Valley Vocational Technical School - Specialists Yearbook (Fishersville, VA)

 - Class of 1979

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Valley Vocational Technical School - Specialists Yearbook (Fishersville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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CANAL TREATY RATIFIED 9-7-78. The hotly-debated Panama Canal Treaty is finally ratified by President Carter at the Pan American Union in Washington. He was joined by Panama ' s President Omar Torrijos and officials from the Organization of American States. PAYING THEIR LAST RESPECTS 10-3-78. Among the 400 people attending memorial services for the famed ventriloquist Edgar Bergen were his widow, Frances, and daughter, actress Candice Bergen. CONQUERING THE ATLANTIC 8-17-78 The American balloon Double Eagle II passes the French coast en route t completing the first successful trans-Atlantic balloon crossing. ROYAL WEDDING 6-15-78. King Hussein of Jordan and Queen Nur el Hussein greet friends following their marriage in Amman. The bride is the former Lisa Halaby, a 26-year-old American architect. THREE IN A ROW AT WIMBLEDON 7-8-78. Bjorn Borg of Sweden holds his trophy aloft after winning the Wimbledon Men ' s Singles championship for the third consecutive time. Borg defeated Jimmy Connors of the United States and became only the second man ever to wear the crown three straight years. AN ERA ENDS IN ISRAEL 12-11-78. An honor guard carries the flag-draped coffin of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir to the Israeli Parliament in Jerusalem, where the body was to lie in state. Augusta County Library 1 759 Jefferson Highway Fishersville, VA 22939 540-885-3961 540-949-6354 YOU SHOULD BE DANCIN ' John Travolta ignites on the motion picture screen as an explosive disco kingpin at the peak of his popularity in the film “Saturday Night Fever.” NORMAN ROCKWELL DIES 11-11-78. Friends of the late American artist Norman Rockwell carry his casket from a church in Stockbridge, Mass., following memorial services. For years Rockwell illustrated for the Boy Scout calendar, the Saturday Evening Post and many other publications. BASEBALL ' S MR. EVERYTHING 6-17-78. The New York Yankees ' Ron Guidry strikes out 18 California Angels at Yankee Stadium. He finished the season by winning the American League ' s Cy Young Award and helping the Yankees to a World Series win over the Los Angeles Dodgers. CAMP DAVID ACCORDS FINALIZED 12-7-78. President Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel embrace and President Carter applauds following announcement of the historical peace initiative. The agreement represents a major breakthrough in the 30-year Middle East conflict. Mm S 5 HAW 5° STEELERS REIGN SUPREME 1-21-79. John Stallworth hauls in a touchdown pass from Terry Bradshaw, as Pittsburgh dethrones the Dallas Cowboys 35-31 in Super Bowl XIII. ANTI-SHAH DEMONSTRATORS 12-11-78. Demonstrators fill the streets of Tehran in opposition to the Shah of Iran, whom they claim is a " puppet” of the United States. Marchers called for the Shah ' s overthrow in favor of exiled Moslem leader Ayatullah Khomeini. jMM ' Waynesboro Public Library Waynesboro, v ' v. •• Board Of Trustees Marvin Stoner; Billy Borden; Jerry Harris, Ch. of Board; Kenneth Frank, Supt. in Charge; Virginia Lowe; James Ridenour; Lucy O ' Flaherty. John S. Long Principal Rodney F. Wilkins, Jr. Assistant Principal Instructors William P. Vaughan Local Vocational Director Mr. Jacob E. Baker - Maintenance Re¬ pair, Mr. Hugh T. Baldwin - Auto Me¬ chanics I, Mr. Charles E. Bedall - Orna¬ mental Horticulture, Mr. Clarence A. Brooks - Auto Body, Mr. Albert H. Bryans, Jr. - Macnine Shop, Mr. Harry E. Campbell - Food Service, Mrs. Nancy T. Cook - Practical Nursing, Mrs. Adis W. Fultz - Acc. Data Pro., Mr. Frank M. Gavhart - Metal Fabrication, Mr. J. Donalcf Hanger - Electricity, Mrs. GLoria G. Hildebrand - Practical Nursing, Mr. Paul D. Hollinger - Carpentry, Mr. Larry E. Long - Electronics, Mr. Frank T. Martin - Acc. Data Pro., Mrs. Paulette F. Moore - Cosmetology, Mrs. Patsy S. Rinehart - Practical Nursing, Mrs. Jean D. Sheets - Cosmetology, Mr. Harry C. Smith - Drafting Design, Mr. Kenneth W. Stephens - Maintenance Repair, Mr. Carl J. Swope - Heating Air Cond., Mrs. Mary Ann B. Taliaferro - Practical Nursing, Mrs. Nancy F. Talley - Cosme¬ tology, Mr. Meade W. Tusing - Auto Me¬ chanics II, Mrs. Sue B. Wiggins - Secre¬ tarial, Mrs. Darlene G. Yeago - Clerical CACIS Guidance Mrs. Ann Rohr Secretary ’ W tiy Miss Carol Hiner Secretary Mr. David Houff Director of CACIS Johnnie W. Moore Guidance Placement Maintenance Miss Judy Poole Computer Operator Mrs. Frances B. Long Computer Operator CACIS - Computer As¬ sisted Career Information System - housed in the computer center is in its fourth year. Many of the area junior and senior high schools have a terminal in the guidance department to obtain career and college information from the VVTC computer. Mr. Luther “Buddy " Frazier Mr. Julius Cross 4 FBLA VICA A.M. Officers, Front Row: Pam Roach, Tres.; Tammy Helmick, Pari.; Cindy Rob¬ ertson, Pres.; Back Row: Teresa Clemmer, Sec.; Teresa Thompson, V-Pres.; Karen Brooks, Rep.; Cindy Gum, Hist. UTURE USINESS EADERS MERICA Front Row: Joe White, Rep.; Susan Fix, Pari.; Back Row: David Draper, Pres.; Toni Smith, V-Pres.; Sterling Blackwell, Sec.; Jeff Shifflett, Treas. P.M. Officers, Front Row: Debbie Ashby, Sec.; Teresa Polk, V-Pres.; Holly Shaver, Pres.; Back Row: Sharon Botkin, Treas.; Corey Durrett, Pari.; Teresa Suratt, Rep.; Brenda Curry, Hist. P.M. Officers, Front Row: Scotty Smith, Sec.; Terry Stephenson, Rep., Tammy Taylor, Treas.; Back Row: Harrison Moyers, Pres.; Tommy Truxell, V-Pres.; Steve Custard, Pari. Specialists Staff % F.F.A. F.F.A., A.M. Officers, Front Row: Wanda Massie, Pres.; Terri Smith, V-Pres.; Diana McCary, Sec.; Back Row: Darlene Ross, Tres.; Billy Bartley, Sentinel, Tonya Cox, Rep. F.F.A. Chapter Officers-P.M., Front Row: Glenn Perkins, Sentinel; Elizabeth Driver, Reporter; Wayne Godby, Tres.; Back Row: Susan Bartley, V-Pres.; Teresa Berry, Sec.; Keith Sheffer, Pres. Front Row: Dennis Daugherty, Leonard Hareford, Randy Siron, Jamey Bonaparte, Carolyn Stinnett, Denise Decker, Back Row: Mike Cook, Gara Jones, Eric Mon¬ gold. Technigram Staff: Sherry Coeyman, Doris Taylor, Katherine Moore, Kim Poole, Middle Row: Teresa Patterson, Mignon Wallace, Betty Thompson, Cindy Wood, Back Row: Becky Painter, Laura Han- shaw, Feame Wrenn, Connie Fisher, Rob¬ in Lovegrove. Front Row: David Wolfe, Theresa Klunder, Mike Surratt, Middle Row: Terry Whit¬ lock, Eric Marion, Larry Hendricks, Back Row: C. F. Conner, Keith Pearson, Doug¬ las Partlow. Technigram Staff mm ! ■ ■ . WJSk ■ u WL 0MC. iLiM. K% »V | JBKvi W • iMMP ff ■» i .. % ■ I® ' §L £ IMP W i ® W mamM, - Wmm K1 ’ ' ■■ $■ ?■ .. jfo 1; " . : ' » 1 » ’ iP | » f- II 1 P jig ® Ornamental Horticulture A.M I Diana McCary, Brian Dunne, Wanda Massie Toni Camden, Mike Shull, Terry Smith Debbie Brogan, Susie Strother, Karen Rhodeniser Darlene Ross, Billy Bartley, Debbie Truslow Kim Keesecker, Ricky Gregory, Kathy Harris Donna Alford, Pam Crissman, Tonya Cox Ornamental Horticulture P.M. II Mr. Bedall, Elizabeth Driver Teresa Berry, Pam May, Cindy Chauncey Tommy Leslie, Susan Bartley, Glenn Perkins Dennis Baker, Arden Parr, Ronnie Ball Chuck White, Wayne Godby, Pam Sheffer Mike Hagwood, Keith Sheffer, Randy Lam 12 Accounting And Data Processing A.M. I Pam Roach, Tina Andrews, Trixie Fisher Donald Smith, Mark Bodkin, Muke Ruleman Terrie Ailer, Mary Miller Teresa Zimmerman, Lisa Miller, Beth Booth Thea Bartley, Tammy Helmick, Judy Judy Sheets, Mrs. Fultz, Tammy Helmick Sheets 14 Accounting And Data Processing P.M. II Scott Wood, Joe Fielding, Maurice Walker Diane Cooper, Peggy Halterman, Terri Frye Debbie Ashly, Kimberly Willis, Debbie McCray Corey Durrett, Kathlyn Bonaparte, Brenda Curry Mrs. Fultz, Michelle Glenn 15 Accounting And Data Processing A.M. I Nathan Selph, Penny Acord, Woody Gee Amy Edwards, Sharon Fuller, Sue Switzer sA ft « ft ft A ft I v Lisa Mynes, Vicki Weatherholtz, Lisa Simmons Jerry Painter, Vicki