Van Buren High School - Knight Yearbook (Van Buren, OH)

 - Class of 1959

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. -L. A, ,,, ,QE , ,- Y I I, :-.gQS?:Y:'"ff"-'ff-412-f -'-- ' " ' ' '-:ff - ' MM cw ffgfgjf xl if VA 609' KW Zi Ny Q3 S J Q E My Xa My ei Qfg? 2 Mifj SAW if 2 wk M W S 2 M Q WW C2 S355 XJ Wm ggi? H ll We, the Van Buren I-hgh School Class of 1959 hereby w1sh to dedrcate the 1959 Krught to Mlss Martha Bryant ln apprec1at1on of the help she has grven us all through our hrgh school career, and to our parents to whom we owe everythmg we are THE I959 K IGHT STAFF Ed1tor Asslstant Ed1tor Junror ASSISIBHI Ed1tor Buslness Manager ASSISIHHI Busrness Manager Junror Assrstant Busrness Manager Advertrsrng Manager Assrstant Advemsrng Manager Elementary Ed1tor Underclassmen Ed1tor Senror Ed1tor Assrstant Senror Ed1tor Snapshot Ed1tor Sports Ed1tor Assrstant Sports Ed1tor Art Edrtor Junror Assrstant Art Edrtor ACIIVIIY Ed1tor Subscrrptron Manager Assrsrant Subscrxptron Manager Adv1ser Bob Taylor John Blake Roberta DeBouver Ruth Phllpott Judy Wh1tt1car B111 B1ShOD Carol Huffman Sandra Lentz Wanda Bevmg Lynn Ebersole Mark Donaldson Jerry Hoadley Drck Breneman Larry Dayrrnger Marsha Poe Barbara Cobb Lorralne Bassett Jerry Kuhlman Ruthann Cobb Mllton Cooper ' ' ' - . H . . . . Lester Deitrich SU PERINTENDENT MR. MARCUS A. HANNA Physics SCHOOL BOARD y Vlce Presldent STAYDLNG Joe Dufferd Robert Brown Paul Butler. PRINCIPAL MRS MARIAIN MURLIN Mathemaucs SEATED: Ed Kuhlman, Presidentg Ra Griffith, ' - MR. RALPH FRANKENFELD Vo-Ag. FACULTY MR. MILTON COOPER Social Studies MR. CLYDE OWEN MR. CHARLES LUTZ B1010gy SCICHCC Musxc MR. THOMAS WILLING Coach FACULTY MRS DOROTHY SEARFOSS Enghsh, Speech Home Economxcs Enghsh. Latm MRS GLADYS SCOTHORN Com merclal DR. WORTHMAN RCIIQIOUS Ed ucanon W MRS- ANNE GU-LU-AND MISS MARTHA BRYANT ELEMENT RY TEACHER MR. ROBERT GEPHART MRS PAULINE JOHN Grades F1ve and SIX Grade SIX MISS NAOMI TREIER Grade Four MRS NORMA HOGLE Grade Two MRS. MILD RED NESLER MRS DIANA ENSLEN Grade F1ve MRS ANNA ADAMS Grade Three MRS NAOMI HOCK Grade 1 Klndergarten Grade One BU DRI ER Wilson Newcomer Don Burrell Gene Firestine Merle Sites Ralph Silveus Al Deitrich ISK' . Q ,, 5 , V '1'+-:Q"!f?, .2 2 USTCDIA S Milt Lehman Bryan Wingate COOKS Mrs. Buehla Clements Mrs. Dorothy Shively ibu- REMEMBER .w L. ,, W1 9 ' n 'Nu-r J:B!i"" THE CLASS CW I959 " Let the ropes of today ring the bells of tomorrow" CLASS COLORS Black and Whlte CLASS FLOWER. Red Rose I2 YEARS TOGETHER TWO- Marsha Poe Carol Huffman John Blake Jerry Kuhlman Ruth Phrlpott Sandra Lentz ROW ONE: Bob Griffith, Larry Hoadley, Cloyce Wolfe, Larry Dayringer, Larry Coppes, ROW LARRY DAYRINGER Drnger Football Manager 1 2 Basketbal V rty V Baseball 2 3 4 Class Offrcer 3 4 Student Councrl 3 4 Class Play 3 RICHARD BRENEMAN D1ck F F A 2 M1xedChorus 3 4 Foot Class Offrcer 4 Annual Staff 4 V I C E P R E S I D l SANDRA KAY LENTZ "Sandy" Band lg Class Officer 2,45 Honor Society 3,43 Newspaper Staff 4, Girls' Chorus l,2, 3,4g Class Play 4- Mixed Chorus 1 2g Annual 4. RUTHA N N COBB Glrls Chorus 2 3 4 Cheerleader lass Play 3 4 F H A I-lomecommg Queen 4 Class Offr cer 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 ROBERT B TAYLOR 3 Football 3 4 Varsrty V 3 4 Class Offrcer 4 Student Councrl 4 Newspaper Staff 3 4 Annual Staff 4 E 3, , , N T S .. . .. E C V . : R 1, 2, 3, 4g ars' " " 1, 2, 3, 4g E ' .: . A R Y P R E S I D E N T T R E 6 A n ' II S E "Bob" . . . : , 2 ' E ball Manager 3,4g Class Play 3,45 R Band 1.2,3,4: Mixed Ch0l'l1S 1.2, , E U P ' I 1 2 O 3,45 C , g . . . lg C R ' I " V T 2 2 Q E . I R Q s X Q RUTH PH ILPOTT "Ruthie" Class Officer 3, Student Council 1 2 Honor Socrety 3 4 Band 1 4 A 1 2 3 4 Ofl 2 3 4 Mrxed Chorus 1 2 3 4 Grrls Chorus 1 2 3 Newspaper staff 2 3 4 Co Edrtor 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3 4 Scholar sh1p Team 2 Auchtrons 1 2 3 4 LORRAINE BASSETT Meany Band 1 2 3 4 Class Offlcer 1 2 3 4 Student Councll 3 4 Off1cer 4 Honor Socrety 3 4 Mlxed Chor us 1234 Grrls Chorus123 Newspaper Staff 2 3 4 BHSIHCSS Manager 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play34 FHA 1234 cer34 LES TER DEITRICH CS 1 2 3 4 OfflCC Judgrng Contests 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 M1xedChorus1 2 3 4 Au d1t1ons1 2 3 Class Play 3 4 Bas ketball 1 2 3 Baseball 1 3 An nual Staff 4 Newspaper sraff 4 , : ' , 1 , 2.3, g F.H. . , , , , f'cer , , 1 ' , , , : . , , ' ' 1 : . 1 - xgbs Pg ' 1-ir. X-ffiiff K f " if 1, fffff s ..L .. F.F.A. 'r3,4 ' , , . : , . Q ' , , . : - " , , 2 , : - . , : , : - : . , 1 ' . 1 ' : ' . : ' ' . ' ' n I I I , : : 1 I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . Larr F F A 1 M1xed Chorus 2 Band 1 Newspaper Staff 4 Manager 1 IUDITH WHITTICAR .. udy.. Grrls Glee 3 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff 4 ov! WEP' 'E' MARSHA POE Poe C1assOff1cer 1 2 3 Student Coun c1l2 34 Off1cer34 FH A 1 234 Offxcer 4 Bandl234 Guls Chorus 1 2 3 Mlxed Chorus 1 2 4 NewspaperStaff2 3 4 Co Editor 4 Class Play 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Auditlons 1 2 3 4 Cheer leader 1 2 3 4 Honor SOCICFY 4 CLOYCE L WOLFE Wolfre Football 1 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball 4 Varslty V 3 4 F F A 1 Newspaper Staff3 4 Mrxed Chorus 4 Class Off1cer 1 Class Play 3 MARK DONALDSON IR Smokey Joe Class Play 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Mlxed Chorus 4 F F A 1 Varslty V 2 3 4 Off1cer 3 Basketball Manager 1 2 Baseball 1 2 J 5 . ' " -' . g A 0, f il, x A .na f 2 . LARRY R, Cowes 2. ' ROBERT GRIFF ITH A12 0 CAROL HUFF MAN Carol Band 1 2 3 4 G1r1s Chorus 1 2 Mixed Chorus1234 FHA 2 3 4 Offlcer 3 4 Audltlons 2 3 4 Scholarshxp Team 1 2 4 Class Play 3 4 Newspaper Staff 1 2 3 4 C1rcu1at1on Mana ger 4 Annual Staff4 StudentCoun c1l 3 Honor SOCICIY 3 4 PAUL VANDERSALL Paul A, 1, 2, 3, 4. WANDA FAYE BEVINS ..Don,. Mixed Chorus 4g Annual Staff 4, BILL GROGG Grogg .F.A. 1 2 3 4 Officer 4. MARJORIE LEADER Marge F H A 1 2 3 Newspaper Staff4 JERRY KUHLMAN "F1ame" F.F. A. 1, 2, 3,4, Officer 2, 3, 4, Judging Contests 1, 2, 3, 4g Honor Society 3,45 Varsity "V" 2,3,4g Class Officer 1,2,3g Class Play 3, 4g Football 1, 3,4g Basketball 1, 2, 3,43 Mixed Chorus lp Annual staff Student Council 1 '17-413 if if JOHNNY COPPES John F F A 1 2 3 4 Off1cer4 oot bal13 Varsity V 3 4 HARRY V WINGATE Hairless Muced Chorus 1 Basketball 1 3 4 Football 2 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Stu dent Council 4 Varsity V 2 3 LYNN EBERSOLE Class Play 3 4 Honor Society 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Football 3 4 Varsity V 3 4 Newspaper Staff 1 2 3 4 Sports Editor 3 Annual Staff 4 Basketball 2 Auditions 2 Scholarship Team 1 2 3 4 K 4 4: . 