Van Buren High School - Knight Yearbook (Van Buren, OH)

 - Class of 1963

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Van Buren High School - Knight Yearbook (Van Buren, OH) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1963 volume:

,4- ,ann 'Y 4,1 K I' Gs x -as sa . ' I q Q f Y A 3 -at Q 'J D , -Ii- .P-, A,-5 7i,i ,H 7 , Y , 9 ' pe' , f if i.-r'!- i 5 Q a+' ff-X. sv ,R A -x ' I +.... ff m h k v F i 1 -JHXQQ-Rgxgw A2 X X Zxfl, QB 'Buren Snlqnnl BH Quran, Qghiu The ikniglqi xX Xl jigs ff S X to 4 enliwiinn 'WM During the past six years Mr. Cooper has been not only our teacher bu ment have co t our friend as well. His help and encourage ntributed greatly to the happiness and success of our school life. The long hours, sometimes unappreciated of work on this and other The clas yearbooks are to be recognized s of 1963 hereby dedicates this KNIGHT to Mr Milton Cooper. v XXX ' M 2 " 7 O N MM WN Qm f' WMM M w -ff Q Q M f Q L9 0 A Wh F WW Q Gi 'M WN Mx b g5gQCglQgiE?f?i Wg W is f XV X' 3 rlminisirahun Qsrlminisirztiinn BOARD OF EDUCATION Kay Poole, Joe Dufford, Ed Kuhlman, Paul Butler, Clark Roberts, Jim Kuhlman. MARCUS HANN A Superintendent WILLIAM COBURN ROBERT GEPHART High School Principal Elementary Principal 'iglq irhuul 7 zuznltg t A. A it if ww, 1 4. . g, TQ an 'V ' L' am., f W will MISS MARTHA BRYANT MRS. GLADYS SCOTHORN MRS, IEANNE BUNCH English, Latin Commercial Home Economics ' X tim i 2 ,ds 1, wa ,f s - f - Ai wg MRS, VESTA INSLEY MR. MILTON COOPER English, Math. Social Studies af S, 'Q . L. - I V A VV,,. ,V,, V 3. 1 14 . ,ll an n 'finfg' I . - W ,, N 1 'Q Q. I N, 1 432 ia Y WW A Q-if A wh ! ,in Ji L MR. R. FRANKENFELD MRS. DOROTHY SEARFOSS MISS ROBERTA WISTERMAN V0-Ag English Music -W A 1 w' lv ! , My f fr MR. CLYDE OWEN MR, FLOYD SEITZ Coach, Science Coach, Health, Law ,fag ' f ' I Ili. , , L K Q ,,, V H R117 ln wi I A W r gf, Q , l.,.,, ,E ' Q ' ' M Q4 A U .,o,, M A fygyp EJ" , V wwf 2 nlacz S is ,,ll l,-l 'K , ., A- , IV ja MR. DEAN HANCOCK MRS, NELLLE DILLERY MRS, NAOMI LATHER Industrial Arts Librarian, Math. Guidance Counselor 7 Iemnniarg wr ers wr' 'QW ,2 6, , MR, DARRELL FRUTH MRS, OLIVE I-IUFFMAN MISS NAOMI TREIER Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Fourth Grade MRS. DIANE SCHALLER MISS DONNA SCHWOCHOW Fourth Grade Third Grade ,ffwry MRS, NORMA HOGLE - MRS. ELIZABETH BLIND MRS, LUCILLE PUSEY Second and Third Grades Second Grade First Grade "midi MRS, MILDRED NESLER MRS. NAOMI HOCK First Grade Kindergarten 7 ns 4 rivers Ralph Silveus, Merle Sites, Floyd Wingate, Don Huffman, Robert DeBouver, Gene Firestine Qlnuks Glusinclian E .v,...m5 Mrs. Beulah Clements Robert Breneman Mrs. Dorothy Shively Q 6 Q Qi Q, 9 ii gg HQ QQQQQQQQ I Q Q' gi, 11 XQQEQQQD ED I 9 Q 9 4 -3-5' ff96,jA f io X3 Q, C5 QB F'Ii! -l -A "'ff..L -3-ff:-,5:LigI,V jgeninrs RAY AMOS "Mouse" Student Council 1, 2, 3, Class Of- ficer 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity V 2, 3,4, President 4, Class Play 3,4, FFA 1, 2, 3,4, of- ficer 2, 3, President 4, Land Judg- ing 4, Livestock Judging 3, 4, Par- liamentary Procedure Contest 3, 4. PATRICIA L, POOLE npat.. Honor Society 3, 4, Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, Science Fair 3, Stu- dent Council 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4, President 4, Class Officer 3, 4, Cheerleader 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, County Mu- sic Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, District Solo and Ensemble Auditions 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Attendant 3, 4, Class Play 3,4, FHA 1,2,3,4, Officer 3, 4, Girls' Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 4. Gila,-as Gmfiners PRESIDENT ALAN T. TONG "Twink" Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 4, County and District Science Fair 3, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 3, 4, President 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Track 1, 2, 3, Varsity V 1, 2, 3, 4, Offi- cer 3,4, Class Play 3,4, FFA 1, Buckeye Boys' State 1962. TREASURER STUDENT COUNCIL JANE ELLEN WERNER "Janie" Honor Society 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 1, 2, 3, Officer 4, Class Officer 1, 2, 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 4, County Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, District and State Solo and Ensemble Audi- tions 1, 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 2, 3,4, Homecoming and Halloween Queen 4, Class Play 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS ALLEN HEAVRIN "Heavy" Student Council 4, Football 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity V 3, 4, Officer 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Class Play 3,4. CARL KREINBRINK "Carl" 3, 45 Girls' Basketball Team 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 FFA 2, 3, 4. KAREN SUE LAMMERS "Karen" Mixed Chorus 2, 35 County Music Festival 25 Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 45 FHA 2. SARA G. BAKER "Bake" Honor Society 3, 45 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3,45 Annual Staff 3, 4, Editor 45 Newspaper staff 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer .4- MARY ALICE JUNGE "Mary" Class Officer 25 Band 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 25 Newspaper staff 25 FHA 1,2. - IEANNETTE KAY VANDERHOFF "Jean" Band 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 3, 45 County Mu- sic Festival 2, 35 Newspaper Staff 45 Homecoming Attendant 45 Class Play 3,45 Girls' Basketball Team 3, 4. DARRELL G. WITHROW "Weedrow" Class Play 35 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Offi- cer 4. NELSON MAY "Nellie" Football 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2: Baseball 2: Varsity V 2, 3, 4g'kBand4 Ig Class Play 3,42 FFA 1,2,3,4. TERESA GREEN "Terri" Honor Society 3, 4, Officer 4g Class Officer 1, 3g Band 1, 2, 3, Officer 25 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, County Music Festival 1, 2, 3, An- nual Staff 4, Newspaper Staff 1,2, 3, 4, Co-Editor 4g Class Play 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, Bi- County Officer 3, Girls' Basketball Team 3, 4. LINDA SUE ARNOLD Linda Class Play 3- FHA 3, 4, Officer 4g Librarian 4. JAMES RICHARD KLINE num.. Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball lg Track 1, 25 Varsity V 2, 3, 45 FFA l, 2, 3,4. C, DAVID WOLFE "Dave" Basketball 19 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity V 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, Class Play 3. LINDA LEE REESE "Lindy" Girls' Basketball Team 35 Cafete- ria Help 4. 1, 5' .n 1 3- .xr J Y-3 . . 