Van Buren High School - Knight Yearbook (Van Buren, OH)

 - Class of 1964

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Van Buren High School - Knight Yearbook (Van Buren, OH) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1964 volume:

,J I -win H- f----- ---e-- WW IM, EW LJ if PM C, DW ' Lim .. Vpfjijf J Uf QWWVKM WW Je ffm! MM? wwf" wg I I A ,,,,. , ..-7-7M vv.-ihfw-p ,,. YJ, MV: ix QI awe' A Whlch lS ti I DOTTED WITH A CIRCLE - doesn A IAB INSTEAD OF A DOT - irrita DOT IS BEFORE I - shows a procras DOT FOLLOWS I - is thinking ahee A BROAD R - is interested in his at OPEN CAPITAL D - shows frankness CLOSED CAPITAL D - is Cautious SHORT UPPER LOOPS - denote pracl VERY SHORT LOWER LOOPS - show A'S AND O'S'NOT ctosen - likes A'S AND O'S CLOSED WITH A LO' A'S AND O'S CLOSED WITH NO LO A'S AND O'S CLOSED WITH TWO l SMALL WRITING - capable of deetf SLANT TO THE RIGHT - emotional WRITING UP AND DOWN - hides eil his judgement BACKHAND - thinks about himself LIGHT PRESSURE - forgets events ANGULAR OR POINTED LETTERS - HIGH t OR d STEMS - shows pride DISCONNECTED LETTERS - posse FILLED IN e v narrow minded M'S AND N'S LIKE V'S AND W'S - to stud ROUNDED LETTERS - yielding, a Y 1 il e real you? like to be like others or has a temper HIOI' arance difficulty in keeping confidences wmv a lack of physical vitality talk 7 tends to be secretive P - shows a conservative OPS - intentionally deceitful .onpentration , 'otions, doesn't let them interfere with efore making a decision .ily ,nxious to learn s a sixth sense or music appreciation 1 quick thinker who usually doesn't need 'tionate, unsophisticated I ffl! 1 bww M if W fufw W M W VM vm We My WV n W 1, M , gp-"' The I964 KNIGHT VB Shl VB Oh Dedication We the Class Of-1964 wish to dedicate our annual to Mr. Robert Breneman, who in his quiet and patient manner has done much to contribute to the welfare and happiness of our school. In Memoriam ROBERT POTTEIGER Chss of 1965 1947 1963 The Kni ht Staff Editor ..... Business Editor . . . . . . Advertising Sn Layout Editor Class Editors .... . . Activities Editor . Subscription Editor , Sports Editor ..... Snapshot SL Art Editor . Junior Assistant Editors , Advisor . . Peggy Uhl . . Marty Wolfe . . . Gloria I-Ieavrin Cheryl Daugherty Beverle Wilkins . . Kathy Smith . Ron Kitchen . . Bob Marriott . . John Waggoner . . Reva Withrow Cheryl Hulbert Jerry Sernler . Mr. Cooper Z-ZGHP --ljv7U-Im- Z0 Administration BOARD OF EDUCATION Joe Freed, Leo Woodward, Jim Kuhlman, Clark Roberts, Paul Butler, Kay Poole. WILLIAM COBURN High School Principal MARCUS HANNA Superintendent ROBERT GEPHART Elementary Principal Miss MARTHA BRYANT Findlay College A.B. Facult R .fi 5' 5 53 ' ff Lis. ' L' 1+ . - Q,.. . , li5.'Z?W Q . N X ak si Q MR. MILTON COOPER Findlay College B.S. English, Latin Bowling Green State Univ. M. A. MR . CLYDE OWEN MRS . DOROTHY SEARFOSS Bowling Green State Univ. Findlay College A.B. English Social Studies '..... ...y K ' 1 - 1 V 47' K 1--gr , MRS . GLADYS SCOTHORN Tiffin University Bowling Green State Univ. Findlay College B.S. Commercial f agxa X .X W' Q , XR X EOM! .1 'T Kg. .A is we S . A 5, .X Y w , 4? Q 1 5 tt Ashland College B.S. in Ed. Coach, Science MR. DANIEL I. CORNWELL Bowling Green State Univ. B.S. in Ed. Industrial Arts MR. FLOYD SEITZ. Ohio Northern University Coach, Health, Law 'W , 'A MRS. IEANNE BUNCH Flora Stone Matlier College of Western Reserve Univ. B. S Home Economics ,f if ffa A sri' . 5 X fi' eg A fr i .rer f MRS. VESTA INSLEY MRS. NELLIE DILLERY Findlay College A. B. Findlay College English, Math. Bowling Green State Univ. B. S. , M. A. Denver University Librarian, Math. and Eng. EW v W L yy MR. R. FRANKENFELD MR. IVAN DANGLER MR. DARRELL FRUTH Univ. of Illinois Findlay College Findlay College B. S. in Agri. Bluffton College B. S. Marion A. B. Vo-Ag Bowling Green State Univ. M. Ed. Fifth Grade Guidance l ... . l F "r-r -ll , MRS. LUCILLE PUSEY MISS NAOMI 'FREIER Findlay College Bowling Green State Univ. Ohio Northern Findlay College Olivet College B. S. in Ed. Fourth Grade First Grade aa? 'T ..- r rg, 3 v Y' ref, , V-,e : X r 5 N Y 'F L MRS. NORMA HOGLE MRS . OLIVE HUFFMAN Manchester College B. S. in Ed. Bowling Green State Univ. Findlay College B. A. Fifth Grade MRS. ELIZABETH BLIND Ohio State Univ. B. S. in Ed. Second Grade Second Grade . f f 'Kris MRS. DIANE SCHALLER Ohio Northern Univ. Third Grade MRS , NAOMI HOCK MRS. MILDRED NESLER Bowling Green State Univ. Bowling Green State Univ. Findlay College B. S. in Ed. Findlay College Kindergarten First Grade O MISS DONNA SCHWOCHOW Findlay College B.S in Ed Third Grade Bus Drivers A1 Dietrich, Gene Firestine, Merle Sites, Ralph Silveus, Floyd Wingate, Wilson Newcomer, Bob DeBouver. Mrs. Beulah Clements Robert Breneman Cooks Of-v-VOC msmin Mr . Dorothy Shively Mrs . Clarence Moorhead WTO-Zmm VICE -PRESIDENT TREASURER ROBERT LEE MARRIOTT "Bober Boy" Stud ent Council 45 Football 3, 45 Honorable Mention All -County Football 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Var' sity V 3, 45 Officer 45 Annual Staff 45 Class Officer 45 Class Play 3, 45 Scholarship team 2, 3, 4. GLORIA ANN HEA VRIN "Gloria" Honor Society 3, 45 Girls' Basketball 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 25 Newspaper staff 2, 3, 45 Annual staff 45 Class officer 3, 45 Cheerleader 45 Class play 3, 45 Scholarship team 2, 45 Senior Girls' Ensemble 4. SECRETARY f Seniorr Class Offiqers PRESIDENT MICHAEL CHARLES WIN ZELER "Scooter-bikel" Student Council 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Football 1, 2,45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 3, 45 Varsity V 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Class officer 1, 2, 3, 45 Class play 3, 45 Scholarship team 1, 2. 