5122? A ..Eb.. . . . , . . U , , M K Q : .. I Girls' Chorus 4, Mixed Chorus 4. ' 54, f-A, 7 F- 3 4, - ' is .3 f A F ' vs. . . . , . , , ' :F ' ' 4 MF CHARLES CROW ROBERT MORAN Chas Bob Football 2 3 F oorball Manager 3 Football 1 2 F F A 1 2 3 Basket Basketball Manager 3 4 F F A 1 2 ban Manager 1 Basketball 2 3 Baseball2 3 4 Varstty V 4 THE HISTORY On Auguest 30 1955 the Class of 59 started 1ts h1gh school career w1th twenty four members accompamed by Mrs Scothorn our sponsor Our new offtcers were Prestdent Bob Grtfftth Vtce Prest dent Jerry Kuhlman Secretary Cloyce Wolfe Treasurer Lorratne Bassett Reporter Marsha Poe Bevtns and Lester De1tr1ch In September of 1956 twenty n1neSophomores answered the roll call At the fxrst meeung the followmg offxcers were elected Presldent Jerry Kuhlman Vtce Prestdent Sandra Lentz Secretary Marsha Poe Treasurer Lorratne Bassett Reporter Larry Dayrlnger Student Councll Larry Hoadley Dunng the year we sponsored a dance and helped serve the ,Tumor Semor Prom September 1957 found twenty ftve members tn the Class of 59 ' as Jumors Our offrcers were Presldent Larry Dayrtnger V1ce Presldent ,Terry Kuhlman Secretary Ruth Phtlpott Reporter Larry l-loadley Hlstorlan and Student Counctl Lorra1neBassett Ruth Phllpott and Lorrame Bassett were selected as J'un1or Attendants for the Homecomlng game w1th Arhngton We sponsored an Autumn Dance and we presented a plan Dtet of Dates durtng the year On September 4 1958 we walked mto Van Buren l-hgh as Semors Several new members brought the total to twenty seven and our sponsors were Mrs Scothorn and Mr Wtllmg OurSen1oroff1cers are Presldent Robert Taylor V1ce Prestdent Larry Dayrmger Secretary Sandra Lentz Treasurer Ruthann Cobb Reporter D1CkBl"EIlemal'l H1SI0l"1al'l Lorratne Bassett Student Counctl l-larry Wtngate it if 4. 9, , ' u n Student Council, Ruth Philpott. New additions during the year were: Ruthann Cobb, Walter Kirven, Wanda Ruthann Cobb was Homecoming queen at the Mt. Blanchard game and Marsha Poe, Ruth Philpott, and Sandra Lentz were her attendants, and our play, "Books and Crooks" was a huge success. Our plans for the remainder of the year are many, and the climax will be commencement in May. After that, we will enter the world with the hope that in some way the Class of 1959 from Van Buren High School will make some sort of history. FIR T GR DE I94 The following seniors are in this picture ROW ONE Larry Hoadley Marsha Poe Larry Dayringer Jerry Kuhlman Bill Grogg ROW TWO Carol Huffman Sandra Lentz Ruth Philpott ROW THREE Larry Coppes Bob Grifith, John Blake Cloyce Wolfe. CLASS WILL We last w1ll and testament the .Tumors we wxll what IS left of the Semor room the Sophomores we w1ll our excellent conduct the Freshmen we w1ll our ab1l1ty to sklp study hall Mr Hanna we w1ll our pleasant smlles Mrs Murlln we w1ll our well used sllde rules Mtss Bryant we w1ll our used play books the Senlor Class of 1959 be1ng of sound body and ql1CSt10nably sound mlnd do hereby make thls our Mrs Scothorn we w1ll the errors we made IH typlng and our worn erasers to correct them Mr Frankenfeld we w1ll all the Ag projects that have d1ed Mr Owen we w1ll all of the bralns that we haven t used whtch ts most of them Mr W1ll1ng we w1ll our torn and dlrty football Jerseys Mrs Glullalld we w1ll our ab1hty to sneak through the lunch ltne Mr Cooper we w1ll all of our used chewlng gum Mr Lutz we w1ll our sour notes 1n chorus the Custodtans we wzll all the Junk tn our lockers the Cooks we wtll our large appetttes Mrs Searfoss we w1ll all our persuaslve speeches Lorralne Bassett w1ll my twenty EIVIS Presley records to Cherylee Frankenfeld just try and get them Wanda Bevlns w1ll all my books that are full of notes to any ,Tumor glrl. John Blake w1ll my lntellxgence 1n Amerlcan Problems to Mr Cooper D1ck Breneman w1ll my managlng ablhty 1n football to Clarence Wolfe 1f he can f1nd any Ruthann Cobb w1ll my honor as Homecommg Queen to any ,Tumor glrl John Coppes w1ll my dr1v1ng ab1l1ty to Cohn Allen Charles Crow w1ll my football ablhty to next year s team Larry Dayrlnger w1ll my flattop to Jerry Sllveus Lester De1tr1ch w1ll my ab1l1ty to get out of detentlon hall to anyone who needs ll Mark Donaldson w1ll my ab1l1ty to play center to I 1m Oler Lynn Ebersole Wlll my wavy haxr to Denms Gundersen Bob Grtffxth w1ll my ablllty to throw gum tn Mr Cooper s class to Donna Vandersall Bill Grogg w1ll my ab1l1ty to tell good clgars from bad ones to Mr Cooper Larry Hoadley w1ll my ab1l1ty to keep out of study hall to anyone Carol Huffman w1.ll my ablhty as an accompanlst to Martha Waggoner Good luck! Jerry Kuhlman w1ll Martha Cobb to Jtm Oler Marjorle Leader w1ll my stuffed anlmals to anyone who wants them Sandra Lentz w1ll mx ablhty to chew gum Ln class and not get caught to Becky T1erney Robert Moran w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along w1th Mr Cooper to Mtke Hoffsls Ruth Phtlpott wtll my abxhty to always say Idon t know 1n Amerlcan Problems to get away w1th ll Marsha Poe w1ll my four years of cheerleadtng to one of the Eighth grade cheerleaders Bob Taylor w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along wlth Mr Hanna to Stanley Donaldson Judtth Whltucar wlll my stubborn ways to whoever needs them Harry Wtngate w1ll my Cat hat to Terry Roberts P 'nul