling 3-4, Yearbook 2-4, Newspaper 2-4, Atl Manager 4, Whos Who Among, Americin High School Students 2-4. Phillip Goldwater FFA l-4, Football l-5, Track I-2, Paul Gossman Scholastit Achievement Awards 3-4 Alecia Griflin Band l-4, First Chair Oboe I-4, First Chair All-District Band l-4, SA All- Region Band l-4, SA All-Region Orchestra 4, All-Area Band 2, All-State Barn! Z. All-Ama Or- chestra 4, All-State Orchestra 4, U LL. Soloflinsemhle Gold Medalist l-4, Texas State Solo! Ensemble Gold Medalist 1-4, john Philip Sousa Band Award 4, Drum Mayor 3-4, Band' sman ol' the Week 2-4, Choir 3-4, Secretary 5-4. Member ol'UFO's pop group 3-4, Region Solo Gold Medalist 3-4, Region Ensemble Gold Medalist 4, Solo Silver Medalist at TSSEC 3. Voice of Democracy 4, Bauch and Lomb Honorary Science Award 4, Most Talented Girl 4, Van Oil Queen 2, FCA l-2, jr Historians 2-BJEFS 2-4, NHS 2-4, Whos Who in Math 4, Who's Who in Science 4, Who's Who in English 4, Scholastic Achievement Award l-4. T5f'm5,l'4. Lettere-d l-4, U.l,L. Literature 4, U.l,L Gikulator 4, U.l.l1. TyPH1g l, UT -il A115110 Collo- quium 3, 5 H100 Scholarship to UT at Austin, Physics Olympia at NT'-SU 4, julie Griffin Band l-4. First Chair Percussion 5-4, Dimiff 3. Fin! Chair 3, District Debate l-4, Regionals 2-4, UIL informative Speaking 5-4, Regionals 5-4, State 4, Ull. Newswriting Money Talks. Seniors joel West, Darren McCaw1ey, Terry N Timmons, Stephen Sanders, and David Nichols listen atten- tively to First State Bank Vice- President Randy Carter during a government field trip. Chad Krisher Barbie Lanier Victor Larsen Cedrick Manley Trevor Markgraf wa.. ,ff t. ef AE tt. , Yan 'vm' I W ...K , 3 My Sher r r Marrin 2 .,I,.2,.t 'ii 111 tttt Oscar Martinez X in i Cindy Mewbourn .. Kim Moore im' ' Q"'7 ' A ,C ii 5 Mary Moore James Mullins Darren McCaw1ey Thomas McClanahan David McCoy Rodney Nicholas David Nichols Kim Nichols Aretha Pamplin Craig Parrish 126 People 5 Mira. i,...,,. r rrrr'r fr p C, , ff ss .... ,.-Q . 'Fx K i 1 ew we XX---ef. 4 . we X f i,i , ,TL i layfulness REVALE very student looks forward to the day I when they can par- 'ate in all the senior titles. here is voting on invita- s and ordering caps, ns, thank-you notes, and nory books. When ything arrives in the . ! I no-,. 43 spring, name cards are ex- changed and memory books are stretched to hold napkins, pic- tures, and ticket stubs. Then all too soon the class gathers for the Senior Olympics, Six Flags, and the ultimate senior activity, Graduation! Martha Hynes s 3 S., . l Wt . . - ' Reisor Pickett i 'li Q Lisa Powell , - ,Q Tressie Ramsey Stacy Ripley .- v, S-' 9 Stephen Sanders 'f Mary Savage 4- f Stacy Saxon Gretchen Smith Q 5-4, Regional 3-4, UIL Hezttlline Writing ,l-4, Regional 5, Ytzirboolt Stall I--1, Student-Life Editor 3, Editor in Chief 4, Newspaper Stall' I-4, llo-editor 3, Assistant lirlitot 4, Mttlorette Z-4, Plead Majotette 4. One-Act Play 4, Crew I-5, Ull. Twirling l-4,,Solo State Qualiliet 2-4, Quarm State Qualifier 5-4, FISA 3-4, Treasure-ri-4. Jr, Historians 231' 5m,n4"v3E,-.pmi,tg,,, X, Ptesitlent 4, Spanish Club 4, Secretary 4, FFA l, Greenhuntl President l, Greenhantl Sweethean I, Star Gvenhuntl I. Grcenhnntl Chapter Farmer Chapter Conducting Team l, NHS Z-4,jets 5, Spa-ch I-4, Dinner Theatre 1-4, Hmiwzoming Queen Nominee 4, Most Likely to Sumter.-il 4, Sophomore Class Vicelfwtesitlent. junior Class Secretary. Whos ' lwho Among American High Sthool Students 3, Who's Who in Speech 4, Whds Who in journalism 4, Whos Who in Sotiitl Studies 4, Scholastit Athievement Award I-4, UIL High Point lntltvidunl Award 5-4, Voife of Demo-:ruqf Award. David Hamilton FFA I-2, FHA 3,Spwrh 4, Phiuograplier lbr Yenrbook 4, Phorogmpherhzr Newspaper 4. Kevin Haugh lmlustriitl Arts State Contest lst plate ll, Football 2-3, Attmtletl hilillimia l, Brownshoro 2, , 5 V, I Aubrey Hay Band l-5. jay Helms FCA I-5. Football I-4, Letteretl 5-4, Ollite Assistant 5--1, Student Lonntil 4, Suretary 4, Track l, Z, 4. Lttrereil 2, fl, U.l.l.. Regional Finalist Track 5. Chris Hendricks Baseball l, lettered I, FCA I-4, FCA Senior Representative 4, Football i-4, Lett:-retl 2-4, M.V,P. in Ft1otlmll4,Olllce Assistant l, 4, Trask Z- 4, lettered 3. Kelly Hendrix List not submittctl. Christa Henry FHA 4, Oflite Assistant 5 ' , . Susan Hester Ltbmry Assistant 5, Tniclt I, Volleyball l-4. FHA 4, Brent Hill Basketball l-4, Letterr.-tl 2-4, FCA l-4,jlzTS 4, Speech 4, M.V,P, in B.isl.etball 4, Ollke Assistant I-4, Siholastic Achievement Awards l. Mechzlr: Hullowell Band l-4, District Hamel l-4, FCA I-fl, Spanish l-4, Speech l--1, jr Historians 5-4, Witticst 4, Oflite Assistant 4, Perleu Attentlaritc Award l-2, Yearbook Stall 2-4, Newspaper 2-4, Tennis I-4, lmtteml 4, Donnie Hubbard Regionals Industrial Arts 5, State Industrial Arts 4, Tratk 3-4, Letturetl 5-4, Tammy Huffines FCA l-4, Student Qittncil .Z-3, Student Council Settetury 5, National Honor Society 2-4, NHS Secretary 3-4,jE'l'S 5, Class Favorite 2-4, Sophomore Class Represen- tative, Senior Class Saretary, Homecoming Queen Nominee 4, Volleyball and Track, All- Around Girl 4, 'feather Assistant 4, Scholastic Achievement Award l-4, Tmtk l-4, buttered l- 4, U.l.L. Typing Z, U.l.L. Accounting 4, Volleyball l-4, l,e-tteretl 5-4, Hunutuble Mention All- Districr 5, lst All-District 4, Whos Whom Business 4, Miss VHS 4. Cathy Hughes Basketball I-4, Letter:-tl 4, FFA l-4, Greenhantl Lcmlership Distritt. Ara l. Greenhantl Tn.-.tsuter l. Student Advisor 4, Track 2. Volleyball l-3. - Martha Hynes Spanish Club l-2 and 4, Vice-President 2, FFA l-4, Treasurer 4, jr. Historians 3-4, Speech Club 4, FFA Gteenhantl Quiz 5, District lst and Are-.i Bid, Scholastic Achievement Award 1-Z, U,l.L. Scienuc Fair 2, Local Zntl and Regional 2nd, U,l,l,. Future Writing 3-4. District Sth, U.l.L. l-klirorittl Writing 5-4, Distric, Yearbook Staff 3-4, lst Stare Yearbook Sports layout 4, Newspaper 5-4, Ad Saleswoman 4, Feature Editor 4, Etlitorialist 4, Whos Who Among American High Sthoul Students 4, Attended Commerce High School l-2. Penny Irwin FHA I-2, Vin--President 2, jr. Historians 3-4, Znd Viet:-President 4, Speech Club 3-4, Secretary 4, Spanish Club 3-4,jliT5 3, NHS 3-4, Historian 4, History Contest 3, jr. Historian History Day 4, Dinner Theatre 3-4, One-Act Play 4, Scholastic Achievement Awards I-4, U ll, News Writing 2-3, U,l.L Feature Wnting Z, U,l.L. Editorials 4, Lincoln-Douglas Debate ,l'4. Ptfrstiasive Speaking 4, Donna jack Choir I, Spanish Club l. Library Assistant 4. Kari jacltstxri Basketball Manager 4, lettered 4, FHA l-2, Speech l-3, FCA 5-4, Tx-acl: 4. U.l.L. District Meet 4, Attended Keller High I-2, Sim Houston High 2, Debra jameson FHA I-3, Tmcher Assistant 4, Attended Richardson Senior High I. Denise johns Bartmess Band l-4, District Band l-3, Whos Who Among American High School Students S-4, Choir 3, FFA l, Library Assistant 2, Model Olhce Assistant 4, Scholastic Achievement Awards I, Stephen Kidd FCA 2, Football l-2, Trutlt I. Todd Kivett Spanish Club 3. Randy Knight Baseball l-4, Lcttered l-4, All-District 2-4, All-Distric Honorable Mention 3. Speech Club 1-4, KEY Cub I-Z, Spanish Club 5-4, ,IETS 5-4, Speech Vite-President l, KEY Club Secretary l, Speech President 2, KEY Club Vite-President 2, JETS Historian, Freshman Class Favorite, Sophomore Cass Favorite, Freshman Clas President, Sophomore Cass Presi- dent, Dinner Theatre 5-4, Football 2, Letrcretl 2, Sophomore Player of the Year Baseball, Giles' Assistant 4, Guvemmenr Award 3,,Trig. Award 4, U,l,L. Duet Acting l-2, U.l.l.. Prose 3. U.l.I.. Poetry 4, One Act Play 4. District All-Star Chst 4, U.l,L. Math 4, U,l.L Sdente 4, Ar- tenoletl Lakeview Centennial High School l-2, Chad Krisher FFA I-Z, FCA l-4, Spanish Club 4, FCA Student Qluncil Representative 3. FCA President 4, Spanish Cluh Student Council Representative 4, Football I-4. Luttcted 3-4, lst Team All-County 4. 2nd Team All-District 4. Track 2-4, lettered 4. Barbie Lanier Band l-4, U.l,L, Twirling l-2, Distriu Band 3, Banclsman of the Week 3, FCA I. Spanish Club 5-4, JETS 5, jr. Historians 3-4, Club Historian 4, Whos Who Among American High Sthool Students 3, Society of Distinguished American High School Stutlr.-nts4, Tennis l, U.l.l.. News Wriring 3-4, Yearbook 2-4, Sports Editor 3, Newspaper 2-4, Circulation Manager 3-4. Victor Larsen Spanish Club l, Newspaper Staff 3-4, Yearbook Staff 3-4. Attended North Lamar High School I, M, Gratly Spruce High School 2,john Tyler High School 3. Cedrick Manley Band l, Baseball I-3, Basketball 2, Goss Gfficer 3, Football 2, Stutlent Coun- cil Representative 3, Trevor Markgnf Spanish Club 3, Loud Mouth Award 4, Mr, Evans' Assistant 4, Metal ll lst in Stan: 4, Wittiest 4, Sherri Martin FHA l, 3. Tracy Martin PASF Spanish Club 1-3. NHS 3, jf. Hiiwfiilni .lt SPWCH 54, FHA 4, FHA Secretary-Treasurer 4, Dinner Theatre 3-4, Library Anistant 3, Oflice Assistant 4, One-act Play 4, Scholastic Achievement Award l-2, Honomble Mention All-Stat Cast 4. Yearbook Staff 4, Newspaper Staff 4. Cindy Mewbourn Band I-3. Speech l-4, I I I I Kim Moore Basketball l-2. Lettered l-2, Clam Favorite l-4, Class President l-4. Football I-4. lxrterecl 2-4, M.V.P, in Offense 4, lst Team All-State 4, Student Council I-4, Track l-5, Let- tetetl I-3, U.l.l. Track I-5. Mary Moore Cl-mit 2-5, Model offer Assistant 4, Teachers Aide I. 3, james Mullins Basketball 5-4, Lette-red 4, FFA I-4. Student Council Representative 4, JETS 4, Scholastic Achievement Award l. Darren McCawIey FHA 3, Teacher Assistant 4, Newspaper Photograplter 4. Yearbook Fhntogmpher 4. 'l1tomas Mcillanahan Baseball l-4, lettered l-4, M.V,P, 4, All-District Honorable Mention l. Znd Team All-District 2. lst Team All-Distritt 5, All-East Texas Honorable Mention 3, Ist Team All-Distritt 4, All-Tourmirnent Gmntl Saline Tournament 4, FFA l-4, State Chapter Continuing 3, Gteenliaml Treasurer l, Student Council Representative 2, Student Adviser 5, Tmisurer and Parliamr.-nrarian 4, NHS 2-4, NHS President 5-4, Spanish 5.1L Historians 3-4, Student Council Representative 3. Trasurer 5, Reporter 4, jE'l'S 3-4, President 4, Student Council President 4, Dinner 'Theatre 4, Footlnll I-2, ,Office Assistant 4. One-act Play 4, Scholastic Achievement l-4, Student Council Citizenship Award 4, Mr. VHS 4, t David McCoy Football l, Library Assistant 4. Truck l-Z, lassmates, friends form LOSE FAMILY TIES t came with the first bell of school. It in- vaded minds and bodies of those unsuspecting souls. It was -- the Senior Sillies. Senior Sillies are those good feelings you get when you become a senior, trying to have fun at everything Sandra Smith Karen Stroud Diane Taylor Christie Stanford ' A S A M Tonia Thedford Terri Tillison Terry Timmons julie Tobin Shafer Toone Brian Valentine Cynthia Ward joel West 1 People you do. Seniors had an extraor- dinary year of fun and learn- ing - but mostly fun. In school, classes were never boring when a senior was present. They always added life to the normal class activities. "In all my classes, Seniors always had a good time," Senior Kelli Wiggins said. Martha Hynes Having a ball. Seniors james Mullins, Craig Parrish, Sam Bass, and Cedric Manley grab a quick game of basketball dur- ing off season. A-. gzfgf ,Q ' lg Q 1 ' f Kelli Rice Wiggins Randy Wiggins l 5 5 . g , E f L , . L 4 "5 2' : 5 ,f 'V 'D ' U sf' , J-. . Wit . M 4 1 Q U 4 "" W Yi X , , N or 'X ' 0 'ix xg fi'-' 5. -fr ' 'E 4 My whim Q- 4 , we -f : Q! Tonya Willingban Tina Cooper Wiggins Angela Wilkerson Dan Wilkerson Kim Willingham Tonya Willingham Belinda Wilson Bryan Wright Trecia Young Rodney Nicholas Baseball l-4, Lerrrred l-4, FFA I-2, Fuurlull l. ' l David Nichols Band 1-4, Soloflinsembie Sr-.ue Qualifier 2, 4, President-4, In-.lusrriul Arcs Club 4, President 4, Teachers Assrsrnnr 4, Scholasriv. Achievcme-nr Award l, 5-4, Whos Who in Band 4, Whu's Who in lndnsrrial Arrs 4. Who's Who Among American High Sbhuol Srurlrnrs 5-4, V , , , , Kim Nichols Baskcrball l, lrrrerul l. FFA l, FHA 2-4, FHA Historian 3-4, FCA 4, Who's 'Who in Homrmaking l-2, Who's Who Clothing and Tuxriles 3, Arremled Wills Poinr l-Sr Arcrha Pamplin Tcrulvcr Assisxunr 5-4. A Craig Parrish Baslrerbaxll I-3, Lum-rcil 5, FCA l-4, Trcnsurcr 3,7 Rvporrer 4, Spcmh 5-4, Treasurer 3, Vim-Prcslrlem 4, Spanish l-5, Debate 4, Musr Hnmlsumc 4, Dinner Thuum' 4, Fourball I-4, lxrrervd 5-4, All-Disrricr lst Tram 4. Hormrnhle Menrion Running Buck 4, Honorable Menrion Ollknse 4, All-Cuunry Defensive Back 4, Giles Assisranr 2-4, One-Aa Play 4, Track 2-4, Lerrered 2-4. Regionals Finalist 5, What Who Among American High School Students 3-4, V K RL-iso: Picker: Baskerbnll l-4, Lerrcred 3-4, lsr Tmm All-Distric: 4, FCA l-4, Freshman 'Represcnturrvm Spwch Z-4, Student Council Represvnrarive 5, Spanish 3-4,fVice-President if! Class Srudenr Council Rcpresenrurive 4, Dinner Thenrre 4, Fuurbnll l-4, lxrn.-rcsl 3-4, BesrfAll1" Around Boy Arlxlete 4, One-ad Play 4, Srudenr Ozunul 5-4, Tennis l-4, lxrreml l-4, Lisa Powell Band I-4, Basketball l-2, Urrerlezxder l, 5-4, Lcrrered 3-4, FCA l-fi, Spewh 2-5, Class Favorite l, Srudrnr Council Reprusenrsmve 4, Homecoming, Queen 4, Teacher Assisurm 4, Track l, Valcnrine Queen 4, Whds Who Among American High School Sruilrnrs 3 4, Mrsg Conga-nialiry V.rn Oil Fr-srivul 4, 2nd Runner Up-4. f Stacy Ripley Basketball l, FCA l-3, FHA lvl, Trunk 2- 5, Library Assisranr 4, Speech Club 5, . Stephen Sanders Baseball 2, Choir 3-4, Fuorball l-5, Track l-2, Tennis l. , Mary Savage FFA Dairy Curl: judging Tr-.rm l-2, FFA Dairy Pruducr Team 3, FFA Show Team 4, FFA l-4, FFA Hisrurian l, FFA Senrinel ZA5, 'FFA Reporter 4, FFA Schulastib- Arhievemrnr Award l-4, Volleyball l, 4, Manager 4. , Stacy Saxon lsr in Sur: Industrial Arr 4, lrulusrrinl Arr Llub 4, Fuorbull l, 3-4, M.V.P. Tranlzi 4, Truck l-4, lmrered 2-4.. f Q Grerchen Smirlx Band l-4, Srmlcrn Council Rrprescnranve 4, Spanish Club 2-4, jr. Hxsrunans 5-4, Treasurer 4, ,IETS 5, Who's Who Among American High School Srudenrs 3. Yearbook Sufi' Z-4, Newspaper Sraif Z-4. Head Phorogmpher 4, ' Sandra Smith Tigcrerrcs Drill and Prr.-cis-lun Team, Science Club, junior Varsity Volleyball, Team, Spanish Club, U.l.L Spanish Award, Auro-mechanics Club, Solo and Ensemble Partial- pnnr, Volleyball Manager, U.l.l.. Lin-fury Cririusm. Am-nded Llndenvliildnre and Mineola, Chrisxie Srmfurd Cin-erlx.-rider l-3, FCA l-2, Speech 2-4, Humeuurning Queen Nominee 43 Giles Office Assisramt 5-4. f Karen Stroud FCA 3-4, Spanish Club 3-4, NHS 4, Model Oflke Assisrzmr 4, Scholzxsric, Achieve-mem Award 4, Newspaper Smllll, Volleyball 4, Amended Mesquite l-2. I Diane Taylor Band l-4, All-District Band l-4, SAAAAA All-Rcgiun Band 5-4, Arc: l, 5-4, SAAAAA All-Region Onhesmx 4, Texas All-State Band ,K-4, U.l.L. Solo! Ensemble Medalist I-4, Teams Stare 5ulv1Ensemble Comes: 1-4, Whds Who in Music 5-4, Librarian 5, Vire- Presndenr 4, Choir 5-4, Pop Group 3-4, Vin:-Prsidenr 4, Spamsh Club l-4,jr. Historians 5-4, journalism Photographer 3-4, U.l.i.. Typing l, Schulasrlc Achievemenr Award 3-4, Vlhds Who Among Arm-muh High School Students 5-4. , Tonia Thedford Band l-4, All-Disrrin Band l-3, Sure Qualifier 2-4, Whu's Who Among American Music Srudenrs 2-4, Serremry 4, Band Sweexhewm 4, Spa.-ch Club 2-4, Spanish Club 3,-4, jr. Hisroriuns 2-4, U,l.L. journalism 2-4, Yearbook 2-4, Acad:-mins Editor 3, Newspaper 2-4, Fmrure Edrror 3-4, Whu's Who Among American High School Srudenrs 3-4, Miss Texas U.S. Teen Pageant Sure Finalist 4. Terri Tillison Baskerbull .l-4, Lezrered 3-4, FCM l-4, Senior Represenrarive 4, FHA 3, Speech 5-4, Dinner Theurre 3, Olliu: Assisranr 2-3, Giles Asslsranr 4, Track I-5, lerrered l-5, Year- book Staff 3-4, Newspaper Smff 3-4, Volleyball l, Whu's Who Among American High School Srudcnrs 3-4. Souery ul' Disringuishcxl American High Sahool Students 5-4, Schulnsric Arhieve- mem Award 4, Government Award 4. Terry Timmons Lis: not suhmirred. Julie Tobin FHA l-2, Arrended Grand Saline l, jzuksonvillr: 2. Shafer Toone Band l-2, FCA l-4, Spanish Club 3-4, Speech 5-4, jr. Historians 3-4, Dinner 'nu-arte l-4, Football 1-4, Lerrered 3-4, One-an Play 3-4, lsr Place All-our Medalist 3, Track l-3, U.l.L, Dcbare l-4, Who's Who in Drama 4, Wbo's Who in Spanish 4, Brian Valentine Basketball 2-4, Lerrercd 4. FCA l-4, Library Asigtanr Z, Tmck I-2, Smze Qualifier Wwd Shop 2, Scare Qualifier Power Systems 4. K Bryan Walker Agriculture l-4. - Cynthia Ward Choir 5-4, Lemzrerl 4, Spa-rch Club ,5-4, U.l,L Choir 5-4. Pre-Management Home Business Club Z, Attended Kemp High School l-2. joel Vlesr FCA l, Football I, Library Assistant 4. Kelli Wiggins Band l, FHA l-2, Speech l, 4, FCA .Z,jr, Historians 5. Spanish Club 5, Ten- nis I-2, Yr-.rfbogk 4, Newspaper 4, Whds Who Among Ameriurn High ScboolVSrudc:nts 3-4, Randy Wiggins Baskerball l-Z, Churr l-4, Presidenr 3-4, jr, Hisronnn 5, IS: Vice-President 5, Class Presidenr 5, Dinner Theatre 4, One-our Play 4, Football l-4, Lerrered 5-4, Student Council l-4, Trunk I-4, Lemrred 4, Regional Qhuir Soluffinsemhle I-4, Stare: Solollinscmble 2-4. Tina Wiggins Lisr not submlm-rl. Angela Wilkerson FHA 2-4, Hrsrorian 5, President 4, Whu's Who in Arr 4, Who's Who in Home Economics 4. Dan Wilkerson Baseball 2-4, Lerrered Z-4, FCA l-4, Fnurball l-4, Lerrered 3-4. i Kim Willingham Basketball I-4, lxrrered 4, Speech Club l-4, FCA l-4, Sccrerary 4, Spanish 2-4, FFA 2-4, Treasurer 5, Vice-Presidenr 4, FFA Scare Chapter Farmer Concluding 3. FPA Farm Radio 4. Van Oil Pageant 4rh Runner Up 3, Miss Congeniality 3-4, Van Oil Queen 4, Library Assistant 4, Teacher Assistant 4, Track l-3, Lerrered l-5. Belinda Wilsun Baskcrball l-2, FCA l-4, Freshman Reprcscnrarive, Spanish Club 2-5, Speech Club 5-4, Track- l-2, lrrrered l-2, Volleyball I-4, Lerrered 4. Bryan Wright FFA I, Secremy l, Purliamemmy Procedure l, FCA 3, Spanish Club 3-4, Besr Dressed 4, Offirc Assrsznnr 3, Tennis l-4. Lrrtererl 4, Whds Who Among American High School Students 4. Trecin Young Band l-3, Bnskerball l-5, lettered 3, FCA l-4,jr. Class Represcnrarive 3, Stu- dent Council Rcpresenmrivr: 4, JETS 5. Speech 2-4,jr. Historians 2-4, Dsnnsr Theatre 5. Year- book 2-4, Newspaper Sr.1l'l'2-4, Whds Who Among American High School Students 4. ffl ,,,:ff7,gzg, Please buy something? ,What Goes Where? Senior Stacy Anderson is the next victim of juniors D'Lee English and Kelleah Gossett. Juniors Lanellc Sibley and Dar- ren Crawford sort Tom Wat to bedelivercd. 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M U 'f Qfffr' J 1QD?1gi1f3g,1f-ffi,,g,AQ,5g.aQfgEgfiv,-,kg Q As,f'j,,Uf:'f:'-: ffl , , Q. 1' +2S?iiW1ffEx,Sff,,1?itsgfmgyfwisgg 2 1 ag, k?iie,g,33g.:mpggsQg H ,Z 2 , Jff,ige'2f-'A'ffQE-H--I??g?f3:4f:?5vgff1,:,g.J5fffsf15yg?s,3fffszgggifffeg - , , fifty .L .1112 f1?'R,,i1rgQf-i51,2114 5,-,tfz,,,' C 4W,ff1,g,5Q, ,,--.,ax,,.f.,,2 .2 3 . y ,W . -HW, ,, 2,-w,,,f.,Qlf W-ff, ,. , , R, Q , 52,,,.,.,fg,,,-t ,Wt , ,. , , ' ,gpm --Iflf imzf zf,'s1fm,1-files . ' . , .L.. 7 ,, t.,t ,X ,.,, ,,,.. A ., W.. wx M ,K -.ww , yy .. 3 . 