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 - Class of 1942

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Text from Pages 1 - 70 of the 1942 volume:

jf WM, ZW? 0 0 fe JAG 4 ,ply Jqnnurug publication 70 Student A30 of A Scrlwag CZALLEY STATIOK KENTucKY 1942, War? Duvula Jayne -- editor alba 'BLLJJ-91655 -manger' . 4, - f E . rf ,A 2 ki 2 ,la at vez W 2 e :M ww , H X :RK To us who have edited this Annual, it represents a work of vital love and loyalty which will come in the future to be a nostalgia of scenes Wdear to our hearts as fond recollection presents them to v1ew.N We have attempted to express to the Valley community our deep apprecia- tion of their wonderful spirit toward us and the influence exerted upon us both by past and present generations by adopting a theme which acknowledges all too meagerly, for lack of space, the fine heritage of victory over de- feat of the early hardships of our pioneer settlers both in establishing their homes and places of worship. In return for this noble heritage, we pledge ourselves to live up to the full measure of whatever contribution of service or sacrifice the future may ask of us. Before this year of 1942 is over, we know that many of us will be active- ly engaged in conquering the worst foes ever alligned against a Christian people, and it is with the high courage of youth and the deep faith of our brave ancestors that we leave Valley High to go forth to battle to WIN. 2 De dj calf 7 For her kindness and generosity, her guidance and hard work, we, the class of 1942 dedicate this second volume of The Viking to our principal, Mrs. Julia R. Fahey. we appre- ciate her tolerance, her friendly attitude and understanding and shall long cherish the pleasant memories of the days we have spent with her. If L 1: zbebf Scholadfic Steve Wilkerson HONOR STUDENTS Doris Burns Doris Rooney Mary Dennis Hayes Margaret Schlatter Norma Heckman Bonnie Veith Yvonne Hubbard Verna Weasel Anna Lickteig 4 1 4? lg 5- JT 41 A MW W A , A ',Mf jf Ll, l'lq,glhliIn I' L' 'MV' 'j . 1v K-5 p f . l TN K-X EV 1+ 1 1- x .H mdllbw W 5 1 0 " 10 If fx i 4 1 ' 7 fi v f t ,xt l' 54.11 if ' 2 X ff .fwxh Z 3 4 f 'Z 7 1 f fgifkf X Z X A if 4 23207 2 ,f , Q 5044 X 1 1 Z E 'Z' at Y on .6trC?'-iti Qin .ni ami A -1 YW H THE POOL IN THE WINTER We hope we shall never be too far away to come back to the vacation pleasures of Valley Park. The long sunny hours in the water,sw1mm1ng, play- ing tennis or picnicing, leave pleasant memories. VALLEY CHRISTIAN CHURCH 1857 I know not where Thine islands lift Their fronded palms in air I only know I cannot drift Beyond Thy love and care QEMMN ima. Mrs. Julia R. Fahey Lleut. Bruce D. Brown Mrs. Elizabeth Allen A af? e H fl-1 2 VJ qjisi' ?3QwgamRrwwwmw4ve MQW K ,Ms ' g 57511 wmglz. Tm- ' ' " ' . aamnnrrr , l ,. iigii aaiaw A 3, ,-,'.LfL V 2223-in Acting Principal Principal? Commercial -:UiS.A. i IQQX Mrs. Mildred Owings Mr. Paul C. O'Ne1l Miss Ann Long Mathematics History Librarian lMnff k an gga WM K . QijQ ' 'V Agp' ' s qu' gQ if .b,. gg55fQf??y Miss Lucy Garrigan Mr. Bernard Hickman Mrs. Luella Barla Spanish--EnSliSh Mathematics English--Civics l 7 wa? Miss Frances Mahon Mr. Sim O'Dan1el Miss Louise Jessee Home Economics Industrial Arts Commercial Miss Violet Korfhage Miss LaVerne Blake Miss Bernadine Hardesty English-Drama Music-Civics Science Mrs. Blanche Dobyns Mrs. Celest1nefDav1es Miss Elizabeth Roehrs History-Clothing English-Public Speaking Science-Mathematics Lieut. Thomas C. Keach, former teacher here is now in service stationed at Borenquin Field, Puerto Rico. Mr. Orlie Lawrence is in government service with the department of Explo- sives at Joliet, Illinois- Mr. John Shipley is in service temporarily located in Cincinnati. 