Valley Vocational Technical School - Specialists Yearbook (Fishersville, VA)

 - Class of 1967

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Valley Vocational Technical School - Specialists Yearbook (Fishersville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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F"" W! ll AMW fl VA LLE Y VO CA TI ONA L- TECHNICAL SCHOOL F ishersville, Virginia 1 .-c ,X ,X 5 f f ,, L X X 7 vi .f4P4"" - 'V 1 'Five , , i..4,..,., . ,Q g ., ,V .'Qkrgh-S-HQ"-f . -gf C -,g.., . ,, -, 1 . " J ' N4 -1- '- .- Pfsw-'-.if i 3331 f -. i 1 ' 'x " ' " ' -7 ' ' ..--'Ties-5111 t-S91 - U Ag WL Q ,l ' lv '::sY.flk?t,,57 w 'I ' . 5,-..-rf ,, ., I l. N ,Q vw 459, Q Palimgv ' ' ' . kd: ,n , ' I 'H "'L ",-I' ii 2.11 " -M 4' gg. -, "-J-.L ' l af -151,5 r -if , H i -T.. . 'f4.l'y J H' 1, - ,5I,5w L41q: ,x! .' It U : . f, N 'f 1-L,-L ' Y Ziggy" '- I. ' -H ,M .. ,lf ,,f.'f'l " - " NA, ' ,, .4115 'sf f""' 'fix hr' L " -I af -- ff ' ,Q..'.' 1 V .- " ,Jin f if M i A ' 'L' -f.f.L' ,l I ,,,,,1 sw . by x-4 ' 5 . J. f -H -, w. A- , -f "':9ff,F'.if H . , if '11 43' .vqafitu y ' AA" L' 'TWA' QQ,-,T 113?4f""" lf - ., . .A.,. vga ,. S457 - 'L ' as x M, M , 3 Blue Ridge Community College Outh Campus Administration .5 Mr. M. M. Gray Supervising Principal Miss Palmer is a graduate of Valley Vocational-Technical School and received a diploma in the Accounting program. Be- fore accepting her present position with the Technical School, Miss Palmer was associ- ated with Basic- Witz Furniture Industries, Inc., where she worked with the Budget Control Department. I .44 'I Mr. Gray has served as Supervising Principal of V.V.T.S. for the past five years Prior to this, he was with the Augusta County School System for 13 years as a teacher and guidance Counselor. He has served as President of the Au- gusta County Education Association, as well as the Industrial Education Section of the Virginia Education Association. He is active in community affairs and is also coordinator of Vocational-Technical Education for Augusta County. Our school has made great strides under his leadership. Miss P. Palmer Secretary - Registrar CDQQQCQZQEU i JQ , L- Because he has given so freely his time, his talents, and his wisdom and hpr-mmm nf his Invalrv and devotion to Vallex' Tech and its students. f If f ony as jlpozyzyoznery "lQii s., 5 . A Q --.- Douglas Murray Montgomery was born in California, educated in the East and was for twenty years an Air Force fighter pilot. Doctor Montgomery has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in political science from the University of Pennsylvania, a law degree from Harvard, a Master of Arts in political science, and a doctorate in philosophy from Florida State University. At Florida State Dr. Montgomery was a Kellogg Fellow and special- ized in junior college administration. He assumed the presidency of Blue Ridge Community College on July 1, 1966. 4 i. riff- iw.