Valley Regional High School - Triad Yearbook (Deep River, CT)

 - Class of 1960

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i, '1"',' .X , w w 1 f Alma Mater, Alma Mater Pride and Glory he thine, Good will and fellowship, Through thy portals shine, Stand beside us, E 'er to guide us. Wave thy banner on high, Sons and daughters rise and cry,' Hail, all hail Valley High. Alma Mater, Alma Mater, When in Sorrow wet part, Long may thy memory Dwell within each heart. Years of treasures, Tears and pleasures, Ever with us abide, Now, again we rise and cry, Hail, all hail, Valley High. u . 4 M Tb v wa, so 512 Vx ANJV M W in ww lffjjfvgw ff X jg,,J1 , Vjffjf WM Q, Wil H I. XV L'ff:,f'- 'Q' fry- 5. 5 fx 5 C! A W' gf 5 fl--gi", uf ' Q kj . ff ,Fl ,,, QQ QW 53, V- 3 -gr X' , "-f qs ,-gm ' f ' xp-9' --f,.,.,,V ff, A 3 MQ" .X ' I fy' Nb ,352 ,WA I 'sf' ,fijyff ,fI, 'A ,Ig I ' 'I Fw , TRIAD '- :L 1960 Volume IX VALLEY REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Deep River, Connecticut Published 'by the SENIOR CLASS MR. FRANK YULO DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of 1960, are proud and happy to dedicate this our Triad to Mr. Frank Yulo. The Senior Class has benefited. much from Mr. Yulo's helpful assistance to them, and the entire student body. Having devoted a majority of his time to making Regional a better place, we are hon- ored to dedicate this Triad to Mr. Frank Yulo. I 5 MR. ROBERT GROTH APPRECIATION The Senior Class of 1960 would like to ex- tend their sincere appreciation to Mr. Groth and Mr. Renton for all the effort and labor which they have given us. These two men have assisted us, not only in the many activities in which we have participated, but have gone be- yond their call of duty as advisors by giving us expert guidance, encouragement, and support. They have ably officiated over class meetingsg they have been ever-faithful members of all our committees, and have been perpetually available for all sorts of advice and guidance. More than mere thanks are in orderg but we can offer only our most sincere, yet inadequate, appreciation to you both. MR. PAUL RENTON U ff, .X A A A I ' ' .. 0 f 1: A y lo fx, 1' .' if . i -I ! i3f!giy,"lA'i. 1 I I 'l i iq, f 1' iii 7 iff if f I , I 21fnie?Ls1E?g4i. ff A Eiigslxpzesif it A . 1 ' y .xl Im X e.:-Kee x I wg n X a Crawling thing blind, bewildered alone innocent what am I doing here I'm so alone and so helpless where is my mother here she is help me, O mother help me I'm getting bigger, stronger I have friends I am learning and growing fast My mother doesn't help me As much as she did Help me, O friends Help me TABLE GF CONTENTS Faculty Seniors I . . . Underclassmen . .. Clubs Sports , . Candids i,.,.i . . I Advertisements I . SUCH IS MAN I rim a man, my mother is dead I have the strength of an ox My mind is strong too, and quick I am not alone, I have tal-:en a wife From us has come another life We are happy, but the road is hard Help me, O God Help me my child is grown and gone it has been a happy life but, ah, I grow weary I am old and tired it is late come swiftly, O death Come swiftly PETER STEINAU 4 FACULTY 1960 K: y i,1,.l ' My " 1 Q L J Mai efee fipwk - eggs? it C ,... 1Q:, .-f .. . Y V Y Y 'lea zif,e1bg2X2wv Janie :wage A K Dr. Gilbert V. DeMar Mr. Frank R. Yulo Mr. Arnaud E. Michaud B.A., M.A., lfh.D, .B.S., M.Ed:, M.A. BQ., M.A. Mr. D. Leonard Mr. Richard Adams - B.S. Miss Mary Babic - A.B. Mr. Robert Blaker - B.A. A .A. Lieberman, jr. -- B. ., M Assistant Principal Miss Dolores Borsik B.S., M.A. Mrs. Evelyn Brown Mr. William Burke Mr. Henry Burr - B.E. B.A., M,S. B.A., M.A. Mr. Robert Campbell - B.A. Mr. Martin Carrigan - B.S. Miss Julia Castelli Miss Murial Cherwynd B.S., M.A. B.S. Miss Phyllis Clement - B.E. Mr. Daniel Connors - B.S. Mr. Frank Desmond Mr. Robert E. Doyle B.S., M.S. B.A., M.A. rs Cecilia Estes B A rs Mr. Vincent Gagliardi Mr. Kenneth Gist ll Mr. Donald Grohs Mr. Robert Groth M A M A Miss Hannon Mr. Robert Izllealy Mr. Philip F. Henebry, Ir. Miss Elizabeth Klart M E B S Mrs. Rita Krieger - B.S. Mr. Michael Martino - B.A. Mr. Roger McGrath Mr. Joseph F. McManus B.S., M.A. A.B. Miss Elizabeth McNilf Miss Katherine Moylan Mr. Harold Muggleston Miss Sara M. Nelson B,S, B.F.A. B.A., M.A. B.s. Ed. Mr. Walter Norris Mr. Claude Perkins Miss Loretta Pollock - B.Ed. Mrs. Gertrude Porter - B.A. B.S.. M.A. BLS., M.A. Mr. Paul Renton - B.S.,M.S. Miss JoAnn Stewart Mrs. Victoria Stowers Mr. John Szypula B.A., M.A. B.S., M.A. B.M., M.M. Mr. Charles Tippin Mr. George Vince - B.A. Mrs. Matyjane Wattous Mrs. Dorothy Woodmansee B.S., M.Ed. B.S. B.S. C V , M Nm Pictured 'T-fl Q 7 Mr. William Dubee A C B-A-, M5- s A - SERVICES is f V A .,r eq iirrr Custodian - Mr. Mack Cafeteria Staff - Row 1: Avalon Starre, Alyce Stannard. 7 Row 2: Henrietta Koritkowski, Mildred Dorr, Mae Rutty, Betty Emanuelson. Bu: Driver: - Erwin Daniels, Albert Parsons, Arthur C0- cayne, Arthur Carlson, Donald Carlson, Jim Castelli, Charles Castelli. Dr. Gilbert V. DeMar Superintendent Mr. Leonard Lieberman, jr. Auirtafzt Principal - fwgrxhigssp'-"we:. . . . je - 1 if A . 5 if ,f r . . e ' 1 e eg 'f we . " l' . A Q, P-me gb, 22.1 evgrifrffif X 25 ,, -fw:q,3s-wi.. mei? wi: . .- ' A Y , pid? P -7 A .' "'t'C. 15-gg x Q. . i s if li n : ' , ff if 5 ri :iw-Q 4 ' - -5 i f ' - 'ses-I' A " , - x if "H 21 n f:'fw w M mg . fi ' 1 W- , f - -4 - e r . ge E?-f-'T 1' Tl" 3 - f,, ., - ii . i R:?,, . . J .' Xifsi5ggzlsfEQ- N '..'..fQfgA', f .. on "ge, J v ' ' es - .. , ' ' Mr. Robert Doyle Guidanre Director n pm 'fisfsff' ae . Miss Elizabeth Klatt Guidance C ounrelor Mrs. Betty Smith 8 Mrs. Joan Lanzi, Mrs. Ann Morgan H ealfh Mrs. Alga Akervall Secretarial Sfaff Av w V if sENloRs Wm 8,1-:L , , ,lx-f-+ HE CLASS .55 HSD V - xX ll ln Jfoulh we learn in age we LJ.Tl4BY'5+QYlCl XX, lNx uBabsn "Speech if great but silence ir greater." - Future Homemakers of America 1. - 2' ,,T1 ALLEN STERLING AMES "Allen" "Although we can-not out-vote them. we can ou!-argue them." 0 Opera Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Math Club 3, 4g Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Thespian Society 5, I X 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 L... - Vali Hi Echo 45 Triad 4g Honor Society 4g ff '55 Boys' State. .Q All State Chorus representative for two years . . . class politician and arguer . . . great sailing enthusiast . . . winner of Harvard Book Award . . . one of two in Mr. Renton's Calculus class. RAYMOND CHARLES ARON SON ..Ray.. "Nothing is more rare than true good nature." Volleyball 35 Basketball 35 Phi Sci Chem Club 4g Math Club 4. Always seen driving a pink and grey Chevy . . . teaser . . . waits at Griswold Inn . . . great lover of fun . . . interested in cars, girls, money and sports. BARBARA ANN BALOSIE Quiet member of the class . . . interested in sewing . . . plans to go to hairdressing school. THEODORE MARTIN BATKO, JR. "Ted" "The good and the wire lead quiet liver." Social Dancing Ig Math Club 3, 4. Other half of Mr. Renton's Calculus. class . . . plans to become an engineer . . . avid coin collector , . . loves to fish and hunt. DOREEN ESTHER BIDWELL "Doreen" "In quietness lie: true friemlsbipf' Sewing lg Woodworking lg Language 35 Opera Club 45 Triad 2, 4. Has a wonderful ability for staying out of trouble . . . quiet, shy . . . plans to become a successful executive secretary. rs I 12' l'Y lo S., lo if-I-gl, dz .161 J ' at ANN BERNSTEIN "Life ir wba! you make it." "Ann" Glee Club 1, 2, 4. Drives around in a black '58 Ford convertible . . . interested in photographic work and painting . . . future is uncertain. l ' , T ff 4 X ELAINE MARIE BELLA "Elaine" "Harte make: waste." Social Dancing lg Volleyball 2, 43 Varsity Field Hockey. Known for her slowness . . . interested in reading, sports and life itself . . . loves to play Russian music on her stereo . . . second highest salesman of our magazine drive. GRETCHEN BISHMAN "Gretch" "1'1l find a way or make it." Woodworking lg Archery 15 F.H.A. 15 Dra- ma 4g Vali Hi Echo 4g Triad 4. Went to Windsor Mountain School in her i l uniot year . , . interested in the history of art . . . great fun-lover and teaser . . . oves horses and dancing??? NANCY ANN BLAKE CAROL LOUISE BONANOMI "Nance" "Oh where didqyou get your eye: ro hlue?"' Science Club, Library Club 1, 23 F.H.A. 35 Language Club 3. Friendly smile . . . pretty eyes . . . future includes nursing . . . seen often with Carol. RICHARD LaPLACE CARLSON "Rich" "Be good and you will he lonesome." Baseball 2, 3. Happy-go-lucky member of class . . . inter! ested in hunting and fishing . . . avid base- ball player . . . loves sports cars, cars, cars: BARBARA LOUISE BROOKS HBOO.. "Happiness happen: to those too bury to he mirerahlef' Field Hockey 1, 2, 5, 45 Cheerleading 5, 45 Varsity Club 1, 2, 55 Social Dancing lg Vali Hi Echo 3, Tumbling lg Glee Club 45 45 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 4. Captain :and only senior squad.. . . plans to go to swimming and horseback . . . great personality . . one of the "big four." on Cheerleading junior college . . . riding enthusiast .full of pep . .. 1 1 l wk b , ' , 4 . 9.33. X cv W E ' 5 S V "Carol" "Pa!ierrce and time accomplish more tha: force and 1froler1ce." Triad lg Volleyball 2, 5. Nice personality...a friend to everyone seen working in Deep River Bakery . future plans include nursing. CHARLES ROBERT CARTA "King" "Honor all men. Honor the. King." -I.V. Soccer lg j.V. Basketball lg Basketh 2, 3, 4g Soccer 2, 5, 45 Baseball 2, 3, junior Class President 35 Senior Class Vi President. junior Prom King . . . plays all sports w ...captain of basketball and baseball te . . . loves to tease . . . friends with ma kindly to all . . . drives a "hot" 47 Ford? talk O A LINDA JANE CARTER "Linda" "A heart ar big ar all outdoors." F.T.A. 1, 2, 35 F.H.A. 2, 33 Language Clu-lb 3g Glee Club 3, 4g Triad 3, 43 Opera Club 3, 4g Honor Society 4. One of Ben Franklin's bury workers . . . enioys going roller-skating, ibut not for the sportlj . . . constantly driving that "hot Chevie." MARIA ROSA COLLA "Maria" 'The purruit of the perfect is the pursuit of sweetness and light." Basketball 45 Volleyball 45 Student Council 45 Opera Club 4. Cute as a button . . . exchange student from Argentina . . . voted sweetest in the class . . . mischief beneath a quiet exterior . . . rapidly caught on to "out" expressions . . . asset to the class . . . we'll miss her when she has to return, but hope she'll pass this way again. Q - --L JUDITH ALICE CLARK ..-Indy.. "The bury bee that ha: no time for sorrow." F.H.A. 2, 35 F.T.A. 3: Opera Club 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Triad 2, 3, 4g Delegate to World Youth Conference in Amsterdam, Hollandg Honor Society 4. Always willing to lend a helping hand . . . Triad Editor . . . often plays cupid . . . favorite pastime, roller skating?? . . . a real "all-round" student. - N . ,Ib ,+. 'f -, ERIC JOHN CHRISTIANSON "Eric" "Let not burinerr interfere with pleararef' Baseball 1, 2, 3g Archery 1. Always talking about cars . . . loves to tease, especially Kathy . . . a steady purchaser of records. ISABEL MARIE CUCINOTTA "Izzy" "I f there'.r a will, there'J a way." Softball 2, 35 Hockey 3g F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Sewing Club lg Varsity Club 3: Triad 4. Girls' sports manager for years . . . ex- tremely capable . . . 'rnost always seen with Elaine . . . has certain "special" interests. fo , wg RICHARD ALLEN CZEPIEL "Rich" "Nothing is impossible to 4 willing bean," J.V. Soccer 1, Z, 3g J.V. Basketball 1, 2. Noted butcher at the Community Locker . . . likes hunting and camping . . . plans to become a certified public accountant . . . baseball, football, basketball, and swimming are Rich's favorite sports. fz. if. A n ll I DAVID JOHN DBNGLER FRANCES LEE DARCY "Fran" "A good beaff: worth gold." Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee C 2. Gullible?? . . . believes in having fun life . . . friendly . . . will try anything c . likes to eat? "Dave" "Tail if tbe rife of fame." DAVID POST DESMOND Social Dancing lg Soccer Manager 43 Bas- JUDITH AGNES DEUSE .Dave-. lfgltbzgla2giarE3eLgerdgit.Student Council 4g Sen- ..Judy.. NBZWJMK 0332? med deep! "lf'res' '... always has a .warm smile and a HHOM' lie! in bone!! mil", friendly "hello" . . . reliable . . . efficient Photography Club lg Chef's Club lg Dra- manager of the boys' varsity teams . . .-hard matics Club lg Student Council 15 Boys' State. worker . . . runs a private taxi-cab servxce?? Slow and easy going . . . "I'm not sleeping, teacher -- just resting my eyes" . . . appears to be a woman hater . . . cute, with a shy grin. 6 9 9 at 9 if s X ,qt ist? v i' MX 3 ha 6 Photography Club lg j.V. Softball 25 F.1- 2, 35 Glee Club 5, 4, All State 4g Volley 2, 3, 4g Honor Society 4. Cute smile . . . blushes often . . . alv seen working at the bakery . . . future p include the Navy . . . All State member seen most often with Judy and Linda. DIANA LOUISE DOLANSKI "Deana" "Nature made ber what :he i.r and never made another like ber." Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4g Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Bas- ketball Manager 4g Varsity Club 1, 2, 3: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Social Dancing 25 Vali Hi4Echo 33 Triad 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3, . Laughter and mischief, fun and jokes . . . spark of any party, especially pajama parties . . . enlivens any gathering . . . what a drive with a hockey stick?!? . . . easy to get along with . . . has telephonitis!!! one of the "big four." ANN GORDON DULL "Gordie" "All this and heaven too?" Writer's Club lg Language Club 33 Opera Club 3, 45 Drama Club 3, 4g Vali Hi Echo 2, 3, Editor 4g Foreign Exchange Stu- dent, Honor Society 3, 4. An "all-round" student with a nice per- sonality . . . our exchange student to Switzerland . . . beautiful hair . . . can draw 'most anything . . . especially posters . . . reliable and always willing to help. X - MARIE ANN DRUDE "Marie" "It ir her nature to be .ro good matured." Likes anything concerning fun . . . pretty smile . . . works ardently as a soda jerk . . . 