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Valley Vocational Technical School - Specialists Yearbook (Fishersville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1981 volume:

r ■!.. WH.BUfl Wide World Photos FINAL EDITION 1980-1981 VOL. 1 PG. 1 CLOSE-UP OF SATURN - An unmanned spacecraft named Voyager I sailed past Saturn, sending us photos of a previously unknown planet. LANDSLIDE VICTORY - After 12 conservatism and swept Jimmy Carter years of trying, Ronald Reagan out of the White House with a surprise harnessed a time-for-change landslide at the polls. LAS VEGAS CASINO BURNS - The second worst hotel fire in U.S. history killed 84 and injured 500 at the MGM Grand Hotel. The fire alerted people to the fact old fire safety controls may not be keeping pace with fire control problems in high-rise buildings. GOLD ME DALIST - At the Winter Olympics in New York, Eric Heiden captured five gold medals in an unprecedented sweep of the men’s speed skating events. DURANTE DIES - Jimmy Durante parlayed his big nose and sunny affability into a 60-year career spanning entertainment all the way from vaudeville to television. He was 86. FINAL EDITION 1980-1981 VOL 1 PG 2 BASEBALL’S TOP HITTER - Kansas City Royals third baseman, George Brett, wrapped up the season with a phenomenal batting average just short of .400 and was voted the A. L.’s most valuable player. His team lost the World Series to the Philadelphia Phillies. BRUSH FIRES - A wall of fire headed toward the campus of California at San Bernadino — one of several brush fires that raced through Southern California, destroying over 30,000 acres and over 100 homes. BAILING-OUT CHRYSLER - President Carter shook hands with Chrysler Chairman Lee laccocca in May after signing a $1.5 billion federal loan to keep the nation’s third largest auto- IRAN, IRAQ DECLARE WAR - Iran became sufficiently weakened by worldwide repercussions over the seizure of the American Embassy and became a feasible target for neighboring Iraq. maker afloat. When their 1981 line didn’t sell as predicted, the corporation started looking for further federal generosity. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE - The hopes of a generation were summed up in John Lennon’s poetic lyrics. The former Beatle was shot and killed on the steps of his New York apartment, causing a worldwide outpouring of grief. WHO SHOT J.R.? - Over 83 million Americans turned on their TV’s one Friday night in November to find out who shot J.R. Ewing, the dastardly double-dealer of CBS’ “Dallas.” The episode had the highest ratings in te ' evisio Hi ta County Library 1759 Jefferson Hwy. Fishersville, VA 22939 540-885-3961 540-949-6354 Dedication Harry C. Smith Because of his fine performance as a teacher and personal interest in his students and fellow workers here at Valley Voca¬ tional Technical Center, we dedicate the 1981 Specialist Edition to him. The Specialists . ■ ' ■ ' ' ■ . ■ . s. WMfaMMt - ' i—r.,, 5 . S© aMU?? ' ' ■ ' s ' ■- . ., »■ _• ' . .. ’ jk ,- A “ ' ipS r ■ ' if ' £ ? ■ ; - :•. .r .. . £ • V1CA Tony Campbell, Parliamentarian: Christine Mullins, Reporter: Doug Swartz, Secretary: Gary Huffman, President: Terry Fretwell, Vice-President: Dennis Fisher, Treasurer Bobby Snyder, Vice-President: Sandy Woods, Secretary: West Bean, President: Niann Cash, Reporter: James Braxton, Parliamentarian: Jeff Marks, Treasurer (Not Pictured) FBLA Anita Shifflett, 3rd Vice-President: Debbie Louderback, Assistant Reporter: Regina Ruckman, 2nd Vice-President: Penny Varner, Assistant Secretary: Teresa Wood, Assistant Sentinel: