Valley View High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Kamay, TX)

 - Class of 1953

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Valley View High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Kamay, TX) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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iff' ,, A. gas 52 3135 ,fn S ici 1., era .5 ' QF ,N - : . if '4 ' , 'rf .- - .iff Af 4' f I' if ' g. ,. , ft' W ff' 'I fi ff . H v L J' ul V zv.. 1. 's 5 , is-.L N Y is ,J iff! vi. . . . fi I I, Ji ' mm ,W WW. J- -f A, A f U 1 :, :a. f- '. ", " i T ,- N ,,. . f,ff - .,.,Q.. .. M. N -.mzi4--m:.M,-W vi , -L r.- N r K Q A , 1.. -. .K I. n fr MA A! 1 f V -- nw ,.... 1' s.. ' f...-A ., -- an 'f""- 0- Q.-ng of ,1- .ff I j7f1,fv,,C ,g,' 44A 1 .fy I ' lx ,f f..4...v' fb -f - 1' 1-ZW' - A :V ,rx 'V-1, .9 ,gf-. 'J 3 A ! 4 :Mya Vu M v 2 W U ' l 4 af' Rf if , -A H P E u 'j ' H 5 ,f L , ,Mx f I if 4 - - f-N' k L- 41 Ip' Jiffy, iff af" U . ,kwa 4,6 W I ijffac? 'F T wlhff' - ' ' x 7' , 7 'M -M aff gfs-53, MPX' ' xi' Lu"'iv"l3"'l vb. X K. ' 4 , 1 ' J .Ap-z., Q...-.r ',,..1,,. 'Mc' 5 , I Ax , LA, 1C"'if'k ' 1 f .1-' N ' VL, , 'J . 1 - -" vc 5 , r , 1' V' V, ' 'Zfhe Gihiffmin VEHBUSM' vlnmvtuamquw ix ir x I uf? When the fire of your life is an ember And the days of your youth have fled, You will never forget to remember As long as this book can be read We have put here the wonderous story In writing, in picture, and in song All the things that brought us glory. Events that went right and went wrong. Your schoolmates will live on these pages Through whatever they have written or You will treasure laughs and rages, In this book of school day fun. THE ANNUA L STAFF done ,s 1 59595 ,., M. 5 3 ,is is as as H 3 if ,gr , was 'S ,3 MQ Sy st , Mfg s sz Xi s rs is Km six? L'5 2 swwi' s M Mp S M3513 ' fm 5 Y sms in IQWS fr 11 W2 fir f K ,gfggm si Wings H RONALD CROCKETT Editor Annual ffzff S 5 vis new ft sw, is X +4 My s as was f Y s it 2 sf as wi W HJ qi-su .asf if W Q sm , A nt. ts 2mjfM. fgf3 .MSKAQW U M WM M miss 1 -4 Q ,Q is 55? s a QW asf .,,f Q-D. git: - ' .V fsvlw-i,1Me-ff' 13-'ff - '-s?X1s2:s1,,:s:71s-sim. ., fz9?ss545' bvi1'f? - ',.Q'f,,:zy,f1 fItEf,fQwQggilififiktgfi if 'slag 2 :'fW'fgY2 i- z s, vQ'5 "f fp ,- ' - 4 ,VAAQ .Q ,... ,,.,.::, , is sg ,J . J , A,Z., ,iz is D : -- s - Ir ,,.,. , :-- - ,. , W W -- as w - .yy - K IANIE IINKINS Assistant Editor ED MCDONALD GARY JONES Business Manager Assistant Business Manager S Moo choo gi M, , MR, HACKER, President MR, CARNES, Retired MR. KIRKPATRICK MR, MOORE CLARK C. WILKES, Superintendent MR. CRENSHAW JAMES R, TAYLOR, Principal MR, BIRDWELL MR, GOLDEN -, X sw' P l S Q I is . W . ,, gf??sf2f-sm - - 'L Pzisriiggfiiliw l Sgf2QS?,5PffQ4a?ii',2b5 ' fiiilgkiiffflier 'l?i4ii?'Qi5w3i?5ji5 ,, . : ifiiif y' -, f- ' 5-,,,isgigz,:i iLsfYZi,f-5"i'ff- , .- , ,Q fl H ,f :fri-,bieilgga 4ff11,'fg:-1,j"q:E4iV-A W'j,15rz 1353 H -- J' ' fisjasf,.fisfer ,--, 4+ 5' Z ... . 1W-- - , is ,L.., . ,11Qi,K-,L1., yf I ' , ,, 1 ' ,sw ' sfffiigl :i'.. : ,Fi- Iif f i iii f5,Q1jg5iigf"xs:53gQS . 'fii . fr '5'?f2:":aE. :f '1S2,s52g5'f:?: . fr 1. 232 O :Es ..':"+"f,1.'l1, --QS: -9"' 5,5 ' L", RQ: 'Hg-f ' fi: ' J ff:- Sw, ' , ...W "5.v,:::a:5 ' P' ss.. .F f 5-1 :--sggaa giezsaa-VV. 'V' . if " -'zu Wiil-SSI' f - V . L " H- I ' . 1'- ,sr .- - v I .t41,aysggrs1... . , Q J wi. ggsjgsxnglggs f.Qg?55wgg5-Q, lizwlirifrf i WM- S f ,f at .f fm.. Ssswgmsf - ' -sfraiww. rrwz1smff 'fi -- - " - 4. . , '5 ':2??zf:Q2 ': ff -11 3.111 911 112, Q' Siazgeiezssfifsfawzr-5, 5 j A zrevazfselsxsgezff , . ,rms , NM, tm. SV :F ,i.?l5?E' . .. . K, mul -f S Q Q S. L S s JS 33 xx ,KF .,., iff . , - 15 r ,Qs W '93 Q is ' in Q . 