Van Buren High School - Knight Yearbook (Van Buren, OH)

 - Class of 1955

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YK.. Q. H' 1 , -X xx Q 5 . 1' 1 5 "A AM x P'-I 1 tm ' . ,- 'R P kxxwqifnmiyfj XX 7 Q. A I ,. 4' X xt' A x if .5 x R. I f' M1 R M1 i n I a H 1 X X i v K K X X 4 ,fd .J If X .H K '.,,, ws.-""""M """'wn-.., .4 hz" "'ENl'-m,,,,,'W.,f - THE KNIGHT 1955 VAN BUREN HIGH SCHOOL 21nyf!g:5y3,f7f.Li,Atwygpzrfgwr. , I We, the Senior Class of 1955, hereby dedicate this annual to Harry Gonxo Ir. , who with many years of service to us here at Van Buren has furthered the cause of education. MFE' GR DE TE CHER MRS. HOFF Bowling Green MR. GEPHART Findlay College Bowling Green MRS. HOGLE Findlay College Bowling Green North Manchester B. A. MRS. HAHN Bowling Green MRS. NESLER Bowling Green MISS TRIER Bowling Green MRS. HOCK Bowling Green Findlay College 1 W' WD MR. HANNA Bowling Green B. A. B. S. in Edu. MR. GONSO Findlay College Bowling Green MR, LAUT B. A. Findlay College B. S. MR. DUITCH Muskingum College B. A. MISS BRYANT Findlay College B. A. MRS. SCOTHORN Tiffin U. Bowling MRS. DAWSON Bowling Green B. S. Green MR. DECKER MR. FRANKENFELD U. ofI1l1no1s Ohio Northern U. MR. HASKINS Salem College B. A. ,ff X a Z ef ranxf ,459 1 -' f 0 ' , , f' ," ' f" 'ff XX ,'0,'f X ' , me 5 '. 1 , 1 -5 I fx pl Q H, Y JP' ff 9 N'- o If .8 f l 1 Q PX. --,fdin-To ll - lf' ' " QIEQH 09 . ',...fz'1'-" f A f TXW Q, CLASS MOTTC "Our Success Comes In Cans: I Can, You Can, We Can." Class Colors ,,,,,,,,,, , , , , , Blue and White Class Flower , , , White Rose CLASS OFFICER President , , , Bob Hart Vice -President Lois Wingate Secretary , , Ruth Crum Treasurer , , Dick Cornwell Reporter ,,,, Gary Deerwester Student Council Lois Wingate Jack Dilts JACK POWELL "Jackie" National Honor Society 3, 4: Annual Staff 4. RUTH RUSH "Ruth" Glee Club 3: County Musical' 3: Annual Staff 4: F. H. A. 3, 4: Class Play 4: Home- coming Attendant 4. CARROLL AUGUST uAugien F.F.A. 1, Z, 3, 4: Wrestling 2: Class Play 4: Annual Staff4. ROBERT HOCANSON nspeedll Glee 'Club 1, 2, 3: Annual Staff 4: Class Pla 43 F.F.A. 1,Z, 3, 4: FY.F.A. Reporter 43 Parliamentar Proced- ure 3, 4: Football l, Z, 3, 4: Varsity V. 3,4. NANCY SC HL UMBOHM an " IIN ? Glee lub 1, Z, 3: News- aper Staff 4: F. H. A. 5: Class Play 3,4. ELEANORE MAY HMBYII Glee Club 1, Z, 32 County Musical Z: Class Play 3,43 Annual Staff 4. JAMES HOCK llJim!l Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 43 County Musical 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Annual Staff 4: Schol- arship Team l3 Student Council 43 Class Play 3, 4: F.F.A. 1, Z: Football 1, Z, 3, 4: Basketball 1, Z, 3, 43 Baseball 1, Z, 3, 4. DABIID BARRETT ave Count! Musical 4: Mixed horus 4: Glee Club 4: Football 4: Basketball Manager 3, 4: Football Mana er 3: Class Play 4: im-mal Staff 4. GORDON MILLER "Gordon" Glee Club 1, Z, 3: Annual Staff 4: Class Play 4. MAX STACY HMickll Class Pres. 1, 3: V. Pres. Z: Music l,Z, 3, 42 Class Play 4: News- paper Z, 3, 43 Annual 4: Student Council 1, 4: F. F.A.1,Z, 3,43 F.H.A. King 4: State and County Judging Teams: Parlia- mentary Procedure Team 3, 43 Football l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, Z, 3, 4: Wrestling 1,Z: Varsity V. 3,4. ROBERT HART llB0bll Class President 45 Glee Club 1, Z, 35 County Mus- ical 1, 25 Annual Staff 45 Student Council 1, Z, 3, 4-Pres. 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity V. 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 25 Class plays 3,4. ROBERT ENSMAN llBobll V. Pres. 15 Sec. 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Newspaper 2, 3,45 Editor 45 Annual 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Pres. 45 Scholar- ship team 1, 25 Senior Play 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Co Captain 4, Basket- ball l, 2, 3,45 Baseball 1, Z, 3,45 Varsity V. 1, 2, 3,4 REX RADABAUGH IIRexll Glee Club l,2, 35 County Musical 35 Annual Staff 45 F. F. A. l,2, 3,45 Par- liamentary Procedure 3, 45 Escort 3,45 Class Play 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3,45 Varsity V. 3, 4. CAROL BATES "Bates" Homecoming Queen 45 Homecoming Attendant 35 Newspaper 2, 3, 45 F. F.A. Queen 45 Annual 45 Class Plays 3,45 F. H.A. 2,3,45 V. Pres. Girl's Glee 35 Girl's Glee 1, 2, 35 County Mus- ical 1,25 Class Rep. 15 Rep. County Fair Queen 4. NORMAN DECKER llNormll Mixed Chorus 45 County Musical 45 Glee Club 1, 2,45 Junior Play5 Senior Play: Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Wrestlin 1,25 Baseball Z5 Annual? Staff. ' '- W 5 123 . . it .F - Q X ..., 1, gf , ,g,i,,5,.Mg.f5,.4 .- L., I 5? - .