8 P 1, ' ' Y --1.1---9? ! -Y v rl V M fp ' f Z' C,ZQ,6Q6Q K 1 PENILE SCHOOL 1845 In this one room log school house with its herd benches Miss Jennie Hsnsbrough, m1dd1e,taught the three R's to "scholars" of 5 to 20 years.The study of science was a "knowledge never learned of schools." CHEMISTRY LABORATORY 1942 ,awww All: emfor L44 Offcem Steve W11kerson--- Mary Jane Wagner-- Kathryn Roggenkamp Shuford George ---- 'kr Vice President President Secretary Treasurer Vivlane Hale John Kalmey Bonnie Velth Mary Jane Blnezar Frank Metz Alice Nall Irene Kelly William Humphrey Ethel Weasel Norma Heckman Joe Clark Elsie Kehrer Yvonne Hubbard Rexford Layne Doris Burns Mary Dennis Hayes Danny Lynch Doris Fey Anna Mae Blackburn Shuford George Lucille Hall Mary Shipley Billy Jucoff Verna Weasel Kathryn Roggenkamp Shelby Kerrick Fay Hester Virginia Strotman Steve Wilkerson Mary O'Neal Catherine Horine Jefferson Belew Darlene Scott Mildred Koch Dave Stephenson Mary Bartley Margaret Schlatter Bryce Jordan Evelyn Gaus Violet Gasaway Paul Korfhage Doris Rooney Ida Rose Wabnitz J. T. Scott Francis Fey Ruth Strotman Dick Cherwak Anna Mae Dohn Mary Jane Wagner Leonard Linnlng Joan Turley Katherine Fisher Anna Lickteig June Morgan 9 I 1 I ,,. 1fW,g f,-59' yi?" SWIQ. . KW' i- 'Ciw- in 'Hun 'Ui Bula Catherine Masden Garnett Vincent Thelma Burns Vita Wheatley Elonzo Clark Mildred Brooks Mary Frances Wiser Paul Beavin Bernice Baker Nancy Grimes Bob Collett Mary E. Isenberg YS. i , Nick Berson M-,N -5. MX. Ruth Lewis Loven Huff sf- Ruby Dever John Hicks Cora Graham Harry Allen Clifton Kinsey Henrietta Miller Carl Mitchum William Mitchum Esteline Morris James O'Bryant Maurice Ragland Mary Jane Strange Harold Scott Gilbert Schroerlucke Hallie Waller Richard Wachtel Robert Thompson Jean Cook Ollie Wathen Lloyd Wessel Laura Vaughn Fred Watson Www gf uncor' and Omcerd Ralph Corrin ----------------- President Emmett George ----------- Vice-President Juanita Wood ----------------- Secretary James Tilford ---- ------------ T r-easurer i ' x Junior Class Mrs. Davies' Home Room First Row--Dorothy Hopkins, Dorothy Reinhardt, Jeanne Ohlmann, Geraldine Lasley, Norma Garey, Jean Slack, Julene King, Mary Lewis, Helen Stivers, Doris Velth, Marjorie Eisenmenger, Juanita Miller Second Row--Ruth Goodman Doris Jackson, Doris Vormbrook Ruth Fletcher, Selma James, Gertrude Gagel, Katherine Wayne, Jane Milner, Mrs. Davies Third Row--Alberta Lukemler, Beulah Stayton, Estella Hebden, Evelyn Kaufman Eva Mercer, Lavern Gagel, Lemmah Bracey, Mary Helen Cecil Fourth Row--Garnett V1ncent,Emmett George,Paul Stephen- son, Charles Franke Absent: John Cox, Leo Rieger 18 N PL wg Junior Class Miss Korfhage's Home Room First Row--Gertrude Troutman, Evelyn Crutcher, Martha Durham, Peggy George,Mary Woosley,Mary Edna Holdridge Roberta Newklrk, Juanita Neighbors, Louise Schraut, Mary Janet Pusey, Julia Orange Second Row--Miss Korfhage, Lillian Kern,Kathleen Metz Mary Phyllis Riedley, Freddie Sizer, Elizabeth Cherry Jack Plenge, James Tilford, Robert Smally Third Row--Al Barker, Jimmie Barrett, George Cozlne, Hewitt Fey, Pete Nezosi, Roscoe Wilkins, Marvin Par- rott Fourth Row--Milburn Thompson, Etheridge Stlth, Robert Pusey, Dick Swlndler, L. J. Thlelmeir, John Robinson Absent: Ralph Corrln, Joseph Kuohenbrod, George Rosenbarger, Marilyn Davis, Dorothy Sheets, Gloria Wade, Ann Wlard 19 115 5 ,,..,.......-..--.-f--- Junior Class Miss Garr1gan's Home Room First Row--Norma Rose,Georg1a Dlersing, Virginia Roederer Alma Blair, Hilda Miller, Corine Chesser, Dolly Tichy, Millie Daily, Dorothy Albaugh, Grace Crawford Second Row--Faye Mears, Betty Cloud,Al1ce Bauer, Shirley Preuss, Anna Corbett, Edna Marking, Rosalie Blum, Marie Moore, Betty Sanders, Juanita Wood Third Row--Pat Franklin, Joe Murphy, William Bruce, Ed Jackie, Robert Thompson, Golden Bruce, Charles Allen, Meade Almond, Bob Willsie, J. C. Pauley Absent: Richard Blankenbaker, Henry Heitlauf, Edwin Sch- latter 20 Omore, 0 Aceu l lin AA xszl 0.5.5 I . egg' Charl s Browning ----- - ----- ---- P resident o o A Oswald Johnson ------------ Vice-President Patti Rosenberger ---- Secretary-Treasurer' '55 F af f af i .xyxiyrh 7? X A .af if 'yi A Q -' Q l ' ww . 