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POSTER CO LIBRARY SYSTEM - VALPARAISO GEN 977 298 VAL Valenian Valparaiso High School Yearboo 00146597 2 VALENIAN 1970 Published, by Valparaiso High School Valparaiso, Indiana Volume 54 TABLE OF CONTENTS Opening Section 4 Administration 18 Activities 32 Athletics 62 Academics 84 Album 116 Supplement 152 Senior Directory 173 Index 178 Elements of Change Surround Us 1969-70: What was it? It was a year of togetherness In confusion... The seemingly endless Construction Confused the sophomores, Vexed the juniors, And annoyed the seniors. Attending make -shift classes, Together we Tolerated the old, But anticipated the new. In this, the Year of the Mess... But what were the elements? Mr. Stokes had his Secret Weapon-- We had an undefeated team! Bye Bye Birdie was A success; And so were many other Elements, because We rode the conveyor belt to Change... 4 Watch the VHS Transformation 6 It came upon us slowly, But we were all aware of The changes... Alone—and together, Playing—and working, Silent-- Or voices raised in unison. We found our friends. Set the styles, Took the tests, And learned That the language of German, And tennis, and Pep Club, And “ Workmanese ” Is the language of VHS. And we are a part of it, Even though it is transformed From “ good old VHS” To an unrecognizable SCHOOL; With all the chaos, dirtiness, And unbearable messiness In-between. Feel the Spirit of a Year of Changes It was with us In the Jail, in the winter. And in the spring... Viking Spirit for teachers. Sophomores, juniors, and Seniors. Together, we felt the strains Of three-hour exams; The joy at seeing i ' old ” VHS Become beautiful: The thrill Of ordering caps and gowns; The pride at being Drummer For the Carolers; The feeling of accomplishment When making new friends; And the secret excitement Of learning... And being. All these feelings, ff hether old or new, Will be remembered by us all As the spirit of the year Of changes. Metamorphosis of People and Things We Could see, hear, and feel the Changes, And the old familiar things That made us part of VHS... From the loneliness of After-four -o’clock. To the shared pride of an Undefeated team; From the melancholia of the Last home game, To the appearance of a Familiar face At every home game; From the echoes of an empty Locker-room, To the tearing noise of paper As the player breaks through The hoop. Our senses were awakened By the changes all around us. And no one missed an element Of the VHS Metamorphosis. 10 Listen to New and Old Vibrations We all got the message Of 1970. In different ways, through Varied mediums. We grooved with the “ Young and Free ” And made our own noises at Games, in pep buses, Together. We screamed at the candy Machines for stealing nickels. We gasped in awe At the sight of the new vinyl Walls. We were guided by wise Words and talking Faces. The workmen hammered Doorways in our minds. We were persuaded By announcements, signs, and Slogans... “ Buy a V alenian !” See yourself. 12 Reach Out for Unity in Confusion We touched the elements of Change... Shivering in the cold During fire drills; Trying to reach a thousand Students--through a tiny Microphone; Exchanging ideas with a fellow Teacher , In order to bring more Knowledge to the students; Building physical and mental Muscles; Wrestling with people And with facts; Hanging Christmas ornaments; Doing homework in the sun; Ushering At basketball games; And tripping over scaffolding, Or each other. In all these things. One only had to reach out , And unity was there. 14 w You Were Part of the 1970 Senses The elements of 1970 will A l tv ays Be remembered... Our first bonfire-- Throwing Lew Wallace into The flames; Getting to know teachers, Workmen, and classmates; Watching The VHS transformation— Missing the old just a tiny bit; W inning awards — From trophies for athletic Prowess to A’s On twenty-page term papers; Keeping up with the World despite messy Lockers; Feeling pride in VHS and the U.S.A. We went through these days With that sense of togetherness That dominated The “ Elements of Change.” A VHS ' s administration , from Board of Education to Faculty, Kept a tight hold on the Elements of Change... Planning the new high school; Remodeling the old; Sticking to a budget; Counseling wayward Students; Keeping standards high; Acting as coaches, teachers. Friends; Searching for new teaching Methods; Acting as “ father ” For a thousand students. Secretaries Making ends meet and Controlling chaos; Maintenance- Making VHS comfortable for Us, The administration ' s “babies.” ADMINISTRATION 18 19 WILLIAM WELLMAN Vice-President CHARLES BOWMAN President JOSEPH DURAND Secretary Board Motivates Elements of Change The five members of the Val- paraiso Board of Education con- tinued to initiate and develop plans for the new senior high school, to be completed by August, 1971, The target date for the adoption of the final plans being prepared by the Everett I. Brown Company, Archi- tects Engineers, was December, 1969, and the bids were “let” in February, 1970. Suggestions from VHS faculty members, students, and a citizens committee were in- corporated into the final plans. Problems concerning the work on the present high school, which is to be converted into a new junior high, were also supervised by the five Board members. Another of their “jobs” was to manage the many problems related to person- nel, to maintenance of the schools, to salaries, to school policies, and to the “tight” budget of the Board of Education. MANN SPITLER Member 20 Administration Upholds Standards G. WARREN PHILLIPS Superintendent DR. JAMES TROST Director of Curriculum THOMAS H. ROBERTS Director of Buildings C. J. DOANE Vice-Principal In September, VHS welcomed its second new Principal in two years . Mr. Garth Johnson, who was Prin- cipal of B. F. for four years, and of T.J. for three years, took the position of administrator of VHS following the departure of 1968-69 Principal Clyde Allmon. Mr. C.J. Doane completed his fifth year as Assistant Principal, and his third year as Athletic Director . G. War- ren Phillips, Superintendent of Schools, and Mr. Myron Knauff, Administrative Assistant, pro- ceeded with the plans for the new high school, and Mr. Thomas Roberts supervised the construction being done on VHS this year. The five administrative secretaries were Mrs. Kay Sherer, reception- ist; Mrs. Grace Rickard, treas- urer of the community schools; Mrs. Isabelle Froenicke, pay roll clerk; Mrs. Sheila Thompson, federal program director; and Miss Janet Payne, curriculum secretary. MYRON KNAUFF Administrative Assistant GARTH JOHNSON Principal ISABELLE FROENICKE KAY SHERER Payroll Secretary Receptionist SHEILA THOMPSON Fed. Gov ' t Director W. B. CHRISTIAN English Co-ordinator DEAN GERBER WESLEY MAIERS Social Studies Co-ordinator Math Co-ordinator 22 THELMA CHAMPION Nurse GRACE RICKARD Budget Manager RALPH HOWARD Science Co-ordinator Faculty Adapts to VHS Changes There were twelve new faces among the VHS faculty this year, with two additional teachers and ten replacement teachers. Mr. Manuel Baez, a Spanish instructor, began his teaching career at VHS. Miss Cynthia Hutchinson, Mrs. Diane Leetz, and Mr. Maitlin were the new faces in the business de- partment. In the mathematics de- partment, Mrs. Clare Pokorny taught geometry and Mrs. Shirley Theile became a part-time math teacher. Mr. Charles Foglesong and Mr. Lorraine Vinson brought their knowledge to the school ' s science department. Mrs. Phipps became the new home economics instructor, and a first-year teach- er, Miss Kathleen McGuin, took over the girls ' physical education classes. Mrs. Linkimer and Mrs. Moser, teacher aids, joined Mr. Kester, our first teacher aid, in supervising the study halls. IN MEMORIAM DELORES BAUER JOHN BEZEK CHARLES BIRD MARY EDNA BOWMAN ROY ELLIS BROWN BERNARD BUTT FLORENCE CRAIG EVAR EDQUIST GLEN ELLIS RONALD GARDIN CLYDE GAST CHARLES GEISS ■JEAN HECKMAN DORIS HILDRETH PAULETTE GROTRIAN CYNTHIA HUTCHINSON DANIEL KESTER RUTH LAUBE DIANE LEETZ BERENICE LINK1MER WESLEY MAIERS ROSALEAH MOSER PATRICK MURPHY ARLINE PHIPPS 26 SIDNEY REGGIE CLARE POKORNY ROBERT RHOD A BYRON RIGG RONALD POLLOCK LEWIS RIDENOUR BRYCE ROHN DONALD SCOTT AUDREY SHAUER CHARLES STANIER THOMAS STOKES VIRGIL SWEET SHIRLEY THEILE SUZANNE THRUN VENDO TOMING NOT PICTURED: CARL FOGLESONG ROBERT MILLER GEORGE TSOUTSOURIS LORRAINE VINSON 28 Mr. Henkel , Director of Guidance, held the futures of many college- bound seniors in his hands . Sophomore Linda Higgins speaks with Mrs. Cezus about her schedule. Guidance: Planning for the Future As counselor , Mr. Hildreth is re- quired to fill out hundreds of col- lege applications . Mrs. Cezus endures the gruelling task of guiding sophomores through their first year at VHS. Students seeking help with per- sonal problems or advice concern- ing college applications found the three guidance counselors willing to steer them to the right decisions. Mrs. Cezus was in charge of coun- seling all girls and all sophomores. Mr. Hildreth and Mr. Henkel shared the responsibility of advising all juniors and seniors. All three coun- selors also worked in the atten- dance offices each morning to hand out passes to students who had been absent or tardy. In the paper en- titled “Guidance Staff Assignments and Information’ ’ it was stated that “a counselor should have, or ac- quire, various skills, such as the following: interpreting tests, use of audio-visual materials, working with small and large groups, case conferences, and presentations to parent groups.” This pamphlet served as a guideline for the coun- selors, explaining their daily and “extra” duties. 29 Secretaries Erase Office Turmoil On their coffee-break, Mrs. Stor- deur and Mrs. Ransom take ad- vantage of free rolls and coffee. The adding machine helps Mrs. Douglas handle VHS ' s money mat- ters. Sorting catalogue cards is one of Mrs. Stokes ' diversified duties. Mrs. Ransom, as secretary to the guidance counselors, gets to meet every student at VHS. 4s the day progresses, Mrs. Stor- deur ' s desk becomes littered with a profusion of memos and messages. All four secretaries worked in harmony despite their varied “roles” to bring order to the VHS office. Mrs. Billie Stordeur served as Mr. Johnson’s secretary and was also the VHS office receptionist. Mr. Doane’s secretary, Mrs. Catherine Douglas, was in charge of attendance records and was treasurer of the school’s extra- curricular fund, paying out more than $130,000 during the year. Mrs. Charlotte Ransom, the guid- ance department secretary, ar- ranged appointments for students to meet with their counselors and kept the students’ records up-to- date. Mr. Gardin’s secretary, Mrs. Patricia Stokes, ordered new books for the library and took care of the audio-visual aids. The secretaries also cheerfully answered questions posed by students and teachers, and helped solve many VHS “prob- lems.” Year of Cooking, Cleaning in Chaos Six custodians this year under- took the maintenance of VHS. Al- though their work was somewhat hampered by the construction throughout the school, they man- aged to sustain their usual high degree of cleanliness. Mr. Cram- sie, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Marsh, and Mr. Schultz worked during the day on a variety of “projects,” from replacing light bulbs to keeping the gym floor immaculate. After school Mrs. Cherry and Mrs. Jones came in to clean up the classrooms, often left in a state of chaos after seven hours of occupation. The five cooks, under the di- rection of Mrs. Bernice Brunicon, arrived early each morning to be- gin their task of feeding nourish- ing meals to several hundred stu- dents a day. Displaying their Vik- ing spirit, the ladies wore green aprons over their uniforms, and often served special “treats” FRONT: Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Bow- Mr. Marsh checks with the office man. BACK: Mrs. Cherry, Mr. for his " assignments. " Bowman. The cooks are Bernice Brunicon, Lucille Baugher, Mabel Proctor, Lillie Winters, andAlmay Montoney. Mr. Schultz and Mr. Dickson help keep VHS " going . " 31 The familiar activities kept us Together, Despite the elements of Change. We will always remember... Joining “ old ” clubs and Forming new ones; Attending dances-- Girl-ask-boy or boy-ask-girl ; Riding pep buses; Learning through teaching; Wearing senior flowers; Writing-- Newspaper copy or yearbook Captions; Decking the halls at Christmas; Selling books; Playing games and Play-acting: Working to benefit the school Or self; Doing our thing-- Being the leaders or following The crowd... ACTIVITIES 33 The Christmas season is a hectic time for the convocation cast. " Did they really get pinned? " Mike LaBrie caul Paula Oliver take part in the telephone hour of " Bye Bye Birdie. " Pilot Mike Lampl argues with the " hijacker, " Greg Rose. Drama and Debate Has Active Year Plays, convocations, and debates were some of the projects under- taken by this year’s Drama and Debate Club. The club started the year by staging a production of Bye, Bye Birdie, which proved itself a success by the ‘demand’ ’ performance of an extra Sunday at the Bridge-VU Theater. Once again the Drama Club was in charge of the annual Christmas Convoca- tion. The program this year con- sisted of an original play written by several anonymous VHS stu- dents, and of the FOUR SOPHO- MORE’S own version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. The traditional variety show, March Madness, was presented this year at Bridge-VU. Although the Drama and Debate Club participated in few interschol- astic debates, they had a very re- warding year. The knowledge ac- cumulated through readings and speakers was very beneficial for debates within the squad. DRAMA DEBATE OFFICERS: V. Vandrey, President; P. Oliver, Sec- retary; A. Barber, Vice-President; Mr. Bird, Advisor ; J. Appelo, Treasurer; Mrs. Grotrian, Advisor. 34 Future Teachers Gain Experience The Future Teachers of America organization, under the sponsor- ship of Mrs. Bowman, involved career- minded students in an ex- ploration of the teaching profes- sion. Among the guest speakers at the monthly meetings were Mr. Beau Christian, English coordina- tor, and Mrs. Sid Reggie, who dis- cussed the teaching of the retarded. To expose students more directly to the profession itself, interested senior girls spent two to three days teaching in elementary schools un- der the supervision of a critic teacher. Each girl was allowed her choice of grade level, and wrote an evaluation of her experience. The members of FTA were thus more prepared for a possible ex- ploration of a teaching career at college. Cadet Teacher Jan Pedone confers with Mrs. Bowman. FTA OFFICERS— D. Moser, Vice- President; W. Froberg, President; Wyn Froberg prepares to show slides at the FTA Christmas party. S. Kotefka, Secretary -Treasurer; Mrs. Bowman, Sponsor. Mrs. Reggie speaks of mental health problems to FTA members. 35 GAA Sisters Enjoy Athletic Events Members of GAA kept themselves fit from autumn to spring by partici- pating in various sports after school each Friday. “Big sisters” were allowed to “humiliate” “little sisters” at the traditional initiation ceremony, where new members were made to do all sorts of unnecessary stunts. The girls took part in sea- sonal sports such as volleyball, soccer, and tumbling, and competed with members of GAA from other schools in Telegraphic Bowling Meets and gymnastic and track meets. Sophomore, junior, and sen- ior girls were allowed to “outplay each other” in a class basketball tourney. Besides enjoying the after- noon sports sessions, the GAA also sponsored social events during the year. They held an after-game dance in the fall, a Christmas party in December, and the Sadie Hawkins Dance in the spring. GAA OFFICERS - Mrs. Pokomy , Sponsor ; C.Kotefka, Vice-President; S. Bretscher, President; B. Burey, Secretary; M. Phillips, Treasurer; J. Ohler, Publicity. Alexis Olson executes a perfect toe- touch with the aid of a springboard. After the Chesterton game, Tom Campbell swings out at a Victory Dance sponsored by GAA. GAA sophomores battle the juniors in an after -school tournament. HOME- EC CLUB OFFICERS-- L. Kazlauski, Treasurer; Mrs. SEATED: M. Nelson, Secretary; K. Phipps, sponsor; C. Boling, Vice- Grscovic, President. STANDING: President. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB OFFICERS- -J. Dust, President; D. Eggerding, Treasurer; Mr. Baez, Sponsor; P. Eggerding, Vice-President. Not Pictured: E. Brock, Secretary. Homemaking and Picture Taking Linda Kazlauski uses " elbow grease " to refinish a table. Mr. Baez discusses the Photography Club ' s charter. Under the guidance of Mrs. Phipps, home economics teacher, the Home- Ec Club met once a week to investi- gate the various aspects of home- making, including cooking and sew- ing. The club conducted several pro- jects during the year, among them a money-raising bake sale held in the fall, the production of Christmas candles, and a field trip to Chicago. Members of the Home Economics Club also held a party for one of the wards at Beatty Memorial Hospital in Westville. With a helping hand from Mr. John- son the Photography Club, sponsored by Mr. Baez, began meeting in a cubicle in the home economics area during the second semester of this year. Due to the lack of space, mem- bership was limited until suitable space to accommodate ' the basic equipment was acquired. When the club found a new “home,” the mem- bership was increased, and the many different techniques of photography were taught to new members. Hi-Y “ Ushers 99 Services to VHS HI-Y OFFICERS— FIRST ROW: B. Schnure, Vice-President; -J. Loo- man, Chaplain; J. Miller, Secre- tary-Treasurer; Mr. Miller, Spon- HI-Y USHERS— FIRST ROW: J. Looman, S. Malasto, J. Barkley, R. Pool. SECOND ROW: K. Nail- lieux, D. Wiesjahn, M. Thomas, B. sor. SECOND ROW: R. Aytes, Sergeant-at-Arms; C. Pool, Presi- dent; Mr. Ridenour, Sponsor. Anderson. THIRD ROW: M. Watts, R. Underwood, R. Learning, R. Aytes. As usual, the Hi-Y, one of VHS’s service clubs, continued to do good things for the school. Under the direction of Chip Pool, President, and Mr. Miller and Mr. Ridenour, sponsors, club members strived to make 1969-1970 a more fulfilling year for Hi-Y members. The club continued its tradition of supplying ushers for the basketball games. These ushers handed out programs and made sure that the chaos was kept to a minimum. In December, the Hi-Y sponsored the annual Christmas Dance. The club members also initiated a few after-game fes- tivities during the year. In the spring was the traditional Hi-Y vs Faculty basketball game which provided hil- arious entertainment for the audi- ence, and the proceeds of the game were given to charity. This year the Hi-Y sent delegates to Manchester School in Indianapolis for a meeting of Indiana’s Hi-Y clubs. President Chip Pool conducts a serious Hi-Y meeting. 38 Interesting observations are made during discussions following outings. Highlighting the year was a trip to WLS-TV in Chicago. Curiosity for Current Events CURRENT EVENTS CLUB OF- FICERS — Mrs. Baumann, Sponsor; J. Neeley, President; M. Fandl, Vice-President; B. Burey, Sec retary - Treasurer . A new addition to the extra cur- ricular program this year was the Current Events Club, sponsored by Mrs. Baumann. The club got off to a great start in December when its members visited a television station in Chicago. Later on in the year, the club visited Valparaiso’s Mayor Bil- lings to get acquainted with the speci- fic problems of our city. When the members returned from each field trip, they discussed what they had learned and assessed the benefits of the trip. For instance, after seeing air pollution “in action” at Bethle- hem Steel, the members understood this environmental problem more clearly, and were able to discuss some possible preventive methods. The Current Events Club’s purpose is not just to sit in a classroom and talk of problems, but to get out of the classroom and witness some of the events of today. 39 NHS Is Valuable Asset to VHS This year the National Honor Society, sponsored by Mr. Maiers, began its services to VHS before the school year even started. Dur- ing the week preceding the opening of school, used textbooks were sold by members of NHS. The sales were enormous, and a small profit on each book greatly increased the Society’s funds for use in its future projects. In December, the faculty chose new NHS members, based on points for scholarship, leader- ship, character, and service. Also in December, the National Honor Society conducted a repeat of last year’s “Mr. Santa Claus” contest. Students voted for their favorite teacher, from a “court” composed of Mr. Murphy, Mr. Stanier, Mr. Toming, and Mr. Ciciora. Proceeds from the contest were given to the retarded children of Porter County. During an " emergency " NHS meet- ing, Joe Hill and Mark Koday learn of the process of electing new members. NHS OLD MEMBERS--FRONT ROW: V. Gathmann, K. Robinson, C. Gast, J. Shauer, C. Casbon. SECOND ROW: C. Asher, N. Parker, B. Krekeler, M. Koday, J. Hill. THIRD ROW: B. Conkling, K. Geh- ring, G. Moorhead, S. Kretzmann, G. Pulianas, V. Clark. Linda Keefe and Debbie Braithwaite receive their NHS ribbons from Chuck Asher. 40 NHS NEW MEMBERS— BOTTOM ROW: T. Lochmandy, K. Mundy, P. Weidman, M. Powell, G. Pulian- as, L. Keefe, B. Lembke. SECOND ROW: M. Forbes, P. Oliver, S. Bretscher, R. Steele, N. Rosscup, G. Meyers. THIRD ROW: G. Mor- timer, E. Eldridge, A. Barber, D. Moser, J. Neeley, J. Phillips. FOURTH ROW: C. Strietelmeier, K. Roscoe, B. Hahn, B. Harmon, C. Sacks, D. Braithwaite, L. Moore. TOPROW: C. J. Heckman, S. Schafer, J. Roscoe, R. Cox, M. Neander, W. Miller. Cheryl Gast makes an induction speech for the NHS induction. NHS OFFICERS— M. Koday, Vice- President; J. Looman, Treasurer; B. Krekeler, Secretary; Mr. Mai- ers, Sponsor; C. Gast, President. Santa Murphy gives away his " pres- ents " to faculty and students. 