Birch, David Proffitt 16 Accounting And Data Processing P.M. II lixr ■ Charlene Corbin, Sharon Orebaugh, Marcy Mosley Dianne Truxell, Nola Shover, Kathy Claytor mtnaikvmtum Mr. Frank Martin, Karen Gordon, Doris Sensabaugh Tina Patzsch, Sharon Botkin, Barbara Huggard 17 Clerk Typist A.M. I Robin Hoffman, Denise Moody, Jane Dahmer Cindy Sheets, Cindy Robertson, Joyce Sorrells Stephanie Cupp, Tammy Breeden, Frances Janine Riley, Tammy Harris, Lori Folks Roadcap Gale Hepler, Colette Stevenson, Cindy Hawse Cindy Harris, Michele Stokes, Jeanie Calverley 18 Clerk Typist A.M. I VA TECH 44 Vivian Chittum, Diana Kincaid, Tammy Kennedy Vanessa Traylor, Cindy Gum, Sandy Clark 19 Clerk Typist P.M. II Becky Painter, Mignon Wallace, Robin Lovegrove Kim Poole, Feame Wrenn, Sandra White Laura Hanshaw, Doris Taylor, Betty Thompson Teresa Patterson, Sherry Coeyman, Teresa Melton 20 Secretarial A.M. I Cheryl Davis, Karen Jack, Teresa Clemmer Karen Brooks, Peggy Patterson, Sherrie Bradfield Kim Ingram, Sharon Brown, Kathi White 21 Secretarial A.M. I Sheryl Nestor, Tammy Propst, Teresa Thompson Lisa Young, Dianna Boggs, Shirley Mitchell 22 Secretarial P.M. A Teresa Polk, Holly Shaver, Debbie Brooke Donna Byrd, Mrs. Wiggins, Miss Rinaca Loree Coffey, Teresa Surratt, Felecia Huffman Linda Painter, Donna Braden, Mrs. Wiggins 23 i % i ; .% J " l M ■y%i l M i .. % Auto Body A.M. I Kelvin Washington, Howe Truslow, Jeff Johnson Tony Wheeler, Jimmy Hays, Dennis Sprouse Gene Cash, Richard Helmick, Fred Ward Gregory Botkin, John Harper, Jeff Karicofe Ronnie Meadows, Danny Privigyi, Larry Conner Warren Rothgeb, Bruce Boyd, Raquel Diggs David Bell, Mr. Brooks, Wayne Surface 26 Auto Body P.M. II Jeff Meade, Tony Daniel, Jeff Hise 1 ! Marty Harris, Randy Mawyer, Gary Campbell Sid Foley, Ricky Campbell, Roger Griffin Hank Vaught, Tony Lotts, Gary Miller Jeff Parrish, Steve Root, Kenny Brown Dwaine Nuckolls, Larry Sprouse 27 Auto Mechanics A.M. I Tonv Weeks, Mike Shull, Earl Puffenbarger Mark Showalter, Keith Reed, Gary Davenport Scott Eavers, Lee Duffey, Paul Huntley Clarence Gum, Danny Smith, Dwain Plotner Auto Mechanics A.M. I Duane Persinger, Kenneth Reed, Robert Mark Cook, Robert Allen, Mark Crum Olson Mr. Baldwin, Steve Sandy Craig Michael 29 Auto Mechanics A.M. II Vincent McDorman, Thomas Johnson, Dale Rankin Michael Bosserman, Robert Proffitt, Robert Wheeler Robert Gorden, Dwayne Hartless, Kevin Kim Coulson, Dennis Holmes, Kay Carden Traylor Ernest Sutton ifVT l ; 30 Auto Mechanics P.M. I Gary Miracle, Donnie Hall, John Cook John Williams, Terry Stephenson, Glen Lucas, Gary Harper MMilMHSH ' JMI wnwmmMM Dan Truslow, Lennie Losh, Randy Zimmerman James Beverage, Bill Hoffman, Grant Nodine M Doug Huffman, George Hutchinson, Mike Davis Mike Sorrels, Richard Brown, Tom Ocheltree Auto Mechanics P.M. Dale King, David Shuck, Martin Lovekamp r Charles Stephenson, Michael Dudley, John Harris Cecil Dean, Jeff Hutchens, Miles Truslow John Morris, Doug Fifer, Ray Simmons Gary Coffey, Troy Price, Scott Shaw Gary Jeter, Douglas Hyden, Douglas Powell Sam Brookman, Mr. Tusing 32 Carpentry A.M. I Jeff Harris, Alan Painter, Tracy Hodge Timothy Talley, Phillip Critzer, Sterlin Blackwell Donald Mitchell, Haywood McCauley, Paul Buske Charles Brooks, Tommy Humphrey, Ricky Perry 33 Carpentry A.M. I »i ■■ 11 i»»M:m i pi David Hunter, Phillip Johnson, Lynwood Larry Dunning, Robin Brown, Scott Decker Dull Terry Bartley, Bobby Miller, Eddie Miller Phillip Critzer, Mr. Hollinger, Sterlin Blackwell 34 Carpentry P.M. II „» i «p —i1 as » p mmm pr » i rw t mm Ervin Buchanan, Curtis VanFossen, Larry Grubb Steve Taylor, Kenneth Whitlock, John Hart Kirk Kimble, Faron Ocheltree, Dwight Scott Wood, Robert Huffer, George Benson Sheffer Timothy Martin, Alan Meadows, Jeff Kevin Brown, Frank Jolly Jordan 35 Cosmetology A.M. I Mrs. Talley, Cindy Bradshaw, Pam Morris Teresa Buchanan, Doris Hamilton, Susan Fix Lisa Smith, Charlene Hawkins, Frances Berry Rena Tisdale, Christine Mullins, Sandra Price Debbie Ralston, Tammy South, Nellie Wilfong Donna Glass, Toni Smith, Tina Campbell Debbie