Vandcrsall w1ll my 54 Mercury to anyone who can get It started I Cloyce Wolfe w1ll my ab1l1ty to get a date every Saturday night to Jun Oler anyone who can To . . . . l To ' . To . . . . . To . ' ' . To . ' ' ' . To ' ' . To . ' ' ' , . To . ' . ' ' . To . ' ' ' -- ' ' . T0 . ' ' ' ' ' . To l . . . , . . . To . ' ' . To . ' ' . To . . . . . To ' ' . To . ' ' . L . , . . H . L . , . , . I, , . . . . . . . I, . y . . . . . , . . l I, , ' ' ' ' . L . . . . . . . I I, Larry Coppes, will my Ford to anyone who can keep it running. L , . . . , . I, . ' . . . L . . I . . . , . I I' ' . . . . . L , . . . t I. . . ' . . , . . , U I' . , . . . . . i I, , ' ' ' . I, , . . . . t I, , ' ' . I' . . I . . l L , . J . . . . l I, ' . . . . - . . I L . y . . . H , ,, . . L , . . . I I, Y . . . . u . It . . . Y . i I, ' , ' . I, L , ' ' ' . NAME Lorraine Bassett Wanda Bevins iohn Blake Dick Breneman Ruthann Cobb John Coppes Larry Coppes Charles Crow Larry Daxringer Lester Deitrich Mark Donaldson Lvnn Ebersole Bob Griffith Bill Grogg Larry Hoadley Carol Huffman Jerry Kuhlman Marjorie Leader Sandra Lentz Ruth Philpott Niarsha P Robert Taylor P ul Vandersall ud lwhitticar Harr G Clo ce Wolfe SENIOR FEATURE SAYING "How about that!" W-e-l-l" ldidn't do it!" What, me worry? Welll Yeah You stupid idiot Hot rod Don t panic But sarge That s tough Don t let it throw you I don t know I don t know Cool calm collected Holy catfish W y to go Golla You don t sax dear' Gee khiz lou re onl xoung once Bite me Shape like an ape NOTED FOR Griping Smile wining at poker Place -kicking erasers Flirting Quiet ways Going to lxorth Baltimore Car smashups Shooting Pool Shaggy hairdo Losing at poker Censored Gum chewing Fishing Getting in lunch l Musical ability Loxe letters Diamond ring Talking too much Quiet ways Running stop it Dorn hotnexyor P o le i Sleeping ii S H literest ll Nay Lost of teeth Car trouble ine early Amerie ii AMBITION Secretary Homemaker Lawyer Bachelor Work Mechanic Naxv Nam College Niechanic Law School College Farmer and factory work Electrician or Mechanic College and Farming College Agriculture College Homemaker Secretarx and Homemaker Secretarx Niedical Technologist Colleve I armer ls ork -X r force College and coaching V " " V Lvl I V . ,, , 1 . ,, , , . ,, ,, , 4, . L , t. . . V ,. . ' H ' H D y V ,V H 3 H v ' - YT - Bob Moran "You know what I like" Witty sayings Armed Forces ' "Oh ' ' 1' ' 4' I oe " e ' " " Q sgns A ' - ' 1 ' g . ' ' f, in '- ' . 1 D r b n 5 Class a t " ' ' yy Y " N 'D'if. .. I . I y " ' 1 . ii Q ' ' y Wingate " ' A , I i l '- Y -V - it Y K . if ,V iWti5,4 , V lm '? ' , NVQ?-vw +efX,4Q' 3 'A mam 'F 41 , X, A C , v Q8 'TR .Ffh ,v" ,et ,,,,, M1211 1, ' ' V-'A S S Q 11 JU IORS ROW ONE Cohn Allen .Tumor Hulbert Dav1d Steen Ronald Kelly Dw1ght Fle.m1ng Dennls Gundersen Ronald Cobb B111 B1shop Jlm Oler ROW TWO M155 Blyant Terry Roberts Tom Roy Dorothy Dlllon Carol Holmes Baxbara Cobb Nlla Gallant D1x1e Luke Gene De1dr1ck ROW THREE Judy Sllveus Jamce Ixarnpher Donna Vandersall Pamela Shel brook Janlce Burrell Angela Hale Roberta DeBouver Ma1y Slferd ABSEINT Lucllle Casdorph JUNIOR OFFICERS B111 Bxshop Iudy Sxlveus Roberta DeBouver DIXIC Luke Dorothy Dxllon VICE P1 esldent Secretal y Treasul er Reporter 2 . I . , . ' , . ., . D I ' I . ' : , h D I I I I , Y. l.. 1 ... : . I . r I 1 I I A 1 I I ' ' .. . . . .. .........President SOPHOMORES ROW ONE Steve Clark Lynne Hoadley Danny Dayrmger John Chne Stanley Donaldson Bob McCartney Bob Holmes Don DeRodes Gerald Karch Douglas McCracken Larry Franks ROW TWO Mr Cooper Sheryl Stewart Becky Btshop Sherry Wlnzeler Nancy Taylor Martha Cobb Martha Waggoner Sharon Gallant Ruby Vandersall Leslle Woodwald Marguerlte Marrlott Carol lnsley Mr Lutz ROW THREE Paula Butler Lmda Kltne Patsy Stralt Betty Ba1r Sondra Radabaugh Sue Slferd Mar1lynPh1lpott Martha Kre1nb11nk Cheryll Frankenfeld ROW FOUR Charles May Rlcky Franks Joe Roberts Sandy Holtgreven Ronme DeCooman ROW ONE Jerry Lentz B111 Tong Joe Wolfe M1keHoffs1s Dave Taylor Ronn1eKagy Ronrue Crum Gene Wolfe Dean Gundersen Jerry Sllveus Eddle Fllck ROW TWO Mr Owen Ray Vanderhoff Judy Mlller Sara Donaldson Susan Hock Carol Persxng Becky T1erney L1ndaB1shop B111 Flugga Gordon Franks Mrs Gxlllland ROW THREE Judy Sldel Betty Humphrey Rebecca Walker Helen Harrold Kathy DeBouver Judy Breneman Peggy Freed Elalne Berry Kathryn Kempher ROW FOUR Jxmliulbert Dwlght Steen, Sam Baker B111 Kllne Bob Daugherty FRESHME GR DES ROW ONE Nelson May Garry Harrls J1m Klme Junror Wllson John Eanes Clarence Wolfe Ray Amos Alan Tong Max Balr Galy Taylor W1lbertMa1r1ott ROW TWO Mary Burrell Helen Oler Cathle Blshop Llnda Woodward Pat Poole Terrl Green Paula Cessna Ann Ensman Karen Bassett Rlchard Zent meyer Mrs Murl1n ROW THREE Ph1ll1s Roy Cam Roberts Rose Casdorph Jane Werner Joann Har rold Balbara Rader Lmda Reese Sherrle Long Sara Baker ROW FOUR Rlchard Balfell J1m Blrch man Charles Coykendale Darrell W1throw Tom Rader ROW ONE Joe Dwenger Ronn1e Aurand Joe Helmes John Waggoner Ray Curus Eugene Barfell Larry Rader Robert Marrxott Don DeBouver Brlly Payne Nolan Swmehart Douglas Staas ROW TWO Mrs Searfoss Judy Eanes Martha Wolfe Peggy Uhl No1aAust1n Judy Zentmeyer Dor1s Rose Donna Samuels Pat Kenpher VICRI August Elame Sw1sher Wanda Flresune Mary Jane Luke. ROW THREE Kathy Baker Jeann1e Allan Mary Jane Butler Judy Coon Beverly W1lk1ns Beverly Khne Judy Bevms Marhn Reese Pam F ranks ROW FOUR Dav1dAurand Don McCracken Ronzue Kltchen M1chea1W1.nzeler Don Holtgreven. ABSEINT Cheryl Daughel ty : 1 ,1' .1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 I I I I 1 I I I. - o - 1- :.' 1 1 1 1 A' , ' ,' , ' , . :' ' ,' '- D 3 ' I I I , ' , 1 l I .I n 1 .1 1. l ' ' ' : 1 , , . I 'I I , D .. . . - - . 1 1 I 4 I ' 1 ' 1 1 1 '.1 .I I I , . I . 1 1 D . 