- Q' ' ' i lm ,,.. -1 I- L . if is 'i" Q, ts, 3,w.,..,,r 5 5 2533 swf- 13,ww.wa -. ,'g.,3i,r w,rf,,w xv -, -,ayfeiggfg UR .. Q, 5, ,.,..,.,, ., ,,,,, 5 , 5 .M 5 , Qi1ssfz15s5p.fv H .. . ., '1 5 vg'if'i35'13i93'.2E1-I Ji- ' ' - :A V ' '.7.?fz1A,'s 7 WWW 1 225 1 -ig, -1,5 Qi n ' -K - , ' 5 ' in -:fn xg 5, A 4 is X . Q 1. gf 'sf ENE 2. 1 'rf- ifif ,Z iff' 5 1213 A .,,..Q:ge n 'AWA I 'f X wa w 'N 1 fs . 5 f 2 glint 5 , 1. , vt :Q 1 ka ,Q K X . 5- si L M Q iw M. 'is 'IQ Q ' A RICHARD CORNWELL llDickll Tres. 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff5 Glee Club 1, 25 F.F.A. 1, Z, 35 Escort 35 Senior Play 45 Foot- ball 2. RUTH CRUM llRuthll Class Sec. 1, 3,45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Ensemble 35 County Musical 1, 2, 35 Newspaper Staff 3,45 Annual Staff 45 National Honor Society 3,4-Sec. Tres. 45 Scholarship Team 15 Queen Atten- dant 35 Class Plays 3,4. LOIS WINGATE llwind Il "Valed,ictorian" Class V. Pres. 45 Stu- dent Council 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 County Mus- ical 2, 35 Newspaper 3,45 Annual Staff Editor 45 Scholarship Team l, 2, 35 F. H. A. 3, 45 Homecoming Attendant 45 Senior Play. LARRY FRANKENFELD "Stinky" "Salutatorian" Class Pres. 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3,45 Newspaper 25 Annual Bus. Mgr. 45 National Honor Society 3,45 F. F.A. 1,25 Class P ays 3,45 Mixed Chorus 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Co. Captain 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Base- ball l, 2, 3, 45 Varsity l, 2, 3, 45 Pres. 4: DONA GRIFFITH llDonaII Student Council 2, 3, 45 Sec. 3,45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Sec. 25 County Mus- ical l, Z5 Newspaper 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3,45 F.H.A. 25 Halloween Queen 45 Maid of Honor 45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Annual Staff. LAURA RADER "Louie" Glee Club l,Z, 3: F. H.A. Z, 3,4: Annual Staff 4: Class Play 4. DERALD SIFERD llBudll Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. l,2, 3,4: Fogtball 1: Wrestling GARY DEERWESTER llsaryll Class Reporter 2.4: Basketball 3: F. F. A. 1, Z, 3, 4: Treasurer 4: Parliamentary Pro- cedure Team 3,43 Boys Glee 1, Z, 3: Class Play 4: Escort 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Annual Staff 4. FRED TEDROW "Freddie" Class Watchdog 3: Music l, 2, 3: News- paper Z, 3, 4: Annual 4: Scholarship Team 3: Class Play 3,4: Escort 4: F.F.A. l: County Judging Team 1: Football 1, , 3: Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4: Baseball l, Z: Varsity V. 4. JANET CLINE llMid ell Glee illub l, Z, 3: County Musical Z, 3: Annual Staff 4: F. H. A. Z, 3,4. Class Play 4. JAMES SIFERD llJimll Glee Club l, Z, 3: Escort 4: F.-F. A. 1, Z, 3, 4: Football Z: Wrestling l,Z. JACK DILTS "Jackson" National Honor Society 3, 4: Music 4: Annual Staff 4: Class Play 4: Stu- dent Council 4: Football 1, Z, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, Z, 3, 4: Varsity V. Z, 3, 4. PHYLLIS DEIDRICK llphilll Newspaper Z, 3, 4: F. H. A. l, 2, 3, Pres. 4: Class Play 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Girls Glee l, Z, 3: Ensemble ll County Musical 1, Z, 3: Audition l. We To To Mr. To Mr. To Mr. To Mr. To To Mr. To To To To To To To the Mr. Mrs. Mrs . the the the the SENIOR CLASS WILL the Seniors of 1955 being in sound mind and body do hereby make this our last will and testiment Mr. Laut. we will our annual. Gonso, we will our quick answers in Today's Problems. Hanna, we will our ability to drive??????? Decker, we will our school spirit. Duitch, we will the balance of our treasury after the class trip. Haskins, we will a smoking room. Frankenfeld, we will our good conduct in Ag. class. Dawson, we will our good sewing class. Scothorn, we will our shorthand talents. cooks, we will our compliments on their good food. janitors, we will our neat senior room. Juniors, we will our pep and ambition. They need it. Sophomores, we will our cars so that they may drive to school. Freshmen, we will all the junk left in the senior lockers. You may be surprised I, David Barrett, will my ability to grow a beard to Little Jim Hock, I, Carol Bates, will my ability to get a boy's class ring to Susan Neeland. I, Janet Cline, will my singing voice to those who can't sing. I, Ruth Crum, will my ability to get on the Honor Society to my brother, Ronnie. I, Derald Siferd, will my car to Wayne Baldridge. I, Lois Wingate, will my orneriness to Jean Wright. Make good use of it, Jeanie. I, Eleanore May, will my red hair to Phyllis Newcomer. I, Jim Hock, will my co-ordination and size 12's to John Springer. I, Gordon Miller, will my height to Rich Siferd, I, Fred Tedrow, will my ability to raise the devil and get away with it in Miss Bryant's class to Lynn Amos I, Nancy Schlumbohm, will my freckles to