Van Antwerp Junior High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Schenectady, NY)

 - Class of 1957

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Van Antwerp Junior High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Schenectady, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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M, .J-A Mm DR. CALVIN E. GROSS Diflric! Prinfipal DR. WILLIAM LOUIS Dimfirt Vice Principal ARTHUR D. PUTMAN We, the graduating class of 1957, respectfully dedicate this yearbook to Arthur D. Putman, our principal. Mr. Putman has devoted his life to education and Van Antwerp School. We will always remember his patience when dealing with problems and his sympathetic understanding of people. .HY If I of 7wfW ENGLISH AND LANGUAGE DEPARTMENTS Miss Peterson, Mrs. O'Grady, Miss Pound, Mrs, Marrs, Mrs. Wretlind, Mrs. Keene, HA A 'Mg Blake, Miss Anderson, Miss Houghton. ' W Q' I f 3 'SH I and Mr. Graig 5' fff Q a 'I A A f CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mr. Taormina Miss Morrison Mrs. Ryan Mrs. Neil Miss Brennan MATHEMATICS DEPARTMEN Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Bass Pentecost Mathise Hessler Mr. Kroder SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Langton, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Flahive. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Miss Horstman Mrs. Leonard PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mr, Johnson Miss Millspaugh Mr. Gifford .. im-puppy mi? MUSIC DEPARTMENT Miss Mooney Mr. Schiff INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Mr. Gleason ART DEPARTMENT Miss Kinum LIBRARIAN Miss Corrigan KW SCHOOL NURSE Mrs. Male GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Dulac Mrs. Yates Uecretaryj JUNIOR HIGH SECRETARIAL STAFF Mrs. Abele Mrs. Shirikian CAFETERIA PERSONNEL Mrs. Lasher, manager Mrs. Plasberg Mrs. Iacobucci Mrs. McCafferty Mrs. Sims lilnwv if - , V LIBRARY SECRETARY Miss Steele i I CUSTODIAL AND TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT Front row: J. Skibik, W. Ledwith, U. Bartow F. -Diemer, E. Fornier, J. Wilson, A. Santilli Second row: R. O'Connor, E. Wheeler, W Jones, H. Rolfe, F. Frese, P. Wrubleski, J Iacobucci, J. Van Dorn, E. Gignac. Standing: J. J. Foy, Supervisor of Custodians and Trans- portation. K4 15 PI-IYLLIS ALBERTS Ten-Teens. The two nohlert thingf . . . fweetnery and light. ANN ARAGONA Camera Club, Glee Club. Swift as a rhadow. SALLY ARNDS Choir, Library Club, Dramatics. The more the fnerrier. DON BAIER Science Club. This learned man . . JOHN BALL Bowling Club, Wrestling. He'r tough, Ma'am, tough if IB. VIRGINIA BALLARD Ten-Teens, Intramurals, Glee Club. I Inuit hate liberty. CAROLYN BARD Intramurals. By forte of beauty. MARY ANN BARKER Choir. A Jweet, attractive kind of grate. TOM BEAMES Band. Beamr from happy human eyer. BARBARA BEAN Cheerleadingg Bowling Club. Frefh and criJp and Jparkling. JOHN BECKER Intramurals, Bowling Club. AJ upright ar the redar. NANCY BECKER Library Club, Choir. Let there he truth. EDMUND BEDNAROWSKI Choir, Varsity Basketball. I cannot tell what the dirheny hi: name if. HENRY G. BEJIAN Thou hart the gift of Jtrength. DENNIS BERNHARDT I am in earneft. 'YF' at all A re! E fm I will I ef '75 71? ffW"rf Www' if 1 1.3 M. WSWSQ I we LAWRENCE B. BIER Student Council. Niskayuna Senior High Provisional Student Council. The magic of the tongue. JAMES R. BIRCH He maker hir promire good. DONALD BISGROVE Science Club. He'J a :ure card. DAVID BLITZBLAU Dramatics, Library Club, Science Club. His u'ord5 . . . Irip ahoul him at hi: command. JONATHAN BOSWORTH "Diary," Exfeedingly well read. KAREN BOULTON Glee Club, Photography Club. Friendfhip if conflanl. EDITH BOYD Choir. Failhful friendf are hard fo find. CONLIN BRADLEY Bowling Club. Hail fellow well met. JAMES BRIADDY From lhe crown of his head lo all mirth. PETER BROWNSEY Any man may he in good rpirity. FREDA BUNDY "Diary," Choir, A hrighl, parlirular rlar. NINA BUTURLINSKY Choir, Girls' Quartet, Library Cl the role of hir feet, he iJ ub, Dramatics. She walhx in beauty ar lhe night. ALAN BYRNES Lez :hy wordf he few. JOHN CABANISS Band, Science Club. Nature and hoohr belong to zhe eye.r tha! .fee zhem. JEFFREY CAHN Dramatics, Science Club, Bowling Club. He if a great ohferrier. RICHARD CAIN Choir. I will no! relreal a Jingle inch. DALE CAMPBELL Bowling Club. Af merry ar the day ir long. JANET CARTER Senior Band. Mari: from the Jpherer. NICHOLAS CELENZA . . . fm' In be 1l'l,l't'. SUE CIRCE Home Nursing. Bowling Club, Glec Club, Science Club. Of .frzrff il good l2ag1z1r11r1g 5111116111 11 ,good Lflld. ELAINE CLARK Choir. Dramiitics. Debating Club. Sbif in .1 14111 rum un flung. KATHERINE CLARK Choir. DL'.Ut'.lfAf .md full of ffft. PETER CLAUS Choir, Intramurals. He I1c'I'L'1' ,iuiuyv .1 frmfirb lhfng. PAM COBB Dranmtics. Choir. Ar bury .if I1 figs. CONSTANCE CONGDON Bowling Club, Nurses' Aid. 111 ylfffllll lmu' like .111 Jrzgel. ANTHONY COPPOLA JR. Varsity. Debating Club. The 5f1'c'lIgIfJ of I1A'L'lIlj men. GEORGIANNA CORVINO Ten-Teens. Glee Club, Her r1111lt ir Ike ,iu'u!e',f1. GAIL CURTISS Dance Committee. Dmmatics. Choir, Gi Ar .YIIIKQI live lurk. ELIZABETH DAVIDSON Her rbeeif like the 1-11 re 11. bu: frerher. RICHARD DAVIS Choir, Bowling Club. The jfrire of u'1.fdw11 ii' izbore ruliiri. ELIZABETH DAWSON Bowling Club, Glee Club. E11ffmr111'ef.i' of lfae .flflfllly .fear JOHN DELACK XVrc-stling. Managers Club. To bare 11 gfazzfy .fl1'tf7Igl!7. CLYDE DEWEESE Student Council. Yuufla if full of plerzmre, HARRY ALEXIS DIAKOFF Science Club. Debating. JOAN DILTS rls' Quartet. Library Club. junior Band, Nurses' Aid. Ye laura many strings 111 your bow. PAM DOIN Girls' Glce Club. Intramurals. Happiazefi' maker up in laefghl . . . .xi DONALD DURANT Choir. Goodneff if never fearful. LINDA DUSSAULT Choir, Student Council, Dramatics. lVelrome he thou, fair frefh May. LINDA EAKIN Choir. Sweet af a iummer afternoon SUSAN EASTWOOD Dramatics, Choir, "Diary," The pen if nzightier than the Jword. SARAH JANE ELDRED "Diary," Library Club, Debating, Dramatics. . . . there'J none like pretty Sally. MURIEL FASULA "Diary," A good hook if the preeiouf life-blood. BETTY ANN FELTHOUSEN Library Club. Exreeding wire, fair-fpoken and periuading. CAROL EINK Senior Band, Choir, Library Club. Mu.rir ir well raid to he the Jpeeeh of angelf. FREDERICK FINK Bowling, Dramatics, Science Club. . . . wonder grew that one Jrnall head could carry knew. WILLIAM FINK Varsity Basketball, Senior Band, Choir, Dance Comm. A friend . . . the rnafterpiere of nature. BILL FINKLE Bowling. He wax a gentleman. SUE ELLEN FITZPATRICK "Diary," Student Council. For all that'J fair if hy nature good. DIANE FOWLER Library Club, Dramatics, Glee Club, Bowling. Young and fair. ROBERT FOWLER Wrestling. With reafonuhle men, I will rearon CAROL LYNNE FOX Intramurals, Sparkling and hright. EDWARD FROHNHOEFER The reward of a thing well done if to have done it. JOSEPH GANNON A mind equal to any undertaking. ANN GATTA Choir, Band, Library Club, Girls' Quartet. She never found fault with you. all he MELVIN GAU Wrestling. AJ Jure af a gun. PETER GEORGE Bowling. And if hir name be George, I'll call him Peler. CARLTON GIBSON Choir, Dance Comm., Managers Club. A fellow of infinite jert. ROBERT GIBSON Varsity Basketball, Senior Band, Choir, Dance Comm. A ruddy drop of manly blood. DAVID GIDLEY Choir, Intramurals, Bowling, Debating. The gift of friendrhip. HAL GIFFORD Senior Band, Choir, Bowling, Varsity Basketball. There if no royal road to learning. RUSS GLEAVES Choir, Wrestling. The glam' of farhion. MICHAEL GLENNON Bowling. He if HJ full of rfalour ar of hindnerr. LEONARD GOWER Men of few wordr are the bert men. PAUL PHILIP GREENBLATH Senior Band, Bowling. Good nature if agreeable. ANSON GREENE The memory be green. GARY GRIMES Managers Club, Library Club, Bowling Cl ager. How merry war he. HELEN HAINES ub, Varsity Man- Murir: if the thing of the world I love mort. Senior Band, Choir. SYLVIA HANSON Her zfoire war ever .fo roft and gentle. SHERWOOD HAMIL Varsity Basketball, Varsity Soccer. Strength enough to do the work, ELAINE HARGRAVES After a Jtorrn comer a calm. SYDNEY ANN HARRISON "Diary," Dramatics. We have a newrpaper which doe: it: best. TERRY HAY Bowling. No legary if ar rich ar honert. - x QQ' Y ii .af X E -P 7' gg.: 3 A inn 3 :gc Y . . is ff Xb. 