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S' x 1 A-'f,mf+w 4 gl VP' l yo 4 af' 'r ff 5 4:8 iw-ga, if . IEA' . N FV.. - L A 1972 PANTHER '7 Vcln Alstyne High School Von Alstyne, Texas mi aw ,gn 41 M L A A'k' K Qld X I Lrytk ..,.w.f- ,LL.,, ,M .,,, ,W , SA M., I HAVE NEVER YET MET A MAN WHO WAS QUITE AWAKE. HOW COULD I HAVE LOOKED HIM IN THE FACE? . . . THOREAU YOU'VE GOT TO LOVE LIFE TO HAVE LIFE F AND YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE LIFE TO LOVE LIFE Eg L .fi my WITH THE STRAIN OF COMPETITION COMES THE BITTER TASTE OF DEFEAT . . Ads :fi 4' .M + s-. www f- wi IIZTIII S I , If- ,, L. W4 g,g1,Q fn 1q3g,fe I, 'ka M' , . , -ww -:+V . . AND THE JOY OF VICTORY WE SHOULD WELCOME THE EXCESSES OF YOUTH JUST AS WE WELCOME THE EXUBERANCE OF SPRING. LOOKING FORWARD WITH DELIGHT TO THE TIME WHEN PEOPLE WITH SUCH AN IMAGINATIVE PROGRAM FOR LIFE BECOME MELLOW AND MATURE - NOT ONLY GENTLE AS DOVES, BUT WISE AS SERPENTS. ALAN WATTS, I967 , f.1 J P, H "M f'J i IVIVV . T 1 3' A , X A 1 I W - - W,1. A ' 1 'U' f fi' - ffri y 9 , I I QW-15' ' 4 ' FU I EI 4 ' A 1 F4 W I F l ACTIVITIES Cheerleader Betsy Jackson, full of spirit for upcoming pep rally, hurdles megaphone. PEP RALLIES ""'h ' if f ESQ? it If Honey Grove's honey was turned to bittersweet at both pep rally and game. Head Cheerleader Sharron Offill beams after receiving traditional roses and helmet for being chosen, by the team, as Football Sweetheart. fu,- Cheerleaders give coaches and players gifts of good luck. Along with spirit, there's moments of seriousness . if Cheerleaders teach football team and coaches exercises . 7 Q Everyone cheats once in a while - no one's perfect. ,G,... , 2 FALL FESTIVAL COURT The audience anxiously awaits the announcement of the King and Queen. 8th GRADE - Robin Tillett, Vicki Umphress SOPHOMORE - Danny Fletcher, Patricia Robinson MASCOTS - Phillip Tillett, Marquin Miller SENIORS - Randy Nance, Vicki Hunter IUNIORS - Bobby Weaver, Gale Burk FRESHMEN - Tony Lay, Dianne Crook FALL FESTIVAL KING AND QUEEN! KING RANDY NANCE QUEEN VCK HUNTER of FOOTBALL BANOUET FOOTBALL SWEETHEART " FOOTBALL COACH - GUEST SPEAKER - Sharon Ofiill Virgil Miller John Niland Dallas Cowboy , I ohn Niland , mingles with the students during the banquet. .,., X, ze J -f ,,,, ra. if IF YOU CANNOT PAY YOUR DEBTS WITHOUT SELLING THE HOUSE, SELL IT. IF YOU HAVE NO UMBRELLA IN THE RAIN, GET WET. DOES IT MATTER? ALL THINGS, YOUR HOUSE AND YOUR UMBRELLA INCLUDED, HAVE NO VALIDITY OUTSIDE YOUR MIND, AND EVEN YOUR BODY WILL GO IN A FEW YEARS, OR PERI-IAPS TOMORROW. ALL PROBLEMS, EVEN OF THE TWIN ILLUSIONS OF LIFE AND DEATH, ARE ALIKE GOOD FUN, IF SO REGARDED. WAS ANY MAN EVER HAPPIER FOR BEING UNHA PPY ABOUT DEATH, AND DID HE LIVE ANY LONGER? IS SUFFERING MADE THE LESS BY TEARS ABOUT IT? OR ANOTHER'S PAIN REMOVED BY YOUR ABUNDANT GLOOM? DO WHAT SEEMS WISE TO BE DONE, FORGET IT AND WALK ON. EVEN IF YOU COME TO A PRECIPICE, WHY WALK ROUND IT OR BACK FROM IT? WHY NOT GO OVER IT? IT IS PROBABLY THE SHORTEST WAY THERE! CHRISTMAS HUMPHREYS This is the editor's page. Most editor's pages consist of an explanation of how the annual was put together and how much work goes into it. Well, I'm not going to tell you how we did it, but it was very hard work and sometimes a big headache. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed every minute of it, As I'm sure you've already noticed we've made several changes and additions. Wehope they were all for the best. You're probably wondering what the quote at the top is all about. Since it was my page to do what I wanted, I decided to put this quote on it. If you just skimmed over it, go back and read it carefully. Read it more than once, it has a real message. It expresses a philosophy of life that I would like to live personally. I hope you enjoy the '72 Pantherg it was fun to do. www WM Jan Avent was surprised by the gift of a gavel from the Student Council represented here by Pam Anderson. ACADEMIC AWARDS ASSEMBLY ACADEMIC AWARD WINNERS: lst ROW: G. Burk, S. Whitehead, I. Dunlap, S. Ofiill, M. Touchstone, P. Anderson, D. McGregor, B. Hynds. 2nd ROW: I. Avent, B. Morrison, M. Chandler, M. Grounds, N. Cason, J. Hunter, D. Lane, R. Bridges, P. Umphress. 3rd ROW: B. Billups, G. Ebensberger, W. Shaw, M. Bradley, T. Moore, and J. Marshall. 'Www ggi? Brand New Key wwf if ' Women's Love Rights THE SENIOR CLASS'S ANNUAL ROCK 'N' ROLL SHOW qi' 'gfixvg f GG . MISIICSS and Master of Ceremonles Down By the Lazy River L Ag w 'L 1 44 L K L K , ,, ,,,X "W: V . A . VAN ALSTYNE F.F.A it-ii Grand Champion Steer - Doug Hayes 'W 2 :wg . 'Qs Reserve Champion Steer - Vic Johnston i Grand Champion Barrow - Walter Johansen PROJ ECT SHOW Grand Champion Bull - Mark Bradley ABOVE: Reserve Champion Barrow - Mike Murley Grand Champion Gilt - Randolph Fields ,Q ig sri . if rf H rf ia! UPPER LEFT: VA students are entertained during assembly on health careers. UPPER RIGHT: Ric Berry entertains at assembly. LOWER RIGHT: During a patriotic assembly, A.C. Wimpee entertains by making a flag from scarves. . A Q 5 yy,ss is -annul ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS li UPPER LEFT: Rick Webb of Pine Tree High School, Longview, Texas, talks to student body about being a follower ofJesus Christ. LOWER LEFT: Bruce Bannister presents game ball to Coach Virgil Miller . This ball repre- sents the Panthers' District 14-A Championship LOWER RIGHT: A . C. Wimpee juggles our minds with thoughts of citizenship and then juggled to entertain us. 