-fi' P Vg Y W ju' fx , M 'Q 54 F4 - Q. Q0 1-msg. MR. TOBY BURLESON Business aan? MR. HUGH T. BALDWIN Auto Body Repair and Refinishing 5 MR. RAY CHANDLER Automobile Mechanics MR. HENRY W. EELS Machine Technology MR. JERRY HICKS Business MR. DONALD I-IAN GER Electronics MR. W. C. IRVINE MRS. MARIE LOVING Auto Mechanics Business 6 f 5 6 X I M A., WMU: A MRS. BETTY LOYD MR. FRED MORRIS Mathematics and Physics Auto Mechanics ,M MR. KARL RAPP Machine Technology MR. THOMAS RATLEDGE MRS. MARY W. SCOTT Business Business 7 MRS. I EAN SHEETS Cosmetology ,- K , " 0 il! MISS MARJORIE TU SSING Cosmetology w Um nf' f MRS. NANCY TA LLEY Cosmetology M MR, JOSEPH WHEELING MR. HOLMES YEAKLEY Drafting Xz Design Electronics 8 Sfaff 119125 HAROLD BUFFUM Auto Body LINDA CLARK Cosmetology his 0 767 CLARENCE BYERLY Auto Mechanics RAY CLINE, II Drafting ig-at 1 1 5 '-4 l MARTHA BA LSLEY Business JOHN BIBB Drafting CLEVELAND CAMPBELL Electronics EDWARD COINER Electronics ROSCOE BARNES Auto Mechanics .TACK BROWN Machine Shop GA RY CA MP BELL Drafting CLAUDE COINER Electronics RICHARD BARR Auto Body EDWARD BUC Auto Body MARIE C Cosmetology ROBERT CONN ER Electronics 'Pk WE if '3 '- ' .,,, Q , Q . V .. :.: ,X ' ' f 'W-' ,4-A-H ' , A . ,5:,u,-1 JANE DAGGY Cosmetology JEAN DUDLEY Cosmetology WAYNE FITZGERA LD Drafting DANNY GOODBAR Auto Mechanics .E C3635 LINDA HITCHCOCK Cosmetology DONNA KAPP Cosmetology swf E . .. 2 ,ef X' :J is! l vis T- f' QTL i - isis 0 767 JUDY HOY Cosmetology MARY LAMBERT Cosmetology Wu., N N 1'- f ESTHER HAILEY CHARLES HARLOW RONNIE HARLOW Cosmetology Drafting Auto Mechanics TOMMY HEMP .TOE HENDERSON DOUG FISHER Business Auto Mechanics Machine Shop RITA IARRELL LARRY IENKINS STEVE JOHNSON B1-1Si1'16SS Drafting Auto Mechanics GARY LINEWEAVER JOHN LITTEN SUE MAWYER E16CU0I1iCS Machine Shop Cosmetology . l n A ' , g , V 1' ' 'fain " ,. " gi 1 i 17'-N A sis! lan- 5354 . A' , iff' fb . E, is . , A, 'N 1712? fgw :J if V -Q:-Q, it-f 903-Q EVELYN K. MOREMAN EARL M. PENN PHYLLIS PLEASANTS ALDEN D. RADER, IR. Cosmetology Electronics Cosmetology Electronics ROBERT RILEY HAROLD ROBERTS JAMES ROSE ROBERT RYDER Electronics Auto Mechanics Auto Body Auto Mechanics CHARLES SH ANER DONALD SPROUSE ROBERT STEELE Business Auto Mechanics Electronics MARY STRATTON CARL TAYLOR Cosmetology Auto Body ..- .1 I 4 59, HAROLD THOMPSON Machine Shop E. ip- 'GLY : 'Ag V QA- ' '5 . ax J gg, JERRY REDIFER Machine Shop RAEANNE SENSABAUGH Business Ulm 0 767 is ,, A fi? ' 3' W , . K . fr ' Q, , or ., W rf' 1 5- -xv? CAM ALLEN ZIMMERMAN Auto Mechanics ERVIN GREGORY 0 '67 ?. Fw-f 'Thu- , li' Jw BOYD VANPELT EDDIE WADE IANICE WADE Auto Mechanics Drafting Cosmetology GEORGE WEBB ANNETTE WOOD EDDIE WOOD Auto Mechanics Cosmetology Machine Shop cswzkzyers gffjzzr cSc50of Machine Shop .fi A. 5 , eggiail N fr:-ff Y ir. it Ed and Bgb, our Maintenance Men, enjoy 3 Cup Of Sam FBLIDC1' SBCITIS to be lost in 3 H1826 of wires coffee during a well- deserved break. in Advanced Data Processing Class. Well, it looks like the boys in the Drafting , Department are hard at work--Today. RIVALS? Not really. Even though R1ta Jarrell and Diane Brannon were running against each other for S.C.A. Secretary, they team up here to help with some campaign work. 5' v 'V-'l..'f'PN , IAMES BAKER STEPHEN BAKER BENJAMIN BEALE DOROTHY BENSON Machine Shop Auto Mechanics Auto Body Cosmetology JAMES BLOSSER CAROL BOYER SAMMY BOYERS DIANE BRANNON Machine Shop Business Drafting Business .TACK BROWNING WANDA BRUBAKER DREAMA BRYANT LINDA CAMPBELL Drafting Business Business Business WALTER CA SON ERNEST CLAYTOR RICHARD COINER DONALD COOK Business Auto