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xx si 2 .ng f 51,1 3 71 11411 ,L Q-Hi 5 -3 L 113- 'H 5 3: gziriliii " 16'6',"+r"""'f4" 5.1. 'I' 1 f -521445 2' 1' .L I 'fb W' nik f LL L NLL 4,012 ful f 4L IULLX L Ju LLM Qui f7f?c!uf6, fffq Q-fc I 'I zfbfuf X b vrpffy J Jw ff gflgfvf off dk uk wm L IV Yklf W Lf x.l-f Nur' JA WV ll" W 'S 'TL if Lf, f'! iff' wffm 4 at 7 61 CMV ffff MK Z3 5' G' S 0L..Qu. 4' I ? t3f5 ,5fi.E:.,, ,gnf gg " Q i"f4 .QQ I 1 avi air. f.- - 19. -:I-:- 3,6-6 ----- I -'-I-I ru U F411 A A L L M ' 44 -4- . , r- 4"'g,2 3''P+''''Ii'I'Z'E?Z1'1f2i'iIm1F r- -- . .-.vw - ...1 E- , , . L 6!kd IX ry 3 ' A - 1 , ' f 1 A ' 'f V7 31, f ,, JL LM, 1,4 4 1, ,5 W' 1'-14,6 Q El 5 fr K l vf 4' 1 n I, J , inf ,,, i' if ff 7 1 ff! ,ffkfg Kg-,J UCL' lf If 'I- 1 gf f ' . K . f . , Ii' . I .. x ' ff ' 'll I 'v ' ' ' L' ' '7 '. 511' 'ga ii X lt +R ' ' J W 7 f , l t , X ' V' I 4 if V, L ,fr f If I I 1 V Q .J If 7, V' L Zeb.. iffy? 'WW' I 7, iii! N ,f . , ,X g If 5? :. , ff fl I Q V' , EE f yVNV'i 51 f .9Z,Jf'w fd' 45. fUfM f 1 I. Q 5 lf' ., Q 1 ,Mm ff 7 Vff' 5' 'I ' k 'V' ' , fx, ' A . 2 ff L? + A uf if 'ff X s. Q- H ' 5 ' ' ir-I V' W iw if - ' ,fi ' 3 - - v . f ii y - , " N .,J'J.x Vg 3 ,I 1 g Y I x , -,H-,,....-.- iff: ' , s A ' Q 55 1 fg M A Q if is . X V x fra. -- J! , ' My Ez: 9 5 A ' '- v . ,K . H+- .Af A , , . , ,M , 1 if My 0, if ' I Lflvx' M rg me , 4 ,if - , Q ,. ' ,asv n L Nl 6 K ,gli-lyx .X aww? ,hi ti I 1 vb - , ,, 1 '-, v MJ '- if-: JAX' V, I h I 'Q x Q , A GV ' P G' ,L 1 , is: ' 2 , ' gk - Ck W ku 1 F if N ,Q L "' .I ' ,ff - PM I -.1 V ' , Y K' 'Lkj' X 4' 'WO 1 A gr, L 'LS . UL ' . Cv " L cd L t in h If Lf . f AN , 4? L.-Q, 'L 'L f L1 A ,J Rx 'tj' M. ' A 5 V ' 0 IL, 'xii ,P I IJ' .A - 3 Vx FT' V6 ' , QX " 5 ' xx. " K ax0- XX ,Ly gp. Lf -ff U , Q , f, 5 Ci L 1 9- , w A . nw " ,f N ' fp d,'L'A'L u, 'Bl L U' by VL X A+! ,, 'V f 5' ' 'J Mfg c K r A7 fuk.- PX H, I 7' , 2 Y 4,.. - . 4. f - 1' , uf" , fn-- E f f f J A h ' pgfx W1 P- ni f ' ' . 1. 4 - ' J fl ' f Y A ' 93+ I7 fl 4 , I ' . V K N 5 . A J I A L I If Z -- v 'V f up E! N FI:-' .. I , fy ' V 1 1 0' Eff ,fy Qt, . J X E H3 -Q ' NJ' my 3'-f. 'fgffr ' . Q I ,fp 4 :V Q A A X 2:1 r N I , fl 'A ,yff A. XX ,i 1 2 . E1 , , ,i b wx, Y 2 gf Q -A xf I- . ,-,ft I I A X' n 1 f k ' , V, X .X f if ,ff f j X9 ' TX! - V 3 I K ' ' T E 3 ', 1 t X' '11 I II f' "lx r E -. "V V J Ky ' f 11 ' R S 1 Af 1 1 0 x H 2 -' x ' j I 5 f A r ZZ! X X Y , 1 X: ,- x . X ,Vg ' U w V , - 5 1 I "" ' X l lil T- G .5 5 ,K J 4 ' 1 - - milf - fi J C ,VTR iii. . lu...-t. tqlntnnwcg tu :F ,xt 35 qlil 1- ' . .L gp!! J aupftyvv OJ Vw Vfffw Cfwbffifgiv Jw! ,Z 10 MJVQMQAWWWV X VJWZMMM y WW M,4fll+WfAf'W MQWWWZJ jbikjj? Hum M4 W V Bw W My V A yifffg wiv by my frgxw N5 . SWfW3ffy ,9fQ3,11l5fQ,5Q fQ5X MWO Bjgxjh P 5595 Wx . ' If x Qj U ' I ' I xJ,f v. .yxl tb P1 l pr ax NX.: ' ,J ' X, UN x fd W " - - ,Kg I AJUV ' if f ' i 'fc . 1 1 . W' XR 'W ,ax T.-l 'I - - 1 - 1. I ' ' ' fy x J n 1 fy Y? JU Ox' U' PM g , . . ,HIV f 5 Q -7 1 ii X iqff . f'g NXYgX af X ,W ' ,1,A A ' lf c ' A -5- ff' .4 - if Q L4f'2' " -7-.7 - QQ 'VV L W A ,, Y v f4'W" -gl-Y' ,- iff: , ' 1 " " -Q 75 M, I u 4 -..L .- V I 'f . 5 , el M ' QU . 2 W Y A 01 , ,P 5 , v 'Nj ' ,, fd gi O ' X ' XV 3, N ,J 3 B - ,A 'J JD N 0 X X J - ,1 X lhj X 33 L' W Av 2 C3 v w b ' 1 ' ' - V t W 1791, 5 yi. Q NIV SJ ' ' ,xv Z- W rx' " W - 1 , A , P ,ff X4 X35 154 Q 43,25 fN M ORIE THIS E 11 11X THE VA NDA LITE VAN I THIGH SCH001, VAN TEXAS I 1956 f A XXX X - A T- Xl? ' 'x x A I 5 f-S I A - 7 Y Q - I W 1 X' I1---1 -in-nl -' Foreword We the Vandahte staff, have worked together ln a muted effort to make 111115 Vandahte a 11-ue record of the 1955 56 school yea.r We have attempted to recapture moments and events of Van I-hgh School We used for our theme th1s year "Off The Record a muslcal mterpretatlon of school llfe In th1s theme we emphaslzed the classroom act1v1t1es, smce students spend agreater part of thexr school 11fe ln the classroom We have tr1ed to get as many students as poss1b1e mto the plctures but at the same tlme, a record of the act1v1t1es of the students rather than students 1nd1v1dua11y IS the prxmary mterest In preparmg th1s yearbook we knew that It would re mam as a record for students and as the1r most pr1zed possesslon for years to come and thus have endeavored to cover all 1mportant events We smcerely hope that lt w11l be enjoyed now and ln the years ahead when we shall look back upon th1s year as h1story, but h1story that w1ll never be forgotten because lt rs permanently recorded ID these pages 31-ii H - P -1 'r X, 7 l .1 .....,.. -1-1-L Q-11 -1-1-In ' ll, . s 1 I . . l , - . . . . l , . . ' Q . y .,, 0 ' s U N L 5 fo iff? N N00 Q1 TZ 'ht 6 NNLB UMF T NTS GRCG cu og O: IX 5? 7 J: f JJ J lg., 2 f S' N Q, 5,3 .N N Ill' ff Q 'S' Q w , S' 5 ! f Q .-vb ! 4, f f " f i A1 voixobx 'QQN"w0'iN00S I ,,,,,, " ,I I , ' K V , 2 O Q ,600 V,,,,, f K K 0 A ' A ,,4,f A 4 1 EO ,Dowd , f 'X Page fff N ' A V . Y D 0 u I 3 I-,ck ,alltI"" et How Weak Are Words What could be more f1tt1ng than to dedxcate our yearbook to a great teacher and a great person M1ss .Tuha Machotka Nobody could have devoted her 11fe more completely to servlce than she d1d Most of her l1fe was spent he lp1ng others Young people 1n partmcular came to her for counsel Th1s page as a rnemonal can never do justlce to the good she d1d but It IS offered as a slncere tr1bute to the memory of a be loved teacher M Cl' W 54341 M155 Machotka 1S shown w1th Jmmmy Thompson, slide rule contestant, at the s tate meet Mr Harpy Thompson 1S shown at the left Miss Machotka p a u s e s in front of the faculty club on her way to school to make a snow- ball Mlss Machotka at the wheel, dr1ves some students to the state meet 1n Aust1n This building houses the first five grades where the foundation is laid for the years to come in Van Schools. I Students Are Proud of Their Modern Facilities GRADE SCHOOL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL This 15 the stepping stone from grade school to high school where students are prepared to meet the obstacles of higher learning SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL After spending four of their happiest years 1n this building students have a broade r knowledge of such subjects as Engl1sh mathematics science business Journalism, band, agriculture and shop 5 . 0 . a . . . . - . . I . . . . I ! I 1 . . - P I ' Uur Record Begins To Play HOMEMAKING COTTAGE fm Future Homemakers learn to prepare and serve meals and sew The Future Homema kers of America meet at the cottage AUDITORIUM Assembly is held each Thu rs d ay in the auditorium, which IS used for public rneetlngs as well as school events WM! A use: SNAC K BAR RMK e n 'E I- ' . Q lf Qi Snackbar keeper, Mrs Irene Gentry, takes ! B 'Q E care of the between meal needs of students M, VOC ATIONAL BUILDING Providing t r a i n i n g in varied vocations, this building houses the gymnasium agricul- ture, shop, and band departments 6 On The Van Hzgh Campus CAFETERIA A non prof1t orgamzatxon p re p a re s and serves students and teachers hot meals The cafeterxa was completed 1n 1954 FACULTY CLUB Housmg the smgle women teachers 1S Van s BUS LOADING RAMP Students are shown under the loadmg ramp as they prepare to board the bus s e s atthe close of another school day. rephca of Mount Vernon Connected onto th1s bu1ld1ng 1S an apartment for the supermten dent and fam1ly Bachelor and marned cou ples wlthout ch1ldren are housed 1n another structure behmd the bu1ld1ng BUS SHED The bus s hed serves as a garage for the 12 Van busses, 11 of which are used for taking students to and from school, while the other is used as a spare. 7 Qs H-Wm' ADMINISTRATION BUILDING Located in the administration building are the tax office and the superintendent's office. . . . . FIELD HOUSE This bu1ld1ng was completed 1n 1954, Q45' FOOTBALL STADIUM Completed in 1954 to seat approximately 2500, the football stadium is the sight of home football games track, and f1eld events ' " 8 Also completed in 1954 is the field house, which serves as dressing rooms for the Vandals as well as visiting teams at the home games. BUS DRIVERS Bringing students safely to and from school are top row Grady Evans Jack Yarbrough Sh1rleyPa1mer OlenG1llent1ne Marvin Fisher, Marlon Fisher and Cecil Ragain Bottom row B ud Rhlnes, Milton Taylor, Waylon Gillentine and Troy Shotts C USTODIANS Those who keep the campus clean are left to Crocker R C Crim R A Tunnell,Marv1n Tunnell and H C Camper V 5 , ' . I I 1 ig 1, .' l . . ' . . ' 15 2' W . ' . '. , up 1 . fi' I right: L. A. Dowdle, B. B. Reynold s, I. E, W: ' ' Mm- V - - K A my ,1 1 - u 1 v o Qi I 4 F.T.A B d eec Club I I Cheer- leader 5 w l Y- ' n f IU rf, g,x N jf f'l ,J I RGANIZA T ION I P -5 Woodard and Martzn Head Counczl Jag 3 'fgfli fit 'MJ' isggffiial Fmrst row left to r1ght Jlmmy Woodard presrdent, and Sue Martm secretary Second row L1nda Landtr1p Lupe Mac1el Brenda Parham Lou Townley, Larry Dunn Jerry Stone and Robby Tunnell Th1rd row John Stewart Charles Turner, Larry Murphy Weldon Stuck land Shxrley Holland, F re dd1e Tunnell and Johnny Peden Not pxctured are B1lly Maddox B111 G1les and Ann Muslc Jlmmy Woodard and Sue Martln lead the Student Counc1l of Van I-hgh Th1S Counc1l has done much for the betterment of our h1gh school It not only helps wlth problems that arlse be fo re the student body but lt has helped the school For xnstance, last summer the Counc1l redecorated the halls of the hxgh s Cho ol They had the floors t1led and a large Vandal Head p lace d 1n front of the trophy case Th1s project cost a p p r o x 1 mately S 900 10 w a I il The Team Behind The Team The cheerleaders are left to rlght Lupe MaC1el Jun1or Murl Cantrell Jun1or Sue Mart1n senlor head cheerleader Conn1e Ol1ver sophomore and LaVerne Stone sen1or 137 3 LaVerne Conn1e Sue Murl and Lupe pause durlng a ball game to shner and pose for the photographer Conme Ollver 1'5" Rousing pep in a crowd is a hard Job but dur1ng football season these f1ve busy glrls make a determ1ned effort at lt dur1ng the pep rall1es and at the football games Start1ng the last week 1n June the cheerleaders n ect lCXV1C? a week all summer to practrce and makm up m v y lls One of the major Jobs of the Cheerleaders to plan the pep rally for the Grand allne garne They ha charge of decoratmg the gym for that brg event Another b1g Job the cheer leaders hawe 1S decoratlng the goal posts for each horne game wg 'X im' I Qs T45 LaVerne Stone Sue Martrn ASS1St3Y'lt Head Cheerleader Head Cheerleader Murl Cantrell Nav if Qwm xl Lupe Maclel , ' I ' l Ax e . . is S ' . , . X V e Q . J . , . . 