'js -D. 4 w ' T F X 5.1-of 5 6 X4 'V T 5 , .gg 3. . 6'p.v62r' , . ,mwfy :Br so s E gf. ! ., pk ., 1, W,.-- ,. , -. ruff: Y ,L r f' , ,1 1. , s1 d Q W Y . ,,., Q n, in ,r I ' FUAN DAYS FILL SPRING UPPER: Girls struggle through designated wagon race course. rgifiii LOWER: Pam Umphress and Denise Barrett speed forward in , girls' tricycle race. , , I JR.-SR. BANQUET cmd PRGM S S 1 ,f""' - K -. . umm. The Ir. -Sr. Banquet and Prom was held at the Ramada Inn, Sherman, Texas. "Love Story" was the themeg music was provided by the "Ace Song Service." In the upper photo Danny Offill, Sharron Ofiill, and Vicki Hunter show pictures to Carolyn and Dava Winsett. In lower photo, Ted Moore and Marianna Touchstone are caught by surprise. GRADUATION THIS PAGE: Right, Barby Hynds addresses her fellow graduates. Left, Cruse Stark gives the gradu- ates keys to success. Below, the Seniors' minds wander to days of the future as they rehearse gradu- ation. OPPOSITE PAGE: Top, Larry York happily receives his diploma from Wallace Tooley. Below, the chorus set the mood. A STEP FGRWARD fw- ff . llql' 6,- f iflff., " E1-iii:-?.'ff L " -22-. ffl ' :q .- -ffkig,-Q:-' N -- f' L 'f 'I "', I ' 555L"f-1 ' ' '-' 1-irfldfcl, 'Q-pf . ' '. IJ ,g - , 53,-ggi, , , . --1:-x - .-m+n.a.,,- . -f 'A' : ,u'3'.r A K -- ,, '51 4 : - ' gf:-, ,. 3 A . ' .-,QQ 5 'i 4. i,jQ':: , , . E E ' -' w r-Z-,.-i, ' A , ' -Hif-f 'f:- A . ,tr 3, - Q WQLPZ 'FTM if '. Vi ,F ,S-. . ', ' '-if T " :Mx , .. " A' --, 9'1" ,Ai-' -f'5h2-1-,.-- :, s, A ,ww-11",,, f A I - x 12" Nr-.. 1: -"-V 11 12" " L" . Q -. ki w 832:- 1-ix:-v -.4595-If. ' 1 . 1- -:Q-1 r ' ' 'W' . ls Y 1' E' 'lf' " -- .. . l-'J 7' '3 K" "Q ' V , V: jL5A"f ' "wav A., I 5 E - '5 "' . f "-fbi '. an A-an-X A s-1'-,l 1-, I A fs- - ,mb , -1- "-- NX1-f:f:-L ' -. . -- 5'4+:-.,-Hi 1-'um -2, -1-rg ff.: ,df wr '--3. , ' '-'S Wir' iii-f, f ' - M 1 ,- - "---'.w'E1v 1, 1 -R, 21621-535 2:fff 1" -XS u f' .fa-59 af , ' A 'V P" ui-'22 ' mmf" -f: ' ' ,116 -FU. - - J- . W -- .4- A. r ref.- 2, - 1:-, f -A 1-yur:-'-w - -,We -' ,':x.'44:-- ugh 21 A 1, wif? , -zwflffk-its 2 --wg,-4. iw, ,-we--:.,.i..,,. if - :,.fg,-,.s. v 4-. x '. QS QQJQJ-"y":1142-e x.-,'g44mv. F 1 ?' , ' - pg' 1- fi- --p Q: ""N'f- f -if -"-' -by .ff ff- -W HE'-' .mp ,ng 3:--- '- ' gf... '7, 'X f, v jg -4 ,f - '-..--.fin d L - 522- 4135: " ... 1 13541 XE. -. -f gf' , - .- - ap 3 " ' . er, , , ,-:Eff f' Jai-R-2: A sSQ3 -1+ :A -1.3 iff----.f . - ,A Lam-.. .4 ,T,.1e,- . ,-, ., 1 . KM X' ,f Lgffai-3: , -. .yw-, . wy- A'-1324,-, ' Q fav 11"- li g93'fEfL'P S -Iffsw .f . 11,-In ,e I 4? ' 1 L12.v., ir' 5 ':.' " -fgy' -' , 'N ,-.,Q-fy-vt? k . . .1-'z 1. fi? -- J - mmf- - f 1:1-f f ',-414 -, -' L. -51' I f f N ORGANIZATIONS CHEERLEADERS HEAD: S. Offill, SOPHOMORE: S. Whitehead, JUNIOR: J. O'Nea1, SENIOR: B Aaron, JUNIOR: B. Jackson. MAJORETTES SOPHOMORE: N. Cason, HEAD: R. Lawrence, SENIOR: J. Rigsby, JUNIOR: B. Marr, MASCOT: M. Miller, JUNIOR: A. Clawson. DRILL 6 iv If 3 5 1? 5 r 2 5 e V M 1' gs . K. F? Sw .. E as I 54 EI 25 Q. ga if 45 5 ill If I I r ' I li FIRST ROW: S. Gibson, P. Edmonds, P. Anderson, L. Edwards, J. Jay, B. Sebring, D. York, C. Kanaday, d D. Crook, S. Rigsby, K. Tillett, G. Burk, P. Brashear. SECOND ROW: J. Hunter, M. Arhelger, I. Ed- monds, D. Golden, P. Johnston. MISS ,,,, I ' PEP SQUAD ,N 9 'P ' , BETTY MORRISON .srr,RR Y I I K ,,'z. Q ssssr lfsr or , dd I, I SPIRIT -PP -N r . CINDY WISE I I 1 TEAM V. Ballard, S. Van Sant, B. Morrison, C. Davis, S. Dudley, P. Edmonds, M. Coleman. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Flesher, D. Holloway, C. Fry, I. Avent, C. Wise, K. Touchstone, P. Umphress, D. Singleton, C. Surterfield, D. Lane, L. Hall, B. Purdorn, R. Bridges. 4 Cheerleaders, Betsy Jackson, Sharron Offill, and Suzanne Whitehead put their ever present energy into extinguishing the fire barons. DRUMMERS FIRST ROW: A. Bowen, M. Murphy, M. Ashley. SECOND ROW: J. Strrckland J Hynds S Lay P. Rigsby. THIRD ROW: M. Touchstone, C. Murphy, B. Hynds. FLAG BEARERS SCHOOL FLAG: Roxanne Edwards AMERICAN FLAG. Darlene Clawson TEXAS FLAG: Di anne MCG. Q M5 2 W? . ANNUAL STAFF Ted Moore Beverly Purdom Pam A nderson Ian Avent Wesley Beverly Bob Ray Billups Marcita Coleman Dianne Crook Betsy Jackson Walter Johansen Miss Winsett - Sponsor Advertlslng Dianne McGregor Busrness Manager - Barby Hynds, Activities - Sharon Offill Editor Jrrnmy Marshall Organizauons - Vicki Hunter, Sports Editor - Leon FUTURE HOMEMAKERS FIRST ROW: D. Holloway, M. Grounds, D. Barrett, A. Clawson, D. Clawson, A. Gleaves, R. Purdorn, I. Jay, Edmonds, D. York, cl Kanaday, M. Coleman. SECOND ROW: D. Crook, S. Rigsby, G. Burk, P. Anderson, T. Kight, K. Tillett, B. Purdorn, D. Golden, B. Sebring, M. Touchstone, M. Ashley, D. McGregor, I. Hynds, L. Goodwater. THIRD ROW: P. Brashear, A. Bowen, B. Marr, I. O'Nea1. Sponsor Mrs. Hulsey, Secretary B. Hynds, Vice-President D. McGregor, President R. Bridges, Treasurer I. Rigsby, Reporter R. Lawrence. OF AMERICA L. Edwards, C. Davis, S. Van Sant, P. Rigsby, C. Sutterfield, B. Morrison, B. Aaron, P. Johnston, R. Edwards, P. Robinson, P. Edmonds, S. Whitehead, S. Dudley, M. Murphy, C. Hulsey. FOURTH ROW: D. Lane, C. Sutterfield, K Touchstone, V. Ballard, M. Arhelger, D. Singleton, V. Hunter, B. Jackson, C. Fry, P. Umphress, B. Hynds, C. Murphy, R. Bridges, J. Rigsby, R. Lawrence, C. Wise, I. Hunter, J. Avent, N. Cason, J. Strickland. FHA