'most always seen with Dick. ' 1 ELAINE CHAREN DOUVILLE "Douvie" 'The .rincere alone rball recognize sincerity." Leather lg Social Dancing lg F.H.A. 1, 2, 3. Of a quiet nature . . . seems to have a "special" interest . . . will go far in her chosen field. MATTHEW EDWARD ELGART "Matty" "Custom it the law of fools." Soccer 2, 3, 4, Baseball 23 Band 1, 2, 5, 43 Triad 4, Phy Sci Chem Club 3, 4g Math Club 3, 4. Mad scientist . . . beatnik at heart . . . pa- tron of the annual jazz festival in Newport . . . future doctor??? . . . one of the gang. 4" e EDITH RUTH EVERTS ROBERTA JEAN FRIEND "Edie" "Roberta" "People who make no noise are dangerous." "Life ir rhort, let: make have to be kim F.H.A. 1, 33 Vali Hi Echo 1, 3, 4g Triad 4. F.T.A. 1, 2, 5, 43 Writer's Club 13 Lil: l . - Club 1, 25 Math Club 53 Drama Club ' Sweet and shy . . . strrkrn londe hair . . . 3, 43 Opera Club 25 Vali Hi Echg 2, E cooking and sewing ent siastg, . . full of Triad 3,4- fun . . . sweet fri cl t e. , Plans to be a teacher . . . voted most tw i S ' ,L tive . . . interested in music and travc YN WJ I Ill!" . . . fervent argue: . . . always busy. My ll Q , - X MAP we N' f All ' VM l 1 l I l M ,lv 1+ ,W el Q lv 4a'il aff , AWZANN KNOX GREGORY l HOWARD ERNEST GILES U l . H , lllwlr I IZ? I Z 'll "Gi1Ze zgbat yo: have toiromemze, may " may never pan 1 lf way agam, so et W e etter t an you are to t in ." me do what I can to help my fellow mavzff Soccer 1, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 45 Track 35 Drama Eiegl fl-aovilcey 5, 2, 1, 43 Brglgetball 1,S2, 3, Club 15 Math Club 3, Triad 4, Sophomore JEANNE ANN GUAI-AZZI 3 or a 1, , 3g enior orus lg ocial Class Vice-President. ,, ,, Dancing 1, Varsity Club 33, Languafe Club Gualaz 33 Vali Hi Echo 53 Glee Club 3, 5 Triad Great soccer and baseball player Z . . plans Hstill uwen mn deepn 43 Student Qouncll 23 V0lleyba114' to go into Business Administration . . . ' ' All S h I always seen with Sandy . . . inse arable. Volleyball 2' 3. l:'l.l,A. l. Sewing Cll Q tate c orus representative . . . pro- - . -' ' I' hcient rn most all sports . . . pleasant person- Triad 1' 4' Vah H1 Echo 3 ality . . . interested in children . . . will Abundant supply of clothes . . . spar rnake a wonderful nurse . . . one of the A eyes . . . drives around in a big, big f0ur.' CD60 Oldsmobile . . . has a mind of her ov L lf 5 JOYCE JOY HELM "Joyce" ' "Let not your heart be troubled." F.H.A. 31 Triad 4. Class gum chewer . . . a true friend to those who know her . . . likes to swim and sew. JAY RUSSELL JOHNSON ..Jay.. 'The march of the human mind is slow." Basketball 2, 3, 4J Chef's Club lg Track 3. Friendly ways . . . good personality . . . sharp dresser . . . enioys basketball . . . quiet, but not all of the time . . . future includes college. f 1 QQ Q6- Qeqlww tb slf ini C H SUSAN JAMES "Sue" "Actions :peak loudef than words." Wwdworking 15 Horse Club lg J.V. 2. Horse lover . . . little Miss Mischief . terrific sense of humor . . . sincere friend T X li 'D YQ I so K.-J' GU JosEPH 111111 ..Joe., 'The greater: pleasure in life ir doing what people my you cannot da." Boys' Sports lg Tumbling 1. Likes cars . . . usually-seen working on them . . . always ready with a wise crack . . . future includes some branch of the service. ELAINE JOY KENNEDY "Elaine" "She who laugh: lart, doe: not get the joke." Basketball Manager 3g F.H.A. 1, 2, 3g Band 1, 2. Loves parties . . . helpful nurse's aid . . . blushes at the drop of a pin . . . sincere, considerate. l l BONNIE ANN KESSELL "Kessey" "Smile and the world mzilet with you." Woodworking lg Archery lg Volleyball 23 Basketball 23 F.H.A. 23 Glee Club 23 Triad 4. Gum Chewer . . . clown . . . teaser . . . enjoys a good joke . . . usually seen with the twins. WILLIAM OWEN LAPLACE "Owen" "He ir rt gentlemarzg look at hir boots." Archery 15 Social Dancing 13 Vali Hi Echo 2, Phy Sci Chem 35 Glee Club 5. Class gum chewer and supplier of it . . . likes to express his opinion . . . a true friend . . . drives a cute blue bomb of a car?? . .. always ready to join in the fun. O 0 O 'J VJ on JOSEPH MICHAEL KRAJEWSKI ..Joe.. 'Three day: ofthe week I do not worry, yesterday, today and tomorrow." Soccer 2, 3. Often seen in his Chevy . . . works at Bennie's . . . known for his real cute hair styles. SANDOR JOHN KONTOR "Sandor" VI know what I know, and am not troub by what I do1z't know." Soccer 2, 3, 4g Track 2, 45 Varsity Club 1 Chemistry Club 4. Good looking . . . dark wavy hair . . . te . . . joker . . . soccer player . . . letter ' HEI. CHARLES CORKY LAVEZZOLI "Corky" "Little chipr light big fires." Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1,-2, 5 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 43 Stamp lg Chef lg IE State. Athletic . . . argumentative, but very lik . . . speaker . . . ladies' man . . . letter ' ner in soccer, basketball and baseball . class leader. 1 5 1 1 s FRANCIS DAVID LAVEZZOLI "Butch" "A man of few words ir the bert of men." Social Dancing lg Pataconk Fish and Game Club 1, ZQ 3, 43 Honorary High Achiever in Junior Achievement. Main interest is sports cars . . . quiet . . . fishing and hunting enthusiast. NANCY SUZANNE LINDNER "Silky" 'The only way to have 4 friend it to be one." J.V. Basketball 13 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Archery 15 Wwdwork- ing 13 Leather Craft 15 Varsity Club 3: Triad 45 Opera Club 43 Volleyball 2, 3, 4. ,-f' ' , ' ' VN 1 li " C- DIANE DUDLEY LINDNBR "Diane" "Keep your face to the run and you cun't :ee the .rbadow1." Horse Club lj Wood Working lg Social Dancing 1g J.V. Basketball 2, 35 J.V. Base- ball Zi Triad 43 Opera Club 45 Volleyball 2, 3, . Half a pair of twins . . . voted cutest in class . . . tall . . . lively . . . nice clothes CAROLE ANN LEBOWICH ..Leb.. "Flirtation is attention without inte-n1ion." Cheerleading 1, 35 Baseball 2, 35 Tumbling lg Modern Dancing lg Varsity Club 2, 33 Vali Hi Echo 2, 53 Triad 4. Cheerleader for two years . . . flirt . . . main interest is playing the piano . . . plans to be an executive secretary. KATHLEEN ANN LINQUADOCA "Kathy" "All tba qualities that make for a ruccer.f." Social Dancing lg Sewing Club 23 Volley- Good sport . . . always ready with a joke . . . often seen with Bonnie and Nancy... ball 2 4. . . . likes sports, especially basketball . . . plans to become a private secretary. ' nice clothes . . . future includes business Best figure -in class . . . plans to study hair- school . . . seen often with Diane and Car- P dressing . . . always seen with Rosemary lene. . . . sweet and shy. 3' o "fV'VTYf ROSEMARY ELLEN MCCABE "Rosemary" "Good Namre is fm element of Juccefff' Triad 45 Opera Club 4. Voted most glamorous and best dressed the class . . . usually seen with Kathy has beautiful hair . . . loves to dance will make a good secretary and model beautiful clothes. E5 . 'xi il K P W!! WAYNE JOHN MANSFIELD "Hot Dog" "Who win: can rarely lore, who climbr rarely falls." Baseball lg Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Cl Club 15 Varsity Club 2, 55 Student Cou 1- , A whiz on the basketball court . . . a with a crew cut describes Wayne . . . 4 with a generous supply of girl friend EDDIE WAYNE MORIN "Eddie" 'There ir no great genius without zz mixt of mndne.rr." Chef's Club 15 Tumbling 1, 2. Hot fodder . . . drives a hot Ford . . . s but full of fun. Enjoys a good joke. CLOVIS RAYMOND MORROW ..Ray.. 'There is nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in bouts." Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Soccer 43 Varsity Club 2, 33 Band 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 2, 3, 4g Dance Band 3, 4. Tall, broad shouldered and blond . . . friend- ly . . . ioker . . . a friend of Miss Moylan's? MARY EDITH NICKSE "Mary" "Known by many and liked by all." Opera Club 4. Quiet till you get to know her . . . usually seen working at the Ivoryton Shoppe . . . pleasing personality . . . nice long hair. '3' WEA! ,stil was , 'W sill--J wg 1 3 DIANE LABERTA NARDUCCI ALBERT CHARLES MOZZOCHI "Albie" "Little said is soon mended." Chef's Club 13 Archery 1. Very quiet . . . a friend of Ray's . . . works in First National . . . often seen in the Camera Shop. "Diane" "Cares are mingled with pleasure." A HAEL U I Triad 43 Opera Club 43 Language Club 3: KERN NMSC N CC Math Club 3g Art Club 13 Volleyball 2, 5: "Kerman" Field Hockey 4g National Honor Society 3, , 4. "Musto has charmi that soothes the savage east," Good student . . . enjoys a good ioke . . . I - 3 Honor Society . . . speeches lf . hockey... Student C0u11C1l 13 Phi' SCI Chem 3, 43 plans tobe a nurse. x ' fl l lvltlv gk H 5 X G, , l s f X Wm: HXNVX Q- NIC , 'S "Y .. Q " Math Club 3, 43 Glee Club 3: Social Danc- ing lg Boys' Sports 13 Volley Ball 3. One of our class scientists . . . will play the piano at the drop of a keyboard . . . good friend of Owen's. ROBERT FRANK NUCCI "Nookie" "I am not one of those who does not believe in love at int Jigbt, but I believe in taking the .second look." Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 J.V. Basketball 1, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4g Baseball 2, 3g Student Coun- cil lg Chef's Club lg Varsity Club 2, 35 Class President lg Candidate for Junior King. Has a winning way with all . . . especially the opposite sex . . . big blue eyes and curly hair . . . avid sports fan . . . likes anything concerning fun . . . flirt. LINDA ANN PEARSON "Linda" "Sincerity and trutb are the barir of every vzrtuef' Language Club 33 Intramural Volleyball QQ Vali Hi Echo 43 Triad 4g Student Council 4, National Honor Society 3: FiI1aliS! .f0l' Foreign Exchange Programg Laurel Girls' State 3. Easy to know . . . a Finast girl . . . a good friend of Donnies, a West Civer . . . finalist for D.A.R. Award. JOHN SIGURD PARKER RONALD PALAU "Pen-Rod" "Oh, ruby should life all labor be?" Auto 1, 2g Boys' Sports 1, 2, Art lg Cl Club 1. Always seen driving his Chevy . . . l to tease all the girls . . . always ready wi wise crack . . . has a big smile for ew one. PEGGY SUSAN PEARSON upeggy., 'Tbere never was a mint with red baif F.T.A. Secretary 1, President 2, 3g Phr raphy lg Language Club President 33 7 1, 43 Student Council 1, 3, Vice-Presiden National Honor Society 3, President 4g Hi Echo 4g D.A.R. Citizenship Aware Opera Club 43 Laurel Girls' State 3. A horse woman . . . red hair . . . sper . . . likes to laugh . . . good student good friend. "Gruber" "I took to my beelr as fart ar I could." Social Dancing 1. Knows his cars inside and out . . . good build . . . always seems to be sleeping in classes . . . cute way about him . . . seems shy, especially with girls. 2 lfllvaf f ..l' " YS, Rn fi he ep' rbi - HS: wee K- cgi? I I, :ll Wltsxlk 0 Xxx 0 Ml, N x lx. ,Y P I O QQ' ' -.JM-4 .,i.: Ronnnr swam Po'r'rs uBobbyh "Character is what you are in the dark." Phy Sci Chem 35 Mathematics Club lg Var- sity Soccer 2, 43 J.V. Basketball 2, 33 J.V. Baseball 1, 2g Drama Club lg Glee Club 1, 2g Varsity Club 3, 4. Can be just about seen in his little red MG . . . a big flirt . . . dresses with good taste and care . . . plans to attend Juniata . . . a good friend of almost everyone . . . es- pecially Cindy . . . active in Hi-Y. JOYCE BEVERLY SCOTT "Mousie" "Mi.rchief!" Thou aft afoot." Volleyball 2, 35 F.H.A. 2g Glee Club 1. Unusual if she isn't laughing . . . very short . . . full of fun . . . works at Community Pharmacy in Deep River. PENNYNWHITE SCHLAG "Penny" "A light heart and 4 willing hand." Senior Sewing Club lg Horse Club 15 Triad 4g Drama Club 4. Tall and elegant.. . . has a, unique way of wearing her hair . . . spends her spare time at her family's cabin in New Hampshire skiing . . . has her own horse . . . very SAMUEL JOSEPH RIGGIO "Tiny" ,'To live without :port is not life." Track 1, 2, 3, 41 j.V. Soccer lg Varsity Soc- cer 2, 3, 43 J.V. Basketball lg Varsity Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4g Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 31 Class Vice-President 33' Candidate for junior Prom King. Tall, dark .and handsome . . . varsity basket- ball...aleader...agoodfriend... likes a ioke. LILLIAN SCUDDER "A smile that light: up my cloudy day." Nice dark hair . . . quiet . . . nice smile. nice . . . future includes college. ff EVELYN MARY SEPEGA -'Eve' "It is 4 friendly heart that has many Iriendrf' Girls' Vfoodwotkingg Social Dancing 1. Very quiet . . . loves to work . . . works in the First National . . . Main interest - Al. CRAIG ALLEN SPENCER "Burrowville" "If you can keep your head when all ahout are losing theirr . . ." Mathematics Club 3, 45 Phy Sci Chem Com- mittee Chairman 43 Triad 45 J.V. Baseball 25 Varsity Baseball 3, 43 Basketball Manager 35 Basketball Intramurals 3, 43 Volleyball 3. Basketball team . . . seen at basketball games with his tape recorder . . . johnny Cake's prize vegetable chef . . . scientist . . . math- ematician. L Inf? ? TI' I .4-" :f-' : X , lbs-, 2 2 RICHARD LOUIS SEVIGNY "Waldo" "Plea:ure': a .rin and sometime: :init a plearuref' Auto Club 1, 2. Mad for hot cars and consequently seen ' his "little bomb" . . . usually seen at head of the lunch. line. NORMAN JOSEPH SMITH --Smitn PATRICIA ANN STALSBURG "Studies ser-ue for delight, for ornament, "Patti" and for ability." Another victim of Mr. McGrath's West Civ. class . . . studious fellow . . . one of the taller members of our class . . . holds deep interest in current ffairs . . . track . . . the thinker J Qs EZ: "I love to live and live to love." junior Prom Queeng Cheerleading 1, 2, Field Hockey 43 Dramatics 3, 4, Var Club 4s Vali Hi Echo 33 Triad 4g Da Band 33 Class 'Ifreasurer 1, 2, 3, 4g Stud Council 1, 2, 5, Secretary 4. Letter winner in Field Hockey and Chi leading . . . plays piano . . . "blondie" . .. Student Council Secretary , . . our Jur I 'mi rom Queen Class Treasurer . . . pe ij LU k . . . one the "big four. x ' K A X 1. s. A' fx we i lcf ' xxx D x 5 Q QQKQ fu b gi .5 :Ri s.t GERALD STEVENSON "Owl" DONALD SUMNER "Donny" . "ExcuJe my devilish deeds." Photography Club 1, 2g Glee Club 1. "Live life while you are young." Friendly . . . artist . . . works well with his Loves to bowl . . . can often be seen in hands . . . usually seen with Pinky. Centerbrook . . . great one for trying to find a "system" . . . enjoys U.N. trips. ROBERT JOHN SWANSON "Bob" STEPHEN JOSEPH TAVERNIER "For Satan find: some mischief still." "Steve" Varsity Baseball 35 Volleyball 33 Badminton 3: Chef's Club 1. Members of the Hi-Y . . . Varsity letter in Track 2, 3, 43 Photography Club 13 Phy baseball . . . goes for cars and boats . . . "Silence often display: deep understanding." Sci Chem, President 4g Band, Librarian lg ' k . -. Student Conductor 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 4, Pres- 10 er 1 JAMES DAVID TEAI' gdeg1t43g All-State Chorus 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 7 , "Jimmy" , , i . . . 