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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1947 volume:

f X QVXN0 2s.Q,f'b 41 o AGU N00 NX QD 9 l F ORE WORD In this, our effort to plctorlally represent a yea.r's activities at the Valley View High School, the EAGLE staif hopes that it has created somethingwhich willremain as a per- manent record and a lasting memory of an ex- citlng--- but typ1cal--- year at school. The staff hopes that in the years to come this book will often be drawn from its shelf to recall the face of an old friend, the memory of a happy moment, the importance of a little glory and a little tear, and all the thousand things- - - forgotten, perhaps, without this book-- whichform the dreamsof youthful days ,f-"'f' X X "iz R- : - Q . sa 35 63 353 ADMINISTRATION Faculty Randolph O'Br1en A. E. Barnes Mrs. Ethel Edge Superintendent H. S. Principal Elementary Principal. Fred Blackard Mrs. Trudie Kirkpatrick Mrs. Lena Clodfelter Agriculture Home Economics English Miss Eula Stinson Mrs. Bonnie McCollum Mrs. Bernice O'Br1en First and Second Third and Fourth Fifth and Sixth Grades Grades Grades BOARD OF EDUCATION C. D. Harris, President B. M. Mask Tommie Carson C. L. Davis E. L. Mallicote, Sec'y Ernest Herin Howard Springer EP! :si was ' 1 , :ptr .L.' f f? ,, . 5. , ., "' v ' . ' K " 1 f 'ii N, -.ff af "fy 1 f . ' 2,,, 6 CI f x ,Z 0 if gh 7 1o ,--:-...2- ' - , X cgywrlxxfb .Pixy " b X ,I ELQSLW S Xx Q4 Fx fl? Veg! 4,3 J bb X Y yi' A ,. it 40022 t z -3 X Q X 'fir-E WN 1'-:rf E 1 .. AA ,Egl- SENIORS James Roy Leach .... ......... .President V. W. Martin Jr ...... ...... Vice-President T. J. Carson ............. ........ Se cretary and Treasurer Curtis Joe Wi1kerson....... .. ....... A. E. Ba.rnes....... CLASS COLORS ..... BLUE AND WHITE CLASS FLOWER ..... ROSE CLASS MOTTO: "Under the Teachers we follow: over the Juniors we lead." A. E. Barnes Principal, Coach and Senior Sponsor james Leach Football II, Basketball II co-capt. Annual Bus. Mgr. V. W. Martin jr. F.F.A., Football II co-Capt. All around Boy, Activities Editor T. j. Carson F.F.A. Football IV, Basketball III, Annual Editor - in- Chief Curtis Wilkerson F.F.A., Football III, Class reporter Elizabeth Kuntz Volleyball III Co-capt. Glee Club, Pep Squad W. I-I. Weatherly F.F.A., Football Mgr. joan Lowe Volleyball III, Glee Club, Carnival Queen, Pep Squad Volle ball Capt. III, G ee Club, Pep Squad, Cla s favorite Asst. Editor-in-chiei Sarah Keel Grover Youiig F.F.A. Wanda Davis Volleyball IV, Glee Club, Pep Squad john Switzer Football II, Basketball III Eugene Miller F.F.A.. Football I f 'Q fl-'Lf QQ! , ! "-Q jd 'L ' xf. 5 - QM N x YK? ,Q , X , , LD .---7 4 Q' 1 Hx if ' ' ' N - .if-1 N ,MTV 2 1 f ,, 'F X QQ .5-.5 '.f I, ' 1 ' TL 4' CQ 9f Cx'- ? 4, fix - -.'. x M JUNIORS Richard Cunningham ....... J' eWe1 Dean Spindle.. Ann Mallicote ........ Evelyn Martin ........ Mr. Fred Blacker .... U.. CLASS COLORS ..... RED AND WHITE CLASS FLOWER ..... RED ROSE 'D . .... . . . . .President Vice-President 8: Trens .......Reporter CLASS MOTTO ..... "Do to the Seniors before they can do to us." Mr. Blackard Dick Cunningham Dean Spindle Evelyn Martin Waymon Davis Ann Mallicote Wanda Crutsinger Billy Baker jimmy Ann Hancock Evelyn Johns on Earl Wilson Imelda Bierschenk Harold Meuller Bobby White Sally Sparkrnan QD W 'f' ,A ' 41,2 Amdmx ' W 'ing ll Qu Q Y X it K' Y. Iv . I f 1 ' y 1" 52 'V T74 V if X, ff al mx-di ff N 1 X 31 ff 6 N, X G R I m ,LB un, wgg55i5 Ray Ca.r'son....... SOPHOMORES ........P1'eS1deD.f. J. Y. Johnson ....... ...... V ice-President Betty Johnson ..... ...... Sec . 8: Trees Estelle Henley .... Randolph O'Br1en ...... CLASS COLORS ..... GREEN AND WHITE CLASS FLOWER. .... WHITE ORCHIDS CLASS MOTTO ..... "We build the ladder by which we climb." Mr. O'Brien Harold Bryant Betty johnson Jack Mc Collum J. Y. johnson Joyce Lemons Weldon Belz Estelle Henley Ralph Dale Wade jirnmy Potts Milton Pace jr. Harold Gene Cooley Billy Sam Hunter Dosia Fay Mask Ruth Morrison Glen Boydston Ray Carson Emma. jean Smithey ' Robert Hobbs WV . 4 A 22 Y' ZA? " ' A vi JI- A l KIA f f4M'J! ,A I f ,. 3 H N , " f" 'ffm 2? i'W'X . 4,9 -U5 fumb x MW ,NJN X6 Jax' X M :M eg in fl ' N' 7 5 Nw ini I , I xvdl .,.i'f-- FRESHMEN Frances Spindle ...... Bobby Turner ............... ...... Evelyn Joyce Anderson ........ Ann Harrisl ............. Mrs. Lena Marie Clodfelter ....... .. . . CLASS COLORS ..... ORCHID AND WHITE CLASS FLOWER ..... IRIS CLASS MOTTO ..... "Last but not least" -nun .........Pres1dent Vice-President Sec-'heasurer ........Reporter Evelynjoyce Anderson Yuton Harris Anna Louise Harris , Virginia Dugger Reatha Dugger Doris Hobbs Josephine Bierschenk Royce Cooley Billy Kirchenbauer Betty Weatherly Eugene Kuntz james Ray Miller Carl Hott Frances Spindle jean Barthold Dorothy jean Gregory Ester Hoehn Gynell Godwin Frank Belz Donald Rose Geneva Belz johnnie Barthold Bobby Turner Mrs. Clodfelter X , MQ 5 I 'ahh' r -"ii f 52 N V ,A 4 zfffy 1 v , ' 1 ' lf' :Lf '7 f 3 15.93 Q mf - ' ,' '., rv ,, X - - " --1 , -6.1452-7 E -fl ' ,fs 2 4, X F ,f v f f g l ,yay f 4,,' ' ' Q' i .4 EEA , I ff 'Q Z . 7 8 L 1, M ' J Z WW ff 5 I , 4 1 Z .f .4 , ,I 4 "Jr: -6 K 1 ffm 3 D Z7 ALL-AROUND BE V. W. Martin, jr. ALL - AROUND GIRL Ann Mallicote SENIOR FAVORITES ' Sarah jack Keel ja.mes.Roy Leach JUNIOR FAVORITES Sallie Sparkman Richard Cunningham X sopnomonm FAVORITES Q Dosia Fay Mask j. Y. johnson FRESHMAN FAVORITES Frances Spindle ROYCG C001e Y - Evelyn Ann johnson wg'x:g:?tbIfEnQ?12Z:1s Future Farmer Sweetheart o N Robert Hobbs I X3 Future Homemakers Sweetheart Cagggyaiagzgen. 1- Y - ,,.,-4, Q 1?-.i ,....-A -- -1.1 ..1.-1. Q.,-1, ,....-f-A .-i , .,...1- , ...iif -ti.. f , - ,,,i..--1--' ,. .,.- - . .i...i.-Y..-... ,.,.-- .1.--i- -1 ,,,,......i. - :h .. - Y -- 4- .- ---1-Qnif-- -I 2 21 VV ,H , T- --N Y Yi- f .si 3.- K HK ' ' N-- - -Z f ' f 2 f- , ..--3 ...-- f'..--., liss, f 3- - -'T A 3-'lffiw -i is fir: ? jQ,.,-f.-1-,.f'-TA ?525E g' 3 if ANNUAL STAFF The Annual Staff of 1947 is as follows: Editor-in-chief ..................... ............ T . J. Carson Assistant Editor-in-chief ....... ........ S arah Jack Keel Business Manager. ............................................ James Roy Leach Assistant Business Manager ............................. Evelyn Ann Johnson Sports Editors ................. Dick Cunningham and J lmmy Ann Hancock Activities .......................................................... V. W. Martin Jr. Staff Artist ........ ........................................ Ann Malicote Senior Editor ....... ...... Cur tis Joe Wilkerson Junior Editor .......... ............ Eve lyn Martin Sophomore Editor ....... .......... E stelle Henley Freshmen Editor ....................................... ...... Ann Harris FUTURE FARMERS The Valley View Future Farmer organization is one of some six hundred similiar organizations in the state of Texas. The total membership in the Texas chapters is some where around twenty-five thousand. Ray Carson was elected to serve as President of the Valley View Chapter for the 1946-47 school term. Jack McCollum was elected to serve as Vice-President and other officers were as follows: Reporter--Doc Wilson, Treasurer--Waymon Davis, Secretary--Billie Sam Hunter, and Fred Blackard is serving as Chapter adviser. The following are members of the chapter: GlenNel1Boydston, Curtis Wilkerson, Buddie Wade, W. H. Weatherly, V. W. Martin, T. J. Carson, Jimmie Potts, Harold Bryant, J. Y. Johnson, Robert Hobbs, Nookey Belz, Leroy Hott, James Ray Miller, Bub Cooley, Billie Kirchenbauer, Jean Kuntz, Yuton Harris, Milton Pace, Johnnie Barthold, Harold Cooley, Donald Rose, James Roy Leach, Carl Hott, Mikes Jacob, and Quenton Odem. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS The "Taste and Baste" Chapter of the Valley View F. H. A. Club is divided into two class units. Officers of the Freshmen class are: President--Jean Barthold, Vice-President--Gynell Godwin, Secretary--Ann Harris, Treasurer--R.ea.tha Dagger, Reporter--Joyce Anderson. Other members of this class are: Geneva Belz, Josephine Blerschenk, Virginia Dugger, Dorothy Gregory, Doris Hobbs, Esther Hoehn, Frances Spindle, Bobble Turner, Patricia Gage, and Betty Lou Weatherly. Officers of the club made up of Sophomores and Juniors are: President--Jewel Dean Spindle, Vice-President-Evelyn Johnson, Secretary-Ann Mallicote, Treasurer-- Imelda Blerschenk, Reporter--Jimmie Hancock. Other members of these classes are: Wanda Crutsinger, Estelle Henley, Betty Johnson, Joyce Lemons, Audrey Evelyn Martin, Dosia Faye Mask, Ruth Morrison, Emma Jean Smithey, Sallie Sparkman, and Dorothy Windham. GLEE CLUB The High School Girls blended their voices together and arranged a Glee Club. The P.T.A. made up the money and sponsored the Club. Mrs. Gladys O'Brlen Teach- ing. Sarah J ack Keel as reporter. The girls have had a Christmas Progam and are goingtohave a Recital at the endof school. We have learned mary new songs and each having one or two parts. The girls in the Club are: Doris Hobbs, Joan Lowe, Sarah Keel, Josephine Blerschenk, Dorothy Gregory, Dosia Fay Mask, Patricia Gage, Evelyn Anderson, Estelle Henley, Betty Johnson, Frances Spindle, Bobby