Van Buren High School - Knight Yearbook (Van Buren, OH)

 - Class of 1957

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Van Buren High School - Knight Yearbook (Van Buren, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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J V.: 2, 1 A ! 1 ?'Q'f"fwW I l I ull I . f' " X X 1, 7 aw. I K WWQL i fr' . - H .- .jf an .. v o Fifi! 'n f 9 Co Editors Ray Ensman Dave Baker STANDING Bob Corbin Clara Donaldson Larry Stough John Burrell Tom Persing Dale Ebersole Jim l-lock Susan Reese Gary Walton Jim Kelley Larry Bassett Mike Luke Tom Palmerton Dennis McCraken Mike Bright Charlotte Wright SEATED Mrs Miller Harriet Griffith Janet Laird Dave Baker Ray Ensman Phyllis Newcomer Joyce Karch QQ ff 4 . 'E f Ns 14 Janet Laird Larry Stough . . Larry Bassett ......... . . . Ray Ensman Dave Baker ..... Editors Harriett Griffth . . Tom Persing . . ..... . . . Bob Corbin ..... John Burrell . . . . Joyce Karch Charlotte Wright Phyllis Newcomer Dale Ebersole . . . Sponsor ............. ..... ff!! Business Manager Advertising Manager Subscription Manager Co Editors Elementary Underclassmen Activities Sports Senior Ads Snapshots Mrs. Miller Salesmen Clara Donaldson Jim Hock Susan Reese Gary Walton Jim Kelley Dennis Mc Craken Tom Palmerton Mike Luke Mike Bright. PU' 17' C.. f 1 5 .ao FTW-'Q .M H pu--.- Qu- ,:L4q-u+- F LT W 45 w. ' f,,2'i5iw I 5 I K A 4 ii. , .1 . aw 'Q 4 f 5 QQ., V - -x..,,' -L., N f.. "il 'Q A ,W ,fm , 'ga' ' fwzj -L V, ,h 4 Q ,, 5 3 ' ? , W? - if .K ,R 1 S' Q -if 1 .., ,..'.4 ,,., Wg Graduation is another milestone in the never ending process of education. It is my sincere desire that the phase which you seniors have just completed will help you to live a dynamic life, full of many joys and blessings, and as you enjoy the many freedoms we possess that you will realize and accept the responsibilities which they entail. Sincerely Mr Hanna SUPERINTENDENT We the class of 57 wish to dedicate this annual to the many persons who have counselled us in our twelve years in school We thank not only our teachers but our parents and friends who have sacrtficed their time and energy in helping us attain our goals It has been a pleasure to work with the young people of Van Buren High School this year and endeavor to be of service to them individually and collectively Now the school year of 56 57 15 but a memory The members of the class of 57 are eager to find their places in the world and are somewhat surprised to find that this takes more coinage and perseverance than they had anticipated To the departing seniors I would leave this thought The highest reward God has given us for good work 15 the ability to do better work Best Wishes to each and every one of you Sincerely Marian Murlin PRINCIPAL I ' CUSTODIAN S Bryan Wingate, Milt Lehman fnot pictured, BUS DRIVERS Don Huffman Ralph Srlveus Wllson Newcomer Don Burrell Merle Sues Tom Tedrow Mrs Clements Mrs Bassett 31 .X K if 322' xg, 1 S. 5'-JY A v vga. 'visa ,ts-Q. .zu v',,. . xl U x N ""1 --.xx ' HEMENTAHY ..4. EV FIRST GRADE TOP ROW Randy Stough Terry Minter Jimmy Lydick Phillip Strausbaugh Douglas Folts Larry Leibold Douglas Zehenner Danny Delong Terry BAker Jimmy Wood ruff Stephen Osborn MIDDLE ROW llflike Holtgreven Myreon Cobb Pamela Hoff Vickie Mill er Carol Casdorph Cathy Clemans Susan Clark Terry George Gregory Umphress Larry Pater son lvlrs Mlldred Nesler BOTTOM ROW Carolyn Woodruff Cheryl Helms Carole Tong Patty Bevins 'Nlary Sue Curtis Margo Winzeler Patty Kline Juanita Oler Patty Franks Absent S sie Gunder Mike Gunder Connie Wilson .Ioetta Bair ng fi S' 918716 KINDERGARTEN TOP ROW Mrs Hock Donald Truman Jack Stahl Tony Hump hrey Raymond Davenger Gerald Epley, Dickie Lydick William Straley Gary Ossman Henry Walter MIDDLE ROW Patty Holmes Michael Vlericle Rober McKee Billy Da mon, David Bates Edwin Kline Larry Brown Todd Feil Michael Simon, Karla Sasse BOTTON ROW Carol Williams Tami Willin Bette Ba'ker Bonnie Jackson De ra Austin Diane Barber Sue Ensrnan Connie Kuhlman Barbara Coykendale Absent Janice Eanes Terri Kuhlman SECOND GRADE TOP ROW: Mrs. Adams Ronnie Rader Eugene Casdorph Scott Palmer Ed Holmes Gary Lei- bold Tommy Cobb Jimmy Wil- kins, Larry Helms, Danny McMon- igal. MIDDLE ROW: Timmy Holtgreven, Mary MacMurray, Charlotte Clements, Diane Nesler, Danny Nesler, Bob Swain, Dick Swain, Darlene Bisbee, Pam McMon igal, Mrs. Hogle. BOTTOM ROW: Wanda Durain, Sue Harvey, Linda Duffield, Kay Oler, Sharon Minter, Edna Donaldson, Patty Wolfe, Diane Gallant. Compliments of WALTER'S SHOE STORE, Findlay, Ohio THIRD GRADE FRONT ROW Patty Groog Becky Little Vicki Umphress, Stella Walter Jean Horner, Sandra Tru man Janice Stewart Linda Way Georgeanna Payne, Beverly Hump hrey Becky Woodruff Marsha Simon MIDDLE ROW Billy Coon Tommy Evans Jerry Kline Janet Bishop Diana McCracken, Linda Aurand Janette