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1 1 1 V -- , , , ,JL ,,, ' A A - x--- . - .. - ,. ,,,....,..,.-:.,, 0,4 .,,...-...-...,hf.Y..-.....--,..-...,.. ,.,.f.-..A. .. A. ,, R A E -A ,Y , xx---., W... I ,J if .. vm.. f..,.. .-.-- I K' I r K x 5 I I I I I 1 A I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 2 . I I ,.. Q A I .1 3 , . I , I I I . - 1 - I I I 'f I I I I I 1 N. I I a S I . I ' I i - . - I 5 I I 3 I I I I 1 I I I I I I I ' I F 1 I I I , S I I E I I I I If I I I I I , . I I I I . I I ' I I I I 3 I I I 1 I I I I I . I I . A ' , 3 1 , , f 1 w N 1 , IN MEMORIAM William Carl Lutz, l9l6-l937 E Nl l F. fx, li 1 ,1 I, E: 522 51 ef-4 -A-4 '- V 5 I "1T,4ii7 9 hi ww, 3, fl i , i I ,r H .,. .'. ,.4 2-I li H is i HN 93 UN'UUR'EAMPU THIS I5 T WW Im . I 0 HAPPY I ' HAVE PA 0 5AY I Ty.: avg gf 'ff Qtr: X, e i1"1+ Qx , Q6 Q 8 HA?F'Y HQURS HAVE PASSED C 8 IN PLEASANT DAY DREAMiF-ICE Aa-Q.-.xv-5.4-.:..f...4 ' ' .. ,- :....L... - QA5' J.-- 'M' ' om, .....-I --.-uv,-.-,.....,. ..,,..w.-n...1.X A 1..- win F . ' L L if if 'J 1 HERE STUDENTS COME IN SONG 0 O AND REVERIE YNSPIRED BY THE MORNING CHAPEL HOUR THE TICKING CLOCK MARKS Z: -xo? HOURS PASSED IN BROWSING O O'ER THE DEEP AND FANCIFUL N X - NX.. .Q .Ng .. .. N X N X ' 'Q X . X X- .Q X 3' k X X Q 1 .' X N v 5 :X X 0 'SQQ X X 'X X S' - N 1 xl . X . 'f - X' 'X X-X X x XS X x W-U NX X 'a V 'N KR .x 1. X, X x 5 X' KFX. wx. xx X X . X X- W X X .XXV N5 KX. ' XY N k X" QJIWIN X. ' x X. . Ni 'X . xx XY KSf RfgXY', , H ., .XX N N. . X - W lxxxj fk W N xE3xQxXxX XXX 1 'X X - X X- X Q, fNX X . X- 'ff Q. . Xi - .cg X . - , .x X XXXXQ - K wx X Y N .XX M' W QNX .X 5, 4- xX x ,M X X . .XXX X XX . . XXX T Sxjx X .' ,- A R -X xvsk xg K v X X ' - XX -X X- X NX CX-Xp R . X f ".X,'xX. ' if ' - ' . X XTX B Qv 'SXJ in XX. .X X .. X Q. X .Xp . X-5 Sf ix is ff , 1 Q QNX R xgn E h XXX. i X . ' XY. Q -4 . - XX XY x -..,5,.i. ., . wp' x K. 1 fy .X XX.-my X. val X . X YSXLTS- f . X , N H., A X X . N A 1 X X K . , ' .,,. S sf X .X XX iyigixx -.X ,Xi Xvx gs? , X x . A X f XS ESX . X... 5 'V K 5 5'- . - ,Sit S' . 5 Ns' . ' X X ' 0 , . X ',..F. X ,.. 5 . 'v.' Q .pn n 1 .1 X X. X. R XX 5 1. X X ii .1 X X 1 -INN X , 0 4 V- KW ,. LQ? I :gg 15 S Fifi? zggfflffj 43" ' H . fi? in 5335 El 'f 5 ,,, 1 .X Q X ilxx Ax if 'A .' 2 ,Ac Ky I f 1,-,Y:.f,QJ 'X ,. zgfif. ' 'f 'V 1 4 fl' 1 'Qt A" 77 .I ,ii 14' at if 1' ff- ff" -I 74. A fn? f ff." 5" flrf- , f J E 55: , ' 2 fly, f ' 2' 2, . I f:. 7 f f A 1 . f f ,.l4 X X ff f f . win , ,. VAA. Q O , Y ,.,, MW. V f ,fx I fm' , ff vi -f ' My .5 ff-ffzgy . 3,1 1 A , 1 ,a.7i?fi?" 1 ffm' IQYQLT 7 I V ' ,J Lil' , . 4924, ' f ?f'.,v f.,, . ,Z f Wm , M Z , . nf: ,any , yy? ffwif' I M M, 1 .ff ',f,. X 1, f ff' 'CW f, V fyllb 4 f 'ilffw f T! f-4, v A ,,, 'fwhy 1 ffyf- 'K . .,,,ai,: 75717 X N f f f f , my X f f yfibf' , , ,-,yy if: wp, .,f V f 7 , ' iff , , f f , f f f , ,Q W ,, X f-Vi, 4 ,,. 5' Z 54 3 if ,, fi , X4 , ff fig' I .fm , 1 1 ff , , 1' . Q4 W., ' 1. 3 , - I 175' " ' 1 X, 5 X . Z ., X f W., XXL , ,A A Z' ,721 ,cl4Z,,,gZ,v !.. , . - , . ,. ff, ,,?f,.,M f rw,-'Q ' ci , ,.,.4 .0 ,, f...,Q If ,ff ,f ,ff , b!X " X 2,-,Q I ' 'ww if f? ., , ' 5 'V .. ff? f , . ey,9...i.,', M M ,A ,, My ,FWZ " . w f ' V Q ,vfmfm f f Q.. I ,X . N ,X 2 X X ' r Xb NA , X 5 SX 1 X N K . , ' r 5, .X . X- . pg. ' , Nm'-, . X by 1 , ' ., X . - .X , 3 x X Q x s X xi X x.A 1 3 H J I x 3 'w it I X , w . X X X - 5 ix Q. ' Q flx...-X? A x . .X X X YQ, - Q , xx .V I E Klux x f 9 V' X ' ' A XXX. X qi 8 . . A , S l .X MM X X x . gs VL '. 'Htl-W-I X ., . A 1 V w 3 A x pg. 25, '1 5 K- f-. H 'fx Ny a x, F 4 xxx 2 g ' 1 X.-. , K wg f 3 . w 1 . ' 'X R X ' - 2' x xx YW' Hg Y A"x'h: "V is . if-i 1 'N ' M, , v X ' u A z ., A' 1 N , xi-Vlw 5-5 Q . wp- 'R 'ax : W fx 1 ,.,,?-ighwb .xii .V , ,JI ,--xi fx -,VFR X 'KN 2 .A-Q X :H -K. ,X 'Y ,-U X ,HQ Xi -.Q-NHKIK,-'.:xl x v . .L xi vi' . .gist . W I , V Q A .R - X ' 'W K"Q..fv- Que- -fx., Q-1 X X Y . Q . '- . g m 1 ,, ,, X .mt . .5 X W - . 1 'xx X 'v' 5 , swf- .. .'. , W . . , - . .ui Y " -'-+R? , ,VV '. 5 x VX RN Jem fig fggwvfgfg x K X '-1 X, 'QXWXX ..,,w 5 J 'I - . X S fgxbx Sm-S5 'lx X ' . ' -img , fx k X T- X ' is .4 fix lg ., . . 4 , ,. , H - ' 1.. Qfjf P . ,v ,qs A. gH,,.3q Wq,Y,u...,.a, . Q ,KI XX, fy w ,Q X ' 5' SY3 "fha . 'A X .1-gm Q "kg, v V -' fl w fx. Ax .15 xx . wx. -X ws , . . . . ' :f .. x R Y I - . X ' A -. .fwbfj S X v V g E Y Q Q R 'pil 13 S' -- 'ei ls' fgljfsg xl X ., V' S 5' " I N ' X Y Tl. 3 faq 31h x Hum- xxx :El.Y,XQ rn X , , X. n . , ,5 Q -. gk, A "5 fy' v . ' -1-Xfwf .war . Q WY ' F S , .. .xx hx 1 X ,e N- . - x wx -.1 .f-Q.- f S W 11.11-f. 'v 'Q :P-Jim' 'S "v -A, i 7 "Q m P uv ' 2. XE wa ' , I N'XiQf',uEsix, ,Y Y, X - x, V . 'x,1,.,f- Q I, 2 N vg -5 Y .X qi-fi., S f is , 4 if X x , .ga .. - . vf- x 'U ' ', NSW! 2 s- .. 3 S XY "' A .' ' 'Q 3? Sffw' ,QQ X K-1 ,VX4 M bk Na V.. Vg fs ry, :jg .E QXQVZLNB , , M' r. N x'N 5 ' - 'xg k ' .. " '-X 1 . " Af: ' , , Q . -X if X, ,M .X Qf WA ,, 5 ...ju ..,l nn, Nz, Lx 'azz b V xx " -' ilx .X ,. ' my 5' 2 3, w 1 QQ! , E- X kin I V n ,A A ifgf- "' X Q.:"5rx1E i X ..-fx ' - ,353 ' ig wx F4 - 'Ev ' . I Al.. . .. Aa. E . . .' H' -, -'. -Rf ix . X - X RYA 1 4 tp' , X x Q jaw: 1115, . t ---1. In 'x 4' .X - K v.-A.. 2" I .W - r 'lx 5 5' fi , .kv 'v r qc 4. ' ' A f. 3 -,,--,,,5Vxqg . ..-,:.-,::.,,,.,,g,-N ., HERE MANY A FELINE FRIEND Q I-:As MET rrs DOQM BEN EATH ' f THE SKSLLHJL srungwr HAND "HAS ANYONE SEEN MY BIG BLACK DOG?" SAYS MR. LIEN A J AS HE DISHES OUT HIS WARES. ? i AT r 5 4 f Q I I 25 13 4 I v'Q 5 w fig, x , ! 2,-Q -H .4..:....-. .L ..J.u:f2,s.f,-1........ AJNQ- :Jn .-:gmail N M-,.,..-. ,- af' M4 , , I 4 I fjf, 55. . :fag 4 'nw ii Y' fg 1 v Q ,G Sz 'fi 41 -r ff ff 7773 ff! f !,ffjfw!,,77 , .Tx mm, WHERE ASCENT TO LEARNING REALLY IS A MATTER WHICH O IS COMPLETED STEP BY STEP. INARTS ' ANU ' LAW ENEINEENINE , ffv' WHERE HEAVY SHOES ALONG C WITH A HEAVY SCHEDULE MAKE 6 . UP A TYPICAL VU ENGINEER. J V 1 1 -..-.-4, -v- x'.f , ., IJ- x I I PRESIENTINB TU YUU - vff.::3i6 ,V 1.51 PAUL MEIER BUS MANAGER K A- 1- D A 1, 1 11 ARTHUR GRIEP E D I T O R 21' '1 1 ' 1 51 -. .1 1 I .' ' 1 1 1 1, 1 F1-QI 5 1 ,,,,f ....... - - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 E 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 I V , 1 1 1 , I 1 1 '. 1 , 11 'X 1 ,11 ' I 1 'N-ff 1111 .1 fr -11 r-vt at 3 1 'g"ff1ia?.i- : 53' R- 1-122 if .1 gr-L 15.3 1':1f3z1f, ?fi?sW:r'1 51 -in EQQQ1 ' WEB' ' ,L .Q if:-L EH 401533:-' il , T .71 1 1 V' W , 1 11 1 ' 1 1 'S ! BGOK OISIE TEACHERS BOOK TWO STUDENTS TI-II2EE BG K ATI-II.ETICS I lg ,. BQOK FCUR ACTIVITIES fwese UIQ 9' ex sguawu Q56 V I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I I -a , I I With rnemones and money they oflwmys rewrri, The annual Home- coming meeting of the Alumni association marked the election of Walter Christopher of Oak Park, Illinois, as the second president of the organization. Walter Christopher was gradu- ated from the Law school in June, 1936, and suc- ceeded Leonard WALTER CHRDSTOPHER Presidenf Schramm of Farming- ton, Missouri, as presi- dent. At present there are six chapters of the Alum- ni association, and more are in the process of or- ganization. Those now active are in Detroit, In- dianapolis, St. Louis, Chicago, Bay City, and Fort Wayne. Page twenty-seven MRS. H. A. EBERLINE . President gym' Ty ia to p U XE! 4 S 1 ffl . S 49 foam oorfm. Fl' EHSQFI bgdgog' i-Q as a'H-Denim FDB.: MB e-r"U9-,QPU l3""f5SJO CDOQ-if-ev-Q O45 o.i" Cage. ?3E.-D55-3 :.'af'F'DF2.. ?3,mU?Of'f 1-A-?"QfD4D" Orb'-'Dm Po-iftgg mg':7'pq.Q D '-:B QNQONB Mana 231:-'D' Q2 PN' 'Q3lL',.1g r-AQ-t D-AH. Eocbp-Ant'-:T ugzbllllmw H.-OUQH Cbafkr-g"4 gnOmOc-f 30,050 5-tQg,,'5S'ru f":f'93"q3 one-r,.D.'3"O 5"i?g.C.i.2 5255.29 2-.ofDR'2-. . 33-Dm... 9-"1-rf:-r-D" PQ.:-M QVC OD BENQ' me-r OD:-2 Sxfirnl I As its maigobjective the Women's auxiliary has the creation of a "home" atmosp ere at Valparaiso. Much has been done toward the attain- ment of this goal by recent improvements made in both girls' and boys, dormitories. 'Rhey have also contributed. to the beautification of the cam- pus by their gif-t of fifteen evergreen trees presented by fifteen chapters. The next big gighl is the building of a new girls' dormitory which is to have all improveme as s. . CD , 'Zi . :Lf fi CD Q VV 18 l 'ri his 1. ka MRS. M. HEMMETER MRS. A. 0. KAMPE Vice-President Secretary If 18 9 Page twenty-eight Sauerman, Miller, Dickmeyer, Kreinheder, Boeger 3 U7 O UD 'T "f 3 -D Dlllffl 1.-'EA D il With a program oglniversity ex- pansion as its mainwfobjective, the Board of directors ng aims to ful- fill its plans for a new gym, a hospital, a library, and a largefiystudent body. Also on the progranig are plans for campus improvemeifd Which have been making rapid progress. Several generous bequests ring the last year, notably one ofQE50,000 from Mrs. NV. H. T. Dau and another of 320,000 from Mrs. PQe, have mate- rially aided this proggss. The Board is' advisegby a National board of 125 represenfitive men Who act as an advisory committee. Board of directors group Page twenty-nine Page thirty C. C. KREINHEDER President V TO OUR GRADUATES OF 1937: College days, it is often said, are intended to prepare young men and Women not only for life but for living. It 1S our hope that your Alma Mater, as an institution of higher learning under Christian auspices, has accomplished both: prepared you for a useful place in life, and for living your life on the high plane set by Christian standards. It is especially the latter that the World needs so badly in these restless and chaotic times, Above everything else it needs men and Women who cherish Christian ideals, Who are motivated in their actions, in private and in public, by Christian principles, who in the every day af- fairs of life seek uto do justly, to love mercy, . and to Walk humbly with their God." As you now leave us to go forth into life for which your Alma Mater has prepared you, may I ask you to take with you as a guiding motto the Word of our Savior: "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good Works and glorify your Father Who is in Heaven." AD I ISTRA O. C. Kreinheder A. F. Scribner , ,. , , - U ni W E? yx 1' L. 7 H. ' bl ki 'S s,,,.,fj"" , . " enruchs A. W. Born F. H. Rechlin Katharine Bowden Catherine Corboy Ma,r'rha Carlson Mrs. L. Merker Gaynell Neff Page thirty-one 'W , i . V W J ef., f--f v I. l f Q. N . . '2""1'i2s" ow ww 1 r 5 By their faculty ye shall judge them-and if Val- paraiso university is judged in this manner, it must he highly rated. Wfhimsical and interest- ing is Dr. Walter E. Bauer, associate profes- sor of history. His Work as announcer for the University radio broad- cast is indispensable. Vir- gil E. Berry, professor of law, has been with the University since 1931. A Valpo graduate, Howard Betz, instructor in math and physics, has done gc Hzfrty-f ,. , . :1f:'.l'SX-.Sf on 2 -if--' r 'ef' 4-" Bauer Berry Befz BliCkeV1SClel'fel' Chaffee Cushman Elliott Frick ,'I 'w tix I """Qn..,. P11 Il 0 , 1 QL, much in the Held of light and X-rays. In the engineering de- partment Herman Blickensderfer is instructor in civil engi- neering. Bearing the distinction of having been with the University longer than any other teacher, Dr. E. W. Chaffee acts as part-time professor of music. Instructor in health and director of che intramural and intercollegiate athletics, Coach Christiansen adds the teaching of boys' health classes to his already long and varied rostra of activities. Dr. Cushman, professor of mechanical engineering, is rapidly gaining na- tional renown as a slide rule expert. In the Zoology depart- ment, Dr. Frank R. Elliott achieved distinction when he was elected vice-president of the Indiana Student Health associa- tion. Charles H. Frick is indispensable in the mathematics department. Instructor in business management and econom- ics, E. E. Croehring likes the Republican party and is a well- known man about the campus. In spite of illness Stacy L. Crreen is faithful and competent in his work as instructor in music and piano. A feminine member of the faculty, Miss Hazel Guillaumant is instructor in French. Termed by stu- dents as being able to teach more in two semesters than any other science department prof, Dr. A. A. Harwood acts as Friedrich Frost Goehrmg Green Q, ,Q Guillaumarit I-laeritzschel Harwood O !TL..1VC- Cfliffllifli J v associate professor of pharmaceutical chem istry Marshall ox has been instructor of law in the University since 1934 Important to students who are studying teaching 1S Roy ulian part time instructor in education and assistant director of supervised teaching Dr Frederick Kaufmann 1S professor of botany and pharmacognosy Besides fulfilling the position of dean of students H H Kumnick acts as teacher of religion A member of the engineering department C W Lauritzen is assistant professor of electrical engineering Afliliated with Valparaiso university since 1900, J. M. Lien, part-time instructor in pharmacy and chemistry, bears the distinc- tion of being on excellent terms with phar- mics and pre-meds at the same time. Head- ing the discipline committee is Dr. C. F. Lindberg, assistant professor of education and psychology. Dr. Frederick V. Lofgren, professor of pharmacy and pharmacology, is a member of the revision committee for the national pharmacopoeia. Professor D. D. Mallory is instructor in electrical engineer- Kaufmann Kurnnlck Lambert Lauritzen Lien Lindberg Lofgren Mallory Theirs is so life o Me Ml Ma Mu Pla Sc Sc e of constant ond often fruitless ossigning MGYSV ing. Nationally known in his held, Dr. Al- Miller fred H. Meyer acts as professor of geography M d and geology. Walter M. Miller is in the de- OO Y ff ' 1 d' f partment o ore1gn anguages an is pro es- Morland sor of German. Dean of the engineering Place school, H. W. Moody teaches civil engineer- S h b h ing. Also a dean, J. W. Morland heads the C oem O m law school and is a professor in the same field. Schwiebert Outstanding as a director in dramatics, D. R. Place of the English department produced jozzrlzegfs End and The Torcfabemfers. Miss Elizabeth Rechenberg is instructor in Ger- man. Professor of political science and his- tory, Dr. Schwiebert is outstanding in his Work on the reformation.Dr. AncilR. Thom- as heads the department of physics. Out- standing in his research on karaya gum, Dr. Walter E. Thrun heads the department of chemistry. M. W. Uban acts as assistant pro- fessor of mechanical engineering. Especially Well-known for his Works on the sermons of John Donne, Dr. Herbert H. Umbach is a member of the English department. M. E. Page thirty-f'i'ue Thomas Thrun Uban Umbach Wehling Ziebarth Zimmerman Purge'.f.' Zimmerman teaches shorthand and typing and was active this year in the University Red Cross drive for flood relief. New on this yearls faculty rostra are Dr. Friedrich and Professors Frost, Lambert, Schoenbohm, Wehling, and Ziebarth. From the above Mr. Richard Schoenbohm and Mr. E. L. Frost are newcomers to the music department, the former as director of the University choir and head of the music department and the 3 . latter as teacher of harmony and instrument- ation and d' irector of band and orchestra. From the University of Toledo comes C. F. Ziebarth as new head of the department of b . . usiness management and economics. Dr. W. G. Friedrich is the new English department head and ' f is rom Johns Hopkins university. L. F. ' ' ' Lambert is a new addition to the En g- lisli department and is advisor to the Torch d Uh an lan, and Albert Wehling is a member of the law department. New the seco d n se- nFester is Dr. Adolph Haentzschel He heads tie department of religion and philosophy. CGI Gi? C3149 'UQQEC Q Q06 5? l f I Q I i i 1 1 i i x L 3 X I A P 6 s 5' N P I E 4 i ! 