Valley View High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Kamay, TX)

 - Class of 1956

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Valley View High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Kamay, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1956 volume:

S+- Z The hieftaiu I956 TO OUR PARENTS It is with the greatest gratitude and the deepest appreciation that we, The Sen- ior Class of nineteen hundred fifty-six, dedicate our annual to you, OUR PARENTS. In this small way we hope to show our love for what you have done to make our graduation possible. May we never disap- point you and may we fulfill your fondest hopes. THE STAFF 'ww wg IN MEMORIAM LUDIE OAKES MATTHEWS 1898 - 1956 Something attempted, something done Has earned a night's Repose. " Longfellow W , 14. M 1 'Q A YQ V K 3 -if iw x www. Q '- V . wa L S X '. fda, V :J W M ,WV mf ' f-Y ying Nw ww g gn, 'fmify , Y 'aw K , ' 1 , N GW: f 0 al Nm x 5 i i i 5 E X --I w n w n n W, .,., D uv.-.--,,.,, 4-rffjidllrw' 'ivy' A , mana, 4 1 M 1 y du ,av 5 W' mm. 'WZ' nan xmmgfsf - i .Q .N :Pw- , X,,,,.W . ' ,xr-fri S S My . :XXQQ Q . X -M qs N I ' Q .:. . I 'N BOB LAND Business Manager DICKEY WAYNE MYERS Assistant Business Manager STAFF LAHOMA BEISCH Editor JO ANNA EARLY Assistant Editor M ff HIHIIIIIISTHHTIUH W5-wsw .. , .px SCHOOL BOARD MR. CLARK C. WILKES Superintendent Back row: MR. BRADLEY, MR. MOORE, MR. BIRDWELL. Front IOW: MR. BEISCH, MR. HACKER, MR. CRENSHAW. MR. I. E. LOWRY MR. JAMES R. TAYLOR Elementary Principal High School Principal Q5 in if -i Q1 2 gif, -if 'I' S 1,-: wiv: .V i f 7: ,It L r ?l:fv2'. :, - I- : 1 . ' .-.,4." Mw" -a A 'Qi gf, we-1 if vnk- FHKULTY MR. MATTHEWS Industrial Arts and Social Science MISS ASTON Commercial MR, KNEPLEY Band ffm MR. WILKES Superintendent MR. TAYLOR Math and Girls' MRS, WILKES English MRS, TAYLOR Social Science Coach MISS HUCKABEE Hornemaking MR. HAMMOND Coach and Science MR. HUNTER Tax Collector MRS. SNOW Librarian SEHIUH5 1 LA HOMA BEISCH, Editor Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3,4 FHA 1,2,3,4 Class Secretary 2, 3 Chieftain Editor 4 SENIORS LA RRY CRUMPTON , President Football 2, 3, 4 Tennis 3, 4 4-H 1, 2 Class Pres1dent 3, 4 IANICE CARR, Secretary Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3,4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Secretary 4 IO ANNA EARLY, Assistant Ed1tor Basketball 3,4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3,4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Reporter 2 Assistant Editor Chieftain 4 DWAYNE KUYKENDALL, Vice President Football Manager 4 Basketball Manager 4 Track Manager 4 Vice President 4 3- .-. I K X .7 xg -K :A - 4 N " X Q Q 6 A ,' C iv- 5 M SANDRA ROARK Basketball 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3 4-H 1, 2 Treasurer 2 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 s ,i Sqn' DICKEY MYERS Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3 4-H 1, 2 Assistant Business Manager Chieftain 4 SALLY STEPHENS 4-H 1, 2 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Reporter 1 'XF SUE STEWART Basketball 3, 4 Volleyball 3,4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 1 DAVID WATERS Football 2, 3,4 Track 2, 3,4 4-H 1, 2, 3 Band 1 BOB LAND Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football Manager 3,4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Business Manager Chieftain 4 Reporter 2 FFA 1, 2 BERNICE FORSON Cheerleader 1, 2, 3,4 Football Sweetheart 3 Class Vice President 1 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 GINGER GUNTER Basketball Manager 4 Volleyball Manager 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Favorite 4 MA LCOLM KA RST ETTE R Football 1, 2, 3,4 Basketball 1, 2 Track 1, 2, 3 BOBBY LIPE Football 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Band 1 Tennis 3 Track 2 4-H 1, 2 OPAL HARPOLE BAILEY Band 1, 2 Class Treasurer 3 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 BILLY DON COMBS Basketball 3,4 SYLVIA GEE Band 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 ALICE WILSON FHA 1,4 Band 2 GENE DIXON Track 4 4-H 3,4 FFA fStamfordQ 1, 2, 3 Class Favorite 4 BENNIE ROGERS Band 1 Football 2 Track 1, 2, 3,4 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Trip to Korea Summer of 1955 BOB MACK PRUETT K Q-fl' f'wN'R aununiwv""' SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY! OPAL BAILEY--She is now leading a double life as a college professor's housewife and also a college professor herself. LAHOMA BEISCH--She has inherited a considerable amount of money