Valley Union High School - Time Yearbook (Elfrida, AZ)

 - Class of 1951

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VM Q 1 jQZ?Z V X 7-A, f . , , if , Q A V A' , V V yy' iffy, :K - ' ' - J! , ,, A' ,S X ' .3 1' .V rr, gm if D V 3 is 3 5 Sgwfifiiik Si Ss! is QXYRAJ DMA ,AA JVM Zia QJQQQWMWL4 ,WJ?eiTf75" ymaLy2cwCi5Z?Mb AN ,I-in PZKQW,-,u,?W, ':y0'5-I r GW RVQLQQ W 'X, Mfg J' 3 ffift X Lk,L,1 ' p , I l 11 XSL- f' 3444! j VA-I 'C X , .fggffwj I , K , ., if F f Lf ., A- IXEJLJ' 1J- ,,fisL.f0' J , . 0 ffl Y - Ks A! LQffj y',q V Ja '1, 'O!! ,ffmbfxif X s . f ffpfwuifgxdf , ,i ' f fj Wfefu fly Q 3 K3 X' V' H ' 1 - . . " f' X -' , xx , QL ,f-A . , , H , , vt! , .,, if ,Yr ,x IC-!L,,,y4,j M gp , nf , ff ,ff ,A f .:77fL4f"-1' wifvffy fog 51,171-f9-frfff V . M ,ff H V, A, V - , .3 4 Q X1 '-Dsl! fl If J ' 1 R LY if ilrjirrs - ll '9i'1-fy f'j'Q,-4f9"4Z"'KAL1'! 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V, V ,Ji QV, ag,-flf 'Z w 4 1' ilflnfx , V V f f ,,. , ,, ., . - 7 N: , j fy ,f-1 dr L, M J V .J f If fi- ,L 1 v gy ffl Y fix mf i " 9,72 ,f ' Q , ?- - Of y' Aff ilu. A , m ,- ' . 'f f"', X' V , -f f FN '-R, f , ,V , V, , N , l - 5- 4- IJ! F k""'Z.f1 .1 1 2 AP-Q,jyfLf1AQJczW-7,1!,,ghfj ,fffjfvf 1 ffdgfu ',f ik , ,f"'f' In , 3 f' ? iwe VHHIY HNIUN HIGH SEHHIH PRESENTS THE cgcuwfafo fzmsfz CF YQ57 The Senior Class oT l95l wish To honor a long- Time Teacher oT Pearce and Valley Union High School. ' She is The only Teacher remaining Trom The Time The Seniors oT l95I enTered high school as Treshmen. She has worked very harcl in Trying To prepare us Tor our TuTure work. The Senior Class oT l95I Take greaT honor in dedicaTing This, The SanclsTormer Annual, To Mrs. Grace N. BurneTT. srl V 'W ,fN, 69 FACULTY A MR. HERBERT GARTIN Principal, Spanish, B. A. University of Arizona Graduate of U. S. Air Force Flying School, Graduate Work, University of Arizona MRS. GRACE N. BURNETT Teacher, Mathematics and Biology. B. S. Illinois Wesleyan University, University of Illinois, State Teachers College, 1'Si1ver City, New Mexico A I . DON SHOCK Teacher, History, Economics, f P.E., Social Studies, Athletic was :- i AQ? l f Director. Penn. State Teachers College, University of Arizona 1 f . 4 1' MISS BELVA RIDGEWAY Teacher, Typing, Shorthand Bookkeeping. B.A. and M.A.. Arizona State Teachers' College at Tempe, Summer and Graduate Work at U.C,I..A. at Los Angeles, School of Commerce at Denver, A.S.T.C. at Flagstaff MR. HUBERT cg LOHMAN Teacher, English, B.A. University of Illinois, Graduate Work at University of Arizona - 4 K MISS MARY SANDERS Teacher Homemaking, General Science, P E , Phoenix Colle ge, Arizona State C011 ' P is Qi, v if fifii .f SAS? ff New SENIOR CLASS HISTORY We, fhe Senior Class of I95I, enfered Pearce Union High School as Freshmen in Sepfember I947. If has been a long and hard road fo follow, buf many have sfruggled onward and upward fo reach fhe sfandard fo which fhey were aiming. When we enfered high school, fhere were 22 freshmen wifh sfomaches sfout fo see if ouf, buf fhrough fhe years we have now come fo fhe end of our High School career wi'I'h a mere I3. We have gained in knowledge, buf we have Iosf in classmafes. We have parficipafecl in assemblies, plays, volleyball and baslcefball games, school picnics, and many ofher acfivifies which have helped us fo gef along beffer wifh one anofher. All in all, fhe Senior Class has enioyed a very wonderful four years of high school life. When we saw our firsf fwo years come and go in fhe old P. U. H. S. building, we had many fhings fo look forward fo. One of fhese fhings was fhe New High School, which is now called Valley Union High School. We are very proud fo be fhe firsl sfudenfs fo carry, fhe symbol V on our class rings, rings we shall cherish forever. We are now abouf fo ring down fhe curfain on a four acf play, wifh each acl' a year long. We have been prepared in-befween acfs fo sfarf fhe new and coming acf. hoping fo become beffer educafed. The Iasf acl' is almosf over. We are now preparing for fhe lasf scene, 'I'he one in which many people shall see us faking our place as fhe fufure men and women of our counfry. