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Valley Vocational Technical School - Specialists Yearbook (Fishersville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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s p E C A L Augusta County Library 1759 Jefferson Hwy. Fishersville, VA 22939 540-885-3961 540-949-635-d Valley Vocational-Technical Center is in the midst of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. It is a part of the Woodrow Wilson complex at Fishersville, Virginia. This regional center serves the vocational needs of juniors and seniors from seven area high schools which include three school divisions. Additi onally, this Center serves the needs of approximately three hundred students with special needs in the Employment Training Program. These students also come from the same area high schools. Valley Vocational-Technical Center offers many evening classes to meet the needs of five hundred - plus persons. These persons are enrolled in apprenticeship and adult educational classes. Valley Vocational-Technical Center has twenty-seven offerings for students to select from, with industrial mechanic training being offered for the first time this year. Waynesboro Public Library 600 South Wayne Av@, Waynesboro, VA 229§6 2 1983 s ' .: v 3 School Administrators Mr. John S. Long Board Mr. Johnnie W. Moore Of Trustees John Owens, Graham Bartley, Dale Smith, Edward Clymore, Boyd Snyder, James Ridenour, James Taliaferro (Not Pictured) Mrs. Ann Rohr Mr. William Vaughn Mrs. Phyllis Coyner Mr. Wiley Craig Mrs. Elizabeth Curry Mr. Luther Frazier Mr. James Furr Mrs. Carol Rubush Mr. David Houff Mr. Sam Saufley Miss Judy Poole Mr. Kim Maughans 4 School Instructors Valley Tech. Instructors believe in helping young people achieve technical and social skills. Valley Tech instructors are dedicated to a philosophy of excellence for all students. The instructors hope that each student completes his course and becomes more useful in our world. Charles Bedall Clarence Brooks Rebecca Downey Adis Fultz Steve Hall Robert Ham J. Donald Hanger Gloria Hildebrand Larry Long Janet Locklear Frank Martin Freda Matheney Gordon McCrea Harry Millson Paulette Moore Noellie Novak Patsy Rinehart Joyce Rockwell Harry C. Smith Wally Sullivan Carl Swope Nancy Talley Shirley Thomas Meade Tusing Willia Washington Sue Wiggins Darlene Yeago 5 Annual Staff Leann Picciolo, Tim Blackwell, Chuck Anderson, Tom Henderson, Shari Henkel, Todd Wood, Billy Groah, Tera Brown, Karel Dill Front Row: Jawana Alnquist, Neal Davis, Wanda Vest, Mike Crum. Back Row: Jay Burkholder, Randy Patterson, Gary Baker, Dave Hamilton, Todd Wolfe. Newspaper Staff Front Row: Brenda Simmons, Robin Walton, Charlene Spears, Cindi Coffman, Robin Archembeautt, Shannon Ellinger. Second Row: Susan Ryder, Pam Sitter, Chris Monroe, Monica Cook, Anita Marshall, Vickie Boyd, Angela Bruce, Cindy Braunworth, Kim Shull, Marcella Brolia. Third Row: Sandra Kisamore, Sandra Dill, Robin Perry, Debbie Forbus, Karen Foxx, Teresa Coffey, Cherie Nuckols. Health Occupation Student Association Shirley Hunt, V. Pres; Jeanetta Miller, Sec; Suetta Lang, Parliamentarian; Joanne Hagwood, Treas.; Sue Diehl, Historian; Bess Hoodley, Reporter; Peggy McGough, Pres. Kim Steiner, Pres; Connie Johnson, Chaplain; Charlene Tetreault, Sentinel; Jean Ballew, V. Pres.; Michelle Renier, Reporter; Christine Swann, Parliamentarian; Terry McLain, Sec; Dennetta Hale, Historian; Teresa Swortzel, Treas. Nancy Cox, Sec.; Amy Hostetter, Reporter; Leslie Simmons, Parliamentarian; Kelly Diehl, Historian; Abbie Branch, Treas.; Cynthia Bowling, Pres.; Lisa Brooks, V. Pres. 6 VICA Front Row: Brian Pryor, Pres.; Robert Lafferty, V. Pres.; Jett Good, Treas. Back Row: Cheryl Henderson, Jr. Adv.; George