Van Antwerp Junior High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Schenectady, NY)

 - Class of 1958

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Van Antwerp Junior High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1958 volume:

W. f.77Pe1fcQfL Qf74 I 958 E -cw-':r::::xsffv".tc, tnw,-.,,.4,e g I k atie-Mi, M c Llelleuf jacket c ll II ll ll ll :ll J . M.. hi. ww, ' Van Antwerp juuicr flzylz, Schenectady New lfcrk Administration District Superintendent of Schools of Schenectady County MR. JOHN FINK District Principal DR. CALVIN GROSS District Vice Principal DR. WILLIAM LOU IS Principal of Van Antwerp Junior High School MR. ARTHUR PUTMAN Staff . . . and here, the "Yellow Jacket" staff makes a big bow in the direction of the many, many people connected with our school life. The office staff, the ladies in the cafeteria, the custo- diansethey all, as do our friends the bus drivers, make the wheels go 'roundl MRS. SHIRIK AN 1 Ju 1 f. . , lfvdklj ,ye I J' In ' ' ff l I yt' 5 Guidance MISS GOODRICH Van Antwerp Junior High Guidance Counselor Van Antwerp Junior High School Nurse MRS. MALE Dedimfirfrz d cl' T This earbook To Eileen Corrigan The gracluaiing class of 1958 e ica es y -The Van Anlwerp Junior High School librarian. h ieT world of books which Miss Corri- We shall always remember T e qu gan created for U and our succes "The love of learni SGS . s. We shall always remember her lively inTeresT in us We shall always remember Miss Corrigan. ng, The sequesfered nooks, And all the sweet serenify of books." -LONGFELLOW ymramwwqwwgy gif.. .l 'fffyiffu """7fa .Zzculfy MISS MARY ELLEN ANDERSON MRS. HELEN BASS MRS. JEANETTE DARLING MISS GRETCHEN DEKALB MR. ROBERT KRODER MRS. HAZEL MARRS MISS KATHERINE MATHISE MRS. FLORENCE NEIL MRS. MARIE BOYLE MRS. JEAN DAVIS MR. PAUL GRAIG MISS ANN HESSLER MRS. BLYTHE LEONARD MRS. JULIA RYAN MRS. LEATRICE TOLLS MRS. PHYLLIS WRETLIND MR. DANIEL FLAHIVE MISS OLIVE HOUGHTON MISS MABLE MORRISON MRS. JEAN O'GRADY MISS GRETCHEN PENTECOST MISS ANNE PETERSON MR. FRANCIS TAORMINA MR. ROY WILLIAMS MR. FLOYD WISHER MR. JOHN CIABOTTI MISS ESTHER HORSTMAN MISS PAULINE KINUM MISS DOLORES FUESSLER MISS LENORE MOONEY MR. ROBERT WESTERVELT MR. MAGNUS GLEASON Officers I 95 7- I 958 President c c ,DOUG AUSTIN Vice Presidenf ,JOHN HAM Secretary 7, KAREN BROWN Treasurer 7 KATHY BROWN indent Hvuncil The Van AnTwerp Junior High School exisTs Tor The purpose of serving The school and The sTQdenT body. ITS aim is To give boTh The members of The council and The sTudenT body a background in democraTic and respon- sible ciTizenship. TOM AALTO Junior Varsity "Live undauntedf' EDDIE ABDELLA Soccer Team . . . Jr. Varsity "AIl the world's a stage." TOM ABELE Abe Student Council . . . Jr. Varsity Varsity "A clear conscience." CHARLENE ADINOLFI GAA Bowling "Catch her golden smile." MARY ANN AIKEN GAA, Bowling, Dramatics "Silence is the perfect herald of - 11 roy. PR ISCILLA ANGELO ris Dramatics, Girls' Glee Club, GAA, Bowling "Sparkling personality." mth Grads 1958 , . 5 f I : P ri . . 15 22271 ',,: ' it C73 T52 - ili. . ' can JOE ARAGONA Little-Joe Bowling "Busy I must be." JUDITH ARNOLD Judy Dramatics, Student Council, GAA, Girls' Bowling "Short and adorable." ARDlS D. AUSTIN Library, Choir, Sr. Band, GAA, Science "Nice to be with," DOUG AUSTIN Choir, Jr. Varsity, Dance Com- mittee, Stud- ent Council, Bowling X "Rules the roost." WAYNE BARBER Bowling, Intramurals "Never say more than is necessary." ANN BARNARD Barney Library, GAA, Drqrnatics, "Diary," Bowling "My opinion is of force enough." ROBERT BEAN Bob Intramurals "Wisdom is humble." ANNABETH BEATTY "Perf and pretty." BARBARA BEERS Penny GAA "Poetry comes from thy lips and heart." CHARLIE BELLAMY Sonny Bowling "Patience is a remedy for every sorrow." LAR RY BLONDE Dramatics "Conscience equals gallantryf' BEDFORD BONTA Band, Choir, Jr. Varsity "For he's a folly good fellow." WlLLlAM BOWMAN Bill Bowling, Student Council "Lives a care- free life." MARY BRADLEY Nurse's Aide, Dramatics, GAA "Oh, what hap- piness to live with." JANET BRIGHTY Choir, Library Club, Home Nursing Club "She is made of truth." SUZANNE BRINKMAN Sue Nurse's Aide "Free as the breeze " CHARLES BROOKS Chuck Art Club "Small service is whole service." KAREN BROWN Dramatics, Choir, Band, GAA, Girls' Double Quartet, Student Council ALlCE BRUCE Chipper Band "A fair ex- terior is a silent recom- mendationf' BERNADETTE BRUNETTI Bern Science Club, Girls' Glee Club, Diary "Silence is golden." EDWIN G. BRUSH Ted Choir "Who is this man of wise thoughts, brave deeds ?" STEPHEN BRUSH "Funnybonef the philo- sophic mind." ROBERT BULLARD Bob Choir, Library "Faces brigh- ten as he approaches." KAREN BURGHARDT GAA "A fig for care, a fig for woe." SHEILA BUTTERFIELD Choir "She is as good as she is fair." KATHLEEN BYRNE Kathy Student Coun- cil, Dramatics, chair, GAA, Girls' Double Quartet "Merrymaker. H JANET CAMPBELL Jan "Sweet as Sugar." MARIA CANCIO "ln charity i to all mankind," CHARLES CARDINI Managers' Club l'lt is hard to please everyone, but l shall try." SHIRLEY CARVILL Shirl Bowling, Library "No Sorrow in thy song is heard." ROBERT CASSELA Bob Choir, Boys' Double Quartet, Bowling ". . . A wise man." DONN CHOWN II Choir, Student Council "A kind word to everyone." FRANCES CLARK Frankie "Carefree and gay-" "Blond and bubbling." JOHN CLOVER Bowling, Band "Speak for yourself, John." SUZAN NE COHEN Suzie Library, Debating, Student Council "Bless thy works," 'JT' ' f I -.13'ff,-f if f' K. W' 2 i' if ejif' -f L 5 - if. ..,. ' ep: 1 . ' r fffw' A was l a w laiiui I il . if I f. 5 T Y ii f PATRICK COLLINS Pat "Halll Macbeth, Thane of Glamisf' .IEFF COOK Bowling "To laugh is proper to the man." NEWELL COOK Library, Dramatics, Managers' Club, Science, Debating, Sr. Band "Strong will and wisdom." CRAIG COOPER Christophe Science Club ". . . to serve the future hour." PETER COTTON Pete JV, Varsity, Bowling ". . . oh, to see every- thing." ROANNE CRAMER Library "I know how busy you are." . 2 A 4 5 , i 'X' ,A arf .2 qu-yi i'i I 9 Mawr' f A X, RICHARD CROOKES Rick Library, Student Council "Here comes a good time." BETSEY CUTTS "Fresh as a lark." EDWARD DAWSON Sherm Bowling "Pursuit of knowledge is worth." PAT DEL MONICO Choir, Dramatics, Library, Bowling, Student Council "With eyes serene . . ." QL QW A ELO DEL X ZOTTO Peanut Bowling CL "Procrastina1e!" RICHARD DOMSER Trick Varsity, JV, Wrestling "Real good looks." cz 'G' fw"'N im' ' 'rf " 'R cf- ? JE? 'Haj gg? I ig, sk Ns . . I it ,fzagi-'JP sl 1 lik I " X 1 16' S ' . QSM' L, M5 i- , as K 4-' . , ... H , N 1'Q'1'Lf n 1 YQ .'7 , he M5 ' R 4 1' if Q ls, 9 I ,, Q2 ss I, W V ' 1 gs ' 5 3:5331 xv is Q Us ss xi ., ', .. .- . 33,5 1 WESLEY DUNLAP Wes Science Club "l came but for friend- ship." PAT DUNN Bowling "Let us swear eternal friendship." GALE DUNPHY Choir, Girls' Dou- ble Quartet, Library "Look in thy heart and write the heavenly music there." RICHARD DWORE Rick Varsity, JV "Full of funnies . . . everyone loves a clown." W if tl ,Ri . X JOHN ELDRIDGE l "He is never burdened with cares." t -m y 3 X w 2 P ,sis Us MW in E 1 mf ,us ae get M' wr M ag if fe M 2 F a 11 lialli . Q3 it 7 I f M531 JOHN ENGLISH Chip "He wears the rose of youth upon him." CARL ERIKSON Bowling "Well liked and a gay sense of humor." DICK ESPOSITO "Mischief lurks in his eyes." NANCY I FELTHOUS Nan , i iary, matics oun- A 1, Bowlivgl KW! 