1:25155 -wwf., mza'?512pzggs5w4.MQ'-sffflmlewffHfszsigas-515msgsHawy2,-,ff.5m.,,m 2 fgWfg,2g,4 . ,, ., ,, . ,W K ' is , 1 Q,.ff,l,,,,t.s,2,, ,,3m,,,,y,3,,,,,,,i,L2,,.,,W,., kgs.w,..,5,iww.fx'-,W,,,,tL5,1f,,,M,,,1ff,,tw,,.fi-y,?,.1,,w,, ,Q,ifw:.:5m, , .HW ffm,IfK,,.f,,.,Q:fk,,,:.Ng,. ,,f,f,,, .. t -, ,Q--f-:M-fY,A We s,we-1.,a,1fff,m5-MW.W,--:esf5,wgf,,v1a,f W:ff.,m,-:ffm fa'--W,-if-wwffmlffsy--W5f3,11,f,,,. M, - iff,-az,-, Hwy -,,,,3,,, :,w,.:M,.W ff,,,--.Q,,-,-:MW ,33,.f11,a, ,,M,2, L,3,..,411,,1, -mwgfs, , . ,5W1,,,. ,t.,.?f,,,: , ...m,,,,,w, f,,,,5,, Q .W . ,,,.---Nf5w.,,,.G,1f:,,f.,,t- w,s,fss,..,xvff,'fm-1.-,fwwfwal vfgzzsfH271f+215:,':m1.,imu,ff-w5g,1fm3-:szfffxfefag,-twin:f,fmzf,,g:f2f-,few:-5915:www:?mff2gJ,5,Jaxx:22W wegwwwssgmazixwfme7-my-nfw -Q--512911 ,,-laxLmvffw-m?fffm f5'ZstSQ12:-sian-tif' -mwffiikv , ,, .... -K 1 People wwwx Q' PM W ww ' I, is .af W' ,'!J 4 ? 2 Q , 'A gf, I , , 3' I 9, K V I 4.5 ff, K Q W . Q., f K N W A V V KA-L ' M lf, wr ' 1 XV' H 1 . I W 7 - '-5 4- ' n Y. X 4 'Sl 0 4 'G' A V "' . Q W. ,Pit ,a. f AJ ,.,x -.f N. . xx. 511 mi, -,561-3:5-,.5g 1121.5 -fm: 1:1 :Q ., 1-fy, ,S , A , , 'W . 2, 3 M W sr, ., , M.. C' , ' '22 Km 1 5' Q 2 f 4 f an ,A cv -0 'A 1, I 1' A 'xx f 3 fwig , , N :V M. , Z V , Dayigf fi! qBnuQc Doddsz rf, Micheile Bose Im' Kwefh F1?fS0H rf 1' wf Q., T11?a 3GmYeS Mau? Q, ,ff 51- ,, Brget 51-Iarxrisane, D i1'-e??Qs1 tSh " 1:1 .QM 'si iw '45, ff: J EAMS test takers find exams not so ERRIBLE nd the answer is . . . Gears begin work- ing and butterflies begin floating on those fateful mornings. The mornings of the TEAMS test. The purpose of the TEAMS QTexas Educational Assessment of Minimum Skillsb is to evaluate your knowledge of the mathematics, reading and writing skills. "I think it can be a good measurement of basic skills and can be helpful to students," English teacher, Mrs. Gloria April Huddle Mike Hudson joe Hynes Jonathan Jackson . Micheal jackson . jon Jarman i Cherie johnson Sherry johnson Stephen johnson Paula jones Carissa Kennedy Micheal LeMonds Tina Libhart Laura Love Viry Martinez jill Meyer Ted Mitchell Tim McClanahan Rhonda Nicholas Matt Nixon Kelly Oxford Tina Parker Neil Pate Shane Pearce 1 People Phillips said. Finally the results . . . In Van High School 9296 mastered the math objective, 96W mastered the language arts. Only 996 failed the math objective, while only 496 failed in language arts. Tijuana Veasey l What's the answer? junior jon Jarman contemplates TEAMS during free time in American History. ,lgy I we-iii . . Mil: ,. 5 , ""i if , Af ...rf g K gxsry H N W T., f. ij' f G' Tv-iS 4 X Q-' 2 'W' li Z g I 0 . , ,. ff ,V 5 .tw , 5 Vpyt If, ..,..y 23,4 1 . -z-sv .. W X, .ga 4 I , I ,fu av mn . ., 1 .,n, i,,., 1 Q 1-uf' 1 i , ..... f 4., ni' fw. K. . . V, . ! i 2 wa' , V' is 4 w ,,- .' 4 thought the TEAMS tests were s 85? B Q said. a RM' U is Ki 'A M ,.-as.-1,,, at , .AM t f N' S' i Sai a., .. 5. e n, L N- K .518 elf Q 'va fweff, I - t 'Fi.IN.Z , br , . s tx 5. Q. W, sf ' x?' N Q X f 1 N it X .W s n t 'H P-X ,- X i easy," Junior Tina Paul Peepers Missy Phillips Tambi Powell 2. Melanie Preston M Richard Prewitt X Glen Pugh Marsha Rhines Ronna Rhodes L V V Robin Rice . Tammy Riley Dianne Roberts - 1 - Laura Robichaux X f A fiat, v fi cf' " mf, .W , . KX' 5 is Cindi Rodriquez Charles Russell jamie Sanders - , -P Micheal Schroeder ig Darin Shelton Q1 Cindy Shepard I Dana Shivers Lanelle Sibley David Slayton . Don Smith Lisa Spillman V Barbie Stapp xix Rm quam .U . Rheatia Stephenson Trina Stiefer Brian Stribling e Rosa Syme Misty Taylor P , Kelly Valentine . gyvp fu. . I Tijuana Veasey Bryan Walker Lesa Welborn 'fe David White P - Gary White J I I Kevin White I Hunter Wilder Nicky Williams Brad Wood Gina York juniors ollege bound students find a aving enough credits for next year is a primary concern on the minds of many sopho- mores as six weeks seem to fly by. Starting with the Class of '88, 24 credits instead of 21 are required for graduation. Some students are on an ad- vanced transcript which re- quires 26 credits for gradua- tion in all public schools in the state of Texas, "lt is go- ing to be very hard and they will really have to work hard to make the grade" junior Renee Chandler said. This HALLENGE new law is included in House Bill 72. With the requirements in this law, students with an advanced transcript will have little time for electives, extra-curricular activities, and study halls because sev- en credits are the most that can be obtained in one year. Terri Tillison Carl YOU Dig It? Sophomores johnny Blevins, Matt Wright, Pat Riley, Scott Schiewe, and Tim Haugh take time out from their archeological dig in Mrs. Cleo Bourland's Wiwrld History class. R. Mickey Akin Freddy Albert N35 , ' Courtenay Anders i'ii A 'iiip Albert Anderson Q e p 5- X y Christy Austin w e -ip x f Daniel Bailey Q 'fa t we a t ,'ll' A K. , ,i S X' 5 Frankie Baker Schuyler Bennett johnny Blevins Kristen Bourland Ratina Brewster Stacy Burch Kim Burkett Tina Burns Sherri Carlson Chris Carrell Stephanie Clark Denise Conaut Shawn Cooke Tonya Cooksy Megan Cronin Aaron Daniels Alanna Davidson ,. ,V M. . M .tg . ,W - i kv 5 P? ! 5 l ' a Q 'Stax M .W . so it i t .. - Qt g s f 1- :R .4 . .Y 1' ,. Z p .. . s sa - . I - gt sb, fe ' --N ,1 it -M i 'Z M me se-'gift i ga Quince Cordova . A Q is M -Q B' 0 Q. gg. l I . +2 l People as 511 m l Steve Srbmidl X r-stan ard at Worli Sophomore gckey Akin works diligently , his class work. s 'f X GLN CX am ' L s tj aa:-il l sf-, , . 4 I Fli iiiiii A s lum E ,Vi ,,11 i g i J I W fi ff " M ,, 54,3 I F fa r f i f ,g il n i 5 3, ' ' ,xy is Q of Q F 51,1 - , .Vf.,,-, . , V I , I M CV h My y Stieff 5 , J: , A' , 'D "It is going to be very hard and they will really have to work hard to m a k e t h e grade," Jun- io r R e n e e C h a n d l e r said. Lisa Dawson Leslie Dowden joe Dutton Clark Elerson Wayne Essary Joel Featherstone DeAnna Ferguson Sherri Folsom Kevin Fowler Chris Freeze Chris Frey Heidi Fugate David Gable Robert Giles Ricky Goode Steven Goode Tanya Graves Bradley Gregory Brad Harris Lee Hartline Tim Haugh john Hobbs Andrea Hollowich Kathy Houpt Tenth Grade "Sophomores are just sorta here at school," John Pickett said. David Howard Michelle Hughes Sheila Hutton George Jacobs Chris Jarman D. D. Jett Pam Jocoy Debbie johns Robin johnson Keith jones Shelly jones Tracy Lambert Pam Lanier Brian Leadingham Christopher Leadingham Tommy Lewis johnny Lomas Kim Lowrance Celeste Lunceford Kim Matchett Darren Miller Greg Moore Ed Mullins Stacy Murphy Clint McCaffree David McClanahan Shana McKee Tim McLemee Beverly Nauert Matt Neill Amy Nipp Curtis Odom Rhonda Owen Chris Parham John Pickett Mike Preston james Ramsey Chris Reed Shana Reeves Shani Reeves Angela Reid Pat Riley 13 People on .x mi ' ikg S, as Y ,.,k :im ., N 1 vs , K f - Qtek ' P eest l li i k l , K Y K xi ,- . -Evgguv, 'M ..: .. W f f if. QQ? i X X my , gg X 1 ,.,. , 8 , S, :lp , . . 5 1.', , . ti N .g Q ,l F HF 1 '4 Q sg, fQ2'i52iQtggX if .R Q l.- is figs: :gg 1 fl S I -WJ r 5? 2 ,A .,gLg. 6 , Z4 Q' 1tI " j N In yd E i ? 4 i'A S- ' Q i' f... -N e . v ,n, v. E5 J . ' r .,T..,. , . 5 .mg Q i ' ,k , F1 ' " , in 5 I ' 1 3-5 J . Q-.. K . V R P if L m 4 l E -fw- l gf S it-wr r oi . ,f f I X 1 if gg 5 Pi X, 'Mai -4 H93 idlzfs. 'i g v e 2 . S K -s GM . if ' rt any st 'Wa ,. , k x is gf 'r. . :',.!',f"-5'-Q or "' 1 I 'K T . 'r rv 1 l N sssr T ' 1 N Mirlry Akin if K f . I ,SY ' ,X , X. . z ' X M ilence reflects Sophomores' TENCE hey can't get no respect! That's the plight of sophomores for they feel that they have no purpose - they are "nothings" "Sophomores are just sor- ta here at school," Sopho- more john Pickett said. Thinking Hard! Trying to find something to get involved in seems to be the thoughts on Tim Haugh's mind. Q , All other classes seem to have a purpose: freshmen are new and the brunt of pranks and jokesg juniors have fundraisers, plan the prom, and order their senior ringsg seniors anticipate graduation and they are the top dogs. The sophomores have to earn a spot for themselves by excelling in athletics or in UIL activities. They must earn RESPECT, Terri Tillison Carl Roberts Santiago Robles Scott Schiewe Gary Sebren Theresa Smith Y . J Steve Schmidt 5? P We 1 Wa, f 1 wif' f -1 uw '.-N., ...t 5 Tim Spencer Brant Spinn Lee Ann Stewart Tony Summerlin Teresa Tabraham Michelle Taylor Michael Thying Brad Vanderbilt Rosalyn Veasey Whitney Walker Shannon Warner i in r I ,. 4 ,yn "' 1 l,+t".3?z Gina Warren Christie Wiegman -Ken Wiggins johnny Wilkerson Pam Works Matt Wright Kitty Young M Q X K2 . a t Tenth Grade l EAMS and TABS not so ERRIFYING s the year came to an end, the freshmen had many things to look back on, and one of them was the TEAMS test. The TEAMS test, Texas Education Assessment of Minimum Skills, covered reading, math, and writing. "The students felt that the TEAMS test was much easier than the TABS," Mr. Giles said. The TEAMS test, which used to be known as the TABS test, is given in February. In the past, the TABS test Bryan Alexander Cathy Allen jane Allen T awanna Bailey David Baker Kim Beggs Allan Bennett Mitch Bennett Alex Blackmon Troy Blackrnon Diana Bogue Tony Bogue John Bourland Mike Brown .jennifer Browning Danny Brummett Mindy Bryant Terry Calloway Jennifer Camp Keith Campbell Kirk Camper Tracy Carter Bernard Cicero - Susan Cole 1 People had to be passed, or it was retaken. Now, an exit level test is taken by all juniors, so they can graduate. Now that the TEAMS test are over with, the freshmen have to start preparing themselves for the exit level test. Alanna Davidson TEAMS t6St. Mr. Giles discusses the TEAMS test scores with Freshman Becky Goode. The TEAMS tests were given to all freshmen in February. .-gh ' if 5 V 777. f,:. . w:f. ,,f,7-5 il ' . , . , I ul X1 M Students felt that TEAMS test were easier than TABS," Iounselor Bill Giles said. Victor Cole Reda Craig . its 3 o Matt Davidson xiii 'C' -i G xi Shane DaY G s .Q jeff Dearick -rg'-fifgli,-, X3 1 e D " - Bill Detmer 55535 .3 G B li U K ,. Jimmy Dickinson M? , up . 1 G M h f Theresa Dollison R i ' ' me "1 " Shannon Duckworth -sf - K " "' L 1 it i ' 5 ' Deanna Elrod Ei ' FX ' ' i h 'B X ' , W1 3 Christie Frazier y V f X- - f 7 Ku Latitia Freeman if A' gn ksi- V ' Q6 5. ..-. i Q Q Q Michael Friend te Carmen Fuhlbrigge L' Martha Fuhlbrigge Y., Brian Gaylor n 'Xxx Q E April Geddie Geoffrey Gibson M Greg Glass Becky Goode jeff Gore ,r. , April Gorman Kei-rye Gossett Doug Grubbs Boyd Hale Curtis Harris I Lawanna Hendrix S ' ' jim Hill Gina Holder ,V joe Holder Q Q t,,nx I r Chad Hollowell QA ik, 1 Laura Horton 3 3 Brian Howell S Todd Howell X a .Quit .531 Q Q Robbie Hubbard G W rf i ,4 l Cecil Huff B 7 LaDana Huff Jeffnufchins Z A 5- I 1 " W K G 1 at 1 fp :Q Stuart Irwin f tit ' K '57 fa -k ' Elizabeth jackson J , fa"'f"JfCL'S0n . at M J eanie o nson RX l at 1-'if' XE N Ninth Grade ish endure ridicule and RUSTRATIO I I reshman!" Every ninth grader hears that and other teasing comments dur- ing their first year in high school. The school bell rings and all the freshmen shudder at the thought of the teasing. Almost every ninth grader is ridiculed during their first year in high school, but most of them learn to laugh it off. "The upperclassmen tease me a lot, but I know they are just joking," IaDana Huff said. Ridicule does not bother some freshman because they Jana Johnstone Karen Kieselback Kathie Kieselback Pat Kniffin Stacie Knight Mike Ladd Marisol Ledesma Michael Leonard David Lindsey Shannon Lindsey Roger Loper Kim Lough Michael Lozano Stacey Lyons Fawne Mahan jacquelyn Manley Dean Martin Tommy Martin Kelly Matchett Brian Moore Mike Moore Tommy Moore Kristy Morris Steve Morris People know they will be up- perclassmen soon. Some students think being a "fish" is terrible. But if you ask some they might say it was the best of their high school years. "It doesn't bother me much because no one has real- ly bothered me," Matt David- son said. Now that the year is over, maybe the 'upcoming sophomores' will look back on it with lasting memories. Alanna Davidson -iff? ,5.fE .ra..f i iiiil Yv z .ia ff rm . 6 :Q r . xg iwakx 55 G, Wi. ,0-- -' I I g NX fi P rue? i Q ' 'S' . X ,,,, 4 A A , Xxx Q X 2 k 1. , I 2 Q , , V I A 'I ,,, A W L .... . 2' 1' ,E r g 5, ., .rr ,I li -r" 1f , . I . t 43121 ,V X E gg JY E is Melina Batltlfitll Freshman intimidation. Freshman Troy Blackmon tries diligently not to be stuffed into a trash can, but he just can't get Senior Jay Helms passed. YB Melina Batlenficld . msc X , ' W A Q ' if ' gs., ss C, in C 5 . wk Z, v. ' . as fi . , P. We 4 1 1 ' f- ..,f , sf i . Fwd. nazi, G , ' . 'll' 'fy 'i 52 f 7 X -' x f- ,mu Q N .il . 1 "3 ,K , 3' X 3 S X "I know they are just joking," LaDana Huff said." One more time! Senior Jay Helms pins Freshman Troy Blackmon against the wall in a 'friendly' warning, Clay McCaffree Mark McClendon Steven McCoy Jessica McGuire Felise McLemee jeff Nations Tammy Nicholas Steve Nichols Cindy Nipp Anna O'Day Robin Page Travis Pamplin Lyn Pate Pam Percifield Greg Pool Ronda Powell Brad Preston Melissa Preston Billy Prevatt Shannon Price Vanessa Raibon Elvis Raymond Mark Reding Robin Reynolds Ninth Grade l 1 ibrary lessons help students to achieve skills for education ABORS LATER I LIFE he library skills course, which is part of the freshman cur- riculum, teaches students how to use the library and what sources are available. "I think the courses are helping to prepare me for when I go to college," Matt Davidson said. The classes are taught by Mrs. joan Driver, the school librarian, one day each week for 12 weeks. The students are learning to use the card catalog and how to find and use reference books, to help them. "I think the courses help the students in the long run. I wouldn't spend my time teaching them if it did not help them," Mrs. Driver said. By knowing how to use the card catalog, the students are able to find books much easier because they are listed in alphabetical order. Working with the reference books teaches the students how to find certain articles and look up certain materials. Matt Rice Mike Richards Traci Richards David Ripley Dan Roberson Sheila Roberson Frances Roberts Neill Rodgers Harold Roldan Sissy Rozell Carol Ruescher jared Rumbo Paula Sachse Jack Seay jackie Seals Trey Shaid Carl Sheegog Kathy Shepard Amy Shinn . Vincent Shinn John Skinner Darlene Smith David Smith james Smith Students also learn that the librarian is a vital part of the library. She may provide them with answers to their questions and may be able to provide other material and resources to help them with a course or an outside interest. As they prepare for the future, the freshmen may look back on this and be glad they had the chance to learn the ins and outs of the library. Alanna Davidson , I i 1 ' ' - I . nf- I Q5 X P V! i -wi f :gi gm it at S 4 --r' . 3 1 . 1 .gg -' .Mi ., V . M . 'fiii A f ins in f'5 Y A N ' . K . xfxafs h . r I - .sr 5 , I is A . 2- K X 1 1. - K I ' ,A -5 - if i lsstsszai .... - ,g....-.QQ .. - an ' R t :gs Qi is, T 2 A 35 fi ! .....s. . . Ng Q ' H ii W Q. i Y -wt ,N .' 3. .1 -s ' . t " aux 3 ' 2 -1 t F Eg?U 9 a -- -'f Q 1 tat we X X ix 'W . 1 Z if r ii X Q L. Diane Taylor ,,,.. Ap., ,, Is that so? Freshman Cathy Allen listens to Mrs, Driver's presentation on library skills with avid interest. lSI'l't it great? Mrs. Driver shows the freshman library skills classes the display which celebrates the Sesquicentennial. S . -'J '3'rif"' Oli , 5 fra ,J-ri gwkfa ypi 33iii3...q- V. .' fjf,kkf'8 Q - , fy ,f WMU Lf cw ff. V' ' rw 1 ','A my any if 2' .-1 ffgv A V .Nh Eff VAQU E301 HYBAYU IKTNXIK HKU PUR WIN I Vu xx nw:-vu in 4'-, f ' . SF' -, "l"lHi', - - 1 K 5 - QX ki t .,--""Q. S' 'gf-'Z itil "' wif 2' if K 12 x 'va X A Q aff l-f ,,,..W-fri, T Q t w . J R Q .T s 535 1 QSM 5 X ' ii is ifr'1wxfmVgE?E5 --Nvtgsf afwwmsw glabra Pirie!! Kim Smith Tracy Snow Brett Spinn Stacie Sportsman Julie Spurlock Tonia Stanford Sherry Stapp Rhonda Stephenson Chris Stewart Charles Stiner Eddie Teager Scott Thomas Dionne Thompson Teddy Tobin Buddy Van Note Michelle Vega Clint Walker Jena Walker Frankie Washburn Kelly White Billy Wilson Sam Wright Cheryl Young Jennifer Zerbe Freshmen nticipation of high school BOUNDS ear mingled delicately withhappiness, joy, excitement, and hope of a new challenge, filled the minds of many eighth graders who looked forward to that awesome new place they were to go next year: high school!! Eighth graders held many different ideas about their freshman year in high school. Most students quick- ly predicted high school would not be just fun and games. Most eighth graders also knew, moreover, that along with high school, came the worries concerning their classes and the treat- ment they would receive by upper-classmen. "l'm worried about whether or not the sophomores and juniors bul- ly you around," eighth grader jesus Roldan said. In addition, students realized the big changes high school would make from junior high. "High school is a larger school. There are new places to go, and new teachers to meet," jesus said. "We would be the under- dog. Thats a big change from eighth grade," eighth grader Adrian Smith said, Eighth graders also real- ized that high school did not have to mean all work and no play! "I hope to get all my hard "YN-xx Men ,f,, aaufmfm classes over with so th, can have fun my se year," Wfendy Hende said. Michael Bulling XVl'liCl'l one? Christie Hi and Danny Butts worked ing computer class. jennifer Adams 2 ij" v I an ' ii Tamara Anthony Y if , ,i,ieiy. i, . 'Edith Armstrong t J M ,i I iii- , Joni Armstrong V f i f A I -- W, i ff Ginger Bailiff L NX! 4 ii! lg 5 J Trilina Batson Shannon Berry DeAnna Betterton Todd Bogue . Curt Boyles Timmy Burkett Daniel Butts Mindy Carter Daniel Chambers Brandie Chandler john Cole Steve Cordova Travis Crawford Yolonda Crawford Steven Davis Holli Douglas Melissa Douglas Mike Douglas Scott Drennan 14 People I ,,.,,y:L A ,,,, jg ll .I i , 53 ' 'fe it ,i , - . s afe , if 45 N-W-131, H Q45 ,IK fj . 51' i W9 A xi i W 'ff1??f! " i ff?WFft!'ffai75li ff. 'fy Y' ' W ' 1 , m worried about getting bullied around," Jesus Roldan said 9 si .Q as 0 tg ' .E 4 X ff , if E is r f . , m , an-ii 5 - I ,. A X W M, .i 1 , . .: ,,,k ' -as S .X Q G-A S X , . f 1 t ttjl tttt,t C S ' t l utuu we ei "' Q' g 1. 