Lavonne Griffin, Assistant Treasurer (Not Pictured) Scott May, Sentinel: Carla Cash, Reporter: Lewis Wiseman, President: Jerry Campbell, Vice-President: Robin Sandridge, Secretary: Debbie Rosen, Treasurer FFA Sandy Stump, President: Candi Mullins, Vice- President: Susan Boxler, Secretary: Aronda Peyton, Reporter: Kelly Mawyer, Historian: Connie McGarth, Parliamentarian Front Row - L-R Cathy Weeks, Secretary, Kim Collie, Treasurer: Wendy Shircliff, Historian: Rita Johnson, Reporter 4 Back Row - L-R Bill Drumheller - President: Roy Griffin, Vice-President: Paul Hartman, Parliamentarian Specialist Staff Don Grey, Greg Tutwiler, Allan Huffman, Valerie Fairweather, Harry Devore, Gary Taylor Graylin Huggard, Trina Locklear, Tommy Newman, Trace Breeden, Robert Starkey, Tim Ross, John Cox, David Wilkins, Mike Desper, Danny Halloway Technigram Staff Front Row: Tracey Rittenhouse, Sherry DeWitt, Cassandra Barber, Pat Robertson, Vicki Gwin, Priscilla McCray, Lorraine Merchant, Shelly Doyle, Cathy Weeks, Janice Martin, Karen Humphreys, Donna Leach, DeLisa Fisher. Back Row: Rita Johnson, Kim Collie, Beverly Washington, Penny Harper, Shirley Hutchinson, Lisa Stevens, Jane Oliver, Donna Campbell, Carolyn Fisher, Julie Sorrells, Audrey Braxton, Sheila Miller, Shelly Reeder t ' VO-TECH 6 7 Metal Fabrication AM Mark Rodgers Troy Hagwood Billy Clark Cary Huffman Victor Ruleman John Dornisch Bobby Bishop Roger Boling Howard Deavor Chip Taylor Kevin Strickler Dale Earhart Mark Zawhordony Tim Bradiy Ronald Rohr Jeff Redifer Charles Reese Bobby Snell Robert Cook David Kirby Jeff Adkins Thomas Fauber Steve Carter 9 Metal Fabrication PM Reggie Benson Tim Landes Tony Campbell Greg Harner Jerry McCray Tom Wright Mike Campbell Kevin Burns Walter Smith Tracy Flesher Rod Cline Jeff Batton Greg Glendye Kenny Koogler Kenny Sims Ray Lambert i 10 Masonry I AM Eric Woods Ricky Stogdale Ricky Powell Rodger Morgan Doug Brydge Tony Darcus Jeff Hassler Dean Gilbertson Don Gibson Chuck Hutchinson Harvey Eckard Scott Fowler Jim Brooks Doug Ayers 11 Masonry PM Sherman Johnson Joseph Cox Neil Hanger Brent Brown Randy Jenkins Arthur Hoover Richard Doherty Steve Switzer Kevin Lawhorne Doug Dull Mark Vandevander Mark Whitecotton Jeff Hayes David Wood James Fravel Gary Carter Darrel Ramsey Robbie Via Willie Knott Steve Sharp Wes Bean Wayne Via Doug McGuffin 12 Machine Shop AM Machine Shop PM Jeff McDaniel Thanh Pham Tray Day Jeff Flavin Ronnie Grove Joey Simmons Danny Martin Randall Herron Randy Vandevander Mike Bassman Greg Baska Mike Spradlin Tony Henninger Timmy Decker Terry Kier Mike Sheton Denny Sheffer Harold Massie Scot Tinsley Paul Landes Darrell Meek Allan Pullin Vernon Stewart Patrick Shield John Cash Matt Benson John Simmons Phillip Harper Dennis Nelson Alvin Tidd Brian Hamshaw Barry Hildebrand 13 Heating Conditioning AM Scott Hale Tommy Weade Jeff Cook Tony Campbell Rick Wampler Brian Seal Morris Henderson Jeff Moore David Gay Doug Cox Mark Reeder Pete Talley Heating Conditioning PM Dale Mullins David Rowe Greg Meade Stephen Smith Mike Dotson Willy Armstrong Dale Taylor Mike Fitzgerald Jeff Nelson Glen Bottenfield Tim Crum Trent Humphries Jeff Henderson Pictures Not Available 14 Food Service AM Judy Brooks Ann Parrish Dawn Puckett Rita Gillis Jessie Spears Cindy Cason Robin Crawford Debbie Davis Tina Harris Dori Washington Brenda Campbell Bobby Sprouse Lora Riley Food Service PM Pat Lawhorne Nancy Pitsenbarger Dennis Smith Rusty Nelson Darlene Miller Melodie Hawse Tina Comer Tommy Smith Jenny Will Tom Rohr Wayne Barkley Tom Hite Cheryl Dotson Shelia Morris 15 