'B CHERYL LYNN DAUGHERTY "Cherie" Honor Society 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3,45 Newspaper staff 2, 3,45 A1111u31 staff 45 Class officer 45 Class Play 1, 3, 45 County Music Festival 2, 35 Scholarship team 4. MARTHA ELLEN WOLFE lv Student Council 1, 2, 35 Officer 2, 35 Honor Society 3, 45 Girls' Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2g Newspaper staff 2, 3, 45 Annual staff 45 Class officer 1, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 3, 45 Class play 3, 45 County music festival 25 Home- coming Queen 45 Senior Girls' En- semble 45 Junior Fair Board 3, 4. REPORTER ,wks , -wsrvwwgv REGINA LEE ALLEN "Jeanie" FHA 1,2,3,4, officer 4, Girls' Basketball 2, Girls' Chorus 1,2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,4, News- paper Staff 1,2, 3,43 Class Play 3, 4, County Music Festival 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3,45 Cheerleader 4, Homecoming Court 4, Majorette 3, 4g Pep Club 3,4. RONALD DEAN AURAND "Hockey" Student Council 4, FFA 1,3,4, Football 1,23 Parliamentary Pro- cedure 3,43 Dairy Judging 3,4. AUGUST FHA ,4, Bi- ixed Chorus 25 Girls' 3g Newspaper Staff NOLA PEARL AUSTIN ' "Pooky" Student Council 45 Band 1,2,3,4, Officer 4, Mixed Chorus l,2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1,2,3g Class Play 3, 4, County Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Solo and Ensemble Contest 2, 3, 4g Librarian. 35 Senior Ensemble DAVID LEE AURAND "Davy-Babe" FFA 1,2,3,4g Parliamentary Pro- cedure. EUGENE EDWARD BARFELL "Gene" Stud ent Council 3, FFA 1,2, 3,4 Officer 4. WILLIAM JOHN BECK llwillyll Student Council 1g Mixed Chorus 1, Class Play 45 Math Club 2, 3. DONALD WILLIAM DE BOUVER ..Don.. Football 1, 2g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 3, 4g Varsity V 3, 4. JUDY SHARON BEVINS nludy.. FHA 3,4, Song Sc Recreation Leader 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Newspapeiistaff 2, 3, 4, Class play 3, Senior 1Gir-ls' Ensemble 4. 'xl f.,, ,Iv . JOE W, DWENGER "Little Joe" Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4g County Music Festival 3. MARY JANE BUTLER "Janie" Band 1,2, Mixed Chorus 1,2g News- paper staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3. WANDA JEAN FIRESTINE "Jean" Student Council 4, FHA 1, 2, 3,4, Officer 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Newspaper staff 2, 3, 4, Class play 3, Librarian 4, Senior Girls' Ensemble 4. , PAMELA ANN FRANKS "Pam" FHA l,2,3g Girls' basketball 2,3, 45 Mixed chorus 1,2,3,45 Girls' chorus 1, 2, 35 Newspaper staff 2, 35 Class play 45 Homecoming court 45 Science Fair 25 Girls' Senior Ensemble 45 Girls' Volley Ball Team 45 FFA Queen 4. DIANE SUE KING "Dee" "Dee" Band 1,2,3,45 Mixed chorus l,2, 35 Newspaper staff 3,45 Co-Editor 45 Class play 35 County music fes- tival 1,2, 3,45 Girls' Senior Ensem- ble 4. 1 1 DONALD E . HALL HDOH.. FFA l,2,3,45 Reporter 3,45 Parlia- mentary+,Procedure 3,45 Land Judg- ing 3,45 Livestock Judging 3,4. RONALD WILLIAM KITCHEN "Runny" Student Council 1,3,45 Officer 45 Football 1,25 Basketball l,2, 3,45 Varsity V 45 Mixed chorus 1,25 An- nual staff 45 Class officer l,2, 3, 45 Class play 3, 45 Scholarship team 4 DONALD JAMES I-IOLTGREVEN "Dutch" Football 1,25 Basketball 1,2,35 Track lg Class play 3. BEVERLY JO KLINE ..BeV.. FHA 1,2,3,45 Girls' basketball 2, 35 Newspaper staff 25 Girls' Senior Ensemble 45 Girls' Athletic Associ- ation 2, 3. MARY JANE LUKE "Janie" Honor Society 3, 4, Girls' Basketball 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Newspaper staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Editor 4, Class Play 3, County Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Scholarship Team 1, Home- coniing Court 3, Senior Ensemble 4. JOHN PHILIP NAUS "Phil" Student Council 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity V 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Class Offi- cer 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, County Music Festival 3, Honorable Men- tion All-County Football 4. DONALD RAY MCCRACKEN "Don" Student Council 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, Football 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity V 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, Class Officer 2, Class Play 3. l FLOYD EUGENE POTTEIGER "Port" p FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3,4, Football 1, Basketball 2, Baseball 1. PA TRICLA ANNE MILLER lvljatll Newspaper Staff 2, 3,4, Class Officer 2, 3, lflonieconiing Court 3. MARILYN KAY REESE "Marilyn" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3. TERRY LEE ROUTSON "Terry" FFA l,2,3,45 Class Play 4. DOUGLAS EUGENE STAAS .Doug ,. FFA 1,2, 3,45 Football 1,45 Basket- ball 1,2, 3,45 Varsity V 3,45 Base- ball 1. DONNA IANIECE SAMUELS "Sammy" FHA lg Girls' Basketball 