and bought the Pioneer 3 for reasons of her own. IANICE CARR--She spends her time digging up news for her gossip column. LARRY CRUMPTON--He is still a lonesome bachelor awaiting the return of his lost love. GENE DIXON --After all those dates in high school he is still chasing women. JO ANN EARLY--After an unhappy love life she has a job with the Wichita Falls Daily Times writing the lovelorn column. BERNICE FORSON--She is still an old maid, but is doing well as a fan dancer at the Miller Brothers Club. SYLVIA GEE--She is working hard trying to support her worthless husband. VIRGINIA GUNTER--After becoming a very successful opera singer, she is now playing the lead in "Carmen. " MALCOLM KARSTETTER--For the last few years he has been very happy with his job as ac- countant for the Parker Food Stores. DWAYNE KUYKENDALL--He is a very successful tree surgeon and uses all his spare time in tree research. BOB LAND--We find Bob lying around all day while his wife makes the living. BOBBY LIPE--Since High School days he has changed quite a bitg instead of chasing girls he is running from them. DICKEY MY ERS--He is now struggling to make a living on his small farm in the Hills of Tennessee. SANDRA ROARK--She seems to be very happy with her fifth husband. BENNIE ROGERS--He is doing very well in politics. He is now the Republican candidate for garbage collector. SALLY STEPHENS--She has devoted her life to managing the H. B. Talley Insurance Agency? PHP? SUE STEWART--After the Senior Play, she decided to become an actress, acting only in love stories, of course. DAVID WATERS--After all these years in the Air Force, he is retiring as A!3c. ALICE WILSON--She is very contented with her job at V.V.H.S. as librarian and study hall teacher. QThe above was borrowed from the Junior News as printed in the last issue of 1955-1956.1 LIUHIUHS BARBARA WALDRIP JIMMY MADERA KATHLEEN WOOD ION WAYNE FULFER LAVENIA KEARSEY HERMAN FULFER -'WT N., w. DAVID POLLEY WE W, N cm, TT? CAROLYN DEAN JACK HODGKINS CAROL JUNE TALLEY ELMER BEISCH IOBETH PRUEFT BILLY SANDERS WILLIAM WILLEFORD LAVERNE COPELAND JOHN WOOD BETTY LEWIS JAMES WAYNE MCCARTY IO ANN GEE ROYCE COATS, President CAROL EVANS, Secretary FOSTER MERRITT VIRGINIA SCITERN MIKE FISHER HELEN KUYKENDALL ha gin fN"N X ?f5i:?glfQli 'ffvgrfzfz xii' ' X 3 s -" ' ,. " xx ' 2. , K X315 Hi. -W' ' M gl Qi fee . ' Jar 3 V L' A W' Y' I ff 1 ' K' WMM-WM K J x Ng' ..: N . Zh .f p ,gy M is Q.: -' NAL j -- 5 ,. , 1 V v LQi2,'-fiify K.y5ym1,?lw,MQ,AmWm m .. X X E ' Q f H w , N f 'Q 1 E 5 ' 'Q - A - . Ek s , Y - Y X Ki K ' M . 1 gf: 3 , Dx WN S Q vm. 1 ,y,.,,,, 4.3" wh, I t wma any ' ""':"3i.'j Q ,- Ek . X lg, I ,::- W ,. ,X 's if 2 ' A ' T3 2 1 fab M. 'fglq S if i R WA- . . Avz, N ,, 5 . Af f x,V z ,, ., .Qi v i Wg J , ,Q 83 ny.. 615 'F gig, SUPHUHIIJHES wxffm' , 4 4 5 i n 'Q' "" 'WW Jerry Wright Ronnie Stevens Joyce Copeland Hardy Lee Gage Patsy Baker Donald Young Linda Crumpton Terry Parnell Patricia Newman Carl Hamill Ginger Simmons Perry Mack Hill Shari J ones Marion Courtney Loretta Case Charles Courtney Marilyn Dean Delbert Huffman Jo Collins Jan Collins Loretta Rice Peggy McDonald Roberta Rogers Virgie Wright Yr 11 , wfms' .mv 1' 1 ...- A 3: E , ,. Ju.. ' WA wr' Q gfjsi..-f , 4 .- f'n!51gfi'Ax'Q if g., ,,...- z W M W f ' M l VT W w WW A , ,MM .... , n M " -as M ,Z J. M., W KL ng ii 5 f , mf S. ,B ,V N,M H w4.wQ?f,W, if R-'mf KA W4 as N XS' XE , . .. , ,A ,. N ,,,. . ,,,,,,,,,,.n '.,., ,Aw ,f W f- 'M ' w w ff-If-5 HM ' JWw'f:f,,w:i'?fH:frYqif'f gif "-' f l!" ' ,, . W A n EI fa, M M ,h,2 nf' -ff , T. , gi M ,ww ifizwfg i-'Mae' A, -, fu Nm ff 'W JUIIIIIH HIGH Lawrence Beisch ,mvwswm X-'Tm '- ' w w :Nl 'L Q di dh A ,WL vi ' ' Ling? X X393 v M X X P ,X , nwwa X Q t t "' r FRESHMEN Wayne Barger Vema Beisch Jimmy Marriott Martha Marshall Glenn Coats Johnnie Crenshaw Dale Moore Naomi Ramsey Emmett Hartsfield Mickey Hood Wilbum Nichols Barbara Sanders Mildred High Diana Hoskins Donald Potter Deanna Smith Karen Husted Louis Jackson Ardys Sanders Judy Stewart Fristz Kearsey David McDaniel Allen Smith Lunetta Stoneking Atrt Joy Early -tm XV ' ' - ii X il we Xu XXX, X rr A XL' F, X we-Xwj M X,- XX .W J WXX, X ,. , ,W X X X MX Q if X of X E li, HX X Jerry Don Brown '1 ' mn. . , ' h ' zji A G mY' an J' N 1 fa K F F fi Tl " 1 I ne 'T-+. A H num? 