Electronics I AM Dewey Layman Bruce Conner Gordon Hall Mark Wade David Critzer Scott Hatter Milton McCauley Terry Howard Roger Sweet Pat Cline Mike Fitzgerald Jeff Childress Gene Shifflett Bryan Cole Mike Dunne Mike Cacciapaglia Bruce Humphreys Leonard Cross Electronics 11 PM Tim Gregory Charles Campbell Don Whitmer Mike Martin Jeff Marks Rod Nuckoles 16 Electricity I AM i Bobby Snyder Electricity II PM Frank Herron Randy Conner James Sorrells Doug Swartz Buddy Mayo Derek Alexander Scott Fisher Doug Waggy Dean Keesecker Randy Petry Mike Cash Dennis Fisher Tim Cupp Larry Lucas Tracy Huffer Tony Gale Michael Hudlow Ricky Arnold Jeff Gordon Creed Collins Wayne Crickenberger Gary Craun Monty Sellers Mark Good David Karicofe J. R. Fitzgerald Mike Clindenst John Price Daniel Eavey Wayne George Todd Ross Ronnie Hoffman 17 Valerie Fairweather Larry White Don Gray Gary Taylor Allan Fluffman Mike Whitmire Eric Thompson Tom Edwards Greg Tutwiler Harry Devore Darryl Riddle Robert Starkey Graylin Huggard Robbie Morris Terry Smith John Cox Danny Holloway David Wilkins Trace Breeden Mike Cook Mike Desper Mike Groah Stuart Benson Thomas Newman Tim Ross Trina Locklear Drafting 1 AM 18 Cosmetology II AM Joanie Harris Doris Hamilton Rena Tisdale Pam Thayer Faye Fitzgerald Terese Huntley Ingrid Hodge Anita Breeden Chris Mullins Susan Fix Becky Gray Cosmetology I PM Terry Snyder Sharon Harvey Jennie Helmick Teri Braden Kristy Fletcher Susie Morris Pammie Cousins Kim Halterman Vonda Robertson Tonja Spears Tina Moats Robin Noland Tammy Stokes Valarie Fridley 19 Kelly Craig Doreen Loucks Lisa Johnson Dean Simmons Dorcas Fisher Penny Atkins Teresa Wilt Lisa Shifflett Debbie Sheets Tina Fitzgerald Carol Wimmer Paula Staples Michele Beverage Cheryl Henderson Mary Merchant Amerylis Meek Cosmetology I AM Donna Warren Susan Reese Sandra Desper Annette Colvin Sandra Woods Teresa Sheffey Kara Riley Kay Moore Niann Cash Sharon Bosserman Janice Brown Donna Morris Tammy Carter Barbara Sprouse Vanessa Campbell Kim Childress Lisa Allen Sherri Smith Mary Claytor Sheila Lumsden Fonda Moomau Cosmetology II PM 20 Cosmetology II AM Heidi Truslow Sharon McCutcheon Debbie Colvin Tammy Lowery Kaye Harris Teresa Parrish Donna Shull Danette Ruleman Dana VanFossen Sharon Adkins Katy Hutchinson Sharon Henderson Pam Long Debbie Alford Kalise Hershey Angela Wallace Jennifer Jones Tammy Mays Paula Bowie Lesley Jones Sherry Cash 21 Carpentry I AM Adwin Hodge Michael Hendrick Robert Nuckoles James Jones William Schmidt Edwin Bistel Carl Shover David Willis Chris Brown Carella Wallace Mike Beasley Mark Robertson Todd Shifflett Mike Carter Quintin Garber Terry Fretwell David Heizer Tim Rexrode Mike Guertler Scott Wine Ronny Truxell 22 Carpentry 11 PM Randy Leach Steve Bazzrea Becky Roadcap Joe Smiley J. W. Snelson 23 Auto Mechanics I AM Layton Warble Ricky Fisher Claude Gibson Robert Wine Ronald Lockridge Leon Shiplett Bob VanFossen Gary Rubush Gorman Allen Scott Black Matt Woods Allen Strickler Charles Howdyshell Dwight Craig Steve Link Tom Hagwood Scott Padgett Doug Gilmer Scott Kincaid Jeff Sheaves 24 Auto Mechanics I PM Kenneth Kesterson Danny Roberts Greg Bishop Benji Cash Charles Newman Graylin Fauver Lee Deacon Don Flipping Marvin Painter Daryl Talley Allen Coyner Eric Payne Ronnie Campbell Tim Williams David Campbell Greg Mayo Mike Crider Jessie Shaver Tom Austin 25 Auto Mechanics II AM Wayne Steppe Douglas Proffitt Mike Fitzgerald Paul Norris Mike Pitsenbarger Todd Ott Jeff Bragg Kevin Daughtry Mike Lilley Jack Borden Randy Fainter Tim FHevener Darrell Bailey Jeff Miller