5- 3 : 'The good and the wire lead quiet liver." Track team . . . musician . . . sings and 2 "sauces" for Mr. Burr . . . All State Chorus Q S Nice clark hair . . . seems quiet, but enjoys . . . scientist . . . studious fellow. 'E a good joke. e E Q E , 55? if fl -9- 3 C PETER JOHN TIEZZI "Pete" "Carr are mingled with pleasure." Boys' Sports lg Auto Club 1. Deacon . . . consequently an auto fanatic . . . faithful to the First National . . . likes hunting and boating . . . happy farmer. PETER JOSEPH VANJEUNE CYNTHIA ELAINE TYLER "Cindy" "She need: not Jeele charm . . . she has ix Band 1, 23 Cheerleading 1, 2g F.T.A. Triad 4g Prom Queen Candidate. Can be seen in a little red MG . . . ful fun, always peppy . . . nursing school occupy her time next year . . . pop with everyone . . . will work hard readily. "Pete" "0h! I mmf work. What 4 wane of time." Agriculture Club 1. SANDRA ELLEN WELGE JOANNE VON DECK Likes cars, girls, money . . . member of nsandyn "Decker" "With a :ang in her heart." Hockey 15 Square Dancing 15 Vali Hi Echo lg Field Hockey 2, 35 Basketball, Math Club 39 Glee Club 3, 4. Lovely soprano voice and enjoys using it gay and cheery . . . mam interest, John. Hi-Y and DeMolay . . . future millionaire. 1 ' ff f ,W ' v E 9 .Avi A 6 S 4 4 Xfl I we I x-,J -X V ' 2 "I want to live life to it: fullest." J.V. Softball 1, 2, Varsity Softball 5, Vo ball 1, 2, 55 Field Hockey 55 Social D ing lg F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4s F.H.A. 1, 2 Band 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Glee Club Friendly . . . always seen laughing . . . l children . . . enjoys music . . . future cludes teachefs college in Maine. 2 s A 6 , . 0 - gae,, . . H 4 it '- DWIGHT SETH WETMORE 'Z -wi X "Dwight" "One who think: of other: hu: to think of him." J.V. Soccer 1, 23 Varsity Soccer 3g J.V. Base- ball 1, 23 Boys' Sports 11 Tumbling 1. Small, but thinks big . . . cute . . . nice hair . . . ladies' man . . . likes to laugh. SANDRA LEE WILFORD "Sandy" EDWARD BARRY WIND "Barry" "Personality bud: into .rutce.r.t." Photograpihy Club 13 Basketball Manager 2g Volleyball Intramurals 31 Basketball Intra- murals 3g Phy Sci Chem 4. seen most often with Howie. Best "salad-man" at Johnny-Cake . . . great , fan of Elvis . . . at ease anywhere . . . loves SQ, to sing "Lonely Blue Boy." N60 2g Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Triad 2, 4. "A likeable girl with likeable ways." Volleyball 2, 3g Social Dancing 13 F.H.A. 1, Friendly smile . . . nice dresser . . . likes music . . . member of Shoreline Chorus . . . future-includes hairdressing school . . . 4 S ik JOHN WHITE, Jn. uJ-ack-n "Never do today what you can put oH until tomorrow." J.V. Baseball lg Auto Club 1. Seen with Margaret, known for his hot car . . . Deacon . . . likes stock cars. DALE ANN WINNE ..Dale.. "A: merry er the day is long." F.H.A. 1, 2, Secretary 5, President 43 Volley- ball Intrarnurals, Co-Captain 3, Captain 4g Hockey Manager 3g Varsity Club 35 Vali Hi Echo 3g Triad 4. Has a wonderfu personality . . . helping hand to everyone fl. . plaza to be a nurse in the future. , 'P X jg, 'V' X' 0 R X - ,cl xrl Xh KW IX N. .x MX I' I, FRED CARL WISTRAND "Freddie" "lI?'ithout me, ye can do nothing." Vice-President of Class lg Student Council 1, 2, 3, 45 J.V. Soccer 1, 2g Varsity Soccer 3, 43 j.V. Basketball 1, 2, 3g J.V. Baseball 1, 2g Mathematics Club 43 Senior Square Dancing 1. Known for his blond hair . . . always bomb- ing through Deep River . . . often seen with a dark haired junior girl and Bobby. GEORGE PETER ZANELLI "Dazzler" "A little learning it a dangerour thing. Chef's Club lg Social Dancing 15 Boys' S 1. Class comic, loves to talk . . . quick to , a hand . . . willing to work hard . . , ways giving in and letting his father 1 the family car. RICHARD HENRY ZIEMBA JOHN ZIOBRON "Dicky" "Peaches" "It ir the little thing: that make life "Better a flip of the foot than the tongue intefestingf' , Boys' Sports 1g Chefs Club 1. Social Dancing 1g Auto Club 1. Short . . . specks . . . hot rod . . . full Cars, cars, Marie, and cars . . . a wise guy, the devil . , , good fun , . , enjoys a g will attempt anything. joke. lu .1 Q PROPHECY Minutes of the reunion of the Class of 1960. June 29, 1965 The Class was callled to order by Dave Dengler. It was decided that copies of the minutes would be sent to all members of the class. Each member was asked to tell just what he is doing. This report follows: George Zanelli made a motion to start at the bottom of the listg the motion was carried. john Ziobron is a big business man. Dick Ziemba is on the construction force building a tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean. George Zanelli is the head chef at the Ferry Tavern. Fred Wistrand is rebuilding the bridge over the River Kwai. Dale Winne, a registered nurse, is still in school working toward a medical degree. Barry Wind has designed a revolutionary futuramic car model for the Ford Company. Sandy Wilford is designing hair for movie stars in a Hollywood beauty parlor. Jack White is a famous test driver for General Motors. Dwight Wetmore is stuck in an Air Force plane - he can't get down! Sandra Welge is teaching kindergarten in South Africa. Joanne Von Deck is waiting her trip to Indianapolis in her new convertible, along with her husband and two children. Peter Van Jeune is head carpenter in the construction of the new Town Hall. Cindy Tyler is head nurse of Grace New Haven Hospital. She has a red M.G. of her own. Pete Tiezzi has just been made a captain in the Air Force. Steve Tavernier is a nuclear physicist at Stamford University. He still plays the baritone sax. Bob Swanson is out on a world wide campaign to convert "believers" Donny Sumner is happily married to Pinky. Jerry Stevenson is now an English teacher at Yale. Patti Stalsburg has just been named mother of the year. She has 6 children. Craig Spencer is the most famous hockey player of all times. Norman Smith is a U.S. delegate to the United Nations. Dick Sevigny is world famous for owning and driving the world's fastest dragster. Evelyn Sepega has just had her picture in Life Magazine with her 3 sets of twins. Lillian Scudder is the owner of a ritzy Florida night club. Joyce Scott is happily married and living with her husband in Alaska. Penny Schlag is dancing her way to success in New York. Sam Riggio has just been sold to the Celtics for a record S10,000,000. Bobby Potts had just won Playboy's annual award for the biggest . . .? Peggy Pearson is married to a millionaire Texan and is surrounded by oil wells and horses. Linda Pearson's art work is appearing in the ads of all the leading magazines. john Parker is posing for the "after pictures" in Charles Atlas advertisements. Ronny Palau is the new Editor of "Playboy" Magazine. Kernan Nucci is playing piano for Lester Lanin's lead orchestra in Bylo, Russia. Bob Nucci has just taken over the management of the Biltmore-Plaza, Florida Hotel. Mary Nickse is the new owner of the Pizza House. Diane Narducci is following her nursing profession on skis in Switzerland. Albie Mozzochi is the proud owner of the World Wide Camera Shop. Ray Morrow is Admiral of the Seventh Fleet which just sank en masse. Eddie Morin has just become a "Dad." Rosalie Mondani's millionaire husband is backing her latest play. Wayne Mansfield is coaching his champions - "Wonder-Five." Rosemary McCabe is one of Dior's top models. Tim Looney is a famous painter for Playboy magazine. Kathy Linquadoca is Yul Bryner's hairdresser. Nancy Lindner is the center for the New York Knickerbockers. Diane Lindner is a very private secretary. Carole Lebowich is an executive secretary of the Bridge players' Club of America. Butch Lavezzoli made so much money as a salesman, he is already retired in Florida. 29 Corky Lavezzoli writes gossip for the Wall Street journal. Owen LaPlace is President of LaPlace's Furniture Stores throughout the country. joe Krajewski is a captain in the Navy with a "WAC" wife. Sandor Kontor is a French interpreter at the United Nations. Bonnie Kessell is sitting in an old rocking chair, on top of a little hill, doing her knitting. Elaine Kennedy has just been appointed head nurse at the new Pediatrics Hospital in Washington. jay johnson is head of the Business Administration Department of johnson's Wax. Sue james is managing a ranch for the Air Force. joe Ippi is the nrst man on the moon. Joyce Helm has recently placed nrst in a gum-chewing marathon. Jeannie Gualazzi is her husband's private secretary at the South Africa Power Company. Ann Gregory is in South America serving as a missionary nurse to the natives. Howie Giles is the President of Giles Casket Company. Robert Friend is taking her third trip around the world as an international tutor. Edie Everts is traveling across the continent on a pogo stick. Matty Elgart is chopping up cadavers in med school. Ann Dull has just published a new book, "Spelin Maid Eezy Tolled in Pitchers." Marie Dtude is engaged to her night school teacher. She didn't flunk the course! Elaine Douville is working in the pediatrics ward of the India Hospital. Diana Dolanski is writing jokes for Mad magazine. Judy Deuse is in the Navy, married to an Air Force man, and their son wants to join the Marines. Dave Desmond is sleeping on the job. Dave Dengler has traveled around the worldg now he's looking for someplace else to go. Fran Darcy is married to a Wall Street play boy. Richard Czepiel is a successful C.P.A. Isabel Cucinotta is running for First Selectman on the Democratic ticket in Essex. Maria Colla is visiting the U.S. with her husband, who is a doctor. Judy Clark is editor of her husband's newspaper "Waves on Parade." Eric Christianson and Kathy have set up house keeping in a tree house in Saskatchewan. Linda Carter is a medical technician in a space station 15 light years south of Mars. Charlie Carta is a bat boy for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Rich Carlson is stuck in Las Vegas. He was traveling around the world. Barbaira Brooks is married to the richest man in Texas, and enjoys her daily strolls through the oil elds. Carol Bonanomi is a governess to a Florentine heiress. Nancy Blake is a nurse in a Hawaiian hospital, catering to Navy men. Gretchen Bishman has sailed around the world, married a millionaire, and is now raising horses in Kentucky. Doreen Bidwell is an executive secretary traveling around the world with her boss. Ann Bernstein is running a parking lot in Disneyland. - Elaine Bella has just published her latest book "Bella-isms." Ted Batko is a top engineer at General Electric. Barbara Balosie is a specialist in the fabrication of toupees for tired businessmen. Ray Aronson is taking his third trip around the world on his profits from his bar. Allen Ames is slaving in med school part time, while sailing full time. The business meeting ended at 8:30 P.M. and then the fun began. It will be another five years till we meet again. Respectfully submitted, Senior Class Secretary 30 Who' Who H :ag wr -w as rggikixwfaz gxggf, ' j- egggmw I f,-,..f- 111. I ' WM' -e ffQ'r-rljtlgfi - 1 z 'kr Eesti v kQ,k 2... I . , l - bb ' ' ' ' 5 193256 rg-Q M +4 fre ,J :-iff' . . FW" 'Bm .- K. I f 'S 1, 1'- K' 'I I e 1 I . I ,1.Q I he e a I lag Q I ir I eih- 1 i ffi 1 ,- w if 1, WISE GUYS Top ro Bottom: Joe Krajewski, Richard Cze- piel, Eric Christianson, Eddie Morin. BEATNIK Marry Elgarr BEST BUILT Left to Right: John Parker, Wayne Mansfield. 31 MOST TALKATIVE Left to Right: Roberra Friend, Diana Dolan- ski, Marry Elgart. BEST FIGURE Kathy Linquadoca HAPPY-GO-LUCKY Left to Right: Linda Carter, Craig Spencer. DRAMATISTS Left to Right: Ann Dull, Allen Ames. MOST POPULAR Left to Right: Corky Lavezzoli, Pat Sralsburg, Charlie Carta. SLOWEST Left to Right: Elaine Bella, Fxancis Lavezzoli, Elaine Douville. 5 5 3 S SWEETEST Maria Rosa Colla FLIRTS Left to Right: Diana Dolanski, Bob Nucci. N ICEST NOSE Left to Right: Evelyn Sepega, Diane Lindnet. 