'Khan 'Q -,Y :Y -P "4 Ev Q! '. Vit-xr aetlkiyi EIGHTH GRADE Bessie Potter Gary Moore Ginger Birdwell Mack Chastain Rayford Newman Geneva Rogers James Dickerson Nettie Calhoun Wanda Smith Leon Smith Janell Gunter Jerry Fulfer Ferle Thomas Georgia Stewart Robert Fulfer Mona Jackson Edith Walters Perry Wheeler Linda McDaniel Clifford Hacker Felton Williams Rondol Willeford S NKTTTIZP ,khk i , 5 Mg , V fu S-E X 5 SEVENTH GRADE Anna Birdwell Gayle Bradley Mary Calhorm Winnie Case James Cowger Michael Crumpton Judy Evans Joe Fisher Shirley Fulfer Sharon Gee Jim Hamill Eva Fay Hodgkins Linda Jones Donna King Virgil Kuykendall Martha Petty Henry Phillips Clifton Scitern Claude Taylor Sonja Thompson James Waters i r 2 J 2.-viI-591151,-ii. ' ' ..,z:fsszQef1aeg,s Q 4 - ers 1 f a . 5 rrrrrryrr. Kr.., rf,. . V gfgA1w.s,rrir..g1 1 .. 7 s fw:zr1,m , 31 -W-at 21:f52'f:5, if lf:.?f5f:i,::q::, wp , --SS- ,5: A,,.., E ,:.:: , 5, ,X K Ez e HEIHEHTHHY FACULTY, ELEMENTARY MR, LowRY, Principal Mas, GAY, Music MRS, SIMS, First Grade MRS, McDANIEL, Second Grade ,asf MRS, BRYANT, Third Grade MRS, BRADFORD, Fourth Grade MRS, COPE, Fifth Grade MRS, TAYLOR, Sixth Grade SIXTH GRADE Lindsey Brown Phillip Carnes Jean Mishoe Ora Marriott Ann Sasser Boyd Lucas Lucky Wright Etta Marriott Mickey Stewart Tommy Glover Del Dickerson Carla Jean McCarty Sharon Woodward Bill Glover Paula Lipe Teena Lewis Gayle Baker Harvey Newman Nancy Harpole Sylvia Dewell Wynell Sanders Joe Paul Patterson Carolyn Crenshaw Leveta Conway Mildred Phillips Marcus Wright Sandra Case Billie Ann Goodwin if qw. i A ly W James Timmons in :rises 'V W w-, , N u ' 4 inf i M r ' ,'15" ' all 31 :Wi has if NH puma., h e 2 f A we Hia? Q, Y, Nw N ,, M, X r Donnie -Holbrook Carolyn Wilson Cecil Hooten Sandra Ann Wood John D. Jackson Johnnie Kuykendall Douglas Lewis Denton Lingle Donald Gene Matthews Gary McDaniel Tooter Rogers David Willeford Ice K. Waldrip Leon Witherspoon David Walters X' i .,, qw r ,NN Frankie Eidson FIFTH GRADE Sandra Gee Danny Cravens Sally Hasley Don Coats Suzan Hood Carl Dickerson Barbara King David Gage Judy Moore Gary Hamill f H an 02 , r , 1 X M -gf mx w AL ' Www X K M 'M X .M A r W' rs. 5 4 I . -A sa.,-f Y' .xxbzi gn 5 NJ. ,,, , Q . FOURTH GRADE Junior Andrews Bonnie WHSG1 t a f . a '77 I j 11, Lanita Mishoe Jimmy Barger Donnie Hodgkins Linda Kingcade Albert Chastain Wilma Sanders Jarrell Kuykendall Arthur Lucas Georgetta Sasser Jackie Crumpton Timmy Sloan Larry Gunter Kenny Dewell Mary Stewart William Kincaid Billy Wood Patsy Willeford Billy Gholson Q. ,A ttt W t a xi r l X Y, a fs S fa ,,. S. 'WIP' 'R . f- 1.1! -'T' at .' ,ff - THIRD GRADE Charles cnambles James Lewis 'L-V " af ' " f ' na 4? me J? m y ,. ,V 'z x 5.44 N ' 25: ' in a ll ' Picrure Nor Available Dorothy Calhoun Ronnie Cravens Katy Stapp Mike Lewis Roger Dewell Tresa Sue Case Kenny McDaniel Darla Wheeler Karen Ann Pierce James D. Early Carolyn Wood Miky Stevens David Jackson Kelba Kingcade Paul Strickland Joe Woodward Barbara McCoy Wayne Yolmg Mike Birdwell yur Hb r A 'X 7 40 --I 1 , N YM M ' x mx xxx s o , D 4 J 'g I A 4 'V' if ff 5, . .H .6 rf--V Ci A -, j: 41-qt 5 xi. SECOND GRADE Joyce Calhoxm Carolyn Collier Freddy McDonald Sandra Mishoe Jimmy Crumpton Donny Dickerson Dorothy Nichols Nancy Patterson James Eidson Linda Fulfer Donna Pruett Darlene Scarlett Terry Hood Carolyn Klngcade Gerald Snow Barbara Stapp Tony Lucas Delores McCarro1l Monica Strickland Dale Walters Glenda McCoy fl? Q - ts- Q Q9 . Nr!" K. 1 I NP vt? .Y x W - , A 1 M w'ix-gangs 1Q""' A if an C .. H . i. I 1 2, '-if DSL tl . au' 'S i 5.x'r.-Q A Yr 5 Q 1. 4 M. ,- C, ,x,.i.gx xi a s,xQ'Aufsr val" Q. . in buff P Q ta 1, I i, sexi xiuv a ,gf kqsafn . .,,nf.wn fixcvtiiwt '1 .H at." ln - Q x Jlt 's ,g ..n. iv '-:is fgffv Priya "fun " " 4' 'Q'-. E 4 r -Q Q hw 'a,'g s n x :K -.1 ' ' fu,-3 :- hx "'v Q ' "" fafgvgg a am 1' ' 6 ."' n A ,o 0 t i 4' an :R .S 1 - R1 ik in .. ..-nw"k . g i x A at x -X.. .r -5 X FIRST GRADE Glenda Brown Carolyn Glover Alvin L. Hodgklns Sharon Dennice Bryant Bobby Case Richard Kingcade Donald R. Lewis Theresa Cowden Barbara Elaine Dewell Vlckye Reaves Mary Christine R Jerry Gee Mary K. Gholson Jerry Lee Stapp Linda Wade Stephen Glover James Goodwin Glenda Waldrip Sharon Meier FHVUHITES BEST ATHLETE SUE STEWART FOSTER MERRITT BEST STUDENT LAHOMA BEISCH DWAYNE KUY EN A SENIOR FAVORITES GINGER GUNTER GENE DIXON JUNIOR FAVORITES IOBETH PRUETT J WAY FRESHMAN FAVORITES DIANA HOSKINS GL C A SOPHOMORE FAVORITES PATSY BAKER I RRY WRIGHT SEVENTH GRADE FAVORITES ANNA BIRDWELL LIFTON SCITERN EIGHTH GRADE FAVORITES GEORGIA STEWART .TERRY DON BROWN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FAVORITES MICKEY ST EWA RT JOE PA TTERSON 2 5' ' 'T Sis N .,.. X i -'T HTHLIETIES fgweeffearf Qsafy Qslepfens "5-"' -nw-QQ .,.