Fix, Dreama Bridge, Debbie Spencer 36 Cosmetology A.M II Terry Lee, Tammy Campbell, Una Bowles Shelby Brogan, Tammy Munson, Nancy Statler Candy Brooks, Patricia Manley, Cheryl Browne 37 Cosmetology A.M. III Mrs. Moore, Jean Sepulveda, Beth Lilley Brenda Gutshall, Debbie Harris, Teresa Cason Cosmetology P.M.I. Anita Johnson, Mrs. Washington, Mary Lucy Carter, Becky Gray, Judy Spears Spears 38 Cosmetology P.M. I Pam Thayer, Joanie Harris, Angela Furr Shelby Campbell, Tammie Taylor, Faith Hildebrand Rebecca Gray, Janice Harris, Ingrid Hodge Mandy Tilles, Dreama Brunty, Rita Allen Jane Knight, Mrs. Sheets, Penny Varner Judy Spears, Faye Fitzgerald, Lucy Carter Annetta Clark, Anita Johnson, Sheila Propst 39 Cosmetology P.M, II Cindy Riley, Scottie Smith, Connie Reed Darla Coyner, Robin Heatwole, Sherry Cash Vickie Mooneyham, Debbie Meadows, Mary Spears 40 Drafting A.M. I Keith Myers, Kenneth Roadcap, David Carter Charles Hareford, Denise Decker, Randy Siron Dennis Daugherty, Carolyn Stinnett, Robert Grant Duane Redden, Mike Cook Gara Jones, Eric Mongold, Jamey Bonaparte Drafting P.M. II David Wolfe, Terry Whitlock, Mike Surratt Keith Pearson, Theresa Klunder, Eric Marion Douglas Partlow, C. F. Conner, Larry Hendricks Keith Pearson, Mr. Smith, Theresa Klunder 42 Electricity A.M I Bill Dudley, Steve Cline, Eric Showalter Jeff Deaver, Gene Smith, Jeff Simmons Tim Puckett, Greg Toms Dennis O ' Brian, Warren Marshall, Scott Harris Jack Fisher, Mitch Sorrels, Richard Bill Goodman, Dave Draper, Steve King Thompson 43 Electricity P-M. II Freddy Fitzgerald, Wayne Cowles Mark Blair, Harrison Moyer, Rodney Campbell Alan Funk, David Miller, David Earhart J. W. Back, Ray Cox, Timmy Masincup Randy Drumheller, John Baber, Bobby Blose 44 Electronics A.IVL I John Flesher, David Chandler, Todd Harris Kenneth Benson, Berry Grant, Blaine Fitzgerald Steve Ayers, Pete Smith, Steven Fisher Mike Harner, Jeff Long, Larry Massey Doug May, Mike Katterjohn, Carrington Hamilton Donnie Moyers, Tracy Carter, Chris Zwart 45 Electronics P.M. II Kim Maugans, Mr. Long, Jim Sweet Marvin Henderson, Eddie Cool, Ronald Ward 46 Food Service A.M. II Terry Cobb, Mr. Campbell Donna Dettweiler, Sara Yoder Mildred Brown, David Harris, Cindy Baska Mary Overcash, Sammy Moore, Penny Terry Sandra Henderson, Jeff Brooks, Tonya Hillman Jean Ellinger 47 Food Service P-M. I Hancil Thompson, Tim Vaught, Ronnie Holly Teresa Sorrells, Lora Riley, Brenda Harvey Betty Desper, Mary Knight, Sarah Morris aasssr i Pat Miller, John Jeffers, Wanda Braden Scott Drumheller, Billy Sheets, Tony Trayer Angie Almarode, Malissa Tidd, Treva Allen 48 Heating And Air Conditioning A,M I Mark Breeden, Tony Wilkins, Daniel Lee Mike McCray, Tony Hughes, Gary Dunning Ray Clifton, Gordon Mitchell i. Jasper Love, Montgomery Conner, Ashley Dellinger Jeff Smith, Eugene Jenkins, Charles McThenia II , mt - i Chris Sorrells, Randy Sheffer, Dale Lam ■ L 49 Heating And Air Conditioning P.M. II Ronald Snyder, James Reed, David Higgins Louis Simmons, Elbert Ramsey, Robert Dixey Kevin Jarvis, Danny Vernon, Ralph Donnie Colvin, Mr. Swope, Guy Coffey Mawyer 50 Todd Ashby, Ricky Taylor, David Lawhorn Chris Bodkin, Cam Powell, Gary Bottenfield Lee East, Bobby Sorrells, Jeff Shifflet Mike Mongold, Steve Tuennermann, Dean Pitts Mike Lowery, Barry Hunt, Frank Beam Jay Pfeiffer, Eddie Sheets, Bill Moyers Timmy Painter, Mr. Bryans, John Kanney 51 Machine Shop P.M. II Preston Wiseman, Steve Custard, Timmy Richard Baugher, Harry Mayberry, Joel K. Harris Tutt Ralph Eastwood, Timmy C. Harris, Teddie Jeff Tuennermann, Edward Decker, Obie Michael Rankin Glen Cash, Tommy Truxell, David Danny Snyder, Dennis Losh, Mr. Bryans Fitzgerald 52 Maintenance And Repair A.M. David Liptrap, Jeff Cash, Darrell Coffey Timmy Dameron, Mike Bell, Dale Taylor Sammie Mason, John Campbell, Todd Keesecker, Tommy Hoover Franklin Campbell, Elmer Gill, Troy Armstrong Roger Snell, Joe Stone, Billy Smith Stacey Griffin, Dwight Campbell Donna Buchanan, Mike Buchanan, Ann Farrish Timmy Ramsey, Ernest Durrette, Bill Gardner 53 Maintenance And Repair