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Valley Stream Central High School - Cadet Yearbook (Valley Stream, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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, X f ., .1 fb' I X.-.CTL s 1' ,lx 'f if W?" P , -I K.. -V.. , W ,. N f . . ., . ,,,- if-gf - 4' -. ,' Z FZ, 3 N rj ' R V "S A 2 M- -f ff - K 4' ' , . ' Mk kj J' 1 - ,AQ '1 X X v ,ff-, V ff - I f I f -v' III ,J 'F ff f gr 2 ' C 1 C fi' xx if y K 1, 1 Ag, 1 3 , w I 1 ', ,, , x K' fri S- if L 'fi 1 . N f f f' 1 f ' Y ff . ' " 4,5 xv., K Rf , r 7' 'v Y' '5 I x iff I' -' if Q K fu ,N H f ", , ' 1 ' 4 Lfxx K X-I X3 ff, T, ffl if Y ff K 'I'-Y f L YQ , ' vp ,A x ' Aff 'X v ,fv pic. , ,,.. o -x . . I ' r , . I. r . f , v I s. ,- A x,. t ' .W- , x, I f. 'H 1 V . amfgfwx favumfd . ,oefw Wwfc Jjjfj, ,Z wfy. XJVM xnxx Jaffa, K 'X 'v 2 fo Habib ' yy 4 ,Q J M. VQTIVILL if . -1 ff' V,u9','ivL7 I ,XO bb Qjfjwy J H! liftyluwf .N K W 3 L rj 'J' 4 V f A v ff' fx L ' X ff X Z 4' , 1 il an . W K' y 'ff at P , i . 2' . if 5 if if 4 s 1 ,-x b...4-A-1.4. W" ff, . 5 1 Q.' - 1 . 3... ..--4-vs! A 1-'Q-.ef -, --3,,Vw-vf.-up - .,-lf' '-3 .,. ' , ,319 ,, U. xv, . ge .yy 1 . 'J W J- h4f." ,w,11 345 m , ' 3 1 "',,. ul' w i ESQ. " fi' I 1 f - Iv' ,Q 1 M- 2'Pg 3 5 Q .suvuica fl -sq . .-... . ..- J. . Mil. .-.,..q-aan! .Q-nt. M f '.-u.. asian allintshsw, . J- sqvnn CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL VALLEY STREAM, N. Y Fnrewurd ,f"" 4,, ll- kg 44 71. Y F2-3 we Lf ,fx T IS NOT often that a student feeling that school is classified as a many enjoy its advantages While others scoff at demands, but it is not until an individual rates the title "alumnus" that a different light is cast upon his Alma Mater. Thus, it is with some insight and humility that the staff of the 1954 CADET, in striving diligently to search for a suitable theme for its annual, realized one fall day that Central High School was L1 phe- nomenon within itself. XX'hat if the awe-inspiring Tai Mahal could not be duplicated! What if the oddity of the Leaning Tower could not be matched! left its mark on all who entered its portals. so, with due respect, the yearbook staff lays to the fact that our high school represents wonders . . . each an achievement in its own Ancl claim seven rights architectural triumph of the Hanging Thus, as each reader turns the pages of this it is the hope of the editors that he. aware p I 1 8 3 I ,pg 1-1- .JL,4v" . YI" ' woxmww- mf" 'J 1- pi-3, ,Mi 5' 'L -4 A ' " '.,,,g 5, W "iv-u,,',Ts.,,,-.N M is ,Ls ' if ' Xxi-1- ' 4 12 X .1 4 .W-' Dedication E, THE CLASS of l95fi, wish to dedicate our yearbook to many people, the thousf ands, who have contributed to the Valley Stream Central High School since it was brought into existence twenty-five years ago. To those who made it possible for Central to develop a heart beat, to live, and to survive, it is to them that our town owes a priceless heritage. To each wonder of Central, there have been many contributors working to make ours a stronger and more unified school, to give it root, to insure a place to provide character for the students. Now, with twenty-five years under our "Silver Buckle", we can pause to look back and realize that this is not the anniversary of the school alone, but of the people who have made it possible for Central to prosper and survive for 25 ymrs. ADET I lhlv ul Luulvnls. XECUTIVES O TABLES HBA IRE HYTHM THLKI ICS EAL- UIQRS E 1 N, T 1, A , er, 5 LITERARY Patricia Boswell Martin Burke Grace Conrad Karen Endres Marilyn Fatscher Elaine Glassberg Audrey Goebel Joyce Hager Marilyn Harris Jackie Herman Rosie Ingoglia Joan Klenck Margaret Kraus Cynthia Krieg Laurel Linton Gail Martin Betty McGale Betty Mearns Audrey Moss Sheila O'Brien Marie Panettieri Nancy Peterson John Polychron Mary Lou Roberts Sheila Siegel Margaret Smith Marcia Spelman Barbara Whelan Joan Yarrow SPORTS Nelson Edwards Judy Flick Bob Goodman Rose Ingoglia Sheila O'Brien Barbara Spracklin Tom Stouten Grace Vulpis Frank Young TYPIN G Janet D'Agostina Trudy Deignan Eleanor Gramss Joyce Hager Rose Ingoglia Margaret Kraus Janet Moore Carol Lee Palazotta Henrietta Parrinelli Charlotte Peter Grace Vulpis PHOTOGRAPHY Walter Arnsberger Robert Rostedt, Co-Edizor Florence Svenson ADVERTISING Pat Bilello Pat Boswell Gloria Heide Joan Kornrumpf Judy Lang Jill Marrnero Frances Offenhartz David Owen Jane Schlegel Margaret Smith CIRCULATION Louise Baselice Don Billingham Anna Caputa Grace Conrad Roberta Croce Carol Crowninshield Trudy Deignan Barbara DelVecchio Pat DeSena Carol Faggella Betsy Fatscher Peggy Fuchs Judy Hagerman Doris Ieda Bobbi Kay Dawn King Joan Klenck Judy Lang Claire Licitra Deanna Malchik Peggy Nicholas Arlene Rose Pat Smith Lois Spriggs Tina Trillo Barbara Ward ART Paula Cover Carole Gommi Ray Herman Virginia Jackson Rosalie Koenig Charles Maggiore Rene Mansfield Bill Nilsen Carol Praetorius Kathy Raberdine Torn Reinertsen Gloria Stube 1' Left to right: j. Flick, E. Hjelte, S. Warren HE SENIOR Council "took a Brodie" in electing Sheila "Stevie" Warren as a co- editor of the 1954 CADET. Incidentally, it was another gamble that has paid healthy dividends, for her competency, vivacity and leadership guided the staff success- fully through the hazards of realizing the annual. His interest and work on the 195-3 CADET were largely responsible for the selection of Edward "Skip" Hjelte as the other co-editor of the yearbook. Serving chiefly as an administrator, "Skip" pivoted with agility his squad with caution and care. The "dollar and sense" girl, Judith "foods" Flick, managed with ease to keep the CADET account solvent throughout the year. Her reputation as a financial wizard was further enhanced by the favorable realization of Central's "Blue Book". qw Z ,J ,ffffwfwi XG? L,Le+f"LAZf7Al"""U ffwww 1!J-1 ' I QM A! ,A i IIA-'7 I 5 fy 14 rf pf ,f - i 7 L J ' -- f . f ' ! ' I My 1 YJ A' 1 'JT . . I E A A fA-'71 I fw ,- zz ' f ""' , ,-7 A HIIQ , uf Q W1 1 , I 94 r, ' z I 1 I .L H A ' fg f r' 1 1 ' , X ,A A r' 1A I I ,Lf ' 3 f I . . ' I 'K A l If A I , ' f f I A f I I I ' My ,,' I I Q I ,, , I!! ,"' ,Y ' ff o f ' " 1 yi! ,, fp L ' I 1 ', I. l' A 1 , F J' ff? Dummying the book I Selling subscriptions Procurxng ads W X., .. 54 3.1 5 Y . J ,rg -3 Q x I , L . .4 . , fi! I 3' 15 'Q' H ku, 3 W, ,.,VA 1? V .,,f,m,, v , 5 Q r ' E F e 25.- 1 -V .av U X ,..., -u-4k ,-,,,.4n IVA A - x :L E 3 gf Nor a penny more Now is :he time K- , Q X ,J Some do, some don't Arm rests arcni enough Fw 9- ,,f1. X52 ,k'. P' Y ,xr -.,- ,+L 5,4 , iffy: if 1 2 4 5, I 3 x f 1 l N . X 4 I ! ' x . ,. 3 4, 'e a 44 i X J 5 QQ WB-"S5'x-af f' P E Kurfess ergen D Vanwlckler dmlnlslrallnn EHIND the scenes at Central a group of people known to the student body as the admmrstratlon works and plans unceasrngly to offer the best educanonal opportumtres possrble Thrs group conslstmg of Mr Udall Mr Kurfess Mrs Van Wrckler Mr Owen and Mr Bergen 15 seldom recognrzed or rewarded for the numer ous servrces rt performs yet mmy Centrahres have benefrted from the advantage of 1ts helpful understandlng advxce and guidance Through the efforts of the admmlstranon the hrgh educatxonal standards and facrlltles of Central have been retalned despite a tre mendous xncrease 1n enrollment Because of the1r w1se supervrslon Centralrtes are prepared for a brxght and secure future R Udall ,,+.... X N 1 W' fm.. Now thxs boy Your report mdncates Oh YOUU Bfflduafc I9 Seated: Mr, Owen. Slanding: Mr. Evans, Mr. Barrett, Mrs. May, Mrs. Wright, Mr. Michenet Guidance Department O WORD means more to the student at Central than the word "guidance" for it is the sum total of his "place in the sun" in the past, present, and future. Like the proverbial ship in distress seeking aid, the students of Central High School head for Room 118. lf one has a problem about any phase of school life-subjects, teachers, college or occupational re- quirements, he has only to go to the Guidance Of- fice to find a solution. The office is fully equipped with files on occupations and scholarships and main- tains an up-to-date collection of college catalogues as well as books on college selection. Always ready to offer a suggestion for future plans, the well- trained and thoroughly experienced staff of the Guid- ance Department helps many students each year to make their future plans. Their understanding, tol- erance, and kindness are greatly appreciated. To Mr. Evans, counselor for the Class of 54. a special debt of thanks is owed for his unselfish interest in the individual problems of each Senior. Mr. Evans 1 ' .ff 15t,Rou: C. Alberts, E. Henryf Ambermau, W. May J. Korba R. Udall, D. Van Wickler 'E. Kurfess, J. Bergen, B. Mortimer, L. Mital, F. Tronsorl 2nd Raul: D. Suprina, R. Thompsoni K. Wright, M. DuBois: M. Green, V. Myles,'L. Pompa, I. Campbell, A. Lanza, R. Franczylc, H. Paul K. Darling. 3rd R'bu': S. Newman, S. Seader, A. Romano, A. Clarke, H. Williamson . Leachey, A. Fare, R. Stevenson, R. Peterson. 4219 Roar 1. Magowan, E. Englert, E. B. Avery D. M. Griffith, M. Michener, S. Chiavoli, D. Holsapple, F. Budde, B. Keller. 5111 Row: P. Hart? man, H5 Irvine, C. Dare, A. Totten, -I. Evans! H. Hills, S. Fortunaro, P. Banks L. Clark E. Graham. 6111 Rou' F. De-Mita,'E Augustirfe A. Stillman A Musselma Dr. J Smith, A. Chris man, L. Efifkm. m .fefmw T. siiuu, J. D'El'ia, F. Young, J.fvre1big,,5.'i5,.V' eau, N. Sinkinson- ,, X. Yi A719 Row: F. Keffer K Facull f 'N T IS NOT possible for any senior to find suitable words to express himself satisfactorily about so many virtues of Central. lt stands to reason that the greater degree of responsibility for pupil suc- cess must be allotted to the faculty. Another year has seen this premise once more Q' r 1 v realized, and the Class of 1954 is no for the faeultys assistance than those Thus, a most inadequate "thanks" will fice formally as a means of recording of the Senior Class. less grateful of the past. have to sut- the gratitude x gl ff 351 .44 K , M , Q fjxg EA i A . -E' W.. ,X W V 2 ,,-f' " 'S' 1? ,,,,-sw ' . ju - if X - 1. - - ,- V 1 Rl -fwqvf' . , V - . f 'S mf, .. .. ' ,I -9. ,. I. . 1 , p I ' 3. i. 1 A A in 4 XY' e eat, too Cafeteria URING the past year Central's students have become appreciatively aware of the fact that nowhere else can they get more for their money Cthirty five centsy than in our own cafeteria. The menus are varied, the meals are well balanced and appetizingly prepared, The kitchen, equipped with the newest modern conveniences and systematically run by Miss Jaque- 41 4 . ,A ,V ,.v,,AV ,,,,,., ,, , 7 Boy, what appetites! line Magowan and her staff of seven women, is capable of turning out some three hundred three course meals a day. Time spent in this pleasant environment serves as a "break" in the school day and is looked forward to by the members of all three lunch periods. Many a good time has been spent at a cafeteria lunch table . . . ask any Centralite! I ,4, anna. an 3 ,f ! , A P ,J 1 v N. V Q fb. ii' il' 7 , N 1 1 EW - , ,x ,- .1-fa fc, cgi . L '--I Fr. n 23 .v D, . IE A 3 Q x 75 In pprelziatiml W'hile looking in retrospect at our three years in Senior High School, we the Class of 1954, must pause for a moment to pay tribute to a most deserving man - Mr. Robert Stevenson, our class social adviser. Every school week lor three years Mi. Stevenson has helped patiently to resurreet progress out of the turmoil and din emitting from room 50-1 where first the Soph, then the junior, and finally the Senior Councils of the Class of '54 have met. He hu given generously of his energies in helping to further all our projects, sharing with us both the temporary distouragements and the thrilling achievements. Now, as graduation dravms near and we realize the culmination of our Class team- work, we pause with gratitude to salute Mr. Stevenson, our ever ready helper and our honored friend. ,f aylxlgf E-CT? E- E' ak 2 if 2.-5 il 2 icq 4 fi 5 I I Ill! I Wa The Class uf 1954 of our exrstence Lrke MacArthur we would return I 111 Z O S Z 0 'I' :J UO fb "1 2 E 3 Ui m :: cn. :- D S : UQ 2 E moves on So goes the Class of 1954 The hrstory of our three years at Central rs wrrtten for keeps It IS these three years that wlll remaxn as rmportant step prng stones between Central and Lrfe In the crrsp fall of 1951 we made our debut rn Senror Hrgh When the novelty of mormng sessron wore off we were ready to exhrbrt our Stuff The frrst xtem was the organrzatron of a Coke conces sron rn the gym lobby durmg all home basketball games Next on the evenrng of anuary 26 1952 we transformed those basketball courts mto magrc wrth the Wrnter Wonderland dance Suddenly rt was sprmg and the clrmax of every school year the One Act Play Contest Our entry was a mystery comedy 'Murder IS Fun" Next day we consoled ourselves w1th the promrse "Wa1t'll next year' In the meannme we had made Central avsare So we drd return one September mornmg rn 1952 There was only the trme to shake the last b1t of sand from our shoes before we were plunged mto the fxrst of our many busmess transactrons For ten frantrc days as representatrves of the Curtrs Pub lrshrng Company we plred Valley Stream resndents wrth all sorts of magaznnes As soon as all returns were tabulated we saw to rt that these same people had seats for our hnlarnous comedy Out of the Fryrng Pan Wrnter the basketball season and Coke concessson plus programs contmued to keep us rn the publrc eye At thus same trme we were mvolved rn preparmg for a magmfrcent unror Prom On the nrght of May 22 success was realrzed as three hun dred couples danced m the Garden Ctty Hotels Grand Ballroom to the excltmg tango Orchlds ln the Moonl1ght" suggesting our class colors of or Chld and s1lver ' . ' U g nxnnnzixxxiiltiillzl II . v I . ' . V' : i 4y ' . l ' c.. , lxzzxx:nll.lxn.arrIs11x n 'AVR . . ummlllllnmlmmllvl llunll,tnmlhlllllullllllllll - f 5 ' ----'f -f' , -- . . . . , ',L.f" 1 I G Ewa . ' "'l"'i'-' I ' . - - X I Z -4' . T' ', rt . , 1 Xu 1 4 Q ' ' , . x .- gy' I , M I I . V g . X to 'O 5 Q 'Q 1251 'O ,L j - , - ' ' Q, v an 0 . . - 4 1 ' . . fp ' I Z ' ' 4 l .- . A - X Q 4 1 . . . - ,cl 5. I . . . ' ' 1- ,i - ,. f J.. ' . ik 41 J,-1 , , ' .. 1I1-1-nnnuananunulnnuullllluuannnunnnnnlnx'. 3' U " ' .4 ' gfggglpggofaa pagan- oaoovoo o. 341, 0 1 ve- - 0 . it . 1 . gi? gl U ' L IK 0 Q 0 0 o o Q9 o 0 -5 - It was fortunate that the Prom was so outstand mg for only two weeks later we were once agam oblrged to wart t1ll next year That was the One Act Play Contest We had changed our tactrcs and en tered a farce entrtled Goodmght Please And so another year a most successful one ended For the last trme we pushed open Central s doors 1n September 1953 Thls tlme we drdnt wart to empty the sand Takmg over the candy stand we began to reap profrts A second mnsslon for the Curt1s Company was completed Buslness contlnued brxskly w1th the sale of two hundred Semor hats rn one day' CADET staff heads thought fought collaborated and argued and fmally came up wrth a most re markable theme 545 CADET was also the frrst to be entered rn a yearbook contest More frrsts came wrth the announcement of Brother Rat as Senror play We were frrst to present th1s rolllckrng com edy 1n a hrgh school and 150 Senrors trred out for parts grvmg Brother Rat a good start on 1ts way to a tremendous success Between rehearsals we agam took charge of the Coke concession and the 1ssu1ng of programs at basketball games Only the One Act Play Contest barred our way It presented a prob lem and by gum we would not be lrcked' Hot on the heels of the contest came the mem orable Senxor Dmner And then for the last txme the Senror Class assembled together as we received our drplomas symbollc of three wonderful years at Central Garden Cxty Hotel - . . U u ' s - 11 - H - . f- H - v - y Q 1 ' ' . , . . . . . . . , . , . . . r , - ' . , , . - s y 3 ! 1 1 , . l w Lnttle boys lost! 25? 5, V e f Wxiffg fe? W V I nvwx ww, . K vi , A Us m an ,,. - l'."s.A1u S W' Wm! M- 'Hu x 'mm an an H9- IIB O Ronxn ERVING on more dass committees than probably any other member of her class Sherla OBr1en bore wrtness to the fact that dnlrgent servrce reaps rts rewards Elected as treasurer of her Semor Class Sherla has had the drstmctron of handhng more mon ey than any other class treasurer All of whlch pomts to the fact that the Class of 1954 had the rlches treasury rn the hlstory of Central if 4 Uffllllills AL VERSAT E and always smxhng Jrm orke was hosen to lead our sentor class IS utstandmg a mplrshments range from acting to at et ess KJIITI once scored a goal f the opp mg teamj AA 9-f-. "Shell" O'BRIEN ' ff.. ' li 195 , . ,rf-.r l ' Ef f 1 , ' I l '5 - E ' ' . ,X --.- T K? VA . n , I .. gi . . A X . . . - ka hl ' ' . f 5 . , Q , ' gg J, ,J n f 5 9' ' X Vif-Il J , ' L T If 2 I I , . FL A - . i . V1 I . ' , f h R X X h " .I , A X ' A I ' r- . x . . y ' R P. l l Fl s 1954 o Uffilzials NOWN chretly as a wrz of the basketball court Skrp has had an envrable admrnrstra trve record at Central Servrng as presrdent of hrs class durrng hrs sophomore and yunror years he was agarn elected to a class offrce for hrs senror year wrnnrng the post of vrce presrdency ,111 Skrp H JELTE lj UA N' I yvlflxf wreath to her ever growrng collectron by wrn nrng the secretarys offrce thrs year Barbara Sprack lrn has made an envrable record at Central for not onl has her extra currrcular hrstory been outstand rng but she has marntarned a hrgh scholastrc aver as ifijfisir Bobby SPRACKLIN C9 gc lb riff I fi W ll 'T V . - 1 I j A M! U! f fr y l Y l f j HE TOP girl athlete of the year added another ag r ell. 3 5' , t gm " " 33 ' '- Ir! Row: D. Faehner, S. O'Brien, B. Spracklin, J. Herman, J. Flick, C. Cali, M. Panertieri, J. Moore, S. Sanislo, li. Svensen. 