-- NNL --wo- L, CRUMPTON D. MYERS D, WATERS T, PARNELL M, FISHER C.-4 ' it ,.d""'fS ,, --'-"ir H. GAGE M, KARSTETTER D, YOUNG C, HAMILI F, MERRITT .faq J, WRIGHT J. HODGKINS W. WILLEFORD R. COATS I. WOOD g .,, M 'RJ ' NL? on W ig- ..n 3 -im.. R v 1' X S xx, A . X Fw l B. 1,195 D, KUYKENDALL, Manager B. LAND, Manager MR, HAMMOND, Coach MR, IDWRY, "A" Coacl FOOTBALL SQUAD 3 if 5 1, R Q L , BOYS, BASKETBALL TEAM Back row: Foster Merritt, Royce Coats, Bob Land, Mike Fisher. Front row: Emmett Hartsfield, Carl Hammil, Lawrence Beisch, Donald Young, Glenn Coats, Mr. Hammond, Coach. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Back row: Baker, V. Beisch, G. Gunter, Manager, J.R. Taylor, Coach, Crumpton, Manager, S. Stephens D. Hoskins. Center row: L. Beisch, P. Newman, J. Copeland, Janice Carr, I. Early. Front row: J. Stewart, S. Roark, G. Simmons, S. Stewart. 100 Pk r ' r w is Pj' vtx it Valley View Valley View Valley View Valley View Valley View Valley View Valley View Valley View Valley View Valley View BOYS' BASKETBALL . . 33 ..44 ..40 ..48 ..99 ..67 ..41 ..42 ..48 ..55 ..76 ..64 ..72 ..79 ..40 ..38 ..60 ..34 ..62 ..37 ..46 ..55 ..37 ..70 .FOOTBALL SCORES 0 0 0 25 21 '7 40 21 40 6 Archer City Electra Holliday Electra Iowa Park Seymour Benjamin Weinert Archer City Odell' Northside' Oklaunion' Iowa Park Northside' Odell' Harrold' Oklaunion' Newcastle Northside' Odell' Harrold' Newcastle 0dell" Northside" Lockett Iowa Park Holliday Saint Io Windthorst Muenster Callisburg Woodson Bryson Newcastle V. V. V. V. V. V. V. V. V. V. V. V. V. V. V. V. V. V. V. V. V. V. 20 12 61 14 13 70 14' 14' GIRLS' BASKETBALL 39...28 50...59 36...37 24...22 43...56 63...55 53...35 51...34 67...41 57...36 48...34 5O...60 54...33 70...45 56...37 72...28 50...61 56...54 48...35 65...38 50...43 55...64 'Denotes Conference Games. Electra Archer City Holliday Burkhurnett Northside' Quanah Holliday Iowa Park Archer City Oklaunion' Iowa Park Northside' Odell' Harrold ' Oklaunion' Newcastle Northside ' Odell' Harrold ' Newcastle Odell" Northside" ..50 Harrold " "District Play-Off Games. HUIVITIE5 CHEERLEADERS BERNICE FORSON VIRGINIA SCITERN PATSY BAKER MICKEY HOOD 'Hyf fQ5S sfgwsf aw ik ff! 1 M", . xx Q .A . 1 X , . BAND ' 4 I 'V Mg if . .va V 1'6" R +1-ff' ' ,N K ,I ' ' . .Qu , X r .NE , - -kk X X. j wx ., ei Ellis' SWEETHEAR YN WEE? . L--.. X x X Q x - 9 . 5,5 x A ik: 3 - x Am.. x K' 6 - Q- M A K Y 1 Wm, ,ummm 4s:xw.,i,:.,.fwm,f KKVV Q gy, Q., ' D A M Y -'U 1 , i X ' Q ' 'IW g . , I 3 .V ,,,,...,m V ,wt , .4tZItt.-Lt--.......1.....4..,T W 1 in M y K N AV .,,k, M , .4 , ,, . M ,nf f- . ,. ,- ., gf my " Q., ffixstf , . -mf 3' if ik w " s ,, 5 9- 'W ur sg ' + IS: 3 im sis Q ix A 121 'sf 'Blum QS ww-A 1, Jlhwfjki sm '2' Y' L 1 .9 1 f L . 'q if L f mga' ,air I, S YQ ' Q' pig U ' V gg Q ff? L ' ,-Aqwf if giving 1 KU Q ,gb 5' ,V 3,4 5 xl it ' dum: N 5' ,X M J, rf Q A Lg., .wk , ww-Qwwmnff ..: 5- ' :Mak V' QQ mf wg ww .. r A' QA. -A - - 'S f,-,U A , E MQ " 5151274 My V' ,D,33M..,.,-,f . . . - i . Some new Friends SPRING HILL, KANSAS YN is N , X, N,, yr ki X 5 5 S 1 BETHANY, ILLINOIS HIIVEHTISEHS MM? QWW ay BENE FIT ASSOC IATION C ongratulate s the Valley View Senior s 822 Scott Wichita Falls, Texas "" "l McGregor Sportswear Boy Scout Headquarters Florsheim Shoes Swank Jewelry Dobbs and Lee Hats Arrow Shirts Levis Tuf-Nut Work Clothes MEN 'S AND WOMEN 'S WEAR Electra, Texas IZAN PEL. AN I7 PQESLEY CHEVROLET COMPANY 601 Lamar Street Phone 3-8161 Wichita Falls, Texas Your Friendly Chevrolet Dealer The most beautiful passenger Cars in America. Chevrolet Trucks, Pickups, Panels, Special Commercial Units for every purpose. Genuine Chevrolet Parts in the greatest abundance. Trained Chevrolet Mechanics, Expert diagnosis and a guar- antee of satisfaction with every job. A large Body Department, collision service on all makes of cars, 24 hour Wrecker service. PASSENGER CAR DIVISION TRUCK DIVISION 601 Lamar 502-512 N. Scott Wichita Falls, Texas Wichita Falls 1 1 1 1 1 l The New and Enlarged -I-ILJB S 8: Q CLOTHIERS Apparel for the Family Eighth and Indiana Wichita Falls, Texas 30 Years Serving the Oil Fields. 