BEAU RAY PURDOM 34 FFA ABOVE: G. Ebensberger, D. Breach, W. Cupit, C. Jones, J. Rollins, P. Parkman, L. York, D. Hayes, W. Shaw, J. Taylor, G. Willins, T. Dhane, T. Morrison, G. Ebensberger, A. Marr, J. Marshall, D. Gary, K. Braddock, T. Lay, C. Harvey, K. Smith, M. Hulsey, M. Tillett, R. Allen, G. Burk, R. Purdom, R. Maxwell, R. Dunlap, S. Clay, D. Ferguson, D. Fletcher, B. Weaver, E. Breach, B. Bannister, R. Hill, R. Lane, R. Clawson, B. Free, R. Free, D. McGregor, M. Murley, M. Bradley, Advisor J. Russell, D. Burk, R. Blythe, W. Goodwater, V. Johnston, L. Lay, B. Jackson, B. Hynds, B. Benton, W. Johansen, R. Hogan, K. Vawter, R. Boddie, D. McKnight, D. Ensley, R. Fields, J. Jeeter. LEFT: 1971-'72 OFFICERS OF THE'F.F.A.: R. Hoagn, Co-Sweetheart B. Jackson, M. Murley, Co- Sweetheart B. Hynds, E. Breach, Advisor J. Russell, V. Johnston, D. McGregor, W. Cupit, D. Breach W. Johansen. Q Nui' 35 R STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: P. Anderson, C. Griffin, A. Means, Mrs. Garrison, P. Johnston, S. Ofiill, I. Avent, V. Hunter S. Whitehead. SECOND ROW: V. Johnston, R. Hill, B. Benton, B. Bannister, B. Billups, J. Marshall, T. Moore, B. Jackson. r ,, ,,,, Q Mr. A. C. Wimpee challenges the V. A. students to become working citizens of America. HAS BUSY YEAR ,Ty A . V : 1 fr X32 1 f, ' Q4 ,I X v f , Q , Sponsor Mrs. Garrison, Secretary Vicki Hunter, President J an Avent, Vice-President Pam Anderson, Trea- surer Ted Moore, Parliarnentarian Jimmy Marshall. At the Va1entine's Dance, V.A.H.S, students "jived" to the music of "Jericho," BETA CLUB STANDING: Cindy Fry Treasurer, Mrs. Stephens Sponsor, Dianne McGregor Historian. SEATED: Denise Barrett Reporter, June Hunter Vice-President, Ted Moore President, Betsy Jackson Secretary, Pam Urnphress Parliamentarian . FIRST ROW: T. Moore, B. Weaver, B. Billups, B. Benton, J. Marshal. SECOND ROW: A. Clawson, P. Rigsby, D. Clawson, B. Morrison, D. Lane, N. Cason, P. Urnphress, Mrs. Stephens, J. Strickland, B. Jackson, C. Fry, J. Hunter, D. Barrett, S. offill, J. Avent. SEATED: L. Edwards, M. Touchstone, R. Edwards, B. Aaron, P. Anderson, J. Hynds, S. Whitehead, C. Burk, P. Robinson, D. McGregor, P. Hynds R. Bridges. pqsl-MQ SPIRIT OF "72" STAFF EDITOR - Jimmy Marshall ASSOCIATE EDITORS - Sharon Offill, Rose Bridges FIRST ROW: V. Hunter, S. Offill, B. Aaron, C. Kanaday, D. McGregor, B. Hynds. SECOND ROW P Lay, R. Lawrence, A. Gleaves, J. Rigsby, R. Bridges, C. Murphy. THIRD ROW: L. Lay, R Purdom I Marshall, D. Gary, B. Bannister, M. Murphy. nil. SPANISH CLUB SEATEDg Mrs. Fielder, M. Chandler, C. Conley, T. Moore, I. Avent, H. Veale. STANDING: R. Schroeder, S. Gibson, J. Lay, R. Allen, B. Billups, B. Whitaker, D. Murphy, M. Touchstone, R. Reynolds. S HISTORY CLUB FRONT: R. Purdorn, R. Bridges, B. Hynds, A. Gleaves, D. McGregor. BACK: L. York, R. Nance, D. Gary, B. Bannister, L. Lay, Mr. Smith. FAVORITES FOOTBALL SWEETHEART - PEP SQUAD BEAU SHARRQN OFFILL BRUCE BANNISTER HOMECOMING ABOVE: HOMECOMING QUEEN SHARRON OFFILL. UPPER RIGHT: Escort Marvin Clay, Nominee Vicki Hunter. MIDDLE: Escort Leon Lay, Nominee Judy Rigsby . LOWER: Escort Rick Hill, Queen Sharron Offill. C CDL RT MR. AND MISS V.A.l-LS. SUZANNE WI-HTEHEAD AND RICKY HILL -..........-4......-................... NOMINEES 1 1 2 J NM' ...S UPPER: Suzanne Whitehead, Pam Anderson, Betsy Jackson, Beverly Purdom, Sharron Offill, Barby Hynds. . LOWER: FIRST ROW: Vic Johnston, Mark Bradley, Ricky Hill. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Marshall, Bruce Bannister, Jerry Rollins. and J- e' BETA CLUB - MOST REPRESENTATIVE JIMMY MARSHALL BARBY HYNDS SENIOR FAVORITES: UPPER LEFT: MOST OUTSTAND ING: Randy Nance, Marquetta Murphy. UPPER RIGHT MOST ATTRACTIVE: Sharron Offill, Bruce Bannister. LOWER LEFT: FRIENDLIEST: Rose Bridges, Iimmy Marshall. LOWER RIGHT: MOST AMBITIOUS: Char- lotte Murphy, Eddy Breach. C4 ' . , 2 .. JUNIOR FAVORITES: UPPER LEFT: MOST ATTRACTIVE: Marvin Clay, Beverly Marr UPPER RIGHT: MOST OUTSTANDING: Io O'Nea1, Ricky Hill. LOWER LEFT: MOST AMBITIOUS: Clint Conley, Pam Rigsby. FRIHXIDLIEST: Mike Murley, Betsy Jackson SOPI-IOMORE FAVORITES: UPPER LEFT: MOST ATTRACTIVE: Suzanne Whitehead, Byron Whitaker UPPER RIGHT: FRIENDLIEST: Nelda Cason, Doug Hayes. LOWER LEFT: MOST AMBITIOUS: Jennifer Hynds, ViC Johnston. LOWER RIGHT: MOST OUT- STANDING: Pam Anderson, Danny Fletcher. FRESHMAN FAVORITES: UPPER LEFT: FRIENDLIEST: Vicki Ballard, Anthony Marr. UPPER RIGHT: MOST ATTRACTIVE: Sandra Rigsby, Sandy Clay. LOWER LEFT: MOST AMBITIOUS: Robby Lane, Carrie Davis. LOWER RIGHT: MOST OUTSTANDING: Rodney Allen, Carol Sutterfield. u...,,,,- 53 1- 2-1 f, it 5 , ,o w. ,. fgng. 53-8' M.,-QWMM ,I A Y WNm'NM"" ' . ,,, ' , F Qi, AII. .j . .www A fi r -4 5 EIGHTH GRADE FAVORITES: UPPER LEFT: FRIENDLIEST: Tanya Lawrence, Robert Edwards. UPPER RIGHT: MOST OUTSTAND ING: Pam Hulsey, Scott Vawter. LOWER LEFT: MOST ATTRACTIVE: Kyle Bell, Vicki Umphress. LOWER RIGHT: MOST AMBITIOUS: Debbie Terry, Charles Gibson. ATHLETICS A gaping hole is made in the Whitewright defense, as Conley hands to Clay for a substantial gain. Benton runs for daylight! ,.--" Q :T ' "' 'xx Qs., N sf N. fgmas Ev 3 s 11' V an 5975555 B 1 ,.W ' g', v 1 xg' 'E a , if-,Wi y. 1 aug, J L 4 1 1 S N M..- 'f'.'1'1'5:5? W 5 -4 :W-1-f.f4-.5ff.., r 'M faq: S z3E:f?13g?:,,1J . X ."',, -, 1 . , , 'gpm 5 if W 4 wi 5, , 1- 45 ' Q gal 5 'Zh . ' ' 5 F l ,f,1.,,,.:: ' ,Q a Q J: ,, 1 2 ,V ,H ., A M9 1 If I . 