7 1. li V F ll, J 5 1 R I w .V1'. I 5, 1 . I fi sv. CHARLES PAUL COYKENDALE "Chuck" County, District and State Science Fair 35 Student Council 15 Class Officer 1, 25 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1,2, 35 Varsity V 3, 45 An- nual Staff 45 Class Play 3, 4. ANN ALEE ENSMAN "Ann" Honor Society 3, 45 County Sci- ence Fair 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 25 County Music Festival 15 Solo and Ensemble Auditions 15 Annual Staff 45 Newspaper Staff45 Class Play 4. X LYNDA WOODWARD G "Woody" Student Council 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 County Music Festival 3, 45 District Solo and Ensemble Auditions 15 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 35 Girls' Basketball Team 2, 3, 4. JIM SCHWAB "Fuzz" Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 35 Baseball 15 Track 1, 2, 3,45 Var- sity V 3, 45 Manager 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 25 Newspaper Staff 45 Class Play 35 FFA 2, 3, 4, Officer 4. CAM LEA ROBERTS "Robie" Class Officer 35 Majorette 2, 3,45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 County Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 45 District and County Solo and Ensemble Auditions 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Newspaper Staff 2, 3,45 Class Play 3,45 FHA 1,2, 3, 45 Girls' Basketball Team 2, 3,45 Office Girl 3, 45 Buckeye Girls' State 1962. WILLIAM BUCK "Bill" Football 45 Basketball 3, 45 Varsi- ty V 45 Homecoming Escort 3,45 Class Play 3, 4. ' in an , f GARY LYNN TAYLOR "El toro" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Honorable Mention All County Team 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity V 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 4g Newspaper Staff 2, 33 Class Play 3, 4. CATHERINE LOUISE BISHOP "Cathie" Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4j Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres- ident 3g Cheerleader 3, 4g Major- ette 1, 2, 3, Head Majorette 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, Officer 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4g County Music Fes- tival 1, 2, 33 District Solo and Ensemble Auditions 1, 2, 3, State Auditions 33 Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4, Officer 33 Homecoming At- tendant 3, 43 FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Offi- cer 3, 43 Girls' Basketball Team 2. SHARON KAY SCHOONOVER "Sherry" Class Officer 43 Cheerleader 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Newspaper Staff 2, 3,42 Class Play 3,43 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3, 4. SANDRA SUE SCHOONOVER "Sandy" Student Council 43 Class Officer 2, 43 Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Newspaper Staff 2, 3,43 Class Play 3,43 FHA l,2, 3, 4, Officer 3,4, Bi-County Officer 33 Librarian 4. PAULA MARIE CESSNA "Paul" Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 County Mu- sic Festival 33 Newspaper Staff 2, 3,43 FHA 1,2, 3,4. PHILLIS JEAN ROY "Pea" Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4, Head Major- ette 4g Band 1,2, 3,43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 County Music Festival 2, 33 County Solo and En- semble Auditions 1, 2, 33 News- paper Staff 2, 3, 43 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4. Q CAROLE ANN TRAUTMAN "Trauty" Scholarship Team 4, Band 2, Mixed Chorus 2, 3,45 County Mu- sic Festival 2 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3,45 FHA 45 Girls' Basketball JIM ALLEN BIRCHMAN "Birch" Football 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Varsity V 3,45 Class Play 3, 4, SHERRIE LONG "Brownie" Cafeteria Help 45 Class Play Com- mittee 3, 4. Lx 1 fi '57, Irma. Team 45 Pep Club 3. DIANE LYNNE COLE 5 "Dee" Class Officer 35 Band l, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 County Mu- sic Festival 2, 35 Annual Staff 45 Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4, Co-Editor 45 Class Play 3,45 FHA 2,3,4, President 45 Librarian 4. WILBERT MARRIOTT "Web" Basketball l, 2, 3,45 Baseball l, 25 Track 35 Varsity V 2, 3,45 FFA 1, 2, 3,4. RICHARD B. ZENTMEYER, JR, ' "Rick" Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3. CAROL SUE AMES Pep Club lg Civics Club lg French Club 25 Girls' Chorus 4. giliz-tnrg nf the Qllass uf '53 ln September 1959 thirty -four members enrolled in Van Buren High School to be known as "green freshies." Three new faces were seeng they belonged to Jim Schwab, Diane Cole and Sandy and Sharon Schoonover. Our officers for the year were: President, Chuck Coykendaleg Vice -President, Ray Arnosg Secretary, Jane Wernerg Treasurer, Karen Bassett and Student Council, Alan Tong. During the year we sponsored a dance and spent a very pleasant and happy year together. Our Sophomore year we entered. school as "second basemen, " feeling a little wiser and bolder. Carole Trautman and Karen Lammers were newcomers to our class. We elected our officers to be: President, Ray Amosg Vice -President, Chuck Coykendaleg Secretary, Jane Wernerg Treasurer, Cathie Bishop and Student Council, Pat Poole. That year we sponsored another dance and a car wash. The next fall, as we were summoned to take up our duties as "third basemen, " we welcomed Tom Heavrin, Bill Buck, Jean Vanderhoff and Linda Arnold to help us. Our officers for this year were: Presi- dent, Cathie Bishopg Vice -President, Alan Tong, Secretary, Terri Greeng Treasurer, Diane Cole and Student Council, Alan Tong. We all felt our Junior year was a success with the presentation of our play, TEEN TIME, our dance, winning the magazine drive, sponsoring the Junior -Senior Prom, serving at a banquet and receiving those wonderful class rings. Seniors at last, we found ourselves sliding in at home, so much different from our first appearance as freshmen. Our advisors, Mrs. Scothorn and Mr. Cooper guided us through a happy, successful and very busy year. Our officers were: President, Alan Tongg Vice -President, Ray Amos, Secretary, Jane Wernerg Treasurer, Pat Poole and Student Council, Tom Heavrin and Gary Taylor. During the year we welcomed Susie Ames to make our enrollment complete at thirty-six. Some of our many activities included: our class play, PHANTOM OF THE HIGH SCHOOL, a successful dance, selling programs and cake tickets at the basketball games, serving at two banquets and attending the Prom given by the Juniors. We chose our class colors to be red and white with a red and white carnation as our flower. Both commencement and baccalaureate were held on May 26. Later that same week we left on our class trip to New York and Washington, D. C . .4321 Qx Ti. 4' 'smlvig w --K. as If fa . wg 3 vs. . X 1, -5 ,-.Q B gevziwsgri - - Q- N: Q g 5 Y 5 - A Q, I :I A Vh A l L . ' - - - , . ,k xg. . Q5 i Q X1 f x w X X if' . . :,.. Q- F 55 r QQ H3 X .. r NX' X ikgefs - Sig - - -LL--' - x .. ' . kg -5 ', ---5 ,aw -f A ffifgf - .L , '- Q -- 252'gg5:'5.f1.'