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY We. fhe Junior Class of l95I, have experienced a very successful school year, one which broughf us much nearer fo fhe end of our high school career. We have parficipafed in baslcefball, volleyball. foofball. and many ofher sporfs. Also, we have faken parf in fhe Dramafics Club Play, and af fhe end of fhe school year we will give fhe Junior-Senior Prom. We also have ordered class rings. To our sorrow, buf fo our advanfage, we have spenf much fime on sfudying. p As we have parficipafed in pracfically all acfivifies, we realize fhaf as we be- come upper-classmen, many responsibilifies fall info our hands. Mosf of us will accepl' fhese responsibilifies willingly and are all planning fo malce our senior year of high school a more successful one fhan our Junior year. SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY The Sophomore Class has had a loT oT Tun during our pasT Two years aT Valley High. We have one new sTudenT in our class This year. and no sTudenTs have leTT. lv1osT oT The boys have eiTher been playing in baslceTball or TooTball. J. W. McKean was elecTed capTain oT The baslceTball Team. The girls have been doing very well in volleyball This year. Bell lv1iTchell was elecTed capTain oT The Team. We wishyall The sTudenTs oT The sophomore class loTs oT luck in Their TuTure years To come. FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY l95O-5I has been a busy year Tor The Freshmen class. Our iniTiaTion lasTed Two days. and we were very ThanlcTul when iT was over. The Seniors gave us a parTy aTTer The iniTiaTion, which we appreciaTed very much. Several oT our class members were on The TooTball Team. They were Richard Bradley. David Harrison, Dean STephenson, and Don Lamb. OTher Treshmen were also on The Jr. VarsiTy baslceTball Team. We were very sorry To lose David Harrison, who moved To Aio. and Dean STephenson, who moved To Texas. T We are looking Torward To l952 when we will be Sophomores. EIGHTH GRADE We, The Eigh+h Grade. are abouT To sTep ouT inTo a more TascinaTing world. We are anTicipaTing This Thrilling venTure wiTh honor, hoping To become good high school sTudenTs. We are moving ouT of The world oT wiggles and giggles inTo a more serious world. SEVENTH GRADE The SevenTh grade boys and girls have been working - - er - - well, we have en- joyed ourselves: all The way Trom working, To puTTing ThumbTacks in The Teacher's chair. MosT of us hope To see you nexT year as Tull Tledged eighTh graders. I xii 'vi , ff- 3! I if ' pf-if -2 Jrfl-A, Ulf' h" 14- . . SSS X iii 1 - Sw Q. ' " 'Lqr q4 A 5 ' -W5 The SGUWOV C-X655 05 WEN, do hereby make our Xasr NNKXX and 'Yesramenrz X' 'hm Amaxonclr WW my 'rahness ro Howard Gardner. X, Rurh Carper, w'xh my akznhry 'ro caich a 'ooy Mend ro Mary Pxmaxong. X, Pauhne NeNson, wkh my bNond hah 'fo Peggy Morne. X. GXena Gardner, w'xh my abXh'ry 'ro keep my Xocker KschooX krash cank dean 'ro Berry Burien. X, Vrrgknka Trogha, wkh my cheerXead'xng posmon ko Vernerre Xiamkirisch. X, Esker NNc,6'rnry, wkh my shoes 'ro Donna Mae Harr'rs s'rnc,e everyone ,rh'rnks X am an Okxe. N. BKXX BXev'rns, wkh my abKhry 'ro 'oe 'reacher's per ko .Sackre KOOWVL and Uoyd hAOr'renSOn. X, Ed Caihoarr, wkh my smarrness 'ro Roberr Gear and my number VI. shoes 'ro Bruce Pairkerson. X, Ed Srephenson, wKh my worn ou'r drawers 'ro .hm Brown and 'oaskehoah suspenders 'ro Junkor Hedges. A X. James Markie, wkh my a'oRWry 'ro sfray our os rrou'oXe 'ro James Xiambnsch and m wh'xskers To anyone who 'rhKnks he w'xh Nook good Rn Nhern. X, Waher Morkenson, wKh my a'oRh'ry ro ger rescued from aXge'ora 'ro Don Lamb. X, Bruce NeagXe, wkh my hook shors Rn baskekbah 'ro .Sun'ror Hedges. Y SENIO K W 4 Blau Gjjicm BILL BLEVINS Pres. of Class 4 Letterman 1-2-3-4 BRUCE NAEGLE Letterman 1-2-3-4 Rep. Class 3-f4 V. Pres. Class 4 RUTH CARPER Trans. Patagonia 3 Editor of Annual 4 Secy. Mask and Wig 4 Secy. Class 4 JAMES MARBLE V. Pres. Class 4 EDWARD CATHCART Letterman 1-2-3-4 Outstanding Athlete 3 V. Pres. 'Student Body 4 Capt. Basketball 3 Capt. Football 4 V.Pres. Camera Club 3 Secy. Lettermen Club 3 VIRGINIA TROGLIA Volley Ball 3-4 Rep. Class 2 Annual StaE 4 Cheerleader 4 Pres. Mask and Wig 4 WALTER MORTENSON Pres. Lettermen Club 4 Letterman 2-3-4 Secy-Treas. St. Body 4 ESTHER MCGINTY Secy. of Student Body 4 V. Pres. 