Baldwin Patterson Mike Riddle Ricky Diehl Marc Gilbert 26 Auto Mechanics II PM Jeff Coffey Danny Hott James Ball Byron Terry Glen Fink Tony Devoe George Obie Jake Coffey Roy Robinson Bruce Wenger Dan McCormick Steve Puffenbarger Allen Beverage Jim Downey John Larner Gary Spangler Stan Hypes Greg White Tommy Barker Mark Kelly Robert Reid 27 Roger Robertson William Strickler Mike Hoover Carlton White William Deaver Adam Huffman Mike Fitzgerald Eddie Holmes Mike Coffey Jeff Bernett J. D. Carroll H. D. Fitzgerald Doug Lowe Bill Jarrett Randall Hemp Paul Harris Clarence Washington Brad Jenkins Auto Body I AM Auto Body II PM Steve East Kevin Wonderly Greg Bosserman Harry Vest Doug Fravel Ricky Landes David Davis Bobby Cash Mark Campbell Eric Dameron Stanley Crenshaw Robin Brooks Mark Koiner 28 Pre-Clinical I AM Melissa Edwards Kim Callison Sandra Harris Cindy Sellers Vicki Rohr Cindy Patterson Leslie Lyons Pam Bayne Ruth Wimer Jessie Howard Rhonda Dedrick Barbara Davidson Melinda Dale Lori Wade Inez Abshire Willa Good Teresa Snyder Berenice Azchanbeault Sharon Fitzgerald Nell Stanley Molley Crowshorn Jean Coiner Barbara Helmick Diane Arms Cora Hoffman Cornelia Cash Kim Campbell Kitty Cummings Ruth Lanum I 30 Clinical AM Jodi Houff Charlotte McAlister Eva Desper Joyce Hulvey Sharon McClung Sonia Short Grace Cook Pam Nutty Diane Alexander Carole Sumner Sharon Meeks Brenda Reese Debbie Thompson Mary Mesfer Teresa Wilson Kathy Ponton Lisa Brooks Dorothy Armstrong Health Assistants PM Yvonda White Lisa Fitzgerald Karen Gilbert Sylvia Carper Ginny Fitzgerald 31 Accounting And Data Processing I AM Janey Cook Barbara Powers Teresa Simmons Sarah Reed Wendy Doyle Becky Critzer Cindy McDaniel Kim Sweet Sarah Cox Cindy Polly Paula Harris Deneen Henderson Accounting And Data Processing II PM 8 Brenda Floyd Marcy Dunnings Karen Davis Frances Cline Wanda Critzer Paul Hartman Georgia Brown Wendy Shircliff Wanda Arey Juanita Spears Sherry Comer Michelle Davis Angel Brooks 33 Accounting Data Processing I AM Karen Foxx Tricia Ruder Sandy Stump Mary Sorrells Cynthia Weeks Penny Campbell Cindi Coffman Michelle Munn Mary Fitzgerald Cindy Bradley Michelle Crickenberger Deana Long Peggy Crist Bill Drumheller Sandra Law Karne Simmons Terri Callison Darlene Downey Roy McCutcheon Brenda Rankin Joy Young Tina Downey Cathi Pfeiffer Debbie Howdyshell Lisa Waybright Roy Griffin ••• .signing Accounting Data Process PM 34 Secretarial I AM Julie Wilmoth Joan Huffman Melinda Niday Pam Moyer Penni Kelley Shawn Robertson Chris Starkey Susan Johnson Anita Burke Rebecca Hanshaw Barbara Waggy Susan Boxler Donna Lilley Julie Wetzel Tina Stephenson Judy Fitzgerald Peggy Bryant Tonya Glenn Kim Shifflett Elizabeth Overcash Katrina Wine Traci Ruleman Judy Plaugher Tammy Ross Donna Faulkner 35 Secretarial II PM Sharon Humphries Dane Collins Lisa Colvin Julie Beach Laurin Sours Kathy Riddle 36 ■wia Clerk Typist I A.M. Karen Hinnant Debbie Will Karen Sheets Dianna Carpenter Kathy Acord Patricia Moats Aronda Peyton Connie McGrath Vickie Ailer Shelly Fretwell Wyatt Courtney Melody Diehl Lisa Benson Sherry Hatter Sandy Goff Tonya Brooks Candy Mullins Donna Johnson Sandy Bunch Carolyn Rodecap Melody Combs Kelly Mawyer Donna Trohaugh Bethel Crummett Shelby Spears 37 Clerk Typist II PM Vicki Gwin Kim Collie Tracey Rittenhouse Cathy Weeks Rita Johnson Lorraine Merchant Carolyn Fisher Sheila Miller Bridge Harper Lori Lipscomb Donna Campbell Julie Sorells Jane Oliver Sherrie Hutchinson 38 Clerk Typist II PM Audrey Braxton Penny Harper Cassandra Barber Patricia Robertson Sherry DeWitt Karen