Mechanics Drafting Drafting I f A fic., fs We I iff' at ha: Qs ' A Hs- ' 'g i A I YYY' K tr gx fx , ax. New h-.Av SANDRA COOK VINDA CRAWFORD IVA CURRY ALLEN DAGGY SHARON DAVIS Business Business Business Business Business LINDA DEAN CHARLES DENNISON ROGER DEVENNY FLORA DIEHL BURNS ESTES Business Machine Shop Auto Mechanics Cosmetology BUSiI1GSS LORNA PINK Business LIN DA HARRIS Business "Pwr Cfyss 0 600 SELMA FOSTER JAMES GIBSON PHYLLIS GRIMES SHIRLEY HANGER Business Business Business Business CAROL BOYER HENRY HAWKINS ROD HILDEBRAN EDDIE DAVIES Business Business Machine Shop Business fu . VT - 4 53.31 W, L X : U h ,ZA in , .'. 'Cal Howard Hahn Virginia l-Ioughton David Howell Electronics Business Business Bill Lyle Retta Kay Johnson Robert Male Business Business Electronics Jeff Miller Electronics Kenneth Munson Auto Mechanics tw -'33 Ienetta Huffer Business Roland Manosh Auto Body 7 GQ55 0 669 Diane Mizer Business Wade Myers Drafting fi 'Q- in Q-A Robert Monroe Business Stanley Noel Auto Body Roger Morris Electronics Jane Norton Cosmetology 6. Warren Keagy Drafting Bradley McGehee Business Sue Morris Business Donna Pangle Business -if ,, lfgggzj I I ' 14' .J 5... .1 . 1 as an William Pennington Auto Body Carolyn Rexrode Business Doris Scott is N vqgh- Kitty Price Business Phyllis Robertson Business Roger Propes Machine Shop Nelson Rodgers Electronics Gary Ratcliff Business Linda Rowe Business kiss 0 65 Donna Sheets Business Larry Sipe Auto Mechanics Gary Shifflett Business Curtis Smith Auto Mechanics Linda Shifflett Business James Smith Auto Mechanics 55+ John Reed Business Wesley Ruley Electronics June Shifflett Business Leon Smith Auto Body Business Alvin Shinaberry Electronics ' :Elly Iii , . 0 uw 6- me ,- - sm es 1 , fr Q, , are 5 "T X STANLEY SMITH Electronic PATRICIA STEPPE Business 173095 LINDA SNYDER PATRICIA SPENCER NELSON SPITLER MARY STEPPE Business Business Machine Shop Business RICHARD STROOP JACKIE STROTI-IER AL SWICEGOOD SHIRLEY THOMPSON Machine Shop Business Electronics Business GERALD TOPPING WILLIAM TRENARY CLYDE VAN HUSS BRENDA VAN LEAR RICHARD WARD Auto Mechanics Auto Body EDWARD WEBB CURTIS WHEELER Drafting Drafting Electronics JOYCE WIMER Business 4+-rx fzss 0 669 E- x Tw' V M '- 'Q , WI' xx 'N M- , I I 1 I ' ,J " J Ox JACKIE WOOD SUZANNE WOOTEN JOSEPH YESALAVICI-I Business Business Drafting DEBBIE WOOD GLORIA WOOD Business Business BILL YOUNG VIRGINIA YOUNG Electronics Business 7 Gfzss 0 65 The fabulous "English Muffins" were the hit of the S. C. A. Christmas Dance. 21 ! lgw V lg , A .., Q-... 'FZ' . 415' .1 if J , K' K-4 H Ig Y 1 "e-'S Lf' A E ,J W 4' a , ll'-N ' rffffgasw , Mary Ann Arehart Harold Argenbright Teresa Barker Gary Bartley Rudy Bazzrea Clay Bennett Sandra Berry Phyllis Bishop Margie Bowkin Charlene Boyer Steve Braley Steve Brayles Joyce Breeden Mark Brownlee Philip Bryant Q5 C50 of lay ff , xx Q 5 Q5 p l , l , R Ap. T K 2: fl K fo G' WO Q- ws Q I p -',,::' if., fl N 22 Billy Bryons Diane Burnett Steve Byerly James Campbell Robert Campbell, Jr. Roger Campbell Jean Campbell Nolan Chandler Emory Clatterbaugh ,Tune Cline Barbara Coffey Jean Coffey Juanita Coffey Wayne Coffey Darryl Coffman Mike Collier Bonnie Corner Linda Collins Linda Conner I ack Copper Bobby Cox Carrol Coyner Portia Craig Gay Crone Gary Davis Jerry Davis Larry Deal Russell Dean Gail Dedrick Paula De Vore Harry Dooms Curtis Doyle Philip Doyle Dale Early William Eddings Robert Elkins Gary Eppard George Estes Shirley Eustler Patricia Fahrney Lois Fanning Patricia Pinks Reba Fishel Bobby Fitzgerald Henry Fitzgerald Us it ' 1 IYQIQ f wr-f' lr il 57 as f'-'y A V as Q fi Q an H nal ' , m-, 1 x f 1 ,, .Vf :png- 'eair WV" 1 :FH , wif JI - gf i ,Er-:, , W yer ' 09, . , v 1 . 