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 - Class of 1948

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THE DIXIE 4, , D jk. 4,, MEMORIES Published by The Senior Class of Van Buren High School -1948- We the Class ot '48 realizing our public school 'life has nearly run its course-That High School is a period of both grim reality and vagrant illusionse Also a strange intangibletellowship that last through- out the cye'ars-We take this opportunity th rough our annual to leave you a permanent record ot the school year ot i947-48. Signed: Mary Ann Decker, Editor Phyllis Bibler, Asst, Editor l-lorold George, Bus. Mgr. MR. DON VANSANT The Senior Class of l948 dedicates this annual to our sponsor, Mr. Don Van- sant, who has been our constant en- couragement. We wish to thank him and show our appreciation and gratitude for the generous help he has given. BUHRD 0F EIJUCHTIUII Mr. Harry Evans Mr, Lynn Stacy President Vice President a Mr. Clair Flanagan Mr. Clarence Wynkoop Mr. Harold. Kuhlman Mr B R Ford Superintendent Ohlo Northern University B A Ohio State Unlverslty M A Admlnlstratlon Chemistry Math Van Buren 1940 1948 HDIIIIIIISTRHTIUII Mr Don Vansanl' Prlnclpal Fmdlay College B A Bowlmg Green State University Social Science Jr Hugh Math Van Buren 1947 1948 . n a 1 , . . I . . I I I - 1 . . ' I I . . , . I - Miss Martha Bryant Findlay College, B.A. English, Latin, Phys. Ed. Van Buren School i945-48 I. A. Mancuso Russell W. Hasson Ralph Frankenfeld Findlay College, B.A. Findlay College, BA. University of Illinois, B.S. Commercial Coach Agriculture Van Buren School I9-45-48 Phys. Ed., Science Von Buren School 1929-48 Van Buren School i947-48 Mrs. Marian Boyd Baldwin Wallace College, B.S. Home Ec., Biology, Science Van Buren i947-48 Mrs. Grace Farrell Miss Marie McMullen Mrs. Avada Hahn Bowling Green State U Wilmington College, B.S. Bowling Green State U. Findlay College, B.A. Music Fifth Grade English, History Van Buren School l944-48 Van Buren School 1947-48 Van Buren l948 , of V Mrs. Lucille S. Andrews Miss Naomi Treier High Point Col., High Point, Bowling Green State U. N. C., BA. Fourth Grade Sixth Grade Van Buren School l947-48 Van Buren School i947-48 'sf- ...F-1 Miss Dorothea Reamsnyder Mrs. Jane Hoff Mrs. Helen Huffman Bowling Green State U. Bowling Green State U. Findlay College Findlay College, B.A. Second Grade First Grade Third Grade -Van Buren School i947-48 Van Buren School l9-45-48 Van Buren School l93O-48 Sabre -4 G zen 'fem v Shirley Rafpk Verna Iuka 4 Joanne- Ressle 4 Kats- f LAM: BOL S?1'-F7 Kenna! 4 Mariffn C I is of George Ziegler, North B t omp imen 8 Play-Sargi 1 Q 'hyat V l Honor .ZJ85 df LQAO""5 gafe Charles Andrus "Chuck" "Who said I was late?" Football l,2,3g Basketball l,2,3g Mixed Chorus 3,45 Annual Staff 45 U. S. Navy I5 months. Reginald. August "Reggie" "Why waste time sleeping at night when you can catch up during class?" Football l,2,3,4g Basketball l,2g F.F.A. l,2,3, 45 Student Council 4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Class President 35 Class Treasurer 25 Annual Staff 4. Phyllis Bibler "Elmer" "A blush is beautiful but often inconvenient." Class Play 3,4g Band lg Mixed Chorus l,2,3j Glee Club l,2,3g Annual Staff 4. Thomas Bright llTomll "This learning, what a bore it is." Football 2,3,4g F.F.A. l,2,3,4g Annual Staff 4 Earl Decker "Earl" "All great men are dead, and I' not feeling m so well myself." Class Play 3,44 Annual Staff 4. Mary Ann Decker "Annie" "Her heart is like the moon-there's a man in it." Class Play 3,-4g Band lg Glee Club lg Student Council 45 National Honor Society 3,4g Class Secretary l,2,4g Annual Staff 4. Mary Ellen Flanagan "Finnigan" "Man has a will, but woman has her way." Glee Club l,2,3g Mixed Chorus l,2,3g Nation- al Honor Society 3,4g Annual Staff 4. Joanne Franks IIJOII "Snappy, happy, full of zest, always talking like the rest." Class Play 3,4g Band l,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3 45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g National Honor So- ciety 3,4g Annual Staff 4g Class President 21 Class Secretary 3g Cheerleader 4g Student Council 4. LN-"lt l Ww- 'vf ,z 335: ig aft 1 .a ' ' ef il i M ,, J ., c, 11,1 gg-:V 1 lf '-e 'ez-ifslp. E i !r '-- 35.5. 4. A .S .'-hier' . L H iggpi' l. if zqgiiflgi. Q. 2 ' i ' ,f.. .,, 'nf -.W .'-.41 fr x Harold George "Midge" "He who minds his own business has no time to mind others." A A Class Play 3,45 Class President 45 F.F.A. 1,2,3, 45 Annual Staff 45 F.F.A. President 4. Richard Goff "Goono" "l like work but l don't let it make a slave of me." Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 F.F.A. 1,2 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Annual Staff 4. Betty Huffman "Huffie" "Dark eyes but bright prospects." Mixed Chorus 1,2,35 Glee Club 1,2,35 Nation- al Honor Society 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Class Treasurer 1,45 Annual Staff 45 Newspaper Editor 45 Valedictorian 4. Laura McCartney "Skip" "People have more fun than anybody." Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Annual Staff 45 Class Play 4. Howard O Dell Howard I know a lot but I can t thInk of It Mlxed Chorus 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Movle Pro Iector Operator 3 4 Ruby Rose Ruby Shes here I heard her gnggle Class Play 3 4 Glee Club I 2 3 Mlxed Chorus I 2 3 Annual Staff 4 Gene Russell Russell As for women though I scorn and flour em I may IIve wlth but cannot lIve wlthout em Basketball I 2 3 4 Football I 2 3 Annual Staff 4 F FA I 2 3 4 Class Play 4 Ellene Watts "WaftsIe" "A jolly mlss, qulte full of fun, lt's pranks and work 'ful day IS done " Glee Club I,2,3, MIxed Chorus I,2,3, Band I, 2, Natlonal Honor SOCIETY 3,4, Newspaper Edltor 4, Class Play 3,4, Class Treasurer 2, Annual Staff 4, Salutatorlan 4 Salk If lr? wg 25 X If so f L SNXX I1 !,2,,,l 3 ? ff Iu- Ilgllf vw ,Q 1 Il fd ,Nix ,lf II' 3 A 1 'Q , 11 ll ll ,U ,I 'Il X' ,L ,4,L5'!' " I ,, 1 - - ll 75 . , . J 'L ' . . . - ..,1I mn '2 - - Iwwf .' '- WI, 1 1 ' 1 -I-:1'IQg7,,f ef 'ww-ygi-w . . If-'1:.:ee'f il ,f Eli? 431-. I , . J ,ers ' .IW . ,, If ,' I ,ggggi 1' I' -I1,,II,' if 'iff-raw ' IMI? ' H: .. ':z"-Q31-N':Esx - 42. 11' .I .Iv - 'lm g.x:'?f-,-w- If .fr , III-Q., 1 'fl . A nr- I . -I . ..r-.5 'If ' f .6 ,, I l-If.: axlssiaz-Na ,K 'a -351, 'phi l' -..,.g-px 1. Af , f fri, , mx 1 .I .,,I ' 557 N ff,Z,il' xfllxs :Il I an Iii- -I Q .k.,,.. 41 pfawg- Ir. I 'Iggfgfg 'gf' '95,-2E4.J, ,gk-as : ,-S51 , slszgf I 155, V2 .' gg1IgIIf,. VIII . :sn :fl lulz.-I -..:x+- f , 1- --1- me I .I ., I I'I I I I In, , Il ll 1' II I ' II ' , . I I I I I V F 1 1 I - ' . 