Turner Reatha Dug- ger, Gynell Godwin, Betty Lou Weatherly, Joyce Lemons, Wanda Curtslnger, Geneva Belz, Sally Sparlnnan, Imelda Bierschenk, Jewel Dean Spindle, Ann Mallcote, Wanda Davis, Jean Barthold, V1rgln1aDugger, AnnHarr1s, Emma Jean Smlthy, Esta Lou Hoehn, Evelyn Johnson, J lmnry Ann Hancock, Blondie Kuntz, and Evelyn Martin. THE EAGLES OF 1946 Coached by A. E. Barnes EAGLE SQUAD Billy Sa.m'Hunter, Robert Hobbs, V. W. Martin--Co. Capt., Ja.mesRoyLeach, Curtis .Toe Wilkerson, Bobby White, WaymondDavls, Harold Cooley, Jlmmy Potts, Jack McCollum, Harold Muller--Co. Capt., A. E. Barnet--Coach, T. J. Carson, Billy Baker, Eugene Kuntz, Weldon Belz, Frank Belz, Ralph D. Wade. Box Scores Eagles 13 Boyd 0 Eagles 6 Sanger 6 Eagles 6 Alvord 0 Eagles 0 Lewisville 26 Eagles 6 Bridgeport 6 Eagles 25 Azle 0 Eagles 7 Era. 0 The Eagles were awarded the Sportsmanship Trophy by the other teams of the district. .T ack McCollum and Billy Baker were honored as being all district players. PEP SQUAD Directed by Mrs. Clodfelter Betty Lou Weatherly, Joyce Lemons, Wanda Crutsinger, Reatha Dagger, Gynelle Godwin, Francis Spindle, Bobby Turner, Pat Gage, Sara Feel, Geneva Belz, Dosia Mask, Virginia Dugger, Emmagene Smlthey, Doris Hobbs, Dean Spindle, Ann Malllcote, Ann Harris, Betty Johnson, Imelda Bierschenk, Josephine Blerschenk, JoanLowe, Sallie Sparkman, Elizabeth Kuntz, Wanda JeanDavls, Esther Hoehn, Jimmie Hancock, Dorthy -Gregory, Jean Barthold. YELL LEADERS Evelyn Martin-Junior Evelyn Johnson-Junior Evelyn Joyce Anderson-Freshman Estelle Henley-Sophomore FOOT BALL TEAM PEPSQ UAD BASKETBALL SQUAD Coached by A. E. Barnes Royce Cooley, Jonny Barthold, Billy 'aker--Capt., T. J. Carson, Waymond Davis, Eugene Kuntz, Ray Carso, -Mgr., A. E. Barnes--Coach, Weldon Belz, John Switzer, Frank Belz, Jfmes Roy Leach--Co. Capt. , Robert Hobbs, Jack McCollum, Billy Sam Huriir, Harold Cooley--Asst. Mgr. if' Box Scores Eagles 12 Lewisville 17 Eagles 27 Sanger 26 Eagles 23 Pilot Point 15 Eagles 23 Era 4.3 Eagles 23 Lewisville 27 Eagles 24 Sanger 40 Eagles 18 Era 39 VOLLEY BALL SQUAD Coached by Randolph O'Brien Captain--Sarah Keel, Co.-Captain--Elizabeth Kuntz, Jewel Dean Spindle, Joan Lowe, Evelyn Joyce Anderson, and Wanda Jean Davis are the first string. Evelyn Ann Johnson, Frances Spindle, Bobby Turner, Dorthy Jean Gregory, Dosia Faye Mask, and Jean Barthold are the second string. Box Scores Eagles 8--13 Sanger 15--15 Eagles 15--15 Pilot Point 7--11 Eagles 15--15 Era 5--11 Eagles 11--13 Sanger 15--15 Eagles 15--15 Pilot Point 6---6 Eagles 15--15 Era 6---8 BASKET BALL TEAM NQOLLEYBALL TEAM 3 gm 'Q LV f, J fl K :if f- WU I jk- O." v V , ' I8 -gv if '16 IW 42 HI el fi' Miva. f 54- -'l 'X " 'lb bf? V 3:-EA., fgj f lliyz ei Nl f ,ff 'L' u- '-J'-5' 0'6" 3' ry X'5,,'4'9!' 