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i 5 N X 5 X v u f 'l:-' """' ' ' df' " -.,-.141 .MF 1 E 4 1 1 1 1 i A I i K! 'i T , , 1 4 1 i 1 1 I 1 1 . I i 1 , N1 bs ,-I 1 -Q s HF X Q I ii TQ A xi ,E f 3 1 I" 'F .4 3 i 1 1 I ,"J ur,'fP.,i-gf as -,. , , J-T5-' l. . "2-'.-I , :-..-' A2, :vi SNC 1 w..,jn5 q,.'.c4,,gff. ' -1 -5:21 .P-4 1.-xg I-. 3 35' ' .1 UI Si-Q11 riff' "si .w-3' ' 2 .-xg. fi. - ,. .' b- -N.5,.-.- 1-wg 31--A -1 -1- 1 E' ...A -A '11 JJ -f'.,., ' NJA- 1 :,,i,.. F, i S., .uf rr ,. :fe-urea ,.':-- ,J Lf-- ,-Y--L ...',- ,Q-55 , i J . .. - -,. "1:..-,'.. - .4 ff,-X . - , - - x- , ' wp- , , . , 1.X.-lfu mulfs'-V V x.:1'- ,.-19' 4 -1- 11.-:' - V 'D' w.5?g4xw -1 E742 f fig'-'QI' . , , ,qffrzae-xr? 1 . 4 vt . - 1-'K - ' ' 'S h F W.. .5 K, ,Pi , H , ,. u,.:. '-A. -1-4. -- "' '-' . v ' ' "5-.'A. M " - ' ' .- . '45 T4 W '7f"f3f'?-"Qla'iY-1-f:'i' -' 'Q'-'X sf: .' ,S ""f V . , 1? .. N. ., A. - ,.S-',,w.- -ea.ig,g.:,:- Jha- -Y E, 4,1 V '. .V. 1?f..n' Q .nw w- 42 f A-F-ml-F -rilif-'fi'--1??l.fL1 Jkefzfri-r-f 1 ' -uf ' .1-Ex' .N , 5-57. pn rg sg F ig ., . -1' ' Z.,,,,iAE:pfg rf- - I. -L4L,,:iu,if22.1 . ,G ,-:M Ziyi.-g43QgQQ.iQ--B i...Q : '- ' A : A . ,, ,, .- f -he-,- if - .1 v. f. -a ..-. .,-. , 1 -2529, xc' u 1, , Ti.. . ff? xx - W.. . .,..'3.1E I ' 4-1 .-,,. - XXX XXXS XXXXXXWX S S XXXXXX XXX IIHIIIIATIII e, the Senior Class, Dedicate this Logbook Sr to the Juniors, Crew of 1955 Yours is a legacy of hard work and responsibility, but we hope it brings, also, the good times and pride of achievement which we have experienced. Bon Voyage! xiwmwnvt xmmw :pw xmmamxwm NQxmnwx wmxwxx CAPTAIN GEORGE S. KNIGHT, A. B. , Ed. M. Superintendent of Schools Social Studies Central College, Fayette, Missourig St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri: University of Missouri, Columbia, Miss ouri. AIINII ISTRAHO COMMANDER ANNE ZEISER RITTER, B. S., P. D. Principal I English and American History Missouri Val1eyCol1ege, Marshall, Miss- ouri, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, Columbia University, New York, New York 4 ANNE MICHAUD, B. S. Physical Education and Health Fontbonne College Clayton, Missouri MARY ANN MURPHY, A.B. English and Latin Maryville College of the Sacred Heart St. Louis, Missouri DON ANDERSON Music Education Washington University St. Louis, Missouri St. Louis Institute of Music St. Louis, Missouri ADOLPI-I RUBIN, B. S. , M. S. Physical Education and Health University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri 5 VITA GUICCIONE, B. S. Commerce Washington University St. Louis, Missouri RICHARD GAUVIN, B. A. Seventh Grade St. Louis University St. Louis, Missouri Industrial Arts Virginia Junior College Virginia, Minnesota Minnesota State College St. Cloud, Minnesota 6 EMU. STIMAC, A.s., B.s. A HELEN LATTIMORE, B. S. , Seventh Grade Washington University St. Louis, Missouri MARIORIE HOFFELD, A. B. Mathematics Washington University St. Louis, Missouri WALTER DERKACZ, B, S, Science and Driver Education East Stroudsburg State Teachers' East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Lehigh