Valley Stream Central High School - Cadet Yearbook (Valley Stream, NY)

 - Class of 1956

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Valley Stream Central High School - Cadet Yearbook (Valley Stream, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 214 of the 1956 volume:

' -,,.g,,,,, A A. ,4 A .J.--. . A , ,,,.,, ,.,,: ,-f ,-- f.- .. ,,:-1-,hav ,. ,--A. , 1-3 gi -7- - --ffm V- H- --'- f C3 LJYID E 1 C-,E.1,..., EDCI IU y EGU VTEII Y IUVH C3L'l'3 EDU CSCI Q ECI CHEN I JEZII C23 EJ V7 ll.-JCI!-:.l 1 3LIIJE'1 LJ i :J g C3 82 CI g S2 E3 ? C: ,., FQ E I -- hh l D ITL! 2 E3 ,M EI U UCI! E3 I IJ U AL J CID TQQCU CDUC1 , ,, f 'Lil ' 1LJl...l C3 DEB C3 Liilxii C3 EJ L,ni11ui1,n Ejigi' DCD C13 5:3 QTTCQ CDLSJ Cffj CII L. CIC! v-'1 1956 Cl E3 EI Cl '- C11 E lil Q E33 4 U ffjhl CI Ci 13 CII! CICS CICS CII CII , . an , .nf . ma- Q. V ,M5..fmVa! , ,id Twsb-Q: ' 'fvfiim' lf'-,, A . V vs' ' , ' 'HJ ' ,ff - . a V I-yxrtdif 'll . V A , , ,fx s .f I wx 1 V 1, ,K 4 . Nxxg im :A K , . - ' 5 Q Y' 0 ' 1 A O , 1 13.516 5 6 "' .' ' ' , 2 f. 'S . 4 v A' 7 -1 ov f I Qt -- ,fl 91--Q ,f ,W 'qszigf Y '5 4-'. -7. ' .aw ' ' f 3 x'l7.,Q, 4 ' 'ay D :T M .ft .,.. ' i -H fi? 'iff Q -II 'mf 2.-f 1 in . A--."'xi., , ",t .sf ww, 'W Obs: of ' A A,. mx .ffl ,ur ,Y -Uv ,gh N 'o' of . . 1- fi 5' ,.:.-M,-V' , uifljinvh f f49'uf'hn-- " Q A " ,, '-+fHbv,:. 112 Q . ' O V' .,:,- " J I I a ,, J- Ai'-dank ling . A34 1 . 39, --.., W , F 4 !,.A X . ., is 3 A V i -, ,Q vi Y ,N 1 ff V 'H -lggw i ' - .,.'6s- by . gy .' I If t , ' 5'i4m.,, ex ' 4 lr .- Q! -Q , Q -rv 'sl : A"-C ,f7"' r , 44 -o '?',',. .""4 5 ,' .ln-if--. -v .1-W-25 ' gin.-'L ix 0 4'-,Lf . "'-' -4-V , , . -ein G 1 A .v K . - ,V ,A - ,,-1.?,:, , ,A f' ,, ' , 7 ,Zi 'T' L 4 1' ' 2. ifflif- 5- 444- -. 1, ' 'f -Hg, 9 .4,- -, ' 1 4 3. 4 A. :w'- ,, 14" ,w "' W H . .,- -J-: , 4' , :.". -... cz. M' 7' '-"'.ff-'V-"3.:. ' --nf k- ua -"Qu -z. 4 g - . - . 'AL -4 'fs-f ,"'w,..f--a',g'.---" 2"'1'f' ar J -' , . ' 1 -4. - ' '- ' " --1 ... 0 - -Ny.-, max- - - Q 4. -,:- -sf -..- ff.-4... - ,141-. ,- 'f eb .1 idx.: A' t 'HQ' 1 8 - Q, M il- 4 .., 'my J, 4 uY9l,,,,.f1v s.4-'-Q.-.0 " .1--v ' -Qs I -47 ', .., ,., 4 M' "'-,A 'WS .. 1".""x:' .N V- - 1 1 0: 5,34-a'JE'Q' :rua-Ak Jaffe? 1 'Q' Y f . f, -Q -. ' 'V 3' ' .' f-'- 'J nf- ' V-,' , U, - -.1-:vers --fe? an .--f1g.fs!-z..i'.?" ,.f.-,k...f,,'.,.. - ef., -Q- --- 1--.. 6 ln' 'A .-'Nu' ..-"'-,.f-- n- -- 4' '3 Q -'--. in - ..' x J' . f f- , 1 " .- , A --' +""",,f- , J " - f --qt' 'fy of 9 1,4 "' . 4 . : gk ,NL ,.-,---11-1,-.,,.-3. f-'Kei' 3, V ans.. :gi-.x ,-.A -f own- A 3, . -0 ',.v. . - " ,L - - ,, 2-Lg---Q., 53,3-'G-wr , Vv:'3f'P.. --1 - 4,11 . s ' "4-4J"o " 4-' Q'Q -F "'f'4-... ,,- ""' -Q' 4 '- F12 ' -- -' :"'."',,f- 4" 'sf 1' ., 1' . .W .g " ,A nab' - -f ' ' " - W f pf 2""n f bmi' ' fy' 'Q 5 't3- ""' 3' "'.r- digg' ' " "", i 'f ""' gf 1 " ' L'-:,""' Q' ' 3'-'IQ' 1 ' 'Q-.,f 4-' Y. , --,,.' -R' .--,,, . 5 ,J4 ,,Q,,f.x Q m " Z' ' -gp., ' 1 V33- .,,.,,,,- Q., Mgt? Q. e!,L-vap i y 'ids tvqzud.. U 1-5' .-I, a -'- 'Q -440 -vs J.. 'U 4-suv? 'I f :,,.pl.71"i,' - f. A - ls - R " A vnu!-1' 'mn A-lf , -V Q-4 'b' xv , A n 1' ,, , ! I sv' ? - S ' ' 1' .--in -', 1' 1 " - A' ei., 22 .l INFOQMATION HIHI' VC ORD 1 rwe 1 1l1.1r .1ct1r1-tms 11f lls NCI11111 are 11111111-t 111111111 1l Mlll ll111-1 11 1 dI'4'l 1l1p'1rl111111t -I 1 Il 10th, the bustle lllfl LOIIFU 11111, 1111 11-.1111 11 1111111 S 1111-al 1 Ill 11 N 111-1 1111 ' r11 llrrlllll 1r Ill 11.1 11r1 1 1 111111 11r1 Closdw relatul N N lf sl 1 .115 1 11 1111 r111u11 11 111 11 Ill pr1t.1t1o11 of that 1115111115 lIIllldl'llX 111111311 111tu11llw 11111- 1111-t 1111111111 our -cl11111l 11111 our 11111115111 1r1 1lep.1rl1111 Ill atom COMPLAINTS O Q Th ' ave- 1,3 stu1l1'11t lllilf' 11111 r1"1liz1- it. but II11' ' ' - ' lf: '11 ' i ' 1 '11 "I f 1 I1 F- - . - ,'11r-. I I 1 1 s' 1 Nb- fl, I: r111"' V , the 1l11'1li11g1 ill l111'g1- 1111 l'r.'. ll tl' LS ox! 1 ' " 1 ' 'I '. 11111l II11- 111111111111 111' 1 lllllilliilfil- It iq with tl11'.'1- lllllllrlllrl ill 11111111 tl111t wc., H11- Q 1fT 111," lg 1f 11111 lflff lf l'!, int I fr t " ll ur ' lcr- ? 1 l I 3 . S. . 1 l ' ' I I u I ' it' ,Z ?jjii1 m m1ElHk!k1Ll NAME aan ME W QTENNS We xii? gvywwyzd Z Qeolwalidw ,!w0'Ux40z20-,U gM ffiim WWW gazwdiw WWw 139 ff M1955 ' -lix X ip! 8 .. .wv.. . . . . 1. .. .., . , 1 5 6 , . . .,, , ,. , ., A.. , , ,, V N 5 , , , .., . 3 'f 1 U , ... ., 'l' ,'v , 4,, , , . .. , . 81 v 9 A1 Q . - . .. .,.. . , .,. . 1 O 3 .. .... ...,.. . ., .....'..-. U '.""' I I3 ...1 qb.A ..,,.,,. . ,. M , ... HC? LL ff 'T jf Il ' 0 K N 0 W Clnf' gf f Sg W 4 Xi 1 ff f v X ff M K, 1 lk ff A "'-fJ'mT' 'X51 '9PXX - in I in Lf SIIPIING I" ll A ' ' I, If ll li If XXX X i N5 A g f A I Qi A A f W ,f K Q px ix X 3 XF XX I N X J N fx X is 9 A J X K X I in rf f, xl K X -'I :I I z lx v l I 3 A fm kmwk Sl'Nl0ll I LASS 0l'l'll FRS Servmg as top man m the SCIIIOI' class tlns year was Ira Could, a compara tnve newcomer to Central AlfllHf., lra as veep waa John NHFCISO, who has held tlns Joh for two we urs Abls attenelmff to all bllSlIl9SS matters were William In ffoglla and Ca1lL0nffe necker Ill the capacltleb of treasurer and secretarw fl ANITA L ABELLIJ 11 Beverly Pkwy Valley Stream Leaders Club JV and Varslty Cheer leader Gateway HIY Crrer News Staff Cadet Advertrslng Staff Sensor Councrl Representatlve Dramatic Club Skut and Trckets The Red Key Arsenic and Old Lace Trral by Mnonlrght Pub llclty Tlme Uut for Gmger lumor Prom Publlcrty and Decorations Junror Broom Commlttee G0 Commlttee Hockey Honor Team Volleyball Bas ketball Archery Softball Library Club Chemistry Club Candy Stand Pro gram Chalrman Football Dance Dec oratlon Committee Football Dance Ca et Literary Staff Senior Hats Commlttee CAROLANN M ALBRECHT Carol Hockey Volleyball Basketball Roller Skatlng Softball Servuce Club sf s nov I2 PIIILIPI ABIAMS oc 1635 Sherbourne Rd Valley Stream Basketball Club ROBERTA 1 ALLEN Bert: 123 Lutz Dr Valley Stream Hockey Volleyball Basketball Soft bal lumor and Sensor Council ub lcrty The Red Key Trral by M lrght Junior Nut Commlttee Cadet Art Stall Sensor One Act Play Pub y Senlor Play Pub rcrt lumor Flower Commlttee Senlor Dlnner Com mrttee ln... ANTIIUNV ADAMO Tony 66 Lamberson St Valley Stream Club Basketball Sophomore Sklt The Red Key Publucuty Arsemc and Uld Lace Cast Sophomore Councll Jun lor Council Dramatic Club Adoption ot a Famlly Chairman .lumor One Act Play Sklt Prom Publlcrty Chaurman LURETTA AMBRDSIO 111 Walker St Valley Stream ALAN L AINBINIJER I4 Elderberry La Valley Stream Basketball Club MARGARET E AMODEU Margle 84 Cumberland St Valley Stream Cadet Lrlerary Stall Crrer Feature Staff Junlor Councll Hockey Roller Skating Basketball Softball Dramatlc Club Publlclty and Make up Publlcrty Red Key Trme Out for Ginger Chem tee Debate Club lumor Prom Tucket Commnttee H. I HM.. , l UD rr I ' I: ' ' 3 U . d , ' Q V L : z - 'r ' I? 5 P ' r : ' . I . r ' con- , ' I , - " " nm: , 1' yy I ' I - - ' , I 35 Gafden AVE-r Vauey Sneam Button Commltteeg Prom, Decoratlon, ustry Clubg Senior Magazine Commit- '-,wx DONALD A ANDERLE on Valley Stream .lumor Varslty Rlfle Varsuty Rlfle Bas ketball Rho Delta Slgma Hr Y Dance Band Concert Band Marchlng Band Orchestra Tenms Club Chemlstr Club Physics Club Rifle Club 16 Morrls Pkwy 36 St Johns Ave Valley Stream Leaders Club Leaders Club Councll Basketball Honor Team Volleyball Honor Team Softball Honor Team Hockey Honor Team Cadet Advertas Ing and Typlng Hockey Banquet Invl tatlons and Hostess Candy Stand Trlal by Moonllght Art and Mlscellaneous Commlttees Skt Arsenic and Old Lace Skrt and Publlclty The Red Key Skit and Mlscellaneous Gateway Hu Y Jurllor Prom Flower and Decoratlng Commuttee Semor Hat Commlttee Basketball Buttons Charrman Leaders Club Dance lnvrtatrons lumor Nut Salesman Semor Magazine Committee Sock Hop Decorations Sophomore lunlor and Semor Councll Represent atlve ERIO G ANDERSON Andy 143 Casper St Valley Stream JOSEPH A AQUAVIVA Aqua 116 Carroll Ave Valley Stream Freshman Baseball IV Baseball Bas ke all Club 1 2 3 lunlor krt 'S iv' 1 IUDITN C ANDERSON Judy 81 Woodlawn Ave Valley Stream Cner Advertrsmg Archery Basketball Table Tenms ANN T ARMSTRONG Annle 44 Teneyck Ave Valley Stream Crier Feature Start Advertrsmg Staff Cadet Typrng Stall Curculatron Staff Hn Y Frlendshrp Vnce President Roller Skating Archery Tennls ROBERT A ANDERSON o 96 Cooludge St Malverne National Honor Soclety Varsuty Foot suty enms V Foo lstryCIub Cadet Arsemc and Old Lace Slut Astra DOLORES AREVALO 63 E lamanca Ave Valley Stream I3 's . no n 2 kryk 5 ' K : ' : ' Y I -V 'h A . "B b' ballg Var T g VJ. , tball Track: Math Clubg German Clubg Chem MADELEINE ANGRISANO "Mady" - A , - , V V I 1 . ' tb , , ,' ' S 'I ' , Ig V . . A A , O lx NAN I BARON 35 E Valley Stream Blvd Valley Str Natsonal Honor Socsety Crser Man agsng Edstor Feature News Advertss sng Astra French Club Treasurer Cadet Feature Advertsssng Dramatsc Club Make up Basketball Marchsng Band Concert Band Chorus Harmony HsY Lsbrary Club lunsor Prom Deco ratsons My Three Angels Tsckets The Red Key Tsckets lunsor Broom Sales IANICE M BENSLEV an Hockey Volleyball Red Key Publscsty Bowlsng Gateway HsV Sophomore Councsl Arsensc and Old Lace Pub sc ty Archery Basketball Sensor Hats Commsttee Sensor Play Pub lscsty 14 '47 ARLENE F BARTNELIJ 5 Bsttersweet La Valley Stream Crser Advertsssng Staff Commercsal Art Club Cadet Art Staff Dramatsc Club Table Tennss 142 Elmwood St Valley Stream Opera Gusld Commercsal Art Club Vsce Pressdent HsY Frsendshsp Pres sdent French Club French Honor So csety Archery Cadet Art Staff Bowl sng Table Tennss Natsonal Honor Socsety Astra CHARLOTTE BAUM 14 W Msneola Ave Valley Stream Dramatsc Club Tscket Commsttee Bas ketball Volleyball Softball Roller Skatsng Cadet Typsng and Csrcula tson Staffs Arsensc and Old Lace Pub lscsty lunsor Nut and Button Sales man One Act Play Contest Tsckets HsY Gateway Table Tennss Sensor Candy Stand Sensor Play Publscsty MICHAEL A BERTINO Mske 43 Sobro Ave Valley Stream Wrestlsng Adopt a Famsly Commsttee Commercsal Art Club 1 2 3 Sen Councsl Dramatsc Club Tsme Out for Gsnger Publscsty Props Stage Crew Tsckets Harvey Stage Crew Cadet Csrculatson Staff Head Broom Sales man Chemsstry Club Prom Decora tson Commsttee Sophomore Pencsl Salesman The Mad Woman ol Clsasllut Publsfsty Props Stage Crew Tlckets Sensor Day Commsttee JANET E BELT! 734 Wyngate Dr W Elmont Spanssh Honor Socsety Dramatsc Club Archery Lsbrary Club Chorus Pub lscsty Trsal by Moonlsght Gateway HsY IRIS LINDA BIENENFELD Beany 750 Craft Ave Franklsn Square Bow sng Tennss Crser Csrculatson Dramatsc Club Softball Roller Skat sng Lsbrary Club 'GQ D , ad ni V V Y ' 3 , , , sol cssszssrsns svs. amass: "Chrss" - V? V P, I ' nj H fs ' s s 1 s Viz: s :"' sis : 2 V I' 'nl 'F " 5 PCK IOAN G BLAIR 173 Martens Ave Valley Stream Cadet Advertlslng Committee Cadet Typmg Commlttee Sensor Play Pub llclty Commlttee Sensor Play Tlcket Commlttee Arsenlc and Old Lace Publlclty and Tlckets Red Key Pub llclty Tnal hy Moonlight Publlclty Semor One Act Play Contest Publlclty Holiday Hotel Tlckets Prom Flower Commlttee Rlfle Club Hockey Arch ery Bowling Club Basketball Soft ball Volleyball lunlor Buttons BRENDA ELLEN BLOCK 109 N Terrace Pl Valley Stream Basketball Hockey Bowllng Skatlng Tenms Horseback Rldlng Library Club Publlcuty Mad Woman of Chanl BARBARA A BLANKSHIHE Bobble 41 Mary St Valley Stream Bowllng Club Bowling League lnter class Bowling Tournament National Bowllng Tournament Softball Arch ery Tenms Roller Skating Basket ball Table Tenms Audlovlsual De partment 6Secretaryg HEDY LOU BLUM Hedy 187 Westmlnster Ave Lynbrook Spanlsh Natlonal Honor Soclety Crler Aclvertlslng Staff Feature News Cadet Literary Staff Clrculatlon Staff Chorus H1Y Harmony Llbrary Club Girls Choral Ensemble Dramatic Club Tertullanos Spanish Club Bowling Club Hockey Basketball Softball 'JZ' 'V KENNETH BLENDERMANN Kenny 112 E Euclld St Valley Stream Bowling Club Rlfle Club JV Bowlunff Varslty Bowling Basketball Club Rho Delta Slgma Hn Y CAROL D BODEN 107 Woodlawn Ave Valley Stream Basketball Dramatlc Club Publlclty Servlce Club Cruer Advertlslng Table Tenms The Red Key Publlclty Hola day Hotel Publlclty 'Q VICTOR I BLIDEN L 55 Foster Ave Malverne Bowllng Club Presldent Bowllng JV Bowllng Varsnty Beta Theta Nu HI Y Physlcs Club Chemlstry Club German Club Rllle Basketball Club BARBARA A BOVCE Babs 46 Motley St Malverne Honor Usher Leaders Club Treasurer Math Club HIY Gateway Treasurer Ca et Advertlslng Dramatr Club Publlclty Basketball Archery Honor Team League Bowlmg Hockey Honor Team The Red Key Publlclty Arsenrc and Old Lace Publlclty Bo Img Ban ouet Commlttee Hockey Banquet Com leee Leaders Club Dance ro grams CoChalrman National Honor Soclety 15 , . , y P I uvigv Honor Usher: l.V. Football: Track. lvl . N U li . , Q , 2 A V ' ' 2 ' ' 1 ' : : ' , : mt g ' , P . 'Mu ? G A: , I H A . , . . GL: ' V fy h 1 E l PETER I BRECIIER Pete 72 Lamberson St Valley Stream Chemlstry Club Club Basketball JULIA M BRUNO Julle 130 Cochran Pl Valley Stream Softball Red Key Publlclty Bowllng Arsennc and Old Lace Publlclty and Sk: 16 MARTIN I BREHENEV 287 W Merrick Rd Valley Stream Camera Club Chemistry Club RALPH T BRUNO Class President 1 2 Vlce Chalrman Student Council 1 Football Varslty 1 2 3 Varsuty Basketball 1 MARILYN F BREINER Snooky 101 Bucknell Rd Valley Stream Leaders Club HIY Gateway Corre sponding Secretary Cadet Advertls Ing Hockey Honor Team Volleyball Honor Team Softball Honor Team League Bowlung Secretary Basket ball Hockey Banquet Commlttee Red Key Miscellaneous Leaders Club Dance Program and Decoration Com mlttees Chalrman of Tlcket Commlt tee Bowllng Banquet Programs Sen nor Day Commlttee 20 Rose Ave Valley Stream Cadet Typing Staff Frlendshlp HIY Chaplain Basketball KENNETH BRETZ Kenny 47 Bell St Valley Strea Rlfle One Act Play Contest Publlclty Sensor Play Stage Frew RICHARD M CAGGIANO Duck 18 Henry St Valley Stream Senior Councll Cadet Clrculatlon JV Soccer Chemistry Club Physics Club lnterclass Track lnterclass Bas ketball JV Wrestlung Varslty Soccer 'Qr I A ., m Leademf Club! Hockey -IAN Team, 130 Cocnran PI., Valley Stream LDRRAINE M. BUSACCA "Lorrie" ' ' 5 V ' ' 3 't , , 1 ' . l 2 ? - - I ? V View ' GRACE M CALKIN Gray 96 Cedar St Valley Stream Softball Volleyball Bowling CHARLES CARROLL GERARDJ CANCELLARE Jerry 137 Camdrke St Valley Stream Softball Basketball Club R CHARD F CASTA Rlchue 47 Garfleld Ave Valley Stream JV Football Captaln Varsrty Wres tllng JV Baseball Varsrty Football 1 BERNADETTE R CANTALUPO 497 Rockaway Ave Valley Stream Varslty Cheerleadlng JV Cheerlea Ing Co Captain Junlor Prom Program Committee CoChalrman Cadet Llt erary Staff Crler News Staff Base ball Basketball League Bowlmg Archery Manager Sophomore One Act Play The Red Key Publlclty Mlscel laneous Chairman Arsenic and Old Lace Publlclty Junlor One Act Play Trral by Moonllght Publlclty Sopho more and lunlor Representatlve Sen lor Councll Gateway Hr Y Sensor Play The Madwnman of Cllalllut Publlclty Senxor Hat Commlttee JAMES CAVANAUGH m 50 Spruce La Valley Stream Cadet Sports Co Edltor Candy Stand Manager Red Key PUUIICIIV and Mls cellaneous JV Wrestllng JV Foot ball Cross Country Varslty Wrestllng Chemlstry Club Basketball Club Tnal MARY ANN CAPPISILLU Mar 96 Elm St Valley Stream Softball Volleyball Basketball Bowl mg lunlor OneAct Play Publlclty Trial by Moonllgllt Mlscellaneous Roller Skating ELEANOR E CERNV 1013 Falrway Rd Franklln Square Softball Hockey Basketball Tum 17 ' ' g , . d- an .. I . " ' ' " ' . - G' ' ' , 138 N. COYUHB Ave-. Valley Sifeam Track: Arsenic and Old Lace, Skit by Moonlight, Publicity blingg'Tennisg Skating: Bowling ' I , , ' KAREN E CESTARI 128 Saddle Rock Rd Valley Stream Spanish Club Bowlmg Rudrng Volley ball Softball Servlce Club CAROL A CIROLLA 44 W Maple St Valley Stream Roller Skatlng Hockey ltallan Club I8 LUUISE CNIUSANO 70 Elm St Valley Stream Bowlung Roller Skating ltallan Club Tennls Crler Clrculatlon Staff LINDA I CLARK Lynn Honor Chorus Opera Guuld Represent atlve Vlce Presldent Presldent Noll day Hotel Service Club Llbrary Club Chorus Orchestra Marching Band Honor Soclety French Honor Soclety Tempo Astra Math Club Cner Ad vertlslng Editor Girls Ensemble ALAN E CHRISTIE 113 Putney Rd Valley Stream Varslty Track Club Basketball lv Track Roller Skating Audlovlsual Ards ROBERT 1 CLONEY o 22 Shnne Pl Valley Stream Freshman Football Rufle Club Team Basketball Club Roller Skatmg 'po- mm ANNE I CHRISTMANN 154 Horton Ave Valley Stream Softball Bowling Volleyball Basket ball Red Key Publlclty Mlscellane ou Skit Holiday Hotel Posters Props PUbllClLy Dramatlcs Club Ar senlc and Old Lace Publlclty Sklt Mlscellaneous Junuor Prom Decora tions Trial by Moonlight Skit Mlscel laneous PTA Carnlval Booth My Three Angels Danclng Club WALTER 1 CLOUGH 15 N Cottage St Valley Stream 'L -an R M 'w,fv,,, g , S G ..AI,, S, pu b A A , U L 109 E, Beverly Pkwy., Valley Stream - 9 I P V ' HB bn RITA C COLARULLO Reet B3 Cedar St Valley Stream The Red Key Msscellaneous Commlt tee Head Slut Archery Flrst Team Roller Skatlng Arsenic and Old Lace S lu lor Broom Button and ut Salesman Jumor Booth PTA Carnl val Chalrman Trial by Moonlrght Mus cellaneous Committee Head Jumor Honor Team Volleyball Flrst Team Basketball SemorCouncll Represent atlve Cadet Sports Edltor Itallan Club Decoration Committee for Senlor Dance EARLE CUUCH 71 E Argyle St Valley Stream Rle RPM S 7'-. 3 WILLIAM CONNELLY 55 Elgm Rd Valley Stream MORTDN F COWEN Mort 12 Webster St Malverne Marchrng Band Commerclal Art Club 21 Foster Ave Valley Stream Hockey Roller Skatlng Chemlstry Cub WILLIAM ll COX 73 Roosevelt Ave Valley Stream Baseball Soccer nu-ua 1 . 1- mf' . 1 5:'::.:!r T: .ge fr F'-ra. "M ' Jn DDLURES E CIJRNWELL 90 E Lincoln Ave Valley Stream Bowling Library Club French Club Chemlstry Club ROBERT T CROKE Oakue 14 S Brush Dr Valley Stream JV Cross Country JV Basketball JV Baseball Beta Theta Nu H1 Y Bas ketball Junlor Councll Varslty Cross Country Baseball 19 ix," , lutg n I , , N . 'L V Prom, Decorating Committeeg Archery JANET M. CONWAY ' : . : ' I I ' V . J- " . --alll" ff . l ' ' , . f l I , . . .' . ' g ' 5 rg ' 4.5 , STEPHEN J CULLEN Steve 54 Verona PI Valley Stream Ba ketball lunlor Red Cross Repre sentatlve Sophomore Councll Repre sentatlve Basketball lunlor Councll Golf Squad Cross Country Cadet Ad ver :sung Club Basketball Varsrty Softball 44 Lynwood Dr Valley Stream rrllng Glrl ln Whlte Chorus on day Hotel Dancer Crrer Feature Staff Fashron Llbrary Club Dramatlc C ub Mak up and Clrculatlon Tenms 0 leyball Archery Rldlng Skating 20 RICHARD M DABBERDT 141 Beach St Valley Stream arslty Sotcer ase a Soccer Physlcs Club Baseball DOROTHY A DAUENHEIMER Dottle 55 Keller Sl Valley Stream Twlrllng Corps Arsenlc and Dld Lace Tlckets Hollday Hotel rlckets Bas ketball League Bowllng Softball Volleyball Hockey vm? ARLEEN DAHLQUISY 748 Home St llmont Ch rux D imillc L D H le Skatrrr EDWARD G DAUENHEIMER 55 Keller St Valley Stream National Honor Soclety Honor Usher Math Club Chemlstry Club Physlcs Spanlsh Club lunlor Play kl JV Basketball JV Soccer PMILDMENA A DALLESANDRO Fran 10 Wlndlrmcrl. Rd Franklr1Squsrz Skatlng Bowllng lennls lable Tchnls ROBERT H DAUGHERTV Ill o 207 Rockaway Pkwy Valley Stream Band Student Dlrector Orchestra Press Club Dance Band Club Basket ball Chorus Beta Theta Nu Hl Y Sec retary Chemlstry Club Tempo T ,fl ' r ,, -1 111 3 1' , ' l f . - , 4 f 58 I f ,4 ,. gas A - sank f 5 T o ,, rl a llu ul -r C . lr . Hon" A V " g JV B b ll, lV Y A : ' V 1 V SANDRA L. D'lTTlLl0 'SaI'ldl" , . " " . 'EGM . "B D' TW . Q 3 H I" ' -1 I' ' l -, ' : I . 5 ' , 3 - . 