41 Senior girls can be identified by The girls ' Cape Section anxiously their flowers at the last home game. awaits a basket. Pep Club Has Year of Changes " Mustang " Nadine Kassanits and " Viking " Sue Bauer stand in silent confrontation before the senior skit. The Pep Club bonfire drew a crowd of 300 to Rotary Field. Pep Club, under the leadership of President Jackie Gray, got off to a booming start this year. They held the traditional pre-school bake sales and paper drives, but the first “big” Pep Club activity of the school year was the Homecoming Spirit Week. The mounting excitement of the un- defeated football season led to num- erous Pep Club activities: first- game bonfires, after-game victory dances, and team-honoring pep ses- sions. Two innovations were brought into the basketball season: the wear- ing of green- and- white capes by the girls’ section and the wearing of “Big V” hard hats by the boys’ sec- tion. Pep Club also initiated the Mr. Legs Contest, where VHS students were allowed to vote for the basket- ball player with the nicest legs. The various “Sport Heads” made sure that sports besides football and bas- ketball were not neglected by hanging signs urging attendance at meets. 42 PEP CLUB OFFICERS-- FIRST ROW: A. Baker, Girls ' Vice-Presi- dent; J. Shauer, Girls ' Secretary ; D. Clifford, Boys ' President. SEC- OND ROW: D. Maas, Boys ' Vice- President; J. Gray, Girls ' Presi- dent; Mrs. Leetz, Sponsor; T. Grant, Boys ' Secretary. THIRD ROW: C. Stinchfield, Boys ' Treas- urer; L. Starkey, Girls ' Treasurer; Mr. Scott, Sponsor. Ken Dowdell and the Pep Band lead the " Snake " on Senior Spirit Day. Debbie Edwards, football sporthead, tapes a spirit banner to the pep bus . Warm fall nights helped keep the spirit high at football games. 43 Chemical and Physical Studies Although small, the Science Club played an important part in the lives of students with potential scientific ability. The purpose of the club is to present outside information about science and the fields con- nected with science. At nearly every meeting one of the club members presented an experiment which was discussed in detail by everyone present. If any questions arose that couldn’t be answered, the members and sponsors searched for the answers, to be presented at the next meeting. Be- sides conducting experiments, the Science Club also saw films, read scientific journals, took field trips, and visited the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Members of the VHS science department, Mr. Rigg, Mr. Tsoutsouris, Mr. Fogel- song, and Mr. Vinson, were the sponsors of the club. SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS-- C. Sacks, President; Mr. Foglesong, Sponsor; S. Moore, Vice-Presi- dent; Mr. Vinson, Sponsor; P. Oliver, Secretary-Treasurer; Mr. Tsoutsouris, Sponsor. Members of the Science Club aided each other with club " experiments. " Cliff Sacks explains molecular struc - ture to fellow Science Club members. Phil Eggerding and Brian Harmon experiment with a molecular model. -14 STUDENT NURSES--FRONT ROW: K. Watt, D. Golando. SECOND ROW: M. Fulton. THIRD ROW: D. Clifford, K. Anderson. FOURTH ROW: P. Proffitt, J. Berg. FIFTH ROW: S. Lawrence, D. Lambert, L. Kazlauski. OFFICE GIRLS-- FIRST ROW: K. Ziliack, S. Kibble, N. Kassanits, S. Bums. SECOND ROW: C. Tuesburg, M. Leasure, M. Miller, D. Boch- nicka, D. Bochnicka. THIRD ROW: M. Forbes, D. Stipp, P. Clifford, D. Moser, M. Maddock, V. Fid- narik, J. Anderson, L. Starkey, B. Krekeler, J. Meyer. Service Organizations: Good Deeds! While working in the guidance of- fice, attendance office, coach’s of- fice, or clinic, the service organi- zations’ girls not only saved time and money for VHS, but also learned more about secretarial work or nursing. The office girls relieved Mrs. Douglas, Mrs. Ransom, and Mrs. Stordeur of the trivial, time- consuming duties such as running errands, typing duplicator masters, or running-off the daily attendance sheets. Mr. Sweet also had “helpers” in the coach’s office to answer the telephone or type letters, leaving him more time for coach- ing. The student nurses aided the school nurse, Mrs. Hildreth, by tak- ing care of ill students on the days that she was away from VHS. The girls “retrieved” books, called parents, and kept the students as calm and comfortable as possible under the circumstances. GUIDANCE OFFICE LIBRARIANS — FIRST ROW: V. Dinwoodie, S. Chambers, A. Moreland, C. Brumm. SECOND ROW: A. Kneze- vich, C. Rader, B. Fairchok, B. Burey. THIRD ROW: G. Daly, R. Underwood, W. Gaedtke, S. Zabriski. Council Takes Part in VHS Changes STUDENT COUNCIL, SENIORS CLUB OFFICERS- -FIRST ROW: S. Kretzmann, M. Winer man, R. Clifford, R. Learning, G. Pulianas, ■J. Hill. SECOND ROW: V. Vandrey, K. Mundy, P. Oliver, B. Krekeler, C. Gast, V. Gathmami, S. Bret- scher, J. Gray. THIRD ROW: J. Lootnan, C. Furman, S. Schafer, D. Clendenin, T. Grant, D. Maas. FOURTH ROW: C. Casbon, D. Skin- ner, J. Appelo, B. Conkling, D. Braithwaite , C. Rader, W. Froberg. Two " Charlies " lead Student Coun- cil this year. Student Council President Charles Asher, an experienced leader, sought to involve all members of the VHS student body with the government of the school. The familiar parking problems were solved early in the year by the re- issuance of the green parking permits. A new, presumably fairer method of choosing Student Council representatives was also introduced in the fall. At Christmas- time, the Student Council spread cheer throughout the school by “decking the halls.” To gain new and better ideas for the workings of student government, selected members of the Council attended the Inter-City Council, composed of Student Council members from other schools in the area. Non- members were invited to attend Council meet- ings to air their “gripes,” and the Student Court was also continued, thus allowing more student partici- pation in the VHS government. At an all-school convocation, Charles Asher swears -in Student Council members. One of Student Council ' s projects this year was cleaning the trophy case. Karen Mundy and Jeanette Appelo are willing to help. Energetic members of the Council this year used their imagination in creating hallway decorations for Christmas. STUDENT COUNCIL, JUNIORS SOPHOMORES— FIRST ROW: M. Linkimer, J. Butterfield, P. Zentz, K. Dogan, C. Hart, S. Moore. SECOND ROW: L. Pion, W. Rie- chard, P. Weidman, S. Asher, D. Steck, G. Pulianas, S. Fleak, S. Kotefka, R. Ackerman, B. Phipps. THIRD ROW: J. Gee, K. Schramm, A. Barber, M. Schafer, C. Sacks, M. Phillips, C. Steele. FOURTH ROW: I. Bain, C. Adams, P. Nie- quist, B. Steele, D. Hughes, B. Kelley, S. LaCount, C. Gordon. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS-- FIRST ROW: C. Asher, President; D. Lambert, Treasurer . SECOND ROW: K. Gehring, Secretary; C. Strietelmeier, Vice-President. THIRD RO W: V. Toming, Sponsor; C. Geiss, Sponsor. 47 V-Teens Bring Cheer to Many V-Teens commenced their year of service to VHS with a mixing bowl for new members and a formal can- dlelight induction ceremony. The club’s President this year was Bar- bara Conkling, and Miss Craig was the sponsor. During the fall, the members conducted another “Pro- ject Vietnam” drive. Students con- tributed small items such as tooth- paste and shaving cream which were collected, put in “ditty bags,” and sent to the soldiers in Vietnam. At the Dessert for Dads program, V- Teens members brought homemade desserts which were served to the fathers, and the leftover desserts were then auctioned-off to the highest bidders. The annual King of Hearts Dance, held in February, provided money for the Heart Fund and enter- tainment for the VHS students bored by the “post- Christmas vacation lull.” The V-Teens also conducted various other money-making pro- jects, from bake sales to paper drives. V-TEENS OFFICERS-- D. Mohler, Program Chairman; J. Anderson, Secretary; L. Stalbaum, Treasurer; B. Conkling, President; Miss Craig, Advisor. NOT PICTURED: N. Parker, Vice-President. 48 Secretary Jody Anderson reads off V-Teens president Barb Conkling the list of the eligible voters for " entertains " board members, the 1970 King of Hearts court. Suzanne LaCount and her father hear Mr. Bezek ' s account of his trip to Europe . Many V-Teens members created Christmas decorations like this " ornament. " 49 V alenian Mirrors Changes at VHS VALENIAN EDITORS- -SEAT ED: S. Bums, Narrative Editor; K. Ros- coe, Business Manager ; D. Skinner, Editor-in-Chief; G. Williamson, Layout Editor . STANDING: C. Cas- bon, Photo Editor; Mr. Brown, Advisor; K. Knowlton, Copy Editor; B. Krekeler, Art Editor. “Elements of Change” was the theme of the 1970 Valenian. Ideas for the yearbook were “born” in the summer of 1969, after the sum- mer supplement had been completed. The editors, the staff members, and Mr. Brown, Valenian advisor, worked closely together from fall to spring to produce a book that would portray the changes and confusion at VHS this year. Since the purpose of a yearbook is to “tell a story,” the pictures and copy had to capture the shared feeling of chaos and dis- jointedness brought about by the “remodeling” of the school. There was also an important change in the Valenian itself — the switch from a 9”xl2” book to an 8 l 2”xll” book. As always, it was the hope of the staff to turn out a yearbook that would reflect the mood of the year, and of the VHS student body. Debi Skinner, Editor, and Mr. Brown, Advisor, must OK all copy. Linda Stalbaum works diligently on a panel for underclass pictures. The process for collecting first pay- ment is explained by Karen Roscoe. 50 Layouts for the senior album must Office Supervisor Debbie Rgenfritz be precision-perfect. types a class list. VALENIAN STAFF— FIRST ROW (seated): B. Jones, G. Meyers, G. Pulianas, L. Stalbaum. SECOND ROW: C. Gott, C. Hoyt, C. Free- man, C. Dodrill. THIRD ROW: M. Forbes, J. Bean, Mr. Brown, Ad- visor, J. Gray, L. Starkey, L. Moore, D. Ilgenfritz, P. Clifford. Kathy Knowlton and Barb Krekeler consider Opening Section layouts. 51 Ross Bicknese waits to catch a can- did of the choir ' s Christmas Con- Problems, problems I Mrs. Clark cert. solves many Valpost difficulties . Valpost Strives to be VHS’ Voice Co-Editors-in-Chief Debbie Braithwaite and Scott Schafer took over the task of issuing the Val- post to the students of VHS this year. They attempted to incor- porate into the paper the spirit of the changing times — not only the differences of the school but those of the world. Mrs. Katherine Clark, advisor of the Valpost made sure that the goal of the paper was kept in mind: to be a continuously better paper while informing the students of matters interesting and relevant to them. All the staff members strived to provide ac- curate and entertaining coverage of the school news. The Valpost also offered a means of expres- sion for both the staff and VHS students through opinion polls and editorials. Members of the Val- post attended journalism seminars at Ball State, Valparaiso Univer- sity, and Notre Dame in order to issue a better paper for the school. Larry Goss man receives advice from several well-meaning co- workers . V AL POST --SEAT ED: J. Scott, Busi- ness Manager; C. Rader, News Editor; D. Braithwaite, Co -editor- in-chief; S. Schafer, Co -editor -in- chief; D. Stipp, Managing Editor. SECOND ROW: R. Cagen, Advertis- ing Manager; Mrs. Clark, Advisor; K. Mundy, Feature Editor; P. Stoerck, Photographer; G. Pulianas, Sports Editor; C. Sacks, Circulation Manager; W. Froberg, Advertising. THIRD ROW: D. Thiesen, Photog- rapher; J. Hill, Assistant Sports Editor. Valpost reporters work together on their assignments, exchanging ideas . Scott Shafer consults with Mrs. Debbie Braithwaite and Mrs. Clark Clark on an editorial policy. consider a possible Valpost layout. 53 VICA member Rex Aytes helped repair this bicycle which will be given to some deserving youngster . Mr. Pollock reads to VICA members from an industrial journal. VICA President Ray Gast presides over a vocational discussion. VICA Benefits School , Community VICA members once again offered their services to VHS and the com- munity this year. Mr. Pollock, spon- sor of the Valparaiso chapter of the Vocational Industrial Clubs of Amer- ica, guided students interested in a possible vocational career through many worthwhile projects. In the fall, VICA members co-operated with the Student Council’s “parking crusade’’ by painting the white and yellow guidelines in the parking lots. The club also constructed the much- needed trash containers for the foot- ball field. A favorite task of VICA members was to repair toys, to be given as Christmas presents to the needy children of Valparaiso. During the VICA meetings, the members discussed industrial orientated topics such as the functions of labor and management, current labor problems, and the operation of various machines. They kept up with all the latest industrial information by reading vocational books, pamph- lets, and magazines. VICA OFFICERS— R. Aytes, Ser- ge ant -at -Arms; B. Kotys, Secretary; D. Anderson, Vice-President; R. Gast, President; M. Wade, Treas- urer; D. Clendenin, Student Coun- cil Representative; Mr. Pollock, Sponsor. 54 Making “Moves” and “Movies” CHESS CLUB OFFICERS - D. Go- lando, Treasurer ; J. Uban, Presi- dent; Mr. Baez, Sponsor, G. Daly, Vice-President; W. Fairchok, Sec- retary . Members of the newly-formed Chess Club held meetings at least twice a month. The purpose of the club, sponsored by Mr. Baez, was to teach beginners the rules and basic moves, to help “veterans” to play a better game, and to provide partners for members. The game was played at meetings and during lunch hours, and a Chess Tournament was held for club members and interested non- mem- bers. Although the Projectionists Club was small, its members performed a valuable service to VHS through- out the year. They met in the li- brary every other Tuesday night to inspect, clean, and repair the audio-visual equipment. The pro- jectionists, under the guidance of Mr. Rigg, also operated the video- tape machine, which makes “movies” of athletic events or classroom activities. PROJECTIONISTS — John Dust, Gerald Adams, Cliff Sacks, Mr. Rigg, Sponsor, Bill Kotys, Ron Hill. Tom Daly and Millie Powell contem- plate moves at a Chess Club meeting. Christmas Dance: Blissful Eve “Santa Claus” greeted the couples attending the annual Hi-Y Christmas Dance held on December 20. The jolly man handed out bids and candy canes to each duo entering Boucher Gym. Under the leadership of dance chairman Mark Watts and decora- tions chairman Jack Barkley, the gym was transformed into a winter wonderland complete with “snow,” sleighs, decorated Christmas trees, and Santas. Entranced couples wan- dered around the dance floor gazing at the yuletide decorations, exchang- ing cheerful greetings, and often dancing to the music of a Gary band, the “Syrup.” Many people chose to sit at the tables in order to rest and enjoy punch and cookies prepared by the refreshment committee, headed by Jim Eason. At eleven o’clock the dance ended and couples drifted into the wintry night; their heads filled with visions of “Momentary Bliss.” Smile... and think of a white Christmas ! The " Syrup " provided the " jams " for the Christmas Dance. 6 A tree with all the trimmings pro- .Jeff Butterfield and Mike Thomas vides a Christmas-y atmosphere. inspect Santa ' s basket of goodies. Many couples enjoyed refreshment Kristin Gehring and Tom Largura and conversation at the tables. let the Christmas spirit soak -in. 57 " Thomasina " Grant ran for Home- coming Queen for VHS ' s senior skit. Escort was " Joe " Stokes. Homecoming Is “ Out of This World Susanne LaCount traces Cheryl Gast ' s profile for the silhouettes. Everyone “got into the act” of the Homecoming festivities this year by participating in “Spirit Week” antics. On Homecoming day, the traditional mock football game was presented, complete with a “Homecoming Court” composed of seven senior boys. At the end of the pep session, the “Spirit Stick” was awarded to the jubilant sen- iors, the group displaying the most enthusiasm during Spirit Week. Valparaiso’s tense 14-13 victory over Munster helped make the Homecoming Dance a happy affair. Nearly 200 couples entered Bou- cherGym, which was decorated with moons, stars, and suns to empha- size the theme of “Out of This World.” At eleven o’clock, Linda Clifford was crowned 1969 Home- coming Queen, and Vicki Gathmann became Princess, climaxing a week of excitement and anticipation. Vicki Gathmann, Princess Cheryl Gast HOMECOMING COURT— FRONT ROW: B. Krekeler, C. Gast, J. Stokes. BACK ROW: B. Conk ling, L. Clifford, L. Conover, V. Gath- mann. Barbara Conk ling Barbara Krekeler Linda Clifford, Queen Lee Conover Joanna Stokes He Is King of VHS’s Hearts On February 21 the annual King of Hearts Dance was held. The goal set by V- Teens, the sponsoring organi- zation, was to collect $200 to be given to the Heart Fund. The theme of the affair was “Hearts for Him,” and a new innovation was added — door prizes. The “lovely” surround- ings consisted of castles and hearts, and the couples’ attention was focused on a bridge placed in the middle of the floor. Everyone danced or just “tuned in” to the sounds of a V.U. band, the “Sounds and Sen- sations Exhibit.” At ten o’clock the previously-elected court consisting of Steve Butterfield, Joe Hill, Tom Krysa, Eric Learning, Gene Stanton, Ron Swinford, and Bob Thorgren. Bob was announced Prince of Hearts. V-Teens President Barb Conkling then placed the crown on Steve But- terfield’s head and bestowed the cor- onation kiss upon his cheek. KING OF HEARTS COURT - FRONT BACK ROW: S. Butterfield, King ; ROW: J. Hill, T. Kyrsa, R. Swin- Thorgren, Prince, ford, G. Stanton, R. Learning. During lunch hoilrs, students were allowed to vote for their favorite guy by placing coins in the Heart Fund banks. 60 Miss Craig supervises the festivi- ties, as anxious as everyone else for the announcement of the King of Hearts . The coronation bridge was the cen- ter of attraction for couples at- tending the dance and for watchers in the gym ' s balconies. 61 Especially in sports, tee Shared The glory of every win, the Sadness of each defeat. The elements of change did Not dampen our Spirit. We will never forget... Compiling the best tennis Record in VHS’s history; Cross country- Running across Valparaiso; Football- Beating Chesterton and Everyone else; Swimming- Breaking records left and Right; wrestling- Straining to complete a pin; Basketball- Catching “ Hoosier Hysteria ” And keeping the spirit through A long, but successful Season. 62 ATHLETICS 63 VHS “B-Ball” Fever Is High Mr. Sweet’s Varsity basketball squad played one of the toughest schedules ever, competing with many of the top-rated teams in the state. They ended the season with a record of 14 wins and 5 losses. The Vikes gave several outstanding perform- ances, such as the impressive win over Flaget with a final score of 100-66. Hammond Noll, who whipped us last year, 103-90, saw a Viking revenge of 92-69. During the sea- son the team also suffered five heart- breaking defeats, two of which were to E. C. Roosevelt and E. C. Wash- ington, rated first and fifth in the state. Seniors Joe Hill and Joe Ellis led the team in scoring and re- bounding, while Tom Krysa led in assists. The Junior Varsity team also had a great year. Larry Domke broke the rebounding record pre- viously set by Glenn Pulianas and also claimed the Free Throw Trophy. J. V. BASKETBALL— FRONT ROW: M. Will, K. McGuire, G. Cooley, B. Gray, C. Gordon, J. Smith. BACK ROW: Mr. Ciciora, coach. M. Schafer, M. Freeman, L. Domke, R. Harkel, D. Keefe, J. Doane, M. Linkimer. JV man Greg Cooley goes in for a lay-up shot. The JV players gather around Mr. Ciciora, listening to his pointers. 64 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL VHS OPP. 62 Portage 43 53 Emerson 43 43 E . Chicago Roosevelt 45 32 Chesterton 40 35 Hammond Clark 42 58 Hammond High Holiday Tourney 39 44 Portage 38 46 E . Chicago Roosevelt 49 46 Hammond Tech 56 58 Hammond Morton 37 62 E. Chicago Washington 43 54 La Porte 39 41 Kokomo Hayworth 66 47 Hobart 42 51 Chicago Marshall 37 49 Hammond Noll 45 64 Emerson 55 70 Gary Roosevelt 60 45 Munster 35 62 Crown Point 48 SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL- FRONT ROW: S. Eldridge, M. Rip- ley, B. Gray, B. Hoeppner, R. Tut- hill, V. Savarese. BACK ROW: Mr. Toming, coach, E. Sieckman, W. Mead, L. Starkey, L. Domke, D. Clark. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL VHS OPP 32 Chesterton 45 36 Crown Point 58 30 Morgan 28 30 Highland 48 49 Kouts 41 55 Kouts 47 42 Hebron 39 42 Crown Point 52 62 Chesterton 31 A Hobart Brickie tries to wrestle the ball away from Dan Keefe. 65 VARSITY BASKETBALL— FRONT ROW: T. Krysa, J. Salberg, M. Frey, G. Pulianas, J. Butterfield, A Season of Jeff Salberg reaches under a Hobart player ' s arm to grab the ball. S. Butterfield. BACK ROW: J. Ellis, T. O ' Neill, Mr. Sweet, coach, Joe Hill goes in for a basket as a L. Domke, J. Hill. Brickie tries to block him. “ Sweet ” Victories Jeff Butterfield leaps into the air to execute a hook shot. 66 Torn O ' Neill tries to stop a Hobart It ' s VHS ' s ball as Joe Ellis begins to man from making a basket. dribble to our end of the court. VARSITY BASKETBALL VHS OPP 79 Portage 67 100 Flaget 66 59 E.C. Roosevelt 73 55 Chesterton 51 95 Hammond Clark 63 73 Hammond High Lafayette Tourney 50 57 Tipton 69 72 Lebanon 89 82 Hammond Tech . 