5 S .fa if S mx E , , ..,.. Q if if X 9 3 3 S g TLS a mai ,y X lx 1 aw W 3 K 4 S1 S ' S 1 K rx ARF ,gl ,vs 0 3 , 1 Sr sis dwg veg Q! X91 kg! Ks w.gl4Qxg4ggg1i5lfsglzi,, 1 ilwftegsrfaiisisiffag. g Q'?sfrss'Smgygg2S 5223, f trifxirsesssmgw f ' .isis Q A Wt iifffsifsiisf .M ...L , lssisezgleszyis, , S 2 fsx5fse2,ai1 1s .gilt ,Q was sm: ss X S S y,fs,,.,,.,..,.. C . C . WILKES Superintendent MRS. C. C. WILKES English Spanish I. R. TAYLOR Mathematics History MRS. 1. R. TAYLOR '7th and Sth Grades L. O. MATTHEWS Industrial Arts History MRS . ROY SNOW Librarian ?EQ.rgz.sar..f.rQq is r W mfer ,. r.sgma3lf3Q tgQg!W,gei2Li5fq""J , is f. .. ,, . ,- ,-ws, :i5:Z:ii'i S - . . -W w w-2 ' wg, ,1,i.,f,'2'.,-fifflzi - .- .1 5 sn: ... -,,ga - Ag,5.3z.f:.:. Vs ,sys f- uw fs. rs.. -2 Qf , ll . 'Q -Tl 'f ' s'?e. - 5- :!22':f5kE'i:? 3 2 . X. Q' S S , A +2 S Vs M S f Sgs s if ,Km .13 ii YS S ,K S K2 w.,.,i as 4 S 1 H. I R91 is i . is , . Sq 1-'e1is7- Q 3 X 125411 f Si S L. r- S Q 'L 2 3 4 is ,. 1: Q LEU. f. S , Mg, Q 2 Q X . J 1 gr , 31 if X 3 .1 . .K ,K L .H s S 5 S . S S 5 . 2 S My ERNEST SUTHERLAND Boys' P. E. Science MRS , E . SUTHERLA ND Girls' P. E. DOYLE MCILROY Band SAM HUNTER Tax Collector MRS. JOHNNY ANDREWS Commercial Subjects EUNICE HUCKABEE Home Economics 3jy5?15?5:7gg:gg153ggg-'W ,5'T97:gk,1 gjgclf'fi'-i7EZiG'Tir3gg'E3!? 1S7V:5'4r51g-STG?fii'l399? Qs Marla... 2 A --,fg.s7sl.fg,.m-,gy , .. f..sM,,.w9,.Wz rtsgrgggsggferra . Qllwiew-.1r,,r2is3Krf 5?f55gsv1r25fs3'?gS . ' 3?sEf75i:fwE elimflsiigggglgl Z 35 945555 rifgfrzisffefsifisfs .. . gr afts f-s21zgkf'Sg5g1wi4 if ' ir rrf.ww.w- . . f lf- - X fs. Q:-.qifwrriuesw ry f 'f--1 'seg ,ssfsfasfrfffzrr sw . .ff iisf?i,?iz3ggSgg1Eg5 .' 1biEli,'i:il'5' ' 'Q ' :vs gimusfq f., -5.11.24 : . ffl' 21""'.a: .qu , .:g1:? " .- . , is? l .jig- 155' fe gigiffz . fii? 7-'.flf"l-"7'-3-5 Qr 5FEff" . kfl5'.L'5i? .f5if Tlx' 5222715 2ll535f.f5:li,: fii . 7112 ' S 52 41" f-ff S 1 s in E 5 1' r O ' f7E551e:' fr-3 if Q1 .f,-fr-5-1-ws' , ' vfsrs17r.-Lg," . J ' -seem ' 55? -' .f fig?-f2'. s f 'fk' - A , " "':i:5:4i f2 is gs rliivi' , f ,E,.s.-g.g-,.,,v,:s.-Jifgr ,zswi .- .- gf. ., wx:s-,sm ww A1 we 2 ,- I ,.z':x:ie-I uf. irfififm -1 if-1' 5 J 1 g i RONALD CROCKETT Chieftain Editor Junior Journal Editor 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3,4 Track 3 ED MCDONALD Football 1, 2, 3.4 Basketball 1, 2, 3,4 Track 1, 2, 3,4 Junior Journal Staff 3 Business Manager Chieftain TOMMY BATCHELOR Class President 4 Vice President 1 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 WAYNE ABSHIER Vice President 4 Basketball 4 From Randlett, Okla Basketball 1, 2, 3 JOE DAVIS Class Secretary 4 Class Reporter 1 Football 1,3,4 Basketball 1,3,4 Track 3.4 JANIE IINKINS Assistant Chieftain Editor Junior Journal Staff 3 Class Reporter 3,4 Volleyball 2 From Electra Volleyball 1 GARY JONES Business Manager Chieftain Junior Journal Staff 3 Football 4 Track 1, 2, 3 DON STEWART Vice President 3 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1, 2,3,4 Track 2, 3,4 GLENDA SHREEVE Volleyball 2,3,4 Basketball 4 Ma jorette 4 From Archer City Vice President 1 Volleyball 1 Band 1 JOY BULL Basketball 1, 2. 