3 I l ' 9- 9 z V I' : : : Clubg 5 S t, : Q ' . ' l Y , ' J' nf' . fl Y ,rf K 'Ap J C' KY .zgcj WESLEV G DAVIS Wes 64 Webster St Malverne Sports Edltor of the Crier Varslty and JV Soccer Math Club Chemlstry Club Band Chorus German Club Servlce Club Bowllng Club Basketball Club Rho Delta Slgma Hl Y The Red Key Sklt Publlclty Arsemc and Old Lae Sklt and Publlclty Trral by Moonllght Sklt and Publlclty Cadet Clrculatlon Staff Natlonal Honor So clety EILEEN F DOLAN ee BENITA DeDOMENlCIJ ea 120 Llberty Blvd Valley Stream Sophomore Councll Junlor Councll Senlor Councll Hockey Volleyball Basketball Softball Archery Red Key Publlclty Mlscellaneous Co Chalrman Sklt Commlttee Hockey Banquet Com mlttee Arsemc and Old Lace Tlckets Publlclty Sklt Commlttee Nuts Com mlttee Uunlorl Broom Commlttee Button Commlttee Co Chalrman One Act Play Commlttee Trlal by Muon Ilght Tlckets Publlclty Sklt Commlt tee PTA Carmval Booth Commlttee JUDIOT Prom Buds Decoratlon and Se lectlon Commlttees Magazlne Commlt tee Senlor Day Committee Sensor Play Publlclty and Tlcket Commlttees One Act Play Tlckets Publlclty Sen lor Hats Candy Stand 16 Foster Ave Valley Stream ROGER ll DOUN Rodg Advertlslng Staff of Crier Clrculatlon 25 shefldan St Vallelf St'-'fam Staff of Cner, Debate Club CoCl1alr Track Wrestling Basketball Club man Chemistry Club RONALD C DIERLAM Ronnle 119 Canterbury Gate Lynbrook lV Football Rho Delta Slgma HlY Vlce Presldent Track Club Basketball Baseball Soccer ANTHONY N DORIA Cannonball 42 W Llncoln Ave Valley Stream lv Football Varslty Football 2 3 Bowllng Club Softball Player Man ager Horseback Rldlng Roller Skat mg Tennls CIVII Arr Patrol Ground Observer Corps Dramatlc Club Cadet CIVCUIBTIOD Staff Spanlsh Club Scl ence Club Audlo Vlsual Club Basket ball Club Swlmmlng Club Cltlzen Ed ucatlon Club Track Spanish Certlfl cae SUZANNE DIETZ ue 40 Lynwood Dr Valley Stream Marchlng Band Chorus Down ln the Valley Orchestra Tempo Basketball Volleyball Softball Bowllng Club Manager Trual by Moonlrght Publlclty TlCkEfS Harmony Hl Y Vlce Presldent Chaplaln 55 One Act Play Talent Con test Crler Feature and Clrculatlon Staffs Cadet Clrculatlon Staff The Madwoman of Challlot Publlclty and Tlcket Commlttees Glrls Ensemble CECILE DDRNBUSH es 52 Coolldge St Malverne Red Key Publlclty Tlckels Costume Chalrman Arsemc and Old Lace Pub llclty Tlckets Property Chalrman Trlal by Moonlight TICKEIS Publlclty Junlor Prom Decoratlons Junlor Nuts Sophomore Penclls and Pens Volley ball Basketball Hockey Softball Dra matlc Club ltallan Club 21 BARBARA IUYCE DUKE Duckle 52 Woods Ave Malverne Cadet Clrculatlon Crler News Staff Camera Club Secretary Llbrary Club Club Bowllng Manager Dramatlc GARY 'mum' Club Frlendshlp HlY Archery Tennls 241 N Central Ave Valley Stream all JV Footbal Var ball 2 Va slty Football 2 3 Club Basketball PATRICIA 0 EBNER Ebble 101 N Montgomery St Valley Stream lunlor Councll Hockey Volleyball Bas etball Softball The Red ey Publlclty Arsenic and Old Lace Pub Ilclty Trlal by Monlrght Publrcly Junlor Nut and Broom Commlttees Magazlne Sales Cornmlttee Prom Flower Commlttee Sophomore Pencll Commlttee Dramatlc Club Softball Table Tennls HAROLD DUNPIIY 135 E Dover St Valley Stream Tennls Bowllng League WILLIAM B EMORV 734 Wyngate Drlve E Elmont Varslty Basketball Varslty Track Na RDSEMARIE EBERLE 378 Hendrickson Ave Valley Stream Tennrs Archery Club Bowllng League Bowllng Softball German Club Roller Skatlng lnterclass Bowllng Tourna ment Natlonal Bowllng Tournament DONALD H EPAND on tlonal Honor Soclety lv Basketball 1605 Southern D' Vauey Slfm MICHAELL ELKIN Math Club Chemlstry Club Honor Sclence Club Physlcs Club Radlo 56 Wellsboro Rd Valley Stream Usher Club Chemistry CWD R'f'9 Club 22 RUTH EPPING 124 Elm St Valley Stream National Honor Soclety Hr Hopes Hl Y Cadet Llterary Staff Crler Feature Staff Llbrary Club Chorus German u V0 eyball Archery Tennrs Bowllng Astra IAMES R FARRELL 269 E Argyle St Valley Stream Varslty Football Varsity Wrestling Varslty Track Sophomore Council Junlor Councll Senlor Councll Dra matlc Club HIV Beta Theta Nu Rho Delta Slgma The Red Key Publlclty Tnal by Moonllght Publlcrty Arsenlc and 0Id Lace CHARLIE ERRERA Chnppy 113 Beverly Pkwy Valley Stream Varslty Cross Country JV Basketball JV Track Varslty Track RAYMOND E FEDYNAK a 84 Prrnceton St Valley Stream Varslty Football Varslty Wrestllng Varsity Softball Commerclal Art Club Presldent Cadet Art Co Edltor Trlal by Mounllght Sklt and Publlclty Red Key Publrclty The Madwoman of Challlot Publlclty LESTER A ETTLINSER es 121 Bucknell Rd Valley Stream h Clb JV Soccer Chemus Club Spanlsh Club Camera Club CHARLES F FENWICK Charlle 93 Falrfueld St Valley Stream arslty Softball Ca aln Varslty rck Soc r Spanlsh lu Baseball lnterclass Track lnterclass Basketball Club Basketball he RIIIIIARIJ FARBER 43 Ivanhoe Pl Valley Stream Hot Rod Club R P M S .IDIIN R FERRARA 39 Motley St Valey Stream Cross Country Softball Football Physlcs Club Chemistry Club ia MARK S FINGERET Steve 184 Dogwood Rd Valley Stream Varslty Football Varslty Wrestling slty T ack ta eta Nu Treasurer Dramatlc Club Arsenlc and Old Lace One Act Play Publlcuty Com m ee 1 Ju Pub lclty Physlcs Club Chemlstry Club German Club CARULYN P FODERS 2 Gaddls PI Malverne ISABEL J FINLEV June 131 Mldwood St Valley Stream Basketball Volleyball Hockey Cadet Llterary Stall Chorus Friendship H1 Y Spanlsh Cub Library Club Chemlstry Club Red Key Nllscellaneous and Sklt Vol GEORGE L FOERSTER leyball Chorus 115 S Dr Valley Stream 24 ALICE FLUTTERON Bubbles 205 Lyon St Valley Stream PATRICIA A FDLEV Patti 189 Buscher Ave Valley Stream Twlrllng Leaders Club HlHopes HIY Hockey Softball Volleyball Basket b .lunlor Council Senior Councll lumor Prom Decorations Dramatic u Cadet Typlng Sensor Dlnner Commlttee lunlor One Act Play Con test Publlcuty Hockey Banquet Chalr man Programs Leaders Club Dance Decoratlons Roller Skatlng Arsenic and Dld Lace Publlclty The Red Key Publlclty LAWRENCE FLYNN 120 Cedar St Valley Stream ROBERT FRANCAVIGLIA 540 Park La N Franklln Square Wrestllng Q C I ' . V V1 '1-.ex Var r g Be Th Hl-Yi President, Central Youth Courlcll. :tt , 21 mor l l ' Sklt, ally 1 : CI D: . A : ' swf' 'I MABEL C FRANCIS May 158 Clearstream Ave Valley Stream Hockey Class Team Softball Chess Team Frrendshlp HI Y Representative Volleyball Basketball VVONNE GABBAY 67 Canterbury Gate Lynbrook A ra Cadet Llterary Crrculatlon Staffs French Honor Society Pres: dent Crrer News Feature Saffs Natlonal Honor Society French Club President Chemlstry Club Spanush Club Dramatlc Club Tucket Commit tee Llbrary Club Math Club Broom Commlttee Archery Basketball Bowl :ng Hockey Table Tennrs Volleyball NANCY JANE FREEMAN Nance 16 Prlmrose La Valley Stream Leaders Club JV Cheerleader Var slty Cheerleader Honor Usher First Ac :ng Group Publlcrty Chalrman One Act Play Sophomore Councll lun lor Councll Gateway HIV Hoc ey V eyball Basketball Tennrs oft ball Dramatrc Club Charrman Lead ers Club Dance Chalrman Football Program Sensor Day Comrmttee Yrral by Moonlrght Yrme Out for Grnger Arsenic and Old Lace LUCILLE FRIEDMAN Luc: 16 Cameron La Valley Stream Hockey Chemlstry Club Booster Club Softball Basketball Roller Skatlng Cadet Typlng ROBERT A GALLO u DEL M GADDV 56 Unlon St Valley Stream Box 8 Valley Stream wlng Club Tennls Aur Vus Basketball AldS IRIS L FUGALLI 85 Charlng Cross Lynbrook Chorus Dramatrc Club Tmknts Bowl :ng Softball FRANKLIN V GEARHART 103 E St Marks Pl Valley Stream Photography Audro Vrsual Ards C A P 25 as t 3 2 Z , .. H ' il Y I lk ., on Q 1 Q s - 'H A L l V ly L ' 4 V Y l D HI, st 3 , . :V ' . . l Y ? Q - I V Q 4, . '-1 g" 5' 5 gg Vg - f Bo l'g 1 do- ual v - -1 I .V , 1 .l ,xr 2 X GLORIA MARIDN GERDSEN Glow 105 Elmwood St Valley Stream Bowllng Softball Basketball Volley ball Hockey Flrst Gym Award Bowl :ng Awards WILLIAM I GDDFREV a 28 Loulse Pl Valley Stream .lunlor One Act Play Commlttee lunlor Councll Club Basketball lunlor Play Selectlon Committee 28 VU f GEORGE P GICK Moose 20 Slabey Ave Malverne Cadet Advertlslng Staff Sensor Coun cll Representatlve JV Basketball Varslty Track Varslty Tennls Inter class Basketball Chorus Boys Cho rus Crner Subscrlptlons FRED I GDEPFERT Freddle 22 Washlngton St Valley Stream Natlonal Honor Socrety IV and Var slty Wrestllng IV and Varslty Soccer Varslty Softball Junlor Councul Senlor Councll Honor Usher The Red Key Publlclty ARTHUR A GILLESPIE IE 26 Nostrand Ave Valley Stream Football Spanlsh Club Camera Clu RULF D GUERKE 11 ledwood Pl Valley Stream Band Track Soccer German Club Rho Delta Slgma Hl Y Presldent Math Club Physlcs Interscholastlc South Shore Soccer Astra 3 PATRICIA E GDDFREY a 230 E Mlneola Ave Valley Stream Natlonal Honor Society Crler Edltor In Chlef News Feature and Advertls Ing Staffs Senlor Councll Cadet Clr culatlon Orchestra Concertmlstress Tempo Chorus Marchlng Band D bate Club Chalrman Honor Usher French Club Vlce Presldent Servlce Club Dramatlc Club Make up Llbrary Club Iunlor Prom Decoratlons My Three Angels Tlckets Junlor Brooms Harmony Hu Y Astra MARK GDLDBERG 118 N Central Ave Valley Stream slty Tennls 1 2 3 Club Ten A . HP 1" sa: 5 A A 2' A My A - V r . ' QQ I HAHA .. ' V 2 ' Q V . " 5 y V ' 5 e- ip? I 1 'J ' A - -l ' A Q Trial ny Moonlight, skin Opera Club: . -AN 1" V v , I A , ., , 3 V 5 V 5 V , Q 3 V V Var , , , : nls . . . . 2 1' 2' 3 me S 1. Q I 4 4 sg f t ' IRA L GULDMAN 1150 Dutch Broadway Valley Stream LILLIAN 8 GDUTH 145 Dean St Valley Stream Bowling Tenms Frlendsblp HIY e resentatnve Cadet Cnrculatuon il ARNOLD V GOLDSTEIN Arnne 370 Cornwell Ave Malverne Varslty Softball Varslty Soccer JV occer R fle C ub Physlcs u Chemistry Club PATRICIA E GORDON Waxle 150 Ann St Valley Stream ketball Class Team Bowlvng Pres: dent of League Natlonal Tournaments Softball Class Team Arsenic and Old Lace Miscellaneous Commottee Tuck ets Latln Club BARRY GDLDSTEIN 83 Canterbury Gate Valley Stream Club Tennis 1 2 Chess IRA A GOULD 951 Fenwood Dr Valley Stream Sensor Class Preszdent American Le ln mplre Boys S te 0 Sensor Councll Cadet Llterary Staff Crier Edltorlal Staff Sensor Day Com matlc Club lunlor Varslty Wrestllng fl Mo n ugh! I lunlor Brooms Chalrman Arsenic and Old Lace Cast Tlme Out for Gmger Cast Chemistry Club AUDREY F GOODMAN Au 38 Rldgewood St Valley Stream NICHOLAS GRAZlAND Nick 49 Ash St Valley Stream 27 A1 ,W p 5 4 i I z ' 'Cl Ab? l A . " d' . "I" A g o E ' ta f 1955: Hockey, Class Team, Honor Teamq Bas- rnltteeg First Actlng Group of Dra- - "Nl" , ' V , r 'al by n I' , Sk r. l ' 2 1 ' - , R D- , ' . ' - . 1 A ' . Q " xx Q . . il, 1 I NEIL GRIGIUNI 1937 Franklin Rd Valley Stream ARTHUR M HAGLICH 133 Wlll am St Valley Stream Camera Club Representatlve Camera Club Co Drre tor Yearbook Photogra oher Asslstant 1955 Cadet Photogra pher 1956 28 CAROLVN GROSCH Candy 41 Pune La Valley Stream Tennis Dramatlcs Bowllng Soccer Basketball Hockey Roller Skating GAIL M HANSEN 16 Locust St Valley Stream Tempo Jumor Play Publlclty One Act bl y Junlor Prom us Brooms Committees Cadet Clrcula tlon Crier Advertlsnng Library Club ANN GUERIN Annle Oakley 63 Forest Ave Valley Stream LILA MAE HANSEN Twlla 820 Franklln Ave Valley Stream Chorus Marchlng Band Concert Band Bow Ing Tennrs Chemistry lub Roller Skatlng ANTHONY NACKNEY Chuck 73 Frrtchne Pl Valley Stream Varsuty Football Club Basketball BARBARA L HARRIS 138 Plccaclllly Downs Lynbrook Crrer News and Feature Cadet Lt erary and Clrculatlon Dramatlc Club French Honor Soclety French Club Chemlstry Club Llbrary Club Volley a Basketball Rldlng Bowllng Astra, Natlonal Honor Society JAY F HARRIS 36 Crestwood La Valley Stream Varslty Basketball Varslty Track Arsenlc and Dld Lace Cast JV Bas ketball Sophomore Councrl Represent atlve Varslty Cross Country Chemrs try Club Math Club Tennrs ub Senlor Magazlne Committee Trral by Moonlight Publrcuty IRENE HENRICHS 49 Fifth St Valley Stream JAMES A HAVERN Jrmmy 31 Doncaster Rd Malverne JV Basketball JV Baseball Varslty Baseball RONALD S HERMAN Ronme 119 Slabey Ave Valley Stream JV Wrestllng Varslty Baseball JV Baseball JV Football Club Basket b II Physrcs Club Chemistry Cub Sophomore Councll Junror Councll Spanrsh Club Rho Delta Srgma Hr Y 'Q Q PETER J HEINZ Pete 160 Cambrldge St Valley Stream JV Soccer Varsrty Soccer Arsenrc and Old Lace Cast Trral by Moonlrght C t Rh DI as o eta Sigma Hr Y Treasurer RUBEN A HELLER B0 Math Club EDWARD J HICKEV 71 Clrnton St Malverne Varslty Football Club Basketball J Football Chemlstry Club 684 Craft Ave Franklrn Square Audro Vlsual Ards Tennis Club GEORGE F HINGSTUN 86 Saddle Rock Rd Valley Stream Concert Band Marchlng Band Orches tra Dance Band i" 29 I I' V l,g'. .N A' 1 .3 V , P 'l . A-Ea" . 6: 9 ' I 5 A " -r 4 y 'c 'A V 'a ' is Q -V4 Q ' z V , 'r" I i, I I V, , I, fn CHARLES R HOFFMANN Charlle 324 Arkansas Dr Valley Stream ball Varsrty Basketball Varslty Soc JV Baseball JV Basketball Soccer Math Club Engllsh Honor So clety Chemistry Club Physlcs Club German Club Cadet Sports Staff Cruer Sports Staff SARAH A HOLLISTER Sally 53 S Cottage St Valley Stream National Honor Sorlety Leaders Club Tempo Astra Cadet Typlng S aff Head Sensor Counnll Representative I opes Hr Secretary Hockey Honor Team Publlclty The Red Key Arsenrc and Old Lace Trral by Moon light Chemlstry Club Chorus Bowl mg Basketball Tenms Band ffm 30 LAURENC HOFFMAN 15 Chestnut St Malverne IDHN H HUGUES 30 Pershlng Ave Valley Stream Math C ub Track Manager PATRICIA M HOGAN a 124 E Euclud St Valley Stream Roller Skatrng Dramatlc Club Crrer Typlng Staff CAROLE L HUHN 698 Herman Ave Valley Stream Archery Honor Team Photography Club Bowling League Softball Vol leyball THOMAS H HOLLAND Tom 746 Brewer Ave Franklln Square Rifle Club Auolo Vlsual Club Basket a WILLIAM INGOGLIA W 106 Carroll Ave Valley Stream Varsity Football Varsity Wrestling JV Baseball Sophomore lunlor Sen lor Class Treasurer Sophomore lun lor Sensor Counclls Holiday Hotel Th Red Key Co Director Tr al by Moonlrght Publlclty Arsenu: and Old Lace Publlclty . I S iyitef-1' 1- - Us , . . ai b Il I . "P t" National Honor Socletyg Varsity Base- cerrll ' pl.V. I ' W " Ill" ' a 5 T ' I 1 l H-H. -v, 1 l - "KW . Q , - Y C 9' 1 x A A X ELAINE IACK 147 N Grove St Valley Stream 10 Skudmore Pl Valley Stream Basketball Volleyball i PETER A IACGBS Whitey 24 E Maple St Valley Stream Auduo Vlsual Alds Rlfle Team Cadet Art Staff 109 Gates Ave Malverne Audio Visual Aids .3-6 i el T JDHN IACDBSEN ack 19 Washington St Valley Stream Wrestling Horseback Riding Roller Skating DAVID B JORDON 17 Elderberry La Valley Stream er Skatlng B bal Baseball LINDA E JENSEN n 1060 Scott Dr Valley Stream Cadet Advertlslng and Typing Staffs eyball B ketball Tennls 0 ball One Act Play Contest DOROTHY A KAISER Dotty 37 Broadway Valley Stream Crier Servlce Club Volleyball Rldlng 0 er S ating Archery Marghmg Band X -nr '7 31 'N x J! Gu 1 . ., f I , .I ., I P x .., .. . "Ly ' VOII V : BS . .. S fl mn N. :annum --shorty" noasnr w. mnnson l-some A. - , 1 , y " -f Roll 3 JV. BSKGI lg l.V. R II k . : ,,, ' , Q , l H 'R' , .-or , S ,I f f . A W 1 I v . rj BRUCE KELLER Kelly 35 N Corona Ave Valley Stream Senlor Junlor Sophomore Stage Crew Softball ROBERY I KERZNER Dues 25 Srarellffe Dr Malverne 1 Basketball Varsaty Basketball JV Baseball 32 PETER A KELLETT Pe e JV Soccer JV Softball Varsity oc cer Rho Delta Sigma Hl Y GEORGE I KING Funk 233 Babylon Tpke Roosevelt Tempo Concert and Nlarchlng Band Drum Mayor Chorus MAUREEN KELLY Mlckey 128 Falrfleld St Valley Stream Red Key Publlcsty Dfamatlc Club Holiday Hotel Tnckets Trnal by Moon hgh! Sklt Costumes Publlclty lun lor Councll Cadet Typlng Staff Vol le all Basketball Softball Senior Councll GERALD N KING lerry 201 E Dover St Valley Stream Rltle Club ROBERT W KERNING Puggle 50 Morrls Pkwy Valley Stream Varssty Football Varslty Basketball V slty Track lV Baseball JV s ketball LILLIAN K KING 56 Northumberland Gate Lynbrook ervlce Cub Oruhestra Dramatn Club Publlclty Debate Club Cadet Advertising Hockey Volleyball Bas ketball Tennns , V A ' I l ' ar 1 . . 5 , . Ba - 12 Carstalrs Ave, Valley Stream 5 v 1 ' . . - . . - ' S - YD F ' l . " , " " S I X - , l - I ,V ,Q I A x., I 1 f V! , ' ' S., ay x SF IUDITN ANN KIRKWDUD 3 Damson La Valley Stream Clrculatlon Staff of Cadet Hockey Tumbllng Tennis Softball Volleyball Basketball MARILYN KLINKENBERG 85 Wood La Valley Stream Cadet Advertlslng Crrer Clrculatlon Muonllght Publuclty lumor Prom Dec oratlon Commvttee Archery Basket a r- VIRGINIAI KLEHR 216 N Corona Ave Lefty Valley Stream Cadet Typing Twlrlmg Magazine Sales Junior Senlor Councll lunnor Prom Flower Commlttee Junlor Broom Sales Basketball Softball Tennts Honor Team Tumbllng Natlonal Honor Soclety ELIZABETH ANN KLOCK Betsy 109 E Oxford St Valley Stream Llbrary Club Brler Frlendshnp Hu Y Red Key Publlclty lumor Prom ne Act Play Sklt MABEL G KLElN Mubbs 252 N Corona Ave Valley Stream Softball Volleyball Softball Honor Team Volleyball Honor Team Basket ball Crler Clrculatlon EUGENE KNUBEL Huey 56 W Euclld St Valley Stream Bowling Soccer Audno Vlsual Alds 'V iii NANCY M KLIMA Damples 195 N Cottage St Valley Stream Hockey Roller Skatmg Basketball Volleyball Softball Twlrlmg Corps Prom Decoratlon Commlttee PETER KUENKE 178 Mull Rd Valley Stream if sv 33 fx ,f I , 'V Red Key, Sklt, Publlcltyg Trial by ' -- : : - V A 2 . O - - 4 4, D ll ' z : ' - ' ' .. W r I I ., NAUMI R KULUDKIN 760 Home St Elmont THOMAS KULINA Tom 230 Mauler St Valley Stream Commercial Art Club Cadet Art Staff 34 WILLIAM D KRAENGEL Kris 65 Sunset Rd Valley Stream Stage Manager Audlo Vlsual Club Rlfle Club Bowllng Club IACQUELINE LAHN lackre 71 Gold Pl Malverne National Honor Soclety French Na tuonal Honor Socuety Leaders Club Astra Gateway HIV Band Dramatic Club Publlclty Chemistry Club Cho rus Tame Out for Ginger Tlcket Chalr man lunlor Prom Publlclty Trlal by Moonlight Sklt Chaurman Publuclty Arsenic and Old Lace Sensor Day Com mittee Tennls Honor Team Bowllng League Volleyball Basketball Soft ball lunlor Basketball Buttons Pub llclty The Red Key Sensor Play Selec tlon Committee Leaders Club Foot a Dance ALAN KRAMER 67 Flower Rd Valley Stream Varsity Rlfle lunror Varslty Rifle Club Rlfle LOUISE E A LANG 17 Kenmore Rd Valley Stream Leaders Club Cadet Advertlslng Staff Head Gateway HIY Vlce President lunlor Council SenlorCounc1l Senlor Candy Stand Crler Feature and News Staffs Senior Day Chairman The Red Key Publlclty Arsenic and Old Lace Ska Chairman Publlclty Trlal by Moonlrght Publlclty Chaurman lunlor Prom Publlclty Chalrman Decoratlons Junior Broom Commltte lunlor Nuts Sensor Magazmes Marching Band Dramatlc Club Publlclty Hockey Bas ketball League Bowling Volleyball Tennls German Club Vuce Presudent Chemlstry Club lunlor Buttons Lead ers Football Dances Chairman of Re freshments Decorations Co Chalrman o Inv: ations Operatuon Sponge Adopt a Famlly Co Chalr man Sensor Hat Committee BORGIIILD I KRAUTTER 836 N Corona Ave Valley Stream Library Club Tennis Archery Table Tennls SANDRA IOAN LANG Smlles 91 E Maple St Valley Stream Varsuty Cheerleader Co Captaln Cadet Advertlslng Co Editor Dance Band Vo callst Astra Treasurer Math Club French National Honor Soclety Lead ers Club GO Commlttee Chalrman Crrer News Feature Clrculatlon Staffs Tennxs Honor Team Holnday Hotel The Red Key Publlcrty Sklt Arsemc and Old Lace Publlclty Sklt Trlal by Moonllght Publlclty Slut Chorus Opera Gulld HlY HlHopes Basketball League Bowling volley ball Class Team Softball Class Team Dramatlc Club Ticket Reservatlonlst Publlcnty .lunlor Nut Commrttee Broom Salesman French Club History Club Chemlstry Club lunuor Prom Public :ty Tlckets JV Cheerleader Natlonal Honor Society ff al 9 A 'N I " A 1 A lt. av 'mg U l -'I 1 ' Q -- -I 'I ,. I 1 f ue rm.: 'P 1 y -3 ' V , , on V V A ,gy H R' l - ' z 2' If A N, 1 .f ' t ANGELA E LA SALA 560 Meacham Ave Elmont Angle Skating BARBARA