Hock Lu cinda Semler, Denny Baker Bob by Barfel, Ronnie Helms BACK ROW Steve Hunter David Zehend er Sonny Baker, Fred Cline, James Eanes Dan Branson Mike August Billy Waggoner Terry Sherman Dennis Barber, Ronnie Strausbaugh Tim Poole David Kitchen Mrs Hoff FIFTH GRADE FRONT ROW: Kathy Baker, Cheryl Dauoherty Beverly W'ilkins Judy Bevins Peggy Harvey INola Austin, 'tlartha Wolfe Pamela Franks Bev- erly Kline Mary Jane Butler Jud Coon Jeanie Allen. MIDDLE ROW: Mike Winzeler Elaine Swisher Wanda Firestine Doris Rose Kathy Hoff Patty Kempher, Donna Samuels Mary Jane Luke Judith Eanes Mar ilyn Reese Vickie August, Donald Holtgreven, Pauline John. BACK ROW: Ronnie Kitchen, Donald Mc- Cracken, Nolan Swinehart, Joe Dwenger, Joe Helms, Donald Walter, John Waggoner, Ray Curtis, Ronnie Aurand, Robert Marriott, Billy Payne, David Aurand, Guss Carles. fa fn-:H an A 31' nv FOURTH GRADE FRONT ROW Danny Rader Denny Stahl Glynn Clark, Bobby Roberts Billy Griffith Kenreth Kline Tom Grogg Billy Holtcvreven SECOND ROW Nancy Kara: Mary Oler Dale Steck Diane Steen, Mana Kai-ch, Reve Withrow, Cheryl Coykendale Linda Firestine THIRD ROW Car la Osborn Bonnie Damon Georgia Stough Carol Taylor Cheryl Hul bert, Carolyn Eber ole Sharlene Woodruff Beth Withrow, Patty Humphrey Cynthis Coykendale Mike Franks, Mrs Adams FOURTH ROW Miss Treier Danny Greeno Mike Poole Jerry Sernler, Floyd Flugg Fred Curtis, Eddie Lydick Robert Humphrey Danny Payne Tommy lnsley Mark Dreisbach Brian Clark Mike Roberts, John Bisbee Eddie Melvlonigal Absent Dick Karrick . if ,, 0 '1 Coniplirrients of LOUIE, THE, BICYCLE MAN, Findlay, Kltllfl KlHd6Fg3TtSD MRS HOC K Fourth lXlRS A DAINIS BH SIXTH GRADES TOP ROW Nelson May Eu ene Barfell Max Ba1r, R1chard ood ruff W1lbertMarr1ott Larry Ra der J1mKl1ne Clarence Wolfe John Eanes Allan Ton Ray Amos, Gary Harr1s Jun B1rc man Gary Taylor Mr Gephart CENTER ROW Jack Curt1s Derra1lW1th row Roger Tanner Rose Cas dorph Mary Burrell Terry Green Pat Poole Margaret Topplng Cath1e B1shop Paula Cessna Rlch ard Barfell Don DeBouver Chuck Coykendale BOTTOM ROW Phylhs Roy Cam Roberts, Barbara Rader Ann Ensman Helen Oler L1nda Reese Karen Bassett, Jane Werner S1lyerGreeno Sarah Baker A o o""5 X F11-St IVIRS NES1-,ER SeCOnd MRS HOGLE Thu-d MRS HO!-F L u n J , W. S ,fi ,grill Fourth MISS TREIER H" JF 1 5 WMV Fzfth MRS JOHN S1xth MR GEPHART ll!! ., I V .', . , if , , b . I , , . - , , K Vw? , , , Y , I , - . 2 2 ,.rA mx ' 'Z .NVE no m, , -K 1 N if l C Q 3 WU x 'I t- p f- v Q , U I 1. e I UNUEHIHASSMEN Ill ll , I B THIRD ROW Gene Wolfe Brlly Tong Dean Gundersen Tom Greeno Joe Wolfe Ronnte Kagy Dave Taylor Mrke Hoffsrs Lennre Greeno B1l1y Flugga Derald Carles SECOND ROW Bob Daugherty Davrd Grogg Eddte Flrck Jerry Lentz Sammy Baker Gordon Franks Jerry Srlveus hm Hulbert Dwrght Steen Thomas Rader Mrs Mrller FIRST ROW Io Curt1s Judy Breneman Kathy DeBouver Lrnda Brshop Judy Mrller Carol Persrng Susan Hock Sara Donaldson Kathy Kempher Rebecca Waker Betty Humphrey FIRST ROW Martlyn Phllpott Roma Harvey Carol Foltz Llnda Klme Roberta Swlnehart Laurel Green Mary K SECOND ROW Sue Slferd Betty Barr Cheryl Frankenfeld Carol Klrne Insley Sondra Radabaugh Marguerrte Marrlott Sherry Wlnzeler Sheryl Stewart Rosey Kltne Polly Butler THIRD ROW Douglas McCracken Steve Clark Walter Rlbble Ruby Vandersall Nancy Taylor Martha Waggoner Martha Cobb Carol Larrd Becky Blshop Danny Dayrlnger John Rader Lynne Hoadley Mrs Wymer FOURTH ROW Mr Gorsuch Charles May Ronrue DeCooman Stanley Larry Franks Joel Roberts Sandy Holtgreven GRADE 7 GRADE 8 Q G G 'WB X 'N 54 suse '32,-"' Donaldson, Jerald Karch, Howard Hoffsis, Bob Holmes, Larry Harris, John Cline, Don DeRodes, I . x v K W V' Q 1 , W Q S , ' ' ' 'N ' t . ' ,xg 4 en. ' ' y , ga, ' A 1 - f FRESHMAN THIRD ROW: Terry Roberts, Tom Roy, David Steen, Bob McCartney, Ronald Walton, Dwight Fleming Ronald Kelley, Dennis Gundersen, Gene Deidrick, Jr, Hulbert, Colin Allen. SECOND ROW: Jim Oler Ronald Cobb, Harry Harvey, Janice Kempher, Dorothy Dillon, Barbara Cobb, Carol Holmes, Ronald Harvey, Bill Bishop, Mr. Laut. FIRST ROW: Dorothy Griffith, Roberta DeBouver, Marlen Green, Mary Casdorph, Judy Silveus, Donna Vandersall, Pam Sherbrook, Dixie Luke, Janice Burrell, Carol Kline, Mary Siferd, Angela Wolfe. SOPHOMORE FIRST ROW: Sharon Rader, Ruthann Cobb, Nancy Foltz, Judeth Whitticar, Carol Huffman, Wanda Bevins, Lorraine Bassett, Marsha Poe. SECOND ROW: Bill Grogg, John Blake, Johnny Coppes, Ruth Philpott, Sandra Lentz, Joe Bright, Harry Wingate, Larry Coppes, Robert Griffith, Mrs. Scot- horn. THIRD ROW: Jerry Kuhlman, Larry Hoadley, Cloyce Wolfe, Paul Vandersall, Charles Crow, Bob Taylor, Lynn Ebersole, Mark Donaldson, Lester Deirrich, Larry Dayringer, Dick Bren- eman, Walter Kirvan. Q " Yr? 23 M .. Fr 5- L,-, J-L2 7:-.9 "Zuma tr' !""'U ' K JUNIORS FIRST ROW Anrta Rrbble Donna McCartney Sharon Harvey Sharon