32 HELPING HANDS Left to Right: Dave Deugler, Judy C MOST STUDIOUS Left to Right: Rosalie Mondani, Ted B Doreen Bidwell, Diane Natclucci. i F a J FRIENDLIEST Left to Right: Ray Aronson, Edith I? Joanne Von Deck, Diana Dolanski. X MOST ROMANTIC :o Right: Joanne Von Deck, Bob Nucci. xg.: MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT o Right: Barbara Brooks, Allen Ames. TALLEST AND SI-IORTEST to Right: Sam Riggio, Joyce Scott, ' Linquadoca, Jay Johnson, John Zio- Nancy Lindner. s,sNYff:+ Q MOST INDEPENDENT Left to Right: Lillian Scudder, Fred Wis- trand. SILLIEST Left to Right: Ray Morrow, Bonnie Kessell. MOST SINCERE Left to Right: Norman Smith, Carol Bon- anomi, Elaine Bella, Kernan Nucci. NICEST EYES Left to Right: Cindy Tyler, Dwight Wet- more, Nancy Blake, George Zanelli. sig M 31, 4 Q: :1 1. gills t'2e if . U, . 1...E '1 I x1 1 Qg ,Xif ti 1' 1 X . 5 MW In-ws.-.M ,g 'f K 1 i 2, L, , -' V' Ne t, 'QS w e ., m e .w est , ,. ., ,T MOST GLAMOROUS Rosemary McCabe 33 LITTLE LOVERS Left to Right, Standing: Howie Giles. Sitting: Dick Ziemba, Marie Drude, Cindy Tyler, Bobb Potts. MOST ATHLETIC Left to Right: Sam Riggio, Nancy Lindner, Ann Gregory, Charlie Carta. DREAMERS Left to Right: Bob Swanson, Jerry Stevenson.: MOST NATURAL Left to Right: Peggy Pearson, Dale Winne, Judy Deuse. FUN LOVING Left to Right: Carol Lebowich, Barry Wind. MOST GULLIBLE Left to Right: Fran Darcy, Elaine Douville. TEASERS Left to Right: Gretchen Bishman, joe Ippi. 34 .. ,au if, -, all F .:,, '33,-' 31 K ' " A F . .. it ' ,.' f V3 NE"- Qi V f1,f .EP Jr. piers- Q3 ,g fi TJ. yy . f' 1,3 5 'W fig iggsistz 1 it--J: ' - V , .. +. -iff? X: ' K' T1 , 'i 5 YS?-ff 1 1 L 'fri , . ., -- -6532 113' g 1 , ,,fX,:.x, qu ' .Mg - Hz Mfg-gi -' " " 1 - 4' 5? M 37 ' f 'F . ,, " ' M ALL AROUND STUDENTS Left to Right: Corky Lavezzoli, Chai-li ta, Ann Gregory. BLUSHERS Left to Right: Judy Deuse, Elaine Kei Linda Pearson. if 4 A yiie if , ' T f - z ia' x : 5 l QUIETEST Left to Right: Penny Schlag, Francis zoli, Susan james. BEST LOOKING CLASS MUSICIANS Left to Right Ronny Palau, Barbara Brooks, Left to Right: Allen Ames, Sandra Welge, Marie Drude, Charles Carta. Ray Morrow, Steve Tavernier. HOT RODS to Right: Jack White, Peter Tiezzi, : Sevigny, Isabel Cucinotta, Ann Berstein. 5-ei SCIENTISTS to Right: Diane Narducci, Allen Ames, an Nucci, Elaine Bella. ARGUERS Left to Right: Roberta Friend, Mr. Yulo, Allen Ames. BEST PERSONALITIES Left to Right: Sam Riggio, Dave Dengler. Bottom Row: Joanne Von Deck, Barbara Brooks. 35 GUM CHEWERS Left to Right: Owen LaPlace, Joyce Helm BEST DRESSED Left to Right: Bob Potts, Rosemary McCabe Barbara Brooks, Charles Carta. CUTEST Left to Right: Diane Lindner, Bobby Nucci, Sandor Kontor, Cindy Tyler. if SLEEPIEST Lefr to Right: John Parker, Dave Desmond, Evelyn Sepega. CLASS LEADERS Left to Right: Charlie Carta, Pat Stalsburg, Dave Dengler. ARTISTS Left to Right: Don Sumner, Tim Looney, Ann Dull, Linda Pearson, Peggy Pearson. CUTEST EXPRESSION S Left to Riht: Par Stalsbur, Barbara Brooks, Linda Pearson Joanne Von Deck, Jean Gualazzi. SHYEST Left ro Right: Albert Mozzochi, Doreen Didwell, Barbara osie, Jimmy Teal. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class of Valley Regional, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, as members of this class of 1960. I, Allen Ames, leave my Latin trot to the first person to ask me for it. I, I, I, I, L I. I, L I, L 1, Ray Aronson, leave to V.R.H.S. students a warning not to own and operate a 55 Chevy-6. Barbara Balosie, leave after so many years of worrying. Ted Batko, leave V.R.H.S. to my brother who is just leaving kindergarten. Elaine Bella, leave a bottle of sedatives to Miss Borsik to quiet her nerves whenever she thinks of our Chemistry and Physics Class. Ang Bernstein, leave my parking place in the school parking lot to three cars that will be able to t into it. Doreen Bidwell, leave, happy that Carol and Diane are coming with me. Gretchen Bishman, leave Joanne Breslin a box of pins and Roberta Serevitch, Robbie's. Nancy Blake, leave nothing: everything I have is going with me. Carol Bonanomi, leave, hoping better things will come in the future. Barbara Brooks, leave Cathy Veiga one round trip to East Hampton!! Richard Carlson, leave my good behavior to a fellow Swede. Charlie Carta, leave with the possible honor of being the last goalie in the Regional soccer nets. I, I, Linda Carter, leave Bruce Watrous to next year's Senior girls. I. Eric Christiansen, leave my many awards for high bouncing to Lois Giles so she may be seen walking down the hall. I, Judy Clark, leave a headache to next year's Triad editor. I. I, I. I, Maria Colla, leave my best lore, to you and your country where I found so many friends. Isabel Cucinotta, leave my name as Hot Rod to any Junior girl who is brave enough to go home and show it to her parents. Richard Czepiel, leave to next year's Senior Class, Mr. Tippin, hoping he will give them a rough year. , Fran Darcy, leave all the worries of being a Senior to Elaine Tiezzi and Barbara Whaples. Dave Dengler, leave to next year's president the problems I had. I, We, Diana Dolanski and Patti Stalsburg, leave behind our bruises and positions as full backs on the I, I. I I I 1 r Q hockey team to any girls brave enough to accept them. Dave Desmond, leave my lousy nicknames to anyone who has the patience to put up with them. JucgDeuse, leave hoping Miss Hannon has enough patience left to teach another Business Law ass. Elaine Douville, leave Susanne Weise my seat in P.O.D. Class, if she can sit still that long. Marie Drude, leave happily. Annie Dull, leave my poster paints and brushes to my sister Meg, in hopes she will follow in my multi-color foot steps. I, Marty Elgart, leave to P.H. all my accumulated sawdust. I, I, I, I, I. I I I 1 9 Edie Everts, leave anything that's left to anyone who wants it. Roberta Friend, leave my notes lwrirten in Englishj to anyone who can decipher them. Howii: files, leave Mr. Walter N. Norris III to my sister Lois hoping she willienjoy him as much as ave. Ann Gregory, leave my crutches from Field Hockey to Joanne Breslin, hoping that she will never have to use them. Jeanne Gualazzi, leave happily. Joyce Helm, leave my ability to chew gum in Miss Hannon's room to any one who thinks they can get away with it. Joe Ippi, leave knowing Barbara is waiting. Sue James, leave. I, Jay Johnson, leave Coach Carrigan 10c for his much needed cup of colfee. I, Elaine Kennedy, leave my ability to blush to any Junior who wants it. I Bonnie Kessell, leave knowing I'll probably be back next year. 5 I, Sandor Kontor, leave my position as left wing to anybody who wants to be "way out!" I Joe Krajewski, leave, making room for all those seventh gradersf I, Owen I..aPlace, C"Mr. Fuzz"J leave to some fortunateunder graduate the daily task of passing out I, gumlto my .fellow gum chewers, even though it may be contrary to the wishes of the school administration. Corky Lavezzoli, leave half my fender at Otter Cove. I, Butch Lavezzoli, leave to join my uncle in the Business world. 37 I, I, I, Carole Lebowich, leave my P.O.D. notes to Elaine Tiezzi, if she can read them. Diane Lindner, leave knowing my brother Tommy follows. Nancy Lindner, leave to Carlene my basketball uniform No. 9. Kathy Linquadoca, leave the title as "shortest' to any Junior who can squeeze into it. L I, Tim Looney, leave to begin where I left off in the beginning where I began. I If Rosemary McCabe, leave my annual pajama parties to Carlene Ek if she can endure them. Wayne Mansheld, leave John Pierson a large basket of carrots to eat in U.S. History. Rosalie Mondani, leave locker 609 fwith 3 combinationsl to anyone who can open it. I, I, Eddie Morin, leave my parking space to anyone who wants it. I 11 I, Ray Morrow, leave all my nicknames to my good friend the great Scross. Albie Mozzochi, leave my seat in English to anyone silly enough to accept it. Diane Narducci, leave my place in Mr. Renton's Math Class to my sister Peggy. I, Mary Nickse, leave. I, Bob Nucci, leave wishing I could take all the girls with me. I, Kernan Nucci, leave - but will always remember the Class of 1960. I, Ronny Palau, leave happily. I, John Parker, leave. I, Linda Pearson, leave knowing there will be many more Pearsons following. I, Peggy Pearson, leave the distinction of being the class redhead to Tommy Pike. I. I, Bobby Ports, leave my parking space at the V.R.H.S. parking lot to anyone who can fill it. Sam Riggio, leave to all the Swedes a delicious Italian meatball. Penny Schlag, leave V.R.H.S. with full ambition to conquer the world. 1, I, Joyce Scott, leave to all Juniors, good luck in P.O.D. I. I I, Lillian Scudder, leave my long dark hair to a blonde with short hairuwho would like a change. Evelyn Sepega, leave my sister, Carolyn Mae, the next two years at V.R.H.S. Dick Sevigny, leave behind me the studies that I loved. CI-Ia! Ha!! I, Norman Smith, leave V.R.H.S. hoping that my six years have not been in vain. I. Craig Spencer, leave my table in the cafeteria because it's too heavy to carry with me. I, Jerry Stevenson, leave happy thoughts behind me. Donald Sumner, have already gone. I, I, Bob Swanson, leave in hope that Mr. Lieberman will convert all the new students into believers. I, I, I I I, I I, I I I. I I I I, I, I, 1 9 Steve Tavernier, leave my baritone sax to Stephen Spohr. Jimmy Teal, leave. Pete Tiezzi, leave to see the world. Cinilly Tyler, leave my ability to memorize chemistry formulas to anyone brave enough to attempt t em. Pete Van Jeune, leave "Nothing."!!!! Joanne Von Deck, leave to my cousin, John Pandiani, money, money, money, and an empty lunch room table. Sandra Welge, leave hoping to return as a teacher some day. Dwight Weunore, leave my gym socks and a clothespin to anyone who wants them. Jack White, leave my desk in Mech. Drawing to Coach Healy, hoping he can find some other "genius" to fill it. Sandy Wilford, leave hoping Elaine Tiezzi hnally gets her chance to sing a solo in Glee Club. Barry Wind, leave my Seat in Mt. Renton's Trig Class to anyone who has the courage to take it. Dale Winne, leave - so rest well teachers -- my sister follows in one year. Fred Wistrand, leave hoping that Bonnie Joslyn will behave herself without my help. George Zanelli, leave my dazzling ability to play basketball to next year's basketball team. Dicky Ziemba, leave with the memory of John Parker trying to graduate. John Ziobron, leave all my books to the school. Z5-SNK as J V 7' W X ff U ,af f li gf f . if r P , ff PRESIDENTS MESSAGE ," We, the class of 1960, have just completed six wonderful years at Valley Regional L 0 High School. The faculty can be assured that during our high school years, we have ac- ' quired a worthwhile education and cultural training which will be beneficial to our future. 6 We shall treasure the memories and friendships which we share with both the faculty J' and our classmates. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our teachers for all y ? the guidance and help that they have given us in these prosperous years. They have been 6 the best years of our lives. - I We hope that the underclassmen will follow our example to endeavor to make their 6 high school careers fruitful as well as enjoyable. i d May the high esteem in which we hold our school, be reflected in the actions of the gf members of our class. J uf' - F David Dengler " A , Class Presi ent Yi , ,I-sg, k i fx' 5 gl? jf f J' L' H , LQ, . f 5' ' f a itwnii v I 'Wy if . 1 0 ' ' 7 W Of 9 Iwi' I9 Va' N' 2 . at M ? K - 4 ,,' ln" -- .K . I' fir 07 4- ' . ' if .9 Q M fra kk dim-ni , r X t X 4 SWT v 'Q' aah mmmgmgimkmksgggg 'NW N 2 JUNIOR CLASS y i Row 1, left to right: Wendell Patterson, Sandra Forman, Richard Burr, Susan Bates, Gary Schwab, Robin Brooke, Kenneth Blomerth, Judith Cunningham, Jared Pratt, John Seibert, Patricia Kisselbrack, Alice Morin, Billy Echtman, Sally Saunders, Louis Bonanomi, Jill O'Dell, Craig Larson, Mary Ann McCarthy. Row 2: Ronald Redfield, 'Diane Browne, Arthur Christiansen, Beverly Anselmi, Curt Morris, Karen Archambault, Billy Beni, Melissa Colvin, James Bertelli, Ioy Whiting, David Puffer, Judy Carini, Robert Post, Linnea Calamari, Billy Cook, Virginia Banks, Henry Moeller, Leonard Hedwall. Row 3: Peter Koritkowski, Mary VonDietsch, Charles Post, Marilyn Haser, Peter Steinau, Carolyn Linquadoca, Kenneth Grzybowski, Penny Malcarne, Richard Harrington, Shirley Riccardi, Dennis Shultz, Sally Barocelli, George Marks, Elaine Tiezzi, Peter Wurschy, Barbara Whaples, Jay Beveridge. Row 4: June Gesner, Carolyn Pettinato, Richard Tiezzi, Cathy Zeh, Kenneth Grieder, Kerry Guptill, William Mordhurst, Faline Mather, Donald Kelting, Nancy Cooper, Richard Evans, Bonnie Joslyn, Strict Hyde, Betty- Bianca Edward Wollock, 'Dorothy Dickinson. t JUNIOR CLASS Row 1, left to right: Aniela Adamcyk, Harold Elston, Kathy Watrous, Edwin Spencer, Jean Bargnesi, Edward Radzik, Joanne Sbrolla, Skip Hubbard, joan Leitgeb, Tom Burton, Margaret Pollard, David Hallden, Cynthia Eno, Fred Swan, Nancy Brooks, Alvin Carlson, Caroline Hazuka. Row 2: Carl Boe, Sheryl Daniels, Robert Milardo, Carlene Ek, George Scherber, Sylvia Carter, Richard Zivitski, Mary Contestabile, Carl Dolle, Linda Wind, Dirk Van Heiningen, Carol Underwood, Henry Stocek, Sandra Gilson, Alan Macgregor, Grace Tuttle. Row 3: Ronald Pike, Linda Woodcock, Ronald Glidden, Shirley joy, Roger Loven, Mary Ellen Olin, Robert Kurek, Paulette Alexander, Harry Fanslau, Natalie Ackermann, Donald Kelting, Carol Weiler, Paulette Patillo, Joan Moody, Faye Clark, Patricia Dugall, Barbara Bangs. Row 4: Miss Castelli, Advisor, Stella Grief, Lois Cecchini, Jane Carlsten, Mr. Lieberman, Advisor. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Patricia Kisselbrack, Jared Pratt, John Seibert, Judith Cunningham JUNIOR CLASS EARTH AND TIME Let us take a trip in time On a man-made time machine, And look on earth in times to come As omniscient King or Queen. The earth is old and grey now. Her sun is all but dead, And men are all but gone now. To other systems they have sped. Across the vacant plains we look - and sigh Where once in many splendored arts. Men had lived and worked and lived - and died Theancient cities at our feet, Lay crumbled and falling. She's look'n for her children. And her God will soon be calling. F. Swan 42 REFLECTIONS Phineas Fogg took 80 days to go around the world. In 27, "Lucky Lindy" gave flying a boon. The first jets then roared and thundered upon the scene, And now the Russians have shot the moon. Today's men, ever striving to improve Beyond our hopes and fullest dreams. From Hifi, plastics, nylon and such, To the micronite filter and shaving creams. Scientists, inventors in every field, Make hundreds of discoveries every year. Never a let-down, day in and day out. Yesterday's tomorrow, today is here. Today we are ingenious, courageous and proud, For we have our own mushroom-shaped cloud. But I know for sure, on that ultimate day, Someone will light a spark - And we will all be blown away S. Hubbard 43 633- SOCXA k Hoof' IVOIISE F5 QQ?-RYED aw 5 XXQQSN' RO, N- W'-2e.r DAxS:,Sg40.N Tu DI 0 Q S BN' CeCNsn I 1+ of E Nf YXX99 I 2 Sqe' QW? qi ffezwl Dasmvwif if WnAPLi'S Q h ' J 'QQI7 Swxxxi paves-xsvk 5 , X 1 Q Q, 4 KoRv'rKowsXgg . V v I ' Ti, X 'M 14 .X mf 0 - L f an ff X"f'k Q h , ii 5 QQQWM 5 BQ W Q', Q x QSM QE ,ff 5- WNY u N Q, l SOPHOMORE CLASS Row 1, left to right: Thomas Sypher, Patricia Mozzochi, Larry Silverman, Joyce Shurnbo, Thomas Ziobron, Carolyn Sepega, james Sbrolla, Patricia Schwab, Henry Kreis, Donna Mayer, Robert Baldwin, Carol Mozzochi, James Zanardi, Lucille Edwards, James Dengler, Nancy Smith, Walter Smith, Jane Samuels. Row 2: Roberta Serevitch, Margaret Dull, James Hudson, Victoria Laliorrune, Jonathan Ames, Elizabeth O'Sullivan, Henry Burr, Gail Phinney, Libre King, Rose Maiiee, Robert Stannard, Patricia Bohling, George Travernier, Betty Jette, Ernest Fraim, Melanie Haynes, Joseph Castelli, Laurie Spence. Row 3: Mary James, Darlene Rankin, Kenneth Bombaci, Cyrilla Joyce, Bar- bara Ek, Darryl Marrh, Janet Pearson, Leonard Jerte, Susan Austin, Lea Lorello, Thomas Kurek, Patricia Allen, Linda Arrigoni, Thomas Fraim, Harriet Kelting, Fred Taylor, Betsy Barco, Steven Savard, Marilyn Downing, Richard Manville. Row 4: John Pierson, Carol Palau, Joan Hptkowski, Barbara Campbell, Lester Davies, Sonja Thomas, Sharon Daniels, Carolyn Krajewski, Linda Klim, Anita Wright, James Mislick, Mary Bouton, Philip Klein, Joanne Breslin, Edward Smith, Dale Frolander, Timotha Doane, Susan Underwood, Robert Rutty. Row 5: Sally Nelson, Advisor, Dennis Miska, Stanley Grief, Thomas Pike, john Vanjeune, Louis Lavezzoli, Vivian Ackerman, Angie Malchiodi, Susan Kensel, Anna Grief, Margaret Castelli, John Finkledey, Karen Watrous, Cathy French, Barbary Curry, Madeline Josten, Carol Weaver, George Vince, Advisor. 1 rf 2 , ,E fre 2 5 . 3 QT a 3? ? it ii S 2 E is SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Bottom to Top: Henry Kreis, President, Robert Baldwin, Vice President Donna Mayer, Secretary, Carol Mozzochi, Treasurer HORIZONS Sophomores, do you now recall, Our seventh grade days in these long halls? Piles of books went home each night, Homework to the left and right! On to grade eight in Junior High, Much as before, but we weren't as shy, Over the hump, we were Freshmen next, Richer in knowledge we studied our text, English and Latin, Science and Math - College is calling, and this is our path. Learning new skills during high school years, Arouses our interests for future careers. So keep up your work, aim higher each year, ' Success is your goal - the pathway is clear. , Barbara Curry , l 46 PROGRESS From dinosaurs and primitive men To pre-fab houses instead of a den, EVOLUTION Work, learning, and revolution This is the world's evolution. Science, Math and French solutions These are the student's evolution. Marg Dull From ceremonies with snakes and eels To church, and school, and Virginia Reels, Through war, and work, and revolution. Marg Dull CLASS ti i FRESHMAN CLASS Row 1, left to right: Lee Noack, Penny Hyde, Fred Arrigoni, Lynn Drake, Sheila Myers, Charles Bornbaci, Nancy Pearson, Robert Kessell, Sandra Acker- man, Thomas Riggio, Nancy Bininger, Arnold Oliver, Carol Stalsburg, Lucia Bella, Amber Lizzaraga, Charles Klimaszewski. Row 2: Walter O'Sullivan, Lois Giles, James Serevitch, Guy Bella, Lynda Milardo, Mary Lou Cucinotta, Richard Lisi, Susan Bibbiani,'Linda Wharton, Peter Boe, Loran Kelsey, David Crane, Sandra Arbuckle, Carolyn Cutler, Fran- cis Adamcyk, Courtney Kimball. Row 3: Joan O'Dell, Kathleen Towler, Sally Desmond, David Evangelisti, Amelia Moore, Carl Echtman, Kathleen Holmes, Barbara Breslin, Wayne Wil- son, Janice Bidwell, Joseph Kehoe, Marion Picchione, john Pandiani, Jean Mal- carne, Carl Christianson, Judith Lavezzoli. Row 4: Larned Whitney, Linda Carini, Richard Stone, Joanne Waz, Donald Graves, Sally Jones, William Potter, Carol Guertin, Bruce Maior,' Louise Clark, David, Costa, Susan Hawkins, Frank Janoski, Virginia Gilbert, Gary Comstock, Sandra Foggitr. FRESHMAN CLASS Row 1, left to right: Michael Dutka, Lauren Lee, Bruce Watrous, Sally Com- stock, Randall Hale, Carolyn Petroski, John Greene, Suzanne Weisse, Dennis Gartiry, Linda Kranyak, john Kurze, Mary Louise Goss, James Grieder, Ernes- tine Olsen. Row 2: Robert Tuttle, Carole Frolander, Richard Lynch, Rose Marie Capuciati, Richard Hermion, Sandra Euston, Charles Phillips, Joan Carter, Kenton Clark, Dorothy Macgregor, Thomas Haser, Patricia Czepiel, David Bender. Row 3: Brenda Hubbard, David Fisher, Natalie Nickell, Richard Dzurenka, Barbara Bristol, Daniel Carini, Amelia Uricchio, Richard Lippincott, Phyllis Courtemanche, Douglas Dickinson, Susan Scholerman, HCDIY-RUdEyV1CZ. Row 4: Gail Perzanoski, Wayne Tisdale, Judith Jones, Edwin Hetnold, Grace Dickinson, Robert Muggleston, Gail Massey, David Pope, Nan Koch, Roy Tuthill, Sandra Monte, Joseph Shibles, Patricia Phelps. Row 5: Miss Babic, Advisor, John Stawicki, Catherine Veiga, Jonathan James, jean Martin, Theodore Lemelin, Margaret Narducci, Stanley French, Mr. Du- bee, Advisor. F RESHMEN Faithful and loyal to V.R.H.S., Ready and willing to do our best, Even working with ability - School spirit ,and unity. Hence our goal is graduation, Much more class participation, Earning toward our goal in life. Now continue without strife. joan Carter FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Corresponding Secretary ..........,..... Arnold Oliver Recor ing Secretary ..r..,..,,,..,...... Nancy Bininger Vice President .........,,......,...... Sandra Ackermann President Thomas Riggio Treasurer Carol Stalsburg Cabsentj F RESHMAN CLASS Mi' ourageous considerate and consistent are we rvrng our lives as full as can be A brding with our promises W tanding on equal premises S eriously thinking of our wishes to succeed O f the many careers we take heed F reshmen are we and proud as can be i Lauren Lee L gi 1 ha 50 5 l O l 1-1 15 ,v S a,g,fa A C ,K Q 4 1, Q? vt-X so a' up is ' S f bib 4603. li'1 C I new EIGHTH GRADE Row 1, left to right: Maureen I-lull, Warren Narducci, Sandra Bibbiani, Paul Wetmore, Pat Greene, Bruce Morin, Robert Perry, Lynn Schneider, Ken Clarke, Sarah Ingram, Steve Pitts, Susan Groth, Manon Savard, Eranlg Pagano, Nancy Bombaci, Walter Gilbert, Adrienne Santi, Leroy Edwards, Hildegarde Stone. Row 2: Donald Carlson, Linda McMahon, Bruce Propheter, Gloria Price, Rich- ard Sbrolla, Linda MacDonald, Gary Peckham, Mary Lee Harrington, Dudley Clark, Nancy Machado, Anthony Cutone, Judy Frank, Ronald Frobell, Lorraine Zeh, Charles Propheter, Janet Whaples, Ray Archambault. Row 3: Neil Johnson, Nancy jones, Thomas Tassis, Mary Spring, Joseph Von Dietsch, Margaret Carlson, Morris Knight, Christine Srawicki, John Kessell, Doris Cox, Paul Hotkowski, Carol Ingraham, Brian Gustafson, Catherine Cos- tello, David Wright, Suzanne Doering, George Goldreich. Row 4: Louis Mozzochi, Billy Kaiser, jane Mather, Vernon Doane, Patricia Carlson, Steve Trachtenburg, Kathy Clarke, Robert Chrimes, Janice Cockayne, John Hesser, Linda Teal, Marcia Handley, Don Kehoe, Mike French, Judy Barbour, Kathy Welge, John Looney. EIGHTH GRADE Row 1, left to right: Marjorie Brothwell, Wayne Smith, Donna Messina, Rus- sell, Perreoult, Delphine Carini, Harry Walden, Sheryl Jacome, Peter Caminati, Sonja Shuford, Ronald Sizer, Linda Denette, Michael Miller, Jane Cooper, Da- vid Novinski, Wanda Dorr. Row 2: Jennie Fordham, Charles Pollard, Judy Campbell, Richard Grote, Kathy Weiler, John Garner, Patricia Muscoliuo, Dorville Simpson, Billy Sherwood, Scott Ziobron, Eleanor Friend, Robert Birdsey, Valentina Mistchenko, Ted Barto. Row: 3: Burton Tuttle, Malvina Scarpini, Beldon Libby, Margaret Breslin. Tom McCarthy, Jean Bates, Jerry Ackerman, Elizabeth Deuse, Steve Milton, Janet Cur- ry, Gary Willis, Laura Moeller, Leonard Williams, Nancy Forman. Row 4: Gary Wind, Peter Bonanomi, Betsy Bates, Kenneth Loven, Cynthia Watrous, Robert Marciniac, Heather Kerrick, Joseph Fazzino, Mary McKeon, William Saunders, Carol Hyde, Archie Gilbert, Alison Trojan, Victor htrson. Row 5: Miss McNiE, Advisor, Bronwyn Walden, Barry Joy, Judy Molander, Gary Smith, Roberta Croft, Julius Monroe, Betty Kortikowski, Eileen Sypher, Shelly MacWhinney, Rosemary Rudewicz, Catherine Carter, Patricia Birch, Mr. McManus, Advisor. .ow 1, left to right: EIGHTH oyv 2 .. SarQ Ingram Kenneth Clarke Susan Groth Steven Pitts Lynn Schneider f-' 5 ' M' . mf SCHOOL DAYS In '64 we'll graduate. We'll be as busy as a bee, Thinking of what the future may bring, And what we want to be. There's math, science, and English too, And homework by the score. The hours seem to be so slow And they get to be a bore. Tests, tests, and more tests, We get them every day - In math for adding numbers, And in English for what to say. When the day is over, We stop and chat with friends. We gather in the hall-ways, And chatter like mad hens. Wanda Dorr L'1 SUCCESS Remember grade seven, how shy were we, Trying to prove how good we could be. Now we're in eight, much wiser too, And school takes on another hue. Freshmen we'll be in one short year. Seeking to choose our life's career. Three years to go of study and fun, And then our high school years are done. So study, dear friends, very hard each day Then joy and success will come your way. janet Curry EIGHTH GRADE A A gg! 53 -s.,smwWu-mamma SEVENTH GRADE Row 1, left to right: Diane Glowac, Candace Brooke, Linda Walden, Dianne Malcarne, Sylvia Arnold, Cynthia Deuse, Sharon Pearson, Kathleen Ruth, Sharon Bullock, Cheryl Breslin, Cathryn Bohling, Constance Comstock, Su- san Prann, Caroline Waz, Diana Rurty, Sandra Peterson, Lois Smith, Diane Manville. Row 2: Kenneth ,Dzurenl-ta, Harold Hull, Eugene Spencer, Peter Nichols, David jameson, Gerald O'Dell, Leonard Ernanuelson, Ronald Willis, Charles Frances, Raymond Dickinson, Tim Klevecz, Ricky' Garnbini, Paul Mather, Richard Boisselle, john Dresty, Jay Watrous, Buddy Daniels, Carroll Gilson. Row 3: Jean Cucinorta, Linda DeNino, Linda Tiezzi, Sharon Zangrandi, Mary Lou Bosworth, Nancy Schwab, Irene Bridschge, Cathy Beveridge, Virginia Harrington, Cynthia Scoboria, Cynthia Nucci, Jacqueline Coole, Carolyn Apple- bee, Carol Strain, Barbara Smith, Gail Lebowich, Gayle LaPlace. Row 4: Ronald Kelsey, Peter Bonanno, Lewis Foggirt, Thomas Shannon, Paul Zito, Paul Malcarne, Victor Pettinato, Allen Hollwedel, Quentin Wilson, Steve Scholes, Peter Crawford, Alan Miller, Stephen Spohr, Donald Wilson, David Stebbins, Richard Anselmi. Row 5: Mr. Henebry, Sheila Whaples, Betsy Watrous, Rica Comstock, Mary Bella, Kathleen Doane, Rosemary Paresi, Lee Austin, Pam Pape, Paula Lewis, Georgette Cloutier, Donna Rutty, Karen Ganter, Patricia Ziobron, Jan Myers, Patricia Mather, Elizabeth Savard, Mrs. Estes. SEVENTH GRADE Row 1, left to right: Jeanne Cynar, Jewel Christy, Cathryn Cutler, Ann Louise Sinjlcheslci, Nancy Moore, Judy Westra, Sandra Rayner, Candice Jermainne, Phyllis Uricchio, Laura Lee Sumner, Susan Clark, Nina Allen, Gloria Turner, Patricia Brainard, Jean Wallis, Joyce Arnold, Sherry Austin, Judy Hopkins. Row 2: Frank Picchione, Raymond Edwards, Richard Anderson, David Milardo, Peter Boggio, William Gibert, Peter Parodi, lance Parker, Peter Muscolino, Paul Shepard, Henry Hotkowski, John Radzik, Louis Tuttle, Clarence Stevens, Charles Johnson, Walter Schieferdecker, Stanley Stopa, James Olsen. Row 3: Gail Porter, Barbara Walker, Katherine Willets, Deborah Schneller, Lisa Deforest, Lucille Perkins, Christine Laskowski, Nancy Divis, Martha Moody, Dorothy Brooks, Sandra James, Margaret Edmunds, Beverly Stevens, Lynn Johnson, Kathleen Miksa, Joanne Johnson, Susan Adams, Doria Danks. Row 4: William Walker, Ronald Bosworth, Robert Christiansen, Mark Oliver, Jeff Goings, Paul Wollsleager, Robert Standish, Donald Fruhwald, James Masterson, Brian Tisdale, Kenneth Barbour, Arthur Berdensey, Rodney Smith, George Grandsire, Dennis O'Shea, Bruce I-Iallden, John Kelsey, John Carlson. Row 5: Kathleen Kurze, Carol Hotkowski, Gina Rosencrantz, Cynthia Smith, Gail Moynihan, Sandra Milton, Jean Schweitzer, Patty Becker, Priscilla Bishop, Linda Bargnesi, Janice Cecchini, Edith Moorhouse, Beatrice Caminati, Mary Lou Cath, Gaynor Spencer, Harriet Parker, Kathleen McLean, 'Janet Ross, Rosemary Cutone. Row 6: Mr. Henebry, Louis Faraci, Dean Zanardi, Peter Wind, Gary Norton, Charles Forman, Dennis Banning, David Karkheck, Wayne Scott, David Schum- way, Keith LaFlair, Mrs. Estes. "I was very nervous on the first day of scho l" - C' cl o in y Nucci "I like this school very much" - Peter Boggio "'I had hoped my teachers ld wou give little homework and mark eas Y - they do neither!" - Rica Comstock "Our basic teacher isn't easy on us in making out tests" - Sharon Pearson "Nothing interesting happened in the fall, but once Christmas came everything was bouncing" - Cathy Beveridge "I don't really mind havin t b g ests, ut we sometimes have them too oft en" -- Cassie Bohling "When I get my diploma, I want t k 2-malt' : A , Y ,..,v- .K - , '1?1kv-.