University Bethlehem, Pennsylvania College VIRGINIA SHELTON, B. S Home Economics University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri SHIRLEY WILSON, B, S, Social Studies l University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri 7 . Amanda Jones Bernadette Price Mable Riefling COGKS Roland Young Clarence Riefling Melvin Ward CUSTGDIANS 8 SHWARIIS Arvabelle Seernann SCHOOL SECRETARY SEAM w 1 cnrw or EDDIE JACKSON Vice-President RONNIE HEINMAN President JIM DUFF Student Council JOE BLUNT Secretary-Treasurer I JOAN JACOBS Student Council J ' 5 4 J . W W N 1 I I I Lieutenant, j.g, EDMUND D, JACKSON Senior Class Vice-Presidentg Junior l Class Presidentg Sophomore Class l Presidentg Basketball 2g Baseball 2: ' Band 33 Senior Play. Lieutenant RONALD G. HEINEMAN Senior Class Presidentg Student Council 1,2,3g Annual Staff 45 Senior Play. 10 Lieutenant, j.g, B. JOSEPH BLUNT Senior Class Sec. -Treas.g Basket- ball zg Track Ig Band I,2,3,4g Glee Club 43 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play, DEE E, BOYD Basketball I,2,3,43 TrackV3,4g Band I, 2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3g Senior Play, JAMES J, DUFF Student Council 45 Basketball I, 2, 33 Glee Club 45 Senior Play. This Page Sponsored bY VALLEY PARK DRUG CO. Valley Park, Mo. Va 5-2113 RICHARD F, BURTON Senior Play CREW UF '54 SAMUEL V. HARVEY President Student Council 4g Junior Class Treasurerg Sopho- more Pilgrimageg Basketball 2, 3, 4g Baseball 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g CECIL G. GIBBS Basketball 2, 3,4g Senior Play, Annual Staffg Senior Play. DON I GOEWERT Tins page sponsored by . ' 1. G. A. SUPER MARKET Sem' Play' L. J. Weggemann Valley Park, Missouri Va. 5-2226 ALBERT HERTWECK School Paper 3g Senior Play. 0 F 9 5 4 JOAN JACOBS Student Council 43 Sophomore Class President: Junior Class Presi- dentg Senior Class Secretary: Basketball 23 Volleyball 25 Glee Club I,2,3,4g Annual staff 43 Senior Play. BENNIE B, JACKSON Junior Class Secretaryg Senior Play. This page sponsored by VALLEY PARK CO -OPERATIVE ELEVATOR ASSN. Dealers in Hardware, Grain, Feed, Seeds and Coal 13 va. 5-2233 CHARLES B. PRINCE Senior Play. HOWARD RADER Senior Play. JOSEPH R, SCHULTE Annual Staff 4: Glee Club 4 This page sponsored by SeH1OfP1aY- AMERICAN BROKERAGE CO. "The Store for Better Va1ues" Valley Park, Missouri 14 CREW RUSSELL STOUGH Baseball I,2,3,4g Basketball 2,3, 43 Annual staff 43 Senior Play, IH '56 MARVIN YOUNG Vice-President Student Council 4g Baseball I,2,3,4g Basketball I,2, 3,4g Track 2,3,4g Annual Staff 4: Senior Play. I . HAROLD WILLIAMS Senior Play. This page sponsored by BOLTE'S SUPER MARKET Valley Park, Missouri CREW or '55 P Jerry Branson Student Council ENSIGN Carl Sandstedt President ENSIGN ENSIGN Dorothy Hoisington Jackie Lochmann Vice -President Secretary gu- This page sponsored by ROBERSON LBR. 8: SUPPLY CORP. Marshall Road, Valley Park Va. 5-2135 16 EN SIGN Virginia Slezack Student Council ENSIGN Jerry Evers Treasurer X Larry Ahlers Ethel Barton