12540 Waffle!! Premium Grades Motor Oils and Greases Quaker State, Penn Seal, Panolene, DX, Marvel Oil, Casiete, Casite, Wynne Oil, etc. Warehouse at Holliday, Texas Come to See SHAW MOTOR COMPANY Highway 287 - Iowa Park 8146 Wichita Falls 3 - 1677 Iowa Park, Texas For a Good Trade More People Are Buying FORDS! With the Compliments of SAM 1-1 1 LLS 55? TO 351.00 STORE Iowa Park, Texas Come to See Us Sometime Complete Line of Variety Merchandise See ZHZJW INSURANC E AGENC Y H. B. TALLEY, INSURANCE AGENCY Box 122, Kamay Phone '72 Box 86, Holliday Phone 3341 Res. Ph. 3472 Insurance of All Kinds: Life, Sick and Accident, Polio and Hospitalization, Trip Travel Accident, Auto Collision and Auto Public Liability and Medical Pay- ments. Crop, Hail, Fire and Tornado. Marine and Plate Glass, Work- men' s Compensation and Employers Liability and All Kinds of Bonds. When you do business with your local, independent in s u r a n c e I , agent .... ig! L, HOME TOWN AGENCY If It's Insurance You Need Then You Need Us. We Are As Close to You As Your Telephone. Give Us a Call Let Us Be Your Insurance Advisor at A11 Times. THANKS THANKS Compliments of COCA-CQLA fzlffkzf ga. TF-I2ANI4IE'S APPAREL MRS. FRANKIE B. HENDRICK 1300 Cash Street Phone 5601 Iowa Park Ladies' Ready-to-Wear and Piece Goods Why!! 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TEXAS FRED JONES LINCOLN - MERCURY Dealer TEXAS' TOP TRADER Wichita Falls , Texas Patronize ' f I.. . HW? cr-1 AMBLES ' SERVICE WHEN BARBER X f?Q5 You NEED IT 3 '- Sl-iOP X lljf X NX ' I IIIHIIEE-l::: JEW ELRY CO. Compliments of 807 Indiana Wichita Falls, Texas I IIIIIV-Klllll .QE- ' Q-L-a l 'L . I I5 ' ' N 511 Mississippi Street Telephone Z-0390 Wichita Falls, Texas HAROLD THOM J. W. LAND Congratulations, Valley View Seniors When in Wichita Falls Visit F-A l. L5 EO VV I. "Bow1ing at Its Best" Wichita Falls Mwlnmm? OFFICE SUPPLIES Furniture, Printing, Mimeographs 816 Scott P, O. Box 779 Dial 2-2147 CLYDF ilfl CD?-I4 SERVICE STATION Most Convenient Place in Town ' Where the Horse Goes Round and Round Phone 2-0371 6th at Lamar Wichita Falls , Texas Open Day and Night I-I AIZDY L. SAGE TRUCKS Green San-Frac Oil Tubing and Rod Service Bailing and Sand Pumping Drilling and Drinking Water Casing Pulling and Rotary Drilling Vacuum Mud Trucks and,Oil Field Hauling Phone 11 Box 301 Kamay, Texas KINGS I ALJ NDTZY STEAM LAUNDRY 8: WASHATERIA Complete Drying Service Kadane Corner Kadane Corner Iowa Park Road Phone 2-8614 JULES BOI-INN TIRE AND BATTERY CO. Distributors of Unconditionally Guaranteed DUNLOP Tires and Batteries Wichita Falls, .Texas Congratulations From Mafia? Tl M BERLA KE Wichita Falls, Texas Q- VOE In I"1:l4 8- POTTER WELL SERVICE Rod, Tubing, Sandpumping Phone 41 F4 Box 14 Karnay, Texas STATE NATIONAL BANK Iowa Park Officers: W, F, GEORGE - - ------ Chairman of Board F, E, HILL - - - ----- President W, A, GEORGE -------- - - Vice President MRS. MILDRED TRAYLOR - - ------ Cashier ROBERTA HILL ---------- Assistant Cashier Directors: J. W. VAN HORN EARLE L. DENNY INO. C. MURPHREE F. E, HILL W, A, GEORGE W, F, GEORGE HERMAN MITCHELL C. E, BIRK Member Federal Reserve System FURNITURE 8: HARDWARE Iowa Park, Texas Paint Right With Pittsburgh Paints Tappan Gas Ranges You'll Say Too--"I'll Take Tappan, Too." Plumbing Fixtures and Supplies Gold Seal and Pabco Linoleum Try Val-Oil Before Painting. You'11 Like It, See Us Before Buying Hardware, Furniture, Linoleum, or Any Plumbing Fixtures. Give Us a Chance to Serve You. VVI C ONGRA TULA TIONS ..... You'll Always Remember Your Days at Valley View High School ..... And You'll Always Enjoy Reading the Cl-:ITA DAILY TIMES md View TZECCDTZD NEVVS Phone 2-5241 Wichita Falls, Texas GILMORE'S 24 Hour Wrecker Service - X Q Day Phone ' Nite Phone 3-9100 " ' ' ' 7-2241 3-6700 3-9 1104 Sixt H5 eu.rv1o12E PAINT 8: BODY WORKS "Let Homer Do It" h St. Wichita Falls, Texas Lows 'BUD' BQNIOI. For Good Drinking Water Phone 32 Kamay The Big Names in Music at the M ZW? HOUSE OF MUSI Your Conn Dealer 721 10th Phone 2.-0977 Wichita Falls, Texas JCN: PISSI UCSC AUTO SERVICE Authorized Pontiac and Cadillac E T . Sales and Service 4. 1 " . Pontlac Service for All Cars fmdmw See Us for Better Used Cars Across from Courthouse Wichita Falls, Texas Telephgne 3-3173 Compliments of I 'TNS Www? DRUGS 1. -of The Friendly Store Q- : We zsoieizzzn i -ms Iowa Park, Texas QQ See JACK PORBES For Welding and Bulldozing Work Kamay, Texas Tl-IE COVV LOT NAT AND GENE Wichita Falls, Texas ELECTQA STATE BAN I4 H, A, DECKER - - -------- President W, C. MARTIN - - - - Executive Vice President D, H. DALE - - ------- Vice Pres. A. L, ROBB ------- - - Vice Pres. ROBERTA O, WHITE - - - ----- Cashier MRS, MILDRED HOWARD - - - -Ass't. Cashier Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - "If It's Sporting Goods Q the Holt Company Has It Q in Stock" WHOIESME 0 RHMI INCORPORATED 815 Scott Phone 3-2648 Wichita Falls, Texas You'll Have the Time of Your Life at HAGADORN' S I4 I I2 ICWOQD LODGE The Mid-West's