LIEBERMAN Bobble 119 Casper St Valley Stream Flrst Actlng Group Dramatic Club Holiday Hotel The Red Key My Three Angels Tame 0ut for Gmger Arsemc and 0ld Lace Skut and Publlcuty Tnal hy Moonlight Publrclty Cadet Clrcu latron and Advertlsrng Prom Decora tlon Commnttee Archery Roller Skat :ng Bowlrng Volleyball Hockey JAMES M LAYERZA m 1061 Park Lane E Franklin Square Club Basketball lnterclass Basketball BARBARA A LINK 70 Mldwood St Valley Stream Chorus Basketball Volleyball Chem lstry Club Frlendshlp HIY German Club Hockey Natronal Honor Socrety ,eq at 49" VIRGINIA ll LEE Gmny 11 Park Ave Malverne Horseback Rndlng Tumblrng Chorus Lrbrary Club MURIEL E LIPPA Mickey 1160 Rottkamp St Valley Stream Cadet, Typrng li ELSIE E LEIJNARD 160 Fur St Valley Stream Commerclal Art Club Dramatlc Club Makeup and Publlclty Frrendshlp Hu Y League Bowllng Basketball Lrbrary Club Cadet Advertrslrg RICHARD V LITTLEWURT Rrchre 60 Elm St Valley Stream Varsity Football Varslty Wrestlrng Varslty Track rbi 35 is , . --Ji " ' 1 ,V ' . Tempo: Band, Concert and Marchingg H W ' " I i . gk ste- - 4. W I A ' N , 3 ' ,eff ..,,w4'1 I A I a NANCY LONG 111 N Waldlnger St Valley Stream Cadet Lltcrary Co Edrtor 1955 Glrls State Representatlve Astra Crrer Feature Staff Hr Hopes HI Y Chaplarn German Club President Servlce Club Llbrary Club Chorus Volleyball Bas ketball Hockey Softhal' ROBERT G LUDEMANN o 1 Carlton St Malverne Club Bowllng Club Basketball 36 Q 153 GAIL C LUNGENECKER 235 E Maurer St Valley Stream Natlonal Honor Socrety Secretary Leaders Club Astra Cadet Llterary Co Editor Honor Usher Crrer Asslst ant Edltor Business Manager Edltorlal Edrtor Twrrllng Corps Glrllnwhlte Jumor and Sensor Class Secretary Gateway HIY Secretary Presrclent League Bowlrng Honor Team Basket b Softball Tennls Freld Hoc ey lunlor Prom Buds Chalrman Decora tuon Commlttee Mlss Central 55 Math Club Chemlstry Club Trral by Moonlrght Red Key Arsenn: and Uld Lace Publlclty and Sklt Prom Flower Commlttee Broom Salesman Leaders Club Football Dances Programs Re freshments Decoratrons Jumor and Sernor Counclls Dramatlc Club MARCIA F LUTZ 182 N Cottage St Valley Stream Cadet Art Staff Twlrllng Corps Red Key Props Bowling League Commer clal Art Club Hr Hopes HI Y Chapla n German Club Dramatlc Club Hockey Archery Tenms M' LEONARD LDUCAS Lenny Park La ranklln Square 1V Football Varslty Football Soph omore Home Room Representatrve lunlor Home Room Representatlve lunlor Buttons Chalrman Physlcs Club BARBARA A LYON Barb 801 Magnolia Dr Franklln Square Ch rus Hl Hopes Hr Y Hockey Bas ke all Bowllng Tennis Lea ers Club Volleyball Cadet Typtng Staff 15. ks JOYCE A LUBS o 7 Burch La Valley Stream Cadet Art Staff Commercral Art Club Secretary Treasurer Dramatlc Club Holrday Hotel Scenery My Three An gels Makeup The Red Key Mrscel Ianeous Trral by Moonlight Makeup Command Decrsron Makeup Crter Advertrslng Table Tennls Hr Hopes HIY ARLENE MacDONALD 20 Damson Ln Valley Stream Red Key Cast Publlclty Sklt Trral by Moonlrght Pblrclty Tw rlrng Soft ball Softball Honor Team Bowllng Basketball Tennls Sophomore Coun cll Spanlsh Club Hockey 'C' GEORGE MADISON 1056 Park Ln E Franklm Square Varslty Football Varslty Track Cast Arsemc and Old Lace lnterclass Bas ketball IV Football NADINE MARE 872 Edwards Blvd Valley Stream Cadet CoEd1tor Candy Stand Man ager Natlonal Honor Society Sensor lunlor Sophomore Councll Red Key Tlcket Chalrman Publlclty Trlal hy Moonllght Ticket Chairman Publlcuty Sklt Arsemc and Old Lace Publlclty Jumor Prom Publlcuty Decoratuons Bowling League Treasurer Softball Archery Basketball Math Club Phys :cs Club PTA Carnlval Decoratlons lunlor Nuts Sales Junlor Brooms Sales Junior Basketball Buttons Red Key Trlal by Moonllglrt Selectlon Commlttees Trual by Moonlrght Prop erty Committee Parklng Field Commlt tee Ticket Charrman of Sock Hop fx hs MAUREEN KAROL MALESK 1172 Kelley Court Valley Stream Twrrllng Corps Head Drum Magorette Volleyball Archery Hockey Roller Skating Tennls Rlfle Spanish Club Dramatic Club Crler Clrculatlon Staff Red Key Publlcuty Arsemc and Uld Lace Trral hy Mounlrght Publnclty lunlor Prom Decoratlon Commuttee lunlor Nut Salesman Senior One Act Play Publlclty Committee Sensor Play Publlclty HI Hopes LIIY CHARLES W MARKER Cousy 1033 Shelburne Dr Franklln Square Varslty Baseball Basketball Inter class Track Tennls Club IV Base ball Basketball 'i 1 Q5 PATRICIA L MALLUNEE a 131 E Maujer St Valley Stream Band Concertmlstress Orchestra Cho rus Tempo National Honor Soclety Cadet Buslness Manager Red Key Dlrector Trlal by Mounlught Dlrector Arsemc and Old Lace Director lunlor Prom Decorations Charrman Math Club French Club French Honor Soc: ety Crier Edltorlal Manager Sensor Magazme Sales Chalrman Class Coun cl 1 2 Sensor Day Committee Hr Club Sensor Play Publlclty Hockey Sock Hop Refreshments Sophomore lunlor One Act Play Commlttees lun lor Play Commrttee lumor Button Nut Broom Committees Astra ROBERT R MARSHALL Bo 205 Montauk St Valley Stream Football Basketball Track Chemistry Club Physics Club German Club PTA Carnlval Decorations Commlt tee Red Key Publlclty Q,-MIR! LOUISE V MAMMI ou A4 Ormonde Blvd Valley Stream Chemistry Club HENRY MARTIN 241 E lamalca Ave Valley Stream IV Basketball lV Cross Coun y Varslty Cross Country Club Bowlmg 37 Q 1 ' , ' " ,lvifw V ' V a - . ..M0,, ' V5 ' Q V ' Q ' up t.. ' : ' - , ' Q . . 5 . . "L " ' i , : ' ' z '- Hopes Hi-Y, Vice-Presidentg Chemistry I 2 ' I A' 1 V' 7 . . - - - - I , I ' I - 2 - - TT 9 'CZ ' 5 IUDITH E MATRICK Judy 92 Bond Ave Malverne Leaders Club JV and Varsity Cheer leader Cadet Staff Head lurnor and Senlor Councrl Softball Honor Team l opes Hocke Bowlln League Basketball Dramatuc Club Holrday Hotel Cast Tlckets Trlal by Moonlught Property Chalrman Red Key Cotihalrman Arsenic and Dld Lae Publrcrty Tlcket Comm: ee Crier Marchlng Band Physucs Club Chemistry Club lunlor Prom Decora trons and Publlcrty Commlttee lunlor Nuts Junror Brooms Buttons Sopho more Book and Pencrl Commlttee Football Dance Hockey Banquet HENRY V MAURO Hank -16 Remson St Valley Stream Audio Visual Club Football Game PA System 38 HENRY L MATTIA Hank 11 Garden St Valley Stream Physlcs Award Bowlrng Club Math Club Chemrstry Club FRANCIS P MCCABE Frankle 42 Gold St Valley Stream SIDNEY MATZA 776 Brower Ave V lley Stream MAUREEN MCCUY 22 1713 69 Ave Bayside L I Volleyball Basketball Softball leyball Honor Team Vo IJURIS A MAURIN 55 Bond Ave Malverne HlHopes HIY Commercial Art Club German Club Art Stall ol Horday H el Art Staff for lunlor One ct Play Cadet Art Staff lunlor Prom Flower Commlttee Servlce Club Soft Archery Tenms Table Tennrs Honor Team IUAN C McCRERY 85 Sylvan Pl Valley Stream Spanlsh National Honor Soclety Honor Usher Cadet Llterary Staff Dramatlc Club Tertullanos Junlor Prom Deco ration Commlttee Tr al hy Mounllght The Red Key Publlclty Commlttee Arsenrc and Old Lace Tlcket Commlt tee Hockey Banquet Tucket Commit tee Hockey Basketball Volleyball Softball National Honor Society GORDDN McGRATH Butch 40 Blrchwood Drlve S Valley Stream BARBARA McMANUS Muck: 51 State St Valley Stream Sklt and Publlclty Committees of Red Key Mlscellaneous Commuttee f Trral by Moonlight Sklt Committee for Tlcket and Flower Commlttees fo Junlor Prom Volleyball Basketball Tennls Skatlng Archery Softball Committee for Adopted Famrly Junlor Nuts Salesman Sensor Candy Stand Advertising Staff for Cadet Sopho more Album Salesman JEANNE T MCGUINNESS 1928 Everltt St Valley Stream Horseback Rldrng Astra JUDITH M MCNERNEY Judy 63 Haven Ave Valley Stream Tennis Basketball Roller Skatmg Softball PETER F Mr:GUIRE Pe e 107 Lyon St Valley Stream Spanush Club Basketball Club Rlfle Club Camera Club JOSEPH MELE 41 St Johns Ave Valley Stream 5? THDMAS R McHUGH Tom 39 Elmwood St Valley Stream Marchlng Band Concert Band HENRY MELTZNER 50 Clarendon Dr Valley Stream Club Basketball Service Club Soccer Math Club Track 39 td CMM S ., ' I I - .. t.. Q ' or Arsenic and Old' Lacey Decoration, ' r . r nn . . 44354, RUSSEL 1 MERKERT Russ 61 Webster St Malverne Varslty Football Varsuty Track Junlor Varsrty Football lunlor Varslty Track Interclass Track Club Basketball HOWARD MEYER Squeek 87 Oceanvlevv Ave Valley Stream a Varsrty Wres lng Stu en .Jncll Cad Clrculal n Arsenrc and Old Lace Cast Publrclty lclty lor ne Act y Ma woman t Charllot Publlclt ross Country S S A L Cham lon s ace 4l b l Island Cnamplonsnlps 2nd place 1951 lbs Senlor Metropolltan AA mplonsnlps1954 11-1 Q lbs un lor Metropo ltan A A U Cnamplonshlps lb Most Outstan rn Year Wrestler ln Nletropo I an U 1s Place lnterc s Tournament 1953 40 FS KENNETH METRICK Kenny 202 Scranton Ave Valley Stream Varslty Football Varslty Softball JV Football MELVYN B MEYER e 21 Orback Ave lvlalverne Varslty Football JV Baskctball H Y Varslty Track lnterclass Track Class Representative SHELDON METZ o 19 W Euclld St Valley Stream Football JV Base a Club as all 3 lnterclass Tr EDDIE MHZ Eddle Cross Country Varslty Baseball 2 3 201 East New York Ave Valley Stream c'h9m'St'y Club R P M S Soccer HARRIET MICHAELS Mike Soltball Bowllng Crier Feature Staff Cadet Clrculatron Stafl The Red Key Publlclty Commlttee Arsenlc and Old Lace Tlcket Commlttee Spanlsn Honor Soclety Sophomore P cll Sa s Sophomore Autograph Book Sales Crler Clrculatlon Staff Sensor Play Publrclty RUSSELL F MIESEMER Tlger 38 Emerson Pl Valley Stream stty Soccer JV Basketball n Baseball Physlcs Club South Shore lnterscholastlc Soccer A fx Us I, ' Y' l Jv. 1 . J n llg B - ketb , 1, 2, 3 ack Jv nd tl , o t Co' 1, 2, 3 91. to Publ O - ' Pla. 1, 2, d 0 ' , ' y: C 1 . , p - U Shu,-1 lst pl 195 105 I S . Long 88 Grant Drlve E, Valley Stream 1106 ,, A I . U , V V , Cha 1 51' f ' 1 ' Q Q . "Nl l" - Y , " ' " 1954 11-112 s , d g ' -' , en le L V' 1st lt : . " ' z l- , : Var 1 . . a d AA, , 1954, 1 , las , , . ' , 1 , , ' , THOMAS IUHH MICNEMI lohnny 95 Meyer Ave Valley Stream ELAINE MITCHELL 17 W Oxford St Valley Stream shp HIY Club Bowling Manager Hockey Cadet Circulation Volleyball Basketball Archery SUSAN A MILES ue 145 Cornwell Ave Valley Stream Leaders Club Gateway Hi Y Commer cial Art Club Twirling Hockey Bowl ing Basketball Softball Archery ROBERT L MUDELL o 44 Ambrose Ave Malverne Varsity Wrestling Team Junior Varsity Chemistry Club Math Club Honor Usher Club Basketball lnterclass Wrestling ALAN MILLER 1616 Greenway Blvd Valley Stream Sophomore Club Basketball lv Soc ce Math Club Spanish Club ho Delta Sigma Hi Y Physics Club Var sity Soccer Chemistry Club ANN REGINA MUHR 77 Tottenham Rd Lynbrook Cadet Advertising Bowling League Archery Horseback Riding French Tickets Arsenic and Old Lace Public ity The Rell Key Publicity Softball Tennis RICHARD MIRANDA Willie B6 Mary St Valley Stream Photography Editor Cadet 1955 1956 Photography Editor Crier 1955 1956 Varsity Track Dance Band Marching Ban IV Track lnterclass Track ROY F MUNSON 115 Union St Valley Stream Co Editor of Cadet Arsenic and Old Lace Cast Trial by Moonlight Co Director Time Out for Ginger Cast Spanish Honor Society Service Club matic Club Honor Usher Tertulianos Library Club National Honor Society President Astra 4 ., V ' 7 . Us .. ' : 1 : HAI.. rs : ' V I R dg . . l L ' - . --B n" ., ' , - 9 . 1 CUUCGYT Band: Maffihiflg Bandi Friend- Wrestlingg Junior Varsity Footballg Clubg Dramatic Club, Publicity and German Club, Vice-President: Dral i '- 1 ' i 1 ' 1 z ' 1 ' , ' - ' Q 5 5 ' ig A 1 T155 1 MAURICE T MONTESANO Marty 33 Green St Valley Stream lrlterclass Basketball Club Basketball WARREN MOORE 27 W Merrlck Rd Valley Stream JOHN MONTEVERDI 650 Everett St Valley Stream RICHARD P MOOSMANN Dlck Concert Band Marchlng Band Or chestra Chorus Commerclal Art Club Beta Theta Nu HI Y Chaplaln Cadet Art Staff 42 PATRICIA A MOORE a 999 Ferngate Dr Franklin Square Tennls Roller Skatlng Archery Soft 3 OWEN MORITZ Scoop Senlor Councll Representatlve Crler Sports Staff Sophomore Junior Sen lor Sklts Press Club Junior Broom Commlttee Tennis Club Basketball VIRGINIA A MOORE Gmny 479 W Valley Stream Blvd Valley Str Chorus Marchlng Band Crler Adver tlslng Cadet Dramatlc Club Service Club Harmony HlY Llbrary Club Ten nas Volleyball Honor Team Softball Down ln the Valley Chorus Chess Cub GUSTAV MODSMUELLER 22 Cambrldge St Valley Stream ' Q UP tn C ' I 5 ' 1 ' 2 1 ' I b Il 20 S. Corona Ave., Valley Stream 39 Jefferson Ave., Valley Stream LINDA C MORLOCK 47 Ivanhoe Pl Valley Stream Roller Skating Cadet Typlng Staff Frlendshlp HI Y KATHRYN AILEEN MURPHY Murph 15 Primrose Ln Valley Stream Llbrary Club Hockey Basketball Soft a GEORGE A MORRIS 24 Scarcllffe Dr Malverne Club Basketball lnterclass Basketball JOHN A NARCISO Johnny 2 Harrow Rd Franklin Square Vice President of lunlor and Sensor Class Varslty Football Varsity Base b Varslty Wrestling Rho De a Sigma HIY Servlce Club lunnor and Senlor Councll Chemistry Club Tnal by Moonlight Publlclty KENNETH MULLEN 120 Buscher Ave Valley Stream ROGER A NEKTON 32 Sunset Rd Valley Stream Junior Varsity Football lunlor Varsity Wrestling Varsity Football Arsenic and Old Lace Cast Sophomore Coun cll Representative Junlor Council Representative Sensor Councll Rho Delta Slgma HI Y Vlce Presldent Red Key Sklt and Publlcnty Trlal by Moon Ilght Slut and Publlclty Chemustry Cub H-an WARREN MUNROE 1208 Barry Drlve S Valley Stream JAVNE NELSEN lame 189 S Franklin Ave Valley Stream Hockey Bowling Basketball Volley ball Softball My Three Angels Tncket Commlttee Arsemc and Old Lace Tlcket Commlttee Jumor Nut Com mittee Junior Button Committee .1 43 JOHN V NEVADER ack 14 W Mineola Ave Valley Stream WILLIAM T OBRIEN 1345 Barry Dr S Valley Stream KZ' 44 'l TOMMY NEVILLE 143 E. Melrose St. Valley Stream Junior Varsity Football Varsity Foot a ROBERT O CONNOR 206 S Franklin Ave Valley Stream Spud" MARIE DOROTHY NVLESE ' ee" 115 Meyer Ave, Valley Stream Softball: Hockeyg Basketball- Roller Skating: Arsenic and Old Lace Pub- licity ROSEANN ODIERNO 84 Molyneau Rd Valley Stream ROBERT R. UBEITLE "Bob" 64 N, Cottage St., Valley Stream Math Clubg Rho Delta Sigma Hi-Yi Varsity Bowlinge Chemistry Club- Stu- dent Council' Club Bowlingg Physics C ub BARBARA 1 ULSEN 270 Buscher Ave Valley Stream Bowling Horseback Riding Skating Crier, Staff EDWARD D DLSEN Eddse 63 Emerson PI Valley Stream Cadet Advertsssng Staffhead Arsensc and Old Lace, Sophomore and Sensor ncsls Wrestlsngl 2 3 JV Varssty Football Manager Club Rsfle CARDL ANN DSANI 67 E Beverly Pkwy Valley Stream Leaders Club Twsrlsng Corps Co Chasrman Prom Bsds Prom Publlcsty and Decoratsons Gateway Hs Y Sensor Day Commsttee Football Dance I vstatsons Chasrman Councsl Repre sentatsve 1 2 3 Sophomore Skst Junsor Slslt Publsclty Junior Sensor Sophomore Plays Basketball Hockey Archery League Bowlsng Softball Candy Stand if 1 ELIZABETH M DLSEN Bette 63 Emerson Pl Valley Stream Sophomore Councsl Junsor Councsl Sensor Candy Stand Dramatsc Club One Act Play Publscsty Skst Tsckets Roller Skatsng ESTELLE B DTTINGER 26 Clover Fseld Rd S Valley Stream Hockey League Bowlsng Volleyball Softball Tennss Basketball Chem sstry Club Physscs Club PN, iii FLDRENCE A DMEARA Flossse 36 Fremont Rd Valley Stream Dramatsc Club Prop Commsttee Horseback Rsdsng RICHARD D OWEN Dsck 244 E Mauser St Valley Stream lunsor Varssty Football Varssty Foot ball Rho Delta Ssgma Hs Y Sophomore Councll Representatsve Varsity Soft ball Club Basketball Chemsstry Club lunsor Varssty Track Servsce Club 1 ELEANDR lt DPPELT E se 20 Benson Pl Valley Stream Leaders Club lunsor Councsl Sensor Co ncsl HsHopes HsY Press ent Hockey Volleyball Softball Basket ball Honor Team The Red Key Pub sty Trsal by Moonlsght Publsclty lun sor Nut Commsttee lunsor Broom Com mstee Prom Flower Commsttee Lead ers Club Dance Commsttee Decora tson Crser Csrculatson Sensor Dsnner Commsttee Hockey Banquet Cover Commsttee Servsce Club Offscsals Club Cadet Typing GRACE V PAGE a 786 Gehrsg Ave Franklsn Square Bowlsng Softball Volleyball Archery Honor Team Photography Club NY 45 ll ' ll J AA A C011 ' : ' . , : Wand .. .. 55,2135 ' s H K .Q . . 5 s . I , 3 V - , ' ' , ' , ' 5 s ts - ls I' ck ,U . - "'fK'i dll' . 9 , s. Hs ,. , F . , z . U 'z - Ad z P I I ' s 5 . - licltyp Arsenic and Dld Lace, Public- : ' ' : ' ' 1 - Q ' ' 1 . ' : - , . : . ' , . z , . : ' : " ' - 's 5 . ' ' . ' ' - . . . ' Q '- : I v n' '- ' , s 1 ' Q 'n ' ' : ' - H H ' ': " , ' , ' . - ss Q ' '- p ' G Y 1 1 : : ' 2 : H ' : ' - " s 2 9 5 ' 5 : - : 1 ' : 1 : s z 5 2 i ' s Y ,,.s 5 - ' , . fl -V ' CHARLES PALLATERRI 20 Adler Pl Valley Stream ANGELA M PEDATELLA Angle 30 Clovelly Dr Valley Stream Dramatuc Club Actlng and Publlcrty Dlvlsuons Press Club News and Cnr culatlon Staffs The Red Key Publlclty and Slut Arsenrc and Old Lace Pub lrcrty Tnal by Moonlrght Publnclty Bowling Hockey 46 CIJNSTANCE M PASSALAQUA Conme 911 Barry Dr W Valley Stream Chemistry Club Spanish Club Bowl mg Arsenrc and Old Lace Publrcrty The Red Key Publlclty Archery VINCENT I PEDONE 211 E Maurer St Valley Stream Math Club 2 3 Electronlcs Club , ,pry f""" If frwtf' LILLIAN PASSARO 102 Pershmg Ave Valley Stream Chorus Cadet Typung Staff Basket ball Softball FRANCIS PERRUTTA JR Frank 207 Franklin Ave Malverne Marchlng Band Concert Band Or chestra Spanrsh Club Chemrstry C ub ROGER II PEABODV Butts 18 Comber St Valley Stream JV Cross Country Bowlrng Inter class Bowling Interclass Track CECELIA M PETERS Pe e 201 E Chester St Valley Stream Chorus Crier Advertlsrng Cadet Clrculatnon Staff Feature wif 4 HARRIET PIUS 708 Craft Ave Franklrn Square Dramatrc Club PATRICIA A PRZYWARA Pattl 114 Camdlke St Valley Stream Dance Band Vocallst Dramatic Club League Bowllng Secretary Crier Typlng Staff Chorus Hockey Soft ball Bowlmg The Red Key Publlclty Crier Advertlslng Arsenu: and Uld Lace Publlclty Turnbllng Tnal hy Moonlight Publlclty Commerce Club P' ALAN H PODBER 36 Jasmlne La Valley Stream Varslty Tennls Chemistry Club Pho tography Club Basketball Club HENRY R PUPKE Hen 40 Edgewood Rd Valley Stream Theta Nu Presldent lunlor Councll Physlcs Club Chemlstry Club Club Basketball Club Bowllng Tnal by Moonllght Publlclty Arsemc and Old Lace Publlclty lunuor Broom Nut and Button Salesman Interclass Track K f"'x Fifi PENELUPE H POLVCHRUN Penny 295 W Valley Str Blvd Valley Stream Hockey Bowllng Basketball Softball Sophomore Councll Hockey Banquet Chalrman HlY Gateway The ed Key Publlclty Sklt Junuor Prom Dec oratlons Arsenn: and Dld Lace Pub llclty Cast Dramatnc Club Trlal by Moonlight Cast Sensor Councll Sen lor Play Se'ectlon Commlttee Hockey Banquet Poem Commlttee Tlme Out tor Ginger Cast Property Chalrman Senlor Sock Hop Decoratlon Chalr man Candy Stand Chemistry Club Football Parklng Fleld Attendant HENRY A RADTKE Hank 83 Green St Valley Stream er Skatlng Cl b Bwlmg l Bowling Chemistry Club f"' RITA IANE K PRENDERVILLE 48 Mary St Valley Stream Servlce Club HAROLD RAPP 14 E Argyle St Valley Stream 'B Ra A N A C 'Q . HAI" my . V' . G .. ' V Q R ' . ' p ' 3 Cadet, Literary Staffheadg Hi-Y. Beta . ' z : ' l ' ' 1 , Roll g u 0 1 ,V. . A - f ,lu Y SK S vw f SNEILA RATNER 996 Dana Rd Valley Stream Volleyball Bowllng Softball Roller Skatlng Dramatlc Club Trcket Com mlttee The Red Key Publlclty Span vertlslng Staffs FRANCIS RHATIGAN Hoops 30 Fur St Valley Stream AXP? 48 Milf DONALD RAVNDR 367 Hendrickson Ave Valley Stream BARRY RICNMAN 1510 Rlca Pl Valley Stream Varsity Football 4!""' fb CARDLE F REED 15 Lamberson St Valley Stream Concert Band Marchlng Band Leader of the Drum Corps BRENDA SUE RIKELMAN 1630 Salem Rd Valley Stream Softball Volleyball Roller Skatrng Spanrsh Club Horseback Rldlng Bas ketball Senlor Play Publrclty 632 Y-'lb' dv-'Q ELIIABETN REVES Betty 90 Berkley St Valley Stream Archery Skating Bowling Tennls Rlfle Tralnlng JONATHAN A RIVES Johnny 44 Rrvnera Ct Malverne Varslty Wrestling JV Wrestlrng Var slty Soccer JV Soccer Beta Theta Nu HIY Chemistry Club Club Bas ketball Interclass Track Arsenrc and Old Lace lnterclass Wrestling 3 4, 5 ,I as 11 rr ff' ish Clubg Crier, Circulation and Ad- ? , W, , , ff 5 A 'N xx ' V A T - N ' ' ,rl JOHN RIZZA 7 Llnwod Rd Port Washlngton AMELIA M ROSE Junlor 155 Locust St Valley Stream Twlrllng Corps Hockey Flrst Te m 1 2 3 HonorT am Volleyball Bas ketball Spannsh Honor Soclety Math Club Archery Tennls ADRIENNE U RUBUSTELLO 114 E Maurer St Valley Stream Archery Bowling Frlendshap H1Y LEONARD I RDSEN Lenny 717 Patterson Ave Franklin Square JV Soccer Letter Jumor Councll Chemistry Club Photography C ub RDNALD J ROMAND 882 Dogwood Ave Franklin Square Tennns Club Basketball Club R fle C Tennls Varslty Letter ap tam s Letter MAUELINE NAVUNNE ROSEN Maddy 851 N Fletcher Ave Valley Stream Cadet Clrculatuon Staffhead Spanish Natnonal Honor Soclety Mistress of Ceremomes Junior and Senior Coun clls Representatrve The Red Key Publlclty Skit CoCharrman Arsenic and Old Lace Publlclty Charrman Trlal by Moonlight Publlclty Co Chalr man Crier Crrculatlon News Feature Staffs Junlor Prom Program Com mlttee Co Chalrman Decoratlons Hockey Manager Basketball Bowl Ing Tennis HlHopes HIY Dramatic P T A Carnlval Junlor Booth Sensor Candy Stand Junlor Nut Sales Chair man Senior Magazine Drlve Spanish Club Tame Out for Gxnger Publrclty Chairman THOMAS ROONEY 1003 Woodcllff Dr Franklxn Square Freshman Baseball Junior Varslty Wrestling BARBARA ROSS Bobby 17 Burt Ct Valley Strean' ery Honor Team Table Tennls Honor Team Dramatlc Club Tame Out for Ginger Publlclty Tickets Volleyball Horseback Rldrng Spanlsh Club Span rsh Newspaper EI Somhrero Yin 49 ' 2 : i lllbg ' , A , C - - " l " Club, Tickets, Publicity: Chorusg Spanlsh Natlonal Honor Socletyg Arch- A I 5 V , a I - .. H g V V .