1' .,o , M y , E Wi , xii lll1t'it1 1 Q Sophomore Class Mies Mahon's Home Room First Row---Catherine Jones, Dorothy Akins, Jean Ray Harris, Camelia Allen,Carrol1 Hutchinson, Martha Beyer,Ruth Hartlage, Virginia Cantrell, Gloreeda Etheridge, Gertrude Hester, Ruth Dooley, Verna Blakely, Jessie Dailey Second Row---Billie Bailey, Jeanette Bryan,Almeta Crow,Urania Heath, Geraldine Hazzerman,Dor1s Dienes, Ethel Ann Diereinz, Susan Buckler Third Row---Dorothy Crawford, Geraldine Chand1er,Dor1s Freed. Mies Mahon, Rose Diersinz, Norma Jones Absent---Millie Allmond, Mona Gallrein, Patsy Shuck, Agnes Ritchie, Corine Hopewell, Catherine Jonee,R1sse Layne,Ramona Layne 22 si 53 l A 5 3 5 ? 5 it me W ?f??wW5WV'lF5,f?5fWW 1 ae? -4 f' - V ' :. -, w V S- l- , '- f .r , fb We -.-mel uid "wif ' fr ui 'Q Sophomore Class Mrs. Dobyns' Home Room First Row--Nancy Rooney, Verna Dean Miller, Wanda Kinsey, Clara Stith, Roberta Kelly, Rena Payton, Dorothy Schofner Doris Robison, Emma Steilberg, Mary Lou W1lloughby,Henr1- etta Miller Second Row---Virginia Burkhead, Mildred Schwenk, Ruth Mahoney, Shirley Meyer, Margaret Plyman, Ruth Muerer, Dorothy Salsman, Doris Soheu, Mrs. Dobyns Third Row--Alberta Mears, Elizabeth Maupin, Patsy Rose, Norma Roberts, Patti Rosenberger, Geraldine Sullivan, Estelle Wiser Fourth Row--Jane Kopp, Roberta Stuth, Josie Kohler, Mary Shipley, Verna Stone Absent: Ruth Melton, Goldie Musick A 25 -...,,Q.t,......,,,,,. ,....,? , el , Sophomore Cla s s Mr. Lawrence's Home Room First Row--Virgil Johnson, Lloyd Tabor, Billie Arnold, Earl Cantrill, Wade Vincent, Jack Parkhurst, Edward Metzger, Norman Robinson, Tom Yann Second Row--Allen Rixman, Stanley Samuels, John Smith, Walter Brooks,Oswald Johnson, Donald Fach, Charles Haynes, Harold Lindsey, Norman Clark Third Row--Charles Browning, Celestial Klingesmith, Gordon Garrett, Kenneth Spencer, Damon Tinsley, Robert French, Clifford Moore, Charles Slaughter, Norman Schroerlucke Absent: Ernest Krause, Carl Jackson, Earl Wilke, Coleman Waller ' Miss Jessee's Home Room First Row--Miss Jessee, Arthur Blevens, Bonnie Hartung, Joyce Rogers, Helen Hendricks, Eva Colyer, Anna Mae Jones, Webb McGinnis, Leonard Bracey, Leroy Knight, Joe Oechsli Second Row--Gourrler Thompson, Wallace Neighbors, Ralph Nicholas, William Morrison, Elbert Hardlson, S1 Fisher, Louis Doty, Ellis Binegar, Courtney Weekley, Bobby Crump Third Row--Vennle Blair, Jack Davis, William Calhoun, Robert Misback, Bobby Richardson, James Watson, Wayne Stark, Billy Duvall Fourth Row--Warren Strahl, Ben McAdams, Aubrey Robison, Fred Strange Absent: Edward Blair, Burton Miller, Junior Raggard, Gene Schrader 4, 3 5 S 2 Y-C -grewlt men 66145 c6M Frances Baugh ----------------- President James Harper ------------- Vice-President Frank Benson -------- Secretary-Treasurer' Freshman Class Mrs. Barla's Home Room First Row--Dorothy Watson, Christine Carrithers, Frederick Dohn, William Hanka, Marilyn End, Dorothy Rennirt, Doris Cowell, Mary Wernz, Adah Wilkie, Thomas Perka, Bobby Crow, Walter Graf Second Row--Sherrill Fetzer, Mildred Phillips, Anna May Bryant, Joyce Rompel, Norma Clayton, Dorothy Woodall, Mary Lou Denton, Gene Rosenberger, Wilbur Weber, Clarence Hall, Mrs. Barla, William Green, Gene Colyer Third Row--Charles Eberenz, Earl Denning, Anna Vardeman, Georgia Buckler, Barbara Burkholder,Hobert Aubrey, William Franke, Damon Cookriel, Herman Wessel, Noah Hardy, Donald Bauer, Jerome Phillips Absent: Wllmagene Stith, Jaoquelyn Beasy, James Cecil, Kenneth Crump, Marshall Hundley, Lawrence Hoyer, Henry Fisher 26 Freshman Class Miss Blake's Home Room First Row--Thelma Jackey, Elizabeth Terry Nettie Miller, Nellie Davidson,Gladys Haynes, Dorothy Albro, Jimmy Hinds Robert Matthews Second Row---Miss Blake, Mary Catherine Kehrer, Corine Short, Dorothy Vogt, Kenneth Pack, James Snellen, Alvin Hollis, Lloyd Beam, Richard Clark Third Row---Gene Priddy, Charles Wiser, James Harper, Bernie Thompson,C1arence Lower, Thomas Doyle, Irvin Terry Barrett Phelps, Leon Salsman Absent: Robert Crawford, Kenneth Harshfield, John Kehrer Howard Wiggington, Yvette Albright, Hazel Carter, Pauline Childers, Dorothy Meyers, Mildred Seeders 27 'KJ Freshman Class Miss Rohers'Home Room First Row--Marjorie Stand1eld,Alma Carr1thers,Pearl Kaufman Doris O'Bryant, Margaret Clark, Winnie McNutt, Betty Shane, Orville Hutchinson, Frances Pierce, Miss