-gg mlm' 5454 M, ' at S Sm A , :lf -aw' -2 N X X ', 'DN xx E. . :M .. ., - esjiiz, L ' za-or-iifzfii 4' A ' ' -ff . fi' J -. M L 1 - ' - v 'Q --" 1 ' M ' , X1 I3 Q.. f 3 2- 'K 1 -. v Y 5 x N W --"'- - .,.,... ' 1 -W ' P- - . A sf Q u i ? ' -- J f -1'1v.s52i2---if,-1-Y111.22 ' K :X- X . X 'RI A . L. ' mmm--.. K -gf-5, --1 -:,::-f1:...::..-a--s , , LW ., if 'iw I , , " K .. K' f b " g -. , .--xlfiifi -13 - - I z f Q- -ist if A L . ' R -. SF?"? N' fnelne ears ngeilpzr ROW ONE: Phillis Roy, Cathie Bishop, Paula Cessna, Terri Green, Mary Junge, Ann Ensman, Jane Werner. ROW TWO: Pat Poole, Nelson May, Jim Birchman, Ray Amos, Dave Wolfe, Wilhert Marri- ott, Darrell Withrow, Sara Baker. 7 irsi Etude Igirinre ROW ONE: Dave Wolfe. ROW TWO: Phillis Roy, Jane Werner, Sara Baker, Mary Junge, Ann Ensman Cathie Bishop. ROW THREE: Pat Poole, Terri Green, Wilbert Marriott. ROW FOUR: Darrell With- row, Ray Amos, Jim Birchman, Nelson May, Chuck Coykendale, Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you Qian un clmzrgine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine Ray Amos not being tardy? Linda Arnold going out for track? Sara Baker not bugging the annual? Jim Birchman doing the waltz to the limbo? Cathie Bishop without a '62 class ring? Bill Buck smiling? Paula Cessna without her toothbrush? Diane Cole without her good-buddies, the twins? Chuck Coykendale six foot six? Ann Ensman refusing to do someone a favor? Terri Green not using the latest saying? Tom Heavrin coming to the point? Mary lunge taking a test on time? Jim Kline playing touch football? Carl Kreinbrink without his portable electric engine? Karen Lammers staying out of mischief? Sherrie Long being late for school? Wilbert Marriott giving up basketball for a girl? Nelson May being a "good little boy" in math class? Pat Poole flunking a test? Linda Reese without her purple tennis shoes? Cam Roberts without her Girls' State pin? Phillis Roy without curly, black hair? Sandy Schoonover being six feet tall? Sharon Schoonover without a twin? Jim Schwab making a block? Gary Taylor taking ballet lessons? Al Tong playing offensive tackle? Carole Trautman without blonde hair? Jean Vanderhoff not having a big yellow convertible? lane Werner without her dimples? Darrell Withrow entering a talkathon? Dave Wolfe answering to "Clarence" ? Lynda Woodward making a decision? Rick Zentmeyer without his record player? Mr. Hanna without Cam? Mr. Coburn loitering in the hall? Mrs. Scothorn without her stopwatch? Mr. Cooper wearing a Barry Goldwater sweatshirt? the Senior class twenty years from now? i ,.,, as , -, ffwpfg ff , if ,V mm, f ff f , 'M f' f , ' , X. Y, A A 1 1 1 a 7 ' 2 42 ' , fff 1. , r 'L' ff 2 bw-, ,- ev J f M .5 2 ,E jg ' if Sf sw? . LM? jluniurzi ,," ,J -, ,wif r "" H' 1 wi wx My M--., 1 X-41" s f 5' 4' 1 , I if er 'W of ur 22 My ,K f fw ay 52? 'Slim -if 'H 3 f . W V -Af A Q' , A, ,, M ,,., A izl ,, ,VVV A , , A . .,. , W ' Z' ., , L 'I ' rt if wi J rrrr J M r A -A f iw-' .J f ...J Z . A J B fi A . it A V I A . Lfv, 4 , ' fm., 4 , er ,Qu mi . a -A 'I by ' . I' 'W' .1 rr X, Mia: an ' ' - ' f . M3 A if-2 , J Y J ' " 't 114 " " 1 H , , Q t , ' 5 ' APS 1" 5' ' :M 2 r n.. 5 A ' 5 , .I f' 7 fr ' Z 1 A Q' 'i"gf':if aa A A ' 'weft f , " A 'M ,, fi it .P ,I 1 , . . , ,W f - " 'A gf! -W " 'I' ja if xi are-W-fra f' 1'1 W ,V wi..-ff,1 ,' :M ,.V, ' 1,1 f 4 VVK: ,. Q44 , w "' 'rzrfegnw - ,Z ,fJ,,.,f. , fa E ip J C., W XQWQQ 5 it Q tw. We . :-, ,zi el' ar.. - ' ,, 123' J ff ,f 'L -, ,m . 1 , . . it A V ' S -u .M if 5" 1' .. if A Q f QQ X wa? 'HJ , fa' Z ,Mm Jeanie Allen Vicki August David Aurand' Ronald Aurand Nola Austin Eugene Barfell Richard Barfell Judy Bevins Mary Jane Butler Cheryl Daugherty Donald DeBouver Joe Dwenger Wanda Firestine Pam Franks Don Hall Gloria Heavrin Don Holtgreven Diane King Ron Kitchen Barbara LaPrad Janie Luke Robert Marriott Don McCracken Patricia Miller Phil Naus Bill Payne Frankie Poe Floyd Potteiger Marilyn Reese Terry Routson Donna Samuels Kathie Smith Sally Smith Doug Staas Nolan Swinehart Elaine Swisher Peggy Uhl John Waggoner Beverle Wilkins Mike Winzeler Martha Wolfe Judy Zentmeyer ' 4- ..Q, f' guphumure - .. -. - .irswa ' ' 'I.:filai,Q?.f3 ,. ,W fr R. -. ' T . ' , ,. . ,C f HA. rg in , 3 23.3 1 N l , E, , I I " 5 . 33 if L'-:: A X L"i' "L' , r ki l f ,,i,l..- r r ..: .. KAIN ,, ,A 5 f Z N K ,L.L,,1,1 ig Bw? ' ' w X., .V M Vkrk L st' v., ff .Hr ' - , "" W 3 , ' A kki. Q, J Q -"- I 'K --ZL iff' l P 1 M 4 yr ': Avzh . . K 1 K L 4 : K i, at i -t Y 'dx' 3, .pa E . or K W' V. .ff it N, . g .jf . .ihrh X VA . X 4, ,A t A is I X Hx K.-' 5, r. 1 fe Wei? 'if it , r M K + sri' 5 f .. L, a Y.. 'W ' ,:::I.--11:15 ' gf ' wif 2 - 'V ff G l by R aw or lx at v R -I Q 1 K . K -. r Z A22 K A ' , 3, 3. ,iw 53 L , V V KJ -1 M 5 .- ,, ,... ,, ii Q 'fp KmLkAh r ,Mag im a, N Egg V,,, ky r .gVA:V V, , is L Q L v..- i i 5 K M U N , 2' K - .zv i if if NT .S 1 , 5- me A fb 'su , 5 S M New ,, T '4 Q .M Q R, :I V . , Mn. X Y ry ' S we B Q to N , Q S Elizabeth Cobb Cheryl Coykendale Cynthia Coykendale Brian Clark Bonnie Damon Mark Dreisbach Carolyn Ebersole Carol Fauver Linda Firestine Tom Freed Bill Griffith Tom Grogg Vickie Hall Bill Holtgraven Kay Hough Dick Houk Bob Humphrey Patty Humphrey Cheryl Hulbert ' Glyn Huntley Tom Insley Paul Jackaway Dick Karrick Mana Karch Mona Karch Sandy Keeran Bill Kirk Eddie McMonigal Margaret McMurray Roberta Miller Danny Payne Mike Poole Bob Potteiger Danny Rader Bob Roberts Mike Roberts Flora Sautter Jerry Semler Janet Shell Tom Spoon Dennis Stahl Diane Steen Georgia Stough Carol Taylor Garry Trautman up Don Walters Beth Withrow Reva Withrow ,fi W! of , A J Q X ,fi 1' ., 'Zi 5, fr, 'fe-V. M4535 ff ' If 5 W .1 in -'f' 'Yi' :Y M was I , 5 y V , .- eggs t ag' 2 7 rw men Z: V , h . V y y y C: , in S' y 5 1 L ' W i A.A. y ' ' vi3iff:,.,,,, K iw. "W S L r W we W q, v,,' f i f -4-sw V A A-y i i ' , fl L Af" KY: , K 4,1 mt I it at., L? x ' aff: my f, ...rl tx 3 V, V Vx .xfwmi VV, 1 I AW-af' 2 Q If., -. . .. 1' ,,,, bf Mr- F Ag, Iw - my wi xrfwv as Z '-gywr' V 'VVVZ V K I ,,.,f,, X' N, Zyl? A ft f ' fi I 5 1 Y 0 ,at ' " Carl Atzbach Mike August Linda Aurand Bob Barfell Dennis Baker John Bisbee Janet Bishop Danny Branson Fred Cline John Copus Donna Deal Tom Evans Patty Grogg Marsha Harris Richard Heavrin Bob Hess Jeanette Hook Jean Horner Bev Humphrey Ia Van lunge Dave Kitchen Jerry Kline Becky Little Diana McCracken Mike Naus Georgeanna Payne Tim Poole Larry Sammet Edwin Schwab Lucinda Semler Joe Smith John Staas Rosalie Strait Ron Strausbaugh Vicki Um phress Bill Waggener Cindy Wagner Stella Walter Linda Way Barbara Webb .Terry Lee Webb Tom Ylhainen yin we-' was an 3 ii Q K N: R R. x Nx- l NX W . . r . .W if X M-up L Q xx K, , QQ i S X fm? Xi...--fd w we- fl R ,Q Q. X H Fir- W i"" ss I X f' .asm 'wr- f. X was is s , 'Q Ka "Q K Q.