1 I I 3 L I 3 'N ,. .V .' SE ,RS v ,. ST . Aflo 'Ei o ow 'U :CU 41 U 3 95 U7 C CD the fowo rd d SU alll tT!l"HcSly jo G ey'v ,C +- ffl L., C3 GJ be ou Q .Q u. fl C LL, i ,l , ji' they hove ochieved the covetediiidiplomo, their PPG: 4 council, orchestra, Biology and Chemistry clubs, was a Kappa Iota Pi. An exceptional character actor, he Was four years a member of University players, and three years a member of Alpha Psi Omega .... William Busse majored in business administration, minored in law. Besides being a member of Phi Delta Psi, he Was active for two years in Commerce club-, belonged to Pre-Legal and Lawyers' associations .... Four years Edith Callies has been a faithful member of choir and Sigma Theta. An A.B. in German and English, an adherent of the Education club, she did practice teaching in Valpo High school this year .... Although a I native of Valparaiso, Marjorie Claudon has spent most of her time on the cam- pus. She majored in business and Eng- lish, was assistant in the business department. She Was a member of David Fierke Fred Gieseke Roberta Haller Alfred Henkel Marjorie Hoffmann Muriel jones a Hallerf el jones possport to the world, where theirs will be to do or due Roma Kemena Rowena Kreutzburg Ernest Laetz Edward Loerke Martin Lutzke Maryalice McGill Mary Frances Morland Helene Papageorge Alpha Phi, belonged to W. A. A., Commerce and Educa- tion clubs. In her last year she was secretary of the Senior class .... A transfer from Luther col- lege, St. Paul, Minnesota, Roland Diemer Was graduated With an A.B. in zo- ology and chemistry. Besides part-time activities in Al- i i ' truria restaurant, he was for two years a member of the Biology club .... In spite of being a ma- jor in chemis- Pyage forty-three Rosella Pillsbury Ethel Pomex Vivian Reich Ruth Ressmeyer V Margaret Schroeder Vietta Schroeder try, and Zoology, Carl Ehnes managed to be active in the University players and Alpha Psi Cmega. He was affiliated with Biology and Chemistry clubs, was in IFC four years. In his final semester he was president of Alpha Epsilion. . . . Perennially youth- ful is Elizabeth Fienup. Four years she has been a ' member of W. A. A., choir, Commerce club, and Gamma Phi, of which she Was president for one se- mester. Also versatile in dramatics, she has been a University player and an Alpha Psi Omega for three years .... David Pierke came from Concordia semi- nary, took his A.B. in German and history. He played football, was a sensation in basketball, and became a V club member. Dave Was a member of Education club, vice-president of seniors, president of Phi Delta Psi in his last semester. As an outstanding stu- dent he was selected for the Collegiate XVho's Who in 1937 .... Fred Gieseke was a major in history and law, was also a member of Student council, IFC, Although they hove left us, 'Forever in rl-,elif hemrfg U Q U lived 163 ho CQ ae CD L, CD 3 cu U C5 'Ei OJ 4-4 '+E- C3 ,iemory we L 4-J GQ wevv-I w-moo won! leoff learned ond foirnerl the frfencjsltiips which tlaev cherish Pre Legal association Kappa Iota P1 Last year he was captain of Junior Honor Guard and this year a member of the Lawyers association Roberta Haller gets things done with no apparent effort For two years she has been a Valuable assistant in the English department has a B A in English and German Both athletically and musically inclined she is a faithful member of W A A choir at tended the Education club at intervals Alfred Henkel left us in February after obtaining his B A in German history and sociology He was assistant in the sociology department a member of Alpha Epsilon A loyal Gamma Delt is Marjorie Hoffmann, besides being a pos- sessor of an A B in German and history She was a mem- ber of the Education club, intends to teach after gradu- ation Muriel Jones, English major, is another mid-year graduate, an assistant in the English department in her junior year Outstanding in dramatics, she was a member of University players and Alpha Psi Omega, elected to Pi Gamma Mu, was a member of Gamma Phi .... Besides her four yearsf activity in W. A. A., Roma Kemena has managed to secure a B.A. in sociology and English. She was elected to the All Star Girls' basketball team for three years, but found time for the Torch and Iota Sigma. She is a member of Gamma Phi .... A rare student is Rowena Kreutzburg, A.B. in chemistry and history. She belonged Clifford Schwan Oliver Shelksolfm William Stevens Melvin Waldschmidt Betty Woods William Yelsik Soon It will be thenr prlvll to Chemistry and Education clubs A transfer from Bay City Jumor college Ernest Laetz took his A B 1n business He Was president of the Com merce club and a Kappa Iota P1 An A B 1n sociology Edward Loerke minored in journal 1S1'I1 was a member of Torch and Uhlan staffs was elected to Iota Sigma He played basket ball was a V club member He was 1n ad d1t1on publicity man for Alpha Psi Omega and a Phi Delta Psi Martin Lutzke was something in everything usually something important Henreceived l11s A B in English and math was a member of Kappa Iota Pi, Student council, V club, Uhlan and Torch staffs, manager of the football team. In his last year he was president of Alpha Psi Omega Mary Alice McGill, A.B. in ' history, also attended Rol- lins and Northwestern. L and University players .... Albert Anhold john Bararm Phillip Bodenstab Charles Boomershine George Bush Arthur l-linz ege to dnssernnnote ugumag fe U' O -1- 3' O -11 M QM tpgq SJ M H9 1 led The Francis l-louseholter Frederick Krueger l-lerbert Kugler Louis Llchtsmrm Robert Peper Wilmer Sllvmske Raymond Wolff She was an Alpha Ph1 Delta Active both oif campus and on Mary Frances Morland majored in history and law She was a member of the Uhlan staff Iota Sigma and W A A She is affiliated with Alpha Phi Delta Helene Papageorge Alpha Phi Delta majored in English plans to teach She was a member of ISC W A A Education club Also planning to teach 1S Rosella P1llsbury,'A.B. in Eng- lish. She belongs to the Education club, was Vice-president of Altruria Dor- mitory association her third and fourth years .... Ethel Pomex will take her B.S. in Pharmacy, was a I member of Biology and Chem- istry clubs, and the Pharma- ceutical association. . . -Qutstanding in all activities is Ruth Ressmeyer, A.B. in Ger- man, assistant in education and psychol- ogy department. She was president of W. A. A. and ISC in her fourth year, leorrmed here? the first o little better thorw the lost Page .forty-sevew member of Alpha Phi Delta and Education club Secretary to Dean Kummck IS Margaret Schroeder major in business management and Cver man She Was act1ve in W A A Commerce and Educauon clubs Alpha X1 Epsilon Vietta Schroeder majors in sociology and geography She has a charming disposition was V1ce president of W A A mem ber of IFC and Alpha X1 Epsilon Another assistant in the business department 1S Clifford Schwan A B in business management and geography He belonged to choir Commerce club Kappa Delta A m1d year graduate was Oliver Shelksohn mayor in chemistry and Zoology He was a member of Biology and Chemistry clubs .... A transfer from Indiana U., William V Stevens, A.B. in chemistry and biology, is a member of 'Edu- cation club .... Melvin Waldschmidt took his A.B. in his- tory, intends to continue in law. He is a member of Sigma Delta Kappa, IFC, Lawyers, association .... Betty Woods, Alpha Phi Delta, majored in business and education, Was assistant in the mu- sic department. She . is a member of Edu- cation club and Al- pha Psi Omega .... A major in history is William Yelsik, Alpha Epsilon. He is also a member of the Lawyers' asso- ciation .... Assist- ant coach in foot- Harry Krogh Wesley Mack Pi-1 1 Atv Elizabeth Pillsbury Eugene Pillsbury T55 Dorode is post, the grocluoting l-lilbert Plischke Harry Purvis TS Willard Findling TS Paul Fleck foo eir .C -4--1 C. Walter Garbers ""' Robert johnson CD E+-vu IQ c. C3 Lfl L.. Alfred Sieving +1 ewosrveeamiru S .C U1 sums ball, former co-captain of the football team, Albert Anhold re- ,C ceived his LL.B. A V club man, he also played basketball for Q two years, was a member of Phi Delta Psi .... Another football and basketball man is John Baran, 'LL.B. He was president of the V club, affiliated with the Lawyers' association and Kap- pa Iota Pi .... Phillip Bodenstab received his LL.B. at the end of the first semester. He was for several years a mem- ber of the choir and a Sigma Delta Kappa .... Unassum- ing and quiet, Charles Boomershine, LL.B., was a mem- 5-f ber of the Lawyers' association .... Besides receiving his LL.B., Arthur Hinz has shown a decided leaning toward music, was a member of the choir for four .iw years. He is a Phi Delta Psi .... Francis House- holter was graduated in Law at the end of the first semester, was a member of the Lawyers' +- association. He has already passed his Indiana Bar examination .... Frederick Krueger com- Q pleted his pre-legal work at Indiana U. and took his LL.B. here. He was a member of vacfors cheered, cmd we who he re rernctmxrm Page forty-nine the Lawyers' association .... Assistant in the ta, member of W.A.A., and secretary of Law school is Herbert Kugler. He is a Sig- the Pharmaceutical association. Husband ma Delta Kappa,member of Lawyers' Eugene Pillsbury is also a pharmacy association, vice-president of IFC 1T12j01', membCrOfP12afm2CCUf1Ca1 as' during his last year .... A lawyer with sociatiO11, KHPPQ PS1 and KQPPQ Iota a hand in everything is Louis Lichtsinn, Pi .... Assistant in the College of Pharmacy president of Lawyers' association and Phi and a pharmacy major is I-Illbert Pl1SCl'1li6. Sigma. He was ac- tive in Student council, president of Lawschool students, Kappa -Iota Pi, Sig- ma Delta Kappa, and was one of the best known campus :figures .... President of Student council, Robert' Peper took his many duties well. He has taken class honors several times, is a member of the Lawyers' association and Kappa Delta Pi. . . . Leroy Slivinske, LL.B., will long be remembered for the successful Home- coming program which he managed last fall. He is affili- ated with Sigm a D e l t a K a p p a .... Raymond Wolff, Sigma 'Delta Kappa, vice-president of the Lawyers' association, received his LL.B. He is also a member -A.. of Student council, Kappa Psi, and pres- ident of Pharma- ceutical association. . . . Harry Purvis, Kappa Psi and Kap- pa Delta Pi, took his B.S. in Pharmacy. He is also a member of Pharmaceutical association. . .An en- gineer active in oth- er things besides en- gineering is Willard Findling, B.S. in ElectricalEngineer- ing. ,He really worked on the Torch staff for four years,was a member of Iota Sigma and Kappa Iota Pi .... Paul Fleck, B.S. in Civil Engineering, assistant in that de- partment, was on Student council, vice-president of Engi- neering tribunal, and a Kappa Delta Pi .... He is also a member of PhiSig- .. . A B.S. in engineering, Walter ma and the Debate society .... A-FEGQI-bers was member of Engi- H ' "" K h B.S. Ph - ' . ' arry rog , in ar macy, was assistant in botany and bacteri- ology. He is a member of Kappa Psi and the Pharmaceutical association .... Wesley Mack received his B.S. in pharmacy, was a member of the Pharmaceutical association. . . . Besides being a B.S. in Pharmacy, Eliza- beth Borgman Pillsbury carries on as Mrs. Eugene Pillsbury. She is an Alpha Phi Del- Page fifty neering society and Kappa Delta Pi .... Well-known campus figure Robert Johnson,B.S. in electrical engineer- mg, played football, basketball, a V club, Kappa iota Pi, and Engineering society member .... Alfred Sieving, B.S. in me- chanical engineering, was member Student council, president of Engineering society, member of American Society for Metals. I I E 2 Q E L 3 5 3 4 1 E 3 E 3 Q 2 , 4 A4 ww WX! U Aa x '1 1' N P" jx: ak Illxlfmgilil W , 'P K lllfk' JJQW 0' f 1 11 is u, .3,, 1 A ..., ...u 14, L.Q.Js ,JL1 "E 1' I ll: I' aL' llzi f'Mi-"t", . l,'I1I4x 1 '1"fi,' 1.11 11 .w a -.. lull I , ,, xx. ,Q ' I, ,Q n Q 10,14 Y I 1 I V x V-z:4'J'.1.1 Lp., m,'.1:le1H'-"'fJAX-'.1 x y - 4 ,V 1 11. Q-NC 'f wwf-A 4 v 1 r v 1 ,,r,,r w I X I 1 I if , WALTER BUSSE - II'mr'm1gI"1 an rosay c1wImr'mgI gI.:mf, , . IUHN CIESIELSKI fN.fViIII'n IIWC Iwal Cm tI'uf3I3.'1ciIa C1I'I'lIf!1I'V5-WIKI HILDA CLAUSA'AfX1'IC MMI UOIJ Uuruw . . SHERMAN CONE-A---Piatic of bearw and egg on 2 raft' . , MARVIN COOK'----Wi'rIw intent but not Imi'cml'iomII , . IOHN DALE-He was elected captain . . . ELDRED DEDEW- -I-IC .AISO Sings in IIHC Chqvir . . , CECILIA DIERKER , - I-'Ic'rmc1fIwCwcI If4r'1'mfIm?3'2 of vice ve ELMER DONNER--MI15Cav' Diary: I'IarQ I sm'1atSiiIei . . WILLIAM DRZEWICKI. -.,, I-Ie was FF?I'l'III'1CI9CI of Iain WIIG I' I r V E 1 5 XMELLQE iqisiggfs Hczrsgis . . me Qefwv in WWW 1 W'AE,T4ffE? yeiiow iham QFEEGFW . . 1 EV?fI5.Y'?-8 EEQEQGTIZ-High C 5101655 no i'e:'a'ofs for . . EEUU Ei!?2.EiSS5?fHf-MF5aL?y miies cad? dim his .ardor . . fsivifigfk K2liE?Tl7l?ff4f51?f?FEW-She fO.F'QOi' and 2004435 imeressite EMMA swe'5+e'cl i'5f1wfQ :2EiuaiiQr1 .. 5f3UC'3CP WSWS be issif buffy . . FUEQUL dQesv1'f friQ?w?Qs 1 easily , . I l i 1 7 i Y 3 1 I U il i w w r 5 R l 3 Fl Q 1 i " v . 1 2 i KWH-+ f if W' RENATA LUDWIG-M-l don'l want to say amyflwirig, but . . . WILLIAM LUTZ--W-He scowled at The birdie . GUS MARKS---He and Delilah . . . JERALDINE MARQUART---Memories . . . PAUL MEIER1-Wi-'le has one for every siiuafiom VICTOR MICHET-M-wl'ley, wail a minute . . . AUDREY MILLER---Lives in town and drives TED MILLER---Befz amdlg we did if. . . RQGER MOQDYW-ll tal-ces a lot to stop lwim . WILLIAM MORGAN-ml'-le oufblew Gabriel . B CBI' Page fifty-seven MUELEQEEK--SHG aIh'1C51'feII . . l 1 E ' ag?-ENE ?'5'2 5Z f1'Ejf 1 - Q.Pm 1iQi ly1we aqui-:QQ '4 KENNETH MU Ef5FN.E?N5EE?,UCE4I-l'1'e slirwgs Trays . . H?'3NREETTfiR Fw55QP55f555ECE'i--Slwe is SO worried . . HffX??xf2?-D G3WvV,4X5j?-M-HQ bosed for' Tl1"iS Clie . . WQLQM-,M FK?D?ER3E?Ni' 1 -.Hama old lAl'I1irs'i , Nf-QEN SIM? nfvfl' VfOl1ViQFi - V31 EP Z'-V ,EYE2!47Ii.,51f --TILXQFCFE Always 'n'fb0'm" Rm' Owe--moAr'e EC 3523-Tfff- '!-lb Vix7e'S'3T'SC'iGm4Ce"Ifi'ai'I'l Q . A A FLQEZIEQL--I-l e WSS mulch Tcicfbusy . MARTHA ROSE--She lwid her. I-iglwi' . .l .. IRENE RLIECKLQS-No. l with fried apples. . . WALTER SALCHQV!-He's from Pennsylvania EDWARD SALBTTER-Wflwy dOl3Sl'1'T somellfwimg happen IAMES SAVAGE-Henmade The grade . . , EMELY SCHERER-Wl1ere's Elmer? . . . PAUL SCHERF-He lauds and lowers athletes HARRY SCHILEQZE-Wiuw, place, orslfmow . . . MAR AN SCHMUTLZER-Slfme likes it plain . . MAGNUS SCHOEP'fl5"lElf-iR+l'le checks Gul book l S.. Page fi f ty-nine IOHN SCHUTH-F--Asleep as usual . . . MARGARET SCHWAN-NSl1oCufS up cais . . , BERNHARD SCHWANDTN-HC brake me C.-mm . IRVING SCHWARTZ--It's a good pioce of goods . . . RENOTTA SIEBERT-May I have the next dance with you? ELLEN SKIRMONT--She had her foot in me an . . MELVIN SMEDMANM-He was puzzled . . . STELLA SMITH-This is the way I make Tea . . . PETER STRUCK---He was caught short. . 5 LAWRENCE SWARTZELL-Jie was around . . . DON TEWES--He just knew l1e'd llunla . . . WlLLlAM THOBER-The receplion room inlrigues ROBERT TOEPELQ-His heart is in has Wong. . i CHESTER UBAN--Once in the life of every man . . THEODORE UNSETH--lf'stl1e root of all evil . . . PAUL WACHHOLZV--Me and Dr. Sclwwieberr . . . DAVID .WALTONM-wlnle and other engineers . . . WALTER Wl'EGGEL-He comes lwere spasmoclically ROBERT YOUNGLOVE--lusl give him an apple . . . li i new Page siwty-one 1 , 5 i I1 lu a I 1 1 A4 1 I P , 1 ? l , 1 1 5 i L ,, i K CD ,,, , V 1 1 ', , , f ,.. .1 , sf. f ' . , I S 1 . f 13, . I--,K , , : v., 4. W N Ar , ',. ., h Uh: Av f,1" wa f ' K. v'g1.l'I,,v ,, , . 1vz'aW"A5w sr- . '-"'-'H ' '1- LJ L ".' .. 'f- "' ,' H,--w31.x A 14 Q .L 13 .11.f,,.,., A 4. Q 1 U Q: " A 'X- , ,H 5 -,f V Q K k -V - i La rg. i we wk if 4g . ,. -, X, , , 1 , , ,. , ,A X R , , , , H- 'wr Xiu' Me: -1 W sa H.: my Mt Q' " Q A ,K I 3 4 X 5 , 1 'L g -nr 4 RALPH BCI-IL ELSE BRETSCHER CLARENCE BRDWN OSCAR BRUCKS MILDRED BULS WILLIAM BUSSE DOROTHY CADE RICHARD CAGANN DONALD CARR CLARENCE CASTEAN LEO CLIFFGRD ROBERT' CCINIBEAR Page sixty-five CHARLES DOLK EDWARD EGGEBRECHT MARGUERITE EHLERT FREDERICK ELLIOTT CURTIS FALK . .1 V . GEORGE FRITZ WILLIAM FRITZ MILDRED FUHLBERG WILL S GEHRKE LAWRENCE GOETHKE HOWARD GOETZ SELMA GOHLKE MAE GRIGG ESTHER HARPER ROBERT HEEMSOTH HAROLD HELBLING' ARNOLD HERSCHER VICTOR HILDNER DALE HOFF CHARLES HOOVER ALFRED HUBBARD RICHARD HUMPHREY KINSEY JAMES RUSSELL jAMES SYLVIA JENSEN L EO N O :YL A n il l fl A il H U 12 3 QL L. EDXVARD iiillfl'-llfli-ii iQS'E'E iiU 5-LEQUSliliE?i FRED KUSCH C-RACE l,AF'1ITZ CIf3E5-'TVR I .Ll3,IF II1E+il F?Ol2'0'T'H's' MAC?-'1TEF-QSHNI LOUES MAGGART FREDFQRECE-Q F-AAR ER'v'sf!N MEXER PAUL MERTZ MARY MEYER Fam-:KLa:Xs MBLLER as VIVIAN STEVE MISANKO WILLIAM MORGAN HILBERT MUELLER HILDEGARDE MUELLER STEVEN NOBLE MARIE OTTE THOMAS PAUKEN VBVIAN VON PELCHRZIM WALTER PETERSEN A A CAROLY X H e DOROTP 3 ,LlLLlA I IOHN CARL MAR VIVIAN PLOGER CAROLYN REED DQROTHY RICHMAN 'LILLIAN RITTMUELLER IOHN ROQNEY CARL RUEHR I MAR1oRlE. sAMuEL,sWoN Page seventy-two fix R 3 Eff! fi A U F WLEERT'SC?HJLYZ .