5 ..., . . xiii K H V' F M . Wi il fi ' 4.1 -fxl g,Ea,:vi:-,,::w.z'.,.' , W ...,h ,li :,Qf , Y .W I 41 5 Qhtu f Q A 5 w .Z its Bobby-Lweaver i V if A A Wes Shaw A AH AAVA' Q . A K K 'ng' V fp H f- K - V . , H: W -1, ,K W K 454 S' 4 ,, ',', 5,i..,1f! X, . 1 Cnzy S 4 if Af emmmns A E 4 H -...2,.,, 'Shing sg wfm fra Q + , lb ,, ,. , : wmv ff ,M ,, ., , sf, P E feg,,,m,.W dv, J , , .ini "Y Eff? A- K Q l .1 .,,.. .. .,., 5,46 - f f ---' ' -fsrfff1,1,U, . mg a - f,, ,ww ,, .. f ia . 1 b 1 EEj g 3 I ,g 'i,. 'IST . 1,. . , ,5 R f 52 an 1 . ,v.. gg I . t kkn .'-'l, ff ' I , Q A , rkhk my in A ' Grady Ebensberger' k ,CHZIQLQEQJQDCS ? 3 5' w 1 g,,. Danny Fletcher '71 PANTHERS FIRST ROW: R. Boddie, R. Blythe, V. Johnston, D. Murphy, R. Hill, and W. Johansen. SECOND ROW: L. York, B. Whitaker, B. Billups, D. Breach, and C. Jones. THIRD ROW: D. Fletcher. J. Jay, B. Benton, J. Burk, D. Hayes, and G. Ebensberger. COACHES: V. Miller and R. Robin- son. 1 . Benton eyes his catch of a Lay pass. After a muddy first half at Frisco, Lay calls the play. The Panthers fought to a 14- 14 tie. DISTRICT CHAMPS FIRST ROW: M. Clay, C. Conley, M. Murrley, K. Vawter, S. Clay, and R. Hogan. SECOND ROW: W. Shaw, L. Lay, D. Murphy, B. Bannister, R. Allen, and R. Lane. THIRD ROW: G. Ebensberger, I. Taylor, B. Bannister, H. Veale, M. Tillett, and A. Ratcliff. Coach W. Melton. Conley and Clay work together, as Conley cuts off Clay's block. Hill put his two cent's worth in!! York tries his bulldogging tactics on Whitewright. Clay grinds for extra yards GIRLS' BASKETBALL I. Hynds, K. Tillett, M. Touchstone, P. Robinson, P. Johnston, D. Clawson, D. Holloway, J. Strickland P. Umphress - captain, Coach Robinson, A. Clawson, B. Jackson, R. Bridges, D. Singleton, C. Wise, S. Offill, J. Jay, D. Crook. n Pam Umphress walks dejectedly away as opposing team rolls up big score. In exciting game with Wolfe City, Sharron Offill desperately tries to rescue the ball before it goes out of bounds. my BCDYS' BASKETBALL - ... - Q .. - M B. Free, C. Conley, R. Purdom, D. Murphy, D. Murphy, C. Jones, L. Lay, Coach Robinson, G. Ebensberger M. Tillett, B. Bannister, B. Billups, B. Benton, B. Whitaker, R. Boddie. Coach Robinson gives last minute instructions, as a look of doubt comes over Bi11 Benton's face. FIRST ROW: D. Sebring, T. Burns, A. Means, I. Mayfield, S. Tillett, K. Smith, T. Ponder, P. Hulsey V. Umphress, D. McCullough, T. Lawrence, J. Purdom, J. Strickland, C. Medders, R. Urguide, B. Phillips, C. Skaggs. SECOND ROW: S. Shin au h, C. McCullough, S. Day. 4fXwfN JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL I 6 43 FIRST ROW: D. Jones, R. Edmonds, C. Griffin, S. Vawter, J. Hughs, J. Hogan, D. Crook, G. McMillan, R. Sebring. SECOND ROW: J. Jay, K. Bell, R. Tillett, A. Jones, Coach Melton, D. Davis, B. McKinney C. Gibson, B. Martin, C. Shaffer. 1 TEAM AT WORK UPPER: Leon Lay leaps high into the air to successfully secure the tip-off for his team. RIGHT: David Murphy jumps high into the air in an attempt for two points against Whitesboro. li iti TEAM EFFORT Charles Jones and Leon Lay combine in a team effort to get the rebound. Bill Benton and Bob Ray Billups look on ready to help. RIGHT: HURDLERS: TOP: Richard Maxwell, Charles Jones. LOWER: Walter Johansen, Byron Whitaker. LOWER: Ricky Hill gathers speed to go on and win the 100 yard dash and the district title in final com- petition. TRACK TEAM WINS DISTRICT MEET ,.,.,,,,.,,,.f,,,,,- mnmm- ff ,,J::f...,1fy,,:aJEC2J3JEiESf UPPER: 880 and MILE RUN: TOP: David Murphy, Bill Benton, Bob Ray Billups. BOTTOM: Robby Hogan, Charles Jones, Dan Breach, RayPurdo1T1. UPPER: FIELD EVENTS: TOP: Johnny Taylor, Bob Bannister BOTTOM: Marvin Clay, Mike Mur ley, Ricky Hill. SHOT PUT AND DISCUS: RELA Y TEA M: FIELD EVENTS: FIRST ROW: B. Weaver, D. Hayes, M. Clay. SECOND ROW: C. Jones, B. Whitaker. LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Hayes, D. Murphy, R H111 M Clay C. Conley. BOTTOM ROW: D. Fletcher, B. Bannister, J. Taylor, W. Shaw. TOP ROW: M, Clay Veale. TENNIS TEAM TOP TO BOTTOM: Jan Avent, Leon Lay, Pam Umphress, Ted Moore, Jimmy Marshall, Bill Benton, Nelda Cason, Marianna Touchstone, and Betsy Jackson. AS COMPETED IN DISTRICT TOURNAMENT: GIRLS' TEAM BOYS' TEAM SINGLES: SINGLES: Pam Umphress Bill Benton Ted Moore DOUBLES: DOUBLES: Jan Avent Nelda Cason Jimmy Marshall Leon Lay Marianna Touchstone Betsy Jackson .-RAF' Fi GOLF TEAM WINS DISTRICT The district golf meet was held at Hurricane Creek Country Club in Van Alstyne. Bruce Bannister was medalist at the meet and, Walter Johansen placed second. The team traveled to Stephenville for regional competition. Bruce Bannister placed thirteenth out of seventy-seven golfers. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobby Weaver, Bill Benton, Bob Bannister, Bruce Bannister, Hugh Veale, Walter Johansen. Wit. .,.i ,, ,g V B sv .ZPL IW' 1, ,IQ 1, 7+ -I 5 . 