Rohers Second Row--Harry Korfhage, Wando Fergerson, Wallace Berry, Anthony Ohlmann, Andy D1ers1ng,Bobby Ohlmann, Eugene Schenk Burgess Brown, Wilbert Schenk, Dorothy Blair Third Row--Leonard Fey, Merlin Watson, John Cozine, Earl Hicks, Walter Vogt, Jack Rose, Walter Stanfield, Geneva Dennison Fourth Row--Sidney Gagel, John Butler, Mickey Higgins Absent: Mildred Hoyland, Rudolph George, James Kaufman 28 fn , gg E Q ri, 2 , , ..................,n..M.... f .k K 5 1 Z f Freshman Class Mr. O'Ne1l's Home Room First Row--Shirley Reed, Drucilla George, Mary Strahl, Lucille Carver, Melvina Eller, Margaret Masden, Julia Moore, Katherine Strope, Juanita Andrews, Betty Luken- mier, Frances Baugh, Anita Ragland Second'Row--Billy Harris, Wilma Worth, Mary Carver, Willanna Sparks, Betty Brown, Virginia Hardy, Dorothy Thompson, Rita Qulllman, Elaine Knott, Doris Richard- son, Bernard Wathen 1 Third Row--Herman Gohl, B111 Cloud, Leroy Chesser, William Stammel, Joe Royalty, Edgar Bryan, Floyd Grif- fin, Marvin A11en,Roy W1lke,W1l11am Berger, Mr. O'Ne1l Absent: Shirley Rahm, Mary Johnson, Harriet Korfhage, Celestine Beavin, Frank Benson, Harold Burke, David Ritchie, Ray Skeeters 29 uf 1, 1 9 , Freshman Clase Miss Hardesty'e Home Room First Row--Elda Hardieon, Doris Jean Wabnitz, Rose Puckett Georganna Troll, Ruth Kohler,Kathleen Huff, Margaret Casey Bea Graeter, Sarah Boklage, Jean Tannahill, Willene Ball, James Haney Second Row--Betty Lou Orange, Hazel Troutman, Mary Mercer, Virginia Manion, Marcella Lawrence, Lillian Downey, Mary Fey, Dorothy Clark, Betty Riley, M. C. Paris Third Row--F. W. Crawford, Carlos Colyer, Phillip Schmidt, Robert Reed, Roy Burnett,Don Huebner,Dav1d Mullen, Angilee Slewert, Mary Jane Morgan Absent: Miss Hardesty, Chester Morris 50 7ea'6Qrea sl X I v XXX ' 1 iiw ' xx Q , 'Af 'Xi' I XX ' f ' ,,, x K X X I .--A, A X xv 4 i' xi Wy Ni fffy XXX ,HS if 41' 3 X 4 X-N 1 ,fp V 'P f f . Z' J xy.,,,':' -'SW' Mx x X L-QQ X , 1,b?x!. , f X v,, ll Q W' .,,, I ,! f f fff f,Q, f .51--1 m xi I Rf X Q X xx 'S N li 1 ! X W I ff vf K X ,V fd, - I X M XXL ff ,ff , :Ie 5' +425 Njsfzsrggg, -km? ,,.-va" ,fffiif "" ,!,. 5- E V -..-.....,,.. N C, LEWIS-SWINDLER HOMESTEAD This old homestead was built in 1818 for William Lewis. The bricks were molded and burned by the slaves. The interior woodwork is hand-carved cherry, the winding stairs has wooden pegs instead of nails. General Buell and his army camped here during the Civil War. THE GOVERNOR MERRIWETHER HOME This old homestead, a relict of slave days, is now occupied by three branches of the James R. Scott family. i""' I v VN , W, ,..,. ......,L,eM,, - .. , as --W. .., .,.l, . ,. we M...-ff V N' f ,....,,,, , K Q-, ,-....... ..., , , si. md, .., .., a- 3 .4 ' "-qpnevu A HHFKUQM ,J-.. K, ,Z , -.. 1 A-1, ,, ?,..4-- . 771212 Senior Jr-:FF BELEW 777255 geniow YVONNE HUBBARD W V if' mn yicncbr' RALPH coamre yfnfdf yan Abi' JANE MILNER 'O' 7 . ESV, mow Sqakomore .f LJ 3 ' js' , JOSIE KOHLER 1' ,..7 ,ti J-"'L mf 52 Aomone BOB RI HARDSON 55 wL'65 gre 'Allman Kathleen Huff l ll ki Mwh mk mwww 1777fHlE?L66AIN0JL Frank Benson dum tx, e 5 MOREMAN HOMESTEAD 1793 The home was built by County Judge Charles Farnsley and has been occupied by the family of Louis Moreman since January 1, 1861. The house has an outside stairway at the back,the interior woodwork is carved wa1nut,the bricks are slave work from clay on the premises and the stone trimmings were quarried on the place. GRADUATING CLASS OF 1942 GATHERING FOR PROCESSIONAL ..444f..s Journalism Club First Row---Jean Ray Harris, Marilyn End, Gloria Wade, Ethel Wessel, Peggy George, Roberta Newkirk, Mary 0'Neal, Ida Rose Wabnitz, Viviana Hale, Katherine Fisher, Sherrill Fetzer. Second Row---Doris Richardson, Ruth Strotman, Bernice Baker, Geraldine Lasley, Mary Helen Geo1l,Jane Milner, Mary Phyllis R1edley,Dor1s Burns,Virg1n1a Strotman, Miss Long,Mrs. Barla, Sponsors Third Row---Jane Kopp,Bea Graeter,Mrs. Allen,Sponsor, Yvonne Hubbard,Mary Dennis Hayes, Lavern Gagel,Anna Licktelg, June Morgan, Danny Lynch, Damon Cockriel, Otis Harrison, Steve Wilkerson. Absent---Jimmie O'Bryant, Ann W1ard,Fay Hester,Norman Robin- son, Robert Reed, Mary Bartley,Fredd1e S1zerJefferson Belew, Kathryn Roggenkamp. 