2nd Ron 1 Pearson, J. Kennedy, J. O'Rorke, D. Moore, E. Hjelte, J. Yarrow, P. Hasselriis, F. Young, D. Billingham, J. Schlegel. S ' ll 'l HE TIME - 7:45g the place - 304, the cast - the Senior Council. All is quierg suddenly - the President of the Class rises to speak - Bang! Half awake members of the Senior Council become little demons of activity. Somehow under the guidance of Mr. Stevenson, Senior Social Adviser, and the leadership of president, jim O'Rorke, this demonic council succeeded in making the wheels of the class grind. Assisting jim were veep-Skip Hjelte, secretary-Barbara Spracklin, and treasurer-Sheila O'Brien. The council has taken care of the money-making ventures of the class such as the coke and candy stands. It may have been noisy in 304, nevertheless, after the feuds were put under con- trol counrless things were accomplished by the class of '5-4! GLORIA JOAN ACKLBY 236 Mill Road "Glor" OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicityg Commerce Clubg Soft- ballg History Clubg Volleyball RICHARD H. Anmzns 86 Fletcher Avenue "Dick" Marching Bandg Concert Bandg Chorusg Cross Countryg Bowlingg HOLIDAY HOTELg DOWN IN THE VALLEYQ Hi-Yg Interclass Track RONALD AHLERS 989 Belle Court ..RonI, Wrestlingg Football MARION ALBBIIGO 95 Carroll Avenue "Shorty" PATRICIA ALLEN 123 Lutz Drive "Pat" CADETQ Softballg Booster Clubg Volleyballg Archery Well, gentlemen? 1- 1 Y . 'ff X s - ? . -.-:-:S 1.2 Q E 1' Q al .J ' i-'fn' 35.1 4 , if A f A av W 4 A 1 full' x V o-' url In 1' ' , 45 p A I gf 5,1 wha f ' sw 9 A Q7 K ,, ,. 5 A 'fr 'ies if? jv- A.. , 1 I MICHAEL ALVINO 117 Horlon Avenue "Mike" j. V. Baseballg J. V. Footballg Sophomore Council DANIEL AMATO 781 Doughry Ave., Franklin Sq. "Frenchie" ARLENE AMOWITZ II Toomer Place, Malveme "Hot Rod" HOLIDAY HOTEL, Sceneryg CRIER, Advertisingg Roller Skat- ingg Hockeyg Softballg Camera Club, Treasurerg Dramatic Club, Ticket Committeeg Volleyballg Tumblingg Table Tennisg Basket- ballg Tennis ARTHUR ANGST 107 Bunker Avenue "Artie" Varsity Footballg J. V. Footballg Varsity Trackg J. V. Trackg HOL- IDAY HOTEL, Stage Crewg J. V. Cross Countryg Bowling ALBERT AREVALO 63 Eart jamaica Avenue HAI.. Turn out the lights! ANNBTTB C. ARGENTO 221 Ea.rt ,Iamacia Avenue "Toni" HOLIDAY I-IOTELQ Hockeyg Basketballg Bowlingg Softballg GOOD NIGHT PLEASEQ Pub licityg Dramatic Clubg CRIER ROBERT ARNOLD 733 Craft Avenue ..BOb,. WALTER ARNSPERGER 15 Adeline Place "Arnsie" Track ROY ARP 142 East Carpenter Street ..Hcap.. Varsity Bowlingg Inter-class Trackg Club Bowling RUTH ASH 98 Gold Street Tennisg Archeryg Basketball Who me? 95- . , . 0 5 E .. il 'l 1 . 5 .' 1 fi . ' rs- Well, if it isdt- LOUISE EVBLYN BASELICE 263 Oakley Avenue, Elmont "Squeegie" MURDER IS FUNQ Sophomore Councilg Junior Councilg Senior Councilg Basketballg Softballg Chorusg OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicityg Volleyballg CRI- ER, Typing Staffg Candy Stand CYNTHIA BAssANo 6 Cluetf Road ucyn.. Roller Skatingg Softball JOHN BAUM 14 West Mineola Avenue '- ROBBRT T. BBCHER 133 Elmwood Street "Besh" CRIER, Sports Staffg CADETg History Clubg Varsity Softballg J. V. Basketballg J. V. Footballg Club Bowling MARILYN ANN BBHRENS 1497 Adele Court Library Clubg Bowlingg Tennisg Softballg Table Tennis Look at that score! HELEN BEHRMANN 193 No. Cottage Street "Sunshine" Dramatic Clubg One Act Play Contest, Publicityg Basketballg Softballg Archeryg Tennis MAUREEN BENTVENA 111 Eart Maujer Street "Terry" League Bowlingg Tennisg Arch- eryg Roller Skatingg Tumblingg Basketball LAWRENCE H. BERGDAHL 113 Elmwood Street ..Lan,y.. Softballg Library Club RONALD JAY BERGMANN 23 Earl Valley Stream Blvd. "Kid" Rifle Clubg German Club PATRICIA BILELLO 640 Arly Road, Franklin Square .ipatn OUT OF THE FRYING PAN Marilyn Monroe there? 15- f s T X re 4 O 5 " L L ii c ?' XM Monday morning. DONALD JAY BLLLLNGHAM '54 Scarcliffe Drive, Malvern: Senior Councilg CADET, Circula- tiong HOLIDAY HOTELQ Senior Play Commiteeg Candy Standg Chorusg First Acting Groupg Sophomore One-Act Playg junior One-Act Play, Directorg TWO BLIND MICEQ Jr. Councilg Soph- nmore Councilg Assembly Com- mitteeg History Clubg BROTHER RATQ TEMPO VIVIAN BIRBIGLIA 26 Park Place "Viv" Leader's Clubg GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Chairman of Propsg BROTHER RAT, Chairman of Propsg OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicityg Sophomore Councilg Miss Hospitalg March- ing Bandg Service Clubg CRIER, Feature Staffg CADET, Literary Staffg Chorusg Hockeyg Basket- ballg Softballg Tennisg Atchetyg Tumblingg American Legion Or- atorical Contestg Hi-YQ Hi-Hopesg MURDER lS FUN, Ticket Com- mitteeg Sophomore Dance, Dec- orationsg Leaders Football Dance, Decorationsg Booster Clubg His- tory Club DOROTHY ANNE BLACK 75 Wingate Road ..Dotty.. Hockeyg Tennisg Bowlingg HOLI- DAY HOTEL, Publicityg Service Clubg Dramatic Club NANCY BLOMQUIST 12 Stem Street --Nant. Commerce Club JOHN E. BOOKMAN 221 No. Central Avenue "Johnny" Yes, Mr. Vielbig. PATRICIA MARSH BOSWELL 88 Coolidge Street, Malueme upatn CRIER, Advertisingg CADET, Literary, Advertising Stafts, Bowling, Commerce Club KENNETH BOWMAN 698 Wyngate Dr. Wert, Elmont ..Ken,. Track, Rifle CHARLES BREINER 101 Bucknell Road "Chase" Footballg Track VIRGINIA B. BROWN 95 Slabey Avenue "Ginny" CRIER Advertisin' Softball y 8, i Tennisg Bowlingg Basketball, Tumblingg HOLIDAY HOTEL Stage Committeeg Vollcyballg Library Staff DONALD BRUNO 65 Nottingham Avenue ..Don.. Roller Skating He bites! df-I. ,MP tm -A ef :Ap'7L,f1 U 4. r'e, is 1 xv H' MARTIN BURKE ' -- f 855 Warner Road r " ' '- 'L A-4' 4 ' 4- - for Opera Guilclg Spanish Honor S0- ciety, Tennis, Sophomore One- Act Play, Dramatic Clubg History Club, Sophomore Councilg CA- DET, Literary Staffg BROTHER RAT, Publicity, Baldwin Pan American Celebration L V ' ' DAVID Busu ' 87 Eaxt Euclid Street "Dave" Audio Visual Aids Squad, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Stage Crew, Riding, Skating -'ea BENNETT BUXBAUM 920 Val-Park Avenue PATTI ELIZABETH CAFFREY 112 Bifmark Avenue npat.. League Bowlingg Archery: Soft- ball JEAN MARIE CAI-IILI. 6 Filbeft Street Commercial Art Club, Commerce Club, Dramatic Club, Make-Up, CADET, Art, Service Club, HOLIDAY HOTEL, Publicity, One-Act Play, Publicity, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, Hoc- key, Basketball What'll you have? You say that to all the girls. CRIER, News, Feature Sraffsg ffl' if TF' 1 JOAN PATRICIA CAI-IILI. 6 Filbert Street Commerce Club, Hockey, Basket- ball, Dramatic Club, Makeup, Service Club, One-Act Play, Pub- liCity, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity CONSUELO CALI 152 No. Cottage Street "Connie" Twirling, Leaders Club, Hockey, Honor Team, Softball, Basket- ball, Bowling, junior Council, Senior Council, junior Publicity Committee, Chairman, Hi-Y, Gateway, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity C0-chairman I R9 l EDWARD CALLAHAN , .ive 21 Miller Place 5 D' S "Big Ed" MARTIN CALLAHAN 32 Park Lane South, Franklin Sq. ..Many.. Tennis, Riding, Baseball ANNA CAPUTA 883 Franklin Avenue "Annie" Latin Club, History Club, Opera Guild, Sophomore Council, Jun- ior Council' Senior Council' One- 45- , C' sig? ' ,f TIES. f 012' .. .1 Act Play,,Publicity, QUT OF f, I ' QV THE FRYING PAN, Publicity, CADET, Circulation Staff, Chor- -5- Yes.. -Jr: ,4 f?,x if Y K nrt! X L to YV'- 3 1 A 9 1 " g . A 'ic Ab. JAMES CARPENTER 76 Spring Garden Street ...umm CHARLES CAVAGNARO 702 Porter Street, Elmont "Chuck" Tennis, Skating, Related Industri- ial Education GERALDINE CECCHERELLI 604 Cornwell Avenue. Malvern: "Gerri" Hi-Y, Friendship, Bowling, Rid- ing: CRIER, Advertising Staff, Basketball ROBERT CHIODINE 27 Morri: Ave, lVe.rt, Malferne ll Wrestling, Bowling, Tennis, INS AND OUTS, Junior Council, Roller Skating MARGARET A. CHIZMADIA 51 West Euclid Street "Chizzie" Band, Chorus, TEMPO, Bowling, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN Student Director, CADET, Cir- culation Staff, History Club, Chemistry Club, Community Band, INS AND OUTS, Oratori- us, Dramatic Club, Senior Bulle- C31 Coggggt tin, Bowling, Tennis, Softball A A L Wh0 YH Shovin? ' The morning after. 1-'r1:2 ANNEBELLA CICHRO 23 Holland Court Hockeyg Bowlingg Basketball Volleyballg Tennis ANGELA CINQUBMANI 169 Orrnomle Blvd. ..An8ie,. Archeryg Volleyballg Basketballg Softballg Tennisg Hockeyg Dra- matic Clubg Commerce Clubg Chorusg Tumblingg Roller Skat- Ing MARILYN CLBARY 103 Burclaer Avenue Chorusg DOWN IN THE VAL- LEYQ Club Bowlingg League Bowlingg Softballg Basketballg Tennisg Volleyball ROBERT COAD 15 E. Argyle Street "Morse" Camera Clubg Stage Crew JUDITH COALB 227 Hendrickton Avenue ..Judy.. Chorusg Spanish Clubg Archeryg I-lockeyg Basketballg Volleyball L '15- C I--' I' If lA IDS k I RE 1 1 fr C ffl . Q Y f - x IQ' I K," X in ' 7 at-'W ALLAN Cocx-IRANB 735 N. Aram Street HM.. Rifle BRIAN COCHRANE 735 N. Arran Street Rifle Club, Assistant Managerg Art Club CATHERINE COLD 543 DuBois Awmu ucathy.. Bowlingg Chorusg Archeryg Ping Pongg Library Club IS M. COLLINS Cot Street .. O.. ar g Band' Concert -' l Band' Chorus' ' '- IN THE Q . ' French ' ' ' ' Ip Treas- , 1- s ,' Archery' Hi-Y I . -. 1. 4' 1 9" If - ', e b ani? Circulationg 9" b C. DAVID CONNELL 78 ,lackron Road Oh, you kid! Hazel Bishop??? If 1155 lUSf 100k this wav! MILDRED CONNOR 31 Spring Garden Street "Millie" Archeryg Bowlingg Chorusg Com- merce Clubg Volleyballg CRIER, Typing Staffg Hockeyg Dramatic Clubg Softballg Roller Skatingg Tennis JOSEPH H. CONOWITCH 413 W. Valley Stream Blvd. "Hot Rod" Math Clubg Commercial Art Clubg Tennis GRACE CONRAD 10 Orchard Place ..Gny.. League Bowlingg Archeryg Bas- ketballg Softballg Chorusg Volley- ballg Library Club ANGELINA CONSIGLIO 145 Carroll Avenue "Angie" Tennisg Bowling PATRICIA CONVERY 65 Haven Avenue xx A R ax E L '- SN L l g , 4: sl Then he said- Name that tune. I qu, l CLAUDIA COOK 57 E. Jamaica Avenue "Cookie" Library Clubg Chorus DONALD CORKUM 18 Scranton Avenue, Lynbrook ucorkyn Audio Visual Aidsg Stage Crewg Roller Skating IRENE CORNELL 96 Lutz Drive ..I,. Honor Societyg Spanish Honor Societyg Chorusg I-liY, I-li-Hopesg Chemistry Clubg Basketball ANTHONY CORRADO 55 Surrey Cornmonf, Lynbrook "Tony" J. V. Footballg Varsity Footballg Sophomore, junior Councilsg Varsity Track PAULA COVER 103 Weluter Street, Malver-ne ...rexn GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publia cityg Camera Clubg Archeryg As- sembly Committeeg CADET, Photography, Art Staffsg CRll:Rg Volleyballg Softball Take my picture! CAROLB COWBN 14 E. Cherler Strut League Bowling, Hockey ,Tennis OUT OF THE FRYING PAN. Publicity ROBERTA CROCB 1502 Howell Road "Bobbi" Basketball, Bowling, Roller Skat- ing, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE Publicity Co-chairman, CADET . Circulation, Booster Club, Vice- president CAROL CROWNINSHIBLD 202 Hollywood Avenue Hockey, Softball, Table Tennis, Honor Team, Hockey Banquet, Invitations, CRIER, Typing Staff, CADET, Circulation, Volleyball, Club Bowling, Tennis, Roller Skating, Spanish Club JANET D,AGOSTINA 657 Seminole Road, Franklin Sq. "J. D." J. V., Varsity Cheerleader, Sopho- more, junior, Senior, Councils, Leader's Club, I.eader's Club Council, Hockey, Basketball, Bowling, Softball, Volleyball, MURDER IS FUN, Publicity, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, HOLI- DAY HOTEL, CADET, Typing Staff, CRIER, Typing Staff, Lit- erary Staff, junior, Senior Maga- zine Representative, Leader's Club Dance, Invitations. Decora- tion Committees, Assembly Com- mittee, Sophomore Dance, Dec- oration Committee PETBR DANIELS 25 Birch Lane Dont roll those bloodshot eyes at me. if 1 4 I A he r A Look, Ma, no hands! CLARK DARLING 51 Fletcher Avenue WESLBY DAVIS 86 Cochran Place ..Wes.. Varsity Tennis, Varsity Basket- ball, Chorus, Concert Band, Marching Band, TEMPO, Hi-Y, Beta Theta Nu, Community Band, Drum Major, junior Prom, Music Committee BARBARA DBACON 687 Lawrence Street, Elmont "Bobbi" Hockey, Basketball, Ping Pong, Softball, Volleyball RICHARD DE FRANCBSCO 295 E. Euclid Street NDC.. J, V. Baseball, Student Police GBRTRUDB MARY DEIGNAN 162 Cochran Place "Trudy" OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicity, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, Junior Coun- cil, Softball, Basketball, CRIER, Typing Stall, CADET, Ty ing Staff, Booster Club, Volleyball, Tumbling, League Bowling, Club Bowling, Manager Now, listen here. THOMAS FRANCIS DELANEY 9 Haig Road ..Tom-i J. V, Football, BROTHER RAT BARBARA j. DELVECCHIO 52 Bayberry Road, Franklin Sq. "DelVeck" J.V., Varsity Cheerleaderg Soph- omore, Junior Representative, Senior Councilg Hockey, Bowl- ing, Softball, MURDER IS FUN, Publicity, OUT OF THE FRY- ING PAN, Publicity, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicityg Can- dy Stand CLINTON DBM1L'r 26 So. Cottage Street PATRICIA DESENA 14 Alliance Street "Pat" Chorus, Dramatic Clubg IO- LANTHEQ DOWN IN THE VALLEY, HOLIDAY HOTEL, Service Club, Bowlingg Spanish Honor Society, CRIER, Feature, Typing Staffsg CADET, Circula- tion, Hi-Y, Harmony, Hockey, Riding, Ping Pong CONRAD DIERKING 59 Remren Avenue "Connie" J. V. Basketball, Captain, Varsity Basketball, All Scholastic Basket- ball '52, '53 elim-.' 6 ai .T fl S. W . 'as N I Y I if 1 A You're kidding! He's reall K l L f k L NANCY DIESTBI. 125 Pilgrim Place "Nan" Bowling, CADET, Art Stal? JOSBPH D1 GIUSEPPE 6 Alliance Street ..Joe.. J. V. Football, Varsity Football FRANCIS JOHN Dx STASIO 2 Sunfire Highway "Stasi" MARY ANN Dm-lR1DGE 68 Fotter Avenue Basketball, Bowling, Riding, Rol- ler Skating, Ping Pong, Honor Team JOSEPH DONDERO 63 E. Chester Street ..Joe,. J. V., Varsity Basesallg Varsity Soccerg CADET, Sports Staffg Spanish Clubg Home Room Rep- resenrativeg junior Prom, Decor-. ation Committeeg One Act Play, Publicityg GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Stage Crew Ballet de Dierking. 1 SHEILAH VALERIE Don 27 Ackley Avenue, Malzferne "Val" Honor Society, Honor Usher, French Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Vice-president, Oratorical Contest Winner, CADET, Literary Co-editor, TEMPO, IOLANTHE, DOWN IN THE VALLEY, HOLIDAY HOTEL, MURDER IS FUN, BROTHER RAT, Hi-Y, Har- mony, Secretary, Chorus, Dram- atic Club, French Club, Library Club, Opera Guild, Magazine Committee, Assembly Committee, National French Contest Prizes, Ping,POng PAUL A. DOWD 66 E. Valley Stream Blvd. I CADET, Literary Co-editor, CRIER, Assistant Editor, Honor Society, Vice-president, Service Club, Honor Usher, Chorus, Marching Band, National Oraror- ical Contest, J. V. Basketball, Cross Country, Sophomore Coun- cil, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, HOLIDAY HOTEL, BROTHER RAT BRUCE EAGLESON 2 Lynwood Drive TEMPO, Marching Band, Con- cert Band, Dance Band, Hi-Y, Beta Theta Nu, Interclass Wrest- ling, Tennis Club, HOLIDAY HOTEL, Band, junior Prom, Music Committee NELSON EDWARDS 12 W. Euclid Street ..Nel.. CRIER, Feature co-editor, Sports Staff, CADET, Sports StaH, J. V. Bowling, J. V. Rifle, Captain, Varsity Rifle, Varsity Tennis, Honor Society, Honor Usher, Math Club, Spanish Club, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Play Commit- tee, Ticket CO-chairman: Hi-Y, Beta Theta Nu, Coke Committee, BROTHER RAT JANET F. EMERICK 65 S. Corona Avenue .-Jan.. Hockey, Manager, Honor Team, All Star Team, Softball, Volley- ball, Basketball, Bowling, Com- merce Club, Hockey Banquet, Invitation Chairman, Leader's Club Dance Committee, Chorus Who said that? ' t. tr wi . i .:e",f53 ' ff rl . 57 , . ,. tat is K- f -RN L A L A l , ,iit R 'rt' I 9 I A i G' . a ,t at X vt I I ,ia t 1 Little boy lost! KAREN LEE ENDRES 28 Cherry Street ..Kum.. National Honor Society, TEM- PO, CADET, Art Co-editor, Chorus, Concert Band, Marching Band, Assembly Band, Orchestra, League Bowling, Service Club, Art Club, Hi-Y, Hi-Hooesl IOLANTHE, DOWN IN THE VALLEY, Senior Dinner, Pro- grams ANNE'rrE EWER1' 56 Legion Place, Malverrte Hockey VERA MAY FABRIZIO 522 Cornwell Avenue, Malverne Volleyball, Archery, Roller Skat- ing ROBERT FACOMPRE 112 Montague Street "Bob" DONALD JOHN FAEHNER 307 Emerron Place .tDoni. Varsity Soccer, Honorable Men- tion, All Scholastic, J. V. Varsity Basketball, J. V., Varsity Base- ball, Senior Council, CADET, Sports Co-editor, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Stage Crew, Publicity, MURDER IS FUN, Publicity, Parking Lot Concession, Inter- Class Track Sit clown, young man!! CAROLANN FAGGBLLA 68 Sraan Avenue, Malvema "Carol" CRIER, Circulation, Hi-Y, Friendship, Riding, Hockey, Soft- ball, Bowling, Hi-Y Council, Baslgetball, Volleyball, Chemistry Clu MARILYN FATSCHER 22 Emerron Place ..Betsy.. 1. V., Varsity Cheerleader, Twirl- ing, Hi-Y, Hi-Hopes, Hi-Y Council Representative, Assembly Committee, OUT OF THE FRY- ING PAN, Publicity, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, Lead- er's Club, Hockey Banquet Com- mittee, Leader's Dance Commit- tee, Service Club, Hockey, Bas- ketball, League Bowling, Honor Team, Softball, Archery, Volley- ball, Miss Central '53, CRIER, Circulation, Typing Staffs, CAD- ET, Literary, Dramatic Club RONALD FEILAN 85 Park Avenue "Spike" JOAN DOLORES FESZCHUR 43 Liberty Blvd. . .Joshi . Hockey, League Bowling, Club Bowling, Commerce Club, Secre- tary, Basketball JUDITH ANNE FLIC 65 Brooklyn Avenue "Judy" 0, Leader's Club, CADET, Business, Manager, CRIER, Business Man-' ager, J. V., Varsity Cheerleader,' Co-captain, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Councils, Gateway, Presi- dent, Sophomore Class, Treasurer, Hockey, Honor Team, Bowling, Honor Team, Basketball, Soft- ball, Sophomore Student Coun- cil, Hi-Y Council, junior Prom, Decorations, Bids, Selection Com- mittee, League Bowling, Trea- surer, Magazine Committee, Hockey Banquet Committee, MURDER IS FUN, Publicity, Ticket Committee, Sophomore Dance, Ticket Chairman, Sopho- more, junior, Senior One Act Play Committees, HOLIDAY HOTEL, Publicity, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity First and ten on the forty A, GY 1 ,I 1, lx la A Q I'll scratch her eyes! JOHN FLYNN 120 Cedar Street "Johnny" J. V. Wrestling, J. V. Football, Club Basketball, Latin Club PATRICIA MARIE FLYNN 14 Haig Road "Pat" Hockey, Basketball BARBARA Fox 35 Ocean Avenue "Barbie" Softball, Tennis, Bowling, Arch- Cf? MARGARET R. FUCHS 95 Emerson Place upeggv.. Basketball, Softball, League Bowling, Vice-President, Table Tennis, Booster Club DOUGLAS GALVANEK 87 E. Dover Street "Doug" Dramatic Club, First Acting Group, FAMILY CIRCLE, Stage Manager, INS AND OUTS, One Act Plays, '51, '52, '53, CHAR- LEY'S AUNT, TWO BLIND MICE, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, STALAG 17, HOLIDAY HOTEL, THE MAN, Mike Club, Riding, Roller Skating, Camera Club, BROTHER RAT Country girl. GLADYCE P. GARBER 108 Wextmimter Road "Glad" Commerce Club, Tennis, Volley- ball, Club Bowling, Ping Pong jovcn ANNE GARGANO 179 Meyer Avenue "Joyce" National Honor Society, CADET, Typing Co-editor, Commerce Club, Recording Secretary, Hock- ey Banquet, Invitation Commit- tee, Club Bowling, League Bowl- ing, Treasurer, Hockey, Basket- ball, Archery JOAN GERARDI 738 Seabury Avenue ELAINE GLASSBERG 95 Piccadilly Dowm, Lynbrook Hi-Y, Friendship, French Honor Society, French Club, Vice-Pres- ident, Spanish Club, Secretary, Dramatic Club, CRIER, Circula- tion, CADET, Literary, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Props., MURDER IS FUN, Publicity, BROTHER RAT, Publicity, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Pub- licity, Basketball, Softball, Arch- ery, Table Tennis, Booster Club, Tennis, Bowling JOHN G1.1aAsoN 24 Berkley Street Y ,,,-"-. 