5 , , ' ' , ' ' : ' , ' 1 ' . y I 1 I ' ' I , Q . H E5 ' T f L H A p A yy .f Q .i ' -' .1 Q g ' A - K V, . -Q , -4- " ' A ' fl 1 ka f- W S 4 nf A L. it, . 1 , 1 V T fa R i A ' e ' ' T 5 l if it l . Y ' f f A " 'f Q , 1 ,. V,.,1 , z . ,. . if .ea . y Y . I 2 I V? 5 - 5 f - 1 D 'v is M" ' Q f ,. x f 4' , an a T Q f 1 f X g e VH, kpy. A , 5 A ,Q 5 T we A' A r r A 6 l 4 1 1 1 ' ' l l Band Is Largest Organization Frontrow leftto r1ght Sm1th,Mart1n Furrh Candler Kmghton MCKSHZIC Pool Chappell and Culver Second row E Sm1th P Sm1th Spru1ell, Tunnell Myers, Hobbs Gahn J' Sm1th Defee Humphrey Dane Rumbelow Peters and Thomas Th1rd row Cone, Senter Stewart Tunnell Lantrlp Deslotte Matthews, Gamble Turner S Rodgers R Townley Null Russell Redmond Cupson F1fe Fenter and Fowler Fourth row Hunt Stewart G1llent1ne Lowe M Rodgers H1ll B Wh1te F1ncher Lohr McA11ster M1lls Hopkms, S1des K1ndle Hardw1ck Rhodes and Tankersley F1fth row J Pool Mart1n Bynum Stone and Carter Standmg Mr Ross Hay Jordan Shelton Parker Dalley Hobbs and G11breath armani Standlng left to r1ght are Tw1rlers Beverly Null Genle Rumbelow Drum Major Barby Fowler Tw1rlers L1nda Lantr1p and Velv1 Thomas Composed of 75 students the dentorgan1zat1on1nschool Band members are proud of the fact thatnearly 30070 of the band 1S on the honor roll every s1x weeks The band 1S composed of students from the four h1gh school classes and a few from the e1ghth grade Dur1ng the1r regular class per1od the band members prac t1C9 for half t1me shows durmg football season and after football season rehearse 1ndoors on con cert muslc The band makes an average of ten out of town tr 1p s dur1ng the school year Some ofthe tr1ps made are The Rose Parade The Fat Stock Show and Homecommg Da at E T S T I . : ' I I I I I I I I I 0 : U . I ' I I l I I I l I I I I I I I ' - Z I I I . I I I I ' I 9 I I I I . I . I I U 1 I I . . I I ' I . I U . I A I I I I D I . ' I . I . I I 9 . 2 ' I I I I I 9 ' : 5 I I I I . I I I ' " .. Vandal Band is the largest stu- . . , p t..- i , - A' ' I - I I l ' f MNUU 'V Hs... l 7 I D I . I , . y . . . . A. . . : . , . 9 Q 3 . . . . 0 Fowler Most Popular Girl In Band The band sweetheart for 1955-l,956 is Barby Fowler, senior. Barby is an all-round band student. Besides being a good twirler and drum major, she plays first alto-saxophone in the concert band. A member of the band for six years, she was selected as a twirler her sophomore year and drum major her senior year. In the Interscholastic League solo and ensemble contests she has entered, Barby has won one first- place medal with a saxophone solo and two first- place medals in saxophone quartets. Mr. Ross Hay,band director, conducts the band The band members are leaving the stands to do during a last period rehearsal. a half-time show. In the foreground are Freeman Kindle, Linda Pool, and Jerry Hunt. 13 "We're Singing The Blues" First row fleft to rightlc Nancy Crow, Tillie Defee, Lou T ownley, Velvia Thomas, Frances Fowler, Frances McKenzie, Howardine King, Zura Ann Shields, Margaret Yoes, and Fern Stone. Second row: Carol Morris, Lucy Hayes, Charlotte Kiser, Beverly Null, Mary Rodgers, Dian Fife, Shara Gillentine, Brenda Parham, Mildred Palmer, Jean Hobbs, Carolyn McNeill, and Dolores Black, Third row: Anna Dailey, Maxine Baker, Dorothy C rone, Annette Peden, Patricia Russell, Billie McCaffree, Shirley Holland, Mary Ann Smith, Mary Ann Maxfield, Sue Martin, Murl Cantrell, and Clova Preston. Fourth row: Terry Carter, Billy Maddox, Donnie Pyron, Ronald T anke r s le y, Charles Dunn, Nathal McAlister, Lehman Spruiell, Lynn Spruiell, Jimmy Henderson, and Dan Parker, The Van High School Choir has been less active this year than in years past. At the beginning of this school year the choir was under the direction of Miss Agnes Weeks, but during the second semester the choir had a la rge number in attendance, but due to lack of robes, its number was cut to 43 members. The choir presented part of the annual Christmas program. Shown at the right are Carol M o r ris and Nathan McAlister, who are members of the choir. They are also members of the All-State Choir. Vandal Voice, Vandalite Rate Tops joumahsm students are fseatedj Tllhe Defee Lupe Maclel, Sandra Rodgers Don Chand ler, and Marcus Fmcher QStandmgj Ann Muslc Lxnda Culver Connle O11ver Carolyn Fenter Bettle GIPSOD Genre Rumbelow Dan Parker jerry Lang Zura Shxelds Charlotte G11breath B111y Maddox, and Mr Claude Sumerhn, sponsor For the second year rn a row, the Joumahsm class can 11st as therr most outstandmg accompllshment the wm nmg of a plaque at the Texas Hlgh School Press ASSOCl3t1OU for the best Vandahte won an All Texas ratxng 1n the yearbook contest Four members of the yearbook staff and therr sponsor attended the Steck C11n1c ln Austm durlng September to leam ways to lmprove the Vandahte Cruz Macxel Truman Mlzzles, and Ivan Johnston admrre Joyce W1111s' fourth place BdltOI'131C91'tlf1C3.tE from T H S P A Y . . , . y - . . , . , . . , , . . , . , 7 I I , . , . newspaper in the state. The 1955 ,, 3 . I . . . . - K7 e,.f' -'mag , 'fc ld A d Cakewg. Clllyfl g Future Homemakers of Amer1ca offxcers are left to r1ght L1nda Culver reporter MaryDane C1V1l defense cha1rman Ann Warren treasurer Barbara Crow v1ce pres1dent Lmda Sm1th h1stor1an Betty H111 song leader Ga1l1a Moon secretary Betty G 1p s o n parl1amentar1an Donna Cox pres1dent Ann Muslc Student Councll representat1ve and Conn1e Ol1ver second V1Ce pres1 dent The Future Homemakers of Amenca s pur poses are to promote a growmg apprec1at1on of the Joys and Sat1Sf6Ct1OHS of homemakmg to em phas1ze the 1mportance of worthy home member sh1p to encourage democracy 1n home and com mun1ty l1fe to work for good home and fa m 1ly ,IS Pac k1ng sweets to be taken to the Terrell State Hosp1tal as a Future Homemaker project are Ga1ll1a, Zura Ann, Connle Max1ne and Char lotte 16 l1fe for all to promote 1nternat1onal good w1ll to foster the development of creat1ve leadersh1p 1n home and commumty l1fe, to prov1de whole some 1nd1v1dual and group recreat1on and to fur ther mte economrcs Preparlng to sew 1n the homemakmg I class are Ann, Dolores, Margaret, and Carolyn I C ' J ' , 9 , ' ' ' s , : , . - . : . . , . . I . ' 9 .. . 9 ' . ' ' : , ' 9 , . . 9 . . , . - .- , , - . . . . 1 I , - . . . . - , , - . . . . , - T . . . ' Q- K 3 . ,ll I , ' W ...Q 1. 1' N in xg ' ' l 4 , A , -,,NA . 5.5 , .. ui M -4 I t a . W v kr O I C v , A n r , - ' . . . , . , - "The Farmer In The Dale" Future Farmers of Ame ric a officers are Cleft to right, Larry Edwards, sentinelg Pat Goodson, vice-president: Ray Parks, reporte rg Bobby Stone, presidentg .Timmy Stephenson, treasurerg Gene Russell, secretaryg and John Stewart, Who's Who in Agriculture. All the boys of the Future Farmers of America train for the many things that will be nefit our country in the future, they are playing an irnpor- tant role for our country. Three years of agriculture are offered, with fi 4"Y"i"f The Agriculture I class is demonstrating the of laying hens. each class having different studies. Every boy is required to have an outside project. The Fu- ture F a rme r s enter various judging contests. Field trips are also taken by the agriculture classes. During field trips, cattle, pastures, and other agricultural interests are inspected. Terry Carter is shown with his caLf he took for a project, while Charles Crone helps, 17 SPANISH CLUB Members of the Span1shClub, left to right An nette Peden R obe rt Staton and J e an Smith are shown watching Dian Fife break the Pinata at one of their gay Spanish parties The Spanrsh Club has 54 paid members They study the l1fe and language of the Spanish people, and sometimes celebrate with parties like theirs QUARTER BACK CLUB The 1955 Vandal A and B football teams are en Joying a banquet given them by the Quarte rbaCkC 11-lb This club meets every Tuesday during football sea son and views the rnov1es of the p re viou s Friday night s game Cecil Pyron is president 18 VHS Students Enjoy Club Participation The 1955-56 Future Teache rs Club has been growing constantly, for the last five years. There are now 30 paid members. Eddie Cone is the presi- dent' and DonnaCox, vice-president' and Howardine King secretary and treasurer Each year the F T A Club sends representatives to the State Convention. F51 gm lin SPEECH CLUB Shown 15 a scene from the SpeechClub play Yo Can't T ake It With You Members Qleft to rrght are Frances Knighton, Marcus Fincher Charle Dunn Genie Rumbelow Donald Parham Billie Mc C affree, Eddie Cone B1llG1le s and Dian Fife Proceeds went to the redecoration of the dressin rooms in the audrtorium J 1-'bra .v y u f sl, - AVC rt . 