1A I s I, . . . ,. Q. 1:10 f QA N 1 Il il' il qJy,.f 2 Q- IV 'f a,,J"'u '.:4"" -y I M.. Q X' ,, Q AA Y . , Q, Y 4 'F"'g-7" 1' GRADE ROW ONE M1ke Poole Tom Freed Bob Humphrey Don Walter Terry fravenler Bob Whlteman Floyd Flugga Tom Insley Mark Drelsbach ROW TWO M1 Gephart Mlke Roberts Brlan Clark Mona Ka1ch Calolyn Ebersole Mana K3lCh Dlane Steen Bob Roberts B1l1y G11ff1th ROW THREE RevaW1throw Sand1a Keeran Beth WIIDIOW Margret McMurray Cynthxa Coykendale Bonn.1eDamon Patty Hum phrey Cheryl Hulbert Georg1a Stough ROW FOUR John B1sbee Kenny Khne D1CkyKarr1ck Danny Racle1 Glynn Huntley ABSENT Edd1eMcMon1gal Ton F1nerd Eddle Lydxck ROW ONE T1m Poole Denny Baker Danny Bran ROW ONE Fred Cu1t1s Danny Payne Jerry Sem son B111 Waggoner ROW TWO B11ly Coon John 1e1 B111 Holtgreven ROW TWO Ehzabeth Cobb Copus Jams Stewart L1nda Aurand L1nda Way Carol Taylor Denny Stahl Tom Grogg ROWTHREE ROW THREE Rebecca L1ttle V1ck1 Umphress Cheryl Coykendale L1nda F1rest1ne Mary Oler Georgeanna P ayne . - P . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - ' 1 1 1 1 l A . . I. . . . 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 , . . , , . I 1 B 1 l - 1- , . ' - 1 1 1 - 1 1 , . . , , 1 . , 1 1 ' 1 1 - 2 1 1 1 1 GRADE ROW ONE Bob Hess Jerry Khne Austm Baker Ronn1eStrausbaugh John Staas Davld August Fred Clme Dav1dK1tchen Ronnle Helms ROW TWO Mrs Enslen Robert Barfell Terry Bowser Janet Btshop Mary Sulber Lucmda Semler Tommy Evans Rlchard Van Sant Kenneth Courtney ROW THREE Patty Grogg Marsha Slmon Beverly Humphrey Stella Walter Rosal1eStra1t Jean Horner Dtane McCracken Jeanette Hock ABSENT James Eanes GR DE4 Eddle Holmes Dxck Swam Bobby Swatn Garry Pmgle ROW TWO John Uhl Danny Nesler Lmda Dufheld Darlene Blsbee Sharon Mmter Charlotte Clements Btlly Keeran J1mm1e Wxlkms ROW THREE Wanda Duraln Mary MacMurray Pam McMomgal Ctndy Tavenler Barbara Kltne Pat Wolfe D1aneNesler Kay Oler Drane Gallant Edna Donaldson ROW FOUR T1mmy Holtgreven Eugene Casdorph Ronnle Rader. ABSEINT Davxd Fmerd ROW ONE: Miss Treier, Arthur Sparks, Larry Helms, James Lloyd, Gary Leibold, David Zehender, GR DE3 ROW ONE Mrs Adams John Brauer Danny Delong Terry Baker Tommy Cobb Larry Lelbold Douglas Zehender Phxhp Strausbaugh Terry M1nter Randy Stough Terry George ROW TWO Gregory Urnphress Mrke Payne Ma1y Sue Curt1s Glona Leaders SusanC1ark Lana Woodward V1Ckl6 Mtller Danny McMon 1ga1 Charles Tesnow ROW THREE Carol Casdorph Cathy Clemans Carole Tong Margo Wmzeler Patty Sue Jones Juanua Oler Patty Bev1ns Cheryl Helms Patty Franks ROW FOUR M1.keI-loltgreven Myreon Cobb Larry Patterson. ABSENT Earl Keeran Jrrnmy Lydrck GR DE Zentmeyer Brlly Hullenkremer Jack Webb Davtd Bates Gerald Epley Edd1eKhne ROW TWO Mrke Mer1c1e Mtke Slmons Todd Frell Sue Ensman Tam1W1l.hng Bette Taylor Debra Ausun Bonruelack son Jamce Eanes Sharon Retug Donny Zehender ROW THREE Drana Copus Patty Holmes Conn1eKuh1 man Cmdy Rader Patty Khne Brenda Van Sant Barbara Van Sant Barbara Coykendale Karla Sasse Sharon Courtney Rosle Hernandez ROW FOUR Tony Humphrey Mack Cobb Bllly Stlaley Bobby McKee Cralg Pmgle, Jack Stahl Gary Ossman ABSENT DICRY Lydrck ROW ONE: Mrs. Hogle, Don Freed, Raymond Dwenger, Larry Brown, Jeff Geren, Billy Damon, Tommy G DEI ROW ONE Mrs Nesler Dav1d Reese Jerry Payne Tommy Poole Dallas Klme Leonard Dwanger Douglas Spalks Terry Franks Henry Walter Larry Bevms Carol Oler ROW TWO Allen August Dennls Woodwaxd Scott Stewart Krlsttne Fell Patty Taylor Anna Mtller Kathy McCartney John Greeno, W1ll1am Brauer Mlchael Surber Jtmmy Gr1ff1th ROW THREE Karen Sldell L1nda Clements Loretta Marrlott Shalon Swa1n Frances McMurray Sha1on Baslnger MSFIOD Webb Susan Schwln Dxand Cobb Nancy Epely ROW FOUR Ronn1eTesnow Ronald Casdolph Danny Van Sant John Mulllns Joe Wh1tt1ca1 KI DERGARTE ROW ONE Mrs Hock Timothy Suhrer Wllham Stahl John Curtls Rlchard Taylor Te1ryLe1bo1d Jeffery Clemans Bruce Lowry Scott Evans ROW TWO James Pr1ebe Ned Mrller Janet Newcomer Barbara Palmer Sharon Showman Shlrley Geren J1ll Wagner PeggyJackson Sally Kuhlman ROW THREE L1nda Smalley Carol Close Dana Morr1s Carolyn Sasse Joan Ellen Hess Pamela Grogg Glor1a Dav1s ROW FOUR Robert Straley Thomas Leader James Bakles Joseph Balfues Wxllram Slaughterbeck James Straley Robert Manger ABSEINT Wllham Alford W1ll1amLyd1ck Kathy Mont gomery Janlce Steen : . l . ' I , .i , A, ' , ., c : ' . A, , .. ., , . ' , .. , . '. : . '. ' ., l ., I A . t . ' .l. y i : . I l I ' .' ,. .i Gary Unphress. : . ,. ' .. ' i A . ' y ' . ,. ' ' v i : . , , ., 1 I I . .' Z ' ' .' y ' I ,: .. ' .. ., - v . 0 o Q, A p -W vw-v O A ja 'ff fw 4 2 "' ' lily l Offi 4 Jeri " 'V' :ig 'JH' +5 11 X A 4-e cY , , ,gmg-gu,gfgsi,q g V, 'Ziff v "W 4 H . Q -"' iw. ' ,v 25, 7 ' r I A ,, 1 r . Q5 V Q 2: .W qv my .1 ,, , . 1 D , Lam 1 A Ui? fi l Z 145 5 , 1 3 5, 4.-f-"""f' ' .rffm ROW ONE: Mr. Owen, Dick Breneman, Sandy Holtgreven, Gordon Franks, Douglas McCracken, Dean Gundersen, Gene Wolfe, Stanley Donaldson, Jerry Silveus, Joe Wolfe, Jerry Lentz, Ricky Franks, Dwight Steen, Bob Daugherty, Clarence Wolfe, Mr. Willing. ROW TWO: Larry Franks, Steve Clark, Don De- Rodes, Toby Fleming, Tom Roy, Ronnie Cobb, Bob Holmes, Jim Oler, Dave Taylor, Walter Ribble, Gene Deidrick, Bob Roberts. ROW THREE: Bob McCartney, Jerry Kuhlman, Charles Crow, Mark Donaldson, John Blake, Larry Hoadley, Cloyce Wolfe, Bob Taylor, Lynn Ebersole. FOOTBALL--1958 Van Buren's fired up Black Knights started their 1958 campaign by an 8 - 0 victory over Fostoria St. Wendelin in a preview at Fostoria. The Black Knights touchdown came on an end sweep by Larry Franks with Toby Fleming running for the extra points. The second game of the year was another trouncing victory. Van beat Liberty 37 - 6. Larry Franks started off with a TD in the first quarter. In the second quarter Jerry Kuhlman made Van's second TD. After the half, Van made three TDs, twice to run for extra points and once to kick for an extra point. The TDs of the last half were made by Toby Fleming, Tom Roy, and Ronnie Cobb. Van downs Arcadia 32 - O. Toby Fleming started the scoring for Van with a TD in the first quarter. In the second quarter Jerry Kuhlman added another TD to Van's score. Tom Roy scored a TD in the third quarter. The final TDs