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616-ljxifg ,Mui Cf1ui7'j77x.b L folfffgxijij 's t f Y M - I 4 'Al Cl tn f . - "J 'Ll' Aw ' !k l ' X V if. 'H f f , K' f f f V ' 1 -In lk kX',Mh.AJuQ.QA. ,MM W figli X135 lL'3,v,A,wx.0,5M.Am1gMaJw if . 7 F Vx W Q S Y 'ii x ,. N Q .i , I T m :li ' Wiz V 'fg A sf' I3 1- I-"-T". Q Y , ' - 'Q qi' ' I i f. f LF Y 41 Z! fi 1 X' - ' x 2 f XX ' Iii Q' X 1 E Q T NJ ' ,., . 1 I, 1 8- " - va xx X - 2, ,, , x AX W I xx x - 4 'N ix, g Q ni?" X , Y JA' ..- ' iii-. mee Q Fi, gig F I , XX' .' ' K,-'xl L ,Max 17 ,, Zfuzfli-' . I . Z! ",. " 4' A f ' , if'J1 j , ,, , ' I Q' , V I ,I t ' Q I .L. A LJ! C. Y A h 4, M .' 'Y ' XV A if , I , N!.,1 'Vi . ,c,, ,J,, ' - xr, r X: X. , C4 1 L- ' ' Cf fd. Y ., -f -W , - 1, fgx X ' ' N ' if ' JW- f I 21,1 , 'ff ff 411 ,f 5 lf? df-7 j 'LJQ' ff," "fig J Ml 4 ' - ill. -, Q V Z WJ!! M - , 7 ,-'Q ' V , N ' Q- . X 5 A , L.: hi. 4 I' lbw-9 1.50-KM 1 fi,fis C f 'tiff IJL xlfff fd! ff1J lf-flu, I f f Lx, fflff C Lfflzx ff lfg ff A fc 1'4141 A fc, Lf 5- Jud -46 h ,M M 'I Ig, H . ' mv V XW V m ,., X' x If f ff 1 jk Zip WEL j J is K k S.-Aggfryff' W K f ,,.:1,,hm, H- 1 Y ' -1-vi D A V A A m A 5 -mg.. w.4 , '-f,w-'w- 4 ' . Q' . 1saw'i" -M gag. ,N .ww ,, .. Q 4 A wx ' we was 'XX . , -.E , . :ln gh 'Q' sq, my ' v. an w LW? 4 V, s 4 A s FW 'f ff ' 1 .rn U 'Af g Sgt' Kam ' - ,ull ' "' Y .3 Q, ' ' , , N pd" If Y , ky fem 5' 4? ., "7 F5 wr ff 1 Ai.:-ur"' , 1 R- , f ' , 1 A W . B S X E 1 K 'M' ULU N L xt , -419 I A 'TX X V " A V1 'Q A 'N X -Q, v A pf W-1 f ki .M M-vw-M "' fav 1 - A ff' "5,,, 'Sui A 7 E y ' ' ' ' 'H' -g ,gym vu A .., A 1, '51 'SIZMSIF Y Q X x , - PM h WMM- W-A ' k435,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. , --1' ' Z ,.,,. ,ft -, Q - n ' .a I Www - A,,,..N ,,,,. . .J " "" '5 : I ' can A ff P '- lrigf V may 5. vga . -' 44253 N H ' ' . . ' 41' lf' ,Eg .. ,ww f wk' V- K U7 .ff W V mv ,,3,,5:...mw6J-My -MM F b , R1 A-'k, U' ' fm ew K K 0 wg A ' ' K V K 'J ,W A H, L ,J 5 ,W HI ' v . fx U 'Ml , H51 N ' ,Mr ,, A .E V 1. 'mum W, ,fl Table of Title Page . . Foreword . . . Dedication . . Activities . . . Organizations . Administration Classes . . junior High . . Grade School . Sports . . . Editor's Page . Contents PageNo . . .4 5 . . .6- . . .15- . . .25- . . .35- . .65- .. .79- . . .93-111 eclication 5. S.: Mr C C Moore h1S son Chr1s and h1S w1fe Io look over then' f1Sh1Hg equxp ment before makmg a two week trxp to W a sh1ngton D C where he attended a meet1ng of the Nat1ona1 Assoc1at1on of Secondary Pr1nc1pa1s Durmg the meetmg however Mr Moore was too busy attendmg sesslons to go f1sh1ng 5 ,.. -1.- 4 n erstan mg r1nc1pa RCSISHS After 28 Years Because he has such hxgh 1deals for the Van youth we ded1cate the 1956 57 Vandallte to Mr C C Moore h1gh school pr1nc1pal Each year he has strwed to make Van H1gh School a better place to attend school over to h1s successor the school that he helped organ1ze 1nto one of the f1n e st h1gh schools 1n the state Because of h1s patlence and understandlng he has helped many students to choose the r1ght subJects He meets w1th each freshman to help lnm choose the rlght subjects best su1ted for h1s career Mr Moore came to Van m 1930 from a pr1nc1palsh1p offwe years on the Conaway Ranch 1n Colorado C 1ty and a year at Hamlm Texas Durmg the Z8 years Mr Moore has been pr1nc1 pal at Van he has seen classes as large as 135 and as small as 40 or 50 g raduate 1n the last few years A nat1ve T exan Mr Moore was born 1n Bastrop Texas and was reared on a ranch near Brownwood In add1t1on to h1s school dut1es Mr Moore 1S an actlve member of the Van Baptlst Church where he teaches a men s class At the left Mr. Moore is pictured during a class period handing out six-weeks report cards. He has taught civics for over Z0 years at Van, Shown at the left IS a p1cture of Mr C C Moore 1n 1930 when he began h1s teachmg c a r e e r at Van Publ1c Schools Below Mr Mooref1lls out student schedules for the onc om1ng year Thxs 1S one of the many responsl b111t1eS wh1ch faces the pr1nc1pal of Van H1gh School K VI , 2 . . Udlp J- P--1 A J Us . . rhe'jen,d'0l 28 years? .maaregwill mrs b A Vandal Life Includes Study And Activities A fresh, new day in Van High begins with the arrival of ll buses filled with alert, fun-1ov- ing Vandals from 15 communi- ties. The two-way bus trip each day allows plenty of timeto dis- cuss the latest news and often study for that test first period. A few extra moments before classes begin are spent in gay chatter in the halls or a bit of early study in the library, The gong of the bell creates momentary confusion. T hen, V. H. S. settles down to quiet study. Oi Locker doors slam, books tumble out of over- loaded lockers, and quick greetings are exchanged in the five-minute period between classes. Shown in the familiar scene are Linda Pool, Cindy Spruiell, Gail Bynum, John Stewart, Linda Matthews, Lynel Spruiell, and Larry Edwards, Project work intersperses textbook study to make the class periods more enjoyable and pro- fitable. An example of such classroom activity is Mr, Wiley Warren's physics class, Bob Sta- ton, Jerry Percifield, and Lynn Spruiell work on their project illustrating the principle of the in- cline plane, At the back table Paul Kidd, Dan Larry Parker, Wayne Zerr, and Jerry Rhines work on their project illustrating the pulley. dents gethomework study and read the 6 OOO books 85 kinds of magamnes and numerous new spapers ava1lable Llnda LaHtT1p1S engrossed in her short hand wh1le Betty Gilley struggles with a geometry problem Jack Pool next to the xundow 19 scan ning the da1ly headlines while Weldon Str1ckland and Norma Bly the take a breather between assign ments tu ents Welcome oon Refres 1n rea S Slow down boys says Mr John Dunn Jerry West Ronnie Pate and I1mmy Blackwell like most Vandals are very glad to hear the noon bell They fmd it rather hard to restrain the urge to gallop full speed ahead to the cafeteria and food' During football season the typ1calFr1day is cl1maxedw1th an exciting roar1ng gridiron battle Loyal fans crowd into the stadium to cheer the X andal squad to v1c tory In the scene to the left the referee s upraised hands s1gna1 that W eldon Strlckland has scored from the 1 yard l1neaga1nstQu1t man 7 , ' S fl N For L' B li 4 Silence prevails in the Van High library as stu- V V b - V T ' ' , " I 5 T z ' Z W ' 1. v r 23 L ' . . Y r . , . . 1, . - , 0 M 3 ? If W it el 3116 FCSt1V1t1CS T HOHICCOHIIIIS PCCtaHCY Expectancy hung l1ke a cloud over the home of he f1ght1ng Vandals as the trad1t1onal battle w1th he Grand Sal1ne Ind1ans drew near Tens1on mounted as the week progressed The freshmen enjoyed the1r cerernonlous Job of bu1ld mg the bonf1re str1v1ng to make lt b1gger than last year s Football squadmen l1kew1se engoyed the1r specmal Job of guardmg the stuffed Indxan a mas terp1ece made by the cheerleaders At 6 sharp on Thursday nlght the f1rst fl1Cker of red flame appe are d behmd the Grade School bu1ld1ng then rose upward toward the wa1t1ng dum my Cheerleaders led the v1ctory dance and yells Fr1day, the b1g day dawned cold and ra1ny but sp1r1ts were h1gh All through the mornmg students found lt very hard tokeep the1r m1nds on study1ng Hark' The age of w1tchcraft 15 not past D1an F1fe Al1ce Green and Ianell Hanna amaze Vandal Lynn Spru1ell w1th the1r wen-d talents of spookery They predlct a Vandal v1ctory' Fmally at l 30 P lvl school was d1sm1ssed for the w1th the student body and faculty to enjoy the ex c 1te me nt Cheers rang loud and clear and the crowd left W1th conf1dence 1n the1r team At8P M the wlustle blew and the p1gsk1n soar ed 1nto the frosty a1r Moments later Stuck went over for the f1rst tally of the 19 0 battle a Vandal Vlctory' 0 E 'b.,a.-a-A Furrh as M1ss Vandal V1c gr1d1r0n battle . ..-N .. ,M V ' cl ' " Add O ' Ex t . . . . . t ' - . an , . ' big pep rally. Approximately 59 Exes assembled F , qs ,L .. Q 1 Lynn Spru1ell and I1mmy I-Iende rson present Rosle tory of 1956 to the cheermg Vandal pep rally Her smlle a s s ur e s the boosters of a v1ctor1ous outc ome 1n the I' of .LL Q11 Z Yea Vandals' echoes down the corrldors at noon as loyal team supporters yell vlgorously Th1s was almost a da11y occurrence dur1ng foot ball season and was pract1ced more extens1vely durmg Hornecommg week Plctured clockw1se are IudyTunnell Carolyn Fenter Llnda Lantrlp Ann Craft Velv1a Evans Lupe Mac1el Donna Cox Daffy Lee Murl Can trell Dorothy Crone Brenda Pa rha rn L1nda Pool L.1nda Matthews Sue D1ke SharaG1llent1n Y, Patr1c1a Russell Bever1yNull Jean Smlth Mar Rodgers Beverly Peters Carolyn Shotts an Brenda Reeves Cheerleaders lead yells at the bonflre wh1ch produced v1ctory for the Vanda's Brenda Par ham leads the l1ne of cheerleaders and support ers ln Yea Red' -mil F1fty n1ne Exes take tlme out from the busy aCt1V1t1QS f Home corrung to pose for the camera Front row from the left Mr and Mrs Reeves Mrs Cook Mrs Ice Howardune Kmg Frances Sue Kmghton Blllle Sue McCaffree Mrs Peden BarbaraCulbreth Mrs Hollo way Sue Mart1n Wanda Srn1th and Rho Jane Cupson Second row Mrs Tunnell Mrs P1ppen ter Mrs Tankersley Mr and Mrs Staton Mrs Mrs Bedford Mrs Kldd Dean Mart1n Mrs Tetr1ck Petty Joe Ann Chappell Thu-d row Mrs Charlle Mart1n Mrs Jack Craft Mr and Mrs Cleone Car Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs B111 Craft Mr and Mrs Durand Mrs Woodard S A Tunnell and Mrs Matthews Fourth row Mr and Mrs Bruce Tunnell r and Mrs Green Buddy Wheeler Jean Farmer Mrs Stewart Helen Morgan and La Verne Stone F1fth row Harold Rash Charles Turner Nathan McAl1ster Donald Mavo Herman Prather Kenneth Cl1fton Danny Howell Ilmmy Moore Tommy Cook and Gary F1fe Sxxth row Charles Malone Monte Brownlng Mr McClellen and Mr Sherbert S I - . 1' -- M ' . f'- rg- A E ' f 1 flxz ,cl W X x ,1 X ' ,Zhi A V W N W--- rw M ,f...4. , 1. ..L.. v I F ' x - . - . . . . . O - . ! : ' ' 7 ' I I , . . , . , . . J- - 1 1 - 1 1 - - I I I l 1 . 0 : . , . . 1 G ' j s o 3 1 - I ' ! ' ! ' - I Sherbert, Mrs. Jones. ' : . ' , . ' , . G 1 - 1 1 . 1 f 1 1 - 1 . . , . . : . . , M . X ' 1 1 Y 1 1 - ' 7 I I ' ' 2 , , . 7 1 I I gf ' " . 1 J . 1 1 ' : , ' , . nc , .11 ' , , , . . , J . . I I ' 7 . 1 1 1 ' I I Y . , . 3 . , . . . . , , . , X 1 1 1 1 ' X I L - " ' KI Q! , . 