5 . ' A p 'ef . . Q "' , I , , . . in B B 5 M ', 1 p p ,R K 5 F , f fi CnwN X E mwimg ry scholastic Inter League Hornecommg A d N Assemblnes an Plays School T raps due Hawkms Partnes Classroom mtmes Ach M 0 E . N MN LS d T , 0+ . .R , E Sa' ' Day GAH -ii-1-1-1 ' AI Rv Ai Students Work On Assign ments Mrs. Tom E1der's English IV class is shown busily at work. 5-0 Miss Faye Terry observes her Typing I class as they work on a daily assignment. Lynn Spruiell administers the oath to Nancy C row while members of the jury and Judge Splawn look on during a scene take n from the trial of Charles Crone in Mr. Moore's civic class. J I W In fBelowJ Weldon Strickland points out coun- tries on the map in world history while Mr. Mc- Kibben and other students look on. Z Jw, fBelow, Mr. Warren's plane geometry class presents a comedy play in assembly. Some of the characters are Dorothy Crone, Rosie Furrh, Sandra Rodgers, and Lynn Spruiell. sig Mrs Gllchrest, secretary to the pr1nc1pal answers the te lephone wh1le Mary Maxfle ld refers to the student f1le and Murl Cantrell helps Ann Skmner Wlth her absence excuse 'Til va, AK, Tun T1mmons Jerry Wyatt Charles McCaf free, DaV1d Br1tton Larry Dunn and .Terry West work on drawmgs as Mr George Blackburn m structs Others Engage In Projects B1lly Maddox and Fredd1e Tunnell use tram 1ng dev1ces wh1le a group of Mr Stalhngs drwers educat1on students look on Mr Dunn, ass1stant l1brar1an, stamps Barby Fowler s book wh1le V1rg 1n1a Fowler and Sue Martm look on Mr McClellen s general sc1ence class works an asslgnment X 1 O '- x 1,-A f' I xg . ' , fg J ' W l t ' . . . , 0 3 V JA 2 J' l T t z N - vf' 'I-' 17 gi" F- up b WM ' N, 4 I lr' -3. fks 1 N2 -y q Q , 'xp '35 - - ltlt l - I .' .I 3 ' 5 ,bags P ' gg, ' 5 ' ' f., . . . , . 9 1 " - . . , , on . i I I - I . I s X. E - Q X ' A 1 X V- - i. -wma D1ck1e Howell and Tommy Cook work on equat1ons from the board 1D physxcs as Mr Martm Gr1ff1th 1nstructor looks on Cheerleaders Sue Martin LaVerne Stone Lupe Maciel Murl Cantrell, and Connie Oliver are pic- tured wrapping the goal posts for one of the home games 22 Actwztzes Intersperse Students enjoy sale of valentlnes wh1ch were a penny a p1eCe as votes for K1ng and Q ue e n of Hearts cand1dates From left to r1ght are Eugene Stuck land Conn1e Ol1ver Mary Jones Nancy Leamons and Harold Nxpp Weldon Str1ckland Foy Bmggs Glor1aBeggs, J W F'enton,Joe Easley nd Gene Lowe watch Johnny Lang, center as he plays the record1ngs back Wh1Ch were g1ven 1n Mr Sume rl1n s Enghsh II class Classroom Routzne w-rvtla QT? Barbara Crow Jerry Rhlne s, and Ga1l1a Moon are shown 1n a scene from the Juxuor Play Take Your Med1c1ne S1tt1ng at the front table are from left to r1ght Frank Hall Frances Mc Kenz1e Lou Townley andFrnnces Fow ler as they exarnme a frog and beg1n to d1SS8Ct1t Students 1n the background work on other projects .4'x 'Kr A group of students are shown watchmg a mov1e 1n the v1sual educat1on room Notlce the expressmons """ of deep concentratmn DonChandler and Sandra Rodgers co ed1tors of the Vandal Vo1ce are shown rece1v1ng the f1rst place award from the Texas I-hgh School Press ASSOC1dt1OH I lie Q ' , ' - ' .AS ' f ' ' 1 V d s Q " ' , . Z . Z 1 x I ll -z-M-' gl K V V fy A f ,H QU f Q , an Hn. K A h , nv . K . . , . : , - A . I , - . l , , - ' 3 , . . . 2 5 X ,W is. -is-fa 11. Interscholastzc Shown are a g 1' oup of declamat1on contestants Next to the wall are Ianell Hanna Jerry West Vel V16 Thomas and Frances Fowler On the next row are C harlene Martm, L1nda Srruth and .T 1mmy Henderson P1ctured below are poetry readmg contestants They are front row B1l11e McCaffree Al1ce Green Frances Kmghton and Charles Dunn On the back row from left to r1ght are B e ve r ly Null Patr1c1a Russell, and Ann Warren Spelhng tryouts were from left to r1ght front table, Eugene Strxc kland, Conn1e Ol1var, Ga1ll1a Johnson, and Ann Mus1c S1tt1ng at the bac k table are, from left to r1ght, Lucy Hays, Lynn Spru1ell Carolyn Fenter and Dorothy Crone Ready Wfltlng contestants are from left to r1ght Ga1l1a Moon, Lynda Str1nger Carolyn McNe1ll and Carolyn Hamman Number sense contestants are from left to r1ght D1Ck16 Howe ll Jerry Perc1f1eld and Jerry Lang I X ix- Q l I , Q - sg M K C J . . , . , . , . . , A 1 fp 47 ' f ' , l ' P League Sl1de rule contestants are seated Jerry Rhmes Tommy Cook Johnny Lang and Ivan J ohnston Stand1ng are Johnny Peden Paul K1dd Lehman Spru1ell and Jxmmy Woodard Xin Siv- S g1onal c onte s t Seated from left to r1ght are Ann M u s 1 c Conme Ol1ver Carolyn Fenter and Bett1e GIPSOH Standmg are Joyce W1ll1S Sandra Rodgers Charlotte Culbreath, Bxlly Maddox and L1nda Culver Debate contestants are from left to rlght Betty G1lley D1Ck1e Howell Genle Rumbe low and Don Ph1ll1ps P M155 Wanda Manthey IS shown apply1ng make up to Charles Dunn s face for the one act play The Lottery Other members of the ca s t are front Frances Kn1ghton, Barbara Culbreth B1ll1e McCaf free Back B1lly G1les and DeVerle Earp 'S Shown below are typmg contestants Front row from left to rxght are Ga1l1a Moon Sandra Rodgers and Donna Cox On the back row are Mary Maxf1eld and Murl Cantrell ' 4 J ' , y ' , ' I , , .ve f ll. 4 J my . c J - ' . Y ' Ni 3 Above are the journalism tryouts for the re- W X. W. ffm Y :r . ,A-. ' .:f,X" gr. Students En oy Actzvzty Perzod Left to r1ght are Zura Sluelds Sh1rley Rad ford, and Norma Peden 1n a scene from Jane Steps Out" a play presented 1n the assembly program g1ven by the F utu re Homemakers Left to r1ght are Charlotte Klser R xcha rd Lohr, Eddxe Cone, Nathan McAl1ster and Don Chandler from a scene from the Spamsh Club assembly program J X JW uf""p"u Dlan F1fe dlsplays a pos ter represent1ng the elephant type dr1ver durmg the dnvers tra1n1ng assembly p r o g r a m Pxctured to the left 1S Van s popular g1rls tr1o These g1rls have appeared on many as sem bly programs and on telev1s1on From left to r1ght are Barbara Culbreth, Carol Morus Murl Cantrell and Dorothy Crone p1an1st O I I I I A VX . . , . - .,XV 'lk I A 4. H H ' A I 1 g 1 . I . A K I K . . . y A .XXV 1 l A ' A 1 . ,W 5 a . . . - I E' I , 5 . - ,lat . f, ' A A . . , U . . . . I I I I A g roup of sen1ors proudly d1sp1ay then' costumes before the trad1t1onal Sad1e Hawl-uns day race held at act1v1ty perlod No assembly was gwen on th1s part1cular Shown is the entire cast of the Speech Club play, "YouCan'tTake It WithYou", which was presented in the auditorium December Z. Left to r1ght are Gary Hays Gerue Rumbe low and Donald Parham 1n a s c ene from the Speech Club play 'wma-'QW Thursday when school was d1sm1ssed because """"' of bad weather . . . . , . , . - ru, "V . N L " -. ' . l p, I' " W- " q V 31:11 7-' ,gg L rw-WE! ...Q-t., wx L 'VJ Homecoming Activities Create Spirit And Pep Durxng the Hornecorrung pep rally, Howar Sue Martm re1gns as Horneconnng Queen t th ll th rn before the Van d1ne K1ng appears as M1ss Vandal V1ctory a e pep ra y 1n e gy Grand Sal1ne ball game Other nornmees were LaVerne Stone and Barby Fowler -4lIi 0 O or Ht.. 'Q' F110 Y Ex Vandals watch the pe rally act1v1t1es before th Homecom1ng game g 1 3 W A ' 1 W wa 'D -X I Q N he 1: f ' ' K 4 I 4 ..f , 9.,, , A -Q K AL K I it 3 I D . W 3 Y' - yd I' 1- ,, Qi X x H i E 6 I c"'5 .Q 0 -D . ' W xr V f , Nl'-.-,umm gr 3 V: , 5 fjj ,,, ...Q A N ., ,, L ,,. - .V., ... . M ,T .Q A A al I W , . F reshmen students and Mr McClellen p1le more Wood on the bonf1re From left to r1ght are Charlotte Klser Mr Ba ker McClellen Mlke McClel len Mr McC lellen s son Horace Martm, Dav1d Malone .Terry Wyatt, and Jerry West Cheerleaders Lupe Mac1el Murl C antrell Sue Martm C onn1e Olwer, and LaVerne Stone lead yells at the bonf1re before the Grand Sal1ne ball game Jerry Wyatt, Jimmy Shortt, and David Malone gather wood for the bonfire. Above Charles Crone and Mary Maxf1eld Jun1or cand1dates were runners up wxth 157 votes Edd1e Woodard and Velv1a Thomas upper r1ght were sophomore cand1dates .T e r ry Don West and Lmda Sm1th repre sented the Freshman Class Let Me Call You Sweetheart Donme Pyron and B11l1e Sue McCaffree sen1ors were announced as Kmg and Queen of Hearts at the All I-hgh School party February 14 They rece1ved 359 votes whrch were a pe nny each The Sen1or Class rece1ved the vote money from each class wh1ch totaled S7 14 "Gone YVith The Wind" 0 "It's A Great Lifev They Call Him Mr. Touchdown 'Ace In The Hole" Q99 "First Basev "With These Hands" GR. 1 Injuries Strike Early For ' 5 Vandals up -1., Top row, left to right: Coach George Tuttle, Charles Malone, Weldon Strickland, Paul Kidd, James Splawn, Jimmy Woodard,Nathan McAlister, Sammy Stanger, Johnny Peden, Bill Pool, Dale Fisher, and Coach Wiley Warren. Middle row: Donald Mayo, Charles Turner, Jimmy Henderson, Ronald Murphy, Larry Edwards, Lehman Spruiell, Charles Crone, Joe Clark, Jack Pool, and Manager Jerry Rhines. Bottom row: Freddie Tunnell, Donald Parham, DeVerle Earp, Leonard Blackwell, Donnie Pyron, Harold Bullard, Kenneth Evans, Tommy Cook, and Dickie Howell. SEASON AT A GLANCE Van Canton Here Sept. Van Hawkins There Sept. Van Pine Tree There Sept Van Henderson Here Sept. Van Royse City Here Oct. Van Athens There Oct. Van Waxahachie Here Oct. Van Mineola There Nov. Van Grand Saline Here Nov. Van Wills Point Here Nov. Injuries struck early for the 1955 Vandals as Sammy Stanger, 190 pound All-District fullback and signal caller, suffered a broken leg in a scrimmage against Troup and was lost for the year. Without Stanger and with several other men side lined at time with injuries, the Vandals were never able to hit the stride expected of them by many and wound up with their worst season since 1950. It was the first time in history that they had failed to win a game on their home field. The Vand als played close games with all of th e i r non-conference foes e x c e p t Waxahachie. 32 Afte r dropping opening encounters to Canton and Hawkins, the y came back to edge Pine Tree, 14- 1 3, and gain revenge for last year's stomping. They lost to the strong Henderson Lions, 19-7, and then tied Royse City, 7-7. Opening conference play, the Vandals caught a fired-up swarm of Athens Hornets and lost, 27-6. After the 40-O non-conference loss to Waxahachie. the Vand al s played one of their best games in edging Mineola for their first conference win, ZO- l3. Weldon Strickland scored twice and Evans once a g a in s t the Yellowjackets. In the ir traditional Homecoming game with Grand Saline, the Vandals took a short-lived lead on a sneak by Jimmy Hen- derson, but the Indians exploded for three touch- d owns within three minutes be for e the half and went on to win, 27-8. In the ir final conference game against Wills Point, the Vandals played inspired ball and led with less than four minutes to go. Strickland, Kenneth Evans, and Ronald Murphy scored for the Vandals. 