2 T Hx is A ,tZ, 'Ta . julie Drown jennifer DuBose Darla Duckworth David Edwards Holly Flanagan Misty Flowers Michael Folsom Cecil Freeman Davida Gaskin Sarah Gossman Rebecca Grace Michelle Green Ryan Grubbs john Hahn Andy Hamilton Stephanie Hanna Wendy Henderson Michelle Hendrix Amy Herrington Ricky Herrington Paula Hester Shelly Hill Tammy Holmes jeff Hopson Carolyn Houpt Darlene Hubbard Christie Hulsey Stephanie Jepsen Marsha johns Cedric jones Tracy jones Shannon Kelley jamie Knight Heath Landgraf Padraic Laverty Larry Lewis Shane Lindsey Vicky Lomas Israel Lopez Mike McCaffrey Wendy McLean Mike Martin Eighth Grade mputer class part of students RRICU C C osub," "word- processing," "data baseg" these were but a few of the terms well known by the eighth grade computer literacy students as they traveled over the keys of their Apple 2C's. This year was the hrst year eighth graders were re- quired to take a semester of study. According to com- puter lit teacher Patience McGuffey, some people were excited about the course, some were not. Eighth graders, of course, had their likes and dislikes about the learning procedure. "I like working with the spread sheets, word pro- cessors, and data base," eighth grader Darlene Hub- Tammy Massey Gayle Miller Tracie Morris Scott Moseley Latisha Murray Keith Nations Willis Neff jennifer New Kathy Newport Angie Nicholas Chris Nichols Heather Nixon Hector Ochoa james Owens Brad Pate Roger Pierce Julie Prater Keith Preston bard said. "I like playing the games. I hate it when we're not working on the computers," eighth grader Timmy Burkett said. Unfortunately, some eighth graders came into computer lit with the wrong idea about what was done in the class. These eighth graders learned to appreciate the value of the computer. "Computers are helping us in today's society. They let us know what to expect in the future," eighth grader Shannon Berry said. Michael Bullington It did it again! Ginger Bailiff works diligently on her computer during her computer class. This was the first year for the class. WW Q- 14 People omputers are helping us in today's society," Shannon Berry 4,1 sift B 3 I ix ,i .2 xi 'l' wg Ng as jennifer Willingham jesse Wilson Jeffrey Worthen Tisha Youngblood it X - 1 E' , 3 Qfifl T Bill Pyle Lena Reeves jennifer Rice Shelli Rice Lisa Riley Ricky Roach Rita Robles jesus Roldan Devin Rowe Michelle Sanford Jerimy Schiewe Greg Sebren Michelle Shafer joey Silva Adrian Smith Darlene Smith Darwin Smith jerry Sneed james Sparks Jason Sparks Toby Stanberry Kim Stribling Amy Suker Becky Tanner Judy Taylor Todd Thedford Terry Thornburgh Lori Tidwell Amy Tyner Kelly Van Hooser Brad Wallace Cody Warner Brad Waters Scott Wells Amy White jesse Williams Eighth Grade l ' n it Q he t y e L , 1 to 7 1rst year athletes as learn skills and XSS' 1 'fi UNDAMENTALS hrough the years, students anxiously wait for their seventh grade year for the excitement of participating in sports. Youngsters stay long hours after school with hopes of starting in the next game. These practices are very hard and painful, but they always seem to be worth it when the team wins a game. Seventh grader Susie Brawner said, "When you practice, it is worth it because it will help you to win." Seventh graders par- ticipate in football, Andra Akin Brian Ashby Cleta Ashford Julie Baggs John Barnum Brandi Beaver Mary Black jason Blackmon jeff Blackmon Stacy Blankenship Jody Bolin Elyse Bourland jalincla Brawner jamie Brewster Traci Bryant joshel Calhoun Elizabeth Carey Robert Carlson Shanna Cason Clint Chambers Chris Chandler Lisa Chappell Cynthia Clark Scott Conaut l 4 People volleyball, basketball, tennis and track. Most of these students have just one sport they really can't wait for. Seventh grader Steve Per- cilield said, "Basketball is my favorite sport. I get all excited when I play." When these youngsters look back a few years from now on seventh grade, they will realize the practices were worth while. There will be only fond memories of the losses and victories of the first year in competitive sports. 'X-.f I he h.....x:..., D'Lee English at 'Ki A 'K i 'md 55' Q , . Q i , i , V, .,,, ji ii 1 , V I ff 1 Q -w 'T 44 1.4. - k W 4 K 1 A ,N G A I ,. ny , 1? " if di v if . ... X ati H , 79, S f t fe 15 4 1 r 1 ' f 13 2 x ' 'VJAHUQM t r 'tiit t 'A ' ii rm , i T 1 Q ,, ' 1 . A itti, i . y i T A it r frrr fi A ' A so T y ert V n B n e . Trina Sine e Keith Crawford Cristi Crone Tommy Crow Shannon Cupp Kim Dacus Ysidra Dennis Kevin Dodds Matt Douglas Stephine Durant Amiee Fitzgibbon Matt Florence Wendy Gibson Tricia Giles Mary Gossman Carmen Green Eltara Hallman Mark Hazelbaker Amy Herndon Shelly Hilliard Erica Holt Julie Horton Lloyd House jeff Hughes Troy Jarman Seventh Grade agerness shown a gg'-f toward exciting LECTIVES ot only do high school students have elective classes, such classes are also available to junior high students. The electives available to seventh graders are art, choir, shop, band and athletics. "I think we have a good variety of electives. lt's as good as can be expected," said seventh grader Christy jordan. Many of these students spend a lot of time on their Billie Jesehlbs T Kimberly Johnson Michael johnson Christy Jordan Misty Kidd Brian King jim Lanfrey Heidi Lanier Shauna Lindsey Tami McCallum Stephen McClendon Michelle Marquess Lisa Martin Becky Mewbourn Deanna Miller Toby Mitchell Susan Morkel Lori Morris Amy Nelson joey Nichols Pam Nicholas ' Daniel Nipp Buckley O'Day Reva Ogilvie 1 People electives and enjoy it. "Band is my favorite elec- tive. l spend extra time after school just so l will be good at it," said seventh grader Buckley O'Day. The skills and techniques that they learn are educa- tional but also fun, and they prepare them for high school courses. D,Lee English Snip. Snip. Snip. Davida Gaskin prepares her material to make a Christmas ornament in Homemaking, one of her electives. 'i On... :L gig 1 fiifil ' f..'1 . y 31, ...x iii. .Hz K ally, li W .f 5. E 'Z . 5 , .. i fi JM . . VVLWL VVV: 1 A V A ' . . ...V I af Band is my favorite elective, Buckley O Day said. Marisa Organ Mechelle Owens Rhonda Page Robby Parish Richard Parker Steve Percifield james Phillips Michael Piercefield Russell Reddic Mary Roberson Ben Roberts Pascual Roldan Kim Ruff Brent Rumbo Clay Rumbo Carla Sash Brian Shaver Kim Shepard Kelly Shirey Tommy Smith Danny Sowell Keith Stanford Kim Stewart Steve Stewart Stefenie Stone Brian Swain jackson Taylor Jeannett Teager Sean Terry jeff Townsend Tammy Valentine Douglas White Brandy Wilder Julie Wilkerson Chuck Wilson Greg Wilson Seventh Grade l l Smiling Pretty! Rachel Wzishhtirn ends a cheer as she enthusiastically prepares for try-outs. Go Vandals! Cindy Frey Wfencly Massey and Casey Cor- dova begin practicing for up- coming try-nuts. If ggwfgiygg if, af? fha Da vid H amillun Stephanie Adair Brandy Atwell Teresa Bailey Lori Beall Shannon Beall Daniel Beck Matthew Bennett Wayne Bennett jeromie Blackwell Tracy Blackwell Rhett Boyd Deanna Breedlove DaRynda Brown Amy Browning james Bruner Michelle Bullington jennifer Butler josh Carter Stewart Casey jason Clyburn john Cole Michael Collins Scott Cooke Casey Cordova f l 2 People ,Q FT , 7 , zmm' i , K , 'l Q5 f ,lax P ! V ' air? W , ,.,lt,, 5 ' "f" f " ' , 'f . m f ' f - V - ,y, fly it asf' i f R i t f iii i l ' ,y f f ' 'f ,, 'f ' -f ' ' X M 'f f' ,, ' I Hy A , X ' i I C ,,i ,',gl.ff-, J 3 'fl' ' Q -7 'e T Q lieu fr i . qw""""l',,,,, if f' VI jj W' ' V 11, Q5 fn f , 21 .af , - .5255 , 1 I if f V. 4' L Q , ec in i ' tL'-fi ,, 'ff' ' B s y T 32. if .. is V lf -'., ww, ,z "Q , 'n Na... , -if David Hamilton are is seen While girls are HEERING C Q wo bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar . . No, it wasn't an auction but the sixth grade girls trying out for junior high cheerleader for the tirst time. V Sixth grader Renee Riley said, "lt would be run to be a cheerleader for a football team." These sixth grade girls memorized and practiced cheers until every movement was perfect for the big day. MI just want to be out there participating, helping the football team to win," QM ji A ,f J ' ' 2 ,,, , in 7 a 4 Q M A -we S ., Y 'sw 5 4 li 5 ,, ' ,Q , , ,. 1 Amy Harris said. Nerves were at their peak on the big day and for many reasons not all sixth grade girls gave it a try, Lorrie Morgan said, "l'm not going OLII because l would be nervous and mess up," The judges had a hard time deciding who would represent the sixth grade as cheerleaders because all the girls put forth their very best at tty outs ,.."all for the Vandals, stand up and ,,. holler. Kelli Wiggins Treva Cumby Sallie Dahlgren jody Davis Robyn Dowden Kristin Earle Danny Echols Kari Edwards Clay Faulkner Regina Foreman Angela Freeman jessica Freeman Cindy Frey Dustin Glass jason Gore Richard Graves jeff Gray Anthony Hale Michael Hale Amy Hall Amy Harris Brian Head Sammy Hill Elaine Holmes Thomas Huff Sixth Grade ee-wee football provides useful ASTIME oger Staubach, Dan- ny White, or maybe even Ed "Too Tall" Jones could have began their careers in pee wee football. For the first time in Van, the sixth graders had a "pee wee" football team coached byJames Casey. "I've learned more about football and l've learned to have better ability and not be scared," Rhett Boyd said. They were taught plays and how to hit hard. This experience will help the boys in the future. Elizabeth Hynes Corey Jenkins Chris Jennings Shannon Jepsen Stephen Jeter Misty Johnson Wesley Johnstone Denise Jones Becky Knight Kimberley Kotlarz Michelle LeMonds Josephie Lomas Thomas Loving Brady Lunceford Wendy Massey Donald Mathis Kara McCarley Toni McKay Jeremiah Merriman Angela Miller Marisa Moon Lorry Morgan Mark Morris Brigette Morse 1 People "It taught me some stuff. It taught me how to hit harder," Craig Nations said. With the techniques and plays learned in "pee wee" football, these sixth graders learned valuable lessons while having fun. Kelli Wiggins Tackle! Craig Nations tackles Jay Procter as Rhett Boyd comes in to finish the job. The boys are practicing for "pee wee" football. 'Q as at 3' Q T s .Tai U at 40 . I Xu! s grew assi Rfaf . -.. N. 6 ig Y X W . MX, ' -at -ri . jg: f' si ' IN K at N L x gm Y 4 "U, if-Q: if A .Q A W Q45 ' uv A 'JM , . ,. i k v . W 4 4-+K ' ,,, a 'is at E Q' A ir ? Q 9, , J . 1 -P -f 1 Da!'i1lHf1mifIurl J S tilts' R s s s :js . i - 'zz' X . ' -- .,., , t , . mi as sms, IT 1 if 1 --wa- Q- its N .t ,W- as pw 0. Q ,.WL H .6 R ,ts - ,fs :gs -4 4. David Humilnm 9 X X x 111- w ' B R '15 ' e - K- .:,. - X . . 2 K W . k i 5 F XX X .X . C3355 .. Kwai , - ' L 1 R "It taught me how to hit harder," Craig Nations said. Practice Makes Perfect! Ronald Simpson, Sammy Hill and Daniel Beck have fun as they practice "pee wee" football. Kyle Morse Jennifer Murphy Brent Nalls Craig Nations Kasi Newport Brandon Nipp Misty O'Brain Manuel Ochoa Rex Odom Bobby Owens Cody Pamplin Angie Peden Elmer Pennington Sananda Perrin jennifer Person Daniel Piercifield Angela Pike TJ. Pool Debbie Prater Brenon Preston jay Proctor Michelle Raibon Allen Ramsey Chris Rawlings Sixth Grade 1 ew tribulations face junior high EWCOMERS s they walk the long, narrow hallway, they see the lockers lined up like dominoes ready to fall. The rooms are rather crowded with larger, bulky desks. Nothing is the same. They have had to grow up over night and are facing a new horizon in their lives. "Sixth grade is okay, but we don't get the same privileges as the seventh and eighth graders," Angie Peden said. Although junior high is a big step for these boys and girls, most agreed they pre- ferred junior high over elementary. "I guess the hard work is the biggest difference, but I still like sixth grade better," Melton Rice said. Some really feel they grow Melton Rice Erica Richardson Tiffany Richardson Timothy Richardson Rene Riley April Roberson Louis Russell Michelle Sanders Tina Shafer Micheal Sheffield Billy Shiflet Scott Shinn Ronald Simpson Mandy Slayton Jodi Stanberry Brad Swain Warren Swett Scot Terry up moving out of the elementary building into the junior high building. "You're treated like you are older. It makes you feel more responsible," Amy Browning said. The first year of junior high is a traumatic ex- perience, but time passes by quickly. Soon they will be the "middle child" seventh graders. Then they will be at the top - bossing the other junior high students around the hallways. Then it starts all over again as a freshman. Kelli Wiggins The answer is . . . Stewart Casey works diligently on his worksheet which he must com- plete for his next class. . "Ji sf Wax-' 1 . . f' if , ,, l 5 People E , 2 1 .1 1' A rvf , . . 1 .,ff'!', I l 4 Q if """"'Y-3' Diane Taylor Ramlall C I Toby Thedford Christy Thompson Timothy Thying Tony Van Hooser Tom Waddell Laura Walker Rachel Washburn Norma Westbrook Melissa Williams Michelle Williams Robert Willis Robyn Wolf Sixth Grade 1 ifth graders begin building firm U.I.L. UN DATIO ifth graders of Van Elementary School have hosted three of the past four U.I.L. meets and have won first place each time. There are seven events, coordinated by Mrs. judy Gross. The students par- ticipate in picture and music memory, spelling, number sense, expressive writing, oral reading, and story tell- ing. In most events, teams of three are chosen with one alternate. Teachers begin preparing the students six weeks before the U.I.L. meet. They prac- tice once or twice a week un- til two weeks before the ac- tual meet, then they practice every day. "Students really enjoy the competition. It gives them confidence. Apparently, they have plenty of it. They've won first place every year so far," stated Judy Gross. April Huddle Looking for just the right W01'd to use, Amanda Ayers prepares for U.I.L. expressive writing. Sberryjobumz Kim Albert A N Jamey Allen . ' - Steven Allen .I P J ,,. ,. . , 6. 45, y y 25, Biuyjim Anderson n A, j LQ ' ' 2 , ,,,,., Q ' e fa L3 Tracie Anderson A W4 A A . ' as Amanda Ayers ,Ly V, A ' ' Q y VV, y J Summer Barber 1 z Kari Beaver 'f Angela Berry ' M A , Terry Blackwell J H A A , ' Melonie Bowles A I ri ' Amy.Boyles M if '." , ff. jg David Brock Chris Brown jason Cannon Mickie Chappell Kasey Clifton lie john Clyburn gf, in 3 .xiii 1 Kimberly Conley jerry Crawford Veronica Davis Misty Derosier David Devisscher l People 5-J 4 4 ,, ,.Q.,,,, f .0 , an. A . , 4. V jf , X fi' 1? 4, 1 W' 1 f .Q if - .1 , .fe-1' in 'ar a 1 ,. :Rv . ' ' A , i f f iii s i ga Q .. "' 1 513? Renee Dodds M n ' A A t af.. 3. A '5 T H , - D 'V si . ' t for - fy Ar XV' it ., PN ' i' 1.'!Nf6t4Jrr!. ,. 'fx rl . x 1 fi.- S wk at I ,gg 'is' -nw V a 'wr' ,Q h gg S i ' su Wie' 5 f Sa! . .,g,4 X if 'Q xikfi 'Qs as ' A W, g Q b L, I X is A Sherry jalmmn -i K ' 17'-4 I . . X ,Q x is x, XTX "Students real- ly enjoy the competition. It gives them confidence," teacher Judy Gross said. Practicing for number sense. Mark Dominick and Paul Gandy use total concentration. Mark Dominick Rachel Driver Kevin Dunigan Heath English Natalie Eubanks Ann Marie Fields Michael Fleet Lori Florence Royce Freeman Albert Fuhlbrigge Neil Gandy Paul Gandy Melissa Gaskin Bowdy Gilchrist Ron Giles Zuker Gill Steve Gipson Terri Gray f ggi eey, i Zt hh ,ffl ' iixlik X55 i Brian Herndon jeff Herrington Candel Hester Bhtoschi Holland David Hollowich Brooke Homesley Fifth Grade l and directors commend young DSME he 72 students that were chosen are taught the fundamen- tals of music. The fifth grade year is dehnitely one to remember. This is the first year students participate in band. All of the fifth grade stu- dents take a special test for band. The directors, Mr. Ken- neth Griffin and Mr. Barry Morrison, review all the results of the test along with grades at school, to determine the students who will become members. The fifth grade year is the exploratory year to find out what instrument they are best suited for. The instruments are provided by the school. If the students wish to continue band after fifth grade, they buy their own instruments. "Out of all the students I teach, fifth graders are the best. They are so enthusiastic and interested. Fifth grade students are different than any other groups, " Mr. Griffin said. April Huddle The beat goes on. Fifth grade band students practice for the concert that is held in the spring. Greg Horton Ray Horton Mark Howell Jeanette Huddle Leah Hughes Kristi Hutchins David Jackson Kelly Jeschke Ito Jimenez Chris Johnson Roger Johnson Tina Jordan Jody Kelly Chris Kerby Richard King Angie Land Charles Lanfrey Francean Lanfrey Teresa Lanier Paul Larsen Dan Laverty Cory Lewellen Christie Love Rachel Luna l 'l E ff! .. I W. ,,...,,,r,,,,,.,. .,., . ,Aff , v. U e ff it . . 'at ,gig e i T ' Af? 'J .di A l.... J g . , J J, ,J ' ' . ilc ay T -' -'- ,.1 ,l W? 6 j am. .... el' AA T fx. . . l .. . 1. l' H LTQ 'L .wif A f at l bi i ' is t ..-nnnnL I "'. V 1,1 . 16 People t 5 1 Mirlzy Akin ii "Out of all the students I teach, fifth graders are the best," Mr. Kenneth Grif- fin said. Big Adventure. Michael Perkins and Robert Williams experiment with baritones dur- ing band. - ' e ' t P Audra Mathis , R wi , 5 ' ' Shelley Moore , ! 1 in Y gg S 4 S P Lanae Morgan - ,, Jennifer Moss K Q 1 1 .QA .. Q s kk.. ag 5 1 1. .mt M . S of K DSQL . ' E 'g g f jamie Murray fy . M t Ztiz X . , - SY, VY Michelle McGrady el 322 P -i X P - iz as N -1 M ' Pat McMillan Q . P Mandy Nations M it Jon Nixon t w I Ramon Ochoa I i ii 5 X 1 julia O'Day - I 1 is e Jennifer Oliver wggtii k Z V Shelley Pearson my tg g i , ' 3 Lis gg if N Michael Perkins c my ,. ' Stacie Phillips in iii 'ji Brian Plunk 7 i f Cheree Preston R g OX Brad Price K 1 fr it , 1 David Prichard fe 1 1 g Q Celina Pritchett f 2 :V il 'T ' P, jeff Pyle ilf igjy ' tll 4.5,-'lf xii? ' Donald Ramsey t or P f X " X Mandy Reid ,.r, 1 I X A vff3"' Fifth Grade l 1 olls disclose fifth graders' RTI LITY t takes "Different Strokes" for different folks," according to the fifth grade students. Aside from the students favorite classes of math and art, they enjoy other activities. Baseball seems to be the favorite past time with foot- ball and soccer following close behind. Their excuses for not hav- ing their homework range from forgetting their book to the dog ate it. It definately takes "Dif- ferent Strokes" to fit in with the other folks. Incidently, "Different Strokes" was their most popular television show. April Huddle f . - av -sr ,M ,iit VM 5 V WM V ,. , as f 4' , J Y',' f awmfkfflvlefw-Q 'Q ff" mam, nt- David Reynolds " ' ffl Holly Reynolds , V ' Brandi Rice ,4-f, if r V V ji' Lynn Ruff . i 1 it Stephen Russell W' ' ' V V ' 9 h i V If Bobby Sanders ' iiiiiii M R ' ,. i " ' M ' YS Q ' i If x l1T'.,'j.,i W :C-if ' 7-'+' jason Sanders .V VV? 'S M ' ' . ii Lita Sexton V W, 'S Jason Shakelford V I V ' V A , . f' gp M Misty Sheffield or iQ ucr Emily Shoup , '- A 1 Anna V .Z ,Z V V V ',f, ,, V V , x rf' , V . ' i l f Ronald Simpson A Chris Smith to i' V ,y 5 S Shannon Sparks V '55 , 'lf ,V "A, VW , joe Spurlock rf'f, at l X Q Steve StamP5 ,, -' j i V VV V A -Ieremichael Staples 4. 7 'il fr n ' 'r',, f V ,, , few if ' 1 ' at 162 People Chris Starnes Paul Stewart fi ,- Raising his hand, David Hollowich answers a question asked on the poll. He votes for his favorite movie. Brandy Rice thinks about "The Facts of Life," a television show rated third among fifth grade students. ff'-z-1 K X ss M M slag' Ka? 1' 1. .. pr f Er: Q-L, - - Mirbael Srbraeder Q81 v p C M e ., i W fx i rg X , ' ofsso et. 1 -s ' Q N! ,..-f"I.Z'.-e ,S ...K ,D D ,-fe:v. or Q - f f x . t Serena Wineland Angie Wood Angie Yocham we M icbazl .Yrbraede Ricky St. Clair Rachel Stillings Stephanie Summerlin John Thedford April Thomas Kristen Thomas jeanene Thompson Zack Wadsworth Jason Walker Keith Walker Sandra Ward Brenna Waters Graylon White Robert Williams Chad Willingham. Christie Willingham Bobby Wilson john Wilson Fifth Grade l 3 tudents portray their favorite AVAGES any kids fantasize about becoming a cowboy or an In- dian, even Davy Crockett in the Battle of the Alamo. In order to fulfill the essential elements, the students have a chance to become these characters in a unit of Texas History. "My favorite part in the Katie Abbuhl Brandy Adamson Heath Allen Jason Ashby jennifer Baker Brandon Barton unit was the Indians and Davy Crockett at the Battle of the Alamo," Chad Carter said. Although the Battle of the Alamo was lost, the bat- tle of San Jacinto was won and our independence was granted in the treaty with Santa Anna in 1836. "The children enjoyed the g k'-: 1 . ,, , Q , i, -fp' unit about Texas immense- ly," Mrs. Glenda Thompson said. "I liked being read the book, Paradise Called Texas, best," Christie McGuire said. Colored pictures of the six flags over Texas greet you as you walk in the door along with a chart of events from -ff' ,, ,. 