- 7 . z . V I G E 5 Q - 'V g . . , i ,N , V .. V . 2 1 5 , F A , - V E r 7 r I r H V .J i ROSEMARIE RUTACH 579 W Merrlck Rd Valley Stream Archery 1 3 CARL SALVATO Chuck 96 Fletcher Ave Valley Stream Rlfle Club Mechanlcal Drawing Club 50 SANDRA L RUTHMAN Sandy 61 Rlvlera Ct Malverne JOAN SAMBOV Wayslde School Valley Stream Volleyball Archery Softball Roller Skating Publlclty for Sensor One Act Play Contest, Publlclty for Sensor Play GAIL L RUGE Rug e 60 Morrls Pkwy Valley Stream JV Cheerleadlng Varslty Cheerlead Ing Co Captain Leaders Club Crier Sports Staff Student Council Dra matic Club Hollday Hotel, Basketball Bowllng Tennls Hockey The Red Key Publrclty Chalrman Tnal by Moon Ilght Publlclty Arsenic and Uld Lace Publlclty Hockey Banquet Poem Com mlttee Junior Nut and Broom Sales man Cadet Typlng Staff Jumor Prom Decoration Committee, Leaders Club Dance Decoratlon Committee JUSEPHINE S SAPIU oan 258 Meyer Ave Valley Stream Hockey Basketball Softball Volley ball Sophomore Councll Representa tlve Sensor Representative Junlor Prom Decoratlon Magazine Commlt tee The Red Key Publlclty Ticket Commlttee Arsenic and Old Lace, Pub llclty Tlcket Committee Dramatic Club Tlcket Commlttee Llbrary Club Cadet Advertising Junior Nuts BARBARA J RUSSER Barb 14 Cluett Rd Valley Stream Concert Band Marchlng Band Frlend shlp HIY Treasurer Service Club Ll brary Club Club Bowllng Manager Hockey Cadet Clrculatlon Volley ball Basketball Archery ROBERT G SARANIERO Sara 208 Ash St Valley Stream Junlor Varslty Basketball Junlor Var slty Baseball Varsnty Baseball Var slty Basketball Jumor Homeroom e resentatlve Cross Country -, , l Q . - I - l : : - .. D .. : . : - 9 , : - ., l . . ' 7 . . 5 - . l . . I .. ,. , , . . . -Y I 9 . F 9 s : . . - p - . z . 2 l - . ., , - , : l s l . . I , , nj H -. s 9 : - 9 , - - 9 9 . . . .. , 9 . . Jo . ., -. T . 1 Q - 9 U 7' . , . . 4 . , 9 1 1 . 2 1 : - " 5 ' l : : z R D 9 - . 9 : rl ROV E SASIAIJEK 304 Arkansas Dr Valley Stream Photography Club Co Drrector Beta The a Nu HIY Rifle Club BRENDA M SCHNEIDER Bren 122 Boden Ave Valley Stream Softball Bowling Basketball Trckets Dramatrc Club Lrbrary Club Volley ball Roller Skatlng Hockey f' K p BARBARA A SCALA Barb 73 Putnam Ave Valley Stream Hockey Bowlrng Basketball Soltball Crrer News Feature Edrtorral Dra matrc Club Hnlrday Hotel Trcket rcrty Red Key Skrt Trra Moonlrght Skrt Art Committee Charr man of Trral by Moonlight Arsenn: and Old Lace Cast Trme Out for Grnger Ca .lunror Councrl lunnor Prom Publrcrty lunror Nut Salesman PTA Carnrval Jumor Booth Worker FRANCES 1 SCHROEDER Fran 14 Flower Rd Valley Stream Dramatic Club Makeup Drvrsron Pub crty Lubrary Club Junior Prom Deco ratrons German Club Archery Ten nrs Softball Roller Skatrng Basket ball Chemistry Club Program Rep resentatrve Trme Dut for Ginger Trckets Arsenrc and Old Lace Trckets Hr Y Harmony Booster Club CHARLES SCHAEFER 171 E Hawthorne St Valley Stream IDSEPH D SCHUCK oe 21 Keller St Valley Stream Varsity Football Varsity Wrestllng Varsrty Track Sophomore Councrl In terclass Basketball lnterclass Wres tllng lnterclass Track 01: 'F ALAN 8 SCHNEIBERG 300 Blxley Heath Lynbrook Varsity Soccer JV Soccer Club Soc cer Chemlstry Club Rho Delta Sigma HI Y JULIA A SCNULTZ 19 White St Valley Stream oc ey B ketball Bowlrng 0 Dr matlc b Pubrclty and Tlckets Arsenrc and Old Lace Trckets and Publrcrty wr '27 51 A JOSEPH SCIACCA oe ,fi it vs! JOYCE R A SCUTT Scotty 54 Pershlng Ave Valley Stream Hockey Bowling Basketball Volley ball Cadet Art Staff Commerclal Art Club Physlcs Club Chemlstry Club Math Club Dramatlc Club Hu Hopes 772 Franklrn Ave Valley Stream HI Y DOROTHY! SHEIRS Dottle 8 Blrch La Valley Stream matrc Club The Red Key Publlcaty Sophomore Councll Arsenrc and Old Lace Publrcrty Junlor Councll 5"ll 5 WILMA M SHERIDAN W 116 Roosevelt Ave Valley Stream Bow Ing Tennls Table Tennls Soft ball Roller Skatlng Chorus Basket ball Library Club Twlrllng 01 if? 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Valley SUSBTTI 9 Satterle Ave Valley Stream Skating Horseback Rldrng FRANCINE STEVE WILDMAN Fran 30 Milburn Rd Valley Stream lunror Council Representative Trral hy Moonlight Publrcrty Tickets Jun lor Skrt Crrer Crrculatron Staff Ar senrc and Old Lace Publrcrty Trcket lunror Prom Program Committee Dec oratlons Dramatrc Club Actrng Drvx sron Spanrsh Club Tennrs Hockey League Bowlrng Basketball JUHNJ WROBLEWSKI Jumbo 123 Prlgrlm Pl Valley Stream Varsrty Softball Varsity Track IV Cross Country Spanish Club ' Q a- ' ' ff' Dramatic Club, Tickets. Make-upg Arch- all 'K WILLIAM I YELLAND W 884 N Corona Ave Valley Stream Cross Country CHARLES E ZBIJRAY Charlre 48 Oceanvrew Ave Valley Stream Varsrty Football Varslty Wrestlrng Varsity Track PHYLLIS A YOUNG 235 Fletcher Ave Valley Stream Crler Staff Senlor Council Dramatlc Club Make up Dlvlslon Lrbrary Club Marchlng Band Concert Band Trral hy Moonlrght Cast Chorus Hockey Vol leyball Basketball Tennis Bowllng Archery Softball Prom Flower Com mrttee Play Selectron Committee Natlonal Honor Socrety LESLIE ZENNA es 88 Molyneaux Rd Valley Stream Varsity Football The Red Key Ilollday Hotel JV Wrestlrng 4'-"' JOSEPH ZABATTA Pepe IV Football lnterclass Track Sopho more and lunlor Councils Red Key Publlcrty and Tlckets Trral by Moon lrght Publlclty Tickets Props Arsenic and Old Lace Publlcrty Tlckets Ca det Crrculatlon and Advertuslng Staffs lumor Nuts Sophomore Penculs and Books lunror Prom Decoratrons Sen lor Play Publlclty and Tickets ne Act Play Publrclty and Trckets LOUISE D ZIMMERMANN 43 W Valley Stream Blvd Valley Str Marchung Band Concert Band ar mony HIY Secretary Hockey Arch ery Bowling Volleyball x Cl" ,fa ANN E ZAUNER Annle 171 E Oxford St Valley Str m RITA M ZUNDEL 76 Roeckel Ave Valley Stream Marching Band Servlce Club Llbrary Club Roller Skatlng Volleyball 59 tx , , , I , xo A .. iw. V . ,L f V yi . . . ? .' Z VH ' K A ' I 9 E I H ' 10 E. Mineola Ave., valley Stream Es . ' S ' S . .' . 3 ' A- .. .. ea . -V . I' , 5 ' H ' V I f' Ei 5 , A I P' ' . V 57 , GIUIA 31 N. Waldingel St., Valley Stream I' IIASS 0l' l9n 0'l'lIl'll Wll'.Nllll4llS 0l' ANTHONY AREND IOHN BREHM WILLIAM BURNS FRANK CLARKE PHILIP CRUWLEY RICHARD DIGIACDMD MELVIN HARRIS JOHN MCDERMDTT HOWARD MELNICK CHARLES PALLATERRI EDWARD 'CULLY WILLIAM WEEKS ARTHUR WIENER JOHN ZINN 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 D A A 1 L I JA A, s 'E DIES W IIIGIIT llflllg the past three wear- 'Hrs Wl'lf'llt las coun-clecl lls lll the Cll00Nlll" of our curruulnm, .nm lls It 0 our 1 :eine , .nu lll pl.n1n1ng of our futures In our senior wear lt was her task to help each member of our class come to tl dCCl'sl0ll about ttllxllln the next step ln lns hfe, collcffe or .1 career We sincerely .lpprecmtc the kindly and helpful guulance she has gnen ns .Incl hope the results reflected ln our lives will prove worthy of her time and effort. 62 'l'lll'0DOIlF SIIULL 'lheodore Shull teacher of chemistry and physics and chairman of the Science Department at Central H1g.,h School ln Valley Stream for the past 24 years died on Sunday December 18 1955 He retired from the teaching, professlon this past October because of 1ll health Born ln Garden City Kansas he graduated from Hutclnnson High School Hutchinson Kansas He received hlS A B degree from Southwestern follege Winfield Kansas and received his M A degree from Syracuse University ln 1931 During the past quarter century Mr Shull inspired many boys and g,1rls to continue tl1e1r education ln the field of science education and many of his chemistry and physics students achieved great success bv following his wise counsehng and guldance Above all he galned and held the respect of his co workers throughout hls years of sclence teaching, Not belng, a person to confine his experience dbllllV and leadership to the puplls ln lllgll school he always was lIlSll'UIll6Il1dl lll promoting, greater profes slonal splrlt among sclence teachers ln Long Island and ln New York State He helped to organize the first Nassau lounty Science leachers Association ln the In 1938 he was elected president of the lN Y S S T A and served in that capacity Wllll a great deal of professional pride H1s SCICIIIIHC mterests led him to become a member of both the Chemistry Club and Physics Club of New York Clty He served as treasurer of the Chemlstry Club of New York City III 1950 51 and secretary III 19o152 He was well known among the trulv professional science teachers of our natlon all because of his Wl1llIlgIlCSS to serve them to the best of 111s capacity Mr Shull dld not llmlt his actlvltles and leadership to the field of science as his mterest and unfaltermg faith ln boys led him to ysork in the Boy Scout Organization of Nassau County For 17 years he seryed as the Southwestern Nassau DlStFlCt Committee Chairman for the Boy Scouts of America lt IS for these lnvaluable services rendered to hrs puplls as a teacher his co workers as an untlrlng leader and to his community as an eyer willing c1t1Len that the name of Theodore Shull will long, be rey ered not only by the youth of Walley Stream but by school authorlties and parents alike 1 1 5 1 v . 1 1 ' 1 ' 5 , , ' ,- ' ' . . ' 9 . I , . I . . . I , q I I A t 4 N. . . 1 1 1 9 I 1 1 I 9 ' , . ' ' . . 1 , . I I . . I I I . I I . II I I . , 1 4 I -1 . . I I . . I . I . . II . I . I . I I . . II I I . . . . I I I . I . . I I I II Y 1. 1 ' l 1 5 1 5 w 1 I 1 1 v N 1 A 4 1 - - . . . . ,Q , . . . , . . I . , , .. . , early 301s and was a Long Island director of the N.Y.S.S.'I'.A. for many years. Y . I I I I . I . I .... . . . . . , .. I I . . II . Iv Y -. II . I II I . v ' " - ' . ' I . I . . . I U l 1 - v. - w v . . I. . . II I I .I I . . I . . II I I I I I. . . .I I 1 ' 1 1 1 .1 .' .1 SENIOIXS 3 x Q 5 x S x -I E S E E E E S E S E P . I 2 - 2 Q E I N 5 E 3 E N Q N 5 N E s B 10 NW In ll In Xl X YI m m mx x . . . Q ""uulmv' -. Xu-X' X ' ll.fmu...- X X Q '--umv,pn'l " X. 'u""lTHm-rv-' ' '1 H UN VHF WI VN K HN- ---.,..mnnuw X , V "lmmmII!' ' Ar , .xl A H N . 4? ,qligf 'ig , ,F is 9, . .gag 'iff' Q dy: fn Q- , , ,- JQ'few-'53lg??"!:Ni3S5.i1 f' ,5"'1i 5' -xr - Ib 3 .lplfQZ?f - 4553 2?+f2if'?3i 5' sl . ,Pg ,V .. A ,," ,V , gf, H . , ,,. , ,.g.w,k -., QA! ,E 2 , Q Swv ' +1 . 31? ff ' 4 if 4' A 5 55 -, - 2 .Ne Ag X44 747,41 A E V' ff" ,. , H M .,, Q , 'f ?f 1 ' ,g yukl ig , S 1 . ,fa A-W: QW' .235 x .im I lhe highlight of our Junior wear was thc prom Spring l'antas1a, helrl lt tht fvarclen lltx llotrl W ltll such an ethereal theme we rlancell Ill the gl t ter of three thousand whlte rerl, and pmlt rose-, macle hw mans llHlllSlI'l0llS and wllhng hands Su eral months of planning and hanl work ru-ulte tl lll a Illgllt of fantasx and memorable enjoyment In the fielll of sports, memhe rx of our ala-N we rs oftxn Ill the lllll9ll"lll, for along with ffooql w orlu re our-. was a cl 1-A of fmt at 1 cies W hat 1 entra fur wlll exer forget the -prlng anml autumn afternoon- ll le cn fl n 1' nu tlown tn -no - 1 or t ll tl nc rent Nl llll' lt rw ho lr-1 it Jadtetball and baseball games mtl w rest lllt' matches rl hongh uetorx came often, our how were 1 1 to lllttl It mat wlt I t lelr L un u 1 and on N thu 1 Ill ltnow lu-t how harcl that tan be at tlmeb And now as we arc about to leave our hugh school cl tu helunsl us, wt arc grateful to haxe thebe mo nu nt- to rc nu mln r l0lH Sl+NIOIl I 0l Nl ll lhe hub around which the hfe and dCllVlly of the Class of 56 has revolved IS the Semor QOUHCII Its twentv tour lldI'llWOI'klIlg1 home room representatives have met Wllll the four class officers and the class spon sor, Mrs hnglert, once each week to solve the class problems and plan the pohcv of the semor vear Anv re gular attendcrs vslll lonff rt member the fervor and dlhffence vslth which the SCIIIOI' l ouncll has oper ated Numerous JCIIVIIW chalrmen have been elected to head COIIIIIIIUCCQ, which have fLlllCIl0ll8fl qulle success fully ln selhnff magazines, hats, buttons, and candv Sponsored bv the t0UIlCll was an AdoptAFam1lv Lommlttee, wh1cl1 collected clotlung and toys to glVC as Chrlstmas presents to a needy fdmlly IH the com Illlllllly A comnnttee to make plans for Senior Day was lllltldled bv the f0llIlCll alonff Wllll the formatlon of 5emor Dmner ,, 0 QA If committees for the ever popular SCIIIOI' Hats and the It was through the WOI'k1llf" of 11S councll that the Semor Class planned and presented a dance for the mem bers of the Semor Hlgh 'lhe councll came together m September with a common motlve to work dlhgentlv ln the best lnterests of the Class of 1916 It IS throuffh COOPCFHUOII that a stronff and lastlnff bond of frlendshlp developed one th it wlll serve as a lastlng svmbol of thelr last vear at Lentral Ie t to Rzght ROW 1 L Ulstn I' f of-pfert 0 Nlor t1 K 2 1 k ll 1 Yesl l todfrm Ii N e e ann r mo arm Young Ro 4 n 1 1 1 1 N NI XX lllldlll 1 -X Xl ello L Lang lolvu hron R t olaru 1 1 . 1 f of . ff X 'fff ' ' lO5 G3 l ' l 1 I I . ' 1 1 . v' v f I 1 ' h - ' ' ' I . 1 .1 ' . X r ' ' - , ,K 7 . . . K. . . . . I I . l . . . .- ' ' ' I 1 , ' , 2 , , ' if A fc 1 ff ,- . - . . ., . , . gif WX 4- r v . W I 4 - - . I v X, . . . '. 1 . . ' ff "W . . .I 'v I . 1- . ' . . N Y - i L. . l 1 1 l F l . ' A 1 1 1 f - a F . ' C, ' C ' ' I. ' ' ' ' . , i ' 2 . ,U 3 V ' . l, I - l Y ,, tx l 5 , ,f ' , ' : '. - , '. Q - , . . i ' 1 ROY' ' : Q. Cir , .l. '.a rattu, Q. ' e y, '. Q Q, . .1 y r, R. Caggi' , Nl. lic- t' , J. F' -llg ROW 3: P. , NI. sl , 5. llolli-ter, li. lllllnnini 1, . are, J. I' - sol, , . : 1 , . ' , P. ' I ' , . I ' llf. Best Dressed MAUREEN MALESK and BOB ANDERSON P0l'l'l,AllI'l'H Most Popular F? , as GAIL LUNGENECKER and FRANK SPIZUOCO Be-stA1l1Iete JILL TATE and RALPH BRLNU n 6' Be-st Looking IAA l',.' J ,695 l'0N'l'l'IS'I' NIAIJY ANGRISANU and RICHIE SPHRU 4' Helpe1lSch0ol Most ,f IRA CULVLD "C, ' and PAT NIALLUXICH 'Q Wvillie-fl x ,KX 4,1 -S Most Likvlj to SllCl'l'P4l IRA COULD and PAT MALLUNEH 'Host N ersatlle FAIL l0NFhNl1l KILR .md XXII I lh INC Uf LIA I cxlllou MAlJl'll.lNl'I ANI SANU ' I .IAMFS U-XY.-XY.Xl L l EJ' W,,,.,..M-f , Left to Right, FRONT ROXX : Mr. Volper, Mr. Smollen, Mrs. Bowers, Hr. Enders, illr. Shelton: SECOND ROW: Miss Repp, Mr. Loew, Mr. Tartikoff, Mr. Collins, Mr. Udall, Mr. Iii-ll, Mr. Ken- nedy, Mr. Frome r. THE BOAllll 0F Elll'CATl0N On the second Tuesday of each month the nine members of the Board of Education meet to fulfill their many and important duties. Of course, their work does not end with this monthly meeting, for many times committee meetings are called, depend- ing on the present business. The responsibility of conducting the public edu- cation of grades seven through twelve in Valley Stream is placed by law on these nine people. They must also construct a budget which incorporates the expenses of school supplies, the maintenance of the school grounds, any major improvements in build- ing, and they also engage the school staff. The present board is composed of eight men and one woman, each elected by the people through his own district, to serve a three-year term. The president is elected at the organization meeting held on July first, and serves one year, but may be re-elected. These important people are average citizens of our town, representing the housewife, the business- man, store manager, an engineer. a telephone worker, and a former New York City supervisor of schools. All devote much of their precious time as civic workers, without salary. The completion of the two new high schools was a five and one-half million dollar responsibility that the board successfully undertook. Each year they prepare a completely new budget for the coming year. We see then, some of us for the first time. how unselfishly these people donate their time and energies with the satisfaction ot' knowing they are helping Talley Stream and improving the educa- tional system for all children of the community. "vw,-we"x Aww. 'Jada' 71 "":..'-1 will -lr -159' Mr Ixurfesb Mr Ixeller Mn Y .111 W11I1I1.r lr1n11p.1l Xssl tant Pr1n11p11I I lll'I'I1 11I11n1 I 11or1I1n11tor 111e 1 1 p1rtn1ent -t0r1 1 lINlll r o .1 1' cI1 llll dIltI therefore In-' Illhlllt 11, -0 1- l I' N IIRAL part 0 t I9 I111' 111-1111 NN 1I1 1111 of I 111tr 1I II1 'Il 5lIl00I IJISIFILI 1 1 w1t 1 lt four N1I10o N 011111 1I In the more tl 1 lt nel. Ielrbt, we I1111 1 Ho1r1I of IIIFCQIOFN for 011r CIlallll lll tI11 form of tI11 Bo1r1I oI I'1I111 lIl0ll w1tI1 II lIldlI'Illdll of IIIL Bo1r1I, 511r1t1rx Ir1 1s11r1r, .1n1I 0tI1er officerb Of course, 1 cI11ef 1x1111t1x1 oII111r or I resldent of the Clllll IN 11e1e--1r1 I'0r tI11s tXllIlIl' Job we take our I111t1 off to our H1111 1I D1 tr11t I fllllllb 1I 'Hr R1cI1.1r1I M L1IlII IIIII Illf efI1111 III t1fT of IJINIYILI IO0I'dllldI0l'S Uur OVNII CILNIR-XI 0f10ur-1 1 the kex allIJSld1d1'Y of tI1e 1I1 llll 1llNI MQ I1111 our own HIIlllIllNIl'dIlWC orgdnl ZJIIOIIN II1e Irebulent ' N11111 0tI11r IIIdll Wlr l'LlIMdl'd ,I Ixurfew LI' NTRAL 5 own pI'lllLlpdI who sk1IIf11IIw han 1IIe 21 IIIONI exactlnff t112I1 XWIIIIF' 1111111.w1111f to retaln Ins -en-e of I111111or 1n1I IIIIOIIIIJ A I'1r-t Y ICC Pre511Ient, we IIAWC been fortunate to Imxe 0116 of L LNTRAL N moet popular former teachers Wlr H Bertram IxeIIer, 11- our new Analitant PI'lllClpHI 11 "C'IlII9llldll IJeIo1e1I In IIIUIINIIHIN of Central 11Iun1n1 A Second X100 I FCQIIIPIII Gurelw lll tI1e person of Nlr- DorotI1x Nan VI1cI1I1r 1 IILNIR-XLS own Co OI'lIlIldI0l' of lUI'l'1CllIlllll .1111I Ie.1cI11111f whose Job IS to 111 1111t 1111 1111 llllpflltf N 1Ire 11 1 11-'Il eta lf 1r1 AIIDIINISTII QTIUN 'Hr U1I1II 511111 ru mg. I r1111 1p11I of tI11 IIIBIFI1 I -1 1 If H , , 9' . ' 5- I . 'I : x 1 1 I I I , ,I SfkSME','vQv:IiQI::??III ' I ' I I I 'f', I , 'If , i 1 'x 1 ' .' . I ',. ' .' . I ', I - , Si ' 1 Ie 1 .' 1 's 5 1lly p11 t f ' bi, f I 'PI ' 1' I' 1 Q, " N1. . " I 's 5 1 I: ' - I' 1 I LII , Y 50,000 taxpayers an1I resi1I1-nts.'s Iook at wI111t makes ' ' ' 1. ' I 9- I I I . I II . I. . S I I. I 2 1 11 11: - - '. 