3 Volleyball 1.2 Twirler 1, 2 WILMA HARPOLE Band 3,4 BOBBY ROBERTSON President 3 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1, 2,3,4 Track 1, 2,3,4 NORA CHA STAI.N Volleyball 3,4 From Petrolia, Texas Volleyball 1, 2 Baseball 1, 2 LEE BEISCH Football 1,2.3,4 Track 1, 2,3,4 ANNA WOOD Secretary-Treasurer Majorette 1, 3,4 Drum Majorette 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3,4 3 STANLEY ANDERSON MURRELL WILSON Football 2, 3,4 SHIRLEY WILLIAMS HULEN MUSGRAVES Football 1, 2.3.4 Track 1, 2, 3,4 MA RILYN TA LLEY DONNA SEGREST Class President 2 Cheerleader 2, 3,4 Basketball 1, 2, 3,4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3,4 FRANTZ. BOWDEN From Oklaunron, Texas Class President 3 Class Treasurer 2 Volleyball 2, 3' Annual Staff 3 ODELL CASE Football 1, 2,3,4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2,3 ' 46 W4UMp,n..X.C We Specialize in Pumps Only Day Phone - 50FZ Kamay Night Phone - SOF3 qw fa -'WW SPUDDEIR NLANUFACT URERS Compliments The Valley View Seniors of 1952. - 1953 I OE BOB MA DERA Presldent SUE BOYD Vice President KA Y MCCA RTY Secretary-Treasurer DONALD LUCY Junior Journal Editor RUBYE PHILLIPS Reporter SHA RLENE MCCASLA ND C ON SA STEED LLOYD STONEKING SHIRLEY GUNTER DOUGLAS THOMAS IANICE HASLEY HURSHEL KINCAID SUSIE WOOD BILL FISHER HAROLD CAGLE SUE MCDONALD Indiana at 12 St. Hudson Dealer M2466 -H7446 MOT OR C OMPAN Y Telephone Z-2712 Wichita Falls, Texas 'wdggmgm 5 Cable Tool Drilling Rod and Tubing - Swabbing and Bailing Valley View awmwf Fine Arts-Leather Craft Manufacturers of Top Quality Hand Made Leather Goods Dealers in Leather Goods, - Leather and Leather Craft Supplies 1316 - Sth. Z-8112 Compliments of 52422640 CANDY 8: BOTTLING CO. Candies Mission Drinks XXX Root Beer 2 X Kam ff Nw 41 ,M X 3 ,, -.,.,x Dorothy Newman Martha Stewart Mack Pruett Geneva Huffman Janie Myers Clayton Marriot Billy Don Combs Sue Faulkner Gene Case Barbara Miller Bobby Kreaps Patricia Beisch Donald Talley Dawson Stephens Zona Williams Mack Courtney Alma Ruth Lewis Dewayne Pamell Compliments of Wfzfgai Jgwgcniuzv 807 Indiana Wichita Falls, Texas zbzmam sw- 01215 Picnic and Fishing Supplies 1 1f4 Miles South of Kadane Corner Phone QOSF14 ME R i COMPANY Building Materials ST EPHENS- 2817 Grant Phone 7-4301 agent! Good Meats and Fresh Vegetables Kamay 1 X i, i , " In S . X ' s g ,V 4, ji TY E A 1 5 , X 1 2 , 'k'.kk fn . b l l m 3' Charlene Williams- Shirley Alexander Dickie Hood Dickie Myers Chessie Bradberry Virginia Gunter Lehman Spruiell Larry Crumpton Vera Mae Lucy Joann Early Bobby Land Malcomb Karstetter Janice Carr Lahoma Beisch David Waters Bennie Rogers Sue Stewart Billie Henderson Bernice Forson Charles McFarlan Bobby Lipe Delores Ramsey Sylvia Gee Alice Wilson Opal Harpole Dewayne Kuykendall Troy Wilson Betty Williams Cynthia Howes Christine Stroud Sandara Roark rw Sally Stephens Karen Kirkpatrick William Williford Virginia Scitern Ralph Kreaps Jobeth Pruett Lynn Spruiell Kathleen AWood Mike Fisher Lillian Self John Wood Laverne Copeland Elmer Beisch Marilyn Waters Jimmy Madera Carol Talley .L 75,11 L- if 51 'fri fi r. ilielef " 9121-i:.',iU5' 'K ' ,m,fT' YV f'lLf'f ',,?iifZ:,iQ,fvff S X 91 S 'Wit W fa? X 1 a gp, J . ke X 2 S ae J 'E' fs Mr? Hu is 2 .,,- v,f. -- , , K MKS S S 1 ,S -115 sa X K4 5 ,f X544 T 3 s. K W? 'X S Q 5 S S 2 53 A 8 S at . f if gg f' 'WU ,A ff-- . y 3, f I '. r 2 . :Legal ' sf 'P 1,-wif x was 1. Q X A Q 53 MW ,Ks Q Sl S in M., up Q ' e irgfgi 1wVV,,, Vir. 7 :AV i ,.,A J It Siglzflz Grade James Wayne McCarty Carolina Miller Wayland Abshier Janell Blaylock Billy Sanders Irene Conway Sammy Henderson Lavenia Kearsey Bobby Williams Helen Kuykendall Jack Hodgkins Joann Gee John Wayne Fulfer Coleen Gregg Tony Sadler Seventh fade Roberta Rogers Terry Parnell Shari Jones Donald Young Patsy Baker Jerry Carroll Ginger Simmons Robert Tully J an Collins Wayne Barger Jo Collins Carl Hamill Loretta Case Delbert Huffman Myrtle