Phrlpott Ann Wolfe Lrnda Amos Janrce Karch Jean Wrrght Sharon Topprng Charlene Hrll SECOND ROW Barbara Cole Judy Radabaugh Susan Butler Lors Werner Phyllrs Persrng Ethel Johnson Margaret Kempher Pat Kelley Barbara May Betsy Swrnehart Mrss Bryant THIRD ROW Ron Stacy Kerth Wrllford Tom Weaver Irm DeRodes Phrlrp Whrttrcar Mrck Hoff Paul Rehus Larry Gundersen Charles Carles Rrchard Srferd JUNIOR PLAY Larry Gundersen Lors Werner Mrck Hoff Ann Wolfe Ron Stacy Anrta Rrbble Charlene Hrll Susan Butler Sharon Phrlpott Phrlrp Whrttrcar Phyllrs Persrng Wrllre Vaughn Mrs Vaughn Mr Vaughn Carolyn Vaughn Orvrlle Root Marsre Darsy Hazey Professor Albert Bocksdrngle Andy Hopkrns Lydra Rockwell W1ll1e Vaughn rs a boy screntrst who consrders hrmself a grrl hater Lola rs tryrng to change hrs mrnd Lola trres to play a trrck on Wrllre by pretendrng that hrs three gurnea prgs have grown rnto full grown human grrls Wrllre however catches on and trres to play a trrck on Lola by pretendrng to make hrs buddy Orvrlle drsappear Thrngs get rather confused at thrs pornt but all rs strarghtened out rn the end Ev ' " . ,,. Q 3 Linda Amos ......... ................. L ola Allen At MRS WYMER -al AV A '?l LAUT MR HANNA 'K' 'QM 'fa-J My MRS. MILLER " 53, Q f I , . .. ' if v.43:4:7 1 "":'W" M RS , M A UG ANS M.. M RS MURLIN 'F xxx 1 'J MR. WILLING MR. FRANKENFELD MRS . SCOTHORN 6 'Qi' Fi 95: ' 33 33, R Wq MR GORSUCH MISS BRYANT , 'K qu AETIVITIES 51 Pres. Sect Treas Report Adv STUDENT COUNCIL V. Pres. OFFICERS Ray Ensman Mick Hoff Phyllis Newcomer Sharon Phrlpott Ruth Phxlpott Mrs Murlln SEATED Martlyn Phrlpott Ruth Phrlpott Sharon Phrlpott Mrch Hoff Ray Ensman Phyllrs Newcomer Steve Clark STANDING Harrret Grrffrth Sharon Topprng Marsha Poe Ann Wolfe Dorothy Drllron Barbara Cobb Jrm Kelley Larry Hoadley John Burrell Dave Baker Dean Gundersen The Student Councrl orgamzed rn 1947 IS composed of members from the upper SIX grades and each organlzatton for the purpose of estabhshrng a better understandmg between teachers and students Among the many actrvmes carrled on by the counc11 were those of sendrng delegates to the nauonal and state conferences and nauonal workshop sellrng refreshments at the games sponsortng c1t1zensh1p day an all school dance and recognruon day at the end of school The counctl IS tn the process of rarslng funds so tt wtll be posstble tn the near future to have a foretgn student come to Ih1S school He wrll hve ln the home of a Junror or senlor llke a member of the famrly The councrl hopes to complete ILS work so rt w1ll be posstble to have th1s student tn the year 58' 59 . . . . . . . . ' I I ! I I I . . . . . . . , 1 , 1 o n O 1 1 l ' Q I n 1 1 1 . ' I 1 Q I + ' u Pres Z' V ras oo nab, OFFICLRS CC A FAQ Tre as X Report .1 in Srntmel '-1 5 Stu ent v fa, U, Li Ad Ud L rrry B rssett Kelth Wrlford Dave Baker Paul Rehus Jerry Kuhlman ,hm Kelley Larry Stough hm Kelley The F F A IS an orgamzauon of boys who wlsh to become farmers It rs one of the more acuve 0l'g3f11Z3I1Ox1S of the school As1de from rts aetrvmes If has recerved the Gold state raung and was a warded the Superxor ratrng by the natxonal orgamzauon It IS open Lo boys takmg the Vo Ag course FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW Ronme Stacy Jerry Kuhlman Kexth W1lfOId Dave Baker Larry Bassett hm Kelley Paul Rehus Larry Stough SECOND ROW Terry Roberts hm DeRodes Larry Hoadley Ronald Kelley Bob McCartney Ir Hulbert B111 Bxshop Ronald Cobb Dennrs McCracken Mr Frandenf1eld THIRD ROW Rxchard S1ferd Paul Vandersall Lester Dertrlch Charles Crow Toby Flemrng Joe Bnght Johnny Coppes Drck Breneman Gene Dexduck Jlm Oler Bob Grlffrth Bxll Grogg I A A I' fftq I "3 I K 'sig IA: j' ........ U I ' X I X unuunll ,317 , Lqlun Q pil 9, A: S ........ ' Q I X 'D 'L . ..... . S, ,K D A . .... . . - -Lw A s-3 1 -...- I 57 A 04' Q , T L K 5' 5. C .... .... ' . . - : . ' . . . . I I ' I D I I I n I A A . V ., ' 51 ' G ,. -A ' A Hi f Miss Bryant, Janet Laird, Dale Ebersole, Charlotte Wright. HONOR SOCIETY NATIO NN. HONOR SOCIETY Ex 'Z gf! Q E L The Honor Society is an organization of persons who have outstanding scholastic records. Pictured above are the second year members and below the first year members. The annual spring social meeting was held here with every one having a delightful time. . , 1 ' The members not pictured are: Ann Wolfe, Phyllis Persing, and Donna McCartney. Dave Baker, Larry Gundersen Jean Wright, Lois Werner, Sharon Philpott Anita Ribble, Charlene Hill VARSITY "V" The Varsity "V" is made up students who have made a varsity letter in either football, basketball, or baseball. The purpose of the Varsity "V" is to promote sportsmanship on the football field, Basketball court and on the baseball diamond and also among the spectators, and to improve the athletic standing of the school. OFFICERS President ...... . . . Larry Bassett Vice President ....... Mick Hoff Secretary- Treasurer . . Dave Baker Student Council ..... John Burrell FIRST ROW: Dave Baker, Mick lloff, Mr. Willing, Larry Bassett, Jim Kelley, Jim Hock. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Stacy, Tom Weaver, Harry Wingate, Charles Carles, Tom Persing Bob Corbin, John Burrell. THIRD ROW: Mark Donaldson, Paul Rehus, Larry Dayringer, Philip Whitticar, Gary Walton, Toby Fleming, Ray FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW Carol Huffman Ruth Phrlpott Susan Butler Sharon Ph1lpott Harrret Grrffrth Joyce Karch Charlotte Wrrght Sharon Topprng Marsha Poe SECOIND ROW Mrs Maugans Charlene Hrll Ann Wolfe Lrnda Amos Pat Kelley Jamce Karch Judy Radabaugh Barbara Cobb Dorothy Dlllon Janrce Burrell Donna Vandersall Pam Sherbrook Carol Klme Dorothy Grrffrth Donna McCartney THIRD ROW Susan Reese Barbara Cole Phyllrs Persmg Loxs Werner Carol Holmes Janet Larrd Betsy Swlnehart Lorrarne The FHA rs an organrzatron of grrls vxho wrsh to further therr practrcal knowledge of home economrcs Judy Radabaugh rs the presrdent of the B1 County organrzatron The FHA has had a number of actrvmes among whrch are appearrng on TV worklng for degrees and puttrng on an assembly program OFFICERS Presldent Vree Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Parllamentarran Re Hrstorran Harr1etGr1ff1th Sharon Phrlpott Susan Butler Joyce Karch Carol Huffman Ruth Phrlpott QMAKIR 3 li- jj TV .3 44,606 4,0 Q5 Charlotte Wrrght Nfw no Bassett, Judy Silveus, Janice Kempher, Jean Wright, Phyllis Newcomer. fi ow A fb -ZS 1 Y h I ........... I J YL, - ,f ...... ..... 1 , 1 , 1 5 ' V ' F ...., ' 1 f I --X p. ............... ' 4 XX lyxlp STAFF :ND W ,f ' Editor ......... ... Joyce Karch f 3 1, I M Sports Editor ...... .. Mick Hoff, Tom Persing I K Business Manager .... . Harriet Griffith X - Q "T Circulation Manager,.. ... I3-Def Laird K X Roving Reporter ..... . Phyllis Newcomer The DIXIE NEWS, is published once a month by the high school commercial department, under the direction and guidance of Mrs. Gladys Scothorn. The paper was established in l946 and has received numerous honors since. NEWSPAPER STAFF FIRST ROW: Phyllis Newcomer, Harriet Griffith, Joyce Karch, Mick Hoff, Janet Laird. SECOND ROW: Charlene Hill, Ann Wolfe, Susan Butler, Tom Persing, Sharon Philpott, Judy Radabaugh, Lois Werner, Anita Ribble, Jean Wright, Charlotte Wright, Mrs, Scothorn. THIRD ROW: Susan Reese, Marsha Poe, Clara Donaldson, Lynn Ebersole, Dennis Gunderson, Ruth Philpott, Carol Huffman, Loraine Bassett It IS not posslble to put all the act1v1t1eQ ofthe Qchool m the Covers of thu book Perhaps you have some newspaner Cllppmg of J school act1V1ty or snapshots that you would lxke IH the annual Jfso paste them on tlus page - , 1 . . , , , f aw , 5' s 2 J ' gf ,Q , .TUNIOR BAND FIRST ROW: Martha Wolfe, Kathy Hoff, Ann Ensman, Charles Cloykendale, Nola Austin, Carolyn Ebersole. SECOND ROW: Darrell Withrow, Cheryl Holbort, Robert Roberts, Judy Brennamen, Joe Dwenger, Linda Firestine Wanda Firestine, Phyllis Roy, Mary Burrell. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Coykendale, Cynthia Coykendale, Janie Butler, Bonnie Damon, Ray Curtis, Sheryl Stewart, Carl Persing, Cathy Bishop, Tommy Insley, David Grogg, Jerry Semler, Georgia Stough, Ronnie Kitchen, Kathy Smith. FOURTH ROW: Elaine Swisher, Marilyand Reese, Poly Butler, Nelson May, Richard Woodruff, Phyllis Persing, Betsy Swinehart, Nolan Swinehart, Mr, Gorsuch, Sara Donaldson, Jerry Lentz, Jimmy Birchman, Carol Taylor, Dianne Steen, John Bisby. MAJ ORETTES Janet Laird, Pam Sherbrook, Dorothy Dillon FIRST ROW Lors Werner Jean Wrrght Lynn Ebersole Cam Roberts Charlotte Wrrght Beverly Wrlkrns SECOND ROW Ann Wolfe Charlene Hrll Anrta Rrbble Carol Larrd Janet Larrd Mary Luke Roberta Swrnehart Janrce Kempher Dona Vandersall THIRD ROW Mar1lynPh1lpott Karen Bassett Teresa Green Jo Curtrs Jack Curtrs Larry Hoadley Marsha Poe Sharon Phrlpott Lrnda Amos ISE:-:lt SENIOR BAND FIRST ROW Gary Taylor Becky Brshop Pam Sherbrook Judy Srlveus Dorothy Drllon Phyllrs Newcomer SECOND ROW Margaret Kempher Dean Gundersen T ster Dertrrch Lynne Hoadley Jane Werner Cheryl Frankenfeld Barbara Cole Lorrarne Bassett Carol Huffman THIRD ROW B1ll Tong Naacy Taylor Larry Gundersen Ruth Phrlpott Allen Tong Ray Amos Dave Taylor Mrck Hoff Walter Rlbble Terry Roberts Dennrs Gundersen Susan Hock Bob Taylor FOURTH ROW Judy Radabaugh Susan Butler Mr Gorsuch Pat Kelley Barbara May Drrector Mr Charles Gorsuch f YQ Bu 0 1400 LEP i p ff' Q V 496, V, F ! 3' ff?-3: if a:, Nyli . 