5 i ' , . ' V, '., 1 I 1' .' ' -51 " 1, ' , N . . , '. '. ' . 3 ' ,' 1 ' . . I. 1 5 1 , . . , . I V . I . . . . . . 1 , g 1 1 . 1 . 1 1 s 1 5 1 . ' . - I .--V1 . .. .I ' 'rr 'I' ' I I. I II I II I I . .I I . I I .I , III I II. I .S I . I. I I I . II I S : 'I I" I M I I I I F' I' q Q 1 1 . ? I 11. " I " If we I I I 5 ' ' r I I I I f I: I I II.I . . I I I ' Z. ' ' I' fl : I ' '. N, Y. I , . ., I . I II II .I .. I I I .S Ie I ,IW I I . I , . III , 1' 1' 1 I ' '1 III'IN'I'RAI.'.'1 1 II' I 'P .11 I- 1 Is. If ilu r you 1 lg r 1 rcls lncrutu nn ta nw find Qxactlw what sou nef- partment Here at sour fingertlps Ile- .1 llbrars of lll IWICL JTC d QLFOIIP of IDCOIJIL IHOP? p xou vutll .ms number of 1l1fTkult1e2 xou must lron out ffnulv counselor- -enretdrlw I , , .un NOLlIl0lldl worker-. haw l0YlIbllNll to form one of the most 1 I Sbilllld 411 pdrtmfnts ln our NLIIOOI our 1 problem, sou Ml cl lll lfnlral frllllldlltt De formation .nt your be than Wllllllg., to hel ful IDANLI' Mrs W rlgllt Mr IFVIIIC Senior Advisor Ihalrman of buldame Department Sophomore Adw nsor and U9 I gal 'V' 4-nl f Mr Owen I,lSlI'l4l' oorillnalor of I upll I e rsonm l Sn rx Ili M135 Anne Braascll Jumor Min or MISS Laune Senior -Xdusor lg f' --Af 'wr d-nq.4n an VF UI-IIINI X Qn Vllsi Mnlu rman mn-nslup l'1lm.1tmn I In nal Lduaatlon l'IlglI5ll hiv' "1""!f' 3.-' 'Hr Ilurdnk Retailing 'Ulu M4 rv fl lan udp lurm Ur Hrooknvr lil s lwl Alldlij Y1 ua Ylr Hurlun 'Nlusn -hds Nh sl .nuglnrdn NIdlll1llldlIlS l gm- 1' I 'Sir xlIgllSlIl'IP mn HGIIID l' duration AIILTH N115 I happell l'lIgll5ll1hdlI'lll3Il 53 ICN Il Wllisl llrl man HUGIIIQ 5 lwlum .mon l'41lI Y r Darling lndu trial Xrlii lldlfllldn "K I ' rfb 'hw 'RN qua-4 3 Xlr 4 oppnla 1 0 I Nh 10:4 PHE 1 ll r lndu lrlal An Wlr llduln r lndu trial -ir! W :wi umm: nw lzngllsll 'Wlr llarv Business haluratmn 4 lldlfllldll tbl 'Uv W4 Wir llklna Wir l,9xllld llrallll xldlllfllldllis 55.1- 'Tv' 1 s D11 :rolamo N115 lluliols 'Ur link lnmlu trial Xrl 'Ur Porlundtu Spu'1.1lLrlu1dl1on Hr l"I'dllI'lS 'Nlr f olcllnrg. 1 IIIIQ nihlp hd 1 un .mu S4 lwol Vursm If gy 77 'Uri hugh rl 'Vlr l l'hy5u.1ll'dlu.1llml 1 h.urm.m S- ,Q-gl, .rv 'X Vlr lar? lfilllffi 1 r1 ll: ullh ff Y af f... I Q , ,. 1 4' "' vw-4.-Of if Y gg ME 'Q' ' ,"r " . .. ' '- . Husim-as Etluration ,-'krl Chairman 1:iliZl'llSllilll'1lIlll'1llillIl Musir flllairmun 5 I' Q 5 1 1 7 V I , ' AMQ -1 Nliasl-vn If Q: l Y 3 l rlllllll lluf nslnp l' 4lu4 .mon i1ll'l'Y Nlr Iluth l hennstrx wr QU- - A 'Wir Hansen 'Vinss Henry 'Vlr Hills xl14lldIlHdllll"dWlllg Vlalhenlallrsf halrman Biology Srl:-nu-l llalrmun Nlr lxelfrr erman l1l'lgllQlI 'Nlr llolfman Buslne s Edunmon Nlr Holsapple lyslcdl Ldusanon Wir lxnoerzer NIISS lxorba Izngllsh Buslne s Lrluralmn fww f""'w-. QL H1 Mr, Lyler Nlr NIn'NIullen 'Sir Mantronv I lIlZPIl'ihlp Education I' ngllsh flttzonshtp I' dui .mon 'Hr 'Vlusselman Dru er Tratnlng 'Nlr 'Vlunoz pdnlsh 'Nllss Munro Lngllsh Latln 'Vlr Polnpa 'Vlrs Pinto Spdnlsh Italian 5900411 St 'Vlr Mortlmvr Vldll'lt'Illdlll s IAIILTY r Rte-me-rsma Must: fwx J' 'Vliss Sflllllidl liusina-as l':lIU1'Bli0ll l'Alll'l'1 Yllss Thump on I' llgllbh I? If x Mr. Send:-r Pllysirh Wir Totten -Ugrhra S1 u nu A Mrs. Sivgel Ilumrmaking Ur Slnllman Lngllsh 'Nlrs Tc-no UUSIIIQ' s Ldumllon Nl! s XX elh l'ngllsh Bl'll.lllNIi DlAlN'l'l'lNANl'li I,efI to Right, FRONT: Mr. liamar, Mr. Tartaru: REAR: Mr. Smith, Mr. fi2iIlll'l'iiIlU Mr. Rolruxic, Mr. iiuruve. Mr. Dm-fiirvo Mrs. Uggicr. YAFETEIKIA STAFI' Lefl In Right: Y:-ru Flu 1-ns. Mary Yisiano, lilsii- ixluim-r. Marin- Shvlliy. Joss-piliiw Bir- lrigliu. lfiina I,e-uminl, Rose-lla Slllilll. 4? fl Lef! hu:-, Mrs Mrs Miss i' .EIIIFAL STAFF lo Right, FRONT ROW: Mrs. Dono Mrs. Kraengel, Miss R1-pp, Miss Mourc Brozon, Miss Marrouxg STANDING We-isinger, Mrs. Eiwrs, Mrs. Heinsohn Baker, Miss 501104-il, Mrs. Karp, Mrs Drisc-ull, Mrs. Epping, Miss Byrnes. -1 Qi 9' , -1 A A ,wg ,mf l - f , Q, ,, x fini, R A ,. Q F I ? ,MM fy-3bi'L4fL-f' pil! .MMM fy? xi, f y, 'If 4 W , . 4 V :gl V 1 . 4-fe, zf - I 1 . f V! ,k QQ.: 4. Z Q W9 5 WA Wx Q ? fig, lf ,V,,, Sli. A4 gb A, Q' 1 sig.-.f V i? T, V :El X If -A-,LW Y ff ' .V Q: 'VM Li 'fl 9 Jfav fa f 'Q ' 213,12 ff 11,-M !??irj V' 5 ,mi ,3 f '- V' , - fa.: if " ,sg f W viii 'vzyQ'z i .45 ' f K . ffm if If M 1 .Y . 4, ,L W-, ' cg fy. M I . A Q 4i"""'f , K W ff igw if R -. ' Q K 1,af.g1,1 'WK 4623: ....., q 'Wiki 5 " N1l.lIl rlfupplv Nlr, Nlunlmm- ,qs A LULHII xhrlsldlll1.4lLll'll ' -fa rv l 1 a, c FO0TBALL Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Anthony Doria, Gary Druhl, Joe Shack, Frank Ts:-han, Ralph Bruno. Richard Little-wort, Bob Marshall, George Madison, Richie liasta, lfoach Len Barrett: SECOND ROW: Manager Mortie Kancr, Frank Spizuoco, Anthony Hackney, Mel Meyer, William lngoglia. Richie Spero, Dick Zhoray, Ernie Marino, Coach Dan Mantroncg THIRD ROW: Coach Don Holsapple, George Cowen, Boh Anderson, Les Zenna, John Narciso, Mark Fingeret, Ray Fedynak, Jim Farrell, John Fontana, John Duffy, Pete Donald. The success of a team can be judged in either of two waysg by the number of games won and lost, or by the improvement shown over the previous year. Our 1955 team was successful in both ways. After a very poor 1954 season, our 1955 team bounced back with a very creditable record of six wins and only two losses. We had players of thc calibre of Ralph Bruno who made the All-Scholastic team, and also Bob Marshall, Frank Spizuoco, Rich- ard Spero, and Gary Druhl who received honorable mention. we were well on the way to the Triple A championship and lost out by only one touchdown to Freeport in the deciding game. Credit, in addition to the players, must, of course, go to coaches like Mr. Holsapple, head coach, and his assistants, Mr. Mantrone and Mr. Barrett, who is leaving us after a very enjoyable three-year asso- ciation. In looking to the future, we can only say that if we get the same type of players and coaches next year, Central will be the big star on the Nassau County football horizon. 19.16 FBAPPLFBS The wrestllnv team, coached by Harold Earl and Dannle Nlantrone, was perhaps the schools most successful team this wear Led bw 1ts champlons Howle Mewer, Steve W lute, Dlck Zboras, and .lerrs Seckler the Lrapplers made thelr skill well known throughout the lsland fhe declslve wln over Mepham Hlgll by a score of 24 to 13 was a hlghllght of the season The loss was only the thlrd ln the llrates twentv year record lhe vlctory was spothbhted hw plns by How IC Mew er and Jerry Seckler and declslons by Steve Wlllte, Dlck Zboraw, w71lll6 Ingoglla, John lNarc1so, and Mark Flngeret The success of the team can be dlrectlv accredited to the C0dClllllg staH' Thelr experlence and ll'lldt.,ll'ld t1on are hard to match anywhere naugh R Zhoray F foepfert I Lhoray S White ll Meyer M Taggert ROW 2 W Ingogha F Newman M Flngeret J Farrell F Tschan J Narclso F fasta J Seckler R Casta ROW 3 F Brunjes B Toole J Rnes I Farlsh R lwdynak J Slxuck R Modell R Herman P Donald B Trlchon ROW 4 M Kama P Hadnagy J Cathard R Francavlglla E Sturmer D Rosado T McLloud P Johnson S Adamo Mantrone Assistant Earle Varsity ? l A ' n Y N' . l 1 ,Q Q v v I 1 z:- . '. ' . v , . Y . I v . V v. v ' A 1 J 1' , J .J :Y , V . I ' ' r 1 1 . . . v ' . . . , . . - . I v V. l . v I . U . . ' . 4 T. A- Left to Right, ROW 1: B. Plaia, A. Stanley, D. Pike, J. Cava- , . ' , . I , I. , tl. ' , . L ' , . g : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , , . , . 'a W h . 1 . V , U . , 1 . . ., . . . . , .. , . , . , . , . , . , . 3 : . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , . , ' 1 , 7 ' ' i 5 1 I stil' "' ""i."' ff ? I I I 1 J i un. W'-ar-,ve 4, .Y af VY ,.7,, ww. A '2 , 'YU , . gg, Q 3 ,,,, , As 7 X , .:f, Q if f .xx --.5 HN bv Xiang -NWNN gi X ."""-,V Q Pfl to Right, ROW 1: A. Palnst, ll. liutlil. J. Strong: ROW 2: Wm. B11-tt, J. Grupp, ll. Martin, J. ilonnni, R. Un-yg ROW 3: XX, Marshall, I.. Skutt, VV. xvrrlis, 5. lfullt-n. J. llarris, 5. Nlt'll. Nlr. Young 41-oavht RIFLE Hille- is an e-xtre-nn-ly satisfying sport. ont- which can still ln- vn- joye-cl in latf-r lift-. Not just anyone- Can ln- a gooil I'llll'llllIll. Tha- ilvvvs- sitic-s arm- gooil vision. a strong arm. ancl 4-spt-vially Sl0lllllllf'SS. Un tln- whole this yt-ar's team has gooil prosps-1-ts, unfortunately only onc- Yarsity lettc-rlnan is rc-turning. hut the 1-xpe-ric-ncecl junior Varsity rillf-nn-n will fill the- yan-ancif-s. Nlr. Stillman is this ye-ar's coach. rc-- placing Nlr. lxlllSSE'llllllll, the- rf-tirc-ll coach of last yt-ar's 4-hannpionship te-am. Cross Country is a grueling sport, su- pervise-cl hy Coach Dwight Young. This sport is one which truly conrlitions a fellow. The entire- 4-ross country tr-am must practice mlaily to gain thc- throe- vssf-ntials of a runns-r: winil, spirit anal spec-il. The- tinn- spa-nt at this sport is lN'llt'Fll'illl to thx- runnc-rss physical he-alth as wt-ll as to his character. lic-ntral fin- ish:-4l this yt-ar with a fair rt-1-oril of 2 and 5. Alt:-r 17 years of coaching with sov- eral brilliant years, Coach Dwight Young is rc-tiring this year. He has bee-n a finc- coach as all Central cross country run- nc-rs know. CRUSS 1'-0lfN'l'llY Left to Right, ROW l: l'. Kirnnnse, ll, Mille-r, H. Blovk, lil. Gonzales, U. Kingg ROW 9 J. Brunrn-r, Manager. A. Vt illh-r, J. Eyans, M. Goldberg, R. Gordon, Mr. Stillman. Haus, . . ..,..l, .... .. -?fM.f. smwuso voslnon A SIG!!! AlUUSlHtll . 5,H,,,,3 ,o,,,,0,, 2 iff- ' va 7- o 0 , -w:?'fm!i?.vfi , lt' RULIS L mm mu, vuur ka L-7 ww n-Q x :thi nl 'mv nk , all i ' Htlhlllv UOSHWN f Left to Right, ROW 1: T. Grieves, J. McDermott, R. Casta, R. Zhoray, A. Christy, B. Neldell ROW 2: G. Madison, M. Meyer, L. Gold, R. Baker, E. Marino, D. Pike, R. Doong ROW 3 Mr. Irvine, Coach, I. Drayton, D. Boyston, R. Coerke, J. Harris, R. Miranda, R. Krieg, L Skutt C. Errera, V. Bliden, J. Crulf, R. Marshall, W. Blett, J. Sc-huck, S. DeSano, W. Emery, P Spina R. Kerning, Mr. Sender, Asst. T ll A C K Of all the sports that Central has to offer, track, by far, is the most diversified, presenting events varying from a sprint to a mile run and from a pole vault to a discus throw. Mr. Irvine and his hurdlers and Mr. Seader and his hurlers do a fine job. The track squad this year promises to be one of the formidable contenders for suprem- acy of the cinders. This year winter track was added to the Central sports activities to enable the squad to get into top condition for the coming spring meets. 0' We ,Q xslliisuf H 5 Left to Right, BACK ROW: B. Marshall, J. Harris, 1. Taddiken, F. Dierking, B. Kerzner. tl. Clrk, ll. 5weenev, Mr. Grahamg FRUNT ROW: tl. lloffnnann, li. Saraniero, ll, Bruno, li. tlroke. 11. Mark:-r,.E. Dauenheinierz FRONT: ll, Barshatsky. B A S K E T B A L L Linder the experienced guidance of Coach Eddie Graham. lientralis 1955-19511 basketball team coni- pleted an exceptionally good season by bettering the previous year's record of 4 wins and 12 losses. The height which Central lacked last season was regained this year in sophomore john Taddikeii. NS". and junior lfritz llierlxing. 6'-ln. With field marshals Ralph Bruno. Bob Marshall. jay Harris. Bob Saraniero. Bob lierzner, Chris Sweeney. and a strong bench, the lientral hoopsters were one of the fastest and best shooting teams in the Triple A league. Une of Central's typical games was played against Lawrence High. Paved by llarris with 23 points and Saraniero with 23 points, the Streamers tools a 7-1--02 victory over the hustling Xisitors. .-hr ' , 14' -' f nw . ,iY5'ff. , f, -Aw' M-N Q .,7' ' .fjw L, 14 '5'P-gan. V 1 i S 1 ,V 'W-M ..Qf,6'-"Q ,, 9 I , ij? - ill' y Ki fv . ' .ved aw 8 - 1, ,,. J Www ,ww 'Eh ' -' A -4-.f'1fM,-w. "' .. My "AW, -., - Y V -5. ' Q... ww-. ? -Q4 , .... , - Maw- - MM - ln' my mf g H - ., X , Q. A 6 . twig' Us l N gxfl' "'N'N?L3+-f va H' Q if , . 7 J, fwfr. , .9.-., 4 W 0 Q 7 L Q' , 8 -Hg Left to Right, ROW l: M. Kania, I". Spizuoco, R. Bruno J. Narviso R. Saranic ro R. But-kman D. Bershatkyg ROW 2: C. Ile-rman, J. Havern, S. Davis C. Sheehan J. We-st S. Metz Nl. johnson C. Sweeney, P. Donaldg ROW 3: C, Marker, C. M1-Evilly, 1. Fontana, J. .lat-aruso, li. Thaler R. Totten, C. Hoffman, E. Johansmeyer, R. Inzenna C, Cowan, Mr. Graham BASEBALL Throughout the nation baseball is ushered in with the first warm days of Spring, and so it is at Central. As in the past the Cadet is published before the baseball sea son beginsg we are therefore limited to making predictions. Coach Ed Graham has a veteran club with seven returning lettermen. With the help of some promising ,I.Y. players he should have a strong team. Coach Graham points out, however, his one weakness in the pitching department. He needs several other pitchers in order to round out his staff. Last yearis team finished in third place in league play. Stand- outs during the season were juniors Ralph Bruno and Chris Sweeney and seniors Nick Clarelli and Mike Monks. On paper Coach Graham has a strong title contender, and with some breaks and good pitching his team should get on top. BIIWLING This year, as in most years, Cen- tral prollucecl a goocl all-rountl team that finisheul high in the stantlings in their league. Many plautlits shoultl he extenrlccl for the great assistance given the bowlers by Nlr. Dare. who teaches the varsity anal junior varsity teams, and Mr. Hills, who instructs the intramural league. Left to Right, FRONT ROW: Y. Bliden, O. Nlchlvilly, R. Simon: BACK ROW: R. O'Conn0r, S. San- zone, Wi, O'Neill, J. Sheihlich. gl -his il 21 BOYS' TENNIS Mr, Mortimer's racketeers are aiming to steal the 1956 tennis championship. Tennis has been long trying to compete with the other spring sports, track and base- ball. Under the watchful eyes of an excellent and experienced coach, and also with the help of four re- turning letter-men, the Streamers hope to better last year's 7-1 recorcl. Left to Right, FRONT ROW: R. Romano: SECOND ROW: Mr. Mor- timer, W. Jack, W. Price, R. Ash- ton: THIRD ROW: P. Kermmse, ll. Hamann, B. Ahash, J. Cerrone. XX-lll'll finally 4-lmsv . I. li A Il li ll S A 1 l.e-zulu-rs f.luln,1m orgaulixantiml con-ifling of girls from nll lllI'f'Q' cluwws. pluyf an imlmrlamt rule- in utllla-tim' nvlixiliw Mlllllll 111-niral lligln Sfllllf . ssisling in tllc' illSlI'lll'llUll nl' gym clu-svf. tln- girlf rpm:- or klllllllill llllIll'l'h anal ure- H'rlHlllSllDIl' for elm-signing lun!- llalll zuul llalwlxvtllalll lDl'0gLl'1llllr. Ii1'SHlllSlllllilN. I'f'hN'l'l.illl1l l1'il1l1'Y5lll 1 alan llll im mr l . I l I . l nrt m ilu lllc nl an l.1-aule-r. mlm ls1.H'llllllX :la 1 h nl lunlla ' ' Q . by vlusslllalta-s. lln- l.4-mln-rs l.Ullll1'll., mul ilu- luvullx Il .ln I. Pl ullul llu lmnm ul um ll Q 1 s u-1 x 1 xslllla pm ull lln' nrnrlx ul 1 Il"lll1I lllfl 1 ' ' ' 5 . 4 4 . K 'l'llc- anim of mann an girl in lll'lllI'ill lllf'IlllN'Y'rlllIl in l.:-aulvrs Klub llll'I'llr lln' f1'hlH'l'l 0l'1'Nt'I'flllli'. JillTul1- Lvft to Right, BACK RUXX : P. Ifulvp. 74. llulliflvr. U. I.0!lgt'lll"1'kA'I'. I., Fkukun. P.. Sturkv, 5. Lam NIIIJIJLE ROW: Nl. Hrvim-r, X. .Xln-llo, .l. Ylulrivk, fi. Rug:-, NI. Xngriruno, .l. Fi:-glrr. lf. Usulli. J. YN illiamsonz FRONT RUXK : li. H0541-, P. Young. L. Lang. li. Uppe-lt, J. Tun-, li. Lyon. N. l"ru man, 5. Nlilvs, J. Lilllll. X. ,Q l N KK X M J . K fp.. Ov Afx -.. I ,L,. I . Tv QDL ,aff B ? Q f A 1, . 1 . of I Io Right ROW I Il UI son I' li6lllll'IllIl'll1'l', ll. Howe: ROXX 22: .L Sflllllll, Rory I r r, e lf r, A. Berg: ROW 3: l. Nlaurin, P. Portney, K C ldIlIllHl,v Lederhloni A Kino NI Thomas J Skokan, H. Binder. WSG 'mkm on J I' N I 0 Il L E A ID E ll S At present there are nineteen junior girls in Miss Sinkinsoifs Junior Leaders' Club. ln addi- tion to assisting in gym classes. they carry on sales campaigns to procure the necessary funds for the annual trip to Sagamore at the close of their senior year. As a farewell gesture to this year's seniors, the junior leaders are planning a heaeli party to he held at Jones Beach before school closes for the summer. From the junior leaders are chosen the future ofiieers of the Leads-rs' llluh. ll0I'KEY ll0NOR TEADI t Here's to the girls with a goal in life. Assisting them in reaching this goal was Miss Sinkinson, who coached them in the intricate skills of hockey. The Hockey Honor team revealed its athletic proficiency at Adelphi College, where it tied for first place in competition with nine Long Island schools. Because of this achievement, the girls were invited to participate in the Salisbury Honor Day, usually restricted to private schools. At this event the Honor team nclnie-ved further success by again tying for first place. Left to Right: R. Fatsvher, H. Binder, J. Williamson, S. Elliott J. Young, A. Rose, S. Hollister, M. Angrisano, A. Alu-llo B. Boyce, M. Breiner, B. Sewall, A. Berg, J. Skokan, A. Rino A. Schultz. Not in the picture: Maureen McCoy. ln the winter a young girl's fancy, especially if she attcnrls Central, turns to thoughts of basketball. This increasingly popular sport has cap- turctl the heart of many a young fc- male. therefore enabling Central to procluce a strong, eflicient team. For a number of years they have reignetl "tops" in tournaments. Although much ofthe time is spent in gooel-naturefl fun,worlx is seriously regartletl ancl competition quickly reaches a climax. Games with xarious schools are schetlulecl, anal at thc cntl of each season, interclass matches take place providing mounting tension throughout school. Left to Right, ROW l: J. Tate, .l, Stow-r, S. Elliott, H. Binder, J. Williamson, NI. Angrisano, V, tfeclerlflom, K. Schultzg RUW 2: E. llcrny, J. Skokan, A. Rino, X. llcrg. J. Zahatta, li. Lyon. Nl. lxlcin. Nl. Thomas. If. Uppclt. TABLE TENNIS During the winter months the ten- nis champions and their advocates obtain the opportunity to rlisplay their talents, but on a miniature scale known as Table Tennis. Meeting after school each iliuestlay, Miss Allen fli- rccts their attention anfl techniques to this skillful extra curricular activ- ity. Here each set ol' girls hattles it out until one scores the sullicicnt amount of points to win thc match. BASKETBALL Left lo Right: L. Katz, tl, tlhristianscn, li. Litlauer. ll. Miles, 12. Nlarconc. Lefl to Right: J. Sleyin, Y. llees. J. Ahlers. ll. l'anulolfo, J. Frietllanmler. l., llirtlsall. li. Johnson: IN li.-Ufkz .-X. Bll"Illlt'l'Illi'lll. Each y'ear over a huntlrecl junior and sophomore girls auilition for the honor of being chosen as a junior varsity' cheer- leader: this y'ear's squail is composeil of four juniors antl four sophomores. Miss Daisy' Mae Grillith is in charge of in- structing the girls in the skills and tech- niques of cheering. Practice itself is con- tlucterl by the captain. Alice Blender- man. anfl co-captain.Carol,lohnson,1lur- ing school hours. 'lihese eight girls shoulll he commentlefl on the splenfliil joh they have accomplishetl in arousing school spirit among the croywls at our foothall anil haslxethall games. IIANUE Gll0l'l' Left to Right, ROW' 1: B. Cross, Volper, li. Nlanfrierl. R. Nash. NI. liiykin: RUXX 2: Y. Carroll, L. Ureenhaum, E. Hetwenik, G. Weintraub, J. Frierllamlcr. L. Katz. A. 51-hliek. ia T 1 -I l'Nl0lI YAIISITY LEAIIEIIS Une-two-three lxielxl ll' you shouhljpeelt into the au4litorium one 'l'hurs4lay' afternoon and see a score of junior rockettes prac- ticing a mlance routinc. you woulfl he witnessing a rehearsal of tien- tral's Dance Group. This group. startefl hy a promising young ilaneer. Yyonne tlarroll. has com- pleteal its seeonsl year uncler her superyision. Presenteal at weekly meetings are interpretiue tlanees. chorus lllll' numhers. anrl hallet steps. all later eomlmineal into intricate rou- tines. 