'Class 3 Cheerleader 3 Volley Ball 3 Business Mgr. Annual 4 EDWARD STEPHENSON Letterman 2-3-4 Secy. Letterman Club Pres. Student Body Outstanding Student Asst. Editor of Paper Paper Staff 1-2-3- Annual Staff Pres. of Class 1- 4 4 1 4 4 2 2 GLENA GARDNER Cheerleader 3 ' Volley Ball Team 3 Paper Staff 1-2-3-4 Editor Paper - 4 Leadership Award 3 fi51:i?iQ'-wif' ' "'UZfVf" ww-,,3wL,w 'wf.?f'5PML': wbfffilfhvsi lflwhl "fQfz""'Zh:"1z'W m.wi:'?..,.:U' M pwwyifws VM 'i:f. .fio-4Z.gz"H2+'g255Ig4wgf252Q35.i. maxi wims7,gF'EgE7 g Eefifsizifffgwiffggilazi ws age.. ...ll ,...2:21rffi2v,?:Hi? f'w'x'ff.f.mz2.1:1w -T 'ff m V f2Eg:1?Txj3g3ff1l?..I".ilI19':'3'Ii3I2f"'M3s vfllglikff l :,gggJy?v54",1.,:gt: 1-zz' - -fi f ff ,B3ig.f.gZ wimww-ewilifii ev x f"7":vfwg.f1 ws 's:m,.f.4..v l1w,gyyw-yg51,.2hL iffiff',,.gi2v3lfsgifQzfm. .gsjrgftggg 4, , ' I X 22112 v:gf:4a:zw:55f:,f:'V:.2?,az:1ii:: 1:i1i2f4:igrszW!,g:'wggm fg.:Q,,F5yfgw-'snkrlsixsfhglgghynlhvLfxg,gifi,c.2J615,:sf in .ww K Ni':,5w31'2Wb'E-55181??'iP7Pg.'3'1f'Zfg22"S.'G?J:ZfW gfiizw if M y. M Z " W. M 'mf X ffm 'K fl X 45,39 Q fXl...E,ElS'AM 3 L W' 1 Q21 2. 2553. W -ef Hiliblmevu- 52 Y' ? f' ww' fqmfwz' f Ni V lw,.54 wwf.:-.,wE' in 1 M , . . . . . L... x 1. A il. ggsyf eg ' wlflrw im: .vgnszh pf fl 'IP ' " IVE fffss..f , w f g p:QQ, f :..: .232 if Ml gym. lggyggg in m ,r w 4 23,g,3.f3g ' iii? '3a'E'f :wg . : ggi? 13 gm.. '. :Z X" -5- 32 , M353-. gm fi 355323 'x' ...g k 2 . Mfg? M .mg il .PZ , - 1542.25 will " s ip. fi st. . 7i,.,, ..4. if :J v3 flfzzw f3?:"liEfV5S1Vf? 'z H llif gwih ?w:25m w?,.13.?,2'Ii':f W Q Nfl, 1 '- -':: J i?1L?i:sg'fM2,ih,', 1 A M Q Y if H ' 24.3. K 1' . fs WALTER BLACK Trans. 'Hatch N. Mex. 4 , rv . ml wzlifzfl: ,..,..,fw,f..,..ff- EIA? W. Q.: . 1.2 PAULINE NELSON Rep. Class Sec. Class 2-3 Girls State JIM AMALONG Trans. from Willcox 2 Dear Thelma N., Ten years ago you asked me To wriTe you a IeTTer giving you The "low-down" on all The old gang. Well, I am a liTTle laTe, buT Wallace and RuTh Jr. cerTainIy keep me busy. Well, whom do you Think I ran inTo yesferday? None oTI1er Than Bill Blevins! You remember him, The guy who used To do so well in bookkeeping. Well, he and Donna Harris are married, and are doing splendidly on Their caTTle ranch in Elfrida. While I was Talking To Bill, who should walk up buT Ed CaThcarT, who is coaching aT Valley Union High School. ll hear he screams and yells aT referees iusT as former coaches have done.l Ed is unmarried, buT, from whaT I gaTher, is a mosT eligible bache- lor. Oh, say, you remember Virginia Troglia? Well, she was quiTe The denTal nurse- for awhile. She was known Tar ancl wide for her abiIi+y To sao+he pain. II hear she eiTher gave The vicTim whiskey or a IeTT-hook.l BuT only Two weeks ago I aTTended her wed- ding To IvlarTin Morfenson. AfTer eighT years of going TogeTher off and on, They finally decided To Tie The knoT-Thank Heaven! AT The recepTion, whom should I see buT EsTer McGinTy, who has become quiTe a career girl. From whaT I gaThered, she's a very compeTenT secrefary. HssT! . . . ll also hear she's aTTer her boss.l You probably already know ThaT Pauline and Ed goT married Too. Poor Ed! She really leads him around by The nose. And remember how she used To Talk up ThaT fiffy- TifTy business? BuT I do have somemore news for you. I was IisTening To- my favoriTe radio sTa- Tion when I heard Ed's voice. Here are his exacT words: "Why pay anywhere from Ten To Twelve dollars Tor rings, when you can have a beauTifuI seT, absoIuTeIy Tree! JusT pay The posTman 52.98, plus posfage. There's a Iimi+ed supply: so send your posT card righT away To CIinT-ThaT's CIinT-C-L-I-N-T, Texas." Well, I guess he has To IeT off sfeam somehow: all he says aT home is "Yes, dear." And ThaT in a very meek squeak. Anyway, I hope Bruce N. hears Ed's adverTisemenT. Bruce is on his way To Texas, you know, where he will marry Donnalee N., his old-Time girl friend. Those rings would come in mighTy handy! Seems as Though Bruce could never quiTe geT her ouT of his sysTem. I know you remember Glena G. Well, she sTarred in a movie I saw recenTly. ITs' TiTle was, Tom Mix'n Cement She surely makes a good cow-girl. She sang one song ThaT really knocked me over. In TacT, I had To be carried from The Theafer. While leaving, whom