1 ' K t t,,iQffy1' ' Co ed1tors Conn1e Oln er and Ann MuS1C srrule broadly as Mr Frank Rlgler presents the f1rst place award to the Vandal Vo1ce at the Texas I-hgh School Pres s Assocrauon convent1on Varied Activities Comlaine Thrills, Honors, Action Pride, shame, and astonishment conflict a s Dan Parker introduces Ha rv ey the Pooka to Carolyn Fenter. Dorothy Crone hides her fac e as Sandra Rodgers hangs her head, Daffy Lee arranges the flowers as the Senior Class presents "Harvey," a three-act cornedy, S Ronald Tankersley gallantly slgnals trammen B111 Hardwlck and Robert Martm to halt wh1le cuedTerryCarter Genelaowe looks on aoprovlngly as the .meg-, plot of Under the Gasllght presented by the Junror Class unfolds t M 'E I X 3 , . . K. . . Annette Peden helps the res- ri V 5, . . ,vi 10 'fl 4,w ,4 13 l "t' n Tw' gnome' Glorla Beggs serves eager 3un1or boys at the Jumor C la s s Chr1stmas party Boy s are B111 I-lardw1ck Eddle Woodard Ronnle Jordan Don Chandler and Ronald Tankersley it 'I' Fleet footed dogpatch males run for thelr free dom on Sadle HaWk1DS Day Shown are the Wm ners ofthe f6St1V1t19S On thefront row are Murl Cantrell fxrst catch S a u nd r a Prather most approprlately d r e S s ed g1rl and Ga1l1a Moon tacluest dressed g1rl On the s ec ond row are Lynn Sprulell f1r st catch Dan Larry Parker most appropuately dressed boy and Noel Sex ton tackmest dressed boy l Assemblies and Parties Enl1ven School Routme Fats Domino Eddie Cole whines forth with Blueberry Hill 1n the assembly program g1Ven by the boys and g1rls physlcal educat1on depart ment Other hepcats accompanymg Edd1e are Donrue Gamble saxophone Marcus Mayo drums Jay Mrlls trombone Dav1d Shelton coronet Charles Stanford clarmet and Joe Deslatte coronet 0.0 Q O -eff! L!! Master of ceremonles J er ry Hunt turns to panel members John Wagooner SharaG1llent1ne James Stewart Foy Brlggs Carolyn McNe1ll and Carolyn Hamman to dlscover the h1stor1cal 1dent1t3 of Delores Black durmng an assembly program glven by Mrs Tom Elder S Amerlcan H1story class gi O. , Mob of' Ann Craft reads a project theme to her fellow students ID Mrs Tom Elder s EHgl1Sl'lIXl class Other students wo rk1ng on class projects are Sandra Rodgers fmrst rovx Ga1l1a Moon and Ly nn Soru1ell second row Jerry Rhmes Way ne Zerr Jack1e Clower and Fredd1e Tunnell th1rd rovx fu Geometry wh171es Bettle Cwxpson Llnda Cul ver Ronn1e.Tordan and Johnwaggoner construct AN geometr1c flgures for class demonstratlon under the superv1s1on of Mr A B P1tt lnstructor Wide Course Variety Offered Van Students Shop boys enjoy the informal and pleasant at- mosphere as they work on individual p r oj ec t s under the supervision of M r, Roy Evans, metal shop instructor. Pictured areCruz Maciel, Jacky Gamble, Bill Pool, .Terry Sloan, John Waggoner, Lynn Sprulell, Donald Ray Dunn, Don Bass, Gene Lowe and Tommy Tunnell Mr A B Put hands out test papers to hls anx1ous brology students At the front table are Lynda Strmger and Carolyn Hamman Charles MCC affree and Robert Rhodes are seated at the back table ntersc o astlc eague vo ves rom asses Ronald Tankersley strikes a victorious pose as he tames the shrew Carolyn Harriman in the one act play The Taming of the Shrew ij fffyw Confidentjournallsts Ann Music Carolyn Fen ter Bettie G1pson Charlotte Gilbreath Shirley Radford Cruz Maciel and Truman Mizzles prepare for the Regional Interscholastic League Meet Y.. Y-1 4 Tlrnlngs area very lmportant part of the typlng in the lnterscholastic League Meet Contestants on the first row are Murl C antrell Dorothy Crone Donna Cox and Lupe Maciel On the second row are Ann Craft Mildred Palmer and Betty Gilley The sponsor is Miss Faye Terry Q' ET'-r I Study and hard work make the good shorthand student, Contestants on the first row are Murl Cantrell, Rosie Furrh, and Gailia Moon. On the second row are Norma Peden, Lupe Maciel, and Dorothy Crone, while Mary Maxfield and Linda Lantrip are on the third row, Instructor George Tuttle gives help to the girls. 13 14 rat er, plawn e1gn ver if a entme s Y Saundra Prather and James Splawn seruors were procla1med Kmg and Queen of Hearts at a Valentme s Day I-hgh School assembly program Votes were cast for the best candldate s by a penny a vote Sen1or candxdates recexved 197 votes and the proceeds of S3 82 from the con test went to the Sen1or Class 9 I Cand1dates from the Sen1or Class were Saundra Prather and James Splawn Nommated from the Iunlor Class were Frances Fowler and Terry Carter Iwornmees from the Freshman Class were Sue Nell Curley and Ray Lanfrey. QTO the r1ghtJL,1nda Srruth and Larry .Toe Dunn were the sophomore canchdates. P 11 S R' 0 1 'A 7 Da , ,W H I . . , J' li - L 'EH 1 W N l . my ull' gp ,Q LL Db! ,Qu EQ f f 4 E M LM -..,-5-1 1 0 kx X Q f W N ,Q '14 , K f 1,1 X f Aw f ' .7 ,ff TW 'gf ' J X -, - f ff l ,' .xl X W X I Y , L-Z t "lI' f Agrxilgix if ' Q. V '. ,Q ' f' , X 'J M! ff: ,Lf X' W ' ""G-D751 . , ' Q Q "KG 71 7 n , Q . ' x 4 V ik W ! 1 I A' .. 1' 2 . if R?k'W ,ix 1 A ,XX ,,.,! Q ,I X Q X 4 QA N 2' ' 7 . 1 - if A xx A is X tu ent Council Adopts Award Ystem 'sz if Johnny Peden pres1dent pres1desataStudentCounc1l meetmg Mem bers are fzrst row Murl Cantrell Mary Maxf1eld Mary Dane Dolores Black Pat Russell Carolyn Shotts and Lmda Lantmp Second row Er nest Shlnn Jerry West Jack Pool B1l1y HaTdW1Ck Charles Crone John ny Brown T1m T1mmons and Donald Parmley Tlurd row James Splawn Cindy Spruxell I..1nda Pool Dan Larry Parker John Stewart James N1x on and M1ke H111 Mr Moorewatches as sen1or representatwes Murl Cantrell and Mary Maxfleld check attend ance records for the attendance award 16 T he 1956 57 Student Counc1l led by Pres1 dent Johnny Peden and Secretary Lmda I.,antr1p strove hard to meet the1r a1ms The councll has four a1ms to un1fy all student organ1zat1ons 1nto one great control to foster sent1ments of law and order to promote the general act1v1t1es of the school and to develop 1n the students a growmg apprec1at1on of member sh1p 1n a democracy They arranged assernbhes and sponsored school elec t1ons Members cons1st of four representatlves from each homeroom Scholarsh1p attendance and c1t1zensh1p awards of lOwere presented to the w1nn1ng classes each s1x weeks to stlmulate student mterest 1n school X' fl 1 ,Q w -A ' w 'Q-H Q fi 1 4 lag, 1 1 I ' 1 : 1 1 1 1 a 1 . + ' I ! J I 1 - 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 J - 1 1 - , - 1 . S 1 l 1 - I 1 1 n l I , - . ews oun 5 t Scoops, earlnooli St P ea s Slttllljl lJ?ll11'1Cl the typevyr1ters are co ECl1tOI"'S of the X andal X o1ce Con n1e Oln er Ann Muslc and sports ed1tor Cruz Maclel Standlng are Charlotte Chlbreath Vandallte co edltor ly an Johnston photographer T1m1T11e Shortt T1 mm xn Mlzzles assoc1ate ed1tor Wayne Zerr, photog rapher Carolyn Fenter assoclate ed1to1 Sh1rley Radford Eugene Strlclxland Llnda Culy er buslness manager and Bett1e G1pson Nan dal1te co ed1tor I hose not plctured are Jerry Ling photographer and Lucy H 1Vs Txpewrlters hurn V3E'X'1C1lS scratch ac ro s s the page and reporters dash here and there as the N dhClEilVO1CE' cleadlme approaches lhe l5 neyyshounds vyere rewarded for thelr scoops and hect1cdeadl1r1e hours th1S year vyhen the Vandal Xo1ce recely ed a flrst place award at the Texas I-huh School P1655 As-soc1at1on Meetlnw X1T1ClB.l1t9 deadlmes also has 1ts prob lems and fun Brushes are lost 1D tall paste cans and occasmnally a head 1G lost by a hasty p1cture trlmmer Desplte these nushaps the 1936 X anda l1te also receu ed an All I exas ratlng Th1S year s productlon of the Vandal Nolce and the Xandahte mcludlng the trlps deadhnes and contests hasbroupht many happy work f1ll?dhOLllQ to the lournallsm staff "X-K Congratulatlons xx ere extended to the your nallsm staff for honors achley ed dllrlng the Th1rty F1I'St Annual Cony ent1on of the Tex as I-hgh School Press Assoc1at1on at Denton Texas l7 cl Ge ' ..- " 213211. .'. - -. - -- H -- .fp 11 5, .. 1-I ... 1-V 9 ' 11. 1- 1 , , ,:.. -:ji 1 . .., ..- ' " " . 4 4 . . . r . Q - . . 1 . - J , , ,, L , 1 - 1 - - - 1 - 1 1 1 . , L e , , , - . . . ' ' .. ' , . 1 1 - - 1 1 . . . . . , Y . , . - 1 1 - 1 1 . ' , , 1' c , , 4 . ' 2 1 6, . 7 A ' ' , , c , , . . 1 ,- U . rg b 1 . . . I , . . Y Y . . Y . ky . ' . . . ' ' 35.1 ' ' ca ' s ' ' Y . . . - in 0 Q . . , , . . . . ' . V . . . . - , - van- 1 - - - 1 l..,...- A , ' ' ' . I . Y , . f . ff 1 - 1 - 1 ' K . ' g -1 M . , , , .- . A 1 - l , 1 ' , V, . . . ' - 1-ss i- , . V- . V . V- . , . . 1 1 - 1 1 4, ' , Aw, , 4, A15 X + 'Wiz ,,xWa.1,.c . ,a X Q. QAINX W A K . lg, L.. fm 31 fi -Q ,N X , J Y u 4 ff 1 A K- Z, ,R 5 K 5, . X X "' f I 3 Q -X L X wif ' K-as S6-'YW ' ,Y Q : ' 153.3 V53 -' ww 544' yi. f ,,z. L. .. 3 Z f 1 J, ff, I 1. L,.. x, xt, f Front row, from the center to the right: Judy Chappell, Linda Pool, Jean Smith, Beverly Peters. Second row: Lynel Spruiell, Ronnie Pate, Genie R um below, Beverly Null, Bettie Gipson, P atr icia Russell, Dian Fife. Third row: Joe Deslatte, Linda Matthews, John Stewart, Eu- l Y 11. X..,..f x..t -..-..-....,.........-...............s....t....t....A.....,,. ,. . .,. , 3, 5' 2 If ,ui syn? x 1 , i gene Strickland, Mary Rodgers, Linda Lantrip, Marcus Fincher, Mike Hill, Benny White. Fourth row: Gail Bynum , Robert Martin, Jay Mills, Harold Sides, Freeman Kindle, Glynn Hopkins, Robert Rhodes, and Ronald Tankersley. ith irst ivision atin in arc 111 ontest Christmas program December 20 and played at the Masonic Centennial program at Ben Wheeler. Individ- ual band students entered the solo and ensenible con- test at Gladewater. Other highlights of band activity included the play- ing contest in Kilgore and the local spring concert. A trip to the Memphis, Tennessee, Cotton Carnival furnished a fitting climax to one ofthe most success- ful years in the history of the band. The work of the Band Parents Organization had much to do with making this trip possible. President Don Chandler presents attractive Band Sweetheart Linda Lantrip red carnations as the band forms a heart and plays "Let Me Call You Sweetheart". ongsters ome To Li e n er ew irector Front row from the left Qumell Parker Frances Huddle Brenda Reeves Judy Chappell Dorothy Crone Frances McKenz1e Donna Black Dan Larry Parker Davld Malone Second row M1ldred Palmer Clara Baker Sue Nell Curley C1ndy Spru1ell L1nda Matthews Brenda Parham L1nda Pool Charlene Mart1n Murl Lee Cantrell James Splawn Paul K1dd Th1s 15 the f1rst t1me 1n two years Van H1gh School has had an act1ve cho1r The cho1r under the d1rec t1on of Mr Ihmmy Yancey part1c1pated 1n several as sembly programs They presented four songs at the Texas State Fa1r They also had alead1ng part 1n the The cho1r furmshed entertamment for the T S T A banquet Murl Cantrell IS the only member of the Van cho1r 1n the All State Cho1r D1rector Mr .T1mmy Yancey leads the cho1r 1n all act1v1t1es Come O Come Emanuel 1s the f1rst number ore sented by the cho1r 1n the annual Chrmstmas program The cho1r marched 1n w1th an 1mpress1ve candle l1ght ceremony , 1 ' , . , , , ' , , , ' . : . I 3 I I . I I I I . I ' 7 I I . ' u , - 4 , - Christmas program. ' f J. 5 ,ff . ll IU ' ' A - 66111621 CIS OOSt C OO 1 t Il P X W oooDLUcK echoesthroughthe Sm1les of cheer and ac compllshment come to cheerleaders Brenda Par ham Murl Cantrell as smstant head cheerleader Lupe Maclel head cheer leader Conn1e Ollver and Frances Fowler as they ac cept respons1b1l1ty of lead mg the school pep 1 gym as led by cheerleaders B r e nd a Parham Murl Cantrell Lupe Maclel Connle Ohver and Frances Fowler Cheerleaders rest between yells to cheer the football team on to v1ctory at a Frlday mght game Cl tl B S111 lkladpe l V H---' ---H , , , llll 011161113 CYS Face Flltllfe W-tll OPCS Future Homemakers of Amer1ca off1cers a r e left to rxght Geneva retary Carolyn Fenter reporter Patsy Lang h1stor1an Qumell Parker song leader Sandra Turner v1ce pres1dent AvanellW1lkerson second v1ce pres1dent Dorothy Butler secretary and Ann Warren pres1dent Not p1ctured areDorothyI-lardm treasurer Margaret Yoes c1v1l defense chalrman and Wanda Hopson Student Councll representatrve Future Homemakers of Amer1ca face the fu ture w1th warm courage and h1gh hope to make homes for Arnerlca s future The F H A Club has been represented 1n meetmgs of all levels The Van Futu r e Homemakers of Amer1ca Club 1S a member of the Nat1ona1 F H A Texas Assoc1at1on DlStf1Ct l and Area VI Act1v1t1es eng ag ed by a Homemaker are a home p r 03 ec t part1c1pat1ng 1n all class work and project dmners hd' Charlotte K1ser Norma Peden Margaret Yoes Helen Pyron Carolyn Shotts Avanell W1l ker son and Brenda R eeves take part 1n the home makrng assembly program Donna Cox, Iv1rs.T..T. Cox, Mrs. C.B. VEHICG, and Avanell W1lk6TSOH are havmg a d1scuss1on at the local F,H.A. meetmg. H It 1 1 H u U I V i- "2 K , X L , WMM 4 1 i ' Miller, parliamentariang Vanqueta Ayers, chaplaing Donna Cox, area sec- : , : , ' ' : ' . 9 , ' - ' 1 ' , ' - ' 3 , 9 , ' . . . , 3 , . . . 