Humphreys DeLisa Fisher Beverly Washington Lisa Stevens Donna Leach Priscilla McCray Janice Martin Shelly Reeder Shelly Doyle 39 Ornamental Horticulture I AM n Horticulture Peggy Helmick Beth Ross Cherri Barney Lavonne Griffin Anita Shifflett Penny Varner Cindy Evans Debbie Louderback Regina Ruckman Mary Marshall Teresa Wood Lillian Woods Doris Byrd Connie Frazier II PM Lewis Wiseman Crystal Miller Jerry Campbell Scott May Dwayne Craig Debbie Rosen Sharon Heizer Debbie Crowe Alice Carpenter Carla Cash Robin Sandridge Jane Seely 41 ETP James Sweet Annabel Smith Robert Scott Ronald Richardson Glenda Harris Dan McGann Eston Howard Ron Burnett Terry Sparks John Koogler Calvin Harris Mark Irvan Will Sprouse Larry Moran Don Donivan Douglas Kincaid Sonya Kidd Dorothy Black Cheryl Thurston Carolyn Bowden Grace Crawford Thomas Madison William Bussard Kim Fix Jasper Simmons J. O. Puffenbarger James Kelbson Sammy Mason Burl Bridge Ricky Brooks Tim Simmons Meledy Plummer Robert Woods Jim Bell Bill Bowden Meade Shuey Gary Botkins 43 ETP David White Mike Robertson Harry Lotts Sue Cabell Nancy Smith Doug Swats Rebecca Simmons Theresa Nuckoles Gary Crawford Penny Grimm Tracy Bownas William Hiner Wayne Taylor Hope Shifflett Myra Clark Cindy Harris Paula Fridley Tracy Ocosta Martha Baird Susan Pforr Jeff Rodenizer Kevin Warren Ricky Hoover Karen Thompson Cindy Hiner Lisa Sprouse Tammy Snyder Ella Anderson Mary Perry Charles Dameron 44 ETP Weldon Young Greg Bailey Jeff Burdette Roger Jones Nettie Salisbury Brenda Ellis Frank Stephenson John Shifflett Doug Dawson John Willis Ervine Sprouse Harvey Dudley Joe Campbell Davey Cline James Hamilton Gary Reese Debbie Dotson Paul Strickley Lisa Bryant Peggy Marshall Jackie Southern Eddie Rexrode Ken Johnston Jimmy Kyle Sam Campbell Eddie Snyder Donnie Stephens Kevin Shiplett Kenny Cupp 45 ETP Scott Eavers Bill Racey Elston Diggs Mike Grogg Amad Bosserman Roosevelt Barbour Phillip Marshall Curtis Lowe Raymond Waitley Terry Smith Daniel Loan Glen Flesher Lori Baker Darlene Rowe Jerry Bryant Kenny Wyant John Tanner Dale Hoffman Cecil Liptrap David Morris Bobby Thompson Ester Smith Mike Fretwell Robert Keyson Charles Brooks Bonnie Buchanan Robert Hewett Sandra Long Sue Hamilton Front Row: Kevin Harris, Sam Henderson, President; Tracy Acosta, Vice-President; Tammy Snyder, Dorothy Black, Secretary; James Dull, Treasurer. Back Row: Danny McGann, Rebecca Simmons, Gary Botkin, Hope Shifflett 46 ETP John Nuckoles Wayne Williams Eve Maybury Teresa Lotts Penny Thurston Alesia Gill Gloria Wells Jeff Sheets Sarah Beverly David Pultz Ann Lotts Sean Linen June Colvin Roger Howdyshell Chuck Harris Susan Thornton Judy Balser Glen Stinnett Billy Helmick William Gardner Kyle Beverage Steven Fauber Warren Hymes Eddie Cason 47 Kenny Clark David Smith Ron Lane Curtis Shuey Donna Buchanan Tommy Johnson ETP Autographs 48 ETP Bill Baker Stefan Brooks Eddie Simmons Ernest Darcus Roger Simmons Curtis Taylor McKline Winston Frankie Tanner Charles Calloway Steve Burch Tracy Bell Art LaPlante Peggy Snello Mike Harris Walter Kane Ericka Fields Lisa White Dorothy Rush 49 Board Of Trustees Board of Trustees: Mr. Leon Harris, Mrs. Marion Claffey, Mr. Robert Wilbur, Mr. Dale Smith, Mr. Boyd Snyder, Mr. Jerry Harris, Dr. Thomas Varner, Super- intendent-in-charge Mr. John S. Long, Principal Mr. Johnnie Moore, Assistant Principal Mr. William P. Vaughn, Voca¬ tional Director Staff CACIS Guidance Adult Ed. Maintenance Mrs. Phyllis Coyner, Clerk; Mr. David Houff, CACIS Director; Mrs. Betsy Curry, Placement; Mr. Wiley Craig, Coordinator, Adult