Todd Ardyce Sanders Patricia Newman Lindall Preston Deanna Smith Charles Courtney Wilma Kingcade Fritz Kearsey Sharon Dority Marion Courtney Lou Ellen Smith Walter Lavender Virgie Wright Earl Petty Patsy Evans L. C. Wright Joyce Jerry Linda Hardj Y, Q A r EUILL L, SPRUIELL Principal BESSIE F, COPE Fifth Grade KATE W, ROBERTSON Second Grade MRS , ERLENE BRA DFORD Fourth Grade SELMA SMITH SIMS First Grade SHIRLEY POTTER Third Grade MRS . ERNEST SUTHERLAND Sixth Grade MRS, OTIS GAY Music Ianell Gunter Emmet Hartsfield Verna Beisch Roy Cowart Barbara Sanders Lawrence Beisch Roberta Rogers Johnny Crenshaw Mickey Hood Mary Miller Mack Chastain Karen Husted Leon Smith Phil Kreaps Siifflf grade Lillie May Allgood David McDanial Kathy Bull Felton Williams Virginia Henderson Judy Stewart Bessie Potter Rondol Williford Mildred High Dale Moore Donald Potter Mona Jackson Jimmy Marriot Winnie Ward Wilburn Nichols glfffl Grade Nettie Calhoun Linda McDanial Gary Moore Georgia Stewart Robert Fulfer Wanda Smith Bobby Joe Preston Winnie Case Jerry Fulfer ' Ginger Birdwell Perry Wheeler Sandra Dority Rayford Newman Mona Jackson Danial Sadler Sharon Sutherland Myrtle Hanshew Jerry Don Brown Clifford Hacker Bob Huge Lynel Spruiell Jane Norman Bobby Jacques Martha Cowart Clifton Scitern Sonja Thompson Michael Crumpton Sharon Gee Virgel Kuykendall Jane Golden Henry Phillips Jean Evans Shirley Fulfer Judy Davis Jimmy Hamill Linda Jones Joe Fisher J lsll - - 125:11 -42m11.522s ,"- , ,f -. , 'r,'-' ' ' Q J siia,'i i 11 1 f V. 1 ' , fzizilgfiw Vi Q, ---,. I : 231 J AAAA'- f x fl t . ff if G Ili? 'fs f .IQ K J 9 .',' , 'filf . .L.' K M- 5:5 sa' ,M r V 13' 30 ill Grade Marcus Wright Mary Calhoun Jay Lavender Eva Hodgkins Gayle Bradley Martha Petty James Waters Billy Case Ella Miller James Cowgar Anna Birdwell Johnny Cowart Buster McClinton Billy Frank Brown Billie Ann Goodwin Johnny Ward Lillian Huffman Harvey Newman Etta Marriott Uri d Grads Ora Marriott Luckey Wright Della Ann Sasser Phillip Carnes Sharon Woodward Laveta Conway Sylvia Dewell Johnny Kuykendall Jean Mishoe Gayle Baker Carla McCarty Wynell Sanders Charles Petty Margaret Sadler Carolyn Crenshaw Joe Patterson Paula Kay Lipe Mickey Stewart Royce Camp Phyllis Golden Lindsey Brown Sandra Case Mildred Phillips Patsy Henderson Hazel Stroud Nancy Harpole Jerry Barger Mary Louise Barbee Davis Willeford Teena Ruth Lewis Second Gr dc Janice High David Gage Judy Moore Billy Cowart Carnelia Camp Leon Witherspoon Salley Hasley Gary Hamill Charles Brown Carolyn Wilson Cecil Hooten Susan Hood Ronald Dority James Mowery Sandara Gee Joe Calhoun Donald Matthews Denton Lingle Evelyn Case Delbert Bush Larry Gunter John D. Jackson Keith Lavender Charlie Brown Danial Evans Mary Jean Stewart . . . ,nkgzggzy gs,-fl',1 Erwin "Tooter" Rogers J 'E -- : .. ygry J CJCJ Qweo gr W9 1 J - 'fi 'f 1,15 I immie Borger Linda Kingcade Billy Gholson Kenny Dewe11 Carl Floyd Lanita Mishoe Loyd Woods Wilma Sanders William Kingcaid Timothy Sloan Dorthy Calhoun Donny Hodgkins ?ir f grade Lola Allgood Robert Edwards Georgetta Sasser Ierrell Kuykendall Joe Ball Louise Petty Mary Stewart Patsy Willeford Lois Brown Jackie Crumpton Albert Chastin Charles Southerland Bonnie Wilson ,K if 1, . '?11'x, ' 15,311 L. L, W2 , gm ' Eff S L ' V , 4 QR W 6' M 29 4 C29-f 4 423, Best Ci' IANIE III IOE BOB lx Best Students VERA MAE LUCY DONALD LUCY Arooml-xLLA 6 5 SNEETHEI-KRT BARBARA MILLER Sophomore meer BERNICE FORSON Freshm an CHA RLENE WILLIAMS Freshman DONNA SEGREST L7 Senior HQ' Wy KAY MCCARTY ,Tumor VERA MAE LUCY Freshman E E n DON STEWART DONALD