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Newspaper Staff lg Class Play 3,45 Librarian 4g Pep Club 3,4. NOLAN DARRYL SWINEHART "Nole" FFA 1,2,3,45 Football 15 Track 1, 3,45 Basketball lg Band 15 Class Play 3,45 Scholarship Team 2. DORIS KA THI SMITH "Smitty" FHA lg Band 1,2, 3,45 Mixed Chor- us lg Girls' Chorus lg Annual Staff 45 Newspaper Staff l,2, 3,45 Class Officer 45 Class Play 3,45 County Music Festival 35 Solo l,2,3,4, and Ensemble Contest 3. ELAINE IOANNE SWISHER "Elaine" Band 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,35 Chorus Girls' 2, 35 County Music Festival l,2, 3g Senior Girls' 45 County Science Fair 3. JOE STEVEN TWINING I! Football 45 Varsity V 4. BEVERLE JOAN WILKINS "Bev" Student Council 15 Girls' Basketball 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Girls' Chorus 25 Newspaper staff 2, 3,45 Annual staff 45 Class ' officer 1, 25 Cheerleader 45 Class 5 play 35 Homecoming court 45 Librarian 35 Senior Girls' JOHN CHARLES WAGGONER Ensemble 4. "JOHN" FFA 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 35 Annual staff 45 Class officer 1, 2, 35 Class play 3. " MARGARET ANN UHL UPQSEYH Student Council 1, 2, 3,4, Officer 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 News- paper staff 1, 2, 35 Annual staff 3, 4, Editor 45 Class officer 1, 25 Class play 35 County Music Festival 2, 3, 45 Scholarship team 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Girls' Ensemble 4. JUDITH ANN ZENTMEYER "Judy" Student Council 45 FHA 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Newspaper staff 1, 2, 35 Class play 3, 45 Science Fair 25 Senior Girls' Ensemble 4. A wa Q. A , . :I .W.M.,,,,..W,W . .,N,,, i I XX A..... . , Q K ,KAKK - . iff . 3, 21' JA be MLK his 3 gg, x K' K X Q' TQ" XL ,. ,,i,, 3 ,. ' f'?'7'-1X'?5 fL. 1 W S.. g"'F . L ' N X 93 N k -..,,,, Q mmm l 1- gg-55531 .2 -M.,-, - . , . g ': i ' M, Q -L.L in ,Q N 5 Xp X ff E Q L is S 1. ' 8 'ix M ik 13 5 Q W if 5 pf. G if as , me ,ff 52 it X A1 Qi' M Q 11.1. sg ggi , , , 3, 1 A . . 1. ' A 1 pf --gs' . A V15 VV V Q ,m.L V " awe. 'ii.5?l'L,i "vm" 2 ' 1 01 '41 . ' - gf ' igggiggig-:gg gif" " 25?wSKzfPf f1:1.v.f.:, -"zz . -ff , :ggi . . ,QQQLK1 ff 5 I.-Q N. h 'hA 1 E" :,., A . X M... v -V13 za. K, Q M I - nf, b Q' 1+ 'Qi Q VP' ' s W 1: X' Xi . i ggi. ww , '- " , 53. K ug - ggsgm-gpg -,gigs Q..-N f---- ,al ..., . V ki fy i 2: X .X . .. A E A Ki ,ig ,I WN Eli' W 1 fy. - 1 A i , V33 sw XM zu.. -5 HX-ef. rx ' w .. fiiiigi. ' I' '15 1: K' ,, R51 Mm 15 ' , .: . gn' ' , 4 J L . 5 in x ' ' Ig-1 , 1-M . ai' f gf 9 ns" A ' K ,1- 'N 'wk A X. Dil 5,5 Twe ve Years Together Row One: Jeanie Allen, Martha Wolfe, Vicki August, Janie Luke, Marilyn Reese, Wanda Firestine. Row Two: Elaine Swisher, Bob Marriott, Ron Aurand, Joe Dwenger, John Waggener, Nolan Swinehart, Dave Aurand, Ron Kitchen, Nola Austin. Row One: Bob Marriott, Ron Aurand, John Waggoner. Row Two: Jeanie Allen, Nola Austin. Row Three: Wanda Firestine, Vicki August, Janie Luke, Martha Wolfe. Row Four: Ron Kitchen, Joe Dwenger, Nolan Swinehart, Dave Aurand. Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can you Can You Imagine? imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine Jeanie Allen without any hair? Vickie August telling a gaser? Dave Aurand without Terry Routson? Ron Aurand without his three-toned bomb? Nola Austin without Jack's ring? Eugene Barfell without his "Alleycat?" Bill Beck without his false teeth? Judy Bevins not talking to boys? Janie Butler not blushing? Cheryl Daugherty without an opinion? Don DeBouver wanting a Ford? Joe Dwenger not confusing Mr. Hanna in Chemistry? Wanda Firestine without books? Pam Franks without a tight skirt? Don Hall without his I. D. fbeerj card? Gloria Heavrin being calm and collected? Don Holtgreven living in North Baltimore? Diane King not screaming? Ron Kitchen giving Judy Zentmeyer the time of day Bev Kline not hanging around Carey? Janie Luke not getting mad? Bob Marriott giving anyone a hard time? Don McCracken being a politician? Pat Miller without Floyd? Phil Naus being humble? Bill Payne coming to school two days in a row? Floyd Potteiger without his cigars? Marilyn Reese out-talking Mike Winzeler? Terry Routson replacing Jackie Gleason? Donna Samuels not talking about horses? Kathi Smith playing a tuba? Doug Staas not demanding his Constitutional rights? Elaine Swisher without an allergy? Nolan Swinehart with a real car? Joe Twining behaving in general math? Peggy Uhl indulging in idle conversation? John Waggoner being a cheerleader? Bev Wilkens with long, black hair? Mike Winzeler not being boss? Martha Wolfe working in a mortuary? Judy Zentmeyer going to an all girls' college? I S 'Q 4 :pf-st , L ,wa ..-v"' an 1 il A X sr 5, Sage.. ww, aa. M' ., M Juniors W , ",2 gf-lift' ri: r'5'i zigriexrrfw-tfgffff-rrff3 J swl war-f mm. if 2' 'B 2' , ' V, y , 'Wil L f 4 4 175 77 1 1 'Z g, nf ! I F W . -if YW fr 7"' is 4 ,.,4 2,4 Y t Sy ,M A Sw ff' 9 2- lgk , 74 R! . . 5' ff W af we SW if L f X 4' -rr Ls, ' i ff 'ws-riff 1 - Mo - .-"' .swawwt ,, ,,,:f, ..,,,,, f - 1 . , "M " is "" -1' ' wk , ' ' 7 , I ,,V,.. ,, ' fi 3 ' WN' " 9 H-itgi 1' . .Z .'--- V - .V 1 H, . .V if M 1 .?,,,, , sx"LI1t,7 g rg wwf Q , , 3, ff . .A f. . . ,-.ff , g , f- J? 