'Wi ' ir" .Z1'h"3V ,, 3: 'I-Q A I Q- f Bobbie Aaron Bruce Bannister Brenda Beverly Anita Bowen Eddy Breach Rose Bridges Rose Bridges - Vice President, Dianne McGregor - Secretary, Randy Nance - Reporter Barby Hynds - President. Linda Buster David Gary Audrey Gleaves Barbara Grounds Vicki Hunter Barby Hynds Leon Lay gets shot out of the saddle by Clay Flesher. Gailine Jackson Jackie I ay Cathy K anady Seniors enjoy their last Valentine Dance . f""13b Rhonda Lawrence Leon Lay Pam Lay Dianne McGregor Horace Manheart Jimmy Marshall ' 'Uk 1 swf. NE? ,V-2 Uvv Q Larry York Mr . Smith Charlotte Murphy Marquetta Murphy Randy Nance Sharron Offill Pat Parkman Sharron Parkman Sharron Payne Ray Purdom Judy Rigsby Seniors join in the spirit of Va1entine's Day with symbols of love. SENICRS HAVE BUSY YEAR Cheerleaders Suzanne Whitehead and Sharron Offill never give up in more ways than one. "You've come a long way baby JUNIORS Marsha Ashley J an Avent Denise Barrett Bill. Benton Wesley Beverly Mark Bradley Dan Breach Gale Burk STANDING: Rick Hill, President, Clint Conley, Reporter. SEATED: Gale Burk, Secretary, Betsy Jackson, Vice-President JUNICR CLASS OFFICERS ARE ELECTED Marsha Buster Martha Chandler Arlene Clawson Darlene Clawson Marvin Clay Marcitia Coleman Clint Conley William Cupit Rodney Dunlap Roxanne Edwards Clay F lesher Cindy Fry B. Benton, R. Hill, and M. Murley are full of spirit after receiving gifts from cheerleaders. .gum Lezah Hall Ricky Hill June I unter Betsy Jackson Walter Johansen Beverly Marr Richard Maxwell Danny MCG regor Ted Moore Betty Morrison Mike Murley Liz Nance Pam Umphress comes in first Placeg Beverly Purdom comes in second in the "Quick Draw" contest . Ted Moore puts finishing touches on winning float. Io O'Nea1 Beverly Purdom Pam Rigsby Lila Risner Jerry Rollins Marianna Touchstone Pam Umphress Bobby Weaver Gary Willens Penny Wilson Mrs. Denton Mrs. Hulsey Y at wi K ! UPPER RIGHT: During Algebra class, Denise Barrett seems to be more interested in what's going on in the hall rather than in the classroom. UPPER LEFT: Bobby Weaver and Gale Burk, Junior class Fall Festival Representatives, look on during the coronation ceremony LOWER: The Ramada Inn's sign welcomes Van A1styne's Juniors and Seniors to the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. IU BEDS AXHLABLE ' 2' 'i'9EZ?3ff fi-in , ' , 4 ,hu . W Q1 735 " 1 J cvs' -' 'Lf 1 1 ,aff ,Q 5, wl zyz, ggy4'f.1. cl 5- 'X-'Mil' sf'-if -hifi X k lil, ':3j',V2v ' , . . U. Q1 fi .wN.i, v a: LEFT TO RIGHT: I ennifer Hynds, Secretaryg Robby Hogan, Vice-Presidentg Byron Whitaker, Presidentg and Doug Hayes, Reporter. SCJPHCDMCDRES E-ECT OFFICERS Pam Anderson Ricky Allen Robert Bannister Mona Barcheers Bob Ray Billups Kenneth Braddock Danny Burk Nelda Cason Gene Cupit Tim Dhane Gary Ebensberger Janice Edmonds Lisa Edwards Dennis Ferguson Danny Fletcher After a final performance, Nelda Cason proves to be a wonderful majorette . 4 James Gary Sherral Gibson Leilani Goodwater Doug Hayes Robby Hogan Jennifer Hynds Janet I ay Vic I ohnston Charles Jones Darla Lane Jerry Lay Sherry Lay Jan Strickland Tony Lay Anthony Marr David Murphy Andrew Ratcliff Randell Reynolds Patricia Robinson Russell Schroeder Wes Shaw Kenneth Smith Johnny Taylor Kent Vawter Hugh Veale Byron Whitaker Suzanne Whitehead Doug Yates Debbie York Miss Winsett Mrs. Garrison Sophomore float very originally carries out theme of victory . xxx X. l ' , ' -1 . , H: :Q, x . f W5 - -- - . N WN.,-1, l gig?-1 I., "sw: fd, 'S' ,, 'L-......,,-,, '- fr1---- N -.-.,,,h . FR E if -' Lf' fl- -1- 'Ti- '."r' - . 'N . -. - an ' , ' 5 , x -:Mg fl?-- 5, . .V ' M 5. . L.: . - .-f ., - I1 ---. . x 4-5 -' , 3ft.., , ur" '+C' b .txxffqgr V- -- f , - 5 'r-- , L"-""I 'lm -L ' CF' 9"". :.v,',,,--5 T- w ifufig' ' " -. ,bf--Q-N.. -. ,,- 31 .114 . -A , 'fs If :.""" L v 2'4" fA3P1Y 2. Q-Q V, "5"jA,-H-I - ' -4 faq-xrrt-1. -Q H . ...A..'Ef1'f' ,- -, '- ivff-:Iva --' 5, mph.: y'1,:'- -va ... ..:. , - . 4 ..:..1 -V -J ' -.'1.a 'f'K - " - -N-ff., 0- '?"x---' '. 9,-3,.f,,2J , -2. --"-.S-L- " 5:4851 --1 N , --' 'ITS 'Y , -- " W 'T ' is ' . . -- .V '-190 -. . Q c-' - - N f I, .. 5 ,f N X ,. Q f' x.': E gf ui -. ff g f, ..-, 'f :L e K. FRESHMEN 2 1 rl Cheryle Sutterfield, Reporterg Vicki Ballard, Secretaryg Diane Crook, President Carol Sutterfield Vice President . Rodney Allen Marsha Arhelger Vicki Ballard Pat Barchears Leveal Blevins Ray Lynn Blythe Rickie Boddie Gerald Burk FRESHMEN CHOOSE OFFICERS Richard Clawson Sandy Clay Diane Crook Carrie Davis Sheryl Dudley Grady Ebensberger Patrica Edmonds Dewayne Endsley Randolph Fields Danny Gentry Debra Golden Walter Goodwater Marsha Grounds Connie Harvey Debra Holloway Mike Hulsey Lonnie J ay Jerry Geeter Pam Johnston Tina Knight Robbie Lane Mike Mcwain Dickie MCK night Ted Morrison Darryl Murphy 72. Sandra Rigsby C Brenda Sebring 3, Ann Shinpaugli- Pep squad, under the direction of Mrs. Flesher, M 4, M 2, M I 2, . poses for r picture . 5 , M H X f F 0 3 P is ppp Er, 5 'ff' 3. x is-- 3? is rn, we n 1, e 'shs M Y T p of fu ' V fi: f 'ff K t . W vt .f A E pl ea, . 1 at S Qs- ' ' ' i??E"I 'if' i- 1 '35 X ' X' - ' - T A 'T 'L' I ' f ,,V. Q K XY? ,r,,fT f 1 W -' I , . .Q .W . - S. K m. . Jfml -' , ' Q . . t 1 Lf A' 4 1 5 r Q L- , K My "'cff-,H.,si.?1-. 14 4 , ,f s y , y 7. az - X I - W . t 4 . .f X Q 0 ,K ' 1 5 Ii . yogi A fig ap L W 4 I , Q at i A I I ,. , w j 1. gg ,Q , , 'Th V. of f as Ji 'f .A --..- -aa so 4. The's float makes an optimistic prediction for the upcoming football game. Diane Singleton Randy Stafford Carol Sutterfield Cheryl Sutterfield Kathy Tillett Mike Tillett Kathy Touchstone Rebecca Warne Cindy Wise Sheila Van Sant Mrs. Robinson Mr. Russell 'f lil U' 1- '10 N. x-. W.. QSM" ff- ' -mf . A. 2 . "fi , I f 4 3 .1 5- Q:-I 71,31 'L .Qi-gg 3 I . ' E", 3 :iight ' a , ' wm:,i'r' L 1 Q Y.- in ' "gf-A-': 7125 I I - A- , 5 Will 1 11.1 1541 V i 1 -4 R ':'- l I-Q2 il un-514 ' - I fhyl.. ' fi Q " -1' '44 ' -. X l 9 , f '. W , -1 D a- -a ,E X . 