- ax ,. UH ww' 'E'5':,'1'f mf my , we Q, 214. Q53 .2 4 Q2 5-1. ... .. nf: R.,- Nw I I , 3 Ls A gay .,,. p, 115,77 5 H nf., ..3v.,! ,V ,,:.,f3T F1i's1ffia" S 4 - N 'J if ' ' ' . - M- :- - v - ' ' -1- ., 1 1 ., L fi. r-.wx 1 S 1,,,.,, .3 -J N, . J, ? .,, 4., ., ' ,I Thi .A, L I 'AME THEL ALFR RUD' ,AMES -no RUTH UNGRODT THELMA WAALER DONALD WEHRSPANN ALFRED WENGER CHRISTIAN WESSEL RUDOLPH ZERSEN ALFRED ZIMMERMAN I F Y 5 i If I K Y w f N N g'. 1 r i L i N 5. ' X f i , x 1 I ,. 4' E. AHLERAND V. AHLHRAND BAUER BAUM BAUMBACH BENNBNGER BOERGER BGRUM B055 BRAUER x v 5'RlFH3f'Uu'1AN BQU"F""'U. - 1- - - 5 .:1.4:Ql:zw.,AN BREVZQ Bug-TF. , ,...., ' "' 7 ffl f 'JW E-5J'i'!.. QW C5Hfff'."3"l "- -W 1 C r. fy Q, , 5. 5"-I C.UEF1f'ShM CLIQQU M 5,2412 Q :ER DAT'5?f'FF"FVl5?7'1' Fwfuvz gvr' . . .. 1-f 1 ..,. -,W -.?., ,,,- .. 'WW' Aj-.ity I i 1 i U my c V J ,..f .Ax ,',f!l!-J? AML1!-A. Page seventy-sim DUESENBERG DUI-IM EBERTS EDDY EGGEBRECHT ERASMUS EHLERT FEHERTAG FELTEN FE?-SEL FIEDLER FIESSER D. FH'-INERAN I. F!NNERAN FREEH.r5.UF i l mess more QALLMEYER amass Gfxuwasn GAY eznramwr movzwmmn sow GGRRELL Page sefu enty-sew eu 1 5 Page seventy-eight GOTSCH GRAF GREEN GRQSNICK 9 GRGSZ GUSTAITIS GUTHRIE I-IACKBERT HAEGER HANNON HARTMAN HARTMEESTER HASS HAXTON HELLENBERG HSCKEN BUHRSCH HETCHH'-IGS HQPPE HOY L. mcoas M. mcoss QENSEN Jo:-msow QOHNSTON KASE KEENE KERRY KIELPIKOWSKI KOMAR KONSHOK KRAMER KRlNGEL KRONBACH KRUSE KUFRBN LANDGRAF LANGREHR LAUBE LEACH LIDTKE LUDWIG MCGELLICUDDY MMEHNNES i KREMZKE KURTZ LEE MAGNUSGN 1 1 MAHNECEN MAIER' - MATHY , MAYER- , MEHL MELL G. MEYER M. MEYER MELEES . H. MELL,Ei?'. R. MILLER MELNSKEL MUECKLER NASE NESLS V3 1 r--,--4-,A Nl4.fv'mAN NQMNKQTH 0222-15 QL GT? 5' -" U9 'D 5 , M, ., PF..1f-i'Cu L. V1 Pgjmgh ELSGN TEES! Page eighty E REICHERT REIDENBACH RENTNER RITTMAN RQDDA RQHN M. RGSENTHAL R. E-ZOSENTHAL RUCENSKI HUGE 1 5 2 2 2 SALLACH I SCHECK SCHENCK SCHEIDT SCHRAMM SCHROEDER SCHWAN SCHWULZT SMITH SPRINGSTEEN STEVENS STIEGEMEYER STODDEN STONE!! STRERT 4 Page I eighty-one 1 5 Page eighty-two SVEEGGEN TAMM TATMAN THOBER 0 THOMPSON Tozen TRUMAN TUBER ULBRICH URSCHEL WACHHOLZ WAGNER 5 B. WAITMAN M. WAITMAN WEBER WEFEL WEHRENBERG WHEELER WHITE WINKLER Q wool: YONKE ZIEHLSDORFF znsaofrr-1 R. PEPER, Pres. H. BEIDERWIEDEN, V.-Pres. M. AHLBRAND, Sec. M. LUTZKE, Treas. A. SALVNER F. GIESEKE V. SCHROEDER M. MORLAND P. MEIER M. EHLERT L. LICHTSHNN R. EVANS L. FREVERT P. FLECK A. SIEVING H. PLISCHKE E. BOERGER p VVni1 Bob Peper at the hehn, Student council successfully fulfilled its purpose of handling student activities. The success of homecoming, and the promotion of the stu- dent Red Cross drive was directly due to its efforts. Included in Student council's pro- grams Were: a lecture by a member of Byrd's Antarctic expedition, a marionette show, native Indian dances by Chief Eagleplume, and a semi-symphonic recital by the White Hussars. Also presented were I0u1f1fLey's End and The Toifchbemfers, produced by the Uni- versity players. An eveningis program by the Seminary Chorus and a talk by Gov. La- Follette completed this year's entertainment rostra. The two school publications are also included under the jurisdiction of Student council. 'fl - 12-' vw N . 1 ' W . ff' 1. M 1 -- a.-va" ' to are i i 7' lg: 1 i Q' gw "ffl , 1 -,' A' Q - ,Ig ,.-5 V ,S .il as .1 il 1 Kilim WE, ' ,if iq li ix 3 E- ri ri 42-P ll' i F- -. t . 2 .l 1' V- 3 Cb.-YT 1 C5 J 5 . 'iss 5- V -5 "Writ-rr H. .imap 9' " ' A 7 Andres, Sievirmg, Lichtsirm, Beiderwieden, Morland, Schroeder, Fre- vert, Peper, Evans, Lutzke, Ahlbrarsd, Ehlert, Gieseke, Meier, Fleck. - ml 1 : E 1 1 ,Q-...-T-,W Page eighty-thfree I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I GI I I. I I ' I .5 I , . I , ,L 1 ' I ' A I -1.,."f A I 5111 71' . I f . I , Fifi! I I L.Qf?'5f, I ' I I -' 'A I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I fi I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .Syd .Uf'lC'.TJ wg. PGS 'IP OA 1 1 1 I 1 1 f 1 1 1 ? 1 1 1 K 1 1 5 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I 2 1 - 1 ' 1 1 3 I 1 l 1 I 1 E 1 I 1? 1 1 1 1 E 1 A . 1 1 11 1 . 1? 11 ?1 1 11 f 1' 1 1 L fl f 15 1 ,4 1 11 1 11 1 I ii '1 ! 1 1 1 1 N 1 11 1 1 4 1 2 1 1 , 1 1 L 2 1 11 'Y E P 1 1 1 'Z k i 1 1 i 1 1 T i 1- 1k 1 1 L 1' l 1 1 i 1 l 1 1 1 1,2 1 1 11 1 I , I , I I I I I I, ' I III I II I 5 I I II I II I I I I II QI I I I I iI I I I I I I 1 I T I I St. Joseph Cords Hold inexperienced Uhlcms E K i Page eighty-eight HERE'S MUD IN YOUR EYE QMS' l Coach Christiansen Coach M. Christiansen's eighth edition of the Valparaiso -4 Uhlan grid machine was one O characterized by bad breaks and Q close reverses. For the first time 3 since 1929, Christy's first year at Q- Valpo, the Horsemen were unable to ' break even for the season. Handicapped by young, inexperienced aspirants and lack of veteran material for the tackle' I berths and backfield positions, the local men- EB' tor had to give much of his time in drilling , fundamentals and shifting positions. K The Hilltoppers tied their Hrst game with a sur- Q prisingly strong St. Joseph eleven, lost their next lsix games, and completed the year when they whipped an overconfident Evansville squad. How- ev r, even in the light of results of the past season, the Ugins have won 38 and dropped only 25 tilts under the Christiansen regime. St Jose h furnished the opposition in the opening fray of the 195 season and the Uhlans were more than glad to settle wit-hi the visitors for a 7-7 tie Valpo received the open- ing kickoff and Dale local end promptly fumbled on tile Uhlan 29 yard stripe Karr recovered for the Brown and Go after which A ere followed a quick exchange of kicks Captain B111 Drzewickffbf the Hilltoper machine spoiled a determined Uhlan drive down the field when he fumbled on the home 45 yard marker following a brilliant run by Karr For the remainder of the half t e ball changed handsieveral times but at no time could either team pene trate very deeply 1nto the other s territory V Cpenung Froy ot Brown Field Page eighty-mow 3 Q 3 3 3 0 3 u . 'S 3 1 3 --9 . , . , 4 , . , . n . - if Karr gets ready to take one around right end- MorshoiI's Seomroller Tactics Karr kicked off for Valpo to start the second half. Druling, Saint end, scampered to the 30 for a first down, and Johnson knifed through the Uhlan line for another on the St. Joe 45. Reaching mid-field on a delayed buck, the pep- pery visitors gambled on a long pass that worked to Jones, who sped over the goal line. Druling added the extra point and St. Joe led 7-0. No side threatened throughout the ebbing minutes of the third period, but midway in the Page 'ninety final session, the Uhlan aerial offensive began to click. Rucinski's long pass to Finneran was ruled complete on the St. Joseph 10 yard line, and Willie Karr skirted the right side of the visitor's line for the touchdown. Karr also place-kicked the tying point. In the closing minutes of the game, a series of line plays and passes brought the Cardinals to the Uhlan 10, but an intercepted pass by Willie Karr, behind the Uhlan goal, saved the locals further embar- rassment. A revised lineup met Marshall college at Hunt- tington, West Virginia, the following weekend. Mehl was shifted from fullback to guard, and Karr became the new plunger. Rucinski, fresh- Crush . X man passing sensation claimed Karr s vacated spot at halfback But all this to no avail for when the 9 000 fans left Fairfield stadium that evening a score of 81-'O stood on the scoreboard against the Uhlans Time was the only th1ng that Marshall needed a held the Green Wave off After the start of the 1 game Marshall advanced to the Uhlan 35 in 1 two plays and in another reached the 12 At K this po1nt the Hilltopper l1ne stiffened and Karr s boot sailed far over the head of the safety man W1th Bates carrying the ball on double and triple shifts the Valpo eleven were soon out-classed and at half-tune the count was Marshall 26, Valparaiso O. But the worst was yet to come. Several Valpo linemen were injured during the first half, and p inexperienced subs filled their positions for the 3 . . . , 3 . . . . Q . 3 5 R to score, and only exceptional kicking by Karr l 3 ' v 3 ' . , . 3 - . final ssions. ars e, 'th the lust to kill, CTICS Crush H I I lf0DI3QLi1y SedliledC'l1gll!::ighE?lirz'oY2l touchdowns and ' seven extra points to submerge the hapless In- ' diana crew by an 81-0 score. Bates, Royer, and Hunter were outstanding for the Virginians, I while Karr showed plenty of class even in defeat. C -l L Karr, Rucinski, Finneran, Drzewicki. Page ninety-one v Dale, Sullivan, Mehl, Evans, Walton, Yonke, Fritz. On October 10, Central Normal's big Blue and White aggregation invaded Brown field and administered a muddy 14-0 whipping to our grid muscle men. Both touchdowns were made in the first half, and the downstate eleven pro- tected their advantage throughout the second period. Karr's punting was again the outstanding contribution of the Uhlan playing, but his fumble near the Page ninety-two Normal goal paved the way for the first enemy score. Both Blanford and Wil- liams notched six points on scores, the same two converted the extra points. In the second half the Hilltopper de- fense more easily diagnosed the plays of the Blue and White, but the sea of mud kept the dangerous Valpo passing at- tack bottled up. Drzewicki proved a tarter on defense, and anything that could be called offense must be credited to Karr. On the final play of the game Karr received a bad ankle injury that B hampered the Brown and Gold no little in the next fray. Playing probably their best game of the season, Valparaiso traveled to Kalama- zoo to meet the highly touted Western State team to drop a shady 7-O decision. Eve l T hal kick beate plal a 7 Even Korr's Educated Toe Con? Stove CDH 4 59 For three quarters the Uhlans did not 53, only hold the State offense in check, as but also did a little running around -1+ on their own. The passing and boot- - cg ing of Al Rucinski, by this time ad- ,..,. mitted to be the greatest frosh pros- pect in years, Was the shining light in the Hilltopper backfield. With Karr on the bench, Rucinski took over the fullback duties and promptly dem- U7 onstrated how he thought the job Q Captain'Drzewicki Wh 'U CD i CD -1 --rs S. Q CD 3 -+ -'T Q i Z . 1 Q ought to he done. Q Deadlocked in a scoreless tie for bet- r ter than three quarters, the Western N ' State eleven finally came to life, and 3? in the closing minutes started a drive deep into Valpo territory. When the official pulled the gun out of his "P pocket, the ball rested on the 4 yard gn stripe. At this point Wernant, State -x fullback, propelled his Way through the line and was tripped on the goal I'- line. At that point the gun Went off. 9, The officials claimed that the back NU? had scored, the extra point was ' kicked, and Valpo returned home -- beatenbut not disgraced. Tatman's ' -li play at center Was the outstanding ' Page 'ninety-three F3 chic Vi? Rucinski gets off a sixty yard punt. Hulltoppers smother Card's play through the line. defensive work for Valpo. Hard luck seemed to be ever with the Uhlans, be- cause when they traveled to Madison, Indiana, to meet Hanover they matched Hanover touch- down for touchdown but lost by one point, any- way. Nelson and Har- grave, Hanover passing duo, collaborated to score the first six points for the Panthers. Wilkerson kicked the extra point- the point that beat Valpo before the 'day was over. Bouncing back with a vengeance, Valpo opened a withering passing at- tack with Rucinski toss- ing the pigskin. His long pass to Gauthier and two line bucks scored for Valparaiso soon after. In the second half both teams threw caution to the winds and the ball was played all over the field. Nelsen threw a pass, placing the ball in scoring position, Wilkerson chalked up the points with a plunge. Score: Hanover 13, Valparaiso 6. At this point Fierke and Komar caught Rucinski's passes, and Valpo scored, then missed the extra shot. Score: Hanover 13, Valparaiso 12. Rucinski put the Uhlans in the lead when he intercepted a stray Panther pass and galloped 45 yards to count. A place kick was low. A frantic last minute pass connected for Hanover, and again Valpo had lost a heart-breaker. Al Rucinski impressed the crowd with his excellent pass marksmanship, completing 15 of 23 heaves. Next week the Hilltopper eleven returned home to tangle with Michigan Normal of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Battling hard to protect the record of 23 straight Homecomings without a defeat, the Uhlans checked several scor- ing threats early in the game. But late in the third quarter, with the ball on the Valparaiso 12 yard stripe, "Tex,' Walker, Ypsi back, circled his right end to score. George Russell plunged the extra point to make the score 7-0 in favor of the invaders. Page mnety-four 3'5fQ1'iEE fieriefits Lost Minute Break S tbnek to Hnnover Csnrdindls, '19 8 Striving hard to maintain the enviable Homecoming record the Uhlans snapped out of their lethargy With only a few minutes of the tilt remaining Rucinski pegged two heaves that hit the mark Valpo lost the ball twice in the shad- ows of the goal but Fierke snared a pass to score Again however Valpo could not score the extra e i , fy el.. rg C5 .cz D .S F . . O.. O . Q- . . .. LD . +6 3 3 3 oi E B Proves sorionol Passing kifs Sem HWS A C Ru Win, 7-f-Q point and another game was thrown away. Karr sg running behind perfect interference by Captain Drzewicki and the passing of Rucinski pro- vided the bright spots in a gloomy day for the locals. Butler copped their third straight confer- ence championship by whitewashing the Brown and Gold at Fairview field, Indianapolis, the following Satur- day. Valpo received the opening kickoff and promptly cheered its supporters in the stands by running up a series of irst Gauthier, Olson, Bauer, McGinnis, Hicken. Page ninetyi-fi-ve downs that put the ball on the Bulldog 4 yard marker. Here a pass fell incomplete in the end zone, and the first scoring attempt was dissipated. Again Valpo threatened but lost the ball on downs on the Butler 19. On a delayed buck, Wel- ton swept through the loose Uhlan defense and a ran 81 yards to the goal. Blackaby added the point after touchdown. Stout's 45 yard run and two smashes by Blackaby brought the second Butler touchdown in the same period. Valpo de- fense s i enedg ho ver Mus r Ve cou -P dgor p . B p H , In 'Qafygfdlfiis t fo1Befg6HjH3QLe1?jeedii , I V1 The second half was a repetition of the first, only Valpo didn't get hold of the ball as much. Karr's ' brilliant kicking and Rucinski's tossing were a constant menace to the Bulldogs. Stoller and Broderick, other Butler backs, tallied for the win- ners in the final minutes. Just before the gun barked, the Hilltoppers were attempting Valiantly to cut down the score by hurling passes all over Karr boots one over The uprights. Rain, rain go away, come again next Homecoming day. Ypsi pulls out of a tough spot. M9 Tnlf Humphrey, Ciesielski, Komar, Stodden, Ott, Andernacht, Brucks, Nondorf, Tatman, Wachholz, Scheidt, Fierke. the place. The final, when the gun did finally bark, was 41-0. Sad but not demoralized over the poor season thus far, the local eleven met the Evansville Aces at Evansville, determined to salvage at least one game for the right side of the ledger. Completely outclassing the favorite Ohio river squad, the Brown and Gold rolled up 12 first downs to 4 for the Aces. In this final game the Valparaiso machine crossed the goal on three different occasions, but because of offside penalties only officially scored once. Likewise the local defense held the powerful cracks of Johnson, Evansville star fullback, in check, Evansville never got the ball in Val- paraiso territory Valpo's lone score came in the third period. Beginning at the enemy 40 yard line, Rucin- ski tossed to Karr for 29 yards. Realizing that the best and quickest way to score was through the air, Rucinski threw a flat pass to Don Einneran, freshman quarter, who scam- pered into the end zone. Karr's attempted place kick was blocked. Captain William Drzewicki and All-American William Karr had played their last game, and