'rv-. f-.W K at V if , x M' 5 X .,,., .,,,. f' W if 74: an fr Y X If, , 1.535 .x- ,,,,, vffff my ,M ., v l af 61 ' 1 It law ! Aw Qt ,,,, ,,, 1, 92122 W v ,ra W "' 1 J 1 5 Wh a A7 .3 W., 9 t , 4 ra ia B' 1? Brian Clark Elizabeth Cobb Cheryl Coykendale Cynthia Coykend ale Bonnie Damon Mark Dreisbach Carolyn Ebersole Carol Fawver Linda Firestine Tom Freed Bill Griffith Tom Grogg Vicki Hall Bill Holtgrevell Kay Hough Dick Houk Cheryl Hulbert Patti Humphrey Robert Humphrey Glynn Huntley Tom Insley Paul Iackaway Mana Karch Mona Karch Dick Karrick Sandy Keeran Bill Kirk Ed McMonigal Margaret MacMurray Roberta Miller Dan Payne Mike Poole Dan Rader Mike Roberts Robert Roberts Janet Schell Jerry Semler Sandra Simon Tom Spoon Dennis Stahl Diane Steen Georgia Stough Don Walter Connie Warren Suzanne Weber Beth Withrow Reva Withrow -f X it N L L 1 . fi" 1 ' n 1, an N I' jf? 1 ,n . f li J .gil . ,-.,., gf- ' 1 J W J ,wi w -.1 if 'Q sv! iw in L in U' ln .QC-'2 sf."'. "in 'wif it VV! I H . . J -- i Wil- - li . . I 1 M '12, :gl Q F img ek-'gui' C A X Carl Atzbach Mike August Dennis Baker Janet Bishop Danny Branson Fred Cline John Copus Tom Evans Patty Grogg Marsha Harris Richard Heavrin Bob Hess Jeanette Hock Jean Horner Beverly Humphrey J a Van Junge Ed Keel Dave Kitchen Jerry Kline James Kreinbrink David Lammers Becky Little Diana McCracken Mike Naus Pat Olwick Georgeanna Payne Tim Poole Ed Schwab Lucinda Semler Joe Smith John Staas Rosalie Strait Ron Strausbaugh Vicki Umphress Bill Waggoner Cindy Wagner Stella Walters Linda Way Barbara Webb Jerry Webb Sophomores Y 5:21335 it 'v ' , .,., : A 1: its 4 ' gall? ' Q ggi :Rst bi Sigh 5 in 5 Q X 4 x was-iz if X ss? J Q is 2 i xi X f s is 3 Fw 1 Ns S N 1, N Jw 8 J 2 ,S 5 ... ...., .f ,. . S Q sz 2 is W 9 .f k x K in er ,i X Y Q mei H rx r tr.t.rJ , r .gi gy ? six 5 K ss sm' X Q iii ii 12 Q-553 1 f --'r a vr' ff K' ja ,p w 2- sfgsiif r ,gg .,i.t 1 ., ik, g g ,:, ,J 3 t ,, I , gg . S Q . , Jg P w i ff 'g'AC A1 gt: :C ' fi Q L L' ,k' V. I i s-f Gi S E 4 f i in ..s, sr 3 as X 5 E 1 f T Q , .N X 5 , u S es . -lf' 'A ' X ,N ,if Nw? Rs. is f - :5 ' 4 - ifrfme-e --a , if ei J sraaiviiiasesf is. V Q 553562-T" e f JE. 1 gi s S xl J' as .1 r 5 Q in .- : We ' - ff" 'gr 52251 Fifi : Q' - if . ,, is-.geriw -1 fwfr? miss, www g' f 7, 1 .,,f,w , 0 . ' ,i .. 0" r ' if r 1 ,saw-1 4 WW , wr 2 , aw .W a 7 wi! r 5 fa Q eng,-a 1 af n' l F , Q , 'aj ,, .5 ' 52: 1 K if fJ?l1fifav1,f 1 .ff lwfrif Freshmen ' qv? erm- 51 R ,rf k4WL 2: V aw fi ' 9 fm f- Z rf? 4 ,E 1 as was X 2 -amy 'Wd ff-f' ' , 6 f A I Bob Barfell Sherry Baughnian Darlene Bisbee John Bisbee Terry Bowser Ricky Carles Charlotte Clements Edna Donaldson Linda Duffield Diane Gallant Dick George Helen, Hall Tim Holtgreven Jim Houk Darlene Jackaway Karen Keel Bill Keeran Barbara Kline David Knepper Ron Koehnke Gary Leibold Mary MacMurray Jan Naus Ann Nelson Danny Nesler Diane Nesler Ronnie Rader Larry Sammet Gary Shields Rose Simon Sandy Tracewell John Uhl Barb Vogel Jim Wilkins Pat Wolfe David Zehender rs' ' ? Q I -nf'-I' Terry Baker Patty Bevins Susan Clark Carhy Clemans Myreon Cobb Tom Cobb Richard Coup Toby Deal Dan DeLong Wanda Durain Susan Fawver Patty Franks Terry George Mike Holtgreven Melvin Jackaway Earl Keeran Linda Koehnke Gloria Leader Larry Leibold Pam McMoniga1 Vickie Miller Gail Mossbarger John Nelson Kathy Rhees Tom Sines Randy Stough Chuck Tesnow Carole Tong Greg Umphress Dan Webb Marilyn Wetherholt Margo Winzeler Lana Woodward Eighth Grade ..., . , M ,. -n'x r 2' rw rr . T T a .fr 5 X W., .. w . X Uri, Q is -fy is av!-5 ' 5 Q K 'I -i Uma. Svwww-f ' . x 1 if f :xx w in 5, r' r gi :WJ r Q r E X -K l J i WK , x I A . Ar W, rr A x Y av , ,. r S c f, S Q ir is . lag,- .Maw ! r Q - 4 5 S Q r , Q4 5 are .ang l me r 2 . , E, Q - D N ' YW 5 5 ' ia S, T . ,. . I X X E s,:r m e 1. lg J f Rf A , pg I ' . im a Q 335555, e Q l sis X 355 R " M x i 1 K, sr if 5 Y' 2 X G if , -arrggs X ' x nxx W J R kv Y 'SMR Q xy we Si ,, 1 an X a, W 5' N an . fi' rr 1 Q gin I if Mlisw 5 E ' 33. C --'riff-Era ' ..,. ry. .,.,J , S' M -as 3: 5 5. .if '35 ,, ,, S, M 2 on at Seventh Grade ri ,wt Hs, , f -V 9 , V. mar fg:2Vrz,V5g , if . V . , f.-vM..5E .r , V - ' 'PV Ziiiiial V . 'wwf Ve , wi f ,r V rv . . 15 rg "" :H ,V " . f L-" 1 4 . if .. 7 Q, J Q -A r V 12553 All V: WW xy , A " , W'Vfi1fWVxV?sclae?4 fr Wil 1 My -..f " Wifgff ' Q , ' we ,-k- , V - rv: ,, A j ' A ,za r . 5 , H jg .V:' ,.., ir, f- Q -2 " ,,V, , ja . ' I . If , I g . 1 w 3 'P :Va ,rfza fl - K V ' ,, 5 - fm t ' ' 55554125 fa ls? ' , V ' ,M . 'y 522. 2 A' ' fl: "' fn V, VW - ' ' 1 V.,,, - if , , ,Vf , A 1 X ., ' 1 VLV . . . A L'., , , , 4 1 y, , ,g X . f f , - -1.44 H ,, f5x,s.,22W Ilixrfkjrifi - yi ' ' 'f ' --'Q 4' ki 7-wa i' 5 ' F' 'f , sf -1 ' ,., f ww K , , S V 1-T w Vifxg .5 -- if ' f " ' it ' Q 'MV :fa V- f 'V - H VNV y , wars, . M is , ' ' , Q 1 v-Vv ' A.., v ,, V K .15 , iii: A 5 fi 'ii n r ' -, , , If A ' - Y' I: A P ' P ' kk'A ' ,,-ff -' ': W! f" 5. ,i:f' W c '- 41 fam Q. 'A' '. f .V ' is , H , . ,, it , 1 1 1 -. wh 'A , I-V .af we V A K V K W W I f , 1 ..r .,- . ,ffl jf XV: ' 1 I ff ' V 'L 1 , f .,,., , , f ix , V, W jfgffq L i n Ws?i3ff!5V 'K 'wwaw ' f' sam VV war' '- ' Wifi-' .. il 5 -- 4 V ' 3 7 ,. . , kr ,,VVVh a y . QV K M J. H ,rg kgixyf ' 1 gli " - ' V--" ra ' . V i V B ,ze . iw:-14if??Hl!P5L5?W ff A ' IWW f Q if iii HM' ww Qi ,JAY . . 