Price, Parliamentarian; Dorcas Fisher, Sec.; Rodney Hall, Reporter. Front Row: Lisa Welcher, Pres.; Gary Siron, V. Pres.; Wanda Gaines, Sec. Back Row: Mike Crum, Treas; Phyllis Varner, Parliamentarian; Jimmy Tarlor, Jr. Adv; Tony Smith, Reporter. FBLA Front Row: Vickey Hill, Historian; Dana Blackwell, Reporter; Gina Campbell, President. Back Row: Lori Burnett, Treasurer; Christina Williams, Vice president; Wanda Simmons, Parliamentarian; Kim Driver, Secretary. Kim Kelley, Historian; Donna Davis, Treasurer; Teresa Coffey, Vice-President; John Bazan, Parliamentarian; Sandra Sensabaugh, President; Anesta Vincent, Reporter; Cindy Colvin, Secretary. FFA VALLE V TKH Debbie Dotson, Sentinel; Chris Moata, Reporter; Lisa Bayne, President; Sherry Cook, Secretary. Not Pictured: Barbara Hensley, Treas; Angie Conner, V. Pres. Terry Argenbright, V. Pres.; Jimmie Teter, Reporter; Kelvin Harris, Sec.; Mike Roberts, Treas; Jackie Lotts, Sentinel; Dennis Fitzgerald, Pres. AGRICULTURE Horticulture AM I Lisa Bayne Laura Belch Donna Buchanan Angie Conner Sherry Cook Shelby Dolly Debbie Dotson Susan Garber Barbara Hensley Joanne Hutchinson Pam Kelly Joyce Miller Chris Moats Tammy Nicely Jeanie Robinson Naomi Veney Becky Williams Horticulture consists of several sub-categories which include floriculture and landscaping maintenance. Each of these sub-categories are one-year programs. Floriculture helps develop skills in growing greenhouse plants and in floral design. Landscape maintenance helps develop skills in caring for shrubs, trees and turfgrass in the landscape setting. Furthermore, Horticulture mechanics is the ability to safely use horticulture chemicals and equipment, which is an important part of this training program. Terry Argenbright Dennis Fitzgerald Kelvin Harris Roger Head Jackie Lotts David Reeder Mike Roberts Jimmie Teter 9 BUSINESS Senior Intensified Program The Senior Intensified Program, entitled General Office Clerk, is designed to develop competencies in general office procedures such as filing, receptionist duties, communication, duplicating, record keeping, typewriting, office machines, mailing and shipping and processing data. Positions that students may be able to secure upon finishing this program include such jobs as file clerk, receptionist, clerk-typist, general office clerk, machines operator and records clerk. Janey Brooks Yvette Bruce Lisa Campbell Karen Coffey Shon Coffey Cindy Colvin Kathy Conner Donna Davis Becky Davis Cheryl Herring Cheri Hevener Sharon Lowry Jeanette Miller Pam Moyer Sandra Riley Tammy Talbott Audry Washington Kim Weatherholtz Karen Welcher Debbie Williams Accounting Data Processing I Lori Burnett Sheryl Cleveland Amanda Harris Kim Harris Lisa Helmick Donna Howell Michelle Hypes Lori Menefee Lisa Reid Wanda Simmons Lois Sorrells Sherry Sprouse Mike Stump An APPLE a day keeps the auditors away. An APPLE II computer will “a- peel” to you and so will the Data Processing program at Valley Tech. Who knows? Enroll and you might pick up a nickname like Nasty, CowPatty, Ironface, or Flash — or maybe something even better. 12 Accounting Data Processing PM John Bazan Lisa Crickenberger Lisa Davis Cheri Downs Phyllis Faulkner Kim Fields Cheryl Harris Marie Heflin Michelle Henderson Patty Johnson Kim Kelley Richard Long Rose Moody Sandra Perkins Tracy Puckett Karne Quick Andrea Redard Sandra Sensabaugh Jackie Schermerhorn Lori Swisher Lisa Tomlin Anesta Vincent Yvonne Winston The Accounting Date Processing department at Valley Tech is not just another “Radio Shack”! The music it plays is to the tune of accounting, data entry, business math, business law, programming, and many other popular hits! Tune in by enrolling in the program. 