Mr. Laut. y I, Max Stacy, will my 1941 Chevy to Morris Sabbe, providing he drives it slow. I, Bob Hocanson, will my hot rod to Paul Baker, if he doesn't wreck it. I, Laura Rader, will my good times to Shirley McCartney. I, Bob Ensman, will my ability to keep my bicycle in operation after I got my drivers license to anyone with weak legs. I, Larry Frankenfeld, will my football shoes to Bill Olnhausen. I, Ruth I. Jack Rush, will my ability to blush to Pat Kelly. Dilts, will my ability to get straight "A 's " in Ag. to Jack Copus. I, Phyllis Deidrick will my ability to hot rod to Marjorie Philpott, if she doesn't get caught I, Dick Cornwell, will my curly red hair to Tom Kelly. I, Jack Powell, will my wheelchair to anyone too lazy to walk. I, Gary Deerwester, will my motor scooter to Terry Dufford. I, Dona Griffith, will my naturally curly hair to Anita Ribble. I, Jim Siferd, will my height to Gary Walton. Come down to earth. I, Rex Radabaugh, will my Chevy to Gerald Johnson if he can catch it with his Dodge. I, Bob Hart, will my razor to Paul Baker who has a blade. I, Carroll August, will my ability to skip school to Donnell Foust. I. Norman Decker, will my safe driving to Larry Stough. I' 'Qtr ,Z 3' fx J 113: In 'Ulf July 15. 1955 Dear Mr. Laut, Taking off from the Findlay airport, we boarded a T. W. A. transport plane, owned and operated by Mi1ler's Transport Company. As we flew along, my wife became hungry so I called for the stewardess. I was amazed to find Laura Rader at our command. She told me that Dick Cornwell was piloting the plane. Sitting across the aisle from us were Ruth Rush and Iim Hock. who were-coming back from their honeymoon. Looking over Detroit, we saw a division of the Ford Motor Company, operated by Larry Frankenfeld. As we crossed over Indianapolis, we decided to visit the Speedway. On this particular day two of our own high school hot-rodders, Bob Hart and Bob I-locanson, were going to be in the race. As we left the grandstand, we ran into Ohio's great senator, Jack Dilts, and United States Vice-President, Gary Deer- wester. Again we boarded our plane heading further west. This time whom should we see sitting across the aisle but two very famous ranch-owners, Jim and Derald Siferd with their head foreman, Carroll August. We were then off for Reno. In Reno we found Norman Decker at the head of the Roulette Wheel. The manager of all Mr. Decker's concerns was our own Dave Barrett. The next morning we continued our trip across Nevada. We heard that Bob Ensman, the great scientist, had been appointed head of the atomic energy plant which is centered in Nevada. As we entered Hollywood, we saw a large sign which read "The Tedrow Producing Company. " We stopped in at the company to say hello to Fred and sitting behind his desk as secretary was Nancy Schlumbohm. While in Hollywood, we stopped at a large restaurant and found it owned and operated by the former Ruth Crum and hubby Royce. The entertainment in the restaurant was provided by a singer whom we recognized as Janet Cline. After spending the night in Max Stacy"s large hotel, we started for home. The trip became rather boring, so we snapped on the radio, and the voice of Jack Powell, the announcer, rang through the plane. On the way across Kansas we decided to stop at the Radabaughs' 100. 000 acre ranch. It was quite a place, but we didn't get to see Lois and Rex as they were in Kansas City at a cattle convention. As we flew out of the clty, we saw a familiar name on a large sign: "May's Dieting Salon ", oper- ated by Eleanore May. Finally we landed back at the Findlay airport. As we went to claim our luggage, we saw Dona Griffith just leaving for Florida on her annual vacation. Talking to her, we found out that Carol Bates was running a Spaghetti Palace in Toledo. Driving home, my wife pointed to a beautiful motel, "Phi1-Larry Motel", owned and operated by the former Phyllis Deldrick and hubby Larry. We had lots of surprises on our vacation. See you in September. Yours truly, Harry Gonso Zbzm 950: bl G23 -W. OE-OH P .F-H2 0. E-9 O. 20555 U. UMC-A nl Q-Q U. 3-Emu U. For U. mug P ga! 1. DOB Q. mg :Nz mg I. :B :OO-A E250-6 g. QOROD Z-. wen F :ED F -gg F ZW-HOV, M. zz m. D035 M. :E M. Eg H. FO: 2. Hg: P mxzn-5202 -do. QP mo: :HB gg: :OF inq- --O? mag: :gm HFS: -:gn mg-A Sad F -- --Fam -ing: A-:BJ ug.: an ng on mn: :ol F mg:-Ima: :aos Ng: Egan: :H no-in -sos: :QOCJ6 :OH N ix-Ez: 950: I2-ga: :OF zo: :gag H-HB: Q En: :OF vga: : iz :H as-HJ no mn: :swa 8 gn: :Qg SEN: :OF M781 :H no--.H 552: :OF mama- :Qooa me-H: Qgwa kgs go ng on E --moans: :SNP 2:3 no Va: gas: : W 2 Z0-:WU m0-N mag:-N 8:02 ,gms S m-Hmmm: zgaw mamma mag-W msdggm G-535 10502020 OE-25 Gaiam m-SEVEN nga mg-an mga Q08 Daisy 330533 HT:-50wm Zag HBE-Am Nga: mme 0035 ga SEEN img gg-3 :learns was gd-6 mit-N:-.Gnu is-:Agm ge: gs 'SHE-Bm -Haag H12 8 3559! Qgwgm wma mg-On gum. MEZVOZ-an Qsmgm MEM -ubmszzm mg-:O 20505 mg Z0-'Q 5:5-OS me-00 gags-Bm EO-an IOHHOQ-gm DOE -LN-di gb-ham Egg -:Sign 1:05 H12 S52 mesa Ugg-um Hg-Sai gagm E055 GEM 2-:Sm H283 'gg-Agn mm-Ei 229 55503 2:0 H 252 53:5 Us-Ogm mg Ugg-um mrgasm H we m H3 Eg 5752.202 1252 ze-T5 1252.0 SEO 252 mgaa-Q QGOHONE T-'gg 3:52 BCBXHJ is :gang-A mahag mimw-52 -AOE95? 