1, 'I ,, I 1 I 7 ' I L ' ' I" I I . g 1 , D Il ll 11 I I, II I I . . . . , ,, , . I I I I I I I 1 ' ' - 1 I 1 1 - X jx CHISS HISTDIW ln the fall of l944, twenty-one Freshmen entered into Van Buren High School. After several days we organized and elected the following officers: President, Gene George, Vice-President, Louise Hartman, Secretary, Mary Ann Decker, and Treasurer, Betty Huffman. Mrs. Hall was our sponsor until Mr. Bowersox returned from the Service. Eilene Watts joined us after the Christmas vacation. We had several successful class parties that year at the Lake and at the Hogback. ln September l945, we came back to Van Buren High School as Sopho- mores. This year there were twenty of us. We missed the familiar faces of Ed McDonald, Leroy Verbon, Eloise Ewing, and Dick Clapp, but we gained two new members. They were Doris Opperman and Howard O'Dell. Later in the year Marvin Smith left us. During the first week we elected the following officers: President, Jo Franks, Vice-President, Louise Hartman, Secretary, Mary Ann Decker, and Treasurer, Reggie August. Miss Bryant was our sponsor. Several boys were active in sports that year. In September I946, we arrived safely to begin our Junior year. Eloise Ewing joined us again this year, and we were glad to welcome Chuck Andrus, who had just returned from the U. S. Navy, but we lost two members. They were David August and Gene George. The following officers were elected: President, Reggie August, Vice President, Chuck Andrus, Secretary, Kath- leen Cook, and Treasurer, Eilene Watts. During the first semester Kathleen Cook left us and Jo Franks took her place as Secretary. Our sponsor was Miss Bryant. We held a Halloween Party at the Hillcrest Restaurant and several class parties. Our class' was well represented in both football and basketball and we also sold candy and pop at the games. ln May we presented a three- act play, "Miss Chatterbox." The play was well received by everyone. On May 2, we entertained the Seniors at the Junior-Senior Banquet in the School Auditorium. We carried a circus theme throughout the banquet. 4 On September 8, l947, Van Buren High School found eight boys and eight girls entering as Seniors. Louise Hartman, Eloise Ewing, and Doris Opperman were not among our group. This year we had as our sponsor Mr. Vansant. The following officers were elected: President, Harold George, Vice-Presi- dent, Howard O'Dell, Secretary, Mary Ann Decker, and Treasurer, Betty Huffman, This year we held a Halloween Dance and a Valentine's Dance in the High School Auditorium. We presented the three-act play "Mr, Beane from Lima", on May 7. Cn May l4, the Juniors presented us with a Junior- Senior Banquet. Baccalaureate Services were held at the Presbyterian Church, May l6. On May 2l, Commencement was held and we took our de- parture from Van Buren High School. CHISS We, the Senior Class of i948 of Van Buren High School feel that this day of de- parture from this High School life is at hand. Being of sound memory and sane mind, we make the following bequests, and do avow this as our last will and testament. To the Juniors we bequeath our sweet temper and gentle manner along with our reputation for being brilliant students. We also will them our class room with the new beautiful seats with initials carved upon them. To the Sophomores we bequeath our bus- iness-like minds and our ability to make money and keep our treasury in good stand- ards. To the Freshmen we do bequeath our wisdom, experience, and good conduct grades. We hope this will furnish an exam- ple for them to follow. Chuck Andrus wills his master mind to Bill Elderbrock. Reggie August wills his Charles Atlas build to Kenney Wynkoop. Phyllis Bibler wills her curly hair to Thel- ma Wilkinson. Tom Bright wills his teeth to Mr. Hasson. ilf he ever finds them on the football field.l Earl Decker wills his Orange Convertable Manufacturing Company to be divided equally among the Upper Classmen. lHave you heard, Kids?l Annie Decker wills her way of going steady to Rosine Lehman. lDon't worry Rosine, there are a couple left. And her ability to skip school without getting caught, to anyone who can get away with if Mary Ellen Flanagan wills her ability to get in early to Bonnie Stough, lThink you can do it?l Joanne Franks wills her muscles to Paul- ine Rader. llllll Harold George wills his height to "Stretch Chapman." Richard Goff wills his Ford to Buzz May and his driving record to Florence Stough. lBetter get together, Kids.l Betty Huffman wills her way with Mr. Mancuso to Donna Updegraff. Laura McCartney wills her men in North Baltimore to Kathryn Fullerton. iHope you succeed, Kathy.l Howard O'Dell wills his odd collection of pipes to Mr. Mancuso. iHope it doesn't af- fect you like it does Howard.l Ruby Rose wills her giggling to Fairy Fullerton. lBeware of Vansantl. Gene Russell wills his ability of always getting hurt in games and his broken bones to Gene Franks. Eilene Watts wills her fine alto voice to Martha Rider. lDoes she need it?l Reggie August and Richard Goff will their empty beer bottles to Bill Fleegle. To the next years' Senior decoration com- mittees, we will a surprise box which you will find under the cot in Mr. Vansant's office. We, the Senior Class of l948, do here- by set our hand and seal this Twenty-first day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty-eight, and declare this foregoing instrument to be our last will and testament. Witnesses: Jo Franks Ruby Rose Laura McCartney Mary Ellen Flanagan Richard Goff 'ff l xr' ,1 A , H ' "-113 -'LPTPQFQ-Q-Q35 E , W ' ' 3 W ' -ffifla,-Q ,E - ' D " az .j , -- ,,. wyg., , 1- 1:- . V , gi-ia 2,1 'fzif -1i'?EQ ,gf.Z':f' -j f E- Qi .5123 1 0 . ' "' , ' ' 5 ' :- 'yang-A , , 7 ,J 4. BCPT15 f Y Ear? 3 i 5 I .1 . ' 'iz -11.'Lfi',:, ' V, ,. 3 :rr . fe- ? '-y:1..fv- x 9 N .iff f' 'fb' ' ,, , , 1 fu " . ' ' PL? ..2E2ff.:12 '. 35-'Suv ' V , 1 fl . Arm lg K . r x I-lo wa r-J, 'fam ' K iff 3 5 '17 Qfigl i a' 5 . l J, i Wa- 'li 5 . . .-- ' 1 1 - ' E v l x- Y A 5 , f 4ff:f, r, ,, V , A ' ' I 11.1 rx e Us n 5 K L 2 5 2 Q 1..,.... ,H ...- W- ,, .-V Y. -if PRS Hi S 1- ' jffi . .1 ' 2 -l ' ,?E- A 11 ' . Iii- W E i 26 h Q 1 31' W, Y agfr I ' ,. , ...:.....T. lJNlDI3l2lflASSMlfN Q rf M 1' u F V - we r " J ga it- Q J T, 5 Q JUIIIDRS f - fr -of-. 