5 N , . . O N " N - ' - 1 x ' ' ' , mx ' ' l l I ll . . , . . , . ,, . , . . . . , -w , . . l . ' I I 5 I 3 ' ' 1 5 ' Future Farmers Work To Promote Agrlcilltllre 1 f , pi ' 1 II H . ri' q w R 1 f K. I rn' c' 1 ' X 1 ,Q 'ig fi' 1 f 1' 'nt L, V.: 71 Above Gary Jones and Floyd Mose- ley test rnilk for butterfat. The lab is used to run many tests. if X H Future Farmers of America are very busy boys, at least at Van High. These boys run soil tests for acid and alkaline in the agriculture laboratory, They can al so test milk for butterfat. The lab has 85 mount s of grasses and legumes which the boys study, Each student has one or more home projects in the field in which he is most interested, Their many interests vary from livestock, truck-farming, poultry, and pasture growing, More advanced students study financing farzn operations and farm social security. During the year, the F.F,A, boys journeyed to the Tyler Fair, State Fair, Fort Worth Fat Stock Show, and on local field trips, l ' ,X X, ,f Darrel Preston and Ed die Cole look Jimmy Sullivan, pictured above, over the many samples of soil, fertilizer iS Shown looking OV61'th6henS at Mr. and seed. Officers of the F.F.A. pictured to the right are Bobby Stone, president, Floyd Moseley, secretary, Tommy Tunnell,parliamen- tariang Larry Edwards, re- porterg Mike Moore, sen- tinel, and John Stewart, Stu- dent Council representa- tive. Charles Crone was president until he moved, 'cfm x Atkins ' chicken house. X X 0 ul Ee. x. 3 xx x-. O FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB TheFuture Teachers Club of1956 57 off1cers are Sandra Rodgers v1ce presldent Donna Cox pres 1dent and Ann Muslc secretary treasurer M1ss Faye Terry 15 the club s sponsor They goto d1str1ct and state convent1ons each year .2 "' SPEECH CLUB Dressed 1n Jeans pedal pushers and old sh1rts the SpeechClub members redecorate the aud1tor1um dressmg room Members from the left are Eugene Str1cklancl Johnny Peden Norma Blythe Charlene Mart1n Ronald Tankersley Helen Pyron Dorothy Senter Sue Dav1dson and Carolyn Fenter Z4 Stuclents Participate In Many Grganizations SPANISH CLUB The Spamsh Club members are shown watchmg Bobby Staton break the P1nata at one of then- gay and unusual part1es From left to r1ght are Sharon Stroud Ga1l1a Moon RubyCompton Beverly Peters D1an F1fe Charlotte Kxser Annette Peden Dorothy Senter Jean Sm1th and Bett1e Glpson The Spamsh Club has 21 members Sometxmes they serve a meal ent1rely of Spamsh food ? 'Q QUART ERBACK CLUB Seated at the head table at a Quarterback Club banquet glven 1n honor of the 1956 Vandal A and B football teams are Coach George Tuttle Coach W1 ley Warren Coach Earl Meyer Mr Ralph T1m mons presldent of the Quarterback Club Mr C C Moore Coach A1Rholes Mr Jack Perry secre tary treasurer of the club and Mr .T E Rhodes I . ' I .Y I I . . , . , , V X , . , . . . . . I N 5 . ' WWII- . lf - - Jxp ' L x , 2 . ' - ' 1 , -- S ., - I . . , Q Q I I v X M r - ' X ..., + ,gn-, ,', 4 . I .- r " Q 1 1 - I " L .i ,. X he , , . , L , , ' 3 . . . . -L W .A""'- . 2 A Z g , I I 'W . I I I . I . . -I l I I J - ? I I I I . I ' fxgi 'gvrf N x ff-1+ Ns., Q X K X 4-ff ff-X y"'g-X ff X X 1 aww, 'Tl :ff Problems of the school face K J Durand NK T N15 ers presidentg W,R, Timmons, secretaryg J,A. Peden T J Pippen xice president B 'xl Foulei and l B. fxlcAlister, School Board members, C OO 031' IVCS 11116 ort c ool I'OlJ1C1'1'1S Despite their obligations as aver- age citizens, seven men give their tirne unstintingly to improving the Van School. Meetings are held once a month where W, T, Myers, W, R, Timmons, and K. J. Durand, Pure Oil employeesg T. J. Pippin, post- inasterg I, C, Peden, independent oil workerg B. M. Fowler, rancher, and LB. McAlister, farmer, discuss problems concerning the school, The board is elected by the citizens and serve Without salary, This year the board accomplished various im- provements for the school, Postmaster T,J, Pippin, vice pres- id ent, delivers a package to W, T, Myers, president of the School Board, VX-1, ,V,A K "-.Nh fs'-sa '-sc Q Pictured below is Mr, J. E, Rhodes in his . customary role as announcer for one of the ,superlntendellt Serves Van football games, Frankie Lee at right is shown spotting for Mr, Rhodes. SCIIOOI fO1' Years .41 Putting his hat in the rack, Mr, J, E, Rhodes prepares If for another busy day as superintendent of Yan Public , Schools. Mr, Rhodes came to Van in 1030 and for the i pastZ8 years has watched the numerous changes that have I come about in the school systern, He is responsible for the development of an educational program designed to meet the needs of the cornrnunityg assist in establishing of policies relating to organization, finance, and instruc- tiong assume the responsibility for leadership in the prep- aration ofthe annual budgetg and to keep the School Board and the community' informed of the progress and condi- tion of the school, auntenance ersonnel W li Though the roads may be muddy the bus dr1vers The bus dr1vers are front row from the left Grady Evans Bud Rh1nes Troy Shotts Marvm F1sher Waylon G1l1ent1ne and Elmer Wyatt Second row from the left Jack Yar brough Marlon F'1sher Sh1rley Palmer Olen G1llent1ne and Cec1l Ragam The custod1ans are front row from the left B B Reynolds H C Camper and J E Crock e Second row from the left R C Cr1m L A Dowdle R A Tunnell and M1ltonTaylor fxZ"'lnn us- 1 always arr1ve to carry stu dents to school The1rs are long hard routes of 58 m1les a day They also make out of town tr1ps and do custo dxal work Although the school cus todlans have much to do they are always ready to help a student anyway they can The1r hours are from 7 A M to 5 P M Thef1ve cooks 1n the cafe ter1a come to work at 7 45 A M and prepare food unt11 start servmg Grade School T hey complete the1r work around 3 P M The cooks are from the left Mrs Velta Holmes Mrs I-I A Albr1tton Mrs M I., F1sher and Mrs Mae Clower. On the far r1ght 15 Mrs, J. L.. Harrls, d1et1 t1an, wh1le standmg beh1nd are M. L. F1sher and Olen G1llent1ne, bus drlvers who ass1st 1n the cafeter1a, ' or ar qw :fp vu V -" m 1 D , A 'i f 1 - .H - - . 'I 1 - but . - . I ff-ff' f 1 . . - A 1 11:10, at which time they . 'x ,' if ' . T' Mr W H Thompson Admmlstratwe Ass1stant East Texas Mr A M Dlckerson Tax Offrcer Mr A E McK1bben I-hstory Math North Texas East Texas if 328959 Three teachers were added to the faculty for the 1956 57 school yea.r They are Mr J N Yancey, J N Yancey, and Mr A B P1tt Mr Yancey f11lS a new pos1t1on, asslstant band d1rector and choxr drrector He rece1ved h1s Bache lor of Mus1c degree from Henderson State Teachers College 1D Arkadelphla Arkansas He completed four years at Affutt A1r Force Base m Omaha Ne braska, before commg to Van Facu ty Mr I E Rhodes Supermtendent North Texas Southern Method1 st Mr C C Moore Pr1nc1pal C1v1cs Hard1n SIITTIIIOTIS Colorado State College Mr I N Yancey Assxstant Band D1rector Choral D1rector Henderson State Mrs J N Yancey Instructor Henderson State Mr A B P1tt East Texas Mrs Yancey, mstructor rn pr1vate prano also recerved her degree from Henderson State She last taught 1n Omaha Mr Prtt takes the posltxon of the late Mr D M Tate He teaches plane geometry and b1ology He r e c e 1 ve d h1s Bachelor of Sc1ence an d Master of Scrence degrees from East Texas He also attended Texas A 8 M , Stephen F Austm College , and Southern Methodast He was pr1nc1pal at Canton for 16 years and came to Van from Wmona x ' , ' - ' ,g 4 . I' n . 'v r A . . . 40' A I . - I V, sf" .fr I I 0 f . . V67 - 4: rx g t E1 '3- "", ' . . . t,,,s,. A I 1 re ,. 23' E 1 Cx Q . i.. yr I K 7 ' Y . . . . , . . , n . . . . , - l n . . Plane Geometry B1ology Faculty Mr George Blackburn lndustrlal Arts North Texas Mrs Tom Elder Engllsh HISIOFY Texas Women's College East Texas Mr Ross Hay Band D1rector Texas Chr1st1an 'RAI Miss Faye Terry Typing North Texas East Texas Mr Baker McClellen Chemlstry Sc1ence Texas A 8 M East Texas 'VF x 'I-"""" ,4- 'V 4. Mr George Tuttle Head Football Coach Bus1ness Austm East Texas Mr W1ley Warren ASS1St3.Ilt Football Coach Math Austm College Baylor Mrs D L Splillell Spamsh Enghsh North Texas 1' Mr Grady Parker L1brar1an Peabody East Texas M155 Sanoma Shoff1t G1rls' Health P E East Texas Mr Herb Rrchardson Basketball Coach P E Houston Un1vers1ty Tyler jumor College 'QT 0 .aa 1- - I ' ' Y I - I I x " E - F , 1 , 1 F, T rig? ' . xxx V ' 1 . J X, ffl lg, ' - . . Xp L F GMM- . . . - ' ' ' LQ. x ' X ' A,- li Mr R R Stalhngs Dr1versEducat1on Math East Texas Wesley Mrs Andy Schrenkel Homemakmg Enghsh Columbxa Un1vers1ty T S C W Mr C J Atkms Vocat1ona1 Agrlculture TexasA GM M1ss Wanda Manthey Speech Enghsh Hamhne Un1vers1ty Mr J C Craddock Mlmeograph Operator Mr. Claude Sumerhn ,Iournahsm Bxghsh Texas A. S I. Baylor D Mrs Allen Gllchre st Facu ty Secretary to I-hgh School Pr1nc1pa1 Mr Roy G Evans Industrlal Arts North Texas T' .-l " '1- ,jab-'-rf' -4-1 Austm M1ss Betty Shepperd Secretary to Supermtendent Mr john Dunn ASS1St3nt L1brar1an East Texas Mrs D1ck Fowler Secretary to Tax Offxcer . f , .Ma ' 0 1 P' 431 Faculty Mr Euell L Sprurell jumor Hlgh Prmcrpal Texas Tech Mr A M Tunnell Audro V1sual Drrector SOC13.l. Studres North Texas Colorado State College 'M Mlss M1ldred Chrrstre Art North Texas Colorado A 8 M M.r Earl Meyer B Team Coach P E Socral Stuches Stephen F Austm Mrs B D Wh1te Language Arts P E North Texas Mrs Alton Mrlls Language Arts North Texas Southern Methodrst Mr A1 Rholes Athletlc Coach Math North Texas Mrs Cullen Tunnell Language Arts East Texas Southem Method1st Mrs J E Rhodes Lxbranan T S C W East Texas Mr Tom Sherbert Math jr I-hgh Basketball Coach East Texas North Texas Mrs James Harris Dietitian - Homemaking T S C W North Texas Dr W J Garrett School Doctor Mrs C B Shivers School Nurse Mr C R jones Grade School Prmcipal North Texas East Texas 'v' lvlrs A M Tunnell Librarian North Texas Colorado Mrs Viola Granberry Second Grade Sam Houston East Texas Mrs. L. M. Palmer Third Grade North Texas East Texas Mrs Larry Lantrlp Facu ty Secretary to Administrative Ass1sta.nt and junior High School Principal Mrs Irene Gentry Snack Bar Manager ,v Mrs C C Moore First Grade Colorado State College T S C W Miss Ruth Cole Third Grade East Texas Mrs S R Richardson Fourth Grade North Texas East Texas f W. 1 94" mb- ' sr , Facu ty Mrs Letha Grlbreath Frrst Grade East Texas M1ss Eumce Callan Frrst Grade East Texas Mrss Ovalene Reed Fourth Grade North Texas East Texas Mrss Nrla Henson Specral Educatron Texas State Southern Methodrst Mrss Ruby Cole Fourth Grade East Texas 'WY f 418, Mrs Maude Mann Frfth Grade North Texas East Texas Mrs Roye jones Second Grade East Texas A 8 M Mrs R R Stalhngs Fxfth Grade East Texas North Texas 1"N f2'x"" 'ar Qi' O O C I ' 1 A , 1 f' 1 h IT f Mrs Sam Prtman Frfth Grade East Texas Mrs C R jones Secretary to Grade School and Vocatronal Agrrculture Teacher Mrs. Wayne Ice Thrrd Grade East Texas sf' if 1' PM Glauu -AMX -an 'F f"7 M ost opular -AP, ":f- "ht'x'W4'iT Glfl . al' . -Sir v,.1?""" upe Macie Q'-fx,-of ,ggi . X , :Sis- X 5-Q ',fm4 ,sn V --3' Q . T'f'f"5-J "X 1-14 ' "' '7 'U'-1 ' ' ,: - . ' i F 5 1? . u A 'H V , M- ' Y' 1 mg my-5 M ."'- 'S 4 .- - .1 - . .Q ,wg - 'Raw Q'vjNgz,Q':1 W' ,At vA.,,.,,,g,, , ,.., VW W if ,..., fngild nj .Ms H, M., .,- z f'fi 'ff ' A AA , y Q- X51 fglf' V A- , 'fl - f .11 2 4 I . I . s g--4. 1 ' 'r I SSS. 11? W, 11 1 1 1 c ll w QL cw and ou stun my 105W dul mv hiwlx school 'Vlath I Gflb Pcicifield For hiq qulck COIHPI ehenfsion and nuath ematic skill. 