although the season was not a success, both veterans ended their colorful careers in a blaze of glory. Probablythe brightest spot in the entire year is the fact that only four Uhlans will gradu- ate from the last eleven. The majority of the Butler Champs blond Locol Eleven 4150 Trimming Page ninety-seven of Seosong Korr, Drzewicki, ond Fierke Enclm if 4 +11 s - Q UU """i E3 W Q C -1 O U7 l U i 1 'U St. joe picks up eleven - ' yards around right end. LD C3 C K LL., I Drzewicki picks up l ' three Yards through i Center. Sl Q o ? gb, tacti CD ' Drzc E55 Will somebody please l lJlOCl UD find the balll gqual 4: stanl A 3 mosl C most E on tl .C quax ID 9 Botl -Epuad will return to car- and 'wry on next year. How- end s... ever, several of the eXPf outstanding mem- Dall LD bers have dropped V felis E out of school. Al 1 Q Chll Rucinski, bril- play liant punter and Witl Q passer, has eng, transferred to pl piv, ,E N o rthwest- ' V31 ern, Where - Seas U he will play next year. Hoffman, promising tackle, and William Orr, m will 'ff shifty ball-carrier, have dropped out. --M Coa D' Several outstanding freshmen and underclassmen will return to W tim face Coach Christiansen and Co-captains John Dale and Richard PE . - Uh Evans next year. These include: Lee Bauer, Brucks, Fritz, Hum- dri phrey, Komar, McGinnis, Mehl, Sullivan, Tatman, J. Wach- Q A l 57 holz, and Walton. Others have shown ability in various games. T Q C Four men are leaving. William Karr, who Was an All-Ameri- l Q fy l , Q can last year, is a four year letterman, and his triple-threat W QS VG' LLJ X rwifzs X i Ki " . ' K t ' . , . ..,..... Q K t . ..,, ..,, , . , ,,,.x , ....,.....,...,,.,. , ..,,.. . ,,,,,..,.. ..., ,. ,. . , ,....... - ..,. -,,, ., ., , .,,,:.,,,.,, SX1 . ' Vik, Q w 'f G11 X s ii N t QQXXQ A.. X X Niilfs- gf i ,. , , H, ,,,,gf Coach Christy's Fighting Uhlaris. tactics will not be easy to replace. Captain William Drzevvicki is also a four year man and is an ace blocker and tackler. Although only a member of the squad one season, Dave Fierke's end play Was out- standing. The fourth graduate was out with injuries most of the year. Johnson was probably one of the most versatile of all Uhlan players. In his four years on the team, he has played center, end, fullback, and quarterback. He will be sorely missed. Both new Valparaiso captains should prove popular and efficient. John Dale, one of the choices, plays end on the varsity and is a veteran of three years' experience. Short in stature but powerfully built, Dale Will be an inspiration to the team on de- fense. The other captain, Richard Evans of Chicago, is also a three year letterman and plays center. Smart, fast, and possessed With the ability to carefully diagnose enemy attacks, Evans will do much as pivot-man next season. Valparaiso will be fortunate next season when Karr and Drzevvicki will return to act as assistant coaches to Coach Jake Chris- tiansen. Both of these ex- Uhlan stars have been Well drilled in fundamentals. i Y os Volpo Triumphs, 6-O. Zieroth, Karsel, Trainers. Freise, Mgr.g Hoppe and Reich, Assts i 1 1 I I 5 ,J Y N , 1, 1 4 F 4 A I 1 wi W1 li r E' 1 V I 2 E, 1 l i i Q f K I N V ? r 1 E Q u 1 , 1 4 5 4, I 'x 1 Q ,. 1 I A5 ' :I 5 'I 'x 1 li 1 -s 1 1 i W? l X . +1 : li 1 r W I 1 S wi 4 BAS ALL Cardinals, Sit Viewer, Grad 5w?um'img'i"Omg Fierke, KGVV, eph Qs Jo 41,-4 U5 EF: V1 bi 5 VU D Sn ,FN MCD , Q SC ge Se U LJ C GJ fl CD 1 Lf' L, CU Q1 CD 4 X11 LJ fl G3 Fr- 3-,, T. Page one hzmdrecl two UP AND AT 'EM BVS l l Central Normal pulls out of a tough one. spectators something to talk about, for the Hilltoppers dumped in baskets at the rate of nearly one a minute. Karr took honors with 19 points. Following a favorable home session, Christy toted his leather loopers south for four engagements. Indiana State occupied the Uhlans' time in the first tilt, allowing them a lead twice during the game, but liring up the boilers, the Statesmen steamed on to a 35-31 victory. Oakland City handed the Hilltoppers their first and only victory of the trip. Starting the subs, Christy missed disaster by two minutes. The Uhlans trailed 40-34 at that time and, with the aid of Karr, Fierke, and Ruehr, touched the Oaks for 11 points to bring the count to 45-42 at the gun. A heartbreaker is the only word for the Hanover tilt on the third evening of the journey. Although the locals l f L -' ft fa! l ,, ' - L- L.: gh, fa X trailed 21-14 at the intermission, they did show strength in twice rallying to tie the score. Behind in the closing minutes, Willie Karr scored twice from the court but failed to tie up the game when he missed a free throw, netting the opponents a 41-40 victory. After a day of rest, entertainment was fur- nished by Central Normal who troubled the Christymen to the extent of 45-29. The latter led by a point margin at half time but were outscored 17 points during the latter period. Ruehr led the locals with 14 tallies. .WO , l xx l ol l OU Page one hundred four FIS ,,'L,a . Sou the Returning to the Hill after an unsatisfactory trip, the Uhlans went into heavy practice, concentrating their efforts on a strong Western State five who drove to tolwn January 22. The Michigan men displayed a style far superior to anyt ing with which ,the locals hai et c jjj Th sum a- 2 1 , R tion of a fast break, tricky pafsiiisf truelm . lf-'eiiiflitieiir-Ein U l - 59 points against 35 for the loucnagls. Karr swished the net first, but was soon placed in the background CB the Teachers left the Uhlans trailing by 15 points at half time. Wilg, nevertheless, counted high for the local with 11 tallies. im A week and a day later the loca-Qtook a jaunt southward stopping off at Pfirntington to hand the Foresters a 52-3 5 drubbing. Claim- ing a 32-7 lead at the intermisgon, the Hill- toppers went into deep slumber' for 20 min- utes to give the opponents an obortunity to catch up. Forty-two of the ppgats were dis- tributed among three men: Fierke scored 15 points, Ruehr 14, and Roedel ,233- Manchester, contenders for She champion- ship, were guests of the Hilltoppers on Feb- ruary 2. After 14 minutes of 'play the locals appeared to be tops in the 'contest as they led the Spartans 17 -9. The latte-r, however, talked over the matter durinigja time-out, and decided to put a stop to Ehe farce. Six minutes later they floated atop 3 19-18 score. Failing to regain the lead i 'A the second period, they sneaked into the A essing room after the gun, bearing the br n of a 41-32 tally. ' '- With a chance to avenge the dQat handed them downstate, the Hilltoppers tangled with Indiana State only to cl'l-ilk up the 5 fifth conference loss for tlfegl season. Fierke, the only mainstay, offset the poor showing of the rest of thgsquad by counting 11 points. Thedocals were on the long end of a 15-lgsycore at half time, but their failure to score during a nine minute peojjiod in the second half, left them triiil- ing 27-23 at the gun. Fierke again led the way for Uhlans at Collegeville wheri the loc s s uelched the St ffiaphgia daaemsnzgi- Christiansen KSN' Roedel RUGW' Fritz Loerke V S, cJE:l'C15Gsr. Hilltoppers had to win, Fierke to it that he was fouled a few seconds before the Qin and collected a free throw to cinch the tilt 29-2832 Expecting a warm reception at Ulylanchester, the Uhlans drove south but found it a bit hot. The Spartans attempted to play ball in jfjue first period scoring moderately at the rate ofJZ7 points per 20 minutes. Cffering little competition, the Hilltoppers became the Lost Battlallion in the second half as they were taken adyantage of to the tune of 44 points. The final score stood 71-35, 49 of the Spartans, points tal- lied among three men. Fierke hitnitlime bas- ket for 14 points for Uhlan honors. Closing the season on the Ka kjakee Armory floor, the locals took a -4437 rap from the rival St. Viator clubgjihe Hilltoppers appeared a bit balmffn the opening minutes as the Saints as- sumed a 13-1 lead. iTaking form 1 slowly, the break began to breakfig by the end of the Hrst period, but ill the locals were far behind to the extent of 15 points. Restoring order in the Uhlan corral, Christy goaded his boys to Bag? 'OIZW Riedel Fritz' Kafff the very end of the tilt. His Sei-ifoeiler. Cer e' Ruehr' goadv however? was Short A Front row: Firmerarm, McGinnis by six pOi1'1tS. . Laube, Schenck, Bauer. I Bauer , Firmeran l Schroeder , l rY,,,, w ond os Moray Defents Cholked Llp, the Page one hundred seven :- 2' -' M -.f 33 'Lk ,rn RF.. 7 4 nm. AX.-,,.,,x.'+, 'N .- -Aw 137' AH -,L Q 'E f v I-, Y- 5-,J 5 5: 1' J- ,. l Page one hundred eight 1I"q'X Z ,: XZ K71 iffy gf? EN TZ-'SE BASKET IN THE AIR FSHEAR THE: EASEKET 'TQ'W,fz GASKET NTR RALS i -N., ---4 fm. g-1" 5 gf-my 7-' g .' vu f-X P- -1 5 Q I Q im ek'-X 5 3 K -3 L., fwg fAQ Cf Cz Pg 3 fi l.,..- 1... A L..- I 'L gm- 1 14 5 ,J Lf- x,,,1 .J 1'M."....,1 l LJ' ku S 1 .1 ' , if 2 wh.. - I---' N. W' Q 1 My 4 f X X ff s 4 11. be , . 3 3 - " R ,fx 1- .f"w: fs: , N 5,2451 , 3? ' A . 5 V Page one lzzmdrecl ten f ff EW 'NF 5 .IX Si M W QA 535 29' 13.5 gli KK 1 in ng Hfkii fi L :EE Rf wimg 1 -I 1 Gaynell Neff .1 ,. ..i 1 The Women,s Athletic association was organizzd by the University women for the pro-motion and betterment of sports at Valpararo university. The 1937 year has given greater indication of the inter- t. est that has developed since the beginning of the WAA eight years sports Women, that alone being proof of the worthvvhileness o-f WAA. Four years ago there were three Senior athletes. Under l the sponsorship of the WAA various sports are conducted for i Womenp The present regulations permit the Women to participate QQ --I in the games even though not members. Those who earn S 0 points by entering actual play agieligible to join. The last year's members and associate members numbered , approximately 40. Though facilities were limited, the WAA functioned exceptionally Well, dependg ing almost entirely onfthe enthusiasm of the girls for the- sports themselves. Intramural activities Were conducted udlflier the auspices of the organization. The social organizations, Alpha Phi, Gamma Phi, Alplffa Xi, Sigma Theta, and the Independents were united in games. Each group offered a team for competition with the others and, accordingly, the Winning match brought 1 friendly rivaljtgy. Since the sports were in charge of the WAA, and in connection with the if K, WAA poirfQ system, points earned by a girl in intramural contests were applied on en- ' trance re"'uirements for membership. Each individual sport was placed in charge of an indfgidual sports woman who was directly responsible to the organization. These headsqpf-sport were elected by the members. The group chose for the year 19-236'-37: baseball, Hermine Beiderwieden, basketball, Jeraldine Marquart, vo-l- I glgyball, Jean Stauss, soccer, Ruth Ungrodt, tennis, Mary Frances Morland, fl '-jarchery, Lillian Rittmueller, badminton, Ellen Skirmont, swimming, Vera Hahn, horseback riding, Dorothy Richman, hiking, horseshoe, bicycling, Q and roller-skating, Norma Tamm. The officers Were: president, Ruth D Ressmeyer, vice-president, Vietta Schroeder, secretary, Elizabeth CD Fienup, treasurer, Margaret Schwan, keeper of records, Irene 4 Ruecklos. WAA has as its purpose the development of health an and interest in sports of University Wo-men, and the group is l Q spurred by a friendly and social spirit of rivalry. In the fall XX of 193 6 the members went on a moonlight hike with buns, Mi, weenies, apples, and cider. Back to kids sports one night Q in Altruria Hall-kid clothes, low-heeled shoes, bal- .T 100115, Skipping-ropes, all were part of the fun. - Q-D Moonlight rides, a dip in Lake Michigan, baseball , fl. on the Dune sands, Tuesday evenings in the Q: Gary swimming pool, tennis matches in the fwj early morning-all encourage the mem- NCD bers and make them strongly enthusi- 3 astic for WAA. i SUV VWVXers os they bowl, ride, shoofff Page one hzmdred twelve .! f .YQ - - ago. In the 1937 graduating class will go ten outstanding Senior ry lun' INT AROI OVEI DOV Back IN THE AIR ON THE RUN OFF THE RACQUET AROUND THE CORNER AT THE PLATE OVER THE NET DOWN THE ALLEY TOWARD THE BULLSEYE Back row: Dierker, Callies, Cade, Krue- ger, Rittmueller, Reed, Tamm, Kanis. Middle row: M. Schroeder, V. Schroed- er, Fienup, Ressmeyer, Schwarz, Hal- Ier, Gade, Stauss. rx, F ce ro. Front row: Ahlbrand, Otte, Ehlert, Richman, Oertel, Beiderwieden, Un- grodt, Berminger. L l Led by the mighty Unseth, this year's crew of cheer lead- ers at times spurred and at times spurned the audience. Starting the year off with a pep session in Auditorium, these adherents of leather lung and brass throat invigorated their Way into the football season. With somewhat of a 'ggi-as F: 15 Q'-,lain vcr-Q.-L 0' i 5' ' f, fi- -, ,. C" ? 'L 54 7 - -L . w 4. si , qi gi,-,A V. .1 li Q lf'f::,n::15::l i l iv-. 2:22:41 :,',3.E.'b" '-. if li '5 'rf M- r 4? a . 'af n was T ' ' -- 'e awe fi ,gi 1,1 if 52, -.,, .' 7 N", .: 7' gi! i 1 XX , . 5 5 -' -V., ',,,,, Ki' xg I .,.f,Q 1 -aim: 23.5191 -1 x , ..-.- Page one lmndrecl fozwteevz Hill, Scherer, Unseth, Bischoff. departure from the ordinary routine, the distinguished four, in hobo attire, led a Premier Theater student audi- ence in a roof-raising escapade. The advent of the basketball season seemed to have a frightening effect on the female members of the party, and they surrendered their Vim to the bass and tenor sections. The increased spirit at the games was compensation enough for these Valiant Valpo sons. .SAF Aung -EDM I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Q I I I I I I i I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I - I 4 I I I I . I I I I I I I I .fl I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I ' I ' I I I I I 1 I I II I I I 2 I I1 I I I Ii I I: I, II I If I yi I I I V , If ,KI I I , I I ' I I I I I I I , 1 I I I I A 5 II? 7 IIA I .IE I II - I II I . X RA .f+.1xEi,.:3g'..: Uv , N u .. , , 1.2, ' 1 u 1 'ku 3 I AJ, L 'ui' ' J ' ' 1121- -,-Af,- , 1v,j'.f,- ' 'fu,,f.,',1 1 .. , X f 1. I ' , . ' 1. ,7 1 'J 7, , X g 1 5 , K Q J 4 4 1 i PS . L 5' i ' ' ' V' Y f"fL.i . '4,.4.'I'l ff 'i "' N11 riff-!'.'.'1-,A-Em wgqr, I TIES 5 ,- Morgan, Brna, johnson, Keil, Schuth, Duesenberg, Kres9sin, Weber, Laube, Plehn, Wood, Ehnes, Toepel, Yelsik, Griep, Berkowitz, Moody, Zersen, Kurtz, Appold, Dannenfelser. .,f Vx, FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER ALFRED HENKEL ........ .,,,,, P ,.--, ---------------, C ARL EHNE5 CARL EHNES ......... .... v Ice-EEISEESLIBENT ...... ,,,,,,.. w ILLIAM msm WILLIAM YELSIK ...... ,,,,1, s .---,-- ROBERT -I-OEPEL WILLIAM MORGAN ...... ..... T REASURERM ,'- H ------- WILLIAM MQRGAN Page one hzwidred eighteen 7 i Actives Walter Keil Norman Appold Luther Kressirm joseph Berkowitz Edwin Kurtz R Richard Laube Paul Brrma Robert Darmenfelser Roger Moody Carl lfuesenberg William Morgan Cari Ehnes lolm Plelm Arthur Griep john Schuth Victor l-lildner i Rooerl Toeoel cia or o A 'd m Weber L MA E ll. e Rudolph Zersen Pledges Hilbert Mueller Donald Wehrspann Carl Wood Page one hundred nineteen i E Q, : l l i 'l l Actives Kenneth Erasmus 5 George Bush Curtis Falk Wllllam Dube Wilfred Fritz 1 Lloyd F'eVe'l William Hirsch Harold Helbling l I Alfred Hubbard Dale Hott William Jensen Herbert Kugler Verner Raelson Frederick Kush . Wilbert Rohlfsen Kenneth' Raub l ' Robert Thompson , 3 l I Leroy Slivinske i Melvin Waldschmidt Raymond Wolff li Pledges A , l Leo Clifford ll l l l I Il lf n l . if . A e il ,l Page one hundred twenty ii .fi 1 Waldschmidt, Lichtsinn, Slivinske, Wolff, Tewes, I-Ielbling, Dube, Hoff, Raub, Kugler, Freverf, Rohlfsen, Falk, jensen, Kusch, Thompson, Hirsch, Fritz, Niemann, Bush, Savage, Raelsora, Clifford. FIRST SEMESTER LEROY SLIVINSKE- RAYMOND WOLFF GEORGE BUSH .......... LLOYD FREVERT .... PRESIDENT wzfw Q as 2, .1 ENT ....... 