'V,gi.2..Z, . X 2 -153: .Mis : sv .V . . is . B. 'F -- rig 'Q .t i :S-Qi 1 - i- . i s 1:27 . Sw 3 3 is ' 'Em 3 Aw, if E f .' L . as M , LLV V ,gi y h A , .4 NH, f K. ig T 995 fl lt ef -3 5 5 lag 'M Q -at 'A Q Eg ska 2' 'A' in 3 .i. . 'Q 3 gg f: N If v u 5 . E22 QQ DICK HEALEY Choir, Dramatics. AJ happy 415 any 2111111 in the world. ERIC HENRY Choir, Science Club, Debating Clu . lzzflnmed u'ilh zhe fzudy of lefzrzzing . . . ROGER HENRY Laugh yomzfelf izzlo ftilfhef. CLAIRMONT HERMAN Bowling. Reuimz if lhe law of life. SUSAN HOLTZ "Diary," Choir, Dramatics. Indu.rfri0u.f and hind, BARBARA HOSKINS Choir, Dramatics, Cheerleading. Nolhizzg greal 1421.5 e1'er achiered ufilhoul 6!Ilh7ll.fitI.f7IZ. GARY HUGHES He um efer ,f1reri.rein hir pmmire-making. PAM HURLEY Dramatics, junior Band. The firmexz friend. DONNA HUTCHINSON Laughing lipi and roguifh eyei. ANN HYDORN I will he heard. CLAYTON JANAITIS Varsity Basketball. The .rporting muzfi ieme uf lurk. KAREN JANDREAU "Diary," Dramatics. Bluxhing if lhe color of virtue. LINDA JEFFREY Choir, Bowling, Science Club, Nurses' Aid, Glee Club A failhful friend . . . TOM KALTEUX Choir, Student Council, Bowling. To enjoy delight with liherly. RUBY KANNE Library Club. Silenre ay deep ai eternily. JOAN KATHER Library Club. By genlle deedx if known. JOANN KELLER Ohliging and rheerful. WADE KIESS Wrestling. Men rhould he wha! they Jeem FRED KIRK Varsity Basketball, Senior Band. I' Mm: fum fella- .. A Choir. N ofhing aflonirhei men Jo much ar rommon Ienfe ,Ag ALBERT KNAPP tj, if VIRGINIA KLEMM A M I2 4 n I A Hin ts lg 3 it A I Senior Band, Managers Club. To make me merry. JOHN KNISKERN Managers Club, Bowling, lVhy don? you Jpeah for yourrelf, john? RAYMOND KOMP Bowling. Kneuledge if power. PAMELA KWOLEK Glee Club. Blue are her eyef and gold ir her hair. SANDRA LAUDATO Ten-Teens, Glee Club. The Jufeeteyl of all round: ix pruife. DAVID LAWRY Science Club. So wife. .fo young. HILDA R. LAWTON Thofe uhouz her, from her shall read lhe perfect way of honor. KAREN LESSNER Choir, Cheerleading, Girls' Quartet. Arnhilion har no rifh. DAVID LISTER A penny for your lhoughlf. PETER LEUSCHNER Choir. So much one man ran do. ROSEMARY LEVA "Diary," Library Club, Dramatics, Student Council, Dance Comm., Cheerleading. Rofenzary for rernemhnznce. LINDA LEWIS Dramatics. "Diary," Cheerleading, Dance Comm., Student Council. . 'Tir heuuly cally . . . ALISON LIEBHAFSKY "Diary," Library Club, Science Club, Dramatics. . . . sweet, .rmiling Alison. TED LOKENBERG Senior Band. A good hear! if worlh gold. HAROLD WAYNE LORD A "Diary." ' i The king of m'li.rt5 would he the photographer. Q I Nh . ' I. JI, PATRICIA LORITSCH ' "Diary," Dramatics, Bowling. qi v Bleu with lhaz rharrn. gag 1-'I'f't1'27" l ...J - 'af-L ,l Y i f 96 9' ew? M '1 Q helm In . , f QL, , , s it law A tr 'mu ...ff 9 iii to we-wg., ii? .gl 2, "l"'!' gl st 1 -qi? ,IO-ANNE LOSEE Dramatics, Bowling, Glee Club. An angel .' or, if not, an earthly paragon. FRED LUECK A time to keep Jilenre and a time to J DAVID LUMGAIR peak. Senior Band, Choir, Managers Club, Double Quartet. . . . a Scot taught young. KAREN LUND "Diary," Library Club, Dramatics, Majorettes, Student Council. . . . ronxtant at the northern Jtar. LARRY LUSSIER A Frenchman mutt alwayy he talking. MCCLIMANS Science Club. I Jhall neifer he aware of my own um. BETH MCCONAGHY Dramatics, Choir. Wfit maker iti own welcome. MCCULLOCH Bowling. ELLEN MCCUNE he a man mutt alto he a non-fonforrnixt. Cheerleading, Student Council, "Diary," . pretty to walk with and witty to talk with. KEITH MCHUGH Play and make good cheer. Senior Band, Bowling. JAMES MCNAUGHTON Choir, Bowling, Debating, Intramural . . . wiye and worldly. BETSY MARCELLUS Cheerleading, Student Council, Choir, The falling itone gatheri no mon. STANLEY MATHES Science Club. Wfhat a nohle mind if here. EUGENE MILLS I have no Juperfluoui leiyure. BEVERLY MOORE Glee Club, Ten-Teens. Glad that I live, am I. KENNETH MORRELL Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball. None hut the hraife . . . MARILYN NELSON Bowling, Glee Club, Dramatics. True perfection. GAIL NICKLE Bowling, Intramurals. The Jight of you if good for :ore eye! s. Dance Comm. CONNIE NIELSEN She uw' .ill good thaw. BETTY O'NEILL A ,mfr .in.i'u'er 1111716717 rllfclj zwnzlb. CRAIG ORGAN Student Council. You mn bein' ffm! bay laughing. ELIZABETH ANN ORZEL Dramatics, Glec Club, Bowling, Intramurals. A43 bear! if true. JOYCE OTTMAN Choir, Senior Band, Library Club, Student Council. Born uizfu ine gif! of lrzugbirr, NANCY PALMER Bowling, Nurses' Aid. Hou' poor' rife they Ihr!! do not bill e fniliente. FRANK PANNENBORG Intramurals, Hi! hair betume rzirlier. MARY JANE PARK Nurses' Aid. CIlII.fidF1'.lIilll1 like rin rnzlqel. DAVID PARKER He lfnouxr what ii' whirl. JANET PEARCE Choir, Bowling. Ilw' fmile if brigln. GARY PEARSON Dramatics, Bowling, Senior Band. All the uwrldu ii ridge. BRUCE PELRINE Bowling, Lerzrz mid. .woneu mended. ROBERT PEPICELLI Ar! if lfze .i'u1'e.rl .ind ,ipifeil CII ilizef. KAREN PETERSON Intramurals, I hate no one and 11111 in flmrity uifla riff lbs uvirld. ELLA PFAFFENBACI-I Library Club, Nurses' Aid, Bowling. Geniui muff be barn and fan never be taugbl. GEORGE PFAFFENBACI-I Every man if wiznled. MARGARET PLANT Choir, Dramatics. My affection bully an unknown bollom. HELEN PLUMB Dramatics, 4'Diary," Student Council, Choir. Fffarlf and gay. . 3, 'ik I a f: ,E -i ,elf -- f- . ..', ifiiif --'- - , .trys .-: r,,, 1 1, siti .W W A J W-aaa-gf ff lg ...fir ' 2 hge ' . . . Q ,. , fun- ' 4 . C 1,1 . i ' ell? 5,5 1 5 ., . ., La QW ails 'Qi DAVID PUTNAM Wrestling, Dramatics. But I could newer any word ye! urzderrmnd him. KAREN RAS There if Irue frieudrliip. RUTH REEVE Library Club, Choir, Dramatics. The rerlainly to pleare. VINCENT REILLY JR. For a lnriglaf manhood. GENIE RICHTER A womazz ir a dirlv for ilae godr. RONALD RUDMANN Varsity Basketball, Wrestling, Dramatics. A good fall fellow. GEORGE RYAN Le! George do il. CHARLOTTE SACKETT Senior Band. Murir if ine unizferral language. RICHARD SANTILLI Managers Club, Choir, Bowling. Knowledge comer but wirdom lingerr. RICHARD SAUTER Handrome ir ar bandrorne doer. WALTER SCHENK Wrestling. The bearing ear and Ibe .reeing eye. JEAN SCI-IROETER Bowling, Glee Club. Here if a lrue and indurtriour friend. JEAN SCHULTZ feannie. wills the ligbl brown hair. JEFFREY SCHWEDES Science Club, Student Council, Debating. Intramurals. Hou' noble in rearon. CAROLYN SCOTT Thou art fairer llfan llae evening air. THOMAS SENNETT Bowling. Very free and flear. SUSAN SHAPIRO Library, Student Council, Choir, Double Quartet, Dra matics. Merry and wire. CAROL SHEALS Library Club, Dramatics, Nurses' Aid Club. IVill9 trulla and loyfaliy. MARGARET SHERRY Ten-Teens, Choir. Glee Club, A merry liearl. DAVID SHTMKUS Hozzeilyy. minibood. mid good fellozaxfbip, JOHN SHUTTS Student Council, Managers Club, Varsity M1UlgCf He 1-ulezb Ike roorl. RICHARD SIMS Senior Band. Bowling, Varsity. Some me l701'7I grail. ELAINE A. SPEIGEL Library Club. llmlficb bu Ibe mw'rie.rl eyef. BARBARA JEAN SPIETH Bowling, "Diary." Nurses' Aid, Dramatics Bookr . . . kej lo ll'l,l'd0lII'J' 1re4i.riu'e. JAMES SPRING Senior Band. If 1l'l71l81' mmef mn .ipriizg be fin' behind. BRUCE STANCLIEIIE Managers Club. Il ii' bH1lt'1' .fo u'e,n out llmfi ruff out. ARTHUR STRANG Dance Comm., Choir. Let Ike fbifvr fall where lbey muy. RICHARD STROM