59 Senior Dramatic Club First Row--Eula Catherine Masden, Mary Frances Wiser, Irene Kelly, Anna Mae Dohn, Virginia Strotman, Halle Waller, Ruby Dever Second Row--Mary Jane Blnegar, Esteline Morris, Margaret Schlatter, June Morgan, Alice Nall, Mildred Koch, Mrs. Davies, Sponsor Third Row--Nick Berson,Dick Cherwak, Danny Lynch Jimmy O'Bryant, John Hicks Absent--Lucille Hall, Bryce Jordan, J. T. Scott, Jo Anne Turley Junior Dramatic Club First Row--Drucilla George, Frances Baugh, Mary Strahl, Jean Tannahill, Ada Wilkie, Margaret Clark, Evelyn Crutcher, Wllanna Sparks, Shirley Reed, Miss Korfhage, Sponsor Second Row--Julia Moore Doris R1chardson,Dorothy Woodall, Dorothy Thompson, Anna Mae Bryant, Marie Moore, Rita Qulllman, Ramona Layne, Dorothy Clark Absent--Dorothy Albaugh, Mildred Seeders, Marilyn Davis, Roberta Newkirk, Dorothy Watson, Mary Johnson, Shirley Rahm Flower Club, First Row---Miss Jessee,Sponsor, Dorothy Hopkins, Virzinia Roederer, Georgia Diersinq, Bonnie Hartung, Sara Boklage, Juanita Andrews Second Row---Estella Hebden, Buelah Stayton, Ruth Goodman, Doris Jackson, Margaret Casey, Mary Fey. Junior Red Cross First Row---Louise Schraut,Wanda K1nsey,Dorothy Shofner,Marjoree Eisenmenger Doris Vormbrock, Angilee Siewert, Alma Blair Second Row---Ethel Ann Diersing, Ruth Mahoney, Ruth Muerer, Juanita Woods, Shirley Meyer, Virginia Manion Third Row---Mrs. Owings, Sponsor, Susan Butler, Alberta Luckmier, Betty Sanders Absent---Mary J. Morgan, Rose Puckett, Doris Robinson, Joyce Rogers, Patti Rosenberger, Dolly Tiohy, Hazel Carter if fr , -niggas' ff if J ,Q J if 4 H Club Sponsors: Miss Frances Mahon, Mrs. Blanche Dobyns John Kalmey-State Dairy Champion 1959-40, Corn Champion 1941 Edward Metzger-Potato Champion 1941 Rexford Layne-County Potato Champion 1941 Science Club First Row---Donald Bauer, Harry Korfhage, Earl Denning, Norman Rob1nson,Lloyd Tabor, Frank Benson, Thomas Perka, Kenneth Harshfleld, Burgess Brown Second Row---John Smith, Ralph Corrin, Paul Sumner, David R1tch1e,Pete Nezosi Charles Haines, Mr. Lawrence, Sponsor Third Row---Norman Schroerlucke, Charles Franke, Gene Schrader, John Kalmey, Billy Jucoff, Robert Smalley, Joe Kuchenbrod, Coleman Waller. Absent---Jack Parkhurst, Rudolph George, Harold Lindsey, Wllbert Weber, Stanley Samuels, Sherril Fetzer, Wallace Berry, Frederick Dohn, Merlin Watson James Kaufman 1 1 4 ,wr fffwww UV' Club First Row---Paul Korfhage, Ed Jackey, Al Barker, Bob Collett, Louis Doty, Gilbert Sohroerlucke, Bob Pusey Second Row---Gordon, Garrett,Damon Tinsley, Richard Wachtel, Dave Stephen- son, Joe Clark, Norman Clark Third Row---Mr. O'Ne11, Bill Mitchum, Jack Davis, Oswald Johnson, L- J- Thielmeir, Milburn Thompson Fourth Row---James Tilford, Emmett George Hockey Club First Row---Clara Stith, Ann Wiard, Cora Graham, Joyce Rompel, Fay Hester, Henrietta Miller, Grace Crawford, Mary Jane Wagner, Gertrude Hester, Emma Steilberg . Second Row---Harriet Korfhage,Gera1d1ne Sull1van,Rosa11e Blum,Betty Brown, Mary Bartley, Vita Wheatly, Mary Rose Ship1ey,Henr1etta M1ller,Dor1s Veith Third Row---Mies Hardesty,coach, Kathryn RoSgenkamp,E1izabeth Cherry,Toots Isenberg, Freddie Sizer, Mary Phyllis R1ed1ey,Bonn1e Ve1th,Dorothy Sheets. Absent---Doris Cowell, Mary Edna Holdridge. 4 wee 5 ' 2 National Honor Society First Row--Henrietta Miller, Bonnie Veith, Thelma Burns, Cora Graham, Katherine Fisher, Doris Burns, Viviane Hale, Mary Dennis Hayes Second Row--Ralph Corrin, Ethel Wessel, Anna Lickteig, Doris Rooney, Norma Heckman,Verna Weasel, Steve Wilkerson Paul Korfhage Third Row--J. T. Scott, Corlne Chesser, Yvonne Hubbard, Alice Nall, Mildred Brooks,Irene Kelly, Ida Rose Wabnitz, Margaret Schlatter, Marjoree Eisenmenger, Mrs. Allen Fourth Row--Mary Helen Cecil, Lavern Gagel, Kathryn Regg- enkamp, Mary Frances Wiser, Anna Corbett, Evelyn Crutcher Fifth Row--Virginia Strotman, Juanita Wood, Ruth Goodman, Doris Jackson, Elizabeth Cherry, Selma James, Louise Schraut, June Morgan, Doris Vormbrock, Betty