3 I 1 y I 1 I-el I I r 1 f , 1 ' . , ' , . : ' , I . r' . A H P R .fl l., f? f U, jQ 4 ' ' ' MIXED CHORUS FIRST ROW: Sharon Philpott, Dixie Luke, Angela Wolfe, Marlen Green, Roberta DeBouver, Pam Sherbrook, Judy Radabaugh, Sharon Topping, Marsha Poe. SECOND ROW: Anita Ribble, Charlene Hill, Jean Wright, Dorothy Dillon, Barbara Cobb, Lorraine Bassett, Ruth Philpott, Janice Burrell, Harriet Griffith, Dorothy Griffith, Mr. Gorsuch. THIRD ROW: Susan Reese, Joyce Karch, Phyllis Newcomer, Susan Butler, Lois Werner, Clara Donaldson, Pat Kelley, Carol Huffman, Janet Laird, Barbara Cole, Charlotte Wright. FOURTH ROW: Ron Stacy, Dennis Gundersen, Larry Hoadley, Ray Ensman, Larry Gundersen, Larry Bassett, Bob Taylor, Tom Persing, Lynn Ebersole, Lester Deitrich, John Burrell, Tom Weaver, Bob Corbin. MIXED ENSEMBLE , nw H V 1 1 ,Pf ' x K Q SEATED: Ron Stacy, John Burrell, Phyllis Newcomer, Charlotte Wright. STANDING: Ray Ensman, Tom Persing, Janet Laird, Ann Wolfe. Arm, as iv GIRLS' CHORUS FIRST ROW: Dixie Luke, Angela Wolfe, Marlen Green, Roberta DeBouver, Parn Sherbrook, Iudy Radabaugh, Mary Casadorph, Marsha Poe, Sharon Philpott. SECOND ROW: Anita Ribble, Charlene Hill, Jean Wright, Ruthann Cobb, Sandra Lentz, Dorothy Dillon, Barbara Cobb, Lorraine Bassett, Ruth Philpott, Janice Burrell, Harriet Griffith, Dorothy Griffith, Mr. Gorsuch. THIRD ROW: Susan Reese, Ann Wolfe, Phyllis, Newcomer, Susan Butler. Linda Amos, Lois Werner, Clara Donaldson, Pat Kelley, Carol Huffman, Janet Laird, Barbara Cole, Charlotte Wright, Sharon Topping, J A GIRLS ENSEMBLE i SIFATIED: Anita Ribble, Jean Wright, Bar?-ara Cole, Charlene Hill. STANDING: Sharon Philpott, Susan Butler, Lois Werner, Pat Kelley Linda limos. ATHHIIIIS CU f ., rv-T?"" 2393931 xi' , 5 ,,,,. SQ? 'Y' FIRST ROW: B. McCartney, R. Kelley, D. Steen, T. Roy, I. Blake, R. Cobb, G. Deidrick, R. Harvey. SECOND ROW: P. Rehus, T, Weaver, R, Ensman, P, Witticar, D. Baker, H. Wingate, J. Burrell, R, Stacy. THIRD ROW: L, Dayringer, L. Bassett, J. Kelley, C. Carles, M. Donaldson, T. Fleming, Mr. Laut, Mr. Willing, T. Persing. 'L 1 ii.. Q I ,VD The spirits are high in the pre -game huddle. fs Liz, ll 'X4"'.-. bfflfly W3lIS IO be sent into the game. LARRY BASSLTT SENIGR JOHN BURRELL RAY ENSMAIN CO CAPTAINS JIM KELLEY DAVE BAKER ATHLETES BOB CORBIN K JR. HIGH BASKETBALL KNEELING: Jerry Lentz, Dean Gundersen, Bob Daugherty, Sandy Holtgreven, Stanley Donaldson, Jerry Silveus, Jim Hulbert, Ronnie DeCooman, Dwight Steen. STANDING: Mike Hoffsis, Don DeRodes, Lynn Hoadley, Jerald Karch, Bob Holmes, Walter Ribble, Steve Clark, Danny Dayringer, Joe Wolfe, Gene Wolfe, Mr. Ldut. gf 4 Carol Lalrd Sondra Radabaugh Cheryl Frankenfeld Marllyn PllllpOII Polly Butler JR. VARSITY BASKETBALL KNEELING: Mr. Willing, Mr. Laut, Mark Donaldson. STANDING: Junior Hulbert, John Blake, Les Deitrich, Larry Hoadley, Toby Fleming, Lynn Ebersole, Larry Dayringer, Cloyce Wolfe, Tom Roy, Gene Deidrick, Colin Allen. l C c V' Ann Wolfe Sharon Topping Q.- sf b-X 1' vu 1- f '1 , 3 N J 'S-l k ' Marsha Poe Carol Holmes Judy Silveus FOOTBALL THEY RISINGSON MCCOMB CORY-RAWSON LIBERTY-BENTON ARCADIA VANLUE ARLINGTON MT, BLA NCHARD BASKETBALL NORTH BALTIMORE CYGNET ARCADIA WEBSTER LIBERTY-BENTON CORY-RAWSON MT. BLANCHARD TONTOGANY BLOOMDALE LIBERTY-BENTON MT, BLANCHARD MCCOMB VANLUE ARCADIA ST, WENDELIN ARLINGTON 'bug POWELL S MEAT INC 412 West Maln Cross Street Beef 655 Luncheon Meats AJ C' Home Made 4J 1 Pork sijgqyfgqgm Veal U O1 FRESH CASING SAUSAGE Phone 1170 Free Delivery Findlay, Ohio HANCOCK SAVINGS AND LOAN South Ma1n at Sandusky Flndlay, Oh1o -in-v ....,..'---A oi 1 -.A-:4-255, .CA Ng ,-1 Em?-S395 df sv?S?'-E 'rPy,gxn 1020323 gffzf-0 i't:55,:- -4 lim: gi' HBSSNE4 :JS g'-1' 7' 2 ., P I K - 1 5 if .. xg 1 -3-...,.' ful, ---ihft "' -T'-H? b SIENIIIHS ""-'.3s 11' 'Mil ai' R M-an-M-15. rg wax 3g Wv ,ar 1 S9355 1,155 ggi he ,iziiv J 495 Dave Baker Mrke Bught BBB? 14, Larry Bassett QQ '- E 'M' John Burrell -npr ,-AW' ,Jw "" - L Clara Donaldson Ziff? Sim We wk rr A309- 'ln -an-,A-4' Bob Corbrn Dale Ebersole """"""'--' 'SW t4"Gw 40' I 'wwf' 6 1 .. W, 'V 'PHE Q.: fag:-L 1 1 ,wink 'T pr' -4-aan Ray Ensman Jun Hook Harr1etGr1ff1th Joyce Karch 1m Kelley M1ck Luke Janet Lalrd Denms McCracken WTI?" ,fr ' J v,5ywsy1f.Lv W il , Jn- ,, ' . WA-15-51? 31-,gig gy :Ay ':-5.3 ,qi 2 -egg 'fwqz ,f in A K, 1,3 ww , 4 in A f k lic -Q v Q 15:1 ,A bf . ,raw ' , ' ' , .-I' I -y 4 V 9 ' I' I , , 4' 4 A f gf 'Jw V ' 'QQ Wai 'tl' J nf PQ ,ok 1? '91 f"1 v CLASS HONORS VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN Janet La1rd Charlotte Wnght CLASS WILL Mr Hanna we w1ll our ab1l1ty to cooperate! Mrs Murlrn we w1ll all our unsrgned excuses Mr W1ll1ng we w1ll all our drrfy towels Mr Laut we w1ll our enthusrastrc response rn Soctal Studres Mrss Bryant we w1ll our knowledge of Mtltonl Mrs Scothorn we w1ll our gab fests 1n off1ce practrce Mr Gorsuch we w1ll all our unused practrce slrps Mrs Mrller we Wlll our good behavror rn study hall Mrs Wymer we w1ll our wonderful speeches' Mrs Maugans we w1ll all our used tea bags e cooks we w1ll our ravenous appetrtes e Janrtors we w1ll our full wastebasket e Jumors we W111 our treasury after