Danny Corbin Bill Adams Kathleen Cassidy Mable Jean Adams CREW l 4 UF 17 Phil Hewitt Pat Haddock Tony .lessen Lou Hutchison Janet Gross This page sponsored by DENNIS ELECTRIC 8:-SUPPLY 5 Marshall Road Valley Park Va. 5-2325 z JoAnn Medlock Donald Poe Richard Nicolas Patty Kelley Jean Moore This page sponsored by EAST END GARAGE 4th and St. Louis Valley Park Va. 5-8851 Ethel Wilcox Gary Tubb Frances Stribling Virginia Slezack Janet Weggenrnann IH '55 18 Dewey Renfro Glenda Roberts Dolores Smith Mildred Rue Tommy Ruzicka Dian Price CREW IH '55 19 Robert Ward Glennon Talken Wyvonne Earls Kathy Dan Dover Pat Cary Kathy Lange This page sponsored by THE JUNIOR CLASS Jim Dunn, Fred Rains, Arlan Seemann, Ed Martin, Ramon Talken, Howard McGhee, Donald Carroll, Roger Grell- ner, Bob .Null, Floyd Wissmann, Donald Criley, Jack Pryer, Donald Manes, Robert Ward, Donald'Spies, Karl Mos bach, Barbara Wolf, Mary Lou Gibbs, Miriam Lochmann, Judy Keck, Mary Louis Schneedle, Rosie Phillips v QNot pictured - Mary Rose Freude, George Raulsy This page sponsored by THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Z0 John Tubb, Eddie Dunn, Delmar Bequette, Ed Finder, Billy McGhee, Worlie Adams, Joan Pfefferkorn, Ada Long Roberta Braden, Anna Mae Adams, Virginia DeC1ue, Harry Dunn Margie Finder, Diane Meier, Judy Henlon, Marilyn Hildebrandt, Charline Lindsey, Joan Wallace Velma Smith, Sharron Boyd, Joyce Pitmon, JoAnn Warren, Edwina Lindsey, Janet Herbert fNot Pictured - Katherine Hendrickson, Gayla Earlsy This page sponsored by CAL'S CLEANERS DAN WOI..F'S MOTOR CO. 215 Meramec,Station Road Meramec Station Road Valley Park, Missouri Valley Park, Missouri Va. 5-2130 Va. 5-2111 Z 1 ' Larry Price, Donald Stuart, Jim Brewer, Charles Martin, Norman Lawson, Wayne Jackson, Dave Beckett, Donald Finder, Bob Gibbs, Harry Halsey, Bennie Stuart, Joe VanDover, Dave Cassidy, Richard Gedney, Carl Peeler, Mar vin Cooper, Bob Schlottach, Norman Lindsey, Stanley Gross, Jim Brown, Bobby McGraw, Bob Moore, Shirley Par- ker, Bob Cody, Lee Roy Parker, Larry Quick, Nancy Neely, Paula Seabourne, Uldine Glenn, Carolyn Reiff, May Belle White, Jackie Spies, Carroll Grellner, Nancy Ford, Marilyn Gross I Marjorie Seaman, Georgia Fancher, Mary Alice Dunn, Carol Prince, Verna Hutchison, Sarah Evers, Loretta Hannick Doris Roden, Vicki Walker, Bonnie Speckman, Carole Wynkoop, Fannie Mae Miller, Marguerite Zeimann fNot pictured - Arleen Lange, Junior Culleyj This page sponsored by THE FRESHMAN CLASS ZZ HECHUITS J. Adams, R. Johnson, R. L'Hommedieu, B, Halsey G. Rogers, T. Rauls M. Richardson, J, Schlottach, T. Jacobs, R, Rooker, F. Palmer, O. Feeler M. Hutchison, M. Cassidy, L. Boyd, I. Gibbs, K. Carter L, Blankenship, P, Northcutt, C. Hicks, D. Steele, M. Pitmon fNot pictured - B. Thompson, I. Bennettj This page sponsored by F. B. JAMES MARKET 601 St. Louis Va. 5-8848 i: ,,,,,, assume ,,,,, ,,,-l.,.,ve-,, ,al , ,,,, A ,W -- , ,, ,,,, 1 nm,,,,,,,i-xquu1i , T. Bequette, C, Haddock, R, Cooley, C. Griffin, C Wallace, B, Roberts D, Rowden, H, Kinamon, G, Northcutt, B. Woolsey