'Wlagn ti ll miss." if i JIM FINKLE Bowling, Choir, Varsity, JV "Always on hand to help . . . a great guy." CAROL FISHER Choir, Band, Dramatics, Girls' Dou- ble Quartet, Maiorettes, GAA "Delightful to know , . . love- ly to look at." g. GEORGE FLANSBURG "A swell guy who loves fun." JOHN ELICKER Flick "Quiet but a friend to all." NANCY FLORA Student Coun- cil, Cheerlead- ing, GAA, Senior Band "Good things come in little packages." RICHARD FONTAINE Dick Choir, Science Club, Boys' Double Quartet "The clowning touch . . . always a smile." GARY FRANCE Bowling "2:3O and freedom give him the wide open spaces." XX MARTHA FRYER Marty Sr. Band, Choir, Student Coun- cil, Cheerlead- ing, GAA "She's got the pep . . . she's got the steam . . ." Band, Science Club "All A's . . you bet . . at peace with the world." PAMELA GARR Pam Library, Diary, Dramatics, Bowling "incessant chatter . . . spaces." never a dull moment." KAREN GEMI Diary, Girls' Glee Club "Shy sweet- ness . . , rhaf inner flow." FRANCES G BERT L rancie Girls' Glee Club, GAA "Our gal a- broad . . . how was Europe? real nice gal . . ." PETER GILL Pete Varsity, JV, Dance Com- mittee "See that basket, see that rim . . . A for ath- letics , . X' SANDRA GlLSON Sandy Cboir, Diary, Dramatics, Science Club "Hey, r Q ad lrss aU arqmfrtd . . ." IAMES GLENNOIN lim Bowling "Just roll- ing along . . . happy heart- ed . . . going places . . ," LORRAINE GLOVER Choir, GAA, Girls' Dou- ble Quartet, Bowling "She's lots of fun and so nice . . ." MURIEL GLOVER Choir, GAA, Science Club "Which one is it?? . . . un- ruffled charm." COREY GOLD "Classroom claustropho- bia . . , 2:30 starts the Gold rush." ROBERT GORMAN Bob Science Club, Choir "Sort of shy but a real nice guy." CAROL GRAFF "Blimpy" Bowling, GAA "Aiming to please . friend in need . . " ,.6 FAYE GRANT FiFi "Bewitching eyes . . . those long dark tressesf' ROGER GREENWOOD Rog Choir, Dance Committee, Varsity "Such a way with the women . . . safe by a slide." GWQEN GRIDLEY Diary, Bowling "Nothing but oompliments passed her way." BARBARA GROFF Barb Girls' Glee Club, GAA "Always compan- ionable . . . pleasing per- sonalityf' PAT GROSKY Bowling "Merrily on her way . . . never a moment of si- lence." MARTIN GAERTTNER Science Club "School is such a bore . . ," JOHN HAM Porkey Band, Choir, JV. Varsity, Dance Com- mittee "Executive type . . ." PAT HARRIGAN Intramurals "Friendly and always on the go." SALLY HECKMAN Library, Dramatics, GAA "The charm of a soft voice." SUE HECKMAN GAA "Sweet as sugar." "They oughta' ,wear signs." HOl.LY HEISLER Glee Club "A quiet miss with winning ways." DOUGLAS HIBBARD Doug "The 'yeu' in super." "Mr. Mischief." ELAINE HOLLENBECK Choir, Dramatics, GAA, Student Council "Peaches and cream complexion," LAWRENCE HORN Larry Double Quartet, Choir, Science Club "I shall not look further." GAIL HOUSEMAN Sr. Band, Choir, Dramatics "Infinity of friends." "Clarinet Capers." BEVERLY INNOCENT Bev "Disposition smooth as velvet." ROBERT INSLEY Bob Intramurals "A guy who stands out." DUGALD JACKSON Choir, Sr. Band "He's lots of fun." ".lack-in- the-box." 'u DAVID JOHNSON Dave "Has little to say but he's the best kind." Tu -.. . IJUDITH JOHNSON l , Judy Dramatics, Dance Com- mittee, Choir, Cheerleading, GAA "Nimble and quick." JULIE JORDAN Choir, Bowling, Maiorettes, Dance Commit- tee, Sub. Cheerleading "Always twirling." JANET KARDASH Jan Ten Teens, Choir, Art Club "Short and sweet." RICHARD KEENAN Dick "A good all 'round guy." SUSAN KETNER Sue Dramatics, Glee Club "The touch of an artist." ig Q WALTER KING "Studies the ui, least of his worries." CAROL KISZKIEL Diary, Dramatics, GAA, Bowling "Sunny side up . . . high in pep and energy," l BECK owl: AA " iv a e p sonal y . , . tailor at- ness." il r JEAN KLINE Cheerleading, Dance Committee Glee Club, Lib- rary, Dramatics, GAA, Bowling "Quietness with a sparkle . . . I dream of Jeanie." CARL KNABE Library, Debat- ing, Science Club, Choir "Space genius . . . dreaming of other worlds." JAMES KNISKERN Jim Bowling "Shy grin , , , loaded with dynamite . . .Q-gn, KATHY KUDER Freedom 2:26 . . . school, least of her worries. CHARLES KUEHN "Mind as keen as the name implies." DAVID LAMOREAUX Dave Choir, Science Club, Managers' Club "Quiet . . . with hidden powers." FRED LANE Student Council "The gift of friendship . . . never forgotten." LINDA LANE "Goodness is never fearful." EMILY LANGVVORTHY Em Choir, GAA, Sr. Band. www, ,, -sz. 12, ,...,.,..-r r is r.1e,:a5g5, .L BARBARA LAYMAN Barbi Drarnatics, Diary, GAA "Pretty to walk with . . . witty to talk with." NANCY LAWSON Choir, Band, GAA "Mind of her own . . . whizz on skis." CAROL LOBDELL Ten Teens Club "May the mem- ory be bright." RICK LOEFFLER Choir, Bowling "Pro of the fairways . . . best kind of friend- ship," 9,197 HW ROBERT LOKENBERG "Quiet type . . . Mr. Mischief." KRlS LUND Choir, Library, Band, Dramatics, Double Quartet, Majorettes, Dance Committee, GAA, Bowling "A cheerful earful . . ," s ii' K M M ,SM DONALD LYMAN Don "Mischief in his eyes." THOMAS MALE Tom Intramurals "Easy to get along with." PATRICIA MALLALIEU Pat GAA, Nurse's Aide "A friendly and happy smile." JEAN MANGIN Choir, Library, Bowling, Dramatics, GAA "Reflection of style." ARLEIGH MARKHAM Choir, Band "Musical minded." EBER MARKS Beaver "A good comrade to have." CAROL MCCABE Glee Club, GAA, Dramatics "The certainty to please." THOMAS MELVIN Tom Boys' Double Quartet, Choir, Varsity "Head in the clouds." JUDITH MENSCH Judy Dramatics "Basket of sunshine." JOHN METCALF Managers' Club, Student Council, Bowling "As upright as a cedar." MARGARET MIDDLETON Marg Choir, Diary, Dramatics, GAA "Just for fun." MARGIE MILLER GAA, Bowling "Quietness with a sparkle." E is . ,, f T N 2 Y. L , fi 3 A ?H'a . A9 as V ' iili T S O1 a . .:.:.' SUSAN MINDELL Sue Glee Club, Bowling, Debating "So young, so wise." LORIN MOHLER Boys' Double Quartet, Choir, Science Club "Click with a camera." JANE M. MONTGOMERY Sr. Band, Glee Club, "Her voice is ever so soft and gentle." LUANNE MOORE Lu Cheerleading, GAA, Drarnatics, Choir "BusheI and peck of pep." KAREN MORRIS Band, GAA, Glee Club. "Delicate and full of life." BILL MURDICK Guillaume Bowling, Dramatics "Love for the wide open spaces," , ,'A'h if' 'Q . v la if if iss La be it F Ml .vim el Wg , X sg A T aim 5 fi?'? iffiiiii.-f . X19 HJ., ,L-be wx 1 r9.3 it x f L 2 'x it-, iv :fi-Q . CN .1 Ext. is 112 1 JEANNE MURRAY Sr. Band, Bowling, GAA, Dramatics "Divinely tall and divinely fair." MERRILL NEGUS "A laughable, likeable fellow." MARGARET NTZMAN Peg Dramatics, Diary, GAA "Sweeter than springtime." THOMAS NOVAK Tom Dramatics "A world of his own." KATHLEEN NOWAK Kathy Choir "So nice to have around." CAROLI N E O'BREMSKl Ten Teens, Choir, GAA "Fresh and gay-" ROBERT O'HARA Bob Choir "Power with a purpose . . . man of action," THOMAS O'LEARY Tom Bowling "Always a friendly 'Hi'." MARY ORCHARD "Youth is full of pleasure." DAVID ORMINSK- Dave "Building a solid future." NANCY OSTRANDER Library, Dramatics, Nurses' Aide "Obliging and cheerful." JOAN PACIUNAS Joanie Diary, Library, Dramatics "Dimples and grins." is at ..... sf' . final. JAMES PAGE Jim Bowling, Wrestling "Most happy fellow." CORINNE PAINE Library, Diary, Choir, Dramatics "Fresh, happy and sparkling." MARGARET PARKER Maggie Choir, Dramatics, Diary, GAA, Dance Committee "Cream of the crop." ' i- f. 