'Y 5 . .. , , . cg I 1 -A J , I A sl a . 'lirnn 1: Al A wg AUDREY GOEBBL 17 Clarendon Drive "And" Honor Society, Honor Usher, Spanish Club, President, French Club, Secretary, History Club, President, Hi-Y, Harmony,Vice- President, Dramatic Club, Chor- us, DOWN IN THE VALLEY, HOLIDAY HOTEL, TEMPO, Service Club, French National Honor Society, CRIER, News: CADET, Literary, Archery, Cap- tain, Honor Team, Library Club, Opera Guild, Volleyball, Ping Pong, Tennis Cmtouz GOMMI 115 Webrter Street, Malveme Basketball, Softball Romain' S. GOODMAN 104 E. Melrose Street Ylnobll CRIER, Sports Staff, CADET, Sports Staff, Varsity Track, Inter- class Basketball, Club Basketball RICHARD GORDON 150 Ann Street "Dick" Varsity Soccer, Varsity Wrestling, Coke Committee, One Act Play, Stage Committee, Candy Stand, HOLIDAY HOTEL, Stage Crew SANTA GONZALBS 100 Lutz Drive U1 v K' ' ' ' -52 , g as -.. if?" ' ' , Now let me think. Caught in the act. It's none of your business. FRANCIS P. GRADY 25 C omber Street "Frank" Varsity Track, Varsity Cross Country State Meet, State Alt., ' 1 J Interclass Track, Interclass Wrest- ling, CADET, Art Co-editor, 9 CRIER, Art, Commercial Art 'S Club, Oratorical Contest I V f IB ELEANOR BARBARA GRAMSS 42 Foster Avenue "Ellie" Hockey, Club Bowling, Manager, Dramatic Club, Riding Club, Sec- retary, CADET, Typing Staig Basketball, Tennis, Orchestra, THE MAN, Make-up, OUT or THE FRYING PAN, Make-up, Commerce Club ANN GRANDINBTTI 19 Lois Place Commerce Club 4. ,V T I JOHN GRANT I Q 207 E. New York Avenue It yyty , WILMA GREENE 1679 Mark Place "WiHie" Spanish Chapter, Latin Club, I Spanish Honor Society, Basket- 4--A ball, Volleyball, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, CADET, Cit- culation A LL You again! Arghh- Il L. ANTHONY J. GRILLO 25 S. Corona Avenue ...ronyu J. V. Football, Club Bowling, Service Club ARLENE GRUBBII 1037 Linden Street "Blondie" Bowling, Tennis, Softball, Tumb- ling, Archery, OUT OF TI-IE FRYING PAN, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Tickets, Make-up, Opera Guild, Physics Club, Riding, Dramatic Club, CADET, Literary, MURDER IS FUN, Publicity, Tickets WILLIAM HABACKER 19 Orchard Place "Bill" CRIER, HOLIDAY HOTEL, Talent Show, Junior Representa- tive, Dramatic Club, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Tickets, WHERES CHARLIE, Stage Crew JOYCE EDITH HAGBR 50 Foxter Avenue, Malverne "Bunny" Hockey, Bowling, Basketball, Softball, Varsity Cheerleader, MURDER IS FUN, Publicity, HOLIDAY HOTEL, Publicity, Tickets, Property, CRIER, Typing Staff, CADET, Typing, Literary Staffs, Dramatic Club, Hockey Banquet, Poem, Program Com- mittees JUDITH HAGERMAN 20 Voorhees Place, Malverne "Judy" Hi-Y, Hi-Hopes, Secretary, TEM- PO, Marching Band, Chorus, Ser- vice Club, CADET, Circulation, Softball, Bowling, Archery, Ping Pong, Honor Team, Volleyball, IOLANTHE, DOWN IN THE VALLEY, German Club, MUR- DER IS FUN, Publicity, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, Hi- Y Area Council Amen! T ai JEANNE HALL 70 Union Street Chorus, Archery, Opera Guild FRANK HARK 123 Clearrtrearn Avenue "Frankie" Varsity Track, Varsity Football, Sophomore, Junior, Senior Coun- cils, Interclass Basketball, Junior Prom, Decoration Chairman, One Act Play, Junior Dance Comrnit- tee ROBERT HARMS 89 N. Montgomery Street "Bob" Club Rifle, J. V. Football, Inter- class Basketball, Club Basketball, Math Club, Hi-Y, Beta Theta Nu EDWARD WILLIAM HARRIS 20 W. Fairview Avenue "Eddie" C Track, J. V., Varsity Football, J. V. Basketball, Hi-Y, Rho Delta Signa, HOLIDAY HOTEL, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Pub- licity, Club Basketball, Interclass Track, Interclass Basketball MARYILYN RUTH HARRIS 183 Canterbury Gate, Lynbrool "Lynn" Spanish National Honor Society, Table Tennis, Honor Team, CADET, Literary, Chemistry Club, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicity, Dramatic Club, Ticket Committee, History Club, Opera Guild, Basketball, Volley- ball, Tennis, Archery, Softball, BROTHER RAT, Publicity, Booster Club, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity That's what you think. LILLIAN JANE HARRISON 115 N, Corona Avenue "Lil" Leadet's Club, Spanish Honor Society, National Honor Society. Secretary, Dramatic Club, Basket- ball, Hockey, Bowling, Softball, Hockey Banquet, Program Cliaii- man, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicity, MURDER IS FUN, Publicity, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, Leaders Club, Dance Committee, Chorus, IOLANTHE, BROTHER RAT, Publicity Co-chairman RAYMOND HARVEY 75 N Montague Street PETER HASSELRIIS 43 Blouorn Row "Axle" TEMPO, First Acting Group, CADET, Senior Council, Varsity Baseball. Manager: GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Marching Band, Concert Band, Chorus, Senior Play Committee, Chairman, BROTHER RAT, Student Direc- tor NOEL HAYNBS Ernie Club Tennis Club Basketball, lnterclass Track L A ii .V 62 'fir :Street t gr . A , 4. hi ' GLORIA RUTH HEIDE 133 Fairfield Street CRIER, Advertising, Bowling, Softball, Archery, Basketball Big Business Is your furnace hot? KV AN ', SELL HEIN w 2 0 I fgyle Siren! "Russ" ' 5 T". DARK TOWER, - t few FA Y CIRQLE, ' ,A I g re ,CHA Y's AUNT, - , V 5? Sta e rew, 04: Act Play Con- h I ' . fe li TW BLIND MICE, L -V - M ag M r, STALAG 17, A " 2 5- M nager, O Act Play , 0 t 4 HOLI HOTEL, A 1 . E AN, Visual Aids, I i NS ND UTS, First Acting i f f p, OTHER RAT - 4 A l HERMAN F. HBINS 94 S. Corona Avenue "Fred" Hi-Y, Fellowship, Chorus, Pop Concert, IOLANTHE, Cross Country, DOWN IN THE VAL- LEY, Candlelight Services GERALD T. HENRY 44 Grant Drive N. ..Jenv.. JACQUBLINE JOAN HERMAN 10 Woodland Road "Jackie" Dramatic Club, INS AND OUTS, MURDER IS FUN, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Pub- licity, junior, Senior Councils, Booster Club, Hockey, Roller Skating, Softball, Bowling, Sophomore Dance, Decorations RAYMOND HERMAN 142 Mon-ir Parkway "Moose" J. V. Football, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Track, Club Bowling, History Club, Commercial Art Club, President, CADET, Arr Staff I shouldn't have done it. W. QQ 'i . .Q , , 5 8 wi ,W 3 Mmm, you're a dandy!! Q-- I7 JANET B. HILIQBR 72 Wdker Street, Malverne ..Jm.. Bowling, Riding, Roller Skating, CRIER, CADET, Basketball, HOLIDAY HOTEL C. EDWARD H JBLTB 14 Beacon Place, Malverne "skip" Class President, Sophomore, Jun- ior Years, Class Vice-President, Senior, Sophomore, Junior, Sen- ior Councils, CADET, Co-Editor, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Basket- ball, J. V. Basketball, CRIER, Sports Editor, junior Prom, CO- chairman, HiAY, Beta Theta Nu, Student Council, Assembly Com- mittee, Coke Committee, MUR- DER IS FUN, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicitv, Club Tennis, Club Bowling, Club Basketball, Inter-class Track, Sophomore Dance, Publicity, Interclass Bas- ketball, Senior One Act Play, Publicity, BROTHER RAT, Pub- licity, Senior Dinner Committee, CADET, Circulation Staff KATHARINE HOBRNING 15 Blorrom Row t-Joann Dramatic Club PATRICIA HOFFMAN 361 Sapir Street ..Pat.. Archery, Softball, Bowling, Ten- nis, Hockey, Roller Skating, Bas- ketball, Commerce Club, CRIER, Circulation, Dramatic Club, HOLIDAY HOTEL, Volleyball JOANNA HOGAN 124 E. Euclid Street Basketball, Tennis, Ping Pong, Riding, Archery, Chorus, Dra- matic Club just before 8:45 -, ,,.f :J 1' ROCHELLE HONIG 1634 Salem Road "Shelly" Service Club, CRIER, Circula- tion, Club Bowling, Sophomore Play, Publicity CLIFFORD W. HORDLOW 222 Foner Avenue, Malveme "Cliff" Varsity Soccer, All Scholastic, Bas- ketball' Baseball unior Class . Q J , Vice-President, Club Bowling, Coke Committee, MURDER IS FUN, Sophomore, junior, Senior Councils, Hi-Y, Beta Theta Nu, Senior One Act Play Committee, CADET, Sports Co-Editor, CRI- ER, Parking Lot Concession, In- terclass Track ANN CHRISTINE HOSFORD 99 Berkley Street "Chris" Bowling: Tennis, Table Tennis, Honor Team, League Bowling, Treasurer, Class Representative, Dramatic Club, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, Booster Club, Basketball BARBARA ANN HOUGHTON 46 Meyer Avenue "Bobby" Roller Skating, Tennis, Library Club ERWIN HUBER 19 Milburn Road "Bill" Oh, you kid! 'Qin , Q Which Toni has the twin? 6 ROBERT HUMESTON 9 Arla Lane ..Bob,, Camera Club, Vice-President, CRIER, Photography, Marching Band, Rifle Club, Bowling, Rid- ing NANCY HUNT 121 Roorevelt Avenue ..Nan.. Hockey, Honor Team, Hi-Y, Friendship, Chorus, League Bowlin - Commerce Club' ll, I Leaders Club, Softball, Volley- ball, Table Tennis, Hockey, Manager, Leader's Club Dance Committee, Hockey Banquet, Prortram Committee, BROTHER RAT, Costumes EDITH HUTCHINSON 872 Val Park Avenue "Edie" GERTRUDE M. HUTTON 112 Berkley Street "Trudy" Assembly Band, Concert Band, Chorus, Tempo, IOLANTHE Service Club ELAINE HUTZEL 30 Fir Street .-Hutz., National Honor Society, League Bowling, Honor Team, President, Basketball, Honor Team, Hockey, Honor Team, Softball, Honor Team, Leaders Club, Hi-Y, Friendship, Hockey Banquet, Programs, Ticket Committees Humpty Dumpty Doms IEDA I 1070 Robin Road, Franklin Sq. CADET, Circulationg Dramatic Clubg Opera Guildg One Act Play, Property Co-chairman, Councilg Hockey, Valleyballg Rol- ler Skating MARY Rosa INGOGLIA 106 Carroll Avenue "Rosie" Sophomore, junior Class Secre- taryg 1. V. Cheerleader, Captaing Varsity Cheerleaderg lslocltey, Honor Teamg Captain, All Star Team, Bowlingg Basketballg Soft- ballg junior Prom, Chairmang Leatlefs Club Dance, Publicity, Chairmang Leader's Clubg Spanish Clubg Hi-Y, Gateway Representa- tiveg CADETg Circulation Co- Editorg GOOD NIGHT PLEASE. Publicity, Tickets, OUT OF THE l7RYlNG PAN, Publicity, 'lilc- kets, Sophomore Dance, Decora- tions, Chairmang CRIERQ Assem- bl Committee Hocke Banquet Y S Y Committee, BROTHER RAT, Publicityg Volleyballg Honor Team RUSSELL JACKSON 129 Cedar Street 'W 45 a A 8' 1 . " 7 . l .f it '5- 1 11 W 34? J, , L , av- - 1 S Sobball, Chorusg Club Basketball ii-' A Z' W t , ,v ,H ffjagjg . Jw a.,,- gf "Jack, - -,,, 48' Wa -. F N I X IR I O IM-A M. JACKS 789K ROBERT JANOVSKY 351 Penimala Blvd., Lynbraok Bo Rifle Clubg Bowling Club is lin K dllg if -i J fdqmrr U bu A r" ' 1' if ' Q B. OV.. J l junior Birdmen. Me scared?? . K ,N ANNE ELIZABBRT JANSSON 31 Regent Street nAnnen Commercial Art Clubg History Clubg CRLER, News Staffg CA- DET, Art JEAN JOHNSON 152 Bismarck Avenue "GeeGee" JO-ANNE JOHNSON 136 DuBois Avenue ..Jo.. Chorusg Play '53 GAYLORD KAATZ 100 Morrir Parkway ..Gay,. Varsity Rifleg Varsity Track: Spanish Club, M. C.g Tennis Club EDWARD KAISER 37 Broadway ..Ed.. Trackg Bowlingg Softball A leaning hangover WILLIAM KANIA 409 Valley Stream Blvd. "Bill" J. V. Footballg J. V. Bowlingg Club Bowlingg Varsity Softballg Interclass Baskerballg Interclass Trackg CADFT. Sports Staffg junior Playg Publicity ROBERT KA'rz 47 Flower Road "Bob" BEVERLY KAUFMAN 806 Wyngate Drive, Elmont "Stumpy" Roller Skatingg Volleyball ROBERTA KAY 914 Val Park Avenue "Bobbi' Twirlingg Spanish National Hon- or Societyg GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Ticket Co-chairman, Publicityg Archery, Honor Teamg Bowlingg Boosrear Club. Treas- urerg -Basketballg Roller Skatingg Softballg Volleyballg Dramatic Clubg junior Councilg National Honor Society RICHARD KEENE 140 Holme: Street, Malverna "Dick" 5 . I fin , X Q , , " ' Y I I V V , Q 1.1, tru- A n B ' at we i I V L' I -. ' , :L sl" t 3315 33 A 'brlgllx .ll 'G- tl 4 Whafs yguf guess? Books! I hate Cm! Av- if .lt JOYCE KEILITZ 15 Morrif Parkway Leader's Clubg Hockeyg Basket- ballg Bowlingg Softballg Hockey Banquet, Programs, Chairmang junior One Act Play, Publicity PETER KELLEHER 431 N. Grove Street upete.. Trackg Club Basketballg Club Rifle JOHN KENNEDY Elm Street, Malverne "Half Breed" Sophomore, Junior, Senior Coun- cilsg Trackg Hi-Yg Club Basket- ballg Bowling MICI-IELINE KBRAUDRBN 21 Lyrtcrest Street "Michell" Tennisg Booster Club DAVID KERN 201 Emerson Place "Dave" Varsity Baseballg Varsity Footballg J. V. Football I spied a "fink." DONALD EDWARD KERN 91 Catherine Street "Don" Club Bowling RICHARD KERZNER 25 Scarclilfe Drive, Malveme "Dick" Varsity Baseball, Track, Club Basketball, Bowling DAWN KING 83 Coolidge Street, Malvame Latin Club, Math Club, Dramatic Club, Hi-Y, Friendship, CRIER, Advertising, CADET, Circula- tion, Riding Club, Treasurer, Bowling, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Hockey, Chemistry Club NANCY JEAN KITZ L IA 'VS .A 16 Date Place "Nan" Commerce Club ,-4313 si, JOAN KLBNCK 53 Green Street Girls State, 1953, junior Class, Treasurer, Sophomore, junior, Senior Councils, CADET, Adver- tising Co-Editor, Honor Society, Twirling, CRIER, Leader's Club, Hockey, Basketball, MURDER IS FUN, Director, Spanish Honor Society, Soph., St. Play Commit- tees, Hi-Y, Gateway, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, Senior Magazine Committee, Sophomore Dance Committee, Assembly Committee, Hockey Banquet, Programs, Leader's Club Dance Committee, Bowling, Soft- ball: Volleyball 5 'A-X -muh., 1 A l! ROLF KNITFBL 84 Coolidge Street, Malwnu . Varsity Rifle, OUT- Ol' FRYING PAN, Stage Crew, One- Act Play Contest '52. Stage Crew J. V THE ROSALIE A. KOENIG 170 E. Beverly Parkway "Roe" Dramatic Club, Tickets, Publi- city, Commercial Art Club, Ger- man Club, CADET, Art, Leader's Club, Hockey, Basketball, Bowl- ing, Softball, Volleyball, Student Council, Twirling, Entertainment Committee, Co-chairman, Pro- grams, Bids, Hi-Y, Gateway, Hockey Banquet, Invitations, Po- ems, One Act Play Contest, Pub- licity, Leader's Club Dance, Pub- licity Posters, CRIER DONALD Kopsicx 28 Benson Place "Don' JOAN KORNRUMPF 45 Stephen Place "Joanie" CADET, Adevrtising, Hockey Banquet, Poems, Invitation Com- mittees, Hockey, Softball, Basket- ball, Bowling, Sophomore Dance, Decorations, Junior Play, Publi- city, junior One-Act Play, Publi- city, Ticket Committees, HOLI- DAY HOTEL, Publiciry, Dra- matic Club M T E. KRAUS "0" a 'an WH, ant " r xi ade ' iqfng O rps: ion Ho S ety,Q-li-'i', Hi- opes, Tr urer a ol dl ' , g 3 Hom m r ' ,C in Sta rary 2 , ce b, h ' IOL TH ra 'c , F ing G p, er's l cc ittee, O G , C 'l Patrol, Bas ball, oller Ska ' , Stunts and Turn ling The "Ace" bites in Well-l! ' Confusion plus , er n b, re b, e mg ' a nor Te R T ffl A. t 1 u C THEODORE KRAUSE 51 Filbert Street urredu J. V. Wrestlingg Track JOANNE KREEGAR 38 Caldwell Road ..Ja.Ja,. Commercial Art Club CARLOTTE KREss 22 W. Melroxe Street Hockeyg Roller Skatingg Softballg Stunts and Tumblingg CRIER, Circulationg Dramatic Club, HOLIDAY HOTEL, Ticketsg GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publi- Cityg OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicityg Basketball I 11- , 'fwfr' 3.5 J MICHAEL KUZIK 919 Val Park Avenue "Mike" junior Councilg Senior Council Tennisg Club Basketball MARIA LACKNER 75 Putnam Avenue Tennisg German Clubg Club Bowling BENNIE jo LANE 640 Wyngate Drive ' or eb I I" ' 1 CYNTHIA JANE EG ' I A JUDITH E- I-ANG s 22 Gibjgm B V gpg,-4 . U Q. 214 Roelaaway' Avenue ' , 'Cvn" ,., lv Judi' ICADET. Literary. CRIER. News. J' Hi-Y, Gatewayg Basketballg Vol- - dm . ' h '. T leyballg Bowlingg Hockeyg Soft- gfeff' fnd C S'ff't AFFTZYQ .., I ballg Candy sranag CRIER, AJ- wmg ef' e VW' 'N 2 ST vertising' CADET Advertising' Msg Volley allg Service Club: ' ' MURDER IS NJN P bl.,.tj Hiaomclubl End' Clubi Span' S OUT OE THE EnYiNcll Pfrl-' lfhng.lugf::afZQVaHT51gES?flf T GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publi'- ak' -v ' P . ,1', cityg Dramatic Club, Ticketsg E' RAT, Pubhcnlm repaint, ' Boo t r Club' Ph sics Club' Sen- HI-Y, Hazrmonyg OLANTUl:gI , . if C '. Y- H ck 'B DOWN' IN THE. VAUEY2 .' 5 X h lflfef ?IfIf2i'QmI5ffff2amf- COXDET Qlubg N3Il0H2l'HOUOI gillggggong , BROTHER RAT' . I " f ' 0' I I x, l A V ' V fa , BQRBARA KULLBN I ' , T' ' 4 RICHARD LARSEN 30 E-'WX P1459 I " E "' ' 5' I KG s 948 Sheila Court, Franklin Sq. - I A ' "Dick" E ' H ' I Qi A. - . 4 A I Q ' it 5' - , I ,Y', L 'Q , I I A 3 o'clock yet? That was a good one Who, me? jocnum LA1z '35 Chcrtnut Street, Mahler-ne "Lynne" CADET, Circulation PI-IILO WILLIAM LBB 11 Park Avenue, Malverrze "Bill" Club Bowling, Riding, Roller Skating, Spanish Club Lois ARLINE LEVERONB 177 N. Conage Strut Talent Shows, IOLANTHE, HOLIDAY HOTEL, Club Bowl- ing, French Club, Chorus, Opera Guild CLAIRE JEAN ANN LICITRA 796 Cyprerr Drive, Franklin Sq. ' "Claire" CADET, Circulation, CRIER, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, President, OUT OF THE FRY- ING PAN, Tickets, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, Hoc- key, Bowling, Softball, Basket- ball, Volleyball, MURDER IS FUN, Tickets LAUREL ANNE LINTON 24 Morri: Parkway I-Ii-Y, Gateway, Central Fouth Council, Representative, Hockey, Manager, Tennis, Softball, Bowl- ing, Basketball, Roller Skating, junior Prom, Music Committee, CRIER, CADET, DOWN IN VALLEY, Chorus, MURDER IS FUN, Publicity, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicity, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Pub- licity, Dramatic Club, HOLIDAY HOTELL, Tickets, Booster Club, Sophomore Dance, Decoration, Ticket Committee Just a minute, girls! I 'il-r X XM, 3 f 67 A . , It 'ir - ' "2" ' A S 1'- M, ae . Li "i"ll ' he ew 5 3 . 