Science Club, Rover and mzef, llzker mid ferzir. JANIE SUTTON Glee Club. A ebiiizgeuole flying if uommz, ezer. CAROL LYNN SWANSON "Diary," Choir. Dramatics, Bowling. Diiirzely lull mid diriliely fair. BARBARA SZUMACHOWSKI Choir. The only uviy lo bore ll friend is be one. CHARLES R. SPENCER Science Club. Hif mzlure if noble BRUCE TRAVINS My soul, there if ii rouzztfy afar beyond lbe Jmrr BONNIE VAIL "Diary." I Jing lhe flinging dirroizleizl llaa! leapf from Har lo :tar PETER VAN DE CAR Science Club, Debating. No omni is really .mfe or happy willmul iz hobby ESTELLA VANDERHORST "Diary," Student Council. She war ever fair and rzezer proud. ,S SA A A QA. ROGER VAUGI-IAN Roger. rome here. you fmfnip. PETER VEA Varsity Basketball. Choir. The .ferrez of surfers if rorimwfy lo purpose. JOYCE WATTERS The mirror of all rourtery, RACHEL WEINGARTEN Choir, Library Club. ll"0IUu'II'.f work if Heier done. ARLENE WELLISCH Some soul of goridiifwr. DICKEN WHITEHEAD Varsity Basketball, Choir. The full and lhe wire. JEFFREY WILLEY "Diary." My wit if zhine. GARY WILLIAMS Band, Intramurals. Anylhirig for a quiel life. HOLLY WILLIAMS Cheerleading, Majorcttes, Choir, Double Quartet Sabrina Fair. SHARON WILLIAMS Choir, Dramatics, Double Quartet. Grew riril ol her 107113. JUNE WILLIG Some .fperial good doer gire. JEFFREY WILSON Wrestling, Science Club. The ,rleep of the luhorizzg mon if Jweel. VALERIE WILSON Glee Club, Intramurals. Ar good df gold. GAIL WILTSE Choir. Enjoy your dear wil and gay rhelorir. JOAN WINNE Glee Club. lWho lead! iz good life it .fure to life well. GEORGE WRIGHT Intramurals. Good words are worth mufh and for! lilllf. WAYNE YAGERA Laugh and the world laugh! with you. JOHN YOUNGBLOOD Senior Band. Old friend! are hext. BARBARA ZAGATA JOHN ZIOBROWSKI Choir, Intramurals. Roll an, zlaou ball, roll on. Sweel and delectable. -, ' , fare' 345353 Y, ' W we f '- -' - We ,swf - arwiffarma aagffgff szfgsiigmwi h ' " Awfa waf1 ef,a- - . af ef ff52'fafa'115. fa ?1ew3ili."i5 Pictures of the following persons were unavailable: Gary Gagne, Patricia Hoffman Anthony Sindoni, Phillip Snow, Stephen Hardesty. 44z TOMMY KALTEUX leaves his wisecracks to Jay Furlong . . . HOLLY WILLIAMS bequeaths her baton to Kris Lund . . . KAREN JANDREAU wills her blushes to Prissy Angelo . . . GAIL WILTSE bequeaths her back porch swing to Emily Lang- worthy . . . JANET CARTER leaves her collection of I.D.'s to Barb Sackett . . . CONLIN BRADLEY bequeaths his friendliness to Ed Aclella . . . MARY BARKER wills her shyness to Winnie Pulver . . . CHARLOTTE SACKETT leaves her horses to Bronco Bill . . . DICK SANTILLI leaves his dimples to Kathy Byrne . . . CAROL FOX wills her basketball tricks to Mr. Gifford . . . LIBBY SUE DAWSON leaves for the Yukon . . . JOHN CABANISS bequeaths his "he man" build to Superman . . . DENNIS BERNHARDT leaves his architectural interests to Nancy Felthousen . . . JEFF CAHN leaves his effervescence to Ann Spitz . . . KATHY CLARK leaves her energy to Ann Moore . . . HAL GIFFORD leaves his dry humor to Jan Welch . . . ROGER HENRY leaves his corny jokes to any future student who wants them . . . PHIL SNOW wills his quiet sense of humor to Jim Page . . . WADE KIESS leaves his interest in dogs to Miss Pentecost . , . LARRY LUSSIER leaves his French name to Miss Peterson . . . PATTY HOFFMAN leaves her giggle to Kris Sulowski . . . GAIL NICKEL leaves her twinkling eyes to John Clover . . . BARBARA ZAGATA leaves her baked goods to Donn Chown . . . Eddie BEDNAROWSKI leaves his fun in science movies to Tricky Domser . . . BOB PEPICELLI leaves V.A. tap-less . . . ANN GATTA leaves her voice to the early morning lark . . . STELL VANDERHORST leaves to join her older brother . . . WAYNE LORD leaves his camera to the National Geo- graphic Society . . . MURIEL FASULA leaves her large collection of James Dean fan magazines to Margie Miller . . . BETH McCONAGHY leaves her height to Ann Spitz . . . SYD HARRISON leaves "Diary" safely in the hands of Jane Pontius . . . DON BISGROVE leaves the aircraft spotting to the Ground Observer Corps . . . JOAN DILTS leaves her Girl Scouting to Jane Titus . . . KEITH MCHUGH leaves his drums to John Clover . KEN MORREL bequeaths his athletic build' to Tarzan . . . RAY KOMP leaves his gun collection to the F.B.I .... CAROL SWANSON and PAM KWOLEK leave their blond locks to Larry Blonde , . . HILDA LAWTON bequeaths her sweetness to Judy Arnold . . . GEORGE WRIGHT leaves to join his brothers, Wilber and Orville . . . BARB SPIETH leaves her bowling average to Winnie Pulver . . . Sandy Laudato leaves her archery ability to the Niskayuna Archery Association . . . SUE ELLEN FITZPATRICK refuses to leave her raccoon to anyone . . . GEORGI- ANNA CORVINO and BEV MOORE leave Miss Millspaugh in peace . . . CHARLES SPENCER leaves the presidency of the Science Club in the hands of a future enthusiast . . . JOE GANNON leaves his shyness to Sherm Dawson . . . BRUCE TRAVINS leaves his perpetual studying to those who need it . . . LEONARD GOWER leaves his humming to Miss Mooney . . . BRUCE PELRINE and JEAN SCHULTZ don't want to leave anything . . . SALLY ARNDS leaves her vivacious personality to Barb Wheeler . . . BOBBY BIRCH leaves his "basso profundoh to Bob O'Hara . . . KAREN BOULTON wills all her intramurals to Carolyn Veeder . . . JIM BRIADDY leaves his quiet personality to Jimmy Finkle . . . SUSAN CIRCE leaves her surgical bandages to the Nurses' Aids . . . PETE CLAUS leaves his last name to Santa , . . LINDA DUSSAULT leaves her money to Dave Lamoureaux . . . CAROL FINK leaves her long locks to Mirian Stebbins . . . BOB FOWLER leaves his name to Bedford Bonta . . . SHERWOOD HAMIL leaves his foul shots to John Ham . . , DICK HEALY leaves his suaveness to Pete Cotton . . . PAM HURLEY leaves her slim figure to Pat Fink . . . DONNA I-IUTCHINSON leaves to join Elvis . . . LINDA JEFFERYS leaves "Comb" to Barby Layman . . . ROSEMARY LEVA leaves all the clubs at a loss . . . ALISON LIEBHASKY leaves her "A"s to Karen Brown . . , TED LOKENBERG leaves the mechanical drawing class to some talented eighth grader . . . BETSY MARCELLUS leaves her pep to Dawn Richter . . . JANE McCUNE leaves her angel-like ways to Carol Kiszkiel . , , NANCY PALMER leaves to join the "I Love Lucy" cast . . . PEGGY PLANT leaves her terrific sense of humor to some lucky person . . . DAVE PARKER leaves to start an arrow-making industry . . . DICK STROM leaves his "sandy" blond hair to some lucky eighth grader . . . BONNIE VAIL leaves her books to the library . . . ROGER VAUGHAN leaves his excellent French to another fortunate French student . . . PETE VEA leaves well dressed-as usual . . . DICKEN WHITEHEAD leaves his height to an "Ivory Tower" . JEFF WILLEY left for Florida . . . WAYNE YAGER leaves V.A.S. at a loss . . . JOHN BALL leaves Mr. Flahive without a guinea pig . . . TOM BEAMES leaves his good humor to Mr, Williams . . . NANCY BECKER leaves her quiet ways to some nice eighth grader . . . PETE BROWNSEY leaves his smile to the rabbits . . . ALAN BYRNES leaves his blond hair to Bill Finkle . . . TONY COPPOLA leaves his purple knee guards to Dave Rictor . . . HARRY DIAKOFF is taking his educational system with him-but you can be sure that we'll hear more of it later . . . LINDA EAKIN leaves her hockey ability to Miss Millspaugh . . . SUE EASTWOOD leaves her play writing ability to Miss Pound . . . DI. FOWLER leaves her Elvis Presley records to Tab Hunter . . . ELAINE HARGRAVES leaves her long hair to Barb Sackett . . . SUE HOLTZ leaves her "Diary" store to Corrine Payne . . . BARB HOSKINS leaves her backbend to Carole Rogers . . . LINDA LEWIS leaves her cheerleading jumps to Jean Kline . . . FRED LUECK leaves for Niskayuna Central Senior High School . . . GARY PEARSON leaves his trumpet to Emily Langworthy . . . WALTER SCHENK leaves Miss Houghton . . . JEAN SCHROETER leaves her all-'round athletic abilities