'il' fy- iicff' gy., ,A f , . , , ,,- ff ROBERT J. PEAT Pete "His nature is noble." GAIL PEPICELLI Pep Glee Club "A true and industrious friend." JAMES PERROTT Jim Varsity "The sporty type." 1. df PETER PFAFENBACH "A great sense of humor!" KAREN PFEIFFER FiFi Dramatics, Choir, Cheerleading, Jr. Band, GAA "Picture of health . . . sparkling." TOM PICKETT Band, Bowling "Man with a horn . . ." HARRIET PLUMLEY Beany Science Club, Library, Dra- matics, Nurses' Aide, Girls' Glee Club "Ambition is her goal." JANNE PONTIUS Choir Diary, Dramatics, GAA, Student Council, Bowling "Always a job well done . . . a winning way." KATHLEEN PORENlBSKl Kathy "Silence as deep as eternity." SUSAN PROUD Dramatics, Sr. Band, Girls' Glee Club, GAA, Bowling "Always a pleas- ing smile . . . a friend to all." WlNlFRED PULVER Winnie Diary, Bowling "Faithful friends are hard to find." MARY ALICE PUMP Pumpy GAA "Her pleasing personality attracts many to her." BETTY RAAG Diary, Library, Dramatics, GAA "invigorating spirit . . . per' fectly precious." RANDY RANDALL Gigi "A still and quiet conscience." JANET RANKIN Ten Teens "Tender and true . . '." GEORGE REICH G. -A. "A taste to please, joker in disguise." DAVID RICHTER Dave Varsity, JV "To know him is to like him." DAWN RICHTER GAA "Between laugh- ing and talking, her day is full." DOUGLAS ROBBINS Doug Student Council, Bowling "Not in the role of common men." LINDA ROBERTS Choir, Sr. Band, Student Council, Cheerleading, GAA "An electric personality." FRANCETTA ROCKLIN Fran GAA, Bowling "Quietness has its own charm." CAROLE ROGERS GAA "Sparkling eyes and a winning heart." ESTHER ROSENBERG Choir "Sincere and dependable." " face as fair a nny skies." RICHARD SALVATORE Dick "You have a nimble wit." CLIFFORD SAMSON Sam "This fellow is of exceeding honesty." LEE SANTONE Girls' Glee Club "Her friendship never ends." WILLIAM SCHAUER Bill Science Club, Sr. Band "Happy Q0 lucky." DAVID SCHLANSKER Choir, Bowling "Doin' what comes naturally." DIANE SCHULENBURG HDV, Nurses' Aide, Bowling "Once a friend, always a friend." SUSAN SHEFFIELD Sue Dramatics, Bowling "Sparkling and bright." ELISABETH SHORT Libby Choir, Drama- tics, Girls' Double Quartet, GAA "So nice fo have arounclf 1 NIARSHA SILVERMAN Diary, Drama- tics, Sr. Band "Friendly, charming, always happy." MARY ELIZABETH SIMPSON Mary Beth Choir, Library "As constant as the Northern star." JIM SLOVAK "Full of fun and fancy free." LOIS SOFER Ten Teens "Quiet is as quiet does." ANN SPITZ Spitzie Drarnatics, Bowling "Tiny but terrific." BRUCE STANCLIFFE Bowling "so little time, so much to do." DAVID STAVES Dave "Not a care in the world." MARIAN STEBBINS Maizie Choir, Sr, ,Bj3GlL.GA'A, lfMaiorettes, G eerleadinlg, kc, 4' Doubl? .UU Quartet Aff fl..-Glflrh fy ' M f l. lpleasant ways." JOSEPH STRYKIEWICZ Joe "The pretzel art." KRYSTYNA SULOWSKI Kris Dramatics, Sirls' Glee Club, GAA, Bowling, Cheerleading "Who winds her up." PAUL SUTTER Choir "I must have liberty." DON SYLVESTER "Devilish and daring." MARLENE TABER ". . . can't be beat." ixlf SHARON TAGART Science Club, Glee Club "As fresh as the month of fl? RALPH TILLMA Bowling "What is life without humor?" L JANE TITUS Diary, Dramatics, Student Council "Ambition and accom- plishment go hand-in-hand." WILLIAM TOD Bill Choir "No one knows what he can do until he does it." JUDY TREAT Glee Club "Tall and sweet . -. . can't be beat." WALTER TRENTlNl "Content to let the world go by." We 69. frm, I 'ILS --,,.l . I Wt. Q v' if , 3 3 J SUSAN UNBEKANT Sue Bowling, GAA "A tiny pack- age of sweet- ness." YVONNE VALACHOVIC Nurses' Aide "As pretty as the set- ting sun." CAROLYN VEEDER Sr. Band, Library, Choir, Science Club "On the go all the time." CAROL WANTY Library, Sr. Band, Bowling "Obliging and cheerful." DAVID WARE Dave Bowling, Sr. Band, Choir "Naturally nice." KENNETH WATSON Kenny Sr. Band Student Council "Laugh with the world." JACK WEATHERWAX Wax "What's the use of worry- ing?" LINDA WEBSTER Dramatics, Debating, Bowling, GAA "Honesty is the best policy." GARY WEISS Varsity, JV, Dramatics "Men of few words are the best men." JAN WELCH Choir, Man- agers' Club, Dramatics "lf there is a way, he will find if if BARBARA WHEELER Barbie choir, GAA, Bowling, Student Coun- cil, Dramatics "Girl of charm . . . JERALD WHITE Jerry Science Club, Dramatics, Debating, Choir, Band, Boys' Double Quartet "Scientific whizzf' MARY ELIZABETH WILBER Nurses' Aide "Always a smile and a kind word for everyone." JOHN WILLCOX Choir, Jv, Bowling, Student Council "There is never a dull mo- ment when John is around." CLARK WILSON Choir "Greatness knows itself." GAIL WILSON Dramatics, Bowling "Fresh and gay." SARA WILSON Library, Girls' Glee Club, Sr. Band, Science Club, Home Nursing "Virtue is like a rich stone." COLLEEN WOLFE Bowling, GAA "Big brown eyes and'a beautiful smilef' KAREN YAGER Nurses' Aide, Bowling "Busy as a bee." RICHARD YOUNG Rick Choir, Varsity, Bowling "Hidden talents . . . So-o-o big." DAVID ZIENIUK Dave -1 - Bowling - "He could sleep -' through classes but bells keep ringing." 5 ' 2 E lt 2 ik 'fa . THEODORE ZIOBROWSKI .V 7 .- 'fr Ted it '- Z ' "His only r labor is kill- ing time." .I . 2 I . igwiif 3. ,. f- ft 'W '.i-c?f"e'.lliiig'. . Pictures not available: DAVID BENNETT KENNETH BENSON RALPH ELDRED SYLVIA ELDRED RONALD MILLS FRANK SUNINIERS RICHARD WILLIAMS AL ZIELINSKI my 'C , iw. is QM .... M Q, .., ,J 'D 1 dj, 3 'T X 5? ' if X . by rw V .M ,nit wa , ash fighfh Grade flomervvms Room 224-A MRS. BASS -S71 Room 228 MRS. MARRS - 73 Room 223 MRS. NEIL - 72 Room 203 MRS. DARLING - 74 Room 224 MISS ANDERSON - 76 l Room 227 MISS MATHISE - 75 Room 221 MR. KRODER - 77 7' Room 109 MRS. TOLLS - 81 1 1 Room 226 MISS DEKALB - 78 Room 106 MR. GRAIG - 82 2, QA - 5 M i W M AMW,-, 'PS - M55 355516325 swims 'sf 4- Room 118 MRS. WRETLIND - 84 li' XPS any ov Sf, 'v Room 107 MISS HESSLER - 83 2 fi --new -if My Q V..- v". 23521 ,rg ,Lu igi A Room H6 MRS. DAVIS - 85 Room 225 MRS. BOYLE - 87 Room 108 MRS. RYAN - 86 Homemaking Room MISS HORSTMANN - 88 60155 and Orgauizafims lfo W , N X SX NN k :SO X x urnllld QQ Q Q "Z?iary " The Van Antwerp "Diary" is pub- lished five times yearly by the "Diary" statt and students of Van Antwerp Junior High School. Editor-in-Chief Janne Pontius Assistant Editor Pat Savoie Faculty Advisor ,o,A,...,,,o,o,,,.s,v,,, WMRS. O'GRADY MEMBERS Special News Ediiei oooooo..oooooos,o,oooo ANN BARNARD Jekee and PU22IeS AA---A AAAAA A A AAAAA JOAN PACIUNAS Student ceiineii Ediiei .,oo,.oA ,NANCY FELTHOUSEN 'HeiU'rH7Q Reieerfer AAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAA- A AAMAGGIE PARKER Literary Edifors N vnfyfyyy yfyfyflhyry C QRRINE pAiNE Art Editors , ,osos ,sovo,o GWEN GRIDLEY, SANDY pEGGY NITZMAN GILSON, BERNADETTE BRUNETTI, JOANN Business iseiiiei eee,e G ee,eeee,.,eeeee,.eeee,eeee,eee JANE TITUS MAIUCORRO Correspondence Editor ee.,,eee MARSHA SILVERMAN Reperfers A A A AAAAAAA PAM GARRi DIANA GOULDi Sporfs Edifors yfyry 7 y-fffyfM-fffyfyfMhiyfif CARQL KISZKIEL LOUISE HORSTMAN, BETTY RAAG, MARILYN Mx-me MIDDLETON KRATZ 'E?gE3qThGiarSgeN,!5VV!5E5?ig?r """"""" K?ERRERli Special Eighth Grade Faculty Advisor Ninth Grade News Editor ,,e,e,..,.,, WINNIE PULVER MRS RETLI Gossip Editor ,,,,,,,.,..,,,...., .,,,,,. B ARB LAYMAN 100 Qin A 'W' N Q v AHVICZ ve' ' wife'- library 61116 t tx Frrst row Janet Brrghty Kers Lund Jean Klrne Carl Knabe Newell Cook Ann Barnard Sara Wrlson Nancy Ostrander Katherrne Muller Terry McNab Second row Walter Haas Joan Pacrunas Carol Wanty Carolyn Veeder Ardus Austln Gale Dunphy Beth Young Susan Vaal Mary Elrzabeth Simpson Susan Bets Shrrley Carvrll Roanne Cramer Susan Nersuler Drane Van Nordstrand Elizabeth Jester Suzanne Cohen Sally Heckman Eileen Corrrgan Clrbrarlanl Thrrd row Jean Mangrn Corinne Parne Mary Pump Patrtcua DelMonrca Rrchard Crookes Robert Bullard Janet Bragg Rae Kanne Pamela Davns Betty Raag Pamela Garr Harrret Plumley Susan Rrchardson bf, 3'X'f S 1-..'