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P fjeprmg CPM... QU' Sc H: 94 IA ,Y sf? f f FURUUUHU They tell us that a weary world is waiting For the sunrise that FREEDOM soon will bring, when all the lights around the world are gleaming And the long-silenced bells of peace shall ring. NLest we forgetu, by whom our FREEDOM'S givenl ' Within our hearts enshrine this living truth: That all the blessings we enjoy that FREEDOM bringeth were bought and dearly paid for by our YOUTH. To you, our YOUTH, to those of you returning, We give our love, To you who sleep beneath the sod, with humble hearts we breathe this Benediction: Rest on, you fallen heroes, rest on in peace with God. --Walter McCord 'V or her' untirirgg efforts and loyal ssistance in every may we dedicate The Eagle of '44-'45" to Mike. J. R. REUTHER !f- S Q U omanssTRm1pn BUHRU nrmusms V CLAUDE HARRIS ....... President EVERETT MALLICOTE ..... Secretary C. L. DAVIS T. CARSON Q. G. CALHOUN H. SPRINGER E HERIH 2.747- HISMRY 091s-INCE !,, g ..ff-- fff 'HH' 4,69 4740 l I ENE-LISH -" """ 9 G. G. RANKIN Super intfendent J. W. MCLLUHD Principal and Coach ETHEL EDJB Granunar :Lchool Primzi FEQBL BLAJM I1 Vocuuiozmal Agri-ful ture TRUDHZ Kl1i.KPn'lLpi'JK Hom ez Eco nomic S hUT:i r.EIU 'IE QCR Tnmtliaszl BOE-EN LEQ MQCG LLUM 2nd and 3rd Grunh-a, BERNLCE O'BlLlh.N 1,01 and ith Gradeb EULA HTINSGN lst and 2nd Grwulcs v ! . In-L ..,..,...,,. if ,.,..,l.................-.a....- QQ -...1- .P NJ K1 'Q' T 'vs' 15' FACTS ABOUT THE FACULTY C. G. RANKIN, Superintendent, History and Volley Ball Coach of 1944-45, received his degrees, B.A. in 1930 and his M.A. in 1935, from Texas Tech. He has had seventeen years' teaching experience in Texas and New Mexico. He came to Valley View in April of last year. J. W. MCCORD, Principal, Coach, Mathematics, holds B.A. and L.L.B. degrees and majored in English at Hendrix College, law at Cumberland University, education at Teacher's College. He has been Principal and Coach at Paducah, Texas, Plainview, Texas, Blinn College, and other colleges. MRS. J. R. REUTHER, English, History, received her B.S. degree from N.T.S.T.C., majored in elementary education. She has taught in Petersburg, Texas, for two years and Graham, Tex for one year. This is her first year at Valley View. MRS. V. B. KIRKPATRICK, Home Economics, received her B.S. degree in Homemaking Education at T.S.C.w., Denton, and has 8. also taken graduate work there. She has had four years' teachf ing experience prior to coming to Valley View. ' FRED BLACKARD, Vocational Agriculture, received his B.S. degree from Sam Houston State Teacher's College and took ad- vanced graduate work at Texas A. Q M. He taught at Midway one year. For nine years he taught Vocational Agriculture and was superintendent at Talco in Titus County. He was