to Mary Pump . . . SUE SHAPIRO leaves her fabulous maps to Mr. Taormina . . . CAROL ANN SHEALS leaves French with Miss Peterson . . . JOHN SHUTTS leaves his gavel to the lucky president of next year's Student Council . . . DICK SIMS leaves his freckles and flat top to Pete Gill . . . PETER VAN DE CAR leaves his sneezes to the parakeets . . . JOYCE WATTERS leaves her constant giggle to Molly Marsden . . . JEFF WILSON finally gets out of 209 . . . JOHN ZIABROWSKI leaves his abundant personality to Pat Delmonica . . . BARB BEAN leaves her last name to Boston . . . JOHN BECKER wills his flower box to Mr. Williamis window sill . . . PAM COBB leaves her last name to some needy corn . . . CONNIE CONGDON leaves her darling figure to Karen Brown . . . ELIZABETH DAVIDSON leaves her shy manner to Mary Elizabeth Simpson . . . DICK DAVIS leaves his likeable ways to Fred Lane . . . CLYDE DE WEESE leaves his absences from Student Council meetings to Mr. Langton . . . FRED FINK leaves the seat next to Mr. William's desk vacant . . . ED FROHNHOEFER leaves his last name to some nameless bakery . . . RUSS GREAVES leaves his collar to Elvis . . . ERIC HENRY leaves his substitution method to Miss Pentecost . . . CUPPY HERMAN LEAVES! . . . ANNE HYDORN leaves her "most talkativeu title to Anne Spitz . . . DAVID LAWRY leaves his loud voice to the mice . . . PATSY LORITSCH leaves her perky personality to Pam Garr . . . DAVE LUMGAIR leaves his musical ability to Carol Fisher . . . TONY MCCLIMANS leaves his size to Teddy Ziabrowski . . . BETTY ORZEL leaves her Elvis Presley sneakers to Fran Clark . . . HELEN PLUMB leaves her name to a tree of the same name . . . RUTH REEVE leaves her basketball technique to Carolyn Veeder . . . RONNIE RUDMANN leaves his physique to Doug Austin . . . GEORGE RYON leaves his quiet humor to John Wilcox . . . RICKY SAUTER leaves his good looks to Tom Abele . . . TONY SINDONI leaves 'his wolf whistles to Doug Austin . . . JIMMY SPRING leaves his last name to a needy mattress . . . BRUCE STANCLIFFE leaves Mr. Williams at a loss . . . SHARON WILLIAMS leaves her dynamic per- sonality to Kathy Byrne . . . JOAN WINNIE leaves her last name to Poo . . . ELIABETH BALDWIN leaves in the middle of the year . . . LARRY BIER leaves his curly locks to Paul Sutter . . . FREDA BUNDY leaves her cheerful ways to Judy Johnson . . . GAIL CURTISS wills her wardrobe to Marg Middleton . . . PAM DOIN leaves her great cheering ability to Dawn Richter . . . BILL FINKLE leaves to make room for Jimmy Finkle . , . GARY GAGNE finally gets a pass to leave room 212 . . . MELVIN GAU wills his quiet ways to the mice . . . PETER GEORGE leaves his "petit" figure to Rick Young . . . DAVID GIDLEY wills his stock of library passes to Miss Corrigan . . . MIKE GLENNON leaves his bowling averages to be wondered over . . . PAUL GREENBLATH wills his trumpet to Gabriel . . . ANSON GREEN leaves his Boy Scouting to Davie Crockett . . . CLAYT JANAITUS wills his' Ivy League shirts to Wultex . . . ALBERT KNAPP leaves his clarinet to Benny Goodman . . . PETER LEUSCHNER leaves all the girls in 212 at a loss . . . JO-ANNE LOSEE would like to leave for Nott Terrace . . . KAREN LUND hands all her school activities to Kris Lund . . . BURR MCCULLOUGH leaves his sun tan back in Florida . . . MARILYN NELSON leaves with all the attendance and cafeteria slips . . . CONNIE NIELSON wills her pretty blond hair to Marilyn Monroe , . . MARY JANE PARK leaves her helpful ways to Jane Titus . . . KAREN PETER- SON leaves her pony tail to Trigger . . . ELLA PFAFFENBACH wills her beautiful figure to Debbie Reynolds . . , ELAINE SPIEGEL leaves her books all marked up . . . BARBARA SZUMACHOWSKI still wants to stay and sing in choir . . . VALERIE WILSON wills her petticoats to the old-fashioned gals in hoops . . . JANIE SUTTON wills her sweaters to Carole Rogers . . . ANN ARAGONA leaves her baseball to Mickey Mantle . . . VIRGINIA BALLARD leaves Mr. Flahive in peace . . . CAROLYN BARD wills her legs to Betty Grable . . . DICK CAIN leaves his white hair to Grandpa . . . DALE CAMPBELL leaves his last name to the Heinz Company . . . JOHN DELACK leaves to make room . . . DONNY DURANT wills his voice to Elvis . . . BILL FINK wills his height to Angelo Delasono . . . BOB GIBSON leaves his build to Jungle Jim . . . GARY GRIMES and STANLEY MATHES leave Mr. Taormina relieved . . . HELEN HAINES wills her French Horn to Ardis Austin . . . SYLVIA HANSEN wills her complexion to Jean Kline . . . TERRY HAY wills his ping pong to King Kong . . . GARY HUGHES finally gets to leave room 215 . . . RUBY KANNE leaves her French to Miss Peterson . . . JOAN KATHER leaves her sewing to Karen Brown . . . JOANN KELLER wills her water skiis to Miss Brennan . . . VIRGINIA KLEMM leaves her friendliness to Linda Roberts . . . KAREN LESSNER wills her dieting to Stubby Kay . . . DAVE LESTER wills his algebraic mind to Aristotle .. . EUGENE MILLS wills his motorcycle jacket to Joe Aragona . . . JOYCE OTTMAN leaves her clutch bags to Prissy Angelo . . . VINCE REILLEY wills his basketball ability to Pete Gill . . . TOM SENNETT wills his plumbing to Mr. Taorrnina's radiator . . . MARGE SHERRY wills her dimples to all dimple-less babies . . . DAVID SHIMKUS leaves his .32 shotgun to the rabbits . . . GARY WILLIAMS leaves Miss Pound at a loss . . . JOHN YOUNGBLOOD leaves his last name to Bellevue Hospital . . . PHYLLIS Alberts leaves her jazz records for a new and better collection . . . HENRY BEJIAN leaves Mr. Taormina happy . . . DAVID BLITZBLAU leaves his brother Paul . . . JON BOSWORTH leaves his voice to Aldo Ray . . . EDITH BOYD leaves for Brooklyn . . . NINA BUTURLINSKY leaves her choice gum collection . . . NICOLAS COLENZA leaves his briefcase to Don Diel . . . ELAINE CLARK wills her new baby brother to Johnson and Johnson . . . SALLY ELDRED leaves her rosy cheeks to Trick Domser . . . BETTY ANN FELTHOUSEN leaves her nice eyes to Nancy Ostrander . . . CARLTON GIBSON leaves with a hearty "ho-hon . . . FRED KIRK leaves-but Rosemary goes too . . . JOHN KNISKERN leaves his comb to Alex Zielinski . . . JAY MCNAUGHTON leaves with the usual little smile on his face . . . BETTY O'NEILL leaves her sweaters to Karen Pfeiffer . . . CRAIG ORGAN leaves his "Oscar" to the movie stars . . . FRANK PANNENBORG leaves his place in the clouds to, Rick Young . . . JANET PEARCE leaves her beat to a mixmaster . . . GEORGE PFAFFENBACH leaves his last name to a spelling teacher . . . DAVE PUTNAM leaves Mr. Flahive, period . . . KAREN RAS leaves her nice ways to Gail Pepicelli . . . GENIE RICHTER leaves her primping to Carole Rogers . . . JEFF SCHWEDES leaves with Harry Diakoff for new and better worlds . . . CAROL SCOTT leaves with Pete . . . RACHAEL WEIN- GARTEN leaves her artistic ability to Corinne Paine . . . ARLINE WELLISCH leaves her freckles to Janet Louis . . . JUNE WILLIG leaves her very red hair to Helen Harrigan. 1940-1957 When Death cornef, breaking into the cirrle of our friends, words fail us M3 MISS BETTY BRENNAN Room 208-8-2 f Qnn agdzd 71 MR. AUGUST BLAKE Room 228-8-1 MISS ANN HESSLER Room 206f8A3 MRS. PHYLLIS WRETLIND Room 118-8-4 M Rf X A ,RV A QV N P V , MRS. JULIA RYAN Room 223-8-6 :M X, ij sg' ,fx , ,f , 'ft ' ' U , W 1 X , X m XJ ' S ' X H ' f J ft 1' 5 if N MV' sl Mm -'i, , V, - -'V LM F x ' at 1' j' f1vfL,Ik,ji'f b MISS JEAN POUND Room 221-8-5 , Vp , G' .. QM' fx mg. 1 - -uv . A rw -,." PY' f1,:x'4U , .Ly,J . 