5' -3, X Carla Bass Ronald Batie Lynn Beall jennifer Beck Dixie Belcher Phillip Belcher Weldon Bennett Julia Bradshaw jim Brittain Tina Brown Matt Browning Jackie Burns earlier times to 1 present. The land of the B Bonnets and the Lt Star State will always remembered as fascii ting along with D2 Crockett and Wfilliam Travis, especially in t Sesquicentennial year. Lisa Ba or er f ' f liiadkk g 1 Chad Carter Kathy Casey Susan Clark Suzanne Collins Sean Connell Deanne Crawford 16 People fi eu A , ip if Q Ju. as I ll p . wc , '.., , r.k.t ,.i' g A : L 5.4. ' an A 'ld 3., , L d Glory and the Lone Lt flag are being proudly :ed by Michael Reich, joe rflet, and Kelly Tidwell. P - .-1 ,MI """ mmwn.. - --5,5-.f --XWX I C -v ""'-"""N' ""'l"' A . r Mm A ' -:S . gf 7 X5 iff' " Q i .fs I ,5?1fi.?i5s iE' . ,gg ..-. if . , ., ., .S:..1rsi5t1 lx . K .N x i' .. C r Q i .QQWV1 jv 5 6 L .A.. A h M , 4 . . . , -rm . - :L ff X. ,gg g ' 3 IA T. f 'ue- of.. W 1:1 iw: " E 'J gi fx ' 3 ji gi D 8 ..:. , . ff.-f Y if l 25 .E ng W if N- we--- A .g 2-,4 X 1 , i H I ,Q Q 3. ,Q L2-uv: Q, 'QS v 1 + l A , C l fer! V 3 'K fa ' yilyl N 5321291 .,:L I if X -L lll, ,1f,.l -vf ' s ti, it ' Y K ' .U B , 'H -2 'V' 17 janalbarl jucbnn is , , f ,. ,M ,X px ., VVV r a A ,,- 7 V mg, 'Z A V K , a i 12 nf'-1 'i ' 1 'M E ' 7, lg, 5 ' e J. ff M 4' f M N f , N 'I I K V Q f I ,WV ll, l l ' l A x. f Q W 4- "" I A ' ' Il, I m ft' , '47 fu 7 S 'SX IA If P . J I I liked being r e a d t h e book, Para dire C allen' Texas, best, C h r i s t i e McGuire said The Alamo! jason Loper and Brian O'Brian study the charts of Texas History. jeramie Crawford Jeannie Crow Keith Cumby Olivia Dahlgren Sherri Deaton David DeWitt john Dixon Andy Dodson Jeff Douglas jamie Dowden Ellen Driver Christy Dunigan Johnny Dutton Shannon Eaton Katherine Echols jamie English Michael Ford Keith Freeman Cleborn Freeze Timothy Fuller Isidra Galvan Nick Gandy Richie Gandy Tonya Garner Fourth Grade l A:f P taPfL'1Pfff'W2s2 ' 1ef:iefg'eHaY'tii1E tt A" 2 f. :.i:a1:-, r W f ' aries z r tfiewcw f' .. ,aa , Lg I .,. ,V ,A ,7-if if M' K P mar N izza encourages fourth graders to read books fort i 3, , fig ll 'rc' f ' '1 , lv Xi E ,..- . F . l xr if P ersr 3 srssrssr e ' ' A ,.,, V or Pizza Hut pizza, I like to read the books, As the plot thickens and 11" l it's izza to o for es eciall about dinosaurs, the clan 'er becomes more in- Qi' ag P e P 'Y fu I , fourth faders who s aceshi s and adventures," tense, the reader sits vlued to . . g . P p fp are participating in the pizza Robert Ochoa said. the spot as his mother calls franchises "Book It" Readin adventure stories him for the third time to program. can place a reader in a whole dinner. , For every 100 pages a stu- new world. Lisa Batie dent reads, he gets an apple "I like to read all kinds of 5 by his name on the progress books. My favorite is chart. When he has four ap- Bunnicula. It's about a Anxiously hun-ying his ples by his name, he receives vampire rabbit," Megan homework so that he may be A a certihcate for a free pizza at - - able I0 read his library book is Wright said. , W V P Pizza Hut. Chad Peffy- Psiss P1 Michael Geddie W ' james Gore V , Q 5 K ' f " Chris Hallmark ' A t I 1 y , ' A . I ' :,,,, . A 9 ' ll Derrick Hammond . ' . V, P ,ea-L ,ff P iv, T Tracy Henderson N -2 -' g Alex I yi., , ,f ' "bi . ' il i I I ix Vi I , K. N- f-A M V I L A V i,5iffgg'l1i 1:-"P" - 5 Shasta Hobbs A H P f l Brian Hoover I , ' Q - Shawn Howell A , Wil P31 L ' f 1 ,, ' ,,'fkn 5 1 .,,,,. .4 - , ' f ' fgn - Jeffrey Hubbard ' , 5. Z v V g J , N"' " ,", v, .f ' , i ,, - Jeffrey Hudgens 7 .e"".? 9-eff' f " 1' ,. AVAA ,,pl - . , . 1 ,, Paul Hughes X i ' M y X 1 " , fgfzfxl .I Qu ,. 1 , u 51 jgmhmgim Q ,YK mb' : Vw Eva im it it tt-. Ml Zi ., Q hill Q if i Hmm fi in fy ff' , it f V I ' at P joel Hukill Rudolph Jacobs james johnson Benji jones Meresha jones Tommy jones Mandy Jordan Ginger Kelley f' Luke Ladd Wendy Lanier Zachary Lawson Steven Ledesma People gf' AJ lg si fi W ltr it i it Y tam' V . 1,? ..k., l, t, W E , fi .IQQQS W W iii. .. I: tix 1: ff Han 3' ' Y if V K' f,,.,,, .1 l I gs g s i i 5 n ' .. juli, Griffin Sberryjabmun jonathan jatbxarl fmsm A I thought this book was i best says Brandon Rust to his IV classroom buddy. Pizza Hut Winner! Megan Wright smiles at the thought of receiving a free pizza. 6 6 ' I llke IO fead all kinds of books," Megan Q Wright said. me x, i xg, f X W N Bobby Lewis jason Loper Trevor Lough Alan Lozano jeff Luther Tammy Martin Chad Massey M Ii iii 8 V Dawayne Mathis V Steven Mathis ii ft im Nathan Mims I ' W Toni Mitchell W K it B Crystal Moon W Heather Moon N Sandra Moore A V ,W Q 1 , Greg Mullins GRN 'm f W' " ,wi ' ' , img' ' A Lathan Murdock Q ' 'V '-tif" V " V fy 4215! vi 'A' V Amy Murphy E will 8 ' X V V Cody Murray 'HQ l'itx 1, 1 1' i 4 ln. , V rv I' f V 'A ' yi' Y li W Leta McCallum f" s i Brandy McGuffey 'A , 4, X V ,N v A Brad McGuire - oi' 1 'S' f ,A i f 5- Christie McGuire ' V 2 ifV""f V , , A V junior Neff t ' w M 7 Yi iii'i r Robert New Fourth Grade u . eaves provide E RNIN G all is a time of won- derous change with leaves turning from green to brilliant reds, golds and yellows. This beautiful scene will be observed by many fourth graders as they walk through the woods in the late afternoon collecting leaves for their class project. james Nichols jennifer Nipp Brian O'Brian Robert Ochoa Jeremy O'Neal jay Organ Tammy Ottwell Douglas Parker Chad Perry Toni Pike Aaron Pritchett "It was fun collecting the leaves. I found them in the woods at my dad's one weekend," Corey Smith said. A class project can make it that much easier, and a nature walk can make it that much more fun. Lisa Batie ,KV W-,345 W, i ii i A ff' sf - ' lp A i2ii. iiiii ' " ,,iQ ii l .- ' 5 fl. 122 wg, i i M Q .L ' a Misty Raibon john Raulston Jessica Rawlings Michael Reich Charles Reynolds Chris Rice Michelle Richards Shannon Ritzert Melissa Rowan Gencie Rowe Renae Rumbo Brandon Rust Sandra Sachse L A f lisa? 'FI' -' ,.',.., , f 1 -5? I 2417 t. xi ' Av" 3 7. , ay he 462, . , , J X fi N K f . . .. .,i,.f, .. W, M -aglfx ,, 1 if sriiijii . , 4. sa... 1 .gy we X f. ? ,E-Tc, ' 'fx' -, f .n. f. 'E 16 People Brandon Sain Mike Sanders Neil Sanders Shonda Sanders l i , 9 af , ai., .fr P 7?"--nf . ,Af .si I ! cm i -ies, Q , 1 ., ,.,,r N, ..... . X if 'V 7 ,, 1 I '-9.41. i ,kill L. ' f' 'C-.KV l off 3 U... 1-"' .JO ' 5' if .tk W ASA-JA' ,Z K' '- , QP, Catflapl john DuBose takes a snooze, while he should be identifying his leaves. ms-2:2531 , julie GriHf7n v .. 'Vi -1 4 ,ggi-"k g. Q . LQ 'L I K ,, r fs ef iisi Time for Amy Murphy, Greg Mullins, and Douglas Parker identify their leaves from pictures in books. m.,,f--LL. rn 'elf hx, K ... 1 .Yberryjolmrrnl "It was fun collecting the leaves," Corey Smith said. Leigh Ann Sanford Philip Schlagel joe Shiflet S' .tsrs 1 f' 31 A A - x Q , t f e Ar 1' Lb Ed S , Q r K:.1 ,, V t L , el L X X tr.., , 'gyms I X' t-if fusions? ,. fl wtf iSn.ami5? n Q ii S W Megan Wright f, Q I W N Rhett Yocham L, ' P - . Jason York f f! , T g Julie York ,,k.A, .,. L R S4 A . . f he -- X A t , -r I -we Missy Shinn Paul Shirey Corey Smith Danny Smith Shannon Smith Rusty Stanberry Mandy Stewart Angela Stillings Stephanie Storey Elizabeth Tate james Thompson Kelly Tidwell Teresa Tucker Lorie Walker V Tammy Walker Rusty Warner Krystal West Stephanie White Michael Wilson Shannon Wisley Edwin Wright I Fourth Grade 1 hird graders benefit from RAININ omputers are reaching millions everywhere, including the third graders at J. E. Rhodes Elementary. For the first time ever in school, third graders are taught the fund- mentals of the computer. "You can do lots of stuff on the computers. We play games and learn math and neat stuff," Ricky Licha said. By working on the com- puters, students are learning in advance how to operate themg therefore, in the future, they will have some knowledge on how they are Angelia Akins C Carrie Andrew Derrick Bailey C Patricia Batey W Kris Batson Danny Beall Beth Bolin Danny Breedlove Misty Brittain Nickey Brockway W Patricia Brummett p Adriane Bullington operated. This is the first year Van has offered a computer class as early as third grade. Usually, students do not begin working on computers until junior high. "We play games on the computers. We learn to add and subtract by playing "Monkey Math," Adriane Bullington said. In this day and age com- puters are everywhere. Third graders are now able to learn the basics of the computer early in their lives as well as expand their vocabulary. Tina Chambers 1 'lf fi ff' I f,,,i 1, .:.A fgje , !, Qi 7 i f W l KX f aa.. N 5. 'if . 1 fir V 'al' 0' .a .aa Q .lt A A - ' X 'i " ' 4 . ' R . 'l , y., , ... Q 2.-2251: 0 i,., I ,,' it fr ' M' 5, 32: if ,zs..,, .... T ,,", . 'li i A1-en Cambre Matt Carlisle David 'Cole W Ginger Collins Robert Conley W Adrianna Cook g joseph Coueye Kasey Crim i Michael Cunningham Jerry Cutlip ' i Scott Daniels ' jimmy Davis 17 People 219' f' lv EM' wyg 77 if is ff , , Q f 3 'A 5 f' ,, egffif ug 'V , ' is' 0 Q K 'lt 4 F' sf 1. 4 M fm K 1 1 f 5, 5 W gf H E3 W A3- 22 f ,I If -fn' . , ... l" . ... . v p Q p. p . xi .. ,ri t as Q , ' f , ff A Q Watch the SCrC0l'1. Teacher Betty Walker helps her students work on computers. Amazing. Third graders Sha- qualla Tucker, Danny Beall, and Roger Huff learn to add and subtract on computers. M, , ' 'J ,x,, v, , . f . ,,,,,,z x ff at ,, -Na ,. ,, 5 Q If ,W , , ...JW i ' , ' K4 f V , I ,, 'V " a,, l, ,K kyrh S -fir, LL' i 5 K A my I f x l I af 5 ls s o s i . I .. , . , ogy? W v at , A W 4 My 11+ 'I jesse Devisscher Leslie DeWalt Tamara Dike Lucretia Dixon Aleasha Durant Christie Faulkner Lori Fleet Scott Gandy jackie Gibbons Shane Graves johnette Gunn Laura Hahn Christi Hogue Robert Holland Adam Holmes Joni Homesley Molly Hood Will Hopson Tammy Howell David Huff Roger Huff Brent Hutchins Ramoth Jacobs Aaron jeitz ' ' ' I H Randall Cole ThirdGrade 1 1 onders of cursive RITI G uring second grade, a new type of alphabet is intro- duced called the cursive alphabet. It isn't until third grade that students really begin writing words in cur- sive. Even though the words are hard to figure out at first, most third graders agree writing in cursive is easy. "I like cursive writing but I miss a lot in cursive. I print better, but I still like cur- sive," Misty Brittain said. Teachers set aside a cer- tain time each day for students to practice their Jennifer Jennings Wes Jennings Jimmy Johnson Easy Ray Jones Porscha Jones Bryan Koches Justin Korosec Michelle Kotlarz Michele Ladd Nicole Lancaster Randy Lanfrey Gabriel Lawson Cindy Ledesma Charlotte LeMonds writing. As time goes on, third graders become better at writing in cursive. "I like to write in cursive because it's easier and a lot faster," Ronnie Young said. To most students, learn- ing to write in cursive is easy. Practice makes perfect! Learning cursive writing is essential because it will be used almost every day. Tina Chambers Practice makes perfect. Wes Jennings reviews the cur- sive alphabet which he just recently learned. , 4. Nr' f ., , . .. f 1 ox w is x X 1 :t.wr ssagg,. R r iff 'Gt iv I Ns '- sir r ltr? X i Q X L KY7 H be S .. .1s,,0" fx- .1 X' si fa Heath Lenox my Joe Lewis r , QM? Lisa Lopez X ""'r' ii Wesley Maimone I ,lifts ' siwt 1. Chris Martell Angie Mauhar L Q Goldy Mauhar r ' ." Vs . John Maxfield Qi ' dlp, ' Melissa McGuire I rii' -'Al 5 ' Q "I" ' fl -.557 Mandy McKenzie -. " rr,.' 5 E . I ' .jf fi s 4 fs . 172 People s .W tr 'v 2-75 .,. 3, Q psf W, Aff? K ...,1A. mr .ss 5 i Sk K -'iw 'z , x f L gf ll fi ' 5" .-I J,-,,s-fs"'xx ' , Mirbael Scbi . A 2 1 : , f 4 f ef- W? 4: J N I -. if l 2. 1 r s- 4 semi' like writing in cursive because it's easier. We prac 'ce writing a lot," Nathan Sheffield said. w , :aw i ,,V, el 791' J ' x N 2 4' if ,gg 4 7 1 f I ff-r-nr 1 S VV aaaa A aiiil li 9, as vi C A V f - -1. , x 'S 'lfvrvf ' " 5 A Q n I - .-dv, f i' ,6 ',.,.1i in mg GE 55 J XM. V "ii' ig 5 "f 2 V . I ll ll' 'V 1 HV, V ,. , , . 4 , m 1 V 1 e , Vi L +V Vi ,V V ,Ven 'V 4 ii .. T ' ' V -lift? S Vi -S7 V ' f 'T A 4 A V V ' I ,' i I , V 1 .f Mark Meyer Casey Mitchell Nathan Moosberg Meggan Morgan Matt Morris Misty Moseley Monica Myers Andrew Neill Jessica Nolen jewlea Oliver Emily Parish Cheryl Parrish Kim Patterson Amy Pillow Travis Potter Courtney Raibon Ronnie Remedies Shannon Rich Amanda Rumbo Melissa Russell jennifer Sanders Steven Shackelford Nathan Sheffield Arica Smith Renee Smith Ricky Snipes jared Sparks Leslie Staples Becky Starnes John Tate Shaqualla Tucker Michelle Veasey Buddy Walker Tabitha Warren Melissa Warrington Amy Webb jason Whitely Bryan Wilder Howard Williams Teri Willingham Ronnie Young Michelle Yount Third Grade 1 3 mportance of safety tips TILLED hile studying a unit on home safety, second graders were given a special presentation by volunteers from the Van Fire Depart- ment which helped the children to better understand the importance of fire safety. Steven Anderson Julie Beall Ryan Berry Timmy Blake Shane Calhoun Joshua Campbell Tony Carcamo Lee Carter jeremy Costlow Christy Cox Kattisha Crawford Daniel Curr-ey Christina Cutlin Stephanie Dacus jennifer Daniels Bianca Davidson Amy Davis Damien Davis Joey Derosier Micheal Dodson N ataleigh Dutton Donnie Eaton Chris Emerson Kim Ford Brent Fuller Christie Gandy Chad Garner SammyiGarner jamie Gipson Matt Gipson 17 People Not only were the kids in- formed on the importance of safety, but they also had a good time. These programs on safety educated them on cer- tain precautions that should be taken and which may later be of some help to them. Tina Libhart C ei Qi if get , X . . gf r Q 5 X it ' X si V J S 'V , . wc- " X 13 . W is l .ws is 'Si ,Q K p n, ,s.,,. 1 V 'gsziili xiii A 'K R Q C .. '-'e,'.:,e- 425 r as-as df X '63 . al' 1151 'J X x Q sig . Ee XM julie Grffin Better safe than sorry. joey Simpkins diligently studies the rules of bicycle safety. if jonuibanjarkmn H 24 fx 5 we is Q' i E A ,M ff ,qw W' 1 Ka V V va I syn a gm t V 'T .ff 'Riff' X Y f kv! ,.r,.,,g: ..N- ggzf . z w .af 1 W , Q 1-Qgffjfl-72 ,if , R ,Af Q Z , if A f 4-z'F' l , . ia Ar -, rf K jx X , ax "We saw films and filmstrips on safety," said Wendy Warren. The name of the game is SOCCCI, but the goal is safety. Daniel Currey, joe Dale Nivens and Bobby Hynes are getting in a few last kicks before the last bell of the day rings. Jeremy Grace Alicia Hendrix Amanda Hightower Melissa Hilliard Lonnie Holden Ronald Holland Daniel Holmes Robert Horton Matthew Hulsey Bobby Hynes Anita Jimenez Victor Jimenez Kevin Johnson Kevin jones John Jordan Rita Kifer Davlin King James Kline Lea Kristiansen Stephanie Lewellen jamie Light Lisa Lightfoot Chris Lowe Dustin Malone Robert Mauldin Bubba Mayne Mandy McClanahan Sissy McCullough Nathan McKee Wendy Morris Second Grade 17 5 A ig' 25 1' O O mazing sites 5512 seen on annual 2255? X 7 awe - - - - s the bus pulled into Pair Park. In the midst of the parking lot, the the featured Native Texas 5252516 , r . . excitement could be Wfildlife, adventurous sec- felt. Eyes were wide open ond graders could be found. 595 gfieiilfil me 'si 555552 5 gngasifg ares: es ima? iaeessiff : skill!! ,f with anticipation and eagerness to explore all the fascinating wonders that were waiting in the Museum of Natural History along with the aquarium located at From the Texas wildlife to the pre-historic dinosaur display, our adventurers went on. "I thought the dinosaur bones were the best," said 2' neatfl Benji Terry. "They were "I can't Wait to see! real thing," thinks joe Nivens researching materiz Tina Libhapg the field trip." . -eef'"Qis121sfrffwffwsciezeeiqafeffe-:eff-weif -1' , ,..,, sewer: I if 114.,'5bs'.,H2?!1'f!'4e!e2 A zz. 1' few:mf'ire-Wert'-Aewvwafewztas-.miwfiissasr ,153 M.V,afim,1srmiw,M: if-if wewr'mammaessearfafszkfeswmzreqmfwsferiwasgmz,Sqs1eZsxm,m .Aas,2. ,aresawizz imuefiisiuei sssiusseiezz,rsehezezeiwewNxefaisszic-5'wu,i5ef1rwfa. s,eis55eS!ee:m:rf:ez,fw 1:w,r.f?EeH,V M W Lgggq55qf,g1t:egre1egw,ezgtgggg Jennifer Morse V V V Shannon Morse fl ., Shelley Morse r V Terry Moss ,gf A V "" I Wade Mullins A 'ara ' V, NV ixffa V VH Kori Murdock V ea Q,-M r VVVV V '25 iv I lg er Y Q55 V, Steve Murphy A W L at W' 2 J I t, rg' i V L' ag Brian Nations V 'VV Melissa Neff ii' ' L VV1 , f, ff if we i 'r'f t i iff f . ' A, . Crystal Nipp , ' Damion Nipp 'i ,V , ' .WV i' ' V Nicholas Nipp ' ii 4 ' ,V .V V VV TV - V VV M i yi wif VV .4 ,fy 1 . 1 Vg V 4, .. Joe Dale Nivens I "t't' 'A QV V ii i H A i iii' ' ' Edward Noble ii 9 ' Kevin Noble , , ' QV ' 1 V l Megan Nolen V A V' VV ' . VV Valerie Nygren if'- V' .--' in -, V r " i'VV Z f Jason Owen VW ,,,,, ,Lug VV A54 V I ,V.,g fif y f in ff"-W ,i- T ' "ji, . . i -"ati Q: Kelli Pafflpllfl 'r'r " Vetf f ,V i V V V W A 4 Nancy Parker E ' VV ,e W K jimmy Pennington 1 I 4 if VVVVV VV Marty Preston 'V" f' V , Vi 'M V Ashley Prichard 1 V. y A 3 Kelly Pritchett V V 4 V T , . F ' it f , 5,4 QV Vt- e Audrea Ray S341 1' I " is A R A L it A 'iii f , ,,i,e,' . ,Q jeremy Reid me , Chris Reynolds , V V 2 ,aVV ii Heather Richardson H" ii' i i Angelia Riley , , I " 5 1 '39 Rebeeee Roberson y y ii V , .. if . e V yeef VV VV E. c 'if ik . ",' 176 People ::': g f A ".- " Et345!3gt'wfEg' rW'WiiMr-sa gg .::. , .f, ' I -1 'H 'W-fj"M'Wj1' tmwgajtgir' EH .-f.f.f ,Nas Axwrvff W.,.iaf.,.s1 fwtfef Swv ,sn Vita , wi . . WW rw-wait, Jn.. , ,J -J-1...- will wyfiw V332 if Piflagfw f fffilzfftix Sv' Aw .5 9 , N MH 1 ,--. V- a . , . . . a. . , , .,,,,-., . , - 1 W . , 7- iQi!iieYTl iEVfi,5gghgafgtig, ,tk VmZ,iM V ,kYL, M, .,,,. -M ,li A, . Ymmgm A- weliv- Nly favorite was the alligator," Christie Gandy said. "I really ked it when he growled." 7 t t f i at ,Q J ttse l X .oi - P Q z E aj Nb E C A? X . 1 zz ' " if if H9 r Y K A - Q ff we to C. t.i5 3? . A E g W ig E K klxxk K ki? - Ni .s L,.. V, i Q 3 A NNNL. g 11 - , t, .::. . N N f i W i 'f- to .A , ,t, . X X V I I K - 0 '.1'.- and ' un Q M , - ' - 'KA - V W All w'+2 at t ,t ass -- 1' eff 2 g g 7' 'ii 1 get it I X A - , ' fi . 2 ' V 1 -S 21, gl 5 . A A A ' 1 5 .- A f ft? A . K A L., ,: , 2 .tt 1 t s i s al mv if 1 kk gn - . L get rdzillins X . QQ 2 ff' Q ,V ff i N .. 4, is E is F b :l J :SAK g N' Qz . 1 Nr-gtg u C i ff'5g"i', A X f 'A , of C mf 3 .4 A as X x 6 -1' Casey Roberts Todd Sain Tommy Sanders Scott Saulters Angel Schiewe Renee Scott Vernon Sexton Michael Shackelford K. C. Shamburger Troy Shiflet Chris Shirey Amber Shoup Damien Sides joey Simpkins Curtis Smith Eric Smith Mary Smith Shawn Smith Timmy Sneed Paul Snipes Kathy Starring Erin Swain Dianna Swinburn Stacey Swiney Benji Terry jeremie Thompson Tammy Waddell Angie Walker Diane Walker Kenny Walker Edman Warner Wendy Warren Kenneth Warrington Benjamin Wheeler Wendy White Kristie Williams Misty Williams Naomi Williams Luke Wineland Emily Wood Winterfer Wright Second Grade 1 "On Saturday mornings, I W a t c h rn y favorite car- toon, Scooby Doo, ' ' Matt Organ said. Laughter, the best n'leCliCiI'l6. Shannon Otrwell and Micah Cambre laugh about the most recent episode of Tom and jerry. wi ll .S'tn1eSt Heath Aaron B s Q Nathan Abston it 't" A - V 1 Q' E W jason Adair Y H rte A 1 'f"' L N 5 AmwdaA11ef1 x i t t justin Allen r , ' w A ,i l Misty Andrew V. I-,gf . g f' X l M fr' -5' Kiwi- "int, 'N B n .,.,.