1 .r fxgg gh xlkie W 1 - ' Mizz? ,.f?.. .? x ,nf .1 5:4 w' ,QI-2 nu -Wim 5 -N' 3 T ' t -fu' - ff 'JFP SW' SQ - - S -.ffilwi sf -' " .., g 3 .puff W.. 1, hwnsumllx, .x 'A '..- 4 I H, 5 r7'l ' c . ' ,. f ' v 4 X ' .f 1 .y JUNIOR HIGH Qrrnbvln v A .gs-ni" fl 7: 4, .gl ..l..- I s i X 2 5 e 3 3 3 . G ! 2 2 EIGHTH GRADE Reporter: Scott Vawter, Vice President: Bill Martin, President: Robert Edwards, Secretary: Vicki Umphress Kyle Bell Robert Bowers Clifford Braddock Joyce Burk Terrie Burns Cathy Clinton Anita Crawford Drew Davis Matt Dedmon Andy Dhane Jeanne Dunlap Delores Edmonds Robert Edwards David Fletcher Michale Gary Charles Gibson Charles Griffin Carl Howard Pam Hulsey Mark Jenkins Gerald Johnson Arthur I ones David Knight Tanya Lawrence Foy Marr Andrea Means Connie Medders Bill Martin Dianne McCullough Byron McKinney Phyliss McKinney Kevin Murphy Vicki Murphy Brenda Phillips Kitty Phillips Theresa Ponder Ricky Sebring Lynn Shinpaug Mike Smith John Stafford Bobby Stephens Debbie Terry Robin T illet Vicki Umphress Scott Vawter Blair Weaver Rita Urquide Juanita Yealock Mrs. Stephens Coach Melton SEVENTH GRADE J Miss Winsett casts an evil eye on an unsuspecting student Mr. Vawter explains homework as his students begln to work on ll Teresa Anderson Cindy Beverly Anna Blevins Brenda Craver Danny Crook Sherian Day Stevie Easton Richard Edmonds Betty Endsley Robert Fields Dianne Gentry Scott Goodwater Jeanette Hix Johnny Hogan I eff Hughes Gary Hunter Eddie I ackson Jimmy I ay J ackie Mayfield Vickie Medders Cindy McCullough Gregory McMillon Mark Milligan Gerry Nance Steven Onstot Stephen Pitts Julia Purdorn Julia Robinson Clark Shaffer Sharon Shinpaugh Cindy Skaggs Kenny Smith Joy Strickland Kim Smith Sherri Tillet Dennis Whitfield Coach Robinson The seventh graders eagerly await to have their pictures taken. ELEMENTARY ,1 1 ,M N-,F -1- g-:ef-rz'wfv'-..-'-- -ff .,..,gg, nn- fm, ff-4 - :.,-'J-3 5!"Eq1??-4gf.ygz7gzii'?f -1- - -- . ,. - -,Q-Aw--'.-A n,-1-1.a.'2..- W5 .44 4, l. .r xxllh 'XJ' KN , W A H :uf Y:-fflqf-. xl 'c"' . nn. .,. .J,,,-iq-?,5, . ex ...W K! 'y if-QPR.. w-e:"d'+f23'i?i':5f"' f A rugs.,-Y.. , P ,, 2 . ,sf f-'Fi Patty Allen Dale Bell Mark Boddie Leslie Bower Richard Braddock Tim Burk Phyllis Chandler Jerry Davis Bobby Dingrnan David Dingman Karen Edmonds Glenn Hamner Russell Hill Bill Hollenbeck Dell Ray Jones Lenny Kanaday Lisa Kendle Ricky Lay Cheryl Loftice Vic Mc'I'ee Robert Martin Timmy Mathis Joe Mayfield Paul Milligan Randy Parker Donna Phillips Benita Pitts Dianna Ratcliff Elizabeth Ratcliff Dennis Rogers Sharon Rutland Gayle Stevens Linda Tucker Chandra Watkins Janet Young Ricky Young SIXTH GRADE Ingrid Arhelger Derryl Ballard Janet Biddle Shane Boddie Drew Bower John Braddock Randy Brashear Cathy Cavender Rajonia Chapman Charles Craver Melanie Dedmon Johnny Dhane Gene Dickerson Steven Dingman Penny Edwards Ricky Forbes Michael Garey Rosalyn Golden Scott Herring Alice Johansen Wendell Johnson Laurie Lane Ricky McClain Eric McKinney Marian McWain Jimmy Mathis Bart Miller Sharon Murphy Lee Ann Nance C arla Ponder Tony Roland Susan Rutland Shonna Skaggs Charles Smith Alta Stewart FIFTH GRA 00 6, .. swf ' A in . Q ,f ..1. lby. . kph , A Q 4 .," f V mf-,Ag N39 ren ,qw so fxmz X Jeanne Hill seems calm during the confusion of the Easter egg hunt. Kenneth Sutterfield Gina Tillett Kelly Tillett Chris Vermillion Gedean Watkins Susan Weber David Willems Chris Winters Mrs . Gregory Mrs . Hammer Kay Ainsworth Gary Alexander Robert Allen Russell Allen Lori Bell Stanley Blevins Larry Burk Scott Coleman Susan Dunlay uvag.. -., 'Av ,Q-.vgsvig was W,am s of Qi . ' ABOVE: Charles Skaggs dreams of being ' 15' fl I j K X .- K ' , V a teacher D si. ' , -A ' , i, 7 .. 2 L wi" 'EH X:'V "faq T I E' if - RIGHT: Grade school students Partici- X, - U f l 'W if '1 J - s y, gn a'.- ull pate in pep rally. if J G J 1 -A J 1 5 N df' 52 K, Ed 5 W' L lilly 1?l,fl,IUll!lA.lH . a FGURTH GRADE CZQQCPOUIN' ls ,5, S V15 fd R g , i Michael Dodson Lisa Dingman Ernest Easton Charlotte Golden John Goodwater Carolyn Green Marla' Hall Jeanette Hammock Valerie Hickson Richard Hill Renee Holder Karen Holloway Galyn Hopper John Howdeshell Robert Hughes Johathan Ince Dianne Ireland Julie Jackson Gene Dickerson and Chris Winters discuss homework. Shelly Kight Scott Laughlin Carolyn Lay Carol McCullough Dinah McKinney Jan McTee Rodney Mayfield Deandrea Moody Teresa Neill John Phillips Beverly Pitts Robby Powell Vonda Shinpaugh Kelley Smith Jeffrey Sprowl Penny Terry Victor Williams Randy Wilson Steven Winters Louis Yealock THIRD GRADE Sr Noreen Adams Susie Alexander Janet Blevins Robin Boddie Jerry Boyd Sherri Breach James Chandler Michael Chandler James Cook Shelia Crawford Angela Crocker Donna Crocker mga: Mrs. Spence and her students iisplay their art work. Douglas Crook Martha Dhane Steve Edmonds Patricia Ford Decil Garrett Tammie Hix Paul Hogan Connie Hopper Joseph Howshell Tony Jackson Tina Kindle Mark Lightfoot , f 'K 'awp , I v"if:'-i 5 ' ,r x 'FQ It V ,, of 1s A 11125225 sw f an , . fir . up H+ if 1, s P 1 lj 1 L . fy l '42 U15 ,Lf--5 1, ,V W , ',, s. ,Q ga 6 s,1"'f - 1 , 'mia-'5'---fa were ff W ' ' i-W' at , , S J i M - j 1 , f . A, V L,L,m,,,.,,,L ,,.. A p ,V M , X N 74 ., , . ,.,' 'Q 'Nr -f A wg? W,,, T E I N, . ,T a 3 gf w- 1 fe 4' gsffav- , , , 'V if f 3.'1AY,i'.2 L' "Q A a' V 'ta i ii 'ws 5- 5, 9 fly? Ky' , .fzngsikr I :Z fr., 'im -www Qin 1 A ff --.. 