1 f,4 f x, . K, A f , , , ,'L"'x fffi I, MRS. BLYTHE LEONARD Homemaking Room-8-8 MR. EDWARD LANGTON Room 216-8-7 '21 MRS. HELEN BASS ROOM 106-7-1 MRS. FLORENCE NEIL Room 108-7-2 MR, PAUL GRAIG Room 116-7-4 MRS. I-IAZEL MARRS Room 107-7-3 MISS MARY ELLEN ANDERSON Room 224-7-6 MISS KATHERINE MATHISE Room 109-7-5 X9 MR. ROBERT KRODER Room 203-7-7 MRS, NANCY KEENE Room 226-7-8 MR. MAGNUS GLEASON Room 224a-7-9 if U ea X019 Karen Brown Clark Wilson Crookes, Jeff Smith, Nancy : STUDENT COUNCIL Prefident ..................,..... . ......,... Vice Prefidenl ..,, Secretary .........,... STUDENT COUNCIL Linda Roberts, Bill Schauer, Jim Glennon, Pat Fink, Peter Cotton, Jack Dunlap, Barbara Layman, jane Titus, Doug Austin, Pam Garr, David Lamoreaux, Richard Brand, Ted Ziobrowski, Betsy Marcellus, Rosemary Leva, Diana Gould, David Hendrickson, Vincent Reilley, Joyce Ottman, Pane Lukens, Marilyn Mullin, Julie Baughn, Susan Shapiro, Linda Lewis, Greig MacCleod, Brad Pryce, Randy johnson, Larry Bier, Karen Lund, Cynthia House, Carol Shepard, Bob Pockily, Sue Ellen Fitzpatrick, John Farley, Jack Chlopecki, Peter Frank, Estella Vanderhorst, Helen Plumb, Brian Nagamatsu, Kathy ,Gannon, Vickie Mindell, Clyde DeWeese, Tom Kalteux. T1'ea5m'e1' ....,.......... OFFICERS ...........john Shutts .........Martha Fryer ........Jane McCune .....Linda Dussault Famlty Adviforf ..... ....... M iss Millspaugh, Mr. Langton Van Antwerp salutes our . . ' 'E First row: Gary Grimes, Hal Gifford, Ken Morrell, Vince Reilly, Bob Gibson, Fred Kirk, Ed Bednarowski, Carlton Gibson. Second row: Ronnie Rudman, Dicken Whitehead, Clayt janaitis, Bill Fink, Sherwood Hamil, Dick Sims, Pete Vea, Coach johnson. Wffw H. GIFFORD R. SIMS A. COPPOLA W. FINK R. RUDMAN S, HAMIL C. JANAITIS F. KIRK E. BEDNAROXVSKI V. REILLY .41 Nuff 5 R. GIBSON K. MORRELL D. XWHITEHEAD P. VEA C l INTRAMURAL RECORDS FOR 1956-1957 HOLE-IN-ONE GOLF INTERSCHOLASTIC SOCCER Winnerr VARSITY 7th Grade-john Farley VIAS, 0pP0,,e,,,- 8th Grade-Gary Weiss 6 Bumt Hills 9th Grade-john Becker O Albany Academy CROSS COUNTRY RACES 7 Burnt Hills ,,,,,,.,,,,, ,4,.,,,., I Winner! 4 Schenendahowa ..... ......... K 7th Grade-Jack Chl0peCki 2 Albany Academy """""""""""" 'A"""' K 8th Grade-Doug Austin Won five Lost one 9th Gracie-Bill Fink JUNIOR VARSITY HANDICAP CROSS COUNTRY RACES VAS. Opponent Winneff 2 John Bigsbee ...... ...............-- 2 4 7th Grade-Paul Coppola 8 jefferson ........,, ..----.....--. 4 8th Grade-Fred Fink 0 john Bigsbee .... ..4...- l l 9th Grade-Tony Sindoni 8 Jefferson ......................... .,v.-..-...----,- '--- 3 T Won two Lost one Tied one l . caahfz Wdfwdfq 3 First row: Charles Bellamy, John Ham, Ed Abdella, Gary Weiss, Pete Cotton, Pete Gill, Doug X- Robbins, Bedford Bonta, Rick Crooks. Second row: Coach Gifford, Doug Austin, john Wilcox, john Clover, Trick Domser, Rick Young, jim Finkle, Tom Abele, Rick Dwore, Dave Ritcher, Fred Lane. Missing from picture: Tom Aalto. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Barb Hoskins jane McCune Karen Lessner Betsy Marcellus Rosemary Leva Linda Lewis Holly Williams Barbara Bean MAJORETTES joan Nelson Sharon Schoolcraft Kris Lund Marion Stebbins Karen Lund Holly Williams julie jordan Pat Fink JAY VEE CHEERLEADERS Jean Kline Mary Ann Stebbins Linda Roberts Barbara Lyman Martha Fryer 4, ll Kris Lund, Carol Fisher, Barbara Hoskins, Karen Lessner, Betsy Mar- cellus, Eric Henry, Dick Santilli, Bill Fink, Pete Vea, Bob Gibson, Ed. Bednarowski, Edith Boyd, Freda Bundy, Holly Williams, Rachel Wein- garten, Libby Short, Sue Holtz, Sue Eastwood, Carlton Gibson, Bedford Bonta, Ricky Loeffler, Dick Fountain, Linda Eakin, Pan Cobb, Julie Jordan, Judy johnson, Dick Davis, john Ham, Russ Gleaves, Chip Strang, Linda Dussault, Helen Plumb, Gail Wiltse, Nina Buterlinsky, Dick Healey, Jim Finkle, Dicken Whitehead, jay Furlong. GIRLS' DOUBLE QUARTET Ann Gatta, Betsy Marcellus, Sue Shapiro, Karen Lessner, Sharon Williams, Gail Curtiss, Nina Buterlinsky, Holly Williams. Douglas jackson, Dave Lamoreaux, james Crooks, Larry Ham, Robert Bullard, Don Chown, Marron Stebbins, Corinne Paine, jean Mangin, Mary Elizabeth Simpson, janet Kardash, Sue Shapiro, Ann Gatta, Helen Haines, Artis Austin, Miss Mooney, Tom Kalteux, Sharon Williams, Karen Brown, Sally Arnds, Nancy Becker, Gale Dunphy, Elaine Clark, Kathy Clark, Pat Delmonico, Kathy Byrne, Pete Leuschner, jan Welch Gail Curtiss, Janet Pierce, Margaret Middleton, Carol Fink, Barbara Szumachowski, Barbara Zagata, Margaret Sherry, Robert Gorman, David Lumgair, Donald Durant, Elizabeth McConaghy, Carol: Swanson, Ruth Reeve, Virginia Klemn, Linda Jeffery, Mary Barker, Joyce Ottrnan. BOYS' DOUBLE QUARTET David Lamoraux, Larry Horn, Dick Fontaine, Dave Lum- gair, Don Chown, Jim Finkle. fwgiw y 0 Gv 'IO lbw '6 E X g',,,, ' L23 M ' will I :ly ,f ll GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Front row: Marilyn Nelson, Gail Pepicelli, Pam Doin, Karen Boulton, Georgi- anna Corvino. Second row: joan Winne, Susan Circe, Betty Orzel, Jo-Ann Losee, Valerie Wilson, Libby Sue Dawson, Sandra Laudato, Beverly Moore, Marge Sherry. JUNIOR BAND Mr. Schiff Director -nfrx SENIOR BAND Mr. Schiff Direrlor CLARINET QUARTET Carol Fisher Gail Houseman Carolyn Veeder Marilyn Mullin ff ' H HELEN PLUMB, Faculzy Adrfifors MRS. O'GRADY dzwuy Sydney Harrison, Sue Holtz, Janne Pontius, Karen jandreau, Karen Lund, Pat Fink. Sue Ellen Fitzpatrick, jane McCune, Patsy Loritscb, Bonnie Vail, Rosemary Leva, Peg Nitzman, Estella Vanderhorst, Barbara Spieth, Sue East- wood, Carol Swanson, Wayne Lord, Corinne Paine, Alison Liebhafsky, Sally Eldred, Linda Lewis, Freda Bundy, Mur- iel Fasula, Marilyn Vail, jane Titus, Winnie Pulver, Marsha Silverman. Carol Wanty, Ardis Austin, Anne Hydorn, Ella Pfaffenbach, Alison Liebhafsky, Ann Gatta, Sue Shapiro, Rosemary Leva, Kristen Lund. Standing, left to right: Carolyn Veeder, janet Brighty, Sara Wilson, Sally Eldred, Carol Fink, Nina Buturlinski, Elaine Speigel, Mary Wilber, Shirley Carvill, Sally Arnds, Pam Garr, Ann Barnard, Ruby Kanne, Rachel Weingarten. Standing, left to right: Bob Bullard, Carol Sheals, Nancy Becker, Ruth Reeve, Gary Grimes, Miss Eileen Corrigan, Li- brarian, Newell Cook, joan Dilts, David Blitzblau, Joyce Ottman, Cor- inne Paine, joan Kather, Diane Fowler, Betty Ann Feltenhousen, Carl Knabe, Karen, Lund, Susan Proud, Suzanne Cohen. I Preriderzt ......... Vice Prefident ..... Secretary ..,.....,. Trearmfer .....,., Family A al zfimr .Rosemary Leva ,.,..,jey Furlong Karen jandreau .. ....,.. Linda Lewis Miss Pound Libby Short, Bruce johnson, Barb Spieth, Nina Buturlinsky, Marilyn Nelson, JoAnne Losee, Barb Hoskins, Fred Fink, Bill Murdick, David Blitzblau, Jeff Cahn, Larry Blonde, Mary Bradley, Alison Liebhafsky, Pam Hurley, Betty Orzel, Patsy Loritsch, Sue Eastwood, Sally Eldred, Pam Cobb, Sue Shapiro, Sharon Williams, Gail Curtiss, Syd Harrison, Karen Brown, Pat Fink, Gail Houseman, Ann Barnard, Kris Lund, Kathy Byrne, Barb Laymen, Kris Sulowski, Marsha Silverman, Helen Plumb, Linda Dussault, Lynn Swanson, Ruth Reeve, Elaine Clark, Carol Sheals, Peg Plant, Diane Fowler, Beth McConagy, Sally Arnds, Karen Lund, Sue Holtz, Karen Pffeifer. Pam Garr, Sue Proud, Elaine Hollenbeck, Janne Pontius, Prissy Angelo. Sandy Gilson, Peg Nitzman, Ron Rudmann, Dave Put- rnan, Dick Healy. f-he -A 54-fi' Fi., , , 55 Faculty Advisor: Miss Kinum. Sally Heckman, Charles Borrks, Harriet Plumley, jane Campbell, Gail Pepicelli, Gwen Gridley, Patty Grosky, Lee Santone, Mary Simpson, Gail Wilson, Linda Webster, Greg MacLeod, Judy Lawrence, Brian Nagamatsu, Wayne Miller, Gail Hamilton, Lenita Pelrine, Dana Allen, David Elliot, Tom Salamone, Nancy Russell, Harris Hull, Everett Wilcock, jean Newkirk, Kathy Kiernan, Wayne Potter, Paul Blitzblau, Margaret Kuder, Sharon Houghton, Chris jackson, Dolores Wilkins, Clark Laudato, Michael Spodak, Barry Bradt, Pat Heckman, Marjorie DuBois, Garry Spatta, Caroline Obremski, Mary Orchard, Esther Rosenberg, Karen Yager, Susan Sheffield, Mary Wilber, Shirley Carvill. 