should I see buT James M. and whaT do you Think? James has become a morTician. Can you imagine! And I hear his Tlowers and wreaThs are simply a musT. I asked him abouT Jim A., and he Told me ThaT Jim is now owner of The PIan+a+ion Bar. IT seems ThaT Jim has quiTe a "bay-window," buT is advancing in The business world wiTh Tremendous speed. As for WaI+er M., I hear he purchased a huge planTaTion in Oklahoma and is making "hand over TooT." Folks don'T see much of him IaTeIy: since he has gone bare- TooT for so long ThaT he can'T wear shoes. Well, Thelma, ThaT abouT finishes The "doings" of our gang, and I simply musT geT back To Those kids before They Tear The house aparT. Good-by, RuTh Thompson 1 ' I I ' ' Iifligiliiimii ,, ,,. ,,,, MEM W... mwaifmx . I .Ill IA . 11 2 Q?.,'5Q-'f?5i, 1- 129' l-F '- -- .. -. .. , fi' I -. ir-3-A-iii - f - f - - M- av-2--xv. 1' If-f' .- 'yay-1-.'r-:f'fa-:g.-1.-.'---.Q --Q-.1 H jizz- -.f - f ' 1 sf. . il ' if g -. - 2'-.air-Y ' ilfiiiiifii , yr .mfr L.,-,f"1.urn-'-1.-g',,1-1-., 'g-..-- 521: - -- I Eff- 'Y1"'3"Qt5-"L'f':1i'.-sr:-'fine''f--i5.7-I-I--5--.p.:. "5'-'..--1 il Sw l5Q'2?:fii1:g.'sf.szgg. - - l ig. 4 t Q' ' - we QMwxff-1'-piwfgs-:fl-in -: - fiiffix ' ' :Q s -- - is-3 - - 2191- gi'qstN'3-Ji:'f'.fn','?f-'-1iH-2- , .-.EL-45 " 4 151 ljgglf-.-ewlryg ,..-'-12552--..,.,.. ' A ' iSi'7TfQ I fir' 3' .i 12535 Lib-A151211.xiii-7:.ri5.g':"i 5' WV' 'fi QQ Mir + . .V llf R ,.- .2 --R,-, L ' ' .L g lg - f 2 '- vonms SONGS -A .inf -r.-qw.-,. NAME FAVORITE SAYINGS FA 5 .-nr. 'f Tw 4- , - 1. ' - - X ' Jim "Oh, Bro+her" Mona l-'SB 7- '--- ,....' 44,13 . I 1 ,l3i.'fQ-3'5,i- A Ruff, " - . . . - - . - if" Neverlheless i -1- sf 1 , . it fa ' Pauline "Thai lsn"r so" Senhmenfal Me Q i' Giena "Oh, Nufsn l'm Throwing Rice A+ Her Now 1.1 gm mxltivv Virginia "Oh, Crumb" I Shll Feel 'ihe Same Abou? You 5 2-1 '4 -,' '- . ' ' Esrer "No Lie" My Hearl' Cries 'lor You , I ara- .--' .. '-s , , , ., . -QQ-iI.i,M Bull 'My Achmng Back" Blues Slay Away From Me Q Ed S, "Yeah" Tennessee Border ' i Ed C. lNo+ Prinlablei Ho+ Rod Race 5-gli ii' 1 .4 --.115-:f , il. . ug? fifjiz 4 L.. James "Ral's" I Love You Because L - 35 1 .5631 ' K Z , ' mf-211 Waller M. "Ya rhrnk so?" Hod Rod Race is 2 ' ' '. Bruce "l don'+ know." There's Been a Change ln Ma -'h ' .N f , Q53 ' Welfer B. lCensoredi Jackass Caravan '5 ' 'I 4 A I x Crglg ' 'Q' C-K 1 li -"5 5:33 ' -.- ' f WZ? : 5 . 'if ' E -if ,. fi: . .. WET- T11 - 15 - A - -ff: 21- iff , fig. 2229, NAME NICKNAMES WHY THEY COME TO SCHOOL . j 'ig Jim Shorly Jus+ +o gel ri over. 1 1 ' fllif' Rulh Rooiie Nolhing beifer Io do. gf-fi Paulxne Blondie To S69 Ed 5- more- -gy . , -ag ,A . H u .-url. ,-,il I y Glam M, To call Mr. Garhn Fa++y. kg Virginia Ginny Jusf for Ihe fun of if. i lQYff.Qf.jj,'L2,- Esfer Oakie To find someone 'io ditch wn+h. X - If , 1 '.'g-',g,i:1',:I, , , . -. x' Bull Willy Gel 'lhe hablf when I was young. i I gir'-11.5.14 Ed S. Curly They say l'r's a law. hy.. 'bi Ed C. Pelon Ta gif ederca+ed. of course! - sgl,-if-2ff" James Marbles To see if I can learn anyfhlng. -iiizfxg ' Elf? 25' Wdlfef M- Walt To have fun. 1- J... . . - .f.-X-,V-5155 , 55:55-'-,.5' Bruce Bolavar Shaggynasfy Jus+ io be wllh fhe luds. V- V,.l V La lr Walfer B. Walnuf ' ' ,s. ,I Ji. wif- ' f . FA 41.f-an ,wr A vu .My-:gl To gel oui of worlr. -1 ! 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I X M A, 3 wfe,2Zs71Qi'j'2'1j'.'Q 5f'l?7f'j'12f 'E'F1E1?'L-9,4-1'fijgi, ,g2f1Q"Q-g.s.,I "i5ii'f5fif" ' 'ii ' - fgyp if"'r'e-1.-..:w,ff..-va:-s'-- .-fi--1...-4 .-- YI ff-ff --A-M - ' - A - 1, . if 3. -1 bf? I . rig A so-'-..-rw,---:mer 'f' 'nfs-sw. '4' 'MVT . F F' 2 ' " ' 1- ". 1... L: Tl 2- M .s 1 Fl - '- N' r - ' " . ,fw . 1 T' K: .5 1-11... . r ... ..- -J.. - - jk if . ' '- .. .,- -,. .. W .. . - -4- 1 1- - -.-,...,- .,,,. ... .- - xr" -' '.. .' Jr: fi' i-' fig -1 ' " ,yggg -get M- - -1-Q Eff-eggiwg-, -igsjaw vsmg-:i..- if :Eisis ea-,ir-W-M ,... MUN... , ,A , V amy... I, 1 ..,4,.. 1. . ,. . ,V . 1 ge., - . , ., . - 15 T4 4-1115!-'5i9ix2iFf25,f?155!!f3?tFf3mmG '. ds-.-71-i'ivfQ'--ivlga. :bn-Mfrs U av mmf! ' , . MEN o -wtf Arif, ii ,,.,- ef x Qfki ejw ff 4 WW JUNIORS i JUNIORS UNA FAY CATHCART, Class President PATSY PEEVEY PEGGY MORRIS Sec. 8: Treas. Rep. W mms? KAY SHELDON EARL MCGINTY Vice President BOBBY RUSSEL ELLEN AMALONG JIM BROWN BOB WHITEHEAD THELMA NICHOLSON CARL FRANKLIN s ' 'F ,Tx R x ff? 35 X f fx? f X ' -fx ' , ! XR . 