44 F es'a 14 Has "J, B." gone? l ,A ' I A CAROL Lon 35 Birchwood Drive Bowling, BasketbalI,- Riding? Tennuis, CRIER, Typing Staff! Bowling, Softball FRANK LUNATI 52 W. Fenim-ore Street "Lunch" History Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Club Bowling, Roller Skating, Track, Wrestling PATRICIA ANN LYNCH 180 N. Corona Avenue "Patsy" Bowling Q If Q X EL NE MA1B'rrA 59 Earl Avenue First Acting Group, Junior Play, One Act Play Contest, HOLI- DAY HOTEL, Hockey, Basket- ball, Bowling, Roller Skating, BROTHER RAT Books vs. looks ALEXANDER B. MAIN 173 W. Valley Stream Blvd. "Flip" Varsity Footballg Manager DEANNA 98 Penhing Avenue Hockey, Volleyball, Softball, Tumbling, CRIER, Circulation, CADET, Circulation, Dramatic Club, HOLIDAY HOTELQ Tic- kets, Hi-Y, Gateway, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicityg OU I' OF THE FRYING PAN, Publi- city ROCHELLB MALLOW 235 E. Chester Street "Shelley" Hockey, Roller Skating, Softball, Tennis, Riding Booster Club, Ili- Y, Harmony, Bowling, Volley- ball ADELINE MANcUs0 IO46 Southern Dr., Franklin Sq RENE MANSFIELD 112 Judith Lane I l. .,.5r 01"-a. i'0' r""+-is I 5' I is x I l an if 6 La, I A r K. 'E 'ff- 1 xl is Q ANTHONY MARCHESI 71 W. jamaica Avenue "Tony" J. V., Varsity Football, junior Class Representative, Junior One Act Play JILL MARMERO 135 S. Waldinger Street Hockey, Bowling, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Leader's Club, Hi-Y, lriendship, Scarc- taryg Sophomore Councilg Lead- er's Club Dance, Decorations, Hockey Banquet, Programs, Tic- kets, Publicity For Plays GAIL MARTIN 141 Judith Lane Hockey, Bowlingg Basketballg Tumbling, Tennis, Softballg Archery, Spanish Honor Societyg Dramatic Club, MTRDIZR IS FUN, Publicity, OUT OF THE ITRYING PAN, Publicity, CA- DET, Literary Staff, Booster Club, Hockey Banquet, Poems, CRIER, Feature Staff, Chemistry Club Rosrz MASONE 218 E. Chester Street Softball, Bowling, Ping Pong JOHN MAY 1524 Bowe Road "Fighting Irishman" Get him? Oh, what you said! Let me see that! MARTHA ANN MAY 75 W. Valley Stream Blvd. ."Mickey" Twirlingg Chorus, Dramatic Clubg CADET, Circulation, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publi- city, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity: Softball: Bnslcetballi, Archery, DOWN IN THE VAL- LEYg Hi-Y, Harmony SANFORD MAY 75 IV. Valley Stream Blvd. "Sandy" RICHARD MAYBR 29 Bayview Avenue "Dick" ELIZABETH A. MCGALB ' , " 16 Hjffman Street I v 'M 1 . x I ' "Berry" A r National Honorjociag French,i Clubg I-fonor Usher, mmenc ment '53' -Chorus: CADE'I',j.fX crary, Staffg CKIER, A vefrtising' .Spanish Conversation lub, Mag- alyie' Statfg rchery, X Honor Team, Hockdy' angyiet, Hostess: C'ivillAif Patrol, Hockey, Chem- li istry Clubg Qer1ice,Club THOMAS MCGINNITY 126 E. Oxford Street Tom 1. V. Football , ,I A iv- he -., . KM , is ,4-9. C , , 6. ii. y -in f mt- : t I ' L IAA dit F 3 I Q I , A I I 9 8 ' f tr F 44 3 if Ji I f if- 1 4' 30 ' 1 , I I . X. Qfl I A r If ' ' if .4 ,I 3 y , A . f l I ,vb i- U ,X 29 ,X V 5 Come to Daddy!! ! My autograph? O O O 'Xe we as ja A ,M 7. .1 1, - SURE! Bam ANNE 'MBARNS 11 Walker Street, Malveme .-Bets.. Roller Slcatingg Bowlingg Dra- matic Clubg CRIER, Typing Staff, Hockey Banquet: CADIZT, Literary Staff, MURDER IS FUN, Publicityg OUT OF TI-IE FRYING PAN, Publicity, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Post- ers, HOLIDAY HOTEL. Propsg Junior Prom Committee, THREE BLIND MICE. Tickets, ,Iunior Coke, junior Dance Committee, junior, Senior Councils ANNE H. Macocci 163 Morris Parkway "Mac" Hockey, Roller Skating NATALIE MBLBARDIS 97 Cochran Place "Nat" Twirlingg Hi-Y, I-Ii-Hopes, Ten- nis, Assembly Committee, Bowl- ing, French Clubg German Club, Camera Clubg Chorus JAMES F. MELINB 28 Ackley Avenue, Malverne ..Jim.. Spanish Club EUGENE MESSINGER 214 Hollywood Avenue . .Geneii Camera Club, President: CADE1 Photography Editor, Roller Skat ing Ooh, what you said! a-Q Q GLORIA MEYER 104 Dianne Street ROBERT P. MJKOL 1068 Cbertriut Street "Mike" Rifleg Track DONALD Moonu 54 W. jamaica Avenue ..Don., Marching Bandg Concert Bandg ll. Y, Rho Delta Siyumag Senior Council, Bowling Club, Club Basketball, Sophomore Dance Committee JANET MOORE 21 Chextnut Lane Twirlingg I.eader's Club, junior Council, Senior Councilg CA- DET, Typing Staff, Soltballg Tennis, Manage-rg GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, OUT Ol: 'HIE FRYING PANQ BROTHER RAT, Publicity, Hockeyg Tum- bling PHYLLIS MOREY 1 Arbleg Terrace, Malverne "Phyl" in 0- 409' is at 1 pil., J it . 6- :ee 7 i A 1 L ali'-Q 7 TVIARGARET MORRIS 21 Srarcliffe Drive, Malzferne Apeggyn GOOD NIGHT PLEASEQ OUT Ol: THE FRYING PAN, Public- cityg Assembly Cornmitteeg CRI- ER, Circulation, Service Club, Library Club AUDREY Moss 112 Home Street "Aud' Hi-Y, Harmony, President, CRI- ER, Venture, Advertising Statfs, Marching Band, Concert Band, Chorus, IOLANTHEQ CADET, Literary Staffg Softball, Volley- ball, BROTHER RAT, Prop, Ticket Committees, Central Youth Council CONCETTA MULE 117 Lutz Drive "Connie" Bowling, Tennis, Dramatic Clubg Softball, Hockeyg Service Club THOMAS MULLEN I1 Harvard Street ..Tom.. JOHN MULLINS 91 E. Lincoln Avenue ..JaCk.. The Prell side. Let me help! Duck, Joe! RAYMOND MULVANEY 67 Adair Court, Malveme LORRAINE MUs'ro 336 Arkamar Avenue IRENE NELSEN 189 S. Franklin Avenue Bowling League, Captain, Arch- ery Honor Team, Softball, Table Tennis, Riding, Vice-president, Math Club, Hi-Y, Friendship, Chorus, Orchestra, Dramatic Club, Theatre Division, Volley- ball, Spanish Honor Society PEGGY ANN NICHOLAS 154 E. Cbexter Street mpeg.. Hockey, Softball, Bowling, Bas- ketball, Sophomore and junior Councils, Leaders Club, Varsity Cheerleading, Co-captain, Dram- atic Club, Hi1Y, Gateway Chapter, Central Youth Council, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicity, MURDER IS FUN, Publicity, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, Hockey Ban- quet, Leader's Club Dance, Dec- oration Committee, Sophomore Dance, Decoration Committee, junior Prom, Bids Committee HAROLD NILSEN 114 E. Beverly Parkway "Willv" J. V. Baseball. Manaeer, Varsity Soccer, CADET, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicitv Committee, Commercial Art Club Look what is drawn here. 5. . I :S .-4 he s 6' 'x L A 16- 1.1 e ' i' . A W ,M V V f,. A I Which page is that on? ' Z 7,2457 MILDRED NILSEN 39 State Street "Millie" Leader's Club, Hockey, Hockey Banquet, Softball Honor Team, Volleyball, CADET, C0-Editor, Typing, CRIER, Tvoimz and Cir- culation Staffs, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, BROTHER RAT, Publicity, Basketball KATHLEEN NOLAN 168 Foster Avenue, Malveme ..Kay.. CRIER, Advertisinu Staff, Bowl- ing, Basketball, Dramatic Club, Softball, Friendship Hi-Y, Vice- president, Bowling league, Cen- tral Youth Council, Volleyball, Chemistry Club BARBARA NUNZIATA 52 Aurfin Street "Bobbie" Tennis, Roller Skating, Riding Club, Library Club, Dramatic Club HELEN OATES 364 Arkansas Drive Roller Skating, Archery, Riding Club SHEILA OIBRIEN 187 Scarlliffe Drive, Malveme "Shell" Leader's Club, Senior Class, Treasurer, Sophomore, junior, Senior Class Councils, Twirling Corps, Chairman, junior Maga- zine, Literary Staff, CRIER, Sports Staff, junior Prom Decor- ation Committee, Bowling League, Secretary, Hockey Ban- quet, Hockey, Basketball, Soft- ball, Volleyball, Friendship Hi-Y, junior One Act Play Committee, Senior Three Act Play Committee, MURDER IS FUN. Prom Chair- man, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Prop Chairman, Student Council What've you got? CORNELIUS O'CoNNOR 206 South Franklin Avenue Varsity Bowling, Club Bowlingg Candy Stand FRANCES OFFENHARTZ 79 Sloan Drive North "Frannie" Dramatic Clubg TWO BLIND MICE, Ticket Committee, HOLI- DAY HOTEL, Ticket Commit- teeg CRIER, Circulation Staff, CADET, Advertisingg Booster Club, French Club, Hockeyg Ten- nis, Bowling PATRICIA ANN O'KANB 71 Putnam Avenue "Pat" HOLIDAY HOTEL, Chorusg CRIER, Typing Staff, Dramatic Clubg Commerce Clubg GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, Soft- ballg Basketballg Bowlingg Tennis Louis THOMAS OLIVARBS 602 Porter Street, Elmont ..Lou-Lou.. Cross Country, History Club, Track HARVEY OLSEN 58 Wert Hawthorne Avenue UHMV.. Varsity Bowlingg Club Bowlingg Hi-Y, Rho Delta Sigma, Service Club, Skating Clubg GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity paw 1 fi 3? 'E' 1 The A sucker if I ever saw one!! I'll find it, don't worry. PATRICIA OLSEN 26 Wood Lane itpatii Twirlingg Chorus, Bowling, Hoc- keyg Hi-Y, Hi-Hopes, Camera Club JAMES O'RORKE 22 Elgin Road ..Jimi, Senior Class Presiclentg Boys State, Honor Societyg First Act- ing, 1. V. Basketballg Cross Coun- try, Track, MURDER IS FUNQ TWO BLIND MICE, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN9 GOOD NIGHT PLEASEQ BROTHER RAT, HOLIDAY HOTELQ French Clubg Service Clubg junior Prom, Place Committee, Sophomore Councilg junior Council, Hi-Y, Beta Theta Nu, President, CA- DET, Math Clubg Hi-Y Council, Secretary, Senior One Act Play Committee, Assembly Cornmitteeg Coke Committeeg Sophomore Dance Committee ,f DAVID RANDALL OWEN 244 Eart Meujer Street "Dave" Tempog Marching Band, Concert Bandg Orchestrag Chorus, Dance Band, DOWN IN THE VAL- I.EYg TWO BLIND MICE, CA- DET, Advertisingg J. V. Track, Service Clubg Cross Countryg Tennis, Hi-Y, Rho Delta Sigmag Dramatic Clubg Inter-Class Track, Assembly Band, Club Basketballg Club Rifle, Club Track, Physics Clubg Community Band, BROTHER RAT ANTHONY PALAGONIA 20 Damton Lane "Tony" J. V. Football, Roller Skatingg Varsity Football, MURDER IS FUN, Publicity, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicityg Sopho- more Dance, Entertainment CAROLE LEE PALAZZOTTO 101 E451 Melrose Street "Carol" Hi-Y, Friendship, Commerce Clubg CADET, Typing Staffg Softballg Archeryg League Bowl- ing, Volleyball, Hockey, Basket- ball, BROTHER RAT, Ticket Committee Aw, gee! MARIE PANETTIERI 56 Bell Street Leader's Club, Hi-Y, Gateway, Youth Council Representative, Hockey, Sophomore, junior, Sen- ior Councils, Basketball, Bowl- ing, Softball, Volleyball, junior Prom, Bids, Programs, Chairman, CADET, Literary, Sophomore Dance, Entertainment Committee, MURDER lS FUN, Publicity, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publi- city HBNRIETTA PARRINELLI 109 Northumberlend Gale ..Hetty.. Dramatic Club, Make-UD, Cam- era Club, Secretary, CRIER, Typ- ing Staff, CADET, Typing Staff, Archery, Honor Team, Chorus, Riding, Bowling, Manager, Ten- nis, Candy Stand JOSEPH PASSALACQUA 32 Virginia Street ..Joe,. Club Tennis, Club Rifle, Club Bowling, Club Basketball NANCY JOAN PATERSON 24 S. Monlgomery Skeet .QN-all.. sv Senior ., Dinner, Chairmanx BROTHER RAT, Costumes, Go- head, Marching Band, Assembly Bend, Concert Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Tempo, Hi-Y, Friend- ship, President, Central Yguth Council, Bowllhg, Treas rer, Tennis, Basketballgl Archery, Honor Team, Softball, CRIER, Feature Staff, Dramatic Club, Make-Up, Publicity, Spanish Chib, Math Club, Ping Pong, Physics Club, CADETX Literary Staff, Volleyball,xHox1qr Team, XGOOD ,NIGHT PLEASEchSpbli- dw, KDLAFTYHE, Dcn iN THE VAL EY, Honor - x . ELAINE PAUL 132 Broadway "shorty" Archery, Bowling, Softball, Hoc- key, Commerce Club, President 5' 4 5? Q9 O A L 3 if' EDWIN CARL PEARSON 120 Pilgrim Place ..Ed.. Honor Society, Honor Usher, French Honor Society, CRIER, Advertising Editor, CADET, Co- Advertising Editor, Math Club, Senior Coilncil, Oratorical Con- test, Hi-Y Youth Council, Presi- dent, Hi-Y, Beta Theta Nu, Treasurer, l-li-Y South-West Nas- sau Area Council, President, Hi- Y Spotlight Radio Program, French Club, President, Bowling Club, Treasurer, Cross Country, Chorus, Marching Band, Physics Club, Chemistry Club, Magazine Committee, Opera Guild, Riding, Junior Prom, Place Committee MARTIN PENDERGAST 25 Emerron Place ..MartY,. CHARLOTTE PETER 344 Hendrickson Avenue "Charlie" ARLENB PFISTER 155 Arlington Avenue Riding, Archery, Bowling PHILIP PIANIN 89 Coventry Gardens, Lynbrook "Phil" Varsity Bowling, J. V. Bowling, Captain, Club Basketball, Club Bowling I need glasses! Blind flash!! It ain't brew!! jeff mf LMT' M7OLIm 67 North Montgomery Street "Bill" Dramatic Clubg Art Clubg Cross Country, Gym Leader JOHN POLYCHRON 295 W. Valley Stream Blvd. Varsity Trackg Varsity Cross Countryg First Acting Groupg MURDER IS FUNQ OUT OF THE FRYING PANQ GOOD NIGHT PLEASEg HOLIDAY HOTELQ Dramatic Club, Presi- dentg Marching Bandg Concert Bandg CADET, Circulation Staff Headg French Clubg Interclass Trackg Inrerclass Basketballg Sen- ior Play Committeeg BROTHER RATg TEMPO WALTER POsT 75 Union Street "Wally" Concert Bandg Marching Bandg Dance Bandg Chorus CAROL PRAETORIUS 19 Crowell Place CRIER, Newsg Roller Skatingg CADET, Artg Tennisg Commer- cial Art Club STEVEN PRICE 36 Carl Place "'Steve" J. V. Footballg Interclass Trackg Club Basketballg Club Wrestling I've been robbed! 4 Q 5 1 ii X E' 1 ' 7 ff- V f O. , , it m , .. I 9 5, gg M. , gn 5, . ,rf I ., , pf ' ' t rv 'V - . ' ff.-4, ' 7 ' 55251 .v ,Q- l L E Q Q-m r , A 'wma ,etaw .A l - -gt e.. 5 stl 1 C ' 3 ii do Back to the grind! ROBERT PROVENZANO 27 Grant Drive North "Prov" Sophomore Councilg Hi-Y, Beta Theta Nug Junior Council ROBERT PRZYWARA 118 Bucknell Road "Butch" Camera Club KATHLEEN RABERDINE 160 Locurt Street "Kathy" J. V., Varsity Cheerleaderg Hi-Y, Hi Hopesg Dramatic Club HOWARD RANDALL 7 Eton Street "Howie" Club Basketballg Club Tcnnisg Varsity Softball JOSEPH RANDAZZO 49 DuBoir Avenue .1-Ioen Hi-Y, Beta Theta Nug Bandg Spanish Clubg Roller Skating I'll think about it. ROBERT RASKOPF 15 Harriet Court, Malverne "Bob" Rifle Teamg Tennis TORMOD REINERTSEN 39 Garden Street "Torn" Bowling Clubg Commercial Art Club, CADET, Art Staff MARY LOU ROBERTS 502 N. Central Avenue "Lulu" Marchinz. Concert Bands, Chorus, IOLANTHEQ TEMPOg Hi-Y, Friendship Representativeg Dra- matic Club, Make-Upg CRIER, Feature Staffg CADET, Literaryg Opera Guildg History Clubg Ping Pongg Booster Club, Community Band ANITA L. RODRIQUEZ 818 Lawrence Street OWEN I. Ro1zMAN 13 Berry Street "Ike" Varsity Rifleg Varsity Soccerg Rifle, Honorable Mention, MUR- DER is FUNg GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity Committee, Club Basketball, CADET, Liter- ary Staff He said that about me. X ' N '1 , bf, N. AOA ff' ' gy gtg1:,-T. . 'N 348 .4Q..,. A Keep your mind on business! ROBERT ROIZMAN 1082 Wright Street llBObl! Club Rifle, Varsity Rifleg Skat- ing Clubg' Tennisg Visual Aidg History Club ARLINE Rose I5 Locust Street, Malverne "Atl" Commerce Club, Treasurer, Dra- matic Clubg Harmony Hi-YQ Booster Clubg Bowlingg Tennisg Archeryg CRIER, Typing Staffg CADET, Circulation Staffg Soft- ballg Volleyball MARTIN ROSEN 851 Fletcher Avenue ..ManY.. Varsity Footballg Varsity Wrest- lingg Varsity Trackg Rho Delta Sigma, Hi-Y, Presidentg Central Youth Council, Treasurerg Prom Place Committeeg OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicityg Chor- usg GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity ROBERT ROSTEDT 95 Liberty Blvd. ..B0b,. Club Basketballg CADET, Pho- tography, Co-Editor P1-m.1.1s RUDOLF I9 Edward: Place "Phyl" Dramatic Clubg Chorus, Assem- bly Committee, Bowling Leagueg BROTHER RAT No kidding THOMAS RUFFINO 36 Fir Street ..Tom.. VALERIE RYAN 4 Gibson Blvd. Wal.. Twirlingg Commercial Art Clubg Easketballg Roller Skatingg Soft- all MARIE SAFFIOTI 124 Derby Street ..Mary., Basketball, Tennis ANGELA SANcIL1o 15 Wert Melrose Street "Angie" Commerce Clubg Dramatic Club, Ticket Reservations, Basketballg Sophomore Council ANN MARIE SANISLO 123 Berkley Street "Susie" Leader's Club, Honor Societyg Service Club, Hi-Y, Gateway, Chorusg Hockey, Honor Team, Basketball, Honor Teamg Bowling League, President, Dramatic Club, Ticket Reservation, Theater Divi- sion, Physics Clubg Spanish Hon- or Society, Vice-President, Mis- tress of Ceremoniesg Candy Stand, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Co-Chairman, Publicityg Senior Council, Chemistry Club, Hoc- key Banquet, Ticket Chairmang GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, MUR- DER IS FUN, Publicityg CRIER, Sports Staffg CADET, Sports Staff We love it!! "Sue" City Sue! L . 3 ,el Q' PATRICIA SAUTER 63 .South Wuldinger Street Pat" Sophomore Council, Junior Councilg Commercial Art Clubg Hockeyg Softballg Bowling WESLEY SAYRE 54 Gold Street "Wes" Service Club, Civil Air Patrol, Commanding Officer CHARLES SCAGLIONE 722 North Aram Street DONALD SCANLON 19 Forert Avenue UDOH., Dance Band, Marching Band, Bowling EILEEN R. SCHAFFZIN 310 Bixley Heath, Lynbrook Roller Skating, Volleyball, Ping Pongg CADET, Circulation Staffg Dramatic Club Really now! 'W H AL' bs -ll. Lp X 11 I-if ,Z- 'V ,A'f'1,..' ,lfA Q , 1 ' s ' 1 S ffjauafi. Sci-ILEGEI. A , J Y y V I ' In ' ,f 61 Munro Bhd, , I Honor Society, Honor Usher, Math Club, Latin Club, Physics Club, President, Chemistry Club, Candy Stand, CRIER, Circula- tion, News Staff, CADET, Ad- vertising Staff, Chorus, Senior Council, Bowling League, Vice- President, Riding Club, Presi- dent, Archery, Hockey, Volley- ball, Basketball, Softball, Library Club, MURDER IS FUN, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publi- city JOSEPH SCHNEIDER I4 Cochran Place "Duke" League Bowling ROBERT SHAMAN 117 Cochran Place Student Conductor, Concert Band' Music Director. Arra'1':er, HOLIDAY HOTEL, Beta. Theta Nu, Hi-Y, Vice-president, TEM- PO, Varsity Cross Country, Marching Band, Chorus, Orches- tra, Sophomore One Act Play, Publicity, National Honor Society ELEANOR HARRIET SHEIRS 8 Birch Lane HEI.. Hockey, Roller Skating, Arch- ery, Basketball, Softball, Bowl- ing, Dramatic Club, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, CA- DET, Literary Staff, Sophomore Dance, Decoration Committee, Hockey Banquet, Volleyball, jun- ior Coke Committee, BROTHER RAT, Publicity LORENE SHERMAN 21 West Valley Stream Blvd. "Lorie" Commerce Club, Dramatic Club Ooh-You silly thing L51 I . A 1' 5 ar ,4- L ST' 41. ith!" J. ,,, 16: F' Fresh!! GRACE SI-IIMELL 11 Sapir Street CRIER, Typing Editor, Dramatic Club, Make-up, MURDER IS FUN, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, OUT OF .TI-IE FRYING PAN, Publicity, Bowling League, Bas- ketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Soft- ball SHEILA LYNN SIEGEL 34 Clozferfield Road "DeeDee" Booster Club, Hockey, Bowling, Tennis, CRIER, Advertising, News, Circulation, French Club, Bowling, Manager, Math Club, Coke Stand, CADET, Literary, Volleyball, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, Softball I-IELENE SIMON 33 Laurel Hill Drive Basketball, Softball, Ping Pong, Honor Team, Commerce Club ROBERT T. SIPPEI. 