7 FIRST ROW: Ruth Ann George, Florence .Stough, Ruth Marriott, Marilyn Roth, Farry Morris, Donna Updegroff, Fairy Fullerton, Mary Coppes, Mary Ellen Slaughterbeck. SECOND ROW: Raymond Lauer, John Steen, Don Radabaugh, Bob Fleegle, Duane Chapman, Don Straley, Glen Buckland, Dale Flanagan, Miss Bryant. THIRD ROW: Leonard Sidener, Bill Elderbrock, Harold Barber, Cloyce Baker, Kenneth May, Junior Parker, Fred Stewart. We began our year by electing the fol- lowing officers: President, Florence Stough, Vice-President, Bill Elderbrock, Secretary, Farry Morris, Treasurer, Glen Buckland, Reporter, Cloyce Baker. We found our class enrollment had de- creased slightly. VVe were sorry to lose Jeannene Dittman, Jim Hall, Laura Hostot- tle, and Clyde Rose as classmates, but we welcomed as a new member Ruth Marriott from Pandora High School. During the year, Harold Copus and Jim Showman left our ranks, and we found that our class then numbered twenty-four. We began our year of work and activi- ties by joining with the Senior Class in sell- ing refreshments at the football games. When the basketball 'season started, we as- sumed full responsibility for the concession stand. When the new Student Council was or- ganized we were honored to have our class- mate, Glen Buckland, chosen as its presi- dent. As some of our Junior activities, on De- cember ZO, l947, we sponsored a Christmas Dance for the student body and community. Preceding the Van Buren-Arlington basket- ball game, February 6, l948, we held the annual Junior Class chicken supper. Then we began work on our Junior Class Play, which was directed by Miss Bryant. As a climax to our year of added respon- sibilities we feted the Senior Class to the annual Junior-Senior banquet, which was held May I4, 1948.- All things considered we have spent a very busy, but enjoyable junior year and we are looking forward to a very successful senior year. Mose Lamfrom Clothing Co., Fostoria SUPHOIIIOHES FIRST ROW Luculle Suddle Kathryn Fluggo Dora Sheeks Carolyn Brught Sally McKunley Peggy Bubler Rose Romuck Sheula Beltz Rosun Lehman Martha Ruder Joanne Horner SECOND ROW Tom Evans Sam Smalley Gene Franks Harold Hock Roseanna Russell Leon ard Wagner Sam Copus Kenneth Wynkoop Duck Stacy THIRD ROW Mr Mancuso Jerry Barnhouse Kenneth Elsea Bob Hance Gene Updegraff ABSENT FROM PICTURE Sabra Chapman and Margaret Stefanka Thus has been an unterestung as well as actuve year for the Sophomores We came un the fall to act as the present Sophomore class munus one member, Joyce Suferd, and gaunung Bob Hance and Dora Sheeks After a few weeks we met and we elected the followung class offucers to work for us and represent us "through thuck and thun" Presudent, Harold Hock, Vuce Presudent, Tom Evans, Secretary, Sabra Chapman, Re porter, Peggy Bubler, Student Councul Rep resentatuves, Sally McKunley and Duck Stacy Mr Mancuso us our sponsor In the fall many of our boys practuced football "wuth gusto" and several receuved letters We were also well represented on the basketball team In fact we have great hopes for a splendud posutuon un all athletucs durung the rest of the school years Two of the cheerleaders are also Sophomore gurls The Sophomore scholarshup us one to be notuced The "sux weeks" and "funals" do not pass wuthout havung many Sophomores lusted on the Honor Roll It wull pay anybody to watch thus class un the future We know that we are passung through the stage of under classmen and that we soon wull have the heavy burdens of the Junuor year fallung on us . -.. g A , . . V, ,TQ 1. vmiee, ' l ' " ' .- N -i - ri 5-frvuurl ' u. it ' ' L , .. 121:22 ru'-fl" . u . , ,, V ff , , V, H - I.-Ay A Huey: Lui., eu u - u u ,- - -M -, u u - -as ,. - , u.. u. uugj, e u ,lu K 1 , 3 uf ,uw fu . , ru 31 H -I lu" . ull, ' ,, "1 ' u ' 3' 'ur , . - ' Nj ,-,fgw t . ,el ' - ' ' J u V. , , I u - ,, ' ' ' 'lll I Y 'ssi u I3 ' - ' f'.uuL 1:3 , ' 1 v '1 1 ' .4 T , E ' u. , V Q , ,X I . gd .A V V S ' ,, ' L l A l- 1 ' . X - vb- I ' .7 H ' , N ' , 2 K . d . ,, -5 . Y I i b ., N .L 1 l , t , 5, A ,V . , X V ,, u l , l ll I I I ' I I I . . . . Q I I I ' I I ' 3 u u 1 u I ' 1 I I - i - I u , 1 - FRESHIIIEII FIRST ROW: Maxine Baker, Barham Roberts, Jane Johnson, Barbara DeRodes, Jeanne Mc- Cracken, Patricia Keeran, Shirley Griffith, Phyllis Brumbaugh. SECOND ROW: Mr. Hasson, Gale Rader, Jeanne Rupright, Thelma Wilkinson, Pauline Rader, lo Ann Radabaugh, Joe Green, Bob Huffman. THIRD ROW: Bill Fleegle, John Stahl, Ray Franks, Jim Opperman, Ray Gillespie, Mike Brum- baugh, David Slaughterbeck. On September 8, i948 a class of twenty- four cocky, but very green Freshmen en- tered Van Buren High School. We were scared, but determined to make our marks in the-annals of the History of Van Buren High School. We started the new year with two new pupils, Phyllis and Mike Brumbaugh, as well as a new sponsor, Mr. Hassan. The first week we elected the following officers: ' President, Ray Gillespie, Vice President, Dave Slaughterbeck, Secretary, Jim Opperman, Treasurer, Maxine Baker, and Reporter, Barbara DeRodes. Later a student council was organized in the Junior-Senior High School. Shirley Grif- fith and Joe Green were our represent- atives. Several members of our class were on the football squad, with Bill Fleegle, Jim Opper- man, and Ray Franks making Varsity let- ters. Bill Fleegle also was a member of the basketball squad. Our class is well represented in both band and choral groups. At Christmas we had a Christmas party and gift exchange at the home of the president. We now feel we are well adjusted, full fledged members of Van Buren High School. Also we are looking forward to next year. Compliments of Eddy Flying Service EIGHTH GRHDE X FIRST ROW Bull Houdeshell Jo Ann Kuhlman Esther Copus Manlyn Thomas Sally Rader Bonnne Stough Shirley Flanagan Bonny Griffith Albert Stacy Walter Crum SECOND ROW Carl Stough Donald Vandersall Jnm Nnekamp Peggy Sprunger Stanley Lewrs Ruth Copus Bob Beall John Hlppensteel THIRD ROW John Marriott David Lentz Russell Humm Jerry Burrell Mrs Glndlesberger September 8 l948 twenty three mem When the School organized a Boosters bers entered the 8th grade at Van Buren School We had fourteen boys and nne gzrls among our group We met the furst week and elected the followlng officers President, Edgar Gnlbert, Vice President, Carl Stough, Secretary, Bonnne Stough, Treasurer, Donald Vander sall, Reporter, Albert Stacy, Student Coun cll Representatuve, John Hnppensteel Our Presldent moved to lndlana, so we were In the capable hands of our Vlce Pres rdent, Carl Stough Club Albert Stacy one of our members be came Its Student Council Representative Several members of our group were mem bers of the Junior Hlgh Basketball team These were Jerry Burrell, Donald Vander sall, Bull Houdeshell, John Hlppensteel, Albert Stacy, Jnm Nelkarnp, and Bob Beall At the half year we lost our sponsor, Mrs Glndlesberger, who was replaced by Mrs Farrell Camplnments of Pamt Harness 8' Luggage Store Y . ' , . .