were made by Toby Fleming and Jerry Kuhlman. Dad's night proved to be an unlucky one for the Black Knights as Van dropped its first home game to an inspired Vanlue team by a score of 20 - 0. Van Buren was trounced 40 - 0 by the Arlington Red Devils. When the score was 16 - O, Van took to the air only to have two passes intercepted which resulted in two more Arlington touchdowns. Van Buren dropped the homecoming game to Mt. Blanchard 36 - 14. The game was much better than the score would indicate. The fired up Van Burne eleven pulled an upset to spoil McComb's homecoming. Toby Fleming led the Knights to a 46 - 26 victory. Cory Rawson managed to squeeze out a 20 - 20 tie as Van Buren's Black Knights threatened to beat them. The last play of the game saw Toby Fleming almost shake loose after a long run. Van Buren completely outclassed Bloomdale in a non-conference tilt and after taking a 24 - O first quarter lead, went on to win 44 - 28. The season's record stood at 5 wins, 3 loses, and 1 tie. Coach Willing said that he would call this a successful season. Something new was added to the team this year in the form of a freshman team. We should be proud of these 12 boys who not only helped the varsity but went out to get some glory on their own. They first played North Baltimore and beat them 16 - 0. In another game, they defeated Liberty by the same score. Cory Rawson handed the freshmen their only defeat. After trailing most of the game, Van gave the ball to one of the linemen who promptly scored two TD's to bring the final score to 21 - 18. The freshmen also scrimmaged St. Wendlin and Montgomery Local. We are all expecting great things from these boys who will be playing together for 3 more years. FIRST TEAM im. JOHN BLAKE LYNN EBERSOLE CLOYCE WOLFE JERRY KUHLMAN MARK DONALDSON CHARLES CROW i ROBERT TAYLOR LARRY HOADLEY STANDING: Bob Roberts, Gene Deidrich, Tom Roy, Don DeRodes, Toby Fleming, Bob McCartney. Jr. Hulbert, Lynn Hoadley, Coach, Mr. Willing. KNEELING: John Blake, Larry Dayringer, Cloyce Wolfe, Harry Wingate, Jerry Kuhlman. BASKETBALL Van Buren opened the 1958 and '59 basketball season on the home court against North Baltimore. Van holding a slim 18 - 17 lead at the half, pulled ahead in the fourth quarter to win by a score of 46 - 38. Larry Dayringer was high for Van with 16 points. Van traveled to Liberty Benton for the second game, only to lose by a score of 73 - 54. Larry Day- ringer led VB with 13 points and Gene Deidrick contributed 10 points. McCombs Panthers hit a hot night on Van's floor and went home with a 52 - 39 victory. L'arry Dayringer had 12 points and Harry Wingate scored 12 also. VB traveled to Mt. Blanchard for their first league game. The Black Nights jumped to a 16 - 4 lead at the end of the first quarter, however, after that they couldn't find the basket and went on to lose by a 63 - 41 margin. Jerry Kuhlman led Van Buren with 20 points. Van avenged its earlier loss to McComb and also evened its league record at 1-1 by downing McComb 51 - 50 at Van Buren. John Blake was high point man for Van with 20 points. Van lost their sixth game of the season to Westwood. It was a hard fought game but the tall Warriors were too much for our boys. John Blake put 21 points on the scoreboard while Larry Dayringer made 18. The Black Knights moved to Vanlue to meet the Wildcats for their third league game. The final score was 85 - 52 in fovor of Vanlue. Jerry Kuhlman was high point man with 11 points. The Black Knights took their second league game of the season with a win over Arcadia. Van took an early lead and went on to win by a score of 73 - 58. Larry Dayringer lead Van with 19 points while John Blake made 18. VB played a heartbreaking game with Arlington. Van was ahead at the half but went down with a 48 - 46 defeat. Harry Wingate was high point man with 17 points. Van rolled to Cygnet for a Saturday night game only to be thrown for a loss of 77 - 48. Jerry Kuhl- man was high point man with 10 points. Van Buren fought a hard battle but lost to Cory Rawson 55 - 64. Jerry Kuhlman was high point man with 20. Larry Dayringer also contributed 13 points. VB had a bad night with St. Wendlin and lost 84 -53. Our high point man was Larry Dayringer with 24 points. John Blake also contributed 12 points. VB playing one of its best games of the year lostto county champs Liberty Benton 59 - 55 in a double overtime. Larry Dayringer was high point with 29. John Blake contributed 12 points. The Black Knight's drew Arcadia in the county tournament and advanced to the Semi-finals of the tournament by defeating the Redskins 39 - 32. Larry Dayringer was again high point man with 11 points. In the semi-finals of the tournament VB was outscored by a hot shooting Mt. Blanchard five. This was the last game for 5 seniorsCloyce Wolfe, Harry Wingate, Larry Dayringer, John Blake, and J erry Kuhlman. JU IOR VARSITY Ricky Franks, Lynn Hoadley, Danny Dayringer, Stanley Donaldson, Bob McCartney, Don DeRodes, Jr. Hulbert, Terry Roberts, Steve Clark. FRE HME Gordon Franks Jerry Lentz Dean Gunderson Gene Wolfe Mtke Hoffsts Joe Wolfe Jerry Stlveus J1m Hulbert Bob Daugherty Bob Roberts Mr Owen Dllrlllg the regular 58 59 season the Freshman basketball team collected 5 wins agamst 5 losses In tournament play they won the1r ftrst game 31 27 over Arcadta Ltberty They f1nal1y lost to Arhngton ln the ftnals but recetved a mce trophy for runners up JLI ICR HIGH Clarence Wolfe Ray Amos Jlm Kllnc- Allan Tong Max Barr Gary Taylor Wtlbert Mar rlott Nelsom Nlay Jlm BlI'ChITl8ll Charles Coykendale. I I I D U . I D In the second round they came out on top of a 28 - 25 score in a hard fought game with CLOYCE WOLFE LARRY DAYRINGER HARRY WINGATE 1 JERRY KUHLMAN JOHN BLAKE mi' fm' ,v,f,p 1 A A f JV A 4 ui -mf HM e ' Q1 . :LN L 2 fi img. S .. f Ia? L VA ' gb A Q - an X " q 1. 3 git nl . H If R' Q.- W' 'W Q gigs Q ' 'le ,, 4, I 'N , f , ft 61 , 4 N Q ' 'S Q 'S M W, V3 iii 'I' 1f f r 5 M ND: 3? 'S Q f ax 5 xi D 4 ,iff L ' ' Q V 1 K Qf I! i E ' I we 3 '3 ? 