-- ,. .,..,- ew... .", '.,'-:.---'-"'......f l ,. M--, Z' o now that I earned it" - Mary Louise Bosworth .-Ti i . A -- so Q vw 2, RM Q 3 5590 EM sr Q S as an Q g Q aw 2 3 Q on X - , '::zs':'ieNf1i1r:!,ri'U sa fer 2?..eiQS'5SiEEEi5ZE:i:5: 4 ,. .--its A Na 5. .iw fd g farm .Va 1 f g gf'1:??E,5?E5EZsE:,g::.:z . Row 1, lefr to right: Peggy Pearson, Ann Dull, Rosalie Mondani, Diana Dolanski, Dale Winne, Bonnie Kessell, Diane Lindner, Barbara Brooks. Row 2: Miss Pollock, Advisor, Allan Ames, Tim Looney Howard Giles, Judy Clark, Rosemary McCabe, Charles Lavezzoli, Ann Gregory, Roberta Friend. Row 3: Cynthia Tyler, Diane Narclucci, Linda Carter, Edith Everts, Patty Stalsburg, Sandra Wil- ford, Joyce Helm, Doreen Bidwell, Isabel Cucinotta. l Row 4: Nancy Linclnet, Gretchen Bishman, jerry Stevenson, Ray Morrow, Craig Spencer, Linda Pearson, Sandra Welge, Carole Lebowich, Elaine Bella. TRIAD The Triad staff puts many hours of work into the publishing of the yearbook. Pic- tures must be taken, ads must be acquired, and class pages must be organized. This year the stali' has made many changes in the construction of the book. This is the second year in succession that the Triad has been published by the Senior Class. 58 Row 1, left to right: Maureen Hull, Michael French, Billie Sherwood, Susan Bibbiani, Gary Willis, Melissa Colvin, Elizabeth O'Sullivan, Jane Cooper, Jane Samuels, Donald Kehoe, Hildegarcle Stone. Row 2: Margaret Dull, Alison Trojan, Barbara Brooks, Joanne Waz, Aniela Adamcyk, Nancy Brooks, Nancy Cooper, Gary Comstock, Cathy Veiga, Cynthia Wauous. Row 3: Kathy Watrous, Peggy Pearson, Roberta Friend, Ann Dull, Judy Clark, Rosalie Mondani, Allan Ames, Patricia Dugall. Row 4: Bonnie Joslyn, Linda Pearson, Lynn Schneider, Gretchen Bishman, Tim Looney, Peter Steinau, Carol Palau, Mr. Norris, Advisor. - VALI-HI ECHO The Vali-Hi Echo, the school newspaper, offers to students on the staff a chance for self-expression, opportunity to learn the steps of journalism and knowledge of the be- hind-the-scenes workings of the modern newspaper. The Vali-Hi Echo staE and the journalism class have contributed greatly to this year's Echo, as well as helping to arrange' and make possible the purchase of a press for the use of the club. 59 ill? Row 1, left to right: Charles Lavezzoli, Raymond Aronson, Linda Pearson, Diana Dolanski, Bar- bara Brooks, Patricia Stalsburg, Peggy Pearson, Allan Ames, Maria Rosa Colla, David Dengler, Sam Riggio, jerry Stevenson, Fred Wistrand. Row 2: Patty Carlson, Marcia Handley, Dorothy Brooks, Kay Willets, Edith Moorhouse, Cheryl Breslin, Sara jane Ingram, Jared Pratt, Henry Kreis, Tommy Riggio, Lois Giles, Sally Desmond, Sandra Ackerman, Jacqueline Coole. Row 5: Paul Wetmore, Dudley Clark, Paul Hotkowski, Burton Tuttle, Robert Chrimes, Henry Ruclewicz, Peter Wurshy, John Seibert, Fred Swan, Tommy Burton, Cynthia Deuse. Row 4: Thomas MacCarthy, Richard Anselmi, Robert Kessell, Priscilla Bishop, Nancy Brooks, Bonnie Joslyn, Melissa Colvin, Laurie Spence, Nan Koch, Peggy Narducci, Gary Comstock, Richard Hennion, Patty Ziobron. Row 5: Arthur Berdensey, Doria Danks, Roberta Serevitch, Kerry Guptill, Susan Adams, Craig Larson, Joe Castelli, jack Vanjeune, Mr. Leiberman, Advisor. STUDENT COUNCIL President ..,...,..... ....,..... A llan Ames Vice-President ..... Peggy Pearson Secretary .,....... Patricia Stalsburg Treasurer ...............,.,......,... Barbara Brooks This year the Student Council has been very successful. It began by holding the annual dance on the first day of school for our exchange student and also a birthday dance for the same. The Student Council does more than provide social events. It is the back- bone of the school in relation to the students. With representatives from each class, there is an opportunity for each to voice and express his own opinion. 60 ' Qi ig T as ' W . ,223 , If 'E .AQ - .'.-.-tx E sk' 3' Row 1, left to right: Melissa Colvin, Aniela Adamcyk, Miss Klart, Advisorg Allan Ames, Peggy Pearson, Ann Dull, Rosalie Mondani, Pat Kisselbrack. Row 2: Barbara Brooks, Judith Clark, Howard Giles, Patricia Dugall, Judith Deuse, Frank Hubbard, Thomas Burton, Fred Swan, Roberta Friend, Linda Carter, jay Beveridge, Doreen Bidwell, Carolyn Hazuka, Elaine Bella. HONOR SOCIETY President ,........,.................... Peggy Pearson Vice President ...... ...... A Ilan Ames Secretary .......... ......, L inda Pearson Treasurer ..,......,.,........,............... Ann Dull The Laurel Chapter of the National Honor Society at VRHS is an organization to which students who possess superior qualities of scholarship, character, leadership, and service may be appointed by the faculty. The Honor Society, is to many students, a goal towards which they work during their four years of high school. However, only juniors and seniors who meet the quali- Hcations are eligible, and those selected do not know until they are called from the stu- dent body to the stage during the actual induction assembly. This assembly is held twice a year, once in the winter, and again in the spring. 61 Row 1, left to right: Paul Malcarne, lrene Briclschge, Diane Glowac, William Gibert, Gayle La Place. ' Row 2: john Dresty, Jewel Christy, Betsy Watrous, Cathy Cutler, Kathy Beveridge, Nancy Pearson Row 3: Cherryl Jacome, Linda MacDonald, Mary Beth McKeon, jonathan Ames, Peggy Pollard jane Cooper, james Hudson, Gail Shuford, Linda Denette. Row 4: Mrs. Brown, Aclvisorg Jeff Going, jack Carlson, Lynn Johnson, Peter Parodi, Lee Nickell Sandra Arbuckle, Billie Sherwood, Donna Rutty. BOOKENDS President .,..,r.rA... .... ,..4 P e ggy Pollard Vice President ...... ..,.,... J onathan Ames Secretary ...,...... ,..,..........,...,. I ane Cooper Treasurer ....,....,.......... Mary Beth McKeon The Library Club is a member of Nutmeg O20 Association, which includes clubs all over the state. The members learn library procedure and help organize library material. 62 Row 1, left to right: Jane Samuels, Elizabeth 0'Sullivan, Laurie Spence, Sally Jones, Ann Dull, Linnea Calamari, Margaret Dull, Melanie Haynes, Vicky LaFortune, Sally Desmond. Row 2: Kerry Guptill, Timothia Doane, Cathy Zeh, Patty Sralsburg, Susan Scholerman, Doria Danks, Susan Hawkins, Lea Lorello, Virginia Banks, Carol Frolander, Nan Koch. Row 5: Linda Woodcock, Lee Nickell, Carole Underwood, Carol Palau, Peter Steinau, Allen Ames, jay Beveridge, Jonathan Ames, Gretchen Bishman, Nancy Cooper. X, Row 4: Henry Burr, Roberta Friend, Owen LaPlace, Tim Looney, Carl Boe, Fred Swan, Pat Dugall, David, Fisher, Mr. Gisr, Advisor. ' DRAMA CLUB President .......,.............. .,..,.,., A llan Ames Vice President ....... .....,.. P eter ,Steinau Treasurer ............... .......,....... A nn Dull Secretary ....,.,...............,,.... Virginia Banks Publicity Chairman ...,........ Roberta Friend Program Co-Chairmen ........ Kerry Guptill, Virginia Banks Stage Crew Chairmen ............ Tim Looney, Carl Boe Aside from producing a number of plays during the school year, the Drama Club creates an interest in theatre from all aspects. The club maintains a crew which mns the lights in the auditorium for any performance and also maintains a crew which helps with stage sets and make-up for any' activity in the school. The club is organized primarily as a learning activitiy and secondly for the purpose of furnishing entertainment. ' as Row 1, left to right: Mr. Gisr, Advisory Allan Ames, Carol Underwood. Row 2: Robert Friend, Peter Steinau, Jay Beveridge. THESPIAN TROUPE NO. 1241 President .......4....... ....,............. A llan Ames Vice President .,... Carole Underwood Secretary .....,,..,. ...,..., R oberta Friend Treasurer A..... jay Beveridge Seribe ...... ,,4.. P eter Steinau "Devoted to the Advancement of Dramatic Arts in the Secondary Schools." The Thespian troupe acts as a parent to the Drama Club. Members are those who have con- tributed to the dramatic program an equivalent of 100 hours of satisfactory work in some phase. Those who are asked to become members of the Thespian Troupe are the outstanding students in the dramatic program. 64 Row 1, left to right: joy Whiting, Nancy Brooks, Cathy Veiga. Row 2: Carolyn Applebee, Susan Bates, Faline Mather, Carol Weaver, Aniela Adamcyk, Kerry Guptill, Lea Lorello, Harriet Kelting, Sandra Welge, Nancy Pearson. Row 3: Peggy Pearson, Sandia Monte, Carol Palau, Rose Marie Capuciati, Roberta Friend, Joan Car- ter, Joan Moody, Nancy Cooper, Miss Castelli, Advisor. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA President ....,........................... Nancy Brooks Vice President .,..............,....... joy Whiting Secretary ............................ Catherine Veiga Treasurer and Historian ........ Jean Malcarne Functions: To identify capable candidates for teaching. To secure information about opportunities in education. To secure information about special characteristics of a teacher. To secure information about teacher education. To participate in prevocational activities. 65 Row 1, left to right: Susan Bates, Raymond Aronson, Craig Larson, Patricia Dugall, Peter Steinau, Kathy Wauous, Jay Beveridge, Aniela Adamcyk, Larry Silverman. Row 2: Craig Spencer, Fred Swan, Kernan Nucci, Carl Boe, Henry Stocek, Fred Wistrand, Matthew Elgart, Allan Ames, Ted Batko. Row 3: Mr. Renton, Advisor. MATH CLUB President f .............. ..... A llan Ames Vice President .,..... ..,.,. F red Swan Secretary ....,.,.,.... ..,. S usan Bates Purposes: C11 To stimulate interest in mathematics. C25 To provide opportunity for members to investigate mathematical topics which are not ordinarily included in the standard courses. Q3j To provide opportunity for original thinking in connection with challenging problems. 66 i Row 1, left to right: Elaine Bella, Peter Wurshy, Craig Spencer, Steve Tavernier, Kathy Watrous, Patricia Kisselbrack, Leila Moorhouse, Raymond Aronson, Miss Borsik, Advisor. Row 2: Robert Swanson, Henry Moeller. Row 1, left to right: Barry Wind, Ted Barko, Fred Swan, Sandor Kontor, Bob Potts, Kernan Nucci, Fred Wistrand, Carl Boe. PHY SCI CHEM CLUB President ......,,........ ....., S teve Tavernier Vice President .,......... ......... E laine Bella Secretary Treasurer .................,.,.,,. Carl Boe Program Chairman .............,., Craig Spencer Advisor .....,....,.,...,....... Miss Dolores Borsik The Phy Sci Chem Club meets every Monday in the Chemistry laboratory. Each mem- ber has an opportunity to work on a project of his choice. This year the physics mem- bers of the club will have the additional help of Dr, Vernat Eaton of Weslyan University, Middletown as part of the-Visiting Scientists Program in Physics for High Schools. 67 Row 1, left to right: Diane Glowac, Lewis Foggitt, Betsy Watrous, Kathleen Ruth, Linda Tiezzi, Mary Lou Bosworth, Peter Muscolino, Patricia Mather, Jewel Christy, Cynthia Deuse, Gerald O'Del1, Mrs. Estes, Advisor. Row 2: lrene Bridschge, Elizabeth Savard, Rosemary Paresi, Lois Smith, Linda Bargnesi, Barbara Walker, Priscilla Bishop, Vfilliam Gibert, Allen Hollwedel, Caroline Waz, Caroline Applebee, Gail Lebowich. Row 3: Nina Allen, Joyce Arnold, Susan Clark, Candice Jermainne, Peter Parodi, James Master- son, Lucille Perkins, Phyllis Uricchio, Cathryn Cutler, Sherry Austin. Row d4i Peggy Edmonds, Doria Danks, David Karkheck, Kathleen Kurze, Kathleen Miksa, George Gran sire. FUTURE SCIENTISTS This club is composed of Seventh graders who are interested in having fun with Science, and learning more about scientific facts and principles. Film strips and movies form a part of the program. There are many demonstrations and experiments planned and shown by the members. Trips are made to local plants for observation of Science put to practical uses. The club meets after school in one of the laboratories, under the supervision of Mrs. Estes. 68 Row 1, left to right: Rose Marie Capuciari, Barbara Breslin, Suzanne Weisse. Row 2: Mary Ann McCarthy, Caroline Hazuka, Dale Winne, Isabel Cucinotta, Diana Dolanski. Row 3: Jewel Christy, Linda Tiezzi, Jeanne Cynar, Diana Rutty, Donna Rutty. Row 4: Mrs. Wwdmansee, Aclvisorg Janice Cecchini, Mary Lou Cucinorta, Joan Carter, Lauren Lee, Amelia Uricchio, Phyllis Uricchio, Mary Bella, Irene Bridschge, Jean Cucinorra. Row 5: Miss Clement, Advisorg Catherine Smith. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA President ...,..4............,............ Dale Winne Vice President ...,. ,.... C aroline Hazuka Secretary ............. ...,.,. D iana Dolanski Historian .....,......... ....... C atherine Smith Parliamentarian ......,,........ Isabel Cucinotta FHA is a national organization made up of girls who are interested in hornemaking. The girls, with the help of their advisors, learn different phases of cooking, sewing, and the care of children. 