Van Buren High School - Acetonian Yearbook (Van Buren, IN)

 - Class of 1964

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Van Buren High School - Acetonian Yearbook (Van Buren, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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.l' t - , ,fy ,- . 1554 QL, H.-mn-'F-M Q5 ' Jybgfjowxdg gim f2??gw 4T2??Q i? ?9M QwWfW W1 ?fbwM5Mj M W SWWMWMM W HM -Www? WWW WWMWMW 3 X' xvgx , .Jwym U, iii 33 JfffM WWW SEgwiSSig5y,MW'HwM QQ MQQQQMQMM ,w w Jmwfwwwyw fMWWmQf WZQW MQW! f my LZDJEJYW WEA 35 TQ, WN KX SWK. 55,12 WV W" X 3 W 292m W QQ" I QQ CGA W X A 6,60 5 Q NSE we HEMQQQQ A if ,ig A A W A XX Q GM QZJW fi f Y' Ye- THE ANNUAL STAFF of VAN BUREN HIGH SCHOOL VAN BUREN, INDIANA X A .T S AA T W fwuvasap N PRESENTS THE STAFF: Editor Co-Editor A Business Manager Activities Editors Advertising Photography Sports Circulation Manager Max Courtney Carolyn Cox Becky Wampner Jane Mansbarger Paula Towery Teresa Miller Kay Jones ' Lynda Butler Mike Golding Nila Rumple Teacher: Mr. 'Albert M. Hood his xiii Q Av it V V E 1964 ACETO 2 -N 5 5, if vw! S Q., W , " 'Q 1 e il ? Q A H H Q. " W 'W' S RY , ,. I ' :sl 3., Mu g HM M , M 1 WJ M5 Ti? ay' an - E tif: ,Nf".,- W' ff 1 3' rf" i , 3? , V . gr. 4, Y pp ,IN MEMORIAM 1917 1963 JOHN 1' KENNEDY 1917 1 f5 P JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY ONE GREAT BLOW to the world, to one nation, to one government, to one people, to one famlly and the world became unlted 1n one tllne of deepest sorrow People moved be yond every barr1er as they Joined 1n the throngs to pay tr1bute to a fallen leader We, of Van Buren H1gh School, will never forget that memorable Friday afternoon, November learned that our President, John F Kennedy had been shot by a sniper, then, a few moments later to learn that our President was dead History was 1n the makmg for every student of our school, and every student became enrapt 1n the events of the next few days It 1S our privilege to honor our fallen Presldent in th1s issue of our yearbook for we are re mlnded ofthe Presldent swords as he took office, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country We can but agree that John F1tzgerald Kennedy gave ' the last full measure of devotlon to the country he loved HIS youth, his vlgor, his falth, his purpose, his example, and his l1fe were sacrificed on the altar of martydom We as a natlon, should search our hearts deeply and ask how each one of us may part1c1pate to further the ' New Horizons so nobly advanced by our late President It 1S 1n such actions that we can determine that the sacrifice be made, will not have been 1n valn , - 91 3510 rerizlwzl nj Ibe Unitud Slnlex 22, 1963. Our school day was not far from ending, but in those few agonizing moments, we . . . . . . . , - . . , . lr ' - , . ,, . . . . . . . . ' . ,, . . . . . I I DEDICA TIO it N ? Mi- ai' , N m is 1 asses was xf..H231..1i7 333, fsiekkfii 3 L,., 5 y Q it lg he 1: if gg 35 - ,ggsilgi V Effie W ' ' ,i ,i W John Sheveily Cindy Filer Margaret Davison As the staff ofthe '64 Acetonian, it is our privilege to dedicate this yearbook to three beloved and admired classmates, Cindy Filer, John Sheveily, and Margaret Davison. They all came to Van Buren in their freshman year and all three were active in the scholastic and social life of Van Buren High School. It is our hope that in dedicating this yearbook to the memory of our classmates, Cindy, John, and Margaret, it will serve as a strong link in our golden chain of memories. Ky' W W ml "-And Away We Go!" "We're Proud of our Band." Cheerleader Hopefuls Homecoming 1963" f Jw' vi Y X 'F J '11 1. "A Trip Down The Nile." - . v 3' T :E 8 "Susie Cro 0 i 'U wr I wus Dian na" . VP? A I-, KI A 'L '-.4 5 1-I V OFFICIAL BOARD KLEFT TO RIGHTJ Sam Sparks, Board memberg Franklin Schweikhardt, Board member Joseph Boller, Trusteeg Lester Endsley, Board member O UR PRINCIPA L MR. EARL BRYANT O UR OFFICE SECRETAR Y 'H Edward B. Boos B.S. in Education Purdue University Biology Health Assistant Coach "Dissecting Frogs'Y Phillip M. Conrad B. S. in Education Marion College Algebra I Chemistry Business Mathematics Advanced Algebra "A Session in Chemistry" u: Arthur Gilbert A.B. Manchester College Math 7 gl 8 General Math .L i Q Alg. 9 "Mathematics . . .!" J .wg ll -EZ'-f George Freck B.S.A. Purdue University Vocational Agriculture "Drill Press Activity" fl "et 5 " fe f ffgggngw F f --H :F 1 f tml l 1 .X K. Mrs. Beryl Hotchkiss Y B.S. Purdue Home Economics 7-12 Gir1's Health 10 "Laying out a Pattern" Mrs. Mary Wiles fHicksJ A.B. Marion College English 7A 9,10 "A Study of Literature" Ph1ll1p A Jung B S Butler 39 hrs at Ball State U S History III Phys Ed I and II Dr Ed Coach--Basketball, Baseball Track, Cross Coumtry Drlver s Training ' Wilbert C . Lightle B.S. Ball State Teachers College Business Math General Business Business Law Salesmanship Librarian "A Session in Sales" Albert M. Hood B.A. in Language Arts M.A. in English Ball State Teachers German I and II Journalism Senior English Class Plays "Journalism is For All The Class" L 'v 1,5 ,. vi 1: Nils, ,sq A f Na, W ,,,-W5 James E. Liechty B.S. Music Education Bluffton College Band Twirling Chorus "One, two, three, four -O I Y' . , X - , ang 'Q ..,. A ,ffz ,.,,,, ,. - i?iE,,l?an':?4 , , , T. 'STV 0 N H x Betty Moon B.S. in Education Ball State Teachers College Typing Bookkeeping Secretarial Training "l3ookkeeping! " Joseph L. Pickett B.S. in Education Marion College Advanced Math Physics Plane Geometry General Science "Geometry" img?- Larry Stuber B.S. in Education Ball State Teachers English 10 College Geography 7 Economics N M Sociology "And now my grade . . .!" N, 'T - ,sy ml Kr x de Norma Scribner B.S, in Education Ball State Teache English 7,8, Sz 10 Beginning Typing rs College "Literature on tape" 35:3 it X , nl . Jay Wilson B.A. Ball State Geography-7th History-7th and 8th Junior History Rex Taylor B.S. in Education Taylor University Government Psychology I Mrs Mary Catherine Weist B S Huntington College Grades 1 and 2 N Bernice Martz Ball State First Grade 1 it girth Bb ri' . .CLEC Ee Fi Martha M. Reed Teacher's license Ball State B.S. in Education Marion College Third Grade "Let's Divide!" We "' 1 Msn vu ,U 2'1- .? Irma Troyer Indiana Central College F95 1 Eg Second Grade use "Eskimo Land" I liz ali ee-fr --if -af. L -1 'f Betty Day Second Year license Ball State B.S. Marion College Fourth Grade "We have a Zoo!" Arg, 'T 1,2 Deborah Jung B.S. Butler University Third and Fourth Grades "Long-Division"' , 'M ,V Y ,, :QE Q, 'iff 71 Marilyn Taylor B.S. in Education Ball State Teachers .. ,v ,, Grades 5 8: 6 "Writing Sentences" I I L its ra l I 1-....?u 5 0 Rhea Bower Ball State Teachers College Fifth Grade "A study in Geography Arthur L. DeLaPorte A.B. in Education University of Missouri Grades 5 Sz 6 "Studying Hea1th" Mae if Thomas Swarts B.A. in Education University of Wyoming Art 1 - 12 Photography "Art is interesting" ti! Ha 'sign EMERGENCY 0001! ITS "THEY COOK FOR US" COOKS Georgia Farr Norma Eakins Wilma Wilson Maxine Bragg "THEY BRING US" B US DRIVERS Bill Shields Virgil Jones Bob Surber Richard Endsley Roy Holloway Bob Corn Dave Bradford Myron Stevens Csub. for Thurlow Endsleyj Melvin Dooley Max Andrews Gerald Eakins Richard Plummer "THEY CLEAN FOR US" CUSTODIANS Alonza Cochran Q Homer Harvey Francis Franks 4 :. C LASS OF FIC ERS Dave Dean- - President Skip Emery--Vice President Dianna Woolley- - Secretary Kay Jones- - Treasurer Patty Dell- - Class Reporter KAREN LEE ABBOTT E GARY ADAMS JIM ALLEN BARBARA JEANETTE ARNOLD 'E' ack f P15 'UN- .rw 7 PA QTY I i li: fi' WILLIAM FREDRICK BALL BARBARA JEAN BAKER JAMES E. BROWN WILLIAM BROWN LYNDA GAYE BUTLER 'f s 4- x 'VX iff' cur DAVID A. BLINN CONNIE JEAN BROWN ,.,..