38 Coxnxnelcill arx A111 'xlqxfie Ol LXIIIK 1. on 1 no DUHIIIQSS KORI1 Qcs offm c-fl lll lmwlx school Boys' Sports Freddie Tunnell-For doing some outstanding playing in football, baseball, and track, AJWI ol x7 Gul Sdorte Ioyce Willis F01 hei parti clpation in P E and beirw tm outqtand mfv xthlete A Social Studies Jackie Clower -F' o r havinw taken all history classes thit hiih school offers and for havinv hi ,lm c rades Alt alolxn 1 W1l1Y1jI1C'2l. xhilitx fl Operation to woil Shop Binuw Jerry Wayne Hunt -For his ill-around ability in industrial 1rts subjects 3 Spanish Sharon Stroud -For her scholastic average, interest in Spanish, willingness to work, and a bility for speaking the language, ,af -'Q sei Agriculture Floyd Moseley-For his good home projects and being very dependable. -HJ 1 Wl1O,S WIIO nf' 4.1.4 ' Ugg' :auf has Hoxnexnakinfg Avunell W ill-ierson-For her in t e r e s t in honiemaking and for having an outstanding horne proiect. Science Jimmy Henderson-For having four years of science and having good grades. ADJ Q 7 Speech R onalfl 'l' a nkersley-For his ability for acting in the .lunior Play and one-act play this year, Choir Brenda Parham-For her in- terest and attitude in the sub- ject. .qmphmkwz 4'51fi"'wmf.f Journalism Charlotte Gilbreath and Ann Music-For Charlotte'5 excel- lent work on the Vandalite and Ann's superior work on the Vandal Voice, Band Rosie Fu1'rh-Forherloyal- ty, d epencialmil geniality, and ity, ability, con- attendance. I Mixed Fee ings Hearts of Cvraciuating eniors They have had many joys their four years in Van High School and now they are graduating. For some it is agay and happy timeg for others, they feel a little sad at the thought of not seeing all their friends every day, Many things have gone into making this a successful class, When they were juniors, they had one of the biggest events of the high school days: a junior play, "Take Your Medicine," with a gross of 5160, The second big event of the junior year was the Junior-Senior Banquet, This year the seniors started off with cake and pie sales and then the senior play, "Harvey,"which cleared about 585. At press time the seniors were planning very busily a trip to a dude ranch in South Texas, The Senior Class elected friendly Lynn Spruiell as their president. Lynn was a rnernber of the "B" team footballhis junior year and a member of the "A" team his senior year, He is also a meinber of the "A" basketball team, Likeable Jimmy Don Henderson was elected by his class- mates as vice-president, Jimmy' was president of his fresh- man class. He is a two-year letterman in football. Lupe Maciel, that cute and sweet senior, is secretary and treasurer of her class. She is head cheerleader this year and was freshman favoriteg she was secretary and treasurer of her sophomore class, Lupe was editor of the Vandalite last year, Friendly Mary Ann Maxfield is quite an active member of the Senior Class. She was nominee for Queen of Hearts her junior year, Mary Ann is quite talented in the commercial field. Despite his lack of weight, Bill Pool proved to be quite vicious on the football team this year, He is a two-year letterman, Though Bill is very shy, he has made numerous friends in high school, Hunting and fishing are some of Bill's favorite sports, Don Bass Football Q- Basketball l f'x l Freshman Sec . S .Jig Q7 rf ,Sian B A CIliOI'S of 75 7 Donna Black Student Councll Harve st Duchess F re shm in Nom1nee for Queen of Hearts Speech Club Chou' Shlrley Cantrell F H A Cholr F T A lvlurl Cantrell All State Chou' Cheerleader Harvest Duchess Who s Who ln G1rls Sports F H A H1StOY1dU Speech Club Student Counc1l Norma Blythe Volley ball Mvr FHA Carolyn Fenter Speech Club Vandal VO1Ce Assoc Ed F T A F H A Band Volleyball Joe Clark Football Softball F F A Parhamen tar1an 43 f CV sz: S M ,S S , V , A . n V Q1 Q qiydb . Y 5 . f .MQW W 11 Q F . k ' . 1 -:ln if 'C I up V ,y A . L 5. 4 . A fyy . . . A A Viff Zf V I A fs' W fijlf' ' . , . U A '71 G xt, . I . . . 1 S' A f ,M M ' rf' ' S fy, , - - 1 - F F QQ ' 'J it ' rj""? 3 Donna Cox Pres. County Sec. F.T.A. F,T.A. F.H.A. Area Sec. F.H,A, Pres. F.T.A. Vice-Pres. F.l-I.A. Most Outstanding Junior Girl F.H.A. Sec. Girls Forum Sec. ' Speech Club Who's Vtfho in xr Hornemaking 'QT' Xen' District Sec. Rfefllefllllel' . Jackie Clower Softball Baseball Ba sketball Ann Craft F H A Spanish Club Junior Play 'Senior Play Choir Z' 1- i I.. 1 1401 ,Cs f' 1-I -wr-Z Charles Crone Football F F A Pres Student Council F T A Dorothy Crone Dlstrlct and Regional Typing Junior Play Senlor Play Choir Speech Club F H A Soni Leader Volleyball Donald Ray Dunn as Football F F A Freshman Class tif' Vice Pres , 1 'Q ,.,aw.. G' -AL tg as Larry Edwards Track Baseball Junior Class Favorite F F A Golf Qi fx y y T, L p 1 . 1 " 'fl l it A ' 1 Nl 5 1 A ' A I- , 'ti 1 W ' N"' A gg, . . . f , . ii? ' iq, f ' - lil ' - Football 1 . 4, , F t 1 C f . I ' Van Higlm . . Dale Flsher Football Volleyball Softball F F A Cho1r Sophomore Duchess Escort Ros1e Furrh Vandal V1ctory Band Sec Treas Don Gray Basketball F F A I1rnmy Don Henderson Football D1str1ct and Reg1onal Declamat1on Tumor Play Freshman Pres Cho1r Gary Humphry Basketball F F A Track Band .Terry Hunt Shop Honors Basketball Mgr Band F T A Trevalyn Ellis Basketball F.F.A. Student Council 'Ulf ,rim -gnu!" X- 1'-VY nc'-'O' D. ,r gf 'ff '32 ' in - PV F Wax 1,0 - .' r.. 1' N X I sz ' G uf 'ld A A ,I N 'A'-, Z LM yr' Senior Vice-Pres. K ' V , M E Q S if -. - 'I V W f F' -W' , . r -f 3 I " ' 'lf ' Q, 5' A' . . . I A A , 5? F at v , i L1nda Lantrip Drum Majorette Band Sweetheart Vandal VO1CE Co Ed It 1CtO1'Y Sec Student Council Who s Who ln Journalism ran S1 1116 Sophomore Favor1te Ver MostOutstand1ng Freshman Girl Twirler Gary Jones F F A Paul Kidd Football Basketball Baseball Junior Class V1ce Pres Sophomore Nominee A K, 1 -nr iQ' 'Q 95' ISI King of Hearts Speech Club Baseball Mvr Choir Track Softball Gaillia Johnson Spelling 4th Junior Play F H A Volleyball Daffy Lee F.H.A. Senior Play Volleyball Baseball Cruz Maciel Sophomore Favorite Vandal Voice Sports F.F.A. Football Softball Lupe Maciel Head Cheerleader Vandalite Editor Senior Class Sec. Freshman Favorite Student Council ' .Tunior Play lst. in Spelling Speech Club E Sophomore Class Sec. Its Saclie Floyd Mosley F F A Sec H3WlilI1S Day Mary Maxf1e1d Sen1or Favorlte Student Counc1 Cho1r Speech Club Junlor Nom1nee or Queen of Hearts F HA H1StOT1ah Cvalha Moon Iun1or Class Sec F H A Sec Span1sh Club Sec lst 1n Spellln Iun1or Play Charlene Martin Junior Play Senior Play F.H.A. Band Choir gi? X NOK Who s Who 1n Enghsh .Y Dan Larry Parker Band Cho1r Journahsrn Student Councxl FFA Sophomore V1ce Pres Iuruor Play Senlor Play Johnny Peden Football Co Captaxn Track Student Counc1l Pres Speech C lub Cho1r Norma Peden F H A Choxr 'ai 69 nd. ,Ji C-'F flat' 'Q' X...- X A -fsx , .1 F . , n f ' . . , '46 . . . , A l Skir- , . . my V it In yy l 7 l . . ii . - -Q 1' ' g . fl . lg fl 'ig H 3 A Q . ' :flak , Q Q ' v of Bill Pool Football F.F.A. Softball Senior Favorite W .rf fi ,pw The Jr.-Sr. Ba11q11et . Saundra Prather Band Choir Speech Club Journalism F T A One Act Play Shirley Radford Junior Play Senior Play Sophomore Nominee Queen of Hearts Journalism F H A F T A Jerry Rhmes Junlor Play Senior Play Football Mgr Softball 595 3rd Slide Rule Sandra Rodgers Vandal Voice Co Ed Vice Pres F T A wg, gs Junior Play Senlor Play F T A County Vice Pres F H A Band Charles Shelton Basketball Volleyball F.F.A. James Splawn Football Basketball nu.,..A.1' Baseball Track Student Council A Delegate to T.A.-'. Choir Speech Club F.F.A. The Cjrracluation . Robert Neal Staton Spanlsh Club Football Tennls Reg1onal Champlon gl F1nal1st Student Councll Sen1or Play Fredche Tunnell Football Baseball Basketball Track Freshman Class Pres Sophomore Class Favor1te Lynn Spruiell Senior Class Pres Football Basketball Choir F F A Student Councll E Tommy Tunnell Football F F A Basketball Softball .Tun1or Play Sen1or Play .Tohn W1lkPTSOU F F A Basketball Wayne Zerr Basketball Basketball Mgr Baseball Softball F F A Treas Iournahsm 'P Q--Y ho' Charles Sexton F F A Shop Honors 4 H Pres 'tra Eas .Z tml 'fwjf' ev' c rown-UP, uniors Elect 4 . rnest Slilnn Presl ent A sense of really growing up is perhaps acquired as jun- iors. lt is in this class in High School that the members realize that they must get to work and xnake enough money from their bake sale, the junior play "Under The Gas Light," and various other activities for the Junior Senior Banquet, Members of the Junior Class take pride in the fact that their class received the scholarship award, sponsored by the Student Council, of S10 each time for the first two six weeks. Class officers are Ernest Shinn, president, Charlotte Gil- breath, vice-president, Frank Hall, secretaryg and Connie Oliver, treasurer, Ernest was Student Council representative his freshman year and a B team football player. Last year he was an A football player, sophomore favorite, and a B basketball player. Charlotte was the heroine in the junior play this year, Vandalite co-editor, member of the Future Teachers Club, and was a member of the band for two and one-half years. Frank is an A football player and basketball squadman, He was a member of the track squad last year and a base- ball player, Connie has been cheerleader for the last two years and will be head cheerleader next year, She was a Student Coun- cil representative her freshman year and a duchess to the Harvest Carnival. Last year she was an lnterscholastic League contestant in journalism at the Regional fxleet and is serving as The Vandal Voice co-editor this year, Perhaps the decision of the Junior Class in selecting Tillie Defee their class favorite was based upon her cheerfulness and pleasing personality, l Tillie has been a rnernber of the Spanish Club for two j years, Worthy Advisor of the Rainbow for Girls, and was a member of the A band for four and one-half years, Class members we re shown that Ernest Shinn filled the qualifications to represent their class by his desire and ability to help others, pleasing personality, and cheerful attitude. Ernest is now servingpas president of the Junior Class, in addition to his honors in past years. ..r,. P 45.4 -Q' Pres1cl0ntE1r1estSh1nn plc s1deS at 1 ot the Iunxor Class 1n the l1brary Don Chandler Sue Dike f if Glorma Beg Lmda Culver .Toe Easley Q Qs.. ww an 'G W are-x S 'QL-'C , NWA Ll,f Jw? ww . ll11101'S Vanqueta Ayers Terry Carter Mary Dane Marcus Fmcher wr" rv' Clara Baker Sue Davulson T1ll1P Defee Franres Fowler 'U' "Ou JC! CQ' X i2""'UeC .lu is-v xfg ' N , . N,,,..f 4 ,, lr , A Nui .. I li ' f'l"lf1.-- is 1 onli! Tiiiifigiit -4 u -1 1 , 0 ugh rl-P ri-r. 4 ' '5i'w3'igfwf.Ea'Q J I , I, F, r ul s iff? Q fl - E S? S 3 Benny Geddie Frank Hall Frances Huddle Jerry Lang Students in Mr. Baker McClellen's chemistry do f class set up an experiment, Left to right are it . Eddie Wooda r d, Frank Hall, Jerry Sloan, Ann .. . Music, and Betty Gilley. Billy Hirdxxiclc Lox Dean Hutchins Qi Q4 fund' fl. I Betty Gilley Jerry Heard Ivan Johnston 'Nive- ""3'Q" Bettie Gipson -X 1 - Wanda Hopson .5 A Ronnie Jordan A ' 16 ,uf '14- kv F I JVUIIIOIS Charlotte Gilbreath Janell Hanna Larry Hudge Johnny Lang L 4 IVV, Q R Qi 9 vt-dv Y?" 45:3 Q Q--in I Us U' tif gg is li V - --. ,fr in My 0 V f jk A,,:W,., uv, i .. e V 1' Lf' ' . . , , - S i , Z , ta , , y J 1 f Z - f ' 'Q 1.5 ' , ' X ' I. . . - bg, i - . A . ., , f V 'n , L ' X . K1 My ' V - i 'Ye I Q A G Q ' A k w QA R 'J 1 K .n I . L 'Q Y ' X' ' v in Qt. A x A L . A x 'V V -5 V ,X fy nr ,i N, Q f' 1 ' asf ' . A f l g-: ff-f 1' trl -1 M H - B gf In H , Y, V T5 f A: l I A ti KL w il 'Y :. VI ' B2 ' - ' 'Y T ' . N 5 ' J , .f ' g A A . H sf - U 1 K f W f . - 4 624' , AV 'A vivv 'So V'--v fs , m J a ,sub 'Y' 'UQ '5- I 44.