superin- tendent here for two years and this is his fifth year here. ETHEL L. EDGE, Principal, 6th and 7th grades, is a grad- uate of Texas University. She has taught at Lois, Era, El Paso,'Stamford City Schools, and Mt. Olive. This is her s tenth year at Valley View. - BERNICE O'BR1EN, 4th and Sth grades, acquired her B.S. degree from N.T.S.T.C. She also attended Texas Tech. and Decatur. Teaching experience: one year at Hayes and six years at Bulcher. This is her third year at Valley View. BONNIE MCCOLLUM, 2nd and 3rd grades, received her B.S. degree from N.T.S.T.C. She has taught at Elm Grove and sixteen years at Valley View. EULA STINSON, lst and 2nd grades, received her B.S. de- gree from N.T.S.T.C. She came to Valley View at mid-term of 1943. She has also taught at the following places: Lois - six years, Dexter - four years, and Callisburg - six years. enioy FRED BLACKAHD Sp onsol , ' :i"1:.ffi lfigigw Ibis! sqm.: N 55.2 A ,.XbQ ,.--.wng Qi' A .' if X , A3 w - -, . S .X ' iv, .:-:.:?:- 5 fl gay " 'iff ' ' . - 4? 4' A E. L. HANCOCK President ELLA RUTH KENNY-LDY Secretary-Treasurer DALE LANIER Vice President LMA JEAN MASK CHARIJE WILSON POLLY DEAN HLJHFILL N Q' 1 wig ' ' , fy? 5,35 sl, lvl -,.1.' '-- 'Q --1.-5-' Q- --. - ,4... I' 1. '' "L . AI'-"' ." :'.'r'4 . 1, 5. 5 - , ' ' 4 . , ' is . 1 LEED! BELZ JEAN WEELER RU! LEE BELZ CEORGIA MAE MASTEN BILLY TURNER IXJRINDA WARD VIRGINIA RUTH OWENS GRANVILLE HOTT GESSIE MAE COIN 41 "ii" ,K sr - . , ,N...,,, , 1 h n, . -4 . , " rh,,,- tv- r K , . .-. - A,q-m.Ai-.,,,, O "" Y ' """""vr""' w'v"""v"rL-'-' 111-J," ?"W"J" " -u 11, - : - K , . .17 1' CLASS MILL Know all men by these presents: That we, the Senior Class of l9A4-45, of the Valley View High School, Valley View, Cooke County, Texas, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make and publish this, our last WILL AND TESTAMENT. DALE, better known as nSnipeU, LANIER, wills his technique with the girls, hoping that it might help, to that man-about- town, James Roy Leach. BILLY "playboy" TURNER leaves part of his height to Joe Scott, hoping he will appreciate it. GRANVILLE NEddie Cantoru HOTT gives his large, round, black eyes to nDocn Wilson, with the thought that they might help UDocN along with the girls. u JEAN, who makes the boys look twice, WHEELER, leaves her slow southern drawl to Chester Calhoun, who really does not need it. E. L. ustar eyesn HANCOCK wills his expression to T. J. Car- son. GEORGIA MAE, who doesn't love but one soldier, MASTEN, bequeathes this right and privilege to Gertrude Rauschuber. ELLA RUTH, a real example of an Irishman, KENNEDY, with pleasure,bequeathes her Irish temper to the meek and shy Louise Woosely. CHARLES HAnkle braceletn WILSON leaves the ngold-diggersu ' of Valley View High to John McCuistion. POLLY DEAN nfun-lovingn HIGHFILL, with