1. Sammy Stanger Innmy Woodard Senior Back Captam, 1954 S5 4-Year Letterman Senxor Tackle A11-District, 1954 3 Year Letterman 'iff , Harold Bullard Senior Back 3-Year Letterman Weldon Strickland junior Back Sophomore Back jimmy Henderson 1-Year Letterman 2-Year Letterman Honorable Mention, 1955 Q: Nathan McA11ster johnny Peden Senxor Guard Junxor Guard 2 Year Letterman 2 Year Letterman Honorable Mentlon, 1955 .W Kenneth Evans Semor Back 3 Year Letterman Freddle Tunnell JUHIOI' Back 3 Year Letterman 2nd All Dxstrlct, 1955 Dzckxe Howell Charles CYOUS Senxor Center Junlof Tackle 1 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman Honorable MEUIIOD, 1955 Donald Parham Senxor Back 1 Year Letterman Donme Pyron Semor Back 1 Year Letterman Larry Edwards Paul Kxdd jumor Center JHYIIOI' Tackle 1-Year Letterman 2-Year Letterman was Tommy Cook Semor End 1 Year Letterman Charles Malone Semor End 1 Year Letterman 54833 W 45 Leonard Blackwell Senlor Back 1 Year Letterman Donald Mayo Semor Bad 1 Year Letterman Lehman Sprulell DeVe1-le Earp Semor Back Senior Guard 1 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman 1 f George Tuttle Frank Rlunes W11ey Warren Coach 8 Years Manager 2 Years Coach 2 Years B111 Pool Junror Back I Year Letterman Q9 Ernest Sh1nn Sophomore Back 1 Year Letterman Dale F1S11CI' JUIIIOI' Tackle 1 Year Letterman jack Pool Sophomore Guard 1-Year Letterman joe Clark jumor End 1 Year Letterman Upper Left Me rn e r s of the A football team are shown Slttlh x 1th thelr dads at a banquet UIVCH by then- Loxxer Left T a 1l back Weldon Strmkland sweeps I'1ghtE'I'1Ll3f731l"19t Loxxer Rlffht Left end C ha rle s Turner, returnmv the k1CkOff afvalnstthe Athens I-Ior nets stumbles and falls. Brzght Spots Few Left Van pl a ye r s troop dejectedly from the f1eld after losmfv to Athens 1D then' conference opener Z7 6 Van sur pr1se d the Hornets only tcn1porar1ly by sh1ft1ng flonu the s1ngle vy1nO to the T Ident1f1able frornleft to T1 htare B111 Pool Ronald Murphy Harold Bullard Iohnny Peden 66 hrnnay Henderson 36 Dale r1sher 88 and Nathan NlCA11StGI' 73 Below Packlng then' ba vs for the Plne Tree Game are Joe Clark Donald Kennethlivans C,harlesCrone Paul K1dd Weldon Stmckland Leonard Pwlaclcxxell I1mn y Henderson and Hale Flsher ' x I Z . . b . 1 n 4 .g 'O . , ! 7 6 J, ' it 7, ' K l, L' A ' C 'J- Mayo, R on a ld Murphy, Larry Edwards, 'l . 3 1 I . X ' 4. K . I ir, xxx jf U For Crippled Vandals Fullback Kenneth Evans ploxns lnto two C a nton tacklers wlule 230 pound Nathan lNlCAl1QtPTt131lS the play ready to throw 3 block Plus actlon occurred 1n a scrmm nu a 0 ff ame xuth Canton wluch Van won 18 6 after loslnfv 1 levular season frame to the Ea les Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Vandal Bs Wm 6 Lose 2 Toi row left to rlght Coach M9301 Johnston, Fraz1er 5h1nn Woodard bpluxell Par1sh Moore, Hall Carnble Coach Rholes Mlddlc row Stevens,Brovvn,Sloan,b1kes Hudvr-ns Lowe T Tunnell T1n1mons Bottomrow B1-1tton,N1pp W3lk9T,lNOTT1S B Tunnell Carter Black well Cotton SEAQON AT A GLANCE Grand Sahne Grind Sallne lXf11Y1POl8 Mlneola Broxxnsboro Brownsboro Athens Athens Mlke Moore fumbles a fte r 1n'1l1n7 a ood run and a f1TSt down Th1s was thm f1TSt game afvamst Brownsboro s B team The Van B team overpowered the Bears, J 0 U Y V 4.2 . ' 6 14 ' . ' , 7 ZS ' 3 33 ' IZ 51 f 0 55 0 6 45 0 47 51-0. Cagers P ace Thzrd In Dzstrzct R01 Q 0 Opponent Wxlls P01nt Grand Sal1ne Athens MIHBOIB W1lls Pomt Athens M 1neola Name B Maddox 106 J Woodard L Murphy C Turner 6 They 287 2 4 216 204 dm is 1. R S Left to rxght Preston Gamble Larry Murphy Douglas Parmley Ronald Murphy J1mmy Woodard Charles Turner, Lehman Spru1e1l B1lly Maddox, and Mgr Bxlly G1les In front 15 Coach Herb R1chardson SEASON AT A GLANCE Opponent Qultman B los som W 1nsbo ro C anton Lanevllle Cayuga Cayuga Faculty Ind1v1dual Scor AVR PG 106 mg Name Sp ruxe ll Gamble Parmley Murphy Total Scormg Van 1 236 50 7 avr O p 1 64 48 6 avr Conference Non Conference T hey Oppone nt Qultman Sunset Cayuga Sunset Forney We They Martms M1ll Walls Po1nt Athens AVR 32 Won Lost 14 Season Summary After los1ng the f1rst four games the Vandals came back to capture second place m the Van Tournament before los1ng to Athens m the f1nals They then slumped aga1n to lose three 1na row, before cl1pp1ng Canton Entermg the Tyler Tourney Van lost to Lanev1lle, beat Chandler and lost to Cayuga Van then avenged the loss to Cayuga by defeatmg them at Van W1lls Po1nt downed Van 1n the d1str1ct opener, then Van beat Grand Sal1ne After 1ead1ng through three quarters at Athens the Hornets rallled to edge Van The Vandals trounced Mrneola were edged by W1l1s Po1nt and then beat Grand Sal1ne Athens edged Van at Van and Van closed out xts season by beat1ng M1neola and the Van Faculty. O O I Xt 1 11 1 4 ' V5 ' , K A. f n, gy '. W! . : gpg f ' J 1 1 1 1 . 1 W We ' ' 46 58 ' 50 54 ' 40 55 ' 56 45 46 57 47 54 47 52 ' 49 66 37 57 ' 74 37 57 41 41 61 ' ' 44 46 ' 34 48 53 35 Grand Saline 72 47 Chandler 48 45 ' ' 64 50 66 71 32 45 ' ' 43 42 ' 78 54 43 30 31 67 70 47 FG FT PF TP GP . . FG FT PF TP GP .PG. , 75 72 25 11.6 L. ' 46 40 48 1 22 6.0 . 92 50 46 3 22 . P. 39 5 25 83 21 4.0 , 97 22 56 25 8.7 D, 24 36 30 83 25 3.3 , 84 46 73 25 8.4 R. 7 2 8 16 24 .7 . 1 - 1 v . P 1' 91 4 . '11 ' 3 f QUpper Leftj jxmmy Woodard Senlor Center Three Year Letterman QUpper Mlddlej Larry Murphy Senror Guard Three Year Letterman fUpper Rrghtj Senlor Guard Two Year Letterman U-eff! Lehman Sprulell Semor Forward One Year Letterman fR1ght, Charles Turner Semor Forward Two Year Letterman 5-ff'oJwC-t fu' 'QITY ,.. - 'Q .A I, 1 I ry Billy Maddox 4 Douglas Parmley Preston Gamble Ronald Murphy Semor Forward Senror Guard Senior Center ek gi Two Year Letterman Two Year Letterman TWO Year Letterman Larry Murphy smks a fast cup shot agamst Charles Turner loops a basket from the snde the Grand Salme Ind1answh11e Bally Maddox q24y agamst the Indxans Preston Gamble and jxmmy and Charles Tumer f49j u-all the play Woodard wa1t for the rebound to Q .. Q. ., ' Y I fu ' Q I v V , V 4 -. W Q Q. A N A K ! ' .9 . Q QLeftj Weldon Strickland Sophomore Forward Reserve Lettemman QR1ghtj Trevelyn Elhs jumor Forward Reserve Letterman QBe1ow, Leftj Ernest Shmn Sophomore Guard Reserve Letterman QBe1ow Mlddlej Lynn Sprulell Jumor Guard Reserve Letterman QBe1ow R1ghtj Charles Shelton jumor Center Reserve Letterman X ng Hula Above Junrny Wooda rd shoots a jump shot aga1nst Grand Salme as Wyl1e Garland tr1es to block It Also shown for Van IS Larry Murphy Z2 Charles Turner 49 and Doug Parmley under goall R1ghtJ Charles Turner 49 leaps h1gh to drop on two polnts agaxnst Athens as Van almost upset the Hornets Preston Gamble 10 and Lehrnan Sprulell are also shown for the ball wxth a Grand Sal1ne boy B1lly Maddox 24 Jlrnmy Woodard and Charles Turner are also shown Van won th1s game 56 45 to keep a Z4 year w1nn1ng streak over the Ind1ans al1ve Above Lehman Spru1ell f1res a Jump shot agalnst Athens as Robert Brownlng and B1lly l 7 l l l p l ' l J ' ' l 7 ' . QBottom right, Lehman Spruiell Kon floorj is pictured scrapping . . . . K L . V , Y l I . 4 Q . . . . , ' ' 44 Knight of Athens look on. Billy Maddox 1241 and Doug Parmley fZ6l are also shown. B Team Wins 8, Loses 5 Left to nghtj Don Gray, Frank Hall Lynn Spru1ell Loyde Elhs Weldon Strlckland, Jer ry Perclfleld Charles Shelton, Ronald Tankersley, Ernest Sh1nn, and Mgr Jerry Hunt I front 1S Coach Herb R1chardson fLeft to nght back rowj Don Tate, Charles McCaffree, Robbme Tunnell, Johnny Brown, Kenneth Cotton, Je r ry West, and Robert Rhodes fFront rowj Coach Tom Sherbert, La r ry Dunn, Jacl-ue Gamble, Terry Dav1s, Robert Bennett, Bobby Stephens, and Jerry Wyatt B TEAM RECORD Opponent Qu1tman Cayuga Qultman They W11ls Pomt Grand Sahne Cayuga Athens Mlneola Wxlls Po1nt Grand Sal1ne Van Freshmen Van Freshmen FRESHMEN SUMMARY Under thcoachlng of Tom Sher bert, the Vandal F1sh comp1led a fme record of 12 w1ns and 3 losses, Losmg no d1str1ct games, Van won the round robm and they won the d1s tract tournament by downlng M1neola and Athens One of the three losses was to the Van B" team 45 l . 9 ' 9 . 1 I ' ' ' , ' . . n. ' J. We ily ' 42 35 x-U 35 36 3 ' 42 41 5 Canton 41 39 ' ' 42 31 ' 39 Z5 44 45 36 53 ' 38 37 ' ' Z4 39 ' 44 Z9 43 31 44 58 1 .. . ,, . 5 ' ' - ffZLE?Rf ompetitive Sports Members ofthe 1956 g1rl5 B volleyball team are left to rlght .T oyce H111 Brenda Parham Nancy Ox ford M155 Sanoma qhofflt Sue Dav1d5on Fern Stone and Daffy Lee Those not present are Barbara Crow and Mary Rodgers Playmg pmg pong 1n P E class are left to r1ght P laylng volleyball 1U P E class are Barbara Ed1thPr1tchett Gallld Moon Clara Baker Frances Crow Sandra Prather Shlrley Radford Norma Huddle Vanqueta Aye r 5 Foy Buggs and Avanell P66611 and Donna Black W1lker5on '24 Conung off the court after agarne are Daffy Lee Shown m Health Educat1on Class are Jud1th Tun G lo r 1a Beggs Barbara Crow Nancy Oxford and nell Shara G1lent1ne Margaret Yoes M155 Sanoma Joyce H111 Shoff1t Fern Stone and Ann Warren 7 4 11 ' Y 3 z . 1 I 'B 1 ,I 4 1 J - , A ! , - I . " -I . I 3 ' 1 , L rj . . - . . . Q . . . I I . . I . . , , 7, 1 , , l 9 . 