73 Dana Blackwell Kim Brownlee Jeannie Chandler Tammy Davis Teresa Fisher Monica Humphreys Elizabeth Jackson Lori Kelley Penny Martin Lori McAuley Johanna McDaniel Lisa Painter Sherry Payne Cindy Shifflett Rhonda Sorrells Darla Sprouse Patty Sumner Lisa Washington Carol White Valerie Witt Clerk-Typist I The Clerical students work toward success in the future business world. We are determined to be the best there ever was. We take our training seriously and hope that we will be prepared to grow with the future. 14 Clerk-Typist II Angela Bruce Cindi Coffman Monica Cook Sandra Dill Debbie Forbus Karen Foxx Sandra Kisamore Chris Monroe Cherie Nuckols Tammy Randolph Brenda Simmons Charlene Spears Robin Walto n 15 Accounting Data Processing I Susan Bazan Sharon Byrd Barbara Cline Myra Dean Kari Fitzgerald Linda Ford Cathy Harris Rebecca Hinnant Lorraine Jones Carla Kelly Melissa Monroe Lisa Morris Debbie Sledge Tammy Stump The first year of the Accounting Data Processing program includes training on office machines such as the ten-key adding machine, printing calculator, and display calculator. The program also includes Business Math, Keypunch, Accounting, and Data Processing. The last nine weeks of the year includes an Accounting practice set. 16 Clerk-Typist Robin Archembeault Vickie Boyd Cindy Braunworth Marcella Brolia Terese Coffey Shannon Ellinger Anita Marshall Robin Perry Susan Ryder Kim Shull Pamela Sitter The Clerical program includes a lot of typing, but we also do other things such as filing, Math, spelling, and record keeping. The highlight of the last nine weeks of the year is working in an office simulation. Each student works as an employee of the Lester Hill Corporation. 17 Secretarial I Susan Baldwin Carolyn Burtner Gina Campbell Betty Claytor Kimberly Driver Bessie Duff Tammy Frazier Susan Gigandet Lisa Helmick Vicky Hill Sue Ellen Lloyd Tracy Myers Lori Neighbors Donna Shull Theresa Smith Amy Sprouse Linnea Tallman Christina Williams Elizabeth Wime Jessie Woodard Roberta Wright The Secretarial program is a two-year course preparing prospective office workers for careers in a variety of office environments. Students study topics such as typing, shorthand, secretarial procedures, and work with many different types of specialized machines. 18 Secretarial II Teresa Coffey Jennifer Cook Debra Desper Dana Huffman Tammy Miller Penny Shifflett Lisa Watson Barbara Wilt Kim Wimmer Tawnya Wright Second-year students refine and improve their basic skills, intergrate what they ha ve learned into simulated office work, and learn the basics of work processing. An important part of the program is learning to set priorities and meet work deadlines. 19 HEALTH OCCUPATIONS Health Assistance There they are! These Angels of Mercy ready to serve in their finest tradition. Job opportunities are more numerous than ever before for health occupation services. We hope industry continues to increase in this area to make more jobs available for them. ■ Vanessa Arehart Cynthia Bowling Abbie Branch Eileen Brooks Lisa Brooks Nancy Cox Rebecca Cross Kelly Diehl Rebecca Ellinger April Fridley, Donna Goodwin Judy Guffy Lisa Hatter Karen Helms Amy Hostetter Grace Jordan Sherry King Linda Koiner Billie Miklos Lisa Morris Veronica Salisburg Patricia Shifflett Leslie Simmons Lisa Wheeler Vonda Wikel Cynthia Wood 21 Pre Clinical Jean Ballew Julie Bartley Joan Carickoff Tracy Castle Barbara Crawford Nora Cross Angela Cupp Vanessa Downs Angela Farmer Laura Frazier Kimberly Fry Angela Furr Susan Greene Dennetta Hale Gale Herring Connie Johnson Elizabeth Kelly Freda Kirby Sandra Kirk Susan McDaniel Terry McLain Denise Ramsey Marilou Redmond Michelle Revier Sarah Rosen Carolyn Simmons Michelle Simmons John Slusser Stephanie Stagner Kim Steiner Christine Swann Terese Swortzel Charlene Tetreault Barbara