4, ' wi'-.:Z'f ' :.: M 'w v 1 , Q , X x X cfoof np, s 49 , ,.V4 .- 1 ng, V 'T I L' X uv-V-f 8 " xx, , iq vw. ,YR-n G v X M ix '--'W fd'i"'1 'CQ vi- 1. i iii i .1 D rx 23 ' V,., ex . W1 . 1: :KV 5 F V ., fi tl if . s ..,a R1 , hr- fi -seq. L- 50500 5' ,N A h ie, 1 6 1, N f F Y, . V .pf x ,fi . YF 24 James Fitzgerald Sue Fitzgerald Sandra Fitzgerald Tony Fitzgerald Ernest Floyd Clarence Forsyth Larry Fox Homer Frazier Richard Fretwell Charles Fridley Debbie Gayhart Warren Glass Diane Glick R. B. Glover Mary Kathy Gordon Gail Groat John Grove Norman Grindstaff Robert Clinton Gum James Hackett Linda Hallath Janet I-lam Linda Harlow Arden Harner Randolph Harold Larry Harris Linda Harris James Harris Doris Hawkins Emily Helmick Deborah Henderson Connie Sue Hess Kathleen Hilbert Max Hirtriter Benjamin Hite Robert Holton Linda Hite Margaret Hite Blenda Hoover Sandra Howell Bobby Huffer Gary Huffer Oakley Huffer Carolyn Huffman Doris Humphries . .,,.t H I , '. 'H' Z "-3 154' Lv ,..w j, g..,? , . Rn Y ' ' 5-'Q 1 5 4 S :A 'wx K ' 'f wx Tf.sws . 5, J ,. ss 9 L 'its -ur 'W l 1, is l -rw y Q gin 5 V 25 60500 Thomas Hunter Denna Hutchison Becky Jarrels Donald Johnson Dwane Jones Vincent Jones Vickie Jones Virginia Jones William Jones Betty Jordan This year the S.C.A. has done much for the students. They sponsored a Christmas Dance, a student-faculty basketball game, and promise a Spring Formal, and open house. 'N T' 56 .K s 1 ' I 1 '-1 K" 'Li - , 1' Y r ru xxx? ,,.' x I Jr.. ,n ,W , 5 iigggx E ..x it ... X 4 1 is 1 AX r Q , ,FQ ffl. r , " rl if A Q 0- Saas if ,c Y Qs., .:, Ae 1 V r ......, 'Sim ,.,. ,revere Biff : V1 l 'z I' J- l aw ,-W' 1 1 f .,. 5' ,. 5. A+- i g J, , H mi., :J , .' Q 5 rr., v i f 'W i Qs .-.N W ' r R "Mah I 1 w ' Rv ,4 tr.- U' 1... I use , 6 I ,W-1 L M... N., Michele Jordan Shirlene Kyger Sharron Kennedy Gerald Knick Linda Lamb Joyce Lawhorne Wanda Lindarnood Bobby Lipscomb Kathie Lough Donna Lunsford Richard Marcum Michael Martin John Mawyer Carolyn Mayo George Mays new C5 Crwf '-t ,- ,5 -4 I, '14 W J Y E .N g , ,gs-, H A in -if kv-axg 26 4 its rf if-N l yg X 'kick 1 Mike Meadows Linda Meek Brenda Miller Dickie Miller Mildred Miller Charles Minter Aubrey Mitchell Gary Mizer Linda Moomau Ruth Moneyrnaker Alice Monroe Norma Montgomery Kay Moore Judy Morris Jethro Moss Harold McAllister Gary McCray James McCray Dora McLaughlin Mary McLaughlin Brenda Nitz Fred Nitz Barbara Owens Michael Pack Carol Painter Margie Painter Linda Pannell Richard Patterson Faye Price Elizabeth Props Brenda Puckett Evelyn Pugh Vonda Quick Brenda Rankin Patricia Rankin Marni Ratcliff Sandra Rawley Gale Reardon Mary Reed Judy Rexrode Robert Riddle Shirley Riley Donald Richards Pete Rickman George Smiley MI' ' ..,-.,, Wh, . - r"1""f's' i, it Y-R 'V' 1 .r f r p I 1 I' i'- ' I V ' "'f'5!' '-, t' .gjwf -,JQM , - :L V: Q, 1 . , , ' X N eujlrr-" - xl! L' ' I rr fa 5,4 'i ,, r' ,xx :rv- CSC500f vi' e ,T .V -- - s. wi! , 94. -V r , -. -vw ' A I r ,R 31 1 P -is r , Qc 2 W ' , ' UW? . . ,:-E,, . y 2... ' - - P ' 'i6'5'?f -rl' 1 4 1' l Q. v- -M, .. r 5, ll 5 fi lata '37 IL 'lil r I W 5 lm ' W . 