pleasure, leaves the Privilege of conpletely enjoying herself to Jo Ann Flint. ERLENE nheart-throbu BURKE wills her way with the boys to Beatrice Hassenpflug. ROY LEE, almost always NPicH, BELZ, leaves his love of sports to Billy George Highfill. VIRGINIA RUTH, better known as NQueenieN, OWENS, leaves her swing to none other than Vera Herin. LEROY, or nBubbaU, BELZ, wills that masculine physique and hairy chest to Lavelle McFarlin. These are sure to get him a position on the football team. GLESSIE MAE UBright-eyesn COIN wills those sparkling eyes to Charlie Mae Christian, just in case she might need them in the future. DORINDA nPin-upu WARD wills those charming dimples and winning smile to Marth Ann McCollum. Maybe they will help her get a man. As you all know there is always a runt of the class. So according to custom, IMA JEAN, or HLittle Emman, MASK, wills part of her five feet to Mickey Minnis. Maybe it will help her with those six-foot boys. In witness whereof, we hereunto set our hand and seal this, on the 25th day of May, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty-Five. A wr M ,.- ' !"'?T'fT'lf"FQ"fJul-v1us 1 . cuss PROPHECY ---Jan. 1, 1960 Dear Diary: This being the year 1960, I have decided to find out what became of the 1945 Senior Class of Valley View High School. ---Jan. 2, 1960. When the doorbell rang today, I never once thought it could be Charles Wilson. But there he stood, every bit as surprised as I. He gave me a card which read: 'Charles Wilson, Democratic Candidate for Governor of Texas ." From him I learned the whereabouts of a few Seniors. Georgia Mae Hasten is married to a bank president, and is living in Rogester, New York. Roy Lee Belz is a football coach in Texas University, and Leroy Belz is now married, but still serving in the Merchant Marine as a Captain. ---Jan. 3, 1960. Today I passed by "Snipe's Photo Shop." The name seemed familiar and sure enough, upon entering the shop there was Dale Lanier. By talking to Dale, I learned that E. L. Hancock has given up the Railway Compaxw. At this manent the door opened and Ella Ruth Kennedy walked in. She was clad in flying togs and had dropped in to remind Dale to tell his wife, who is Ella Ruth's best flyer, that she would be unable to in- struct her tomorrow. -5-Jan. I., 1960. Today I saw Erlene Burke. She told me she had married a Foreign Diplomat. Standing beside her was a small girl--Er1ene's only child. I also learned from Erlene that Ima Jean Mask is married to a band leader, and also has taken the job of dancing instructor at the RKD Studios. ---Jan. 5, 1960. It was no surprise to me today to find that Billy Turner has opened up his third night club in Juneau, Alaska, as he always talked of going there. I also learned that Polly Dean Highfill is singing at the new night