.J 1 .A C X Q' ixm 'RW . . ,. -gf 'f Drarrzrzfics glllb N 4 X 1-ff OFFICERS Faculty Advisors President, JANNE PONTIUS MRS. DAVIS Vice Pr6SiCl9r1T, DIANA GOULD MRS' TOLLS Secretary, KAREN BROWN Treasurer, BARBARA WHEELER MEMBERS: J. Jordan, M. Middleton, P, Angelo, K. Byrne, S. Ketner, K. Lund, K. Brown, D. Gould, J. Drury J. Nelson, S. Houghton, A. Loy, E. Jester, K. Vea, K. Quellhorst, J. Fink, S. Hoffman, C. Jackson, J Paciunas, P. Garr, M. Silverman, C. McCabe, C. Paine, J. Mangin, V. Mindell, M. Tilton, L. Webster J. Mensch, K. Sulowski, E. Hollenbeck, S. Proud, P. Nitzman, J. Titus, M. Sinclair, K. Pfeiffer, S. Heckman S. Pratt, P. Davis, S. Sheffield, G. Wilson, M. Parker, G. Houseman, M. Bradley, M. Aiken, J Kline, A. Barnard, N. Felthousen, N. Ostrander, L. Short, J. Arnold, C. Kiszkiel, B. Frayer, P. Blitzblau B. Koenig, T. Melvin, N. Cook, L. Blonde, T. Novak, B. Pochily, J. White, C. Fisher, B. Kline, J Johnson, J. Lawrence, J.Newkirk, B. Gaenger, D. Woodin, M. Kratz, N. Kellam, C. Shepherd, R. Williamson. 0 it he r r r juizivr High Nurses ' Aides Y. Valachovic, S, Brinkman, H. Plumley, P. Malleleau, J. Brighty, M. Bradley, D Sclwulenberg, N. Ostrander, K. Yager, M Wilbur. MRS. LORO Elemenfary School Nurse 5 'ss O A gl AGS: K5 .X A Q Q, V 5 E E E s 3 z . E Q E , ,i 3 fi i. fi 22 5 K. X li 3 3 i Home ,Nursing glllb M. Sinclair, M. Mullin, J. Roberts, H. Harrigan, C. Winne, B. Kennedy, J, Osterman, B. Gruman, C. House, S. Frederick, J. Martin, K. Quellhorsl, D. Hay, S. Riggs, S. Lee, N. Kellam, P. Kuder, L. Pelrine, V. Voris, S. Vail, J. Walters, S. Male, N, Nagorka, D. Nordsirand, L. Faddegan, C. Hoffman, S. Garrity, P. Hackman, D. Gridley, N. Russell, D. Wilkins, K. McKee, K. Kieman, D. Ehling, Mrs. Male. Debating 61116 Suzanne Cohen Linda Webster Susan Mindell Paity Savoie Joanne Hibbert Newell Cook Carl Knabe Jerry White MR. TAORMI NA Faculty Sponsor if Seieuee 61116 J Newell Cook, Jerry White, Carl Knabe, Timmy Fullam, Dave Larnoreaux, Larry Horn, Bill Schauer, Sandy Gilson, Ardis Austin, Lorin Mohler, Bernadette Brunetti, Bob Gorman, Sharon Tagart, Jack Dunlap, Carolyn Veeder, Sara Wilson, ,gp 'QNX X Q iso- SN , . X i x wh X v x Q5 Ilff S 5 ' m X if a?1yhfl1 Grade Science 611119 Left fo right: R. Hamel, J. Pollard, J. Bragg, V. Nlindell, P. Elliot, R. Craigin, P. Yeather, D. Crossman, P. Kesselring, W. Frayer, G. Fink, P. Davis, W. Miller, R. Khan, J, Barrie, Mrs. Boyle, faculiy sponsor. 'lil ix Dm . - Krfmmzffw First row: D. Willard, A. Riccio, J. Ham, P. Gill, R. Greenwood, J. Dunlap, row: J. Kline, K. Lund, J. Johnson, M. Parker, J. Jorden, J. Shuiis. D. Ausiin, Shirley Pray. Second I O- Crews President JANET KARDASH Vice President LOIS SOFER Secretary SUSAN DOTY Treasurer JANET RANKIN Holly Heisler Carol Lobdell Caroline O'Brenski Mrs. O'Grady HQ' . G,-?' N-vw 624.gif MacDonald Roberts Moore J. Jordan Abele Kline Fuessler Varsity Khccrlcaders 1? O O Zhcerlazders Standing D. Johnson M. Mullins J. hAarHn J. Hanes Kneeling K. Quellhorsf B.' Opitz Left fo right: N. Flora, L. Roberts, K. Sulowski, L. Moore, M. Fryer, K Pfeiffer, J. Kline, J. Johnson. SCHOOL COLORS SCHOOL MOTTO Blue and Gold "Knowledge is power" ALMA MATER Sung To The Tune of The Cornell Alma MaTer High above The Mohawk Valley STands The Gold and Blue WiTh a Thousand voices singing, Hail, oh, hail To you. We are glad ThaT we are sTudenTs And we shall be True, Hail To Thee our Alma MaTer, Hail To Van AnTwerp School Cwirlers Julie Jorden Kris Lund aro is er When we're Tar from Mohawk Valley We will Treasure you. WiTh The sTudenTs we will rally, Always To be True. We'll loe proud as former sTudenTs Of a school so grand, So forever sing her praises Far across The land. C l F h l Sharon Schoolcraff Beth Sims Joan Nelson Marilyn Mullen Noreen O'Leary sl if,' .f Sgt fu, Varsity Left ro right: R. Crooks, D. Austin, J. Ham, R. Greenwood, P. Gill, G. Weiss, P. Cotton, J. Welsh J. Meicalf, D. Richter, T. Domser, R. Young, T. Melvin, J. Finkle, R. Dwore, D. Wilcox. l i L-S 4. l lr 'Q-.4 ba 'W can junior Varsity G. Henderson, F. De-Cerce, D. Woods, T. Gibson, P. Mcl-lugs, J. Lienson,. R. Johnson, B. Malin Farley, R. Putnam, D. Scherrnerhorn, B. Schuliz, Mr. Cialootii, J. Fink, P. Cappola, B. Melvin Chlopecki, B, Price, S. Fryer. KT. A McCune Hamil Bergher Welch Betley Jackson Gibson Cotton Abdella Reich O'Leary DeCerce Gill Smith Johnson Bowman Doware Sfrykieuski D. Fink Bean Holland Slaves Janitis Killian Hibbarcl Ramund Simmons Scott Arnold Felpel Basqous xX X 0 YXXN fc.: ii ii . ll J V H- Domser Cory Henderson Leinson Price Muster Riccio Levi Moil Felgar Belan Greenwood Finckle Ham Chlopecki Kniskern Wilcox Leach Ziobrowski Clover Zienuk T, Melvin B. Melvin J. Dunlap W, Dunlap Febbie Roebel Pearson W esfling Lfhampivu f ,sv 172' aww L... k .. 15510 W W 'F as fi .J .,. W! ' li f 8, A I A El if 6710 2' Miss Mooney, L. Horn, P. Sutter, B. Rice, B. Bullard, D. Austin, T. Swick, G Henderson, D. O'l-lara, P. McHugh, D. Ware, K. Byrne, M. Simpson, M. Kratz A. Austin, P. Savoie, O. Delfs, K. Vea, J. Kardash, J. Mangin, G. Ham B. Melvin, A. Markham, P. Coppola, J. Welch, R. O'Hara, C. Knabe, R. Greenwood B. Gorman, C. Veeder, K. Nowak, C. Fisher, N. Lawson, S. Gilson, K. Brown C. O'Bremski, D. Durant, L. Mohler, J. Finkle, T. Melvin, E. Hollenbeck M. Stebbins, K. Pfeiffer, M. Tilton, J. Brightly, C. Paine, N. Felthousen, D Woodin, J. Baughn, G. Dunphy, L. Horstman, D. Gould, K. Lund, B. Opitz C. Shepherd, J. Hilbert, J. Pollard, D. Lamoreaux, J. White, J. Yagar, D. Jackson T. Gibson, B. Pochily, D. Bantz, P. Kesselring, M. Watson, J. Haines. as E. Langworthy, L. Roberls, J. Dun lap, R. Fryer, B. Hamel, J. Farley J. Leinson, J. Hillman, E. Rosen- berg, J. Johnson, J. Jordan, L Short, P. Plumb, T. Brush, D. Naylor, R. Loeffler, B. Bonia, C. Wilson, D Schlansker, M. Parker, B. Kline, S Buherfield, G. Houseman, M. Mid- dleton, M. Fryer, B. Pryce, D. Chown, J. Willcox, B. Tod, .P. Schwab, B. Cassella, L. Glover, R. Young, D. Fonfaine, M. Watson, N. Treat, J. Ponlius, B. Wheeler, P. DelMonica, M. Glover. Girls' 516: 61116 P. Davis, B. Brunetti, J. Treat, G. Hamilton, K. Sulowski, K. Gemi, B. Groff, J. Kline, S. Proud, L. Middleton, K. Morris, F. Gilbert, R. Rubin, K. Horn, S. Wilson, B. Gaenger, B. Kennedy, K. Quellhorsf, J. Shutts, J. Lawrence, G. Pepicelli, S. Mindell, H. Heisler, J. Doll, T. Abele, J. Watters, S. Houghton, J. Nelson, N. Edmondson, P. Strang, J. Fontaine, P. Angelo, A. Robertson, S. Tagart, J. Roberts, V. Mindell, C. McCabe. Girls ' 290111116 Quartet Hays' l Jr , G. Dunphy, K. Brown, M. Stebbins, L. Short, K. Lund, C. Fisher, L. J. White, B. Cassella, L, Mohler, T. Melvin, D. Fontaine, B. Bonta Glover, K. Byrne. L. Horn, J. Dunlap. L1-i.....l.. . U . Senirfr Hand juuivr 1371144 inflz Grade' Zzvorifes MOST TALKATIVE Becky Kline gjisigi MOST ACTIVE MarTy Fryer John I-Iam Jim Page I T I S : , " 'I IIIIE I , MOST INTELLIGENT Suzanne Cohen Rick Young "fb-aff Q7 MQST LIKELY TQ SUCCEED Janne Pontius Roger Greenwood BEST DRESSED Margaret Parker Doug Ausfin CUTEST Jean