D. Whitaker D. Hodges, C, Tredway, R, Kelley. J. Buckley, S. McCormick C, Von Rohr, L, Peeler, J. Parker, F. Rose, C. Hoisington QNot pictured - J. Coffman, A. Brown, M, Stabler, I. James, D. Bowen, J. Fryery This page sponsored by MID-TOWN BARBER SHOP Z5 Marshall Road Valley Park, Missouri T. Brooks, D. Neely, K. Ford, K. Helton, R, Page. J. Curtis D. Heinemann, R. Wynkoop. J. Wilkens, D. Glenn W. Skelton, R. Smith, H. Johnson B. Doffron, C. Culley, B. Halsey, L. L'Homme dieu, S. Boyd M. A. Moore, M. Lindsey, S. Moore, R. Mar- tin, B, Schneedle B. Stuart, K. Richardson, P. Criley, B. Sea- bourne, A. Stratton S. Williams, J. Reiff. I. Blankenship, D. Reeves, T. Ahlers y H0018 D. Mosbach, D. Lawson, R, Leuthauser, R. Workman, N. Lee L. Leuthauser, E. Gross, G. Phillips, G. Holland, J. Beisner J. Pope, L. Jones, D. Monroe, B. Fortune, B. J. Smith, T. Brown W. DeWitt, N. Robyn, B. Meier, I. Fabry, K. Davis J. Ouzts, P. Cook, S. Haddock, B. Adams, I. Barnes CNot pictured - E. Hertel. J. Groom, R. Seals. I. Means J. Illigj This page sponsored by MOI..L'S NURSING HOME 332 Benton ' Va. 5-8842 ,...p1'F ii W 1? JP: RX, 'U' 'XXX 'X . vw SHIIHE HAVE gg is x 3 5 .- Q k t N, 1 Q .4 xx N ' s Q 5-if - if egg 'sw n , . .' X E R ...., : + Y X I J a -b sl gk 'E' W in vw , g""""" H g X i 'F ,. , N X ' 1 . xx f g X if , 1 I . Wu S N S -' 'Q f S H - x E X ' :QR ff ' Q ,. wx 5 is X W x :L Q H g we 5 X . , ,, A 5 x xxx X. ' Q if if xakk .-.x M A 'fe Sy X I on V i 0 A X W 'W S35 ww,qw ww 'X ww Sllllll H200 llll SEATED: Arleen Lange, Joe VanDover -Freshmen Representativesg Marilyn Hildebrandt, Harry Dunn-Sophomore Representativesg Vir- ginia Slezak-Iunior Representativeg Jim Duff -Senior Representative. STANDING: Miss Murphy-Sponsorg Sam Harvey-Presidentg Marvin Young-Vice-President, Mr, Derkacz-Sponsor. A Christmas Carnival was the most important activity of the Student Council. With the proceeds of the Carnival a piano was bought, and in April a student was sent on the United Nations tour to New York and Washington, D. C. The selection of this student was based on cooperation, scholastic achievement, character, and citizenship. Queen This page sponsored by ,naar - Ca A. FRIEND DEGRENDELE MOTORS, INC. argye Y1 Studebaker Dealers M 26 New and Used Cars and Trucks Kirkwood, Missouri YO. 5-842.2 VM-E-VIIIS STAFF Ronnie Heineman The staff soon learned . . . . . . . Editor that there are many steps Joe Schulte involved in producing a . . . . . Ass't. Editor yearbook. The first step, Joe Blunt of course, is choosing a . . . Business Manager theme and planning the Russell Stough pages, as shown in the Marvin Young first picture above. Then . . . . Sports Editors comes ad-selling, picture Jim Duff taking, typing and prepar- Sam Harvey ing copy, and the final . . . Advertising Editors sigh of relief when another Miss Hoffeld shipment goes into the Miss Wilson mail--on schedule. . . . . . . Sponsors - This page sponsored by AI... R. HOEMANN, JEWELER Kirkwood, Missouri Featuring Longines-Wittnauer, Hamilton Elgin, Gruen, Bulova Watches .. x-www-mmnnsv--:ss-me M--mann.