-0 M., ,n1nr, .I Wu x 'T Frances IVIcKenf1P Nancy Oxford Jack Pool Carolyn Shotts Shufley Lowe Robert Martm Delmar N1pp Connu Ohver -Xnnette Peden Jerry PGFC1f1P1d Dorothy Senter Ernest Shlnn Jun1ors ass1st Mrq G1lchr0St1nher work as Secretary to M1 C C Moorv Prmcxpal Lett to rwht are Sue D1ke Mrs G1Ichre5t E1ou1se Sm1th Wanda Hopson and Glorla Beffgs Truman M177lPS M11rirf d Palmpr Hvlchn Px ron 'fus- '-ap-...f if -Xnn M11S1C Ray Pirks Cmnua Rurn llI11OI'S """'46 bf on ll No is UQ, 1 'RW mlm vw -rr' ills 2 in 'Cl fin.. ig. ww 1' NK TK 5' Q M, Q--vi 'K""""' '95 1 4-l'r""'i 'mmf Wu Jlmmy Stephenson John Stewart Weldon Strmkland Avanell W1lker5on Euvene Strmkland John Waggoner Jerry Sloan Bobby Stone Ronald Tankersley .TOVCP XV1ll1S 5A Elomse Srruth Jerry Stone Lou Townley Eddle Woodard Peggy Sm1th Larry Stone Buddy Tunnell Harold Wh1te Typmfb l Students, work on a t1me te5t 1n M155 Faye Terry 5 cla55 Readxnv clockwlse they are Don Chandler Carolyn Shotts Geme Rumbelovx Buddy Tunnell M155 Faye Terry Charlotte Gllbreath and .lanell Hanna ll11101'S +4-4' SOPIIOHIOICS Elect West AS Presicieilt of Class By winning time perfect attendance award twice in the first semester of school, the Sophomore Class has proved their ability of attending school regularly, Nonchalant ways characterize the Sophomores who have already learned the "ropes" of High School. The Sophomores always enjoy enter- taining at the Junior-Senior Banquet. Most of the basketball players this year were ,ff- furnished by the Sophomore Class, Officers of the Sophomore Class are .Terry West, presidentg Larry Dunn, vice-presidentg Linda Smith, secretaryg and L.ucyHays,treasurer, Jerry lettered on the A basketball team this year and played on the Freshman All-District championship tearn last year, He won first place in district last year in junior declamation, Larry was president of the Freshman Class last year. He received a letter on the A basket- ball team this year, Linda, who is a top honor roll student, was fa vorite of the Freshman Class last year, Lucy is very active in all school activities. She was secretary of her class last year, Q. , 1 I , ,fin 4 Av Friendliness, courtesy, and "good-looks" are just a Jf' few of the characteristics ofthe Sophomore Class Fa- ' 'V vorites, Johnny Brown and Dian Fife, fade -vi, we Nt Dian is a member of the band, Spanish Club, Future v-3 FD an O D' FD H Ui o PH ID rv H ,.. 0 sv w : Q. U1 :' fb H. If! w P-4 lfl o Q1 3 or rn '1 o P-'1 r-P D' FD Y tennis squad, Johnny is a member ofthe Future Farmers of America ES ,L an and also played basketball, 'rr gig? Jimmy Bailey Dolores Black Ruby Compton Jacky Gamble ,Zff am F Margaret Yoes points out the location of invad- e ers of the British Isles in Mr. McKibben s third -- , period World History class A' " Robert Bennett Larry Camper Dian Fife +Ps.,,,,,' ngu- Johnny Brown Larry Dunn nn A' 1 'ki' ND! -,f ?5" rry Davidson 25 ...t 8 56 ASOPl'101'I10l'CS Carolyn Baker Jimmy Blackwell Kenneth Cotton James Garrett .aww 4-f""' rm 'Ulf his K1 .-W in-Q . w X 41 nv , Q K ,W lv 'vi' 5 t A r If . M 1 A I , - lxx ' u, W, t ., ik . y iv , , X ,h il., x E in ' if tl ,. 1 J fi r o . , , 5 -f . -' - K 'ti "-Mgr l ,. K 1 I K fr 1 -4' A f in B ' " x . ' i Y E 'M ' L 2 1 w eff l' J l -1' 'W J' J' :Mal " J N fp! , o ,lf 'L' f i l QJ - l 1 lf , Vx k I1 . l 'X J' ' V if . f 'J 4 -,, ' ' Q' figlwv v x 1 7 , K vi M11 , " 2 ' "f-L 3' ,W W - , I I Vx Q nf :mit A ' " .K rw - Y M1 Q..-. .-0" faiicfjz JL Q!-fn 'ft """w- SF x l ,L r Frances Hill David Malone Olen Miller Carolyn Hamman Lucy Hays Glynn Hopkins Charlotte Kiser Charles McCaffree C rolyn McNeill Jerry West presides at aSophomore Class meet- ing in the auditorium. Mr. Baker McClellan homeroom sponsor is assisting. if 50 JY Shara Gillentine Alice Green Jean Hobbs Billy Hopkins Charles Maxfield Georve Maxfield SOPLOHIOICS Sophomores in Mr A B. Pitt's biology class look at specimens throuvh the microscope. From the left are .Terry Wyatt Mike Moore, Bobby Stevens, Beverly Peters Mary Rodgers "'-1. 1-df' S 013110111 OICS Mike Moore Beverly Null Gordon Radford Jimmie Shortt ' x I af" qi '-fs. T' Wayne Nipp Brenda Parham Robert Rhodes Jean Smith 19" , 'fd Q.. es-M X Q1 M114 ,ff Q-'47 NY fl if gh '1""" 'E Tu? nv ,QW "Uh ' 'fb' wr' "',..-W" 3:4 1 4 QW-. James Stewart Fern Stone Judy Tunnell Robby Tunnell Jerry Wyatt Margaret Yoes Bobby Stevens T1m T1mmons Larry W1l11ams Mr Sumerlm s Enghsh II class p1-act1ces par hamentary procedure Robert Rhodes acts s class presxdent Seated to hxs left 1S Secretar Lucy Hays and on h1S r1ght 1S V1ce Pres1dent D1an F1fe Llnda Smlth Lynda Strmger Ann Warren 115111 ink ir-ws' ,Lp f Carol Starnes M1115 Stulce Jerry West SOPLOHIOICS X Gay decorations are placed on Harold Sides' car by Harold and Linda Pool, freshman favorites. Linda is a member of band and Student Council. Harold plays a trombone in the "A" Band. ln Jun- ior High he played football. Fres man Class eacls In Citizeiisliip .Awarcls Freshman Class officers pause on the may home to discuss class affairs. Freeman Kindle, Vice-president, is a mernber of the band and F.F.A. In Junior High he played football and basketball. JudyChappell,treasurer, is a member of the band. In Junior High she was a cheerleader. Donald Parrnley, president, plays basketball. Linda Matthews, secretary, is a twirler inthe band and in Junior High was a clruni niajorette. W, M -M ,D , , in " ef- - xy ef? n. U .ll Ill 4 t ii i me Mr Baker MCClellen demonstrates how the ICS 111611 Martha Baker Neva Marcell Bates Dorothy Butler Jerry Cook Donnle Durand Gall Bynurn Sue Nell Curley Elbert Fenton Van de Graff Generator operates as Franlue Lee ,-.. Jerry Boyd Charles Stanford and .Terry Heard look on Judy Chappell Mary C rocker .3--f wolf Q 'Q Jerry Boyd Jack B1 own Eddle Cole JESSIC Cook .Toe Deslatte Danny D1ke MLA ma ..-, nu '10 iwrm-sw Viale "" wi 'hm-I -I" an 122'-vp W Q I :via 'G-. ,gs I Q""' ,y H-nf 61 ., X ' ll , D ' 1 f',f,,ffQl - D 3 4 I ' v A' f f- . lb K , is an , , Q r , A . , 5 ' Nia. . ge y Q 2-3 Q S l 3 " Q 5, 5' Irby ld 4' P Q t sf? aft , ,fa C V gg ! A Q 3 ,V . fi life B E V 1 X 1 ff " X, ll' J R' y 4 Q tk QV are ' , V J 1 K - ' ? 'S 33. ' X y x F ' -N " yy C". i uf I I, , ,, 1 hx ' 4' . l 4' .-I-s5:g,.: , we . RKQRTK 351 Y. '.Za,lw-'533 FICSLHICII Gloria Freeman Jerry Goode Mike Hill Christene Hutchins Mr Richardson shows students inhishealth class ,gy 'W' their grades From left to r1ght are Charles N David Richard Jay Donrne Joe Bobby and l,,..,f Marcus Tlielma Hays Katherlne Hopper TW Donny G xmble James Heard Olllda Huddle 498 qv---9 36+ iN' Qtr if "S-x ...dr 62 -it Genevi Gann Betty H1ll Pat Humphrey "x:'vb ,LJ -gn. 'haf' Bobby Gabriel Dorothy Hardin Billy Hobbs Freeman Kindle gum 1 RN" 'qqimy QQ ,Q 45, 40421 ao "ln-.-uv' 0:16 ,....,a 11 . 1 . . Ll , af " 1 , V U . R . A 'Q ' ' ' ' ' Z i l iff'- 1 . y gy ,x . all N Q . x S ' 1 T' r ,r ' 'lar l , rf krlk K 1? - I in L g L 5' u A l X .. r fx 493' Uri 4, r- A ,r H .1 F I fr- x 1 V 7 W. , V G 5 .di A . 4' N , V f L, L ,, N MAIL ' ,z W , Q i f fllxig i aa V 4' x in-.un if IA C15 -3 N-..,....v 01 R15 Lanfrey Dc-rzell M130 Jay Mllls Times Kwon N OTR wh' gh IQ lx 1 bs X 124,539 A47 mf'- -ow Q 15 rs 'vs "9 'l.s Prtsy Lanv NMATCIIQ V150 Dum Ivlxers Terry Norms 'E' Frank Lee Chnles McC11n1m1n Sandra IWCDOW Harold Ohver Freeman Klndle pre sxdes dt Fxeshrnrm Chlss me e tlng ln V1SL1d1GdUCat1OI'l room Whlle Mrs Faye Terly, sponsor, looks on 2 1 'X .I M Si 317' ,arts 4505 .IT Llnda Matthew s Genexa Mlller ,mg Stanley Martmn Erwln M1116-r Brenda Ixxpp ICS 111611 4 - iw' ,v iv kv? 'C' C:""f" Q 2 qv' 1 in-nf 'mv in-""' 'fa -ff v-1 fs' x W Qulhell Parker M1ldred Parks Donald Parmley lalene Roberts Daw1d Shelton Cmdy 5pru1ell Lynel Sprulell Patsy Weaxer Benny Whlte Brenda Reexes Roddy Sloan Sandra Turner Nhss Manthey s Freshman Enghsh class acts out the last act ol Cyrano De Belverac Iames Heard dylll xn Dman Nlyers lap In the tmangle behumd are Daw1d Shelton Joe Deslatte and Jerry Norr1s Stand lnv tromleft to T1 Iht are Brenda Reeves Dorothy Har dxn Judy Chappell Llnda Pool and Linda Matthews 1 HQ.,-f 405 'i Qu '1""" Llnda Pool Jerry Shelton Charles Stanlord i Ku My '54 1 y Qu' va-if iq.-v Erw Darrel Preston Harold Sldes Ruth Ellon Tovtnley "' 18 QQ 4:4 A I ,5 Xfvwf !q V . xy ss,- f 1 "W xx' 5 'H in .1 fx f 4 Fx Q it t 'A' 1 4 . f, , . an "' , at t Q.. N R f,c 5 . ,, 3 s at - V if 'X t x , x., a a d a- E A1 '. , , NV t 1 V R Ek aw 1 4 M ,, R I ,za K' ff 4"x rift - ' f' T" ,I 1 K ' K I x , R Q 4 , fl - X f O ' 1 A my I ' 1 6 A X435 X' A , 1 M., RX x R' X Y. .L .Y A V' 'O 'A I V , is l .x ' .D ' A 'U ' ' ' - I . LJ on x" 0 -Q If VO :pr Larry Aye1'S Hulene Bailey .Terry Bailey Bonnie Baker 'L Q71-of may 'tw' ' 326 'QS' 4'2" X S uv' The elghth Grade makes up a large part Of Q' rs the school 4 Hclub wh1ch 15 shown 1D one of the meet1nOs held 1n the aud1tor1um Steve Flnch LaRoyce Freeman Laqu1ta C1lbreath Llnda Henderson Charles Culbreth Sally Dav1s 9 qi! 'WW' WX w"'l It lb' 1 l 1 Jean Buyher Jerry Clark Johnny Crawford Tommy Crlm E1Sl1tl1 .ea "Q"""" fl 5 fr Marsha Kldd Duane Lano Mary Ixlaclel Raymond Maclel --vw kj, Bobby Mayne Fred McGrady Benny McKelvey Bobby MCKelvey I"lC -Q' Mary Oxford Jean Phillips Andy Rhines Dan Rivgs M.- , tg .. I 1-is 1' .,,4 ,Q , , mf 4- 5 Q Q J '-4vrf""" Y"" Jean Maddox Joe Malone an in B as i As 'Q Virginia Martin "' Neta Maxfield vcffiwl fl... ' Y ,L K I if do , bn"le' ll gil' M-ia V , My ' Ll X Q ' ' Q 'vi . ,.,.- A Q vm ..,f A Q5 ,, Y 3? 5 . -11, X5 . 1 V n Serious thoughts cross the young faces of Ronnle Taylor Bobby McKelvey .Terry Clark and LaRoyce Freeman as they make vital Cuts in shop class Chris Moore Jane Morris Linda Nations Iudy Neill Annie Clee Nipp Thelma lN1pp aff? nb 'CV' C AN 41- ? K , of ., B -Tin B' ,M ,, B, ,.,- qw ,,. 1 - 1' SQ, 1 ' r 1 C '--" I B M rl iryuu ' , 5 . if' r F . r 44 ' K V V - . 1 M, my I X . ' mix V Y. ii qi 'WA B i ' X 1 o 4. fr ' ' Q. 'D f I l .,. 1, M 1- we-'73 , , A My isg. 1 -I K K 'KN li 5435 M i 3 M , V M 5 M Ernest Rumbelow Bob Sanders Timmy Sanders Eugenia Sims V-1 .- fy 40", .5 1 nv., H- 5, ,til 'Eff Y 'Was-v .-gf 'tk Nfl Students in the eight B language arts class a unit test supervised by Mrs Alton Mills Janet Stewart Karen Svleaiinven Ronnie Taylor David Tunnell its 68 Wt -Qt. Av take Ann Staton Sandra Stevens 'FW' -go 1 4 , Q. K 7 Linda Smith Sandra Mae Smith Sandra Sue Smith Marilyn Starr E Gra e al' 'ill Q' KWH Q' dQt"' fr-' ei T Q ,V ,W Ili Carolyn Turner James White Lela White Hope Wilson Delores Adams Virginia Anderson Robert Bailiff Brenda Boyd fi fy an gi B wif' d QW , ' l MWM' Al. A ,J ft fy c-0 5 15,4 . ""!.':." f.""v George Cole Mary Cole Davld Crone Danny Douglas C'-7 Ak. Mr Earl Meyer shows seventh permod health class a fxlm str1p on the care of teeth .l if 1? Q? in ' f vm Y . as '...4a4 ji Ralph Brzlwner Don Bennett Ronnie Carter Donna Carter eventl r'1 e -so 1 ,gnu-4 "f", ff i Ronny Gabrlel Jerry G1llent1ne Martha Graham Margaret Gr1ff1th 'x f:,.m.el-aw V.: - , Ronny Hobbs 4, rvllx -iff? , fx . Qw- eff 'Nl Trina Harris Linda Henderson James Hill " , 4 . 