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TIHXE wa s BEAQQN 1' 1' Wo 2' SQWEQWS DQMWS Gmeeks Ads Umdex 1,7 662 H 2365 274 2 4 1 ! U - - ,g,. . lf' T . f C , , 1, V., ,"f,,f,V,, - , -- 4 V 'f 0 C if O 1. ff 14 - ' 4,. .I , , .1 , ,161 4, ,. , , ,Ig ff, nj , 1 1, , fl'- 201' '.. ,-x 11' ,411 ,- ',,', , ,. ,zur , ,, , . 1- ' ,. "1 f' 1 , , , , 3 L, f Jaff- f ,- ,-. - .'-glifw .1 ,if " I, , ,,, 415 , ,115 , fix. ,f 2:1 4 ' Z prim fi ' ' . 11 4' FMU? JI. Y In Th Light We See Light Friendships grow and develop at Valparaiso. Ruth White and Tom Burke enjoy the beauty of Heritage Park campus, the site of VU's new law school. Emphasizing religious values and moral standards since 1859 when the University was purchased by the Lutheran Associ- ation, the motto, "ln Thy light we see light," continues to permeate the campus as part of our Christian heritage. Often referred to as the "University un- der the Cross," Valparaiso seeks to culti- vate an environment where higher educa- tion and a commitment to Christian values and faith are totally compatible. As the nation's largest independent Lutheran university, Valparaiso educates some 5,000 students annually from virtu- ally every state in the nation and a score of foreign countries. Valparaiso believes strongly in the value of a liberal arts edu- cation and concerns itself with the devel- opment of an understanding and appre- ciation of life. However, education at Valpo involves more than classroom experience from the 70 fields available for study. Important to both the academic and extracurricular programs of the University are concepts of diversity and participation, as students have the option to become active in some 150 non-academic programs and organi- zations, such as dorm life, athletics, stu- dents government, sororities, fraternities and the fine arts' productions. Those who teach and work here feel a responsibility to continue VU's commit- ment to excellence by helping students "Be all that they can be " to grow toward their full potential during their years on campus and beyond. The Chrislus Rex, a gift of Mrs. Emma Selle, follows perfectly the upsweep of the chancel area. Fixed on a large free-standing cross behind the altar, the sculptured figure combines symbols of the crucifix- ion and the resurrection. alpo's Students Become Part l This article is based on information from a speech by Dr. Willis Boyd, history professor, and a book, Valparaiso's First Century, written by Dr. john Strietelmeier, geography professor.l Valparaiso University has a rich tradition. In 1859, a group of Valparaiso's citizens met at the courthouse square and raised 511,000 to help the Methodist Episcopal Church start a school called Valparaiso Male and Female College, one of the first co-educational colleges in the nation. The school opened with six instructors and 75 students in a temporary wooden shelter on the ground southeast of town now referred to as Heritage Park Campus. Its primary objective was to train teachers, thus religious values and moral standards were emphasized from the start. The Civil War The Civil War brought dark days for the bud- ding institution. Only five were graduated in 1864 and shortly thereafter the school was closed. Re- vival came when Henry Baker Brown purchased and reorganized the school in 1873, renaming it Northern Indiana Normal School and Business ln- stitute. He dreamed of making education possible for all who desired it and at a price they could afford. Two notable traditions were also begun: a high regard for teaching and a high degree of personal interest in students. Oliver Perry Kinsey joined the school's admin- istration in 1880 and student representation - an- other tradition - was increased and a student newspaper, The Torch, was begun. Although drinking was still prohibited and dancing highly suspect, intramural sports were encouraged al- though intercollegiate athletics were not. lroni- cally, today's football field is the only campus area which bears President Brown's name. Valpo's col- ors - brown and gold - came from his name and the color of Kinsey's hair. The Poor Man's Harvard By the turn of the century, VU had 5,000 stu- dents. Cost for room, board and tuition was about thirty-eight cents per day. The school achieved national prominence as "the poor man's Har- vard," when its advertisements of quality educa- tion at low cost prompted McClure's and Collier's magazines to send reporters to campus. They found the ads to be accurate and so reported to the nation. In 1900 the name of the school was changed to Valparaiso College and, in 1907, to Valparaiso Uni- versity. A New Beginning In the 1920s, with President Brown dead and Kinsey near 70 years of age, the University was put up for sale. In 1923, the Ku Klux Klan tried to purchase it as the site for a Klan academy, but to no avail. It was a group of clergy and laymen affili- ated with The Lutheran Church-Missouri who, in 1925, formed The Lutheran University Association and became the new proprietors. By 1930, 563 students were enrolled. Morale was high, in part the result of another long-stand- ing tradition - everyone knew everyone else. In- tercollegiate football and basketball teams changed the name from the Uhlans to the Crusad- ers and, in 1935, a new alma mater - Hail to the Brown and Gold - was written. The 1930s also brought the Great Depression and the first Valpo Sunday, still an annual event, was observed in Lutheran congregations through- out the country. The national VU Guild and Alum- ni Association were founded. 0.P. Kretzmann The most recent chapter in the University's his- tory opened in 1940 when Otto Paul fO.P.l Kretz- mann became the University's president, a leader- ship role he held for 28 years. O.P. envisioned Valparaiso as a truly national Christian university in the Lutheran tradition, the success of which would be measured by the qual- ity of men and women it produced in the years ahead. In his inaugural address, he said, " I know that our task is great . . . deeply committed to the importance of our work, humbly certain of our destiny, we may hope, under God, to prepare a growing number of men and women who will go out of this community into the world as the living embodiment of the motto of this University, 'In Thy light we shall see light.' " During the World War ll years, Valpo's basket- ball team brought fame to the school as the "World's tallest basketball team," and was fea- tured in Paramont News reels and Stars and Stripes. In 1948, another tradition was begun. The Hon- or System became a permanent feature of campus life. Also in the Kretzmann era, 92 acres, now known as East Campus, was purchased and major building expansion begun. Turbulence The 19605 brought turbulence to campuses across the nation, including Valpo. As a result, a new constitution, still in effect today, was drawn up which gives students one-third of the repre- sentation of the University Senate and one-half of the composition of its major committees. Quest for Excellence As building expansion began to slow, the em- phasis switched to striving for academic excel- lence. Today, the quest goes on for the realization of the vision put forth by the University's forefa- thers. Students who come to VU become a part of the tradition of Valparaiso, a place that will be part of their lives forever. . W QNX , X ' 4, . K ..,4. 'imma' V' VJ KZVWW V-M l in-V2 .Nw 5 kfwst .M Nm: gi, ,Q U Y 4 , , Maw -xku xy, 1: VVVVVV ,,,,...f,f..f:,.-3.2.-Q-2-We - ' ' B1 .. .... Y ' Q K V at r I :F i ,lf AR A ,JL , A V V 7 W , 'L SduQi5a' -L 1,q-s1ll-- W -M 4-ff U' A 'N 'N ' 2 Q, mmm W, , ? N,.N - - ' 'gg 9 , iggijq "W, 2 and """"1""' 'Q wg, I9-Sites 3 x ns - . . 'iff Q f. ig .vzgfz , ,. 5 1 2 2 E . .gf- Og 5' M5 ff' 5 5 mf MQW Q W 155 ,uf 1 1 x -X., N Nu- ,y"'.'!fgs fx., -, Nw ' ' 'LT .7 N" 14.1 Q 3, qs 3, f,.- ' JN. 's .1 , .: .-J, Q Ai S U . fr fi' , is Towering above the surrounding landscape, the Chapel of the Resurrection makes a strong declaration about the character of this University. It is at the heart of the campus and its activities. Students come here for corporate worship - at least 14 regularly scheduled services each week - and for private counseling. Rising 140 feet into the sky, the free-standing Brandt Cam- panile plays morning and evening hymns and marks the class hours. Its nine bronze bells, cast in Holland, were dedicated in 1980. The Chapel seats 3,000 in its 193-feet long seating area. Focus is on the chancel where limestone piers rise 98 feet upward and culminate in a roof shaped like a nine pointed star. Studying moves beyond the classroom as a flau- tist practices her skills in the center of campus amidst the fall beauty of northern indiana. .- l ll To Be All That We Can Be The Munderloh Windows in the Chapel of the Res- currection depict in beautiful stained glass artistry the creative work of God the Father, the redemptive work of God the Son, and the sanctifying work of God the Holy Spirit. The Chapel of the Resurrection is the largest University Chapel in North Amer- ica. Dedicated on September 27, 1959, the Chapel's design resulted from a study of more than 90 world-famous churches. The Church of the Nativity of Bethlehem was the most specific inspiration. The main floor seats more than 2,200 and the balconies seat 1,100. Built on the highest point of campus, the entire building is in the center of what is considered new campus. The Music Window rises 55 feet at the front of the Chapel with the "Christus Rex" lChrist the King! figure. The cross is symbolic of the triumph of Christ and when the figure finally began to be at- tached to the cross, it depicted a Christ who was "living and reigning to all eterni- ty" as "King of kings and Lord of lords." The Campanile rises 140 feet into the sky and houses a nine bell chime. The bells were a gift to the University at the fiftieth anniversary of the University Guild. Together, the Chapel and the Cam- panile declare the strength of the "Uni- versity Under the Cross." In the floor of the Narthex is the bronze great seal of the University with its motto "In Luce Tua Vi- demus Luce" tln Thy light we see light.J" The students at VU have a choice of more than 70 fields of study leading to 19 different degrees and to a multitude of career opportunities. Students come to Valpo from virtually every party of the United States and many foreign countries. Since 95 percent live on campus, VU edu- cation involves more than classroom ex- perience. The campus life itself is filled with aca- demic and social activity. "To be all that we can be" is a philosophy that surfaces all over campus. STUDENT LHIFIE . Y J ' ' Q lu nv --Nb- ix.,-fx if. ro, Q' "WA Q ,Q , - 'x X 'Mit ,g .. ,-NX gif, fi .. '1 P- 'Q M B? . ' ,Q 2 was '-, 'va fix .As H+ J ffm ' .. ,- ,. X ' " gg--1 X 4 5... . s , """E " -i :iv-wx - :-K, - 'L-f . - f L ,Q ,.. mf fin. 1 L' V' i ' x. '42, 4' x SE Y I gf ,, w X L I K . ' 51.3 lf ' F5 I Ill ' V J i .14- V' 1 K 35 Tr, ' Vine-s-f,.,Q. S 5 9 s . .' - 'ILL -Q 'W ff 5?- lc , .xr I, QLJEH A. i TKXAW 'N if-'fab . 4, k K , ., , ffiff rf .xii KAY . , . Q Ari 5 ,L H -.-q,L.f. as A., - K , L ,,, .. X ,, t was J, fs. " ,HN 'IQ The stands were packed for the Fourth Annual Popcorn Bowl, Saturday, October 2. The day was gorgeous and not even a 27-3 defeat at the hands of the Butler Bulldogs could put a damper on the spirit- ed crowd. The Crusaders took the lead in the first quarter with a powerful 46-yard field goal by Kevin Mackey, who was one yard short of tying the school field goal record. Butler, however, started their scoring drive late in the second quarter and accumulated 355 total yards on the field and 27 points on the scoreboard. Fans in shorts and tee-shirts enjoyed the precision and sound of the visiting blue and white Marching Bulldog Band as well as that of the brown and gold March- ing Crusaders. Highlighting the festivities, Popcorn Festival Committee Chairman lim Risk presented the Popcorn Bowl tro- phy to VU President Robert V. Schnabel before the opposing teams returned to the field for the second half of play. Crusaders begin young as exhibited by W2 year old Mary Moore, in This trophy, on display in the Athletic Department, was presented to Presi- her eye-catching brown-and-gold. dent Robert Schnabel for V.U. by Orville Redenbacher. I iv, 1 lu I -Q , " 1 - J, yi ,N 5 it r ' . li ,ab I corn Bowl. A little more exuberant than the rest of his brothers, Sig Tau Howie Hair cheers for a Crusader first down. loan Sonif watches as the kick-off starts the second half of the 1982 Pop- Popcorn Festival Exciting, extraordinary, full of activity, popcorn and sports. This year's Popcorn Festival was all of this and much more at a time when Valpo students were becom- ing restless for some different weekend activity. Under the Festival's theme, "Pop- corn and Sports," the VU campus and Val- paraiso community united to share in a funfilled and eventful day. Throughout the day, various activities offered entertainment from country to exotic. For those who loved that "country spice," there was square dancing and plenty of "toe tappin" country music to go with it. And for Valparaisans who love a touch of the exotic and extraordinary, there were booths containing arts and crafts in which to delight along with the all time favorite - food! For those with more leisurely taste, there was plenty of room to lounge underneath a tree and listen to the strains of music floating by. The day began as a sense of tension and excitement permeated the air. lt was time for the "Popcorn Panic," the five-mile race that has become symbolic of the Popcorn Festival and an appropriate em- phasis of the theme "Popcorn and Sports." ln addition to the "Panic," a fes- tive parade added to the day's activities. Featured in the parade were several floats with original designs and VU's own Marching Crusader Band. All too soon the day ended and people wandered home, taking with them a feel- ing of excitement and a sense of together- ness. The Popcorn Festival signified fun, family, friends and a unity that will be re- membered. ln this sense, it was truly ex- traordinary. Another experience to place in the treasure chest of memories that we have collected since coming to Valpar- aiso. i i l l During a brief respite from the festivities, Valpo's Orville Red enbacher and Popcorn Queen, Candy Davison, share warm smiles with the community. Full of zest and exuberance, the Basketball team participated in the festivities with, none other than, the "Crusader Basketball" booth. Young and old alike enjoyed Valpqraiso's popcorn celebration. 'sf X , V 'Wh f , wif k 'll I' .Q If Ilan! fl- - wrt 1 it it fs. ,.f4 ,,o 1, .f o o W L'pi-i- - , iw- uf, .11 - A H mum ' - mfr .w ' 'I y . 1 . I K h , , 4 Peering out of second story windows and over roof tops, observeds watch the rest of the crowd enjoying the food, booths, and music of the festival. "Popcorn and Sports" wasf the theme of the 1982 Popcorn Festival honoring Orville Reden- bacher. 53- Homecoming '82 Crisp cold air autumn leaves a teardrop new faces and old - these were just some of the characteristics of this year's Homecoming which was ap- propriately named Oktoberfest. Activities for the weekend began Friday afternoon with the ever popular Home- coming games the Slime-in with Chi Sig- ma Xi sorority emerging as victors, the waterballoon football contest, the Gong Show featuring Boone's Farm Beatles, and the Rootbeer Chug-a-lug and Belching Contest with Bob Osborne the winner in both. Friday evening, students saw the tra- ditional bonfire and pep rally, feeling united in that special way known only to Crusaders. This evening also saw the crowning of Ruth Serna as Homecoming Queen and Neil Mortenson as Homecom- ing King at the Oktoberfest Dance. Saturday morning, students and alumni proceeded downtown to witness the Homecoming Parade. The parade dis- played many floats of originality, color and ingenious technique. Float contest win- ners were: Phi Kappa PsifPhi Omega - creativity, Chi Sigma XifLambda Chi Al- pha - originality, and Kappa Psi OmegafPi Kappa Alpha - slogan and theme. Saturday afternoon, excitement peaked and reached an all-time high as the Crusaders emerged victorious over the Evansville Aces with a 21-17 win. Homecoming 1982 Oktoberfest - was truly a shining success. Crisp, clear weather, balloons, smiles, and a victory made for a perfect homecoming game. -J' "r O Above center: Winner for float creativity was Lambda Chi AlphafChi Sigma Xi with their float, "Mug the Aces." Above: in the originality category Phi Kappa PsifPhi Omega took first place for their mechanical clock works. Left: The declaration "Come Game Time the Victory Bell Will Chime" brought Pi Kappa AlphafKappa Psi Omega a first place trophy for slogan and theme. A moment oi triumph as Freshman Scott Lange scores J 1'- a touchdown. Sensing an upcoming victory, Tony Bauer gives a tri- umphant smile. ',.-fqv , . V. w i .H ' ,I .Q i".Qq,..3,.g"'wi i "' u-.v, 'L. ' Q . N ---1--N, '- - .11 . N ' . ' 1- ' ,. -0 ..' -" "'-10 1 A tender moment on a special day. A happy time for Homecoming Queen, Ruth Serna and King, Neal Mortensen. 15 YS fx I 1 .1 You Know You're A VU You know you're a VU Freshman when upperclassmen just snicker when you ask them what Dunes Day is - you register for all 8:00 classes so you can "get them over with" - your profs give you a syllabus which you keep up with - and they don't - you're the only one at the keggar with a purse - you actually keep in touch with your high school friends - you learn not to throw your red sweat pants in the wash with your underwear - you plan to take stress run next year - you go to bed before midnight - you find out the parents of 15 other kids on your floor went to Valpo,too - you walk down to old campus the same way everyday so you don't get lost - you have to look up the number for Greeks - you aquire a taste for coffee - you perfect your taste for beer - all your brothers and sisters get Val- paraiso University sweatshirts for Christmas and their birthdays. Spokes-dragon for VU Food Services, Ollie Cart, made a guest appearance at the Student - Prof Bar- beque. Ollie became a "familiar friend" to freshmen this year as he helped introduce the new food ser- vice program this year. Freshmen got a chance to meet each other and their professors at the Student - Professor Barbeque held on the Union Patio. The food was good and so was the atmosphere as everyone was given the opportunity to get aquainted before they met on a more official basis in the classroom. K Freshman When Dunes Day, the highlight of freshman orientation week, was overcast as usual.:Despite the weather and the "short" hike through the Indiana Dunes, Melissa Hermann lleftl and Pamela Kammer managed to come out smiling. to lik : B+ X Confusion sets in as roommates Melissa Clark and Suzanne Dollase try to find their way to class the first week of school. Holding the map right-side up usually does the trick! l s Valparaiso University President Robert V. Schnabel shakes hands with the class of 1986 at a reception in his home as he welcomes them once again to the University. OKTOBERFEST 82 The 1982-83 Union Board broke tradi- tion this year by scheduling Oktoberfest, a major all-campus event, the weekend be- fore Homecoming. Board members came up with the idea for the Oktoberfest booth fair, to be held on old campus, to generate even more enthusiasm for the annual Homecoming activities. In typical Valpo style, rain fell on the day of the fair, but quick and effective Union Board action moved the fair into the Union's Great Hall with few complica- tions. The event was a great success. Homecoming anticipation mounted with the festive gathering of people, music and food. Booths featured baked goods ga- lore, traditional German fare such as pret- zels and bratwurst, and American favor- ites like popcorn and caramel apples. One organization displayed silvery helium bal- loons, another sold buttons, and still an- other took orders for calendars sporting 12 of Valpo's "best looking" men. Authentic German music added to the native spirit, as a mime entertained the crowd with white-faced antics. The more contemporary crowd rocked to the early sixties sound of the "Fabulous lets" who performed live on the Great Hall stage. Favorites from the Beatles and the Doors, as well as the "lets" own original tunes inspired several couples to head out to the dance floor. Sounds of the 60 s filled the Union Great Hall stage with Fabulous lets 'IB l s , W Threatening rain forced Union Board to move Oktoberfest from old campus to the Great Hall, but storms didn't dampen the success of the first- llme event. rl la ,fwyt 1" r 1 I .V e i Q11 g 1' , U . r ,. ' ' - Maxim, Q X x ' i e fx, N Y-Ax t9 l1 5 Nt! A, ' V' 'I' V- ":. 5 f i' fi K 1 js ' V L ' V 'XX I ' 5. is J1, ',f- , . I 5 , 1 WH 1 ' , MQXX f lg I sk S .X - CJKJCHXHQP 51.5 r X x Q N 5 I I Q il , Y .. 3' ALARM R ctucx , VU student Craig Winters cues mime Steven Ivcich for his next act. Steven Ivcich enchants Oktoberfest goers with his own magic style of acting For A Good Time Call 1 EIS? WH? gf' Q-'--nv-mv-W 3Jfi217?30pm gf .ef uf- -1 'V"'ff Courses U B . ., X UB sponsored hypnotist Tom DeLuca has II to rj Donna Gachev, Erica Rieck, and Gary Rainaldi under his spell. Union Board's Madrigal Dinner is a special attraction for both Valpo students and the community. aluvfulvh 'A 1 It -I-M3r'? si -1 I, l Representing Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity in the Union Board sponsored College Bowl are il to rl: leff Hoffmeister, Paul Gray, Greg Johnson, and Kelly johnson. Sir Harold Wilson, former British Prime Minister, speaks at a press Conference while on campus last spring. 21 l l I I l r J' l A move up the dial and a boost in pow- er for WVUR became a reality this Sep- tember with the help of the FCC and a S6000 grant from the john W. Anderson Foundation. Request lines now buzz with calls from Chesterton, Portage, Hobart, and even Merrillville as WVUR's added 25 watts of power blast out its signal. The move from 89.5 on the FM dial to 95.1 was made when the FCC asked all stations below 90 FM to move because they interfered with Channel 6 television. Along with the extra power over the previous 10 watts comes added responsi- bilities for WVUR staff members. Program director, Mark Olson, explained, "Any lack of professionalism can result in stiff penalties and if you have a large audience the FCC is going to come down hard." If the responsibilities have increased, the rewards have, too. Student broadcast- ers will be increasingly more experienced as the station grows in its new position and power supply. "lt's also a lot more fun," Olson said, "when you know there are tons of people listening." WVUR is run totally by students and is geared mainly for students. The staff num- bers about 60 and there's plenty of work for everyone in keeping the campus and the community up to date. WVUR offers listeners a wide variety of music, better reception, and a direct line to what's hap- pening locally and on campus. Much of the station's success is because, according to Olson, "We have our own identity. We're not a cheap copy of anybody." Quality, style, position and power. All this, and no commercials, too. What more could you ask for? A contrast to the newer and more advanced equip- ment currently used at the radio station, this mid- seventies version of the station shows how far WVUR has come. Straight' From A shot from the inside of WVUR's 47-foot transmitting tower which is located on the roof of Brandt Hall. The tower boosts the equivalent of 35 watts of power over the station's new frequency, 95.1 on the mega hertz scale. The Source A room in Heimlich Hall, the old medical building, was the original home for radio station WVUR. The An extensive album library allows WVUR Dl's station moved to the journalism Building, which is its current location, in December 1978. The I- to play almost any favorite song asked for on Building facilities have one main studio, a productionfbroadcasting studio and a newsroom. the request line. . 1 - -:min 6' . l 2 . .. , f'-' . i ' 'vvfzsziiffiiiff-',"' 3 5 ,,,5,,...,f5 1... '55 in-A ' WVUR disc jockey Linda Much announces the next song as she cues the tape. The station broadcasts seven days a week, from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, and until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Disc jockeys usually have weekly shows three or four hours long, depending on time of day. The station runs on a top forty format, but the actual programming of each show is up to the individual Dj. WVUR broadcasts football games, both home and away, as well as basketball games in the winter months. Sunday night's programming features several hours of contemporary Christian rock and imfamous rivalry of the station's trivia contests are always popular. Getting Away There comes a point every once in a while when "dear old Valpo" is anything but dear. lt's raining ... again. Your roommate is driving you nuts. You've been to seven meetings in two days. Your phone bill just came and it looks more like your bill for tuition. That's the point where you just have to get away. Depending on the weather, escape can mean a trip to the Dunes, a run at the Pines, or a visit to Chicago and Water- tower Place. Head down to Mound or to jackson's and get away with some partying with friends. Sometimes just finding a qui- et place to be alone and relax is all you need to restore your peace of mind. Whether you road trip away for the weekend, or find a few spare minutes to read the sports page, getting away makes the everyday a lot less ordinary and a lot more fun. PW?-2 swf' rw. gif! 5981, 2-?',v, ,wg f give Z' ' tv- 1 5 . . A "' '? inn.: ,' . ""'d- ,. 1 A E. . - "ffl hlaf i fifi 1.'Qf:.:.3ftQ5 gf 3 ,2 . in 451' ', ii 9 Q' 1 . . . if .la 4 L4,:.-I -it' ! 1 Q This is carrying "getting away" a bit too farl fl g ll Q 1 1 l - .At---1-+f. Wateriower Place on Michigan Avenue- leff Nolting at the Pines The Men of Phi Kappa Psi take their relaxation and a game of bar dice seriously. Lake Effects 'S-V' x mlkwm-::VV. - ., .A ,, .V gai,5,5gg5,:gi,:,,gg45,,. ?'7'5"f'9'v" , . 5 , 'R Vsgijx--w,w...,,.,. ,M.x,..-aw.-M. . .ww .. 3329 "M ffvi.. 1235 V,.,,.,,,v, V jab 2 fwml ' .V -- N., -s-'gQ.,j"w' . .Mx y, Vg,-f Q' 'Q ,Mx - QEQVX- .V , .. if-?i'ifSfjgff5' . . W. me 9+ - 4.,. I Q ., ,.,,,,w "vaQm.- V. , . W u -Q . , . ' .A " ,g .sf .V ,AV gfrf' 1 "' -'uf . 1 Mr n uw. A ' ' 'fl 1 "Y 5. " nn '3- 'fn 4 awk QM 1. xx. -s. MQ wiv, M 5565, V.: A vg.. K f wk W .lynn ' vw Q? N, win.. 4955! 5 mv, S' VW ,, YS V. , sw 'Y new MV W. 5: N :QAM . A VX W 's ' vi? 'NE x-ig 'N Z 13' 3-1 4 N . W gk. , 'fix If .f Q , Q.-,.,gp . law I. V I ww' . - 'N - ' ' "iff i, Q ' ' N J' v ':..:-gy' .- . ' -. ., VA:-in ,A-: 4. Q -VgN,..--ff-V,-.VII V53 271 .. .. 'LQ' f77f ' - 'jf' '. in G l,,'f'f'?fgi?. ..,- A,-:,L,.a,.1f' ,:' yr . ,V ., in :V V . . V4 .M : . . ,. .X ag.-. .L 1... . ., 1,-"i,.j,'1'.:Ng':.' 4.41 '.rf,V-.L -' .Vf V: 4. yy 5, 2'Q,,". ii.. -ff. " ff I 'Tfii -gf: sig . A " 1- : .,' " " ' Y: ' 'Q xv. 1' .A . 1-'Q ' -5 1. " L..-fs -,:' ' H ,Viv 1 'Q . -.4452 1H'1,f1'V 15 -1 Af f .F :,:' , 3-.,g.,-Q wi-:df ,Q .. aw- K , ' 30' "- 5.. ' "Tyr ' V.. VM,-' f 44 P .. vv V af. . ' 5 .lik A G 4:9 Q -y - .:-- H--' N F..-fi. af ,.,4,:g.A 1-. ' 'ft ff' 9 3 .g.f,fg, V. .4 "T LL37 X5 f J: ,Q 15? 34 fy:-. ' ,fs ' W .A V, if Qll' , .v C Q Q x- 41 a. -f., Q- -W, - . N---.-.,,-r' -.-'fa-..'.:v. .'-.,,,- .., A. A, -Jffw ..,,'-- ...M ami ',-f51:.'i'1l'f'.'5'151'1'4-'iili-fi' , -v . -w..1-3,-.. QL.,-f--+ A -Nw, -., , .:.-',,...w',,.o-,, in ws '- '?',:,gu:.6,,gvJ:i-v,. ,L-. gf:-H A7 3, wt ' -. ' 3,-1' 5 xx Y . X X X at-,X xi ,xx X X fwgviwf X XA., N E ,x' N F X. Xi 27 F ,,, N M Mx N w .4 EQ GETTING ARGUN It's 7:30 Monday morning and all across campus students are flocking to their 8 o'clock classes. Well, maybe not flocking. Be it by foot, by car, on two wheels or four, getting around campus presents a creative challenge for everyone who has anywhere to go at VU. ' ' 's3--or -r. - .- Where's a security car when you need one? Monowheeling to class, junior Ron Mitschke is in a walkman-world of his own. K 5. I FS Q . ik , L-M YZ, fiaftlii " 'W "m""'., wx 11,623 ' Y ff fa t..,, s M if H 'I l lfi l d f k --.,f All ' X fakxlw, ,A , vs. A ,aw 9 J , W1 , ' ' ' , ..4,.. f ,, ,. .ww ,, 1 .Wg ' 1 t'fr , we g , Q 4 ' 'l,...imf, 'tM"" ' 'Q' , ,, A J s ww'-f,.sqa,, .. s -ww A -.., . A " rvt, Y 1 , . ' is ' 45 112119 'af"v-rg-+ ,A 1' -t .. " - - .. -.J.- 4 f-- , 'sf ., .' ,fr ,,.', v. V . ' A H v I --R-wwf. .-it , .N .. -.f-,..,.,.,,, 1- 9 . ...L M.-.....feL' ' -"' 'L " ',.,- ' A ' fl.: Q., T aww' 4 , 'li 1 P- qi 1 Xa . if i ' 'N ,Af 1- ,. . X 2 Q fu. . ,E ,s-"4 -1 1- .-- ... .,.-. - s . rt : X , .Q , , :Z l -1 l l l E bl l in il .. Q 4 , 1 K t t 5 I 4' 6 i3,. "F , f.f':',f' ' H , 'am' li- 9' , y , vi, -gr f . 4, .59 3. ,.Mf mg. vu . ."'Q'Ti A . tl- , Qi? Dr. Arvid Sponberg, English chairman, peddles to his next CINS. ..-sz Q, - it Y ffm'1Y'1."i"i"'!"5't""7'w'WX'i- "fk'f.'N' "53'Pf's?'551-I , V 1533125 X-. QQ ,Q W. pix-1 w" Q'v , xrswk -e:34g1giS.j,:-w!"'.fMA' :F-mg ' - ' Nfl? '112:5 ' ,x, ' -75 f?fQ'ff"3ii CR . t.- A. - f,..w-X-We J 5 ,rx 2 Nr -t W-: - -wt, 3:5'f1.Qf.'qm. ,t 5,-at-5 'X R 5Ql"X'fQ.,'S"Q- 5 lxnv' ,, .-U V ix '31, - . fr. wwuxb-yrkmss i. M:.3,i,..x5 ,,. 'K Qsmfggesi . , M,-f .t L ,,'-.W-A-Q Q . ,1.s--'N N 5':vF:"Ia5.wx-s'f'iS -A is 9:1 f Z:-ul' Qwfvx . ., Nf",f'.Q9.T"'txRSxs-3" . yivx. 5-H ,- ...ytxm .NL .tx t + --X, M-X..nq,x .-.65 5413. ,xp ,wav-:5,,Q,gk-,V.Ni v. . .4-vm - V ,-- ,ck wggx , t-:N 5"7,:" '-' "svn N' w . I' .warg 1 , 3i:1""'w 5" -"TN -' N",'-v-tw -V ' A ' " his .. K 'ft 'puffy Honda, hz A.. get me to my class on time! 0 G V W Mr. .usda-' K N --4 ,An My Dog Ate Students quickly learn the fine art of blowing off the mandatory and mundane elements of student life. To avoid the ever-present homework, junior Laura Olsen demonstrates her proficiency in handling a vacuum cleaner. Excuses, excuses, excuses. The list is endless. We've all got them and probably couldn't live without them. They're the things you really have to do: study for a test, write a paper, go to work. Charlie Brown's classic, "My dog ate my homework," doesn't sound any more outrageous than some of our own excuses for blowing off time. Phone calls, TV, and lackson's are ever-present temptations. Even dirty laundry can be an excuse in final desparation. The basic rule of thumb for homework is two hours of outside work for every class credit hour. Add at least 16 hours of in-class time and you're up to 48 hours a week, or about seven hours a day. Inter- esting humorous??? Why aren't I studying for my marketing exam? Beacon deadline, of course. What's your excuse? Thirst can be extremely detrimental to the health of a studying mind. The remedy? A quick run to the nearest 7-Eleven for a 32 oz. Big Gulp. 30 , Late for class? Never! "I had to make a phone call," said junior Paul Vernet, Procrastination is the object of the game for sophomore Becky Parduhn. mauuiillw fi The most popular way to blow off time remains the same - getting together with good friends to share a laugh or two. These freshmen have apparently mastered the act as they spend an enjoyable moment together. Putting off the inevitable can be expensive if the video world is your road to escape. lust keep playing until your conscience says stop or your quarters run out. 1 i v i I i i i J ln l i ii i in 'if' fm V.U. To Communit As an integral part of the community as a whole, Valparaiso University continually reaches out to serve the people around it. Community residents are welcome to at- tend campus events ranging from athletic activities and homecoming parades to re- ligious services, concerts, and lectures. People reaching out to people is what makes the Universityfcommunity bond special. Students are involved with VFY, Volunteers for Youth, a program that matches up V.U. students with little brothers and sisters from nearby schools. Sororities and fraternities sponsor service projects and adopt grandparents at Val- po's retirement home, Whispering Pines. Students and community officials help to foster this relationship with regular meet- ings of Town and Gown, a discussion pan- el of student leaders and town officials. The town's businesses provide employ- ment for many Valpo students, just as the University creates many jobs for local resi- dents. For the most part, mutual understand- ing, cooperation, and hardwork keep the lines of communication between local residents and students wide open for ex- changing valuable ideas and services. Nursing student Christina Zygmunt taking Blood pressure readings in down- town Valpo. be 1-W fix ,1l'?ff.J,x An annual event involving Valparaiso and the University is the Community-University Campaign. Kicked off each year at a February breakfast, the Campaign has raised over S2 million in support of the University in the last 15 years. 32 I VU iunior lisa Doepping dancing with a friend from S.E.L.F. at an annual Halloween party for them sponsored by Alpha Xi Epsilon and Pi Kappa Alpha. ns-I W l' V s 'ii ' - Y ,Q fs. i ,W ' 1.5!-gg ' f lfws ff 5' ..-Vinum, .xg..,-1-,K i I at X. .if-as 'N' Z.- Y, Basketball coach Tom Smith congratulates Valparaiso Mayor Elden Kuehl, center, upon becoming a charter member of VU's Gauntlet Club as Dr. Greg Gates, who is spearheading the drive, looks on. The Gauntlet Club is designed to give all persons interested in VU's basketball program an opportunity to participate by purchasing chairback seats in VU's proposed Athletic Recreation s Center. For the University's annual commemoration of Martin Luther King's birthday, julian Bond, nationally known Georgia legislator, urged community and campus residents to take an interest in what goes on in the nation and to get involved. l 75-J f ' ' me A. ii, Q , X 5 y... A l U Juv: K - ...... Valparaiso University reaches the community through its committee on personal enrichment and continuing education programs. These people are participating in a campus workshop about women, work, and family. I N l l UL' Cn" ' 1 Student Leaders What does it take to be a student leader at Valparaiso? In addition to time and hardwork, Valpo's student leaders, from RAs to student senators, add new dimen- sions to the definition of "leader," like caring, enthusiasm, dedication and deter- mination to keep the wants and needs of VU's students foremost in the University's policies. Communication on a large scale is a ma- jor contributor in managing campus issues and satisfying needs. just ask leaders how many meetings they attend a week. Stu- dent Senate officers, dorm councils, greek presidents' councils, RAS, senate committees, ISC, IFC-the list is endless-all meet often to keep the communication open and information flowing to students. Valpo's student leaders consistently demonstrate the initiative it takes to get a project on its feet and accomplished. Stu- dent Senate's successful drive to make student fees a set percentage of annual tuition was one indication of how much effort can go into a project and how much difference quality student leaders make in terms of positive, student-oriented action at Valparaiso. Student Senate Treasurer and Honor Council President Glenn Kuchel. Student Senate President Max Koening. llllllllllll 9 Union Board Chairman lim Bilello ISC officers il to rl, V.Pres. Laura Schulze, Pres. Suzanne Boncel, Sec. Carol LeFevre. Diana Montague, editor of the Torch. i ' A 'J-fig ,N I ' i' ' "Nix X. . 1 'Q 2 Alumni Hall RA's fl to rl Row 1: Denise Douglass, Stu McCIung, Chris Krueger, Chris Rudynski. Row 2: Nancy Lindemeyer, Diane Abraham, Mark Thessen, jeff Lott. 'Q A I tll l IW QL Simple Pleasures You came to college and experienced all the good things in life, like knowledge, friendship, self-satisfaction, and the op- posite sex. But more than that, you learned how to appreciate the simple pleasures of college life. Simple pleasures give new meaning to experienced and things most of us take for granted. A quarter isn't just a quarter. Put it with another two-bit piece and you have a load of laundry or a tumble in the dryer. lt's merely a matter of perspective, wouldn't you say? Take registration for instance. lt's a challenge in creativity if you try to sneak in early or an exciting game of chance if you decide to play it straight. Acquiring text books each semester is almost like the New York Stock Exchange. You buy, sell, and trade your books and hope you don't come out too far behind when the market closes for the year. Have a car on campus? Then you've ex- perienced that glow of satisfaction that lights up everytime you successfully jump-start your jalopy. Fan belts, fly wheels, and gaskets are no longer foreign terms to you, but working parts of your vocabulary if not your car. Yes, my friends, you came to college and found the simple pleasures are what college is really all about. And you thought it was the opposite sex. W' X r-X if Lx X i I X1 X YK.. .. x. 1 . x ' z . x- ' Q. , :BX 1:bSf . , X ,y ix sv V X 55 f 1 .un , , 12.- 1.5. ,, H4 . ...,'g1N ' ,kb "1 :, s M af... 1 W... ,.,..,.,, 7:1 sf,f"i:.' .rwa J. 24, , V '19 , ,grgwv ,..,, - M- Q. N., , if 'tag 4...-wg-V f L Q , .x " . K A A - ' if gi' af .ff x -I. W:-f" 0,1-xqsv. :,,. A AQ:-w?' .-i f " -In f 1. 5 ,IZ ' .59 1 4 4 N . . G ,.. ,.k N 'X Xfe 5.1 fy x ,' Muff" : 513- g.. :Z f AM.. f Q-. L' - ,A - x -, v-- - Wx.. af' ' T.. V . 1' ., , Q 55. ,by x. .w. xx'-x 251 A E f, . TQ png' QM . M ,K J 9 . - 4' . -.' ' .S 5 Q 3 L 1' .if 1' 1 ' , .l"'i. x, . ' r ""a 'W-ix! ,S xx J Y 5... s-. ,Q .. f fe Z '41 v:'x 'fwfr 'X . An, 175, .'. 11.-' Y 4: . v Q Zia! Ammxxxxmmxmmxmxxwxxzzx ar .,.s.'9.,. Overseas A semester in Germany, without a doubt, is a unique learning experience. Studies take on new meaning when you witness the overwhelming grace of the Gothic architecture of the Cologne Ca- thedral, and when you feel discomfort at the depressing reality of our world's irrev- ocable history in the stark remains of Bu- chenwald. You don't just attend your classes - you experience them. Learning a foreign language ceases to be a burden when you are surrounded by it every day, it becomes a means of survival. The world of Germany demands explo- ration. A weekend in the crazy excite- ment of Munich's Oktoberfest or a peaceful picnic of "Brot, Wein, und Kase" along the grassy banks of the Rhine River are only as far as the nearest train station. ln good weather, they may be as near as your thumb: hitchhiking is an inexpensive and rewarding lsometimeslb way to see Germany. And Florence, Paris, and Vienna are only a night's sleep away. But traveling is more than just fun and games and weary bodies. It provides a special awareness of God's guarding pres- ence when, week after week, despite the occasional bouts of bad luck, everyone returns "home" from their scattered ad- ventures - safe and sound, with stories to tell. Learning to be thankful for this, and for the simple wonders in life, is a big part of the growing process that takes place overseas. School and travels, however, are only a part of the total German experience. The small community of the Valparaiso group creates a special bond among you and provides you with a new way of looking at people. For a while, it seems, you are able to look beyond culture and convention and learn to appreciate people as they are. Special friends, special sights, and spe- cial times. Everyone who goes to Reutlin- gen experiences it a little differently, but you can be certain of one thing that will never change - the special memories you acquire will last a lifetime. Essentials for getting by in Germany. Lib The Cambridge Crew: Front Row: Donna Hoffman, Christa Buss, Kathy Krug, Karen Cook. Back Row: Dr. Richard Lee, Mike Fenner, Sandy Barker, Eric Hohenstein, Kevin Bryan, Lynn Reid, Laurie Elliot, Gary Kleinschmidt, Doris Burgett, Sharon Fetters, Donna Albrecht, Tim Hensley, Peggy Grott, Leslie Kuntz. Missing: Bill Makris. I feel very Chantilly today! Dynamic, dedicated, and full of life, the students comprising the B.S.O. exert an unusual ability to make whatever is impos- sible possible. This is apparent in many of the activities they have sponsered. Through sheer hard work, they success- fully promoted the Miss Black Caucus Pageant. Also, they have backed other events such as the B.S.O. Talent Show, the B.S.O. Fashion Show and monthly dances at the Black Cultural Center. Also, in con- junction with the Department of Special Programs and the Kappa Alpha Psi frater- nity, they have backed other activities, such as a Freshman picnic, and are plan- ning for Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday and Black History Month in February. As is easily seen, the Organization's purpose is to draw students closer togeth- er culturally, academically and socially. lt does this by binding them together with a spirit of unity as they work to successfully complete a project. In this way, they are drawn into the mainstream of university life, supplementing. programs offered by other bodies on campus. Willing to give, to lend a helping hand, to share - that is B.S.O.! BLACK STUDE T Utilizing skills pertaining to culinary arts, Thomas Barnett and Dennis larrett grill hamburgers to juicy perfection. The Black Cultural Center, located at 606 Freeman, is an extra home for the Black Student Organization. Students gather there to socialize, study or just generally to blow off time! GRGANIZATICN David Brown, Aaron jenkins, and Steve Washington enjoy a succulent meal at the picnic with a can of OFF! to battle mosquitoes. ,gn ,pf l ?'g."'i qi? ,an- .K-K i X-at 3' N Miss Black Caucus 1982, Germaine Charleston, flashes a big smile tinged with tears of joy as friends congratulate her after the Pageant. Germaine is a senior music major. Pageant contestants Germaine Charleston, Lisa Newman, Angla Clark, Lila Standifer and Crystal Randle in evening attire as they await the questions that will help judges choose the new Miss Black Caucus. GIVING C-LGRY TO GOD Father Roy T. Beeching serves as Chaplain for Thunderhouse Center, located near campus on LaPorte St. The center gives students a place to worship, study, socialize or go to get away for a while. ..,c ' , sw -, S Lag : ' :vt .