244 East Euclid Street "Bob" Bowling, Dramatic Club, Stage Crew, Senior Council, Coke Stand CAROLINE SMITH 1034 Sherman Dr., Franklin Sq. UCZIOIH Roller Skating Dare me? "Q FRANCES SMITH 56 Tenegck Aremze Roller Skating, Chorus MARGARET LOUISE SMITH 95 E. Euclid Street "Maggie" Honor Society, Corresponding Secretary, CRIER, Editor, Lead- er's Club, French Club, Archery, Honor Team, Bowling: Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Marching Band, Hi-Y, Gateway, Assembly Committee, Junior Magazine Committee, OUT OF THE FRY- ING PAN, Props., MURDER IS FUN, Publicity, CADET, Literary A I Y . V , A vi L Y, MARCIA JUDITH SPELMAN 64 Canlerbury Gale, Lynbrook "Mike" OUT OF THE FRYING PAN. Publicity, Tickets, MURDER IS FUN, CRIER, News Staff, CA- DET, Literary, Circulation, Ser- vice Club, Student Police, French Club, History Club, Chemistry Club, Booster Club, Tennis, Hon- or Team, Basketball, Voiieypallg Table Tennis, Honor Team BARBARA SPRACKLIN 121 Prague Slreez "Bobby" Sophomore Class, Vice-president, Senior Class, Secretary, Sopho- more, Junior, Senior Councils, Leader's Club, Captain, Drum Maiorerte, National Honor Soci- ety, MURDER IS FUN, Publicity Chairman, OUT OF THE FRY- ING PAN, Publicify Chairman, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publi- city, junior Prom, Decoration Co- Chairman, Hockey, Bowling, Treasurer, Honor Team, Basket- ball, Softball, Nassau County All- , ".,k ,V 'P Star Wing, School Representa- ' I tive, CRIER, CADET, Chorus, PATRICIA SMITH if If - service Club, BROTHER RAT, 56 Hnm'rltorilAz-enue QM Play Selection PM - in A W' Lois E. SPRIGGS 3, 60 D k Sr I, M I 'erne League Bowling, Dramatic Cgxbg 3 6, 5, , ' M e NLE? d L Hockey, Archery, CADET, it- . . culation Staff, Softball, Tennis, jg--ig., - W' Hi-Y, Hi-Hopes, President, Area Volleyball, Roller Skating 'Z' " A gguncilg Hiitoriang dTetE1po, orus, Marc ing an , on- A L L 1 cert Band, Orchestra, Student L Police, Service Club, CRIER, Circulation Staff, CADET, Cir- culation Staff, Bowling, Ping Pong, Horseback Riding, DOWN IN THE VALLEY, LOUANNA SONNICHSEN IOLANTHE, Physics Club 15-I Elbel Srreez "Lou" CAROLE ANNE STANLEY Roller SIKSIIIIS 35 Ear! Avenue . -xg-, W so ERS I Xi STEPHEN STEINBERG II-I-IAM W A I , 1 I7 P' ad'll' D ',L In k 38 Viola Street 1.3 'D '1 if R In I l'Ste!i11e'fU yn mo "Bill" 'Sf' 5 y T' Sfbll Bkbll Itl ora, as eta, nercass 'J I Track Club CEA I Now, Madam, this product-- How dare you!! A Sasser-' MARIAN STEINER 28 Idell Road Commerce Club, League Bowling KENNETH V. STE1N1-MRTER 81 Park Lane North, Franklin Sq. J. V., Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Chemistry Club, Basket- ball, lnterclass Club, Interclass Track TOM STOUTEN 12 Lake Drive Eau "Tommy" J. V., Varsity aBsketball, J. V., Varsity Baseball, Cross-Country, Varsity Soccer, Marching Band, Concert Band, Chorus, Sopho- more, Junior, Senior Councils, IOLANTHE, Chorus, TWO BLIND MICE, Publicity, Cast, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicity, HOLIDAY I-IOTEI., Cast, MURDER IS FUN, Publi- city, Cast, Sophomore Dance En- tertainment Chairman, Math Club, Le Cercle Francais, Junior Prom, Place Committee, CADET, Sports Staff, Bowling Club, Can- dy Stand, Chairman LEON STRAZZABOSCO 382 N. Grove Street ..Len,. Football GLORIA STUEE 15 Wolf Avenue Malverne G o Service Club, History Club, CRI ER, Typing Staff, CADET, Art Staff' Commerce Club' Dramatic Club, Hi-Y, Harmony, Tennis Archery, Honor Team, Softball Bowling, Volleyball, Booster Club, National Honor Society The Young shall listen A 'Q' 4 L ,, V. , A .K ,.-.., na, . ,- . -'Ly ft HA' E .. f " if QA , ,W M V in Ilia, "' - 1. f , Q O . HQ' 'EVTA l Come back, little Sheba 5 N x P JOSEPH SULFARRO 34 Holland Court "Little Bear" J. V., Varsity Football, Varsity Rifle, DARK BROWN, Publi- city, TIME FOR EVERYTHING, Stage Crew, STALAG 17, Stage Crew, Camera Club, CRIER, CA- DET, Tempo, Marching Band, Concert Band, Chorus, FINIANS RAINBOW, IOLANTHE, Varsi- ty Track, J. V. Baseball, J. V. Basketball, BROTHER RAT FLORENCE SvENsoN 30 Emerson Place "Flo" National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Twirling Corps, Drum Maiorette, Girl in White, Archery, Honor Team, Ping Pong, Honor Team, Senior Coun- cil Representative, CRIER, Typ- ing Staff, Service Club, Junior Prom, Band Committee, Camera Club, Hi-Y, Hi-Hopgs, junior Coke Stand, Basketball, Softball, CADET, Photography Staff, GOOD NIGI-IT PLPASE, Publi- city, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicity WILLIAM TAYLOR 20 Carrtair: Sheet ANDREW TEPE 1100 N. Franklin Avenue "Andy" Commercial Art Club, Marching Band, Concert Band MILDRED T1-iE1L1NG 11 Comber Slreet ..Mmy.. Tennis, Bowling, Roller Skating Oh, my diet! CARL GEORGE THOMAS 231 B. New York Avenue ..Tom.. GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publi- city, CRIER, Sports Staff, Varsity Soccer, Varsirv Football: Varsity Wrestling, BROTHER RAT RAYMOND THOMPSON 29 Dewron Place ..Ray.. WILLIAM R. THOMPSON 177 Cochran Place "Bill" j V. Track, J. V., Varsity Base- ball WILLIAM D. TIGHE 49 Jackron Road "Tig-hee" Varsity Wrestling, Manager, Dra- matic Clubg MURDER IS FUN, Stage Crew, DARK TOWER, Stage Crewg OUT OF THE l'RY- ING PAN, Stage Crew, TWO BLIND MICE, Stage Crew, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Stage Crew, HOLIDAY HOTEL, Stage Crew EMANUEL TOTO 17 "K" Street, Elmont A stitch in time The Crew JOHN TOYB 287 Lyon Street "Yutch" Tennis DOROTHY TRAVBR 50 "M" Street, Elmont CONCETTA 'IRILLO 56 Albefmarle Avenue 1 .Timaru Hockey, Bowling, Softball, Soph- omore, junior, Senior Councils, junior Prom, Publicity, Sopho- more Dance, Publicity, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicity, MURDER IS FUN, Publicity LAURENCE VANDERCREBK 1646 Southern Drive "Larry" Tennis, Math Club, Spanish Club EMIL VOIGHT 108 Roorevelt Avenue "The Toe" J. V., Varsity Football, Club Bowling, HOLIDAY HOTEL, Stage Crew, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Pubiimy, Club Rifle These from France? GRACE VULPIS 75 Cameron Street, Elmont "Gracie" I.eader's Club, Hockey, Hockey Banquet, Invitation and Program Committees, Softball, Basketball, Hockey Banquet Hostess, Tumb- ling, Manager, Volleyball, CA- DET, Typing Staff, Leader's Club Dance Committee, CRIER, Typing Staff, Service Club, BROTHER RAT, Publicity, Leader's Club Treasurer PAULA E. WACHSMAN 139 Benedict Avenue Softball, Hockey, Tennis, Volley- ball, Roller Skating, Basketball, Archery, CADET, -Circulation, Hi-Y, Harmony, Dramatic Club, Tickets, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicity, Booster Club ROBERT M. WALSH 375 Momxtague Street ..Bob.. Varsity Football, Interclass Bas- ketball, Varsity Wrestling, Inter- class Track ARLENE WALTHER 66 South Corona Avenue "Ari" Archery, Commerce Club BARBARA OWEN WARD 2 Damian Lane "Bobbi" Hockey, Tennis, Bowling, Chem- istry Club, Roller Skating, MUR- DER IS FUN, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publicity, junior Prom, Place Committee, Dramatic Club, Booster Club, Sophomore Dance, Entertainment, CADET, Circula- tion, CRIER, Circulation, Hi-Y, Friendship, Softball, Coke Stand, Volleyball Who? AL L , , ' ' C PT" I Hu w -I 't '14 'ni I ma , 5 ' wi 1 t ' , 3 ,,,. 42, A, , 52,3211 SHEILA CAROLE WARREN 82 Ambrose Avenue, Malverna "Stevie" CADET, Co-Editor, Hi-Y, Gate- way, Historian, CRIER, Feature, MURDER IS FUN, Publicity, GOOD NIGHT PLEASE, Publi- city, BROTHER RAT, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicity, junior Prom, Ticket Committee, HOLIDAY HOTEL, Publicity, Candy Stand, Basketball, Mana- ger, Volleyball, Honor Team, Bowling, Softball, Roller Skat- ing, Hockey, Honor Team, Hoc- key Banquet, Poem Committee, Co-chairman, Hockey Banquet Hostess, One Act Play, junior Dance Chairman, Assembly Corn- mittee, Booster Club, junior Magazine Representative, Junior Coke, Sophomore Dance Com- mittee, Hockey, Margaret Noble Award DONALD WEEKS 60 Coolidge Street, Malveme 0 rt' O RICHARD WELDON 113 Pilgrim Place 'f C' a i 1 ' J ' J' O ' 0 O I 'BARBARA B. WHBLAN 29 Aytbrore Avenue, Malverne "Bobbi" Hockey, CRIER, Typing Staff, Chorus, Service Club, CADET, Literary Staff, Spanish National Honor Society, Secretary, Dra- matic Club, Tickets, Filing, Hoc- key Banquet, Invitations, Pro- grams, Basketball, Volleyball, Ping Club Club, THE, LEY, Pong, Bowling, History Booster Club, Chemistry Softball, Tennis, IOLAN- DOWN IN THE VAL- National Honor Society GEORGE WIEMER 19 Drew Street "Georgie" Varsity Football, Captain An Angel in Paradise Milk? Ugh! ROBERT WIGGIN 104 Judith Lane "Bob" Math Club, French National Honor Society, History Club, BROTHER RAT PHILLIP WILLIAMS 22 Hommell Street EUGENE WOEssNER 9 Satterie Avenue FAITH G. WOLF 66 Ethel Street Basketball, Tennis, Softball CHARLES WOOD 55 Adair Court, Maluerne "Woody" Band, Orchestra, Dance Band, Chorus, Marching Band, TEM- PO, 1. V. Cross Country, Varsity Track, J. V., Varsity Basketball, Hi-Y, Theta Nu, IOLANTHE, HOLIDAY HOTEL, Band, French Club Aw-c'mon, Cliff! SUHEY! I If ,. 'S at ROGER WOODBURY . V. Fobtball, Wrestling WW 5 1- Q 91 North Cottage Street ' J u J 59 in CAROL WRENCH 1253 Bretton Road, Elmont "Wrenchie" JOAN WRIGHT 132 Union Street ..-Ioanien Sophomore Council, Tennis, Hockey, Roller Skating, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Publicity, Softball ESTELLE YAGODA 702 Anderron Avenue JOAN GODDARD YARROW 136 Forter Avenue National Honor Society, Presi- dent, Honor Usher, Sophomore Council, junior Council, Senior Council, Hi-Y, Gateway, Corre- sponding Secretary, CRIER, Cir- culation Editor, News Staff, CA- DET, Chorus, Marching Band, Concert Band, Leader's Club, Service Club, Dramatic Club, Makeup, TEMPO, junior Maga- zine Cornmittee, Senior Magazine Committee, Chairman, MUR- DER IS FUN, Ticket Co-chair- man, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, Property Co-chairman, HOLIDAY HOTEL, IOLAN- THE, Hockey, Bowling, Basket- ball, Softball, BROTHER RAT, Costume Co-Head, Volleyball, Physics Clubg Chemistry Club' junior Prom, Decorations 1 I want my change! FRANK D. YOUNG 235 Fletcher Avenue "Bobby" Honor Societyg TEMPOg Math Clubg Varsity Cross Country, Captain, State Meetg Marching Bandg Concert Bandg Orchestrag MURDER IS FUN, Student D1- rector, Selection Committee, Tic- ketsg junior Councilg Senior Councilg Hi-Y, Secretaryg History Clubg CADETg CRIER, Sports Editor, Staff Writerg Interclass Wrestlingg Interclass Trackg In- terclass Basketballg Hi-Y Repre- sentative for Youth and Govern- mentg HOLIDAY HOTEL, Bandg BROTHER RAT CAROL ZANCHELLI 984 Shellbume Drive So hows the family? ar: 'Q 1- are ' 1 --Q A 1 ga 715 11 A 'Q f A FRANCO ZUCCOLI 50 Benedict Avenue "Frank" National Honor Societyg Varsity Soccerg Spanish Club ,Cl '55 luv C .- i 1 0 0 Pus the pizza! 1 JAMES ZANETTI 109 Decker Street ...lima ROBERT ZAWADA 5 Highland Road ..BOb,. 5 . 4 ., f A , J A' 4 o 4 . 4 Q I X 0 7 v, 1' Q ' 9 , .1 , I Better than tobacco! HELPED THE SCHOOL MOST J. Klenck, E. Pearson 3? WI ' . BEST ATHLETE D Faehner B Spracklm X lv E J in W' 12: H ' 'E Qs Q w i E' , 1 ai 1 L- ,,., - 1 , ig J is WAff twin WITTIEST J. Sulfarro, V, Birbiglia MOST VERSATILE B. Spracklin, J. O'Rorke QW .1 W ,J A 1 fr uf Q ' 4' .fu n .1 ' T . I 1 F F.-...., M... .N . 4, ----..,..... . 1' i . l l -a,..a.u-N, . ...,.. ... : ' Q s a A s .il A s l 5 s t, .4-. 5 M P' DRAMATIC CLUB Ist Rau I Sullivan' Yarrow G Stube L Harrison E M Busch C Hosford S Sanislo . 'I - ,Iv , . , - , - - , - , - ,J Schlegel, N. Patterson, C. Grosch, J. Hager. 2nd Row: P. Rudolph, D. Idea, D. Winfield, C Wedde, J. Kupfer, M. Weil, G. Helmus, N. Freeman, P. Mallonee, M. Malesk, H. Lesniak, I Seyboth, J. D'Agostina. 3rd Row: S. Lang, B. Scala, D. Van Belt, D. Schubert, M. Kelly, F. Wild- man, E. Gabbay, C. O'Sani, R. Ahders, L. Flynn, P. DeSena, N. Kima, A. Mohr, J. Willimn- son, Fogarty, R. lngoglia M. May, J. Siegler, E. Miller. 41h Row: D. King, M. Harris, F. Of- fenhartz, K. Ehrlich, G. Longenecker, M. Harris, P. I-Loffman, T. Adamo, B. Keller, E. Glassberg G. Ruge, J. Matrick, C. Faggella, S. D'Attilio, A. Rose, G. Martin, L. King. Sth R-ow: P. Young L. Soloway, R. Koenig, A. Dejulio, M. Kraus, D. Liberman, M. Rosen, I. Petersen,-I. 'Kornrumpf M. Gerlach, B. Wolf, M. Burl-te. E. Sheits, B.,Scote, M. Spellman, A. Rose, D. Broggi, J. Incao P. Farish, B. Mearns 6th Rout: H. Parrinelli, I. Nelsen, D. Malchik, V. Doty, E. Grams, S Rogers, A. Pedatella, P. Hasselriis, J. Bishop, P. Dowd, D. Owen. 1. Polychron, D. Billingham L. Lang, M. Amodio, A. Christmann, S. Dietz, P. Godfrey, C. Boden. 7111 Row: L, Clark, D Williams, B. Whelan, A. Gobel, J. Schneider, B. Walsh, B. Kraengel, R. Hein, 1. O'Rourke, T Stouton, D. Galvanek, A. Boryanck, C. Cook, B. Duke, M. Lutz, A. Sohl. Dramatic Cluh throughout the year. publicity, make-up, filing, and props. in competition, v 1 MONG the most popular of Centrals organiza tions is the Dramatic Club, which under the able direction of Mr. Keller, affectionately dubbed by his students, carries on its activities Acting isn't the only work of this club for in order to produce a play, there is plenty of work for the other units which include: ticket reservation The Dramatic Club sponsors the first play of the year and the one-act play contest in May which boosts class spirit tremendously, since it is the only activity in which the three senior high classes are MAKE-UP DIVISION In fouw I. Seyboth, B. Score, H. Parrinelli, D. VanPelt, P. Rudolf, D. Schubert. 2nd row: E. M. Busch, H. Lesnidk, A. Rose, D. Williams, E. Gramss, C. Glick. 3rd row: N. Patterson, A. Sohl. 41h row: G. Stube, J. Yarrow CLUB . 'UC Swefs' AMA V E. , 5. CXTYDYI chfi5""3lnI'10Il'nIiII WI PUBLX ,den PGf,,b'09l'E 69952, Ling' Saying. sg, ua. - ws, ' W. Osanx, 965,16 B Mei Kegan, 15, R0 4, C. get. Pmgoenlgn 'na' DjAg,0gx0SiIeAS s B, ego? X, Haydn., L 7,99 5, D . SCSfl'XngggZ,l::Y 252320 1423? Qtoggx gyngi X1 uve 'Z C. I Hem' ' PS- Elugei D' 55 Riff WY' EUWWSQIW' iw , 3 , Nl VJYICB SCaEA1ah"A9eYZh0X'AS, Y' an ' 9. U NK VYZEIQIHWPI' Y GIRLS ACT ING DIVISION IJ! Row: M. Malesk, 1. Peterson, A. Pedatella, S. Rogers, A. Goebel, J. Schneider, M. Lutz. 2na Row: M. Harris, P. Hoffman, F. Wilkmen, P. De- Sena ,C. Osani, N. Klima, J. Siegler, J. Matrick, G. Martin. 3rd Row: V. Doty, P. Rudolf, G. Ruge, B. Leiberman, S. D'Artilio, A. Rose, D Winfield, B. Scala, N. Freeman, M. Rosen, J Williamson. STAGE CREW R. Hein, Mr. Keller, H. Wolf, D. Galvenek Seated: R. Walsh, E. Maietta, J. Polychron. Standing: R. Halahan, J. O'Rorke, J. D'Agostina, G, Helmus. "Holiday Halal" NDOUBTEDLY, one of the proudest moments that the combined Sophomore, junior and Senior classes experienced this year was the night of the presentation of "Holiday Hotel". This musieal-com- edy was written by two alumni of the class of 1953, Ray Sipherd and Dick DeBenedictus. The show made history in Central's memory book, not only because of the professional-like per- formances given by those taking part,'but because it was the first original three-act musical ever to be put on in Central. There were approximately 75 students who took part in some phase of the pro- duction of the show. The proceeds, Sl,245, given to the Polio Fund, exceeded any amount ever earned by a Dramatic Club production. R. DeBenedictis, R. Sipherd The Class nf 19511 51 vNf ""'s if ig M? 'Q On Floor: P. Bilello A Palagonia. Seafed' P. Hassel " , . , rus, On Couch' E Maietta Le ' Oikotke . , . anmg: A. Gruber. Standing: J .K- i -. ui AS JUNIORS, the Class of 1954 pre- sented the three-act farce, "Out Of The Frying Pan". Directed by Mr. Crucilla, this comedy proved to be one of the most successful Junior Class presentations within recent years. This production served as a stepping stone toward the realization of a triumphant Senior production. ff an av W 'lx 1.rt Row M Burke, M Henderson 2nd Row J Hennan M Spellman, B Ward 3rd Row L Baselnce V Doty 4th Row T Stouten C Hordlow O Roxzman J ORorke J Polychron A Palagoma D Bnllxngham 1952 N 1952 as sophomores the Class of 54 presented an unusual entry to the annual One Act Play Contest a mystery comedy wrth a cast of fourteen players entxtled Murder IS Fun Dxrected by Frank Young and Joan Klenck the play was umque ID that a part of nts actron took place rn the audtence featurmg fxve players who actually portrayed spec tators 1953 N 1953 as Jumors the Class of 54 changed thenr tactlcs a bxt and selected a farce Goodmght Please to enter 1n the One Act Play competmon ln May Don Bllllflghaln and Shella OBr1en old pros nn the freld of play productron were chosen to dtrect the cast of snx The result was a most en tertarnmg producnon Kneelmg J DAgost1na 1 Polychron Slafndmg P Hasselrus J Herman A Marchest E Manetta J ORorke 1 : . I .i . : . , . . . : . , . '. : . , . , . . , . . . U ' Y ' ! ' 7 ' D ' I ' 2 1 9 2 s 0 I1 ' ' 1 ' n - ' ' 1 - , - . .. . ,, . . . . . , - n . , , - - ,, . . . s 9 , . - i- ' , . , . . . , . , - , . , . . u 5 l 9 , . 5 I ? i Kneeling left lo right: M. Burke, V. Doty, E. Miessinger. Standing: A. Goebel, J. Poly- chron, E. Maietta, P. O'Kane, G. Martin, A. Argento. Une cl Play Contest ULMINATING a triumphant year, the- Class of 1954 chose as its contribution to the annual One-Act Play Contest in May "The Private Life of a Chain Store", a hilarious farce comedy by the well known author, john Kirkpatrick. Chosen as directors were two veterans of Cen- tral's Dramatic world, Val Doty and Martin Burke. After two hectic days of hearing the tryouts of Cen- tral's numerous talented Seniors, they decided upon Gail Martin, Pete Hasselriis, john Polychron, Audrey Goebel, Pat O'Kane, Gene Messinger, Elaine Maietta, and Annette Argento as the cast of eight "The Private Life of a Chain Store, "involving the trials and tribulations, great and small, of big business and monkey business, proved to be a truly amusing production. Well publicized by a large and active publicity committee and supported by an en- thusiastic Senior Class, the performance of "The Pri- vate Life of a Chain Store" proved to be a memor- able occasion. , f an ,wg xx ' My A is Ex I N 1 . mm ' .nfl Q' XF 1? .r-44 A 5. N m ii' 2 w f" ff' ,4f -wg? ' f - 391 I , bf, AN - 'gf Jezffj '31 ,f ,W .1 Wm, ,A 53150, Ay, .11 figs, 1 ' ' -I wzg , r Y "' iv f-' Q, Z5-u - J- ,gn nf' , JL ,ff gllllw 2 JJ?" .- 2 351' ,-f.X5ffA as::' - ,A q af., V4 Q' ,, V- , , ' ' 'li :affl ' tl'f:v':Ht! 4 - 'ala 1-5-AX: , A- Q - Q , ' , .W ,' A , I f , .- va: ,f .-v""" wr V925 N' ,. V Km., .,,. . - f SM E EZ , 491 A f "' X 412,94 2 1. 