57 ' V wig' ,T 5- Q , V 0 ' Nr l x ' W ' j Y M. A ' Q f l 2 ' X , ZX , in ffflgf 2 I rf , FIRST GRADE Miss Eula. Stinson Lynndale Miller, Mike Masten, Jerry Young, Dee Carson, Jackie Shackel- ford, Bobby Don Doty, Bonnie Ruth Gilbreath, Joyce Ann Cole, Michael Harris, Larry Evens, Francis Lones, .Terry Shackelford, Sara Jo Wagner, Donald Harvey, Sue Wilson, Juanita Reiter, Kenneth Joe Parkhjll, Jerry Cunningham. SECOND GRADE Miss Eula Stinson JanlsGa.rner, Lillie Jane McFa.rlin, LanoraAsten, Peggy Jo Clark, Charles Raymon Medlen, J . W. York, Adallee Kelly, Martha Ann Barthold, Billy Jean Boggs, Harold Wells, Bill Hobbs, Mary Ann Kublcek, Dale Clark, J ans Malllcote, Donald Cxmnlngham, Edward Parkhlll, Kermeth Ray Martin, Charles Bu:-ks. THIR.D GRADE Mrs. Bonnie McCollum Gynell Martindale, Leslie Clampitt, Donald Hobbs, Sharon Stephenson, Patricia Johnson, Gene Davis, Wayndel Early, Wayne Shackelford, Luteen Burks, Betty Blerschenk, W1lburnYoung, BettyAnnKublcek, Royce Wilker- son, C. L. Johnson, Bobby Bierschenk, Vonclle Vestal, Melvin Offord, Barbara June Cox. FOURTH GRADE Mrs. Bonnie McCollum Anna Louise Lones, Tommy Turner, Sally Mae Hobbs, Willie Mae Lones, Gus Strength Jr., NellaAnnBoydston, Sara Potts, Clovis Gllbreath, Willard Burks, G. W. Wylie, Kendrlx Henley, Wilford Neu, J lmmy Clark, Glynda. York, Genlce Bryant, Kenneth Smith, Billy Terry, Shirley Ann Chism, Doris Windham, Ima Jo Offord, Betty Lou Boggs, Roylene Medlen, Elsie Hott, Helen McCollum, Reva Joyce Martin, Betty Lou Austin. FIFTH GRADE Mrs. Bernice O'Brlen Coy Gllbreath, Barbara Jean Garner, Royce Martin, Thurman Martin, Lor- ene Younge, Rosa Lee Dugger, Herbert Kruger, Jimmy Dyer, Luther Ray Bryant, Shirley Davis, Peggy Johnson, Augustine Henley, Joann Spindle, Margaret Cox, Edgar Bierschenk, Jeannene Blakey, Felix Wylie, Robert Martindale, Billy Maughan, Juanita Clampltt, Barbara Nell Couch, Hwlve Shacklerford, and Charles Myers. SIXTH GRADE Mrs. Bernice O'Brien Gene Dyer, Kenneth Clampitt, John Hobbs, Carroll Garner, Evelyn Younge, Tex Emma Sparkman, Bernice Hlllis, JamesRayGarner, Val Wylle, Glenn Davis, and Billy Ray Strength. SEVENTH GRADE Mrs. Ethel Edge Betty Jo Strength, Bobby Johnson, Ronald Stephenson, Billy Mac Calhoun, Billy Blerschenk, Max Malllcote, Ima Nell Bryant, Marg:-et Ann Gregory, Dorothy Bryant, Kay Terry, Odls Barthold, WeldonDavis, Jessie Mae Um- stead, Charllne Roeder, Dan Johnson, Jackie McCuistlon, Cecil Neu, and Wilber Barthold, EIGHTH GRADE Mrs. Ethel Edge Harvey Moore, Bobby Buffington, James Jennings, Ted Gibson, Lloyd Martin, Bobby Garner, Billy Earl McCollum, Roy Commer, Leroy Parkhjll, Nancy Idell, Ava Nell Roeder, Betty Herln, Mary Wilson, Peggy Brewer, Jimmy Bundy, Truman Wilkerson, Loy Gilbreth, Mildred Couch, Elaine Wylie, Joyce Blakey, Liz McLerran, Claudette Moore, J ack Dyer, Garner Barnes, and Kenneth Couch. --- -1- , ' T .- "' S: " '- 4 .,-- , . T5'f5'ME ,WHEN 2-:--- ' L -- ' ., c Fggmxfgix , 5 ., Q E5 -L:-' ""'xt4 ff4a-an-fiaffr f f 2 M wr L7 vf-.-r.-:J f ,' '- 'L E J, ,. . 'Q ,f wwqg ll .vsxfygsf J 'j 4,577 U ,A pq 'K 1 S' "w-,A 522.4 SM! ki ,,," ' 'Til ' 4 'ix ,nag 1 N wg 731: , , L . ,I g X XX . X 4. f K v 4 . 6 N-, mTKxQ:! ' 4 fgwilmq X X154 T K f E- XK!E x,l4j'X'AJ X ,U 4:- 5 P' fl 5 .L E X I! X 2 X f' i, SQ ' . 