TALLEY DAWSON STEPHENS BOBBY KREAPS DONALD LUCY MACK COURTNEY LEE BEISCH There Here There Here There Here There Here There BILLY DON COMBS ERNEST SUTHERLAND DEWAYNE PARNELL Holliday Iowa Park Newcastle St, I 0 Muenster Azle Chillcothe Alvord Bryson TOMMY BATCHELOR BOBBY ROBERTSON ED MCDONALD JOE DAVIS TROY WILSON DOUG THOMAS IOE BOB MADERA DICKIE HOOD V. 6 September V. O September V. 7 September V, 6 October V. 6 October V, 59 October V, O October V. 43 November V. 14 November DICKIE MYERS GARY JONES LLOYD STONEKING 5 2 3 5 5 Q Q X E s 3 Back row: Davis, Madera, Stewart, Talley, Parnell, Lucy. Front row: Stoneking, Fisher, Abshier, Stephens, Robertson, Sutherland, Crack 55101 ' Valle 131111 Front: Williams, Harpole, Newman. y Back: Spruiell, Beisch. Front: Steed, Shreeve, Chastain, Lewis, Phillips McDonald, Boyd, Lucy, Segrest. Back: Sutherland, Stewart, Early, Williams, McCarty, Gunter, Roark, Manager. Wg fydoixif WELL SERVICE Well Servicing, Spudder and Reverse Circulation "Safety Engineered" Phone 3-2701 807 Second Street P. O. Box 2214 Wichita Falls, Texas After 6 P. M. Please Call I. C. Levell W. H. Jackson Phone 3-3477 Phone 3-3963 A. Leander McAlister .Tess C. Goodin Phone 2-2229 Phone 2-8481 Wfnygfhf BUTANE APPLIANCES of 2522 Iowa Park Road Wichita Falls , Texas Compliments The Valley View Seniors For 1952 - 1953 1 V SHREE A V X 3 u PHILLIPS X Drum Ma jorette Xf, gg., .., 7 f 1172: 4, 1. ' 'ffiis , 'QT Ki , -X Y N X X X X. 1 X 4 xg: Q fx ,R V1 X Xvf X '- 2256: 2 aw 2 X WW X 3 XX X M 1, N, X? W .XX X L W ,G wk PXX . 4 i Q s Kg ' KK X W M Xa 'W ' X 43 X 4, X X ,V X 3 W ,X ww N Y' X X AS lk X , ,X XY V cW'dQ::X2:. X EX, 'if ' A 141' 122 A -X iv K., X X fx Q XM X 9 ,MX X X v :Xs Am N " 1. 2 X X X X X f A X X X . . X 'X g . X, , "" 'A X X " ' ' ig X.. 2 Usfzfmsf ' 3 5, 53 'xi H1 M ' fin. KX X3 AX Xl gli X Y X 'M Pkiffwx AXWR2' dt' Y, xx T ARR ' 1 Ai WOOD X Vgzffge X . , Xi ip- -2 W K .1 .XMW . ,E M XL: X Q. -1 ' YS? ,s MCM w wf A, .M X: HH K V. .. , X :ees my .X Su v gig ' .. Q Ei R '1 'Xpiewg . wgigtkw zzz-Q IX 'Wk We wi X ga by Wie gk ' ' R Xf X' X MXX Q 'i if XX Xr 1, if gf ,XX X Xt 4 X A Xw X S W X XX X ' A N 3 XX ., 5 ma Q5 X XX Nw X X Mug X S r X Ni X YS? L .XXX X Q X35 wi? X Xml? d ve W' X X V X 'Ti Q X SRX X XX . XXXX,,X,.,f 4' XMXXSA X ., ., ,mf iii ff .Tfi 'ff 5' .X -uv. , ff 1 ,M,X,,+. . w . .,,,,, ,,k, X Y. X- , -A Y :,., if "i'ff'aff, X Bai, L,-,L, X X XXX X. Quia f. ' f' my, L ' 1' if Ra1if,Yp?:iVl:X'El X 4?-' , . X Q k ,Q k +L 31.3 1 312:15 '. ' X ' 1 Xrf'-'WH' '- - ' 'Sfffi1'L bww- ix'XX1aXs,tt1' ,XSW X- -.Aviv MM? W. ww ww 1 Xiu.. XX -til ' ' in , -' 1 'WM' -' +,XiS5:',Ye x M X,.,.. X X ,ff. XX +2.23 X. S Y? XX- XX... ,Xz- XXX ,, ...H 'X ,ef,f...,X .W ,sf + X1 ' fi X Q + X 5514111 6111 W 71 To the less fortunate ones who are not getting out of Valley View High School this year, the following Seniors wish to leave these prize possessions. Nora Chastain--Her English workbook to Rubye Phillips. Joy Bull--Her love for Civics to Sue Boyd. Ed McDonald--His ability as a lover boy to Harold Cagle. Stanley Anderson--His good grades in Civics to Consa Steed. Hurshel Kincaid--His friendly way of getting along with teachers to Lehman Spruiell. Wayne Abshier--His Book Reports to Donald Lucy. Frantz Bowden--Her ability to catch a husband to Susie Wood. Donna Segrest--Her bashfulness to Shirley Gunter. Tommy Batchelor--His curly hair to Donald Talley. Glenda Shreeve--Her ability to play basketball to Sue McDonald, Ronald Crockett--His calmness on the stage to Lloyd Stoneking. Anna Dowell--Her good housekeeping to Dorothy Newman. Wilma