Kline Ed Abdella ffzylzflz Grade Zzvorifes PEPPIEST GIRL Marilyn Mullin MOST ATHLETIC BOY Steve Reilly BEST DRESSED Judy Shufis Joel, Lienson CUTEST Jean Martin Tom Gibson MOST POPULAR GIRL Sharon Schoolcraff 75 Q 1001 Y? MOST INTELLIGENT Gibby Henderson Missing from picture Diana Gould MOST POPULAR BOY "Skip" Fryer xi i .1 S- ink CUTEST KaThy Lorifch Bruce Pearson Seventh Grade' gawrifcs MOST FRIENDLY MOST AMBITIOUS Kathy Horn Tim Janiatus "Sassy" MacDonald Bruce Raymer asf Will and Zfcsfament TOM AALTO leaves his crazy iumpshot to Pete Ross . . . ED ABDELLA, leaves for Scotia . . . TOM ABELE leaves his ability in basketball to next year's Varsity . . . CHARLENE ADINOLFI bequeaths her happy-go-lucky personality to Bill Merrit . . . MARY ANN AIKEN leaves her shyness to Sara Lee . . . PRIS ANGELO wills her cute clothes to Judy Shutts . . .JOE ARAGONA' leavesMrs. Newstead in peace . . . JUDY ARNOLD her never ending energy and pep to Joy Haines . . . ARDIS AUSTIN leaves her French horn to Mr. Westervelt . . . DOUG AUSTIN leaves the Student Council presidency empty . . . WAYNE BARBER leaves his Boston accent to Mrs. Boyle . . . ANN BARNARD leaves her piano playing to Sara Lee . . . BOB BEAN leaves to ioin his sister, Barb . . . PENNY BEERS leaves her figure to Pam Davis . . . SONNY BELLAMY wills his bowling average to Duane Ball . . . DAVE BENNETT leaves! . . . KENNY BENSON leaves Mrs. O'Grady in peace . . . LARRY BLONDE bequeaths his last name to some brunette . . . BEDFORD BONTA leaves his drum sticks to some needy turkey . . . BILL BOWMAN leaves his ping-pong championship to an eighth grade boy . 1 . MARY BRADLEY leaves the bowling pins still standing . . . JANET BRIGHTY makes room for her sister, Barbara . . . SUZANNE BRINKMAN leaves her teachers at a loss . . . CHARLES BROOKS leaves the cafeteria money Cwe hopel . . . KAREN BROWN leaves many clubs without secretaries . . . ALICE BRUCE leaves her saxophone to Charles Davis . . . BERNADETTE BRUNETTI leaves her iitterbug steps to American Band- stand . . . STEVE BRUSH and TED BRUSH leave us still getting them mixed up . . . BOB BULLARD leaves Mr. Williams without a guinea pig . . . KAREN BURGHARDT leaves her petticoats to Margot Sinclair . . . SHEILA BUTTERFIELD wills her lovely complexion to Judy Roberts . . . KATHY BYRNE wills her personality to Personalities Galore . . . JAN CAMPBELL bequeaths her long hair to Kathy Loritch . . . MARIA CANCIO leaves her small feet to Bill Melvin . . . CHARLES CARDINI leaves his V.A.S. whistle to Randy Johnson . . . SHIRLEY CARVILL leaves her quiet ways to Wayne Carmichael . . . BOB CASSELLA leaves his snazzy clothes to Joel Lienson . . . DONN CHOWN wills his easy-going ways to Paul Coppola . . . FRANKIE CLARK leaves still combing her hair . . . JOHN CLOVER leaves his last name for the rabbits . . . SUZANNE COHEN leaves her good marks to some lucky eighth grader . . . PAT COLLINS leaves his happy-go-lucky smile to all . . . JEFF COOK leaves his hunting interest to Billy Russell . . . NEWELL COOK leaves his arguments in Cit. Ed. to Mr. Taormina . . . CRAIG COOPER leaves his red hair to Sue Freighofer . . . PETE COTTON bequeaths his flat-top to Steve Reilly . . . ROANNE CRAMER wills her gum chewing to the teachers . . . RICKY CROOKES leaves his sparkling eyes to Huntley Knabe . . . BETSY CUTTS won't leave her love of horses to anyone . . . ED DAWSON leaves his hair to a brush salesman : . . PAT DELMONICO leaves her knee socks to Terry McNab . . . ANGIE DELZOTTO wouldn't think of leaving his high marks to anyone . . . TRICK DOMSER leaves his build to Superman . . . JACK DUNLAP leaves the program committee to some active Student Council member . . . WES DUNLAP wills his Donald Duck talk to Walt Disney . . . PAT DUNN bequeaths her mathematical brain to Miss Pentecost . . . GALE DUNPHY leaves her voice to no one . . . RICK DWORE leaves his last name to some bureau . . . RALPH ELDRED leaves his interest in cameras to Punky Haas . . . SYLVIA ELDRED leaves her earrings to the iewelers . . . JOHN, ELDRIDGE leaves with all the rest of us . . . JOHN ENGLISH leaves "CHIPS" to the old blocks . . . CARL ERIKSON wills his light features to Dale Johnson . . . DICK ESPOSITO leaves his build to the "Thin Man" . . . NANCY FELTHOUSEN bequeaths her pony tail to Trigger . . . JIM FINKLE leaves his bass voice to Ezio Pinza . . . CAROL FISHER leaves her clarinet to Mr. Schiff . . . GEORGE FLANSBURG leaves his long hair to Elvis . . . JOHN FLICKER leaves the "Zorro" fan club to future fans . . . NANCY FLORA leaves her gay personality to Patty Azar . . . CARL KNABE leaves his rocket interest to Cape Canaveral . . . DICK FONTAINE leaves Mr. Flahive in peace . . . GARY FRANCE leaves for Germany . . . MARTY FRYER leaves her reindeer lump to Marilyn Mullin . . . TIM FULLAM leaves empty . . . PAM GARR leaves for Binghamton . . . KAREN GEMI leaves the Girls' Glee Club's piano silent . . . FRANCIE GILBERT wills her Siamese cats to Siam . . . PETE GILL leaves his sportmanship to Pete McHugh . . . SANDY GILSON leaves her perfect posture to Miss Fuessler . . . JIM GLENNON bequeaths his Boy Scout badges to John Borge . . . LORRAINE GLOVER leaves her iumper to the Double Quartet . . . MURIEL GLOVER leaves her voice to next year's choir . . . COREY GOLD leaves to find silver . . . BOB GORMAN leaves his scientific interests to Bob Hamil . . . CAROL GRAFF leaves her record collection to the Student Council . . . FAYE GRANT wills her fantastic stories to Walt Disney . . . ROGER GREENWOOD leaves his interest in sports to Jack Chlopecki . . . GWEN GRIDLEY leaves her ring collection to Claudia Smith . . . BARB GROFF leaves her pigeon toes to Ellen Bier . . . PAT GROSKY leaves her typewriter to the office . . . MARTIN GAERTNER leaves to ioin his brother . . . JOHN HAM bequeaths his Varsity iacket to Skip Fryer . . . PAT HARRIGAN leaves his Irish name to Mrs. O'Grady . . . SALLY and SUE HECKMAN leave together . . . HOLLY HEISLER wills her first name to mistletoe . . . DOUG HIBBARD leaves his last name to Old Mother Hubbard . . . ELAINE HOLLENBECK leaves her high bowling average to some lucky person . . . LARRY HORN bequeaths his last name to all crooks . . . BOB INSLEY leaves his record collection to WPTR . . . DUGIE JACKSON leaves to grow . . . DAVE JOHNSON leaves his last name to the wax industry . . . JUDY JOHNSON wills her cheerleading sweater to Kathy Quellhorst . . . JULIE JORDAN leaves her baton to Sharon Schoolcraft . . . JANET KARDASH leaves her smiling face to Dinah Shore . . . DICK KEENAN leaves his build to Atlas . . . SUE KETNER leaves her art work to Joanne Mauiccoro . . . BECKY KLINE leaves her title of "Most TaIkative" to a future ninth grader . . . JEAN KLINE bequeaths her perfect features to Jean Martin . . . WALT KING leaves his wise- cracks to Mr. Flahive . . . CAROL KISZKIEL leaves her last name to a good speller . . . MARY PUMP leaves her last name to a gas station . . . BETTY RAAG leaves her good marks to Kathy Horn . . . RANDY RANDALL leaves Mrs. Wretlind's studyhalls . . . JANET RANKIN leaves her quiet ways to Marilyn Kratz . . . G. A. REICH wills his horsemanship to Wendy Andrews . . . DAVE RICHTER leaves his smile to Brad Pryce . . . DAWN RICHTER leaves her pep to Dave Muster . . . DOUG ROBBINS leaves his last name to the birds . . . LINDA ROBERTS leaves her athletic ability and enthusiasm to Diane . . . FRAN ROCKLIN wills her eyelashes to "Madeline" . . . LINDA LANE leaves her fingernails to a manicurist . . . CHARLES KUEHN leaves his freckles to Jean Fontaine . . . CAROL McCABE wills her good company to Margie Agens . . . TOM MALE bequeaths his dual personality to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde . . . BARBI LAYMAN leaves for Cincinnati . . . BILL MURDICK wills his bow tie to Wyatt Earp . . . KAREN PFEIFFER leaves her nick- name to a French Poodle . . . KARL KNABE leaves for distant planets . . . MARG MIDDLETON wills her smooth sophistication to Joan Crawford . . . FRED LANE leaves as every girl's ideal . . . SUSAN PROUD bequeaths her friendly smile to a lucky eighth grader . . . EBER MARKS wills his lunch pail to Harris Hull . . . KATHY KUDER leaves her gym suit in her locked locker l'?l . . . JIM PAGE leaves V.A.S. faculty in peace . . . KRIS LUND leaves her many club memberships to Judy Shutts . . . BOB O'HARA doesn't want to leave anything to anybody . . . EMILY LANGWORTHY leaves to join the tenth graders . . . TOM MELVIN leaves his place in the clouds to David Bantz . . . PEGGY NITZMAN leaves her pretty blonde hair to Jeanie Martin . . . JOHN METCALF wills his manager's job to Randy Johnson . . . MARG PARKER bequeaths her shining page-boy to Margot Sinclair . . . ARLEIGH MARKHAM leaves his indispensability to Jack Chlopecki . . . KATHY NOVAK wills her out-and-out friendliness to a needy snob . . . JIM KNISKERN takes his D.A. with him . . . JOAN PACIUNAS leaves her iitterbug to Joy Haines . . . MERRILL NEGUS leaves to write a book . . . JANE MONTGOMERY wills her flute to Ann Robertson . . . RICK LOEFFLER bequeaths his golf scores to Pete Frank . . . JANNE PONTIUS leaves "DlARY" in the capable hands of Pat Savoie . . . PETER PFAFFENBACH wills his "easiIy" spelled name to Claudia Smith . . . JEANNE MURRAY leaves her basketball ability to Dale Johnson . . . DAVID ORMINSKI leaves with regret . . . KAREN MORRIS bequeaths her cute personality to Beth Young . . . JIM PERROTT wills his French name to Lafayette . . . NANCY LAWSON wills her ski boots to Jean Martin . . . TOM NOVAK leaves his grin to some sad pumpkin . , . CAROL LOBDELL bequeaths her cute nose to an eighth grader.who isn't satisfied with hers . . . TOM O'Leary takes his Irish name with him . . . PAT MALLILIEU leaves her long hair to the chignon industry . . . DONALD LYMAN leaves his glasses to Judy Schwedes . . . JUDY MENSCH leaves her cute accent to the place she got it from . . . BOB PEAT looks forward to a bright future . . . LU MOORE wills her cheerleading ability and pep to Marilyn Mullins . . . LORIN MOHLER bequeaths his suavity to Robert Montgomery . . . NANCY OSTRANDER wills her winning smile to Louise Horstman . . . RONALD MILLS leaves his name to General Mills . . . CORRINE PAINE leaves for Emma Willard . . . DAVID LAMOREAUX leaves his books in his desk fwe hopell . . . HARRIET PLUMLEY wills her nickname to all future Freshmen . . . BOB LOKENBERG leaves for good . . . JEAN MANGIN bequeaths her delicate ways to Diana Gould . . . WINNIE PULVER wills her horse to "Wendy Andrews" . . . MARGIE MILLER leaves her boyfriend to the Army . . . CAROLINE O'BREMSKl leaves the Ten Teens Club at a loss . . . SUE MINDELL bequeaths her interest in dogs to Judy Pollard . . . MARY ORCHARD leaves her pony tail to Bertie Opitz . . . TOM PICKETT will never leave his teasing to anyone . . . KATHLEEN POREMBSKI leaves her neat locker to one of Miss Fuessler's despairs . . . GAIL PEPICELLI wills her effervesce to Alka-Seltzer . . . CAROLE ROGERS leaves still flirting . . . ESTHER ROSENBERG wills her pink cheeks to a clown . . . BARB SACKETT leaves her riding outfit to Annie Oakley . . . DICK SALVATORE leaves Miss Corrigan still stunned . . . CLIFF SAMPSON leaves his tiny stature to Mickey Mouse . . . LEE SANTONE wills her clothes sense to "Seventeen" . . . BILL SHAUER bequeaths his last name to a rainy day . . . DAVE SCHLANSKER leaves the tenor section . . . DIANE SCHULENBURG wills her clothes to Sharon Houghton . . . SUE SHEFFIELD leaves her Tab Hunter autograph to all Tab Hunter fans . . . LIBBY SHORT leaves her last name to George Lowe . . . MARSHA SILVERMAN wills her ballet shoes to Margie Agens . . . MARY ELIZABETH SIMPSON leaves her raccoon purse to Martha Brophy's coat . . . JIM SLOVACK leaves again . . . LOIS SOFER leaves all of her notebooks to some studious person . . . ANN SPITZ leaves talking . . . BRUCE STANCLIFF leaves his glasses to someone who needs 'em . . . DAVE STAVES leaves to ioin the wrestling club . . . MAIZIE STEBBINS leaves her pony-tail to Sassy MacDonald . . . JOE STRYKIEWIAZ leaves his wrestling ability to Mr. Ciabotti . . . KRIS SULOWSKI leaves her voice to some needy cheerleader . . . FRANK SUMMERS leaves his smile to "Pepsodent" . . . PAUL SUTTER leaves his curly hair to Diana Gould . . . DON SYLVESTER leaves his last name to the "Puddy Cat" . . . MARLENE TABER leaves her hot rod enthusiasm to "Hot Rod Magazine" . . . SHARON TAGART wills her sewing ability to Mrs. Leonard . . . RALPH TILLMA leaves his mis- chievousness to Suzanne Tillma . . . JANE TITUS leaves her friendliness to Jeff McMullin . . . BILL TOD bequeaths his crew cut to Mark Wulf . . . JUDY TREAT leaves her last name to a candy store . . . WALTER TRENTINI leaves his apron in the cafeteria . . . SUE UNBEKANT leaves her height to Sue Richardson . . . YVONNE VALACHOVIC leaves her shy manner to Barb Gaenger . . . CAROLYN VEEDER leaves her musical ability to Margaret Watson . . . CAROL WANTY leaves V.A.S. in want . . . DAVE WARE leaves to ioin his sister . . . KENNY WATSON leaves Miss Peterson in hysterics . . . LINDA WEBSTER leaves her writing ability to "Diary" . . . JACKIE WEATHERWAX leaves his last name to Johnson's Wax Products . . . GARY WEISS wills his foul-shooting ability to John Farley . . . JAN WELCH leaves his way of managing things to Randy Johnson . . . BARB WHEELER leaves to "WOW" the High School boys! . . . JERRY WHITE is sure to leave . . . MARY WILBER leaves her beautiful hair to a very lucky seventh or eighth grader . . . JOHN WILLCOX wouldn't think of leaving-or would he? . . . DICK WILLIAMS leaves his name to all eighth grade Williams! . . . CLARK WILSON leaves his knowledge on U. S. history to Mrs. Rryan . . . GAIL WILSON leaves to join her brother . . . SARA WILSON leaves her clarinet to next year's band . . . COLLEEN WOLFE leaves her last name to ioin the rest of its pack . . . KAREN YAGER leaves . . RICK YOUNG leaves his height to Bob Doin . . . AL ZIELINSKI leaves his hair to a hair tonic salesman . . . DAVE ZIENIUK leaves V.A.S. happily . . . TED ZIOBROWSKI leaves hoping next year will be easy . . . , I Sv' 1 5 C2388 958 I A 'fl lf. O 611155 Prvphecy NAME APPEARANCE OCCUPATION WANTS TO BE PROBABLY WILL BE AALTO, TOM angelic won't tell docfor a good butcher ABDELLA, EDDIE not bad hanging around adrnirred fo 'the bar as a bartender ADINOLFI, CHARLENE giggling someone special CO,ed an old maid ABELE, TOM carefree being admired denrisfr a big pain AIKEN, MARY ANN sweet being sweet nurse nursed ANGELO, PRISCILLA eager swimming feachei' successful ARAGONA, JOE wild getting in trouble millionaire a pauper ARNOLD, .IUDITY friendly talking on The phone ieeclier speech teacher AUSTIN, ARDIS little tooting her horn an inrerprerer iust that AUSTIN, DOUG CIBSIWINQ YUHHIHQ construction engineer in The future BARBER, WAYNE interesting '? 