Thornton Etta Tyler Karen Warren Terese Wilberger Hope Woods 22 Clinical Ernest Barella Shirley Berry Martha Bosserman Terry Burner Becky Clark Carol Curry Carolyn Diehl Sue V. Diehl Joanne Hagwood Kim Hagwood Naomi Harris Luke Henson The Health Assistant program consists of nine months. The theoretical part is taught in the classroom with laboratory practice. The clinical part is taught second semester in various clinical facilities in the area. Ross Hoadley Cora Hoffman Shirley Hunt Jennifer Jones Suetta Lang Pollyanna Latham Peggy McGough Sylvia McNeal Millie Mathews Jeannetta Miller Sue Potter Robyn Sine Rita Sorey Linda Thornton Marie Walton 23 COSMETOLOGY PM Cosmetology I Bobbie Atkins Wanda Banas Karne Cash Kim Davidson Terry Dinkle Penny Fitzgerald Cindy Grimes Teresa Hareford Vickie Howdyshell Redith Johnson Margie Jones Teresa Kelly Carla Mickens Susan Morris on Michelle Rodgers Carolyn Rowe Michele Via Karen Zimmerman 25 Cosmetology AM Penny Atkins Frances Berry Teri Braden Dorcus Fisher Trina Fitzgerald Kristi Fletcher Kim Halterman Robin Hartman Cheryl Henderson Lisa Johnson Amerylis Meek Mary Merchant Tina Moats Dean Simmons Teresa Wilt 26 Cosmetology PM NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Teresa Bayne Paula Cash Sherri Chittum Dee Dee Dunaway Lisa Gibson Lisa Losh Zoe Hypes Mary Moses Paula Ross Becky Sheaves Robin Sprouse Susan Taylor Phyllis Varner Daha Wagner 27 Cosmetology I AM Lynn Aleshire Angela Braden Arbanna Byrd Teresa Carter Penny Depoy Robyn Evans Crystal Fishers Laura Fitzgerald Tandy Fix Sheila Funk Audra Hemp Annetta Maddox Ronda Mason Kimberly Moyer Dawn Sheridan Lori Sprouse Melissia Tayman Terri Williamson Cosmetology is a skill that can teach individuals to develop pleasing personalities and good grooming habits. The students learn how to please different tastes and fashions. Much of the class time is consumed the first year working on each other. The remainder is used on manakins and in the classroom. 28 Cosmetology Cosmotology personnel spearheaded the idea of a VICA float for the Christmas Parade again this year. Under the leadership of Cheryl Henderson and Trina Fitzgerald, the float won second place in the Waynesboro parade held December 4, 1982. Congratulations!! Does this prove that beauty and brains exist in the same cranium? Melinda Allen Deborah Bayne Shelby Beverly Doris Bottenfield Lisa Burdette Sharon Campbell Coleen Harrigen Wanda Gaines Brenda Ruley Lisa Sprouse Mary Stephenson Donna Via April Vincent Charlene Wood 29 Auto Body I Troy Adler Kevin Allen Jeffrey Bell Ashby Cash Timothy Cash Keith Cox Tony Duncan Robert Funk Holland Hart Chris Hise Luther Hite Daniel Hyden Troy Jenkins Randy Lockridge Boyd Losh Tim Loving Mark Rexrode Mark Stelle Auto Body is the reparing of the bodies of damaged or wrecked vehicles. All the projects of Auto Body are customer cars and school vehicles. An example of this is one of this year’s vehicles including the VVTC van. They prepared this van for the Christmas Parade. All in all, these students are capable of entering the auto body field at the entrance level. Some have opened shops after graduating and have been very successful. 30 Auto Body PM Mark Baber Amanda Bosserman Marion Brown Wesley Cline Tammy Fitzgerald Ronald Hudson Michael Johnson Doug Kincaid John Lotts Ricky Morris David Perry Malcolm Plummer Samuel Spitler Jerry Stickler Gene Thomas Roger Tisdale 31 (pm! Auto Mechanics I si Michael Archambeault Richard Beardsworht John Brooks Jeff Brower Mike Byrd Ricky Cash Jay Elliott Robert Foxx Tommy Fraziei Jeff Holden Everette Husse John Kelly Dennis Long Joe Parady Chris Rankin Deborah Reed Brian Simmons Charlie Smallwood Nelson Sours Phillip Tomey Bryan Ware Nathan Ware Sidney Washington 32 Auto Mechanics