6' k V -M ' ... L ', ' N -1 , . , fi-55 - Y x K' ff I P Laura Bell Mitchell Audrey Steagall President Vice President Beth Marble Joe Rameriz Louise Nelson Peggy Peevey J. W. McKean Ila Mortenson junior Hedges Don Glasscock Donna Harris Dick Morris James Grizzle FRESHMEN l FFQESI-IMEN Richard Bradley David Harrison President Vice President Sharlene Sherman Glena Marble Dean Stephenson Secy. Ba Treas. Representative Donald Lamb Mary Amalong Roy Lindsay Edward Gardner x Clifford james Taylor Kambitsch Vernette Karnbitsch CP icture not Availablej EIGI-ITI-I GRADE Mary Joyce Nicholson Jesse Ray Vineyard Louise Thompson Lloyd Mortenson ,. , ,,: ,,,,.:.,,ax. ,Q E.5::5:zg:51:5,:53E5.,:. IE: Q.j,2:j35!'5:g1.:.5'img-,.-5-1-''-292:33-grgrj.2.11.53-.. -ai "" ' , . X y,..,y,.y l ..,, 4 : -12:2 as ' 4 ' . r gags ,gf g gi 2 fi: K i 'W' gif' 4 wg' , S 3 igtiifij ' jvifhf , , .i 2 1 can .rl fl ss it ' 1, 2 I 5 in an Q if 5 5. 5- tigers er, ,f 4.5521 2 Nick Glasscock William Stark Jackie Koontz President ...... , ,, 9 i li ' 5555253-553E11g5?55f:f1Ef5i??1:ElEE'A ,,.,. , "" ..., .-:piles ll V Y a 2 Flora Von Price Ruth Grizzle james Bradley Vice President Howard Gardner Ann Taylor Varnell Reeves janet Lamb SEVENTH GRADE Merwyn Thompson Bobbie Leak President Vice President Bruce Patterson Leonard Gonzales john Gonzales Robert Dunham Flynn Steagall Vernon Hawkins Vada Reeves james Franklin Patricia Stewart I' I 'll ACTIVITIES SHIIHNI IJHUNIIH 1st Row: Una Fay Cathcart, Ellen Amalong 2nd Row: Esther McGinty, Glena Gardner 3rd Row: Edward Stephenson 4th Row: Virginia Troglia, Patsy Peevey .IwNlIHl SIHH lsr Row: Edward Stephenson, Walter Mortenson, Ed Cathcart, Joe Rameriz 2nd Row: Esther McGinty, Bruce Naegle, Richard Bradley 3rd Row: Joyce Nicholson, Bruce Patterson, Peggy Morris Hi S Flllll PHPIH lst Row: Thelma Nicholson, Esther McGinty, Glena Gardner. 2nd Row: l Virginia Troglia, Kay Sheldon, Audrey Steagall, Ila Mortensen. 3rd Row: Bell Mitchell, Peggy Morris, Louise Nelson. 4th Row: Ruth Carper. IIHHMH HES EHIH REHEARSAL Virginia Troglia CPresidentQ Ruth Carper CSecy. 8: Treas.J Top Row: Bob Russel, Esther McGinty, Glena Gardner, Bill Blevins, Earl McGinty, Ellen Amalong, Una Fay Cathcart, Walter Mortenson. Middle Row: Thelma Nicholson, Ruth Carpet, Peggy Peevey, Jim Brown, Patsy Peevey, lla Mortenson, Audrey Steagall. Bottom Row: Bell Mit- chell, Louise Nelson, Carl Frank- lin, Virginia Troglia, Peggy Morris. W NIGHT SCENES TAKEN FROM THE PLAY, 'GHOST FARM". SNAPSI-10 TS What a gang! Couldn't be initiation? Well, well, if it isn't MA BRADLEY WITH A HOE! Pookie and Bruce, you make such RDARLING LITTLE GIRLS." Have they been bad girls, Pauline? INHIHIIHN if M. zfsmm 5 . W . . qi M11 W i .ew -' V1 if? 'bas wzsiifisl - WS? 1 Mm ,xl QY, 2 Fifi f gi k fix X 9 Q X ,gn 4 Q 555 Ei Q, 9 gmail? ,E Q' -Y g 5' W , X, , X mmm Q VV A yn siwigwg, mszmgii ,Q .6 5. M ,gwgggfgzgziwgfgq msigii nziiwi i ff? if S zlwai, S yi ff X ix W 4 , 2: li 2 E 'X me aw 2 f 4 h W , Q f'15:-.f- wg 1 iw EEK H mi fs? 'A Pour it on 'em, Pauline! Cute little girls aren't they? Working hard boys? What's the matter? Won't Varnell mind you seniors? Stop fooling around, you guys. H' -:ar-Q, ..... . .... , . ffzrcf: " .... ..:,.:' 2 ' agar:-i:s::z' '1"A " ' f r L 1 Q 12:3 2 1 5 :AQA,,. , Q ,,.: 3 .z.4 .:,,. 1Q, f,, O L X .... : raw-,. -5-:, 1- '.,. -H Lr A'l:' we 5 Q B J W ra M ryww Eggs Z .M ,. ,ish X3 W 3 mf ' 1 ' Q s ' E ,pu cf 9 1 f 1 T 1, 1 ,, Q 4 g . Er 35 1 3 555 E55 " gs 1 my ggi? Z Z ,, 3 gaiiiiik Mg , me me S-3 2 W y ..,.,. Z . , w ig X25 aif 2551132 SIMM 551+ 1 55 lie? rZfvm"?'r 55 X254 ,'f1523QE2r2Q r h zgrgagrsiifirggii S 2 lin M w S M 2 Q 1, 212231322 iiiaiim swf?-X mf w3w3,3:-gf ,,V,M,M53,siQg?fsgQ:Sfri siimwfiwmir frmrfaiw www? SEM rs Nancy jay Joe Taylor Jessie Ray Farnsworth David Harrison Maureen Sprinkle f f 1 ff f - Z if'-6-, V- -' '-"l'? .lf AJ- -. , x E xx L L -. 4 E?E5,. Q Q., A V ffffff' Eaigff' R vin H 'gif E 1 5. X ff Q r -4 ' 0 1 TO VALLEY UNION HIGH SCHOOL 1' r---: -.,, , . wi X ' 1- 3 'EE-:. ,Sw K X r r xx X M YIM 2 1 -r -'-- ,1 eg if Q Vg' ' :,2:Fa2 7' Ig ei :-.E ' ' E . 