'lihroughout the year. mem- hers entertain ll0rllllilllLt'4l serx- icemen anal perform at xarious eommunity functions. SUFTBALI. The umpire yells. "Safel', as another girl slides into home plate. This familiar cry is heard on many a bright spring after- noon as members of the girls' soft- ball team practice various skills and techniques. In the last weeks of the season most of the girls' afternoons are spent in competi- tive games with teams from neigh- boring schools. Left to Right, ROW 1: R. Argento, J. Matrick, J. Williamson, H. Binder, S. Elliott, .l. Young, M. Angrisanog ROW 2: J. Tate, A. Berg, I. Stow-r, M. Breiner, K. Ciannini, G. Cerdsen, S. Leder, S. Lang, L. Stieher, J. Skokan, GIRLS' TENNIS Left to Right, ROW 1: J. Lahn, J. Lowenstein, C. Halpern, L. Bergerg ROXX 2: J. Tate. I. Manrin, T. Aa, S. Lang, li. Lyon, ll. M aurin. 2 555 3 i . A TX y This year Central's female tennis champs had a new coach. Miss Allen. who led the team on to victory in every match. Skills were taught to the group on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in the fall and spring. The Honor Team. composed of one junior and five seniors. placed third on Honor Day. The ont- standing player on this year's team was Jillian Tate with an undefeated season to her credit. The managers of the group were Barbara Lyon and Jillian Tate. Left to Right: B. Ross, R. Colarullo, E, Keller, J. Casazza, P. Sn1ith,H. Rine- hart. 1 illl lll'lli The Rohlnette of Central weleomecl a new coach, Miss Allen, who aimefl her team at new targets. Twice a week Sherwood Forest livefl again on the North Terrace where ur- rows sped to the hull's eye with regular consistency. Form and llldI'kSIllilllSlllIJ were SYIIOIIYIIIOUS with Centrulls sharp- shooting archers. Un Honor Day. he-lfl at Nlepham, Central secnrecl fifth place at the match. Hereis to the Rohinettes of ifentrttlf Left to Right, FIRST ROW: C. Rubin, B. Boyce, S. Elliot, L. Endres, H. Binder, B. Blankshine, A. Argentog SECOND ROW: P. Nappe, P. Betwenek, S. Miles, C. Walsh, C. Gerdseng BACK ROW: E. Sippel, E. Berger, R. Eberle, K. Smith, M. Breiner. GIRLS BUWLING 'Midst the thunder of falling pins and the chatter of excited voices, Central League Bowlers compete in weekly games. As a member of one of the two major divisions named for birds and flowers, each girl must complete eleven weeks of bowling to obtain credit for League Bowling and to be eligible to enter the Na- tional Bowling Tournament. The five superior teams are chosen from the groups to participate in the Na- tional Tournament. For the past three years Central has ranked among the top fifty in the state: this year they are reaching for an even higher standing. Left to Right, FRONT ROW: D. McLeavy, R. Capone, S. Sanzone, K. Blenderman W .lack H Pupke R Ashton' SECOND ROW' W O'Neil ,l Scheibliclc, C. Wilson B 0 W L I N fi wf Franlykl D. Kelly, ii. Mimi, 11. Epstein, cs. Ni.-Evily, R. Iioiratnang THIRD ROW 1iLl'B The climax of the bowling club's activities comes in March when play-offs for the national tournament are held. This year high scores in the eleventh an- nual tournament of the Mailo- graphic Handicap Tournament of the American Junior Bowling Congress were made by S. San- zone with a total of 538 for three games and hy V. Bliden with a total of 503. Top scorer in a sin- gle game was V. Salzone with 201. R. 0'Connor, E. Speth, P. Kellett, C. Thurber, H. Smith, R. Ludemann, R. Royce D. Hamann, R. Simon, A. Mandel, W. Davis. HOBSEBAfK RIDING Adding to lk-ntral's many ac- tivities is an energetic group of horse-lovers, the cowboys and cowgirls of Central. Rounded up every Thursday during the fall and spring seasons by Mr. Allen Stillman, they jounce oil for a beloved hour of horseback riding at Hempstead State Park - their eagerly-awaited rendez- vous. Left to Right, ROW 1: J. Turk, J. Mildelrerger, B. Gt-rt:-ll, I.. Hiller: RUNX J. Michael, C. Werkhoven, Mrs. Englert, B. Conti, C. Loelller, N. Bryant. gf' Left to Right: R. Anderson, G. Zillo, L. Hiller, S. Mason, Hr. Stillman, .I. Mc- Guinness, P. Wheller, E. St. Clair, C. Marcone. IIULLEII SKATING Wialclifle Skating Rink is the scene of gay merriment every Wednesday afternoon, as Cen- tralites apply the art of skill and balance while keeping their skates in rhythm to the organ music. These students are super- vised by a member of the fac- ulty, Mrs. lfnglert, who has experience in skating and is always willing to give assistance to those who wish it. instruc- tions for formal dancing are gixen in the practice ring for those who desire them. At the end of the skating season a barn dance is giyen for the students. VARSITY CIIEEBING Wherever you find Central s football and basketball ,1-,E-A-M yea team ! teams, you'll see them accompanied by eleven girls in blue and whiteAfCcntral's Varsity Cheerleaders. X Lvnder the direction of Miss Criflith, these bundles of pep practice daily during the eighth period in the school gymnasium. Either they are busily thinking of novel cheers or hardily vocalizing old ones for a forth- coming game-but no matter the situation, they always contend in terms of a "championsl1ip.H Not only do they produce quantities of spirit at games but they have helped lead Central to many a victory. l,et's cheer themf k I Imran.- J x.,...t, J. Wallis E. Ren 1. Sr Left lu Right, FIRST ROV: llunf-an Pikv 4Yi4'1--l'r1-fiflviitl Pt-rwlupv Polyrhrun ll're-sialm-ntl. Nunvy l'1l'l'1'lllllIl 151-vrm-tary I lluwuril Xxilliumx l'IvI't'ilhllF4'TlI Slffllxll RHXX: lru liuulil ,lohanu Sit-glvr tllistoriunh, Roy xlllllxoll, l'uul liurlu-r: NIISS- INC: llarlruru l.if-lu-rman, William Krum-nge-l. Prwinlvilt PPQNPQL4 PPP, P1 PLY4 .HRI IN I x 1 7 FIIIST AFTING lill0l'l' 'l'l11- First Avtiug Group. an llUll0!'LlI'f clru- mutiv orguilizutioil wllpvrxisell by Nlr. Fr:-ilf-ric lxnm-rzvr. lf COIllIJOrt'fl ul Plglll Lelltrulitc-5 who lime' 1lf'Ill0I1rlI'Lllf'Il Q-xw-ptioiiul acting ur Mugs-- vrnft nlnility. Tlu- prs-sf-nt 0lH4'PTs invluslf- Pvnny l,0lfl'lll'UIl. Preficlflnt. rc-im-iilhcrffrl for lwr role- .i, ilu- nmtlwr in -'rllllllt' Hut for Giiiggn-ru: lllm- vun Pllw. Y ive--l'rm-fnli-int. mlm -lairre-nl uf ltlme-r l'. llmwl in tlle- junior vlusff pre-fe-Iltaltinn nl' "lluru-yu: Nancy Fr.-..m.m. N-vrvturi. tlie- -mr uf "'l'imn- Hut fur fiiiigm-ru: uml llfmunl Wil- llillllr. lrn-11-llrvr. tht- wining llllf'l'llt' in llairuw , llu- ullie-r IIlf'llllH'Y'P ure- lm lmulfl. llairlJ.1r.i l,lf'lDl'I'llldIl. Hoy xl1lIl-illl. uml julmiigi Fii-gli-r. Left to Right: Howard Willianis, Duncan Pike, Nancy Freeman, Penelope Polyehron. IIBAIVIATICS CLl'B Acting talent is by no means the only part of a Dramatic Club presentation. The more tech- nical aspects are equally invaluable in any theater production. The make-up division is indispensable in contrib- uting to the illusion of the "theatre," Its members are adept at applying grease paint to faces and powder to hair. They work diligently to produce an appear- ance of age or youth, and by exaggerating the features of the actors, give a more satisfactory effect from the audience's point of view. The efforts of the meticulous ticket reservationists make it possible for all who wish to attend to be sure of having a seat. fionscientiously, they do their best to give each customer the best seats available. "Sold-Uuti' is the ultimate goal of the publicity committee. Conducted in the same manner as mili- tary strategy, members must freely use their creative and imaginative faculties in stimulating interest in dramatic presentations. Members of the stage crew must be versatile and hard-working as well as ingenious and artistic. Under their jurisdiction are the building and manipulating of' sets, proper lighting, and sound effects. They defi- nitely add to the audience's visual enjoyment of a performance. In its entirety, the composite parts of the Dramatic Club, under the direction of Mr. Frederic Knoerzer, provide a major part of Central's extra-curricular activities. ,- O- 9. 0 Y DRAMATIC CLUB MAKE-UP Left to Right, ROW 1: F. Shelton, E. Be-uttenmueller, G. Manfried, B. Cross, C. We-intraubg ROW 2: P. Young, V. Moore, J. Wathuis, M. Amodeo, A. Alpello, J. Friedlander, L. Solowayg MISSING: Arlene Bartheld, Joycv Lubs. STAGE CREW Left to Right: K.. Ye-sc-ly, P. Polyvllrun, H. Bvrtinu. P, Barker, K. Slllilll. ,fha 'Ka' frles of Plgllt em fflnver ranff out to the far cornem of the dlldllOl'llllll wlulf' the Dranlatlc Q lub rellearseal for lt- .annual pI'CSE'IlIdtlOIl Un October 7 'lllllt' Uut for Cmffer oponf-fl to 1 mapacltw dlllll9IlCP ra Gould and Pnnw o Wchron harasQed arf-nts were faced vuth tln tom P plex problem of COIIVUICIII4' the .adolescent dauvllter GlHg2,'CF lNancw l"I'6'PllldIll that football ust lsn t meant for fflrlsl Tht re J Gult ws lf 1 lllldl'l0llQ cometls, mul to he one oft lebwgs st lntw lll the lnstorx off 4 ntrl TIMI' 0l'l' l'0Il IIINI-Ill . ,'?T"i Tllli lllill KEY The Cmltrilnlltion of ilu- sf-niur vlum to the om'-nrt play route-st of 1954 was "Tlx:- Rfxfl Km." an psyvholugivul flrumu. 'Hu- rlalssl first mlraulmlic vfforl. "'l'llv R4-el y. -' rc .A - A " u ' .Hur ' ' Liebvrnmn, und Le-5 Zvnnu who xwre- tln- only 3 uvturs in ilu- play. L mlvr ilu- elirvc- tion of Pnl ylllHUIlt'1' mul Xxrvilliillll lngogliu, an fine 1lQ'llllHlSlI'Llli0ll of uvtingl was pre-- sent:-al. Lvl! tu Right: -Xrlvnv Nluvlimnuld. Hurlruru I,im-In-rmun Le-wliv Zvnnu. Imfl to Right, TUI' RUR : li. Kringlv, J. sl'llit'!'!ll'I', M. Lutz, H. Kc-llc-r: SUIUNU l"liUNI TOP: XX. lngoglia, H. l,i1-In-rman, l.. Z4-una, X. Nluvllunulml, P. x1LlHUllt'4'I 5liYl'l'llJ: I". Spinuoru. Ii. Wolfe. yu.: AIISENII' ANI! 0l.ll l.Al'l'1 l.ef1wRighr: ll. 'Nh-per. l'. l,0l,t'llK'0ll, li. Scala, E. Ulu-n. During its Junior year tlu- class prcscntcml "Arsenic anxl Ulcl l,acc,', a C0lllt'tly about two lmablc but insane- nlcl maids. IN-nny Polycliron. lra Gould, Barbara Scala. Pc-tcr llcinz. anml Roy Monson starrcrl in the lnain rolcs. lntlcr tlic supervision of Nlr. Frederic linocrzer, faculty atlsisor, anml Pat Nlalloncc, stuclcnt clirector. tht- play provctl to be a dramatic and financial success. W...-f" , , mmf e f J V." p-N rf z P. Heinz, W. Clough. "Trial by Moonlight," the Class of '56 entry in the 1955 one-act play contest. won the award for the hest publicity. This hilarious summer ro- mance comedy on the reformation of a "Wolff ahly directed by Pat Nlallonee, starred Penny Polychron, Charles Yesely. and Nancy Freeman. RIUUNLIGIIT ANI! IIIISES Left to Right, FRONT: N. Freeman, P. Polychron, P. Mallonee, J. Sieglerg BACK: il. Vesely. di 4' -s 'wvugmw 5 X Dy , . ' +4L.LZ,i,?4,QiQffH ,kg 'Wi Q , A29 1 x Q f 'af' af 'Q M , , X .1 My , 4 f'iH,.f,.,,.,3 ' M 9 im -Q. , F. , ' vs ' ' f - 'A fi- 3 i 2 Q '- K 2 A VL in 5 M Q 4' - Q V , V E ,Y ,ggi Y ,E v Q . in W lg v, 63,3 Ni ,fv, ..: ' f V' 2 Z. V 3 . Q 1,5 I ,V , V E Z 1, XA A 7 ,V': ' K 5 ,':Vvv J M V ,Z J V ' , ,mr ,, V f fsgmh A A uv U' , : ...- ' . 7, . 'fb 1 .L i I 'I 5 Bl j k -,wi Q gf. i- is V1-59 3' wk in S-...,.,,,..dfg,1 i ,..,A " ' ,. nv, Zyfyfq' fgvix, g?'Xff'? L ':J. my f , ,029 xg-ga 0F I'llAll.l.0'I' but llll1l1'FllPi1Ill the- l'0lllf'tly livs u sc-rious lllvlllf' tllut tht- pvoplc- of lwurt rvgurcl- less of tllvir low station in life can save- tlu- worl1l from dvpruvesl profitem-rs who would destroy it for the-ir own gain. Left to Right, RUVQ I: P. Spina, L. Ze'-nna, V. Blid:-n, :L Sllt'l'lll2:ll1, l".Pf'rrottu,.l.Zulnultu,fi.Y1-se-ly E. Olsen, B. Svalag ROW 2: N. Frm-nian, li. Ulu-rlv, 5. IV.-Xttilio, M. lic-rtino, ll. Wonson, .-X. Milla-r R. Anil:-rson, P. l'olyc'hrong ROW 3: ll. Madison, ll. flaggiano, R. llauglnfrty, ll. llc-rinun J. Farrell, ll. Young, ll. Mallonor, L. Lung, J. Mutrirk, li. llurriss, I. Goulcl. ,lin .RT 9 . lf0l II MAI! WOMl'N let tn Hugh! Pat Nlallonm Rohm-rt Xndrrson 'Vadtno Nlare Ira lould Johanna Nu gler I znny Iolwhron IPI to Rzghl liarlrara Harris ut x Nlatruk l ann lolw tr Barhara N ala In the spring each of the classes at 1 entral enterm 1 plaw lll the one act play contest The semors 1956 contrxbutlon was I arted on Her W eddlng Mom or More to be Pltled than Scorned, hvely stwhzed melodrama wrltten by Ieland Price and directed by students, Barbara Scala and Roy Monson 1 Y t Y A ,f ' -. . ' ,A ' .','Q , . .".. 7x V7 . ., , , . . . I. ' t' A ' ,ii " , 't ' ' .4-J. - Q I , . .. I ,,a .a I, . . JJ. , I .ll,',' ", '- y , -"lon, Illll WI DIAJIIII ANI! Illll M DIAJUIIITTI' Under the leadership of Drum Major feorge IXIIIU' the 191: 66 marchlnff h mel haw Lompletf cl a hlghlw successful we 1-on htruttm high and leafllng, the colorful IMIFIIIIU' Qorp , Maureen Malesk recen ed much lCCldll'll for her splemhcl Joh as Drum Majorette fx GIRLS IN WIIITIL ASSlSlln" the Drum 'Nlajorette were the two fnrla ln W IIIIK namely Sandra DAtt1ho and fnlll Longenecker Along wlth Nlaureen, these two were ln charge of making certam that IWITIIHQI and danc mg rouunes were down pat for each foot hall gldlllf' and parade Left to Right: C. Christiansen, C. Sphor, C. Reed, C. Wandell, R. Boden. CUNCEBT BAND TWIIILINIS A drum majorette, two girls-in- white, and a group of thirty spin- ners f all these comprise one of the most picturesque sections of Central's Marching Band, the Twirling Corps. This year Maureen Malesk, drum majorette, originated a trick twirling routine which she presented at many of our football games. The routines of the corps have gained for the girls tre- mendous recognition. The group marches in three parades each year. The girls in their colorful costumes afford a stunning sight as they march along. Always reserved as the final portion of Central's annual "Pop" Concert, the "piece de resistance" is the eagerly awaited performance of the Concert Band. As the members of the band finish tuning up and sit at attention and the director walks to the stand, a hush comes over the audience. With the clash of the cymbals, roll of the drums, and blare of the trumpets, the thrill that only band music can produce is felt throughout the auditorium. Providing musical enjoyment for both the confirmed jazz addict and the long- hair classical devotee, the band's fifty- five members practice diligently for the ' ' concerts in February and May. Directed by Mr. Arthur Fare, the Concert Band this year was led by Bob Daugherty, stu- dent conductor, and Pat Mallonee, con- cert mistress. Left to Right, FIRST ROW: S. Kaufman, P. Foley, J. Dithridge, V. Klehr, S. Fayne, J. Turk, O. Longenecker, M. Malesk, S. D'Attilio, B. Odernheimer, L. Katz, D. Howe N. Klima, C. Eger, E. Rupp, SECOND ROW: A. Rose, L. Soloway, A. Smith, B. Conti P. Turner, D. Dauenheimer, H. Rhinehart, M. Anderle, A. Schultz, M. Lutz, S. Miles M. Miesemer, C. Werkhoven, E. Berger, L. Beckert, M. Thies. 9 Rcquisites for acceptance into Tempo include being a member of one of Ce-ntral's music organizations. participation in one-half year of cho- rus work, and passing a standardized test relating to one of the specialized music fields. Membership in Tempo is unlim- ited, so that all who qualify can be accepted. Those who are successful receive gold pins in the shape of a MCP clef and a round felt emblem to be sewn on clothing. Under the guidance of Mr. Arthur Fare, the society symbolizes interest, aptitude and technique in music. Left to Right, BACK ROW: F. Perotta, G. Munson, D. Butt, H. Williams, M. Wichsler C. Spohr, C. King, P. Spina, J. Gommi, G. Allliack, R. Daugherty, C. Hingston CENTER ROW: Pat Godfrey, C. Christiansen, L. Menrad, J. Mills, G. Hansen L lung L. Perissi, J. Lahn, S. Hollister: FRONT ROW: L. Zimmerman, J. Ritzenthaler H T E M P 0 Link, A. Harms, A. Hoblinger, P. Tucker, S. Dietz. left to Right: G. King, D. Anderle, P. Spina, R. Miranda, F. Perrods, C. Monson. M Wechsler, R. Boden, G. Wandel, R. Daugherty, C. Spohrg IN FRONT: G. Hingston, D Butt, P. Mallonee: AT THE PIANO: H. Williams. DANCE BANII The hswingingest group around," better known as Central's Dance Band, consists of sixteen male and two female members. Each Friday the band, along with its three vocalists, Sandy Lang, Cale Manfried, and Pat Przywara re- hearse the latest pop tunes under the direction of Mr. Robert Leist, head of the marching band at South High. The final results of their rehears- als are heard at many of the after- noon dances at Memorial Junior High School and at the Freshman Prom in the spring. The members award themselves with a small party in June. Left to Right, ROW 1: C. Christianson, A. llarms. J. Commi, W. Marshall, R. Daugherty, D. Moosmann, C. llerrmann, C. Vf-sely, XX . Weeks, L. Skutt, J. Zinn, C. Gickg ROXN 2: E. New- man, H. Blum, P. Pajonis, W. Sheridan, M. Anderle, R. Collarullo, J. Ritzenthaler, E. St. Clair, Y. Lee, l. Fugalli, N. Daugherty, M. Turner, S. Crumm, R. Eppingg ROW 3: N. Long, L. Kohlnisrr, ' 5. Davis, C. Hansen, P. Mallonee, D. Klumpp, B. Kopsco, D. Mangevi, L. Katz, K. Reinert, C H 0 B I S E. Rupp, Holm, C. Wolken, J, Lahn, S. Holtzem, A. Shest, L. Clark, J. Millsg ROW 4: L. Wunderle, L. Hansen, A. Hoehlinger, Y. Carroll, L. Perrissi, S. Mason, C. Loeiiler, S. Potter. C. Bcrgason, B. Martin. B. Link, B. Cross, C. Manfrird, C. Wie-ntrauh, M. Turner, J. Halatyn, J. Turk, P. Bc-twcnik, E. Betwenik, C. Anderson, Nl. O'llea, J. Michaels, P. Tucker. THE IIBCHESTBA Conducted by Mr. Dewey Riemersma, Centralis seventy- five piece orchestra is the prod- STRINQQ ENSEMBLE uct of Skill and hard work, and, Left to Right, FIRST ROW: B. Krauttcr, ll. Klumpp, P. Tuck:-r, J. Ritzenthalcr, tl ul 'Ii ll Il 'lice' 511 ws A. Holblinger, P. Godfrey, SECOND ROW: B. Kopsco, L. Kohlriser, L. Clark, lrotl, 1 1 S per Or ld s, 0 S. Holtzem, L. Vanatta. ample evidence of these qual- ities. It gives two concerts each year, one in the winter and the L'Pop" concert in the spring. An offshoot of the orchestra is the String Quartet, which is composed of Linda Clark. Pa- tricia Codfrey lwho is also this year's concertmistress 3 , Patricia Tucker, and Gertrude Hocberg. The orchestra serves both as a source of audience enjoyment and as a showcase of musical talent. Q . l 4' ,fx 1 5 X if X. 'C V Q , Q. Ye ffm' A Q, Q X' f 'f I nv- 4 6 f -Q. W 9 i' X 'jg in Jr, f Q ,F Q .I H Q, A -,,f , ,Jn , Z 'A .1 QE fs fm 9 - 7 ' V 4- fd' 5: V1 'U mm M nn sf F E. ,, . f' kv Y I , 7 X f , V' Huff-,,w,. M.-Vp., , AfVTff"" V 'v ' 77' fi? WI wg 8 've Keg 'giwff ll , rf it I 'M ' I "We "4 " 4: 1:5421 ,Vw ,, rlikf' , W: WS W ' W W'1f, f ufqf ,9,..m-.'A"'1 fiif' 'W 2: fi S ,,f, Whel'e's the card? r Nasty break. fx! 1, 9' ' l ...Q Tl: 0 th inlwrs. j.l'.'s in thx' 200 50 E 3 -1" fi' Kinda makvs Va wonder. ' 9 7 4- Left to Right, ROW l: 41. Johnson, VI. Casazza, G. yl3HfI'if'Il, J. Rubenstein, lf. Marconc, R. Shclton: HUVQ 2: V. li6df'l'lil0lll. A. Hoblinger, J. Frictllantlcr, ll. Atkinson. ll. llowc. U. Olsen. E. Beuttenmueller: ROW 3: S. Glick. H. Nolan, ll. Milcs. Jl'NIOB 'fhrongh its homc-room rcprcscntatiws antl olli- ccrs, the Junior liouncil has worlxcil tliligcntly to- warcl organizing antl uniting tln- Class of '37, unflcr the guidance of Nlr. Scatlcr. its faculty arlvisor. :XIIIUIIQL its succcsslul H-nturcs haw' lwcn the salcs of nuts anfl lillI'iSlIllLlr trcc lights anfl tht- :Xflopt-.M Faniily L'0lllllllllt'0. an intcrclass projcct in which lllCllllJPI'S of ilu- council participatcfl. Thr- council li. MARINO J. STOYHR Prrsimlcnt xllfl'-PI't'Slllt'lll 'T' X .Xf 1141 E. Marino, President, Y. Rn-ad, A. Kino, C. Copper, J. Gommi, R. Hamann: ROW 4: A. Schultz, J. Skokan, ll. Tame, J. Stover, J. Young, P. Portncy, .l. Zabatta, M. Thomas. C0l'Nlfll, has sparwl no clfort in lllilliillg prcparations for tht- proln that the- Juniors trarlilionally prcscnt for thc Seniors. The- olliccrs ol' ilu- council arc lfrncst Marino. pre-sielc-nt: ,loannc Stow-r. xicc-pre-siclcntz Patricia Portncy. St'CI'l'l1lI'fZ and John llcrronc. trcasurcr. It is ccrtain that tht- Class of 1957. guillctl hy its council, will go on to a bright ycar as scniors. P. PUHTNICY J. 1ll:lRRUNl' 51-crm-tary Tr:-asurcr Q gf'-r . 