72 92 Hammond Morton 66 80 E. Chi. Washington 81 76 LaPorte 68 63 Kokomo Hayworth 80 64 Hobart 58 68 Chicago Marshall 65 92 Hammond Noll 69 95 Gary Emerson 89 85 Gary Roosevelt 103 71 Munster 55 85 Crown Point Sectional Tourney 70 74 Wheeler 34 62 Chesterton 55 82 Portage Regional Tourney 76 95 Winamac 68 67 Michigan 95 Mr. Sweet gives the team a " pep talk " at time-out. It seemed like the whole " population " of VHS showed -up at the bonfire held to celebrate the start of the 1969 football season. " K, for Kick, Kick ' em in the Pit! " Straight-Arm Cheers for VHS This summer, all six varsity cheerleaders attended the Smith- Walbridge camp for cheerleaders for one week. They came back determined to win VHS over to the straightarm technique and suc- ceeded to break the tradition of 40 years of round-arm cheering. The ‘ ‘yell leaders” worked energetical- ly throughout the year, not only by persuading fans to participate in the cheers at games, but also by performing several hilarious skits at football and basketball convoca- tions, and by giving a ‘‘Breakfast of Champions” on the morning of the Attica game, at which bowls of Wheaties were served. During the summer the girls practiced nearly every day, and met with prospec- tive J.V. cheerleaders twice a week to teach them the VHS cheers. Four girls were chosen in the fall to initiate sophomore spirit at pep assemblies and lead the yells at J.V. games. " Yell! " 68 The 1969-70 varsity cheerleaders Lee Conover, Vicki Gathmann, were Joanna Stokes, Debby Shook, Laurie Eason, and Linda Clifford. J. V. CHEERLEADERS— Kim Schramm, Diane Steck, Judy Koepke, Cari Gunsaulus, Cynthia Hutchison, Sponsor. " Conquest! " Judy Koepke conquers her fears during J. V. cheerleading tryouts . CROSS-COUNTRY-- Front row: E. Jankowski , K. McGuire, M. Koday, L. Golando, R. Hannon, T. Dough- erty. Second row: D. Prahl. R. Sherrick, J. Fillwock, J. Loo man. F. Casey, R. Casbon, J. O ' Keefe, J. Noonan. Back row: E. Edquist, coach. L. Henning, A. McCord, M. Fandl, F. Roger, J. Hildreth, T. Dalrymple, C. Furman, J. Saltsman, D. Barber, manager. Harriers Gallop to Winning Season Coach Edquist’ s cross-country team ended the ’69 season with a record of 8 wins and 7 losses. To keep in shape for the “big meets,” the harriers, as they ran through the streets of Valparaiso, aver- aged five or six miles a day. There were also practices at Ogden Gar- dens, where Mr. Edquist had his team perform calisthenics, jump hurdles, and compete with each other in sprints and relays. In the important meets, the VHS cross- country team showed great ability due to team encouragement and skills of individual runners. Out- standing members of the team were returning lettermen Jim Looman, Chuck Furman, and John Noonan, who received trophies instead of “V’s.” Runners receiving Varsity letters were John Fillwock, Frank Casey, Tony Dalrymple, Mike Fandl, and Jack Hildreth. Practices for the cross-country team, for whom the running of long miles was a daily occurrence, were held at Ogden Gardens. 70 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY VHS OPP 34 Michigan City 23 27 Bishop Noll 28 34 LaPorte 21 39 Ft. Wayne N. Side 22 25 Hammond Gavit 35 16 Hammond Tech 47 15 E.C. Roosevelt 50 24 Hammond Clark 34 15 Whiting 50 46 Chesterton 16 23 Hammond Morton 33 16 E.C. Washington 44 39 Hobart 20 34 Gary Roosevelt 24 30 Hammond High 25 Muscles strained, teeth clenched, Mike Fandl and Charlie Furman demonstrate their intense efforts during a practice. It ' s neck -and -neck in the race between Ed Jankowski and Rusty Sherrick. 71 1969 Football Team Undefeated! For the second time in VHS his- tory, the Varsity football squad achieved an undefeated season. Led by coaches Stokes, Stanier, and Rhoda, the 1969gridders beat every team that challenged them, ending up with a 10-0 record. The most thrilling games of the season were the Homecoming game, where Valpo beat Munster, 14-13, and the 10-6 victory over Chesterton. Leading the Vikes in scoring were seniors Jack Barkley and Rick Underwood, junior Tom Griffith, and sophomore Chuck Wellsand. Ron Swinford claimed the Tackling Trophy, and Jeff Butterfield won the Star Award. The Junior Varsity team, coached by Mr. Reggie and Mr. Murphy, also " did VHS proud " with a season of 7 wins and 1 loss. Outstanding players were Dave Miller, who won the J. V. Tackling Trophy, and Jim Doane and Bob Gray, who received Star Awards. After catching a long pass, Jim Doane fends off a vicious Crown Point Bulldog. J.V. FOOTBALL— BOTTOM ROW: S. Reggie, coach, S. Bond, V. Savarese, L. Yazel, S. Eldridge, F. Belaschky, F. Miller, C. Gordon, P. Murphy, coach, D. Wasemann, coach. SECOND ROW: D. Clark, J. Dykes, J. Komblith, C. Steele, J. Gee, D. Casey, M. Will, T. Gan- non, M. Zell, B. Gray. THIRD ROW: J. Smith, S. Moser, K. Lansdowne, G. Howell, M. Linki- mer, W. Mead, J. Wasemann, E. Siechman, M. Finley, J. Smith. TOP ROW: G. Hills, L. Starkey, J. Doane, J. Louden, R. Harkel, J. Maynard, M. Freeman, D. O ' Keefe, M. Falls, J. Miller, J. Wiencken. VARSITY FOOTBALL -- FRONT ROW: P. Wampler, W. Schnure, J. Eason, C. Stinchfield, J. Webb, R. Underwood, D. Nielse n h . Arma- lavage, P. Sachtleben. SECOND ROW: G. Pulianas, R. Rough, R. Swinford, G. Stanton, M. Moser, B. Miller, D. Deal, G. Frogge, B. Miller, W. Phillips, J. Butterfield. ' T Yn G-iOFFij THIRD ROW: M. Wade, C. Nightin- gale, D. Schoenfelt, R. Smith, J. Miller, J. Barkley, B. Lansdowne, S. Butterfield, D. Dick, C. Well- sand, M. Brown. FOURTH ROW: L. Evans, J. Laugher y, R. Aytes, T. Krysa, M. Watts, D. Hughes, C. Robinson, D. Clifford, T. Kruse, J. Roscoe, R. Zandi, L. Domke. TOP ROW: R. Rhoda, coach, T. Stokes, coach, C. Stanier, coach, D. Soli- day, R. Siddall, R. Laughery, J. Delmarico, G. Buck, J. Belaschky, W. Kelley, L. Piechocki, S. Moser, K. Naillieux, J. Fero, S. Reggie, coach, P. Murphy, coach. VlttN ■ • 1 The Vikings charge out of the dress- ing room to conquer another team. Mr. Do one and Mr. Stokes congrat- ulate All-State Center Steve Butter- field. 73 Tensions reigns as the Vikings stand in formation, ready to run a winning play against Lew Wallace. Stokes’ Team Power Pulls At a special convocation honoring the 1969 Football Team, Mayor Bryce Billings gives the " key to the city " to Coach Stokes. Mr. Stonier aids Coach Stokes by handing out awards to the outstand- ing team. Through Pre-game warm-ups give J. V. players a good start. 74 VARSITY FOOTBALL ■Jack Barkley, high-point man for the Vikes, pushed toward another TD. VHS OPP 40 Lew Wallace 2 35 Hammond Gavit 0 27 Gary Roosevelt 8 10 Chesterton 6 31 E.C. Washington 26 61 Attica 7 14 Munster 13 35 Portage 0 27 Hobart 0 54 Plymouth 0 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL VHS OPP 20 Portage 6 14 Highland 0 34 River Forest 6 20 Chesterton 22 14 Michigan City 12 19 Hammond High 0 26 Lake Central 6 37 Crown Point 0 Intramural B-Ball Still Favored Mr. Ellis recruited seventy- seven boys to play on the eight intramural basketball teams this year. Games were played twice a week, on Thurs- day evenings and Saturday after- noons, from the first of December until the first of March. Captains were chosen for the teams at the start of the season. The captains were: Bill Schnure, Jack Barkley, Dick Clifford, Mike Wade, Kevin Naillieux, Kim Dean, John Laughery, and Mark Knauff. A tournament be- tween all eight teams was held at the end of the season. The purpose of the intramural basketball pro- gram, which enjoyed its eleventh season this year, is to give the boys that are unable to get on the other VHS basketball squads a chan ce to play basketball. The games also pro- mote sportsmanship and team spirit. Again, Mr. Ellis was assisted by Valparaiso University students who acted as referees. A V. U. ref tosses the globe in the air for the jump ball. " Number 0 " prepares to sink one for Mike Prochno takes a chance with a his team. far-away shot. 76 Players crowd under the basket to catch the rebound. Mark Winernian dribbles past his opponent on the way to another basket. 77 The VHS swim team, coached by Skip Bird and co-captained by Barth Anderson and Paul Bretscher, com- pleted a highly successful season. They sported a record of 19 wins and 2 losses, and both of these losses were close contests. With this record-breaking season for the tank- ers, several trophies were added to the collection. One award was won for winning the most dual meets in the Western Alliance, and another trophy was gained by winning the Western Alliance Swim Tourney. A third trophy was awarded the Vikes for winning the Munster Relays. The Vikes won a sweeping victory at Sectionals in LaPorte, scoring 88 points out of a possible 136. Ten Vikes qualified for the state meet, where C. J. Heckman and Paul Bretscher both set new VHS records. C. J. placed fourth in the backstroke with a time of :58.0. Paul placed fourth in the butterfly with a time of :55.7. Tankers Were Record Breakers J. V. SWIMMING— Mr. Bird, coach, ■J. Lowenstine, A. McCord, R. Bick- nese, B. Glasser, R. Steele. VARSITY SWIMMING VHS OPP 47 Munster 48 56 Hammond Tech 39 56 LaPorte 39 46 Penn Township 49 69 Mishawaka 22 60 Whiting 34 69 Hammond Morton 43 52 Griffith 42 49 Lafayette Jeff 46 49 Highland 43 51 Hammond High 42 64 S. Bend Washington 31 561 2 Chesterton 381 2 77 Portage 18 69 Michigan City 18 51 Bishop Noll 44 C. J. Heckman and Paul Bretscher strengthen their legs, using kick- boards. 78 VARSITY SWI MMING— FR ONT ROW: Mr. Bird, coach, C. Hart, M. Hill- ila, R. Learning, P. Bretscher, J. Neeley. SECOND ROW: R. Stoner, D. Hughes, G. Turpin, J. Trost, J. Clark. BACK ROW: R. Ransom, M. LaBrie, J. Carter, B. Anderson, C.J. Heckman, J. Dust, D. Clen- denin. 79 Tennis Team in Winning “ Racket ” Under the guidance of first-year coach Vendo Toming, the VHS ten- nis team " swung " their way to the best record in the history of tennis at VHS. Beginning the season with a six-game losing streak, the net- ters went on to compile a record of 10 wins and 6 losses. They brought trophies home from the Sectionals held at Gilroy Field in Gary, and from the Conference game at Ho- bart. Returning lettermen John Kruger and Doug Thiesen, with 31 1 2 and 31 points respectively, led the Vikes in scoring. Other Varsity letter winners were Rick Bond, Bill Shideler, Bill Masters, Arleigh Johnsen, Bob Stoner, Irwin Bain, and Gary Naillieux. John Kruger proved that tennis is not a harm- less sport when he lost a tooth as a result of a wild blow from a tennis racket, and had to be treated by Dr. Shideler, honorary team physician. VARSITY TENNIS: R. Cagen, R. Stoner, R. Bond, W. Shideler, I. Bain, W. Masters. Back Row: V. Toming, coach, J. Kruger, J. Kashner, D. Dauberman, D. Thie- sen, R. Leffler, D. Driver, A. Johnson. Rick Bond prepares to serve against his Chesterton opponent. Doug Thiesen shows -off his back hand swing. I 5 Rick Bond reaches high into the air to slaw the ball across the net. VARSITY TENNIS VHS OPP 1 Griffith 4 1 Crown Point 4 0 Hammond 5 0 LaPorte 7 1 Hammond Gavit 4 1 Highland 4 Won Whiting Forfeit 3 Hammond Morton 2 4 Hammond Clark 1 5 Michigan City 4 4 E.C. Roosevelt 1 3 Portage 2 4 Hammond Tech 1 3 Chesterton 2 5 Hobart 0 5 E.C. Washington 0 Sectional: Tie for champion- ship Conference: Tie for cham- pionship 81 Varsity matman Bill Kotys strains to perform an escape maneuver. VARSITY WRESTLING — FIRST ROW: J. Harvil, manager, B. Kotys, D. Soliday, manager. SECOND ROW: W. Philips, J. Louden, J. Webb, B. Lansdowne. THIRD ROW: Mr. Reg- gie, coach, L. Golando, J. O’Keefe, S. Adgate, K. Rhynard, Mr. Stanier, coach. FOURTH ROW: S. Smith, L. Evans, D. Schoenfelt, J. Washier, M. Koday Matmen Wrestle Tough Season Steve Adgate works to pin his Han- over Central opponent. ■Jim Belaschky helps Dennis Schoen- felt loosen up before a meet. Coached by Mr. Reggie and Mr. Stanier, the Varsity wrestlers com- piled a record of four wins and six losses this year. Although this was not their best season, the VHS mat- men did achieve some outstanding successes. At the Twin Lakes In- vitational, Viking grapplers came in a close second. Denny Schoenfelt, Bill Kotys, and John Webb received firsts at this meet. Webb also earned a first place at the Duneland Con- ference meet, and Schoenfelt placed second in the Sectionals at the end of the season. Pinning trophies were awarded to John Webb and Denny Schoenfelt. Denny als o received the most take-downs. The Junior Varsity wrestlers also had a rough season, ending with a 3-1-5 record. Awarded pinning trophies were Mike Finley and Kevin McGuire. Kevin also took home the trophy for the most take- downs. 82 VARSITY WRESTLING The ref checks Will Philips ' pinning combination. VHS 18 Crown Point OPP 29 6 Munster 42 30 Michigan City 20 27 E. C. Washington 20 16 Hammond High 30 5 Gary Roosevelt 38 36 Hannover Central 16 29 River Forest 18 3 Hobart 39 16 Chesterton 33 JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING VHS 21 Crown Point OPP 21 20 Munster 40 41 Michigan City 8 20 E. C. Washington 31 13 Hammond High 37 3 Gary Roosevelt 30 39 Hannover Central 8 3 Hobart 40 24 Chesterton 19 J. V. WRESTLING— FIRST ROW: R. Casbon, D. Witmer, B. Nelson, F. Belaschky. SECOND ROW: A. John- son, G. Hills. THIRD ROW: Mr. Reggie, coach, D. Trapp, K. Mc- Guire; D. Prahl, Mr. Stonier, coach. FOURTH ROW: R. Roberts, J. Belaschky, G. Steindler, G. Howell, M. Siebert, M. Finley. Mr. Stainer watches his wrestlers ' " sit -up styles. " 83 The backbone of VHS is Formed by its Courses, And their purpose--to educate. Should be remembered... Creating works of Art; Pefecting a band ensemble; Singing at contest and Concerts; Preparing for a business Career; Learning to drive; Composing themes and making Speeches; Cooking and sewing with ease; Speaking foreign languages; Solving equations; Experimenting; Operating massive machines; Collecting court cases; Investing stocks; and Choosing one ' s own Vocation. 84 A CA DEM ICS An art student ' s uncle explains the Chris Me Shane, Burt Harter, and rewards of a future in sign painting. Larry Gossman combine talents. Art Course Awakens Creative Minds Mr. Cain helped the students in his art classes expand their scopes of knowledge in many ways this year. In November, the students journeyed to Chicago to visit the Chicago Art Institute, which was showing a special Rembrandt display, and to tour a commercial art school. Also in November was the VHS produc- tion of “Bye Bye Birdie.” Burt Harter designed the scenery for the musical, Mr. Gast built it, and the art classes painted it. In the spring, the young artists were allowed to display their works at an art exhibit in conjunction with March Madness. The display case in the cafeteria was also in use throughout the year to keep VHS informed on the activi- ties of the art classes. Mr. Cain taught the same principles and tech- niques to both beginning and ad- vanced “artists,” such as painting, sculpture, and crafts, but the ad- vanced students explored these areas further. A toothsome Halloween pumpkin is carved by Abby Baker. 86 Alice Knezevich scrapes away at rock material to form her version of the " Tiki God. " Spla-a-a-t! One of Mr. Cain ' s pop- ular project assignments was the making of these psychedelic pin- wheels. Keila Robinson applies finishing touches to her tempera painting. Abstract wire sculptures are popu- lar projects for the art classes. Robin Hiser is stapling her " clown. " 87 Three Bands Directed to Perfection Mr. Robert Miller kept his huge “band family” well occupied throughout the year. This fall, the Marching Vikings could be seen in action nearly every day on the foot- ball field, practicing for the half- time shows at VHS home games. As a result of much practice, keen competition for a “chair,” and con- scientious direction, the VHS con- cert band also kept up its excellent standards. The annual Ham Dinner was held in the fall at the T. J. cafetorium to raise funds for the band. On December tenth, the con- cert band performed with the choir at the Christmas Concert, and per- formed alone at the Spring Concert. Second semester, the entire band attended the NISBOVA and State Band contests. The little-mentioned, independent pep band inspired VHS spirit by being heard at pep sessions and football and basketball games. BAND OFFICERS --FIRST ROW: Mr. Miller, Director; D. Mohler, Point Chairman; M. Morris, Li- brarian; B. Hart, Secretary-Treas- urer. SECOND ROW: D. Dauber- man, Property Man; B. Ringger, President; D. Beach, Property Man. THIRD ROW: L. Dipert, Librarian; K. Dowdell, Vice-President; T. Miller, Property Man; J. Scott, Publicity. BAND— FIRST ROW: W. Froberg, K. Steder, M. Morris, S. Darnell, C. Adams, M. Powell, B. Conkling, A. Meyerowitz, G. Moorehead, J. Newell. SECOND ROW: B. Beach, D. Dauberman, J. Makovsky, D. Mohler, P. Neuschafer, L. Dipert, M. Hillila, M. Phillips, J. Haw- kins, M. Babcock, C. Tuesberg, K. Anderson, M. Schane, J. Phil- lips, S. Carlson, THIRD ROW: P. Morphis, G. Shewan, S. Holst, M. Siebert, P. Niequist, B. Ludington, D. Fritts, D. Pflughaupt, L. Bailey, D. Whalls, C. Casbon, B. Hart, S. Adgate, D. Hart, R. Casbon, D. Spitler, C. Krieger, M. Felten, E. Shewen, R. Miller, J. Kashner, N. Tracy, S. Moser. FOURTH ROW: D. Nowlin, M. Ripley, D. Graham, J. Boehlke, N. McEnterfer, A. ■Johnsen, J. Dobbins, B. Ringger, D. Harmon, N. Hasse, B. Harmon, B. Thorgren, J. Uban, T. Miller. FIFTH ROW: D. Thiesen, J. Scott, G. Brown, D. Beach, K. Dowdell, M. Dust, L. Ellis, E. Morris, R. Miller, Director. Not pictured: R. Saunders. Debbie Braithwaite, majorette for the Marching Vikings, exhibits her tivirling style. PEP BAND— FIRST ROW: J. Scott, G. Brown, D. Beach, K. Dowdell. SECOND ROW: N. Tracy, S. Moser, R. Miller, J. Kashner. THIRD ROW: B. Ringger, D. Har- mon, G. Moorhead, S. Adgate. FOURTH ROW: T. Miller, J. Uban, D. Dauberman, G. Shewan. Millie Powell devotes hours of practice on the oboe to retain her seat in the band. 89 Linda Quintero found that the secre- tarial lab required intense concen- Shorthand tests require intense, tration. brain-wracking concentration. Learn Secrets of Business Success Tom Campbell and Craig Lawrence prove that females don’t hold a monopoly on secretarial interests. Varied business education courses offered at VHS prepare students for college as well as for future careers. Personal typing was useful to col- lege-bound students who are re- quired to type lengthy term papers. Shorthand was taken by perspective secretaries and by students wanting a faster note-taking method. The advanced typing course, which cen- tered efforts on speed and accuracy, interested mainly the career-bound person. Bookkeeping classes ex- plored the complicated business of accounting, while the business law course gave students knowledge of the difficult process of securing legal documents and contracts. In the salesmanship classes, students learned the rights and wrongs of delivering a sales pitch. Once again the intensive, two hour secretarial lab was offered to students defi- nitely planning a career in business. 90 Ginger Detlef and Linda Domke con- fer over a problem in bookkeeping Mr. Maitlen aids Nancy Cleveland class. with a bookkeeping exercise. Mr. Rohn explains the parts of the machine to a beginning typist. " Keep your eyes off the keys! " Mr. Rohn " spies " on his students from the back of the room. 91 Choir Performs for Public , Judges Under the direction of Mr. Ber- nard Butt, the VHS choir maintained a busy schedule this year, begin- ning with the October 21 Fall Con- cert. Then came the hectic Christ- mas season, with a rapid succes- sion of benefit performances and the December 10 Christmas Concert. On January 31, various members of the choir attended the Solo- En- semble Contest, and some of them qualified to go on to the February 21 State Solo-Ensemble Contest. The entire choir, including girls’ and boys’ glee clubs, took part in the High School Choir Cont est held on April 18. Highlighting the spring term were the Spring Concert and the annual seniors’ trip to Chicago to see a play. Even though the Carolers had their own full-hour class, they were con- sidered a part of the choir. Thus, they were kept busy all year with both choir and Caroler engagements. Choir members practice a number for the Fall Concert. CAROLERS— FRONT: D. Beach. FRONT ROW: D. Rgenfritz, M. Lampl, D. Maple, R. Stoner, J. Sommers, G. Daniels, K. Mundy, M. Felten, B. Lembke, A. Barber, C. Kotefka. BACK ROW: M. Fa- bing, L. Conover, J. Nuland, D. Skinner, N. Tracy, V. Gathmann, ■J. Mortimer, K. Knowlton, M. La- Brie, S. Soliday, S. Schafer, L. Clifford, D. Thiesen. GLEE CLUB— BOTTOM ROW: C. Miller, C. Brutnm, C. Richart, C. Hoback, G. Scheller, W. Reichctrd, D. Naillieux, G. Linton, B. Dom- mer, R. Lindberg, R. Ackerman, N. Jones, S. Cotterman, N. O’Brien, M. Keen, B. McDaniels. SECOND ROW: S. Milsom, A. Po- lite, M. Bretscher, K. Hunsberger, V. Smith, B. Thomas, M. Vaughn, L. Green, S. Vogel, S. Evert, C. Honchar, B. Whitman, S. Hutton, P. Guillaum, C. Woycik, R. Tom- linson, J. Koepke. THIRD ROW: S. Beach, P. Woods, B. Albers, E. Phipps, C. Hospers, P. Pope, C. Magers, D. Griffin, M. Tomczak, C. Ward, K. McChristian, N. Hous- ton, J. Vorwald, M. Fulton, K. Pullins, J. Berg. TOP ROW: S. Bowman, D. Lamrock, L. Cherry, E. Chapel, C. Cropper, S. Dravin- inkas, L. Ferguson, M. Tanke, B. Bello vary, W. Babcock, N. Suther- lin, R. Resteau, N. Banschbach, A. Izydorek, K. Steinbach, S. Bro- viak, L. Statts. 