1 A , i . e,L., ,, , . , I X 1 fe. , wa 11? ig! fa www ' 5 'fi Cathie Atzbach Debra Austin David Bates Dwight Bland Karen Brim Larry Brown Gary Carles Kenneth Cobb David Cole Diane Copus Barb Coykendale Steve Cramner Bill Damon Sue Ensnian Don Freed Bobby George Jeff Geren Mike Harris Walter Hartley Tony Humphrey Jeanine Iackaway BO1l1liC jackson Eddie Kline Connie Kuhlnian Penny Lentz Bob McKee Danny Mcklonigal Mike lvlericle David Nelson Becky Norris Gary Ossman Larry Patterson Mike Payne Cllldy Rader Sharon Rettig Imogene Rinker Shari Routson Jerry Samniet Roger Sehroen Tim Sines Jack Stahl Bill Straley Phillip Stra usba ugh Debra Tyhurst Karen Vogel Connie Warren Jill Wood Don Zehender Doug Zehender Tucker Zentmeyer J ' 9 "S ' , .- 'Sikkim -Q ' Shsx, '43 53 fwix J x 51 K is ' iff? .3 W ,l ,mfzgzwa X 'K 1 if gg i wi ES A QQ is Wx T Ex EXQK xy-ed! I N x IL V y X-by 1' V - 51-vlffiiiimfbyig X '- '- . , " 4 f n - K , f v iii 1 gf k r-'39 J - if 1 J K1 - K I - - Grade 6 Row One: Susan Schwinn, Sharon Basinger, Kay Warren, Sharen Brim, Margaret Bear, Jackie Clabaugh, Diana Cobb. Row Two: Larry Bevins, Jim Knepper, Francis MacMurray, Loretta Marriott, Kathy Deal, Sheryl Norris, Ann Miller, Kathy McCartney, Patty Kline, Paula Trout, Linda Clements, Sandra Steen, Susan Browne, Leonard Dwenger, Jack George. Row Three: Mr. Gephart, Gary Umphress, Mitch Hailey, Jim Griffith, Tim Weber, Tom Poole, Ken Trautman, Joe Whitticar, Joe Simon, Bill Warren, Allen August, Denis Woodward, Ron Tesnow, Ray Frey, Eddie Conrad, Jerry Payne, Jim Naus, Marvin Schroen, Dallas Kline, David Reese, Terry Franks. Grade 5D Row One: Gloria Davis, Janice Steen, Dana Morris, Michalene Atzbach, Clara Walters. Row Two: Jimmy Clabaugh, Goldie Payne, Nancy Norris, Carol Close, Sharon Showman, Karen Zehender, Karen Kessinger, Shary Tracewell, Tommy Leader. Row Three: Jeff Hailey, Dennis Zehender, David Lentz, Henry Walter, Ricky Moser, Billy Alford, Bobby Miller, Ken Houk, Kenny Sammet, James Straley, Mr. Fruth. Grade 5U Row One: Kathy Trout, Nancy Cole, Kathy Carles, Pam Grogg, Jo Ellen Hess. Row Two: Kathy Montgomery, Linda Smalley, Sally Kuhlman, Peggy Jackson, Jill Wagner, Shirley Geren, Joselle Thomas, Janet Newcomer, Barbara Palmer. Row Three: James Priebe, John Wood, Bobby Straley, Russell Baughman, Terry Leibold, Mike Place, Billy Stahl, Jeff Clemans, Bill Slaughterbeck, Ned Miller, Dennis Tesnow, Mrs. Huffman. Grade 4LI Row One: Debbie Priebe, Terry King, Valeria Payne, Vickie Huff, Nancy Damon, Karen Basinger. Row Two: Connie Weber, Mary Jane Rinker, Sandy Mericle, Rosanna Herrell, Tracy Sterling, Sandy Show- man, Toni Geren, Kathy Zehender, Toni Fess. Row Three: Miss Treier, Paul Barfel, Chuck Deal, Steven Cameron, Dick Schillawski, Jack Little, John Rettig, Ricky Evans, Steven Schwinn, David Huntley, Tom Karrick, 'Harold Barfel, Absent: Patty Bland. Grades 3 S 4 Row One: Monica Wolfe, Marita Amos, JoAnn Keeran, Debbie Jackson, Jean Huffman. Row Two: Lydia Strausbaugh, Sheila Showman, Kathleen Semler, Sandy Kitchen, Barbara Brown, Debbie Green, Sara Huntington, Cathy Payne, Miss Schwochow. Row Three: Matt Householder, Dick Rader, Bruce Miller, Kevin Zentmeyer, Tom Waggoner, Alex Strausbaugh, Gene Ashcraft, Doug Warren, Jack Slaughter- back, Ladd Fassett, Graig Dwenger. Grade Row One: Mindy Queen, Patty Birchman, Nancy Place, Jane Huffman, Kim Atzbach, Lois Tracewell, Doris Zehender, Bonnie Deal. Row Two: Mrs. Schaler, Suzanne August, Judy Kuhlman, Fred Hopple, Dale Marriott, Robert Miller, Steven Barber, Barry Allen, Roger Stahl, Denny Moser, Robin Roberts, Cheryl Radabaugh. Row Three: Glen Davis, Phillip Schillawski, Larry Wise, Jerry Knepper, Greg Montgomery, Edward Clymer, Steve Houk, Jim Steen, Jeff Winkle, John Doe, Lynn Firestine, Eric Conrad, Terry Rader. Grade 2U Row One: Lorna Straley, Debra Huff, Joan Uhl, Cynthia Browne, Kim Johnson, Row Two: Kim Carles Debbie Norris, Christina Ellis, Rhonda Miller, Pam Smalley, Chris Coppes, Carol Kessinger, Deborah Huntington, Mrs. Hogle. Row Three: Tedi Atzbach, Billy Stahl, Tim Wilkins, Barry Leibold, Eddie Huffman, John Waller, Rex Rinker, Christopher Hailey, Debra Earl. Absent: Shauna Steele, Linda Hock, Becky Freed. Grade 2 Row One: Debra Wilkinson, Debra Huffman, Sherri Wagner, Beth Householder. Row Two: Karen Huntley, Christal Winkle, Mary Jo Miller, Tommy Damon, Mike Warren, David Hoyer, Deborah Nelson, Peggy Keeran, Bonnie Clabaugh, Mrs. Blind. Row Three: Craig Perkins, David Wise, John Griffith, Jerry Brim, Karl Heminger, Steve Slaughterbeck, Robert Waggoner, Jackie Poe, Sammy Smith, Eddie May. Grade IU Row One: Irene Hartley, Sherri Baker, Brenda Place, Diane May, Cheryl Lee, Caryl Lee, Bonnie Greeno, Kim Miller, Patricia Patterson, Dianna Deal. Row Two: Debra Frankfather, Cheryl Slaughterbeck, Janet Kagy, Cheryl Clymer, Tim Carles, Ronald Hartley, Brent Deter, Dennis Herrell, Isaac Gibson, Debota August, Cynthia Snyder, Betty Reese. Row Three: Mrs. Pusey, Robert Trout, Donald Straley, Jimmy Queen, Robin Smith, Paul Neal, Joel Houk, William Patterson, Harold Snyder, Bill Hopple, Kevin Roth, Robert Wilkins. Absent: Earl Allen, Marlene Basinger, Nancy Bevins, Mark Keeran, Dennis Earl. Grade ID Row One: Jacqueline Sines, Roxana