35.2 mags: 922 mimm-'02 USO-52 sagging ZMEO-5:0 OE zu-E :GEOS-K M00-29-Q 2:52 1252 HEC, 9,22 ga m-5500! ZE8 Fa? 250550- COOKS BOYS GLEE Top Row: Derald Siferd, Dave Barrett, Tom Kelley, Tom Persing, Jim I-lock, Lynn Amos, Norman Decker, Larry Frankenfeld. Bottom Row: Ronnie Stacy, Bob Clark, Gail Furrow, Janet Laird, Charles Carles, Jack Dilts, Max Stacy. J ANITORS Mrs. Shively, Mrs. Clements Mr, Wingate TWELVE YEARS TOGETHER Top Row: Jim Siferd, Dick Cornwell, Gary Deerwester, Phyllis Deidrick, Bob Hart, Larry Frankenfeld, Eleanore May, Jack Dilts, Max Stacy. Bottom Row: riffith Jim Hook Carol Dona G , , Bates, Fred Tedrow, Ruth Crum, Rex Radabaugh, Laura Rader. BUS DRIVERS Sites, Ross Moorehead. Tom Tedrow, Ralph Silveus. Mr. Lehman fabsentj JU IORS Top Row: Tom Kelley, Gerald Johnson, Terry Dufford, Bill Olnhausen, Rex Miller, Donell Foust. . Middle Row: Miss Bryant, Bill Gordon, John DeBouver, Dean Reese, Lynn Amos, Paul Baker, Ruth Vandersall. Bottom Row: Joanna Vanderhoff, Shirley McCartney, Susan Neeland, Beverly Steiner, Marjorie Philpott, Shirley Donaldson, Peggy Copus. SOPHOMORE 'lop Row: Merle Rush, Dennis McCracken, Bob Corbin, Dale Ebersole, Dan Holland, Gary Walton. Jim Hock, Larry Bassett, Larry Stough, Mickey Luke, DeWayne Withrow, Dave Palmer, Mike Bright. Middle Row: Phyllis Newcomer, Janet Laird, Dave Baker, Ray Ensman, Tom Persing, Felix Moyer, Jim Kelley, Gail Furrow, John Burrell, Florence Sterling, Mr. Laut. Bottom Row: Susan Reese, Teddy Copus, Joyce Karch, Harriet Griffith, Barbara Rupright, Charlotte Wright, Sharon McCracken, Clara Donaldson, Peggy Houdeshell. EIGHTH GRADE Top Row: John Blake, Larry Copus, Harry Wingate, Larry Daringer, Paul Vandersall, Bob Taylor, Dale Ebersole, Larry Hoadley. Middle Row: Lorraine Bassett, Bob Griffith, Cloyce Wolfe, Mark Donaldson, Jack Copus, Joe Bright, Jerry Kuhlman, Mr. Duitch. Bottom Row: Ruth Philpott, Carol Huffman, Sandra Lentz, Marsha Poe, Beverly King, Sharon Rader. FRESHMA Top Row: Jack Copus, John Springer, Frank Sterling, Charles Carles, Michael Hoff, Tom Weaver, Jim DeRhodes, Larry Gunderson, Bob Clark, Ronnie Stacy. Top Middle Row: Margaret Kempher, Janice Karch, Ethel Johnson, Bonny Rader, Mary Farley, Mary Flugga, Sue Samuels, Judy Radabaugh, Marilyn Philpott, Joan Bash. Bottom Middle Row: Mr. Decker, Betsy Swinehart, Phyllis Persing, Jean Wright, Ellen Furrow, Donna McCartney, Sharon Topping, Pat Kelley, Barbara May. Bottom Row: Richard Siferd, Charlene Hill, Linda Amos, Lois Werner, Ann Wolfe, Anita Ribble. s Xi' :Q'- 2 i,H Q.WHii ix, ,N ,- uw .1 ASQ .i W ,, Alf ,iQfQA? ymAA giigfi?A M A UJWH 535, ,wgw R . N yu "1, -k ,. ' iii E 'FM 1 1' Q , s. as pf -f f- ,.-. 51 x asia . my .f-- + f ' i: - 5 - if .., - sw A-www msg 1... Ak QQmgigg3'Hww if Q ,N 3 , . 3. ,. -I - , . fx V, YL --lv . M ggwggg i f . 1, A , 2-'?,,.fL,' yu, ' ,L i l W- - J.pT5yNvff-:Wi -. :h f i f " an Y4f1yQE? is Q af a Q .1 J, XX' Q sq I8 S z 'I SE .gpifgis wa Ag we , F Ni 5,,, Eiiif .D E dq Q QB N1 aa, s Y W 5- ia Q gl' .Sm 'S X Q E ef Q 35" I vi xx naw X, Z X 'a Q Qi J iw gl L Q ,gn N A R' fa? QQ Q ef X F Q1 '45 I-'HKS 5 sew? , ..:Z.:: was ffm fgwi' i SEVENTH GRADE Top Row: Terry Roberts, Ronnie Crum, David Steen, Bob McCartney, Ronnie Walton, Toby Fleming, Ronnie Kelley, Junior Hulbert, Colin Allen, Gene Deidrick. Top Middle Row: Dorothy Griffith, Donna Vandersall, Judy Silveus, Dorothy Dillion, Janis Burrell, Barbara Cobb, Pamela Sherbrook, Mary Siferd, Ruth Rupright, Dixie Luke, Mrs. Scothorn Bottom Middle Row: Shelba Pepple, Angla Wolfe, Sara Nelson, Janet Wise, Pat Zent, Janis Kempher, Alberta DeBouver, Carol Holmes. Bottom Row: Bill Bishop, Dennis Gunderson, Charles May, Tom Roy. SIXTH GR DE Top Row: Jerald Karch, Don DeRhodes, Stanley Donaldson, Howard Hoffsis, John Palmer, John Cline, Bob Holmes, Douglas McCracken, John Rader. Top Middle Row: Mr. Gephart, Carol Laird, Martha Cobb, Ruby Vandersall, Sondra Radabaugh, Cheryl Frankenfeld, Nancy Taylor, Mike Hoffsis, Walter Ribble. Bottom Middle Row: Sandy Holtgreven, Ronnie DeCooman, Steve Clark, Richard Franks, Lynn Hoadley. Absent: Mary Kay Kline, 'Joe Roberts, Martha Wagner. FIFTH GR DE Top Row: Bill Flugga, David Taylor, Gene Wolfe, Eddie