3 I 0 Q I fi ff I 1- , y L: 1 , , . . K . - , , , , , . . , y . I , A 1 1 ' :J 'M Below Checkmg out track equ1pment are left to rmght Ronald Murphy Lehrnan S p r u 16 ll B1lly Maddox Larry Murphy and Jaclue Gamble P1ctured below 1S the golf team From left to r1ghtareA M D1ckerson coach GastonStephenson Larry Edwards, Tommy Parlsh Lynn Sprluell and .Tummy Henderson Outdoor Sports Mark Arrzval of Sprzng Upper leftl Tenn1s c oache s C R Jones lef and T om Sherbert fmght are shown wlth the ele mentary DIVISION tennls tryouts 32 'Uni' Shown above 1S the I-hgh School baseball team On the front row from left to r1ght, are Eddle Johns Fredd1e Tunnell Bxlly Maddox Larry Murphy Er nest Sh1nn Back row Jerry Perc1f1eld James Splawn Nathan M c A115 te r Ronald Murphy, and Lehman Spru1ell H1gh School tenn1s tryouts are Qfront row? D1an F1fe, Dorothy Senter, Shlrley Holland, Patr1c1a Rus sell. fBack rowj Bobby Staton, M1ke Moore, Ronald Tankersley, and Robert Rhodes. y y . . C ' . . f 1 s u .1 J ' 4 D ' ' 9 ' r yr- L . J , . . . Ay K ,I . f , ' ' XX X S ,X X' f ' M ,S t,L'3f'L'74l X If 'lf If X . N I lx 'B W , S w l A U , ' I , . a 1 . u Q .J .. ' u . , yi .kd JI .F 'Fife' R. 02:2 f,-f fff N 1 f 44 .LL va Q'-50 J' me 4- A -I 30-: x 'A -9- f f , X Q ,O 42 , +1 if If LW ,v W N QR if f ! ? 9 M I S1tt1ng at h1s desk IS Mr, J, E. Rhodes, our supermtendent, Some of Mr. Rhodes' many dut1es are bemg responsxble for the development of a pos1t1ve educatwnal pro gram des1gned to meet the needs of the commun1ty, to ass1st 1nestab11sh.ment of poh c1es relaung to organlzatwn, fmance, and 1nstruct1on, to assume the respons1b111ty for 1eadersh1p 1n the p re pa r atlo n of the annual budget, and to keep the Board of Trustees and the cornmun1ty contmuously mforrned of the progress and cond1t1on of the school, I Lzve If ' A ge i- - W . .sgjji Riff L J niet Fr w, 1. 1. M ,g ,V ki.ftigJvy ' S - 53-f 1,952 ' -'X ' sw, fmfgifhll 1- Y AA,?.M' Y , I For You" Mr C C Moore record Someof Mr our h1gh school pr1nc1pal 1S seen here chec k1ng a student s Moore s dut1es are bemg respons1ble for the workab1l1ty of the educat1onal prog ram and pO11C16S as developed by the Supermtendent and B o a r d of Educat f h 1on or t e personnel management of teachers and pup1ls of Sen1orH1gh over all adm1n1strat1ve dut1es pertalnln to Se H h g mor xg co ord1nat1on of all school ac t1V1t1ES and superv1s1on ' Q.. mfg ' s V, ' . N t K '- x-' , a . N 'n gi Q . I . . . . . , . . - , , , . . . . . f . I I ' . Q ' ' 1 1 'Q-flnother ight" N If 5n""'Ng.. Members of the School Board are fleft to nghtj T J Pnppm , vxce presxdent B M Fowler, secretary, 1 E Rhodes, supermtendent W H Thompson, admrmstratwe assnstant W T Myers, presxdent, K j Durand, W R T1mmons,j Bee McAl1ster, and A M Dzck erson, school tax offlcer Not pxctured IS J A Pederr The officers and members of the School Board t.h1s year are Mr W T Meyer, presl dent Mr T 1 Plppm, vlce presldent and Mr B M Fowler, secretary Other mem bers are Mr K J Dura.nd,j A Peden, Mr W R Tlmmons, and Mr J B McA11gter The Board of Trustees meets once month and has called meetrngs when nec essary The board endeavors to make the school more attractxve and a better educatxonal one to nts students Because of them, Van has one of the best schools m thrs area One of therr many Jobs IS to pass on money approprlatrons fa Q - ' 1, 'W 'Z-f' fi27u7ifLll4'Z1?1 55555714 213521 A if , . , 1 Q 403169,-ld! V ' l nj A,...,.--J A 'ff-45 -f.,4f'.1--L, ,ff J 1' ' f If L, Q-A 1 " -4-,jQ 1, , ii, X T S. M1ss Sanoma Shoff1t M1ss Wanda Manthey Mrs C E Shortt Mr George Blackburn 1rls Health P Speech Enghsh Mus1c Industr1al Arts ETSTC St Pau1,M1nn SFATC NTSC SMU Mr D M Tate M1ss Agnes Weeks Biology PhyS1CS P1ano Cho1r E T S T C Southwestern U Austln College Par1s France E1ght new teachers have been added to the faculty They are M1ss Sanoma Shoff1t M1ss Wanda Manthey Mrs C E Shortt Mr George Blackburn,Mr D M Tate, M1ss Agnes Weeks Mrs Doyle Moseley and Mrs John McMull1n M1ss Sanoma Shofflt took M1ss Ela1ne Whlte s pos1t1on as phys1cal educat1on and health teacher M1ss Wanda Manthey took over Mrs TomElder s speech class She also teaches Enghsh Mrs C E Shortt took Mr Bob Buchanan s place as muslc teacher and taught Ch01T the second se mester Mr George Blackburn f1lled the 'Ma "'E"""s- Mrs Doyle Moseley Sec to Adm Asst and to Jun1orH1gh Pr1nc1pal Mrs John McMull1n Sec to tax off1cer vacancy leftby Mr Jack Betts Mr D M Tate r e pl a c e s M1ss Jul1a Machotka as blology and phys1c s teacher M1ss Agnes Weeks f1l1s the pos1t1on left vacant by Mr Bob Dav1s as p1ano teacher M1ss Weeks also taught cho1r the f1rst semester Mrs Doyle Moseley 1S secretary to Mr Harpy Thompson, adm1n1strat1ve ass1stant and Mr E L Spru1ell, Jun1or H1gh Pr1nc1pal Mrs Mo sele y IS a 1955 graduate from Van Mrs John McMull1n was secretary to the tax off1cer the f1rst semester x W' B - ' X 1 G. , - 'E' - . 1 ' ' ' . as y A 4 5 Mr W H Thompson Adm1n1strat1ve Assistant E T S T C Mr A E McK1bben History Mathematics E T S T C N T Miss Faye Terry Typlng N T S C Mrs. Tom Elder English - History T.W.C. - E.T.S.T.C. Mr, Claude Sumerlin Journalism - English Texas A Sr l - Baylor Mrs. Durward Spruiell Spanish - English N.T.S.C. Mr J' E Rhodes Superintendent S M U North Texas Mr C C Moore Pr1nc1pal CIVICS Hardin Simmons Colorado College """"vaJ Mr R R Stallings Drivers Educat1on Math E T S T C Wesley Mr Grady Parker Librarian Peabody E T S T C Mr Wiley Warren Assistant Football Coach Austin Baylor Mr. Baker McClellen Chemistry - Science E.T.S.T.C. - Texas A Faculty Mr John Dunn Assistant Librarian Austin-ETSTC Mr Herb R1chardson Basketball Coach T J C Un1v of Houston Mr C I Atk1ns Vocat1onal Agrmulture Texas A Sz M M1ss M1ldred Chr1st1e Art N T S C Mr George Tuttle Head Football Coach Bus1ness Aust1n E T S T C Mr Roy Evans Crafts Metal Shop N T S C Mr Ross Hay Band D1rector T C U we 'Wx fb' T'-...Tr Iwirs Allen Gllchrest Sec to I-hgh School Pr1nc1pal M1ss J'ul1a Machotka B1ology PhyS1CS Geometry N T S C Mrs Andy Schrenkel Homernalung Enghsh T S C W C olumbla Un1ve r s1ty Mrs Alton M11ls Languave Arts N T S C S M U Mrs I E Rhodes L1brar1an T S C W E T S T C Mrs Cullen Tunnell Language Arts E T S T C S M U -fv- 'Z' Mr Al Rholes Athlet1c Coach, a N T S C Mr J' C Craddock M1meograph Clerk Cash1er Mr C R Jones the mat1c s Pr1nc1pal C NTSC ETST Jr High School Principal Faculty N T S C Colorado College Mr Tom Sherbert 'Ne' -u,,,x Mathe mat1c s Ir H1gh Basketball Coach E T S T C N T A C Mrs B D Wh1te Lanvuage Arts P E N T S C Mr Earl Meyer Soclal Stuches P E Stephen F Austm Faculty Mrs Sam P1tman F1fth Grade E T S T C Mrs Maude Mann F1fth Grade 7 1-A 3,1 "inn-ff N sc ETST X oxxxx 3 'msg Mrs L IV1 Palrner Th1rd Grade N T S T C E T S Mrs Wayne Ice Thlrd Grade E T S T C Mrs Roye Jones Second Grade ETST.C. -AGM -1--:nv 7-5 Mrs Stmton R1chardson Fourth Crade N T S T C E T S T C M1ss Ovalene Reed Fourth Grade N T S T C E T S Mrs R R Stalllnvs Fourth Grade E T S T C N T S T C """"7' O.-c is 'iQ Mrs A fx Tunnell Librarian GQ 'TQ- 1X T S C - Colorado Mrs Viola Granberry Second Grade Sam Houston - E.T.S.T. . Miss Ruth Cole Second Grade E.T.S.T.C. Faculty 1 Mlss Ruby Cole Thlrd Grade E T S T C M1ss Eumce C allan F1rst Grade E T S T C Y ff-what "Hsu "Q Mlss M1ldred York Sec to Elementary School and Voc Ag teacher Mrs C B Sh1vers School Nurse Dr W J' Garrett School Doctor Mrs James Harrms School D1et1t1an T S C W Mrs Irene Gentry Snack Bar Manager Mrs Letha G1lbreath F1rst Grade E T S T C Mrs C C Moore F1rst Grade T S C W Colora do M1ss N1la Henson Spec1al Educat1on Texas State S M S x , 7 W 4 S - . .U. ., 2 Q . T K W 5 l rg .L 'Z "Undecided Nown 1' Bl0lOgy A to study gi ing a Q. V 2 XX NIOR JU IAI T 2 'NIOR SE SENIGR S AN CLASS X ORE FRESHMAN SOPEOM , rc . :N LaVerne Stone and Larry Murphy are the favor 1tes for the Sen1or Class LaVerne was nom1nee for Homecomnfxg Queen representatlve to the Stu dentCounc1l nom1nee for Kmg and Queen of Hearts and a F H A member She 15 a member of the volleyball te a m ass1stant head cheerleader and vs a s cheerleader two years prev1ous Larry 15 a two year letterman 1n basketball three year let terman1n track three year letterman ID baseball member ofthe SpeechClub, and a member ofF T A and representatlve to the Student Councll 60 l Ronald Murphy Leads 1956 Senzar Class The Sen1or Class offlcers are Ronald Murphy p re s 1d e nt lN a tha n McAl1ster V1C6 pres1dent Howardme Kmg secretary Ronald Lee 15 an all round athlete part1c1pat1ng 1n all sports He was a member of the band for two years and Iunlor Class favorlte Nathan has been a member of the All State Cho1r for three years and a band member for four ye a r s He was a two year letterman 1n baseball and football Howardme 1S F F A secre tary th1s year She 15 a member of the Speech Club V1ctory P l . 7 . I , . . . I y 1 ' 1 . . , . . - I . . . . . I n I 0 I - and choir. Howardine was this year's Miss Vandal . i . , . - . , . . , I I - I , n - ' 1 ' ' 1 . . ., Seniors of '56 Donald Parham Frances Redmond Basketball Band g-"Www Gaston Stephenson Golf Football Manager F F A Sec Pres Cho1r Randall Stone F F A Nw Baseball F.T.A. Track Speech Football Spanish Student C ounc1l B1lly Maddox Basketball Baseball Vandal Vo1ce Sports Ed1tor Student Councll F T A V1ce Pres Speech V1ce Pres Kenneth Evans Football Ba sketball Golf Track F FA Treas Sec V1ce Pre s1dent Cho1r it is Charles Turne r Football Ba sketball Track Student C ounc 11 Donme Pyron Football Basketball Baseball F FA Sec Cho1r ,.-in Semors celebratmg Sad1e I-Iawkms Day are ii! N left to nght foreground Carol, B1ll1e, Mary Ann, Barby, Sh1rley, and Wanda "-ll """'0"-fs... A Will Remember . . A Donald Mayo Douglas Parmley Football 4-H Club F.F.A. Basketball Baseball Baseball T1'aCk Class Favorite Choir Volleyball K .,,. -nl Lehman Sprulell Junior Play Football Basketball Baseball "' Choir Duchess Escort ,, Track ...N-N 75 Tommy Cook Football F F A Sparush Club F T A Track D1ck1e Howell Football Speech Club R1chard Lohr Speech Spamsh Chou' Band Stlldeflt COL1HC1l Duchess Escort Iunlor Play Band Sec Treas Junxor Play Track in., -f-mi Edd1e D1ke Basketball H Chou' F F A Max Mullms F F A 'Q' '?'-in 11055 Erwm Hardegree Spamsh y he C Kb. N 1 F 'I A .all - -- 1 . V :ge ,F ' fi ' . 