1 x , L ..,. :gg v vii? iw sugar L1 L L N 5 S N L 96 25539 an gsfaiiiggg i 1 123222: .,,, 1:,.E2 ef """' 5 ' ' Z Y 2 4 4 Wi .ca A '::Eg,fj:f:,,22-1-1?'Qes:.'g:s:,: E5 ..: :L X gi 2 5 ' 5 E1 IE EEZ.. Hi' ' n 1 rgr my ,ui ,O ,sw ,rp 'M ""' e gg: z. , W rf 1. Wy. w U, V .::- Qg,,w' . 1 2 m ggfggr gi ming? rarwieaggriirarg M LUN' 11 Zi? u ri W ,L 14 wc MJ' sf". WEP, G, W. .: wt" 4 T 11 " H ifi Win? iiiffizffif 5. Enigifr 52350519 W sb ww ra ises wrifeww 2,155 wiki 'mam as kiwi: - w as as f www -:MQ 135-9 Qirsrlwi wx, Eb-wi ,warms Hfagdgh Q fzggffgggm 9-,,Me,3mg3 iw Leslie Eicks Joetta Sanders mr ,,,, , , X X X X Q3 X C V r,. i 7 x g N D i k f I E !RT . -- - - l , , " " " 1 I I f f HIHHHES l v r 1 "I-IUMPI-II2EY" 1. Nice Catch, Ed. 2. Throw it, Bruce. 3. Dick, Throw it. .It's Hot. 4. Charge, David. 5. That's it, Earl, push through. 6. Carry it all the way, jim. 7.'Drop it, Dean. 8. 'Take it on in, Dubs. 9. Get them, B uck. CV 2 , ,,,.. --f'- y HHIIHHH SHIIHH Top Row: James Grizzle, Richard Bradley, Roberi' Whifehead, Earl McGin'ry, Eari Hawkins, Donald Lamb, J. W. McKean. Waifer Morfenson. David Harrison, Joe Ramirez. Manager: Don Glasscock. BoHom Row: Dean S+epi1enson, Bruce Naegie. Jim Brown. Ed Cafhcarf icapfain of foofbail feami. Edward Sfephenson. Dick Morris, Junior Hedges. li .fx nn ? w H H H H p H P I Y H H I ED CATHCART l 1. Take him, james. 2. Kick 'em high, boys. 3. Pass it fast Bradley, 4. 1... 2... IS... hike, Walt. 5. Run hard, Curly. 6. Block 'em, Bob. EGOTBALL TEAM AND "TI-IE BOARD OE TRAGEDY" 4 ff, 1' ,j: '- 'il ' -1- 2-Q. .ff:"' ..a 'v -1 - " -"- .fi ., f . . "We 111113, ,.:1'5?2' - , , ' rf f' 'jrvgm .- " '--. 54111 .,.1-55" .fzf ze- .C in-Q. 'rf-.u , . ' -P , 'A vi F uf,,q-.L wmif -3,7 f 1 ,f ,, - .1 ufhv- :..u,.-I -, '., -Hg., .QQ 2, wg-12 ' - A ',i."' im' 3 1 ,. 13: ,a vi' .155"f ' v ,,-P -ff ,. Q-',:f1w"4"4"' ' -. - ,gif 'niiicf f' iff" 1, ' ,Q' if . '1,'f'f17Nf QQRIPN., ,V , 522 'X . 12-' ' ' :W 'T'-TW..-,1, . ,ff , L"'-1'-5 J'ifi4'2'Ql5e33' ' , 71,-. ' "'l9l'i7-A -,, --fr11'fQ,,. f "':""'-""" ,,' .gag-si, ' T 41.-if-,g.Lj 'L ' ' - rfwg . - " ., , H 1' - F322-" ' 15 I ' K '. ' .Q V- .,.,.f ' ',v1-nw-3',qSg.. 7, .gy A K g. ,.f wif: rmsagqh - 1 M'-.-.LA-'.:. ' ,,, A- ' Y:,7'.3.uQg4,. 51, -1-an I--,,,W,,,7f -12,4 .2555-S, ,Af -. . gf. - ,Lf-raw . 0 -. '11:1,y: - , , ' '--39211: ,V-f in . ,, -- wr .af-. , , -AJ., T... 4, -,ff - ,..-V "i .fl f' " "'55'.i1, M . 7 'LZ - .L- 1"',,. ,TF ,:' -' '-5 .11 ' : 'Qf' "1-I A W ,j"""-'fifl' 2 ff: 5" 'ff :uf . Q. V- , In r , 1311 xl:,L.- W. ,WL wx V i . V' 41 I A. 51. ' 1 J F f .- ' ' ,fy PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Donald P. Shock Huber? C. Lohman ICoachl fAssisfan+ Coachl SECRETARY 84 TREASURY Herberf Garfin fMorale Boosferj The Varsify Team all lined up +o slwoof. Come on, boys, le+'s make 'eml Here's all seven of 'rhe Jr. Varsify aiming a+ +ha+ basket Make em good, boys. TOP ROW: Mr. Shock lcoachl. Junior Hedges, Carl Franklin, Richard Bradley. WaH'er Morfenson. James Grizzle. Joe Ramirez. BOTTOM ROW: Buck McGin+y, Ed 'Ca'I'hcar+, Bruce Naegle. J. W. McKean lcapfainl Jim Brown. Dick Morris. Don Lamb and Ed Sfephenson. Wal , . . . 'rl1ere's 'rwo baskefs, ain'+ +here? BASKETBALL McKean, Baske+baH Capfain l BASKETBALL TEAM TOP-ROW I Coach Shock, Junior Hedges. Carl Franklin. Richard Bradley, Waller Morlenson, James Grizzle, Joe Ramirez. BOTTOM-ROW II Earl McGin+y, Ed Ca+l1car+, Bruce Naegle, J. W. McKean lcaplainl, James Brown. Dick Morris. Donald Lamb, Edward S'l'epl'1enson. ll 3 4- F Y' Y l.eHerrnen's Clulo TOP-ROW I J. W. McKean Bill Blevins Joe Ramirez Don Glasscoclc ROW Il Ed Caihcari' Dick Morris Donald Lamb Bob Whiiehead ROW lll Bruce Naegle Waller Morfenson Edward Sfephenson James Brown lHliHllHlllHS VOLLEY BALL TEAM TOP ROW l-Una Fay Cafhcarf, Ellen Amalong. ROW 2-Miss Mary Sanders lcoaclwl. Audrey Sfeagall, Mary Amalong. ROW 3-lla Morlenson, Peggy Peevey, Thelma Nicholson, Palsy Peevey, Louise Nelson. BOTTOM, ROW 4--Virginia Troglia, Bell Mi'I'cl1ell lcaplainl, and Peggy Morris. 