club 'The Gay Niners," in Dallas. ---Jan. 6, 1960. Today I received the Gainesville Legster. The editorial was written about efficient law enforcenent. This sounded like a conversation I once overheard by Granville Hott and Virginia Owens. At the eni of the editorial was Vir- ginia's name. . ---Jan. 7, 1960. I was glad to hear of the election of Gran- ville Hott as District Attorney of Cooke County. Do you suppose "Queenie's" influence helped? ---Jan. 8, 1960. Dorinda Hard has becane a ballet dancer, and spends most of her time in Europe. This I learned from the former Glessie Mae Coin who recently resigned as Dorimia's press agent to marry a Brazilian coffee planter. Could it be that Glessie forsees another coffee shortage? ---Jan. 9, 1960. I wish to take this opportunity of letting the Senior Class know that I too have gained my life long ambition. I am now working as a secretary for Alan Ladd. -----JEAN WHEELER X. ffwvw v 2 dw 4904, .Z 'N J BEATRICE HASSENPJ: LUG, Preslaent PEGGY MYERS, Secretary Treasurer RLUBELENE WLLSON Reporter A BILLY GEORJE HIQH ILL 'V 0 e ,qw UERTRUDE R.AUbx,HUmLR X V Y 1: '5 X if sq N r i .S 5 V f I 3 1? fs. 6 5 lg .W N 2 LEON WARD Ae A G: , -s T7 I , Ui 1 vis XX CT"bf X 1 N N ffl L Z P c levy ff" jo Phonxores Redrixer JOHN SWITZER MARTHA ANN MCCOLLUM HAROLD MILLER JOAN LOWE WANDA JEAN DAVIS ALTON HALL SUE ANN DAUGHTER! DEAN YOUNG CURTIS WILKERSON GHOVEH YOUNG' V. W. MARTIN, JR. DOROTHY BOND MANDA LEE LEMONS LEROY HOTT W. H. WEATLLALY KENNLHH LEMONS NORMAN SHASTEEN M21 HT? 1173 S HAS TEEN wf'wf5W Jasllcagk 4 -Qty! 'B -. 59,1 q , f 1 9' w re Shmgn - If R J.W.M'Corcl Jewel D.Spindle. ANEAMQGFQ, Evnlyn Ajohrxson Ann Mailicoh sponsor APRESIDENT vnce-Paesnom sim WRQA5. DARNELL GHAVES WAYMON DAVIS JULIUS HAVER KAMP EARL WILSON BILLIE JEAN COX EVELYN MARTIN BILLY BAKER BILLY JOE WOOLSEY IMELDA BIERSCHENK WANDA CRUTSINGER EUGENE SHASTEEN BOBBY WHITE . JIMMIE ANN HANCOCK BUDDIE WADE JR. DAVIS VERTIE MARTIN Reporter .' 1 I K I L 55 31", 3. 1 If !h,L ASL 1 ' .F C' ' ,Q i . V I 1? If H' ' , WH k raae Suzhou . + Av MQW f- P 4-,SAX Q gi' l ' s 'fc' nf' W N X , .--1-1,1 -'vi'--i-1-1 ii . ---11 --1i11 q--11111 56 Cond Gro Je Fo uftkcrade V51 Graele - This-J Gracie 4 -M ,b x' K A , . , K . . Ji"-4'l'9""'?1""3A.'E . Qf'i"'3?T 'P zz W. f-N g"', ,. . . . , K , ' if J Jw- ,.ew'Wi 1 M 1 w -1 -J -3 'xv .r Gs . 3, - 4 ug .x , X 1. -K nfgim- . ,fp an , x. 4v'5...,-.t..3'f- fvw 4 1 -a 'If QE by if ,... , Wy, L lag 5 E A x F WQQ 1- W. i wk M ' f Sulxfh Grade Eiifxfhcracle FH 'Um Grade 56VZfn'h Graa E. v0 'E- ,-1---' rf- ,,1- , .1- -Q' lx ' I ' s , fs' , .. H 3' if Q ff Y' V aww BO, Doyle Wade Q N wwf Zifafowd CL Girf Joan Lowe , Ei -of PM Raw Kenna 3. ggN1OR Reubelene Wilson JU NIOR dy Ro Y le B SENITDR da' Doyle Wada, Jumorz -5 Joan Lowe T:J.Cars0ry SQPHOMORE SOPHQMORE Y ! 