1 4- l i Tw ' 3 W JILL 1 A . ' ig or if qs sysli T - I llil C5 ' T - Van High . . . Jack Morr1s F F A Basketball Speech Volleyball Don Ph1ll1ps F T A Speech Ready Wrltlng Teddy Coker Spamsh -ng l BObb19 Huff Student Councll F H A Volleyball B1ll1e Sue McCaffree F H A I-I1st Volleyball Manager Speech Sparnsh Iumor Play F T A fn " - --'iw Charles Huddle Football F F A -v-vs.....,,m ""WHbw-agp' Sammy Stanger Football Basketball Student Counc1l Class V1ce Pres Sophomore Pres Soph Favor1te Baseball Speech Treas Sparush Volleyball Track Gene Russell F F A Chou' Vlce Pre s -on JU" big! Clova Nell Preston Volleyball ChO1T F H A t 32-9 p-1 asus., Nancy Crow Basketball Volleyball Chou- F H A F T A Speech Le o Sk1nne r Sparnsh Track Basketball Mary Smlth Wanda Sm1th Chou' Speech Band Volleyball F H A Span1sh X l .fi 4 Sh1rle y Holland Flagbearer Band Duchess Student Councll Spamsh Sec Speech Chou- Tenn1s Reg1onal Champlon and F1nal1st Bobby Parks F F A 139' - I ,lurk Its Sorrows . . . Lenord Blackwell Charles Malone Basketball F.F.A. 4-1-I Football Football Junior Play Choir Track Jimmy Woodard Student Council Football Basketball F F A Ir Class Pres Student Council Pres Track Ann Skinner Freshman Class Sec Treas F HA Chou' Q C ,F LaVerne Stone Student Council F.H.A. Cheerleader Sr. Favorite Volleyball Carol Morris Girls Forum Song L ' Sportsmanship Award Cho1r Volleyball Speech Sec Iunlor Play F H A Span1sh 4...-1.1" Speech Spanish , rw r K le, - 3 K ' x E . Nathan McAl1ster Band Choir Baseball Span1sh F T A Photog Speech Pres Football Sr Class Pres Peggy Strmger Halloween Queen H Sophomore Class Vice Pres Volleyball F H A Virginia Smlth Speech F H A Chou' voueybau BS-N 1 Qkf' I 4 69" os 5 I . A N ... ff . s 1 M7' " f . U A 4- 1 ' .- , fi 1 x ' - . .M up , X N - , , . I ' ' ' A Its Preparing Them Charles Dum' Donald Bogue Cho1r F F A ws., Speech Jr. Class ""'m...g- B1lly Wayne G1les Most Outstandmg Freshman Boy Basketball Volleyball Span1sh Vandal Vo1ce Co Ed Student Counc1l Basketball Manager Duke to Carn1val F T A Speech One Act Play Frances Kn1ghton Cho1r Band F H A Span1sh Iumor Play Speech F T A Vice-Pres v--155,50 Howardme Kmg Theater In The Round Speech Ir Play Cho1r Span F TA Sec F H A Song Leader Sr Class Sec Treas G1rls Forum V1ce Pres A Sue Martm I-lomecomxng Queen Speech Span Jr Play Head Cheerleader Student Counc1l Sec F H A Freshman Fav Carn1val Duchess Volleyball,, Gary Hays Cho1r Speech F T A Spamsh ff or-...V., 'QQ 115 II Opal Mayne Volleyball 6655 yn! 1 FHA thx Nancy K1ndle Volleyball Ir Queen of Hearts F H A Treas and Second V1ce Pres For College Tomorrow DeVerle Earp Preston Gamble Band Basketball Chou' Baseball Football Span1sh Volleyball F T A Chou Www.. Speech Track Track Wffwzi wma Edd1e Gay Cone Band Pres Span1sh V1ce Pres Span1sh Pres F T A Pres Speech Ir Play l Ba rby Fowler F T A Pres county Barbara Culbreth Who s Who G1rls Sports Volleyball F I-I A Cho1r Span1sh Ir Play is Speech PTeS1dSnt Harold Bullard Twlrler Band Cho1r Duchess to Carmval Drum Major Band Sweetheart Speech Secretary Span1sh 'E Charl1e Gothard F H A 137-' Charl1e Anderson F F A 'ka "'?.:.'- Football Span1sh F F A Cho1r Volleyball Span1sh Pres Track Jeanette Cook F H A The Jumor Class off1ce r s are Johnny Peden p re s xdent Paul Kldd vxce pres1dent and Ga1l1a Moon secretary treasurer Johnny 1S a two year letterman 1n football and was a member of the B basketball team He 1S also a member of the Student Councxl Paul IS a two year lette rman 1n football and part1c1pated 1n track last year Ga1l1a 15 an honor roll s tude nt and an accom pllshed p1an1st She 1S also secretary of the local Future Homemakers 68 johnny Peden Leads 1956 junzor Class Larry Edwards and Ba rba r a Crow are .Tumor Class favor1tes Larry 15 a football letterman and was a member of the golf team last year Barbara entered Van I-hgh School th1S year from Fayettev1lle Arkansas where she was a member of the g1rls basketball and volleyball teams She was a member of the Sub Deb H1gh School Soror1ty A YF .N . al' . juniors 5 3 Don Bass Donna Black ' 5 ' in xx fi .Q , "...fn-"'-5"f"ixg ' K Norma Blythe "BS"-"?? --...Q I 'x Sn- I' 1 K' ik - ru I 43 0' rf'- 'WS' 4:5 fr r 21, X df J W gaiiv Murl Lee Cantrvll 'Slurley Cantrell 'nf Y--v Joe Clark X '1 Dor1s Clements J'aCk1e Clower Terry Cole -wx Donna Cox Ann Craft NA "-'TQ ,lv -ox, MQ lv- "im..,,, h n .1 gs WNY? YT Qtr 1 IW" 1' Charles Crone Dorthy Crone Barbara Crow Donald Dunn Larry Edwards Trevalyn Elhs Dale Flsher Ros1e Furrh G YD- Lupe Maclel Charlene Mart1n Mary Ann Maxfleld Ga1l1a Moon Floyd Moseley Edward Nlpp Dan Larry Parker Johnny Peden 70 Pig N i f 5 Q- ,- 'N3 ', 2, ' , 'A M ,ff 4 e . it g 'H-l Gary Jones Paul Kldd L1nda Lantrlp Cruz Mac1el Www.. junior Don Gray Pat Goodson Ada Lou Hines Gary Hurnphrey .Terry Hunt Galllla Iohnson ff' C23 wud", ION, Y53"'D" lx nkiai? Whig. 'Wir rx Y' Jimmy Henderson kg 'W-Q ' A 'fb 'QQ f. . 5 if ' S 1:4 ' , X 39' 4? Nr.-.Ae fmt fain-v 15'-p 'N'-ul" Norma Peden Class B111 Pool E+ Q55 1 fam--' xy-eff D' 'Qu-s-...Q Qhlrlely Radford .Terry Rhmes Sandra RodgerQ "5'f.'.m- F' IW IN ool SP3CtOY'1 Charles bhelton Jack QILCBS James Splawn Lynn bprulell an-nav ""'...:f 'X Bob Staton Norrra Stuart Fredche Tunnell Tonumy Tunnell R1Chard Walker Zura Whxte Shmlds John W11kerson Wayne Zerr Off1cers of the Sophomore Class are Weldon Str1ckland pres1dent Jerry Perc1f1eld, v1ce pres1 dent Charl1e Faye M1l1er secretary and Frances Fowler, treasurer a member of the B basketball team He was a Jun 1or H1gh favor1te Jerry was valed1ctor1an of h1s graduatmg class xn Jun1or Hxgh and pres1dent of the FreshmanClass last year He 1S also a member of the B basketball team Charl1e Faye was Val6d1CtOI'1a1'1Of her graduatmg class at Ben Wheeler and a me mbe r of the g1rls volleyball team last year She was s e c ond V1Ce pres1dent of the local chapter of Future Homemake rs last year Frances Fowler IS a member of the Speech Club and the band She competed 1n the jun1or g1rls d1 v1s1on of Declamat1on 1n the regxonal Interscholas t1C League Meet last year 72 Weldon Strickland Leads 1956 Sophomore Class Ernest Shmn and Charl1e Faye M11ler are favor 1teS of the Sophomore Class Ernest represented the Freshman Class 1n the Student Counc1l last year was a member of the B football team and competed 1n the Jun1or d1v1s1on of track last year Charhe Faye was the valed1ctor1an of her gradu at1on class at Ben Wheeler She 1S secretary of the Sophomore Class and an honor roll student Weldon is a two-year letterman in football and " -5 Sophomores Vanqueta Ayers af- 'VB vhs. 'V""Sume- Q is Sue Dike Joe Easley Clara Baker Gloria Beggs ,uw- 1055 in GK ts-f GU' -ur- Dwa ine Easley Foy Buggs Jerrie Calloway Terry Carter L l. ,fm 1'?""' l . 'km Don Chandler Howard Cockrell Louise Cockrell Linda Culver Anna Faye Dailey Mary Dane Sue Davidson Tillie Defee 73 495' Frank Hall Janell Hanna Billy Hardwick .Terry Heard Joyce Hill Wanda Hopson Frances Huddle Larry Hudgens us .-.X ,- Marcus Flncher Charlotte G1lb1-eath Betty G1lley Bett1e Glpson Sophomore Carolyn Fenter .T W Fenton Frank Fraz1e Benny Gedd1e Frances Fowler ,bw 'W' - -5 . fmsgnk., -- , fa, A T 'P' H 2 ..,,7z f'.,i1v ' .M if 1 Q Q .K y K' - 1 . w g . 1 , n' . D .5 0 gf. i f' Rf" 'SEQ Class Loy I-Iutch1ns ,MW .1Ql"'N Wanda Hutclnns Ivan Johnston Ronme Jordan Jerry Lang Qwm A "Ulu Betty McGrady Frances McKenzie Charlie Faye Miller Truman Mizzles :mn Music Delmar Nipp Connie Oliver Nancy Oxford 75 Ernest Shinn Carolyn Shotts Derwood Sikes .Terry Sloan Elouise Smith Peggy Smith James Stephens Jimmy Stephenson 76 K 'Siu-5 vw' ' Ray Parks Jack Pool Genie Rumbelow Dorothy Senter Sophomore Mildred Palmer Tommy Parish Annette Peden Jerry Percifield lf 'Qs Marshall Parks is., Freshman Class ofhcers are Larry Dunn presl dent Beverly Peters v1ce pres1der1t Lucy Hays secretary and Pat Russell treasurer Larry 15 a member of the Student Counc1l and a player on the freshmen basketball team Beve r ly 1S a member of the band and Span1sh Club In Jun1or I-hgh she was acheerleader for two years and a tw1rler last year Lucy 15 a member of the local Future Homema ker and cho1r She was an Off1C9 r two years .Tumor I-hghand amember of the 4 HClub last year Pat 15 a member of the SpeechClub Spamsh Club and the local Future Teachers of Amer1ca She won d1str1ct 1n doubles tenms last year 78 Larry Dunn Leads 1956 Freshman Class L1nda Snuth and Jerry Wyatt are the freshmen favor1tes L1nda graduated from Junror H1gh as an onor student She 1S a member of the local Fu ture Homemakers and was a membe r of the 4 H Club for three years Jerry came to Van from Edom, where he was a member of the basketball team Last year he was secretary of the Boys 4 H Club at Edom of' Fresh men --. Beverly Ba1ley if gif 1'1"..'r ,N Nur IMA, em' 0- nr, mfgam if 'C' of N WM in JW K L. I ang, Q., 5...- 'Y' .hrnmy Ba1ley Carolyn Baker Robert Bennett Dolores Black Davld Br1tten Johnny Brown 'iv 'Qs -5 ii 'hs 7, 'aQ?r1ff,J, Wlfa 3'f fhrnrny Blackwell Ruby Compton Kenneth Cotton Terry Davidson 'wo QN- 'il I' 'Nw Larry Dunn D1an Flfe Iackle Gamble James Garrett bhara Cullentlne Al1ce Green Carolyn Hamman Lucy Hays t . ' n W ,L -Q A 5 0' L C1 , F ' Y ' . an 3 1 K . ',.- , M . 0 'V Y f ' fi .f , Q B gf we 44 k f A , ':.' 2 I C 3 in T .- 1 ' B Eg e . A -WA I K, ' I V I . .Q ' w V Q' I 2 . I . . K NX 'ld' 'X ' H lr. 'N - I: I 'I E-I A . " lv I ., A df -fl ,el N C' , w A J . 'Mfg . 44 2 79 r v . J t Mxke Moore Ioan Murphy Harold N1pp Beverly Null Brenda Parham Beverly Peters Jerry Plun Lyndon Pyr so LTV W Glynn Hopkins Charles Maxfleld George Maxf1eld Charles McCaffree Sue McGrady Carolyn McNe1ll Olen M1ller Freshman Frances Hlll ean Hobbs Cha nlotte Kiser Dav1d Malone T37 Q Y.. ' 1 ' cs.. Cr W G C ,Mfr ' ' Class Gordon Rad ford 1 nv' 'N-.... Robert Rhode s Mary Rodgers Patr1c1a Russell J'1mm1e Shortt qw 'QU' 15,1 Q-fi! fzff' 'M!u14 tvsfwu, ki. f l .. L 1' ,L l A '71 P' aff Jean Sffllth Llnda Sm1th Carol Starnes Bobby Stevens James Stewart Fern Stone Lynda Stringer VS.,-f f qai fr J KIA: Tim Timmons Judy Tunnell Robbie Tunnell Ann Warren Jerry West Larry Williams .Terry Wyatt Margaret Yoes A' 131: 321.31 6 4:1 wr-f Q' wwf . Q P 1 ,Jw rx SA V,.?'f,SQ""2 "ff-yn ' 565 25: l was Q -3' 'MW-1i,'91 Most Popular Girl Nancy Crow I ' lr r l - 'H v fx ' ' l, H Q T, 'At Q -W5 4' u X -- - -. .,E5'f 491, 4.23 fffly. - if4 i l'.. I . I x Q xy.: x 44. ,K Q' W : l ti Q n , . AM fm . Lf , A 4 K ' '. ' ga 'E' 8 - " 'A ' - , ' U Q 4-fr . av ' 5, 5 . ,Y G' I' , 4 - , ' v, 2 1, 7 .' ' , ' I ' y -sw -f , r- ' Q -.