-A 'sri' 1, "' -' - s .-N'.,.', . , l JOYCE ANN BYRD SHARON CHANDLER MAUREEN ELISE COLE ,H . fx, ANTHONY COLUMBUS M.,-ug, ffb gl' J, J 9 gm., i , '-il' 'WN H-HF 214' MARVIN COREY VICTOR JOSEPH COREY ROBERT DAVID CORN CAROLYN SUE COX 'I pl' 170047 Ng 'wav-4 MAX A. COURTNEY JOHN ERIC CREWS DAVE E. CURRAN DAVID PAUL DEAN PATRICIA ANN DELL ALLEN JOSE PH EIB LINDA DIANE EMBREE 93 'gi Oi ' -I -enun- gm Aly Rav' 'wifi-0' flu DONALD W. ELTZROTH LAWRENCE EARL EMERY GARY LEE ENDSLEY DAVID GRANT GILBERT MARILYN J. GIPSON MICHAEL H. GOLDING JOHN PHILLIP GRAF f w 5, E f r- M "If 'K CAROLE GREER STANLEY C. GUYRE RONALD HALE ifi, ,"ul IX' TIM HAMAKER 52 Op? 'nm-auf H'S."..w. j""D- ff :HL ix' Jsx 1 Ni, ,gi X GORDON HARVEY KEVIN LEON HOLLOWAY KAREN KAY JONES BONNIE L. KERLIN vis? 455 . .' MICHAEL A. KESTNER , , , 1 mi? CAROLYNK. KORPORAL K LARRY DEE KORPORAL 1 ' L v I ' , ' , :xi 'if CLAUDIA SUE LINTON BARRY L. LOBDELL DONALD KEITH LONG JOHN MAURICE LONG JR . vu V7 , QR ,1g5'v 25 S? 2' 5 E E- anna. I ' " x A x x " -f '- n , t I 1 s 'ifxi' lui ,vain JUDITH MARIE LUCKEY BEATRICE JANE MANSBARGER NANCY JEAN MAINES GARY G. MILLER 4 TERESA LOUISE MILLER DORIS ANN MORRISON MARY L. NELSON DANNY RAY PALMER .xk , i if 1-Ov l' pn N1 if pk rf? WILLIAM R. PETERSON J. DEAN PICKETT EVELYN GAIL POWELL CHQ fin,-5 IU! ri 'bPX fa-5 an '27 r'--r IL f' E 'HJ' Y 1-7-""b , BARBARA KAY PULLEY LARRY L. PULLEY EARL ROBINSON YC! W BETTY JEAN SPARKS 'nl Qsvuu-19 'Y wad . - , 1 'P ,Q il WAN' ,QP 01 UP' BRENDA DARL ENE ROCK BRENDA KAY ROGERS LEE RUMPLE NILA SUE RUMPLE DANNIE L. STANLEY ROBERT RAY STIMAX JOHN THOMPSON -EWR QR- ' "ILP" QU5 e--it 4-'15 CIT? 5, ,U 14.4 lil' yuh!! :::wi"1f:- X' KU I .V 4 lllfffff-tif. lnuavliaihtff, PAULA ELAINE TOWERY MARJORIE VORIS " 'F : "gh il 'L P4 U V Tn "' . - X 'le ,jig f Ox X.. Q19 JERRY DAVID WILSON L DIANNA LYNN WOOLLEY VICKI LYNNE WOOLSEY TIM L. YOUNG JOHN WELLS 11,1 1. 51,1 .ff ,11g!.'.,Nu' 6' P lnlxg -'7IlQ4"iW y . Wifi X n 'VN 11,-w-ef REBECCA JANE WAMPNER ALAN RAY WILSON 1 Al, Marta Adamson Gretchen Adkinson Danny Andrews Roger Beck Paul Bevil Dixie Blades Jerry Blades Kathleen Bhnn Raymond Boller Mlke Boyer Wesley Bratcher Mary Brooks Dennis Carmichael Richard Cochran Dennis Coleman Richard Collins Linda Columbus Bob Conner Linda Corey Arthur Cox Danny Crevlston Betty Curran Larry Davis Sue Davis Iva Denney James Dickey Joe Doyle David Eastes Elesta Eccles Alice Eib B111 Endsley Joan Ellis Roger Fansler Dianna Fincannon Mike Frei 5 V sm JUNIORS CLASS OFFICERS Larry Gephart - President Linda Corey - Vice President Linda Long - Secretary Dennis Carmichael - Treasurer Arthur Cox - Reporter Tr, vv 1 ff Er ng M356 ntl x QA! Y V 2' X X 42' I rw" 1. 54 53" sg! Charles Furnish Larry Gephart Curt Greer Patsy Gregerson Terry Hall J. W. Hanawalt Carolyn Harvey John Haupthof Jon Hawkins Mary Lou Isaacs Sally Jefferies Rita Johnson Mike Jones David Karshner Bonny Kessinger Alice King - Marilyn Kitts Mary Lou Kitts Mike Knotts Dick Lake Diana Lee Jack Lee Cynthia Lewis Linda Long Nadine Maines Rodney McPheron Bonita McVicker Jim Melton Terry Miller Larry Nelson ...E -O' WWW 1 Richard Zent f L.- , v I 5 '11 Qx. n to 'fit' ii ' i XNVQ Z LLN 1 'X ':.:i , L. i 1 l N V N, J""'?krF,g Wi v lu M M lil Hi Wg! ' fl 1, I gin, f'j.:-ggi! 2331: .4 :Fw .1-A-, I + J rv 'N . Y' - L. ' " , , ,li mmf it .i',x'g'ffi' gh HQ W , ,T 1 gym ...,: - 5, vt? 3,51 W w 1 i Um nil' . 'f w In i " in .,A V W ,J i ,A .F i 5"i'f1 J :AV L ' 91 -- "' ?S ' L J -cs 1 t iii ' - at ff -- 11. . ' ' .. it V fl ' 1 ' V I ff' -.4 K U'-, 1 1"-. . ,' gf- ' ' if' J , A- Ea iw , in H ' F IEETWW ' ,gi HX fe M it , y - ik .,,n " .. .1550 W . H Nil N ' ' N L W ' .- V H 'li l H --li ' J Q A l fx ii gf Q V 3 it my we girl gin a u Q, 1 Jie , y - 1 -aazfii Q ' F ago .r g I, iq- I H: - , we f L- ,gf EF- . , a X A. . r fb: sf.j-, A . - X, Q Ry V in ,W lj in ll I! ? K l nnne i To V3 .. tal Qi Q, ng .. -v--- Q 5 lgxlf "' YF L' 1 fi 'liff' -- .,,r.J,, ,, iw" Q,, ' "' " 'L ET' '-ii Y wif 'vii 1: 1 , 2 - rf in H ,li H i N? , ff W' Sa , of Jackie O'De11 Charles Owens Kathleen Plummer Dorothy Poling Robert Purtee Darlene Reed 35 .'.x, ,xiil S Rex Rice N Roger Rice ' l ' Joe Richwine ' Y if V Q 4. .f Peggy Rock 57 , 'ii..N Cl ' ' ,,-fy., ff Candy Roush -ff E -'l l ' J' ', Jon Ruble ' if ' 'Q Tom Rumple .fav if " 1 Arlene Satterwiate A Diane Schamber Bonnie Sims Tony Smelser Diana Smith Dorothy Sparks Diana Stout . Rick Swagger v, , " , M ,fTg...X V.. M , M X , ,H Um , .' f ,. ,. wi , -w 'iiaww 've if " ' ' LQ"..lx...x wt 'i4w1l,,w"'mf'5Nfii5 15-as-. ' 'PT I1 n VZ: Z 5 it - .V ' x .1 fx ' - : . Q, Q ff . ,E ' . Z ' - ' 5 FU ' .:' 'fi I Uk im 1 - " " " , 'y" r wwpJ"' lv. ' " fl x A 'Sig 2 '- Lili 'iii""i' f W ifie hi' l " 2 5 ' , ,H 3 , u 1' 'l 'H I ,,f m f 3 t Y 4- 4,a. rl iw , - ik ,Q V 1 , y V vi L 1 ag, l . .set K if , , fagf, X Q ! V fi ii Q l V .jyxiy . . 9' lx 'V . I -ww , .- if ' uf ' , A , , if 'f 1 ' 1- as w 4 it ' rf 2 X, . . vi ., :Fit N jp ". H l L U ' 3 , .76 I 'FI' ' Q v j a ' 4 f :Y ' I " AL ' GL V L i I l 1? "J " J D' tl . J at A ,W . "l ' 52 , ' l J- 1 X Milli . 'lf , N .,. .--rs t4 'E will 27 Q," f ' ' Edwina Teusher Cheryl Troyer Glen Voight Chriss Wampner - Connie Welker Laura Welsh ' Keith Wolfgang Doris Adamson Henry Baker Jim Benbow Donna Blinn Patty Blue Brenda Bole Susie Bower Becky Brewer Richard Brown Carolyn Bush Janet Bush Dexter Canada Sandy Collins Evelyn Cooper Jack Corn Carol Cox Patty Cox Dawn Craig Eugene Cutler Kerry Dalrymple Linda Dearing Linda Draper Keith Embree Jim Emmons Don Endsley Carol Fansler Greg Ferguson Linda Florek Randy Foust Boyd Gilbert Steve Greer I . , -fr 5, vm, V ., 5 ' ,. in . w C 4. e ' Q .B"5 i -,Evy , W -, , in Z - .-.-:il -ef -Q Xiu N H 1 f He l 1 ' 1 " ,Q i, , -,VN r - ' ' , r . I , V 4. I H j , el f ,. ' ' V 5 V -' ,.. . ,Q ' fgralat W9 lx T -'ff C sf" - V -- f ' . 