II Kevin Almarode Joseph Botkins Tim Botkins Michael Brown Robert Craun Michael Fix Patrick Harrigan Brian Kirby Steve Maiden Tim Meek Daniel Myers Miles Orndorff Gary Powell Michael Puffenbarger Thomas Seay Michael Shields David Sours Clay Via Scott Arey Wendell Bryant Rory Cash Dennis Click Douglas Corbin Larry Dull Tim Hanger Andy Painter Dwayne Painter Pat Patterson A. D. Powell Victor Rutledge Jimmy Sheffer John Simmons William Vest Jeff Warner Randall Wimer 33 Carpentry I Michael Adams Kevin Breeden Robert Carden George Coffey Kim Colvin Sam East John Eckard David Griffin Fred Harper Sam Henderson Kirt Jackson Joyce Landes Steven Lloyd Mike Massie Stacey Mitchell Keith Norman Eddie Simmons Junior Thompson Robert Wilhelm Mark Windsor ( Carpentry II Melvin Arehart Brian Blacka Trent Bower Richard Brown Darren Carey Scott Clark Tammy Drumheller Mark Glenn Shari Hippeard Joy Lipes Timmy Martin Terry Peters Bobby Quickel David Ritchie Lee Spears Jimmy Taylor Chris Tinsley Lisa Welcher Carpentry students are taught the art of cutting, framing, and joining lumber in order to construct houses and storage buildings. This program also enables the students to learn how to safely use hand and power tools. Perhaps the most effective part of the student’s learning concerning carpentry, is the first-hand experience he receives. 35 Chuck Anderson Tim Blackwell Tera Brown Karel Dill Billy Groah Tom Henderson Shari Henkel Leann Picciolo Wendel Thompson Jim Varney Todd Wood Drafting I Drafting machines, drawing instruments, scales and vellum are among the new and strange materials and machines we were introduced to. We are told that if we learn to use these properly this year, we’ll be allowed to return next year. Do you think we have the right info? Drafting PM II Jawana Almquist Gary Baker Jay Burkholder Mike Crum Westley Davis Dave Halterman Daniel Irving Allan Johnson John Meek Doug Morra Lowell Palmer Randy Patterson Steve Thomas Tom Rivenback Diane Vest Marty Walter Todd Wolfe Learning to communicate, expressing ideas graphically, modifying ideas of others to conform with trends and needs — that’s what drafting is all about. Learning to develop a profile that projects accuracy, neatness and clarity is a part of one’s total experiences. 37 Food Service A.M. Lisa Bryant Sharon Campbell Debbie Floyd Cindy Gibson Beth Graham John Kelly Melanie Propst Donna Puffenbarger The food service department trains students to manage, prepare, and serve food to people in such places as restaurants, hotels, schools, etc. Students prepare and serve this school’s staff each Tuesday at lunch. We are baking items for Thanksgiving and Christmas to sell to the staff, student body and public. This program trains students for employment in the hospitality industry. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Food Service P.M. Pretrea Alford Tammy Brooks Fay Cayner Esther Dobson Alice Fishbough Mary Lowery Sam McCray Sarah Myers Lisa Payne Kathy Porter Cynthia Sprouse Tina Sprouse Linda Strickler Jennifer Yarner Terry Woodell 38 Electronics I Duane Chase Gary Cook Wade Dares Rodney Hall Robert Lafferty Stacy Lawhorn Mark Martin Sean Poole Rob Powell Joe Ralston Towanda Randolph Byron Smith Gregg Tilles Rick Wilkins Eric Yates Electronics II Kevin Arehart John Burnett James Caldwell Harry Dice James Miller Tony Painter Gary Siron Drew Stephenson 39 Donald Arey Ernest Balser Michael Basham David Bibb Wayt Campbell Jeffrey Cash Gregory Dovel Douglas Ellinger Preston Fitzgerald James Kyle Randy Meek Freddy Parsons George Price Brian Pryor Kevin Shiplett Donald Spradlin Timothy Warren Douglas Windsor Electricity AM 40 Electricity II Jeff Bower Ronald Brown Dennis Collown Robin Corbin John Glover Charles Harris Matt Huffman Troy Lewis Anthony Puckett Michael Shifflett John Smith Tony Smith Marshall Thomas • ' § Electricity students draw cable layouts, circuit patterns and switch locations for wiring the house which the Carpentry Department builds. Students also service bulb replacement needs and install some of the new circuitry at VVTC. When the wiring is finished, it is inspected by the County Electrical Inspector. 