69 Row 1, left ro right: Sally Desmond, Joan O'Del1. Row 2: jean Malcarne, Susan Austin, Linda Arrigoni, janet Pearson. Row 3: Susan Hawkins, Lee Nickell, Kathy Zeh, Carolyn Pettinato. Row 4: Carole Frolander, Joan Carter, Patty Phelps, Vivian Ackerman. Row 5: Lea-Lorello, Dorry Macgregor, Anna Grief, Karen Watrous. VALLEYETTES The Valleyettes, a precision drill team, was organized during the basketball sea- son for the purpose of performing march drill routines at home games. The group per- formed at four home basketball games and two pep assemblies. They were assisted at all times by the school band. 70 GPERA CLUB Every year the Opera Club makes a thorough study of the composer, libretto, arias, theme, story, setting, costumes, and the history of a particular opera. When the study is complete, the club makes the trip to the Metropolitan Opera House in New York to see the opera. Row 1, left to right: Mr. Martino, Advisor, Jewel Christy, Nancy Schwab, Penny Hyde, Betsy Watrous, Rosemary Paresi, Kathy Doane, Linda Bargnesi, Priscilla Bishop, Sally Desmond, Robin Brooke, Jane Samuels, Victoria La- Fortune, Elizabethann O'Sullivan, Rica Comstock, Barbara Walker, Gail Porter, Judy Hopkins, Nina Allen, Mrs. Stowers, Advisor. Row 2: Kenneth Loven, Peter Bonanomi, Norman Smith, Raymond Aronson, Peter Steinau, Douglas Dickinson, Peter Wurshy, David Dengler, Bob Milardo, Frank Hubbard, Fred Swan, Allan Ames, Carl Boe, Dirk Van Heiningen, Wilham Mordhorst, Roger Loven, Harry Fanslau. Row 3: Constance Comstock, Sara Ingram, Nan Koch, Janice Bidwell, Joanne Waz, Susan Bates, Karen Archambault, Melissa Colvin, Joy Whiting, Laurie Spence, Margaret Dull, Ann Dull, Timothia Doane, Lea Lorello, Qrol Bonano- mi, Janice Cecchini, Susan Hawkins, Wanda Dorr, Cynthia Smith. Row 4: Bronwyn Walden, Marcia Handley, Peggy Edmonds, Barbara Currie, Dale Frolander, Aniela Adamcyk, Rosalie Mondani, Linnea Calamari, Bonnie Joslyn, Diane Narducci, Elaine Bella, Peggy Pearson, Joan Lietgeb, Nancy Cooper, Nancy Brooks, Linda Wind, Linda Carter, Doreen Bidwell. Row 5: Mary Nickse, Carol Lebowich, Maria Rosa Colla, Pat Dugall, Bonnie Kessell, Diane Lindner, Gretchen Bishman, Carlene Ek, Nancy Lindner, Judy Clark, Rosemary McCabe. lzggtr X Row 1, left to right: Dirk Van Heiningen, Robert Muggleston, Marilyn Haser, Sylvia Carter, Wan- da Door, jane Mather. Row 2: Virginia Harrington, Steven Spohr, Tim Klevecz, Gary Schwab, Nancy Cooper ,William Gibert, Mark Oliver, Deborah Schneller. Row 3: Sherry Austin, Lucille Perkins, Janet Ross, Beatrice Caminati, Carol Strain, George Taver- nier, Barry joy, Peggy Edmunds, Jane Cooper. Row 4: Bronwyn Walden, Steven Pitts, David Costa, Tom Haser, Paul Mather, Peter Steinau, Keith LaFlair, Richard Boisselle, Rosemary Rudewicz, Manon Savard. Row 5: Ray Morrow, Lynn Schneider, Sandra Welge, Larry Silverman, Steve Tavernier, Richard Zivirski, David Fisher, Matthew Elgart, Allan Ames. VALLEY REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL BAND The Valley Regional High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Burr, has a total of -45 members this year. The band is extremely active in school affairs. It partici- pates at pep assemblies and home basketball games, as well as performing at the Christ- mas Concert. During the spring, the band divides its time between held marching and preparation for the Annual Spring Band Concert. Many of its members also take part in State events such as the Shoreline Music Festival and the Connecticut All-State Festival. 72 MA JORETTES Row l, left to right: Judith Jones, Kathleen Welge, Mary Ann MacCarthy, Shirley Ricardi, Mary Ellen Olin. ALL STATE CHORUS REPRESENTATIVES BAND REPRESENTATIVE Row 1, left to tight: Ann Gregory, Judy Deuse Marilyn Hager Row 2: Steve Tavernier, Allan Ames. 'J' igf Row 1, left to right: Penny Hyde, Robin Brooke, Ann Bernstein, Cynthia Propheter, Melissa Col- vin, Penny Malcarne, Sandra Welge, Dale Frolander, Judy Cunningham, Faline Mather, Linnea Calamari, Sandra Arbuckle, Mary Lou Cucinotta, Sandra Wilford, Lois Giles, Melanie Haynes. Row 2: Geraldine Leitgeb, Barbara Brooks, Gail Stevens, Mary Contestabile, Joan Lietgib, Pat Dugall, Linda Woodcock, Linda Carter, Elaine Tiezzi, Sylvia Carter, Nancy Cooper, Joanne Von Deck, Barbara Whaples, Carolyn Sepega, Susan Austin. Row 5: George Tavernier, David Fisher, Allan Ames, Carl Boe, Ann Gregory, Judy Clark, Judy Deuse, Tommy Riggio, Fred Swan, Douglas Dickinson, Peter Sreinau, Larry Whitney, Gary Schwab. Row 4: Ray Morrow, Steven Tavernier, Allen MacGregor, Harry Fanslau, Jerry Stevenson, Henry Stocek, Mr. Burr, Advisor. GLEE CLUB The Glee Club meets regularly under the direction of Mr. Burr. The chorus is made up of four sections, soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Two concerts are given each year, one at Christmas and one in the spring. Performances are given at school assem- blies and outside events. Each year, members are selected to sing in the All State concert, which is held in Hartford. Also this year, twelve members were selected to participate in the Shore Line Festival, to be held in the spring. 74 Row 1, left to right: Marilyn I-laser, Peter Steinau. Row 2: Steven Spohr, Dirk Van Heiningen, Rosemary Rudewicz, Steve Tavernier, Tom I-laser, Bronwyn Walden, David Fisher, George Tavernier, Allan Ames, Ray Morrow. THE VALLEY HI-FI'S The Valley Hi-Fi's have played for many dances in several shore line schools. They also have a winter stage show and play for PTA functions. Their leader is Mr, Burr. 75 Row I, left to right: Linda DeNino, Sharon Pearson, Susan Groth, Jean Cucinotta, Jacqueline Coole, Lois Smith, Carolyn Applebee, Sheila Whaples, Jean Cynar, Mary Lou Bosworth, Linda Mc- Mahon, Diane Rutty, Nancy Bombaci, Virginia Harrington, Cynthia Nucci, Gloria Price, Elizabeth Deuse, Nancy Jones. Row 2: David Jameson, Raymond Dickinson, Kenneth Dzurenka, Richard Gambini, Bruce Pro- pheter, Quentin Wilson, Charles Propheter, John Radzik, Michael Malcarne, Richard Sbrolla, Kenneth Barbour, Peter Parodi, Gary Norton, David Stebbins, Rodney Smith, Jean Bates, Bronwyn Walden. Row 3: Judy Frank, Irene Bridschge, Adrienne Santi, Nancy Machado, Hildegarde Stone, Sandra Bibbiani, Pat Greene, Carol Ingraham, Pat Carlson, Sara Ingram, Christine, Stawicki, Sonja Shuf- ford, Linda Denette, Rica Comstock, Judy Hopkins Nina Allen, Malvina Scarpini. Row 4: Jennie Fordham, Susan Clark, Laura Lee Sumner, Georgette Cloutier, Cathy Clark, William Saunders, Jerome Ackerman, Kenneth Loven, Thomas McCarthy, Leonard Williams, Pat Muscoline, Kathy Weiler, Mary Spring, Carol Hotkowski, Doris Cox, Alison Trojan, Heather Kerrick. Row 5: Jane Cooper, Harriet Parker, Christine Hotkowski, Cherryl Breslin, Cathy Bohling, Judy Wesrra, Cathy Kurze, Kay Willets, Sherry Austin, Joyce Arnold, Cynthia Smith, Kay Costello, Mar- cia Handley, Carol Strain, Lucille Perkins, Gaynor Spencer, Janet Curry, Robin Croft. Row 6: Judy Campbell, Cynthia Warrous, Doria Danks, Cherryl Jacome, Billie Sherwood, Judy Barbour, Janice Cecchini, Kathleen McLean, Janice Cocayne, Linda Teal, Kathleen Welge, Betsy Bates, Nancy Forman, Mary McKeon, Lynne Schneider, Shelly MacWhinney, Judy Molander, Betty Koritkowski. DIE MEISTERSINGERS Die Meistersingers is a group of 7th and 8th grade students who have expressed an interest in singing, but are not ready as yet to enter the Glee Club. Under the direc- tion of Mr. Szypula, they meet once a week in the music room. Row 1, left to right: Penny Hyde, Melanie Haynes, Sandra Wilford, Carolyn Sepega, Loran Kelsey, Gail Stevens, Sandra Arbuckle, Mary Lou Cucinotta, Barbara Breslin, Ann Bernstein, Lois Giles, Robin Brooke. Row 2: Sandra Welge, Judy Cunningham, Jean Martin, Amelia Urrichio, Lauren Lee, Geraldine Leitgeb, Carol Stalsburg, Barbara Brooks, JoAnn Von Deck, Barbara Whaples, Susan Austin, Faliine Mather. Row 3: Mr. Szypula, Conductorg Mary Contestabile, Dale Frolancler, Judy Jones, Linda Woodcock, Ann Gregory, Elaine Tiezzi, Linda Carter, Cynthia Propheter, Sylvia Carter. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club is new at Valley Regional this year. It is under the direction of Mr. Szypula. The group meets twice a week. They perform at the Christmas and Spring Concerts. 77 Row 1, left to right: Steve Tavernier, Lucille Perkins, Sandra Welge, Cherryl Jacome, Bronwyn Walden, Mickey Scarpini, Sherry Austin, Manon Savard, Raymond Morrow. Row 2: Rosemary Rudewicz, Peter Steinau, Allan Ames, Richard Zivitski, David Fisher, Barry Joy, Lynn Schneider, Mr. Szypula, Conductor. ORCHESTRA The orchestra is made up of students selected ,by the music director, Mr. Szypula. The students selected are those who show a definite ability and interest in music. The purpose of the orchestra is first, to provide these students with the experience of playing through the various types of orchestral music, second to perform for various school func- tions. The orchestra has been functioning for two years, and it is felt that it has improved greatly from its first days of organization. The students lucky enough to be able to participate in it have found great satisfaction in the over all improvement. 78 S w fs W Row 1, left to right: Coach Carrigan, Fred Swan, Howard Giles, Alvin Carlson, Torn Burton, Peter Wurchy, Bob Nucci, Corky Lavezzoli, Sandor Kontor, Bob Milardo, Coach Healy. Row .21 Arnold Oliver, Bob Baldwin, Sam Riggio, Matt Elgart, John Pierson, Fred Wistmnd, Dave Halden, Don Kelting, Pete Steinau. Row 3: Jay Beveridge, Bill Cook, Bob Potts, Harry Fanslau, Ray Morrow, Henry Rudewicz, Stritk Hyde, Bob Stannard, Herbie Moeller, Dave Dengler. Out of my way SOCCER Here goes Row 1, left to right: Skip Hubbard, Alvin Carlson, Charlie Carta, Wayne Manslielcl, Corky Lavez zoli Ricky Evans. h ' I Row 2: Manager, Dave Dengler, Dave Hallden, Dad Milarclo, Bob Nuccl, Sam Riggro, Jay John son, John Pierson. Charlie Carta Captain BASKETBALL M-.. in 81 The tribe is in a pow-wow. M! 'Q A It 'QA-, ti xii? ,vw- 'Q k Q 5? 1 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Row 1, left to right: Wayne Wilson, Walter Smith, jimmy Serevitch, Charlie Post, Bobby Post Bobby Stannard, Jimmy Zanardi, Henry Rudewicz. Row 2: Tommy Hazer, Danny Carini, Lester Davies, joe Castelli, Alan Macgregor, Tommy Riggio Bob Baldwin, Bobby Muggleston, Bruce Watrous, Jimmy Sbrolla. TRACK TEAM Row 1, left to right: Paul Zivitski, Bob Baldwin, Howard Giles, Walter Smith, Curt Morris, Fred Swan, Bob Milardo, Coach Carrigan. Row 2: Tony Work, Peter Wilcox, Jay Johnson, Ray Morrow, Tim Looney, Peter Wurchy, Pete Steinau, Ricky Evans. 1 Row 1, left to righr: Skip Hubbard, Craig Spencer, Torn Wind, Bob Nucci, Captaing Charlie Carta john Pierson, Dave Hallden. Row 2: Coach Bob Healy, jay Beck, Al Carlson, Corky Lavezzoli, Eric Christianson, Brent Taylor Sam Riggio, Bill Beni, Tom Burton. BASEBALL "Which one?" JM. LEYQ "Hit ir." Row 1, left to right: Diane Narducci, Diana Dolanski, Ann Gregory, Barbara Brooks, Patti Stals- burg, Elaine Bella, Row 2: Barbara Breslin, Roberta Serevitch, Carole Mozzochi, Miss Nelson, Susan Underwood, Karen Archambault, Carole Underwood. Row 3: Paulette Alexander, Carole Weaver, Joanne Breslin, Patty Kisselbrack, Penny Malcarne, Sheryl Daniels. FIELD HOCKEY SENIOR PLAYERS Diane, Patti, Elaine 87 Barb, Co-captain, Ann, Co-captaing Diana , ffm!!! 1 Row 1, left to right: Nancy Bininger, Linda Milardo, Peggy Narducci, Judy Lavazzoli, Carole Stals burg, Sarah Ingram. Row 2: Timmy Doane, Brenda Hubbard, Peggy O'Keefe, Caroline Huzauka, Margie Dull Coach, Miss Nelson. JU IOR VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY Oops! . ' .. , Y . giggle . V A CU ,V53.,g'Q!,?xX.i. Qwg...g,qX D :L M-Rims I g:,1,, .sfQ.A,s. 1 I 'ww . . W QE, K . ., Lim . . I 5 gg: .rj hwy G , K ' ', ,Q . , ' ., 'V , M' I .ff C. ' .C I 1 ,lx - ---f - K . . .. K- K gk 4 e ,C - .. - W " M ff ' ls, f.-'wt rgfis . . ' f . ' Q M.. W . 'M Q.. ' 4 1-I-1 'Uili ,.-W ff' -f I ' fi f':'lY li I . 51 ' as s W Q rf,-gg 5, 55: . .f, qs -fi. 35 H: , K iii L. , -r ,,.. 1 ,. I A ,rar :ff 3- 1, T-fs.:w.'s ez gmt.: . ss rg Q yy: . C. M sig g no . .. w,A.M-,,aM.. .ew ws., ,, A ,,,.,sr..,,.e X .. vswvr.. .. X... .. , . . ' ff E5W1Er"Kg Hg fm H15 1iaSyiz.,.i,Ql5'f 5. Qi .ff P2 lffiffr lksrfe QisQ,:i415.SE5v 1: 1' Y if k"' "" " .... by . p . H iw 512, 1 'flf w Q- f- 3-ff,-7l'.Z if 21? -5-TS. 545 L eilfsf ye' Ks! f :N --f if-V - --lf -- - we-'if iff.. 5 " K iii.-,kQe,f21r.f' "Got ir!" VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1, left to right: Nancy Linclner, Carlene Ek, Karen Archambaulr, Sheryl Daniels. Row 2: Parry Kisselbrack, Bonnie Joslyn, Carole Palau, Carolyn Linquacloca, Jane Carlsten. Row 5: Rosemary McCabe, Miss Nelson, Bonnie Kessell. IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1, left ro right: Miss Nelson, Linda Carini, Lea Lorello, Mona Westra, Carole Mozzochi, Mary James. Row 2: Barbara Breslin, Linda Milardo, Judy Lavezzoli, Peggy Narclucci, Dorrie Macgregor. Row 5: Janet Pearson, Carolyn Hazuka, jean Martin, Marilyn Haser, Brenda Hubbard, Barbara Bristol. X Q-ssgwf 117: SOFTBALL TEAM Row 1, left to right: Roberta Serevitch, Carole Lebowich, Sharon Handley, Captaing Diana Dolanski, Carline Ek, Sandra Welge. Row 2: Ann Gregory, Rosemary Mondani, Parry Kisselbrack, Joanne Breslin, Caroline Hazuka, Nancy Linclner. Absent:Caroline Linquadoca and Sheryl Daniels. GIRLS VOLLEYBALL "Two points coming up." "Come to Mama." -,.,. -Qgg2f,..fs2i9'1" ' " at ,,,. ,fr ' .7 ' Qu-il9l!'