1 'f r ,a Gi ff 9. ?! - -4 V' 9 V+ aw Q r X x gf -Xi N 2 Q 5 1 E, V , 3 X ' ,J J - -1 ,Q y T54-Qjf--N-V ,Ji C "Hx MW , a 1 A ,1.1' , , . fs .M -H-'H I W, Way ' W L , wffmwff ,xv V Q ,aff Iiv "0 M' H ' Ll ohn Smith Anh J ur Fare Musu: Department UPERIOR, superlatrve stupendous these are but a few of the adyectlves adequately descrxbnng the talents developed under the ausplces of one of the fxnest h1gh school Musnc Departments on Long Island that of Central Hrgh School Labor omma vrnclt CLabor conquers every thmgj It IS the labors of our leaders drrectors and frnends whlch we gratefully acknowledge as the rea son for our successes Mr john Smrth IS our rnaugu rator Mr Arthur Fare Marchmg and Concert Band D1rector Mr john Leachey Chorus Dxrector Mr Frank Tronsor Dance Band Dnrector and Orchestra Dxrector Mr Mntal Enrrch your lxvmg through muslc IS the well chosen motto we have med to uphold rn our con certs Candlelrght Servrces assembhes Pop Con certs and Marchlng Band performances throughout the past years As our paths wxden m hfe we shall never never forget the musnc experrences which have enrlched our hves Lawrence Mural John Lachey Funk T1'0nsor 'S i 1 1 ll? 1 lg 1 I 1 y Q Y t if l .W l in - , 2 Q Z lw tg 1 5 s .3 2 " " '-2. ,-. , ills Q-wa In Rout 1. Hagerman, M. L. Roberts, K. Endres, D. Collins, j. Voorhees, j. Yarrow, N. Pater- son, G. I-lelmus, M. Greene, A. Goebel, M. Chizmadia, T. Hutton, L. Spriggs, V. Doty. 2nd Rout: D. Sarazen, H. Baer, J. Polychron, j. Stover, R. Walsh, A. Rosado, D. Billingham, D. Scan- lon, C. Wood, D. Owen, P. Hasselriis F. Young. 3rd Raw: Mr. Fare, R. Nielsen, B. Mendo, W. Davis, B. Eagleson, B. Seaman, Mr. Lcachey. Tempo EMPO - the Honor Society of musicians in Central, - consists of those students who exhi- bit outstanding musicianship in the work of the Music Department. Each member is a leader in his field and is exceptionally dependable. Being able to wear proudly those little "G" clef pins and being in "Rogues Gallery", tas it is joking- ly calledb in the music studio, are the rewards for being a Tempo member. Participants in this department recognize the honor of being among the "elite", and for the re- ward of membership, Central's musicians perform with remarkable dexterity. lflrcheslra S AN integral part of Central High School's music depart- ment, the orchestra'provides a year- round activity for the musically minded. The orchestra performs under Violinr: P. Godfrey, A. Hob- linger, J. Ritzenthaler, S. Leffert, C. Hubler, L. Kolhreiser, j. Lang, B. Weber, N. Daugherty, S. Goldstein, V. Hees, D. Klump, K. Leevi, G. Bookheim, L. King, P. Tucker, S. Miller, G. Snizek, D. Klump, L. Mearns, E. Shuit, C. Wallstrom, T. Wickman, D. Flomp, B. Budde, W. Freeberg, C. Folik, B. Wolfe, R. Phipps. Violarz L. Clark, E. Lauber, S. Holtzem. String Barr: F. Young, R. Daugherty, E. Artus, F. Meis- ter, R. Schmidchen, R. Weather- ly. Cellar: D. Klein, R. Lahn, J. Salerno. Piano: A. Harms. Flute: J. Stadelmann, B. Mallonee. Barr Clarinet: M. Chizmadia, L. States. Clarinel: L. Menrad, B. Eagleson. Trombone: D. Owen, P. Spina. Percurrion: C. Chris- tiansen, G. Wandell, P. Hindlin. Oboe: D. Miller, P. Mallonee. Trumpetrz G. Munson, M. Wechs- ler. French Horn: R. Seaman the able baton of Mr. Lawrence Mital. In February the orchestra made its first appearance of the year in formal concert with the Band. It was featured also in the annual "Pop" Concert in May. ,,,., 4' 'Liz' 'LM ri is iii' A HIS year of '54, the Twirling Corps has presented their largest representation in the history of Central High. Two prominent figures of the twirlets were the "high steppin" girls in white. These honors went to Bobbi Kay and Flo Svenson who assisted the Drum Majorette. Following them, their corps exhibited their colorful costumes, high precision strut- ting and shiny twirling batons, contributing to an eye-filling picture of pulchritude and skill. -jfs. HE DANCE Band, the school's official swing and sway group, is composed of the "cream" of the Central's musical "crop". With a repetoire of the nations popular tunes, they are in constant demand for such affairs as the Freshman prom and the P.T.A. Carnival. Piano: R. Walsh 1V0caJ- irtj Drummer: B. Mendo, F. Young, D. Ahders, D. Sarazen, W. Post, H. Kei- del, H. Baer, R. Seaman, C. Wood, R. Daugherty, R. Nielsen, R. Mayer, R. Miesemer, B. Eagleson, D. Scanlon ,. W4 1. v -' i QQL4 V , fu Z 'H ff, W 'Q .11 ,,. '1 Av cf- , 'K V W J' I -9-'Gov Tw A W " W J. Y K 'T Uv , D 3 1 -4 Y 'I in-,I 1.4 ' 3. 4 ' P 1 4 N 9 1 'F' 1 5' 2 g -'-. 1" ff. Q 2X 1 g v ff? y 1 ," lr 'x I 1424 , 1 X , --bw Q ,Q . I ,. -- J...4? Q1 - ' , . Y 4. 4 5, v v 1,? X41 ,f 1, . , if 3 Sgv if "' 9: Q if T an H E3 5 ff V V vi W 5 yy W1 f V V xig 5 I U ' Q 1' . N ,, ,ge 1, J Angpgw x Q I , Q73 Q 5-I Q F 37" 3' lf F 5 2 ,A 3 H 'Vx' v . U, x X 1 ,'4 f xg I ff fav rl J ,I j an 5933 .13 'j Mfxkix XfxfXf,X'XfNx ff ff PZ ,, 21 NY X4 X .V 1 "A 'Wi 'V' Sf I E 1 'f YQ ,J I Jn " , QW, 1 A. X 1 V v1"'V5g"1viW"' 'x ff X . f , ff K N ,I KN 1 Q X . ,--QQJIA I 'if , g t 'lt Fx' f i I 3 ' JI i-71-'f s, - ,, va: 'Aw f ap.. . r if A if - I 3" X T' If-if ef 5 1' ,iw , auf 5+ ' f" f just before the game 1guTsuH! V in JL Hihgx tix 1 . Ring around the rosie Front Conga 7 That sour. Show me how Tight as a drum igfP"3'm PWR few Herbert Williamson Nellie Sinkinson Edward Graham Donald Holsapple Carol Alberts Gym Heads ISS Alberts, a graduate of Central, has returned to home stamping grounds bringing with her those fabulous talents that have enabled her to coach basketball, tennis, archery, volleyball and tumbling. The entire gym staff has as its athletic director, Mr. Williamson, to coordinate sports activities. Under Mr. Graham's capable control basketballs never miss the basket and baseballs are whacked for homeruns. His abilities have shown in the champion- ship teams he has built in past years. With Miss Sinkinson as the able skipper the Hockey Team has been steered through an unde- feated season. Softball and bowling followed through with equally fine success. In spite of a poor season in football, Mr. Hol- sapple has done a tremendous job with j.V. basket- ball and softball as well as his regular gym classes. if. G. Wehner R. Sucsy R. Marshall Wind me up Funthall A HIS year's varsity football team wasn't a great team as great teams go. However, consider that this year's squad was the lightest, the youngest and least experienced. It had the old college spirit with it both at practice and on the field. In two years Central should prove itself as top con- tender for South Shore Honors. Most games were close in score and had the breaks been ours, Central would have been victorious many times. The spirit to continue to fight in face of defeat was most outstanding on the squad. Roger Spencer played such good and spirited football he received All-Scholastic Honors in Nassau Coun- ty. George Weimer played so well in the halfback slot, the team was proud to honor him with the captaincy. Jerry Seckler, Andy Ragona, George Wiemer, Ken Steinharter, Frank Spizuoco, Ralph Bruno, Robert Marshall, Skip Schult, A. Main, Joe Schuclt, Richie Sucsy, Carl Thomas L X ,.. 1 ar . R. Bruno K. Steinharter F- SPi2l10C0 A- Rasona J. Schuck F. Schult J. Seckler C, Thomg Wound Oh, my girdle! sig 5, C. Hordlow ' Q ,fm fl ,, xi A. Glaze: W R D. Faehner 1 . YE' .V O. Roizman , , s , - . 4 Vac- sv il' Ziff 1.5 ,i, J ze, Sweeney 1. g., N , . Gordon W. Seifert , A rr K . was t if . 1 f 1. 'f:1wfQazzs1e12:1, 5-afgfev ' -'fs-1-emma. v-'A E. Dondero J. Dondero 'T " jg: F. Budk Dos-si-dos Soccer F. Budde EHIND All-Scholastic men Cliff Hord- low, Joe Dondero and Don Faehnet and honorable mention winners Dick Gordon and Hank Ferendo, the 1953 Soccer Squad boasted of a record of 8 wins, l loss and 3 ties, losing only to Sewanhaka, the S.S.A.L. champs. The squad placed second in the league. Many times the team came from behind or held off determined attacks by the opposition showing a spirited offense and a determined defense. Under the skill- ful coaching of Fred Budde the team showed a balance of power which commanded re- spect from every side. Although many of this year's players are graduating, Coach Budde is looking forward to next year's season. Bombs away Cross llnunlry jbewtlwaf TARTING slowly, Central's cross-country team improved to a high of 3rd place in the snowy Long Island Championship. A review of this year's high-points includes: Al Rosado's fine come-backg Frank Young's 6th in the N.Y.U. run, 14th in the state meet, and new Rifle EFENDING county champions, Central's powerful rifle team had a tremendous year. The squad, consisting of five return- ing lettermen and an excellent sixth man, obtained a terrific first round record of nine wins against only one setback. In spite of the loss of an all-scholastic sharpshooter, this year's club showed a defi- nite improvement over last year. The team balance and the services of a new sixth man made Central's Rifle team very successful this Year. In Row: A. Dangle, R. Croke, R. Ahders, F. Grady, R. Anderson. 2nd Row: C. Errera, F. Young, C. Preller, J. Polychron, W. Holyoke, P. Weldon, R. Oberle. 3rd Riow: D. Young, H. Hopke, L. Oliveras, C. Briggs, C. Maggiore, W. Polito, I. Reyes, J. Stover, R. Hallahan, P. Dowd, H. Pulle. home course record of 12238: Frank Grady's fine showing and the upset victory over Mepham and Freeport at Bethpage. The season was ended by a spectacular spaghetti dinner for the lettermen at the coach's house. yew ' Qgsbf jdglbl' yas . lm ,A 3 O. Roirnnn 1 'W B. Bangs R.R f 1-4 . , askop v g .X ,A H G. Kaatz R. Rmzmm ie:-?"c J,4'0h wsu WZ? milf RJR Ferendo W Sexfert 'X 4 4 REQ, XJ, E Hyelre D Faehner 'IOO Basketball OACH Ed Graham's basketball team was one of the most powerful on the Island. Built around the scoring of Dierlcing and Hjelte and the back court play of Faehner they rolled over most opposi- tion handily. Playing on the crest of a A midwinter slump, Central was nipped by Mepham 50-46 but snapped out of the slump to dump league-leading Lawrence 72-58 in an extremely well-played game. These were the extremes of a successful season in which the '53-'54 club distinguished itself, making them not only sectional champs, but also winning the county championship as well. 'rt Row: E. Dondero, H. Ferendo, D. Faehner, W. Seifert C. Wood, J. Dondero, T. Keller. 2nd Row: E. Graham R. Hallahan, T. Stouten, R. Long, C. Dierlcing, W. Davis E. Hjelte, C. Hordlow W Nl X t an 3 x 5 ff- RTR l QNTRA 5 l l ' N Nauru-nl"""-n-l-H Tennis AYBE they'1l never reach Wimbledon or Forest Hills but Central's tennis squad is surpassed by few on Long Island. Through the fine racquet manipulation of Wes- ley Davis, "Skip" Hjelte, and Nellie Edwards and the superb coaching of Mr. Mortimer, there is good insurance that we will have a fine "racquet squad" this year. In row: N. Haynes, R. Goldberg, R. Romano, R. Roiz- man. 2nd row: Mr. Mortimer, M. Gerlach, H. Randall, V. Bishop, L. Vandercreek, R. Lanza. 3rd Rauf: M. Kuzik, W. Davis, S. Hjelte, N. Edwards wal Lefl to right in a :emi circle: B Milowsky, H. Olsen, R. Zawada, C O'Connor, A. Sherman, Mr. Dare center Varsity Bnwlinq ENTRAL'S '53-'54 varsity bowling squad will probably finish with the' pack this year after several years as the S.S.A.L. leader. With the-season half completed Red O'Connor was leading the league in average. Captain Bob Zawada, Harvey Olsen, Bob Hubes, Artie Sherman, and Bob Oberle all competed with varying degrees of success. Coach Charley Date is used to -winning and next year will probably move to the top of the league where he belongs. In Row: J. Seckler, W. Ingoglia, Seckler, R. Zboray, R. Rooney, R. Bart- cherer. 2nd Row: M. Fingerette, M. Rosen, P. Daniels, R. Sucsy, F. Schult, Wrestling HE VALLEY Stream Grapplers under the excel- lent coaching of Mr. Harold Earl and the able assistance of Mr, joe Martini had a favorable sea- son. The team mainly composed of Freshmen and Sophomores as it has been for the last few years is looking forward to a better season next vear. This Leapfrog H. Earl year the team got new uniforms and a new wrestling room at Memorial High School. Wrestling at Valley Stream has grown tremen- dously since the arrival of Mr. Earl. The outlook for next year is good, for we may have an S.S.A.Lf and Sectional Champion or two. Make 'em eat dirt Now you stop that Spring tune-up Baseball IT H the coming of the first sunny day in spring the bats, balls, and gloves of Central's ever powerful baseball men are once more put into use. . Unfortunately as in all previous years the 1954 CADET will go to press before the inauguration of the current baseball cam- paign. However, we believe that it is safe to say that this yeat's ball club will have been at least on a par with Central's greatest. The nucleus of this year's squad will have been comprised of six returning lettermen, It is hard to picture how this club, under the wise coaching of Central's mentor, Ed Graham, could fail to cop league honors. We are sure that the boys will have done their best to make this prediction come true. 'Ta 111 od U E Q C- rl n-I G :S .. . 2 :: 11 .. Q1 J: ci i if 2 2 E TJ A-. E C x. 7-' V 5 5 'Tf 45 LJ 4 3: 'E 2' X f V Track ' N FTER a brief period of rebuilding, Central's cindermen are ready to once again prove themselves a power in S.S.A.L. competition.lWith the return of many fine veterans and the fine progress shown by the majority of the first-year men, Central should show an unbelievable im- Up , . and lids ,Aj it 1, A , lJ KJ. 7- 'L provement, This year brought with it a change in the coaching. Coach Williamson retired after many years of fine service and was replaced by Harold Irvine and Sam Seader. ver! Ape men! Irt mzv: E. jones, j. O'Rorke, A. Podber, G. Madison, R. Bryde, I.. Browd, R. Spero, 1. Polychron. 2nd row: R. McDermott, C. Fenwick, M. Fingerette, L. Clrk, R. Jacobsen, H. Keidel, C. Daly P. Draeger. G. Kaatz, F. Young. Sm! rout S. Sender, A. Rosadoi , C. Mundy, M. Rosen, J. Stover, C. Errera W. H ly- R Nekton 4111 row' L Anderson, R. Spencer. J. Seckler, K. Steinharter, J. Cavanaugh J. Farrell, A. Horn, H. Hopke, E. Marino, C. Zbora. 5th row: H. Streicher, L. Zerrna, E. Harris, A. Ragona, R. Kirk, R. Marshall, R. Anderson, D. Mangieri, M. Myer, T. Neville. Standing: H Irvine. 1 " H X f l Q , , l 5' C 'f l 4 are . .r "' C.. -. at . If ,.- 'Q 'A "2 ' - 'iff - 1 lg 4 K ff xp JL HIL sf, xr i l x No trppmg allowed Not another faculty meeting Mr. Williamson VER since Central High School has been in existence, Mr. Williamson has been its track coach. He is retiring from his job as coach to concentrate more fully on his duties as full time athletic director. During his tenure Central has been a peren- nial power among the track teams on the South Shore. Naturally a lot of effort has been involved in these successes and he has always been a con- scientious worker. ln the three years that we of the Class of '54 have been connected with Senior high he has been instrumental in the success of many of our projects. In recognition of his support to our class and as a salute to his service as Central's track coach, the Cadet has dedicated this page as its humble effort of sincere appreciation to him. Mr. Willimzson , A 1 'f ! 48 A Dsl ' ffl., at f-Q" X Xx xliaza--g'.'5,.--3.15 253' . ' ig-rgrry. , .-Q , ::'1-91:5-:awe ff . ik, , ., -fl' A Y I l H I. V .I " l '-3 'f l 2 lx! .1 1 ,h K 3 . K , a 1--.xg ,tix . X . xl V .J H 1 tx g x. X- .,.- 'QL T' wif 'f::', iiiiffi- 4 ' e-:" -9:55 ' 'l5r'- F .X lf. -4.7 ' .. .33l?:r7 in ' 4 I - .- -6912 r uf Another grey hair Whoop it up boys! 5' QQ ,jg-'i, -Eiqw' I X Q ,. ,fl R' 'i V, " in A , r s if 4 1' 1 ! La w , - I , -- PM VI mf 'Wim 4 ' 9 X 3- 9 1 fa ' F ,PQ 8 I fi lk' if 6, 1 ' f 1 H wJ A c-'qgff A 5- 'W-315 as. ' df ,EX "x QE EK 32. . ,V J-Q ": Aivl . if Y +w"1 'fzfh ' , ,v Ir! Rout R. Eberle, B, Blanchaid, L. Freeman, C. Paight, C. Groesch, C. Hedler, L. Armstrong, N. Klima, S. Trapp. 2nd Rout N. Long, B. Lerber- man, R. Ullorullo, C. Kress, Miss Eng- lert J. Hilker, E. Reyes, 3rd Rout W. Wolf, B. Cloney, G. McGrath, M. Wooster, E. Messinger, C. Vesely, J. Morelli, R. Keppler, D. Mangieri, B. Boekle, A. Allmer lit mum S. Trapp ,P. DeSena, D. King, A Mohr, J. Engles. 2nd row: R. Ken- ard H. Parrinelli, Mr. Mussleman, J. Schlegal, I. Nelson Holler Skating HE PENETRATING rhythm of the organ, the constant grind of rollers on the floor of the rink continue to represent one of Central's favorite pastimes, roller skating. This club has long since served notice of the professionalism of its members in the execution of the daring and intricate skating patterns. No less talented is Mrs. Englert, who,serves not only as a chaperon but as an inspiration to the newer recruits. Hiding LITTLE bit of Texas, Hopalong and Belmont has winded its way into the extra curricular activi- ties of the Riding Club. Spearheaded by Colonel Arthur Musselman, the "bounce and jounce" stalwarts maintained a year- round schedule of exhilaration and skillful horse- manship. it fl 1 1 Q, if ' f Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central SCORES Senior Games - Oceanside - Woodmere - Southside - Baldwin - Team Games Malverne -- Freeport - Play Day Games - 2 Woodmere Acad. - 2 Lindenhurst Mepham - 1 Garden City 3 0 2 5 Z llw tri. f GlRL'S HOCKEY HONOR TEAM R. Ingoglia, D. Borman, N. Hunt S Warren C Call B Spracklm M. Kraus, J. DeMartino, J. Flick j Emenck J Mac.Namara, E Scoop of the yea, Hu l, V. Wade, S. Sanislow B Myers 1:1 roufz J. Marmero, J. Williamson, K. Endres, P. Russell S. Miles, V, Wade, B. Spracklin, B. Myers. 2nd row: D King, N. Hunt, I. Nilsen, J. Engels, S. O'Brien, G. Conrad M. Smith, C. Hosford, N. Croker. Std mum J. Marcoux E. Hutzel, N. Paterson, J. Schlegel. B. Fatscher, j. Flick P. Farish, S. Sanislo, M. Breiner Eirl's Bnwlinq TRIKES and spares combine to make Central's Kegletettes rulers of the alleys. With each pass- ing year, bowling has become a more integral part of the girls' activities. Interest has been so greatly aroused that as a result it was necessary to establish three sanctioned leagues. Table Tennis LTHOUGH not the most popular sport, table tennis proved most 'successful in their inter- school games. Mrs. Suprina proved efficient in her direction of this fast moving game. For the first time this year the tables were set up in the gym. This may account for the reason why there was a marked advance in popularity. Due to the expert advice of Mr. Hills and Miss Sinlcinson our bowling now shares the spotlight in winter sports. In Row: M. Harris, H. Simon, J. Engles, M. Spellman, P. DeSena. 