- -1 '- X5 ' Sli- s New , .,-, ,l Mrs. Betsy Bird, jerry Kosey, Kristen Kneusel and Father Beeching gather for some informal singing and sharing. Thunder? A flash of lightening? No, at least not in the weather sense. Thunder- house, represents a coming together of students as they work with one another in the same way that the heat of lightening and the surrounding air meet to form thunder. And it represents "lightening" as students work hard to create an atmo- sphere of cheerfulness for others as well as themselves. Thunderhouse, a Roman Catholic Cam- pus Ministry Center, provides students with the guidance and ambiance that is so necessary for the "spiritual, social and educational" needs of its students. Stu- dents carry these attitudes to the commu- nity to stimulate a sense of unity and har- mony. Because it is basically student run, with guidance from Executive director Betsy Bird and Chaplain Father Roy T. Beeching, participants in the activities offered at Thunderhouse are 100 per cent active and dedicated. Thunderhouse sponsers reli- gious programs for the mentally handi- capped children on a one-to-one basis, they teach religious education classes, vis- it local nursing homes to sing, and they even have an adopted grandparent. Thunderhouse is involved in many activi- ties including Homecoming, the Popcorn Festival, square dances, hay rides and much, much more. As can be seen, Thunderhouse is a vital component of many lives, both on and off campus. It has much more than enough to offer and shall continue to flourish. 42 l Giving glory to God, living as He in- tended us to -these are the aims of Resi- dential Ministry. Because there is a Resi- dential Ministry in each dorm, students have an opportunity to actively partici- pate in religious and social activities. It furnishes a link between the Chapel and home, something that is essential for one to live fully and therefore achieve the goals they strive for. Spreading religious harmony and unity, Residential Ministry helps people get to know one another, share and support Bi- ble studies and have devotions. Residen- tial Ministry gives service to the commu- nity as well as promotes a general feeling of well-being. Some of its activities in- clude the World Hunger Program, nurs- ing home services, a Christmas service, bonfires, Bible studies and a leadership retreat. All in all, Residential Ministry is "working, loving, giving, sharing, a grow- ing as one," for in unity there is strength. Giving glory to God, living as He in- tended, Residential Ministry leads stu- dents in a life closer to Christ. Focal point of the campus, Valparaiso University's Chapel of the Resurrection represents the spiritual, cultural and academic elements of VU. Part of the Residential Ministry Team, Vicars Daniel Kowert ileftl and john Pless are familiar faces at the Chapel of the Resurrection and throughout campus. The Other Half Eleven professors and ten associate and assistant professors teach at Valparai- so's School of Law, which became part of the University in 1905. In our undergraduate world of Theo 5, stress run, and university courses, many of us forget that the campus we call home is also home for those students involved with the University's Law School Division. The worlds of the graduate and under- graduate student seldom permeate one another, except for places held in com- mon, like the law library, the Union's Grail, or on the intramural field. All in all, though, our paths cross only on rare occasions. Law students are differ- ent. They have a different academic schedule than the undergraduate pro- gram, in fact a different type of program altogether. The difference is the serious, goal-oriented approach to academics adopted on day one for most law students and shortly there after for the rest. It's not unusual for them to study Friday and Sat- urday nights, a new concept for most un- dergraduates. Law school isn't exactly The Paper Chase, but it is hard work - memo- rizing, digging for facts, finding examples, and taking nasty exams. It's late nights, relying on and appreciating friends or pa- tient spouses. Expenses often mean jug- gling one or two jobs, as well as the books. Law school isn't easy, and it isn't always fun, but the challenge of earning a law degree creates a sense of satisfaction and pride upon receiving it that cannot be duplicated in any other discipline. As un- dergraduates we should join the law stu- dent in challenging ourselves to reach out for our personal goals with the integrity, perseverence, and dedication of the field of law. ' r Valparaiso's Law School classes seek to stress the importance of analytical, conceptual, and interpersonal skills in understanding the law. nv Q f .,, g --1-Hg .1 S "0 . N ....,q, an-Q15 t..,,,,. 14' l L." 1 - ., ,H ., A 252333. 1 4 Y 9' xl' . 1' Wesemann Hall, which houses the Law School and Law Library, is a popular Spot for both graduates and undergrads to study or share notes. Motorcross Most people who are unfamiliar with the sport of motorcross see motorcrossers as crazy daredevils, mainly because of largely out of proportion misconception of the dangers involved. This attitude couldn't be farther from the more realistic image of the challenging, exciting, and physically demanding sport of motorcross racing. My convictions about racing were strengthened by a test conducted in Swe- den, designed to determine the physical endurance level and safety of racing in relation to other sports. According to the test, motorcross racing was second only to soccer in terms of physical stamina re- quired of participants, with football rank- ing about seventh. ln addition, motor- cross was credited for less injuries than rugby or football because of protective racing gear and helmets worn by motor- cross racers. Landing on dirt, not cement or moving cars as most people imagine, also decreases the chance of injury when Sparks A a biker goes down. Balancing a 230-pound motorcycle mi- dair or in a "power slide" requires noth- ing less than complete concentration. Once, while holding a second place posi- tion in a field of 45, I looked up for a split second when going through a turn to see one of my friends cheering for me. lover- shot the turn and spun out, setting me back to twelveth place. Needless to say, concentration is very important. More imperative to motorcross, I feel, is proper preparation. Success in motor- cross demands a well-rested, highly trained mind and body, as well as a com- petitive and well maintained motorcross bike. Motorcross means a huge financial commitment - you have to work - and finally luck, especially at the start of the race. What's at the end? If you're lucky, a two-foot tall plastic monstrosity that says you've won first place! Article by john Burton. Interest Above: Flying over a tunnel jump, Burton stays low to maintain speed. Right: Stoll balances his bike in mid air over a practice course at Maplehurst Cycle Park. Burton and Stoll practice once or twice a week during the summer, or whenever they have the money. Left: V.U. sophomore Bob Stoll, another motorcross enthusiast, braces for a power slide. Below: john Burton concentrates for control in a flat hairpin turn during a practice session. is K 3 4' Q Q5 Students Are julie and Kent Hollis The essence of the experience. It's not the bottom line Or the gold at the end of the rainbow. It's the pulling ahead and the falling behind, The short cuts and the long nights. It's the tear-rain drops that fall along the way. Laughter, melodies that bring back a moment, A face, A place, Profs, students, hail to the brown and gold. Friends. The essence, The heart, The you you found along the way. 'ff rw -WQ ' lon Hilgenkamp, Mark Woods, Pete Schoedel, Todd Romanski Tim Strege Winkie Amospeta, Bill Walsh, Brian Piper, Diane Baker Don Duvall Lisa Ulrich i . 4. X 1 3-- 4 f ludy Wise Y Above left: Chris Thielo, Kathy Beumer. Above right: Janie Shroeder. .K lx l .3 . . -f 1...f. 1 . I 4 . V, ,Q:"j+3g 1'-ET f- 'K ffifiy-:'zt,5' f " xx H- WK: - J' It h ACAIDIEMHCS 1' '. 19' A a-,A- x 'Q' 5 I A . f - 'Y W Q my 'P . 1 .n' 0 Ml ' 1 -2-.- 'ai ' - v iifzfkyiki' .w'Pw4-"fi,-E , .1 "2.'E'!j., ' 55:11.-14. I mf, .I , ' 473 V - - .ub'.'EL w" J' 1 1 uv" I, . .L.lPlIHl49l' qf I W9 ' I fx ", ' 2 X A6665 X N k . .xl Z PRESIDE T ROBERT V. SCHNABEL Dear Members of the Class of 1983: Your life and educational experiences, begun some years ago at Valpo, now reach the immediate goal: completion of your degree program and beginning of a new alumni status. This yearbook provides a pictorial and verbal "snapshot" of persons, organizations and events that have been part of your Universi- ty experience. We hope it ever evokes bright memories of meaningful, fruitful days. Now you undertake new beginnings on the path to additional life goals. The knowledge, understanding, skills and values you have acquired are not "for school-days," but for life. Ideas are like matches: useless unless struck into flame. The theme of this Beacon is one that binds together University purposes, college days and adult life: To Be All That We Can Be. This theme echoes the words of St. Peter, who described Christian life as a status and a calling: Since we have been made God's adopted sons and daughters in Christ, we are liberated and empowered "to be who we are" and, by His Spirit's power, "to be all that we can be." This status and this calling come to us as devine gifts. The University has sought to be an instrument to help you be all you can be spiritually, intellectually, morally, socially, culturally and physically. Our best hopes and prayers are that the University has served you well and that you, in turn, go forth from this place and live out your lives as light-bearers and living embodiments of the University's motto: "In Thy Light we shall see light." HAWK VICE PRESIDE TS Richard Paul Baepler, vice president for academic affairs. DHFYU Dwayne HGI'SE'm2Hl1, vice pI'8Sid9rll fOr Student affairs. Nl Munn . ': .5 -.. 1 Sf"1' . , , L- ' '-is . .f ,S '9 . . X 4 .s 6 ., Richard P. Koening, vice president for public and alumni affairs. Fred W. Kruger, vice president for business affairs. 54 F. Barry Haber, Business Administration Arlin Glenn Meyer, Christ College Norman Edgar Nagel, Chapel Dolores Mary Ruosfh, dean Of WOFTV-'20 Robert E. Schroer, dean of men james T. Scroggin, Engineering Mary Josephine Sheehan lFall 19821, Nursing Forrest L. Vance, Arts and Sciences 'Q james Ehrenberg Mary Martin - A Q ' ' Y W if ff, Suzanne Ogilby William Stevens The accounting curriculm stresses quantitative analysis, problem solv- ing, and decision making, rather than description and procedure, and is recommended as professional preparation for a career as a Certi- fied Public Accountant or Certified Management Accountant. Mark Anderson checks his work in manageri- al accounting. 'ifuni ' Richard B,-auer, an William DeHoff, art Fredrick Frey, art George Smmbu, an During life drawing, Chris Thielo sketches those "private eyes." - ,- ART and 10 ALISM After completion of the core courses in art, a concentra- The study of journalism and mass communication is tion must be chosen in painting, sculpture, ceramics, pho- basic to all areas of society, particularly in an era depen- tography, design or art history for a recommendation to the dent upon instantaneous information and computerized Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts program. Field trips, art technology. The department goal is to develop journalists exhibits, visiting artists and similar events are integral parts of with a keen sense of professionalism who fully understand the art department curriculum. their social, legal and ethical responsibilities. S 3 'E Carl Galow, journalism Nancy Meyer, journalism Katl"fYn Wall, i0UfI'1BliSm 56 Grayson Davis Garland Hicks Vs Carl Kfekeler Gayton Marks Mike Rohde cleans up after biology lab BIOLOGY Biology is the disciplined study of living organisms. lt is also a vital part of liberal education, enabling students to develop an appreciation of their own biological being as well as of the great variety of organisms and communities of organisms with which they come into contact and upon which they are dependent. The fo- cus of biology may be at many levels: mo- lecular, cellular, organismic, population, community, ecosystems. The depart- ment's program of study provides an in- troduction to each of these levels. More- over, it is designed to meet the require- ments of students who desire to do grad- uate study in one of the biological sci- ences, who plan to enter professional schools, who wish to enter a teaching ca- reer in biology, or who will work in indus- trial or governmental positions. 4,1 .' ml Frederich Meyer lames Tim 0 X -' USINESS ADMINISTRATIC S8 The College is a separate administrative and instructional unit of the University under the direction of the Dean of the College and offers three majors: Account- ing, Administrative Sciences, and Business Economics. Course offerings in Adminis- trative Sciences are organized to provide concertrations in marketing management, financial management, human resource management and general management. The curriculum in general education as- sures each student exposure to a broad range of disciplines, problem-solving techniques and methods of inquiry. The business curriculum likewise aims at ex- posing students to opportunities which help develop concepts, tools of analysis and techniques of evaluation which serve as a foundation for their growth into com- petent and ethically responsible adminis- trators and functional specialists. ,,4-ul 1 I Raymond Buckley, Management Robert Listman, Marketing ! Richard Laube, Finance CHEMISTRY Chemistry is a discipline that studies the Omer Smnh fundamental nature of matter and the en- ergetics and changes in properties ac- companying compositional changes of matter. As a scientific discipline, chemis- try is firmly rooted in the liberal arts tradi- tion, placing emphasis on the develop- ment of intellectual ability and judge- ment. Yet it is also a very practical disci- pline dealing with the fundamental tech- nology of matter that affects our environ- ment and our society. Because of the na- ture of the discipline, a wide variety of careers is possible with a chemistry major. Gilbert Cook William Leoschke L+ :Christ College And Theology Christ College is an Honors College em- phasizing liberal studies and providing a place in undergraduate study for courses and programs which implement honors standards and offer the freedom and flexi- bility for educational experimentation. This program, supplemented by addition- al seminar work, invites its students to in- quire beyond their specialized interests into larger contexts of thought, action and production, encouraging thereby the ex- ploration of values and the integration of knowledge. Personal and intellectual growth of high quality is fostered by a resident staff which works closely with small numbers of students. William Olmsted, Christ College Mel Piehl, Christ College ,. -nvwvw 'M l 5 . Y . wi Warren R'-'bel' Christ College IHFHCS Albers, Theology Theodore lungkuntz, Theology qgqill i ,ff I - M ,m ut swf' ,153 2 ,N lbqk. A, H K y M i , 4 ' 4 KRT' Thomas Droege, The0l0SY An interesting discussion led by Professor Keller amuses Dawn Douglas and Dan Hall. 60 THEGLGGY As the nation's largest Lutheran-affili- Waite, Keller ated institution of high education, Valpar- aiso University operates within a religious tradition which recognizes no hostility between the life of the mind and the life of the spirit. instead, with its emphasis upon Christian freedom and upon the sa- credness of vocation, it liberates men and women so that they may explore any idea, any theory without having to fear that somewhere along the line they will have to choose between faith and intellectual honesty. Luther Koepke Dale Lasky Theodore Ludwig Frederick Niedner David Truemper Normand Widiger The laboratories of Civil Engineering consists of materials testing, fluid mechan- ics, environmental engineering, concrete and soil mechanics and surveying. The Civil Engineering department maintains a wide range of instruments and equipment representative of current surveying prac- tice. ln addition to a variety of conven- tional nonoptical tools and measuring de- vices, principal instruments available for supervised students use include modern theodolites, modern precise self-leveling levels and traditional transits and levels of manual four-point leveling type. Physics is the study of neutral phenom- ena in an attempt to plain the behavior of physical systems in terms of a limited number of fundamental physical laws. This study is predicated on careful obser- vation and experimentation, thought ana- lysis and creative insights. It is both de- scriptive and predictive and encompasses a realm from the submicroscopic particles of the nucleus to distant constituents of the universe. Civil Engineering And Physics -..-Q Q z . ,- -i Donald Koetke Physics Virgil Naumann, Physics U r ,,4'a'-sw 35-.Q Economics is the science that deals with the production, distribution and con- sumption of wealth and with the various related problems of labor, finance and taxation. The curricula offered leads to a Bachelor of Science in Economics. The Political Science department offers courses which provide the student with an understanding of the basic concepts, methods of study and traditions of poli- tics. ln consultation with the chairperson, the student may wish to concentrate in areas within the discipline such as execu- tive processes, judicial behavior or com- parative politics. .. 43 Students spend a relaxing evening during the semester at Professor Comb's house. Economics And Political Science I L ' ' gf .RI V , v, i,fu.iL . I lx H4 ,,,f lames Combs, Poli-Sci. Rick Rollenhagen, Poli-Sci. Albert Trost, Poli-Sci. Marcella Anderson EDUCATIC The Department of Education offers programs of study leading to certification for elementary and secondary teaching. In addition, the teacher trainee may add specialization in reading, junior high! middle school, or special education llearning disabilitiesl. Undergraduate stu- dents who wish to teach in an elementary school should complete the requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Education, a special curriculum in the College of Arts and Sciences. Leonard Kochendorfer Lawrence Lottmann Robert Lucking ' A Gerald Speckhard Eugenia Stiemke Bernard Hillila Ann Reiser Wayne Swihart William Dauberman Edgar Luecke ELECTRICALE GI EERI The Electrical Engineering Department offers an elective program which allows a student to concentratef in one of three areas of electrical engineering practice: Computer Engineering, Electrical Com- munication Engineering, and Industrial Power and Control Eningeering. Students who desire a more general program in electrical engineering may select their electives from among these areas of con- centration. Demosthenes Celopulos William Shewan 66 Gail Ejfrig lohn Feaster Renu luneja GLISH The Department of English, one of the largest departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, offers a wide variety of courses for both English majors and other students. Courses offered by the depart- ment help students use the English lan- guage effectively and sensitively and help develop their capacity to enjoy and un- derstand imaginative literature. In addi- tion to preparing a student for graduate work, an English major also provides ex- cellent training for numerous careers and professions. The ability to read and un- derstand complex material, to write and speak precisely, to think clearly and thor- oughly, remains in high demand in all sec- tions of our society. lane Lump nt- ,wwe T f-'ik' Joyce Hicks 68 Henning Falkenstein Kathy Kobergtein Thora Moulton Howard Peters FOREIG LA Acquaintance with a foreign language and a foreign culture has a profound ef- fect on the way an individual views his own language and his own heritage. Pur- suit of studies in this area raises the sights of an individual from the level of provin- cialism and pragmatic training to the level of universal human concern and is, there- fore, a vital part of any student's exper- ience, regardless of his field of specializa- tion. The student, while deepening his background in the humanities, will at the same time acquire a working knowledge of another language, a practical skill val- ued in many of today's professions. Michael Kumpf ,X X Mirtha Toledo-Smith uAc.E ---an-g, lohannes Helms introduces The New Testament Greek to two V.U. students. 1 F l i l l I lohn Streitelmeier, Geography Ronald lanke, Geography Ferencz Kallay, Geography a""t" 'VV .. .49 Meredith Berg, History Dean Kohlhoff, History james Startt, History Willis Boyd, History Keith Schoppa, History Geography And Histor Geography is a diverse subject which provides students with a strong, practical liberal arts education offering a wide vari- ety of employment opportunities. The di- versity of the discipline stems from its fundamental concern with human behav- ior as it relates to the earth's varied phys- ical and cultural environments. One of the central disciplines of the traditional liberal arts, history is con- cerned with understanding the develop- ment of societies and cultures which pro- duced the world as we know it. The histo- rian is present- minded, convinced that illumination of the past is of fundamental importance in today's decision-making and for tomorrow's dreams. History pro- vides a solid major for those with career goals in law, teaching, journalism, govern- ment and the ministry. wi' .-0 During Meteriology and Climatology, Brad Purcell and Bruce Braun study land formation. Q 1 Rhea Adgate Home Ec. Katharine Antommarie, Home Ec. Anita Manning, Home Ec. Paula Sampson Home 6 Dennis Guse Speech 81 Drama ludy Nantau, Speech 81 Drama sf Richard Pick, Speech 8: Drama Fred Sitton, Speech 84 Drama Home Economics And Speech And Drama The University Theatre, under the su- pervision of the department of Speech and Drama, provides a means for creativ- ity in curricular and extra-curricular ac- tivities. The work in theatre encompasses two objectives. First, it provides a pro- gram of cultural enrichment. Through ac- tive participation in plays, students be- come acquainted with great drama of the past and present, developing a sound critical sense. Second, it gives students practical training in acting and all phases of play production, including experience in various aspects of management and ad- vertising. The focus of the Home Economics de- partment is to provide professional train- ing for those who seek to serve the basic social unit of society - the family, through education, business or organiza- tion. Principles from the curriculum are to be applied to the problems of daily life, to aid in the development of autonomous individuals within family, and to improve the quality of the environment in which they live. Daniel Gahl, Archivist Elmer Hess, Documents!Science E , as I 1 x l Q . Q. i lrving Olsen, Instructional Materials Margaret Perry, Director ln Li b ra ry Staff The Henry F. Moellering Memorial Li- brary, situated directly across from the chapel, is the general library of the Uni- versity. lt serves the students, faculty and staff of the campus community with a col- lection of 260,000 bound volumes, 66,000 microfilms and regularly receives 1,450 periodical journals. All materials are avail- able to users on open shelf with the ex- ception of reserved books, the University y Archives and rare books. Reading rooms are air conditioned and seating is distrib- uted throughout the building. . ld Edwin johnson, Public Services ,Z FFF ,L,...J ti bf '-r'i'1" Stephanie Umbach, Cataloging f ' '.,f P"'!'l'?"!' lames Caristi Louis Foster -, Math And Computer Science A student seeking the Bachelor of Sci- Norman Hughes ence degree in mathematics may com- plete either Program I-Emphasis on Math- ematical Analysis or Program ll-Emphasis on Finite Mathematics. A student having a major in view should begin mathematics in the freshman year. A mathematics ma- jor should elect French or German to sat- isfy the foreign language requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences. Anyone planning to do graduate work in math- ematics should complete Program I and include Mathematics 114 'and 177. ft' ia I ig-A " Qi tl - iff Diane Krebs 'oe' Lehmann 72 l William Marion Linda Proudfit I Math And Computer Science Malcolm Reynolds Verne Sanford I5 'Wh-w.. 'Hn l0l1n Sorenson lerry Wagenblast - MECHANICAL E GI EERI 1 74 The programs of the College of Engi- neering prepare the student for direct en- try into an engineering profession or for graduate school. The first one and one- half years are designed to give the student a good general education, including a firm foundation in mathematics and the phys- ical sciences. During the following two and one-half years, the student receives a broad education in the particular field of engineering chosen. In the senior year, the student has the option to select courses orientated toward graduate school or design courses orientated to- ward professional engineering. Gilbert Lehmann William Schoech l I ' -, ff Robert Rose it X9-w john Steffen PHILOSOPHY A D PSYCHOLOGY Courses in philosophy offer students the opportunity to examine the basic is- sues which arise in all fields of intellectual endeavor and also to explore the posi- tions of the great thinkers of both West- ern and Eastern civilizations. These courses should help students to reflect on those concepts which significantly shape human life because of the key role they play in action, thought and discourse. Such reflection is philosophical if it is ana- lytical, critical and evaluative. The study of philosophy tends to develop and sharpen the analytical and critical thinking of stu- dents, not only with respect to philos- Kenneth Klein, Philosophy Marcus Riedel, Philosophy ophy, but with respect to other disci- plines as well. The psychology faculty consists of indi- viduals with diversified interests relative to their own areas of experience. Because of this adversity, the department of psy- chology curriculum provides courses in experimental, social, developmental and clinical-counseling psychology as well as special interest courses. The department provides the student with the breadth of knowledge and applied skills suitable for bachelor level psychology careers, gra- duate study and continued personal growth. Mathew Ikeda, Psychology Q V Q 4 if '- 6 ' P i K . P' 'Fl :ll Al ' I 4 llln T 1 ' l ll W S, T .sf Q rl ll if We li - . - s l lndl ml---1 l 'll l . Ts- .. 7 'Jr K 3 fl if P i i P , 5- . . . Richard Millar, Psychology Stephen Truhon, Psychology 5 l I I I - X X .. ' max X, ' - Q Ax - , '3 .. g 2 Ni S, 'F :Ng ' N E 'q:: Qw.13I:'.-:- 7 ff v Q X QF' Q. " N ...- 4 3 x EN, it .,.,nw1 SM, uxu ,x-ucv ssaususQ+"'?Q ., , , . . , ,,...,..,,.. .M- x..,, -s,..,,,. NA -,.-gy --..-i --... ...iqgn AgV-A-V, xv wg- YYRA - 'Wu -,fx my K 'v-Xq-all i . 'n 1- G .. as S X X Q 'wx x X Nvgx Na. X x XY 1' ? xgegoni I- I 13: 12 . M 2? NURSING In accordance with the philosophy of Valparaiso University, the faculty of the College of Nursing believes its responsi- bility is to foster intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of the student as an educated person and as a competent pro- fessional nurse. The curriculum, there- fore, includes a wide variety of foundation courses in the natural and social sciences and in the liberal arts, as well as courses which lead to the mastery of the princi- ples and practices of nursing. Roberta Barlgw Carlene Bartelt ' janet Brown Ruth Brown Sharon Roth and Annette Szpiszar practice their techniques! Elizabeth Fiegle X I -'vs vs t i x wr i ff-5' , 1. .-3 r . ..,.-- -A sl JRR L ' Sandra Kowalski Toni Lemster r X Marylou Logothetis NURSIN Carole Pepa Vema Sweitzer lark Margaret Wickert Brenda Mostak Miriam Primich The College of Nursing Emblem Claire Knaub .Z x . Miriam Sawyer Ellen Thomas Vineva Yover -PHYSICAL EDUCATIC 1 B0 The Physical Education Department seeks to provide each student with valu- able educational experiences designed to enhance the quality of on-campus life as well as to provide students with knowl- edge and abilities suitable for life-time personal use. Professionally, although physical education within a school setting is a continuing area of opportunity, the love affair of the American people with personal activity and enjoyment of spec- tator sport has created new areas of op- portunity for the physical educator: adult fitness, leisure services, sportswriting and broadcasting, sports clubs, clothing and equipment designing and sales. All pro- vide opportunities for new talents and vi- sion. Ruth Brown ,A.......-.i.. , g ,E , .1 3 -3 iilt f l I W ' -5 1 A ,.,.. . n L F xi' ,g , - ' t . . I F ' i Q s -5- l W r V " 'X X . t " - -,-, Y., s i mmf 1 Rs-sgfig .slit - ' 'W Q - P - FT:-WN N vi A 1 if s , i- 1 we SW z Xllfli 2 ' - N wa s Q1 . Y i 1 . , P' i t L N . "M ,, 'l -A- Rod Moore aw' Norman Amundsen Sandra Harms 3' - , , ss-,f....-www x,,t.w--- ,N JN FX Paul Smith William Koch is 2: ,fxgk QESKYQ x ly, i X'--. 'X ':l1Q1Sf-sm A A. w te WN ' Q is X R William Steinbracher 4 Social Work And Sociolog The primary task of the Social Work department is to prepare its graduates for entry into the profession at the beginning level of practice. Secondly, some majors may seek graduate education in social work. Finally, selection of courses from this department will enhance the prep- aration of students who anticipate a ca- reer in one of the various helping profes- sions. Sociology is the study of social life of the structures and processes of human in- teraction. Its subject matter ranges from intimate family life to the hostile mob, from crime to religion, from the divisions of social class to the shared beliefs of a common culture. Few other fields of study are as broad in scope or as relevant to an understanding of the human condi- tion. Clarence Rivers, Social Work leff johnson, Sociology LeRoy Martinson, Sociology Nancy Sederberg, Sociology . Ted Westermann, Sociology ' , 4 111:54 JTC? -?f51l:g2:Jg2ij'f+, -- ,1Lq.t.v.-,-an 4 .Q-F, ,JL-f..m. mm, :..3,,.. . , -f--1-1. :--1' 'rA,'A'H,f---Q'-.5 '.-- f' -- 'Z ' 1: ,- - fi' '?5'Q"'fi.LT I SPQLWS - . I 1 N u -1 ,Nga ' N ' u'? -yi . I o. .4 -H f y - X .A , ' L -gl N- .5 i yan". "KF 14 . ' ,-Y VL ,. .-E -' 3:1 1 .,.,2y,: . -Q x '-sh .4 . l , ' I TX. QV FN. 'z N . V" I, . 3 '. ,, " L 'til ' .'N9'4s.m?5 Lfwql . .1 , H X A , 1 fG.' '- --AQ J . s . , ' ""'5-'- H lj W 4 u..- ' Q. . , ,. x Y film ho, 'V kr. , ' bl- . w '14'P vrbw-mi' , 5"R'a,Cq:,- Y iw- 1 1 X -1.9--' -':. 4 . t Nl. 7-,Y-.1-W, '-"TT - -V' x . ,., . in , 'f'i:'i2.. '- 14'-il , '-3 Exif 255:21 111:11 '-2-Srl' ' "-w,5- 51:1-Azrzzfgi-.3-flzi-41W -13 'ar-Y - , up ' 1.4Ai x 1 ::'.',-':'3Q'-ki-fi. 'LIQ1 'V 1 gh' , A , as-x-Q ' 1:1 - 'ffifv rf ribs? 1. X ,f, -Wah: ' X 5 Q fx - ,fL,57ff??' ' Fifi-599' . ' --15332 LP' -f 45 . i-.Im -' ' Ei" ,g:."x9'4"2 fg z- iw -Faygx ag" fx ' " Awek 1-if ff 1. I- Y-'fu mu...-w - w 1 ' 1: 1 ,-,H-.'efr.',-1 wa.-r..gj1-r." ,UL fix- if iw ' ""7N'v lx' R' ""'5? . ' ' H74 ' W, ,,,.,--,, ........ffv 1-ff. wzemxua-v, . .win-Ti:'a.."g--' " inn.-7'p' -ul' "i'hni i.xN'1'W5' -Ri' "if ' -X" I 4 . .3 ' ! k I I ff '1 P. X.-y . ..- QI 5 ,rf yup, NNN v4-A fi 5 w 9 .. . I '- :. K.-H fxi 'Ay Q w 'Y' "CY D ws f -uw- Track nd Field BEST OUTDOOR 3551 INDQQR PERFORMANCES PERFQRMANCES 1982 1981-1982 Aaron Tidwell 100m 10.8 200m 22.5 Aaron Tidwell 60-yd. Dash 6.5 220-yd. Dash 25.0 Scott Lohr Steeplechase 9353.8 5,000m 15:27.6 Kenny Darden 50-yd. Dash 5.6 300-yd. Dash 32.9 Brent Bultemeier Long lump 21'7 M" 4U0'M 5049 Triple lump 43'8 M" 440'Yd- 541 High lump 6'10" UJHE lUmP 21"lV2H lon Dorn 110 m H 16.6 Scott Lohr Mile 415-4 2 Mile 9146.6 Chris Rudynski 400m 50.2 3 Mile 15215-3 3000 M Stu McClung 400m H 58.0 Sleeplechase 1035422 Bill Loesch aoom 1:59.13 lon Dorn 50-yd High Hurdles 745 60'yd. High Hurdles 3,2 Mark Riley 1500m 4:01.1 Brent Bultemeier High lump 6'10" Mike Cantway 10,000m 33:02.13 Triple 43'4" Tim Andrews Discus 129'7" Chris Rudynslsi 600-yd. 1114.4 Shot Put S12 Vz" Steve Bongard 800-M 2103.1 Tim Mech Pole Vault 13' Mark Riley B80-yd. 2104.7 Matt Nagel lavelin 153'6" Bill Loesch 1000-yd. 2122.7 Herbie Ull, Don Brown 400,-n R 45-3 Tim Andrews Shot Put S2'2 lon Dorn Aaron Tidwell lim Mech Pole Vault 12 Mark Riley Stu McCIung, Rudynski, Dan Konhauef 1500,-n R 32217 Tidwell, Darden 1600 M Relay 3:28.15 Aaron Tidwell Chris Rudynski Rudynski, McClung, Tidwell, Axelson, Darden Mile Relay 3134.8 Sagendorph, 5400m R 181061 Riley, Lohr Korthauer, Rudynski, 3200m R 8116.5 Bongard, Loesch D. Kochendorfer, Kofthal-'eff Distance Medley 11:12.1 Cantway, Sloan Ult, Rudynski, 300m R 1.31 5 Brown, Tidwell ' 1 Front: Aaron Tidwell, Stu McClury. Middle: Dan Korthauer, Mark Riley, William Loesch, Paul Schnorr, Paul Sagendorph, Mark Yover, Dave Kochendorfer. Back: Doug Tryloff, Kenny Darden, Chris Rudynski, Tim Andrews, Scott Lohr, Todd Melser, Coach Paul Smith. Under the direction of head coach Paul Smith, Valparaiso's 1982 Spring track team placed 4th in the confer- ence meet. The Crusaders had two winners in the meet: Brent Bulte- meier in the high jump and Mike Cantway in the 10,000 m. Breaking a school shot put record in the indoor season was Tim Andrews with a dis- tance of 52 feet and 2 inches. During the outdoor season john Axelson, Paul Sagendorph, Mark Riley, and Scot Lohr teamed together to break a school record in the 6400m relay with a time of 18:06. l i fl il l i l AJ. Cross Countr The cross country team gets off to a good start. This year's Valparaiso University Cross Country team did an excellent job. They competed in seven major meets and al- ways brought home a third or fourth place. On October 15, the VU runners traveled to Bloomington, Indiana to com- pete in the BigfLittle State meet. The Cru- saders finished 10th out of 23 teams in Big State and tied for 4th in Little State. To conclude their season, the VU harriers finished 4th in the first Association of MidContinent Universities Championship event at the cross country meet held at Eastern Illinois University on October 30. Leading the Crusaders for the season were runners Mike Cantway, Dave Mel- chior, Mark Riley and Paul Sagendorph. The VU cross country team was led by the head coaching of Paul Smith. Front Row lfrom l. to r.l: Paul Sagendorph, john Holland, Bryan Thomas, Boyd Owents, Phil Parelius, Barry Action, Karl Abraham, Paul Dawson, Dave Melchior. Back Row lfrom l. to r.J: Coach Paul Smith, , ' 4' 112-494 Bill Loesch, Mark Riley, Mike Cantway, Dan Hall, Dave Kochendorfer, Eric Ritter, Steve Bongard, Chris Sloan, Steve Loder, Manager Dave Krebs. Ab- sent from photo: Dave Gray and Paul Schnorr. V.U.'s baseball team ended its 1982 sea- son with a 15-27-3 record and a winning performance in their conference. V.U.'s record, however, doesn't accurately re- flect the team's talent, considering many of the games were lost by very slim mar- gins. First year coach Rick Ferchen is over- all very happy about the 1982 season. Coach Ferchen looked at the 1982 fall season as "a rebuilding season to get the kinks out of the team's game." By trying many new combinations and playing many of the new freshmen ball players, he attempted to do just that. Coach Ferchen said, "l am very impressed with the new freshmen and expect them to be great assets to the 1983 team." fkkf Baseball Row 1: Brian Pollert, Rob johnson, Bill Swanson, lim Giannis, leff Hensel, Rich Desmedt, Walt Hater. Row 2: Stu Vogelmeier, Dave Price, Kurt Gesse, Eric Polan, Steve Carichoff, Connie Black, Mike Lasky, Steve Lach, Rich Babcock. Row 3: Dave Brege, Paul Vernet, Scott Swierad, Andy Storm, Craig jones, Greg Evans, Carmen Pillizzi, Dan Gilmore, Kevin Spudic, Ron Plummer, Dale Clapp, Tom Barnett, lim Robinson, Dave Kaczmarski, Rick Ferchen lCoachi. Row 4: Mike Donley, Tim El- dridge, lim Henning, Eric Bittlingmeier, Mark Staudinger, Scott Carter, Mark Guilfoil, Todd Cymerman, Mark Gardtke, Tom Popescu, joe Gersna, Greg Foy, joe Saffa. Not present: lim Donley, Ron Levitt. at 1 1 ite- Q 8 51 tv' - H 'f' t-.- -A .Q ,I .., J..." Riff- ,. ' Y.-- ' g ' ' V". ' ' yy?" A . -1 -. X f , ' - s' '-' ' 'N' "Wiz .Q-14"-',:'f ,. Z - 'A 2 f - 2- 4 'df H' f, 2 ,af -.:- ' 1 ' . 'fx'-f--f-----Agfa- f,-Q-f ,sau fra., 1 f -- V Y' Q if-1. 1 t . L 4 X A V , 'N J 5.2 .WT fr gy u I ,4 :TJ is sy' f ' t f-1 e. 4.1-fl' sv " ' " 'tw .' ' b Z ff yi 'uf , Av , Z 5 -5 f' J I-f as MB 9 'K ff, lg Yi ,,. 5 3 N- 13 L5 Dv , , . , 3 Cf "F f' , , , . N wt . ft! A slim.. ff-ggf' ' "' , Q :al X"- "re af- XV ' 'Hil l' .-.Q ' Q' ". 352: QM' A E su ' ..'.!,'lfi' V as 'V " ' ' s ' N 1 ' I . An, ,.. 9- 1 M X 1, A ,- x if I - 56-5 'N F - 42 X ' A tk i Q "P- f Q T , N ' 1 - X - Q . Q . x 'pn 9 X X P Q ivan Xu First year coach Rick Ferchen studies the field. Senior Ron Levitt slides safely into third. f Winners In Conference X , t , ' 5 any Rounding third base, Mark Staudinger heads for home. Shortstop Kevin Spudic, gets to first with a bunt hit. Coach Ferchen commented on many individual performances that he was im- pressed with. "Dan Gilmore played a very good season and also hit second on the team. lim Donley had a .326 average with no errors in the outfield. A couple of oth- er players I was impressed with were out- fielder Greg Foyg third baseman, joe Gershna, and Tim Eldridge, who had a .301 hitting average. Among the first team all-conference players were Dave Kacz- marski, the 1983 new team captain who is also up for all-american, Carmen Pillizzi, short stop, Kevin Spudicg jeff Simmons, and jim Robinson, who lead the pitching staff and also finished eleventh in the country, division one in strike outs." Coach Ferchen stated, "I am very anx- ious for the 1983 season and I also expect a very good season. BASEBALL 1982-1983 83 VU 0 6 7 7 6 6 B 16 13 7 3 2 6 4 3 7 OPP Florida State jacksonville Illinois State Marietta Illinois State Butler Marietta Austin Peay Ripon Austin Peay Missouri Rolla Olivet Brooklyn Missouri Rolla Missouri Rolla Monmouth Ripon Tennessee Tech Notre Dame Notre Dame Ashland Georgetown Indiana Central Indiana Central Indiana Central Indiana Central Purdue Purdue Illinois Chicago Illinois Chicago Notre Dame Notre Dame Illinois Chicago Illinois Chicago George Williams 1 2 2 6 2 4 5 7 1 4 Bethel joseph s joseph s Francis Xavier Francis Xavier Concordia River Forest Concordia River Forest 7 4 ' ' 7 3 6 4 ' 2 1 6 6 0 3 0 2 7 4 13 3 ' 8 7 ' 5 7 ' 4 14 ' 7 10 12 18 1 11 . . - . 4 7 . . - . 4 8 1 2 2 7 . . - . 0 9 . . . 