3 Q. .ll '52 e722 f V wr! Q . 1 sf. "+- 6 ,yay av fgfax i ,.,. ww Kira '31 iw me.v: Q JN-f 2 Wf- 1 ff" - f I 5" N ' . I 1 I 1 , S TUDE T CCUNCIL f-4 021205 ::'mg: :Simi 5350 ggiegi S ha'-. O .- saga S--1 :URQE gwmg ,om 'S-F57-5 aww Emma rugs? r-WS: Q1 mm sgiv v-E930 Erik' UJDQU w 91 'JAWS rv'-Yom 3:12111 g f-150 2952 fb m E905 wo 'UUDO o mo- Ogio- rno N,-,IE 92432 '-2g:.k2 CEO- 2 002, m"' '5 23211 QCSVS F9 coin' 982m 57010 g'4gU' Q-WSE ng-mf 20335 g"Um'1 ro,?'-1 O 5?-Alfa -r'45 Q'g1"?fQ gsm? KCQESB V III rmger P res1dent V1ce P resldent Treasurer Reporter Advlser Larry Hoadley Gene Dezdnck Lorrame Bassett Larry Dayrmger Mrs Murhn 1 C s? Riff QF I h .. 9 Q Q' YP I' NATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY ROW ONE: Miss Bryant, Larry Hoadley, Bob Taylor, Lynn Ebersole, Sandra Lentz. ROW TWO Lorrame Bassett, Carol Huffman, John Blake, Jerry Kuhlman, Ruth Philpott. JUNIOR MEMBERS Mlss Bryant Marsha Poe Dorothy Dxllon N113 Gallant Barbara Cobb Judy Sllx eus Janlce Burrell EWSPAPER S AFF ROW ONE Barbara Cobb Dorothy D111on Larry Coppes Mlcheal Hoffsls B111 Tong Larry Dayrmger Cloyce Wolfe Dtck Breneman Lester Dextrlch Lynn Ebersole Dennls Gundersen Tom Roy Martha Cobb Sharon Gallant ROW TWO Carol Insley Janlce Burrell Leshe Woodward Becky Btshop Judy Whxtncar Roberta DeBouver D1x1e Luke Ruthann Cobb Sandra Lentz Carol Huffman Chery1Frankenfeld Polly Butler Patsy Straxt Marllyn Phtlpott Nancy Taylor Martha Waggoner ROW THREE Sherry Wlnzler John Blake Lorratne Bassett Ruth Phllpott Marsha Poe Judy Sllveus Mrs Scothorn PamSherbrook Co Edxtors Sports Edltors Busmess Manager Czrculauon Manager Advlser . Marsha Poe John Blake Judy Sllveus Lorrame Bassett Carol Huffman Mrs Scothorn - ' . . . . .... . . . Ruth Philpott VARSITY V ROW ONE Jerald Karch Dave Taylor Danny Dayrmger Larry Franks Tom Roy Ron Cobb ROW TWO Mr Owens Steve Clark Gene De1dr1ck Don DeRodes Bob McCartney Toby Flemmg Bob Holmes Jun Oler Mr W1111ng ROW THREE Larry Dayrlnger Mark Donaldson Bob Taylor Charles Crow Larry Hoadley John Blake Cloyce Wolfe Jerry Kuhlman Lynn Ebersole. V1ce Pres1dent Ron Cobb Secretary Treasurer Larry Hoadley Student Councxl John Coppes President......... . . . ...BobTay1or 'fi' 14"-'fs 41' ,,, ,t ., 17:-J i ffug ' 1-. .if I Q '-tfqf 12-,pj ggi. 'Wh-Arr' 11" Pr- "qw "3 FUTURE HCTMEME-AKERS of AMERICA ROW ONE Mary Stferd Jamce Kempher Donna Vandersall Carol Holmes Susan Hock Caro1Pers1ng Sara Donaldson Betty Humphrey Kathryn Kempher Carol Insley Marguente Marrtott Ltnda Klxne ROW TWO Judy Stlveus ,Tamce Burrell Ruby Vandersall Martha Cobb Martha Waggoner Carol Huffman Sheryl Stewart Leshe Woodard Sherry Wtnzler Martlyn Phtlpott Polly Butler Mrs Gtlhland ROW THREE Dorothy Dtllon Pam Sherbrook Barbara Cobb RuthPh1lpott Lorratn Basset Marsha Poe Becky Btshop Sue Slferd Sondra Radabaugh V1ce Prestdent Ruth Phtlpott Secretary Barbara Cobb Treasurer Marsha Poe Reporter Becky Btshop P arltamentartan Sue Stferd T O W A R D NEW HORIZONSH W l 2 ' . ' . . , . ' . D I I I E ' I E ' ' ' . , . l . . ' , . . . . 1 ' . . , ' . ' . . l I ' President . . . . . . . . . . Lorraine Bassett ' ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' u FUTURE FARMERS of MERICA ROW ONE Sandy Holtgreven I oe Roberts Douglas MoCraken Sam Baker Ron Kagxe Stanley Donaldson Joe Wolfe B111 Flugga ,Ttm Hulbert ROW TWO Larry Franks Terry Roberts B111 B1Sh0D Gene Wolfe B111 Tong Gordon Franks Raymond Vanderhoff Ronme DeCooman Dw1ght Steen Charles May ROW THREE JerryS11veus Lynne Hoadley BobHo1rnes PaulVandersa1l Bob MoCarthey TobyF1em1ng Davtd Steen J1m Oler Bob Gr1ff1th Mr Frankenfeld ROW FOUR John Coppes B111 Grogg Ron Cobb Larry Hoadley Jerry Kuhlman ,Tumor Hulbert Lester De1tr1ch Gene Dexdnck P res1dent Larry Hoadley VLCC Preszdent J uruor Hulbert Secretary Jerry Kuhlman Treasurer Ron Cobb Reporter Lester De1tr1ch Student Advlser B111 Grogg Sent1ne1 John Coppes Advtser Mr Frankenfeld Learmng to do Domg to learn Earmng to l1ve LIVIDQ to serve. . . I I I I I I I . . 0 . . I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' 5 I I I I I I . .. 0 . I I I 0 U I I I I I I I I ' as ' I I 1 :III I II.. ' II QI. III . I II. -In I -IQIIII IIIII I I I-- I I I III.- IIIII I .III- III I II- I Q if 3 nib HIAH4 V it K 14 - R Q I V, ,.A- A I , :4-: f 55" l V fa, Q Q :,...4 T" A --,Q my Qr Q , X A iii Y fl 4 za fi Amfimm Z 9"""' 3 HOMECOMI Ruth Ph11pott Dorothy D111on Sandra Leutz Donna. Vandersall Marsha Poe Ruthann Cobb Queen ROW ONE: Wanda Firestine, Cathie Bishop, Ruth Philpott, Dean Gundersen, Bob Taylor, Susan Hock, Dennis Gundersen, Becky Bishop, Pam Sherbrook, Dorothy Dillon, Judy Silveus. ROW TWO: Mary Burrell, Judy Breneman, Phyllis Roy, Jane Werner, Cheryll Frankenfeld, Lorraine Bassett, Carol Huff- man, Raymond Vanderhoff, Ronnie Kitchen, Kathy Baker, Lester Deitrich, Lynne Hoadley, Marsha Poe, Larry Hoadley. ROW THREE: Pat Poole, Mr. Lutz,Terri Green, Marilyn Philpott, Beverly Wilkins, Mary Jane Butler, Mary Jane Luke, Martha Wolfe, Sheryl Stewart, Donna Vandersall, Leslie Woodward, Janice Kempher, Karen Bassett, Sara Donaldson. ROW FOUR: Carol Persing, Joe Dwenger, Peggy Uhl, Polly Butler, Sue Siferd, Marilyn Reese, Nolan Swinehart, Elaine Swisher, Nelson May, Mike Winzeler, Lynn Ebersole, Cam Roberts, Nola Austin, Ann Ensman. President .... . . Marsha Poe Vice-President . . . Ruth Philpott Secretary . . . . . . Carol Huffman Student Council ,.... . . . . . . Becky Bishop Reporter . . . . ........... Pam Sherbrook Librarians . . Polly Butler, Dennis Gunderson JU IOR BAN ROW ONE Tom Grogg Mr Lutz Lmda Flrestme Bob Roberts Dany Branson Danny Payne Robert Humphrey Tommy Insley Davxd K1tchen Denny Baker Kenny Khne ROW TWO Patty Humphrey Patty ROW THREE Cheryl Hulbert Bonme Damon Cynthta Coykendale Sandra Keerau Becky Llttle ,Tamce Stewart, Carolyn ABSENT Jeanne Allen Llnda Woodward Becky Telrney M JORETTES Pam Sherbrook Dorothy Dxllon Gregg, Tommy Evans, Sonny Baker, Linda Way, Janet Bishop, Glynn Huntley, Diane Steen, Carol