-nv--" 'fr-19' www , gr . f l 3 John Ames Sherry Baughman Darlene Bisbee Terry Bowser Ricky Carles Charlotte Clements Larry Deal Edna Donaldson Linda Duffield Wanda Durain Diane Gallant Dick George Helen Hall Tim I-loltgreven Jim Houk Darlene Jackaway Billy Keeran Barbara Kline Ronnie Koehnke Gary Leibold Mary MacMurray Pam McMonigal Sharon Minter Jan Naus Ann Nelson Danny Nesler Diane Nesler Ronnie Rader Gary Shields John Uhl Barbara Vogel Jim Wilkins Donna Wills Patty Wolfe David Zehender Grade 5211211 fs W' 7' w i W "" f r W' ' Q o r f 1 4' I "W V a , , , f--f' ' Y Q T 'KV' Ag ' f,,k,,,, g '5-fzfvr " ,fri rf . . .,G, H f ' Q9 an , Y ' ,., 3 2' T . SQ yr y M ' Q" "Wig Y , N V H ",,, . , in C T , - Ai? 5 . A xi' iff, V? in lyke! V Q rr , 3, ' K A'L, .,.,, , ,, ",': E D' 3 4- 5 s Zi' ' ,A,'fi ' il V' 1 I 243- 2? 2, 2' , "k' ' wa - 1-ri , ' -f '1 - T My 3, ,. V Qi .A,, , W Q 1 in My , . 'fin ir " f 4, 5 5 " 1 My-ff 2155 5:2 v 3 ,i,,,, 4 ,X , 45112 Q Terry Baker Patty Bevins Susan Clark Cathy Clemans Myreon Cobb Tom Cobb Toby Deal Danny DeLong Susan Fauver Patty Franks Terry George Mike Holtgreven Melvin Jackaway Earl Keeran Linda Koehnke Gloria Leader Larry Leibold Danny McMonigal Vicki Miller Terry Minter John Nelson Tom Sines Randy Stough Philip Strausbaugh Chuck Tesnow Carole Tong Greg Um phress Danny Webb Marilyn Wetherholt Margo Winzeler Lana Woodward 'K If 'W' Q Jn f X ,fi , ki , Pix Q J MQ if MP' fy X LR W WI! if in f 6 MK Q , XEQX 0 V65 M Q 'Um ' gilemeniarg Cbrarln ix ROW ONE: Cathie Atzbach, Imogene Rinker, Becky Norris, Karen Vogel. ROW TWO: Don Zehender Mike Payne, Jeff Geren, Douglas Zehender, Jerry Sammet, Bill Damon, Eddie Kline, Mike Harris, Mr. Gephart. THIRD ROW: Tony Humphrey, Gary Ossman, Bob McKee, Larry Patterson, David Bates, Don Freed, Jack Stahl,' Raymond Dwenger, Ken Cobb. ABSENT: Gary Carles. grade Six 4 ROW ONE: Shari Routson, Diana Copus, Penny Lentz, Sue Ensman, Barbara Coykendale, Jeanine Jack- away. SECOND ROW: Sharon Rettig, Connie Kuhlman, Bonnie Jackson, Debra Austin, Jill Wood, Bette Taylor, Karen Brim, Connie Warren, Cindy Rader, Mr. Fruth. THIRD ROW: Bobby George, Mike Mericle, Dave Cole, Tucker Zentmeyer, David Nelson, Larry Brown, Tim Sines, Bill Straley, Steve Cramner. Grade 7 ine ROM' OXE: Larry Beyins, Susan Schwinn, Sharon Basinger, Linda Clements, Sharen Brim, Jessica Clabaugh, Diana Cobb, Jack George. ROW TWO: Terry Franks, Peggy Smith, Kay Warren, Sandra Steen, Sheryl Norris, Patty Kline, Kathy McCartney, Patty Taylor, Anna Miller, Paulette Trout, Kathy Deal, Loretta Marriott, Susan Browne, Frances lxiackiurray, Leonard Dwenger. ROW THREE: Mrs. Huffman, David Reese, Gary Umplness, Jerry Payne, Kenny Trautman, Jimmy Griffith, Ronnie Tcsnow, Dennis Woodward, Allen August, Joe Whitticar, Tom Poole, Jimmy Naus, Eddie Conrad, Xiitch Haley, Dallas Kline. Cbracln 7 nur ROW ONE: Jean kiathys, Clara Walter, Janice Steen, Michalene Atzbach, Dana Morris, Gloria Davis Janice Steen, Goldie Payne. ROW TWO: James Straley, Tommy Leader, Karen Kessinger, Sandra Vogel, Sharon Showman, Carol Close, Karen Zehender, Jeff Hailey, John Greeno, Dennis Zehender. ROW THREE: Miss Treier, Jimmy Clabaugh, David Lentz, John Sautter, Kenneth Houk, Bobby Miller, Dick Taylor, Billy Alford, Ricky Moser, Henry Walter, Randy Strait, Kenneth Sammet. Grade ree ROW ONE: Nancy Damon, Debbie Jackson, Valerie Payne, Marita Amos, Karen Basinger, Debbie Priebe. ROW TWO: Graig Dwenger, Toni Fess, Sandy Mericle, Sandy Showman, Sandy Kitchen, Barbara Brown, Tracy Sterling, Toni Geren, Mary Jane Rinker, Paul Barfell. ROW THREE: Miss Schwochow, Larry Wise, Richard Flores, David Huntley, Dick Schillawski, Rickie Evans, Tom Wag- goner, Hector Gonzales, Jack Little, John Rettig, Steven Schwinn, Tom Karrick. F' CB r zz ri 2 4 n 11 r 4 ROW ONE: Jo Ellen Hess, Nancy Cole, Kathy Montgomery, Kathy Trout, Sally Kuhlman. ROW TWO: Mrs. Schaller, Janet Newcomer, Barbara Palmer, Joselle Thomas, Peggy Jackson, Shirley Geren, Kathy Carles, Jim Priebe. ROW THREE: Dennis Tesnow, John Wood, Bobby Straley, Jeff Clemans, Terry Liebold, Russell Baughman, Bill Slaughterbeck, Ned Miller. ABSENT: Billy Stahl, Jill Wagner, Pam Grogg, Linda Smalley. Etude inn Qs 84 'Gibran ROW ONE: Patty Birchman, Terry King, Jo Ann Keeran, Jean Huffman, Cathy Payne, Jane Gonzales. ROW TWO: Glen Davis, Gary Mathys, Monica Wolfe, Vicki Simonson, Rosanna Herrill, Kathleen Semler, Robin Roberts, Kim Atzbach, Kathy Zehender, Lydia Strausbaugh, Eric Conrad. ROW THREE John Poe, Greg Montgomery, Jimmy Steen, Harold Barfell, Bruce Miller, Alex Strausbaugh, Gene Ashcraft, Kevin Zentmeyer, Fredy Hopple, Dick Rader, Steven Cameron, Chuch Deal, Mrs. Hogle. ABSENT: Steve Houk. Cbrarle inn 4 ROW ONE: Doris Zehender, Mattrew Householder, Philip,Schillawski, Jeffery Winkle, Terry Rader, Maria Rojas. ROW TWO: Cheryl Radabaugh, Sheila Showman, Judy Kuhlman, Suzanne August, Deborah Green, Jane Huffman, Sara Huntington, Mrs. Blind. ROW THREE: Lynn Firestine, Ladd Fas- sett, Jack Slaughterbeck, Robert Miller, Steven Barber, Douglas Warren, Dennis Moser, Dale Marriott ABSENT: Barry Allen, Bonnie Deal, Roger Stahl. Qbranle 69112 ROW ONE: Tedi Atzback, Shauna Steele, Linda Hock, Joan Uhl, Carol Kessinger, Cynthia Brown, Yvonne Flores. ROW TWO: Chyrel Hopple, Kim Carles, Chris Coppes, Nancy Rojas, Rebecca Freed, Rhonda Miller, Debra Norris, Debora Huntington, Lorna Straley. ROW THREE: Christopher Hailey, Rex Rinker, John Waller, Barry Leibold, Edward Huffman, Gregory Wingate, Ion Timothy Wilkins, William Stahl, Mrs. Pusey. ABSENT: Pam Smalley, Christina Ellis. Grade GBIIB 4 ROW ONE: Manuel Gonzales, Beth Householder, Sherri Wagner, Debra Huffman, Debbie Wilkinson, Bonnie Clabaugh, Karen Huntley, Eddie May. ROW TWO: Sammy Smith, Debra Harris, Cynthia Sny- der, Mary Io Miller, Diane Taylor, Deborah Nelson, Peggy Keeran, Christol Winkle, David Wise, Craig Perkins. ROW THREE: Jackie Poe, Robert Waggoner, Jerry Brim, Steve Slaughterbeck, Tommy Damon, Karl Hemminger, Jerry Brim, John Griffith, Billy Patterson, Mrs. Nesler. nrning piinrlergzrrinn ROW ONE: Pattie Patterson, Rhonda Flores, Margaret Heminger, Caryl Lee, Cheryl Lee, Sherri Baker Nancy Bevins, Dianna Deal. ROW TWO: Kevin Roth, Corinna Ames, Marlene Basinger, Kimberly Miller, Deborah August, Barbara Alford, Lilli Sterling, Jackie Jackson, Connie Miller, Janey Rojas, Donald Straley. ROW THREE: Mrs. Hock, Paul Neal, Steven Deidrick, Jeffrey Shields, Bruce Clem- ents, Earl Allen, Kurt Thomas, Brent Deter, Tim Carles, Robert McMonigal, Robin Smith, Jeffrey Gallant, Samuel Smith. ABSENT: Kevin Stahl, Robert Trout. fiernunn Kindergarten ROW ONE: Janet Siferd, Betty Reese, Jacqueline Sines, Nicci Owen, Christine Mathys, Kathy Barber, Roxana Little, Elaine Flanagan. ROW TWO: Diane May, Becky Snyder, Linda Stacy, Nina Warren, Janet Kagy, Deborah Kuhlman, Cheryl Slaughterbeck, Linda Rettig, Jane Kagy, Melba Austin. ROW THREE: Mrs. Hock, Bobby Wilkins, William Hopple, Dean Wilkinson, Mark Bishop, Harold Snyder, Dennis Herrell, Alfred Dalzell, Kevin Regal, Terry Lentz, David Crawford, Joel Houk, Mark Keeran Isaac Gibson, Jr., Sammy Smalley. ABSENT: David Sammet. 