.':':'r'f-'A Q. Q 2 E X pf' ,V 1. Q 4 6 5 -:rf A ' -xv- M 26:5 - E A W 59. :I MXN Vi K .Q-. wifi'--'fW" i K ,gg , s ' :Q Y Th 'A R ufwx 41-A xr 6QS'm'1' I ,.L.,,,lM 1 i J r ' SK ia M,,f,. Q Q Af , K, X Y X.. , X X ,:' ff 4' . Q S Q.. '11 ,"' 4 dxf f' L as 3 A f 1 W A . V ' ' w i v M V ai? L D X . Q13 QQ- 7 e 'R Q 'V A me. Q :A :ww fm Sip Q ' 4 ' 'M 'K m f law , ' D - - Q 2 s-, Lf'V,i I 5 M , N.. W A SENIOR CLASS Row 1, left to right: Kathleen Linquadoca, Dwight Wetmore, Joyce Scott, Albert Mozzochi, Ann Bernstein, Edward Morin, Barbara Balosie, Barry Wind, Isabel Cucinotta, Barbara Brooks, David Dengler, Patricia Stalsburg, Howard Giles, Sandra Wilford, Sandor Kontor, Elaine Kennedy, Richard Carlson, Elaine Bella, Eric Christianson, Rosalie Mondani, Ted Batko. Row 2: John Ziobron, Diane Narducci, Allan Ames, Carol Bonanomi, Tim Looney, Cynthia Tyler, Charles Lavezzoli, Dale Winne, Fred Wistrand, San- dra Welge, Matthew Elgart, Peggy Pearson, Jack White, Susan James, James Teal, Doreen Bidwell, Donald Sumner, Mary Nickse, Raymond Aronson, Ann Dul . Row 3: David Desmond, Linda Carter, Kernan Nucci, Nancy Blake, Richard Ziemba, Lillian Scudder, Peter Tiezzi, Linda Pearson, Robert Potts, Maria Rosa Colla, Craig Spencer, Edith Everts, Richard Czepiel, Evelyn Sepega, Wayne Mansfield, Francis- Darcy, Robert Swanson, Carol Lebowich, Owen LaPlace, Rosemary McCabe. , Row 4: Peter Van Jeune, JoAnn Von Deck, John Parker, Marie Drude, Jerry Stevenson, Roberta Friend, Dick Sevigny, Joyce Helm, Norman Smith, Elaine Duval, George Zanelli, Diana Dolanski, Ronald Palau, Ann Gregory, Frances Lavezzoli, Diane Narducci, Raymond Morrow, Jeanne Gualazzi. Row 5: Mr. Renton, Advisorg Robert Nucci, Steven Tavernier, Judy Deuse, Joe Ippi, Nancy Lindner, Joe Kraiewski, Judy Clark, Jay Johnson, Gretchen Bishman, Sam Riszzio. Bonnie Kessell,'Mr. Groth, Advisor. Don't you think it's time we got dressed for dinner?" "Come on Coach it's not that bad." -af 5wyg,gMLi,.,f3g siiwsseswfv..KSWSHEa ,SA 51 f49'N'x FT 5 ,X "Oh! Come on have some." "How about an extra one Santa? "Glad to know you." "The Lineup And down the chimney he carne with a bound." xw - , kiwi? Sfxxi QS And away we go." "They're OH and running." "mg Wind? "Skip, skip, skip to my loo w .2 fer Yifggfliffff-pf? f Night Before Christmas." "I wonder if he would mind if I had a cigarf "GO FMU "Oh, please don't leave me mmmLVL L K m -A , "And the band played on." Getting to know you." P "Hey there, whatcha doin?" "Peek-a-boo." 99 .,.. . . . . f 1 wg- ya-w i Q kf fg- f- qw. Q. . . : V - , x -f f .- .I - . S Q 2' - . . 5 . . IQ QP f S .ig-,..w,g. n 2 , A. . ., Q Q5 M.- . R ...J ....,xx,. .,,..xg mu .1 'g ., ' f '1 x- 'K -' - JM, .ww -w 'Q N' k A ' .,1,: 'A -54-fy, . 1.-rf-.,,,,,A., V W ' P . ' T?-QQ-' "ix '- 'fi'-' S?LQl..1f'p 7" -1 fit?-Bpzigw " 1" 3' 1 ' , , , 1 ' 4 -.rg U S .. "Watch doin Maw?" Weeee! l ! !" "Hurry back." "Next stop, Moulin Rouge." .199 K "Just a little higher." "Pill that hoop" "Let's go, lefs go, 1er's really go!" ,- f .5 - ts, if-: J ' - -2' -W x If? ASKW , ' 4 K J K 3 V 54233 r -I V, .' ' gs . t X Ds- r f Y . if-.. f , png Q 'K K ' ' " -. - t, ami? ' e 5- .11 . .x :' Q.1J r P ' 1 Hey Nuch, watch hxs hands." -N 8 2' "How's the weather in Argentina?" ,ki - 551: . , MN M WMVM X Q - 7 . rr-W , .. - V' w I ' 4...,M..t4.,,m f--- .faJt:::5:fQ":f"'f'h', . W ,,.Il.ZQ,,..'i tj. it 3 .wmzfi Hs. 3ZZfG117ZC2.::.?L'w .fl-W Y tv W4 A That s what I call music!" ftt. Clean up day. mt.. ' . Q f":: .. .S . ' Q4 -lf 4::'nA' 1 Lip ,w :g.f?y.Tf,."3. 'Y-xggggl "But Dad, I really should have more." I' F- ' ' W, '11 l W 5 X .X X W 71 if X l A: .err "If it we .,-. . Q., ,Mt .,,,. . , r 'I K ' K -'M 'L b ig fqfx , K n ew 2' I f ft 7, 4 51 P- ,CQ-y at 1 g qw X 'QL if .A Fe W QM Q9 , wif 'Q W -- ' 52' Nffifk , ,. ' in ,gQsMz?'tI.E3.w-f.. will "Ready, get s "Come ny way." "Give it a good one." are Gifts." "One, rwo, chreeg back two three." "Many will remember him." V "Two points coming up w "It's mine." 'What d'ya mean, I have to take the pick-up rruckl? "Hey, watch out Coach." "Third Battle of Bull Run?" Man, those uniforms are way out." "Thar was something to be proud of "Nine little Indians." Mr. and Mrs. Larry Carrier Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Riley Carolyn Dennis Wayne and Sue Barlow Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Pearson Diane and Peggy Narducci Mr. and Mrs. Carl Narducci Mr. Frederick H. Randall Mr. Clifford M. Scudder Mr. and Mrs. George Hazuka, jr. Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Bonanomi Mr. and Mrs. James Strain Carol Strain Mr. and Mrs. Attillio Bonanomi Peter Bonanomi Mr. Lincoln Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Amos Bidwell Mr. and Mrs. Amos Bidwell Mrs. Ellen Balosie A Friend john Ziobron Mr. and Mrs. john Ziobron Mrs. james Hurlbut Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Bella Mr. and Mrs. john F. Comstock A Friend Rosemary E. McCabe Helen and Lincoln McCabe Mama and Papa Mr. and Mrs. john Hotkowski Helen G. Hannon Mr. George Vince A Linda Carter Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Carter Mr. and Mrs. William Rieger Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Collins Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kennedy, jr. Congressman and Mrs. Chester Bowles Middlesex County SherifT's Association Lois Everts Mr. and Mrs. Harry Everts Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Batko Mrs. Daniel Deuse W. Owen I.aPlace "The Big Four" Howie and Sandy "The Hook and The Worm" SPCNSORS Marie and Dick Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hesser "The Deacons" Margaret and jack A Friend in the Cafeteria Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stannard Mr. and Mrs. john Emanuelson Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Starre Mrs. L.M. Brooks, jr. Pat and Joy Nookie and Anka The Trick-A-Dees Phyllis E. Clement Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Herbert Evelyn F. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Renton Cisco and Pancho Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Krieger Mr. John W. Szypula Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bernstein Miss Elaine Tiezzi Mr. and Mrs . Robert G. Groth Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tippin Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . John H. Dengler Ruth Dengler Paul H. Renton . Peter Wurschy Frank Desmond . Daniel Connors Frank Yulo W. Harold Muggleston Richard Adams David Dengler john and Tom Mrs. Rosalie Mondani Rosalie Mondani Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. john Looney Kerry and Tim P. A. U. Eve and A1 Mrs. Betty Sepega Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gustafson Mr. and Mrs. Victor Pettinato Mr. and Mrs. john J. Carta Mrs. S. W. Dolanski 108 X ' WWVWWX f' 01: ,WI 'ffl ' . 0 U W nm vw ml! f-QQ? 09 4 D7 Qsfpx Elf fi! 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ESSEX, CONN' Your Dealer Wallpaper - Paints Pick up GE Cut ""t't""' "Service Is Our Business" 91f0bf02'0v10W1016210Wl-?'05'1202W1f01G0" '0'Y0 is9V-?10"0K0N0"-7'0401f-0M?10"0N0f0110110N0I40fG040"0216'2l0101-0401'0N016N0'110'f0t'7H01'0'i6X Congratulations to Compliments of G"'du"'e" A s. G coLoNlAL MARKET BEST CLEANERS Tel. LAmbert 6-2731 1 ELM STREET 2 Q Deep River, Conn. THE DOG HOUSE "Where A Bite's A Delight" THE MANSFIELD'S M206 Compliments of ESSEX RESTAURANT EMMAK BLOCHER Proprietor CENTERBROOK STORE Top Quality Meats Cut To Order Groceries - Frozen Foods - Produce Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 154 MAIN STREET 1 Tel. SOuth 7-1180 Deep River, Conn. Q Main Street Centerbrook, Conn. Tel. LAn1bert 6-9009 SINCE 1848 Compliments to the "BROOKS FOR HOOKS" M. S. BROOKS 84 SONS, INC. CHESTER, CONN. A CLASS OF 1960 R. W. CAMP CO. "On the Square" ESSEX, CONN. ?C?6'62'?0N7'?W'W1'0G90f00v0'0C?6f6'6'l76N?0W1 E7G?G?6M?WW6'6 X7f0D6"l71740N0K0ff0W20YQf?276'262f902f7r0fL70'W1ZWf76'V0A0I 9 5 5 6 6 K 7K-0N0'v10'K0'2r-011-0N05f016'1C01H0'10vL01 LES GIRLS Rosalie Mondani Roberta Friend Linda Pearson Peggy Pearson Doreen Bidwell Ann Dull Diane Narducci Elaine Bella Linda Carter Edith Everts Carol Bonanomi Sandra Wilford Nancy Lindner Diane Lindner Judy Deuse Bonnie Kessel Pat Stalsburg Ann Bernstein Mary Nickse Kathy Linquadoca Cindy Tyler Nancy Blake Penny Schlag Barbara Balosie Maria Rosa Colla Susan James Evelyn Sepega Joyce Helm Gretchen Bishman Ann Gregory Ekmii 10Y0M, 'N01'-0140'f0X-0'N-0N?10N0"-0'N-0V-0'1 '70 108 5 40'W0N0-G0N0N0 40206502040 JOE'S RESTAURANT SCHLAG 8. SNOW u Real Estate Mam Street Old Saybrook, Conn. Q 65 Main Street Old Saybrook, Conn. Serving You Daily From EV 8-9897 EV 8-9898 6 A-M- to 8 RM- Marcella Schlag - SO 7-1456 Elynor Snow - SO 7-8950 L E R N E R ' S Compliments of Fabrics, Linen and Domestic Shop Largest Fabrics and Notion Dept. in CARLSON'S GROCERY Lower Middlesex County Main Street Old Saybrook, Conn. 2 Q MORROW'S GARAGE Compliments of A utomobile Repairing 5 DORA DEGIARDE All Types of Welding FASHIONS 'K 'K 41 ik, ik A C0mP1fmemS Of Compliments of IVORYTON SERVICE STATION JQHNNY CAKE INN IVORYTON, CONN. IVORYTON, CONN. BOE BGS - . - g9"6N0Y0"-0K01'0'WY01'0v-0fW'v10'40K?' A010 I 09 direct sales personal service original layouts art service X retouching 'Af M' ' composition mechanicals halftone and line negatives film and plate stripping plate making offset printing folding complete bindery service delivery 'No o o n t. o'toole and sons, mc., yearbook printer stamford stcumford davis 4-922 H W X.,,,,.e , W ,..M,,... , M "ll connecticut new york melrose 5-411 i7i0"55'Q"0"10"05'9"'015'4Z5'01'?0'Q47 401'09'?5i47f05f91 CHESTER AIRPORT INC. Everett Savard, Manager BENSON'S GULF SERVICE Arnold Benson GENERAL REPAIRS Gas Oil - Accessories - Automatic Car Wash Tel. Deep River - LA 6-2555 CHESTER CONN Rt. 9 and 80 - Essex, Conn. ' ' Tel. SO 7-88.45 THE CHESTER LUMBER co. Bei' Wishes 'U 'he CLASS OF 1960 Lumber and Building Materials A N D E R S O N ' S Deep Rwer - LA 65301 CLOTHIER AND FURNISHER Route 9 -:- Chester, Conn. Deep River, Conn. Compliments of Compliments of . THE E EX PLUMBING CO. INC. 55 ' coomws BARBER sl-lov 5 Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Sales and Service Ivoryton, Connecticut ESTABLISHED 1924 Essex, Conn. 2 g Best Wi-the-V "Photography Is Our Business" Cameras - Photo Supplies JOHN'S BARBER SHOP THE HOBBY SHOP Ivoryton, Connecticut LINCOLN MCCABE Q 2 P.O. Bldg. Ivoryton, Conn. 6 X9K?0N747!0'0N01f0P'-?4?0+0N?1?'0N?1?1740N7Z1W1l0w7vb'?0'00 C0510 pg Aofwfwdawwowzowswwawwawwwwsomwffawwwwwmwwrmmwwwx Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1960 COUNTY TIRE SERVICE KIRTLAND STREET DEEP RIVER 3'li""'.a4'Q ik ik IVORYTON STORE 2 Carl E. Benson, Prop. Q Q 5 Compliments of Meats and Groceries General Merchandise ESSEX HARDWARE cENrERBRooK BOWLING LANES Automatic Pin Setters Open 7 Days A Week 'xfr if Tel. SOuth 7-1737 Lgcwacmawawweawwfafofwbfaav-wawvafowvww naxoxav-oxoxaafaw 112 C7W10' 4?6P'?276100IW12Jf76N01'0f0K6W0N720K7646N7'?'7W"0N7f0 Compliments of L A P L A C E ' S THE ESSEX ATLANTIC Complete Home Furnishing M :QQ A Clty Store In A Country Town" x 4 , W Tel. LA 6-5337 ' ll- ' BETTY - BISHMAN DEEP RIVER E T1 ' SPECIALTY F Q-gms: S 'Ht . '11 I SHOP CONNECTICUT : I-'-' I K Chester Center mv ' Compliments of E THE BOPPERS 2 Q R O B B I E ' S MAIN STREET CHESTER, CONN. Over 'Ihe span of nearly Iwo cenruries fhe GRISWOLD INN'S good food and cheerful hospiialify have remained II1e same. Visii fhe famous Iaproom, enioy 'l'I1e INN'S famous Q "Dinner Specials" 'Ihe nexi Iimo you dine ou'I'. x amewow mn Q Yi ff. fl - IMS Eff! ESSEX, CONNECTICUT PHONE - SOuih 7-8875 x x?'0N0V0N? 0Y01f0'6M76YJf7!?W10'G7f?616N? 6161G01C710fW561W 113 fvffwwwww WCM sf 2 mg ml! sex liAgy1j A ll pf e Chester, Conn. my "THE BIG FoUR" Chances are we have it! Compliments of Compliments of CENTERBROOK LANDSCAPE SERVICE BEN FRANKLIN S JOSEPH L. RIGGIO DEEP RIVER, CONN. STRICK'S DEEP RIVER BAKE SHOP Compliments of Q 181 MAIN STREET Deep River, Conn. Q E'S Tel. LAmbert 6-5993 PHARMACY INC. . Compliments of CENTERBROOK SAYBROOK RAY'S BARBER SHOP "In Business For Your Health" 41 -il 'K G x9K7'?'0K0'6Y?G?!0'0WN?WK0ff0Y727W1f0'0 6X7f012010f01l0fW 1 14 4-0"f00'0'-40""0""010K050v04'0K040N0K6'4f04'40N-046S Congratulations and the Best of Luck to the CLASS OF 1960 5 n 5 . . . and they all had a wonderful time Compliments Of JOSEPH I.. CUCINOTTA E H?f?0f?6fC2017r?'0G?270fW16v?6NQW10N?6'W16f61 2?6I00'7'?6f01W 1 15 X 40N02?2710P01'0'0vWN7W10f'050N4W0W204?0b0P40N740G0"704'?6 H. P. SHEFFLER, INC. Dudek Building KIRTLAND STREET DEEP RIVER, CONN. ,si 5 file? 9 9 "1 f the birds can fly, why can't I?" 5 Frauchised Dealers For ZENITH - MGTOROLA - PHILCO Prompt Service - Antenna Installation Telephone LAmbert 6-5 85 8 5 2 xmwwvmawwavvmmwzwfvxawvmfawvwwnawwfmcaeawxmwawawfwawwwwaows '0f'?0W'Wi0-6l 170'0I05f04f7'01'?f0' THE COLONY SHOP 100 No, Main St. Deep River, Conn. Clothes and Accessories for Infants - Boys - Girls - Misses Nationally Known Brands at Popular Prices JOSEPH C. BELLA ELECTRICAL CONTRACT ING Westinghouse -:- Kelvinator Necci and Elna Sewing Machines Centerbrook, Conn. SO 7-8546 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1960 ESSEX PHARMACY Essex, Conn. GENE C. GUALAZZI Bulldozing and Grading and Shovel Work SOuth 7-1041 WALNUT STREET Ivoryton, Conn. CHESTER SERVICE STATION RAY NARDUCCI General Repairs - Gas - Oil - Accessories TOP VALUE STAMPS Routes 9 and 148 - Chester, Conn. Tel. LA 6-9228 Compliments of WEST MAIN STREET SERVICE STATION Route 148 Chester Telephone LA 6-5613 Compliments of DENGLER'S SERVICE STATION WEST MAIN STREET Chester, Conn. Compliments of C. T. GROTE ELECTRIC LA 6-2488 CHESTER, CONN. , 40"6IG0'-40ll0K040N02401'0K016'40f10'ZW40N0?'0401l0N02f0H AUTOGRAPHS N I . , W . q YA 6 .-,xx XA km Nf -, X X , , Xxx'-wth .y .-g -"-N K, N, , K XA -, '- . - . X! Q Q, X K , W f H xv- ff - 1 - , N. ,arf ,,,,, N PAQ .3 ...nk L x Xxx K.. 'Ap Qui- H x , XLK'xr'QLi-X-Sis XOQXKWXW Qcbov QSYQQQ. QQQQXS Nnqcz QAS +XxQsgQf Q ,G K fu N Q' Q . 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N ofd 2?- I ' .gy 232 T Wfmiwwig WK WFW6' Alma Mater, Alma Mater Pride and Glory he thine, 'H Good will and fellowship, ,Through thy portals shine,'. Stand beside us, E'er to guide us. Wave thy hanner on high, A Sons and daughters rise and cry, Hail, all hail Valley High. Alma Mater, Alma Mater, When in Sorrow we' part, 'H V Long may thy memory Dwell within each heart. Years of treasures, A Tears and pleasures, A Ever with us ahide, Now, again we rise and cry, Hail, all hail, Valley High.

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