-. ., ,. , , 1 , , - Q ,X 4 L ' -A Q .5 ' Q 'V , 6 ui: H533 , -- . ,ef I 4 Q - . 4. 5 iw ' ff?-Xl' - V 5 v 'T V ' I V - ' -t ' 33" .G A --. , 4 " 3 U 1-3 "ff" Ji? 7 K rf' '-' A .x Q ,J P ' A , ' K - ' . 56 , ,fi 1 Q5 . a a - ,r 5 1? ,fx Q Y , , . Refs, f ' - I A ' 1 F5 V ' ' 3 "-Q , .QW SH ' Q, -. 3 5' 'r , L' 4 -5 'a ,af ji . f v , in ,,' . . , Q J I . - 0' r '13 x ,. , far f Q, W 1, ,,- .f .-, ' N Q an ' . .xdf .., 'Ji f 'JJ 'i Q 5,9 l 3"'1 ' - Q 0 5, , bc.-s-Q lx 1 A ' rd' x , QM at if A sig an f' A , il I 33 19 WWI? X JCM W Most Popular Boy Ronald Murphy CHOIR , 1 .r ff Carol Morris-For out- standing choir woqk s e has done. x X-I -0 0? I rx- J SCIENCE Don Phillips-For g rasping scientific principles soasto maintain a steadyA average in s cience courses. GIRLS' SPORTS Mur1LeeCantre11- For being a good team member and an out- standing athlete. BAND E ddie C one-For winning honors in individual contests and being an ideal bandmem- Who AGRICULTURE J o hn Stewart-For the fine classwork he has done and the outstanding home has had. projects he wi A QMJ BOYS' SPORTS Jimmy Woodard- For being an active and valuable partici- pant in almost every sport this school has to offer. ii ENGLISH Gailia Moon-For being out- standing in grammar and liter- ature and makin an A+ ever B Y """""" six-weeks in English III. W? ,ag me Q ,. if if ,'.'l R, N1 SPANISH Carol Starnes-For taking so quickly to a strange language and for having a fine Span- ish accent. 85 MATH COMMERCIAL D 1C kxe Howell For h1s outstandmg work Sue Martm For her all round ab1l1ty 1n mathematlcs commerclal subjects M' Nw SOCIAL SCIENCE HOMEMAKING T o mmy Cook For h1s outstandmg work D onna Cox For her outstandmg work 1n 1D socxal sc1ence classes F H A and forbemg an excellent homemak 1ng student DRAMA ART C ha r le s Dunn For bemg an oltstandmg .Terry Perc1f1eld For h1s unusual art1st1c s pe e c h student and for bexng an outstandmg ab1l1ty whmhenabled hun to wxn the Gold Key actor 1n You Can t Take It W1th You award JUNIOR 'Of g if ii 9 'Wi -Mums-x 53 259 fm VW 'aaa' 5 HIGH -W? JA ' l 2 T 0 I Wh W Q 1 ,, .ff "Boys""""Z' K 'i tx? 4, If 'ff - ' 5' 9 f .mi P 7 4 2 HZJM ..S. y,, .M g Q ! g Q, X +- 1ss -L 5 Q gf :AUX a E mi E - f g W b A W 5851 ml? H 11 ' V ' wE1'1122!xaiix R' pl W" X J" 7,,,a,y'1. , . ? ' K f 1 X I fa Q usa' "'i"I 13' l I I f X f m 0 E: IW: 0 ' x as M I X! E2 45 ' . -'- x'Q X x 'X f , S - X ' I f W it, 1:91 av ' X 'r ' " '11 ' - 9 :sei gf- .1 5 ' - W u f "rj: 2 l W Martha Baker Dorothy Butler Ga1l Bynum Judy Chappell Edd1e Cole Jerry Cook JESSIE Cook Mary Crocker .Toe Deslatte Donn1e Durand Bobby Gabrlel Donny Gamble Geneva Gann Jerry Goode Dorothy I-Iardm Thelma Hays 4 88 Ezghth 05" :J 4' Betty H111 These 8A students are studymg the Courtsh1p of M1les Stand1sh 1n Mrs J' A M1115 language arts class 0 4. All , ' ' 3' O . 5 I A y, , ix b Q E ' ' . x"' O V 'i 12 . X u ' - - n - had 'U ,Q-UG' "t':' .Tame s N1xon These 8A students are studymg the planetarmm. Leftto r1ght are Dorothy Butler, Betty H1ll, James N1xon, Stan ley Martm, and Donn1e Durand. Grade 4 'P'-s. lik .Q-Q, 3' M1ke H111 B1lly Hobbs Patsy Humphrey Freeman K1nd1e Patsy Lang Stanley Martln L1nda Matthews Derrell Mayo Marcus Mayo Charles McClanahan Sandra McDow Neva Bates ETVIH Mlller Iay M1lls D1an Myers Brenda Nlpp 89 q , . , t,,,: . x Q. ' A 'K j -QL y B1 '5 W f . A 1 4 4 is so is . Q3 -F x J :Q 1 P.. .R I 1 A Q-. on n ,jf y ' Q R K y,,, of . 2 Jerry Norris Harold Oliver Linda Pool Derrel Preston Brenda Reeves Ialene Roberts Davld Shelton Harold S1des Roddy Sloan C1ndy Spru1e11 Lynel Spru1e11 Ruth Townley Sandra Turner Benny Wh1te Danny Yarbrough 3,4 in '17 R4 E ighth J. I ' xc m Cx -5, -lv-a-M 'su TNQ goverment m 8 B soc1a1 stud1es class 'Un T51 I 9-. f '- i ff wi.. B , 4' 'Q ,-3 'hs 5 I Wa ai- lm.. -s 5 'Hn XS uw. A x J 2 I ig., 'W 12134. 'IX Mfr' Th1s group of students are studymg Arnerman Mrs J' A M111s1s pass1ng outEng11sh papers m her 8 B landuage arts class i 'bt 'rr CQQ. vnnfg Nw Seven th WD' 'Y'-s. Ssg - ' Ai Bobby McKelvey , I Johnny Cantrell vu., ' Mrs. Christie's Art Class students are . L... Larry Ayers Bonnle Baker Hulene Ba1ley Jerry Don Ba1ley Jean Buyher Jerry Clark Johnny Crawford Tommy Cr1m Charles Culbreth Sally Dav1s Steve F1T1Ch La Royce Freeman Laqulta G1lbreath Crystal H3Wk1HS Leta Hays Linda Henderson throwing a pot on the wheel. From left to right Q - - ' l il are Ernest Rumbelow, Tommy Crim, James White, and Hulene Bailey. C 'Q' 91 Duane Lang Mary Maclel Raymond Mac1el Jean Maddox Joe Malone V1rg1n1a Ma rtln Bobby Ma yne Fred McGrady Benny McKelvey Jane M01-r1s Lmda 1Nat1ons Judy Ne1ll Thelma Nlpp Mary Oxford Davmd Tunnell Ja me s Wh1te Joe Malone Bob Sanders, and Ronn1e Taylor observe the 7 A art class bullet1n board Neta Maxfield 92 QIHJ' Grade it J iv' :gn 'v-0 T? X r K jj Chris Moore Mr. Rhole s illustrates a division problem for his 7-A math class. From left to right are S ally Davis, M a r ilyn Starr, Nelda Phillips, Ronnie Taylor, .Terry Clark, and Duane Lang. 'T ,ng Qs L Nelda Phillips Andy Rhines Ernest Rumbelow Bob Sanders Jimmy Sanders Eugenia Sims Linda Smith Sandra Mae Smith Sandra Sue Smith Marilyn Starr Ann Staton Janet Stewart Sandra Stevens Ronnie Taylor Lela White Brenda Yarbrough Delores Adams Carolyn Anderson Robert Ba1l1ff Brenda Boyd Ralph Brovnner Don Bennett Ronn1e Carter Donna Carter Georoe Cole Mary Cole D3X1d Crone Danny Douolas She rwooo Fuller Jerry G11lent1ne Martha Graham Margaret Gr1ff1th Trlna Harr1s L1nda Henderson James H111 L U- Ronnie Gabriel 94 Sandra Pool Grade as """'-no Ronny Hobbs Charlene HOpk1HS Iaclue Huddle Benny Huff W1nell Lambdln I1mmy Lang Patr1c1a Lang Wanda Laverne Margaret Lucas Dorothy McClanahan Glen McKenz1e Charles Woodard Oble Nat1ons Buddy Nlpp Bxlly Palmer Charles Peden L1nda Peden Carolyn P1pp1n Janet P1tman Robert Plunk 95 Sharie Pybas Shirley Reeves Bobby Rusk Larry Smith Danny Stallings George Stewart Rebecca Stewart Llnda Sullivan David Sims James Strickland John Taylor flames Taylor Russel Taylor John Thorne Dianne Tlmrnons Lewis Toone Don Turner Mary Williams Earnest Willis Bob White 96 Sixth ff 1... X W Henderson And Yarbrough Are junior High Favorites The Junior High favorites are Linda Henderson and Danny Yarbrough. Linda, a seventhgrader, has been a cheerleader during her two years in Junior High, She is president of the seventhgrade, a mem- ber of the 4-H Club, and is in the B band, Danny, an eighth grader, is president of the eight grade and played on the Junior High football team. 1 Junior High twirlers from left to right are Sandra Smith, Ann Staton, H ule ne Bailey, Janet P itrna n, Dian Myers, Linda M atthe w s, Cindy Spruiell, Sandra Turner, Virginia Martin, Carolyn Pippen, Jean Maddox, and Sandra Stevens, 97 f at f-liijfi ' 1 'al . ' gf'-15,5 ' .V f ., kN,k , ,,, 'HaiI, Hail, if ii 19992, J e 9-Fwy, 5959, The Gang's as .3 ""Hg9'?5' S P bfliej 59,5 of A D yi,-,5,,Qa :Q t - 4, tk 1 , Q J Here! if CMM:-W ,eq g :.A ,L x if .t,1.,. " 'tiff ,f f J J Fifi RQAQ f ' A fad ' 3951. ,X . .6 . , , ,A f L, N gl ,' Junior High football players are left to right, last row: Freeman Kindle, Mike Hill, Benny White, Joe Deslatte, Gail Bynum, Roddy Sloan, Danny Yar- brough, Ernest Rumbelow, Raymond Maciel, Harold Sides, Joe Malone. Third row: Coach Earl Mayer, Charles Peden, David Tunnell, Jimmy San- ders, Fred McGrady, James White, Bob Sanders, Tommy Crim, Ronnie Tay- lor, Jerry Don Bailey, Lynel Sp ruiell, Darrell Preston, Marcus Mayo, and Coach Al Rholes. Second row: David Shelton, Robert Bailiff, George Cole, Donnie Gamble, Donald Turner, Lewis Tooner, Charlie Woodard, Sherwood Fuller, Billy Pal- mer, John Thorne, Danny Stallings, James Strickland, Steve Finch. First row: Obie Nations, Jackie Huddle, Glen McKe nzie, David Simms, Danny Douglas, James Hill, Billy Hobbs, Jerry Gillentine, David Crone, Bob White, Ronnie Carter, Russell Taylor. - .... gi These Junior High cheer leaders yelled their team on t victory. They are, left to righ Linda Pool, Neta Ray Maxfield Rebecca Stewart, Shirley Hill Linda Henderson, and Jud Chappell. Junior Hig h basketball players are, back row, left to right: Mike Hill, Danny Yarbrough, Jerry Goode, Joe De s latte, Raymond Maciel, Freeman Kindle, Chris Moore, Marcus Mayo,David Tunnell, and Coach Tom Sherbert. Front row, left to right: J e r ry Don B ailey, Charles C u lb r e t h, Stanley Martin, James Nixon, Donny Gamble, Jay Mills, Steve Finch, Frankie Lee, Billie Hobbs. 98 1' 49" ff 4:1 A-W" wmv? an-v-'A QT GQ' 5720011 Si -w.N ,OGG N h,-4:6 ---, 53, X.,..pN- xxx Dol X Yx 1 Q ,4qgf"'! 'I A - Q ,A ou X ,X 1 l G U IX I . Q9 ' - d A - , x if Aj , -L- F n I x W , ,gf A ,N , 4 , V V S Y i? If L gx Fredd1e Ayers Bonnle S1mmons Barbara Wh1te M1ke Bennett Sh1r1ey Blackstock Norma Brown Mark Brownmg Joey Bulman F zfth , . J Horace Lee Bates Tommie Callaway Mary Clements Joan Cole Phil Davis Sarah Dowell Joanne Gilley Patsy Gillentine Mary Henderson Hugh B. Hudgens Dianne Johnson Lynn Jones Mike Jones Charles Bates Laura Peacock Margaret Preston Dess1e Ragland Tressle Ragland Sandra Redmond Ann Splawn Ada Lou Steel Nancy Stone Dav1d T1mmons Mary Jane Tuttle L1nda Vance N1cky Westberry Lewis Knighton Roger Loper Barbara Matthews Douglas McGrady Jackey McKelvey Charlotte Moon Patrzcla Nowlm Phyllls Oxford fade Gary Baker Bobby Ballard Carol Brown Ray Jay Brown Jerry Don Bynum Edw1n Clark Lynn Clark Roy Lee Clements Paulette Chaney Stella Cole Tommy Crocker Fred Crone Martha Sue Dane W1ll1am D1ckson Judy Lyn Fowler Royse G1lbreath Darlene Furrh Ann Graham Ronn1e Goode Claude Hall Donald Hay Cole Hays Larry Hobbs Gary Hollowell Arvil Holmes Dianna Kay Huff Larry Jarman Murraye D. Joyce Tommy Keane Sharon Kay Kennedy Q4 'X R1CkY Parish Harold Plunk Ben Lee Rhmes J'oe Tom Rodgers Lee Rumbelow Virgmia Rusk Dale Shoup Danny Sikes Michael Sims Kay Skinner Sherry Smith Duane Toone Peggy Tunnell Don Melton Wilkerson 'N 5 X '92 1.