Favorite Resort in Central Missouri on Lake of the Ozarks Box Z7 Tel. Flreside 8-2161 Osage Beach, Mo. Congratulations to the Senior Class of the Valley View School May Your Future Be An Assured Success-- With a Minimum of Sorrow and a Maximum of Happine s s . Zmilmwi amalga- m N C. Phone 3-5775 608 Travis Wichita Falls, Texas X. ff X p I , 4 F 1 an al . A8 EP fl: 'ef' Electricity comes to you with the speed of light - thousands of times faster than the fastest jet! When you Hip a switch, electricity is made and delivered in a split second. It can't be stored, but must be made 6 Q and used at the same time. For this reason, we must be ready at all times with enough 4 X 2 power capacity to supply the total needs of our cus- Uw 4 X tomers-instantly! . I U e constant y are p anmng a ea an ui mg a ea 31 Qc B 'fi 1 1' hd dum' hd A to assure you plenty of dependable, low-cost fx I electric service for the future as well as the X1 present. fx-NKX TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY J. O. DGTSON, Owner ZZM Qmaf Aruinfw j CX !l There's a in your future! Kei' 1101 Scot Street Wichita Falls, Tex. P. O. Box 689 Phone 3-4191 Compliments to the Valley View Senior Class of '56 From D12 Q QW! Funeral Directors Hardware and Furniture Serving This Community Since 1908 Office Phone 3711 - If No Answer Call 3051 or 2161 Iowa Park, Texas The New and Enlarged TANNERS Complete Appliance, Furniture and Auto Store 10th and I-Iolliday, New Store Phone 2-5234 717 Indiana, Wichita Falls, Texas, P. O. Box 1949, Phone 2-5234 DEATON FURNITURE COMPANY 602 Indiana Phone 3-6513 Wichita Falls, Texas With All Good Wishes to the Senior Class and The Valley View School. Don't Forget Us When You Get Married. We Will Give You Good Values and Also Easy Terms. Give Us a Try. MATT! N GLY- GRACE BUlCK CO. "Your Buick Dealer" Authorized Sales and Service 1300 Scott Ave. Wichita Falls Zia! lfwzmfzo Compliments of HORN GRO. 8: MKT. Kadane Corner Good Groceries at Phillips Products Wholesale and Retail Electra lWlq,t Phone Texas 3583 613 E. Front Good Prices Come to See Us Your Trade Appreciated Dissatisfied? Tell Us Pleased? Tell Others C ompliments of ELECTTZA CAFE Home Baked Pies The Home of Good Eats Electra, Texas C ompliments of MEAD 'S FINE BREAD Always Goodn' Fresh Wichita Falls, Texas Compliments of JOHN VV UNC-EER f Compliments of ONE PRICE Gulf Products Dealer OPTICAL Electra, Texas Glasses Complete 514. 90 901 Indiana J Wichita Falls, Texas Whzzf The Home of Greater Values Owned and Operated by BOB HOLMES 115 N. Waggoner St. E1CCt1'-H, TCX- SIIXANIONS STOQE Picnic, Fishing Supplies and Minnow Ranch 1 lf4 Miles South Kadane Corner Let Us Be Your Headquarters for Supplies Needed in All Your Fishing Needs Phone 908F 14 CURLEY SIMMONS, Owner Come by and See Us Any Time in Need of Fishing Supplies Indian at Seventh Phone 2'2J-75 Wichita Falls, Texas Compliments of mffmwff Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables B 8: B Fryers 1026 Falls Drive Phone 2-7400 Wichita Falls, Texas Fort Worth, Texas Olney, Texas Wichita Falls, Texas Dallas, Texas Houston, Texas Kamay, Texas Graham, Texas Corpus Christi, Texas Snyder, Texas PRODUCEIZZSUPPLY e.TOOl. 0 Oil and Gas Well Supplies J. W. LAND, Mgr. Kamay, Texas Kadane Corner TOM McCARTY MUSIC COMPANY "Your Friendly Hammond Organ Dealer" 709 Tenth Street Phone Z-0919 Wichita Falls, Texas Steinway Pianos - Band Instruments Complete Musical Service Come to See Us Arvin TV Leonard Freezers and Detroit Jewel Ranges A B C Washers Refrigerators vvs-HTES AUTO STORE Iowa Park, Texas H, R. SULLIVAN, Authorized Dealer . Come in and Look Around, You May Find Something C ompliments of za 50,6 OIL FIELD WELDING Fully Insured "More for Less" Phone 12 Box 63 Kamay, Texas Valley View WILLIAMS' GROCERY It is Always a Genuine Pleasure to Wait on Our Customers at A.ll Times. We Give American Trading Stamps COf1'1ml1Hif1Y Builders Television - Appliance The B6St of Lumber Hoffman - Westinghouse - Crosley for the Best of Homes N G N Phone 502 AUTO SUPPLY + p p Iowa Park, Texas C PL Sf ATT f of I OSCAR SINGLETON 3 1 ' -I Home Phone 8179 LBR. 8: BLDG. CO. 320 East Highway Phone 4031 MONAGHAN APPLIANCE CO. General Electric Appliances - Philco TV 11th at Lamar Phone 3-2791 W fifeffwfz- Wichita Falls, Texas Wichita Falls' Department Store of Finer Things ANDY'S TV AND RADIO Radio and TV Service in My Home Shop Kadane Corner, Texas . AUTO GLASS aean Specialists IIAVVI Glass and Installation 1-xi For Trucks, Fleet Vehicles I WI-IILE YOU and Passenger Cars ,A Call 2-0193 Nights Call 3-1597 