3 if 1' . - f dx ., ' , - 1. kms fr f , Eff' I' -. ',-11:5 g xl nun , 1 N X ll he A A M'Qa Q .X lr M . ' if J.- . . .. .432 K if l , f , vxgwv N Wxxxxxxmlfwy gi! A 1 r , 5 . ,gf . 'T " 4:-W ra., ., 4: ,mn 1 4 X we' -wwwlgga 1 VW Ac .5 K, -I 'r , ' CLASS OFFICERS S OPH OM ORE S David Kitts- President Dexter Canada-Vice President Brenda Bole-Secretary Carolyn Linton- Treasurer r V.. .xl at -2 ' .1 av gg 'z. me t ' 'Z ,V w l lr , 2' o di J L S Charles Griffin - in A . ' v' ' D- r Jane Guinnup F, 1 ' A X - ', .5 if Q Delbert Hama-ker , R 4. ,C ' w 'I QM' Z if - it ex? - A A P' . W 'l ' 'A Jim Ha-rua-ker 3,1 N H n l M H ,N F A ', A . C , :wr 1 ' 1 ' 1, , . xt px b 5 mu, Y- V - , If .' M - , ., 1 w ,gg-,P 1 ., .1 , -" 1 ' -- 2 .ARS il? ---- ' - - ESR ., A if frfwkwmef o M rnanwan-vrffxif If f'q4:??i5iQ'Y '-B 2 l i'4'Y3mv!Q3.3Li'J,'l "ae Terry Harris Don Higginboth Dave Hobbs Nancy Huffman Becky Kellogg Karen Kelly Carolyn Kerlin David Kitts , .':.." N l If , N 1:1 -'K but , 5- S i 1, ...- -1- . , u 7:31 'K ll -, - . iQ -if gl, W lvl, wt, H, ,Ein- s W ld' i fm i nfezziff 5 evil Terry Lee ' . X A i Carolyn Linton , A ,1 ,Q 1 . Susie Lloyd '1'h 4 D ' it Sharon Majors i f Sarah MMSOH VKM2 Linda Mcxeviii ' ll" L rryrrr ly ,M lj i Caf01MCViCke1' Ml M llll it Dave Melton X " K"l ' "'---' W mum , , Y E Dennis Miller ' A ' H ' Wanda Mitchell Eff - '-',' - gg Qifl IW- V Y l. ' yyy M V Kenny Moore j lj, '? gf 1 ' A 1 ' A Mary Moore X 5 dy 1. 11-i if 1 l. 'A Linda Murray " it D' gs 'fx il 14 V" 1 John Nelson 5' - . , , SQ 'C '- 5' , A ' L Marvin odle -Rf R f . ive! in Dick Page l . L 5?,..'l.i:3"'.Ir 1 1 X xy If ' Patty Penrod l i Katie Peterson ... N ' I " 5' I 'J' Edwin Poling 4 I v Ag' l - tl gy ,551 Carol Price ' ' . ,Hg fu' ' Bill Pulley K l " fill all A Lowell Rennaker ' . lf? x Charolette Rice l Eddie Rice N 'I W A 4 Greg Rifner , 'lt ' ig, V5 55, ' ew, Donna Rock X, f L , 'F' l 'F' ' . in Betty Rogers 1 'V Z iii V l 5 135153 Marcia Rowe Q, L Karen Ruble i ' I ' N-1 Rhea Rumple ' M X L ' ',X , Canda Shaffer V ,g , rl l . , V 5 1 K Patty Sheivly M ,M C i l A: 1 l'i Patty Shook r.,i lv "'l 9 f K f-if l f 'tfW Steve Smelsef li X ' ,iff ' ' ', " ' N Danny Stevens , -3 H ,' W is Becky Stimax 457' -. ' Greg Stout X igy ' Bob surbei- 4. M, li! f Bobby Taylor ' i' rfl ' 1 Claudia Taylor -3' yy as xiii-lffliiiliz , ' -V rr 7 W A A David Thomas - , I , Darlene Thrailkill , f Q Q 1 Y , y Judy Towery l - ', Chester Vas binder 'B ' F A -jf 35" J, L l Judy Wampner ' J 21,5 5 NX-,E Patty Wampner 'i ' , W Danny White E, J ene Allen Linda Baskett Connie Bates Max Beck Robert Bigelow Pam Blackburn Richard Blades Herbetta Bowman Janet Bowman David Boyd Tom Bradford George Bridenthal Eunice Brooks Edith Burton Barbetta Burman Joe Buchanan Richard Cardwell Ruth Ann Chambers Dawn Coleman Pam Couch CLASS OFFICERS President ........ Vice-President Secretary . . . . . Treasurer. . . . Reporter . gf B Q, N4 l 1 I ' 0 uv' ere r .59 - ,ga lt NV Qi, V 4 :Sk y ' - i ,.:.. QQ R ' ae,- LJE ,..,. 'V : - X 1 Xl - lo . . Jene Allen Kandy Nelson . Sheila Stout . Teresa Scott Eunice Brooks X IL,-kt-fs. I xi N no 5 H st -v Z , lg, 1- . . . ,V ,VI f X V V - , may i- an , V A 2 ,, A u f ' il' A , a. wr' wr 4 , A32 2 Q , ' N :li sl ,..f . gkkl -f': in I ki D' . Q r W - 1 ' ' , J 1 F I EKIJ WI ,, i X we ,L I. ig- ' 1 , My as Q-f .QQ ,,-fig: ,:'. B-l , l s' 2, X ' .f ' 30 'Ig w.,.. J Q . Zffn, 'u, iii .1 ' X W, F A- Q.. my-1-.V ,Q . 5 la -i..".fQ f 3:25 , ' 1. 'Hare Dale Craig Julie Craig Charles Davis Mike Davison Susan Dollar Beth Ann Downing Margaret Eldridge Jim Elliott Mike Embry Sue Emmons Rex Fansler Bob Fincannon Jill Fox Jenny Frei Sadie Gardner Lennise Garrett Issac Glover Michelle Gregerson Glendora Hale Jerry Hale Ruth Ann Hale Kent Harvey Roberta Hawkins Candy Hayes Mike Hodge Linda Hueston Wayne Hults David Issacs Sue Issacs Dana James E 5 Qi 4.4, 5-A I CLASS IX X in PX! ik M .. :J -w U I ' Qi it Q. ..- lf? . s.-. 4 ,V Terry Preston David Pulley James Rice Sandra Rice John Richman Danny Robinson Ruth Ann Schambers Teresa Scott Bonita Shaffer Francis Sheren Dennis Shields Charles Shoop Keith Smelser Darrell Smith Lewis Smith Joan Sorrell David Stinger Peggy Stout Sheila Stout Judy Teuscher Dale Turner Wanda Turner Darlene VanNess Marsha Voris Roberta Weaver Cynthia Willis Becky Wysong Ruth Ann Young L'. t. ' it ,is mf .1 ai Pat Kessinger Randy Knotts Lynda Korporal Gretchen Lake Roger Lee Kim Linton John Loftis fNot picturedj Sheryl Maddox Robert Mansbarger James Marks Joan McPheron Judy McPheron Connie Messier 1Not picturedb Georgia Miller Sandra Miller Sharon Moriarity Aleta Mundy Kandy Nelson David Peterson Paul Powell 4 Q ' Q. ' 1- ' ,, gn AL 6' Q ite diff' ,A X I 5, VX '-'-R x ' x K A M W X 1 13, . ff -is mf!! iw W K .A X fix i whit xXx .51-, - 5 'fq,-A' v-I 4, "7 S 3' X-,b 7 i t S wg' 2 ,Vk, ,l W. l,,,i..: Y wsu Q! X C Hung - , , 6 l ' .. P 4-' 3 f H ' iih wtf ll XXQRA ,V . 7- w y V, .V l , 2 I oggglgip ,Y l . l iaaaxsxxe, le ., 11 1. l, as H 1' 'U 1 X 1 meg f """'flgj, f'.l 4- H .gl W1 W, ' sa , 'v ' ': Ei T , , E ' . in uw Harold Adkins Wanda Andrews John Boxell David Collins Sharon Collins Dennis Cox Ronald Dakin Phillis Davis Robert Eccles Wayne Ewbank Fred Ewen Sally Glover Linda Green Bob Hemmick Wanda Hicks Debbie James Bob Jones John Kerlin Linda Kerlin Kriss Linton EIGHTH GRADE Terry Linton Dan Manson Maedia McPheron Bob Plummer Randall Ratliff Debbie Rish Lonnie Rock Gloria Slater Bob Sparks Susie Stevens Elsie Thomas Jewel Thomas Linda Thurman Jerry Wampner Jim Webb Kenneth Welker 32 . w ww , .5.",:rf Aw' .,-4 4- x ' , 3 xi wa Xl! H 4 I t. A u V W my '-.rl J WaUl9."'fmlw'ffl' .iw is-s V m u g- 41-v wen-!we'l"kllf f ' " .- . Qrvcav 2- wad 1 ' n 4 1 wil .1-H? .a 1 V ' L X X S Q -, :,cv,p -:.,,fp: Y. ,, , 3, 1 + ,ZW--l1,,, .4 LA A-IIA' , fl 1 ,fix l 'ffl' ' . fy" -SL! is W M v- il rw ,. , Y H , -C """' . ,ex 1, ,H ,Q 4 f. ,, :E 'gs W -YK A 3- ' . A M 1 .ga ' ' 51'L.,.aYf X E 2 of . , ' E .w f N.. Lge, im' l v 1,xh3gQ, Dr -i, eye 1575231 :"1ff:.:zuI:s"' we , S... ,.,, -4 -1. 'H 5 ' ' ' 1' i'?if?8fi5?Pi:f4Fi Le. 1111- Ikfi W 3-1f3'a?z25fii1fi5l-A ' . ' ' " , nfl -,fr 1 .f "W" . s a"A. SQL W ' ' I fn'-kgfdfjg X , 4. : QA, IZ oc. X sp ullllxf 1, NJ 1 Jan Allen Delmar Adkins Janet Allen Lora Boyd Tony Bragg Ralph Brooks Raymond Brooks Teresa Chambers Peggy Corby Kenny Corn Jerry Davis Stanley Davis Patty Dollar Terry Douglas Sandy Draper Georgia Eakins Melvin Eccles Linda Embry Vicky Foust Linda Greer 5 F' Q " W A l L L. ,. SM'-b T' 1 'H 'Wir' ' " -, -' Ld 5 Q ,L lzziiffi- '- -- ., .QA P . it .1 Fw. x ,fn uv 1- 5 ... X 1 ,f,lf,, --3 A , , .. .... .. ., .. ,, 1' -'C .I 1 K 4. ..,, --,vzggsasv , , rf - A ' X.. L .V tr' gf l.. -K '. aiirf L' "' X- ' " 'bf-.ref te,-an: iw H : 'V 1-1:-er-p .1 rg: T. 41.-if , N . 13135-TY 2. '111'?'-53.'