-nv-w ms A as J- .igi-1.-, - A High Schpol Newspaper-by Its Students QQ? Its Qgmmunity- -- -D Volume XXII Valley Park, Missouri, February 1, 195A Number X VALLEY PARK PUBLIC BENTON PARENTS YOUR TUV '7 -.OHY SCHOOLS TO HAVE HOLIDAY TROBLEM IS ON PACE cg MONDAY FEBRUARY 22. L wifes A-S due to Class will be ev-' dents! ured! ffrr' 4' , E d pr T wi t Iexlfei A A at if mit 4 Uni-A SSH for - Vall ef TEA1 The story. ities Speed- cipal OU.I' yas ing and with 1 wives, will g xwwm lS ties" nm, Mrs, Ritter, Toniccione Show tr Branson. Dewey Re Phil Hewitt, MTS' G HS Park Hit ww AWS' Se Y ef, tw Hufcmson' u torium lken Donald Poe' .1 Kathi' VWDOV. . Jew Mom' . ' G1enn0H Ta ' Carl Sandste t' Dorothy Hoxsmgfon' vvlllpared ning a F ganei Weggenmannpgabie Sean Adams, one record of un- 3 P-m' 3MmwLmmmNm- trained drivers. on sale -in Open House The Valley Park High Mrs. Hancock-there School will sponsor an second grade teacher of the Meramec School, is chairman of the planning committee. The funds raised at the show will be used in public relations programs which the faculty is working on this year. JR. DANCE FEB. 13 This pa e sponsored by HAWKINS BROTIEERS SERVICE STATION Bud and Arden . Highway 66-141 Phone Va. 5-8893 "The best friend your car has ever had" 57 Varieties prac- tice 3 p.m. Holiday-Washington's 57 VARIETIES SHOW V.P. Faculty 8 p.m. Board-Faculty dinner Music Assembly Sophomore Party Teen Town Play GAA BAKE SALE February 5, 195A adult driver education program for those who are interested in lenn- ing to operate a motor vehicle and for drivers already holding quali- fied licenses but who should attain higher skills in driving. If interested, please re- port to room 2 at the 'YT-2 ...L 0-1.--f-'I ,-.vt ?..'Tn'r1f-lnxr STAFF Carl Sandstedt .... Editor Kathy VanDover . Assistant Edit r Jackie Lochmann . Exchange Editor Mable Jean Adams . . . Typists Dorothy Hoisington, Jean Moore Jackie Lochmann SUMMER COMES TO THE DIAMOND O . . . a western comedy, complete with guitar playing, cowboy songs , and the bunkhouse tall tales of "Windy". Hertweck, Young, Duff, Schulte, Gibbs, Goewert, Prince, Harvey. Goewert, Blunt, Heineman, Gibbs, Hertweck, Jackson. SUBMERGED. . . a tense drama which portrays the I emotions of six men trapped i on the bottom of the sea in a damaged submarine. With the hope of survival if one I man sacrifices his life, the best and worst is brought out in all the men. This page sponsored by CRESCENT FURNITURE COMPANY Cash or Terms - YO. 5-52.72. 12.4 North Kirkwood Rd. Kirkwood, Missouri Sl IIIR IIRAMAIICS The Senior Class of '54 departed from the usual three-act play tra- dition and presented three one-act plays. This variety provided an evening's entertainment for everyone. BANQUO'S CHAIR. . . a dramatic mystery in which a murderer is tricked- into confessing his guilt with the help of a make-believe ghost-- who turns out to be real. Harvey, Blunt, Duff, Prince, Schulte, Boyd, , BAII harune U nasal C 1 Pat Kei el 5-sell EAW ana Un As the picture reveals, the