Groves, Jerry Silveus, Joe Wolfe, Gordon Franks, Dean Gunderson, Jerry Lentz. Top Middle Row: Ruth Wise, Mrs. Hahn, Jo Curtis, Georgia Forney, Sammy Baker, Dwight Steen, Larry Zent, Jim Hulbert, Eddie Flick. Bottom Middle Row: Linda Bishop, Kathrine Neilsen, Judy Miller, Susan Hock, Kathryn Kempher, Carol Persing, Sara Donaldson, Kathy DeBouver, Bottom Row: Jim Mitchell, Derald Carles, Bill Kline, Junior Gallagher, Charles Riker, Ronnie Kagy. Absent: Elaine Barry, Tom Greeno. F0 RTH GR DE Top Row: Miss Treier, Max Bair, Gary Taylor, Jim Birchman, Clarence Wolfe, Larry Rader, Wilbert Mariott, Eugene Barfel, Ray Amos, Nelson May. Middle Row: Paula Cessna, Karen Furrow, Ann Ensman, Terry Green, Pat Poole, Linda Reese, Donald DeBouver, Richard Barfel, Charles Coykendale, Jack Curtis. Bottom Row: Cathie Bishop, Mary Burrell, Karen Bassett, Sara Baker, Janie Werner, Cam Lea Roberts, Barbara Rader, Phyllis Roy. Absent: Margaret Topping, Darrell Withrow, Rickey Thompson, Allen Tong. THIRD GRADE Top Row: Donald Walter, John Wagner, Ronnie Aurand, Bob Mariott, Ray Curtis, Carl Fraley, Nolan Swinehart, Bill Payne, David Aurand, Donald McCracken. Top Middle: Mary Jane Luke, Diane Francisco, Nola Austin, Marilyn Reese, Pat Kempher, Donna Samuels, Kathy Hoff, Eliane Swisher, Guss Carles, Ronnie Kitchen, Arlene Gallagher. Bottom Middle: Kathy Baker, Vicky August, Regina Allen, Doris Rose, Martha Wolfe, Wanda Firestine, Pamela Hubbard, Pamela Franks, Nancy Zent, Beverly Wilkins. Bottom Row: Donald I-loltgreven, Michael Winzler, Joe Dwinger, Joe Helms, James Forney, Gilbert Baxter, Bob Birchfield. SECO DGR DE Top Row: Mrs. Hogle, Danny Rader, Brian Clark, Mike Poole, John Bisbee, Danny Payne, Fred Curtis, Floyd Flugga, Jerry Semler, Ronnie Strasbaugh, Bob Roberts, Dick Kerrick. Top Middle: Linda Firestine, Pamela Brand, Caroline Ebersole, Diane Steen, Carol Taylor, Glynn Clark, Mike Franks, Bill Griffith, Polly Neilsen, Diane McCracken, Bonnie Damon. Bottom Middle: Betty Brim, Carla Jane Ogle, Cynthia Coykendale, Cheryl Coykendale, Mona Karch, Mana Karch, Kathleen Shively, Georgia Stough, Reva Withrow, Cheryl Hulbert, Beth Withrow. Bottom Row: Eddie McMoniga1, Mark Dove, Mike Roberts, Bill Holtgreven, Kenny Kline, Bob Barfel, Victor Kirian. FIRST GRADE Top Row: Bill Brim, Dallas Riker, Larry Deal, Tom Evans, Sonny Baker, Tim Poole, Mike August, David Kitchen, Ronnie Helms, Steve Hunter. Middle Row: Toby Deal, Fred'C1ine, Bill Waggoner, Cindy Semler, Linda Aurand, Georgia Ann Payne, Linda Way, Jeanette Hock, Anna Cline. Bottom Row: Janet Bishop, Vicky Umphress, Tomma Birchfield, Darlene Bisbee, Stella Walters, Pam McMonigal, Wanda Greeno, Becky Little, Marsha Simom, Mrs, Nesler. Absent: Dennis Barber, Janis Sue Stewart. KI DERG RTE Top Row: Jim Wilkins, Edward Holmes, Jim Lloyd, Larry Helms, Tim Holtgreven, Danny McMoniga1 Middle Row: Gregory Cheek, Bob Swain, Dick Swain, Diane Nesler, Danny Nesler, Linda Duffield, Edna Donaldson, Mary MacMurray. Bottom Row: Jill Dove, Julie Ann Flanagan, Linda Dillion, Charlotte Clements, Becky Brand, Linda Showman, Diane Gallant, Pat Wolf, Mrs. l-lock. F.F.A. Top Row: Derald Siferd, Jim Siferd, Frank Benjamin, Carroll August, Gary Walton, Lynn Amos, Felix Moyer, Morris Sabbe, DeWayne Withrow, Mick Luke. Dennis Mc Cracken, Merle Rush, Ror. nie Stacy. Middle Row: Mr. Frankenfeld, Bill Bibler, Larry Bassett, Rex Radabaugh, Bob Hart, Jim Kelley, Tom Weaver, Larry Stoug , Jim DeRhodes, DonF nell Foust, Jack Copus, John Springer, Richard Siferd. Bottom Row: Gail Furrow, Tom Kelley, Paul Baker, Jack Dilts, Max Stacy, Bob Hocanson, Dave Baker :-:Q :,. - F. A msc- a '01 'BQ U1-:E Q te IV 9 i P5 gxaCNl S E. 'NX31 T op R o w : Janet Cline, Peg Houdeshell, Susan Reese, Charlotte Wright, Barbara Rupright, Harriet Griffith, Teddy Copus, Janet Laird, Barbara May, Peg Copus, Ruth Rush. Middle Row: Mrs. Dawson, Jean Wright, Pat Kelley, Carol Bates, Lois Wingate, Lois Werner, Linda Amos, Judy Radabaugh, Sharon Philpott, Ann Wolfe, Charlene Hill, Laura Rader. Bottom Row: Shirley McCartney, Susan Neeland, Ruth Vandersall, Marjorie Philpott, Phyllis Deidrick, Phyllis Newcomer, Joan Vanderhoff, Joyce Karch. 1,12 I J ': x L ,sy Sw Q 3 Ks 5 , ,wfeaw A , 5.3 ,f 5JA,,,, 3 K ,Q .-:gf -M ,, - I X fKf.Qg,:Qf: Le A fx' i 6 egg gemwx in SAN A , v we -My . A , , Wx Q S ? 