3 1 Tm Jewell Dean Spindle Herman Warcl FRESHMAN FRAESHMAN B X1 BGH ASQ Roy Lee 0 Y Knnglesmifk F n T. SWEUHEART FOOTBALL QUE N Jo Ann Flirvl' EEA. SWEETHEART I' I EN Reubeicnc Wilson CARNIVAL QUEEN if X x iyvrl-If-S' K C If Xxxiiff Fafikatball 7 3106155414 Game '4' -M1-wi sm- . a 35 .fe I fi Fr? FT 'B"'2' 1. If 1 1 A 4 L. x , F.F.A.CLLlB F.H.T. CLUB VOLLEY BALL TEAN 7"H"i'V D J...- QV. ziiz x Lgvl . K 4' . ,W .I po-Ofamb CHEER LEADERS mf' V -' F. ?f2w'9f". , fr.f"""""'A in 'Baum - Q A 'XXX ' - all g , fii 1 Y I f f 'I if L...- EBGLES WIND UP FINE GRID YEAR The Valley View Eagles concluded one of the most suc- cesful grid seasons ever marked up by a team from our school, going through the football season without a single loss. The Eagles, coached by Walt McCord, held victories over Sanger, Lewisville, Era, Alvord, Gainesville Cubs, and Denton 'Bn teams. Two ties marred a perfect record, deadlocks hav- ing been played with Boyd and Frisco. The Eagles chalked up this enviable record despite this year's small squad and the fact that Valley View is the small est school in the district. This is the first time in Valley View's history that the Eagles have gone through a season undefeated. Results of the season's schedule follow: Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles -----7 ---6 33 ---39 --- 7 ---1.5 ---24 --- 7 The Eagles'total for the season was 168, and that of all the other teams was 39. Sanger------- O Boyd-------- 6 LewiSville----- 6 6 Era---------- Frisco-------- 7 Alvord-------14 Gainesville Cubs- O Denton WB' Team-- O Several of our boys placed on the All-District Team. The names and places of these follow: FIRST TEAM Leroy Belz -------- Fullback Roy Lee Belz ------- Quarterback Dale Lanier ------- Center Charles Wilson ------ End SECOND TEAM Billy Gelvrge, Highfill- - -Haifback Doyle Wade -------- Tackle EAGLES MAKE ENVIABLE CAGE RECORD The Valley View High School Eagles chalked up another enviable record in athletics this season by winning two in- 4 vitational cage tournaments, its own cage meet, by defeating Bonham, a Class AA school in the finals, and the Sanger meet winning over Justin team which won that district title. The Eagles, coached by Walt McCord, won 17 out of 19 games played and the two losses by only one point margins, defeated two Class AA teams, including Gainesville. Roy Lee Belz with 190 marks was high point man for the season. Charles wilson was second with 150 points. Members of the 1944-45 Eagles team are as follows: Rqy Lee Belz, Charles Wilson, Dale Lanier, E. L. Hancock, Chester Calhoun, John McCuistion, T. J. Carson, Bobby Anderson, John Switzer, Billy George Highfill, Junior Davis, Billy Baker, Leon Ward, Bobby White, Earl Wilson, and Waymon Davis. 