'gn - --- TR Q E .SJQESL " 15, Wx. A H -M'-:Ma ' ,iff R ...... SECOND SEMESTER -. ...... RAYMOND WOLFF LEROY SLIVINSKE ----MELVIN WALDSCHMIDT LLOYD FREVERT Page one hundred twenty-one FIRST SEMESTER WILLIAM BUSSE ...... JOHN DALE ........... EDWARD LOERKE ..... ARNOLD SALVNER ...... SECOND SEMESTER PR If T DAVID FIERKE VI I ENT ARTHUR HINZ S ff 15 RY FREDERICK MAX lf. ' 'X ' I 53 1 'J A 41 23 rim - ,.l V' '- i f A 'V f 2 I I ..... ' -- TRE URER .,.. ...... A RNOLD SALVNER Springsteen, Cigrancl, Tozer, Felten, Fierke, Hinz, Salvner, Max, Dede, Goetz, Dale, Loerke, Ruehr, W. Busse, Anhold, Boehne, Hicken, Karsel, H. Busse, Muhlenbruck, Wefel, Schwulst, Mayer, Hackberf, Wenger, Zieroth, Krenzke, Scheidf. Page one lwmdred twenty-two Actives Albert Anhold Victor Boehne Harvey Busse William Busse john Dale Eldred Dede Arnold Felten David Fierke Howard Goetz PH Z A P ri' r ogel , , Edward Krenzke A Edward Loerke Frederick Max Kenneth Muhlenbruck Carl Ruehr Arnold Salvner Carl Scbwulsft V Robert Springsteen Paul Wefel Werner Zierotlfi Pledges Robert Cigrand ' Irvin Hackbert Paul Hicken Walter Mayer Louis Scbeidt William Tozer Page one hundred twenty-three Actives Milton Ackenhausen Eric Andres I Ralph Beesleif Elmore Boeger Victor Boerger Clarence Brown Donald Carr Jack Collier Alton Ellefson PA DELT Paul Fleck Walter Garbers a er ra l Page one hundred twenty-four Leonard Mathy Gus Marks W Erwin Meier Paul Meier Eugene Milnikel Clarence Ott Robert Peper Howard Reich William Rohn Edward Sautter Clifford Schwan james Stoner Charles Stowers Arth tleit eter Struck Richard Tamm David Walton Pledges Leland Bauer lrvin Sallach Theodore Schwan Hans Wagner Ellefsor Streit, Stoner, F Ellefson, Kringel, Sautter, Stowers, P. Meier, Garbers, Andres, Fleck, CoIIier,'Boerger, Sallach, Reich, Rohn, Tarnm, Sfreif, Wagner, E. Meier, Boeger, Struck, Ackennausen, Beesley, C. Schwan, Walton, Graul, Milnikel, T. Scnwan, Stoner, Mathy. V , FIRST SEMESTER SECOND 'SEMESTER ROBERT PEPER ,,,,.., ,,,,, P RESI ENT ..... ..... C LIFFORD SCHWAN PAUL FLECK ,,,,,,, ...... V ICE- ENT ..... ' - -, ..... PETER STRUCK , vi i I in , WALTER GRAUL ..... ..... s .... ..... QELMORE BOEGER . in f: ' PAUL MEIER ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, T RER .... ..... W ALTER GARBERS Page one hundred twenty-five Actives Daniel Andernacht Wilbur Baetz john Baran Robert Bartelt Clyde Beach Ralph Bohl Harold Brasch Oscar Brucks Willard Findling Donald Finneran Herbert Friese Charles Gauss Fred Gieselce Wendell Goad Waldemar Grosnick Richard Hoecker Robert johnson Wilbur johnson Edward Kase Ernest Laetz Louis Lichtsinn Martin Lutzke jack McGinnis William Mehl Harold Oswald Eugene Pillsbury Robert Rosenthal john Ruge Harold Shenck Elroy Schnake Raymond Schroeder Wilbur Schultz 'Harold Scully Kenneth Stiegemeyer Edward Sullivan Roy Ulbrich Howard White Walter Wieggel Pledges Edward Boss Charles Butzow y ' Herbert Claudon X james Finneran Gerald Gauthier Edgar Grosnick Charles Hoover Oscar Hoppe Charles Nimmoth Carl Olson William Tatman KAPPA IOTA Pl Page one lmndred twenty-six . - V , f , ., gi. , i 3131- , 1523- Q, 3' :1 -1. , -P,-.1-,1,.-fa 4, FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER EUGENE P LLSBURY PRESIDENT FRED GIESEKE flaw? Q ERNEST xml. Z SECRETARY RALPH BOHL MARTIN LUTZKE .......................... VICE-PRESEDENT ....................., RICHARD HOECKER TREASURER .... ....................... R OBERT BARTELT Beach, Ulbrich, Boss, Gauss, Stiegemeyer,lAndernacht, Sullivan, Findling, R. johnson, Schnake, Schultz, Hoover, Tatman, Butzow, l. Finneran, Bohl, Mehl, McGinnis, D. Finneran, W. Grosnick, Lichtsinn, Gieseke, Hoecker, Brasch, Oswald, Laetz,,Baetz, Pillsbury, Baran, Kase, E, Grosnick, Rosenthal, Goad, White, Hoppe, Wieggel, Claudon, Bartelt, W. johnson, Freise, Schroeder, Lutzke. E Rabe, Lulinski, Swihart, jacobs, Doty, Gerbinsky, Thober, Cone, Lederer, Stodden, Tio, Boekger, Tetzlaff, RoedeIQ Schwandt, Uban, Plischke, Bona, Guttilla, Purvjs, Krogh, Pillsbury. FIRST SEMESTER E S SECOND SEMESTER ,.33,t, HARRY KROGH ............ ....... P RESIQQXENT ,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5 HERMAN coNE HILBERT PLISCHKE .........,, ,,,,,,, V -,-.- ------- W QQDRQW SWIHART BERNHARD SCHWANDT ........ ....... s ,,,,1, ,,,i.,-,, L omg TETZLAFF SHERMAN CONE ------ .... T REISURER .,.,., ,,,,,,, C HAm.Es RABE Page one hunched twenty-eight Actives Eugene Boerger Harry Purvls Harry Krogh L Frank Bona Sherman Cone john Dale g Eugene Gerbinsky Pat Guttilla Paul Lederer Chester Lulinski Hilbert Plischke Eugene Pillsbury Charles Rabe George Roedel Bernhard Schwandt Woodrow Swihart Louis Tetzlaft William Thober james Tio Chester Uban y Pledges james Doty Lou is j acobs Carl Stodden Page one hundred twenty nznc Readin' writin' and 'rith- mitic . . . ' Two-legged mice . . . With his usual wallop . . . Early to bed, early to rise ,. . Even The best of them have had rl-.ei lL7.L'l'lCZ'l'6CZ thirty I Iuhching, 90mg O3 E L+- U .2 C5 .E 'U U CD L... '+- O U7 L. I5 C .C CD L.. U L- 1: U3 X X GJ +- . +- x CD .D X - x 4- 1 3 D If 1, ,X S .X L -+E- O F ff L. 0 r g r I oments VU i gcnmg To bed mms 'ro smdymg cur fumes Five hearts . . . t lf , I , X, I V ., ,, Knee-high . . . False alarm . . . Down in back . . . Page one hundred thifrtzl-one xTw-4 , .W , V, U, K ,J.L,.I,-.I "',,,. . "., A 'f 'fx ,M ...fy . 34: , lv . uf.-, Lp.: Qfi"Q33-I f - 1 ,A nw 5' -.up-Q . . r mf- . 1-on KJ y ,.. i 1 Guthrie, Wheeler, Eggebrechf, Benninger, l-larfmarm, l-laeger, McGill, Mueller, Dierker, Scherer, Nordsieck, Oertel, Lanclgraf, Gustaitus,ll-loy, Ludwig, Rentner, Gallmeyer, Reidenbach, Claudon, Papageorge, Pillsbury, Morland, Beiderwiederm, Ressmeyer. Page one hundred thirty-two Doris Landgraf l-lermine Beiderwieden Mae Benninger Marjorie Claudon Dorothy Eggebrecht Cecilia Dierker Marybelle Gallmeyer Eleanor Gustaitus Ruth Ludwig Mary Alice McGill Mary Frances Morland Gertrude Mueller Henriette-Nordsieck Gertrude Oertel Helene Papageorge Bettie Ann Pillsbury Esther Reidenbach Actives 1 ' Virginia Guthrie june l-laeger Victoria Hartman jerry I-loy Elvira Rentner Ruth Ressrneyer Emily Scherer Polly Wheeler Betty Woods ALPHA RHI LTA FIRST SEMESTER A SECOND SEMESTER HERMINE BEIDERWIEDEN ...... PRESIDENT ....,. HERMINE BEIDERWIEIJEN RUTH RESSMEYER ....,......... VICE-PRESIDENT ....... . ...... RUTH RESSMEYER MARIQRIE CLAUDON ,.-.,,,,,,,, SECRETARY ,.,......... MARIORIE CLAUDON BETTIE ANN PILLSBURY .,.,,, TREASURER ...... BETTIE ANN PILLSBURY Page one hundred thirty-three Actives lean Ahlbrand Melba Ahlbrand Helenrae Adams Rosemary Blaese Myrtle Ehlers jean Ehlert Marguerite Ehlert Dorothy Fessel leanne Fiedler Elizabeth Fienup Ruth Fiesser Mildred Fuhlberg Esther Harper Edwina Hill Marjorie jacobs Marjorie lohnston Muriel jones Roma Kemena Evelyn Klotz FIRST' SEMESTER ELIZABETH FIENUP-- ROSEMARY BLAESE .......... ,VICE-PRESIDENT ...... MARGUERITE EHLERT ANITA KRETZMANN ,,,,,,,,,.,, IANET STONER ......... Ardath Konshok Alice Pearl Kramer Anita Kretzmann Irma Kronbach Mary Phyllis Meyer Mildred Meyer Ruth Miller Evelyn Mueckler Marie Otte Margaret Rankin Dorothy Richman Dorothynell Rickard Marjorie Samuelson Cornelia Schramm janet Stoner Pledges Evelyn Ahlbrand Miriam Brauer Helene Eberts Ethel-Kruse A SECOND SEMESTER PRESIDENT ...... ....... M ELBA AHLBRAND SECRETARY ............ ANITA KREtzMANN TREASURER -----------lANET sToNER GAMMA PH Page one hundred thirty-fozw W in 6, 273 Q?" 515.4 ' ,H l l l l l M. Ahlbrand, Fienup, Kemena, Blaese, jacobs, Kruse, Kronbach, Eberfs, l. Ehlert, Brauer, V. Ahl- brand, Schramm, Konshok, Fiedler, Meyer, Fessel, Miller, Fiesser, Mueckler, Kramer, E. Ahlbrand, johnsfon, l-lill, Kretzmann, Klotz, Rankin, Ofte, Richman, Ehlers, Stoner, M. Enlert, Rickard, Harper, Samuelson. Page one hzmclwed thirty-five .V---f---..L.-...i-..-...-.:.- V -,-4..... 4.--- .-....,.:..,.....f ,4,:....,L.4.a.:5-a-.YL.......-........g...w ' V. Schroeder, M. Schroeder, Babcock, Marquarr, Anderson, Grueft, I-litzemann, Gase, Schmutzler, Keene, I-laxton, Waitman, Burton, Krenzke, Freehauf, Graf, Reed, Gohlke, Kanis, jensen, Dietrich, Waaler, Lantz, Tamm, Stauss, Mackensen, Ungrodt. Page one hzmclred thirty-six K '- 4' rr " WRZYQQS7: ,y....sgf,f, .5 I' . ' f :'.f.1::,-Q,-4.-1.1, 4 g ,1- ' ' ' 'YC M 1'-I 41 VIETTA SCHROEDER .-.... ..... P RESIDENT ,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,. R UTH UNGRODT SYLVIA BELLE IENSEN ...... VICE-PRESIDENT ...... SYLVIA BELLE IENSEN MARIAN GASE --..-- ..... S ECRETARY ......., ,,,,,,,,,,,,, M ARMN c-:Ass FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTERA ',, ,JJ CAR0'-YN REED ------- ...... T REASURER ........ ........ c ARoLYN REED ALPHA Xl EPSlLO Actives Helen Krenzke Graceca ryl Lantzq Fay Anderson Dorothy Mackensen Verla Babcock leraldine Marquart Phyllis Burton Audrey Miller Myrtle Dietrich Carolyn Reed Mable Freehaul Marian Schrnutzler Marian Gase Selma Gohlke Hilda Graf Phyllis Gruett Margaret Schroeder Vietta Schroeder lean Stauss Norma Tamm Dorothy Haxton Ruth Ungrodt Irene Hitzemann Thelma Vvaler Sylvia Belle jensen Leonora Kanis Pledge juanita Keene Margaret Waitman Page one hundred thirty-sefvevz FIRST SEMESTER ' SECOND SEMESTER DOROTHY REYNOLDS ............ PRESIDENT ...--------- DOROTHY REYNU'-D5 VIVIAN REICH --,,-----.--,,,,,,,, VICE-PRESIDENT .................... VIVIAN REICH vERoNlcA REICH ....... ........ S ECRETARY ........ ....... V ERONICA REICH VERA HAHN ,,,,,,,,,,, ........ T REASURER ........ .......... V ERA HAHN Actives Myrtle Brueggemann Dorothy Cade Edith Callies Rachel Chapman Ruth Darst Emma Gernannt Carol Gotsch Vera Hahn Page one hzmdred thfirty-eight Ellen Langrehr I Veronica Reich Vivian Reich Dorothy Reynolds Ma rga rette Schwan Stella Smith Pledges l Beulah Kessel Ruth Wehrenberg 5 1 W- ,, , "' Ver. Reich, Cade, Ludwig, Smith, Reynolds, Hahn, Schwan, Kessel, Gernannt, Wehrenberg, Brueggemann, Chapman, Gofsch, Langrehr, Darsf, Viv. Reich, Callies. Page one hzmglfred thirty-wivze Though pictured together, they meet eport-k-The R Loerke Kugler Boeger Roedel Gieseke Hoecker Goetz Ackenhausen Swihart Waldschmidl' Eh nes Kressin Wacholz Ressmeyer Reynolds Gase Kretzmann Papageorge Viv. Reich Ungrodt Richman 9 4 Page one hundred forty girls to T0 prot gI'0l1p5a couragf friendsf among problel groups Interfl A joim the Su and th The If rushin tion c troph' Schol: men c Coun hours SPOIT: furth Likev UI' 11- T5 1, Soror Viser T036 fl-. ggirls 'ro folk of fods ond clothes, the or To promote cooperation between the social groups, to maintain social standards, to en- courage intersorority and interfraternity friendships, to prevent malicious propaganda among the fraternities, and to discuss the problems of the organized individual and the groups as a whole are the purposes of the Interfraternity and Intersorority council. A joint meeting of the IFC and the ISC with the Student council resulted in the banquet and the Homecoming dance. The IFC set up a new constitution in which rushing rules were revised. For the promo- tion of better scholarship the IFC offers a trophy to the highest ranking fraternity. Scholarship problems with regard to Fresh- men organized men were discussed, and the Council felt the need of supervised study hours. IFC also conducts the intramural sports, bowling, basketball, and baseball, to further fellowship between the fraternities. Likewise the ISC revised its constitution, urging a cleaner and fairer rushing season. To begin the season the ISC held the Inter- sorority tea. Mrs. Umbach is the faculty ad- viser to the group. - Together the IFC and ISC gave the fin-fl dance of the year in honor of the seniors. ' Q 'tif ff? INTER-FRALERINIITY COUNCIIED cm EDWARD ignite, President 5 HERBERT KUGLER, 'mi' Vice-Presment' 1 FD ELMORE BgGER, Secretary I9 GEORGE ROEDEL, Treasurer Q 3 Q.. U' INTER-SORQERITY COUNCIL I RUTH RESSLQPKEYER, President CD DOROTHYBCHEYNOLDS, - Vice-Presaent I MARIAN MSE, Secretary 2. 3 ANITA KKHZMANN, U7 Treasurer . Q :ze wif Page one hundred forty-one f' H y . 1 1 w ml I 'Z I YL 1.1 ,.r, rg. W 41, 1 M ? 1 I 4 1 B Hi 1 fa 3 3 3 ,I 5 , 2 1 I 1 1 W xg V! we Ti 33 A 1 A I I 1 1 I I I X I I I 1 I I I I 1 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I It I 1 I 1 I I I A I I I I I I Q1 I I I I I 1 1 I I I I I . I I . Bischoff Tamrn Grosz W. Busse D. Tewes I-laller Dede N. Tewes I-laxton Duesenberg Thober jacobs Duhm Toepel Klotz Eddy Wagner Krenzke Felfen E. Ahlbrand Kronbach Geh,-ke M. Ahlbrand Mackensen Glotzhober V. Ahlbrand Mueckler Ggefz Alleti' Mueller E. Grosnick Anderson Nordsieck W. Grosnick Brauer Oertel Hartmeisfer Burton O'r're I-lildner Cade Reed Hinz Callies Rose! Horney DGVHVIQ Schwan Humphrey Dietrich Stauss johnson EQQebrecht Stoner Kase Fessel Tamrn Kautz FFGWUD Ungrodt Miles Fiesser Urschel Miller Gase Waaler Petersen GOTSCIW Ziehlsdorff Schwandt :L M 14' A 1. A, 5 , -E ,. , - ' . , ron, G'H7C3CK, W s o Page one lwmdrecl f01'ty-four The choir has made great strides this year. Ninety members com- posed this group, the largest ever organized at this University-a large and good choir, the aim of our Uni- versity. Under the direction of Mr. Richard Schoen- bohm, it appears that the hope of our school has been fulfilled. The year 1936-37 has given great indication that an outstanding choir will be developed in the succeeding , year, Which- will even outdo the organization of this year. Valparaiso Was much encouraged by the. enthusiasm and interest shown in the choral . group. USSGS .CD U1 SI ... -aq- .Ill 3 in of ITSG O E7 dd H S Cl ' If ---oh, the University choir. A six day choir tour in the East gave the songsters ample opportunity to display their remarkable Work, and this opportunity Was not Wasted. Favorable comments were given, particularly on the excellent choral work and able direction of Mr. Schoenbohm. De- troit, Monroe, cleveland, Pittsburgh, Lan- caster, and Defiance were scenes of the Uni- versity choir concerts. The group also sang at Concordia college. Outstanding in the Work of the choir Was the pianissimo and sustained effect of the group. The repertoire of the choir consisted of Latin, German, and English anthems. "Adoramus Te,', "By Babylon,s Wave," and "Hospodi Pomuluiv were received best by choir audiences. At the annual Christmas concert given in the Auditorium of the University, students, fac- ulty, and townspeople were given the first taste of the excellence and choral effective- ness of the group. That the Work of the choir was Well thought of is shown by the large audiences present in the various concerts. In Detroit the Lutheran Women,s auxiliary ar- ranged the concert in Orchestra hall, and I f 5 -I -. 2 I I . i E 5 : 1 . 3 i i I if 1 Q Richard Schoenbohm fifteen hundred people vigorously applauded the choir and Mr. Schoenbohm. Mr. Richard Schoenbohm came to Valpar- aiso university from Interlochen, Michigan. There he conducted the summer chorus, and at the same time he was there, Walter Dam- rosch, the World renowned orchestra conduc- tor, had charge of the summer orchestra. Mr. Schoenbohm came here with the finest of recommendations and has endeared himself to the students and the faculty with his jolly good-humored personality, his ready Wit, and his unquestionable musical ability. Par- ticularly do the choir members enjoy seeing him toss back his head and roll out a big bass solo. 1 Page one hundred forty'-five University Orchestra, Robert Frost, Director E for their reSpE MR. BETZ Zi ' . ...C WALTER BUSSE i noRoTHY EGGEBRECHT, 3 EDWARD EGGEBREci-:T "J, ' SELMA GOHLKE -E U The University orchestra, ROSALINE GROSZ though small in number, is an DARREL KAU-I-Z excellent group of musicians, , -U banded together to further PARNUM KERREY GJ the interests and talents of the 5 musically inclined students. DOROTHY MACKENSEN 4.. Every Tuesday and Thursday night the members assemble EUGENE MILNIKEL Q- for a short practice rehearsal. This year the orchestra has MR' MULLINS 93 been under the capable and CAROLYN REED 03 inspiring direction of Mr. 'C Robert Frost. THEODCRE SCHWAN V7 The group gave only one pub- D- lic appearance, a tempting, El-I-EN SKIRMONT 8 teasing, short hour perform- L. ance, which left the audience 'EAN STAUSS U7 wishing to hear them again. A CD Two outstanding selections IAMES STONER -C played were "Gloria" from ROB +" Mozart's Mass in B minor and ERT TQEPEL -I-H Beethoveifs Fifth symphony. POLLY WHEELER , gn 3 From the singing flute to the swinging Page one hzmdred forty-six Swinging and faking their Way through the basketball sea- son, the so-called "Campus-Swing-Sessionersn completed what might be called a "jammed" season. The outfit has a total membership of six, and when Bill Morgan's trumpet and 'tGerbie,' Gerbinsky's drum call the roll, the heat is on and may be rather aptly called "boiled corn." But it's all in fun, and the peppiness at the half in this season's basket- ball games may well be attributed to these non-descript imif tations of musicians. Also included in the Jam-sessioner's program Was a season engagement with the University Variety show Where the group played the roll of pit orchestra. The orchestra's motto is "If it's jam you Want, We,ll spread it." fllleur respective stroins of Beethoven ondl Ellington Back row: Zersen, Poehner, Gerbinsky, Waitman. Front row: Morgan, Griep. Page one hundred forty sever' l -'J a ' lx f 7 ll 55 ,, .4 i ,V ,z 1 F , g! al I K ,: Q V ' L , fi? l YI f 55 5: 11 r li ' li - 2 , ii V fl , 'I QI 41 l, 5 35 ' I .1 i 4 1. -Q 1, ' Mi 'N W 1, A , 2' If U It 4 J -1. j m . 