Education; Mr. Luther Frazier, Maintenance Mrs. Ann Rohr, Secretary; Miss Judy Poole, Computer Operator; Mr. James Furr, Guidance; Mr. Sam Saufley, Adult Education; Mr. Kim Maugans, Maintenance Miss Carol Hine , Secretary Gordon McCrea Meade Tusing Clarence Brooks Adis Fultz Frank T. Martin Freida L. Matheney Sue Wiggins Darlene Yeago Paul Hollinger Jean Sheets Nancy Talley Paulette Moore Willie Washington Harry Smith Larry Long Harry Campbell Nancy Cook Linda Heatwole Gloria Hildebrand Patsy Rinehart Carl Swoope Harold Millson Robert Ham Steve Hall 51 ETP Staff John Avoli Ken Downey Berchie Haycock Jacob Baker Vivian Clark Candi Neff Mitchell Reynolds Glen Binion Betty Bottenfield Robert Campbell Jack Cross Charles Charles Cummings Gilmer Jean Sathe Wide World Photos FINAL EDITION 1980-1981 VOL. 1 PG. 3 MOUNT ST. HELENS With a blast comparable to the largest H-Bomb ever tested, Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18. Despite all the warnings, 32 people died and a paralyzing blanket of gray soot dropped over cities, farms and highways as far east as Montana. REFUGEES FLOOD FLORIDA - In a little more than two months, 110,000 Cubans descended upon the United States. The sudden influx forced Florida’s governor to declare a state of emergency. Cuban President Fidel Castro claimed it was to teach the U.S. a lesson for welcoming Cuban hijackers as heroes. THIRD CANDIDATE - Although John Anderson won only a small percentage of the popular vote in the presidential election, he stressed that his campaign was not wasted, “We have put the major parties on notice that they can never again come up with the kind of choices they have this year.” POLISH UNREST - Poland’s striking workers brought down the government and dangerously provoked the Soviet Union. TELEVISION STRIKE Over 1,200 actors went on strike demanding compensation for videocassettes and cable TV. The long-winded strike lasted several months, delaying the new fall programs. FINAL EDITION 1980-1981 ★ VOL. 1 PG. 4 HOCKEY VICTORY - For the first time in 20 years, the American hockey team won the hockey gold medal, defeating the world champion Russian team. The American team had only been playing together for five months. ■rvw ] -4 t I jH •• i ‘SHOGUN’ FEVER - The 12-hour television mini-series captured rare top ratings for NBC. Richard Chamberlin played the lead in the story about 17th century Japan. BORG WINS, AGAIN - Sweden’s Bjorn Borg falls to his knees after beating John McEnroe of the United States to the All England Tennis Championship for the fifth straight year at Wimbleton. THE ABSCAM TRIALS Two of seven Congressmen involved in the ABSCAM trials are shown arriving at Federal Court with their wives to deny charges that they accepted money in exchange for political favors from an FBI agent, posing as an Arab sheik. THE RELEASE OF THE HOSTAGES - A surge of relief, joy and patriotism swept the country when the hostages were released from Iran after 444 days in captivity on Jan. 20, inauguration day. OLYMPIC BOYCOTT - Beauty and pageantry couldn’t hide America’s absence from the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow. A number of ACTOR DIES - Peter Sellers, a mastermind of disguise, played a variety of characters and was lovable in them all, from Inspector Clouseau in the “Pink Panther” films to Chauncey Gardiner in “Being There.” countries boycotted the Games to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. 3 3120 50951 1561 REFERENCE »i ft -I ' MPl fw ?. ■ . i n ; !j. t 1 ' . i 11 ;;; if |fj

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