13 W I-I S 5 5 2 UUR X , J. M. BOHNPALK D. E. BRANFIELD Ma rlins Boo'I' and Saddle Shop Custom Made Saddles Hand-Made Leather Goods QUALITY GROCERIES Also WEARING APPAREL For Men, Women, and Children TOMORROW'S STYLES i Expert Boot and Shoe Repairing AT WESTERN CLOTHING 7 RANCH SUPPLIES 433-lofh Sf. Douglas, Arizona Douglas Arizona Congratulations A and Best Wislwes aaa a guccwuful Qaluae l95I . GRADUATES BISBEE - WARREN - DOUGLAS Im E049 COMP LIMENTS OF Qieeluffs Gi Qawlsden 'Halal s Douglas BREHM'S QUALITY JEWELRY l3osten's GIFTS OF DISTINCTION Douglas, Arizona 936 G. Ave. Phone 60 COMPLIMENTS OF .feaq'4 ven Bros. hoe Co. Telephone 13 DOUGLAS' STORE OF famous labels 924 G. Ave. Douglas Arizona Douglas Arizona Bond Bros. Gro. 8: Market Cor. 13th St. 8: F Ave. Delivery Service - Phone 1166 Smith's Food Center 860 - 15th Street CASH Kc CARRY Phone 140 LOCAL OWNED FOOD STORES Douglas, Arizona VALLEY NATIONAL BANK Of Douglas , Arizona MEMBER OF F. D. I. C. Congratulations Class of 1951 Reay Transfer 81. Storage 1320 G. Avenue Douglas, Arizona MOVING - PACKING - SHIPPING LIVESTOCK HAULING ROUND UP CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1951 I3 65' I3 PALACE CONGRATULATIONS Agents for Aero Mayflower Van Lines TO THE Automobile Repairing Machine Work C1-A55 G. Ave. OF Phone 43 PHONE 44 ,Sl Douglas, Arizona A. B. CRENSHAW H. W. REAY Res. Ph. 329-W Res. Ph. 863-R CONGRATULATIONS I. I. IIIIIIS IIIIIIIIIINI HNII HIIIIINI III. PLUMBING INSTALLATIONS 8: MAINTENANCE Sheetwork Supplies Well Supplies Duct Work 1234 G. Ave. Phone 45 Douglas Arizona CLASS OF 1951 MCKINNEY G WI-IITE SADDLE SI-IOP 1130 G. Ave. Douglas Arizona IIIIIAIIIIIIIIIII Douglas Arizona KAWT--ILHSO NBC Congratulations to the IN DOUGLAS Class of 1951 KSUN--i230 MBS From the HHYMHHI HH! EH. INFORMATION EDUCATION ENTERTAINMENT ALWAYS THE LATEST IN FARM AND RANCH NEWS Dealers of Arizona Star Feed Lowest prices for Grain Coal Hay By the Underposs Phone 940-W EMIS HIHII SIHHI H ' 17th Bc A. Ave. Douglas, Arizona WRIGI-ITS fee Guam Ga PASTEIIRIZED MILK CREAM 81 BUTTERMILK 420 - 12th Street HAY - GRAIN Telephone 39 20th Street 81 Avenue Box 255 Dougias Afizfma DOUGLAS, ARIZONA ARIZDNA BAKING CO. WALGREEN AGENCY ll0'l 'G' Avenue , I fasiee s 'THE FRIENDLY jEWELER'N Everything in jewelry and Diamonds Phone 22 Douglas Arizona 1107 G. Ave. Douglas, Arizona CCMPLIMENTS ASSAYERS - CHEMISTS - METALLURGISTS OF l Ulllqlle Beauty HAWLEY af HAWLEY DOUGLAS. ARIZONA Phone 138 520 llch 0 Douglas DOUGLAS ARIZONA EL. PASO TEXAS VHlllY NlWS VALLEY FURNITURE Co. EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME Compliments of BEN FLORES Sl SON IN TOWN MAYTAG 8: ADMIRAL DEALER DOUGLAS 'l0l7 G. Ave. Phone 'IOO Douglas, Arizona Pioneer Cafe 'l029 G. Avenue Douglas, Arizona GOCD FOOD SERVED RIGHT llllllllllll llllllll SHHP TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY Minerva Yarns Susan Bates Accessories c. H. ACKLEY, PROP Douglas Arizona Phone 158 Q I N J F Congratulations, Seniors From CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1951 GRADUAT D011 las Dru Co. l0fh G. Ave. E Phone 84-85 Douglas A lN Bank Accounts o A Zavala 9 J x intgxgi 35 F0013 STORE l A , 1433 cs. Ave. W QWTJ Q Phone 80-W Douglas, Ariz. l I V OF FRESH MEATS BEST SCHOOL WISHES HIGH TO VALLEY Douglas Arizona When- in Douglas, shop at the DOUGLAS H ARDWARE for your needs in Quality Merchandise. I IT'S THE NEW SEARS STORE FOR EVERY FAMILY NEED SHOP Kc SA VE AT Seazu 1100 F. Ave. Phone 375 DOUGLAS, ARIZONA BLEDSUE MA UZY MUTURS NACO ROAD BISBEE, ARIZONA Phone 686 Ford Farming Equipment FORD TRACTORS Dearborn Farm Equipment SERVING THE RICH SULPHUR SPRINGS VA L L E Y Douglas Daily Dispatch 530 llrh Sc. Commercial Printing Co. 526 llrh Sr. DOUGLAS, ARIZONA Ball Drug HUIWHYS Store E VER YTHING THA T'S FINE 30 MAIN STREET IN Phone 307 MEMS WEAR Bisbee, . BISBEE, Auzona ARIZONA May the happy memories and pleasant associations of your high school career, follow you through the coming years. FRANK W. SHARPE. JR. GENERAL INSURANCE REAL ESTATE STOCKS AND BONDS WHEN YOU GET A Elecfdae MMM GO OD THIN G - M Z Remember Where You Get It! 1225 -'Gu Valle Bros. DOUGLAS, ARIZONA BISBEE ALMNTSHOMESUPPLY SHIHHWISI MIHUH EH COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 134 Naco Road Lowell, Ariz. , BURTON DEVERE Brsbee Phone 800 ,,rl, Wm usda Qwx lllbofkllollo SQIIIIIIIDIIIGD PORTRAITS WITH PERSONALITY Records - Musical Instruments , Commercial 