P.M. w » Lacy Houff, Tom Morris, Ray Price Russell Woolridge, Brian Shiplet, Timmy Simmons Doug Hassler, Ralph Wilson, Wayne Adams David Adams, Marcellus Jenkins, Jim Sarver Mr. Baker, David Simmons, Mr. Stephens Marty Harris, Mike Carter, John Ervine Eddie Ervine, Jeff Black, David Thompson Mike Britt, Noah George, Jeff Hassler Gary Griffin, Jerry Crone Bill Bowden 54 Metal Fabrication A.M. I David Millard, Martin Ott, Anthony Bell Ronald Britt, Thomas Humphreys, Robert Patrick, Murray Campbell Tony Riley, Neil Folks, Joe White Richard Lowery, Mike Lawhorne, Anthony Rudin 55 Metal Fabrication P.M. Glenn Hanger, Jeff Cash, Finley Mish Donald Cary, Keith Powell, Darrell Switzer Richard Coffey, Ricky Fauber, Mr. Gayhart Joseph Colvin, Kenneth Stevens, Charles Allen 56 Hospital Assistants Martha Sheffer, Bonnie Drumheller, Jenny Huffer, Cindy Caul, Mary White Sharon Cousins Diane Minter, Nancy Smith, Hope Knight Kathy Johnson, Terri Richardson, Sharon McClung Carol Harvey, Rosie Reynolds Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Taliaferro 57 Clinical Vera Harvey, Helen Fuller, Anna Brenneman Shelia Horman, Janet Coffey, Carol Johnson Devan England, Donna Kern, Judy Harlow Debbie Whitlock, Jane Lam, Cynthia Fitzgerald PamWestgate, Betty Armstrong, Debbie Warren 58 Pre-Clinical Debbie Bradley, Tina Sprouse, Donna Strickler Janet Harmon, Geraldine Amick, Shirley Corder Debbie Shaner, Cheryl Thompson, Renata Wine Theresa Johnson, Jennifer Rutherford, Pat Rubush Kathy Sprouse, Jan Ralston, Ann Fitzgerald Cindy Switzer, Annette Withers, Karen Norcross 59 Pre-Clinical Patsy Griffin, June Allen, Nan Staples Lynn Moon, Stuart Depriest, Robin Herring Sonia Short, Faye Nelson, Nancy Mrs. Rinehart, Mrs. Hildebrand McNaughton Acord, Penny 16 Adams, David 54 Adams, Wayne 54 Ailer, Terrie 14 Alford, Donna 11 Allen, Charles 56 Allen, June 60 Allen, Rita 39 Allen, Robert 29 Allen, Treva 48 Almarode, Angela 48 Amick, Geraldine 59 Andrews, Ora 14 Armstrong, Troy 53 Directory Ashby, Debbie 15 Baber, John 44 Back, John 44 Baker, Dennis 12 Ball. Ronnie 12 Bartley, George 11 Bartley, Susan 12 Bartley, Teery 34 Bartley, Thea 14 Baska, Cynthia 47 Baugher, Richard 52 Beam, Francis 51 Bell, Anthony 55 Bell, David 26 Bell, Jerry 56 Bell, Laverne 23 Bell, Michael 53 Benson, George 35 Benson, Kenneth 45 Berry, Frances 36 Berry, Teresa 12 Beverage, James 31 Birch, Vikki 16 Blackwell, Sterlin 33, 34 Blair, Mark 44 Blose, Robert 44 Bodkin, Chris 51 Bodkin, Mark 14 60 Boggs, Dianna 22 Bonaparte, Jamey 41 Bonaparte, Kathlyn 15 Booth, Elizabeth 14 Bosserman, Michael 30 Botkin, Gail 22 Botkin. Sharon 17 Bottenfield, Gary 51 Bowden, William 54 Bowles, Una 37 Boyd, Bruce 26 Braden, Donna 23 Braden, Wanda 48 Bradfield, Sherrie 21 Bradley, Deborah 59 Bradshaw, Margaret 36 Breeden, Mark 49 Breeden, Tammy 18 Bridge, Dreama 36 Britt, Michael 54 Britt, Ronald 55 Brogan, Debbie 11 Brogan, Shelby 37 Brooke, Deborah 23 Brookman, Sammy 32 Brooks, Candy 37 Brooks, Charles 33 Brooks, Jeffrey 47 Brooks, Karen 21 Brown, Kenneth 27 Brown, Kevin 35 Brown, Mildred 47 Brown, Richard 31 Brown, Robin 39 Brown, Sharon 2 Browne, Cheryl 37 Brunty, Dreama 39 Buchanan, Donna 53 Buchanan, Ervin 35 Buchanan, Michael 53 Buchanan, Teresa 36 Buske, Paul 33 Byrd, Donna 23 Calverley, Wanda 18 Camden. Toni 11 Campbell, Dwight 53 Campbell, Franklin 53 Campbell, Gary 27 Campbell, John 53 Campbell, Letinia 36 Campbell, Murray 55 Campbell, Ricky 27 Campbell, Rodney 44 Campbell, Shelby 39 Campbell, Tammy 37 Carden, Sharon 30 Carter, David 41 Carter, Lucy 39 Carter, Michael 54 Carter, Tracy 45 Cary, Donald 56 Cash, Gene 26 Cash, Glendon 52 Cash, Jeffrey Lyle 56 Cash, Jeffrey Lynn 52 Cash, Sherry 40 Cason, Teresa 38 Caul, Cynthia 58 Chandler, David 45 Chauncey, Cynthia 12 Chittum, Vivian 19 Clark, Annetta 39 Clark, Sandra 19 Claytor, Kathryn 17 Clemmer, Teresa 21 Clifton, Ray 49 Cline, Steven 43 Cobb, Terry 47 Coeyman, Sherry 20 Coffey, Darrell 52 Coffey, Gary 32 Coffey, Guy 50 Coffey, Loree 23 Coffey, Richard 56 Colvin, Donald 50 Colvin, Joseph 56 Conner, Clyde 42 Conner, Larry 26 