4 5 ' ' 8 6 George Williams 11 10 4 3 St. ' 10 6 St. ' 6 B St. ' 4 17 St. ' 6 13 St. ' 5 15 St. ' 5 8 ' - ' 10 2 ' - ' 13 3 Wins 15 Losses 27 Ties 3 I The Crusader football team provided the University with a number of surprises as VU sputtered to a 3-7 record. After going 'I-9 the year before, there seemed to be hope of the Crusader's do- ing much better. But to the surprise of everyone, VU won its first two outings both on the road. In the season opener against the Scotts of Alma College, VU took advantage of five Alma turnovers to win 13-0. Valpo's touchdown's came on a one-yard plunge by fullback Vince lacobs midway through the second quarter and Quarterback Phil Kuntz dove in from one yard out to clench the game with 3:53 remaining. Kuntz and safety joe Orlich received Heartland Collegiate Conference player of the Week honors for their perfor- mances in the game. "lust lucky", was the campus' reaction to the victory. Undaunted by the doubt of the Crusader homefolk, the Crusaders trecked to the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire, defeating the Bluegolds 31-21 in a sloppy yet exciting game. Valpo returned home to face Hillsdale College as Head Coach Bill Koch said at the time, "l have no doubt this will be our toughest game to date if not our toughest of the year." He wasn't wrong. Using a bland but amazingly effective ball control offense, Hillsdale rolled to a 28-0 victory on a wet, foggy afternoon. What made this loss even tougher was an ankle injury to lacobs. He was the leading rusher on the squad - yet would not play another down of football during the '82 season. Congratulating lim Harris, No. 79 Dave Hileman. Receiving instruction from Coach Koch, Mike Healey. .f E Surprising Start 4. ,f , , ,V ..,w w ml F . Al' , me 0' A 'r -into Trotting of! the field is Senior lon Steinbrecher, Q ae c ' .Q -X A "Y .. M . QM N . .kxwximfw . . , .ms N, ,f-.ww -vi''9'5g,xQ -RY Nh. Nz.: "i M whwkz iX,,. ,7 , . 4... fs-W" " V R . my - ie v.:x1W. X -fuiw -in W wi..-5-,J ,D 3 f"'f"'i"i'ifi"'1'v.msA1 , QM, x.,,,- Q sA'uhr.m "'31X'u-vf1t2.f" Ay.-' ' aw... Q ' 4v."..x qui. ' N2 1. A , . ,J 'U 9- X- yr, - 3 f .X '.A"fg?'Q-1 'Vial ????3W:'W' v hi iQ:-4. P1 'Kin' hi . X-guy Putting on a fake is jimmy Harris. Conference foe's Butler and Ashland came next. In both games, VU's offense reverted to the form of the '81 team and failed to move the ball consistently. As a result, Butler pasted VU 27-3 while Ash- land abused the Crusaders, 34-13. During Homecoming weekend, the Crusaders rose to the occasion in front of a standing room only crowd Qwhich in- cluded the 1932 undefeated VU football squadl and upset the Purple Aces of Ev- ansville, 21-17 in what had to be one of the greatest games in VU history. Scott Lange started at Quarterback for the Cru- saders and responded by completing 23 of 39 passes for 296 yards. For his perfor- mance, Lange was named HCC Player of the Week. The game was a see-saw battle. With 3:30 to go an VU in possession, VU trailed 17-14. Two plays later, Lange dove over as VU went up 21-17. The Crusaders held on for a fantastic victory. The Homecoming victory was the last bright spot of the year as the Crusaders dropped four straight. For the remainder of the year, injuries and inconsistency pla- gued VU. While St. joe vandalized Brown field two days before the game, nothing seemed to arouse VU as they were beaten 30-10 in a lack-luster performance. The following week, Indiana Central Grey- hounds mauled Valpo 47-7. W Q .i Ss t as Making his move, Phil Kuntz looks for an opening. Sidelines celebrate a touch- down. - . A. E.-Q . T its Individuals Prevail FOOTBALL 1982 VU OPP Alma College 13 0 Wisconsin - Eau Claire 31 21 Hillsdale 0 28 Butler 3 27 Ashland 13 24 Evansville 21 17 St. joseph's 10 30 Indiana Central 7 47 Georgetown 21 23 Franklin 20 55 Wins 3 Losses 7 Front Row lfrom l. to r.j: Coach Rick Ferchen, Coach Dave Hem- minger, Rex Kreger, Tim Andrews, Steeve Brown, Ray Nash, Charles Trigg, jimmy Harris, Steve Allosso, Mitch Sivertson, Ray McCants, Dave Hileman, jon Steinbrecher, Phil Kuntz, Tom Nel- son, john Bernardi, Coach Tom Burke, Asst. Trainer jay Baker. Second Row: ffrom I. to r.j: Equipment Manager Frank Kurmis, Asst. Trainer Denise Criswell, Scott Carter, Steve Lach, Dan Patlak, Mike Daras, Devin Haman, Kon Smith, Kenny Darden, Vince ja- cobs, Matt Swiecichowski, joe Orlich, john Pope, Scott Bragg, Coach Norm Amundsen, Head Coach Bill Koch. Third Row ll. to r.j: Trainer Rod Moore, Coach Rod Pawlik, Kevin Sharpe, Greg LaStella, Scott Plankenhorn, Bill Mikolay, Tom Katula, Tony Deeter, Tony Mia, john McMahon, Rob Bloomer, Dave Ander- son, Randy Beebe, David Brinkmeyer, Greg Brown, Asst. Equip- ment Manager Lloyd Edinger. Fourth Row ll. to r.j: Coach Gerry Speckhard, Roland Clark, Tom Beebe, Mike Healey, Eric Staehle, john Schelling, Andre Gammage, Scott Reinholt, Steve Spinell, Bill Swanson, Dan Bogar, Bob Wilson, Herbie Utt, jeff Mehn, Bob Kowalski, james Mitchell, Coach jim Rooney. Fifth Row fl. to r.j: Scott Biernat, Kevin Klecha, Matt Vranicar, john Barnes, Terry Benz, Todd Kirkpatrick, Eric Habelt, Ken Kocar, Mike Bertoia, Tony Bauer, Bill Davis, Frank Fortunato, Chet Balder, George Golaszweski, Craig Wilson, Coach Dan Lohrmann. Back Row ll. to r.j: Scott DuVal, Paul Eichelman, Doug Koziatek, Kevin Mackey, jamie Keuper, joel Violanti, Tony Maselli, Russell Fowler, Steve Speckhard, Paul LeMert, Scott Lange, Bill Kienzle, joe Ficaro. Not Present: Rich Pierce, Mark Stittleburg, Matt Hirsch, Scott McGraw, Mike Peterson, Ken Schlotfeldt. Although the year ended on a disap- pointing note, several Crusaders had out- standing years. Wide receiver Dan Bogar established himself as one of the top of- fensive threats in the conference by haul- ing in 48 passes to break a 16-year-old VU record. Bogar led "Air Valpo" as he moved in to fifth place on VU's career receiving list. Flanker jon Steinbrecher, caught 19 passes on the year, average 16.4 yards per catch. "Air Valpo" also featured Tight-end Mike Daras with 127 recep- tions, three touchdowns and Flanker Mike Healey with 21 receptions and two touchdowns. Scott Lange completed 53.2'Vo of his passes for 1298 yards and seven touchdowns. Defensively, linebacker Tony Bauer led the squad with 128 tackles. Cornerback jimmy Harris garnered HCC-All Confer- ence honors as he led VU with seven in- terceptions and averaged 21.4 yards per kickoff return. 1 F i F 1' ' -.X r?:P 1' 1 X ,ffm F -h -4 'xt , f' Q. .1 .., 5 'S-L K., 1 1- T f - I-duff. V N N 1? NN gif f ' . 5 H ' if WK gg L ' --W. .... L, ...... --..-.,,,- . . . Q uun0"""" .- ll WN X Y An Impressive Season turn. ,AY N W .,..,,.... I I I Front row Ifrom I to rl Bill Oliver Dianne Leytem Kathy Iurek Sally Van Duren Anne Benoit Don Palm Second Row Diane Baker Cheryl Silnch Alicia lump Cathy Counsell Tammy Blackstone Back Row loann Mischanko Denise Hofman Lisa Keidaish Elise Cheva her Lori Rhegness Tammy Erickson Not Pictured Ter ry Chambers xfasfffy WOMEN'S SWIMMING 1982 1983 Cardinal Relays Lake Forest Illinois Chicago Albion St Mary 5 Evansville Notre Dame Alma College Vincennes Wheaton Hope Illinois Benedictine De Pauw OPP Second 63 77 72 37 55 58 77 63 53 50 89 44 81 58 Idiana State Championships-Fourth Wins 7 Losses 5 .X -v .Mlm "Valparaiso's 1982-83 swimming team is facing a winning season", according to coach Bill Oliver. As of january 27, 1983 V.U. was enjoying a 5-4 record with five meets left. Coach Oliver also expects the team to place well in the Heartland Colle- giate Conference on February 24 through 26. Among the swimmers whom coach Oli- ver was impressed with were co-captains Tom Seabold and Dave Nelson. Other members of the team that coach Oliver commented on were Daryl Daneva, diver, jerry Chambers, sprinter, Matt Thomas, backstrokerg Todd Howe, distance frees- tyler, and Greg Peters, spring freestyler. Coach Oliver is especially pleased with the strong, competitive drive of the team. "The team bonded together and came on strong, having to face the sorrowful death of former coach Don Palm." Coach Oliver also said, "Don Palm would be proud of the swimmers he had recruited for the 1982-83 season." Men's Swimming I E H i SWIMMING " 1982-1983 VU OPP , Cardinal Relays Third Lake Forest 70 38 ""-" 1 ' "3 Illinois-Chicago 39 74 Butler 58 55 Albion 67 44 D Ball State 40 72 Northern Illinois 43 70 ' l Evansville 42 68 Ferris State 18 35 I Alma 63 50 Vincennes 48 63 Wabash 48 65 Hope 37 74 Loyola 57 54 Illinois Benedictine 41 72 De Pauw 55 58 Heartland Conference - Second Wins 5 Losses 10 The congratulatory handshake after the race. Coming On Strong The start oi a new race. , ll . 5 - . ll Front Row: lfrom l. to r.l: Bill Oliver, Tom Scheck, Rich Hasz, Tom Seabold, Dave Nelson, Ron Mitschke, Daryl Caneva, Don Palm. Second Row: Robert Moritz, Paul lud, Ed Hinton, Dave Eichel- berger, Derrick Ruegg, Walt Meyers, Nich Lon- ginow. Third Row: Rich Bartoszuk, Phil Parelius, Matt Thomas, lim Muehlhauser, Paul Barrette, jerry Chambers. Back Row: Todd Howe, lim D'Angelo, Gregg Peters, Phil Conover, Eric Vander Ploeg. if I Women s Softball Diane Lundquist receives congratulations while rounding the bases -ll Front Row Ifrom I. to r.I: Joann Pyritz, Deb Dutton, lan D'Ambrosio, lean Wagonblast, Lori Appleton, loan Gunder, Laura Ritter. Back Row: Coach Kesterson, Deb Schaack, Pam Mucha, Glenda Snyder, Pattysue Hillman, Karen Cook, Linda Glusac, Carl Galow. Not pictured: Diane Lundquist, SOFTBALL 1982 St Mary s College St Mary s College Butler University Indiana Central St Mary of the Woods St Mary s College Notre Dame Evansville Evansville DePauw University ISU Evansville ISU Evansvtlle Indiana Central Evansville ISU Evansville Wins 9 Losses 9 OPP VU . ' 0 2 . ' 8 5 ' ' 4 6 ' 2 1 . 11 3 - ' 3 4 5 3 Notre Dame 3 2 ' 0 4 ' 1 2 ' ' 5 0 - ' 2 5 - ' 0 8 ' 5 4 ' 4 3 - ' 2 6 Team Gains Respect mm . Valparaiso's 1982,womens' softball team ended the year with a 9-9 record. Consid- ering that six of these losses were from two of the same teams, the record is im- pressive. The team also finished fourth in the state tournament. Among the players whom coach jean Kesterson was most impressed with were Laurie Appleton, pitcherg Linda Glusac, outfielder, who led the team in hitting and stolen bases, and was also the most valuable player, and Pam Mucha, pitcher. Second year coach Kesterson described her team as a "classy team that gained a lot of respect this last year." She also said that the team came a long way in one year and that softball was probably one of the best womens' sports for 1982. Kesterson ex- pects a good season for 1983 since the team will be mostly dominated by well- experienced seniors. Up at bat, Linda Glusak, has the highest batting ave rage of the team. Sliding to safety, senior joan Gunder makes it home. Success is a fitting word to describe V.U.'s 1982 tennis team. Second year coach Cindy Young was impressed with the team's overall performance and espe- cially the improved "cohesion of the group." Coach Young predicted a season with a record of at least 50 percent wins and 50 percent losses. Her predictions be- came true and V.U. ended with a 4-5 re- cord. It has been quite some time since the tennis team has had such a successful year, according to coach Young. Several team and individual perfor- mances were remembered by coach Young. "Our most impressive wins were an 8-1 victory over Northwestern's junior varsity team and a 7-2 victory over IUPUI, where all three of the doubles matches were won." V.U. also placed an impressive third place finish in the Heart- land Conference, in which nine teams competed. Coach Young said, "Our most valuable player for the 1982 season was lon Streinbrecher, based on singles and doubles victories. The most improved player was Mark Schroeder." Some other important assets to V.U.'s tennis team were number one singles player, Todd Englander, and number two singles play- er, Mitch lohnson, both who comprised the number one doubles team. Coach Young is very optimistic about the 1983 season. "With the exception of Mitch johnson, the entire team will be returning for the 1983 season. We're loaded with talent from our 1982 team and new prospects for the upcoming 1983 team." Coach Young is also excited about hosting both the Heartland Collegiate Conference and the AMCU Conference in 1983. Men's Tennis MEN'S TENNIS 1982-1983 Marquette St. Francis Chicago State Little State Tournament IUPU-Indianapolis Butler Franklin St. joseph's Notre Dame Mlllikln Wheaton Northwestern Heartland Collegiate Conference Wins 4 Losses 5 VU 0 4 8 4th 7 Rain Out Rain Out 1 I' OPP 9 6 1 2 8 Front Row lfrom l. to r.l: Greg Herker, Lee Murphy, lim Weiss, Brad Burau, Scott Hornsby. Back Row: lon Stein- Q brecher, Todd Englander, Eric Smith, Mark Schroeder, Duane Davison Coach Cindy Young. ' Loaded With Talent First seeded player, Todd Englander warms up his forehand before his match e 6 'Q x.,,,. 11 wxi' ,Q E if ,v.v,,-iw" v' s"' ' ' ,- ..v' . ,, ::-Q wg . ,wr q,?r?-'f-'i ' " ,Q :Nm -we i kt Mm ' N n X The VU Soccer club began the 1982 season with everyone returning from the 1981 club finishing last year with a record of 4-6. The first game of the year was at the home field of the powerful Irish of Notre Dame. VU put in a respectable per- formance holding the Notre Dame team scoreless for the first 35 minutes of the game. It was not until the middle of the second half that the Irish finally put the game out of reach with 3 quick goals. The VU club easily defeated its next op- ponents and began the game against Pur- due with a 3-1 record. This proceeded in to 2 10-minute overtimes where the Purdue team scored 2 goals winning 3-1. A week later the club lost to Loyola playing in heavy rain showers. This evened the record at 3-3. The club split its last 4 games finishing the season with a respectable 5-6 record. Once again, every player will return next season. Looking for an open pass. New Soccer Players loel Brighton and Mark Bently charge up the field. Soccer Team President, joel Brighton, moves the ball toward the goal. SOCCER TEAM 1982 joel Brighton, President, Dave Keepers, Captain, Mark Butler, Cap- tain, David Duesenberg, l0hn Madeline, lohn Knippenberg, Paul Jud, Albert Chambers, Krehl Stringer, Paul Ludwig, Eric Hauser, Kevin Rodriguez, Scott Foster, jay Borden, Duane Davidson, Bill Schuh, Steven Volz, Scott Opeca, Doug Obert, Allan Davis, Rob Lim, Ramon Bustamante, Pat Derse, jon Moyer, Tony Costellanos, Reggie Canez, Tim Fackler, jim Klein, Rich Ochoa, Dan Lowe, Wilter Ocompo. f Squad Returns With 5-6 Season ii Veteran Dave Keepers advances with scoring drive SOCCER 1982 Notre Dame Illinois Benedictine Fairhaven St. loeseph s Purdue Loyola St. loeseph's Fairhaven Notre Dame Illinois Benedictine North Central Wins 5 OPP 1 3 0 7 2 3 5 2 0 8 3 1 3 6 Losses 6 VU player gains control of a head ball. V- -HO :VS ls' ,,,, Q ,, ,gr y :" Golf: 1,41 .,....?-V: From L. To R.: Leon Yuska, Dan Palm, Ken Gaidas, Don Plohg, Wally Hanas, Bill Radtke, Coach Dick Fick, Greg Chrustowski. Not Present: Mark Palm, Rick LeSuer, Dave Wangrow. Ken Gaidas practices before a round of 18. . F..- f V ' . K l A ' . ..- c .. -. l .4 ..., M .N-.aa - f- . '1 f f V V -i --- V- - - iam. - 1:1 ...R . ,N Q , - ,'f+3gg,...-1,-V,,h -. V ,Q-2 ..,,wM,. .. , ,A -, Qi L, sf-W .. '-92 .-Eh,-H , -' F " -V 47 ' ' . V Q V' v e- Gif? Lf? 2- :E 2-45.1.5 . " " ' - Y'-"S ..4.r ' " '- ,Q ' 1 "' is f- V S " 1 w-+.1V.: t". , . .Qf K i' 'Q'f'fz f 4 - Q H . f- 1 . 2-'if f .V f ,- V K 1. - z 42 gli' 'Y - - "' -- -:ii ' A-V -, ,li"viV A ' 'fiffiwp-17?-' .- . ,V SV.. - -. V Q 1 -a. .. .-.,--wg.. xg. . 1--' 5.10.--,. -- -v-- - --4. u -4 .rn :rf-'JH S X, "N T' ' - ' fd' "-1. 1 :F -i- 5 .5, ',- .--- '- - ' V- .. .,.,-,- 5. Q, -,-5,-1 QM - 2-, .4 3 -N, Qt 1. . , ,, -.f .'1ff-f ..:- v 4 if .V 2- -yfigtf--2-P" v N' 3' -l'1 ' fbi - ' wif 3 V -Lg. . ' f 'f 7 , Y 5'-f-5 ..-,.-- ,x . ,-'3:f- 13439-..: sg: -M. .9 iw -2 ,..,. .4-.. , f.-.1 .,. .. .. 'Qwvwif-V'f. . . " ' Sig. --ai .-if -,ze r- , 1 -'wx - ' f'-5'i'. 1 M A .- 21- -IV X 3 .5-af.. -, g ang, if-ig - V- - yfxfff-1 fx: ' .. . .ar . --. .5 . - . -'-:wiv w - V 1:4 ' ,5 gil, -'-Mgr.-.. -- ,f- 2- P1 -- 'V V W, g -'n's,:e-ww. V , -if '- , if--vii, ,-M. 1,-3 -, 5- i Y- V f - 1. , . ,Vg ,515 gt -5 V 1 4 H. KIM , . af xp- ' . 1- N -3, V -N :VT 1 .L ..,, A- ,A Q, V ,gvgffi .,-.-,,. ,. v ,. Q, ':-v-.--a-Jsf---.':- "'f'ff,'? . -- ,' 4, , ,X-H., ' 1573?-9'-q'.Vrgwewgsv-m.PV .tv Q- ,h. .r,....a ..--.X ..,., rf. wa .5 . a-.,Qp,. ,ggi , X ,l -.,-,--if -,"'X.., 4 .s.. - P.. . . M- . ,. E g-i , -xx , .-i,:g'!.g.- Qgaqseg- j ' ,.'t.p' 'ini-,YI ,-9 ,4 K Q - , 93. pu -: .f W-:lhjgg . ix Q .K ' - .,--' Y' vhs, .4 fgzgq,-v:,,QK 1 -1-re V. '- M -, 5 ff1'Q' Q, fig 4 ' ,g,,,,. "' f., '?f 4' , ' .Vc..z-w... if-frffff.. . - f r .. Ve- 11,4 1. Q-3: All :Another Great Season Wally Hanas will remember this season everytime he views the medals he cap- tured in 3 of 4 tournaments of the season including the Indiana Intercollegiate and Heartland Conference tournaments. Overall, the VU Golf Team had an out- standing season. Under Head Coach Dick Fick, the VU golfers finished 3rd in the Indiana Central University Invitational on Sept. 16. On Sept. 20, the Crusaders again per- formed well finishing 3rd out of 11 teams in the Franklin Invitational lead by Mark Palm with a 76. Dan and Bill Radtke fol- lowed with scores of 78. Greg Chrus- towski followed with an 80 and Hanas with an 81. The squad captured second and third places at the Purdue- North Central Invi- tational on Sept. 23 but the highlight of the season came when the team placed fourth at the Indiana Intercollegiate Championships on Sept. 27. Hanas won medalist honors making him the top col- legiate golfer in Indiana. He shot a 75 in the first round and a 69 in the second. VU's Dan Palm shot a 153 for the tourna- ment to finish in a tie for tenth. The Cursaders concluded another suc- cessful season, winning the St. loseph's Invitational, finishing second in three oth- er tournaments, and third in two others. The team will lose only one senior, Bill Radtke, who finished his career with an 80 stroke average. Hanas, a junior, will be back again next year after ending this sea- backswlng Butler Invitational St. joseph Invitational Indiana Central Invitational Franklin Invitational Purdue NC Invitational Indiana Intercollegiate Valparaiso Invitational HCC Championships son with a 75.8 stroke average. Dan Palm demonstrates a well formed GOLF 1982 6th of 1st of 3rd of 3rd of 2nd of 4th of 2nd of 2nd of OPP 10 17 11 6 18 11 7 lunior Wally Hanas was named the top collegiate golfer in Indiana. VU ' ' 12 junior transfer Larry Roby awaits the decision of the ref. The 1982-1983 season was a year of "New Beginnings" for the Crusader bas- ketball program. A season that saw new players, a new conference and the ap- proval of constructing a new facility. Coming from a 9-18 final win-loss re- cord in the 1981-1982 season, the Crusad- ers lost eight players through transfers, injury, and graduation leaving only four returning players: john Mcllvain, Dave Luethy, john Geary and Dave Wojcie- chowski. Freshmen Paul Stackowitz, Ron Henderson, and Dave Kleckner left the Crusaders to pursue careers elsewhere while juniors Tom Benigni and Brian Hub- bard were both sidelined due to knee in- juries. jeff Markel, Randy Okriesik, and jeff Simmons all graduated. Simmons left his mark on V.U. record books establish- ing records for scoring and rebounding. Going for two, john Meyne lets one fly. Men's Basketball l l l i l l i i I 1 I, l kts EM fl ,O SNA' it 'S i x 4. "ig, Qld 1 HT :miss , Season Starts Out Big pen. ' 1 ws es- . A NEA, . ss- ev MN X if .,,, ,R A, -Y P , N X.vannnnnu.nNs:-f.fQw-s.- Mau.-:ww-N-ww-....vm' " 'Q X ., Xp p ,v Y' . NSG! at Z - .W 'ff' Always scrapping, lohn Meyne tries to get the ball to Dave Wojciechowski Good position ensures a john Geary rebound. Coach Tom Smith had his work cut out for him replacing lost players and gaining new ones. From the junior College cir- cuit, V.U. received Mike Thompsn, Anth- ony Robinson, john Meyne, Larry Roby, and Greg "Cheese" Mostello. Thompson returned to his home state after spending two years in the always competitive Cali- fornian junior College league. Robinson, a native Californian, is the brother of NBA Cleveland Cavalier, Cliff Robinson. Meyne, a Boone Grove High School gra- duate, returned to the Valparaiso area after playing two years at Powell junior College in Wyoming for former V.U. Head Coach Ken Rocklitz. Roby came to V.U. after playing at Bradley University and a South Bend junior College. Mostello tMeyne's teammate in high schooll im- pressed Coach Smith with his dedication to the game while working at Smith's bas- ketball camp in the summer. Three freshmen, Matt Mitchell, jim Stueve, and Nigel Casey, joined the squad promising the Crusaders hopes of a suc- cessful future. Stueve and Mitchell come from Carrollton and Lexington, Missouri, respectively, while Nigel Casey, this year's only walk-on, comes from Chicago's Loy- ola Academy. Freshman starter jim Stueve crashes the boards. Dave Luethy attempting a three point play. With a Chicago Circle player towering overhead, Mike Thompson makes his move. .. , ,,..-----'-' "" xi "f.f'.:'-v-- Promising Future x,W'1sl! Kneeling ffrom I. to r.j: Assistant Coach Dick Fick, Head Coach Tom Smith, Assistant Coach Greg Giovanine. Standing Ifrom l. to r.j: Manager Norm Henderson, Mike Thompson, john Meyne, Dave Wojciechowski, Anthony Robinson, Greg Mostello, jim Stueve, Tom Benigni, Nigel Casey, Dave Luethy, Larry Roby, john Geary, Brian Hubbard, Matt Mitchell, john Mcllvain, Manager Al Tamburrino. This season the Crusaders competed in the newly-formed conference, The Asso- ciation of Mid-Continent Universities. Along with the approval of V.U.'s new athletic Recreation Center, the Crusaders have formed a new Booster Club, the Gauntlet Club, which is assisting in the fund-raising program for the new facility. Through better scheduling, the Crusad- ers had their best start as a Division I team with a record of 9-4 after the Christmas break. The team was well on its way to a goal of better than a .500 season and pos- sible conference championship. The team's success is attributed to ag- gressive team play along with a patient offense complimented by above average shooting. Consistent play from Thomp- son, Meyne, Luethy and Mcllvain, who instituted the patented, "johnny Mac At- tact", dribbled through foes' defenses. Meyne and Mcllvain were AMCU "player of the week" three and one times, respec- tively. Bench play from Dave Wojcie- chowski, jim Stueve, Larry Roby, john Geary, Greg Mostello, Anthony Robin- son, and Matt Mitchell sparked the Cru- saders on numerous occasions. Valparaiso is well on the way to becom- ing a respected Division I competitor. 1982 1983 U PP Illinois Tech Butler Illinois Bethel St Xavier Baltimore Loyola St Louis Notre Dame Northeastern Baltimore Wisconsin Green a Evansville Illinois Chicago Eastern Illinois Western Illinois Northern Iowa Evansville Southwest Missouri State Cleveland State Western Illinois Eastern Illinois Northern Iowa St. joseph's Wisconsin-Green Bay Butler Illinis Chicago Wins 13 Losses 15 MEN'S BASKETBALL V O ' ' 80 67 76 74 ' ' 59 94 70 67 . ' 67 59 ' 75 73 58 69 . ' 73 65 70 108 71 74 ' 97 83 Cleveland State 75 64 ' ' - B y 61 56 ' 69 B1 ' '.- ' 68 85 71 91 62 84 52 77 63 60 65 76 64 59 63 66 62 64 64 85 79 67 51 73 60 69 75 61 Despite an opening loss to AIAW Mid- west Champions, Butler University, coach Sandy Harms remained confident that the rest of the season would show an im- provement. With this year's crop of talented fresh- men, coach Harms had ample reason to be confident. Three of the fastest players on the team were freshmen Robin Hoag- land, Deneen Simonetti and Nancy Grigg. The combination of these three with the experience of sophomore Deb Lahti and senior Lisa Powell could turn Valpo's los- ing tradition into past history. Kneeling lfrom I. to r.l: Deneen Simonetti, Robin Hoagland, Nancy Grigg, Sheila Kalas, Sally Petersen, Carol Radivan, Sheila Schroeder. Standing lfrom l. to r.l: Lisa Powell, Deb Schaack, Debbie Lahti, lan Collins, Carole Pollitz, Carla Sebasty, Kathy Wie- sen, Denise Dunbar. Head Coach Sandy Harms, Assistant Coach Carmen Lis. Women's Basketball ig' L... S E' 1 i M y I Qs Q VIN' 4 ' 1 l' lr. S' ll Yi A l xi, my V S : A Year For Rebuilding J WW .ak -ui- k N V SQ Y ,uk WOMEN S BASKETBALL 1982 1983 VU OPP Butler Lewis Northeaster Illinois Concordia Bradley DePauw University of Evansville St Francis College Purdue Calumet Goshen College Wisconsin Milwaukee Taylor St Mary s College Marian College IUPU Ft Wayne Huntington College Indiana Institute of Technology 57 Carthage College Invitational Grand Valley State University of Chicago St loseph s College Wins 13 Losses 7 Inns MLN ' is -"- ' H gig f " 5 S Q ? , Going for the jumper. Getting two points, Carole Pollitz rises high. l- rm' 'wifi' 1 Uffl . ,m 1 ,7XL, ., 1, I . tstziurf, '-W-WUa E .-y.:-amd sv-Figflfa .. LVL rf mr- .r - ,. ., r. isa! ,U mfg.: -,, .L ni .Jn - I tbl! lla .L , , ' 1 . . rt . Wrestling Despite their overall 1982-1983 team record, the Valparaiso University's wres- tling team has demonstrated some strong, individual performances. After the University of Chicago meet, Crusader captain Scott Opasik raised his season record to 7-4-1 with an 18-10 ma- jor decision. Heavyweight Bob Kowalski also won by a major decision, 12-2, as he lifted his record to 6-2. At the Elmhurst Tournament, Opasik and Kowalski placed second in the 10- team tournament. Phil Fry placed fourth in the same meet. Other triple dual meets included Kan- kakee Community College, Carthage and Indiana Central. Front Row tfrom l. to r.l: Coach Steve Pease, Andy Seidensticker, Date Deal, Scott Opasik. Phil Fry. Head Coach Norm Amundsen. Back Row: Bob Kowalski, Iohn Skryd, Chris Wol- lam, Ntike Hofer, Bob Pudlo. Not present: Marty Coman, l l ll 1, l I 'a Z W QW . The volleyball squad, under Head Coach lean Kesterson, opened the season at the Wisconsin-Parkside Invitational de- feating Marquette University and Car- thage College. Senior Joann Pyritz managed 14 kills helping VU tie for second in tournament play. Kesterson commented, "This is the best we've played in four years." At De- Paul University, the women came from behind to defeat their opponents 16-14, 15-19 and 15-10. Melody Kortage served 10 straight points in the second game and Joann Pyritz had 10 kills. The team experienced three consecu- tive losses but bounced back winning fourth place in the Valparaiso Invitational Tournament. Other tournament matches included IUPU-Fort Wayne Invitational which the women ended with a 2-2 re- cord. The team consecutively won their matches defeating teams from Indiana Central, Purdue-Calumet, Huntington College and Manchester College. The women ended their season with an overall record of seven wins, eight losses, and three ties. VOLLEYBALL 1982 VU OPP Wis. - Parkside Invitational 2 2 DePaul University 3 0 Lewis University 1 3 Concordia College 2 3 IUPU - Fort Wayne 1 3 Valparaiso Invitational 3 3 Butler University I 3 IUPU-Ft. Wayne Invitational 2 2 Indiana Central with IUPUI 2 1 Purdue - Calumet 3 0 Purdue - Calumet 3 0 Huntington College 3 0 Manchester College 4 0 , St. loseph's College 0 3 Ball State University 1 4 Crusader Classic 'l 5 St. Mary's College 3 1 University of Notre Dame 'l 3 Wins 7 Losses 8 Ties 3 Volleyball jf The squad demonstrates team effort when the pressure is on. :Constantl Improving " A M H , 5353 From L. To R.: Coach lean Kesterson, Debbi Dutton, Kim Fishburn, Kim Lochmann, Melody Kortage, Diane Lundquist, Nancy Deis, Rosanne Arm- bruster, Debbie Lahti, Becky Hyde, loann Pyritz, loyce Stewart, Sherry La- morticella, Mary Ann Milligan, Mi- chelle Anderson, Assistant Coach Nick Cheronis. Kim Lochmann shows her agility as she returns the serve to her opponent. l 3. Despite a very tough schedule and a novice squad, second-year coach Bev Reynolds predicted a .500 record by the close of the season. As of january 24 that prediction seemed near reality when the squad won 2 meets in a row, raising their record to 2 wins and 4 losses. Freshman Sue judkins, one of the stron- gest all-around members of the team was a major contributor to the team's success. Along with judkins were returning tal- ents Holly Adams, Chris Harris and Marjo- rie Lentz, all juniors. G mnastics Warming up on the balance beam. - f -rc-11. -1 assmsw. - - M L ? "i'SXN5Sx :5 ..- , Q X XX: '- .. - s , ., , ' . ' X B 'lux .xxx .s. -. Tl-l E 'N- 'ff 555 - swf ' - .X at . E 1: X Q ' Q - . Ai V , S: bi X X.. XA sX XX x Q X X X X S s X tr Q s 1 X Q . mxyx X Q-..X in vs--, sm.tX',. x x x X sax: ,F xs ., .X.. 4: XQOA gs? XwXg 5xQ 'XX x N s X . X xX X X X NX 5 X XX Qxxsb X X Q XXX ,QS NX XX X X X vXX Xs X XX X XX ... , . s . t 5 OP vs? X-.Sf N. X f WNX Xs Qs X x -. -Xs...j,.. ,f-.. -V -Ni- W.. Q.-2 . '-:-:X..l gang' .i ' ' .:-L: -15-3241 X - .zrilf:-ff-ilk'-1:I1j:I:I5N gg,.g.Q.g..l.Q,j-.:.j.j.Q.jr.1,gj.y-f.i .,..,M.M.s-.-. .ati-5-15:-:s:ff'-:-is-:X:f:,1:s:5:f:g:g:i ' 33333igzli:-5-135-'.-11:-1FQ.'age tgqg X S E -Q-T-:zibfz-:ini-:T -17:2-'11'.' :V F55 ' ' 3 i r :-ref' ' ' .Q, i 1.-fps" Xvtx ,.,-J-4 X 3 S:i:f'l'fZS1'fX :Z7'Ixfw.s-,'-.'Xi X f - ,sq-:::gf:-Zgiig:-.. Q' 'Qi is X Q?f1.iZ"Z2iL22sQii'1' I " X 5-.2 ..s...-Q. . . X K, . , . n - 0 - -. :.:,:. :I .. . '3'1'Y?Sf+i- iflftifsa :F Xa' if XQQQXSTF X s , ss.. ., .1 , . X' 1 : N' N ' NX ' H I q it Xfire. 1' - s ,, 5, :rss b - - -2-5:13-j reg'-a.1.:.,js:-:.i:r..-M., -.gfQIQQQXQQ.:11.p'-,:-gpsgm Q. From I. to r.: Carole Buchwald, Sue judkins, janet Carl- son, Chris Harris, Holly Adams, lanice Holstlaw, Deena Scherman, Marjorie Lentz, Jayne McGlone, Kim Arm- strong, Head Coach, Bev Reynolds. Ili Team Effort Pleases Coach VU gymnast, Chris Harris, performs a handstand on the balance beam. , Execution of a vault during competition. I Y Valparaiso Valparaiso Valparaiso Valparaiso Valparaiso Valparaiso Valparaiso Valparaiso Valparaiso 1267 133 15 138 45 138.1 138.45 144.8 144.5 150.15 147.8 GYMNASTICS 1982 1983 Wisconsin Whitewater 135 95 Ball State 158 2 Indiana 160 9 Kentuckv 162 Wheaton 66 20 Miami KOhl0l 107.55 Milwaukee 137.65 Notre Dame 124.05 Wheaton 66.2 Western Michigan 168 Ball State 157.15 Indiana 164.8 Milwaukee 126.8 Northern Illinois Invitational-Seventh Northwestern 147.05 Youngstown State 104.95 Purdue 36.95 Concentration on the uneven bars as the judges watch. This past year saw the first-annual Val- paraiso Boxing Tournament, organized by baseball coach Rick Ferchen. The single elimination tournament, held the last weekend in january recruited a respective number of participants. The weight classes broke down as follows: 140-155, 155-165, 165-175, 175-190, 190-205 and 205 and up. Boxers were required to at- tend a class on boxing fundamentals, taught by Ferchen and ex-professional fighter Walt Schramm. Scoring of the bouts was done on "boxing technique, not just whaling away", Ferchen com- mented. On Sunday, championship time came for the boxers in the six weight classes. Four semi-final matches were held earlier in the afternoon, narrowing down the more crowded divisions: 140-155, two in 155-165 and 165-175. Coach Ferchen emerged victorious in the first championship match 4175-1901, defeating a tough, skilled Dave Anderson. Mike Proos squared-off with Tim An- drews and took the 190-205 pound title. In the heavyweight class Tony Bauer de- feated Mark Stittleburg winning unani- mously. Another unanimous decision was awarded to Rex Kreger in the 165-175 pound title match, defeating Dale Clapp. The most dramatic of the championship bouts took place in the 140-155 pound bracket between Bob Pudlo and Scott Van Buskirk, Pudlo emerging victorious in the second round with a TKO. Winning easily in the 155-165 pound title, Mark Han- drock also recorded a TKO against Mark Riley. Overall the event went over very well and students saw some good boxing. Coach Ferchen added that "lt was run very professionally and I think it will stay now. Hopefully, we can hold a boxing tournament each year." Going for the knockdown, o '1 Receiving instruction, Steve Alloso and Tim Andrews prepare to start the bout. 116 l Semor lim Mazzuca sets up B for a punch. Bouting Crusader Mark Handrock avoiding the jab. Psyching up for their bouts, Seniors Don Hanus and Frank Surianello. Women's Tenni . ,V C, . 1:1 gy 2:1 .fmsfil ,f. . 'MB ' ,rr 53 V. .W-. Lei'-W-.a lv. ill? lfli.l4 From L. to R.: Assistant to the Coach Mark Ciuilfoil, Mi- chelle Anderegg, Debbie Kirschbaum, Tracey Sanden, layne McGlone, luli Bartler, Diane Horstmann, Lori Wolf, Brenda Busse, Kim Grashorn, Carol Lefevre, Robin Schultz, Coach Cindy Young, Assistant Coach Erin O'Neill. Sophomore Lori Wolf has a strong forehand return for her opponent. WOMEN'S TENNIS 1982 VU ' OPP Vincennes 7 2 Indiana State!Evansville 3 6 St. Mary's 2 7 Indiana Central 3 5 Illinois - Chicago 3 6 IUPU - Fort Wayne 1 8 DePaul 1 8 Butler 2 7 Marquette 0 9 Wheaton 1 8 St. Ioseph's 4 5 DePauw 4 5 Wis.-Milwaukee 4 5 Wis.-Whitewater 1 B St. loseph's 7 2 Notre Dame 9 0 Elmhurst 0 0 Wins 3 Losses 13 Ties 1 i ., i Cm .Q vb -L-Ji.. ..,s. 5325? - Q 3' 9 I l :Read For Next Year Y a l I . l I l 1 Q M 5 V- ,. 2 X s g .1:. ses-- 'ff-. , 5-. 1. ' 4 5 '5 5 . """""'nu . A ' ' - 7,1 Q .,,.. IV , -J", . -an . .... ...sxgf . I Q 'Ulu . vw' s -' ' fs... f . 1 r:S?l'f" lf? g , I ,., ' ,af ,III I 5. ,if . , , I g y gy :v q y D y l of The VU Women's Tennis Team under Head Coach Cindy Young finished the 1982 season at 3-15. "l think that overall throughout the sea- son we had very good team morale de- spite our record," commented Young. "Next year we will be very competitive. We are only losing one senior." The women were victorious during their first match against Vincennes, win- ning 7-3. The team then suffered a 14- game losing streak but charged back to defeat St. joseph's on Oct. 11 with a 7-2 victory. The team ended their season on Oct. 15 defeating Elmhurst, 9-0. The women survived a hectic schedule during the months of September and Oc- tober and will return next year stronger and ready to win. I iii Freshman Kim Grashorn was the only freshman in the top six varsity players. lunior Carol Lefevre's backhand return forces her opponent to be on the lookout. Women's Field Hockey mug, ww-......,,,,t,.... F A, 6-U ' f ' K1-f W J f 0' . 2 'X . 1 , . L If ,-,m' VT' -V-fl -' ur ff ,Qffq A. yo- f' ? -f..-Y-NK-' 51"-swim. 5- :,1:1kg4,Q,tagpg.f,t? 23. 1 1 f ' . 'J' +1 .iff-:rw .M 'J'--' 'P ' -- ' - ' - ' sf. 1 5?gi':,' . ,sg ggi., ' " . ,V ,I w fnf"-Ig,f,'5ih"?a2-l,f-wr,f' , A f f' 4.44. M e '-1.1, , f - 1 . , .. If I vu., V--L. , . ,471 ,,,1,f' fffh"."?'9!9?s'wg ,. V . ,, ' ia ,wr -- . ,' +f51,'-5" +5 5"""'!19gl.'gi-' 4,-,mv ' M4 ff- .r-I-:vii As' 'ff x ,, , .,-'Q -A., ,, ."!"!f3-,,.E,..- ,.,l,.1, i ,,,,..24:',. 7 , sf V... .,.,g-,ggA'.v jgew , . f X ruff'-Y ,Q-1Y.f'fff,'?'-f.9ff' 7" JSP' ' . 7""' -',X'f- ','- -af: 'f ,-M4 -4 .fwfr 5' " ,-' Q- 1 , Q., ,M-, ' '. .ix 'T H' ' ,, W 4. sv. fx. ' ' . :. , ,fi -A, J ', 'wg -3, ' ' . 4 ft., vac' , . . Vw 1...- if--f 1 V . . 9h0s'6?fi?g ' ifffadlffzaa- 554' - Q,,f..':'.rf ri p: ,JI 'im-1E:ff' ,Jak 0' . The VU field hockey squad finished sea- son on a happy note. Although Head Coach Ruth Brown's squad finished with a 6-10 record, they soundly defeated Wheaton 6-2 at home to end the 1982 season. The team hosted the University of Chi- cago on Oct. 15 and Marion on Oct. 16. VU won both home games defeating Chi- cago 3-1 and Marion 2-1. Supplying the goals were Carolyn Mathews, Tammy Ti- deswell, and lanelle Kluge. Camille Andr- zejewski, the team's regular goalie, had 14 saves against Taylor University on Sept. 18, defeating Taylor 1-0. The Cursaders played in the Lake Forest Tournament on Oct. 23 and Oct. 24 and returned home with a win and three losses defeating Concordia College 4-0. Aggresiveness is maintained throughout the game. 5 , l 'Q v Season Ends On Happy Note Front Row lfrom I. to r.J: Rennye Leiler, Patty Lind- quist, Cheryl Younger, Tammy Tideswell, Amy Rath, Christine Maul, Lau- ra Ritter, Colleen Steven- son. Back Row lfrom l. to Ll: Janelle Kluge, Lisa Nass, Ianice Hindson, Carolyn Matthews, Kathy Wiesen, Laurie Zittel, ludy Garner, Karla Heuer, Ca- mille Andrzejewski, Den- ise Dunbar. FIELD HOCKEY 1982 De Pauw Taylor Notre Dame Wheaton Lake Forest University Of Chicago Marion Goshen Franklin Lake Forest Tournament Concordia Whaton OPP 1 2 6 2 Wins 6 Losses 10 VU women on the offensive VU Eastern Illinois 0 6 2 4 1 0 0 5 0 5 1 3 . . . 3 1 2 1 0 4 0 1 1 3 Playing the field, Chi Sigma Xi senior Claire Meents. Setting up for the spike, the Memorial-Lambs co- ed volleyball team. Intramurals ' A Break From The Routine Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity psychs up before the game. L in L A A t..i?ts2t5? xxx We Gritting down for a base hit, Senior Karen Smith Setting up, Craig jones throws the bomb. S 123 '-'4'7E5I?1: 5 1. f:'!4"- ' . .v. ' fA'H'.1 'lf .sw-3H,. i .,. N ' L. - ng,-,ei 1 "'V QIESCSJANHZATU NS mil-'J . .v -. . A , - ' n'---., - -.1 '..,b.," ..-.0 ..-9,.f .vf'."f'-sq, Q . . -Q:--. fb . .Haf- 4 '..L."'..-',' .". DTH.- , I ., :"'F11..,,'f' ,eff-,, ,. A 1.--"A, qv . ,f , , ' , . I, ',5"'.ffv. .'."'-'- . 17" .- -' -' L. - :'. "- 4.1: l I ,,, . Q 'ii-.-5? .... V, , . ...-...M .- 1 ,:-7-'47-'1z1'..""9T'I,jf'Yf"1T""Q!.-.,. 4 "', 1" Af'3j?."', -- - ., ' , :"- --.4 'f 4"- r -'i ' . --D . .l. ,....:.t A , I . ,-3.--nf:-n -.. . 1 I -I . . L hi - 7 -4-Q Q. x. L 'X 0 I I1 .1 l. -2 I I 'V " 4 ici I ,pl Sf-' -.....Ji -.- .... .. . Nfl 4' .. . ,li . . Ol .J ..,.f ' -1'.?C,'TJ:!' HPF' . Q, '5-' 'jpg '.. . .gf-r - I fi.:-we 2? - ,eff-L1 PA. . V 7-9 "' ..if'.-.'1-f ' - J. .-ar-, ' 2,91-,:'47 -V . 5- - -.' '- e- , .. , Q"--..-, ,',zx:7f-, - - . 1. 41.4 "-ff ' ' "' .A. ' 'f ' 1 1 ld-uh ' N.. tr, 41' -Q. 's '!', ' -, -.."'- ' 'B ,.' " -' -: " -:,.'- I -. . ..- --.-- f N . 4 , A A ' , -f"'-5" I f. 1 . . . ' dl ' 1 4'Q' lvl 'Wt UNM... .-........ VW... ah., - Y , ?V , 'in s ' 7, f- 'inn ..' 4 '44 Az- :Z Q -'bd Q6Nf1f Student Senate Student Senate. Row 1 KL to Rl: Dr. Daryll Hersemann, Susan Spaeth, Letroy Mays, Brad Koch, Tim Kuehn, Steve Charvat. Row 2: Angela Shannon, Lora Schwass, Mark Anderson, Andy Edison, Glenn Kuchel, Barb Reibly, Lauren Shoemaker. Row 3: Paula Droege, Max Koenig, Paul Chambers, Deanna Osborn, Steve Vernia, Helene Pappas, jon Syndergaard, David Taylor. Row 4: David Kirschieper, Diane Mawe, Paul Vernet, Eve Kwasneski, JoAnn Wrobel, lim Bilello, Greg johnson, Lisa Andoniadis. Executive Board :.'DWw-Qu-we Student Senate Executive Board. Row 1 CL to RJ: JoAnn Wrobel, Glenn W. Kuchel, Dr. Daryll Hersemann, Angela L. Shannon. Row 2: Brad Koch, Lisa Andoniadis, Diane Mawe, Max Koenig, Barbara Reibly, lim Bilello. 126 3 Committee Cn Publications Committee on Publications Row 1 lL to Rl: Kathryn Wall, Renu luneja, Lisa Andoniadis, Angela Shannon tchairl, Rob Camarena. Row 2: Diana Montague, Peggy Vereb, Mary Stewart, Keith Schoppa. Committee Cn Broadcasting gt K' 4 Committee on Broadcasting. Roger Gunderson, Bob Tamburino, Carl Holls, Sue Lehmann, JoAnn Wrobel. Union Board Union Board, Row 1 lL to Ri: Dan Gentry, Tim Balgeman, Brenda Martin, Kim Spees, Mary Young, Gary Rinalldi, Sue Spaeth, Sue Lehmann, Heidi Berger, Brad Flemming. Row 2: Matt McManness, Bill Smirga, lim Billelo, Lisa Doeping, Sue Brandt, Rob Camarena, Ruth Zietlow. Black Student Grganization Black Student Organization. Row 1 lL to RJ: Penny Forrest, treasurer, Valerie Diggs, vice president, Lisa Landers, secretary. Row 2: Thomas Barnett, Aaron Tidwell, president, Letroy Mays. Chemistry Club Chemistry Club. Row 1 CL to Rl: Leslie Leichter, Donna johnson, Beth Brueckner, Susan Brach, Nancy Reeder. Row 2: Brian Piazza, Bruce Scruggs, Kelly Park, Carolyn Leep, Sandy DeLise, Kim Duncan. Row 3: Warren Kosman, adviserg joe Prahlow, Theodore Schwan, lim Sumner. I 41 Dietetics xi Dietetics Club. Row 1 CL to RJ: Alice Barrett, Geun la Paik, Linda Schull-O'Toole, Mary Ann Marsic, Heather Crawford, Susan Telschow Cheryl Kleiner, Maureen Foley, Gail Zyla. Row 2: Margaret Oechslin, Gail Barkhahn, Cyndy Kaiser, Lauren Shoemaker, Tracy Herbst Verneesa Wilson, Debbie Heine, Home Economics Club Home Ec Club. Row 1 lL to Rl: Ruth Shewan, Sarah Schroeder, secretary, Laura jordan, president, Deb Miller, vice president, Kris Hapke, treasurer. Row 2: Paula Sampson, Elizabeth Scheibel, Sheri Fehring, Debbie Heinz, Cheryl Kleiner, Mary Ann Marsic, Diane Goetz, Brenda Wambsganss. 