4524-S ,MM K. WZ, WIN: .-:iff me 4, -4, . 1 fm QM X ,Q M1 Qsriiniiies Student Qlnunril ROW ONE: Peggy Uhl, Jane Werner, Pat Poole, Martha Wolfe, Cathie Bishop. Mr. Coburn. ROW TWO: Sandy Schoonover, Jan Naus, Eugene Barfell, Ron Kitchen, Phil Naus, Lynda Woodward, Diane Gallant, Vicki Miller. ROW THREE: Rick Heavrin, Gary Taylor, Dennis Baker, Bill Waggener, Alan Tong, Ray Amos, Tom Heavrin, Don McCracken, Terry George. NOT PICTURED: Bob Roberts, Bill Griffith, Bob Potteiger, Jim Wilkins. Student Council is a school activity in which the students themselves share in the management of their school. Mr. Coburn serves as the adviser. The various aims of the Student Council are as follows: the promotion of student activities, the developement of harmonious relations between students and faculty, assistance in school management, and the development of habits of good citizenship. OFFICERS President . . . ...... . . Pat Poole Vice-President . . . Martha Wolfe Secretary . . . . . Jane Werner Treasurer . . . Cathie Bishop RSPOTYCT - . Peggy Uhl unnr nnietg Terri Green, Ann Ensman, Jane Werner, Sara Baker, Pat Poole, Miss Bryant. All Juniors and Seniors maintaining a B average for five semesters are eligible for membership in the National Honor Society. These students are then rated on their character, leadership, scholarship and service. During the year social meetings were held in various schools in Hancock County, and in May, Van Buren was host to the annual banquet, where the new members were initiated. In February Miss Bryant, our advisor, announced the new Junior members of the Van Buren Chapter of the National Honor Society. They were: Cheryl Daugherty, Peggy Uhl, Janie Luke, Chuck Coykendale, A1 Tong, Martha Wolfe, Mike Winze- ler, and Gloria Heavrin. igitlighi staff Editor ................ Business Editor ........ Advertising and Layout Editor . . Class Editor ......... Activities Editor , Subscription Editor . Sports Editor ..... Snapshot and Art Editor . . Junior Assistant Editor . Advisor ....... . . Sara Baker . . Terri Green . . . Diane Cole . . Ann Ensman Carole Trautman Chuck Coykendale . . Tom Heavrin Lynda Woodward . . . Peggy Uhl . . Mr. Cooper efrlspaper Siaff Co-Editors . Sports Editors . Business Manager . Circulation Manager Grade News . . . . Typists . . Mim eo scope . Mimeograph . Proofreaders . Faculty Adviser . . DIXIE STAFF . . Terri Green Diane Cole . . . Pat Poole Tom Heavrin , Jean Vanderhoff . . Gloria Heavrin . . , Janie Luke Martha Wolfe Carole Trautman Jean Vanderhoff Cam Roberts Sharon Schoonover Sandra Schoonover . . , Ann Ensman . . Jane Werner Peg Uhl . Gladys Scothom 7 uinre 4 nmemzxknrs nf Qtmnrita ROW ONE: Linda Arnold, Sharon Schoonover, Sandy Schoonover, Jeanie Allen, Diane Cole, Pat Poole, Wanda Firestine, Vicki August, Sara Baker. ROW TWO: Phillis Roy, Jane Werner, Sally Smith, Linda Firestine, Carolyn Ebersole, Margaret MacMurray, Diane McCracken, Pat Humphrey, Cam Roberts, Judy Bevins, Sandy Keeran. ROW THREE: Mana Karch, Mona Karch, Jeanette Hook, Carole Trautman, Paula Cessna, Terri Green, Lynda Woodward, Kay Hough, Judy Zentmeyer, Cathie Bishop, Barbara Webb. The Van Buren Future Homemakers of America were hosts to the Fall Bi-County Meeting held November 7, 1962. Approximately 350 girls attended. This year there are 32 members, two chapter mothers, and the adviser is Mrs. Bunch. OFFICERS President . . . .... . Diane Cole Vice-President , , Jeanie Allen Secretary . . . . . Pat Poole Treasurer .... . . . Sara Baker Student Council Sandy Schoonover 7 uiure 7 zxrmera-3 nf Qsmeriw ROW ONE: Darrell Withrow, Don Hall, Jim Schwab, Ray Amos, Don McCracken, Richard Barfell, Floyd Potteiger. ROW TWO: Glynn Huntley, Tom Grogg, Dick Houk, Terry Routson, Don Walters Dan Rader, Tom Evans, Fred Cline, Larry Sammet. ROW THREE: David Aurand, Bob Humphrey, Nolan Swinehart, Eugene Bai-fell, Bill Payne, Nelson May, Jim Kline, David Aurand, Mike August, Wilbert Marriott, John Bisbee. The F. F. A. received top honors in overall activities in the state and district contest. They also participated in the pest hunt, livestock and soil judging, Parlia- mentary Procedure, farm safety, and Public Speaking Contest. OFFICERS President . . . . . . Ray Amos Vice-President . . DOH MCCIHCRCH Secretary . . . . Jim Schwab Treasurer , . Darrell Withrow 4 QQ 91 armig JH ROW ONE: Don McCraken, Phil Naus, Gary Taylor, Webb Marriott, Bill Griffith, Bob Roberts, Jim Schwab. ROW TWO: Mr. Owen, Bill Buck, Mike Poole, Jim Birchman, Tom Freed, Bob Humphrey, Tom Heavrin, Brian Clark, Nelson May, Denny Baker. ROW THREE: Mike August, John Staas, Jerry Semler, Alan Tong, Dave Wolfe, Ray Amos, Torn Insley, Jim Kline, Bob Marriott. The Varsity "V" is made up of students who have made a varsity letter in either football, basketball, or track. The Varsity "V" Club strives to build up athletic participation, good sportsman- ship, and school spirit. OFFICERS President . . . . . . Ray Amos Vice-President . . . Don McCracken Secretary-Treasurer . . . Alan Tong mint Flag Mindy . . Rick . Julie , Alan . . Randolph Betty . . Cindy . . Sue . Lou . . Chuck . . Nina . . . Miss Harker Miss Winslow , , Mr. Gibney Miss Benson Evelyn Cole Lanny . . . Marty Redmond . . Norma Janeway , , Sgt. Madrigan PHANTOM OF THE HIGH SCHOOL p.eo-aa-.-..-n.-.- Cam Lea Roberts . . . Alan Tong Carole Trautman . . . Ray Amos Chuck Coykendale . . Jane Werner Jean Vanderhoff Sandy Schoonover Sharon Schoonover . . Gary Taylor . Phillis Roy . Ann Ensman . Terri Green . . Tom Heavrin . , , Sara Baker Lynda Woodward . . Nelson May . Bill Buck . Diane Cole . Jim Birchman Director - - - . Miss Martha Bryant mint s., - ROW ONE: Terry Minter, Elaine Swisher, Marilyn Reese, Lynda Woodward, Bob Roberts, Phil Naus MacMurray, Vicki Miller, Diane King, Bonnie Damon, Cheryl Hulbert, Janie Luke, Joe Dwenger Martha Wolfe. ROW THREE: Pat Poole, Kathy Smith, Jane Werner, Diane Steen, Pat Wolfe, Dal Ebersole, Tom Sines, Helen Hall, Pat Poole. This year the Senior band consists of 45 members, and is under the direction of Miss Roberta Wisterman. During the summer the band marches in various parades and homecomings, but when school starts its attention is turned to practicing shows for football games. The concert band participates in District Contest, and is judged for various qual- ities. If a superior rating is received, the band goes on to the State Contest. 