92 CHOIR--FAR LEFT ROW: D. llgen- fritz, M. Lam pi, D. Maple, R. Stoner, J. Somers, G. Daniels, K. Mimdy, M. Felten, B. Lembke, A. Barber, S. Bretscher, M. LaBrie, S. Soliday, N. Tracy, V. Gathmann, J. Mortimer, K. Knowlton, J. Nu- land, D. Skinner, D. Beach, C. Kotefka, S. Schafer, L. Conover, M. Fabing, L. Clifford, D. Thie- sen. CENTER LEFT ROW: G. Mortimer, S. Adgate, S. Lawrence, S. Bowman, N. Lange, D. Nowlin, K. Anderson, N. Dean, N. Parker, T. Shanahan, C. Vickers, C. Ander- son, D, Gilbert, E. Chapel, S. Davis, N. Trapp C. Aszman, D. Gast, S. Roberts, B. Butt, Director. CENTER ROW RIGHT: J. Proffit, L. Henning, L. Kneifel, M. Reinhold, C. Newcomb, D. Harvey, H. Tar- now, J. Thompson, T. Woods, R. White, A. McChristian, D. Follis, M. Keen, R. Maxey, R. Miskimins, J. Ohler, G. Rose, A. McCord, J. Babcock, V. -Johnson. FAR RIGHT ROW: L. Pion, K. Rogers, M. Hol- land, P. Girton, J. Harvil, D. Ray, J. Noonan, D. Brobeck, P. Oliver, D. Peterson, P. Guillaum, T. Fryer, F. Casey, L. Anderson, M. Pritchard, P. Carter, K. Murvihill, G. Shewan, L. Miller, B. Hart, E. Brock, K. Gehring. CHOIR CAROLER OFFICERS— BOTTOM ROW: D. Maple, Secre- tary-Treasurer of Carolers; A. McCord, Vice-President of Choir; D. Brobeck, Librarian. TOP ROW: D. Thiesen, President of Carolers; B. Lembke, President of Choir; K. Mimdy, Secretary -Treasurer of Choir. Sarah Roberts helps Trudi Fryer with her robe, minutes before the Christmas Concert. 93 Directions for Defensive Driving Some student drivers never even make it out of the teachers ' park- ing lot. “Death takes no holiday.” This maxim was stamped into the minds of the students in Mr. Stokes’ driver’s training classes. The “Sportsmanlike Driving” textbook instructed future drivers on sub- jects ranging from starting a car to changing a tire. Besides the discussions, films, and tests given in the classroom, students were “treated” to weekly driving sessions progressing in difficulty from lit- tle-traveled country roads to con- fusing city traffic. The psychologi- cal aspects of driving were also covered by discussions concerning the effects of alcohol on the driver’s judgment or the mental attitudes of different “types”of drivers. By the end of the semester the graduates of the driver’s training classes were, hopefully, prepared to pass the driving examinations given at the License Bureau. Ken McGuire takes the wheel. Another driver ' s training car ca- reens out of the lot. 94 Mr. Stokes captures the attention of his driver ' s training class . Each future motorist holds his breath as the driver executes a difficult parking maneuver. Mr. Stokes reminds Margie McGill of a cardinal ride of driving: " Watch where you ' re going! " A " rookie " driver contributes his portion to Valpo ' s pollution. 95 In the back of his room, Mr. Bird " imposes discipline " with a stick. Miss Shauer points out historical events leading to the Renaissance. Literary Achievements St ressed Donna Mohler made this model of a medieval castle for an English re- port. VHS’s English department pro- vides students with a broad literary and grammatical background. Sopho- more English students studied the techniques of world literature. They also were required to build on the basic grammar background provided in the junior highs. The juniors watched the development of Ameri- can literature and saw how different philosophies, such as Puritanism and existentialism, affected the growth of our country’s literature. Again, they reviewed the grammar rules and regulations. Senior litera- ture classes explored the trends in the literature of England, supple- menting the information gained from the textbooks and teachers’ lectures with oral reports, critiques, and book reports. English composition clas- ses prepared seniors for the great numbers of themes and term papers required by college professors. There were more students than ever taking the speech course this year. 96 Dorie Higer demonstrates the dif- ferent parts of bits and bridles to the speech class. Bob Steele ' s oral report on F. Scott Fitzgerald captivated the audience. ■John Webb wonders about coffee- houses in 17th and 18th century England. 97 Hand gestures often help in com- municating in other languages. Learning German in the administra- tion building is a challenge. Learn Speech of Other Nations Foreign language teachers this year tried to make their subjects interesting while in the classroom and implemented their effort with outside activities. Mrs. Bowman’s sophomore Latin students read from the works of Julius Caesar and com- pleted text book exercises, while advanced Latin pupils pursued the language at greater depths. Spanish students taught by Mr. Geiss wrote passages and gave speeches in that language, and followed the Spanish testbook closely. Besides allow- ing” his students to do the routine French homework, Mr. Geiss also took some of them to Chicago to view the French play, ‘‘Joyeux Noel.” Mr. Bezek and Mr. Ridenour shared the task of teaching German to VHS students. For the second con- secutive year, Mr. Bezek planned his European tour. This summer, he will escort a group of VHS’ers to West Germany and other European coun- tries for sightseeing and some Ger- man lessons. Dianne Graham ' s and Stephanie Hum- mel ' s French topic is clothing. Joe Kornblith holds up one of the basic materials used in scroll-mak- ing. 98 Cari White sell and Kathy Marak carry on a French conversation. A colorful pinata spills its contents to the Spanish class. Cindy Bedell and Dave Miller fold and tear the paper for their scrolls. Mr. Baez points out an error in Spanish grammar to Bill Cinkoski. 99 Students read health and safety pam- Linda Barkley finds the answer to phlets issued by the government . a health question in her book. Studying the Arts of Survival The " wooden skeleton " helped health and safety teachers demonstrate many principles to their students. To make the required health and safety courses more interesting for the students, Mr. Sweet and Mr. Ciciora employed a variety of vis- ual aids. Throughout the semester, the classes were allowed to delve into the big box of skeleton bones, gaze at parts of a dissected cow, and even try experiments them- selves, such as blowing smoke through a tissue to see how much “tar” it would strain. Mr. Sweet required that the traditional note- book be kept by the students for a foolproof means of studying for exams, and Mr. Ciciora asked his students to write a lengthy book report. The aspects of health cov- ered by the classes were problems of physical and mental health, and the effect of alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes on the body. Water safe- ty, about three weeks of automo- bile safety, and home safety were also covered. too Students gaze at the dummy to re- member the functions of the back- bone. Students keep detailed notebooks in Mr. Sweet ' s health and safety classes. Mr. Lantz, student teacher for Mr. Sweet, " takes over " a class. Mr. Steele demonstrates a hinge joint, using Tom O ' Neil as a model. 101 Michelle Thompson cuts the thread after slip -stitching a collar. Prepares Future Homemakers 102 The future homemakers of Val- paraiso High School pursued a vari- ety of subjects in 1970. Clothing, textiles, interior decorating, home furnishings, foods, nutrition, family and child care, and home nursing were offered to all interested stu- dents and taught by Mrs. Phipps. The foods classes always ate the meals they prepared, and often made special occasion lunches for the fac- ulty. Members of the clothing and textile classes put their stylish crea- tions to good use. During the Christ- mas season, some of the classes supplied extra cheer and good will for many people. One Home-Ec class gave a Christmas party for the folks at the County Home. The children at Vale Day School were delighted by a party sponsored by some students. Also, the children in the Pediatrics Ward at Porter Memorial Hospital received special gifts of sacks con- taining toys and other goodies col- lected by home economics students. Students labor over a special project. 103 Liz Howard leans close in order to thread a sewing machine. For some, sewing comes easily; for others, it takes hours of practice. Vocational Careers Begin Here Members of Mr. Gast’s pre-voca- tional metals class set up the cast- ings for foundry work . The industrial education courses helped students planning careers in carpentry, architecture, or in- dustry. Mr. Gast’s woods classes constructed items such as gun racks and candleholders, and one of the projects of his pre- vocation- al metals classes was to make nameplates for Mrs. Laube’s “jun- ior secretaries.” The machine drawing classes taught by Mr. Rhoda learned how to make work- ing drawings, assembly drawings, and exploded isometric drawings. Mr. Rhoda’s beginning architec- tural drawing classes studied the fundamentals of house construc- tion, while the advanced drawing classes designed houses and con- structed scale models of homes. Mr. Pollock’s vocational machine shop course, lasting for three class hours, taught students how to oper- ate the machines and gave them additional knowledge of shop math. Don Rowland constructs a " ducky " wall plaque. Larry Ling checks to see that every line of his drawing is proportionate. 104 Tom Franzen and George Green turn a project on a metal lathe. Steve Bond employs the circular saw for a prospective lamp or candle holder. 105 Library a Room for Books , Brains ■John Webb makes use of the li- brary ' s many helpful volumes. The library was closed to the students for the first few months of school this year. The remodel- ing work being done at VHS made it necessary to convert the li- brary into a temporary classroom. However, when it was again made available for hourly use, the stu- dents and teachers found that many more films, records, and books were available to help them with class activities. The student li- brarians were kept busy dusting bookshelves, putting books and magazines in their proper places, and checking out books for stu- dents. Mr. Gardin, librarian, and Mrs. Stokes, his secretary, shared such tasks as filling out catalogue cards and ordering new books and rental films. Perhaps the most difficult job was maintaining a quiet and orderly atmosphere in the library. 106 STUDENT LIBRARIANS- -FIRST ROW: J. Gorecki, C. Huber, P. Bright. SECOND ROW: J. Wolf, R. Conley, K. Mundy, D. Gorub, D. Hughes. THIRD ROW: S. Darnell, P. Clifford, R. Berrier, R. Res- teau, J. Appelo. 107 In sophomore geometry class, Greg Cooley waits for Mr. Ellis to call on Mike Stich plots a graph to demon- him. strate an equation to the class. Feeding Facts to Expanding Minds Phil Sachtleben explains a linear equation to his algebra class. Math instructors this year at- tempted to provide a broad math background and stimulate the in- terests of the students, while meet- ing college requirements. Sopho- more geometry classes studied the “basics” of geometry, including theorums and equations. Juniors took courses in advanced algebra, building on ninth grade algebra, in which they had learned “functions” and quadratic equations. Senior math students proved many the- orems which had been used in the less advanced classes. This year’s math teachers were Mr. Maiers, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Scott, Mrs. Po- korny, and Mrs. Theile. Under their direction and guidance, VHS math students were enabled to participate in the Invitational of Mathematics, held in May, in which they competed with other outstand- ing students from Northern Indiana. 108 Classmates raise questions about Students of Honors Math listens to Craig Steele’s geometry problem. Scott Schafer ' s answer to a problem. Carl Lewis " draws " a problem for his algebra class. ■Junior honors algebra class mem- bers evaluate Mr. Maiers ' ex- planations. 109 Even boys ' physical education classes must begin headstands with spotters. Sue Dittman and Mary Lou Tomczk act as spotters for a headstand attempt. Phys. Ed. Builds Minds and Muscles Miss McGum’ s and Mr. Sweet’s physical education classes offered girls and boys a chance to stretch their muscles after hours of sit- ting at their desks. Students also developed coordination, sports- manship, and team spirit during their year of gym. In warm weather, the classes were held outside, with students participating in such sports as soccer, field hockey, softball, and track and field events. Throughout the winter the gym classes concentrated on indoor sports such as volleyball, basket- ball, tumbling, and gymnastics. Junior and senior girls planning a possible career in physical ed- ucation, or who simply enjoyed “P.E.,” aided Miss McGuin by being “refs” or spotters. The physical education classes were not all “fun and games,” however, as tests were given on such sub- jects as basketb all rules or hockey plays. Twelve boys in Mr. Sweet ' s gym class form a four-layer pyramid. 110 Mr. Sweet watches as John Fillwock " spots " an attempted back hand- spring. A he ad stand in girls’ P.E. gathers mixed reactions from spotters. Sophomore girls master the art of backward rolls. Many sophomores practiced hand- stands with the aid of a wall. ill Mr. Foglesong ' s diagram depicts the various types of waves . Mr. Rigg shows a mechanical device to his applied science class. Exploring Diverse Scientific Fields Precise measurements are an im- portant factor in chemistry ex- periments. The science department at VHS offers a variety of subjects for stu- dents interested in the field of sci- ence. The chemistry courses taught by Mr. Tsoutsouris and Mr. Vinson start students off with basic chemis- try knowledge and allow them to advance to a college level. Chemis- try I and II deals with a general in- troduction to matter, to methods of experimentation and inquiry, and to an understanding of why things be- have as they do. Chemistry III and IV deals mainly with laboratory ex- periments and with theoretical as- pects of chemistry. Chemistry IV is the most advanced class, on a pass- or-fail basis. Mr. Foglesong’s gen- eral and academic physics classes explored such subjects as electron- ics and atomic theory. The physical science course taught by Mr. Rigg was designed to give students basic knowledge of the many fields of sci- ence. 112 Third semester chemistry students lake a break in their studies. Three physics " pros " conduct an experiment dealing with the refrac- tion of light. In Chemistry l Bob Zandi performs a difficult experiment — melting ice. Dave Maas studies wave patterns in a ripple tank. 113 Students Get Involved With World Three new, one-semester social studies classes were inaugurated at VHS this year. They are: modern European history, taught by Mrs. Baumann: modern Asian history, by Mr. Reggie, and psychology, with Mr. Toming serving as instructor. The social problems class, under Mr. Toming’ s direction, was of- fered to honors social studies stu- dents for the second consecutive year. It consisted of the reading of significant paperback books, in- dependent study, and an attempt at meaningful classroom discussion. The world and U.S. history classes introduced students to the more basic aspects of history. The eco- nomic geography classes exposed students to the land features and economy of the world. Seniors in the one-semester civics and eco- nomics classes learned of govern- mental policies and money manage- ment. Debi Skinner adopts traditional Amish garb for her oral report in sociology. Butterfield speaks to members of his social problems class. Ed Mullin uses a chart to make a point about labor union development. Mr. Toming allows his social prob- lems classes to discuss their theories. 114 Psychology students listen intently to Mr. Toming ' s lecture. Mr. Stonier never knows what facts the last table retains. 115 As sophomores , juniors , and Seniors, we Formed the VHS student body. 1969-70 was a year to be Remembered... Getting lost in the new VHS; Being trampled in the halls; Finding Girlfriends and boyfriends ; Ducking under ladders; Piling ten people into a Volkswagen for a Caravan; Practicing for a skit; Painting every window in VHS For Senior Day; Wearing the latest styles; Crying At games and graduations; Decorating for dances and Prom; And just doing all the things That are done At VHS. ALBUM Seniors See Changing Elements SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS--C. Cos- dent; J. Hill, Vice-President; C. bon, Treasurer; J. Barkley, Presi- Gast, Secretary. All the changing elements at VHS brought seniors closer together in 1969-70. The first few weeks at school were spent sorting out the confusion caused by construction, getting used to new courses, re- ne wing old friendships, and sizing up the underclassmen. Seniors shared the mental anguish of decid- ing what to do with themselves after graduation: get a job, go to college, or get married. Together, they ac- complished all the traditional senior-year “jobs,” from ordering senior portraits to throwing the an- nual senior party. As graduation time rolled along, everyone pos- sessed feelings of excitement, nos- talgia, and a little bit of fear at leaving VHS’s security for a new environment. On graduation night, the class of ’70 shared that “senior feeling” for one last time. Mark Gerald Stephen Kathleen Gail Barth Ackerman Adams Adgate Ahlgrim Albers Anderson Jody Victoria Anderson Anderson Wayne Anderson Paul Annen Jeannette Appelo Charles Asher 118 Robert Jerry Gregory Abby Aytes Babcock Baggs Baker Cynthia Donald Baker Barber Brenda John Stephen Susan Barcus Barkley Bartholomew Bauer Dennis Jennifer Beach Bean Leonard Harold William Benham Bennett Bennett Jan Janis Roger Benton Bergstrom Berrier M ar k Bryan Susan Donna Cheryl Beutler Bieker Black Bochnicka Boling Sandra Boyce 11 We Were Leaders Together Linda Deborah Paul Sarah Peggy Elaine Brady Braithwaite Bretscher Bretscher Bright Brock Gregory Michael Carla Mary Francis Thomas Brown Brown Brumm Brunson Buchheit Buck Sharon Sue Thomas Steven Richard Barbara Buelow Burns Burton Butterfield Byers Calderazzo Rebecca Patricia Sarah Cheri Carol William Carino Carlin Carlson Carpenter Casbon Cinkoske 20 Vernon Clark Dean Clendenin Nancy Cleveland Linda Clifford Pamela Richard Clifford Clifford Jan Costas Susan Costello Robert Cox Edward Daily Donald Susan Daines Darnell 121 Judith Doelling Lynda Domke George Dommermuth Charles Dost Kenneth Dowdell Susan Du Fall o THIS TEfjRiTftRY " fti ' i ' i ' Wire FORMS OF LIFE BEUARE: TRAVEL AT TOUT lOUN RISK- FPiRfT IS ON THE MO Jeanne Durand Jonathan Dust 1970: We’ll Never Forget It David Dauberman Deborah Dibkey Gail Dipert Ginger Detlef Susanne Dittman Roger Deuring George Dodrill Kim Dean Jan DeMass Douglas Diane Dick Dickey Kenneth Denby James Judith Deborah Daniel Elaine Sharon Eason Eaton Edwards Eggerding Eldridge Elliott Michael Feiten Linda Ferguson Valerie Fidnarik John Fillwock Richard Flynn Mallory Forbes Mark Forszt Thomas Franzen Charles Freeland Pamela Freeman Paulette Freeman Wyn Froberg 123 Joseph Nina Lee Tamsen Deborah Thomas Ellis England Evans Farrell Fasel Feldhaus It Was a Very Good Year Charles Larry Furman Gabbert Nancy Gillian Garbison Gardner William Cheryl Garner Gast Kristin Mark Gehring Good Lawrence Paul Gossman Grant Jaclyn Kenneth Linda Michael Katherine John Gray Grcich Green Gregory Grskovic Guild 124 Reginald Robert David Bonnie Kristine Barbara Gustafson Hannon Harmon Harper Harrington Hart Burton Candice John Sandra Marilyn Pennie Harter Harvil Hawkins Henderson Henry Hermann Aii Marcia Holland Christine Huber 125 Dorothy Higer Peregrine Hollett Mary Hill Rolland Hill Julie Howard Stephen Hoard Barbara Hubbard Marvin Holmgren Martin Hillila Carol Hoyt Senior Memories Are the Best Deborah Dean Thomas Victoria Lynn Nadine Ilgenfritz Johnson Johnson Johnson Kaminski Kassanits Linda Linda Sandra Kazlauski Keefe Kibble Mark Knauff Harold Knight Kathryn Knowlton Mark Marc Constance William Barbara Stephen Koday Kornblith Kotefka Kotys Krekeler Kretzmann John Tom John Michael Diane Teri Kruger Krysa Kueck LaBrie Lambert Lambert Mary John Robert Eric Laube Laughery Laughery Learning Gregory John Marcia Karen Dale Bonnie Lowe Maas Maddock Mansfield Maple Maudlin 127 Twelve Years of Waiting... Cheryl Meece James Miller Marcia Miller Robert Miller Thomas C. Thomas W. Miller Miller Susan Milsom Stephan Mitz Donna Mohler Linda Moore Donna Moser Michael Moser Edward Mullin Karen Mundy Kathleen Stephan Sarah Christine Murvihill Murvihill McCasland McShane 128 Grant Richard Moorhead Morrison Kevin Naillieux Michael Neander William Nathan Charles Michael Nelson Newberry Newcomb Newman Robert Craig John Denise Nielsen Nightengale Niksch Norlington Marsha North James Nowlin John Ronald John Nuland O ' Brien O ' Keefe Peggy O ' Neil Nancy David Parker Paschen Robert Janet Carlene David Pearl man Pedone Peterson Phillips Jeanne Victoria Phillips Pittman 129 Now All the Waiting Is Over Annette Rollo Robert Sherlynn Michael Margaret Polite Pool Prentiss Pritchard Prochno Proffitt Glenn Linda Colleen Linda Gerald Jill Pulianas Quintero Rader Rager Regan Reif Roberta Frederich Bruce Charles Keila Richard Resteau Richart Ringger Robinson Robinson Robinson Karen Mildred Nancy Karen Nancy Jeffrey Roscoe Rosenbaum Rosscup Rubel Rush Salberg 130 Schroeder Scott Sells Sexton Karen Janet Edward Deborah Anita Benjamin Shanahan Shauer Shewan Skinner Smith Smith JoEllen Vincent David Gene Linda Donna Somers Sommers Spitler Stanton Starkey Stevenson 131 The World Is Waiting for Us Nancy Deborah Ronald Debra Sutherlin Sutton Swinford Tanck Richard Donald Douglas Michael Robert Teresa Taylor Thebo Thiesen Thomas Thorgren Thorpe David Mary Neal Cynthia Gregory Richard Tilton Tomczak Tracy Tuesburg Turpin Underwood 132 Diane Ungurait Eugene Vocke Michael Wade John Mark Washier Watts John Webb 1 Terrence Carl Barbara James Dean Debra Weideman Weis Wellner White Wiesjahn Wilgus Robert Williams Gail Williamson Mark Winerman Lee Witters Kit Womacks Jeffrey Woods Michael Woods Joan Zorick IN ME MORI AM ROBERT BAKER NOT PICTURED Warren Avaritt Karen Bentley Nanci Ellis John Hart John Hughes David Kukura Kathryn McChristian James Naillieux Tom Porch Richard Rugg Robert Saiter Michael Shearhod Rebecca Vickers Susan Woodard 133 Juniors Prepare for Leadership ■JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS— FRONT ROW: M. Frey, Vice-President; S. Kotefka, Treasurer; J. Butterfield, President. BACK: D. Gast, Secre- tary. During this eventful year, the members of the class of 1971 began thinking of future plans. The juniors labored over such exams as the PSAT and National Merit tests, which prepared them for the all-important college entrance examinations. They became active in VHS’s various clubs, and many juniors were even elected to offices in the organiza- tions. The National Honor Society announced its junior members in December. The juniors also held the responsibility of providing themes, decorations, entertainment, and refreshments for the various dances of the year, including the “in” affair of the year, the Prom. The junior class officers, students, and sponsors supervised the grand event, which was planned for months ahead of the “fateful” day in May. This busy year left the juniors well-prepared for their “reign” in 1971. Carol Anderson Dean Anderson Helen Anderson Kristen Atulerson Linda Anderson Patricia Annen Willemina Appelo Richard Armalavage Allen Arnold Sari Asher David Ashton Cathy Asznian Mark Babcock Elizabeth Bailey Irwin Bain Gail Baker Ann Barber Andrew Barber Nancy Barber Joyce Barker Linda Barkley Peggy Barnes Thomas Barnes Becky Beach JUNIORS Susann Beach Patricia Beattie James Belaschky J anise Beldon Barbara Bellovary David Bender Michael Benham Robin Bennet t Jeanne Berg Lynn Bemdt Jerry Berry Gina Bertig Amy Bibler Martin Binder Diane Bochnicka Richard Bond Constance Bowman Sandra Bowman Deborah Brobeck Beverly Brobst Robert Brown John Brunicon Leslie Bryan Stanley Bucher Gregory Buck Barbara Burey Patricia Burge Danny Butterfield Jeffrey Butterfield Richard Cagen Thomas Cain Marian Campbell Thomas Campbell Guy Campolattara Barbara Caprous Richard Carey James Carter Jesse Casbon Frank Casey Sharon Chambers Elizabeth Chapel Cedric Clark John Clark Carl Clouse Brenda Coin Richard Conklin Jack Cornett Joan Curran 131 JUNIORS Anthony Dairy m pie Garry Daly Thomas Daly Sandra Davis Don Deal ■Jon Deal Nancy Dean Haven Deck John Delmerico Cindy DeMass Debra DeMeo Kathleen Dennis Vickie Dinwoodie Leanna Divert John Dobbins Harold Dodd Carol Dodrill Lawrence Domke Barbara Do turner Theodore Dougherty Thomas Driver Walter Dunivan Mary Dust Laurie Eason Gene Eaton Philip Eggerding Paul Ehlers James Eichelberger John Espie Karen Evers Marc Fabing William Fairchok Karen Fait Michael Fond l William Fessler Dennis Follis Catherine Freeman Michael Frey Gene Frogge Trudi Fryer Wayne Gaedtke Steven Garcia Donna Gast Thomas Gesse Pamela Gilliam Margaret Girton David Glass Bruce Glass er 136 JUNIORS Dermis Glover Dorothy Golando Carol Gott George Green Deborah Griffin John Griffin Rebecca Griffin Thomas Griffiths Dennis Grundell Patti Guillaum Leonard Guzek Bonita Hahn Patricia Hammond Diane Harden Brian Harmon Charles Hart Danny Hart William Hart John Harvil Nicolette Hasse Roxarme Hassel Cinda Hayes Charles J. Heckman Linda Helton Larry Henning Dawn Hensel Jack Hildreth Kathy Hopkins Elizabeth Howard Gregory Howard John Hoyt Timothy Huber Douglas Hughes Katherine Hunsberger John Irvin Vicki Is ley Guy Edward Jankowski Nancy Jared Arleigh Johnsen JUNIORS Susanna Kussrow Diane Lain Bruce Lansdowne David Lanyi Craig Lawrence Shirley Laivrence Ronald Leffler Donetta LeMay Dennis Lembke Catherine LePell Carol Lightcap Geraldine Linton Judith Linton Arthur Lippman Patricia Longnecker Michael Lowe John Lowenstine Susan Ludington Cindy Magers Bruce Magyar Steven Malasto Pat Mann Kathy Jean Marak James Mark Jacqueline Johnson Barbara Jones Bernard Jones Richard Jorgensen Karen Jurgenson Dean Kaiser Mark Keen James Keller William Kelley Dale Klemz Alice Knezevich Richard Koelmeyer Thomas Koselke Sharon Kotefka Charles Kretzmcmn Thomas Kruse JUNIORS ■Jan Alan Marquardt William Masters Victoria Maudlin Arthur McCord Margaret McGill Beth McGuire Colleen McNamara Jayma Meyer Audrey Meyerowitz Michael Milianta Bruce Miller Claudia Miller Dotma Miller Linda Miller Richard Miller Shirley Miller William Miller Robert Miskimins Marvin Monroe Steven Moore Allen Moreland Mary Morris George Mortimer John Mortimer i Steven Moser Patsy Mounce Cindy Myers Virginia Myers Richard Nagel Gary Naillieux Jeffrey Neeley ■Jan Peter Nelissen Bruce Nelson Nancy Newman Patricia Newsted Dana Nielsen John Noonan Vickie North Margie Norton Deborah Nowlin Dale Nowlin Patricia Odell Rutharm Oglesby Jonilyn Ohler Thomas O ' Keefe Paula Oliver Alexis Olson Karen O ' Neil 139 JUNIORS Thomas O ' Neil Janice Paschen Crystal Pavnica Jeff Pennington Dawn Peterson Dennis Pflughaupt William Philips Mary Phillips Susan Pickard Lewis Piechocki Lynise Pion Diane Platipodis Edward Poore Patricia Pope Mildred Powell Thomas Poweska Michael Pritchard Joseph Proffitt Gail Pulianas Fredrick Roger Helen Ramones Robert Ransom Denis Raschke Debra Ray Sandra Ray Daniel Redelman Patricia Reiner Mark Reinhold John Rhoda Denise Rhynard John Rice Keith Roberts Sarah Roberts Charles Robinson Kathleen Rogers Maritta Rogers Gayla Roscoe John Roscoe Gregory Rose Carol Rosenberg Charles Rough Susan Rubke Kathleen Rugg Philip Sachtleben Clifford Sacks Michael Sallac James Saltsman William Salyer 140 JUNIORS Russell Saunders Lily Schaefer Paul Scheller William Schnure Dean Schroeder LuAnn Scott Charles Seurgeant ■James Sefton Larry Sepanski Teresa Shanahan Barbara Shefchik Russell Sherrick Gene Shinabarger Debra Shook Robert Siddall Mark Siebert Melissa Skinner David Smith Debra Smith Richard Smith Robert Scott Smith Vicki Smith Pamela Soliday Sandra Soliday Ray Spencer ■John Springsteen Linda Stalbaum Susan Staley Kathleen Steder David Steele Robert Steele Michael Stick Charles Stinchfield Phillip Stoerck Robert Stoner Charles Strietelmeier Dawn Strikwarda Lyle Taber Mary Tanke JUNIORS Jack Thompson Gayle Thome Kathy Thorpe Barbara Toth Barbara Trageser Nancy Trapp Rebecca Trapp Jeffrey Trost Jane Tucker Marilou Turner Kyle Tverdik James Uban Sandra Urbahns Thomas Urbahns Anna Van Alphen William Van Senus Melissa Vaughn Catherine Vickers Steena Walker Paul Wampler Charles Watson Krisanne Watt Patricia Weidman Debra Weiss Glen Whitcomb James Whitcomb Karen Whitcomb Susan White Barbara Whitman Deborah Wickersham Gwen Williams Sally Williamson Donald Witmer Daniel Wood Carol Woods Toddy Woods Steven Zabriski Robert Zandi Robert Zentz Kathleen Ziliak NOT PICTURED Patricia Ehlers Cheryl Ethridge Bruce Evers Elizabeth Fiedler William Z. Gaston Allan Long Barbara McDaniels Dean Phillips Robert Welch Shelley Welch 142 Sophomores Adapt to Confusion For the sophomores, the 1969-70 school year became even more of a “puzzle” because of the tumultu- ous state of the school due to con- struction work. However, after the first few delirious weeks, the varied “pieces” of the class of ’72 began to fit together to form a solid foundation for their three years at VHS. Led by the four class officers, the sophomores plunged into routine school activities. They attended the first meetings of many VHS clubs and then decided which ones they wanted to join. In the middle of the year, the “sophs” were finally allowed their first important job: the choosing of the 1971 class rings. Again, Mrs. Cezus, guidance counselor, had the class officers present a skit to the sophomore English classes to further acquaint them with the many “faces” of VHS. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS — Secretary; S. LaCount, Vice-Presi- B. Gray, Treasurer; C. Adams, dent; J. Doane, President. Robin Ackerman Charlene Adams Susan Affeld Bette Albers ■Jyl Ann Allen ■Jay Anderson Rebecca Anderson Stephen Annen Robert Ashbaugh Donald Autenrieth Marilyn Babcock Wendy Babcock Lon Scott Baczkowski Rebecca Bair Gary Banks Nora Banschbach Paula Barbour Gary Bameko Ann Bartelmo Darlene Bator Jacquelin Bean Cynthia Bedell Frederick Belaschky Steven Bell 143 SOPHOMORES Debra Bennett Sally Benton Roger Berrier Ross Bicknese Cheryl Bilen Diane Block Charles Bricker Linda Brodsky Shelley Broviak Teri Jo Brown Richard Bryant Garry Burch Robert Burkett Sharon Butterfield Carmine Calderazzo Ann Cannon Cheryl Carden Robert Carlen John Carpenter Bette Ruth Carpenter Denise Charpentier Patrick Casey Paulette Carter Albert Cherry Linda Cherry Linda Christy Donald Clark Elizabeth Clarke Lois Claussen Deborah Clifford 144 SOPHOMORES Carol Cobb Elizabeth Collins Wayne Cohen Joyce Coin Gregory Cooley Wendy Corsbie Shelley Cotterman Candace Cropper Patricia Daly James Daniels Jan Daniels Carry Dawson Dawn Delahanty Kevin DelMastro Marcia Dennis Brad Dibkey Cynthia Dick James Do one Kevin Dogan Timothy Domke Russell Dommermuth Dennis Downey Sylvia Dravininkas Mark Dugan James Dykes Robert Edgecomb Julie Egolf Marcella Ehlers Patricia Eigelsbach Charles Eldgridge Laurie Ellis Leigh Ellis Sheila Evert Michael Falls Mary Fannin Gregory Farrington Darrell Fasel James Feldhaus Jeffrey Fero John Festa Steven Ficken Catherine Fiedler Michael Finley Susan Fleak Marvin Flynn Gene Fox Mark Freeman Deborah Fritts 145 SOPHOMORES Ruth Frogge Mary Fulton Jan Marie Gagne a Larry Gamblin Ernest Garcia Cheryl Garmon Clyde Gast David Gast Stanley Gast Leslie Gee Karen Gesse Denise Giza Garry Glasshagel Annette Glickauf Louis Golando Elizabeth Good Charles Gordon William Gorub Diane Graham Barbara Gray Robert Gray Paid Greenwald Kathryn Gregory Steven Gregory Gary Haney Christine Hanrahan Robert Harkel Patricia Harrington Carol Harris Douglas Harvey Edwin Hawkins Paula Helton Debra Herren Susan Hicks Carol Higer Linda Higgins Pamela Hill Ronald Hill Gary Hills Robin Hiser Norman Hittinger Candace Hoback 146 147 ■Joan Kauffman Stanley Kazwell SOPHOMORES Brian Hoeppner Alan Holcomb Earl Hollett Eric Hollett Leann Holst Sue Ann Holst Cheryl Honchar Claiulia Hospiers Nancy Houston Debra Hovey Hilary Howard Gary Howell Theodore Hrycak William Huber Denise Hughes Stephanie Hummel ■John Husband Nicholas Husband Kimberly Husman Shelley Hutton Bruce Hyatte Regina Hyatte Sharon Hyatte Paul Irvine Amy Izydorek Michael Johns Nancy Jones Thomas Jurgenson Carl Kalinka ■James Kashner Daniel Keefe Marcia Keen Robert Kelley Lynn Kellogg SOPHOMORES Gregory Kent Kevin Kerlin Deborah Kerr Kenneth Kihlstrom Philip Kilmer Joyce King JoLynn Kneifel Judith Koepke Raymond Koeppen Rebecca Korby Daniel Kornblith Carleen Krieger Daniel Laack Jeffrey LaBrie Susanne LaCount Neal Lange Steven Longer Kevin Lansdowne Deborah Lauridsen Michael Laughery Jennifer Lawrence Carl Lewis Rhonda Lindberg Michael Linkimer James Louden Barbara Ludington Harry Luke Peggy Lumbardy John Mace Kerry Mad dock Janet Makovsky James Malasto Fredric Marsden Royce Martin Sandra Martin Michael Masters Randall Maxey Jeffrey Maynard Allen McChristian Nancy McEnterfer Kenneth McGuire Kevin McGuire Samuel McMeans Kevin McNamara Susan Meyer Garry Michaels David Miller Joel Miller John Miller Mark Miller Marta Miller Kim Elaine Moncel Paula Morphis Elizabeth Morris Stanley Moser Barbara Myers Deborah Naillieux Nils Nelissen Melissa Nelson Robert Nelson Yvonne Neuschafer Claudia Newell Joy Newell Pamela Niequist Marla Nightingale Elizabeth Norland Nancy O’Brien Joseph Oelling Lorene Olson Brian Pavicic Jane Phillips Elizabeth Phipps Jon Piomack James Polite Donald Prahl Mark Price Perry Price Vernon Proctor Robert Proffitt Kathy Pullins Robert Pullins SOPHOMORES Mary Purs ley ■John Pytynia ■James Query Dannie Ray Wendy Reichard Daniel Reynolds Kevin Rhynard Cathie Richart Iris Ridgway Michael Ripley Ricky Lee Roberts Christine Rosenbaum Donald Rowland Douglas Rowland Timothy Rue John Sandberg Vincent Savarese Mark Schafer Martin Schatz Gertrude Scheller Kimberly Schramm David Scott James Scott Barbara Shaffer ■John Sheffer Gregg Shewan William Shideler Edwin Sieckman Gene Sk inkle Arthur Smith David Smith Jeffrey Smith Robert Smith Dean Soliday Linda Stoats Thomas Stalbaum Mari Stanton Larry Starkey Kenneth Stasierowski Diane Steck Craig Steele Kathryn Steinbach Gary Steindler Karen Stengel Andrea Stoner Marsonne Stroup Walter Suffern Herbert Tarnow 150 SOPHOMORES Bonnie Thomas Charles Thompson Michele Thompson Kendra Thorgren Roni Rae Tomlinson David Trapp Ronald Tuthill Donna Urschel Gregory Vesilica Linda Vitoux Bruce Vocke Sharon Vogel ■Joanne Vorwald Sherman Walker ■James Wampler Connie Ward Jeffrey Wasemann Rhonda Watson Sharon Watson Timothy Weimer Chris Weis Dorothy Welboum Charles Wellsand Darlene Whalls ■John Wheele Larry White Roberta White Kerry Whitesell Joseph Wienken Richard Wiggins Michael Will Debra Williams Joseph Williams Nina Williamson Paul Wilson ■Joan Wisner Larry Yazel Michael Zell Michael Ziliak NOT PICTURED Terrence Gannon Dan Grandfield Terrance Kearns Lambert Kneifel Jonni Woidke Pamela Woods Deborah Worch Cheryl Woycik Charles Wright ■Jerry Wright Paul Lucas ■Janet Spencer Tommy Stowe William Weselman 151 Spring activities Brought 1969-70 to an end. Sports: Golfers swing through the Season; playing baseball games In the sun; Running races and “Putting the shot” through a Windshield. Dances: Playing L’il Abner and Daisy Mae; couples dancing On warm spring nights. Prom: Weeks of planning and the Final night of excitement. Banquets: Recognizing VHS athletes and Announcing new staffs and Officers. Awards Night: Trophies and scholarships. Graduation: An end to Twelve long years . . . SUPPLEMENT 152 Sadie Hawkins , Dogpatch U.S.A. The night of March 20 brought rugged and ragged couples clad in cut-offs and straw hats to Boucher Gym at eight o ' clock for the annual GAA Sadie Hawkins Dance. Bare- foot and " be dogged " couples filed into a replica of Dogpatch, U.S.A. , which featured a general store and a real, lifesized outhouse. The couples had a choice between danc- ing to the tunes provided by the Den Mark Bus, a local band; snacking on pickles and cider at the general store; or standing impatiently in line before the outhouse and " Mar- ryin ' Sam Bird " to take advantage of the " two bit, four bit, and six bit weddin ' s. " The climax of the evening came when Carol Casbon, crowned " Daisy Mae, " and Ken Dowdell, crowned " LiT Abner, " were recognized for having the " best darn duds” at the dance. Gail Albers says " l do " as Steve Bar - tholoinew puts on her ring. Black-faced Carol Casbon and Ken Dowdell were " dressed best. " Trudi Fryer and Mike Sallac repeat wedding vows. 154 MARCH MADNESS in April? MARCH MADNESS ' theme, " any- thing goes, " came out in full color this year. With the help of Drama and Debate Club sponsors, Mrs. Grotrian and Mr. Bird, student di- rectors created a program that brought out individual interests. Student comedians, singers, danc- ers, actors, and musicians all join- ed together to bring an entertaining evening to the audience. The cast joined in singing " Anything Goes, " " Age of Aquarius, " and " We ' re Through, " to add unity to the pro- gram. The technical staff proved just as outstanding as the cast. Colorful spotlights, black lights, and strobe lights, along with varied props, created moods for each act. Props consisted of a " West Side Story " scene, an Alps view, a city in the evening, and an office scene. All in all, MARCH MADNESS proved as successful as years in the past. The Four Sophomores and a girls quartet provided music betu een acts. Soloists Lee Conover and Liz Chapel charmed the audience. To the tune of " Age of Aquarius, " the cast did their thing. 155 Debbie Braithwaite and Mark Winer - man dance to the beat of the band. Debbie Eduards, princess, is es- corted by Ron Swinford to her posi- tion. 156 Spring’s Barefoot in the Park ■J. Bean, K. Roscoe, M. Miller, A. Baker were the Spring Beauties, queen, D. Edwards, princess, and Rick Underwood crowns Marc i Mill- er as queen of the Spring Dance. Spring was definitely in the air on April 25 when the 1970 Spring Dance, created by the Girls ' Pep Club, was held. Park benches, colorful flowers, and an outdoor at- mosphere marked the theme of " barefoot in the park. " The Sounds of Sensation Exhibit provided the music for the dance. At 10:00 the coronation ceremonies for the Spring Beauty Queen and her court began. Escorted by members of the track team were Abby Baker, Jen- nifer Bean, Karen Roscoe, and Debbie Edwards, Spring Princess. The evening came to a climax when Marci Miller, the 1970 Spring Queen, was escorted to her beauti- fully decorated swing by track team captain Rick Underwood. At the dance ' s end, the couples walked in- to a night filled with spring air. Student Feats are Recognize id VALEDICTORIAN COMMERCIAL AWARD Nancy Parker Sheila Clifford VALPARAISO WOMAN’S CLUB, SALUTATORIAN DRAMA AWARD WORLD AFFAIRS TOUR Charles Strietelmeier Kristin Gehring Michael Lampl WELCOME WAGON SENIOR SCHOLARS ENGLISH AWARD V.alerie Fidnarik Gierald Adams Kristin Gehring BAUER LANGUAGE AWARD Charles Asher Audrey Meyerowitz, French Carol Casbon HOME ECONOMICS AWARD Richard Nagel, German Daniel Eggerding Colleen Rader Monica Bretscher, Latin Cheryl Gast Susan Pickard, Spanish Stephen Kretzmann LIBRARY AWARD BOY’S STATE Michael Neander Karen Mundy Jeffrey Neeley (American Legion) Colleen Rader Thomas Daly (Elk’s Club) Karen Roscoe MATHEMATICS AWARD Robert Steele (Kiwanis Club) Karen Rubel George Mortimer Andrew Barber (Rotary Club) NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY GIRL’S STATE Martin Hillila HONORARY Ginger Myers (American Legion) Gina Bertig (Kiwanis Club) Roy Ellis Brown Gail Pulianas (Tri Kappa) NATIONAL MERIT FINALISTS SCIENCE AWARD Nancy Rosscup Gerald Adams Kristin Gehring Martin Hillila James Looman Scott Schafer AMERICAN LEGION SCHOOL PERFECT ATTENDANCE STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS AWARD Janet Pedone Charles Strietelmeier, President Richard Clifford Richard Rugg (7 years) Gail Albers (4 years) Ruth Woidke, Vice-President DAR CITIZENSHIP AWARD Mallory Forbes (4 years) Robert Lindholm (4 years) STUDENT COUNCIL AWARDS Cheryl Gast Marcia Maddock (3 years) Kristin Gehring, Senior DELTA THETA TAU SCHOLAR- Cheryl Meece (3 years) Robert Zentz, Junior SHIP Kevin Dogan, Sophomore Donald Barber STUDENT COUNCIL SPEC LA L K1WANIS CLUB AWARD PLAQUE John Dobbins (Police Camp) Charles Asher ATHLETIC AWARDS LIONS CLUB SCHOLARSHIP Vincent Sommers Lee Evans, Baseball ROTARY CLUB SCHOLARSHIPS Rolland Hill, Basketball Michael Neander James Looman, Cross Country Brian Bieker (Vocational) Steven Butterfield, Football Kim Dean, Golf TRI KAPPA SCHOLARSHIPS Paul Bretscher, Swimming Mallory Forbes John Kruger, Tennis Deborah Stipp (Vocational) Richard Underwood, Track Dennis Schoenfelt, Wrestling 157 Pep Club president Jackie Gray re- ceives the traditional scrapbook . Pep Club board members converse on their election. April May are Banquet Months Throughout April and May, VHS held banquets for the school ' s sports and organizations. The dinners were attended by athletes and club mem- bers to acknowledge the year ' s a- chievements and to honor individual endeavors. In April, the Valenian and Valpos t staffs held their jour- nalism dinner where newly assigned staff positions were announced. In May, the V-Teens Mother -Daughter Banquet and Pep Club dinner were held. Officers for 1970-71 were an- nounced and a scrapbook was pre- sented to each outgoing president. New officers were announced and individual honors were presented at the GAA picnic. To climax the end of the banquet season, the Spring Sports Banquet was held on May 27. Here the feats of the VHS baseball, track, and golf teams were recog- nized. Although not a banquet, A- wards Night was held on June 5 to give the past year ' s students scho- lastic awards and scholarships. 158 The new band officers for next year ' s musical bawl are, FIRST ROW: N. McEnterfer, L. Dipert, M. Morris, J. Uban; SECOND ROW: J.Roscoe, R. Miller, president, C. Krieger , P. Niequist, D. Nowlin. Barb Conk ling touched all concerned when she gave her farewell speech. The new GAA officers slide into a new athletic -filled season of 1970- 71. A highlight of the Valenian-Valpost Brown with an award for 12 years of Banquet-Debi Skinner presented Mr . faithful service. ■Janice Paschen receives a rose sig- nifying her election as GAA presi- dent. 159 Our faithful group of Juniors succeed again! Up, up, up over the rainbow go Bob Ransom, Tom Kruse, and BobZandi. Rainbow of Memories at Prom Alice Knezevich arranges her garden of corn. lbO Arleigh Johnson tapes up a piece of black crepe in the cyclone. Putting paper together for the sides was one helper, Gwen Williams. After many hours of planning and energy, juniors transformed the gym into the fantasy world of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” On the night of May 22, 125 couples entered through a stormy cyclone and followed the yellow brick road towards the colorful balloon, glow- ing in radiance, in the center of the gym. The skyline was ablaze with a rainbow symbolizing the dreams and goals of the VHS Junior Class. The stage was the entrance to the magnificant Emerald City, which was surrounded by an en- chanting field of poppies. Next to the stage was Dorothy’s house, where punch and cookies were served. A- long the sides were seven different scenes depicting the tin man, lion, scarecrow, and Munchkin Village. The music was provided by the Johnny Nowlan Orchestra. Sopho- more helpers were dressed as “Oz” characters. Undoubtedly, the prom left an imprint on those who walked down the yellow brick road to enjoy an evening of dreams. The evil job of the witch ' s castle fell Janice Pas c hen inspects a cow before on Larry Donike and Becky Trapp. placing it in the entrance. 161 B. Gray, J. Phillips, J. Koepke, C. Woycik, R. Tomlinson- -the " Oz " helpers. At 11:00 class officers escorted their Someday, somewhere, maybe I ' ll be dates in the traditional Grand March. down there. Jody Anderson and Steve Moore re- call their memorable evening. Couples end an evening of fun and re- collections with the Grand March. 