- ' , g I' , ,' - I I J 1 V1 -.v-,I - - i J 1 f N-A L , - - . 1, , , ,E I H, .. V es 1" ' ' 1 . Q. Yi . Q . ' 2 :: lr I A-X 3.55 E H, lr 'tv-' -gl : l I I 1 I I I I I ' 5 I I 1 1 1 I I ' Z I I I I ' ' 1 1 ' ' 1 .'1 ' SEUEIITH GRHDE FIRST ROW: John Sparlen, Dick Judy, Floyd Wingate, Jack Powell, Calvin Roth, Marilyn Wynkoop, Mary Parker, Marilyn Elsea. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Hart, Neil Clark, Franklin Gardener, Bill Ritchey, Sara Ann DeLong, Wayne Radabaugh, Betty Hance, Miss McMullen. On September 8, l947, twenty boys and girls entered the portals of Junior High for the first time, a little frightened but full of expectation. We lost two members of the class, Norma Gilbert who moved to Decatur, lndiana, and Earl Cunningham who went to Toledo. On January 5, l948, Sharon Green from Dayton joined our ranks so that now we number nineteen. Officers of our class are as follows: President, Sara Ann DeLong, Vice-President, Marilyn Wyn- koopg Secretary, Betty Hance, Treasurer, Jack Powell, Reporter, Dick Judy. Our Student Council Representlative is Phyllis Hart. The High School elected as Junior High Cheerleaders, four girls from our room. They were Marilyn Wynkoop, Phyllis Hart, 'Betty Hance, Sara Ann De- Long. Compliments of Household Appliance Co., Findlay SIHTH ERHDE FIRST ROW Bllly Stacy Alsce Stahl Dorus Overholt Harold Snyder Bob Parker Patty Romlck Jlmmle Kuhlman Norman Lewns Leonard Roth Allen Stahl Mary Ellen Kave SECOND ROW Juonrta Karch Maxine Hurnm Carolyn Flugga Nan y Krueger Louuse Callahan Max Hlppensteel Jean Hanna Beryl Henry Toby McK1nley THIRD ROW Charles Grlffrth Jerry Neeland Elva Burrell Roaert Deal Shnley Gordon Renta Clark Carrie Grrffrth Mrs Andrews HFTH GRHDE FIRST ROW James Srferd Carol Bates Laura Rader Dorthy Rrchey Dean Rader Max Stacy Jack Dllts Dona Grlfflth Eleanor May Rex Radabough Derald Suferd SECOND ROW Fred Tedrow James Hock Gary Dee-rwester Shurley Tavenler Gerald Johnson Janet Cllne Bobby Hart Ruth Crum James Miller Duck Cornwell THIRD ROW Jeanette Sprlnger Larry Frankenfeld Geargua Hanna Donna Krause Carroll August Duck Walton Phyllns Deldrrck Clarence Snyder Bobby Kave Mrs Avada Hahn Compliments of Daffodil Beauty Shoppe Fmdlay 1. , A y l. , 115 . -Q , Q - 1 1 13, , 1' 1' l -1 . rr 1 1, ,A .X X , . fl Q ' , lf!!! X ,,. .. - 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . I I I I I 1 ' ' I' h - 1 1 1 - 1 I I I I '. . . . 1 -. - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 'A : 1. -f 11 ' ." - f is 'L ' 1 - 13, -1' Q ri, 1 , , , 1 A ,- - , . My 1 , l 1. . . , . I X I , . , L , . A ,- 31 - . . 1 , 1 ,V 7 . . ,ra 1 . 1. .- , .,, ,V 1 I ,V V. . x . -I 1 2 . 4 ' I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 ' A 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - I FOURTH GRHDE FIRST ROW: Marjorie Philpott, Susan Neeland, Billy Gordon, Judy McKinley, John Kreger, Eddie Birchfield, Donell Faust, Patsy Bright, Danny Opperman, Dean Reese, Dewayne Withrow, Peggy Copus, SECOND ROW: Carol Clements, Alice Eiler, Bill Olenhausen, James Myers, Jack Flick, Paul Baker, Sharon McCracken, Joan Anderson, Lynn Amos. THIRD ROW: Harry Parker, Jack Brumbaugh, Morris Sabae. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Bill Bibler. THIRD GRHDE FIRST ROW: Charlotte Wright, Peggy Houdeshell, Larry Deitrick, Teddy Copus, Harriet Griffith, Suzanne Reese, Michael Beltz, Louis Dittman, Joyce Karch, Charles Lewis. SECOND ROW: Richard Wheeler, Cleora Snyder, Loren Sheeks, Gary Walton, Thomas Persing, Donald Deppler, Ann Miller, Wanda Rose, Marjorie Plesec, Larry Stough, Phyllis Newcomer, Miss Reamsnyder. THIRD ROW: John Humm, Janice Schwartz, Michael Luke, Patricia Judy, John Burrell, Sharon Stevenson, John Springer, Dennis McCracken, Keith Fleegle, Charles Carles. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: David Baker. Compliments of Hoadley's Rug G' Cleaning Company 'Q A w SECDHD GRHDE ,slit FIRST ROW Richard Slferd Ronnxe Stacy, Dorthy Hanna Betsy Swlnehart Betty Mlnard Margaret Kovach Linda Amos Sharon Phllpott Anita Rnbble Charlene Hull SECOND ROW Bonnle Mnnard Loss Warner Phyllls Perslng Judy Radabaugn Law rence Deal Jimmy Van Sant Jnmmy DeRodes Jonlce Karch Mary Lou Flugga Bonnie Rader Gerry Stephenson THIRD ROW Joan Bash Alice Wrlght Barbara May Foul Vandersoll Ethyl Johnson Mrs Hoff ABSENT Larry Opperman Donna McCartney I' :mo FIRST ROW Larry Hoadley Mark Plesec Gary Bright Marsha Kay Poe Larry Day rlnger, Paul Bash, Jerry Kuhlman, Bally Grogg, Sharon Rader, Douglas McCracken SECOND ROW Carol Huffman, Davud Mlnard, Beverly Haggerty, Howard Mlnard, Barbara Mae Steen, Rosemary Detrxck, Sandro Lentz, Susan Benslng, Larry Harris, Junior Ault, Ruth Phulpott THIRD ROW Larry Coppes, Freddle Shafer, Robert Grlttnth, John Blake, Evelyn Bright, Mary Fern Srferd, Judy Hllty, Cloyce Wolfe, Joanne Cobb, Mrs Huffman Medlock Jewelers, 213 5 Mann Street, Fmdlay "Quality Jewelery" FIRST GRHDE , F-Qi I EI 'III '- ' I ' I ,I I' -1 I' I I A ,l ' , I ' Ir. I '?fS'- ' 'FH I - " I I. I. I I 'r 5 , , - -,554 was I is , , I -'-LIIIIIQISI 'It I, v ' I' I' M I M ' f ' .IQMI II , ,I -I fpfg-. I 2:52552 I 'lg I I 1 EY?-K . I mi' If-'S' 29555. I I -4 . I ' -- ' Ii I I I3 .I'I-9-fr. .I -I I I f f I It .I lx II' , ,.-ff , .4 S .' V I - ,PY In 7 - b S' , W, ,' -1'gxiiI ' I . I , I I5 p ,I I.f9'I,"t ' 'g-1' t ' I, . I fP.:gL3I I I .II .I I L Ig? .. . fp I. L I I II- lm : I : ' I 5' I I I -- - is I I- ' If I, --- I t- , 17 's II: , I If I I ' IM I 'I A ' I1 ' Mis a I- ' X " Q-ff' ' 1 'Ig : ,I v .' . Igng I I I - I ' I - - I I S I III N ., 'I . I ,..I-, I, I g ..,. ,- , H if I E :Q :g - , A - 2 WT 1' -- .I-, , ' 'ag Ii, 5 - ff ..,. I.,-'fr ' ' "- is I I' I . Igyi- I I II . L ' ' I f fl IIT, :IIC Il M, I - I ,, .I - 2 'I - lf. I I- If I ,II .IJ WI 1, 44 45 I , II - I V 1 :I II I I ' : I - I-. .I.' - ' gi-. -f"f' .: ,,5- I ,LQQ7 .,:-.15- IE'--'ff?5' ,gs 4A 1,-, I , ' - I, ,f:., If 1 I I " I-" X fII IaI3s: e:i?e I I I -' if f' . .. I, 1 -:lf I :I V E7 I , -1:1-C X- L I-' - - , - v'. A It Eli QQI, fg 'I L .. ' , I' I ' 'f'?zQ"'T?1lQi S ' ,-4 ' ' , "ff C I V I I I I I I I I I I I l , ' I I I I , . 3 I I I I : , . I . I . I I - , ' I' -'r -,I 'IF' I - -1- If 'Q' ' 'II 4. I asv ' I V IQ I, Ag L ' III-II. I , I , ., if , . I V .mf I 4-. . , I . , l ' ' 1 6' A I ,' if III. 1 ,,..u I I " ' i. II I I I 4 I 1 I 1 I 1 1 ' . 1 o-Fr is n els J .?y9J-hug. H H-M mn-mm. ff! I-out ,L-'K 1 Pi3'5'5 Bun I 1 B"'L'L"s , , l 1 :fl . , .. ' , Ps y- 'i 1 ' lx ' ifg.