'P ? alive er age lol if he eats his wheaties BARNARD, ANN smiling 6nYOF1e'S QUGSS feacher still learning BEAN, ROBERT dark-haired '? ? ? Undecided decided BEATTY, ANNA petite chatting Successful successful BEERS, BARBARA very nice! a little of everything airline hosfess piloting the pilot BELLAMY, CHARLIE sunny ? ? ? rich if the banks are open BENNETT, DAVE long-haired cars dOesn'r know sought-after by barbers BENSON, KENNY "tOUChle" being different Vererinarian horsing around BLOND, LARRY amusing Dramatics Club College graduere actor BONTA, BEDFORD healthy playing his drums dgctor captain of the Drum Maior Corps BOWMAN, WILLIAM sleepy golf lawyer looked up to BRADLEY, MARY demure living nurse married and forget about it all BRIGHTY, JANET demure studying rnernernericien using an adding machine BRINKMAN, SUZANNE pastel pretty helping reaener taught BROOKS, CHARLES comical fussing around ercnileer bricklayer BROWN, KAREN pert not one but many nor sure good at anything BRUCE, ALICE puzzled pl5Yll'lg her Sax Stenggrapher iust that BRUNETTI, BERNADETTE bouncing litierbugging erlisl drawing BRUSH, STEVE blondish fooling around engineer vve'lI never tell BRUSH, TED crew-cutted doing as his twin engineer I I I does BULLARD, BOB Sharp talking . . , TOO mUCl1 docror ditch cligger BURGHARDT, KAREN tiny skating seererery an accurate one BUTTERFIELD, SHEILA friendly flirting seererery sorry BYRNE, KATHY iovial counting the Student married moneyqnad Council's money CAMPBELL, JAN brunette swimming nurse another Florence Nightingale CANCIO, MARIA pinrgized we're not sure fesnien designer I I I CARDINI, CHARLES cute only photography? Civil engineer civil CARVILI., SHIRLEY like a story book doll pizza seerelery discovered CASSELLA, BOB sleepy sleeping denlisl iust a fill-in CHOWN, DONN friendly caring for a certain navel ercnileer Sailor girl CLARK, FRANCES talkative talking seerelary talking to the boss CLOVER, JOHN long an interesting one enersnieel engineer inspecting test tubes COHEN, SUZANNE loaded with books debating doclor superintendent of hospitals COLLINS, PAT OWI.eyed listening Commercial ariisr comic strip artist COOK, JEFF dark-eyebrowed dancing closely e brain but it will take a lot ot work NAME APPEARANCE OCCUPATION WANTS TO BE PROBABLY WILL BE COOK, NEWEI-L robust stamps doctored in the hospital COOPER, CRAIG scientist photography in the scientific field in the field COTTON, PETE mischievous wise-cracking having a ball and how!!! CRAMER, ROANNE iust right keeping up her figure secretary stifl' keeping up her igure CROOKS, RICHARD very good sports electrical engineer a good connection CUTT5, BETSEY quiet drawing secretary dlroodling DAWSON, EDWARD blondish swimming engineer still swimming DEL MONICO, PAT likable telephone teacher still on the phone DEL ZOTTO, ANGIE itty bitty bowling dentist a ierker DONISER, TRICK husky fooling around football player iust another amateur DUNLAP, JACK active lots of things scientist 2nd Mr. Williams DUNLAP, WES iolly phoning millionaire impecunious DUNN, PAT l16FJPY dancing dancer happily dancing DUNPHY, GALE cute horses singer "Brunhilde" DWORE, RICK interesting classified lawyer attorney ELDRED, RALPH slim taking pictures not sure something, that's sure ELDRED, SYLVIA rosey ummm? nurse a nurse! ELDRIDGE, JOHN robust ask Mrs. O'Grady indefinite indefinitely robust ENGLISH, JOHN mannish smiling ? ? ? a chip off the old block ERICKSON, CARL blond must have one doctor iust blond ESPOSITO, DICK plump cars in the navy swabbing the decks FELTHOUSEN, NANCY zowie! artwork vet loved-by animals FINKLE, JIM lanky being tardy drattsman drafted FISHER, CAROL the best! eating millionaire in the dough ELANSBURG, GEORGE tall and dark hanging around hasn't decided neither have we FLICKER, JOHN happy skating scientist something FLORA, NANCY short and sweet skiing hula dancer well? FONTAINE, RICHARD talking interrupting pathologist but what is it? FRANCE, GARY wow! classified same confirmed bachelor FRYER, MARTHA cute going with boys teacher child beater FULLAM, TIM brain reading physicist home ec. teacher GARR, PAMELA pixie-like suing people trying to decide still trying GEMI, KAREN bespec-ed reading '? ? GILBERT, FRANCES in love anything physical therapist frustrated GILL, PETE just fine sports doctor nurses' idol GILSON, SANDY sparkie art commercial artist drawing pictures on mustaches GLENNON, JIM happy-go-lucky relaxing electrical engineer a live wire GLOVER, LORRAINE different reading the Bible nurse singer GLOVER, NIURIEI- charming drawing nurse artist GOLD, COREY slick talking in the halls a movie star a dog catcher GORNIAN, ROBERT intelligent television designer another Dior GRAPE, CAROL curly locks smiling happy forever head of a purse factory GRANT, EAYE mmm! the phone secretary on the phone GREENVVOOD, ROGER manly biting his nails '? at the top GRIDLEY, GWEN kitten-like she won't tell teacher we won't tell GROPF, BARBARA demure writing notes undecided a surprise to us all GROSKY, PAT quiet sewing secretary seamstress GUERTNER, MARTIN glasses thinking a great thinker thinking HAM, JOHN compact going places athletic mascot HARRIGAN, PATRICK Irish being good engineer same HECKMAN, SALLY happy laughing architect doll house builder HECKNIAN, SUSAN sweet ice-skating teacher at V.A.S. sorry NAME APPEARANCE OCCUPATION WANTS TO BE PROBABLY WILL BE HEISLER, HOLLY nifty nothing much secretary maybe HIBBARD, DOUG Sober his own business chemist glass blower HOLLENBECK, ELAINE pleaganf never idle secretary 'something important HORN, LARRY blendisn boy scouting undecided dog catcher HOUSEMAN, GAIL een-oiish trying to think ? ? ? haven't a clue INNOCENT, BEVERLY innocent you guess nursery assistant own a nursery school INSLEY, BOB Small watching S. Allen ? a man on the street JACKSON, DUGALD compact his cows doctor 8 ft. 6 in. tall JOHNSON, DAVID Smart being quiet undecided undecided JOHNSON, JUDITH 3, alll talking college graduate disappointed JORDEN, JUDIE blgndie visiting colleges medical technician married KARDASH, JANET on TV being polite musician on TV KEENAN, DICK nice reading a rocket scientist selling fireworks KETNER, SUE michievous making noise artist a lady DaVinci KLINE, BECKY saucy talking to ? secretary thefboss' wi e KLINE, JEAN not bad! cheerleading teacher you can't stop her! KING, WALTER sleepy won't tell airline pilot piloted KISZKIEL, CAROL enthusiastic dancing ? '? ? still undecided KNABE, CARL out of this world Science rocket pilot out of this world KNISKERN, JIM different climbing trees a book duster a book duster ? KUDER, KATHY sleek flirting a movie star big box office KUEHN, CHARLES average Citizen bowling a championship well, maybe . . . bowler LAMOREAUX, mild doing homework ? a success LANE, FRED Unreserved taking it easy rich millionaire poor LANE, LINDA reserved who knows doctor famous LANGWORTHY, EMILY healthy eating teacher a good one LAWSON, NANCY business-like bowling undecided a success LAYMAN, BARBI alert everything animal doctor iust a horse doctor LOBDELL, CAROL quiet watching TV secretary some day LOEFFLER, RICK shy listening doctor butcher LOKENBERG, BOB medium listening garage man a good mechanic LUND, KRIS Cute talking street cleaner well, who are we to say LYMAN, DONALD glasses flirting harem owner ? MALE, TOM shy sports engineer a good one MALLILIEU, PAT smiling always being secretary ' still typing at TOO MANGIN, JEAN dainty conversing florist well-arranged MARKHAM, ARLEIGH serious roaming