-4 rar :c.C'-7-? f-S-5 Nat Ayers C Q4 ' A A -Talley Baccus ' , Mitchell Batie W I, Tori Beggs g ',fAn ' 1 Chad Bennett .tgngt ay' 3' g J sheny Block ' 'ti eroren B Q, 4 , ,. S e wa fff1f1 f 1fir' fvldli J' ife 7"ff'1?ff' I s n.,r f ,g4i1fH1' eg ,Ryan Bradshaw L 4 l 4 X Walter Breedlove A' , I, 'Keri Brockway B ' v J Micah Cambre y. , ' Q, Y fam . Daniel Carlisle C 1 1 Q lv A l " ' Q ff ,Holley Colley M M ,,,,,,'r Sharonica Crawford gg W l get Kiwi 'Q B , Joshua Crime Z V aa V B ' ' Leah Derosier l l llll V l If Q Brandi Dillard B Q .. , ' ,A ,Q .lanetta Dodson . L 'B 17 8 People t S the joke that Scott HILDRE cooby-Dooby-Doo! Where are you? As S c o o b y D o o i s relentlessly chased by the Headless Horseman, he is not alone, somewhere a child is intently glued to the television screen rooting him on. Saturday mornings have held children captivated by their funny characters and their joke-filled dialogue for many years. This year's first graders are no exception, Many have favorite cartoons which they faithfully watch every Saturday morning. "On Saturday mornings, I watch my favorite cartoon, 535 ,a,s . F ' A , V, ,Al ff' 15- A A ,gf u i i hy N35 f H "1ri 34' e 4' li H i ji ,V ,v 41 ,,,f 'tt gl usffi V' K ., , , ' 1 f L . , J ' ,Q . 352 W 1 2 , Scooby Doo," Matt Organ said. Saturday is not the only time cartoons are available. Weekday mornings before school also seem to be a popular time for tuning in on the tube. "I like to watch Tom and jerry in the mornings, they're funny and cute," Heather Morgan said. After school cartoons also capture the attention of first graders. "After school, I watch He Man. It is a good show!" Matt Organ said. Penny Irwin Christy Dollison Kaleb Duncan Brian Dunigan jared Dutton Zachary Dutton Kari Echols Bradley Edwards Pat Featherston Steven Ford jessica Foster LaTonia Freeman Meschelle Fry john Gable Susan Galvan Amanda Garcia Scott Geddie Jenifer Gibbons Zachary Gill Courtney Gipson Carlos Guerrero jacob Hall Clyde Hays Terry Henderson Amanda Hill H First Grade 1 uture plans ORETOLD reams of becoming an astronaut, movie star, and a teacher are not uncommon in the minds of first graders. As children, first graders are surrounded in a world of fantasy, where a life on the screen looks glamorous. "I want to be a professional football player when I grow up. 'I'hat's what I was for Halloween," First grader Matt Organ said. Not only is it the screen that looks glamorous, but anything filled with excite- ment and danger seems to in- trigue the minds of first graders. "I think I'll grow up to become a policeman. They have a lot of excitement," jason Williams said. Still, there are a few who want to uphold tradition and enter the professional field. "I'm going to become a doctor. They make alot of money," Heather Morgan said. Although, nowadays there are more fields open in the job market than there used to be, the same dreams still seem to hold true for all children. Penny Irwin 1 I Antonio Hill , , Jarrod Hill . t I, I-w , ' Chanda Holter 'W' gf Q . f Paul Hopkins I s ',,, J ,tj , xx Tony Hopson Wg I John Hunt eele 1 1 . I I W b , 1 33, '21'g1l'7lffr. .2 Davan Israel A . -'-" Q, Faye jackson l justin jackson I A," W , f ' Sharon Johnston A ,i e Bennie Jones , P G ti wr ,,,y Charlesetta Jones lf ' Elisha Jones , J . Erin Kelley , 4 1,4 1 I Amanda Kerby Brian Kilpatrick , -Q Jody King , Dana Kniffin ' ,, I 2 3 li il ' ft Carey Knight .I V., . 3 ' Joshua Lawson Eric Ledesma 4 Y 1 Raven Legal ff "fV. Susan LeMonds x ,f W ' - . ,, - 'e " i Micah Lenox A xxx!! , ""'U gf, A V ,dalli mi.. .sr IV People Q, .Hwy U ix rx i5 - Q K Q i M irbael Srbroeder 1' When I grow up . . . Mrs. The Leaders of Tomor- Sharon Terry's first grade class row Amanda Kerby, Hom discuss what they would like to Darmgh, Zachary Dutton, Keri bewhentheygrowup. Brockway, and Yarbrough. Chad ,fx . I V- ii - vm f, ' fi., 3, L .' ,, 5 1 1 " K 7 ' PN W -.. , . , XM: 5 ,W t .. "f i ,H a Ji 'fig' G l f L ' ,Q y 1' f -'e-, ,, i , 1' . 1 'V 1 In I VL I fi' r tl new Q SA , -.1 , , a ' ' W in K wry V Aff, I I M A -S-,gr , ' " , - , , ii V V ' X 'W ' , , K -M-4 3 , 1, - Qin M J , Q 4 i Ha a Q fin .. N i . I I I I NJ L- s I .,-T-'q 1- . fs 1 Z M 'I , FN My -41. W W if , cl, , I X l , ' n ,,,s . L fl ,L 'L ' y A 9 A sy , QV ,z'VV X , , . " f f d e in t :.o 15: :J e, M X , 1 K J , ' asm- bw- ,' 1 L 1 X in L o. A 1 at , 'hh ' .WN , , . 1 . Mvqwff' Wk p ,. x 8 X, A V ,Hr . . h 0, ., Q W ' 1 + fe ' U:!:w.:'1 "H I hhh.s in Mirbael .Yrbmedz Anna Lewis Wendy Lozano Crystal Malone Aaron Martin B. J. Mathis Christy McAllister Krystal McCullough Trey Miller Lindy Moosberg Heather Morgan Tara Nalls Amanda Nipp Christopher Nipp Benjamin Norton Daniel Oakes Jennifer Odom Heather Oliver Matt Oliver Matthew Organ Billie Ottwell Shannon Ottwell Matt Pena Melanie Pendleton Luke Pennington First Grade 1 F ,IQ .2 V 1 I f , N3 - WM: fit- .iiiagljgi tr ' K '3z'w.1g5:E,t P, f' R e Sail? , t Q P 'e wif: . ,P ':f11is1:Q-5525-11 In school and out. First A fl-lend In need. Dana graders enyoy each other s com N. A Kniffin and Holli Dai-ra h hel pany durmg School, when they P ' S Mig? - 'g P d b rkin as each other with their work are 5UPP05ed YO 9 WO! 8, I U - ll as outsi e of schoo . Y' If if, la assignment. we A 52 '4 ff geek 2. 4' QQHEQ , M f S P - as S M ff ts. V P 'c ggmsw, 'N DMN 3 f X- :.- ..-X x ss , X. 5 P - - f julie Griffin 7 Jeremy Person fc 1 I . . . fy - r . jill Phillips fr mA, ,L David Pike ' M K L ' 5 Susan Potter 1 W t we ii' ' H ff- Misty Quaid gg 'Q' Q R . Melissa Reid t -P I , '.,- be ' N .- liz-fwfr 4 .. ,gl ' 1. Xi xx 51 XS . 1 N kk J ' 5 P. ' w e li i i Kelli Reynolds ' V L People Sereca Rhines Michael Rios Debby Robinson Bryan Rogers Matt Rowan Peggy Ruff Michelle Salas Shannon Scheller Max Sequin David Smith Quincy Smith Heather Snell Buster Spencer Josh Stanford Carol Starring Dean Stone R. W. Suker ' 1 , , -5 S gat, 5.5 "THEME Ql'L'i'fi ' If 5 i Qffiggi gli fl: V : x X' u - xv:,!j6,,f:,f ul iajwai ii FROG sg? S. .ex .M ,, J I t. - if if . iete A M 'P ' 4+ ,oit, , tvn 'L 4, R P ' f"l nnaa ll yy F X ,,,n ,, My ,., R 8 ,.. -. :fr 'N 5,27 2' '21 'gwft' VYF- P O A Bu. Sbfffzvj olmran it ea i joined in the EGINN N here's nothing like having a playmate to share your lunch with, a bus seat with, or perhaps a few secrets. "Holley Colley is one of my friendsg we share secrets sometimes," Charlesetta jones said. It is important to have friends to share secrets with, but recess is also important for having friends. Play- mates are especially good at this time. That's when there's time for talking and playing together. Some like the companion- ship for playing games. "jared Dutton is my best friend. We like to wrestle outside during recess," Matt Organ said. Others just like their playmates to share good times with. "I like to play on the slides with my best friend Faye jackson," said jennifer Odom. If anything is to be remembered about first grade, it will probably be the special friends who made growing up a lot more fun. Penny Irwin 'g.33wMe QW , Ve- ra G V. .V Mfeefameem y iw I , t li ,l , 1.5 , H .iyy M V: Sli HK' .f 'vwv I KV A . fy VL K i l .,.l it l iff -'-' 'ziiiiiiliggil . ...H S355 r " all A , .,.... y. yy.. M .v:,1'."f fs... 1 llll f f l T e , 52... l F51 la , " 1 r7.MS ii ,tml . ,I X X Q1 jonathan Sump David Thompson Erin Thompson Scott Thompson Lisa Thornburgh Angela Thying Santina Tucker Shelby Tucker Jana Vanderbilt Lee VanHooser Yesenia Viramontes Ezekial Wadsworth Barbara Warrington Bryan Weeks Corey Whitely jason Williams Joshua Willingham Travis Willis Mechelle Wilson Ricky Wilson Kelley Wisley Annette Wolf Brandy Wood Chad Yarbrough A First Grade 18 earning centers favorite factor in kindergarten ESSON S, ACTI ITIES lthough there are many activities for kindergarten students to choose from, almost everyone has a favorite. The most popular activity appears to be the learning centers. Students are assign- ed to different areas ranging from reading, to building, to preparing a gourmet meal in the kitchen. "I like playing in the centers best," Sara Rumbelow said. Another favorite activity isaplaying "outside,-f 'At first, - jake Abston Bric Baccus Cody Baker I Hallie Barker Kay Cee Barton Erik Batie ' jeremy Belcher Basie! Bennett Lance Bennett Btandee Boyd Amanda Breedlove Ashley Brittain Kelly Brockway Clint Brown Alissa Buchanan jerolyn Carey Steven Chandler .Chessa Chronister Jennifer Clark Nigel Clark jason Cole Kristi Cole . -Amanda Crawford i T.P. Cunningham 18 People I liked to write and color, but now my favorite part is to play outside on the playground," Bobby Holden said. Few students are as en- thusiastic about school as Leland Johnston. "School is fun! We play on the playground. I like to eat lunch, too!" Leland said. Other students simply like the work they are assigned. "I like my work. I just wanted to stay and work and not go home," Kevin McGuire-said. I- I- All kindergarteners seem to agree that school is fun, despite the fact that they have to get up extra early in the morning, go to bed extra early at night and miss the afternoon cartoons. Lola Coldiron Let's make music . . . joshua Weisinger and Lance Bennett march around the room to the sound of their own music. This is one activity by which kindergarteners learn to cooperate. av : .V,, . V Vxvlyp :h r gr "rw 3 .ia ,, W.'f .L ,Z L f up I' iw M61 , i n V I" ii, fl 'nv , yi I za at ' 5 7 .ffa I r.rr . 1 7 ' 'sr L nk, V f,, .,,, -- f Y I ., W? T . fr., ' are 2 a fif .. . .I 2 Q I xi Q. ili Peek-a-boo justin Walker, Misty johnson, and jake Abston celebrate Thanksgiving in their Indian costumes. f ,Q A-,ze 'Q N421 X if fy? ,df ,Why ' ' -' P: S'bervyjf,bfmm j,,1,,, Pit-he 1 Ei 2? 1 A M Z5E t A C i A isi "1 yoir izis u 1 at 8 -,,,W W !,,. pi 3 , H at A , 4' 2 .f-if , "ja ' ' 'ZZ' Q ig A , ,J ' 'Q up J if A ,L , V, , V . y . ,,,, A . M . A. v' I 1 5 "."7',f A si t ' 3252? in A lf i 5 " A' , y ,, , . , , 1 H: ' it iii 5 ' "I just wanted to stay and work and not go home," Kevin Mc- Guire said. Stephen Cutlip Nathan Daniels Dan Djerf Daniel Driver Tyrel Dutton Charles Edgar Rodger Edwards Chad England David Featherston Stephanie Ford Candice Gilley Ashanti Hallman Monica Hardesty Chad Harris Roger Harris Michael Hendrix Amber Herrington Bobby Holden jessica Holmes Emily Beth Hood Cathy Hopkins Crissy Hudson Angela Jennings Alice Jiminez Kindergarten This is my favorite . . . Kevin McGuire shares with his Now y0U'V6 gOt lt . . . Mrs. fellow classmates his favorite Sue Kyser explains to the class toy during show and toll. the techniques of show and tell, 186 People Karla johnson Misty johnson Joey Johnston Leland Johnston Ira jones Kenneth justice Melissa Kendall Mirbael Si-breeder Mg , ., X s s X Q X ' X 'ef ---- 3 Q tg a in E 1 x " f-Nc L '1 Michael Kifer i David Kristiansen lb: -v gg? fu W E J Tara Ladd Wesley Land E W' 35 Lacy Lanfrey Yi 55 A A sf! V, fi -. s ".s wfiffii f M isis? Q t Chase McClanahan is X . its Kevin McGuire it I , T Q Cayman Marshall 5 E H.. 1 kg fo Michelle Massey ' -' V, L" .w i AmberMil1er .I . , b Margaret Morkel Q ifi 5 I K E .tL1 I W L t 5 51311 ' gs 2 ' ""i ' ' i ' W' ' F ' jerry Moss Carrie Nations Eryka Nations it X 2-ff if 1 E -f.. f is - ' S' uf" L... X 4-of 5 r , f Xliili is ,tx 31 M irbael Schroeder C C h i s i s m y favorite doll and her name is . . is just one of the many samples of what kindergarten students bring to share in Show and Tell. Some students enjoy listening to the other students tell about their prized possessions. "I like Show and Tell because of the toys and books," Cassie Pennington said. Other students like to bring their own favorite is how and tell exhibits prized LECTIONS possessions to share. "Today 1'm gonna bring my frog to share. I like to share my stuff," Amanda Oates said. There are always different objects brought to be shared, "I brought my necklace and some mistletoe to share with my class," Karie Saxon said. Show and Tell has become a daily favorite among kindergarten students. "Show and Tell is my favorite part of school," Chad Harris said, Lola Coldiron Shayne New jason Nipp Kevin Nipp Shelly Norton Amanda Oates Mylinda Odom i - S ii ' Russell O'Neal ,lg N - S 5, P c Kathy Parker 't I ii -X Scott Payne . A S5 i-' ' S i N T tt- Tina Renee Pendelton Ag, i -1 5. Q EIaEsi?PenniI1gt0n .. B iii Q G I "'- -W u ie erson ' "i' I .m P .Kai f I X L it . P Sara Plocheck t t ,A xg t Carrie Plunk , c Zc q i ., we ,R L. , Q Lindsey Pool Q if ' ,ii i L gi fo- Randy Posey ,QQ .t .Q K iygg ' J T rtty Shane Potter ' Ti ' 'S i t , - P K i t David Prevatt .. - my - N ? k Q A ii x T.D. Price Trent Price . g'-, Q 5 Steven Pritchett - - :.W Q .T S ,i stu g i. Q. . Kindergarten Wait "We teach basic skills the students will need," Pat ' said. Brian Pruiett 'I 1 Connie Pyle Vk. gg Q K my Rich , ii t e Amanda Robinson 5 V H it . K Tasha Robinson i R R Angela Rogers ik 1. j i ,V S is 3 Sara Rumbelow Lynsey Russell Virginia Sale Christina Sanford Karie Saxon ti, joshua Sexton - T 1 TV. . W s 2: 2 5 Travis Shamburger Isaac Shapley Lynnsey Sides Thomas Simpson Starr Sliter Chassi Smith Elisha Smith Brandy Stamper Bubba Stephenson Amanda Stiner Dustin Storey 'L XXX -I ,gs Tracy Swett Nita Thornburgh jennifer Tompkins l Billy joe Tucker T L S Sonya Tucker at XVVS T W Casey Turner it S Michael Vaughn :tt -R S f R if if Justin Walker It Tommy Warrington David Webster S - - joshua Weisinger Wendy Wheeler -:-.t. ' DeAnna Whitehead f" 1 if DeDe Whiteside Minnie Williams Cynthia Willis David Yarbrough joshua Yocham 188 People Wi W a .. , fa 'ir 1 it K if w N -. if f , faq .gt X , . , . S 1 Q T ev K W. mg, K - -s so 4 i i 2 ,J W, 3 yt. is, Iii K , get W x 1 .. , .iff , 'SN' 5 ii QT if-ilk ,. ,- sb i -1 bn N I, sk 1 R 54 Moi A -ttf. .. ' XXL . , .k,, v- ., 1 ws l 'X i ,., i 1 i S, :- , i - can-,l - va-r C X s. 3, U QQ "' 1 ,put -My ff l 1, :li l i f , K A :Er 1m Umm Good tt jackson anxiously awaits chtime. ti 1 Sberryjola earning to live in a world which frowns upon people with a physical disability is not always easy. Special Education teacher Pat Wiiites tries to help students with disabilities overcome great obstacles so they may be accepted in society. "We teach basic skills the students will need so they will be able to take care of themselves without very much extra attention," Pat pecial education students receive CHOOLI G Waites said. Such skills are taught through doing'various ac- tivities. These activities range from listening to stories on a tape to writing their name. Lola Coldiron Now, I wonder julie Nelson wonders how long it will be until time to go home. K .i i 'IX 5 it kiiii ' if-X i lgff"i-'N -4 . c LQ ls 4? Shelly Thornburgh Sberryjabfuovl Tabatha Crone Glen Dike Scott Jackson Tonya Lopez julie Nelson Cassandra Roberson Special Ed 9 nterested students enjoy and learn from teachers AGINATIVE EFFORTS im' oing to school every day can become drab and boring. In order to overcome the same old boring routine, many of the teachers have classroom activities that are more fun than the boring rountine. One way inV which Mr. james Golden makes American History class more interesting is by showing historical movies such as Gone With The Wintl. Along the line of Home Economics, Mrs. julie Mazy goes all out to make the at- mosphere go along with the foodlabs the class is doing. Around holidays, elemen- tary teachers make a special effort to have interesting and fun art projects. These are just a few of the many ways in which teachers make school more enjoyable. Tauna Blevins y eeee V Q Fi A ' teceee t' A i eet ief?ies Brian Anthony r VVj j A ft Ey, V 5 jim Armstrong j -,:f t A A Nannette Atkins A t 4.5 Janice Ayers if Alice Barber M itftj ' Trecia Bass A 1' i LindaBedford , A, ,l,. H ,jjj 1 tfy, June BlYIhe eiil , A jiii D Ronald Bogue 2 i A VV A ,ge V V Linda Bolin V? ij' A AV A' 1- V JOyB01t ' ' ' mf Cleo Bourland V ' V V,j VV , 4 VV V V 1'l' ' W it ' Q N ,lf f- icy V' Tg, , A fl' V , HA V ' QV f K ' fff 1 ,e., . 6 Q W V , ' ' Nell Boyd hr 'ttc i W7 ' " Rodney Boyd V V ,,r ki Louise Calloway ' 1 , 5 j,i i t VV, is Pam cal-nie r A 5 1 jv' T21 , , ff Wy i V gg. Arxice'Carter ' Q V 'V, , . V it I Xi 'C' J Betty Carter " ' ,fl V A V V Mildred Carry A A F' if Scott Cluiss A fttsif 1 A filififf j Cindy Cole ,, 1 V ' Kelly Cole fx i 'M W Qs " Helyn Colvin s Bruce Currin V , j ,X 4 l - 4 X Ed Darragh Glenda Dari-aght john Davis Linda Davis Ruthie Dixon Pat Donahue 1 People Zaf .G at ,gli-6 .hy A H I .. in is Q xk t al' ' Y N- 4 sss S5 Yum Yum. Teachers Rhon- da Hall, Julie Mazy and Mary Stephenson enjoy a meal that the homemaking classes prepared, Good tiI'n6S. Principal Homer Terry enjoys 21 good time as he begins to clean up after the Homecoming Luau '85. M:Cau'ley Shirley :man i ' Jean Igove . Joan river A e D Q ' - i' X Judy Drown "Ural H ,pg R 'lf Penny Dutton 5-'Q Y X' ' Rosie Dykes , 8 NN J ' Wilburn O. Echols, Jr. V Linda English NN P5 l Roy Evans Q E. F M 5' - X'-Yi! Sue Evans ' X ' - H Judy Fincher Qt' 'H -,.I . Judy Fisher wi if Kay Flint Skis ' we Q. I Dyanne Fowler L. Johnny Fowler X Mal Fowler Q a Glenda Freeman We ,fi Bill Giles y David Goff x .ll.,.1s ,s Q J Betty Jo Goode 1. Janet Goff James Golden Maxine Goode Jeannie Griffin Kenneth Griffin ff l sts ,.li i ., hir X Q ,f Q fi ' e ,stl Judy Gross ' iiii Spencer Hale w Rhonda Hall M Linda Hardwick fc: Paula Hartsfield ,SE .S A h .1 ' 5 Susan Hardy ', Ali fin N ECAT causes apprehension in EACHERS s one walks down the halls, those all too familiar com- plaints about House Bill 72 meet one's ears. But the students are not the only ones who have had to adjustg teachers are subjected to tak- ing the TECAT CTexas Ex- amination of Current Ad- ministrators and Teachersl and possibly a drug test to measure their teaching skills. Teachers spent time at workshops learning more about the test which they Billie Hepp ' Mike Hill Debbie Hobbs Janet Holt Dan Howell John Howell Vinita Hudgens Cecil Hudson Teresa Huffman Susan Hynes Linda jackson Nancy jenkins La Donna johns Mary jordan Joyce Kerby james Kroculick Harriet Kubala Sue Kyser Patsy Lewis Ronald Lloyd Linda Love Paul Martin Wylie Maynard James Mays 5- 'H 1 2 People K, SX had to pass with a 75 in order that they could con- tinue teaching. "I don't foresee any of us having any problems with the information on the test, but I do see a lot of anxiety," English teacher Mary jordan said. Julie Griffin Look at that! Teachers Ronald Bogue, julie Mazy and Bill Giles study. i wi? an 1. sr f' i or , S1 - C1 1 I' F, size: ,:,- xi' Pahy Rs The TECAT practice sessions eased my ten on," English teacher Patsy Lewis said." at ' Julie MazY Q3 at R - . x t, iwxk vm an J David Mims Jeanne Moore . A iii ii W. J ,James Morgan J . 