Conner, Montgomery 49 Cook, John 30 Cook, Kenneth 41 Cook, Mark 29 Cool, Edwin 46 Cooper, Elva 15 Corbin, Charlene 17 Corder, Shirley 59 Coulson, Kimberly 30 Cousins, Sharon 58 Cowles, Mitchell 44 Cox, Ray 44 Cox, Tonya 11 Coyner, Darla 40 Craun, Deborah 22 Cirssman, Pamela 11 Critzer, Phillip 33, 34 Crone, Jerry 54 Crum, Mark 29 Cupp, Stephanie 18 Curry, Brenda 15 Curry, Nancy 23 Custard, Steven 52 Dahmer, Jane 18 Dameron, Timothy 52 Daniel, Anthony 27 Daugherty, Dennis 41 Davenport, Gary 28 Davis, Cheryl zl Davis, Michael 31 Dean, Cecil 32 Deaver, Jeffrey 43 Decker, Denise 41 Decker, Edward 52 Decker, Scott 34 Dellinger, Ashley 49 Depriest, Stuart 60 Desper, Betty 48 Dettweiler, Donna 47 Diggs, Raquel 26 Dixey, Robert 50 Draper, David 43 Driver, Elizabeth 12 Drumheller, Nie 58 Drumheller, Randy 44 Drumheller, Scott 48 Dudley, Michael 32 Dudley, William 43 Duffey, Lee 28 Dull, Lynwood 34 Dunne, Brian 11 Dunning, Gary 49 Dunning, Larry 34 Durrett, Corey 15 Durrette, Ernest 53 Earhart, David 44 East, Lee 51 Eastwood, Ralph 52 Eavers, Terry 28 Edwards, Amy 16 Ellinger, Sylvia 47 Ervine, Edward 54 Ervine, John 54 Farmer, Debbie 22 Farrish, Ann 53 Fauber, Ricky 56 Fielding, Joe 15 Fifer, Douglas 32 Fisher, Norma 14 Fisher, Vastine 43 Fisher, Wayne 45 Fitzgerald, Anne 59 Fitzgerald, Blaine 45 Fitzgerald, David 52 61 Fitzgerald, Faye 39 Fitzgerald, Frederick 44 Fix, Debra 36 Fix, Susan 36 Flesher, John 45 Foley, Sidney 27 Folks, Lori 18 Folks, Neil 55 Frye, Terri 15 Fuller, M. Sharon 16 Funk, Paul 44 Furr, Angela 39 Gardner, William 53 Gee, Woody 16 George, Noah 54 Gill, Elmer 53 Glass, Donna 36 Glenn, Donna 15 Godby, Jerald 12 Goodman, William 43 Gordon, Karen 17 Gordon, Robert 30 Grant, Berry 45 Grant, Robert 41 Gray, Rebecca 39 Gregory, Ricky 11 Griffin, Cam 53 Griffin, Gary 54 Griffin, Patsy 60 Griffin, Roger 27 Grubb, Larry 35 Gum, Clarence 28 Gum, Cynthia 19 Gutshall, Brenda 38 Hagwood, James 12 Hall, Donald 31 Halterman, Peggy 15 Hamilton, Doris 36 Hamilton, Philmore 45 Hanger, Glenn 56 Hanshaw, Laura 20 Hareford, Charles 41 Harmon, Janet 59 Harner, Michael 45 Harper, Gary 31 Harper, John 26 Harris, Cynthia 18 Harris, David 47 Harris, Debra 38 Harris, Dianne 17 Harris, Garol Harris, Janice 39 Harris, Jeff 33 Harris, Joannie 39 Harris, John 32 Harris, Kathy 11 Harris, Marty 27 Harris, Scott 43 Harris, Tammy 18 Harris, Timmy 52 Harris, Timothy 52 Harris, Todd 45 Hart, John 35 Hartless, Dwayne 30 Harvey, Brenda 48 Harvey, Carol 58 Hassler, Douglas 54 Hassler, Jeffrey 54 Hawkins, Charlene 36 Hawse, Cynthia 18 Hays, James 26 Heatwole, Robin 40 Helmick, Richard 26 Helmich, Tammy 14 Henderson, Marvin 46 Henderson, Sandra 47 Hendricks, Larry 42 Hepler, Gloria 18 Herring, Robin 60 Higgins, David 50 Hildebrand, Faith 39 Hillmon, Tonya 47 Hise, Jeffrey 27 Hodge, Ingrid 34 Hodge, Tracy 33 Hoffman, Robin 18 Hoffman, William 31 Holly, Ronnie 48 Holmes, Dennis 30 Hoover, Thomas 53 Houff, Lacy 54 Huffer, Barbara 23 Huffer, Jennifer 58 Huffer, Robert 35 Huffman, Douglas 31 Huffman, Felecia 23 Huggard, Barbara 17 Hughes, Tony 44 Humphrey, James 33 Humphreys, Thomas 55 Hunt, Barry 51 Hunter, David 34 Huntley, Paul 28 Hutchens, Jeffrey 32 Hutchinson, George 31 Hyden, Douglas 32 Ingram, Kimberleigh 21 Jack, Karen 21 Jarvis, Kevin 50 Jeffers, John 48 Jenkins, Eugene 49 Jenkins, Marcellus 54 Jeyer, Gary 32 Johnson, Anita 39 Johnson, Jeff 26 Johnson, Philip 34 Johnson, Theresa 59 Johnson, Thomas 30 Johnston, Catherine 58 Jolly, Frank 35 Jones, Gara 41 Jordan, Jeffery 35 Kanney, John 51 Karicofe, Jeffery 26 Katterjohn, Micnael 45 Keesecker, Clifford 53 Keesecker, Kimberly 11 Kennedy, Tammy 19 Kimble, Kirk 35 Kincaid, Diana 19 King, Dale 32 King, Steven 43 Klunder, Theresa 42 Knight, Hope 58 Knight, Jane 39 Knight, Mary 48 Lam, Dale 49 Lam, Randall 12 Lawhorn, David 51 Lawhorne, Lisa 19 Lawhorne, Michael 55 Lee, Daniel 49 Lee, Teresa 37 Leslie, Thomas 12 Lilley, Beth 38 Liptrap, David 53 Long, Jeff 45 Losh, Dennis 52 Losh, Lennie 31 Lotts, Anthony 27 Love, Jasper 49 Lovegrove, Robin 20 Lovekamp, Martin 32 Lowery, Michael 51 Lowery, Richard 55 