2nd Razr: A. Goebel, F. Svensen, D. Mau- rin, J. Marcoux, C. Crowninshield. Snfthall HE EVER-popular sport, softball, brings out a large majority of Central girls swinging their bats and mits every year as warm weather ascends on Valley Stream. Miss Sinkinson, their coach, tries to divide her time equally among the three classes. Each group, however, gets a workout twice a week in approxi- mately two hour stints. The field is always filled to capacity and the gals, giving it their all, usually come up with winning teams. E. Miller, S. Lang, M. Hecker, J. Sulli- van, C. Hosford, 1. Tate, M. Spellman Tennis OULD-be Gussie Morans, not attired, however, in lace panties, meet in various shifts out on the clay courts to practice tennis skills. It is unfortunate that playing area is limited, but the gals do their best and we are always sure of a good team. six fra 5 In Row: N. Hunt, A. MacDonald, B rick, J. Engels. 2nd Row: S. O'Bnen M. Nilsen, M. Agrisano, H. Simon, J Flick V. Birbi lia 3rd Row: M Btei , g . . ner, J. Keilitz, T. Clark, E. Hutzel, J islo, M. Kraus Spracklin, C. Cali, R. Ingoglia, J. Mat- Tate, B. Fatscher, N. Paterson, S. San- Bottom: J. Moore, E. Ceany, D. Mal- chik C. Grant. Middle: S. Grimm, R. Kenard. Top: V. Kleahr. On Heads: M Martini, C. Hedler In row: A. Goebel, H. Parrinelli, N. Paterson, M. Smith, F. Svenson, J. Schlegel, I. Nelson. 2nd row: G. Con- rad V. Wade, j. Engels, A. Pettit Tumbling ARIETY is the spice of life and to keep with this saying, tumbling has been added to the winter sports schedule. Although this new sport is only in its second year, interest has been greatly aroused among the girls. Miss Alberts makes the mats become a bee hive of action as she sends the girls tumbling and diving over each other. Pep and energy are the only require- ments for this fascinating new sport. f . Archery LBERT'S Archers, armed with bows and arrows, shot fast and furiously this past fall. Their sea- son proved quite successful and the Honor Team Robin Hoods placed second on the Big Day. Credit should be given the hardy managers and helpers who wheel the targets and carry the equip- ment to the meeting place on the north terrace. Many rough spots have almost proved disasterous, but our gals always seem to "pull" through. . IV Xwyl Q, . J. ,fiivn ff ii, LeatlHr's Eluh EADER'S Club - the aim of every girl in Senior High. The word leader has a definite meaning - L - loyalty to the school in every aspect, E - effort put forth in every aspired goal, A - authority used not only for themselves but for the success of Central, E - excel to the best of their ability, R - ready to help others at all times, S - support of the Leader's Code at all times. The girls who live up to the honor of being leaders are well rewarded at the end of their Senior year by taking the money they have earned and spending it on a glorious vacation at Camp Sagamore in Pennsylvania. The money-making schemes this year included selling stationary and having a football dance at the end of the season. JUNIOR LEADERS Ir! Rnw: J. Campbell, J. Kupfer, N. Croker, P. Russell. Qrzd Rout: C. Wetlde, J. Morrissey, J. Taddiken, D. Bor- man, P. Farish. 3nd Run: S. Beuttenmuel- ler, J. De Martino, R. Morris, J. Rorbah, J. Engels, l. Peterson, B. Myers, E. McNamara SOPH LEADERS IJ! Rout E. Stark, S. Rogers, A Abello. 2nd Row: J. Lahn, L. Lang, G Longnecker. 3rd Row: J. Tate, M Breiner SENIOR LEADERS Front: B. Spracklin. 151 Row: J. Flick, S. O'Brien, M. Kraus, J. D'Agostina, J. Klenck, J. Moore, M. Panettieri, P. Nicholas, C. Cali, N. Hunt, J. Marmero, R. Ingoglia. 2nd Row: J. Yarrow, S. Sanislo, B, Fatscher, L. Harrison, J. Keilitz, E. Hutzel, M. Smith, J. Emerick, R. Koenig, M. Nilsen, G. Vulpis, V. Birbiglia , eff' -Xt 49 f ,, N . Cx ,Aa S I ..,.4 Y '95, ,. of 'wa ' Q ,125-"' ,, Q 'S 1' A . 4 g RF' 'U' '-if XX' bs ' il D E 10 ,,, , 1 y, f i ,Q 15, ." 1 vgqfg JI Xia M1 A' """H-.......- 'M' '--,M ' U' '-:i1-.,,- V Y , A.-- ' A' A Y 1' 1' 055' , , 5 4' .fn px 'N 5, QEWW efnfgiff f 73.34 5? f 1, .wks 51-if f ,n 44 Z 'V " 1, L ' 4 , Lf r :gf 5 FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY In Row: E. McGale, D. Van Pelt, E. Glassberg. 2nd Rout Miss Avery, I. Seyboth, B. Score, V. De- Martino, A. Goebel, M. Smith, V. Doty, D. Regan, E. Pearson. 'Ia-' it French Hnnnr Snclety NE OF Central's newest honor organizations is the French Honor Society. Membership is based upon scholarship and service, both in the class- room and in outside French activities. Those who have had at least two years of French are eligible to qualify. By their genuine interest and active participation in all the activities sponsored by Madamoiselle Avery and the French Club, these students have proved that French is a useful as well as beautiful language. Spanish Hnnnr Society ENTRAL'S chapter of the National Spanish Hon- or Society is unique in that it does more than simply honor its members Cwho, incidentally must maintain an average of 90721 in Spanishj. Under the direction of Mr. Newman weekly meetings are held during which full programs in Spanish are presented. Those are planned by the executive committee, consisting of Irene Cornell, presidentg Susie Sanislo, vice-presidentg Barbara Whelan, secretary, and Valerie Doty, mistress of ceremonies. 97 Nr' XA g Je .1 SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY . In Rau : F. Wildman, M. Harris, B. Whelan, l. Cornell, S. Sanislo, V. Doty, J. Ungro, R. Kay. 2nd Rout W. Greene, A. Rose, G. Martin, M. Rosen, j. Klenck, j. Engels, G. Hansen, Mr. Newman. 3111 Rout L. Harrison, R. Primis, P. Van Loan, M. Burke, N. Paterson, L. Tillmen. Math Eluh 1Jt Rout T. Stouten, F. Young L. Van Dercre-ek, E. Pearson. 2nd Row: B. Harms, J, O' Rorke, B. Wiggin, N. Ed- wards. 3rd Row: J. Schlegel, D. King, I. Nelson, S. Siegel HE "WIZARDS of X's", tliose hard-working, long suffering, persevering masters of the figures, have learned through diligent practice that only constant alertness can make them satisfactory members of Math Club. However, anyone who has succeeded in being elected to Miss Henry's pride and joy, has discovered that work is not the only satisfaction derived from participation in this group, but fun and relaxation are distr' uted generously as' inevitable by-products. 59,1 . Cp-1,l4.,, L90-cz, Qfif, 4,4426 vf yfkccc ff-ci? 44,6601 L 4 11 I fffg ' Qc if Cldna 7 i . MQ ' face!!! Cclaavv25LifL6 ,7 - yt . e 44,47 , L Jam. jaw tzavfvfafa i Z1 . Q46 I ' ff . . gf . 4 gi g,9fgg44 Q, OMEWHERE in Central there is a sele group stranger than most ,gf hat t ey bg ' JZ' Lfdvfi show an active interest in 'a much dreaded subject, history. n b L, If 4 J gl Under the three astute officers - Audrey Goebel, Presidentg Margaret Chizmadia, r,'fQ4,.f X , 4' 1 -Presidentg and Frank Lunati, Secretary-Treasurer - the club engages in all activi- Q 46L,1d!,f ' Zf2gQ ning to history, past and present. Of course no club at Central is complete WG L f cgvjhout one or two trips. These excursions are an important phase of the History E! .. 1 f , . . 755' lub s activity. 'H 6 656 F Through the fine guidance of "Big joe" Vielbig the History Club affords a berth L L 4 A . 4 M with the finer clubs at Central "KyVe'6if'4Li dag 'Z i , A ff Jgggdatf . ya! az!! 442, jfzuafd fkafafi? 1, 4,6',f LffLfZ6'4fU QL6 ffafcle -bldau , KL Irt Row: M. L. Roberts, F. Lunait, A, Goebel Mr. Viel- big, M. Chizmadia, R. Wig- gin, M. Harris. 2nd Row: M. Spelman, B. Whelan, F. Young, B. Roizman, R. Her- man, C. Maggiore, C. Kreig, V. Jackson, N. Burke, G. Stube, M. Pendergast, A. Jans- son History llluh Chemistry lfluh In Row: C. Hosford, Mr Seader, J. Schlegel, -B. Whel- an, F. Zuccoli, S. Sanislo 2nd Row: J. Lang, G. Martin . M. Spelman, M. Chizmadia B. Ward, M. Harris, S. Siegel 3rd Row: F. Young, K. Stein harter, C. Maggiore, R. Wig gin, C. Krieg, E. Pearson, L. Van Dercreek que N INTEREST that breeds industry, plus a willing hand for scientific discovery are all that is required of an active member in Centtal's Chemistry Club. Mem- bers carried on functional experimentations supplementary to class experience ever guided and cajoled by Mr. Seader. They seemed to fare well on a diet of balanced equations and hydrogenions, training conscientiously for the year's battle, the Chemistry Regents!! NDER the watchful eye of Mr. Sam Seader, the Physics Club, composed of diligent physics students, ran as smoothly as an electric motor. lt was not uncommon to see these brilliant student scientists busily working on problems reaching "Einsteinian" dimensions. However, nothing daunted these fearless foes of the fulcrum, for they always found answers so rapidly that even their sponsor was startled. In Rout J. Bishop, R. Sucsy, Mr. Seader, R. Lienhard, j. Stover. 2nd Rout D. Schu- bert, A. Wagner, R. Kenard, A. Dangl, S. Braitman, J. Tar- tifoff, D. Williams, J. Engels, M. Vitlow, I. Seyboth. 3rd Rauf: R. Primis, B. Seaman, n M. Monks, R. Nielsen, K. Howe, P. Van Loon, A. Ra- gona, R. Maher, S. Schuet, B. Malofski. Physics Illuh E Spanish llluh Hosford, E. Glassberg, A. son. HE SPANISH Department has become one of the most active and accomplished of Central. To date, besides the Capitulo, Mr. Newman and Mr. Pompa sponsor three busy Clubs. Mr. Newman's Tertulia, open to any Spanish student maintaining a creditable class average, conducts lively discussion programs in Spanish. Mr. Pompa sponsors two groups, one which meets on Tuesdays for such activi- ties as listening to Spanish records, and one on Wednesdays which deals with con- versagonal Spanish. 30,2 WJ f ,Al XJ J J ' w . Ju 'JJ yi' gn' , .VI ' N jr 1 xl 1 , Ly , I I 1 uf' 1 ,yn V91 . BEG h usic of a French accent, the gaiety of a boulevard cafe, and , ,CQ then tlwtrusion of a Brooklynese expression - all contribute to the general W ' fa ntral' Crl F ' ,LK Q p s e.ce rancais, Q . - Q . ,U .4 ' K. V Q doubt the obyect of this organization is to supplement class time with asl :AA,r..y.l .J op, A t additional French culture as possible, but actually, the wonderful Miss Avery L ! A si y tojljg' foicivsrs the most painless French lessons in her humorous and inimitable p ILL., I Jjvi w annqgl ' ' J JB-' l 1.2 .jp ... f P V K. M. Spelman. 2nd Row: P wx e R. Wi' in S. Sie el M E. McGale, D. Van Pelt, l tino, A. Goebel, C. Wood, E Pearson, D. Regan, M. Smith E. Glassberg, L. Leverone. Le Eercle Francais In R-out Mr. Newman, R. Goebel, P. DeSena, Mr. Pom- pa. 2nd Rout B. McGale, M. Malesk, H. Blum, P. Tucker, H. Rizzo, K. Genco, J. Lau- taret 3rd Rozy: F, Leggio, G. Druhl, J, Zabatta, L. Zenna, J. Randazzo, J. Meline, C. Maggiore, F. Zuccoli, A. Hag- lich. 4116 Row: R. Toombs, L. Flynn, F. Goepfert, C. Fen- wick, W. XValkwitz, A. jacoba In Row: E. Miller, V. jack- son, D. Williams, V. Doty, Mallonee, C. Krieg, Miss Av- fy, 2-ig i H 1 Kraus. 3rd Rout M. Lawson, Seyboth, B. Score, V. DeMar- Berman Club In Row: A. Wagner, R. Kenard, Mr. Keffer, j. Rieger, B. Arnold, I, Petersen, B. Stolz. 2nd Row: A. Dangl C. Mott, F. Wolff, R. Lien hard, F. Tschan, T. Griesinger, rl I f y,f2ff" 'V' Ll' 1' R. Armstrong. f.1i'Q ' . 11 W' 4 ' Q4 5' f :QF 1 I . A T Cf" ' V! uf lv vf 1 Ke-ffer and the clubs the the HROUGI-I'the efforts German Club meet bi-monthly at school and at the homes of various members to pursue their interest in German, Reading books, seeing films and singing German songs help not only to promote the members' interest in German, but 2.150 'to' f en their appreciation and understanding of German culture. To add to their W the members take a field trip in the spring. vp! Officers of the club are: President, Robert Lienharcltg Vice-President, Louise Lang, Secretary, Inge Petersen, and Treasurer, Doris Maurin. v ATIN, a dead language according to the experts, is the topic of many very lively discussions at meetings of Centrals Latin Club. The group is very fortunate in having as its well-informed sponsor Mrs. Sweringen. She activates interest in the groups various projects and supplies the guiding light in their flashbacks to Roman times. if 4 1 ff' ww J M .J V .ff ff X . i 1.rt R-ow: J. Miles, B. Score D. King, E. Olsen. 2nd Row T.Griesinger, F. Lunati, S. ' Bush, C. Wood, J. Yarrow 3rd Row: B. Ward, V. Wade, D. Regan, P. Gordon, B. Mc Gale. Latin Eluh X X YOUTH COUNCIL Standing: Ed Pearson. Ir: Row: L. Linton, M. Rosen, B. Fatscher, S. Petersen, E. M. Busch, A. Wag- ner, J. O'Rorke. 2nd Row: Marie Panettieri. P. Nicholas, P. Daniel, L. Soloway, C. Faggella. Central T Ynulh linuncil HE CENTRAL Youth Council is the supetvis- Ed Pearson, president, led the council in plan- ing body that organizes and regulates the activi- ning its many social and philanthropic activities for ties ofithe various Hi-Y chapters. It is composed the year and made it possible for each chapter to of representatives from each of the six chapters. express their different ideas and combine them. ff BETA THETA NU HI-Y Standing: Jim O'Rorke. Irt Roux: C. O'Conner, M. Pendergast, D. Regan, B. Croke, J. Haven. 2nd R-ow: E. Voight, 1. Mahon, M. Fingeret, G. Madison. 3rd Row: R. Provenzano, N. Edwards, J. Randazzo, F. Young, C. Wood, E. Pear- son, -ffla Row: W. Davis, P. Hasselriis, S. Hjelte, R. Harms, C, Hordlow, W. Emory, R. Caggiano, K. Howe. RHO DELTA SIGMA , Standing: W. Holyoke. IJ! Rout A. Constantine, j. Narciso, R. Bruno, H. Meyer, R. Spero, U, Schatch. 2nd Row: M. Meyer, M. Meister, R. Neck- ton, F. Tschan, H. Baer, M. Gerlach, D. Sarazen. Sri! Row: P. Daniels, H. Olsen, A. Ragona, B. Briggs, R. Owen, R. Neilsen, J. Stover, T. Neville, L. Zenna, H. Heins, J. Farrell. v x 'Q 551 Ili if if f 4,,gg,35Vg, ,Mg ,LQ ga , 3' .av "-qnf,aa-M351 ,YW I f v F A4 1 5125 3 1.15 if + fm? 53? V ff ' 1? 5' 3 WJ fi E . 5" lv? fs' J -A iff? is ff 1 iii fr iiilmgi, i 5 . I. 2 f 'ww H . ff f A 1 Af? :Ts ' 9 1 1 1 :ffm . I4 Lf! X EN Q , NV 1 4 5 'i "' gf .E ,. S Q .1 I 1 , 'Xia AX EPZ' f ' xg, y , wa- . ' . - A , M YI X - Yimfv 11 V. . -Q 5 L. 4 - f ,, ,ESP Y ' Q I . . '29 n ,, Qi:' n .N - x ' .15 . :Win A3543 "" V4 'l.lli NW wh' ,i ' '. 2, . V ,jk W 3 . fi J , M ig ' - 2 if Q. fi. 5' if Q ff. F 1 . ,V ' e L , 1 E F A Li ,Lx cl 5 S A Pl 9 Q- 'ff xi-Rex Q tg 1 'ai' Yi F ff 4 r r - -:Ir ' Q4 H kg ' 5 X -v, ,.L'f,m . A- 1 x , 1 ff-' iii f f. H17 'Fm . R , . Je I iff .W DIN 'Q' 45 :':'321::,qtj o VW, , W., . , f A I I I ,f ' 1 j 1.x I V. , fa' -aff aw- f ff'-4 X f f, 'dl' 07 n fc I-,f ' 'f r. ' u ,I f1'fp,',- t EDITORIAL STAFF lr! Razr: N. Edwards, J. Flick, M. Smith, P. Dowd, V, Doty. 2nd Row: J. Yarrow, F. Young, E. Pearson, F. Grady, G. Shimell. Press Club HE HEARST Syndicate, Park Row or Fleet Street have noth- ing on Central's Press Club, which, in its own Park Row Room 13079, produces one of the most progres- sive papers to hit the press - the bi-monthly CENTRAL CRIER. Through the years, the CRIER has increased in popularity by produc- ing not only "all the news that's fit to print", but also by honestly representing - the spirit that is Central's. Piloted by Miss Fenety and navigated by Editor Margaret Smith, the CRIER is sent to press by a distinguished staff of editors and reporters. Assisting Maggie is Assistant Ed- itor, Paul Dowd, with staffheads: Val Doty and Nelson Edwards, C0- Feature Editors, Frank Grady, Art Editor, Frank Young, Sports Editor, Grace Shimell, Typing Editor, joan Yarrow, Circulation Editor, and Ed Pearson and Judy Flick, Advertis- ing and Business Managers. The CRIER takes its place in Centra1's "Hall of Fame" as a nec- essary part of the student's exist- ence. .01 Q CIRCULATION SPORTS 151 Row: J. Yarrow. 2nd Row: D. Van Pelt, S. In Rout S. Hjelte, F. Young, R. Goodman. 2nd Siegel, J. Flick, M. Nilsen, J. Schlegel, M. Far- Rauf: S. O'Brien, S. Sanislo, B. Spracklin. scher, B. Ward F. Offenhartz, E. Glassberg. NEWS STAFF In Rout P. Dowd, M. Smith, M. Burke, 2nd Roux R. Ingoglia, M. Spelman, I. Peterson, L. Harrison, C. Krieg, 1. Schlegel, A. Goebel, I. Sul- livan, S. Siegel. FEATURE STAFF In Row: M. Burke, V. Doty, N. Edwards, C. Maggiore, F. Grady. 2nd Row: L. Linton, E. Schwartz, D. Van Pelt, S. Warren, P. DeSena. 3rd Row: G. Martin. J. D'Agostina, J. Hager. A. Moss, N. Paterson,V.Birbiglia,J. Klenck J. Kupfer. ADVERTISING STAFF F. B. McGale, E. Bush, V. Brown, G. Heide, J. Hilker. TYPING In Roux: A. Cinquemani, J. D'Agostina, M. Kraus, H. Parrinelli, G. Vulpis, M. Connor, P. De Sena 2nd Razr: J. Hager, F. Svenson, B. Whelan, M. Fatscher, G. Stube. L. Harrison, B. Mearns, M. Nilsen, Seated: G. Shimell. Upnra Guild RAVOS go to Central's Opera Guild charted in 1951 as a subscriber to the Metropolitan Opera Guild in New York. Mrs. Clarke is the "Prima Donna" of this group and has led them each year since '51 to the Met. to view such 'hot numbers' as "Pagliacci," "Aida" and "La Boheme." OPERA GUILD Ir! Row: L. Clark, M. Burke, V. jackson. 2nd Row: P. Morris, P. De- Sena, M. Harris. 3rd Row: I. Sullivan, M. Spelman, V. Bentvena. 4211 Row: M. Fuchs, D. Ieda. 5th Row: V. Doty E. Miller, E. Artus. Gtb Row: A. Goebel, C. Krieg, C. Maggiore. 7th Row: A. Rosado. Audio-Visual Aids N UNOBTRUSIVE, but nevertheless tremend- ously hardworking organization is the Audio- visual Aids Club. This group, composed of approx- imately ten boys and girls contributes the behind-the- scenes work for any and all of Central's productions involving the use of special lighting, microphones, phonographs, or films. Besides contributing numerous services to the school, with the help of their advisor, Mr. Lanza, the members of this group are learning and per- fecting invaluable skills. AUDIO VISUAL AID llraturinal Enntest lesser popular activity, though thoroughly in- spirational and necessary, The American Legion Oratorical Contest is an annual event at Central High, This year, four junior Demostheneses com- peted for top honors. Valerie Doty's triumph in December represented a "two for two" victory. Frank Grady followed closely in second place, while Ed Pearson and Anita Wagner offered keen competition. ORATORICAL CONTEST In Rout Mr. Lanza, C. Peter, M. Steiner, B. Kelly, B. johnson, R. Knittle, IJ, Row: E. pea,-Son, F. Grady 2nd 7nd Rout R. Hein. B. Kraengel, E. Knobel, R. Fedynak, H. Mauro, D. Galva- . nek D. Bush, R. Keene. . ,,, ,4 Row. V. Doty A. Wagner. .MI 'N it .Th ,bm Fx I ' n i nab. Y 1 ff! I ,.