3 lbw 5 E ii' 'Q , 3 NG' i as 4 N Wi -if EWSPAPER STAFF Top Row: Susan Neeland, Dona Griffith, Eleanore May, Carol Bates, Nancy Schlumbohm, Janet Laird, Bill Olnhausen, Ruth Vandersall, Marjorie Philpott, Ann Wolfe, Jean Wright. Bottom Row: Phyllis Deidrick, Mrs. Scothorn, Ruth Crum, Fred Tedrow, Bob Ensman-Editor, Lois Wingate, Max Stacy. ANNUAL STAFF Top Row: Laura Rader, Ruth Rush, Janet Cline, Jack Dilts, Dick Cornwell, Bob Hocanson, Bob Hart, n Norman Decker, Gary Deerwester, Max Stacy. Middle Row: Dona Griffith, Eleanore May, Nancy Schlumbohm, Phyllis Deidrick, Iim I-lock, Rex Radabaugh, Dave Barrett, Jim Siferd, Carroll August, Gordon Miller. Bottomn Row: Carol Bates, Ruth Crum, Larry Frankenfeld, Lois Wingate, Fred Tedrow, Bob Ensman, Mr. Laut, VAR ITY . Top Row: Paul Baker, Tom Kelly, Jim Kelley, Jim I-lock, Gary Walton, Norman Decker, Felix Moyer, Dean Reese, Bob Ensman, John DeBouver, John Burrell. Middle Row: Mr. Laut, Bob Hart, Larry Frankenfeld, Jim I-lock, Lynn lmos, Ray Ensman, Tom Persing, Bob Clark, Fred Tedrow, Mr. Decker. Bottom Row: Jim Siferd, Carroll Angust, Rex Radabaugh, Dave Barrett, Max Stacy, Bob Hocanson, Jack Dilts. HO OR SGCIETY Top Row: Susan Neeland, Marjorie Philpott, Ruth Vandersall, Shirley Donaldson, Bill Olnhausen, Paul Baker. Bottom Row: Dona Griffith, Larry Frankenfeld, Ruth Crum, Miss Bryant, Bob Ensman, Lois Wingate, Jack Dilts. STUDE TCOU CIL Top Row: Dennis Gunderson, Susan Neeland, Sharon Topping, Barbara Rupright, Tom Kelley, Phyllis Newcomer, Ruth Vandersall, Jim Hock, Lois Wingate, Mick Hoff, Jerry Kuhlman, Charles Carles, Jack Dilts, Max Stacy. Bottom Row: Marsha Poe, Dona Griffith, Larry Frankenfeld, Mr. Duitch, Bob Hart, Paul Baker, Top Row: Mick Hoff, Lynn Hoadley, Marsha Poe, Dennis Gunderson, Margaret Kempher, Susan John Burrell. Hock, Bob Taylor, Marjorie Philpott, Phyllis Newcomer, Larry Gunderson, Joan Bash. Top Middle Row, Charlotte Hill, Anita Ribble, Beverly Steiner, Lois Werner, Dale Ebersole, Ann Wolfe, Charlene Wright, Carol Huffman, Ruth Philpott, Arlene Bassett, Sheryl Franken- feld, Nancy Taylor. Bottom Middle Row: Larry Hoadley, Linda Amos, Sharon Philpott, Sharon McCracken, Bill Olnhausen, Pat Kelley, Barbara May, Sue Siferd, Judy Radabaugh, Barbara Rupright, Marilyn Philpott Bottom Row: Susan Reese, Janet Laird, Betsy Swinehart. GIRLS' GLEE Top Row: Anita Ribble, Beverly Steiner, Marjorie Philpott, Ann Wolfe, Teddy Copus, Peggy Houde- shell, Susan Reese, Linda Amos, Susan Neeland, Middle Row: Ellen Furrow, Phyllis Newcomer, Janet Laird, Lois Werner, Judy Radabaugh, Sharon Philpott, Sharon Topping, Charlene Hill. Bottom Row: Pat Kelley, Barbara May, Jean Wright, Barbara Rupright, Charlotte Wright, Sharon McCracken, Joan Bash. MIXED CHORUS Top Row: Tom Kelly, Gail Furrow, Larry Frankenfeld, Lynn Amos, Jim Hock, Norman Decker, Tom Persing, Charles Carles, Bob Clark, Dave Barrett. Top Middle Row: Derald Siferd, Ronnie Stacy, Beverly Steiner, Marjorie Philpott, Phyllis Newcomer, Janet Laird, Lois Werner, Judy Radabaugh, Teddy Copus, Max Stacy, Jack Dilts. Bottom Middle Row: Anita Ribble, Pat Kelley, Barbra May, Jean Wright, Barbra Rupright, Charlotte Wright, Sharon McCracken, Joan Bash, Susan Neeland, Linda Amos. Bottom Row: Peg Houdeshell, Sharon Topping, Susan Reese, Charlene Hill, Ellen Furrow, Sharon Philpott, Ann Wolfe. '94-M flag E ffm fish 41,8,"gi2gg "1 '1 .. ,yX ,L ' ff. V Q ? 5, ,.:f , ' fx -. x 5' , Qu ai? Q 1 we .K Af' ' khm V . . Umm- A, f iii? "km, gf. V1 ff- A Q -P z,,,- Q, WEW Ms' 1 - k ' ai' 6 M W e an A, , , 1 , f Q' krrkrk V in e 'U' ' 4' Si Wk al., if it l ,, V M i Q, q i if , 1 gg '71 'GK 'La img. H Q .. l 9' 'W .-,xv rm 'Q 1 'Q L5 , A N fc f 'Q 43 1 P' -Y " ' M A . we Q l Q G Q Q 5 3 . 2 -, er , . w..., . 'QA as-4 -Ml'-'..,.a is .lb ' 1 L J! J , .f x 2. Ck 42 ' X3 Q' X 2 rf ' 2 Q ' in N, E , I iff! ,, 'M Sa iw! , fic :gi W ' , AQ A xii 1-- ,v wif' -- W W.. g Q-is 1 ' mi Q' ,W M.. Vx WM-- ?"f 5 ,fl X, 4' 'A iv Q5 ' Vp 4. M-Ha 4 4. N-ya ,.,. fini SENIOR PLAY Top Row: Bob Ensman, Dick Cornwell, Gary Deerwester, Carroll August, Fred Tedrow, Jim I-lock, Norman Decker, Rex Radabaugh, Derald Siferd, Dave Barrett. Middle Row: Mr. Gonso, Jim Siferd, Janet Cline, Eleanore May, Gordon Miller, Bob Hart, Larry Frankenfeld, Bob Hocanson, Jack Dilts, Max Stacy. Bottom Row: Ruth Rush, Dona Griffith, Carol Bates, Lois Wingate, Ruth Crum, Nancy Schlumbohm, Laura Rader, Phyllis Deidrick. UNIOR PL Y Top Row: Lynn Amos, Morris Sabbe, Shirley Donaldson, Ruth Vandersall, Marjorie Philpott, Paul Baker, Terry Dufford. Bottom Row: Ioan Vanderhoff, Susan Neeland, Miss Bryant, Donnell Foust, Beverly Steiner. wif Ihvcf W l K. E , vb" . ,. K: K m A , H g 'zS ' .,- 5 'L gif? 1, ki 'M " 'QQ Bo F kr' W A A x lim if Q NN X if X 1 A X 922 CHEERLEADERS Philpott, Joanna Vanderhoff, Janet Laird. FOOTBALL Top Row: Mr. Laut, Jerry Kuhlman, Paul Baker, Bob Ensman, Lynn Amos, Jim I-lock, Jim Hock, Larry Frankenfeld, Jack Dilts, Max Stacy, Bob Clark, Mr. Decker. Middle Row: Tom Persing, Bob Hart, Ray Ensman, Norman Decker, Bob Hocanson, Tom Kelley, John DeBouver, Jim