our class UIPJ e Sophomores we w1ll all our sktpped study halls e Freshmen we w1ll our courage so that they may face three more years of study1ng'7 DAVE BAKER w1ll my football shoes to anyone who can f1t them LARRY BASSETT wtll my dr1v1ng ab1l1ty OJ to Sharon Topplng MIKE BRIGHT w1ll my ha1r do to anyone who wants rt BOB CORBIN w1ll my featherless Thunderbtrd to Mr Laut CLARA DONALDSON, w1ll my abrlrty to take drctauon at ten words a minute to Lols Werner DALE EBERSOLE, w1ll my flash bulbs and camera to next year s annual photographer RAY ENSMAN w1ll all the stuff rn the annual room to Sharon Phrlpott HARRIET GRIFFITH w1ll my sprt curls to Lrnda Amos Satm Set anyone? JIM HOCK w1ll my ablllly to grow good ducktarls to Mick Hoff JOYCE KARCH, w1ll my honors of queen to anyone who can get tt! JIM KELLEY w1ll my ab1l1ty to be on the all county football team to my brother Ronme JANET LAIRD, w1ll my majorette boots and whxstle to R.1ch Srferd MICK LUKE w1ll my ha1r care to Mr Laut DENNIS McCRACKEN, w1ll my bashfulness wrth gxrls to Paul Rehus PHYLLIS NEWCOMER w1ll my blond ha1r to Ann Wolfe Lemon IIIISC7 TOM PALMERTON w1ll all my used poker chrps to Ron Stacy TOM PERSING wxll all my used crutch txps to Brran Wmgate to use on the bottom of the chalrs rn the new gym SUSAN REESE w1ll my twrrlmg abrlxty to anyone who can get rt LARRY STOUGH w1ll my hor rod to anyone wrthout transportatron GARY WALTON Wlll my helghth and h1gh pomt basketball average to Tom Roy I CHARLOTTE WRIGHT w1ll my short ha1r to Ruthann Cobb To i ' . . . To . . , . . . To . . . ' , . i To . . . . . . . . I To . , . . To . , ' ' ' ' . To u I . . . ' To ' . , . . . ' To . , ' . To . , ' . To th , ' ' . To th ' ' , ' . To th ' , ' ' To th , ' ' .. To th , ' ' . 1, , ' ' ' . I' , . . . . . ' . ' I' , . . - . . I, JOHN BURRELL, will my squeaky shoes to Mr. Hanna. I, , ' ' . . I' . . . . . . . . I, ' ' . I, ' . ,, ,, . . . I' , . . - . . . I . I' ' . . . . . . I, . A . I, , . . . n ' . l I, . . . . . I I, , ' ' - . . I, . . . . I, , . . . . 1 I, , ' ' . I, I . , . . . I, ' . . . . . . . I, , . . . . I' ' . , , - . . TWELVE YEARS TOGETHER SEATED: Charlotte Wright, Joyce Karch, Harriet Griffith, John Burrell. STANDING: Dave Baker, Larry Stough, Gary Walton. Mick Luke, Tom Persing. CLASS OFFICERS Pres. . . . . V. Pres. . . . Sect. . . Treas .... S. C.. . . Hist.. . . . mtg John Burrell Larry Bassett Joyce Karch Janet Laird Harriet Griffith Charlotte Wright XXHU J 2 ri gi W K. 4 Ilfllll it s. NAME Dave Baker Larry Bassett Mike Bright John Burrell Bob Corbin Clara Donaldson Dale Ebersole Ray Ensman Harriet Griffith Jim Hock Joyce Karch Jim Kelley Janet Laird Mick Luke Dennis McCracken Phyllis Newcomer Tom Palmerton Tom Persing Susan Reese Larry Stough Gary Walton Charlotte Wright AMBITION Bachelor Rich Farmer Mechanical Engineer Dentist Society Playboy Beautician Scientist To be a success Homemaker Millionaire Secretary Mason Lab Technician Millionaire Niechanic Airline Hostess Billionaire Teacher Horse Raiser I already am! Professional Bum Journalist INOTED FOR Seriousness Throwing gum away in Miss Bryant s class Hair D Wavy Hair Wise Cracks Flirting Looking at Stars Chickens Stubborncss G gg S Flirting Musical Ability Hair Care" Quiet Ways Gabbing Fast Car Skipping 2nd period Flirting Pantomines Good Looks Pixie-like Ways SAYING HUH9 Censored' I don t know Breaks my heart' WHATS Isn t that funny? Prove it' How about that'P Whit do you want'P Good Gravy I I favor I I 0 9 My heavens' Frip I don t know! Holy Cow! f!!!???!!!?.. Hey dad! Aw Shucks! C! ! ! ??'?'7o?iJ Cheese 84 Rice Judas Priest! SENIOR CHARACTERISTICS 4 " C!....,....-7.1 'En 'Q B FIRST ROW: Susan Reese, Joyce Karch, Charlotte Wright, Clara Don- aldson, Harriet Griffith. SECOND ROW: Miss Bryant, Janet Laird, Dale Ebersole, John Burrell, Jim Kelley, Ray Ensman, Bob Corbin, Phyllis Newcomer. pr l l Ouchl Boo! Lovers .Naam 3 r ,.. 44, 5 f 3 Q 4 , - J.- , url',1-H' vi" . -C1 l l -S., M, xgvfm ' ' i ' " ' Ce. l ' - ' -J '1f,. .. -P K ,.fnaC"?A,.-,lam Q' Sexl Deliver your Calory ,JV PATROL I' ' A NKXSNNR1 I! fl I Q' .i 4 sd w I 2 I Dave Baker Larry Bassett Mlke Brlght John Burrell Bob Corbm C lara Donaldson Dale Ebersole Ray Ensman Harriet Gr1ff1th Jim Hock Joyce Karch J1m Kelley Janet Lazrd M 1ke Luke Dennls McCracken Phyllls Newcomer Tom Palme rton Tom Pe r s1ng Susan Reese Larry Stough Gary Walton Charlotte Wrxght cn m Z Q 70 JP C'3 Z' S 14 rn cn VB X l . . . gif, ef, . a X- if ' 'f-as fl pw-' . - T N I, .. .. , . , " ",' I " l , ' lf' I' 1 ' 3, ox Tu, ' H , H E . ' . U . . H . F . -AV ,, fo - -- .W h . - g '-U - H v i ....-' , .. , 'U' I' A : " if 'L 3. " ' 'Q 1- - . -- ' 1 i. i - - ' -' Sm -. '- . i.. H- - ' - A101 01" -' 0 .? A E.. U I . . . -- - Q .. - . .--. U l ' ' U V gb QCA U '- . Q. 1. . 1 "U ' ""' 1' 4 ' .i I -. - . -.