7 I 4 E v 'J R 5 - I I w 'Q mf! y . a. W . 7 "5 1 I i 1 2 1 : l 1 , S4 s I! :lj i I' 4 I. 15 1 7 I fi w 'i V E 1 0 4 wiv -? 3 25 if- A Capt. Stanhope ....... Lieut. Raleigh ........ Lieut, Hibbert ........ Capt. Hardy .....,.. ....--..Richard Evans .Martin Lutzke .-------..Carl Ehnes ...--.Edward Sullivan Lieut. Trotter-... ........................................... Wilbur Baetz erg. N' ....... ........ ........ - ........ ' ...... L lsScl'1leidt lriieutlfiglbornelfi ........ ....... ........ -.-Hilmt Mueller Colonel .....,..... Mason ............. -.,.-..Edward Kase .--..-..l-lerbert Freise German Soldier ...... ............... W illiarn Rohn Runner ............... ........ British Soldier ...... -- Robert Dannentelser .-.,-...-.-Oscar Hoppe N Page one hundred fifty D The rattle ot script instead of machine guns. Tea for two l'c's a Kase of being absorbed. D The mighty Unseth reviews his lines. Mr. Frederick Ritter ........ ......, H arold Brasch Mr. Huxley Hossefrosse ...... .,....,. T heodore Unseth lMr. Spindler ................. .............,. E dward Kase Mr. Ralph Twiller ...... ........ K enneth Stiegemeyer Teddy Spearing ............................................ Willis Gehrke E T 0 RMV-E596 lvr4nagB ....r. E ....r A s.... R -..NE Haklelss Mrs, Paula Ritter ,,,,,,,,,,.......................... Elizabeth Fienup Mrg, j, Pampinelli ,..... ...... M arybelle Gallmeyer Mrs. Nellie Fell ............. ........... N Orme Tamm Miss Florence Crickeff ....... ........-..- l e-an Ehlerf Mrs. Clara Sheppard ........ jenny ..............., ---------- ' - ,..,, .... .., ...f..... ..-..,..:.,. ..-,- ...1..- ...-..-Marjorie johnston .....-Mae Benninger Page one hundred fifty-one Dr. Frederick W. Kroencke H872-19365 ff ONNET A campus is in mourning on this dayg Sad little groups foregather in the town, The grieving friends who did not cease to pray On hearing that the dean was stricken down, And as the cold black headlines tell the tale, Alumni in a thousand towns are stirred: This knight had sent them questing for the grail His low-voiced summons was the vibrant word That loosened reservoirs of latent strength And limitless enthusiasm, caught From one who taxed himself the utmost length And daily lived the precepts he had taughtg To others .... Dean and Citizen .... to me Attractive, tender jaersomzlifyl -Margarette Ball Dickson. PAEAN Dean Kroencke was a man of brilliant mind: A faith as simple as a childg A mother's tenderness and love, combined To form a great cathedral . . . many aisled. A towering structure thus upraising Dim chapels, calm for prayer and praising, With frescoes of most fragile phrasing And stately murals one could often find. Dean Kroencke was a man of brilliant mind, CA quaint mosaic exquisitely tiledj. -Margarette Ball Dickson. Page one hundred fifty-tlwe , 1 I 1 , 1 I 1 I I 1 1 1 I - I 1 1 1 I I I I 1 1 I I 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I I I 1 I I I I J I I I QI 'fx 11 I 1 .1 I I I I I 1 I I 1 I 1 I Y I ,I I 1 1 1 11 1 I 1 11 I I' i I 1 1 1 1 1 1,1 I I NI 1, I 11 1 I I 11 'Q 11 1 I 11 111 I I '11 . I1 1 1 I' , I 5 I 1? I J I I 1 I I I f i Q w v 5 L . F T E , I 5 J 1 x 43 QA EM i k , I 1 a 2 1 I 1 I I I 2 . I 1 i 1 5 I f 4 1 , I W N: i , H E 31 5 L D 1 E. ? E 3 1 F , Back row: Elfmes, Mueller, Place, Brasch. Front row: Loerke, Nordsieck, Fienup, Lutzke, Woods, Tamm, Ehlers. IOTA SKDMA Iota Sigma, the honorary journalistic fraternity, is to foster and encourage inter- est in journalism. Torch and Uhlan staff members must Work two years be- fore becoming eligible for this honor organization. Two social functions were conducted by Iota Sigma this year. Page one lzundred fifty-six ALPHA PM GNEGA Through the Alpha Psi Gmega, dramatics on our campus, in general, have been raised to a definite high standard, and the na- tional organization has been responsible for establishing interests and appreciation for the amateur stage With- in the group. Back row: Moody, Karsel, Loerke, Findling, Schuth, Lambert, Lutzke, Berkowitz, Stow- ers, Meier, Griep. Armsorge, Ungrodt, Ahlbrarmd. PW C Qfganized baters of Y and caliber necessary- Phi Sigm aids in the new deba teresting: pects for Back rc Front r . 1421- 1. figs ? ':. 5 "fr Q FSC lPl1a Psi ' OH our ll- have l-rl SIGMA Organized to unite the de baters of varsity experience and caliber presenting the l I P l ' . , '2 1 .i,. p t pi if as V AEGA t dflirlite l Illf 113, 5 he been lbllshing reciarion Sf With- ':. Stow- 5 E2 ? 1 necessary qualifications, the Phi Sigma honorary also aids in the planning of each new debate season and in- teresting and assisting pros- pects for the debate squad. ED I ' Place, Wolff, Lichtsinn, Walclschmidt. GAMMA MU Pi Gamma Mu, Indiana Ep- silon chapter, is the honor- ary social science club of Valparaiso university. Its aim is to make a scientific study of social problems and to popularize scientific knowledge in regard to all social questions. Back row: Andres, Berry, Umbach, Schwan, Tewes, Falk, Bauer, Miller, Meyer. Front row: Schroeder, MacFarlane, Ahlbrand, Gase, Anderson, Ressmeyer, Elliott. Page one hundred fifty-seven UNIVERSITY DEBATERS "Resolved: That congress should have the power to set minimum Wages and maximum hours" Was the subject on which extensive r Work for the actual season Was prepared. Mr. Place should be praised for his support in leading this group. Back row: Fritz, Toepel, Graul, Berkowitz, Moody, Brasch. Middle row: Kaufmann, Bischoff, Peterson, Baetz, Ehnes, Mueller, Elliott, lannascla, Diemer, Karsel. Front row: Brna, Schwan, Marquart, Eberts, Skirmont, Griep, Younglove. W Page one hundred fifty-eight Wolff, Maier, Tewes, Place, Felten, lacobs, Gehrke. BIQLQGY' CLUB Pre-medics, pre-nursing, pre-dentals, and biology majors belong to the Biol- ogy club. The purpose, as outlined in the constitu- tion, is "for the promotion of interest in the biological sciences, cultivation of abil- ity, pride in scientific pur- suits, and fellowship? l i I 5 4 .112 Mil 3.713 ll" ' a 3C B k Tlw Front Qi Busl den mer por tion of i subj by Q Held groi acti' 1.1. in V - ' A ' il. f CLUB nursing, biology lie Biol- .P059 35 onsuru- nmorion ological of abil- ic puf- , 1 7. NEW Bac!-khrow: Eggebrecht, Mueller, Brna, Toepel, Karsel, Berkowitz, Fritz, Ehnes, Peterson run. Front row: Griep, Pomex, Rose, Ruecklos, Skirmont, Bischoff. CQMMERCE CLUB Business majors and stu- dents interested in com- . merge are enthusiastic Sup- Back row: Andres, Fleck, Kringel, Tewes. porters of this organiza- tion. For the furtherance Ziebarth. CHEMISTRY CLUB The Chemistry club is the hardest club to join' on our campus. Fourteen hours of B in Chemistry are required to attain full membership. Associate members are those students Who have not fulilled the requirements. Meetings are held once a month. Middle row: Meier, johnson, Oswald, Schilke, Dube, Salvner. Front row: Fienup, Blaese, Schuth, Schroder, Krueger, Rosel, Ansorge,.Gase, Goehring, of interest in commercial subjects, lectures are given by outstanding men in the field of commerce. This group is one of the most active on the Hill. F Page one hundred fifty-nine i CMJ The Education club is a pri- mary interest to the profes- sionally minded aswell as to those students Who are seeking to promote the Wel- fare and progress of educa- tion in general. Both speak- ers and members partici- pate to make the meetings instructive and entertain- ing. The Engineering society has assumed increasing impor- tance in this school. Through it the members are brought in contact with the profession by field trips to industrial districts, and guest speakers, all of which will serve later When they enter professional standing. Page one hundred sixty Back row: Kautz, Stauss, Waaler, Lindberg, Beiderwieden, Rankin, Ressmeyer, Grosz, Backrow l-lahn. - Front row: Ungrodt, Dierker, Mueller, l-laller, Ahlbrand, Schroeder, Nordsieck, Ansorge, Mlfndgitg Ruecklos, Reich, Callies. ' X Front rov choft, Back row: Wachholz, Kielpikowski, Neils, Thober, Wenger. 4th row: l-lellenberg, Seiving, Scherf, Ackenhausen, Ellefson, Miller, Newsom. 3rd row: Feiertag, Streidt, Boehne, Ruehr, Beach, Wefel, Wessel, Smith, Miles, Erickson. Zndh rpm: Lauritzen, Stevens, Miller, Fritz, Tamm, Duhm, Eggebrecht, Cushman, Cie- cie s I. lst row: F. Miller, Pauken, Sallach, Winkler, Krause, Hoppe, Tatman, Gay, ROl1I'1, Dietrich, Walton. I l Back row 3I'Cl I'Owj 2nd I'Owg Frevert Front row Gftsz edir Aliffgel V :rm es, Erickscn. stmai, Cie- Gaf, Rohn, Back row: Mueller, Felten, Maier, Peterson, Springsteen, Ruehr, Neils, Schwan. Middle row: Weber, Gehrke, Dannenfelser, Kautz, Dede, Gcetz, Duesenberg, Hart- rneister, Bauer. Front row: Mahnken, Darling, Rosel, Wehrenberg, Gotsch, Brueggemann, Gade, Bis- choff, Ungrodt, Rittmueller. Back row: Schoenherr, Yelsik, R. james, K. james. 3rd row: Clifford, Krueger, Boomershine, Boeger, Gieseke, l-loff, Savage, Peper, Busse 2nd row: Struck, Goethke, Krenzke, Kugler, Dede, Wolff, Slivinske, Falk, Waldschmidt Frevert. Front row: Anderson, Morland, H. Busse, Hinz, Drzewicki, Karr, Dean Morland, Raub I -. A at fi ,lx V., Qefxftfifvfiffk 512' at w LJ i xii A fine Christian organiza- tion is Gamma Delta. lt encourages the youth of the Church to greater service and unites them in a four-C fold purpose to: promote Lutheran consciousnessg render assistance to the congregationg develop Christian leadershipg and establish fraternal relations. LAVVYERS ASSQClATiOlXl The pLaWyer's association, acting as one organization, functions under a directing head with appointed com- mittees Watching and pro- moting the interests of the individual student and the Law school. Every student in the Law school is eligible for membership. Page one hundred sixty-one MUSIC CLUB The Music club is a new organization on our Hill. There the members revel in music and rhapsody over the interesting bits of in- formation learned about Back row: Scherf, l-lerscher, Kautz, Stauss, Krenzke, Mackensen, Mahnken, Urschel Scheck, I-lildner. Front row: Ahlbrand, Grosz, Skirmont, Mueckler, Lantz, Tamm. PHARMACY ASSOCIATION Pharmic students, all inter- ested in bettering them- selves for Work both pro- fessionally and socially, be- long to the Pharmaceutical association. As part of the year's features, lectures are given in monthly meetings concerning developments in the field of pharmacy. Page one hzmdred siocty-two , ' composers, their Works, and playing. Enthusiasm shown this year promises greater prospects for the next. Back row: Lillibridge, Doty, Rabe, Roedel, lacobs, Eddy, Conibear. 4th row: Hoecker, Gorrell, Stodden, Schwandt, Lederer, Zimmerman. 3rd row: Bona, Guttilla, Tetzlaff, Schwartz, Uban, Morgan, Elkin, Risto, Bruss, Pillsbury. 2nd row: Lulinski, Harwood, Mueller, Smith, Pillsbury, Pomex, Gruett, Lofgren. Front row: Cone, Salchow, Swihart, Thober, Purvis, Gerbinsky, Tio, Krogh, Dale. CLUB is Q new sur Hill. S revel in Jdy over rs of in- d about orks, and m shown s greater next. Pflfabufv- gn. Pe. PUBL QNS Schuth Hartmeister Keil Scherf Stowers Stoner Findling Miller Dannenfelser Ungrodt Griep Fiesser Dede Boehne Kressin Wachholz Hartmeister Max Eggebrecht Cade xo: cure, KQiV'w-K-again I SGYI W itl Scl a I "Right you ore, Kell." And l With the power of the press typified by the crusading Johnny Schuth and the dapper Joe Hartmeister, the Torch reached a new high as a student publication. L. E. Lambert, faculty adviser, is the power behind the throne. Lengthening of the sheet, adoption of a new headline schedule, and Variety of type style added new zest to the 19'37 model of the Torch. This year's newspaper staff, accord- ing to Schuth, will be practically intact next year. fps f' N f 1 few. u 1 blip fl 73 3' FF .Q , V1 'D SAF ll L. E. Lambert Faculty adviser Page one hundred gocty-five Front row: Griep, Karsel, Stoner, Ansorge. Middle row: Moody, Meier, Kretzrrmarm, Kramer. Back row: Mayer, Baetz, Eberts, Berkowitz, Plelfm, Laube. Appold, the cameraman Tearing ot heir ond weeks without sleep-etlfie sroti The Uhlan staff this year Wishes to take advantage of these few lines to tell you some facts, Whys, and Wherefores. In the first place We have at- tempted to give you as strictly candid a book as possible. This involves a number of things-in the first place students must accept a candid book as such. They must realize that in a publication of this type they are pictured as they actually are, and when the candid camera catches them on a street corner or at a desk it reproduces a perma- nent split second of time during which the indi- vidual lived. The sum total of these split seconds Page one hzmolred sixty-six STFUQ Q of putting out o book i fefiioi i y E5 O ow C3 o -'I-4 struggles ond crowls 'Da 0144616 1 e X96 1 cfs. 4494 makes up your life, and the candid camera can ' but hope to capture you in one of these your nor- ' mal and natural poses. Much credit this year goes to Luella Ansorge, Anita Kretzmann, Janet Stoner, and joseph Berkowitz. Without their assistance a year book would not have been possible. Page one hundred sizxstyfseven Rss RESSMEYER snappy ll ll l I , Y k go-getter, always there, ta W H Q t Q sportswoman in the last sense "BEBE" FIENUP--dainty, eag- A er, peppy, alive, laughing, and called our little "Bebe" "BGB" PEPER-earnest, smil- ing, dapper, polished hero, idol ot the girls, teachers, too., t "MEL" AHLB RAND + cuddly, happy, witty, always a pun, and studious too. "BERTlE" HALLER-plump gay, effervescent, infectious, lucky, nerve and grit, brainy, muscular. 7. QARL Ep lSh, inql maSTer, l-umblim x ,l-Plump, infectious, fit, brainy, l r l J o P L i l l i "LOUIE" LICHTSINN a - - Q gressive, assertive, jolly, like- able, cheery, good fellow, all there, uncomplaining. , "SHORTY" LUTZKE-triend- ly, happy, camaradie, smart, business-like, snappy, quick, much to do attitude. "DAVE" FIQERKE--tall, hand- . some, dependable, brilliant, friendly, smiling, hard-worker, willing, basketball flash. 3 i l ous moments. l i l il iii ' CARL EHNES-executive, boy- ish, inquisitive, ability, grand i master actor ci arette trend i "WILLIE" FINDLING-small, all there, kiddy, witty, satirical, 1 dashing, romeo, reliable, seri- --'ra .1 ' 4, 'N , iumbiiaghaiff 9 ' ' ,ii Page one hundred seventy-one MELBA AHLBRAND A.B. Music IEAN ALLETT A.B. Mathematics, Chemisty ERIC ANDRES A.B. Business Management ALBERT ANHOLD LL.B. IOHN BARAN LL.B. I HERMINE BEIDERWIEDEN A.B. Geography, History ROSEMARY BLAESE A.B. Business Management, Mathematics PHILIP BODENSTAB LL.B. CHARLES BOOMERSHINE LL.B. GEORGE BUSH LL.B. WILLIAM BUSSE I ii. -L., A-I-I:,, 5' -I 4 at I I 5 : All ' . , A.B. Business Management, Law EDITH CALLIES A.B. German, English MARIORIE CLAUDON A.B. English, Business Management ROLAND DIEMER A.B. Biology, Chemistry cARl. EHNES ' A.B. Chemistry, Zoology ELIZABETH FIENUP A.B. Business Management DAVID FIERKE A.B. German WILLARD FINDLING B.S. in E.E. I PAUL FLECK B.S. in C.E. Lili Page one hundred seventy-two 5, .K.. A. I FRED GIESEKE, IR. A.B. History, Law ROBERTA HALLER A.B. English, German ALFRED HENKEL- A.B. Sociology, History, German ARTHUR HINZ LL.B. MARIORIE HOFFMANN A.B. German, History FRANCIS ,HOUSEHOLTER LL.B. ROBERT IOHNSON B.S. in E.E. MURIEL IONES A.B. English I ROMA KEMENA A.B. Sociology, English ROWENA KREUTZBURG A.B. Chemistry, History HARRY KROGH B.S. in Pharmacy FREDERICK KRUEGER LL.B. HERBERT AKUGLER LL.B. I ERNEST LAETZ A.B. Business Management LOUIS LICHTSINN LL.B. EDWARD LOERKE A.B. Sociology MARTIN LUTZKE A.B. English, Mathematics WESLEY MACK B.S. in Pharmacy MARY FRANCES MORLAND A.B. History, Law I tm sts, lm its WALTER Z IMMERMAN A.B. Chemistry HELENE PAPAGEORGE A.B. English I ROBERT PEPER LL.B., A.B. Social Science ELIZABETH BORGMAN Pl LLSBU RY B.S. in Pharmacy ROSELLA PILLSBURY A.B. English HILBERT PLISCHKE B.S. in Pharmacy HARRY PURVIS, IR. B.S. in Pharmacy VIVIAN REICH A.B. History RUTH RESSMEYER A.B. German MARGARET SCHROEDER A.B. German, Business Management VIETTA SCHROEDER A.B. Sociology, Geography CLIFFORD SCHWAN A.B. Business Management OLIVER SHELKSOHN A.B. Chemistry, Zoology ALFRED SIEVING B.S. in M.E. WILMER SLIVINSKE LL.B. WILLIAM STEVENS, IR. A.B. Chemistry, Biology MELVIN WALDSCHMIDT A.B. History, Law RAYMOND WOLFF LL.B. BETTY WOODS A.B.fBusiness Management WILLIAM YELSIK A.B.,History, Law .., , ADVERTISEMENTS AND DIRECTORY I! I I Il Ill Illlllll I llllllllllllll SCHMUESER a s NS , I 'f MOTOR CARS F m' fl BUICK SALES AND SERVICE . HAMMOND, INDIANA John Schmueser, Harold G. Schmueser, Henry J. Schrnueser I I ll ll lll Ill ll I ll ll ll I I Ill Illllllllllllllllllllll Illllllllllllllll A ACKENHAUSEN, MILTON A. 2 Kenmore Court, Pekin, Ill. ADAMS, HELENRAE 809 Laljorte' Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. , ADDISON, ROBERT J. A R.R. 1, Box 55, GarY,,Ind. A AHLBRAND, EVELYN , , A 610 S. Chestnut St., Seymour, Ind. AHLBRAND, MELBA 718 S. Walnut St., Seymour, Ind. AHLBRAND, VIRGINIA 610 S. Chestnut St., Seymour, Ind. ALLETT, JEAN 409 Franklin St., Valparaiso, Ind. ANDERNACHT, DANIEL 1 Court St., Crown Point, Ind. ANDERS, CLARA BELLE 201 Monroe St., Valparaiso, Ind. ANDERSON, FAY , 220 Wesley Ave., Oak Park, Ill. ANDRES, ERIC g 1410 Greenwood St., Evanston, Ill. ANHOLD, ALBERT 1721 Massachusetts St., Gary, Ind.