45 1f7.,sx"'lJ ' - f,r,v1r,,, W, , VH F gg i r. i 54 , , E-5 V j ,Q 1 . X , x' 5. J , 4 f 27 q ga. , HH,-' - f , S -, I ,L .ev-, ,, . . , ., l 'U' Y .ee 3 9 5 A M , .:.,.N ll X77 -4 ' r,vN:g4-,ll rf? L - .. 'Le' asmsnwf- 1 ffl 1 . xii-ee W , l ' I 4: 1 is 4 ll f-... 5 F , yas Q: B- ff Q, A ' ., , 'C N' f 1 M 1. enrr N S n ,L A N .,,,:, K i A uf X1 X ' v I ,Q yn ' ,fr E' V' F Sf 1115- W, as iv ' 5. t fc... f r G 630500 X n ' N 'V l , ,J , , 3 X ' ff 4 'iii A Q wi, ra ' ll. ,z r er are , , r Patricia Riner Ellen Roadcap Jerry Rodgers Michael Rooney Sherry Rowe Jack Roggman Gwendolyn Shaner Betty Shaw Hope Sheets Agnes Shifflett Joan Shifflett Wilbert Shifflett Gary Short Dennis Showalter Donna Shull Judy Lynn Simmons Lydia Simmons Emily Simmons Shirley Bell Simmons Larry Skillman Paul Smith Steve Smith Paul Snyder Gareth Snyder Sarah Sparks Ellen Sprouse Mary Sprouse Donald Staubus William Stickley Roy Sweet Shannon Swortzel Raymond Switzer Toby Tinsley Brenda Van Fossen Allen Velvin William Via Judy Anne Wade John Wagner William Washburn Mark Weaver Christine Weems Jerry Williams Langston Williams Rebecca Wimer Linda Wiseman fill! r 'N lr, K ' 4' U: 2- In... . N-W 1 L rr -TX X 60500 Howard Wood Stephen Wood Allen Yankey Carolyn Young Carol Zimmerman We would like to express our apprecia- tion to these people for helping us sell a record number of advertisements this year. '-4-4. - 6-' N r 1 , Y .. ,, W 'ft ,V el 1 fe t t NB V,J'Q,,W n A 5, J ll as E ,2 K it .- jew is X new -W ss rr -L93 K., I? Z2 U G ,tgp if? -a gg 1, ,' N .Wi ' Q C it if ty i X Nom-1 This year the annual staff has tried to give the students of Blue Ridge Community College, South Campus, a bigger and better annual. For the first time we are having a hard back annual. Here we have John Reed, Martha Balsley, Editor, Rita Jarrell, Business Manager, and Charles Shaner preparing layouts so they can meet their deadline. rar-rf The girls that did all the typing for this year's Specialist are Virginia Houghton, Wanda Brubaker, and Donna Sheets. so Every Newspaper needs a typing staff. Those serving on the typing staff are: Jackie Wood, Phyllis Grimes, Sharon Davis, Linda Shif- lett, Betty Wood, and Gloria Wood X ewspaper csfcyff A Newspaper is a vital part of any school. Those serving on the "Techr1igram" staff are: Jack Brown, John Litton, Ray Cline, Judy Hoy, Rae Anne Sensabaugh, editor, Vinda Crawford, co-editor Gary Ratcliff, Leon Smith, and Robert Riley. v , , Q 1 1' Y " R' -I l . 1 J 'Y llll 3 ll J Q Ili H, 211, "M ,E H M .ss The first elected members of the Blue Ridge Community College, South Campus, Student Body and S.C.A. are as follows: FIRST ROW: Jackie Strother, Treasurer, Rita Jarrell, Sec- retary. SECOND ROW: Ray Cline, Vice President, Jack Brown, President. CSZ!ZIOQI?f 01112 Cz' Department members of the Student Council are left to right: Retta Kay Johnson, Business Education, Linda Hitchcock, Cosmetologyg and John Reed, Business Education. SECOND ROW: Ben Beale, Auto Body, Jim