- Q. ,Una . I.. . . -'Z I -' -V I' 1 . "' -. vu. : - U ' ' " -- .. u . - N Q " I 1 1 r 'I U I U 1 . D , M W - . W j 'V A 15 U ' A -- ' ' " I 1' .. v ' fs U ' in " ' ' .. .-.00 " A " . " in A U N , .. h M W - 4 "' ' in W " W I " .. ' ' PM '- on-'. ' f bs - A' M . if I s- . H ' ' , 4v.f,l .. I ' 9' ..' 1' " ln- -. " " ' I . 'I V ,lllrlvx rr:flg?7"5" OQUAAKFR3 I ,Jr V :a 91 4 9 xg ONEWBS 5 FFA 1,2 3 4 Offlcer 3 4 Vars1ty V 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Co Edxtor 4 Footballl Z 3 4 Co Captaln 4 Student Counc1l 3 Play 3 All County Team 4 Honor Soc1ety 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 Vlce Pres1dent 3 Presxdent 4 Football 1,3 4 Varslty "V" 3 4 Pres 1gent 4 M1xed Chorus 4 Play 3 Annual Staff 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Class V1ce Pres 1 ent 4 Boys' Chorus 1 Annual Staff 4 Vars1ty 'V' 2 3 4 V1ce President 3 M1xed Chorus 4 M1xed Ensemble 4 Play 3 4 Annual Staff 4 County Mus1cal 4 County Audltlons 4 D1str1ct Audxtlons 4 Football l,2,3 4 Co Captam 4 Basketball 2 Baseball 3 4 Class Pres1dent 3 4 Student Counc1l1 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Footballl 2 3 4 Play 3 4 M1xed Chorus 4 Varsxty V' 4 Annual Staff 4 Play 3 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Gxrls' Chorus 1 4 M1xed Chorus 4 Dxstrxct Aud1t1ons 4 Honor Soclety 3 4 Play 4 Newspaper Staff 1 2 Annual Staff 4 Scho1arsh1p Team 2 3 Sen1or Scholarshlp Team Play 3 4 M1xed Ensemble 4 M1xed Chorus 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Co Echtor 4 Football 1 2,3 4 Outstandzng Player 4 Basketballl 2,3 4 County Aud1t1OhS 4 Vars1ty 'V" 1 2 3 4 Student Counc1l3 4 Presldent 4 Semor Scholarshzp Test 4 Boys' Glee 1 County Musical 3 4 Dxstrxct Mus1cal4 FHA 1 2 3 4 Parlxmentarxanl Hxstorxan 2 Pres1dent 4 Play 3 4 M1xed Chorus 2 4 Queen Attendant 3 4 Class Treasurer 1 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 3 4 Buslness Manager 4 Sen1or Scholarshlp Test 4 Halloween Queen Attendant 4 County Aud1t1ons 1 Student Counc1l 4 G1r1s' Glee 1 4 Football 1,2 3, Basketballl 2 3 Baseballl 2 4 FFA 1 Vars1ty V" l 2 3 4 Boy Glee 1 Annual Staff 4 FHA 1,2 3 4 Reporter 2 Treasurer 3 4 Play 3 4 M1xed Chorus 3 4 L1brar1an 4 Girls' Glee 1 Newspaper Staff 3 4 Edltor 4 Annual Staff 4 Homecommg Queen 4 Halloween Queen 4 Class Reporter 3 Class Secretary 4 County Aud1t1ons 1 Dxstrmct Audltlons 1 Sen1or Scholarshlp Test 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 Sent1nel4 Vars1ty V' 2 3 4 Play 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Footballl 2 3 4 All County Team 4 Student Counc1l 3 4 Honor Soclety 3 4 County Secretary Treasurer 4 FHA 1 2 3 4 M1xed Chorus 2 3 4 Pres1dent3 Glrls Gleel 2 3 4 Presldent 3 L1brar1an2 Glrls' Ensemble 1 2 M1xed Ensemble 4 Head Majorettel 2 3 4 Newspaper Staff 1 2 3 4 C1rculat1on Manager 3 4 Play 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Busmess Mana er 4 Queen Attendent 3 Mamd of Honor 4 County Mus1cal 1,2 3 4 County Audltxons 2 3 4 Dxstrxct Audxtlons 1 2 3 4 State Audxtxons 1 3 Class Presxdent 2 Class Secretary 3 Class Treasurer 4 Cheerleader 2 3 FTA 3 County Secretary 3 Scholarshxp Teaml 2 3 4 Senxor Scholarshlp Test 4 FFA1 2 Basketballl 2 3 4 Capta1n4 Annual Staff4 Vars1ty V 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Bandl 2 3 4 Glrls Chorus l 2 3 4 M1xed Chorus 2 3 4 Glrls' Ensemble 2 3 M1xed Ensemble 4 County Muslcall 2 3 4 County Aud1t1ons 1,2 3 4 D1str1ct Aud1t1onsl 2 3 4 State Aud1t1ons 3 Brass Sextet 4 Queen Attendent 4 FHA l 2 3 4 Treasurer 2 Reporter 3 Student Councll Z, 3 4 Reporter 3 Secretary 4 Play Newspaper Staff 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Sen1or Scholarsh1p Test 4 D1str1ct Muslcal 4 FFA 1 2 3 Baseballl Z 3 4 Boys Glee 1 2 Vars1ty "V" 3 4 Trackl 2 Football 1 Annual Staff 4 Vars1ty 'V" 2 3 4 M1xed Chorus 2,3 4 Mxxed Ensemble 4 Boys' Glee 1 Newspaper Staff 1 2 3 4 County Mus1cal2 3 4 County Audxtxons 4 Basketball Manager 1 2 Football Mana er l 2 3 4 Baseball Manager 1 2 Annual Staff 4 FHA 1 2 3 4 1xed Chorus 2 4 Gxrls' Chorus 1 2 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff4 Majorettel 2 3 Homecomln Attendent4 County Audltxons 1,2 Dxstrxct Audltxons 1 2 4 State Conventmon 3 lay 3 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 Student Advlsor 4 Annual Staff 4 Football 1 Class Vxce P1-es1dent2 FFA 1 2 Varsxty "V" 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Play 3 Football 2 3 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Honor Soclety 3 4 M1xed Chorus 2 3,4 Treasurer 4 G1r1s Chorus 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 FHA 1,2 3,4 H1StOT13h4 Newspaper Staff2 3 4 Busmess Manager 3 Annual Staff 4 Play 3 4 Sen1or Scholarshlp Test 4 Class Secretary 2 Class Treas urer 3 Class H1stor1an 4 M1xed Ensemble 4 Queen Attendant 4 Halloween Queen Attendant 4 Scholarshlp Teaml 2 3 County Muslcall 2 3 4 County AUd1t1OHS 1 2 3 4 D1str1ct Audxtxons 1, 2 3 4 State