- ANSORGE, LUELLA Manning, Iowa APPOLD, NORMAN C. 707 Brentwood Ave., Detroit, Mich. C. E. McCormick 31 Company Home Furnishers Interior Decorators 117 Lincolnway Valparaiso, Indiana IB BABCOCK, VERLA Chesterton, Ind. BAETZ, WILBUR A, Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 380212 ".hA .,E, ', BARTEL'Ifl11RBBEE'iQP Chicago, Incl, P 5050 W. Vl' t st., vm - , - BAUER, LELAIXTD 1 lwaukee' WIS' Herscher, Ill. BAUM, MARGARET Crown Point, Ind. BRAUMBAOH, ROLAND C. 5205 Blodgett Ave., Downers Grove. Ill. BEACH, CLYDE O. 548 Lincoln Ave., Calumet City, Ill. BEESLEY, RALPH A. 5746 Newark Ave., Chicago, Ill. BEIDERWIEDEN, HERMINE 5814 Erie Ave., Hammond, Ind. BENNINGER, MAE Reeserville, Wis. BERKOWITZ, JOSEPH G. Chesterton, Ind. BEUSCHER, FRED 2311 East Newton St., Cudahy, YVis. BISCHOFF, PAUL A. 4386 Mayfield Rd., So. Euclid, Ohio BLAESE, ROSEMARY 508 Chicago St., Valparaiso, Ind. BLAKE, JAMES H. R.R'. 1, Valparaiso, Ind. BODE, FRANK 1833 Evergreen St., Alton, Ill. BODENSTAB, PHILIP C. 5440 Augusta Blvd., Chicago, Ill. BOEGER, ELMORE Hillside, Ill. BOEHNE, VICTOR E. Itasca, Ill. BOELTER, KENNETH Montevideo, Minn. BOERGER, EUGENE R. 734 W. Washington St., Ft. YVayne, Ind. BOERGER, VICTOR 734 W. NVashington St., Ft-. YVayne, Ind. BOHL, RALPH 709 N. Oneida St., Appleton, Wis. BOLDT, BENJAMIN WV. 470 Prospect St., Elgin, Ill. BONA FRANK TH. 2240 S. Marshall Blvd., Chicago, Ill. BOOMERSHINE, CHARLES Monon, Ind. BORUM, ANITA Valparaiso, Ind. 'illllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllll lllllllll lllllllll m. C. Heidemann and Associates, Inc. Mortgages - Insurance A Collections 605 Lake Street Maywood, Illinois I Illlll l llllllllllllll llll ll I llllll llllf VIII I lllllllllllll Illllll ll I llllllllllllllll . ' X Beach Sz Sons Coal AL COMPLIMENTS OF CO COKE Phone 38 CANNON JOSEPH P 6901 S Loomis Blvd Chicago Ill CARR DONAL W. C. DICKMEYER BOSS, EDWARD L. 4250 Seneca Ave., Detroit, Mich. BRASCH, HAROLD Pembroke, Ont., Canada BRAUER, MIRIAM ' 837 Fourth St., Columbus, Ind. BRETSCHER, ELSE 1139,W. Monroe St., Springfield, Ill. BRINKMANN, EDWIN A. Homewood, Ill. BRNA, PAUL W. 802 Linwood Dr., Valparaiso, Ind. BROVVN, CLARENCE C. Spaulding Hotel, Michigan City, Ind. BRUCKS, OSCAR O. 121 E. Summer St., Appleton, Wis. BRUEGGEMANN, MYRTLE S. 3204 N. 51st, Blvd., Milwaukee, Wis. BRUSS, DELBERT J. - Echo, Minn. BRUSS, ORVILLE E. Echo, Minn. BULL, THELMA L. R.R. 5, Valparaiso, Ind. BULS, MILDRED Palmyra, Mo. BUSH, GEORGE TH. Chesterton, Ind. BURTON, PHYLLIS M. .108 So. Eighth St., Grand Haven, Mich. BUSSE, HARVEY Mt. Prospect, Il1.' BUSSE, WALTER C. Appleton, Minn. BUSSE, WILLIAM F. Mt. Prospect, Ill. BUTZOW, CHARLES Wausau, Wis. C CADE, DOROTQFIY A. 421 25th St., Guttenberg, N. J. CAGANN, RICHARD u 209 E. Stoughton St., Champaign, Ill. CALLIES, EDITH , . 3029 No. 24th St., Milwaukee, Wis. D C Spaulding Hotel, Michigan City, Ind. CASTEN, CLARENCE 1338 N. East St., Springfield, Ill. CENKUSH, EDWARD M. R.R. 1. New Carlisle, Ind. CHAPMAN, RACHEL Taylorsville, N. C. CIESIELSKI, JOHN 311 Elmhurst Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. CIGRAND, ROBERT W. 5529 Wilson Ave., Chicago, Ill. CLARK, WALLACE N. Shelby, Mont. CLAUDON, HERBERT 705 Indiana Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. CLAUDON, MARJORIE 705 Indiana Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. CLAUS, HILDA Lamar, Ark. CLIFFORD, LEO N. Campbell St., Valparaiso, Ind. COLLIER, JACK 924 W. Wood St., Decatur, Ill. . CONE, SHERMAN 406 Prospect Terrace, Freeport, Ill. CONIBEAR, ROBERT O. Morton, Ill. COOK, MARVIN H. 806 Monroe St., Valparaiso, Ind. D DALE, JOHN L. Chesterton, Ind. DANNENFELSER, ROBERT 1616 Florida Dr., Ft. VVayne, Ind. DARLING, DOROTHY R. Roger Road, Hamburg, N. Y. DAWALD, EARL E. 72 N. Cass St., Peru, Ind. DEDE, ELDRED - 3123 W. Kilbourn Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. COMPLIMENTS OF F. W. Licht Chief of Police Forest Park, Illinois alparaiso Hatcher The Home of Valpfo Quality Chicks Valparaiso, Indiana DeGRAZI'A, LENORA N Fianklin St, Valparaiso, Ind. 604 . ' - DIEMER, ROLAND L. Stratford, Wis. DIERKER, CECILIA I - 804 Seventh St., Watertown, WIS- DIETRICH, ADOLPH Willshire, Ohio DIETRICH, MYRTLE . 2726 N. 72nd St., Milwaukee, Wis. DOLK, CHARLES A. Chesterton, Ind. DONNER, ELMER WM. Wilson, N. Y. DOTY, JAMES A. i 8235 Maryland Ave., Chicago, Ill. DRZEWICKI, BOLESLAUS 2234 So. 59th St., Cicero, Ill. DUBE, WILLIAM The Grove, Tex. DUESENBERG, CARL 4263 Louisiana Ave., St. Louis, Mo. DUHM, WALTER T. R.R. 5, Box 252, Indianapolis, Ind. E 1 EBERTS, HELENE N. 97 Belmont Ave., Detroit, Mich. EDDY, HAROLD R. 106 Poplar St., Hurley, 'Wis. EDQUIST, EVAR Chesterton, Ind. EGGEBRECHT, DOROTHY . 429 Detroit St., Hammond, Ind. EGGEBRECHT, EDWARD 429 Detroit St., Hammond, Ind. EHLERS, MYRTLE C. Cornucopia, Wis. EHLERT, JEAN 3325 E. Monmouth St., Cleveland Heights, EHLERT, MARGUERITE 3325 E. Monmouth St., Cleveland Heights, EHNES, CARL W. 47-32 Junction Blvd., Corona, N. Y. ELKIN, MORRIS H. 1.406 S. Trumbull Ave., Chicago, Ill. ELLEFSON, ALTON G. Waterville, Iowa ELLIOTT, FREDERICK N. 243 Englewood Ave., Chicago, Ill. ERASMUS, KENNETH 1109 N. Van Buren St., Milwaukee, Wis. ERICKSON, GLENN A. Chesterton, Ind. ESTLER, HARRY Guanda State Hospital, Helmuth, N. Y, EVANS, RICHARD H. 1211 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, Ill. I' FALK, KURT M. 1426 New' J A ., Sh b ' . th A ., Wh t 'd FELTEN, ARNOLDWE. ea H ge' Colo' 509 S. Lincoln St., Shawano, Wis. FESSEL, DOROTHY 1001 Wayne Ave., Defiance, Ohio O. O. FIEDLER, JEANNE E. 1912 Hillcrest Dr., Lima, Ohio. FIENUP, ,ELIZABETH I 4125 Farlin Ave., St. Louis, Mo. FIERKE, DAVID Wittenberg, Wis. FIESSER, RUTH L. 711 Hamilton Ave., No. Bergen, N. FIFIELD, REX M. Hebron, Ind. FINDLING, WILLARD 426 Clinton St., Hammond, Ind. FINNERAN, DONALD J. J. 501 Sibley Blvd., Calumet City, Ill. FINNERAN, JAMES M. 501 Sibley Blvd., Calumet City, Ill. FLECK, PAUL 1050 Desplaines Ave., Forest Park, Ill. FREEHAUF, MABEL G. . R.R. 2, Bremen, Ind. FRESE, GRETCHEN 4317 S. Mozart St., Chicago, Ill. FREISE, HERBERT Palatine, Ill. . FREVERT, LLOYD J. Holyrood, Kansas FRITZ, GEORGE 16238 Parkside, Detroit, Mich. FRITZ, WILFRED W. 122 W. Fifth St., Hinsdale, Ill. FRITZ, WILLIAM H., JR. 16238 Parkside, Detroit, Mich. FUHLBERG, MILDRED 734 Virginia St., Gary, Ind. G- GADE, CORA M. 1717 W. Meinecka Ave., Milwaukee, Wis GALLMEYER, MARYBELLE 1 4615 Indiana, Ft. Wayne, Ind. GARBERS, WALTER H. 542 N. Marion St., Oak Park, Ill. GASE, MARION . 4108 Forestwood Dr., Parma, Ohio "Rock of Ages" Memorials Otto Reich Monument Co. 800 South Des Plaines. Avenue Corner Harrison Street Forest Park, Illinois COMPLIMENTS or chlosser Brothers Mgfs of Valparaiso University Uses Em Roe Athletic Equipment Oak Grove Dairy Products IllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllll GAUSS, CHARLES 2320 N. LaSalle Gds., Detroit, Mich. GAUTHIER, GERALD 4606 Magoun Ave., E. Chicago, Ind. GAY, JACK ' Fowler, Ind. GEHRKE, WILLIS 16 Park Ave., Mayville, Wis. GERBINSKY, EUGENE F1 I 1126 So. 15th St., Manitowoc, VVis. GERNANNT, EMMA 22 E. 13th St., New York, N. Y. GIESEKE, FRED W., JR. 4165 State Road, Arlington Heights, Ill. GLOTZHOBER, CLEMENS 21523 Francis Ave., Dearborn, Mich. GOAD, WENDELL 1111 Roosevelt St., Gary, Ind. GOETHKE, LAWRENCE F. 218 Tenth St., Baraboo, Wis. GOETZ, HOVVARD A. 2522 N. Avers Ave., Chicago, Ill. GOHLKE, SELMA Belvidere, Ill. GORRELL, JAMES M. , 1515 Van Buren St., Amarillo, Tex. GOTSCH, CAROL E. 526 E. 3rd St., Monroe, Mich. GRAF, HILDA E. 4409 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago, Ill. GRAUL, WALTER 2095 Cherokee St., St. Louis, Mo. GREEN, LILA K. Abbotsford, Wis. GRIEP, ARTHUR H. 304 E. North St., Cadillac, Mich. GRIGG, MAE 5028 Seneca, Ave., Detroit, Mich. GROSNICK, EDGAR P. 1016 N. Fourth St., Watertown, Wis. GROSNICK, WALDEMAR 400 N. Fifth St., Watertown, Wis. GROSZ, CORDELIA E. Sibley, Ill. GROSZ, ROSALINE G. Sibley, Ill. GRUETT, PHYLLIS A. 4165 W. Main St.. Merrill, Wis. GUSTAITIS, ELEANOR 4002 Pulaski St., EL Chicago, Ind. GUTHRIE, VIRGINIA 703 E. Lincolnway, Valparaiso, Ind. GUTTILLA, PAT 1309 Cleveland Ave., Chicago, Ill. H HACKBERT, IRVIN Arlington, Wis. HAEGER, JUNE , 3401 Indiana Ave., Ft. Wayne, Ind. HAHN, VERA I 637 Crescent Court, Wauwatosa, Wis. HALLER, ROBERTA. 228 S. Dearborn, Kankakee, Ill. HANNON, HELEN F. Kouts, Ind. HARPER, ESTHER ' 413 Main St., Crown Point, Ind. HARTMAN, VICTORIA F. 1148 Division St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 'Em-Roe Sporting Goods ' Company Indianapolis, Indiana HARTMEISTER, FELIX Paullina, Iowa HARTMEISTER, JOEL Paullina, Iowa HASS, CARL R. R.R. 1, Gary, Ind. HAXTON, DOROTHY R.R. 2, Hobart, Ind. HEEMSOTH, ROBERT 1513 Hugh St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. HELBLING, HAROLD 4130 Ivy St., E. Chicago, Ind. HELLENBERG, CLARE E. 231 California. Detroit, Mich. HENKEL, ALFRED L. Ohio City, Ohio HERSCHER, ARNOLD B. R.R. 1, Owosso, Mich. HICKEN, PAUL 4395 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, Ill. HILDNER, VICTOR 7813 Burnette St., Detroit, Mich. HILL, EDWINA C. 849 Jefferson Ave.. Brooklyn, N. Y. I-IINELINE, VERNON D. Chesterton, Ind. HINZ, ARTHUR A. 3068 Lyman St., Chicago, Ill. HIRSCH, WILLIAM C. 1611 Western Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio HITCHINGS, QUANDON O. Raymond, Ill. HITZEMANN, IRENE Carrollton, MO. HOECKER, W. RICHARD 2162 W. 101 St., Hammond, Ind. HOFF, DALE Chesterton, Ind. HOFFMAN, LAVVRENCE, JR. 939 Bauer St., Hammond, Ind. HOFFMAN, MARJORIE Pleasantville, Ohio HOOVER, CHARLES 404 Monroe St., Valparaiso, Ind. HOPPE, OSCAR D. 17525 Madison Ave., Lakewood, Ohio M..Coash Sz on Coal - Contracting ll ll I I Ill I ll Ill II ll Illllll IIIIIIIE I Clover Leaf Dair High Grade Pasteurized Milk and Cream Phone 52 403 Brown Street Valparaiso, Indiana I llllll I Il Ill ll I HORNEY, WAYNE B. 401 Elm St., Valparaiso, Ind. HOUSEHOLTER, FRANCIS J. 828 Windsor Ave., Chicago, Ill. HOY, MARGARET 16874 Lawton, Detroit, Mich. HUBBARD, ALFRED 320 E. Tenth St., Michigan City, Ind. HUMPHREY, RICHARD H. 228 Elizabeth St., Calumet City, Ill. J JACOBS, LOUIS A. 1301 Jackson St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. JACOBS, MARGARET 20190 Parkside Drive, Cleveland, Ohio JAMES, KINSEY TH. 109 E. Melbourne Ave., Peoria, Ill. JAMES, RUSSELL L. 109 E. Melbourne Ave., Peoria, Ill. JANNASCH, CLIFFORD R.R. 1, Gary, Ind. JENSEN, SYLVIA B. 7601 Eberhardt, Chicago, Ill. JENSEN, WILLIAM J. R.R. 6, Valparaiso, Ind. JOHNSON, EDWIN A. 36 Stratford Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. JOHNSON, PAUL D. 757 Delaware Stl., Gary, Ind. JOHNSON, ROBERT B. 480 Park Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. JOHNSON, WILBUR 408 Vail St., Michigan City, Ind. JOHNSTON, MARJORIE G. 59 Garfield Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. JONES, MURIEL L. Wheeler, Ind. lllllllllllllllllllll 1 Hn llll I K KANIS, LEONORA C. A 3548 S. Seeley Ave., Chicago, Ill. KARR, WILLI'AM A. 450 Freeland Ave., Calumet City, Ill. KARSEL, ARTHUR 6123 S. Whipple St., Chicago, Ill. KASE, EDWARD WM. 720 Polk St., Huntington, Ind. KAUTZ, DARRELL 1011 Henley St., Olean, N. Y. KEENE, JAUNITA 2150 West Tenth Place, Gary, Ind. KEIL, WALTER G. 746 Monroe Ave., River Forest, Ill. KEMENA, ROMA A. 818 Franklin St., Michigan City, Ind. KERREY, PARNUM Thompsonville, Mich. KERSHUNAS, LON ' 1113 Conkey St., Hammond, Ind. KESSEL, BEULAH Shelbyville, Ill. KIELPIKOWSKI, EDWARD R.R. 4, Valparaiso, Ind. KLOTZ, EVELYN 2070 Humboldt Blvd., Chicago, Ill. KOMAR, FRANK 5026 Homerlee Ave., E. Chicago, Ind. KONSHOK, ARDATH 3607 Center St., Des' Moines, Iowa KRAMER, ALICE PEARL 1404 Hayes St., Wichita Falls, Tex. KRAUSE, KENNETH 7800 Chappel Ave., Chicago, Ill. KRENZKE, EDWARD A. 1948 Michigan Blvd., Racine, Wis. KRENZKE, HELEN E. 1948 Michigan Blvd., Racine, Weis. KRESSIN, LUTHER F. 463 Franklin St., Winona, Minn. KRETZMANN, ANITA 66 Ridge St., Orange, N. J. KRETZMANN, EMMA L. Sylvan Grove, Kan. The' M-anufacturers of M'Valpo Velvetw lee Cream Publix BOWll1'1g Alleys Congratulates the Class james M. Brady, Elks Tempie of 1937 A IFC Games Bowled Here KREUTZBURG ROWENA 14411 Drexel Ave. Dolton Ill. KRINGEL DONALD O. 1420 Tolma Ave. Pittsburgh C161 Penn. RROGH HARRY 15626 Vine Ave Chicago Ill . X KRONBACH IRMA L. ' 2016 Rossmoor Road Cleveland Ohio IXRUEGER ESTHER Harbor Beach Mich. KRUEGER FREDERICK H. 211 Chicago St. Michigan City Ind. KRUSE ETHEL L. 4509 YV. 221 St. Rocl'y River Ohio Gaylord Minn. KUGLER HERBERT P. 16 Liberty St. Easthampton Mass. KURTZ EDWIN A. . 3 Orchard St. Easthampton Mass. KUSCH FRED A. 2621 Lakewood Detroit Mich. LAETZ ERNEST C. 222 N. Lincoln Ave. Bay City Mich.. LAMPARTER KENNETH Dodge and Plymouth 105 Lmcolnway Valparaiso, Indiana McGILL MARYALICE 411 No. Washington St. Valparaiso nd. y , ' I ll l KUFRIN, RUBEN's. X ' ll ll I' M 1 v Y r , , I 10724 S. Seeley Ave., Chicago, Ill. Illlll llll Illllllllll Illllllllllllllllllllllllllll Farmeris State Bank Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation A Valparaiso, Indiana 1 ll lllllll I Il LANDGRAF, DORIS 619 So. Harvey Ave., Freeport, Ill. LANGREHR, ELLEN C. 8634 S. Marshfield Ave., Chicago, Ill. LANGNER, CARL 10135 Avenue M, Chicago, Ill.' LANTZ, GRACECARYL 308 Brown Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. LAUBE, RICHARD H. 429 S. Myrtle Ave., Kankakee, Ill. LEACH, E. RUSSELL .f R.R. 2, Chesterton, Ind. LEDERER, PAUL Conklin, Mich. LEE, ORVILLE R. 6731 Emerald Ave., Chicago, Ill. LICHTSINN, LOUIS W. 555 Lincoln Ave., Huntington, Ind. LIDTKE, HOWARD A. 1666 Fullerton Ave., Detroit, Mich. LILLIBRIDGE, WILLIAM 628 Truman Blvd., Hammond, Ind. LINDNER, HUGO M. R.R. 1, Box 129, Gary, Ind. LOERKE, EDWARD M. Q 3725 N. Maryland Ave., Milwaukee, Wis LUDWIG, RENATA . 206 Center St., Stevens Point, Wxs. LUDWIG, RUTH E. , 1543 South 15th Place, Milwaukee, WIS. LULINSKI, CHESTER E. 8327 Marquette Ave., Chicago, Ill. LUTZ, WILLIAM C. 1831 Evergreen Ave., Alton, Ill. LUTZKE, MARTIN H. I ,311 4th St., Beaver Dam, Wls. MCGILLICUDDY, MARX 311 VVeston Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. McGINNIS, JOHN R. 18103 Torrence Ave., Oak Glen, Ill. MacFARLANE, MARGARET 401 Academy St., Valparaiso, Ind. MACK, WESLEYV WM. Wanatah, Ind. MACKENSEN, DOROTHY L. 497 Forest Ave., Glen Ellyn, Ill. MAGGART, LOUIS C. Silver Lake, Ind. MAGNUSON, KENNETH 408 Park Ave., Chesterton, Ind. MAHNKEN, ELLA Carlyle, Ill. MAIER, FRANK H. 391 Addison Ave., Elmhurst, Ill. MAKOVSKY, THEODORE 809 Mound St., Valparaiso, Ind. MARKS, GUS A. 502 Freeman St., Valparaiso, Ind. MARQUART, JERALDINE Chesterton, Ind. MATHY, LEONARD G. 8033 Dorchester Ave., Chicago, Ill. MAX, FREDERICK 2420 N. Lawndale Ave., Chicago, Ill. MAYER, WALTER 1403 Concordia Court, Springfield, Ill., MEHL, WILLIAM F. - Y Sylvan Grove, Kan. A ' ' MEIER, ERWIN W. A 1302 S. Scoville Ave., Berwyn, Ill. MEIER, PAUL J. , 120 Saxton Street, Lockport, N. Y. MELL, ANNETTA ,Farmington, Mo. MERTZ, PAUL E. Lancaster, Ohio COMPLIMENTS or Dr. E. W. Marquardt Once again Molloy Made Qual- ity and workmanship scores as the 1937 Uhlan is cased in a Molloy Made cover from THE DA ID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois MEYER, GERTRUDE C. . 