Sanders Absent--Mies Long, Shirley Preuss Sponsors: Miss Anne Long, Mrs. Elizabeth Allen 44 Choir First Row---Doris Rooney, Darlene Scott, Roberta Newkirk, Mary O'Neal,Bonn1e Hartung, Juanita Andrews, Ruby Dever, Lucille Hall, Mary Jane Wagner,M1ldred Phillips, Nettle Miller. Second Row---Betty Brown, Martha Durham,Mary Mercer, Mildred Koch,A1ioe Nall, Doris Fey, Nellie Davidson, Gladys Haynes. Third Row---Gilbert Schroerlucke, J. T. Scott,Dorothy Watson,Mary Catherine Kehrer, Doris Scheu, Sarah Boklage, Mary Lewis, Miss Blake, Sponsor. Fourth Row---Garnett Vincent, Danny Lynch, John Hicks, Joe Murphy. Absent---Bobby Collett, Mary Shipley. viking staff Roberta Newkirk, Art Editor, Doris Burns, Advertising Manager, Mary Dennis Hayes, Editor, Alice Nall, Business Manager, Ida Rose Wabnitz, Typist, Jane Milner, Subscription Manager, Hallie Waller, Treasurer, Kathryn Roggenkamp, Typist. ,Q . lil - , 34436-L 1 MIK? Orchestra Violins---Shirley Rahm, Carlos Coyler, Frances Pierce, Ramona Layne. Viola---Otis Harrison Clarinet---Doris Scheu, Marcia Broadway, Harriet Korfhage, David Ritchie. Saxaphone---Danny Lynch, Earl Denning. Trumpet---Paul Stevenson, Henry Heitlauf, J. B. Cecil. Percussion---Frank Benson, Sherrill Fetzer, Mary Johnson. Piano Accordian---Mona Gallrein. Piano---Risse Layne Librarian---Elbert Hardlson Sponsor---Miss Blake Absent---John Hicks, William Berger, Pauline Childers, Harry Korfhage,Ramona Layne, M. C. Parris, Gilbert Schroerlucke. Industrial Art Club The Industrial Arts Club pictured before the shop which they erected. ---an-.... f - W' . ,. Student Council First Row--Emma Stlelberg, Frances Baugh, Mary Frances Wiser, Mary Joyce Woosley, Ann Wiard, Yvonne Hubbard, Virginia Burkhead, Virginia Strotman, Mary Dennis Hayes gancy Rooney, Clara Stith, Norma Heckman, Mary Helen ecil Second Row--Anna Corbett, Shirley Preuss, Doris Rooney, Joyce Rogers,Sh1rley Meyer,Gloreeda Etheridge, Margaret Plyman, Carroll Hutchinson, Marjorie Eisenmenger, Doris Vormbrock, Doris Scheu Third Row---Jane Milner, Verna Wessel, Betty Sanders, Juanita Wood, Hallie Waller, Roberta Newkirk, Evelyn Crutcher, Katherine Fisher, Ida Rose Wabnitz, Frank Benson, Harry Korfhage Fourth Row--David Ritchie, Leo Reiger, Robert Thompson Bob Wlllsie, Marvin Parrott, Joe Clark, L. J. Thielmeir Rudolph George, Robert Richardson, Steve Wilkerson, Gilbert Schroerlucke, James Harper Absent: Mrs. Davies, Sponsor, Oswald Johnson, LaVerne Hargesheimer, Paul Korfhage, Dorothy Shofner, Ralph Corrln, Elizabeth Cherry, Thomas Perks, Georgia Buck- ler, Chester Morris 47 ,R W 3 N3 ' ,s we e eeee e,iee WAUNT TILLIE GOES TO TOWNU presented in December, 1941 T l .v .. AR a Q76 GAY NINETIES REVUE presented in February, 1942 ,, . M- 5 ,"3nLa.L.5,s.1J'J Business vnanageb ALICE NALL Eaijcoiz, of f Lee .ya LKLH MARY DENNIS HAYES --11111-l.. I A'Cl'L-,Qe,z6,cQC5 I Bt. Andrews Church 1850 Built of stones gathered from the acres of Wisertown and by the hard labor of early settlers. It stands on a high hill overlooking the countryside. the God-fearing, simple, folk to pray and 'long touch of a vanished hand sound of a voice that is nfsk, ug A MILL CREEK METHODIST CHURCH 1816 x iikx Shively, Kentucky M111 Creek then flowed where St. Helens Bank now stands and on it was a mill and the old church faced the old Nashville Road. The present church,bu1lt in 1848, has for its foundation the stones from the building of the old church. L To God our help in ages past Our Hope for years to come Our Shelter from the stormy blast And our Eternal Home 52 St. Andrews Cemetery Here in the Sunday quiet come country for the and the st111.' UPudge' O'Ne1l WBeen Hardeety WPeckU Hickman Football Coach Hockey Coach Basketball Coach We of Valley are proud of our coaches of the three divisions of athletics. Their ceaselese efforts and hard work have promoted a great spirit among the teams. Our coaches work diligently behind the scene preparing the teams for their games and our cheer- leaders with that rip-roaring energy and yells en- courage the players during the games. Cheerleaders Wanda Kinsey, Yvonne Hubbard, Dotty