Glover, Machine Shop, Howard Hahn, Electronics, Jim Davis, Auto Mechanics, and Bob Linkous, Drafting. TT The candidates for the offices of the Student Body were LEFT TO RIGHT: Howard Hahn, candidate for Vice Pres.g Gary Lineweaver, candidate for Pres.g Diane Brannon, candidate for Secretaryg Mr. Rat- ledge, Advisorg Rita Jarrell, can- didate for Secretaryg Jackie Strother, candidate for Treasurerg Jack Brown, candidate for Pres.g and Ray Cline, candidate for Vice Pres. D ampazyn napsf 0215 , magma 1,, ,fa v,,,,,f rs,.as-.52 , Jaw-Mafia a,fm-- ., - -- V aemprwie-S-Gfa igsseaasiiesiisgzk, 1 .. ,QQNNN ,,: .,,'rrf:fsfsfss2faszr,af,,. 1 l ' Q, , 'iisifsfiswsft'9i2'z1Jfe a as ' ' ' t, , "H, elf 'i Efzsifrstfgetikgisze, Z ,if ' H " t- K ,, - 7 " ,, lf Q,3a't,v2i4eg54ssisss?gewigs?' 1 eff E! 1 'w wi H' iftsss:-,,, , " Qawaa 5 - ,- Y 3 3 N X T E, wg iw , 1 H .r ag- -- Qi' .t .4 , 4mt..,1 .f ii, Posters were found all over the school during the Campaigns. Here, Rita Jarrell, candidate for Secretary, and her campaign manager, John Reed, hang a poster. The other candidate for Secretary, Diane Brannon, also hangs a poster as competition for the various offices stiffens. Gary Lineweaver and Jack Brown shake hands just before voting as a very hard fought S.C.A. cam- paign ends. ,V 5 FRED FARLEY, WILLIAM YOUNG, and GEORGE Miss Tussing's girls start out by experimenting WEBB look on as Mr. Chandler explains the in- with the hair of mannequins. tricate parts of the automobile engine. "Feet flat on the floor, eyes on your copy. start." N2 . Xl' fy as , f M' "VV f ' It looks as though Mr. Rapp is about to periorm an operation--ON HIMSELF? 34 The famous words of Mrs. Loving ring out through her first year typing class. Bob Linkous and Don Flory seem to be having a discussion over one of the machines in the Machine Shop. Wl?fIErI.'fM " Fix that T V so we can watch "Sailor Bob" and "Superman", Tom and Claude! tix Eiga Q in, ix r'Np ,3 D Y' I Y +V, f 'i -. . i ,i I gm 1- , 'Q .,s ,A 52325 '-:- 'X i :NK- Our Auto Body Repairs and Refinishing Depart- ment does a fine job of fixing up wrecked vehicles. 35 Z BWI" xw' 1 T Mary Lambert, do a good job on Pat Rankin's hair so she will dazzle her date at the dance 1 CIICIIT, DEMDWSITTITIDK UNH , Howard, are you trying to draft Jack into the Electronics Depart- ment? In goes the panel for a major job in Mr. Rat1edge's second year Data Processing class. 36 Thanks go to Mr. Hanger and his second year "Electronic" boys for our fine P. A. system. Mrs. Loyd's Physics class looks as if it is studying hard. How about it Joe Yesalavich? 7 It looks as though the Machine Shop has turned into a meat market with Larry Jenkins in his butcher's apron. .4 Mr. Morris looks on as two of his high school boys work with a head of the motor. 37 r 1, . 9. X , , V51 is . , J? , 2 A , mgakyzliae' . ' A --4 :ff 1 vu ,. Y , ,. J l Mr. Burleson, Tommy Hemp, Charles Shaner and Rita Iarrell return to class after an exhausting S. C. A. campaign. 2 1 I ,gin , zz .... , , --siarilr gf? 7. f i , ,za -' -I r 'I ' J N 21 YI J - .. ll nn' .197 - was . MW' , 1-f n. , A A .wwf-'l' J' f 3255 t In if-la X i ru Wi - Q . cs r . by ' 'Yf?z'f.:fis?wx 1 .sa,grf,,g, f .. iq., : fi'-'fjj13:. ,139 'A ij ' . ,. 