808 Jefferson St., Valparaiso, Ind. MEYER, 'MARY PHYLLIS Pioneer Apts., Valparaiso, Ind. MEYER, MILDRED H. 607 Lafayette St., Shawano, Wis. MICHET, VICTOR B., JR. 4223 S. Rockwell St., Chicago, Ill. MILES, CARROLL J. Valparaiso, Ind. MILLER, AUDREY 157 Garfield Ave., Valparaiso, Ind-. MILLER, FRANKLIN E The Varsity Shop For School Supplies and Fountain Service I Ill llllll I Illl llllll ll I Illll Illll lllllll l llll - N' NASE, MARIE E. Truman, Minn. NEILS, ROBERT Libby, Mont. NEWSOM, Robert 300 Evans Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. NIEMAN, HENRY Hoyleton, Ill. NIEMANN, LAWRENCE A. Litchfield, Ill. NIMMOTH, CHARLES 5910 Hurlbut, Detroit, Mich. NOBLE, STEVENS R.R. 1, Valparaiso, Ind. NONDORF, THOMAS W. 3539 Monroe, Lansing, Ill. NORDSIECK, HENRIETTE 607 So. J. St., Richmond, Ind. L. COMPLIMENTS OF ' I 516 N. Michigan Ave., Big Rapids, Mich. MILLER, HERMAN P. 5229 State Line Ave., Hammond, Ind. MILLER, RUTH A. 730 Livingston Rd., Elizabeth, N. J. MILLER,' THEO. F. Beecher, Ill. MILNIKEL, EUGENE P. 915 Church St., St. Joseph, Mich. MISANKO, STEVE 1144 Jackson St., Gary, Ind. MOODY, ROGER L. 405 Elmhurst Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. MORGAN, WILLIAM 15224 Center Ave., Harvey, Ill. MORLAND, MARY FRANCES 407 N. Michigan Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. MUECKLER, EVELYN 115 N. Emily St., Ludington, Mich. MUELLER, GERTRUDE E. Napoleon, Ohio MUELLER, HILBERT 316 E. Marion Ave., Dwight, Ill. MUELLER, HILDEGARD 320 E. Franklin St., Waupun, Wis. MUHLENBRUCK, KENNETH 38 Lenox Ave., Hicksville, L. I., N. Y. MUHLY, THELMA A. 760 Virginia, Park, Detroit, Mich. Wonder Bread It's Slo-Baked I I I ll II Ill I At Valparaiso T e Place . X PLOGER VIVIAN 504 N College Ave Valparaiso Ind POEHNER JOHN G 553 Arlington Place Chicago Ill POMEX ETHEL 2522 Lincoln Ave Chicago Ill PURVIS HARRY E Jr New Haven Ind RABE CHARLES Steeleville Ill RAELSON VERNER J 606 E Chicago St Valparaiso Ind RANKIN MARGARET Box 202 Gary Ind RAUB KENNETH C 4477 Massachusetts St Gary Ind - U llllll llllllllllll - y .- It's i ' , - The Shanty 0 OERTEL, GERTRUDE E. 711 Cottage Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. OLSON, CARL B. Lowell, Ind. ORR, WILLIAM R. 7406 Jackson St., Hammond, Ind. OSWALD, HAROLD 1714 Helena St., Madison, Wis. OTT, CLARENCE H. Lenox, Mich. OTTE, MARIE Clarinda, Iowa P PAPAGEORGE, HELENE A. 845 May St., Hammond, Ind. PAUKEN, THOMAS N. 470 Grove St., Valparaiso, Ind. PEDERSON, WILLIAM Manhattan, Ill. PELCHRZIM, von, VIVIAN 531 S. East Ave., Oak Park, Ill. PEPER, ROBERT B. Holgate, Ohio PETERSEN, WALTER R. 2930 Bailey Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. PFEIFFER, MARGARET A. 1265 Devonshire Rd., Detroit, Mich. PILLSBURY, MRS. ELIZABETH BORGMAN 709 Oakdale Dr., Ft. Wayne, Ind. PILLSBURY, EUGENE Frankenmuth, Mich. PILLSBURY, ROSELLA Frankenmuth, Mich. PLEHN, JOHN H. 1011 Cherry St., South Milwaukee, Wis. PLISCHKE, HILBERT G. Bonduel, Wis. lllllllll lllll lllllllll Ill I Everett Parryis ROYAL BLUE Quality Grocery and Market 4 469 College Avenue Valparaiso, Indiana REED, CAROLYN M. 421 19th St., Logansport, Ind. REICH, HOWARD 149 Elgin, Forest Park, Ill. ' REICH, VERONICA 422 Circle Ave., Forest Park, Ill. REICH, VIVIAN 422 Circle Ave., Forest Park, Ill. REICHERT, ELAINE A. Chili, Wis. REIDENBACH, ESTHER A. 1147 Cleveland Ave., South Bend, Ind. RENTNER, ELVIRA A2711 W. 23rd St., Chicago, Ill. Illlllll IIIIII I llllllluljlllllll Valparaiso Dry Cleaning Works Honest Cleaning at Honest Prices 15 Washington Street RESSMEYER, RUTH 2516 Edmondson Ave., Baltimore, Md. REYNOLDS,- DOROTHY 10534 S. Hamilton Ave., Chicago, Ill. RICHMAN, DOROTHY 62 Walden Ave., West Hartford, Conn RICKARD, DOROTHYNELL 1111 Franklin, Valparaiso, Ind. RISTO, HERBERT W. Wanatah, Ind. RITTMANN, EUGENE M. R.R. 1, Holdingford, Minn. RITTMUELLER, LILLIAN 19 E. Lake St., Addison, Ill. RODDA, WILLIAM W. 949 Murray St., Hammond, Ind. ROEDEL, GEORGE F. 1720 Benjamin St., Saginaw, Mich. ROHLFSEN, WILBERT G. Watertown, Minn. ROHN, WILLIAM C. R.R. 2, Box 256, St. Joseph, Mich. ROONEY, JOHN H. Chesterton, Ind. ROSE, MARTHA J. 258 Locust St., Valparaiso, Ind. ROSEL, RUTH St. Ansgar, Iowa ROSENTHAL, MARTIN D. 1630 S. 82nd St., West Allis, Wis. ROSENTHAL ROBERT 656 Oriole Trail, Crystal Lake, Ill. RUCINSKI, ALBERT A. 1302 Pulaski Drive, East Chicago, Ind. RUECKLOS, IRENE M. I 801 S. Madison, Bloomington, Ill. RUEHR, CARL B. 3754 Lyndale St., Chicago, Ill. RUGE, JOHN I , 309 Washington, Valparaiso, Ind. Tllibe Eibette messenger Porter County's Daily Newspaper lllllll I II lllll I ' S , SALCHOW, WALTER 24 Robinson St.,-North East, Penn. ' SALLACH, IRVIN , 101 E. Genessee St., Etna, Penn. SALVNER, ARNOLD R.R. 7, State St., Saginaw, Mich. SAMUELSON, MARJORIE E. I McCool, Ind. SAUTTER, EDWARD 1905 Fourth St., Bay City, Mich. SAVAGE, JAMES S. 519 'W. Washington Blvd., Ft. Wayne, I SCHECK, NORMAN Y Brookfield, Ill. SCHEIDT, LOUIS M., 727 Cottage Ave., Columbus, Ind. SCI-IENCK, HAROLD J. 18042 Harman St., Melvindale, Mich. SCHERER, EMILY .. 255 Academy St., South Orange, N. J. SCHERF, PAUL H. V 521 W. Horner St., Freeport, Ill. SCHILKE, HARRY R. " 60 Ridge Road, Middletown, Conn. SCHMUTZLER, MARION J. 112 W. Wisconsin Ave., Pewaukee, Wis, SCI-INAKE, ELROY St. Peter, Ill. 5 SCHOENHERR, MAGNUS , 1525 Runion, Ft. Wayne, Indf SCHRAMM, CORNELIA M. 715 Ste. Genevieve Ave., Farmington, Mo. SCHROEDER, MARGARET Grafton, Wis. SCHROEDER, MARIA Coal Valley, Ill. ' SCHROEDER, MARTHA R. Coal Valley, Ill. Bormann, Inc. Funeral Directors 115 Broadway - Melrose Park, Ill. Phone Melrose Park 714-715 znnan1ulninnnnuulul:ululnlnlunnnu nd. SCHROEDER, RAYMOND F. . 1236 Yorkshire, Grosse Pointe, Mich. SCHROEDER, VIETTA M. Wall Lake, Iowa SCHULTZ, WILBERT R. L 1124 N. Mayfield Ave., Chicago, Ill. SCHUTH, JOHN H. 603 So. Galena Ave., Freeport, Ill. SCHWAN, CLIFFORD i 3566 Bainbridge Road, Cleveland Heights, SCHWAN, MARGARETTE A 123 E. Fourth St., Mishawaka, Ind. SCHWAN, THEODORE C. 123 E. Fourth St., Mishawaka, Ind. SCHWANDT, BERNHARD 306 N. Sixth St., Montevido, Minn. SCHWARTZ, IRVING . 1501 So. St. Louis Ave., Chicago, Ill. SCHWULST, CARL , 1111 Elmwood Road, Bloomington, Ill. SCULLY, HAROLD W. 3023 Evergreen St., East Chicago, Ind. SHELKSOHN, OLIVER W. Dorrance, Kan. SIEBERT, RENOTTA Prairie Farm, Wis. SIEVER DRUG COMPANY THE REXALL STORE Fine Candies, Toilet Articles, Dennison Goods, Wall Paper, 5 Paints R. C. A. Radios, Vic- trolas, Records 5 Visit Our Soda Fountain I ll II I SIEVING, ALFRED NV. Venedy, Ill. SKIRMONT, ELLEN 227 So. Van Buren, Batavia, Ill. SLIVINSKE, WILMER L. , 102 Gordon Ave., Wilkes-Barre, Penn. SMEDMAN, MELVIN E. ' Chesterton, Ind. SMITH, ALAN D. 169 Kenedy St., Bradford, Penn. SMITH, STELLA S. 4457 So. Talman Ave., Chicago, Ill. SPEAR, LESTER H. 811 Pine St., Michigan City, Ind. SPRINGSTEEN, ROBERT Harvard, Ill. STAUSS, JEAN 1209 Erie St., Racine, Wis. STEVENS, CHARLES 7031 Eggleston Ave., Chicago, Ill. O Relch SI Becker Agency Inc Successors To Ernest Reich Insurance Agency General Insurance Mortgage Loans Real . X I Hotel Lembke Valparaiso, Indiana Fireproof European Plan Cafe Cafeteria Garage In Connection Telephone 350 SVEEGGEN EDWARD L Sheridan Wyo SWARTZELL LAWRENCE A 106 John St LaPorte Ind SWIHART WOODROW W Elkhart Ind :IIII III I I ll III I :III : I- I I I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII E1 -3 Yllllllllllllllllllll lllIlllllllllllllllllllll Ill E 2 I - E ' 5 y - I E T 2 Estate Forest Park, Illinois STEVENS, WILLIAM A. Liberty Trail, Michigan City, Ind. STIEGEMEYER., KENNETH W. 1207 Tenth St., Bay City, Mich. STODDEN, KARL 2050 Farragut Ave., Chicago, Ill. STONER, JAMES 351 College Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. STONER, JANET 351 College Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. STOWERS, CHARLES 1103 Linden Ave., Tarentum, Penn. STREIT, ARTHUR W. 5655 N. Newcastle Ave., Chicago, Ill. STRUCK, PETER ' Norwood Park, Ill. SULLIVAN, EDWARD 4827 Olcott Ave., East Chicago, Ind. SUDROW, JOHN R. 1009 Tennessee St., Michigan City, Ind. Concordia Cemetery 7900 W. Madison St. Forest Park, Illinois Phone Forest 17 TAMM, NORMA E. 514 Thomas Ave., Forest Park, Ill. TAMM, RICHARD F. 2348 Osgood St., Chicago, Ill. TATMAN, WILLIAM Lowell, Ind. TAYLOR, MELVIN Wheeler, Ind. TETZLAFF, LOUIS M. 701 Fourth St., Watertown, Wis. TEWES, DONALD E. 110 So. Prospect St., Merrill, Wis. TEWES, NORMAN J. 110 So. Prospect St., Merrill, Wis. TI-IOBER, HERBERT C. Elmore, Ohio THOBER, WILLIAM A. Elmore, Ohio THOMPSON, ROBERT H. R.R. 2, LaPorte, Ind. TIQ, JAMES M. 435 Illinois St., Marseilles, Ill. TOEPEL, ROBERT G. k - 1128 So. Seventh St., Manitowoc, Wis. TOZER, WILLIAM- 930 West National Ave., Brazil, Ind. TRUMAN, GRACE Elmore, Ohio TUBER, JULIAN F. 7726 East Lake Terrace, Chicago, Ill. The Fox Studio I Portraits With Quality NEAT KODAK FINISHING Mail Orders ' Solicited In III II I I I I lllll I u ll C COMPLIMENTS OF H. C. PRANGE CO Sheboygan, Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 'U' UBAN, CHESTER W. - B15 Bishop Ave., Hawley, Penn. ULBRICH, ROY W. 5029 Seneca, glegroit, Mich. UNGRODT, RU 6837 Maple Terrace, Wauwatosa, Wis. UNSETH, THEODORE Waterville, Iowa URSCHEL, ELIZABETH A. ' 825 LaPorte Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. W WAALER, THELMA 409 Grace St., Flint, Mich. H Z OHN WA-OH OL , J Milford Center, Ohio WACHHOLZ, PAUL Milford Center, Ohio UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE I ca.Zimav -- Foster Lumber and Construction Co. Headquarters for All Types of Buildings WAGNER, HANS M. College Heights, New Ulm, Minn. WAITMAN, BERNARD 1 528 Washington St., Monroe, Mich. WAITMAN, MARGARET 528 Washington St., Monroe, Mich. WALDSCHMIDT, MELVIN W. 1045 Franklin Ave., Grand Haven, Mich. WALTON, DAVID J. 108 E. Congress, Sturgis, Mich. WEBER, WALDEMAR 2036 St. Clair St., Racine, Wis. WEFEL, PAUL S. 3327 Yorkshire Road, Cleveland Heights, WEHRENBERG, RUTH A. 2225 Kensington, Ft. Wayne, Ind. WEHRSPANN, DONALD H. Ottosen, Iowa WENGER, ALWIN J. 1401 Concordia Court, Springfield, Ill. WESSEL, CHRISTIAN W. R.R. 1, Vincennes, Ind. WHEELER, POLLY ELLEN 107 Evans Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. WHITE, LEO H. 154 Willow St., Valparaiso, Ind. ' WIEGGEL, WALTER LaPorte Road, Valparaiso, Ind. WINKLER, AUGUST A. 1070 McAllister Ave., Benton Harbor, WOLF, EDWARD H. V R.R. 3, Hesperia, Mich. WOLFF, RAYMOND 782 Highland Ave., Elgin, Ill. WOOD, CARL F. 203 Locust St., Valparaiso, Ind. WOODS, BETTY 822 LaPorte Av,e., Valparaiso, Ind. WRIGHT, ELDON North Manchester, Ind. PRENHER AND Ohio LAKE THEATRES Valparaiso, Indiana Mich. G. G. Shauer and Sons I I Il I lllll I II I Ill I III I ll llll I I I I III COMPLIMENTS OF nur E ll 2 E Crown Point, Indiana llll II Il II UII III II I I I llllllllll I Ill llllllllllllllllll Y . YELSIK, WILLIAM L. 30 William St., East Port Chester, Conn. YONKE, EUGENE J 544. Douglas Ave., Calumet Cxty, Ill. YOUNGLOVE, ROBERT Knox, Ind. Z ZERSEN, RUDOLPH Itasca, Ill. ZIEHLSDORFF, MARGARET L. Augusta, Wis. ZIEROTH, WERNER K. r 3411 So. Paulina St., Chicago, Ill. ZIMMERMAN. ALFRED A. Randolph, Wis. ZIMMERMAN, WALTER C. 91 Gala Ave., Meridan, Conn. llIIlIIllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll SCHIVIIDT 81 B ARTELT Inc. -I ' asf? - al l:- . 'El' hug h ? . X D+-A ,fl :mu "" nu .Q . "'m..EE:l1g11u? I M ' Q- 'M , - fe emu. 'W' .... YJTQ-f,,55q . had H 'fm lil-'tili ' 5 5 -n L Funeral Home 5050 West Vliet St. Wilwaukee, Wisconsin Old Style Inn VVhere Friends Meet J. C. Penney Co. Growing famous for crowding the customer's dollar full of value! R Illlllllllllll llllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllll Sales I 1 Service Lincoln 5 Zephyr me French 81 Arnold Inc. I Phone 277 Valparaiso, Indiana Go Places and Do Things With Phillips 666' Gaso- line Inc. MCTOR OIL T. L. Applegate, Distributor Valparaiso, Indiana . .N 1902 ' 1937 Thirty-live Years of Fraternal Service and Achievement THE . AID ASSOCIATION ron LUTHERANS The Aid Association for Lutherans has enjoyed a consistent growth since its organization in 1902 as a purely fraternal association, and now has S169,000,000.00 Insurance in Force Assets over S21.,612,000.00 A REMARKABLE RECORD Assets, Dec. 31, 1929 .......................................................... ......... . S 9,330,284.14 Assets, Dec. 31, 1936 ........................... . ....................... ......... S 21,612,383.63 flncrease 131.64025 Insurance, Dec. 31, 1929 .... .... ......... , ............... ....... S 92,510,100'.00 Insurance, Dec. 31, 1936 ................,.......... gQQf .............. ....... S 169,300,636.06 flncrease 83.01021 During this period, 19249-1936, the Association paid S11,237,026.70 to certificate holders and beneficiaries. Alex. O. Benz, President ' Wm. F. Kelm, Vice-President Albert Voecks, Secretary Wm. I-I. Zuehlke, Treasurer IIllIIllllIIllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllltllllllllllIIIllIIIIllllIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIlilIIIIllIlIllllIIlllllIlllllllIlllllllllllllllll The choosing of Conover Pianos by so many leading Col- 1 C1 'b Th tre nd Hot ls vidences c1ea,r1 the CABLE PIANO COMPANY Wabash 'and Jackson Chicagll 609 Washington st. Gary, Ind- eges, u s, ea s, a. e , e Y wide public preference enjoyed by Cable-made instruments. Nunn.. ...lull IllIlllllIIIllIllIIllllIIllIIIllllIIIllIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllll James Pittaway COMPLIMENTS OF 9 Sons Co. I Rolirs Radio Shop Teas - Coffees - Spices 5707 Wentworth Avenue Madison St. Chicago, Illinois A Forest Park, Illinois The Record Tells The Story No e Reducti on In Dividends During the Depression A Special Dividend To Members After the Depression A The Place for YOUR Insurance and Savings My 47 1 v-im, M., ,,.. -. ., . fe ' - V -'W . , ,ff - . xv. : 5115121122 51:1 ...,, : 2:2-2-4-1 ,1. ..1:'5u', .1 ,.,5:5f.::f 414313:-11:3 1 3' '- ' E 2 f- 7 1 Q ,af 54' f ,,f,,, f A , '3,,2,,fwf9ZZ,, ff ff, 7 Ziiwiaamiaa fafxfxf .4 0749" .,:fs,naf:',w . , . 1. 'P '- f :'w:mfv 1: .4 -::- 1 ' ' Q32-f "" ' ' Ylijfff' 7:3 t'f0f' i2"'1' "" I 1 7 " Mem' " -f' . M ff M L! W 1 wnvenw. :own Legal Reserve Life Insurance Illllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllll Hahn Baking Co. WHOLESALE North 17th St. and West Q Juneau Avenue Milwaukee, Wisconsin lllllllllll Illllllllll lllllllllll AT The College Inn Helen and Peg are always ready to serve you de- licious food together with REAL service. It's a cheerful place to eat and visit IlllllllllllllllIllIIllIllllIllIlllllllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll R LUWENSTINES ef " 1.985 A591 llllllllllllillllillIllllllIIllllllIllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Public 'Telephones are for the use of those who do not have tele- phones of their o-wn. Public Telephones are conveniently located throughout the city. The rate for a local message is E five cents for a. conversation of ' five minutes. - ff . I 4' - sc' ' E 5 'Q - K A, : x l, 5 X Save time-telephone. . ,, , ,- A r- N V. 1, 4.,.,- - 1 4- , ., ,,,f-., .-:J . ,.-- r,-V, ...::,,A, ,.,.- .., -1:-,.' - --,---. haf .fp -,- ..:,.,,. -.,,, ,A ,L . 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Suggestions in the Valparaiso University - Record Yearbook (Valparaiso, IN) collection:

Valparaiso University - Record Yearbook (Valparaiso, IN) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


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Valparaiso University - Record Yearbook (Valparaiso, IN) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Valparaiso University - Record Yearbook (Valparaiso, IN) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Valparaiso University - Record Yearbook (Valparaiso, IN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Valparaiso University - Record Yearbook (Valparaiso, IN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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