Lucas, Glenn 31 Manley, Patricia 37 Marion, Eric 42 Marshall, Joyce 21 Marshall, William 43 Martin, Timothy 30 Masinsup, Thomas 44 62 Mason, Samuel 53 Massey, Lawrence 45 Massie, Wanda 11 Maugans, Kim 46 Mawyer, Ralph 50 Mawyer, Randy 27 May, Douglas 45 May, Pamela 12 Mayberry, Harry 52 Mccary, Diana 11 Mccauley, Haywood 33 Mcclung, Sharon 58 Mccray, Debbie 15 Mccray, Michael 49 Mcdorman, Vincent 30 Mcnaughton, Nancy 60 Mcthenia, Charles 49 Meade, Jeffrey 27 Meadows, Allan 35 Meadows, Debbie 40 Meadows, Ronald 26 Meek, David 55 Melton, Teresa 20 Michael, Craig 29 Miller, David 44 Miller, Edward 33 Miller, Gary 27 Miller, Lisa 14 Miller, Mary 14 Miller, Patricia 48 Miller, Robert 34 Minter, Diane 58 Miracle, Gary 31 Mish, Finley 56 Mitchell, Donald 33 Mitchell, Gordon 49 Mitchell, Shirley 22 Mongold, Eric 41 Mongold, Michael 51 Moody, Muriel 18 Moon, Lynn 60 Mooneyham, Vickie 40 Moore, Doris 48 Moore, Joyce 48 Moore, Katherine 20 Moore, Samuel 47 Morris, John 32 Morris, Sarah 48 Morris, Thomas 54 Mosley, Marvella 17 Moyers, Donald 45 Moyers, Harrison 44 Moyers, William 51 Mullins, Christine 36 Munson, Tamara 37 Murphy, Minday 23 Myers, Keith 4L Mynes, Elizabeth 16 Nelson, Faye 60 Nestor, Sheryl 22 Nodine, James 31 Norcross, Karen 59 Nuckolls, Dwaine 27 Obie, Louis 52 Obrien, Dennis 43 Ocheltree, Faron 33 Ocheltree, Thomas 31 Olson, Robert 29 Orebaugh, Sharon 17 Ott, Martin 55 Overcash, Mary 47 Painter, Alan 33 Painter, Jerry 16 Painter, Linda 23 Painter, Rebecca 20 Painter, Timothy 51 Parr, Arden 12 Parrish, Jeffery 27 Partlow, Douglas 42 Patrick, Robert 55 Patterson, Peggy 21 Patterson, Teresa 20 Patzsch, Tina 17 Pearson, Robert 42 Perkins, Glenn 12 Perry, Richard 33 Persinger, Duane 29 Pfeiffer, Jay 51 Pitts, Gilbert 51 Plotner, Charles 28 Ppolk, Teresa 23 Poole, Kimberley 20 Powell, Cameron 51 Powell, Douglas 32 Powell, Keith 56 Price, Ray 54 Price, Sandra 36 Price, Troy 32 Privigyi, Danny 27 Proffitt, David 16 Proffitt, Robert 30 Propst, Sheila 39 Propst, Tammy 22 Puckett, Timothy 43 Puffenbarger, Earl 28 Ralston, Debra 36 Ralston, Janette 59 Ramsey, Elbert 50 Ramsey, Timothy 53 Randolph, Sandy 21 Rankin, Dale 30 Rankin, Michael 52 Reed, Connie 40 Reed, James 50 Reed, Keith 28 Reed, Kenneth 20 Reynolds, Rosie 58 Rhodeniser, Karen 11 Richardson, Teri 58 Riley, Cynthia 40 Riley, Janine 18 Riley, Lora 48 Riley, Tony 55 Roach, Pamela 14 Roadcap, Kenneth 41 Roadcap, Mary 18 Robertson, Cindy 18 Root, Steve 27 Ross, Darlene 11 Rothgeb, Warren 26 Rudin, Anthony 55 Ruebush, Patricia 59 Ruleman, Kevin 14 Rutherford, Jennifer 59 Sandy, Stephen 29 Sarver, James 54 Selph, Nathan 16 Sensabaugh, Doris 17 Sepulveda, Jean 38 Shaner, Debora 59 Shaver, Katherine 23 Shaw, Scott 32 Sheets, Cynthia 18 Sheets, Edward 51 Sheets, Judy 14 Sheets, William 48 Sheffer, Dwight 35 Sheffer, Helen 21 Sheffer, Keith 12 Sheffer, Martha 58 Sheffer, Pamela 12 Sheffer, Randy 49 Shifflett, Jeffrey 51 Shifflett, Pamela 36 Shiplett, Brian 54 Short, Sonia 60 Shover, Nola 17 Showalter, Eric 43 Showalter, Mark 28 Shuck, David 32 Shuey, Benjamin 56 Shuey, Billy 56 63 Shull, Michael 28 Shull, William 11 Simmons, David 54 Simmons, Jeffery 43 Simmons, Lisa 16 Simmons, Louis 50 Simmons, Timothy 54 Siron, Randolph 41 Smith, Daniel 28 Smith, Edith 40 Smith, Eugene 43 Smith, Jeff 49 Smith, Lisa 36 Smith, Nancy 58 Smith, Peter 45 Smith, Teresa 11 Smith, Toni 36 Smith, William 53 Smith, Wurt 14 Snell, Roger 53 Snyder, Danny 52 Snyder, Ronald 50 Sorrells, Bobby 51 Sorrells, Christopher 49 Sorrells, Joyce 18 Sorrells, Theresa 48 Sorrels, Michael 31 Sorrels, Mithcell 43 South, Tammy 36 Spears, Judy 30 Spears, Mary 40 Spencer, Deobie 36 Sprouse, Dennis 26 Sprouse, Kathy 59 Sprouse, Larry 27 Sprouse, Tina 59 Staples, Nanette 60 Statler, Nancy 37 Stephenson, Charles 32 Stephenson, Terry 31 Stevens, Kenneth 56 Stevenson, Colette 18 Stinnett, Carolyn 41 Stokes, Constance 18 Stone, Joseph 53 Strickler, Donna 59 Strother, Dorsye 11 Surface, Wayne 26 Surratt, Micnael 42 Surratt, Teresa 23 Sutton, Dean 30 Sweet, James 46 Switzer, Cynthia 16 Switzer, Darrell 56 Talley, Timothy 