1 Barry Morrison X, D so il! M A 6 -it X K my 1 Shirley Murray Q 1 v in ii:i'f Y " Q Charles McCaffree J M N Phyllis McCaffree Q ,AJ i. Norma McCarty ep 5 to S Q ' G Diane McDaniel X' Q P ' it Melissa McElhannon Patience McGuffey XI ' Linda McKee A Linda Nichols Cindy Nipp Sue Nixon Betty Parish ' Jimmy Parish mass X f' as , :- ' f ' H it-15 DT ri is Q 1 A Jeanne Pate 7 J Brady Pennington Kerry Pennington Jerry Percifield Pat Percifield Gwen Perkins S5 . ,.4 3 Gloria Phillips Paula Powell Beth Praytor Michelle Read Francis Redmond - Diane Rhodes R . .SX . f rv J ilu, S X ' KI Y, il f J I' ' S. Q if it 5 X fs., 'fx' P Al Rholes Paula Roberts , f Jimmie Rumbo ' K .. . . , .t X Helen Rushing is 1-- jf, Joe Sanders my P? SalliSchifani A Sharon Scott Paulette Seale Wesley Shapeley . Betty Sheppard Euline Sherbert Jan Shoemaker 5 fii K K gf! N ' J ,Q .i a qu, f 1 'aw Faculty l acult found ABULOUS Brian Anthony VHS Wfood Shop r Jim Armstrong Amer. Govr.fFree Enterprise, Study Hall Nannette Atkins Fifth grade Janice Ayers Kindergarten Aide Alice Barber Elementary Secretary Trecia Bass Home and FamilyfConsumer Ed., Homemaking ll, Study Hall Linda Bedford Speech therapist June Blythe Cafeteria Ronald Bogue Accounting I, Typing l, Personal Business Managementfflareer Exploration Linda Bolin Second grade ' Joy Bolt Third grade Cleo Bourland VHS United States History, Wtrrld History Nell Boyd Gfeteria , Rodney Boyd Fourth grade F Billy Bray , Bus driver Louise Calloway V Nurse, bus driver - Pam Carlile Special Education - Anice Carter H Third grade Tammy Shook Linda Shoup Jerry Slayton Rosemary Slayton Ingrid Sledge Elaine Smith James Starks Mary Stephenson John Henry Stewart Suzan Storey Cindy Sturdivant Homer Terry Mike Terry Sharon Terry Avonne Tetrick Eloise Thompson Glenda Thompson I People Betty Carter Kindergarten Mildred Carty Bookkeeper Scott Cluiss vi-is Pre-Biology, Pr., Study Hall, Athletics Cindy Cole Third grade Kelly Cole Sixth, Eighth Science Helyn Colvin Kindergarten Bruce Currin Eighth Science Ed Darragh Elementary Principal Glenda Darragh VJH Math, Science John Davis Industrial Arts Linda Davis Fifth grade Ruthie Dixon Kindergarten and First grade aide Pat Donahue VJH, Elementary Librarian Jean Dove VHS Secretary, Registrar Joan Driver VHS Library Science Judy Drown Special Ed aide Penny Dutton Qfeteria Rosie Dykes Cafeteria Wilbum O. Echols, Jr. l ef , ,L ti ' V A ' 4 - f f fn? if K.. Superintendent Linda English Maintenance, bus driver Ro Evans Y General Power Systems, Advanced Power Systems Sue Evans Second grade Judy Fincher Resource Judy Fisher Special Ed aide Kay Flint English Il, Sixth P.E., Athletics Dyanne Fowler Payroll Clerk Johnny Fowler Eighth Social Studies, Athletics Mal Fowler World Geography. Study Hall, Athletics Glenda Freeman Pre-Biology, Introduction to Biology Ralph Frith Bus driver Bill Giles Counselor David Goff P.E,, Athletics Janet Goff First grade James Golden U.S. History, Debate, Intro to SpeechfOral Interpretation Betty Jo Goode cafeteria Maxine Goode cafeteria Jeannie Griffin VJH, VHS Choir Kenneth Griffin Fifth, VHS Band Judy Gross Fifth grade Spencer Hale Maintenance Rhonda Hall Reading Improvement Linda Hardwick First grade Susan Hardy Kindergarten Frank Harris Bus barn Paula Hartsfield Eighth Reading, Study Skills Billie Hepp Library aide Mike Hill VJH Princpal Debbie Hobbs Kindergarten aide Janet Holt Sixth Reading Juanita Jo Hornbrook Maintenance Dan Howell VHS Art Joan Howell Third grade Vinita Hudgens Sixth Social Studies Cecil Hudson Bus lnm. bus driver Teresa Huffman Sixth, Eighth P.E., Seventh Athletics Susan Hynes Remedial First and Second William Hynes, Sr. Maintenance. bus driver Linda Jackson fhfeteria LaDonna Johns Cafeteria Mary Jordan English IV Advanced, English IV, Cheerleading Nancy Jenkins Cafeteria Joyce Kerby Cafeteria James Kroculick Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science Harriet Kubala Elementary Assistant Principal Sue Kyser Kindergarten aide Patsy Lewis Joumalism, Photojoumalism, English Ronald Lloyd Seventh Life Science 'V 7f 1',,,:r, 1 f it an la Love rl Ed aide rryn Lovette Tfll uellen river Martin enance, bus driver ie Maynard enance, bus driver :s Mays ipanish, Study Hall - Mazy th, Eighth, VHS Homemaking ld Mims enance Mitchell Seventh, Eighth Math ne Moore rgarten aide :s Morgan Efllnfe y Morrison land ,ey Murray enance, bus driver 'les McCaffree al Metal, Adv. Metal, Drafting lis McCaffree th Social Studies na McCarty ary to Adm. assistant ie McDaniel ,rade ssa McElhannon mary music :nce McGuffey uter Literacy, Eighth Language Arts a McKee r grade a Nichols rra Y NIPP rgarten lldine Nipp enance Nixon Math, Fifth, Sixth Remedial y Parish d grade 9 ' if t Q Q li V H 7:7 AW M V,,, W ,.. W jimmy Parish Health, Driver Education, P.E., Athletics jeanne Pate Special Education Brady Pennington Physical Science, Athletics Kerry Pennington Health, Driver Education, P.E. Athletics jerry Percifield VjH Algebra, Eighth Math, VjH Athletics Pat Percilield Seventh language Arts Gwen Perkins Algebra l, ll, FOM I, Math of Consumer Education Gloria Phillips English lll, English lll correlated Paula Powell VjH Art, Eighth Social Studies Beth Praytor Shorthand, Office Procedures, Typing lIfWord Processing, Typing l Weeta jo Pruitt Cafeteria Michelle Read First grade Billie Reding Maintenace Francis Redmond Bus bam, bus driver Dianne Rhodes Seventh Reading Al Rholes Adm. assistant Paula Roberts Fourth grade jimmie Rumbo Special Ed aide Helen Rushing Fifth grade joe Sanders Maintenance Salli Schifani Special Ed Sharon Scott Pre-Algebra, FOM l, Geometry Paulette Seale Fifth grade Wesley Shapeley Maintenance, bus driver ' , ,g , , -1 . if N i 'Q lm' QV Li a -" t Vi , ' ' A Betty Sheppard Secretary to Superintendent Euline Sherbert Fifth grade jan Shoemaker Fourth grade Tammy Shook English l, English l correlated Linda Shoup VjH secretary jerry Slayton Eighth Social Studies, VHS Tennis, VHS U.S. History, VHS Athletics Rosemary Slayton Second grade Ingrid Sledge Eighth language Arts, Study Skills john Smith Maintenance Elaine Smith Elementary nurse james Starks Maintenance Mary Stephenson English IV correlated, English ll john Henry Stewart Maintenance Suzane Storey Special Education Cindy Sturdivant Seventh Math, Study Skills Harry Sump Vocational Agriculture Homer Terry VHS Principal Mike Terry FOM l, Algebra l, Consumer Math, Athletics Sharon Terry First grade Avonne Tetrick Kindergarten Eloise Thompson Third grade Glenda Thompson Fourth grade Frank Tucker, jr. Maintenance Avanell Tumer Cafeteria jeff Tumer VHS Assistant Principal Michael Vaughan Maintenance Pat Waites Special Education Betty Walker Remedial Third and Fourth joan Waters Second grade Terry Waters Algebra ll, Computer Math, Trigonometry Diane Welk VHS Secretary Peggy White Cafeteria Cynthia Williams Sixth, Seventh P.E,, Eighth Athletics Bobbie Willingham Cafeteria Cecil Willingham Bus driver Ruby Willis Maintenance Tommy Willis Maintenance Phyllis Wilson Sixth language Arts Cathy Wolf First grade Ruthie Young Special Education aide joanne Yount Fourth grade Avanell Turner jeff Turner Mike Vaughn Pat Waites Betty Walker joan Waters Terry Waters Diane Welk Cynthia Williams Bobbie Willingham Cecil Willingham joe Willis 11, 3. I-:tx .. 1 Ruby Willis Phyllis Wilson Cathy Wolf Ruthie Young joanne Yount Faculty chool board gives time, support to p T DENTS A D FACULTY s the team diligently plays, the crowd yells loudly to support the players. Among these supporting fans are several types of people. One type is school board members, which may surprise some students. Most students picture school board members as men in suits who make the rules and decisions that affect the students, but in reality they are people who are also in- terested in all school activities and eager to support them. There are many ways in which the members get in- volved with activities. They range from being a sponsor on a school trip to sitting and yelling in the stands. School board members have many duties to fulfill and have many respon- sibilities plus their regular jobs, yet they still find the time to come and suppox students and get involved Tauna Ble And this is . . . Dr. Anthony explains to a pa his dental chart in order tl' may understand the proce to be undertaken. Apt.. W-fx Elf: . . :sis . A n , People EP . Diauf Decision Makers. School Board members are back row, Frank Allen, Mark Anthony, Ben Hudgens, and Obie Na- tions. Front row, Ernie Gmsiott, Secretary-Treasurer, Gene Hightower, President, and Ed Beggs, Vice-President. julie Griffin Watching the game. Vice- president Ed Beggs watches the game attentively to support the Vandals. Way to go Vandals!! School board member Frank Allen cheers for the Vandal basketball team. School Board 1 Aaron, Heath 176 3 Phil Collins Anderson ,jeff 18, 21, 67, 66, 81, 94,130 Blackwell, 4' AIDS 4' Apartheid 1' Corazon Aquino Abbuhl, Katie 164 Abston, Nathan ljakel 185, 178 Adair, jason 178 Adair, Stephanie 152 Adams, jennifer 93, 108, 144 Adams, Tray 130 Adamson, Brandy 164 Akin, Andra113,148 Akin,-jay 64, 78, 30, 130 Akin, Mickey 75, 64, 135, 78, 103, 79, 134, 46 Akins, Baccus, Bric 184 Baccus, Talley 178 Baggs,julie 113, 148 Baggs, Van 122 Bailey, Daniel 134 Bailey, Darrell 94, 47 Bailey, Derrick 170 Bailey, Portia 106, 99 Bailey, Tawanna 106, 100, 138 Bailey, Teresa 152 Bailiff, Ginger 93, 146, 113, 144 Baker, Cody 184 Baker, David 88, 138 Baker, Frankie 115, 134, 49 Baker, jennifer 164 Barber, Alice 194, 190 Barber, Summer 158 Barker, Hallie 184 Barnum, john 148 Barton, Brandon 164 Barton, Kay Cee 184 Bass, Carla 164 Bass, Sam 27, 86, 128, 122, 46 Bass, Trecia 194, 190 Batey, Patricia 170 Batie, Erik 184 Batie, Lisa 31,122 Batie, Mitchell Batie, Ronald 164 Batson, Kris 170 Batson, Trilina 93, 101, 144 Battenlield, Melissa 40, 122, 45 Boyles, Amy 158 Boyles, Curt 144 Bradshaw,julie 164 Bradshaw, Ryan 178 Brawner, Durenda 122 Bt-awner,jalinda 93, 109, 101, 148 Bray, Billie 194 Breedlove, Amanda 184 Breedlove, Danny 170 Breedlove, Deanna 142 Breedlove, Darren Breedlove, Walter 178 Breeland, Darren 48 Brewster, jamie 89, 105, 97, 148 Brewster, Retina 100, 134 Brey, Paula 73, 91,106, 122 Bfey, Renee Chandler 130 Brittian, Ashley 184 Brittian,jim 164 Brittian, Misty 170 Brock, David 158 Brockway, Kelly 184 Brockway, Keri 181, 178 Brockway, Nickey 170 Brown, Chris 158 Brown, Clint 184 Brown, DaRynda 152 Brown, Micheal 138 Brown, Theresa 130 Brown, Tina 164 Browning, Amy 152 Browning, jennifer 64, 138 Angel ia 170 Albert, Freddie 88, 134 Albert, Kim 158 Alexander, Bryan 138 Allen, Amanda 178 Allen, Cathy 82, 143, 138 Allen, Allen, Frank 197 Heath 164 Beall, Danny 170 Beal1,ju1ie 174 Beall, Lori 152 Beall, Lynn 164 Beall, Shannon 152 Beaver, Brandi 148 Beaver, Kari 158 Becky Daniel 155, 152 Beck,jennifer 164 Bedford, Linda 194, 190 Beggs, Chris 130 Beggs, Ed 197 Beggs, Kim 77, 92, 106, 98, 99, 138 Beggs, Tori 178 Belcher, Dixie 164 Belcher, jeremy 184 Belcher, Phillip 164 Bennett, Allan 138 Browning, Matt 164 Brummett, Danny 138 Brummett, Patricia 170 Bruner, james 152 Bryant, Mindy 100, 138 Bryant, Traci 93, 109, 148 Buchanan, Alissa 184 Bullington, Adriane 170 Bullington, Micheal 130 Bullington, Michelle 152 Burch, Stacy 24, 134 Burkett, Kim 134 Burkett, Timmy 89, 144 Burleson, Heather 78, 81, 130 Burns, jackie 164 Bums, Tina 134 Butler, jennifer 152 Butts, Daniel 89, 144, 113, 97, 144 Chambers , Clint 89,113,148 Chambers, Daniel 144 Chambers Chambers Chandler, Chandler, Chandler, Chapman, , Lloyd 130 , Tina 110, 130 l Brandie 108, 101, 144 Chris 89, 148 Steven 184 Tommy 123 Chappell, Mickie 158 Chappell, Lisa 93, 113, 148 Chronister, Chessa 184 Cicero, Be mard 138 Cicero, Rex 18, 115, 94, 130 Clark, Cynthia 93, 149, 109, 101, 148 Clark, jennifer 184 Clark, Nigel 184 Clark, Stephanie 112, 134 Clark, Susan 164 Clifton, Kasey 158 Clifton, Keith 86, 123 Clower, Todd 96 Cluiss, Scott 86, 88, 195, 190 c1ybum,J ason 152 Clybum, john 158 Coldiron, Lola 57, 123 Cole, Cindy 195, 190 Cole, David 130 Cole, jason 184 Cole, john 89, 105, 144, 152 Cole, Kelly 195, 190 Cole, Kristi 184 Cole, Randall 68, 110, 130 Cole, Susan 19, 112, 138 Cole, Victor 88, 139 Cole, William 130 Colley, Holley 178 Collier, Collins, Collins, Collins, Phelesia 130 Ginger 170 Micheal 152 Suzanne 164 Colvin, Helyn 195, 190 Conaut, Conaut, Denise 134 Scott 148 Allen,jamey 158 Allen, jane 138 Allen,justin 178 Allen, Allen, Kim 64, 110, 130, 46 Steven 158 Anders, Courtenay 19, 82, 20, 106, 107, 120, 134 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson , Albert 134 ,aillyjim 158 , Dan 60 ,jay 5, 19, 76, 77, 86, 23, 29, 31. 65, 66, 124, 30, 39, 41, 57, 70, 122, 205 Anderson 47, 49 , Stacy 68, 69, 74, 82, 130, 122, Anderson, Steven 174 Anderson, Tracie 158 Andrew, Carrie 170 Andrew, Misty 178 Anthony, Brian 194, 206, 190 Anthony, Mark 196, 197 Anthony, Tamara 144 Armstrong, Edith 144 Armstrong, jim 60, 194, 190, 46 Bennett, Baisal Bennett, Chad 178 Bennett, Dewayne 88, 115 Bennett, janice 76, 77, 91, Bennett, Kenneth Wayne 152 Bennett, Lance 184 Bennett, Matthew 152 Bennett, Mitch 138 Bennett, Schuyler 134 Bennett, Weldon 164 Berry, A ngela 158 Berry, Chris 72, 130 Berry, R yan 174 Berry, Shannon 144 Betterton, DeAnna 93, 144 Birch,joni 113 Black, Mary 113, 148 Blackmon, Alex 88, 138 Blackman, jason 89, 113, 148 Blackmon, jeff 89, 113, 148 Blacltmon, Troy 88, 141, 96, 138 Blackwell, jeromie 152 Blackwell, Matthew Blackwell, Tracy 152 Terry 158 106,122 Cal Cal K California Coolers Challenger -X- houn,joshel 93, 148 houn, Shane 174 Conley, Kimberly 158 Conley, Robert 170 Connell, Sean 164 Cook, Adrianna 170 Cook, Shawn 134 Cooke, Brad 5, 31, 130 Cooke, Scott 152 Cooksy, Tonya 134 Cooper, Terry Cordova, Casey 152 Cordova, Quince 134 Cordova, Steve 89, 105, 97, 144 Costlow, jeremy 174 Costlow, Steve Cotton, Bobby 88, 103 Cotton, Kevin 86, 103, 130 Couey, joseph 170 Cox, Christy 174 Craig, Reda 139 Cranford, Denise 91, 123 Calloway, Louise 194, 190 Calloway, Terry 138 Cambre, Aren 170 Cambre, Micah 189 Camp, jennifer 138 Crawford, Amanda 184 Crawford, Dana 123 Crawford, Darren 86, 130, 103. 130 Crawford, Deanne 164 Crawford Crawford ,jerami 165 ,jerry 158 Crawford, Kattisha 174 Crawford, Keith 89, 149, 97 Crawford, Sharonica 178 Crawford, Travis 89, 105, 97, 144 Crawford, Yolonda 93, 108, 101, 144 Armstrong, joni 82, 93, 108, 109, 144 Ashby, Brian 89, 105, 148 Ashby, jason 164 Ashford, Cleta 148 Ashford, Stacy 72 Atkins, Nannette 194, 190 Atwell, Brandy 152 Austin, Christy 82, 83, Ayers, Amanda 158 100,120,134 Carrell, Ayers, janice 194, 190 Ayers, Nat 178 l- '11- 'X' 198 Index P. W. Botha Budget Boys Don't Cry Blake, Timothy 174 Blankenship, Renee 113 Blankenship, Stacy 148 Blevins, johnny 136, 33, 79, 110, 134 Blevins, Tauna Vanderbilt 74, 82, 66, 122 Block, Shelley 178 Blythe,june 194, 190 Bogue, Diana 138 Bogue, Ronald 192, 194, 190, 47 Bogue, Todd 89, 105, 144 Bogue, Tony 19, 88, 115, 138 Bolin, Beth 170 Bo1in,jody 89, 116, 117, 113, 97, 148 Bolin, Linda 194, 190 Bolt,joy 194, 190 Bond,jessie 130 Bourland, Cleo 194, 190, 43 Bourland, Elyse 93, 109, 99, 101, 148 Bourland, john 33, 138 Bourland, Kristin 98, 99, 134 Bowles, Melanie 158 Boyd, Brandee 184 Boyd, Eileen 122 Boyd, Lou Nell 194, 190 Boyd, Rhett 154, 152 Boyd, Rodney 194, 190 Campbell, joshua 174 Campbell, Keith 138 Camper, Kirk 138 Cannon, jason 158 Carcamo, Tony 174 Carey, Billy 22, 122, 48 Carey, Elizabeth 93, 101, 148, 109 Carey,jerolyn 184 Carlile, Pam 194, 190 Crim, joshua 178 Crim, Kasey 170 Ci-one,Cristi 101, 149 Crone, Tabatha 189 Crone, Wendy 18, 27, 77, 90, 91, 111, 130, 47 Cronin, Megan 134 Crow, Doug 86, 141, 123, 47 Crow,jeannie 164 Carlisle, Daniel 178 Carlisle, Matt 170 Carlson, Patty 130 Carlson, Robert 148 Carlson, Sherri 134 Carter nice 194 190 . A . Carter, Betty 195, 190 Carter, Chad 164 Carter, joshua 152 Carter, Lee 174 Carter, Mindy 144 Carter, Tracy 138 Chris 96, 134 Crow, Tommy 89, 113, 149 Cumby, Keith 165 Cumby, Treva 153 Cunn ingham, Micheal 170 Cunningham, T. P. 184 Cupp, Shannon 109, 101, 149 Currey, Adam 86, 88, 103, 131 Currey, Daniel 175, 174 Curri n, Bruce 195, 190 Cutlip, Christina 174 Cutlip, jerry 170 Cutlip, Stephen 185 Carty, Mildred 195, 190 Casey, Kathy 164 Casey, Stewart 156, 152 Cason, Shanna 113, 148 Chamberlain, Charise 130 1 4' Drug Dogs 1' Deficit 1' Depeche Mode acus, Kim 149 acus, Stephanie 174 ahlgren, Olivia 165 ahlgren, Sallie 153 'anieIs, Aaron 73, 96, 134 'aniels,jennifer I74 vaniels, Nathan 185 vaniels, Scott 170 larragh, Ed 195, 190 rarragh, Glenda 195. 190 larragh, Holli 181, 182, 178 Davidson, Alanna 134 iavidson, Bianca 174 bavidsoti, Matt 139 havidson, Sherri 16, 17, 53, 73, 82, 28, 123, 57, 123, 49 Davis, Amy 174 lavis, Brian 64, 78, 131 iavis, Damion 174 Davis, jimmy 170 Pavis,-lody 153 lavis,john 195, 190 Davis, Linda 195, 190 Davis, Rodger 131 Davis, Steven 144 avis, Veronica 158 awson, Lisa 106, 135 ly, Shane 88, 96, 112, 139 earick, David mick, jeff 19, ss, 139 eaton, Mark eaton, Sherri 165 ennis, Ysidra 93, 109, 149 erosier,joey 174 erosier, Leah 178 erosier, Misty 158 etmer, Anita 60. 34. 123 Detmer, Bill 88, 139 , Devisscher, David 158 Devisscher, Jessie 171 DeWalt, Leslie 171 DeWitt, David 165 Dickinson, jimmy 139 Dilce, Dean 25 Dike, Richard Glen 189 Dike, Tamara 171 Dilliard, Brandi 178 Dixon, john 165 Dixon, Lucretia 171 Dixon, Ruthie 190, 195 Djerf, Dan 185 Dodds, Bruce 131 Dodds, Kevin 89, 113, 149 Dodds, Renee 158 Dodson, Andy 165 Dodson, janetta 178 Dodson, Micheal 174 Dollison, Christy 179 Dollison, Teresa 139 Dominick, Mark 159 Donahue, Pat 195, 190 Douglas, Holli 93, 113, 10 Douglas, jeff 165 Douglas, Matt 149 Douglas, Melissa 144 Douglas, Mike 144 Dove, Jean 195, 191 Dowden,jamie 165 Dowden, Lesli 135 Dowden, Robyn 153 Drennan, Scott 144 Driver, Daniel 185 Driver, Ellen 165 Driver, joan 143, 195, 191 Driver, Rachel 159 Drown, Judy 195, 191 Drown,-lulie 93, 113, 145 DuBose,-lennifer 145 DuBose, john 169 DuBose, Michelle 131 DuBose, Russell 131 Duckworth, Darla 145 Duckworth, Shannon 139 Duncan, Kaleb 179 Dunigan, Brian 179 Dunigan, Christy 165 1,144 Dunigan, Kevin 159 Durant, Aleasha 171 Durant Dutton Dutton Dutton , Stephine 149 ,jared 179 ,Joe 155 ,johnny 165 Dutton, Nataleigh 174 Dutton, Ronny 123 Dutton Dutton Dutton , Penny Gail 195, 191 ,Tyrel 185 , Zachery 181,179 Dykes, Rosie 195, 191 I' Espionage ' Falco ' Farm Aid Earle, Kristin 153 Eaton, Donnie 174 Eaton, Shannon 165 Echols, Danny 153 Echols, Kari 179 Echols, Katherine 165 Echols, W.0.,jr. 195, 191, 48 Edgar, Charles 185 Edwards, Bradley 179 Edwards, David 145 Edwards, Kari 153 Edwards, Rodger 185 Elelson, Clark 135 Elerson, Kenneth 131 Elrod, Deanna 139 Etnerson, Chris 174 England, Chad 18 English, D'Lee 82, 130, 106, 35, 131 English, Heath 159 English, jamie 165 English, Linda 195, 191 Essary, jerry 131 Essary, Wayne 135 Eubanks, Natalie 159 Evans, Roy 195, 191 Evans, Sue 195, 191 Faulkner, Christi 171 Faulkner, Clay 153 Featherston, David 185 Featherston, joey 103, 96, 135 Featherston, Leona 131 Featherston, Pat 179 Featherston, Vemon 123 Ferguson, David 89, 97 Ferguson, DeAnna 100, 135 Fields, Anne Marie 159 Fields, Troy 86, 88, 67, 66, 103. 