130 , lpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. Row 1 lL to Rj: Gail Zyla, Karen Abe, Amy Carpenter, Diane Horstmann, joyce Stewart. Row 2: Dave Surma, Wayne Hewitt, john Steeves, Carla Bowers, Sheryl Sladek, Laura Spoo. Row 3: Linda Freiburger, secretary, Sue Stark, Sharon Swanson, Debi Guyer, Maria Kyres, Mindy Fick, Cindy Twillman, Brad Buran. Row 4: Karla Frese, Kris Kolterman, Kay Kiehlbauch, Laura Zawadzke, Kris Wilk, Shari Weyhrich, Rita Skarha, Sherry Drang. Row 5: Sean Clapp, Karen Brockmann, Anna Eifert, Kelly johnson, vice president, jeff Hoffmeister, president, jerry Cleaver, Rich Hasz. Inter-Sorority K 'I' 'Z Inter-sorority Council. Row 1 QL to Rl: Michelle Nielsen, Laura Schulze, vice president, Tressa Reisig. Row 2: Diane Bimler, Dean Dolores Ruosch, Suzanne Boncel, president, Carol Lefevre. Row 3: Mitzi Rugg, Sue Brach, Pam Charles, Nanette McCallum, loy Patton, lill Schlifske, loyce Niedner, Carolyn Proeshel, Lu Ann Langhoff. Sigma lpha Iota Women's Music Fraternity. Row 1 iL to Rl: Lynn Budka, Kelley Knight, Rhoda Maassel, Kim Radomski. Row 2: Barb Boyd, Angela Hanusch, Charmel Hankins, Heidi Michelsen, Aleta Fullerton. Row 3: Margaret Steltzer, Melinda Meints,1enny Schleef, Gwen Wells, Tammi Walters. Not pictured: Dawn Herrick, Alison Ainsworth, Diane Leytem. Inter-Varsit Inter-varsity Christian fellowship. Row 1 CL to Rl: Laura Manley, Heidi Beck, Ana Schneider, Ioanne Mischanko, Lisa Radke, Mark Zoeteman, Nick Longinow, Dan Lohrmann, Michelle Manata, john Lindquist, jeff Clarke, Marianne McKenzie, Tammy Boack, Karen Weiss. Row 2: Beth Janssen, Pam Groll, Lorrie Krist, Pat Williams, Don Prough, Mitzi Rab, secretary, Mark Yover, Bill Zachar, Linda Mason, Anne Pollard, Jeff Otten, Denise Newbrand, Sylvia Mollgaard, Connie Rae, Roger james, james Scheimann, Michael Schreck, Philip Conover. Row 3: Marie McKenzie, lean Wagenblast, Karen Zuke, Beth Cabbage, lim Vrnes, lane Ruth, Kathy Kube, Ellen Eckhardt, Sue Price, Barbara Bunkowske, presidentg Brian Sorge, Kristin Nieman, Trudy Bork, Cathy Dean, Robert Franck, Phil Fry. Chapel Receptionists Chapel Receptionists lL to Rl janet Williams, Lorrie Kirst, Kim Spees, Lisa Foye, Pat Williams, Karen Peters. Chapel Ushers Y Chapel Ushers. Row 1 QL to Rl: Karen Poppe, Tamara Meyer, Elizabeth Plaehn, Lisa Moore, Kim Radomski, Peter Gogl, Cindy Marton. Row 2: Andrea Schultz, Carol Burwell, Cindy Welther, Kathy Welther, Hannah Olsen, Ruth Plaehn. Row 3: Anna Eifert, Sue Stark, Lisa Franzen, locelyn Dede, Linda Franzen, Tim Crockett. h Thunderhouse Student Board Thunderhouse Student Board. Row 1 CL to RJ: Marie Hartigan, Linda Rudik. Row 2: Ierold Kosey, Kristen Kneusel, Dave Straub. Row 3: Father Beeching, Chaplain, Betsey Bird, Chris Rohaly, Carolyn Woodruff, Maureen Moran. Sweet Wine Sweet Wine. Row 1 IL to RJ: Carol Brueggeman, jerry Irvine, Ted Whang, Diane Wisz, Sandra Leslie. Row 2: Michelle Rognlie, Sara Wolfersberger, Mark Zoeteman, Dan Zimmerman, Heather Olson, Mike Crupa. VUR Staff WVUR Staff. Row 1 CL to Rl: Rich Sohn. Row 2: Dave Taylor, Kirk Melhuish, ludy Wise, Dr. Merlyn Vocke, adviser, Duane Davison, Sue McNaughton, Patty Ward, Martha Stoeppelwerth, Bob Tamburrino, Rich Apuzzo, Don Kukla. Row 3: Dale Lippold, Bruce Krueger, Carl Holls, Steve Outly, Gary Brauer, Bob Zimmermann, jeff Hurlbut, Leanne Bailey, Steve Ehlers, Lawrence Eleftheri, Mark Olson, Heather Ervin, Heather Olson. Row 4: ludy Weinar, Sheri Weyrich, Ralph johnston, jim Geiss, jeff Oltmann. Row 5: Bill Richards, Mark Kalin, Steve Doyle, leff Ballard. VUR Management WVUR Management. Row 1 IL to Rl: Don Kukla, Bob Tamburrino, Dr. Merlyn Vocke. Row 2: Dave Taylor, Mark Olson, jeff Hurlbut, Rich Sohn, jeff Oltmann, Gary Brauer, Rich Apuzzo, Pre-Med Society Pre-med Society. Row 1 lL to Rl: Margaret Laycock, Carol Hess, Nancy Reeder, julie Mortvedt, Ann Antommaria, Mary Beth Macholz, Karen Banashak, Connie Roe, Dave Duesenberg. Row 2: Kris Kolterman, Susan Spaeth, joy Crosmer, Michael McMahoz, Sara Knapp, Kelly Park, Bryan Thomas, Dave Melchior, Brian Piazza, David Diaz, jeff Hoffmeister. Row 3: Ron Sokovich, Max Burrus, Steve Nichols, Lethrey C. Warner, Michael Rohde, joe Prahlow, William Schuh, loe Aluarez, Paul Haecker, Chuck Stinson, Don Reinke, Al Helix, Steven Loutly. TBS The Association of Business Student. Row 1 CL to R72 Dianne Turner, vice president personnel, Gina Voth, secretary, Kedra Butts, president. Row 2: Mike Hoeferkamp, Barb Hoyt, Cindy Marton, Bill Buhle. Row 3: Alan Furmankiewicz, David Krebs, Tim Trantham. Student urse Association SNA. Row 1lL to Rj: Debbie Haniford, julia Buettler, Pam Chiodras, Alicia Asmus, secretary, Suzanne Potts, Helene Pappas, julie Roessler, Kay Kiehl- bauch, Debbie Holloway, jill Zalewski, Debbie Van Sickle, Sarah Hoewischer, Andrea Schulz, Paula Rickel, Samantha Womack, janet Du- Bois. Row 2: Beth Lyors, vice president, Ruth Brown, adviser, Ann Bubalo, president, Diane Mangodt, Becky William, Ruth Strawn, Mariellen War- ren, Kathy Donaldson, Kris Swanson, Karen Milos, Diane Ochiltree, Lori Rhegness, janine Opel, Lorie Schaack, Sarah Hunger, Michelle Nagy, Christina Zygmont, Pam Zura, Bev Hetrick, Marla Hoyer, Linda Townsend. Row 3: Barb Benson, Chris Weiss, Cam Traut, Tammy Crane, Susan Mackey, Mary K. Montague, Heidy Taylor, Melissa Holubik, Rochelle L. Dorden, jennifer West, Becky Larson, julie Happel, Gail Kueffner, Annette Szpiszar, Sue Molnar. I na , The Torch i A ri 1 'ex The Torch. Row 1 CL to Rl: Mike Alhorn, lon Steinbrecher, Diana Montague, editor, Scott Cottos, Heidi Moll. Row 2: David Barlett, Sherri Moline, Alison Eckhardt, Pam Mucha, Karen Madder, lane Herman, Melissa Karolides, Blake Sebring. The Lighter nv C M 1 M iv' .L- 1-1 13? .Q z i, oi, Tap The Lighter. QL to RJ: Peggy Vereb, Ruth White, lane Craft. 40 Symphonic Band Symphonic Band. lAlphabeticallyj: Donna Barrett, Valerie Barret, Mi- chelle Benoit, Paul Blase, Barbara Boyd, james Bradley, jim Bratsakis, Tammy Boock, Kirk Chamberlain, Robin Cochran, David Cwiklinski, Becky Dorn, Karen Dubezak, Gordon Fisher, Dan Gentry, Susan Henry, Steve Heronemus, Ginny Holtz, Ken jarosch, Ralph johnston, Kristen Kneusel, Shawn Kaeppler, Kelley Knight, julie Kosey, Lisa Leoni, Dianne Leytem, Rhoda Maassel, Cindy Marton, Amy Mogle, Patti Murphy, Sandy Percy, Eric Preuss, joe Prahlow, Kim Radomski, john Sarraffee, Paul Sarroffee, jay Schaefer, jayme Schroeder, Rachel Steinbrueck, Ruth Strawn, john David Struckman, Dave Sterling, Richard Sweet, Becky Vossler, Carl Wagner, Kim Walesh, Tammi Walters, john Wittmayer, Gwen Wells, Steven Wolf- gram, Rika Wolf. Marching Band Marching Band. Alphabetically: Bill Arndt, Tina Belling, Michelle Ben- oit, Paul Blase, Ruth Bliese, Nancy Boone, Karen Bopp, Barbara Boyd, Donna Bradfield, Carol Brown, Tony Brown, lim Bratsokis, Sue Brunsell, Doug Buck, Lynn Budka, Sue Buss, Steve Charvat, Rich Davies, Leon DeBolt, Kathy Dempsey, Becky Dorn, Nancy Dornbrook, janet DuBois, Kathleen English, Sandra Fawcett, Gordon Fisher, Wayne Fisher, Sheryl Frink, Sue Frohboese, Pat Geinke, Mark Getbehead, Peggy Glennie, Peter Gogl, Barb Gerstenkorn, Mike Gruszyk, Roger Gunderson, Greg Hansen, Mike Helgeson, Carol Hess, Ken Hessel, Dianna Hodson, Marla Hoyer, Sulene james, Tamara Kellerman, Renee Kinsie, lulie Kosey, lillann Kos- low, Cindy Lee, Hun Linn, john Lisius, Paul Maassel, Tamara Magnetti, Michelle Manata, Mary Maconde, Lynette Morrison, Cindy Morton, Patti Massucci, Maureen Mclnerny, julie Millard, Tim Millard, Beth Murphy, loAnn Newton, Lydia Oakley, lulie Parker, Maribeth Patke, Cindy Patzke, Sue Pitts, loanne Polite, Ruth Plaehn, Eric Preuss, Don Prough, Don Reinke, Sharon Roth, Mitzi Rugg, Kristen Sandberg, T.l, Schmidt, Rhonda Sholdon, Mary Shelley Shiels, Mary Lynn Sileno, Beth Smith, Brian Smith, jennifer Smith, Linda Starr, Kathy Steele, Tim Stillwell, Debbie Strable, l. D. Struckman, Kevin Sullivan, Laurie Sund, Amy Warke, Gwen Wells, Ted Whang, Rich Warton, Rika Wolf, Steve Wolfgram, Mark Zoeteman, Karen Zuke. Gamma Theta Upsilon Gamma Theta Upsilon. CL to RJ: David Moon, Dr. Alice Rechlin, adviser, jennifer Scott, Michael Maynard. Society For Collegiate journalists Society for Collegiate lournalists. IL to Rl: Scott Cottos, vice president, Lisa Andoniadis, secretary-treasurer, Kathryn Wall, adviser, Diana Montague, president. VU Sho Revue VU Show Revue: Row 1 lL to Rl: Pat Sparreo, P. loanne Ray, Erika Bubolz, lohn Wittmayer, Brian Branstetter, Chris Thielo, Sheryl lannke, Susie Huener. Row 2: Steve Mullins, Tom Long, jenny Schleef, Wray Warneke, Angie Bruch, Tim Kraft, Cindy Steele, Scott Critchfield. Sho Revue Band Show Revue Band. lL to RJ: Rob Cochran, Mitch Marhanka, Max Burrus, Dan Gentry, lim Pelley. Student Social Work Q. Student Social Work. Row 1 lL to Rl: Laura Olsen. Row 2: Terrie Dombrowski, judy Dick, Caroline Verden Gary Rainaldi, Roberta Hamilton. NSSLH 19 ..l.4.. National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association. Row 1 lL to RJ: Kirsten Bierstedt, Nancy Bushman. Row 2: Katie Atkinson, Lonette Annen, Carrie Burce. Row 3: Dr. ludy Nantau, adviser: Brenda Burmeister, Maureen Moran, Nancy Dhooghe, Alison Lemke, Nancy Long. Christ College Steering -f " U, x , ,s Q I ki? 'gs " ' Mit? - ' - N--:E CC Steering. KL to Rl: Tim Meinzen, Kristine Rubel, Larry Grumlich, Carle Nucchterlein, Eric Rohlok, Anna Eifert, Bethany Drwes Pre-Legal Society ts 1 . 1 1 , I ,, .L , l Pre-legal Society. Row 1 CL to Rl: Barb McConnell, Lori Prokes, Louise Myers, Patti Werner, Synoma Hays, loanne Verhulst. Row 2: Chuch johnson, Mike Leone, lim Kline, Ash Narayvan, Troy Swanson. , ltar Guild Altar Guild. Row 1 lL to Rl: Linda Franzen, Michelle Becker, Dawn Mosher, Lisa Franzen, Rachel Steinbrueck, Toresa Schwager. Row 2: William G. Sames, Gail Kueffner, Mary Lynn Reimer, Heidi L. Weidunz, Christy Halmel, Mariam Smidt, Cathy Schumacher, loyce Olsen. Acolytes lls S, l Q' 4 l L is lil X A 'Y l . X L Xl 5 'Z ' L. l Acolytes. Row 1 lL to RJ: Ken Krippner, Don Hougard, Paul Williams, Ken Wise, Heidi Michelsen. Row 2: Tim Tieman, Paul Patt, Dan Freiburger, Don Reinke. Row 3: Brad Stuckey, Paul Dunklau, jason Rensner, Steve Bongard. Symphony Orchestra Valparaiso University Symphony Orchestra. lAlphabeticallyl: Craig An- derson, Florence Armour, Ann Baltrushaitis, David Barlett, lanora Barlett, Laura Blair, Kathy Brannen, Robert Brooks, Laura Borman, Greg Bowman, Kirk Chamberlain, Bruce Evans, Henning Falkenstein, Betty Gehring, George Golding, Dan Grish, Susan Henry, Dawn Herrick, Jeff Hoffmeister, Ginny Holtz, Carl lensen, Kristine Kosky, Meg Laing, Leslie Leichter, Lisa L Leoni, Dianne Leytem, Heidi Michelsen, Isabel O'Connell, Kris Olsen, Ted Penfold, Dale Rudy, lay Schaefer, jackie Scherger, David Schoon, Eliza- beth Shemley, Kimberly Spees, Kathy Steele, Sue Stinger, john David Strickmann, Rober Symer, Ruth Thompson, Tim Vojslavek, Becky Vossler, Tammi Walters, jennifer Weber, Steve Wolfgram. Intramural dvisory Council Intramural Advisory Council. Row 1 CL to Ri: Dave Gross, joe Schmidt, Sally VanDuren, Rin Seibert, adviser, Mike Leone. Row 2: Vic Fritz, Doreen Bolin, jon Steinbrecher. Row 3: Dan Lohrmann, JoAnn Ray, Rob Wilson, Ed Bergsieker, Dale Merkel. Bowling Club 'Fl 165 0+ Ll- R Bovyling Club. Row 1 QL to RJ: Robin Schuettpelz, Dawn Findling, Vicki Debolt, Laura Hessling, Chris Jacobs, Betty Burgler. Row 2: Boris Porrbudic, Craig Bublitz, Brian Larsen, Lynn Kroeger, Dave Kirschsieper, lim Franz. 4 B VU Gold Splash VU Gold Spash Swim Club. Row 1 lL to Rl: Diane Carrabine, president, Bev Domaleczny, vice president, Sally Seman, secretary, lan Locke, treasurer. Row 2: Ellen Deiforung, Kathy lurek, Sally Van Duren, Sue Stark, lanet Ilten. Row 3: Sandy DeLise, Kathy Kleive, Holly Chevette, lane! Branstrator, jane Morris, jill Kubiak, Rin Seibert, adviser. Row 4: Ana Schneider, Deedee Hartley, Heidi Weidanz, Sue Kalemba, Meg Donaldson, Mary Marentette, Heidi Taylor, Sue Sager. Honor Council Honor Council. IL to Ri: Richard Schmiesing, Prof. Rodney Bohlmann, Glenn Kuchel, David Meade, loel Brighton blwlltlluu VU Care. IL to RJ: Mark Anderson, Eve Kwasneski, Doug Lehmann, Lora Schwass. Kantorei Choir N I ,X., ii -H'-"N"""', .W .-.-, .yt--fu-f Q-use-sail-I' Choir. Row 1 CL to RD: Angela Hamusch, Rebecca Gulley, Temara Hasse, Wank. Row 2: Michael Rivers, jim Krutz, Dale Rudy, Dale Braun, Richard Carol Brueggemann, Kathleen Schrodie, Susan Huiner, Christina Bergh- Sohn, Paul Henrichs, john Wittmayer, Ray Nively, David Ludwig. aus, Kari Henkelmann, Wanda Ward, Paula Schoepke, julia Guettler, Sara The 1983 Beacon Staff Editor: Mary Stewart 2-we Q 9 mf- A -1. "N-..-0' x 5 Sports Co-Editors: Kim Anderson and Tom Eckert 1 9 LJ .VX ffl f Greeks Editor: loyce Niedner Assistant Editor: Arlene jackson ,Sul a --m .3 -1 E25 :A 23 TQ: ,, if 1- 9 X. Index Editor: Rich Hasz Dorms Editor: Deborah Downing Ads Co-editors: Karen Mader and Mike Alhorn - s fs we K.!,2 sh.,-Q -:: 2 KX! I K 'agus ilrtf ls ,Sa Photographers: Dale Brown, Bill Walsh, Kristen Gauss, Steve Charvat, Craig johnson, photo editor. Not pictured: Chris Thieloe, Mark Woods, Rob Camar- ena. Seniors Editor: Kim Matthies Academics Editor: loan Gillette 1 W 1 , , , Student Activities Co-editors: Kathy Beumer and Organizations Editor: lanora Barlett Donna Bradfield Ipha Phi Gmega APO National Service Fraternity. Row 1 lL to RJ: Alice G. Barrett, Steve VinDoyle, Anita Fuoss, Colleen Sanford, Ann Pinnow, Kate E. Groskoff. Row 2: Ann Petzold, Teresa Bussel, Deb Miller, Tammy Kidd, April Amor, Tito Battung, Peggy Glennie. Row 3: Bob Bencur, janet Oppolo, lulie Bradarich, Ieanne Rau, Donna Miller. Row 4: Mike Corns, Don Prough, Ralph Johnston, Paul Braun, joe Alvarez, Sue Price, Lorrie Kirst, Paul Blase. Handbell Choir -'J H-7 4' ,. c- .. . -all f " Q Valparaiso University Handbell Choir. Row 1 lL to RJ: Connie Roe, Laura I. Williams, Chris Busch, Sharon Swanson, Heather Bost, David johnson. Row 2: Chris Kemnitz, Cindy Morton, lennifer Weber, Andrea Schulz, Robin Interfraternity Council lnterfralernity Council. Row 1 CL to RJ: Rich Desmedt, Bruce Krueger, Scott Nietzel, Rob Helfrich, Kevin Dickens, Doug Lehmann, Glenn Kuchel. Row 2: Marty Cillick, Paul Schmidt, Bob O'dea, Howie Hair, Rodd Romanski, Nick Costidakis, Phil Ossowski, Tom lubin, leff Galuvic, Ken Gaidas, lay Schaeffer, Dave Stallter, Brad Meyer, Herbie Utt, Dean Robert Schorr. Kappa Gmicron Phi Home Economics Honor Society. Row 1 CL to Ri: Sarah Schroeder, Debbie Dutton, Mary Ann Marsic, vice president, Linda Pudik, Teresa Bussel, Deb Miller, Lynne Keats. Row 2: Marjorie Leoschke, adviser, Brenda Wambsganss, Debbie Niss, Rosanne Wilson, Sarah Williamson, loy Steingass, Ginny Nelson, Cheryl Kleiner, treasurer. Sigma Pi Sigma Society of Physics Students. Row 1 lL to Rl: Prof. Don Koetke, Bassam Bamieh, Richard Hbyl, Keith Gillman, Lisa Fove, Lisa Peters, lov Patton. Row 2: Dan Lab, Prof. Robert Manweiler, jerry Cleaver, Alan Buswell, Mark Hughes, Steve Kortze, Ray Hively, Marty Newhard. Row 3: Dale Koetke, Laura Kropp, Marty Volz, john Kohlmeyer, Norm Kolb, Dave Baron, Bill Baumgartner, Bob Huffman, Dave Christiansen. Row 4: Amy Hehr, Rachelle Leffert, john Baron, Mike Bopf, Mike Sapper, Dave Witteveen, David Jensen, Prof. Sherman Kanagy, Prof. Virgil Naumaun. FV? ff In Memoriam Scott Lohr 'V-up 35 4! WYQI Don Palm Karen Rhmess ' 7:12-L2".5'Kx-15lY'v' F2352 5 '4 3 -2- lmvfffifsfeu . L? -' F - W2 . :'T1Ifh?42 I-."" Ll ' ' ' 5 gg isa.-li., 1311. '11 nq. gag, 1' . v ."2:::'-wat: 3.-'.,3,-f '-fi-"':-,A . - 2 3 -4'1"-1 w. .- .. 13 my vz .' ,A 'w 'QA ,. ' rw -L, T- 51, W Hfiw-F, if "T r-h?',2'?:J J" 5 g5H.?u,fsA N '2," 1 15. 'JN-1' Q gui:- hf :.i?12 f"..4"x-fel-,N '- lah 5- wi? , SENHQEKS .Aix 7 I ,ni-"f ff, ,px-.. --.. Ju I X -PYD7' '-N, -,-,1 -Z. an GJ' A' su- ': .1 'I . d 5... L Ag:-' .J " -':Qf:i.:3?l. ,iz-N: :Y :Y 'Zigi A. . l ' ' Tb"q,gg2Qiflq V. 'ff' , 'Nw "' ,Q I '.. ,.- 0 1 K .7 A I Nu- Ffa? H I. r . .K K,,r' F .N-L+-. .Khecl ,- 1 ' j 1 i ww. 1 I , " ' f "sl 5-A x 6 -Ear i . 9 r Q A. 5 '- .-u. 'V .. -.7"E- v ',,:.l.., ,Q , 1 t.. L: ,' :F 'f 41 1 Q ,J Y- ' " 3' J' x ns- ! A f. 4 '- s -.V -M N QQ. i . M -,J""" 12 "T, . 'asf 'ig' I... D i -639. - J 12 ' T34 'ff M rd I 'FWZ ig' 1' 9451. f""Q! 'lf , 'r 42' , r ' K ff 2 I 1 5 1 Te? f Qjgiu M' ' , - '.. .H flu A , .5 A 1, ,X ., . . 'lin '- va 14 - E 1 I s A 9 '- 1 214 1 T M" 1 'I' 24: 3:1 U3 e 5 Co aa 5 VJ as Q V3 Q 5 V3 fe. 3 3 VJ is 5 V3 T64 2.1 X 411' .2 .. . s. . s" -v ' k iszsir L Y -' + - L :QI me Wu: F . SSX' - . ' M513 at , N Q xx l GE L x z. W' s t , J . v 4 '4 I ' P H" j""'A"'A-ws..,,., ,,.,-vvfawmwwrw ' "1-nx.Jl6'O-tall' ' "'i1' "!VlI0O44u'Y' .-A . ., .- I '-+--My-T.. Q as. ' "?1'1v-3-VSA?-'-fiNQ+oqQ,..s,.-1, - ,, 'gs Q- --st.-ws-.-sal -I ' ' O ew vs L . CAROL ABEZETIAN Park Ridge, IL Business Adm. MICHAEL ALHORN Danville, IL Admin. Sci. 5 Q gg x fl s X15 X kg s X? N ,ts x X , is . X if ef W 3 XX xg ,A 1 x I I MICHELLE ANDERECIC1 Edina, MN Business Adm. X X Q. A A S SS ,B Q 45 I. Q51' X .I R xx I .5 5 N-ss aw!-lf. Jr- ff '- -z as stYY.:1'v':.'- s DIANE I. ABRAHAM Des Plains, IL Business Adm. STEVEN ALLOSSO Boston, MA Criminal lust. CIAIL E. ANDERSON Columbus, IN Art KARL E. ABRAHAM Valparaiso, IN Accounting 'E S gy. BONITA ALONSO Buffalo, NY Political Sci. KIM ANDERSON Glenview, IL Iournalism TIMOTHY ANDREWS ANHQDUQSVII-CH DIANE ARNDT MBSBUSOI IL 5 h Ml Mundelein, IL Mechanical En t' losep ' A ' g' Social Work Ccoummg "' . -- - . 5 E. , El .J i . . V I 51.4 E . 1 g . , BAssAM BAMIEHY KAREN io BANASHAK IOSEPH BANASIAK Jeddah, S-audi Arabia Hobart, IN Hammond, IN Electrical Eng. Chemistry Admin- Sci. DREW ADAMS Walkerton, IN Criminal lust. DONALD A. ALTESE Portage, IN Admin. Sci. SCOTT I. ANDERSOI Rockford, IL Electrical Eng. DAVID ARNELL Chicago Heights, IL Political Sci. DAVID T. BARAN Lombard, IL Physics MAX as W. xx' . ALISON AINSWORTI- Ballwin, MO Elem. Ed. J I SUSAN M. ALTMOS Cleveland, OH Elem. Ed. LISA ANDONIADIS Park Ridge, IL Political Sci. WILLIAM F. BALKE Madison, WI Admin. Sci. s .I eg. . , Y - ' fm 5 . . I We DIANE BARKAN Massilon, OH Chemistry NAAAN M. AL-HUNEIDI Amman, jordan Civil Eng. THEODORE I ANCHELL Allen Electrical IR.. Mi CAROL I. ANDREWS Hebron, IN EnglishfEduc. TIMOTHY E. BALKO Valparaiso, IN Social Work RICHARD EARLE BARNES Fairport, NY History R , s IOHN H. BATES MICHELLE BATTACILIA Ann Arbor, MI Webster, NY Business Adm. Nursing DIANE P. BAUDER Akron, NY Admin. Sci. A . :I It , I gr. . , azzxfgz. 'I. I CHERYL ELAINE BEGEMAN STEPHANIE BELLER ANNEMARIE BENOIT Bauwinl MO Loveland, OH S. Hadley, MA French Social Work Business Adm. ggigcmfgg LYNN BERKLAN IOHN v. BERNARDI W AH. WI Waukegan, IL Park Ridge, IL ei! , ,'?f Elem. Ed. Civil Eng. IEFFREY BLADE PAUL W. BLASE RICHARD BLESSEN Gary, IN Wilmette, IL Harwood Hts., IL Geography Electrical Eng. Political Sci. I x l I f CHERYL LYNN BAUM Long Grove, IL Accounting RUTH BAUMGARTNER Frankfort, IL Nursing BERGHAUS C Tucker, C-A BERGSIEKER Columbus, IN ' " Civil , ' . X . ROBERT BRENDT II Hobart, IN Mechanical Eng. IAMES I. BILELLO South Bend, IN History GERALD I. BOISVERT Crown Point, IN History Chemistry BRADLY K. BLUHM Rochester, MI MONICA BEAR Hudson, OH Social Work DIANE BERCISTROM Eden Prairie, MN Sociology CARYL E. BIORSETH Burlington, Nl Biology T N L .xl , I I THOMAS BOK Nashville, IL Math DANIEL w. BORCHERS SHARON BOTTOM MIKE VAN BOXTEL BIIJISAIQIIIEIH IAIEIQSAEEEIION M',ltl:Il,lNt2,lll,' IEEATLDT Oconto, WI Barrington, IL Neenah, WI Chicago' IL Newfoundland, Nl Ciemistryl' Theology Finance BUSINESS Adm. - lournahsm Geography I S8 JOKS SSJWOIZS S5 70165 583710168 SSJVIYOICS 135 .70 38N SSJVJOKS S2lOl'M5'S l'M5'.S' 0 S21 35' M Z' 0 S21 35' M OZ S21 35 M Ol' S21 3.57 M 1' O S21 35' M Ol' S21 .a UW U1 IENNIFER A. BRAUER Columbus, IN History IEFFREY I. BRUBAKER Granger, IN Mechanical Eng. A 1' BARBARA BUNKOWSKE Fort Wayne, IN Nursing 2:2-fi " ': ' , "" KENDRA C.. BUTTS Moline, IL Business Adm. I BEVERLY N. BRAUN Wexford, PA Social Work JAMES RAYMOND BRUCE nLaC.range, .IL ROBERT E. BUNNETT.. Lakewood, CA Electrical Eng. TIMOTHY CALDWELL Milwaukee, WI Communications LEE A. BRENNER KENNETH BRIEGEL Eraser, Ml Elmhurst, IL Business Adm. Art I I MARY BUDAK MICHAEL I. BUGAIESI Michigan City, IN Morton, IL Nursing Business Adm. jf NA Y . LISA D. BURGDORF BURAbl1E:lS'l!-ER l-lvonlaf MI Pulaski, WI f .-il.-I.-I Nursing ROBIN LYNN CAPPER IOSEPH R. CARABELL Rolling Meadows, IL Mt. Clemens, MI Business Adm. Accounting PAUL BROBST Phoenix, AZ Accounting SUZANNE KAY Grand IAMES ALAN BUTTON Arlington Hts., IL Economics SANDRA JEAN CARLSON Northbrook, IL BRENDA CASTELLO SUSAN L. CHAMBERS SEKAQQHEOIL IOHN 1. CHIKEROTIS DEBBIE CLAUSE Logansporl, IN Oak Park, IL O h NE Chicago, IL Springfield, IL NUVSIVIS Cl'19ml5ffY music History Social Work STEVEN CRAIG BROWN Muncie, IN Political Sci. WILLIAM W. BUHLE Mokena, IL Accounting IUDY ANN BUTTON Elmhurst, IL Elem. Ed. DIANE L. CARRABINE Chicago Heights, IL Business Adm. STEVEN A. CLINDANIEL LaPorte, IN Finance ' i J S X .Q 1 5 'ff 6 f . Y f 's . u ' is-M...... , 1- -L ELIZABETH ANNE NICHOLAS P. COOKE COSTIDAKIS LaSalle, Ml Merrillville, IN Elem. Ed. Interdis SQQQSQQL GARY DAUSMAN Milwaukee, WI Nivl' gags' IN Spec. Ed.fEl. Ed. V 'V' ng' . b-e' I R., ,. ,.. .J DONNA L. DI PAOLO Webster, NY Accounting NANCY DHOOGHE Elmwood Park, IL Speech Path. LISA DLUTKOWSKI Beverly Shores, IN Geography AUDREY I. DOBIAS Park Ridge, IL Biology BARBARA CROMPACKER Chesterton, IN Social Work CARLA DE LA COTERA Munster, IN Elem. Ed. IUDITH M. DICK Michigan City, IN Social Work ELLEN K. DOLLASE Manlius, NY Political Sci. IOHN F. CROWE Brennan, IN Business Adm. ::tli7F'. sf 5514" 'A' QQ... 3. R .. -3: Jr' ELIZABETH DEDE Miami, FL English DEBRA DIEPHOLZ Hemet, CA Biology BEV DOMALECZNY LaGrange Park, IL Psyc ology RICHARD CYMERMAN Orchard Park, NY Physical Ed. ROBERT V. DENNINGER Brookfield Ctr., CT . cc unting rl 3 -, j . I .' SANDRA L. DIERBERG St. Louis, MO Accounting 1 ' 'I YE- . . TERESA DOMBROWSKI N. Toma, NY Social Work 'Q STEVEN M. DALLMAN West Seneca, NY journalism RICHARD DESMEDT Chicago, IL Business Adm. ' ..,5g.1g:g2- ': 1 - .gg -l I 'ii 4 , E ,S-I AAI' If Isla "Q"iW.2 4 I2 1:43 ' ' . ' .ll . I -ll V, I . DIANE LYNN DIETRICH Hickory Hills, IL Elem. Ed. LETITIA DOXEY Peoria, IL Elem. Ed. MI HELE MARIE DUDZINSKI JAMES R. DUERR IOHN DUEY K'EAUNgAN PAUL R. DUNKLAU DEBBIE DUTTON Lafayette, IN Barrington, IL Lansing, IL Raleigh, NC FTGTTIONI. NB DSTIGVBFI, IL Nursing Accounting Accounting Chemistry Theology Fashion Merch. 70135 SSN 735 70 .SW 5 ICS .70 JV S5 ICS .70 SSW ICS .70 55N KS .70 SSN 5'8.YV.70l6S 1 S2lOl'N'5'S 555' N Ol' S21 35' N Ol' S21 35' Ol' S21 35' N' Z' 0 S21 35' N Z' 0 S21 515' Z' O S21 ...i ON CX! PETER ECKART Lansing, MI Admin. Sci. KARL ELIASON Rock Island, IL Business Adm. BRADLEY C. FLEMING Michigan City, IN Fine Art IULIE D, FREDERICK Danville, IN Psychology ANITA FUOSS Pierre, SD History KARIN E. ECKERT Cleveland, OH Biology TODD D. ENGLANDER Bloomington, IN Biology ", . if.: . ' 'li 1- ,IQ Q I . ELLEN FOERTSCH Huntington, NY Electrical Eng. NANCY FREDERICK Portage, IN American Studies ALAN I. FURMANKIEWICZ Lowell, IN Accounting THOMAS E. ECKERT Burbank, IL Mechanical Eng. NANCY ERB O'FalIon, lL Nursing ROXANNE S. FORD Magnolia, DE Social Work MARK FREDRIKSEN Elmhurst, IL Journalism JOHN FUSIARA Olean, NY Mechanical Eng. ALISON ECKHARDT Mystic, CT Spanish . - "4,:1v. 5 .2 v-s. 1 ' :fri M . . , X it mr ' V J x TIMOTHY I. FASKA Berea, OH History LISA I. FOYE Barrington, IL Physics wr' Y 5 . sf ,ff if 'it gg. f 525: V - " al f-.ff 75 A Q - I.. :Wm if.. - . j-fs, I ss-' . ff DANIEL FREIBURGER LaGrange, IL Mechanical Eng. BERNARD FUTSCHER Skokie, IL Biology S 12 I e e IJ 'III' I . I ELLEN MARIE ECKHARDT Eden, NY Nursinil I x GLORIA ANN FISHER Valparaiso, IN Nursing MICHAEL I. FRANCO Riverside, CT BiofChem. CHARITY E. FRENZEL Westminister, MD Civil Eng. CHRISTIE LYN GARRARD Taylors, SC Elem. Ed. REBECCA EIDSON Tecumseh, MI Nursing DAVID E. FLASCH Elmhurst, IL Finance KATHERINE FRANKE Seymour, IN Nursing MARK A. FRUTIG Orchard Park, NY History DEBRA L. GAUSS Albion, MI Business Adm. I PATRICIA GEDROC Midlothian, IL Business Adm. ROGER C. GOODRICH N. Tonawanda, NY Mechanical Eng. K IULIA C. GUETTLER Royal Oak, Ml Nursing DEBORAH S. HAKANSON Elmhurst, IL Social Work CRAIG HARRIS Goshen, IN Business Adm. BARBARA E. GERTH Kirkwood, MO journalism LARRY E. GRAMLICH Independence, MO Economics "YW ' "WS IOAN MARIE GUNDER Clarkston, MI Elem. Ed. LOUISE HAMMACK Mt. Pleasant, MI lournalism MARIE A. HARTIGAN Buffalo, NY Mechanical Eng. W V- ETL ' . . 1 F ' if I .arr ' Jef sA'i I , A I A I '64 ' ' L -A I A- ... - E1 I t 5' 4 -N 3 I ' ' H I p ' ,ff , ' 5 iff if E ,W ' A ' ""L"l5 If ,N s A f A rg 3. .5 ' ' wIi'f...:3 iiv, S l ' ' -Eff" I , - , sk, , I -- I A 'LE I MARK A. CETBEHEAD DIANE oosrz ELIZABETH L- ANA C. GONZALEZ Rome, NY LaGrange Park, IL GOLDENSTERN Aguadilla, P. R. Electrical Eng. Foodsflournal. Chebansef ll- Mechanical Eng. . 5 ga x "' .Fx Y' I 7 as I PAM CRAVES KELLY SUZANNE GRAY DAVID M. GROSS SONIA CIROZDANICH Seneca, IL Anderson, IN Landing, Nl Highland, IN Special Ed. Psychology Electrica Eng. Business Adm. KAREN HAALAND Mt. Prospect, IL Nursing KRISTEN HACMAC Owatonna, MN Business Adm. ELIZABETH I. TIMOTHY M. HANDROCK HANNON Elgin, I'L Houston, TX Electrical Eng. PATRICE C. HASELEY Hilgcgfggkk Sanb0m'.NY Pittsburgh, PA ACCOUHUHB Social Work ERIC HAGLUND CYNTHIA M. HAHN Manigtee, MI Michigan City, IN Geology Accounting , , I.. 43.3, EAA, Q . f I PONQL-,'Qj2W'N KRISTINE E. 'HAPKE Arlington Hts., IL Mlclugafl CNY' IN Business Adm. Admm' SCI' MARY E. HEINICKE DEBRA HEINZ Indianola, IA Wheaton, ll Engligh Dietetics fl as SSNJOIZS S8.N.7Ol6S S8JV.70l3S SSNJOIZS SSNJOIZS SSNJOIQS YE ii Us 5'2lOl'zV'5'S SHOZM 515' 32l0!'M.?5' .S'2lOl'zlZ'3'S 515' SHO! is 5 C13 Q 3. 3 03 'I7 I lf' 2 I If g' ' s , 'E is 1371-"" 1 .fs , .1 -,MI - Ggyf , f 6 2 +3-gf .4 f -- '- jg ' . ff ' mf sw , 955 .. , , 4? 1 1 f 'f ,v .f,. 4 .. 1 11 ' 2: ' ' -'Lf . an n RANDALL S. HELM Cedarburg, WI Electrical Eng. -1- , wal . .jfs-I1 f f..,-.,4.- ,ff ,M , 4, 5' 1 1 5, E Sv "' 1 I 4 11, .. - ' '-cf .Q -I M DAWN M. HERRICK Oak Creek, WI Music GERALD E. HOFFMEISTER, IR. Pittsburgh, PA Electrical Eng. 1. 2 ' ,f"l- I 51, s L XX , gg: WALLY A. HENKEL Berwyn, IL Mechanical Eng. 25 1 we W KENNETH N. HESSEL Derby, NY Theology liz.: M qs I L ' IULIE HOLLIS Hawthorn Woods, IL Elem. Ed. HOLLY ANN HORTON LaGrange, IL Elem. Ed. NANCY E. HUGHES Decatur, IN Psychology TERRENCE HOULIHAN Chicago, IL Business Adm. JEFFREY HURLBUT New Berlin, WI Mechanical Eng, .. Z7 27. f 0 f 4 ,, 1, 7 7 1 9 f I , f C- 45' ,J ffj 4-. ' I Nh, t 5 9 I 3 3 1 Ia KIM HENKELMANN Fort Wayne, IN History f I. ,A L. ' 1, -. ' "iz : ' J, ':. t . 1 1 v v ,'. , L, .,. A LJENELL N. HILGENDORF Mequon, WI Elementary Ed. CARLTON HOLLS, IR. Williamsville, NY Pre-Seminary SUSAN HOWARD Downers Grove, IL Fashion Merch. MICHAEL IHNKEN Elkhart, IN Business Adm. PAMELA HENNINC. Morton Grove, IL Accounting BARBARA ANN HILL Crown Point, IN Accounting VIRGINIA L. HOLTZ Detroit, MI Music REBEKAH HOWEN- KARTMAN Martinez, CA IERRY NEWTON IRVINE - Hammond, IN Accounting MicHELE HENSEL Oak Forest, IL Nursing IUDY K HINDE Rockford IL Nursing 'X I 3 : . 1 tx BENIAMIN HOOK South Holland, IL Business Adm. BARBARA I. HOYT Valparaiso, IN Business Adm. STEVEN HERONEMUS Sheboygan, WI German ELIZABETH HIRSH Park Forest, IL journalism KARLA HORN West Seneca, NY Business Adm. ROBERT S. HUFFMAN, IR. Hide-A-Way Hills, OH 'K JEANNE MARIE RICHARD 'IABLINSKI IACOBSEN Arcadia, CA journalism Baltimore, MD Biology DOUGLAS W. JACQUES Joliet, IL LA,,L, ,',,I I' LORI JOHANKNECHT Lombard, IL Finance KRISTIN MARIE JOHNSON Cresskilll, NJ DEBORAH JONES Bettendorf, IA Accounting ROGER JAMES Twin Falls, ID Biology DEAN JOHANSON Valparaiso, IN Political Sci. LAUREL L. JOHNSON Terre Haute, IN Psychology LAURA JORDAN Whiting, IN Food Merch. SHERYL A. JANNKE Menomonee Falls, WI Social Work MATHIAS JOSEPH JOHNSEN Arlington Hts., IL ROBERT JOHNSON Lemont, IL lnterdis. THOMAS B. JUBIN Ann Arbor, MI Psychology STEPHEN A. JENKINS Harrisburg, PA Criminal Justice CHARLES D. JOHNSON Elma, NY Political Sci. SUSAN A. JOHNSON Countryside, IL Interdis. Econ. JOANNA LYNN JUDSON Rochester, NY Elem. Ed. ,.f' f' Wff' Q It .f.'?.- xv. . I '51 .I . y is 1 . L-ff.-If Q 5 sg. , W " II., .115 L, - " ' 'IJ ZZ' JANET I- IESKO Westmont, IL Elem. Ed. VICTORIA L. JENSKE Grosse Pointe Pk., MI Nursing KAREN ANNE JOHNSON Business Adm. Fflrporl' NY CRAIG JOHNSON Webster Groves, MO ournalism TIMOTHY 1. JOHNSON CRAIG T. IONES Gregn Bay, WI New C8I'llSle, IN Mechanical Eng. Civil Eng- JULIE JUERS KATHLEEN JUREK Sheboygan, WI Lackawanna, NY Nursing Chemistry R i . DEBRA J. KALBAC MARK KALIN BETH KARBERG ROBERT E. KARTMAN CHRIS KATRIS LYNNE M. KEATS St. Louis, MO University City, MO Rgqkfordl IL South Bend, IN Crown Point, IN Arllngwn HIS-, ll- Theology Electrical Eng. Mechanical Eng, Mechanical Eng. Chemistry FHSIIIOU MSFCIW- SSJVJOIQS SSNJOKS SEWJOIZS SSNJOKS SEJVJOICS 3637470168 S5N.70lZS .A Nl .I S2lOl'N'3'S 5'2lOl'zVl?.S' 5210K 35' 5210! 35 S2l0fN'5'S SHUI' 35' SDIOZMQS .L XJ ro ' QL .fy 'A'- 'wt ' 5 ' Ai H1 1 .- 3 X '- I XV! KATHRKYE'HOU'5E BRIAN KEBSCHULL LINDA 1. KELLER Na ervme IL Torrance, CA Cherry Hill, N1 Ecgnfneach Mechanical Eng. Nursing HA.. . L :gg I gg Rt.. gg, 1 XX A W KAREN KEPPLINC-ER TAMARA KIDD LOU KIERNAN Western Springs, IL Ogdensburg, Nl Northport, NY Business Adm. Civil Eng. Accounting "E .Qi . X A X , I X X I SHARON KLOSAK SUSAN M. KNAPP SUSAN KNIBBS Hammond, IN Knox, IN Chicago, IL Accounting Aggouming Elem. Ed. PETER A- KOEHN BERTRAM M. KOENIG MAX M. KOENIG W3VeflYf.lA MBIIWBI1, Nl Barron, WI ACCOUYIUVIB Business Adm. Philosophy IEROLD A. KOSEY LISA C. KRAUSE DAVID KREBS HHFIIQHI, WI South Bend, IN Schererville, IN Electrical Eng. GeofBiology Accounting MICHAEL S. KELLERMAN DAVID I. KIPP Fraser, MI Biology KELLEY S. KNIGHT Bay City, MI Biology JOHN P. KOHLMEYER Fort Wayne, IN Physics REX D. KREGER Pierceton, l'N Business Adm. CHRISTOPHER I. KEMNITZ KIMBERLY A. KLECKNER Chicago, IL Fashion Merch. EUNICE KNUTH Homer, Ml Business Adm. NORMAN R. KOLB Benson, IL Physics STEVEN M. KREIDT Orlando, FL Civil Eng. KEVIN K. KENNING Cedar Lake, IN Accounting Q S I i . CHERYL A. KLEINER Schaumburg, IL Dietetics MARIAM KOEHLER Gary, IN Accounting DANIEL KORTHAUER Cedar Lake, IN Business Adm. CHRISTINE KRUEGER Fark Forest, IL Theoflnterdis. ru CHERYL K. KRUGER Michigan City, IN lournalism MARY ANN KWASNIEWSKI Highland, IN Criminal lust. MARK BENTON LAMLEIN Normal, IL Business Adm. EDWARD M. LAZAR Crown Point, IN Accounting ALISON ANN LEMKE Gunnison, CO Speech Path. CHARLES KRUGLER Reed City, MI Social Work IAMES A. KWASNY Munster, IN Business Adm. PAULA E. LAMM Fairfax, VA Nursing N - X, 3 EN' , s vs 1 fl 55 '-5'X 2-:Z 5'-1 . :cgi ' 3 J, 5 im . .X We x 3 H Q ELIZABETH LEBARRO Kalamazoo, Ml Spanish LIZBETH 1. LEMKE Gunnison, CO Sociology GLENN W. KUCHEL LaPorte, IN Accounting LINDA LAATSCH Northbrook, IL Business Adm. IANICE B. LARSEN Schererville, IN Nursing IAMES RICHARD LEE Appleton, WI Civil Eng. GLENN B. LEMUNYON Linwood, Nl Economics GAIL S. KUEFFNER Battle Creek, MI Nursing STEVEN LAESCH Michigan City, IN N English ' i . Q if-Q - f Nsqzwv. A. . ,ix .wv ' . ' . ' . K , 5 .. i . .Cf -Y ' .". -1" ,fs .. if . 1, '. fs." -.lil ' J: 22 S9 2 -sig? -. A ,t K , t f 5 - ' Ns, .C . - , , 1- IILL E. LARSEN Grand Haven, Ml Business Adm. CAROLYN A. LEEDY Mansfield, OH Accounting ANNA E. LEOSCHKE Valparaiso, IN Social Work :F rv DONALD T. KUKLA Rock Island, IL Accounting DENISE K UNKA Kettering, OH Sociology CAROL LAINE EDWARD LAKE Roselle, IL Elk Grove, IL Nursing Biology ERIC LARSON MAYRA LATONI Northbrook, IL Bayamon, PR Art Chemistry W H w. 'E X , 3 in N ' L, E3 1 :gg ' f KATHRYN LEEP DOUGLAS LEHMANN Highland, IN Mundelein, IL Admin. Sci. Electrical Eng. RONALD L. LEVITT KARLA L. LEWIS Hammond, IN Fort Wayne, IN Chemistry Interior Design SENJOIZS S5 10138 S5.7V.7OlZS SENJOKS S8N.70lZ5' SSNJOIZS KS .70 SEN .I XI la! S2lOl'N'.?S S2lOl'M?S .S'2l0l'zV' 515' S2l0l'N'.?S SBIOZMQS 5'2lOlW'.?S 5'210l'zV' 555' ...I fa .rs ,r -G L- Q. I. I DIANNE M. LEYTEM Griffith, IN Music Ed. ' 'T ' T... Sf. 1 A X ,gh A -. I .X ., Q .L I KAREN S. LOBITZ McHenry, IL Accounting wwf' ,"' ' ' CAROL A. LOURMANN Covington, LA Electrical Eng. KAREN L. MADER Seabrook, TX Business Adm. BRENDA MARTIN Valparaiso, IN Recreation Mgmt. 1 i 1 ROBERT E. LICHTNER Wheeling, IL Electrical Eng. LISA LOCKE LaPorte, IN Foods Merch. ALAN K. LUDTKE Frankfort, Ml Business Adm. I 5 I DONNA MANNING Chicago, IL Business Adm. FRANK MARTINEZ Ill Vacaville, CA Business Adm. NANCY LINDEMEYER Greensboro, NC Pre-Law vw' KIMBERLY A. Tokyo BARBARA LUECK Midland, MI Admin. Sci. Q .. ... MARI MARIK Marseilles, IL Nursing .. f' I . .' s. L X -X x I, , ,,-,Y -H 1,1 - z I'-" 'I 2 :I X I si CYNTHIA MARTON Valparaiso, IN Accounting VICKI LINDQUIST Mundelein, IL Business Adm. RICHARD L. LOFTIS Melrose Park, IL Mechanical Eng. Y? SHARI LINN Chesterton, IN Biology ' 'Q f y. 4 -si' ,. ,V . ,' .I ' - V ' fl' 4,7 , X! Ferl LISA M. LOLWINCI Chicago, IL Elementary Ed. - I DAVID A. LUETHY New Berlin, WI Electrical Eng. STEPHANIE MARLATT Michigan City, IN Chemistry LINDA MASON Libertyville, IL journalism ti' REBECCA MAASSEL Glenview, IL Elementary Ed. TERESITA MARSAL Elizabeth, N1 History ANDREW M. MASSE Red Bank, Nl Economics STACEY IO LINN Elkhart, IN journalism THOMAS LONG Park Ridge, IL Mechanical Eng. STEPHANIE ANN MADELINE Olympia Fields, IL Business Adm. MARY ANN MARSIC Streamwood, IL Home Ec.fDiet. IEFFREY P. MASSUCCI Ft. Wayne, IN Marketing KIMBERLY MATHEWS Grosse Pt. Shores, MI Business Adm. STU MCCLUNG Madison, IN Mechanical Eng. NANCY I. MECHAM Nyissa, OR T eology WALTER C. MEYERS Fairport, NY Admin. Sci. HEIDI MOLL Macomb, IL Inter. Economics CRAIG L. MATHIS 'UMBERLY D- Palos Hts., IL MATTHIES Downers Grove, IL Business Adm. Fine Art MARY M. MCCORD BARB MCDOWELL Greenfield, IN Boyne City, MI HistoryfEnglish Nursing CLAIRE A. MEENTS LARRQQQQSHAEL Mokena, IL N . South Holland, IL ursmg Business Adm. MARK P. MIELKE DEBRA ANN MILLER Berkeley, IL Defiance, OH Electrical Eng. Home Ec.fEduc. 3. If I 1. Lt STEVEN G. MOLLENHAUER D'AN,fQa'QlgNlf'GUE Forest view, IL loumaligm Civil Eng. 45 MARY ELLEN MATYK LaPorte, IN Nursing LYNN MARIE MCGOLDRICK Crown Point, IN Business Adm. W2 A BEVERLY MELVIN Ft. Wayne, IN Electrical Eng. IOYCE A. MILLER Romeoville, IL Spanish SARA LYNNE MOON Branford, CT Social WorkfPsych. IAMES W. MAZZUCA Calumet City, IL Biology LESLIE K. MCGUIRE Milwaukee, WI Nursing -1:31 LAUREN METZ Elma, NY Home Ec.!Fashion Merch 4 ,, 1, SUSAN MLADICK Goshen IN Business Adm. li S -X 'I I -gc' , N.. r 'A 2 JAMES S. MOOSMANN Williamsville, NY Accounting IANELLE MCCALLUM Elkhart, IN Nursing IOHN DAVID MCKENZIE Port Huron, MI Electrical Eng. "'V 3' A " 1-2 ' I MARTHA L. MEYER Antwerp, OH Elementary Ed. W KIRSTEN IRENE MOE Watseka, IL English Af, DANA MORRIS Webster Groves, MO Accounting '52 Q E 'fa 10165 382V KS .70 SEN KS .70 JV S5 165 .70 SHN 165 .70 S5 KS L70 S5 .I Nl U1 L I 52lO! 55 52lO!N'55 52lO! 55 52lO! 55 52lO! 55 52lO! 55 55 A! O! 521 -.A XA UN is pr- 1. - f. N. -we 5 ' .:v' "' 5 l. ,zlfrl I ' fl ., Q swf? KAREN SUZANNE MORRIS Sugar Grove, OH lournalism 5.2. -Q . .I . kj '-,. I . I L. . 5 , BRENDA D. MUELLER Rochester, MI Elementary Ed. SANDRA L. NELSON LaPorte, IN Accounting MARY I. NILGES Wilmette, IL English l I -rv. I K LYNETTE M. MORRISON Shorewood, IL Nursing IOANN MUNTIU Munster, IN Biology x B, f 'S af' a . - a 'I Karin., 'I sf' x , iv f A. I It ' - ' F3516 ? -M3352-i'1'-113.-sire, ' 5- 'gfqag s . ' -5 311:-:.. .-5,1-Imfzstzfhwff ' THOMAS I. NELSON Merrillville, IN Business Adm. IOHN NORLIN Munising, MI History I WILLIAM K. OLIVER III BETTY I. OLSEN Chicago Hts., IL Morton Grove, IL Biology Nursing NEAL A. MORTENSEN Dubuque, IA Mechanical Eng. RAYMOND A. NASH Ioliet, IL I Political Sci. R . '33, y X iw . K Q I 6 A 4' 3. I If If I 4 VIRGINIA A. NELSON Lombard, IL Fashion Merch. CAROLE NUECHTERLEN Midland, MI EngIishfHistory IONATHAN P. OLSEN Williamsville, NY Accounting IOHN MORTON Teaneck, Nl Psychology BRENDAN NAULTY Crown Point, IN Chemistry IULIE DAWN NEWHART lamestown, IN IEFFREY P. OCOCK Appleton, WI Civil Eng. LESLIE OLSEN Valparaiso, IN English fa 1 4, I -I I fr el 2 'I f F K IAMES MOSCHEL ROBERT MRKVICKA Warren, MI Glen Ellyn, IL Business Adm. Mechanical Eng. SHELLY I. NEITZEL DAVID A. NELSON jackson, MI Oak Lawn, IL Chemistry Mechanical Eng. .,A 2 . l"' I x X STEVEN D. NICHOLS THOMAS C. NIELSEN Girard, IL Richfield, MN BioIogy!Chemistry Business Adm. DAVID OUERS S'i'FIl5lIfi5 C'n3I'r:at" OH Davenport, IA 'O ogy Electrical Eng. JEFF OLTMANN GLENN E. OMAN IR. Colorado Springs, CO Walkerton, IN Electrical Eng. Accounting , I I 46, f Qs ERIN ONEILL Appleton, WI Business Adm. KELLY LYNN PARK Mt. Pleasant, MI Chemistry KATHY PEPPIN Dyer, IN Accounting ANN PINNOW Columbus, IN Social Work I -1 I-"' Q Lg 1 .rf i CAROLYN ORGAN Mt. Prospect, IL Accounting SCOTT W. PARSONS Cedarburg, WI Accounting IEFFREY RAY PERGAL Indianapolis, IN Business Adm. 52 r- Lf 2" ' ' ' 'YL I BRIAN PIORKOWSKI Berwyn, IL Business Adm. H A l KIMBERLY RENEE ORTMAN Gary, IN Psychology I X RACHEL A. PATT Wauwatosa, WI Elementary Ed. IODY PERSINO Avon, OH Business Adm. WILLIAM W. PIRSIG Applleton, WI Mec anical Eng. STEVEN OUTLY Oak Forest, IL Chemistry RUTH PAULEY Flossmoor, IL Nursing KIMBERLY PETERS Richmond, IN Business Adm. STEVE PITTS Blaine, MN Electrical Eng. l TPFEQQAQSKQ- LISA 1. POWELL GREG POWERS usA M. PRETZEL Rockville MD Hinsdale, IL Dyer, IN Waukesha, WI ' Business Adm. Accounting Fashion Merch. Mechanical Eng. gl. A .Eu J . -ff be fe ,I X 1 L rvf 'X gpf g ' I 'f Lt, r I, KATHY L. PALMER LaPorte, IN Accounting LAURIE A. PAUTZ Skokie, IL Biology IEAN PETERSEN Park Ridge, IL English!Speech RUTH PAULINE PLAEHN Bay City MI Biology I, I KELLI PRICE Syracuse, IN journalism DANA D. PAPPAS Schaumburg, IL Business Adm. 517' A ,li ii 4, 'if if IM. ' . 2 .Q IF' Us 'F CHRIS PAWLOWSKI Crown Point, IN Nursing CHERYL L. PFEIEER Godfrey, IL Social Work FAITH DAWN POGEL Niagara Falls, NY Elementary Ed. I SUSAN CAROLYN PRICE Wickliffe, OH Accounting SENJOKS SSNJOIQS 5'6W.7 0165 S8 JOICS 58 10165 SbW.70l6S ICS JO 56W .A XI NI l l Ll 35' Z' O S21 35' N' Z 0 S21 35' Ol' S21 33 N' Z 0 S21 35 f O S21 35' M Z' O 521 35 M I O S21 .I XI OJ LORI PYBURN Downers Grove, IL Business Adm. IULIE RAUSCH E. Setauket, NY Home Economics , o ff- , f , is 1 , N f 2' f . I ' Iv R :Q - : ,,.g1y"' 1 Q.. I . X . A 1 We- le KEVIN R. REIDY Valparaiso, IN History D , ,: C . Qi . 1 mf. I E . I. , gf STEPHEN H. RICKUS Birmingham, MI Mechanical Eng. IOANN K. PYRITZ LaGrange, IL Physical Ed. "'i" Milf, ,,-:i1:: f ... .. I . ,I I l. ..r.... . . ...Q DEBORAH E. REASON Michigan City, IN Social Work GREGORY REINHARDT Marshfield, WI Mechanical Eng. PAM RIEMENSCHNEIDER Rolling Meadows, IL Elementary Ed. A fm ..,. liki ng. ' . ff-t E 2 Q ' .I af' 1 :, . DEBORAH RIXFORD REBECCA ROBERT Portland, OR Fashion Merch. Lombard, IL Nursing RANDALL W. RADDATZ Bethany, CT Admin. Sci. - -1 'may . ,- iff 147: . 314,- QY' V I 4 . -x' 'PY wifi: ., 4 f.-I-v',5., v,5"E-. 3 1. if 4 ,TIF rf:-0 : fr W , ' . CAROL MARIE REEVES Chicago Hts., IL Nursing I 7,5 . x .ytg ? t . ' -I I v 2 3 I I J . KAREN REINKE Oshkosh, WI Social Work DOUGLAS ROBERT RIGONI Iron Mt., MI Business Adm. g 4 CONNIE ROE Manitowish Waters, WI Chemistry WILLIAM DAVID Y RADTKE Lombard, IL Business Adm. . . 5 ' " - t- 1 f 4. If 1. . I Z.. 2'-2 I W7-' fffil ' f 4.'L.5fI?.ga... Q . :4..4f.:f's 5 I' Ie if iz ' If NA '32.:,i-jQggb':""5 jingri -j If ,Q 1. f. -+ -fflhgmfiffi. DEIDRE REHBOCK Bensenville, IL Nursing JULIE IEAN RELVE Fort Wayne, IN Nursing MICHAEL W. RINEHART Flint, MI Music KAREN SUE ROEH Rockford, IL Social Work 'fzjffafm Q . 2 GARY JOSEPH RAINALDI So. Euclid, OH Social Work BARBARA A. REIBLY Hobart, IN Psychology ' - affix 'if N ' Fife .T-::51f2'M N5 fy, Jpeg' 9' X 4' 1 Q NW 'z A V 'Lux 5 2' 'A ' . ,-. , ' 5 X .- X v 'Q M 1 X' K' 3 .v r 3 r R SHARON KAY RESCH LaGrange, IL .g,. Music ' ' ."' '-" ' 1.A ,Q XX , l jf '. 1 N .I V MARK RISCH Park Ridge, IL Accounting PM 20 4 S Elm. 1 ...I ' iiii I'i' ...i..i lnllnll if 1 PAMELA ROESSLER Winona, MN Business Adm. me E- SHERRYLE B. RAMBO Springfield, IL Political Sci. r LAURA REIDY Valparaiso, IN Accounting NILLIAM I. RICHARDS Milwaukee, WI Political Sci. LAURA IOAN RITTER Valparaiso, IN Physical Ed. CHRISTOPHER I. ROHALY Sauk Village, IL Electrical Eng. MICHAEL ROHDE St. Louis, MO Biology!Chemistry IOANNE E. ROSS Elmwood Park, IL journalism rEkDlNANLJ S. SAMALIO LaPorte, IN Chemistry IILL SCHLIFSKE Shorewood, WI Elementary Ed. KAREN SCHMOLLINGER Waterbury, CT Accounting fa , Y - ' W' 5 .,i. ..V-1 . V I 2' M V. Irs , I E .iw f I a X' f , , I . . L I ERIC DEAN ROHLCK KATHY ROHRER EEILISA ROMAN Holland, MI Walkerton, IN East Chicago, IL Germanflnt. Econ. Social Work Social Work 1 Vtzy A 1 . f I 3. sf ' 5 , fi 3 is fy J ' .Q n 3-52. '- if . tr? ' . . V, ' y W .. A cb, , WN - AA RACHEL ROTH KAREN ROTT KRISTINE ANN RUBEI Boswell, PA Yorktown, IN Valparaiso, IN Chemistry Social Work Mathematics I lx . , .,, U F VIOLET SANTIKOS Chicago, IL History DAVID R. SCHMIDT Angola, NY Business Adm. MARK A. SCHNORR Altoona, Wl Electrical Eng. MARK SAPPER Hobart, IN Electrical Eng. PAUL 1. SCHMIDT Creve Coeur, MO Finance PETER M. SCHOEDEL Kirkwood, MO Electrical Eng. CAROLYN SAUL Westchester, IL Admin. Sci. xy:-.-5 af, ' ' "frw,::?fa-x,:f::H2. Ay, . 1 ,,,. I A- , , ,fi X ' Z .XA 1 . I E ig ' . K .I ' at MARK SCHMIDT Hawthorn Woods, IL Civil Eng. LENNY SCHRANK Floyd Knobs, IN Electrical Eng. 4 Cf 51 2 ff , 6 " f' , I 'ey . X 'I f at g L.. 15, 2 I. 6 'E-5 S"IIII'3L? :, ' ' f TL I X 'ia E 65215-5 'X 4. 1 X 4, . 