-Q 3 'vnu Grade Q ad' i faq '32 X Lloyd Dean Kindle Larry Lee Kline Shirley Lucas Jerry Malone Judy Maxfield Tommy Maxfield M1ke McCoy James McClanahan Helen McKelvey Homer McKe1vey Mitzi Maynard Glenda Mayo L1nda Ann Neill Barbara Nipp V1Ck1e Oliver A Mx afar ur fx., og Q51 X-P is vs 1031 I . 4 jfpbq A ' , .Q si a. sal R or 'E 1 Q1 A . '- I ' I dsl, 4 h , Q g' KQV y , Q ,Aa ii' gl , . if ri y, Q 'Q' V 'X ir- 4 ' A . I . . , - I V .f V O- , jyl I A A .i ' -- ' ' fi if '- 1 ' , Q " . x ig I . . . . 1, is si , . ii . 3 R 1 f .R ' A 5 my li' " hu E 4 1 , Q. Wa ne Richards in 3 1 ' : :f,. , T ' -' ' Q s 'L sf 2 if a W Q K -. if : . x , X- - R 'sf K ni X t ' X 1 2 W' Z V -,f , A .v - x i - .K QQ., - 1 A x , I 4 . . . , k X ink , S ' Av. . i, V hu rre l -W ., 4 f ryyr u 1 V I' . 2' ' ' -AH-1. if VX' V' A LA . ,- ' ,L ,X-,g galil' , 46. -' .-- V ' -. r , ,H ' , T' 2 X lf L f ,. f i ' ie X ' X A r x , Y 9 ,R ,, N 4 L6 Q V L - .9 iw, J R512 -I 'da -K 9 ., ' jggjj , -. gr , as .N S L ' ' ' ' A Q-.. R. LA Tommy Adams Neta Belcher Linda Bennett Alvin Black Larry Bogue Lynn Bogue Barbara Brown Carolyn Butler Mike Butler Billy Carter Ieanice Cook Jerry Crawford Terry Crawford Billy Crim Bob Dane -for 4 Harold Davis Vaa- Paula .To Dav1s Kearney Hamblen iw, Mary Kay Edwards Virgima Fenter Cherie Sue Gilbert Glenda Gabriel Phyllis Gipson Ronald Goodson Charles Gray Mary Hamblin Ronnie Hawthorn Phlllp Head Barbara Hobbs Carolyn Hollowell B1lly Hopkms Dale Huff Benn1e Hudgens Ronnie Sherbert Patricia Smith Dianne Standberry Ray Starns Martha Sue Stone David Strickland David Taylor Glenda Taylor Reta Lee Taylor Mike Thying Deanie White Ronny White Tina White Wanna Whitus Carol Ice in-"'--m Ronnie Johnson de James Sims Wesley Simmons James B. Jarman Scott Kidd Mary Lang Sue Maxfield Mary Mayo Rudy Maynard Marshall McGrady Dalton McKenzie Gary Moon Garland Murphy Monty Nations Joan Oxford Joe Oxford Judy Peden Donald Sanders JI 158.1 5 Pat Ayers Peggy Jo Ba11ey Joyce Baker Ronald Blackstock Betty Boyd Judy Br1ckey Donald Brown Doyle Brown Nelda Bynum Llnda Canady Tommy Cole Doug Cook Huckey Cook Lonme Cook Dav1d Cr1m View wh. is i C 5 U- "mr an if dw H m.s,....i.w4 be Second 1 L1 oe 932 an L1ll1an Dushuanack Mary Flores Charles Graham Jerry Harmon R1Ck18 Hawthorne Sondra Henderson Jane H111 Ronald Hobbs Kay Ice Jlmmy Jackson Sharon Jones W1lrna Rhea Lunceford Cathy Malone Jamce Martxn Tommy Martin . M my S am.- ir- ov 1 aww 1 "5-ni 'T iv- Jackle Storey Judy Str1ckland Johnny Thomas Beverly Thompson Stephen Toone W1ll1e Joe Townley Jane Tunnell Betty Lou Turner Rebecca Westberry Charlotte Wh1te Wanda Sue Whlte Lmda Jo W1ll1ams Barbara W1ll1S Edd1e Wood Bob Woodard 'Q-'P' i img 47 Grade Paulette McKenzie Joyce Peden Janice Perry Carolyn Peters Madelon Plunk John Rh1nes Glor1a S1ms Susan Shelton Terry Sherman Lou1se Sk1nner Brenda Sm1th Martha Srruth Lance Sprmell M1ke Spz-u1ell Sharon Stahlman 3. an luv ,X 'wa KJ' is 'Ma V NQOX 0 Mary Adams Danny Austin Anita Sue Ayers James Belcher Martha Brown Karen Sue Bryant Tommy Bulman J1mm1e Kay Calloway L1nda Ann Chaney Steve Clark Douglas Cole Lee Roy Condrey James Roy Combs Fzrst mg On? Q x It ?+l.aMm R1ckey Cook Janet Cr1m T1m Dav1s Susan Douglas Kathy Dr1ver E1-nest1ne Flores Zada Gann Margaret Garrett Norma Goodson Tony Goodw1n Mary Helen Gr1ff1th Jeffrey Head Patr1c1a Hobbs Glynn Holmes Jane Hudgens Q! W 5, Dean Ohver Max Pyron Tommy Slde s Shella Slmmons Stephen Slms Stephen Spe1ghts Pat Sprulell Royce Stanberry Patty Stewart Nancy Tunnell Jimmy Varner Hardmon Walker Debby Wh1te George Woods X.. Eli 4"5 it -'S Jimmy Hudgens Bobby Humphrey Drunell Johnson Tommy Joyce Beverly Lang Bllly Lang Brenda Mayo James Mayo Johnny Maxf1eld Karen Moon Donnle Morr1s Jack1e Natmons Grade Jack Nlpp 0 npr Q, W' 5a -.Ax m dir in it 'K' ""' 10 , x I - fag, - - 1 " . '-lvl .3 , 'Vi Q ' M . Ns. ' , aff' i ' ' 1 ,g n . , . M I Q ' . 3- . my - - ' ' . - 2 I V, .. ,gf V -ep- I , 7 5 Dan Shoup . 'L' K A .Y ":' ,S ' W - . ' fm if , ' Wim ' '45 ""X I A '. 4' ' ' U iv A A.. 4 V-wwf nihlk .sm ns? ! 41 Grade School Pupil Miss Eunice Callan's first grade class is pic- tured as it studies about family life and acted as a school room family. 1. , 7 . lg l Mrs C C Moore s f1rst grade pupils s1t around the Chrrstrnas tree preceding the opening of gifts There are 18 students rn the room Trna Jo Wh1te, third grader, and Mrke Jones fifth grader were elected Grade School Favorites Tina Jo represented her class at the Ha rve st Carmval last year Mike 1S president of h1s class club and 1S in the beginners band 110 Ada Lou Steel sets up the ball to the frfth grade Physical Educat1onClass Barbara Matthews, Mary Henderson, Charlotte Moon, Mary Jane Tuttle, and Patsy G11lent1ne look on Work And Play Left to rxght Glynn Holmes R1Cky Cook, Dan Shoup M1ke M1ller Charles Gray, Tommy Martm and Reta Lee Taylor play speech games 1n MISS Nlla Henson s spec1a1 educat1on class r-ig! Qgiamt 1 Pgw 12' X M4 Mrs LethaG1lbreath s f1rst grade class gathers around the Chnstmas tree after openmg g1fts There are 17 students 1n the room E L1nda Rxggs and Wanna Whltus check out books from the grade school hbrary wh1le Ronn1e Goodson, Dalton McKenz1e and Ph1ll1p Head read books ...I The f1rst grade rhythm band, led by Pat Sprtuell par t1C1pat6S 1n the Chnstmas Pa rade The twxrlers are Mar garet Garrett and Debb1e Whlte Q 9 I I D , . . . ,, K . , A a ' . fy. V Y V. , so ' V.. 6 gy , 5 ' 1 1--V ' H , 1 'W' , A JI K .ww .- --., 1 ,, N" '-M44 - . ,X X se' t KL ,K - . 5 . , . . . . . . . . . . D I - , x ' , 1 .. . - . Editor Lupe Maciel f UP' J S. J UQ' ggi' ...Q K. Lupe Maclel yearbook ed1tor, and her staff hope the 1956 Vandal1te wzll serve as a true record of all 1mportant events of the 1955 56 school year SX .va 'hz 1 I- L 4 -71'P'+T94-:'fl.:':Lm6g?+?-'.1?'+iLf:?'?."g:4a 9 -+5 f '41 T77-.J "L+"'2'l"""I"" I "'L"'1""'Z"' 'Hd' At ,ilk 1, x X- 'V 4 I 'W r., ,L J' ,. ,rf Ai ,Lf X , C' Lck 4 ,-71 L V I 1 4 511. L J X244-5 '17 ,JUZML ,W A442 X C971-' I W IXJL4 I f AM! jf W I ffl!!! 24" ffl pf s 1911? N' K M77 Q H A 1.,"l ,-.yi fi "X mf? 1! I PAW! 7 2 f f- lf 1:1 'fi f X Us 1.1 U xx fflf J '70 A' yy YW? wwf' , 711 M ll f I Vny Iii-1 8 V J J 9 1 fyffvfu YJ 70,2 WU l fyr ,. 1ff?,,,.!,f M .Af 5 - e-rr fp' 2 i ghqi i , i , 'ii x I ' I lj E' , -:iii rl if 'E l , I-"ii ,, ,, . 1 A v. Kb' 4 4 use Y Nl 3 1-x fx X .. ' I i . A f - . , "N fs, -N. ? I-I f. -3. YN yi I NR I Q' - 4 , u- ax. , -.V " --E3 it 2- ' , H T .. . I Ex t ggi: ' - r . I - A 1 i!! E A rv ly ' f ' .gli . N P 1 325 , X. ., sim . 1, 'Y' x 'XY V' J n TANK. - A 'X K 5' ' I-153' . . Y i L . 5-sh I fx ft QE'-2 ,, I-I-1 . .LX N tx :lx 4 L up . Q -Y - x . - . u-nu X ,Q . X L Q 1. if I X N Q 1 I ' .ti - L ,. ff. - - - 1. a . - . - 5 2:25 . . X, 'LX A .. 5 ea. , .A . . W rig, . V fx - X' ' 'A '!'!, K ,K . rv- ext N- . 3 Q ha .4 . . 4 y .. ' -If I 'A Z 1' !f ' X 1 1 . i"!. ' 4 1 ' 35 -z v . " '1 A ' l,--1. L, 'X I .za Q T.. 4 , ...,. :Sas X ' , 'f " ,L Q K 'ui ' f r ' , -4, iaiex v ' . ' N, ix' f ' '.' . ,I ' . 'Y , f cs 9 5:25 , A , - , f. -1 -- . 41 f N f -:Y -- ii Q4-, , . - gin: -. , ' 1 . ,X ' , , - -, ,' V , 1 xl . fl ' 5 1115 ! SQ If ' ' f ' - - l f ' Mfr, ff' v M I - :his ! .. . X. X A 'T . .N Q -1 V I-5 N . ' ,I . , , , . . , ,- .- , A S- 3 J- ' .'f a I ' " f'- fir f f f' . V f fr f ff f 'f f 7 7' g xx z LA. ff E - 5531 A 1 ' " X - I I 1 V . xi A , I, ,X Q, I: V'-N f-.xv Q ' r 5:55 . . . . . , , , , ,, . , Ax . - -. . - . ! 4 1 :Q X 5 -, X X' ,fad L - Vg, k 1 , K f ,' , I . , Mi. N1,.,'.1s ' V Y? " ,, v - 1' 'ifiii I . , - I 4, . A - 1 . . ,. J . . g. . , . X 1 . , A K. ., r , 5' "ff 2 - - . r , 'Q f . sw ' . .1 .. w , lf . .JY are I ' ' .X - 'X I YN A I I I Ly , 1- j 1 If 1 5 vi x K 6 X -Aix P H.. O FA' la!-'Z 1 - - , f . ' N f L'-' ' 4' " 5X 'Q .L 6" 4' 5 " "f 'vw-,, . n Q - I 'T 1: .r:!"a ' . : - ' V-5 . ' 'vi W um: V - 'X xf X ' 355 ' w - - ' - f x ' 1 . 'f ' Ma, wich - " , J. Sl ' - f N 4' x u 'S ' ' ' w..-- 'X 6!i!2 . . ,-. , i ' I '-. -.. ' X ... X.. ' 'img 4 . 4 , - x -' K- L , K. 'f 1 . X,.-- ' 1' ,x N X M' 14... 1 . 1 I .K - .E U . L 4 . Q ti X H ,VAN F .L Q, I' V . .. -1 X xx" L JZ -gf H 2- if 1 A' A' NAL' ' T. 3531 f ' . ' , .3 'X TX Z! - A Q--5 X . vu 'x"'Eb"1i!s'f W w i . , A, , xfp N, . X . , viii A ' . . . " V lv 5 ' 'Q X Ni Q .ifala ' K ' ' X x. M- 1, 1 al Q, - - E5 X ' gn 4 x , -I 4. V ,EQ 1 - W.. .. Q by 'X fu Af," .LA fl cj, F , , . Y A x, MJ- ff Y inns, 1 - . s "' . , -X Q .5-. Y n .4 .P J 9:1211 211131 :nu 1 ly I n 1 J s Q, , ' u 14 Jw 1 1 1 1 ' 'F ' ' ' I - - '1 -' . 4 fa -q H ff A . . ,, ' ' 1 ". '2'f'rf' ' ' 'VI f - X 1 I ai ! 9 I - 1 -515 U4 ..'. . ' ' - 0 iwf 1'-1 il -v 4 '3li"!! . U 'g un- .l. . . . . !!'!:!'!- -Q-2-g-g-n-v-n-n JU' '!-3' - a.. .Q , ,,., , ?..i.'.f1?.I-...I ,- .!!.!-..,-.2.,-.,. e.,z.,,:e:. : 32. :N e.:.3 .!!,!m.e!-2-:..-E..-..!f!.L!,.f!...!.!,.!!!.:.:..J!zsesllas.. ,.e.,:fEEen:E!!.4.:.z.i...!.i.m,M'liii.:-!aEfta:.22a!.e!a!:e:e:ezs:ss:e!1!-h!1!-!.!,!.!s2a:afhiliffld ! ,ff 75 la sn- I ml: may rx 13 -.Lil E C' C F' .,. I ,K .- A 2. 5 ' EP. uf Ql- .- . .-?l' -as-4. T5-l.I3+3?6'5'+-6-i?i- ?Z+I'?a53'?3iEl Iai'IiI'i'5'I'I '15 521256 '?2iI'!'sfI+IiZ.I+a 5"' -'-?4I+.n.i- E-51'-1.f.5?ii-I-5143.-f-f' -Lf-215.4 a-:.'r-L..v.:1Lf.z1':..a-r' --'fgfiief-.L-.L..--- ?-Q-.A-..a1-am. ..e N S 135

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