162 Sue Beckman and -Jan Marquardt are caught in a mood of from jubilee. Hugging each other in pure glee are Sharon Elliot and John Dihenis. Among those enjoying the evening were George Dodrill and Candy Har- vil. Leading their first pro n were Jeff Butterfield and his date Gail Pul- ianas . Shirley Miller and John Peterson wonder where the water is. Jack Barkley escorted his date in starting the Grand March. 163 Cindermen Dash toward Victory Dashing, running, and jumping, the 59 cindermen of the 1970 track team compiled a winning season under the guidance of Coach Edquist and assistant Coach Stokes. Both Varsity and Junior Varsity pro- duced outstanding track results. A consistent first place winner was the mile relay team composed of Bob Laughery, Rick Miller, Fred Rager, and Rick Underwood. Other first placers were Mike Brown, high jump, and Chuck Wellsand, low hurdles. These team members were eligible to compete in the regionals. This year, for the first time, the Duneland Conference was held at Valparaiso. The Vikings, lacking only nine points, took sec- ond place to Hobart’s first. At the Valpo relays, the J.V.’s got first places with Jim Doane — high hur- dles, Craig Steele — long jump, and with the mile relay team consist- ing of Rob Harkel, Dave Miller, Mike Ripley, and Craig Steele. All agree that the track team had an- other outstanding season. Concentration crosses Mike Wade ' s face before the gun goes off. 164 VARSITY TRACK --FIRST ROW: S. Kazwell, J. Noonan, F. Casey, B. Laughery, R. Casbon, J. Hildreth, ■J. Salts ‘nan. SECOND ROW: P. Wampler, W. Hart, G. Stanton, C. Pool, B. Harmon, M. Moser, J. Trost. THIRD ROW: Mr. Stokes, coach, J. Looman, S. Moser, B. Lansdowne, J. Mortimer, R. Miller, Kevin Naillieux exchanges a word with his opponent before pole vaulting. R. Swinford, Mr. Edquist, coach. FOURTH ROW: L. Henning, M. Sie- bert, M. Knauff, F. Rager, D. Niel- sen, A. Dairy mple, C. Furman, M. Fandl, B. Miller. FIFTH ROW: P. Sachtleban, R. Underwood, M. Brown, W. Philips, J . Roscoe, T. O’Neill, B. Zandi, K. Naillieux, B. Miller. Rick Underwood, team captain, comes running in clear for first place. Craig Steele arui Jeff Trost put the heat on to finish the race. Up, up and over again goes a Valpo Viking. " Putting the shot " is one strong Mike Finley. 165 VARSITY TRACK Dual Meets 42 2 3 Michigan City 75 1 3 64 1 2 Bishop Noll 53 1 2 59 Lew Wallace 59 54 1 2 LaPorte 63 1 2 Tri- Meets Munster Indoor Relays — VHS 3rd Valpo Relays — VHS 3rd Duneland Conference — VHS 2nd Hammond Relays — VHS 7th Hammond Clark Relays— VHS 4th LaPorte Invitational — VHS 6th Sectional— Mike Brown, Chuck Wellsand qualified for Regionals JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK VHS 59 Michigan City OPP. 58 52 Bishop Noll 66 86 Lew Wallace 22 69 LaPorte 69 70 Boone Grove 48 Valpo Relays — VHS 3rd Casey, Mr. Edquist, coach, B. Lansdowne . THIRD ROW: M. Sie- bert, D. Nielsen, A. Dai ry mple, G. Howell, M. Findley. FOURTH ROW: D. Miller, B. Miller, D. Keefe, T. O ' Neill, J. Doane, W. Philips, P. Sachtleben. ■J. V. TRACK --FIRST ROW: S. Kaz- well, R. Casbon, P. Wampler, B. Miller, W. Hart, F. Belaschky, J. Salts man. SECOND ROW: Mr. Stokes, coach, C. Eldridge, C. Steele, J . Mortimer, M. Ripley, F. VHS Golfers Swing into Action ■Jeff Smith plans his putt. Ed Daily concentrates , on his drive. 166 VARSITY GOLF— FIRST ROW: R. C. Kalinka. E. Daily, J. Eason, K. Roberts, K. Roberts. SECOND Dean. ROW: Mr. Cain, coach, J. Smith, For his third year. Coach Cain led his swinging golf team to a winning season. With three re- turning lettermen, Ed Daily, Kim Dean, and Ed Mullin, the Varsity team had a commendable season. This year, Valparaiso hosted the Duneland Conference, and won with a score of 331. The team made a fine showing in the four invitation- als at Rensselaer, Lake Hills, LaPorte, and Lafayette. They won the sectional with a score of 341. Although Valpo fought to win, re- gional were lost. The Varsity team came up with 7 wins, 8 losses, and 2 rain-outs. The J.V.’s won 1, lost 3, and had 1 rain- out in their 5 scheduled matches. Golfers walked off with several awards at this year’s Sports Ban- quet. Kim Dean received a trophy for most valuable player, while teammates received 4 trophies, 5 Varsity letters, and 5 J.V. letters in recognition of a job well done. JUNIOR VARSITY GOLF With a step and a twist, Kim Dean executes a perfect swing. Munster Crown Point Merrillville LaPorte Hobart WON rained out lost lost lost VARSITY GOLF Merrillville lost Ua Porte lost Portage WON Munster WON Rensselaer Invitational lost Hammond Morton WON Chesterton WON Lake Hills Invitational 5th Hobart lost Hammond Tech WON LaPorte Invitational tie for 7th Andrean WON Merrillville rained out Crown Point rained out LaFayette Invitational 3rd Sectionals WON Regionals lost GOLF TEAMS- -FIRST ROW: A. Barber, E. Mullin, R. Tuthill, J. Neeley, T. Domke. SECOND ROW: Mr. Cain, coach, R. Roberts, K. Roberts, J. Smith, C. Hart, C. Kalinka, E. Daily, J. Eason, K. Dean. FORE!!! 167 Baseball Players Hit and Run VARSITY BASEBALL-- FIRST ROW: D. Hart, B. Nelson, D. Hughes, M. Prochno, -J. Hill, M. Frey, L. Evans, J. Barkley, W. Garner, R Sherrick. SECOND ROW: R. Ran- som, S. Malasto, J. Rhocla, W. Schnure, R. Conklin, M. Watts, T. Krysa, T. Griffiths, G. Frogge, R. Stoner, R. Rhoda, coach. The five returning lettermen to the baseball diamond this year were Jack Barkley, Lee Evans, captain, Joe Hill, Mike Prochno, and Mark Watts. The team was coached by Coach Rhoda and as- sistant coach Pat Murphy. The 18 member ever-hitting team had a sensational season with 10 wins, 5 losses, and one tie game with Hobart. Valpo made a clean sweep of the sectionals defeating 3 teams and went on to regionals where they downed La Porte, but were de- feated by the Gary Wirt team. The promising Junior Varsity team ended the season with 6 wins and 4 losses. At the Sports banquet, all five returning lettermen re- ceived trophies. Mike Prochno was awarded the fielding award and the Tilton Award. Mark Watts re- ceived the batting award. Eleven Varsity letters and 7 minor awards were presented, and24J.V. letters were received by team players. The tension of sectionals is captured Jack Barkley squints to see the next in Mr. Rhode ' s face. play. 168 VARSITY BASEBALL VHS OPP. 1 E. C. Roosevelt 2 7 South Central 2 14 Whiting 6 2 South Bend St. Joseph 1 6 Munster 9 2 Hobart 2 Chesterton Tourney 1 Hobart 0 9 Chesterton 6 0 LaPorte 3 0 East Gary 12 3 Chesterton 2 Sectional 4 Wheeler 0 11 LaCrosse 4 2 Hobart 1 Regional 2 LaPorte 1 2 Gary Wirt 8 ■J. V. BASEBALL--FIRST ROW: M. Ziliak, J. Gee, E. Sieckman, D. Au- tenrieth, M. Zell, K. McGuire, B. Hoeppner, S. Moser, D. Clark, W. Cohen. SECOND ROW: J. Malasto, K. McGuire, J . Barkley, J . Miller. THIRD ROW: L. Starkey, D. Bray, J . Wiencken, J . Louden, M. Linki- wer, M. Will, G. Kent, R. Gray, P. Murphy, coach. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL VHS OPP. 4 Munster 2 6 Hammond Clark 3 15 Hobart 11 0 Merrillville 7 6 Lowell 9 5 East Gary 6 2 South Central 15 6 Chesterton 9 Exhaustion catches up with Coach Stillness exists before a baseball Murphy as the game closes. shatters the picture. 169 To begin ceremonies, seniors stand The green and white recession ended for the invocation. baccalaureate . The Final Gathering of Seniors Becky Carino is assisted by Mary Mr. G. Warren Phillips addresses Brunson in adjusting her robe. his last graduating class. ■Jan Benton admires her hard-earned cap. The 351 members of the 1970 graduating class began commence- ment activities on June 7 with bac- calaureate held at St. Paul’s Cath- olic Church. On June 10, the seniors marched down “memory” isle in Boucher Gym to the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance.” Rev- erand Paul Bretscher of Immanuel Lutheran Church began the evening with an invocation and closed it with a benediction. Superintendent of schools, G. Warren Phillips, gave his traditional “Charge to the Class,” and Mr. Johnson ad- dressed his first graduating class. Nancy Parker, this year’s vale- dictorian, spoke on education as communication, followed by recog- nition of Kristin Gehring as sal- utatorian. Senior class president, Jack Barkley, led the seniors in the tassel turning to signify the final moment — graduation. Each senior left Boucher Gym with twelve years of education, a diploma, and most of all, an aware- ness of challenges to come. 170 Introductions amt diplomas were giv- en by principal Mr. Johnson. Nancy Parker atul Kristin Gehring led the seniors as top scholars. Jack Barkley delivered a speech, and An overhead picture shows anxious also started the tassel turning. seniors " in waiting. " 171 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Mr. Garth Johnson — VHS Principal Mrs. Billie Stordeur — Secretary to Principal Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Dompke — Root Photographers Mr. Sam Buchanan — Pischel Pub- lishing Company Mr. Roy Ellis Brown — Valenian Advisor Vidette Messenger — pictures on pages 154 and 159 Mr. Clifford — Homecoming Court pictures on page 59 VHS Faculty VHS Student Body CORRECTIONS: Varsity Basketball Body Copy should be: 18 wins and 7 losses on page 64. Varsity Basketball Scoreboard on page 67 should be: last opponent is Michigan City. On page 82 in the lower left-hand corner, the caption should read: “Will Philips works to pin his Hanover Central opponent.” On page 83 in the upper left- hand corner, the caption should read: “The ref checks Steve Adgate’s pinning combination.” Ted Matern was inadvertently o- mitted from the Album Section under the Junior Class. Our sincere apology for mis- spelling Ben Smith’s name. To Mr. Brown: For putting up with missed deadlines, late copy, lost pictures, tom money, and all the unbelievable chaos of this year ; and for playing the roles of father, Commander-In-Chief, and friend to eight noisy juniors and eleven frustrated seniors, we who have known you, salute you. The type for the 1970 Valenian was set in Bodoni Bold Italic and IBM Serif by the Pischel Publishing Company, Marceline, Missouri. The Bodoni was set in 12 point for opening section and divider copy, 30 point for running heads, and 36 point for label heads. The IBM was set ip 10 point for body copy and 8 point (italic) for cap- tions. The pages were of 80-pound, white litho-enamel paper. The year of the mess. . .that’s what it was! We were all part of the “Elements of Change.” Un- ending construction, makeshift classes, ladders in hallways — these added to the total confusion of 1969-70. A new principal, a new dress code, a new auditorium — all elements of a “new” VHS. Within this mass of confusion the Valeni an staff produced a book re- flecting the feelings and ideas which were present throughout the year. All my thanks go to the editors — Barb, Gail, Kathy, Karen, Sue, and Carol — and to the senior and junior staffs, for working so closely with one another in producing the (we think) greatest book ever. Most of all I thank a man who has been a devoted advisor for 12 years. . . Mr. Brown. The school will never find another man willing to give so much time and knowledge to- wards the creation of a yearbook. All that is left is a feeling of satis faction knowing our yearbook is completed. I can now sit back and cherish the memories of this wonderful year. Debi Skinner Editor-in-Chief Connie Fritts was inadvertically omitted from the Senior album section. 172 Senior Directory Ackerman, Mark - Swimming 2: Band 2,3,4. Adams, Gerald - Science Club 3: Math Club 4: Chess Club 4: Golf 2,3,4. Adgate, Stephen - Wrestling 4: Band 4: All-State Band 4: Pep Band 4: Choir 4: Fenton, Mich- igan 2,3. Ahlgrim, Kathleen - Pep Club 2,3: V-Teens 2,3. Albers, Gail - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 3,4. Anderson, Barth - Pep Club 2.3: Hi-Y 3,4, Usher 4: Swim- ming 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4: Track 2. Anderson, Jody - Pep Club 2, 3,4; V-Teens 2,3,4, Secretary 4: Student Secretary 4: Student Nurse 3. Anderson, Victoria Anderson, Wayne Annen, Paul - Pep Club 3: Football 2,3: Baseball 2, Band 2,3. Appelo, Jeannette - Pep Club 4: V-Teens 2,3,4: Drama and Debate 3,4, Treasurer 4: Stu- dent Council 4: Student Li- brarian 2,3,4. Asher, Charles - Pep Club 2: Cross Country 2,3: Wrestling 3; Student Council 2,3,4, Pres- ident 4: Class Officer 2,3, President 2,3: National Honor Society 3,4: Inter-School Council 4, President. Avaritt, Warren Aytes, Robert - Hi-Y 2,3,4, Usher 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4: V. L C. A. 3,4, Sergeant-at- Arms 4: Football 2,4; Wres- tling 2: Baseball 2. Babcock, Jerry - Pep Club 2, 3: Choir 2,3,4. Baggs, Gregory Baker, Abby - Pep Club 2,3,4, Board 3, Vice-President 4: V-Teens 2,3,4: Gymnastics 2. Baker, Cynthia - V-Teens 3. Barber, Donald - Pep Club 3: V.l.C.A. 4: Intramurals 3,4: Track 2,3, Manager 3: Cross Country Manager 3,4. Barcus, Brenda Barkley, John - Hi-Y 2,3.4, Usher 4: Football 2,3,4: Bas- ketball 2: Intramurals 3,4: Baseball 2,3,4: Class Officer 4, President. Bartholomew, Stephen Bauer, Susan - Pep Club 3,4: V-Teens 2,3: Student Secre- tary 4. Beach, Dennis - Pep Club 2: Intramurals 2,4: Band 2,3,4, Property Man 4: Pep Band 2, 3,4: Carolers 4. Bean, Jennifer - Pep Club 2, 3,4: Valenian 3,4: Glee Club 2. Benham, Leonard Bennett, Harold - Intramurals 2.3.4. Bennett, William - V.I.C.A. 3, 4. Bentley, Karen Benton, Jan - Pep Club 3: V- Teens 2: Glee Club 2. Bergstrom, Janis - V-Teens 2: Choir 3: Glee Club 2. Berrier, Roger Beutler, Mark Bieker, Bryan - V.l.C.A. 4: Photography Club 4. Black, Susan - V-Teens 4. Bochnicka, Donna - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 4. Boling, Cheryl - Pep Club 2: V-Teens 4: Student Nurse 3. Boyce, Sandra Brady, Linda - Pep Club 2,3, 4: F.T.A. 3,4. Braithwaite, Deborah - Pep Club 3,4: V-Teens 3,4: Gym- nas tics 3: Student Council 4: National Honor Society 4: Val- post 4, Co-Editor-in-Chief. Bretscher, Paul - Swimming 2.3.4, Co-Captain 4: Choir 2. Bretscher, Sarah - Pep Club 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2,3,4, President 4: Drama and Debate 3: Gym- nastics 2,3: Student Council 4; National Honor Society 4: Choir 3,4: Glee Club 2: Carol- ers 4. Bright, Peggy - Pep Club 2,3: V-Teens 2,3: G.A.A. 2,3: Gym- nastics 3: Office Girl 4: Stu- dent Librarian 4. Brock, Elaine - Drama and Debate 4: Photography Club 4, Secretary 4: Choir 4: Glee Club 4. Brown, Gregory - Pep Club 2,3, Secretary 2, President 3: Student Council 3: Band 2,3,4: Pep Band 4. Brown, Michael - Hi-Y 4: Football 2,3,4: Intramurals 3, 4: Track 2,3,4. Brumm, Carla - Glee Club 2, 3,4: Guidance Librarian 4: Stu- dent Nurse 3,4. Brunson, Mary - V-Teens 2; Glee Club 2,3. Buchheit, Francis - Swimming 2: Baseball 2. Buck, Thomas Buelow, Sharon - Student Li- brarian 2. Burns, Sue - Pep Club 2,3,4, Board 4: V-Teens 2,3,4: G.A.A. 3: Valenian 4, Nar- rative Editor: Office Girl 4. Burton, Thomas Butterfield, Steven - Pep Club 2: Hi-Y 4: Football 2,3,4: Bas- ketball 2,3,4: Track 2,3,4: Stu- dent Council 2,3: King of Hearts. Byers, Richard - Tennis 2. Calderazzo, Barbara - Pep Club 2,3. Carino, Rebecca - Drama and Debate 3,4: Student Librarian 2.3. Carlin, Patricia - Pep Club 2, 4: V-Teens 2. Carlson, Sarah - Pep Club 2, 3: V-Teens 2: Drama and De- bate 4: Band 2,3,4: Student Nurse 3. Carpenter, Cheri - Pep Club 2 . Casbon, Carol - Pep Club 2, 3,4: V-Teens 2,3, Secretary 3: Student Council 4: Class Of- ficer, Treasurer 4: National Honor Society 3,4: Girls’ State Delegate 3: Valenian3,4, Photo Editor 4: Band 2,3,4. Cinkoske, William Clark, Vernon - Swimming Manager 3: Football Manager 3: National Honor Society 3,4: Chala Vista, California. Clendenin, Dean- V.LC.A. 3,4: Swimming 2,3,4: Baseball 2: Student Council 4. Cleveland, Nancy - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 2,3,4. Clifford, Linda - Pep Club 2,3, 4: V-Teens 2,3,4: G.A.A. 3: Drama and Debate 4: Gym- nastics 3: Cheerleader 2,3,4: Homecoming Queen; Choir 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Carolers 4. Clifford, Pamela - Valenian 4: Glee ' Club 2: Office Girl 3: Student Librarian 2,3,4. Clifford, Richard - Pep Club 3.4. Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 4: Hi-Y 3,4: Chess Club 4: Football 2,3,4: Basketball 2: Intramurals 3,4; Track 2,3; Student Council 4. Clifford, Sheila - Pep Club 2, 3,4: V-Teens 2,3,4. Coffey, Franklin - V.LC.A. 3.4. Cohen, Wendy - Pep Club 4: F.T.A. 4: Drama Debate 4: Butler, Pa. 2,3. Cole, Dianne Conkling, Barbara - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 2,3,4, Program Chairman 3, President 4: Stu- dent Council 2,3,4: N.H.S. 3,4: Homecoming Court 4: Band 2.3,4. Conley, Jerry - V.LC.A. 3: Football 2. Conover, Roberta - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 3,4: Gym- nastics 3: Cheerleader 2,3,4: Homecoming Court: Choir 3,4: Glee Club 2: Carolers 3,4. Cornman, Deborah - Pep Club 4: V-Teens 4. Costas, Jan - Pep Club 3: Stu- dent Secretary 4. Costello, Susan Cox, Robert - Pep Club 3: Swimming Manager 2,3: Intra- murals 3,4: Golf 3,4: Baseball 2: National Honor Society 4. Daily, Edward - Intramurals 4, Golf 2,4. Daines, Donald - Hi-Y 3: Bas- ketball 2: Wrestling 2,3. Darnell, Susan - Chess Club 4: Band 2,3,4: Student Librarian 2.3. Dauberman, David - Pep Club 2: Tennis 2,3: Band 2,3,4: Pep Band 2,3,4. Dean, Kim - Hi-Y 3: Basketball 2: Intramurals 3,4: Golf 2,3,4. DeMass, Jan - G.A.A. 4: Glee Club 2. Denby, Kenneth - Intramurals 4. Detlef, Ginger - Pep Club 2,3, 4: V-Teens 2: Student Council 2 . Deuring, Roger - Hi-Y 3,4: Swimming 2,3,4. Dibkey, Deborah - Pep Club 2,3: V-Teens 2,3. Dick, Douglas - Hi-Y 4: Foot- ball 2,3,4: Basketball 2: Intra- murals 3,4: Track 2.3. Dickey, Diane - Pep Club 4: Gary, Indiana 2,3. Dipert, Gail Dittman, Susanne - Pep Club 3.4. Dodrill, George - V.l.C.A. 3,4. Doelling, Judith - Pep Club 2: V-Teens 2. Domke, Lynda - Pep Club 2: V-Teens 2: Student Librarian 3. Dommermuth, George Dost, Charles Dowdell, Kenneth - Pep Club 2: National Honor Society 3,4: Boys’ State Delegate 3: Val- post 3,4, Feature Editor 3, Editorial Editor 4: Band 2,3,4: Pep Band 3,4. DuFallo, Susan Durand, Jeanne - Pep Club 2: V- Teens 2. Dust, Jonathan - Swimming 2, 3,4: Golf 3,4: Photography Club 4, President 4. Eason, James - Hi-Y 2,3,4, Usher 3,4: Football 2,3,4: In- tramurals 3,4: Wrestling 2: Track 2,3: Student Council 2,3. Eaton, Judith Edwards, Deborah - Pep Club 2,3,4: V- Teens 2,3,4. Eggerding, Daniel - Hi-Y 4: Football 2: Photography Club 4, Treasurer 4: Band 2. Eldridge, Elaine - Drama and Debate 2,3: National Honor Society 4: Valpost 2. Elliott, Sharon Ellis, Joseph - Pep Club 3: Hi-Y 3: Basketball 2,3,4: Track 2,3,4. Ellis, Nanci England, Nina - V-Teens 4: Student Secretary 4: Winters- ville, Ohio 2,3. Evans, Lee - Football 2,3,4: Wrestling 2,3,4: Baseball 2,3, 4. Farrell, Tamsen - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 2,3,4. Fasel, Deborah - Pep Club 2, 4; V-Teens 2,4: Student Nurse 2.3. Feldhaus, Thomas - Choir 2. Felten, Michael - Band 2,3,4: Choir 3: Carolers 4. Fidnarik, Valerie - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 3: Student Sec- retary 4; Student Librarian 2. Fillwock, John - Hi-Y 3,4: Cross Country 2,3,4: Intra- murals 3. Flynn, Richard - Cross Coun- try 2: Intramurals 2,3,4. Forbes, Mallory - V-Teens 2,3: F.T.A. 2,3; National Honor Society 4: Valenian 4: Office Girl 3,4. Forszt, Mark - Peru, Illinois 2.3. Franzen, Thomas Freeland, Charles - Hi-Y 3: Wrestling 2. Freeman, Pam - Pep Club 2, 3,4: V-Teens 2,3. Freeman, Paulette - Glee Club 4. Froberg, Wyn- Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 2: F.T.A. 2,4, Presi- dent 4: Drama and Debate 3,4: Student Council 4: Student Court 2; Government Club 3: Valpost 3,4; Band 2,3,4: All- State Band 4. Furman, Charles - Pep Club 2: Hi-Y 4: Cross Country 2,3, 4: Basketball 2: Intramurals 3,4: Track 2,3,4: Student Coun- cil 4. Garbison, Nancy - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 2. Gardner, Gillian - Pep Club 2: Drama and Debate 3,4: Glee Club 2. Garner, William - Intramurals 2,3,4: Baseball 3,4. Gast, Cheryl - Pep Club 2,4: V-Teens 2,3,4: Student Coun- cil 2,3,4: Class Officer 2,4, Treasurer 2, Secretary 4: Na- tional Honor Society 3,4, Pres- ident 3: Girls’ State Alternate 3: Homecoming Court. Gast, Raymond - V.I.C.A. 3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4. Gathmann, Victoria - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 3,4: Gym- nastics 2,3: Student Council 2,3,4: Class Officer, Secretary 2,3: National Honor Society 3, 4: Cheerleader 2,3,4: Home- coming Princess: Choir 3,4: Glee Club 2: Carolers 4. Gehring, Kristin - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 3,4: Student Council 2,4, Secretary 4: Na- tional Honor Society 3,4: Inter- Council Treasurer 4: Choir 4. Good, Mark - Intramurals 4. Gorecki, Carol - G.A.A. 2,3: Gymnastics 3: Student Librar- ian 4. Gorub, Deborah - Pep Club 4: V-Teens 2: Student Librarian 2,3,4. Gossman, Lawrence - Hi-Y 4: Intramurals 3,4. Grant, Paul - Pep Club 3,4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4: Hi-Y 2,3,4, Usher 4: Football 2,3: Intramurals 3,4: Wres- tling 2: Track 2,3: Student Council 4: Choir 2. Gray, Jaclyn - Pep Club 2,3,4, President 4: V-Teens 2,3: Drama and Debate 3: Student Council 4: Valenian 3,4. Gabbert, Larry Grcich, Kenneth Green, Linda Gregory, Michael Grskovic, Katherine - V- Teens 4: G.A.A. 3. Guild, John - Pep Club 2: Band 2,3. Gustafson, Reginald Hannon, Robert - Hi-Y 3,4: Cross Country 2,3,4: Wres- tling 2. Harmon, David - Photography Club 4: Band 2,3,4: Pep Band 3,4. Harper, Bonnie Harrington, Kristine - Pep Club 2. Hart, Barbara - Pep Club 3,4: Drama and Debate 4: Band 2,3, 4: Choir 4: Glee Club 3. Harter, Burton Harvil, Candice - Pep Club 2, 3,4: V-Teens 2,3,4: Glee Club 2: Student Nurse 3. Hawkins, John - Pep Club 2: Hi-Y 2,3: Wrestling 3: Track 2: Band 2,3,4. Hart, John Henderson, Sandra - Pep Club 4: Band 2,3,4. Henry, Marilyn - Pep Club 2, 3,4. Hermann, Pennie - Pep Club 2. Higer, Dorothy - V-Teens 2. Hill, Mary - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 2: Student Council 2: Student Nurse 3: Student Li- brarian 2. Hill, Rolland - Pep Club 3: Basketball 2,3,4: Track 2: Baseball 3,4: Student Council 3,4: Class Officer 3,4, Vice- President 3,4: National Honor Society 3,4: Boys’ State Dele- gate: King of Hearts Court: Valpost Assistant Sports Edi- tor 4. Hillila, Martin - Swimming 3,4: National Honor Society 4: Band 4. Hoard, Stephen - Pep Club 2,3; Tennis 2,3. Holland, Marcia - Glee Club 2: Choir 4. Hollett, Peregrine - Intra- murals 4. Holmgren, Marvin- Swimming 3,4: Photography Club 4: Choir 2 . Howard, Julie - Country Club Hills, Illinois 2,3. Hoyt, Carol - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 2,3,4: Valenian 4. Hubbard, Barbara - Pep Club 4: Gary, Indiana 2,3. Huber, Christine - Pep Club 3, 4: G.A.A. 3; Gymnastics 3: Student Librarian 4. Hughes, John Ilgenfritz, Deborah - Pep Club 4: Drama and Debate 4: Val- enian 4: Choir 4: Carolers 4: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 2.3. Johnson, Dean - Hi-Y 2,3,4; Tennis 2,3: Intramurals 3,4. Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Victoria - Drama and Debate 2,3: Glee Club 2,3; Choir 4. Kaminski, Lynn - Pep Club 2, 3,4: V-Teens 3,4. Kassanits, Nadine - Pep Club 3,4: V-Teens 3: G.A.A. 4; Gymnastics 3; Band 2,3. Kazlauski, Linda - Pep Club 2,3,4: G.A.A. 3: Student Nurse 4. Keefe, Linda - Pep Club 2,3,4; F.T.A. 2,3,4; National Honor Society 4; Glee Club 2. Kibble, Sandra - Office Girl 3.4. Knauff, Mark - Hi-Y 4: Cross Country 3: Basketball Man- ager 4: Intramural 3,4: Track 3,4: Boys’ State Delegate 3. 174 Knight, Harold - Golf 2: Photo- graphy Club 4. Knowlton, Kathryn - Pep Club 2,3,4: Valenlan 3,4, Copy Edi- tor 4: Choir 3,4; Glee Club 2: Carolers 4. Koday, Mark - Cross Country 3,4: Wrestling 2,3,4: Track 3: Student Council 2: National Honor Society Vice-President 4 . Kornblith, Marc Kotefka, Constance - Pep Club 3,4: V-Teens 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2.3.4, Vice-President 4; Drama and Debate 4: Choir 3, 4: Glee Club 2; Carolers 4. Kotys, William - V.I.C.A. 3,4, Secretary 4: Intramurals 2: Wrestling 2,4: Golf 3,4. Krekeler. Barbara - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 2,3,4; Student Council 4: National Honor So- ciety 3,4, Secretary 4: Home- coming Court: Valenian 4, Art Editor 4: Office Girl 3,4. Kretzmann, Stephen - Pep Club 2; Cross Country 2,3: Intra- murals 3; Track 2: Student Council 3; National Honor So- ciety 3,4; Valpost 3. Kruger, John - Tennis 2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4: Wrestling 2. Krysa, Tom - Football 2,3,4: Basketball 2,3,4: Track 2,3: King of Hearts Court. Kueck, John Kukura, David La Brie, Michael - Swimming 2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; Carolers 4. Lambert, Diane - Pep Club 2: V-Teens 2: Student Council 4, Treasurer 4: Glee Club 2: Student Nurse 4. Lambert, Teri - Pep Club 2. Lampl, Michael - Drama and Debate 2,3,4: Intramurals 2, 3,4: Choir 2,3,4; Carolers 2, 3.4. Lamrock, Dianna - Glee Club 4. Largura, Thomas - Football 3: Hi-Y 4. Laube, Marie - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 3; Glee Club 2. Laube, Mary - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 3; Glee Club 2. Laughery, John - Hi-Y 4, Usher 4: Football 2,3,4: Bas- ketball 2; Intramurals 3,4: Track 2,3. Laughery, Robert - Football 2,3,4: Basketball 2; Intra- murals 3,4: Track 2,3,4. Learning, Eric - Pep Club 2: Hi-Y 3,4, Usher 4: Swimming 2,3,4: Track 2: Student Coun- cil 4: King of Hearts Court. Leasure, Margaret - V-Teens 4: G.A.A. 3: Office Girl 4. Lembke, Lisbeth - Pep Club 2,3: V-Teens 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2, 3,4; Drama and Debate 3,4; Na- tional Honor Society 4: Choir 3.4, President 4: Glee Club 2: Carolers 4. Lindholm, Robert -V.LC.A. 4: Tennis 2: Intramurals 2: Golf 2.3.4, Ling, Lawrence - V.LC.A. 4. Lochmandy, Teri - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 2,3,4: F.T.A. 3,4: Drama and Debate 4: Na- tional Honor Society 4. Looman, James - Pep Club 2: Hi-Y 3,4, Usher 4, Chaplain4: Cross Country 2,3,4: Intra- murals 3,4: Track 2,3,4: Stu- dent Council 3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 3: National Honor Society 3.4, Treasurer 4: Inter-School Council 3,4. Lowe, Gregory Maas, John - Pep Club 3,4, Treasurer 3,4: Hi-Y 2,3,4: Football 2, Manager 2: Intra- murals 3,4: Baseball 2; Student Council 4. Maddock, Marcia - V-Teens 2; G.A.A. 2,3. Mansfield, Karen - Glee Club 2,3. Maple, Dale - Pep Club 2: V-Teens 2: Choir 3,4: Glee Club 2: Carolers 4, Secretary- Treasurer 4. Maudlin, Bonnie - Pep Club 2. Meece, Cheryl - Pep Club 2: V-Teens 2: G.A.A. 2,3. Miller, James - Hi-Y 2,3,4, Usher 3,4, Vice-President 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4: Foot- ball 2,3,4: Swimming 2: Track 2,3,4: Band 2. Miller, Marcia - Pep Club 2, 3,4: V-Teens 2: Office Girl 3: Student Secretary 4. Miller, Robert - Football 2. Miller, Thomas C. Miller, Thomas W. - Band 2, 3,4: All-State Band 4: Pep Band 3,4. Milsom, Susan - Glee Club 2, 3,4: Guidance Librarian 3. Mitz, Stephan Mohler, Donna - Pep Club 2, 3,4: V-Teens 2,3,4, Board 3, Program Chairman 4: F.T.A. 2: Drama and Debate 3,4: Band 2.3.4, Point Chairman 4. Moore, Linda - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 2.3: G.A.A. 3,4: Gym- nastics 2: National Honor So- ciety 4: Valenian 4. Moorhead, Grant - National Honor Society 4: Band 4: Pep Band 4: Northville, Michigan 2,3. Morrison, Richard - Gary, Indiana 2,3. Moser, Donna - Pep Club 2,3, 4: G.A.A. 3: F.T.A. 2,3,4, Vice-President 4: Drama and Debate 3,4: National Honor Society 4: Office Girl 2,3,4: Guidance Librarian 2,3. Moser, Michael - Hi-Y 4: Football 2,3,4: Intramurals 2, 3,4; Track 2,3,4. Mullin, Edward - Intramurals 3,4; Wrestling 2; Golf 3,4: Baseball 2. Mundy, Karen - Pep Club 2,3, 4; V-Teens 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2; Drama and Debate 2,3,4: Stu- dent Council 2,3,4; National Honor Society 4: Valpost 2,4, Feature Editor 4: Choir 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4: Glee Club 2: Carolers 4: Student Librarian 3,4. Murvihill, Kathleen - Pep Club 2,3: V-Teens 2: Choir 3,4: Glee Club 2: Guidance Librarian 3. Murvihill, Stephan McCasland, Sarah - G.A.A. 3, 4: Glee Club 2,3. McChristian, Kathryn - Glee Club 2,3: Student Nurse 2. McShane, Christine - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 3. Naillieux, James - V.LC.A. 3. Naillieux, Kevin - Pep Club 2: Hi-Y 3,4, Usher 4: Football 2,3,4: Intramurals 3,4: Track 2,3,4: Basketball 2. Neander, Michael - Chess Club 4: National Honor Society 4: Photography Club 4. Nelson, William - Tennis 2: Intramurals 2. Newberry, Nathan - Band 2. Newcomb, Charles - Pep Club 2: Drama and Debate 3: Swim- ming Manager 2: Intramurals 4; Golf 2,3,4: Choir 2,3,4. Newman, Michael - Hi-Y 2: Intramurals 2,3,4; Baseball 2. Nielsen, Robert - Hi-Y 2. Nightingale, Craig - Football 2,3,4: Wrestling 2,3: Track 2. Niksch, John - Football 2. Norlington, Denise - G.A.A. 2. North, Marsha Nowlin, James - Pep Club 2: Hi-Y 3: Intramurals 3,4. Nuland, John - Pep Club 2: Hi-Y 2: Choir 2,3,4: Carolers 2,3,4. O’Brien, Ronald - Football 2. O’Keefe, John - Crosscountry 4; Wrestling 2,3,4: Track 2,3. O’Neil, Peggy - G.A.A. 4: Glee Club 2. Parker, Nancy - Pep Club 2,3; V-Teens 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4: G.A.A. 2,3, Secretary 3; Student Council 3: National Honor Society 3,4; Girls’ State Delegate 3; Choir 4: Glee Club 2. Paschen, David - Intramurals 2.3.4, Pearl man, Robert - Cross Country 3: Intramurals 3,4: Wrestling 2: Track 2,3; Stu- dent Court 4. Pedone, Janet - Pep Club 2,3,4: F.T.A. 4. Peterson, Carlene Phillips, David - Football 2. Phillips, Jeanne - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 2,3,4: G.A.A. 3: Drama and Debate 4: Na- tional Honor Society 4. Pittman, Victoria - V-Teens 3,4; G.A.A. 4. Polite, Annette - Glee Club 2,3. Pool, Rollo - Pep Club 2: Hi-Y 3.4, Usher 4, President 4: Tennis 2,3: Intramurals 3,4: Track 2,3,4: Student Council 2,4: Class Officer 2, Vice- President. Porch, Tom - Band 4. Prentiss, Robert - V.LC.A. 4: Track 2. Pritchard, Sherlynn - Pep Club 2.3.4, Board 2; Student Li- brarian 3. Prochno, Michael - Hi-Y 4: Intramurals 3,4; Baseball 2,3, 4. Proffitt, Margaret - Pep Club 2: Student Nurse 3,4. Pulianas, Glenn - Pep Club 3: Hi-Y 4: Football 2,4: Basket- ball 2,3,4: Track 2,3: Student Council 4; National Honor So- ciety 3,4: Valpost 3,4, Sports Editor 4. Quintero, Linda - Glee Club 2. Rader, Colleen - Pep Club 2, 3,4: G.A.A. 3,4: F.T.A. 2,3,4; Student Council 4: National Honor Society 3,4: Student Nurse 4; Drama and Debate 4: Valpost 3,4, News Editor 4: Guidance Librarian 4. Rager, Linda - Pep Club 3; V-Teens 2; G.A.A. 3: Gym- nastics 3: Choir 3: Glee Club 2: Student Librarian 2; Student Secretary 4. Regan, Gerald Reif, Jill Resteau, Roberta - Band 2: Glee Club 3: Student Librarian 4. Richart, Frederick - Football 2 . Ringger, Bruce - Tennis 3: Intraniurals 3,4: Band 2,3,4: All-State Band 3,4: Pep Band 2.3.4. Robinson, Charles - Football 2,3,4: Wrestling 2: Track 3. Robinson, Keila - Pep Club 2,3: V-Teens 3,4: Student Council 3: National Honor Society 3,4. Robinson, Richard - Swimming 2. Roscoe, Karen - Pep Club3,4: V-Teens 4: G.A.A. 3: National Honor Society 4: Valenian 3,4, Business Editor 4. Rosenbaum, Mildred Rosscup, Nancy - Pep Club 2, 3: National Honor Society 4. Rubel, Karen - Fort Wayne, Indiana 2,3. Rugg, Richard - V.I.C.A. 4. Rush, Nancy Saiter, Robert Salberg, Jeffrey - Football 2: Basketball 2,3,4: Track 2: Golf 3,4: National Honor Society 3.4. Saunders, Edward - Tennis 2: Wrestling 2: Student Court 4: Valpost 4. Schafer, Scott - Pep Club 2,3: Drama and Debate 3,4: Intra- murals 2,3,4: Student Council 4: National Honor Society 4: Valpost 2,3,4, Co-Editor-in- Chief: Choir 2,3,4: Carolers 3,4. Schane, Michelle - Band 2,3. Schoenfelt, Dennis - Football 2,3,4: Intramurals 4: Wres- tling 2,3,4: Track 2,3. Schroeder, Timothy - V.I.C.A. 3,4: Intramurals 2. Scott, James - Pep Club 2: Hi-Y 2,3,4: Drama and Debate 3: Valpost 2,3,4, Circulation Manager 3, Business Manager 4: Band 2,3,4: Pep Band 4: Choir 3. Sells, Vaughn Sexton, Beverly Shanahan, Karen - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 2,3,4: Drama and Debate 3: Valenian 4: Choir 3: Glee Club 2: Office Girl 2: Student Nurse 2,3,4. Shauer, Janet - Pep Club 2,3,4, Board 4: V-Teens 2,3,4: Stu- dent Council 3: Class Officer 3, Treasurer: National Honor Society 3,4: Student Court 2. Shearhod, Michael Shewan, Edward - Pep Club 3: Band 2,3,4. Skinner, Deborah - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 2,3,4: Student Council 4: Valenian 3,4, Edi- tor-in-Chief 4: Choir 3,4: Glee Club 2: Carolers 4. Smith, Anita - F.T.A. 2. Smith, Benjamin Somers, Jo Ellen - Pep Club 3,4: V-Teens 2,3: G.A.A. 3,4: Choir 3,4: Carolers 4: Student Nurse 2. Sommers, Vincent - Hi-Y 3,4: Intramurals 2,3,4. Spitler, David - Pep Club 3: Golf 2: Band 2,3,4. Stanton, Eugene - Hi-Y 4: Football 2,3,4; Intra murals 4: Wrestling 2: Track 2,3,4: Stu- dent Council 2: King of Hearts Court. Starkey, Linda - Pep Club 2,3, 4, Treasurer 4: V-Teens 2,3: Valenian 4: Band 2,3: Office Girl 3: Student Secretary 4: Student Nurse 2,3. Stevenson, Donna - Pep Club 2. Stipp, Deborah - Pep Club 2,3, 4: V-Teens 2: Drama and De- bate 3: Valpost 2,3,4, Managing Editor 4: Student Librarian 2: Student Secretary 4. Stokes, Joanna - Pep Club 2,3, 4: V-Teens 2,3,4: Drama and Debate 4: Gymnastics 2,3: Cheerleading 2,3,4: Home- coming Court: Glee Club 2. Stordeur, Sue - G.A.A. 3: Drama and Debate 4: Office Girl 4. Strikwerda, Lynn - Glee Club 2,3. Sutherlin, Nancy Sutton, Deborah - Pep Club 2. Swinford, Ronald - Football 2,3,4: Wrestling 2; Track 2,3, 4: Student Council 2: King of Hearts Court. Tanck, Debra - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 2; Glee Club 2. Taylor, Richard - Pep Club 2: Hi-Y 4: Football 2: Basketball 2: Intramurals 3,4. Thebo, Donald Thiesen, Douglas - Drama and Debate 3: Tennis 2,3,4: Valpost 2,3,4, Photographer 3,4: Band 4: Choir 2,3,4: Carolers 2,3,4, President 4. Thomas, Michael - Hi-Y 4; Football 2: Intramurals 4. Thorgren, Robert - Hi-Y 4, Usher 4: Football 2: Intra- murals 2,4: Band 4: Prince of Hearts. Thorpe, Teresa - Pep Club 2. Tilton, David Tomczak, Mary - Pep Club 2: Student Librarian 4. Tracy, Neal - Band 2,3,4: Pep Band 3,4: Choir 2,3,4: Carol- ers 2,3,4. Tuesburg, Cynthia - Pep Club 2: Chess Club 4: Band 2,3,4: Student Librarian 3: Student Secretary 4. Turpin, Gregg - Swimming 2, 3,4. Underwood, Richard - Pep Club 3: Hl-Y 4, Usher 4: Foot- ball 2,3,4: Intramurals 3,4: Track 3,4: Student Council 2: Guidance Librarian 4. Ungurait, Diane - Michigan City, Indiana Vickers - Rebecca - Pep Club 3. Vocke, Eugene - Intramurals 2; Baseball 2. Wade, Michael - V.LC.A. 3,4, Treasurer 4: Football 2,3,4: Track 2,3,4: Intramurals 2,3, 4. Washier, John - Wrestling 2, 3,4; Track 2,3. Watts, Mark - Hi-Y 2,3,4, Ush- er 4: Football 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3: Intramurals 4: Baseball 2,3,4: Boys’ State Alternate. Webb, John - Hi-Y 2,3,4: Foot- ball 2,3,4: Wrestling 2,3,4: Track 2,3: Boys’ State Alter- nate. Weidman, Terrence - Intra- murals 3. Weis, Carl - Pep Club 2: Hi-Y 3,4: Swimming 2: Track 2. Wellner, Barbara - Drama and Debate 3. White, James - Choir 2,3,4. Wiesjahn, Dean - Hi-Y 4, Ush- er 4; Cross Country 2: Track 2: Choir 2. Wilgus, Debra - V-Teens 4. Williams, Robert Williamson, Gail - Pep Club 2,3,4: V-Teens 2,3,4: Student Council 3: Valenian 4, Layout Editor 4. Winerman, Mark - Football 2,3: Basketball 2: Intramurals 3,4: Track 2,3: Student Coun- cil 4. Witters, Lee - Tennis 2. Womacks, Kit - Pep Club 3,4: G.A.A. 3. Woodard, Susan Woods, Jeffrey - V.I.C.A. 3,4. Woods, Michael - Football 2, 3: Track 2. Zorick, Joan V 176 In dex Ackerman, Mark - 118 Ackerman, Robin - 47,92.143 Adams. Charlene - 47,88,143 Adams, Gerald - 55,118 Adgate, Stephen - 82.89,93,118 ADMINISTRATION - 21 Affeld, Susan - 143 Ahlgrim, Kathleen - 118 Albers, Bette - 92.143 Albers, Gall - 118 Allen, Jyl - 143 Anderson, Barth - 38,79,118 Anderson, Carol - 93,134 Anderson, Dean - 54,134 Anderson, Helen - 45,93.134 Anderson, Jay - 143 Anderson, Jody - 45,48,49,118 Anderson, Kristen - 88,134 Anderson. Linda - 93,134 Anderson, Rebecca - 143 Anderson, Victoria - 118 Anderson, Wayne - 118 Annen, Patricia - 134 Annen, Paul - 118 Annen. Stephen - 143 Appelo, Jeannette - 34.46,47, 106,107, 118 Appelo, Willemina - 134 Armalavage, Richard - 73,134 Arnold, Allen - 134 ART - 86-87 Ashbaugh, Robert - 143 Asher, Charles - 40,46,47,118 Asher, Sari - 47,134 Ashton, David - 134 Aszman, Kathleen - 93,134 Autenrieth, Donald - 143 Avaritt, Warren - 133 . Robert - 38,54.73,119 Babcock. Jerry - 93,119 Babcock, Marilyn - 143 Babcock, Mark - 88,134 Babcock, Wendy - 92,143 Baczkowski, Lon - 143 Baez, Manuel - 23,37,55,99 Baggs, Gregory - 119 Bailey, Elizabeth - 88,134 Bain, Irwin - 47,80,134 Bair, Rebecca - 143 Baker, Abby - 43,86,119 Baker. Cynthia - 102,119 Baker. Gail - 134 BAND - 88-89 Banks, Gary - 143 Banschbach, Norma - 92,143 Barber, Andrew -34,41,47,92, 93,134 Barber. Ann - 134 Barber, Donald - 70,119 Barber, Nancy - 134 Barbour, Paula - 143 Barcus, Brenda - 119 Barker, Joyce - 134 Barkley. John - 38,73,75,119 Barkley, Linda - 100,134 Barneko, Gary - 143 Barnes, Peggy - 134 Barnes, Thomas - 134 Bartel mo, Ann - 143 Bartholomew, Stephen - 119 BASKETBALL - 66-67 Bator, Darlene - 143 Bauer. Delores - 23 Bauer, Susan - 42.119 Baugher, Lucille - 31 Baumann, Vivian - 23 Beach, Dennis - 88,89,92,93, 119 Beach, Rebecca - 88,134 Beach, Susanne - 92,135 Bean, Jaqueline - 143 Bean, Jennifer - 51,119 Beattie, Patricia - 135 Bedell, Cynthia - 99,143 Belaschky, Frederick - 83,143 Belaschky, James - 73,82,83 Beldon, Janice - 135 Bell, Stephen - 143 Bellovary, Barbara - 92,135 Bender, David - 135 Benham, Leonard - 119 Benham, Michael - 135 Bennett, Debra - 144 Bennett, Harold - 119 Bennett, Robin - 135 Bennett, William - 119 Bentley, Karen - 133 Benton, Jan - 119 Benton, Sally - 144 Berg, Jeanne - 45,92,135 Bergstrom, Janis - 119 Berndt, Lynn - 135 Berrier, Roger - 119 Berrier, Roger - 107,144 Berry, Jerry - 135 Bertig, Gina - 135 Beutler, Mark - 119 Bezek, John - 23 Bibler, Amy - 135 Bicknese, Ross - 52,78,144 Bieker, Bryan - 119 Bilen, Cheryl - 144 Billings, Bryce - 74 Binder, Martin - 135 Bird, Charles - 23,34.78,79.96 Black, Sue - 119 Block, Diane - 144 BOARD OF EDUCATION - 20 Bochnicka, Diane - 45,135 Bochnicka, Donna - 45,119 Boehlke, Janet - 88,144 Boling. Cheryl - 37,119 Bond, Richard - 80,81,135 Bond, Stephen - 105,144 Boron, Sandra - 144 Bowman, Charles - 20 Bowman, Constance - 135 Bowman, Mary Edna - 24,35 Bowman, Sandra - 93,135 Bowman, Susan - 92,144 Boyce, Sandra - 119 Boyd, Ernest - 142 Brady, Linda - 120 Braithwaite, Deborah - 40,41, 46,53, 89,120 Bray, David - 144 Bretscher, Monica - 92,144 Bretscher, Paul - 78,79,120 Bretscher, Sarah - 36,41,46, 93,120 Bricker, Charles - 144 Bright, Peggy - 103,107.120 Brobeck, Deborah - 93,135 Brobst, Beverly - 135 Brock, Elaine - 37,93,120 Brodsky, Linda - 144 Broviak, Shelley - 92,144 Brown, Deborah - 142 Brown, Gregory - 88,89,120 Brown, Michael - 73,120 Brown, Robert - 135 Brown, Roy Ellis - 24.50,51 Brown, Teri - 144 Brumm, Carla - 92,120 Brunicon, Bernice - 31 Brunicon, John - 135 Brunson, Mary - 120 Bryan, Leslie - 135 Bryant, Richard - 144 Bucher, Stanley - 135 Buchheit, Francis - 120 Buck, Gregory - 73,135 Buck, Thomas - 120 Buelow, Sharon - 120 Burch, Gary - 144 Burev, Barbara - 36,135 Burge, Patricia - 135 Burkett, Robert - 144 Burns, Sue - 45,50,120 Burton, Thomas - 120 BUSINESS EDUCATION - 90, 91 Butterfield, Dan - 135 Butterfield, Jeffrey - 47,57,66, 73,134,135 Butterfield, Sharon - 144 Butterfield, Steven - 60,61,66, 73,120 Butt, Bernard - 24,93 Byers, Richard - 120 Cagen, Richard - 53,80,81,135 Cain, Robert - 24 Cain, Thomas - 135 Calderazzo, Barbara - 120 Calderazzo, Carmine - 144 Campbell, Sally - 135 Campbell, Thomas -36,90,135 Campolattara, Guy - 135 Canon, Ann - 144 Caprous, Barbara - 135 Carden, Cheryl - 144 Carey, Richard - 135 Carino, Rebecca - 120 Carlen, Robert - 144 Carlin, Patricia - 120 Carlson, Sarah - 88,120 Carpenter, Bette - 144 Carpenter, Cheri - 120 Carpenter, John - 144 Carter, James - 79,135 Carter, Paulette - 93,144 Casbon, Carol - 40,46,50,88, 120 Casbon, Jesse - 70,83,135 Casey, Frank - 70,93,135 Casey, Patrick - 151 Cezus, Diana - 29 Chambers, Sharon - 135 Champion, Thelma - 22 Chapel, Elizabeth - 92,93,135 Charpentier, Denise - 144 CHEERLEADERS - 68-69 Cherry, Albert - 144 Cherry, Linda - 92,144 Cherry, June - 31 CHESS CLUB - 55 CHOIR - 92-93 Christian. W. B. - 22 CHRISTMAS DANCE - 56-57 Christy. Linda - 144 Ciciora, Dale - 24,64 Cinkoske, William - 99,120 Clark, Cedric - 135 Clark, Donald - 65,144 Clark, John - 79,135 Clark, Katherine - 24,52,53 Clark, Vernon - 40,121 Clarke, Elizabeth - 144 Claussen, Lois - 144 Clendenin, Dean - 46,54,79,121 Cleveland, Nancy - 91,121 Clifford. Deborah - 45,144 Clifford, Linda - 59,69,92,93, 121 Clifford, Pamela - 45,51,107, 121 Clifford, Richard - 43,46,73, 121 Clifford, Sheila - 121 Clouse, Carl - 135 Cobb, Carol - 145 Coffey, Franklin - 121 Cohen, Wayne - 145 Cohen, Wendy - 52,121 Cole, Dianne - 121 Collins, Elizabeth - 145 Coin, Brenda - 135 Coin, Joyce - 145 Conk ling, Barbara - 40,41,46, 49.59,61, 88,121 Conklin, Richard - 135 Conley, Jerry - 121 Conley, Rhonda - 102,107 Conover, Roberta - 59,69,92, 93,121 COOKS - 31 Cooley, Gregory - 64,108,145 Cornett, Jack - 135 Cornman, Deborah - 121 Corsble, Wendy - 145 Costello, Sue - 121 Costas, Jan - 121 Cotterman, Shelly - 92,145 Cox, Robert - 41,121 Craig, Florence - 24,48,61 Cropper, Candace - 92,145 CROSS COUNTRY - 70-71 Curran, Joanne - 135 CURRENT EVENTS CLUB -39 Daily, Edward - 107,121 Daines, Donald - 121 Daly, Garry - 55,136 Daly, Patricia - 145 Daly, Thomas - 55,136 Dalrymple, Anthony - 70,136 Daniels, Garret - 92,93,145 Daniels, James - 151 Daniels, Jan - 145 Darnell, Susan - 88,107,121 Dauberman, David - 80,88,89, 122 Davis, Sandra - 93,136 Dawson, Carry - 145 Deal, Don - 73,136 Deal, Jon - 136 Dean. Kim - 122 Dean, Nancy - 93,136 Deck, Haven - 136 Delehanty, Dawn - 145 DelMastro, Kevin - 145 Delmerico, John - 73,136 DeMass, Cynthia - 102,136 DeMass, Jan - 122 DeMeo, Deborah - 136 Denby, Kenneth - 122 Dennis, Kathleen - 136 Dennis, Marcia - 103,145 Detlef, Ginger - 91,122 Deuring, Roger - 79,122 Dibkey, Brad - 145 Dibkey, Deborah - 122 Dick, Cynthia - 145 Dick. Doug - 73,122 Dickey, Diane - 122 Dickson, A. W. - 31 Dinwoodie, Vickie - 136 Dipert, Gail - 122 Dipert, Leanna - 88,136 Dittman, Susanne - 110,122 Doane, C. J. - 21,73 Doane, James - 64,143,145 Dobbins, John - 88,136 Dodd, Harold - 136 Dodrill, Carol - 51,136 Dodrill, George - 122 Doelling, Judy - 122 Dogan, Kevin - 47,145 Domke, Lawrence - 64,66,73, 136 Domke, Lynda - 91,122 Domke, Timothy - 65,145 Dommer, Barbara - 92,136 Dommermuth, George - 122 Dommermuth, Russel - 145 Dost, Charles - 122 177 Dougherty, Theodore - 70,136 Douglas, Cathy - 30 Dowdell, Kenneth - 43,88,89, 122 Downey, Dennis - 145 DRAMA AND DEBATE - 34 Dravininkas, Sylvia - 92,145 Driver, Thomas - 80,136 DRIVERS’ TRAINING - 94-95 EkiFallo, Susan - 122 Dugan, Mark - 145 Dunivan, Walter - 136 Durand, Jeanne - 122 Durand, Joseph - 20 Dust, Jonathan - 37,55,79,122 Dust, Mary - 88,136 Dykes, James - 145 Eason, James - 73,123 Eason, Laurie - 68,69,136 Eaton, Gene - 136 Eaton. Judith - 123 Edgecomb, Robert - 145 Edquist, Evar - 24,70,115 Edwards, Deborah - 43,123 Eggerding, Daniel - 37,123 Eggerding, Philip - 37,44,136 Egolf, Julie - 145 Ehlers, Marcella - 145 Ehlers, Patricia - 142 Ehlers. Paul - 136 Eichelberger, James - 136 Eigelsbach, Patricia - 145 Eldridge, Charles - 65,145 Eldridge, Elaine - 41,123 Elliott, Sharon - 123 Ellis, Glen - 24 Ellis, Joseph - 66,67,123 Ellis. Laurie - 88,145 Ellis. Leigh - 145 Ellis, Nanci - 133 England, Nina - 123 ENGLISH - 96-97 Espie, John - 136 Evans, Lee - 73,82,123 Evers, Bruce - 142 Evers, Karen - 136 Evert, Sheila - 92,145 Fabing, Marc - 92,93,136 FACULTY - 23-28 Fairchok, William - 55,136 Fait, Karen - 136 Falls, Michael - 145 Fandl, Michael - 70,71,136 Fannin, Mary - 145 Farrell, Tamsen - 123 Farrington, Gregory - 145 Fasel, Darrell - 145 Fasel, Deborah - 123 Feldhaus, James - 145 Feldhaus. Thomas - 123 Felten, Michael -88.92,93,123 Ferguson, Linda - 92,123 Fero, Jeffrey - 73,145 Fessler, William - 136 Festa, John - 145 Ficken, Steven - 145 Fidnarik, Valerie - 45,123 Fiedler, Catherine - 145 Fillwock, John - 70-123 Findley, Michael - 83,145 Fleak, Susan - 47,145 Flynn, Marvin - 145 Flynn, Richard - 123 Foglesong, Carl - 44 Follis, Dennis - 93,136 FOOTBALL - 72-75 Forbes, Mallory - 41,45,51, 123 FOREIGN LANGUAGE - 98-99 Forsythe, Cheryl - 142 Forszt, Mark - 123 Fox, Gene - 145 Franzen, Thomas - 105,123 Freeman, Catherine - 51,61, 136 Freeman, Mark - 64,145 Freeman, Pamela - 123 Freeman, Paulette - 102,123 Freeland, Charles - 123 Frey, Michael - 66,134,136 Fritts, Deborah - 88,145 Froberg, Wyn - 35,46,53,88, 123 Froenicke, Isabelle - 22 Frogge, Gene - 73,136 Frogge, Ruth - 146 Fryer, Trudi - 93,136 FT A - 35 Fulton, Mary - 45,92,146 Furman, Charles - 46,70,71, 124 GAA - 36 Gabbert, Larry - 124 Gaedtke, Wayne - 136 Gagnea, Jan - 146 Gamblin, Paul - 146 Gannon, Terrence - 151 Garbison, Nancy - 124 Garcia, Ernest - 146 Garcia. Steven - 136 Gardner, Gillian - 124 Gardin, Ronald - 25 Garmon, Cheryl - 146 Garner, William - 124 Gast. Cheryl - 40,41.46,58,59, 124 Gast, Clyde - 25 Gast, Clyde - 146 Gast, David - 146 Gast. Donna - 93,134.136 Gast, Raymond - 54,124 Gast, Stanley - 146 Gathmann, Victoria- 40,46,59, 68,69,92, 93.124 Gee, Leslie - 47,146 Gehring, Kristen - 40,47,57, 93.124 Geiss, Charles - 25,47 Gerber, Dean - 22 Gesse, Karen - 146 Gesse, Thomas - 136 Gilbert, Diana - 93 Gilliam, Pamela - 136 Girton. Peggy - 93,136 Giza, Denise - 146 Glass, David - 136 Glasser. Bruce - 78,136 Glasshagel, Gary - 146 Glickauf, Annette - 146 Glover, Dennis - 137 Golando. Dorothy - 45,55,137 Golando, Louis - 70,82,146 Good, Elizabeth - 146 Good, Mark - 124 Gordon, Charles - 47,64.146 Gorecki, Carol - 107,124 Gorub, Deborah - 107,124 Gorub. William - 146 Gossman, Lawrence - 52,86, 124 Gott, Carol - 51,137 Graham, Diane - 88,98,146 Granfield, Daniel - 142 Grant, Paul - 43,46,58,124 Gray, Barbara - 64,146 Gray, Jaclyn - 43,46,51,124 Gray, Robert - 65,143,146 Grcich, Kenneth - 124 Green, George - 105,137 Green, Linda - 92,124 Greenwald, Paul - 146 Gregory, Kathryn - 146 Gregory, Michael - 124 Gregory, Steven - 146 Grieger, Jill - 146 Griffin, Deborah - 92,137 Griffin, John - 137 Griffin, Patricia - 146 Griffin, Rebecca - 137 Griffiths, Thomas - 137 - 3 Grostefon, Bruce - 146 Grotrian, Paulette - 25,34 Grskovic, Katherine - 37,124 Grundell, Dennis - 137 GUIDANCE - 29 Guild. John - 124 Guilliam. Patricia - 92,93,137 Gunsaulus, Carl - 69,146 Gustafson, Reginald - 125 Guzek, Leonard - 137 Hahn, Bonita - 41,137 Hallam, Deborah - 146 Hallberg, Charles - 146 Hammond, Patricia - 137 Haney, Gary - 146 Hannon, Robert - 70,125 Hanrahan, Christine - 146 Hanson, John - 142 Harden, Diane - 137 Harkel, Robert - 64,146 Harmon, Brian - 41,44,88,137 Harmon, David - 88,89,125 Harper, Bonnie - 125 Harrington, Kristine - 125,146 Harrington, Patricia - 151 Harris, Carol - 146 Hart, Barbara - 93,125 Hart. Charles - 47,79,137 Hart, Dannie - 137 Hart, John - 133 Hart, William - 137 Harter, Burton - 86,125 Harvey, Douglas - 93,146 Harvil, Candace - 125 Harvil, John - 82,93.137 Hass , Nicoletta - 80,137 Hassel, Roxanne - 137 Hawkins, Edwin - 146 Hawkins, John - 88,125 Hayes, Cinda - 137 HEALTH SAFETY - 100-101 Heckman, Charles - 41,78,79, 112,137 Heckman, Jean - 25 Helton, Linda - 137 Helton, Paula - 146 Henderson, Sandra - 125 Henkel, Alfred - 29 Henning, Larry - 70,93,137 Henry, Marilyn - 125 Hensel, Dawn - 137 Hermann, Pennie - 125 Herren, Deborah - 146 Hicks, Sue - 146 Higer, Carol - 146 Higer, Dorothy - 97,125 Higgins, Linda - 29,146 Hildreth, Doris - 25 Hildreth, Jack - 29 Hildreth, Jack - 70,137 Hill, Mary Jo - 125 Hill, Pamela - 146 Hill. Rolland - 40,46,53.60.66. 125 Hill, Ronald - 55,146 Hillila, Martin - 79,88,125 Hills. Gary - 83.146 Hiser, Robin - 87,146 Hittinger, Norman - 146 HI-Y - 38 Hoard, Stephen - 125 Hoback, Candace - 92,146 Hoeppner, Brian - 65,147 Holcomb, Alan - 147 Holland, Marcia - 93,125 Hollett, Earl - 147 Hollett, Eric - 147 Hollett, Peregrine - 125 Holmgren, Marvin - 105,125 Holst, LeAnn - 147 Holst, Sue Ann - 88,147 HOME ECONOMICS - 37 HOMECOMING - 58-59 Honchar, Cheryl - 92,147 Hopkins, Kathy - 137 Hosper, Claudia - 92,147 Houk, Robyn - 151 Houston. Nancy - 92,147 Hovey, Deborah - 147 Howard, Elizabeth - 103,137 Howard, Gregory - 137 Howard, Hillary - 147 Howard, Julie - 125 Howell, Gary - 83,147 Howard, Ralph - 22 Hoyt, Carol - 51,125 Hoyt, John - 137 Hrycak, Theodore - 147 Hubbard, Barbara - 125 Huber, Christine - 107,125 Huber, Timothy - 137 Huber, William - 147 Hughes, Denise - 107,147 Hughes, Douglas - 47,73,79, 137 Hughes, John - 133 Hummel, Stephanie - 98,147 Hunsberger, Katherine - 92, 137 Husband, John - 147 Husband, Nicholas - 147 Husman, Kimberly - 147 Hutchinson, Cynthia - 25,68 Hutton, Shelley - 92,147 Hyatte, Bruce - 147 Hyatte, Regina - 147 Hyatte, Sharon - 151 Ilgenfritz, Deborah -51,92,93, 126 INDUSTRIAL ARTS - 104-105 INTRAMURALS - 76-77 Irvin, John - 137 Irvine, Paul - 147 Isley, Vicki - 137 Izydorek, Amy - 92,147 Jankowski, Guy - 70,71,137 Jared, Nancy - 137 Johns, Michael - 147 Johnsen, Arleigh - 80,83,88, 137 Johnson, Dean - 126 Johnson. Garth - 21 Johnson, Jacqueline - 138 Johnson, Thomas - 126 Johnson, Victoria - 93,126 Jones, Barbara - 51,138 Jones, Bernard - 138 Jones, Frances - 31 Jones, Nancy - 92,147 Jorgenson, Richard - 138 JUNIORS - 134-142 Jurgenson, Karen - 138 Jurgenson, Thomas - 147 Kaiser, Dean - 138 Kalinka, Carl - 147 Kaminski, Lynn - 126 Kashner, James - 80,88,89,147 Kassanits, Nadine - 42,43,126 Kauffman, Joan - 147 Kazlauski, Linda - 37,45,126 Kazwell, Stanley - 147 Kearns, Terrance - 151 Keefe. Daniel - 64,65,147 Keefe, Linda - 40,41.126 Keen, Marcia - 147 Keen. Mark - 92,93,108 Keller, James - 138 Kelley, Robert - 147 Kelley. William - 47,73.138 Kellogg, Lynn - 147 Kent, Gregory - 148 Kerlin, Kevin - 148 Kerr, Deborah - 148 Kester, Daniel - 25 Kibble, Sandra - 45,126 Kihlstrom, Kenneth - 148 Kilmer, Phillip - 148 King, Joyce - 148 Linklmer, Michael -47,64,148 Miller, Shirley - 139 O’Keefe, TTiomas - 139 KING OF HEARTS - 60.61 Linton, Geraldine - 92,138 Miller, Thomas C. - 128 Oliver. Paula- 34,41,44,46,93, Klemz, Dale - 138 Linton, Judith - 138 Miller, Thomas W. - 88,89,128 139 Knauff, Mark - 126 Llppman, Arthur - 138 Miller, William - 41,73,139 Olson, Alexis - 36,139 Knauff, Myron - 21,126 Lochmandy, Teri - 41,127 Milsom, Susan - 92,128 Olson, Lorene - 149 Kneifel, Jolynn - 148 Longnecker, Patricia - 138 Miskimins, Robert - 93,139 O’Neil, Karen - 139 Kneifel, Lambert - 93 Looman, James - 38,41,46,70, Mitz, Stephan - 128 O’Neil, Peggy - 129 Knezevtch, Alice - 87,138 127 Mohler, Donna - 48,88,96,128 O’Neil, Thomas - 67,101,140 Knight. Harold - 126 Louden, James - 148 Moncel, Kim - 149 Parker, Nancy - 40,48,93,129 Knowlton. Kathryn - 50,51,92, Lowe, Gregory - 127 Monroe, Marvin - 139 Paschen, David - 129 93,126 Lowe, Michael - 138 Montoney, Almay - 31 Paschen, Janice - 140 Koday. Mark - 40.41,70.82,126 Lowenstine, John - 78,138 Moore, Linda - 41,51,128 Pavicic, Brian - 149 Koelmeyer, Richard - 138 Ludington, Barbara - 88,148 Moore, Steven - 44,47,139 Pavnica, Crystal - 140 Koepkr. Judith - 69,92.148 Ludington, Susan - 138 Moorhead, Grant - 40,88,89, Payne, Janet - 22 Koeppen, Brad - 148 Luke, Harry - 148 128 Pearl man, Robert - 129 Korby, Rebecca - 148 Lumbardy, Peggy - 148 Moreland, Alan - 139 Pedone, Janet - 35,129 Kornblith, Daniel - 98,148 McCasland, Sarah - 128 Morphia, Paula - 88,149 Pennington, Jeff - 140 Kornblith, Marc - 126 McChristian, Allen - 148 Morris. Elizabeth - 88,149 PEP CLUB - 42-43 Koselke, Thomas - 138 McChristian, Kathryn -92,133 Morris, Mary - 88,137 Peterson, Carlene - 129 Kotcfka, Constance -36,92,93, McCord. Arthur - Morrison, Richard - 128 Peterson, Dawn - 93,140 126 McDaniels, Barbara - 92 Mortimer, George - 41,93,139 Pflughaupt, Dennis - 88,140 Kotefka, Sharon - 35,47,134, McEnterfer, Nancy - 88,148 Mortimer, John - 92,93,139 Philips, William - 73,82,83, 138 McGill. Margaret - 95,139 Moser, Donna - 34,41,45,128 140 Kotya, William - 54,55,82.126 McGuin, Kathleen - 26 Moser, Michael - 73,128 Phillips, David - 129 Krekeler, Barbara - 40,41,45, McGuire, Beth - 139 Moser, Rosaleah - 26 Phillips, Dean - 142 46,50,51, McGuire, Kenneth - 64,148 Moser, Stanley - 149 Phillips, G. Warren - 21 59,126 McGuire, Kevin - 70,83,148 Moser, Steven - 73,88,89,139 Phillips, Jane - 149 Kretzmann, Charles - 138 Me Means, Samuel - 148 Mounce, Patsy - 139 Phillips. Jeanne - 41,88,129 Kretzmann, Stephen - 40,46, McMurtry, Miss - 22 Mull in, Edward - 114,128 Phillips. Mary - 36,47,88,140 126 McNamara, Colleen - 139 Mundy, Karen - 41,46,47,53, Phipps, Arlene - 26,37 Krieger, Carleen - 88,148 McNamara, Kevin - 148 93,107,128 Phipps, Elizabeth - 47,92.149 Kruger, John - 126 McShane, Christine - 86,128 Murphy, Patrick - 26,41,73 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB - 37 Kruse, Thomas - 73,138 Maas, John - 43,46,113,127 Murvihill, Kathleen - 93,128 PHYSICAL EDUCATION - 110, Krysa, Tom - 60,66,73,126 Mace, John - 148 Murvihill, Stephan - 128 111 Kueck, John - 126 Maddock, Kerry - 148 Myers, Barbara - 149 Pickard, Susan - 140 Kukura, David - 133 Maddock, Marcia - 45,127 Myers, Cindy - 139 Piechocki, Lewis - 73,140 Kussrow, Susanne - 138 Magers, Cindy - 92,138 Myers, Nancy - 20 Pion, Lynise - 47,93,140 Laack, Daniel - 148 Magyar, Bruce - 138 Myers. Virginia - 41,51.139 Piomack, John - 149 LaBrie, Jeffrey - 148 Maiers, Wesley - 22,41 Nagel, Richard - 41,139 Pittman, Victoria - 129 LaBrie, Michael - 34.79,92,93. MAINTENANCE - 31 Naillieux, Deborah - 92,149 Platipodis, Diane - 140 126 Maitlen, Phillip - 26,91 Naillieux, Gary - 139 Pokorny, Clare - 27,36 LaCount. Susanne - 47,49,58, Makovskv, Janet - 88,148 Naillieux, James - 133 Polite, Annette - 92,130 143,148 Malasto, James - 148 Naillieux, Kevin - 38,73,129 Polite, James - 149 Lain, Diana - 138 Malasto, Steven - 38,98,138 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Pollock, Ronald - 27,54,107 Lambert, Diane - 45,47,126 Mann, Pat - 138 40,41 Pool, Rollo - 38,130 Lambert, Teri - 126 Munsfield, Karen - 127 Neander, Michael - 41,129 Poore, Edward - 140 Lampl, Michael -34,92,93,127 Maple, Dale - 92,93,127 Neeley, Jeffrey - 41,79,139 Pope. Patricia - 92,140 Lam rock, Dianna - 92,127 Marak, Kathy - 99,138 Nelissen, Jan - 139 Porch, Gary - 151 Lange, Neal - 93,148 Mark, Jim - 138 Nelissen, Nils - 149 Porch, Thomas - 133 Langer, Steven - 148 Marquardt, Jan - 139 Nelson, Bruce - 83,139 Powell. Mildred -41,55,88.89, Lansdowne, Bruce - 73,82, Marsden, Norman - 148 Nelson, Melissa - 37,149 140 138 Marsh, Galen - 31 Nelson, Robert - 149 Poweska, Thomas - 140 Lansdowne, Kevin - 148 Martin, Royce - 148 Nelson, William - 129 Prahl, Donald - 70,83,149 Lantz, Edward - 101 Martin, Sandra - 148 Neuschafer, Yvonne - 88,149 Prentiss, Robert - 130 Lanyi. David - 138 Masters, William 80,139 Newberry, Nathan - 129 Price, Mark - 149 Largura, Thomas - 57,127 Masters, Michael - 148 Newcomb, Charles - 93,129 Price, Perry - 149 Laube, Marie - 127 Matern, Theodore - 142 Newell, Claudia - 149 Pritchard. Michael - 93,140 Laube, Mary - 127 MATHEMATICS - 108-109 Newell, Joy - 88,149 Pritchard, Sherlynn - 130 Laube. Ruth - 25 Maudlin, Bonnie - 127 Newman, Michael - 129 Pritchard, Susan - 151 Laughery, John - 73,82,127 Maudlin, Victoria - 139 Newman, Nancy - 139 Prochno, Michael - 130 Laughery, Michael - 148 Maxey, Randall - 93,148 Newsted, Patricia - 139 Proctor, Mabel - 31 Laughery, Robert - 73,127 Maynard, Jeffrey - 148 Nielsen, Dana - 73,139 Proctor, Vernon - 149 Lauridsen, Deborah - 148 Mead, William - 65,149 Nielsen, Robert - 129 Proffitt. Joseph - 93,140 Lawrence, Craig - 98,138 Meece, Cheryl - 128 Niequist, Pam - 47,88,149 Proffitt, Margaret - 45,130 Lawrence, Jennifer - 148 Meyer, Jayma - 45,139 Nightingale, Craig - 73,129 Proffitt, Robert - 149 Lawrence, Shirley - 45,93,138 Meyer, Susan - 149 Nightingale, Marla - 149 PROJECTIONIST CLUB - 55 Learning, Eric - 38,46,60,79, Meyerowitz, Audrey - 88,139 Niksch, John - 129 Pulianas, Gail - 41,47,51,140 127 Michaels, Garry - 149 Noonan, John - 70,93,139 Pulianas, Glenn - 40,46,53.66, Leasure, Margaret - 45,127 Milianta, Michael - 139 Nordlund, Elizabeth - 149 73,130 Leetz, Diane - 26,43 Miller, Bruce - 73,139 Norlington, Denise - 129 Pullins, Kathy - 92,149 Leffler, Ronald - 80,138 Miller, Claudia - 92.139 North, Marsha - 129 Pull ins, Robert - 149 Leib, David - 151 Miller, David - 98,149 North, Vickie - 139 Pursley, Mary - 150 LeMay, Donetta - 138 Miller. Donna - 112,139 Norton, Margie - 139 Pytynia, John - 150 Lembke, Lisbeth - 41,92,93, Miller. James - 38,73,128 Nowlin, Dale - 88,139 Query, James - 150 127 Miller, Joel - 149 Nowlin, Deborah - 93,139 Quintero, Linda - 90,130 Lembke, Dennis - 138 Miller. John - 149 Nowlin, James — 129 Rader, Linda - 46,52,53,130 LePell, Catherine - 138 Miller, Linda 93,139 Nuland, John - 92,93,129 Rager, Fredrick - 70,140 Lewis, Carl - 109,148 Miller, Marcia - 45,128 O’Brien, Nancy - 92,149 Rager , Linda - 130 LIBRARY - 106-107 Miller. Mark - 149 O’Brien, Ronald - 129 Ralph. Loretta - 22 Lightcap, Carol - 138 Miller, Marta - 149 Odell, Patricia - 139 Ramones, Helen - 140 Lindberg, Rhonda - 92,148 Miller, Martin - 26,38 Oelling, Joseph - 149 Ransom, Charlotte - 30 Lindholm, Robert - 127 Miller. Richard - 88,89,139 Oglesby, Ruth - 139 Ransom, Robert - 79,140 Ling, Lawrence - 104,127 Miller, Robert 128 Ohler, Jonilyn - 36,93,139 Raschke, Dennis - 140 Linklmer, Bernice - 26 Miller, Robert - 88 O’Keefe. John - 70,82,129 Ray, Dannie - 150 179 Ray, Deborah - 93,140 Ray, Sandra - 140 Reagan, Gerald - 130 Redelman, Daniel - 140 Reggie. Maredith - 35 Reggie, Sidney - 27,73,82,83 Reichard, Wendy - 92,150 Reif. Jill - 130 Reiner, Patricia - 140 Reinhold, Mark - 93.140 Resteau, Roberta - 92,107,130 Reynolds, Daniel - 150 Rhoda, John - 140 Rhoda, Robert - 27,73 Rhynard, Denise - 140 Rhynard, Kevin - 82,150 Rice, John - 140 Rickard, Grace - 22 Richart, Cathie - 92,150 Richart, Fredrick - 130 Ridenour. Lewis - 27,38,98 Ridgeway, Iris - 150 Rigg, Byron - 27,55,112 Ringger, Bruce - 88,89,130 Ripley. Michael - 65,88,150 Roberts, Keith - 140 Roberts, Rickie - 83,150 Roberts, Sarah - 93,140 Roberts, Thomas - 21 Robinson, Charles - 73,130 Robinson, Charles - 34,106, 140 Robinson, Keila - 40,87,130 Robinson, Richard - 130 Rogers, Kathy - 93,140 Rogers, Maritta - 140 Rohn, Bryce - 27,91 Roscoe, Gay la - 140 Roscoe, John - 41,73,140 Roscoe, Karen - 41,50,130 Rose, Gregory - 34,93,140 Rosenbaum, Christine - 150 Rosenbaum, Mildred - 130 Rosenberg, Carol - 140 Rosscup, Nancy - 41,130 Rough. Richard - 73,140 Rowland, Donald - 104,150 Rowland, Douglas - 150 Rubel, Karen - 130 Rubke, Susan - 140 Rue, Timothy - 150 Rugg, Kathleen - 140 Rugg, Richard - 133 Rush, Nancy - 130 Sachtleben, Philip- 73,108,140 Sacks. Clifford - 41,47,53,55, 140 Saiter, Robert - 133 Salberg, Jeffrey - 66,130 Sallac, Michael - 140 Saltzman. James- 70,140 Salyer, William - 140 Sandburg, John - 150 Saunders, Edward - 131 Saunders, Russell - 141 Savarese, Vincent - 65.150 Schaefer, Lily - 141 Schafer, Mark - 47.64.150 Schafer, Scott - 41,46,53.92. 93,109,131 SCIENCE - 112,113 SCIENCE CLUB - 44 Schane. Michelle - 88,131 Shatz. Martin - 150 Scheller, Gertrude - 92,150 Scheller, Paul - 141 Schnure, William - 38,73,141 Schoenfelt, Dennis - 73,82.131 Schramm. Kimberly - 47,69, 150 Schroeder. Dean - 141 Schroeder, Timothy - -- Schnltx, Thomas - 31 Scott. David - 150 Scott, Donald - 27,43 Scott, James - 150 Scott, James - 53,88,89,131 Scott, Luann - 141 Scott, Randy - 150 Scott, Russell - 151 Seargeant, Charles - 141 SECRETARIES - 30 Sefton, James - 141 Sells, Vaughn - 131 SENIORS - 118-133 Sepanski, Larry - 141 SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS - 45 Sexton, Beverly - 131 Shaffer, Barbara - 150 Shanahan, Karen - 131 Shanahan, Teresa - 93,141 Shauer, Audrey - 27,96 Shauer, Janet - 40,43,131 Shearhod, Michael - 133 Shefchik, Barbara - 141 Sheffer, John - 150 Sherer, Kay - 22 Sherrick, Russell - 70,71,141 Shewan, Edward - 88,131 Shewan, Gregg - 88,89,93,150 Shideler, William - 80.150 Shinabargar, Gene - 141 Shook, Debra - 69.141 Siddall, Robert - 73,141 Siebert, Mark - 83,88,141 Sieckman, Edwin - 65,150 Skinkle, Gene - 150 Skinner, Deborah - 46,50,92, 93.114. 131 Skinner, Melissa - 141 Smith, Anita - 131 Smith, Arthur - 150 Smith, Benjamin - 131 Smith, David - 141 Smith, David - 150 Smith, Debra - 141 Smith, Jeffrey - 64,150 Smith, Richard - 141 Smith, Robert - 150 Smith, Robert - 73,82,141 Smith, Vicki - 92,141 Snider, Linda - 142 SOCIAL STUDIES - 114-115 Soliday. Dean - 73,82,150 Soli day, Pamela - 141 Soliday, Sandra - 92,93,141 Somers, JoEUen - 92,93,115, 131 Sommers, Vincent - 131 SOPHOMORES - 143-151 Spencer. Roy - 141 Spitler, David - 88,131 Spitler, Mann - 20 Springsteen, John - 141 Staats. Linda - 92.150 Stalbaum, Linda - 48,50,51,141 Stalbaum, Thomas - 150 Staley, Susan - 141 Stanier, Charles - 28,74,82,83 Stanton, Gene - 60,73,131 Stanton, Mari - 150 Starkey, Larry - 65,150 Starkey, Linda - 43,45.51.131 Stasierowaski, Kenneth - 150 Steck, Diane - 47,69.150 Steder, Kathleen - 88,141 Steele, Craig - 47.109,150 Steele, David - 141 Steele, Robert - 41,47,78,141 Steinbach, Kathryn - 92,150 Steindler, Gary - 83,150 Stengel, Karen - 150 Stevenson, Donna - 131 Stich, Michael - 108,141 Stinchfield, Charles - 43,73, 141 Stipp, Deborah - 45,53,132 Stoereck, Phillip - 53,141 Stokes, Joanna - 58,59,69.132 Stokes, Particia - 30 Stokes, Thomas - 28,73,74 Stoner, Andrea - 150 Stoner. Robert - 79,80,92,93, 141 Stordeur, Billie - 30 Stordeur, Sue - 132 Strikwerda, Dawn - 141 Strikwerda, Lynn - 132 Strietelmeier, Charles - 41,46, 47,141 Stroup, Mar sonne - 150 STUDENT COUNCIL - 46-47 Suffern, Walter - 150 Suggs. Debra - 133 Sutherlin, Nancy - 92,132 Sutton, Deborah - 132 Sweet, Virgil - 28.66,67 SWIMMING - 78-79 Swinford, Ronald - 60,73,132 Taber, Lyle - 141 Tanck, Debra - 132 Tanke. Mary - 92.141 Tarnow, Herbert - 93.150 Taylor. Richard - 132 TENNIS - 80-81 Thebo. Donald - 132 Thiele, Shirley - 28 Thiesen, Douglas - 53,80,88, 92.93,132 Thomas, Bonnie - 92,151 Thomas, Michael - 38,57,132 Thompson, Charles - 151 Thompson, John - 93,142 Thompson, Michele - 103,151 Thompson, Sheila - 22 Thorgren, Kendra - 151 Thorgren, Robert - 60,88,132 Thorpe, Kathy - 142 Thorne, Gayle - 142 Thorpe, Teresa - 132 Thrun, Suzanne - 28 Tilton, David - 132 Tomczak, Mary Lou - 92,110, 132 Toming, Vendo - 47,65,80 Tomlinson, Roni - 92,151 Toth, Barbara - 142 Tracy. Neal - 88,89,92,93,132 Trageser. Barbara - 142 Trapp, Rebecca - 142 Trapp, David - 83.151 Trapp, Nancy - 93,142 Trost, James - 21 Trost, Jeffrey - 79,142 Tsoutsouris, George - 28,44 Tucker, Jane - 142 Tuesburg, Cynthia - 45,88,132 Turner, Marilou - 142 Turpin, Gregory - 79,132 Tuthill, Ronald - 65,151 Tverdik, Kyle - 142 Uban, James - 55.88,89.142 Underwood, Richard - 38,73, 132 Ungurait, Diane - 133 Urbahns, Sandra - 142 Urbahns, Thomas - 142 Urschel, Donna - 151 USHERS - 38 VALENIAN - 50-51 VALPOST - 52-53 Vandrey, Veatrice - 34,46 Van Alphen, Anna - 142 Van Senus, William - 34,142 Vaughn, Melissa - 92,142 Vesilica, Gregory - 151 VICA - 54 Vickers, Catherine - 93,142 Vickers, Rebecca - 133 Vinson, Lorraine - 28,44 Vitoux. Linda - 151 180 P SCHEL YEARBOOKS. INC P, 0. B 36 Marcebne, Missouri 64658 Telephone (S16) 376-3523 Vocke, Bruce - 151 Vocke, Eugene - 133 Vogel, Sharon - 92,151 Vorwald, Joanne - 92,151 V-TEENS - 48-49 Wade. Michael - 54.73.133 Walker, Sherman - 151 Walker, Steena - 142 Wampler, James - 151 Wampler. Paul - 73.142 Ward, Connie - 92.151 Wasemann, Jeffrey - 151 Washier, John - 82,133 Watson, Charles - 142 Watson, Rhonda - 151 Watson, Shanona - 151 Watt, Krisanne - 40,142 Watts, Mark - 38,73,133 Webb, John - 73,82.97.106,133 Weidman. Patricia - 41,142 Weideman, Terrence - 133 Weimer, Timothy - 151 Weis, Carl - 133 Weis. Chris - 79.151 Weiss, Debra - 142 Welch, Robert - 142 Welch, Shelley - 142 Wellner, Barbara - 133 Wellborn, Dorothy - 151 Wellman. William - 20 Wellsand, Charles - 73,151 Weselman, William - 151 Whalls, Darlene - 88,151 Wheele, John - 151 Whitcomb, Glen - 142 Whitcomb, James - 142 Whitcomb, Karen - 142 White, James - 93,133 White, Larry - 151 White, Roberta - 151 White, Susan - 142 Whitesell, Kerry - 99,157 Whitman, Barbara - 92,142 Wickersham, Deborah - 142 Wiencken, Joseph - 151 Wiesjahn, Dean - 38,133 Wiggins, Richard - 151 Wilgus, Debra - 133 Will, Michael - 64,151 Williams, Robert - 133 Williams, Debra - 151 Williams, Gwen - 142 Williams, Joseph - 151 Williamson, Gail - 50,51,133 Williamson, Nina - 151 Williamson, Sally - 142 Wilson, Paul - 151 Winerman, Mark - 46,133 Winters. Lillian - 31 Wisner, Joan - 151 Witmer, Donald - 83,142 Witters, Lee - 133 Woidke, Joni - 151 Wolf, Janet - 107 Womacks, Kit - 133 Woodard, Susan - 133 Wood, Daniel - 142 Woods, Carol - 142 Woods, Jeffrey - 133 Woods, Michael - 133 Woods, Pamela - 92,151 Woods, Toddy - 93,142 Worch, Deborah - 151 Woycik, Cheryl - 92,151 WRESTLING - 82-83 Wright. Charles - 151 Wright, Jerry - 151 Yazel, Larry - 151 Zabriski, Steven - 142 Zandi, Robert - 73,113,142 Zell, Michael - 151 Zentz, Robert - 142 Ziliak, Kathleen - 45,142 Ziliak, Michael - 151 Zorick, Joan - 133

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