the halls M.D. still roaming MARKS, EBER indescribable lunchbox carrier unknown surprise us all MCCABE, CAROL happy you guess married happily MELVIN, TOM long, tall, cool rolling along architect still Icing, tall, and coo MENSCH, JUDY sophisticated dreaming of N.Y.C. teacher stuck on a farm METCALF, JOHN boyish working hard lawyer ? MIDDLETON, MARG likable boys street cleaner president of a boys' school MILLER, MAGIE silly laughing pediatrician what is it? MILLS, RONALD sharp wearing neat clothes '? acczuntant in a tailor s op MINDELL, SUE fluttery goofing-off medical secretary a doctor's wife MOHLER, LORIN curly-haired anyone know? electronics still curly haired MONTGOMERY, JANE brown-eyed tooting her flute nurse taken care of MOORE, LUANNE peppy complaining dress designer with Dior's help MORRIS, KAREN neat conversing architect same NAME APPEARANCE OCCUPATION WANTS TO BE PROBABLY WILL BE MURDICK, BILL impish unknown millionaire never happen! MURRAY, JEANNE tall music something but l:ve're not sure w at NEGUS, MERRILL wonderful laughing on a comedy TV well-known show NITZMAN, PEGGY blond schoolwork writer written about NOWAK, KATHY nice attempting to think secretary a successful thinker NOVAK, TOM quiet studying scienfigf in the future O'BREMSKI, CAROLINE silent baking for Ten Teens doctor doctored O'HARA, BOB crew-cut girls small looked up to O'LEARY, TOM tall eating eating eating ORCHARD, MARY healthy drawing an artist mother of ten ORMINSKI, DAVID chubby hunting engineer head hunter OSTRANDER, NANCY candyish photography nurse a model PACIUNAS, JOAN svelte gabbing artist a second Miss Kinum PAGE, JIM talkative talking nuclear physicist a 'phone operator PAINE, CORINNE busy working actress soap opera star PARKER, MARGARET neat primping she doesn't know B WOW! PEAT, BOB teeny tiny basketball in the army a general PEPICELLI, GAIL moon-eyed we don't know in college in three years PERROTT, JIM boyish being funny alive . . . at least we think so PFAFFENBACH, PETER ready-to-go water sports engineer in hot water PFEIFFER, KAREN peachy reading in medicine a good cure PICKETT, TOM tall pestering not sure fenced-in PLUMLEY, HARRIET quiet planes in aviation grounded PONTIUS, JANNE blushing busy, busy, busy teacher iust busy POREMBSKI, KATHLEEN short languages language teacher TYBDSIBTOF fOr U.N. PROUD, SUSAN likable reading not sure doing something PULVER, WINNIE pleasing horses a dress designer The lady in red PUMP, MARY wiry pop records doctor well-fixed RAAG, BETTY rushed being busy nurse a busy one RANDALL, RANDY different music a music teacher keyed-Up RANKIN, JANET shy must be something secretary what she wants REICH, GEORGE suave not science science useful RICHTER, DAVE slim ? engineer if he wants TO be RICHTER, DAWN Booming wise-cracking nurse nursed ROBBINS, DOUG neat nothing much dentist using a iack hammer ROBERTS LINDA peppy sports secretary an Olympic star ROCKLIN FRAN Daring being daring designer a daring designer ROGERS, CAROLE sophisticated dancing doctor in the chorus ROSENBERG, ESTHER nice smiling teacher a good one SACKETT, BARB long-haired wo?king on the farmer a farmerette arm SALVATORE, DICK bespec-ed reading "Hot Rod" dentist painful! SAMPSON, CLIFFORD short nothing much ? heard from! SANTONE, LEE dark-haired being dark-haired a fashion designer a fashion plate SCHAUER, WILLIAM freckled fooling around physicist well . . . SCHLANSKER, DAVID Cherub smiling college athlete if he GETS his "Wheaties" SCHULENBERG, DIANE friendly making friends ? ? ? out making more friends SHEFFIELD, SUE fair being sweet French teacher BS Sweet BS ever SHORT, LIBBY SILVERMAN, MARSHA tall and nice not bad at all being tardy making excuses dancer married to a millionaire a tardy dancer 3 or 4 times! NAME APPEARANCE OCCUPATION WANTS TO BE PROBABLY WILL BE SLOVAK, .IIM rugged workingf?J a doctor a doctor SOFER, LOIS shy also baking for Ten a teacher a good one Teens SIMPSON, MARY E. domesticated ? secretary iust that SPITZ, ANN short secret street cleaner Oh, be serious, Ann STANCLIFFE, BRUCE terrific helping Mr. Williams mortician outlive us all STAVES, DAVID blond drawing auto mechanic car designer STEBBINS, MARION peppy being nice lab technician a second Rapunzell STRYKIEWICK, JOE freckled wrestling construction engineer a wrestler SULOWSKI, KRIS enthusiasitic cheerleading mathematician with Einstein's help SUMMERS, FRANK smiling asking questions electronics engineer Tetad of a research a SUTTER, PAUL blondish playing a radio in the Air Force at least a general SYLVESTER, DON blushing cleaning his glasses mechanic a successful mechanic TABER, MARLENE iust right running around in a business college in a business college TAGART, SHARON well-dressed reading nurse in Japan Sayonara, Sharon TILMA, RALPH short-ish talking electrical engineer a short circuit TITUS, JANE busy managing "Diary" translator . . . and how! TOD, BILL tall tending his papers engineer the first man to reach the moon on foot TREAT, JUDY slim hm-m-m? housewife well-treated TRENTINI, WALTER melancholic running the gang in the Navy an Admiral UNBEKANT, SUSAN sparkling taking pictures secretary boss lady VALACHOVIC, YVONNE pleasant keeping quiet nurse operating room supervisor VEEDER, CAROLYN wide awake making excuses for librarian something easier not working WANTY, CAROL 5 ft. 2 in. chemistry nurse the nicest nurse in ward 88 WARE, DAVID iust right doing good ? ? '? good at anything WATSON, KENNY impish cartooning lawyer comedian WEBSTER, LINDA nice writing writer for Bache and Co. WEATHERWAX, JACK tall boy scouting undecided first man back from the moon WEISS, GARY comical getting into trouble dentist "aint't that the tooth" WELCH, JAN sleepy acting electronic engineer a missionary WHEELER, BARB cute making friends secretary making more friends WHITE, JERRY bright! studying physical chemist physical education teacher WILBER, MARY sincere reading the Bible '? '? ? missionary WILLCOX' JOHN sleepy trying to sleep able to sleep a mattress WILLIAMS, DICK heavy baseball baseball player a heavy hitter WILSON, CLARK studious studying in the diplomatic replace J. F. Dulles corps WILSON, GAIL pUppy-i5h French Qtrying to secretary for someone French figure it outi WILSON, SARA happy homemaker doctor a good one VVOLFE, CQLLEEN perky being a perfect lamb teacher selling Stewart's ice cream YAGER, KAREN dark-eyed studying secretary a secretary YOUNG, RICK quiet basketball engineer tall, dark, and mmm ZIELINSKI, AL sleek-haired taking a back seat in the army a truant officer ZIENIUKI DAVE Sf-,Off growing police officer lieutenant ZIQBRQWSKII TED Compact being in Walt's gang in the Navy another admiralf?J g s n I J S -u A, Aufvgraphs v Che Absolufv Sm! 55159 xx f f . . amazes ki M Q5 Q A fX'T.f-Qfl POOG SUO

Suggestions in the Van Antwerp Junior High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) collection:

Van Antwerp Junior High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Van Antwerp Junior High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Van Antwerp Junior High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Van Antwerp Junior High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 17

1958, pg 17

Van Antwerp Junior High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 24

1958, pg 24

Van Antwerp Junior High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 52

1958, pg 52

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