'N i s lil, is fi 1 'fs "W 1 IAMES ROONEY Chicago, IL Business Adm. TODD P. ROMANSIA Wisconsin Ragids, WI Spanis ANN RUDDY LANCE E. RYSKAMP lackson, Nl Highland, IN Accounting Po itical Sci. 1, ' ili 1 gs. if ,A . X-. DE .L SEZSQIEQA IANET s. SCHERER Fort Wayne, IN M h Buaxouta ' II' Business Adm. siness Adm, E' . ,. ,. Q5 4 ' "AZ L- 4221? 5 'H Sc - K: . Q "" . fi f , it J MARK H. SCHMIEDEL Cedarburg, WI Business Adm. NOLA ANN SCHMIDT Lisle, IL Nursing 12-5 I -fi LISA SCHROEDER SARAH 1. SCHROEDER Lake Geneva, WI Valparaiso, IN Psychology Interior Design S5 10135 SSXVJOKS SSNJOKS S5JV.70l6S SEJWOICS SBIOZLVSS SSNJOKS .I NI HD L S2lO!N?.S' S2lOl'N'5'S S2l0l'N'5'S S21 Ol' 35 .5'2l0l'zV'.?S S2l0l'N'.?S 35 M Of S21 .I U7 O LINDA M. SCHUETT Prairie View, IL Electrical Eng. 5 ' I A I f ' 3' X- 6 4 av.. ,vu P , 4.1 ,- K U M 4 1 E IS? eg 3. .. .LM ROGER A. SCOMMENGA Northbrook, IL Business Adm. ,vp - 4- .f:-::t::,w:,f,, ,- 2 f 41:51 .- .Q ' f 1 I-. ips PAMELA SHEPHERD Palatine, IL Accounting KAREN MARIE SMITH -Vx Ioliet, IL Nursing if f ' , I it KIMBERLY C. SPEES Elk Grove, IL Interdis. MARY ANN SCHULER Williamsville, NY Business Adm. THOMAS S. SEABOLD Grafton, OH Admin. Sci. GRANT SIMMONS Delavan, WI ci Theology "H .. " . ,gg if' I!" ,112 Iii! Ill! ZITI SCOTT WARREN SMITH Williamsville, NY Business Admin. ' 7' ' ' TF .i ,ff - . 1" , 'age ,,' A A in , I . I ' .ii SUSAN E. SPRAGUE Olean, NY Elem. Ed. CAROL SCHULTZ Nashotah, WI Mathematics ROBIN SEARS Rockville, IN Political Sci. ' ' '7?i'f' IILL MARIE SKAIA Brooklyn Park, MN Admin. Sci. KATHLEEN ANNE SNOW Munster, IN lournalism "T rf - ' - 29? I XI 5 - . . w IAMES R. ST. IOHN Park Ridge, IL Mechanical Eng. l KENNETH A. SCHUMACHER Glen Ellyn, IL Business Adm. S1 SALLY I. SEMAN LaC-range, IN Psychology DAN SLADEK Morton Grove, IL Admin. Sci. GLENDA SNYDER Kouts, IN Accounting DEBORAH LYNN STASNY Whiting, IN Business Admin. I PAMELA I. SCHUMACHER Fort Wayne, IN Elementary Ed. .I RUTH SERNA Naperville, IL Marketing DOUGLAS A. SMITH Barrington, IL Accounting I I I I . STEPHEN I. SPAULDING Bremerton, WA Civil Eng. .f. ':s ' A - - 1 '--1. I 5-'B ta - , X U ' 'ei x 3 L u - ' - J :ir-. R' 'R as , s 'Y Ex .,.j? , 4, MARK STAUDINGER Sunnyside, NY Admin. Sci. ROBERT E. SCHWANTES IR. South Holland, IL Mechanical Eng. ANN E. SEYBOLDT Ft. Wayne, IN Electrical Eng. v KAREN I. SMITH Bloomfield Hills, MI Accounting MICHAEL F. SPECA Chicago Hts., IL Mechanical Eng. IODY STEARS Fennville, MI Business Admin. ALBERT K. STEFAN KURT STEFANS Chicago, IL Dolton, IL Civil Eng. Electrical Eng. CYNDI STEVENS HOLLY STEVENS Lafayette, IN Elmhurst, IL Artflournalism Er1gIiSh TIMOTHY STREGE MAR5TEQLlQ6OND Stl L9'5f MO Elk Grove Village, IL Electrical Eng. Electrical Eng' MERRY SUTTON STEVE SZCZEPANIK Garnavillo, IA Elmwood Park, IL Psychology Civil Eng. MARK THESSEN BETH ANN THOMAS East Aurora, NY Columbus, IN Business Adm. Elementary Ed. TESA STEGNER Mequon, WI Accounting SANDRA ANNE STEVENSON Crown Point, IN Accounting . l.,. SHERRI STROUD Bedford, IN History I y ,, I I A -. ' I I MICHELLE SZYNAL LaPorte, IN Spanish IULIE A. THOMPSON Bellevue, WA Business Adm. ION A. STEINBRECHER Valparaiso, IN Iournalism!P.E. CHRIS STOCKWELL Buchanan, Ml journalism ,, . . 'rv I T 'lm , 5 J "" 2 L 3 STEPHEN SUGC Norridge, IL Civil Eng. TRUDY R. TEMPLE Wauwatosa, WI Psychology PAULA TICE Park Ridge, IL Business Adm. IOY A. STEINCASS Valparaiso, IN Food Merch. IUDITH ANN STOKES Hazel Crest, IL Business Adm. sf PAUL I. STEPANEK LaPorte, IN Economics V, .,,. ,, 6 CAROLYN STORRER LaPorte, IN Elementary Ed. STEVEN ROGER SURMA LaPorte, IN fi ,7 SQ Q E Us JOKS S5 135' 10 S8 168 JO JV S8 S -vsssf ' '1i- a f , .at . . T, V . :Zi ' A-.' In Q ,g . I Q . FRANK D. 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WAGONBLAST Crown Point, IN Elementary Ed. l-l' . I, L 'S I 7 I 6 TAMARA C. WALTERS Quincy, MI Music IENNIEER RUTH LAURA ANN T'fQgng'Vf,l3B WEBER WEDEMEYER Nursiag San Francisco, CA WGYHE, Nl German Accounting MICHAEL CI. WEISS North Liberty, IN Civil Eng. 41 CYNTHIA ANN WHITE CAROL GWENDOLYN WELLS Ellicott City, MD Geography TODD GERALD WHITTLER Rocrgsxfi' MI Michigan City, IN g Accounting H I LWEQAIEQE PATRICIA s. WILLIAMS Newton Falls, OH Whffafonf ll- Nursing B'0 Ogll LAURA E. WINFIELD Archbold, OH Nursing LORI M. WOLFANGER Rochester, NY Accounting CRAIG WINTERS Culver, IN Electrical Eng. fb., CAROLYN WOODRUFF Michigan Cit , IN Business Adlm. CYNTHIA L. WELTHER Valparaiso, IN Biology .I - Iy ' 1 1 I CHARLES I. WILDE New Berlin, WI Electrical, Eng. SARAH WILLIAMSON BARBARA LYNN WENDELL South Holland, IL Business Adm KATHRYN WILL Glen Ellyn, IL Biology IEFFREY S. WILLS jacksonville, IL Peru, IN Interior Design Electrical Eng. ""' 1 S . . 3 x 5 I .X V V! I 5 KENNETH M. WISE MATHEW WITTER HOll6l'ld, Ml Old Greenwich, CT HiSIOry Business Adm. ' .. A 3 ,V , . Q , ,wa AI " ' I: 4 " . 543 5. , . A - 'fl' ai' , K T A I 1 ' .--- I i 3 . g .Il it l,'k V 'ks A .V I MARK ALAN WOODS MARK YAECER Neenah, WI Des Plaines, IL journalism Business Adm. 1 ,, . Y '94, A .ga 'Q' X KAREN LYNN WESTBROOKS St. Louis, MO Theolo2vfChemistrv I 2 1.55 : V i .Iyfw-1, 'wi 1 "" 3? . 1 " '40 fs" 1' A I Q .-L . If Q I I sl' I V " I DEBRA WILLIAMS Hammond, IN Accounting ROSANNE WILSON Hobart, IN Interior Design Q7 IENNIFER WITTRUP Crown Point, IN Arts 81 Sciences MARY V. YOUNG Logan, OH Social Work RICHARD CLARK WESTWICK Indianapolis, IN Mechanical Eng. , , 14 YP' IANET WILLIAMS Houston, TX Elementary Ed. X f-1' VERNEESA WILSON Chicago, IL Dietetics 'ii' STEVE WOLF Reynolds, IN Admin. Sci. MARK S. YOVER Hebron, IN Chemistry SQSWJOKS S5N.70l?S SSJVJOIZS 5'5.7V.7Ol6S S6W.7OlZS SENJOKS KS .70 SSN .I G La-I L A 5 'Nw Q. 32 511111113 1113 51111 SJQIMQS S 51111115 95 5111111 511111115 93 5111111 S 51111115 95 0114 5.1 93 1115 5111111 51111 Q Q 2? S Si 'll SQ E.. E 'Ia 184 BOB ZAGORE Euchlid, OH Accounting RUTH E. ZIETLOW Fort Wayne, IN Communications NEW ARRIVALS CARRIE A. BURCE Lae, Papua New Guine Speech Pathology DONNA I. DROEGE Valparaiso, IN Business Adm. XA? ' af aff , 1 f K , gf! 25, Q. 1 I f KARIN L. ZEILE SCOTT ZELINKA Saginaw, MI Lyons, IL Elgmentary Ed, NIECIIBDICBI Eng. ?" 2? . , , A "'-' "" ' -WZEZEZTT -5.4112-,' V. 32,11 ,,f.-., 1.11-1: -. 1 1.7.1 ' 212 X .fx ' ' IAV, ,, tif! .31 A ,f v -' Q, ya, ' I I it JI"-SRX 'fri' , , '-if-.3 ,P ROBERT L. ZIMMERMAN LAURIECE ZITTEL Eden, NY Indianapolis, IN lournalism Physical Ed. HIKMAT ZERBE Aleppo, Syria Civil Engineering KAREN LOUISE ZUKE Glenview, IL Business Adm. BRENDA D. BADEN DONNA ALBRECHT Palatine, IL Orange, CA Elementary Ed. Psych.fCommunications BRENDA L. CHRISTOPHER A. BURMEISTER COPELAND OFEIEIZAPDQYNY si, Louig, M0 Lo ans ot IN .' 3' f Emrsalfsfn Business Adm. X 11' PAMELA ZIECLER Naples, FL Nursing CHRISTINA M. ZAYCIMUNT 723 E SANDRA LEE BARKER Lombard, IL Business Adm. LEON DEBOLT Varna, IL Mathematics ERIC HOHENSTEIN IEFFREY L. KOEHLER LYNN REID PAULA SCHOEPKE Normal, IL Lander, Wy Mundelein, IL Varna, IL Business Adm. English Nursing Nursing N en-, we -' if 'J- 5 1' 1 . t. - X bfi f"" S x.. Hi from Lisa Locke. f bm .. t. .- The Union is a quiet place for Tim Hannon to study. fx .4 Ni? WH- , --y Q., .1 Showing their support at the Scott Lohr fund-raiser, Bob Lichtner, Larry Melby, and Tom Eckert. iors Seniors Sen !'S io 611 S IIS' I0 rs Seniors Sen io 611 iors S u Q Sen FS io 611 S Seniors S ior 614 S FS io 6'I'I S Seniors Seniors Q Q -S S fo 185 5 E. 52 sxayuag S suqzua .s'101u.v5 95' 5111114 wg 5.101 S 01142 5.1 .1 Q CW A brisk walk back to the dorm, Kim Anderson and Sandy Barker. Lambda Chi's Chuck Wilde and Glenn LeMunyon support the 1982 Homecoming game. Mijn .. X v l 5 .lk Y -1 JI? 8 H , ' I- NJQ V M. .2 . yn.-, Yuwxk, - M- -'f-fw' nf " 'W -' ",.-'T B-l g i s-, A typical day in Valparainsnow, Windiana for Bill Balke and Craig jones. 3:2 ' haf .. fx A .wgvfi as , N, '40w4Q""- V... 4 fn E df f f, Ss 1' if J L 1 4 gf 4 1 l f 1 ww. .. ..' Avgci Giving his support to the Madrigal Dinner, Rob Camarena. The thinker, Gary Rainaldi. HQ? ku... 5'--M v,? - . if r 5 1 1 2 2 K XX N ,L ,P rg, .5 5 'M jf--fx Taking a break for a few hands of Euchre, Tom Benigni, Brian Kebschull, Tom Eckert, jeff Brubaker. Scmars 115' Scnia 0 Scmvrs 115' in 611 Seniors S S' S 03 I 3 Q 3 NB VJ 187 gf- '-Qiofl ?f .wx-,4-:Qf:,:g:.4,-,:x:' 3, 'V -.Wu H" 'fQ"1:fE?a1-1' ., apr -L Y -4. . V-Y Egg ,A .i iw ,ff 1 siakmbg.. sr-fgftf- , ,"g.mL52 -4,-3 V -F ' V at ' -1-5 -- rv ff- ZJQTZFS' if-"1 if if Q Saiibff www-:HX ,-, C, 'L J: 1 V , 'xv' ' "'f.::31'l ' ' N--' an -.-Lu- - "1 mx-f,.:,1 . ..,Y c x- F-F 7'5'j17?-3 AQ fi. 25 , in ". ' 2-Ng .gf-r-ff.:3fsx.-L1 Q gf'-.-':-,., IDQIERMS 1 Q 1 9- s I I J. vg 1 Lf 4 --,QIFUC-Ifviv - - -.-Q-4:6-gxhigfstrnx r- F D 2 A 8 11- wa., 4 L W4 ' Y!-'54 11, 1 . , ,......-.. 'Q a fm:-' ,QZ1 - .-i........i...--1 -.-no-1 I 1 If li , , 5 if -.,-. .. g-, ...Q-.. 2 .1 C' ,. fix 2.4. Y 47" M-- , :gxw-1!fn1'iPhi1V:iN - MA' 'HW 5" i 4 i X 3 E - E ?. 'Q l l 1 l Dorms Dorms Dorms ::.'.:...::.:1::.L':r.:.?..C.2:..'f.e.iiL.S.aP.':? homework. For nine months of the year we pack everything we possibly can into a small dorm room which we call home. Home is the place we eat, sleep, visit with friends, and occasionally study. This is a change from the home life we are used to. Moth- er never gave us a pink-slip if we got into trouble. Now we play our stereos till all hours of the night, we wait in line for the shower and have frequent Dairy Queen runs. These are just a few of the experiences of dorm life. The bext experiences of all are the friendships that are built and the memories that last a lifetime. .. QU is OWN fun new ti 'TQWMQ' ww fs 554:15 Qfgwgtfisrx fitlafsfvfg I ilu F QLD-Gi: Gun Q in Q t it T l .L .ll Q' 'kYTa"xaf 1, K , QIit"i,iI5il.ff'i ...--... ---ft faf-Qllifliis ..... -.. -....-v - .. L-, fs 1. ..-',. -fat-..- ------Qr-1-E:Tff'f ' .-.- M V ag ' 4 5 .1 .....-.J--- ---'L 2 "sf-5' is Friday is here and Tamara Magnetti makes plans for the weekend. A l l i y. li I l li Debbie Bloemke and Shawn Kaeppler take a mid-day break to watch General Hospital. Sharing Biochem notes makes studying easier for these two students. I R' . .1 hi 'K 1 Y , lx 14. i t 55 K E B is A quiet corner is the perfect place for Stephanie Frank to get her studying squared away. 5 A smiling Ziggy brightens up a dorm room at Christmas time. his With our new food system Ollie Carte, freshman Tom Bee- be has trouble choosing what to eat. First Floor. Row 1 CL to Rl: Barbara Bunkowske, Pink Panther, Deb Kalbac, Ronda Erickson, Bonnie Nist, Stephanie Beller, Eli Bartholomew, lean Wagonblast. Row 2: Sue Price, Dianne Turner, Kendra Butts, Mary Beth laros, Chris Krueger, Elizabeth Dede. Row 3: Scarlett Lewis, Lynne Keats, Stephanie Marlatt. Row 4: Barb Wendell, loanna Judson, Linda Keller, Diane Goetz, Linda Mason. L a 1 A . RW il its .- Xt tx . li if : 75 5 h ?liigx.zt.n,,,, i Q w A - X1 QE: si if E if tx ,, , j, fs? w- - X Q. -X ll J I 5 fx , 43-. 'N , it er w m 1 4... new 1 l l 1 l af -4..,,,,,, -QTL-,, i I-L 2 East. Row 1 RJ: lohn Delmissier, Scott Zelinka, Stu McClung, Mark Mielke, Richard Sohn, Guy Staska. Row 2: Albert Stefan, lon Steinbrecher, Dave Krebs, Aaron Tidwell, Stephen Sugg, Mark Wendling. Row 3: Dave Steely, Steve Capsnatch, Mark Flame, lim Franz, Kevin Tock, Craig Bublitz, Bob Schwantes, Mike Weiss, Steve Eyrick. Q w l l 2 West. Row 1 lL to Rl: Bob Cochran, Brian Henry, Mark Thessen, jeff Clarke, Rick Eischen, Bill Buhle. Row 2: Dan Gentry, Mark Leibrock, Brian Mojo, Bernie Belinski, Kurt Belinski, David Krebs, Mojo Lipspanovich, Kevin Buhle. Row 3: jeff Otten, Steve Doyle, lohn Apel, Karl Abraham, George Tashji, Tom Bok, Mark Yover, George Golding, Tahsin Diab. l' , , 3 N '+. Nb.. l ,5- Y' I ' V237 x s-sr t. ,qs If 'Q X ' SXLEIT 'land' " xgiym' 3 East. Row 1 lL to Rb: Mary Mayhew, Nancy Vlasic, Susan Bucko, Kathy Peppin, Susan Volden, Carole Nuechterlein. Row 2: lane Vogelsberg, Sue Schoenbeck, Rhonda Richert, Rachel Roth, Ellen Steward, Kim Duncan, Kathy Will. Row 3: Stacey Linr., Carol Reeves, Chris Jacobs, Barb McCarthy, Karen l. Smith, Karen A. johnson, lan Bonavolanta, Peggy Holecek, Sue Husted. E' E. 'E .12 3 West. Row 1 lL to RJ: Stephanie D. Tara Misura, Rica Rieck, Lizzy Bordon, Paula Osinski, Miriam Smidt, Danielle Gentry. Row 2: Kathy Steele, Charmel Hankins, Leslie Leichter, Sandy Carlson, Barbara Hill, Amy Mogle, Cindy Carlson, Susan Fredrickson. Row 3: Ann Pinnow, Rana Said, Sahar Al-Huneidi, Honey Bear, Lisa Dombrowski, lane Ruth, Maureen Moran, Carolyn Saul, Diane Dietrich, Barb Donisch, Leslie Grey. Sn! C,- l:4. s.fliQ 'bi 3 EFL ROW lL to Rlalerry Cleaver, Rob ORC Bryant, Howard McClure. Row 2: leff Oldham, Chris Rudynski, Scott Millies, Doctor Mongo, jeffrey L. Wmehart, Big Al, Kevin Honeyager. Row 3: Tom Fulton, The Doctor, Alan Buswell, Chris Prahlow, Fidel, Rick Wolff, Kevin Mues, Mark Richardson. 4 West. Row 1 lL to Rj: D. Sheehan, jeff Lott, Michael Gruszyk, Row 2: john Schmeling, john Jacobson, Michael Schreck, Mark Strelau, Chris Rohaly, Douglas Meyer. Row 3: Reggie Canez, j. Hank Oberrieder, Mark Schroeder, Grant Simmons, Steve Pitts, Chuch Krugler, jeff Vogel, Tom L. Row 4: john Townsend, Keith Chapman, David Overdorf, Rick Lopez, joe Suarez. i l it Wei. mpg.. .-Q Y we 5 East. Row 1 lL to Rj: Mary Lisa Castronovo, Mary Stewart, Debbie Smoker, Kathy Christian, Rebecca jahn, Kim Norton. Row 2: Sara Van Haitsma, Kris Hapke, joneli Lumberry, Lisa Vergara 84 Scruffy, Sharon Fick, Cindy Coyne, Debi Rodstrom, Tracey Sanden, Dawn Findling, judy jaroszewski. Row 3: Katie Nagel, Sharese Martin, Lynn Kroeger, Staci Dellamano, Gigi Eifert, Carole Burwell, Anna Eifert, Mary Kastelic, Sherryle Rambo, joyce Niedner, Brenda Diersen, Suzanne Hopewood, Lisa Feucht. , E E. E 3 5 West. Row 1 CL to RJ: Tammy Schutrum, Diane Kolarczyk, Kristin Sandberg, Allison Wright, Anne Pollard, Denise Douglass. Row 2: Cathy Litterer, Colleen O'Connor, Diane Shultz, Linda Much, Robin Capper, Lisa Foye, Debbie Hanberg, Malinda King. Row 3: Lori Thompson, lanelle Kluge, Laura Freivogel, Laurie Pautz, Lisa Radke, Sue Schaefer, Laura Winfield, Pam Riemenschneider, Pamela Groll. NJ' rx llL?liltl.ll , 'UIIll'f7lLll N - .- m.,.,,,.mn' ,ff ,J ay'-'S Q , U V .,S'f5'i ' Y' Brandt 2 Bridge. Row 1 IL to Rl: Ruth Pasche, Barbara Pummer, Kermit the Frog, Kim Haber, Trish Graves. Row 2: Judy Tiebert, Kirsten Bierstedt, Kathy Cepko, Leila Paul. Row 3: Martha Pahr. 2 South. Row lL to Rl: Mary Haeger, lane Nicholson, Nancy Reeder, Susan Gade. Row 2: Carla Bowers, Bonnie Slothower, Nancy Studenroth, Sheila Belzowskr, Marie Orlando, Anne Littlefield, MaryAnn Kwasniewski, Alev Karaali, Debbie Kolar. Row 3: Penny Forest, Lisa Torbert, Amy Stellfox, Vicki Qeboli, Trudy Bork, Cathy Dean, Stefanie Croll, Heather Bost. Row 4: Kerry Stellfox, Mary Beth Heinicke, Nancy Hughes, Leanne Bailey, Beth Froehlich, my iernan. 3 North. Row 1 KL to RJ: Mark Zoeteman, Greg Clark, Richard Sweet, Koray Kayael, Einar Hafstad, Wayne Hewitt, Don Ewell. Row 2: Sam Bietar, john Madeline, Lee Trevino, Bob Pownall, Greg Roland. Row 3: Mark Handrock, Mark Marinell, Steve Edsall, Dave Austin, Nick Costidakis, Duane Davison, Kevin Martin, gi a 5,.v 5 n ? ,. ,,, is 3, i 5" in, Q-4 l.-. 4 , ,I ' n-, . Q .fa ...ef 1... f ASL' Y Au I Iva L Nw Q fe rr F3 1153 N My 3 Bridge. Row 1 CL to RJ: Paul Meier, Andy Seidensticker, Winkie Peta, Eric Wolfanger, Tunde Ajay. 9 EJ pu l 1 I l nl' Brandt 3 South. Row 1 lL to Ri: Steven Washingdon, Michael A. Moore, Stephen Volz, Robin Hunziker, Steve Flaim. Row 2: Mark Roman, Tom Scheck, Tom Seabold, George Barnes, Bob Tamburrino, Bill Froude. Row 3: Dave Braun, Kirk Melmuish, Rick Tubbs, lody Persino, Brian Hubbard. itv- , "-,,'.,' Lvl! 9 9 .-lwfllm l'woll" 6 . A A rx 'X 4 North. Row 1 lL to Rl: Laura Albers, Amy Carpenter, Karen Gum, Karen Hertel, Mary Gudas, Kathleen Klimek, Maryjane Bach, Yuvonne Middleton. Row 2: Kim Henkelman, Kim Weyhrich, Carla Priebe, Maureen Foley, Susan Telschow, Trudy Beck, Bridget Blarney, Sue Molnar, Debbie Painter, Lisa Thomas, Row 3: Kathy Meyer, Sue Moeller, MaryBeth Kurth, loy Crazymer, Carole Seeless. Row 4: Valerie Barkan, Dawn Mavronicles, Diane Wauthier, Beth Burggrabe, lody Gutt. 'Y 0 . v T, it av . if H ,1 V 1 ,311 - 73.24 ' f.. X4 X ' ' , Tig. it 5 N 'N' .f ' -Q " i 1,45 Vg S! fa Q N .SA -A4 U wif T- .. ,. :V ,I X 5- ' x ,:'w3gmhs!irVX' X ' x so V Xwax.-f' 1if2?if?Sfiafsireft f Q , X ff ,W3k1VHfff1i'fjlg n1i'- -"' .QA 1 XM ' 1. ,Mfl Mfxlxw- ' N" 1 P 5 - Y lx is A -,,, Iqhu J , .1 4 ' ---' V ' w v b x Q ' . , NL 1. Q . . .SEQ .4 in S X A V fd, 1 ' 3 h N i ' 'ff f--f' t Q' 5 ir Q' 9 e ax 'L 's tggw 51' ,- ,. 5 si in f -gif! - ., . Q gfgiig wg.. 35 avr., , Q f A. 'A JP e" . f' QL :-' ' r .RY YQ-gg Q ww,-2 R , :X - Q - ,, - -wx Q.: - f: x,,,,,,.A11:::,1' , Q' , YT, U L: ,L 'B , X 'III 35' 2- '-3 - ,T i H sf 1 iv Brandt 5 North. Row 1 CL to Rl: Wilter Ocampo, David Vega, lim Bilello, Michael Mehta, Chee Lim. Row 2: Craig Brann, Bill Zachar, Chris Stockwell, Don Prough, Ralph lohnston. Row 3: Bill Funk, Krehl Stringer, Luke Kluender, Karl Gangle, Tim Stellfox, Tim Creckett, Andrew Kluender, Dave Sauerman. Row 4: Art Denecke, lohn Piepenbrink, Don Reinke, Tony Angelo, Ron Maurizi, lohn Lindquist, Rich Likeness, Stephen E. Durance. 9' ilu., hun-na. Q gi Mm... 5 Bridge. Row 1 IL to Rl: Dan Diepholz, Doug Feivor, Scot Ivey, Doug Franke, Vidas Zlioba. Row 2: jeffrey L. Blade, Tom Nielsen, William G. Sames, Tim Trantham, Boyd Owens. 4 1 North. Row 1 lL to RJ: Ben Bonneville, Mark Tyrrell, Craig Anderson, john Syndergaard. Row 2: Paul Golisch, Wayne Fisher, Todd Romanski, Bob Kelly, lim Muehlhausen, Dan Lowe, Gary Philipp. Row 3: Stu Selthun, Dan Unruh. Row 4: Steve Leege, Don Sillanpaa, Eric VanderPloeg, lim Hasek, Tom Ellinghausen, Row 5: Dennis Burgett, Michael Hofer, Paul lacobi, Dan Weis, Kent Schroeder, Tim Kasper, Richard Heckner, lim Barns. 1 South. Row 1 lL to Ri: Greg Bouman, Bruce Scruggs, Paul Maassel, Paul Eichelman, joe Ficaro, Drew Leister. Row 2: Terry Benz, Brian Piazza, Mike Peterson, joe Prahlow, Chuch Stinson, Bryan Thomas, lim Sumner, Paul Kolb. 2 North. Row 1 lL to Rl: Tony Moselli. Row 2: Tom Beebe. Row 3: lim Robinson, lohn Doe, Bradley Holdridge, lohn Chikowski, Ted Whang, Matt Thomas, lason Rensner, Karl Stergel. Row 4: Barry Younghans, Ieff Newkirk, Rich Wharton, Brian Wittnebel, john Cromett, Paul lud, Warren Lawrence, Brian Preuss, Kurt Keller. NAVA L DAWC it V57 4 il 5' c ei 5 PS i ... 4 v' ,1' fi . M Pl I 2 South. Row 1 lL to Rl: Mike Healey, Phil Ackerman, Row 2: Mark Reiner, Freddy Telschow, Mark Schmeling, Tom Krueger, Mike Bertoia, Paul LeMert, Eric lohnson, Eric Milholland, Bob Tewes. Row 3: Mark Brault, lohn Rock, Skip Watson, Eric Beery, Kevin Sullivan, Tom Rieman. 3 North. Row 1 CL to Rj: Derrick Ruegg, Tom Grooms. Row 2: Ron Lantz, Rick Mettler, john Knippenberg, Dave Duesenberg, Doug Obert. Row 3: Dave Fields, Brian Fussner, Glenn Schineller, Chuck Schallhorn, Tim Stilwell. Row 4: Karl Lindquist, Nigel Casey, john Griesbaum, Todd Kirkpatrick, Shawn Kaeppler, Eric Habelt, Wayne Bulmahn. 3 South. Row 1 lL to RJ: Thomas Carstens, Al Hendren, Row 2: Rob Moritz, Kirk Braun, Larry Wile, joe Weible, jim Urnes. Row 3: Gregg Peters, Steve Speckhard, Ken johnson, Michael Russo, Bill Davis, Tom Roscrow, Phil Parelius, Row 4: Matt Hirsch, Phil Eggold, Steven Kirk, Blake Sebring. 206 ' First Floor. QL to R7 Terrie Dombrowski, Miran Leung, Anna Thompson, Tammy Christenson. ecfjngsf V ' . fi 4 is W,- 125321-r .Q N . Second Floor. Row 1 lL to RD: Rochelle Durden, Brenda laffe, lanis Bauman. Row 2: Teresita Marsal, Kathy ludy, Germaine Charleston, Karen Westbrooks, Felisa Roman, Gretchen Peterson. Row 3: Kathryn Keay, Merry Sutton, Vickie Hoover, Rocky Ford. DES UO 9 SS 1 Y s A n 1 South. Row 1 lL to Rl: Cindy Welther. Row 2: Lynn McGoldrich, Heather Crawford, Annette Szpiszar, Margie Bajus, Alice Barrett. Row 3: Elizabeth Weygandt, Martha Wischmeyer, lulie Storbeck. Row 4: Aleta Fullerton, Sharon Roth, Ellen Davis, Karen Aufdemborge. 1 North. Row 1 ll to Rl: julie Frederick, Heidi Moll, Alison Eckhardt, Lynda Boss, Karen Hehn, Robin Martin. Row 2: Coreen Ryskamp, Amy Delahunty, Kim Spees, Marla Hoyer, Bev Hetrick. E. E '7 L E '5 2 South. Row 1 lL to Rl: Sandy Kingdon, Tina Belling, loanne Polite, Row 2: Pam Mucha, Paula Rickel, Karen Sauer, Lisa Peters, Karen Morris. Row 3: jan lesko, Sue Chambers, joanne Verhulst, Cheryl Kibiner, Stephanie Kuhens, Lisa Burgdorf, Mary Budak. 2 North. Row 'I CL to RJ: Kathleen English, Kathleen Wold, Marylynn Silene, Sally Gasser. Row 2: Susan Harris, Charis Behrendt, Amy Bruenn, Angelad Hanusch, Laura LaRue, Ruth White, Roxann Scholle, Kelly Carrall. Row 3: Kim Creaser, Doreen Bolin, Sally Peterson, Sharon Leasevin, lanet Williams. - 3 South. Row 1 lL to Rl: Sheri Cummings, Amy Peters, Beth Zander, Row 2: julie Dolan, Karen Reinke, Jeanne Dwyer, locelyn Dede, Mitzi Rabe. Row 3: Rhoda Schor, Annette Schlucter, Sarah Schroeder, Sue Kalemba. Row 4: Lisa Engen, Cindy Paton, Susan Sprague, Bethany Drews, lulie Martin. 3 North. Row 1 lL to Rl: Tammy Lange, Lisa Colgrove, Mary Rosseach, Ann Kraus, Sheryl lannke. Row 2: Marjorie Lentz, Kris Stengel, Kathy Wenther, Beth Bauer, Kathy Foster. Row 3: Synoma Hays, Kay Kiehlbauch, Helen Reschke, Barbara Royd. Row 4: Emily Demuth, Tamara Brown, Lisa Marie Visingardi, Kim Drescher, Cheryl johnson, Linda Marinangeli. Row 5: Maureen Breiland, Kyle Amy King. E. E E. 7 - reinheder 1 North. Row 1 KL to Rj: Tracy Herbst, Stacy Zahniser, Kim Penley, Laura Meyer, Khuu Tan, Linea Starr. Row 2: Dorcey Claussen, Chris Gabriel, janet Mork, julie Parker, Carla Erickson, Melissa Karolides, Shawn Gsellman, Elizabeth Scheibel. Row 3: janora Barlett, julie Oberly, Sue Zimmerman, Leah Melahn, jackie McMullen, Viv Woodruff, Bev Bennett. x V , r 1 ' ' . ,t 4, 5 .pr we ,. :ft .J ,I , 5 1-,gk . ff-fy . - ,, 1.1. . 1 ,- -za : ' y fi w- . ' -- ,il is :f - ,Q :. .. - .- :Q A Q- t .er s' - ' . wi -1:-ss. pg v -V ' , g.- '.:: 55 ' ...V - -: , ,. , I - ,. Q s:-, 2 s Q4 2: 1 A. ' -.- 1 "" r "K W! - -5 ,,., E Q ' 5 s .Q 1 Y Q i ' AmM-Aw-M1 - -as ir'-z -f-- -- ww L ' iff ,. 4 WY -?'f','3l"' '--if MWA ...M ,..,,,,r.. 'Ga ,UMW ...L 1 ,NJ mg avv J' wa., 'M mas frm-W... N- ' - -5155 Z l if 55 f.f,ff."7:'4"' c., 'T1R"2' 'w-D 'NW -0, mm .aka Y'-nr 3""'4:N"""x , Q... . 2 ...f 1 South. Row 1 KL to Rl: Rene Steinke, Cathy Counsell, jennifer West, jackie Tinsley, Tracy Reetz, Laura Meisterheim, Debbie Kipp. Row 2: Beth Shemely, julie Veltkamp, Alicia jump, Barb Benson, Chris Weiss, Laurie Sund. Row 3: Becky Dorn, Sheila E. Schroeder, Darien VanMeter, jennifer Weber, Denise Dunbar, Sue McNaughton, Beth Murphy. 2 North. Row 1 lL to Rl: Ruth Bliese, Kristi Mclntyre. Row 2 Diane Baker, Dian Rigoni, lanine Upel, Carol Hahn, Gwen Horth, Sue Steoppelwerth, Becky Gulley, Kelly Green, Beth Muir. Row 3: Karen Ernst, Sue Sager, Michelle Benoit, janet Branstrator, Shari Swanson, Maribeth Patke, Carolyn Matthews, Deborah Delzeith, Laurie Benner. Row 4: Barb Taylor, Sue ladkins, Martha Berey. sismr , J f ARE K Ours 2 South. Row 'l IL to Rl: Brenda Costello, Debbie Bloemke, Cheryl Silich, lenny Prust, Heidi Beck, Beth Kalchbrenner, Wendy Geiken, Lois O'Connor. Row 2: Allyson Zehnder, Ruth Bugtong, Mary Friedrich, Chris Kahlbaum, Laura Mutscher, Angela Clark, Vanessa Celestaine, Marilyn Stivers, Susan Catton, Melissa Heermann, Carla Janssen, Sara Mueller, Cam Traut, Becky Williams, Pam Kammer, lan Collins, Roberta Korthase, Dianne Lassman, Karen Armour, Crystal Randle. Japauuiai i i l l ,fa 2 r, reinheder 3 North. Row 'I QL to RD: Gayle Davis, Cindy Ellis, Cheri Burk, Dede Ochiltree, Becky Foldenauer, Pam Hampson, Yukako Iwasaki. Row 2: Maria Hanna, Victoria Chang, Lori Rhegness, Sharon Belle, Michele Anderson, Karen Zehnder, Carolyn Dougherty, Row 3: Marilyn Stinger, Lila Standifer, Rosanne Armbruster, Sheryl Wurm, jennifer Ford, Sarah Hunger, Lisa Ulrich. 2,12 ', ,uf ,lj Kev f c f I - ., , - y r zz 3 South. Row 'I lL to RJ: Tami Blackstone, Sue Harman. Row 2: Carol Presdorf, Sally Patterson, Debbie Eifert, Cathy Kemesnik, Hun Liu, Amy Reed, Karen Warner, Linda Riedel, Row 3: Sara Dorow, Kim Shropshire, Melanie Meyer, Beth Schmidt, Amy Hehr, Donna Barrett, Chris Kennedy, Cheryl Oswald, Heather Witto, Jacque Wilson, Rita Siksnus, Rika Wolf, Michele Sica. Row 4: Denise Patrick, Karin Zeile, Denise Hofman. 1 8: 2 North. Row 1 KL to Rj: Sandy Percy, Lynn Sredzinski, Barb Gerstenkorn, Pamela Cains, Vickie Grupe, DeAnne Gildred, Tammy LaPierre, janet Brown. Row 2: Alison Murphy, Cindi Thomas, janet Dubois, Laura jane Williams, julie Gorman, Kim Hamershock, Lynda Duesenberg, jill Zalewski. Row 3: janet Carlson, Barbie Kamp, Patti Sue Matthies, Rachelle Leffert, Catherine Kiekhaefer, Susan Kreger, Beverly Preston, Kelly Brown. Row 4: Beth Pezzullo, joanne Picicco, Laura Blair, Susan Keller, Diane Mangodt. Row 5: Melody Kortge, Carole Buchwald, Michelle McGuire, Sherry LaMorticella, Beth Cabbage, Sharon Sasse, Louise Ellerbusch, Laura Babcock, Lydia Oakley, Ruth Strawn, julie Millard. ' y 1 il 1 It 2 South. Row 1 IL to RJ: Barb Cade, Kris Schneider, Liz Yaeger, Chanelle McMillan, Katie McCarthy, Patti Werner, Nancy Grieger, Tweety Schradie, Sheryl Drisner, lody Arnholz Row 2: Elizabeth Plaehn, Lisa Moore, Cheryl Monical, Becky Hyde, Kathy Burston, Elise Felson, Heidi Helms, Susan luchartz, Rochelle Erhart, Kris Honold, Dana Horecky, Susan Tibbetts. Row 3: Rachel Steinbrueck, Tamara Kellerman, Lori Williams, Donna McClure, Laura Ebner, Kirsten Tang, Lisa Mazzuca, Kim Yelton, Robin Schroeder, Kari Schuldt. Row 4: Debbie Schwass, Linda Merczak, Susan Mackey, lennifer Bozik, Kristen Qlsen, Ann Dollase Row 5: Mary Beth Macholz, Tamara Meyer, Sharilyn Wismer, judith Turoci, Maria Czamanske, Susanne Methot, Laura Arbuckle, Gayle Ritter, leanne Schlak. wer 8 BU fl 215 l 1 l13U Lanke 3 North. Row 1 CL to Rl: lulie Mortvedt, Sarah Hoewischer, Kelly Friend, Lauren Shoemaker, Mariellen Warren, Tanya loy, Kim Stegall, Cathy Harvey, Erin Raney. Row 2: Barbara lacisin, T. I. Schmidt, Pats Curtis, Michelle Moran, Paula Gring, Debbie VanSickle, Marianne McKenzie, Debbie Snow, jill Schroeder, lane Spence, Denise Cerny. Row 3: Susan jensen, jennifer Andros, Paula Zimmerman, Diana Gutowsky, Tammy Hasse, Christine Blesy, Laura Manley, Michelle Manata, Kristo Moe, Tricia Donegan. Row 4: Cathy Wiegman, Dianna Hodson, Sandra Leslie, The King Bee, Queen Bee Dawn Douglass, Sue Stark, Laura Buhring, Sue Buss. 3 South. Row 1 lL to Rl: Lorna Klokkenga. Row 2: Kris Swanson, Sue Leib, Pam Lasky, April Hart, Karen Milos, Suzanne Buckingham, Elise Chevalier, Kirsten Long, Beth Stillman, Dawn Klinger. Row 3: Marjorie Machtemes, Kimberly Whetstone, Salam Yamout, Lisa Keidaish, Laura Hauch, Barb Fiesler, Michele Melcher, leifer Weiss, Melinda Kehoe. Row 4: Christy Halmel, Heidi Widanz, Lisa Burns, Laurie Stevens, Kathy Eichhof, Donna Gryzik, Sue Strilich, Louise Myers, lohnann Newton, Tammy Frickson, Dawn Mosher, Michelle Becker. 4 North. Row 1 KL to Rl: Cynthia Patzke, lulie Wixted, Jayne McGlone. Row 2: Karen Dubczak, Deanna Radaj, Karen Smith, Tammy Crane, Sharon Burns, lulie Courson, Cindy Lee, Valerie Barrett, Heidi Mattes. Row 3: Lynn Schmidt, Pam james, loanie Santos, lanie Schroeder, Nancy O'Connor, Lisa Wilkey, Kim Fishburn, layne Riemer, lennifer Avery. Row 4: Susan Pitts, Renee Kinzie, Lori Osborn, Kristin lass, Kathy Honold, Becky Otto, Michelle Barber, Holly Chenette, Karen Cotton. Row 5: Leslie Gregor, Tammy Boock, Kim Walesh, lill Kubiak, lenni Clifford, Patty Iaeger, Lynn Maeder, Heidi Baron, Susan Baute. I 'QR 321.14 UV 1227 4 South. Row 1 lL to Rl: Beth Daugharty, Patty Ward, Michelle Fink, Stephanie Frank. Row 2: Melissa Clark, Suzanne Dollase, Maryann Trela, Tina Haller, Kathy Dempsey, lusty Hess, Alicia Bauer, Lisa Kuzdas, Lori Hind. Row 3: Laura johnson, Cindy Peters, Michele Rognlie. Row 4: Kristy Gould, Carrie Knapp, Nancy Grigg, Sandy Haeberle, Robin Hoagland, Helene Pappas, lulie Roessler, Natalie Otten, Terri Langkamp, Kirsten Millar, ludy Muha, Row 5: Valerie Reed, Nancy Dornbrook, Rennye Leiler, Denise Brinkmeier. viuvi 9 EU fl HEIU Lanke . 5 North. Row 1 lL to RJ: Donna Roemer, Vicki Rubel, Lisa Boesch, Mary Marentette, Sunita Thadani, Sharon jesse, jan Holstlaw, Ellen Stephany. Row 2: Sue Brunsell, Beth Mitteer, Shelly Shrader, Suzanne Potts, jennifer Ahlstrand, Cammy Sage, Sue Hill, Barb Wickstrom. Row 3: jennifer Smith, Karla Heller, Kim Grashorn, Heidi jark, Sue Kilroy, Shelli jenske, Heidi Linnemeier, jan Kolodziej, Carol Wentzel, Beth Smith. Row 4: Deedee Hartley, Kirsten Benner, Karen Bopp, Melanie Meyer, Anne Gooding, Heidy Taylor, Susan Bannwart, Mary Kay Montague, Karen Hatfield. Row 5: Sara Wolfersberger, jill Bensen. 153 ' . 4152i ' ' K Q3 ! ' W ,ii U' QW' '51 4 l Ynfwr , - c '- ., . l . : 4. ' MY rn U A 1, X ,- 5N:,'f.3 5 South. Row 'l KL to RJ: Kristina Brockopp, Kim Armstong, Deneen Simonetto, Dawn Zabel, Karen Ostensen. Row 2: Lisa Leoni, jane Craft, Becky Vossler, Ginny McCrarw, Deborah Geweke, Susan Hartman, Lisa Newman. Row 3: Barb McDonnell, julie Kosey, joEllyn Zawacki, Teri Heiden, Kristen Cause, jillann kolzon. Pam Chiodras, Patti Massucci, Sandy Fawcett, Lorie Schaack. Row 4: Peggy Marella, Beth Ward, Mary Maronde, Colleen Taylor, Diane Squier, Hollt Ntets. Lisa Fox, Kay Winold, Marcy Thomas, Beth janssen. 3 O ELI ria G O 2 South. Row 1 lL to RJ: Tracy Heinrich, janet Kinzel, Chris Uhlhorn, Anita Wiese. Row 2: Kim Poore, Karen Schultz, Sally Pappas, Kris Wilk, Cindy Steele. Row 3: Rosemary VanBergen, Linda Franzen, Sheryl Frink, Kim McKay, Anita Fuoss, Kari Henkelmann, Meg Donaldson, Debbie Heinz. Ns' . 'N Q ll l lf: QR.. ,rf 5. 2 North. Row 1 QL to RJ: Vince Evans, Tony Dorsett, Roger Staubach. Row 2: Bob Avellini, GJ. Simpson, Mean joe Green, Terry Bradshaw. il 3 South. Row 1 CL to Rl: loanne Mischanko, Wendy Lemke, lan D'Ambrosio. Row 2: lenny Haftl, Laurie Swift, Kathy Brandenburg, Rhoda Maassel, Melinda Meints. Row 3: lulie Kositzke, Sherry Hitzke, Sarah Hills, Lisa Franzen, Brenda Koelling, Penny Leonard, Debbie Colberg, 3.North. Row 1 QL to Rl: Barb Roth, Beth Harwood, Char Genthe, Ruth Zietlow, Carol Schleezbacher. Row 2: Ana Schneider, Lisa Ingalls, Karen Starling, Cindy Twillman, Laura Olsen, loyce Miller. Row 3: Karen Poppe, Rita Skarha, Martha McAllister, Soo Miller. Row 4: Diane Horstmann, Debbie Kirschbaum. 9 O 'eu 22 ehrenberg 1 y,0nh- gm, 1 L to R ' lay Schaefer. Ron 2: Mark Yoss, Tim Krah, VS ray Warneke, Steven Ehlers, Mike Spain, Row 3: Glenn Gora, Phil Stringer, Enrique Ocnoa Cra-g Koi-'Eng Don Scharrf. Mark Berning, Eric Hauser. Row-1: David Deal, Eric Ruuska, Brain Branstettler, Eric Staehle, Rich Levergood, Michael Lincemamw Roland Clarke, 'n"'f"'m-rung S L M 'J 1 ' '... al'-if ' ,"' - -' 4.1: 4 - . 5- ,uwyhln -- ' 'b zxgf I ' . X- 1 L-N 5 . .. D ' -2 f 4 I1 i -ls-1 1 . H., ,-up-. ., Q ii if sf Y --if , 1East. Rm. 1 L 'G Dee' Bar'e"e, Eifx ' iii? Q D, any R , S, Xi' . . 1 ' Q 3 I , Q Sh ' D -3' . 4 .1. 1:1 ? . A:- ' X: xi., r 11? 15 1 1 b ' , ' gee. L A A r wwf" ' S Q5 N, ' K, L 'f ,, l" -.v suv 5 ' Ferulr. Alpar, Letroy Mays, lr. Ill, Kevin Mintzlaff, David Schinkel, Richard Hybl. Row 2: Phil Minga, Glenn Kuchell, Hoss Knutstein, 1 West. Row 1 CL to Rl: joel Violanti, Lance, Melvin, Ed Goldacker, Ion Llmer. Doug N1itchell.Tank. Row It Daue Jensen Scot ken: Marx P-Lghes Cv- Q Wollam, Rob Trembath, Al Tamburrino wf Pete and Zeke, George Fry, Scot Biernat. Row 3: Schwartz, Baldy , Greg Dipple Dane Ikoxcke Rich Lancir. Cha: Mike Leyes, Gator. V71 X X 2 North. Row 1 KL to Rl: Brett Rump, Doug Koziatek, Tom Fischer, Terry Clark, Pudger, Greg Dorth, David Meade. Row 2: Brad Fortson, Brian Schalhamer. Steve Tsangaris, Bob Ostrom, Chris Werling, Brian Krostenko. Row 3: lames johnson, Pete Knopp, Mark Bartusch, Adam List, Glen Douglas. Biaquaiqa L V8 enbe ehr 2 East. Row 1 lL to RJ: jerry DuVaI, Baird Larson, Row 2: Rick Rateick, joe King, loel Bahr, David Wittereen, Ash Narayanan, Leon Yuska, John Barnes. Row 3: Andy Eidson, lim Geiss, Eric Ritter, Kevin Bacher, Neal Gore, Tom Price, Norman Henderson, Howard Edwards. Row 4: Kevin Orfar, Kevin Klecha, Colin Colson, David Gaugler, Scott Haertel, lohn Horth. Steve Glenn --1 'Xia .gif5. iii an 2 West. Row 1 KL to RJ: David Knispel, Andrew Stroede, Bake, Duarde Chaphardwitz, john Hebb, Brian Smith. Row 2: Tom Rosskopf, Frank Cilla, lon La th Turner, Curt Plude. Un 3 North. Row 1 lL to Rl: Charlie Horner, lon Swanson, Shane Hawk, Barry Acton, Michael joseph Merz, David Eichelberger. Row 2: Bob Bimler, Ion Crofford, Tony Baommersbach, Robert Franck, Scott Rodenbeck, Scott Wenzel, Scott Smith, Tom Andersen. 2 . . : . t . 3 E a S lc," Mrk fr ev 'QL if SF: .xang- Gillin 3 Row 1 lL to Rl: Keith 1oslyn,lim D'Angelo, George Dendrinos, Allen losupait, Pat McMahon, Tony Bommersbach. Row 2: Scot DuVal, Carl Wagner, Chris Stride, Paul Ludwig, Bill Bragg, Bob Ziebarth, loe Briggs. Row 3: Scott Lange, Rich Ray, Andy Pedersen, Scott Smith, Mike Gervais. LIS J U9 GCI 81 3 West. Row 1 QL to Rl: Mark Weber, Dave Peters. Row 2: Greg LaStella, Frank Fortunato, Bill Rodgers, Lawrence Eleftheri, Kevin Sharpe, Russ Fowler, lamie Keuper. Row 3: Tom Eckert, Matt Vranicar, Bob Wilczymsky, Mike Slade, Steve Mandish, Robert Mihalkanin, Kevin Mackay. Row 4: Charles Schwamb, David Kooi, lim Stueve, Bill Morrill, Dan Rustmann, Norm Henderson. 4 North Row 1 iL to Rl: james Irwin, Boris Pribudic, Scott Foster, Marty Coman. Row 2: Bill Arndt, A. Kevin Rodriquez, George Sperry, Keith Umlauf, David Taylor, lay Borden. S i - AME "b lnrlg. Q 4: ,asf X, we x , S5 8' I ll Llll E PWWSJ fr Ti u .. x , V, 4 L Us ,, ,y '. 'N a .v ,. - .Q ' ' ',. bf K X gf! 'EI 2 xt! fr Nm, r x Q' 335i in K,-with Mu. 'R ,,Ai .QQ K f :il xg .Q :fx " aux 'W . -A v FL X2 Q-'X llpq . T ENS . 1 3' . W i 5:35 "N 3 sci? ' X Q 'W i Q 1 T' 'K .. 'N 'Q X V .1f:f' . , 'X ui- -Sqg:f"'f V . .5 ' v-11, .f ' .Q ' Q-F .... - ,. A .g - fy ff ek ' Wi gen- Q 'P if .- -:lik x - P 5 21-'-' w ,- n 'wx MQ yi an f 'K ' H' , ' fl ' , ...A ,gg 'W 5" 3 " A? - wi, ,i K, Q., i, 4 ,, 1':,."' , H' :Y f. . 1 . Q :XSISP , . x ' g.. - 1 ' Y-:S?335Ef'f'zX1 Zmffe , af Sw 5 . Q 5... Vx W , . ,W fiSN-TQ.-X'w-I ' . ... x "" J ' ' ,gg . V, 1555 ig: 1- . g - .i f ' .5'?iW 65' 1 Q F "S XM I x 'ff' T 1 , ' I S , X -E , 1 v s-k v. .2 V.: 1-.ll 4, N xg MJ sa 1, 1 QQ My ai TL Q 0 - ' fr: M Rf ' is -. . r Q.: X k ,af . M305 wx W. E ,, I H .Q R , . Y'-'irq VE .5 ,N ,f , T t N il ,QQg.,f 49 iffxl --a !x,f ,E 'mi-,ws Apartment Life There is nothing like trying to go to school and be "on your own" at the same time. All the conveniences of home, right at your fingertips. Cooking and cleaning are well worth the time they take up when you have that extra space and can go with- out eating dorm food. This is, unless your apartment has cock- roaches and your roommate can only cook a bowl of soup. Time tends to take care of some things. Once the cockroaches are gone, getting around to cleaning every once in a while is not so bad. And cooking improves with time, too. After a while things quit tasting like something that would please a dog chow dog and start tasting more like real live food. Students learn a new responsibility when their mom is not there to wake them up when they sleep through their alarm. Apartment life is quite a bit like "real life." There are bills to be paid, grocery shopping to be done, cooking, cleaning - the whole bit. What a great feeling it is to ask your roommate if the bills due last week have been paid and hear, "Well . . ." In class lectures aren't the only way to study Anatomy as this student enjoys a Playboy magazine. Neal Mortenson, Mark Schmidt, and Doug Rigoni enjoy a hearty, home-cooked breakfast to start the day off right, Tom Eckert finds his apartment a good place to get things done. 'TEQQLQQQ ' .' - :vi-Q3BF'7:.:3.:,si-"V ' , as Qi X wiikf fb wr 2.1fgi12E?5h"',lE 1- I1 A -f , h, . . . ,Q A , 'NS ffikii fpgizi " Pg-.1 x "xg, -V gg," " YQ N KE Easy' A 02 ,'-:its-1' ,. ' ':S ix 'I 5' rf .. 5, sqm K 1 N n f VN, ,-!.,,, ,,f., ,. GIRQIEEKS .. 'A 515' 9111 'ig Q Gm A o .f: K Q- 1,1 nl an'.1- W pri ' Lf' wwf' k. . '4 J xii i -.1 . - . . 0- ' .- ,sf " .-2- - . s N. - .r .nm , . 4 V . .. 1 - ' 1..l 1" ---' v ..- R I' . - 4 U l Row 1: Sue Carter, Moe Rotermund, Deb Rotermund, Pam Shepard, Laura Schulze, Joanne Helms, julie Surico, Iulie lensen, Eunice Knuth, Sue Mertz, Sheri Cummings, Row 2: Peggy Holecek, Sue Dannemeyer, Deb Reason, Deb Rixford, Lisa Schroeder, Patti Vollmer, Lori lo lohanknecht, Dana Pappas, Pam Graves, Sue Knibbs, Mary Schuler, Heidi Berger, Sue Husted, Row 3: julie Dolan, Chris Busch, Whitney McKee, Tracey Corsini, 0. ig. -:F 5. .. -W: .1 ., ,11- Q ' ,Q -fy' Q fx - ' , .' X . . ' , . V - . lv" w ' , 4 . . f ' y 1 '-' , ' 1- . ..' 4,,,x . 1 , A ' - Q. V V - V, . Beth Bierwagen, Pam Charles, Carol Bynoe, Denise Bagnuolo, Connie Langfeldt, Kathy Gates, Liz Husko, Cindy Steele, Anita Wiese, Row 4: lane Hansen, Darlene Grenier, Donna Gachev, Sharon Fick, Lisa Engen, Sue Snowden, Donna Hildebrandt, Aimee Wray, Tamara Magnetti, Kathleen English, Peggy Poggemeier. LPH Xl EPSILCN "For everything we leave behind, we take a little bit with us." Being an Alpha Xi is an important part of our lives at V.U. It offers endless opportunities to grow in friendships, sharing and maturity. lt is spontaneity and laughter. We'll never for- get the annual events we participate in - Brat Fry, Football, Halloween and Easter parties with the special education school, float building and rush activities. And we'll always remember the late nights, date parties, and formals, popcorn and D.Q. .. . great times. The Xi's will always I be special. They've given each of us "a lot "N- to take with". Alpha Xi Epsilon was founded in 1919. The motto "Friendship born of loyalty" and the red tea rose have symbolized the sorority over the years. An Alph Xi can be distinguished by her colors, red and white, symbolizing courage and virtue. As a group, we aim to add spirit to university life. As members, we cherish the unique- ness and individuality within each person. iii' as E I "4 .ff-2 L t 152.1 . 1' Homecoming float building at DTP's kept Al- pha Xi's busy all week long .,. Break time for Anne Micinski, Karla Horn, and Liz Huske ,.. Checking on the float are Lisa Doepping and Terry Chambers . .. Togetherness is shared by Sue Husted, judy Garner and Ioanne Helms. X '-s. fd. .. Our fearless football team: Row 1: Sheryl Sladek, Denise Bagnuolo, loanne Helms, Roommates Sheryl Sladelr and Chris Busch share friendship and a Row 2: Donna Gachev, Chris Busch, Darlene Grenier, lane Hansen, Connie Lang- smile at this year's Brat-Fry. feldt, Lynn Berklan, Sharon Fick. 1: 'Z 5 I f""x 'A 'T Pl K PPA ALPH E P it 4 A V' -3 -It f 235'-1' 'Z :AQ . i leff Mader helps maintain the house GPA. . . .,,,,,,.., Fi Q it ivy-Qt V- Grim L 0 A t 'if A Si Row 1: Pete Koehn, Dave Moon, Randy Helm, lon Moyer, Matthew Robert, Richard Cymerman, James Bruce, David Baran, Eric Polan, Mark Smidel, Steve Obert, Brad Burau, Dan Trevino, Row 2: Prof. Dean Kohl- hoff, Dave Arnell, lim Giannis, Steve Wolf, Bernie Futscher, Ed jones, Allen Davis, Scott Parsons, Kevin Spudic, Bill Radke, Andrew Bekemeier, Rosina Dougherty, Paul Bartel, Bill Halik, Wally Hanas, Greg Brown, Scott Seger, Kelly johnson, jeff Hoffmeister, Tom Gains. Row 3: Steve Ste- panic, Chris Roark, Doug Smith, Kevin Meyers, Chuck Shepard, Matt Ramey, Dave Anderson, Tom Vale, Scott Bluhm, George Custer, Michael Perry, Kevin Dickens, Stuart Vogelsmeier, Dave Schmidt, Lee Brenner, jeff Mader. Row 4: Dave Ford, Rom Plummer, Greg johnson, Paul Risesetter, Mark Kiernan, Bill Brooks, Pat Derse, Steve Campbell, Doug Brackmann, Bill Shuh, Dave Magee, Bruce Elliot, jeff Schrader. :.. ... wg fill I rriuiiif KF' Pllles entertain 3 few guests' Bill Halik and Dave Anderson go at it in Fooseball. George Custer, Kevin Spudic, and Kevin Dickens are in the middle of a group study. Al Davis in meditation before a test. S .sc l l The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity has a long and rich tradition on the campus of Val- paraiso University. In 1920, the Kappa Delta Pi Fraternity was founded. During the decades of the 1950's and 1960's, the Pikes experienced a period of steady growth. Finding the need for improved housing, the chapter left behind its old home at 608 Lincolnway and moved to its present location at 808 Mound Street in the fall of 1970. During the 1970s the Pikes enjoyed their position on the Valparaiso University campus. Today, the Pi Kappa Alpha Fra- ternity strives for excellence in academics, athletics and in social activities. Academically, the Pikes have student leaders in engineering, business and the liberal arts. Recent graduates have moved on to successful careers in many fields, while others are attending graduate schools. Athletically, the chapter boasts varsity athletes in golf, baseball, swimming, foot- ball and tennis, while maintaining a strong position in the intramural standings. Dur- ing 1982 the Pikes took All-Campus hon- ors in soccer and golf, while winning the Fraternity championship in football, and placing second in cross country and ten- nis. Socially, the Pikes highlighted their year with the annual Homecoming Pig-Roast. The seventy-six active members were joined by over one hundred alumni for this event. In the future, the Pikes look to continue to grow as a part of the Valparaiso Univer- sity community. 