.f,'. - U ' Lax Q X A in Hu" ' ur 1 l A., xp QQ, f 9 t. M? P., V V Q ,, 4 5' K4 j 9 I I L f 4 all knit vi L w i In tizifiiaw ' " " 2521 1 ':,1J'2. N SEVENTH GRADE ,,, , 1 is 1' , V X G Xa 9 fi Lbtqfr? - ,. y ' c.,- h 1, at '- :lima l RK X x l Q' f Y if i1...,: e-! Carol Gregerson Peggy Gullett Dwight Harper James Harper Teresa Harvey Darrel Herring Geraldine Huffman Randall James Pat Kestner Darnell Lee Lana Lee Pam Lee Penny Maggard David McVicker Terry Parson David Price Sarah Price Karen Puckett Angelin Purvis Carolyn Rickman Terry Rowe David Stallsmith Sue Sparks Gary Stout Delbert Turner Bobby Wampner John Webb Richard Wright Lequita Zezula 'E in AA . wr" my Exx . . l 5: ,JP I . .P1. Q' . 1. Q , xr VT ,,.,,' l , is N an S I KG Q is vii l , ' 'fa .v vy VY' 454. 's 'lie 1 lg- - l. l IL 'stir' V' 1 Peggy Glover Danny Green Gail Gregerson Paul Hensley Blaine Howell Candy Johnson Katrina Linton Randy Nelson Nancy Peterson Patty Puckett Sandra Ratliff Elizabeth Richwine Doug Rifner Dixie Rish Billy Roch William Ruble Margaret Rumple J. D. Shields Jim Shinholt John Slagle Bobby Smith Mary Kay Surber Mike Swagger Don Tallman Gary Taylor Carol Thurman Nancy Townsend Wanda Turner Steve Wampner Linda Webb Nila Wilshire Joe Allen Joyce Allen George Atkins Lynn Babbitt Beccie Bartlett Stephanie Bastin Jerry Beck Gary Bole Renee Boos Judy Brammer Norma Bratcher Frankie Collins Joe Craig Madonna Craig Peggy Dakin Sherrin Davis Jaine Doyle Ralph Duckwall Mike Fincannon Steve Foy SIXTH GRA DE , ,. -N bww., ii 'x Wi? x faef X 7, W fl B X . a fi I A .5 I N. V ilgal T 1'-2' I ,1 'vl 'A ful' . x ,Q Nu N si in ' " L .- . xl ,gs gig: unf- ,i .- JSE.- 15 3' ' -lf-1l5i?.t 1 . Q lsnylllnll J X 34 1 CITIIVIVIIC C?12f4lEll? Alan Alvey Mickie Andrew Tyonia Andrews Rodney Bollhoefer Claudia Bower Ramona Bruch Larry Case Stephanie Chambers Pat Collins Sharon Davis Joyce Douglas Keith Duckwall Edward Embry Linda Endsley Jeril Ewbank Ricky Feierstein Jeffery Ferguson Gregg Foy Ronnie Gephart Rose Glover l 4,5 Xu 'U' 1 A Qu, an l .. gf Y . sw ' f il i I v ' ' M X 1: td, '- fn, ' 1' .ii ,V.., z L li. X ' 1 5: ar, 'x -, ,L 5 ,w- 7, Iwi' ,, A ' :Y A, x S2 xi ' ' lo fi' .- ,g V Fiwfq 1 , . X 1,li.iir:El 1 . 4 r i l ' A ,:,. ' 6 1, . L, 2 'X ' fareh ff wrw if sa Pr' 1 fi ' ' I ' , K f ,, . G Q x L' ,M yfife fi .ff ew' ix v Fl P55523 Wir H, - , '1 - , 4. n 3, A - - 1 Pd ' N - . ' my "'2-M -'ss '21 ' Cyfxf ,nge We Q 1 f . A 132, 1-.J1.,v. 35 Dennis Harvey Billy Hemmick Rickie Herring Terry Hicks Paula Hoch Dennis James Karen Jones Cindy Kennedy Sally Korporal Ricky Kramer Stephen Liechty Cam Linton Dennis Messersmith Carolyn Moon David Plummer Steven Plummer Eddie Purvis Terry Rennaker Darla Rich Peggy Rumple Sammy Smith Melody Stair Stanley Stout Sue Tallman Randy Thurman Jean Teuscher Ronnie Webb Marla Wilson Larry Wright ,Ni Q bg X, 1 We EK f 'L . rv WH ll -.Q , 'L V, .. V 1 x N W ,H w I 1 H, X , , l M ' ' w i V '- i.. .V,A..- 1 1' ' ! , f, K . . F 'ul 'M " r fy, :ily H 5. ww, 27 'li 5 AQJIA yn , L. 1 X5 W NX ' QR 1 ' X eNik'i?i1l.fElC ' :E Y FO UR TH GRADE Danny Harris James Harris Keith Harvey Joe Hensley Retha Huffman Glenn Jones Evangeline Kelley Alan Losure Pamela Maggard Barbara Pet erson Allen Purvis David Ratliff Jayne Ruble John Schamber Dick Schweikhardt Martin Shield Sue Shinholt Linda Smith Melvin Spaulding Rex Spencer Gary Springer Mark Stafford Cathy Swagger James Towne Ben Townsend Rebecca Trout Janice Turner H John Voris ? .. if e 7 f' Jane Westfall 'V U ' Ricky Wright l1l'QELv ' . Y. , K ' 0 X .si " f, - lwli1flJ im 'gmfku :W --.ffJ.:,m:,:- 1 :- r w ' 'Y Q, Hi! ,,..l,L., N f, 5 1 xi' Bobby Adkins Mike Bastin Daisy Beck Billy Beck Deborah Bollhoefer Roxanna Burman Sammy Carter Douglas Collins Teresa Cooper David Cossart Michelle Craig Pamela Dakea Danny Dollar Jasper Downarn Carol Ann Doyle Geneva Draper Gary Eakins Margaret Eccles Dennis Estridgz Jan Ewen Russell Feierstein Patty Fetter Mike Gabbard Mary Greer f W ' skwlfllfils e H, , 3 l JH W 3 M m K n ef E H. 3 . .. 1 M im W W W N mu H l l 'H :T W W1 -J 1 l ' 'Hg " 15- -N' , F H u W u ' iifliuumm Jie X3 A J 'S ik 5 at Ax as + . XX' iw 1 ul 5' ' ,f 1.1 , V . , si, TW? 1 r 'M li L Lynn Swagger ' ' ll Qegil'-.1::fa , .W 1 3' ' lf , H, X. x Q N I gr , s l 11' ml I f 1 55 -, ,M l l t 1 a l Randall Atkins Vicki Andrew Wilberta Beck David Boyd Catherine Brooks Timothy Burk Carl Burman Timothy Chambers Wanda Cooper Leja Courter Kevin Cox Margaret Craig Diane Dean Lisa Dollar Linda Eib Blanch Fair Howard Feierstein Julia Gilbert Deborah Glover Charles Greer Sherry Harris Cathy Herring Carmen Howell Elisabeth Huggens g ' 1 V- , , . g .-I v. ' Q- s . 54 ,Z 5 ' I:- -I -rx 4"'p ' ' L 'I ...IL i m w i. N . .L:Je' , .' xg R I ng B an un x 'ENS - ":.L?""""l ff Biff! X 5 i l - iv 6 dl IE: K K - if . e r g M L 1 i 1 THIRD GRADE L16 mfr- Z' A ' il I ' I U 1' 'IIE-ff I ' ' A I 'Wi l A l A '- L , . . M Q . ,ya M, - via . U j ., . .-j X- :gl 1, rj -C 2:1 ni rj!! X' ' X 'fri JJ 1 - eh. V ' YWW g.-,l:1" 1 - i Ti. 5 Dennis Webb Ellen Wright Dennis Wilshire 37 Kenneth Jones Allan Kennedy Max Kreigh Ronnie Lee Kenneth Linton Linda Linton Ronald Losure Cathy Messersmith Connie Montgomery Candace Moran Anna Pickard Larry Reed Karen Richwine Danny Rumple Gayle Shaw John Simmons Donna Smith Richard Stout Susan Stout Steven Thompson Ronald Thurman Harold Turner Donna Wampner Barbara Webb SECOND GRADE Jerald Allen Connie Andrews Terry Babbit Carl Bowser Cynthia Bradford Gary Bragg WeDonnia Burke Pamela Burman Anna Marie Case Rockey Corby Kevin Cossairt Cathy Dakin Gregory Davis Jason Downan James Downing Glenda Duckwall Raymond Eccles Zenda Ewbank David Ewen Michael Florek Mitchell Gabbard Dennis Gephart Timothy Green Nancy Hall Jacquelyn Hack Rodney Howard Robyn Howell Lawrence Hudson Gerald Huffman Lu Ann Huggens Marcus Hults Billy Kerby Mary Kerby Craig Korporal Catherine Moon 'N-f 5 1:55565 . N , 5-Q 'D -F J, A i 3 3' ,ax -l viii. N A v A s X Q X ,N wr lxmlH,'1wuL 'ff-2 W l RG' Tv., in it ' ', VL ld 4 K X! r . .. 5 f D 3 Y i v ' vo 1 K ,RWQ Zi will f x ' V? i 16 2, 4. L , v , W 1 I' '. . ,nj i '- ',"',, ' Il. x 5 if-' li 3 a f' 1 t 5 N Y ' H i rv. J 924 My . .--. V7 an 'gh , 5 ' ' -4 ' X 1 Debra Pickard Nancy Plummer Norma Plummer David Pulley Max Purvis X". Y, ,. - Robert Rheam Rock Richwine ' Starla Riddle Daniel Rish Donald Rish , James Rowe David Rumple -Q Carolyn Shaver Louana Shinholt P James Shook 3 Paul Stafford Dinah Stout Ronda Stout Michael Towne i M Donna Webb r Debra Westfall ,Y Judy Wilson af Michael Wright f ' fj Paul Yarger . VN YQ .qu 3 as 2 . Brenda Atkins at ' Janis Alvey Vanessa Arnold Charles Banner g Allen Bollhoefer I zz, - - Christina Boos :,r Leon Boyd , ,nn.. R i f rrr R R0be1'tBr0WH e A V- :': ...." 1 Kevin Bruch ? 