'I',XlDIlIlxlifN X. IJr1X,tNH l'r:-sith-nt xwl1'f'-l,I'f'Sl1ll'lll Cvntrulis class of '58 reprcsvnts only half of its original CUIIIIJIPIIIPIH lwcullsv of the opening of the new North and South High 5chools. This rc-mlnction in numhe-rs has not, howc-vcr. prow-tl u llilIltlit'ill7, but instead has he-vn uccc-ptwl as an challenge by the Class of '58. Through its Pfhcient and C'HIllllSliiSliC' Sophomore Council. thi- Class of '58 has 4-stuhlisln-ll un ulllniruhlv rvvorrl so liar with its funfl-raising campaigns. onv-uct play cont:-st entry and other activities. We can he- confident that the Class of '38 will km-p Contrulis proud hunnn-r flying alt tht- top of thc' IIIAISI. J. .Xlll.l'lKS J. LYNCH Se-vrn-tury Trl-usurt-r S0l'll0M0lll' l0lNl'll. I In Right ROW 1 ,I Tadrhkcn J XII s K De'Naie WJ I 4gmturt-lla.J.lIasazza,H.5cliultz,A.Ross,,l.Kul1-y- J Lxnth HUVL Z X Lefehurr lx Btnslu I frvlner P Tar kl it Blflldtfllliillll. P. Slielian,A. Svhlick. Left to Right, KNEELINC: G. Longeneclccr, R. Monson, W1Davis,l".Uoc-pfert,lf.llauenlieinn-r,l'.Nlallonee B Harrl N. Long: FIRST ROW: P. Tucker, J. Williamson, J. Lahn, THIRD RUXX: 11. ll:-rglie, J. Lfngru, Y. Klelir B Bow:- N. l5aron,li.llolfinann, l'.Gndfrey,S. llolliste-r,l,.1ilarkg SEC- N. Marc, S. Lang. J. Nlt-Kfrt-ry. ll. Young, .X Wall tronl y f UND ROW: B. Link, Y. Gabliay, E. Starke, R. Anderson, H.lipping IN KTIIIN AL ll0'N0ll S01 ll"l'i Membership in the National Honor Society is the great- est scholastic honor that can be awarded to a student at Central. On the basis of service, character, citizenship and scholarship, members are selected twice a year. The officers this year include Roy Monson. President: Nancy Long, Vice-President. Gail Longenecker. Secretary: and Miss Thompson, Advisor. 9- we 0 rx-N x 0' 665 95 s Pr S noN0n l'SIIEllS To he selected as an Honor Usher is one of the highest achievements a junior can attain. Each year fourteen juniors who are chosen by the faculty on the basis of character, dependability, and scholastic achievement lead the senior class at commencement exercises. Last year, as usual, they were coached by Miss Daisy Mae Griffith, whose many efforts on behalf of the Honor Ushers always result in a beautiful procession which adds great charm to the solem- uity of graduation. Le t to Right B. Boyce, R. Monson, L. Clark, N. Freeman, J. Williamson J 'Vlcfrery ln Daunenhcimer, G. Longenecker, R. Coepfert SEATED 4 1 Left to Right, ROW 1: J. Richman, B. Martin, C. Loeliier, J. Ungro, L. Zim- mermann N. Bryant, P. Tucker, M. Sparksg ROW' 2: T. Creenhaum, C. Sal- Aano P bleischer, P. Doyle, B. Russer, P. Nappi, T. Perissi, J. Ansman, M lasazza ROW 3: R. Littauer, J. Michaels, S. lirumm, W. Davis, W. Mar- shall D Hamann, R. Monson, L. Clark, ll. Baumann, N. Long, T. Aa. SERVICE CLl'B Because they are enthusiastic about making a success of Central's dramatic and musical performances, members of the Service Club act as ushers and ticket takers at such functions. Under the su- pervision of Miss Daisy Mae Griffith and Miss Anne Braasch, these students also take on many vuriefl fluties at Parents' Night and at the formal commencement exercise in June. Although they receive little acclaim for their services, the members always willingly and cheerfully perform their various jobs. F S I E C M.-KTII CLl'B Lnder the supervision of Miss Etta May Henry. Math Club IIIPIII- hers have met 011 Wlednesday eve- nings to delve i11to IIIB advanced fields of mathematics. This group is comprised of the top junior and senior n1atl1 students a11d offers a challenge to those interested i11 be- co111i11g more proficient in logic a11d reasoning as related to nlatllematics. Left tu Right, FRUNT ROW: S. Lang, J. Lahn, L. Clark, P. Tucker, l'. Mallone-e, K. Smith: BACK ROW: L. Perissi, Ii. Ilarris, Y. Cahhay. A. Sherman, A. Shultz, R. Littauer, C. Iiergliv, IC. Keller. SPANISH NA'l'IONAL ll0NOR SOCIli'l'Y Wvitll the purpose of introducing Spanish culture to the students tak- ing this language, tl1e Spanish Na- tional Honor Society presents plays, enacts radio and television pro- grams, lllld debates 011 various top- ics. Linder the leadership of Mr. Leonard Pompa, this honor society also 111eets ill order to give the Spanish students an opportunity to become more expert i11 the Spanish l2.lIlgll21gC. 5 is . 9- Eff MN Left to Right, FIRST ROW: S. Lang, G. Longenecker, P. Mallonee, L. Clark J. Scott, B. Boyce, SECOND ROW: II. Nleltzner, P. Heinz, R. Modell, IC. Dauen- Ileimer, R. Goerke, R. Anderson, R. Uherleg BACK RUXX : A. Miller, L. Iittlingcr. R. Wade, J. Harris, A. Sherman, C. Hoffman, W. Davis. s FRENCH ll0N0ll SUCIETY The purpose of the Societe Honoraire de Francais, a long-established organiza- tio11 in Central High, is the encourage- lllelll of the study of Fre11cI1 literature LIIILI culture. The high poi11t of tI1e year is the clubls trip to a FrencI1 movie or play llllll a French restaurant. TI1is year the cluh attended lm Bourgeois Gentil- lzommv given in New York hy the Comc- die Francaise. Left to Right, FIRST ROV: R. Nash. J. Lowenstein, IJ. Ilowc, Y. Cederhlom S. Zeiglcr, Ii. Ross: SICCUND RUXN: J. llngro, C. Ilansen, Il. Blum,',l. lit-ltz. l'. Tucker. If. Freeman, Y. Uahhay, S. Ratner: TIIIRIJ HUXN: Mr. Pompa Q S. Ifcldste-is, R. Monson, Il. Marino, J. Nl4'Crerp. X. Rino, J. Crt-gory. T. Rosen- hlatt, S. Crum, P. Ilordan, II. fVli1-haels. Vlllll' German Iiluh. whose lac- nlty advisor is Mr. lfrcilericlx Keller, offers an opportunity for oral expression to those students in second and third-year German classes. Literature is read and field trips are planned to places of interest that pertain to the heritage and background of the Cerman people. Left to right, KNEELING: ll. Godfrey, G. Longencckcr, N. Barong FIRST ROW: Lang. Y. Gahhay, E. Starke, L. Soloway, P. Mallonce, J. Lahn, B. Harris, P. Tucker, S. Hollister. J. Williamson: SECOND HOW: R. Monson, lf. IIol"fn1an, B. Anderson, N. Long, L. Clark. A. W8llSlf0lll, P. Young, C. Bcrglie. Left to Right, FIRST ROW: C. Loelller, B. Martin, R. Kerner, .l. Volk, Mr. Ke-Her advisor, N. Long, E. Starke, L. Langg SECOND ROW: B. Mallonee, V. Hees, B. Krautter A. Holblinger, B. Milde, L. Wunderle, M. Moeller, IQ. Munson, C. Spohrg THIRD ROW v W..lack, .l. Kraus, D. Hamann, R.Anderson.t1.Hoffmann, F. Wollfe, H. Pupke, R. Goerke B R.M0nson. ASTRA Membership in As1ra,1he Eng- lish Honor Society, supervised by Miss Cummisky, is awarded to twenty-five members of the senior class, on the basis of out- standing merit in English. Dur- ing the year the activities of this relatively new group have in- cluded discussions of great liter- ary writings and theater trips planned to introduce the 1116111- bers to the current Broadwav productions. Le t to Right, FIRST RONY : M. Rizzo, R. Roth, C, Cooper, Mr. Pompa, Advisor, M. I a ana, V. Ilistefano, M. Angrisano, C. Vt-sely: SECOND ROW: Y. Carroll, C. Cirolla, L 1 hiusano, A. La Salle, J. Spot-iale, R. Cularullo, R. Pisano, B. Cirolla, R. Lunati, P Wappi. LATIN fLl'll Central's Latin Club was organ- ized this year by Miss ,lean Munro, a recent addition to the faculty. Its purpose is primarily to stimulate an interest in the lanvuage, lit- 2' erature, and culture of ancient Rome and instill an appreciation of Rome-'s contribution to our own way of life. One of the biggest projects launched by the Italian Club this year was a trip to the city where club members enjoyed an Italian dinner and a play. At weekly meetings, Italian culture comes alive through pictures, movies, and discussions. ITALIAN l'Ll'li Left to Right, FRONT ROW : M. Wield, L. Wunderle, M. Kay, L. Perissig SECOND ROW: J. Grandanetti, P, Young, D. Howe, BACK ROW: L. Creiner, .l. Matrlvk Ilnilvr tile' Ie-a1Ic-rslllp oi IIl4'll' prvsi- sIs-nt. Tony .-Mlanm. tlu- inf-nilwrs nf "Im r- tuIianos" Innv manage-4I to Iwttf-r tin ir unfivrstaneling of tlw Spanifh Innguugc-. To accomplish tliis. tIu-y Inns- rv-4-nau-In-sl such quiz programs as "WI1at's My I.inf an1I "'IIwf-nty Quvstionsu at tIw YIIllf'S1Iily meetings, finding that an Ianguagf- is nmst easily It-arm-rl by speaking it. SPANISH l.7l.l'll STANDING: Tony ,IIIHIIIUZ fmfl lo lfighl, FIRST ROW: Carolyn fQros1'Ii, I'I1Iwar4I Shi-rnian, Edna Ste-pIu-n, SIl1'IlI0ll Ilaxif. Nlaurefvn U'IJe-a, Connie' Passalaquaz 5I'l1I0'NIJ IUIVV: In-rry Vs-intraulr, Ilolorn-s IxIuinpp. Ha-rry Us-Ile-ri1'Il, .Ioan ,Xllle-rs. Ixathun Bn-nfle-y, Marianne' Nash. Left to Riglll, IN I"IiUN'I': R. IIuIin. H. Hallina. II. Xml:-r-mi: IIUNN I: X. I.:-dvr:-r I.. Katz. Y. Carroll, II. Ilittauvr, IQ. Ixn'IIn'r. I'. VIIlli'ICl'l'. IX. SIIIIIIII IIUXX 2: I. IIUFIIIS C. Catalanvllo, I,. Kohlrie-se-r, Y. flahliay. I.. IIirfIsaII, X. ISI:-n4I1-rniann. J. IIIIZ4'llIIll1Il'I'. L. Clark. I.. I'n-risfi. II. Harris: RUXY 3: T. Xu. II. II1lilflIlllElll1 IIUXX 1: X. IIaI1Iizonn- In 1.106-ru, IL. Ixopsvu, Hhs Xxrry, A. N-Iiultz. T. tlalmlwill. IX. 'Nlone-II. Il. IQu4I4Iar4I L f'oIiIIwrg R Ilarlnis 9 Pilar-I X QIIGFIIIJII NN NIarQI1aII IJ WIiIIcr FRENCH l'l,l'B Miss Avery! HIIILIIIISPIIPSU anml "gurq0nf," who cmnpriw Ile-nlrall French Club. vuilcvlitratc- on ini- proiing the-ir spukf-n I'II'1'lll'Il and inc-rc-ufing the-ir familiarity with the culturc- nf "Ia Iwlla- I"raiu'e'." 'I'Iieir annual outing 1-onsifti-:I uf a trip to see the I"rt-nvli nimiv. "'I'Iu- Sheep Has Fivff I.c-gf." follow-fl In slinner in L1 Frencii restaurant. 'P Gall Lonvenecker IJIISIIICSS manager Janet Gregory news editor vw-'Y ,QQ -W f ,K -. J- . , ,a Linda Clark advertising lll'lllll"l:'I' Pat Codfre editor Dorothea Baumann umm- manager Barbara Perine . ,. feature editor y CRIEB Nan Baron managlng edltor EIIITIDBS aff!! W'allw Marshall promotlon nmnager F McMullen faculty advlsor ...hs bfi E . V X., W esley Davis sports edltor ,lutlw Rubenstein Cll'CllldIl0Il m.1n.ufer 63 I w. in 'J' ' Q x I Jlm Eskow photographer x' ' -:QQ , L I , , b , - I 1 ,,V, - ' , W. Mr gn ' "' ' ' 'Q , M ,A V 'Z K . , , ry A i 1 . I I ' f ' 2 4, , , 'P . ., ,M V If I ' ,J 4 - i I pf . ' , , '4 129 1 V--Q-.....,i Left to Right, ROV l: J. Macintosh, M. Casazza: HOW 2: M. Anderle, A. Bartheld, J. Ungro, J. Lubs fsecretaryl, R. Fedynak fpresidentl, D. King, R. Moosmann, A. M, Wallstromg BACK ROW: J. Ritzenthalcr, E. Leonard, M. Lutz, 11. Herglie lyice-presidentt, J. Kulina, M. Bertino, S. Dietz, A. Pe-datclla, D. Maurin, l. Skolnick. This beneficial group, under the supervision of Miss Du Bois, is one of the most essential clubs in Central. Each Christmas the club puts all llentralites in the yuletide spirit by decorating the show cases and designing stained-glass windows. This year they conducted a competition among home- rooms for the best decorated homeroom window to be designed C 0 M M E B C I A L as a Christmas tree ball. If any community organization is in need of posters or unique advertisements, the club is always ready to help. This year they v contributed the T.B. posters for the Chest X-Ray Mobile Units. A B ln addition to community work, the club makes the posters and programs for all plays, dances and activities sponsored by Central. This year the club is headed by Raymond Fedynak, president: Christine Berglie, vice-president: and Joyce Lubs, secretary- treasurer. The club's success is due to the unselfish and untiring effort of is members and well qualified advisor, Miss Du Bois. LIBRARY CLYB Central's Library Club, under the direction of Mr. Dwight Young, has succeeded during the past year in helping the library function more smoothly and elli- ciently. Its fifty members. who work during their study periods, straighten the bookshelves and assist in the borrowing and re- turning of books. Left to Right, ROW l: M. Rumore, B. Krautter, L. Soloway, B. 51'hm'ider, F. Srhroeder N. Bryant. A. Hordlow, U. Klumpp, l. Skolnivk: VERY FIRST ROW, KNEELINKQ: S. Crumm. S. Dietz, E. Sippel, N. Long, ll. Blum, J. Stodolski, L. Clark: ROW 2: J. Beltz B. Harris, M. Rivkin, B. Martin, Nl. Uabhay, M. liasazza, A. llolhlinger, S. ll'Attilio P. Tuekerg ROW 3: E. St. lilair, P. Young, Y. Moore, B. Russrr, L. l'e-rifsi. 41. Calalanello D. Baumann, V. Lee, C. Hansen. J. XX atkins, B. Duke, R. Epping. IIPEIIA lil'Il.II Left to Right, FRONT ROW : S. S1-hneider, L. Clark, Il. Klumppg BACK ROW : S. Lang. P. Tucker, D. Miller, L. l'i-risai, B. Martin. Z1 The Opera Guild. under the supervision of Miss Marjorie . Amberman. has discussed and listened to sew-ral operas, among them "Hansel and Crete-I... "Aifla." "La B0llt'lllt'.u and "Madame Butterfly." Un their animal sisit to the Metropolitan Opera House. they saw "Rigo- lettof' one of Ye-rdi's most pop- ular operas. The aims of this year's Elec- tronics Club have been to as- semble "Do-it-yourself" kits con- taining communications and test equipment and to enable all members to get amateur "ham" radio licenses. Lectures on the theory of electronics and prac- tice in the international code were included in the club's program. '6- Nl Left to Right: T. Portesi, R. Frankel, W. Jack, Mr. Feader. C. Thurber. ll. Hamann. J, Uonnni. ll. Butt. W. l'r' ELIECTIIUNIYS CLl'B Ivfz lo Right: T. lilHllUt'lll2il'll. S. Harafola, ll. Sagiano, l.. tire-ss, .l. Kinahan, li. Couch, lL Kaiser, U. tfaffrey, R. Farber, E. Metz. ll. P. M's Once a week members of the R.P.M.'s meet to experiment with auto engines and to discuss the pro's and con's of driving. These boys have the support of the Board of Education and the praise of Police Justice Francis S. Furey for the fine safety rec- ords they have established. Spon- sored by Mr. Kenneth Darling. the club stands for responsibil- ity. performance, maintenance and safety in driving. 'in I ,xg-is. .,. J K The "5huttf-r-hugw nf lic-ntrul.u otherwise- known us lie-ntrulla tlunn-ru llluh. htm- 4-:lion-ul th:-ir usual busy your sn1upping.4l1-u-l- oping, printing unel Q-nlargixig pictures untlt-r the- glllltlilllfti of Nlr. Lawrvlice- tiostc-llo. The-ir 1-1. biggest luult-rtultingg. whit-ln lu-pt -. a.. course-. tht- "Mr, uncl Nliff t1l'1X'l'R.-Xl." contest. Left to Right: M. Epstein. R. Sasiaflc-k, Hr. tfuste-llo. B. Duke. A. Haglivh. ll. King. Al'lll0-YISYAL AIDS CLYB Without the- hr-lp of Central! nmvif- annl slielf- proje-ctionists. llliilly clause-s unrl Iifgilllllilllllllh wnulfl not Plljllf thc- ucltle-tl mln- 1-utionul value- of visual airlf. xlPI'lllJt'I'5 of the- Auflio-Yisuul Aids Club assist in sf-tting up and ups-rating lll0Nlt' projectors. rf-- vorflers. and phunographs unclcr thc- supervision of their atliisor. Mr. Broul-me-r. FARIEIIA l'Ll'B lmft lo Right, lxNl'll'il,lN4Q, l"lll5'l' lit HX 3 li. l.urrl. l. Flu-rn. J. lfloula-N. ll. llurlris. ll, Hue Slftltlxli RUXX : lf. tie-urhurt. J. lxruuf. l'. llarke-r. li. JllllIlSl'!l. li. lfirt-stmu-. Nlr. limo ne-r: THIRD RUXX : lf. lxnolu-l. ll, Nluuru, Nl. Ninlsriwl-ty, l'. lle-llvr. Vli. Kr:-ml. ff! I 9 9 lxxllay i.-J lwfl In Righz, Sl'I'TlN4A: J. Narciso. l'i. S1'llI'0l'llI'I', li. llcrman: STANDING: R. Nekton, R. Marshall. li. llaucnhcimcr, Nlr. L. Ill l'lllilWllS'l'llY CLYB fl l'lI A Mr. Sea4ler's Physics Club functions mainly to provide drills in the basic principles of physics and to supplement class- room work. Ambitious students are given the opportunity to go beyond the scope of the text- book. An aflelefl feature of the club is the preparation of stu- rlents for the annual New York lfniversity Physics Contest. One of the busiest clubs in CENTRAL this year was the Chemistry Club. Selected pro- grams of interest included the showing of several technical movies. anfl. to keep right up to the minute. a demonstration on the transmission and reception of color television. Mr. L. R. Huth, one of our newest teach- ers, was faculty aflyisor. P ll Y S I 17 S Left to Right, RUXX' 1. E. sappel, x1.Th0ma.,J. slow, E, K.-11.-r, Mr. s. sfaum ROW 2. E. Uauenheimer, M. Berkman, J. King, A. Cullo, M. Kaner, W. Blette: RUW 3: W. Price, W. Marshall, R. Frankel, N. Cullo, R. Krieg, J. Anderson, J. Grupp, ll. Hamann. K. McAuliffe. J. Zabatta, G. Munson, .l. Cloates, N. Ferrandino. The fifteen members of Central's Debate Club have spent much of their time this year discussing the topic of "Increasing Educational Opportunities," a very meaty topic for debate. With Pat Godfrey pre- BIIYS' ANI! GIRLS' STATE Last june, Central was represented at Boys' and Girls' State by Ira Gould and Nancy Long. chosen for their leadership, scholarship. citizenship. and service to the school. Sponsored by the Andrew Fatscher American Legion Post. Nancy at Skidmore College and Ira at Colgate University participated in the running of the model government set up hy students from all parts of New York State. GIQLS BoYS 20" I M.. BULLETIN 'Jawa' lru Gould and Nancy Long. Left to Right, FIRST ROW: P. Nappe. P. l'lleiseher, ll. llodfrey, E. Dolan. M. AIIl0d4'0l SIQCUNIJ ROW: Miss :xlllllt'l'lll3H, advisor. R. Uherle, W, Marshall, R. Boardman, L. Caldwell: THIRD ROW: R. Linardi, C. Salzano. .l. llallatyn, S. Schneider. Nl. Rivkin, l'. lloyle. IIEIIATE l'Ll'B siding. under the supervision of Nliss Amberman. the club eonvenes every two weeks for the purpose of fostering individual expression and creating a cli- mate for the exchange of ideas. HI-HUPES Lfgf:1nRiglz1,IflRST ROW 1 IQ. Ruluin- -un. J. Klllwrlrh-iii. F. Yolpi-r. D. XX allen IL. Uppz-lt.5. I.ilIIQ1.l,, Nlallom-r. .l. Hal ri:-lc: SIQHJND HUXN: 5. II0llisl1'r..l Ifie-lk:-im-ri-r. ,I. Wluurin. J. Skukan, D. Ilmw, H. Ifrii-dil: THIRD INN: I'. Iiulvy, I.. Fkolcun. NI. Nlulvsls, Nl Rosa-n. .I. WI4-lfrvry. J. Svotl. li. Lynn ll, lillflnllhill-l'll. ll. lipping, D. Nlaurin, .L XX ullslrmn, l'. Przywuru. .I. l.itxeAn- tllulvr. N. Lung. RHU DELTA SIGMA Left to Right, FRONT RUVI: H. Diev- Iain, P. IIQ-inz, H. Goerlu-, VC. Dania, R. Ulwrlc, K. Motrifikg IIUIK ROV : Ii. Marino, S. DrSanu, A. Mille-r, V Pc-done, D. .Xmlf-rlc. II. Sw:-e-in-5, R Uwen. A. Sllt'l"lIlUIl, I'. Spina, I'. K4-llvlt, A. Svhrie-ilwrg. IL.-X'l'IiVliAY HI-Y Lvfl In Right, l'ilR5T RUXX : IQ. Stark, IS. Buyu-, H. l.mig4-m-vlu-r, I.. Lang, .l. Iilllllll SIIIIUND RUXX : IQ. Tlionius, K. lim-nsln-3, A. Alu-llu, ,l. Alilera, J. YN illiunison, Ii. Nash, D. Olson. F. Den- nis, li. Usanig TIIIRD ROW: ,I.Zal1at- lu, l'. Rolwrls, I.. Birmlsall, 1. Young, II. Pi-rri, NI. Ilivkin. J. Frivdlander, N. I"r4-e-niun. Il, Czintulupu: FDURTII RUXX: NI. Nngrisuno, lf. Vesely, A. 51-hlim-k, l'. Purim-y. C. Grainger, I". lfi- vn-ro, 5. Elliott. 12, lloupi-r. A. Iilcndvr- mann: I"II'ITII RUXY: J. Stow-r, II. Tania-, NI. Tllonlus, R. Svliultz, A. Rino, lx. lfiunnlni, 5. Ilrvlne-r. 5. NIIIOS, .-X. lfvrpl. l'. llUlj1'lIFlHI,,l. D1-lisl5..l. Sie-gli-r. FRIENDSHIP HI-Y Left to Right, HUXX l: M. Wie-ld, B Link, 11. Yrrrioto. 