Kelley, Felix Moyer, John Blake, Gary Stevenson. Bottom Row: Tom Weaver, Bob Corbin, Dave Barrett, Ronnie Stacy, Raymond Harmon, Ronnie Harmon, John Burrell, Paul Rebus, Dan Holland. VARSITY BASKETBALL Top Row: Bob Ensman, Jack Dilts, Rex Radabauih, Larry Frankenfeld, Jim Hoc , Gary Walton, Norma Decker, Fred Tedrow, Dean Reese, Terry Dufford. Bottom Row: Larry Dayringer, Mr. Decker, Dave Barrett. I1 JR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Judy Silveus, Roberta DeBouver, Marsha Poe, Dennis Gunderson. RESERVE Top Row: Larry Dayringer, John De- Bouver, Ray Ensman, Mick Luke, John Burrell, Gail Furrow, Terry Duffield, Ronnie Stacy, Dave Barrett. Bottom Row: Bob Clark, Felix Moyer, Mr. Laut, Lynn Amos, Jim Hock. JR. HIGH BASKETBALL Top Row: Bill Bishop, Terry Roberts, Gene Deidrick, Paul Vander- sall, Mr. Laut, Cloyce Wolfe, Colin Allen, Bob Griffith, Larry Copus. Bottom Row: Tom Roy, Harry Wingate, John Blake, Jerry Kuhlman, Joe Bright, John Copus, LarryDay- ringer. FOOTB LL Van Buren started its season this year in the preview at Bloomdale by tying Montgomery Local o-o defeating Greensprings I3-7. Van then played a non-league game with Leipsic defeating them 22-7. On September 24, '54, Van Buren defeated Mt. Blanchard 33-0. Full-back Bob Ensman doing most of the scoring. The game was played at Van Buren. October 8, '54, was the Homecoming game at Van, who bowed to the Cory-Rawson squad. The score ended at 26-12. October 15, '54, Van defeated the Liberty squad with a final score of 53-6. Larry Frankenfeld tallied with four touchdowns. John DeBouver tallied I, and Bob Ensmanl, Jim Hook made five successful placement boots for the extra points. October 22, '54, Van defeated Arcadia I2-O at Arcadia. Larry Frankenfeld tallied in the third period and Bob Ensman went across the goal in the fourth. October 28, '54, Van Buren played host to Vanlue and tied the game at I3-13. Larry Frankenfeld scored in the second period with Jim Hock converting, Bob Ensman scored in the fourth and the extra point failed. November 5, '54, Van Buren was the host to Arlington only to be defeated 47-13. Larry Franken- feld and Bob Ensman were the scores for Van. Van Buren with a very successful season ended up in third place in the "Little Eight League". BASKETBALL IR. VARSITY VARSITY WE THEY WE THEY Cygnet 56 31 67 80 Arlington 34 61 64 62 Liberty 32 26 I 6o 43 McComb 46 48 49 61 Mt. Blanchard 39 2g 53 41 Cory-Rawson 38 29 52 66 Arcadia 45 47 64 5o Hoytville 55 31 72 43 Vanlue 36 74 37 63 Return Games Arlington 39 54 53 51 Libeffb' 44 45 74 51 McComb 47 41 52 63 Mt. Blanchard 26 31 57 56 Cory-Rawson 42 51 37 62 Arcadia SI 53 59 72 Vanlue 32 65 41 72 Hancock County Tournament IR. HIGH Vanlue 29 25 42 65 I-ibeffY 34 35 The Van Buren basketball squad finished the 54-55 season with a good record. They ended the campaign in fourth place in the county. Van Buren lost their tournament game with Vanlue, putting them out of the contest. The Junior High defeated Vanlue in their challenge in the Junior High tournament but were eliminated in the semi-finals when they failed to win the Liberty-Benton game. September October November December January February March April May 1 6-ro ro 8 9 23 27 28-17 29 I2 I6 29 29 4'5 14 23 15 25 28 5 I5 4 5 8 II I5 18 25 26 5 T5 I8 3 I3 15 I9 zo 22 CALE DAR School Started Fair Week Foot Ball Started Home Coming Sophomore Square Dance Band Played at Findlay College Findlay Halloween Festival Magazine Drive North Baltimore Halloween Festival Freshman Square Dance Basket Ball Started Senior Pictures Taken F.F. A. Game Supper F. F. A. Scrap Drive Senior Play Christmas Vacation Started F, H. A. Square Dance Pictures Taken Senior Scholarship Test Taken County Music Festival, Arlington Honor Society at Vanlue County Auditions at McComb Polio Benefit Dance P. T. A. Hobby Show Auditions at Lima Parliamentary Procedure Contest Senior Square Dance Junior Play District Auditions Honor Society Banquet Junior Square Dance F . H. A. Banquet Spring Festival Junior Senior Banquet Baccalaureate Commencement School Is Out Senior Trip Starts QUEEN CAROL BABCOCK BARBER SHOP Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday Till 8:00 P, M. Closed Mondays 5422 Taylor Street Findlay, Ohio BOB EDE REALTOR 814 North Main Street Phone 558 Findlay, Ohio Farms City Property Rentals Branch Office Van Buren, Ohio William Topping Phone 241 Compliments of HANCOCK COUNTY AUTOMOBILE Arlington Ford Sales Arlington, Ohio Corbin Brothers Arlington, Ohio Collingwood Motor Sales Findlay, Ohio C. O. Duffield Motor Sales Findlay, Ohio Gleason Sales and Service Findlay, Ohio Grubb Motor Sales McComb, Ohio H. J. Harrington Chev. Co. Findlay, Ohio DEALERS ASSOCIATION