Taylor. GIRLS' CHORUS ROW ONE Donna Vandersall Ruthann Cobb Sandra Lentz Becky Btshop Elatne Berry Kathryn Kempher Barbara Cobb Ruby Vandersall Martha Waggoner Martha Cobb Sharon Gallant Susan Hock Becky Terr ney ROW TWO Mr Lutz Pam Sherbrook ,Tamce Kempher Marjorte Leader Janlce Burrell Cheryl Frankenfeld Polly Butler Patsy Stratt Rebbecca Walker Mar1lynPh1lpott Sue Stferd Martha Krernbrtnk Sheryl Stewart Betty Balr MIXED C ORU ROW ONE Bob Daugherty Dwlght Steen Gordon Franks Dave Taylor Gerald Karch Cloyce Wolfe Lynn Ebersole Mark Donaldson Lester Dertrtch Davxd Steen Dtck Breneman Dennts Gundersen Colm Allen Dean Gundersen ROW TWO Becky Btshop Elame Berry Kathryn Kempher Ruby Vandersall Martha Waggener Sharon Gallant Susan Hock Becky Tterney Leslle Woodward Sherry Wtnzeler Marsha Poe Lorrame Bassett Carol Huffman Ruth Phtlpott Mr Lutz ROW THREE Polly Butler Patsy Strart Sue Stferd Marjorte Leader Wanda Bevtns Pam Sherbrook Cathy Ddouver Rebecca Walker Martlyn Phtlpott Betty Barr Sheryl Stewart CherylFrankenfeld : I I I ' I . I I 1 1 1 1 n 1 .- . : . , , ' , " , ' , I I 'I I I I I I I I ll I .I I I 4.I . I. I I I I I ' . . ' ' I I I I I I I ' I I I ' I I ' I .. I 'I I I I I . I .I I ' v -ff xi - M em. Y-fir ms' ' rf? ?:vg5 ::f iw- ' A k2Z, " 4 A h W. ig, ' 3 2.:2ff"'iZ,. ' . . M 2'55"i2--'lv' f .Y ff Kfsfvff SJSU- if 'fblifi--H2 flags-fzaf Af5K '5i1'3sq' ' '5Hi4"'.'g fleflfg' , gf Q11 4 ggrl'ii::E53,f9u'? K - f, zz' ' 3 ,f1'3u"i:'yg.1a,, .N f ,L 1 W: gggsgfgfuigigf, zfif1,iggE, 2. tL'2f..if- ,334 M tip ,155 r 1 3' Vqijif-.Zi!gSf:.g, ' f 2 ' 5 ' "sf .iw ': eh- ,, 1 f,-, " ,li " H OZ: osggq ,in L, 1" 49 Sq. 5 I' ' :gr ,gi 1 -Q 5 int 9W+-lv 9 39, K 5 v., This ':, f, x an .435 V lkg,lQfgfEq'2f'8i5g,1s4s ,, i A , A -gy ff f 'g.:za,f,mQ!?' ., 3? 1gxQ'?!f,,L3-ilnggnt .IV .W -.,- t . ..-V A' ',-.- nf. 'Lai A, D xv .df ' - .- " :Mfg 'Q-,4u.'k QT ' -, ff .rA.'w-vim! N. -... f-fr 2 58132 '-4. ff .' -..' ' 4,0 . 4-Y A . Nf -,163 . . . . h - .J V-lv! . '-. 'A "' L , ., f. , . , . ' A f'.'1 , 'H V' 1 V ' I-,.. ' "Q, ", u , , v . "rj, S 9 A1 ',. 'AI . QA., . f,' ,,- " COLDREN FUNERAL JACKSON'S HOME FURNITURE 205 West COM A P NY Sandusky St. GA-2-2565 Ambulance Service Invalid Car Service GA 2-2323 Findlay, Ohio OHIO CONVEYORS AND SUPPLY, INC. l3l0 North Main Street Findlay, Ohio HPower Transmission From Stockn Roller Chain G Sprockets Gear Motors Sheaves G Belts Reduiers Bearings - Electric Motors FIRST FEDERAL DEG3gggg5'S sAv1NG's AND LOAN Meats 2l5 west Main Genera? Cross St. Merchandise Groceries F' dl oh' ln ay' 10 van Buren, ohio Complete Line of National Products Agricultural Limestone Ground Limestone Pulverized Limestone Hydrated Lime Crushed Stone Ready-Mix Concrete NATIONAL LIME AND STONE Findlay, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of 1958-59 TRAUTMAN FUNERAL HCM 719 South Main Findlay, Ohio FOOD CENTER More Value for Less Money North Baltimore GA 2-3434 BLACKFORD GARAGE HOMER BEAN JEWELER Towing Repairs 113 East Crawford Findlay, Ohio Rental Equipment 617 Lima Avenue GA 2-1041 Findlay, Ohio GA 2-2782 Congratulations DAIRY DREAM to the Class of 1959 1306 North Main BARNHART MEMORIAL Call FUNERAL HOME GA 2-4727 Findlay, Ohio 618 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio DUFFIELD TILE AND MARBLE North Dixie Highway Findlay, Ohio BRUCE B. BRYAN AND SON Building Supplies 409 West Main Cross Findlay, Ohio GA 2-1181 POWELL'S MARKET Groceries G Meats 4l2 W. Cross Findlay, Ohio EVANS TYPEWRITER CO. Corner of Cory 8 Crawford Street Findlay, Ohio GA 2-5145 HThe Best in Office Equipmentn Compliments of EGBERT'S HOME RIPPETH FUNERAL FURNISHINGS HOM 404 Air-Conditioned East Phone 2l2l North Baltimore, Findla5?ngEiEy O io THE S 6 S BRANDMAN DRUG STORE IRON COMPANY Drive-In Window Service 300 North Free Delivery C0ry Street Dial GA 2-2242 223 South Main Street Findlay, Findlay, Ohio Ohio SWARTZ THE HARDY soH1o BANK STATION North Baltimore Ohio 3 Main Street North Baltimore, Ohio STRALEY'S DAIRY WHIP 820 Tiffin Avenue Findlay, Ohio WRIGHT'S MARATHON STATION Van Buren, Ohio nBest In The Long Runn DICK'S ALTO PARTS Lone Star Boats 347 Midland Avenue Findlay, Ohio GA 2-4862 Auto Parts J. P. MELLOTT Groceries Mea Gas Oil North Findlay Ohio t Congratulations to the Class of l958-59 THOMAS JEWELERS 303 South Main Findlay, Ohio PALMER'S CAFE North Findlay GOOD FOOD AT POPULAR PRICES SEARS ROEBUCK CO. Catalog Sales Office 534 South Main Findlay, Ohio GA 2-8422 Congratulations To The Class of 1959 SIMON'S DRUG STORE Bloomdale, Ohio PE PLES ANKING CCDMPAN McComb, Ohio CARL STONER 600 "H" Street Findlay, Ohio Insurance Auto-Fire-Life HIGHSMITH CONSTRUCTION CO. General Contractors Dale Ebersole Ray Highsmith Findlay, Ohio Trade With MC COMB FARMERS C0-OP ASSOCIATION Feed McComb Elevator McComb, Ohio WAALAND'S GREENHOUSE l40 Larkins St. Findlay, Ohio GA 2-2343 REPUBLICAN CGURIER 308 Broadway Findlay, Ohio HFINEST COVERAGE OF THE NEWSU Beautify Yourself at the FARM BUREAU DAFFODILLE 4l8-429 East BEAUTY SHOP Lincoln 203 Commerce Building Findlay Findlay M. D. NEFF PENDLETON LUMBER C0, LUMBER Quality Lumber Millwork COMPANY McComb 125 Fair Street Findlay For Dad G Lad Compliments of zu-IROLF' s PARKER LUMBER "Clothes COMPANY Men Liken 216 West Crawford GA 2-4272 Street . . Findlay Ohio d s Fin lay, Ohio GA 2-0952 THE MIDLAND GROCERY CO. Sweet Briar and Clarion Foods Wholesale Groceries 350 East Sandusky Street Findlay, Ohio Call GA 2-l3l3 Congratulations M TALCRAFT to the Class ,, . ,, R. A. Mick of l958-l959 McDonald JIM NICKAS SHOP RESTAURANT GA 2-2923 ll3 S. Main Street 309 wgigeitgelow Findlay, Ohio . Findlay, Ohio MC CCDMB DAIRY Grade A Milk Phone 30 McComb, Ohio Dairy Bar Home Delivery DUCKY'S C J LAFFEY FLOWER SHOP ' ' Florists Shafer Road TgiT?5ZE? . . 