4 s fl' ufj . fxkxvt fn Y Q 'W' Yiihwie If , I " Ned Burton , , o l liz 6 H ,. W E T 4 px J - W Marcella Case Rebecca Chambers 5 A ' Danny Cole 3, , R ' ' Kim Cole I V4 'fi fl: 'nfgfi I ' Robert Collins ' 1 of , r t iff? 3 C uv z, M .. 5 Nyla Courter -' 11 2 Charles Cox Jean Craig James Downam Roxann Feierstein .I ' in 1, Linda Fetter Betty Gabbard Patricia Greer Cheryl Greer Martin Gunn Karen Harvey , l 'R if V 1 l .0 x al R fx ' .lf , 1 ' bg!-QE ! 1-I . :v A y l . ,IE J V A it ll Patricia Henderson . if ' A , ' " ffsiiieiie? . Cynthia Herring is i Glenn Huggens f Jerry Kerby f Connie Korporal 2 Peggy Lee Patty Maggard Kent Martin Mary Ann Montgomery Debra Peck Rodney Pickett Debra Randal ix ' -fvvny U Gary Reed Jon Rumple Danny Shinholt Jeffery Shook William Slagel Shelly Slusher Ronda Smith Rodney Steinagel Gary Turner Randy Van Ness David Wampner M , M N FIRST GRADE sa ' 3 - - .r 'f -in t.:. - I ew :gr 2' W A W J X 1 'l F5 Betty Ann Webb Jerry Williams David Wilson .31 it 9' Fe Y ld ,, IHA., pw . , r- - . .',. ' . ,... -.. Jw-L1 li ,., .digs .W T? it J "Now, what's 'V' stand for? ?" 4 fl, "Mr, Fix-it" Max .Je sf 51 , S - 4 "Little visitors from Washington" Eakins Store Van Buren, Indiana "They stink! " ,A I "Give'm a yell!" "First yearbook sold." Johnson's Grocery Landess, Indiana rvGaWky rv "Ladder climbers' "Next year's will-be's" 40 "Break out the cider--fsweet, of course! D" fi? Dick Doyle, Roger Beck, John Haupthof, Terry Hall, Joe Doyle, Jack Lee, Don Eltzroth, Larry Gephart, Jim Emmons, Vic Corey, Richard Zent, Coach Jung STUDENT MANAGERS Bob Taylor, Tom Rumple and Greg Stout Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren Buren SCHED ULE 81 Lancaster fTwp.J 57 Montpelier 43 Oak Hill 90 Pennville 72 Eaton 57 Southwood 53 Swayzee 48 Bennett 63 Jefferson CGrantD 80 Fairmount 71 Warren 65 Jefferson CGrantJ 73 Northfield 74 Albany 78 Summitville 61 Lancaster Cent. 54 Jefferson fHgt.J 80 Huntington Twp. County Tourney 47 Bennett Sectional 39 Oak Hill COACHES ' R ' E -.., Q' W , - . X 7 rl LEFT TO RIGHT: Phil Jung, Ed Boos, Don Deemer and Rex Taylor. B-T AM FRONT ROW--Donald Endsley, David Kitts, Lowell Rennaker, Greg Rifner, Coach Boos. BACK ROW--Jim Emmons, Roger Beck, Dexter Canada, Terry Hall, Danny White W... m H, w ,wh z 1, Ji, ,,-.i .' - FRESHMEN KCHAMPSQ HW: Richard Blades, David Peterson, Jene Allen, Kim Linton, Dennis Max Beck. BACK ROW: Roger Lee, Bob Fincannon, Kent Harvey, Coach a.ul Powell, David Issacs, and Dana James. OR HIGH KE TBA LL : Bob Plummer, Jerry is Linton, Rick Wright, ns, and Stanley Davis. Ron Dakin CManagerD, 1, Randy Ratliff, Coach Bobby Hemmick. 7? ,,,. , Ln' ,,-..T....1 1:5 11. ,- . .11 gf 1 Managers: Mike Embry and Dale Turner. '5 Q2 SIXTH GRADE BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Paul Hensley, Billy Ruble, PaulSlater, Steve Foy, Ralph Duckwall, Mike Swagger and Jerry Beck. BACK ROW: Robert Scham- ber, Bobby Smith, Garry Bole, Danny Green, George Atkins, Blaine Howell, J. D. Shields, Doug Rifner and Mr. Taylor. Cheerleaders are Joyce Allen, Stephanie Chambers and Janie Doyle. ,Q CROSS-COUNTRY RECORD 4-2 Bennett, 16, Southwood, 535 Van Buren, 85, Western, 94. Van Buren, 215 Jeff. QGnt.J 34. Van Buren, 32, Montpelier, 40, Swayzee, 60. Van Buren, 24, Montpelier, 31. Van Buren, 155 Jeff. QHgt.J 50. County Meet Oak Hill, 39, Bennett, 405 Fairmount, 73, Van Buren, 95, Jefferson, 1233 Swayzee, 148. FIFTH GRADE BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Greg Foy, Cam Lin- ton, Larr y C as e , Eddie Embry, T e r r y Hi c k s , Mickey Andrews, Larry Wright, Billy Hemmick, and Dennis Harvey . BACK ROW: Dennis Messersmith, Steve Plum- rner, Steve Liechty, Terry Renna- ker, David Plummer, Alan Alvey, Jeff Ferguson, Sammy Smith, Dennis Bollehoefer, and Mr. Taylor. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dexter Canada, Kevin Holloway, Vic Corey, Torn Rumple, Mike Golding, Richard Zent, Roger Beck, Jim Emmons and John Haupthof VARSITY BASEBALL FRONT ROW: Dick Doyle, Dennis Coleman, Robert Purtee, Terry Preston, Mike Golding, and Dennis Carmichael. BACK ROW: Coach Jung, Joe Doyle, Kevin Holloway, Roger Lee, Larry Gephart, John Long, and Stan Guyre. Ai Earl Robinson Mike Golding Kevin Holloway Skip Emery Track Track Track Track Cross-Country Cross-Country Baseball Baseball GJL4LHlAYYAf B .ACIES 1964 Stan Guyre Track Bas eball John Long Vic Corey Baseball Basketball Ron Hale Basketball Don Eltzroth Larry Pulley Basketball Track sw :fm f , I , -1- A .,-..V Y. ACE TRACK TEAM FRONT ROW: John Haupthof, Vic Corey, Stan Guyre, Mike Boyer, Mike Golding, Tom Rumple, Roger Beck, Jim Emmons and Richard Zent. BACK ROW: Dexter Canada, Danny Andrews, Joe Richwine, Kevin Holloway, Earl Robinson, Larry Pulley, Joe Doyle, Larry Gephart and Terry Hall. 1964 TRA CK RECORDS L. , ' Mike Golding 'P' Terry Hall Mile Run Shot Put 4:46.6 47 feet 5 inches fi Mile Relay 3:59.3 Larry Gephart, Richard Zent, Mike Golding and Dexter Canada v . .AH3",. qi,-,W Joe Doyle "Most Improved Player Award" Ron Hale "Rebound Award" "Most Valuable Player Award VA BUREN HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICAWARDS 1964 Carolyn Cox "Senior Cheerleader Award" Don Eltzroth "Free-throw Award" 48 Mike Golding "American Legion Sportsmanship Award" t T X HOMECOMING Q UEEN 4' , M. Y tii WL 11 ' W 'Q If H1 Q Z-'1 ,, 115g111"1 1' 1 2 is 1 A ' K ,bww , , X 1 v 1 11 11 , 1 45, 6 ,L V N "7ifblf""-'1f,g1,'f-i 5 W vf'f'7,-, ,f fx N was , 11111"ii?j5111 rw M 11 wwf: -1 11 2, Q -V 111iQeQ iz 111 15 11,,,1,,, H Wig' 11 M1111 M111 111 11 ,Ei-1 X Dianna Woolley "L 11 gf, SENIOR PRINCESSES Carolyn Cox Paula Towery KW JOHSS 11 I mn :xx rx' mmm xx msfxkixxv n xg m ax In mmm . uw: ,X nm ' v. wx W xl xg qw, xnm-W5 I n" ' sr .:.,L 4- Mx -'55 -, -5. a--w fu " sawn m igwfxswn, fn L: L. w me uw mw- Lx. x ' N K Ak Q1 N ,Ed U , N BAND DIRECTOR - Mr. Liechty DRUM SECTION - BACK ROW - Candy Shafer, Danny Palmer, Jim Melton, Gary Stout, Becky Kellogg, Carol Price. FRONT ROW - Tony Bragg, Darlene Thrailkill, Jerry Wampner, Grant Gilbert. BAND OFFICERS - President - Dave Dean Vice President - Dave Corn Secretary - Chriss Wampner Treasurer Darlene Reed x E Dfw . 