Little, Nicci Owens, Jane Kagy, Jackie Jackson, Kathy Barber, Margaret Heminger, Elaine Flanagan, Corinna Ames. Row Two: Becky Snyder, Nina Warren, Chyrel Hopple, Barbara Alford, Alfred Dalzell, Gregery Wingate, Kurt Thomas, Terry Lentz, Kevin Stahl, Debbie Kulhman, Lilli Sterling, Connie Miller, Melba Austin, Linda Rettig. Row Three: Mrs. Nesler, Sammy Smalley, Dean Wilkenson, David Sammett, Jeffery Sheilds, Larry Baughman, Danny Bear, Bruce Clements, Jeffery Gallant, Bobbie McMonigal, Steven Deidrick, Mark Bishop, Don Hartley, Anthony Cobb, Danny Jo Zehender. Morning Kindergarten y Row One: Kathy Huffman, Becky Benson, Pamela Norris, Kimberly Buechner, Linda Huffman, Holly Hock, Judy Rinker, Susan Showman, Shirley Browne, Carolyn Priebe. Row Two: Mrs. Hock, Joe Smith, Doug Bear, David Hartley, Dale Snyder, Gregory Philipp, Rodney Ashcraft, Tommy Beall, Andy August, Todd Householder, Chris Haley, Danny Tong, Danny Hoyer, Danny Martin. Absent: Marcia Ballinger and Scott Steele. Afternoon Kindergarten Row One: Janice May, Debra Copus, Becky Huntington, Denise Roberts, Janet Slaughterbeck, Lucy Finsel, Lou Ann Tesnow, Kandy Jo Conley, Kelly Ossman, Karen Stacy, Row Two: Julie Leader, Laura Straley, John MacMurray, Jeffrey Carles, Edward Barfell, Dan Maas, Jeffrey Cave, Steve Drerup, Guy Johnson, Chris Flanagan, Candy Lou Miller, Mrs. Hock. Absent: Chris Ferrell. A C T I V I T I E S Student Council Row One: Rick Heavrin, Peggy Uhl, Ronnie Kitchen, Bill Griffith, Don McCracken Row Two Sue Ensman, Wanda Firestine, Nola Austin, Janet Bishop, Judy Zentmeyer, Margo Winzeler Reva Withrow Helen Hall. Row Three: Gary Shields, Jim Wilkins, Denny Baker, Tom Freed, Mike Winzeler Ron Aurand, Bob Marriott, Terry Baker, Terry George, Gary Carles. President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . Reporter . . Advisor . . OFFICERS ..--ua Ronnie Kitchen . Bill Griffith . . Peggy Uhl Don McCracken , Rick Heavrin . Mr. Coburn Honor Society Martha Wolfe, Janie Luke, Mike Winzeler, Peggy Uhl, Gloria Heavrin, Cheryl Daugherty, and Miss Bryant. Junior Honor Society Cheryl Coykendale, Cynthia Coykenclale, Carolyn Ebersole, Bill Griffith, Cheryl Hulbert, Tom Spoon, Diane Steen, Suzanne Weber, Beth Withrow, and Reva Wirhrow are the junior members. Newspaper Staff Co-Editors . . Sports Editors . . Business Manager . Circulation Manager Grade News . . . Typists . . . Mimeoscope . . Mimeograph , , Faculty Adviser . . P DIXIE STAFF . Janie Luke Diane King Beverle Wilkins Phil Naus . , Jane Butler Cheryl Hulbert Elizabeth Cobb . . Pat Miller Jane Butler Kathi Smith Martha Wolfe Wanda Firestine Gloria Heavrin Gladys Scothorn Senior Play Cast Row One: Gloria I-leavrin, Nola Austin, Judy Zentmeyer, Pam Franks, Donna Samuels Martha Wolfe Row Two: Miss Bryant, Jeanie Allen, Bob Marriott, Mike Winzeler, Bill Beck Nolan Swinehart Joe Dwenger, Ron Kitchen, Terry Routson, Phil Naus, Cheryl Daugherty, Kathi Smith Sally Norm an Porter . . Penny Caleb Mark Mavis Lydia Joanna Kerry Greg Gram ..- Monsieur Henri , . Claire Elsie Lucile Red , I-Iarriso n Da Gloria , Joe Jeanie , Bob . Ron Martha . Judy Kathi Mike . Phil Donna Nolan Nola Cheryl Pam Terry . Bill F.H.A. 'QXBBE H EMAK Q AMERICA Row One: Barbara Webb, Linda Firestine, Mona Karch, Vicki August, Kay Hough, Mrs. Bunch, Row Two: Sandy Keeran, Judy Bevins, Beverly Humphrey, Judy Zenrmeyer, Rose Simon, Ann Nelson, Jan Naus, Jeanette Hock Sherry Baughman, Patty Grogg. Row Three: Stella Walters, Mana Karch, Patty Humphrey, Jeanie Allen, Margaret Maclvlurray, Wanda Firestine, Linda Way, Diane McCracken, Diane Nesler, Sandy Tracewell, Vicki Umphress, Darlene Bisbee, Carolyn Ebersole, Bev Kline. President . . Vice-President Secretary , , Treasurer , , Student Council OFFICERS - I - v . . Vicki August , Mona Karch . , Kay Hough Linda Firestine Wanda Firestine F.H.A. King Doug Staas F.F.A. Row One: Floyd Potteiger, Bob Humphrey, Nolan Swinehart, Don McCracken, Tom Evans, Don Hall Mr Frankenfeld. Row Two: Ron Rader, Ron Koehnke, Dave Zehender, Dick Houk, Fred Kline, Glen Huntley Ron Strausbaugh, Terry Bowser, Dan Nesler, Bill Keeran. Row Three: Dan Rader, John Bisbee, Larry Sammet Terry Routson, Ron Aurand, Mike August, Jim Kreinbrink, Doug Staas, Dave Aurand, Don Walters, Jerry Webb Eugene Barfell, Dick Kerrick. F.F.A. Queen Pam Franks President , , Vice -President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Student Council OFFICERS Don McCracken Nolan Swinehart , , Tom Evans . Bob Humphrey , , Ron Aurand Senior Band Majorettes Carol Fawver, Janet Bishop, Becky Little, Susan Fawver, Jeanie Allen. ' ' 9 Senior Girls Ensemble Row One, Peggy Uhl, Elaine Swisher, Martha Wolfe, Judy Zentmeyer, Janie Luke, Pam Franks, Vicki August, Diane King, Mr. Culver. Row Two: Nola Austin, Janie Butler, Cheryl Daugherty, Wanda Firestine, Gloria Heavrin, Judy Bevins, Beverle Wilkins, Jeanie Allen, Mixed Chorus Row One: Marilyn Reese, Sherry Baughman, Darlene Bisbee, Elaine Swisher, Sandy Tracewell, Bonnie Damon, Darlene Jackaway, Carolyn Ebersole, Linda Firestine, Jeanie Allen, Cindy Wagner. Row Two: Mr. Culver, Kathi Srnith, Judy Bevins, Cheryl Daugherty, Cheryl Hulbert, Kay Hough, Connie Warren Patty Wolfe, Jan Naus, Carol Fauver, Cindy Semler, Pam Franks, Judy Zentmeyer, Janet