81 RADIOS - HOME APPLIANCES Photo Finishing Box 1180 Blsbee Bisbee Arizona VISIT THE arren Dru tore WARREN ARIZONA Wamen GMA aacefuf COMPLETE LINE OF GROCERIES, MEATS, WINES, AND LIQUOR Warren, Arizona AZTEC CLEANERS JUST A LITTLE FINER JUST A LITTLE MORE CAREFUL Phone 410 Lowell, Arizona OIQTEG-AS NEW SHOES 81 REPAIRING "For the best in footwear 8: Shoe Repairingn JOHN ORTEGA LOWELL, ARIZ. Everything For Your Car Truck or Tractor Sprouse Reifz Co., Inc. LOWELL- ' EHHHEI ll SUPPIY EH. P11006 199 Lowell, Ariz. FREE DELIVERY Phone 5-4 MARKET SPGT BETTER FOODS LOWER PRICES 15th Street and G. Ave. ACROSS FROM UNDERPASS Douglas, Arizona rw , TONY LQCKNER . veg ' DRY CLEANING 4 i - Pressinge-Altering-Repairing O Lowell, Ariz. Bisbee Lumber Co. 'Yours for Better Homes' " E 1 Phone 25 S of Lowell Arizona .fawell Ladies' G' Men's' Ready-to-Wear Shoes For The Whole Family AT I-I. J. Waters Department Store Where Price-Service Groceries, Liquors and Meats And h Quality Meet P 1 L ll, A ' . . one 3 owe HZ Phone 791 Lowell, Ariz. Arizona Drug Co. Vernorfs Reaclq 70 Weaa Something for Every Member of the WALGREEN AGENCY Fmily 1 O1-G A 1 Venue Main Street 542 .1Oth Street Phone 22 and Douglas Arizona Lowell, Ariz. Douglas, Ariz. Sales Yard NAN'S SHOPS 515 - 538 - 10th Streets CONGRATULATIONS FOR LADIES APPAREL MRS. CHARLES T. SOMMERS TO THE SENIORS OF q A I 1951 Douglas rizona TEXAS CAFE Specialize in Steaks 8: Southern Fried Dinners MCRAE VENETIAN BLIND CD. MANuFAc'ruRl-:Rs UF nuALl'rY BLINDS A11 home-Cooked FQQQ-15, Pies, and COMPLETE REPAIR SERVICE Cakes P. Cl. BOX 987 LLOYD P.'McRAE BB 'STH STREET Elfrida Arizona DOUGLAS, ARIZDNA NOW IS THE TIME I FOR THAT 'CAP sc GOWN' PICTURE We Specialize in fine 6 Graduation Portraits HOME OF SUNLILIST FOODS TRY Us WONT YOU? Fresh Fruits 8: Vegetables Phone 231 Eiiif cgzfucf' I LO The Finest of Meats at all Times Phone 404 Pefef Offega 532-10th Sr. Phone 66-A Douglas, Aiiz. Douglas Arizona HMIS Hlllllll llll EHERSDNQS SALES SERVICE Real Estate - Insuranc . GAS APPLIANCES Elfrida Arizona Elfrida Arizona CONGVQATULATICDNS CLASS of "5I ll Whefher you are going fo college, fo work, or geffing mar- ried affer graduafion, you will probably be handling your own money. When you do, you will find fhaf a savings or commercial accounf will be useful fo you. A bank nof only provides a safe place for your money, buf if will help you fo acquire fhe habif of fhriff. The repufafion of using money wisely is a valuable assef bofh in business and in your personal affairs. Come in and see us abouf opening an accounf foclay, lllllll lll llllllllll Bllll BANK OF BISBEI-E BISBEE, ARIZONA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION RJINCHERS HARDWARE FARM I AND RANCH APP LIANCES Elfrida Arizona BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF A 1951 Elfrida Arizona P l: E E D Q E CiMSfi4,fiiiiiiiii1:rSiNZOcLTAii claieicalnua Www FERTILIZER INSECTICIDE Elfd A ELFRIDA ARIZONA ASHEN 85 DUNCAN I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS Service Station Dinner Bell A as A - ' l A IR Elfrida Arizona liiil I 4 EPM MR. AND MRS. W. R. TANNER 1 y ,J Elf d A TEXACO TWV if The Annual Slalf, in behaf of The Sludenl bocly of Valley Union High School, wishes lo express ils mosl sincere apprecialion To lhe persons and businesses who have helped lo make This yearbook possible. 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Suggestions in the Valley Union High School - Time Yearbook (Elfrida, AZ) collection:

Valley Union High School - Time Yearbook (Elfrida, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Valley Union High School - Time Yearbook (Elfrida, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 11

1951, pg 11

Valley Union High School - Time Yearbook (Elfrida, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 9

1951, pg 9

Valley Union High School - Time Yearbook (Elfrida, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 57

1951, pg 57

Valley Union High School - Time Yearbook (Elfrida, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 107

1951, pg 107

Valley Union High School - Time Yearbook (Elfrida, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 115

1951, pg 115

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