O'Bryant 55 ,M t. , M... Football First Row--Mr. 0'Ne1l, Maurice Ragland, Gordon Garrett, Jeff Belew, L. J. Theilmeir, Gilbert Schroerlucke, A1 Barker, William Mitchum, Joe Clark, Shuford George, Mr. Hickman Second Row--Norman Clark, Clifton Kinsey, Jack Dav1s,Damon Tinsley, Bobby Collett, Harold Scott, Ed Jackie, Oswald Johnson, Paul Korfhage, Milburn Thompson Third Row--Emmett George, John Robinson, James Tilford, Bob Willsie, Fred Strange Sponsors: Mr. Paul O'Ne1l, Mr. Bernard Hickman The past football season has been one of the most successful seasons in the history of the Vikings. The record was seven wins and two losses, an enviable record for any team. The team outweighed, outmanned in most of its games,and came through in top style much to the surprise of Viking followers. With the passing of football, there is a group of seniors who will leave also. This group will long be remembered in the hearts of Valley as a group who led a small inexperienced team to victory. Schedule Valley O Hale 26 Valley 19 Carrollton 12 Valley 20 Pleasureville O Valley 14 Jeffersontcwn O Valley O Okolona 7 Valley 7 St. Joe 6 Valley 40 Fairdale 0 Valley 19 Fern Creek 0 Valley 13 Anchorage O 54 Basketball First How--Billy Jucoff, Gilbert Schroerlucke, Richard Wachtel, Oswald John- son, Dave Stephenson, Emmett George, Paul Stephenson, John Robinson, Ralph Corrin, Dick Swindler Second Row--Robert Pusey, Manager, Rudolph George, Wando Fergerson, Frank Benson, Billy Arnold, Donald Fach, Kenneth Crump, Ray Skeeters, S1 Fisher, David Ritchie, Norman Clark, Mr. Hickman Playing against tremendous odds the basketball team came through with flying colors. Coach nPeckW Hickman has done one of the finest coaching jobs that we have seen in years. Without a home gym in which to play the coach and team kept battling on through game after game and ended the season with fourteen wins and seven losses. The Vikings copped the North Central Kentucky Conference and the District Tournament. Hats off to the Vikings' cage team of 41-42 which against all difficulties came through in top style. Valley Elizabethtown Valley 34 Bedford 32 Valley St. Xavier Valley 24 Davies County 52 Valley Manual Valley 52 Eminence 12 Valley Fern Creek Valley 27 St. Xavier 43 Valley Okolona Valley 54 Jeffersontown 12 Valley Male Valley 21 Manual 27 Valley Jeffersontown Valley Kuttawa District Tournament Valley Fern Creek Valley 46 Jeffersontown 16 Valley Male Valley 24 Ormsby Village 12 Valley Falrdale Valley 21 Fairdale 16 Valley Bowling Green Valley Ormsby Village Regional Tournament Valley Anchorage Valley Fairdale Valley 52 Shelbyville 55 NN Hockey First Row--Doris Veith, Ann Wlard, Henrietta Miller, Mary Jane Wagner, Mary Bartley, Fay Hester, Vita Wheatley, Emma Steilberg, Henrietta Miller, Clara Stith, Manager Second Row---Miss Hardesty, Mary Phyllis Riedley, Cora Graham, Mary Edna Holdridge, Grace Crawford,Bonn1e Veith, Elizabeth Cherry, Mary Rose Shipley Kathryn Roggenkamp, Freddie Sizer, Dorothy Sheets Absent: Mary Elizabeth Isenberg The Valley Hockey team was very successful with their new coach, Bee Hardesty. They completed their season with three wins, three losses, and one tie. Eighteen sweaters were awarded to the girls who earned their quarters. I ' Schedule Valley 5 Ormsby Village O Valley 2 Amazons 5 Valley 2 Masonic Home 3 Valley 5 Okolona O Valley 6 Sacred Heart O Valley l Okolona 1 Valley 1 Fern Creek 5 56 l Aefencz Jae CAM-CL o Our Syaaclzfh 1 Good Luck Graduates Co oliments Your Viking Photographer .yrealenic Beck of 074 s Pre ton sn gil? ha 6061 Louisville Ky 57 a 9 Compliments 6 of Groceries Meats lla janf Store Dry Goode Compliments Best Wishes fI'O!!1 a.