1, 1 " , Af 5 ' i y ' , f us?4g,e'fifCs' ' , ,, s ' W ef s , time 4 fe ' f 1 'A Y -r a I. f 1 'Lf 4 A ,"f'j- ,. , A 1 -my 'K ' w 4 , ns K 5-rr? ,fg is ' f ,f N . -, -W K ' Y -,WM is .f M. k I f- . 'v f-.. fs asf. . HM new .1 Although all of the Easter eggs had been found, some persisted to look Richard McCullough Richard Martin Wren Miller Theresa Morrison Donna Murphy Tena Offill James Rains Donna Raney La Donna Ratcliff Jeffery Reynolds Martha Robinson Statia Selby Nancy Stafford Dennis Stephens Paul Stephens Phillip Stephens Karon Tillett Scott Tillett Angela Tsukahara Arthur Watkins Tony Watkins Darryl Whitfield I ackie Wilkens Mrs. Spence SECOND GRADE Terry Adams Glenna Bailey Billy Bell Eddie Bell Robert Biddle Paul Bower Charles Cate Gregory Chapman Jeffrey Coleman Billy Cook Annie Craver Ricky Day Danny Dingman Ruthlynn Edwards Kelli Evans David Ferguson Leslie Flanery Julie Forehand Karen Golden Roderick Golden Becky Green Vicky Green Scott Haker Stacy Herring Paula Hickson Mary Beth Hill Scott Hix Cynthia Hollenbeck Noel Ince Jackie Ireland Angie I ones Murray Key April Lay David McClusky Jeannette Mclntosh Dwayne McKinney Greg McKinney Evangeline Murphy Kim Miller Fred Orr Ronna Orr Sharyl Powers Mike Rains Jimmy Rogers Paula Roton V Damon Salmon Charles Skaggs Steve Sloan Kelly Smith Kenny Stafford Jimmy Vineyard Bonnea Watkins Mac Watkins Russell Watkins Sandra Wesson Susan Weyrick Ricky Wilkins Jeffrey Willens Adam Wise Valerie Whitfield S i I Mrs. Yoder Mrs. Flesher I r 1 -'F 'D ' - s erif '.,,, w . Y 'W reer K , r "i' li,- f r 5 lrss ' gf - ' V, ' . S 2 y V . rrns f A 1 ' -se. sez,-if K . " . ' 1 ' - ' k.,. 1 - A ' 5 ., A 1 ' .u A I FIRST GRADE Q. 4, 5 S iv 5 S N ,wigs V. ,X K .iff 15: E I Www if S ' w Q-P? , V ,Y Q' , Y D artt 1,4 A . j"' 'Q t ' l y S5 5' ,,,i . ,ix , ,K Q , VZ r i S y A i 5 ,A N y y at if . Angela Adams Toni Adams I ames Arnold Michael Bell Larry Bennett Jeffery Boddie Allen Braddock Kelley Carpender Lori Cupit Demetria Daniels Patti Ann Davis Misty Douglass Scott Edwards Stephanie Everett Connie Free Leslie Grounds Samuel Gipson Harry Hunter Marnie Hynds Terry Johnson 7 Michael Litchford Timothy McKinney Robby Medders Scott Moody Veronica Murphy Terry Neill Dana O'Neal Sharla Pitts Roxanne Powell Tony Purdom Rodney Ratcliff Rocky Skinner Penny Stephens Kristy Umphress Tanya Watkins Kenneth Weber Deana Wilson Holly Wilson Mrs. Baldwin Mrs. Taylor Michele Anderson Belinda Beck Derrick Bell Kristi Blair Shelley Compton Rae Marie Craver Ray Lynn Echols Tj S . T . Gibson Lynn Guinn Jerry Hammons Pamela Hickson -L Jeanne Hill Jim Holloway Nathaniel Ince Jeffrey J ay Tim Kridel Theresa Matin Randy McKnight Marquin Miller Scott Miller Tad Murley Sean Murphy Donnie Neill Laci Palmer Jimmy Ratcliff John Reynolds Kim Risner ITFICQWYQ GL can ,fi Cynthia Rogers Tony Sebring Wendy Smith Meloni Tillett Phillip Tillett Tracy Tsakahara Candy Vest Richard Victory Cathy Vineyard 7500 RYL JU' Karla Vineyard D0 67f4wfl3er7 Rod Watkins James Walsh Darlene Wesson Guy Nell Whetstone Mrs . Murphy QQDQASWN DQ oi' Aix H, J 1' G45 -. K X I Q Q 1 - f"X 6 'fx yi mad.-,T .V Q. Wx--F" jfs. 2. 1 . "N, lf-X 'X IE R XX kk- O ORATO E Xxx 8 9 'P TUV wxY ADMINISTRATICDN BCDARD OF EDUCATION! - I LEFT TO RIGHT: Benny Edwards, Bob Cavender, Robert Hynds,- Wallace Tooley, Joe Eatherly, Dr. M. S Hall, andl. T. Shaw. SHERMAN TAYLOR Dear Students: Someone has said that "the biggest room in the world is the 'room' for improvement . " Should you then ask me to explain how this statement might affect your conduct, let me say that I pray that you will examine carefully and painstakingly the thought of others, particularly those who seek to induce you to some action which they advocate, and that you will not commit yourself that what you propose to do is just, kind, and accurate. Then I pray that you will develop the courage to stand by your findings until they are proven to your satisfaction to be wrong. I hope that you have enjoyed this year in Van Alstyne High School and that you will remember your school and faculty as kindly as they will remember you . Sincerely , Sherman Taylor Superintendent W. A. DENTON PRINCIPAL, High School CARL VAWTER PRINCIPAL, E1 mentary THINGS DO NOT CHANGE WE CHANGE. HENRY DAVID THOREAU A iQ1uLQ:.,I:t., Q ADVERTISERS - 14,141-064' ltttlr' gag:-'if 23 'I r - We Q y Q ' f '59 'Jug YQ 'T '1 ' H-,, xx-. A .1 .gf 'i 'Aff Qrfi 'Q' f if 11-fffis :M A I7 ,I '5.f9-942s?f,2i2,3xg I f , I. IM 'G ,rf 6 PANTHER ADVERTISERS Anderson Texaco Eleven-Fiffy Publicafion Leigh Bringham, Realfor Champion Mofor Homes TiIIeH's 7-I I Van Coffee Shop Lay's Coffee Shop F. T. O. R. E. A. Raye Jenkins Used Cars Van Alsfyne Camper Sales Dairy Queen Cify of Van Alsfyne Yoder Chevrolef Flesher Funeral Home Veazey Hardware Wesfern Aufo Connie's Facfory Ouflef Cify Drug Wesson Grocery Gaddy's Garage Reeve's Cleaners Van Beaufy Shop TooIey's Variefy Veazey Lumber Co. Reed Aufo Supply RiI'a's Beaufy Shop T. P. L. Humble Oil Grigg Furnifure Hynds Realfy Co. McWain Mofor Co. Caldwell Phillips 66 Firs'I' Nafional Bank of Anna Double B Manufacfuring Co Billup's Real Esfafe Cify Barber Shop Edwards Brofhers Sfafions Toolevision Kalmbach's Kanaday's Texaco GenI'ry's Used Cars Barre+'r's Supermarkef Van Food Sfore Benfon's Insurance Fielder Enferprises Flowers by Clowers L. C. Umphress, Jr. Consfruchon Co Firsf Nafional Bank of Van Alsfyne Nance Body Shop THE FIRST O T CompIimen+s of NATIONAL BANK F ANNA Member F.D.I.C D. E. BI LLUPS 2I3 W. FuI+on Phone 482-5490 Van AIs'I'yne, Texas CompIe're EIec+ric S Real EsI'a'Ie DOUBLE B MANUFACTURING CO Van AIs+yne, Texas NANCE PAINT 81 CITY BARBER BODY SHOP SHQP Highway 5 Sou'I'I1 Box 58 HDown+ownH vph AI +482 5:-359 sHoRTY" BLYTHE TOOLEVISION Zenilh Television May+ag Washers, Dryers and Kilchenaid Dishwasher II8 S. Main Van Alslyne Phone 482-5558 GENTRY'S USED CARS Good Clean Used Cars LaI'e Models and Pickups Highway 5 Phone 482-6232 Van Alsfyne, Texas EDWARD'S BROTHERS STATIONS A Complele Friendly Service for Your Second Lalesl' Inves+men+ - Your Au+omobiIe Phone 482-6034 482-535I Highway 75 Nor+h Highway 5 Norlh Box 526 Van AIs+yne, Texas 4 -. 