-,Q v - m 1 'f + 1 J W o 55 L , ,,i: , sg ,, lv , li Z r3.5 g,,g:5 " ' GOOMO iv-J f - V ' WL' ' "md ' my - Q. if W' in 31 .3 L,E. .A YIVVV ,X ML ' :Qf Ifik if ll To ll N.,...H. Y f' r' ' 'mir 'IQ - ' , rr, ni:- 1i?f,.f-' 5552 .' f ' LIP Q ig' ' r L ' f TU! T Wgf Tfn ax .- 26 Compliments of Weith, North Baltimore fy , I tb' ' o'ofm m ' - .,.' .'. ' Muff + Te "Fhmi5an Jus! Pals . 5 I," arg 5h-I5 ACTIVITIES YHL EN Tl DA NCE Feb, Ill, I ' 8:00 R Q I - I - 7 1 f I fx ' . Y 'iii IIIIIIUHL STHFF it I , i M Le-af s-V. . -'sith nt? FIRST ROW: Gene Russell, Ruby Rose, Betty Huffman, Phyllis Bibler, Mary Ann Decker, Jo- anne Franks, Eilene Watts, Richard Goff. SECOND ROW: Harold George, Mr. Vansant, Tom Bright, Reginald August, Mary Ellen Flanagan, Earl Decker, Howard O'Dell, Mr. Ford, Charles Andrus. Editor ,...........,.... ....... M ary Ann Decker Assistant Editor ................... .......... P hyllis Bibler Business Manager .................. ..... H arold George Assistant Business Manager .... ......... . .Jo Franks Circulating Manager ...............,...... Betty Huffman Advertising Manager ..,......,.............. Eilene Watts Assistant Advertising Managers ........ Gene Russell, Howard O'Dell, Jo Franks Sports Editor ......... . ........................ Chuck Andrus Assistant Sports Editor ...............,..., Reggie August Feature Editor ........................ Mary Ellen Flanagan Assistant Features Editor .......,........,... Tom Bright Snapshot Editor ...........,.......,...... Laura McCartney .lOl4e Editor . . .......... ,,.,,.,,,,,,,, R uby Rose Aff Editor ................. ,,,,,,. R ichard Goff Assistant Art Editor ...., ..... E ilene Watts Compliments of Airport Cafe ' STIIDEIIT COUllCIl SEATED John Hippensteel Dick Stacy Glen Buckland John Steen Jo Franks Albert Stacy STANDING Mr Mancuso Sally McKinley Donna Updegraft Mary Ellen Slaughterbeck Duane Chapman Reginald August Mary Ann Decker Shirley Griffith Miss Bryant Early in the tall a group of students were assembled together to form the Student Council The members came from the classes and each organization of the High School Glen Buckland was elected president and John Steen vice president with Jo Franks as secretary and Dick Stacy reporter The group was organized to promote a better understanding between students and teachers The aim ot the Council has been to and every person in One of the outgrowths of the Student Council is the Hall Guards to main tam discipline and order in the halls The Boosters Club was organized by the Council to get more students interested in football and basketball and have a large cheering section at the games The Dixie News the High School newspaper acts as an auxiliary and financing organization ot the Student Council The Student Council us maintaining an Honor Roll and Service Record The Service Record records all the services rendered to the school by each student The Honor Roll is maintained to stimulate the student s interests in classroom work Compliments of Red s Restaurant N Balhmore 1 . I l I I I I I ' - . I . . ' getting the most out of his classroom work as well as extra circular activities. J I ' I I . . . . , . . llIlTl0IllIl HUIIOR SOCIETV FIRST ROW: Mary Ellen Flanagan, Betty Huffman, Jo Franks, Eilene Watts, Mary Ann Decker. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Roth, Farry Morris, Bill Elderbrock, Mary Ellen Slaughterbeck, Florence Stough. The purpose of the National Honor Society is to inspire a desire to reach heights of scholarship, instill desire to render service, develop promotive qualities of leadership and build character. Membership is based upon scholarship, leadership, service and character. Scholastically an average of A or B must have been attained over a period of five or seven semesters for candidacy. This allows only Juniors and Seniors as eligibles for the Society. Hancock County Schools have supported a Chapter of the National Honor Society since l946. Van Buren High School has been a member of the Han- cock County chapter tor that time. Five Senior Girl members are: Mary Ann Decker, Mary Ellen Flanagan, Joanne Franks, Betty Huffman, and Eilene Watts. The four Girl and one boy Junior members are: Bill Elderbrock, Farry Morris, Marilyn Roth, Mary Ellen Slaughterbeck, and Florence Stough. Compliments of North Baltimore News BUUSTER CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Al Stacy, Bill Elderbrock, Tom Evans, Sabra Chapman. The purpose of the Booster Club is to promote over-all school spirit. lt functions os an offspring of our Student Council. The following officers were elected: President, Bill Elderbrock, Secretary, Tom Evans, Treasurer, Sabro Chapman, Student Council Representative, Al Stacy. The chartering of buses, until prohibited by State law, to carry a student cheering section to Athletic contests was one project of this group. Plans to stimulate over-all school interest in Musical and Scholastic achievement are other projects under consideration. We hope this group becomes an integral part of our life. Compliments of Davis Hardware, North Baltimore, Ohio IIEUJSPIIPER STIIFF W A VA, lit '5" e'?'si r W' 'flhf-.5 M . C C T SITTING: Roseanna Russell, Florence Stough, Eilene Watts, Betty Huffman, Sabra Chapman, Margaret Stefanka. STANDING: Mr. Mancuso, Bill Elderbrock, John Steen, Marilyn Roth, Farry Morris. The Dixie News held its first meeting in September, l 947. The Staff was selected from the tenth, eleventh, and twelveth grades and was set up as follows: Co-Editors .... Betty Huffman, Eilene Watts Feature Editor ....... Sports Editor ....... Circulation Mgr, .... - Art Editor ............ -........,.Sabra Chapman ........--John Steen --.-.Bill Elderbrock .............Eilene Watts Homeroom News .... ..... R oseanna Russell, Alumni News .... Margaret Stefanka .-......--Bill Elderbrock P. T. A. .............................. Florence Stough Assemblies ........ Fa Faculty Advisor .... rry Morris, Marilyn Roth I. A. Mancuso At first the paper had no name. A con- test was held for naming the paper and was won by Roselene Romick. It came to be known as The Dixie News. The paper was under the supervision of the Student Council and served as the fin- ancing agency for Student Council activ- ities. ln May, l948, the entire staff went to Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, as mem- bers of the Northeastern Ohio Scholastic Press Association, to take part in the As- sociation's scholastic press clinic and contest. Compliments of Credicott Motor Sales, North Baltimore MIHED CHORUS FIRST ROW: Maxine Baker, Barbara Roberts, Barbara DeRodes, Jeanne McCracken, Sally McKinley, Rosine Lehman, Sheila Beltz, Jo Franks, Thelma Wilkinson, Peggy Bibler. SECOND ROW: Miss McMullen, Tom Evans, Kenneth Wynkoop, Pauline Rader, Shirley Griffith, Patricia Keeran, Jo Ann Radabaugh, Jane Johnson, Ray Gillespie, Dick Stacy. THIRD ROW: Sam Copus, Howard O'Dell, Gene Russell, Reginald August, Ray Franks, Jim Opperman. HIGH SCH00l Three groups comprise the vocal organ- izations of the High School, namely: The Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, and Girls' Ensemble. These groups appear at School Assem- blies, P.T.A. meetings, Baccalaureate, Commencement, and other special occa- sions. This Spring, interest was centered around vocal auditions held at Bowling Green State University, March IZ, and the annual Three-School Spring Music Festival in Mc- UOCHl MUSIC Comb auditorium held during National Music week. McComb, Arcadia, and Van Buren Music students participated. Officers of the Girls' Glee Club are: President ,.,.,....,..,..,.......,............ Jo Franks Vice President .... ....A....... F lorence Stough Sec'y. Cr Treas. .. ....... Margaret Stefanka .....Joanne Radabaugh ..........Maxine Baker .....Barbara DeRodes Accompanists ..... ...... F arry Morris, Barbara Roberts Reporter ......... Librarian .......... Asst. Librarian RummeII's--FindIay's Big Suburban Furniture ,Store GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: Pat Keeran, Pauline Rader, Jo Ann Radabaugh, Mary Coppes, Ruth Marriott, Ruth Ann George, Barbara Roberts, Rosine Lehman, Thelma Wilkinson. SECOND ROW: Barbara DeRodes, Jane Johnson, Maxine Baker, Sheila Beltz, Farry Morris, Roseanna Russell, Martha Rider, Shirley Griffith. THIRD ROW: Jo Franks, Florence Stough, Fairy Fullerton, Joanne Horner, Donna Updegraff, Mary Ellen Slaughterbeck, Sally McKinley, Peggy Bibler, Jeanne McCracken, Miss McMullen. 'il ,P .,' i ' Q 2 GIRLS' EHSEmBlE 2 LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara DeRodes, Barbara Roberts, Maxine. Baker, Jo Franks, Mary Ellen Slaughterbeck, Thelma Wilkinson, Florence Stough, Miss McMullen. You can get il' at Chad's, Findlay il 1 : SEATED: Marilyn Roth, Marilyn Wynkoop, Doris Overholt, Ja Franks, Jerry Neeland, Dick Judy, Barbara Roberts, Barbara DeRodes. STANDING: Miss McMullen, Mary Ellen Slaughterbeck, Esther Copus, Bill Elderbrock, Maxine Baker. Thirteen boys and girls make up the personnel of the school band. Early in the year music emblems were awarded to Maxine Baker, Barbara De- Rodes, Bill Elderbrock, Jo Franks, Virginia Lightfoot, Marilyn Roth, Mary Ellen Slaugh- terbeck, and Lenard Wagner. Other members were given service chev- rons. These awards were earned by the members through a system of service pqints instituted three years ago. This group, though small, plays for many programs throughout the year. Officers: President ................. .......... B ill Elderbrock Vice President ........ . .... ......... M arilyn Roth Secretary ............ Mary Ellen Slaughterbeck Treasurer .... ..................... M axine Baker Reporter ...... ........ B arbara DeRodes Librarian ..... ......... P hyllis Hart Asst, Librarian ....... Jo Franks F. F. Il. '-ri.--1452 .. 4- 1' A. P ri : 775 ' ' - FIRST ROW: Dick Stacy, Tom Evans, Joe Green, Bob Huffman. SECOND ROW: Gene Updegraff, Jerry Barnhouse, Don Straley, Harold George, Chuck Andrus, Sam Copus, Jim Showman, Sam Smalley, Ray Franks, David Slaughterbeck, Kenneth May. THIRD ROW: Tom Bright, Harold Barber, Fred Stewart, Cloyce Baker, Glen Buckland, Reg'nald August, Richard Goff, Raymond Lauer, Kenneth Wynkoop, Mike Brumbaugh. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Frankenfeld, Gene Russell, Dale Flanagan, Gene Franks, Don Radabaugh, Lenard Wagner, Bob Fleegle, Harold Copus, Kenneth Elsea, Duane Chapman. Our organization is composed of thirty-nine boys who are studying Voca- tional Agriculture. One requirement for membership is to elect a certain project in livestock or crops. There are a total of eighty-seven projects. A scrap drive was held December Sth and 6th in which nine tons of scrap was collected. The F.F.A. donated one-hundred dollars toward the football lights. We placed fourth in the County Pest Hunt and participated in the Parlia- mentary Procedure Contest held at McComb, March 6. The officers for the year were, President, Harold George, Vice President, Kenneth Wynkoop, Secretary, Tom Evans, Treasurer, Duane Chapman, Re- porter, Melvin Straley, Watch Dog and Representative for Student Council, Glen Buckland. Compliments of Gordons, Findlay SHOP The purposes of the Farm Shop course IS first to teach boys care and re pair of farm tools next to glve o knowledge of many worthwhile home and farm repair jobs To reach the above objective wood work electrlclty and form construction work are stressed Van Buren Hugh School IS justly proud of its Farm Shop and group Mr Ralph Frankenfeld The Shop Itself IS a 32 by 24 structure which IS finely equipped with a lO saw and new lathe belng among the more prized pieces of equipment Compliments of Lambnght Bros Grocery North Bulhmore Ohio ' I I The Class is composed of twelve sophomore boys, under the instruction of . . , , . . . . . , . . . . W A I Y.,--f-:-: .KNXXQ r ,W . 'f :lm +- il' u, .. .. .-5 dt ,M ,x .- --+5 1 1 ug 5 38 Compliments of Fleckners, North Baltimore AIHUEIICS Q FO0TBllll FIRST ROW: Duane Chapman, John Steen, Tom Bright, Reginald August, Richard Goff, Gene Franks, Glen Buckland, Raymond Lauer. SECOND ROW: Coach Hassan, Kenneth May, Fred Stewart, Bill Fleegle, Gene Updegraff, Jerry Barnhouse, Managers, Sam Smalley, Bob Fleegle. THIRD' ROW: Ray Gillespie, Jim Opperman, Tom Evans, Cloyce Baker, Joe Green, Bob Huff- man, Dick Stacy. ABSENT: Ray Franks. The football team, coached by Mr. Has- son, who took the place of Mr. Zuercher, had a fairly good season, in spite of the fact that the team had lost seven letter men the previous year. ' Our first undertaking was Liberty and we coasted to a i9-O victory. Next was Mc- Comb. The team put up a great fight, but was defeated l2-O. Rawson was next, their victory, 25-O. Next was Vanlue, a game fought to the end, only for a O-O tie. The team went to Mt. Blanchard and beat them 7-O. Next, North Baltimore went down l3- O. Mt. Cory came here for Van's last home- game and they came out with a 6-O victory. Arlington, an undefeated team, defeated us 66-O. Arcadia, the last game of the season, was a hard fought game, but they defeated us 7-O. Since we lost three lettermen, Reggie August, Richard Goff, and Tom Bright, we Seniors of '48' wish you a great season next year. Games We They Liberty ..... ..... l 9 O McComb .... ..... O lZ Rawson .... . O 25 Vanlue ........,..... ...... O O Mt. Blanchard ...... ..... 