1944-45 CAGE RESULTS Eagles Era ------ --15 Eagles Howe ---- Eagles Denton-----15 Eagles Denton-- Eagles Dorchester--17 Eagles Justin- Eagles Tioga ---- --13 Eagles Sanger-- Eagle s Gunter-----16 Eagle s Tom B ean Eagles Sanger-----26 Eagles Sadler-- Eagles Gainesville-32 Eagles Tom Bean Eagles Bonham ----- -23 Eagles Howe--- Eagles Dorchester--ll Eagles- Gunter- Eagles Sadler----- 8 The following excerpt from the Gainesville Daily Register, edited in the nUncle Ezra Sports Columnn speaks for itself--- HGuess we'll have to look at the Valley View cagers, the way they're winning games this season. The Eagles copped the Sanger invitational meet last weekend. And only the previous week they won a meet staged on their own court. Coach McCord must have some good athletes in our neighboring town. he recall that his club had a fine football season, as well.U " " H. " 'X I . .fp ' X fl " Q gl.-7 'X K 2 i gk '9:w5 Q fijifax' 11,1 ZH' X ,QE ,, 2 I x ff Annual--,Staff l flu Ruff! AQIIIIOJY- fdffaf' J' HM' ffm I'-H38 faC7'cr' I"'lCJ9QllN1G3K-L:TCrarv1EJl72f . , Flwvvmms. f+,f,,+ "C M2 - Swfs that WJSDD I- Business Manger MVS. Rfdfll'-5P.n5.n 1 L img ygYO,,X.,,., 1, . ,, was I g f'1"' 'f I, 95 . wwf v P' it NNN v -.M , mf.. S .I K 3, p 1 041 wx ' 1 S LL 9 em .U K Ja' 3. 'f 'f"Isf'5 1 N lin ' I 1-' -, ,x id A. , 1151 'T Ulla U1 Q M NN.. ,, -311' f 5 .- ,M 1 Jil. ' ' g- I -1-n jr- i n 1 ' V" """"L. 'fi sn- X x VW EAT' Joe"5 i-iv-"3--I-a X X - ii Um AMMW MAKE DOSSIBLE- L A OUR MGH SCI-400 U14 NNUAL Znnpliffzfvfi 7 'SWE' ,mfvkdf f!AS'ma44 I fin zffc -IL- fmffzaiuhkiui if 5241 5 69554444 467 is DK. J. K. KEUTHEIZ-O,D. ,ggi 5, cammzfzcs .571 5',4ll'VESVlLl.K,TL'1Y enzsqomzv QW,-41. Mdpfffy czffwvffva M4 :wwf 441:24 Zdafzf -4. 4-57,4saie,LF9f 44rfzA-rmfvs -' .eezffvffvcy zfff QMS,-?Z, N fnuwrkzwfgma W 2 L'gLf 1'L ' Q SJEBMANE , Waxed., efeace-fe v z.fwfWfff Ewan ey QWMW W5 dffffwfzbii ykbf-JL.. P+-lo. 9 Budfubig- A an 5-722zaa2f7 Zim?- WE JPPIECIA TE fame a'zf.s'11v6s'.r .2 0 7 Af. D 1 x 0 xv ,,.,.,,.,V..-Y..--fv- - M.. - -..... .-,. .. - . Wdywlk fimwaf 443b-38 MPKINNEY JALLAS .52 - 7E'X4..S' A94 M I L LE :Cs W VJXJWWAKV Zllzvza fizziadi Wk!! PHo. Q4 gfkyzkgawzy. J -EW LE K9 V707 Main St. Dallas P!4fW0!V.0S -' WATCHES - GKFTS BULDUA - HELBKQS - L0lV6ffVEf f-uZ4wL42'9w4 -X54-ffue Za. Qaxq CLASS ,KINGS XIVWTA ffd!V.S' - DIPLUIWAS Wkiafi Wm, Z. .sues saws: 'TEXACO PRODUCTS 6000YEAKTl2E'S iz.: TUBES CRANE -1-lar WA TER HEA TEES - STAR' WNVD Afff1.1.s PVP5 ,Cfrrffvq 570, W 4 6 E Kirkus .5754 70 Ks, sralfsj WIIIIE, fra C441-'rex rm: uae 1: wa Nj Uau7v1,.2'uAlZ.J14,. 19 Wh. ' ypawalpf JZ riffs' J 6527 Zine, lwk, M c. "Z"5:"'7" ,dukffvffvc-, -4 " PCM ' fwwm 747612 Zqfm wk ga. u d fatf,ldZigf4222-142.5 tis gnwoa 415' 'MZ MZ dddwikfadytlif T242 .555zd:.a'.47 V. V. MS! 'Wlcz'ALz 125 fn! nglldmikv scuau. so n.f:.r-1.0Nc,va'S oy A-1 41:15. uJ.4.snw4x.r 43 67? 