4 N f f : 4 Ix'x7Z in ii- .SKY I-: ip .f , V f X X 'gpxg gx-E A U 'M Y X i 5Q?55iEE THE VALLEY VIEW NATIONAL BANK "The Bank of Personal Service" Best Wishes to Annual Staff From 'rue FACULTY Randolph O' Brien Mrs Lena Marie Clodfelter A. E. Barnes , V. B. Kirkpatrick Fred Blackarc Mrs. Mrs. Bonnie McCo11u1n Miss Eula Stinson 1 L Ed e .Mx-s. Bernice O'Brien Mrs. Ethe . g Sinclair Products H. H. SHERER Commission Agent 'SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY Gaine sville, Texa s Box 2.35 Tel. 16 1. A. MCCROREY Distributor of Texaco Petroleum Products 524 jefferson Street Gainesville, Texas BUCKIN GHAM'S PRINTE RY A Stationery and Commercial Printing Tel. 56 Gainesville, Texas KENYON'S SC OGGIN AND WOODRUFF Automotive and Household Hardware Furnishings 319 East California St.Pho.74 Gainesville, Texas Distributors-Wholesale-Retail Commerce at Broadway Gainesville, Texas THE rms'r STATE BANK Gainesville, Texas Second Oldest State Bank in Texas COMMERCE STREET STORE Biggest Little Store in Gainesville Gainesville, Texas R. W. fPetej Briscoe WATTS BROS. DRUGS AND JEWELRY Since 1915 Gainesville, Texas Lumber, x WAPLES- PAINTER COMPANY Wallpaper, Plurnbing, Electrical Supplies Gainesville, Texas Phone 1248-1249 KINN E 'S jewelers Since 1889 Gainesville, Texas A FRIEND NICHOLS Moron co. Sales - Chevrolet- Service Texaco Products Goodyear Tire, Crane Hot Water Heaters, Star Windmills, Pipefitting, Etc. Norge Refrigerators, Stoves, Washers Congratulations to the Seniors of 1947 BEAIRD' S PHOTO FINISHERS Portrait and Commercial Photography 1201 oamand Ave. Te1ePh0ne 154 Denton, Texas Complixnents of CITY BARBER SHOP "Your Patronage is Appr-eciated" M. C. Browning - Prop. EDDE Sz FREDA'S CAFE "Home Cooked Food" Fine Steaks Valley View, Texas Phone 15 TED HERRMANN Typewriter 81 Music Supply Royal Typewriters Musical Instrurnents Sales - Service- Supplies 113 E. California St. Gainesville, Texas HAYNES LUMBER CO. Building Material Phone 186 Gainesville, Tex. -West Side Market Square DEWEY'S SERVICE STATION "You blow 'em--We fix 'em' Candy- School Supplie s Gas Oil Valley View, Texas MILLER'S PHARMACY "'Where Friends Meet" A FRIEND A Phone 24 Valley View, Texas , N TURNER'S SlEBMAN'S Grocery and Market Grocery and Market Phone 8 We Appreciate Valley View, Texas Your Business Valley View, Texas Gainesville, Texas Leazer-Keel. Funeral Home Phone 400 One Standard of Service The Highest to All Regardless of Financial Circurnstances 'Air Conditioned Axnbulance Service J. L. Leazer Vernie Keel Kaden "The Florist" Flowers for Every Occasion Flowers by Wire Always Fresh Greenhouses at 1938 Pr-ice Ave. BEAIRD'S PHOTO FINISHERS Cameras and Films 1201 Oakland Ave. Telephone 154 Denton, Texas Best Wishes to the Seniors of 1947 DR. I. R. REUTHER 1-035 S. Commerce Street Gainesville, Texas BEAIRD' S PHOTO FINISHERS Home Weddings, Reunions, Parties, Etc. 12.01 Oakland Ave. Telephone 154 Denton, Texas S. L. BENNETT AND SONS Hardware Groceries, Seed and Feed, Brooders, Fountains, Chicken Remedies. Gainesville, Texas Telephone 781 315 'W. Elm Street MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM CO. J. RoBei't'Evans,'Agent V Gainesville, Texas Moliiloil Mobilgas Phone 150 V ' ' I.. A. MCCROREY Distributor' bf Texaco Petroleuln Products 52.4 jefferson Street QGainesville, Texas Telephone 56 BEAIRD' S 'PHOTO FINISHERS Kodak Finishing ' ' ' 1201 Oakland Ave. We do mail order work T elephone 154 'I Denton, Texas STANSBURY'S A Jack rw, Ilgjifj, J. Lee Plumbing, heating, water well supplies and service. Expert ' workmanship' quality material and fixtures. Aermotor' mills and electric pressure pumps. Phone 128 ....., ., ... .,, ..,. , Gainesville, Texas LEWIS' 'HOLLYWOOD SHOP Exclusive but not Expensive 107 East California Street Gaine sville, Texas GREGORY CLEANERS Modern Cleaning Machine--Ladies Work-A Specialty Alterations Relihing Valley View, Texas HELPY-SELFY STORES Groceries - Meats - Feeds - Hardware Owned and operated by the Latham's Gainesville ---- Valley View FLINT'S DRY GOODS n 'Your Business is Always Appreciatedn Valley View, Texas GREGORY FEED gl SEED Grain Cleaning Valley View, Texas TYLER AND SIMPSON C0 Wholesale Grocer s Established 1879 Gainesville, Texas AUGHTRY' S FLOWERS Complirnents of SCHAD AND PULTE Pharmacy Gainesville, Texas CLAYTON DRY GOODS CO. Fancy Dry Goods Phone 304 Gainesville, Texas MILLER'S CLEANERS Congratulations to Seniors of '47 TANNER FURNITURE AND CO Complete Home Furnishings Gainesville, Texas FRANK DUSTIN OFFICE School Supplie s Gainesville, Texas GREENWOOD AND CO. Butane Gainesville, Texas 1 TEAGUE 'S CLOTHIER for Men and- Boys 11 North Dixion Street Gainesville, Texas BROWNIN GS For Fine jewelry 116 North Commerce Street Gainesville, Texas MR. Congratulations To the Seniors 1947 K: MRS. G. F. VANDEVER Deluxe Cleaners ALDRIDGE IMPLEMENT Sz SUPPLY CO. MASSEY HARRIS B. F. Goodrich Tires 81 Acc. 475-27 North Commerce Phone 1551 I HENLEY-HARRISON SUPPLY CO. 205 South Commerce St. Gainesville, Texas All Kinds of Automobile Supplies Rebuilt Motors s Complete Machine Shqp Service Phone 1803 HILBURN MOTOR COMPANY HONEY CUTT IEWELRY STORE MANHATTAN CLOTHIERS 112 N. Commerce St. Gainesville, Texas Leo M. Kuehn Gainesville, Texas SHELTON'S . Complixnents of Hardware and Sporting Goods Commerce at Broadway Gainesville, Texas BONES FURNITURE CO. Owned and Operated by L. L. Degaine and J. W. Thomas New and Used Furniture bought and Sold-Norge, Regrigeratqr, Gas and Electrical Ranges, Washing Machines, Bendix and Watterson Radios. Phone 322 Gainsville National Bank HOMES FURNITURE COMPANY The Best Comes From Homes Complete House Furnishings and Electrical App. COOKE CO. FROZEN FOOD AND M. K. T. Locker Service--Meat Cutting gl Curing Fancy and Staple Groceries and Meats Soe Donahoe 304 Harbey St. 301- .9 .' 'Qzi' 24, 'R V ' 'A . If ' Ns-LIP 51 if , 1 -.6 91 + ' ,.?.' EF f 1 QM- . 'Q ,AA ' "A Af1'akEf9L.?'ff M551 ' - Q ., ' 5 ,' If - V Y - .. X f 16. Q55 X , ' 4 ! -. 1+ :.-ffiw W , V - 'C f- 1.:'5g::325g! i, , 5 " 'll' f 'lv -aJ'f +f 1 h Q ,gxfav , - o " A 'T 'X' fu: T ' ' . i I I ' ,, ' f?fF4xf79LWi'i,-9,1 4 livs i I I A U-I 0 .H g ' Bs.,

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