Harpole--Her brunette hair to Sharlene McCasland. Shirley Williams--Her ambition for a career to Zona Williams. MHYUYH Talley--her quiet ways to Kay McCarty. Bobby Robertson--Her track ability to Malcolm Karstetter. Joe Davis--His popularity to Joe Bob Madera. Gary Jones--His careful driving to Mack Courtney. Lee Beisch--His football ability to Bill John Fisher. Hulen Musgrave--His ability to hold his temper to Dickie Myers. Janie Jinkins--Her ability to tell jokes to Janice Hasley. Don Stewart--His manners to Doc Stephens. SENIORS INITIALS and MEANING T,J,B. --Tough Jaw Bone, N. W. A. --No Women Allowed. C. R. C. --Calm Romantic Creature. J. W.D. --Just Wants Dancing. G, W, J, --Goo Water Jug. D. R. S. --Down Right Silly. S. E. A. --Speedy Energetic Athlete F. L. B. --Fond Loving Boy. N. F, C, --Now Famous Cook. H. B.M. --Has Bad Manners. G. V. S. - -Growing Very Snobbish S. L. W. - -Sure Likes Watermelon. M.I.I. E. L. M, --Everybody Loves Me. A. L.W. --A Loving Wife. L. A. B. --Lil Abner's Baby. F. J, B, --First June Bride. w. R. H. --Will Rate High. B.I. R, --Big Jack Rabbit M. N, T. --May Not Trifle. D. K. S. --Don't Kourt Shreeves The above has been taken from the JUNIOR JOURNAL for May 15, 19531 , : A -A. 'Z . V" l 5" " ' t 4f,Q-,,. ,M-ffl , ,f1a7TgfT- Sdn' 4. 1 iiss F . l - it 511 Mississippi Street Telephone Z-0390 Wichita Falls, Texas HAROLD THOM .T.W. LAND Congratulations Valley View Seniors When in Wichita Falls Visit QW! MWQZM Wichita Falls, Texas WMD? W Drinking 8: Drilling Water Butane - Propane to Vacuum Mud Rigs or to Trucks - Home - Plants Tank Cleaning gl Road Oiling Phone ll - Kamay Phone 6 - Holliday Box ll ' 'Casing Pulling" E!! Pybus Dry Cleaners "'- -........,- , " is-Q, 1 3? ' NN? 'x 5 1' 'I L l 'l .53 I I I A Complete Dry Cleaning and Laundry eaeilzzilzi ' Servnce "Just a Little Better" Phone 4241 Iowa Park, Texas WRST MN HGLSTEIN FAR C REGISTERED HOLSTEINS M T. B. Accredited Bang's Vaccinated A ,B ,"ll 'ill A-. ,fi . f"A , 1i ll 1 ff nfl eaeef r, 1 a X f . .Z . -'l' i - ' x " flvfl: -ef-,:.-1 F' . . gfaglwh Compliments of 0 X X 'V E I. E WW Q CGI Sen1ors of 1953 Kamay, Texas ONE STOP SERVICE dwg .5 .WW 5 "f- .1 -.1 0" ,Q J fgfi E LJ S I--I be 520 wiafewka J an lr STEAM LAUNDRY . f JNQQQ K COMMUNITY BUILDERS SIXXIITL-4 LEF2 CCD. Kamay SEED -1: 4-H312 QMMQQY S-F0125 For Quality Feed and Seed Visit Us Phone 49 Kamay, Texas For Efficient Service Call Q MZ ZZJWZM WELL SERVICING Phone Kamay 48F 13 Well Service Kamavf Texas is I I - 55:5 3 , , 'E ii ' I gi il Mail Address Qs., 5315 . snlg. E 3 Rt. l Electra, Texas .... - M3 -in 1? --1 ,Q EA - 'rl iii,- ? -'ig-:jg e- ' We W The Big Names in Music at the HGUSE OF MUSIC Your Conn Dealer 721 10th Phone 2-0977 Wichita Falls, Texas Karnay Phone Z1 'HILZLZIIIHA W" A. "H, In-""QL-::.l----"u - "" Q, , " 's I' f' ," I ' ". Nu N5 A asv f , ffw V - -. f fl I X J ', 'Q N if ,f l , X gf 2-qi I I xt xg? ' I--I. E. TALLEY, INS URANC E AGENC Y Insurance of A11 Kinds for Every Purpose Box 122 Phone 49 Kamay A. I-. Ask Your Avon Representative 59 to Show Avon Products a d I O N GiftnSets Valley View SERVICE WHEN M YOU NEED IT PRODUCTS CO., INC. New York C ity Kamay IVHQSQ. I F-:VF-:I sl 'Zi Oil Well Service and Wag-5 Cable Tool Drilling Your Business Appreciated Phone 913 -F 14 Kamay, Texas The New and ,Enlarged S gl Q CLOTHIERS Apparel for the Family Eighth and Indiana Wichita Falls, Texas Congratulations . . Seniors ! Funeral Directors 0 Hardware 8: Furniture Serving This "I"'l-4 community since 1908 Office Ph. 3711 If No Ans. Call Iowa Park, Texas 3051 or 2161 Iowa Park, Texas