33 Taylor, Dale 53 Taylor, Doris 20 Taylor, Richard 51 Taylor, Steve 30 Taylor, Tammie 39 Terry, Penny 47 Thayer, Pamela 39 Thompson, Betty 20 Thompson, Cheryl 59 Thompson, David 54 Thompson, Hancil 48 Thompson, Richard 43 Thompson, Teresa 22 Tidd, Malissa 48 Tilles, Mandy 39 Tisdale, Rena 36 Toms, Gregory 43 Trayer, Tony 48 Traylor, Kevin 30 Traylor, Vanessa Truslow, Daniel 31 Truslow, Deborah 11 Truslow, Howe 26 Truslow, Miles 32 Truxell, Thomas 52 Tuennermann, 52 Tuennermann, Steven 51 Tutt, Joel 52 Vanfossen, Curtis 35 Varner, Penelope 39 Vaught, Henry 27 Vaught, Timmy 48 Vernon, Danny 50 Walker, William 15 Wallace, Caravella 20 Ward, Fred 26 Ward, Ronald 46 Washington, Kelvin 26 Weatherholtz, Vicki 16 Weeks, Anthony 28 Wheeler, Robert 30 Wheeler, Tony 26 White, Charles 12 White, Joseph 55 White, Kathy 21 White, Mary 58 White, Sandra 20 Whitlock, Kenneth 35 Whitlock, Terry 42 Wilfong, Nellie 36 Wilkins, Tony 49 Williams, John 31 Willis, Kimberly 15 Wilson, Ralph 54 Wine, Renata 59 Wiseman, Preston 52 Wiseman, Richard 56 Withers, Marian 59 Wolfe, David 42 Wood, Cynthia 20 Wood, Robert 15 Wood, Scott 35 Woolridge, Russell 54 Wrenn, Feame 20 Yoder, Sara 47 Young, Lisa 22 Zimmerman, Randolph 31 Zimmerman, Teresa 14 Zwart, Chris 45 64 c MAN OF THE HOUR 6-6-78. Howard Jarvis, sponsor of California’s Proposition 13, celebrates passage of the initiative, which would cut the state’s property taxes by over 50 per cent. Voters approved it by a two-to-one margin. THE TRIPLE CROWN 6-10-78. Affirmed and jockey Steve Cauthen establish themselves as horse and rider of the year by winning the Belmont Stakes, thus capturing racing ' s Triple Crown. [4. ' : ■ ■ " CUTTING THE CAKE 6-29-78. Princess Caroline of Monaco, daughter of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, is married to Philippe Junot in a religious ceremony at Monaco Palace. ANCIENT TREASURES OF KING TUT 12-20-78. The treasures of Tutankhamun are displayed for the public at New York ' s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Included is the much-publicized solid gold mask, which is adorned with colored glass, carnelian and minerals. WORLD ' S FIRST TEST TUBE BABY 7-25-78. Louise Joy Brown is the first baby to be conceived by the technique of fertilization outside the mother ' s body. The procedure was pioneered by British gynecologist Patrick Steptoe and physiologist Robert Edwards. GIANT OIL SPILL 3-18-78. The Liberian tanker L Amoco-Cadis breaks up on the rocks outside Brest, France, after running aground and spilling 230,000 tons of oil in one of the worst such disasters on record. THE MAN OF STEEL RETURNS 7-18-78. It ' s a bird . . . It ' s a plane . . . No! It ' s Christopher Reeve, who is playing the title role of Superman in the new multi-million dollar feature film currently being shot in New York. A NEW POPE 10-17-78. Pope John Paul II attends his first mass as leader of the world’s Roman Catholics. The former archbishop of Krakow, Poland, became the church ' s third pope of the year and the first non-Italian pope in 450 years. A NEW CHAMP 2-15-78. Leon Spinks celebrates as the new heavyweight boxing champion. He took the crown in only his eighth professional bout by defeating Muhammed Ali in 15 rounds in Las Vegas, Nevada. " SALT " TALKS PROGRESS 12-23-78. Cyrus Vance of the United States and Andrei Gromyko of the Soviet Union meet in Geneva, Switzerland, to begin a lengthy series of SALT negotiations between the world ' s two super powers. A SHINING NEWCOMER LEAVING THE CAPITOL 6-16-78. Nancy Lopez, of Roswell, N.M., takes the Ladies Professional Golf tour by storm and easily wins the seasonal championship in her rookie year. Here she sinks a 20-foot putt during the Rochester Open. 1-14-78. Mrs. Muriel Humphrey, widow of Senator Hubert Humphrey, leaves the Capitol where the body of her husband lies in state. She is escorted by Senate Chaplain Rev. Edward Elson and Vice President Walter Mondale. AUGUSTA COUNTY LIBRARY 3 3120 50951 1447 REFERENCE Not to be taken from this room

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