75 ,Q x W df s4 Shirley Hill JJ b 1 Charlene Hopkins ,, 5 Q I Il it Q Jackie Huddle 'Ex " l . Benny Huff event 1 Mrs Turmell s language arts class underlmes book t1tles as they study a unlt on punctuatuon FT IQ nf .f , ,A 1V'1'f 1? ,535 SBS' 9 1 V M ' 4. V' ali I if 'W' MLN N K--' sig' Dorothy MCC1anahan Glen MCKGUZIB Av1s Muslc Oble Nat1ons A6 nv-Nm f 'th W1nnel1 Larnbchn I1mmy Lang Patr1c1a Lang Wanda Luther 1 409' 'Sz 'Y""" QV L9 ww 70 '- -ff .491 K , - , lm, , A " W .Al I , H . I , " Q4 fi 4 ' K - V I , V xi l ' ' . as g ws! 5 V ' fl , - , ' 1 ,N "J . Q M A Qi ' . I 12 gg., 'fy K ' AA i 1 Q A l ' W . - 1 ., r ee Q H - - Y 1 f l - - . fa. f -15 - A xyrl AV Q! , I Q1-M1 K , 1. af A Ag I , I 'H J: fi . IP fm.. ,,, . Buddy Nlpp B1lly Palmer Kenneth Pate Charles Peden ,dim :sf in -annul 'Y' L1nda Peden Carolyn Pllililn Janet P1tman , Robert Plunk fied' If Sandra Pool Sharie Pybas Shirley Reeves Bobby Rusk T. l IHC From the sad look on these stu dents faces Mr Sherbert must be showlng them some low grades From the left are L1nda Henderson Janet P1tman Glen McKenz1e L1nda Sull1van and Martha Graham Seat ed 1S Mr Tom Sherbert Rf? 6? I ,-4 ,,t,,, i gk , Y... 'ii J nv-Q, Larry Smith Q .Q ,,- Danny Stallings George Stewart Rebecca Stewart 4.f'Z:?'i' 11,1 so I ,. A 531 ' 4 A , Qikbf, 5 . 'Vx 71 Linda Sullivan Ronald Swearingen James Strickland sif'-3--J J Dianna Carnper . Janxe s Taylor Russel Taylor V ,Q 5' , Qu- ' D John Taylor w of Tiff' X h """ 4 K, if 'Nb-. eventh r'1 e Mr Al Rholes class seems to enjoy the1r math ass1gnment From the left are D1anna Camper Mar garet Grlfflth Ronnle Gabr1el and John Thorne John Thorne 'N at """ ll 3 il., Dlanne Tlmmons Lexus Toone X Donald Turner Mary W1l11ams Ernest W1ll1s Q wg ,gp Bob wmto 4 G' 4' "" Charles Woodard 4 N., ar., gfv .df 72 --' S G . ol 1 1 o I 4 l - J J J J J . , V - 1 r . . 7 . . , I - li ay: K7 we y ' -o fr.. has J 1 J in I .u Aga , . . is 7,1 K 7 'M' "' VJ Q f ,K Q I' ' V Q WO" 7 - ' ' , V 'tl I JI, RJ V... fwtioiri gr Loaf ' eg 5 an A M f V, Q A . . f Q J' J I ... Q 1 V au? ' 1 V ' ' ? Q f: ' ' 4 . JJ J ,. lf -Q A , f V -Q M AV,, W ,Q , A' QJ ,X A J f- To . C ,why J Q o Freddle Ayers Charles Hess Bates Horace Bates S1Xtl'1 Grade Iumor H1gh students enjoy the1r 11 braryfac111t1es Beh1nd the desk are Joey Bulman Ann Splawn and Mary Hudgens N'1ke Jones and Roger Loper M1ke Bennett Shu-ley Blackstock Norma .Tean Brown Mark Brownmg Joey Bulman Dyanne Choate Mary Ellen Clements Ioan Cole Phu Davxs Sarah Dowell 73 Q X Y' Henderson. In front are Hugh B. 5 LAL'-' , I Patsy Gillentine Joanne Cvilley Mary Henderson Hugh B. Hudgens eww .X I tl O -nv--' 1, gsf? 5 fa ,an if - J , Q V. we ,M , .af 4' Q , 7 4f-1 31, fy. Dlanne .Tohnson Lynn Jones Mxke .Tones A 5:14 'Y' V- V 7 All S1Xt 1 Charlotte Moon pO1ntS out the Brltlsh Isles to other students 1n Mrs Cullen Tunnell s soc1alstud1es class Look 1ng on from the left are Jerry Pate Claude Prltchett Joan Cole and Sarah Dowell Lew1s Krughton Roger Loper Barbara Matthews .J-1' A, 15,1 .fl Q 1,-'ur ,f pllm FY' ff' Q If! 'M Douglas McGrady .Tackle McKelvey Charlotte Moon Patr1c1a Nowlm 'Ure X Sandra Redmond Leroy Rlvgs Ann Splawn Q1 af' Phyllis Oxford Jerry Pate Laura Peacock Claude Pritchett 'Kg -AY sf 49 i' 1"1C a' 'ffl ,K W, E Jane Tuttle Linda Vance Nicky Westberry Barbara White lg"Y' 'iv' A fa s. ual-D f 1? , Si 'aryl 5 . 1 na Nl Q4 Students in Mrs B D White s lan uage arts class illustrate a story Pictured are fromleft to r1UhtL1nda Vance Barbarawhite I0anneG1lley and David Timmons. Ada Lou Steel Nancy Stone David Timmons 4 in 'filxav "Vi" Y 5 f 4, 7,9 af' I , 1 I 7 S fY Six girls cheer their Junior High team to Vic torv Wlth plenty of pep Head cheerleaders on the front row are Neta Max field and Linda Carol Henderson Other cheer leaders are Rebecca Stewart Barbara 'VI at thew Mary Henderson and Shirley Hill 76 MRIIY Honors Are Captixreci By Junior Students Giggling girls and bashful boys in the hectic stage of growing up make Junior High life one of the most colorful of the three classifications in school Jun- ior High had its first organized band under the direction of Mr J N Yancey this year It was composed of 49 members During the half t1me at Junior High s football games the band s sparkling performances were enjoyed by ex eryone There are many honors to be won such as being one of the sw cheerleaders a favorite 1n one of the three grades a member of the Junlor H1gh choir tw1rler a Junior High faxorite a member of the Junior High Future Home-makers of America or a member of the 4 H Club Bob White and Rebecca Stewart from the seventh grade were elected Junior High faxorites Rebecca is a cheerleader and w ill be one of the head cheer leaders next year She is x1ce president of her class and 1S a member of the Junior High band Bob play ed football on the Junior High team and 1S president of the sex enth rade 9--mtv ""'l"' naw. 94? . s M A . . 7 . 7 A . . . y . s Y . 1 f. 1 1 , - . . , , . ,-. 1 ' s l f ' f , . 1 - . . f . -:gg - r ' .1 . i . , ' y : 5 Y. . . V . : 1 - s ' . . 1 s f V . . Y . 1 . . I - - . V . . C . r ' g , .v W., is A 'Q' . f K 3 Usa, ' f F . ...M ,,. , xt. ' -, ' . ,www S . . . 1 , . . . . - 6 X ' 4 1 ' as ,f . . ,W . - ff I A - S, . , - wi Mr J N Yancey d1reCts the Junlor I-hgh band at a Junlor I-hgh assembly program Plctured to the r1ght are the offxcers of the f1rst Junlorl-hgh Future Homemakers Club 1n Van s Hlstory Front row from the left I.,1nda Caroll-Ienderson chaplam Jean Maddox sec retary Sue INat1ons pres1dent Hulene Balley h1stor1an N4ar11yn Starr publlclty chalrman Mary Mac1el treasurer Marsha K1dd c1v1l defense cha1rman Ann Staton parhamen tarlan Th1rd row Sandra Sue Sm1th song leader and Sandra Mae Smlth second XICE pres1dent 44' l 'x Jun1or I-l1ghcho1r members vtlth Mrs C E Shortt, dlrector slng at the publlc Chr1stmas program l Hlfvh stepplng m aj o r ettes on the front roxy are Jean Maddox Ann Staton Hulene Balleyf and Sandra Sue Sm1th Tw rlers on the second rovy are Sandra Redmond Patsy Cullen tlne Marsha K1dd Sandra Mae Srn1th Judy Iwelll Janet P1tman Jane Mor r1s I..1nda Sxruth X1rp1n1a Vlartln Carolyn Plppen ary J re T f a Sandra Stex ens 77 J unior High Teams Win Variotls District Honors At the left is the Junior High basketball team that finished third in the district race by winning 8 and losing 4 Front row from the left: Thorne Finch Sanders Bailey VV oodard and Manager Reeves Back row from the left Coach Sherbert McGrady Moore Maciel Rumbelow Tunnell YW! ' and C ulbreath News 'H 3 pw-6 Above is the Junior High football team that tied for first in the d1S trict race by winning 6 and los1ng 2 Front row from the left Manager Pate Ba1ley McGrady Thorne Bridges Douglas Loper Turner White Nations Rusk Toone McKelvey Woodard Gabriel and Manager Car ter Middle row from the left Brawner Palmer Bailiff H111 Huddle Rhines Cole McKenzie Culbreath Peden Maciel and Rumbelow Back row from the left Coach Rholes Finch Ayers Timmons Davis Mc Grady Moore Pate White Sanders Crim Tunnell and Malone 1 Above is the D1str1ctChamp1on Little League team of Van Front row,from the left Maxfield Carter and Keane Middle row from the left Palmer Shaw McCoy and Richards Back row from the left Coach Strickland Rusk Thorne and Stewart Above 1S the Junior High tennis squad Front row Culbreath Browning Bulman Reeves Jones and Moore M1ddle row Hill Stewart Camper White Henderson Stevens Maddox and Kidd Back row Pippin Pitman Timmons Adams Griffith Maxfield Staton and Srrnth Coach Sherbert is standing m the rear 7 il g? -,j....Il- ,l J' ' .gig-.2- ,2 S c-'1" 'itll li 5255-lx? c-Z ---K-i"'N cj'CS?j A C'j C7 l lg., ...M CP' -1, -1 .1 car- Q..x S- X R Y an 6 " W XNXQEX Y xxx V X qw sczmz Y A Y ,-. . ,, , - 1 f , i 'ffl' i'-' Y ff .yr 7 LQ' 'A gjirqlb -f Y - W Ty, --FI ,A-T ,Q Q iv- c.2:-1" -f- Y ' ----j-T'-' 5 .-l-i.,,,WH i Y Y f-----ii-f F' x ww , H- P- -,..f-WL, 5 Y, ,,- 1.?Ni up-fa gg:--fp, 'X ' f-! -f Ay ,117 A - J" ,. ' "" 1-- X- , L4-4 4 : j -- I ,A -Y NA M, , Y Y A ,Q - Y' "A: - " x fr--1, fha,-'ff-, "' 1-i 7,2-1 A' 4,,,.,., "f 1- ,-,,....-- -, 4 " -H, ' Rx? I ' -1' .., 'A M ' f , --fig ' Y t A ,i :F 3 A P., I' Y 'Q K crg - U 5 ? Q-A . , .I .--5 IN J Q , Y- "" ' . --N , rw- i, V7 Tj - 'WM - -- ' ,Z-2,1-.. ' 1-J' L :hs in M5-i -Ni B A fr A Q, ' " "' ' , -Ax ' ' """ " 'W ' cz' ""'N ,. I 4-D f' ' 1 -N--M4 ,QM - C. Q,-,Q ---, - I 1 gi-----15 4 . ,Z , , -V ---- C - f 4 B ,f C-fs J ' 5,-"'?'e"f,,!f'-,,, X Y llku Xu X A 1 gQ,aa:-3.'a- 1- X x X VX , Q X fi vw-, X, YN Q A X L Wi ' fy .... , A ' X' XA Q x N t i aa XXX xx X XX X X X5 W x ' 3 x l Y ff' ' V, I 5 ja' lil., , I h N ll f s alll 'H ff S 0 ' V S' . , ' .A A9 N Eg Q 1 A ,L 4 7 4 I . . I Vi A . nf , Y ' sw! 'y , Tommy Crocker Fred Crone Martha Sue Dane M1ke Dmkson Judy Lynn Fowler Darlene Furrh Royce G1lbreath Ponnle Goode Ann Graham Donald Hay If A ash-' -4? 'L E1-.S i K , ld., l 4 M22 f -X' A ' V ........ ii, Aa-M-aww ff l at .Q , .q"',- 1 Q53 f x .ref f "ry ' Gary Baker Bobby Ballard Carol Brown Ray Brown Jerry Bynum Paulette Chaney EIdw1n Clark Lynn Clark Roy Lee Clements Stella Cole AW F r -likagui 'W' Cole Hays Larry Hobbs Gary Hollowell Arvil Holmes Dianna Huff Larry Jarman Murraye D. Ioyc Tommy Keane Sharon Kay Kennedy Lloyd Dean Kindl Larry Lee Kline Mary Langley Shirley Lucas Jerry Malone .Tudy Maxfueld Tommy Maxheld M1tZ1 Maynard Glenda Mayo James McClanahan Mlke McCoy Helen McKelvey Ia -'km 3--J' 11 'FU' Joe Tom Rod ers Lee Rumbelow V1r01n1a Rusk Dale Shoup Mxchael Suns Kay Skmner Sherry 9m1th L1nda Swxndell Duane Toone Peggy Tunnell Betty Welle, Don Melton Wxlkerson 2 1 We 'fav 'L ,Q-C 4' Yann' Q9 1 4' 1 IQ-1-'O' W i 'Z 5- ,QM rl ill 1 C441 'V Q 7 Homer McKelvPy Carolyn Mlller Mlke M1ller Llnda Arm Nexll Barbara N1pp V1ck1e Ol1ver Harold Plunk Davld Prather Ben Lee Rhlnes Wayne Rlchards .-,1 19 ili- xx qc-f Ne-wq'! -spa' .Radha 37? ww? ag'-4 Jerry Cravl ford Terry Crawford B1lly Crmm Bob Dane Harold Davls Martha Davxs Mary Kay Edwards V1rg1n1a Fenter Glenda Cvabr1el Cherle G1lbert Phyll1s G1pson Ronny Goodson Q-4 if Q-0:1 97' 'W .LLM q,'1O' eel QOFQ anon? 40"- Vw ,QP-, -v Sf! IQ AT .E .H ,VM f' Q , . . Y., Qf . it '1,W p,,., ,,, C' 214. 5 N.-1 Q . W ,ja .ar in li uf' .. ,ox 3 l 1 '5 M T 1 'Y' A an lg - I ,till ytpeaaaf on-'P i, I Tommy Adams Neta Faye Belche Llnda Bennett Alvln Black Larry Bogus- Lynn Bogue Barbara Brown Douglas Bur less Carolyn Butler Mlke Butler B111 Carter Jeann1e Cook ou rt rv Ralph Gregory Philip Head Kerney Hamblen Mary Lee Hamblen Ronald Hawthorne Barbara Hobbs Iames Hobbs Carolyn Hollowell Billy Hopkins Bennie flean Hudgens Dale Huff Carol Ice Mary Mayo Sue Maxfield Marshall McGrady I alton McKenzie Gary Moon Garland Murphy James Jarman Ronald Johnson Scott Kidd Mary Lang Rudy Maynard an ,ag ISIC J.. - 1' ' a t .,. ' W -W V ,. W . ' . 'VTP A , .V 1 . - "1" fYf..,D , ' no-4' - K ff J n o ' f l f' fb? J' I N2 . y 5 ' 3 , V ,.,, as V, fin Um'x 4.1-zftsrxtt 'T S - - ' f K -A ,th i J -J.. an 57 f w y, A' , ...4 . Q ', . W ,-. ., J :QE 4-5 ,tl-,sg-3 -1 sw, mf. 5 ,xg 21 4 ' CP' Monty Nat1ons Joan Oxford Joe Oxford Judy Peden '99 'Www- A3' if Kay Petty L1nda RIUUS -'-I VA s - A .SS-" 1 artha Stone av1d Qtrmkland lenda Taylor I av1d Taylor V eta Lee Taylor 1ke Thymq I homas Westberry ean Wlute onny Wh1te I 1na Whlte anna Whltus elen W11son '56 Q1 'Urn .J Donald Sanders Ronn1e Sherbert James S1ms Patr1c1 1 Srnlth D1anne Qtanberry yur. 0 Q Ray Starnes 2 Ks Q x 1 "' AQ- I' HF' JU! 9 I x K . X . J of - g Q 4.':Jl Q- 5 ff- J n a-'ff My as , bf'-M K f . A . ' Y -M l'1 A l X 5:1-.W L1 , VV , Kin K ff 'Q 'fi 5 it f K 4. 5 L 4. av .' . l A llfirtj All Q w' J I 4 'Z t ' Z., ' X X J" '.. ...uf X ?'f I X A , . 