'Ira' N MANAGERS CLUB Duane Ball, David Lamoreaux, David Staves, jan Welch, john Kniskern, Richard Santilli, Gary Grimes, john Shutts, john De- lack. I Harry Diakoff, Peter CandeCar, Eric Henry, Stanly Mathes, Allison Liebhafsky, Charles Spencer, jeffrey Cahn, Linda jeffrey, Burr McCulloch, john Cabaniss, David Lawry, Frederic Fink, jeffrey Wilson, David Blitzbau, Jeff Schwedes, Donald Bisgrove. Dick Strom, Susan Circe. lx 1. A., -2 Advisors: Mrs. Marcellus and Mrs. Gibson. Front row: Christy Vea, Cladia Smith, Sharon Houghton, Trina Abele, Bob Barnett. Standing: Gail Curtiss, Rosemary Leva, Linda Lewis, john Ham, Bob Gibson, Bill Fink, Carlton Gibson, Chip Strang, Judy johnson, Betsy Marcellus. HOME NURSING CLUB Joan Paciunas, Mary Bradley, Diane Schwlenburg, Linda jeffrey, Susan Cerce, Barbara Spieth, janet Brighty, Judy Bullock, jan Campbell, Gwen Gridley, Patty Grosky, Pat Mallalieu, Caroline O'Bremski, Mary Orchard, Harriet Plumley, Carolyn Veeder, Carol Wanty, Sheila Butterfield, Beverly In- nocent, Pamela Garr, Linda Webster, Sara Wilson, Karen Yager, Esther Ros- enberg, Mary Wilber, Nancy Ostrander, Suzanne Brinkman, Evelyn Hitchcock. TEN TEENS CLUB NURSES' AIDS Carol Sheals, Barbara Spieth, Ella Pffaf- fenbach, Nancy Palmer, Genie Richter, Mary jane Park, joan Dilts, Connie Congdon, Susan Circe, Linda jeffrey. Nurse: Mrs. Loro. Sandy Laudato, Beverly Moore, Georgiana Corvino, Janet Cardash, Jean Shultz, Virginia Ballard, Barbara Zagata, Crolyn O'Bremsky, Carol Fox, Phyllis Alberts, Marg Sherry. 7Zwz'd MOST ACTIVE BOY AND GIRL IN THE MOST POPULAR GIRL AND BOY IN THE NINTH GRADE Clayton janaitis Holly Williams NINTH GRADE Dick Sims Rosemary Leva MOST ATHLETIC BOY AND PEPPIEST GIRL IN THE NINTH GRADE Ken Morrell Betsy Marcellus MOST INTELLIGENT GIRL AND BOY IN THE NINTH GRADE Alison Liebhafsky Harry Diakoff GIRL AND BOY IN NINTH GRADE jane MCCune Bob Gibson ""x I 9 BOY AND GIRL IN TI-IF NINTH GRADE WHO ARE THI MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Linda Dussault Willialn Fink BEST DRESSED BOY AND GIRL IN THE NINTH GRADE Carol Scott John Shutts Sayid ' BEST DRESSED GIRL AND BOY IN THE EIGI-ITH GRADE Marg. Middleton and Douglas Austin MOST POPULAR GIRL AND BOY IN THE EIGHTH GRADE Dave Richter and Becky Kline ,4-"W MOST ATHLETIC BOY AND GIRL IN THE EIGHTH GRADE Pete Gill and Linda Roberts CUTEST GIRL AND BOY IN THE EIGHTH GRADE jean Kline and Ed Abdella MOST INTELLIGENT BOY AND GIRL IN THE EIGHTH GRADE Rick Young and Suzanne Cohen MOST AMBITIOUS GIRL AND BOY IN THE I PEPPIEST BOY AND GIRL IN THE EIGHTH GRADE Trick Domser Martha Fryer I SEVENTH GRADE Trina Abele and Steve Reilley X .7 , 1'-...,vw,,..,f , MOST FRIENDLY GIRL AND BOY IN THE SEVENTH GRADE Vicky Mindell and Jack Chlopecki I I 1 ffm E 5:5 X CUTEST GIRL AND BOY IN THE SEVENTH GRADE Sarah Lee and Tom Gibson Y I x Weatbe1'.' Sunny and hot City Edition mise Q Vol. VIII Schenectady, New York Wednesday, june 10, 1978 Sc SOUNDS LIKE FUN John Cabaniss, famous scientist, and Nicolas Celenza, accoustics engineer, have gone to England on the S.S. Americruise. Owned by Peter Browns- ey and captained by Alan Byrnes, the Americruise is making a special trip to carry the scientists and their equip- ment to their meeting with English scientists. Dr. Cabaniss and Dr. Colenza plan to discuss the problem, "Where does sound go ?" and will report their findings to U.S. Science Division chief, Marilyn Nelson. Pk ak Pk MONACO PRINCESS PLANS TO MARRY U.S. ACTOR Princess Caroline Louise Marguerite of Monaco disclosed to a press meet- ing that she was engaged to marry U.S. actor Burr McCulloch. met Mr. McCulloch when he was in Europe recently with the T.B.S. radio an- The princess Jeffrey Wilson, nouncer, during the Radio Free Europe campaign. They plan to be married on the 21st birthday of the princess. Sk vis Ik LARGEST MOTEL IN THE WORLD OWNED BY WOMAN Miss June Willig, owner of "Heav- en Hills Motel," was recently named the wealthiest woman in America. Among her holdings is the giant rmzfed on pg, 2 SHUTTS SAYS KNO' TAX" 355 MILLION HIGH FINISHED Principal FREDRICK L. KIRK re- cently announced Anuyaksin High School will open for classes September 1978. The head of the Cit. Ed. De- partment, KAREN IIANDREAU, and her assistants, ELAINE CLARK and SALLY ARNDS have just returned from Europe and have planned their schedules. The Physical Education De- partment, headed by HAL GIFFORD and CAROL FOX, has purchased equipment from ALBERT KNAPP'S famous sporting goods store. The mu- sic teacher, JANET PEARCE, and the librarian, ELLA PFAFFENBACH, with the library secretary, NANCY BECKER, visited New York City and ordered their materials. The Home- making Department has been furnished with facilities from PHYLLIS AL- BERT'S Shop. DONNA HUTCHIN- SON was in charge of the interior decorations, CHARLES SPENCER, the Dramat- ics Club advisor, working with ANN HYDORN and LYNN SWANSON who are to be in charge of the Speech and Art Departments, plan to pro- duce three plays the first year. Ioan Winne has accepted the post of school nurse. mnfed on pg. 2 PRESIDENT SHUTTS stated today during a press conference that on the basis of the report given by LINDA DUSSAULT, Secretary of the Treas- ury, no further income tax will be necessary. The bill was passed after vigorous debate in Congress under the leadership of DONALD BAIER, Speaker of the House. Vice President SALLY ELDRED stated to the press that she was in favor of the bill al- though Secretary of State LARRY BEIR strongly opposed it. Senator from Tennessee, RUSSELL GLEAVES, and Senator STANLEY MATHES from New York, are reported by political commentator DAVID LUMGAIR to have strongly agreed with the Vice President. WADE KIESS photo- graphed the signing of the bill. GARY GRIMES, Secretary of Defense, and MISS DUSSAULT were escorted to the National Archives Building by Po- licewomen BETH MCCONAGHY and JOAN DILTS, where the bill was filled. Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare KAREN LUND stated that as a result 50 per cent of heart attacks will be prevented in the future. VW' T "" W NISKA' NEWS-Wednesday, Iune 10, 1978 Pg. 2 NEW SCHOOL-Confd Roger Vaughan, surveyor of the location for the new school, said that it will cover 30 acres. Dicken White- head, the draftsman, discussed the blue- prints with chief plumber, Leonard Gower, and it was decided that the G.E. dishwasher would fit. Architect Melvin Gau designed the auditorium to fit 1,050 chairs which were bought from Karen Rasls store. Mayor jeff Willey will give the "opening speech." Arlene Wellisch, Guidance Counselor, and the Principal worked out an edu- cational system based on Harry Dia- koff's and Eric Henry's book entitled "Diakoff Henry Method of Educa- tion." 4: ar an MOTEL-Confd "Heaven Hills Motel." The motel was designed by Carol Scott and covers an area of 10 acres. The pool, designed by Keith Mc- Hugh, covers an area of V2 acre. The motel also has a beauty salon which is run by Pam Hurley and is famous for its manicurists who work with implements designed by Pete Claus. Receptionist, Hilda Lawton, works in the mammoth lobby. A water skiing instructor, Joann Keller, is hired by the motel for it's guests. "Heaven Hills" is insured by Gary Hughes' In- surance Company for close to 10 million dollars. 