-rt faje .Ur goods tore Sh. 7129 Dixie Highway St. Helens an of Sf. e Shively, Ky. Officers CLEM LUKEN F. A. GULLEDGE Directors BURRELL H. FARNSLEY CHARLES P. FARNSLEY F. A. GULLEDGE CLEM LUKEN WADE G. SCHACKLETTE lem G,'7'COUf' 6, CO. Stationers-Engravers Louisville, Kentucky DAVID LIMANNI 510 East Chestnut Louisville, Kentucky Compliments of GOLDSMITH'S SERVICE STATION DOLLY'S BEAUTY SALON Open Wednesday and Friday Evenings by Appointment Dolly Schelm-Prop. Lillian Colvin 1513 Dixie Hgwy. Virginia Coomer Ben Franklin Bldg. Marie Ash Shawnee 3441 :dnl SCHEU A KNISS Machine Shop Gear Cutting-Welding General Machine Work Brass Foundry 1500 W. Ormsby Ave. FRANK J. MURPHY Feed-Hardware-Coal 18th St. Rd. Pleasure Ridge Park Valley Station, Kentucky P.R. 7336 NELsoN's BARBER SHOP 18th St. Rd. Pleasure Ridge Park Valley Station , Kentucky ' 4 59 ,, , , WILKERSON'S SERVICE STATION Texaco Products St. Helens Shively, Ky NEILL'S GROCERX Valley Station, Ky. Pleasure Ridge 7670 CLEAVER'S SERVICE STATION Compliments of Pleasure Ridge Kentucky CONTINENTAL OIL CO. Sinclair Products The Family Rendezvous WESSEL HARDWARE ST. HELENS SWEET SHOP St. Helens Good Things to Eat and Drink Sh. 0577 Sh 7674 Dixie Highway at St. Helens WEST POINT Compliments LUMBER CO. of Building Supplies DR. JOSEPH L. RAHM of all Kinds Phone... ...West Point 7 We keep your car running with Compliments D-X Products of FRED'S SERVICE STATION A Friend Cane Run Road P.R. 7970 Compliments PARK LUMBER CO. of Building Supplies Millwork Lumber MAHONEY'S GROCERY Pleasure Ridge 7413 A. W. Hornung, Mgr. MICKLER'S HONEY-KRUST 1509 Dixie Highway The Most Popular Where you can always do better Bread in Complete line of Shoes-Dry Goods Kentucky Ladies' Q Men's Furnishings Now Playing at the GALLERIES Compliments Joe Ann 6 Her Rhumba of Dixie Highway at Manslick DIXIE VIEW DAIRY P.R. 7996 E. E. Metzmeier... ...Prop. 61 W. G. HARDY FUNERAL HOME Shively, Kentucky Sh. 0269 Sh. 1822 Compliments of DR. M. L. DAVIS BINEGAR'S SPOT Gasoline-Lunch Dixie Highway, Valley Station, Ky. REDMON'S Groceries-Dry Goods-Hardware Valley Station, Kentucky P.R. 7126 Hart Ranges For School Lunchrooms-Churches Cafes-Restaurants For Gas-Oil-Coal or Wood Call or Write HART MANUFACTURING CO. TOMMY'S PLACE Soft Drinks Sandwiches of all Kinds Dancing Incorporated Louisville, Ky. Sh. 0922 HAYWOOD'S Grade A Pasteurized Milk Visit Our Ice Cream Parlor Compliments of H. BERGER Q SON Brick-Contractors Louisville, Kentucky Compliments FRED WARNS of Pharmacist A Friend Shively, Kentucky Sh. 4569 S. M. DOYLE Compliments of Electrical Sales and Service Valley Station, Ky. P.R. 7475 GYORGE A. MILLER Compliments of PRICE CHEMICAL CO. Louisville, Kentucky manufacturers of Tobacco-Base Fertilizer Compliments of THE RAINBOW CLUB BOONE BROTHERS CO., INC. All make fountain pens repaired by an expert. 410-414 W. Jefferson Street McPHERSON'S DAILY UBC. MARKET Groceries-Meats-Vegetables Dry Goods Valley Station, Ky. P.R. 7141 1 Compliments of A Friend Your Grocer KALLBREIER'S FOOD MARKET 18th and Wilson Bunton Seeds for HALL SEED COMPANY Incorporated Lawn-Garden-Farm Premium Seeds John Deers Tractors Sc BUNTON SEED CO. Farm Implements Floyd E Jefferson Ste. Wa. 2577 Louisville Kentucky Compliments BARNES GROCERY STORE of Meats Groceries Dry Goods BOB KELLY'S Hardware FOOD PRODUCTS CO. West Point 54-J 714 S. 7th Sts. Louisville, Ky. WATSON'S GROCERY Kosmosdale, Kentucky West Point 42-J E. W. KIRAY Market Shively, Ky. Shawnee 6756 Deliver T PARKLAND SHOP Ladies' Q Ch1ldren's ready to wear 1251 So. 28th St. Cor. Dumesnll Open Evenings Purity Accuracy Promptness R. A. FIHE DRUGS Shawnee 5847 St. Helens Shively, Ky. 'we telegraph flowers' THE TURTLE INN from Compliments to WM. B. CRAIG Valley Station People Florist Featuring Steak Q Chicken Cut Flowers, Potted Plants Dinners Funeral Designs For Your Pstronage Fr. 1775 lOOl Brookline Ave KY. CARDINAL UNIFORM CO. Nurses' Uniforms 514 W. Walnut St. Ja. 6577 In a meager way the 1942 VIKING expresses its gratitude to that group of merchants and other friends who have aided us in the publi- cation of this yearbook. Their contribution to its success has been great. We urge you to note who they are and see that they receive your patronage and good will. 65 F , 65- fjfiilygsjjf WJfff!jALL2fEsiv03,!i24AL20Azd0,0vU ifligw iffy My ZQQQA Lg? . ' R, 5 Q spy gwwy Q52 ZWEQQJFM JM WY 4 if E V2 Q My , J -.,.q'g Vjpx ' if X 5 QR 3 i'MW WM MW M M A Wim J, X, 5 '- WWQQW WW gf 7 R? 66

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