-.M-v' A ' a Uff MISS C .john 'Po Ilqd Nancy CWC T A Henry Ferendo l JUNIOR COUNCIL lrt Rout I. Petersen, H. Ferendo, J. Kupfer. 2nd R-ow: R. Nelsen, P. Farish, C. Sitzler, R. Blum- berg, F. Conti 3rd Row: J. Stover, D. Regan, K. Ehrlich, D. Winfield. 4lb Row: B. Mendi, N. Croker, V.Wade, J. Rorbah, D. LaPalme. Class nf '55 HE CLASS of '55, working toward the big event of their junior year, the Junior Prom, began in their Sophomore and Junior years on many money raising campaigns. In both years the whole school was blessed with their frantic attempts at salesman- ship. These were invariably successful. Dramatics wise, in their Sophomore year the big- gest event was their "One Act Play Contest" pre- sentation of, "The Bride Wore Red Pyjamasf' Their second, in their junior year, was, "The Man", a bloodchilling suspense story. In this, Mike Gerlach and Carol Cook did magnificent jobs in the leading roles. Scholastically, they owe their prowess to skillful guidance on the part of the whole guidance depart- ment in general and to Mrs, May in particular. Socially, they owe everything to their social adviser, Richard Hallahan P Mr. Dare, and to their officers who were, in the Sophomore year, Hank Ferendo, president, Pat French, vice president, jane Kupfer, secretary, Carol Grossmann, treasurer, and in their junior year, Hank Ferendo, president, Richie Hallihan, vice-president, Jane Kupfer, secretary, and Inge Petersen, treasurer. Also socially, their perennial duty is the staging of the Junior Prom, in honor of the senior class. This year's prom was held at the Garden City Hotel on june 4th. To insure the success of this event, the Juniors were all high pressure salesman for two years. The Class of '54 sincerely thanks them for their support and good wishes through the years. Sin- cerest best wishes and luck are hereby tendered to a swell class. jane Kupfer wa., af' . CK Inge Petersen 15- li' . 1 'Wig' ffzf L' ' 4 1' 1 I in ., '1 ,gf T 155, I 's 'U-ing 2:55 X,-Ai-.- F SOPHOMORE!-COUNCIL .wg- Irt Rout F. Spizuco, R. Bruno, G. Hoffman, W. lngoglia, 2nd Row: R. Herman, E. Olsen, J. Schuck, B. Cantalupo, P. Logan, B. Olsen. jrd Row: N. Freeman, J. Bensley, J. Sapio, J. Wil- liamson, V. Thomas, M. Meyer. 4th Kowz G. Ruge, B. Delmonico, C Osani, A. Haglik, B. Maclones, N. Marie. 5th Row: A. Constantine, 'If Tschan, J. Harris, R. Owen, J. Farrell, A. Class nf 1955 Adams. HE CLASS of 1956 made a startling entrance into the Senior High by overwhelming the school with its multitude of pupils. Naturally a class of this size had plenty to offer Central in a way of support and competition in inter-class affairs. Elected to lead the Sophs was Ralph Bruno, as Mr. Pres. In the Veep position was Frank Spizuoco. Greta Hoffman took care of the secretarial angle with William Ingoglia handling the class finances. With this talented quartet at its helm the Sopho- more Council was most successful in its many con- Ralph Bruno F. Spizuco structive schemes. Every Wednesday the Council assembled in Room 501 to plan -w-ith the assistance of Mrs. Englert, sub activities as selling V.S. High School pencils and autograph books. Competition certainly was strong in all activities including sports and the class poured their ability in the one act play contest. The Class of '56 made a promising start for their successful high school career. Greta Hoffman William Ingoglra Ili sgg J, --H----im' Q Y: f ,ff Q 45' X.. , 6 , A be ,L H . XG. .. J ,M I I E ,P K xv. ,gf ,Tk 5 J . s 4 ,, 1 A ,-. :N -U 'f"' ' y" ' ml 'Irs N fx ' C V A E Y 'I' xi 'V wg-wb 'W' X--uxivm it ., fa . , . v Ir: Roui: L. Nigrin, M. Rost, N. Rocco, K. Endres, Miss DuBois, E. Miller, C. Schoenauer, A. Jans- son, R. Mansfield, A. Hatton, B. Dix. 2nd Row: D. Winfield, R. Koenig, T. Griesrnger, M. Kacing- hi, A. Tepe, T. Reinersten, C. Mailuiore. B. Cochran, R. Herman, F. Grady, P. Youngblood, T. Clark, V. Ryan, K. Berglin. Commerical Art Club ITHOUT doubt, there is no more unselfish organization in Central High School than the versatile Commercial Art Club. Formed some years ago to assist the many activi- ties in Central which are in constant need of the instruments of publicity, this group of artists has done spectacularly good work in realizing the de- mands of the school. Every organization from the Parent-Teacher Association to the Dramatic Club has pointed with pride to the attractive posters, programs, etc., that were the products of this work- ing order. judging the poster contest One of the projects of this year's program was the now-famous mifzen free. an endeavor on the part of the membership to collect gloves for the children in Korea. Heading the roster of officers was Ray Herman, who served faithfully and willingly as president. Perhaps a clue as to why the club has been so distinguished can be obtained when one considers that Miss DuBois has been the sponsor, for it has been through her untiring effort that the Com- mercial Art Club has achieved its present status. Silk screen demonstration swf ' -... aw ,. . 'V ti? ,.,ff' : LEA I V . --V W- ........,,5ii l 6 , 'S P hu. hi gi W an if if fy. .X4lfl f0gl'CLl9A5 Advertisements BOARD OF EDUCATION CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT Wrllram Collrns Prefzdent Albert Anderson Vzce Prexzdenz Helen Bowers Lee Grfford Andrew Hartmann Harry Konrg Wrlllam Allen MHUIICG Rostnblatt Roy Shelton Alfred LoevI Attorney Everett Kennedy Tfeumrcr Rrchard Udall Szzpcrizfmg, 1371725111171 144 5 , - Catherine Repp, Clerk Y? , , , , , 1 I . I . . VA 5 9752 GAG S LOUNGE Italian Cuume 8: Ptzzerta Pizza Pres a Specxalty Chorce Llquors Wmes 8: Beer served Orders to take our Parkxng on Premxses 201 W MERRICK ROAD Valley Stream LI VA 5 3313 REGENT MEN S SHOP Inc ROCKAWAY AVENUE Valley Stream N Y B 8: C MARKET Cbozce Meat: and Poultry 123 ROCKAWAY AVENUE C near East Mmeola Ave J Valley Stream N Y A new angle M ss Henry? 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Applumcer 31 W MERRICK ROAD Servmg Valley Stream One Fourth Century VA 5 9259 Valley Stream N Y COMPLIMENTS O CONNOR REALTY CO VAlley Stream 54500 DOWNS SCHOOL OF MUSIC 8: DANCE All Type! of Dancing 65 WEST MERRICK ROAD Valley Stream L I N Y HETTICK 8: BROWN Nafh M otor Carr 34 EAST MERRICK ROAD Valley Stream N Y n 7 7 ' I All Imtrumenty - Voice - Theory OF 149 CONGRATULATIONS an BEST WISHES THE EL!-XSS UF 54 IILA55 UP 55 Furnzture Floor Covermgf Electrzcal Appluzncer Telewszon All Makes Sales and Sewzce Open Evenmgs HUMAN IIUMPANY Department Stores 275 W MERRICK ROAD VALLEY STREAM N Y VAllev Scream 5 8790 5 8686 Branch Store 201 MERRICK ROAD ROCKVILLE CENTRE N Y ROckv1l1e Centre 6 0457 150 d IO I I ff ' L' ' , . 0 4 7 ' 1 l BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1954 DELTA EPSILON BETA Best Wrshes to the VA 5 8600 Free Dehvery Graduatmg Class of 1954 from CEDARLAWN HARDWARE CEDARLAWN PHARMACY 81 PAINT C0 1056 FRANKLIN AVE VA 5 6976 Valley Stream N Best Wnshes from YOUNG SET TOGS ROCKAWAY AVENUE Across from the theatre 1050 FRANKLIN AVE No Valley Stream N Y Ezerytbzng m cotton for Mzlady BEE JAY COTTON SHOP Drerxer Um ormr Brunch Coats Home Coat! Apron: Smack: Back Wmpr Matermty Drerrer Skzrtr Slrpr Blourer 95 ROCKAWAY AVE VA 5 0017 Open Frr Evenmg S .. A ' 2 fi . - , . Y. ' . , . . If I ' ' ' fl 151 age 0 Cl, 0 fl"0CU'l'L NASSAU COUNTY N Mayor Board of Irusleef WILLIAM A TODD ERNEST KLEIN JOSEPH I DUFFE CHARLES W VOLLMER Vzllage Clerk F G CHALMERS Vzllage Treafurer FRED A CLEMENZ 'I52 wr, 3 I , . Y. HENRY WALDINGER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS 1954 E ' 1 OMEGA BETA DELTA SORORITY Complxments of Esta s Dehcatessen 124 N CENTRAL AVE Valley Stream N Y VA 5 9864 DePalma, Florist ROCKAWAY AVENUE Valley Stream N Y Towne Pharmacy H Goldberg Pharmacul 118 N Central Ave Valley Stream N Y Complxments of Complxments of Ace Hardware 350 N CENTRAL AVE Valley Stream N Y Complxments of Morgenroth s Stauonery and Luncheonette 204 N CENTRAL AVE Valley Stream N Y Helen Robb Real Erlale Inxurance 141 S Franklm Ave Valley Stream Y VA 5 9644 Laurel Beauty Shoppe 1 t C h e 1 1 Specxallsts ln all branches Beauty Culture and Permanent Waving 101 ROCKAWAY AVE One flnght up Valley Stream N 215 ' VA 5-2925 VA 5-4715 M . , S . , . of I 153 MUURE FUNERAL HUME Valley Stream, N Y Tel VA 5 0036 5 -xiii CE 9 3095 VA 5 5880 Paulson s Shoes Dreyer Pharmacy 495 Central Ave Cedarhurst L 173 ROCKAWAY AVE We carry 4 full lzne of Capezzor Free DCIIVCW VA 5 9844 Congratulatxons ro the Teddy s Sweet Shop CLASS OF 54 211 ROCKAWAY AVE Meet me at Teddy: Complrments of Fandl s Bakery 127 ROCKAWAY AVE VA 5 9191 Valley Stream N vA5o565 The Lamp Imlzan Cumne Cooked to order 170 Sunrlse Highway Valley Stream N Y Ford jewelers of Valley Stream 5 4027 All Boro Craftsmen qHome Improvement Engmeerrj W Merrick Road Valley Stream N Y 5 8361 Plaza Cleaners Dry Cleamng Dyemg Prexnng Repaznng 143 South Franklm Ave Valley Stream N Y 154 fy ' xx an ! 9 ' VA . 9 - ' , .Y. 61 . ' , . . - VA - , BEST OF GOOD WISHES POLYCHRON S Llquor Store VALLEY STREAM N Y Surprxsed Mnss Green VA 5 4075 K EDWARD J BOEHMER CHESCO Inc Appraualf Management Mortgage: Sales Co Inc , 9 Sale: and Rental! 208 W MERRICK ROAD 224 WEST MERRICK ROAD Valley Stream N Y Val' y Stream N Y 5 155 Real Estate CCustom Home Equipment OUR CONGRATULATIONS To all of you who have ach1eved so much durmg these four years May all the rest of your years brmg you the success and happmess you so r1chly deserve VALLEY STREAM ATIO AL BA K TRUST C0lVlPANY Member of Federal Deposzt Imumnce C orpomtzon 156 SUCCESS AND GOOD LUCK ,- THETA GAMMA CHI SORORITY Bmerman s Corset Shoppe C0mP1'memS Of 53 WEST MERRICK ROAD FR 8 0081 Freeport N Y Everbest Bakery We Cm, to ,be Teenage, 347 NORTH CENTRAL AVENUE A: Well A: :he Mazron Valley Stream N Y Pat Raberdme Prop VA 5 9949 5 0478 Downyflake Donut Shop B I O W n S 3 W MERRICK ROAD Hardware 8: Paint Company Vauffl' Stream N Y 421 Rockaway Ave Opp Roosevelt Ave Wallpaper Benyamm Moores Pam: VA 5 6865 Compliments of Barty s Pharma A Bartolomeo PIJG 131 SO FRANKLIN AVE 'I'RA Opp RR Stauon Valley Stream L I 92 S CEN L AVE CY H Henry Del1catessen BEST WISHES FROM SAL 8: VIN'S BARBER SHOP VAlley Stream 50665 CHILDREN OUR SPECIALTY 82 ROCKAWAY AVENUE Branch 24 ROCKAWAY AVENUE 157 fin ll 3 I A Q fi ai A 1 L 1' N A 5 , yn. , -, , :V 6 E Mi, l ,J I, , Q . VA . CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 5' DELTA SIGMA PHI SORORITY VA 5 9862 CU 5 6700 Res CU 5 8206 THE BEAUTY SPOT H azrdrerrerr Branch 87 14 Parsons Blvd 533 Merrlck Road JA 6 8882 Valley Stream L COMPLIMENTS W H E L A N CENTRAL PHARMACY 337 NO CENTRAL AVE Valley Scream L I BILL S GARAGE General Automobzle Mazntenance Specmlzzmg 1n Collmon Repair! 709 11 W MERRICK ROAD Valley Stream N Y VA 5 5288 Res VA 5 3355 MULLER 8: GUNTHER General Insurance Lz e 14 W JAMAICA AVE Valley Stream L I I ,sss ' 5 -A Q is s s V 1 '5 " ' 7 4, gr'155W4ve , A -5-by - , . I. , - - OF - - 158 FUTURE SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 1 ALPHA DELTA SGMA SORORITY Congratulations fo fhe L A N G s DEPARTMENT STORE 1954 GRADUATES ROCKAWAY AVENUE Homeroom 455304 Valley Stream N Y Congrats to the Grads Co gratulatlo s from to the Class of 1954 from Homeroom 4208 Mr Newmans Homeroom 4303 Compliments of Compl ments of THE GATEWAY GIRLS Sniff Snxffs Homeroom -795305 159 I ! n ' n Singing Sam Seader's Seniors 3 Ask the Man for BALLANTINE l4y0 D1str1buted by IOHN LYNCH IR Inc 160 avi' noon- Ale Q C W Beef A 4 li 7 '7 BEST WISHES THE MONSTERS Len Meet At Fmnkx 81 Deacons WARD and LAKE Inc MILL SWEET SHOP Luncbevnefle For All Your Imunmce Sealtext Greetmg Card: 132 MILL ROAD Valley Stream N Y 66 WEST MERRICK RD VA 5 9868 VA 5 1454 161 I I Y 7 Protection and Service , . . - Tel VA1ley Stream 5 3248 9 50 HENDRICKSON BROS INC GENERAL CONTRACTORS Excawztzng Gradzng H efwy Comtructzon 63 NORTH CENTRAL AVENUE Valley Stream N Y Carl Hoppls VALLEY STREAM PARK INN 130 WEST MERRICK ROAD Valley Stream N Y Fmest Faczhtzex for Luncheon and Dmner Pames Weddmg and Banquets 'I62 O, O VA 5-6035 VA 5-9746 I CONTINUED SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 GAMMA LAMBDA SIGMA SORURITY LO 1 1122 Good Luck BOB S SERVICE STATION Expert Repamug Complete Lulmcatzou Auto Acceuoner 230 MILL ROAD Valley Stream N Y Bob Ackley Prop BRENNER AGENCY Insurance 170 WEST MERRICK ROAD Valley Stream N Y Comult your agent as you would your doctor or lawyer 1 LO 1-1300 163 Servmg Valley Stream Smce 1923 THE MILLS MULLER CORP 240 ROCKAWAY AVENUE Valley Stream N Y Phone VA 5 6700 and VA 5 6701 F or Better Insurance Best of luck to the CLASS OF 1954 from BETA THETA NU BOYS HI Y Dxd y get :har mme? 'I64 - -h 1 O , . . V ,, , , , , ' ou ' . SINCERE BEST WISHES TO THE 54 ers PHI TAU DELTA SORORITY Con grarulanons Comphmenrs of ANN MARIE SANISLO all CLASS OF 1954 from FREDERICK S CLEANERS 356 WEST MERRICK ROAD Valley Stream N Y ERNIE PYLE Order of Demolay No 1557 For all boys between the age of 15 and 21 VA 5 3343 Meetmgs are every second and fourth Thursdays of the Month ar the LYNBROOK MASONIC LODGE Earle Avenue, Lynbfook d , . 165 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS 1954 SIGMA ALPHA SUHIIHITY CARDIN AL SHOPS Valley Streams Fashlon Headquarters Featurmg Natzomzlly Advertued Brandi Apparel and Acceuone: 5 0302 TI 4 9066 TRANSIT GLASS and LOCKSMITH 3 N Central Ave Valley Stream N Y Mzrrorx Glazmg Hychaulzc Cyhnders Autolock: Houselocks Door Check: Floor Check: Lawn Mower: Sbarpened VA - - . l Auto Glam - Glen: Table Top: of - l 166 THE CLASS OF 1954 3106! CUIJ .QUCL 6HJ'Q5 BEST WISHES BEST WISH S VALLEY STREAM CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION E from the THE PATIU RESTAURANT SUNRISE HIGHWAY Valley Stream N Y RESTAURANT 8: PIZZERIA Dancmg to JOHNNY LIND TRIO Every Frl at VA 5 0343 8: 8098-Ask for Extenslon Two DIBBLE REALTY Over 50 Years of Long Iyland Real Eftate Experzence 361 ROCKAWAY AVE Valley Stream L I Corner Sunrrse Hwy The 1 y 169 , . . F3 5- . ign- , . , 'ur - - - VERY BEST WISHES ALPHA BETA KAPPA SURURITY COMPLIMENTS ALBERT S SMART SHOES 120 ROCKAWAY AVE Valley Stream L I JESS WHITE SAME DAY Dry Cleanmg Shut Laundermg Long Islands Largest Drlve In Cleaner Valley Stream Sunuse Hwy East of Rockaway Ave Hempstead 45 So Franklm St F 3 'x A f H .fi S Q fl 5f , y 5 Q , j y 1 ' ' 'P 1 ... of 1 9 , - - T . . . 1 70 Ralph Bruno - Prerident Frank Spizzuco - Vice Preridenz BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 54 from the CLASS OF 56 Greta Hoffman Secretary Mrs E Wr1ghr Coumelor Wnllram Ingoglna Treasurer Mrs Englert Soma! Guzdance Success rn the Future to the CLASS OF 54 from the HI HOPES I I 171 X X F1 -2 5 ff 7 A S2 HI-Y GIRLS 1' Q C , ' f fir" 5 Q- r ' In good wi h he cook! PROFESSIONAL PAGE B Berger L Bergmann D Casden E Chmstmann Cummmgs P Cutler R F Darby P Ducamp H Fernbach H G1bel F W Goddard J Goodgold W F Heneghan M Houl1han W B Kallsh T F Kerman E F Klem S J Kohle M. . Dr. . ' G. . Dr. . . D. . Dr. . G. . ' Dr. . . F. E. Clarke Dr. J. F. Hollister V. ' Dr. . ' . Dr. . . ' . . Dr. . . . Dr. . . ' . Dr. . . - 172 - PROFESSIONAL PAGE J G McCauley Walters A Mmhelson T Wxlson M R Schne1er J J Znrflacht M R Scully H Hagen D Soloway Hagen L Stem Davns J Tolmach Frnedhoffer W B Tummmelh P LoCasc1o D J E Crawford Ezery Famzlg Should Haze a Famzly Doctor 173 . . Dr. B. . ' Dr. . ' . . ' Dr. . . ' . . Dr. O. . . Dr. B. P. M. Tuths Dr. H. Kaplan . ' Dr. B. ' . Dr. T. ' . . ' ' Dr. G. . ' r. . . CONGRATULATIONS FROM 4-AQ F ALPHA SIGMA GAMMA SUHUHITY Good Luck and Success to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1954 Mr. and Mrs. HAROLD WOLF L G BALFOUR COMPANY Offnclal jewelers to the CLASS OF 1954 Commencement lnwtatzom Dzplomax Penomzl Card: Club Imzgma Medal! 8c Tropbzex 521 FIFTH AVENUE New York 17, N Y MUrray H111 2 4210 Q A -ma few" F' '41 af ' A , f. 4, V, K K QV e, , EI 4 Rf . ey A 174 COMPLIMENTS OF ALPHA PSI CHAPTER COMPLIMENTS W SKOBLISKI Lumber Yard FRANKLINAVENUE V1lyS arn,NY Tl VA55135 af J FOOESTORES 175 ,x4rfAur .SZLQLUJ PHOTOGRAPHERS 49 WEST 46th STREET New York 19 N Y CI 7 4125 YEARBOOK ANNUALS Since 191 5 O zcml Pbozfogmphem 1 95 4 CADET 3 1 6 O I1 Specializing in ff ' ' to 7 COUNTY FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSGCIATION VALLEY STREAM N Y Where your savmgs are rnsured up to 310 000 by the Federal Savlngs and Loan Insurance Corp Sa e Depoxzt Boxes Avazlable Hours Monday through Frlday 8 am to 4 pm Frrday Evennng 6 pm to 8 pm Saturday-Closed COMPLIMENTS Success and FRIENDSHIP GIRLS VA 5 1659 SASIADEK S Statloners 8: Prlnters School and Art Supplier Offzce Equipment Typewnten Rented and Repaued 67 N CENTRAL AVENUE Valley Stream N Y Gbod Luck nn the Future tb the CLASS QF 54 HARMONY GIRL S'HI Y 1 177 , . . 5 Q ' , A I I ' J ' I V I 9' I ' . U ' , OF ' ! 4 1' I , r ' , , , - f ff from f' A-W . v . , , V .. v ' - I D ' I I K f , ! ' I A . ,A :ll , X' Q - I I I 8 .., Q . I J . ' I , . . x f ' - - - l BOOSTERS The Sophomore Gang of 999105 Hennys Mob of 999101 Senror Homeroom 4302 Semor Homeroom 999206 Comp of Kuddles Korba 4'20l Mortrmers Monsters rn 999102 an Mrs C Edward Hjelte an Mrs Chrrs Goebel an Mrs justrn Fl1ck an Mrs F Dwrght Young and Mrs Robert Whelan and Mrs Carl Pearson Senror Homeroom 999210 VA 5 0013 O H L A N D S CANINE FOOD SERVICE Inc Frefb Mean Dry Food: JOHN J FOGELMAN, IHC 210 SUNRISE HIGHWAY Your Chrysler Plymouth Dealer 285 E MERRICK ROAD Valley Stream L I Valley Stream N Y Pretzel Keller Mr. d . . ' ' Mr. d . ' ' Mr. d . ' ' ' Mr. d . . ' . Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . Senior Homeroom 999206A Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Yarrow 178 9 MARR CLEANERS SAME DAY SERVICE Fur 8: Garment Storage Tazlorzng Altemtzom Repazrs VA 5 0053 2 ROCKAWAY AVE ROCKAWAY AVE Wotta yuh know, Joe? VERY BEST WISHES MARGARET 8: EDDIE BURHOP 179 LA TUXEDOS FOR HIRE . 401 Compliments of PHIL-AMY FLORIST 22 ROCKAWAY AVENUE Valley Stream N Y VA 5 1063 honor of all the boys from CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL who were and are 111 the Armed Forces ANDREW FATSCHER POST 854 'I80 -0-'P' , . . In Grit yo' teeth, y'a.ll!

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