11. B1-rgliz-,,I. Lngru, A. Barthc-ld, E. Lvonardg ROW 2: L. Gooth, L. Nlorlovk, L. Blxfawa, li Aloiaio. A. Rolrustc-llo, fl. Pvt:-rs, E Mitt-hell, B. Duke-. J. King, A. Arm ftrong, B. Russ:-r. HARMONY HLY Left to Right, FIRST ROW: N. Bur dick, J. Watkins, L. Zimmc-rman, T Rosenblatt, L. Clark, J. Mills, B. Freed man, Y. Nluorvg SECOND ROW: If Svhroc-de-r, H. Kutavll, A. Hurdlow S. Ui:-tz, H. Blum, C. Gugvl, Nl. Kay Nl. ,-Xmle-rlv, ll. Baumann, K. Litluum-r J. Wolff, lf. Sippvl. BETA THETA NU Left to Right, ROV. 1: R. Hohn, H Barbis, H. Pupke-, R. And:-rson, R Nluosmann, R. Sasialle-k: RUXY 2: XX BI:-uv, R. llaughvrty. L. Caldwe-ll Il. Gualularal, K. Boardman, C. Thurber ii. Gallina. D. Hamann. Y, Blink-n. MAUREEN MALESK JAMES CAVANAUGH DIR. and DIISS CENTRAL wx T""'V X 1 0 I' llIT0llS YXDINP NIXRIN and RUX NIUNSON I ADLT STAFF xl RMK '-mi IILSINESS MANAGER Patrlcla Mallonee Rlchard Mlranda Pll0'l'0GllAPlIY FDITIIIIS Arthur Hagllch TYPING EDITUBS Sally Hollister K7 'Ll Lllll an bkokan Con tance Y e elx 3.0 N' l'llll'l'l.ATl0N ElllT0llS Elaine Starke ,J 1 ' NladelineRosen M Mirfv Qi ' 'Q "" ' , A. ,, N x?a4'vV xlii'll2l6l Bertini: James Cavanaugh SP0ll'l'S I' lll'l'0llS Rlta Colarullo Judy Matrlck Wllllam Ingoglla 1 A . . . . Ann Marle Wallstrom A B T I' ll I T 0 ll S Johana Slegler Raymond Fedynak ADW l'IlTlSINlu l'llI'l'0llS Edward Ulaen bmdrd Lan Loul e Lan LITERARY EllI'l'0llS Gail Longenecker gi , Nancy Long Henry Pupke 4 ,J llllli HX X nun Nolows lx 1 ll lrrl lfrm 4 Ill nn NI 1 rc rx Ul X 1011 lllil Ll XIIUN Il IJEIJUIIHIIILU Noloww as llmnm lil Xl 4 llu xlll04lt 0 'lrm lrun x lXlI'lxNSUUll nm llc 18501 H' HIS H llf rm nn llulfm lll N llll Ulu rle I B un no 'mu l l ll' 1 li I I P l 4 tml-lx in 41 l l 1 nl: I I I Tlt ..'.' 'IATIE SlllI'S .uf .X V ,Xlll flll ."l'XlI l'. Y J, l,ul1s R. - L l,..' 'Ll ll. Be-rgliv ll. g Y. CL lrlmy ll. . la 'in R. x ' H. 1 's llg. iulinu Y. lil- N. S -' a ll. Nlc snmn .l.. F1 ' D' gX.l3urllwl1l l.fl llcl lt .l. W lllllllllSUll Nl.l.1lz xl. .' ll IW, lf. llillllillllllll IQ. H Xllx iliw .'lNlQ 'l'Yl'lNiL llUNlNll'l"l'l'llf G. lla sen Nl, lngri-1 nu G. Ciclx lla l1ly 'xllglflv' nu l1.ll1llllll B. , f ' " Hu 'l ur. B pw- fl. XI'lllNll'1JIl1l L. f 1" 511 n l '-im-r l.. 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VALLEY S'l'Hl'1AM. X. Y. A ' I I, j v . v, x. v 66 7 Y g ' I ' A 'A F'-14-f Vx s 6023 CARL ll0PPL S VALLEY STBLAWI P XBK INN 130 XYFST NIERRICR RU XD NALLEH STRE-XNI N Y Flnest FUClllflP9 or luncheon and Dinner Pmtzev We IIIIUIES and Banque ts Nflllllg, long, lalund or F1 ts leurs lllixlllllfligox Bnos Int? 65 NORTH LILNTR XL XXPNI P NXILIW STHPANI N H - I ,. Y - , .- . N.-X39 10 C Y 1 1 U v v L L I A A . Y - X Y Q X JL A I f 1 7' 1 ' f A 4 J. Q . n c . f L. ? , - . , I rx- , -- ,. .' , 1 , , f . , K. Y v w A f x A L og o . Y - - .N V f.V- . , , V W - . , .V A A A. A. . 0 . I l - - - j BAHRFNBI Rf: S BAKERY 11111110113 Iflllxill f nada 130 RUC lxkxx XX XXPNLI' 5614 LAIIIDINAI Sll0l'S I alley Str: am 9 l'a9hmn H1 adquartf rc FEAILRINI Nalmnalls Adurllsu 11 Brands fipparcl and iursaorub ll'SS WIIITP llrx flllllllllf., blur! 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Tlllf TIIPASI Ill' 1 lll'S'l' zur cuclrs f rafting, farfls Rlllglllllb 4rt1f1l.s fhma Krystal NAIIIW SIRFAM N X X-X mlm 0 Bvst Wishes I0 th: FRXDI ATINI 1 I -XSS UI' 1910 W HF I KN Q I FNTIIAL PHAllMAl Y XA IPX HIRPAM N 3 u471'7 IIIBBLI' Ill' ALT! 10 long, Island Rfal hum Smee 1898 X ALLILX 5TREAM N Y food luck to the Graduates W he nel Pr You rc Thlratv I ALL C0l NT! Wllllf Bex erage Distributors lel YAIIM Stream 10310 I I ' I 5 If tl I ls Yr B 1 2 ' . 1 1 A. . . . S'1-f .- ' 'I ' i.. xl TA I wr 16 W. MHRRIIIK ROAD 337 NO. CENTRAL AYICNUIC ' J Q 'l,,I'."' I. '. Q T- 83 YA T- .. 1 1 7 1 1 ' A 1 I as 7 2 .V 1 I - 1 ya ,N v Y 1 I hone: XXX 'J-0400 and X'.-X 5-6701 Nc-rung, Valles btredm bllllli J Tlll XIILI S XII LI El! 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Como on. bluff, Where's the pi wing., ,N ' 3iQ3QZf7Q"'qa,?.,,3,v' From the looms of .'Uohawk. E55-algp from Study hall Thafs nice. I have hvrv a nmc dm-inf. I. f, - ,, 4' ' ' J" . , Xx X. - n A 4 , -Q ' 1? 35 rr ga .. l 9 J h LADLT STAFF IILAIIS FRI lllzllll K I' W IILDI4 RSI WIN 50N S C0lVlII1ill1l'llfS of Ihr' - C Q 1 1 1 1 1 4 L K Cornplinzvnts of F 1 1 y 1 1 1 1 1 Y 1 J f O J K L l A K, OUR CONGRATULATION 5 To all of you who have aellieyecl so IIllll'll during these four ye'1rq. May all the rest of your years luring you tlle SIIPCTSS and happiness you so richly deserve. 730 Hockaw ay X VALLEY STIII ANI NATIIIN KL BANK AND TRI ST l IIWII' KN! U1 mbr r o IW fl: ral Ur posit lnsurnnn forpmurlon unue 740 'Nortl 1 lentral Axenue 1 1 F A n 4 A Y V V A A I A Y A V 1 Q v 7 .L rf L I A , , , f v . , . , , , . . ., . 'I u 1 w ,'x '-Q ,l y . v .... 4 , ... . . l 1 1 l Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1956 CLAUDILLL 10N STIIULTIIDN 10 lhl 66 COURT STREET RROOKI YN NI Y W hen you lhmk of BOW'LINf' llllllk of Tllla PAVILLUN ll 5 utonlailc Arr I mulltlonf ll 16 Pulls AUIOIIIJIIC IIIIGPOUPI' 440 XY MLRRII lx ROAD NAI LEY SIREAM L l I A m 9 BILI l6RNACu16 Oumr Manny Compllmf nts 0 W SKUBLISKI Ll MBl'll YARD BL II DERS HARDW ARE FRANKLIN AWENILE XALI EY STREAM N Y lel XA J 113.3 W '1 N ' 1 'I V W ' 1 f A L ' L f og K , A ., l . . ' v - :T rw . f A 1 . . 4 , I 1 v A V 1 . Q , H ' ,4 ff ' I l O I O , A 1 , . , 5 PAINTS, ETC. 1 ., , . . L' I 7 TA I I I J V . , II. . YA 5-1713 f ' -7- T73 . ,' , , 7 1 . 3 I rr N .Z I E-F F TIIIL 1 III I bII"I' SlIOI' Cuffs Cards Rellgwus 4rl1clvs .Slallongry I ens 34 R01 RUN XY 'INPINUI' N Ulu btreann w40m0 l mnplumnls 0 I'0I'l I III SIIIII' 5'I'0IlI'5 I0YII01IxUX XY XNINIIH N KI I I'Y STIII UI 'N X :HMI on IIH x I Inlpf rm Ill STI llIIODl-S Pholographvr 260 R01 IxAVk AY AVE. N XI I I'Y STRIL-XM N Y I on N X 5 1 5 I omplunvnts n I'0IIII IEW l'l I'Il5 II9 RIN IxXXX XY NNI-'NII' 8 Complunents of FIIINK In 'NELLIS Best II uh: s TIIIIIFTW II II T0 STIIIIFS Y il I If! STIII' KVI ST i'I'IONI'Il1 'I'0I DISI III 'VT I I"NTI'Il ldnrutlx .urn Q from! N S TIIEATILR llI'I' Ili I IITTIIN Slllll' 'I' IiU1kXXX KY NNI' N Ulu Nina: fzrrsllllrlg. 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'AA ' A I I. , . . m 3976 L I T T S LADII' S, APPAIII' I I llllfgl Afcounts lm md 121 R01 1xAWAY AVEJN111' NALLILY S1Rh.A1Vl N Y f ornplum nts L 0 I I S I' DRFSS Sll0P lll"l"l'Il K 8: BIIIDWN NAbH Sales and 51 rvu 1 54 11, MERRIQ K ROAD NAL1hY VIRBAM N Y 15451 7 70111 Thr Most Hfautl ul Shop ln fown Anth0ny's 'IHF HAIRCLTTIN1, SPPCIAI 181 Iomorrou .s Stvllng 'I orlav tformerly Wltll A 8. by 330 N 11:,1N1RA1 AX ILNUL VALLEY S1RhANI Opp Hendrlckson Avenue Congratulations F0ll KNT JPY Fl FRG 1 ll.Ll'.l CTIII' IWI WI KIIKET Frutts and Vegetables Fresh Daily Quality Meats Poultry Free Delivery VA 3 10 Complzmenls of F TNDL S ll llilalll 12 ROIKAWXY AVILNLIL VALLEY STREAM N Y Y-X 39191 Compliments of Dlf KlNSO'N Fl.Ef"l'lllf il Sl'l0P WALLILI S1111-:ni Al T0 PIIITS ur W4 33 Replacement and Parts Supplies Tools Pqzupment and Lacquers 4149 R01 KAWAY AW ENLE YALLEY STRL-XVI N Y a 3489 Y -X n 6163 DE P KLVI 1 FI 0lIlS'l' 213 ROCKAW-XY AS ENLE. VAILEY STRE-'UI 'N Y Hrs! 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Q - l l - llIll'NNl'll1 Al-IaNl 1 1NsURAxCr onault Your A ent 1 You would Your Doctor or 1 .uwxer LOcust 1 1300 l'lll'lllaBll,K'S l1LI'A1YI IIS ranmg, wing, Hals f 01 116 WILVI 'N1hRRlllx ROAD Frm lrrhup and Ihlnrrw VA 1 1841 I nmpllmf nts o 01850 Ill' XALL PII AIINI il I H luptm an I I Sus Ill ln lzarn 1 117 Rllllx-XV -XX ANPNUI' XAILPX HIRLANI N H Phone 1 -X 1 007 Isis fumpllmr nls o IlI+hl'N'l' MENS Slllll' J9RfN1X'xWA1 ANPNUI- XAI1hX SIRI'-XXI Complmzents to 4LANN OF 1916 'Vl'll.1l'llYF lillilflli 215 IILNIPSTEXD XYPNUIL NI XI Y l-R'Nl- I F0lll I' S lilllllill SlIOP H1 'N tl-,NTRAL AXILNI IL Y AI I LY NTRLXNI 19816 I omplznunls u ISI IYII l'll'lTlllI IYI I ILPYTIYI' I IIIII SIIIII' IYI lms Snmlnrs irlulm Tlugazuw l01R04lxXXX XY XXENLL X XlIl'Y NTH1 XXI 'N Y Y Y 1 Y 1 ' Y Y Y 1 li 1 Y V 4Y Q J 1 J 1 1 A L Cl' ' f-f DH' If .'-ff Il 'vs . .'.l .- . ,, C ' gg, as ' A- - ' ,. Jw- .',,- , . ' f . Y 1 V A A I Y Y Y V Y O 1 1 B. 1 1 , ,. .is 1 ,P m'.'.' 4 4 1 ' ' . ,YY, ,, . , .1., . 1 , , ,,.. , , . .1 ,.. . v ' nl . 444 A A.. A - Q, a:'.' . : .' vw v 1 v 1 1. I AAAF ., Il fl YA 7. '. If .'I '. .' . .". 1 ' I .-1 I.I' 'Q .". 1 .V .'l.'7' - Bc St W Nh: s To the ILASS of '56 Pre Qld! nt from CLASS of 58 I lm Pre sul: nt Sf rrvtm s In muff r ,lolm laddlken Gmg,er De Nau- ,loan AIIIPI' f0Il.L,IlIfll1llflUl1S 11 1 Hrs! H1511 N 1 ll Wh' and 'Hrs I von I ang 101511 I uh inf 81111188 to MANS 0 FBIFNDQIIII' Ill D X. J' W1 Y 'W , f A L Q 66 9 9? 1 ' , 71' 1 fvl , ,nxg , .............,..... I I , ?' 1 , S' .....................,..,. . , S " ' . ' , ..,...................... John Lynch 5 ,- ' .- , - f ,I -W .A If '.' vx In n If 'l'Hl'l CIAAS' Ulf lift! 'l'HlfZ In F 'Soi . - ' Y A Q A 5 0 4 4 A L, HPS! W'l'shf's from tht- PAIIENT TIIAITIIEB ASSIICIATIUN Ll NTIIAL Illl Il SLll00L alll NIEDIIIIIIAL llNl0ll lllf ll Sl ll00L VALLH 5TR1 ul B1 Qt Wish: 9 T0 the ILASS of 16 from the FLASS of .17 Vice Pre sull nt Joanne Stan er -59Crf'lflry Pdtrn ld I urtnu Trvasurfr John 1 errune - 1 of Y F V Y 1 1 AA I x Y v 1 Y 1 0 'L I n f ' 7 ' 4', 1 ' 2 . ' I 1 1 1 A 1 1 L, kg U 66 W 9 -' Q- President ...........,.......... . Ernest Marino ' 2 f ' ' ....... ............ ' .' ' w , V making. 4 Pc-rfvction in the WA Thr r f 50, what do you think? ' " "'l'H" ..,,N,.,..Ai1... f ., I MW: Somebody say something. in YIIIHIIKIIUU This is my lunvh period. Beauty and precision. tw Rock and Roll. Fx 0 'X Honest? Carnvgiv Hall. Cav. It'll never be rvady for 1'Uotlwr's 4 Day. W atrh tha! tw. What every tvvn-agar should know. Wa I fn0llll0N Lumber 1 onlpany Inc '00 1' ASI N1l'RRlflx ROAD IPX SIRPAM I Il HENRY and SONS DLIICAIESQEN 99 NULIH QLNIRAI AXPNUI' KAI LLX SIREAM Yu' W4 Ijflllfl' f ood lurk and B1 sl W rsh: I ft 51111 nf 1 r gl 1 rfftarx 'I fl asurf r f haplam Historian ALPII A 0Ml+ In A S0ll0lllTH lfllf Y nlerlf- kfdllll Pldllle Neleon atrlcla Sozek 'Nancy Holm hxelyn lxcllcr florla Johnston lzrnkgratlllatlfzna to the CRADUATINF l I ANS UI' 1936 rom HI lIOPl'5 III 1 O Y Y ' I 1 -I I . H T . ,, L . . -H .--Y. ... W . A . Ji 4 , . .,. . -- .. U. 1 , , , W- .V- XAI.,,. 'll-l. VA 5-0503: 5-4344 Vis- ", ah-m J , - VI- fs W N A A A 1 V A I ' J 1 7 L . - , . - - 7 . 1 AA L, 1 'V' ' ......, ..... V a ' ,"'gL I'if-I-Pvsil' .............. I-' . f D- ...,............ ...P 'wg ', . ' - 1' 7 1 - A . I ' ...'.... ...-.,... 1 . V1 ry But Wzshes to the' Class 0 1956 ALPIIA BETA KAPPA Ie t to Rlghl FIRST ROW I I hrlbtensen R Read I II.msen I SIIIH rmhn I' Slppcl SLI UND RIWL I' Dolan I' IIln1I0w IJ Atkln on I 'Vldrsh IN Ilaron Nl Rumor: N II0r4I ow II 'VI If-Q ,I 0 tyakl IIIRIJ RIIVI ,I VIIIIS 1 II In II re v 'H ua erlc' Ii Iwm I mr.nI dur n d n nm x IQ 0 Y 'N 04 4 I Pe It rm Proud: nt VLC: Pre szdvnt QPCVPKIIFW 'I rvamrf r Fhaplazn Gdll Hansen Ronnie Read Juan 5lIIlf'I'7dIlll llc n N1 1 f ml I Ilrl tl in Compliments from the Brothers of ALPHA 0MEI'A TIIETA FR ATFRNITY Let to Rlght FIRST ROW D Dunnmg C Hackney M Meyer R Nekton M Flngeret J Fontana B Saranlero R Bruno R Herman J Cerrone B Marshall SECOND ROW D Dun I Hoffman F lugglsberg C Seckler I' loefer! J Rives D Zboray ,I Narrlso f' Sweeney I I I , . : ' I , ' , ' Y ' , ' . , ' ning, B., Miodell, B. Illain, M. faggm, A. slmhey, D. fgikag, J. Lynch: R. Cam. THIRD Row. Best o Luck to the Claes 0 1956 0lVlEl A I AMNIA DELTA ALPIIA PSI CHAPTER Let to Right FIRST ROW K Bretz .I Zabatta J Schulk W Ingoglla T Neville T Rizzo SLLOND ROW T bullo V Panettlerl B froke D Dabbert T Adamo J Jacaruw P Donald THIRD ROW E Hukey R Newman T lullo J Duffy S fullen B Kernmg P Paulson B Kenner B Godfry L Flynn I Errera F Tsrhan FOURTH ROW P Johnson I Vesely H Meyer D faggxano G Madlson R Qpero S Sanzone S White .l fawanaugh Prmer pt W Ingoglla Seeretarv .l Zabatta ?1 I P8 T reasunr T Rlzzo Vzce President J Schuck Corrnspondmg Sef retary T Nevllle Hlstorzan K Bren E A f w. f. 1 '1 1 I I vu! l ! :v' 9.' 9' 'Q' .9' .9"': :. ,..' ,.. ,. ,. ,. .',. g ':. ' ,. ,.S ,. ,.. ,. ,. ,. ' ,. ,. ,I. ,. 'Q I :. , 4. , . , .A x , . ,.l ,. ,. ,.1" . A, Y , X, P' 1 , . , , .-qn-n u T I . h lr. QI XG Fontinued Success to the Floss 0 1956 UMEFA BETA DELTA S0ll0BITY left to Rzghz FIRST ROW D Fayet B bcala L lrownlnshleld J Saplo M ODonnell J Nmlsen J Bensley SEK OND ROW I Amarillo J Daly f Rugs A lorrlde D Lake M 'Vlaglplnto V Thomas THIRD ROW D Urso Shuler 1 lamphell M Darling Slusl 1 Grosill L Stellnr L lestarl Prestdent Joan Saplo Secretary Jayne Nelsen Tn asurf r Barbara Scala Forrespondmg Sc cretary Maureen 0 Donnell Assistant Treasurer Janne Bensley Executive qecretary Angle Pedatella Htstorlan Dlana Fayet Graduatmg Members ,loan S3pl0 Margaret Amodeo Joyce Valardl Barbara Scala Angle Pedatella Carolann Grosll JHIIICC Benslew ,lane Nelsen Pat Gordon Call Ruge I L . . W ' 17 n n 1 9 -g .:II.' ,u.. n,... ,A . - , I. ' ', . -, , ., . Vice President .............. Lynn Crowninsllield ? 3 ........................ ' ' , 1 I I L,Y, 1 ' --4..-. 9 Beet o Fverythmg to the f law o 56 ALPHA DAL SEfN0 SUBOBITY Colors Green and Gray X ffm -Q. 2 x...f' Left to Right FIRST ROW D Kaiser I McNerney D Tynan M Pdgano I Klehr M Kelly R Eberle SECOND ROW B Leclmer H Gabt S Blbmger L Satterley L Dunn F OMeara R Zundel THIRD ROW R Slegel S Ziegler B Hertell M Torgerson 5 Ratner T DeSett0 N Kllma V Dxstefano President Glnny Klehr Vlce President Marne Pagdno Corresponding Secretary Rosemarie Fberle Recording gf cremry Whckey Kelly Treasurer ,llldle Nlr Nernex Historian D1lIll9 Twndn Audltor Dottie Kd: er Best Wishes to the Class of 1956 from SIGMA ALPHA SOBOBITY Left to Rlght FIRST ROW Harrlet Mlrhaels Lstelle Ottenger Leclle Dornbush Hedy Lou Blum Susan Fayne Marlene Gross SECOND ROW Betty Swlllmg Duane Schwartz Marem Berkman Lmda Katz Audrey Greene Janet Richman Lorrame Raybln TOP ROW Marilyn Sherman Elena Strausberg Ellen Fam Lmda Greeanbaum Judy Goldberg Audrey Sohotkm Phyllis Borden Natalie Llttman Presldent Ceclle Dornbush Corresponding Secretary Barbara Lieberman Recordmg Secretary Harrlet Mxchaels Treasurer Sue Fayne Chaplazn Hedy Lou Blum . , z . . , . , , V. 9 9 3 3 : I ' 9 . ' 9 . 9 . 1 9 . 9 . ' S : . 1 9 ' 9 . N ' 9 9 ' . Q . , . . . Vice President ................... Estelle Ottinger Best Wlshes to the Class 0 1956 DELTA EPQILIIN BETA 90ll0BITY left to Right FIRS1 ROW f Wlenlrauh M Thomas D DelVeu'h1o K flannlnnl f Rugs 1 fooper SECOND ROW F Shelton H Shelton E Beuttenmuller R Seite-narl S Volpe-r D Wade S Offenharls THIRD ROW L Deulto Il Sulton K Pelllnan 5 Zu-glrr la Bu wlnek V Thomas P Betwmek FOURTH ROW R Urso L Sume N Freeman J Ldhn A Lefebre P Ehner J Bensley Presldent Inge Peterson Vice Preszdent Kathy Gldnlnnl Correspondmg .Secretary Gerrl Weintraub Recordzng Secretary Gall Huge Treasurer Nancy Freeman Colors Black and White Continued Success to the Class of 1956 rom PIII TAU SOB0llITY DELTA CHA PTI! R Phl Tau means Always Frtends left to Rlgnt FIRST ROV l Osanl L Lang A Schultz SEX UND ROW J Zabatta A S1 hlnk X Blenalzrmann J Stow'-r J lrcgorw A NX dllSll'0Ill li Bolrmkel I Baum THIRD ROV P Roberts J Dane II Sleglcr J Young S Lang N lllnlgllzrtw P Ulsan lx Benslu l Werner R Patcher FOURTH ROW J Ahlers H Blndmr L Blair l' Dennl R Nash f DeNawe J Plala WI Smith B DeDomenl4o I Patmher I'Il'TII ROV J Blair R -Xllen J Prledlander E Starke L Bard all D Olsen l John on I Vesely D Xtklnson Prestdent L0lllbC Lang Vzce Prfsldent Carol O-am Secretary Allce Schultz Corrs Splllldlllg Sf err tary Bernadette C antalupo Treasurer VlCkl Cederbhun Hlstorlan ,loan Blau' Graduating Sisters Roberta Allen Sandy D Attllllo Honey Slegler Charlotte Balllll Benlta De Domenlco Elaine Starke Joan Blau' LOUISE Lang Conme Vesely Tern Cantalupo Sandy Lang Ann Marle Wallstrom Carol Osanl , K , .. 3 . L 1 J - 66 - 99 1 N W . 2 2 can wsu S fi? ' 5? ', '4 f if Q M 1 . ', ' ' G 4. 4 ' 2 E , . ' ,V , . ,. ,. ',-. :, ", -, ' ' ,.. ',.1'4,',,.' ,. -' ,..' , : 'x v'. it 1 H 4 Y . ' 1 7 xv , W 1 . ., . ., .. ,. ,.. ,.. n, . , . 1, . . ' g , :.a . . '.a ', . s, . ' ,f. ", ',..- , . ', .. " 3 :. ', .. , . .. , . S' , . . , ,. s , .. , .. . , 1 N , ....,.,............... 4 . . w . w w 1 I A, , 'f...... f 1 f A , ..........,.......... 41 . W. K. .- ,V . . - Y , A - L L Compliments o ALPIIA SIGMA GADINIA SOB0lllTY P 15 Left to Right FRONT ROW R lolarullo N Mare M Rosen M Malesk P Foley J Sxhulll B M1'Vl.mus SILQOND ROW M Angrlsano f DCSIHIODY 1 Anderson B Olsen l Warren A Ross J Williamson THIRD ROW .l Hdlatyn L Eager A Lllman L Rupp R 5lll1l'S B Mlller B fross F Waldman l' Whelan FOURTH ROW P Turner A lhfl tmann ll lxahn M MIBSCIIIPP L Voutasalns 'VI l'ran1ls A Smith H llalrlumne ll Dauenhelmcr Vlce President Rita Colarullo Treasurer Nldddy RMU, Memo Girl Barbara .NILNldllllN SQCVPIUVQ' Nacllne 'llare Corresponding Secretary ,llllle Schultz Hlstormn Pat Fqplgv ALPHA Sli WA I XNINIA SORURITY NUN1 To Blue anfll ray our Blue and Frm W e ll ple 4lge to thu nh rnallx Our none hugh we ram Our losaltw and say ln harmons we ll sung to thu In all we do vu ll tllmk of xou Of our de xote d praise Our clsdr olel Blue and 1 nn Q 1 nu K 4 W , W , Q 1 V Q 4 V ' I' 4, I ' A 'T' 75 XV I l I - A ' , : . I , . , . , . , . N , . '., . '1 ' 3 'I : . ' ' , I. N , .. ' , . ' , nl ' , 'I .9 ' G' il W :'v' 9 l- ' 1 - 9 - l 1 'K "rs - I, . I , . I , . i ' 2 2 . , . l ' , . ' , . , . , A . ' , . . ' , . '.'. , . ' . President ...................... Maureen Maleslc . . .' Q. lf , . . Q .A .' I , ' , V , 'e .. -1, --Q 1 . v . iv, v ' ' 1 . " - - , V .' ' ' .- . .' .I .. . . 5 .1 j' Best Wishes and Good Luck to the Class 0 56 f BEEN AN D YW HITF 90BOBITY Le t to Right FRONT ROW S Bremer treasurer f Longenerker corresponding secretary P Przywara historian A Abello president L Oppelt vue president L Skokun rmordlng setretary FIRST ROW D ionu J Fllrk 1 lranger D Shears M Borman B Zelgler K Malchlk L Fraser SEL OND ROW B Sommer S Mason L Soloway S f oldherg K loomhs E Llahurrl H Srhultz .I SBPIO S Leder R lorrado P Pllghl THIRD ROV I Polychron P Young J Engers K Smith P Fantarella A Rlno J Skokan P fordon J Hager J Korn rumpf S foermg P Portney Tlll TA I AMDIA I Ill . , A f, 1 v v 7 l A A ' 4 t if 'Q ' f , :'. ' - ,,1. ,, -- ' ' - , . - , . , - ,, . ,- , , .. - ' 3 : . . , . , .. 1 , .. , . ', . ,, . , , . , . . .. , . , . ,.. 1 , ,. . , . , . ,. , . , .. , . , . . , . , . , . , . 1 , . , .s , . 1 , . , . - ,.. 1 , . . F 1 1 4 l 1 Good Luck and Best Wishes to the Class 0 56 KAPPA DELTA N IJ Left to Right FIRST ROW Treasurer B Cox Presldent D Owen Vue President E Olsen Monahan F LBSQIO Congratulations to the Class 0 56 rom THE FIBIS LEADERS FLIB Y T 1 Secretary, N. ,Crazianog SECOND RO67: Farrell, D. VSnlitll, M. Mlmntesano, J. Mr-Dc-rmolt, J. 9 9 Y I L L , ' Conlplimvnts of AN'l'll0NY Il GILAS 8: SIJNC fI01lll'S 0 frm P10141 r.s lg FRANKLIN AX ENUL I X NBROOK N Y Phone LYnbro0k 9 6640 Our Otlu r Stun AMPRICXN BFAUTY FLURIST Ina Wh W0 trmrl Axe Brooklxn N Y Phom Nlm llli 8 H14 Lots 0 Lurk and Surf-ess to zhf CLASS UI' Sf Friendship Ill Y flillllllllll nts 1 W 01,0 5 ll Inna llll' f Illllllllll nl Will and 'UBS WIIIIIWI PIIFEWIIN lhonl I0 ll t 1 10 I I' I llllllfxl' Opin um 568 RIN lx-XXX -XY XY PNUI' .il Sunrise lI1gllN ax Y -XLLE.Y bTRl1.-XXI 'N Y kI'NNl'1 IIIHIS Ill'Wl'lll1l'S l nnpllm nts I XT ml 'N I' Ploneer 9 1700 State Mutual Llfe Assurante I ompany Irvln A Dax les Ageney lxlll I RANlxl IW AX PWLI4 IARDPB 1 IIY I1 f lllalllllllll You l anullablr Sickness 'lllldl nt Hobpztal Inauranu O A L f L L I . .. W I Q. 'Im I. I , ,,. . r. - 1 7 N P - .- l fy ' ' , , , , f A , . , f. F' I ' ',1',. I ' 1' :lf ' 1 I I If 'v xof A 0 A no 11A. A 4 XA ' M- . O 1 " I Y of Worcester, Massachusetts ' -, rf -20f . . f. . 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Suggestions in the Valley Stream Central High School - Cadet Yearbook (Valley Stream, NY) collection:

Valley Stream Central High School - Cadet Yearbook (Valley Stream, NY) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


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Valley Stream Central High School - Cadet Yearbook (Valley Stream, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Valley Stream Central High School - Cadet Yearbook (Valley Stream, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Valley Stream Central High School - Cadet Yearbook (Valley Stream, NY) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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