41 until V Industrial Mechanics Dale Earhart Graylin Fauver Edward Floyd Joseph Gering Eugene Lipes Dwayne Rouss Allen Strickler Sam Summers Timmy Taylor Chris Rothgeb Industrial Mechanics is a new program for VVTC designed to train students in the fundamental principles of the maintenance and repair of industrial, commercial and domestic equipment. Emphasis will be on commercial and industrial equipment. Some areas of instruction will cover air conditioning, refrigeration, controls, electrical principles, principles of mechanics, mechanical tools, soldering and brazing, and installation. Students will be trained to diagnose problems and make necessary repairs. Billy Bragg Anthony Bashlor Allen Coffey Joe Flail Scott Hull James Johnson Alton Maxwell Charles Reed Paul Roadcap Todd Sours Brent Wood 42 Heating And Air Conditioning II Paul Bird Kenneth Bryant Jerry Conner Kenneth Dameron Corbett Durrett Jeffrey Farmer Brian Hulse Ward McDonald Alan Michael Stacy Stagner Exhaust fan and changing air filters is aprt of the training you would receive if you were enrolled in the Heating and Air Conditioning class at VVTC. Refrigerators, freezers and window air conditioners are also repaired and tested for their performance. 43 Machine Shop I Thomas Abshire Robert Burgener James Daggy Jerry Davis Chris Drumheller Timmy Easter Timmie Grove Gregory Hughes Scott Lunsford Robert McGriffin Darrell Parr Charles Pomphrey Cecil Redifer James Sheaffer Ricky Sheffer Dale Smith Ira Stark Need a job? Take Machine Shop! 90% of all machine shop graduates are placed on a job in machine shops as machine operators, machinists apprentices and tool and die maker apprentices. Some enter the Navy Machinest School which is difficult to qualify for. Students who do well in machine shop may continue their education with advanced credit in a community college and receive a 2-year Associates degree in machine or mechanical technology. 44 Machine Shop II Greg Campbell Stuart Cash David Clem Steven Fridley Greg Gochenoer Allen Hensley Kevin Marshall Rodney Perry Toby Roadcap Alfred Rowe Michael Sellers Joseph Spraker Phillip Williams 45 Masonry I William Bussard Mike Cash Phil Coffey Ernest Dorcus Robbie Fisher Jeff Good Danny Jacobs Scott Moffett Dan Sanford Renard Sease Mike Toye Scott VanFossen Eric Washington 46 Masonry II Mike Blosser Curtis Bosserman Jeff Brooks Allen Desper Butch Dunnioom Roy Floyd Jody Fox Dean Gilbertson Curtis Jackson Rick McCabe Charlie Miller Shawn Ott Scott Ryan Lee Simmons Mickey Strickler Clyde Sweet Clay Taylor In Masonry, the students learn to use the basic tools of the trade in the development of various brick and block layout skills. The two-year program prepares the students for an apprenticeship in the masonry trade. This year, students had hands-on experience building a block partition in the electronic department. 47 Metal-Fabrication I Jeff Burdette Troy Coleman Travis Dameron Thomas Fitzgerald Wlter Hamilton Jeff Head Charles Jarvis Larry Lewis Cecil Liptrap Earl McCray Donald Stephens George Sullivan Michael Truslow Patrick Wade John Willis Metal Fabrication is taught to make useful products from many types of metals. They fabricate many products such as tool boxes, Ventilation covers and many other items. 