QUALITY GLASS Sl-IOP 1205-6th Compliments of mm Z4 X UNGER BROS. I GULF SERVICE BEAUTY SHOP Tires - Tubes and Accessories . Washing - Greasing - Polishing Fix As You Want to 209 E. Front St. Ph. 3261 TERESA STONEKING, owner Wichita Falls, Tex- PONTlAl'... PONTIAC New - Cars - Used Electra, Texas Compliments of T H O M AS' SERVICE STATION "The Station on the Corner" I WM 4 FURNITURE CO. Wichita Falls, Texas Iowa Park, Tex. CUIZTZEN CANDY CO. Compliments the Senior Class of '56 See Us for All Kinds of Candies Burnett Street Wichita Falls E r ik? I , gf I7 - , N " DRY CLEANERS ii A Complete Dry Cleaning m i 1 x " 4 ' -f 3"2:zy,'5li'L' I 4 x p ' X ' 1 4 7 2 1 si x ! ' I3 f I S 4 I I ::. ' Eg an Q and Laundry Service We Give S 8: H Green Stamps "Just a Little Better" - Phone 4241 Iowa Park, Texas cf 4' ' g -Flby 1 .-A.. fa 55. FLORISTS we We Deliver Daily to Wichita Falls Box 625 Cut Flowers 2. Phone 3571 Floral Designs Potted Plants . Iowa Park, Texas Shrub-Dery Landscaping That Good Carnation Ice Cream at 1-'IAC umm E125 DRUG STORE Phone 52 Your Busines s Appreciated Kamay Congratulations to the Seniors GTI-I A STEWART TANK TRUCKS Box 66 Phone 65 Kamay, Texas Compliments of KAIVIAY TELEPHONE CO. to the Seniors of 1956 Kamay, Texas C0mpliments of I-llL.L MOTOR CO. Your Chevrolet Dealer Sales and Service Genuine Chevrolet Parts Iowa Park, Texas PACIPKL PUMPS, INC. We Specialize in Pumps Only Phone 50F2 Karnay, Texas FLOYD SANDS W. E. THOMPSON Phone 50F3 Phone 83 Kadane Corner A UTO ELECTRIC SERVICE CO. Boating Headquarters Boats, Trailers, Chris-Craft, Little Dude, Century, Lone Star, Lyman, Dunphy, Gator, Sterling Evinrude Outboard Motors Sales and Service Wichita Falls, Texas Compliments of FURN. CO. Complete Home Outfitters 714-16-18 Seventh St. Wichita Falls, Texas Phone 2-5449 Compliments of the D I X O N BOOT CO. The Best in Western Boots Wichita Falls , Texas Compliments of BROILES-COPE Manufacturers' Agents Quality Drilling and Production Equipment FRANCIS BROILES RAYMOND COPE Ph. 7-4845-1605 Arlington 6971 I Compliments of HDW. CO. Toys - Sporting Goods - Gifts Household Furnishings Phone Z -2195 Q1 5- 17 Indiana Wichita Falls Iowa Park Wichita Fans, Tex. Remington CARTER OFFICE SUPPLY Adding Typewriters "Anything for the Office" Machines 113 N. Main St. Electra, Texas Ph. 3266 Compliments of the HOLLIDAY STEAM LAUNDRY Holliday, Texas Compliments of ED HART Your Chevrolet Dealer Sales and Service Electra, Texas Compliments of ww? BEAUTY SHOP MRS, EIDSON, Owner and Operator 114 Mile North of Kadane Corn 61' I Compliments of the FAMILY OUTLET STORE THE RESALE SHOP Wichita Falls' Leading Popular Priced for Men - Women - Children Tuxedo Rentals ndian Ave, Wichita Falls. Texas Clothiers Phone 3 - 6722 Compliments of the LOVELACE BOOKSTORE If the Book Has Been Printed We Can Ge Wichita Falls, Texas t It for You. Compliments of Wmhfhfezf To the Senior Class of 1956. See Us for Work Clothes, Dress Clothes, Sport Shirts, Cowboy Boots, Western Wichita Falls, Texas Western Wear, Style Hats TYPEWIZIEETZ SA LES L. C. Smith Typewriters - Corona Portables New - Used Rent Machines Terms 706 Tenth St. Wichita Falls, Texas Ph. 34526 WW Located in Rear of Barber Shop Expert Work at All Times EBBA LEE STEVENS, Operator Ph, S2 Kamay, Texas Compliments of VVOOD BROS. SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family 707 Indiana Ave. Wichita Falls, Texas '7f it 4 GOOD FOOD you mana' . . EMS-VISIT ZW? Z0 Steaks, Hamburgers and Pies and the Best Coffee in Town Kadane Corner DUTCI-VS GRO. 8: MKT. Home Killed Beef, Special Kamay, Texas Compliments of SUPIZE ME RADIATOR Wichita Falls, Texas ELECTIZA APPLIANCE CO. Television and Radio Sales and Service Electra, Tex. Ph. 3894 JACK CARGILE, Owner wwf? Compliments the Senior Class of 1956 Wichita Falls, Texas Compliments of M ETZ SUPPLIES Iowa Park, Texas 750 Wand? STO 'IZE Compliments the Senior Class of 1956 Holliday, Texas fvdem STUDIOS See Us for the Best in Portraits Try Us Thanks Electra, Texas E'-Lila? 'V' C TM, ELIE E. LAM C'f""6' Owner Phone 7 -43 91 607 East Scott Avenue Wichita Falls, Texas Compliments of the PARKS PRODUCE CO. Phone 2-0513 400 Indiana or 903 E. Scott Fruits and Vegetables Call Us Anytime We Appreciate Your Business Wichita Falls, Texas N ACC L. JEWELRY M IZ. md! M125 Home of Honesty and Integrity 'M and Lamar L..C. VVIZIE-:I-IT Ph. 72611 Wichita Falls, Texas Compliments the Visit Us Anytime in Town . Welcome Senior Class of 1956 - - fm MAGNETO SERVICE 8: SUPPLY Cylinder Head, Radiator, Engine Repair 24 Hour Service 1008 Indiana Phs. 29112 - 73803 Wichita Falls, Texas 915 7th sf. Ph. 2-8521 LAKEY 'S CUTEOATZD MOTOR CO. Sales and Service Gunsmith and Locksmith Johnson Seahorse Lawnmowers Serviced LEROY LAKEY. Owner C01'1'1P15-ments of EEN PIP, FZIZOS. PA C KE IZS U. S. Government Inspected Ranger Brand Meat Products Wichita Falls, Texas MACHINE COMPANY General Machine Work and Welding P. O. Box 1190 Iowa Park Rd. Office Phone 2.