3 V iiii . , -Q I DRUM MAJOR - J. W. Hanawalt A CETTES Center-Head Majorette-Linda Long, CFIRST ROW left-rightj Donna Blinn, Peggy Wilson, Arlene Satterthwaite, Jackie O'Dell, CSECOND ROW left-rightj Betty Rogers, Brenda Bole, Kandy Nelson, QTHIRD ROW left-right? Joan Ellis, Mary Lou Issacs, Linda Draper, Bonita Mcvicker. HEAD MAJORETTE SNAPSHOT 54 f CLUB LIFE FOR BOYS V-CL UB CFIRST ROW left-rightl Stan Guyre, Roger Beck, John Haupthof, Earl Robinson, Mike Boyer, Danny Andrew, Dick Doyle, Vic Corey, Larry Korporal, Richard Zent, CSECOND ROW left- rightj Greg Stout, Bob Taylor, Larry Gephart, John Long, Kevin Holloway, Joe Doyle-Vice- Pres., Jack Lee-Treasurer, Dexter Canada, Terry Hall-Secretary, Don Long, Bob Stirnax, QTHIRD ROW left-rightj Sponsor-Mr. Jung, Joe Richwine, Roger Lee, Don Eltzroth, Larry Pulley, Terry Preston, Dennis Carmichael, Robert Purtee, Jon Ruble, Dennis Coleman, Jim Emmons, Tom Rumple, Mike Golding-President. FFA CFIRST ROW left-rightl Lowell Rennaker, Jack Corn, Greg Rifner, Dave Kitts, Bob Taylor, Dave Corn, Roger Rice, Danny Palmer, Larry Pulley, Jerry Wilson, Keith Embree, Richard Zent, CSECOND ROW 1-rl Mr. Freck fsponsorl, Richard Collins, Mike Boyer, Glen Voight, Dave Eastes, Jim Allen, Bill Brown, David Hodge, Joe Eib, Bill Endsley, Jim Elliott, Phil Grai, KTHIRD ROWD Max Beck, Jim Dickey, Robert Surber, Don Endsley, Dan White, Chester Vasbinder, John Haupthof, 'Larry Gephart, Bobby Fincannon, Terry Preston, FOURTH ROW- Mr, Fl-eck helps Dannle Stanley Phil Thurman, Terry Lee, Kenny Moore, Boyd Gilbert, Randy Knotts, Dick Lal-ry pulley, and Dave Corn' Lake, Ronnie Kessinger, Wesley Bratcher, Wayne Wright, Jim Melton, FIFTH ROW-Dale Turner, Dave Pulley, Mike Embry, Don Eltzroth, Dannie Stanley, Larry Nelson, Rick Swagger, Larry Davis, Roger Beck, Keith Wolfgang. W' A l I M Y 'K t' 'fl 'P"ii.,3' 'Ti l X W 1: mu f mi jul W X 1 mmm! ll HH will . P - l 2, , ' L l I 55 'i '-9' LIU! ' -ff- W W : :mf 2 .Aff I -g ik .5 EQ PE. j ' ?jf-A-N ?t'3QJ!1 5 wi LL i , wx 6 J ' P4 5- .EST ,WH -up-R 5 XF fi!-1 ,.,..,,. MU-mxw .,- QW? M. -51, W :V .Q if gf, . 'fi 1 572 Pigglyf fl, - -if . 5 gi , Ki. -:qw 3, , HQ!-gf .M , ,M , .1 22' V ' .. .. 5' K Wi In fin . ... - i 9 1 S' ff. If v' 1 Y ,g 3 K ram R . 'V 4, ,i mr' . Q ,,V3, 47, .15 4 T Carolyn Linton Linda McKevitt Becky Stimax Carolyn Cox Diana Stout Dianna Fincannon Diana Smith ,Ne BOYS' CHEERBLOCK FRONT ROW fleft to rightj - Mr. Stuber fsponsorl, Dave Dean, Grant Gilbert, Don Long, Max Courtney, Mike Golding, Dave Corn, Larry Dorporal, Barry Lobdell, Gary Adams, Jim Allen, Jerry Wilson, Skip Emery. SECOND ROW Kleft to rightj - Bob Conner, Curt Greer, Terry Dalrymple, Bill Pulley, Earl Robinson, Bill Endsley, Dick Cochran, Danny Palmer, Gordon Harvey, Tim Hamaker, Stan Guyre. THIRD ROW Cleft to rightj - Mike Frei, Dennis Carmichael, Joe Richwine, Arthur Cox, Dennis Coleman, Dave Hodge, Roger Rice, Charles Owens, Dave Eastes, Jack Corn, Dannie Stanley. FOURTH ROW - Cleft to rightb Boyd Gilbert, J. W. H a n a w al t, Jim Melton, Wesley B r a t c h e r , Ronnie Kessinger, David Karshne r, Keith Embree, David Kitts, Lowell Rennaker, Jamie Marks, Jene Allen. Convocation shows school spirit! I ! ' FIRST ROW--Sadie Gardner, Becky Brewer, Rhea Rumple, Jame Mansbarger, Jackie O'Dell, Linda McKevitt, Donna Blinn, Linda Embree, Mary Lou Kitts, Linda Corey, Diana Stout, Arlene Satterthwaite, Linda Long, Mr. Leichty. SECOND ROW--Carolyn Cox, Brenda Rock, Dianna Woolley, Patty Shook, Rita Johnson, Marta Adamson, Candy Roush, Barbara Arnold, Carolyn Linton, Brenda Bole, Edwina Teuscher, LindaDraper. THIRD ROW--Betty Rogers, Judy Luckey, Nila Rumple, Becky Wampner, Mary Lou Issacs, Roberta Weaver, Bonita McVicker, Dianna Fincannon, Pat Dell, Joyce Byrd, Becky Wysong, Brenda Rogers, Carolyn Korporal. ve w. fr-AJ - Pi w. L-5 or K, ?'-T5 .4 , UA.. -.QL s,,..J es- Susan Dollar and Bonnie Shafer Wanda Hicks, Georgia Eakins, Debbie Rish This page sponsored by LANDESS FEED MILL 58 3 it il JOURNALISM CLASS Becky Wampner Paula Towery Carolyn Cox Lynda Butler "Not all work . . . the class cele- brates Mr. Hood's birthday." Senator Birch Bayh visits V.B.H.S. -,..-, .. ,, ,,, . ,,,, K 11 M ' y 2251 ' , , Y ,. H P V f N: . H 2 H The Roaring Twenties" Saturday Night Cast. Max Courtney Nila Rumple Jane Mansbarger Kay Jones Mike Golding Mr. Hood Teresa Miller "The Roaring Twenties" -Friday Night Cast T, y W i Qty nf? Mr. Fox confers with the editor and co-editor. TI y T on .Qi , Ge 5? M I rf , . flak I I' . ' 4' , 4 ,, STUDEWTCOUNCUQ CAt table l-rj J. W. Hanawalt, vice pres- ident, Kevin Holloway, president, Paula Towery, secretary, B o n i t a McVicker, t r e a s u r e r, CFIRST ROW 1-rj, Teresa Chambers, Sue Sparks, Judy McPheron, Peggy Stout, Jamie Marks, John Crews, D e a n Pic k e tt, Sponsor-Mr. Taylor, Cynthia Lewis, Dan White, Don Endsley, Pat Shook, Betty Rogers, Linda Green, Bobbie Weaver, Linda Thurman. Qu-- s NAYYONALIHZNOR SOCIETY CFIRST ROW, 1-rl Kathleen Plummer, Carolyn Harvey, Mary Lou Kitts, Cheryl Troyer, Connie Welker, Edwina Teuscher, Teresa Miller, Linda E mb r e e , Barbara Pulley, Kay Jones, QSECOND ROW, l-rj Nancy Maines, Claudia Linton, Jane Mansbarger, Patsie Gregerson, Vicki Woolsey, Maureen Cole, Darlene Reed, Ch r is t i n e Wampner, Grant Gilbert, John Crews, QTHIRD ROW, l- rj Skip Emery, Mike Golding, Kevin Holloway, Dean Pickett, Vic Corey, Dave Dean, Mike Kestner, Sponsor, Mr. Taylor. we ,W- W -new--miag P E, , nge 5 . 1 'Z JPY? . .- 1 Z... ,ef Em? LJBRARL4NS llBRARL4NS Cleft to rightl Dorothy Sparks, Peggy Rock, Lynda Butler, fleft to rightj Jerry Wilson, Paula Towery, Dean Pickett, Dianna Woolley, Danny Creviston, Brenda Rogers, Spon- Patty Dell, Boyd Gilbert, Gary Adams, Barbara Pulley, sor-Mr. Lightle, Fred Ball. Barry Lobdell, Carolyn Cox, Nila Rumple. YOUTH FOR CHRIST ROW 1--Marge Voris, Becky Wampner, Barbara Pulley, Nancy Maines, Vicki Woolsey, Barbara Arnold, Sally Glover, Claudia Linton, Dean Pickett, 8zJim Brown. ROW 2--Alice King, Patsy Greger- son, Paula Towery, Carole Greer, Marilyn Gipson, Betty Curran, Carol Gregerson, gl Linda Murrey. ROW 3--Debbie James, Wanda Andrew, Linda Green, Maeda McPheron, Becky Brewer, Patty Blue, Claudia Taylor, Ka Edwina Teuscher. ROW 4--Mike Kestner, Wesley Bratcher, Fred Ball, Delbert Turner, Danny Andrew, RL Lowell Rennaker. ART CLUB ROW 1--Marta A d a ms o n , Mary Nelson, Dawn Craig, Ka re n Abbott, Rita Joh n s on, gl Elesta Eccles. ROW 2--Dave Curran, Earl Robinson, Charles Owens, Fred Ball, Kr Danny Andrew. ROW 3--Patsy Gregerson, Patty Blue, Mary Moore, Gladys Chambers, Sz Wanda Hensley. ROW 4--Don Long, John Long, Henry Baker, Rodney McPheron, Ka David Stinger. GERMAN CL UB ROW 1--Boyd Gilbert, Lester Spaulding, Greg Rifner, Greg Fe rgu son, Marvin Odle, Lennise Garrett, Rex Fansler, David Peterson, Mr. Albert Hood--Sponsor. ROW 2--Mary Lou Issacs, Gretchen Lake, Teresa Scott, Ruth Ann Young, Cindy Willis, Euncie Brooks, Peggy Stout, Mickie Gregerson, Ki Sandra Rice. ROW 3--Beth Ann Downing, Jane Guinnup, Judy Wampner, Nancy Huffman, Katie Peterson, Canda Shaffer, Carolyn Kerlin, Sarah Manson, Sz Claudia Taylor. ROW 4-- David Kitts, Jene Allen, Lewis Ray Smith, Greg Stout, gl Dennis Shields. , :Y M .17 A Af , . wk 910-.. 