Compliments 0f 9 i xii" The Freindly Store Q., ' A Xi-I 1 Phone 2621 1 ' ' 1 Iowa Park, Texas Q -Y Open Day and Night GQAEZQZQ SERVICE STATION Most Convenient Place in Town Where the Horse Goes Round gl Round Phone Z-0371 n 6th at Lamar Wichita Falls, Texas Qffgdwz Zmzezq Wigan 6-ufffwffl is , GROCERY Phone 3141 We Deliver N' ' 1 Iowa Park, Texas W McGregor Sportswear Florsheim Shoes ,keg 2 MEN'S WEAR Electra, Texas Dobbs 8: Lee's Hats Arrow Shirts Levi's Tuf-Nut Work Clohtes 1'm as Near as Your Telephone 1. When you Need Insurance Protection 2. When You I-Iave an Insurance Claim Phone Office 4411 Res. 2381 CARROLL DUKE INSURANCE AGENCY Across Street from P.O. Iowa Park, Texas WM? QWW .4 BENEFIT ASSOCIATION CONGRATUALTES THE VALLEY VIEW SENIORS OF 1953 822 Scott Wichita Falls, Texas Compliments of wk -Q EQ-QWZZES You Toot - We Tote Electra Call MRS. NOEL HASLEY, 9061721 asf? ae Kamay, Texas COIVIPLIIVIEN TS CF QZWWQ TCDOL CCD. Shale Separators Iowa Park, Texas N STI ' 1 7 73 QQ! afh-irc, , f 5 f xx 7 A Nxfigik , If X f f I x,x'g, .' l ywzcffif' X f MW Q? im 'X y f fvc N X . c X X , f-igialhr SX XX f ff' 0 ' ' ' ,, f N F xQxX lfc' G Xl. Y-1 JW P K ,r -I mx-N Q' Q, 'P-P1255 ff' 15 L ZTTL-al X ' Wx ow? oh,'My Aching Back, ,J Vfxffgifj if A X iff' ,ix f 52 15 ff ? 'ff7'1 Mila 4-..-., Qfm-rx prfflfj 'I ,EIWWX a Well Servicing Kamay 48-F-Z1 Kamay, Texa 0 X. V 0 Wang W W Good Drirllliilng Water Phone 32 Kamay C ompliments of 2414 lOth Street Wichita Falls Phones 4101 - 4102 0 0 9 Qw5 Qeeocerev A Good Place to Trade Groceries Meats School Supplies Valley View Ma co. mc. J Electra Phones Grand 676 Liberty 666 Drive in 153 GSILJVICDRE Paint 8: Body Works Body-Fender Repairing Auto Painting "Let Homer Do lt" Phone 39115 1104 Sixth Street Wichita Falls Watches Diamonds Jewelry Costume Jewelry .Maxam WW ey Bus. Phone Z-6465 Res. Phone Z-1882 928 Scott Wichita Falls W.H. NORMAN Always at Your Service QHAMBERO colvuvlalzce Iowa Park, Texas The Town of Friendly Living Telephone 2431 109 North Cash Street Mosque QQ., HXIC. SA LES SERVICE 223 West Clev 1 E1 t T xas Phone 2171 "Merely terrific !Y N NEW STANDARD OF THE AMERICAN ROAD! WM Wm Well Service Rod, Tubing, Sandpumping Phone 41F4 Box 14 Kamay, Texas Sxgaiaite fecaehg and Expert Watch Repair VVRI GI-I 'ITS .J EWELRY Iowa Park, Texas Phone 6751 If Your Watch is Wrong, See the Wright Man COMPLIMENTS OF ZZQZM Cl-IEVF?CDL.ET CCD. Electra, Texas yryvav Sales - Service Economical Transportation GCDSTNELL MOTOR CO. 301 West Electra Cleveland, Texas I-LL. RUGELEY R.lVI. GLASS STANLEY R. RUGELEY 0 Q4 Q , Contractorsiand Producers 403 City National Bank Bldg. Wichita Falls , Texas Qfdgdeet Zmldtg 77Zeezt4 ,"Hyl"' C fu ' 4 I, ' - , Wmfgwpg fr ml- GROCERY Kadane Corner A h ' Raymond's WELDING at MACHINE sHoP Box 4 Kamay, Texas Bring Us Your Oil Field Welding We Weld Anything Try Us. 9 VVELDING X Wy? WQRKS Karnay Acetylene 8: Arc Welding Will Make Almost Anything Made of Iron 81 Steel. Try Others Then Try the Best. Phone Karnay S I ' T' QUE? Kadane Corner A Th G dG lf Gas X J SARQEANTJS if T' R p ' Oil Plating V Kamay, Texas i by Z , 5 X WW? eg Qi! , 6 'Plulhps Kadane, Texas We Give S 81 H Green Stamps Grease .Tob 1 d Q Q Mankins, Texas y We Never C1 ,T XX Patrohze 5 X BARBERN 3 may Nici? N X N beauty shop gllll' " Kamay, Texas P-'C sooo room Nfl NJ VISIT WJ , 2 Lx ff we . M , .. Wana St k H b g 8rPesand th B tC ff Town. E 'VI--IE F-:AIVICDLJS Dry Goods gl Shoes for Men - Women 8: Children BEN LIVINSON, Owner Iowa Park, Texas Telephone 3721 ' Our' CQ X .4-fsffwwfl U fv wl5EPENDABLE DR uGGlsT A Service to Please