band is in need of more new uniforms. The Valley Park I..ion's Club donated 55500 as payment on the first order and they have continued to workin the band's behalf. Mr. Ander- son, director, presented the band in a fine assembly and PTA program of modern concert band music. The band also per- formed at other schools, in several parades and in the St. Louis County Music Festival. This page sponsored by WAINWRIGHT INDUSTRIES, INC. Valley Park, Missouri Va. 5-2110 .I L... .-,... , X X l A. .,,,, I. -,, . Q , c , ,....i,.l sl.r.-ss-w...- NN Wmss - s - .H Mom-U W- - - - . ., , . . .V Boyd, Meier, Smith, Boyd, Lochmann, Price, Kelley, James, Buckley, VonRohr. Stabler, Smith, Lochmann, Lindsey, Henlon, Gibbs, Hildebrandt, Carter, Cassidy. Thompson, Herbert, Earls, Warren, Hoisington, Pitmon, Lindsey, Wallace, DeClue, Slezak. CHIIRIIS The Chorus, looking very attractive in their new blue robes and white satin stoles, performed at the Christmas program, the May P. T.A. meeting, and St. Louis County Music Festival. , Meier, Martin, Daffron, Steele, Gibbs, Parker, Seabourne, Culley, Boyd. Stratton, Moore, Lindsey, Halsey, Criley, Pitmon, Reeves, Coffman, North- cutt, Menley. L'Hommedieu, Blankenship, Hoisington, Haddock, Hutchison, Reiff, Blankenship, Rose, Brown, Schneedle, CHIIRIIHTES Dian Price, Jackie Lochmann. Dolores Smith, Dorothy Hoisington, Joan Gibbs. I anet Herbert, Velma Smith, Marie Cassidy, Virginia DeClue. Stribling, Pfefferkorn, Medlock, Smith, Rue, Seaman, Hutchison, Moore, Weggenmann, Fancher, Grellner, Dunn, Roberts, Speis, Prince, Seaborne, Miller, Hannick, Evers, Thiemann, Herbert, Ford, Smith, Freude, Haddock, Wolf, Earls, Speckman, Kelley, Gibbs, Wynkoop, Hoisington, Pitmon, Warren, Lange. Miss Shelton--Sponsor. QNOT PICTURED - Pat Caryj Hlllllll HUMEMAKHIS IH ANIHHIZ This page sponsored by HElNEMAN'S RESTAURANT Fred and Jane Valley Park, Missouri The F. H. A. elected as their officers: Gayla Earls, presidentg Pat Haddock, vice-presidentg Sarah Evers, treasurerg Mary Alice Dunn, report- er, and Vicki Walker, song leader. The group took part in the sub-district meeting at St. Charles, had a Christmas tea for their mothers, a Valentine par- ty, and a spaghetti dinner. Programs included movies and guest demonstrators. The group wishes to thank Mrs. Seaman and Mrs. Wynkoop, Chapter Mothers. Stribling, Pfefferkorn, Medlock, Rue, Smith, Cassidy, Gross, VanDover, Finder, Lochmann. Weggenmann, Fancher, Grellner, Dunn, Speis, Seaborne, Prince, Seaman, Hutchison, Miller, Stabler. Hannick, Hutchison, Glenn, Henlon, Lindsey, Lochmann, Herbert, Smith, Freude, Moore, Haddock. Roden, Evers, Thiemann, Boyd, Gibbs, Carter, Pitmon, Warren, Lange. Boyd, Wynkoop, Roberts, Lindsey, Kelley, Gibbs, Hoisington, Rose, Peeler. Blankenship, Wolf, Cassidy, DeClue, Hildebrandt, Hutchison, Hoisington. Mrs. Michaud--Sponsor. The purpose of the G. A. A. is to promote sports manship and good health among its members The officers are Pat Kelley, president, Virginia DeClue, vice-president, Mildred Rue, secretary-treasurer. Among the sports participated in by the group are bowling, horseback riding, roller skating, hiking and swimming. The main event of the year is the G. A.. A. banquet in the spring at which the girls re- ceive their letters. 