4- upl , l 4 -1 ,ll- SENIORS AT GRADUATION x ' ' I 'fs , '17, :V kg' ' o Valedictorian 62 Sa1l1tat0I'iaI1 Kevin Holloway Grant Gilbert C7 fy Citizenship Award Linda Embree Other Awards American Legion Seniors at the Capitol IQ CL-Rl Lynda Butler--Elks Leadership, David Corn-- Band, Carole Greer--Davis Nursing, Skip Emery-- Elks Scholarship and American Legion, Kay Jones-- "MOONLIGHT AND ROSESD JR. -SR. Crowning of the Queen D1anna Woolley B111 Brown W. L Prom Kmg and Queen Cand1dates George Columbus Band CL. to RJ Carolyn Cox, Bill Brown, Dianna Woolley, Dave Dean, Kay Jones, Max Courtney, Paula Towery, Don Eltzroth, Brenda Rogers, Skip Emery Refreshment Lme PR OM Crowning of the King Couples Dancmg A WARDS CL. to RJ Karen Abbott--Home Economics, Max Courtney--Editor pin, Kathleen Blinn--Typing, Grant Gilbert- Mathernatics, Mike Golding--Chronic1e-Tribmie, Maureen Cole--Business, Nancy Maines--Secretarial. Dianna Woolley won the Betty Crocker Good Homemaking Award, Kay Jones won the DAR Award. ' YV Hon to Oak H111 "Junior's Consessions' "North to Alaska?" .1-J . Beats Study Hall" 'Working hard" 65 Junior Class Play "No Boys Allowed" SE IOR ,ACTIVITIES KAREN ABBOTT--Pep Club 2, YFC 1,2,3, Art Club 4 Cpres- ident1 u A E. GARY ADAMS--Boys' Cheerblock 4, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4 JIM ALLEN--Band l,2,3,4, FFA--1,3,4, Solo Contest 3, Boys' Pep Club 4, Senior Class Play 4 BARBARA .JEANETTE ARNOLD--Cheerb1ock2,3, YFC 1,4, German Club 3, Chorus 4, Jmmior Class Play 3, Musical 4 WILLIAM FREDERICK BALL--YFC 4, Librarian 4, Art Club 4 Wice-Pres.1 DAVID A. BLINN--Senior Class Play 4, Ba.nd 1,2,3,4 CONNTE JEAN BROWN JAMES E. BROWN--Baskefbmi 1,2, YFC i,2,3,4 Wine- Pres. 2, President 3,41, Class Plays 3,4 WILLIAM ELI BROWN--FFA 1,z,3,4, Prom King LYNDA GAYE BUTER--Class Reporter 1, Class Secretary 2, German Club 2,3 CSec. 2, Vice-Pres. 31, Cheerblock 2, 3,4,Ace Review Staff 4, Acetonian Staff 4 KPhotographer1, Senior and Junior Class Plays 3 ,4, Elks Leadership Award 4, Librarian 4, Usherette 3, Marion Paper Reporter. JOYCE ANN BYRD--Cheerblock 1,2,3, chorus 1,4, 'rwirnng 4, Class Play 4 SHARON CHANDLER--Librarian 4 MAUREEN ELISE COLE--Homecoming 1, Cheerleader l,2, Class Treasurer 2, Chorus 2,3, Operetta 2,3, YFC 4, Honor Society 4 BUDDY COREY-LB-Team Basketball 2 , VICTOR JOSEPH COREY--Basketball1,2,3,4, Baseball 2,3, Track 2,4, Cross Country 2,3,4, Honor Society 3,4, Stu- dent Council l, Boys' State 4, Vice Pres. of Honor Society 4, V-Club 2,3,4 ROBERT DAVID CORN--Band 1,Z,3,4, qvice-Pres. 41, FFA l,2,3,4, Chorus 2, Operetta 2, Dance Band 2,3,4, Boys' Pep Club 4, YFC 2, Basketball 1, Librarian 4, Senior Class Play 4, Band Award Pin 3 CAROLYN SUE COX--Class Vice-President 3, Homecom- ing 2,3,4, Cheerleader l,2,4, Ace Review Staff 4, Aceton- lan Staff CCD-Editor1 4, YFC l,2, Usherette 3, Junior and Senior Class Plays 3,4, Librarian 4, Chorus 2,3,4, Musical 2,3,4, Senior Escort 3, Prom Queen Candidate 4 MAX A. COURTNEY--Homecoming Escort 3,4, Junior and Senior Class Plays 3,4, Musical 4, Editor of the Acetonian 4, Ace Review Staff 4, Boys' Pep Club fOriginator1 4, Spanish Club 1, Basketball 1, Prom King Candidate 4 JOHN CREWS--Student Council 4, Honor Society 4 DAVE E. CURRAN--Art Club 4, Junior Class Play 3 DAVHD PAUL DEAN--Class President 1,2,3,4, Student Council 2,3, Band 1,2,3,4, fPres. 4, Vice-Pres. 2,3,1 Dance Band 2,3,4, Boys' State 3, Homecoming Escort 2, 4, Class Play 3,4, Pit Band 3, Honor Society 4, Musical 4, lst Place Award in Musician's Contest 2, 2nd Place 3, and 4, 2nd Place at State 2, Prom King Candidate 4 PATRICIAN ANN DELL--Cheerblock 1,2,a,4, YFC 2,3, German Club 2,3, Librarian 3,4, Class Reporter 4, Cho- rus 4, Junior and Senior Class Plays 3,4, Musical 4, Twirling 2, Usherette 3 ALLEN JOSEPH EIB--FFA 1,2,3,4, qsec. 41 DONALD W. ELTZRDTH--student Council 1,2, FFA 2,3,4, CSec.1, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 2, Cross Country 2, 3,4, 'Track 4, V-Club 2,3,4, Librarian 3, Prom King ,Candidate 4 LINDA DIANE EMBREE--Girls' State Delegate 3, Honor Society 3,4, Cheerblock 3,4, German Club 2,3, CReporter 2, Treas. 31 Chorus 1,3,4, Junior and Senior Class Plays 3,4, Musical 1,3,4 LARRY EMERY--Class Treasurer 1, German Club 2,3, fPres. 21 Class Plays 3,4, Honor Society 3,4, fPres. 41 Class Vice-President 4, Boys' Pep Club 4, Prom King Candidate 4 GARY LEE ENDSLEY DAVID GRANT GILBERT--Band 1,2,a,4, chorus 2,3, Musi- cal 3,4, Class Plays 3,4, Homecoming Escort 4, Honor Society 4, Boys' State Alternate 3, Cheerblock l,2,3, Boys' Cheerblock 4, Dance Band 1,2 MARILYN GIPSON--Chorus 1, YFC 1,2,3,4, Cheerblock 1, 2,3, Junior Class Play 3, Operetta 1 MIKE GOLDING--SchoolRecord MileRun, V-Club QPres. 41 Track 1,2,3,4, Cross Country 1,2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, V- Club 1,2,3,4, Student Council 3, Honor Society 3,4, Class Vice-President 2,Muslcal 4, Acetonian Stafi QSports Edl- tor1, Ace Review Staff fSports 1, Spanish Club 1, Boys' Cheerblock f0riginator1 4, Alternate Boys' State 3, American Legion Award for Sportsmanship 4 JOHN PHILLIP GRAF--FFA l,2,3,4, Class Play 2,3 CAROLE S. GREER--Y.F.C. 3,4 STANLEY C. GUYRE--Freshman Vice-President 1, Track 1,2,3,4,SoilJudging3, FFA2,3,4, V-Club 1,2,3,4, Basket- ball 1,2, Baseball 2,3,4, lcharnpions 31, Boys' Pep Club 4 RONALD HALE--Basketball 3,4, Cross Country 3,4, Track 3,4, V-Club 3,4 TIM HAMAKER GORDON HARVEY--Band 1,2,3,4, Boys' Cheerblock 4 KEVIN LEON HERLOWAY--National Honor Society 3,4, Student Council 1,2,3,4, fPresident 41, V-Club 2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4, Cross Country 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3, German Club 3, FFA 2, Class Play 3, Yearbook Staif 1 KAREN KAY JONES--D.A.R. Award, Homecoming Prin- cess 4, Girls State Alternate 3, Honor Society 3,4 fSec- retary 41, Pep Club 2,3 ,4 , Acetonian Staff 4 fPhotographer1, Ace Review Staff 4, German Club 2,3 KSecretary 31 Class Play 3,4, Class Treasurer 3,4, Usherette 3, Prom Queen Candidate 4 BONNIE L. KERLIN--Band 1,2,3,4, YFC l,2, Class Play 3, 4, Dance Band l,2,3,4, Usherette 3 MICHAEL A. KESTNER--German Club 2 fVice-President1, Baseball 3, Honor Society 4, YFC 2, Junior Class Play 3 CAROLYN K. KORPORAL--C ho r u s 2 , 3 , 4 , Girls' State Alternate 3, Pep Club l,2,3,4, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4, Musical 2,3,4, Junior Prom Committee 3 LARRY DEE KORPORAL--Basketball 1,2,a, Baseban 2,3, V-Club 2,3,4, Cross Country 2,3, Boys' Cheerblock 4 CLAUDIA SUE LLNTON--Cheerblock 2,3,4 CROW Captain 41, YFC Wice-President 3,41, Honor Society 3,4 fTreasurer 41, German Club 2, Senior Class Play 4, Junior Class Play Prompter, Hoosier Girls' State 3, English Club BARRY L. LOBDELL--Basketball I, B-Team 2, Boys' Cheerblock 1,4 DONALD KEITH LONG--Baseball 3,4 lLe-ague Champions 31, Basketball 1, Cross Country 1, V-Club 3,4, Art Club 4, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4, Boys' Cheer- , block 4 JOHN MAURICE LONG JR.