1 li 3 V Z 5, , ol -ll l u ' ' X 45 l l in , 4 2' ' I 4, uv. A , , I wa 1 . l K i : L 1 V f . rs- It fs, 1 j gf, , is ' A V I ,X H ' V Q A 5 fwr , K V, V V 4045 ii" fix als .1 N, fi q1'f". n A Linda Canaday Geor e Channon Danny Choate Doug Cook Huckey Cook Lonnie Cool David Crirn Pearlene Davis Mai y Flores Benny Germany va 5' 'Q'-Q X 59. NI' Q T iv , m 2 cs 1' Patricia Ayers Peggy To Bailey Joyce Baker Patricia Baldwin Ronald Blackstoclc Betty Boyd Judy Ann Brickey Donnie Brown Doyle Brown Nelda Bynum TLA it fl'i"Dl'9 5 'Kr' 449 A , I H-limi 5 Q C Charles Graham William Gregory R1Ck18 Hawthorne 9 ff 4' uk, . 11' ' ' .f 5 g - T ff . ' LVVV M, . ' V i r . 4 y L --' X4 J- -iff -' Q YQ ' , ig K " Y D .L - .. fx I - my K 1 5" it. ltr., . I I ' A if 7 ' 2 V I , ' v t .Q 311 M, -"f y R . CW , A , m 5 I " i nv, A J V - .,::-ef?,, 4, , ,, y ' Y , h ,L y ' un- b-Y' , K x .M V I 1 V A H' inf 2-JE 1 5 l ' . .524 1 dk r n -s - 1' I My wk S I 1111 2. ax vlxfy, Q YK 1 . ir . . V V 4 J G "N 5. it ',' vurrf, , A, . ' ,W QQ ., H, fy -I I C V y Q, 4 ' f . 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X.. -nv' , " Susan Shelton Terry Sherman Lou1se Skumer Brenda Sm1th James Sm1th Martha Smlth Lance Spru1ell 'T' Mlke Spru1ell Sharon Stahlman Jackme Storey L if 413 ..,.,, W. , 6. -Chef! 1 wa on-.9 .bv I an N., L1nda Chaney Steve Clark Douglas Cole vi-Q' Mary Adams Danny Austm Sue Ayers Bobby Baldw1n CCOI1 James Belcher Martha Brown Sandra Brownlee Karen Sue Bryant Tommy Bulman 1 an vit 10 Lee Roy Condrey iw' 51, R1ckey Cook Janet C1-1m T1m Dav1s Susan Douglas -.-...J WV? 1 UO ah- MP' .wr JQV' qi" Kathy Dr1ver Ernest1ne Flores Zada Gann Margaret Garrett Norma Goodson Tony Goodwm Mary Gr1ff1th Jeff Head Carolyn Hobbs Patr1c1a Hobbs Jane Hudgens ""' g ' I - ' . - x ,l 7 ' tstQ':l'.E L lt 1 pa L ,YA ' K . -A 'I A- ' Q o L A M IN V VVLW ,ff ,..k , k 1 l i li' M B B 'i"'t"' 5' 1-W , - s I ,Ak x Q x ,W ' L L 7 K, 'nys' g u . lf, 'K I ' VA ,t,Ltt,.Q, :A Gfade Beverly Lang Billy Lang Chris Mauldin Johnny Maxheld Brenda Mayo Jimmy I-Iudgens Bob Humphrey Tommy Joyce Eveline Lee Q-rv' i n,U C'-'41 gl .WJ Patty Stewart Nancy Tunnell Ilmmy Varner Hardmon Walker Jeanette We stberry Debby Wh1te 3 Dan Shoup Tommy Sxdes Stephen Spewhts Pat Spru1ell Royce Stanberry Y hx 9 'sth Qi 4191 it 3- 'vw' 'v-"' James Mayo Karen Moon Donme Morrxs Jack1e Nat1ons Jackle N1pp Dean Ol1ver Max Pyron Ronnxe Ravam it ,t .X fi N W., ,i 3, in V F .4 W ,MA Ds QQ R5 ,ia-. M if 'fr l if , JG V' 4 9 1-'155"7 is --J W, ,W -19" CV? 6- Y 4-Q-9 has-13? hd -f x fi , X B ..:, B -'M' Q h -nl X v 'iii . ' ' ' ml 45,1 . . ix ,, X A 5 W' Nw If R l VK A is I . E 'Q s VK. 'A ' 'Q 5 's A Y :fulfil : ' , 1 A ,A P A i I. if A K .ii-A K b J ' X ' ' 'lf' A nf ,pil , A ' ,na lt., Q' . 1 f ? L f A J! B 'Q l Q .J A'E" 1l'St " xyn, j 'ar is 1 i fiw., x O lmur- -wx., y'M iliashi Susan Clark Woodrow Cole Jimmy Compton Iel ry Cook Terry Cook Danny Culxer Anne Dunn Charles Ellison in-of li C1 W "' wuts s32'..X Y' . Q Qi C 'Q 1 .... K it! ,v R g ,nf 1. W -2 , v tn, ' A 'll - 119, my-v N-27' -nfl. C0 fc-11' Qtr 5 x-2:-fd Claudette Atkins Linda Allen Kenneth Ayers Billie Baldwin Joyce Bates Brenda Sue Bell Stephen Bennett Diane Blackburn Steve Bowman Robert Brown Dale Burgess Barbara Bynum Q.. 'E' AMY 6 Byron Fenter Joe Flores Karen Gabriel Johnny Gann Karen Gipson Linda Goode Jerry Graham Martha Griffith Carol Hay Douglas Hayes Mike Head .ig A ? 1 ' K 0 I Q 3 Y ' . v' . ' , l 1 .' ' u - N.: B Q' .Y r 1 V k , J V. .X F 17 s-- n i , CX. f , f 'at 1. re C l .Q ,, 4 ', - 'W Q x D Q f L A J ' wr' K J yy A , . I , : A '.x 2. af , B B rap' " .1 Y' C . xiii N g V .- ' .3 B "" G' kk so E gi in A - t X VM , ,, Q ig, ' K J "l Q D' ' , Dick Gregory . K . , V 'gl +1 i , A X N . ,, , - if A Ag M .g', V' - , Q . B 1' ' 'l A it B . . 'A 'E' fl W ' ' ,-,- . . , V I n K, I ,V X w'f X is K 1 , . l,, Y s 7 - r lrir e nf .A 2' f 'fmt 3' f Glynn Holmes Bob Ice Lmda Jarman Lois Ann Kmdle Mike McCle1len Mary Ann Martin Sue Maynard David Morris Doris Crocker Bobby Phlllips Donna Pinkerton Leon Plunk Ji 4 , Q Qi-3 fmt QI' K 11.91 3' 143 .A M Ou..-D' an, !H Qi "' QED-Q Danny Storey Dennis Strickland Judy Sullivan Neal Sumerlin Charlotte Terry Brenda Thompson Garia Turner Martha Tuttle Donna Ann Whitus Dale Willis Keith Wright Janie York -0 0- ' x 1 " 'x. if , K-, 115 MQ lf Darrell Proctor Gerry LaVorme Pybas Ricky Russell Gordon Sanders Ierry Sanders Richard Sims George Skinner Gary Stewart . U' ' . 1 gl Q lg -t,- wg L, fb N.. 1? fs, avr 7 I., !,, gm.-v fa C K w 'Q Q I 1 ...J X Q' r i M4 Qqs. . Q, ,ik 1, .' ,,Ah- ,.. .J 1111 'incl B Elected ra e Sclxoo 2lVOf1tCS Tlna Io Wh1te and Bllly Carter fourth Grad ers were selected as Grade School favor1tes Tlna Jo was elected as Grade School favor 1te last year Bllly has been a member of the Pee Wee Leavue baseball team for two years and was a nommee as Grade School favor1te mn the th1rd Tmna and Blllx represented the1r class at the Harvest Carn1val 1n the second Grade .J Q AC- Georve and Lynce Jud y Pe d en is illustrating a map of deer huntino in Llano Texas. From the left the stu- dents are Scott Kidd Monty Nations Bob Dane and Tina White. Mrs Wayne Ice 1Sl.1SteI'11f1gtO a group of her th1rd graders as they are read1ng The students from the left are Susan Betty Ronald Hucky Carolyn Mrs Ice Pevvy Junmy Lonnle ,,,,,4n0" i X B 1 M1ke McClellen f1r5t grader 15 presentlng a plcture of a red antcol ony to the other f1r5t 01-ader5 1nMr5 C C Moore 5 cla55 nv-I 'Hrs' R31- th e -l I Ill! an gn' HZ ll lla :muh 1h gg l Grade School students are at play dur1ng noon hou1 Wlth a favor1te game ra... .QM CHC CIS L li He P111 fa C SCl'1001CfS At W MISS Ruth Cole and students of her 5ec ond grade class are takmg 1nte re st 1n the Globe of the world The students are from the left Jaruce B r e nd a John Tommy and Larry Mrs Letha Chlbreath d15play5 a Hallo Ween chart to the students of her cla55 Mail if wx M155 E11n1c:eCal1an and f1r5t grade class are p1ctured as they work 1n the1r Work books They are from the left M155 Callan .Terry Martha Judy Mary Ann Georve Neal and Terry T 1 1 6 1 S G cl ark ' , V 4 X 1, .J,.e 4 K V QU :VV Ll . , . , . 1 4 , D ' V .wsu k 41. , .' I H gs k.? V' M ::-,,,, -Wh ? v gl! S . . . f W A J:-A-Lil Q ' E ' , I J 7 1 .v 1 i, 0 A1 NIM fm-by! ,.,, - A , . . l - ,Liar ' ,' X I , ILJ, ' fkllilltfjjy 1 ' u x M J . r V 2 v g , , , D , , Youngsters :Learn To Adjlxst To Their New Surroundings A child takes a great step in his life when he becomes six years old and starts to school. During grade school days a student meets many friends and learns how to get along w1th people Some honors to be Won by Grade School students are being afavorite of the five grades being a class officer and getting to ring the bell when 1t1S time for classes to begin after a play period Students like spend1ng play periods for skating swinging and playmg many different games , l M01 I Q., Students tak1ng advantage of the opportuni ties placed in Mr C R .Tones office are Ronald Hobbs Jerry Malone Lee Rumbelow Gary Hollowell and Carolyn Peters Enjoying Christmas in Mrs S R Richard son s fourth grade room are from the left Harold Davis Carol Ice Glenda Taylor Scott Kidd Monty Nation Bennie Hud g en s and Mary Mayo Enjoying lunch time 1n the cafeteria are Ronnie White Dale Huff Terry Crawfor Alv1n Black and James Hobbs 92. 1' 'bf' in-L If 24 fffffjg- IQ. Z 7' 42 nfl wfgzv f f HWMMNQMH R 2 .Q Speak rfif, 'f'4 if lf, V rim f f ' ,: f Q , Q 1 xk . .X--L 3 , X Af x S4 W f- ? A X " 'w1 . . , , 5 X . A 1- gk I 44" Vandals 21 UC Y IIJUIICS, UII1 CS, Jul A 4 gg, 13.5 l The 1956 football team Front row from the left Jlmmy Henderson Donald Dunn M1ke Moore Jerry Stone Don Bass Frank Hall Terry Carter Jack Pool Ernest Shmn Jicly Gamble Second row Coach Tuttle Larry Edwards Fredd1e Tunnell Johnny Peden Charles Crone Paul K1dd Shlrley Lowe Weldon itrlckland B1ll Pool Joe Clark James Splawn Coach Warren Fumbles and 1nJur1es plawued the Vandals all season lon0 James bplawn suffered a lev lnjury and m1ssed two Dames Ernest Shmn broke h1s ankle durlnv workout the week of the Grand Salme game Jack Pool was another casualty by break1nv h1s hand whlle Shxrley Lowe broke h1s leg before the f1rst frame The Vandals started the season by droppmw the1r fxrst Game to the Henderson L.1ons -IZ 18 The Vandals romped over the hwhly rated Canton Eaeles 1-1 O They played one of themr best names a gamst New London but went down 1n defeat 33 Z7 A fourth quarter Plne Tree rally swamped Van 79 l9 The Vandals then upset the hlghly rated Qu1tman Bulldofvs 1? O The Vandals scored two qulck touchdowns awamst W1lls Pomt but lost the conference opener 94 Head Coach George Tuttle ZZ 14 w1th seven fumbles Try1n0 to stay ln the d1str1ct race the V andals lost a hard foufvht frame to the Mmeola Yellow Jackets on Van so1l 7 O ln the tradltlonal football t1lt w1th Grand Salme s lndlans the Vandals played 11'lSU1I'6d ball to upset the Ind1ans 19 O Th1s was the second tlme 1n elvht vears that the Vandals have been able to come throuoh w1th a uctory The Vandals came from beh1nd to down the Kaufman L1ons 42 ZO The L1ons scored three touchdowns before the Vandals ever Got started The Vandals then scored f1ve t1mes 1n the second half In the last foot ball game for 12 senlors the Vandals were trounced by the d1str1ct c h a m plon the Terrell Txvers 48 7 after holdmg the Tlvers 1n check most of the f1rst quarter STANDHNG W L T Terrell 5 O O M1neola 4 l O Van Z 2 O Grand S Z 3 O W1lls P Z Y O Kaufman O 5 O 3 1 ASS1StaHt Coach W11ey Warren . ,- Sq ll r ff . T '7 5 to 1 1- -' 4' ' 'fx as 1 ,Q i ' J T5 1 1 7 ' , ' . I ' th : , an R f V Q y' . Vx - Q t lg J 951 J J ' s' '- --- M . ii: r A 'yi' y A f 1 u , X N , ,, I X V M, V . y . AX , . if . ,, , v y - 5 W . J r T' M K Pi W 'lt' ' A: . fi, . 1 Q, ' Q' K - .3 L' l M3 if J - VY is A , , y ., 174 ,yy . . g "?"Q,"'i" --.--'Z'-.affy W A Zvi, Lg- f,Afh:,,7,,ka gs: A .5 It , wg .yt . ,- Kyiv , V' 1 :,,af ff V o li at . , . , , ' . , , - ' , I K ' . - 'I J 7 . Y I ' . Y ' ' V 7 K- D y D 1 y v V - . . , D t r D' K E 1 Y U . . A: 1 - C Q I V I I C I D . I ' - D I - . D . . , ' . ' 'Q '- 'D , - - ' f 1 ' 5 1 - I 4 y Q r 1 ' - ' C U - A Y' 1 , - 1 - ' - I . E y G- . ,- 4' 1. L r I L ' D .. D G f- y - u P' X 1 1 ' - . , o , . D ' J ' ' 77 ,. .m nfl , 'Q ' I . " . 4 D, , ' sifaf' I ' , ' els, Q x ' ' ' ' , Zz:-3? 'A . .' 'D X y - I ' 4 ' Zur K .D . . y Date Opponent Place of Game Won by Score t Upset G-rancl Sa11ne SEASON AT A GLANCE -.4- Henderson Canton New London P1ne Tree Qultman W1l1s Pomt Mlneola Grand Salme Kaufman Terrell Hende rson Canton Van Van Van W1l1s Pomt Van G rand Salme Kaufman Van Henderson Van New London P1ne Tree Van W1l1s Po1nt Mmeola Van Van Terrell B111 Pool Semor Back 2 Year Letterman Vandals show plenty of Splflt as they carry out blockmg asswnments IU preparahon for the1r non conference game Wlth P1ne Tree Fredche Tunnell Semor Back 4 Year Letterman Second A11 D1str1ct 1955 James Splawn Sen1or End 4 Year Letterman Honorable Ment1on 1955 Second All D1str1ct 1954 All D1str1ct 1956 U QL 31+ 9-14 42-1s I 9-Z1 14- O 9-28 33-27 10- 5 ' ' 39-19 10-12 ' 13- 0 ' 10-19 ' ' ' ' " ' ZZ-14 10-Z6 ' ' 7- 0 11- 2 ' ' 19- 0 11- 9 - 42-Z0 11-16 ' 48- 7 1 eg .. Y I . .Q . . . . ' Fd I . , Q' 551: M 'Q P' A. :J i A ICU! 398' 51" dn: Gyi Charles Crone Senlor Tackle Z Year Letterman Honorable Mentlon 1939 96 Johnny Peden Semor Guard 3 Year Letterman Honorable Mentlon l955 45 .llmmy Henderson Senlor Back 2 Year Letterman ,,,,vg,,., fy ,nv '- , A V ,N- -4 V- 0 , W -. , 'WU 'sl Quarterback Weldon Strickland makes a sizeable gain against the Quitman Bulldogs before being tackled, The Vandals upset the Bulldogs, 13-O. 1 Weldon Strmkland .lunlor Back 3 Year Letterman Honorable Ment1on 1955 Second All D1str1ct 1956 Don Bass .Toe Clark Senlor End Sen1or End 1 Year Letterman Z Year Letterman Q Coach George Tuttle explains a play to Larry Edwards as the Vandals go through scrimmage. Coach Tuttle was preparing the Vandals for the game against Pine Tree, 4'- Dale F'1sher Senlor Guard Z Year Letterman Nano V Iohnnw Peden and Freddle Tunnell get ready to h1t the ball carrler Charles Crone 73 and Lynn Sprulell 54 are 1n the background as Nan was x1ctor1ous ox er the Qu1tman Bull sl3 V JP' L' Larry Edwards Sen1or Center Z Year Letterman Donald Dunn Sen1or Guard 1 Year Letterman Ernest Shmn .Tun1or Back Z Year Letterman if-o ax atv we Yi gui? 453 vfmas in ,px-BQ 'VSV Halfback Freddxe Tunnell 1S tackled after a very good run agamst the Mmeola Yellovsqackets The Vandals lost th1s hard fought game 7 O Paul Kldd Sen1or Tackle 3 Year Letterman Lynn Sprulell Senlor Center Year Letterman .Tack Pool Jun1or Back 2 Year Letterman M11-ce Moore Sophomore Back Squadman I Jacky Gamble Sophomore Back Squadman Terry Carter Iuruor Back 1 Year Letterman Sh1:rley Lowe Jerry Stone .Tun1or Guard Squadman Iunlor End Ernest Shmn grabs a pass agamst the Mmeola Yellowjackets Squadman Shinn was tackled immediately after the completion A I 4 Frank Hall Junior End Eddle Woodard Iunlor Tackle 1 Year Letterman Joe Clark 1S hauled down after a nlce galn agamst the M1neola Yellowjackets .Toe caught the pass thrown to hlm by Weldon Str1ck1and 1-Year Letterman B1lly HaTdW1Ck Iumor Tackle Squadman Jerry Rhmes Manager 3 Yeare f. 3 Pl ':.F"N r " 8 at in l ' f l , - fl' afLl-gl, , t P34 m 9 ' 5 ' .. .Mlf'Ali2J. ' .3-.