'll JF 'lf DRUG THIEF SUSPECT CAPTURED Detective Clairmont Herman yester- day caught the suspect of many drug robberies in a bank near Barbara Spieth's Pharmacy where a robbery had occurred the night before. Gail Nickel, who owns the 6 8: 11c Store across the street, says she thought she saw the man around the Pharmacy two days ago. Anthony Coppola, Miss Speith's lawyer, says he has enough sufficient evidence to jail the thief. His secretary, Linda Eakin, has a picture of the rob- ber which she took with a miniature camera. She was in the Pharmacy at the time of the robbery. Vincent Reilly will judge the case tomorrow. lk ae 4: LADIES' HOME JOURNAL GAINS NEW MODELS Linda Lewis' Model Agency was phoned by Ladies' Home journal ed- itor, Helen Plumb, yesterday when Miss Lewis announced that her agen- cy would be willing to work with one magazine company. All of the maga- zines have been trying to get con- tracts with them for years. Mary Bak- er, telephone operator, was paid 35100 to contact the Model Agency before the other Fashion magazines could. Barbara Bean and Pam Kwolek are two of the models. Rosemary Leva, their dress designer, works with joan Kather, the seamstress. The models and their beautiful clothes have become very well known. The Agency hires a private dentist, Joe Gannon, and dental hygienist, Vir- ginia Ballard. jo Ann Losee is the models' private nurse. Karen Lessner, private secretary, will handle the further arrangements with the magazine and photographer Wayne Lord will send pictures of the models in the newest style Spring suits. Pls ik wk BEAR ATTACKS SCOUTS Anson Green, leader of the Boy Scouts of Schenectady, took a group of boys up White Mountain and came back black and blue. A grizzly bear attacked the group and one boy was ine the operating room with plastic surgeon Philip Snow two hours as a result. Ski Instructor Peter George found the scouts in a valley, where the winter snow had not yet melted, near Stephen Hardestyls resort. The Scouts and leader had been trapped for two days with little food and only two blankets for them all. IK PK Pk N EWBERRY MEDAL AWARDED Miss Bonnie Vail, writer and illus- trator, and Rachel Weingarten, illus- I 1 L 'fm .' 1 Qlcklesooooo 'Phe re Qmoool' Q. Q' Q Q 0 O f if l. -L - I ' . .. 1 --' U NISKA' NEWS-Wednesday, june 10, 1978 Pg. 3 I Novi f oooo ,-gg-.L ll-ll'-ll-ll In il ' ' 1 9 , . liqh+ev- Cakes XU.I+'l'l Eugene-.mills Flour' N EWBERRY MEDAL-Confd trator with Sue Eastwood, writer, were awarded the Newberry Medal Award for their books and Television. Miss Vail's book is "Five Little Mars Men and How They Grewf' Miss East- wood's and Miss Weingarten's book is the best children's book of the year. It's entitled "Death Streetf, Ik FK PF HOLLY WILLIAMS RECORDS SONG WITH SHIMKUS Holly Williams has returned from Miami to discuss the new record "Gone Crazy?" with Conlin Bradley, Disc- jockey. Dick Santilli, owner of XYZ network, predicts it will be a big hit. jay Youngblood's band will arrive next week and the song will be record- ed at this time. The reverse side, "Cuba, Hello," will be sung by sing- ing idol Dave Shimkus, Calypso sing- er and Miss Williams ' NEW TYPE BE BOP PLAYED AT CARNEGIE HALL Charlotte Sackett who plays trum pet, Carol Fink, clarinet, Helen Haines when they recorded their song, "Long U Hair Blues," written by Miss Sackett and Miss Fink. Their arrangement has a new beat which the public likes and they will appear in Carnegie Hall in two weeks. Miss Freda Bundy will also appear at that time and play her famed violin, accompanied by Miss Joyce Ottman who is the famous elec- trical Xylophone player. They also will play the new beat be-bop type music. wk -we ae BOSTON TEA PARTY Well-known New England hostess, Miss Elizabeth Davidson, recently held a Boston party in honor of George Wright, the President of Kellogg Corn Flakes Corporation, who was awarded the Best Cereal Award by Duncan Hines. One hundred and eighty guests were invited. Miss Sydney Harrison, Editor of the New York Times, and her High Society Editor, Betsy Mar- cellus, were present at the Van Everts Country Club where the party was given. Executive Vice President of the General Atomic Company, Clayton Ianaitis, was invited. Robert Gibson, from the New York City Financial Bank on Wall Street, rented the Club 4- for the occasion. Barbara Szumachow- ski and Mr. Supacalafagulist, publish- ers of the "New National Diction- ary," came, and Bruce Pelrine, the Trans-World Rocket pilot and co-pilot jeffrey Wilson with Miss Libby Sue Dawson, the hostess, also attended. Peggy Plant was the caterer and the floral arrangements were done by Bet- ty Ann Felthousen. Entertainment was provided by Marge Sherry, famed singer. Pk :if as NIGHT FIRE IN STORE A small fire broke out in the new shopping center in Bob Pepicelli's Ci- garette Store. Fire Chief George Pfaf- fenbach says spilled lighting fuuid was the cause. Patricia Hoffman, sales- woman at jane Sutton's and Elaine Spiegel's Women's Clothes Store was working late with Ruby Kanne, the Fashion Accessories Seller and Miss Eugeine Richter, the store buyer, when she smelled smoke. Pete Vea, the manager of john Kniskern's Zoot- Suit Store saw an orange glow in the Dalia Am lgellis SLXO-W' Sew , do u-Hn ' , 1-ul-l' m on sale nl- om! onfedev-a+e. lvlor-ltexl' , . ea - ik an -r . 9 I 2 ' .F , I ' P ' X 1 ' ' . I' French horn and Donald Durant, bari- C tone singer, became famous overnight -- - --.-.- NISKA' NEWS-Wednesday, june 10, 1978 Pg, 4 NIGHT F IRE-C onfd store across the street. Bob Birch was showing a customer the new Cadillac in Michael Glennon's Store when he saw the fire and phoned the Fire De- partment. William Fink, Westing- house President, who was walking along the sidewalk with engineer Ron- ald Rudman, said that the paper in the show case window burst into flames. Miss Sue Holtz, who was just closing her Real Estate Agency, also saw the fire begin. Larry Lussier, Chief of Police, said the fire amounted to about 360 damage. wk as ak TENTH ANNUAL SCIENCE CONVENTION HELD In the science convention this year at Washington, D.C., Icthiologist Pet- er Van deCar will prove that japa- nese Fighting Fish fight only because they have serious complexes. Archeol- ogist james Spring will show the evi- dence he gathered that he says proves an ancient African tribe had electric fans before America was discovered and Dr. Fred Fink, who took up Ein- stein's Theory when 16, has figured out what Einstein was proving. David Putman has discovered there are eight colors in a spectrum. Roy Gibv's mid- dle initial is "B" for brown. Miss Vir- ginia Klemm, U.N. translator, will translate the proofs into German for the German scientists. xxx aka' ELVIS FAN CLUB CELEBRATES Diane Fowler and Nina Buturlinsky, President and Vice President of the National Elvis Presley Fan Club, have ordered a cake from Edward Frohn- hoefer's Bakery which will be large enough to feed about 200 guests at the celebration of the 21st anniversary of the club. Elvis, himself, will be present and because he likes pizza, famous chefs Anothony Sindoni and Georgiana Corvino will bake about 60 pizzas. Frank Pannenborg, designer of the Continental, will present Elvis with a 1978 light green Continental convertible. Henry Bejian has been hired by the Continental Incorp. to be Presley's chauffeur. Ken Morrell, the professional football player from the New York Giants, Elvis' favorite team, has been specially invited and will give Elvis an autographed gold football from the Giants. Pk ak Pk TUTOR ATTACKED BY CHILD Miss Gail Wiltse, private tutor, is recovering from a mild case of shock. She was attacked by the small child of the home where she was ap- plying for a job. Susan Circe, private nurse, saved Miss Wiltse from jun- ior's Indian Club. FK NEW DIVISION AT ELLIS HOSPITAL Physical Therapists Ann Aragona and Karen Boulton started a new di- vision in Ellis Hospital for Sarcoma Cancer. The hospital supplied the two women with 31000. Most of the money was collected for this worthy cause by nurses Edith Boyd and Con- nie Gongdon. It's just a start by Nan- cy Palmer, Cancer Specialist, says the new division will grow quickly since it was discovered that physical therapy helps cure some cases with this type of cancer. wk Pk Pls BERNHARDT HOPES FOR FIRST AGAIN Mr. Dennis Bernhardt, who won the first prize for Dairy Cattle last year, plans to enter his cows again this year in the Altamont Fair. Betty O'Neill, the Treasurer at the Bernhardt Farm, announced that she collected 5515,- 000.00 for milk sold last year. David Parker, the Foreman, predicts another good year ahead. Pk PF ik CATSKILL GAME FARM PURCHASES ONLY ANIMAL OF ITS KIND --J l le l . I--ll The Catskill Game Farm has pur- chased the only Chicken Billed Platy- 1:-ol Shealk