'I ' Wu . 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REEVES Owner VAN GADDY'S BEAUTY GARAGE SHOP INA NEVILS Owner 304 Highway 5 Nor'I'h 482-54I6 Van Alsfyne, Texas Van Als+yne, Texas TOOLEY'S VARIETY School Supplies Fabrics - Pa++erns Sewing No+ions Van Alslyne, Texas VEAZEY LUMBER Everyfhing for +he Builder PHONE 482-5276 Va n Alslyne, Texas REED AUTO SUPPLY New and Rebuill' Paris Phone 4826340 RITA'S BEAUTY SHOP RITA BATCHELOR, Owner CARRIE SANBORN Phone 482-5263 Van Als+yne, Texas Bes'r Wishes CITY DRUG COMPANY WESSCDN GROCERY cpuamy Mea+s and erocery Phone 482-560I Free Delivery Pe' 'mmm 'JK OWNED BY THOSE WE SERVE TN CONNIE'S FACTORY OUTLET 2I0 E. Jefferson Van AIS1-yne' Texas WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Phone 482-5440 Home owned by E. L. AVENT Van AIs+yne, Texas GE Appliances ' Furni+ure ' Elec+ronic Cenfer True+one Channel Mas+er VEAZEY HARDWARE EY HARDWARE an Als+yne, Texas Phone 482 FLESHER FUNERAL HOME n Alsfyne, Texas 48 P.O. Box 338 DAIRY QUEEN "live a liHle" A Y ........... RSIULFX Highway 75, Nor+h Van Als+yne, Texas Malis French Fries Banana Spli+s Sandwiches Sundaes Onion Rings Cones . Pizza Dalrq Queen 127 RAY JENKINS USED CARS Van Alsfyne, Texas Nor+h of Van Alsiyne Cu+ Off Wes+ Side of Expressway 75 L s N-ru VAN ALSTYNE CAMPER SALES Van AIs+yne, Texas Expressway 75 Nor+h a+ Van Alsfyne L. C. UMPHRESS, JR. CUSTOM BUILT HOMES Van Alsfyne, Texas Phone 482-6298 Flowers always convey your 'rhoughfs and love best T swf.-13" ' 215 .. fl f ..1e1f.w' 66 wx yi lisli on I I . l fl A 20l E. Jefferson Van Alsfyne, Texas Q C. S Sl PHONE 482-6363 P f 9 0 G7 7-ELEVEN STORE Highway 5 Phone 482-5494 Open 7 Days a Week Home Owned by JAMES TILLETT CHAMPION MOTOR HOMES Our Champion mofor homes may very well make mo+els obsolele. And why noi? Since everyfhing +ha+'s convenienl' in a mo+el is more like home in a Champion. Things like a ki+chene++e comple+e wi+h hooded range and sfainless s+eel sink. Roomy dining and lounging areas. Plus a privafe bafh. Champion gives you all 'rhe room you can handle. These are ius+ a 'Few of fhe reasons a Champion mo'I'or home has il' all over a mo+el lcoming and goingl. FAMILY - TEACHER ORGANIZATION FRONT ROW: Rober+a Sprowl -- Firs+ Vice Presiden'r, Dorofhy Fry - Treasurer, Befh Selby - Third Vice Presideni, Glonda Hix - Fourfh Vice Presidenf, Jo Bell - Secre+ary SECOND ROW: Joe Russell - Parliamen+arian, Pearl Ebensberger - Second Vice President Jane Ben+on - Presideni PAST PRESIDENTS Mrs. Raymond Hun+er l954-l955 Mrs. Wallace Tooley I955 I956 Mrs. Warren Hedrick I956-I957 Mrs. Clyde Fairbanks I957-I958 Mrs Foresl' Moore I958 l959 Mrs Raymond McWain l959 I960 Mrs. Charles Woods I960-l962 Mrs Dean Gleaves I962 I964 Mrs Melvin Kalmbach I964-I965 Mrs Henry Benlon I965 I966 Mr. D. E. Billups I966-I967 Mr. Tom Haley I967-l968 Mrs. Jack S+rickland I9b8-I969 Mrs. Vincen+ Sprowl I969-I970 5 K , , - 2 f' :sm vspfwi A ,A,f'r? .,. , V of 4 -LL' f "Ea+ wi+h Faye, Lay's Enco Gas wi+h George if an Coffee Shop I I I ee oe o e e o oo ii G'A'.k9Y Y 9' 'l ik it f B5 qi 5 if 5 We SaIu+e You - Seniors of V.A.H.S. and Congra+uIa+ions +o: The School Adminis+ra+ion and FacuI+y The Board of TrusI'ees of V.A.H.S. The Pan+hers and PanI'hereI'+es and Coaches The S+uden+ Body As a Whole for Your Many Fine Accomplishmenls in I97I-72 ROBERT E. B. FIELDER ENTERPRISES: "Penny Pinchers Paradise" For Building Malerials PRICED RIGHT Grayson CounI'y's One S+op Building Ma+eriaI Dealer H I Fl I0,000 UnbecIileljlaCBIe Bargains LUMBER 8. SUPPLY Th L5fFg2EgFg.22f i e a es in ua II Van Alslyne, Texas 75095 Y ppare For a Whole Lo'I' Less! Purebred San+a Gerirudis CaH'Ie S. 6. B. I. Classfied Herd No. 584 FIELDERDALE FARMS VENUS. TEXAS 4 ANDERSON'S TEXACO You Can Trus'r Your Car To The Man Who Wears The SI'ar PHONE 482-626I , frs Zxco Cen+raI Expressway POB ELEVEN-FI FTY PU BLICATIONS, INC. VAN ALSTYNE LEADER WHITEWRIGHT SUN 276 Van AIs+yne, REAL ESTATE WINNIE IWENDYI MURLEY Van Alsfyne, Texas 482-5258 Associa+e of LEIGH BRINGHAM, ReaI+or 6I3l Lufher Lane Bux. EM 3-449I Suife 209 Dallas, Texas 75225 T FBHCB - fray 7. HENRY BENTQN 3? AGENCY BARRETT SUPERMARKET THE FIRST NATICDNAL BANK OF VAN ALSTYNE "Large enough +o serve you - Small enough +o know you" , 1 .,,,. . ,ff Complimenfs of VAN FOOD STORE ,i 1356 L - - The daily sevenfh period exhausfion sfrilces Miss WinseH and Marianna Touchsfone. 7 X ESSDCW, JQWASS , , "L3'j7'7?f7c,- M ,WU-X QQBU3 I Q5 ff, f nu wi' QSQMWD Qiblfwilfwgl NYU ' xfxfoxv-Q and Q . Jwfwy cw, QELQQU 9 CVM QL, P. OJQBCX Vwwk 9 9 9 O UFQNWEQGIQ fw 1 Km - iw? 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