131, 46 Fincher,judy 195, 191' Fincher, Matt 76, 86, 64, 67, 78, 131, 46 Fisher, Judy 195, 191 Fitzgibbon, Amiee 149 Flanagan, Holly 145 Fleet, Lori 171 Fleet, Micheal 159 Flint, Kay 91, 195, 100, 191 Florence, Lori 159 Florence, Matt 89, 113, 149 Flowers, Misty 145 Folsom, Micheal 145 Folsom, Sherri 135 Ford, Kim 174 Ford, Micheal 165 Ford, Stephanie 185 Ford, Steven 179 Foreman, Regina 153 Foster, Eustacia Foster, jessica 179 Foutz, Oma-57, 123 Fowler, Dyanne 195, 191 Fowler, johnny 92, 195, 191 Fowler, Kevin 96, 135 Fowler, Malvin 86, 116, 195, 191 Frazier, Christi 139 Freeman, Angela 153 Freeman, Cecil 89, 145 Freeman, Glenda 195, 191 Freeman, jessica 153 Freeman, Keith 165 Freeman, Latitia 139 Freeman, Latonia 179 Freeman, NiCn1e 10, 18, 68, 69, 21, 22, 68, 70, 131, 49 Freeman, Royce 159 Freeze, Chris 135 Freeze, Cleborn 165 Frey, Chris 86, 88, 20, 115, 96, 97, 135 Frey, Cindy 152, 153 Frey, Lee 5, 19, 69, 86, 31, 103, 94, 30, 37, 40, 123 Friend, Micheal 88, 139 Friend, Tameko 91, 106, 98, 99, 124 Frith, Ralph 195 Fry, Mesfneiu 179 Fugate, Heidi 77, 82, 135 Fuhlbrigge, Alben 159 Fuhlbrigge, Carmen 100, 139 Fuhlbrigge, Martha 139 Fuller, Brent 174 Fuller, Timothy 165 1' Gorbachev 3 Gulf of Sidra 3 Whoopi Goldberg Gable, David 88, 135 Gable, jane 124 GabIe,john 179 Galvan,1sidra 165 Galvan, joel Galvan, Susan 179 Gandy, Christie 174 Gandy, Neill 159 Gandy, Nick 165 Gandy, Paul 159 Gandy, Richie 165 Gandy, Scott 171 Garcia, Amanda 179 Gamer, Chad 174 Garner, Sammy 174 Gamer, Tonya 165 Garrett, Lance Gaskin, Davida 150, 145 Gaskin, Melissa 159 Gassiott, Ernie 197 Gaylor, Brian 103, 96, 139 Geddie, April 139 Geddie, Micheal 166 Geddie, Scott 179 Gibbons, jackie 171 Gibbons, jenifer 179 Gibson, Geoffrey 139 Gibson, Wendy 93, 113, 149 Gilchrist, Bowdy 159 Gilchrist, Patsy 35, 99, 131 Giles, Bill 138, 192,195, 191 Giles, Paige 15, 52, 74, 75, sz, 83, 22, 29, 33, 70, 124, 47, 49 Giles, Robert 135 Giles, Ron 159 Giles, Tricia 109, 101, 149 Gill, Zachary 179 Gill, Zuker 159 Gilley, Candice 185 Gipson, Courtney 179 Gipson,jamie 174 Gipson, Mau 174 Gipson, Steve 159 Glass, Dustin 153 Index Glass, Greg 139 Goff, David 86, 195, 115, 191 Goff,janet 195, 191 Golden, james L. 31, 195, 39, 191 Goldwater, Philip 124 Goode, Becky 12, 19, 24, 82, 21, 138, 100 139 Goode, Betty 195, 191 Goode, Maxine 195, 191 Goode, Ricky 135 Goode, Steven 135 Goodwyn, Lamon Gore,james 166 Gore,jason 153 Gore, jeff 64, 139 Gorman, April 139 Gossett, Kelleah 69, BZ, 83, 130, 120, 131, 47, 49 Gossett, Kerrye 82, 139 Gossman, Mary 149 Gossman, Paul 124 Gossman, Sarah 145 Grace,jeremy 175 Grace, Rebecca 93, 108, 101, 145 Gnves, Richard 153 Graves, Shane 171 Graves, Tanya 106, 135 Graves, Tina 131 Gray, jeff 153 Gray, Terri 159 Green, Carmen 149 Green, Michelle 145 Greenawalt, laana 30, 131 Gregory, Bradley 135 Griflin, Alecia 69, 28, 64, 78, 66, 81, 39, 41, 57, 59, 110, 58,124 Griflin,jeannie 95, 191 Griflin,julie 10, 17, 52, 68, 69, 74, 77, 82, 22, 23, 29, 63, 66, 35,120, 124, 30, 39, 57, 59, 58, 42, 45, 205 Griffin, Kenneth 64, 195, 191 Gross,judy 195, 191 Grubbs, Doug 139 Grubbs, Penny 131 Grubbs, Ryan 145 Guerrero, Carlos 179 Guinn, Carla 68, 51, 68,131 Guinn,johnette 171 ' Hands Across America Gregory Hines Halley's Comet -X- -X- Hahn, john 89, 145 Hahn, Laura 171 Hale, Anthony 153 Hale, Boyd 139 Hale, Micheal 153 Hale, William 195, 191 1-1111, Amy 153 Hall,jacob 179 Hall, Rhonda 191, 195 Hall, Ryan Hallman, Ashanti 185 Hallman, Eltara 89, 105, 149 Hallmark, Chris 166 Hallmark, Micheal 33 Hamilton, Andy 145 Hamilton, David 52, 40, 124 Hammond, Derrick 166 Hanna, Stephanie 145 Hardesty, Monica 185 Hardwick, Linda 195, 191 Hardy, Susan 195, 191 Harris, Amy 153 Harris, Brad 137, 135 Harris, Chad 185 Harris, Curtis 139 Harris, Frank 195 Harris, Mickie 131 Harris, Roger 185 Harrison, Bret 86, 88, 131 Hartline, Lee 92, 135 Hartsfield, Paula 195, 191 Haugh, Kevin 124 Haugh,Timl36,136,l15,135 Hay, Aubrey 60, 124 Haynes, Skeeter Hays, Clyde 179 Hazelbaker, Mark 149 Head, Brian 153 Helms,jay 16, 86, 141, 102, 120, 70, 124 Henderson, Terry 179 Henderson, Tracy 166 Henderson, Wendy 93, 108, 145 Hendricks, Chris 16, 25, 77, 86, 34, 120, 122, 124 Hendrix, Alicia Hudgens,jeffrey 166 Hudgens, Vinita 195, 192 Hudson, Cecil 195, 192 Hudson, Chrissy 185 Hudson, Mike 104, 103, 132 Huff, Cecil139 Huff, David 171 Hnrf, Ln1'1nna19,64, 112,139 Huff, Roger 171 Hendrix, Kelly 124 Hendrix, Lawanna 139 Hendrix, Michael 185 Hendrix, Michelle 145 Hendrix, Ryan 175 Hendrix, Shelly 131 Henry, Christa 48 Henthorne, Kim 109 Hcmdon, Amy 149 Herndon, Brian 159 Herrington, Amber 185 Herrington, Amy 93, 108, 101, 145 Herrington, Ricky 89, 105, 145 Hcp p, Billie 195, 192 Hester, Candel 159 Hester, Lee 131 Hester, Paula 93, 145 Hester, Susan 124 Hightower, Amanda 175 Hightower, Gene 197, 35 Hill, Alex 166 Hill, Amanda 179 Hill, Hill, Antonio 180 Brent 69, 28, 94, 124 Hil1,jarrod 180 Hill, jim 88, 53,96, 112,139 Hill, Mike 195,192 Hill, Sammy 155,153 Hill,Shel1y 93, 108,101, 145 Hilli Hilli ard, Melissa 17 5 ard, Shelly 82, 93, 109, 101, 149 Hobbs, Debbie 195, 192 Hob Hob bs,john 96,135 bs, Shasta 166 Hogue Christi 171 Holden, Bobby 185 Holden, Lonnie 175 Holder, Gina 139 Holder, joe 139 Holland, Bhtoschi 158 Holland, Robert 171 Holland, Ronald 175 Hollowell, Chad 139 Hollowell, Mechele 13, 28, 32, 110, 124 Hollowich, Andrea 106, 135 Hollowich, David 163, 159 Holmes, Adam 171 Holmes, Daniel 175 Holmes, Elaine 153 Holmes, jessica 185 Holmes, Tammy 25,145 Holt, Erica 93, 113, 101, 149 Holt, janet 195, 192 Holt, jason 131 Holter, Chanda 180 Homesly, Brooke 159 Homesly,joni 171 Hood, Emily Beth 185 Hood, Molly 171 Hoover, Brian 166 Hopkins, Cathy 180 Hopkins, Paul 180 Hops Hops Hops Horn on, jeff89, 105, 145 on, Tony 180 on, Will 171 brook,juanita 195 Horton, Greg 160 Horton,ju1ie 93, 149 Horton, Laura 65, 92, 106, 139 Horton, Ray 161 Hortl rn, Robert 175 Houpt, Carolyn 145 Houpt, Kathy 135 Hous e, Lloyd 149 Howard, David 136 Howe11,Brian 159 Howell, Dan 9, 195, 192 Howe1l,joan 195, 192 Howel1,julie Howell, Mark 160 Howell, Shawn 166 Howell, Tammy 171 Howell, Todd 88, 139 Hubbard, Darlene 145 Hubbard, Donald 103, 41, 124 Hubbard, jeffrey 166 Hubbard, Robbie 88, 115, 139 Huddle, April 132 Huddle,jeanette 160 Hudgens, Ben 197 33.111, Huff, Thomas 153 Huflines, Tammy 16,17, 19, 24, 53, 20 28, 90, 91,106, 33, 66, 30, 37, 57, 59, Huffman, Teresa 93, 195, 109, 101,192 Hughes, Cathy 99, 124 Hughes,jeff89, 109, 105, 149, Hughes, Leah 160 Hughes, Michelle 19, 136 Hughes, Paul 166 Huki1l,joel 166 Hulsey, Christie 93, 144, 108, 101, 145 Hulsey, Matthew 175 Hutchins, Bren: 171 Hutchins,jefl'67, 115,96, 139 Hutch ins, Kristi 160 Hunt,john 180 Hutton, Sheila 136 Hynes , Bobby 175 Hynes, Elizabeth 154 Hynes, joe 132 Hynes, Manha 9, 74, 40, 124 Hynes, Susan 195, 192 Hynes, William 195 lrwin, Penny 27, 69, 75, 22, 53, 30, 70, 49, 125 lrwin, lsreal, -X- -X' 'X- Stuart 33,103,139 Davan 180 janet jackson Kaddafi Kiss - Prince jack, Donna Nivens 125 jackson, David 160 jackson, Elizabeth 139 jackson, Faye 180 jackson,jonathan 132 jackson, justin 180 jackson, Kari 60, 101, 126, 125 jackson, Linda 195, 192 jackson, Micheal 132 jackson, Paula 139 jackson, Scott 189 jacobs, George 136 jacobs, Ramoth 171 jacobs, Rudolph 166 jameson, Debm 125 jarman, Chris 136 jarman,jon 132 jarman, Troy 89, 105, 97, 149 jeitz, Aaron 171 jenkins, Corey 154 jenkins, Nancy 194, 192 jennings, Angela 185 jennings, Chris 154 jennings,jenniff:r 172 jennings, Wes 172 jepsen, Shannon 154 jepsen, Stephanie 145 jeschke, Billie 150 jeschke, Kelley 160 jeter, Stephen 154 jett, D. D. 112, 136 jimenez, Alice 185 jimenez, Anita 175' jimenez,1to 160 jimenez, Victor 175 jocoy, Pam 136, 33 johns, Debbie 92, 106, 136 johns Banmess, Denise 125 johns, johns, LaDonna 195, 192 Marsha 145 johnson, Cherie 132 johnson, Chris 160 johnson,james 166 johnson,jeanie 139 johnson, jimmy 172 johnson, Karla 186 johnson, Kevin 175 johnson, Kimberly 93, 109, 10 66, 34, 1,150 1 12 Micheal 89, 105, 97, 150 Misty 185, 154,186 mn, on, on, Robin 156 on, Roger 160 on, on, Sherry 64, 106, 132 Stephen 152 zon.joey 186 ton, Leland 186 ton, Misty Lancaster, Nicole 172 Land, Angie 160 Land, Wesley 186 Landgraf, Heath 145 Lanfrey, Charles 160 Lanfrey, Francean 160 Lanffey,jim 150 Lanfrey, Lacy 186 Lanfrey, Randy 172 Langley, Mary lon, Sharon 180 ion, Troy 86, 87 one,jana 140 one, Wesley 154 Bcnji 166 Bennie 180 Cedric 89, 105. 97, 145 Charlesetta 180 Lanier, Barbie 74, 121, 41, 126 Lanier, Heidi 109, 101, 150 Lanier, Pam 82, 136 Lanier, Teresa 160 Lanier, Wendy 166 Larsen, Paul 160 Larsen, Victor 118, 126 Denise 154 Easy Ray 172 Elisha 180 Ira 186 Keith 96, 136 Kevin 175 Meresha 166 Laverty. Daniel 160 Laverty, Padraic 145 LaVigne, Desiree Lawson, Gabriel 172 Lawson,joshua 180 Lawson, Zachary 166 Leadingham, Brian 156 Mitchell Paula 152 Porscha 172 Shelly 136 Tommy 166 Tracy 145 1,Christy93.109, 101, 150 1 john 175 Leadingh am, Christopher 136 Ledesma, Cindy 172 Led esm a, Led esm a, Led esm a, Erik 180 Marisol 140 Steven 166 Legal, Raven LeMonds, Charlotte 172 LeMonds, Micheal 132 LeMonds, Michelle 154 1. Mandy 166 1, Mary 194, 192 1. Tina 160 - Kenneth 186 , Erin 180 . Ginger 166 , Shannon 145 LeMonds, Susan 180 Lenox, Heath 172 Lenox, Micah 180 Leonard, Micheal 140 Lewellen, Cory 160 Lewellen, Stephanie 175 jody 160 ll, Melissa 186 -dy, Carissa 132 ,Amanda 180, 181 , Chris 160 , Joyce 194, 192 Kaywin 35 Misty 150 Stephen 69, 125 back, Karen 92. 140 back, Kathie 140 Micheal 186 Rita 175 rick. Brian 180 2, Donnie Erian 150 avlin 175 lady 180 Richard 160 jennifer Ferguson . Todd 125 james 175 n, Dana 182, 180 n, Pat 79, 140 1, Becky 154 Lewis, Anna Lewis, Bobby 167 Lewasnlue 172 Lewis, Lewis, Larry 145 Patsy 10, 194, 192, 48 Lewis, Tommy 88, 136 Libhart, Tina 132 Lighcjamae 175 Lightfoot, Lisa 175 Lindsey, David 88, 140 Lindsey, Shane 89, 145 Lindsey, Shannon 140 Lindsey, Shauna 93, 150 Lloyd, Ronald 194, 192 Lomas, johnny 136 Lomas, josephine 154 Lomas Loper, Loper, Lopez, Lopez, Lopez, , Vicky 145 jason 165, 166 Roger 140 Isreal 145 Lisa 172 Tonya 189 Lough, Kim 140 Lough, Trevor 167 Love, Christie 160 Love, laura 132 t, Grey 180 t, jamie 82, 95, 108,101,144 1, Randy 69, 86, 25,115, 125 t, Stacie 140 s, Bryan 172 :c,justin 172 E, Kimberly 154 , Michelle 172 tgghad 77, 86, 29, 117, 66, 35, 103. .nsen, David 186 nsen, Lea 175 lick, james 194, 192 1, Harriet, 194, 192 Sue 186, 194, 192 Love, Linda 194, 192 Lovette, Kathryn 194 Loving, Thomas 154 Lowe, Chris 175 Lowrance, Kim 136 Lozano, Alan 167 Lozano, Micheal 140 Lozann, Wendy 181 Luellen, A1 194 Luna, Rachel 160 Lunceford, Brady 154 Lunceford, Celeste 110, 156 Luther,jef1' 167 Lyons, Stacey 140 ebanon 1' Manic Monday ibya 1' Marcos ive-Aid ' MacGyver guke 166 Mahan, Fawne 140 Michele 172 Maimone, Wesley 172 lylikg 140 Malone, Crystal 181 an 136 Malone, Dustin 175 rg, T,-,Cy 136 Manley, Cedrick 94, 128, 126 Song: We are the Champtons Queen I Wanna be a Cowboy Boys Don t Cry Party all the Time Eddie Murphy Money for Nothing Dire Straits How Will I Know? Whitney Houston Addicted to Love Robert Palmer Rock Me Amadeus Falco Living in America james Brown Nasty Boys janet jackson If You Leave OMD Male Celebnty Eddie Murphy Sylvester Stallone Tom Cruise Rob Lowe Bruce Springsteen Movies St Elmo s Fire Back to the Future The Color Purple Out of Africa Pretty in Pink TV Show: Cosby Show Miaml Vice North and South Family Ties Moonlighting Music Groupx ZZ Top Dire Straits IN XS Bangles Alabama Female Celebnty Whitney Houston Molly Rmgwald Cybil Sheppard Ally Sheedy joan Rivers Top Gun Rambo White Nights ROCky IV Short Ctrcutt Restaurants Koto s El Chico s Bennigan s Steak and Ale MacDonald s Cars Porsche Corvette Pick-Up Iroc-z Ferrari Index 0 1 2 Manley,jacque1yn 106, 100, 140 Markgraf, Trevor 28, 126, 48 Marquess, Bryant Marquess, Michelle 150 Marshall, Cayman 186 Martell, Chris 172 Martin, Aaron 181 Martin, Anna 181 Martin, Dean 140 Martin, Lisa 109,150 Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin , Mike 145 , Paul 194, 192 , Sherry 126 , Tammy 167 , Tommy 140 , Tracy 73, 126, 45 Martinez, Oscar 86, 87, 126 Martin ez, Viry 77, 98, 99, 152 Massey, Chad 167 Massey, Michelle 186 Massey, Tammy 146 Massey, Wendy 152, 154 Matchett, Kelly 140 Matchett, Kim 136 Mathis, Audra 161 Mathis, 5.1. 131 Mathis, Dawayne 167 Mathis, Donald 154 Mathis, Steven 167 Mauldin, Robert 175 Mauhar, Angie 172 Mauhar, Goldy 172 Maxfie 1d, John 172 Maynard, Wylie 194, 192 Mayne, Bubba 175 Mays, james 64, 67, 194, 192, 46 Mazy,julie191,192,194,193 Merriman,jeremiah 154 Mewbourn, Becky 82, 99, 101, 150 Mewbourn, Cindy 126 Meyer, Meyer, Miller, jill83. 132, 82 Mark 173 l Amber 186 Miller, Angela 154 Miller, Brianne Miller, Darren 136 Miller, Deanna 150 Miller, Gayle 146 Miller, Trey 181 Mims, David 194, 193 Mims, Nathan 167 Mitche Mitche Mitche 46 Mitche Mitche Moon, Moon, Moon, Moore, Moore, ll, Casey 173 ll, Ted 89, 105, 194, 97 ll, Teddy 76, 77, 65, 66, 94, 95, 132, ll, Toby 89, 105, 104, 97,150 ll, Toni 167 Crystal 167 Heather 167 Marisa 154 Brian Gerald Moore, Greg 11, 86, 88, 115, 96, 136 Moore, Jeanne 194, 193 Moore, johnny 140 Moore, Kim 19, 27, 86, 20, 29, 122, 126, 47 Moore, Mary 126 Moore, Mike 88, 140 Moore, Sandra 167 Moore, Shelley 161 Mooseberg, Lindy 181 Mooseberg, Nathan 173 Morgan, Heather 181 Morgan,james 194, 193 Morgan, Lanae 161 Morgan, Lorry 154 Morgan, Meggan 173 Morgan, Merissa 101 Morke Morke Morris l, Susan 93. 113, 101, 150 l, Margaret 186 , Kristy 140 Morris, Lori 150 Morris, Mark 154 Index Morris, Matt 173 Morris, Steve 140 Morris, Tracie 113, 146 Morris, Wendy 175 Morrison, Barry 193, 194 Morse B rigette 154 Morst jennifer 176 Morse Kyle 155 S'-1nnon 176 Shelley 176 Todd Moseley, Gary Moseley, Lloyd 88 Moseley, Misty 173 Moseley, Scott 89, 105, 146 Moseley, Wade Nations, Craig 154, 155 Nations, Eryka 186 Nations,-Ieff88, 96,l12,141, 46 Nations, Keith 146 Nations, Mandy 161 Nations, Obie 197 Nauert, Beverly 136 Ncff,junior 167 Neff, Melissa 176 Neff, William Neff, Willis 146 Neill, Andrew 173 Neill, Matt 19, 76, 88, 115, 96, 136, 48 Nelson, Amy 150 Nelson,julie 189 New,jennifer 146 Moss,jennifer 161 Moss,jerry 186 Moss, Terry 176 Mullins, Ed 136 Mullins, Greg 169, 167 Mullins, james 69, 73, 94, 128, 126 Mullins, Wade 176 Murdock, Kori 176 Murdock, Lathan 167 Murphy, Amy 169, 167 Murphy,-1ennifer155 Murphy, Stacy 23, 136 Murphy, Stephen 176 Murray, Cody 167 Murray, jamie 161 Murray, Latisha 82, 93, 108,101, 146 Murray, Shirley 194 Myers,jill Myers, Monica 173 McAllister, Christy 181 McCaffree, Charles 194, 193 McCaffree, Clay 96, 112, 141 McCafl'ree, Clint 69, 96,112, 136 McCaffree, Phyllis 194, 193 McCaffrey, Mike 145 McCallum, Leta 167 McCallum,Tami93,113,101,150 McCarley, Kara 154 McCarty, Norma 194, 193 McCaw1ey, Darren 126, 40, 126 McClanahan, Chase 186 McClanahan, David 136 McClanahan, Mandy 175 McClanahan, Thomas 53, 69, 73, 113, 115, 94, 124, 206, 39, 57, 59, 70, 126, 205, 66 McClanahan, Tim 72, 132 McClendoti, Mark 72, 141 McClendon, Stephen 89, 150 McCoy, David 25, 40, 126 McCoy, Steven 141 McCullough, Donna McCullough, Krystal 181 McCullough, Sissy 175 McDaniel, Diane 194, 193 Mclilhannon, Melissa 194, 193 McGrady, Michele 163, 161 McGuffey, Brandy 167 McGuffey, Patience 194, 193 McGuire, Brad 167 McGuire, Christie 167 McGuire,jessica 141 McGuire, Kevin 186 McGuire, Melissa 172 McKay, Toni 154 McKee, Linda 194, 193 McKee, Nathan 175 McKee, Shana 136, 106 McKenzie, Mandy 172 McLean, Wendy 145 McLemee, Felise 141 McLemee, Tim 136 McMillan, Pat 161 1' Nasty Boys - janet Jackson ' Nicaragua 5 Oil Nalls, Brent 155 Nalls, Tara 181 Nations, Brian 176 Nations. Carrie 186 New, Robert 167 New, Shane 187 Newport, Kasi 155 Newport, Kathy 82, 146 Nicholas, Angie 146 Nicholas, Pam 82, 93, 109, 101, 150 Nicholas, Rhonda 132 Nicholas, Rodney 24, 115, 126 Nicholas, Tammy 100, 141 Nichols, Chris 89, 105, 146 Nichols, David 68, 69, 126, 103, 80, 81, 41, 57, 126 Nichols,james 168 Nichols,-loey 89, 150 Nichols, Kimberly 5, 73, 126 Nichols, Linda 194, 193 Nicho ls, Stephen 141 Nipp, Amanda 181 Nipp, Amy 106,136, 46 Nivp. Brandon 1 55 Nipp, Christopher 181 Nipp, Cindy 193,194 NiPP, Cindy 92,141 Nipp, Crystal 176 Nipp, Damian 176 Daniel 89, 105, 97, 150 Nipp, Nipp, Geraldine 194 Nipp,jason 187 Nipp,jennifer167 Nipp, Kevin 187 Nipp, Nicholas 176 Niven s,joe Dale 175,176 Nixon, Heather 146 Nixon,jon 161 Nixon, Matt 111,110,132 Nixon, Sue 194, 193 Noble, Edward 176 Noble , Kevin 176 Nolen, jessica 173 Nolen, Megan 176 Norton, Benjamin 181 Norton, Shelly 187 Nygien, Valerie 176 Oakes, David 181 Oates, Amanda 187 O'Brain, Misty 155 O'Brien, Brian 165, 167 O'Brien, Mary Anne 108 Ochoa, Epimenio 155 Ochoa, Hector 89, 146 Ochoa, Ramon 161 Ochoa, Robert 168 O'Day O'Day , Anna 141 , Buckley 89, 150 O'Day,-lulie Odom, Curtis 73, 136 Odomhlennifer Odom, Melinda 187 Odom, Ray 161 Odom, Rex 155 Ogilvie, Reva 150 Oliver, Heather 181 Oliver Oliver ,jennifer 161, 181 ,jewlea 173 Oliver, Matt 181 O'Nea O'Nea 1,jeremy 168 1, Russell 187 0rgan,jay 168 Organ, Marisa 93, 109, 151 Organ, Matthew 181 Ottwell, Billie 181 Ottwell, Shannon 178 Ottwell, Tammy 168 Owen,jason 176 Owen, Rhonda 136 Owens, Bobby 155 Owens, james 146 Owens, Mechelle 109, 151 Oxford, Kelly 12, 132 1' Philippines ' Pretty in Pink 1' PeeWee Herman! Page, Rhonda 93, 113, 151 Page, Robin 141 Pamplin, Aretha 126 Pamplin, Cody 155 Pamplin, Kelli Ann 176 Pamplin, Travis 141 Parham, Chris 136 Parish, Betty 194, 193 Pal-ish, Emily 173 Parish,jimmy 86, 88, 194, 94, 193 Parish, Robby 89, 151, 97 Parker, Douglas 169, 168 Parker, Kathy 187 Parker, Nancy 176 Parker, Richard 89, 151 Parker, Tina 92, 132 Parrish, Cheryl 173 Parrish, Craig 77, 85, 86, 28, 102, 128, 70, 126, 47, 48 Pate, Brad 89, 146 Pate,-leanne 194, 193 Pate, Lyn 141 Pate, Neil 132 Patterson, Kimberlee 173 Payne, Scott 187 Pearce, Shane 132 Pearson, Shelly 161 Peden, Angie 155 Peepers, Paul 86, 103, 133 Pena, Matt 181 Pendleton, Melanie 181 Pendleton, Tina 187 117, 35 Pennington, Brady 86, 88, 194, 96, 1 Pennington, Cassie 187 Pennington, Elmer 155 Pennington,-limmy 176 Pennington, Kerry 92, 194, Pennington, Luke 181 Percifield, jerry 89, 194, 97, 106. 193 193 Percilield, Pam 92, 106, 100, 141, 4? Percifield, Pat 76, 194, 193 Percdjeld, Eve 89, 105, 97, Perkins, Gwen 194, 193 Perkins, Micheal 161 Perrin, Sananda 155 Perry, Chad 166, 168 Person, jeremy 182 Person, jennifer 155 Person,julie 187 Phillips, Gloria 194, 193 Phillips,-james 151 Phillips,-lill 182 Phillips, Missie 133 Phillips, Stacie 161 151 Pickett,john 11, 86, 67, 115, 96, 136 Pickett, Reisor 5, 19, 53, 86, 39, 41, 110, 127, 46 Pierce, Roger 89, 146 Piercelield, Daniel 15 5 Piercelield, john 155 33, 94,! Piercelield, Micheal 89, 105, 151, 97 Pike, Angela 155 Pike, David 182 Pike, Toni 168 Pillow, Amy 173 Plocheck, Sara 187 Plunk, Brian 161 Plunk, Carrie 187 Pool, Greg 88, 96,112,141 Pool, Lindsey 187 Pool, T.-1. 