Sea. Sloell Sale, 'puSintheW0fia. It was raised by Clyde De Wiese alba Y' lon Karen Peterson's Rare Bird Farm in Florida. Valerie Wilson Veterin- arian on the farm says the Platypus ,must be kept from the water because 0 a 'il of Z ff' . Q 'mutha orqvavek its chicken bill is not equipped for I ul NISKA' NEWS-Wednesday, june 10, 1978 Pg. 6 PETER PAN-Confd for the second time in a Broadway Musical in New York. Dick Healey, starring as Captain Hook, and An- thony McClimans, as Michael, are both well known actors. Patsy Loritsch, Make-up Director, purchased the new- est make-up materials which make the actors and actresses look like the child- ren parts they're acting. joyce Watter's new lipstick discovery is being used. Richard Davis, chemist who invented a hair grower, sent a ten ounce bottle which was used on Gail Curtiss' hair to make it long. She stars as Wendy. Linda Jeffrey stars as the children's nurse. Tom Kalteaux, starring as croc- odils, has a special suit designed by Beverly Moore's Costume Corporation. Gary Pearson, originally the Mushy- Wushy commercial announcer, will be the narrator. "Peter Pan" has the most elaborate costumes since "My Fair Lady." -if an :ie THE SPORTS WORLD NEWS U.S. JOINS RUSSIAN TOURNAMENT The U.S. has decided to enter the Sports Festival Russia is having in August. john Ziobrowski, pro golfer. has been chosen to enter the golf con- test. Terry Hay and Fred Lueck, the ping-pong champions, will face the Russian competition. John Becker and Miss Ruth Reeve, the two best bowlers of the U.S., were chosen and Robert Mitchell and Miss Sandra Laudato will be our contestants in Archery Field Arthur Strang was selected from twen- ty men as the best diver. The winter sport contests will be held in the Alps and Barbara Hoskins, champion figure skater, with Pam Doin, gymnastics professional, have already left on the George Ryon Airlines Private Plane in order to be there a few months early. Alison Liebhafsky from the Diplomatic Corpghas gone with them and will discuss with Switzerland's Government the possibility of a Ski Tournament between the two nations. wk wk Pk RED REBEL WINS AGAIN Red Rebel, Derby Winner, wins 551,000,000 Owner James McNaugh' ton of Red Rebel has gotten a little over one billion dollars since he's owned him. jockey David Gidley de- clared he'd never ridden a faster horse. Wayne Yager and Roger Henry, thor- oughbred breeders, stated that Rebel was worth 320,000,000 and would have been worth much more when he was younger. Both wish to purchase him but McNaughton won't retire him for another year. :if ae wk YANKEES HAVE NEW PITCHER In the National League this year, Yankees are again leading. Their new pitcher, Dick Sims, has pitched three no hit games. The scout for the Brook- lyn Dodgers, Carlton Gibson, offered Sims the top salary job on their team but he refused. Ed Bednarowski, own' er of the Yankees, predicts that Sims will break Lenten's batting record which was set seven years ago. Dick buys a special type of bat and glove that he likes better than other brands at Ray Komp's store. as :sf :ie TWO SCHENECTADY BOYS IN THE SPOTLIGHTS AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN William Finkle, from Schenectady, New York, will fight for the Heavy Weight Championship next week against Slugger McGee, the challenger to the Title he's held for three years. Gary Gagne, world famous wrestler, also from Schenectady, will meet his opponent next week at the Garden. Sherwood Hamil, Captain of the Globetrotters, who went to school with the two men, will be in the vicinity and has bought ringside seats at each match. if 14 bk VAN ANTWERP TEACHERS RETIRED Our Inquiring Reporter made a sur- vey of the V.A.S. teachers who were in retirement. The following facts were disclosed: Mr. Williams is deep- sea fishing off the coast of Canada, Miss Peterson is finishing her fifth year in Paris where she is teaching at the Sorbonne, Mr. Flahive has retired to his yacht where it is understood that he is perfecting his violin tech- nique for a concert debut, Miss Pen- tecost is now raising Great Danes and Boxers in her kennels, Miss Morrison recently returned from a world tour, Mr. Blake has completed his sixth book on teaching in public schools. The remainder declined to return the questionnaire. :ie as wk NISKA' NEWS-Wednesday, june 10, 1978 Pg. 5 PLATYPUS-Confd dives and he would die if it was sub- merged. Catskill Game Farm paid 31,000 for just the rare Platypus. Sk :lf HF TOO MUCH OIL! The 1,000 acre cattle ranch formerly owned by jeffrey Cahn was recently sold because of oil well trouble. Part owner, Don Bisgrove, while riding the range in his helicopter, noticed that three good grazing fields were flooded with oil. This makes the tenth time oil had ruined his land,5 declared Cahn. Geologists Robert Fowler, Jeff Schwedes and Richard Strom told Cahn and Bisgrove that it would be impos- sible to keep the oil below the sur- face because of the rock formations below. Pk Sk Pk th WALT DISNEY PRODUCTION GOES TO GERMANY John Ball, new director of the Walt Disney studio, has sent john Delack to Germany to direct the filming of "German Knight." Thomas Sennet will do the photographing and Gary W'illiams, from Hollywood, is the head of the Sound Effects. David Lawry, well known historian, has been asked to draw the description of an an- cient German castle which Walter Schenk will build for the movie. The old Warship needed for a dramatic battle scene is being built by Bruce Stancliff. David Lester will play the part of Robin Hood in a scene shot in England. as as :1- "AIDA', PRESENTED ON TV Miss Ann Gatta will star in the coming TV opera, "Aida," by Gui- seppe Verdi.'Connie Neilson, from jean Schroeter's Ballet School, plays e part of the main dancer. Play critic, David Blitzblau, reports that it will be the best presentation ever given on TV. Craig Organis music store will be selling the Sound Track SPECIAL TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS 11 :30 AM - TASTE TIME with Barbara Zagata 2:50 PM - THE LIGHTED ROAD . . . Today's drama will tell the story of how Bruce Travins taught a savage tribe of Africans to be Christians. 5:00 PM - MAMA starring Sylvia Hansen 8:00 PM - ED SULLIVAN . . . Guests: The Rockettes and the two star dancers, Katherine Clark and jean Schultz. Sue Ellen Fitzpatrick's trained raccoons, and Comedian Muriel Fasula. jonathan Bosworth will be M.C. while Ed is on vacation. 9:30 PM - PRIVATE SECRETARY starring Mary Jane Park. 12:00 Mid. - LATE LATE SHOW-"10,000 Deaths" by Bonny Vail. Starring Dick Healey, Sue Shapiro. 12:30 AM - FIGHTS-Main Event: "Muscles" Willey vs. "Killer" Fink. Y7 Record. It will be presented on Au- gust 2. ae ik as THE THEATER WORLD'S NEWS STAR DOG SICK v The filming of "Giant of Mexico,' starring Carmen Galiath, the cham- pion Chihuahua actress raised by Betty Orzel and Carolyne Bard, was sud- denly interrupted when the small dog collapsed from ulcers. Director, Pam Cobb, announced that the shooting will be resumed when Carmen recov- ers. Dr. Jane McCune, Hollywood Veterinarian, will perform an oper- ation Friday, her private secretary, Estella Vanderhorst, informed the press. Sharon Williams plays the role of Carmenls owner and Ricky Sauter, the hero. Musical director, Maestro Thomas Beams will, however, continue prac- ticing with his famous orchestra "Moon Beams," featuring janet Carter who plays flute and Paul Greenblath, the trumpet. Dick Cain plays the pi- ano solo in the love scene. Ted Lok- enberg, trombone player, plays "To- reador" in the scene where jim Bri- addy, comedian dogcatcher, is chased by chihuahuas. Pk wk Pk NEW YORK CITY PRESENTS "PETER PAN" "Peter Pan" will be acted on stage for the first time tomorrow and will continue for one year. Susan Shapiro, who plays Peter, will be appearing H YZ' 3 ..

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