--Baseball 2,3,4, V-Club 2,3,4, FFA 3,4, Art ciub 4 JUDITH MARIE LUCKEY--Chorus 4, Usherette 3 NANCY JEAN MAINES--Band 2, Cheerblock 1,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, YFC 2,3,4, Junior Class Play 3 BEATRJCE JANE MANSBARGER--Homecoming 1,3, Pep Club l,2, Honor Society 3,4, Chorus 4, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4, Musical 4, Ace Review Staff 4, Acetonian Staff KActivities Editor14 GARY G. MILLER TERESA LOUISE MILLER--Pep Club 2,4, Ace Review Staff 4, Acetonian Staii 4, Honor Society 3,4, Junior Class Play 3, Spanish Club 1 DORIS ANN MORRISON--Pep Club 2 MARY L. NELSON--Art Club 4 QSecretary1, Senior Class Play 4, Usherette 4 DANNY RAY PALMER--Ba.nd1,2,3,4, FFA 1,2,a,4, Crreas- urer1, Senior Class Play 4 WILLIAM R. PETERSON--Student Council 1,2,3 J. DEAN PICKETT--Secretary of Freshman Class 1, YFC 1,2,3,4, Wice-President 3,41, Student Council 4, Honor Society 4 EVELYN GAIL DICKISON ' ' BARBARA KAY PULLEY--Pep Club l,2,3,4, National Honor Society 4, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4, Li- brarian 4, Usherette 3, YFC 4 LARRY L. PULLEY--Cross Country 2,3, Track 3,4, Basket- ball 1,2,3g FFA 2,3,4, Wice-Pres. 31 II-'resident 41, V- ciub 2,3 EARL ROBINSON--Boys' Cheerblock 4, Track 3,4, V-Club 3,4, Art Club 4 BRENDA DARLENE ROCK--Art Club 4, Cheerblock l,2, Twirling 1,2,3, Chorus 3,4, Musical 3,4 BRENDA KAY ROGERS--Cheerblock 2,3,4, Chorus 3,4, Twirling 3, Librarian 4, Senior Class Play 4, Musical 3, 4, YFC l,2, Prom Queen Candidate 4 NILA SUE RUMPLE--Cheerleader l,2, Chorus 1,2,3,4, AcetonianSta.ffKCirculation14, Ace Review Staff 4, Cheer- block4,YFC 1,2,Senior Class Play 4, Librarian 4, Musi- cal 1,2,3,4, Usherette 3 BETTY JEAN SPARKS--Librarian 3, Usherette 4 DANNE LEE STANLEY--FFA 1,2,3,4, cross Country 2,3, Basketball l,2, Boys' Cheerblock 4,'Sentlnel 3, Soil Judg- ing Medal 4 ROBERT RAY STIMAX--V-Club 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4 PAULA ELAINE TOWERY--Ace Review Staff 4, Yearbook Staff 4 QActivitles Editor1, YFC 4, Pep Club l,2, Home- coming Princess 4, German Club 2, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4, Chorus 1, Operetta 1, Student Coun- cil 4 fSeo.1, Librarian 4, Usherette 3, Twirling 2, FFA Sweetheart Candidate 2, Prom Queen Candidate 4 MARJORIE VORIS--YFC 1,2,3,4, Cheerblock 1,2 REBECCA JANE WAMPNER--YFC 2,3,4, Cheerblock 2,3, Musical 1,2,3, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Newspaper Staff 4, Honor Society 4 JERRY DAVID WILSON--FFA 1,2,3,4, Boys' Cheerblock 4, Librarian 4, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4 DIANNA LYNN WOOLLEY--Varsity Cheerleader 2, Secre- tary of Class 3,4, Cheerblock 3,4 fPres. 41, Usherette, Senior Class Play, Musical 2,3,4, Betty Crocker Home- making Award 4, Homecoming Queen 4, Librarian 4, Chorus 2,3,4, Prom Queen VICKI LYNNE WOOLSEY--Cheerblock1,2,3, Honor Society 4, Senior Class Play 4, Usherette 3, Pom Pon Girl 3, YFC 3,4 ' TIM L. YOUNG ' 66 IDYL WYLD ROLLER RINK ROLLER RINK Soundproofed, Clean Floor, Good Music, Lunch and Refreshments Skating class for all ages. Precision skate sales and parts. 4013 S. Meridian Marion, Indiana Compliments of McVICKER SPORTING GOODS State Road 9 Compliments of MAX'S FRIENDLY CORNER Service Station Call: No 2-8998 Located at State Road 18-221 Compliments B St L 1 and WEAVER POPCORN Call: 934-2101 Van Buren, Indiana J. C. PENNEY COMPANY xtkf NO 2-6783 310 South Washington St. Marion, Indiana Compliments of RUSSELL DAY "Your friendly Marathon dealer" .W 13.5.9 wmv ,NIL ,s:fFffsf" Lhgifispf viiiggrrw-Ml 1.-win my-..Lg!gHff fvfgiilii zgggwefp pgghggiu .":,f"IIi"' 'l,,J,Q , A .rl-Ll! Van Buren, Indiana Compliments of VAN BUREN COIN LAUNDRY "Open twenty-four hours a day." 1, T ?F' ' 'ga I f"L i'i." , 5 the VL,, WASHIELRS I ,, lim all 1 - if v 6 V A lg , Acmxron W i: E TYP Van Buren, Indiana HAWKINS FORD SALES New 81 used cars Sz trucks Ford sales gl service agency. NO 2-2561 if BIRD 'FE 9-A 7, 1 -1 ,3 329 W. 3rd St. at Nebraska Marion, Indiana FERGUSON FUNERAL HOME We are big enough to serve you and small enough to know you. 24-Hour ambulance service David W. Ferguson Phone: 934-2211 Van Buren, Indiana Serving the rich MISSISSINEWA VALLEY with the finest entertainment. BOLLER'S F BARBER 8: BEAUTY UTI' -'Iv SHOP C H A E. L- 3 RIS being done Phone 934-3122 CHANNEL 31 Van Buren, Indiana Compliments of METHOD OFFICE EQUIPMENT INC. YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR Typewriters, Adding Machines, and Other Office Equipment "We service what we sell" JW? BIG I V si. ' fn X ,f f 2 O I Q' If' W 'aut' iifxri . A ... ., 4 I +5 ' . -In - ?5"""'lQ'f' 'ir i.I.,.ct' xdk I x .. 4 Q, A .W I ,' , D I W I ' U ,, Located at 7 Q L. 516-518 South Washington F, V H6 Ivwt- ul Hu- BIG BOY Amen x F: e Hmnbmgm. Devoe Chevrolet-Cadillac, Inc. 221 West Second Street Marion, Indiana Grant County's Largest Volume Dealer Compliments of E. S. RIFNER, M. D. Van Buren, Indiana BENSON'S REXALL DRUG STORE "You name it, we have it." Van Buren, Indiana Compliments of VAN BUREN CO-OP Van Buren, Indiana Compliments of MARTZ'S MARKET Van Buren, Indiana B. SNELL 8m SON Wholesale Candy and Tobacco 219 West Main Street Hartford City, Indiana CHAT 81 CHEW RESTAURANT "Good food, quick service." Van Buren, Indiana DOYLE BROTHERS Wholesale Distributors of Fresh Eggs U. S. Gov't Grade A Phone: WE 4-3251 Van Buren, Indiana Compliments of THE VAN BUREN BANK Van Buren, Indiana JERRY'S MARATHON SERVICE Brake service, Wheel balancing, Washing, Road service, Pick-up and Delivery Service Call: 934-2921 Jerry Zoda-Owner lst Sz Main Van Buren HOOSIER GRAIN AND SUPPLY COMPANY Phone: WE 4-2231 Van Buren, Indiana SUNTANE BOTTLED GAS COMPANY Distributors of Phillips 66 Philgas, 2'n'1 Soft Water Marion ---- Hartford City HQ w WWSQQWQQ W Qffffpy my JfQQffLf!0gfdQfv f MJWMMJ faq? md ffm eawmcgeaagigjgle P5 X WGXKOM QWW65 Q W fig CM Wgicgf H349 A w W if MMWW JO W qfwiyw QMPL QW ALJQMMJ " " QM W My W My W f WWW gwmfgw Mi PPI P MZy,MW,W Q WW- ff 2ZjjWWfWZQwif5Z2Wf fz4fi2JffM'5ff WM gm! yfwwb few A X if X x N X? I 1 V i 1 4 I I

Suggestions in the Van Buren High School - Acetonian Yearbook (Van Buren, IN) collection:

Van Buren High School - Acetonian Yearbook (Van Buren, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 14

1964, pg 14

Van Buren High School - Acetonian Yearbook (Van Buren, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 62

1964, pg 62

Van Buren High School - Acetonian Yearbook (Van Buren, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 42

1964, pg 42

Van Buren High School - Acetonian Yearbook (Van Buren, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 6

1964, pg 6

Van Buren High School - Acetonian Yearbook (Van Buren, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 35

1964, pg 35

Van Buren High School - Acetonian Yearbook (Van Buren, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 63

1964, pg 63

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