7 and Aargo Winzeler, Peg Uhl, Jim Houk, Bill Keeran. ROW TWO: Ann Ensman, Becky Little, Mary Iarol Fawver, Wanda Firestine, Linda Firestine, Dan DeLong, Beverle Wilkins, Cynthia Coykendale, Branson, Joe Smith, Cindy Wagner, Susan Fawver, Linda Way, Linda Duffield, Nola Austin, Carolyn gllllajnreiinzs Cam Roberts, Janet Bishop, Phillis Roy, Jeanie Allen. Euninr 84 'Beginner 7 and ROW ONE: Sharon Rettig, Sue Ensman, Larry Bevins, Bobby McKee, Mitch Haley, Joe Whitticar, Jimmy Naus, Dallas Kline, Jimmy Clabaugh, Sharon Brim, Bobby George. ROW TWO: Sharon Showman, Shirley Geren, Connie Warren, Imogene Rinken, Sharon Basinger, Janet Newcomer, Kay Warren, Karen Brim, Betty Taylor, Jeff Geren, Steve Cramner, Leonard Dwenger, Sandra Steen, Becky Norris, Larry Brown, Don Freed, Cheryl Norris. ROW THREE: Miss Wisterman, Susan Schwinn, Peggy Smith, Dana Morris, Sherri Routson, Kathy Deal, Debbie Austin, Bill Damon, Denis Woodward, Tim Sines, Tom Zentmeyer, Mike Mericle, Eddie Kline, JoEllen Hess, Terry Leibold, Nancy Cole. Girls' Qllqnrns ROW ONE: Beverly Humphrey, Jane Werner, Marilyn Reese, Judy Bevins, Becky Little, Patty, Grogg. ROW TWO: Rosalie Strait, Beth Withrow, Jean Horner, Diane McCracken, Margaret MacMurray, Vicki Umphress, Mana Karch, Pat Humphrey, Reva Withrow, Stella Walters. ROW THREE: Nola Austin, Jean Vanderhoff, Vicki Hall, Carol Taylor, Pam Franks, Lucinda Semler, Vicki August, Susan Ames, Georgeanna Payne, Elaine Swisher. ixerl Qllqurus ROW ONE: Phillis Roy, Jeanie Allen, Pat Humphrey, Margaret MacMurray, Diane King, Elaine Swisher, Jean Vanderhoff, Georgia Stough, Cindy Wagner, Carolyn Ebersole, Diane Cole, Reva With- row, Judy Bevins. ROW TWO: Miss Wisterman, Cynthia Coykendale, Beth Withrow, Cam Roberts, Bonnie Damon, Peggy Uhl, Vicki Hall, Flora Sautter, Paula Cessna, Pat Poole, Terri Green, Janie Luke, Carole Trautman, Linda Woodward, Janet Bishop, Judy Zentmeyer, Susan Ames, Pam Franks, Sara Baker, Cheryl Daugherty, Jane Werner. ROW THREE: Linda Way,' Nola Austin, Phil Naus, Gary Taylor, Jerry Webb, Jerry Kline, Mike Naus, Mike Winzeler, Joe Dwenger, Jerry Semler, John Wag- goner, John Staas, Larry Sammet, Dan Branson, John Bisbee, Bob Roberts, Tim Poole, Bob Hess, Carol Taylor, Cathie Bishop. The Mixed Chorus is composed of 53 members and is under the direction of Miss Roberta Wisterman. Each year the Mixed Chorus participates in the Christmas assembly, and com- petes in District Auditions which are held in the spring. Anyone from the Freshman class to the Senior class may participate, providing try-outs are passed satisfactorily. 4 nmetuming Glunri 'mmm FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Janie Luke, Jean Vanderhoff, Pat Poole, Cathie Bishop, Jane Werner and Pat Miller. On October 12, 1962, the 12th annual Homecoming was held at Van Buren. Jane Werner was crowned queen by Alan Tong, co-captain, and presented with red carnations. Pat Poole, her Maid of Honor, received white mums. Senior attendants, Cathie Bishop and Jean Vanderhoff, were also given mums. Janie Luke and Pat Miller were chosen Junior attendants. They, too, were presented with appropriate flowers. Even our defeat by Cory Rawson failed to dull the high spirit of the evening. After the game, the Senior class sponsored a record hop which was held in the gym. Ti . , 5 f'a"AL 'Wf ,Sf -4 A W ,,V,. I L 2 444.-as Q? ,, 'El A ,-ff "S" , ga 'Z Hr" ,, .. A -4 S 2 Af' , ,, ., 7 l az N -23 M. , -5? 1 iv , i f Snlfgnnl SEPTEMBER School Begins Football with Vanlue Juniors Chose Class Rings Football with Arlington Football with Pandora -Gilboa OCTOBER Football with McComb Senior Pictures Taken Homecoming Game with Cory Rawson Football with Liberty Benton F. H. A. Dance Band played for Findlay College Homecoming College Night Magazine Drive Started Halloween Parade at N. Baltimore NOVEMBER Individual Pictures Taken Football with North Baltimore F. H. A. Bi-County Meeting Cherej Senior Scholarship Tests Senior Play Mother's Club Dance All School Party Basketball with McComb DECEMBER Basketball with Liberty Benton F. F. A. Banquet Snowed In Basketball Tournament at Westwood JANUARY' Annual Pictures Taken Basketball with Arcadia Basketball with North Baltimore Qlalenrlar ll 12 16-18 18 19 23-30 1 2 5 8 12 15 16 22 -23 1-2 9 16 23 5 22-26 4 88 10 17 17 18 22-24 24 26 26 27-31 Basketball with Arlington Sophomore Dance Exams Basketball with Cory Rawson County Music Festival Snowed In FEBRUARY Basketball with Westwood P. T. A. Dance Basketball with Otsego Basketball with McComb Basketball with Arlington Basketball with Cory Rawson Senior Dance Basketball Tournament MARCH Basketball Tournament Junior Dance Science Fair at Arlington Freshman Dance APRIL Junior Class Play On The Job Training MAY District School Tests Honor Society Banquet All School Party District Track Meet Recognition Assembly Junior -Senior Prom Exams Last Day of School Baccalaureate and Commencement Memorial Day Parade Senior Class Trip 4- UI 'WE Wag T Sparta:- Tlx JUG 5- U QQ 233, EH ' V ,fazffl 1'-1+-. --- ,...: , if 41.3- Ray Amos Jim Kline Jim Schwab Co-Captain f ff Bill Buck Gary Taylor 3 ROW ONE: Mike Naus, Denny Stahl, Bill Holtgreven, Tor JerryKline, Tim Poole, David Kitchen, Bob I-less, Rick Heav Insley, Ray Amos, Alan Tong, John Staas, Tom Heavrin, Bo ROW THREE: Gary Taylor, Brian Clark, Bob Humphrey Buck, Bob Roberts, Nelson May, Dan Branson, Glen Huntley Jim Birchman Charles Coykendale Nelson May Erogg, Mike Roberts, Chuck Coykendale, Don MCCraCken, in. ROW TWO: Mr, Seitz, Jim Schwab, Mike August, Tom Aarriott, Jim Kline, Jim Birchman, Phil Naus, Mr. Owen. Jlike Poole, Denny Baker, Tom Freed, Bill Griffith, Bill Co-Captain Alan Tong Tom Heavrin eninr arsiig Mr. Owen, Webb Marriott, Mike Winzeler, Jim Birchman, Ronnie Kitchen, Tom lnsely, Alan Tong Doug Staas, Bob Marriott, Tom Heavrin, Don DeBouver, Bill Buck, Bob Roberts, Jim Schwab. Van Buren Opponents 39 ...... Arcadia . . . . . . . 38 38 . . . . McComb . . . . .55 32 . . . . Liberty Benton . . .41 27 . . . . Vanlue . . . . . 57 54 . . . Westwood . . . . 75 25 . . . . Liberty Benton . . . 35 32 . . . . Arcadia .... . . 35 57 . . . . North Baltimore . . . 55 38 . . . . Arlington . . . . . 37 47 . . . . Cory Rawson . . . 53 54 . . . . Liberty Benton . . .57 69 . . . Westwood . . . . 77 52 . . . . Otsego . . . . 66 . . . McComb . . . . . Arlington . . . . . Cory Rawson . 5' Q o Jlumnr arsrig ROW ONE: Mike Roberts, Phil Naus, Bill Griffith, Bob Roberts. ROW TWO: Dennis Stahl, Mike Poole Tom Freed, Tom lnsley, Gary Trautman, Bob Humphrey, Brian Clark, Mr. Owen. Van Buren Opponents 18 . . . . Arcadia . . . . . . 42 23 . . . McComb . . . . . 24 36 . . . Liberty Benton . . . 37 21 . . . Vanlue . . . . . 20 28 . . . Arcadia .... . . 30 32 . . . North Baltimore . . . .48 25 . . . Arlington . . . . . 33 39 . . . Cory Rawson . . . 37 25 . . . Liberty Benton . . . 30 24 . . . Westwood. . . . 32 28 . . . Otsego . . . . 34 . . McComb . . . . Arlington . . . Cory Rawson . 