1982- 1983 Officers President Trudy Temple Vice President Kim Matthies Social Chairman Kris Landgraf Treasurer Nancy Frederick Recording Secretary Ellen Dollase Corresponding Secretary Lisa lanec Rush Chairman Laura Sutton Pledge Advisor Ruthe Pauley Resident Advisor Laura Williams I.S.C. Representative Carol LeFevre Sophomore Representative Barb Hardtke "Our bodies have many parts, but the many parts make up only one body when they are all put together. So it is with the "body of Christ. Each of us is a part of one body in Christ . . . We have been baptized into Christ's body by the one spirit, and have all been given that same spirit." The Chi Sigma Xi sorority was founded in 1919. When membership began to decline in 1975, forty girls united and joined the soror- ity, revitalizing it. The Bible passage above represented the ideology of the block in 1975 and it remains an important passage in the sorority today. The sorority recognizes and respects the individuality of its mem- bers, yet the bond of Christianity unites the members in sisterhood. The various officers guide the sorority in academic, social and spiritual growth. Over the course of the year Chi's are involved in many university activities and community service projects. The year's planned social events include: hayride, band party, spring formal, and fraternity theme keggars. Hl SIGMA Xl l Row 1: loanne Schumacher, Barb Hardtke, Laura Sutton, Kris Landgraf, Nancy Frederick, Trudy Temple, Ellen Dollase, Ruthe Pauley, Kim Matthies, Lisa lanec, Mary Lisa Castronovo, lan Bona- volonta, Lisa Locke, Mary Stewart. Row 2: julie Miethke, Diane Arndt, Karen Baer, Holly Stevens, jill Ourada, Mary Schaffer, Syl- via Mollgaard, Becky Robert, Karen Smith, Maureen Mclnerney, Donna Bradfield, Ruth Baumgartner, lenni Brauer, Sue Howard. Row 3: Renee Engman, Lisa Feucht, Joyce Niedner, Lori Prokes, Brenda Diersen, Donna Rowen, Laura Black, Kathy Snow, Lori Wolfanger, Wendy Walter, Tracy Webb, Kristin Ditmars, leanne Dwyer, Claire Meents. Row 4: Christine Berghaus, Mary Nilges, Lisa Pretzel, Gail Berkhahn, Rachel Shreve, Kathryn Bowling, len- nifer Summers, julie Hartling, Denise Hoekstra, Vicki Lindquist, Lynn Kutlik, Colleen Snow, lodi Bathje, Eva Wastalu, Kim Ander- sen. Chis perform the first place award-winning "Patriotic Med- ley" in Songest 1982. is is--Q X LE' -if 7 i ,unix Another Chi softball victory puts a smile on loyce Niedner's face. We're fired up!!!!!! Pikes bar was the perfect spot to fire up for the Greek Weekend armory party. CHI SIGMA Xl 7 A. i...-.-.-....-...... Laurie Giess, Debbie Diepoltz, Liz Kopp, Christie Boltemeier, Sue Bucko, Carol Lefevre, Shari Of- lerman, and Tracy Underwood take a break on the new chapter room furniture. 38 Voir xv, Tom Ehrhardl thanks Lisa Scherven, Renee Helm, Sue Howard and Trudy Temple for their help at a Phi Psi Smoker. 'AR'-Q The computer is not idle thanks to Eric Rahmig and Dave Wan- grow. '1'C'6'6'T'4 06500 scoot --sumo s Q 4 - A 5.5.0. 'Q Row 1: Don Eberle, Roxann Scholle, Den- ise Brinkmeier, Kathy McDougall, Karen Smith, Pebble Haniford, Deena Bess Sher- man, Karen Cotton, Row 2: john Saraffe, Dave Wangrow, Dave johnson, Sandy Hae- berle, Curtis Craigmile, Bob Zimmerman, Row 3: Don Kukla, Mike Secen, Andy Smith, Bill Richards, Dave Walden, Daniel Borchers, Row 4: jim DeWolf, jeff Hurl- but, Paul Schoonover, Eric Rahmig, Steve Ramsey, Pete Panozzo, john McKenzie, Dave Perrin, I. Paul Schmidt The academic year offers many opportunities for Delta Sigs to share in brotherhood. just a few of their house activities include the annual Toga party, Friday afternoon Happy Hours, Walkath- ons for the March of Dimes and Spring Formal. DELTA SIGMA PHI To build the present moment to perfection: to recall the past with pride. Row 1: Meg Oechslin, Lorraine Hutchinson, Carole Laycock, Diane Dietrich. Faith Pogel, Laura Antonoxich, Kitti Leep, Ginny Nelson, Karen johnson. Carolyn Saul, Cheryl Kleiner. Annie Benat, Row 2: Marcia SeIIers Barb Petrasek. Kari Henkelmann, Kris Kolterman, Margaret Lay- cock, Beth Bruecknerxlichel Bazin. Kirsten johnson, Sara Mitschke, lan Iesko, Lisa Burgdorf, Mary Budak, Cheryl Pfeifer, Row 3: Barbara Erick- son, Marilyn Berkhoudt, Carolyn Leep, Sandy DeLise, Carol Timm, Laura Bales, Leslie Grey, Lisa Yunker, Suzanne Boncel, Lori Tuttle, Kim Ditzler, Maureen Foley, Cheryl Bunnett, Susan Brach, Sharese Martin, Tara Mis- ura, lane Herrmann, Darby Seagren Paula Droege, When I became a Gamma I could see I This was the only place for me. The special love they gave, The warmth they shared, They really showed how much they cared. I knew that if I could, A Gamma I would be. And now I'm a Gamma, Forever we're Gammas. A place where we can find support of who we are and what we want to become. I Gamma's mean There-'s always someone there for whatever reason , ' 'S l K I i 1 aw ' .V 2-I vw Af J' ..-" l .,, -6.7 With Gammas I can let go and be my- self. Gammas are full of love and joyp our sisterhood is filled with friendship. 24 42 Brotherhood is shared by DTP's Tim Caldwell, Hugh Baldus, jeff Hensel, and Chuck johnson. An annual corn roast with the Law School on the first friday of fall semester has long been a tradition for Delta Theta Phi. This year the brothers were honored by a visit from Charlie Finley, former own- er of the Oakland A's and fellow DTP. Each year the pledges elect to do a com- munity project. This project along with all their other efforts culminate in activation at Weserman Hall. DTP's swimming dyn- asty is proud of their skill in waterbasket- ball and general overall performance. Of course no one could forget DTP's famous Happy Hours every friday afternoon. Gly? Urlid Liirrizl fini flaw iF1'dIrl'11lig1 I 'sA's.W-1 Row 1: Glenn Kuchel, Robert Huffman, Richard Suetanoff, Robert Schmidt, Peirson, Faska, Shawn Kellerman, Row 2: Scott Van Buskirk, Robert Weber, Mike Klumpe, Mark Frutig, Robert Hammes, Row 3: Clark Struever, Chuck johnson, Dale Barrett, Row 4: Glenn Oman, Andy Eidson, Kurt Stammich, Galen Krumme, jeff Pergal, Steve Felton, Row 5: Troy Swanson, Greg Herker, Kevin Rosser, Row 6: jeff Hensel, Spuzz Braun, Dave Brassfield, Rick Lahey, Mike Leone, jeff Gabriel, Dave Die- pholz, Fred Krueger, Dean Barrette, jeff Massucci, Row 7: Terry Clark, Scott Lockhart, Brian Piper, Rich Schmiesing, Norm Henderson, Sher- man Taylor, Dennis Wendt, Ash Narayanan, Roger Scommegna DELTA THETA PHI Fall '82 kept Lambda Chi's busy with both new and traditional activities. The charitable events they sponsored are a good example. Money was raised for a Scott Lorr scholarship fund, and once again they put on a three-on-three bas- ketball tournament at Halloween for Unit- V- ed Way. Homecoming was enjoyable and successful when the Lambda Chi Alpha- Chi Alpha-Chi Sigma Xi float "Mug the Aces" took the prize for creativity. The spring semester meant an annual Easter egg hunt for the faculty's children, soror- ity olympics for United Way, and of course Songfest competition, a winning O' event for Lambda Chi's in 1982. fi: an---Q - 14 On their way out the door, jim Mazzuca and Frank Surianello pause to read an interesting arti- cle in the Torch. LAMBDA CHI LPH Row 1: Craig Schlenker, Paul Scheyder, john Vollmer, jeff Goetsch, Sebastion james, Scott Degilo, Walt Hartfelder, Alex Brandy, john Bates, Afshin Hatefi-Mofrad, Row 2: Rick Kriss, Bill Ranieri, jeff Wills, Dan Korthauer, Tim Ellerbush, Tom jubin Ben Hook, Bob Bunnet, Gordy Shrage, Tom Toth, Tim Wills, Bill Loesch, Chad Howard, Bill Bulke, jim Toth, Frank Surianello, Rob Cochran, Max Burrus, Row 3: Bart Klettke, jim Mazzuca, Nigel Brown, Dan Grish, Tim Radtke, Rudy Herter, jeff Wilson Row 1: Pam Kruse, joanne Ross, Erin O'Neill, Patty Gedroc, Kim Peters, Beth Thomas, Michelle Battaglia, Sharon Bottom, janet Scherer, Sarah Williamson, Karen Schmollinger, Vicki Delacotera, Rosanne Wilson, Vicki jenskie. Row 2: jackie Beenken, Nancy Olsson, Beth Harwood, Chris Dombrowski, Sue Horton, Marie Oetting, Barb Mc Dowell, Carol Lohrmann, janet Vazguez, Violet, Santikos, Kim Schlies, Tina Stewart, Holly Adams, 'oan Schroeder, Stephanie Stride, joanne Giannis. Row 3: Sue Holmquist, Angie Hatseras, Martha Kassoris, jane Richert, Brenda Wamtsganss, Kathy Sloan, Martha Stoeppelwerth, Lori Magnuson, Diane Breeden, jackie Frost, Sue Getty, Gina Scalcucci, Mitzie Rugg, Sue Gra- ham, Karen Kant, Susie Huener. Row 4: Laura Serna, Debbie Magley, Sue Vrahordis, Beth Brooks, Kathy Honold, Pat Sparreo, joanne Ray, Karen Robinson, Char Genthe, Leigh Cox. LPH PHI DELT TRADHTH N A .B -iq fl 115 iii? 0 L 2 . -vii' Row 1: Barb Petrasek, Pete Stacey, Mark Fredriksen, Terry Houlihan, Yacuk, Tracy Sansen, Amy Bruenn Kristen Drtmars Lori Schaack jill Mark Stadinger, Bob Zagore, Row 2: Don Forbes, Dale Taylor, Dan Zalewski, Ed Henkel, Ken Galdas Row 3 Karl Eliason Dave Elling Rob Grigg, George the postman, Matt johnson, larry Hoffmeister, john Chi- Helfrich, Hun Liv, Row 4: Mark Sutton Andy Gullya joe Banaslak Mike kerotis, Richard labunski, Catherine Kiekhaifer, Bob Pudlo, Sue Keller, Ahngrt, Keith Larsen, joe Zavadovics Kim Shropshire, Steve Schudl, Martha Meallister, Susan Miller, Dawn "Good Times" best describes this year at Sigma Pi. Sorority party themes have included The Sixties, Generic, Pirate, and Favorite Mug and T-Shirt. The annual Beatles and T.j. Swan parties were high- lights on the social calendar. Homecom- ing was a busy time with the construction of a town clock float. The fall formal at lonynas Hall featured the rock and roll of Gopher Baroque. The Brotherhood bat- tled the alumni to a 6-6 tie in football. Major projects involved the construction of a new parking lot and a nine-hole championship golf course on our ample real estate. The brotherhood looks for- ward with much optimism to a successful future. Camping out at Sig Pi's??? It seems like a good idea to Don Forbes. 1-152 39: It's a game of hide and seek for john "Chick" Chikerotis and the camera. .,, 4' .'., ,xx A , . ,ru .' 1, A W 'NLE -M, .lx . -.'l'f " r-1 Referee loe Zavadovics gets ready to "blow the whistle", while golfers Mark Staudinger and Mark Fredriksen practice their putting. lust taking it easy comes naturally to Don Forbes, Dale Taylor, and Kark Eliason. We, the Phi O's, are a group of unique individuals who strive to learn and grow together. Through social service projects and fund-raisers,,we help others. Formals and parties give us the chance to "be our- selves" and enjoy each other's company. Finally, rush and pledging give us the op- portunity to meet and know new women who share our interests and goal. "Another homerun for Phi- O's???" PHI Make new friends, but keep the oldg Those are silver, these are gold. New-made friendships, like new wine, Age will mellow and refine. Friendships that have stood the test Time and change are surely best, Brow may wrinkle, hair grow gray, Friendship never knows decay. Fund-raiser Roast with Phi Sig's GMEG Phi Omega Creed As a Phi Omega I shall strive Progressing always Helpful to others Important forever Obedient to God Moral in character Eager for knowledge Gracious to all Always dependable to be: Engaged?! fn .rv ,gy -fi: fs. 45-pc, , "'-'!'L- s Row 1: Executive Board: jill Schlifske, Nola Schmidt, Trice Hase- ley, Debbie Gauss, Bonnie Huck, Debbie Mikkelson, Carolyn Proes- chel, Kristen johnson. Row 2: Holly Horton, Kari Daelke, Niki Panos, Kim Noble, Gailyn Heidermann, jani Price, julie Gehrke, Ann Bubla. Row 3: Nancy Grunewald, Kim Kloss, jo- anna judson, Sally Prange, Barb Wendell, Donna Volkmann, Sue Tros, Ginny Fraiz, Tami Lange, Caryl Steffeter. Row 4: Diane Goetz, Linda Keller, Chris Since- baugh, Sue Pfeffer, Kathy Donald- son, Andrea Schultz, Christina Zyg- munt, Denise Kunka, Carolyn Woodruff. Row 5: Lise Gatz, Lyn Graesser, jennifer Stoelzle, jamie Guerrino, Wendy Tehren, Alicia As- mus, Karla Hollinger, Donna jern- berg, Monique Hoekstra, janice Lar- son, Ruth Serna, Laura Schwass, Bonnie Hedgecock, Donna Man- ning, judy Dick, Beth Goldenstern, Gail Kueffner. Missing: Kim Ort- man, Bechy Maassel, Miriam Koeler, Shelly Neitzel. For all the time we've shared For all the time ahead For all the times we dare l'm glad that you're my friend. Anonymous l I 249 l J At the homecoming parade, the Phi- O's wait to see their if1 float. Phi Sig's enjoy the company of the Phi O's at a weekend keggar. PHI GMEGA Old Friends For 'mid old friends, tried and true, Once more we reach and youth renew But old friends, alas! may die, New friends must their place supply Cherish friendship in your breasts New is good, but old is best, Make new friends, but keep the old, Those are silver, these are gold. -joseph Parry ----4..Q.,. Row 1: Steve Alloso, Trixie, Ron Levitt, Lance. Row 2: Nick lllickovich, Tom Nelson, Paul Vernet, Walt Teske, Paul Sagendorph, Larry Wile, Tom Hinz, Brad Schuchardt, Dave Hileman, Rex Kreger. Row 3: Larry Shaner, lim Kwasney, Link Noykos, Kurt Schultz, Mike Proos. Row 4: John McMahon, Rob Bloomer, Anthony Mia, Tom Popesco, Donnie Smith, Blair Warman, Mike Bogaieski, Dan Sladek. f The Theta Chi Fraternity, located at 804 Union Street, began in 1952 as a national fraternity at Valparaiso University. The current president is Steve Alloso, who with 30 other members resides in the house which is owned by the fraternity. The membership totals 44 men. The fra- ternity consists of many athletes in colle- giate sportsg they also place well in intra- mural athletics. The most memorable ac- tivity of the fraternity took place in 1976. The event was a basketball game spon- sored for a fraternity brother with cancer. The game lasted 66 hours and 2 minutes, being played by 10 men and no substi- tutes. The game raised 57,000 for cancer, and won the fraternity house a world's record for the longest basketball game ever played. This and many other activi- ties makes the Theta Chi fraternity a very active part of Valparaiso University. THETA CHI I , 5 ? A Steve Alloso entertains the brothers. 5 135-if 5 Q "ii iilf fl 1 if --'I 1 . ,JS ' 251 In 1978, the Valparaiso chapter of Phi Kappa Psi all but died out. Unable to meet its debts and unable to attract new mem- bers, the University took drastic action in excercising its authority. By asking all the members of the house to leave, the doors of the Phi Psi house were closed, thought never to be opened again. The chapter was saved from extinction, however, by twenty concerned, hard- working men. In cooperation with V.U.'s administration and the national headquar- ters of Phi Kappa Psi, the chapter was giv- en the chance for a fresh start. None of the twenty men had ever been in a frater- nity before. Their brotherhood has paid off more than they had hoped for. Through their own selection, they band- ed themselves as brothers for life. Our main philosophy stresses the uniqueness of each individual, along with how he can be an asset to the house as a whole. Conformity is not our ambition, but enhancement and encouragement of each other's individual talents. Through this learning and giving experience, Phi Psi surely exemplify a united brother- hood. We as a brotherhood feel that goals and achievements play an integral part in the fraternity. This can be seen in our main- taining very respectable records in scho- lastic, athletic and community affairs. During the summer of 1982 the Phi Psi house received the Ralph Daniels Award in House Excellence. This award, given once every two years at the Phi Kappa Psi national convention, singles out chapters with high performance. This brief history gives the Phi Kappa Psi house a tradition of building toward ex- cellence. Through strengthening ties to each other, to the campus, and to the community at large, the Phi Psis hope to keep improving. Row 1: Tim Strege, Roger Goodrich. Row 2: Mark Betley, Todd Walker, loe Pesee, Mike Speca, Don Dimars, Steve Rickus, Mark Vander Ploeg, Scott Ciabrys, Fred Rose, Steve Schroeder, Pete Schoedel, Mike Moore, Mark Schnorr, Chuck Trevor, Dave Gross, Mark Woods, Leon De- bolt, Craig Raabe, Dan Grundmeier, Scott Keegan. Row 3: Tim Andrews, Eric Moe, loe Strege, Craig johnson, Andy Rickus, Lance Ryskamp, Mark Schroeder, Daryl Caneva, john Lisius, Pete Eckhardt, Steve Thompson, Chris Thielo. Row 4: joe Stucker, Steve Nichlos, Ted Tahlier, Brian Lar- sen, Mark Schmidt, Neil Mortensen, Mike Boxtel, lim Boerger, Eric Smith, Dave jacques, Tim Ekhart, Paul Bu- shur, Carter Elenz, Kevin Kurth, Paul Schnorr, Mark Getbehead, lay Schaffer, Dave Brege, lon Hilgen- kamp, Andy Cortwright, Tom Ehr- hardt, Ken Austin, PH During a sunny afternoon study break, Neil Mortensen takes a ride on old campus. t K 'nm l KAPPA PSI Chris Thielo and Dave Woods take a day off at the Dunes. Mark Yeager goes crazy and chokes Coon on the Phi Psi nineteenth hole. Loyal Phi Psi fans cheer the Crusaders on to victory. The motto of the Kappa Tau Zeta soror- ity is the Love in Unity, Honor in Individ- uality. We have no image to which we are forced to conform, and because we are all different kinds of people, we have a spe- cial relationship to each other. We know that our friendships are established by sharing experiences, feelings and Chris- tian faith. Because Zetas value each other as individuals, our collective whole is a strong unity. Our major community service project is Zeta Swing-a-Thon, in which we swing and teeter-totter for 24 hours and give all proceeds to a needy family. We also have an "adopted Grandma" at Canterbury Nursing Home. Our annual fundraisers are Zeta Slave Day, Zeta Mistletoe, Pledging Survival Kits, and Valpo Crusader buttons. We enjoy participating in the Valparaiso Homecoming parade as "Little People". lt is an alternative to building a float which gives us the chance to interact directly with the crowd. We also enjoy singing in Carolling Night and Songfest. The high- lights of our year are formalsg an October "Boat Formal" when we charter a boat to take us out onto Lake Michigan for an evening, and a Spring Formal second se- mester. The ups and downs of sorority life. K PPA TAU ZETA 'S l I9 f T s. 3- D ' at G5 A A , A gn.-ft ,.., - .I L. -: ggyfgj, Q J ja VX 'J' 254 i ,,,.,.-.,-ngvrrv Qi "Anchors Away" to a Nautical Keggar. 1982 Swing-a-Thon at Krichoff Park. l l K'l'z Midnight Cruise on Lake Michi- gan. Row 1: Diane Bauder, Pat Williams, Cindy Marton, Kris Hacmac, 1.1. Relve, Audrey Dobias, Sheila Valle, Laura jordan, Alison Eckhardt. Row 2: Deirdre Timm, Trudy Bork, Heather Bost, Debra judge, Dawn McLaughlin, Kathy Warke, Sue Shander, Ann Thompson, loy Patton, Sara Van Haitsma, lackie Turner. Row 3: Robin Schuettpelz, lan Locke, Lori Hoelter, Kathy Wold, Dina Sawyer, lodi Medley, Nancy Boone, Dawn Catton, Caroline Leadbetter, Amy Elbert, Claire D'Aoust, Wendy lurs. Not Pictured: Lynette Morri- son, Debbie Schulte, Michelle Nielsen, Kim Wiesman. 255 AU K PP EPSILCDN Row 1: Dave Misch, Phil Orzech, Tim larabek, lohn Harms, Brian French, Raymond McCants, john Hoffman, Scott Nietzel, Dan Patlack, Row 2: Bob Kowalski, Rich Blessen, Ray Nash, Rich Co- velli, Steve Schnelz,1ohn Ulmer, Doug Koftinke, Row 3: Drew Masse, Dan Erikson, lim Rooney, Scott Bragg, left Mehn, Steve Forth, Phil Os- sowski, Fred Vaiana, lohn Scheimann, Scott Cianci, Charles Trigg. Academic as well as athletic events keep the brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon involved in campus activities. Along with their 'lst place College Bowl team, TKE's participate in such sports teams as football and wrestling. This year TKE's also engaged in charitable activi- ties with their Nationwide Keg Roll and contribution to St. Judes Childrens Hospital. ,gt The camera brings a smile from Scott Nietzel. 'NSS X ' .N tt, . S 296 f '1 PM E H7 it l N I Q s .l The calendar at Phi Sigs is filled with many exciting things to do, from the Active-Alumni Cook-out on Home- coming to the Spring Weekend Road Rally. Each year Phi Sigs help out with Popcornfest, having a good time park- ing cars. Labor Day weekend is a time to work for the Muscular Distrophy Telethon. Also this year, Phi Sigs en- joyed intramural success from winning the Golf tournament. Row 1: Brad Meyer, joe Guerra, Dave Stallter, Row 2: Brad Kovach, Kevin Honeyager, Dave Tompos, Mark Richardson, john Albers, Mark Kalin, Kurt Stefans, George Golding, Row 3: john Crowe, jeff Ballard, jeff Gutowsky, Tim O'Con- nell, Ed Mayer, Row 4: Phil Noffke, Eric Amund- son, Gary Krentz, Bruce Krueger, Mark Sahlin, Vic Chesna, Paul Hahn, Ted Anchell, Greg Rein- hardt, jody Persino, Tom Meyer, Row 5: Dale Lippold, Steve Vernia, jay Goldstein, Mike Helge- son it 51 --X Krueger. PHI SIGM EPSILGN leisure time for Vic Chesna Dave Tompos, Ed Mayer, julie as Gorman, Gary Krentz and Bruce If 'i' N an 'rl l t , ' Friday evening potluck-a chance to share two favorite pastimes eating and talking. PHI BETA CHl Row 1: Karen Roeh, Heidi Mueller, Cindy Doornbos, julie Baatz, Vicki Gaskins, leanneane Hook, Gina Durham, Susie Urich, Mary Casto, Cindy Coyne, Andrea Booras, Eve Kwasneski, Liz Lemke, Cindy White, Sharon Mulder, Row 2: Debbie Hakanson, Barb Donisch, Laurie Laning, Pam Hen- ning, Tami Schumacher, Debi Schumacher, Karen Kamnetz, Linda McCarty, Kim Montabon, Sue Haeseler, Kim Spees, Nanette McCallum, Marie Dud- zinski, lanelle McCallum, Sue Pohlod, Row 3: Brenda Mueller, Karla War- ren, Lynn Pretzel, Robin Desmedt, ludy Wise, janet Tetik, Maria Kyres, Cindy Paton, Sande Dernbach, Carol Laine, Beth Karberg, Linda Freiburger, Karin Zeile, Chris Danforth, Arlene jackson. Row 4: Becky Eidson, Karen Kepplinger, Beth Lexow, Pam Roessler, Lori VanKley, Lori Anderson, Amy Weiss, LuAnn Langholff, Dana Pardieck, Betsy Remetta, Kim Henkelmann, Diane Bergstrom As Beta's we have learned of hope and patience We've learned of friendships, and made mistakes We've learned of something that's very special The greatest gift . . . a sister's love. 258 4 Q ,, .t,, 4.g..u-m-,,- 'Q L tiring if 'J L Bela's find the "Rhythm of Life at Songfest '82 Fun and togetherness at fall re- treat, 1 'N 1 f f Hands Up! "Our house is a very, very, very fine house, With two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard Now everything is easy cause of you" from "our House" by Crosby, Stills, and Nash SIGM TAU MM The brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma are bound together by common interests and goals, and by the realization of the impor- tance of greek life as a part of the Valpar- aiso University experience. While being proud to be a part of the Valparaiso greek system, we are also proud to be a unique brotherhood. Not only are the brothers themeselves unique. With 55 active brothers and our pledge class Sig Tau is large enough to provide academic excel- lence, as well as social, athletic and indi- vidual endeavors, but also small enough to afford the closeness necessary for person- al experience and growth. The fire, which destroyed our house only five short years ago, would be enough to destroy another fraternity but never Sig Tau Gamma. With efforts of our brothers, past and present, we've risen from those smoldering ashes to become the Sig Tau Gamma of today, an active, resourceful, and admired phoenix that soars where others might have fallen. Larry Lange and Rich Hasz enjoy a relaxing moment in the comfort of the living room. Brothers look on during the homecoming pa rade. S2 vp. N, f' if ,SN , 'A' ak . A .TQ in MQ MQ x 3 GN 'B+ V Y' :Q 4 3' -A' 'N , :Q E-N-3 ' Sa :TS-:xv xywgv - -fx, . " ff? . A ,SE .- Q X -- Q - EPM L ,. f 2 +5.35 - is wg 1 :XXX W, lf: ' 'Y -1 ax -tk 5 -' , 5-'N' W - 7 f .iff X' 5 N lf Q. f 2 , xf. Qi' X f 1' x :Ae 1 X . 1 Q 1 ' 1 3 fg,..,,. Q, X A . ,A , may -,M Ax -xxsqtk--nn ja Q' 'S Q 1 " N51 f N 'SSRN' - V ' ., 'S A x 'B A -Q ' Q L 1,4 . 'x , 1: xx ji U 'A .. 4 ' L3I',L 'X ' "Y w ,X vw ff' 5 ' , Q' W N- .- X. sgk gfsk Q. 'Q ' Q45 X Rs E ' 4 -L 4 "-, Y' , ,E ff' X, .. xr- :f ul-4.,,.v vu , A '1 - ,ww A . K. , ' g A T142 +4 ...N 2. - vift , -K If i sa w,.- V , F if L X -if 0 3 x K '- - T--f Y +-1: x , 5 W - , ,.-' -3 X'-N ' -, 'Q b ' m b -'-- ' I wif' Y. 'W QS? - ' 555 Y " ,. T X ,x , rx v s - Q N , ,X , Q J W . . 5- M K fi Q A . - ,gf 'EX in " K + - N. f':,:.-X- 5 - V' .. Q 4, Q ' ji r .X .. 1 J, F ' -'hmX?:i.-wg W 'Q .-ff. " .5 1 rr.-X Asia X , 5 5 , . : 5? ' N ,." 1 sf . ' 5 3- me 'S W .2 X S K .... ,x W x X.: X W? .,x.X.., ,W 's , I ' f' 'V E 'V . 4 . , , , . , F , v-auf mlm Q: E EA wi ,ff Sports are an integral part of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at Valpo as evident by their intramural bas- ketball and bowling teams, and players on the University's foot- ball and basketball teams. This athletic attitude carries over to community service in their spon- soring of Special Olympics with the mentally retarded in the spring. Sports, service, social ......... definitely Phi Delts. Row 1: Charlie Jacoby and Oscar, Mike Rickman, Dale Clapp, Bryan Heinze, Les McClelland, Phi, Vito Miglione, Karl Licht- fuss, Scott Hale, Row 2: Paul Bauer, Dave Nelson, Brad Purcell, Jeff Nolting, Rocko Coon, Eldon Fink, Matt Swiecichowski, Chuck Kanoy, Dave Brinkmeyer lr., Row 3: Craig Desens, Doug Schultz, Tom Kopko, Brian Pollert, Dave Dillon, Row 4: Micheal O'Grady, Rob Wilson, Keith San- ford, Row 5: Tony Comstock, Carl Schass- burger, Walt Heger, Herbie Utt. 5, PHI DELT THET The punching bag gets a work out from Mike LeRose. I i I i BOXING PHI MU ALPH Row 1: Chris Kemnitz, Mike Fazekas, Geoff Zieman, Peter Gogl, jonathan Krutz, Bill Froude, Dale Rudy, Row 2: Don Prough, Luke Bouman Ken Krippner, Dan Wright, Steve Pauling, lim Bratsakis, Row 3: Rich Davies, Mike Rinehart, jason Renser, Craig Winters, Dan Zimmerman Eric Preuss Paul Blase Harmonious sounds come from the barbershop quartet of Jerry Ward, Pete Vecchi, Dennis Neuman, and Mike Rinehart. Singing and performing make the year go by quickly for the men of Phi Mu Al- pha, the professional music fraternity at Valpo. Phi Mu Alpha presented a fall Musicale with Sigma Alpha Iota in Octo- ber at the Gloria Christi Chapel. Contri- buting to services at the Chapel, such as the morning prayer sung on All Saints Day, is another activity which Phi Mu's enjoy. A trip to Kalamazoo, Michigan on the weekend of Valpo Sunday, February 6, was co-ordinated with the V.U. Guild and the admissions office. The Kalamazoo trip gave Phi Mu's a chance to sing in church services and put on a Musicale on another campus. Members also undertake such endeavors as playing in a brass ensemble or singing in barbershop quartets. Row One: Paula Tice, Nora Tesmond, Linda Laatsch, Ruth Zietlow, Carol Schultz, Carol Abezetian, Paula Lamm, Lisa Powell, Rachel Patt, loyce Miller, Gina Voth, Nancy Burmeister, jill Skaja, Louise Hammack, Kelli Price, Row Two: Becky Larson, Kristen Able, Beth Lyons, Laura Olson, Brenda Rullman, Sue Noyes, Heidi losupait, Kathy Beumer, Malinda King, Lynn Wiers, jennifer Wichman, Vicki Biberdorf, Anne Mazak, Kathy Zielke, jane Zuelsdorf, Row Three: Elisa Dougherty, Patti Murry, Maureen Moran, Sara Lechner, Amy Warke, Laura LaRue, Sally Petersen, jackie Klosak, Gail Zyla, Barb Vanderkooy, Kathy Valentine, Diane Bimler, Sandra Winkler, Melinda Leech, Laurie King, Row Four: Cecilia Horkavi, Martha Barr, Diane Mawe, Susan Lehmann, Kathy Reinhardt PP PSI GMEG 5 Amy Warke, Laura Olsen, Ioyce Miller. N' 9 ,Y A Sally shows off her Kappa letters. ,Q X I As time passes We will remember Not only the smiles of friends But how they were always understanding And how each added a special touch That made these The good times. Say cheese Louise! "United with a friendly smile in the true spirit oif Christian love." MW X?flB Jwlwg Lf-755 Ox'a0e'6gigk'li1lmS7 JH, 1fZa1Q,'ffM ,d1f"fv"'W Q A PS1 QMQGA k98g,8 , , a DCwn,r3 ummm' '09aula - N ue T f mx I ' 'V , 'fx' fy Q 1' f' ,. i,?+?ff.z ., LQZROM Qwigif .ff gif mgjlgf mg 7 'g fgzylag if 50 0 X wg Q6 O N Q 9,05 2 2 wwagdsyi? x . Ji Mm MJMAN QQ QQ fn M 21 ,M fi-WLSCQQE' Wife 2 wd,,w WWE! XX Q05 5. . - l LKJK.-L'-slfrxfx ' ' - - . PSI Kappa Alpha Psi is a national fraternity that was founded in 1911 by ten black undergraduates at Indiana University. The fraternity distinguishes itself from other greek letter organizations by emphasizing brotherhood and achievement among its members. The fraternity's colors are crim- son and cream. Members of Kappa Alpha Psi can be found in many active and gra- duate chapters around the country and abroad. Among the many influential members of this fraternity are former ten- nis great Arthur Ashe, and Kareem Abdul labbar. Tom Bradley, currently the Mayor of Los Angeles, is also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi. Valparaiso University's chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, Zeta Alpha Chapter, is a "swing chapter" with several colleges and universities in the Gary, Indiana Area. The chapter works closely with the Black Cul- tural Center on campus and provides so- cial events for university students. Kappa Alpha Psi also serves the community through its "Big Brother-Little Brother" program in Gary, and another program called Kappa League which aids disadvan- taged children. Five members of Kappa Alpha Psi are on campus. Professor Wil- liam 1. Neal, Coordinator of Special Pro- grams, serves as the chapter's faculty advi- sor. Kappa Alpha Psi members: kneel- ing: Kenny Darden. Standing: Thomas Barnett, Kendall Cobb, Wil- liam Lawson. Not Pictured: Richard Pierce. Thomas Barnett, William Lawson, Kendal Cobb, Kenny Darden, and Advisor Prof. William Neal. 267 ,,.,N,.,x:a Fire-Up . . . Dunes Maneuvers . . Toooodd . .. Pass the gavel . ., Key. .. Hello, is Marty there? . . . Braggavision . . . jungle Foos . . . Thanks for another excellent year Sig Ep. ...... Good Luck Seniors of 1983! SIC-M PH L Todd and Tim, working to make Sig Ep a better place for you. l EPSILON 1 ' lx ,L I Row 1: Carl Holls, Dave lTubeyel Strauss, Eddie Samalio, Tom Long, Eric Killmer, Dan lBulldogl Meneou, Craig Nuechterlein, Paul Brobst, Dave Kipp, Row 2: Dana Downing, Lee Murphy, jeff Boyle, Frank Martinez, Kevin Lamborn, Doug Panhorst, Tim Gallagher, jon Cain, Michael kettner, Brian Ortman, Matt Bragg and friend, Prince Combs, jeff Mi- ala Row 3 Bradd Stuck jim Moosmann Tom Mirandi Lance Hender- S I 3 Y, I 1 son, jerry Irvine, Fred jay, Rick Long, Dan Tiemann, jim Bradley, Ken Wise, Scott Critchfield, Tom Meyer, john Fusiara, Row 4: Pete jenny, jon Olsen, Tim Tiemann, Rick Westwick Homecoming weekend- , Di- Saturday ...... and Sun- ' 'K A r 'H' day. V '-ali-T v 'xl if 1 X , -- .... , , V -, XY . . . ,V W , .,.... . 1 ,,,,,, .S l I - Y' B .. .. m,,M,5 -- ,AL3 S X I :wmv ' 'T - ,--' -- A -" Lil , in 'M NM Marty and "Sam" welcome back Sig Ep Songfest Champions of 1982 Singing Doo-wah Diddy Diddy Alumni. Dum Diddy Do. S9 Tresa and Milzie discuss vital ISC business over a Tab. Munchies are the center of attention for Chris, Luanne, Nanette and Howie at the ISC-IFC Christmas party. ..-1 in-' Inter-Sorority Council is comprised of 19 women from each of the eight sorori- ties on campus. Each sorority elects a ju- nior and a senior representative to ISC. From this group an executive board is elected. The executive board includes the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Each senior representative on ISC is responsible for a committee. Some of the committees that are part of ISC are Publicity, Rush, Service Projects, Greek Coordination, Big-SisfLittle-Sis, and Rush Counselors. The main purpose of ISC is to promote inter-sorority relations, as well as greek- independent relations. Throughout the year ISC has various activities. In the fall ISC organizes and sponsors Greek Week- end. Greek Weekend includes various all- campus games, a greek armory party, and the greek run. just before Christmas break ISC organizes the annual caroling night for the sororities and fraternities. Caroling night is one of the biggest events of the year which brings together all eight so- rorities as a group. During the second se- mester the main function of ISC is to co- ordinate Rush and supervise pledging. The members of ISC for the 82-83 school year were, president, Suzanne Boncel, vice president, Laura Schulze, secretary, Carol LeFevre, treasurer, Diane Bimlerg Susan Brach, Pam Charles, Luann Langholff, Chris Maul, Nanette McCallum, loyce Niedner, Michelle Nielsen, joy Pat- ton, Carolyn Proeschel, Tresa Reisig, Mit- zie Rugg and Mindy Fick. ' Inter-Sorority Council Organized as ever, Diane, Laura, Suzanne, and Carol keep ISC on its toes. 42955 Q, snug- 1 Rs, P- FFYA 'fl 1 Wishes The Graduating Class The Best Of Luck! ff ' ' 1 I Remember, what you're striving for is within your grasp, don't let any opportunities slip away. The New Owners Of F R E E Pinocchio 's Wish To Thank You For D E Your Support. ' 527159 1105 Calumet Valparaiso, Indiana 462-0993 if Jim Stroud 8 Bud Flick WM 527160.75729 4 HND 313.7616 NORTHERN INDIANA BANK I LDL ,Z ,N Y-It 1 Newe- Northern Indiana Bank also has 24-Hour Automated Walk-Up Banks at Miller's Market, near Valparaiso University, and in the County Seat Shopping Plaza. PATRONS Thanks for your support! G Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles W. Foye reg Fremder Bill 84 jo fOttmannJ Price Al 84 lean Germann Thomas 84 Sylvia Luekens Professor Tan 84 Mrs. Tan john 84 Laurel Kasang Craig Winters Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert Genzen Elizabeth L. Fanslau '74 Mr. GIVE 'EM HELL LECH! Forever T.E. 81 L.M. 'I000fo Pure 84 Mrs. E. W. Nath Zfflfili MARTIN BINDER IEWELER INC. 23 E. Lincolnway M-F 9.-30-9, sat 9:30-5:30, Sun 12-5 ' -:ig-"I, 4 fl V -. E.-i?'fT:'1i.5fif - f"g1 N94 1 :jr--1 W- , ,V-4.4. Q, :, ,. ..rlf51pn- ,V . . , u "STA v Mteh.. Sh , 275 You Said It Tom, Gee, l'm glad l found you, can l keep you? Thank you for all of the speclal times together. You mean so much to me. l love you. ML. Dear Chris, We would like to take this time to thank you for your hard work and determination In a job well done. We love you very much and hope you succeed In everything you do. Thank you for letting us serve you. Love, The Wooster County Jacuzzi Company Shari 1Buttfacel- l never could have made It without your love and support. Happiness to you always. Love, Sal !Buttfacej 82-83 Womens Swim team. Thanks for all the love and support and for making me feel young again. Best of luck to all of you. Sally Withfond memories l leave Valpo . . . Best wishes to Fred, Steve, Mary Ann, Nick, Barb, Wynemah, Brian, Klm, and Jim who made RAlng In Brandt this past year such a great experience. A good time was had by all. Oh what a staff . . . To Dale, Mark, Guts, and any other Phl Slgs contemplating next year's Second Annual "Spring Break Bash." This year's theme DA YTONA BEACH OR BUST was great. What's for next year? You guys are super. Best of luck always! J. Perslno To the 1982-83 V. U. Women 's B-ball team: Thank you for supporting me, even though you probably didn 't understand. l know that l disappointed many of you this season: it was a difficult decision for me to make. l missed not seeing you guys and will always love all of you. Sorry, Shebs Alpha Xl's - Keep up the tradition of being the best sorority on campus. We love you - The Seniors. Flying high with Kappa Psi. Hey Fubar groupies, Thanks for sharing with the group - you sexual dynamo's! Hey brothers, lt's been a hell of a four years with some good memories behind us. Playing jokes on Magoo, getting drunk with Harrass, and getting beat on by Smit. Martinis with Beanie, and the Caps game with Joel and Kook. Don 't forget the wrath of Dondi or the treasurer's rag. Little sls's Keyhole show starring Wop lll and who actually was number 13? Our tough sports teams need some Improving but puppyshlts shooting should get better than 1 for 35. Hey whatever happened to the little boy ln the garage? Keep up the tradition DTP. Fraternally, Smeggs. All girls should spread 'em, so guys can get 'eml Kinky Massuccl loves dogs. Bing, Dump Kim. God bless the Sultan. Life 's a drag and then you die, The Wrath of Dondl. To Kirsten, Four hands are better than two. Hogger and Beanie. To the S.A. W. Club: Ma, Martina N., General Calm, Daughter J., Party Animal, Major Floyd lFanl, Dynamo IS.0.B.l, and that Ready, Willing, and Abel person ln Research and Development, Thanks for a fantastic year, may your summer be filled with Big 0, and may all your stage 2 IR.P.M.2 dreams come true. Love, Bruce D. Jenner-ate Quality Control Mark-lt's been fun. Yes, Including the Superdance. Thanks for a great year. Miriam Hey DTP's - Homecomlngs, Magna Parta, DIana's and Little Sls'lng were the best times. Never forget Blockhead's coordlnatlon, Faska 's dancing, Sian 's visions, Paul J's bolsterousness, and Hoffman 's naps. Also, good friends like Druggle, Hugh and Dean will not be forgotten. Thanks for watching out for me and being my big brothers. Take care of yourselves. Love you! Karen. Gammas, you've made my Valpo years the greatest! Love- Weedy KZ not to be confused with AZ. l love you. Me D.0. W. Fore ver. Bob's rack attack versus crabs. Where 's f-pig? Linda, you guys made me feel welcome ln your part of the world. Good luck next year. l'll be looking out for you. fSay hl to Deb and tell her l miss herl Last but not least to Sheryl thanks for listening, laughing with me, crying with me and just plain caring. You 're a good friend and a super person. Love to all of you. You all hold a very special place ln my heart. Wendy. Mark- You've made my days here totally unforgettable. lt's awesome, this love we share! God bless your future. Love, Terri. LeBarron - God bless you my dear friend! Keep your humor! l'll miss you! Terrie. Fellsa - my special friend. Thanx for being there always! Love, Terrle. Lisa Dlutkowskl, Monica Bear, Debbie Hakanson, Liz Lembke, Jean Bernlng, Rachel Patt, Holly Stevens: Lankenau 3 South, 1979-1980. Keep smelling the flowers on your feet Zetas. Lynn - l never would have made it without you! l love you - forever Steve. Mall-A-Bowl Incorporated Invites you to send one today! To My Whirlwind Sisters, Rita and Rhonda, You've made the past three years quite an experience and ber-berl excltlng. All my love, Mary. Sophomores: We'll mlss you! Love, The Seniors. MJK, TPG, TLM - My favorite Sig Eps: The past two years ha ve been great fun. Your friendships have definitely made my return to V. U. worthwhile. l wlsh you love, Elizabeth. L. Bear - How about another sunrise bike ride. What a beginning! Love ya KH? K. Wim. Carolyn and Judy, lt's been a long time since QAS. Happy Graduation! Love, Cindy. Xl's - These four years have been the best - thanks to all of you. Keep our sisterhood strong! All my love, LJ. Plkes of 949 Hampton Park - Diamonds aren't a glrl's best friend - you guys are! Keep ln touch. LJ. Senior Xl's - Xl Lightning, Special lady, Pikes? We are family, blind dates, Clorox, All My Kids, Tab, Luke, "healthy," "21", Amaretto, Senior Week! IHC: Kimba, Eldo, Andrew, and! or Roomle: l can 't afford to say It all In the Beacon so l'll just lea ve it at life 's AQ 'INV School's A CQ 'if and guys Q 'if But we made It through four years together. Keep in touch fl mean It.j Love, R-mate. To all of 3-North Krelnheder, Don 't ever forget that "We're at the top. "lt has been an experience, and well worth the climb to be a part of such a special group. Love, Sharon! To my "Ex-roomIe", Karen, and Michele, My "roomle" untll the end, thanks for being there! lt has been one heck of an Interesting experience to share a "cublcal" with you! Take care, Sharon. Klzzy-What a year! Thanks for everything Love Me. your memories - They're all that's left you." Karen. John, Chrls, Todd, George, Jim, Rick - Hello. Greg, When do I get my S5 and 19 malts? Get Happy at Happy Hour! What's a Panhorst anyway? Laura, Tlm, Donna, Pam, Nancy, Dan, Greg - Wanna go on a Crulse?? lt's free! Don't question - just accept. Send Notre Dame to Angola! Jim, It was a pleasure watching you play. I can't walt untll next basketball season. Stlll your secret admirer. Vlckle, Mlchelle, Karin, Kathy, Karl, Carol, Karen, Cheryl, and Roseann: Never forget dinner partles, weddlngs that were, weddings to be, and wed- dings that almost are, DTP's, TKE's, Happy Hours, turnlng 21, Greenbrlar KC- 7, Jackson 's cheeseburgers, nights out In Merrlllvllle, the Nlckle, summers In Valpo, Little Sls'lng, and searching for REAL men. Do forget Certain People, wasted guys never to be seen agaln and help