33 This page sponsored by MATT'S CAFE lOl St. Louis Va. 5-8874 MT' JOneS'ShiP Mascot Senior Chain Gang vs. Junior Trobeglotters Can't say our teachers aren't wide awake Sadie Hawkins Race HT-here You go. Il Miss Murphy gets her man 4 Dig those crazy hot rods! This page sponsored by DUFF'S BAKERY 34 26 Marshall Avenue Va. 5-2219 Charline Margie Patty This page sponsored by LANG AND DENNIS Tornboy Market W Highway 66 8: 141 Val ley Park, Missouri Mary Lou Gibbs Margie Finder Patty Kelley Charline Lindsey Ginny DeC1ue Monroe M. G G G ex Q95 KR 66 o Xteogo NV' W9 9 Oo . x09 -VCO fb . Q N o 96650 X O oe' Mary Lou Ginny C oach Rubin Boyd Grellner Harvey ' Hewitt G1bl'JS Cgiley Hendf lckson The "A" team began the season by capturing the consolation bracket at the Elsberry Tournament and returned to Valley Park the proud owners of a trophy. The team also played in the con- solation finals of the Hancock Tournament and won two games in the sub-regionals of the Missouri State Tournament. The four senior members of the squad scored 524 points. With five under- classmen remaining and additions from the victorious "B" team, good basketball is in store for the coming year. "A" BASKHBAll 12 Record 17 1403 Total Points 1533 Free throw average ,536 43 Elsberry 45 40 59 Howell 53 5 1 50 St, Peter 45 52 36 St. Peter 8: Paul 41 47 53 Maryland Heights 5 1 45 37 Desloge 5 0 6 2 40 DeS ales 43 59 52 Pattonville 46 48 5 1 Hancock 7 7 37 49 Maryland Heights 43 55 38 DeSales 47 32 67 Mehlville 52 63 65 Lindbergh 6 1 40 40 Laboure 63 55 37 Pattonville 40 "None Better" B ayless DeSales Affton Eureka Affton Lindbergh Hillsboro Lindbergh Af fron Eureka Hancock Franklin Hillsboro Bayless This page sponsored by QUALITY DAIRY CO. Stough Ruzicka Renfro Branson Young 58 54 54 76 52 52 78 41 34 68 74 35 35 63 4646 West Florissant - EV. l-6000 39 Captained by Arlan Seemann, the team completed a most successful sea- son. It is hoped that McGhee, Mosbach, coach Martin, Rains, and Seemann can con- tinue to play the type of winning bas- ketball on the Varsity that they dis- played on this victorious "B" team, Rub in a1T.I-ix M 35 St. Peter 82 Paul 30 Maryland Heights Pattonville 29 Hancock Maryland Heights DeSales Mehlville Lindbergh Laboure Pattonville Ward, Finder, Lindsey, Manes, Finder, Martin, Brewer, Gedney. QNOT PICTURED Price, Rainsj Affton DeSales Bayless Eureka C oyle Lindbergh Affton Eureka Hancock Mehlville BAIIJII '9 if 'ia Richardson, Palmer, Lawson, L'Hommedieu, Monroe, Rauls, Holland, Ford, Tredway, Kelley, Coach Derkacz. .sybjf 5 McGhee CLIMAXING A FINE SEASON, THE B TEAM DE- FEATED EUREKA IN A CLOSE GAME C44-411 TO TAKE FIRST PLACE IN THE SOUTH COUNTY B TEAM TOURNAMENT! ! ! ! HDR HIGH 17 Hancock 41 15 Mehlville 37 18 Lindbergh 24 12 Affton 48 2 1 Bayless 38 22 Maryland Heights 52 15 Bayless 23 10 Maryland Heights 36 25 