Bishop, Nola Austin, Martha Wolfe, Beverle Wilkins, Cynthia Coykendale. Row Three: Georgia Stough, Linda Way Paul Jackaway, Bob Roberts, Ron Strausbaugh, Mike Winzeler, Tom Freed, Ron Kitchen, Joe Dwenger, Mike Naus, Jerry Webb, Dan Branson, Phil Naus, Jim Houk, Bill Keeran, Peggy Uhl, WandaFirestine. OFFICERS President . . . . Nola Austin Student Council. . . Cheryl Hulbert Varsity " " Row One: Denny Baker, Bob Marriott, Torn Freed, Bob Roberts. Row Two: Mr. Owen, Mike Roberts Mike Winzeler, Joe Twining, Bob Humphrey, Bill Griffith, Don DeBouver, Phil Naus. Row Three: Mike Poole, Ron Kitchen, Tom Insley, Doug Staas, Mike August, John Staas, Jerry Semler, Danny Payne, Mike Naus, Don McCracken. OFFICERS President .... . . .Bob Marriott Vice-President . . . . . Tom Freed Secretary-Treasurer . . . . Bob Roberts Student Council . . . Bob Marriott Homecoming 'K' 5 STANDING: Reva Withrow, Junior attendantg Pam Franks, Senior attendantg Kay Hough, Junior attendant SEATED: Beverle Wilkins, Senior attendantg Martha Wolfe, Queeng Jeanie Allen, Maid of Honor. Tracy Winkle, Scott Dufford, crown bearer escort 1 4 ,T 3 s L.,,...,, , E 1 k Q m..i .. -NN...-W it l x .fx M .f,,,..W.,.f v rw' x sw X Sw ff ' 35 sr KN QEXQQEW Nina 'Z , Q +4 Q Q N X ii .'.h X 'i s 5 QE . fs. ai 1 s 2 f fvgggyfw MW ff , :Yr ww SK . , 1 i ff ,fffffmfwf fgeifzf 2 EK f ,i mg L: sf A22 5141, - fi?fLz2f2z 2's1 Sme g fifwiwwfswflvvsmrs1' Y Mfg ffm f A 5 i ,my ,fez ,,f,g,-fgiww. Q f ff ,Y Aff in 're ., x,, ,V , . f Y H ff ww Qfz? 9 f V if X 111-'-'ZF' 4 1 fb mfr' '2?2Zfif'fi iw Q 52 ?? M is f' sim Q My , pm 7:3355 ' S M V1-l7UO'Um . , , A .4 I T ROW ONE: Mr. Seitz, Mike Winzeler, Bob Marriott, Phil Naus, Bob Roberts, Doug Staas, Joe Twining, Mr. Owen. ROW TWO: Terry Baker, John Uhl, Tom Grogg, Bill Griffith, Mike Poole, Tom Freed, Tom lnsley, Bob Humphrey, Mike Roberts, Glynn Huntley, Gary Leibold, Larry Leibold. ROW THREE: Jim Wilkins, Dick George, Tim Poole, David Kitchen, Dan Branson, Mike August, John Staas, Mike Naus, Denny Baker, Joe Smith, Bob Hess, Billy Keeran, M? 3, -., Z -rf, Football Seniors Phil Naus Mike Winzeler Marty Wolfe Senior Hi h heerleaders Gloria Jeanie Allen Heavrm Bev Wilkins Junior High heerleaders Janet Bishop Jan Naus, Gail Mossbarger, Helen Hall, Sherrie Routsou. Senior Varsit Row One: Bob Roberts, Dennie Baker, Mike Winzeler, Don DeBouver, Tom Insley, Mike August John Staas, Doug Staas, Ron Kitchen, Bob Humphrey, Bob Marriott, Mike Roberts, Carl Atzbach Mr Owen. Van Buren Opponents 52 .... . . McComb .... .... 7 O 56 , , North Baltimore , , , , 61 34 . . . . Vanlue ..... . . 50 42 . . . . Arcadia . . . . . 51 34 . . . . Liberty Benton . . . 39 65 . . . North Baltimore . . . . 75 43 . . . Arcadia . . . . . 41 32 . . . Arlington . . . . 60 54 . . . . Cory Rawson . . . 64 40 . . Liberty Benton . . . 54 50 . . . Otsego . . . . . 68 56 . . Westwood . . . 64 61 . . , McComb . . . .76 Junior Varsit Tom Evans, Denny Baker, Tom Freed, Mike August, Mr. Owen, John Staas, Dave Kitchen, Mike Naus Tim Poole, manager Carl Atzbach. Van Buren Opponents 31 .... . McComb . .... 20 24 . . Arlington , , , , , 43 37 . . North Baltimore . . . 42 34 . . Vanlue .... . . 30 36 , . Arcadia . . . . 24 40 , . Arcadia , . , . 30 38 , . Arlington . . . . 32 46 . , Cory Rawson . . . 36 48 , , Liberty Benton . . . 31 50 , , Otsego . . . . . 37 48 . . Westwood . . . . 37 56 . . McComb . . . 29 Freshman Basketball Row One: Gary Shields, John Uhl, Gary Umphrees, Tim Holtgreven, Terry George. Row Two: lim Wilkins, Dick George, Gary Liebold, John Nelson, Terry Baker, Tom Sines, Mr. Seitz. Girls Basketball Row One: Linda Duffield, Patty Wolfe, Jan Naus, Janet Bishop, Mary MacMurray, Barbara Kline. Row Two: Mrs. Brown, Stella Walters, Vicki Umphress, JSHHGIIC HOCR, LuCif1da Serrller, Sandy TIHCGWSI1, Linda Way, Becky Little, Beverly Humphrey, Patty Grogg. Row Three: Betsy Cobb, Pat Humphrey, Mana Karch, Margaret MacMurray, Sandy Simon, Kay Hough, Connie Warren, Carol Fawver, Mona Karch, Susan Weber, Roberta Miller, Linda Firestine, Sandy Keeran. Row Four: Nola Austin, Donna Samuels, Wanda Firestine, Kathi Smith, Jeanie Allen, Martha Wolfe, Beverle Wilkins, Gloria Heavrin, Beverly Kline, Pam Franks, Judy Zentmeyer, Janie Luke. S I1 Jeanie Allen Marty Wolfe i o I' S Doug Staas Ron Kitchen Bev Wilkins Gloria He avrin Bob Marriott Don DeBouver 401211 Track Team Row One: Tim Poole, Bob Roberts, Mike Roberts, Tom Spoon, Don McCracken. Row Two: Mr. Owen, Dan Rader, Ja Van lunge, Don DeBouver, Dennis Baker, Mike Poole, Mike Winzeler, Phil Naus. Row Three: Bob Humphrey, David Kitchen, Tom Insley, Nolan Swinehart, John Staas, Jerry Semler, Don Payne, Ron Kitchen, Mike Naus, Tom Freed. Event 100 yd. dash 220 yd. dash 440 yd. dash 880 yd. run 1 mile run 120 yd. high hurdles 180 yd . low hurdles High jump Broad jump Pole vault Shot put TRACK AND FIELD RECORDS Holder Jerry Semler Jerry Semler Bill Staas Bill Staas Don DeBouver Ron Kitchen Jim Hulbert Gene Wolfe Phil Naus Dave Wolfe Dave Taylor Discus throw 880 yd. relay 1 mile relay Dick Breneman T. Roy, Jr. Hulbert S. Clark, D. Taylor B.Roberts, D. Debouver, T. Insley, M. Winzeler TimefDistance 10. 3 23. 0 54. 4 2: 04.4 4:48. 5 16. 8 22. 