when lnebrlated. Good frlends are hard to flnd and you guys have been the BEST! Thanks for llstenlng and sharing, Love, Karen. Jenn, you and poolrey try and behave yourselves. The room wouldn 't be the same without him. Mike! We are both Insane to be slttlng here trying to find a W.Zc'!! ll!! To the Invasion of the New Yorkers: "What a new year." Barb To Ozz-man, "Thanks for a great year." Love, J.J. Chris, I love you. TD. Funky, You were a great neighbor. Thanks for everythlng. Love ya. Nancy, Chris, and Pam, Don't forget our "Infamous road trips!" Thanks for making my year a really special one with a lot of great memories! Love, Karen. Swany, How many slaps do I owe you? Love, Barb. Mollle Patrol, Here's to being seniors. Love Tlnkey. To Beth, Tamara, and Mo 's - Love llft us up where we belong! Love U! Jodes. To Luisa Sulsa- alas Scuz, thanks for sharing a year of your llfe with me! Love, Ute. Paula Schoepke- I hope that you never change. Thank you for being such a dear frlend and perfect roommate . . . Julla. Here 's to new frlends, excursions with Slg Taus, Homecoming with Sig Eps, A.P.D. Hayrlde, "Bach", "Jersey"l Beth, Monique, Sleeper, Sheri, Weedy, Katy, Jefl, Pam, Sue, Llsa, Gall, Sylvla and Alpha Seniors! l have good memories - Vlctorla. Jane and Moe, "you're so flne"! Love, Luckmann and Sorensen. Janet-Roomles for 4 years! There aren't enough words. We've partied, laughed, crled, and most of all grown up together. l'll never ever forget you and these last 4 years. I love you, Mlchl. Karen- we made lt and not a minute too soon! I don't know what I'd do without you. We've been through so much ln 4 years. What else can I say In a paragraph but I love you! Michelle. To the Social Zeroes, We now ha ve an offlclal charter. Have a great semester. Mlch N. Chris, Remember - w.c., Champagne, candles, Oct. 22, and I love you .. Chris. Hello, ls Marty there? Love, Blms. To: Debbie, Brenda Vlcke and Diane- Who wlll llsten to us next year?! Mlss you and good luck. Chl Love, Maureen and Donna. DEE Can 't walt until 7!3l and M.I. Fasten your seatbelt! BMW D.S. Missed you lots, Glad to have you back. Let's have FUN next year! M.N. Still looking for Mr. Close. Kathy and Karl. You better be back to beat me Tlmmer. Weez. To Tom, Tony and Blll, Thanks for being such good buddles. Love The Girls. To Bob, Thanks for the rides home and everything else you can 't remember. Love, K. 8 J. Mlchl, Thanks for the memories. From Boogle Wonderland to Llonnel Rlchi, from Phl Delts to Jacksons, from home town hunnles to a flancee for you- I What ls to become of me?l, from pledges to Exec. Board, from wlplng out at fra ts to stlll wlplng out at frats Ioh welll, from strangers to the best of friends. I love you. JSS. Ma Belle, We cried the flrst day together and will on the last. Thanks for the four years as a roommate- llstenlng, laughing, understanding when no one else could, advising me and even saylng things I dldn 't want to hear. I couldn 't have made It wlthout you. I'll mlss you, but June 18 will be the happiest day for me too. Janet. Thanks for the good tlmes Jon! Love, the president of your harem and all your members. Paco, Ha ha, you dldn't get to steal everythlng. T., J. and K. Hellene: may some of Hoots wlseness surface ln your masseuse work. Dear 4-South Lankenau: You girls are the greatest . . . You make me almost sorry to graduate! l'll mlss you all next year. Love, Mary. Sexpot, Thanks for belng a great roomle. Spike 303 Monroe- We 're happenln'! Fort Lauderdale- Jackson 's Klm, you've been a great frlend and roommate, I love ya Mlchelle and Janet, I love you dearly - obvlouslyl 7-eleven runs, Greeks, Lionel, Freshman year, Phl Delts, all nlghters, the bomb, .I.A.G. You're a very special frlend - parties - hl neighbors! Love that Urshel hall- Diane, we did lt! Seniors, finally - Class of '83: Good Luck and God Bless. Mom and Dad, thanks for everything- I love very much. Remember: "Time It was and what a time lt was, lt was: A tlme of Innocence, a tlme of confldences. Long ago lt must be, I have a photo graph. Preserve To Tammy, Glad to be your new roomle. Clndy. To our computer phone callers: We enjoy your calls but would like to meet you both ln person. Unlt number 6202. Slan, I have the best big brother ln the unlverse. Sharon. To Dennls and Joel, Thanks for everythlng. Cammy and Klm. 281 To Sharon, To the worlds greatest roommate and obstacle 42. Cammy. To Anne, When I come back you better have stopped twisting your hair. Love Jen. To Janet D: Hope you have better luck next year with James Darling. Kelly Baby - Thanks for being such a great roomy and friend and making this place a bit more bearable and fun. Love. The Lush. If everybody wants us, why lsn't anybody calling? Roseanna and Rip. Thank God It only happens once. Mickey-Q. Suzie-Q, and Holly Sue. I . Why haven 't you played Phil Collins yet? Eric, Thanks for the good times and even the not so good times. Through it all l've learned to grow and love. Your babe, Karen. Dear Bolsterous and Loquacious: You are absolutely the greatest, most Im- portant person ln my life. You're number one in my life! Love, Sunshine. Dear Sows, What can I say but THANKS! Thanks for all the good times, laughter and tears. l'd like to say we 've been through It all together during these last few years. But hey! Our friendship has just begun. I 'm gonna miss you guys while I'm out in my new world. Good Luck In your worlds. And lets not ever let our worlds drift too far apart. Love ya all, Laurie. REL JAM, Thanx for being so special. Room 300 will never be the same again- but that's copacetlc. LOJ Kathy, Thanks for good times, great memories, and for being the best friend I could ever ask for. I 'll miss you. Love, Your Big Sis. Thanks, you guys, for the memorlesl bowling, men, champagne and O.J., movies, Lank dinner conversations, frat parties, deep conversations, birthday parties, The Dunes and football Ill, tests, papers, care plans, clownlng in Dubuque, Mac's, Notre Dame . . . you mean a lot to me and l'll miss you bunchsl Love, Mar. Torble, You've been a terrific roomle, Love, Me. To the men of Dllligah Valpo won't be the same without you. What is a frat house without your 'brlestlyn Halr Bob? Don't you even think about priest- hood, Dan. l've got plans for you in '85!l Love you both, Deena. Denise IDLBQ, If only you were here, It would have made all things better. Love always, Dave. To Our Favorite Swift: The years have been great and we hate to see you Leave, but you know we'll always be together, lf only In our hearts. Best of Luck to you next year and remember WE LOVE YOU! Who 's going to keep the room clean? Love, THE SOWS. To My Friends At The Torch, Its been a great year and lt's all because of you: The Late Nights, The Great Parties, It's all something I'll remember for Life! YOUR FRIEND. MADHORN! T.T.S.E., Well we made lt, and lt's been a super year. Your friendship has helped me through. Don 't forget R.B. and the great nights of fun and enter- tainment. Good Luck to you In the FUTUREI I know you'll do great! Luv Mike. To Lisa, We've learned a lot about llfe by living together. I wouldn't have traded our good times or our bad times for anything. You mean a lot to me even though I don't say It enough. To the Saws, I had a great time with you guys this year. You made my year special In many ways. Good luck Laurie and keep ln touch. To Pete, Sharon, Aimee, Nancy, Tracy, and the clique you 've all great friends and are all very special to me. We have had great times together and wonderful memories. To the St. Louls freshman, Beth, Shari, and Bobby, Live Drinks, Free Band, and YOU. Love C.L. Tamara, You're a great friend. Thanks for being so sweet. Love Always, Beaker To D.A.H.R.A. You have been a wonderful friend to me. Remember leader- ship, Gatherings, R.B., Study Groups, hugs, fun, and EXCITEMENT! You've made my life special. Your Friend, Mike. To Grandpaw Henrlchs --- You're the greatest! --- and so are you Grandma. To all the Chl's: Don't forget all the memories --- Dld you know Reagan is President? Oh no! Nells ls on flrel How 'bout a date with a paramedic, Foley? Boom Boom Boom Boom Yes I'm Chl Sigma XI! Have you hugged your cudly Chl Koala today? Rolds forever! Love ya .......... Your favorite Beacon Chl. To All My Friends From The Cabbage Patch - GOD SA VE THE QUEEN! To Steve, my original and true Weedee, you are always ln my heart. Love, Diane To Lynne and Jay: may October 8, 1983, be the beginning of the most beautiful llfe ever shared by two. Love, Diane To all of Alumnl's wonderful Weedeesg Thanks for taklng such good care of me. Love, Weedee MAAAAA AARKI Thanks for the upllftlng hugs. Love, DI. To Stacey, Chuck, Becky, Ruth, Kim, Fellsa, Grant, Christa, and Ken - Just wanted you to know - you have a friend forever, I'll never forget you - Love, Carol. Julia, Noone could have asked for a better roomate. l'll always remember the fun tlmes. Best of luck with James and also with your career. Your roomle, Paula. Bunny, Cookie, and Sweetie, Thanks for the memories and laughter at 354. l'll miss you fohos - a lot. Love, Chip. Cindy Lee, You're the greatest roommate, frlend, and listener. Remember me. See you next fall. Your roomle, Tammy Crane. 282 To my Favorite Toad --- Thanks for putting up with the Beacon this year. I couldn't have done It without you. You made this year great . . . Mary The Beacon would like to thank all those people who contributed time and money in support of this years yearbook. Special thanks go to the Fraternity's and Sorority's, organizations, City Businesses, and Patrons who helped make this publication the best it could be. Thanks The 1983 Beacon Yearbook Staff Abel, Karen 131, 197 Abel, Kristen 264 Abezetian, Carol 164, 264 Abraham, Diane 35, 164 Abrham, Karl 85, 164, 193 Ackerman, Philip 205 Acton, Barry 85, 225 Adams, Drew 164 Adams, Holly 114, 244 Adams, Irene Adams, Keith Ahlgren, Warren Ahlstrand, jennifer 218 Ahnert, Michael 246 Ainsworth, Alison 132, 154 Amayi, Tunde 199 A -Huneidi, Maan 164 Al-Huneidi, Sahar 194 Ablers, john 257 Albers, Laura 200 Albrecht, Donna 39, 184 Albzaie, Mohammed Alhorn, Michael 139, 154, 164 Allosso, S. 91, 116, 164, 251 Alonso, Bonita 164, 219 Alpar, Faruk 222 Alquaisim, Shakir Altese, Donald 164, 261 Altmos, Susan 164, 219 Alvarez, joseph 137, 156, 197 Amling, Sam 197 Amor, April 156 Amrokbeer, Abdelrahmon Amundsen Eric 257 Anchell, Theodore 164, 257 Anderegg, Michelle 118, 164 Andersen, Kari 219 Andersen, Robert 203 Andersen, Thomas 225 Anderson, Charles Anderson, Craig 147, 204 Anderson, David 91, 234 Anderson, Gail 164 Anderson, K. E. 152, 164 Anderson, Kimberly j. Anderson, Lisa Anderson, Lori 258 Anderson, Mark S5, 150, 203 Anderson, Michele 113, 214 Anderson, Scott 164, 261 Anderson, Steven 261 Anderson, Susan Andoniadis, E. 127, 164 Andrews, Carol 164 Andrews, T. 84, 91, 116, 164, 252 Andros, jennifer 216 Andrzejewski, Camille 121 Angelo, Michael Angelo, Tony 202 Annen, Lonette 144 Antommaria, Ann 137 Antommaria, Armand Antonovich, Laura 164, 240 Apel, john 193 Apuzzo, Richard 136 Aragon, Barbara Arbuckle, Laura 215 Arkkelin, jan Armbruster, Rosanne 113, 214 Armonda, William Armour, james Armour, Karen 147, 213 Armstrong, Kimberly 114, 218 Arndt, Diane 164, 236 Arndt, William 141, 226 Arnell David 164, 234 Arnholz, jody 215 Asmus, Alicia 138, 249 Atkinson, Kathryn 144 Aufdemberge, Karen 209 Ausdenmoore, Bernard 193 Austin, David 199 Austin, Kenneth 252 Avery, jennifer 217 Azar, Elizabeth Baatz, julie 258 Babcock, Laura 215 Babcock, Richard 86 Babicka, Gregory Bach, Mary 200 Bacher, Kevin 224 Baden, Brenda 184 Badillo, Edward Baer, Karen 236 Bagnudlo, Denise 232, 233 Ba r, joel 224 Bailey, Leanne 136, 198 Baipai, Rajeev BaLus, Marjorie 209 Ba er, Diane 48, 93, 213 Baker, ja Balder, Cyhester 91 Baldus, Hugh Bales, Laura 240 Bal eman, Timothy 128 Balie, F. William 164, 185 Balko, Timothy 164 Ballard, jeffrey 136, 227, 257 Bamesberger, johanna Bamieh, Bassam 159, 164 Banashalr, Karen 137, 164 Banasiak, joseph 164, 246 Bannwart, Susan 218 Baran, David 164, 234 Barber, Michelle 217 Barbush, Georgia Barkan, Diane 164 Barkan, Valerie 200 Barker, Sandra 39, 184, 189 Barlage, james Barlett, David 139, 147 Barlett, janora 147, 155, 212 Barlow, Mary Barnes, George 200 Barnes, john 91, 224 Barnes, Richard 164 Barnett, Debby Barnett, T. 40, 86, 128, 267 Baron, Heidi 217 Baron, john 159 Barr, Martha 264 Barrett, Alice 130, 156, 209 Barrett, Donna 140, 214 Barrett, Valerie 140, 217 Barrette, Dale 95, 242 Barette, Dean 222, 242 Bart, Mary Barta, Thomas Bartelt, Paul 203, 234 Bartler, juli 118 Bartoszuk, Richard 95 Bartusch, Mark Bates, john 165, 243 Bathje, jody 236 Battaglia, Michelle 165, 244 Batterman, joyce Battung, Tito 156 Bauder, Diane 165, 255 Bauer, Alicia 217 Bauer, Anthony 15, 91 Bauer, Paul 202 Bauermeister, jeffrey Baum, Cheryl 165 Bauman, janis 207 Baumgartner, Ruth 165, 236 Baumgartner, William 159 Baur, Constance Baute, Susan 217 Bayus, Thomas Bazabez, Ali Bazin, Michelle 240 Bean, Ruth Bear, Monica 165, 219 Beck, Heidi 133, 213 Beck, Trudy 200 Beckemeier, Andrew 234 Becker, Michelle 146, 216 Beebe, Randall 91 Beebe, Thomas 91, 191, 205 Beenken, lacqueline 244 Beery, Eric 205 Begeman, Cheryl 165 Be rendt, Charis 210 Beiglari, Atila Befes, Kathleen Be I, Cynthia Belle, Sharon 214 Beller, Stephanie 165, 192 Belling, Tina 141, 210 Belzowski, Sheila 198 Bencur, Robert 156, 227 Benda, Lisa Benigni, Thomas 107, 187 Benner, Kirsten 218 Benner, Laurie 213 Benner, Pamela Bennett, Beverly 212 Benoit, Anne 93, 165, 240 Benoit, Michelle 140, 141, 213 Bensen, jill 218 Benson, Barbara 138, 212 Benz, Terry 91, 204 Berg, Rosemary Berger, Heidi 128, 232 Berghaus, C. 157, 165, 236 Bergsielter, Edward 148, 165 Bergstrom, Diane 165, 258 Ber hahn, Gail 165, 236 Berkhoudt, Marilyn 240 Berklan, lynn 165, 233 Bernabei, Charles 261 Bernard, Elizabeth Bernardi, john 91, 165 Berndt, Robert 165 Berning, Mark 222 Berry, Martha 213 Bertoia, Michael 91, 205 Betley, Mark 252 Beumer, Kathryn 49, 155, 264 Biberdorf, Vicki 264 Biddle, Charlene 201 Biernat, Scot 91, 223 Bierstedt, Kirsten 144, 198 Bierwagen, Beth 232 Bietar, lssam 199 Bilello, james 34, 165, 128, 202 Bimler, Diane 132, 264, 270 Bimler, Robert 225 Bisacky, james Bittlingmaier, Eric 86, 234 HNDEX Biorseth, Caryl 165 B ack, Laura 236 Blackstone, Tamela 93, 214 Blade, jeffrey 165, 202, 203 Blair, Laura 147, 215 Blaize, Michael Blaney, Bridget 200 Blaschke, Lawrence Blase, W. 140, 156, 165, 263 Blessen, Richard 165, 256 Blesy, Christine 216 Bliese, Ruth 141,213 Block, Andrienne 201 Bloemke, Debbie 191, 213 Bloomer, Robert 91, 251 Bluhn, Bradly 165 Bluhm, Scott 234 Bodnar, john Boehringer, Gregory Boerger, Amy Boerger, james 252 Boesch, Lisa 218 Boetel, Brian Bogan, Phyllis Bogar, Daniel 91 Bo len, Kellie 201 Boisvert, Gerald 165, 197 Bolt, Thomas 165, 193 Bolin, Doreen 148, 210 Bommersbach, Anton 225 Bonavolonta, jan 193, 236 Boncel, S. 35, 132, 240, 270 Bongard, Stephen 85, 146 Boni, Ph llis Bonnevilie, Benjamin 204 Boock, Tammy 140, 217 Boone, Nancy 141, 197, 255 Booras, Andrea 258 Bopf, Michael 159 BOPP. Christopher Bopp, Karen 141, 218 Borchardt, Carol Borchers, Daniel 165, 239 Borden, ja 100, 226 Bork, TruCL 133, 198, 255 Borman, Laura 147 Boss, Lynda 209 Bost, Heather 157, 198, 255 Bottom, Sharon 165, 244 Bouftas, Belkacem Bouman, G, 147, 204, 263 Bower, Beth Bowers, Carla 131, 198 Bowling, Kathryn 236 Bowman, Henry Boxman, Tammy 201 Boyd, Barbara 132, 140, 211 Boyle, jeffrey 268 Boysen, Kevin Bozik, jennifer 215 Brach, Susan 129,132, 240, 270 Brackmann, Douglas 234 Bradarich, julie 156, 165 Bradfield, Donna 141,155, 236 Bradley, james 140, 165, 268 Bradtke, Donald Bragg, Marshall 91, 256 Bragg, Matthew 268 Br2BBr William 225 Branch, Robert Brandenburg, Kathryn 221 Brandt, Martin 165 Brann, Craig 202 Branstetter, Brian 143, 222 Branstrator, janet 149, 213 Brant, j. Eric Brassfield, David 242 Brassfield, Debbie Bratsakis, james 140, 141, 263 Brauer, Gary 136 Brauer, jennifer 166, 236 Brault, Mark 205 Braun, Beverly 166 Braun, Bruce 69 Braun, David 151, 200 Braun, Kirk 206 Braun, Paul 156, 203 Bray, Peter 203 Breeden, Diane 244 Brege, David 86, 252 Brei and, Maureen 211 Brenner, Lee 166, 234 Bretscher, joel Bridge, julie Briegel, Kenneth 166 Briggs, Ellen Briggs, joseph 225 Brig ton, joel 100, 150 Brinkmeier, Denise 217, 239 Brinkmeyer, David 91, 202 Brobst, Paul 166, 268 Brackmann, Karen 131, 201 Brockopp, jonathan Brock0PP, Kristina 218 Brooks, Beth 244 Brooks, William 234 Bross, Nancy Brown, Ant ony 141 Brown, Carol 141 Brown, Dale 154, 203 Brown, Donald Brown, Gregory 91, 234 Brown, janet 214 Brown, Kelly 215 Brown, Nigel 243 Brown, Richard Brown, Steven 91, 166 Brown, Tamara 211 Brown, Wendy 201 Brown, William 203 Brubaker, jeffrey 166, 187 Bruch, james 166, 234 Bruch, Angela 143, 219 Brueckner, Beth 129, 240 Brueggemann, Carol 135, 154 Bruenn, Amy 210, 246 Bruesehofl, Kristi Brunner, Scott Bruns, Mark Bruns, Robert Brunsell, Susan 141, 218 Bryan, Kevin 39 Bryant, Robert 194 Bubalo, Ann 138, 249 Bublitz, Crai 148, 192 Bublitz, Mari Bubolz, Erika 143 Buchwald, Carole 114, 215 Buck, Douglas 141, 203 Buckingham, Suzanne 216 Bucko, Susan 193, 238 Budak, Mark 166, 210, 240 Budka, Lynn 132, 141 Buergler, Betty Bugaieski, Michael 166 Buggeln, Suzanne 166 Buitong, Ruth 213 Bu le, Kevin 193 Buhle, William 137, 165, 193 Buhring, Laura 216 Buibish, Barbara Bulmahn, Wayne 206 Bult, Donna 201 Bultemeyer, Christine Bunlrowslre, B. 133, 166, 192 Bunnett, Cheryl 240 Bunnelt, Robert 166, 243 Bunting, Patricia Burau, Bradley 98, 131, 234 Burce, Carrie 144, 184 Burgdorf, Lisa D. 166, 210 Burgdorf, Lisa L. 201 Burge, james Burgett, Dennis 204 Burgett, Doris 39 Burggrabe, Beth 200 Bur , Cherilyn 214 Burke, Francis 3 Burmeister, Brenda 144, 184 Burmeister, Nancy 166, 264 Burns, Lisa 216 Burns, Sharon 217 Burrus, Max 137, 143, 243 Burston, Kathy 215 Burton, john 47 Burwell, Carole 134, 195 Busch, Christine 157, 232, 233 Bushman, Nancy 144, 201 Bushur, Paul 252 Buss, Christa 39 Buss, Susan 141, 216 Busse, Brenda 118 Bussel, Teresa 156, 158 Bustamante, Ramon 100 Buswell, Alan 159, 195 Butler, Angela Button, james 166 Button, judy 166 Butts, Kendra 137, 166, 192 Bynde, Carol 232 Cabbage, Beth 133, 215 Cafaro, Lisa Cahill, john 268 Cain, jonathan Cains, Pamela 215 Caldwell, Timoth 166 Callahan, Michael Camarena, R. 127, 154, 187 Campbell, Barry Campbell, Steven 234 Canelas, Victor Caneva, Daryl 95, 252 Canez, Reginald 100, 195 Cantway, Michael 85 Capper, Robin 166, 196 Carabell, joseph 166 Carichoff, Steve 86 Carlson, Cindy 194 Carlson, janet 114, 215 Carlson, Kelly Carlson, Sandra 166, 194 Carmona, Lisa Carpenter, Amy 131, 200 Carpenter, Craig Carabine, Diane 149, 166 Carroll, Kelly 210 Carson, Martha Carstens, Thomas 206 Carter, Darren Carter, Scott 86, 91 Carter, Susan 232 Case, Kevin Casey, Nigel 107, 206 Castellanos, Tony Casto, Mary 258 Castronovo, Mary 195, 236 Catton, Dawn 201, 255 Catton, Susan 213 Cayer, Brett Caywood, April Ce estaine, Vanessa 213 Cepko, Kathryn 198 Cerny, Denise 216 Chamberlain, Kirk 140, 147 Chambers, Albert 100 Chambers, jerry 95 Chambers, Paul Chambers, Susan 166, 210 Chambers, Terry 93, 233 Chang, Victoria 214 Chapin, Greg Chapman, Keith 195 Charles, Pamela 132, 270 Charleston, G. 166, 207 Charor, Radwan Charvat, Steven 141, 154 Chayhitz, Barry Chen, Sue 208 Chenette, Holly 149, 217 Chesna, Victor 257 Chevalier, Elise 92, 93, 216 Chikerotis, john 166, 246 Chiddras, Pamela 238, 218 Chitkowski, john 205 Christenson, Tammy 207 Christian, Kathryn 195 Christiansen, David 159 Christianson, Ronald Chrustowski, Gregory 102 Cianci, Scott 256 Cilia, Frank 224 Cillick, jonathan 261 Cillick, Martin 157 Claasen, Lisa ClaPP, Dale ae, 202 Clapp, Sean 131 Clark, Angela 41, 213 Clark, Gregory 199 Clark Helen Clark jane Clark, julia Clark, Marta Clark, Melissa 17, 217 Clark, Roland 91, 222 Clark, Terrence 223, 242 Clarke, jeffrey 133, 193 Clause, Deborah 166 Clausen, Cathy Claussen, Dorcas 212 Claxton, Ronald Cleaver, Gerald 131, 159, 194 Cleland, Dianne Clifford, jennifer 217 Clinaniel, jayne Clindaniel, Steven 166 Clore, Gail Cobb, Thomas 267 Cochran, Robin 140, 193, 243 Colberg, Debra 221 Cole, Sandra Coleman, Nancy Col rove, Lisa 211 ColEn, Philip 261 Collins, Betty Collins, janetta 108, 213 Colosimo, joseph Colson, Colin 224 Coman, Martin 110, 226 Compagnoni, Sandra Compton, Daniel Comstock, Carl 202 Conover, Philip 95, 133 Conrad, Linnea Cont, Renni Cook, Karen 39, 96 Cook, Timothy Cook Vir inia Cooke, Eiizabeth 167 Copeland, Christopher 184 Coppola, joseph Corns, Michael 156, 197 Corsini, Tracey 232 Cortwright, Andrew 252 Costello, Brenda 213 cosiidakis, N. 157, 167, 199, 261 Cotton, Karen 217, 239 Cottos, Ronald Scott 139, 142 Counsell, Catherine 93, 212 Courson, julie 217 Covelli, Richard 256 Coverdale, Beth Cox, Leigh 244 Coyne, Cynthia 195, 258 Crabb, janine Craft, jane 139, 218 Craigmile, Curtis 239 Crane, Tammy 138, 217 Crawford, Heather 130, 209 Creaser, Kimberlee 210 Crise, Patricia Critchfield, Scott 143, 168 Crockett, Timothy 134 Crofford, jonathan 225 Cronhan, Patrick Cro , Stefanie 198 Cromett, john 205 Crosby, Walter Crosmer, Andrew Crosmer, joy 137, 200 Crowe, john 167, 257 Crowley, Anne Crown, Stewart Crumpacker, Barbara 167, 197 Cummings, Sheri 211, 232 Curr, Frederick Curtis, Patricia 216 Cusack, Michael Custer, George 234, 23S Cwiklinslri, David 140 Cymerman, R. 86, 167, 234 Czamanski, Maria 215 D'Adust, Claire 255 D'Ambrosio, jan 96, 221 D'Angelo, james 95, 225 Dabney, jacquelyn Daelke, Kari Dallman, Steven 167 Daly, Daniel Danckers, Margarete Danforth, Christine 167, 258 Danielson, Connie Danley, Enarnidem Dannemeyer, Susan 232 Danthonyi, David Daras Mi e 91 Darden, Norton 84, 91, 267 Daugharty, Elizabeth 217 Dausman, Gary 167 Davidson, Meg Davies, Richard 141, 263 Davis, Allen 100, 234, 235 Davis, Ellen 209 Davis, Gayle 214 Davis, Grace Davis, William 91, 206 Davison, D. 98, 100, 136, 199 Dawson, Paul BS Day, Linda 184 Day, Paula De la Cotera, Carla 167 Deal, David 110, 220 Dean, Catherine 133, 198 Debolt, Leon 141, 184, 252 Debolt, Victoria 148, 198 Decker, Barbara Dede, Elizabeth 167, 192 Dede, jocelyn 134, 211 Deen, Aruna 201 Deeter, Tony 91 Degroff, Douglas Deis, Nancy 113 Delahunty, Amy 209 Delfine, Michael Delgade, Donald Delise, Sandra 129, 149, 240 Dellamand, Staci 195 Delmissier, john 192 Delmissier, Renee Delzeith, Deborah 213 Dempsey, Kathy 141, 217 Demuth, Emily 211 Dendrinos, George 225 Denecke, Arthur 202 Denlr, joanne Denninger, Robert 167 Depkovits,Rebecca Dernbach, Sandra e 258 Derse, Patrick 100, 234 Deschamps, Erics Desens, Craig 202 Desmedt, R. 86, 157, 167 Desmedt, Robin 258 Dethloff, Pamela Detwiler, Donna 197 Dewolf, james 239 Deyoung, Ellen 93, 149 Dhooghe, Nancy 144, 167 Diab, Tahsin 193 Diaz, David 137 Dick, judith 144, 157, 249 Dickens, Kevin 157, 234, 235 Diepholz, Daniel 202 Diepholz, David 242 Diepholz, Debra 167, 238 Dierberg, Sandra 167 Diersen, Brenda 195, 236 Dietrch, Diane 167, 194, 240 Dietrich, jeffrey Diffenbach, Kathryn Diggs, Valerie 128, 201 DiHi io, Scott Di on, David 202 Dinkmeyer, Blake Dipaolo, Donna 167 Dipple, Geoffrey 223 Dipple, Gregory Ditmars, Donald 252 Ditmars, Kristin 236, 246 Dnzler, Kim 240 Dixon, Timothy Dlutkowski, Lisa 167 Dmairi, Fathi Dobias, Audrey 167, 255 Dobrowski, Teresa Doepping, Lisa 128, 233 Doering, Melvin Do'an, Laura Dolan, julie 211, 232 Dollase, Ann 215 Dollase, Hlen 167, 236 Dollase, Steven 284 Dollase, Suzanne 17, 217 Domaleczny, Beverly 149, 167 Dombrowski, Christina 244 Combrowski, Lisa 194 Dombrowski, T. 144, 167, 207 Domke, Keith Domroese, Michael Donaldson, Katharine 138, 249 Donaldson, Meg 149, 220 Donegan, Patricia 216 Donisch, Barbara 194, 258 Donovan, Mary Diane Dooley, Bryan Dooms, Peter Doornbos, Cynthia 258 Dopp, Sandra Dorn, jonathan 84 Dorn, Rebekah 140, 141, 212 Dornbrook, Nancy 141, 217 Dorow, Sara 214 Dorth, Gregory 223 Doss, Gary Doty, Daniel Dougherty, Carolyn 214 Dougherty, Elisa 264 Douglas, Glenn Douglass, Dawn 60, 216 Douglass, Denise 35, 196 Downing, Dana 268 Downing, Deborah 153 Doxey, Letitia 167 Doyle, Charles Doyle, Stephen 136, 193 Drang, Sherry 131, 201 Drescher, Kimberlee 211 Drews, Bethan 211 Drisner, Sherylv215 Droege, Donna 184, 240 Droege, Paula Dubczak, Karen 140, 217 Dubois, janet 138, 141, 215 Dudzinski, Marie 167, 258 Duerr, james 167 Duesenberg, D. 109, 132, 206 Duesenberg, Lynda 215 Duesenberg, Mark Due , john 167 Dunbar, Denise 108, 121, 212 Duncan, Kim 129, 167, 193 Dunklau, Paul 146, 167 Dupance, Stephen 202 Durden, Rochelle 207 Durham, Gina 258 Dutton Duval, Duval, Duvall, Dwight Dwyer, Dycus, , D. 96, 113, 167, 158 Earl 224 Scot 91, 225 Donald 49 , Kimberly jeanne 211, 236 Mary Earl, Debra Easton, Eaton, Kenneth Dale Eaton, Robert Eberle, Ebner, Eckart, Eckart, Eckert, Eckert, Eckert, 229 Donald 239 Laura 215 Peter 168, 252 Timothy 252 Karin 168 Tom 226 r. 152, 163, 185, 187, Eckhardt, Alison 139, 168, 255 Eckhardt, Ellen 133, 168 Edsall, Steven 199 Edwards, David Edwards, Howard 224 Eggold, Philip 206 E ers, Steven 136, 222 Ehrhardt, Thomas 238, 252 Eichelberger, David 95, 225 Eichelman, Paul 91, 204 Eichoff, Katharina 216 Eidson, Andrew 224, 242 Edson, Rebecca 168, 258 Eifert, Anna 131, 134, 145,195 Eifert, Deborah 214 Eifert, jennifer 195 Eischen, Richard 193 adys, Kathryn 201 Ioy, Kenneth Elbert, Amy 201, 255 Eldridge, Timothy 86 Seftheri, Lawrence 136, 236 enz, Carter 252 Biason Karl 168, 246, 247 Eliopulbs, Susanna Ellerbusch, Louise 215 EHerbugh,.Ji5ilzthy 243 ing, avi Ellinghausen, Thomas 204 Elliott, Bruce 234 q:iott, laurel 39 E is, Cynthia 214 Emeka, Chinedu Emerick, man Emer , Do ye Engehnann, Alan Engen, Lisa 211, 232 Englander, Todd 98, 99, 168 English, Kathleen 141, 210, 232 Engman, Renee 236 Ensaen, Bradford Era ovich Emlly Erb, Nancy 168 Erhart, Rochelle 215 Erhuotor, William Erickson, Barbara 240 Erickson, Carla 212 Erickson, Daniel 256 Erickson, Karen Erickson, Ronda 192 Erickson, Stephanie Erickson, Tammy 93, 216 Ernst, Karen 213 Ervin, Heather 136 Espie, R. Dave Espinoza, Diane Evans, Cheryl Evans, Gregory 86 Evans, Kathleen Ewell, Donald 199 Ewell, Ronald Eyrick, Stephen 192, 261 Fackler, Timothy 100 Fanson, jeffrey Farabaugh, Paul Farhud, Milad Farrington, Brad Faska, Timothy 168, 242 Fawcett, Sandra 141, 218 Fazekas, Michael 263 Feddersen, Karin Fehring, Sheri 130 Feivor, Douglas 202, 203 Feldt, Karen Feldt, Linda Felson, Elise 215 Felton, Eric Felton, Steven 242 Fenner, Michael 39 Fenske, Amy Fetters, Sharon 39 Feucht, Lisa 195, 236 Ficaro, joseph 91, 204 Fick, Melinda 131, 270 Fick, Sharon 195, 232, 233 Fields, David 206 Fiesler, Barbara 216 Fikaris, George Findlin , Dawn 148, 195 Fink, Egjon 202 Fink, Kevin Fink, Michelle 217 Fischer, Thomas 223 Fishburn, Kimberly 113, 217 Fisher, Gloria 168 Fisher, Gordon 140, 141 Fisher, Gordon Fisher, Wayne 141, 204 Fitzgerald, Andrew 197 Flaim, Steven 200 Flasch, David 168, 203 Flasch, Paul 227 Fleece, Stanley Elming, Bradley 128, 168 Fleming, Elizabeth Foelber, Mary Foertsch, Fllen 168 Foldenauer, Rebecca 214 Foley, Maureen 130, 200, 240 Forbes, Donald 246, 247 Ford, David 234 Ford, Deanna Ford, jennifer 214 Ford, Roxanne 168, 207 Forest, Penelope 128, 198 Forth, Steven 256 Fortner, Thomas 227 Fortson, Bradle 223 Fortunato, Frank 91, 226 Foster, Edward 203 Foster, Kathryn 211 Foster, Scott 100, 226 Fotias, Lynne Fowler, Russell 91, 226 Fox, Lisa 218 Foy, Gregory 86 Faye, lisa 134, 159, 1ss, 195 Fraig, Virginia 249 Frame, Timothy Francis, Roger Franck, Robert 133, 225 Franco, Michael 168 Frank, Michael Frank, Stephanie 191, 217 Franke, Douglas 202 Franke, Katherine 108 Frankenhoff, james 203 Franks, David Frankus, joseph Franz, james 148, 192 Franzen, Linda 134, 146, 220 Franlen, Lisa 134, 146, 221 Frederick, julie 168, 209 Frederick, Nancy 168, 236 Frederick, Nolan Fredrickson, Susan 194 Fredrickson, M. 155, 246, 247 Freiburger, Daniel 146, 168 Freiburger, Linda 131, 258 Freivogel, Laura 196 French, Brian 256 Frenzel, Charity 168 Frese, Karla 131 Freudenburg, Cheryl Friedrich, Mary 213 Friend, Kelly 216 Frink, Sheryl 141, 220 Fritch, Carmen Froehlich, Beth 198 Frohboese, Susan 141 Frost, jacqueline 244 Froude, William 200, 263 Frutig, Mark 168, 242 Fry, Darlene Fry, George 223 Fry, Kathryn Fry, Philip 110, 133 Fryer, Kelly Fullerton, Aleta 132, 209 Fulton, David Fulton, Thomas 194 Funk, William 202 Fuoss, Anita 165, 168, 220 Furmankiewicz, Alan 137, 168 Fusiara, joh 168, 268 Fussner, Brian 206 Futscher, Bernard 168, 234 Gabriel, Christine 212 Gabriel, Geoffrey 242 Gabriel, Robert Gabrys, Allan 252 Gachev, Donna 20, 232, 233 Gade, Barbara 215 Gade, Susan 198 Gaidas, Kenneth 102, 157, 246 Gaines, Deborah Gaines, Thomas 234 Galich, Yvonne Gallagher, Timothy 268 Gallo, Matthew Gammage, Andre 91 Gan le, Karl 202 Gardiner, Robert Garner, judith 121, 233 Garrard, Christie 168 Gartland, Thomas Gasic, Mladenka Gaskins, Victoria 258 Gasser, Sally 210 Gast, Pauline Gates, Kathryn 232 Gatto, joseph Gatz, Lisa 249 Gaugler, David 224 Gause, Kristen 154, 218 Gauss, Debra 168, 249 Gawponski, Stephen Gear, Carey Geary, john 107 Gedroc, Patricia 169, 244 Gehrke, julie 249 Geiken, Wendy 213 Geiss, james 136, 224 Geiss, Laurie Gelopiulos, Debra 197 Gent e, Charron 221, 244 Gentry, D. 128, 140, 143, 193 Genzel, Toni Geren, Lisa Gersna, joseph 86 Gersteknkorn, B. 141, 215 Gerth, Barbara 169 Gerth, Vernon Gervais, Michael 225 Gesse, Kurtis Getbehead, M. 141, 169, 252 Getty, Susan 244 Geweke, Deborah 218 Giannis, james 86, 234 Giannis, joanne 244 Giedat, Paul Gienke, Patricia Gildred, Deanne 215 Gillette, joan 155 Gillikin, Kenneth Gillman, Keith 159 Gladstone, Mary Glasgow, james Glazter, Elena Glennie, Peggy 141, 156 Glibota, Mark Gloceri, Gary 261 Gloyeske, Faye Glusac, linda 96, 97 Goeden, Margaret Goetsch, jeffrey 243 C0021 D. 130, 169, 192, 249 Goetzlre, jan Gogl, Peter 134, 141, 263 Go aszweski, George 91 Gold, jon Goldacker, Edward 223 Goldenstern, E. 169, 248 Golding, George 147, 193, 257 Golisch, Paul 204 Gomez, Brad Gomez, Hernan 293 Gonzalez, Ana 169, 208 Gonzalex, Milo Goodin , Anne 218 Goodritgt, Barbara Goodrich, Roger 169, 252 Gora, Glenn 222 Gordon, Anita Gore, Neal 224 Gorman, julia 257 Gould, julie Gould, Kristy 217 Graesser, Lynda 249 Graham, Susan 244 Gramlich, Larry 169 Grashorn, K. 118, 119, 218 Graves, Pamela 169, 323 Graves, Patricia 198 Gray, David 85 Gray, Kelly 169 Gray, Paul 21, 234 Greely, Patricia Green, Kelly 213 Greene, Michael Gregor, Leslie 217 Grenier, Darlene 232, 233 Grey, Leslie 194, 240 Grindley, Shelly 201 Grieger, Nancy. 215 Griesbaum, jo n 206 Griffin, jeni Grigg, Nancy 108, 217 Gring, Paula 216 Grish, Daniel 7, 243 Groll, Pamela 133, 196 Grooms, Thomas 206 Groshek, Gerald Groskopf, Kate 156 Gross, David 148, 169, 252 Grott, Margaret 39 Grozdanich, Sonia 169 Grundmeier, Daniel 252 Grunewald, Nancy 249 Grupe, Victoria 215 Gruszyk, Michael 141, 195 Gryzik, Donna 216 Gsellman, Shawn 212 Gudas, Mary 200 Gudrian, Alan Guerino, jamie 249 Guerra, joseph 257 Guest, Valerie Guettler, julia 151, 169 Guilfoil, Mark 86, 118, 234 Gulley, Rebecka 151, 213 Gulya, Andrew 246 Gum, Karen 200 Gumkowski, john Gumz, Melanie Gunder, joan 96, 97, 169 Gundersen, R. 127, 141, 261 Gutowsky, Diana 216 Gutowsk , jeffery 257 Gutt, jodyy 200 Guyer, Deborah 131 Guzzetta, Mary Haake, Kurt Haaland, Karen 169 Haara, Amy Habelt, Eric 91, 206 Haber, Kimberly 198 Haberlin, Margaret Hack, Pamela Hacmac, Kristen 169, 255 Haeberle, Sandra 217, 239 Haecker, Paul 137 Haeger, Mary 198 Haertel, Scott 224 Haeseler, Mark Haeseler, Susan 258 Hafstad, Einar 199 Hafstedt, Heidi Haftl, jennifer 221 Halglund, Eric 169 Ha n, Carol 213 Hahn, Cynthia 169 Hahn, Paul 257 Hair, Howell 11, 157 Ha'duch, jeannine Hakanson, Deborah 169, 258 Halaseh, Mamoun Hale, Scott 202 Hale, William Halfacre, Sandra Halfman, Mike Halik, William 234, 235 Hall, Daniel 60, 85, 261 Hall, Deborah Hall, Sandra 197 Haller, Andrew 227 Haller, Tina 217 Hallman, Paul 227 Halmel, Christine 146, 215 Haman, Devin 91 Hamedanian, Parvaneh Hamel, Dawn Hamershock, Kim 215 Hamilton, Roberta 144 Hammack, Louise 169, 264 Hammes, Robert 242 Hampson, Pamela 214 Hanas, Walter 102, 103, 234 Hanber , Deborah 196 Hahcoci, john Hancock, Lisa Handrock, Elizabeth 169 Handrock, Mark 117, 199 Haniford, Pebble 138, 239 Hankins, Charmel 132, 194 Hanley, Roy Hanna, Maria 214 Hannon, T. 169, 185, 261 Hansen, Gregory 141 Hansen, jane 232, 233 Hansen, Lori 197 Hanus, Donald 117, 169 Hanusch, Angela 132, 151, 210 Haplte, Kristine 130, 1 Hap el, julie 138, 197 HardJen, Robert Hardtke, Barbara 236 Hardtke, Mark Harker, Donna Harman, jamie 197 Harman, Sue 214 Harms, lohn 256 Harper, Gregory 59, 195 Harris, Christine 114, 115 Harris, Craig 169 Harris, james 88, 91 Harris, james S. 261 Harris, Susan 210 Hart, A ril 216 Hartfeldzer, Walter 243 Hartigan, Marie 135, 169 Hartley, Deadre 149, 218 Hartley, Mark 261 Hartling, julie 236 Hartman, Susan 218 Hrtmann, Lora Harvey, Catherine 216 Harwood, Beth 221, 244 Hasek, james 204 Haseley, Patrice 169, 249 Hasse, Tamara 151, 216 Hasz, Rich 95, 131, 152, 261 Hatefi, Mofrad 243 Hatfield, Karen 218 Hathaway, Sandra Hatseras, Angela 244 Hauch, Laura 216 Hauser, Eric 100, 222 Hawk, Shane 225 Hawker, Eric Haynes, Susanne Hays, Synoma 145, 211 Head, Elizabeth Healey, Michael 88, 91, 205 Hebb, john 224 Heck, Robert Heckner, Katherine Heckner, Richard 204 Hedgecock, Yvonne 169, 249 Hedman, Wayne Heermann, Melissa 213 Heier, Walter 202 He n, Karen 209 Hehr, Amy 159, 214 Heidemann, Gailyn 249 Heiden, Teri 218 Heikkila, Kevin Heinicke, Mary 169, 198 Heinrich, Tracy 220 Heins, Eric Heinz, Debra 130, 169, 220 Heinze, Bryan 202 Heldin , Robert Helfrich, Robert 157, 246 Helgeson, Michael 141, 257 Helm, Randall 170, 234 Helm, Renee 238 Helmlinger, Heidi Helms, Heidi 215 Helms, joann 232, 233 Henderson, Keith Henderson, Lance 268 Henderson, Norman 224, 242 Hendren, Allen 206 Hendrickson, Steven Hendrix, john Henkel, Edmund 246 Henkel, Wally 170 Henkelmann, K. 151, 220, 240 Henkelmann, K. 170, 200, 258 Henning, Pamela 170, 258 Henry, Brian 190, 193 Henry, Susan 140, 147, 229 Henschel, jonathan Hensel, D. jeffrey 86, 242 Hensel, Michele 170 Hensley, Timothy 39 Herbst, Tracy 130, 212 Herker, Gregory 98 Herman, Allan Hern, Robert Heronemus, Steven 140, 170 Herrick, Dawn 132, 147, 170 Herrmann, jane 139, 240 Hertel, Karen 200 Herter, Rudolph 243 Hess, Carol 137, 141 Hess, john Hess, justine 217 Hessel, Kenneth 141, 170 Hessling, Laura 148, 197 Hetrick, Beverly 138, 209 Heuer, Karla 121 Hewitt, judith Hewitt, Wa ne 131, 199 Higgins, john Hi e ,jeffrey Hifdebrandt, Donna 232 Hileman, David 88, 91, 251 Hilgendorf, Denell 170 Hil enkamp, jon 48, 252 Hilf, Barbara 170, 194 Hill, Richard Hill, Sue 218 Hills, Sarah 221 Hilsabeck, Rebecca Himmler, Debra 219 Hinde, judy 170 Hindson, janice 121, 249 Hinlicky, Wynemah 201 Hinrichs, Paul Hinton, Edwin 95 Hintze, Christopher Hinz, Lori 217 Hinz, Thomas 251 Hirsch, Elizabeth 170 Hirsch, Matthew 91, 206 Hitzke, Sherry Hivel , Raymond 159 Hoagland, Robin 108, 217 Hoc e, janet Hodson, Dianna 141, 16 Hoeferkamp, Michael 137, 261 Hoekstra, Denise 236 Hoekstra, Monique 249 Hoelter, Lori 201, 255 Hoen, Sandra Hoewischer, S. 138, 190, 216 Hofer, Mark 203 Hofer, Michael 110, 204 Hoffman, john 256 Hoffmann, Donna 39 Hoffmeister, Gerald 170, 246 Hoffmeister, j. 21, 131, 137, 234 Hofman, Denise 95, 214 Hohenstein, Eric 39, 184 Hohneck, Susan Holdridge, Bradley 205 Holecek, Marketa 193, 232 Holland, john Curtis Holland, john Edward 85 Holland Lori Hollinger, Karla 197, 249 Hollis, julie 48, 170 Holloway, Deborah 138 Holloway, Train Halls, c. 127, 136, 170, 268 Holmquist, Susan 244 Holstlaw, janice 114, 218 Holtslander, Amy Holtz, Virginia 140, 147, 170 Holtzman, Amber Holubik, Melissa 138 Honeyager, Kevin 194, 257 Hono d, Kathryn 217, 244 Honold, Kristine 215 Hook, Benjamin 170, 243 Hook, jeaneane 258 Hoover, Victoria 207 Hopwood, Suzanne 195 Horecky, Dana 215 Horkavil, Cecilia 264 Horn, Heidi Horn, Karl 233 Horn, Karla 170 Horner, Charles 225 Hornsby, Carig Hornsby, Scott 98 Horstmann, D. 118, 131, 221 Horth, Gwendolyn 213 Horth, john 224 Horton, Holly 170, 249 Horton, Susan 244 Hou ard, Donald 146 Houihan, Terrence 170, 246 Howard, Chad 243 Howard, Susan 170, 236, 238 Howe, Todd 95 Howen-Kartman, R. 170 Hoyer, Marla 138, 141, 209 Hoyt, Barbara 137, 170 Hu bard, Brian 107, 200 Hubbard, Mark Huber, Thomas Huck, Bonnie 249 Huener, Susan 143, 154, 244 Huffman, R. 159, 170, 242 Hughes, Angela Hughes, Mark 159, 223 Hughes, Nancy 170, 198 Hu , james Hultmark, Dawn Hunger, Sarah 138, 214 Hunt, Rebecca Hunter, Dwayne Hunziker, Robin 200 Hup ert, Carolyn Hurlgurt, Warren Hurlbut, jeff 136, 170, 239 Husko, Lizabeth 232, 233 Husted, Susan 193, 232, 233 Hutchison, Lorraine 240 Hybl, Richard 159, 222, 226 Hyde, Rebecca 113, 215 Hyser, Timothy Ihnlten, Michael 170 Ikeda, Deborah ller, Ralph Ilickovich, Nick 251 llten, janet 149 Indorf, Paul Ingalls, Lisa 221 Irvine, jerry 135, 170, 268 Irwin, james 226 Isbell, Sherrie Ivers, Christopher Ivey, Scot 202 Iwasaki, Yukako 214 jablinski, Richard 170, 246 jacisin, Barbara 216 jackson, Arlene 153, 258 jacobi, Paul 204 jacobs, Christine 148, 193 jacobs, Connie jacobs, Vincent 91 jacobsen, jeanne 170 jacobson, john 195 jacoby, Charles 202 jacques, David 252 jacques, Douglas 171 jaeger, Patricia 217 jaeger, Paul 203 jaffe, Brenda 207 jahn, Rebecca 195 james, Pamela 217 james, Roger 133, 171 james, Sebastian 243 james, Susan 141 janec, Lisa 236 janke, Sheryl 143, 171, 211 jandwick, David janssen, Alan janssen, Carla 213 janssen, Elizabeth 133, 218 janzow, David jarabek, Timothy 256 jark, Heidi 218 jaros, Mary 192 jarosch, Kenneth 140 jaroszewski, judith 195 lass, Kristin 217 ja , Norman 268 jelovcic, Marty jenkins, Aaron 41 jenkins, Stephan 171, 261 jennings, Carol jennings, john jenn F. Peter 268 Y, jensen, David 159, 223 jensen, julia 232 jensen, Susan 216 jenske, Michelle 218 jenske, Victoria 171, 244 jernberg, Donna 249 jesko, janet 171, 210, 240 jesse, Sharon 218 johanknecht, Lori 171, 232 johanson, Dean 171 johnsen, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, Mathias 171 Brian 203 Charles 171, 242 Cheryl 211 Crai 154, 171, 252 David 157, 239 Donna 128 Eric 205 Gregory 21, 234 james jeffrey julie K. julie T. Karen 171, 193, 240 Kelly 21, 131, 234 Kenneth 206 Kirsten 240 Kristin 171, 249 Laura 217 Laurel 171 Robert 86 Robert 121, 261 Susan 171 Timothy 171 Wayne johnston, Earl johnston, janet johnston Penn 208 johnston, Ralpll, 136, 140, 202 jolibois, Peter jones, Arthur jones, Craig 86, 123, 171, 261 jones, Deborah 171 jones, Edward 234 jones, Kit D. jordan, Emily jordan, Laura 130, 171, 255 joslyn, Keith 225 josupait, Allen 225 josupait, Heidi 264 joy, Tany'a 216 ju in, T omas 171, 243 juchartz, Susan 215 jud, Paul 95, 100, 205 judge, Debra 255 jud ins, Sue 114, 213 judson, joanna 171, 182, 249 judy, Kathleen 207 juers, julie 171 jum , Ali cia 93, 212 jurei, Kathleen 92, 149, 171 jurs, Wendy 255 Kacmarcik, jodi Kaczmarski David 86, B7 Kaeppler, Shawn 140, 191, 206 Kafoud, Ahmed Kahlbaum, Christine 213 Kaiser, Cynthia 130, 208 Kalas, Sheila 108, 219 Kalbac, Debra 171, 192 Kalchbrenner, Beth 213 Kalemba, Susan 149, 211 Kalin, Mark 136, 171, 257 Kammer, Pamela 17, 213 Kamnetz, Karen 258 Kamp, Barbara 215 Kamtrenga, Brenda Kan y, Benjamin 202 Kant, Kren 244 Kapitan, james Karaali, Alev 198 Karberg, Beth 171, 25a Karolides, Melissa 139, 212 Kartman, Robert 171 Kasper, Timothy 204 Kassoris, Martha 244 Kastelic, Mary 195, 197 Katris, Chris 171 Katris, Frank Katula, Thomas 91 Kayael, Koray 199 Kearney, Elizabeth Keats, Lynn 158, 171, 192 Keay, Kathryn 172 Kebschull, Brian 172, 187 Keegan, Lincoln 252 Keepers, David 100, 101 Keepers, jeffrey Kehoe, Melinda 216 Keidaish, Lia 93, 216 Keller, Kurt 205 Keller, Linda 172, 192, 249 Keller, Susan 215, 246 Kellerman, Shawn 172, 242 Kellerman, Tamara 141, 215 Kelly, Robert 204 Kemnitz, C. 172, 263 Kenbok, Kenneth Kenot, Karen Kennedy, Christine Kenning, Kevin 172 Kent, Cynthia Kent, Scot 223 Kepplinger, Karen 172, 258 Kettner, Michael 268 Keuper, james 91, 226 Khayyat, Yazeed Khuu, Lan Khuu, Phuong Kidd, Tamara 156, 172 Kiehlbauch, Ky 131, 138,211 Kiekhaefer, C. 215, 246 Kiel, David Kienzle, William 91 Kiernan, Amy 198 Kiernan, Louis 172, 234 Kiernan, Mark Kilgore, Douglas Kilmer, Eric 268 Kilroy, Susan 218 Kimberling, Renee King, joseph 224 King, Kyle 211 King, Laurie 264 King, Malinda 196, 264 Kingdon, Sandra 210 Kinzel, janet 220 Kinzie, Kim 141, 217 Kipp, David 172, 268 Kipp, Deborah 212 Kipp, Peter 261 Kirb , Zorine Kirclimann, Timothy Kirk, Stven 206 Kirkpatrick, Todd 91, 206 Kirschbaum, David Kirschbaum, Debbie 118, 221 Kirschsieper, David 148, 261 Kirst, Lorrie 134, 156 Kistler, Timothy Klecha, Kevin 91, 224 Kleckner, Kimberly 172 Kleine Kathr n 149 201 f Y f Kleiner, Cheryl 158, 172, 240 Kleinschmidt, Gary 39 Klettke, Bart 243 Klimek, Kathleen 200 Kline, james 100, 145 Klinger, Dawn 216 Klin er, Diane Klokienga, Lorna 