1 p 4- cyn- Mr. Yeakly is working hard preparing a lesson for his boys in electronics. FIRST 8K MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK PLANTERS BANK 8g TRUST CO. STAUNTON INDUSTRIAL BANK Members of F.D.I.C. STAUNTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO The News -'Virginian Waynesboro, Virginia BOB FITZGERALD, REAL ESTATE Residential, Country, Commercial, Mountain Land, Seashore, 85 Islands 517 West Main Street P. O. Box 62 Waynesboro, Virginia Phone 942-2251 39 Compliments of PAUL N. BROWN TYPEWRITERS WAYNESBORO ROAD - P. O. BOX 967 TUxedo 6-3602 - Staunton,,Virginia. 1617 W. Beverley distributor of products by QQAIT WORLD'S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF TYPEWRITERS Victor Adding Machines Sa Calculators 85 Cash Registers Compliments of WAYNESBORO NEW CAR DEALERS Terry Martin Pontiac, Cadillac, Oldsmobile GMC Trucks Paul Freed, Inc. Ford Cars KL Trucks Driver Sales 85 Service, Inc. Dodge Cars RL Trucks Brannock Sales Sc Service, Inc. Lincoln -- Mercury -- Willys B 8s B Buick -- Rambler, Inc. Baugher Chevrolet, Inc. Cars Sc Trucks Select your New 85 Used Cars in Waynesboro, Virginia 40 Compliments of MCCLUNG BROTHERS, INC. Wholesale Automobile Replacements Parts and Shop Equipment Waynesboro Dial WH 2- 1288 Virginia EDDIE SLUSSER Manager Valley Area TUXed0 5-0391 MACKE AUTOMATIC MERCHANDISING CORP. Route 11 North Box 318 Verona Va THANK YOU FOR USING MACKE VENDING MACHINES af!-3 41 Compliments of DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. Staunton, Virginia Compliments of STAUNTON-AUGUSTA NEW CAR DEALERS ASSN, A. R. 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GRAND PIANO AND FURNITURE CO Waynesboro, Virginia We The annual staff would like to give their many thanks to Mr. Toby Burleson, who kindly and patiently gave his time to the creation of this annual. nah, .' my It looks like a most important con- ference among Mr. Burleson, Mr. Ratledge, and friends. to ,rl g, s, X th. ,329 .fE9,.,us Wonder which- lucky f'?j girl has the honor of this won- derful fan club of Bradley McGehee, Gary Ratcliff, Burns Estes, Gary Shifflett and David Howell. Q., This couldn't be the Green Bay Packers could it? Why don't you ask Gary Lineweaver, Claude Coiner, Tom Crickenberger, Stanley Donald, Maken Dodge, and Eddie Coiner.

Suggestions in the Valley Vocational Technical School - Specialists Yearbook (Fishersville, VA) collection:

Valley Vocational Technical School - Specialists Yearbook (Fishersville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 36

1967, pg 36

Valley Vocational Technical School - Specialists Yearbook (Fishersville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 45

1967, pg 45

Valley Vocational Technical School - Specialists Yearbook (Fishersville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 55

1967, pg 55

Valley Vocational Technical School - Specialists Yearbook (Fishersville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 39

1967, pg 39

Valley Vocational Technical School - Specialists Yearbook (Fishersville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 11

1967, pg 11

Valley Vocational Technical School - Specialists Yearbook (Fishersville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 45

1967, pg 45

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