48 Metal Fabrication II Greg Campbell Jeff Cleveland James Coffey Timothy Duncan Thomas Fitzgerald Scott Harris Wayne Harvey David Northedge Michael Proffitt Dana Ralston James Reiber Michael Taylor Welding, bending, shaping and cutting steel is a vital part of what we do in the metal trades. We enjoy working together to accomplish work provided for us. Safety is also an important part of our instruction. 49 ; mmm? ETP Staff John S. Long, Principal Jake Baker, V. Principal Ken Downey, Counselor Sharon Brumbaugh, WECEP Coordinator Roger Morgan, Custodian Vivian Clark, Secretary Instructors The purpose of the Employment Training Program is to provide an alternative method for educable mentally retarded, emotionally disturbed, learning disabled, trainable mentally retarded, marketable vocational skills and necessary life skills in order that they might become productive citizens. The Employment Training Program currently has 274 students involved in the eleven programs with potential growth to exceed 500 students. Jack Cross Joan Sathe Rebecca Downey Berchie Haycock Mitchell Reynolds Betty Bottenfield Robert Campbell Charles Gilmore Glen Binion Charles Cummings Dennis Gilmer Willie McNeal 51 ETP Darlene Baber Martha Baird Mike Britt Rebecca Cale June Colvin Denise Cash Norma Comer Terese Davis Peggy Fawcett Ira Fridley Chuck Harris Penny Harris Cedric Jones Richard Kenne dy John Kurt Sean Linen Anne McCarthy Betty Puffenbarger Joyce Rankin Leta Richardson Donnie Simmons Joe Snyder Tyrone Stuart Terry Stump Karen Thompson Susan Thornton Adrianne Thyer Chris Tinsley Sarah Trent Debbie Varner Kevin Wallace Richard Whetzel Tammy White Ted Whitmer Sherry Wood Vicky Woolright 52 ETP Otis Ailsworth Mary Barbour Richard Bell Tracy Bell Dorothy Black Chris Brown James Brown Phillip Burtner Danny Canady Edward Dawson Elkston Diggs Harvey Dudley Steve Fretwell Donnie Green Frances Johnston James Johnston Kin Johnston Ann Lotts Eddie Miller Penny Morris Roger Nicholas John Nuckoles Jeff Painter Eddie Rexrode Teresa Rowe Larry Royer Jerry Saunder Hope Shifflett Lisa Simmons Nancy Simons Lisa Sprouse Keith Watts Jimmy Wheeler David White Roy Whitley Kenny Wyant 53 ETP Connie Back Johnnie Campbell Michael Campbell Carol Colvin Tony Dooms Darrell Edwards Paul Eustler James Harman Patricia Hise Everette Hobson Larry Huntley Tammy Jarvis Tim Kelley Guy Landrum Linda Lawton Debbie Marshal Glen Matheny Allen Miller Cassie Miller Eric Pence Michael Phillip Robert Register Gary Royer Jeff Sensabaugh Kenny Shover John Shiflett Lee Shiplett Parscilla Shoey Carl Simmons David Taylor Michael Williams Betty Wood Jeff Bennett Jimmy Shorter Loretta Jones Kenny Kestner 54 ETP David Abshire Robert Berry Tracy Bowler Bonnie Buchanan Peggy Campbell Cliff Clark Mira Clark Loretta Conner Allen Cox Melody Dalton Charles Dameron Mike Everest Tammy Fitzwater Bonnie Gardner Tammy Gardner Mike Gregory Chester Kestner Cindy Keyser Marc Lawson William Lawson Susan Massie Trina Miller Brenda Montgomery Shaun Myers John Ray Donald Smith Valerie Smith Ida Sprouse Wanter Stinnett Wayne Tayler Nerbert Tyler Tammy Terry Bonnie Waller Kimberly Wright Tina Perry John Miller 55 ETP Susan Amos Joe Back Greg Bailey Clay Bartley Tim Berry Daniel Bottenfield Debbie Bryant Cynthia Burden Darryl Campbell Vernie Carrico Tony Coffey John Crawford Cheryl Duff Billy Dunnivan Ronnie Everett Robin Farrar Vonda Givens Peter Griffin Leon Huffer Edward Jones Tina Kier William Knight Tommy Lambert Ruth Mawyer Dale McCray Tracy Mitchell Randy Morris Frances Morrison Teresa Napier Chester Riley Jessie Robertson Teresa Rowe Curtis Shuey Gary Sprouse Mary Taylor Donnie Fridley Lisa Truslow Kevin Warren Harold Wells Tammy White Jeff Wright Tony Wyant 56 AUGUSTA COUNTY LIBRARY 3 31 20 5095 454 REFERENCE For Reference Not to be taken from this room

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