Lindbergh 23 26 Affton 53 16 Mehlville 46 20 Hancock 41 9 Mehlville 34 This page sponsored by' A FRIEND WHITE MINERAL SPRINGS Swimming Pool Marshall Road R Valley Park, Missouri , . N Rains, Harvey, Sandstedt, Renfro, Stough, Branson, Grellner, Martin. Martin, Cassidy, Finder, Psora, Hewitt, Seemann, Young, Coach Rubin. SCHEDULE Valley Park Opponent 9 Mehlville O Lindbergh 8 Hancock 3 Affton l Bayless Z Eureka 7 Mehlville 3 Columbia, Ill. 1 Lindbergh Z Hancock 7 Affton 6 Bayless 7 Eureka BASlBAll ll 4 7 Z0 4 9 4 1 2 7 8 10 9 lRACK Lindbergh at Valley Park Affton at Valley Park Bayless at Valley Park Hancock at Hancock Eureka at Valley Park State Class B at Principia South County Meet This page sponsored by SCHRADER FUNERAL HOME Coach Rubin, Mosbach, Boyd, Ahlers, Talken, 24 hgur ambulance Service LA, 7 2,502 Young, Tubb, Dunn, Harvey, Ward, Brewer, McGhee, Finder, Finder, Moore, 38 l SCHEDULE 26 Affton 18 18 Bayless 16 39 Affton 31 IZ Hancock Z3 18 Bayless 26 SCHEDULE Z1 Affton 33 9 Bayless 39 15 Affton Z4 15 Ursuline'Acaderny 25 ll Hancock Z0 16 Bayless 29 This page sponsored by LOUIS H. BOPP, INC. Funeral Chapels YO. 5-7680 PA. 1-3310 Kirkwood, Missouri Clayton, Missouri Finder, Lindsey fco-captainj, Boyd, Keck, Smith, Pitmon Schneedle, Prince, Wolf. Coach Michaud, DeC1ue, Hildebrandt Qco-captainj, Gibbs Fancher. QNOT PICTURED--Speis, Wynkoopj HAWKHTES STRIBLING fmgnl. PRICE fcaptj, Coach MICHAUD Lochmann Kelley ' Smith Lindsey Rue Weggenm ann Hoisington Gross Haddock Lochm ann QNOT PIC TURED - -C assidyj mmmsc. .-.mere , L mi LL, mwsf:-r-:-xswsm tiutusms-vreewvrwwwuaxum-ms,.1wstswf,,wmmss.xmx4m.m1sMiwLxMw-wsu-www,.x,5,,MswN-ss, OW many bu cks did YOU I ww P U T02 e mug, me Sw Ks o5Y 6 eb uXNY1en Som "I'11 pay that mortgage" This page sponsored by S a1,. THE SQU1RE's SHOP 1 ' 112 N. Kirkwood Road - TA., 1-3617 X f X and if X -A ,X N I ' NIEHOFF DAIRY 1 Eureka, Missouri jf 1 A JU. 7-3541 A X I.,et's try one underwater now Ljbe Dum-ta-dum-dum! ! race L x."' 4 3., w r ww Ar . ,.: Ly it T51 ' Q f , I " E5 1 L . su- :sei 7 'f' . VV 1 as , 1. L. 2 uw 1 b 4 0 1 I 1 f -1 - M u I g Yunooxs MYERSANDCO INC TOPEKAJQANSAS I 3

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Valley Park High School - Val E Vues Yearbook (Valley Park, MO) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 18

1954, pg 18

Valley Park High School - Val E Vues Yearbook (Valley Park, MO) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 31

1954, pg 31

Valley Park High School - Val E Vues Yearbook (Valley Park, MO) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 6

1954, pg 6

Valley Park High School - Val E Vues Yearbook (Valley Park, MO) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 48

1954, pg 48

Valley Park High School - Val E Vues Yearbook (Valley Park, MO) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 29

1954, pg 29

Valley Park High School - Val E Vues Yearbook (Valley Park, MO) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 52

1954, pg 52

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