155 Posey, Randy 187 Potter, Shane 187 Potter, Susan 182 Potter, Travis 173 Powell, Lisa 16, 17, 19, 82, 35, 41,12 Powell, Paula 194, 193 Powell, Ronda 141 Powell, Tambi 92, 98, 99, 13 Prater, Debbie 155 Ptater,ju1ie 146 Praytor, Beth 51, 194, 193 Preston, Brad 88, 89, 141 I Preston, Brenon 155 Preston, Cheree 161 Preston, Keith 146 Preston, Marty 176 Preston, Melanie 92, 133, 47 Preston, Melissa 92, 141 3 lton, Mike 136 fatt, Billy 141 van, David 187 Kitt, David 137 itt, Richard 133 F, Brad 161 e, Dwayne 187 Ie, Shannon 141 'e, Trent 187 lhard, Ashley 176 David 161 Celina 163, 161 154,155 Weeta 194 Glen 133 89, 113, 147 Connie 188 Misty 182 " Reaganomics 5 Rocky IV 'I- Russians - Sting Jon, Billy non, Courtney 173 Jon, Michelle 155 Jon, Misty 168 Jon, Vanessa 141 isey, Allen 155 lsey, Donald 161 1sey,james 136 isey, Tressie 127 lston,john 168 flings, Chris 155 rlings,jessica 168 , Audrea 177 mond, Elvis 141 Read, Michelle 52, 194, 193 lc, Russell 89, 105, 104, 97, 151 Reding, Billie 194 Reding, Mark 141 Redmond, Francis 194, 193 Reed, Chris 69, 136 Reeves, Lena 147 Reeves, Shana 136 Reeves, Shani 136 Reich, Micheal 168 Redd Reid, Angela 136 Reid, jeremy 177 Reid, Mandy 161 Reid, Melissa 182 Remedies, Ronnie 173 Reynolds, Charles 168 Reynolds, Chris 177 Reynolds, David 162 Reynolds, Holly 162 Reynolds, Kelli 182 Reynolds, Robin 106, 107, 141 Rhines, Marsha 133 Rhines, Sereca 182 Rhod Rhod es, Diane 194, 193 es, Ronna 13, 133, 47 Rholes. Al 194, 193 Rice, Rice, Brandi 162 Chris 168 Rice, jennifer 147 Rice, Rice. Rice. Rice, Rich, Rich, Matt 142 Melton 156 Robin 133 Shelli Shannon 173 Trey 188 Richards, Mechelle 168 Richards, Mike 142 Richardson, Erica 156 Richardson, Heather 177 Richardson, Tiffany 156 Richardson, Timothy 156 Richardson, Traci 142 Riley Riley Riley Riley , Angelia 177 , Lisa 93. 147 , Pat 88, 136, 103, 136 . Rene 157, 156 Riley, Rick 147 Riley Rios, . Tammy 73,133 Micheal 182 Ripley, David 142 Ripley, Stacy 51, 127 Ritze rt. Shannon 168 Roach, Ricky 89, 147 Robe rson, April 156 Roberson, Cassandra 189 Roberson, Dan 142 Roberson, Mary 109, 151 Roberson, Rebecca 177 Roberson, Sheila 142 Roberts, Ben 89, 151 Rqberts, Carl 137 Roberts, Casey 177 Roberts, Dianne 91, 133, 48 Roberts, Frances 142 Roberts, Paula 194, 193 Robichaux, laura 82, 133 Robinson, Amanda 188 Robinson, Debby 182 Robinson, Tasha 188 Robles, Rita 147 Robles, Santiago 137 Rodgers, Neill 142 Rodriquez, Cindy 133 Rogers, Angela 188 Rogers, Bryan 182 Roldan, Harold 142 Roldan,jesus 147 Roldan, Pascual 151 Rowan, Matt 182 Rowan, Melissa 168 Rowe, Devin 147 Rowe, Gencie 168 Rozell, Rhonda Rozell, Sissy 142 Ruescher, Carole 142 Ruff, Kim 151 Ruff, Lynn 162 Ruff, Peggy 1872 Rumbelow, Sara 188 Rumbo, Amanda 173 Rumbo, Bren! 89, 105, 97, 151 Rumbo, Clay 89, 105, 97, 151 Rumbowlared 88,112,142 Rumbo,jimmie 194, 193 Rumbo, Renae 168 Rushing, Helen 194, 193 Russell, Charles 133 Russell, Louis 156 Russell, Lynsey 188 Russell, Melissa 173 Russell, Sherill Russell, Stephen 162 Rust, Brandon 167, 168 5 South Africa ' Steven Speilberg 1' Sun City Sackse, Paula 142 Sackse, Sandra Sain, Brandon 168 Sain, Todd 177 Salas, Michelle 182 Sale, Virginia 188 Sanders, Sanders. Bobby 162 Charles Sanders, jamie 86, 88, 133 Sanders, jason 162 Sanders, jennifer 173 Sanders, joe 194, 193 Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Sanford, Sanford, Sanford. Michelle 156 Mike 168 Neil 168 Shonda 168 Stephen 126, 127 Tommy 177 Christina 188 Leigh Ann 168 Michelle 147 Sash, Carla 113, 151 Sash, Michelle 109 Saulters, Scott 177 Savage, Mary 73, 91, 127 Saxon, Karie 188 Saxon, Stacy 86, 103, 127 Schifan i, Scheller, Schiewe, ,jerimy 89, 105,97, 147 Schiewe, Schiewe Sally 194, 193 Shannon Angel 177 Scott 19, 88, 136, 115, 96, 137, 46 Schlagel, Philip 169 Schmidt, Steve 112, 137 Schmig, Teri Schroeder, Michael 133 Scott, Renee 177 Scott, Sharon 194, 193 Seale, Paulette 194, 193 Seals, jackie 142 Seay,jack 142 Sebren, Gary 137 Index 2 Thompson, Wzdex Sebren, Glynn Sebren, Greg 147 Seguin, Max 182 Sexton,joshua 188 Sexton, Leta 162 Sexton, Vernon 177 Shacke1ford,jason 162 Shackelford, Micheal 177 Shackleford, Steven 173 Shafer, Michelle 147 Shafer, Tina 156 Shaid, Trey 88, 142 Shamburger, K. C. 177 Shamburger, Travis 188 Shapley, Isaac 188 Shapley, Wesley 194, 193 Shaver, Brian 151 Sheffield, Micheal 156 Sheffield, Misty 162 Sheffield, Nathan 173 Sheegog, Carl 142 Shelton, Darin 86, 88, 103, 133 Shepard, Cindy 133 Shepard, Kathy 142 Shepard, Kim 151 Sheppard, Betty 194, 193 Sherbert, Euline 194, 193 Shiflet, Billy 156 Shif1et,joe 165, 168 shinei,Ti-ny 177 Shinn, Amy 142 Shinn, Misty 169 Shinn, Scott 156 Shinn, Vincent 88, 142 Shirey, Chris 177 Shirey, Kelly 151 Shirey, Paul 169 Shivers, Dana 90, 91, 133 Shoemaker,-lan 194, 193 Shook, Tammy 194, 194 Shoup, Amber 177 Smith Smith , Sandra 91, 128 , Shannon 169 Smith, Shawn 177 Smith, Theresa 137 Smith, Tommy 151 Sneed,jerry 147 Sneed,-Iimmy 177 Snell, Heather 182 Snipes, Paul 177 Snipes, Ricky 173 Snow, Tracy 106, 107, 143 Sowell, Danny 89, 151 parks,james 147 arks,jared 173 rks,jason 147 Sparks, Shannon 162 Spencer, Buster 182 Spencer, Tim 88, 103, 137 Spillman, Lisa 133 Spinn, Brant 137 Spinn, Brent 137, 143 Sportsman, Stacie 82, 112, 143, 47 Spur1ock,joe 162 Spurlockhlulee 143 St. Clair, Nicky 163 Stacks,james Stamper, Brandy 188 Stamps, Steve 162 Stanberry,jodi 157, 156 Stanberry, Rusty 169 Stanbrery, Toby 89, 105, 97, 157 Stanford, Christie 12, 16, 17,60, 12 Stanford,-josh 182 Stanford, Keith 89, 151 Stanford, Tonia 143 Staples, jeremichael 162 Staples, Lislie 173 Stapp, Barbie 23, 133 Stapp, Sherry 143 Starks,jamcs 194 Starnes, Becky 173 Starnes, Chris 162 Starring, Carol 182 Starring, Katherine 177 Stephenson, Bubba 188 Stephenson, Mary 191, 194, 46, 48 Stephenson, Rheatia 18, 91, 133 Stephenson, Rhonda 97, 143 Shoup, Emily 162 Shoup, Linda 9, 194, 194 Sibley, Lanelle 130, 100, 133 Sides, Damien 177 Sides, Linnsey 188 Silva,-Ioey 89, 105, 147 Simpkins, Anna 162 Simpkins,Joey 175, 177 Simpson, Robert 163 Simpson, Ronald 155, 156 Simpson, Thomas 188 Skinner, john 142 Slayton, Amanda 156 Slayton, David 94, 111, 110, 133 Slayton,-lerry 194, 113, 100 Slayton, Rosemary 194 Sledge, Ingrid 194, 194 Sliter, Starr 188 Smith, Adrian 89, 116, 113, 97, 147 Smith, Arica 173 Smith, Chassi 188 Smith, Chris 162 Smith, Corey 169 Smith, Curtis 177 Smith, Danny 169 Smith, Darlene 142 Smith, Darlene 147 Smith, Darwin 89, 105, 97, 147 Smith, David 142 Smith, David 182 Smith, Don 94, 133 Smith, Elaine 194 Smith, Elisha 188 Smith, Eric 177 Smith, Gretchen 53, 68, 69, 74, 33, 81, 121, 40, 127 Smith,-lames 142 Smith, john 194 Smith, Kim 112, 143 Smith, Mary 177 Smith , Quincy 182 Smith, Renee 173 Index Stewart, Chris 88, 115, 96, 143 Stewart,john Henry 194 Stewart, Kim 101, 151 Stewart, LeeAnn 137 Stewart, Mandy 169 Stewart, Paul 162 Stewart, Robert 105 Stewart, Steve 113,151 Stiefer, jeff 97 Stiefer, Trina 133 Stillings, Angela 169 Stillings, Rachel 163 Stiner, Amanda 188 Stiner, Charles 143 Stiner, johnny Stone, Dean 182 Stone, Stefenie 151 Storey, Dustin 188 Storey, Stephanie 169 Storey, Suzan 194 Stribling, Brian 96, 133 Stribling, Kim 93, 113, 101, 147 Stroud, Karen 91, 33, 121, 123,128 Sturdivant, Cindy 194 Suker, Amy 93. 115, 147 Suker, R. W. 182 Summerlin, Stephanie 162, 163 Summerlin,Tony 137 V Sump, Harry 73, 194 Sump, jonathan 182 Swain, Brad 156 Swain, Brian 89, 105, 97, 151 Swain, Erin 177 Swett, Tracy 188 Swett, Warren 156 Swinburn, Dianna 177 Swiney, Stacey 177 Syme, Rosa 133 8, 49 3 Tax Reforms Terrorism Tears for Fears -11' -lt Tabraham, Teresa 92, 106, 137 Tanner, Becky 147 Tate, Elizabeth 169 Tatc,john 173 Taylor, Diane 78, 81, 128 Taylor, jackson 151 Taylor, joel Taylor,judy 147 Taylor, Michelle 137 Taylor, Mist Teager. Edd y 64, 106, 153 ie 143 Teagcr,jeannett 151 Terry, Benii 177 Terry, Homer 191, 194 Terry, Mike 88, 194, 96 Terry. Scot 156 Terry, Sean 89, 117, 105, 113, 97,151 Terry, Sharon 181, 194 Tetrick, Avi mne 194 Thedford,-Iohn 163 Thedford, Toby 157 Thedford, Todd 89, 147 Thedford, Tonia 11, 74, 80, 81, 128 Thomas, April 163 Thomas, Kr isty 163 Thomas, Scott 88, 67, 143 Thompson,iChristina 157 Thompson, David 183 Thompson, Dionne 92, 143 Thompson, Eloise 194 Thompson, Erin 182 Thompson, Glenda 194 Thompson,-lames 169 Thompson, Jeanne 163 Thompsonuleremie 177 Scott 23, 179, 182 Waites, Pat 194,195 Walker, Angie 177 Walker, Betty 171, 194, 195 Walker, Bi-,-an 133 Walker, Buddy 173 Walker, Clint 19, 88, 21, 96,112,143 Walker, Diane 177 Walker,jason 163 Walkcr,jcna 112, 143 Walker,justin 185, 188 Walker, Keith 163 Walker, Kenny 177 Walker, Laura 156 Walker, Lorie 169 Walker, Susan Walker, Tammy 169 Walker, Whitney 82, 120, 137, 49 Wallace, Brad 89, 105, 97, 147 Ward, Cynthia 128 Ward, Sandra 163 Warner, Cody 147 Warner, Edman 177 Warner, Rusty 169 Warner, Shannon 88, 137 Warren, Gina 137 Warren, Tabitha 173 Warren, Wendy 177 Warrington, Barbara 182 Warrington, Kenneth 177 Warrington, Melissa 173 Warrington, Tommy 188 Washburn, Frankie 143 Washburn, Rachel 152, 157. Waters, Brad 89, 105, 97, 147 Waters, Brenna 163 Waters, joan 194, 195 Thomburgh, Lisa 182 Thornburgh, Nita 188 Thomhurgh, Shelly 189 Thornburgh, Terry 147 Thying, Angela Thying, Micheal 137 Thying, Timothy 157 Tidwell, Kathy Tidwell, Kelly 165, 169 Tidwell, Lori 147 Tillison, Terri 9, 77, 98, 99. 128 Timmons, Terri 126, 128, Tobin,Julie 53, 128 Tobin, Teddy 88, 143 Tompkins, jennifer 188 Toone, Shafer 86, 87, 22, 124. 30, 70, 128 Townsend,jeff 151 Tucker, Billy Joe 188 Tucker, Frank 194 Tucker, Santina 182 Tucker, Shaquella 171, 173 Tucker, Shelby 182 Tucker, Sonya 188 Tucker, Teresa 169 Turner,Avane1l 194, 195 Turner, Casey 188 Turner,jeff 194, 195,46 Tyner, Amy 93, 108, 113, 147 3 Videos " Who cares? 3 Wrestling Valentine, Brian 94, 128 Valentine, Kelly 133 Valentine, Tammy 93, 109, 101, 151 Vanderbilt, Brad 88, 103. 96, 137 Vanderbilt,-lana 182 Vanhooser, Kelly 147 Vanhooser, Lee 182 Vanhooser, Tony 157 VanNote, Buddy 88, 103, 143 Vaughan, Micheal 188 Vaughn, Mike 194, 195 Veasey, Michelle 173 Veasey, Rosalyn 78, 106. 107, 100, 137, 48 Veasey, Tijuana 133 Vega, Michelle 143 Viramontes, Yesenia 182 Waddell, Tammy 177 Waddell, Tom 157 Wadsw'tJnh, Ezekial 182 Wadsworth. bck 163 Waters, Terry 9, 194, 195 Webb, Amy 173 Webster, David 188 Weeks, Bryan 182 Weisinger, joshua 184, 188 Welborn, Lesa 133 Welk, Diane 194. 195 Wells, Scott 89, 105, 97, 147 West,joel 126, 128 West, Krystal 169 Westbrook, Norma 157 Wheeler, Benjamin 177 W heeler, Wendy 188 White, Amy 93, 147 White, David 86, 88, 133 White, Douglas 89, 151 White, Gary 133, 48 White. Graylon 163 White, Kelly 143 White, Kevin 115, 94,133 White, Peggy 194 White, Stephanie 169 White, Wendy 177 Whitehead, Deanna 188 Whitehead, DeDe 188 Whitely, Corey 182 Whitely,jason 173 Whiteside, Dede Wicgman, Christie 137 Wiggins, Kelli Rice 9, 27, 75, 63,121,128 Wiggins, Ken 137 Wiggins, Randy 77, 86, 28, 67, 78, 105, 79 124, 39,4l, 57.128 Wiggins, Tina Cooper 129 Wilder, Brandy 82, 93, 149, 109, 101, 151 Wilder, Bryan 173 Wilder, Hunter 5, S6, 31, 103. 30,133, 46 Wilkerson, Angela 11, 73, 57, 129 Wi1kerson,Dan 86, 115, 129, 46 Wilkerson,j Wilkerson,j ohnny 24, 86, 103. n1in109,101,151 Williams, Cynthia 93, 194, 108, Williams, David 103 Williams, Howard 173 Williams,jason 182 Williams,jesse 89, 105, 97, 147 Williams, Kr istie 177 Williams, Melissa 157 Williams, Mi Williams, Mi chelle 157 nnie Williams, Misty 177 Williams, Na omi 177 Williams, Nicky 133 Williams, Ricky Williams, Ro Willingham, bert 161, 163 Bobbie 194, 195 Willingham,Cecil 194, 195 Willingham. Willingham, Chad 163 Christie 163 Willinghamulennifer 147 Willingham,-Ioshua 184 Willingham, Willingham, Kim 73. 77, 98, 99, Tonya 75, 128 137 101,195 126,129 Willingham, Teri 173 Willis, Cynthia 188 ls, Robert 157 ls, Ruhy 194, 195 is,Tnnirny 194, 195 is, Travis 183 ion, Belinda 91, 128 on, Billy 143 on, Bobby 165 on, Chuck 89, 115, 151 nn, mfg 151 on,jcssn: 114, 105, 147 nn,jnlin 163 XVorrhv:n,j1:ff89,1U5, 147 Wright, Bryan 29i 67, 411, 1 Wright. Edwin 169 Wright, Matt 69, 156,157 Wright, Megan 167,169 Wright, Sam 143 Wright, Wmterfer 177 1 'Un' Michtal 169 , ., ,nn, Michelle 185 iiii ion, Phyllis 194, 195 eland, Lu ke 177 :IP Hand- 165 ll' ,.,, ey, Shannon 169 f,cai1iy194,195 1' Yurchenko r, Robyn 157 1d,Angie 165 in Paul Young ld, Brad 153 4' ld, Brandy 185 .d, Emily 177 1d,jody Yarbrough, Chad 181, 183 ks, Pamela 157 then,-lane: 157 Yarbrough, David 188 Yocham, Angie 165 Yochamhloshua 188 Yocham, Rhett 169 York, Gina 135 York,jason 169 Yorkululiu 169 Young, Hurnest 157 Young, Cheryl 145 Young, Kari 95. 113, 101- 151 Young, Kittie 157 Young, Ronnie 175 Young, Ruthie 194, 195 Young, Treliia 77, 99, 41, 129, 43 Youngblood, Tlsha 147 Younr,joannc 194, 195 Younr, Michc11e173 Zerbe, Amie157 Zerbqjcnnifer 106, 143 Colophon Volume S6 of the Van School Vandalite had a press run of 650 copies of 208 pages printed on 80 pound enamel paper with Smyth binding. The cover and theme fLiving A Legendl were designed by julie Griffin. The type used was garamond Qgafgbl. The main headlines were 18 pt. bf. gb - 36 pt. bf. gb, and 72 pt. helvetica extrabold at 40W screen. The body copy was 10 pr. and captions wre 8 bf, with 10 bf. legends. Design layouts and copy on all pages were developed and in- strumented by Vandalite staff members. The 1986 Vandalite was printed by Taylor Publishing Com- pany under the supervision of Representative Larry Harper. A special thanks to Van Banner photographer David Barber, the administration, and to all local newspapers for their assistance. Also, I, Julie Griffin, would like to extend my deepest apprecia- tion to Mrs. Patsy Lewis and Tauna Blevins who spent their time and effort helping on Hnal deadlines. Most of all, I would like to thank my parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. W, Gassiort, for their constant support throughout the years, especially this past one. Thanks! seniors julie Griffin, jay Anderson and Thomas Mc- Chmahan present Mrs. . Cleo Bourland with a plaque for her attendance at activities. c Vandalite Staff Editor .......... ....... . . . . .... julie Griffin Assistant Editor .......................... Tauna Blevins Photographers . . . Mickey Akin, Melissa Battenheld, Chris Berry, Randall Cole, David Hamilton, jonathan jackson, D. D. Jett, Sherry-Iohnson, Darren McCawley, Matt Nixon, john Pickett, Steve Schmidt, Michael Schroeder, Gretchen Smith, Trina Stiefer, Diane Taylor, Michael Thying, Tonya Vlillingham. Staff ....... Stacy Anderson, Lisa Batie, Michael Bullington, Tina Chambers, Lola Coldiron, Wendy Crone, Alanna Davidson, D'Lee English, Kelleah Gossett, Laana Greenawalt, Katrina Griffin, April Huddle, Martha Hynes, Penny Irwin, Barbie Lanier, Victor Larsen, Tina Libhart, Tracy Martin, Stacy Murphy, Ronna Rhodes, Scott Schiewe, Tonia Thedford, Terri Tillison, Tijuana Veasey, Trecia Young. Adviser .... . . . . Patsy Lewis legend eaving their own legacy behind are several staff members who are leav- ing or retiring from they Van school system. These members have helped in making this legend and will take P811 of the legend with them. 1 Staff members retiring are Mrs. Nannette Atkins, Mrs. Euline Sherbert, and Mrs. Louise Calloway. Mrs. Atkins has been teaching 38 years, along Mrs. Sherbert has been teaching in Van 21 years and Louise Calloway has been in Van eight years. Other teachers who are leaving Van are Cleo Bourland, Paula Roberts, janet Goff,.,Miche11e Read, Phyllis Wilson, Paula Powell, Kay Flint, and Kerry Pennington. ' julie Griffin Index "",Aa eases P w2"r?4?Q.fr1 Ei. Hail Chief! These kindergarten students enjoy dressing up as Indians while they learn about Thanksgiving. "This year was great. We won District in foot- ball," Eighth grader Ricky Roach said, "I have real good friends and We like to pl a y s g a m e s t 0 g e t h e r , ' ' Fourth grader Dixie Belcher said. Razor sharp. Shop teacher Brian Anthony shai-pens one of his tools in order to get the best results possible from his work. WN ge-:QA fm, ggi! an Zag wwgrwg M ' 5 , Tonya Willingbavp Az Ye'-i i H1 - Y eww Us S W Wmwf K 'iff E' W1 P M gsm fi X ea, fd X' Q 9 W 5 I , EQEEEQ 5:5 Sagas! fjgisrjgi xagzgg g k .- , bg aka, rf qi Q' -5 we aa ml ll QW? Q-Mm ,,, vi l is t e ',.af'::. H - wi f W ' " lf--Wi x 2 1 ai 1 so is s Q L ' .: . A 'is K R55 L , Q M if 'wif ltiieio if iii' i e g "" .. .S me Q we Y N 61 -w Q Q eww ies 'ffm me 'ef fri no 'H i- in as N. X, MY, " .fi EVE ' , 11 'N H V A A A 2 -5 K 1 .1 3 '- fl I i'i55'5ll3eE31 35'W24f1 "'1Q?iK'5"' . . -- 1 , W 'fe X rfsrsm ,,,..a.. . julm Pirbm - 3 ms. it -is .- page Z 5 Sli gs Success of students, faculty came from deep inside -- from caring uccess is a matter of opi- nion. Some feel success must be measured by trophies, awards or games won - but to others, success is measured by relationships with friends and teachers. During this year not only were legen- dary accomplishments made in competition, but also in the legendary relationships. Many students made new friends while they endured another year of school together. Friends had their differences, but always they were worked out for the best. "My best friends had some arguments this year, but we always worked them out," Eighth grader Michelle Shafer said. Not only were relationships developed between just students, but also between stu- dents and teachers. They began to understand one another. "My teacher, Mr. Boyd, is real funny," Fourth grader jay Organ said, "I like him because he talks funny alot." i Students also learned to ap- preciate their teachers' efforts. Both students and teachers were - LIVING A LEGEND julie Griffin Howdy Pardner. During Van's Sesquicentennial celebration, R. T. Texadillo enjoys the company of some school children. imma Mirbul Scbrvedzr just a swingini These elemen- tary students enjoy playing on the johnny strikes during play period. Dian Taylor . , 1 in 31, ' A fi' ff y, SCl'l00l,S Out. This year's f-""'. Closing legend closes as some begin their journey to new places while others will remain to again try LIVING A LEGEND. Mb lShnfdz Lasting legacy left Us .by legend-makers is the recessional was played, tears fell, hoops were hollered, and friends prepared to say "til we meet again!"f Examsghad been taken and there was only one thought in everyone's mind. . . Schools Out! H M K g V rnarlted ithei end of the legend,'ia year of ac- complishments, hard work, determination, and success. Success in everything from all-district players in all sports to state athletes and from state UIL literary participants to the senior class "cool sign." The legends were also made the friendships I I and good times thatiseemed to make the school year a little more bearable. Many friends left to encounter new experiences while others remained for still another year of school. ,As theyyears pass, the memories will live on. Through the 1985-86 school year, the people, the activities, the sports, and the clubs werej. . . LIVING A LEGEND. , julie Griffin 1 YxQULf3f N KE fu NifLVLLl XML k ,i ,A ,Uxk -- V J! Qty? ll lik qwg Pm QASx Q7Q v Q90 GZQQGC2 + Q9 OM LCE umf'vi1k : fjwwmpg O CQQKCS, CDM lvl ,f1 C,J YFYXQ EM f ff Faq? 'f 3M91 YL f5 ww ia m M1j,MJ xii? X-21350 lL,LQ!+i,YWNC ,q1T gm cn 9 Q tif DOCMWM N9 xp W3 gf E Q 09 k?AiQl L Q ,N If ' - 3255 f mw ,ffw, ,qMp ? +C1 u 5 5 9 X J ljx' M X-"V g MTW 5522 V545 QQQESEQ QJCU Ufw 90035 WHQ miwwmv mwfy Zlpwmfvgifgi ZTZZQQ, 77' MOW P105 707 ' " ,F may rw vg7W0rQOwfQgm iff fm 719147 777MfY?U'lfQ7f 770 111107 QUINQQJIL Qqx 0+ D919 LEfI'W10EuLfW70 mm 1090703 Mm Dwmmh fmmrou

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