7 O North Baltimore ...., ,.... l 3 O Mt. Cory ............ .... O 6 Arlington .... ..... O 66 Arcadia O 7 Compliments of Sinks Greenhouse, Findlay, Ohio il L. hx' ' w X ,Y 'Tin 'BQ mi? ,ss ISSPK Jin.: 'FL me wexwwu fag- F91 " va A vFB-gigs-Q. fm. 1- fj X " fe- -ig. ,Q ' , rw ., :- ,. A 1 U V-T-, 1 ' 1 ' G' , '. fmt 'EFF I , .f"""f-'35 . flxepn ,Dy . -Wk!-i .TS '- w-Nl-u 'V rw. gfmsc fwg 'A - W Q 'E -f-I-i2r,'I.l5:efi' . 5-. 22.2 flu" - '-M. - 1-'7-asv: if 91.3.--2:1 '--J V . V . if-jLQ,'-S'IC'f.:'- 2 1Ag,.'ik1g,, 'ii -1 ."f?1 f"ll'f ' John Steen Guard Glen Buckland End Reginald August Fullback Raymond Lauer Halfback -- f 1-:f ig Jim Opperman Center Fred Stewart Guard Cloyce Baker Halfback Gene Updegraff Center FT- A- l Duane Chapman Torn Bright Tackle Guard Bill Fleegle Gene Franks Tackle Tackle Dick Stacy Jerry Barnhouse Quarterback Quarterback Ray Franks Richard Goff Halfback End BllSI'lETBllll SITTING: Gene Russell, Harold Hack, Raymond Lauer, Bob Fleegle. STANDING: Mr. Hassan, Junior Parker, Duane Chapman, Lenard Wagner, Dale Flanagan. sons in recent years. The season corn- menced with only one-letter-man regular from last years' team and a new coach, Russell Hasson. Overall the team devel- oped splendidly, succeeding in compiling a record of 9 victories and 4 defeats in regu- lar season play. Prospects are bright with six varsity let- termen returning, as well as a capable group of supporters from the Junior Varsity. A Junior Varsity which won eight and lost four for a season record. Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Van Buren enjoyed one of its best sea- SEASON RECORD Varsity Reserves vs. Bloomdale 40 vs. Liberty .... 37 24 vs. Bradner .... 5O 43 vs. McComb 42 32 vs. Rawson ,... 33 23 vs. Vanlue .... 25 39 vs. Blanchard 62 3l vs. I-loytville ..37 34 vs. Baltimore 29 68 vs. Mt. Cory ..3O 46 vs. Arlington Z6 27 vs. Arcadia .... 52 25 vs. Alumni .... 44 30 TOURNAMENT We vs. Mt. Blanchard .... 31 vs. Vanlue .............. 24 We They We They 29 I2 9 21 22 24 24 20 55 38 22 40 39 30 They 24 44 T r TOP: Bob Fleegle, Harold Hock, Ray Lauer, Gene Russell. BOTTOM: Leonard Wagner, Cloyce Baker, Duane Chapman. CHEERLEFIDERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Margaret Stefonka, Sabra Chapman, Joanne Franks RESERUE BHSHETBRII SITTING: Don Straley, Jerry Barnhouse, Dick Stacy, Kenneth May, Cloyce Baker. STANDING: Mr. Hassan, Junior Parker, Gene Franks, Bill Fleegle, Glen Buckland, John Steen, Dale Flanagan. ABSENT: Kenneth Wynkoop. JR. HIGH BHSHETBHII SITTING: Bob Huffman, Al Stacy, Bill Houdeshell, Jack Powell, Donald Vandersall, John Hippensteel. STANDING: Mr. Hassan, Joe Green, Jerry Burrell, Bill Fleegle, David Slaughterbeck, Dale Flanagan. SCH00l CHLEIIDHR September Fnrst day of school Class meeting and electron of class officers Election of cheerleaders Played football wnth Luberty at home Played football at McComb Junlors ordered class rlngs Played football at Rawson October Sensors chose annual staff Played football at Vanlue Sennors lead pictures taken Played football at North Baltnmore Played football at Mt Cory Seniors sponsored Halloween Dance Played football at Arlington November Played football at Arcadna School plctures taken by Dncken s of Fostoria National Honor Society Meeting at Arlington Junlors rece-:ved their class rmgs Basketball game at Bloomdale Sensors received pictures Thanksglvlng vacation December Played basketball at Liberty Played basketball at Bradner Played ba ketball at McComb Played basketball wnth Rawson at home The Annual Football Banquet held at the Hillcrest Restaurant January Box Social sponsored by the Athletlc Assocuatlon Played basketball at Vanlue Played basketball wzth Mt Blanchard at home Played basketball wnth Hoytvllle at home Played basketball with North Balt: more at home Played basketball at Mt Cory February Junlor Hugh Basketball Tournament at McComb Played basketball with Arlington at home Junior High Basketball Tournament Played basketball wlth Arcadna at home Sensors sponsored Valentmes Dance 20 Zl 27 28 County Basketball Tourna ment March 3l Every Pupll s Test April 2 Junior Play l6 Grade School Operetta May Sensor Play Junior Senior Banquet Baccalaureate held m Pres teruan Church Commencement 8 ' . 2 ' ' to f ' ' ' . . ' 9 u A ll ' . , l6 . ' . l2 ' ' . . I9 . ZO ' ' 23 ' ' . . 27 . 28 ' '- 30 l . . 3 ' . 3 ' . . U l3 ' ' . 5 - I7 ' . - 1 D 24 . . 5 25 ' . ' A 30 ' . T2 ' ' 31 Teachers meeting at Toledo. 13 Gt Mccomb- I 1 l4 'J a ' ' 6 ' ' . - - - ' - 7 ' ' 'A '13 . l t 1 l7 ' ' - ' ' . ., Zl . ' 26 . . . t 27 ' ' ' . . 5 ' . 9 . g l2 s . 7 ' I 19 ' I4 ' - ' . . ' N 'I ' 22 B l - Zl . JUIIIOR PIIW SITTING: Farry Morris, Donna Updegraff, Mary Ellen Slaughterbeck, Florence Stough, Ruth Marriott, Marilyn Roth. STANDING: Bill Elderbrock, Junior Parker, John Steen, Cloyce Baker, Miss Bryant, Director. HLEHUE IT T US" "Leave It To Us," a comedy in three acts directed by Miss Martha Bryant, was pre- sented by the Junior Class on April 2, l948. Johnny Reynolds and Charlie Smith, two enterprising young business men, have formed an advertising organization, Promo- tions, Limited, to promote the sales ot new and promising inventions. Helping them in this venture are Mar- garet Proctor, Johnny's sweetheart, and Harriet Jones, who is really Helen Westfall, a newspaper heiress in disguise, ond who is falling in love with Charlie. Just when Promotions, Limited is really "limited promotions" business begins to boom when J. August Peabody brings in his revolutionary new'tace cream and Miss Roberta Hemple, her new dry cleaner which is not a liquid, but a cream. Just what happens when the dry cleaning cream is mistaken for the face cream, forms the plot of this laugh-provoking farce- comedy. CAST Johnny Reynolds ................ Bill Elderbrock Charlie Smith ...... .......... J unior Parker' Harriet Jones ........ ...... F lorence Stough Margaret Proctor ..... ....... F arry Morris J, August Peabody ................ Cloyce Baker Miss Roberta Hemple ............ Marilyn Roth Ruby Wilson ...... Mary Ellen Slaughterbeck Lars Larson ,..................,.......... John Steen Mrs, Henry Clark ,................, Ruth Marriott Blossom Clark .......... Donna Lou Updegratt Compliments of North Baltimore Locker Service L Ross Moorhead, Herbert Hill, Merle Sites Don Burrell, Donald Huffman, Ralph Silveus CUSTUDIHI1 FIIID COOH Ralph Roberts and Mrs. Roberts IIUTOGRHPIIS ADVERTISEMENTS An My You Look Ai It X YUUR N lqijmowav 5 MX ji? AS n H AT THESE smnfs I QU I f 1. rQ F Q Wm. nw Twacs 'Q UC mf' li We Appreciate Your Patronage HHIICOCH SHUIIIGS 81 l0liI1 South Main at Sandusky St. Findlay, Ohio Members of Federal Home Banking System Accounts Insured Up To 55,000 Assets S6,240,4I7.98 as june 30, 1947 HUGHES' DIW CLEHIIIIIG Quick Efficient Service All Garments Insured 24 Hour Service Pressing While U Wait Compliments of THE KEN-RO-BII. CORPORATION General Manufacturing, Van Buren, Ohio All Metal Costumers Display Stands THE NORTH BALTIMORE GRAIN ASSOCIATION Terms-Cash within so days from date of purchase 7 Psfsshr interest Oh overdue accounts Prompt psymshf insures good cream North Bshamore, Ohio Mortimer, Ohio Compliments of SDIITII FUUNDBY 6: DIACIIINE -CUNIPANY North Baltimore. Ohio J' 6011242 A Goon LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE and cr THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Fully Accredited Dr. H. Clifford Fox. President .Y-W. gif SQ If av--.fa M W"iL.,w- A Y L 5 .I r. I 3 Q aldyfi ,' ig? :., .nj ,. QQ 9:11141 4 V. Ulhdij A ' Q 113.7 hi., uw ' A, , ,sv wr 'L ' A , P,-.1-.11 "9 ' 3. 7T':'13,, ,vp .'., - . '.,. .-, rr' .- nc ' uglga T717 49 15' ' : .34 - QQ? .i-. 4' ' Nr " .- ., ., -, .,.N - ,.- ,. , . .-aw . ,A -1 W, ,, nr .. 1,3'-,, .315 'S W, -A J l e ff- I ,pt .ef .f f' Y x h A ,I E -w wi "L Compliments of HILLCRE ST RESTAURANT Van Buren. Ohio Compliments of i FINDLAY HARDWARE ' A -1-'ix ,nfbn A I MARATHON Findlay. Ohio Y fr tne most important bill in our whole code, is that for the diffusion of knowledge among the people. No other sure foundation can be devised for the preservation of freedom and happiness. - l THE OHIO OIL COMPANY 0 FINDLAY, OHIO 0 Producers of Petroleum since 1887 BARNHART MEMORIAL C0mPlIme'1fS FUNERAL HOME an AMBULANCE SERVICE Flndlay Ohio Smlthson Klrkpatrlck Romlck DE BOUVER S GROCERY Van Buren Ohio NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE FIBRES INC 3441 North Maln sneer Findlay ohm THE PAGE DAIRY A Complete Dalry 222 Broadway Findlay Ohio Phone 1057 55 of d Compliments C O . of Compliments of P A T T E R S O N S ' Your Home Store-Since l849 Findlay, Ohio BEISTLE FURNITURE MART Furniture and Appliances "A Little Out of the Way- But Less to Pay" l600 Lima Ave. Phone 2675 Compliments of THE NATIONAL LIME 6. STONE CO. Service With A Smile THE ARLINGTON NATURAL GAS COMPANY Gas does not cost-it saves Gas Ranges, Washing Machines Gas and Oil Furnaces Plumbing Appliances Paints and Varnishes Electric Water Systems Display Room at Van Buren, Ohio john D. Poole, Secretary Phones Findlay, Ohio Findlay 4l23-W l Van Buren 3- P. O. Box 49 FINDLAY IMPLEMENT NISWANDERS COMPANY IEWELERS Sales and Service john Deere, Massey-Harris Farm Implements Delaval Milkers and Separators For Your Diamonds, Watches, and Silverware All Nationally Advertised Brands l I7 West Crawford St. 445 E. Main Cross St. Phone 598 Findlay, Ohio COLDREN FUNERAL H O M E Phone soo 205 w. Sandusky sf. Findlay, onin G I L L-E S p I E ' S Compliments of TURNER-FENSTERMAKER andwiches Ice Cream SHOES Refreshments Shoes X Ray Fitted Van Buren Ohio Flndlay Ohm Congratulations Comphments of To the Class of 48 HE TROUT 5: IACKSON DIXIE TIP TOP INN Good Furmture Since 1886 Mommer ohm Coke and muslc THE FINDLAY COCA COLAEBOTTLING COMPANY 9 I 9 1 C O . so - - 99 I , . x D Px 'S- es 5 'f - na BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF TH COCA-COLA COMPANY BY "Hicks School Bus Bodies" fbwwp, Asvwfhm Chevrolet Sales 6: Service 280 S. Main Street Bowling Green, Ohio Congratulations Compliments Class of '48 of V I R G I N I A S KCENTRAL OHIO LIGHT 8 POWER COMPANY ,2 -'LB-A-15' Uh gtlmffy Quffa North Baltimore, Ohio North Baltimore, Ohio RUSSELL E HERMAN FUNERAL HOME 719 sourh Mann sneer Flndlay ohm THE B S PORTER SON CO Stelnway 8' Sons Planos Wurlitzer Organ 530 South Mann Street Flndlay, Ohm YTLE TRANSFER LINE Long distance moving a speclalty Agents for Aero-Mayflower Transit Co Phone 601 Compliments of UHLMAN S DEPT STORE Compliments of RAY S BAKERY Findlay Ohlo IUNE MOTOR SALES De Soto 6' Plymouth Phone 3261 216 N Mann N Baltimore Ohio WAALAND S GREENHOUSES ut Flowers Potted Plants Funeral Work Our Speclalty 40 Larklns St Phone 369 Fmdlay Ohno compnmenfs ot PERRY MILES FUNERAL HOME Fmalay ohm 5 123 E. Sandusky St. Findlay, Ohio Fl"dlaY, 01110 . , . D , U 9 Compliments of Compliments of WIRT MOTORS SALES THE HARDY BANKING Pontiac, Oldsmobile , am' c o. A G. M. C. Trucks North Baltimore, Ohio North Baltimore, Ohio compnmenfsof EVANS TYPEWRITER C o . FIRST NATIONAL BANK Royal Typewfafefs Office Furniture North Baltimore, Ohio 628 S. Main St. Findlay, Ohii Compliments of A :-QEEE5552,5:2:jgE5E:E2EQ1:2:E:E:? STORE .,.., ..... 51 ..,. .:,.,. L ..., ffsiiiir' '55zE"'1E 1" -"""' f 'if "" '.I2E25iiE55E25iE Ei? ,,,. A, North Baltimore, Ohio Compliments of compliments of LYNN A. LYON FARM BUREAU Findlay, ohio Findlay, Ohio Compliments of For Baby Chicks R. D. C. Del-XRMENT IUST RIGHT HATCHERY Dentist Phone 2691 Phone 3641 North Baltimore, Ohio North Baltimore' ohio Compliments of THE REPUBLICAN COURIER Findlay. Ohio THE HANEUEK BRICK 81 TILE UU. Vitrified Drain Tile Findlay. Chio 61 C0mPliments of Compliments of NORTH BALTIMORE EVERETT LUMBER FOOD CENTER North Baltimore, Ohio Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Harold Wagner-Owner North Baltimore. Ohio WOOD COUNTY CANNING CO.. INC. Packers of Quality Tomatoes cmd Tomato Iuice NORTH BALTIMORE, OHIO PHONE 3803 R. B. WRIGHT VANDERSALL IMPLEMENT co MARATHON DEALER Annechanmefs Sales and Service van Buren' ohio North Baltimore, Ohio Y l 5 v LQ!" . P . 11' ' ' ' - -. , , 1571 if 1 n f" V' ' E - ' 254 ' W' : IL Q Y , W .. N , 4 V ' iw ' . 5- w. e ' x 9 ' 4, L? ' ' J 1 11 '-Q . 3 if 1 Kg,-1 . P. ., 1' r. S If T-t !1 ,, I ' sv ' ' ' ' n . - 1' , 0 Q am Vg T . H M- - I wi 1 V, If X: w F ' ,v . - X 'I' . N 'Q ' wg. 1 - 3- ' W Q Q. H ff? , Ilbu W 5 N ,. ' W f' J '- y I W W 1, . , w N' w , I ' W -, 2 241' , i 'Q A . i , 5 . w A , 1 A ' , L1 . . : ' '- N, 5, ' I , ' ' , if-x N '5A,w.,,:'-'.5. -UL , 5 . 1,5 Wei' .- L.f!Qlg4-,-fQQ-:uL- Z.i-1,-Qq1g,:f,v ,Ifff.,-,,fxu,,n:.,-glfz' X '

Suggestions in the Van Buren High School - Knight Yearbook (Van Buren, OH) collection:

Van Buren High School - Knight Yearbook (Van Buren, OH) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


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Van Buren High School - Knight Yearbook (Van Buren, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Van Buren High School - Knight Yearbook (Van Buren, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Van Buren High School - Knight Yearbook (Van Buren, OH) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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