216 Klopper, Linda Klosak, jacqueline 264 Klosak, Sharon 172 Kloss, Kim 249 Kluender, Andrew 202 Kluender, Luke 202 Kluge, janelle 121, 196 Klumpe, Michael 242 Knaack, Patricia Knapp, Carrie 217 Knapp, Sara 137 Knapp, Susan 172 Kneessi, joan Knetzger, jane Kneusel, Kristen 42, 140, 219 Knibbs, Susan 172, 232 Knight, David Knight, Kelley 132, 140, 172 Knippenberg, john 100, 206 Knispel, David 224 Knopp, Peter Knudson, Earl Knuth, Eunice 172, 232 Knutson, Paul Knutstrom, Lori 219 Kobak, jane Kocar, Kenneth 91 Koch, Brad Koch, Steve Kochendorfer, David 84, 261 Koehler, jeffrey 184 Koehler, Mariam 172, 249 Koehn, Pete 172 Koelling, Brenda 221 Koenig, Bertram 172 Koenig, Kenneth Koenig, Kimberly Koenig, Max 34, 172 Koetke, Dale 159, 227 Koffinke, Douglas 256 Kohlhoff, Melanie Kohlmeyer, john 159, 172 Kohn, Diane Kohring, Craig 222 Kolar, Debra 198 Kolar, Edward Kolarczyk, Diane 196 Kolb, Norman 159, 172 Kolb, Paul 204 Kolodziei, jan 218 Kolterman, Kristine 131, 240 Kolvek, janice Kolzow, jill 218 Konikowski, Cynthia Konkle, Peggy Kool, David 225 Koontz, Alverna Kopko, Patricia Kopko, Thomas 202 Kopp, Elizabeth 238 Korba, Martin Kortge, Melody 113, 215 Kort ase, Roberta 213 Korthauer, Daniel 84, 172, 243 Kortze, Steven 159 Kosey, jerold 42, 134, 172 Kosey, lUlie 140, 141, 218 Kositzke, julie 221 Kottke, Dane 223 Kovach, Bradford 257 Kowalski, Robert 91, 110, 256 Koziatek, Douglas 91, 223 Kozicki, Gary Kozlowski, Daniel Kraft, Timothy 143, 222 Kraus, Ann 211 Krause, Lisa 172 Krauss, Kevin Krebs, Dave 192 Krebs, David 85, 137, 172, 193 Kreger, Rex 91, 172, 251 Kreger, Susan 215 Krerdt, Steven 172, 261 Kreiger, Karen Krentz, Cary 252 Kreoll, joseph Krippner, Kenneth 146, 263 Kriss, Richard 243 Kroeger, Lynn 148, 195 Kropp, Laura 159 Krostenko, Brian Krueger, Bruce 136, 157, 257 Krueger, Christine 35, 172 Krueger, Frederick 242 Krueger, Thomas 205 Krug, Kathryn 39 Kruger, Cheryl 173 Kruger, Thomas Krugler, Charles 173, 195 Krumme, Galen 242 Kruse, Pamela 244 Krutz, jonathan 151, 263 Kube, Kathryn 133 Kubiak, jill 149, 217 Kuchel, G. 150, 157, 173, 242 Kueffner, Gail 138, 173, 249 Kufhn, Timothy Kuhens, Stephanie 210 Kuhlman, Rebecca Kukla, Donald 136, 173, 239 Kunka, Denise 173, 249 Kuntz, Leslie 39 Kuntz, Philip 90, 91 Kurth, Mary 200 Kush, Laurie 201 Kutlik, Lynn 236 Kutsche, Laurie Kuzdas, Lisa 217 Kwasneski, Eve 150, 258 Kwasniewski, Mary 173, 198 Kwasny, james 173, 251 Kyres, Maria 131, 258 Lagioia, Carolyn Laatsch, linda 173, 264 Lab, Daniel 159, 227 Lach, Stephen 86, 91 Laesch, Steven 173 Lahey, Richard 242 Lahti, Deborah 108, 113 Laine, Carol 173, 258 Laing, Margaret 147 La'evardi Kosh, Nasrin 201 Lalte, Edward 173 Lake, Laurinda 197 Lamborn, Kevin 268 Lamlein, Mark 173 Lamm, Paula 173, 264 Lamorticella, Sherry 113, 215 Landers, Lisa 128, 201 Landgraf, Kristen 236 Landry, Richard 223 Lane, Richard Lange, Larry 260, 261 Lange, Scott 15, 91, 225 Lange, Tamra 211, 249 Langfeldt, Connie 232, 233 Langholff, Lu A. 132, 258, 270 Langkamp, Terri 217 Langley, Blaine Laning, Laurie 258 Lantz, Ronald 206 Lapierre, Tamera 214 Larsen, Brian 148, 252 Larsen, janice 173, 249 Larsen, jill 173 Larson, Baird 224 Larson, Eric 173, 261 Larson, Keith 246 Larson, Rebekah 138, 264 Larue, Laura 210, 264 Lasky, Michael 86 Lasky, Pamela 216 Lassman, Dianne 213 Lastella, Gregory 91, 226 Latoni, Mayra 173, 208 Laturner, jonathan 224 Lawrence, Kay Lawrence, Warren 205 Lawson, William 267 Laycock, Carole 240 Laycock, Mar aret 137, 240 Lazar, Edward 173 leach, Warren Leadbetter, Caroline 255 Leasure, Sharon 210 Lebarron, Elizabeth 173, 208 Lechner, Sara 264 Lee, Cindy 141, 217 Lee, james 173 Leech, Melinda 264 Leedy, Carolyn 173 Leege, Kristin Leege, Stephen 204 leene, Richard Leep, Carolyn 129, 240 Lee Kath n 173 240 P. ry . Lefevre, c. 34, 118, 132, zaa, 270 Leppert, Rachelle 259, 215 Le man, David Lehmann, D. 150, 157, 173 Lehmann, Susan 127, 128, 264 Leib, Mark 203 Leib, Susan 216 Leibroclt, Mark 193 Leichter, Leslie 129, 147, 194 Leiler, Rennye 121, 217 Leister, Drew 204 Lemert, Paul 91, 205 Lemke, Alison 144, 173 Lemke, Lizbeth 173, 258 Lemke, Robert Lemke, Wendy 220 Lemunyon, Glenn 173, 186 Lentz, Marjorie 114, 211 Leonard, Penny 221 Leonard, William Leone, Michael 145, 148, 242 Leoni, Lisa 140, 147, 218 Leoschke, Anna 173 Larose, Michael 202 Leslie, Sandra 135, 216 Lesuer, Richard Leung, Miran 207 Leutz, Heinrich Levfcque, Laura Leveen, Linda Levergood, Richard 222 Leverich, Patricia Levit, Gary Levitt, Ronald 86, 173, 251 Lewis, Karla 173, 192 Lexow, Beth 258 Leyes, Michael Leytem, D. 92, 132, 140, 147, 174 Lichtfuss, Karl 202 Lichtner, Robert 174, 185 Likeness, Ricard 202 Lim, Chee 100, 202 Lindemann, Daniel Lindemann, Michael 222 Lindemeyer, Nancy 35, 174 Lind ren, Nancy LindFey, Scott Lindley, Thomas Lindquist, john 133, 202 Lindquist, Karl 206 Lindquist, Patricia 121 Lindquist, Vicki 174, 236 Lingle, Margaret Linn, Stacey 174, 193 Linnemeier, Heidi 218 lippold, Dale 136, 257 Lis, Anthony Listus, john 141, 252 List, Adam Litterer, Catherine 196 Little, Traci Littlefield, Anne 198 Liu, Hun S. 214, 246 Livingston, Kelly Lobien, George Lobitz, Karen 174 Lochmann, Kim 113 Locke, janice 149, 255 Locke, Lisa 174, 185, 236 Lockhart, Scott 242 Loder, Steven 85 Loeliger, Kimberly 174 Loesch, William 84, 85, 243 Loftis, Richard 174 Lohrmann, Carol 244 Lohrmann, Daniel 133, 148 Lolwing, Lisa 174 Long, Kirsten 216 Long, Nancy 144 Long, Rebecca 201 Long, Richard 268 Long, Thomas, 143, 174, 268 Longinow, Nick 95, 133 Longinow, Ted Lopez, Ricardo 195 Lott, jeffrey 35, 195 Love-Elly, Biggs Lovekamp, Nancy Lowe, Daniel 100, 204 Ludwig, David 151 Ludwig, Linda Ludwig, Paul 100, 225 lueck, Barbara 174, 197 Luedtke, Alan 174 Luethy, David 106, 107, 174 Luker, jennifer Luley, Gail Lule , Peter Lumberry, jonell 195 Lundrtrgst, Diane 96, 113 Lutter in, Susan Lutz, Craigh Lyons, Bet 138, 264 Lyons, Richard Maassel, Paul 141, 204 Maasel, Rebecca 174, 249 Maasel, Rhoda 132, 140, 221 Macholz, Mary 137, 215 Machtemes, Marjorie 216 Maciulis, Tamara Mackelpresh, Timothy Mackey, Kevin 91, 226 Mackey, Susan 138, 215 Madeline, john 100, 199 Madeline, Stephanie 174 Mader, jeffrey 234 Mader, Karen 139, 154, 174 Maeder, Lynn 217 Maher, Michael Magee, David 234 Magley, Deborah 244 Magnetti, T. 141, 219, 232 Magnuson, Lori 244 Mai, Lisa Makris, Bill 39 Malkowski, Donna 197 Malstaff, Michelle Manata, M. 133, 141, 216 Mandich, Steven 226 Manella, Margaret Manfredini, Paula 208 Mangodt, Diane 138, 215 Man ey, Laura 133, 216 Manning, Donna 174, 249 Marentette, Mary 149, 218 Marggraf, David Mar anka, Mitchell 143 Marik, Mari 174 Marinangeli, Linda 211 Marinello, Mark 198 Marlatt, Stephanie 174, 192 Marmolejo, Michael Maronde, Mary 218 Marsal, Teresita 174, 207 Marsh, Lisa Marshall, Karen Marsic, Mary 130, 158, 174 Martin, Brenda 128, 174 Martin, john Martin, julia 211 Martin, Kevin 199 Martin, Robin 209 Martin, Sharese 195, 240 Martinez, Frank 174, 268 Martini, c. 134, 140, 174, 255 Marvel, Lisa 201 Maselli, Anthony 91 Mason, Linda 133, 174, 192 Masse, Andrew 174, 256 Massucci, jeffrey 174, 242 Massucci, Patti 141, 218 Matern, Daniel Mathers, Paul Mathews, Kimberly 175, 236 Mathis, Craig 175 Mattes, Heidi 217 Matthews, Carolyn 121, 213 Matthies, Kimberly 155, 175 Matthies, Patricia 215 Maryk, Maryellen 175 Maul, Christine 121, 270 Maurizi, Ronald 202 Mavronicles, Dawn 200 Mawe, Diane 264 Maxwell, Steven Mayer, Edward 257 Mayer, janet Mayhew, Mary 193 Mays, Letroy 128, 222 Mazak, Anne 264 Mazzuca, james 117, 175, 243 Mazzuca, Lisa 215 McKim, Lauren McAllister, Martha 221 Mcardle, james McAuliffe, Megan McBrayer-Pictor, Katherine McBride, Cynthia McCallum, janelle 175, 258 McCallum, N. 132, 258, 270 McCants, Raymond 91, 256 McCarthy, Barbara 193 McCarthy, David McCarthy, Kathryn 215 McCarty, Linda 258 McCauley, Kathleen McClelland, Leslie 202 McClendon, Karen McClung, Stu 35, 84, 175, 192 McClure, Donna 215 McClure, Howard 194 McComb, Sara McConnell, Barb 145, 218, 244 McCord, Mary 175 McCrary, Virginia 218 McDougall, Kathleen 239 McDowell, Barbara 175 McDowell, Paul 203 McGill, Alicia McGill, Margaret McGIone, jayne 114, 118, 217 McGoldrick, lynn 175, 209 McGraw, Scott 91 McGuire, Michelle 215 Mcllvain, john 105, 107 Mclnerney, Maureen 141, 236 Mclntyre, Kristi 213 McKay, Kimberly 220 McKee, Whitney 229, 232 McKenzie, Marianne 133, 216 McKenzie, Marie 133 McLaughlin, Dawn 255 Mclindon, Laura McMahon, john 91, 251 McMahon, Michael 137, 261 McMahon, Patrick 225 McMillan, Chanelle 215 McMullen, jacqueline 212 McNaughton, Susan 136, 212 Meade, David 150, 223 Mech, Timothy Mecham, Nancy 175, 208 Medley, joddi 255 Meents, Claire 122, 175, 236 Mehn, jeffrey 91, 256 Mehta, Michael 202 Meidinger, joel Meier, Katrina Meier, Paul 199 Meints, Melinda 132, 221 Meinzen, Timothy 145 Meissner, Peggy Meisterheim, Laura 212 Melahn, Leah 212 Melbg, Larry 175, 185 Melc er, Michele 216 Melchior, David 85, 137 Melhuish, Kirk 136, 200 Melton, Carol Melvin, Beverly 175 Menda, Stacy Mendivil, Cynthia Meneou, Daniel 268 Merczak, Linda 215 Merkel, Dale 148 Merriman, Mary Mershon, Lisa Mertes, Mark Mertz, David Mertz, Susan 232 Merz, Michael 225 Methot, Susanne 215 Mets, Holly 218 Mettler, Richard 206 Metz, Lauren 175 Meyer, B. 157, 227, 257 Meyer, Douglas 195 Meyer, Kathryn 134, 200 Meyer, Kenton 261 Meyer, Laura 212 Meyer, Martha 175 Meyer, Melanie j. 218 Meyer, Melanie K. 214 Meyer, Pamela Meyer, Sandra Meyer, Sheryl Meyer, Tamara A. Meyer, Tamara E. 215 Meyer, Thomas 257, 268 Meyer, Thomas Meyers, Kevin 234 Meyers, Walter 95, 175 Meyne, john R, 104, 105, 107 Mia, Anthony 91, 251 Michelini, Thomas 203 Michelsen, Heidi 132,146, 208 Micinski, Anne 233 Middleton, Yuvonne 200 Mielke, Mark 175, 192 Miethke, julie 236 Migala, jeffrey 268 Mi liore, Vito 202 Mihalkanin, Robert 226 Mikkelson, Debra 249 Mikola , Bill 91 Milholland, Eric 205 Millar, Kristen 217 Millard, julia 215 Millard, Timothy 141 Miller, Cheryl Miller, Debra A. 130, 175 Miller, Debra D. 156, 208 Miller, Donald Miller, Donna 156, 201 Miller, Douglas 261 Miller, joyce 175, 221, 264 Miller, Lisa Miller, Scott Miller, Susan 221, 246 Miller, Wayne Millerton, Richard Millies, Michelle Millies, Scot 194 Milligan, Mary 113 Milos, Karen 138, 216 Milteer, Beth Manga, Philip 222 Mintzlaff, Kevin 222 Mirandi, Thomas 268 Misch, David 256 Mischanko, joann 93, 133, 221 Misura, Tara 194, 240 Mitchel, Barbara 219 Mitchell, Carol Mitchell, Douglas 223 Mitchell, james 91 Mitchell, Matthew 107 Mitschke, Ronald 28, 95, 261 Mitschke, Sara 240 Mittelbrun, Robert Mladick, Susan 175 Mlynarczyk, Andrew Moe, Eric 252 Moe, Kirsten 175 Moe, Susan Moeller, Susanne 200 Moellering, Michael Moes, Nancy Mo le, Amy 140, 194 Moane, Shari 139 Moll, Heidi 139, 175, 209 Mollenhauer, Steven 175 Mollgaard, Sylvia 133, 236 Molnar, Suzanne 138, 200 Mongkol, Pradit Monical, Cheryl 215 Montabon, Kim 258 Montague, D. 35, 127, 139, 157 Montague, Mary 138, 218 Moon, David 192, 234 Moon, Sara 175 Moore, jacqueline 219 Moore, john Moore, Lisa 134, 215 Moore, Michael 200, 252 Moosmann, james 175, 268 Moran, M. 135, 144, 194, 264 Mopan, Michelle 216 Moritz, Robert 95, 206 Mork, janet 212 Morrill, William 226 Morris, Dana 175 Morris, jane 149, 201 Morris, Karen 176, 210 Morrison, Lynette 176, 255 Mortensen, Neal 176, 229, 252 Morton, john 176 Mortvedt, julie 137, 216 Moschel, james 176 Moseley, james Mosher, Dawn 146, 216 Mostello, Gregg 107, 205 Motycka, Gary Moyer, jon 100, 234 Mrkviclra, Robert 176 Much, Linda 23, 196 Mucha, Pamela 96, 139, 210 Mueckler, Rebecca Muehlhausen, james 95, 204 Mueller, Brenda 176, 258 Mueller, Heidi 258 Mueller, Sara 213 Mues, Kevin 194 Mu g, Everett MuEa, judith 217 Muir, Beth 213 Mulder, Elizabeth Mulder, Sharon 258 Muller, joanne Mullins, Steven 143 Munn, Sally 201 Muntiu, joan 176 Murphy, Alison 215 Murphy, Beth 141, 212 Murphy, Lee 98, 140, 268 Murray, Bonnie Murry, Patricia 264 Musulin, Rade Mutscher, Laura 213 Myers, Louise 145, 216 Myers, Robert Myers, Sarah Nauer, Teresa Nagel, Katherine 195 Nagel, Matthew Nacy, Michelle 138 Nat, Husam Na amura, Kim Napier, Paul Napayanan, Ash 145, 224, 242 Nash, Raymond 91, 176, 256 Nass, Lisa 121 Naulty, Brendan 176 Neal, David Nehls, Erick Neitzel, Shell 176, 249 Nelson, Davirl 94, 176, 261 Nelson, David 202 Nelson, Rena Nelson, Sandra 176 Nelson, Thomas 91, 176, 251 Nelson, Virginia 158, 176, 240 Newbrand, Denise 133 Newhard, Martin 159 Newhart, julie 176 Newkirk, jeffrey 205 Newman, Beth Newman, Lisa 41, 218 Newsom, Myron Newton, johann 141, 226 Newton, Michael Nice, Linda Nichols, Steven 137, 176, 252 Nicholson, jane 198 Niedner, j. 132, 153, 195, 236, 270 Nielsen, M. 131,255,270 Nielsen, Thomas 176, 202 Nieman, Kristin 13 Nietzel, Richard 256, 257 Nilges, Mary 176, 236 Niss, Debra 158 Nist Bonnie 192 Noak, Lisa Nobis, Stephen Noble, Donna Noble, Kimberly 249 Noffke, Philip 257 Nolan, Thomas Noll, Cynthi Nolting, jeffrey 25, 202 Norlin, john 176 Norman, Glenn Norton, George Norton, Kim 195 Notar, Carol Nowakowski, Bambi Noyes, Susanne 264 Noykos, Link 251 Nuechterlein, C. 145, 176, 193 Neuchterlein, Craig 268 Nunner, Robert O'Connor, Collen 196 O'Crady, Michael 202 O'Neill, Erin 11B O'Connor, Nancy 217 Oates, Lisa Oberly, julia 212 Oberrieder, jay 195 Obert, Douglas 100, 206 Obert, Steven 234 O'Brien, Seas Ocampo, Wilter 100, 202 Ochiltree, Diane 138, 214 Ochoa, Enrique 100, 222 Ochs, Dou las Ococlt, jegrey 176, 261 Oconnell, Tim 257 Oconnor, Lois 213 Oconnor, Lois 213 Oconnor, Raymond Odea, Robert 157 Odegaarden, Krstine Oechslin, Margaret 130, 240 Oeters, David 176, 261 Oetting, Marie 244 Offerman, Sherri 176, 238 Okeefe, Karen Olberg, Barbara Oldham, jeffre 194 Oldknow, Marllynn Oliva, Anthony 261 Oliver, William 93, 95, 176 Olsen, Betty 176 Olsen, Betty Olsen, Hannah 134 Olsen, jonathan 126, 268 Olsen, joyce 146, 208 Olsen, Kristen 215 Olsen, Laura 30, 144, 284 Olsen, Leslie 176 Olson, Heather 135, 136 Olson, Mark 136 Olson, Stephen 224 Olsson, Nanc 244 Oltmann, jefhey 136, 176 Oman, Glenn 176, 242 Oni, Edward 203 Opasik, Scott 110 Opel, janine 138 Optpolo, janet 156 Or an, Kevin 224 Organ, Carolyn 177 Orlando, Marie 198 Orlich, joseph 91 Orourke, Patrick Ortman, Brain 268 Ortman, Kimberly 177, 249 Orzech, Phillip 256 Osborn, Lori 217 Osborne, David Osburn, Deanna Osika, David Osinski, Paula 194 Ossowski, Philip 157, 256 Ostensen, Karen 218 Osterhout, Michael Ostrom, Robert Oswald, Cheryl 214 Otoole, Linda 130 Ott, Kath Otten, jeiirey 133, 193 Otten, Natalie 217 Otto, Rebeccah 217 Ourada, jill 236 Outly, Steven 136, 177, 197 Overdorf, David 195 Owen, David Owens, Boyd 85, 202 Pado, Robert Pahr, Martha 198 Paik, Cieun 130 Painter, Debra 200 Paleologou, Kleanthis Palm, Dan 102, 103 Palm, Mark Palmer, Kathy 177, 197 Panhorst, Douglas 268 Panos, Niki 249 Panozzo, Peter 239 Panuska, Maria Pappas, Dana 177, 232 Pappas, Helene 138, 217 Pappas, Sally 220 Pardieck, Dana 258 Parduhn, Rebekah 31 Parelius, Phillip 85, 95, 206 Park, Kelly 129, 137, 177 Parker, julie 141, 212 Parkhurst, Robert Parsons, Lisa Parsons, Scott 177, 234 Pasche, Ruth 198 Patel, Smita Patk, Maribeth 141, 213 Patlak, Dan 91, 256 Paton, Cindy 211, 258 Patrick, Denise 214 Patt, Paul 146 Patt, Rachel 177, 264 Patterson, Sally 214 Pattillo, jolyn Patton, joy 132, 154, 255, 270 Patzke, Cynthia 141, 217 Pauer, Richard Paul, Leila 198 Pauley, Ruth 177, 236 Pauling, Stephen 263 Paulus, Sue Pautz, Laurie 177, 196 Pawlowski, Chris 177 Pawlowslti, Thomas Pease, Steven Pedersen, Andrew 225 Peisker, Eric Pelley, james 143 Penley, Kim 212 Peppers, james Peppin, Kathleen 177, 193 Percy, Sandra 140, 215 Peregrine, Robert Pergal, jeff 177, 242 Perrin, David 239 Perry, Michael 234 Perslno, jod 177, 200, 257 Pesce, joseph 252 Peta, Amos 199 Peter, john Peters, Am 211 Peters, Catherine Peters, Cynthia 217 Peters, David Peters, Gregg 95, 206 Peters, Karen 134, 219 Peters, Kimberly 177, 244 Peters, Lisa 159, 210 Peters, Michael Petersen, jean 177 Petersen, Sally 108, 210, 264 Peterson, Gretchen 207 Peterson, L, David Peterson, Michael 91, 204 Petrasek, Barbara 240, 246 Petrillo, Michael Petzold, Ann 156, 201 Petzold, Thomas Pfeffer, Susan 249 rteiter, Che I 177, 240 Phelps, Alfred Philipp, Gary 204 Phillips, Mark Phillips, Paula Piazza, Brian 129, 137, 204 Picicco, joanne 215 Piehl, Eileen Piepenbrink, john 202 Pierce, Richard 91, 267 Pillar, Brian Pinnow, Andrea 156, 177, 194 Piorkowski, Brian 177 Piper, Brian 49, 242 Pirsig, William 177 Pitts, Steven 177, 195 Pitts, Susan 141, 217 Plaehn, Elizabeth 134, 215 Plaehn, Ruth 134, 141, 177 Plankenhorn, Scott 91 Ploehn, julie Plohg, Don 102 Plude, Curtis 224 Plummer, Ronald 86, 234 Pogel, Faith 177, 240 Poggemeier, Margaret 232 Po od, Susan 258 Polan, Eric 86, 234 Polansky, Thomas 177 Polite, joanne 141, 210 Pollard, Anne 133, 196 Pollert, Brian 86, 202 Pollitz, Carole 108, 109 Poore, Kimberly 229 Pope, john 91 Popescu, Tom 86, 251 Poppe, Karen 134, 221 Porter, Nanc Porter, Pamela Portillo, Marcial Postma, Shirlee Potts, Lanny Potts, Suzanne 138, 218 Poulds, Denise 201 Powell, Lisa 108, 177, 264 Powell, Mary 219 Powers, Gregory 177, 197 Pownall, Robert 199 Pozeck, john Prahlow, Christopher 194 Prahlow, joseph 129, 137, 204 Prange, Kurt 193 Prange, Sally 249 Prellwitz, Anne Presdorf, Carol 214 Preston, Beverly 215 Pretzel, Lisa 177, 236 Pretzel, Lynne 258 Preuss, Brian 205 Preuss, Eric 140, 141, 263 Pribudic, Boris 226 Price, David 86 Price, jana 249 Price, Kelli 177 Price, 5. 133, 156, 177, 264 Price, Thomas 224 Priebe, Carla 200 Primrose, Terry Pritchard, Cynthia 201 Proeschel, C. 132, 249, 270 Prokes, Lori 145, 236 Proos, Michael 251 Prough, D. 133, 156, 202, 263 Prusaitis, Daniel Prust, jenifer 213 Pudik, Linda 158 Pudlo, Robert 110, 111, 246 Pummer, Barbara 198 Pumroy, Betsy 197 Purcell, Brad 69, 202 Pyburn, Lori 178 Pyritz, joann 95, 113, 178 Raabe, Craig 252 Rabe, Mitzi 133, 211 Rada', Deanna 217 Raddatz, Randall 178 Rader, Andrew Radivan, Carol 108, 229 Radivan, Linda Radke, Lisa 133, 196 Radomski, Kim 132, 134, 140 Radtke, Timothy 243 Radtlte, William 102, 178, 234 Rahmi , Eric 239 Rainalsi, Gary 144, 178, 187 Rambo, Sherryle 178, 195 Ramey, Madison 234 Ramsey, Steven 239 Randle, Crystal 41, 213 Raney, Erin 216 Ranieri, William 243 Rateick, Richard Rath, Amy 121 Rath, Barbara Rathert, Donna Rathje, David Ratmeyer, Pamela Rau, jeanne 156 Rausch, julie 178 Ray, Patricia 143, 148, 244 Ray, Richard 225 Reason, Deborah 178, 232 Reeb. john Reed, Amy 214 Reed, john Reed, Renee Reed, Valerie 217 Reeder, Nancy 129, 137, 198 Reedy, Louise Reetz, Tracy 212 Reeves, Carol 178, 193 Regan, Michelle Re bock, Deidre 178 Reibly, Barbara 178 Reid, james Reid, lynn 39, 184 Reidy, Laura 178 Reidy, Richard 178 Reifel, Kimberly Reimer, Mary 146 Reiner, Mark 205 Reinert, jeffrey Reinhardt, Gregory 178, 257 Reinhardt, Kathryn 264 Reinhertz, Melissa Reinholt, Scott 91 Reinke, D. 132, 141, 146, 202 Reinke, Karen 178, 211 Reisig, Tressa 132, 270 Relue, julie 178, 255 Remesnik, Cathy Remetta, Elizabeth 258 Rener, Annette Renner, William Rensner, jason 146, 205, 263 Resch, Sharon 178 Rescheske, Laurie Reschke, Helen 211 Rexrode, john 227 Reynolds, Timothy Rhegness, Lori 93, 138, 214 Rhiness, Karen 161 Rhodes, Rebecca Rice, Wanda Richard, Natalie 201 Richards, w. 136, 170, 239 Richardson, Mark B. Richardson, Mark D. 194 Richert, jane 244 Richert, Rhonda 193 Rickel, Paula 138, 210 Rickman, Michael 202 Rickus, Andrew 252 Rickus, Stephen 178, 252 Ridgw-QY, jennifer 219 Rieck, Erica 20, 194 Riedel, Linda 214 Rieken, Cynthia Rieman, Thomas 205 Riemenschneider, P. 198, 196 Riemer, jayne 217 Rigoni, Dian 213 Rigoni, Douglas 178, 229 Ri ey, Mark 84, 85 Rimmele, Robert Rinehart, Michael 178, 263 Risch, Mark 178 Risetter, David 234 Ritter, David Ritter, Eric 85, 224 Ritter, Gayle 215 Ritter, Laura 96, 121, 178 Ritz, Darcy Rivers, Michael 151 Rivers, Rachel Rixford, Deborah 178, 232 Roark, Christopher 234 Robert, Matthew 234 Robert Rebecca 178, 236 Roberts, Gregory Robinson, Anthony Robinson, Brian Robinson, james 86, 205, 234 Robinson, Karen 244 Roby, Larry 104, 107 Roc , john 205 Rodenbeck, Scott 225 Rodgers, David Rodgers, james Rodgers, William 226 Rodriguez, Angel 226 Rodstrom, Debra 195 Roe, Connie 137, 157, 178 Roe, Donna Roeh, Karen 178, 258 Roemer, Donna 218 Roessler, julie 138, 217 Roessler, Pamela 178, 258 Ro nlie, Michele 135, 217 Roialy, Rohde, Rohlck, Rohr T , I Rohrer, Roland, Roman, Roman, Romans Chris 135, 178, 195 Mike 57,137,179, 261 Eric 145, 179, 261 mothy Katherine 179 Greg 199 Felisa 179, 207 Mark 200 ki, r. 48,157, 179,204 Rooney, james 179, 256 Roper, Karen Roscoe, jeffrey Roscrow, Thomas 206 Rose, Alan Rose, Constance 197 Rose, Frederick 252 Rose, Willard Ross, Douglas Ross, janet Ross, joanne 179, 244 Ross, Kevin 261 Rossbac Rosser, h, Mary 211 Kevin 242 Rosskopf, Thomas 224 Rotermund, Deborah 232 Rotermund, Maureen 232 Roth, Rachel 179, 193 Roth, Sharon 78, 141, 209 Rott, Karen 179 Rowan, Donna 236 Roya, Sherese Ro tan, Pamela Rubel, Krstine 145, 179 Rubel, Victoria 218 Ruddy, Ann 179 Rudy, Dale 147, 151, 263 Rudynski, Chris 35, 84, 194 Ruegg, Derrick 95, 206 Rugg, Mitzi 132, 141, 244, 270 Ru e, jonathan Rullman, Brenda 264 Rump, Brett 223 Russo, Michael 206 Rustmann, Daniel 226 Ruth, ja Ruuska, he 133, 194 Eric 222 Ryskamp, Coreen 209 Rysltamp, Lance 179, 252 Sabo, Stephen Saceck, Cheryl Scheibel, Elizabeth 130, 212 Scheider, David Scheimann, james 133 Scheimann, john 256 Scheimann, Martha Schellhase, Kathryn Schelling, john 91 Scherer, janet 179, 244 Scheyder, Paul 243 Schineller, Glenn 206 Schinkel, David 222 Scherven, Elisabeth Schla eter, Kathryn SchlaE, jeanne 215 Schlak, Robert Schleef, jennifer 132, 143 Schlenker, Crai 243 Schlies, Kimberiy 244 schlipske, jill 132, 179, 249 Schlotfeldt, Kenneth 91 Schlueter, Annette 211 Schrneling, lohn 195 Schmeling, Mark 205 Schmidt, Beth 214 Schmidt, Carol n 217 Schmidt, David 179, 234 Schmidt, I. Paul 157, 179, 239 Schmidt, jon 203 Schmidt, joseph 148 Schmidt, judith Schmidt, Mark 179, 229, 252 Schmidt, Nola 179, 249 Schmidt, Robert 242 Schmidt, Tammy 141, 216 Schmiedel, Mark 179 Schmiesing, Richard 150, 242 Schmollinger, Karen 179, 244 Schneider, Ana 133, 149, 221 Schneider, Kristine 215 Schnelz, Steven 256 Schnorr, Mark 179, 252 Schnorr, Paul 84, 85, 252 Schoedel, Peter 48, 179, 252 Schoenbeck, Susan 193 Schoenherr, Barbara Schoeplre, Paula 151, 184 Scholle, Roxann 210, 239 Schoonover, Paul 239 Schrader, jeffrey 234 Schradie, Kathleen 151, 215 Schrage, Gordon Schrank, Leonard 179 Schranz, Eric 203 Schreck, Michael 133, 195 Schroeder, jane Schroeder, ja me 140 Schroeder, jili 216 Schroeder, joan 217, 244 Schroeder, Ketn 204 Schroeder, Lisa 179, 232 Schroeder, Mark A. 98, 252 Schroeder, Mark R. 195 Schroeder, Robin 215 Schroeder, S. 130, 158, 179, 211 Schroeder, Sheila 108, 212 Schroeder, Steven 252 Schroeder, Susan Schuchhardt, Brad 251 Schudlich, Stephen 246 Schuett, Linda 180 Schuettpelz, R. 157, 197, 25 Schuh, William 100, 137 Schuldt, Kari 215 Schuler, Mary 180, 232 Schulte, Debra 201, 255 Schultz, Carol 180, 204 Sage, Camalyn 218 Sagendorph, Paul 84, 85, 251 Sager, Scott 234 Sa er, Susan 149, 213 SaElin, Mark 257 Said, Rana 194 Samalio, Ferdinand 179, 268 Sames, William 146, 202 Sandbreg, Kristin 141, 196 Sanden, Tracey 118, 195, 246 Sanders, Karen Sanford, Colleen 156 Sanford, Keith 202 Santaquilani, joel Santikos, Violet 179, 244 Santos, joan 217 Sapper, Mark Sapper, Michael 159, 179 Sarraffe, john 140 Sarraffe, Paul 140, 239 Sasse, Sharon 215 Sathe, Tan a Satikas, judith 218 Sauer, Karen 210 Sauerman, David 202 Sauerman, Laura Sauerman, Nancy Saul, Carolyn 179, 194, 240 Savich, Alice Sawdo, Susan Sawyer, Dina 255 Sawyer, Stephen Scalcucci, Gina 244 Scanlan, Kimberly Schaack, D. 96, 108, 179 Schaack, Lorie 138, 218, 246 Schaefer, Barbara Schaefer, jay 140, 147, 222, 252 Schaefer, Susan 196 Schaffer, Mary 236 Schaible, Babette Schalhamer, Brian 223 Schallhorn, Charles Scharff, Donald 222 Schassburger, Carl 202 Schaub, Carol Scheck, Thomas 95, 200 Scheel, Rian 203 Schultz, Deborah Schultz, Douglas 202 Schultz, Karen 220 Schultz, Kurt 251 Schultz, Robin 118 Schulz, Andrea 138, 157, 249 Schulze, Chris Schulze, L. 35, 131, 232, 270 Schumacher, Deborah 258 Schumacher, joanne 236 Schumacher, Kenneth 180 Schumacher, Pamela 180 Schumacher, Tamara 258 Schur, Rhoda Schutrum, Tammy 190 Schutt, Kathrene Schwager, Teresa 146 Schwamb, Charles 226 Schvvantes, Robert 180, 192 Schwartzkopf, Lucie Schwass, Debra 215 Schwass, Lora 150, 249 Scommegna, Roger 180. 242 Scott, jennifer 142 Scrug s, Bruce 129, 204 Seaboid, Thomas 95, 180, 200 Seagren, Darby 240 Sears, Robin 180 Sebasty, Carla 108 Sebring, Blake 139, 206 Secen, Michael 239 Seeber, Carolyn See ers, Karen Seegnder, john Seidensticker, A. 110, 199 Sei , Scott Selrer, Maria Sellers, Marcia 240 Selthun, Stuart 204 Seman, Sally 149, 180 SEnff, joan 219 Serafini, Karen Serna, Laura 244 Serna, Ruth 158, 180, 249 Service, jay Sexton, Heather Seyboldt, Ann 180 Weiss Seymour, Carole Shamsan, Waleed Shander, Susanne 255 Shaner, Larry 251 Shannon, Angela 127 Sharpe, Kevin 91, 226 Sheehan, Donald 195 Sheldon, Rhonda Shelly, Mary 141, 197 Shemely, Elizabeth 147, 212 Sheprd, Charles 234 Shephard, Timothy Shepherd, Pamela 180, 232 Sherman, Deena 114, 239 Shewan, Paul Shewan, Ruth 130 Shiels, Dawn Shipley, Vicki Shoemaker, Deirdre Shoemaker, Lauren 130, 215 Sholes, Sharon Shrader, Michelle 216 Shreve, Rachel 236 Shropshire, Kimberly 214, 246 Shultz, Diane 196 Sica, Michele 214 Siebert, Barbara Siksnus, Rita 214 Sileno, Mary 141, 210 Silich, Cheryl 93, 213 Sillanpaa, Donald 204 Simmons, Grant 180, 195 Simmons, jeff Simonetti, Deneen 108, 218 Sincebaugh, Christine 249 Sinnett, Susan Sivertson, Mitchell 91 skaia, lill 180, 264 Skarha, Rita 131, 221 Sklavanitis, Charles Skryd, john 110 Slade, Michael 226 Sladek, Daniel 180, 251 Sladek, Sheryl 131, 233 Slazyk, Frank Sleeper, Robert Slivka, C nthia Sloan, Christopher 85 Sloan, Kathryn 244 Slothower, Bonnie 198 Smidt, Miriam 146, 194 Smith, Andrew 239 Smith, Brian 141, 224 Smith, David Smith, Donald 251 Smith, Douglas 180, 234 Smith, Elizabeth 218 Smith, Eric 98, 252 Smith, jennifer 141, 218 Smith, joan Smith, jonathan 91 Smith, Karen 180, 193 Smith, Karen M. 123, 180 Smith, Karen M. 217 Smith, Linda Smith, Maria Smith, Michelle Smith, Scott L. 225 Smith, Scott W. 180 Smith, Sherri Smoker, Debra 195 Snick, Kari 215 Snow, Colleen 236 Snow, Deborah 216 Snow, Kathleen 180, 236 Snowdon, Susan 232 Snyder, Craig Snyder, Glenda 96, 180 So retodo, Victoria Sohaney, lulianne sohn, Richard 136, 151, 192 Sokovich, Ronald 137 Solem, Susan 201 Sopko, john Sorensen, Nanc Sorenson, jonathan 227 Souffrant, Sandra Spaeth, Susan 128, 137 Spain, Michael 222 Sparreo, Patricia 143, 244 Spatzek, Karen Spaulding, Stephen 180 Speca, Michael 180, 252 Speckhard, Steve 91, 206 Speckhard, john Speckman, David Spees, K. 128, 134, 147, 180, 209, 258 Spence, jane 216 Sperry, George 226 Sperr , George 226 Spinell, Steven 91 Spoo, Laura 131 Sprajgue Susan 180, 211 Spu ic, Kevin 86, 234, 235 Squier, Diane 218 Spredzinski, Lynn 215 St. Aubin, Elizabeth St. john, jantei180 St. john, Leslie Stacey, Peter 246 Stachura, Barbara Staehle, Eric 91, 222 Stahlmecker, Cathi 208 Stallter, David 157, 203, 257 Stammich, Kurt 242 Standifer, Lila 41, 214 Staples, jennifer Stark, Susan 131, 197, 216 Starling, Karen 221 sian, Linda 141, 212 Stasek, Ruthanne Staska, Guy 192 Stasny, Deborah 180 Staks, Christa Stuadinger, Mark 86, 180, 247 Stears, lody 180 Steeh, Edward Steele, Cynthia 143, 220, 232 Steele, Kathleen 141, 147, 194 Steeves, john 131 Stefan, Alben 181, 192 Stefans, Kurt 181, 257 Steffeter, Caryl 249 Stegall, Kimberly 216 Stegner, Tesa 181 Steinbrecher, j. 91, 98, 148, 181, 192 Steinbrecher, Paul Steinbrueck, R. 140, 146, 215 Sleinlgass, joy 158, 180 Stein e, Rene 212 Steinke, Scott Stellfox,Helen 198 Stellfox, Kerry 198 Stellfox, Timothy 202 Stelzer, Mar aret 132, 192 Stengel, KarFZ05 Stengel, Kristin 211 Stepanek, Paul 181, 234 Stephany, Ellen 218 Sterling, David 140 Stermer, Sharon Stevens, Cyndi 181 Stevens, Holly 181, 236 Stevens, Laurie 216 Stevenson, Sandra 181 Stevenson, Colleen 121 Steward, Ellen 193 Stewart, joyce 113, 131 Stewart, M. 122, 152, 195, 236 Stewart, Tina 144 Stillman, Bethany 216 Stilwell, Timothy 141, 206 Stinger, Maril n 147, 204 Stinson, Charlles 137, 204 Stittleburg, Mark 91 Stivers, Maril n 213 Stockwell, Chris 181, 202 Stoelzle, Karen 249 Stoppelwerth, M. 135, 244 Stoeppelwerth, Susan Sto'anovski, Daniel Stokes, judith 181 Stoll, Robert 47 Stolle, Russell 261 Stone, Susan Storbeck, julia 209 Storrer, Carolyn 181 Strable, Deborah 141 Straub, Dave 135 Strawn, Ruth 138, 140, 215 Strege, jonathan 252 Strepe, Timothy 48, 181, 251 Stre au, Mark 181, 175 Stride, Christopher 225 Stride, Herbert Stride, Stephanie 244 Strilich, David Stirlich, Suzanne 216 Strimbu, Laura Stringer, Krehl 100, 202 Stringer, Philip 222 Stroede, Andrew 224 Stroud, Sherri 181 Strouse, David 268 Struckmann, j. 140, 141, 147 Struever, Clark 242 Stucker, joey 252 Stucky, Bradd 146, 268 Studenroth, Nancy 198 Stueve, james 105, 107, 225 Sturgeon, Gail Suarez, joseph 195 Sugg, Stephen 181, 192 Su ail, Hussain Sullivan, Kevin 141, 205 Summers, jennifer 236 Sumner, james 129, 204 Sund, Laura 141, 212 Surianello, F. 112, 181, 243 Surico, julie 232 Surma, David 131, 181 Surma, Steven Sutton, Laura 236 Sutton, Mark 246 Sutton, Merry 181, 207 Swanson, jonathan 225 Swanson, Kristine 138, 216 Swanson, Shari 213 Swanson, Sharon 131, 157 Swanson, Troy 145, 242 Sweet, Richard 140, 199 Swiecichowski, M, 91, 202 Swift, Laurie 221 Swiggum, Paul Swinehart, jeffrey 194 Syndergaard, jon 204 Syversen, Robert Szczepanik, Steven 181 Szpiszar, Annette 78, 138, 209 Szynal, Michelle 181 Tabbaa, Bilal Tabbaa, Riad Tahlier, Ted 252 Talley, Zoran Tamburrin, Alan 107, 223 Tamburrino, Rob 127, 136, 200 Tang, Kirsten 215 Tarka, Richard Tashi, George 193, 261 Tawil, Husam Tawil, Issam Taylor, Barbara 213 Taylor, Carolyn Taylor, Colleen 218 Taylor, Dale 246, 247 Taylor, David 136, 226 Taylor, Gre ory Taylor, Heigy 138, 149, 218 Taylor, Ida Ta lor, Sherman 242 Teltven, Wendy 197, 249 Teibl, Karen Telschow, Frederick 205 Telschow, Susan 130, 200 Temple, Trud 181, 236, 238 Terranova, Salvatore Tervo, Steven 181, 261 Teske, Walter 251 Tesmond, Nora 181, 264 Tetik, janet 258 Tewes, Debra Tewes, Robert 205 Tews, Leanne Thadani, Sunita 218 Thessen, Marlr 35, 181, 193 Thield, Chris 49, 143, 154, 252 Thies, Bethany Thode, jeff Thomas, Beth 181, 244 Thomas, Bryan 85, 137, 204 Thomas, Cynthia 215 Thomas, David Thomas, Lisa 200 Thomas, Marcy 218 Thomas, Matthew 95, 205 Thompson, Andrea Thompson, Anna 207 Thompson, julie 181, 255 Thompson, Lori 196 Thompson, M. 106, 107, 229 Thompson, Sally Thompson, Scott 261 Thompson, Stephen 252 Thormahlen, Duane Tibbetts, Susan 215 Tice, Paula 181, 264 Ticker, David Tideswell, Tammy 121 Tidwell, Aaron 84, 128, 192 Tidwell, Aaron 84, 128, 192 Tiebert, judy 198 Tiemann, Daniel 268 Tiemann, T. 146, 181, 268 Tietjen, Cheryl Timm, Carol 240 Timm, Deirdre 181, 255 Timmons, Samuel Tinsley, jacqueline 212 Tison, Thomas To, Anna 208 Tock, Kevin 182, 192 Tollefson, Trac Tombers, joellbn Tomell, Phillip Tomlin, Tom Tompos, David 257 Torbert, Lisa 182, 198 Toth, james 243 Toth, Thomas 182, 243 Town, Bruce 203 Towsend, janice 182, 208 Townsend, john 195 Townsend, Linda 138, 208 Tracy, Mary 219 Trantham, Timothy 137, 202 Traut, Cameron 138, 213 Trela, Maryann 217 Trembath, Robert 223 Trevino, Daniel 199, 234 Trevor, Charles 12, 252 Trigg, Charles 91, 251 Trzos, Suzanne 182, 249 Tsangaris, Steven 223 Tselepis, Peter Tubbs, Fredric 200 Tunnell, Catherine Turner, Dianne 137, 182, 192 Turner, jacqueline 255 Turoci, judith 215 Tuszynski, Andrew Tuttle, Lori 240 Twillman, Cynthia 131, 221 Tyrrel, Mark 204 Uhlhorn, Christine 220 Ulayyet, Fahed Ulayyet, Mazen Ulmer, john 182, 256 Ulmer, jon 223 Ulrich, Lisa 49, 214, 258 Umlauf, Keith 226 Underwood, Tracy 182, 238 Unruh, Daniel 204 Urich, Susan Urnes, james 133, 206 Utt, Herbie 91, 157, 202 Uzupis, Luke Vaca, javier Vaiana, Frederick 256 Vale, Thomas 234 Valentine, Kathy 264 Valle, Sheila 182, 255 VanBergen, Rosemary 220 Vanltoxtel, Michael 165 VanBuskirk, Scott 242 VanDrasek, Dean vanouien, s. 93, 148, 149, 182 VanHaitsma, Sara 195, 255 VanKley, Lori 258 VanMeter, Darien 212 VanOsdol, William Vanderploeg, Eric 95, 204 Vander ooy, Barbara 264 Vanderploeg, Mark 252 Vansickle, Debra 138, 216 Vas, Valerie Vasko, Raymond Vazquez, janet 182, 244 Vega, David 202 Ve tkamp, julie 212 Venturini, Alexa Venturini, Franklin Verden, Caroline 144 Vereb, Margaret 127, 139 Ver ara, Lisa 195 Veriulst, jacob Verhulst, joanne 145, 210 Verner, Robert 182 Vernet, Paul 31, 86, 251 Vernia, Stephen 257 Vetter, jacqueline 219 Violanti, joel 91, 223 visingsrdi, Lisa 211 Vlasic, Nancy 182, 195 Vogel, jeffrey 195 Vogelsberg, jane 193 Vogelsmeier, Stuart 86, 234 Vogts, Kurt 261 Vo'slavek, Timothy 147 Volden, Susan 182, 193 Volkrnann, Donna 249 Vollmer, jonathan 243 Vollmer, Patricia 232 Voll, Martin 159, 182 Volz, Ste hen 100, 200 Vonderplg e, Kristin Vossler, Reiecca 140, 147, 208 Volll, Gina 137, 182, 264 Vrahoretis, Susan 244 Vranicar, Matthew 91, 226 Wade, j. Glenn Wagner, Betty Wagner, Carl 140, 225 Wagner, Kimberly Wagonblast, I. 93, 133, 182, 192 Wainwright, Polly Walden, David 182, 239 Walesh, Kimberly 140, 217 Waligura, Karen 182 Walk, Steven Walker, joseph Walker, Nanc Walker, Todt'l,182, 252 Wallace, Dana Wallace, Mark Walsh, William 49, 154, 203 Walter, Wendy 236 Walters, Karl Walters, Nancy 182 Walters, Roberta 182 Walters, Tamara 132, 140, 182 Walton, Kimberly 219 Wambsganss, B. 130, 158, 182, 244 WanErow, David 239 Wan , Sarah 151 Ward, Beth 218 Ward, jerry 263 Ward, Patricia 136, 217 Warke, Am 141, 264 Warke, Kathleen 255 Warman, Blair 251 Warneke, Wray 143, 222 Warner, jeffrey 137, 182 Warner, Karen 214 Warren, Karla 258 Warren, Mariellen 138, 216 Washington, Steven 41, 200 Wastalu, Eva 182, 236 Waters, Ann Watson, Leo 205 Wauthier, Diane 200 Webb, Tracy 182, 236 Weber, jennifer 147, 182, 212 Weber, Mark Weber, Robert 242 Wedemeyer, Laura 182 Weeks, Tracy 219 Weible, joseph 206 weidanz, Heidi 146, 148, 216 Weigel, Philip Weinar, judith 136, 197 Weis, Daniel 204 Weiss, Amy 258 Weiss, Christine 138, 212 Weiss, james 98 Weiss, jennifer 216 Weiss, Karen 133, 208 , Michael 183, 192 Weiss, Peter Wellman, Gretchen Wells, G. 132, 140, 138 Weller, David Welther, C. 134, 183, 209 Welther, Kathy 134, 210 Wedelin, Cathy Wendell, B. 183, 192, 249 Wendling, Mark 192 Wendt, Dennis 242 Wentzel, Carol 218 Wenzel, Scott 225 Werling, Christo her Werner, Kimberli' Werner, Patricia 145, 215 Wesley, Connie Sue West, jennifer 138, 212 Westbrooks, Karen 183, 207 Westwick, Richard 183, 268 Wette, Gilbert Weygandt, Elizabeth 209 Wey rich, Kimberly 200 Weyhrich, Shari 131, 136, 197 Whang, T. 135, 141, 205 Wharton, Richard 205 Wheeler, Kristin Wheeler, Sherry Whelan, joseph Whetstone, Kimberly 216 Whitaker, Lori White, Cynthia 183, 258 White, Esther 3, 139, 210 Whittier, Todd 183 Wichman, jennifer 264 Wickstrom, Barbara 218 Wiegman, Catherine 216 Wiers, Lynne 264 Wiese, Anita 220, 232 Wiese, David Wiese, Rosemary Wiesen, Kathryn 108, 121 Wiesman, Kim 255 Wildznski, Robert 226 Wilde, Charles 183, 186 wile, Larry 206, 251 Wilk, Catherine 197 Wilk, Kristin 131, 220 Wilkening, Steven Wilkey, Lisa 217 Wilkins, Austin Will, Kath ii 183, 193 Williams, Arian Williams, Debra 183 Williams, janet 134, 183, 210 Williams, Kimberly Williams, Laura D. 183 Williams, Laura j. 157, 215 Williams, Lori Williams, P. 133, 183, 255 Williams, Paul 146 Williams, Rebecca 138, 213 Williamson, S. 158, 183, 244 Williamson, Trent Wills, jeffre 183, 243 Wills, Timothy 243 Willy, john Wilson, Craig 91 Wilson, Donald Wilson, jacqueline 214 Wilson, jeffrey 243 Wilson, Lucinda Wilson, Robert 91, 148, 202 Wilson, Rosanne 158, 183, 244 Wilson, Verneesa 130, 183 Winfield, laura 183, 19 Wingfield, judy Win ler, Sandra 264 Winold, Kay 218 Winstrom, Claire Winters, Craig 19, 183, 263 Wischme er, Martha 209 Wise, julgth 49, 136, 258 Wise, Kenneth 146, 183, 268 Wisher, Sharilyn 215 Wisz, Diane 135 Witte, Ruth Witter, Mathew 183 Witteveen, David 159, 224 Wittmayer, john 140, 143, 151 Wittnebel, Brian 205 Witto, Heather 214 Wittrup, jennifer 183 Wiwi, Rose Wixted, julie 217 Wojciechowski, D. 105, 107 Wo'kovich, Gerry Wold, Kathleen 210, 255 Wolf, Lori 118 Wolf, Rika 140, 141, 214 Wolf, Steven 183, 234 Wolfanger, Eric 199 Wolfan er, Lori 183, 236 Wolfersfaerger, Sara 135, 218 Wolff, Richard 194 Wolfgram, S. 140, 141, 147 Wollam, Christopher 110, 223 Woldhan, Kathleen Womack, Samantha 138 Woodard, Catherine Woodruff, C. 135, 183, 249 Woodruff, Vivian 212 Woods, Mark 48, 154, 183, 252 Woons, Lisa Wray, Aimee 232 Wray, Betty Wright, Al ison 196 Wri ht, G. Melissa Wrgbel, joann 127 Wuerdeman, Daniel Wunnenberg, Eric Wurm, Sheryl 214 Yacuk, Dawn 246 Yaeger, Elizabeth 215 Yaeger, Mark 183, 253 Yamoul, Salam 216 Yelton, Kimberly 215 Yoss, Mark 222 Young, Christine Young, Mary 128, 183 Young, Petrea Younger, Cheryl 121 Youghans, Barry 205 Vover, Mark 84, 133,183,193 Yunker, Lisa 240 Yuska, Leon 102, 224 Zananeh, Ramzi Zabel, Dawn 218 Zabrdac, David Zachar, William 133, 202 Zagore, Robert 184, 246 Za niser, Stacy 212 zalewski, jill 138, 215, 246 Zander, Beth 211 Zasada, Karyn Zavadovics, joseph 246, 247 Zawacki, joellyn 218 Zawadzke, Laura 131 Zehnder, Allyson 213 Zehnder, Craig Zehnder, Karen 214 Zeile, Karin 184, 214, 258 Zeldenrust, Mary Zelinka, Scott 184, 192 Zeyrbe, Hikmat 184 Ziebarth, Robert 225 Zielgler, Pamela 184 Zie m, Ingrid Zielke, Katherine 264 Zieman, Geoffrey 263 Ziellow, R. 128, 184, 221, 264 Zilisch, jodi Zimmerman, Daniel 135, 263 Zimmerman, Paula 216 Zimmerman, Susan 212 Zimmerman, R. 136, 184, 239 Zittel, Lauriece 121, 184 Zlioba, Vidas 202 Zoeteman, M. 133, 135, 141, 199 Zrinsk , Christine Zuelsdlorf, jane 37, 264 Zulte, Karen 133, 141, 104 Zura, Pamela 138, 197 Zygmunt, C. 138, 184, 249 Zy a, Gail 130, 131, 264 A L-X sv- .,, 288 Mrs. Kathryn Wall, advisor Mary Stewart, editor vs, "M "To be all that we can be" has been the theme for these past 287 pages. We have tried to capture moments and feelings-the tender, the great, the simple. We hope these pages bring joy and laughter to you now and in the years to come when you remember your day on this campus. I want to thank my staff and photographers for the hard work and the great job you all have done. And to Mrs. Wall, our new advisor, who was inexperienced in yearbooking, but came through with lots of ideas and dedication to see the book to its close. There are countless others who helped to make this book all that it could be. A few of these include Pat Downing, The Vidette Messenger, and Mark Woods. A very special thank you goes to Mike Hackleman, our representa- tive from Iosten's, and to Ray Kavey, our representative for Year- book Associates. Several times this year I wondered if page 288 would ever get done and here it is. With it I breathe a sigh of relief, praise God for small miracles, and thank all of my dear friends-Mary Lisa, Rich, Kim, and Kim who gave their love and support which got me through the year. 74 Nfiwmf I EDITOR: STUDENT LIFE: ACADEMICS: SPORTS: ORGANIZATIONS: SENIORS: DORMS: GREEKS: ADS: INDEX: PHOTOGRAPHERS: ADVISOR: Mary Stewart Kathy Beumer, Co-Editor Donna Bradfield, Co-Editor Penelope Forest Gwen Horth Ioan Gillette, Editor Sheryl Drisner Beth Froehlich Mary Marentette Kim Anderson, Co-Editor Mike Eckert, Co-Editor Tom Ehrhardt Dana Horecky Stacey Linn Laura Mutscher Ianora Barlett, Editor Karen Stoelzle janet Dubois Kim Matthies, Editor Nancy Bross julie Miethke Debbie Downing, Editor Ann Dollase Pebble Haniford Carla Janssen Beth Muir Ioyce Niedner, Editor Arlene jackson, Assistant Ed Laura Babcock Mike Alhorn, Co-Editor Karen Mader, Co-Editor Lisa Foye Wendy Lemke Debra Painter Rich Hasz, Editor Craig lohnson, Editor Dale Brown Rob Camarena Steve Charvat Kristen Gauss lim johnson Chris Thielo Kathryn Wall itor Colophon The 1983 Valparaiso Beacon was printed by Iosten's American Yearbook Company in their Topeka, Kansas plant. Sales Representative - Mike Hackleman, Plant Re- presentative - Judy Hufficker. Body copy is set in 10!12 point, Optima, cutlines in 8 point, Optima, headlines in 24-60 point, Optima, and in- dex in 6 point, Optima. The paper is 80 lb gloss - 191, endsheets are 65 lb. color white. Graduate portraits by Yearbook Associates, P.O. Box 91, Millers Falls, Massachusettes, 01349. Representative - Raymond B. Kavey, lr. Cover photo by Dale Brown, staff photographer, 4- color litho cover, background 300!0 process red and 'lO00fo process yellow. The Beacon is the official campus yearbook of Valpar- aiso University, published under auspices of the Commit- tee on Publications, Angie Shannon, chairman. The Bea- con office is located in the upper Union Building, Valpar- aiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana, 46383, t219l 464-5428.

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