120 West Flndlay, Ohlo Cherry Street Dial 4155 GA 2-8577 North Baltimore, Ohio Compliments of Be Safe GRIFFITH SALES Be Insured With North Baltimore, The Best Ohio Your Local T.V. ROSENBERGER 5 INSURANCE Appliance Dealer McComb, Ohio Phone 3161 TASTY 0VERMIER'S TATERS Rexall 237 Prospect Drug Store Avenue 127 North Main Street North Baltimore Ohio 3 Findlay, ohio Dial GA 2-1365 HRea11y Good Potato Chipsn GEORGE EDE . TY SNIEE?imS1fA3Ei20 "WWE Zigi Located on wwf mf MGSPW State 113 Qf Phone CY 3-4175 M Feeds, Fertilizer, THYER HOMES seeds, and BUILDER 2005 North Farm Supplies Buyers of Grain G Wool Main Street Findlay, Ohio Food Gas REYNALDS INN 1 Mile North of Findlay on O1d 25 Freda and Jake Staas New Owners Hours Sundays 7 AM - 12 PM 11 AM - 12 PM TARBOX-MC CALL SPARTON STONE CO. DISTR BUTING C5 Manufacturers of and Dealers in 2213 North Main CRUSHED STONE GA 2-1912 Findlay, Ohio 852 Western Avenue Findlay, Ohio Compliments of SCH ECK'S SHOP-RITE SUPER MARKET 1135 Tiffin Road Rosewood Avenue Findlay, Ohio Fremont, Ohio 334 N. Sandusky St. Bucyrus, Ohio Compliments of TROUT FURNITURE STCDRE 508 South Main Findlay, Ohio Compliments of BRYANT'S SHOE STORE 608 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio Compliments of HANCOCK SAVINGS AND LOAN South Main at Sandusky Findlay, Ohio Member of Federal Home Loan Bank Service HOCHSTETTLER'S ELEVATOR Grains and Feeds 428 West Main Cross Findlay, Ohio Compliments of the OHIO POWER COMPANY l20 North Main Findlay, Ohio DONALD I. HART Drainage Contractor Farm Drainage A Specialty Trenching for Water Gas-Sewer Lighting Buildings GA 2-3517 North Dixie Highway Findlay, Ohio PADEN FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 2651 515 North Main Street North Baltimore, Ohio DUFFIELD'S MUSIC CENTER HEverything for the Musicianu lOl Perry Street Fostoria, Ohio Compliments of THE ORTH B LTIMGRE GRAIN ASSOCIATIO Mortimer Elevator Hoytville Elevator North Findlay Hoytville North Baltimore Elevator North Baltimore Dealers in Grains, Feeds, Coal, Building Supplies COMPLIMENTS Bloomdale Lumber Company Dr. Calderhead, D.D.S. Wagner' s IGA Davis Hardware Store Hudson Furniture Company Fleckners Zero Locker Service North Baltimore IGA Newcomer Trucking Service North Baltimore News Reids Sohio Station North Baltimore Locker Company Kwik Shake Inn Sinclair Service Sheblis Shoe Store Dr. Paul Smith Uhlman' s OF Bloomdale North Baltimore Bloomdale North Baltimore McComb North Baltimore McComb North Baltimore Van Buren North Baltimore Arcadia North Baltimore Fostoria North Baltimore North Baltimore North Baltimore North Baltimore Distinctive Printing by Letter Press 8 Offset B 6 B PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. 130 North Main Findlay Ohio GA 2-9745 Stop at LITTLE'S MARATHON Lubrication Wash Jobs Oil Changes Accessories 45 East Sandusky Street Findlay, Ohio Congratulations to the Graduating Class THE HANCOCK BRICK AND TILE COMPANY Findlay, Ohio GA 2-6521 ALICE ARMBRECT BEAUTY 6 Maytag Washers 6 Dryers 116 Center Street Findlay, Ohio DRESS SHOPPE Sports Wear Formal 411 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio CONCRETEBLOCK 6 SUPPLY etter See uildings are PORTER'S uilt MUSIC with STORE lock 530 South Main 231 East Pine I Street 1 Findlay Ohio F1nd1aY, Ohlo GA 2-1282 DAVID KIRK SONS CO. 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Blanchard Phone Van Buren 306 Appliances Portage Vai gnr2ZT Ogio GE Television Van Buren Radios Compliments of Compliments of SPORTSMAN LANES FINDLAY RADIATQERVICE 6l6 Trenton Avenue 6Ol North Main Street Findlay, Ohio Flndlay, Ohlo 24 deluxe automatic alleys The Home Health Equipment Used in over one million homes . . . In offices, schools, athletic contests SEE AND FEEL NIAG RA CYCLO-MASSAGE 436 East Sandusky Street Findlay, Ohio Compliments of HOME SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSGCIATION "Current Dividend Rate 373' Compliments Need Concrete? Look to of W. H. 0'BRIEN G SONS ARTHUR BUCK 816 Cord Street Michigan G Ohio Findlay, Ohio Paper Company GA 2-5712 Our advertisers have aided us greatly in the production of the Knight. Your business with the advertisers who have helped with this yearbook can now add to their success for the year. SPAYTH'S DECORATING TROJAN SANDWICH SHOP AND GREYHOUND LINES TOWNHOUSE RESTAURANT TRAUTMAN MOBILE HOME TRIANGLE LUNCH SALES AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE SHOP AL BASS CLOTHES A-1 BODY SHOP AND GARAGE BLACK AND WARNER MEN'S WEAR BLOOMINGDALE'S FLOWER LAND COUNTRY MARKET CAPITOL TIRE SHOP C. H. DUTTWEILER AND COMPANY FENSTERMAKER'S FORNES BRAKE SERVICE KENNEDY PRINTING COMPANY KOEHLER FLORISTS KOFFEE KUP LYNN A. LYON COM ANY LOUIE, THE BICYCLE MAN LENNOX AIRE-FLO LIMA LOAN MILLER'S KICHENETTE MAURICE BEAUTY SHOPPE MABELLE BEAUTY SHOPPE MOREY'S MONTGOMERY WARD MILLER'S LUNCHEONETTE MEDLOCK JEWELRY STORE MEMORY GARDENS CEMETERY MOM AND RAY'S NEUHAUSER HATCHERIES PLOTTS HARNESS LUGGAGE SHOP PHOTO CENTER PATTERsoN's POINT INN POWELL RADIO-TV Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK North Baltimore, Ohio HWHERE SAVINGS PAYH MAR THON Super - M For Super Mileage THE OHIO OIL COMPANY Compliments of FINDLAY COLLEGE Findlay, Ohio A GOOD COLLEGE IN YOUR COMMUNITY HAVING ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS? SEE RUSSELL ELECTRIC Findlay, Ohio I CONTRACTORS INDUSTRIAL GA 3-OO75 ROSE MARINE AND CYCLE SHOP Findlay s1NK's FLORISTS Findlay SIMON AND SMITH BARBERS Findlay FRED SWISHER Findlay SAN-A-PURE DAIRY Findlay VERN WELCH Findlay WARREN'S--MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING Findlay WALTER'S SHOE STORE Findlay STURM'S MARKET Findlay ROYAL TIRE SERVICE Findlay MITCHELL AND SON CANDY Findlay DR. D.C. DE ARMANT North Baltimore CAIN'S MARCELLE POTATO CHIP CO.. Bowling Greer HUDSON FURNITURE McComb LAIRD MC GREGOR McComb NORTH DIXIE MOTOR COURT North Findlay We would like to thank the following people for their donations: OXLEY LAW WAYNE'S BARBER SHOP TROUTNER AUTO ELECTRIC if INTER C0 EGIATE PR SS Knos - LL E 50 ff U, 'L' 5 -3? W zlsmfzityw I ff wif W Q Sw Q W A My gif, YMAWGJ4 My! W M if fi W W3 3? ei fb Rf 2 Q 1 - Q fs I . Wk M wiiw MMM 6553 wb H Q 3? 9 xx? .Q W gy? ive? A Q17 3

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