-1554 Wichita Falls, Texas J'. E. MOORING J. W. MOORING VVELDINE1 M16 uvnAc+-NNE sr-:op We Build Most Anything Made of Iron Bring Us Your Oil Field Welding We Weld Anything TRY US Box 4 Kamay, Texas Phone 75 Kadane Corner For Efficient Service Call JO4-INNIE BIRDVVELI.. WELL SERVICING Our Business Is Up and Down Smoothly, In and Out Safely Q Phone 1 in 3 Box 201 ' :EIS , L Kamay, Texas ji " Q - J- ugrl E- E ' I O we Best Wishes to the Senior Class REYNOLDS MOTOR COMPANY Sales - Service 214 North Waggener Street Electra, Texas Phone 3797 , ,l:K:77wlW1f"?Q'm ' - Q 'vw .ggi 1 ,. , A , w r 4 , 'f' - J.-.f"'U1Q4,r am f f T? I ,f 1 ,g..Jfr.'7' - ' RN , vii: k .aff S n 1,1'f7f'-Sgj ifi ' I MHMIA KAMAY FEED 8: HARDWARE STORE For Quality Feed and Seed Pay Us a Visit Phone 49 Kamay, Texas KAMAY CAFE Good Home Cooked Pies Fine Food MR, AND MRS, C, A, BEISCH, Owners Kamay, Texas I CCY S WELDING WORKS Acetylene and Arc Welding Will Make Almost Anything Made of Steel and Iron Try Others and Then Try the Best Phone 27 Karnay, Texas C ompliments of the WWE? I'l:l.'f:VI-IO NE CO. to Seniors of 1956 Kamay, Texas CH 109 North C AM SEI? QCGM IVIEIZCE Iowa Park, Texas The Town of Friendly Living Telephone 2431 ash Street Iowa Park, Texas J T I-I LJEY Magnolia Products Day Phone 2746 Nite Phone 3425 Electra, Texas IZAC5 LAND-CONE LUMBER co. , INC. Lumber and Building Materials 215 Indiana Avenue Phone 25475 Wichita Falls, Texas What Do You Want? Compliments of the Shoe and Boot Repair or Western Wear? See CLIFF at 100 W. Cleveland DRUGS Electra, Texas to Senior Class of '56 CLIFF'S LEATHER BAR Electra, Texas JOE BLANCETT, Owner 1008 Indiana Street Wichita Falls, Texas MAGNETO SERVICE 8: SUPPLY Cylinder Head, Radiator Engine Repair 24 Hour Service Phones Z-9112 - 7-3803 o Jos BLANCETT, owner 1008 Indiana Street Wichita Falls , Texas Phones Z-9112. - 7-3803 24 Hours Service Engine Repair Cylinder Head, Radiator Magneto Service and Supply JOE BLANCETT EKEJEZGQZEEZL ZZZL Kadane C orner, Texas C ompliments of M LJIZIZAY IVIETCALF to the Valley View Seniors of 1956 Well Service and Cleanout Phone 3624 Electra 5 WWW 1v1oToR co., mc, SALES SERVICE 223 W. Cleveland RN X l Electra., Texas , Phone 2171 l 51 C ompliments and Be st Wi she s of 5 KWWM- gd wp for the Senior Clas s of Valley View of 1956 Wichita Falls, Texas PWA DIZ! l.l.l NG CO. Compliments the Senior Class of Valley View for 1956 Wichita Falls, Texas C ongratulations . . . M f5mmfeZQ QZ 1. Trucks ' Well Service Two Way Radios Truck Phone 3-2701 Well Service Phone 2-0743 1610 East Scott Street Wichita Falls, Texas Oil Field Trucking, Well Servicing and Bulldozer Work P. O. Box 2214 JC1: E. CKADDCCI4 TANK TRUCKS P. O. Box 378 Phone 3721 Holliday, Texas lima pl zf i Phone 2-5492 1900 9th St. Wichita Falls, Texas SI-I Q 501 Burk Road IA- -s Y, I4 I 5 VIE: 5 I A ND Dining Room and Curb Service Wichita Falls, Texas Original Pig Sandwiches "Same Location Since 1926" SHORT'S PIG STAND Holliday, Texas 5 Phone 2221 I. ia I , .Q 1 ,111 If I E xo l its :N Q.. A if f' I I 'X 'N Z gf , I ul is ' II ' ' x PAUL JONES -2 ' Manager PALJI.. LIVE The Quick, Courteous Service at A Kamay, Texas GIZIIIT'-3IIXI'S Best Drinking Water in Town 11 Times. Try Us. Glad to Serve You. Phone 37 A LEEIZT Foon MKT Z PH D Come in to See Us Electra, Texas 'P fa Phone OU81Z Good Foods at Fair. Prices 1' This is it! It is bigger in several ways than ever before. To those who have worked with us to make this book we want to express our sin- cere thanks. To Taylor Publishing Company, for their skill in publishingg to Wheat Photo for their excellent cooperation in providing us with the picturesg to all our past advertisers and to a host of new ones we want to say THANK YOU. The Annual Staff 1955-1956. Lahoma Beisch, Editor Jo Ann Early, Assistant Editor Bob Land, Business Manager 9,425.23 , , 2 Dickey Myers, Assistant Business Manager Hope you enjoy the book from year to year as well as we enjoyed making it. Thanks n" A Ll'l'HOGRAPl'ED BY P: I l i f Qmsww W.,-3m.i.'bz...... .....,'Sm'f'-2.,.4 u2..wS.v., A..w,-...Vim-1,,fN.:..,..,..w,..7n..:1En

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