7 jnyii. Ll GPTQ DEw1eY'9 ggwef .fzkkkguf y.u!owkw.wr wef-'lv wb CAIVD V- Scarpa L farm. fe'-r 6-As' -I azz- ,fnawiam 25525-K !WW M4M? "r'EMPL55', 'T'-EX. ".fwm r TEXAS M A KESL A14 KES' rsxxvs " 60. ! cp '14 CL . urazr! won: faemswffvcs lug W2 424-Z Wwihwf ZW? ..f,',Q'7', 1 sp-4' 'if 5. Q 7' or VALLEY v,svv, TEXAS Www? ffzmniifz. 4 Jff Wal: wffz MUSIC STOKE n.v.TANNEK,vacE-FEES, war-BUTANE-Era. GHIIVESVILLE, '7'EX. KAINESVILLEITEM Q . WA DE - T112 X Wmfzg A. A.V.WADE, M6-IZ. STATE - PLAZA - RITZ - TEQQAN TTTTE MANHATTAN QLOTI-TTEIZS A LEO M. KUEH-N Midi! Q ?00'ZL"'l dffvz-'f7'7'-E725 -:TDK IW-EIV 6,4l!VESV!LL-E! 'T-EX. fsvfj 'af 44+oNL 400 fm' .gfdiffddfzdgf ifavfez - A 474' 1 -fin ill ,, 17' 5 Z7 2' 6744 1614. Q! iildifdlkf Zz?7eu2x41z"dzfa2L -J!! C0lV0!7'fd!Y6'D -v4-A46lfLv4!VC'E SEE!! J. LLEAZEK VEKNIE Kifl. OAINEJVILLEI 'FE xns CE' -vfvnnqwn-y-1--r- --- -rw--1' --- I-,ffumdimi - 5759041411-4 - Kms. HEATH safes. X' Mmm fa WM! WXZUQ5' 2-J .106 A :mfg sr EAIXVESVKLLEL -34: fyfs-... 'f,f',YA.S' GAIAJESFILLAZ -nsx. 4 Amlgxcfn M' BIZOWNINGQ SUNJJL .TUPPLIES 64!lVA".5'L'!LLE, TEX. Zag ?awzf0,7 llb N. C Mmerca St. 6'4fMs'svu.LE I -7-fx. EUCKINGHAM fiffbzfgfbg STATIONMZY af- GREETING CAIZDS "-107 Qwualdl you '6nAL'usd.4.. 302 E. CAMP. s-r. - aafufsrzus, 7-tx. ZMQLZ4 SQJL.. W fffwgifji mufy wew I -1:1-:x,4 -:fi Wfiwi, Zugalfifrwfi of SCHAD Q,-J PULTJE HAIZDWAIZ-E 6Allv5s'lff4LE , 7'!xA s' 7!E40y'52Qfy' .23fZ'a...w.s. 4... Gtocftxfa' - new rs - rr 505 - H4 koufaxz-r ' awlvfp f,. often rea BF nfl! L4 THAN! 64llV6'SVlLLE' "' VHLZFV VIEPV - 1 'Maid f..T.'D ft BEAUTY Sl-I0 P . Acc xfxvofarafwrr wma! 421 Mrs. can Wann , Paar. QomN'Q CAFE Q. ICE DOCK '!Vdk7'ffllfEJ'7' CQRIVER JFSQJAKF i 0144 Jwelzwddf f?!S444L., If W I 1 I 4 '1 V1-1 "':'vW'C"! 3 9yE.""',g M "- iwv-T' W XM J ffwih 7' ml, my C'-fart.-w"'4ff"f1 bmi, AMT' zf W4 Q WW LJ! Q 49 Mak fb A 'ffm ' v WSW ,C ifkul Zglmff. 0 aw lm, 37?-T M KX QQ' X BMA 70-64,41-1 46-uf M Y 6 U 7,414-Q-' C325 WJQX dy Nix Ur! fv W P s Jxvv XE' VGA pkg, XO' . V YEPFQMFQ W Nl ,f tr xmxfxw WX QW Wy? X L . X3 S Q' Y 4 .-4' l f . X . 1 w , 1 . 1' jf 1 ,x 1' ' I. in . - 1,-T.: ,gf 1 1 , 4135 nz 'L "T xi I 1. -- ' 'f-'f. , , '. IT' 9 - f" all-,E- 'nnnl g ' . Q71 F 4.- V-:w--.:' ff ur..4Li25a . ,ij . ' mf .-3: " , ' x' 9' 1 , , , ,A Ulf' . ' f' 3' Lai-W -, 'I "' '.-'Tia' .1 ,,-". ,. . . ', sqm. 4,1 , -3- A. .5.fx1'3 'J !.- B-Q ' l .Him ,V jf up 33.1 Fx. . iii' -1, I 5 I , ,, -in , . ,Aff-,-1, ,. X .,,.,., , ,,-V 9. . . , HUA,-I in 71, X .,. . ,I- D' J 3' .4 fx .f',y. I fx." . , . , M4 ,1 .14 If 'ZS' V ' I ' VH M ' 41,3 i WJ 259.51 - w '49 X az' bmi- '5 ' -if '.-fist Q 'v A : ii -1 - 134 tgps, , .- aj: z .' .. EI ,I if 19? L- ,Q 1 1 ,-ny.

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1945, pg 84

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