Everyone QQ! MQcy Phone 3131 FRED HAYS Courtesy Service RV ai' Nutrena It Pays , W Iowa Park, Texas pm -Q! FEED -- Q STQQE Feed, Seed, 81 Live Stock gl Poultry Supplies Phone 5871 5524, 4 gf When Better Automobiles Are Built, Buick Will Build Them CRICKET LOW ' n Electra Owner Texas AUTHORIZED SALES ANU SERVICE That Good Carnation Ice Cream at Q M 4 -9 DE 'J 5 Phone 52 Your Business Appreciated Kamay I QW MMM! T.1VI. BLACK, Owner Iowa Park, Texas Phone 4061 Meats and Groceries Highest Quality With Service ' ' 'E C056 W' an time jewelry 3, J il.. ei ZAMZQ45 I IME Q SHG? ,.. ,Q if ,B 110 North Waggoner Street 19909 Electra, Texas N,-fa Westinghouse Appliances You Can Be Sure - If Its Westinghouse Paint Right With Pittsburg Paints Tappan Gas Ranges You'll Say too - "I'll Take Tappan" Plumbing Fixture s and Supplie s Gold Seal 81 Pabco Linoleum EMM FURNITURE 8: HARDWARE Iowa Park, Texas When Better Automobiles are Built Buick Will Build Them The Greatest Buick in 50 Great Years z64WWf 42,04 BUICK COMPANY Authorized Sales and Service Complete Service Fender- on All paint at Tailor - Made Makes Body Shop Seat Covers Automobiles for All Cars WITH COMPLIMENTS OF THE My Q OIL 8: GAS ASSOCIATION 5 405 City National Bank Bldg. Wichita Falls, Texas E.B. CLARK President CHAS. N. PROTHO lst. Vice Pres. D.C. NORWOOD Znd Vice Pres. FRED SI-IEMANN Exec. Vice-Pres. Q M M5 APDAQEL MRS. FRANKIE B. HENDRICK 1300 Cash Street Phone 5601 C lowa Park Ladies Ready to Wear 8: Piece Goods ip Wichita Falls QWQWQ or-:Face SUPPLIES Furniture, Printing, Mimeographs 816 Scott P.O. Box 779 Dial Z-2147 COMMUNITY BUILDERS The Best of Lumber for the Best of Pff,'IlmZZ'2 7 If-X we. 5 Q KX, LBR. Sz BLDG. CO. In Iowa Park It's the I QVVA PARK CLEANERS "Where Quality Counts" All New Equipment and Experienced Help For Pick Up 81 Delivery 5041 lst Door West of Bank Drilling Contractors in t San .Tuan Basin 'ff North Central Texas BF Southwest Oklahoma 0 DRILLING CGNTEACTORS UMW CL.L.1c:v? fewwz TA N K TRUCKS d 'T'+-IEE ZW!! Zh? c O . Morning and Afte rnoon Editions 4-lL..H:i-:I-IINES SPORTING GOODS 809 Eighth Street Wichita Falls, Texas Phone 3-2648 Model Airplanes ffl, Fishing Tackle Pistols hymn Mercury Shotguns . A ' ' 4' Outboard Motors Rifles 'A' , . Tennis 8: Golf ""'--3. Q1-fqqs Basketball Equipment School Team Outfitting Our Specialty - Wholesale and Retail X WW! 4 Z ,Q Z5 Q L.C. Smith Typewriters Corona Portables New - Used Rent Machines Terms 807 9th St. Phone 4526 Wichita Falls, Texas For Welding and Bulldozing Work See IVICNAXCSI IAN APPLIANCE COMPANY Philco Appliances Wedgewood Ranges A Washer 81 Ironrite Ironers DOYLE MONAGHAN BOB IVIONAGI-IAN C0-Owners 910 scott ' Phone 3-2791 Cornpliments of PALJL SIC!-4ELJI2El2 ENGINEERING COIVIPANY Air C onditioning fiztlrlijjllaxx Omp W 0 Z 2 c 1 f W W 55 XXX Frontier Store 2 T L4 E ' X 5 920 J Wifi ea Q 1- T xas f .Y . 'A Sa l-4 CN:-7 E! C pl f yy? We ESCO KSTCDKE: Wichita Falls, Texas Compliments of Lgaadfwg, ECDTTLING CCD. IOWA PARK FLORIST Weddings-Funerals-Cut Flowers-Pot Plants We Deliver to Wichita Falls Phone 3571 W. Park Bldg. We, the Staff and the Senior Class hope that you will treasure and enjoy this '53 CHIEFTAIN as much as we have enjoyed compiling it. Our sincere thanks to the advertisers and subscribers who have made its publication possible. WZXWP Editor Assistant Editor ,Z'24.,:,, '777 2 Onwy Business Nlanager WV ,few As sistant Busines s Manager A LITHOGRAPHED YEARBOOK DALLAS o TEXAS q,qZa4'W4a'e -feffh hw- thaw . . ,. .. , A , Krlwlffffwrifsiks E,

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