7 rw mam 7 askeihall ROW ONE: Denny Stahl, Tom Evans, Tim Poole, Ed Schwab, Bob Hess. ROW TWO: Mike Naus, Ja Van Junge, Mike August, John Staas, Bill Waggoner, Denny Baker, David Kitchen, Mr. Seitz. Cbirls' 7 askeihzxll ROW ONE: Sara Baker, Lynda Woodward, Cam Roberts, Jean Vanderhoff. ROW TWO: Pat Poole, Pam Franks, Terri Green, Janie Luke, Judy Zentmeyer, Martha Wolfe, Miss Schwochow. Tom Heavl-in Alan Tong Wilbert Marriott n T E W" Pat Poole Cathie Bishop Jane Werner Sandy Schoonover U I' 5 Sharon Schoonover Bill Buck Jim Birchman Seminar Ciiliglq Gllqeerlwclers Jane Werner, Sharon Schoonover, Sandy Schoonover, Martha Wolfe, Cathie Bishop P P 1 Huninr Eliglq Qllqeerlrzanlers Vicki Miller, Ian Naus, Janet Bishop. rank nam ROW ONE: John Staas, Ron Kitchen, Bob Roberts, Mike Poole, Brian Clark, Don McCracken Mike Roberts, Jim Schwab, Mike Naus. ROW TWO: Mr. Owen, Phil Naus, Tom Insley, Alan Tong Dave Wolfe, Jerry Semler, Ray Amos, Jim Birchman, Bob Humphrey, Gary Taylor, Tom Freed. Van Buren Van Buren Van Buren Van Buren Van Buren 48 113 56 314 69 516 92 79 213 Elmwood 52 213 Pandora Gilboa 7 Arlington 54 116 Arcadia 38 Westwood 37 113 Arlington 62 112 Van Buren 69 Liberty Benton 29 112 McComb 6-- Arcadia 5--V Van Buren 43 112 Elmwood 58 112 5 112 anlue Eastwood 45 Leipsic 15 314 New Reigle 24 McComb 7 Liberty Benton 31 Cory Rawson 33 'Eastwood'44 n V4 fs. 5 'ERT 9, ieifwx f A , , WW, ,. . f . . ,4., y . , ,T 'L , , x , .1-f ' if Ai ' w lj- , H .- 4 4 sf 5 , I 4 ' k.,i,,, if - A N -za, , I, Mfr- 4. W gif 1 Y 0 4, A, 4, 1, X 1. 9:1 ' 1 W , 1 u L 4 1 1 W' 'vi Q af I K 'W ' 1 :':,,.,J ., f 'ff 'F ' 'T' 1921,-.M -Jfh.,,,,.. M .fm if ' V M ff 4 , .1 f gn? 4 V x 1 P . .A N , X Y IK .J XX Sil k' 'X s X X . E MM M I , ,, X Qsnlheriiz-Qing , NNW, 1 N ' 4 5 . .' Q X, + 'i X X' ff N i I f la Mtg-, L' A f, z WX X ff' im' LEW' , n V 5' ff - :L . If Fl cnogxf f il V Q ' ' DABGSQ j . 6 ,W.. flgjgffj Q a W H--A", ' 4, -A.g,1.- 4 -T-'av iff?-H-2'--I f- - H f a9MQ.J,.a,A.f, Y f if -QW H S' gg Ina 4 N A af 2 f . r- - f M u 1 L z 1 i ,X f' ,f Xf l i i Compliments B 5 G DRUGS of Prescription Pharmacists BRITTS of 528 South Main Street FORT FINDLAY VILLAGE Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Opposite The Marathon Oil Building VVHAT S BEHIND THE SIGN? Our geologists, located in many parts of the globe, will tell you that the ex- citing, unending quest for new oil re- serves is behind the Marathon sign. ' Our production and marketing men will tell you that the most modern refining and research facilities are behind it. Our customers may have the best answer: the finest products you can buy are behind every Marathon sign in every Marathon Service Station you meet. MARATHON goes farther to make friends is f is CORK'S CLEANERS LEROY'S JEWELERS uALnr ooAND" I-lOl South Main Street SERWGV Findlay Ohio Phone GA 3-i232 North Baltimore Ohio WEITH'S 5 8 IO Congratulations 'CO The Class of '63 North Baltimore and McComb WRIGHT'S MARATHON STATION Van Buren, Ohio Compliments of THE PEOPLES BANK CY 3-2751 McComb, Ohio TAKEN CULP ELECTRIC COLLINS QUALITY MEATS Complete Locker Service HEPA TNG State Route ll3 McComb, Ohio CY 3-4242 McComb, Ohio RUSSELL ELECTRIC GA 3-OO75 2409 North Main Street Findlay, ohio LITTLE'S MARATHON SERVICE 464 East Sandusky St. GA 3-0553 Findlay, Ohio L. L. TROUT FURNITURE INC. Home Furnishings DIETSCH BROTHERS Fine Candies Our Own Fresh Made Ice Cream moo West Main Cross St Findlay, Ohio 257-32ll North Baltimore Ohio HOMER BEAM v,X , ..-L -- fix. f XTX ll3 East Crawford St. Findlay, Ohio S 8 S DRUG STORE Drive-In Window Service Free Delivery GA 2-22A2 223 South Main St. Findlay, Ohio PARKER LUMBER COMPANY Home Improvement Service Kitchen Remodeling Our Specialty 222 West Crawford St. Findlay, Ohio RECREATION BOWLING LANES Brunswick Automatic Open Bowling ASC i325 East Crawford St. Findlay, Ohio Compliments of RUTH AND POLLY'S Coin-Operated Laundry and Dry Cleaning 53l-533 North Main St. Findlay, Ohio MONROE SPORT SHOP EVANS OFFICE EQUIPMENT Licenses COMPANY Fish Bait . Hunting Accessories ROYGI TYPGWVIFGVS 629 south Blanchard GA 2-5145 Street f d 3 Cory S Craw or Streets It xQf fix tiiic itgi Findlay, ohio Findlay, Ohio ,. ,K ' Q GEORGE'S BAKERY George Long Jr., Prop. GA 2-AIIA BIS Central Avenue Findlay, Ohio B MARKET SHOEY SOHIO SERVICE HU Batteries - Tires CY 3-3713 Cy 3-3033 Mccomb, Ohio McComb, Ohio 13 Compliments of TROUT FURNITURE SOB South Main Street Findlay, Ohio OVERMIER'S REXALL DRUG STORE l27 North Main St North Baltimore Ohio COLDREN FUNERAL HOME 205 West Sandusky Street Ambulance Service Invalid Car Service GA 2-2323 J. P. MELLOTT Groceries - Meats Gas - Oil North Findlay, ohio KEY I.G.A. FOODLINER HYour Key to Greater Savingsu North Balitmore Ohio BLANCHARD VA-LEY SUPPLY C0. Route 22M West of Findlay, Ohio Phone A22-7242 Quality Lumber and Hardware Dutch Boy Paints - DeWalt Power Tools Pruden Steel Building HLet us give you an estimate on your next building. We can save you money.H DUCKY'S FLOWER ,stu G RA ph C, 0 5- ,Y 2 Q Vu 2 O . 14 m ks- 4 sm num Wuldlrlr ' P 'Nano' Phone 257-6355 North Baltimore Ohio Best of Luck to the Class of '63 JACKSON FURNITURE CO. GA 2-3300 Findlay, Ohio Yours For a Happy Future In a Beautiful Mobile Home NNMMNNNEENENEEEFWMWNQMW exam Mwst'-H. TR LITMAN MOBILE HOMES North Dixie Highway Findlay, Ohio TRAUTMAN FUNERAL HOME Compliments of 7l9 South Main Street COUNTRY MARKET F' dl ' Findlay ohio m ay Ohm FINDLAY FAIR ZlEROLF'S HClothes for Dad and Ladu Findlay Ohio Discount Department Store 237 South Main Street 8 Route l2 Fostoria Road Findlay Ohio Compliments of STONE COMPANY D. V. M. Crushed Stone Tiffin Road Phone 422-1912 ' Findlay ohio ' Findlay ' Ohio Phone GA 2-6712 THE CRTH BALTIMCRE GRAIN ASSQCIATIO Mortimer Elevator North Findlay Hoytville Elevator Hoytville North Baltimore Elevator North Baltimore Dealers in Grains, Feeds, Coal, and Building Supplies ' 'lllllilllllln fel - - i - P f,4..-2.5.21 .2 M 1.22. 1 1 rmir'-wma 111 ii I L fax E-:re .J E x n V "A J- -- 11 gl i xl tx Q 1 3 .,:sq1 Lui! ' ll-asv, All V -L - Ji- A ' Y ggzva-?',,.. I. 2 Y icq, , JI? 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BUCK Excavation Contractor All Types of Excavation Crane Service - Ditching Equipment Rental RFD ?2, Tiffin Road, Findlay, Ohio Business 5 Residence A23-2787 422-7009 Shop at A30 Madison Compliments of HANCOCK SAVINGS 5 LOAN South Main and West Sandusky St. Findlay, Ohio Phone GA 3-l525 BRANDMAN IRON COMPANY 300 North Cory St Findlay, Ohio STRALEY'S DRIVE-IN ALICE DRESS 5 BEAUTY SHOPPE PhOne GA 2-55I6 Sports Wear Formal BI6 Tiffin Avenue All South Main Street Findlay, Ohio Findlay Ohio ENROLL NOWI FOR SPRING AND FALL CLASSES A Factory Trained Technicians A Advanced Trained Instructors A We Teach Hy-styling YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO DROP IN AND VISIT OUR SCHOOL fi : ' gF'1 FINDM Y FINDLAY BE UTY COLLEGE IOB South Main Street HOHIO'S MOST MODERN BEAUTY SCHOOLH -M445 1. ww lv - -L., Nw BEAUTY -...... wi McCOMB'S MODERN PASTRY SHOPPE -5- SGQGQE SENFGMEBN3 t -D l36 East Main St. CY 3-2424 Best of Luck to the Class of '63 RAY'S SERVICE North Baltimore TIMBERLANES BRUCE B' BRYAN IAOO sixth street AND SON Building Supplies Phone GA 2-3439 O9 West Main Cross Street TFNI l:,,' If Q I ,if 1 Findlay, ohio S ' 'I Phone GA 2-ll82 Findlay, Ohio MIDLAND GROCERY COMPANY Sweet Briar and Clarion Foods Wholesale Groceries 350 East Sandusky Street Findlay, Ohio Phone GA 2-l3l3 Best of Wishes to the SPARTON DISTRIBUTING Class of '63 COMPANY GILLESPIEIS 3OO Walnut Street Van Buren, Ohio Find1ay Ohio Phone 299-332l OHIO CONVEYOR S SUPPLY INC. 