-5+ gs- :YY ,lift ' WJ? 74 . The 1956 B football team Front Row Delmar Nrpp, Robert Bennett, Frank Lee Donn1e Gamble Davrd Shelton, Harold Olxver Second Row Buddy Tunnell, Harold Whrte, Derrell Mayo, Mrke I-1111, Marcus Frncher T1m Tlmmons, Donald Parmley, Donnre Durand Top Row Roddy Sloan Kenneth Cotton, jerry Norr1s, Freeman Kmdle, Robert Martm, Marcus Mayo, B1lly I-lopl-uns Ray Lanfrey, Larry Camper, Charles Maxfxeld, and Coach Earl Meyer Despxte a good defense the offensrve team couldn t run enough pornts over to enable the Van B team to wm a smgle vrctory th1s year Th1s was one of the poorest seasons the B team has ever suffered Perhaps the brggest d1sappo1ntments were the two losses to the Grand Salme Indlans The team was never able to defeat the Indrans The Vandals lost the1r frrst game to the Ind1a.ns,25 7 The second game they lost by a larger margm, 33 13 The Gladewater Bears handed the Vandals the1r b1ggest hum1l1at1on by defeatmg the B team, 41 7 The Vandals scored 34 pornts to the1r opponents 197 e They Grand Salme Kaufman Qu1tman W1lls Polnt Gladewater B1Ily Hopkrns makes a DICE garn before he 1S brought down by the Qultman Bulldogs The Van B team lost thrs thrrllrng ball game, 13 7 1 . . , , . . , . . . . : I I . . , . , . 1 W ' 7-13 25-33 7- O 39-20 ' O- 7 13-13 ' ' 0 13 7 41 VRIIJVRIS Scalp II1Cl2'llI1S For Year Left to Rlghtl Jacky Gamble Larry Dunn Don Gray Frank Hall Lynn Spru1ell Charles McCaffree Weldon Strlckland Trevalyn Ellls Ronald Tankersley Robble Tunnell Jerry Perc1f1eld .Terry West and Robert Rhodes Coach R1chardson IS kneelmg at the center Herb R1chardson Basketball Coach 'Kumi Inexpemence took 1ts toll as the Vandals had one ofthe poorest seasons ln several years The team was composed mostly of sophomores and Jumors w1th only three senxors on the squad Even though the V and al s d1dn t w1n very often they kept thelr fantastlc Z7 year dom1 nance over thelr bltter r1val the Grand Sallne Ind1ans by slamrnmg the d oo r 1n them' faces both t1mes th e y met Van met the Indlans on the Vandals court and scalped the lnd1ans 46 40 Later on ln the season they met agaln on Grand Salmes court and stomped them 45 46 Ind1v1dual Scormg Name Strxckland O 270 West 224 Ell1S Spru1ell Z0 McCaffree O8 Rhodes Gray Tankersley Hall R Tunnell Weldon Strlckland 6 feet Z mches Z Year Letterman .Tun1or Center Canton All Tournament Fic 10 Conference Opponent Mineola Wills Point Terrell Grand Saline Kaufman Mmeola Wllls Pomt Terrell Grand Salxne Kaufman 6 SEASON AT A GLANCE Non -C onference They Opponent New London Chandler Edgewood Mineola Canton Canton Kerens W 1ll s Pomt Chandler Jacksonx llle Jacksonvxlle e They 2 Wh1tehouse W 1nona New London fLeftj Lynn Sprulell 6 feet Z Year Letterman Senlor Guard Don Gray :J feet 10 1nches 1 Year Letterman Senlor Guard QAt the Leftl 'l revalyn El11S 1S vt ell guarded as he puts two more pO1HtS 1nto the basket as the Vandals go on to x lctory agalnst the Grand Sahne lnd1ans The Van dals stomped the lnd1ans 46 40 fR1ghtI Trevalvn Ell1s 6 feet Z Year Letterman Sen1or Center flseftl Jacky Gamble 5 feet 9 inches Squadman Sophomore Guard xg VA si- M 0- IM I , ff' fR1ghtD Bobby Stex ens D feet 4 mches Squadman Sopholnore Guard QAt the Leftj Ronald T mkersley is all alone as he dribbles toward the goal 1n the 'T 5 ler Tournament Robert Rhodes is trail ing hun The Vandals lostto W1nona in the consolation 33 44 Terrx West 5 feet IO inches 1 Year Letterman Sophomore Guard flseftj W e l d o n Strickland tries to get the tip- V off apainst the Winona Wildcats in the Tyler Tournament Waiting in readiness are Lynn Spruiell -O Ronald ankersle' 44 an Charles McCaffree. Frank Hall 2 feet 10 mches l Year Letterman Jun1or Guard 0 fLeftj Jerry Permfxeld 6 feet Squadxnan Junior Center Lynn Spru1ell goes up for two polnts ageunst the Kaufman L :Lon S 1n the X andals flnal home game Weldon Stmckland tralls the play The Vandals lost 33 40 fRightJ Charles McCaffree 6 feet Z inches l-Year Letterman Sophomore Center .Timmy Keller blocks Don Gray 5 shot as the Vandals try desperately to get back 1nto the game agaxnst the Terrell Tlgers The T lg e r s were x1ctor1ous, 74 DO 1n th1S conference game KLeftJ Robert Rhodes. 5 feet 101 2 lnches 1 Year Letterman Sophomore Guard Ronald Tanker sley 5 feet 11 mches 1 Year Letterman Jun1or Forward fR1ghtJ Larry Dunn 5 feet 7 mches 1 Year Letterman Sophomore Guard Of flaeftl Robbie Tunnell 5 feet 10 1fZ inches Squadman Sophomore Forward fR1ghtJ Jerry Hunt Manager mm, O8 Front row Charles Stanford James N1xon Bobby Gabr1el B1lly Hobbs F'rank1 Lee I..ynelSjJru1ell Donn1e Gamble Second row Coach Sherbert Dav1d Shelton Donald Parmley Joe Des latte Ray Lanfrey Jerry Goode Marcus Mayo and M1ke H1ll Coach Tom Sherbert s freshman basketball team won the d1S tr1ct champ1onsh1p by defeatlng the Grand Sal1ne Indxans 40 34 Three teams Weret1ed for the round rob1n The teams were Grand Sal1ne Kaufman and Van Kaufman defeated Crand Sahne and was then defeated by Van 34 Z4 for the round robm Van then played Grand Sa11ne wmner of the tournament held 1n Mmeola The team had a record of e1ght w1nswh1le dropplng two games They lost to Kaufman 1n the f1rst game of the s ea son and d1dn t lose agam unt1l they lost to Grand Sal1ne 1n the tournament I-hgh polnt men for the freshman team were Donald Parmley Bobby Gabmel and Joe Deslatte Loy Dean HutCh1HS Asslstant Manager The returning baseball lettermen are Freddie Tunnell James Splawn Jerry Percifield Ernest Shinn Weldon Strickland and Coach Wiley War ren Spring Sports Spotlight Baseball, Tennis, Track With the arrival of spring,the sports spotlight focuses on baseball, tennis, and track. Because of the early March 14 deadline for the Vandalite, a complete coverage cannot be given of these sports. Five lettermen returned to boost the 16 boys out for baseball, V an finished third in the dis- trict in 1956 with 11 wins and 4 losses. Freddie Tunnell led the hurlers with 5 wins and Z losses, while Larry Murphy led the batters with a 432 average With Bob Staton regional champion back for his senior year Van appeared at press time to be in for another strong net sea son under the coaching of Mr Tom Sherbert Coach George Tuttle s track team surprised by taking the district championship in 1956 and seemed headed for another good season with several seasoned veterans back for another year Pictured above is the boys tennis team Front row Glynn Hopkins Robert Rhodes Robert Staton and Bobby Gabriel Top row Coach Tom Sherbert Jimmy Shortt Joe Deslatte and Ron ald Tankersley At the right is the girls tennis team Front row Linda Matthews Linda Pool Dian Myers Judy Chappell and Cindy Spruiell Top row MaryLeeDane Pat Russell BeverlyNull Doro thy Senter Dian Fife and Coach Tom Sherbert Pictured abovels the boys trackteam Front row Rhines Hall Tunnell Carter M1ller D Gamble Lee and Shinn Top row Henderson Hardwick Percifield Peden Strickland Moore and Coach Tuttle Action Fllls Classes For Girls ,-.X Cul Pxctured from left to rlght kneelmg Sue Dav1dson bue D1ke Murl Cantrell Daffy Lee Dorothy Butler Glor1a Beggs Standmg M 1 s s Sanoma ShOff1t teacher Fern Stone Chr1st1ne HutCh1HS Geneva M11 ler Frances Hlll Qulnell Parker Patsy Humphrey These g1rls are members of the A volleyball team .9 ,, ,M Tenn1s and badm1nton racquets rece1ve thorough lnspectlons by C a rolyn McNe1ll Lynda Strlnger and Carolyn Hamrnan Qumell Parker looks on very eagerly as Sue D1ke spmkes a volleyball 1nto the next court to the wa1t1ng team xx I I . . , . : . I , . , 1 1 1 D . . I . . , I , . . . , . - I . J . I O l Al ,I . rffffbff, ,. 5 lr tj 4:1 . .97 F, v' it ' f . . . , - J O r 1 I Above are the members of the B team volleyball The g1rls p1ctured leftto r1ght are Margaret Yoes Thelma Hays Kather1neHopper Qu1daI-luddle PatsyWeaver Donna Black Ruth Townley and LucyHays Margaret and Lucy are man agers for both the A and B teams Adjustments 1n the volleyball net are admln lstered byM1ldred Palmer Peggy Smlth EIOUISC Smlth Foy Br1ggs and T1ll1e Defee R1ghtJ These g1rls 1n thefourth per1od phyS1 cal educatlon class are watchmg the b1rd1e as lt goes flylng through the a1r From the left are Foy Br1ggs Lou N o ra Townley Al1ce Green Eloulse Smlth Frances MCKSHZIC Carolyn Mc Ne1ll and Frances Fowler Glrls takmg physlcal educatlon are kept on the beam W1th all the many kmds of dCt1V1t1eS golng on dur1ng the class perlods Sports such as bad mmton tenms table tenn1s volleyball softball and basketball are enjoyed by all the g1rls Ln the three h1gh school classes The xolleyball team 15 expected to be espec1ally good next year as there are only three sen1ors on the team th1s year ll'll '15 '-ng lil .4 v-P kr .Y HQC Q 'tn lv 4 K' . n l Q M. . ' x I ' E 4' I 1. ,c, 0 4 I 4 L 5 S 5 , 1 5 , , , ,. 'C f, 4 ,A ra, ,fl a 1 ,, , f 4 Y""s J, ,4 x,4' 4, 5 4 1 1 w ,Y CO EDITORS CHARLOTTL GILBRILATH and BILTTIE GIPSON mspect a Lopy whlch tells how X1 Capp's 11 1 'Xbncr has become a Broaclxx ay lut I' of Llfe ITN-lg.ll1l'16 , . Q ff 44' 1 'S Q . hgh xg H "' 'qu' 5 1 f qu 1 Us SA, Ml' "xx s Q' I V' 3 M 5.2. gg, if g .IU ff nw T 1 yi ' g, 5 K an . . ,A 6 9 . Q b R s2'! F 1' my 3: : 1 A f- 1, -I . - ' .. :Q K., A 'if 1 B A 0 I 4 'Q 'b x ' uv -W 1 ' ! J , In H. , 'im ., J L' ' . 5 2 D 1 A ' ? -4 2 g 1 I ! .W-2' , eg, 'A ' 'A ,Q 1 ' : W LS, V X' , "'L K K F N f , W 5 ig, ' ' K !..f M ' ,.. f I H 67 "Q, A ,f A I 'sig M ' , 4'l I, 1 v '. D n I 3 , lx. L N, KJ lx' ,llxg X X X X X' x , - 'XE ex X1 J X' 5 4 ,Q f rw ' jf ff M' f if yj Z! SJ! fy If fl MX Al ,ar P" cfkj ,ff fl' , V Y A 1 - . "EA QS! . r'? F 2' V xf N L .N 5 x ' rx, ffl H r ' . ,,-fl: A ,- if 'fi G V 9 X gi, ' , . I Y P4 if ,X ,"' G56 '- ff! 'fuf xx X 1 fg. V K 4 fx-+P 'S-' CLF, 2-1 iv Z-'Q -X Q ww Nv.Vr'ff1ffTff"kQ 9 f- f' V ,, T, x Lf ff X M if , hki, ' X WAX ,fv,,5, X rl f I, ly f flu L-uv!-I . 'L 2 'fl 4 1' janv, L- -I. Q' Ev 3,115 X J K :lf 1 L v 4-df 1 Q ,,.fff ,flf ff-f Li' fbi, - Lf 1 ,IL lj' ,1 I -Ji. , 31141 Lf-A' 1 ,lf ' 2 5- ,lf f' AL- .l f P if AA" V, NL , 'I , X, S , 4,41 A, X ,fp L, . 'f ' ,cy A Aff !k , :ffl 1 1 ff'

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