Hbllington Motor Sales Findlay, Ohio Findlay Truck and Farm Equipment Company Kirk Motor Sales Inc. Findlay, Ohio Latham Motor Sales Findlay, Ohio Laub Sales Co. Findlay, Ohio McCullough Motor Sales Co Findlay, Ohio Willard Sales and Service Findlay, Ohio PALMER'S CAFE Beer Wine Good Food Meals Sandwiches North Findlay Ohio MCCOMB FARMERS COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION McComb, Ohio Phone 0271 - McComb Elevators at McComb Hancock Shawtown RUSSELL BISHOP Genuine Deepfreeze and Blackstone Home Appliances Findlay, Ohio Phone 6013 R.F.D. HILLCREST RESTAURANT H0n the Squareu Van Buren Home Made Pies Home Style Cooking Featuring Page's Ice Cream EVANS TYPEWRITER CO, Royal Typewriters Business Machines Findlay, Ohio Corner of Crawford and Cory THE PHOTO CENTER 207 South Main Findlay, ohio 1001 Photographic Quality and Service COLDERN FUNERAL HOME 205 West Sandusky Street Phone 600 Findlay, Ohio THE ARLINGTON - NATURAL GAS CO, Plumbing G. E. Television Gas and 5 Q Electric , Heating Radio Appliances Flint and Walling, Burke, Demming and Gould Water Systems Phone 305 Van Buren Compliments of DeBOUVERS GROCERY Clover Farm Dealer Van Buren, Ohio Compliments of MEDLOCK JEWELERS STORE 225 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio HE Man 1407 - Ind RFF - JONES COMPANY ufacturing Jewelers and Stationers 1419 North Capitol Ave. ianapolis 7, Indiana Compliments of DAISY MAID BAKERY Phone 113 Findlay, Ohio THE T Congratulations The Class of H55H ROUT FURNITURE COMPANY Findlay, Ohio R, B. WRIGHT Marathon Dealer Gas - Tires - Oil - Batteries Complete Lubrication Van Buren, Ohio TASTY TATERS POTATO CHIPS 200-5' Lima Street Findlay, Ohio Phone 291 Compliments of PERRY MILES FUNERAL HOME Findlay, Ohio Compliments of REPUBLICAN - COURIER and RADIO STATION WFIN - AM and FM Findlay, Ohio Compliments of HANCOCK SAVINGS COUNTRY MARKET AND LOAN Route 224 South Main at Sandusky St Findlay, Ohio I Findlay, ohio FOOD CENTER SUPER MARKETS nlore for your money all of the timefn Findlay Deshler North Baltimore Compliments of SHEBLY SHOE STORE North Baltimore, Ohio Compliments of WAALAND'S GREENHOUSE Findlay, Ohio DAVIS4 ARE .ff f nWherefMoney Talksn North Baltimore, Ohio Compliments of OVERMIER'S REXALL DRUG STORE 127 North Main Street North Baltimore, Ohio Compliments of SMITH BROTHERS MFG. CO. Findlay, Ohio Compliments of MCCOMB ZERO LOCKER Phone 66 McComb, Ohio E. Ho REES North Side Sunoco Service 1405 North Main Street Findlay, Ohio Phone 5061 Compliments of HANCOCK COUNTY FARM EQUIPMENT ASSOCIATION Compliments of WARREN'S MENS SHOP 213 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio Compliments of WILSON'S Findlay, Ohio MODERN HEATING COMPANY Plumbing 8 Heating 116 South Main Street Phone 2521 Findlay, ohio Compliments of BOSTON DEPARTMENT STORE 237 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio Compliments of DELMER FISHER General Contractor Findlay, Ohio GI-amps stalled. . . Multi 5 my , and progress started-lor you l 'Q When grandfather was late for a date with the favorite forms of relaxation for all R "4 'W im your grandmother fyes, they dated, tooll, Americans! ,L 'fi' - ' the reason was usually that he'd had trouble with his car Early engines and gasolines were at fault. Today these trying times are but a memory because the petroleum and automotive in- dustries-working together in our free com- petitive society-have taken the tinkering out of motoring, and made driving one of Recently, for example, the Ohio Oil Com- pany introduced a remarkable new gasoline -Marathon MILE-maker-made to get the most mileage and power possible out of the efficient new high-compression engines. ln a way you can thank your grandpa for this kind of progress. His problems brought it about! The Ohio Oil Company PRODUCERS OF PETROLEUM SINCE 1887 Use MHZ "When You Entertain the Gangfn Compliments of WALTER SHOE STORE Findlay, Ohio FINDLAY BODY REPAIR COMPANY Complete Body and Fender Repair Compliments of TRAUTMAN FUNERAL HOME Findlay , Ohio Expert Mechanics Dependable Service 873 S. Blanchard St. Telephone Main 2816 Findlay, Ohio Compliments of FINDLAY COLLEGE HA Good Liberal Arts College in Your Own Neighborhood Findlay, Ohio We, the Senior Class of 1955, wish to extend our thanks to the faculty, our parents, and friends of the community for the help which we have received from them. THE SENIOR CLASS Q. 1. a h QFL ,V Q. . wr N ', -if 3 Congratulations, Senior Class of 1955 f DICKENS Sz WONDERS STUDIO HOfficia1 School Photographern F 121 Perry Street Fostoria, Ohio- ! 'Q i 2 i M f u . if a 'E is - K V. 4 if .fi 1 5 4 . I-N Be1'r3 an5 X CDiuion - 'Kansas u Aus PL 5 sus Y

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