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HART Drainage Contractor Farm Drainage a Speciaity Gas - Sewer Trenching for Water Lighting Buiidings GA 2-3517 North Dixie Highway Findiay, Ohio M 5 R RESTAURANT NorthiBaltimore Our new Dining Room will serve Banquets, Parties, Wedding Receptions. FIRST NATIONAL BANK North Baltimore, Ohio Near and Neighborly Member of Federal Reserve System Phone 257-M63M FDIC FOR GREATER EARNINGS SAVE AT THE HOME SAVINGS 8 LOAN North Baltimore, Ohio Current Rate MZ RIPPETH FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service 224 Main Street North Baltimore, Ohio Phones 257-2l2l -- 257-667i Charles Lloyd, , Funeral Director VERES SPORTS SHOP School and Team Discounts 309 South Main Street Fostoria, Ohio Phone HE 5-A850 JOHN'S GARAGE Phone 299-3487 Van Buren, Ohio i THE HARDY BANK Main Street North Baltimore Ohio A EDUCATION DAFFODILLE BEAUTY SHOPPE We Specialize In Permanents Complete Beauty Service Phone GA 2-5845 LANDMARK Hancock County Farm Bureau Cooperative Association Inc. Route 2 A Phone A23-26II Findlay, ohio .aw ,kg tf':? jAj.ll.l, .xii ,." ig ? gigs, G E T A w E L L - R 0 U N D E D ,fQGiif',.i:? 5EsefifFif?EEiffaj",iflg .'-i Lriqf ,ff-'Sh K' -"' W Q -.3 5 . Q L ,x.f il mwivg ,Iw,a,. fRLg5fHQ,Qfw5g.4'g,meqqA LIBERAL ARTS 5551.5 44. at 5 y I ,, N, J H Q KA P -K Q Q ifgfg SENgiQ??f1w,isQggQ3 EDUCATION A I A is wummi i-wum:rnsirii tt 'f,.i 'smwtm ":' -"'A" '.. .. , AT Alumni Memorial Union FI DLAY COLLEGE Established i882 COURSES OFFERED IN 4 SCHOOLS: FULLY ACCREDITED A HUMANITIES and SCIENCES 1 2 3 4 A FINE ARTS 5 W BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 6 Sound academic training Excellent faculty Christian environment Friendly campus atmosphere A wide variety of sports activities Extra-curricular activities 7 Top Facilities Findlay Ohio ARMBRECHT CONCRETE BLOCK Maytag 8 SUPPLY Washers and Dryers ll6 Center Street Findlay, Ohio Phone GA 2-6954 23l East Pine Avenue Phone GA 2-i282 Findlay, Ohio gn? ?' ' fif'1i1Q,sa'f2awf't nf, ,f - We , ne,1z4ff Y ff ,Q ,R . my gfiwgg- . -ff-mf f f-:W ,-f- wf,,:eM,ff.- L,.. f , rage, Need Concrete or Building Materials? See W.H. O'BRlEN S SONS 8l6 Cord Street Findlay, Ohio GA 2-57l2 Corbin Brothers Herrin Pontiac Collingwood Motor Sales Repine Volkswagen C. D, Duffield Motor Sales Wiggins Rambler Sales Findlay Trucks 5 Farm Equipment Guilford Lincoln-Mercury Harrington Chevrolet Hollington Motor Sales Latham Motor Sales ROLL-A-WAY LANES South Todd Street McComb, Ohio Phone CY 3-7575 ,wmMimqwggyaww,Wg,,55 McCullough Motor Sales - - -.,g- A -5g4,. , sgmafwwmwwwwwqmwwyg iiii i.aiSi Willard Sales 5 Service -i-n- '+,,,u.- mwwmwegwwwwwwwwwmwmmf -' 'wrqiv fyf- '1-if "'f "" nl ' .gimrtww aitiii Sgtii S, ieii r2'-r-"r:'Qi fi ,cp . ,,"' 1 ,f:, 'E -'f' , 2 - - - R113 g , A v - -1- fff -14 itai Q : ' EW -.qua " ' if 5 8 H A N C O C K C O u N T Y A . Y V' Qgi? Qwgff55wwe??'f1f P fairy, 1K1 4!"" 1 " ' W "" T P iif Z' H x '. 1 I iiii iii W 3 ., V ' V ' e,Qm.W ,,,- gf ,, ,ww Ze 5 - - ' . , A. l" 1 A S S D C I A T I O N North Dixie Highway, Findlay, Ohio GA 2-8862 Distinctive Tiling of Bathrooms and Kitchens Also Installations of Marble Sills and Fireplaces Complete Planning Without Obligation :PSI-Q 0 PEPSI COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Findlay, Ohio GRIFFITH SALES AND SERVICE See one of the largest displays of famous name appliances in Northwestern Ohio l36 North Main Street North Baltimore, Ohio Phone 257'3l6l W. WINNER 8 SON Oliver Farm Equipment Phone 257-377A Rear 205 Rhodes North Baltimore, Ohio SIMONIS BLOOMDALE FARMERS DRUGSTORE ELEVATOR Jkcllp, I ' I :Q':l'la'n' 'fanrxs T '.' n Main Street Bloomdale, Ohio Complete Elevator Service Phone 454-232i Bloomdale, Ohio D. L. FOUST Columbus Mutual Life Phone 257-3862 R. R. l Van Buren, Ohio Compliments of HANCOCK COUNTY FARM EQUIPMENT DEALERS ASSOCIATION LAWRENCE V. HOSLER INSURANCE AGENCY L. V. Hosler H. R. Corbin General Insurance and Bonds Phone A22-2822 2225 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio THE FINDLAY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY X M622 S. E1 els Kg ll ll THE ARLINGTON NATURAL GAS COMPANY Kirby Phone 299-3330 Portage Van Buren Mt. Blanchard P.O. Box 277 Arlington Arcadia Van Buren Ohio Congratulations to the Graduating Class THE HANCOCK BRICK AND TILE COMPANY Findlay, Ohio Phone GA 2-652l Our advertisers have aided us greatly in publishing THE KNIGHT. Please patronize them. Sink's Flower Shop 8 Greenhouse Findlay Kennedy Printing Company Findlay Flowerland Findlay Pattersons Findlay Plotts Harness 8 Luggage Shop Findlay Koehler's Flower Shop 8 Greenhouses Findlay Anast Pharmacy Findlay Miller's Luncheonette Findlay Capitol Tire Shop Findlay Egbert's Home Furnishings Findlay Al Bass Clothes Findlay North End Toy Town Findlay Montgomery Ward Catalog Store Findlay Warren's Youn Men's Shop Findlay Metal PaFt'Shop Findlay B 5 Dr gs!-XX Findlay Me ck JewEler!Qf Findlay W ters hoe-f'Com'pany Findlay T e Pho ,Genter Findlay H hes Dry Cleaners Findlay North Side Pharmacy Findlay ShepliisXShoe Store North Baltimore Benard's Linoleum North Baltimore Hughes Dry Cleaners North Baltimore McComb Farmers' Co-op Association McComb Bakers Hardware McComb Pendleton Lumber Company McComb Snively Grain McComb Johnston's Gulf Service McComb Newcomer's Cut-Rate McComb Harmon Funeral Home McComb Steiners Farm Repair Shop Van Buren K. L. CTinyl Welsh, Insurance Findlay If if Q., Jr, 1 I J 'K ' ?yx W ,- IV , QW-f-+7'? P ,fl I ,Tryp ... i V a,-h Q V , QW' 'V , 191 A A-,- I 'Fir' 'L K, ,,.A A 'p kg . J' 4f""' 4 2' ,E if , 'I P' .gi . J . E35 i me fir!! mit ? , ,FF f. mg 3 I 5 5 J F Egg. sf? 1 1ATE Pkdlggg INTER-COLLEG Kansas City - Winnipgg ufac fiers Publishers -- Man Yearbooks - Yearboo overs .KW Diplomas - Graduation Alrinouncem USA ents I l V1 ,X K H , ,L Q,., ,A. A. , F X , W L ,Q 55 ,R Y X Nf- ,afsl . X 1 h QA. E' is -., 4 1 N 'R ia. , . 'Q f Hr . 6 ini A f 2 ,L f.lX,,, 1, 'U f' 'ii' NY S-J 5 -F- 4"- Y X...-g ' 3 if 19 b j -3 yrs x K 1 1""P 'Y -'51 - .f-X X , I I 1 'T' xx. jf X-we.. -J f "lj l L H-1 N

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