Audltzons 3 Clarlnet Quartet 1 FTA 3 Secretary AHVEHTISINE Ln-5 lk 1' f gf E i SWISHER'S 418 West Main Cross Phone 976 Findlay, Ohio Complete L1ne Sportlng Goods Baseball Basketball Football Compliments L R GOOD 5 SON Bloomdale Elevator Bloomdale Oh1o Congratulatlons Class of 57 FINDLAY FOOD CENTER 828 830 North Ma1n Street Flndlay Oh1o Best w1Sh9S t the Class of JACKSON S FURNITURE STORES Flndlay Oh1o SPAYTH DECORATING CO ll7 19 West Sandusky St Phone 3946 Zenlth TV Hotpolnt Appllances Pratt Q Lambert Palnts G1ftS Records Bend1x Laundry Equlpment Compllments of WARREN S MENS SHOP 213 South Ma1n Street F1ndlay Oh1o C B KELLEY CO Bulck Chevrolet And John Deere Machlnery North Balt1more Oh1o Congratulatlons The Class of '57 THE TROUT FURNITURE C0 Flndlay Oh1o of . , . 0 '57 Findlay, ohio ' J Compliments of REPUBLICAN-COURIER 308 Broadway Flndlay Oh10 COMPLIMENTS OF FINDLAY, OHIO Cooper Tlres Manufacturers of Amer1ca's Flnest TIRES TUBES INDUSTRIAL RUBBER PRODUCTS COOPER TIRE 81 RUBBER COMPANY TASTY TATERS POTATO CHIPS 237 Prospect Avenue Findlay Ohio COLDREN FUNERAL HOME 205 West Sandusky Street Findlay Ohio Phone 600 Compllments of WAALAND S GREENHOUSE 140 Larklns Street F1ndlay Ohlo Flowers for Every Occaslon Compllments of THE PARKER LUMBER COMPANY 216 232 West Crawford Street Back of the U S Post Off1Ce Flndlay Oh1o Your Home Compllments of DAVIS HARDWARE North Balt1more, Oh1o Compllments of THE HOME SAVINGS BUILDING ASS N 120 South Maln Street North Balt1more, Ohlo R B WRIGHT Marathon Dealer Gas TIIGS O11 Batter1es Complete Lubr1cat1on Van Buren Oh1o ! ! Y ' YI - ' I . , . . , . ' ll YY Is Your Best Investmentu 1 8 ' u ' 9 BOB EDE REALTOR 814 North Ma1n Street Phone 558 Flndlay, Oh1o Farms C1ty Property Rentals Branch Off1Ce Van Buren wllllam Topp1ng Phone 241 Compllments of THE FINDLAY HARDWARE 220 South Ma1n Street Flndlay, Oh1o THE HARDY BANKING COMPANY SeFV1ng the Area Slnce 1896 HANCOCK COUNTY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION ARLINGTON FORD SALES CORBIN BROS COLLINGWOOD MOTOR SALES C O DUFFIELD MOTOR CO FINDLAY TRUCK 5 FARM EQUIPMENT GRUBB MOTOR SALES GLEASON SALES H SERVICE HARRINGTON CHEV CO HOLLINGTON MOTOR SALES LAUB SALES CO LATHAM MOTOR SALES MCCULLOUGH MOTOR SALES VERN GUILFORD INC WILLARD SALES E SERVICE Comp11mentS of PALMERS CAFE North Flndlay, Oh1o . . I , . , North Baltimore, Ohio NORTH BALTIMORE GRAIN ASSOCIATION Lumber and Bu11d1ng Supplles Graln Seeds Feeds Coal North Flndlay Oh1o Mutual 412 Bell 4153 North Baltlmore Oh1o Phone 3331 Hoytvllle, Oh1o Phone 129 DAISY MAID BAKERY Phone 6040 Flndlay Oh1o .J GRIFFITH SALES 5 SERVICE Electr1c App11ances North Baltlmore Oh1o Compllments of OVERMIER DRUG STORE North Baltlmore Ohlo Compllments of SWARTS FILLING STATION North Baltlmore Oh1o . , . . , . - J Compliments of Compliments of NORTH BALTIMORE THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK FOOD CENTER Flndlay Deshlef North Ba1t1more, Oh1o DEPENDABILITY Slnce 1890 Deposltors and Borrowers Allke Have Found They Can Depend on Th1s Bank for Every Servlce Conslstent C0mP11mef1tS Of W1th Good Banklng J P MELLOTT MEMBER Federal Reserve System GI'0C9I'1GS Meats Gas 011 Federal Depos1t Insurance Corp Mortlmer Oh1o Compllments of Compllments of BOSTON DEPARTMENT STORE PATTERSON S 237 South Ma1n St DEPARTMENT STORE F1nd1ay Oh1o F1nd1ay Oh1o 1 Compllments of FINDLAY COLLEGE Co Educatlonal Llberal Arts Church Related A GOOD COLLEGE IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITY Slnce 1882 F1nd1ay, Oh1o . . 7 Y a l Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of DELMER FISHER Findlay, Ohio P IN THEM rHAR f ,I .44 95 Evans Typewriter Co Medlock Jewelers Findlay Plotts Harness Compliments of Compliments of Bonded O11 R1ker's Texaco Compliments of Compliments Compliments Compliments Compliments Compliments Compliments Compliments Compliments of and Luggage Shop South Main St Janes Melody Shop Kennedy Printing 433 North Main St Service Monroe Street Shelby Shoe Store We1th's Ulch Hardware Fleckners Department Store- Cork's Cleaners Uhlmans Department Store Al Bass Clothing Store North North North North North North Mitchell's Watch and Gift Shop Porter s Music Store Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay, Findlay Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Findlay Findlay Findlay Ohio Oh1o Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio V 7 f General Contractor ' V :ff D ' 1 Il I ' . Findlay, Ohio , - , , 1 , . . , . . of . . , . ' of ' , ' of , of , of , of , of , ' 9 Congratulatlons Senlor Class of ' DICKENS Sz WONDERS STUDIO """h. HN 4"m gm EEWM Q QS C GXL Q 121 Perry Street FOStOT1a, Ohlo . . 1 v ' ' ll . 3 Xmj t ,Ks 1 si . i p .V ' ' 1 15511:-11 K GQL4' W., Y T 'Q Y X 'QI I Y gk - Y Y , fx, 'J Ki R NX . rv 'tis' ' k VK 5QX"K5','l: x , .Q,, A L ,

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