0 5'6-' 19'7 1f4" 10'6" 119' 1:39.0 3:51.2 Ilate 1963 1963 1961 1961 1963 1963 1962 1961 1963 1963 1962 1959 1960 1963 Track Seniors Don DeBouver Phil Naus Mike Winzeler Don McCracken ROD Kiwhefl Nolan Swinehart -C249 'x f 4-WT f W Y? N55 ' ff W ARMBRECHT Maytag Washers And Dryers Phone A22-695A II6 Center Street Findlay, Ohio TARBOX-MCCALL STONE COMPANY Crushed Stone Phone 422-l9l2 Findlay, Ohio CHUCK HOLTGREVEN SCALE CO. Findlay, Ohio I Phone M22-A779 Don HDutchH Holtgreven Gen. Mgr. RECREATION BOWLING LANES Brunswick Automatics Open Bowling ASC i325 East Crawford St Findlay, Ohio FINDLAY RADIATOR SERVICE 6Ol North Main Street Findlay, Ohio Compliments of FINDLAY HARDWARE Findlay's True Hardware Store SWARTZ SOHIO SERVICE HNext to The Gas Company North Baltimore, Ohio Phone M22-5852 22O S. Main St. Findlay, Ohio THE GRTH BALTIMCDRE GRAIN ASSOCIATION Mortimer Elevator Hoytville Elevator North Findlay Hoytville North Baltimore Elevator North Baltimore Dealers In Grains, Feeds, Coal, And Building Supplies 'ingllC1lYl1'!'l L? 4315 sm.,- I' I' as I I I M 5 R RESTAURANT North Baltimore Our New Dining Room Will Serve Banquets Parties, Wedding Receptions. Phone 257-463A BLOOMDALE FARMERS , vie- I .::::n:l:::'DI' Complete Elevator Service Phone 454-232l Bloomdale, Ohio Fmmm mmwishlu we Have New: PLAYER PIANCDS Hardman-Duo, Cable And Pianola Players In Stock We Also Have Reconditioned Used Players New Rolls, Including Latest Releases DECKER'S Phone 299-3684 Van Buren, Ohio NAlP1AVf'E5 BEHIND THE 25IC5Il'? Our geologists, located in many parts of the globe, will tell you that the ex- citing, unending quest for new oil re- serves is behind the Marathon sign. Our production and marketing men will tell you that the most modern refining and research facilities are behind it. Our customers may have the best answer: the finest products you can buy are behind every Marathon sign in every Marathon Service Station you meet. 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Laundry And Dry Cleaning Route 2 Phone 423-26ll Findlay, Ohio North Main St. Phone SBI-533 Findlay, Ohio Compliments of TROUT FURNITURE 508 South Main St. Findlay, Ohio COngITatl..I.IatIOI'IS to The Class of l963-64 THOMAS JEWELERS , North Baltimore M09 South Main Ohio Findlay, Ohio THE RLI GTO NATLIR LC-IAS CCDMPAN Kirby Phone 299-3330 Portage Van Buren P.0. Box 277 Mt. Blanchard Arlington Van Buren Arcadia Ohio ALICE DRESS 8 BEAUTY SHOPPE since 1896 Sports Wear Formal THE HARDY BANKING COMPANY ull South Main North Balitmore, Ohio Findlay ohio NAPOLI PIZZERIA 300 East Sandusky St. Phone GA 2-H709 VERES SPORTS SHOP School And Team Discounts coLoNY HOUSE North Main St. 309 south Main sr. 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ASSET OFFICE MACHINES Findlay ANAST PHARMACY Findlay BENARD'S LINOLEUM North Baltimore CAPTIOL TIRE SHOP Findlay EGBERT'S HOME FURNISHINGS Findlay HUGHES DRY CLEANERS Findlay JAC AND DO'S PIZZA Findlay KENNEDY PRINTING COMPANY Findlay MARATHON PLAZA CENTER Findlay MCCOMB FARMERS' CO-OP ASSOCIATION McComb MCCOMB LUMBER COMPANY McComb MEDLOCK JEWELER Findlay MID-TOWN RECREATION Fostoria MILLER'S LUNCHEONETTE Findlay MONTGOMERY WARD CATALOG STORE Findlay MOREY'S Findlay PATTERSONS Findlay PAUL M. BUTLER, REALTOR Findlay THE PHOTO CENTER Findlay SHEBLI'S SHOE STORE North Baltimore SNIVELY GRAIN McComb STEINERS FARM REPAIR SHOP Van Buren WALTERS SHOE COMPANY Findlay WOOD COUNTY CANNING COMPANY, INC. North Baltimore WATKINS CLEANERS WARREN-BELTZ MEN'S AND STUDENT'S PLOTTS HARNESS AND LUGGAGE SHOP CLOTHING Baltimore Findlay Findlay North Compliments of THE CURL-SMITH BEAUTY SHOP Across From HFort Findlay Villageu Phone M22-IYMB HERFF JONES CO. The World's Finest Manufacturers of Class Jewelry Rings, Pins, Medals, Trophies, Stationery Representative C. W. Roberts I GEORGE'S BAKERY George Long Jr., Prop Phone GA 2-MHLL 3l5CtlA Fdlyoh Autographs 6 ,w C I fm CQ In .,.. f W 5 vi 5 TE 'T A V INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas City - Winnipeg Yearbooks - Yearbook Covers Diplomas - G ' raduation Announceme USA nts www W QW RWM Sw WW UW C, ofa' I P ISI 1 4 . . 'MM vi Wi iff! WZ, QW ,MAP ,ffjw W W 5 . www Q3 QW' 'K 3,Q.-v Which lS I DOTTED WITH A CIRCLE - doe A IAB INSTEAD OF A DOT - irrit DOT IS BEFORE I - shows a procr DOT FOLLOWS I - is thinking ah A BROAD R - is interested in his OPEN CAPITAL D - shows frankn CLOSED CAPITAL D - is caution SHORT UPPER LOOPS - denote pr VERY SHORT LOWER Loops - sh A'S AND O'S NOT CLOSED - lik A'S AND O'S CLOSED WITH A LL A'S AND O'S CLOSED WITH NOD A'S AND O'S CLOSED WITH TW SMALL WRITING - capable of de SLANT TO THE RIGHT - emotior WRITING UP AND DOWN - hides his judgement BACKHAND - thinks about himse LIGHT PRESSURE - forgets events ANGULAR OR POINTED LETTERS HIGH t OR d STEMS - shows prid DISCONNECTED LETTERS - poss FILLED IN e - narrow minded M'S AND N'S LIKE V' S AND W'S to study A ROUNDED LETTERS - yielding, F I ffl! :J ' MW? KDMQQ real you? j r"' ro be like others wts a temper A c fr ulty in keeping Confidences 72, OQUJ of physical vitality ends to be secretive W shows a conservative intentionally deceitful doesn't let them interfere with W making a decision s to learn sixth sense or music appreciation thinker who usually doesn't need Aff e, unsophisticated K 'ffm

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